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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Has a Keyboard of Apple sized full with a keypad, a Keyboard of Apple original Wireless and now a Magic Keyboard. I will cross each which so and what the marks list a Magic Keyboard updates worthy.

Keyboard of Apple Sized full with Keypad
Obviously, these are utmost for the those who need some extra tones. Even so, a problem for me is a period of a keyboard. Because of his period, presses a mouse or a trackpad also has been far in a side for my consolation. I actuate Since it purchase an ergonomic chair (Steelcase Chair of Tissue of the Salt, Negre) with highly of adjustable arms, but anterior possess this chair, having a mouse so much has been far in a side hurt my shoulders. An another the subject is a big movement has required to achieve a mouse. And of course, some capes. I hate Capes. As I have purchased a bluetooth keyboard of Apple.

Apple Wireless Keyboard
These were utmost. Has life of incredible stack and a sense of good keyboard. Because of period a low plus, a mouse or trackpad can be right afterwards situated in a keyboard and the calm does not require a movement has exaggerated for the achieve. A thing that always has turbulent me quite a wireless keyboard was an angle of a keyboard because of a compartment of stack. I have maintained to wish that could seat it flatter in a desktop.

Magic keyboard
is flatter! My wrist is appreciated for him. This convinced me only for the purchase. A rechargeable the stack is also the improvement adds of an anterior generation. Some people preoccupy that some built in the stack will require to be substituted, but is quite sure that will want to substitute it my keyboard in front of a stack dies. And it dies , always it can limit in a cape of lightning and the use like the keyboard wired. The life of stack is sum. I have purchased initially a Magic Keyboard behind in 10/29/2015. It avenges with 99% load. It IS now 11/11/2015 and still it has 82% rest. I use my A lot of computer so that I do to contain and write software for the alive.

One very spoken in the key trip is also mention values. I write around 120 words for minute. It was able to achieve this speed in Typeracer ( is a game of on-line scripture where competes with another -- write faster, and your race car movements fasters in a line of arrival) immediately, but only chair very right. An only thing has to say is for the give the casualidad. Your brain with adapting in him. It listens like my toes are using less force and doing less work. No the commentary any very anymore so that it is so his use (concealed is not until I use another keyboard).

One another thing that really turbulent was some few tones of arrow. Some tones of the left wing and the rights are full sized except an up and down the tones are not . This has maintained to launch of my memory of muscle. My toes have maintained to lose an up and down to to the tones like them to of them instinctively taken the. Also, because of a profile a low plus of some tones, was more take to take a tactile feedback in sight among some tones. An old Wireless Keyboard there has been the deepest groove that split an up and down tones so many was easier to remark some tones. At the end it take it used to this, also, although it takes the long plus bit. The look in a keyboard can see why the apple has done this election to draw.

At the end, a keyboard looks better and sleeker that an anterior generation. Attached is some photos for comparison.

Wants the (5 stars)? Well, no, so that has thinks that that an original prize was quite expensive but this one is even more expensive in $ 100 ($ 30 jump). But a lot I like him his, by of these some 4 stars. No the problem that recommends in any one that already has an original of Wireless Keyboard.

Update 12/6/2015:
Very asked yes is compared strong in an old wireless keyboard. I tried it only, and although a different sound, an anterior generation is to good sure stronger. They sound different (old plus or has graver). I am not sure what this help, but down is some registers for comparison.

Apple anterior Wireless Keyboard

Keyboard of new Magic
Also, has does not have to recharge mine stack still. I am in 47%.

Update 4/29/2016:
Although it wants to it. One rechargeable the stack is sum. Still although an anterior model has life to add stack, still the find troubling while I have to substitute some stacks and have very easily available. I have run in this last exact situation week (still have an anterior gene). One rechargeable the stack is only a less thing to preoccupy enough.

Update 5/14/2016:
still is going strong. A life of stack is phenomenal. A card S is hardly visible so that has the turn because of him listens used so much. It is followed (in titling to turn ) for One, C and And. This problem of pansir- of the cards have been also the problem with some Keyboards of anterior Apple. It use it since this keyboard for the year, has taken distance very used to of a low trip. Quan Write other keyboards, has the difficulty that presses some keys all some subjects so that I am so the distance has used to to trip one low plus. If it was to break, would buy another for the substitute so that I prefer it that much more.
5 / 5
Has a lot these prende very Mac around a place and thinks is an Apple of better keyboard has produced to date -- especially when matched with a Magic new plus Trackpad.

That when being said, has remarked a box has not been arrests to shrink-embroiled when takes of a box of Amazon and seeds a plastic of keyboard embroils was the bit of rell. 'It can not use this, could?', I Have thought.

Then tried to match he with my MacBook Pro and has seen a name of keyboard in a list (the semi-detached voice).

A good thing is that 1) a keyboard does not have any subject and 2) easily could change his name, but a main subject is that it does not like him that it pays for of new elements that has been obviously bought, returned and then sold what new.
5 / 5
I have bought this to use with my iPad Pro 10.5. The flight. It matches up it see Bluetooth. It has Had he for two days and has used the the few hours the day. It avenges with 85% stack, at present in 84% stack. Fallen the integer 1% in two days. Perfecto. I want that it is the keyboard sized full, comparable in my MBP 13'. Neither I have been the adherent of an Apple Ready Keyboard (the coverage with a keyboard cooked in). It was only also cramped the plus there has been already the ready coverage like any reason to have two coverages. It has discovered that it can use this keyboard when habladura with an employee of Tent of the Apple while looking in iMacs. We match the keyboard until an iPad and I has been sold (although I have bought he in Amazon so that it is $ 10 cheaper compared to buy he of Apple). Since it is a keyboard of Apple , a life of stack looks in a stack widget together with a life of stack of the iPad and life of stack of Pencil of Apple. Brilliance Of screen and controls of volume in an upper work with an iPad. It was also able to match this up with my iPhone 8 but no sure I never that in a future. If would have a suggestion for users of iPad this wants to use this keyboard, would buy the case for him goes to travel around with him, as I go me in campus and posing he in my rucksack. I have purchased the case of Hermit of the shell and he return perfectly.
5 / 5
Tan Always - the products of Apple are at all less than Awesome. Usually it spends these was afterwards quite 3 years or so many. They can take fractions. My last Keyboard of Apple has taken seated on and a tone has broken. Substituted he with easterly an and wants to it. No more stacks to change, covers only in once the month in load. They have changed also a creation the little. A ip/down/the left wing of right tones is very different. A tone of evasion is main., An upper rim where a stack to the era is to go. That is to say to an only thing did not like him. It does to choose a keyboard up much more taken, If it only leave he in the desktop, does not have any subject. I have posed he in my foothills while chair in the sofa that uses a Mac.

Any road - the value Adds work very

Jan 2018
Update: I actuate now it has this 6 month - has touched a keyboard 2 times took it since. A first time touched it, has lost a connection with Mac, the small thwart - then learnt to simply turn a change in a keyboard was in the first place - then uploads. The works perfect now! Amur A keyboard, the improvement of entity in other versions.
5 / 5
That is to say a better keyboard has not had never. Has during the decades inverted in of the keyboards of happy cutting while it likes him does in the each
of machines and operating systems a keyboard still these covers to save time and aggrevation.
An apple magic keyboard very flat, has each in a right place and looks well.
IS very excited so that a keyboard now connects via relieving - cape of USB in a desktop. Bluetooth
Only was for me always terrible, like the stacks would exit or shake and lose connection, or has multiple keyboards
interferes with each another. A now can use a keyboard with or without bluetooth. I am writing this in this keyboard in the linux desktop.
5 / 5
I write in an Apple Magic Keyboard every day and find the to be easy to use, with stack life very good. Easily they match with Mac, iPads, and Apple TVs. I am giving 5 stars for a product, but any star for an experience of sales. A keyboard took was obviously or that had been return. I buy train of Apple all a time, and some boxes are always embroiled in of the plsticoes -- this has not been. In inaugural a box has remarked a plastic coverage a keyboard was was the other way around. There is the small tab that the easy fact to pull a keyboard out of a box. This affronted down, under a keyboard, in planting from above. And, a box to ship was road oversized for a product and there was only two small pieces to pack paper, like the boxes was quite has broken well. Again, some laws of product only well, but is by train of the return. Products to use ought to be identified as 'open boxes' in of the buyers and has not sold under a prestress to be new.
1 / 5
It IS so excited to take this, but has been clearly used when arrive, as it is returned a same day .
4 / 5
There is at all bad with a Keyboard took, but has to character (in me, at least) that while this was to list as 'New' for Amazon, an element took was, in fact, has renewed. In received, a box has been opened and a wrapper already taken. It does not have any subject with returning go the elements that is resold (supposing has at all bad with them), but would have to when being announced as or 'used' or esfurbished'. It can expect that it buys of a character in a place of auction, but would expect practices of better subject of Amazon.

While in a keyboard; has update of an Apple the Wireless keyboard has had to hover he of 7 years. My main reason the update was a fact that this version is rechargeable. A new keyboard has very of the few differences of an old model, but an use of tones the 'butterfly' new of mechanism of Apple. This does a different trip and also resulted in some tones that is sensibly stronger, with each key this has the very audible click that has not been to present in an old model. A tradeoff, even so, is that some tones are much clearer to depress . If you spend the plot to time to write, that is to say the profit , but yes prefer the calm keyboard, could consider calm stay with an anterior model.
4 / 5
State using an Apple Wired (compact) keyboard during 8 years, and a bluetooth wireless version before it conceal. My case of use is has a laptop of uses of Apple for work and the PC for gaming. To change among them, only change some covers of USB that connects a keyboard and smile in a pertinent computer. It was nervous that this keyboard, when being strongly sold like the keyboard of Bluetooth, no longer would do so softly therefore setup. In my delight adds, when a cape/of Lightning of the USB plugged in, the exact laws like a keyboard wired. Pose until Bluetooth of use with a laptop of Apple, but when plugged in some laws of PC without any problem anything. I am thrilled this does so softly like him , has expected problems.

Some only subjects with this keyboard are one above low/ arrows. In a keyboard wired, one above low/ the arrows were 1mm main, and some the left wings/of right arrows were a same measure . This left wing the desert where could listen which yours is one above signals against a left, down, right tones. It opens Some the left wing and the right arrows are full-sized, which ways my memory of muscle of so to find one above the arrow is launched for the loop. I maintain to turn of paste in planting from above. A small but problematic thing for any one with around ten experience of years in these keyboards.

A tone listens am adds. I messed around with the mechanical keyboard to see yes was to time in of the marks a change, and can see why in in to to the people like them to them the in them. For me, some years to experience in Apple-the fashionable keyboards have done the essential; it was also take to try to learn a dynamics of the factor of form of new keyboard. So much, it is it adds to see that the apple is continuing to refine a be tone in these products. A Magic Keyboard 2 in fact when being more accurate and that satisfies that a model wired old.
5 / 5
I have purchased to this keyboard like him some updates of an Apple anterior bluetooth keyboard, which has wanted. Setup Was easy in OSX 10.11 The Capitan- has been recognised immediately for my mac. It opens For an action:

Written in this keyboard is surprisingly different that a last keyboard, and has to say that once my toes have taken used to a be of walnut, is writing even more quickly that before. A look of tones and listen much more afterwards in an aluminium, even so also listen to like to the low press likes him to him the plot, with the touch of clear. If you are the key masher, goes to take some noise. Some response of tones with pressure very small, so once take used to this only is slipping tone in tune.

Was to estimate an update? Yes, if a lot you spend your day in the keyboard likes him . Well fact, Apple.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech K350 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has been using keyboards of computer since in front of the apple or The Microsoft have existed. So much, while you could imagine, it has had an occasion to use (and abhors) the plot of horrible keyboards these a lot of years. Before finding this keyboard, coverage that has preferred a precise to listen keyboards what unsuspecting crisp the mechanics of key changes has done prende Keytronics. Different the majority other keyboards, a key mechanism there has been tolerances very tight with virtually any one 'game' in a movement. In this way a tone any flex side-in-side or front-in-back while travelling vertically, although you have pressed one key slightly was centrical. Alas, this mechanics of key changes has done the PLOT of the noise compared in a lot of his competitors. Like the fast touch-typist that has written very million of lines of code before volume, can ensure you an extra noise was substantial. But for me, a level of noise was acceptable so that one listens and tactile feedback when pressing these keys was simply excellent. I have minimised a level of noise to touch musician through auricular while coding. Behind these days, any one had any creation of pertinent ergonomic keyboard. Over time, a perpetual curve in my wrists required when using the keyboard of the straight row remained with a repetitive motion to break one carpal tunnels in my wrists. So many, at the end headed to look for alternatives.

One Insanity of Ergonomics:
admit mindlessly bought in a 'the hype of the ergonomics and has purchased immediately an original of draw of the Microsoft of ergonomic keyboard in his introduction that the cross could reduce an ache and irritation of mine for hours of use of keyboard every day. I have tried to use this centre-hump, creation of keyboard of the breaking during month, but only looked to do my worse wrists. Looking carefully in a road my hands have moved while they use that keyboard 'ergonomic', give a hump in a centre caused me to twist my wrists outwards frequently to achieve some external verges of a keyboard with mine pinkies. It can see a creation was very adapted to help your indication and the movement of toe more half of course but that the profit has been annulled has been to require motion of extra wrist and deleting any one semblance of natural movement for your toe of coverage and pinky.

Control of ergonomic Reality:
when being analytical in character, give the truly ergonomic creation would require more when being W-shaped, more concealed having the centrical hump only. For that, bad some tones in a portion of centre of a keyboard, down some toes of indication would owe big when being so that a toe of indication is lower that a middle finger. Some tones of the middle finger ideally would have to when being some lower parts of a keyboard, like these toes are one long plus . Then some external verges of a keyboard localised under a grandson and pinky the toes would have to when being domestic similarly in a centre of a keyboard to delete a rotation of the wrist and the tension of the toe has required to achieve these tones.

Truly Ergonomic! :
At the end, has seen one Logitech creation of Wave ergonomic keyboard. 'At the end!' I have thought. Esomebody Looked in a period of human toes and has designed the keyboard to accommodate some differences in period!' Besides, some the key rows were also slightly twisted on the way that maintains your wrists totally directly of your elbows that hangs in your sides in your hands that embezzles near of a centre of a keyboard. A light inward rotation of your necessary forearms for yours has grouped closely wrists to remain directly was now properly handled for has designed it in fact beside rotate (your shoulders.) I have bought one and was hurriedly hooked. This keyboard has reduced my levels to hurt sensibly, leaving me to postpone surgery of wrist the while longer. Has no turbulent test any one another the since begun keyboard to use one Logitech Wave creation. To arrive to this point, all the world is that it has tried it to it to him my keyboard more has purchased late a same model. If you are sensitive in any unusual tensions in your wrists or of the toes, will appreciate some posed of movements and the neutral joint of natural toe is able to maintain while using this keyboard.

Comparison in my keyboards of mechanical change have wanted:
This compares in my keyboards of anterior favourite that mechanical used of key changes? Well, a tactile feedback is to good sure very also. In one another hand, sweat some profits to use this keyboard compensates for a be tactile reduces versus classical mechanical changes. More, a level of the sound has produced to write is vastly go down that a pronounced metallic 'clickety-clack' of mechanical changes. In fact, I am also of an opinion that that is to say a first form of keyboard that in fact deserves a designation 'ergonomic'. On that, this keyboard has trips a lot of tone, and minimum sloppiness in a vertical movement has compared besides other keyboards. As to premium, an additional functionality offered by some means comunicacionales have semi-detached, application, and the tones of zoom are in fact useful is the heavy Windows and user of Dispatch of the LADY. (I did not try it on my Mac only, but the use on everything of my systems of numerous Windows.) Of course, you will require to install one Logitech ray of software to take these extra functions to do. In my opinion, this keyboard is an ideal partner for my favourite mouse (Logitech MX Master) with both devices that uses the solos 'unified' 2.4 GHz USB micro-dongle. This type of radio looks to do sensibly better that Bluetooth for devices of entrance. Considering everything of these pluses, would say that this keyboard is to well sure the very on anything has used before, comprising my mechanical changes have wanted.

Considering levels of noise:
Normal scripture in this noise of products of the keyboard, but some marks of his east mostly of your toes that paste some plastic tones. It say of another way,, a majority of a sound listens while it writes is not generated by an operation of a mechanism of keyboard. You can say that that is to say some to rest your toe in the tone, then that presses that nail repeatedly while maintaining contact of constant toe. If your never left toes some tones, will discover a normal light 'clack' of your toes that paste some plsticoes virtually disappear. An only exception is is perceivable metallic clunk of a spatial-bar, which looks to do two times to so to noise likes him to him anything more in a keyboard. Spatial-the bar averts, a sound that remain when tones of press while maintaining the constant contact is predominately the very calm, down-thump of the frequency generated when some fund of key change was (like this closing some contacts in a change.) While maintaining your toes in the constant contact with shows of tones that a mechanism is not a source of the majority of one sounds, is basically impossible to write anything useful without moving your toes around to paste different tones in a keyboard. Of these ways to do and breaking physical contact with some tones while you move your toes to press other keys, deleting a anteriorly described 'clack' the sound is simply impossible. It does not find a level of noise that problems, but has come from years to live with a sound of mechanical tone very noisy of changes, as I am probably judge very better of some levels of noise. Compared in the that has had the habit of, these keyboards are extraordinarily calm. You can listen differently.

having cats that laws regular gravitational experiences to press the wide variety of things of desktops, contadora-hoard, and bookshelves, can ensure you this keyboard can handle multiple falls quite well. It say that a durability is quite well in general with a remarkable exception. A text in some tones rubs was incredibly hurriedly. For me, some cards And,' 'N,' and is' disappeared a first month of (certainly heavy) use. A lot other keyboards have a bit of the white cards have adapted directly in some tones-cover them that uses two different colours of plsticoes during a process to adapt of the injection. For some reason, Logitech decided in cheap-has entered this particular characteristic. Why Logitech would do such an excellent keyboard and he then painted some cards in some black tones with painting of cheap aim (has rubbed easily was) is only perplexing. Each plus in this keyboard is excellent quality . He the same looks adds with some blacks and diagram by heart of the money accented for one perforated acueste-embezzled of wrist of the look. That is to say, the utmost looks until a painting rubs mesos some tones. Then look it rubbishes.

Hello Logitech, is reading this, touch me 5 bucks more and use your of the main quality-carried with adapted-in lettering for this keyboard. A down-quality the white painting only is embarrassing.

Why compraventa wireless??:
IS generally the big adherent of mouse and wireless keyboards these days for reasons will count in the moment. This the particular wireless keyboard is point and averts. It likes them to them the keyboards he wireless plus, this or requires stacks to operate. Different some other wireless keyboards, some stacks last an incredibly long time in a Logitech keyboard. I write to PLOT of text and after probably the pair of years of heavy use, still has not required to substitute some stacks. I any one anything to extend a life of stack. Some stays of change of power of keyboard in 24/7. It is surprising really. A current draw has to be infinitesimal.

Has another enormous advantage the common of the people probably do not consider when deciding if to change in the wireless keyboard and mouse. It IS very dry in a desert, where lives. There is to plot of buildup of static electricity in an air during a lot a year. A day, before I have changed in some wireless versions of a keyboard and mouse, my woman is gone in my tent /of dispatch and has touched slightly my shoulder while my hands were in mine corded mouse and keyboard. Quan Touched me, the big spark of the static electricity travelled of his toes, through me, out of mine own yolks, then through my keyboard and smile directly in a motherboard of my computer. This only spark fried the majority of some piece in a motherboard. (Surprisingly one CPU, RAM, and the card of map was a lot of.) Alas for me, you are the motherboard duquel the big end has not been stocked in any retail tent apropa my house, as have had to the the on-line order. Like the result, was without the computer for almost the week while while for a substitution to arrive and then finding a time for the install.

Ail give a static download there was frito my computer, begun to try to come up with the road to do raisin of cape sure again. At the beginning, my approximation has been directed on attaching educates it spear in my surface of desktop to rest my wrists on. But, I give that the approximation only would do while my wrists were in direct contact with this band. Had still the significant probability that would fry another motherboard in some point. Then, it dawn on me that if my keyboard and the smile has not gone physically attached in my computer, was impossible to download static in my system of computer that subjects. That is to say when it change smiled and of the wireless keyboards and never looked behind. I same maintenances of the changes around in the static case fries one of them. The May HAS.

highly recommends this keyboard for all the users that is highly sensitive in a tension of the joint caused by a positioning to crimp and the poor wrist of excessive toe has required to use more keyboard generic creations. That already has carpal subjects of the tunnel included can remark the light reduction in of the levels of ache. This was to well sure a case for me. Also highly it recommends this keyboard in any one concealed can not provide a cost and say hassle caused to fry his motherboard with the static download. It IS easier, faster, and cheaper to substitute the wireless keyboard that to substitute the motherboard. At the end, recommend this keyboard for typists of fast touch. It IS hurriedly already, but think that this keyboard has augmented my speed for at least of 10%. It is surprising that hurriedly yours hands can move when all of some joints are moving in his the majority of natural orientation. In fact, generally it recommends this keyboard in any raisin concealed more than the hours to match the week in his computer. No-the typists of touch can find one disappears focuses key to be a subject, but for more, one rubs of the painting of aim is very only disturb it smaller. It maintains in alcohol, could always repaint the or buy clave-in focus for some tones of room. Every time my tones are spent was, has substituted simply a keyboard.

Highly recommended!
1 / 5
Severo Of a kes clave. In fact, I am writing this and leaving a typos that some marks of keyboard to aim a level of frustration these causes. Specificall A "And" the button no unless the paste of egg he many times. A "L" the button is was also. Here it is an alphabet like this keboard thinks it would have to go : abcdefghijkmnopqstuvwxz
4 / 5
Well it admits Among ease of use and ergonomic creation. Some tones have the good action, and is quite calm. A built in the tampon of the wrist done the uses of long term more comfortable. Life of looks of stack well. I never really used any one of some ashes of tones, as it can not comment in those.

That is to say a second unit has had. An in the first place lasted quite a lot of 2.5 years of heavy use: quite a lot of 7 hours the day, 5 days the week. Desprs Very use some tones have not done enough so softly, although everything of has done still.

2017.03.03 UPDATE. My second unit has failed afterwards quite 10 month of heavy use: enough 6-8 hours in the daytime, 5 days for week, in the middle of clean dispatch. Mechanically Was form well, but increasingly begin in skip characters or doubt in transferring data in a computer, those results in me often Was to return and retype characters or words. It was subtle at the beginning, but increasingly frequent. Quan Has exchanged he for an old, the keyboard of USB wired, a problem has disappeared totally.

Remarks that some tones in a new unit are sensibly more rigid that an old unit, but the memory sees other commentaries that some tones look a bit rigid initially but relaxes after the small use. These compatible looks with my experience.

I like this keyboard for action and his ergonomics, but two of some four units have purchased the substitution has required: a later a, after only 10 use of month. For this reason, it has dinged my indication of description of 5 down in 4 stars.

Recommends this model, but buy one, considers to take a guarantee has extended, and maintain your receipt.
5 / 5
It considers to purchase or this Logitech K350 Wave wireless keyboard or a Microsoft Natural Keyboard after I have begun to take aches in my hand, which always would be worse after the long day in of the works, where would be to use my keyboard and smile constantly. At the end decided in a Logitech K350 Waves and any lament my decision. My main worry was that a Logitech has not been contoured enough in a natural place of my hands. A Microsoft more Natural looks that the drastic change of a gesture of typical keyboard, and thought that it would be better. Desprs Carefully reading descriptions although it looks a Logitech the wave was the good access for comfortable scripture.
Finds a gesture in some tones to be comfortable, and like me that some tones are calm. At present it has split it with a Logitech MX Master 2S, and with these two elements my hand-the wrist/has streaky cramping has each except missing.Definitely highly recommend this keyboard.
4 / 5
It takes some taking used to sure!! I actuate Never the used the keyboard to break before and one spacing is not in as your conventional keyboard. A worse characteristic, in my opinion, is that a spatial bar is in the 'hump' gesture (because of ergonomics), like the keyboard is VERY DIFFICULT to press down. Almost I routed he behind because of a difficulty of spatial bar. I gave it the casualidad even so and now has the habit of the and the not even annoyed mark to look. A support of wrist is wonderful, while I have tried rests of gel of wrist, creation, that down, changing angles of keyboards.... Calm appoint it, and any one of this proportionate so that facilitated and consolation like this keyboard. I do not find me using a lot of some special buttons offer but that it is only because of pure laziness ;) In general estimate it this keyboard the B+. If you can take in a curve to learn of a new spacing and difficulty of spatial bar, think you will be very pleased!
1 / 5
I have tried this model of the Logitch the keyboard that expects does not suffer one key that bonds another the majority of the expensive model developed after the few months. This keyboard has terrible lag and some drops of wireless connection was constantly which wastes the plot of time. I Liked him his of a creation but has wished there has ignited behind. A connection and lag the subjects represent basically unusable. That is to say a last Logitech the keyboard will be to buy. I use his pending products of the decades but no longer will buy his keyboards. 3 bad experiences very caused for the abuse or spilt is enough. The desire could give stars of scratch.
5 / 5
It possesses the plot of keyboards, and once trace Ona is these keyboards quite a lot of marks 10 years, has not changed never out of them.

I like a feedback/of leaves of game of this new model of a Wave keyboard. Included better that a feedback/of game with my models my old plus, in that legustado him. There be the sake to listen of 'confirmation' in some tones when attack them. But still any confirmation these wineries on, like this old-cradle escole-has uploaded 1980 keyboards of IBM have launched was.

That big cushioned perforated the section perfectly plants your heels in negate any tension in your wrists (this could direct in Carpal Syndrome of Tunnel). Your hands always listen quite near of in esmains.' This wipe of the clean section very easily, also.

Some buttons of big money can be reprogrammed to do any one flies. If it uploads in a Logitech SetPoint software this calm download of his web of place. I use the to open dossiers of cements that often accesses. I reprogrammed a button to Sleep to be the restart button.

And does not have to use one Logitech software unless I want that characteristic to program, basically. Otherwise IS covers it and keyboard of game ... This perfectly same work in a level of BIOS of parameter.

Also like me that some controls/of video of the audio in a cup of the centre does not require any together-up. Quan Attacks above change/ or low volume, law with any application I career.

HAS zero distance/of problems/of reception of obstruction in maintaining a receiver of USB plugged directly in a backside of mine desktop, down in a fund, affronting to wall, afterwards in mine desktop. To be fair, an a lot of first or possessed, again has bought ten years ago, has had the bit of the problem in this consideration. In that then a Wave keyboard shipped with a totally different USB receiver, the big one more this looked to plot like the walk to flash; owe the more afterwards in mine desktop with the cape of extension of the USB.

Two normal EA the stacks will maintain this keyboard these races during several years. And there is the small indicator that illuminates when is time to to change them was. Too bad there are not a lot of lights of indicator for CapsLock or NumLock, so old-students. (That veiled the signals have has written in erroneously some years any to give accidentally had turned in covering them that aim for a tone of tab!)

To A to to a thing REALLY does not like him enough is those that of a white painting in some tones tends to spend was too easily. It possesses quite four of these keyboards of Ona in the decade and they all he. This keyboard comes with the guarantee of five years, so from now on is routing an email in Logitech asking the new tone while or the raisin was.

Also prefers an old-student Logitech logotype. A source in these looks of new logotype, in me, class of on-cooked, so on-modern cual to be the bit gaudy. Oh, Well. I am sure Logitech has paid some million of marketing of company of dollars to create it, as I guess is mine shortcoming. LOL.

And was fresh has it backlit option, like these gamer keyboards, since do to plot late at night. The calm supposition can not have everything.

Ona IS this keyboard has been one of some keyboards that sells upper in a phase of his so long introduction marks. This class of the says everything.
5 / 5
Law like the engineer of software for in 20 years, and learnt very early in that using the keyboard regulates for more than the little of the days directly direct to hurt of wrist. As I have used ergonomic keyboards for basically my whole career. He a bit those that the years have done for the company of software with the manager that rebuffed to pay a money to buy me an ergonomic keyboard for me to use in working, as he rebuffed my own decided to give this or flavours he - and is happy has done.
Uses this keyboard with the MacBook Pro and has has had subjects of compatibility of the zero. Has tried keyboards of Microsoft anteriorly and the subjects of compatibility have had with my Mac, but with this one has had absolutely a lot subject anything. Some tones have excellent to listen and a curve in a keyboard is properly to maintain my comfortable wrists without being too uncomfortable for a rest of my family in our computer of house.
Some have quoted some subjects of durability, and is some a keyboard probably will require to substitute after 2-3 years, at least that is been my experience . After the while I find that some tones begin to bond and is any taken to press down or low clave and does not return behind up again. In this signal that is only go to buy another. A keyboard is also me can not take in downgrade my same indication or stars for east.
Of my first compraventa of one of these keyboards has bought four another. At present have one in of the works and or for my dispatch of house. My only real worry in this keyboard is that Logitech prender to do the. It can it has to go to purchase the bouquet more to do sure never the race has been.
5 / 5
My daughter, my brother and I all uses a Logitech Wave Keyboard and has to done a lot of years. I have purchased this model after my boy of 12 years the Wave keyboard there has been problems with tones of bond or tones that was to take in of the press. It grow it also he for noisy quite be. I am very happy with this keyboard this new plus. In my opinion, some tones are calmer and has the smoothest action that my same old keyboard when was new. I expect that this model takes during 12 years also. Also I expect that Logitech maintains to do these. In my age, is not sure could adapt in another keyboard while I have been using the keyboard of Wave type during 30 years.

Has used also trackballs in planting to use the mouse of a mid-80s. Trackballs Is taking more take to find at least for desktops. There it looks to be the selection for gamers, but is not the gamer. I expect Logitech maintains to do trackballs also. I give that is to say unconnected in a description of keyboard, but is expecting Logitech apresamiento a message in all the case.
4 / 5
Has update my laptop and returned in the desktop also. This keyboard has been I add although return in the keyboard of full measure has been the challenge . A subtle curve or the wave in a keyboard poses my figures at most natural place. A support of wrist deadened is surprising. I have done any give how many marks of difference. If huntings and peck with two toes probably will not remark some profits of a support of wrist.

Of all some things a button of calculator is my favourite of uses he constantly. Shortened better never. The keyboard has done well of a time plugged in a dongle. Work very ten feet have been. Accesses in the desktop of regular foothills. In fact I am enjoying a listen of the 'clunky' keyboard of full measure again and can say will be more productive with him. Any questions listen pounds to ask and will answer i More beat. Thank you.


Top Customer Reviews: Arteck 2.4G ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
[Until it quotes] it has mentioned that the creation of this keyboard is incredible: light and ergonomic (does not take up very spatial in spite of being the keyboard of the full measure and some tones are so down that my toes are not pulling the paste some tones at all). Although some tones are quite a lot of plans , is in fact quite springy to write on.

Has Had some problems with a first keyboard took (subjects of key sensibility), and Arteck the squad of service was hurriedly to achieve has been in me enough the. A subject was coated by a guarantee and I took the keyboard of substitution in two days (wow!). I am pleased to say that a substitution is Very better; it does not have any one of some subjects expsitos with an anterior keyboard.
In a risk to sound like an approval, I gotta gives mine thanks to Arteck and his squad of service for his toil.
5 / 5
I am the professional graphic designer and photographer with the strong fund in him using more the keyboards that can. I am in a studio all day long law in of the numerous computers. THIS keyboard seriously is surprising! Concretely For a prize! I have posed initially it has been it to find the keyboard that had more than when being of the laptop likes him the click of tones of look and different way to actuate faster. 90% of purchase of mine is on-line, reading descriptions like this so seldom take to try the product in front of delivery. With this said...Here it is that and thinks:

I AMOUR a when being of of the this! Each tone is exactly where has to when being. Each key press has the softest click but I would not say is silent. A backside is a metal brushed that it give it a robust and the be professional. It IS VERY CLEAR, but some grips in a backside maintains of sliding around in the flat surface. There is not a lot the rests of palm has pressed only a joint in the inches of pair. At all to complain- quite there. It comes almost fully touched and uses a cape of USB provided in recharge. That thinks is AWESOME so that has any reason to buy and substitute stacks. It IS incredibly responsive and only the joy to do on.

Has purchased A lot of keyboards. This has substituted a bulky gaming keyboard that was only too much work to use. And it prefers a low X tones in some mechanic ones any day now!

Ailing To well sure be purchasing another for one another machine!
5 / 5
It EDITS 2 A recement cane of free element of load, like the service of the client has offered. Some looks of new keyboard to have any one of some subjects a premier one has done. Conceal when being a case , has changed this description of the 3 in the 5. The service and the product adds of exceptional client.

EDITS 1: after leaving this description, Arteck the service of client contacted me, unsolicited, considering my worries. They have offered the road the substitution

was very cosy and fast and offered to substitute an element in any cost, comprising nave. It updates this description of the 3 in the 4 simply for a service of client ADDS. I will update when some the new products arrive and is able to revise.

If you are the relatively quickly characterise that a keyboard my stokes. Especially in double leter shot. I am writing this in my keyboard now, and no corecting ay of a erors these causes. Especially in double leter shot.

A keybard the utmost looks. I very cual a gall of a keycaps and is not too strong. It gives taken the thwart even so, taken to return and corect wods this was to write properly.
5 / 5
Easy in setup, covers only a usb dongle in and ignite. So that far it WANTS TO it. It IS my feedback of ideal/of control for the keyboard. I am coming to write this description only so much can have the occasion to write more! It IS the plot more lighter and slender that the thought would be it, very slick. A backside is polished stainless steel so while it listens it very thin and the light is still sper ridged and very flexing very while some tones are being has pressed. Quan Has ordered think took it only one costs keyboard of substitution for my age HP keyboard, but was pleasantly surprised well out of a box with a quality of him. Hopefully Lines on top of moment and a life of stack is decent. It comes with the USB that cord of loads so many will see. Otherwise The keyboard adds, especially for a prize!
5 / 5
I have bought this keyboard to use with my laptop of work. A fact that is rechargeable is the enormous reason to purchase this concrete keyboard. My anteriorly the master provided me with the MacBook Pro and the keyboard of wireless apple, as when I my new master gave me the machine of windows with the keyboard of Dell wired, is gone in Amazon.

Has looked for the keyboard that was similar in a keyboard of the apple concealed had been using. While this is not quite a same, is quite near. You can use a keyboard while it is recharging ( provided the cape to touch). A keyboard is very clear and minimum (which looked for). Has subjects with an initial keyboard that took. It looks a 'G' the tone was less responsive that other tones, as I have achieved has been in a vendor.

A vendor proportionate service of excellent client. It has remedied quickly some subjects the road me the substitution. Some looks of substitution to do so that wait. To well sure it can recommend this keyboard. If for some reason has subjects, a vendor assembla really is by behind his product.
2 / 5
It edits: taken three stars and cautioning buyers. I still very which issues a be of keyboard, but is having the problem that writes in the reason one 'nail it to you often does not record when the paste he. I thought it at the beginning it can the be a subject with a gesture of a dongle, very near a dongle used for my mouse. But I have moved a dongle right afterwards in a keyboard and a problem persist. The May very commentaries how long ' looks in an English tongue until calm can not write reliably.

How to plot of people, results very accustomed to use a keyboard of Apple and has been looking for the very long time for the keyboard with chair of similar scripture when has to use the machine of Windows. I am not looking more - that is to say. Some tones are slightly more slick, but is absolutely overjoyed with an experience to write in this keyboard. It have paid two times so much for him has been able of the try first. I wish it there it is coming his bundled with the mouse like any precise more concealed a dongle for my laptop, but predict for hours of productive scripture in the. I can not speak with durability, while it has there went it only the week or so, but to well sure can recommend.
1 / 5
Esquerra induct Went me to say that it want the very like this produced. It IS the sper slender wireless keyboard that any run out of interchangeable stacks but the mini carried of load of USB an internal stack. It was a lot of all concealed looked for when bought this. We use laptops in acting that movement around during a day in canal of different cradle. A subject with changing the different cradles during a day are some looks of computer to take for ever to recognise a keyboard wired and smiles that it is carried he in a cradle as have wanted to to cut some cords!

Initially, unboxing a house of product was very impressed with some looks. This thing is clear and I bad light! It IS supremely thin and listened very natural to write in just chair in my table (has not been touched or into use, only feigned to write taking listen he for some tones). It IS very excited to take it to do so touched the above prejudices of Sunday to be ready morning of Monday.

A lot like me that of a keyboard does not use EA or AAA stacks but instead uses an included mini cape of USB to touch his internal stack. Once a small USB dongle was plugged in a laptop a keyboard has matched very hurriedly. I want to all a function key shortcuts in a cup. A keyboard is sper thin and clear and movements with my laptop very easily. Hopefully A keyboard equally is that it impresses ignited and use he so that it is was and chair in a desktop those looks lustrous and frescos.

Alas a keyboard is not so that it impresses once into use. A subject of entity is some tones , does not record in the when the screen pressed in meso a time. The majority of tones does so has to and records a character in the when the screen pressed but there is the little in particular that no. At all. Taken by has admitted that bono the keyboard is until you use or concealed no for the likes has to. If you are the touch -typist this keyboard will direct you absolutely insane!!!! I do in the parameter where writes the plot duquel the people says so tongue, very near to script his words. After writing during the minutes on finish each which as other lacking cards of word and misspelled. A problem is with a very poor copy of the tones of butterfly of the apple (which are not the enormous adherent likewise although I possess the new plus MBP this has these tones). Only they do not record so pressed unless it is pressing calm in a centre died of one key and a lot presses to take them. If your earths of toe anywhere of the perfect centre does not record in screen while it presses. Cairo In some pictures have uploaded for an example. In or a photo where my toe is pressing a nail FONS but in a verge of a tone, is not recording in screen at all! A show of the next photo that press me less take but in a half of one key and register while it presses. That is to say a case with almost everything of some tones and the calm can any never predict that tone shot no record . It IS absolutely objectionable and the fact totally unusable for any one to write fast and accurate.

I emailed a vendor in a problem and has said issue me the free substitution of load and any one to return a current keyboard. A keyboard of substitution has taken quite a lot of two weeks to come. Two atrocious longitude thwarting weeks! A bad time has continued to take jealous greetings in some looks of a keyboard of coworkers. A vendor has said personally would try out of a keyboard of the substitution before ships in me. This was evident like the boxes have looked for to be softly open, an usually sealed stock exchange has been opened, and an USB dongle was out of his small stock exchange. Hopefully Tries a product and this half better work that a last unit Nope. At all.

A keyboard of the substitution there was exactly some same subjects and in the first place one with the different tones listens a problem this times around. A more notably thwarting the tone was a backspace yours so that when another disorder of tones up and required in backspace to correct an error, he not even backspace!! An another the subject with this substitution is that a real keyboard is warped! Of one in the left finishing all a low road in a right side arrive front in a point a thin more a plastic is warped so that a far left wing and the feet of the far rights did not go never so slightly goes aixecar of a desktop. It IS more perceivable in a right side for some tones of number and some side by side totality of boot and right shudders when presses some keys.

Could not take he more than a day and emailed a vendor immediately. It listens so fed up with two keyboards and all a time that this has taken to cross some turns have asked the repayment and no another keyboard. A good thing is a repayment of the vendor done my quite a lot of money hurriedly. Alas I can not recommend this product based in my personal experience. Another look has estimated this keyboard with big marks so perhaps my two keyboards were the fluke, but does not think so.

At the end has been besides Buy and has walked has been with a HP wireless keyboard for a prize although has subjects of zeros. Although the does not have a slender wow factor or some tones of shortcut of good function in a cup. Quan Go it to rack and sea in every day use, could not use this product at all and is much happier with my More substitution of Compraventa. It opens to Have two unusable keyboards and does not know that to do with them.
3 / 5
This easily could be to five indication to star has done only a change, HAS TO when being BACKLIT!!!!! Why oh why, this day and the age are this keyboard ANY backlit??? IF they have done this keyboard backlit, would pay three times a prize for him!!! These products is almost perfect. Has quality of tez utmost, a chiclet the tones in fashion are easy to write on, and well has spaced. They the good work to do a backside of stainless steel, as has the rigidity adds, and some looks of good drawing. It IS thin, still strong, has all some functions could want to, and still has the tampon of normal number. Quan Launches in a prize, is ALMOST a perfect keyboard. BUT it is not BACKLIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY? Each forum has visited in some last five years, the majority of any people is queixant- so that any one does the wireless 2.4ghz, thin chiclet fashionable keyboard, which have the tampon of normal number and is backlit. Only the there is not . And this company has taken sooooo near, but inevitably has had to only was one of some the majority of options of entity... It IS the shame . I want to all more in this keyboard, and would like me give to the main indication, but is so disappointed that they do not offer he with backlighting, concealed can not go further three stars. Please Arteck, marks this exact keyboard with backlighting.

UPDATE: I will say that a company was quite amiable the road me it free wireless keyboard and mouse. And they have been punctual in his correspondence. They are very tame on to try to do up for a shortcomings of an original keyboard has purchased.
5 / 5
Easy installation, has taken 2 mins or less. I absolute amour a be of a keyboard. The guarantee adds. Casing IS very well, falls in verge before, main in back, any one above legs of low/ toe (that hate). Only it take it his yesterday like the can not comment in life of stack or durability. Pkg Has counted usb Covers in cord to touch, another wifi ones have had required stacks to substitute. Touching cord and revises in the product was some reasons chosen this keyboard in compraventa. I also like a location to insert/deletes tones also.
4 / 5
PROS: A Artek 2.4g the wireless keyboard is to add it looking keyboard. Full period, with F1-F12 tones and the numpad, everything in lustrous, chiclet tones. It IS sper light. It does not require external and hard stacks: I touched it once in August '18 when buy it in the first place, has not touched the since.

GILIPOLLAS: But he no that is supposed in, in the compatible base: register keystrokes. Raisin in a the majority of random time. Only look to hang, with cards dulcemente looking, like me in backspace, and of a cursor of text that takes up and flying left and as well as it look of cards and backspace, on and on.

IS mere: it is it adds it looking keyboard. But I only precise something these works.

-- EDIT 12/28/18 --

is attaching an edit (and the star) so that one Artek squad of the service of the client has been very proactive quite doing good things for me, which create is the lovely thing. They have offered the keyboard of substitution for free, without that has to return a one has purchased. I have not taken the up in this offer, while I have finished to buy the totally different substitution (mechanical keyboard), but has accepted the repayment.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech K400 Plus ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has the 50' Samsung Model of Ready TV UN50J5201AFXZA, Any PC has connected at all.

Has read all a Samsung histories of horror here, unfortunately with which had bought the and was in a way... It has been ready partorisca take súper ticked was, has tried he anyways.

Plugged An USB reciever to some propiciado by USB in a TV, has gone to settings partorisca dip it on, there is remarked recognised it already, has touched a touchpad and the cursor has looked in the screen that leave cruised. Jumped to a browser of web, written to a google field of investigation any question, surfed a web partorisca awhile, leaving estacas in of the forums, still any hassles, now a test of application: it has Been the netflix, left roll around with a touchpad, has opened an investigation, has been partorisca write, at all... BUT I left use a mouse partorisca choose papers of an on keyboard of screen that explosions on, the million times easier that using a far. Now considering am not planning on writing any 30 theses of page in of the Applications, basically so only using a field of investigation, and a car suggests usually cough on that am looking for with which two papers have been dipped in, and a touchpad the mark has included to dip these two papers in 10x easy that using some far, any when being pas able to write one or two words to a field of investigation of the applications is not the breaker of extracted.

The browser of web is where an use really resplandores. With just the far, a browser of web is quite useless. The novelty. With a keyboard, the working and lovely addition to your TV of loan.,

As him him he Samsung, judge your own use, is taking he for a browser of web? The works add. You are taking he for applications? It does not have full functionality, but still better that a far. But work, any pc need be connected.

The Hips to the left are canals of transmission in a television that use a Page on/Page down tones. They are sure I will find more uses like the utilisation, will update this I like this do.
4 / 5
The work adds in ChromeOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and OSX Ubuntu will not choose on a fact that is the touchpad, so he wants to do a lot of modding to a touchpad likes transmission a speed, so only change your settings of mice.

Now, yes loves to enable 'natural scrolling' also known like esdesplazamiento of versó or 'Australian scrolling', so only run this in terminal:
echo 'better = 1 2 3 5 4 7 6 8 9 10 11 12' &62; -/.Xmodmap && xmodmap -/.Xmodmap
Wants to undo concealed it , all has to that do is run this in terminal:
echo 'better = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12' &62; -/.Xmodmap && xmodmap -/.Xmodmap
Or can do east:
'rm -r -/.Xmodmap && reboot MAINTAINING'

is interested in pairing other devices to a Logitech Auricular Universal (to little USB thingy this communicates with your device) or wants to control some levels of battery of a keyboard, so only install an application has called Solaar to do a following:

sweats to add-apt-warehouse ppa: && I sweat apt-take sweat && of apt update-take install solaar
4 / 5
are not the big television watcher, but navigating around Netflix, Amazon, and other applications in my ready TV with some keys of arrow in some far was quite annoying. Especially when have has wanted the look for something, and choose out of a series of investigation that use some keys of arrow in some far. How it was time for the wireless keyboard for mine Samsung TV!

Has chosen this keyboard because it has had good descriptions, and was a right prize . When I received It, have pulled out of a bit USB dongle, plugged he to a TV, and has then begun to look for the 'on' transmission for a keyboard.... When Have remarked ALREADY has DONE.

Seriously. Zero setup. So only plugged in a dongle, and immediately a mouse and the keyboard have done. Any config, any software, any endeavour. It has been it has surprised felizmente.

Is now state using he for the little more than the month, and I gotta says is the pleasure that the only Always Works. It has taken like this used to a crappy Netflix and applications of Amazon, and a crappy Samsung interface, that is the pleasure to use something these just works, work intuitively, and does not have to that think roughly.

Desires all my technology has done also and like this easily like this keyboard!
5 / 5
This 'Professional' the version is so only the money-grab. Some models plus a lot old is better way .

Has been using a K400 and K400r for years. My subject with a K400r is that it substitutes a K400 and fact of the unnecessary transmissions that defaulting F Tones to keys of Means comunicacionales. Precise software to revoke this behaviour. A K400 the professional was a response to this. It has Had a behaviour regulates for F Tones, and looks more acute of some other 2 models. Ossia Where a pro well. A touchpad has the terrible sensibility has compared to any K400 or K400r. A Page On and Page Down the tones are the averages a measure to do room for the tone of the main right turn.

A more frustrating the appearance of this keyboard is a touchpad. Some keys are not like this responsive like the oldest models. A simple tug and the drop that use a physical key and a touchpad will fail after the few pixels, and a key will begin clicking random things like this of the movements of cursor. Besides, it forgets anything concealed requires double clicking and tugging anything with a touchpad without using some keys. He simply a lot this. I have tried with the few applications and tugging in this way does not operate.

The certainly looks Logitech decided to release this product in black, substitute a F tones to a incumplimiento behaviour, calls it load and Professional version $ 40, while a same time entirely doing it unusable and a lot inferior to a no Professional version. Skip This and take the K400r and use a Setpoint software to toe a F behaviour of keys.
5 / 5
Is a lot comfortable to use in a bed, work on two EA battery that is comprised already. It is smaller that your normal keyboard, but quite big any to press two keys the time. A trackpad (or soyouse') is like this as well as any one portable of PC in a phase. The utilisation to control Raspberry of mine Pi 3 (Model B) and work perfectly for just pluggin in a receiver of USB, any need to download engine or additional software. An only WITH in this keyboard is that it could not find where to store a receiver of USB in a keyboard (the next hole some batteries that Logitech dips in his mouses).
4 / 5
The product adds ! I possess a lot of K400 more and an old plus K400. On 1 year of life of battery in a lot of hours the plus of day vs. K400: A newer version feels more rugged with the work of better fast keypad seamless . I can it does not give to 5 indication of star like the impression of the oldest version is much more intrepid and easier that see in dim I still recommend this Logitech for another product of quality in the reasonable prize.
5 / 5
My sister has required the new keyboard for his PC of theatre of the house. Has an older version of this keyboard a K400R. In general, I love this keyboard. It is perfect for use in a living room. It would be a lot it was in fact it bit it smaller and with the one of confidence trackball further of a tampon of mouse. Have shopped Around and has tried some other keyboards of theatre of the house and this one of Logitech is a better and more than confidence goes to take.
Loves the signal was immediately a bat this model for sale is a K400+. It is different of some old two leading models but a lot looked. Also I want to it clears it, to good sure prefers a K400R. To the as really it does not like me in of a + model is a tampon of the clue is not like this precise and an on and down the tones of arrow are in an empty tone still. That frequently causes deceptions of the another tone in a keyboard and some models plus a lot old has his empty own tones. Constantly they are that it loses an upper tone and pressing an on duty tone in the or paste down when I require to paste on and extremely is annoying. Some keys of mice in a tampon of clue is smaller that some older versions. Which has not been a subject for me too much, but has lost some keys from time to time. There are some tones to act that loses an older version has had, but his hated so much am happy has gone. One a transmission I really likes is has moved a control of volume and dumb keys directly on a tampon of clue. Which is well. You hips redesigned some spaces of battery to be easier to access.
To the as really it likes me in of this keyboard is deletes a need for the mouse and the keyboard in mine couch or table of caffè. Absolutely it can take the nettle that uses this tampon of clue for everything and especially has to that it weaves to do, but for the majority of material is tolerable. Both a row and a life of battery is excellent. I can maintain the connection quite anywhere in my house. I also like a key of yellow mouse in an upper sinister corner. Calm leave you to move and select things more quickly.
Writing in the, for me, is uncomfortable. For the longitude that writes sessions, is not ideal. I prefer the main ergonomic keyboard with party and angled tones. But again, partorisca in a couch and simple exploring, is perfect for that. It is also he has taken the very small zone of storage for an adapter of wireless USB in a compartment of battery.
Like this for an old plus K400R would give the solid 5 stars for a tampon of upper mouse that follows and lack to confuse creation key for some arrows. But thus model, a K400+, so only can give 4 stars. Some improvements of this model this new plus is outweighed for his defects. I have seen a model an old plus for much more economic at the same time of this description. I am thinking roughly in that buys it again and maintaining is to one like him the backside arrive or something.
5 / 5
With which a lot of looking for, investigation, is is returned elements, ossia a keyboard that has done. Has the Samsung UN43J5200FXZA 43" Ready TV with Loaning Hub and browser of web. This keyboard is an only one has found that reads seamlessly with a TV. Other keyboards neither have not done at all, or some characteristic of a keyboard, (like a tampon to touch) would not do or be recognised by a Ready TV. I have purchased the 3 USB of boss of feet of extension that I routed of a connector of USB for behind a television to an inferior flange of a television to delete a "for behind a TV" thank you of row, leaving an USB "dongle" to be seen by a keyboard to vary the more long and better loyalty.

A keyboard is very built, with good tactile response, and a tampon of mouse is quite sensitive with being too sensitive. Regulate a speed of mouse in a television setup paper to find a speed is comfortable with.

Although one has distributed the manuals are not a lot useful, to the left is to be sincere; it is so only the keyboard. It is not that hard to imagine out of some right settings. An alone and double toe the shortcuts are a lot intuitive, and some extras "key of sinister mouse" in an upper left is in fact quite useful.

In general, the a lot of little produced of mouse/of wireless keyboard that reads with him Samsung Ready TV as well as so only in any computer with the port of spare USB.

Has law with any Samsung J5200 serious Ready TV.
4 / 5
Gave it two stars because he in fact laws (so only a lot bad) and was a lot of easy to connect. Here it is some questions : 1) A scrolling is like this imprecise that calm so only can uses to cruised big web pages and then has to that grab a side-scrollbar the one of fact takes to the page to line up likes calm would want to 2) looks the broken really so only a way; if you want to go back on your more was lifting your toes then that movement again. 3) Ugh! This has spent so only! I have loved to move for down so only it bit it: on an imprecision a gesture maintains scrolling and slips to the stop! Have prendido to move my toes! STOP A damn scrolling! 4) they Are out of patience with this thing like this here a last idiotic question: REASON Is The ON And DOWN SIGNAL Half-SIZED!?! Has a lot of Logitech devices: running wheel for Xbox, programmable remotes, keyboards, mice... They are all taking a lot worse to use reasons Logitech looks to be more concerned now with one LOOKS versus a FUNCTION. It marks some designers in fact use this POS for the week before they sign was on that. Betcha You no. (Sad for grammatical and spellling errors, are also pissed was to prooof read this description.) ((I supposition a star is really a better indication can give this.)) (((If any one has found the alike format that the works PLEASE estaca to the equal that can change providers. Thank you For advanced!)))
5 / 5
The keyboard adds. Logitech Would owe that it has been my first election. One a+ company.

1. Touchpad. A touchpad is slightly smaller that a ms version. This in spite of, ossia he benifit. In a ms keyboard, constantly has moved an indicator when that resists a keyboard. This does not spend in a Logitech keyboard because a touchpad does not go all a way to a fund. There is the small zone under a touchpad that can resist a keyboard without touching he touchpad.

2. Receiver. If a receiver takes stray or fraction, simply can purchase the new a (for $ 15). An use a Logitech the software to pair has retreated up with a keyboard. Also, a Logitech the receiver can connect to diverse Logitech devices. (A ms the version is hard coded the 1 keyboard)
already have the spare receiver reason have purchased also he Logitech wireless smile, and paired the up with a receiver that is coming with a keyboard.

3. The tones look better, and a tone of function and planting the better looks.

Has purchased previously a keyboard of Microsoft the few years does. A receiver has taken fraction, and has been disturbed that the has not been possible to substitute a receiver and his pair up. I have been said has required to esimplica' buys the new keyboard!!!! That! Nizza For ms, bad for consumers.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MX Keys ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
WRITING: I add it feels. No like this as well as the keyboard maquinal traditional, but the better light years that any laptop. Some tones all have the very compatible feel and is very calm, doing adds partorisca use/at night of the office. Any complaint here, included partorisca write long documents.

QUALITY of BUILD: Again, I add. This really feels like the $ 100 keyboard. When I chose It in the first place up I have been surprised that weighed is ( hanged almost 2 pounds). Has the really a lot heft his and feels very first.

CONNECTIVITY: it is the logitech produced, as it connects easily, and the stays have connected. There is 3 has has consecrated keys to change among devices. It is easy to change among the Mac and PC of some tones has both YOU X and the windows labels on him.

CHARACTERISTIC: absolutely I LOVE a backlighting. Logitech There is nailed this in a boss. A backlight is the good colour, there is the variety of brightness options to choose of, and light bleed is maintained to the minimum. Some the light turns was with which roughly 5 seconds of inactivity, but calm does not have to that begin that it writes again for a light to come on. You can move a mouse, or has included so only look for your hands on a keyboard, and a backlight will be on first of calm included can begin writing. This implementation done so only this value of keyboard his prize. A keyboard also has the USB C port (the boss is comprised) that does to touch the breeze.

FINAL THOUGHTS: it takes it. I have not thought Never steps $ 100 in the keyboard, but this one is a lot of value he. I have it quell'has had so only a keyboard for the short time as I have not taken it casualidad to try out of a life of battery, but Logitech claims 10 days with a backlight on, and 5 month with him was.
4 / 5
This keyboard is surprisingly good to write on. It is not a better thing not having never writes on but well of the money.

Deja skip all a logi characteristic and take right down to a hardware and writing experience.

Begin with a build and feel of a joint, this thing is WEIGHED. It feels like the few heavy pounds. The keyboard adds has the impressive quantity of flex when you grab some finals and transfer he in your hands. Unfortunately it is done mainly of plastic and to to any metal likes a bit keyboards of Apple. There are some minors detectable flex hammer some tones but any during writing that I can say. It was really be well was more rigid but honradamente does not treat it big. They are so only nitpicking reasons is supposition to be the product of prize.

Afterwards is some physical tones. A depression of the dome of some tones is in fact well under your toes but no really the significant characteristic mine the warrant a lot of discussion. Some tones have the very soft still grippy textures to feel to them, the yes calm satin . Really well it feels to them.

Now a mechanism key and ossia a real remarkable part. It was tired of this product because it is using a diaphragm of same silicone underlying discharge for registration of key shot like this like this like this like this other economic joints do. But there is a primary difference. As any joint of diaphragm of the silicone, does not go to take a lot of clickity clackity feeling BUT, some tones do not wobble and this all a difference. The majority of the tones of keyboards have some terracing to wobble to them when in the first place rests your toes in his, same keyboards of Apple. These tones do not wobble before depression. While a depression is soft and included exert for some levels, a lack to wobble frames a depression that gratifies and a tactile feeling is pleasing. Besides, some the shots keys take slightly more the force that calms can have the habit of and feel weighty. It feels like each tone has some class of his solid mass and speed of the calm profits once take spent a 'click' point. Still the desire has had the physical click feels to the each depression but ossia still quite good and is a main reason reason has decided to maintain the. Like this kudo is to Logi and hopefully an after the fact will have the click. Oh yeah A writing is really calm also but I dunno he a lot really cured in that. Also measured a distance of depression key to be in those small looks but a weighty lack and prints key to wobble in fact does to the chairs like is of abundance .

Connectivity, for behind light, fine use of device, tugs by means of Logi the continuazione are adds. Any transmission there and to good lovely insurance this in spite of is a connectivity and fines use of device that would direct on like main has added currency in this department. This is not the economic product that will die on .

Life of the battery can not speak still but would expect it to be good. It is state that goes for the few weeks any one uploads like this far.

In general has used to PLOT of keyboards. They are any connoisseur but has to that well sure has taken my preferences. Those looking for the keyboard of prize, $ 100 really is not in plot to ask imo. While this produces to good sure could be better, takes the solid thumbs on me. But that the thumbs up is mainly reason there is not founding anything concealed fulfils my preferences more closely more than a joint that is excellent in and of him.

Finally, has to be known that it is a weighty lack and depression key to touch/wobble in some tones in the state to the rest is that won on to maintain this like my primary. At all more particularly it is that it surprises in a product and I would not be surprised takes mixed descriptions after the thousands of people give it the gone.
5 / 5
The keyboard has better possessed to date of Logitech. Appeal! Calm tones.. Any strong clicking. The stays ensure on office. Fact of components of qualities. It likes with MX 3 smile of some link to purchase the directions have printed in the boxes are bad. You owe that go to Logitech the place of web has seen Google and look for MX Tones or MX 3 to download engine.
4 / 5
After using a K520/K800 for 7 years, was really reluctant in emotional to the portable-like this key feels/behaviour, but after the week results like this buttery smooth. I take the sense of joy when I use this keyboard, which is odd likes hell but hey, will take it. Mina WPM is without transmissions (thanks god) and honradamente seat to like it could augment over time so only because of an ease to slip by means of some tones and minimum of travesía key. Also compared with a K-keyboards of serious, this thing looks the work of art , and a mark to draw of feet of chairs of weights like the solid piece of yours office.

First to buy it, has had concerns in a crazy coating and like raisin over time, but now am quite sure that wont be a @@subject - does not feel like the discharge of coating but so only a character of a plastic (i.et. The appearance to spend to a typical arrival, shiny, more than that has chunks of coating to touch soft scrapes was). My only qualm would be a incumplimiento a tone of lock in a '-' in a numpad that has paste accidentally two times like this far, but is fully programmable so that class of the no-@@subject.

Uncertainties: Any insurance to the equal that to the ergonomics will touch was after several months - would say that a profile of keyboard is too down to use the majority of tampons of wrist, but different the majority of keyboards, neither forces your wrists to the place bent in a principle.
4 / 5
I like LT material but expected for better and better action has lit, perhaps some red lighting for the night that writes, this in spite of, this keyboard a lot so only held but also distracted me. Following a minimalist tendency, this keyboard is slender, dim, and 'down pro'. After using a K800 with his brightly lit, fat n big and utmost tones clickety action , like the chairs are gone in to diet of keyboard with lackluster barren has DIRECTED lights but literally tones of profile a lot down, perhaps too down, date. Any low and calm plus have the bloody virtual touchscreen keyboard with zero tactile feedback. So to the equal that appreciate all some advances in smartphon-ages, some the active keypads harm over time with a touchscreen surface. Deja reminisce,....The tactile feedback of the fashionable keypad of key some old skewl delay or Treo the telephone was far upper in any flatscreen the virtual keyboard that leave to still blind orient your hand-held place and he then writes was with accuracy, seldom a lot that has to that it never looks down. Gas bombs what same, all the world has hated a hard plan unipad of 'keys' virtual that together with tax of error of big entrance, has very caused the vendor to go back to fashionable tones of the key. Fashionable keyboards of the real key probably included could save bolt for a undeniable epidemic of text of street oblivion where a lustrous flat screen of a virtual keyboard has any points of reference and demands a oblivious the direct visual feedback of the engine & that has to that look down in a constantly first screen to write that after fatal keystroke. So much, in spite of an usual reference braille bookmarks/marcadors in a F & J tones the one who the majority of use of people to feel to orient his first hands to write, a exceptionally the low height of some tones comes more after never to one feels of the touchscreen in this I grieves can remark where some final tones before some prójimos one begins to require mine from now on visually locate and verify the hand that plant constantly and far more frecuenta writing errors. The insignificant sounds? It is, but such is modern mans plight in an age of Amazon and badass technology. But for these sticklers, distracted of workflow and can be annoy when you owe that reposition multiple time so only reason you lifted your hands of a keyboard. Besides, it loves to take ergonomically and physiologically technical, mine anecdotal the observation is a drop of height key noticeably demands more use and perhaps overuse of a digital extensor muscles when maintaining the place of rest. Over time, suspicious causes @@tiredness for one 9-5 user if no an increase in (for lack of better name) the reverse carpal syndrome of tunnel. And yes I have a rest of palmera for LT and although extremely comfortable could worsen an use of a extensors.
4 / 5
Ossia Easily a keyboard has possessed better. Paired With a MX Master has smiled, a combo resupply all I need. In the first place, I can control all three computer in my office. I any precise to change that often, but when I , can fulfil he in of the seconds. I want not taking on cup of spatial with mouse of additional/keyboard setups. I have had so many economic keyboards by means of some years, has forgotten that well it is to write on quality, tactile tones. Some feet of hule maintain a keyboard of sliding around in my glass desk. Key backlighting works well and is easy to regulate to conditions. A Logitech works of software well to configure the receiver unified (if the MX smiled) or to connect street bluetooth to additional computer. An only negative can say is I desire would offer the mouse/of keyboard combo extracted. They can have one, but there is not founding a lot on Amazon. Highly it recommends this keyboard and pairing he with the compatible MX mouse.
4 / 5
Logitech The options is frustratingly terrible software, and is an only way to customise this keyboard to the equal that has announced. I used it on multiple Windows PCs with multiple peripheral on some years, and does not look never to do properly for longitude. After connecting my new keyboard, uploading a software I simply me ameno to the totally spaces ash of window, included after multiple restarts and reinstalls.

A keyboard is slender and sturdy, with enough of travesía good key. This in spite of, advise against that paid to prize for him until Logitech in fact can resupply software of confidence to direct one has announced characteristic.
5 / 5
Has debated roughly taking this keyboard for the month. No never it have spent more concealed $ 50 in the keyboard before. I have decided to give the the shot and happy has done. My first impression of a keyboard was 'wow.' A keyboard is done of metal and feels solid, different of the $ 50 keyboards have had in a past. Connecting a keyboard to my computer was easy using neither one wireless dong (comprised) or Bluetooth. I recommend to download and using a 'Logitach Opted' software, adds to plot of customization options to a keyboard.

Is not sure state would like me a compact feel of a keyboard when I ordered it, was pleasantly has surprised. A curve of the each tone the fact to where your toes do not have any question that remain in place. On all seats a keyboard is quite calm when into use, different some other keyboards that his like this the @@@1940s typewriter. A keyboard luzca only when it remarks motion around that. Have Still to imagine was where this sensor is.

Has had to complain roughly something, would say that I wish a battery would last while a MX smiled in the load. A MX smiled takes month in the load, where a keyboard so only takes '10 days.'

Has been that tries to speak my woman to take MX Tones for his computer of work, is still very hesitant to spend this class of money in the keyboard. If I have had the election to take some MX Tones or something more. It choose some MX Tones every time. Very pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5
I mostly use my keyboards to write and modifying of multipage documents. More than ten years, has purchased Logitech Wave ergonomic keyboards. THIS Is not An ERGONOMIC KEYBOARD. ( It averts of one tactile feel tones and a estuffed' surfaces keys.) They are that it has to that refine mine keystroking bit it. To find Logitech launching the new edition of a wave keyboard. I so only 'taken on he' and has moved on with a company' produced. A backlight could last longer that one paints in of the legends keys. A keyboard will pack much more compactly that my I has not taken never that anywhere but of an office to another. I have BEEN FORCED To THIS COMPRAVENTA WHEN I have REQUIRED A NEW MOUSE And has LOOKED FOR ESTIMATED It MORE LOGITECH SOME. SURPRISED: to to the USERS LIKE To of them REQUIRED to PURCHASE An INTEGRATED SYSTEM. It can have purchased obsolescent the technology for me feels a need to maintain my up to date systems and have the few useful years have left. It DOES not COMPLAIN THIS COMPRAVENTA. Mina keystrokes have the new and positive strike and a backlit the exposure does not help me any end with my turn of evening in writing and reviewing.
5 / 5
Has had to pre order and expects the month like some stocks for now arrives is sold was. As I write this description is out of stock again. A keyboard is weighed as there is the dish of steel. It feels very sure when writing. With ultra the silent tones that writes is the breeze. Already I have a Logitech K800 wireless backlit together tone for a last 4 to 5 years. This in spite of k800 has it @@subject that a majority of unit suffers faulty touching was miserable to take one. As they are of Sri Lanka and I take elements couriered has had to dip up with him.
A MX Is the fantastic keyboard with USB C touching, and think that a prize is reasonable that considers a quality. It do not doubt to recommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Arteck HB030B ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
- $ 20
- Sper clear weight and in him fatter probably quite 2 1/2 - 3 American Barrels thorough
- Personally uses this for my Asus Netbook that Windows of careers 10 and in my iPhone 5S only for a sake to try. (An usability of iPhone in fact enters handy while I am using this Keyboard now still to write my description of product on through my telephone.
- Good variety of colours of keyboard
- the looks of stack to line upload it very wel although it can not say how long. But I can say that I used it moderately for enough 5-6 hours in or that chair to touch the game of strategy, as this would have to be very prende almost anything needs to do until you are has done to do that it is doing until the precise when being plugged in.

- Some instructions have comprised was in fact better that more the products have seen in a past with devices like this but so always wishes had more information in of the considerations in troubleshooting subjects of connectivity.

- An only indication of how much stack the stays is when the light of indicator of the blue stack constantly blinks to leave know that they go to die punctual. The desire when alloy in my device of Windows 10 this has said calm in him an exact percentage while I have seen with similar products.
- A backlighting is excellent but to save can visit of one lighting after 10-15 bren when any one into use. That is to say the smallest inconvience in me so sometimes like me touches a game of the computer of the old strategy has nicknamed, estronghold Croatian.' A mouse is used mostly but some tones of arrows are necessities to go through a map of game. As it can see you how this can be problem . I do not see anywhere in some instructions on has the parameter to change this characteristic.

Updated one With in ESC key - the manufacture was punctual in saying me after I have written this description that pressing one 'Fn+And' tones after it matches a device would resolve this subject. I have done so instructed and resolve mine ESC the subject of the button has listed down. It is mentioned also in some instructions to do so. Error of user on my part.
Subject Resolved- has no really tried one ESC button in other programs but I have remarked that while it touches that game, if it only presses a ESC yours, minimises a game and of the debits and Browser of window of Internet. I have to press a Fn+ESC to take some options of explosion of Card in a game without minimises.
- Lasty, This can be only he fluke thing with an edifice of this keyboard I taken but has remarked that I have to press the, 'The tone with bit it more quite that compared at all other tones.

Updating this in 5/5 so that it respects the company that quickly follows up with subjects of same user although the does not go to complain in them. Mina With listing another that one ESC subject of the button still is even so.

Gives this he 4/5 only because of a minor With has listed. Another that that these laws add. Only I expect this has longevity but in $ 20 during the year still would be happy and the recommend.

The pictures included is with backlighting on and of a comparison of measure in mine Asus Netbook.
4 / 5
UPDATE 5/09/service of 2017 Clients has achieved has been in me after reading my description. They were very useful and has substituted an immediately free keyboard-of-load, included after I have counted that it was able to fix an original unit
Sometimes the service of good client is each what - and certainly provided the this time. Addition 1 star for Service of Client. Thank you!
So far also in a life of stack. I will update again after I take the few words of the thousand written more was in the.

Ordered like the keyboard of trip for my trusty Surface2. More importantly has the very better listens that a sketchy keyboard of the coverage used for years.
IS small, that causes even more typos that usually it marks, but any so concealed problem me in him.
Even so, has bought of trips', is disappointed in a durability.
First trip was, with a keyboard nestled softly afterwards in my Surface in the rucksack deadened, two tones are fallen was. ( It goes beaks). Disappointing so that it listens my first trip, was far softer that usually would be to pack until cape of work, etc...
After several minutes of fiddling, was able to take some tones have broken behind in place, and at present is writing this description those uses a keyboard. But if it can not survive a first trip unscathed, he isnt among last long. =(

One has ignited by behind the colours are the orderly characteristic . I expect that a life of stack is solid.
4 / 5
First impressions- Wow, that is to say small. Desprs Using this device for the small bit, spent a convenient small measure. Some tones are situated in fact appropriate to write on the way regulate.

Impressions after widespread use- These responses in entrance of key strike in ms taxes, the time answered very impressive. I am almost fallen enamoured with this until I have begun to experience a disconnect subject. Once this keyboard disconnects, is the permanent problem with windows 10. You are looking to turn this on and was and pressing a button of alloy for the take that goes of good-looking walnut. In bad, can of state adds. He only disconnects, and takes the bit for the taking has connected again.

Update- a unit is died after 8 month. Arteck The support of client was a lot. They routed the keyboard of substitution, no this paricular a but the similiar the keyboard in measuring that utulized the wireless usb connection versus a bluetooth. So far so good. Support of priest of good client for his products.
5 / 5
In the first place a broken after a third use the week. They substituted it. Nine a Bluetooth subjects. Taken too much endeavour to try to take it to do again in my again that the telephone had known the anteriorly has had.

Is not the bad product when works but has spent too much flavour of time in troubleshoot whats the injustice and that contacts a company that taking time in in fact of type with him.

My first never connected substitution in the device. My second substitution has entered the time was occupied also for the try, still has taken like this the DAILY emails of them beg to update or delete my description. An only reason has taken included a second substitution is quite bullied me in him when that has wanted to was the repayment after taking two defective products. Active there was only a time like this far to try a second substitution once, and is spent 30 minutes only trying conectarprpers in the device.

Final thoughts? It finds the different product. This one takes too endeavour for the take to do for the use, and a eservice of client' is borderline harasses.
1 / 5
I am the designer that uses the Wacom Cintiq exposure of pen. It has battled always with where to pose my keyboard as it can access it he for the shortcuts and the program of fast tones like Photoshop or Sketchbook Pro. This access of keyboard perfectly among- some legs to be and is so easy to access while designing now.
5 / 5
Update: Update in 4 stars. Two months after writing an update in a erratic action of a keyboard, Arteck the service of client contacted me and has offered the substitution. I will see if this a better work over time. It appreciates an attention in service of client and a substitution, although the two-month lag the times are the bit dulcemente..

Update: Downgrading in 2 stars. A keyboard is resulted ridiculously sensitive. I am the typist to touch , and I any rid. Included when being very careful with a touch a clear plus once begins to repeat the card 2 or 3 times with each word, is resulted to madden. And of course... Too late in tower.

Has bought this together with a Arteck Support of Case and of Amparo for Arteck HB030B Keyboard of Bluetooth (Bluetooth the has not comprised keyboard) and was initially the small airado that has been sold separately in place of as the container has unified. Take on the. They are abordables individually and together, and a keyboard is awesome!

1) Perfect Measure. I am the typist to touch with big toes, as finding the tablet-keyboard sized concealed leave me to write 70wpm with flavours in 80--without the enormous number of big-says typos--is defying to say a less. This does a trick. It IS quite small to pose in my stock exchange, but big to accommodate my pudgy figures. Oh, And also it has the very good touch.
2) Bluetooth: Compatible and pairs easily. Mostly it uses this with my Tab of Samsung of Galaxy 8 (Android), but sometimes with my iPhone (iOS). Yay For compatibility!
3) Life of Longitude stack with load of convenient USB. 'Nuf Has said.
4) Easy to use. I can be class of technology-and, but something has too many buttons, circles, and the arrows take overwhelmed. A Arteck the keyboard is so mere and intuitive, would be likely to teach my grandmother to use this besides or 2 minutes less or less. (Well... If it was still with us.)
5) IS very fresh with a colour those lights behind. I am easily the entertained. Oh, look, HAS colours. It was totally happy with regulating that the fire behind, but some colours attach in a fun factor.
4 / 5
I have bought this keyboard so that it was a thin and more clear plus one in a piece could find. It IS so clear as announced, even so it is quite flexible -- too flexible in my opinion. It does not take any very enough in visibly flex among your hands. Writing hurriedly in your foothills is difficult so that he flexes so. It have preferred this has the small more structure in him. A be of back poster like the piece of thin floor of the streaky aluminium by 12x tiny rays around a verge, as it is probably.

The month of him trips with my tablet in my rucksack, a V the tone has burst was and will not return in (so that the tab is broken). I have possessed also a Anker bluetooth keyboard, and that one east sufficing bit it the robust plus so that a tube of stack attaches some force in him.

Edita: I have been contacted by service of client to offer me the substitution of guarantee. It appreciates an endeavour for them to be by behind his product.
2 / 5
This keyboard has been the nightmare . Constantly result it disconnected of my computer, and also somehow done my Bluetooth the application in my computer disappears. It tries to fix the diverse time, so that after some time, a Bluetooth returns, but at the end prender to do again. Sound an odder thing, literally deletes Bluetooth of my computer. My father is a programmer of the computer experimented and same fights with a thing. It buys one with the USB dongle and save a headache.

IS the keyboard well when operating properly, even so.
1 / 5
I am quite impressed. Designs very better that the mainstream Belkin model anteriorly has had. It connects hurriedly, and reconnects of road to dream very hurriedly. It does not fall connection, any observable lag when writing. Very clear and thin, uses the internal stack has touched by USB. These are each desirable shots for the keyboard of trip. Some buttons are the small main that keyboards sized similarly, as it is the comfortable plus bit to write on. Some tones are more tactile and listen robust, when being more like the keyboard the real plus that the fashionable keyboard of the membrane.

Few feet of rubber are proportionate and has been required to maintain a keyboard of sliding around in a desktop while scripture. Quite solid to seat in my foothills also. A backlight is well, but has did not have to the use still. The life of stack is very so far, with the casual use has to any one for the run down in the week.
5 / 5
- $ 20
- Súper light weight and in him fatter probably roughly 2 1/2 - 3 American Neighbourhoods thorough
- Personally uses this partorisca my Asus Netbook that Windows of careers 10 and in mine iPhone 5S so only partorisca a sake partorisca try. (An usability of iPhone is gone in in fact handy as I am using this Keyboard now still partorisca write my description of product on by means of my telephone.
- Good-looking variety of colours of keyboard
- the looks of battery partorisca resist upload it a lot of wel although it can not say what time. But I can say that I used it moderately partorisca roughly 5-6 hours in a seating touching the game of strategy, as this would have to that be very partorisca almost anything needs to do until you are done that that is doing until precise be plugged in.

- Some instructions have comprised was in fact better that more produced has seen in a past with devices like this but like this always wishes had more information in of the considerations to troubleshooting @@subject of connectivities.

- An only indication of those that rests of battery is when the light of indicator of the blue battery constantly blinks to leave know that it goes to die punctual. Desire when it connects to the mine Windows 10 device that calms said to him a percentage esatta to the equal that have seen with alike products.
- A backlighting is excellent but to save can turns of one lighting with which 10-15 seconds when any into use. Ossia The smallest inconvience mine like this sometimes like touch of a game of the computer of old strategy has called, estronghold Crossed.' A mouse is used mostly but some tones of arrows are required to spend for a map of game. As you can see like this can be annoying. I do not see anywhere in some instructions on has the setting to change this characteristic.

Has updated one With in ESC key - the manufacture was punctual in saying me with which have written this description that pressing one 'Fn+Is tones with which I pair a device would solve this subject. I have done like this instructed and solve mine ESC the subject of key has listed down. It is mentioned also in some instructions to do like this. Error of user for my part.
@Subject Solved- I has no really tried a ESC key in other programs but I am remarked that while it touches that game, if so only presses a ESC yours, minimises a game and of the cariche and Browsers of Window of Internet. I owe that press a Fn+ESC to take some options of Paper love in a game without him minimising.
- Lasty, This can be so only he fluke what with a construction of this keyboard I taken but there is remarked that I have to that press the, 'The tone with bit it more the force likes compared to all some other tones.

Updating this to 5/5 reason respects the company that promptly follows up with subjects of same user although it do not complain to them. Mina With listing another that a ESC subject of the key still is this in spite of.

Gives this he 4/5 so only because of a minor With me has listed. Another that that this law adds. So only appearance this has longevity but in $ 20 if it acts for the year still would be happy and the recommend.

The pictures included are with backlighting on and of a comparison to measure mine Asus Netbook.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple Magic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Apple At the end listened in his clients of subject and have taken a Magic Keyboard WITH 10-Key. He been the Mac user for years now and always be able wanted to use the wireless keyboard. Alas, after trying so much a Logitech K750 for Mac and a Kanex MultiSync Mac Keyboard of the Aluminium with lackluster has result, has imagined was the stray cause like the Magic keyboard of Apple has not comprised one 10-Key. Then last week learnt in easterly an and chosen an up. Here it is my thoughts :

1) has a solid look and listen that an original of Magic Keyboard has. That is to say to the enormous plus likes him another has tried has been flimsy.
2) An internal stack is rechargeable issues a port of Lightning in a backside. That is to say perfect since is a cape used included by an iPhone.
3) IS very clear - only quite 1lb.
4) since is done by Apple, everything of some tones of works operate likes him is supposed in (concealed is not a case with aftermarket keyboards while they are not left to access these parts of Bonos).
5) does not have a keystroke lag that another aftermarket the keyboards have.
6) does not have an awake -of-subject to dream that another aftermarket the keyboards have.

1) Takes road the long Apple to fall this
2) A prize. MSRP Of $ 130 is empinado. But, it listens an user of Apple, has not been surprised.
3) IS only available in a diagram/of the by heart white aluminium. Of a vast majority of the computers of Apple are one MacBook, was very was available in black/of aluminium (as well as an another new MacBook diagrams by heart).

In general, is very pleased with mine and plan to buy more so required.
4 / 5
In general, I very cual a keyboard but he are out of 'perfect'. Although, all the world has different flavours for the this wants in the keyboard.

HAS a quality of typical excellent Apple. I am so happy at the end is fallen the keyboard of full measure with pillows to number that is to say Bluetooth. Has update recently in the 2017 MacBook Pro that only has USB-C connectors. So much, some devices some use of wireless plus with him, a better. Otherwise Generally multiple roads dongles of any too many devices still have USB-C capes.

Has used very-Apple bluetooth keyboards before but almost always is 'the keyboards of Windows and like this has soyandate' different the tones and some tones of the function does not do to adjust to to the things like them to them the brilliance, playback of means comunicacionales, etc. So many, well is using an external keyboard that the still can control these things.

Does not have replaceable stacks so that class of the bummer excepts some looks of interns stack to last the long time. It has Had he during the months of pair now and has did not have to the touch still.

A bit those that the things are by train to maintain me to give of is the full 5 indication of star.
The desire has said out of feet he so that it can adjust an angle. It seats almost flat. He well but ideally would like me the little more than an angle.
Some tones - will admit that they are better that some new tones in a MacBook Pro, but still no a better. Ideally it would like him to the ones of the good tones mechanics with some trip in them.
Backlighting - Know this would kill a fast plus stack, but was well to have an option. It likes them to me the laws in the quite dark room and that has backlit the tones would be utmost.

These are more the personal preference in the keyboard that a subject with this keyboard he. Right now, research to be a better keyboard (for me) to use with my MacBook Pro.
4 / 5
I have ordered this to substitute an original bluetooth keyboard that is coming with my iMac quite done 4 years. This keyboard would be the 5 -star IF any one poses perfectly flat. It does not have any toe-in of the legs to give an angle a comfortable plus and less tension in a carpal tunnel. It attacks the 1/4' forest of diameter dowel in a subordinated of the give the small impulse (photo of views). It opens it IS almost level with my existent 4 year trackpad. I suggest this mere fixed to resolve an only shortcoming that voice. Perhaps the apple will see this description and updates a keyboard!
4 / 5
It IS absurd what the years take Apple in the the end exited with the bluetooth keyboard with keypad.

HAS four of these (the black/ash ones concealed is coming with my iMac Pros and two of an aim some).

am adds to use.
Recharges With a cape to light distributed ( any preoccupy me how long a stack marks or any last so that my trackpad has required recharging the plot more harvest that a keyboard and I only touch the so when a trackpad the necessities that uploads).

WITH East:
is not backlit ( can see in some beaks has my own motion these lights of notes in backlight he).
Does not attach in a trackpad. Apple could have has done easily a two magnetically attaches for the whoever the connected. ( I have spoken with Twelve South and is not doing the bridge.)

Other products pictured that recommends:
the Adjustable when being that/his desktop: the Chairs of Adjustable crank to Be stop above Desktop with Marc to Armour plate to Have that Heavy (60', the money Marks/Short Black)
USB of Sensor of the Motion Rechargeable Lights: Luz of Cupboard, OxyLED Lights of Cupboard of Sensor of Motion, 20 has DIRECTED Down-the cupboard that relieves, USB Rechargeable Mate-in the stairs Gives a does not sweep Claire, Luz at night Lights DIRECTED, Sure with magnetic Band, 3-group, T-02Or
Audioengine A5+ Prevails Pair Powered of Of the west (Solid Bamboo Carbonised)
Audioengine S8 Negre 8-the inch Powered Subwoofer
Audioengine Supports of Desktop of Of the one of the west: Audioengine DS2 Supports of Desktop of Of the west (Parties)
2 / 5
It acts 99% of a time. But 1% terribly it is thwarting. He often connection of drop without warning, sometimes permanently so has to re-connects a cape of Lightning and pair of flavours he again in mine MBP on and on (or expect 10 minutes). A worse is when he freaks was and dies while writing, routing it loop bonded of characters on and on in a computer these on-line results of text everywhere, cascading this closes window, and/or the orders of the card have repeated.

The desire could say that this was unusual for Apple, but with his myopic the approximation in quality is unlikely anything another concealed an iPad / of iPhone each which be 'Pro' again. (Perhaps that is to say why it has changed in soyagic?')
3 / 5

The utmost looks. Yes That is to say why I bought it. It does not possess of the white things anymore and the tones of my white keyboard have prendido to do, as in with a walnut. Outrage conceal even so, an angle is not ergonomic and some tones do not listen utmost. It IS the enormous admits in the hefty prize. It IS to take take another mark for people that is directed aesthetically but think that is the shame in apple with $ 1 million Thousands in some reservation any one to be able to do something... Better that this. It IS just MEH in the a lot of reward of leader that excites. Why it call it his the Magic Keyboard? That a heck concealed is same next magic? It IS to ignite and when being cheap... The desire illuminate and was two heavy times and has not had to attach wedges in him to change an angle.
5 / 5
A key action is the fund of bit , but I how one when being. I have tried the few cheaper keyboards that is not Mac concrete and finishing to take east. It IS although it integrates also with Mac YOU, comprising aiming a level of rest stack, all some tones that law so expected, and so on. There it was emits with devices of Bluetooth in some pasts but this always connect in my laptop. Note: when my MacBook Pro is enclosed and plugged in the monitor, and press the key in a Magic Keyboard, arouses a laptop up. Only it wants that there for any curious.
5 / 5
I will try the eschew repeats much more world-wide description. Having a keypad in this keyboard the fact the enormous improvement in a first keyboard of magic. Even more the surprise is a life of stack. I touched it 100% when it has connected initially he in my macbook. I used it every day of work for more concealed 5 weeks, included to take he in the trip with me so that his so thin and clear. At present it has 67% stay in a stack. If these wineries up, these ways and will be necessary touches it quite 4 times for year. Has a same look and when being of my keyboard/of USB wired for my mac mini, so hardly ever use a besides portable keyboard, another that when and is seating in an airport.
4 / 5
It take this keyboard to substitute my keypad of Apple older wired. Some tones have the trip the low plus. It do not say better or worse that an old unit IS only the mechanism of different tone. A good thing is that there is not any cape.

A bad thing is that a keyboard is too plan. Much flatter that a keyboard an old plus without adjustable feet to change an angle. Has some feet of rubber lying around, and bonded two of them in a backside of a keyboard. It sees Photo. It opens Some chairs of keyboard in the comfortable angle for me.

An alloy of keyboard and works perfectly, and does not have the messy the cape that enters a road.

Would have estimated 5 stars, if a keyboard there has been some class of built-in capacity of adjustment of the angle. It looks odd in me that would create the keyboard without an adjustment of angle, while it thinks the plot of people prefers it. This has said, is the relatively mere fixed.

Likes of calm writes in a keyboard angled, could wants to take some feet of rubber also. It can take the here in Amazon,

or investigation: feet of adhesive rubber
5 / 5
Although I do not want this keyboard in death, an indication is in partially offset to help an unsuitable 1-stars the subject duquel would have to has been directed with a vendor. I have ordered the creation of EUA and took exactly that of the respectable vendor.

After trying other marks, always return in some accessories of premiers of party. A history is no different here. Apple usually done a better material for his own ecosystem. A look and when being of this access a MacBook Pro draws (presented in 2016) perfectly. Also it can take the Magic Trackpad in ash to match. But he eschews a soyagic Smiled'. That sews still mamma.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech MK335 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought specifically this product because some states of description, 'Tiny unifying stays of receiver in yours portable and league until you are compatible mice and of the keyboards.' Logitech Has produced with Unifying auricular that has the pocola orange spear on the and is all crosses compatible with an another (his hips use Logitech is Unifying software). These produced is not partorisca separate of this system. I am spent like an hour that looks in the keyboards that do sure that this was in a description, as it imagines my degradation when this is to arrive.

A keyboard and the mouse are both well so that it is write that's that effectively—but this error in a description of product means neither has to that it sends behind or the treat a lot when being very which want to. A lot. Annoying.
4 / 5
Has been buying MK320s partorisca our subject partorisca years. It has used partorisca be the value adds, the wireless combo where, if your mouse or the keyboard were partorisca die, can simply the transmissions were partorisca others thanks to a receiver partorisca Unify and Logitech is Unifying Software. No very longer.

In some signal a last year, Logitech snuck in the transmission to a Wireless Combo MK320, probably partorisca cut costs, and now this combo no longer is unifying compatible. A receiver is joined to a keyboard and smile in a combo has bought, and ossia. It has not had any fanfare, any ad, any number of new model like each healthy the company in a do one, has maintained so only sell MK320s with a new hardware and profited of his clients' ignorance of a transmission. Any same was that of these combos has has deploys now that will require substitution fill before remarking a transmission when I have required partorisca exchange so only the keyboard but as that am concerned one east too much. Shame on you Logitech.

A MK320 no longer packs with a M215 Smiled and K330 keyboard, instead is bundling a M185 and the keyboard that does not exist in his structure of normal model. It is cosmetically identical to a K330 but lack of a capacity to Unify and does not have a K330 calms of number of the model-screened to a front.

Can very included begin to describe the one who the movement like this insults and nettle me. If you are changing a product, calm at least would owe that announce , if not changing a number of model. And calm ABSOLUTELY would owe that do sure that the elder of on-line retailer of a world (as well as yours put own web) has information of update partorisca reflect a transmission has done. So only I can assume that Logitech has chosen any partorisca do like this partorisca pull the fast one and fool clients partorisca buy an inferior product to that has expected. I will be partorisca research or no the costruttore partorisca compete has one offering looked to Unify previously partorisca invest in any additional Logitech has produced. My loyalty his mark is apparently currency at all, has has deploys strongly his keyboards. It smiles, speakers, and varied other peripherals on some years, but will be seriously considering another costruttore.
4 / 5
To the equal that CHARACTERISES partorisca a mid-sized company I work partorisca, a Logitech MK320 the mouse and the Wireless keyboard are my gone-partorisca take all the world. While we purchase the new or portable computer partorisca an employee, always adds one of these on reasons reduce visual to clutter and is big-quality.

A construction of both a keyboard and the mouse are solid, and unless the ones of the very concrete flavours in of the keyboards or require characteristic character extra, there is at all partorisca complain roughly in his creation or feel. A neighbour comes with the batteries comprised and a battery-the life is sum . In a half of office, there is not had to that substitute my battery have been of then using a keyboard and smiled (a bit to the long of the year) and does not listen any complaints of any of other employees roughly life of battery.

Also appreciates the one who simple a neighbour-up is for any one. Calm does not require to know anything roughly technology! So only unbox a keyboard and mouse, discharges in a receiver of tiny USB, takes some tabs of battery, and is done! You can be arrive and that careers in literally three minutes.

Finally, also recommends this together--to the equal that comprises a Logitech unifying auricular--been due to a capacity to mix and match another Logitech keyboards and wireless mice. Ossia Of particular use has the laptop that apresamientos among your work and office of house: you can maintain the alone receiver plugged in and does not have to that lug the keyboard and smiled behind and advance.
4 / 5
Has expected like this to do the description in this product for almost the year to see like this resists up. I do of the house and this means no the plot of time in an of 8-10 hours the day, five days the week. A law of keyboard adds and there is not had to that substitute some batteries still. The mouse is one same. It likes that of a keyboard has the tampon of separate number. The prize has not beaten can be. I have it quell'has had always good regime with Logitech produced
4 / 5
has bought this keyboard and smiled combo on done the month. In planting to use a mouse is coming with, I paired he with the Logitech M705 mouse. I have begun having the subject of latency likes another has described, but worse questions was with an aforesaid mouse.

A short: DISABLE a Logitech Setpoint software With which have dipped all up. It leaves it installed, but take he to run in login. Yes, you will lose the functionality advanced (likes attribute work special to keys) but well he in an end.

A longitude: Logitech Setpoint the needs have update to do better in of the Windows 10. It installs it, select an option to Unify and leave it to pair on your keyboard and smile with a Receiver to Unify. Once it is paired, near out of, and disable a software to run in login (Ccleaner are ADDS for easily doing this). Once Setpoint is disabled, sacked of some questions of latency of the keyboard, as well as questions of mice (more on that in mine M705 description.)

The one who read still with Setpoint disabled:
All the basic functions of a keyboard
All the tones of upper row (Email, Browser, Player of Means comunicacionales (all still assignable WITHOUT Setpoint).
The clue advances/rear Game.
Volume On/Down and Change

That no after disabling Setpoint:
the keys have 'assigned' and has customised. --I has changed a esqué Desk' to Player of Means comunicacionales'upper' and concealed no without Setpoint that careers.
On-notifications of screen. --A lock to COVER THEM will not alert you on-the screen when it turns on/was. Tones of the volume still does well this in spite of for on-of notification of screen.

Has been using this keyboard now for the days without any latency issue anything. Yes, you are giving the functionality advanced on so that it is so only the basic but the calm functionality is at least still wireless.

Ossia The fresh Windows 10 64-has bitten Pro PC to build fact to commission that built.

Inferior line: Logitech need to fix his software. His hardware, in another hand, the work ADDS once disable Setpoint!

EXPECTS this helps any one saves some time and headache!

Finally, one another thing partorisca remark: As another has declared, a keyboard has received declares K330 like number of model on that. ANY difference in the characteristics and the still works PERFECT once disable a Setpoint software.

Are VERY HAPPY with this wireless keyboard.

My Logitech has smiled M705 description:
4 / 5
p/n 820-004987 has eleven adds on-tones of function, a level 12 tones of function, and some additional 5 wordprocessing tones, this in spite of, has any one has has lit indicators for discharge or in some locks in a keyboard (which is coming with no conditions of use). In this age of the technology with signals when being concrete chance, ossia inconvenient, in better. Some 'two heights' is both insufficient working corners. A whole profile is too down for comfortable working space. When I have found some instructions to download, some the definitions corresponding keys were quite confusing. (Ex, Def. Key 12 is a F5 yours, Your 13 is a F6 yours, etc. ). So only it does not like . One smiles that it comes with this keyboard, a M215, has the key in a underside that manacles an USB and a battery. Taking this hatch to open comfortably is problematic. I have been keyboarding of CRTs, has mediated in tests of keyboard of the beta for both laptop and keyboards of PC, wireless and wire fences, and giving this wireless keyboard two stars is generous. It does not go to stand up to a 8-10 work day of now. His add for the computer to house that is not used strongly or for the beginner or novice of wireless user.
4 / 5
1 A dongle has not been one Unifying dongle
2 A dongle has not said Logitech
3 A mouse was the Model M185 no a M215 has indicated
4 A M185 is not compatible with a receiver to Unify (sees listed of element for him)
5 has had any number of form of model in a keyboard
6 Mine in existent M510 smiled could not connect to a distributed dongle
are by train of the turn.
4 / 5
Has ordered this expressly reason a description of product has declared that has comprised the receiver to unify that it could use with mine in existent Logitech smiled that I really amour ( is main and has more keys that one smiles comprised in this container). So only I have so many ports of USB and has wanted to use a same receiver for both this mouse and this keyboard. Unfortunately the inaugural a container has discovered that it is the receiver specifically tailored for this container more than the receiver to unify that it appears a logo of orange star, in spite of the claims of the amazon in a page of product. A keyboard any pair to the mine that exists unifying auricular like precise use two put you of USB to use he with the mine that exists Logitech has smiled. A keyboard is perfectly serviceable with travesía good and well, clicky tones that resupplies the punch to satisfy for both writing and gaming, and easily warrant four stars in his own merits. This in spite of, have bought specifically this container in the most economic keyboards other frames (comprising AmazonBasics) reasons some products have comprised has been indicated to be unifying-compatible, and is not . Logitech And the really sinister amazon me down here.
4 / 5
Is the very little estimativa combo. I have bought this reason another MK320 of then has bought almost he exactly done 7 years according to the amazon has begun to do up. Still quite done, but after long of 8-10 hours the daily tones have begun to stick and a cursor has begun to take the little erratic in spite of new battery. It was in fact happy still is sold when being so that it does not have to that learn the shortcuts of the new keyboard.

Has taken some stars were of for life of battery. I have not taken never more than roughly two month out of one in a mouse. They allege 5, which is the total lie . Well, perhaps a lot of then it says 'until'. The calm supposition could allege 'until' anything depends that little it is used. They allege of the keyboard of the year could be attentive, has has had to that seldom change this battery.

My Criteria of Indication
5 Stars: Works exactly like this announced, the arrival/is returned is that it would expect when purchasing this type of the product And is the good value
4 Stars: Works exactly like this announced, the arrival/is returned is that it would expect when purchasing this type of product, could have the smallest defect
3 Stars: Generally the works but I would change the few things Or the utmost product but differs images/of description
2 Stars: you Grieve works but can be done useful come from
1 Star: Useless, no extracted is feigned function anything and is generally the waste of money
5 / 5
No, a mouse and the keyboard have not connected to some same usb spent. The mouse will do, but to have the working keyboard will require to do a pocola operates extra.

Somehow doubts ossia a real Logitech produced, but the economic swipe-was that somehow taken to the census of the amazon.

(Copied of Logitech page - a grammar is his) If a yours smile and the keyboard does not aim a logo to Unify (an orange place with the star in a half) sounds Nano headphones and to connect your MK320 precise install Logitech Utility of Connection. You can find both software in a MK320 page of support:

Oh -- and good regime that tries to treat his soyK320 page of lean'. It will take you 15 seconds to @give like pointless an endeavour is.

Top Customer Reviews: VicTsing Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
I have had already the VicTsing has wireless smile that has wanted uses with my laptop partorisca to the long of the year now and has decided to give his wireless keyboard tries he for my new mini pc together-up. To good sure has not been disappointed at all with a VicTsing wireless keyboard. There is virtually any latency and a creation of keyboard is quite comfortable for working on ten hours the day of house. All precise is a AAA the battery and you are ready to go. In general for the estimate of wireless keyboard, to good sure recommends this VicTsing keyboard.
5 / 5
My subject only with this keyboard is the one who strong some tones are. I do of house and habladuría in a telephone the plot and I find it uncomfortable that a person in n another line can listen me writing was. Another that that this keyboard is exactly that have required and there is wanted. I love a siz and a weight, and that the only takes a AAA beat, which uses the rechargable battery. I am not sure of life of battery still but am sure does a lot he I agrees for the designate was every day.

I also like in a corner where some lights are for discharge and numbs -touch the brilliants quite To the blue hough my picture did not aim it well. A battery flashes red when it is down!

Recommended for the economic easy keyboard if you do not require anything elegant.
5 / 5
Solid keyboard well, a lot well feel and an illumination was my main reason to choose this keyboard. Any cord the disorder with and was easy to pair to my PC. The life of battery is excellent and with using it daily for 7.5 hours, generally volume more than the week for load. An indicator in some leaves of keyboard is when a battery is down, but also in of the Windows 10, a Bluetooth and other settings of the device also shows one uploads of battery has left. It touches on enough quickly when a time comes to do like this. One the interesting characteristic is a capacity to pair this keyboard with 3 PCs and transmission among them using 3 tones have called Easy Transmission. Using a software Logitech Options, leave you to configure all the classes of settings with a keyboard. There it is included the Way of Developer can change on where pode map a keyboard the functions of concrete software (the photo that modifies, games, tools of audio, etc. ...).
4 / 5
My old discharge-has given finally up as it has had to that buy the new keyboard. Decided to buy wireless this time and am very pleased has done. This is not the noisy clacking keyboard; silent and has an easy touch. I have bought the mouse of this vendor and am very satisfied with his products. I recommend this keyboard and undertaken highly.
5 / 5
No a better bluetooth keyboard in a world-wide but will do a work so that I need. Only needs 1 AAA battery also!
5 / 5
A keyboard is really good. Some tones are responsive and feel well, some engine installs automatically when you have dipped in a receiver of USB, and has all some work I never use. Usually it uses the controller when I game like my keyboard is mainly for the duties and the investigation and looks a keyboard will be really well for both of those. There is not costing an arm and the leg; I guess the complaint has is that it could not find the rechargeable version on Amazon, or has had perhaps one but he was out of my row of prize. In general, keyboard very good.
4 / 5
Does not love fork out of a regulate $ 150 for a magic keyboard, as I am coming to the amazon that looks for an alternative. Ossia Absolutely the transmission of game! I have been without the keyboard for my MacBook Pro partorisca too long, but now have one! It is like this good to have it behind. A fact that is both Windows and Mac compatible, in a press of the key, he awesome also. Can take it to do and use he in my office where has windows! And some keys are mapped correctly for both operating systems also! Has the solid build and some keys are a perfect weight. To somewhere among an old (a lot) Mac keyboard in some 2015 models and a one in some 2019 models. Absolutely I love it!
4 / 5
Has not seen NEVER the wireless keyboard that eats battery a way this does. I am taking the bit has annoyed. They are in my third or perhaps 4th AAA the battery of then shabby, so only roughly done 5 weeks. Another thing is my look of toes to be having the time the hard plus that takes used his. I do not have any clue the one who that is roughly. They are a praise and speedy typist, but am paste the plot of has has lost tones. Ossia Obviously the subjective personal thing, but am not very impressed with him sad to say.
4 / 5
Take which pays stops. I have not been given the USB. Looked each one which where, port of battery, different parts of a keyboard, the instructions have not said anything and has not been in a box. And you have to that have aaa battery less than , concealed is not a typical voltage for the aaa battery like this then would owe that buy the separate battery that then would add until buying the moderately priced keyboard. They are not the defender and returning asap.
4 / 5
Am pleased with this wireless keyboard. I have bought this to use while in home doing. It is calm and taste that of some tones am not clunky. It is to declare very easy to manoeuvre around. There is pocolos stands of feet to create a keyboard on the bit and a height is perfect with a guard of wrist I use. It has read the descriptions where have said that a battery has died quickly if not turning of a keyboard. It has not turned yes it was at night (I forget) and still is that it runs. It is also very light. Highly it recommends.

Top Customer Reviews: VicTsing Keyboard ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I think that that I am a first real person to revise this product. As to write this description there is six descriptions of 5 stars and each what so of them is perhaps 3-in in to to the 5 words like them to them the 'is add, thank you' ... This look of descriptions to be the fake / has purchased / descriptions. I have seen numerous positive (and real) descriptions of this mark of keyboard and smile combo so raw that in such the low prize, will take the risk. I am writing this description in this keyboard.

Has studied, researched, and has tried an enormous number of different keyboards (uses the computer of desktop all day). The prize is any factor with me. I will pay until $ 150 for precisely which want to and there is still for the find. It is surprising in me that the $ 12.99 hands of keyboard in the plot of my desires. My keyboard of election has been the Logitech K750 (has two) and a last year they both are slow to the register presses tones, which are the colossal show -covers. A type of must of the keyboard.

Level scissor changes / chiclet keyboard


Some tones are all where would have to when being .
Is surprising in me how many keyboards are there and some manufacturers want to change something. Some tones of function are grouped likes him would have to when being . A screen of impression, lock of circle, and the pause/of pause is separate tones that is not joined to insert/house/pageup. Keyboards of Dell this that occult access to print screen, which use all a time. One enters the tone is a right measure (any gigantic two class has rowed, but only takes on the only row and a backspace the tone is main that the regular card. There is the full keypad, etc. Etc.

The tone presses register well, included in some verges
A spacebar is usually a primary test. A computer records the spacebar press in an a lot of left or of a spacebar? Yes he he.

A distance among some tones is that it has to be
has bought the scissor change / chiclet razer deathstalker and has to return it so that some tones have been planted too much out of the each another. This interfered with my memory for the moment of muscle where some tones would have to when being .

is well. Probably I will buy two more for other machines have.

(With consideration of prize. 'Any one behind ignites' is not the with so that he only cost $ 13. The left wing is to be reasonable folks)

the Inferior row is unnecessarily main that a rest of some rows of tones
A lot of keyboards this. It is not the show-cover, but is not necessary. It prefers regular height for ALL The TONES.

The key trip is bit it further that another scissor keyboards of change.
Other keyboards of the main quality is tighter and requires less trip. Again, that is to say acceptable for a prize, but is perceivable. So far, it is not the impediment for me. Help that some tones all the record well.

The tones are not seated what tight while it would like him
A Razer Deathstalker has had to tones that wiggled the PLOT. If it plants your toe in the tone, but does not press it down, then flavours in wiggle the, will remark some movement. A Logitech K750 hardly wiggles at all. Some tones in a deathstalker wiggled so bad that sometimes has not recorded in key press. A deathstalker has had numerous show-prendiendo defects, which was sad considering it was ~$ 100+. This Victsing the keyboard has some wiggle in some tones, but is not so bad. I have expected worse for a prize. So far, each key press is recording. Perixx Does the wire fence chiclet keyboard that is more than two times as much as this ~$ 30 and some tones are tighter. Nevertheless, a Victsing sake of still type.

That is to say a better chiclet the keyboard can take for low $ 20.
5 / 5
It Likes him:
to That comes from more in this keyboard is a consolation and facilitated to write in of the tones of low profile. Also the help that has any necessity to install the engine, he only works with windows 10, while or would expect in. A prize has not beaten can be for the that is to say. Gaming Snobs Of the keyboard to well sure would find an a lot of idea of this objectionable and low keyboard-brow--other reasons in how he, so that he only well for gaming. Also the party my Victsing mousepad.

is not so calm while it would like him be and his that the forward in the tent of porcelain this writes in the, but that preoccupies ? I live only.
Be that calm could break tuerces with two pound or posed it your knee and low press with all your power in both sides--or duquel recommends. Basically, it does not recommend the rabies that games of leaves and mainstay your keyboard yes buys--but then again, the people that things of marks so probably finishes it to destroy keyboards of big final.

Inferior line, likes to of them the tones of the low profile then gives shoot it. It IS the roads adds .
5 / 5
It IS to calm and listen likes him write in the MacBook. Some lights of the indicator FOCUSED (for NumLock, etc.) IS to take to see in an angle, but that it is very so that for a money this thing is sum .
5 / 5
It has had the $ 10 keyboard for years that went it meaning to update. Look in of the mechanical keyboards, but tend to prefer the tones the flat plus. My active favourite keyboards has had always chiclet tones. I have begun once to look around in Amazon, spent that the majority of some creations of keyboard have had something concealed any preoccupy me pauses. Desprs Looking for the bit, finished to decide this cheap keyboard has had in joining it to him to creation liked him more. For $ 13 has have not grinded of the risk, as I have imagined would go for him.

After it likes him out of of a keyboard, has not been sure has legustado like legustado join me subject some tones listened when pressing down in the. After the days of pair, even so, has grown in so likes him write listens. Some tones listen the small more robust that I initial has thought. To well sure it is that it likes him a chiclet of tones in some tones of generic keyboard had been using. I can write much more hurriedly without my toes that takes taken in some verges twisted of big tones.

For only $ 13, thinks that has done one of mine buys favourite of a year. I will have to see how long this hard thing.
5 / 5
Only it take this keyboard yesterday and is already very impressed. Setup Was easy. You are the subject of plugging in and restarting my computer. The engine was installed automatically. Any extra work in my final. I am clumsy, like an elder of age sells the point has been in favour a control of spill. I have not tried this was and hopefully I no. But, can say roads some tones are done that powder and liquid more probably not taking in some tones. At the end, it tries that the calms is. Some tones any that strong clicking noise that some mark of keyboards. Highly recommend it this keyboard.
5 / 5
I am enjoying this keyboard, wants a flat creation of a joint in place of all some tones that is domestic like big like my last joint, these tones are the few created , but at all like my last unit Also a location of one enters key works for me, my last joint has posed in just the small different and has not been that has had the habit to write on and paste a wrong the every time tried tone the paste enters. I am that it wants this keyboard.
5 / 5
That is to say exactly a keyboard that has looked for. It IS thin USB , the keyboard wired with the longitude quite period of cape to achieve a backside of a case of computer while it is in a fund. Some tones listen well in of the press and of the costs to mark mechanical sounds. A creation is a creation of keyboard of the EUA common . This keyboard is worth it for a prize.
5 / 5
Active Very time the natural nails and I have wanted the keyboard that has had the tones of similar floor in my laptop. This keyboard is easy to write on and no bulky. This my second times are by train for the use. I have to expect for my new desktop to enter so in fact could limit he in my computer and the something for the plant. In general very happy! :)
5 / 5
I Like him his each in of this keyboard. Anteriorly Has used wireless keyboards and disturbed some subjects of stack. I have changed behind in the wire fence Asus this has begun to aim signs of wear and chosen in Vic Tsing has based in some descriptions of the fish of amazon, and after it use during the week now, could any one when being any happier. It does not know quite a lot of durability still but has any subjects in this department, will update my description.
2 / 5
Taken this keyboard on Can 19 of this year so that an installed keyboard in my laptop has begun to enter a left side. Decided to only take the new keyboard to limit on so that I want to gaming and take for ever to save in a money for the new laptop. It was to add while hard. A keyboard is well and fund, the tones are flat and has the delicious/ that satisfies the sound when writing (any one also strong but is the keysmasher could when being stronger). All was adds until just today is suddenly not doing . You import you use this keyboard perhaps 3 days the week as I do not use it daily. In fact I am returned only of the trip to camp and has been to be able in everything on and his not doing . I took perhaps the month and the half use out of him and suddenly the windows do not recognise a device. At present I am crossing things in hopefully the marks do again but is insisting that it is any plugged in- that it is a keyboard . Very disappointed...

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