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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
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I has bought two insiemi of headphones and would like me action my experience with some likely buyers.

When it has taken my first unit , was very happy. The speakers are well with his decent, Headphone the cushions are utmost. The better thing is his light , as you can spend for the long time. In only the few days there is remarked my tape has taken free. Then it finds the fine crack in a plastic. Also I have another question of boss that easily tangles.

Update: I thought it that that can be my failure. As I have ordered a second a. They are not the gamer. Utilisation with much more has cured. But a second a there is had also a same crack in a tape. I am disappointed! Reason he Logitech the technology does not use plastic better? Reason a tape is using any bad plastic or structure too thin.

Still am using a headphone but are not the happy client.

Update: Sep 25, 2018, has broken entirely. I have tried it contact Logitech. They have not answered well.
Update: Sep 27, 2018, there is prendido partorisca do. It instruments of support of the client does not exist . Not going never partorisca buy any Logitech headphone.
5 / 5
I work of the office of house and spend the half my life in of the meetings of distance. I have tried it telephones of speaker, really expensive bluetooth devices, in-ear headsets, and expensive Bose headsets. The majority of these has been trashed or (if really expensive) has tent in the box in a cupboard. But of everything of them, ossia of the only headset would purchase again - purchased it in fact again! A quality of his this a lot of well, an in the creation of ear is comfortable and blockades to plot of noise lateralmente, a microphone is adjustable and can be domestic when you are instead, or has spent down directly in front of your mouth partorisca speak. They are wire fences and hookup in any port of USB in yours portable. These are quite economic and value each penny. With which 2 years of travesía and daily use with a closely wrapped cord, mine the prime minister near has begun to lose connectivity with a port of USB and the auditors could not listen my voice. I tossed the and has bought another headset exactly the like. Of some 27 models have tried, this one has a better listening and quality of voice and is also economic. It is comfy and taking to plot of abuse in my stock exchange of laptop. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Are a ESL professor and this headset has been the mine suggested for professors those who also are using some same. This does not look really elegant. At all spectacular when calm the doors but ossia which want to. A simple black a! It likes that he no hurt of my ears and boss with long hours of the spend. It is cushioned and adjustable to a measure of your boss in the each one both sides. The sound is clear.
This also has the material of good quality. An only downside is is using the Macbook pro with usb-c to cover like him to of them, precise he dongle of then is the usb and any he usb-c. (Photo of control)

In general, has included that a dongle cost me extra, I any one has had any question that use this device in all teachings of mine. I can say that I will be to stick with east of then well of the money. It is useful, of confidence and no too expensive.
5 / 5
Has had this headset for almost the year now, and has believed at the beginning that that has been the good an only to begin because of his row of the most economic prize. I took it like this it would not have squandered a lot of money if I have not finalised to to that likes him to him my new work that has required his use. Education on-line classes and this headset are adds! Totally compatible with Room of Season, which uses with Google Chrome. I have it that has not had never any subjects of technology in my final with him, ossia sure. An annulment of the his is not a better, but some headphones are cushiony quite that does not have any question that spends him for loooong pieces to time my days to teach busy (yes, sometimes for roughly 8 total of hours the day). His no some arms of my glasses undermine to a sensitive skin for behind my ears, which was one of my main worries initially. A cord is good and long, as I owe that go to take the new pen or something, can discretely he without taking my computer down accidentally. A transmission of key is mine lifesaver! That The students so only thinks to have the really calm house reason can not see is muted by means of some controls of room. A key is an only thing this has spent down a past year, but is still fully functional. So only I owe that do sure seat the little click when I press it and control to do sure a little light of indicator is blinking so that it knows it really is muted before it goes advance and bite to the crunchy atascada or take the strong slurp of caffè =P.
5 / 5
This headset is quite good... For some first months of pair. It is light, has his decent, and decent audio, but with which awhile, with which hardly uses moderate, begins to fall avert, basically. Some first time have bought this, has loved that, was to add, but with which roughly 6 month, some next bosses a key of volume has begun to ray on, like an audio so only could be listened out of an ear; two ears have moved some bosses to the concrete formation. So much, I have bought another reason have thought a prime minister one was so only he fluke, and sure enough, not even 6 month later, some bosses have begun the disorder on again, this time, near a base of ear, where a boss connects his, that heads to an exact same question. BUT still I have not learnt my lesson and has bought another. The same what has spent basically. Really disappointed like this is the decent headset, but is so only he so that it has done bad.

In general:
-has Bought this headset 3 times
-Same question every time, that the audio takes messed on been due to crappy installed
-Cheaply fact, but decent for the few months
-Buy feel likes swipe $ 20 for 6 month of the decent headset
4 / 5
Honradamente, has gone to give these 5 stars before today, but then a microphone there is prendido to do! There it does not look to be any his give at all, but the people can no to listen me all of the sudden when they are by train for the use has included although I can listen him. They are a lot disappointed reason before this had been the total game -transmission for me, especially of then was reasonably priced and light. Has there is had not included he for more than month of pair or so much. :( The supposition will owe that buy the new one of the most expensive mark that has had critic more positive. It is looked forward to to give this one the impulse to be I so that it adds until this past, unfortunately.
5 / 5
Has used this mark and model of headset for years. Utilisation for gaming and also Skype. It is light, comfortable and can be used for hours without question. It touches quite well too and a mic gives glass his clear to any I call. Volume roughly 2 years of use of the together BUT that the time would owe that be longer. A reason is not , is some draws empty that has destroyed it each pair has possessed. And it could mention they are not rough in a device neither I transmission or mishandle he in any way. A defect is in a quality of materials has used in a build.

Of one covers of USB to a inline unit of control, a device like the good boss, has weighed. It is rugged, durable and remains very flexible. This in spite of, of a inline unit to control to a headset, a boss is in a thickness of the goodness of pencil and always takes brittle the few months and of the pauses neither so only where begin of a tampon of control or, (less likely), where connects to a headset. This destroys a headset and to some rubbishes goes. I have taken to buy the pair of extra headsets because of the course goes to break in one the majority of obtrusive time.

Logitech Simply would use a boss a heavy plus during a build, a brittleness and breaking the question would be solved and would bend a lifespan of a product. Of course, a long more a product lifespan, some less units have sold so it does not suppose Logitech is in any hastes to direct this subject.

ANOTHER THAT THAT, I really do that a headset. If I no, would not dip up with a flimsy boss and maintain buying a product in spite of him. Besides, that substitutes a place each pair of the years is not too bad. But it would be better is lasted two times like this long.
4 / 5
His decent and decent mic but no really anything special. It does not expect good base or big volumes reasons these there is not concealed. A inline transmission and bending mic is the big plus. If it love auricular that is REALLLLLLYYY light and wont causes any one sweating or I long-use-wheels then these are for you... Mark so only sure you clip a inline control/of transmission of volume out of a way how is almost like this weighed as a whole headset and will remark yes calm no. These are small and on-the-ear, ANY on-the-ear. Been due to of the this can the to you spends the whole day long and forget calm included are spending. A mic is not very good and 100 insurance is noise annulling characteristic a lot anything , but is quite clear to use on discord or any one another program of voice without complaints of an auditor, which is quite well to be probably a PC of lighter that USB headset there.

With which roughly 8 month a sound of a right ear has begun to cut was. A culprit is in an upper portion of a inline controller/of transmission of volume. When I Move a boss will cut was, but so only in brief. Sometimes I can it does not take to do raisin, then will be to look the film and all a sudden will find me shaking mine to head to takes a right ear to do again. Failure designates quite normal of time for heavy use in this point of prize, as they are not that short was a lot of stars.
5 / 5
This description is mainly for a microphone. I have purchased this specifically the conferences records with the headset microphone, to try to reduce or delete background noise. A boom (or arm for a microphone) is too short and can not be regulated to be situated in a right place in bylines my mouth. Some levels of entrance for mine Macs is too down, Included when I have dipped a Volume of entrance to 100, a level of the entrance in mine normal tongue is mostly in 40 or less. Ossia Too down to register a conference. If manually it resists a microphone in front of my mouth, can improve levels of entrance, but does not want to has to that resist a microphone in the fixed distance of my mouth during a habladuría.

Because of some levels of low volume, has not been able to clearly tries and the compare to mine other microphones for qualities of his, and quality of reduction of noise.

I really the desire there was the better way to find the good microphone for conferences and narration.
Has bought previously he Fifine Usb Microphone of Condenser of the Podcast (K669), but ossia too sensitive to background noises.
Would be happy to pay considerably more to find the good microphone thus fulfilled, but can very clearly determine the one who the works have based in an information has seen on-line.
So much can require buy additional some to try to find one these works.
5 / 5
Look, These have surprised, that surprised, that quality of surprise of sound. It likes him he is stunning for one 23 bucks has paid. The any service of client or have the work that require to have crisp mic and touch it but I spend anywhere of 8 to 12 hours so only seating in my computer that modifies and touching video games. When I Touch OW all touch like this crisp and clear, while it looks animated almost could swear are in a damn the show that listens this tweet of the birds of 7 feet was and some characters of 2. It likes him he is foolishly well for a prize but, here is a thing.

Is súper painful to spend.

Have the quite half boss and of the ears, is easy to regulate but damn pinch in and leave parts of my plague of ear likes hell. While they are by train to spend them and that flies the music or the voice that converged with the friends does not annoy me too much of then are not that it pays a lot of attention but once take them was is like my mamma grabbed me for both my ears and YANKED.

PERHAPS, if taken the a lot slender boss will not pinch? A cushions of a headset is not very soft or comfortable really, neither is a lot... Cushion-And. I think that that it is where a question can lie, if his so only that the extra sweetness has resupplied then am assuming my ears will not feel abused after an hour.

The theses can take really strong and is utmost in audio but uncomfortable, painful, feels likes I his tomb will break, and in spite of as I am enamoured with a sound is endowed my pocola niece of the one who 10 and Def has the smallest boss that me and hopefully more regime.

Would say look elsewhere 😔, to good sure are.

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow 071 USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Any at least six hours of my work day in a telephone. It tries everything to do an experience the most tolerable bit of earbuds, the only ear earbud, Bluetooth headsets, and the professional USB very expensive headset. I have to say that this element, especially to arrive to this point of prize, beat the everything. There is the pair of exceptions, but in general that is to say an exceptional product .

In the first place, necessity to know that a beginning of audio is optimised for voice, has the plot of low and insignificant big final only. It sounds of enormous voice, especially when another is in speakerphone, which spend often in of the calls of conference. If it calms like his the plot of lows, suppose you could listen in musician in the, but that is not that research to be has prendi designed. A low is not muddy, there has only the plot of him.

A earpads is supremely comfortable, no so big that achieves in a whole ear, but chair in an ear as it can not take a dreaded weaty ear' that comes with being bonded in an endless call and not being able to take your earpads. There is also the pillow in a part of a tape those touches a cup of a cape, which attach considerably in a consolation. A tape is expandable, and has had the abundance of the room of the expansion left after adjusting he for my cape.

Can use a unit in two roads, or has attached directly in your tlphonique or the computer those uses a mini-carried in an end of a headset cord or attached in your computer those uses a control of USB. A sound of your voice these beginnings of a unit are very well in any device, although it only can have a mic in a left side of your face. It spends the years that uses mics in a right side of my expensive when is not built in a earbud device, as it is the bit of an adjustment for me, but does not affect an action of a product at all.

A real ecret weapon' of this device is a connector of USB and control. You attach some covers of USB of full measure in your computer and a device are recognised and installed in a computer. Calm then limit a mini carried in a unit of USB and you are well to go. Once a device of USB is attached in your computer, some very useful things spend. In the first place, some controls of the volume for an audio listens is controlled by a bit four box of button in an USB dongle, but in planting to be changed in a box he, some changes of volume are handled by your computer. Subjects very better to treat that it conceal to leave a headset he 'own' a control of volume.

A thing any one totally clears in a description or the photos are that there is the button in a control dongle for a headset mic. Quan A mic is open, view the blue light like pointed in a semi-detached photo. Quan HAS muted a mic, a red of towers of the button. Any concealed has taken the saying taken something a group has not been supposed to listen or go in the access of the cough in the call will benefit to know sure if a mic is open or enclosed. It IS the utmost characteristic , together with the control of the calm volume easily can dress the arrests that feels and the change of control to start with of audio.

While I have said, has used the tonne of different products to live through hours in a telephone. It poses this element up against just on any one of them, included a 'professional' headsets that cost four so much time. Again, the very impressive product.
5 / 5
Has a work of on-line teaching. This headset am adds for that so that I am able instead my half when is in to a virtual room likes him some students me can not listen. If I need in, I am also able instead so many sides. You read to change a student and me. I want a pillow in a cup of a piece of cape. Also I want a the headset is not restricting and can be it used in any device that requires a jack of the audio in addition to one covers of the computer in seen in a picture.
5 / 5
has purchased type very different of headsets some years, and never look to find or those acts well. Has one this has done enough well, and then a deadening at the end is the past was (has fallen basically the eschew). So much, I have required to look for another headset.

Has purchased my prjimo headset (pictured the low side left), but that a there has been the plot of downsides. One cushions has not been comfortable at all. A boom mic was too down (or a quality of a mic was bad) such concealed does not choose in my very a lot of voice when using Dragon Of course that Pause (DNS) software. I can not mention a name of a tent has purchased he in, but will give you the rhyme of your with stallmart. My investigation has continued.

Then found this product (pictured the low right side), and is very satisfied. State using this product for enough 3-4 month now. I use for dictation with a Dragon Of course in software of Speaker, and the laws add. I also like a boom mic. It IS pliable doing it easy to adjust. It IS only a right period, as he very front of the bond entered of your face (like another long boom mics), and any too down such this quality of sacrifices of voices. A mic is quite sensitive to be planted in a side of a mouth, as it does not choose I in any one breathes while speaker, or that occasional exhales. A better thing, if all concealed has not gone enough, is that an ear these pillows and the edifice are so comfortable. That is to say by far one the majority of comfortable headset has not purchased never. I can spend these for hours without any discomfort. A time has forgotten in fact had the on (i.et., it Was above a desktop and has forgotten to take them - take, is wire fence). Just amazing consolation.

Remarce: If you use a controller, limits in the port of USB. Has an option in not using a controller and then the limits in the rule of audio/mic jack, which are what marks. Then it uses the volume of my computer/mic controls to adjust some levels.

- A lot of (supremely) comfortable
- audio Very very - clear with the wide field of volume
- Excellent to use for dictation with Dragon Of course in software of Speaker of dictation
- mentions was comfortable? Yea, This comfortable.
- Boom mic IS very easy to plant, and the rests where posed
- beat when being used with or without an USB of controller of / conversor of extra volume (does not use mine)
- the audio is crisp, clear, and the strong abundance quite
- Works for both USB (w/controller) and connections of audio of the computer (wo/controller)
- has the light/of the red Blue in controller to leave know if your mic has been muted
- too Subject pros such concealed listen me bias - but is that it is
- is wire fence, as you have to limits in

[+] has CONFUSED IN UNSATISFIED CLIENT: 2/7/2018 update
only read the description where the husband and the woman have said this headset has not been comfortable. In fact, they have said that it was horrible. I am so confused. As it beat these does not listen comfortable? They rest very clear in a leader. There is minimum pressure in some ears. A cushion is a softer never active experimented with each a headsets has had in a past. I have verified of the profile of this person, and the verifiable look, bad is real people and very only the account of fake in of the descriptions of fake of the clave. Only no the duke. I guess these ways the consolation of one beats of person when being the discomfort of another person any subject as it exerts a cushion is in some ears. Only it has wanted to to attach this so that I guess an only road to know sure is to try them and if they do not like him the then return them. I guess that is to say one of these products that is more afterwards to try in clothes, where an access is based only in a person is 'be' of some clothes and very roughly clothes they. I am not doubting the honesty of this person with his description, but has not founding never the comfortable plus headset. I guess this headset 'access' me perfectly.

[+] RESPONSE to COMMENT OF Kendra: 2/9/2018 update
has answered only the question in the some commentaries of Kendra. A connection in a headset has the level mic/jack of audio that then limits in a box of controller (that has the habit of volume of control, changes of call, etc.). A box of the controller then has the connection of USB this cover in the port of USB of your computer. If you do not use a box of controller, then can limit a headset directly in your jack of computer or your jack of smartphone. Only I plugged the mine in my Samsung telephone of Galaxy (for the test has been prende Kendra), and the laws add. I have tried then go it to do the register in my tlphonique those uses a headset with his mic. It conceal also works. Quality of the voice of a register is meant well he had no static or subjects of quality while touching a register behind.

[+] YIKES! MARATHON HEADSET USE: 2/11/2018 update
has posed also these in well use to listen in youtube videos (of my pc) when do not want problem another. Well, there is the marathon where used these for perhaps 8 hours directly. Even so soft likes him these are against some ears, my discomfort of ears there was at the end. Bear that imports that moved it not even that it hang them a whole time - any pause. Yikes! I require to give the life. But, alln of this discussion, these surprised so that that is to say the quite long time before listening any one discomfort, and was not even that bad of the discomfort therefore they reason has not moved that it hang them 8 hours. Has data my ears the pause, readjusted the, and could have was longer. It classifies of it likes him to him the seat in the cart in the trip of long road and exiting once in the moment to extend your legs, and then is well for other 100 miles. That is to say the very enough tries of a level of consolation (i.et., The test has not had any plan on doing).

Well, has read this description and found the useful, but is in a fence how was quite useful to deserve the useful vote. To click or any one to click. Decisions, decisions. Well, I am up come with moving it humorous small quite I how he pertains in devotion of mine in creating useful descriptions. He the one of is this uses a way of one comedic legend Rodney Dangerfield (1921-2004) and do this also in the honour and the memory of his work adds. A plan is to take you chuckling so you clique an useful button. The left wing is to see - here go:

' says already, does not take any respect -- headed to to write revise and taking useful votes. Wow, That is to say fresh, said -- has verified my profile and has of my critic classifies was around 8000 -- This is exciting, said, as I have written more descriptions -- Which took me still has excited more was when remarked my critic that classifies moved until around 7000 -- after writing more descriptions, has thought, has to when being takes useful votes so that my critic that classifies then shot until 5028 -- A now overwhelmed emotion. I remembered me of this excited my woman taken during ours when the honeymoon posed my clothes behind on -- Well, said, has taken so excited quite writing descriptions that hoards continued of my coverages, is fallen all and posed ALL MY TIME in my descriptions --- Then, verified -- my critic that classifies said -- GETALIFE -- Any respect says already. Any respect at all.' TEAR Rodney.

GIVES Descriptions. That is to say my level to write descriptions.
[G]enuine - That is to say the description that is earnest, reliable without reasoning another concealed the people of help in a family of Amazon.
[I]nformational - These necessities to revise to provide the information related in this product in the concise subject.
[V]aluable - These necessities to revise to provide value in a such reader that helps him or his determine if this product is for them.
[And]nlightening - These necessities to revise to go information further of such product that a reader learns something any one otherwise know.

Descriptions of white Glove (tm) apply when give the most produced that five stars yes can. It thinks of the Sargent those uses a test of white glove to determine that well a barrack is cleaned - has to be spotless otherwise fall and give me twenty. Quan Find such the product, pose in some white gloves and take a time to record the video. The waits found an useful video.

ps. It does not forget up-vote yes to calm has liked him to him his this description, or think that this description helps another.
4 / 5
I have to admit, it has thought a prize in these was 'also well to be a bit'---and era. They are comfortable and listen very----but, uses these to teach the on-line classes and my students queixen in static in an audio. Law for on some premiers 10 minutes of class ( uses a program of Zoom)---then static in a mic----unplug--- law for quite a lot of 5 minutes---then gone back static. So---- I has taken my old Logitech H650e headset behind marries---- in the work adds (although costs twice so much). It spends an extra money. UPDATE---took an email of a vendor today saying has routed me it new together of auricular--that was it quite well so that the did not have contacted the. I will update this description if they new ones do very better. Update: it was routed the free new pair of the load and look for to be doing well
5 / 5
It buys FOUR of these a last year. Bought two for employees that asked me, an alone name personal use and taking calls and one for the partner as it can exit it tame free in a treadmill while it converses in a telephone. Us All WANT TO it. They are any escentro announces' headphone, but main and very comfortable, the pieces of ear are strongly and softly the foam cushioned and rotate 180 titles for the comfortable access. A microphone is supremely flexible and in of the movements wherever like the in in any for the moment, up, down, in a side or any road like you to of you. A strap of any heavy plastic east and also adjustable for consolation. These headphones the wonderful law with your computer and/or mobile phone. You can take calls, listens in musician or any file of audio. A cord for a headset direct in a jack of the entrance is very time and comfortable also so much can launch your telephone in your pocket while walk and listen and/or habladura and does not enter your road or hang down so much that is to say troubling or heavy. A headset comes embroiled firmly in bundling, and comprises the manual. An only thing any one of these headsets has had is a small soyute' that composes that it is aimed in a picture to announce. I use a real change and button of volume in my tlphonique or the computer when is use . Person of a headset the cords owe that they compose that aimed in an announcing for a listing and while it mentions bought the total of four of them everything in different time during a last year. Even so, there is the work around while it mentions to use your computer or volume of telephones and dumb buttons so that it was not the terrible inconvenience in me. It comprise the photos sonal' of my own personnel headset so much can see all some elements have mentioned in this description. If you can live without a controller in a cord absolutely will want these headhphones- a prize is fantastic, the quality is terrific- purchase it! The calm will not be disappointed!
5 / 5
This headset is surprising! They take for work.
Quan Was in formation (law of house) was so nervous so that my dog has barked intermittently.
Any one has LISTENED MY DOG IN The A lot of INFERIOR!
Wants to this headset! It estimates each penny. Very comfortable also! I am included fallen slept in the transente and has not listened the thing.
Highly recommends.
1 / 5
It was in fact quite pleased with this headset when in the principle entered. I do of the house and I are in the conference asks usually at least the averages of my day. My last headset was one of a cheap(er) Logitech ones (in $ 30, like the point of similar prize in east a). A Logitech one lasted me two years, but has not been very comfortable and had subjects of sensibility of the microphone. So much, when a Logitech the cups of ear have begun to peel - again, this has taken 2 years of 4hour+ uses 5 days the week, has substituted he with this headset has based in some descriptions.

Liked me a reduction of noise this headset proportionate and my participants of the call of the conference has advised could listen me clearly and a mic looked to suppress noises of backdrop really well. A headset was to good sure snug, but has the small leader, as it was not also bad. In general, this headset looked more robust that a Logitech one with more than pillow in some cups of ear and has resolved a mic the subjects have had....

But all these ways at all so that this headset irreparably has broken in only 60 days. It breaks well above a left ear only like other critiques have remarked. Although one headset the frequent use seen, did not abuse it. Only it breaks or time during normal use when was for the take was. It opens I the supposition has to enter another headset hunts.
5 / 5
It IS very of entity the invert in the sake-quality headset to direct on-line work. The be in the estimativa has limited, unit of is purchased So far, law very good! Comfortable, an audio is clear, works of good microphone. It limits in two roads: headphones jack, and port of USB. With port of USB there is an extension that connects in some headphones jack. This extension of USB has the buttons where can control you an audio of a headset. I do not see the necessity to purchase one of an expensive plus headsets in this time, so to well sure would recommend it this class.
5 / 5
This USB headsets am adds. They are big quality , clear, and has rejection of excellent environmental noise, is very comfortable although raisins of the glasses. Only tried very these with our agents to back this use InContact and now will substitute each of our headsets with a Mpow USB headsets. Highly recommend it these headsets for professional or personal use.
5 / 5
These are auricular very good and is compatible with everything of my devices that is very convenient! They have done in my iPhone, MacBook Pro, PC of desktop and my PS4. Some headphones is in fact material of big quality that is adds for this prize and I have had any extraneous complaint any one when being pas able to listen me or me his muffled while touching PS4. A characteristic to the east likes me more on of a bit of the headphones is that they are comfortable to spend. Quan Spending auricular for the long period of the times sometimes can result uncomfortable, concealed is not a case with these headphones. It recommends these headphones especially for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow HC6 USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
It take this headset with two things of entities in alcohols: I comfort it and The Noise that annuls. I owe that say that it was pleasantly surprised in an upper quality of this headset. But a consolation is surprising! The his spends during a day and is súper comfortable. Also it houses with pavings of the forests and some acoustics are always be the challenge with another headsets/devices of speaker. This in spite of, all the world said that that adds I sound and no more echo! Also, while some barks of dog, the person can listen it. Phenomenal client and very happy!
4 / 5
I work of the house and my undertaken resupplies with all a crew requires this in spite of, so only resupply the ape headset. They have had to that commanded special he bianural headset for me, but was people of listened harder was in a telephone with using his headset that uses a pleasant rule headset. As I am exited in the limb and has decided would order my own headset. With which a lot research has solved in a Mpow HC6. Now well out of a box a headset is much lighter of some have used in a past. A band is described like this, very flexible. This in spite of, am not sure reason any one would require to try to turn a headset to the pretzel the form but an option is there with a flexibility of a band. An ear that the cushions is fatter and bit it softer that my company has resupplied dipped. A sweetness of some leaves to cushion outline yours ear more, which causes an ear to take bit it heat and the blockades was background noise . They are able to listen clearly without muffled to his likes with my company has issued headset. He also last to listen calm. Some steps in a booklet of the instruction has not done for me to be able to listen playback. A cord is the period adds . Estimating roughly 3 course. I leave to create and movement around my office freely where my company has issued headset so only has the 2 1/2 foot cord. So only with having roughly the like this far (seeing as received that to him so only and has been using he for roughly 4 hours) is that it calms can not answer a telephone of one in-of the controls of line. You can so only transmission or volume to look/down or more would have given 5 stars in general. I have taken also some stars was on consolation because of a cushioning not feeling breathable and doing for hot ears.
4 / 5
I finally wised on and there is @@give that I no longer owe that dipped on the sign of register in my door- with two young adults, the creature, and the dog in my house. I have tried to register the video of demonstration for students of mine that use a headset. Any so only was a quality of his that has surprised, but a television and the defender was on in a fund, and a microphone so only chosen on my voice.
5 / 5
Has had the pair of MPow auricular for the year until a tape snapped. A quality of sound was always well. They are happy to see this next generation some have the flexible band. Like this far I love him.
5 / 5
Was very excited to receive these headphones like this the the good descriptions seen excepts perhaps a concealed complained in a mic. I have to listened to that a complaint. I have paid for the same day that ships for the take so that you can them service this morning. The man are like this fallido and crazy. A mic is his way far was and chairs for a chin the one who feels them a cx any able to listen you. I have had six calls go in and each last an of them has declared could no to listen me and has had to them that dip a mic in front of my mouth that that has done a piece of the ear come of an ear. A quality of a headset his clear for me to listen them but for them to listen me a lot like this good and avaya system of telephone is that use. Utilisation everything of Mpow the products are those who use him has tried so only the different headset but will go back them to another Mpow 071 USB Headset. Any like him To Him a system of turn. I have called to leave them know in of the this and has been said that the could not take a GC until quell'scan. An old headset has had them is no longer very so much has bought them this one to use like this now the any one has to that go to buy another until they choose this an up. So only I want king order a Mpow 071 USB Headset but the cant reasons said me that it has to them that have the successful scanner of ups first of the take issued a credit to reorder an element. I require mine headphone to do and master felt of mark for me to spend of longitude another when I am receiving them the credit to order another. It is not so only at all wha to do with some hours the have now. smh ugh . I give him 2 stars partorisca consolation and quality of his in my finals but for a cx and a way a turn is spending the not liking . Sound the carrier chooses on top of that half will take to his product likes reason can a lot the just king order Mpow 071 USB Headset like this can it to them have headset to do with. Sad only fallido reason has been them excited and now has to them that attended or buy another which mean to spend more money when the sound supposes to have the credit. OMG UGH.
4 / 5
Perfecto for centre of call. Light weight & comfy. I spent him 10 hours today. When Calm his the on to good sure reduce a background noise. All the visits could listen me and could listen him. Still it has the light indicator when management of a mic, as I can visually see is was (red) or on (blue). I wish some headphones have developed the little longer, but still the product adds.
4 / 5
I the side-for-side and totally unscientific/subjective comparison of some capacities that annuls noise of a MPow HC6 headset and a Jabra 40 headset, which is much more expensive and has estimated highly. My main reason to buy these headsets was to find it headset that could suppress it background noise while teaching English on-line. To try some devices, has touched the TV in a fund with the volume dipped in the reasonable listening level and then in the slightly stronger that reasonable listening level. Both of these devices have done the work adds that it suppresses the majority of this background noise while it registers my voice. Some registers have done with both headsets has aimed that a sound of television was so only slightly audible in a setting of volume of normal TV, and audible, but no too obvious in a setting of volume of television main. I think a Jabra together the little better in the noise that annuls, and a record and arrival of a Jabra is the little better, but perhaps a lot enough to justify his his prize big plus. In general, it was impressed enough with a MPow device and has surprised that such the good, seemingly ask a lot of fact of the technology could be manufactured and sold in such the reasonable prize.
5 / 5
Has bought this like the backup for the place of agent of centre of contact. My company resupplied headset is wireless and has loved the together of backup wired. Mic Volume and the characteristic of transmission of the key of control is excellent. I add headphone his and mic is awesome. The noise that annuls mic the works and you am free to listen respite as to plot of mics do. Also it unplugs of a connector of USB and can be used like the only jack. Probably you buy another for a house.
5 / 5
Comfortable headset for the voice that called in my computer. Crisp His and function, light and flexible and has included the band of type of the skin in upper. It can be improved to add the volume adjuster to a cord, but any he necessity for use in the computer.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to the one who comfortable these headphones are to use for meetings of work, as well as game of game. I have purchased these that a upgrade to some forwards Mpow headphones has purchased the years of the pair done. They are light weight , a lot-adjustable and resupply glass his clear. I will continue to stick with this mark on its own name as well as mine gamer edges!

Top Customer Reviews: Cyber Acoustics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Work so that it announce. My uses of woman some headphones to teach on-line classes. For a prize has been so durable and well laws. Profile quite down. The microphone chooses up almost too well. Quan Look replays of some classes of on-line tongue that teaches, a quality of his glorious east. It has not had any complaint of his students. That is to say the good quality headset for a prize. There is any necessity to take the product the expensive plus for our necessities (classes of tongue of on-line video).
5 / 5
This description can helps some the likely buyers comprise some of a upsides and downsides of this unit.

Upsides: (1) This headset is very economic compared in another in a piece, as it does not beat in your bad factor. (2) Quan Used with my computer of laptop, the laws add: a sound of some headphones is quite very compared in the landline and sometimes better/worse that the connection of mobile phone, which often depends in a system of cell and setup. (3) has the uses of connector to these beginnings of your computer, mobile phone, the tablet or any device go to be using a headset with, is only sake. (4) Some connectors all have to look reasonable reliefs of tension in some capes, as they do not have to when being too fragile.

Downsides: (1) Quan Used with my mobile phone -- a LG Tracfone, certainly very particularly big final, but perfectly functional for day-in-use in the daytime -- a sound of some headphones was well, but people that spoken with toe that my voice has sounded very tinny, similar in the this would expect in the military aircraft or vehicle intercom - probably an impedance or preamp subject among a circuit of tlphonique and a microphone in a headset. (2) have touch video games and/or demand sper action of his, these are to good sure any one of calm -- is auricular economic , functional , no the set of Bose or Sennheiser wonderphones. (3) has the connector folds these beginnings of your computer, mobile phone, the tablet or any device go to be using a headset with, will have to use a cape has comprised splitter -- no the big roads, since comes with a headset and is free, but is another thing to clutter in your workspace.

Has been only using a headset for the few days, and essentially all my use has been he prende Skype nicknamed of tlphonique with my Lenovo portable. I have purchased the cape of right angle extend (with 8' cape) to leave me to limit in/out of a headset without overworking a 3.5 mm connector only in my portable -- imagined it would be the less plot hassle in a case of the future busted jack to substitute one extends that it was to treat the connector broken in a motherboard... That can spend you limit in/out more than the small time of thousand.

In general, looks the very good purchase -- now will have to see how long a headset takes down a bit those that-the time daily uses concealed will pose in.
1 / 5
That is to say a third one has bought in some last 6 months. This one has had only for the month and he already are breaking - the only audible audio in a right side. These are not durable or reliable and recommends to look in something more.

Hates that reads descriptions where any one writes ' is well for a prize...' It IS well or it is not the? These are not well for anything.
4 / 5
It buys these before but tents in my zone no longer spends the. They are utmost for a prize while has his of good quality for musician and of the calls of tlphonique. The people can listen my voice clearly and can listen each instrument and way down below for musician in these. A problem is that a cord connected in a mic the wears over time have represented the bonos-for-swimming to do calls of tlphonique at the end. Even so, of this hard function the little the year or two (only for enough a moment for a guarantee to expire of course), still consider he to be the good election for a prize. Only it gives the in the local school of still can use he for computers and musician - and only buy another set.

FYI - Any one in my family has purchased the expensive and popular mark small headsets - corded and wireless. Also they spend you are and at the end to do in around two years. It has remarked also a lot of people queixen in quality of poor voice (both parties in the call of tlphonique - his voice - sound muffled). It likes I no the problem that waste the plot of money in the.
1 / 5
Our old headset was Fellowes the mark and has had to to substitute so that the cover in the foam disintegrated. A sound a Cyber the acoustics has not gone any a lot of compared in a pair has substituted. The sound was muddy with big and under poor final. It does not recommend these in any unless really very preoccupy quite quality of sound. They were also much stronger that some places have substituted. In the One to him sews liked is him that of one beats to cover when being the two pin separately mic and headphone jacks or attraction of an adapter and use in the only jack that backwards so much. And To well sure be looking for this the characteristic in a prjimo compraventa joint.
3 / 5
For a prize, this was the add first headset for mine 7 I homeschooler. A sound is decent, although at all to write house enough. And while it is adjustable, is the bit finicky in properly of chair. We only use during the hours of pair when remarks that a mic has not done he so has to, and has to unplug and re-limit a jack to take a mic that laws again. Why that is to say? I am not sure. Perhaps the subject of compatibility of the computer. But having has not had never the problem before, with mics or speakers, suspects a subject with this product. For a prize, costs to try and continuing use, but foresees some updates in the near future.
4 / 5
I have purchased this headset for an ease of cover and game. They only carried in your PC , any port of USB has required. This simplifies that it has to Engine of download (Any Required). A headset is the light of bit, and any hug my leader while it would like him in. Taken to take use to. A quality of his excellent east. A mic works while it expect. In general , you purchase these again.
5 / 5
Val, As it takes these headphones while they had to, so that:
- crisp of product,his clear in headphones and mike, without noise
- am adds for gaming and skype
- is 3mm stereo jack !!!! Any USB, meaning that you still can have device of the automatically recognised audio in XP (USB headset requires constant torture).
- Comprises an adapter of the combo 3mm jack of audio (new way, mic and the speakers combined) in 3mm jacks of separate audio (mic and the way of speakers separated , old), which are in $ 6 arrests only an adapter, elsewhere.

Frys Sells these for $ 20 and other tents for at least $ 15
5 / 5
The economic pair adds of headset the receiver required for work. Downside IS that they are not very reversible and apt odd when has a microphone in a right side, but while you maintain a microphone in your left side is well and adjustable. The people have had Skype meetings with saying that an audio of my microphone is clear glass. These headphones is also utmost to listen in musician, but does not maintain a musician up also strong so that they are on-the-ear some people around will know that it is listening in. Purchase of global sake!
1 / 5
I actuate Never the auricular sense with such his terrible. That taking is to design the mylar diaphragm earpiece these utmost sounds? In better that is to say his of quality of tlphonique . It is not fooled to try to use this for hifi habladuras of quality. I think that that I go to bond with one in-ear headset this is coming with my Nexus-6 tlphonique and Google Well. One in-ear headset can any one be it comfortable but a sound is far upper. This was the waste of money.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech G533 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Tired of my G930 disconnecting all a time among all other problems had and at the end died on me. That is to say that it was with as the substitution after doing some investigation.

To maintain it down, thinks a G533 is better that that a G930 in the each conceivable road. A life of stack is better. Duque 16 hours of him out of the full load. Also I think that that they are more comfortable that a G930 although that will go it to rack and sea in the personal preference because of some different materials has used. I have crossed an integer 16 hours in an of my days was so flavour and has had very subject. A wireless field is very better. The stay synchronised during the majority of my house. The May There Went It the subject of connection. A mic is better and wants his flexibility. A quality of his better east after I messed enough with a bond in so stereo and surround roads. Vastly Prefers a bit change in planting that has to line it down the button to turn them was and on. A dial is much more sensitive. If a headset has had more than a tone of G, would be in a moon. My only flu, and is the tiny a, is that a mic will not remain was unless pulled all a road was. These are utmost another that concealed. Highly it recommends, especially down $ 100.
5 / 5
The decree these looks in a G933 is or anything more. It takes these! Calm any one lament the.


+ These are 24.ncenedor Of G then a G933 is and can listen a difference. Perhaps it is distribution of better weight ?
+ The life of stack is 16 hours in the full load compared in G933 life of stack of 11 hours without RGB and 8 hours with RGB.
+ G533 The quality of tez is upper. A G933 is constantly squeaked in some joints and has been launched to crap plastic of quality that the good looks but has any function.
+ The wireless signal is better in a G533 is that a G933 is. Opened Can listen it in musician anywhere in my house without him falling signal. A G933 is would fall to signal hardly stepped out of my computer.
+ MIC IS bit it better because of a G533 is semi-detached filter of pop. Still the mamma yes has big levels, but is an improvement in a G933 is.
+ G533 HAS 1 button of macro. Has the mine joined in toggle surrounds sound... They what calm sew them to me mere.
+ G933 IS produced the plot of static when the volume was in 50%. Has these G533 is looked in 100% and be 0 static. Terrific!


- You can not seat in front of the mirror and admire yours lighting of patient RGB. These have an ignite and that it is an indicator to be able in (green)
- Lustrous material in ear-the cups are prone in fingerprints.
- An USB those touches the cape is not braided in difference of a G933 is.

The utmost headphones purchase it. Very better that anything more in a piece.

In general thinks that that these headphones offers the very simplistic approximation in the predecessor of him, a G933. Each a G933 is to do, this better. Consuelo, life of stack, weight, mic, quality of the tez and the wireless signal has each state has improved. These headsets offers
4 / 5
Desprs Having Subject of constant connectivity with G930 headset (tried two of them!), it Was hesitant to purchase any Logitech wireless headset. It uses this in some half with 2 wireless routers, 3 computers with WiFi, this has done a G930 a lot of fight to remain connected. I have seen then a 'Pro the Wireless note' in a G533 characteristic, decided to give it the shot, and the boy is really happy has done!

Pros Against. G930:
Solid wireless connectivity, any dropouts in the a lot of 2.4ghz half heavy.
Better field! 10m through wall, is sure can take 15m that Logitech affirms in of the open zones.
Life very better of stack in 12+ hours.

Very so comfortable, has strand earpads against. Vinyl/Of rind in a G930.
Plasticly And when being cheaper with the less snug access around your cape.
Ails can see a red of light changes when his on! I bad have to do you the serious endeavour to see if his on.

A sum of wireless connectivity is all the esteem even so, and is has owed to bet, his much better that anything more there.

Update: there are some revises here complain- in a volume of microphone that is down. There is an easy fixed, a microphone in this headset is extendable and can be angled in his collar as it can the yours plant more afterwards in your mouth. This does not cause any subjects with consolation and a mic still swivels very only envelope he wants to change you.
4 / 5
In a past has has had subjects with another headsets, especially Logitech. It marks utmost keyboards, joysticks, smiled, controllers, and keypads, but the devices of audio are something has been always disappointed with.

HAS, for years now, has had always Creative headsets. They have left since to do a Tactic3D Omega, which was and still is one of a better gaming headsets never does yes can find one, the things have not gone enough also in his wireless headset department. A Tactic3D the rabies exited like his esplacement'. A quality of sound was there, but a quality of tez was rubbishes . Has 2 of a headsets pause on me in some last 18 months, both accident in a point for to twist a right ear. Of Creative does not offer another wireless gaming headset inner a moment, decided to give Logitech other clocks all these years to see that it is improved.

Looked in the number of headsets, included his expensive plus ones, but the people all has signalled behind in this $ ~80 headset. Well, a last Logitech headset has bought by $ 98 he almost done 5 years was rubbishes (Logitech G35). It IS so bad is returned he and has taken the repayment. This time even so, decides to try again and has taken a G533.

IS surprised in how much Logitech headsets has improved on a bit last 5 years. It sounds also, one surrounds is so clear, and a headset is very comfortable to spend in of the long periods of gaming. I am so happy with the mine buys this time... For now.

Any product is perfect, and that is to say any exception . I find a dial of volume in a headset to be the small also easy to turn, doing the light adjustments sometimes difficult. A course that concern me to me in me more and a Creative headsets still has Logitech has beaten: Logitech the adjustable groups are plastic, Creative Tactic3D the series was metal .

In general, is still happy with these in a Rabies, but thinks that could have the little of the things have done better.
4 / 5
As it take it this headset while done the week, change of the corded in wireless has been supposed to be adds. I have begun alas to run in of the problems, but first habladura, the the wing left in some positive!

-Adds of wireless field: I can go in a cookery to take something even so it listens everything! Any problem!
-Life of stack: it is it adds! Any problem with him. Also It Thinks that that it is programmed to automatically go to sleep if there is not any sound for X quantity to time to save stack. I add for it forgets to turn it was and left.
-Reduction of noise: it reduces noise quite well.
-Quality of sound: Any one very that a lot appreciates his so it goes he in another description for that. This quality of his east well.

Opens Some Refusals and why has given only this 1 star.
-Disconnecting: I think a headset somehow disconnects of my PC. At random I will lose his, or listen this click very odd or touching noise. This has been spending also frequently. I will be to look the video and suddenly the sound will cut era. At all it is bad with a physical device while I will touch with a knob of the volume and I will listen it beep stronger/softer. Or when I try to ignite and of a headset in reconnect, he being beeping. The tan obviously has to marks he with a connection in my PC. I have looked for engine for a headset and has not founding any one. I have installed included a Logitech gaming software for his products, but that is to say afterwards in well-for-swimming for this subject. Besides when I begin discord, these looks to do a WORSE problem. I have bought this gaming headset for when games to touch with friends, so that is to say the enormous negative for me.

If this subject is resolved I will update my description. But the global inferior line is eschews. It finds another wireless headset.

The update has upped my bookmark in 4/5. I imagined it it was why mine headset his stray. It do not retreat USB 3.0! If you limit in the USB 3.0 void he disorder he up!
5 / 5
It IS BRONZED CANSAT that has cords during my desktop and was for rasgar of my headset every time has wanted to to create . More, sometimes wants to habladura with my gamer boys while I am walking around a house. There is a G230 before and lasted me several years. Curiously, my friends have said a mic quality in this wireless, more expensive headset is the small worse that one 230 that I greetings taken always on. Even so, my voice a lot of still sounds crisp and clear and is very enough for streaming.
IMPORTING!!!!! If, I like him, of raisin of the glasses and is constantly angered for a partner of discomfort with some glasses has dreaded+headset combo, this headset will relieve calm of these woes. It IS comfy same with my glasses on for hours the time.
A Logitech Gaming the software the very easy fact to customise.
Even so, is the VERY COMFORTABLE headset and VERY ATTRACTIVE. An aesthetics besides gaming headsets is horrible, like the Nightmare of Hot Subject. So much, you want the looks and the action and any one east of the ugly cords is the very solid road to go. I am sper happy with purchase of mine.
4 / 5
I will maintain my low and clean description.

-Wireless (good field also)
-Comfy ( any hurt some ears)
-Quality (the sound is acceptable for gaming/musician, mic records only very)
-life of Stack (apresamiento 16 hours, automatically the towers was afterwards 20 minutes of silence like this saving you even more of the load for next use)

-Wireless (the pieces have entered apparently random time that is not induced by microwaves)
-No so comfy that acuesta earcups of a G35 (these ones are to foam and listen cheap).
-Quality (the sound is not also like G35 but only for the small bit, which are why I has said was 'acceptable' in a pros section of this description).
-Situate of direction/of the sound (with this headset in CSGO I maintaining deception footsteps in pertinent different locations that where in fact is).

IN GENERAL: enough Sake, but still to the left wish me a now interrupted (and severely more expensive) G35.
3 / 5
A sound is well, would prefer this in my old headset, even so has the plot to sew it to him any likes them to them the plus or less the. For judges of start, a mic is VERY CALM, included when being looked in 100%. The people in the discord have me that appears sper big because of how calm a mic is. Another thing is if it does not have the audio these touches but still is using your mic, a device will close was has situates in the parameter to save of the power. That is to say thwarting so that occasionally it was to speak with any concealed has his mic muted and my headset will close was while I am speaking with them so that has no other sounds that race at all.

Opens, an adherent is problems personally has experimented, these very necessarily spend all over the world more.
Will turn one surrounds the sound was, but in the to to games like them to them to joins of Legends, still when being in his surrounding in spite of deactivating a special LoL preset in a Logitech software. Quan Has connected in an USB to touch while a device is into use, constantly is turning was and then behind on. Also, it tends the disconnect of a computer and reconnect although I have verified a outlet of USB and the cord and everything look for to be well.

A reason is not giving of is the 1 or 2 description of star is so that while I have said, a quality of his east well, a headset is comfortable, I like some changes of function to create a boom of microphone? And that down in unmute. Also a earpieces rotate so that comfortably you can have around your collar while when being able in freely move your collar.

Finally, personally says look to take the different headset that this unit
4 / 5
I will begin to say that I am the data takes G930 adherent as it was the very difficult decision that involves the tonne to research to move on in something more. This headset has matched/has surpassed my expectations and of the pasts to advance or improved some characteristic has wanted in a G930.

Likes him that they have adopted the similar creation of a G930 with a knob of volume and the change of cart when posed a mic boom up. It has attached also the sounds when posed a boom up and down the signify is muted as well as rotating a knob of volume up or low or pressing a change of button.

The UPDATE has had to launches it has continued a microphone like his calm plus then a G930. According to my friends are finding lower same after maxing out of a mic parameters.

Surrounds the sound and the bass are fantastic. Better and more immersive that a G930

Very comfortable and ignite which are utmost for hours of game of game

A life of stack am obviously adds but adapting management to be able is possibly my favourite characteristic.....The on/was to CHANGE more than the button to line down with a G930.

If a G930 you he gaming headset snob while it marks with me does not have any fear with updating and purchasing easterly unit A G930 is even more well even so ;)
4 / 5
Decided was the time in him goes wireless.. For my never wireless premier headset is very impressed! Some sounds of sum of quality in me for gaming and musician.. Comparable in my Sony of the receiver of the old studio with the sound has consecrated Blaster card of audio. It finds for me posing a EQ to plan and deactivating one 7.1 virtual surround' more sounds. It maintains in importing this wireless USB without option to limit in in any entrances.. A microphone has sounded horrible at the beginning. I have used some parameters of follower to improve quality:

Logitech Software > EQ > Scrolling of Automatic Noise

Windows 10 > Right Click Taskbar Sounds > of Of the one of the west
Low Click of Poster of the Sounds escording' Tab
Microphone of Click then Properties
the tab of Click has Advanced
has Posed Default Formed in 44100hz (Quality of CD)

For me this quality of the discord improved in 50%! It gives to try it.

Top Customer Reviews: HyperX Cloud II - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place it was, a headsets is very comfortable. It could him spend the whole day. They touch good and everything, but there is taking he partorisca Xbox users: calm can not use one 7.1 surrounds paper of USB of the Sound. After the habladuría written with a service of client (the one who was a lot of a lot of), has discovered that this piece is “incompatible” with a Xbox. It would have been well partorisca know that for advanced! A description has said, “Compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, etc...” No! He no one same at all! Some auricular still function, but no in a same level to the equal that has expected.
5 / 5
This description has broken my longitude when being 'does not write never of the descriptions' stance. I have purchased this headset in June of 2016. An action has been order , his, microphone, my personal favourite is a stitched good touch. In spite of, this description is in a service of client I receipt when a connector of USB has broken. In the first place, I have tried an option of service of on-line client. A representative (the one who is name has not taken) was quickly partorisca confirm that this product has to that 2 guarantee of the year and my subject was has covered in fact. Dulce! Typically lame screwed on in these situations, as it has not expected that. They have had to that transfer my on-line cat to sustain of technology to create the chance for me, WELL any , concealed has not been the positive experience to the equal that have maintained to take kicked lower in a row. So much, I have decided the week of client of just call before Thanksgiving. ( They are only Monday -Friday until 6pm) taking Eric and I says a whole history. First it sew this type has said? 'It does not concern , we will cure of you.' Eric asks some personal info and says that I will receive another email in a next pair to business days. I have had the pair of the questions and was really fresh roughly answering them. A Monday that follows to have the pair of thoroughly has has explained emails of Stephanie. One is the pre-focus to return paid and a substitution was envoy was for separate. I am returned a course has broken the Wednesday, my substitution arrived in Black Friday. A service of ABSOLUTE better client has received for any product! So much, if a seal of prize is a subject for you, consider a guarantee and a process of substitution adds.
5 / 5
Like this, any like this pleasant history: Any in a unit to walk there is taken on STABBED. According to a cop the one who has interviewed, an attacker row a upstairs doorbell, and when a type has answered a forward has forced his way in and there is stabbed a type. You want to know the one who scary part is? I have not listened the thing, thanks to the mine amazing HyperX Cloud 2 headphones. I took him on still Amazon $ (free nave). This work of things to the equal that has announced! Probably a better noise that annuls the headphones has has not possessed never. 10/10 it would buy it to it again.
5 / 5
Auricular By means of an audio jack so only is very built, comfortable, and have quality of audio quite big.

One of entity and inexcusable the question is with his '7.1' adapter of control of the USB, enormous frequency passthrough.
When I received It in the first place has thought that was the defective part to the equal that have contacted Kingston and has sent gladly another, same exact question.
An USB creates the constant white noise that is exaggerated with his of transmissions of thin low volume, is entirely unacceptable for the part that you literally pay extra to have. One feigns 7.1 are to add and I really amour to use he at stake but a constant impulse in this white background noise is ridiculous.
Has tried he with and without a dongle on 4 separate cars with 3 SEPARATE' and all some same, is an USB dongle ossia has done bad.
For the almost $ 100 headset am disappointed enough that they economic was on literally some people of paid of only reason some extras $ 20 paralizaciones.
In a side besides, Kingston lean it are really adds like any question there.
4 / 5
Are the professional of computer for trade (programmer) the one who touches the video games and I spend the headset all day every day - I listens the music to annul out of a noise of an external world. This headset is extremely comfortable for long use. They are not necessarily a audiophile - I amour his well, but does not create to have a ultra-discriminating ear - so much can say a quality of his is add, but concealed a lot necessarily means so as any the one who invests a time in full-in of the comparisons.

A (and only) with like this far is that a boss easily takes wry, as another has said in his descriptions, but ossia smaller.

Update 08/18 - so with which some times have found the I A lot annoying quirk of this headset (enough to fall he for two stars). Because of that twisting (or perhaps is has joined no, any one sure) a cord is resulted a bit frayed. It does not look that bad but now when I move in my chair a wrong way, a headset crackles and the course was and I need to find a right placing of a cord for the take to go back on. Raisin more and more frequently and is resulted such the source of frustration that am considering taking the different headset or using an old more one same although I still love a sound and annulment of noise of these headphones.

UPDATE 2: How it was scrolling informs past old and there is @@give does not have to that the update is one . Well, a subject was a (any one-detachable) cord - like this unfortunately, against some of some commentaries, can substitute very only he without king-jointing. This in spite of, HyperX DID honour his guarantee without any hassle anything. It is state awhile of this past, but create has had to that pay for nave of turn, then basically ship me the entirely new headset. As of 11/11/2019 still it is going strong (this one without fraying, although twist on still) and are by train of the give for behind the star for his stellar returns and service of client!
4 / 5
Has bought these on June 14, 2015, uses him on half 15 to 20 hours the week, for PC gaming, looking video, music and like the telephone headset. They have on resisted wonderfully. A sound are add, has admitted are not a audiophile, but sounds a lot of mine. I can listen all well, a mic law amiably and is easily detachable when any one required. Some Headphones look almost new, Some cups of ear have taken softer and feel add in my ears. I spent him for while four hours without discomfort. An only visible wear real is to a cord. In the first place partorisca remark some looks of cord to be good quality. A lot fat and sturdy feels his and covered with the point of cloth sheath. Some shows of cloth some light fraying in of the places where has chapped in an office, etc. But cup of still holding of adds. Everything is intact and to the works likes them to them the day a. I really like these headphones. A cord when hooked until a cord of USB is almost 10 feet long. I guess he always he casualidad to take the lemon, but based in my experiences, unless has the ear of experts, can not see any reason one would be disappointed with this headset.
4 / 5
These headphones are some better has not had never, a lot comfortable, the quality is excellent, a lot good and quality of his strong volume, big for headphones and microphone. Really I love him and please, do not pay attention to some clients writing bad descriptions, so only complain and complain when any like them to them the products, in this particular product, the quality is a better, at least for me, if they are defective, concealed does not mean the headphones are bad.

Really recommend clients to go to Youtube and see video in this product unboxing the, these users of Youtube/of Youtube say everything, as such experience, quality, durability, service of client, as to use. If no they like him to him these headsets or yes is of defective, so only return them and no this look of bad product, reason are at all.

If an adapter 7.1 does not operate, goes to the yours Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 Poster of Control, Held of his and the places eat the Incumplimiento, first to complain, the calm mark sure all some possible tests, more the products are TEST of JUST WATER , DOES not TRY of IDIOTS, without offending.
5 / 5

These are auricular a lot well for a prize. Mainly it touches competitive FPS games of PC. Also it listens to the music and is quite well for that.

Has bought these in 05/2016 and was enamoured. Now in September of 2018, has the buzzing/ringing the sound that comes by means of a right ear when that that the audio is touched by means of them. This SO ONLY spends when I touch audio. If I take an audio, goes era.

Apparently ossia quite common based in some descriptions am reading. And any looks @@subject to begin roughly 1.5 years in. So many, will say that some auricular is utmost and has wanted to him, but is frustrating when prenden to do like this suddenly. These headphones never anything but chair in my office. They are in 30 east, any boy, swimming. ANY ONE has touched these except me to knots and am like this careful like the mother with the new born.
4 / 5
Pros: Comfortable to spend, quality of his acceptable

Gilipollas: the boss in a cord has broken the few months in and now he disconnects while clashes a cord. The connectivity there was also subject when I took it in the first place that creates was subject of engine. Those are solved now, but a subject of cord the fact any one the value that use.
4 / 5
A Good:
1. HyperX The packaging Adds.
2. A quality to build really feels excellent. A headset feels solid, like the tank.
3. Tried in my Creative SoundBlasterX AE-5 with lossless files of music, a quality of audio is jumps and joined at the head of a last HyperX headset has tried. Still I chair like a phase of his this really tightened, and a highs is the tad shrill, but in general, very improved and could see me listening to these felizmente. A profile of the his global agreed of Audio of mine-Technica ANC-9Bs, with clarity very alike and punch. For gaming and the random music that listens, this work so only well.

A Less Well:
1. Has the small boss and shaved. A number adds of headsets is too big for me still in a dipping a small plus. This an only grieves does for me, but is really near.
2. Zero clamping force. To take to focus really good and leave a music sings, has to physically push against a side of some engine. Otherwise, evasions Of air and one the low end loses to walk of falls. While I appreciate that any one auricular master that feels like the addiction in a this skull , for enclosed-rear headsets like this, the frames to focus good or breaks a quality of audio, and a clamping pressure in these is not enough for me with my smaller boss out of a box.

One That has Been thinking?
1. Any inline controls for volume or muting a mic when using analog entrances. Seriously? In the $ 99 gaming headset? Inexcusable, Frankly, and possibly one extracted big-breaker for me. When being able to me quickly moved calm or turn a volume down is the basic characteristic, probably an only soyust has' for the gaming headset. Yes, utilisations an USB dongle thingy this characteristic is there, but for those of knots with papers of his real or plugging to a Xbox or PS4 controller, an USB is not usable.

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow USB Headset ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
I produce to add and an excellent prize. I do in the a lot of Noisey half where the smallest models do not block a noise to distract other conversations. These were an immediate improvement where all listened after posing them on was the very soft whisper. Hopefully Last. Any reason to think they no.
5 / 5
I want a headset. It IS comfortable to spend and a quality of his east well. I am happy this has taken this .
4 / 5
Very well in blocking noise of backdrop. It was better has circuit that powered a microphone in a headset. It can take wheel to listen in me his muffled. I do in the centres to call he so that it is in a telephone eight hours the day.
5 / 5
Amur These but the desire have had the knob of volume after a micro-controller.
A road is now, some buttons of the volume no with playstation, as I am bonded with 100% volume, which are bad when a troubling the player will not close up, or down turn his musician during the game.

Wants a swivel pieces of ear, but a microphone takes complicated up in a cape in time.... Still 5 stars, if precise the usb headset, these are utmost.
5 / 5
These truly the bloc was noise also that I can not listen another trying habladura with me! A prize is unmatched for a quality and they are absolutely estimativas. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5
At present I am using interactive Spanish (Latin America) self sessions and grupal of the studio with Rosetta Apedrega. There is another headset for years until they have been seated on. These are 5 star all a road. The absolute clarity without that has to turn a road of volume up. Supremely Happy so far with my selection.
5 / 5
Good quality for the very reasonable prize. I think that that they will do well to receive webinars.
5 / 5
That is to say the very big quality produces that has quality of his excellent, isolation of noise and quality of microphone. I use for Skype as well as Dragon 12 voice in software of text. I use diverse microphone headsets some years and this one to well sure rids the bang adds-for-the-buck.
4 / 5
It was roughly in of the roads this backside so that the could not take to match in my telephone of android. After the while I have imagined was concealed has to delete an old headset of your list in your tlphonique or this an any pair.
5 / 5
So far a quality is sum and a sound is very good. I am using mine for a connection of USB and Skype ready headset and work well!

Top Customer Reviews: Cyber Acoustics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
A legislation earphone has not done the arrival. I will update this description the response of a vendor.

Update: I have contacted Cyber Acoustic invernadero email. They have answered inner few hours and the test of compraventa has asked, allocution, and partorisca me partorisca send the picture with a boss of some headphones has cut. I assume this is to be require partorisca ensure that it does not touch a system and try take the second free set of headphones. It has attached a picture has sent to a vendor.

Inner two days, has received auricular of substitution. Some the new headphones do properly the arrival. I plan to use them work, and although I have not tried a function of microphone still, a quality of his good east and some riada of headphones out of the plot other sounds in a workplace.

Given a good response of a vendor and a good initial quality of some headphones, has bred my indication to 5 stars.
4 / 5
Felt well, there is annulled was side of the background noise but a worse thing was, all my cakes have listened has thought like this has had something wrong with his telephones and concealed is not partorisca cool considering I work partorisca the agency of service of cellular client. If they are calling in and then they listen , think that have an additional question.
4 / 5
Are the writer and has looked for an excellent headset could use with my dictation professional software (Dragon). A cost of headsets is varied as well as the types have offered. That has found is that a Cyber USB of Acoustic Headset is all and more than some much more alternative expensive. Save yours $ and take this headset - is comfortable and more than functional in the each possible way. Very happy to having spent partorisca found it and has given to try it! Highly recommend!
4 / 5
Uses a headset partorisca do calls of the computer. Some positive: easy to use, control of good volume, can listen clearly. Negatives: Minimum cushioning in of the ears, headstrap is tight with minimum cushioning or adjustability, can not listen my own voice when in speaker. Any insurance like the properly describe this last function, but his gain to listen your own voice by means of a headset when that speaks partorisca modulate your voice. Another headsets has used has this capacity. There is elder priced solutions there which can solve some of a negatives. Decent value.
4 / 5
Had been having question with my current headphones messing on my settings of speaker in my PC. These are propiciado by USB and game and any question with settings. The quality adds soun, and I also like a control of volume. The the tonne of the virtual work that involves on-line meetings and would take frustrated in any when being pas able to control volume partorisca JUST headphones. These are priced amiably too much. Amur In! :)
5 / 5
Out of a box a wiring are free reason so only that applies the pressure to an adjustment of volume will do a sinister and right ear among and era. Also, all the world can listen an echo likewise when a microphone is several thumbs out of a earphones and have a volume like this down to the equal that can possibly dipped prevails it of a unit is transmission , all the world complains to listen an echo of his own voices. It returns it but it has lost a window. Any value of the money.
5 / 5
Has had almost these headphones esatte but a mic was in a cord. Still his well but has thought a mic in this one would be better. NO for the big boss. They are woman with boss of half measure. You do not recommend for the boss of measured viril. Sure. Any one some better headphones there but I use and abuse I so that the compraventa more economic. This work adds for my needs! (Discord, Games, Skype and so only listening to film/of music)
4 / 5
Is concealed the one who calm calls him? Tampons of ear? To all the cost, the look bit it small compared to other headphones have purchased, and have ears of half measure that does not stick was really. In all the chance, has thought that has had perhaps some girls' measures, but see here concealed is not an option. So much, be fore-warned, some tampons of ear are quell'has bitten small, and no really returned my ears.
Otherwise, Look to do well like this far, are by train to use them for work, for when I require the mic for the virtual meeting. It would not like that it has to that of use like my regular headphones for all listening this in spite of, so only very comfortable at all. They look very durable in creation, but does not have him has had to that long.
5 / 5
First of all, a tape is not adjustable and is tiny. I think it that that can be for girls. It does not return my boss at all. Secondly, HAS horrible static and chooses especially. I have required the headset for work and has been looking for the unidirecional mic and this an is not unidirecional to all the cost that says. It chooses on all (staticky) around me and has touched like the robot.
4 / 5
So only know they that is to be announce, law wonderfully, can not listen anything when on; the law of microphone adds; perfect period; - but be conscious that with which in an hour to spend them, hurt some same ears although a headset is not strongly cushioned, the reason because it has estimated likes a global 3 star. I have meant to order a Cyber one this was in a boss a earpiece - ( has has had one for roughly 8 years and he have has had to that finally be take) any one some double headset has bought - concealed was my failure . The prize adds also.

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow Single-Sided ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: BlackWorks well and is comfortable partorisca all day on-line Skype meetings. It likes- one the option changes easy.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackI are suprised which well a clarity of of the this is, ear peice and boom mic. It covers and game. It take it so only so that the time will say but a quality was better that expected partorisca this prize.
5 / 5
Colour: Blacksimple, any oversized, quite strong. Perfecto for hands-Colour of use of free
4 / 5
office: BlackI loves a headset reason an audio is clear and crisp, which is perfect for the llama takes. Your Heart of excellent 💙💙💙
5 / 5
blessings: YellowGreat stereo his and convenient! It was able to answer iPhone while listening to on-line course seamlessly!
4 / 5
Colour: YellowEasy to use the sound adds there was wasnt heavy and was comfortable to spend.
5 / 5
Colour: YellowVery comfortable, offering voice of crystal and his clear in a mic. In mine MAC, has downloaded AudioMonitor, which uploads automatically when it covers in this headset to converse on-line. Can listen me, and another say to us can listen me without any static or dropoff. I will be to recommend these to students of mine to use on Zoom. Excellent value.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackPerfect to use with my on-line teaching. Has the ear that ache of causes in time and has looked for the boss dips concealed left me it not covering this ear. His add incoming and outgoing. Arrived punctually, which was a lot of entity of mine.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackDoes not doing with DVR device (Olympus WS-853). Experience specifically to leave me to dictate to a device without that has to that resist my face a whole time. This in spite of this device no unless it use an annex of USB as stereo work of connector so only like the boss of speaker for him. A description is misleading in his functionality of an USB is required for him to be used like the headset, any one optional to the equal that has involved.
4 / 5
I have bought this together shortly before a coronavirus the past closure and am like this happy has done. It has done mine a lot webex meetings so more comfortable.

-Love a Volume of Transmission & of key on/down keys in a cord. This ensures are muted like sign to a meeting, which are partorisca add reasons my young boys are house with me.
-The sound adds of a headset
-Receipt compliments in a clarity of a sound when tongue slope of the meetings. Ossia Your partorisca the headset. I have looked for to use my Galaxy Buds before and has had so the background noise has on elected by a mic that the person could comprise me.

Gilipollas: (These are much smaller)
-A tape is the little big. I think that partorisca have the slightly main that half boss partorisca the female and the have on one dipping a small plus. A piece cushioned is in a thumb a big plus that my ear that use that the smallest frames.
- Would prefer that a tape clicked partorisca each setting in planting to be smooth-sliding.
-My webex the meeting has said that an echo has been relieved in my microphone, but like this far has not received any external feedback that is the question .

Top Customer Reviews: Mpow HC5 V5.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Everything of 2020, has used the company-issued Cisco 562 Wireless Headset. With multibase that load, and give you control of connectivity of the instant in the device your headset is doing, his súper big-final, and a lot expensive ($ ).
The MPOW Is not in this CLASS. Roughly 1/10th a prize of these Cisco is, took the wireless headset this has taken compliments of the people have spoken partorisca use them on Webex and meetings of Zoom, calls with my Samsung Galaxy s10+ and saws Voice of Google VOIP.

Has done several registers of test in a web that use a headset; and, it was surprised really in what of the dynamic row of my voice has been taken. Like this very like this Cisco, but a lot very this in spite of. This was true has been the street has connected Bluetooth or a (comprised) boss of audio. I am assuming that an exclusion of the laws of noise has like this announce: alive with two small parrots, those who sometimes yell of a fourth (where his cage is) listen to us that speaks in another room. After the few weeks and a lot of conversations with this headset, any one has mentioned whistles of listened, chirps or squawks ;-)

has has begun also use his when insomnia swipes, partorisca listen the music or of the films of clock saw Amazon FireTV clave (first Video, HBOMAX, Netflix, etc.). Here again, a clarity of dialogue, background noises, musical bookmark, etc. there is impressed me really. Effects of the his of the low bass and the instruments have the significant , a highs is clear without being tinny. To good sure audiophiles , like the 'jack-of-all-trade' headset, these any one required partorisca accept mediocrity like partorisca condition of an excellent prize.

Pairing (With one or of the multiple devices) is simple, and a increments rid for some keys of volume are the good half earth among too much, and a lot enough. It would have preferred, this in spite of, if a key of the pairing and the keys of volume were in of the opposite sides of a headset.

The quality of build is quite well, the quantity sã to foam by heart in a crown of flexible steel and in the each one earpiece.
Have an extremely big boss, and usually suffer headsets no in that has quite 'give', and squeezing mine (especially more economic some). Some 6 levels of adjustment have more then quite expansion to give the comfortable returned to almost any measure of boss.
A earpieces has the small quantity of 360-terracing , could have used more for the returned that it would be comfy in hours of use. You hips swivel walk, sure packing in the briefcase or at night stock exchange.

While I have not tried a claim of 22 battery of life of hours, has used a headset for 2 days without touching, going multiple hours to use on video and calls of telephone, looking video and films and listening the music. They have on touched with which concealed less than 1 now has seen a boss of USB has comprised.

Finally, has has tried so only a row of these in mine 750 sq ft walk; but, it has gone to the each room, and to a point a far plus of the mine portable without any degradation in a sound listens, or like my sounds of voices to folks in another end of a conversation.

Require the reasonably-priced of confidence, sturdy, (reasonably) comfortable wireless headset this rids his a lot well out of/inbound with quality of solid build, can not recommend a Mpow HC5 V5.0 Enough.
5 / 5
Adds headset to listen the music, meetings of zoom, Skype called etc. A foam in a earphones is a lot soft and comfortable. They are a lot light. So only the bosses on, partorisca muting calm movement , need a mic in the vertical place. I have maintained to read a manual and has maintained to look for a transmission of real key and there is not one. You can also I owe that it touches with some settings in your personal device to take a sound and microphone correctly. In general a lot happy with a product.
5 / 5
Has purchased this like the desperate need in a last now for the corporate 2 presentation of day and the need for connection to the laptop partorisca Squads. Ordered in 4am, arrived for 8pm same day with 1/2 load. Fast connection, sweats to add for meetings, his of the microphone adds in another end. Has subject of listened smaller and a noise that annuls the characteristic is well. No like this as well as mine Bose receiver, but more than sufficient for meetings. Row of Bluetooth leave me to go anywhere in a first paving of my house, and even more put in a 2nd walk and still outside.. It was provisional roughly buying them, and was has surprised amiably. One is good quality , is light, and can be spent the whole day yes has required. It would buy again.
4 / 5
A headset are adds for a prize! I have spent he for 2 hours directly to try and I never to the chairs likes them to them there is has had to that the take. A Bluetooth the characteristic was utmost but please notes that on Zoom, a volume and the transmissions of function will not do and will require to be fact by means of a computer he. Personally I do not see the question with east like the prize resupplies a value a headset give you!
Modify- this company has said that that revises his products and they will give the $ 20 present of paper of Amazon. Been contacting them they never answered and ANY PAPER of present of course.
4 / 5
Received sooner that has expected, has taken was, touched a lot quickly (probably is coming more than 1/2 touched reason was touched fully, blue, less than 1 hr). Synced With my PC in of the seconds, and has done adds of then. Mic Quality and quality of his very good sound; not liking the pair of $ 200 + big name mark headsets/earpieces/etc., But still a lot well for a prize. Sounds of music well, the voices are quite clear when that speaks to any, and has said some same roughly listening me. My dog barked in a fund a time, and have me excusado to a person has spoken with; his commentary was 'oh, hardly could listen concealed! Has thinks that that it has to be coming from/come from out of your house or of the neighbour is', but my dog has seated probably 6-8 feet was ( practised a lot social distancing!). A short of a headset is the little flatter that would like me (or perhaps of a cup of my boss is so only the little pointier that normal?), But a cup of a headset strikes a cup of my boss unless I really oversize the to his fuller discharge; but neither I have touched with regulating a curve of a headset neither, as it can be so only the simple fijamente. They are happy with them, and would buy again has has had to that or buy them for more like the present. Update- A record is good to go, has touched with him the small (a lot light, sweet pressure) and is returned well. I spent him for 6 more hours the time, without questions. Also, like the note lateralmente, has contacted his support of client and was a lot well, gain, and responsive; it was a lot pleasantly it surprised it. Service of good client.
5 / 5
Is headset has quality quite amazing for a prize. It is light and access correctly. Has the big plus that half boss (7 1/2 in measure of hat) and a headset chairs comfortably for long periods. I used it cabled to the DECT6 telephone of wireless house, and street Bluetooth with a LG smartphone, Samsung compressed of Android, and Lenovo Workstation Thinkpad. Work well in all the phases, partorisci easily and quickly, any glitches at all. Also it resupplies quality of reasonable audio for the music that listens - no audiophile obviously, but enough well for random listening. Has not running never was load during a day, and the touches quickly saw USB. Highly recommended.


Attacking of the star of my original description. No for a product, but for a company that the fact. Mpow nudged M to write a description for reward of the $ 20 Present of Paper of Amazon. I have jumped by means of all a hoops that Mpow joint on, doing sure has registered a product, has written a description, has uploaded a permalink to mine Mpow account, 'confirmed' Mpow is 'information of present', and any Paper of Present to be seen. Odoro The throat and transmission. A shame, reason some looks of product to be exactly that has required. So only it does not trust a company, so I am unlikely to purchase they again.


2nd modification. Added a 5th star has retreated again. MPOW Came by means of with a paper of present after all - the faith has been restored. Still I love a product, and now will consider to purchase of them again.
4 / 5
Has taken these to do reasons previously has used an old pair of the music that auricular of record without mic and he 6ft to the the cord and I could any the be anymore. These are to good sure an improvement, but is not to perfect. These paired easily to my computer and I was able to use them with Squads seemingly without issuing at the beginning. Then for any do any perfectly well for the Squads ask anywhere among 5 and 30 minutes and then a mic so only entirely the cut was and would take it popup in the squads that says, 'Your microphone is not doing.' I have tried to look on like this to fix this for days (probably same weeks) and has tried each suggestion could find, but at all fixed the. I have finalised finally take the USB Bluetooth adapter, which maintains a mic of randomly falling was, but a quality of his is not like this well with him. Also I have some different questions with the Squads he maintaining likes him a lot always listen when it is ringing and can listen mine coworker if of llama, but can not listen call me . I can so only it has to that disorder with some settings again for that, but am frustrated enough with spending a lot of hours and extra money so only that tries to take these things to do that it has to that. A more than frustrates the part is that I experienced them doing perfectly, as it knows can, so only can no to maintain them that way. You hips hurt my ears after the moment, but I really as I block it of sound was, like the shot.
4 / 5
Adds to love a profit of wireless but is fearful to run out of battery. This has the life of long battery, but has a backup to be wired master . It looked in diverse another and a lot the, when wire fences, is audio so only... A mic only works when in bluetooth. I Liked him that of east has mic enabled for both.

So many, like this far are adds. A remaining question is how long hard ! If it breaks too punctual, the'll entrance and update this. But if it is not to update, can boasts is resisting on well!
5 / 5
Doing of house and upgraded of the Logitech USB headset. A quality of his excellent east and the people in another end have informed that touch like the different (better) person. My only negative is my ears tend to begin to hurt after the few hours in the call and regulating some tampons to the helps of different place temporarily. Connecting the multiple devices is the utmost characteristic (I has my laptop and the mobile phone connected) but a subject only is when they is both have connected. Manually disconnecting A bluetooth connection in a device is not actively using prevents subject. Mina headset take garbled himself for example are in the call of Zoom and take the call in my mobile phone. Audio of mine of call of the Zoom disconnects when I take a call of telephone but an only way to go back is can a headset was and on. Another that that, adds headset and well value of the money.
4 / 5
In general I like this like this auricular. This in spite of, there is some drawbacks and is so only a lot a lot of gain like him headset for calls of voices.

- The looks of battery to last the long time. A full day to fulfil is any question for right now. We will see that a lot some controls of battery up over time. This was a main reason has bought this model, as I require something concealed can consistently paste 8 hours of continuous use without subjects.
- Ambidextrous Creation. You can have a mic in a sinister side or right according to your preference. You can it does not exchange the canals left and rights, as any one utmost for games and of the films, but good for cat of voice.
- Quality of his east well. No those surprised , but better that my old Logitech model.

- You can not use this headset while connected to the USB uploads. I do not know reason like this wireless headsets failure to have this basic characteristic. If they are in the meeting and a low battery, really need to be able to discharges he in one load and maintain in speaker. I have bought specifically my old Logitech H800 reason maintains to do while touching. A lot disappointed. The supposition am maintaining a H800 like the backup.
- Mic Is hard. All the world has said I sound like the journalist of traffic. A lot unnatural touching. Hard to be on called of conference when all the world is complaining that my voice is odd and in entertained.
- Is quell'has bitten tight. Any one enough the headache that induces, but enough to be annoying and causes some ache of ear in the few hours.

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