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Top Customer Reviews: Anker 2-in-1 USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I want to this characterises small! It IS my second SD card-in-walk to flash this has had. A hard one was cheaper, but also looks a part. This a, in or another hand, looks professional, robust, and light. It IS quite small to remain out of a road, but big to look well into use.

Does not use SD or MicroSD in in to to the cards much more like them to them the to them have done in university, but when the android of my fiance freaked was and corrupted his integer Micro SD card (thinks that is that it was), has said to leave me the borrow. Using this reader of card, was able to limit his Micro SD in my computer, and, with a card still in a reader, has run the recovery of programs of data that reconstructed each his photos that has not been corrupted. A reader has taken warm of a process (the recovery of file takes the hours to match and pulls a walk that a data is on), but this small type lined in there like the pro. My fiance has finished not losing turns it Indian.

Likes him toe, does not use of the readers of card very often more, but that is to say one of these things that to chair likes him all the world would have to have in case perhaps of an emergency, likes him require to download photos after the cape of the computer of the digital camera is stray, or when required to take files of an Android. It IS less than $ 10, and cost the to have or and when is necessity immediately.

Has had good experience with a mark (Anker) in a past also. Has very small, minimalistic bundling, but neither looks also 'businesslike' as the company. In purchase of mine of a lot of old work '4-USB of Port Aluminium 3.0 Hubs , or for each designer of web and developer of web, of plugging hard walks and flash walks in and was was necessary very time in the daytime. It does not take never having subject with any one of them.

In all the case, in fact go to go to explore his others products now haha. It expects my description aided!
5 / 5
Quan Has inserted a new 64GB microSDXC card in the reader of card and then plugged a reader in the recently installed Wins 10 laptop, has been surprised in only 32GB formatting option. I have required to use a card, as I formatted the in all the case.

My later investigation has aimed that a reader an old plus has not been compliant with SDXC has formed. That is to say why it has not seen exFAT option of format (and the main measure that 32 GB) in some Windows that opts of format. It likes I, of course, is gone in Amazon.com and has ordered this SDXC-compliant reader of card.

Even so, my Windows 10 has aimed still 32GB for one 64GB same card with this SDXC-compliant reader. That is to say where nicknamed Anker support.

After the bass expect, Ashley to sustain begun to research a situation. Quite hurriedly finds the nexus in SanDisk Piece to Know quite that recovers the memory soyissed' of a card and emailed the in me. I have downloaded a formatter of SanDisk and re-formatted a card in 59+ GB.

Has bought Anker produced in a past, but has not nicknamed his support. It opens Drought quite comfortable troubleshoot any subjects -- his sustains is fo quality of premium!

P.D. If you are to interest what a 64GB the real measure of the card is only 59+ GB, Google this question for the explanation has detailed. A gist is this Windows 'interpret' 'kilo' in 'kilobyte' like value of expositora for a base of 2 more than is meaning of to metric system like him 1000 bytes. Following a same logic, interprets Gigabyte to mean 2^30, i.et. 1024x1024x1024 = 1073741824 bytes.

A same time, SanDIsk interpreter 'Giga' according to metric system, and is 64GB = 64,000,000,000 bytes. If you divide this value for 2^30, will take 59.6 GB in a system of Microsoft of measure.
1 / 5
It Likes him Anker the plot. His service of client am to add and the majority of his products has work perfectly. It IS business only can not look to take these readers of good card. The mine is spent a date of the turn but he are died recently after the use perhaps 3 total of time. Still it think it his is connecting but he one of two things now: Exposures a 'the No Detected device' error, or directly up erases/fails my sd cards so that it owes format he. Then they are unusable in all the case. I tried it on very sd cards of different manufacturers and in different usb ports (comprising a anker usb hub use.) He thank you the god does not trust never these devices of reader of the card to do properly and has not lost data of entity. But yes, this has resulted now also dangerous to use which are enough has each which how one of these devices have not bought never has done. This $ 10 compraventa maintains to attach up when only law once...
4 / 5
Small device that law exactly while ad. It tries to use he with micro SD and SD cards, through the variety of different manufacturers, and this device has done with everything of them without a subject. Quan Copying files in and of some cards that uses this device, work perfectly and hurriedly. I have not timed he or measured to the archive that quickly the scrolling arrives, but has not remarked any lag at all.

This device contains the light of small blue those aims when is on and the drawing can of an USB. In difference other readers of card this has tried, there is not very peril to leave this device plugged in an USB. It has Had other readers of card this has prendido operation after remaining in the powered usb void for an extensive period of time.
4 / 5
The works add :) I have bought Anker so that it trusts Anker. Works of product while it describe. The only complaint has is that you are using this in the laptop, where some ports of USB are very afterwards in eachother, is not able to use a port after in him. It has attached the picture. Has had to an element of USB after in him for cover he in.
5 / 5
The reader of Card adds, Fast speeds. If in in to to any one more would like me to him the furthest test pleases commentaries.

Uses this card for all my Micro SD and SD the cards and he transfer utmost with USB 3.0. He the remarkable results taken with east and a Lexar 1000x SD Card for my camera. If you want full speeds for your card without the reader like the bottleneck, to well sure go with easterly an and is in the prize of estimativa. Partidrio Big of Anker support of the client as well as they have substituted to upload he of me almost 16 month later of the compraventa anterior.

YOU: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i7 4790K
Ram: 16GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 2333
1 / 5
I have wanted to some updates of my old cheap ($ 1-$ 2 in better) reader USB2.0 of card and wished to update in a Anker 8-in-1 USB 3.0 Portable Card Reader. It IS fatality on arrived without SD the card that is to recognise in my computer and closing down my port of USB until it restart it. I have tried in of the multiple computers with so new and old SD Cards and has taken some same results. Felizmente, any permanent harm has been done in any one of my devices but concealed is attributed in a quality of my computers and no this product.

Has tried to take the turn a day after arrival and to era expsita marked like any-recoverable for Anker. Felizmente Was shipped by the amazon and was able to give me the full repayment in all the case. Still, that so much a vendor and manufacturer of a product, Anker would have to have winery for his product and I do not have to has required to transmit in Amazon, the third party, to take the repayment in the clearly defective product.
5 / 5
I dance it photograph like the pastime and pushes predominately in crudes as has more controls to correct colour/to light/etc... Because of these my files of photo are usually very big and transferring subject more the cameras have built in the ports of USB are sorely dulcemente. Felizmente Anker Has this small gem. The speeds of scrolling are a lot of, very very USB of arrest 3.0 - consistently can take among 80-90 dry/MBs when reading. Quan Transferring 64 in 120GB of pictures, this speed done the enormous difference. It IS also very compact and does not have which cape at the end would spend era. A quality of tez is excellent - small, solid, easy to launch in my stock exchange of camera as has with while it can it his need. More, is prize , if it lose is abordable to substitute. If I need the fast, reliable SD/MicroSD reader of card, that is to say a a .

More in general in Anker, is resulted one of one the majority of companies of reliable/computer of accessory of the camera in a subject. I have begun in the first place to use his product done 4 years and is now my default undertaken for the compraventa the electronic plus. His products are very done, very designed and his 18guarantee of the month has not beaten can be.

Has purchased this produces directly, took any discount, is not affiliated with Anker and has not been asked to leave this description. It IS only the very-fact, reader very designed, the buy, will not be disappointed
5 / 5
Exactly that has wanted to/necessity. State looking for a ultra portable, DOWN-the action PRICED , big, SD reader of card that is in fact USB 3.0. Opened take It!

Less prendi that $ 10.00, Anker rid the fast, supremely portable reader. A reader has finished lustrous the black has entered a level Anker packaging. Out of a box, a reader is covers it and device of use. Just place he in your port of USB in your computer and an engine automatically will install (Windows). Quan Planting he in my Macbook Pro, was able to use immediately.

A reader is VERY SMALL, clear, and portable. ( I do not want to has to find it the place in my stock exchange of laptop to return the bulky plus a). To aim some measures, view a photo comprised to compare the in him SD card.

Has tried only this product with SD cards, any Micro SD cards. Calm once insert/insert a reader, the blue light in a corner of a reader will signal in signifying that is attached. Using two different SD cards with different speeds (SanDisk ExtremePLUS 32gb, SanDisk UltraPLUS 32gb), has transferred 10gb of the data in or time. Each WHAT SO of these scrollings was supremely hurriedly. Obviously some speeds of different card have aimed different time, even so each which so it was completed in of the minutes (while usually it has begun it to it his a scrolling and domestic to do something more). Quan Expelling a SD card, a blue light blinks the signify that is doing so.

An only with has remarked is that when using a product in my computer of Windows, has had to to expect the minute before a SD the cards would be recognised. Almost like a reader has had to 'layer'. I have tried multiple USB 3.0 ports to see if this would change and he no. This the minor with, has wanted even so other consumers to be conscious in case that this spends in them. Note: This has not spent in my Mac.

In general that is to say the add little product. It recommends in any one in that it would like it to him the laptop SD reader of card. Of course the note to mark that these only supports SD and Micro SD, so yes is using the different class, then this is not since you. Even so, for more than consumers this will be the product adds that it surpasses his necessities.
1 / 5
I Liked him very His of this adapter but after 3 month a MicroSD the void has prendido to recognise cards. That is to say that experience he for so now is useless in me.

Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN SD Card ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have chosen this particular model after reading numerous descriptions of so much this and of competitive products. It looks very built with the permanently semi-detached cord and do so announced with speeds of fast scrolling through the port of USB 3.0 in computer (SP3). It does not have any reading of problem my Lexar SDXC U3 cards, or a lot another tried - CF, SD, and TF (micro SD). I have tried to copy an old 223 dossier of MB of proportionate jpg and tif files of the CF in SD the card and he have done perfectly, with half speeds of around 1.7 MBs/s. Copying some same 36 files in the dossier in my SP3 was too fast to read a speed of scrolling. An only rarity is that SD has to insert the cards atasca down when some seals in a reader is faces up, but suppose that this was an only road could maintain a thickness and sustains down.

Very as me that any one immediately affirms four cards of floor ail limits in, but only alleges the card to walk when each card is inserted in an of a void. Has until three different cards have inserted in or time and properly identified and has aimed everything of them, each what so with his card of own walk.
5 / 5
Esquerra induct M To said does not know why has taken so long buy one of these. It opens That almost everything there is wifi the capacity the action is what that it is a point . But it is worth it. I have purchased this for two reasons, 1) a SD reader of the card in my laptop gave me the time takes, some SD is would look hurriedly another very same problem, 2) has purchased I DSLR camera and take of one SD the card is to the easiest plot that connecting a whole camera in my computer.
As it Covers and game, this little dongle the mark exactly concealed. Any engine, any one at all, covers only he in and go directly in your subject. It tries this with different marks of SD cards, micro sd cards and included the Sony bonds by heart (pleases does not judge , is an old camera these still works and takes utmost pictures).
In general thinks that is the device adds and he very included break a bank.
5 / 5
I have not had any problem that uses this reader and finds it very comfortable to use. It IS literally he connects and fact, any engine installed at all. I have tried to use more it conceal some scrollings a same time (SD, SD pro duet, and microSD) and has had any problem anything changing files among everything of them. Still it comes with covers he for a usb port :)
-My uses of Windows 10 of computer.
5 / 5
I can say that he that supposes to do and is able to read multiple cards in a reader of card without problem. An only thing can not try is a CF void since can not look to find the mine since has not used one the very long time...But if any one to find it bond here. An only thing could say in a negative appearance of of the this is I desires was only the small more smaller in the measure but I comprise is one everything in a reader also. One CF pins, included although I have not tried this zone still would be careful to insert in a reader like pins can be angled. I have purchased this cual my personal use of predominately has required this for an empty LADY. Has several devices with a Sony bond by heart (grave and long) and has required it dependable reader. Long-use of term, well expect last the liftime.
5 / 5
If you are a iMac user, this reader of card is perfect! I give that more it has it have to often pull my forward of computer and the turn only to insert/take my reader of the by heart old card, this reader with a usb the cape is invaluable. It IS also convenient to have SD, MicroSD etc each available a same time without adapters or multiple readers.

Has tried also a lot of hurriedly so far. I admitted it it has taken it only clips of low video to try this, but transfering the video called with a usb 3.0. I am very satisfied with mine, and would recommend it.
5 / 5
It has purchased recently the Raspberry Pi and Fuji camera of Film, a moment interested when gives that still although it have bought his everything of some accessories has related my laptop has not had the port for the Micro SD card. Understandably This caused me the moment of consternation. Even so, it does not take to yearn me give that only it likes him does hubs of OF USB has to have hubs for SD cards. It likes I hopped in Amazon, and inner the little of the moments found this small orderly device. Very better that buying the new laptop.

Looks to have the number of ports to return SD cards of several measures and formats. I so that it has far used he with two or three different cards without the problem. As it Has done all require it to do in the reasonable prize, is giving purchase of mine five stars.
4 / 5
Since Amazon refunded me for a one this has smoked, and bet in a fact that one 1 one has ordered had the defect of manufacture, has taken another . This one does only a lot-- do perfectly copying big RAW files directly of a SD the card has to my computer so that it accuse it clave. An USB 3 speeds aim the improvement marked on scrolling in USB 2.0--much faster in an order of 1/4 of a time has required. I Like him his of a fact that this comes with the 12' cape in place of one 2' pigtail obliging you to buy an extension.

Will maintain this in 4 stars so that one 1 a quickly smoked and died when plugged in.
1 / 5
This done 'a lot of' a premier little time used it, but then a card has tried to copy in a computer would disappear in mid common. Supremely Paste and lose so in a card would read up at all. Sometimes do takings and reinserted a card for enough a moment. It likes I some investigation and has downloaded the update of firmware of a manufacturer. After a firmware has been updated a reader would look four cards of walk in soyy computer' while he before but a card no longer would look at all very subject that time you reinserted he in a reader. I have found then there it was an until it quotes usb engine for a card, after I have installed a new engine a reader not even would look so of the walks much more in soyy computer' A system of the computer has purchased he for windows of careers 7. Out of curiosity I hooked he until my windows 10 laptop and while it looks in the manager of the cards of device has read any one, or done some cards to walk look in soyy computer' in this machine or. It waste Far also time in this 14.00 POS reader of card and thinks only can take the hammer and the torch the paste in also derives some satisfaction for a money spent in the.
5 / 5
Has update recently of the MacBook Pro with a SD reader of card in a side in a iMac 2017 with a SD reader of card in a backside. Having a reader in a backside is horrible. I have to move my iMac to take in a port. As I have required something the majority of convenient bit.

After the plot to look for, landed in this reader. I am supremely happy with him after quite a lot of 4 weeks of use.

My requisites was:
1. It has to have the built in cape (hate an USB 3 mini connection, is too unreliable)
2. It has to be able to read SD and CF cards
3. It has to be USB 3
4. It has to be able to back UHS SD cards (UHS II would be well, but no the must)

This conforms each of these requisites.

Has used so much a CF empty and a SD empty. A SD the void is the other way around, which are the small annoying, but no bad.
A CF the sake of empty access, any problem with tones angled so far.
Also does jointly with an Apple these Lights in USB 3 adapter to transfer photos in my iPad. Note that necessity an adapter that has the cape in clear entrance, as you can provide enough beat to run this reader in an iPad.

In general, the purchase adds
1 / 5
Work, then he no, then marks..ohh Attentive if I wiggle these laws of cape. It results a Red (+5v) capes to go in an USB writes Some covers was busted and the moving contacts have done properly. Burst a reader of card averts, of-soldered an old cape of a joint, spent the piacular USB 3 cape and soldered all retreated up, some hot snot for the maintain sure interior. Work with USB 3 speeds while I announce now.

Still only Can have returned, but 15 mins of my time in the night of the Sunday has not been that big the roads.

Top Customer Reviews: SD Card Reader, uni ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased an USB 3.0/USB-C Reader of Paper. A packaging is appropriate to prevent harm during shipping. A tactic feels of a product is excellent. It feels and it looks expensive. A bit the cord has feigned partorisca spend a reader or attach it to the tape or the canal key is simply useless mine and disturb it to him. Among a way when I am inserting a reader to the space in my computer and also when I am dipping of the discharges to powder behind to a reader. For my purposes have take and discarded a cord. I have chosen this produces on Amazon because it was a less expensive while having some characteristic I need in the reader. I plugged a reader to the port of USB in a Optiplex 790, running Wins 10 Pro. A reader was recognised immediately and showed like an additional disk of my computer. I have transferred the photo to the Maxell 8gb micro s HC paper and has inserted he to a TF space of a reader. A speed of scrolling was quickly. I have transferred a photo of a paper to my computer with some same results. Had any loss of definition to a photo and some lines of the resolution read one same in an original photo to the equal that in a photo that is to be transfer to and then of a micro paper. I have situated a micro paper to a Micro SD adapter and has inserted he to a reader, and some results were precisely some same. I consider this the reader of paper of the quality and am very pleased with my compraventa.
4 / 5
Has used to be the defender of another by heart alike reader popular fact for the vendor by heart that it was in a row of same prize (looks for estimate/the calm descriptions can not lose he) but with which mine like one has died after too short of the period of the time of light use decided it has been now of test the different mark. A dual USB-An and USB-C connections as well as a by heart dual paper the capacity reads has taken my attention. There is not any reason for the reader to be expensive for the cost below was also the big factor. Often it weaves of operations of big file like this when being able to run some papers by heart to all the speed is of entity.

Are to please to inform that my Samsung Evo microSD the papers read in almost full 45MB/s and write 22MB/s (quite near the full speed that the variance of system can count for slightly go down that has announced to accelerate). When Using 64GB+ papers by heart that they are able to read/write to all the speed is of entity.

The reading that/ it writes/to both papers some time was causes the swipe of action - much more that simply that reduces a speed to leave a difference. Evo paper is writes drops to accelerate the down 4MB/s while simultaneously writing to an old plus Sandisk 15MB/s SDHC paper. Almost it looks one writes the speed operates in a drop of common denominator in this chance (a bit on 4MB/s is one writes speed of a Sandisk the paper when tried only). This behaviour is one same to read operations, roughly 15MB/s how is a max of a slower paper. Like the chance of test has inserted Evo identical paper to the SD adapter and king-has run some tests with the by heart identical papers. These times have seen to write speeds of in each paper (a bit less than 50 of the test of alone paper) and read speed (again the little less than 50 of a test of alone paper). I seldom precise simultaneous read/write operations, especially in of the types of different paper like this the limitation is not of entity. The tests were has run to use an USB-A connector. I king-has run a dual evo the test that uses it USB 3.1 Gene 2 port (USB-C, 10Gb/s), the meso written the speed was 10MB /s and the speed reads was 22MB /s (some of the divings of speeds are fallen to some same values like leading tests so that data a measure of sample has repeated was tiny would attribute a speed 'faster' the variances of call and simple testing an USB-An and USB-C identical tests, which is to be expected like the device is so only quell'USB 3 5GB/s spec to device likes 10Gb/s spend it will not help it run faster).

Hopefully This hard reader the decently long time, if so much I will have found then the preferred new.
4 / 5
This reader of paper will leave to read/writing when regulating SD paper & the micro sd paper. Any only has an USB rule-An adapter to connect to the laptop, but also has the USB-C adapter to connect to your telephone. I have tried reading and writing in both and he a work.

-Simple (SD & Micro SD)
-USB-C and USB-A to read/write (leaves to use the usb-c telephone to see half comunicacionales, music of game)
-Durable (organism of Aluminium, solid components a lot well & , very built)
-spent of Powder for longevity when storing
-the loop yes prefers the hang
-that Law the light is recessed slightly, and has included directly on is not too troublesome to some eyes. In fact it is not bothersome at all, and am very sensitive to light.
4 / 5
Has required a SD reader of paper and the narrowed down to just SD papers of the majority of some other types of papers I never use. Has has looked for dozens of them on Amazon and has chosen is one. It can be a lot I last to say like this scrolling by means of them all can look like this looked, but has chosen this one of JOINED for the pocolas reason and am really happy has done:

- An USB of USB of & type of double functionality C is AWESOME. My Nexus 5x be roughly 4 years, was skeptical if this has included the work but he have done instantly and seamlessly!!! Immediately it recognises the walk of USB and there are a lot of ways this could be useful how is to good sure value an extra little bucks if your Type of uses of the telephone C Usb.
- A form and creation; there are a lot of classes of Amazon but I like this one; light, small and walk; like this there have it much less risk it will wobble around in the office or not returning in the space of USB.

An only question imagines could look- but to be sincere ALL SOME READERS of papers in the looks of amazon to have this subject, is that some spaces of paper are uncovered; meaning if your place these readers in your pocket, stock exchange or rucksack, finally powder, muck, and especially the lint could accrue in some spaces of paper. (Perhaps same sand as I live near of a beach.) For a moment, I have dipped the small piece of tape to cover some spaces of paper to avert this question. Hopefully In of the future creations will remedy this, and to be clear; this has not been the question, so only something there is remarked potentially could be.

Otherwise Compraventa Excellent!
5 / 5
One first image in this listing of Amazon tip a plenary-sized SD paper facing a wrong way, but some the remaining pictures have it an immediately. Both papers have his nails that expensive to a centre of a device.

Has tried this device with the micro and the plenary-sized SD the paper has inserted, and both my telephone of the android and the computer of Windows recognises and read files of both has has inserted papers a same time. I have tried to move the files of one have inserted SD paper to another, and a speed of scrolling has fulfilled my expectation for the USB 3.0 device. Ossia The saver of life for moving big quantities of data of a paper to another, as moving the Transmission of Nintendo to the big plus SD paper.

A strap comprised does not look necessary, but is easy to take. A construction is aluminium all a way around, and a stay of discharge of the powder in tight, as it feels a lot well has done.

When Tentativa partorisca eject a reader of paper of my telephone of Android, left so only partorisca eject one of some papers. My telephone aimed some files of a remaining paper, but an eject the notification of device has been missing. This is not one the fault of a reader of paper, but is something to considers wants to connect two SD papers to a telephone of Android.
5 / 5
Need an easy way to transfer files in and out of my iPad Pro. After receiving it today, has inserted immediately he 64GB SD his paper and connect my iPad Pro. It has taken it it has recognised immediately for iPad in of the FILES without installing an application. With side for windows lateralmente, was able to copy files/of video of the photo and a lot of his documents. (Some files of the music can not be copied his.). Then I insert/to insert with an USB-3 side to my desk to transfer files to PC. A speed of the scrolling of the file is quickly. A unit is done of plastic, compresses in measure and hanged light. It would appreciate it comes with the pouch or chance so that a SD the long paper in a side is protected while spending around. Utilisation the chance for my iPad Pro and an USB of unit-C side is shaped how is compatible with a chance. It is cost down, compresses in measure and of the works with my iPad. Highly recommend it.
5 / 5
Bought to transfer files of telephone to the big plus SD paper. It will read both the micro-SD and regular sized SD paper immediately (a micro SD in a cartridge of adapter also the laws in one regulate SD space, which is that it has finalised to do). A very a lot little artilugio!

Does not have any instruction or manual with an element, but is quite self-explanatory (sees my notes down).

Like Some two papers immediately do yes is curious:
(Both needs to be in an of some spaces obviously)
A computer recognises to to a device like him to him two removable walks different when two papers are inserts. If a paper is inserted, your computer so only will aim a removable walk. Simply select a walk that corresponds to a SD the paper wants to modify and see some files of. I suggest to insert a SD paper, remarking that the walk comes on like this, and then that inserts a second to do sure know which is that .
5 / 5
He Tries to do the scrolling of >-5 GB to any of a SD ports a writing will fail. I have had the alike question with reading they. I have tried the Rocketfish 256 GB micro, the SanDisk 32 GB micro, and the Kodak 2 GB SD paper; ANY Of his FACTS in this DEVICE. An old 2 GB SD the paper done for documents but yes loves >50 mb/s is out of regime.
5 / 5
Level USB3 and also USB-C? Wow, I Can cover this my MacBook that so only has USB-C put you. I can cover he my USB-C telephone. I can cover he to any more computer. Ossia Quite adaptable!

Surprisingly, a plenary-measured SD space and a Micro SD the space operates independently, as podes discharges in both types of papers a same time, he same copy among them. Ossia The very unusual characteristic in this type of product!

More, is done of metal, as you can rattle around in my stock exchange of travesía without suffering any harm. More, some discharge remains firmly semi-detached, as they have not taken has lost still. Very good.
4 / 5
Has bought the little has joined produced before and unsurprisingly still is that they direct in a quality of products that use for his products. A SD the reader of paper has the good metal the frame has built concealed is good to a touch and looks to be incredibly very durable that will last the moment. Some discharge for both ends of USB have the tight annex so that it has it casualidad down that any discharge could fall off. JOINED resupply you also the lanyard so that yes it was for the spend (very portable has to that say) around while shooting the pictures or the calm video could attach it to your tones or other elements so that it calms would not lose it .

In general to good sure the spend on a rest offered in a warehouse with his quality of build and consolation.

Top Customer Reviews: Vanja Micro USB OTG ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It was certainly the small preoccupied buy east. It was cheap ($ 8 at the same time of compraventa), and has had four different ports - that is to say the plot of options.
That is saying was, look simply too well to be true, haha.

But no, these few works to write like the field. : )
Took it predominately to use when is that he the changes that photos of trip and such back and advances among my camera, portable, and mobile phone.

IS horrendously convenient, a creation in and of him.
A fact that the all the works perfectly are a cherry up.
Thank you Very For this amazing product! &60;3
5 / 5
14 December 2017 Update: I have forgotten to desert my pocket before doing dirty clothes this week... Very Informative even so, a reader of card has survived the trip through a washer and dryer!
10 October 2017 Update: This artilugio still is doing adds! I have tried he in the new Motorbike G5 the plus and he have done so expected, was able to use a G5 telephone to see everything in a SD card.
After look in a prize of SD readers of card with built in of the spectators, spent this artilugio in the much more reasonable prize. The law adds with my telephone of Android, some pictures in a SD the looks of card in my gallery of picture. I use full measure and micro SD cards without problems.

Some pictures in this show to revise a reader of the semi-detached card in a tlphonique and the capture of the screen of the picture has used a reader to see.
5 / 5
I freaking want to this. Has the very old laptop and less old but still old kodak camera with only to 1 action SD card. Using a cord of USB a camera is coming with going taking 10 minutes to move 20 videos of minute. Taking a SD card and plugging he in this creature and plugging he in a port of USB in my computer...Piece and paste, done in 30 bren.

Is not cheaply fact or does not think . You wouldnt thinks flimsy or anything with that the organism...But when being solid and better work that has thought the for a prize. It opens Cela and used it probably would pay at least bends that I boughy he for tbh. I think that that it was only $ 5 when it buy it.

A lot of files of esteem of precise movement around hastes. Much faster that a cord and road of the fastest road that WiFi (am sure this depends in your device, again my laptop is so old his is Windows XP and only can there is max of 1.5ram of actions).
5 / 5
This has aided control me of profit in my devices. I use clouds in time and sometimes my devices are off-line without cellular data so that it does not have data of the cell and I are in my cart out of the wifi zone or in the park. If I continue in another device, final to take some class to synchronise attaches yes never left some updates of cloud an old device (to continue-line) before change in the device that has cellular data or wifi in field. This usually creates to clash notes or 2 versions that can be the ache. Sometimes it likes him to a lot they like him 3-can do it 4 of the copies yes roam among the tablet, portable, desktop and mini-portable.

This has aided clear me that up. It OPENS Manually it can save in a microSD that is to say usually backed in of the a lot of devices that any same has the void of USB. Then I can take a piece was and continues in my laptop or desktop. No longer I have to preoccupy on synchronise subjects. Everything is exactly where the left wing was so that has a hardcopy saves manually. I remember me to spend around cards by heart during a N64 days or punctual PS1 days. It IS to ADD and reliable so that you save it when the save.

The help of cloud still like the backup of reservation even so in case perhaps. Still I can synchronise the copy of backup while precise.
5 / 5
The solution adds to take photos of the camera SD card in the telephone, when travelling for case. Has a Oneplus X and the laws add - the just mark sure vain in of the Parameters and enable a OTG (Google for so to do he).
5 / 5
First easterly is totally my deception here. I have looked for a type c sd reader of card and while the look through some paintings unwittingly left the bonded in a first variant of four listings. The thing is, a variable premier is the micro USB and not writing c connector. An element arrived and has seen hardly a container gives my deception. Alas the coast $ 8 to accuse a turn and with an element he when being $ 8 would leave me in him with the repayment of $ 0. I have ordered only a type c model. It was not that it do with east or since is quite useless now. I am sure some works of product while ad.
5 / 5
This small clave is by far one of some the majority of handy small tools that does not go anywhere without. A quality of tez, included although it is done of some class of plastic, when being very solid and well in winery. That is to say by far a better in of the terms of a fact that directed to return sound a lot in such the small clave. If you are to picture at all and wants to do a process of scrolling of the photo that much easier thinks that that is to say essential. State using this to transfer hundreds in of the thousands of the photos had it since, and any one has had once any subjects with him. I seat very sure to say that this will not corrupt your files during scrolling, or has any subjects have connected in the variety of different machines. In general I do not think you can do it very better with any another product for something this small and useful in a zone of photograph.
5 / 5
I have used a SD card for my musician in a cart, has bought then the new cart that will not accept SD, but takes the clave of USB. I have bought a SD in conversor of USB of the tent of canal ($ 12) and no also well, at the end has the data was. I have bought a Vanja Reader of Card of the Memory and WOW! Work perfectly, and a quality of his east sensational. Very impressed!
1 / 5
Cute little device and he looked the practical tool. Fact well a first time used it. Blinked Was and has been died a second time has tried use the.
5 / 5
This device, for a low money paid for him, has paid already for him. I have taken my SD card out of my digital camera, and an external coverage has to-laminated of an organism. I some surgery of glue of the Gorilla in the, but my camera would not read it . I have ordered immediately this, while the chair in an era of bar has done SD surgery of card. It arrives the day later, and plugged a no Frankensteined SD card in. My program, left me to fix a card, and read the ! Like The result, mine 40 more the pictures has been rescued, in spite of my surgery to cut. I attach little device, can transfer files of camera hurriedly and save these pictures. I attach small element and the very low prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Identiv SCR3310v2.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
P/N 905331

HAS had the access that takes this to do in the MacBook Pro (CALM 10.10.5) when Convert of OTP in PIV for the Far access in a system GOES. A problem has not been with a reader of card ( is in a ready agreed Idmanagement.gov). A problem was with a software of reader of the card recommended. Desprs Has changed of Centrify in OpenSC and deleted some Tones of signals and old identity of my KeyChain, some works of reader like the charm.

Is planning On change of OTP in PIV for far access in the Mac, has nicknamed a NSD and question 4.1 of Version of a Mac CAG guide of users and a nexus of download for OpenSC (the guide of v4.3 of the users act the does not have some instructions for OpenSC.) (Be sure to ask the NSD present of familiar support with Mac). You will require to delete some identities and of the old signals of your KeyChain and then owes law. (This information is in a troubleshooting breakings of a Mac current CAG Guide of v4.3 Duquel the users are very written for new installations, not changing of OTP/MobilePass).
1 / 5
Until DATE: it is fatality the week, after two uses. I am by train of the return And turbulent. It IS this an anomaly, or to be has expected? That is to say my question in of the llamas . It IS more folks having subject but no troubling to spend the time these updates revise and return? Hmmm. It advances and compraventa and view since you, I supposition. I think that that I will try the different product for a substitution, while it is not has to bet for the buy again.

Original description: Plugged he in my gov portable, and law immediately, any subject anything. Bundled Well, IS arrived punctually, work so expected, clear to spend, the prize adds - five sure stars. Active HAS USED only the day so far, will update yes or so necessary (i.et. For afterwards the month or so afterwards another has written.)
5 / 5
Happy with easterly a! I have tried (bought) 3 other readers of different card (different companies) but when tried an another 3, has done well in direct disposal in the port of USB 3.0 in my laptop, but would fail to aim a card inserted when a reader was plugged in my unpowered USB 2 hub.

This (SCM) one was an only a direct east so many laws in a port of USB 3.0 and in a port in a unpowered USB 2 hub.

HAS the number other devices (keyboard, smiled, small FOCUSED light) plugged in a hub and this SCM do of reader very same when all are plugged in.
5 / 5
One the majority of the reader of functional ready card has used.

Trips the plot and is in Army some Reservations. I have required the card that was reliable and self that suffices (i.et. It installs his own engine). This card returns a bill. When being durable and records perfectly. In 10 minutes of inaugural a container, was on-line using my CAC has enabled DoD has certified on all CAC has restricted plants web. My only flus in a product are a connector of USB and subjects with using with my Macbook. It IS slightly fragile where alloy in a Laptop/of PC. I broke me my premier an afterwards ~6 month to use when planted he in my stock exchange of portable while connected in my laptop. The word of precaution is to take the disconnect of your machine when moving around. Cela And can not look for the take to do with my Macbook effectively.

-Install his own engine
-Lustrous creation
-light of the reader of the Card denotes full functionality effectively

-final of connector of piece of Fragile USB
-MAC backwards of lack
1 / 5
If you have read any unit of negative critic of is read
1. A vendor does not leave of the turns for defective elements. As he eschews the this vendor.
2 A device can not communicate with kerbos for RDP operations. If calm try you will take it a following error:

Reader of Ready Card 'Identive SCR33xx USB v2.0 SC Reader 0' refused IOCTL TRANSMIT: A semi-detached device in a system is not doing. If this error persists, your ready card or the reader can any one when not being doing properly.
Header of mandate: 00 c0 00 00

3. It spends your money in the different product like this or only will take you the paperweight.
5 / 5
I am the volunteer for some Veterans of Disabled American. Like Changes of technology, found the necessary to purchase the CAC reader of card to assist these members to maintain that had CAC CARDS. I have purchased another reader of manufacturers and spent to try days to find a software has required to integrate he in my system without spending more money. Like The luck there would be it, has assisted the veteran this was the programmer of computer . It can not take an another reader these laws. I have advised me to buy this model while has or and has used he with the executive CAC CARD. I have purchased this element in that thought was a supremely reasonable prize, first nave, took in two days, plugged he in, downloads a software required without any entrance of the user and he do. Thank you Amazon. It gives these purchases to 6 indication to star yes can.
1 / 5
I have bought this product to be able to access some soldiers nexuss to do of house. Total failure. One produces only done once a first time, then has to movement. Packed In my then tried rucksack to use the time 2. It opens A cac light of the device will not ignite . A place reads my credentials but when click in my creds, my comp declares ' connects the device of ready card' still although it is plugged in. Sper Thwarted. I am deploying punctual and this the product has deserted posed me behind even more. Disappointed that any one would sell ppl there was mentido desperate. Unable to return this. It have to it trusted it to it my gut after reading some descriptions. In any future clients, expects that this message takes in you. The stay clears of this trader/of product
5 / 5
My woman is the Official by force to Air senior , and in order for his to access his files of work of the computer of house, has to use his Card of Soldier of Common Access (CACC) to verify identity. This reader was the small futzy to take law with his Mac, but after some assistance of his The section, has done perfectly never since. Little Good discreet unit that is priced reasonably. Recommended for this class of uses!
4 / 5
I am surprised in how cheap this thing was, even so he what any CAC the reader would do. Out of a stock exchange, the looks has done in the few places. It was able to access MyPay without problems, and has tried a AKO website so that other people had mentioned the on revises here, this has done also. One a thing preoccupied me prendo more even so, has not done. I have tried to take in a portal by force of the air and he have maintained to give me CAC ERRORS. Through some patience with militarycac.com (that at the end at all for me) and some plants the web has suggested of a AF error of portal, was able of the take work. Opened Can access it all my military email and places of a consolation of my house. To good sure estimates each penny and would recommend in another.

A cord is quite 3-4ft very time. A reader is not very robust, if the calm tried you would be likely to break he with ease. I imagine that it fall it to him and it has given a very on he for pause of too much of accident, but is not that this clumsy? In general, good product.
5 / 5
This smartcard the reader is a more amply the device backed by the a lot of operating systems comprises Mac OSX and Linux. It is recognised by my MacBookPro and my PC of Linux without installing any engine. To use a free Cardpeek software, is able to read everything of my EMV cards crediticias.

Here is in the to the some things likes them-them it:

- is Coming with two cloaks to bubble embroil.
- Any engine required by OSX and Linux. It exits of a box for me.
- Mecer Tez Solid with serial/of model/of the a lot of tagged manufacturer in a backside.
- The cheapest person, but near. I lamented my first compraventa of the cheap generic smartcard reader, totally unusable and waste of money.
- Works in the each EMV the card has inserted.

Highly recommend this device.

Top Customer Reviews: SmartQ C368 USB 3.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Work with Windows 10, which left everything of my readers of card of useless original. It was able to read everything of some different type of the cards that comprises Compact Flashes. Necessity To be very soft when that inserts a card so so any one to angle any pins, does not oblige it . An only entered card 1 road, so blockading he behind or the other way around pins of angle. But that is to say inherent in these types of cards, and probably one of some reasons have not entered a very long piece.
5 / 5
A product is coming sper hurriedly and was quite mere without instructions. A packaging was hassle free and used it well out of a box. A reader, although done of plastic, is very robust and aesthetically please. I have not had any problem behind in a data of my SD card in my computer immediately. Purchase of this company again and use his products. It recommends in any one search hurriedly writing of the speeds and of the scrollings of data of cards in computer.
5 / 5
The prize adds, very very handy. Pair with OTG (On-The-Go) cape of USB in easily read cards in the smartphone your big that usually can accept. (Or, instead, to pull the data has been besides big [CF/full-measure SD/SDHC/SCXC/MMC/MMC Micro, etc] cards.)

And: you will be appreciated for an USB 3.0 -- BLAZINGLY the fast has compared besides old 2.0 spec (is looking in the reader of the cheapest card? It controls THAT spec. USB 2.0 IS dulcemente, dulcemente, dulcemente, and priced consistently.)
5 / 5
There is an old sd card of an old camera and has wanted to some beaks have been in our computer. Look around and this was a better as has 4 different void for multiple type of cards, more than only 2 types. We take it to us, it try it, and return a camera of Sony sd the card has had. Easily it has to final of USB to connect in the laptop. We download some photos very easily. I will maintain this for other cards requires to take the data has entered the future point. He thank you for the product adds! Shipped hurriedly, easy to use, totally estimates a prize.
5 / 5
Once again, some categories of Amazon are inscrutable, almost amuse. Easy to recognise? Tan In, 'IS that you, Fred?' - No sure. Can ensure you that this unit is easily recognizable as it covers he of USB-in reader of card. It IS almost more than precise, since more the people only are using some variant of a SD or mini SD or micro SD. This everything of them, more, thinks, cards of old compact flash and perhaps the Sony bond or two. (In a last, is not sure). Calm limit you card in a pertinent void (is not marked, but suppose know so to do this), and is recognised like the walk, while he in the reader of native card in your machine (desktop, portable, tablet). I attach small unit.
5 / 5
This was the substitution for ours in acting that pauses. This one is Very better so that a connection of cord is much more reliable and will not cause breakage likes him experience with our old unit The works add and is hurriedly.
5 / 5
Has the Sony DSLR, which there has been in those cards of time of Compact Flashes by heart. It opens to Know why has been interrupted. A Jillion pins that easily can twist. Kinko IS no longer retreated Compact Flashes, as to take some pictures of my camera have required my reader of own card.
5 / 5
I use it predominately in offload SDXC cards. This work identically speed-wise in my others readers of portable card of Anker and Lexar, so that it is very good! It IS well to have some another void of card also for these GoPro Microsd cards and CF cards of another odd engravers in case perhaps.
1 / 5
I have bought this he so that it can have more concealed 1 sd card in my computer, well of law for the days of pair and then prendido to use the. Quan Has required he for my new MacBook Pro was horrible. A reader would take for ever to read my sd card and more than half a time he any one same read. Sometimes the read and then disappears of my computer at random. A reader that is cheap, his already falling eschew and look it would have to cost 50 cents and any one 10 dollars. So that he or would like me buy something well for your computer, eschews this. It does not waste your money.
5 / 5
That often finds that the precise download given of one of your devices and the calm does not have one 'tool' right so that some means comunicacionales require something special. This box has to necessity in the compact container. I recommend this.

Top Customer Reviews: SmartQ C307 USB 3.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Fact by the low time and now he the no. Has tried to write in a SD the card plugged in a unit and he begin to write and after the low time, the windows no longer can see a SD card. I can formats very same a SD card without Windows 7 this informs that a SD the card is no longer available.
The vendor has asked that returns an element in him, which cost substantially more than an original cost of a product and the never turbulent vendor to ship me a substitution that promise!
5 / 5
There is roughly tiny micro small memory jiggers this has required readin. I have thought hurriedly and has ordered this and has done sure was usb 3.0 . Once it avenges I give concealed has had likes him 2 laptops that has posed around that it can have done a work. Still, this piece of plastic can be handy so that my desktop does not have the reader for these cards. ... I go to go cry now and convince me is not a buyer of impulse.
5 / 5
Only it take it this today and is returned another and has bought of here (rocketek) that the ROAD taken also hot after the mere format and copy to file besides or 1.6 menosgb of data in him. And it poses in my PNY 32gb microsd card in this thing, has copied an image was the, formatted the, has written then an image behind and while it takes the small warm, was no where afterwards so hot like another unit
While and has written an image behind in a sd card and has seen one writes the speed was up in 90MB/s and thought and would have to take the screenshot of that. Any sure is this adapter or a sd card or the combination of so much but im very happy with them. For a time and has taken a screenshot the fallen in 83.4mb/s and when an image writes has been done after 7 minutes, final in around 72MB/s
that is to say a microsd card and has used concealed and has taken here in amazon PNY Elite-X 32GB microSDHC Card with Adapter-UHS-I, U3 - until 90dry/MB (P-SDU32U390EX-GE)
5 / 5
That is to say the element adds . My port in my desktop has prendido to do. It poses this reader of USB together with my card by heart of the camera in the port of USB and was able to transfer my pictures in a computer without problems. The works add and is fast and easy to use. I have bought 2 in always have manually.
5 / 5
This element is so cheap. Surprisingly, his quality is sum ! I have purchased two of of the one of the east and has run the small speed of bit flavours. A scrolling and writes the laws to accelerate also while it has to when being! Also, has covers it that it is attached constantly in a reader. No longer it has it preoccupy enough in the loser anymore. Good creation! In everything, highly recommends this product.
5 / 5
I have used this device to configure a SD card for my big-the lightsaber of electronic arrival. Using it, can exchange was sources to sound that on-line purchase and then only pop a SD card behind in a sabre.
Imagines more probably will use it to access photos of a card by heart of the digital camera or something, but for me this device has done exactly while it have expected and cost each penny. I can not speak with a factor of durability really, so that I maintain in the drawer of desktop, but does not look flimsy or rickety in me at all.
5 / 5
Coverage an old camera in mamma is and has known would have properties in the. Only problem, any one of our computers there has been the reader of card! I have ordered this prepares, and a next day has begun perusing ancient cards with the pictures of familiar members have wanted, some of the who is exited. This small tool has done only as it was supposed in and has mamma of date, and everything of us, really, some joy.

Used it felizmente with so much mine macbook pro and my dell pc.
5 / 5
For earnest be, has not expected a lot. But when it enters, it has remarked immediately a durability and rigidity. It takes similar products that sometimes come with microsd cards like free annex-ins. Those are cheap and typically very slow. Desprs plugged In a microsd the card there has been subject of premier of the mine with him... One microsd has to when being inserts the other way around. I know, it knows... Why it is that a subject. For 2 reasons. 1) there is OCD and 2) always has to have at least 1 smaller complaint. Another that concealed, this thing is everything alleges. USB 3.0 speeds (although only transferred in 80MBps, was a limitation of one microsd card any one unit he) and very durable.
5 / 5
Some can see a measure of the same SD reader of card like the minus, but having the big, chunky clave in my messy the desktop the easiest fact in something that some of a small plus micro SD the readers have used. Since have so level and micro cards, that is to say the option adds to read very -- a device that need with two formats. It IS the small preoccupied so that it was so cheap, but is fact very well during several months now.
5 / 5
Pc Detects withour the subject and a reader reads cards withour subject. Works to accelerate well although usb 3.0 ports when copies in or of devices of means comunicacionales that also has to split or fast speeds (if his something which the 10k rpm hdd or dulcemente sd the card expects the slowest speeds obviously.) Also it has the look to draw of better sake these readers this cheap plus. He that sounds supposes to do, reliably, mere and mere.

Top Customer Reviews: SanDisk - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
1 / 5
BUYER BEWARE. This prize is too sake to be true so that a product is not true. That A lot other descriptions have remarked, these are knockoff SD cards.
Comparing against a true SanDisk MicroSD, has obvious discrepancies in some colours, sources, forms, material, focus, etc. (Photos of views).
1 / 5
It IS the dud card by heart ... My descriptions take disappeared now for a fourth time ... Apparently the bad descriptions for cards of the memory of the fake is routinely has censored ... This has known? I have done!
1 / 5
First flag of red was when look under a card. In planting to be to black solid likes him each which as another SD the card has seen, looks the joint of green circuit with the place of odd black in the.

Second flag of red was an A lot of drop this has announced read/to write speeds (only 50-55 writing with mid 80s read).

Third flag of red was when have tried to copy data of my old sd card on in easterly the unit Was able to take quite 21.5 GB of data on in him until he unmounted he of my computer. Then physically I take a card and inserted it behind in a computer. The windows recommended That notes a walk, as I have done. After it conceal, it goes and the flavours copies some data again and he unmounted he, only that before. I have tried a same thing to repair a walk, excepts this time, the windows inform me that it could it the the very when the be has not repaired! Seriously??

So much to try to take the roads of good black Friday...
2 / 5
SanDisk Announces this as faster read UHS-I in a piece (160mb)! Multiple tests in a 128GB does not confirm this recovery. I have tried a card in my Surface pro (2017), the VAIN surface and XPS 13 and has taken only 88mb the speed read and 84 writes the speed in better!! My Samsung Evo selects 128GB and 256GB has main read and write speed.
1 / 5
Has Very mini cards by heart of last year and any one were hurriedly enough for a new Dji Mavic Pro 2 or a ZOoom. It had included the opinion that has burst up in a VAIN 4 application that will say to RETARD DOWN where a sd card info is. Desprs Installing a Sandisk Extreme U3 A2, one that loses the SLOW opinion and everything are well. Prpers In that Was able to use like time here in an add Pacific NW has been rainy but once some returns of sun is flying!

October of the update 21, 2018
finished to install a microsd in my new Motorbike Z2 well of Smartphone of the Force after a description, of a time to fly a drone will not be very again box next year. Work awesome in a Motorbike for the week until it dies and has said the result corrupted. Has a lot of photos and of the videos that has been transferred and stray. Nicknamed and emailed backwards and has been asked to jump through hoops as I am not very happy in a card and experience with him. It IS to buy the different mark and while for the better end.
5 / 5
This description is concretely for an element SanDisk Extreme 128GB microSD UHS-I Card with Adapter - 160MB/s with SanDisk MobileMate USB 3.0 microSD Reader of Card. My card has been shipped of and sold by Amazon.com. An upper description for this card would create a product took, based in physical appearance, is fake. Some tests of speed and H2testw the looks to program the signify achieves one has announced accelerates and has a correct capacity those uses an USB bundled 3.0 reader of card in the port of USB 3.0 in my PC of Windows 10 of the desktop.
If this card is somehow 'fake' is quite impressive. I am sure he has some feigns there, but decide buy that this card can cost your own tests before considering feigns based of some looks only (supposes is not an incredibly obvious fake).
3 / 5
A built-in SSD the room of disk is supremely expensive in a Surface Pro 6, as that takes a smaller Surface Pro 6 and it using microSD card to complete a built-in the storage is an attractive option in my opinion.
A good thing is that these laws of card very when inserted in a microSD reader of card of a Surface Pro 6 (plus or 80 less MBs/s sequential read, 80 MBs/s sequential write) although the does not achieve a speed announced (which are 'until' 160 MBs/s sequential read, 90 MBs/s sequential write).
While it believes a UHS-1 level is limited in 104 MBs/s in all the case is not sure is possible to find microSD cards that would do faster.
Down the good election for a Surface Pro 6 although possibly any one better election.
3 / 5
Read/write the speeds were 70/50 mp/s in my S9. Much more dulcemente that a max of 160/90. Opted by one Says More instead, more expensive but read/to write the speeds are 100+/80
1 / 5
It likes him a lot of of others the critics have aimed was, this card is fraudulent. 'U3' And 'A2' my ass! One reads/to write the speeds are nowhere apropar- some values have announced. I am taking 74/66 MBs/s which are worse that my Samsung 128GB U1 microSD. No-sequential writes is terrible in 6/2 MBs/s. $ 30 could look It the good roads for this card but he are not . It is not fooled!
5 / 5
Substituted the 64GB memory in my Galaxy S9+, of a same mark only any extreme.
Ploughs My telephone has more room of storage that my two better laptops... Calm of course know, will buy more.

This, so far, is a saint grail for portable storage... This has more memory that a SSD in my ThinkPad W530 workstation... The Paste my alcohol. Tan Far like the vain quality, can not beat SanDisk, they when being around a principle in a SD sand of card.

This small tiny thing, is so tiny, could pose it up my back final, after filling he with value of days of videos and unending images... The doubt will not require never this he Mays very soiled... It Likes him to him he recorded it the plot. This thing has turned quite a lot of mine humbly mobile phone in an absolute powerhouse.

Top Customer Reviews: 36 Slots Memory ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 26 ratings
5 / 5
Papers of accesses snug, any raincoats, this in spite of fleet.

Has fill SD space with paper, submerged in of waters he, one the small section there has been the pinhole leak. It has taken awhile partorisca drench paper, and partorisca do like this had to that be underwater resisted of floats.
5 / 5
Can not revise in raincoat or no, but can say that this resists the plot. The economic plastic looks that consider a prize. It looks more like the $ 5 element in better, to good sure can say is the product in fact of economic China. Controls some papers, but the lock is not that strong. The desire there is the spatial to be able that the paper is in a space. The foam in interior is thin, and can see it rasgando he goes in and out of a chance more frequently. It is gone in handy to be able to locate and maintain all the papers in a main place versus when being in some originals of tiny clear chances and having the tonne of them scattered around a house. Looking for the main version, better.
4 / 5
...Reason uses the tray of foam in an interior. They are sure many some titled of the chances in your investigation am spent to use the silicon or walk of hule to cradle each SD paper. If you would prefer foam, ossia a headline for you. Otherwise, Is the hard plastic shell with to focus of hule soft and snap-closes to close mechanism that does not differ of a competition.
5 / 5
I like these much more that a black and yellow some have announced on amazon. A black and yellow some have the curve in an upper and inferior doing them very weighed the stack. It likes a WonderFoto reason resist OF EVERYTHING of my papers when it shoots the pair & of Video of the Photo in a same night. After buying 1 I am taking 3 more. Yes, they like him that a lot.
4 / 5
These chances of the paper of the memory is a lot well manage the plot of SD/micro SD papers. It is the very hard chance .
4 / 5
Has bought this for my chance of the camera of then has the big familiar concealed always is launching parties. Quite useful to maintain all my papers in situating like this I a lot misplace his in my stock exchange. It feels sturdy quite too much..
4 / 5
Has bought he for sd papers that the taken for some reason. I Like him like this of a hinge and clasp look.
Bought it reason has thought them there wasnt the logo in an outside. There is (company intials), his etched in a side. But it has them @to @give the ones of the that really the import.
4 / 5
Has been the addition adds my stock exchange of camera. I label each space for a cam some papers go to like this looking for some right video or pics is the snap
5 / 5
if Very good. It feels sturdy. You can return 2 micro sd low papers each sd the paper and remain places, without snapping in (sweet). Also easy to take papers. It recommends.
4 / 5
Exceptional chance. SD & MicroSD The papers are resisted firmly, and an external shell is robust. It take the second an if a need is arisen.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple Lightning to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
If you are looking for the reader partorisca transfer low quality images (-400kb) as I can share in the mobile phone, this does well, but is looking for this element partorisca transfer in his quality partorisca exist ( -6mb or more add) this any measured of file of the decreases to roughly 400kb partorisca fast scrolling. Although you choose to use he partorisca RAW images, still attacks it down to roughly 400kb... So only a lot to the equal that has looked for... Returned the!!!
4 / 5
DOES not PURCHASE if you upgraded the IOS 13. I repeat it DOES not PURCHASE if you upgraded the IOS 13!

Ossia An amazing sd reader of paper, but a new IOS update to 13 ANY BED. If it calms no upgrade then does well. Terrible terrible terrible and that annoying that apple have taken.

Again, does not purchase if you upgraded the IOS 13
5 / 5
Game partorisca change him the good camera but he is not wifi there is enabled. I can use my Cannon and different lenses and does not have to that spend for an agony partorisca upload in my computer of house. This takes some pictures in a ballfield, uses a reader of paper of the lightning and scrolling to my telephone. I can then text some other pictures of mammas of his first girls of a game is included on.
4 / 5
So only that has required partorisca ensure can move and video of view and pictures of mine Lumix G7 to mine iPad 2017. Pictures of scrollings of big quality and 4k video of mine 64gb Transcend paper in the acceptable speed. This ensures can peruse my shots in some gone, out of my house pc. Have Almost has purchased a one this connects directly to the camera, but has found partorisca grieve a reader of paper, has known this was a one has required.

A process partorisca transfer the files is very simple to use and intuitive. Beware, Ossia one-way so only, as it CAN not transfer pics of the yours iPad to a paper in a reader of paper. Calm also can delete some contents of desire of papers , as with which move the contained was the to your iPad. This will release on spatial partorisca your shoot of next photo.

In general, is pricy, but has listened some histories of horror partorisca risk electronic with offbrand accessories and bosses. Reason he the risk?
5 / 5
Has bought this partorisca transfer files of the camera to my mobile phone in the travesía to Europe. A reader of paper has done perfectly. It was able to select photo partorisca transfer, a scrolling has done quickly. After each scrolling has been given an option partorisca maintain or delete some files in a SD paper.
Have my camera partorisca shoot in both CRUDE and jpeg. A reader of paper transfers a jpeg files.
4 / 5
Work, but is frustrating partorisca have to that king-appoint all my old more jpg pictures so only partorisca upload them to mine iPad. If you do not know produced of Apple and think this will leave you to easily take old films of the PC to the yours iPad will be you disappointed has the plot of any extension partorisca file besides .mov. Be software that will leave you partorisca convert codecs so that work, but really has to that be much easier that is.
4 / 5
This element is easy to use yes take your paper by heart of your camera and transfer some photos his so that it is to your telephone, has expected can dip you your photos to your PC, modify them, dipped his backside in the paper by heart and then transfer one has has modified photo to your telephone. This does not act, has read all some on-line suggestions roughly marcación the file, falling has modified his photos and then transferring to your telephone. This has not done partorisca me. If all want to do is scrolling unedited photo to yours telephone this would have to that it adds partorisca you.
4 / 5
These frames of what download all some pictures in a device. I actuate some software and does not have occasion of date partorisca revise the pictures so only upload on a device. Appearances use to look at stake cam pictures while seating in a stand. As I will be partorisca buy something more partorisca that.

Wants to take some pictures and then have them all has downloaded to your device this will do so only well, so only does not return that it has required it. I have loved to see in my device of the apple does not download. If you choose on the game is coming SD the paper can have the 1000 pictures on that.

The quality looked quite well, so only a lot that has required.
5 / 5
He exactly that I require it to do. It covers my SD the paper to some arrivals, a connector of Lightning to my Air of iPad and automatically opens Photo, then leave me partorisca select and import any pictures want. Easy peasy.
5 / 5
Buys this he so that it can download of the mine pinch cam. I have tried to download to mine iPhone 8 More, the iPad Pro, and an iPhone 7 without any success. It is there some class of file or name of special format I need partorisca use? As of me now they are in the loss. Until I can take this partorisca do all 1 star is all that can give of then can do not giving all 0 indication partorisca begin.

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