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Top Customer Reviews: VicTsing Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
Pros (For order of weight partorisca me):
1. It dips partorisca walk ( sees photo), which in fact relieves stress in your wrists (but can still toe out of some tabs in some subordinated yes wants to tilted arrive).
2. 'F' And 'I tones have a lot of-of the bookmarks/marcadors tactile defines so that pode quickly dipped your toes in a right bet without looking (so that I have learnt to write 'properly').
3. Tones of the function in a cup is grouped in ovens of more easily find them without looking.
4. It feels tones is the good balance of firmness and quietness.
5. The click of mouse is good and calm.

1. They are ambivalent in a smile--a bit more superficial that the typical mouse, but do not last to take used to.
2. No another gilipollas inner a moment. Any sure roughly life of battery still-- is the question , will update this description.
4 / 5
Ossia Level it 104 keyboard key with the mouse rule that connects in any device that use he 2.4 GHz Wifi dongle. Very easy to dip up and use. I need 3 AAA battery, one for a keyboard and two for a mouse that is not comprised. Everything looks adds in all black and some tones in a keyboard and some keys in a smile so much acts smoothly, without a lot of noise and is easy to press. Not sticking or clicking here. His both have an on/was key like calm can turn him was to save some battery if any when be used for the moment and if no, some smiles will turn was after 10 minutes of any when the be has not used. Also it wants that there is has DIRECTED lights for one in a lock and lock to Cover as well as one for a life of battery in a keyboard. Any all coming with that and mine, the big difference.
5 / 5
Has looked for the keyboard of long row a lot and I finally found the! It was not easy sifting by means of some numerous keyboards on . Believing obviously descriptions of fake, well this an is not ! The amazon is order this in spite of, has purchased and is returned three or four keyboards and has seen this one with well revise which me leary, lol. It results, it is fantastic for long-row. I am doing of house of a harm and using mine 85 TV of thumb like my monitor of computer and has required the keyboard that would do wirelessly of by means of a room and these some works like the charm! I am appreciated like this to having found finally as looked for, Whoop Whoop! It does not use a mouse that is coming with him so that pode does not revise. I love a reasonable prize and a fantastic quality and functionality of this Keyboard of LONG ROW! This is not the mark has not listened never of but is good to find the mark of big quality like this!
5 / 5
Ergonomic creations, -welled chiclet keycaps offered to touch smoother. Some tones am not very strong, but also a lot like this silent, a perfect balance for your pleasant writing. Life of the longest battery. One smiles will enter the way to sleep with which 10min the disuse but calms that can wake up for just a clicking, the help saves energy. Value to buy.
4 / 5
Some tones and the mouse am very calm. Both am very soft when you it the click/ presses him
5 / 5
As well as all is down state modified to resist better representation of an element, but absolutely has to that dip this first.
A company privately and-mailed me with the very sincere and has thought was resolution to EVERYTHING of some subjects has had with him. A client is highly of entity to this company and honradamente this has done the enormous difference to any one like still although his no crazy expensive, has does not have to that I comment it and has done sure to verify in with me.

Wants to begin with some positive parts. It feels really well, there is remarked his wheel of roll is very smooth and to save the battery yes is to go for the minute well goes to an out classifies of way of. Just click again and was to turn on. It appreciates a thought in this appearance.
On to a negative
3 reasons are deducting for this indication
1) is a bit small. Has the smallest hands and this thing hardly returns comfortably. Yes if they are not by train for the use a lot of very big shot I supposition. But I games of game with him, as it results difficult. I have taken it it has used his now.
2) One súper slick the material the mark to choose up. A side of thumb has the material of hule but another east this insanely slick, the plastic has painted. Almost I fall it too often, which also ameno for behind the subject integer with a measure of him.

Has Had to delete a portion in lag, as I am not sure if my time of computer has required simply with him or that it is, but no longer has to that of entity lag time anymore. There is a quantity expected of lag, but no like this noticeable.

Well to dip this all in perspective and with an update, a smile is not terrible. It has to that it weaves of his good quality if his used takings. A question of measure has been given an option for a company, has mentioned another mouse in an email send to knots. A slick the material is so only something to take used to, but any enough of a @@subject of the do.

There is remarked any one mentions that rechargeable the any one is returned battery in here, would contest concealed. You owe that be particularly directly on with him and he will go in. Has the together of EBL EA is and accesses, but kinda tight.
4 / 5
This mouse has done well, any complaint. I last a year before it begins to be unreliable, for example falling the things have tried to copy and paste, or choosing on zones of the spreadsheet that has not loved to choose up.. He no cost to plot as I recommend if not to impose you buying things every year.

Update: the service of Client contacted roughly a question with a mouse and sent the new a. I have changed my indication of 3 stars to 5 stars because one smiles has done well for the year and substituted it now when it has had questions.
5 / 5
2nd UPDATE: like this here they are after august 2018 with the mouse of substitution that is failing still again. A wheel of roll is built in the way that the randomly moves for up or down a lot @subject how is rotating the. Essentially an interior of mechanism is like this economic has has broken already after the months of pair of use. Based in two mouses has received of this company would not buy never one again. They are ridiculous has launched was the elements have built to some levels some low plus and will break quickly. Once again I am surprised in the lack of same quality although any look of indications to be a lot on amazon.

UPDATE: A company contacted roughly that finds the solution for a mouse broken. They have offered to send me another free mouse of the load without series has attached. I appreciate that it classifies of proactive service and has changed my description of this product. Although you take the lemon , will be for his product and the substitute.

Like this here is, one smiles that any last the same first year of a right click has pressed constantly he. If it have estimated this mouse when I received it in the first place has said fantastic. You take that paid for these days and the economic material breaks easy. Calm is not SAVING MONEY HERE!!! Calm so only will owe that substitute this the year.

Purchased in November 2017
Launched has broken is gone in August 2018
5 / 5
has bought this for mine MacBook Pro. The need smiled it from time to time. When it Arrives six packed in a understated box a measure of a mouse, which has been wrapped in bubbling to wrap with the manual of minimum users. Plugged He in. The works add! As mentioned in some notes, some keys lateralmente no with a Mac YOU, an Apple quirk. Works of wheel of the good roll. It is the little in a small side that I earth with him Logitech smile quell'use with the Windows desks, but does not use the mouse with my Mac all a time, how is well. Ordered on for my first edges and he likes his also. I add for a prize!
5 / 5
Laws wonderfully I use he for mine can in fact right click on something vs that resists down CNTRL clicking..
Can regulate a speed.... Wow It is to take used his... And also it sees all one loves it! Thank you!

Nave a lot quickly also... And it is amour

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MK545 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
State looking in keyboard and smile combos for some times but I hate that more come with the compact mouse. Quan Has seen this pop has known up was a one for me.
My anterior HP the wireless mechanical keyboard was strong when writing, and writes enough the bit with practitioner my programming and development of web. This keyboard is calm and a when being of this similar in this of the keyboard of laptop, only with tripping more key. If you have used a K800 keyboard, is a same type of soft, springy when being in him, only this an is not backlit (any too importing in all the case of the moment that calm life of stack).
A mouse is comfortable and slide amiably to the long of mine of forest desktop. Clicks of some buttons and the wheel of circle is calm still tactile.

Some look of pictures is blacks in colour but so much a mouse and the keyboard are the dark ash! Any bad looking in my opinion.

In general, is the add combo. Especially since it comes with the mouse sized full. Another combos will cost you more.

-Very textured Arrived in a rest of palm
-indicator of lock to Cover them
-tones of the shortcut for sleep and of the parameters is good
-3 levels of adjustment of height
-unifying auricular.

-Volume the key response has not looked to maintain up as well as my HP keyboard when it touching hurriedly.
-An indicator of better stack could have been well. Any biggie.
2 / 5
Very disappointed. Use Logitech devices for to years likes them one To MANAGER. That is to say one 1 times is trashing the. This was purchase 2 ours for a MK545 combo, keyboard of mouse. Quan These devices install to upload in a Mouse of Windows 10 VEILED basic and Engine of Keyboard. If you do not change an engine in a Logitech the experiences of engine to fall outs among both devices and a PC. A solution has found is to unplug yours 'unifying' device of USB, account in 5 and then limits behind in and that the shudders Win 10 to connect again.
Until it takes an installed pertinent engine, plan on doing this 1 in 2 x in the daytime. Logitech HAS this problem remarked in his place, and offers the bouquet to time to waste solutions. They no, even so, concretely say you that to install a Logitech engine for these devices in some 'BASIC' Wins 10 engine. Your devices are not BASIC and requires concrete engine, and does not join 'of the Options' intrusive software that your leader of web of place in us. A solution is to take an old tried and some Setpoint software and then records through him to take a Logitech the installed engine. The good class. Keyboard of LADY and Smile next time.
1 / 5
If you are that more people, will write then uses a mouse for the while. It opens When you are returned in a keyboard, taking according to diverse (4 in 20 bren) for a keyboard in reconnect. Some works of mice perfectly, as it is a keyboard goes to sleep that it is the problem . That is to say sper odd so that it can select you the paragraph with your mouse (those utmost records), then paste Ctrl-C (copies) and then movement in the new section and of the swipes Ctrl-V (paste). Supposition that? In everything is yours the mouse is dancing but there is not any copy-paste. Worse still, for a time one copies it the paste achieves a computer, can have moved a mouse, as he clobbers your work.

That is to say the solid a product of star. Rubbish.
1 / 5
Very often, it times when a keyboard only will not write . It changes some stacks. I move it it was then behind on - at all. Only he well in a half of this description. It IS so thwart and supremely time to consume. Of a window of tower is spent, probably will require to buy the new keyboard. It can very he same arrivals a description - he again. At all the help to take it that laws again, paste a key bar entered , spatial, pounding in of the tones - at all. It does not recommend .
3 / 5
I have ordered or situate for my dispatch of house and once give what sper calms a keyboard is decided to order sets for my others computers. Even so, I am having a subject with some two keyboards. It IS how they goes to sleep. It finds that sometimes when it begins for the write will lose it a first card, likes him need the little keystrokes to arouse. It was preoccupied beat when being that a wireless signal has been blocked somehow, but that is not a case. It does not have a subject with an another two that use, only this third unit And does not spend all a time. I have not tried that time of the pause the cause to sleep (tin very when not being sleeping but that is to say an only analogy can come up with), but is the very quickly characterise and sometimes will cause all the classes of mayhem thinking a keyboard is taking all that I zip through just to see my beginning of screen in freak was so that the does not comprise all my mandates because of vain disappear a first card. Thwarting! It opens it Has to write the card and expects to see record or if this card arouses it up before I continue. Otherwise, Likes Him. The mouse is measure and good form .
5 / 5
That is to say a awesome setup!! He been having subject with my anterior Logitech smiled and wireless keyboard for some time, wear and just age of constant use during several years. This one east awesome! The desire had substituted this does the year! The keyboard is very done and when updates a Logitech software of the options easily can pose some tones to do to open some applications want to open each morning. Also I can the to you posed so that it does not have to press one key to do to actuate these functions (Be cautious around a button/of moon of the sleep!). A mouse is much more robust and very done that an anterior version and has buttons in a side for advance and behind in a browser, also a wheel is posed in the right circle vanamente left! Has a button in a wheel has posed to open browser to of the archive that use often. It can not beat this setup for a money!! Thank you Logitech!
3 / 5
A keyboard is done some any smooth plastic, the tones listen what cheep plastic. Also, somehow, a keyboard that is the big plus bit that it measure to regulate, can any one when being very, but when being that it issues. It does not avenge with Lt-stacks of ion. The mouse is well, has side of tones by side, which are very well for web surfing. A system was carried and game , which are well.
Gives the three that begins only so that a keyboard that is odd and no-regulate
One is very of entity where a usb carried is, can locate a transmission of signals. Has subjects with that far a keyboard is of computer. For some reasons the keyboard to do quite 10 out of a computer, but works of mice until 24 has been.
5 / 5
It enter the very good boxes, packeged well. A tez and the material quality is so excellent. It was easy to unpack. I have pulled some tabs in some stacks, plugged in a usb the receiver and he are gone directly to do.

Pro IS...

~The keyboard is exceptionally calm. It writes it is comfortable and and some tones are very responsive.

~The mouse is very comfortable, very done, and one of a more has not used never.

~Attaches look. A keyboard and smile it aesthetically is pleasing. The creation adds.

~Perfect measure. Full flavour a mouse of keyboard/of the measure. Has the big hands and I write in 90wpm and often times experimented to write errors with some keyboards some small more very subject that the time had used the.

No still has any gilipollas... I want a logitech marks. Desprs My last logitech the keyboard failed ( served me well for years), goes to deceive to purchase a Anker keyboard and mouse. This was the enormous disappointment and has launched that pos posed in some rubbishes and has ordered this set and could not be happier. I am now the very loyal Logitech user.
4 / 5
Law in of the computers since 1983 and is very use to keyboards of heavy push. It has Had the times take with wireless keyboards so that they are usually creations of soft combs, and this one is to good sure or. I go so hurriedly in timing that this keyboard fails to recognise some presses. Using a keypad like a calculator to represent is difficult, possibly because of a bevel limited in some tones. Both are utmost for gone in-level or of the users of intermediary, but that uses it all day and constantly probably is looking for something the small more responsive and sudden...
2 / 5
A title says it everything. It IS for this mouse and keyboard to substitute an old to fail unit. I have been he prende much more priced options down and data a step until this offering a bit type. I have done so so that I have situated value and confidence in a Logitech name in some unfamiliar the marks of some units priced further down.

So much the units have the be of quality. They well and was easy in setup. He given this the low indication and is dissapointed so that a keyboard is noisey. It meshes Like the bell when writing. It IS very annoying and any one that would expect out of the product of quality. A noise is die has been arrest all fo some tones rattling. It IS worse when uses some back supports to elevate a backside of a keyboard. I am not sure go to be able to tolerate this....

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Like the title suggests, some tones are not like this calm like my laptop, but still no a strong 'clickity-clak' that the majority of the keyboards in this prize are.

Is spent -n-game, as all need to do is dipped in a receiver of USB to your computer and after the pocolos second, is good to go.

I really like a space of telephone in an upper left of a keyboard, so only done your office the little less-messy when that tries to find the something partorisca your telephone, but unfortunately is not bluetooth compatible (which is well, of then has not been announced that way), but with a space of telephone still has expected. :/

A mouse is comfortable, at all that surprised by any half, but taste so only very partorisca of daily use.

All-in-all can not beat a prize when that takes the mouse of wireless/keyboard combo!
5 / 5
Is looking In some photos and think some tones of keyboard will write like a macbook chiclet tones, then this an is not the. For now all the world is used a light touch travesía short responsive tones of a macbook portable the. It has expected this keyobard would be one same. This in spite of, like another reviewers there is remarked, some tones are not silent. You the click klak touches even with a coverage of protective silicone on that. Keystrokes Requires bit it more pressure and have the travesía slightly more along the rule chiclets.

A space of telephone is useful, but can not return has the coverage in your telephone. Has the Samsung S10 with the coverage of the low profile and a telephone grieve access in a space with almost a lot of tilt because of an additional thickness of a coverage.

This has said, a smile of keyboard combo is probably a better bang for a buck has found. Hard to beat a prize. A usb the row of receiver is a lot well, the keyboard there is still to fall the keystroke and of the smiles with one 3 DPI the settings feels utmost and slides smoothly. If you accustom a Logitech M510 smiled of measure, then this one will be much smaller and lighter.

In general, is one of a wireless keyboard more than confidence/smile combos has used.
5 / 5
This neighbour is the good measure for when it uses my laptop in my office, with the monitor of full measure in the shelf on an enclosed laptop. I have expected some subjects so that another mentioned - but here is that it has found:
1. A keyboard does not have to that the adjustable feet (risers) but, finds no really require it to be domestic in all the chance. Always it could stick the main adhesive feet in some subordinated has loved . It is small and slender and easy to write on.
2. Some tones are not 100 silent, but quite together. My nails probably do more noise that some tones. One a star was is for the reason an ad specifically declares is silent.
3. Any one has mentioned that a mouse is quell'has bitten small, but is the to same measure likes them another has used, alike level. It is more comfortable reason is shaped for your thumb and pinky, and has the velvety crazy arrival. The mouse is for real silent and has speed of adjustable roll. It can down after the moment of any one-of use, just click to actuate, a next click will be an active a.
4. An empty to resist your telephone law adds for me - I has the Galaxy S7, and the quite slender chance with the pop-stand of socket. It is whole for the full view of a screen, and stands up lateralmente to see a full screen. If your telephone or the chance is main, can have the question - be sure to measure.
5. It does not agree seeing in an ad, that has had the coverage of the keyboard has comprised, but this neighbour comes with the coverage of soft silicone that access exactly. The utilisation to protect it on my office when they are not quell'using.
In general ossia the neighbour really well for the good prize!
5 / 5
Has bought this together to substitute the prehistoric Logitech smiled of wireless/keyboard combo has on elected in FB Warehouse for $ 5 to use in mine builds of OLD PC concealed is now in mine living room, hooked to a TV. This combo is like this old some smiles has not gone included optical, has had still a ball in him. Needless To say, has had horrible row. You have had to be roughly 2 feet of a television to use a mouse and keyboard. This combo here has any question with row, and I so only remarked last night that one smiles has the DPI key on that! It is mentioned in a description, but there is not remarked. It is the godsend, reason a incumplimiento DPI the setting remained with a giant TV of 50 thumbs a PC is hooked to fact for some use of tedious mouse. Calm now can zip a cursor during a screen with ease. My woman a lot really cured at the beginning, and has not seen a big shot of an old combo technically fact, but a first time used it, has fallen enamoured with him. It liked really of that is coming with the coverage of hule thin on some tones to maintain muck and liquid out of a keyboard (darn boys and pets), and has been meticulous roughly in the now cleaned. As the one who the durability goes, a recently survived keyboard to take elected up and smacked in a table of caffè quite hard to burst some tones out of him (any, has not been me), and besides a coverage of battery no longer returning situates properly, tip any sign to be be dip by means of that. All still works. Test, I supposition? The longevity of battery looks really very like this far. This combo is still in a together prime minister, which is not surprising considering the a short time had it, but compared to an old combo, which has eaten the together of battery in the week and the half, is significantly better. Both a mouse and the keyboard are quite calm, also. It would not say silent, but grieve audible in the quite calm room, especially with a coverage of hule in a keyboard. In general, I am a lot happy with him.

UPDATE: A keyboard has died now. I have thought perhaps some batteries, but new some did not fix it. It does not blame a keyboard, was an angry person in my house that paste he in a table of caffè that has caused probably is died , took it so only the moment. I plan on buying another hardly can resupply.

UPDATE2: Bought another. Works so only well. And interest, for some reason, a quality of build of this second combo the better looks that a prime minister.
5 / 5
I really like a Seenda smiled of wireless/keyboard combo. The the bit to research first to purchase this model and am very pleased with cost of mine. A keyboard does not resupply the plot of ergonomic characteristics, although it is comfortable to use. It likes- one inclusion of a coverage of powder of keyboard of membrane. It will help to maintain a clean and free keyboard of powder and other particles. There is abundance of travesía key to give you good feedback when writing, and like this far there is not remarked any one tones that estaca or double striking. A mouse is the good measure , although the little in a side a small plus. A form is good and is quite calm when clicking and scrolling. A wireless functionality just works. Utilisation these mainly in the Raspberry Pi 4 setup and he so only works. I assume it it would be like this easy with the Windows setup also. In general, I am very pleased with cost of mine and would recommend to any one looking for the keyboard of full measure with keypad as well as the mouse without a hassle of bosses.
5 / 5
Has has used now this keyboard and the mouse dipped for the week of full work with heavy use. My work has transmission to company PC RESUPPLIED is vs has used my personnel Macbook with an external exposure and keyboard of magic/mouse that loved and lose. A PC is has resupplied there is wired keyboard and smiles that has been a worse could imagine you. So that I direct to find the new setup. Ossia One 3rd combo has tried was and like this far for a money touches a better. The league and the stays have connected perfect and easy. A mouse is has the good to feel without @@subject. A keyboard is my only real complaint . Work well but has the little travesía longer that would prefer but he a work. It maintains it imports earth my magic keyboard that has travesías a lot down. In an end of a day although it touches the $ 30 combo has bought at the same time this and his for the computer of company like his win it.
5 / 5
Has required the keyboard of substitution and smiled ossia the value adds for both in an and really like me a bit the tones of then am writing all day and a mouse is good and light weight and is to add of the have be wireless to súper near easy on legislation out of a box was to arrive and doing in of the minutes
4 / 5
has been using this for the few months now.

Initially did not like me in of absolute. Had the lag in a keyboard, and a lot the time would not react a lot well when writing. This was in the new computer, as I think that that some engine has to that has update, reason after the pocolos use have taken the better plot.

In general, thinks that some tones are the bit in a small side. Because of that, some tones are hard the paste without paste the tone closely. Mainly some tones to achieve like backspace, I swipe inserts/inserts often for deception. But, especially with which some updates, some tones react well the same fast writing.

The mouse is in a side a light plus. It is quell'has bitten smaller also, but access in your good hand. And it reacts a smile of way has to that.

For a prize, yes can manage a factor to form smaller, is the calm good shot of then takes both the wireless keyboard and mouse.
4 / 5
In general a keyboard are to add - clicky keys with abundance of feedback, included with a coverage of the keyboard comprised in a keyboard (I tends to spill often, like this reason the needs to buy this keyboard). A yard-was that it can be used like the headline of telephone is also the good touch. A mouse is to regulate, at all out of this world-wide but also solid.

Two main flus:
- A F the tones have the different hot tones have associated with them, i.et. Volume on, music/of pause of the game, open emails, etc. A incumplimiento behaviour for a F tones the to use this function of hot tones, this although any the one who laws in Excel often are quite annoying when I am looking for to use a rule F Tones but has to that extend my toe to paste 'Fn + F4' every time wants to use a F tone.

- An ergonomics is not orders. A keyboard comes with the built in, any adjustable light tilt (looks so only down 8 terracings) which is not optimum ergonomically. It would have preferred an option to use a tilt or no.
5 / 5
mouse A lot small/of keyboard combo. They are an aggressive scroller and characterise. This mouse is To good sure to the calmest plot when clicking and scrolling that my forward a. A click of mouse is exceptionally smooth and calm as yours has sawed-the workers will not know calm never is touching the candy runs over in a fund (or any game some boys are touching these days.) A keyboard (with covering on) is also calm so the writing is not that it distracts on called of video. One feels of a coverage of silicone takes the small taking used to but is worth it to maintain crumbs of chip and popcorn kernels out of a keyboard (a personal question of mine.) There it went it several weeks that use in office to house all day (and does not change any one a keyboard or the smile was, never) and battery still that goes strong. One smiles has an annoying habit to go to sleep after being ignored for the pocolos small and earth so only that moves my mouse around for the wake up but this a precise to in fact of click the for the spend behind the life, does not treat it big, but personal king-coaching of ingrained behaviour of the use of the mouse has been required.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MK570 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
According to my history of compraventa, has bought this almost he exactly done 3 years.

According to some claims in a description of product, a life of the battery estimated of a keyboard is also 3 years.

During a time that has possessed this piece of hot rubbishes, can guarantee you that I am spent more in of the batteries that this hunk of useless plastic cost. They are in no way some user to be able to that is gaming 24/7 and dipping a keyboard by means of constant use. In fact, I much more laws in mine portable that my desk.

This in spite of, this thing chews by means of battery like my wolves of dog down the dog extracted.

A cycle goes has taken roughly: Place in of the fresh batteries. A law of keyboard adds for roughly the month. Then erratic the behaviour begins. For example, he so only entirely freezing for 10 to 30 second and then blurt out of stirs it of papers of atrocities. Perhaps so only it will decide to the yours in an endless current of the spaces until the the enclosed was. It takes some batteries was, the frescos plants some in... And everything is a lot again. Oh, And these batteries that was in him? Still Usable. It is so only that apparently unless there is ABSOLUTELY One FULL LOAD, this keyboard only tin very same. And it will launch to temper it tantrum until it has put fresh some in.

Honradamente, Yes could, would continue Logitech for some costs of substitution of the battery. Or a degradation. Or perhaps both.

And of the smiles is not very very better. Some batteries in him am supposed also to last quite the long time. This in spite of, my experience has been, again, so only the month or two before it leaves. At least it does not take erratic like a keyboard. He so only leaves of slowly.

Any way, Logitech the claims are fantasy and absolute lies . Honradamente Would not be surprised if any one said to have bonds with some companies of battery of entity for kickbacks.

A shame of him all is that when these two elements he in fact laws (seldom), is very comfortable to use.

How is, am done with a degradation. I will be to spend my money with the different company from now on. Logitech Has used to be the mark has trusted. Now they are so only a untrustworthy fraud.
4 / 5
Has UPDATE 6 me him. Later: These produced is to good insurances counterfeit. It is not in fact the Logitech produced although ossia that a focus has said. It was the averages a prize this in spite of and servants is purpose . Some tones lateralmente do not do and neither a lot some other tones besides some tones of control of the music. I have used this produces now for 6 month (date of compraventa Original 12/3/2016, date of description 06/05/2016). This product has ceased to be functional. I use it 3x/week for generally 6-7 day/of hours like me on-line. With which roughly 3 me him. I have had question connecting a product to my computer- I would owe that fiddle with him and restart my computer in order for him to in fact connect. Today, it is done finally. I can it does not connect to any one my computer of work or my computer of house.-------- A true $ 75 Logitech smiled/of keyboard combo that has bought in Imposición of the office lasted for roughly 4 years before have spilt caffè on he a too much time. It has survived numerous Glasses of water, the sail! With hot wax that scraped from among some tones, numerous movements, several boys and has has substituted adapters. Highly it would suggest to fork out of one $ 75 for a real thing and forget one $ 30 saves to purchase this look-appearance wannabe.
4 / 5
Generally so only shabby Logitech when take third-material of party because I trust a quality, and this keyboard is really well Except an impressive question. A keyboard sags in a centre when resting yours palmeras and writing. I am ANNOYING creaking his that will drive you crazy. A good informative is that I have fixed he to apply a bit felt low” feet a centre where is sags (goes pic). Very easy, but WTF!!! Gone in Logitech, is the types that dream in your canal of work?!
5 / 5
Adds Until they begin to have poor contact, hesitation and finally after reading other estacas see similiar has normalised. I add and love a wave and all but some contacts spend quickly (I really expect more than the year of the Logitech (or any keyboard) . Has another different Logitech keyboards and wants to him and is 5 years (wire fences) and no a wave. The desire could dip a same quality to this reason an ergonomics is sum . ;( I now have two seating in the box, 1 experience in 2013 and has died 2 years later, has bought a last Nov. 2015 (now is Seven. 2016) And like this the the supposition wants to try to contact Logitech and see has any responses!
UPDATE: November. 2016 - I emailed thru Logitech put web to guarantee so it has had another also both have done a same thing. A bit those that the weeks later have taken a an and answered only of logitech Client S. Asking has been SATISFIED with his response. It said him clearly ANY and has listened then at all. A month later 2 new some resemblances in my door. Like this of then it had bought another in a moment the MK710 which have been has SAID was the better quality... We will see. I love a wave and ergonomics of him, but certainly any one an interest of life or a Service of odd Client - that really am disappointed with Logitech roughly.
4 / 5
Has decided to use the mouse and the main keyboard in home, although it likes my Logitech K360 and of another Logitech has smiled.
1. Keyboard very drawn. A cushion of palmera is the little soft that you the wrist feels comfortable when calm is not writing. It can take some time to take used to a gradual wave-shaped outline, but thinks that is very too much.
2. 18 programmable tones.
3. A measure of M510 the mice is exactly that I investigation. Dimensions of mice (date x width x depth): in (65 mm) x in (120 mm) x in (41 mm)
4. The life of battery is long. According to Logitech, a keyboard has battery of 3 life of years, and some smiled is two years old . Both of his use 2 EA batteris.

1. Any Spent-light of lock in a keyboard.
2. To the final/of house/Deletes/PageUp/PageDown the creation key is not well. Often it presses a big plus Delete yours when it tends to click a Tone of Final.
3. A Logitech SetPoint software () does not sustain M510 mouse. I can pair mine another Logitech devices in a Software to Unify and direct everything of them in SetPoint, but M510 is an exception. I have had to download another software Logitech Options to direct M510.
5 / 5
Has purchased this dips here on Amazon behind in July of 2019 and work perfectly with Windows 7 Pro,
Then recently I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and everything is gone down Collina of there that, A Mouse will freeze up in a screen, and now some of some characteristic in a Keyboard does not operate, or sometimes when have paste he Key another paper or the number will look.
Has called Logitech the numerous time and have a lot of be useful, included send me the new Mouse & Wireless Receiver, the support has called then and included could not take my question has solved, now after trying the uninstall and reinstall a software without results I,m in disposal to so only order the Keyboard of Microsoft new and near of Mouse and the wait will do.
Also would like me add that I have been the Walmart and has purchased the Economic wireless Mouse and ts doing perfectly, as it has to that be the question with a Logitech software any when being pas compatible with a Windows 10 upgrade.

01/07/2020 on Dates
With which a lot of now in a telephone with Logitech support, has given finally on that try take my Combo K350 Keyboard and M510 Mouse and said to take Pictures of a number of Serial in both elements and sent it to them so that it could send me the new mark upgraded substitutions,
has received once some pictures have gone back mine and inform me that some elements have purchased here directly of the amazon is 'FAKES' and has not been manufactured by them but for and outfit in Cina this specialises to feign Logitech produced, said that it would be it necessary quell'Amazon of contact and inform them which I intent on doing in a morning,
So only so that it knows has thought has had something Fishy in a Keyboard and Smiled because of a way a Number of Serial has been applied to a fund of a Keyboard, has been written in the fake that piece of paper of looks and glued in the second sticker, in fact a M510 the smile does not have any Serial or numbers of Model at all in a fund, and a number of Serial in a Keyboard does not match anything Logitech has done.

(Update) 04/30/2020
After a lot of tentativas in a telephone with Logitech to take my Keyboard and Smile to do with my Windows has updated 10 I has given finally on, this was after a Keyboard had degraded result like this bad absolutely useless.
Has ordered the Comb of Smile of Aspic of wireless & Keyboard here on Amazon after reading a description with which another and am happy to say that they are both working perfectly, comprising all some tones.
5 / 5
Modification: Almost the year later and that the keyboard are adds!! Mark sure to contact Logitech sustain the a lot of subjects because they will ship out of the substitution. One smiles of a container is still a worse mouse has has not used never. I have downloaded a software to customise some tones that was quite useful. I disabled One the lock of discharge and reasoció a key of power to go to sleep instead. Very fresh!

A keyboard is really good and tension of ease in some wrists. A creation wave key was perfect for me because I question has had while it achieves tones with my pinkies. An only reason gives this product the bad description is due to a painful creation of a mouse. A Rest/of the curve does not leave any room for your ring finger and pinky to rest of course. My hands are half/small sized and has caused more the ache that a keyboard can relieve!

I almost to to sense likes has been drawn for the lefty (Of follow but use a mouse in my right hand) or try be universal. It felt like Logitech was the mark of confidence but will have that finds the new mouse like this this will be the backup ? The desire has ordered so only a keyboard and has saved the few dollars
5 / 5
a lot usually write descriptions in of the products on 2 years with which had him but ossia an exception . Today I sacked to offer to my wave keyboard as 'A the tone has stuck officially in the down situates never to locate again.

For juezas of start, are an individual the one who spends of the HOURS in the PC the time. I write fiction like the hobby as well as hours of game of video games. WASD Is some tones that almost all the use of games to control characters now days... And with that, a writing of hobby, and a general use... The time has has taken the tole in a poor tone and he can take no more.

On to the description of a keyboard. I have loved really an ergonomic feel of a keyboard and a naturalidad slant as well as a fact that has two heights in his few feet. I have used always a 2nd height (any one a basic height and no a mega quotes), which was so only perfect for a way has seated in my office.. In fact it had learnt to write a rid in this keyboard because of his character and cure. It was mainly a capacity has used link and fast investigations..
... I have used some tones of function extended a lot seldom; although they were the good characteristic of a keyboard. Having them In a same like some tones of normal function were the downplay so that it has used often F2 and F5 there is so only does to turn in some tones of characteristic extended more than the hindrance that the help.
...The SLEEP has comprised never the tones that is in of the keyboards. Until I rendered a key null in some options have paste a key the numerous time that annoyed in better.
...The life of battery was wonderful. Although I know have has changed battery so only look it in fact weeks. It could you do not say when I changed him last and has not turned NEVER a keyboard was until today when a tone has died.

In general, a keyboard is lasted almost 3 years and has had to add it to feel with life of excellent battery.

A mouse, this in spite of, died to the along in fact the year; it can not say a lot for that. It agrees that it has to that change some batteries in one smile more often that a keyboard.

A negative would find, in general, when being a row of a wireless. Wireless is not infinite; in fact, a row of this wireless device to the connection is really short. Would have disconnect @subject has had an adapter in a backside of my PC. In a front of my PC there was subject of zeros with connectivities how was simply so only 3-4 thumbs out of an adapter.

To all the cost, TEAR my Wave keyboard Feb 2015 - Dec will be lost. So only debating wants to take a same class or take the keyboard maquinal that leaves removable tones next time. Temporarily using the tiny basic keyboard until I decide.
5 / 5
At the beginning this keyboard was excellent. (And how it is a mouse .) It has been jumped on me in my fact of new work two years. Has-liked me has bought so much one for house of use. And then another.

I like some tones of plenaries shot, and those are taking hard to find. This one has him. And a ergo-the curvature is well. A curve to a backside is quell'has bitten excessive, this in spite of. This Esc the tone is further was that that I earth. But they are his result accustomed .

Is also useful that one wireless connects the calm software leave to use two keyboards and two smiles in a same computer. I owe that setup reason has a place of these in a desk, and another in a next piano.

But after the few months a start of tones to join bit it. It is not stickiness. It is embrague . In an of some keyboards a embrague looks for having diminished. Ossia A an I am using right now. But a keyboard for a piano still suffers a embrague. Cela An is not used often, how is well. One third one was in my office for work-use of house. A embrague was intolerable, as I have abandoned he for another keyboard.
4 / 5
Only giving these 3 stars, reasons a Keyboard is WELL, but a mouse has a lot of subjects. A the subject of entity is lags bad. Any well for gaming or anything more. Even has regulated some settings in of the windows, and he still LAGS. Another subject is is way too big for my hands, and spend the big glove. Another subject is so only he has not been comfortable in my hand. No it liked Him To Him one feels at all. Oh Already Some to to other things did not like... A software of engine is worthless... It is so only the way for Logitech to follow the one who has spent his product. Nothing special roughly he at all, calm does not require it to do this work of product. Also @I give that the cost has driven probably this subject, but a dongle is for both elements in place of one for each. No it liked him to Him he concealed. Still using a keyboard, but a mouse is in some rubbishes where belonging.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MK295 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Logitech In his sensatez the infinite has fallen one unifying dongle of this product. Calm instead take the only dongle that it reads so only partorisca this keyboard and mouse. Included worse, has substituted a Set-software of Point with something 'Opted' new calls. This download is 3 times a measure of a Together old-software of Point, and one first what is partorisca ask you partorisca create an account and partorisca share your history! Any Thank you! Of course you join 'Options' the software so only supervises a mouse, as you love map a keyboard, calm still precise install a Set-container of Point! I uninstalled some 'Options' the container of this mouse is the very basic mouse and can be controlled with Microsoft opts generic. An only function that loses is a monitor of battery.

While I am always be the defender of Logitech produced, this transmission of one unifying dongle and this keyboard especially is changing my opinion. A keyboard has the quite solid chair his, but he constantly tomb keystrokes. Of that is a primary function of the keyboard, can does not recommend. Also, one smiles that it comes with this container feels really economic (probably reason is economic). These 2 questions marks combined this container any one the subject. They are a lot disappointed that Logitech is falling one unifying dongle and software. This transmission so only is enough to do me look elsewhere for keyboard and of the substitutions of mice. In general, any recommended!
5 / 5
UPDATES A pair of weeks later, has is returned already this product and has attacked the star out of my description. Still with a receiver of view of interior of the USB of a keyboard & of mouse, there was so much lag that so only could no with him. I have substituted he with the mouse wired and keyboard.

ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION This combo has done fantastically when I dipped it on, well on until today when it has taken the pair of hours to the work and a keyboard there is prendido basically law. I have turned both mice and the keyboard was, has substituted some batteries, and disconnected then reconnected a receiver of USB. Still having a same question. Some works of mice wonderfully but a keyboard is no-responsive.

Has begun to look for Amazon for another product, that loves estaca with Logitech but thinking perhaps so only would owe that take something to the point of the main prize. In the description of the alike Logitech produced, any one has explained that that has had a subject same but has corrected he to situate a receiver of view of interior of the USB of a keyboard and mouse. So much, I have tried this and he has looked to fix a subject. (I has my monitors in my office with a mouse & of keyboard, but everything is run by means of my laptop that have had tent under an office. I have moved a laptop to a cup of my office.)

Is all doing a lot now, but are still so only giving three stars because this is not ideal. I will continue to use this for now, but will be to substitute he in the near future to the equal that can have my office has fixed a way prefers it to be. Likely buyers.. Be conscious that calm probably will require your crew fixed in the way that leaves a receiver of USB to be seen of interior of a mouse and keyboard (as yes you have the tower of computer this is to store under your office and would be difficult to situate elsewhere, calm probably will want to go with something different)
4 / 5
has had already one of these and are by train for the use in my desk with the dual computer setup. More than taking that it averts every time has loved to use my laptop with the regular keyboard, so only has taken the 2nd a. An original one has been doing perfectly for years, with a lot of pocolos never have used battery in spite of seldom when be turned of. Like this far, this element this new plus extracted like this well. It is quite basic, but still can write accelerate quite big for my age. It covers so only in an USB dongle, the mark sure has appropriate has touched the installed batteries, and have the keyboard and smile for almost any situation. I produce it adds in the decent prize. And a 'feel' tones during writing is wonderful can touch -type.
4 / 5
An USB Dongle is tucked interior of a compartment of the battery where is hard to see and thought it has been missing. Felizmente A cure of client rep of the amazon has known well was a dongle was and when it looked the second time there is it remarked. That would have to that it is colour a cup of a dongle differently so that it underlines for those with less than to the the perfect vision likes. They are extremely technically proficient but has lost this pocola crucial part. I have forgotten a Rep is to appoint the one who helped and has solved he in roughly 20 seconds in some telephone but appreciate service of competent client rep is like a fellow the one who helped so only now. Thank you. Otherwise Can any gone bad with Logitech keyboards and mice. I have been using them for years for the builds done of commission and wherever the wireless device can be used. Sometimes in a business place loves your mice and of the keyboards to be wired so that the employee is no free the and surrender the canal of useless work. But when you can use the wireless mouse and keyboard Logitech is dependable and good.
4 / 5
The user has to that install Logitech container of centre of the control (download of Logitech). But Mac YOU Catalina has a lot of barriers of security and Logitech the code does not touch amiably with those. It loves access to all keystroke entrance, to a screen, and to a system of file(!). I have looked for to admit this May Logitech the documentation was out of the data and I could find any way to admit some file left/of necessary screen. Also, the installation requires a lot of reboots of a Mac.

Also, Logitech centre to control said 'any Logitech the devices found in spite of fact that one smiles the fact and a keyboard was class of working (but to the things like to close of of discharge, tones of function, and another necessities has not done.)

Mac YOU Catalina operates well with mice of USB wired and keyboards without needs of any additional software. It is odd that this product requires software like this subsidiary (and still then, does not operate.)

Has on data. I will be to return this mouse/of keyboard .
5 / 5
Has loved this keyboard. When A spatial bar, 7 tone, ; and other tones have ceased to do and is still in guarantee, Logitech have me habladuría to multiple technician, all that maintains to ask me to do a bit pocolos fulfilled same on again. I have spoken with on 3 technologies now and there is not reading that it has done with some other technicians. It is on be 10 days now to expect to take approval for substitution of guarantee (purportedly has the 3 yr guarantee of the hardware limited) and does not look to be coming anymore. No longer they answer to mine emails. I have purchased a lot Logitech elements on some years and has thought was the good company , but seeing this lack of honoring his guarantee me rethink his products and service of client. Now I will be that it informs the majority of my friends and coworkers elsewhere.
4 / 5
Possesses a Logitech K120 keyboard. In fact it thinks that it is fantastic for a prize. Tones quite rigid and the comfortable creation. But I want to take touched of of some bosses, as I order a Logitech K270 of then is an exact same creation except wireless. It would owe that be 100 passable, well?

The one who the terrible keyboard. A membrane is like this soft is likes to write in the bowl of pudding. The works well bit it to him laggy in 2 feet but at all in 3 feet. To the left show me to write literally 3 feet of my tower:

Ossia tst yours

That translates to 'This is a worse keyboard has not used never,' in 2 tongue of feet. Perhaps it is unfair of then has the office and the majority of a tower in a way. TOO BAD. In rel world, this means to 2 row of feet. Esl' The half esal' in 1 tongue of feet apparently.

Can not comment on durability. I can update I decide pause he out of frustration. Any seriously, ossia bad. And I have used Inland has produced. INLAND: A company that tries to do all all the world-wide more not having never does well of look.

A smile--I already planned on not using a mouse because of lack of keys lateralmente and has looked generally the experience of horrible user. Lived until one each pessimist supposition roughly is crappiness. Too small, too light, too slow. But then it has one has fallen extra in some trousers. This a lot of sync with a Logitech has Unified dongle. So that it calms included it can tolerate this travesty of the keyboard but love the different mouse, goes to require to use 2 dongles.

Have the headache to use this product. It has wanted to me, it is bad. Like this bad. So only it does not buy it .
4 / 5
Has required the economic wireless keyboard and the mouse and this return a bill perfectly. Petit Like it has loved but with one same adds Logitech the keyboard feels. It likes the215 of the better mouse how is quell'has bitten main and returns my better hand, but for a purpose, this one are adds. Plugged He in and has done immediately a bat with Windows 10. Third wireless keyboard and smiled in my office and any interference among any of them.
A subject light, but does not think is a mouse . I plugged the Saint Disk 256gb clave in next to a receiver and a receiver have taken real jumpy in a mouse and a keyboard leave to do totally. Used another walk of clave of the USB and has not had the question. But have paste that situation, be advised. The receiver has moved to a backside of a PC and the question have solved.
4 / 5
A MK295 is in fact very calm -- which are adds for me, of then have the video conferencing mic next legislation to a keyboard. The quality of build is sum, and the mouse is perfectly sized.

This in spite of, are posting this description so that the people know one writing feels is class of unsatisfying. A better way can describe is that it is both simultaneously too rigid ( has to that push in each harder tone that the normal keyboard) as well as too soft (once press down, feels likes is pressing in styrofoam). It is not very pleasant. If I have not required a writing 'calm' the experience to good sure would opt for another model.
4 / 5
There is disappointed highly like the keyboard often does not operate. A mouse is well, but a keyboard prenderá to do for several minutes the time. Then it will write 1 of some leading papers or that the jumble of some papers has looked for to write. Then it will not erase immediately like deceit with him. Of then I am at present unable to seat in the office and require the wireless keyboard am a lot of fallido. 2 stars because some works of mice but would be so only be 1 star and return it otherwise. I can not exit to do to to the turn likes can not walk or of walk for several weeks. I have expected so much better of Logitech to the equal that has used his products for years.
Update: it has had east maintaining 1 month. Downgrading To 1 star. Keyboard with the fresh batteries and he still have not written for some last 10 minutes. Touching tones while his to do. It has written finally 2 papers prendieron again. Total junk. I have ordered the cord of extension of the keyboard for my regular keyboard and will be tossing this when it arrives. That the waste.
Informs to write that uses my telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: Dell KM636 Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5
This keyboard would not owe that be sold. It was not that Dell has directed partorisca maintain posting this on Amazon. I have purchased this here on Amazon on April 1 and for May 20 was done. The window of turn has closed at all can do now. A keyboard disconnects, spam, tones, lags entrance or simply does not write . I do in a The FIELD as it is not has not tried. This creation of keyboard is simply defective.

So only like this contrives it a following is some descriptions other people in DELL put web.
Partorisca Do after the month or two
has bought A lot of these keyboards partorisca my whole office, and a majority of mine coworkers is the mine returned after only the month or two complains it that the a lot of freezings (will not write partorisca several seconds, he then written the averages that writes you) or some tones tick' (any physically clave, but write a same paper 'ffffffffffffffffffffffff' stirs it with which paste a key so only once). We have tried that substitutes some batteries, that thinks that could be a question, but concealed does not help anything. I have been sticking them in a corner and ordering other frames/of models partorisca substitute them. State considering returning them all the Dell and asking our money behind!

Lasted of use of product On 6 month
Like use your product? Daily computing
✘ Any, does not recommend this product.
Failure to draw
has purchased multiple KM636 combo is partorisca our personnel and have all state returned to the ours dept. With a same complaint. 'It is Your not doing with the retarded lag.

Lasted of use of product: Less than the month
That it is your level of experience? Well
Very bad combo
the mouse is well, but a keyboard is terrible. Material very feeble and he partorisca do punctual. A row is horrible and he more probably so only give you the headache. Dell Has way better wireless keyboards partorisca offer. It remain out of east a.

Lasted of use of product 1-2 month
That it is your level of experience? Expert
Like use your product? Daily computing

Simply does not buy it ... There is not any excuse partorisca this class of failure for the costruttore of entity...
4 / 5
I do in him industry partorisca on ten years have used like this a lot of mouse of keyboards. I have used keyboards maquinales expensive, overpriced apple magic keyboard and another. But this $ 20 keyboard and the combination of mouse is awesome.
Sees pictures partorisca more.

Súper Easy to setup.
A usb adapter partorisca both keyboard and mouse.
3 battery in comprised with product.
Elegant look.
Protruding Tones.

The material is good but can be better. But maintain the imports are paying a lot little partorisca both keyboard and mouse. As his value.

See pictures and decide
4 / 5
are really rasgado in of the this. In one a hand, feels amiably drawn, some tones utmost celery, and that comes from/comes from my forward (10 year) keyboard I no longer to his likes are pounding in an office when they are in the speaker-called of telephone.

This in spite of, a mouse is really kippy'--- is almost as there it is interference, synchronises in and out of working perfectly. Sometimes an indicator of mouse so only skips around and another time is flawless. A keyboard randomly loses keystrokes. I will go back in the paragraph has written and will have 30 losing keystrokes, one or two here, a there, requiring me to try-read absolutely all have written.

The distance to a receiver is the no-@@subject: it is line of view and roughly 18 thumbs of both; I owe certainly hope 18 thumbs is not too significant the distance.

One smiles neither has a lot rubberized cushioning in a underside--as the result, the sound to scrape in an office during movement. My leading mouse (Microsoft Basic Optical) was the silent whisper during movement.

Are rasgado is, as REALLY it likes me one looks and feel of this combo. But so only soyisses' a mark and the seat like am spending to plot more time rereading which have written. They are by train to ask me has to that it has spent more in the Bluetooth unit more than this wireless owner a.

Has UPDATED 06/07/18: I have tried everything to solve a keyboard skipping subject, moving a receiver, substituting all the batteries with abonos fresh some, etc). An USB dongle is now 12' out of a keyboard and still loses roughly 1 of a keystrokes. My productivity has been dramatically reduced with this mouse/of keyboard combo like this all I type, has to go back nd modify ( there is a--I tyed 'is and start 'nd', and 'write' any 'tyed'---see, ossia my new life with this keyboard). I want to Dell, loves one FEELS of this keyboard, but has given up in the and am substituting he with the different mark.
4 / 5
I produce it adds, especially for a prize. Have Mostly good things to say; so many, will begin with a worse part--which is that one smiles clicking noise the little strong. Another that that, some wireless works without taking or difficulties of around my office, although I have not tried he for distance. Key is is thinner that your half keyboard, built in and plan until a bit resemble a mac-fashionable joints although they feel like the normal keyboard with a springiness would expect you. This be has said, some tones are is easy to press and especially calm for such the economic keyboard. Your level of noise will be to somewhere among touching and clicking (unfortunately, is a backspace tone ossia a strong plus , haha), to add context my description, earth mac keyboards and has has wanted to something wireless for my PC to do that it would look the little cleaner. My PC to do has had the quite basic dell keyboard that has not been wireless and has had some trapezoidal tones. Law well, but has imagined for a prize, reason not trying is one? I am satisfied. They are the little character of has bitten when it comes to the keyboard that writes but the am not extremely sensitive. So much, that loves the mid-keyboard to level that is not the complete piece of junk will find this to be quite good but, obviously, has no characteristic special and is a same measure and structure like any old keyboard meso.
4 / 5
A tone of period is súper touchy and 90 of a time does not confer information to a computer that wants to write the period. A work of only time is if I distinctively press a key perpendicularly.

Ossia One of a bit those that have opted there for slimline, simplistic keyboards that Is not mac. It is it adds. Aesthetic and excellent connectivity the good-looking options.

That when be said, some tones are the pocolos more difficult that press that a typical laptop chiclet keyboard. You take used sweats calm so only use this keyboard, but transmission consistently, calm probably look. I owe that plant like this forces to the mine that writes that my monitor shakes the little am writing too close up his base. Perhaps my table is not to ensure enough, perhaps is a keyboard .

A smile does not have any side, so that it also takes some taking used to. With more than mice, you grab some sides with your thumb and your pinky, but you bondadoso of has to that learn the so only has left this float of toes or grip some sides more precisely.
5 / 5
I am not enamoured with this combo but has loved loves it like this bad that deliberately am spent for big his short majorities at the beginning. My situation was this , has had the desk setup and dual monitors, which I hijacked one of these monitors to use with my laptop to do when docked. Has a whole creates , a docking canal and everything. Unfortunately, my office is very limited in real-estate to the equal that have begun to look for an alternative to use so only a keyboard and mouse. Look to the KVM transmission of classes, but when I have taken to the account could use a peripheral to control until 3 devices, everything without bosses, has been sold. Out of a box was very excited like the things have run. My configuration was such that has selected 1 Bluetooth canal to control my laptop of work, another Bluetooth canal to control my iPad that writes, and a wireless owner distributed for a micro dongle for mine desk (he not having Bluetooth sustain). All has looked to be working adds!

After the month of use are now sad to say that I desire had not purchased this combo. It is very so much that one feels of a keyboard or the mouse is unappealing, in fact, a keyboard is quite tight. If he so only have behind- has has lit tones that would be the enormous plus. No, it boils down to as an interior Bluetooth the radios take STOPS. EV. ER. To initialise. I thought it that it is it more be seamless, I envisioned writing me in mine desk, flipping a transmission on to answer to the email of work, flipping on to answer to a message of instant, then flipping behind to continue where has to that the left is gone in a PC. It has been it has shot quickly down when swipe of reality. In truth, I can toe behind and advances, but that goes to any of a Bluetooth the devices often can take until 10 seconds to initialise and begin working. A mouse is much slower that a keyboard but is one smiles that I use more often. Any only is a slow mouse to change , has to have the number to time entirely falls a connection and I owe cycle among canals for him to initiate a handshake and connection again. Has has has had to that also king-pair a Bluetooth in mine portable to to 3 times now likes to him so only on and failure for the see. Finally, one smiles this what really odd where when I click a key that change among connections, quickly returns to a 1 connection (the physicist dongle). It can seat and paste the the multiple time and he so only immediately goes back to 1. FINALLY with which likes 20 of the clicks begins to cycle by means of a Bluetooth canals. It was not if it is that a Bluetooth irradiate in some smiles is not to initialise or something but is frustrating.

In an end, a setup works but, the man is the ache in a calm-know-that to use among multiple devices in time. Some 3 stars are for a fact that resupplies the solution to control multiple devices with a keyboard and mouse, but a technology/of execution is hampered probably so only because of an a lot of character of Bluetooth and his intrinsic slowness. Continuous use a together but maintaining my eyes have peeled for something with better action. I can not recommend this combo simply because of some frustrations of a Bluetooth, reason all master is wireless has the tonne there this extracted better that this.
4 / 5
As it take the new work where would be to do with multiple devices (an agreement has issued Dell and the place has issued mac and iPad) to the equal that has loved the alone keyboard and smiled to maintain my office uncluttered.
Has loved like this what. A quality of build looks very good but is the little light for my flavours. It likes like this it writes and to the equal that feels but have on elected in negatives of legislation out of a box.
- A three function-ness of this very concrete. 1 NEED to be paired to the Dell Link dongle. 2 And 3 NEED to be bluetooth. I have bought this like a deal of Warehouse of the Amazon and he have arrived without some critical parts. Both a keyboard and dongle has not been to present in a box (does not cry for me Argentina, to the amazon has @to @give sold to us treat it bad and gave it mine for free). But one missing dongle has meant that function 1 was unusable without me that follows down he dongle.

Now, Dell used to use Logitech is Unifying hardware in his material but I supposition there is tired to pay one authorising or anything. So much, has transmission to the his own 'Dell link' but unfortunately reason is new and any when being pas used in a lot of hardware a dongles is scarce and expensive as it do not result any value the to follow down one. Perhaps this will change with time but an idea that such the small, easily misplace-the able part would be hard to the substitute was the big negative for me. More, already had lost functionality of 1 device.
A Dell resupplied by a company I work partorisca has bad bluetooth but of only uses like the time-clock and the officially of reports of file (concealed can be generated in google docs and has copied on) has decided to skip pairing with him and house in just using my place has resupplied Mac ( adds an extra step to mine workflow but is smaller). This in spite of, a mac has had sometimes the hard time that it is awake up for key-presses. It was not if this was the subject of keyboard , or he bluetooth @subject. But, you are one @subjects no a less.
An iPad I used would be spotty the wise connectivity with this keyboard - could have it been a fact that has gone treat it of warehouse, has not been - but would write full words and was sentence sometimes and an iPad so only would not take them . But, when I paired an old laptop bluetooth the keyboard a first time every time.
A last subject is coming after the week and the half of use. It have dipped the fresh pair of Duracell Pros in him with which took it and burn entirely him. Now, I am sure that it was the question with my particular keyboard, but this was a last straw .
Has dipped he in the cupboard and has gone back to Logitech to purchase the K780. All some things this Dell has promised so only better. And, it was able to use old Logitech dongles had accrued during mine tenure acting on repairing PCs.
4 / 5
Rubbish. I finalise to lose all as paid for this keyboard and mouse.

Maintain disconnecting. Entirely unreliable and uncomfortable experience. I have hated Dell Because of his computers of poor quality. The peripheral was some only products of dell could take my hands on. Now, included those are black-has listed.

A smile there is so only it good look. More is craps. Has the odd drift when used, and the sensor is an upper front of a mouse, as when I need to do well motion with a mouse, is quite difficult to control his motion on screen, as you rear of a mouse would go to derive while a sensor situated in a front will not move because of an odd form and unbalance has. To do it worse, has noticeable latency. Something calms would not consider never for gaming or step of image.

Better pay a prize and take your self material of Logitech.

Absolute fail of Dell.
29th Seven 2018 Update:
has looked for so only for the solution, and found something ineteresting. Any one has suggested uninstalling all some engine of USB in a car, which I , and has used the PS/2 keyboard to control my device (any one an ideal chance for the product supposed to be spent-&-game). This in spite of, the things are resulted the little has bitten more under control when using a dongle.
This in spite of, one takes wine to a surface when I have looked for to use this combo among mine Desk and portable. The the connection fails when changing among a bluetooth connectivity and a dongle, which is another failure has added to a cast. Has thinks that that it is the bluetooth subject with one of my cars, when I have changed a dongle among them behind and advance, when any fruitful result. A question is still there. I have tried the pair of portable + mine desk. This indicates that it is the question with a mouse & of keyboard combo he.
Can take the better action of the wireless economic plus combo, which leaves an elegance and good looks of this combo like only upper point.
5 / 5
is in fact be to a dell put web and has downloaded some engine for this keyboard and now does perfectly! I think that that some subjects was a software that has required to install.

Had read some descriptions is previously to buy but did not think it could be that bad. But it is really a worse wireless keyboard has had. Taken for ever for him to write the papers and he then loses him write to quickly. I have wanted to you love/ it The reason have found that dell papers of the keyboard does not spend was like this like this Logitech. It looks I will be to try out of another keyboard that considers that lg took to him to write this description to correct all some deceptions....
4 / 5
[Orignal Informs 10-31-18]
has bought so only this for a keyboard to substitute a keyboard of league of the Magnesium (keyboard of surface of the Microsoft). I dipped it/ I dipped It on on 10-29-18. It was odd at the beginning. It does not connect to a computer by means of a dongle. As I have seen one drives of fast start has said to connect a first mouse, as I that, and then a keyboard has begun to do. But a lot all some tones... Has restart a keyboard and a computer and concealed to leave me to take numlock doing. It is almost like some tones had not been never pressed before (any control of quality?). I have had also some delays when you press the key. In all the chance, the half of route by means of a day, has not been in that has more @@subject. It is doing well now.

Comparison to a keyboard of Surface of the Microsoft.
1. I want that this is not so only Bluetooth. A Surface is Bluetooth so only and have enough a delay with which not using he for the pocolos small same although has has had savings to be able to the looks have turned on for mine Bluetooth dongle.
2. Some tones are more clicky - harder that press, can not be like this light in some shots, but is more than satisfies, calm really is that has paste a key before you inferior era. These tones are twisted also so only bit it. Logitech The solar keyboard is twisted more and taste that, but Microsoft is was totally of slowly, and this has meant paste a flange of the thickest tone and no for the knowledge , and not registering a tone.
3. Some tones are slightly smaller, has the little emptier, and there is less wobble. A thing has known no never has concerned me roughly until I have had a keyboard of LADY, was that some tones of arrow on that one was equally spaced, and when I have achieved my hand to them would not know him the paste some arrows or one in a tampon reason do not have a lot empty among some arrows and one in a tampon. Look well and symmetrical, but a lot prefers an empty extra this, and the majority of keyboard has. There is the empty small among some tones of arrow his and the empty big among a tone of arrow and the no-yours of arrow.
4. Some material. A CROWN the keyboard is simply better. Has a surface pro 3, and are the enormous defender of a league of Microsoft of magnesium has. I think that all the electronic would be necessary uses it. It feels good to touch, is sturdy and light. This Dell the keyboard has the darkest look his, which is well, but does not feel like this well, and there is some curve. Also, an aluminium is so only in an upper and sides, under the side is plastic, which I any car roughly if it do not bed, but he , but a curve is not noticeable when writing, as they are well with him on everything. Some tones in a LADY are also better. It feels crazier, and some tones in a Dell is more like this plastic of Logitech, is more than the sticky plastic, more than the smooth crazy.
5. In general, material this Dell is better. Fi Is coming from Logitech, especially he Logitech solar and loves something the little more first, ossia the good election . If it likes the really light shot in some tones, then a CROWN could be worth it. But I have had to it weaves of papers disappeared in that a, and then a left Ctrl there is prendido to do.

Has dated this description, as I will update transmissions with more than dating like this I (and another) knows what time is been.

Top Customer Reviews: iClever GK08 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Have has wanted the mine of use 22' monitor and avert using my keyboard of laptop. Has some habits of bad keyboard and inadvertently touch a tampon of toe of the laptop, which goofs on my document or disturbs my train of has thought. I have had the Logitech wireless keyboard of some Dark Ages and was quite clunky. I have seen this combination/of the mouse of the keyboard has offered on Amazon and has thought would give to try it. They are very happy has done. This keyboard is so only that has loved.
First of all, is easy to dip up. It covers in a receiver of USB and both keyboard and the mouse are connected. So only some batteries of needs of the mouse (2 AAA is, which distribute you). A keyboard is returned with the rechargeable battery. Recharging Is quickly and easy with the mini-boss of USB. It can be touched by means of the port in a laptop or by means of an electrical adapter. I am used to my ergonomic mouse as I have dipped a mouse that is coming with a keyboard in my drawer of electronic toys like the backup. Before among a drawer, this in spite of come from it. It is comfortable to use and the law adds.
A full keyboard is calm and responsive. My keyboarding the skills look for having improved why no respecto on a tampon of toe. It likes-me a keyboard 10 slant, which leave me to do without the severe wrist that curves. Have Still to run out of battery. It covers in a keyboard when material of him, which is each few days or so many. This combination/of the mouse of the keyboard is a lot of-drawn and in my value of opinion each nickel. iClever HAS the winner.
4 / 5
I have bought this keyboard to do of home, and is state to add like this far. Some tones good celery and has not lost the keystroke still. It likes that it connects of street an USB more than bluetooth reason fulfilling that it tends to be the little has bitten more than confidence. A keyboard feels the little more economic that says the magic keyboard of course, but this one is the fraction of a prize. A upside is that he the little lighter of has bitten and more portable that a Magic keyboard. It has to that very sure that you easily can launch this in your stock exchange and take he with you anywhere would love you. One smiles is not terrible but is not my preferred neither. Calm to good sure can feel that it is quite cheaply fact and does not come with battery, but hey thus prize, requires one, reason any so only take this together? It is to good sure value your money!
5 / 5
Like this far like this well, there it go it so only 3 days,the tone that the spaces taken the small taking use also. I am using he with my MacBook Air. He synced well up. A tone of order is in the something slightly different, and some times some shortcuts of law of Apple sometimes his no. The mouse is doing with a keyboard so that it is the enormous plus .
4 / 5
They are very happy with this product. I spent the pleasure adds that both a keyboard and smile it has surpassed my expectations. Any only is a prize adds, some produced is very solid. A keyboard is lustrous, calm when writing and enough frankly extremely comfortable to use. In another hand, some frames of mice absolutely any sound when clicking that an experience I enough adds. A setup was instantaneous. Recognition so only in some devices and discharges in a receiver and ossia.
5 / 5
It likes like this far. Has good compatibility with my MacBook Pro. I am writing my thesis now has to that way that has loved something more comfortable for my wrists. This was the add compraventa, am very comfortable in an office of computer for long hours, A mouse is a lot also. To I date can of battery to go goes him unused paralizaciones awhile. To good sure recommend!
5 / 5
This combo is really beautiful and calm. It is tones feel responsive. Both a keyboard and the mouse have the space of receiver, can store a receiver of USB in a keyboard or in a mouse. Have At all to complain after the use of the week, likes five stars.
5 / 5
I like this the product dips a lot. A quality of a keyboard and the smile was a lot well, easy to install, and soften to write and control. A creation and white colour of both mice and the keyboard looks quite also. I can control my remote PC of office easily now.
4 / 5
I love this keyboard, especially a coverage of keyboard of the silicone. A slender creation is perfect for my fat toes and is LIKE THIS CALM. A silicone covers really the helps maintain your toes in some tones and averts to the slip was and paste wrong tones. They are like this happy has broken down and has bought this particular product.
4 / 5
I have decided to buy the monitor to give me an additional screen for my MacBook. I have imagined the mouse and the keyboard would be the addition adds. I have researched a lot of produced and decided to try this one of descriptions has said was compatible with macs. They were a lot! This does wonderfully, was easy to dip on, and goes in an unbeatable prize. Also it likes that automatically it goes to of way to sleep that excepts life of the battery in chance is any one taste of the that forgets to toe a transmission to be able to era when not using . Highly it recommends this to any one looking for the keyboard and smile for his MacBooks.
5 / 5
It debate on taking the new laptop reason the half my keyboard does not do and has on looked and has tried all some mockery for the take to do again. This together has solved my question! Súper Easy to connect! In fact it likes that they are of light and does not feel economic mine. It does for more than consolation with portability.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech Media ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
They are an old school Mac characterises, but avert peripherals of Apple (hard walks outsides, keyboards, wifi, etc) wherever possible. Any only because I am often insanely overpriced, but also because when no of Apple out of his core competency, the quality takes partorisca beat the.

Especially keyboards! His puppies Is like this quite so it can be, but more fragile that D triumph ego. A time the alone drop to sweat gone of mine front and landed in my keyboard. What discovers the scarce circuited, the sirens have been he was, and a ghost of Steve Jobs has achieved thru a screen and has begun rifling thru my pockets for $ 200 bucks.

In all the chance, this keyboard are adds. Some tones are light to a touch, responsive, as it has said. They are the fast to characterise, this keyboard does not retard me down. Like the writer, keyboards/of smiles that spent in so that I do not lose moment to be forced to go looking for battery, right in a half of the heat streak.

Has not tried one smiles still, to slowly to maintain likes him the transmission.

This keyboard is not to like, but is economic, work well, and does a trick. Also I have a Logitech K120 and has been using he for years in another Mac with subjects of zeros. A K120 is included more economic, but lacking keys of means comunicacionales arrive (volume on, volume down, etc). Ossia Class of annoying, for this a reason has clashed until K200 this time.

Yes, a MK200 will do for you... Included some keys of volume. When you Cover he in a first moment, the message will look in a screen that says your needs of computers some help recognising it. All have to that do is to press some the calm keys ask you to press and calm then can use. Fast and easy!

Loves one modifies keys in a MK200 to do exactly like your old keyboard, will have to exchanges a place of a Mandate and tones of Option.

To do that:
1. Opened ystem Preferences'
2. Keyboard of click'
3. The click soyodifier Tones'
4. Transmission (sees semi-detached screenshot):
---- Yours of Option to Command
---- Command Key the Option

With which conceal, all your shortcuts fast keys will do to having done like this in your keyboard of Apple.

Esperanza That it help!
4 / 5
It is the very good keyboard , but does not recommend was the very fast typist . I write 150 wpm and can not maintain on with me. It does not register the plot of mine keystrokes. A last Logitech the keyboard has had was the wireless--basically a same model--and he (and leading versions of him) was so only adds, maintaining on with me so only well. I have been using them for years and of the years. I have loved to change to the keyboard wired (has discovered of then that our wifi gave headaches!) And lame is one , but can not maintain on with me. I owe that find the better keyboard now.
4 / 5
While the technology tends to some wireless devices, has found has smiled keyboards & of the USB to be more than confidence for my desk PC. This particular keyboard are adds with some tones of additional function in a cup for inaugural your browser of web, changing volume, touching/prendiendo music, that opens a calculator, that opens an application of email, and dipping a PC to sleep or that goes to closure. A mouse is like this remote state of confidence without subjects in some right or sinister keys. He the years was skeptical of a Logitech frames, but has come of then to trust this mark based in my experience of what time his produced last me compared to other popular frames have had.
5 / 5
I have ordered this combo on February 11, 2017. It is now He Leaves 22, 2018. I complain to inform that some papers in some tones are painted in such the way that rubs era. No longer I have the visible 'An is' 'Any or touched yours, and one Enters key is the averages rubbed was. As they are well with that writes to touch, this is not really a subject, but means that any the one who is not (or any that requires to use my computer for anything) fight to do sure is using some correct tones. One would think Logitech could do the able keyboard to resist until regulating writing, but apparently any one this time. One smiles still does well, but looks to accrue material to the long of some sides been due to a type of plastic is done went. I have it that has not had never I smiled collect grime/fuzz like this quickly, and find me cleaning this one at least each one another week. Have has does not have to that never this with other mice of computers, and my wireless usb smiled not to give me subject alike (but a plastic is different in a wireless usb mouse, feels more like silicon).
4 / 5
Comfortable to use, but after the month or like this, one enters key and half some papers have prisoner to do. Any one follows how has been bad. It was after a returnable date how is in a box in a cupboard. Waste of money. The law of mouse adds this in spite of.
5 / 5
This keyboard and the mouse does a lot well, any complaint at all. They are the very fast typist and has to that have the keyboard that suitable tactiley, and does not look in a keyboard when writing, when doing. They are 'house' in this keyboard; a plus ornamentadas ergomatic one has taken die. Like the súper prime, a mouse is more has not used never, and ossia multiple. Thank you.
5 / 5
Decent wire fence desk put for 2nd computer. 2 things want to clear up.. It is not the plenary sized keyboard, unless perhaps you are the leprechaun. It is W X L measure is x thumbs, doing it smaller that mine economic HP box that is coming with a PC. I can live with that, but is announced like full measure... Among report. 2nd, if ignorant or misleading, neither kybd or the mouse requires any batteries... Elsewhere in this DESCRIPTION of product is says battery req'd = HE. It conceal it is not to correct.. Perhaps in past has comprised the different mouse, but a lot now. USB /Can distribute small tram reqmnts, but this Box, any precise is the box of basic USB.

Tactile Feel like this far is well, calm, as I have loved. Kybd HAS few legs to elevate it, both bosses have the period has adapted.
5 / 5
The mouse and the keyboard have done to enter signal. With which conceal, Mac had enter the pair of keystrokes to recognise a keyboard. With which startup, all has done perfectly. Any all some tones are some same like Magic Keyboard. I will maintain a Magic Keyboard for some applications that needs some extra tones, but for 1/10 a prize of a Magic Mouse and Keyboard, will not complain . Once logged-in, a Magic Mouse is far upper to a Logitech., But logging is almost impossible. It take these because Apple Bluetooth the devices have not been recognised in start-on, and taking spent a register-in the screen was the nightmare . I am returning a Magic Mouse, will lose it.
5 / 5
After feeling like the T-Rex that tries to write in some tiny keyboards of today, is the relief to have the keyboard of full measure that the works & feels of sound. It gives the graces for the product adds. Easy to dip on, abundance of bosses long & a mouse is terrific. Thank you!!!
4 / 5
I have bought this reason have loved some controls of volume and key of calculator in my keyboard. This was an economic one more has found. Ossia A good keyboard , works of good mouse. An only thing that maintains this of 5 star is that it is the noisy keyboard . Perhaps I am used so only to my keyboards in an office, but ossia quite noisy. If it have known this could have spent the few dollars more in a this is to announce like this when being calm.

Top Customer Reviews: Wireless Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
As has the Mac computer. I am used like this partorisca have a tone of order partorisca shortcuts keys. Have @@give After taking the one who a placing of 'Alt' is where my toes have the habit of 'cmd'. It was sad at the beginning because utilisation everything of some original shortcuts, but there is the way around the this! It was able to change a key 'alt' to a 'cmd'. It goes to Settings->Keyboard->Modify Tones->Down Select Keyboard, swipe '2.4 receiver of g' ->yours of option of the Transmission partorisca command. This will change a 'alt' key to command.

A mouse is calm also and taste that there is of the half click in a roll. Entirely it will require you 3 battery. There is a receiver of USB partorisca both keyboard and mouse. The pair that use an entrance of USB. This keyboard is thinner that mine last keyboard! A green is the good colour . It likes that I can control of music of some tones (and his, brightness, and more)

A keyboard is not bluetooth compatible, but works well with USB. In general good product.
5 / 5
This keyboard is a perfect measure partorisca my work of office “of house”. A surface of the work is not like this wide like the office like this this does perfectly like the fir of keyboard my laptop. Partorisca Reason them ergonomic have required partorisca create a screen looked in. This has meant could not use a keyboard of Laptop . These returns of keyboard perfectly in a table and to the delight of my family is calm; no more clicking of some tones so that it does not touch partorisca like am hammering with each paper I type. A mouse is light profile , lower and access amiably in my hand. It is a lot responsive too much.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I love this keyboard and mouse. A look and feel of a keyboard of aluminium brushed is awesome. A red really burst and looks a lot of seating in my office. A keyboard is slender and dips down more than my old keyboard, as I seat likes less stress in my wrists and less casualidades of carpal the tunnel of then are the programmer of computer and in my keyboard all day long.

Some tones are easy to press, silent when writing (any clicking), and has any question that maintains up with my writing. Some looks of mice and feels well in my hand and is drawn for both sinister and right-handed people. One smiles also has the low profile and is easier that resist and movement around when the be has used.

Does not move too far out of my laptop during a day, as I have not had any subject with a connection among a keyboard, smile, and my laptop. A keyboard and the smile goes to sleep to save can of battery with which 10 minutes of the inactivity and calm owe click a key of mouse or press the key to wake them behind on first of calm can use him again, but ossia regulate these days and the saver to be able to add.

Likes that there is so only a receiver for both a keyboard and mouse and does not take on two put you of USB. You can store a receiver in a compartment of battery of any keyboard where you originally found the or in some smiles yes is taking this with you and is in a movement. He this a lot of laptop and like this calm does not lose a receiver. A keyboard is backlight also and the easy fact to see some tones yes has required.
5 / 5
A creation and the measure of this keyboard is almost identical to this of mine Dell computer of laptop.
Now does not have to that be afterwards to the mine portable to write.
A keyboard is a lot of stylish slender, light, comfortable manually, also has all some basic and characteristic keys.
Has connected quickly and easily to the mine Windows 10 laptop that use of the propiciado by USB resupplied and is game & of discharges.
This wireless mouse has done perfectly and to the equal that has expected. It is a lot light, a lot comfortable.
An upper zone has the good, textured material this gives the plus luxurious feels.
A need of Keyboard 2 x AAA the batteries and the precise mouse 1 EA battery (A bit the batteries are not comprised)
recommends this Keyboard and Mouse.
5 / 5
A keyboard and smiled combo are adds. The mouse is incredibly calm. Good feedback in some keys for a keyboard and a mouse, also. I honradamente the just desire was both rechargeable in the place of the battery has operated. In general the solid cost for a money.
4 / 5
Is impressed really with this keyboard and neighbour of mouse. Some keys and the transmissions keys of mice are a lot calm and highly responsive. A nonslip crazy the arrival of a mouse feels really well in a hand. A mouse and the keyboard substantial celery, any flimsy, and a quality of construction is a lot big. Very satisfied with this compraventa and to good sure would buy again.
5 / 5
Has bought this to add to mine Covid laws-of-home dipped up. I have loved the wireless keyboard that has been more looked to the keyboard of laptop more than this old pupil clunky keyboards. It liked really that of a keyboard and the smile uses a same USB as I do not owe that of the waste 2 put you of USB (one for the keyboard and one for the mouse). A colour is A lot GREEN which has not expected of then has thought that was more the green of mint but is not the value that returns. A mouse is profile a lot down and A lot CALM with an exception of a wheel of roll, which he sometimes done the noise of the strongest scrolling that anticipates. In general I really like a keyboard and mouse. It is to good sure calmer that my original option and for a prize would owe that resist on while I the precise.
4 / 5
Has read the plot of descriptions and has asked my L lady in acting that has thought wireless keyboards and the mouse. Taking to any response so much sum, I still researched, and has done this compraventa. It has been shipped fast and packaged well. Taking it dipped up was quickly and easy. Amur A colour and creation of a keyboard and a mouse. And it is súper calm writing and clicking. They are a lot happy with cost of mine!
4 / 5
I really like this computer and pairing of mouse. So only of the propiciado by USB comes with him for both, has meant that the only takes a port to use both a mouse and keyboard. I really like a colour, has taken a mint the green colour and comes exactly like this pointed. I have used so much a mouse and a keyboard each weekday for some last 3 months and I could not be happier, especially in around $ 30. It is not really ergonomic, but a keyboard is elevated slightly in a cup, which slants a keyboard down to some wrists. A Keyboard is the full keyboard with tampon of number. An only reason am not giving is the plenary five starts is reason one smiles, while functional, feels cheaply has done. A keyboard has the much better his quality, but both are functional and has done doing of home much more enjoyable with the personal touch that loves.
5 / 5
I like spatial, so it needs the keyboard that resupplies concealed and deletes so many bosses. For $ 20, this does a work well, and honradamente, an only thing that could have it done this better keyboard, is has had the backlight.

Like such, ossia the full keyboard . It is small, relatively calm, comprises some Lights of Lock (i.et. Main lock, Lock of Number), has the key for a calculator (which are taste and of work with numbers all day, ossia convenient), and has the key to close that closes your computer. A keyboard is domestic on the little in a backside, and like such, can any flatten that. So that utilisation a 'House' and 'End' key alot, can find it inconvenient. These keys, together with a Page On and Page Down keys, is remained with a keypad. As such, an only way to use them is to turn of a Lock of Number.

One smiles that among a neighbour is súper calm and is comfortable.

So much a keyboard and a mouse are the battery operated (a apresamiento EA and another AAA). I think it that it would be it more be convenient to do them uses a same type of battery.

In general, I like a together. A colour of file is interesting (more like the puke green). Has has had so only he for less than the month, and like this far like this good.

Recommends? Yes.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MK735 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have been in a L profession partorisca 31 years now, and ossia a unit I better there is never has used. I have been using this combo unit partorisca years, and loves that. They are at present in mine 2nd combo unit, and rigging to purchase mine 3rd combo unit.
Life of battery. Some battery last longer that a imprinted characters in a keyboard. I have had my current combo unit 2 years, and a window of the load of the battery says still have the full load. I am using Duracell battery.
Has smiled: I love a 'behind sends/' tones' in a side of a mouse. Any one calms does not have to that never use some arrows/of before behind in I or Firefox.
Durable: I have spilt multiple things in the, and continuous do.
Keyboard: Smooth, and easy to find the keys/of tones have used frequently.
A imprinted characters any last long. So many, if you do not have your creation of keyboard has memorised, calm neither will owe that maintain that it substitutes a whole unit, or, buy the clave of substitution of the character-in boxes. The mine is like this shabby, some characters have been spent was, a spatial bar is now smooth, but at least some dents on 'F' and ' is still there his easily finds 'row of house'.
4 / 5
Experience in April, the papers keys have begun to spend was 3 month later. A day has taken a time to contact Logitech the support has seen a web of place of a keyboard was still under a 1 guarantee of year. Note: His support has taken 2 weeks to included recognise me, this after updates of multiple entrance to ask if any one has done there. I have been me in accordance with to us that the substitution required and has required so only my number of telephone to ship, which have given gladly.. Then 2 weeks more spend of longitude, contacts them telephone street for an update and a person I maintaining say that they will not substitute it . This planned time some police dips has (any cosmetic turn with which 6 month) - I contacted him 3 days with which some 6 months for a way. I have asked to speak to the supervisor, gave some same BS that would not substitute t because of a 'cosmetic clause', but at least escalated an entrance to I supposition a esuper instruments of lean'. 2 More weeks later, take an email that his so only this once substitutes a keyboard. So only this once. Save your money. Logitech No longer is that it dominates a peripheral sand. His oversees the support is sub-pair in better.
4 / 5
OMG. Ossia A worse combination of the keyboard and the smile has has not experienced never. Has think that ordered the different keyboard (upgrade) that a one has had already. Ossia A keyboard esatta same with to focus of number of different model (MK710) in a fund of him! 'A matching' (ossia the laugh ) the wireless mouse is marcación M705. His no together . A question is when calm writes in a keyboard there is the retarded response or any answered at all in a screen of monitor (any looks of paper). Constantly I owe that turn some smiles was and behind in multiple time to take a keyboard to write. That usually would take me 3 or 4 minutes to type can take so as 15 or 20 minutes. Ossia A first time has has not had never a subject with the Logitech thinks to the amazon has received the batch of defective crew and would have to that take sell this model.

Has maintained a keyboard and has purchased the new Logitec smiled, model M310 , and a question has been solved. A question was to good sure in a 705 has smiled that originally it is coming with a keyboard
4 / 5
has Had to that go back and action that has imagined it was in this mouse. There is the key for behind one turns that calm leave you to change he of 'Hyper' the 'Normal' (with notch) which leave you to control a wheel. Like this happy has found this underlying key in simple view..!

has bought this together to use work, I to plot of YACE mapping and work in of the products of Office to plot. Some works of keyboard perfectly and really likes to of me. This in spite of, a mouse.. It is WAY TOO SENSITIVE. You can turn down a sensibility, and turned it all a way down, but still are that it runs to subjects where was when I move one smiles a map am doing in zoom in or was because of the roll of a mouse. Although I go to dondequiera and leave my toe out of a wheel will continue to go.. EXTREMELY it is frustrating.. It could finalise buy the new mouse.. It likes like this it returns in of my hand and any another subjects another that a wheel.
5 / 5
Pros: A keyboard is sturdy, any if it wobbles (still when of the corners of these situated in the mousepad), and like this far some the papers keys am not rubbed was. Also an electronic exposure that objective if lock of discharge and in a to the lock is involved is useful.

Gilipollas: Sometimes a keyboard takes for ever to in fact transmit some papers are writing to your computer. In a lot of occasions (comprising so only now, which is that signalled to write this description), will begin to try to write and at all will transmit to my computer. Then finally everything of some papers will exit immediately in the odd jumble, and then am forced for the delete all and try begin a process on. This incredibly is annoying, especially of then am using this keyboard in work. I hate to squander time that tries to take my keyboard to do. This has not been never the question with mine other keyboards. For this reason so only, would not recommend this keyboard.
5 / 5
Likes -you to FRUSTRATION, buy this product! It is unbelievable but true that this combo the together figure of a keyboard an old plus and the smiled the newest. A result of of the this is that two separate pieces of software are necessary for control and program some two devices. Logitech Setpoint Is required for a keyboard and Logitech Options for a mouse – same although both ask of control of software like this keyboards and mice. So only a lot both of one some in this together! Unbelievable! It believes it or no, I am spent more than an hour and the half in the cat with his people of support (after expecting almost an hour in a row could add). These people do not have the clue to the equal that to that is going in. We had me to us uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting, etc, that comes from this version and that version (yikes!). All unnecessary. All annoying. Everything unacceptable. Ossia The information would owe that prpers have known roughly and said in some premiers 30 seconds. Worse, Logitech does not have to that it never has left this situation arrives. A technology to sustain said me in fact (in his less than English ideal) “some any in-keyboard of questions to consider now is selling thru combos” when I said has had an old keyboard - as I so only bought today! I have been using Logitech smiled and keyboards for on 20 years and am not happy in of the this. Well, I can treat that it has to that have the loaded redundant software. But - this keyboard written constantly some the wrong papers and I have to that backspace and corrected. Has has had to that so only enter and delete a period in an end of a last sentence 9 times - has maintained to enter the 'k'. A receiver is 2 thumbs out of a keyboard. It produces really bad or lemon? I will try the substitution. We will see...
4 / 5
Mina MK710 combo the keyboard and the mouse have arrived the pair in fact hours and was anxious of the take installed. They are very annoyed with a fact that has purchased the new unit and has received that clearly it looks to be it refurbished unit. A keyboard does not resupply any clues that has been refurbished but one smiles certainly does like this evidenced for one has has attached photo. It is clear of a embedded frames of scratch in some tampons of slide. The additional evidence is an a lot of noticeable lack of dimples in a side of thumb. Has an appearance to be severely scrubbed down to take muck and grime. My mouse of 4 old years has more dimples rest that a like this called new one same after having scrubbed the down long me.

Can say these things with some terracing of confidence to the equal that am substituting a MK710 dip which is 4 years old and some tones are resulting difficult to depress in time. Ossia Knows has shot of this model but are has had to that to spend for big concealed. I love a keyboard and mouse. That does not concern for the be the east has shipped the used (refurbished) combo when I am exited of my way to avert that it purchases it refurbished unit. I have gone back and it has examined a page of detail of the element and nowhere declares this it refurbished unit.

Am not situating lacking. So only sharing facts. It controls your product attentively when calm receive it.
4 / 5
Looks to be the good upgrade of some forwards combo together. Our only stink was a fact that a mouse was the little smaller and a wheel of roll in hyper-the way is the little messy in time. Originally A MK710 smiled/of keyboard combo retailed partorisca around $ 99 or more, but now can find he partorisca around $ on Amazon, he giving the very better category of prize when it comes to some characteristic has to that offered. Ossia The together wireless adds for the majority of users of PC, comprising inexperienced or intermediate gamers. Of course you are an upper-row gamer, probably will opt for something with the keys done of commission, tones maquinales and the crazy looking smiled (to the each one which as his own). Also he well in Mac and systems of Linux when you cover a receiver in and run with him. Any this in spite of recommend to install a software for any further setup in the Mac, as we have listened of support of low quality software (Logitech prefers PC looks this round ). -- James // Poc Coverage (Senior Editor)

Note: A current picture as of Dec 8th, 2017 is not a correct picture of a keyboard. You owe that move for down to see that some produced really looks until any fixed concealed.

Has found our useful description, please the like this useful vote down in the so many soaps. This I help to resupply feedback of quality in a future.
4 / 5
For the majority of my tasks of computers have used logitech for twenty years more. Has has done always the decent product has been wired and then wireless. It is unfortunate that some last diverse years have had the pocolos produced defective. This MK710 the unit that is a late plus. Usually when has the partorisca extra dollars to spend spend them on characteristic extras, and the majority a time takes as it pays stops. This unit has failed this in spite of miserably. You would think that that it takes calm almost would take the decent product. This in spite of, regarding this 'd be wrong. One first question is that the keys of a keyboard are soyushy.' In keyboards more decent have the quite well bounce or snap behind when you depress a key. This unit is to the fast typist then takes prepared for the severe left down. Because of a soyushy' the keyboard will find you in odds with your speed and a responsiveness of one a keyboard has a LCD exposed his' essentially worthless reason hardly can go and will be won with your frustration to commentary even according to @subject is a HORRIFIC has smiled. Man oh man. Has-liked me an extra side is keys of trace but again, has them remarked hardly because of a miserable action of a mouse. When Tests and the side of together movement, or on and down has a indescribable way of emotional by means of a page. Incredibly it is frustrating included when that tries paste a 'X' and close out of the program. Trying line an indicator of the mouse in an object is like this bad or double click on anything is alcohol numbing. Has such the hard time that lines an indicator up. Has the bewildering subject of float.' I have it that has not experienced never any of these subjects in my Career, NEVER. It does not think for the second is the setting of speed for a mouses accuracy or inability to line up. It is not . I have tried all some settings by means of Logitech software and windows (independently). It does not import .

Inferior line ( can take there), does not squander your money. You will hate This legislation of product out of a box.
5 / 5
Ossia A second keyboard of this model has possessed. It loves me like but both mine old one and this one has a question still -- a lot the focus in some tones spends was after 6-12 months of use. It is hard for me to think that this can not be fixed, thinks them so only is in cutting corners, that shaving search the pocolos pence of his costs of manufacture. Logitech The support is not well, has tried to take this substituted, his wont he. (I touch writes like this can them use he without focus in some tones, but of time-to-the time is well of his have).

At least logitech would be necessary to send me the stock exchange of tones like this can them burst of an old some and pops in a new some.

My joint: it does not buy this product.

Like one feels of this keyboard and mouse.
Wireless works well for me
the software has been a lot of

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