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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased the model to fund gaming portable and has taken the roads adds. Some models of the fund have run all day he so has to clean it up and updates he with the few things. An original of normal thermal paste was to ail there when opened in a computer to reveal a CPU/GPU. My time was supremely big when a computer was to go him. Desprs Has applied the pea sized point of of the this in a CPU and the line of him in a GPU, has verified an action. I literally fallen around 20 titles in going him. It can not think. I have to it has attached it to it the living ridiculous quantity in this computer only to substitute a normal paste and applying a MX-4. It goes it poses only the thermal tampon in the, but is happy this has been with this paste. 100%!
5 / 5
One of my older laptops has been having the problems that grave prjimos of overheating, and often simply so that the windows have tried update (again). I have tried the cheap plus (perhaps the less dollar, cups) punches in the local tent that thinks that heck, is an old laptop , any need anything elegant. The situation has not improved. With a MX-4 looks the half temperatures are fallen 3-5C, and big load drop comparatively around 10C. Taking a new paste on is quite earnest, and having any time of ways of the chaplain does not have to ask yes the calm took it well a first time.

The portable still races the small hot (the partidrio old is not moving the air as well as it was necessary, suspect), but is now able to run besides concealed 24% CPUs debits without clashing, and has has not had the heat-have an accident-of the system related in two weeks since. Happy has taken this , desire I he earlier.
5 / 5
A tube was easy to use, enters fast and has had two spreaders. It researches to be doing well, a machine is running well; it is older Optiplez 755 with quad processor of Intel of the core, and a material of the tank of the heat has baked in the in the hard cake. Good prize, has taken here hurriedly.
Note: I have posed this in my CPU and begun to touch Devil III. So that an adherent is not coming on (this was before it has bought included a Paste) could touch perhaps 5 minutes in front of a CPU concluded of overheating. Desprs Has cleaned of an old material that was it like the consistency hardened of clay, and extends this on, included although an adherent is still not working, can touch devil for almost 1/2 an hour without follower. It conceal only I say me this material work very good.
5 / 5
It IS such the mere thing , easy to do that I can not imagine why any one would not use the paste of quality has taken. I have tried it run AY CONTINUATION when has taken in the first place my computer with normal and does not continue 10% overclock; I have substituted a paste of the tank of the heat has comprised with a AIO fresher and goes well until 15%. You favour and the help protects your components of expensive computer with capacity of scrolling of paste and better heat of lifespan longer.
5 / 5
It take to 12C difference in using a MX-4 compared in another ive has tried. Highly it recommends this. Using this with Corsair H100i V2 and intel i7 8700K. The time IS 22C in goes and 55 in full load.
5 / 5
I use with the mine that freezes of Arctic liquid 240 aio fresher, since is doing reconstruct he in another case require thermal paste.
Why scrapes around with other products when this one has been doing also?
Has excited in fact to do the tear of low total system and reconstruct in this case new of soiled in him to pose a liquid freezing 240 up in the attraction of push in place of just push. I do not want to it has to cut my GPU shrouds to express he in, as I have left some adherents of attraction was and laws to surprise with this mx4 this is coming with to him likes him not breaking never 35-40of c same the time of the warmest room.
5 / 5
I have bought the tube of the main measure of Arctic MX-4 thermal paste so that I am doing a delid/relid process (to apply liquid metal) under a IHS in the bouquet of Socket 1150/1151 CPUs. Obviously this process requires to take a CPU, and when a CPU the returns in a computer has to apply the new thermal paste. A premier delid/relid has been done in a i7-8700k. A liquid metal has taken road of low temperatures, and this Arctic MX-4 any one 'enters a road' in of the terms to prevents the profits of the action have achieved to use liquid metal under a IHS. He the good work to take a heat of a cup of a IHS in a Noctua NH-D15. I have required only the sake, but very absurdly expensive thermal paste. Any complaint so far.
5 / 5
Used to the Raspberry Pi those uses the Kuma Snes case with the big heatsink. A kuma the case has the big heatsink but failure to comprise thermal paste and overheated a Raspberry Pi 3 (overheat icon) after the few minutes of use. Desprs Applying this thermal paste among a CPU and GPU and a big heatsink some problems of the missing overheating. I will use it is thermal raisin in all my project that before it goes. Excellent product.
5 / 5
Based in my experiences with other thermal pastes and reading resulted of test of several places of technology, decided to give this or tries it. Here it is my conclusions :

1.) This an upper east in of the terms of application. A spatula included is the good touch , but does not think is necessity. I know these discussions of the application of thermal paste can take heated, but is very clear in me that a 'big blob' works of method well, especially with this paste, because of his consistency. If you adoration in application of altar of different thermal paste of method, please does not call me .
2.) This small tube is well for at least four applications. And this comprises big GPU dies and big IHSs. Although it applies it likes him that it characterises of A Verge. It is not the like this type; seriously!
3.) A thermal action of this paste is cup tier. You can find pastes this is better for 2C, but no without spending more money to take less produced and/or is to do a little real work for the apply.
4.) It bases in a character that the drought would not listen comfortable using a rest of this tube the year or two. Launcher a lot of full tubes mean so that a bit that it was in a tip of the syringe there was hardened. Yes, it can poke the hole in a tip to take spent a bit dried, but would not want to risk having the microscopic blob of the hard paste admits my thermal interface. I am sure he will take to use a last of this tube of product at the end.
5.) My results (22C environmental):
unit) i7-5820k 1.32v, 4.7 GHz: it goes: 27C, 100% load of AIDA64: 70c max. Yes, these strong sounds, but that it is the monster overclock in the monster (for this time ) CPU. This is pressing almost 250W through the 140W part. Anteriorly Use the Dark Rock Pro 3, and has taken more like 30C in goes and 90c low debits. Of course not even it can it take such the big overclock at all in air.
b) GTX1080 2025 GHz, mem 11,400 GHz Effective 26c goes 40c in full load. Anteriorly (With the air the fresco of normal plus) has taken 35c goes and 85c debits (with thermal throttling arrive frequently)
6.) While a spatula included is unnecessary in my religion, is sper useful to blend epoxy.

Here is in the to the some things do not like them the in this paste of thermal:
1.) It is not RGB. I want to RGB amasses thermal.
2.) Terrible test.
3.) It is not an effective contraceptive.

Even so, a lot would owe the bond in an use has feigned. If you will be happy with some results

Update: I am buying more than forming that I am is almost gone. If there is or or two works to do and wants to have a bit in reservation, 4.ura Of g is ideal. If you are I how me, would have to take some 8.ura Of g. They are so much around $ 10 you use a listing of correct Amazon.
5 / 5
Has a computer an old plus with the slightly newer 8 Nvidia of card of year of map. In spite of his age, both work adds for me and for some uses subject the in. On he the the week my computer would close up while touching an of my few games, requiring takes it reboot. Desprs Researching opened my box of computer and takes a card to clean it. It was filthy with powder... My bad! Still after cleaning it a game still would close in a computer. More investigation is returned only a suggestion that was the time in him substitutes a card of map. I have begun to look in the card of substitution but found the video where the pointed type as to clean cards of map. In a commentary any one has written in that / has the card of map that overheats in the minute to upload the game, had followed his instructions in that clean a card even so like this a still closed computer up. Exactly my phase. A type of the simply answered video ' necessity to substitute a thermal fat'.

Has imagined that for the minimum cost would try this of Arctic. I took it today and it has substituted a big in so that a card of map and a cpu besides or 1 less/2 hour. OMG! It can say a difference a second pressed one IN button. It IS obvious a computer is running fresher based in speed of follower. It go him it is running quite 10C fresher that before. Some careers of game a lot again while some careers of the a lot of calmer computer. Like this the product saved me literally $ $ $ in a substitution of a card of map. I me how many marvels of a ' necessity to substitute a card of graphic' the people are spent potentially of the hundreds of $ $ $ for the new card when this could have done a trick. Absolutely, without the doubt, very pleased!

Top Customer Reviews: Corsair Vengeance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
1 / 5
I have ordered to this element like him some updates for my PC of house. I have opened a container and sound the freaking the bloc of forest has pressed!!!
5 / 5
After the plot of tinkering and touching the type has imagined goes with some help. It can not take a memory to run in 3200, he only default behind in something lower. Publishing This information here for any one this is battling likes him era! It enjoys and it expects records of calm everything.
Final numbers:
16, 18, 18, 18, 36
Voltage 1.35
Frequency 3200

MSI B350 Tomahawk + Ryzen 1700x race in 1.425v 3.9ghz
5 / 5
It IS RAM , has heat spreaders, that is to say he 2 x8gb box (16gb total). A description and the beaks could be better, so here is real beaks duquel ships when order 1. Imagined a spreader the height could be useful in this planning on using tanks of monstrous heat with his new skylake piece.

Update 2017-Seven (2 years later) - A continuous original box to do well in the system that is my workstation of daily use (left in 24x7). I actuate Since it buys the twelfth half more than these boxes to use and has run up to now in the bad dimm. Mostly these have been posed in Gigabyte Z170 and Z270 chipset the joints and any one have had a subject this takes a speed announced when using a XMP parameter.
5 / 5
I can confirm that felizmente am that it runs a Corsair Revenge LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Boxes of Desktop by heart - Blanca (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W) in the MSI B350 Tomahawk in 3200Mhz. Desprs MSI Has update a BIOS in 4/26 was able to achieve this speed. In front of an update, was able to take he in 2933Mhz. In BIOS has a speed posed in 3200 and some clocks have posed in 16 18 18 18 36 and a voltage of the ram posed in CART. Quan Has posed manually a voltage in 1.350 does not act. In all the case, while this info is useful for other buyers and obviously, is giving this RAM 5 stars for working as feigned with my motherboard.

UPDATE 5/11/17: I am gone down a speed in 2933Mhz. A lot of test by heart has run the pointed errors when race in 3200Mhz while one 2933Mhz is the free error. I am running a BIOS later (B350 TOMAHAWK (CROWN-7A34) Emission of BIOS of the V1.5). retest In general accelerate when new BIOS the updates are starts .
1 / 5
I have lost in 20 hours reinstalling You and updating software. The May thought It that a RAM could be defective.

Asks to run Memtest86 and pictures of roads of a RAM. Memtest86 Can very included complete a test because of a vast quantity of errors. They have been suppositions to return in me in 2 days. I have uploaded some pictures and the result to try fact 5 days. Still expect listen they.

CORSAIR Would have to invert controls of quality and service of client, in place of elegant looking PCB is and cooling fins; as any one another manufacturer of decent RAM.

Will not touch the CORSAIR products never again. Any respectable mark sells untested RAM. Horrible.

Edita. Owe the afterwards 6 days of any response. They have said that they will treat it. Still any response after 3 days. Has the system of entrance that any one checks on. Anything writes or the vain clave in the black hole. It has to call the many times for the take fact. It is been 11 days of my first contact, even so, no the only action has been taken by them.

Update after 6 month. It was in the able end has substitutes, but has had to to pay for a substitution in advance. Otherwise, Has to expects 2-3 weeks without RAM. An only substitution has said that there is was the model with has DIRECTED. I have paid in $ 200 for him. After 6 month, has verified my account of card of the credit, and has remarked that still have any refunded that $ 200+, included although there is routed his joins them defective RAM immediately. I have called only it. They have said that will return in me in 3-5 business days.

Has lost for hours that treats this horrible company, included although it is totally his failure. They all see it when look in a number of entrance. Any apology. Any one preoccupies . Only felizmente tug he further.

Update after 7 month. Still I can not take my repayment behind. I have opened the BBB complained. That the horrible company.
4 / 5
Installed in my new Ryzen system with a AB350 Mobo, and 1500X CPU.

PLEASE NOTE - This ram is announced likes 3000, but has discovered that it is not technically 3000 out of a box, is able of demands in 3000, and only has a capacity in overclock he in bios. IF you are using the MOBO with a right bios, literally can change the pertinent OC posing in just for selection a OC profile.

That is to say in fact the easiest plot and surer those sounds what AB350 gaming has taken together has an easy to find right of the option in a first memory of the page advanced low parameters. Only failures the boxes, and profile of selection 1, and my speed of ram was of around 2200 in 2933. I suppose he small perceivable difference in action. Even so, if you are quite miserable to have that be spending 00 ram of arrests, mark you better sure takes each value of penny out of him!
3 / 5
It takes this for my Ryzen tez, that listens that it use it Samsung B-Mor which are some by heart the better compatible piece with Ryzen. Alas my particular boxes use Hynix piece, which have a worse compatibility!

Can not take to run 3200MHz any import that marks. So you can , it has had probably piece of Samsung.

Wants to verify you can download the program nicknamed Thaiphoon these covers know that it ask has in yours RAM.

The sufficed to say that I am sorely disappointed, but is not necessarily one the fault of Rams.
5 / 5
These exited of a box in my AMD AM4 system and continues to operate reliably in 2933 MHz, included after 2 bios updates (mentions that b/c the set of HyperX the memory had prisoner doing after the bios update). It would like him more than these was able the paste a 3200 MHz the speed is estimated in, but is has to forego an insignificant difference concealed'd clean in favour of a reliable action has experimented since day 1. These are far and was a better of 3 sets of the ram has tried in my AM4 system.

Wants to provide the details of pair for which can be compatibility of investigation :

1. I am using these in a Asrock AB350m motherboard with the 1700x processor (that runs in stock 3.4 GHz). Very happy w stability and action.
2. Anteriorly Has tried one 2 x 4GB version of this ram (parts CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) but run in 2133 Mhz in my Asrock AB350m and experimented the small lock of system ups. A fellow ASUS Premier B350M-A neither would run one 2 x 4GB has posed faster that 2133 Mhz. So you are considering a 2 x 4GB conjoint, would opt by so 16 GB has posed instead.
5 / 5
It was able to take these shows by heart in 3000mhz in my Ryzen 7 1700 in the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard. It IS in a list estada in consonance for this motherboard and has used only a XMP profile and has done a lot of tests of tension without subjects.
4 / 5
The tan Included like a constructor of PC experimented, has done the quite critical error when that buys this memory. At all this broke a system or anything. Hell, any included fail to kick. An installed memory very good and a system published without a subject.

To kick in of the Windows even so, has remarked a memory run in only 2133MHz which are quite the low plus bit that that I the extra has paid prendi. Imagined a motherboard only has not detected a main speed. Any one totally uncommon. As it was in a UEFI Bios and has enabled a XMP profile that has detected automatically a memory, has adjusted a voltage, etc. Promising Material. This was until I have saved and has restart a computer. It fails to bond three times before appealing to sure-road.

The imports is using the Premier X70-Pro, as I have decided to verify a QVL for a joint and has been disappointed for the sees has not been listed under Ryzen 2 lean Gene. I forget massive on my part. Felizmente The amazon is fresh quite returns for the box backed by a motherboard, but is writing this in an era casualidad could save more a hassle.

The decrease of long history: it controls your motherboards QVL for the compatibility with a CPU is planning on installing in him. A system absolutely bounces and run very good. But you are paying an extra premium for 3200MHz the memory and one joints no the backwards, literally is launching your money has been.

Again, for explanation. At all it was physically bad with a memory and I integer heartedly admits this was the deception on my part. Only I am publishing this in hopefully save more an inconvenience of mine rookie deception.

Top Customer Reviews: Elgato Cam Link 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
A Elgato Cam the nexus is the fantastic device . I have said a name of a device so that sometimes descriptions of shows of the Amazon for similar but different products for a same company in a section of description.

Has been that it wants to something like a Nexus of Cam for the long time. Included can use it this Programs Universal Windows (UWP) applications like Cambra is an application as well as Skype for Windows 10. If you want video of record, and does not need any bells of software or whistles, and does not want to has to install to the to something likes him to him the software of Open Broadcaster (OBS) or Elgato software of Capture of the Game, an application of Windows 10 of Cambra law fantastically with him. Still generally it uses OBS with him to record so that it records more than only an entrance of camera.

HAS the Sony A5100 the camera concealed has hooked in a Elgato HD60 Pro for the more the year now, and had taken so used to a video that has the small bit of latency/of delay in the, usually among 50-100 milliseconds, has taken used to does not listen able of the use on very UWP application (the looks of Microsoft has blocked an use of such devices in UWP the road when is an internal card and no the device of USB), and has taken used to has taken experimental engine to leave me use in Skype for Desktop and Google Hangouts. With a Nexus of Cam, can use it on everything of these things and more, and Windows 10 simply recognises that to do with him immediately, has not had to install any engine or special software.

With a Nexus of Cam, has any latency/of delay. In fact, I tried it using OBS against an internal register of my A5100 camera in 60p 50m in XAVC-S formed, and while I have used the big the bitrate that poses in OBS, could not say a difference, and is sufficing the videophile. I am incredibly impressed with this device.

Honestly Could any one when being any happier with this compraventa. Highly recommend it his in any one concealed has a squad that can take advantage of that it can do. Seriously, it can any one when being any happier with this compraventa. Thank you Elgato To do the device a lot adds.
5 / 5
Disclaimer: Core = to Instrument i7-6770, 2800MHz DDR4 RAM and 12covers on Bandwidth
Nexus in Example of Low Gameplay

At the end has data in and has bought a Elgato Nexus of Cam to use how he gaming card to take after some vacillation (am frugal). So that other cards of capture were the averages a prize of Elgato HD60, HD60S and Nexus of Cam, but each alleged to do a same thing. Desprs Doing extensive investigation, resolved in this device. Gurus Of the multiple technology signalled out of defects with all some devices (comprising Elgato is) but nevertheless honestly has achieved still the point where has been tired to listen a sentence 'Elgato is a better' in an end of the each video.

The east is mine in the first place 'card of took', can any the comparative statement, but that will say is: A Elgato Cam the nexus has surpassed my expectations and all have bought stops. Gameplay Of records and audio of game perfectly. For the whoever records your voice beside a gameplay, there has obviously very Mic-in in a Nexus of Cam, but creates a Elgato the software leave you to record one alternating device of entrance of the audio. Since so the people are changing in USB mics (or XLR in USB preamps) in all the case, enters handy for to any one like me concealed does not have any necessity for the 3.5mm-in void.

Does not use the camera as I can not speak on using a Nexus of Cam for his function has feigned. Only I use likes him the card of gameplay of capture. Only download a pound Elgato software, limits a PS4 HDMI in a Nexus of Cam, then limit Nexus of Cam in USB of the 3.xx of EMPTY PC. Images of game of record in 1080p60 in a click of the button. There is zero video lag uses the function of preview of his software like your exposure, and is also spends it perfect-through of a incoming resolution. I select ' it Enters Full Screen' (photo of views) then 'Hide Sidebar' and very included remark the difference of having console of mine plugged directly in a television.

If you are how me and prefers ANY ONE to save your captures locally, vain in of the parameters (photo of views) and deactivate 'Enable Flashback Register'. I think that that this will fall in your SSD/HDD(?) Of any work. You can common directly in Twitch, Youtube and another (photo of views) with a Elgato software. I use to Youtube likes him the storage of free cloud for my videos of gameplay of the personnel (shhh does not say Google or more will begin to touch) and this device he easy to do so in a better quality.

My two complaints in this device (which have now so much be fixed) was 1: A gameplay be of the canals of the audio have revoked. 2: Audio lag.
Edits 01/16/18
after contacting elgato, has been instructed to do the update of firmware what fix a L/R change of audio. Control 'ctrl' while clicking a wheel of parameters in a 'Device' section. They go in tab 'Advanced' and click 'Firmware of Update'.

In nullify audio lag: it listens directly in a device of register in place of device of playback of the computer. Right click a blender of volume in your Windows YOU taskbar. Navigate The Record Interface / of Devices of Properties of Digital Audio of 2 Cams/of Nexus/ Listens Tab (photo of views). It controls a box afterwards to Listen in this device. It selects the device prefers the road in to fall low card. It opens it would be necessary to listen you lag-audio of free game (raisin-through).
Opens Change a sound of screen of the preview (the laggy audio) to click a place of of the one of the west UNDER a screen of exposure in a Elgato software. (NOTE: any one changes a wheel of volume of Audio of Game in a RIGHT SIDE of a window of exposure unless it wants any audio of game has recorded.)

In general, Elgato lived until a hype and yes fall the 4K version of a Nexus of Cam more probably be by train to buy it. It imagines it was much bulkier and requires a source to be able to external even so.

Regarding a CamLink Quality of Gameplay of Capture: it maintains to import my capture was streamed directly in Youtube. Slightly they degrade a quality of load, while has does not have to never subject with Twitch. Still it look it upper quality even so.
5 / 5
A Elgato Nexus of Cam, while feigned for the cameras will do with consoles of video game also. While a Cam the lacks of nexus HDMI beginning and mic the entrance seen in a HD60S, a Cam the nexus will do without engine. It IS so that a Cam the nexus seen like the UVC device, mostly seen in cams.This the one of the web opens in the widest compatibility with other applications that can take entrance of cam of the web of video. Anteriorly, Only a Magewell and Epiphan Av.io HD video gabber this, but side considerably more.

A Elgato Nexus of Cam while it does with an official software, is not necessarily has required. A Cam the nexus will do with all a capture of application of video in good. That is to say that imports of the majority of some cards of capture of the video no in well besides Blackmagic, Magewell and Epihan cards of capture. Elgato, While it does in good, only can use his application to take a beginning. In this way that use OBS or Gameshow in the Mac, necessity to do the capture of window, which can result problematic. Of a Cam the nexus is seen like the cam of web, law with these applications with the direct entrance without requiring to do capture of window.

In one another hand, a Nexus of Cam likes him a HD60S requires the powerful computer since there is any encoder of hardware. Any recent computer can handle this I very together with laptops with quad cores. With dual cores even so, can has to reduce a resolution in 720p. Otherwise, IS the sake and the alternative cheap smaller in Elgato HD 60S and HD 60 Pro, if calm any one preoccupy you in a HDMI exited and mic has entered, Mac and users of Linux or people that wants the widest compatibility for capture of video

Update: If you use the Mac, probably would have to install a software of Capture of the Game of Elgato and run the. It changes in isochronus road. It is posed in Road of Volume, which are optimised for systems of Windows. Afterwards, a capture of video is smooth.
1 / 5
I write this cual the adherent of Elgato--use his Coverage of Tom and Current Light. But a Elgato Cam the nexus is the bad product with poor creation and a lot of conflicts with Windows.

So that this device is dongle this cover in the port of USB, can take squished and angled by other cords plugged in your computer. I broke me premier of mine a so that I plugged he in my computer, and then tried to move my computer--the others the cords plugged to apply pressue in the cam Link and angled the, breakjing the.

Have so bought another Cam he nexus and this time has used an USB has provided 3.0 cord of extension. It IS quite very time to maintain a device to enter a road other cords, but so down that one Elgato Cam the still nexus dangles of my computer.

A defect more adds is that it clashes with Windows. A day has taken the blue screen of fatality (BOD). Quan I rebooted, has discovered that Nexus of Cam no longer works. One Elgato 4k software of capture of the game did not detect it. OBS Has detected the, but when inner of Nexus of Cam selected OBS, my computer suddenly would freeze up, and would take horrible hitching, obliging me to leave OBS or deletes a source of cam of video of the nexus.

Took me hours to discover that I have required to unplug nexus of cam, turn of my computer, reboot the, then the turn was again, limit nexus of cam in beautiful new, and the turn behind on for any one Cam of the links of error have caused to take cleared. It was then able to take Nexus of Cam to do again. But these tricks only does perhaps 60% of a time. Still after updating my USB 3.0 firmware through a manager of device, and maintaining OBS and CamLink running, a device continues to close my low computer with random BODs, included pending of the alive currents. Experience With Cam the nexus has been supremely expensive, costing me hundreds of dollars for devices, and the god knows how much money in the stray performances because of livestreams was unable to do so that a hardware has done bad.

Instead, has taken one Magewell Utility of Capture of the USB. It covers and game, similar prize in Nexus of Cam, any software to install, any conflict. Only law.

I remorse that buys Nexus of a lot of Cam. This has been an expensive lesson .
5 / 5
A Cam the nexus done your DSLR or GoPro the Mega Webcam in steroids. A device is mere to use and only requires the USB 3.0 covers in your laptop/of computer or Mac. It is recommended that chess Elgato website for camera/camcorder compatibility but a necessity of main thing to know is, your support of device 720p or 1080p and can exited the the clean 'any info' start.

Has tried this with my Nikon D5300, my GoPro Hero 5 and my PS4720p. Has some subjects with a Cam the nexus that is to say covers he in my port of USB of the front but when moved he in a port opened in a backside of my computer has been solid of rock .
5 / 5
If you want a quality of better picture, in cry of your HD Cambra, That is to say a a . I facebook Lives for my Moring Sermunds. It can use a Ipad or the mobile phone. But has the very Powerfull Cambra of Sony, this was to share with me, but could not take to do a road has wanted. This device was so easy to use. It opens The and broadcast in the very big Resolution and I are now very satisfied. Better inversion to date.
4 / 5
And it knows that it does not do and what is prendido. In this consideration that knows any one behind the interlace (for 1080i emission) is any one uses to a side that and except of a consumer and gaming sustain these marvels of records and is perfect and cheap since does not convert . So you it do not take any scaling or anything but yes shoot with saying to 5D mark iv or the GH4 in 1080p and wants to take he in in 1080p then this type is perfect.

WARNS: and it thinks that that it is the defect to design and impacted was on looked. An USB would have to when being the cape this cover in so many can ensure a dongle. Quan Limits a dongle in your laptop or device and then limits a HDMI can clashes a usb or angle he if yours any careful. He so mark sure for the ensure. And Hate that in this device and already angled or only to the walk has been for the second and a weight of a hdmi the cape angled a dongle low and now his jacked. Changes of deception for me but careful be. Another that concealed and the flight.
5 / 5
I have imagined once it was so to take law properly (more in this late plus) is the device I very adds . Has my lumix g7 has connected in him and use to to do carelessly alive. It looks he adds in 1080p60 and is game and covers only like the webcam in any software that accepts entered of webcam.
Has the bit of the apresamiento, but only the small unit at present has pose until when being constantly connected in the to to my PC likes him to him the part of the permenant common setup. But those looks to cause problems. It looks to like when is plugged that owes my camera is powered on, will not take any image of a nexus of cam.
Quan Wants to running, has to gone back in a camera, unplugs a camlink and then limits behind in good-looking walnut.
Perhaps a camlink tries to take resolution and framerate info to be plugged in, more than dynamically while it is being has used. Unsure But hopefully can do something quite that to prevent me that it has to achieve by behind a computer every time I reboot and then wants that it runs.
After a power on-unplug-replug fixed can turn my camera was and behind in any subject.

Also to remark, has had to one additional USB 3 card of expansion for east. Work properly in an USB of poster of the front 3, but with enough each which as another port of USB in mine mobo IO taken up, assembla only likes him 2 fps in my computer.
Has supremely down framerate using this, tries another bus of USB. An USB has attached 3.0 card of expansion has done perfectly for me, and has attached some a lot has required ports in all the case.
1 / 5
I have purchased these no long marks and tried by quite a lot of 2 weeks to see if this would be the viable solution for me that uses my Cannon EOS Angers SL2 like the cam of web in OBS. A source of Cam of Nexus in OBS has frozen constantly and would require to deactivate a source and then re-actuating it. A quality of image was utmost but a freezing has done he unusable. I have tried also SparkoCam that USB of use 2.0 directly of your cam in your computer. A quality of image of that was absolutely horrible as now included is asking the repayment. I have finished the finishing issues it the most expensive and has bought the second Elgato HD 60 Pro. Had some subjects at the beginning with OBS not using so much of my HD 60 Pro is has in my system but I at the end took it to do.
1 / 5
You can find software without an use of the same overpriced dongle. Very IMO go to rack and the sea is against. SparkoCam. I have had to to research to find Sparkocam but accesses my exact necessities. It IS the averages a prize of of the one of the east and does not require to insert a overpriced dongle. A subject a big plus has had with the this is cual looked in my screen was some exact responses of the this was in a backside of my DSLR. By so, there is a face that looks that boxes of clues around my expensive when register. If your camera very yours of subjects of affront of video then this wont be a subject. Cannon DSLRs the faces to the clue is some of a better in an industry. By so using this dongle has continued to have this box around my expensive when register. I have changed in a Sparkocam and resolves a subject. It IS also much easier to use. I am happy returned this product.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS NVIDIA GeForce ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
This GPU is partorisca situations VERY CONCRETE. Some character that estimativa this a star quite possible has not known that in a world has bought, was economic and has bought simply one the majority of abordable 'GPU' or the one who knows that.. Left me so only say that his descriptions would owe that be gorings with the grain of rooms.

A day this is to be announce was ecstatic, this was an exact GPU was investigations of stops quite the moment. 4 HDMI Exited, ports of Zeros of exposure, Zero Type-C put you, Zero VGA ports. JUSTO HDMI. Thats That has required, ASUS there is rid.

Left to give you the course down in my neighbour up.. Has a Micro-ATX asrock x570 TB3, Ryzen 9 3950X, 32GB RAM and a RTX 20080. If you are learnt in a Motherboard would know it so only has a PCIE port. Which is used for one 2080 GPU. Has this 710 connected saw Scrape 3. WHAAAT?! Has four 4K the TV is connected to a 710 by means of TB3, downscaled to 1080P and 30 hertz. It runs it likes him the butter. A TV is is used for the camera of security feeds 4 different places that career in Iris Blue. I offload all a conversion of video/transcoding to a 2080 likes feigned and use a 710 for his only purpose, showing static video. Thats Exactly the one who this GPU is partorisca, no for gaming, no for work of office, enough for static iconography like some posters, to wall of television is, surveillance, etc. Of the one who Expect this GPU to do a lot of transcoding or big refresh situations of tax.

A second unit has is used like interim like appearance a delivery of another paper of map, GTX 1080. It can, without @@subject, a LG 3440 x 1440 34' ultra wide monitor with 21:9 proportion. Again, subjects of zeros with an operation. The ones of the one who touch in a PC still until it takes a true GPU in.

You cant Compare apples the apples here, this GPU has 192 CUDA cores, in comparison mine 1080 has a lot on 1900 CUDA cores. It knows that it is buying, it Knows that it will be to use this GPU stops. For me, these works of device like initially feigned and partorisca of that, THANK YOU ASUS! I saved really to use two GPU is for four HDMI connections. A fact that pode a Ray of external Thunder 3 enclosure to be able to and send die for a GPU so only is in amazing.. Any remorse, highly recommend this GPU
5 / 5
am running three full screen film simultaneously on three 24-thumb 1920x1080 FHD the monitors of computers have connected to this paper, and all three look of film fabulous. There is no buffering pauses, any jerkiness and an action is like this smooth like any film has not seen never in any computer of monitor only. Folks, Ossia a paper of the amazing video in the prize adds. So that they gave it a star, all can say is probably he not having @@give that has required to install one 64-has bitten engine of a DVD that is comprised with a paper. Without this engine, Windows incumplimientos to the generic VGA engine, those results in exactly a class of slow, jerky video that a a-star reviewers complained roughly. Any only is this paper that shows three full motion different screen , full, full HD video simultaneously, but a GPU is not even that breaks the sweat! A GPU Tweak utility that comes with a paper aims that it is loafing to the long of in well under a clock and maxima of temperature, with abundance of the capacity that remain for the 4th monitor and when I decide to add one. For a way, has bought this paper to use with mine fine-trade to control setup, and is more than until a work. Maps of prizes and indicators on all three monitors are crisp and clear, updating instantly given like this new goes in. If you are the trader looking to create fine it-control setup in the estimativa, looks no further. I am using this paper of video in the Windows of 5 years 7 Professional 64-has bitten desktop computer with a Intel i7-4790 processor, 12GB RAM and 1TB HDD.
4 / 5
Calms in fact need 4 starts then take 2 separate GPUs. I guess the cost of work has things of not moving in your screen like discharges of propagation or documents of text. But still one the majority of basic of video (although I unplug all but a screen) and a video results choppy and a-watchable. A lot disturbed with a paper. I gave it a star but yes calms does not look NEVER the video so only then guesses his value at most 2.5 stars.
4 / 5
Gives 2 stars: 0 for a unit, 1 for support of client, and 1 for police/of turn of the transmission, but for the functionality could any never takes to do on more than 2 monitors. I know that ossia the basic unit , but my needs are not falsified -- any map of big final or gaming, so only simple, seldom changing text. So only it nails urban additional required, like this down-finalise GPU would owe that it is more be of pertinent. They are sure that this GPU works of any, but no for my generic (any modifications of factory) HP Windows of Flag 10 system.

Rodeo: In spite of massive endeavours, so only could takes to sustain 2 monitors. The fact with his technology sustains the one who the substitution recommended. New joint behaved exactly one same. I can not recommend to any any one uses more than 2 monitors.

Symptoms: the works add with only 2 monitors plugged the neighbour. When The third is plugged in, all three monitors 'fritz-was', i.et., Massively flickering and scattered, almost random smears by means of a screen, like an image there has been to be shredded, and then periodically everything in active space. With 4 monitors plugged in, all the monitors were spatial . Same result with different engine, with which rebooting, rebooting with monitors pre-installed, with which rebooting when adding monitors 1-for-1, etc. A time out of 10 I could take some three monitors to remain stable for several minutes before his all freeze and would have to that last-boot.

Funds: it has it PhD in Computing and are a The PROFESSOR in the local university (I am familiarised with computer).

The actions Taken: I have installed a paper and an engine that is coming with him, plugged in mine 4 monitors and has begun my computer -- screens of spatial. The hard-kicked with only 2 monitors connected -- has done perfectly for some 2 monitors. Soft-kicked And then plugged in a 3rd monitor -- all 3 screens where visually shredded and entirely unusable. Hard-kicked with only 2 monitors, and once has done more. Soft-kicked And then downloaded and installed an evening more ASUS engine and plugged in a 3rd monitor -- same result. Hard-kicked with 3 -- no better. Hard-kicked with 2, then soft-kicked and is gone through a process again -- 2 work of monitors, 3 monitors shred, 4 space of monitors.

Resolution: I have called ASUS support of technology -- gaze very interested and tried to be useful. They have recommended that that installs an engine a late plus, reboot, bosses of transmission, monitors of transmission, etc., -- said Him that it had done it that all of these steps multiple time, and more. I have asked if my supply to be able to beat to be low powered -- has indicated that concealed would not be the question. I asked him to confirm my version of Windows 10, has done like this, that indicates that it concealed has not been a question. They have recommended that stock exchange, clean the contacts of a joint, and reinstall ( has done like this, without improvement). They have decided then that has been able to probably it faulty joint and asked for the turn.
Has contacted Amazon and has asked the substitution -- very useful. We leave me to knots to continue to use a ASUS near (with only 2 monitors) until a substitution arrived (for the well of the security, tries to minimise that it ploughs a tower and papers of transmission). When A substitution has arrived , am gone through everything of an on with exactly some same results -- at least is very predictable. I have asked the repayment and are now investigations of the suns-empty, 4-boss GPU that in fact laws.
5 / 5
Like this in other commentaries, has purchased this paper while has the third monitor with HDMI, to touch time to time video in Youtube, as well as to open browser and excel discharges for my work. Well, for the work is so only well. For the video is terrible. Especially tests looks them in 1080 resolution. The video for each 5 seconds, and skip parts. The subject is not so only with Youtube, but any video streaming street Chrome, Flange, or applications.
A lot sure he is reason a PCIe X1 version (the small plus, less fast, space of a PCIe family), but has not had another option more than buying the Paper for x1, of my PC so only has 1 PCIe x16 space, and that a be east used with a paper of original Video RX 550, which adds with mine another 4k monitors.
This GForce GT710 looks a paper of level of the entrance, perhaps for windows XP. To good sure any for HD video, Youtube (Left so only gaming)
4 / 5
wants to add the pair of HDMI monitors and have an open PCI space, ossia the good shot . The works add for the web that explores, spreadsheets, etc. This probably is a lot is not for gamers, so that it means is so only for people with the works that wins money and not living in the basement of his father that use all his QSR money for the $ 800 paper of map, doubt. Yes, there is some gamers the one who big bucks in competitive gaming... But included a better of those any as much as the person the one who possesses the one of entity Corp and finds this paper to be saaawweeeet.
4 / 5
Done well with 2 monitors but when he 3rd is plugged in, shows a desk on all 3 monitors for the pocolos first second to clash. At the beginning all 3 monitors so only would go black and unplugged one of them, another 2 would go back. This quickly changed to three screens of machineries of the video and hangs it a whole computer where a power has had to be turned was. Ossia In the frames builds informative for use of office.
5 / 5
Has taken this to dip in the headless box of server to install one YOU. It looked to do well, spending on a Linux graphic installer, then a car has been changed to way of text so only of only is used remotely. How it is the pertinent economic joint for such cars. Also, with passive cooling, is calm.
5 / 5
Are not the gamer as it can not comment in that. They are the trader of day and use a paper to drive 4 27' monitors and thus purpose perfects. It sees no lags in mine charting or anything more in my program. Reason spends more when this does like this well.
5 / 5
Has used Intel CPU is until now, as I have not had to concern in maps. But I have built now the system with a AMD Ryzen 9 3950X CPU and a ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII HERO Motherboard. This combo has any map. I have asked the question on here and any one there is me advised to take it GT 710 (graces), as it has taken this ASUS Nvidia GeForce GT 710.

Was a lot of disappointed at the beginning, reason Windows 10 has recognised so only one of a four HDMI ports, and has loved two monitors. The computers, any gaming, but my office is quite wide for two monitors! They are then be to a ASUS put web and has downloaded one 646 MB VGA Engine (?) Container For a GT710-SL-2GD5, installed the, and some two monitors do perfectly. They are very pleased. There is more economic 710 is there, but these some works.

Top Customer Reviews: ARCTIC MX-4 (4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It have used Arctic money 5 for years before trying MX-4. This paste is absolutely excellent! I am the technician of reparation of the computer and has begun using he in the laptops of the client in the place of one craps Dell and Apple. I left me say you these clients are returned always with the smiles that says what the more his systems fresh race with this material. The Arctic money is still in my toolkit sure situations, but these marks of paste for an absolute marvel when is used in of the mobile computers. I have substituted my parsonal gaming the paste of the machine with this material so that I have seen histories of the horror related in IC Diamond and has spent sure enough a cup of my cpu given the bit and that it is objectionable. I have substituted he with Arctic MX-4 and has had fantastic results.

A thing that is VERY OF ENTITY to remark in this paste is that it is PRIM. Money of Arctic 5 is tacky and quite fat which are very adapted in the heat sinks which have the plot of pressure of some rays that winery the on. Arctic MX-4 beat still that is used in these situations, but with MX-4 LESS IS ABSOLUTELY MORE!!! It practise the small time when it applying so that it can require adjust your methods of the application for this paste depends in that has the habit of to use.

I absolutely without the doubt recommends this paste at all the world-wide edifice the machine of desktop of the big action or any one try in significantly go down a beginning to heat to say a Alienware portable or exposure of retina macbook pro while it is supremely expert in this task. It IS conscious that the apple is picky so hell in the each small interior of thing of your machine so it takes when being yes has this has applied is done by the professional! There is always a case that the apple can deny you coverage to guarantee so that has 'tampered' with your device. If you are out of the guarantee even so it gives sweat to go it! The calm will not be disappointed with a reduction in of the beginnings of heat of your mac!
5 / 5
This material is incredible. He significant improvements apresamientos on SO-5! I have used a method of propagation to attach the thin, included extend in a piece. I this in so much my CPU and GPU. In my GPUs, with SO-5, would remain in 40s in goes, down 70s in max load.. With MX-4, is by train to remain in a low 30s in him goes, and not going never a lot in 60 in max. Wiith My CPU, with SO-5, go him was mid 30s, with max be around 63. It opens Cela is using MX-4, has seen the mine goes CPU temp tomb so down like 25, and max the load hardly achieves mid 50s. Desprs experimenting These results, could recommend MX-4 in absolutely all the world, in the who only wants to improve in his stock amasses thermal, or in a experimented overclocker. Also, with MX-4 any one when being any different engine And-5, does not want to be so careful with him. Calm still necessity to do sure the pertinent quantity is applied, but does not need the preoccupy in any bleed on.
5 / 5
I have discovered recently that my Playstation 3 old Sper Slender begun to do follower quite a lot of strong noises when touching sure games, likes Cart of Glorious Flight 4+5. Apparently a thermal paste that extended a heat can dry was over time, which heat ways of a CPU and GPU tin very when being pas directed so efficiently so once has. I have seen these noises of follower like the sign of potential problem and has not wanted to risk my hardware the overheat.

How thought that would take it a unit averts, clean of an original 2012 vintage amasses thermal and substitutes with Arctic MX-4 like the voice if in fact it resolves a problem. Felizmente A PS3 is relatively easy to take averts with some right tools (courtesy of iFixit), spent some two piece of overheating, has used some wipes of alcohol to clean some surfaces and has applied Arctic MX-4 paste. I have done sure to extend a paste quite 1-2mm fat with the Uspudger in a whole zone (only or half, concretely some piece), then poses a joint of back of the unit.

Does perfectly! After for happy hours to touch in my PS3, a unit has the MAY has done that noise of partidrio strong again. This say me that a thermal paste is doing his magic, a heat of my CPU of Cell and Synthesizer of Reality GPU is efficiently diffuse, and my PS3 sounds sper happy. As I am I!

Thank you Arctic! Highly it recommends this material! It gives my PS3 the new lease in life.
5 / 5
It take these products so that my temperatures of laptop have taken drastically worse in a course of the month or 2. Some temperatures have taken with him out of a box in Unigine 1.0 of the valley was until 74 C in gpu, and 86 C in cpu. Volume in a point where a gpu was thermal throttling in 86 C and a cpu was thermal throttling in 90 C. I have thought omethings injustice.' Duque a fresh plus of my laptop (MSI GE62 2QF) and take some adherents was and there is coating to powder some fins in the dense cloak, has used the old toothbrush and brushed a powder of both adherents, poses he soye on, cleaned of an old thermal paste (that it was it to take and crusty) and has posed the dab of of the this in a GPU and CPU, pose some back of the freshest assembly on, and has posed a fund of some backwards of laptop on. It opens A GPU (overclocked) the crown has entered 72 C. A CPU in 3.24 GHz is in 82 C in 100% load IN me FOOTHILLS. His no ardent my trousers have been! WOW!
5 / 5
The thermal compound adds. Has the tax of thermal conductivity of 8.5w / (mK), which are quite big. For reference, a normal thermal paste this comes on more cpu coolers out of a box is enough among 1.5 in 3.0w / (mK). A big more a number, a better a conductivity.
This paste matched with a Freezer of Arctic 240 maintains my R7 1700 in the 1.4v goes it around 30-32C and max load against 65C with a big plus never the big summit that achieves 72C, which only spent once. There are pastes there that more heat of movement that this that Thermal Grizzly, but these works of paste fantasticly and would have to be spare for more tez and is reasonably priced.

To well sure recommend this product.
5 / 5
Awesome Produced! It takes this to substitute my current the thermal paste installed in my CPU and GPU. A date of quantity is probably enough to apply in 10 computers. The more subjects that me required, but the salvation does not know never if the fellow necessities some. For my GPU, has an old plus GTX 760 FTW. They possess for quite a lot of 4 years and remarked some adherents that stays besides long and longer included down 'any load'. I have taken the look his time and was in 72 titles Celsius during the test of bank. Desprs Applying this thermal paste, he immediately fallen in 60 titles Celsius! Surprised in my book. Also, my time of normal use is gone down and some partidrios has turned down also. My CPU is fallen the small, but that it is so that only the anterior year has substituted my fresh plus and a thermal paste then. In general, solid product. Highly it recommends!
3 / 5
It IS very watery and looks it could have separated in storage. Based in other descriptions have expected the to be thinner that competing products, but this to well sure looks for to be some class of subject of selection. Some liquid beginnings watery and transparent in time and is inconsistent during a tube.

Law in the plot of skilled and big-squad to finish and has purchased this so that I liked him his that of a manufacturer concretely mentions has the long life has turned, but if it already is separating only during the storage concealed and capes, is to good sure preoccupied enough is longevity in the middle of big tension.

Looks to do very (discard a clearish liquid when starts or flavours to blend the so more like me beat), but my confidence in this product is lost. I think that that I will return in my anterior mark used it once in this tube.
5 / 5
It takes this to fix my buddy computer of overheating. Included afterwards I clean out of a hair of dog and another...One, Material, the random still experience BSOD this and freezing-ups. Re-Greasing a CPU was a last resource, and is happy to inform that it is been free problem since.

Feigned to do my machine also, if and when takes the calm weekend . I have used initially a generic paste this is coming with a CPU (yes, yes, knows, closed up). Typically I see quite 38-44C goes, and 65-70C touch Fallout 4. I will attach my description to inform a difference does to him once.

UPDATE: At the end taken around debug and re-greasing my own CPU. One goes temp is the small lower, typically in a 35-38C field. Even so, when touching Fallout, is down in 58-65C. Enough well.

Is not sure that the temperature of room affects cpu temp, but was winter when has written a first description and in the maintain a house quite chilly - quite 62F. It IS now an end of cradle and a temp in here is 75, as my final results can (or can any one) when being still better. Perhaps I will update my description when goes of December around good-looking walnut.
1 / 5
Tried in cheap enters thermal paste, and is worse this has expected. I have read the plot of the descriptions adds by of the so material for a prize as I have decided test was.
Injustice, that is to say a 'paste' runnier has has not had never a pleasure to treat. The time Was in a same in goes, but hardly shoots up anything is 5c-6c main that any decent paste in a piece.

Takes some Noctua NT-H1 for a same prize (still there has less but enough still for 7-10 applications)

Only very compraventa this
5 / 5
My Dell the computer has been noisy for years -- sounds like the engine of jet the majority of a time. A pair of calms to time down for long roads, but mostly heats on some careers some adherents hurriedly almost everything of a time. A follower to cool of the processor of computer is strong and has to videos of look in full volume only for the listen clearly. Then, my computer has begun blanking was and the turn was at random. I have lost some info, and was to purchase roughly the new computer. But, I have taken my case of computer was and has cleaned was all of a powder and has seen had powder in the tank of heat of a processor. It Likes him it has cleared it it is, seen of some class of material ash in a piece, and then reassembled everything ... And quite taken, for the few days, then returned where was strong and a follower these big races again. So much, I have downloaded a Core Temp free program, and has been running he in a fund. Show near of in 100 titles the majority of a time, while the windows or the multiple programs have been uploaded. Seldom go down 75 titles any time and calm bass. So many, look in a material ash in a piece and voice here -- paste of thermal compound. Has of this one has taken good indications . So many, ordered it and arrives quite hurriedly. I have disassembled a computer and of the tanks to heat again -- cleaned of a piece, and squirted the litte bit of the same ARTIC MX-4 Thermal Compund Paste in the. And I posed it then all together retreated. WOW. Wow, wow, wow. It IS so quite now -- never included know my computer was in anymore. Core Temp means that seldom it goes in 60 titles the majority of a time, and an adherent of the tank of the heat ails does not run never vociferously at all. It says never, really. Such the enormous improvement -- was so obnoxious for years, and has not known that to do enough it. It learns something new every day. I produce it adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Noctua NF-P12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Noctua IS praise for partidrios well that it is two ugly colours . I have required the pair of adherents, as I have decided test two NF-P12 Redux the partidrios has done for pressure of air. This an east a 1700 RPM adherent, another east a noctua NF-P12 redux-1300 PWM big-the calm action 120mm adherent, ideal for case of PC, CPU heatsinks and waters it that it cools radiators, model of the premium attributed in abordable ash redux edition. In place of a brown and tan, these are two shadows of ashes. Any one roughly paints More i adds, but better.
Does not have tampons of rubber. In my case, can not say that he the difference. They do not shake around. Both adherents are quite similar. They come with rays of money in place of some black rays all more uses these days.
Flavour of speed:
has posed the down 25% they still race in his speed of minimum. One 1300s goes besides or 350 less to1300 rpm, one 1700s goes besides or 500 less in 1680 rpm.
In or down 1000 rpm, is silent. In 1100 rpm, can begin to listen them. In 1300, they are easy to listen. In a full speed of 1680 rpm in this adherent, the plot of noise.
If I can not control the speed of your follower and was bonded in full can, suggests one 1300 rpm model. While it can pose you the curve of the adherent done of commission, would suggest to take one 1700 rpm adherent. It IS only 150 rpm faster in a low end, still will be calm until 1000 rpm, can be comfortable until 1300 rpm, but can paste almost 1700 rpm if the precise. I ask me if some pillows of rubber that the extra side by side would improve a sound in upper speed.
5 / 5
These are honestly some the better adherents has not seen never. I am running 7 of them in my system and I can not listen the thing. They are so effective that same in around 40-50% speed is maintaining each quota and the virtually inaudible races. In 100% they the eswoosh' noise that is very acceptable (and the hell of the better plot that a sound of the half that adherent of problems), but does not see a necessity has run he in these speeds unless it is by train to cool you the very hot radiator.

IS also a lot of entity to say look very well, the quality of tez is impressive, the materials are upper notch , capes with capes and everything. A colour obviously will depend in that wants to prender yours PC (is not black, obviously) but fact by my black/of ash of diagram. These adherents are also almost the averages a prize of an usual brown ones and cheaper that Corsair. Specs In the amazon is bad also, these are also more effective for Airflow And Static Pressure that another mark.
5 / 5
And it decides that it was a better adherent for a work for the machine of soda of the novelty that has. A follower exited in my peltier the fridge has based has to way that be enough in the substitute. In the principle has a undersized 80mm stock of the follower but have the piece was more the marked holes have been for the 120mm adherent. So much with my anterior experiences with noctia, decided to take a bestest adherent in the estimativa for my machine of soda. Any joke, a machine of the soda in fact runs colder now. And another upside is that it is calm whisper now also.
4 / 5
TL:Dr. - Utmost Adherents, the prizes Adds, Better that my NF-F12 is, the desire there has been some mountains of rubber.

Has substituted 4 NF-F12 is with 4 of these in my fractal creation mini-c, a difference in Db is to ail noticable, these are bit it the strong plus , but this can be an aberration since and has moved my mountain of faade of the radiator. An only reason these are taking 4 like opposite in 5 stars are a lack of a rubber anti mountains of vibration. Highly it recommends to purchase them at the same time in mandate. A Period of a Cape is much more, and very improved in a NF-F12, and and like these much more, but and can be biased of Noctua is is some better adherents and'the voice has possessed. I have possessed only Fractal is, Corsair and Silenx, and this clashes those out of a water for Quietness, temperature and lifespan. My NF-F12 and substituted and purchased in 2012-2013, and was in 24/7 system and now is in the tez different, even so in strong disposal.
5 / 5
At the end some Noctua adherents of action in a prize abordable. The airflow IS sensibly better that mine 1500RPM Thermaltake Riings with calmer bearings and slightly less level of global noise. Honestly I Have expected more noise for 1700RPM as it was pleasantly has surprised. Fantastic action when using speed of follower of the cart in my motherboard. You can look a specs up and view since you. Noctua Any precise in lie in his adherents; they speak for them.

These have very similar specs in mine 1600RPM Scythe S-Flexes but trade some static pressure for airflow. These Noctuas would be the adherent of radiator adds, but is included better adapted IMO like the adherent of case of the big pressure for restrictive case. 3 Of these in a front of my NZXT H440 is out of envelopes included in of the speeds of cart. It does not have any tension of problem through a filter of powder and restrictive intake ducting. Action of monster like the adherent of case.

With a little big action, low noise, decent looks, and the fantastic 6 guarantee of the year literally can any gone bad with these adherents. Active HAS WANTED always the re-adherents my case totally in Noctua. It opens With this estimativa has oriented redux adherents of series, that is to say exactly that it was able to do.
5 / 5
These lives of element until some a lot of descriptions enough the. It IS very done, very calm, and enters the variety of models that varies in functions and measure. Air And Flow of static Pressure, and some of so many. I recommend that all the partidrios has done prende Noctua.

A downside is that they are pricey. Buying the quite a lot of priest of pair of this 50 bill of dollar has had burn in your pocket. It recommends the has the necessity, but also would guide calm in some that he also done his work but enter 2, 3 and still 4 groups for sometimes 1/2 a prize. It finds a bit that any one' go in and further, but was calm, mere and reliable.

Opens For my tez new, and expensive CPU opted for one of these to do sure has had a RPM described and quietness in the surplus that is required probably, as this was the good election . In 1500 rpm mark some noise, is not to calm, but some the same times are not strong. It IS tolerable, and presses the good quantity of flow of air.
4 / 5
Experience two of these to use so adherents of cases. I am satisfied with a quality of tez and sheathed capes for an adherent. It IS work to pull air through some ventilations of air of the front of my case of computer without creating too much extra noise.
4 / 5
These in fact look almost of the appeals with some corners of the installed optional rubber. Still with a semi-detached cost of some corners, these adherents represent the prize adds-point for of action that is.

HAS four of this trace in the 30mm fat 480 radiator. They move the enormous quantity of air through my radiator. To all the speed, is the small strong, but in 50% or 60% speed, is literally mutters calm and still movement quite airs through my radiator to sink 600+ watts while maintaining my refrigerant ails in 30c. These are massive overkill for my application. In one another hand, concealed does not like him massively overkill?

He irks me it small this has to buy $ 15 value of bits of small rubber in $ 60 for some adherents. But, this nuisance is mostly offset for a fact some adherents are not to to the the ugly butt likes him to him the majority of an another Noctua adherents. I am well with a reduction sideways and an absence of some accessories has comprised usually (mountains of ray of the rubber, adapter of low noise, and cape, and cape of extension). Even so, a class of look of the adherents of bad without some corners These corners are more essential that some usual accessories. Only it listen it the small scammy.

Noctua, Yes wants to take this good product and he exceptional, my suggestion is comprises four black corners with each adherent. If your client wants the different colour or wants to eight of them in place of four, still can buy some corners. I think that a reduction sideways am to add and has the big stack of unneeded accessories of everything of my anterior Noctua compraventa, but does not have any corners of change. The calm took it the small too many far. It attaches the few black corners in these products included could augment a prize for the pair of bucks; this would be well for me. But it do not leave me listening scammed. If it maintains to do this, Leaves my loyalty of mark.
5 / 5
I have substituted some normal adherents in my Corsair H100i (the strong more the majority of terrible adherent is does has not had never a misfortune to use.) With these Noctuas. They are DRAMATICALLY calmer. Much calmer this has expected. They are calmer that a Corsair af140 'calm edition' the use of adherents for intake and exhausts. It can not be happier. I have not directed any reliable tests that habladuras or does not cool better a corsair adherents, but was only preoccupied with levels of noise.

A quality of the materials has used in these adherents are also main that any one another partidrio has used in a past for PC. A holding is very fluent, an adherent is robust, a cape is the robust but rubber very flexible that when being excellent and well has done. These partidrios all another listens cheap and strong.

Will be to use Noctua adherents exclusively moving advance.
5 / 5
It has not tried The still while in the splitter to arrive, will update when arrives. Some adherents listen Thin has taken the weight in him. A cape is fat has the rubberized be in him.
UPDATE: take my splitter installed both adherents and at present in his current in 1500RPM like intakes in him NZXT H500 the case falls my CPU and GPU temperature for 4 titles Ryzen 1600 Normal all and MSI GTX 1660.T OC, right now(State) North of California my room is enough among 25C and 27C | 77F and 80F. In 1500RPM can does not listen the through a case in max speed 1725 can listen the is not strong where is troubling but enough maintain them down since in this speed is doing the difference. Note: has a case these chairs in my quite next desktop in me so probably that why can listen the. To attach more one exhausts the adherents are normal NZXT adherents of cases.

Top Customer Reviews: Corsair Vengeance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5
For my counterparts these uses Ryzen 7 and pulling his hair has continued QVL. That is to say to agree for Asus X370 First Pro and ANY ONE (still) ROG Strix X370 F Gaming. He been through 4 sets of ram and so far two has done and for a ROG Strix version, a swell of RGB of same works through Memtest86, included although a RGB of the revenge is not QVL agreed by Strix. I am returning my Prime X370 Pro so that a ROG Strix is better. I have begun with 3000MHz, good and past law some tests with 4 DIMMs inserted, but clocked down in 2933 any one that subject DIMMs has inserted.

If I do not know, RAM default in 2133MHz out of boxes on more Ryzen together unless it is default in 2400MHz. This RAM done without subjects of BIOS in a late plus BIOS' that of this date. This RAM is QVL'd for a Premier X370 Pro but no a Strix model but has spent still of the hours of Memtest86 with 4 DIMMs has inserted. Personally it thinks a QVL is out of date for a Strix. I am giving this info so that the explosion of people RGB and wants to customise his stuffs. If you bond the question will try to help, good luck!

Repeats, law in 3200MHz with FOUR DIMMs!

UPDATE: HCI Memtest, Memtest86 each past and has had 0 errors!
5 / 5
Work a lot with ryzen 2700X (in the clocks the low plus), and manged to take 3600mhz 16-17-17-36(stable in gaming during 6 hours but unstable in of the tests of tension like memtest64 ails finished 5 loops with some errors then a system clashed) how and tried to go down a frequency with timing tighter as and has taken 3400mhz 14-14-14-30 (stable in gaming for~6 8 hours but unstable in of the tests of tension like memtest64 has finished 10 loops with some errors then a system clashed) how that is or something perfect ? And there is now in 3200mhz 14-14-14-24 and is very stable any one subjects that and is finished of solid barn 30 loops in memtest64 without the only error, and could try augment a frequency later but for now and thinks is only excellent 10/10 recommended,
BTW do very the import this loses a RGB in this box could wants to take a g-art sniperx 3400mhz box or a clave x perhaps and thinks could do better and the main clocks perhaps ?

REMARCE: I used 'Ryzen Calculator of RAM' to take all some parameters for a ram
5 / 5
As and it purchase this set of RAM. The coast left me say that that is to say my first experience with Corsair marked RAM. I am the Corsair fanboy in an extreme but and has thought always his ram was expensive, and there are other boxes there that it is cheaper. But I left me say that that is to say some exceptionally good boxes of RAM! That is to say one 3000 mhz box. Has in a Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 X370 Motherboard for a AMD Ryzen program, matched with him Ryzen 5 1600x OC'd in 4.05ghz. My joint officially backwards until 3200mhz ddr4 ram. Has my box OC'd in 3200mhz without subjects any one! Using a rgb the function of a RAM is so easy is downloading Corsair Nexus, and touch with an interior of colours of him. Theres Camins Different in there to touch with also. Im Thoroughly Impressed with that Corsair has done with this particular model of RAM. Any only laws like the field, but look very doing so much.
5 / 5
It IS Gorgeous and stylish, but more importantly, is also the product adds. Matched With my Ryzen 7 1800x, is able to take 3200 14 14 14 14 34 timings. Utmost RAM!
1 / 5
Quan Has seen a revenge pro ram in the video of Youtube has wanted really a look of a rgb in another rgb models and decided to give a ram the shot included although has has bad experiences with corsairs ICUE software in a past. Quan Took it a ram I immediately begun to see problems once ICUE has been kicked up. A ram has not been recognised in a software and a rgb could not change the effects at all. I have looked for on-line and was able to find fix it to close down three corsair operations in a manager of task of the windows and restarting a software. It rapes A ram has been recognised and all was well, but then after the day a rgb the effects were out of synchronising and inaugural and restarting ICUE at all at all. Restarting a computer at all also. An only road to take a ram behind in normal again was to open a manager of task and pause 3 corsair operation and restarts a program, but a problem has maintained to return. Sometimes only take the day and another time a rgb the effects would exit to synchronise every time a computer has been turned was or situate to sleep. While a portion by heart of some works of product well, would give this produces only 1 star so that we are paying to premium for rgb, but that characteristic is paying for any one he same laws properly. If this was the thing of time with the corsair rgb produces not living until the promise probably would think it was only the defect or insect and when being easier in my description, but this is spent in me with this Ram and the k70 keyboard in some past builds of the computer has separated also. The moment wants to one issues a rgb looks when work, would recommend people to go with another mark like ICUE the software is only the nightmare to treat and is not to estimate a money or hassle.
5 / 5
A RAM is hurriedly, although any better that a Corsair Revenge LPX DDR4-3000 16GB equivalent of boxes, which are usually cheaper.
A box has taken is certainly any Samsung B-dice, can verify based in Thaiphoon Burner; the mine is v5.32
A tank to heat in fact something, surprisingly, and a FOCUSED is vibrant and good.
A iCUE the engine is easy to use and offers a lot of effects of RGB, and synchronises with another Corsair produced.
If there have it only a thing would change, would do a Corsair logotype in a side of a heatsink the cutout more this paints white so that it can see you resplandor through in glory of RGB. I can see why it is not, even so, so that it takes the big level to detail and he more fragile.
5 / 5
Quan Looked for it initially RAM, has been to go with an anterior version of this RAM so that it was in a QVL of MSI. I am so happy has taken a risk in these, listened in some descriptions in this clave that law in AMD together, and has bought these for my first tez. A FOCUSED is impressive and the look that surprised. Honestly I Have maintained the in a by heart normal effect, and any same think me go to like those effects a plus! He perfectly greetings my Cryorig H7 fresher with a white adherent so that the plasma some colours out of him.
Has run in a emits initially. Test in overclock the in a a-XMP speed that my motherboard, MSI B450 Tomahawk, left (which are 2933 for one 3000mhz clave). For some reason, has taken subject where the would not go in some speeds have estimated. It was in a Corsair Reddit and has rid the clave enough the. The feedback apresamiento of one of a mods to try that it changes a RAM and using them individually. At the beginning, has thinks that that there is the dead clave so that a system any clave. I later reinstalled a clave in a motherboard so that I have wanted a bit paints that race. It results only required to change a RAM in another empty east, which was odd. Any insurance was the problem of RAM or the problem of motherboard. The point is, work now. It recognises that has 16GB usable and installed, and was able to actuate A-XMP and has published immediately with this overclock. Law like the charm.
Another note: that of this description, has had problems of zeros with MSI the Mystic light law with Corsair iCue software. I use iCue to run some effects to ignite in a RAM, and Mystic light for my motherboard and my adherents of RGB before.
5 / 5
It edits:

after flashing the new motherboard bios and updating the mine embroiders it software to light (Asus will have), a ram now laws so that it is supposed in, and is programmable of a corsair software of nexus. Static, Rainbow, powder, persecution, everything does well. As I Have thought, this result to be the bios subject with my motherboard, which are still very new (Asus Rampage EXTREME VISAS), and once flash one 1102 bios and installed some newer utilities that included a software of there will be, all research to be doing well now. I am lucky Asus is fallen a new bios, was roughly in of returns he these and had ordered the 128gb posed of this place of egg for the delivery afanyat at night, as this saved me quite $ 60 and an ache and risk to take the bad or together clave. Still very happy with each a corsair the ram has used, and probably will continue to use that it goes forward. Tour in XMP in bios, and these are solid of rock in 3000mhz. It can fiddle with timings, but so far any problem with them. Still it takes -1 star for a god-system of support of terrible web. They are Come through and aided in a past with the headset and the part of case before, but every time was the long wait and the difficult navigation through his web of place to take help. Calm expects does not have to never the RMA or guarantee his material. This kinda mamma.

Purchased this set after debating yes has to go with him or a G.Trident of art z rgb boxes, and is gone with this summer because of my experiences of the sake spent with corsair ram. I have installed this set, and each clave is proprietary and acting sake , any BSOD, any error has seen.

My problem of entity is, there is not any control of one lighting of RGB in Corsair Nexus. Has the mark tez informative that included a Asus Rampage the extreme SEEN, even so, this joint apparently did not retreat the parameter that is necessity to control one lighting. These poses is esPD Writing', localised in some parameters of BIOS by heart of your motherboard. These poses is not in a R6E together still, and no vain to seat around and hope that Asus runs his butts to implement this. The superficial tan while it is, one lighting was the big part of a decision to choose these up. A fact that is bonded in the by heart constant cycle is only any cost. This has not gone necessarily one the fault of Corsair, and would give the 3 stars, but take -1 star also for a web of place incredibly terrible section of help. Ridding the entrance for help is likes him rub my face with coarse grit sandpaper and then dunking my face in the bowl of juice of lemon and Tabasco sauce.

So tl;dr the GOOD of looks of the ram in stock timings in XMP profile in 3000mhz, but if your motherboard does not have a esPD Written' option to enable in your parameters of BIOS of the memory, will not be able to change some colours or ignite of a ram.
5 / 5
As it take it these for my tez and has had the small problem concealed has has not seen mentioned.

Has used the Ryzen 2700x with the ASROCK x370m Pro4 Motherboard and 32gb of this clave (3200). They are not in a QVL.

Has posed initially each what 4 in immediately, any included take in a BIOS, the boot has maintained only looping. Tried several things that only 2 the time for each pair, same subject. I have done sure all has been connected, included bent verified that a processor has been seated properly. Everything looked well, but the boot has maintained still looping.

That has finished to do for me has posed only the clave only in a premier void. For some reason when only has 1 clave in him has recognised the and took me in a BIOS, perhaps any one knows why? An odd part on that it is that it has to when being the particular clave . Some bonds of a pair done and an another no. then has attached only each clave and at present has each what 4 race. A RAM of only career in 2133, but that is not the big roads can change concealed.

No sure why the mine has required only 1 individual clave to start with, but is having a subject like this then gives it the shot , perhaps does since you.
5 / 5
Honestly I Am still shooked of that surprising this look.
Has ordered the without looking very on-line, and has had initially an imagination that a RGB FOCUSED would be dome kinda fraud, likes him was dim, with lame colours, or such.
Ploughed, knows corsair and has tried his material before, but honestly, is new in a scene of RGB.
And has not been until I plugged a machine in, and my god, look gorgeous!!
Some paints look soooo well, and right of a taken to go illuminate, and it beginning that it circulates among colours at random in the smooth effect.

And lol, has not tried included in OC the or anything still, habladura only in looks!

Top Customer Reviews: Thermal Grizzly ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I have used always Arctic Money so that that is to say an only mark has known until today.

The Arctic money was only popular, abordable, and always looked better that a normal paste that a manufacturer of a device to cool bundled w/his products. Then after looking dozens of descriptions of video and reading clave w/benchmarks has decided to try the mark that with bit it the expensive plus but has had informs of sound.

Bronzed In comparison, thinks Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is doing like the majority has revised positively for him. It has remarked my time in my CPU and now waters it has cooled GPU fallen the few titles C and when is trying press your technology in his limits, can shave was 2-3 titles C here and there to spend bit it the small plus in of the products of thin he all attach up for some better.

This particular element is likely sake for 3-4 applications, has used he for 2 so far and knows can express another pea sized accounts sure, perhaps same 2. I have not used a plastic applicator of the moment that it is only any one cual extended a paste.

Bundling: Thermal paste, plastic applicator, and the instructions are bundled in the small foil and air tight sealed stock exchange. It thinks drunk pouch but smaller.

5 stars. A paste is doing so expected Yes, would recommend this in the partner and the compraventa again.

Pro: It researches to be acting better that normal paste and anteriorly Money of Arctic has applied. (The desire avenges with the adhesive of logotype)
With: coast the little more dollars that a Money of Arctic never popular mark.
5 / 5
Easily extended
Excellent thermal action (there still with Gelid GC Say and Prolimatek PK-3) with or differentiates A lot of ENTITY
Easy to clean in

An only with this prize, but take that decrees of paid. This has said, will not require to maintain around two or more classify pastes. Voices further down quite why concealed is...

The different thermal pastes is often better in any main pressure or the lowest pressure this half of mountains (waters it against. The airs the fresh plus for example) where clamping the show of paste of forces what different door . This paste (Kryonaut) is more in SO which are unusual. This the very convenient fact of only use Kryonaut today by everything means of clamping pressure.
5 / 5
I am only he spent a last hour these details and cleaning my GPU. (EVGA Geforce GTX 970 FTW+ Edition)

has Taken totally eschews and scrubbed has cleaned each w/ 91% rubbing alcohol, airs duster and the paintbrush of new painting (additional dusting) for some touches of arrival. Each a backwards and mid dishes, heatsink, mainboard, adherents, cleaned of an old thermal compound and reapplied some of the same new Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut has composed.

Pre Cleansing time:
22 titles Celsius temperature of environmental room
50 titles Celsius in goes
91 titles Celsius in loads (100% follower)

A GPU has taken so hot, has lost almost 200mhz in my clock of impulse, of paste some thermal limits and underclocking he.

Debugging to bond these/Grizzly + Thermal details Kryonaut: (spatula of method of the propagation + of toe to soften it was)
22 titles Celsius temperature of environmental room
33 titles Celsius in goes
59 titles Celsius in loads (60% follower)

the plus has obtained my clock of impulse behind and can now overclock this thing once again.

The freshest races that when there it go it the new mark out of a box directly of a factory. (I taking properly, runs around 70-75 titles Celsius in mark of new load)

Suffices to say, has not expected some results to be these positive. I admitted it it has been it filthy, full of powder bunnies and a factory the thermal compound has been toasted .

An only light negative perhaps could say in this material, is is slightly more take to do with. To well sure it bit it the fat plus and more take to extend against material like Artic Money or IC Diamond. But still I took me only the minute or two for the apply.

In general, could not be happier!

: It edits:
Likes another has mentioned in some commentaries, to plot of my time the drops were probably because of one cleansing, which are only. Sadly I no the experience controlled with just debugging to know sure. But I will say one the normal thermal paste in this thing was cracker dry and toast. But in that or the title had in a result of the end can not say sure.
5 / 5
I have used Artic Money and his successors of 2000 until I have changed has been in Arctic MX-4 for daily use . I have done that change so that AS5 could not handle a GTX580s. After TIM normal failed in 4 580s in 2 years of use I repasted with AS5 and in of the weeks my time would tug up again. As I have researched, has data MX-4 one nods and all was well until my Alienware 17r4 with the GTX1080 and a intel i7-7820HK, Foreseen nowhere small in a iffy and the tension has documented well system a normal thermal compound only has not been sufficient, left only acceptable out of a box. AS I have used the fresh tube of a MX-4 and the year afterwards, begun to see microstuttering, sidebanding lag, and the thermal problems in general worsen of initials beginning the month. This Kyronaut had had some time in a piece has bought of this laptop has decided to order the up and utry has been. A time is seeing is easily upper in MX-4 nine and resolved in. Provided these controls of the materials up over time was my defacto paste. An action is sum and an applicability is not particularly problematic. Well For any one with gumption and book to build his own or has to repaste the laptop/PS/GPU.
5 / 5
That is with this enormous thermal conductivity? It IS eerie. Apparently a big plus for any one very-TIM of liquid metal. Can think it too much with some drops of temperature are taking.

Has taken conductonaut among some data and IHS, and this material among a IHS and tank of heat. Lost likes him 25-30 titles. It has admitted it it used the really down-the profile the fresh plus in the a lot of small mini ITX case, as it was not adds of entrance. But still. Intel There is obviously messed up with east of-lidding subject. The May would be necessary to be you able to take the integer 30 titles celsius of the piece with just the adherent. That is to say that territory of liquid nitrogen. Intel Broke it, and thermal grizzly fixed the!

Was to advance and has posed a rest of one kryonaut in a GPU, some controllers of LCD has had lying around this taken hot, my pasador of raspberry...
5 / 5
It maintains my Threadripper 1950x the sake and the quotas matched with a Enermax TR4 LiqTech 360 AIO fresher. Prime95 And Handbrake very does not see to spend 60C. I have used an ENORMOUS BLOB method, with extending minima to the long of where some modules under a lid are localised.

EVEN SO, An OPINION... One measures of 1950x Threadripper, when being ENORMOUS, bad will BE NECESSARY USE YOU The WHOLE TUBE. As Any DISORDER UP, or will be to launch $ 11 down a drain.
1 / 5
The conscious people when being that these thermal grizzly Kryonaut to beat when being the bad batch or the fake.

I the perfect application and the time worsened that the stock is spent so much in cpu and gpu.

Has thought perhaps some cycles to heat the help posed so that it was done in a turned of 3 multiple of days on of cycles.

The still time was objectionable.

A bad informative was when has taken averts to see face in so much a CPU and GPU and in a fresco more a past has grit in him sand? Diamond? Anything is my system is scarred for all the life.

I Googled this situation and another have had a same as and.
5 / 5
Low pound a thermal compound has used better. Quan In the principle has built my computer of tez of the estimativa quite done three years have used anything is come with my FX8350 CPU of Black Edition. I have decided recently to give a computer the very thorough debugging and had read a lot of good descriptions of some Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. Quan Has applied a compound and reinstalled my Hyper 212 Evo heatsink, was to well sure any one disappointed. The temperatures are fallen 5-10 titles whence one was before (at least so Monitor of Hardware, would be likely to give or take the few titles). It has remarked the immediate improvement in action also, no the enormous improvement, but perceivable. I have me that asks to fall a time fixed some class of throttling has no known has had to to enter. GTA V stuttered in time for me, and a stuttering is gone has been. Opened Can touch it a game in big-ultra parameters and in 1920x1080 resolution in the smooth 60fps without subject.

That is to say an excellent product . I give' know which they differently other thermal compounds in a piece but this have done the perceivable difference for me, and the action has augmented included that the has not expected. Highly it recommends this product.

Can attach even so, does not use a spatula to extend a paste. This paste is far too fat and is difficult to extend. You are very better has posed in the pea-sized represent in a processor he, and then using your heatsink to take coverage very same.
4 / 5
My original description has not been positive. But, after it achieve it it has been it in TG and habladura with several friends in a watercooling world, necessity to do some changes.

In the first place, my main complaint is a viscosity (or thickness) of a product. After some investigation and contacting so much a company and another look of people Kryonaut in particular is sensitive in temperature. TG HAS it FAQ these declares yes is too fat in properly apply to pose he in the zip-stock exchange of type of the lock and submerges that in of the warm water. Several people have spoken in a watercooling the community said to do east excepts place he In of the hot water for at least 10-15 minutes and these helps the TONNE with application.

Has based in this information, and can see where applying he without giving a no aforesaid could also less causes that optimum action. So much, I re-apply and then checks my Time then.

For now, will clash my indication until 4 stars.
5 / 5
Applying it, has not been an easier paste to extend in a IHS that has not used never, even so a comprised spreader has done a work the easiest plot in of the nicknames the cover a whole upper surface. A thermals is very well with Kryonaut, and also is using a Cryptonaut composed of liquid metal among a IHS and cpu data. It was happy with him, while I appreciate an extra fresco cpu for an extra action in my overclocked i7-8700k. It goes well with a Noctua NH-D15S fresher. Highly recommended; the calm will not be crying in hot cpu thermals with this paste of quota! For me the temperatures do not go never in 70c so that has very a lot of airflow in my case, but in air with the 5ghz overclock this material a trick to cool your cpu so much is announced.

Top Customer Reviews: Corsair TM30 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 28 ratings
4 / 5
I have wanted always and it has respected a way Corsair the products have been done. All Corsair always feel big quality, and fact with real passion. Now with this be has said, there thermal pastes... Any so many. Included when comparing the Artic Money, MX-4, and Grizzly both of his pastes are not really in a front that cut. Grizzly Literally blows this thing out of a park. This is not a worse paste, his just $16 thus 'ultra' XTM 50 thermal paste, at least would expect better time then my MX-4. Also you are running AMD Ryzen and anything main, an applicator is to small and would not cover a whole surface of a CPU. Although I will say, 30 C goes him and 75 C load in 4.2 GHz in mine Ryzen 2700x is not to bad, so only any one a better.
4 / 5
Has not had any subjects. Corsair Is the product I confidence.
4 / 5
Has used this to substitute a thermal compound in mine Xbox a x that has bought has used. It is very strong and touched like the engine of jet. I have applied this thermal paste roughly pea sized in a half of a gpu and afterwards was silent like the mouse, the fresco is remained, and my taxes of frame have Augmented while touching a Witcher 3 and Overwatch.
4 / 5
The half was quite the good quantity, no quite so to the equal that has required but do a work. Like this calm can see it was applicated and means careers fantastically, can say that well my game is running been due to likes heat my cpu is taking to run this good. 10/10 it would buy it to it 3 more for my prójimo a.
4 / 5
Does better that expensive paste. So only agree to press was some and toss the. It solves like any compound fact.
4 / 5
Havent Has used this closing but arrive entirely open I so that they are unsure if his real thermal paste or so only something any one has decided to dip in the tube.

UPDATE 11/21/19 - just received a substitution and he have had also a container has opened. Im Going to run it and so only try my processor while verifying time.
5 / 5
Used it to dip in a chip focused that has substituted in the light this there has been one goes bad recently. I do not have very used in a that has substituted previously and go bad immediately. A one used it on still is going strong. Work quite good.
4 / 5
Good quality thermal paste! Used to upgrade my Core i5 processor to the Core i7 in my PC of theatre of the house. The works add, and does not require any very at all!
4 / 5
Some looks of product partorisca do like this expected that. A container has been opened and there are not 3 grams. I required it immediately or it was returned. I have had you grieve enough for a work. The desire could upload pictures of an application of amazon.
5 / 5
Good quality thermal paste! Used to upgrade my Core i5 processor to the Core i7 in my PC of theatre of the house. The works add, and does not require any one a lot at all!

Top Customer Reviews: Elgato HD60 S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5

In the first place, the mark sure has each what 3.0 USB in your connections and in your computer. If you do not have to, it goes to run in a subject although all the world-wide more is that it runs in, any signal. You will take thwarted and in an end is the mere fixed.

Segundo, if you are the streamer, please marks any place a register to be that it record at all times, this will do your current lag. Especially it has the slow connection. The frames will be stray and will result turbulent.

Third and at the end, if you only download a program in a web of place, mark sure that is downloading a right version. It does not download some windows 10 version yes has windows 7, does not act. Still for each a mac users, please do your investigation before buying something has taken. It is not cheap only to be launching money in of the things only to maintain them collecting powder.

Expects this helps very there.

Has taken one and enjoys some products that sells. The May THERE HAS BEEN very subjects and all run only well.

Regulates of inch: If you can not imagine out of the that is to say bad with him, investigation in an internet, more probably is that it runs in a same problem while you are. Google IS your people of fellow better ! It USES IT!
5 / 5
Look in curb my old Avermedia card, which required me to do the odd traditions every time begun in my computer only to take a card to do (ploughing a program 3 times, closing and re-inaugural OBS, etc.)

Look to update, poses my faith in Magewell, which was the disaster - a 'cover and game' the card to capture has had the plethora of subjects, of any audio in stuttering visual.

Was in punctual in poop my trousers out of the frustration when remarked Elgato announce his 4K60Pro. I have decided to stuff out of an extra cash in of the futures-flavours my setup and, to the left say hwat, THIS TAN FELI has DONE. This card is sper easy to install, and has done has downloaded hardly a software. Any tradition boba to do functions, any video to stutter, video and good audio. Thank you, Elgato - no only for an amazing product, but to save me to buy the new pair of trousers.

Pro Tip: there is the light audio desync (which are something has experimented in the each card of capture has had.) You go in some Parameters have Advanced in any OBS or Xsplit, retarding an audio for a card of arrests to capture quite 200ms wins he something on with a video. :)
5 / 5
I am the user of Hong Kong. Before and it buys this product, and looks the plot of videos in youtube and read the plot of commentaries of user in an internet. An only thing and the worries enough are a problem of latency, so that and use this product very only to record my gameplay but also uses likes him the exposure of real time in my iMac (yes, so that and does not have an extra and television monitor to touch console of mine of game, and expects this card of capture can do so much). Desprs And took and used it, this card of capture is besides my expectation! A latency is not perceivable at all, and can softly the video games of game saw my iMac in 1080p. Also I will use a record and alive function to share my gameplay. Highly it recommends this product all over the world!
5 / 5
I have bought this so that it can use it mine 2018 27' iMac like the monitor for my PS4. Work brilliantly! Captures of Sound of the circle of Game HD software in the full screen with a controller connected in my PS4 and has no lag at all - crisp, smooth map and any subjects of sound.

The value that mentions! I am almost he returned this - HAS TO deactivate you HDCP road in your PS4 for the one of the east to do, otherwise will take the black screen and stuttering his in a software. Once HDCP is deactivated work like the charm.
5 / 5
I write this of a perspective of any totally new to take of video game (which are not very different of the capture of video regulates). I have been recommended a HD60 S Model for the plot of gamers on-line, as my election was done easily for me.

A main difference among a HD60 and HD60 S is that a S has a delay a low plus among a game in your television and a preview in your computer. I took it also so that it record he in a parameter of resolution of your election while a HD60 can steam in a resolution while recording in another. A HD60 S also comes with the USB-C in cape of USB versus the USB in cape of USB.

Setup Was easy and intuitive. It comes with two capes: a HDMI and an USB-C in cape of USB. It IS quite self-explanatory like that cape goes where. It limits a HDMI cape of your console of game in a device of capture, then limit another HDMI cape of a device of capture in your television, then limit an USB-C cape of your device of capture in your computer. It goes in-of the lines and finds a software to install (the nexus is mentioned in a box) and is done.

After a software is installed, the investigation that on-line the parameters are more for your system of video game, or, knows that it is by train to do you can choose exactly which want to. If you plan on editing this, an usual road is to record in the big parameter (1080p) and reduces down in that necessity. At least that it is what marks. From here that, you can organise your files of raw video and edits to use your preferred editing software.

the capture of Video is come the looong subjects he since begun to do years of marks with FireWire (cual the headache that was). This device is a distillation of simplicity and usability. Any one easily can comprise and use this device. Recommended.
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The FLIGHT. I use this to record 1440p 60fps video in my streaming/instruments of register, of my gaming squad. Once it poses up, work surprisingly.

The system is installed in:

Core of Intel i7-4790K Canyon of Devil Quad-Core 4.0 GHz (4 gene-upper of the years of mark of line)
Nvidia Geforce 1060 6GB

A sys the requisites said that he 6 gene or the newest processor are necessities. (It is not , but I am sure probably it helps)
records very well in mine 4 gene streaming/system of register.


has remarked the few frames that the fall was occasionally. Enough sure those have lost the frames are regulated in a processor and RAM that has, i7 4790k and 16GB DDR3 ram. Any one totally sure that that is to say a subject while I do not have to update my system of register. It IS totally bearable and ails perceivable in any another concealed I. If cradle in my youtube the canal and the control was one of my games of recent left wing, will see.

Update- 09/18/18

Prisoner to do, took it to do to delete an engine and reinstalling the pair of days of marks. This is spent today, very thwart. I have listened a Avermedia GC573 Saw Gamer 4k is more reliable and any skip any frames, like this or marks.

Update - 10/17/18

has Update a pc that this card is in. He maintaining careers in the Ryzen 2700x system. The still calm a frame skipping subjects, that is to say quite nettle.

Update - 11/10/18

Changed in Avermedia GC573 LiveGamer 4k, any one is fallen frames.

Has update 4k60 could be a lot of (with hdr support), but an old any hdr frames of drops of the version.
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Active there was now a Elgato 4k60 Pro now for almost the week and he are the card of utmost capture. I use in newspaper and current record and has done perfectly. At present I am using he for 1080p 60fps register and streaming while it has still to update a rest of my train in 4k, but with this card easily will be able to change on when is ready for 4k. I am not the first time Elgato when being of user of the card of Capture has possessed each which how one of his cards and they are compatible with his register and streaming capacities. I will signal it it go it to do sure your satisfied computer some requisites for this card and this are to update with Windows 10 or yours could cause some problems since you. To well sure recommend it this card for any look to record or current in any one 1080p 60fps or 4k 60fps.
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For a time a long plus, has been using solutions of software (Shadowplay/OBS) to record 4K gameplay. A downside in that is that it takes the toll in a CPU and has not been able to power a PC the 4K signal. Any one to mention you could not record 4K or 1440p of a PS4 Pro or Xbox One. That all the changes with one 4K60 Pro. I so that far it has recorded it almost all my images in 1440p and 4K, with supremely codifies and has each which be flawless. Easily a better $ 400 is spent. There is no experimented any subjects with a card or with taking the videos have recorded neither. Calm only explosions in your PC, installs a software and was to go. And for those asking can use the splitter, can!

Connects in my Xbox A X, Playstation 4 or my streaming PC is quite mere. Calm only connect a PC/of console in a in connection, while it connects a beginning in your television or monitor in a out of port. And that is. But cual has the complex plus setup? Any one to preoccupy , while I have done some flavour of my own like mine setup is anything except normal.

A codifies is quite dang exceptional. As you Can see in some videos in this piece, is quite well to see. Everything of these has been recorded with a maximum codifies to pose. Sure, this has meant to take Youtube for ever to accuse, but a resultant video has be worth it. Some currents are no slouch or. It was in fact very very when being able in current directly in Youtube in so 1440p and 4K, without any degradation in action. Sadly, Or Twitch or to the blender left for 4K streaming (external of partners), as I have not been able to try he in any service.

Opens, probably is asking, that is a downsides? Well, it has a bit subject of a card any one behind HDR. To well sure any one it breaker to treat and comprised for a prize of a card. Also the does not have a onboard encoder, but while has the decent processor (for any requisites) subject of zero.

So far, is impressed enough with one 4K60 Pro. It produces to surprise visual, is fast and has found any real subject. Well, outside of some problems of software. A main worry that has is a prize. It opens, while I am not queixant, especially of the majority of 4K the devices of capture are more expensive. It poses the problem for creators of potential content. If you can win that then you are supremely happy with your compraventa. For me, that is to say easily one of a compraventa has done better this year.
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Quan A HD 60 s the looks of works add.
At the beginning I couldnt takes a darn the thing this does at all, but then after some thwarting the test and the error gives an only road for the take these laws was to turn a ps4 was first, hook all up, then visits a sysyem on.

For this low time has directed to do work a quality of picture was very good. Even so when I like him to use he in my change and PS4 slender has taken at all . Only he compleyely black screen. Included when it was able to record gameplay in my ps4, has taken any sound .

Looks for in an internet for responses was useless, those changes HDMI the cords was useless, contacting the cat was also totally useless.

Is not sure take the futility or no, but is far too late for the return. It was sure he could take by behind acting has tried to look for solutions so he no the problem that leaves the bad description, but so far has at all.

$ 150 Down a drain, is very disappointed.
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First first Things and has PC and Mac, Before it purchases this mark sure your Operating system maintains . Segundo and equally that imports in my opinion and suggests compraventa this with a HDMI Splitter calm of the that already has unit

So ive has had my elagto for the little of the weeks now do well took me the small while to take one hangs for the use efficiently but with some time and the endeavour will take there too many. Installing a elgato the software is very mere and after you that it is quite a lot of covers and game. In the principle has bought this to limit of game PS4 and PS3 games and has but and wine to learn requires the concrete type of HDMI Splitter(one this can bypass HDCP) to take PS3 the game touches which are why and suggests to buy a HDMI splitter (). I have learnt also that a elgato has a capacity to take television through HDMI with a splitter also which are the enormous selling point in me. In a streaming side im no so sure in a elgato software. I listen OBS is well to use but and has not done that it was still so much and the mass of flange said. An only real downside is in my experience is a fact concealed to have you that has your elgato has connected in your computer for the use. If you want to take anything your computer has to be on and a elgato has to install the software and current as if you are how me and of the that has the portable mamma to be you wants to take this with calm in the some place. My covers of game of characteristic wise favourite this a fact that when the limit of the game takes the meaning of the file of separate audio likes of you in musician of game or effects of his/of clips of voice as and only can record he in planting to look for he in a web. My final note is, if the calm of who has alot of the storage in your walk takes only buys an external hard walk for all your captures so that they eat in spatial fast
After the few months to use the this has to go down a bookmark. So that it times where a elgato wont the be recognised by my computer. Basically a elgato is very when work but no very compatible once something goes bad

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