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1 USB Microphone, TONOR Condenser Computer PC Mic with Tripod Stand, Pop Filter, Shock Mount for Gaming, Streaming… USB Microphone, TONOR Condenser Computer PC Mic with Tripod Stand, Pop Filter, Shock Mount for Gaming, Streaming… USB
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2 Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac, 3 Condenser Capsules, 4 Pickup Patterns, Headphone Output and… Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac, 3 Condenser Capsules, 4 Pickup Patterns, Headphone Output and… Blue
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3 USB Microphone, TONOR Computer Condenser PC Gaming Mic with Tripod Stand & Pop Filter for Streaming, Podcasting, Vocal… USB Microphone, TONOR Computer Condenser PC Gaming Mic with Tripod Stand & Pop Filter for Streaming, Podcasting, Vocal… USB
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4 USB Desktop Microphone with Mute Button,Plug&Play Condenser,Computer, PC, Laptop, Mac, PS4 Mic LED Indicator -360… USB Desktop Microphone with Mute Button,Plug&Play Condenser,Computer, PC, Laptop, Mac, PS4 Mic LED Indicator -360… USB
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5 USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone,Professional Computer Mic 192kHz/24bit Studio Cardioid Condenser Mic Kit with Sound… USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone,Professional Computer Mic 192kHz/24bit Studio Cardioid Condenser Mic Kit with Sound… USB
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6 TONOR USB Microphone Kit, Streaming Podcast PC Condenser Computer Mic for Gaming, YouTube Video, Recording Music, Voice… TONOR USB Microphone Kit, Streaming Podcast PC Condenser Computer Mic for Gaming, YouTube Video, Recording Music, Voice… TONOR
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7 Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone: Precise Supercardioid Pickup Pattern - Professional Recording Quality… Razer Seiren Mini USB Streaming Microphone: Precise Supercardioid Pickup Pattern - Professional Recording Quality… Razer
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8 USB Computer Microphone with Mute Button,Plug&Play Condenser,Desktop, PC, Laptop, Mac, PS4 Mic LED Indicator -360… USB Computer Microphone with Mute Button,Plug&Play Condenser,Desktop, PC, Laptop, Mac, PS4 Mic LED Indicator -360… USB
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9 FIFINE USB Desktop PC Microphone with Pop Filter for Computer and Mac, Studio Condenser Mic with Gain Control Mute… FIFINE USB Desktop PC Microphone with Pop Filter for Computer and Mac, Studio Condenser Mic with Gain Control Mute… FIFINE
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10 FIFINE USB Podcast Microphone for Recording Streaming on PC and Mac,Condenser Computer Gaming Mic for PS4.Headphone… FIFINE USB Podcast Microphone for Recording Streaming on PC and Mac,Condenser Computer Gaming Mic for PS4.Headphone… FIFINE
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Top Customer Reviews: USB Microphone, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have had previously leading and has done some a lot good improvements and maintain a same prize

leave habladuría roughly clarity of a mic a frequency has been developed and sensibility of a mic has been reduced that in the turn was better for reduction of noise of a noise of rear earth.

This mic is optimum among 57-70 volume of percentage in your pc.
A mic now there is more his volume and sounds to surprise during an optimum volume anything on 85ish the volume of percentage is audio too noisy .

Any software or the external device require his discharge so only and game with the detachable usb c to usb 2 boss(resupplied).) A connecter in a fund of a mic is usb c

A mic is cardio but no in a traditional sense of some sides of a mic but by means of some upper that help in reducing a noise of you keyboard and vibration of office when you are in a tripod resupplied.

A tripod is solid still like this first and the gentleman concerns his a lot of hard for him to touch on, the only thing is can not like that a tripod take more spatial in your office to plan accordantly.

A filter of pop has been improved and fact out of the cane of steel is the filter of pop to plant fix the difference of a flexible traditionally some. This are adds for a mic reason do not owe that worry in a filter partorisca pop the paste taken out of place.

Going to want to especially your voice to do overs and gaming also zoom also.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I think that that ossia the very only microphone , to say a less. In general, it is decent for a money, if you are in the estimativa and require something better that your audio/of laptop of the webcam. It did not blow me it has gone by any half, but takes a work done partorisca around $ 30 USD at the same time of this description.

- Connectivity of USB the easy fact to use with him when be spent -and-game
- Only accident-the highland creation has reduced a noise to clash a mic or table that a mic is in
- the construction is the plot of plastic, but still feels likes is built sturdy
- A desk the stand/of tripod is the good addition and is built sturdy also
- A filter partorisca pop comprised is so only and access on to a mic snug

- Mostly plastic construction
- the mountain of Only accident can cause @@subject when trying attaches a mic to the different stand or tripod
- the signal of Audio is very hot (sensitive), as you will love the program that can regulate the level of profit of a microphone
- Obviously, when being the estimativa friendly, does not have a better proximity effect
- An audio looks the bit mid-vary directed, but use this for voice that is not necessarily all bad
- An only creation of an accident-mountain and filter of pop he hard to use third crew of party (filter, mountain)
4 / 5
has bought this mic reason like them the a lot of people, am doing of home, and Zoom/WebEx/calls of the squads of the Microsoft are the daily occurrence . While a sound of the mine earbuds mic was appropriate, has touched terrible and echo-and mine, as I have loved harm to improve my audio setup. This mic done an EXCELLENT work, and was extremely easy to dip on, literally discharges and game. It is very sensitive, like an ideal setup is for the have in his-impacts to absorb stand in your office, roughly 8 thumbs to the foot out of you, and habladuría so only of course. Seriously. If your mouth is a lot up in a mic (or still in a filter partorisca pop comprised), then is too close up.

A result is the a lot of crisp, his net. This mic will help sound to surprise in podcasts, registers of video and calls of conference.
5 / 5
Always are that it looks for the good value in of to to the microphones like him to his record thickness require a lot of audio for several professional purposes. This a think resupplies the good balance of quality and value. I have had the really good experience that use to register the variety of different things.

Build Well and easy to setup
I like a built in filter of pop, a much more usable microphone for vocal register
A stand is useful also, is well that it can it you detach a subordinated of the trace in the different stand
Claro and vocal reproduction

does not have to change it or adjustment of profit in a microphone. You will require to do these transmissions by means of your computer. The transmission would be the addition adds to a microphone especially in and-learning phases.
5 / 5
Tonor TC30 Is to add it usb microphone of condenser for a money. I have paid $ 29 thus microphone and am happy with an action. This microphone is really sensitive. I recommend to use this microphone with level of volume of low entrance. Well partorisca Youtube, podcast and Alive current. Also it comes with all precise . Calm does not need an interface of audio. Game and discharges so only. Stop For my canal of Youtube/of Youtube and ask me anything master. Thank you
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This Tonor TC30 mic has surpassed my expectations! Calm simply covers he to the port of USB and he is ready to use. A screen of the filter of the pop is the good addition to cut down in of the unwanted sounds in your registers. I want to it is small measure as it does not take on too much room. Has the tripod and the @@@knob where can regulate you a corner of a mic. Perfect measure to seat in the tabletop to register. A quality of audio was better that has expected! It looks to choose on sounds well, included of the few feet were. It would not doubt to use this mic for my projects of audio. This product has been resupplied free instead for the fair, unbiased description.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. IMO Take the plot of bang for a buck. See my video.
4 / 5
Originally has taken this reason my crappy headset mic dead, and in a Covid was, am using my voice in of the meetings of zoom and cats partorisca group like this more than has not done never. I do not have very required, but this was an incredible option for a prize, and can press avert when I am not quell'using, the difference of my old boom mic.

This thing is quite awesome. My husband has said I sound like the radio personality in the, and liked so much, has had to buy a partorisca of him. For a prize, can does not recommend enough.
4 / 5
A Tonor the microphone of condenser was an excellent election for me with gaming. I have touched in a OBS the current that use this mic and has taken positive feedback in a mic of an audience.

A mic among the classical white box with gold lettering. A box was solid (conclusive), which me feel well roughly knowing some contents (the mic) would not be jostled around or has broken. When you Plough a box, there is the type of ash of foam in bylines of material that control a mic in place and protects it.

A mic is quite small to locate in the office of work. When I pulled It it was, I have not required to included read some instructions (But has to that. It is so only 6 short pages!)

Is a together EASY -up! Not configuring or that looks for to imagine was regarding the take to do. For me, it was spent he in and use it and is done!

Liked also a mini tripod of that has resisted a mountain of accident. A mountain of accident is where situate your microphone. Situating he in there prevents any additional sounds, as if the office is clashed constantly. That I the little time and registered it to see has done the sounds. Nope! Any sound!!

With a mic is coming the filter of pop, which I really appreciated, reason sometimes saying these 'P' the sounds can cause
he mic to do the hard sound. It was the smooth sound , was the good distance of me on an office and he have touched very clear.

In general, I reccomend using this has to that I travel and require the mic and him him the podcast, this would be the add mic to use. I will be to use he partorisca podcasts of mine also! They are that it wants to try this is gone in the call of zoom also to see like a mic would do thus service.

A cost of a mic was abordable and a product there is rid certainly the sound adds!
4 / 5
I like this mic, but constantly have subjects with my computer that says that a device is unrecognized. This spends while they are in a half to do the conference of zoom, and this spends constantly. If I clash it at all, he disconnect. This is to spend mine on two different computers with this mic. It could be a boss , but when being that it is the C discharges of type , does not have a lot another. All have is micro USB, as I have not been able to try the different boss. Usually so only I owe that it unplugs three or four times and then will do again, but is annoying to do like this in a half to give the conference. Both mine desk and the laptop has said that it is a device that is not doing. I go to buy the new boss, and if this fixed a subject, then this mic are adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Blue Yeti USB Mic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
For any reason, the amazon does not leave me to bond the description of video for the this, as it would like him when being of a sound and difference among some roads, please control out of my canal of Youtube. It can find a nexus in my profile.
Update: it was able to bond this video here.

Has wanted the mic that the help that augments a quality of my ASMR videos (please Google that that is) that generally requires audio of big quality. It considers Blue Yeti or Zoom H4N and decided in Yeti, predominately because of a point of prize.

1) Add (!) Quality of his
2) Four mere options, very hard in disorder in
3) covers it trace , only Mere a microphone in a port of USB in your computer, and selects a mic likes him default in some parameters (he mic also comes with the booklet of mere instruction).
4) Any SD the card has required, this mic records directly in your computer. I use a default the sound of engraver this comes with Windows, but there are other available options want game with a sound.

1) Any laptop. Since it is the microphone of USB , is joined in your computer.
2) Bulky And heavy. That is to say tabletop mic.
3) A dial to change among some roads is very hard to turn

In general, really likes him in me! I think that that the portability is a primary subject for me, but has known that experience.
2 / 5
Until it informs of date. Bought more or he less done 7 month and recently pause. I used it sparingly for the few podcasts. I have believed initially that that an audio has sounded well but after comparing he in another mics has (Trace NTK, AKG C3000B, AKG C414) only any measure until it records of sake of professional quality mics. In a more is well for individual vowels in streaming podcasts, which are that a lot it is has feigned prendi.

Gotta Exit you the star for Blue service of client. It takes the full week before they have answered behind in me with the permission of the turn and they any one same road me he mailing focus. I have to eat a cost to ship! Also I have to jump another star so that they 'unwittingly' to the left know me this was the B-Normal when recorded a no. Of serial with them! The blue microphones are selling B-Normal as they were new mark in his tent of Amazon! Something was bad with this microphone to start with with. Any data of marvel in less than 7 month with hardly any use at all.

IS by train to ship it Behind in my cost and the hope honour a guarantee. But of my recent experiences with Blue microphones can does not recommend the. It does not buy of Blue again.
5 / 5
It opens This has to when being a better mic for streaming emisora radio. One has run more in. One a characteristic wants to is a headphone the jack has built in a mic. If the calm has not tried never in current through the Windows pc will remark the delay among your alive voice and which cross a mic. The majority of radio dj auricular to use when going lives. If has .5 In 1 according to delaying this a lot of can calm disorder up. There is not any delay when limits your headphones directly in a mic. A Blue mic researches to be built very good and a quality of the sound also looks very good. So far so good. A Blue Yeti is Hot Hitz main Radio mic now!!
5 / 5
Microphone of better USB never! VAL, The repetitive sounds. But it is true. While podcasting would be fun, or the use is gone through big is for dictation. I use Dragon in my Mac. Raisin in $ 1,000 fruitlessly in the microphones of Samson, Phillips SpeechMike, Plantronics, and very another. Any one of them is compatible. It decides that a quality of microphone is generally quite poor, while it is rejection of noise. They are generally bad directional, having immense turns in reply of frequency that depends that of axial is. This radically affects recognition with included the few titles of axial tongue.

One Yeti, in or another hand, is the very big fidelity microphone, has tunable directionality, and maintains balance even so significantly of axial. I have posed he in mine desktop and can script with a better fidelity and the precision not having never experimented with Dragon. The dragon now is in fact useful. And... It looks he issues cools in mine desktop!
5 / 5
Here it is my description of full video of a Blue Yeti microphone that does for my canal of Youtube. In this cover of video a tez and quality of his of this microphone adds. He thank you stops to look and enjoy!

4 / 5
Here it is a thing - that is to say the microphone adds for the that is to say and what costs. It was able to choose or up in the roads of lightning for $ 89 and is many estimate this prize, even so, has had the few problems with him in the daytime one that has been since rectified. Left beginning with a bad.

Numbers one, has had to an in the first place a backside so that one of some rays that control a microphone to situate was in of the skins has been. This is not any one is being missing of even so the sample the possible cheapness in a quality of product. Rays of the metal would not have undressed so easily like these rays. Otherwise A product is to good robust insurance and listen likes him is the product of quality . Has the good weight in him and the very good look in him. Desire that a microphone there has been the change of button without the clear in the. In fact it is the bit to confuse so in or no a mic is muted so that tea the red light would do to think that is muted -- no with this mic. It is not muted unless a light is blinking. Also, really I do not want to another has DIRECTED to shine in my expensive while I do.

Number two, a microphone sometimes has the hard time that connects with my iMac. Each what so once in the while one of the looks of microphone in my parameters of the sound but he no any audio that goes in a computer. I have looked for some forums of the internet and this are not uncommon. A workaround has found is to open in my parameters to sound and left his opened - these looks to maintain a mic laws.

At the end can speak in a sake and what would have to import more when is purchasing a microphone of expensive USB and that it is a quality of his -- this excellent. If you are streaming the podcast or recording audio of scratch for the production of video likes him uses for, this microphone am a lot adds. Has the clarity adds that it expect calm of the much more expensive microphone. I have assisted in fact a SNL the video that edits workshop and an editor of the night of the lives of Saturday have said that has has grinded occasions where a voiceover used in some something airs in the television has been recorded in a canal to edit that it uses this microphone.

To well sure recommend take this can the to him provides and is looking for roads to improve your quality of his in the convenient container.

Another tip, uses this mic while in FaceTime and calls of tlphonique of my computer and he sound very good and very better that some built in computer mic.
5 / 5
I have bought this so that it was able to record the clear audio without a static noise would listen on more gaming headset/microphones.

IS easy to pose up, simply connect a cape has comprised in so much a microphone and usb port in your PC. Some instructions are very clear and in brief described some different roads a microphone has. In that a lot likes him enough is that also say you what of some the different roads are recommended preys . A 'omni-directional' the road is recommended for instrumental register, or verge grupal, etc etc. IS very that receives in beginners, especially me since that is to say my first microphone has consecrated .

Since now has the microphone has consecrated, why required your gaming headset right? A microphone still has the headphone jack so much can launch was that $ 100 headset and uses your apple earbuds or anything 3.5mm earphone use you. In a front of a microphone there is the knob of the volume consecrated and the change of button that red to flash, signifying that it is muted. In a retreated has a knob to change among some different roads a microphone can be as well as the knob to look or down what strong some projects of microphone some records of sound. 'Profits' is what a knob is tagged.

The microphone is very well has done. Heavy steel (thinks his steel?) Like The base and the clear plus, but organism of still metal. There is knob since tea to adjust an angle of a microphone, or still unscrews some bases so that it can locate calm in a big mountain.

A quality of a microphone is glorious. Enough choose it up everything. Of clicks of mechanical keyboard in you swallowing only the bit vociferously. Very very excellent.

Bronzed In everything, was one 130ish the dollars are spent in a value of product he? Yes. Considering that a lot some sounds of microphone and a fact that will be to use this when I current in twitch and commentaries of record for youtube videos, the chair like this is the very well inversion this probably would be necessary me last for the pair of years.
5 / 5
Bought this in an Amazon Daily Treats in the November 25 (the November took 29). It buys three of these in some last 3 years. 2 Of them more or he less the fact 2 years (for my threads my old plus and for my half threads). His mics so much does still perfectly. My young plus has very wanted to one - he so purchase or this last Natal. Only it avenges in me tonight and it has said a mic spent to do properly marks 4 days. It opens When it come from it record - a playback is the very big launched strong whining that is to say stronger that his voice like whining floods out of his voice. The import is very computer savvy for the 15 old year. It tries each to try for the take to do properly without a whining - but could the no. Takes in me and I aim me to us have it so listened alone name. It IS STRONG.

IS 9 days in my period of the turn but I tried he in all the case. Cudos In Amazon - they very bat the lash. They are routing the substitution - would have to have he for next Wednesday, and will be to return this unit in them the Monday. I have not wanted to leave the totally terrible indication while I comprise that the things spend. I will maintain you published and update some stars when is confirmed that some works of substitution while it has to without repeating subjects.

FYI - Quan Law - my Threads has wanted absolutely it. It says that it was quality very big the audio and he are looking advances in a substitution. Hopefully This was only the fluke...

Update 6-5-17 moving 3 stars behind until 5. Some works of substitution perfectly. No the subject only in a last 6 more month. Thank you!
1 / 5
A mic am to add but pause to do afterwards 3 month. Ordered in the May 24 and prendido to do in the August 30. A change of button that is to suppose to remain red when on and blink when is muted any visit in anymore. The May fell It and all was to unplug a cape of a mic for the movement around writes that was angled. I have thought to the left I fix me a snag likes cape any angle awkwardly and hardly unplugged the, never turned behind on. This was 5 minutes before it was to maintain the base of Twitch! $ 130 During 3 month, any thank you! I trust me it try it everything for the fix. Port of different USB, different cape, and different pc. Neither it is the subject of motora b/c that is to say carried and game . It IS a mic!

has rid the case with Blue Yeti. In his place said that the guarantee is during 2 years for USB mics, as I expect to take that this fixed, for free...
Will update this once takes the response .
1 / 5
This produces failed after the year in a half in record. Since, a support has confirmed taken of my microphone, but the weeks later have not given any update quite the. That is to say in spite of multiple emails, updates of multiple entrance through his own place, the multiple entrances have rid in his place, each result in silence of complete radio of the company that now has robbed essentially my property. Any number of tlphonique is listed for any class of support or contact of client, and one ones have found for his physical dispatches go unanswered. They arrest a lot of type and of the levels of support, and any time an email has not been answered in in 1 hour has been considered the failure . This company has taken the WEEK to emit an automated/ can RMA email. They have confirmed received of my property once took, even so any further update has been given some weeks since.

Down, is incompetent burglars . That is to say pathetic. It averts this company like a plague.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Microphone, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
I have uploaded the video partorisca aim a quality of his of a microphone. I think that that it is a lot well partorisca this row of prize. Has the Yeti Blue also and can not say a difference in quality of the his same although it is more expensive.
Discharges and Game
the filters of Pops have comprised
the quality of sound Adds
the absorbent accident

not having on/was transmission, as if any want to to your computer partorisca recognise likes him an entrance, will require partorisca unplug the.
4 / 5
In this point of prize I gotta admits has not expected any a lot of this mic but extracted enough well.
Feels solid and a stand to dampen with gooseneck for a filter of pop is the good ergonomic touch . A compact measure is also the plus.
Has on dipped was the breeze, I plugged he my MacBook Pro and burst on immediately in mine place of hardware. Like this, it Season the automatically changed audition on to use a mic.
The quality of sound was a main surprise . Final pound under deep and crisp highs. In fact, a signal was the little heat at the beginning and has had to be turned down (something unexpected of the down priced mic). An only thing that loses of this mic is the transmission to go of cardiod the shotgun for cutting was the background noise but am using this enmedio controlled, calm as it is not to treat it big.
In general, besides a lack of the model changes these sounds of what almost like this as well as mine $ 200 Blue Yeti.
5 / 5
Ossia The wonderful microphone to use for gaming, call of conference, podcasting and so only using he for alive register. I have it quell'has used previously the Toner TN-305 and has bought a version of USB for my second office when they are in the conference reports work. Mainly it uses this microphone for call of conference and coaching video. It has not had any background noise, humming or any big tones during playback of the audio has registered. It seats amiably in my office with a tripod comprised and filter of pop. This rival of same microphone still my Blue Yetti microphone in the sound and is ¼ of a prize.

Really recommends this microphone if you are in the estimativa but demand quality his and good. Still it has the 2 year-the guarantee and a service of client is excellent as I treated him before. I am giving it is the big indication been due to some following criteria:

1. It is compact and does not take on too much of my space of office
2. Quite compact to spend with me while travelling
3. Coming with a filter to pop comprised
4. Any background noise or your big when registering or touching the audio registered for behind
5. The guarantee is 2 years
5 / 5
My edges loves it. It uses it while doing his Youtube videogaming canal. So only it uses his audio/mic of his telephone when that doing and was a lot of so only the little hard to listen and distorted. This has done that all go era. His voice is good and clear without sprain. Some works of filter of the pop to the equal that have to that and the good that he flexes to regulate a corner. Like this far like this well without breaking a bank in the professional note mic. Desire of what only was a cord to be the little longer.
5 / 5
I have not taken this to substitute my microphones of big final, but augment a quality of mine called of conference. For that, work well, especially in this point of prize.

This 'looks' as the pro microphone of level. An isolation of audio is very good. Calm will not listen microphone rattle. A pop suppressor also prevents to burst on 'P is' and is is'. The some register of the emission and I can listen some sprain when they are near of this microphone, included although they are not clipping. It is hard to take that good base with a proximity effect without taking near. A record sampling is in 16 bit (CD QUALITY).
4 / 5
I have bought this for my work. I have called of the leaves of conference often and my built in portable mic did not cut it . This mic was súper easy to dip on, covers so only in a usb and thats the. It chooses on audio clearly and noisily. It has had no the background sounds that come by means of any one. Also I can use this mic for gaming of then I of the that has the gaming headset for my laptop, the so only can use regular headphones and this mic to communicate. If you are in a phase for the mic to use for gaming, streaming or podcasting but of any one peels out of a big bucks, this does perfectly without doing the hole in your stock exchange.
5 / 5
They are not that it goes the lie, my expectations were down. I have expected it cover it he in and the hate. This in spite of, surpass everything of my expectations. It touches almost identical to mine 150 dollar mic. It is compact and a fact that comes With a filter of pop was the big plus . Some legs of the tripod of the metal is in fact good quality as I also will be to use those. I want to begin the podcast and has has wanted to this to be the guest mic. Good election!
4 / 5
My boy has loved the Mic for PC gaming video and for gaming he. We have tried this one and like. One bases of the tripod is sturdy a Mic connected with Windows immediately and sounds well in playback. A 16oz bounce waters he in a picture is for comparison of measure .
4 / 5
I have been looking for the better microphone to do voiceover the audio for some do any for the canal of Youtube/of Youtube of the partner. This absolutely is the perfect microphone to use for audio of voice. All touch perfect audio , adds row, and very easy to dip up.

Very hurt that I also the look adds.
5 / 5
Although ossia supposition to be more paralización gaming, has used likes the vocal microphone for register of music. It has been I adds like this far-no buzz or the external noise chooses up. A vocals is clear, is sturdy, a filter of pop are add, and included better, was easy to dip until using immediately.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Desktop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: with the KNOB of VOLUME has taken this mostly partorisca my edges partorisca use like the desk microphone when it is touching games with his friends.

Thinks partorisca this chance of uses does quite well. It is appropriate to good sure to converse and using a PC / Mac or that classifies of the what when it needs economic and the device that does not take on upper of the plot of spatial.

Factor of compact form
Gooseneck/to the final of flexible microphone is well for several phases and setups
Luz, but has enough hanged in a subordinated to maintain he of sliding around
boss of USB Along
Volume and control them dumb in a base of microphone is useful and convenient

A quality of sound was average so only of a street, can listen in a video. I will owe that touch around with a equalization of an audio that exited of him if I do not want never uses he in voice overs or other tasks of register. For Skype/Discord or another type to converse the phases is probably well. This in spite of do not want to say that it is the 'rich' and microphone of big dynamic row - reason in mine testing comes by means of as 'fence in' quality of sound.

Has uploaded the little pics and the video that record that has the test of his in an end of a video - so that you can listen the one who a start of these sounds of microphone likes.
5 / 5
Colour: with the KNOB of VOLUME are partorisca spend some time to touch around with this microphone. I really like a knob of volume and a transmission of key, which both does really well. A quality of his east orders also. I really like this microphone.
4 / 5
Colour: Black I has the blue yeti mic and some boys wants to take loaned all a time partorisca multiplayer on-line games. I have found this mic and has wanted to give it has shot it. It is the very simple mic, with the transmission of key, light of indicator and the flexible stand. Signal pickup is well. For the use of excellent results in the calm room with mic next to a mouth ( inner few thumbs) has no setup required, is discharge and game . You recommend this to any one beginning the podcast, touching on-line multiplayer games, Skype calling and another voip applications.

Has update for my edges after rigorous use:
+Mic the entrance is clear
+the entrance is strong
+Mic the with the can be freely regulated
+Mic can be muted easily
+same Low sprain without the filter of pop or the blurred

=USB of Uses in place of jack as it can not use your own AMP or DAC

-boss Any removable
-the boss is short
-the stand takes on upper of the plot of spatial for the small mic
-the stand can not be trace to anything, has to seat on table

If simply I love the mic that can transmit audio well and at all more, then ossia the decent product .
4 / 5
Colour: with KNOB of VOLUME Ossia the very good mic, and am very pleased with both one build and quality of sound. It was for real 'spent and played, and was partorisca arrive and that careers in the subject of seconds. I have then run some test partorisca call me in Voice of Google partorisca try a quality of his, and am very pleased with some results. A sound is full and rich, and a mic is very sensitive, leaving me partorisca be several feet was, and chose on perfectly. Mainly it uses a mic partorisca calls of conference in of the Squads of Microsoft, and work perfectly, leaving me partorisca use my speakers in planting that they have to that spend headphones all day.
Has bought a version with a control of volume in a base, but a reality is that I leave it all a way on all a time, as you can wants to save the buck and take a one without a knob of control. Otherwise, Any complaint any one.
5 / 5
Colour: Black has not expected too much of this microphone partorisca a price, but has has wanted to something small to seat in my desk, partorisca substitute my a bit-terrible Logitech.

My Logitech the microphone of USB has annulment of causes and poor background noise partorisca echo when converged. Further, a law of microphone still while muted! He no in of the normal levels -- the people say that I touch very calm. But, very calm when you are supposition partorisca be muted no the short .

So much, has bought this, he expecting would fix at least one of my subjects. Search prpers having fixed both. I do not have remarked an echo with him, and when his muted has ZERO BE of the signal has on elected by a computer (I verified -- when being paranoid with which a Logitech).

A with the flexible resists his place well, and taste any looks of of him. In general, you can it has not beaten he partorisca a price. I have bought so only the second a for mine another computer.
4 / 5
Colour: with KNOB of VOLUME This mic is really nothing special. He his act has the control of profit and the transmission of key . A mic the stand has an indicator for loan , mic on and transmission. A stand is good and his self powered . It is also he has an advantage of informant by means of a usb vs the phono jack. Quality of his this like this well like the level pc mic.
5 / 5
Colour: Black in a past, my Macbook the microphone and the inner speaker has been used partorisca conferences grupal of life of church, and a microphone has not been a plus when using he with the group of people in the room. Of here, I have bought this element while it improves the capacity to listen people inside a software of conference of video of Zoom.

Has had the few things that sold on this device.
1) Was relatively economic which is the plus .
2) Has been announced like omnidirectional. My Macbook has the generic inner microphone that so only could choose on voice that was more after his. The questions exist presents in another side of a table would speak - a sound chooses up would be bad. Appearances a omnidirectional the quality would leave partorisca the better sound chooses on multiple directions.

In general ossia the quite well omnidirectional mic. An only drawback is that it is not the big powered mic of then he atascamos in connection of street of USB to a laptop, likes sound pickup is better in the smallest room that in the living room of big laws. Has the 1 feet long with the flexible the one who calm leave you to regulate a navigation of a mic in the 360 arch of terracing. Of our chairs grupal around the long table, so only situates a mic in a table to centre around all some participants and chooses on enough well according to folks in some calls of conference of the Zoom. I have not taken any subjects with interference of noise or feedback like this far. It is also compatible with systems of PC of the Windows or with an Apple Macintosh to the equal that has utility with a lot of systems of computers. Besides, it is it was sper easy to take this work in the Mac. I basically plugged he to the mine portable and he have recognised immediately he without any need to install software. Like this far this looks to be win he in my book.
4 / 5
Colour: Black has not listened the microphone that touch as well as my natural voice. I want that this calm creation leave partorisca move a with the in any place partorisca easy and comfortable in speaker. Well the value that shabby! Easy to install, game and discharges so only.
4 / 5
Colour: Black I some practice dictation grieves has taken a mic conjoint arrive and law perfectly with a Word of LADY dictation system.

This in spite of, near-up was the question. I have followed some very on and on and tried partorisca use he with the Recorder voice and has maintained partorisca take the message that has required partorisca dip on the microphone. I have been finally on-line and found a solution. To they daunt it has to that be turned was partorisca a mic partorisca do.

Has used this with Windows 10 and now am using he with Pauses of Dragon.
4 / 5
Colour: Black Works a lot he so that the utilisations far in PS4 and now my comp. The better works on prjimos but inside the feet of pair can still habladura.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Streaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The product of quality and a lot of abordable.
Wins on all the accounts
1. A lot easy to dip on – I a lot included require the look in a manual excepts one separates
2. Quality of audio – the sound has registered is a lot clear, any noise chosen on
3. Looks – A lot of professionals
has taken partorisca free of a vendor partorisca revise it. The quality is such that would have bought it anyways partorisca this prize with my own money. This are adds partorisca studio of house, gaming and podcasting.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca my daughter, likes a way any touches you distorted. It was easy to dip up and partorisca use.
4 / 5
Has used partorisca use the headset with mic. Had too much feedback. Used this just today and touches like this better without feedback. It recommends highly good quality also partorisca a highland system.
4 / 5
Partorisca A quality & of prize of register of the his decent, I like this judge of the microphone exited partorisca my podcasts. Also, a mic setup was quite easy, & my Windows of LADY 10 PC has recognised a device of the his of new entrance a first time w/or any one questions. (Different roughly another mics in a mkt)
5 / 5
Any very happy complaint with a quality of his, has included better that some twice and three times a prize as I used him in some locations of the same conditions/esatte and he was treats him! The only desire there has been the tripod/monopod mountain!
4 / 5
Wonderful product! It has taken this to start with the podcast with my woman. We will be to take another punctual .
4 / 5
I recieve this last week. It has used he in 3 meetings of zoom. That thinks:
1) A lot easy to dip on
2) the people in a meeting of zoom says my quality of his better east May..
3) Follows too calm.

Ossia My @@subject - I has the macbook air and has gone to some settings to change a volume of entrance, but is like this strong to the equal that can go. I have tried to find some support or put web - I can not find anything. A manual product declares to contact support 24 hours the day, but there is any information of contact of the client for me to contact. I Googled for information and coudn't finds anything. This is frustrating. I want to try to fix a question, but will finalise to return a microphone for the different product that has a support I need.
5 / 5
This microphone has done well for bought it to me of then behind in August. Has quality of his very and an option to use the filter of pop and/or filter of the wind of the foam are really adds. A toneless point with this product is an arm of boom. It extends it was a lot of and of the stays in place. But some dice of wing that lock some points of pívot in the place is really flimsy. They are plastic with the die of small metal inside him. Unfortunately, a weight of a microphone requires enough the bit of torsion to maintain he in place. Because of a construction/of plastic metal of a wingnut, an interior of the die of the metal undressed was. Now I can not presionar a microphone to situate at all. An only option now is to purchase the arm of better boom, of then is so only has spent to grieve mine 90 support of day.
5 / 5
Has been concerned taking this, has bought something for my camera of video of this company and has not been a lot real. This one was likes night and day. Quality really well, chooses especially in a room... No the bad thing....

In a down side, any one out of key. Calm neither has to that disable he in a YOU or appeal of the discharges. Any to like me concealed!! It likes with of the coverage some cameras of video resupply to daunt, to sew it to him simple likes having of the key to turn a mic was would have to that be the simple thing.

Another that that, easy to dip up. Have has had to that tweak windows the hair to touch a mic, any of a software has looked for the do.

Has taken this on sale, well value a prize! If it has paid full prize, would look for one with an on/was key. The majority of these mics looks to have some same models, mic diameter etc so that it would assume all be looked in the statistical quality there is matched.
5 / 5
Has taken this mic reason my old headset finally leave. It was a lot of easy to dip up and was basically discharges and game with both windows and mac. From time to time the discord or That the zoom will decide any for the use, but all apresamiento is restarting a program and unplugging/plugging behind in and is good to go. They are really be happy with him and my quality of looks of audio well!

Top Customer Reviews: TONOR USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I am the YouTuber and need to do a lot of voice on for my video. As I am looking for the microphone presupposed of cosy quality.
This microphone is the very good quality and can be clipped in any desktop or table. It IS easy to connect with computer, any necessity any game of covers and extra engine only With port of USB. It tries all and a quality of voice is glorious. That is to say the quality of the emission thinks. A Mountain of the records of Accident add also. An arm of boom is awesome! Any subject that posed is in, the resplandores of versatility of an arm! The quality of audio of my video of Youtube has improved the plot!
For me was the compraventa adds and highly recommend this.
5 / 5
Esquerra induct Went me to say is very picky when goes in of the microphones, has been doing creation of content for youtube and twitch for in 5 years.

That when being said, this mic really surprised me. Has the sound adds in him, a lows the grandson and any muddy sound, a highs is well and clear and for the Microphone of Condenser chooses up noise of backdrop very small that simply is that it impresses to arrive to this point of prize. My spectators have compared he in a quality of his of mics two times his prize like a Blue Yeti and honestly agreement.

The complete box has all need of entrance streaming or youtube
Comes with the mountain of accident
Comes with the filter of pop and the Windsock ( although calm only very required to use one of them ) Like the options are well!
The edifice listens very solid
Very well bundled any casualidad of him listens broken during shipping

Gilipollas ( Mostly listen me night-picky )
Some controls of Volume in a mic is very clicky and finds an audio very clearly has decided to adjust a volume or change a mic the lives saw this method.
An arm of microphone is quite cheap and generic

In general, can say that it recommends this microphone for any only begins was or like the solid behind up microphone.
5 / 5
I am sper impressed and very happy with a Tonor Q9 Mic and system. A MIc is very stylish and the fresh looks. It take this Mic system to start with the Podcast and imagined to take the plot of the good descriptions and I have imagined for 50 dollars why any one? Well I am very happy and has surprised. I sound it adds in a Podcast. It listens in other Podcasts and expsitos that this Q9 Mic is each what so to bite likes him to him the sake. I think that my sounds of voices adds! Some looks of Arms of the Extension and the laws add. He swivels 360 titles. A clamp that control a system in the good works and is very strong. An access of Filter of the Pop and good laws and everything in this Podcast to pose them to house up is very good. I am sper happy and is proud of my Mic conjoint up. It looks the much more expensive DJ system but far less. Very happy and highly recommends.

Also choose a system of USB so that has wanted to something concealed would connect in my computer easily. It connects immediately and each limits of era he in and begin an Application of Podcast and fact adds! A Cape is fat and like me that a Mic has the weight of the good quality and everything enough is upper quality. Yes it recommends that this Poses on for any one in the estimativa and flight the good system, that is to say the value adds .
4 / 5
There is the plot in that in this microphone. A quality that is quite well with mostly the metal separates a durability is not exactly in question. And more importantly an audio taken with sounding very clear and crispy. In fact, for a prize only, could see this be of the microphone has sold included without a boy. Having an extension of boom with a scissor the arms and the mountain of the annex of only accident in a value of this thing for shot it very time. And a mountain to clash his very good work. A whole purpose to have is the eschew feedback of vibration in a receiver and this does quite well. With the filter of pop and the windscreen, does not leave any a lot of casualidad at all for any troubling the sound of you has your breathers of mouth there. An arm of boom is functional, even so not perfecting . It IS very he was fully adjustable in a road where the would line his to plant any subject where adjusted he in. My room of dispatch is quite cramped and is not one the fault of a boom mic, even so, has to hang he in my desktop of the shelf that achieves my mouth only well but can be classifies of uncomfortable in the plant around my PC. Perhaps it is only that looks for the perfection but I think is of entity to remark that you have to have a right and immovable room of desktop to use this hassle-free. You Better comprises that I am speaking enough please voice a video that uploaded together with this description. Tan A lot in general, is the add mic the system is only was thwarted the small time when trying adjusts a scissor arm on the way that more law for me. But in a $ 50 point of prize, really can any one complains even so it can recommend this in any one concealed is looking in his game for his content. This mic is supremely functional for the podcaster and broadcaster of audio and for some type of YouTubers like me. Gaming Can be the difficult small bit to plant this properly without entering a road of your screen but your experience can differ.
5 / 5
And it take this box so that and has required one for my another Gaming is trace, and the figure costs the audio is enough,
but with this mic apresamiento crispy clear audio .

Low words, is value he? heck He.

Has built the quality is upper notch

gilipollas: and it finds any purpose of some advances of buttons in some real mic

Final thoughts: it is the product adds , the prize adds can not go injustice
5 / 5
So much, I have bought this the shortly before that Natal to use with my youtube videos so that some builds mics in my cameras have not gone enough also while it would like him. At the end it has taken it casualidad to try it was yesterday and has to say that my initial experience with this mic is very positive. This thing is to fall -mere death to use. I have had never before in my life has used any mic system like this or and has had he out of a box and place up inside minutes only.

IS of entity to remark that that is to say the Digital mic, no a Anolog mic. That is to say exactly that has wanted so that have wanted to to record directly in my computer without going wants an equivalent in digital soundboard system, which are not cheap. That is to say exactly what this mic marks. It IS USB and limits well in your laptop or PC and register to start with. In my case, has the laptop of Windows 10 and everything has had to was to limit a mic in him and in bren, has been ready to use. Any setup, configuration or anything; it was only and it covers vain.

Tried it against each what four of some cameras that uses to video of record with. These are the Sony A6500 mirrorless ICL camera (DSLR styleL, a SJCAM SJ7 Cambra of Action of the Star, and the Panasonic V180k Camcorder. I have recorded the only sentence simultaneously in the each these and has touched then each which or behind and compared some results with a file of the audio produced by a TONOR Register of Microphone of Condenser of USB Mic. Some results were very clear. Any one of an another mics goes to put to bed in a quality to record that I am exited of the same mic. My voice has sounded much more fuller and crisp with this microphone and had the less noise of plot of backdrop also.

A whole system that it is very very built and to to the chair likes him will last. The time will say this even so. That is to say now my microphone of primary register for in register of studio. I will be to the use the plot to him in a future and will return here and update this description has had once the small more experience with him. For now, I am very happy.
1 / 5
This thing is cheap. It does not buy the one of is this looks for big quality in the low prize. A quality of his east passable. A mic is not any a lot of a right class of mic by so setup. It chooses in far more than only that is said the few inches of him. Some works of arms, but some jumps noise to mark when move it, likes lock he down and does not move it when is recording. And habladura to close it down, undressed one of some first thing of rays only trying after a microphone in place. It IS at all that the little duct the tape will not fix . Or perhaps only the does not buy a thing to start with with.
4 / 5
Quite easy to pose each together. There is the small subject with volume of Windows 10 that it is too down, but only the unplugged and plugged he behind in the plus has done sure in of the parameters a Q9 has been chosen then the laws add! Calm to well sure want the mic with arm of the boom like this so much is out of a road. I have posed only 4 stars so that the majority of the any one reads people 5 descriptions to star so that they think that that they are fake . Purchase again!
5 / 5
[The description written]
Val, has wanted only do the fast video in this microphone and gives writes an idea of a quality to sound of the same mic. That is to say a Tonor Q9 and an audio that is listening now included is being recorded directly of a microphone in of the Seasons the premiere. Sad does not have a dreamy plus of the voices but I expect you can listen a quality sounds this microphone is able to record.. A Tonor Q9 is the quality adds mic and a box comes with this awesome for any concealed wants to augment his quality of audio of a mics built in his headsets. A box comes with the handy desktop the boom is trace which arm the utmost records plant a mic exactly where the precise but still out of a road while touching games. Also it comes with the filter of pop and the average of wind, can use so or only use a filter of pop, an average of wind even so any one exactly does a same work as of the filters to burst so that it does not recommend that it uses an average of wind in place of a filter of pop. A mountain of accident am adds to isolate some vibrations of you clicking around in a keyboard, and swipes accidentels. And a Tonor Q9, while I can say, audio of products very well, factoring in a prize of some individual pieces of a box, some beginnings of microphone in in $ 25 and for this prize only, is very estimate a inversion. Any quality worse audio in your currents, and any subject with people any be to listen you or comprise you. A Mic also looks very well if you preoccupy calm quite that, you wont be ashamed anymore as it has used me since an old usb mic this is coming with my copy grupal of Mecer haha.
5 / 5
I have wanted the new microphone to improve a quality of his of my videos, but has not wanted pass too money, and neither has wanted to to take the bad mic. I have decided to go with easterly one after the control was some tests to sound and seeing a prize for a whole box, coming with everything would require.

Had impressed really with a raw quality of an audio, as well as a quality of tez. A microphone that is really solid manually and looks very good. Some accessories are not necessarily some better in a world, but data a prize, is to good sure usable and conclusive also. For example, has better scissor mountains, but that is not saying east an is not to do , remains closed in place and of the works only well without subject.

A thing in a mic this is confusing for me is an initial volume would have to be 80%, even so after changing a volume and return in 80%, any on blow to to my voice likes him initially (of video of views), as I am not sure as it is spent. That is to say a reason would prefer to have the knob to control a volume so physically can see a level, so opposite in some buttons. In general even so, very happy with everything once posed up and to well sure would recommend it!

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Seiren Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I think that that this company is sending was has has used produced that it is repackaged. A quality of his east well, but would not owe that be priced new if any east. My mic has had brown smudges in the as well as the adhesive sticker in of the parts that has not had the sticker on him which direct me partorisca believe any one had it more first me and was repackaged and has behind envoy was. A quality of his this quite well, but probably would not buy of his reason a prize is no different that the web of place of a real company.
4 / 5
This touches like this as well as my blue yeti nano but is the averages a height and the averages an impression. It can a lot of rave enough in a quality and factor of small form. So only the desire has had the transmission of key. Hopefully Adds one in future review. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
The works of product adds for ps4 and pc good quality mic
has no the transmission of key goes a lot well with the rose setup
4 / 5
Quite decent mic, a small measure is well is concerned roughly spatial of office or travesía. I wish it quell'has had the physical transmission botton. The quality of build is very good.

Mic Is spent and game, the use for calls of zoom and has has had the people say me touches “ the little better” that a built in webcam mic. He to good sure the helps reduce background noise. In general, any disappointed of then was so only $ 50. But I am also very impressed neither.
5 / 5
Is the really good mic, took it like this when I current and are in the call with fellow can change mine headset mic this in spite of being listened in those careers clearly, have so only really used the two times but really likes to of me, is to good sure quite sensitive this in spite of like this in OBS will owe that it play with a mic settings (profit, door of noise etc) bc when I in the first place plugged he in him elected on a sound of my defender and the cars that spends and the dogs that bark out of my window of decently far was so that it is not really something can so only discharges in and use, really need to be very dipped ready but well he for a money especially bc almost my together integer up is razer and pink how is good to grasp to the mine aesthetic
wants to listen for calm although easily I can find video on Youtube (or control out of mine twitch bobateacake)
4 / 5
has been tired to use it headset to speak reason a microphone of the boom always would go in a way. This microphone any fantastic only look in an office, but servants the practical use! Utilisation RTX Voice to take touched of of all an unwanted noise and crank a sensibility. You remain with the very big quality sound without his background while in an office. RTX The voice deletes all writing, click of mice, swipes, and noise of room. It is extremely clear. Without RTX the voice is so only the microphone of normal condenser of course, but a built in mountain to impact really helps a sound of microphone adds in the office. Ossia A characteristic to define of this microphone. Calm usually would owe that invest in the arm of big boom and another device to take acceptable quality with any one another microphone. But I can use this tiny microphone as among a box for $ 50. So much clock was for that when looking for competitors, of Razer is an only one this has the built in mountain of accident. This he stylish decoration of office while releasing calm of gaming headsets. Any brainer for a prize. I want look in this thing.

An only with east a lack of the transmission of key, but there is of then up in the software of my keyboard.
4 / 5
A microphone is incredible quality for a prize and chooses on almost any sound anywhere in a house. When it tried It it has been it could listen my familiar that pause down by means of a microphone and I could very included listen them usually. But in general I have two complaints of entities:
1. ALL can listen is my keyboard, any subject where has dipped a microphone.
2. Has zero sustain with a razer synapse the software that bad you cant modify anything in a microphone at all without 3rd software of party

has finalised refunding these produced so it is so only a lot well for gaming to the equal that without the mic arm all any one can listen is a click of keyboards and clacks and has any support of his own software.
5 / 5
Has bought this reason have planned in streaming and to to the my cats like to them the chair in lap of mine while it touches habladuría/of games to my friends and they tend to think a mic in mine headset is the toy like this really wants to chew (lol). As to prevent them to bite mine headset mic, has finalised so only buying this and like this far used it of then, could be the little far of him and my friends can listen me add. A mic the quality is orders so that it is and has paid $ 50 for him. It is also pink and pleasant which is my aesthetic. Calm does not have to that buy he for streaming does not think this in spite of, if so only likes to of you because his pleasant and rose and no calm really want use gaming headsets with mics and instead use regular headphones, recommends this.

Tin a lot really control the one who calm strong is this in spite of or less perhaps manually by means of different programs but yea.
5 / 5
Could give this product 0 stars, I . Out of a box, is absolutely ADORABLE. Except a fact that has not done, at all. I have tried in of the multiple computers. Well, the defective units spend, the volume concealed . It is that works of production of the mass, calm is not guaranteed the perfect product every time. As I achieved it it was to his support of client and has squandered almost 2 hours of my life that gives them each little detail and spec of the information has asked of me. Basically everything except my number of social security has been asked of a doubt. It knows more roughly me that mine damn the doctor done. With which hassling with a type roughly REQUIRING THEM an ORIGINAL PDF of a bill (he emailed the bill has not gone enough, he screenshot of a bill directly of the amazon has not gone enough, as I have had to PRINT a bill of Amazon and then scanner in and the send to his reason “so only he screenshot does not operate, ladies”). So much, finally I take a type all a precise information, and say me adds, will be to send join you email that confirms this info, only response with chance in your end and will ship you to knots the new microphone.” They are stoked! It can not expect the one of fact takes the working product and use he for gaming likes master. Except any email is coming, and have me ardent takes at all and has squandered 2 hours of my life in the product of the company that does not give it damn now that has my money.
Almost 2 weeks later, any email, any new microphone; so only the pleasant little useless microphone has ascended this is seating in my powder to collect of the office. It is not to like me. It does not squander your money, time and energy in this product. I can not promise the one who a quality of your microphone will be, but can promise you that a service of client—has to calms do not help never of the need—will be absolutely abysmal. Look Elsewhere and save you a headache. It acclaims!
5 / 5
A Seiren X in each 30 $ this more now has included on Amazon. Highly it suggests for the out of an extra bucks thus mic in place of east a. Already I have he Seiren X and is used for my main streaming setup house. I have imagined to buy the Seiren mini would be adds for his compactness. I have received once an element, I the remorse of the buyer taken immediately. Any calm only sacrifice on quality of build ( is done of durable plastic) but also quality of sound. A mic has to that be near of your mouth to take decent audio. Have Almost has had to that yell so only to take some the decent audio has registered. At the beginning, I thought that it that it was to my computer likes I plugged in mine Seiren X and then a mini. Nope. It is a mini concealed has the hard time that agrees my voice. And although this mic is announced like this supercardiod, really has to that speak directly to a mic in the concrete direction, like this a lot his like this a mic is ready to touch your lips. It is like a corner of audio pickup is very tightened.

Ossia That imports he with still me (call nitpicky), but having ANY TRANSMISSION of TECLA was the dealbreaker. You owe the street changes any streaming the software is using to calm transmission. For $ 50, a less could have was the transmission of key. All takings is a mic and an indicator FOCUSED that you say that a thing is on. It was a lot of disappointed with a quality of his so much that has been he advances and is returned this mic and took so only another Seiren X (lol).

Top Customer Reviews: USB Computer ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 When I have taken this out of a box, my Siamese cat has thought so only was a fresher thing (sees photo). With which I plugged he to my PC, the windows recognised it immediately and added it. It has had to that change it on like my primary mic, which took the minutes of pair to imagine was. You will see the thank you message of a costruttore for a name of device, which can rename you with which. This will leave to know calm the the in a legislation mic. With which conceal, tried it and work without any adjustments. This would be well is the streaming, like Twitch, and does not want to spend the headset or use a built to the cam. Usually ossia optimum reason leaves control your distance of a mic better.
4 / 5
Colour: Gaming Mic UM33 Ossia the microphone of the sounds adds partorisca a price. The utilisation the record audio partorisca youtube the video and my voice is clear without background noise. My edges also uses partorisca gaming and has any subject.
4 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 the work of telephone like an idea to spend the headset my free time in my computer when it explores around aimlessly/play it/hangs was is so only a lot acceptable. What good desk mics exists. Look around the moment and this looks quite good and something the right attacker and the good price was my main aim. There is the transmission of key spends to use open mic. Personally it prefers push to speak like this probably will not be using a transmission of key a lot at all. The packaging is a lot simple and directly advances, so only comes like a unit/of piece, and calm only slide a foam on a mic. There is the little instructional but are spent really and game. Any complaint and emissions of good voice for $ 20. It recommends you are looking for something practical.
5 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 has bought this partorisca medical Dragon dictation. It shares an office with the mate ( wall of opposite face). A mic are add partorisca choose on just my voice (normal volume). An only question is that sometimes it would like to go down my voice slightly (I of actions an office) and does not choose on touching quite also. For this time, I stoop the little more afterwards to a mic and wish a mic was in the clave the long plus as I do not owe that stoop. I add a lot of otherwise. Good value for your money, considering medical dictation mics can be like this expensive.
5 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 This microphone is the value adds and sper easy to dip up. I have opened a box, which has comprised everything of a essentials, and immediately plugged he in and some engine has downloaded automatically. It likes-me that has the key of the power in a base which can turn on and was and I also like a fact that a boss of USB is extra long. Exactly that has looked for!
5 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 A box is a lot of reminiscent of Ikea. Ossia The very small mic with the sturdy basic. It likes that I can regulate a mic without of a movement partorisca base around. Also it appreciates a small spatial this takes up in my office.

Has not had the need to install anything like my computer has recognised a mic after the fast minute and fact with call them telephone how is that it has required partorisca. I have been said that a quality of call was clear Crystal and am happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 has used this microphone partorisca my class of product of the music and am satisfied really with a quality partorisca register. A mic is very flexible and easy to use. I connected it so only and starts partorisca do without any question. A mic is also sensitive, like this calm whose need to shout.
4 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 I use this partorisca on-line video conferencing, specifically in a GoToMeeting program. It deletes a question partorisca listen buzzing in a background as it thinks catered/is come from partorisca use my earbuds. Still I can use a earbuds partorisca listen, but this microphone partorisca speak. One chooses up are add, requires so only be in my desk and does not have to that be near of my face, which is very partorisca video conferencing. So only I have dipped it go it to a side. An on/was the key in a base is the good characteristic also partorisca fast muting.
5 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 This microphone is a unbelievable quality partorisca a seal of low price. A quality of his east well on meso and chooses on his of the just distance -- any need to dip your mouth very up against that.

Has any downside, is that a row is quell'has bitten too much far has compared the headset or directional microphones. As this will choose on click of mice, the keyboard that writes, and incidental noises a lot easily. Any I necessarily calls it the failure, but the decision to draw.

If so only love the good register in the price adds, spent this. If you can not give sustain a mic choosing on other noises, finds something concealed so only his of capture of the narrow direction.
4 / 5
Colour: Audio Pro UM6 This microphone is perfect partorisca a gamer to the to the one who does not like partorisca spend of the bulky headset. Like a miser gamer, always have the microphone in front of me. This microphone is a perfect measure partorisca my office and is easy to regulate. He the work adds to the filter was background noise and choosing on just my voice. The difference other microphones, everything has to that do is click a key partorisca be able to when you take the call of telephone . No more muting your microphone in of the settings of software.

Top Customer Reviews: FIFINE USB Desktop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. The the full description of this mic because I have wanted to try and find the good mic partorisca around $ 50 for the Mac. Ossia The microphone adds for this row of prize and a quality of his this a lot afterwards the mics costing roughly 2 or 3 times a cost. It would recommend this for the canal of Youtube, blogging, or has included so only the on-line meetings of then really resupplies his best that any stocks mic. Utilisation this in mine mac the computers and do very good and taken roughly 1 minute the setup. In general a mic is very heavy and construction of metal and looks will last of the long time. Also it comes with both usb-an and usb-c the connections have built in that is a lot of then I use he with a iMac and MacBook. Again, for a calm money can any gone bad with this mic. Perhaps any one same like the $ 500 mic but has based on quality of his, quality of build, and characteristic (shield of pop, Stand, Bosses), is the good value .
4 / 5
Has bought a model an economic plus of this mic and is returned reason have @to @give this mic has comprised two characteristic of entity: 1. Sidetone Was, 2. Transmission of key. Both are incredibly useful. It was pleasantly he surprised it an out was able to spend both sidetone was and the audio of device was. Simply dipped this mic is a pinnacle of any PC mic can think of. Ido is some days to shout or listening shouting of me or my fiancé when that speaks to the on-line people reasons any prpers can listen tongue with headphones on. It is 100 compatible with our PS4 Pro also. His primary use is with the paper of capture, which is another reason because one was is really useful. Also I will remark it is the heavy construction prevents to touch. You can pay two times so much for the Mic and take half some characteristics and qualities like this one. My only critique is a boss bobo comes with that has an USB-C tumor, comprise his there he so that it can sustain newer macs but to the chair likes could have like this easily state of the separate boss or the annex for an USB A port.
5 / 5
Ossia The condenser mic that I recently taken, and was the little unsure at the beginning of one $ 53 seal of prize is usually bit it big that Fifine main K669 Microphone, but will say that it is really value he. Partorisca In $ 17 more, this mic sounds like this good and packs the tonne of extra-characteristic very that I not having first with a K669. I will list a main pros and gilipollas down:

- Comes with the Dual-layer Wry Pop-Filter
- HAS the alive audio-playback 3.5 mm auricular jack
- HAS a Profit Regulates Nob
- On-Transmission of Key of the Joint
- Light Indicator Red Green & Change
- the Compatible Detachable boss for USB Writes A & C
- Very big and sturdy, all-tripod of metal

- the boss could be longer for PC-Setup Users
- A Filter of Pop has the plot of open space, & is the little big-profile
- Any Adapter of ray for Use with the boom-arm

In general, ossia the add mic, and can that to him resupplies, to good sure would go for him! They are happy I I.
4 / 5
Are any expert of microphone and there is still for the use fully for this use has feigned , but so only wants to confirm that he so only well with mine 2020 Air of iPad incase has been hanged on yes or could do not using this without the computer setup.
4 / 5
For a prize, ossia the really good voice microphone with the plot of very built in characteristic.

To the Things like:

-A lot of sturdy
-material of Quality
-the utmost sounds for register of voice and cat, especially for a prize
-Works perfectly with my Mac
-the indicator and the Transmission of key is easy to use and comprise
-Headphone gone in to control the works add
-the law of windscreen adds

expect this control up over time because I am really happy with him.
4 / 5
Has bought this microphone to do in application of Zoom, of then for some reason a pertinent Zoom built in the microphone no with my desk Windows 10 system. I took in the first place some test to take some settings well in of the Windows but once this is to be do a microphone has done like this expected. While in the zoom in fact can press a mic need of transmission of the key to, in place of a clickable transmission of icon in zoom (this one can stat on, but are surely instead) which is the redundancy but convenient characteristic to have. This mic the organism is sturdy and heavy, some controls of tripod of the very same table when a mic is in rectum of vertical place. I have tried also he with a telephone of ear plugged in, a question with east is that each one which thinks I movement in my office, the pen or piece of paper, the enormous rear noise in mine , am not like this sure roughly reduction of background noise or if my audience is experiencing a same effect in his side, which certainly can be annoying. Ossia An only reason gives 4 stars, but in general is doing well.
4 / 5
Is registering Audio ossia the really good quality microphone!!!

This has taken the metal of good build is the little has bitten more expensive that some another mic east but is worth it.

After the little bit of the investigation and that does the deception that buys the condenser mic concealed has not had the volume ossia a lot he very better is compatible with an arm that has had and has the transmission of key and volume in a front that is enormous when you are registering for the podcast or in of the meetings. A mic has incredible power to the equal that appear a volume can listen of a distance the plot of things. It is it adds has the headphone jack and can listen your self likes sound.
5 / 5
A directional character of a microphone is order so that I have experienced any questions of feedbacks use a microphone in of the meetings with my speakers. With a notebook has created to take a legislation of camera, a microphone in some stays to stand out of view. A transmission of key are adds for use in some meetings. A microphone does not look to take a keyboard that writes (the data is not in a “model” where my AirPods and has Beaten Auricular with mike has taken often a sound. So only downside is that some space is taken up with a microphone in an office.

Has registered him for short songs (ukulele and flange) with decent results — I no a microphone is a limiting factor .
4 / 5
A quality of build in this mic is surprising! Has another version of of the one of the east a quell'use for streaming and an audio on that one are adds also. This one east in $ 20/$ 25 more economic how has been expecting the light diving in an audio and quality of build. The wise build is identical. A quality of the audio in fact could be the little better. It is to good sure in pair. In general it is the USB add mic. An audio directly of a mic, without EQ or spent-ins, is good to go (for my use). A transmission of transmission and headphone jacks is prime adds. Probably I will finalise to choose on an extra a partorisca podcasts.
5 / 5
- Works for a PS4 so only like a computer and will take a work
- Comes with the filter of pop and register a product, to 2 guarantee of year
- HAS the control of volume, transmission of key, auricular jack, tilt/horizontal control, and the sturdy tripod
- Ameno out of a grave well in a voice that considers a prize of this product

- A mic could be clearer
- has the background noise of the yours low that would like me be calmer, although enough it would have concealed that the noise of the yours big that is that mine another mic is like

Top Customer Reviews: FIFINE USB Podcast ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This microphone is out of this world.
A sound is súper crisp, and is extremely easy to dip on - are spent literally and go.
Loves a versatility of a mic also, so only can seats in the office or table how is, or take a posture and attach the mic to the stand. Like this enough it can cover all the occasions:
Podcast, Youtube, alive current...
A sound is crisp and also a lot full. Produced of big quality also - heavier that looks.
Priced where is in, I of the that thinks could have found the treat better.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This calm so only well and perhaps still better. Honradamente, I Sound adds and is compact and minimalist in creation, with all a required essentials in the tabletop mic. It uses the cardioid has normalised polar so only, but ossia honradamente an only model the majority of knots same needs. In this prize, quality in his and build, is really hard to recommend a Blue Yeti serious on that. Still it would go according to which to say skip a Blue Snowballs can, and so only take this to be one and fact without remorses.
4 / 5
Quality of his of the entrance is a lot good. Good works for cat of voice in discord/of the games and my zoom reports operates. It chooses on my very same voice that seats roughly 2 feet were.

Has two complaints of entities in a product.

A prime minister is some sinister canals and of the legislations are changed. I have discovered with which repeatedly dying in of the video games of an opposite way have listened an opponent. I have confirmed then audio of use of sample that changed of accident and right. After confirming it has not been my headphones that use other sources, and other headphones I arrival 'fixing' a @@subject that use the engine of software to change some canals.

A second @subject is with a transmission of key of the microphone. It finds I need to press it several times for him to register my entrance. It finds it it can take the tax of the main success to press a key was centre and having a key goes in in the light corner.

So much these head to me believe does the subject of control of the quality. I go to achieve was to a costruttore to see can guaranteeed an element.
5 / 5
When Trying the microphone wants to transmit my message of if his well or bad to a half person, which is any any one begins the canal of Youtube, Streaming, gaming on-line, music of mark, etc and see like some sounds of microphone without any tinkering. I do not see to plot of the people that comprises like this to denoise or dereverb audio as it does not think simply can say 'so only the modify and will touch the better way'. That takes directly out of a microphone is the one who the a lot of people will use like this with this be has said that I want to give this microphone the solid B+ in this category. With which have modified an audio for my video touches included better but to be just that would be it to it a chance for the plot of microphones.

Think these resplandores of microphone for creation to content that it is exactly an audience is going paralización and in some right hands seat this microphone can be used this in spite of more and in east his sense until you a creator to find his better use.

Is the YouTuber the one who the need takes audio for the circle, b-circle, streaming and yes wants to do ASMR/Folley audio, this to good sure will be your microphone.
4 / 5
My first thought was this looks very resembled a Blue Microphone whicht is a lot populate among a podcasting and streaming community. A form is identical, but to the equal that can something like this small be I so that it adds. I have had an occasion to try a microphone this past week and here is some results.

A sound comes the crystal clears when it is inside the reasonable distance
the the option to transmission calms when another person enters
one covers easy and option of the game with an USB require any CD.
With him when being it cardoid the characteristic can podcast, voice overs, vocals, and glass of the his some instruments clears among you and any concealed to listen your
HAS an option covers it your headphones in him wants to listen a sound loves
has way for you for the dipped in the mini caster, has chosen any to use this characteristic

An only downside
When in the voice converged other people have had question listening coming me by means of
A microphone has to that be inner 6-8 thumbs for a quality of his to come by means of

In general,

Fifine he again with his creations his simple more that maintains his five stars. This Fifine Microphone K678 has some the same functions want to do the podcast, music of signs and of the lessons of on-line voices. A quality of his east for far a plus this microphone has. Launching my video to Facebook gaming, Youtube, and street Streamlabs obs. If calm so only is beginning with On-line video game streaming and in the estimativa ossia a mic would recommend. If 'Bigtexgaming', says is one of a better then is.
5 / 5
A Fifine K678 is an incredible microphone to fall the $ 100. For voiceovers, he rival of mine AKG C414 mics and those are around $ 1000 the piece.

The one of truth is discharge and game. Utilisation Camtasia and ScreenFlow to create conferences for my courses of university music that is recently on-line state. I plugged a K678 in with a boss of USB comprised and was instantly has recognised. Calm does not need any engine. They are very impressed with a grandson and crisp sound. Although it would not register my glorious piano has loved the pro his of level but, I the test and he in fact touched decent.

A thing I really the amour is one that once take a level dialed in, can move my boss around inside the foot or like this without changing a volume or quality of tone. A mic the model is cardioid that means my untreated the room still touches well reason the sounds that bounces of a wall behind does not take chosen on a lot of.

Know a packaging does not determine a quality, but Fifine has done the work adds is. Memory of packaging of Apple - a lot of slick.

Are am a lot happy with this compraventa. I know he the pocolas other frames that takes touted USB like this upper mics and am sure are add, but ossia considerably less expensive and is solid still. It could not say if some of a more expensive USB mics is included better reason did not use him, but does not think you can go wrong with east a.
4 / 5
Has had an occasion to for real try this mic was and give this he 5/5 for one that follows down:

1. Quality:
When I take a container thus mic, one first what @gives is that a box is in fact quite heavy. Before still ploughing it, has known of then has not tried the materials plásticoes. And when I have opened a box, was corrected absolutely. Utmost build, good and hefty. I do not have any worry that will last for the very long time.

2. Facilitated of Use:
Ossia for real covers it and game mic. Any neighbour on, any engine to download. It is ready to exit a box. An only thing will require to be concerned roughly is imagining that the software will use to register your audio to that is any question because there is abundance of free options there this'll the mark that begins the podcast quickly and the maintain the estimativa friendly. A better part is that it comes pre-locate to the his own mic be which will delete a need to buy the mic stand BUT yes already is them that prefers to use, there is one attaches this'll leave you to attach it to any mic stand of yours choosing where would be to walk it mic stand, tabletop stand, or the arm of boom that clips to a table.

3. Mic Sensibility:
honradamente can say that still with maintaining a mic profit in his lower, a K678 was still really powerful. It was able to register clear audio with a profit dipped to the his lower all while maintaining 6-8” era. Because of a sensibility, will have to be mindful of your half when registering reason easily will choose on background noise if, for example, calm maintain the base of the busy street.

Final thoughts:
there is remarked that a mid to the frequencies of low row are quell'has bitten thin but an auditor of half podcast a lot really remarks this and he can be fixed with the little bit of EQ'ing has chosen to do this but does not create concealed is necessary while you are able to register in the room that will not be prone to too much of background noise. Ossia Also priced well so that you are taking to plot of bang for your buck. Another mics will run you more for a mic he and also some necessary accessories.

In general: calm will not go wrong with this mic for your podcast.
5 / 5
Are very impressed thus mic. A sound is clear. It is quite directional to cut down on feedback for calls of video, which I frequently to do lately. I used it to record and playback some practical songs in electrical guitar and a quality of his of a mic was cleaned really.

Does not have a resupplied of another mics to give the comparison. There are options more economic, but this looked a more mic could find this in spite of feels likes has paid a bit of the prize of estimativa.

Was the little confused for some first pictures to purchase of a picture aims two keys and some other shows 1 key. In a front, has the transmission of key and the light that change of red the green when it is on. In a behind is mic sensibility and headphone @@@knob of volume.

Have the sensibility dipped to roughly 40 of some stairs, and he so only the summits were in 1-2 feet was if I strum my acoustics of electrical guitar strongly.

Look And feel of a mic is really well too much. Has the smooth crazy arrival. It is a bit of the charcoal colour.

An only improvement that comes to import after using he for the bit is that it would be good to feel the little more embrague in an adjustment of corner in a stand. Has any @@@knob quite tight, and a mic movements quite easily, but rests in place. Ossia To good sure the mine sews smaller. In general, fifine done the really a lot of mic, and am happy has chosen is one.

Has not had any question that dips it up in of the Windows 10. I plugged he in, looked in some settings of the his, and has been dipped like incumplimiento device of register and incumplimiento speaker. I have changed a incumplimiento speaker behind to an original device. This could trip on some people. Another that that, I installed Audacity and all have done so only.
4 / 5
Has loved to purchase the USB-MIC for my PC gaming in planting to use headsets reason have loved to use mine Sennheiser HD6XX & HD 599 is that of the one who there is Mic is semi-detached & quality of his this too good to go back to 'Gaming Headsets'. Looked to a Antlion mics but has does not love all this extra wiring like next option was the USB Mic, didnt require anything too elegant reason for now so only would be to use the only to communicate with mates of crew during Warzone =). And for him súper novice in a world of audio this Fifine K678 was a lot of easy to setup. One first what will remark when unboxing a Fifine K768 is a Hefty quality of prize! Everything to a stand and Mic is done out of solid metal. A lot the friendly user, Literally Covers so only in your PC and the windows automatically recognises a Mic, then so only the sure windows done has a Fifine K678 likes incumplimiento Exited In of the Settings of the his then has regulated so only a Volume to where has has wanted to he for plugging in the mine has beaten to a jack under a Mic so much can listen a Profit on its own name. And a sound are add, all the world can listen me strong & clear in of the communications during game of game. But highly it recommends to take the good windscreen or pop-filter or both when using a Fifine K678. It chooses up in the to to environmental background noise easily likes there is a TV on, included in of low volume and having to that Partidário on likes-you, will choose all that on easily. But after taking the pertinent windscreen he really helped with that. One is of the metal comes with this a lot of agile and a lot comfortable to use. They are roughly to dip mine up in the arm of boom w/trace of incident but using it like this he in his stand is not bad at all, there is roughly feat of hule to absorb some vibrations & resist to line on your office. And you go to be attaching this to the Boom-the arm & remarks a hole of the ray in a fund is way too small for Arms more Universal, comes with an Adapter. When Using this with one is of the office comprised has had well of mine among my mouse & of keyboard roughly 2ft out of my face, mic in 60 profit and was able to speak in yours normal without that has to that create my voice at all.

Yours more probably that goes to take the windscreen thus mic, but finding a windscreen of the foam of straight measure could be the little difficult reason that spends of longitude a reference of measure of a Blue Yeti, the majority of some windscreens is returned the little too big and free for a Fifine K678. BUT this one of 'On-Stage': (On-Go of Foam of the Phase-Windscreen of Microphone of the Type, Black) Returns Perfectly. Calm at the beginning could think his too small but only calm dulcemente extend some sides while puling the down.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A FiFine K678 the microphone of USB is the value adds . I have registered my video in a untreated room. Partially in the Microphone of Shotgun and partially in a FiFine K678 Microphone of USB. Instantly I Can listen a difference. A quality of his fantastic east.
A FiFine K678 is covers it and microphone of USB of the game. Has the transmission of key in a front and two @@@knob of volume in a backside. Any @@@knob of volume controls an entrance of a microphone and a volume of control. A K678 has the 35mm headphone jack concealed resupply you a capacity to control a sound and volume of an audio your register.
In a box will find a K678 microphone of USB, table upper stand, USB to micro boss of USB and the adapter of stand. Everything will require to be arrive and registering any time.
Recommends a FiFine Microphone of USB and do my gone to In Studio Mic.

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