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1 VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand with C-clamp and Bolt-Through Grommet Options | Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Arms Hold Two (2) Screens up to 27' (STAND-V002) VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand with C-clamp and Bolt-Through Grommet Options | Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Arms Hold Two (2) Screens up to 27' (STAND-V002) VIVO
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2 VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 23'- 75' Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, Sharp LCD LED Plasma TV with VESA 200x100 400x400 up to 684x400mm, Bonus HDMI Cable and Bubble Level MF608B2 WT1 VideoSecu Mounts Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 23'- 75' Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG, Sharp LCD LED Plasma TV with VESA 200x100 400x400 up to 684x400mm, Bonus HDMI Cable and Bubble Level MF608B2 WT1 VideoSecu
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3 VIVO Dual LED LCD Monitor Free-standing Desk Stand with Optional Bolt-through Grommet Mount | Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Arms hold Two (2) Screens up to 27' (STAND-V002F) VIVO Dual LED LCD Monitor Free-standing Desk Stand with Optional Bolt-through Grommet Mount | Heavy Duty Fully Adjustable Arms hold Two (2) Screens up to 27' (STAND-V002F) VIVO
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4 VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable/Tilt/Articulating for 1 Screen up to 27' (STAND-V001) VIVO Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand Fully Adjustable/Tilt/Articulating for 1 Screen up to 27' (STAND-V001) VIVO
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5 AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand - Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand - Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum AmazonBasics
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6 WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount Fits Two Screens up to 27u201d, 22 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm (MF002), Black WALI Free Standing Dual LCD Monitor Fully Adjustable Desk Mount Fits Two Screens up to 27u201d, 22 lbs. Weight Capacity per Arm (MF002), Black WALI
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7 HUANUO  Dual Monitor Mount, Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand, Height Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser with Gas Spring, C Clamp, Cable Management for Two 15 to 27 Inch LCD Screens HUANUO Dual Monitor Mount, Full Motion Monitor Arm Stand, Height Adjustable Computer Monitor Riser with Gas Spring, C Clamp, Cable Management for Two 15 to 27 Inch LCD Screens HUANUO
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8 NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm Gas Spring for 17''-27'' Computer Monitor from 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs NB North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount Stand Full Motion Swivel Monitor Arm Gas Spring for 17''-27'' Computer Monitor from 4.4lbs to 14.3lbs NB North Bayou
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9 Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket for 42-70 Inch Flat Screen TVs, TV Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, Max VESA 600x400mm, 100 LBS Loading, MD2296 (2018 Upgraded Version) Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount Bracket for 42-70 Inch Flat Screen TVs, TV Mount with Swivel Articulating Dual Arms, Max VESA 600x400mm, 100 LBS Loading, MD2296 (2018 Upgraded Version) Mounting Dream
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10 Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch LED, LCD and Plasma TV, Mount up to VESA 400x400mm and 100 LBS Loading Capacity, Low Profile and Space Saving MD2361-K Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount Bracket for Most 32-55 Inch LED, LCD and Plasma TV, Mount up to VESA 400x400mm and 100 LBS Loading Capacity, Low Profile and Space Saving MD2361-K Mounting Dream
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Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Dual LCD LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It attaches a support of monitor in my support for above desktop. At the beginning, I have used one 4 clamp and liked me that it was of able to come up with the road to try this has been. With one 4 clamp, a Height-Desktop to Be Adjustable - VARIDESK Pro More 36 - the black could not go down everything of a road, but was well with that. This weekend has drilled the hole in an upper portion of a desktop and has attached a mountain those uses one 4 grommet. It opens A support above the desktop is fully adjustable.

Quan Has ordered a mountain, has done to any to give that one 4 grommet would do to spend he through the desktop with the hole in him. I think that that it is characteristic useful for those of you concealed has the desktop where can you very clamp and does not want to drill the hole.

A mountain of monitor is more stable that posing the monitor in the support. One of my old monitors have not had a VESA mountain, as I have left he in a support. An old monitor wobbles and a new monitor ails movement.

I very likes him that it is fully adjustable! Has two 24 monitors in the. Has offset a mountain to control to return my configuration of desktop. I left me to have an arm of the left monitor fully widespread and then a right one adjusts to be afterwards in him. Some the wrenches comprised to leave me to us to adjust a tension of some arms.

Will try to attach pictures with some new monitors in the. [Update - the Semi-detached final photos]

Please to estimate my description as 'Useful' you aided you so that I help me too much! My opinions are only mine and is not influenced by anything another that a QUALITY and ACTION of this particular product. Thank you!
5 / 5
This thing is solid. I have not had an experience that some other critics have done so far like the stability is disturbed. These Rocks of support of the monitor!! It surpasses my expectorations especially for a point of prize. It takes two HP Z22n the trace of controls and has had any problem that joints of poses. Some instructions are very clear and a mountain comes likes him 50% totalled. A nave was excellent, folds to pack, any part broken or missing. A box comes with almost everything of a necessity of tools except the 1/4 automotive nuts. At present I have a support clamped in a desktop, goes to try this has been for the moment before beginning to drill in a desktop. Like The personal election has used bonds of zip and Velcro straps for my management of cape, any one that had anything wrong with that has been provided knows has the plot of the capes that initiates these monitors. I am using each 3 types of entrance can besides 8 total capes that exited a backside. But you look in a desktop could not say. That can see of my picture is concealed has a cape that is hanging was, that is to say he 3 ft. Cape that had ordered , will require to substitute that with regulates it 6ft. If has the low capes that comes from/comes from some controls could wants to consider in his substitute when begins to join some capes some extras slack taking the arriba.un taken is has to weaves dotted of tension, so once take at all to a calm road like his taking some time to tense all until enough 90 in 95% tension, tight quite so that it does not move on is pertinent but still flexible. Calm once listen in your desktop for the while you find you your self adjusts in a perfect access and this thing can do concealed. That is surprising is how much room of desktop returned, is what there is afloat shelf for some monitors. If this begins to fail will be sure to update this clave, but so far that is to say a awesome compraventa.
4 / 5
I am really impressed with this unit for a prize. Look around moment to find that it is recommended and this mark is come up quite what recommended bit. They return 2 27' monitors without problems.
A management of records of good cape and can be it has moved around while precise.
Some controls firmly mountain in a group.
A cane firmly mountain in a desktop.
Some arms are sure in a pole.

Some reasons for some 4 stars.
A connection among some mountains and some arms are loose. Some monitors can wobble around the small, the insurances have lined no where is varied. This is not the enormous roads.
Some two monitors have is the averages down a weight estimated by the arm and some weapon sag with some monitors in the. That is to say totally in some arms and no a mountain in a pole.
Some vertical adjustments to line on some monitors are limited (the arm flex could be more if some monitors are significantly different weights).

Would recommend this mountain in other people. Some refusals is not glaring enough concealed a mountain is not useable. Only they can be a nuisance in time, moves my monitors around he so commentary this more some a lot of people. I have left always the people know in these negative and can decide for them.
5 / 5
The quality controls very poor. I have bought this element in of the marks the week and now go it to pose together. I am doing a clamp of desktop install when give a clamp has nuts for some rays EXCEPT The MAINSTAY of CLAMP NO! The rays the big plus does not help and owe any same when the be has required. Has does not have of the jury instruments this element. Again, my problem is a clamp the mainstay does not have nuts to joint a mainstay of clamp and a together clamp. An email was routed only in front of this description. I will update with fixing once when being of SIERRA or take the repayment of them...Which will be my next course to action.

My original description is on. I have imagined out of a REAL problem has not been a creation or some parts but some instructions. Quan Doing a clamp of desktop installs, some instructions aim some 2 rays that is installed of a backside. One has to be installed of an another side. Some rays cross a premier clamp mainstay then in a that clamp is threaded. Person another road around so for some instructions. After building my room, a mountain of dual monitor is fantastic. Highly recommended. I have to'the voice there has been the bad day but he are each sake now.
5 / 5
This element is exactly while it describe. The mine controls 2 27 inch monitors perfectly. Has the small desktop so this give me so much more room to move around. It IS very easy to pose up and has taken quite a lot of 15 minutes. Some rays of proportionate monitor are utmost. They he very easy of collar in enough then that it has to use the engine of ray for all some rays.
1 / 5
Quan Took it initially this product, has not been able of the pose up because of my desktop he, but after several months I at the end taken around to do around that. It results, it was the shame has not looked more afterwards, so that this product is not even that has ordered.

The strong Beginnings, does not have any mark that so never, the difference of the that voice in some ALIVE images. Segundo, some dishes are not even remotely similar. Some shows of the image have softened, stylish same dishes. These products has directly in of the places that visas of the each generic mark in Amazon. Already, you can say that these products has not ridding that it has been it supposed in, but these are not even some subjects.

A subject is that some arms are not a same period. I have chosen this model so that each arm can move, and some points of pvot is on halfway through, as it leaves for the best personalization. In this model, has two points of pvot, and both are well in a final, so hardly can customise that in fact it has some monitors setup.

If this was a product I in fact orderly, the things would be of sound, but is not even remotely similar. Some characteristics have paid by this not even here, or takes a mark has paid prey of money. It issues behind, but sadly, it is it issues too late to return a product through amazon, and after installing this cheap swipe-was, my hand is bleeding a bit, as it does not plan to box arrive anyways.

Judge of some descriptions and what the happy people there are, I only taken miserable, but a fact spends at all is terrible, and now is bonded with him and I are out of my money.

Stay. You are. Of. This. Company.
1 / 5
We have bought three of these maintaining. Apparently they are routing was 'Version 2', which are clearly cheap and inferior.

V1: Dual Articulate arms
V2: some swivel thing of hinge

V1: Fat metal , robust and hinges with plastic coverages
V2: Cheap welded rob, the black has painted, metal of looks of piece

Seriously, version 2 east of the total rubbishes, and only is that it locate of a reputation of Version 1. The dry likes him has has to do the new category to reflect this obviously benefits the cheapest version , low quality , maximum 2. If you could see he in real life afterwards in his own Version 1, would not buy this cheap welded piece.
5 / 5
I have read the few descriptions that recovery that this product has been changed in a point that is cheap and flimsy. This my first times are using this, and is very robust and does not move after adjusting and tensing all some rays have required. It suggests that you evaluate a desktop is planting this on, likes zone of the surface and the type are crucial when attaching this in any desktop. It buys this again yes precise. My monitors have retained his place perfectly! I am using (2) LG Electronic UM57 25UM57 the screen of 25 Inches DIRECTED-the monitors have ignited.
1 / 5
At the beginning it looks very robust and like the product of quality, afterwards total and installing is more than dissatisfaction...

HAS 2 x 27' monitors, yes has the different frames but some screens could not vary at all. As you Have seen in a photo a chair a big plus that an another, a left arm is drooping down, tired to tense some rays while choosing up in an arm, this at all, after an hour of messing with east, a photo is a result of the better final has remain with! And very included it wants to return so that has required mountains to control to complete my setup as I am thanks to only eat a cost, HIGHLY AIDE Any one to eschew this product and spends the small more on something the more strong or better quality, with perhaps wet, etc..... One 20-0 calm more the raisins will be very value he! Also the the tones of Allen undressed represented the bonos-for-swimming halfway in an assembly, has there was felizmente the set. (Cheap but the typical quality with any one goes to comprise the tools in of the boxes have taken.)

Pros -
In the positive note, yes has the monitors the small plus that has a same frame, this product could be since you. Some clips of management of the cape that is coming with the law adds! A hardware was amiably bundled and organised to do an easy assembly. It avenges with some necessary tools have required the total, excluding something to tense down some nuts that control your monitors in some arms. The set of pliers does a trick.

Would not recommend this mountain for any one using 24' monitors and up.
5 / 5
It digests:
This mountain of dual monitor for SAW is quite studio and well has built. It is fact of the steel of studio weighed these tubes with Allen together of key pvot and clips the road of plastic cape. Mountain in my desktop very good and is solid of rock. Some instructions are also a lot of writings, has visual examples, and is easy to comprise. All some tools have required to install is comprised (3 Allen tones and the wrench that uses an alternative highland method).

Time of assembly:
A time of assembly has taken around 30 minutes in unpackage, total, installs, highland monitors, and adjusts. One the majority to time this consumes the part for me has adjusted some monitors in a perfect height (with a cup of some controls quite 3' in eyelevel).

Facilitated Of Use:
One beats to lean that is adjusted enough easily. I have found a better road to adjust a vertical place of some arms was in 1. It takes some monitors (using a VESA dishes of fast emission), 2. It adjusts some weapon up or down (loosening and tensing some last that ensure Allen scrapes), 3. Seat some controls behind in a support. It does not advise adjusting some arms with some monitors in a support unless the partner can line the up since you he so that it attaches considerable weight and unwieldiness.

- Very built and ensures with a mountain of clamp of the desktop
- A clamp is also cushioned with foaming to protect a cup of desktop
- Adjustable
- Spent for memeing, redditing, and looking videos of the cat in of the levels of height of correct monitor
- the addition Adds for any desktop ( would have to has bought one of marks these years!)

- More Take to adjust for calm without taking monitors of of a support ( is easy to take thanks to a VESA dishes)
- will waste time to look in what awesome your desktop is now
- At all more can think

Top Customer Reviews: VideoSecu Mounts ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Some descriptions is is cheaply the fact is only ridiculous. TVs Opens The days are very clear and of those who requires very support. Always it was necessary you when being mountain in studs and a lag rays that is provided will do a work (the tense hand lag rays). This was excellent and return the 65disturbances vizio on he with ease.

One installs was very mere and any a lot of of the time that consumes (perhaps less than an hour for a avg DIY person). Youre Goes to require the hammer and bits to hammer to drill pilot holes in a studs and then youll precise the wrench of socket for a lag rays. Youll More certainly wants to studs the the finder and I found it well into use only my own level.

A cord is very very the time but I a lot sings the commentaries in a quality except that his no the $ 50-$ 100 cord of quality so much of who attentive anythings surprised of him (I didnt compraventa produced for cord anyways)

soyeasure two times, has cut once!'

Anyways, For one $ 25 has paid this thing a surprising the work and I confidence for mine 65.n Television

EDIT: it has had now for the year. My television has hanged in just sake. It IS very stable and does not have any worry. I actuate Still it takes a television very time to paint or any one thing.Also it have to it mention that I have run he in a television the small time any prendiendo attention, only an example that this mountain will maintain in a wall
4 / 5
First of this mountain of television comes with the plot of hardware: ST8x50 self touching rays for mountain of wall, concrete anchors, 8.5x17x5 plastic spacers, 8.5x17x10 plastic spacers, M8 washers, M4x15 and M4x30 rays, M5x15 and M5x30 rays, M6x15 and M6x30 rays, M8x15 and M8x30 rays, and the small spanner English tones.

Can not comment in a HDMI the cape or a level of the alcohol has used of my own.

My only real flu with a mountain is a group of the wall comprises two pieces that is streaky together for two rays in a centre. You can see that he the angles enter a head office in my picture. It opens I am trace a plasma an old more than is quite 50 lbs but that it is way down below a limit has estimated. The only time will say but probably costs of winery, would listen more comfortable was flush against a wall even so. If I owe another time probably would try a mountain of cheetah or a echogear mountain. Although those are two piece also a cheetah the mountain has not connected in to a head office likes him probably any one that was, at least very so, and a echogear is connected in a head office but looks it could be reinforced, at least that it can say it pictures.
5 / 5
Bought this mountain to install the 65' Samsung television above my funnel. It Liked him that of east was the unit of only piece , although some assembly is required (attaching some pieces of finals), an upper and inferior group is solid all a road through. The installation was directly advance and liked me that has comprised type very different of fasteners and washers for both mountain to wall was and mountain in a backside of a television. Taking a television perfectly the level can be delicate, in spite of a mountain when being perfectly level, a group that attaches in a backside of one beats television or can any one when being very, as it can require more concealed or tries to obtain perfection. In general, it is lining up well and when being solid, giving me confidence when in during the big expensive television 6 ft up in a wall. Also it provide it a lot of clearance in a backside for cover and of the capes and, if some rays of the security is not the access tensed , well in by behind a television to bend better need in covers /unplugs cords and capes.
5 / 5
Used this group to locate the 70 Samsung of inch. I have read some descriptions and can not comprise some complaints. This unit is two pieces that the together ray, as you are trace he to anchor a centrical only has to do sure some rays go a road to use some holes of centre in a side of a group. Better to anchor among two studs, which are that facts. A group is not quite wide to achieve three studs (usually 16 inches on centre) but has abundant holes to achieve a room among two studs. It measures carefully, that comprises a television (the turned among some highland arms) as it can the yours centre in a wall if a group is trace slightly was to centre to take four solid mountain points in a studs. Unless your studs is 24 inches on centre, this group is quite wide to do he for any television until 70 inches. It comes with all a hardware possibly could require, the magnetic level and he 10' HDMI cape. An only complaint has is a group is near in a wall so yes has hands of ham, all your connections before hanging a television in a group while taking your hands among a wall and one beat television that it is the tight bit.
5 / 5
Any DROOP!!!! I left me repeat concealed.... Any DROOP!!! Simply mountain, and uses your hands to move a television in a desire of curves of angle. The vain left wing. Fact. It remains there. That is to say one the majority of characteristic of entity and more only of this mountain of television, and or any available in other mountains. It was not emphasised in some revises read before purchase. If you think that that it is information of entity and useful, please clicks a button 'useful' in this description.

What bad for 'droop' a television is bending before (protects in earth) as far as possible because of the when the gravity left vain. For the old plus LCD heavier while has (100+ lbs, 52' screen, bought in 2009) he sagged instantly with an older mountain of the different provider. Has had to bolster he up with the bloc of the forest down some backwards of subordinated verge then. This new mountain is very artfully designed and 'pre-tensioned' (the also adjustable tension for the sets of heavy plus!) For the this considers a 'half' together [weight and CG]. This pre-tensioning half that after it locates your television, simply can adjust an angle of curves to take a television with your hands, and then the vain left wing, and place of stay!

Only downside, and is quite smaller: My older television has required 30mm period M8 is... A box of the only comprised hardware M8 is in 20mm, and a lot other rays of the smallest diameter for more modern, melts behind and protects lighter that my oldish bobo. Any worry. Lean Me it Whole $ 2.15 in a tent of local hardware.
5 / 5
Compraventas A lot of mountains some years and with going values to rack and sea, decided to locate several LCDs and has DIRECTED TVs in my house. For the mountain that can do with small TVs all a road in 75' TVs, this product is excellent. Each part required for the successful installs is necessity.

For a television of the smallest measure, only would use one of a two behind in increasing group, still for 40' and on, uses so to provide a capacity to adjust that it situates side- side by side. It comprises to bend group, which will do this clave out of afterlife that the totally flat mountain, but that it is inherent in curves it mountain, as no the critic.

One of some very characteristic as compared in other mountains - some rays have used to the mountain is self-touching, as while you find the yours wall studs, and pre-hammer a small hole, or can use a tool of wrench of the proportionate ray, or the wrench of socket to direct in four rays. It does not have any worry quite that locates the television of 75 inches has DIRECTED in this mountain. For any concealed has tried to use the hammer to direct in Philip big-ray of cape only to have begin to undress with 1/2 inch still to go, will appreciate these rays.

My definite recommendation is that I am returned in Amazon today to buy two more than these mountains for additional TVs. I produce to add and easy to install.
4 / 5
It is not bad. It ignores a fact has to scrape some side of guides by side, is very any one the big roads and once he totalled is very rigid. Has the similar one has bought the t the big boxes store the few years behind, the think in general better. A thing, some grub snails in a fund of some highland guides of the frame very really the semence very closely in place. It likes him be tighter, like the television is lower for sofa the viewing and I want to be 100% sure any one is going in never promote he of a mountain - as the boy. In general very bad.

A level sucks. That is to say sure. It do not trust It . In a calm beak uploaded you can see, has to be trace in an angle. Liquid any lie.
5 / 5
Bought this mountain for mine 65' Samsung Ready television and can any one complain. It IS perfect. Easy to install, done of materials of quality and very light. At the beginning it was fearful to locate such the big television in the mountain of the thin light but he are doing utmost! Highly it recommends this.
5 / 5
I have taken once a basic idea of an installation was very mere.

Ails completed an installation has taken on-line and has ordered another for a television in another room. Interesting cual has tolerated posing a TVs in dressers, tables, etc when posing them up in a wall is so mere.

Has two group of the steel launches the with the holes have drilled to the long of a whole period, and also comes with extenders in these so that they will achieve of an upper highland hole in a backside of a television in a background unit (This nude ray in a television and then hang in a group of wall. Very mere.)
The inner tan some limits have specified signified by a manufacturer, this will return with all the classes of configurations. A hardware also comprises that it is necessity to install wry TVs. (And the PLOT of extra hardware-rays, rays, etc--is comprised for a sake of versatility. Very you it can not go injustice with easterly unit

The Also bends up and down amiably.
4 / 5
We buy this mountain in of the marks the year, and is state adds, even so it is not to perfect. It comes with the level built in a centre, which are very convenient of any flight the crooked television. Even so, it is not to level. Desprs Has taken a television is trace , the note was only he slightly was, as I have measured... Sure enough, they are not prende to level. Has thinks that that it was crazy, until we have moved a television in a oposar- wall of this week and I have used the different level to verify. A built-in the level is to well sure not correcting . It takes the look in a picture for test. Another that a level, is the mountain adds that it maintains a television only the inches of pair out of a wall, which are exactly that has wanted.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Dual LED LCD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
And Use two 29' 21:9 proportion of monitors of appearance for the work and this support are very stable and scratches some screens solidly.
IS very pleased with purchase of mine and setup.
Avenges with each hardware required to pose up and to locate some screens in him. Surprised very very that has required only a small screwdriver.
5 / 5
For a prize is absolutely unbeatable! Had the subjects of Quality of small minor of Control like scratches and smudges, but with each hooked for on can not see he so that it is a lot supposes. The desire has had included washers, so that some rays to locate some monitors are slightly far too very time. Has my own but would have been well of SAW in having the included. I can also apt mine 29' ultrawide with mine 24' gaming monitor without subjects!
5 / 5
This support was quite easy the total. The majority of some tools was comprised already averts of Phillips engine of ray. Please careful when being to extend a semi-detached monitor in a excel too front far or a support can bend advances according to a weight of your monitors. Has two 24 inch monitors. A Asus with the wry backside and or BenQ with the plan behind. In spite of some gilipollas still give that is to say he 5 /5.


The mobile does not want never adjust your support.

Gives an option to use a support he and also provides an option since tea to ensure your support in your desktop (yes has the hammer to drill the hole in him). As it resolves a problem of a support that advance of curves if really it wants your monitors to exit advances.

Provides the materials for both monitor of wry and backwards very backwards of monitor.

A prize is reasonable compared at all other supports that has seen.

Gilipollas: The curves of support pull your monitor was to advance if a support is not ensured in a desktop but was not the worry of entity for me so that I like him his where of my monitor and the chair of supports.

Broken a clip of management of the cape so that it was heavy drawee so careful be when attaches the to form that leaves of a clip is not that strong for heavy hands.
4 / 5
I very like this support of the monitor and he are very robust. There is his data 5 stars yes has alignment of better vertical/adjustment. Has 2 24' monitors, but is different marks and like such VESA holes in a backside is not in exactly a same place. One LIVES the calm mountain leave you to adjust a vertical alignment until in an inch, but and required more in order for my monitors to vary perfectly. If has 2 of a same monitor, then will be well, or has different monitors but a VESA the holes in a backside is in a same gesture, will want this support. If it can estimate it 4.5 and , but it is unable to do so. For me, since he the could not vary exactly, decided to locate a landscape and another in road of portrait. It results and a lot it likes him have one in portrait, especially when exploring a web or law with documents.

Easy the total, the management of cord adds and the good title for one 3 allen wrenches that comes with him to do adjustments.
1 / 5
In the first place you are, it can not stress enough that cheaply it has done it these products is. Everything of some rays, in a pole of empty support. The total craps.

Some bases is not quite weighed to line or controls up while you try to install another, as I have tried to pose some low monitors, but that is included worse. I have finished to leave some curves of base with a monitor against a wall while I installed it. I installed it once, one bases immediately bent apresamiento and has to take my monitors before they are fallen. I have imagined had the too big arrive (plus or 25% less than a pole in an upper) how has posed he in a half of a pole, and has fallen still advances.

Posed the slightly lower, and has pressed some controls behind in a pole until the no his for the likes has been to fall advances. Alas to have to, creates the desert quite 2.5 inches in 3 inches in some means, enough to see a pole in a half among some two monitors. Why I buy the support and has the desert in a half? It can do that with some sustains some controls come with. Has thinks that that my monitors can be too heavy, but looked it up and a weight totalled in around 11 books, the means that some covers of support.

This sustains probably would be very can drill the hole in my desktop, but can any one, has the desktop of glass. I do not expect to take the repayment therefore it craps, and ask me to us the road he behind to be eligible for the repayment, then enough would launch in some rubbishes.

- Upper heavy, did not retreat a weight of some controls AT ALL
- Cheaply does
- Empty in a pole, which take the majority of a low pressure
- basic of weight Claro
- final of Arm for a monitor slightly twists
- does not listen like your monitors are sure in this

- lol

is reading this eschews this product unless has supremely monitors of clear weight, but still then, law of doubt.
1 / 5
A side a monitor is easily jiggled, the support contacted of client and has been given a council to tense it.

Could not imagine out of the that was has been in this support for the moment, could any never take some controls varied quite a lot of rights. Some arms are not to level! They both have the downward angle of a clave of centre. A whole arm, in both sides, jiggle up and down in a main joint that attaches in a clave of a support. Any one which import tries to tense them always has some game, although it can tense it enough in not moving , a field of motion (that it would suppose it does not want in the type of right arm of support) never included leaves some weapon to be level.
5 / 5
In the principle looked in the support of dual monitor (in Amazon) that costs quite 1/2 a prize of easterly the unit went it Perhaps the well buys -- will not know never. Some descriptions in both supports sold me to us, especially ones this detail pros and gilipollas (present graces!). I have been only with my instinct of compraventa of gut easterly a so that it looks to look more durable and solidly has built, together with mostly of descriptions favorecedoras. Heck, Included a Q&One east aided to seal some roads. Having to take my time these digests everything in the product before purchase ... Same control of a 'unboxing' videos in Youtube.
Bronzed In all the case-- was easy the total, but like a critic has said, could require the helper when attaching a second/upper monitor in a VESA group. Has the pair of Viewsonic LCD of 22 inches the monitors on explode. An inferior monitor is 2.5 inches of my desktop, or 1.5 inches out of a base of a support. An upper monitor is posed only above a cup of a further down a (stacked, for , in a further down a). If required, has another 8-the inches that stays in a pole above the mountain of pole of a second monitor, although I think would have the precarious balance has trace in a tip-upper of a pole.
HAS no qualms in a stability of a balance while his right now, or changes if I nudged both monitor in the few inches. Also dry that everything in this support is sudden and sure. At all low quality. A hardware can be snugged up without concerning quite breaking it/the breaking these/cracks. Some plastic of cover that goes them to them/of coverage one 'curve ' the rays are easily take so that pode used some tools comprised in loosen and adjusts one folds it . Casserole/By left right/pvot is also adjustable, while it is a rotation . Again, a product comes with all a necessary hardware, rays and more tools ( need Phillips screwdriver and perhaps the helper to line an upper monitor to locate).
Yes has the habit of has the monitor of LCD of the desktop with the small impression, will require to accommodate more behind-in-before immovable in your table/of desktop. I have not had any problem and is happy fallen in spatial in a left or of my desktop (where the pair of monitors has seated afterwards in the each another). Even so, here it is distances will require to consider: 9.5 inches of a backside of one bases in a front of your monitor your low plus. Then it attaches 3.5 inches in front of that for one in those rests to the protrusion of one bases feet.' The total is 13-inches of impression of back-in-front of a support of base. In his his point the wide plus is 12-inches in the left-in-of the rights, but your monitors are probably wider that concealed in all the case.
Some negative worries some instructions. They are class of imprecise, mostly graphic diagrams. If has any one mechanical intuitiveness at all, no any problem.
4 / 5
Controls of ALIVE Dual LCDs Mountain of Desktop that is to say Free w/ Optional Ray-Through / the be has to has Weighed Fully Adjustable Access 2 Screens until 27' (SUPPORT-V002F)
My desktop has had the hole in a backside for capes, etc. So the trace backs the there and has not used a support that is coming with a monitor. The installation was the accident , with that considered to be the very good booklet of instruction. A booklet is printed on very good lustrous paper and is in English only, he doing very easy to follow directions. Users that English read will not have to take some help. All the parts, rays, etc. Was sealed individually in of the plastic stock exchanges, doing it easy to order them has been for assembly. Good work in of the this, SAW.

Opens, two things that has imagined was:

Thing 1, after using a ray of adjustment to create a right monitor so that it was to level with a left monitor (has had to the race up so far likes to go, but was quite), a right monitor resulted very wobbly in a VESA dish. Had the plot of slack once was domestic up. ALIVE With exciting routed me another VESA dish, but this at all to fix a wobbling. I have found the solution, even so, this was quite easy. Desprs Creating A monitor until a level of an another monitor with a ray of adjustment, and before installing some nuts of cover, is exited a pistol to solder and dripped sald down a zone where a ray comes up through a dish. This filled in a desert in a hole and after posing some nuts of culo of covers on, a monitor is now so stable as or that the has not been domestic. A hole is oversized to do it easier to pose a monitor in a support, but the marks wobble when domestic up. I think that that a problem is that some nuts of cover 'the fund was in a ray before it can tense it things up. If it SEE it it would distribute the regular nuts in place of some nuts of cover, or the nuts of covers the the deep plus, to use in a ray, this probably would delete this problem. If a monitor does not require to be created, some nuts of covers ensures a VESA dish amiably in an arm so that he he any one wobbles. I have not listened it likes him to him the start a taking some nuts of right measure, only dripped to solder in there. I the pertinent nuts would be very better.
Ploughed, is not an engineer of any class, as this can all are bases of era of the road , but find your monitor that wobbles after you shouted it to match another, could wants to look in the first place in some nuts to limit which box a VESA dish in a support. That is to say which closes a low monitor and prevent in wobbling . It is not there only to maintain a monitor of accidentally exiting a support. Also to fence a VESA dish firmly in a support.
Had has not had to exit a subject in wobbling , this to well sure would be the five support of the Star.

Thing 2, A support comes with everything of some adjustments of the tension of the joint has posed a lot tight. Desprs loosening Up everything of them, a support resulted much more useful for me. Opened Can take it the monitor for his sake is inferior frame and tug it where need he to be without battling with him. Some hinges are calm VERY loose now, but still insurances. It marks any one wobbles at all. If the plan left some monitors in planting after takings posed up, a tension is posed well enough. If movement of plan in in some controls around likes him the to them I , would have to consider fall the PLOT of a tension in some joints. Moving a monitor in prjimo for the photo that edits has been the profit adds that the has not considered when bought this support. I although it take it only to have more room to clutter in my desktop!

Also, a support comes with some three Allen tones has required to pose up and adjusts a support. In a guide of cape has posed the place to store some three Allen tones. Has thinks that that it was the idea adds.
5 / 5
Experience this support in a tentativa to clean in my desktop and attaches two monitors in my setup. He everything of that perfectly! His built in system of management of the easily cleaned cape in my cluttered desktop and further more provided a support to leave me to locate both of my monitors, (which are any vesa) If you are how me and does not have the monitor with vesa mountains, VAL an adapter sold by alive for any vesa the monitors do perfectly
the marks only take a mountain wont be blocking any ports in a backwards that was my problem at the beginning but has been resolved with some smaller adjustments!
In general very very built, very stable, easy in setup, the must buys for dual monitor setup! :).
5 / 5
That is to say the solid support , semence of mine 2x23.8' Asus Monitor without problem. Some arms of change are pre-necessity totalled, only in hook he up with a main bar and in a base. The tools and the rays have been comprised. Swivels, Curves and rotates without problem. My two monitors are level with each another although it requires adjustment. A base is kinda very time even so but that is expected so that the does not require ray in a desktop.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Single LCD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say a mountain of monitor of estimativa excellent ! I purchased it so that a support in my Predator x34 the monitor has taken up too immovable of desktop. This was a perfect solution in a subject.

Low prize
Robust edifice
Minimalistic look


Other thoughts:
takes one of some arms with some comprised allen wrench so that an arm and total the pole was sagging the little under a weight of my monitor. This is not fault of a product. It is not estimated by ultrawide monitors, which are that I am using he for (a 34'' ultrawide). But with that an arm takes, he no sag at all. Very robust.
My monitor of sound ~4 inches (10 cm) of a wall when a mountain is pressed all a road flush with a wall that my chairs of desktop against. I think that that that is to say a distance of monitor, but that it is quite so near in will go, as you are looking to take your monitor very up against a wall, would have to consider purchase the mountain to wall instead.
All of some necessary tools are comprised in a packaging that is the plus adds! Has all some tools manually already but was very good to see them has comprised.
Yes has any questions on dimension or otherwise, when being free to ask.
5 / 5
Very robust and has to has weighed mostly all the arm of metal. It comprises all some necessity of pieces, like rays, spacers, and included clips of cape. It controls my monitor well in next height of maximum. Easily I can adjust for him to be level. I have bought 2 plus (total of 3) for my another control.

Commentaries that need the table to have that heavy to attach an arm in. There is the table of plastic bending tried to use and an arm in fact angled a plastic table when posed in a monitor. Even so, when I have attached an arm in my joint of particle to owe heavy table (Shrub) any pair at all.
5 / 5
The easy tan in setup as it was abordable. I do not know why only decided to buy an arm of adjustable monitor to substitute one in-the support has built, but have wails very done a compraventa more harvest. This mountain was sper easy to install. Some instructions are quite clear, but is not very necessary if it has not used never Legos or any class of puzzle. This unit lines my LCD of width (LG 29.A73-P) Only well and is only one has turned required. A thing that has not expected was the smallest limitation of a hinge of arm.

Has been to plant a pole in a centre of my desktop. It thinks a nest of arm in him and leaves my monitor to be pressed everything of a road behind. But, it clear the look in a picture had been that pays the better attention would have aimed that this is not very possible in the superficial desktop (imagines the 'Z' with a wall up and monitor in a fund. A half part of one 'Z' is a minimum distance among both objects. I have wanted in the to to something more likes him '=' where of upper would be to wall and the fund would be monitor .

Instead, has to pose my pole has been in a side of one desktop and has some weapon extends has been directly to take my exposure so far behind while I have required. It is not an inconvenience, only something has not thought of - he so that it can be useful for some of you that can skip this has thought, also.

Solid. Nice these looks. Flexible location ( can use addiction-trace of clamp, grommet spends-through, or hole to hammer directly-through). Point of excellent prize.
3 / 5
I have bought this after some problems of back so that it can create it on my monitor while maintaining my keyboard where is. Still it finds that it is the low bit , but is very better then a default support.

A big note is that still although it say it that my monitor would owe down when being a max weight. A lot it has to you crank a hell of him for the take quite tight to remain in place. And no with a small wrench comes with but with the wrench of pertinent enclosed end. And so that it only is lining of mere friction he in place, that a lot of class to bend adjustment up under loosens a ray and will cause in failure for down.

Included this knows that it buy it his again only so that it is economic and takes a work has done. Only beware that yes it has the heavy monitor, goes to be the time that amiable together of thing, and occasionally can has to tense again.
5 / 5
I have purchased two of a desktop of LCD only of arm of highland monitor together with the mountain of dual arm for the four monitor setup. All of some arms are easy the totals and very solid. Also, only I want a fact that no longer has the monitor these chairs in my desktop this eats above the spatial surface.

Takes the small bit to do to take all some diverse weapon and diplomados in a direction this has wanted the in, but once is in the plants are in place. If you are looking to move these around the plot, changing an angle of a title or a gesture of arm, would not purchase these. Even so you plan on having a monitor in the relatively motionless has posed then these more concealed apt a bill for more than people.

Also, mark sure this has the deep quite ledge in your desktop before it purchases these. If it calms no in that has it at least to 3 inch ledge then have enough of calm room in clamp a desktop in your desktop and an arm no .

In general is a lot of to to that like him to him some weapon and only wished would have purchased his more harvest.
5 / 5
This beats very very when being a more utmost thing has purchased for my dispatch of house. It comes with two roads to connect in a desktop, and three vertical pulse to locate an arm in. Quan Mina installed, has used only two of a vertical, while has the desktop/of chair of support. To do this, simply left a pole of centre has been. This a lot will reduce a quantity of time will be to look down in my desktop in place of through a desktop in my screen, and hopefully my necessity for surgery of collar.

Has Had the problem that installs this though.it of the mountain was less to do with a mountain, while it was a creation of my desktop. A frame of my desktop is too thin for a fund of a mountain to line in. To resolve this, has posed simply he 4x4x4 the piece of forest under a desktop.

In general, is pleased enough that the support is well has done. A steel is solid, a mountain does not move now that my screen is trace , can move it up or down if I so desire with trying very small, and there is the holster in some vertical poles to line some tools; hopefully does not lose the.
5 / 5
Nice sustains robust this is trace in a backside of my support for above desktop, with the second monitor has attached. It is posed only so that a fund of a monitor is only above a cup of my screen of the portable when is opened. As I can extend my exposure of laptop in a monitor in the. Like clamp with arming semi-detached very sturdily in a desktop, and a clave learns very wiggle at all. An arm with controlling semi-detached is also very robust. An attaches directly in a whole piece is rigid, but some angles from here that in a monitor is very slightly moveable - quite only to leave a monitor to move left, well, more afterwards or further was, and to bend . But you want race or go down a monitor has to use a comprised allen wrench. This work perfectly for mine necessities.
5 / 5
This support of metal is only slightly more than this plastic riser east. You see my photos. It was able in impulse my monitor 10' of a fund of my monitor in a desktop. The monitor is easily in level of eye. It saves very soiled of desktop in the support these chairs in a desktop. Solid, pieces of quality. Easy Well to follow instructions. Taking quite 15 minutes the total. Perhaps the small longer if he not having never does this before. Plot of options, rooms, rays etc. For different configurations.
5 / 5
Has ordered this product for mine 25' lg ultrawide monitor, was easy to pose up and is the very robust support, any wobble anything. Also I like him his that it can be it turn in his side, included in mine 25' ultrawide the monitor is quite big to leave me to turn a screen in road of portrait.

Can would give it 4.5 mark of stars in a fact that you can not press a screen behind all a road in a leg of a support, a more afterwards can take he in a base is quite 8 inches out of a leg, gives or take, like your screen goes to be quite near in your same face when is pressed behind so far that goes. Of a main reason has bought is to leave me to maintain a screen a next plus, does not go it to attack that a lot for that, but is something to maintain that it imports yes has the screen the big plus as to 27 inch 16:9 or to 34 inch 21:9.

Likes has taken to 25 of inch ultrawide and the desire was main but does not want to break a bank in the 34 inch ultrawide controls that is to say the solution adds to take a screen a next plus in you and give an illusion of the screen the big plus without east to clutter in your desktop to tug a base of monitor in a half of your desktop. Highly it recommends this product.
5 / 5
It was advance and has given these five stars, so that same although there is or complaint very smaller, is very very built, and easy the total.

Has chosen this particular mountain so that has a grommet-highland option of the hole. So that it locates to my monitor like him some arms extend out of a verge of a desktop, was preoccupied that a clamp would not be sufficient to maintain a weight of a monitor to pull a whole thing of a verge. It IS pleasantly surprised in that has to has weighed a clamp is, and was to advance and used he in all the case, which saved me a problem to drill the hole for a grommet box (so that it does not have the grommet hole).

My only complaint is in some rays to attach a highland dish in a monitor. I want a fact that can be it tensed manually. For my monitor, even so, is quite 6mm far too very time, but with some spacers comprised, is quite 6mm low mass. It has been better has had the different measures comprised of spacers. I have had felizmente some nylon washers that was able to use so spacers, and is black as they look to belong.

REMARCE: I have read it revises that it goes to complain enough that it was difficult to move an arm. Has had to all some rays in an assembly of arm - a wrench is comprised. Has had to loosen some rays in some joints to articulate so many can angle an arm, and has had to to tense a ray in a bending together like the does not maintain bending all a low road only of a weight of a monitor (and is only he 19.n Monitor - no very heavy). Once everything is tight, he all move softly and easily, only likes him would expect.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
drooping Arm of monitor. It can it do not imagine it was where a ray of the tension of the height is. Please help. Fact well for the few months, but now mine 27 inch dell monitor sags. UPDATE: fixed. Coverage a ray to tense. Beak of semi-detached voice
1 / 5
The numerous tan another has said, this produces marred by a defective ray. It looks the very done product with building very solid. But it is simply turn very possible a ray of curve of tension. That is to say a ray that adjusts one stuffs that attaches in a monitor. From any visit there is any road to pose a monitor in the useful place. I have tried all some regular technicians to fall the ray frozen, but any data. Owe the backside for the substitution.
Wants to guess that past with a substitution? Yep. An exact same problem!! He so that it owes retreats of road again, this time for the repayment.
5 / 5
Excellent! Excellent! For all some reasons have read in other descriptions... So many, has taken the bet and has purchased a version of arm of dual exposure for my u3415w (34" monitor) and the pay was-- in case that is asking you. A restriction of measure is much more or less weigh but of one 34" it is so big has not been sure he returns with my Dell 24" I joint his and and only imagined in worse a 24" it portrays a whole time. Even so, after posing arrive some days of pair are spent, I very happy to inform returned both exposure in of the landscapes perfectly (goes beaks).

Also, as some have revised, was preoccupied that some arms the bond was too many by behind my desktop and any one to leave me to press my desktop in firm in a wall. If you are preoccupied in of the this, dressed my low picture so that it is possible to do excepts with a right setup. You can be limited the bit in of the nicknames of movement but no for a lot, at least for me.

Tez And excellent quality; Sper fast and easy setup; highly it recommends.
5 / 5
Very well , it lines two 24' monitors of wide screen. Only it take it the desktop of chair of the support and some monitors were down. I take one 3 collar of canals of inch and has substituted he with one 8 collar of tube of inch ( can take HAVE), now can take my monitors 12+ inches of a surface of desktop. The perfect works.
1 / 5
Dishes of the defective monitor would not adjust after half hour to try. I am quite handy and could not take this thing to move. The monitor only could affront a ceiling. Quite useless.
1 / 5
It can not adjust the curves of monitor. A screen is fixed affronting a ceiling. A ray in loosen one folds at all. Cheap junk
5 / 5
I use with the 22HD Cintiq and work perfectly. I have not used an arm for your cintiq then favours come from the his! It do not have to the so many rooms of desktop as it was very of entity to use an arm. Easily I can illustrate in my cintiq and press it was when is done. I the plot of the traditional that draws that/sketch also like his very convenient when needs a room of desktop to sketch or painting. I have taken my Ergotron arm to do and has required the substitution for my Cintiq house. This was the perfect access . He enough the work exactly a same. Only it has an Amazon Basics logotype in the. And it is cheaper! I am very happy with him. I use a clamp in a verge of my desktop.
5 / 5
Excellent product - control my LG big 34UC88-B ultrawide monitor (3440x1440) which weigh in in 25.3lb, well in a maximum limit. In fact only on for 0.3lb.

A thing owes the mark is to tense (i.et. It attaches tension also) a main cradle. That is to say a heay wet to have to that he the a heavy aixecar- of your monitor. If it has to the the big heavy monitor like his the mine, necessity to be tensioned so that the line your monitor in or a gesture.

Voice the semi-detached pictures - a ray these necessities to be tensed is in a cup of a main arm. You have to look take so that it is 'inner' a cup of a main arm - is not an obvious finds. If you tigthen this ray (big hex the proportionate tone, or 4mm hex (allen) yours calm of the that has a proportionate) any one any problem with a main arm these slips (i.et. Falling) when heavy.

The products adds in the prize adds. It can not beat Amazon Basic products.
5 / 5
This AmazonBasics the mountain of Controls of LCD of the Desktop Weapon (does by Ergotron) is to well sure a better product in of the pieces and thanks to the amazon concealed he very abordable. Has 3 monitors and I have required the 3 Arms of Controls to buy. Has equal respect for both companies Ergotron and Amazon as it does not have the problem with any one focuses in some arms while has a product of the big quality. It IS the very the element has designed well, very very done and amiably packed only likes him expect of Amazon. Very hurriedly book, BTW. Included some instructions that hardly ever read is very good. All the tools for an adjustment of tension is distributed. Supremely Easy to pose each joint. Five stars! I seat sad for the who could not recognise a quality and he still goes to complain enough it! Highly it recommends this product in any one concealed wants a better for his money. ( I have exchanged in fact these arms of dual highland monitor for 2 only mountain and I have 3 arm to control only that better records in case that of 3 screens. You see an additional photo. But for two monitors to good sure would recommend one dual-mountain. Sad for a confusion)
5 / 5
As it IS conscious, that is to say a same LX Dual Side-For-side of Arm by side for Ergotron in one each black arrival with only to 1 guarantee of year.

Was easy to install and has been using this earring five month and is very happy since require move my monitors the plot.

Has not been to clear of a Ergotron website what a place a big plus of a monitor is, as has the photos comprised of my left monitor (Viewsonic 22') in a place a big plus. If I need some controls some big plus above a desktop, this mountain can no since you.

Approximate measures with controlling bent slightly behind:
-desktop in a fund of a monitor is 10.5 inches
-desktop in a cup of a monitor is 22.5 inches
-desktop in a fund of a highland dish of the monitor in a backside is 13.25 inches.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
This was the mountain of the dual monitor adds , very easy the total and has maintained my monitors have varied perfectly. It was with two of these to do the 4x 23.n Horizontal mountain, and could any one when being any happier. I have used a cup of mountains to subject so that it do not have to hammer through my desktop, and has the very small impression, and maintains abundance of spatial available in your desktop.

Produces fantastic, especially for a prize. It can not recommend enough.
5 / 5
If you go to have some the widespread monitors was then is the very good idea to use a down group of desktop of support. Even so for my purposes with some weapon all some subjects by behind balances well. It takes this so that I have wanted my monitors to relieve behind and ache of collar and hand in spatial in my desktop.

Has posed up was easy and has taken all besides or 10 min. less has not had any problem that tenses some rays or any one have undressed in the to to rays like them to them to them some has informed. Perhaps I only taken lucky or has improved perhaps a creation, I dunno. You can see of a video has published this robust quite a lot of chairs in my desktop, some arms are easy to move while the holding posed where left the, and easily rotates among portrait and landscape.

Has thinks that was quite evident of a picture but both monitor will have to when being a same height. It IS well to have bit it the flexibility of small plus in this consideration and the heaviest base would be well.

My monitors are around 24 inches to give you an idea of some stairs in some pictures.
2 / 5
The support adds in general but fault the characteristic tone in a positioning of the each arm. Has two 27' has trace the at present monitors with this support and he line the very good. Even so they are not to a same monitor like him some the highland locations are different road . One is the samsung which have the location of the main mountain and another east the BenQ which have the head office of highland location. There is any road to adjust a side up and down with this support as I am to suck with or the controls the big plus that an another. An only option can think of of the this to purchase the monitor to match :(.
4 / 5
Quite easy the total. I preoccupy me, even so, enough that time some rays will line some monitors in a totality has posed. Both monitor, he 22' and he 27' advance rotated consistently until it has entered really a ray and the tensed as much as possibly could. Still dry to like is ready the rotate advances anytime, and can not tense some rays much more there.

Thinks altogether, this took me enough an hour in fully total and situate up in my desktop. That is to say mostly so that I have built he affronting a wall so that it can more easily see when I slid some monitors in a support. Then, once completed, was also weighed to turn around. As have had to the take avert, gone back he around, and the place the jointed again with some controls that it advances to face to start with. If you are some instructions spend to any one, really is earnest and no difficult at all.

Had has thought clearly posed in a creation of of the this. There be the small to title in a backside of him to store some 3 Allen tones has used to to tense/loosen rays so that they will not take lost. There is also two plastic pieces in the each arms that is to feign for management of cape. I have not had the use for these, but found the to be the thoughtful addition. Another that an aforesaid worry that some rays very sufficiently line some controls up in a long career, a thing is sturdily has built. It does not have any fear that a support esfondrar on. In general I am satisfied with purchase of mine.
4 / 5
I am the first user of time of supports of monitor. In general, a WALI Monitor of Dual LCD is quite sake. I have installed only he in my new desktop setup. Initially go it to estimate this goes down since out of a box, some the horizontal arms come a-levelled, meaning when mountains your monitors, they no when being pas varied yes was a same model . To resolve that, has to return and unscrew one covers of nuts and uses a small plus allen the proportionate wrench and turn an inner tone in a counter of ray-in an in a clockwise direction direction and creature a low plus of some two monitors. Any one mentioned it earlier but has to do my investigation and return in a manual (never launch these windy was). Besides, when a product is arrived, had light scratches in a cup of a vertical bar, but unnoticeable after setup.

At the end, has to be slightly aggressive with some bars to take them where explosion as it is quite static. Mark Sure at stake of toy around with them to take the listen before posing your monitors. It was not easy but enough would have the ones of in this way that loose in his axis.
4 / 5
That is to say in fact the quite solid mountain. A base is weighed and metal, some arms, tubing and the mountains of monitor are metal and any flimsy. So far his working well, only necessities very tune to tense some separates that freely it can move around. My only complaint is there he does not look for when being the road to tense a rotation in an a lot of last joint that connects a monitor in a support. You can adjust a friction for X and And axial rotation but any Z axial rotation, which maintain a level of monitors with each another horizontally. That is to say VAL once is places , but has an accident at all can move out of alignment easily.
5 / 5
Very very bundled with clear instructions and all some necessary tools. I am using he with two Asus 24' monitors. Like The pleasant surprise, a unit comes no only with a be rids the pointed dish in a photo, but also the set of dishes to locate a unit in the piece of cape-was hole in a desktop - cual is spent to have. It IS very stable and very amiably built, at least for a prize. It comes with the management of cape of clips of twelfth average that maintains an orderly installation. I have to tense on some rays in some joint these covers some controls to bend up and down but a necessary tool has been comprised and take everything of 1 minute to conform. In general, it can any one when being any happier with this product and highly the recommend.
1 / 5
I have purchased this mountain so that my threads has purchased recently a same mountain and I have wanted to to attach he in my desktop without a base while it has done. I have pulled in a manual of PDF of a web of place of Amazon and an option in directly attach the mountain in desktop has been aimed with pictures of a hardware. Quan Took a mountain any hardware has been comprised to attach directly in a desktop. Immediately I routed an email in Wali Electrical. The amazon routed me the confirmation that the email was routed in them. After 6 days without the response of Wali Electrical, decided to return unit and finds the different mark that has offered a direct mountain.
3 / 5
Ships in just a box of manufacturers with to focus to ship. A box is robust, protects an element, and coincide with the election the road of the amazon while east. It opens On in an element he. A setup the chosen of the method in the use was so pictured in a screen of element(freestanding option of base). I am using this mountain with (2) Planar PT191MU control which each which so it weighs 21.01 free bren he spec investigation in cnet. As they fall only in the each arms 22 capacity of book.
Has posed this up in the 'He desktop of corner of the way with a base slightly in a right of a corner to line my second pc monitor in his arm of left wing, and a monitor of right arm that is used for my system of camera. A left arm is planted so that a right verge of a monitor is in a clave of centre of the mountains with a verge of left monitor angled slightly advances of a base. A right arm is almost fully extended to the long of a right verge of a desktop with the very light angle to see consolation.

Opens Here is where can not justify giving more concealed 3 stars for an element.
-A instability of a base(i.et. Lack of weight in a back end) direct me to use (8) 1 advantage of ingots of book of my reloading stockpile to give it weight of sufficient backside to maintain he to fall advances yes slightly touched of a backside. You can see in a picture has provided concealed does not have these controls advance situated very far.
-Also, felizmente maintained some rays to locate this is coming with these monitors that thumbscrews comprised with a mountain is far to the long and bottomed was afterwards quite 5 nuts. It opens A mountain comes with some support-offs to use to arrive to this point but is useless while they are a same period of a thumbscrew nuts.
-Some curves the characteristic also requires that you torsion the bass in in to the cual looks them the almost a point of shears of some nuts before it is quite stable to line a monitor in some amours of gesture. With those curves to be of ray torqued well and tight, is still able to adjust one bends monitors with minimum endeavour, something concealed can be a subject as of the ages of product.

For my thoughts to run bulls, this mountain has an option to use a heavy basic with the hole drilled through a desktop, which can use in a future. But a base is far too clear to be considered 'weighed' as specs recovery. If you want portability for one freestanding option of installation of this mountain of monitor will want to attach weigh in a backside a mountain when using the next monitors in a 22 weight of limit of book of some arms.
3 / 5
Look In a product on place and reading some of one revises this looked that it has wanted it. I took it and it has been impressed with a quality of tez. The instructions were very written and all was clear.

Has finished to go a road of a support of this that would do more for my desktop. As emits had is concealed has mismatched monitors: One is the ViewSonic and another east the Samsung so much 24'. A Sonic View has regulate Vesa 100 x 100 likes the fact adds with a group has distributed. A Samsung has the 200 x 100 vesa locate which no with this mountain. I have had to to find the adapter in amazon that would do a work grupal. The decrease of the long history at the end has taken a trace of group in a retreated fo a monitor. Once this has been done, has to pose both monitor in a support, doing sure or maintains so that it was not balanced while I have posed another on.

My main grip is that there some are by train to adjust you can do with some mountains but because of some different marks of the monitors and some mountains are trace differently, some monitors are not to level. There is any road to fix a height of one to match another. That is to say the breaker of roads for more than people.

In general that is to say the good product and would recommend in any concealed has identical monitors with Vesa 100 or 75 mountains in his monitors. If it does not have identical monitors, the mark sure takes the mountain that can adjust in all the possible roads. It expects these helps

Top Customer Reviews: HUANUO Dual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this to locate two monitors, one in another. Still although it is to record for until 27', is trace the 29' ultra wide monitor in the 34' ultra width. A monitor a big plus weighs 14 lbs, which are under an indication of 17+ lbs. I am not sure it accommodates two 34' monitors without extending a back clave. One 29' could go an inch a big plus, but can do not promoting an assembly and retighten all for me.

Pro: A sake of looks of the hardware and is well has done. Some adjustments are easy to do. A cell of gas is work . An adjustment does not have to be critical, so that I do not have to change, and has two different measure the controls concealed is different weight . I think that that it is the good value for a prize.

With: it is to take to create an assembly in a back clave. It IS better to pose that in front of some monitors are trace . This would not be the problem, but try difficult to take some monitors because of a next access in a joint of pvot. Once a weight of a monitor is in an upper arm is to take to find a magic has posed these covers a slide of upper arm.

A smaller subject is that some monitors are the tad wobbly. Into use normal a there only chair sake, but yes the clashes bounce them the small.

Has required another would purchase this again.
4 / 5
This look adds, even so, there is only the pair of subjects has with these. I have weighed out of a pros and with east and exited if to maintain them. In an end has decided to maintain them. Here they are:

- the order Adds
- Attaches records of utmost Desktop
- Easy Assembly
- Easy to adjust

- has your desktop in a wall then that has so much an arm to adjust and poses he of extension some screens in your face(with 24' Screens)
- A tension adjusters is the small finicky, has to achieve the something sweet that is to say very sensitive in tense or down tensing
- Any place of real sake to pose capes in some arms to be low profile

In an end, these were the roads adds for a prize. I probably wont purchase another set but, in a while well of look and function only well.
5 / 5
I am using this mountain with 2 Samsung C27F398 27-the inch has Twisted Monitor (Sper Slender Creation) and is that it wants to it. A mountain was very easy in setup, research to be very durable and built enough well. Some trace left you to move a screen in a X, And and Z the dimensions more curve and rotate. Once taken some controls exactly that it wants to can use the hex wrench in prjimo he in place. My laptop was only able to direct 1 external monitor the time as I have bought this to direct both monitor through 1 usb3 port: USB of Dell 3.0 Ultra HD/4K the Triple exposure that Canal of Cradles (D3100).

Commentaries, this mountain no in the each desktop. A mountain comes with the C clamp and will return the desktop this has the horizontal helve' until 3 fat inches. My individual desktop is a Ikea without the shelves of real horizontal to attach a C clamp in. I have finished that it has to run the leg of a mountain around back and then changes that a C the clamp attaches in a vertical pole to take a system to locate to connect in my desktop (photo of views). To do that it was able to move a vertical pole retreated the small bit, which has given a C clamp quite spatial to attach in a desktop.

That is to say the product adds in my opinion, even so some designers would have to take the next look in a clamping system to see yes can develop a number of desktops that will do with this product.
5 / 5
You are the suspect of bit in a twelfth initial or as it revises of 5 star and 1-3 descriptions to do except has given this element the casualidad anyways. I want to it. Very adjustable and robust. I am by train to use it to line two 27 inch control with just a first part of some arms (has taken second piece was). My weight of monitors 8 lbs each which so and this investigation be that it marks well in backing them. Very stable when tensed after you find some the right adjustments for your monitor have posed up.

Was able to take my two 27 inch the controls landscaped side by side ('frame of Steel of stain S271HL GBIX); even so this configuration was totally flat and was unable to angle them in in a wall the small bit; this was with one of some two installed arms in both sides. With some two installed arms some monitors are exited the too many bit far to take them afterwards in the each another landscaped but angled in a wall. I have decided to try the way of portrait for now with one of some monitors, but there is the plot of flexibility with this mountain and I expect can try the little variac. Out of still until it finds something perfect. Very pleased with this compraventa! The pictures aim my configuration with just one of some two installed arms in both sides.
5 / 5
Good works. A bit wobbly even so. My big worry even so it comes with a fact that a support assembla bends same advance after the pose directly. Some looks of clamp in the slides and you can see in some pictures that a clamp the ray is for the curve while it is a support . Has both of them situate died directly up and down and at the end resolved in a gesture is in some pictures. I have tried to turn a clamp in very posed even so any help. Some monitors are way down below a limit of weight for a support for 5 lbs each what what. If any one has any suggestions on that to fix this bends the subject would want to listen it .

The vendor has done good things. The stars fixed!
5 / 5
Robust And has done exactly as it required he in still although you are not concretely designed for the do. A fund is the 34 ' 21:9 and a cup is to 27 ' 21:16
5 / 5
They are so announced
was preoccupied in a load posed in the glass upper table... I so that it has simply posed the money of the piece to paint of forest under a table where a point of annex is, to extend a load was. With this I am sure will save
3 / 5
These are quite well if only go the to pose and left them.

How M movement of mine around enough controls the bit, and with these arms are not very easy. Before attaching monitors in them, movement very fluidly and easily. Desprs Attaching weight even so, is VERY DIFFICULT to take some arms in pvot to reposition. Taking enough bit it by force. So much force, that rotate a support the bit in front of some weapon in fact pvot to start with.

Besides a backside of motion/and bad forward/by left right, one above low/ the movement is very well, rotating some monitors in in the place of portrait is very fluent, and bend the roads/behind is well. Adjusting a tensioning the rays have aided the bit, but can not take each what so fluent while it would like him.

For a half user, these are probably utmost. For me, they are less than ideals and probably will substitute the at the end, but is quite sure with them that will maintain the around for awhile.
5 / 5
I am only in general incredibly impressed for a quality of this element. Has reservations because of a relatively low prize but has taken the casualidad and is happy has done. Any remorse anything. Very easy to install. The installation does not take any time. Taken longer for me to plan so to plant a monitor and weapon. Has all some characteristic has looked for, capacity and full hinge to plant side of monitors to sustain or stacked upper/subordinated config. A tension of arm is perfect. At present have only only Steel 27' controls of Predator trace (used some spacers scrape comprised and long) but feigned to take the second monitor.

An only nitpick the flus have is concealed:
1. Some arms are painted the white enamel . I wish a colour was black.
2. A clamping piece that goes under a desktop is not the rubber cushioned (has the one of forest desktop).
3. A column of head office fastener is plastic and when being the bit flimsy.
4. I wish some clips to the road of the cape was slightly main the road more capes. Has the multiple peripherals they plugged in a monitor.

Notes that some monitors do not have a depth of hole of the pertinent ray for some band comprised. An alignment of ray is correct but will have to take yours possess rays way down below. This is not fault of this product. I have run in this subject when trying trace the secondary monitor (one of this cheap Korean was-monitors of mark).

Remonta of excellent arm, can not say quite a lot of good things. Still it can take or for a woman and/or work.
5 / 5
For a prize am adds. I have not been sure that an aim of meso half the black/chrome would look, at the beginning was kinda likes him soyeh' but after taking posed up, yes, in fact likes him in me enough bit it.

My desktop has the very small lip on all the sides but a front, as I have to install see grommet (that requires an extra part, available in amazon). I crude that'd be well, but sadly has any road for the do quite tight so that he any one 'transfer' slightly when adjust some monitors (has 2x 27' 14lb the installed controls). The tan basically when adjusts a monitor, other movements the bit, so then has to adjust that or behind, which then SLIGHTLY movements another again.. Etc etc. So that class of obnoxious. It does not adjust the too often run so long the very when being no the enormous roads, but obviously is trying takes the things have posed up properly at the beginning.

UPDATE: Applied the tiny quantity of WD-40 in some 4 joints and this have done a trick. It opens it Adjusts very easy and can move or controls with or pound without affecting another at all.

Top Customer Reviews: NB North Bayou ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased this arm for use with my Wacom tablet, retreated a weight of my tablet very amiably.

Even so... I implore you, -be consumer, for careful be when ploughing this container and maintain he out of your expensive when takes a velcro obligatory strap. This windy is loaded wet and paste me in in an expensive likes him has had to the money. I have directed to install an arm without incident further. My blue of the cheek will cure , but my ego of blue can take longer.
3 / 5
That is to say well for a prize. It takes the bit to do to take installed. A VESA mountain in my LG the monitor is recessed enough 5 mm, and a X the group in of the this was also big to return in a recess. Owe the down quite 2mm on all four sides to take he in a recess (photo of views). Also, conscious when being that you want a monitor to seat afterwards where a highland alloy in a desktop, the wise depth, will have to offset of trace so that it is not designed to be able to press a monitor behind.
5 / 5
This one of ones the majority of amazing the products have not bought never in Amazon. Easy to install, work so announced and totally transforms my canal of work. There is unlimited the plant can adjust you a monitor according to your preference and the calm can install he without breaking your surface of work. It is surprising. A characteristic of the management of the cape is a premium attached in an already awesome produced, especially in this point of prize. Absolutely it wants to it.
4 / 5
The quality adds to be so economic (less than $ 40). Clamp Or Grommet highland options, has done adds to try it has been with a clamp before decide holes of hammer in my pieces of furniture to do a permanent mountain and the majority of barn.

A small glitch is finding is that the hinge of a basic loose taking with the frequent heavy / use swiveling. A looseness causes a monitor in wobbling the plot while moving around, and takes the small scary so that it is not sure yes is going in loosen all a road and the fall was. Frequent swiveling that means that it is swiveled behind and advances quite 180 titles multiple time in the daytime. He probably very when being pas remarked in a desktop/of dispatch upper parameter.

Has fixed he to go down a base and tensing an adjustment of torsion in a base, but he at the end loosen up again. And it is the big cry to go down everything to take in a base. I think that that I have found the permanent plus to fix to lubricate a ray of torsion of adjustment (in a base) with WD40 so that the does not take a weight of a monitor and loosen like you swivel of an arm. That spent was a weight of a monitor takes control of a ray of torsion and loosen the so he swiveled. As it lubricates among a washer and a leader of ray so that the does not take a ray and the turn so easily.

Uses these arms of the mountain in of the ends-tables for our sofa. I have left for big touch-games of computer of the action and other activities of fresh computer while together like the family.
1 / 5
It does not recommend this product in any one. You are done with material quality very poor. I have purchased this produces behind in August 2017 for September 28, 2017, after a month and two days a piston of gas death while lining the 17 LCDs of the inch controls which are a measure of the minimum monitor estimated by this manufacturer. I have contacted a manufacturer has expected a week and took any response. It conceal only I say me that they no preoccupy in his clients very preoccupy in a work of quality has posed was all this preoccupied with east an inferior line. Before purchasing this product a lot would have to think through this so that there is any service of the client and any preoccupy .Material quality very poor
3 / 5
Esquerra induct M This description to say people to ignore some multiple descriptions of the people that says his arm would not create or lower. An adjustment of the tension for this arm is of tower. The common sense would say you that turning a right of ray of the tension, in an in a clockwise direction direction, would tense a tension when in reality is a reverse . Mark gone back sure that scrapes well if your monitor is closed up (the monitor also fire) and left if your monitor is closed down (monitor too heavy). Everything of some adjustments in this arm are a same road and concealed is not explicitly clears in some instructions (even so has the very small picture in an arm he to aim he).

That out of a road, is returned this mountain immediately after the take so that it like him a lot another in these descriptions, an arm took was clearly anteriorly used and has had the totally different arrival that a a pictured in a listing, other descriptions and same different that a one in a North Bayou F160 (dual) arms that I also own. An arm taken has had scuffs during a base and weapon and has had the arrival of the shiny black like opposite in a calm powder coated arrived of some another and some of a hardware for a mountain has exhibited obvious signs of use. Reading some other descriptions, is apparent that some people are taking anteriorly has possessed models of this arm and I was one of them.

That averts, a creation is solid and has any scratch of difficulty in my Dell 25' monitor (~10 books). Highly recommend it his in any one, only be conscious of the few subjects with a creation that can or can not be the problem since you. An in the first place is that there is any Vesa dish, some rays to arm directly in a Vesa holes in your monitor, this can or can be a subject according to a type of controls has. Segundo, this does not arm any creature like big like the majority of arms of monitor , included other arms of cradle of gas. At the end, if your desktop is to the long of the wall and calm fly your monitor to be able to be pressed by behind flush against the, will require to locate an offset of arm of centre, a subject that besieges all the arms in this way.

In general, would not doubt to recommend this arm, especially for a quality of tez in side of proportion, but inspect an arm takes thoroughly to do sure is not pre-possessed or a model an old plus and sure when being to comprise his limitations.
5 / 5
The edifice is sum . Has the 29' LG Ultrawide is trace in him. Conscious when being that a weight of a monitor in fact subjects more than a measure when considering a armature like this one . My monitor only weighs quite 11lbs which are well in some limits that an arm can behind. Management of the cape and the installation are the breeze also.
2 / 5
Have wanted to very like this based on that a specs and the images looked, but only no for me at all, and now is subjects too late for the return. It can not being tight 'up,' as besides big that the very low setup! Of one bases in a maximum cup of mine 24' 1080p the monitor is the meager 21.25' (54 cm) in a big more the possibly can go! It IS in fact go down that a normal support for my monitor could go, and has to look down to see a monitor when chair in the chair of regular dispatch. It takes this so that I am big, and owes the fact has done the worse things!

Further, some curves at the head of a monitor is hardly able to remain where poses. It wants to sag that is to say that down all a time, and there is any adjustment to tense it! I have to block something in a joint only to do stays.

Very disappointed!

[EDIT] In reply in the some commentaries of Philip M. And ones other commentaries here in some commentaries, is attaching the star so that in fact it can adjust some twists forward ! In difference other points of adjustment in an arm, has to take the plastic coverage of a point of pvot to take in an adjustment allen ray of cape. A thing is, long had launched since was some instructions, of a unit done by a first pair of month without adjustment, as I have not known had included the coverage to take, left only a ray of hide of adjustment! Besides, it does very listened logical to have only this An adjustment that is to the goes and unlabeled, especially when some another sounds marked clearly in a unit!?? In all the case, now the line a monitor in place without blockading something in a joint, as I am happier, but the more still seats down that my support of original monitor and can not be adjusted to seat in level of eye for me, likes two star is.
2 / 5
Desprs Almost 4 month to use a monitor bends the axis has lost his tension, without road to adjust it. A product declares the max weight of 13.2lbs, a Dell is using weighs in in 11.04lbs for a manufacture, well under a max. It was quite easy in shim a joint to maintain a monitor up, but has lost a capacity to adjust one folds .

Would have to when being remarked that that is to say the studio of house , his no in so was adjusted 5 times the day. Perhaps once or two times the week.
5 / 5
I have purchased this arm to control and was the sceptic of bit because of a point of prize adds of him.

Is using he with a Predatory STEEL XB271HU monitor while has the Sound BlasterX Katana and a bar of the sound would not return well under a monitor with a big protruding feet of a monitor.

Has impressed To good sure with a tez of quality and facilitated of setup with a product. A torsion / the tension adjusts is easily adjustable and is able to handle a weight of a poster to Armour plate easily (plus or 11 menospds without a support).

A clamp is very built and access firmly.

An only two nitpicks has is that an adjustment for some curves of monitor is veiled under the plastics sheeth concealed is not very easily seen in some instructions..Or obvious these beginnings And that an arm any rotate the full 360 titles so many has to have an arm slightly offset to line a monitor in a gesture wants in. Those to good sure is not the value that takes the stars have been prendidas.

In general the solid purchase for the prize adds. Considering chosen in the second for another 27' monitor also.

Top Customer Reviews: Mounting Dream Full ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Well it build it. Very strong. Sper Easy to install. I took me everything of 10 minutes to install this unit in the wall with the 49' television. Any joking. A television is trace had the 300 x 300 Vesa master, as it was able to use x dish with out of a vertical and horizontal cross members. I am sure that the time has saved, but perhaps and extra 15 minutes max. My Vizio M492i-B2 the television is coming with M6 x 8mm rays, as I have used the in place of one ones distributed to Trace Dream. Even so, there the multiple of measures and period of rays together with spacers to accommodate more TVs is in his field.

Has installed quite a lot of 5 different types of mountains of television of 32' television in 65' the television and a highland sleep was by far an absolute easier this has installed to date. It buys this again before another mountain and highly the recommend.

Remarks to Trace Dream: Of this unit is so very built of heavy guage steel, the faiths that line a unit in a wall to mark some holes to hammer a bit of the challenge. Strongly it recommends that you comprise the personnel of paper can record that in a wall and used to to drill some highland holes, in a case that an installer does not have the together second of hands to line a mountain firmly while mark.
4 / 5
This group is to have that has weighed . It is installed, law and does not have any intention for the return, or purchasing the different group. Here it is my apresamiento that legustado me (very) and has not liked him (a small):

- This thing is to Have to Weighed , has at all cheap in a metal (or an arrival) that marks in a group and arm.
- Has four serious lag rays to anchor in masonry or forests stud.
- Has the PLOT of hardware that comes with a group, and is clearly tagged. There are extra rays, washers and spacers of several measures - is to take to imagine the television that it could he any one when being pas installed with a diverse hardware has provided.
- Some instructions are very better that half for the 'low technology' the product has taken. They are thorough and scriptures clearly. There are instructions for small, big and odd shaped installations of television, and has not had any one comprising of problem some directions.
- Has thought a self-the level of adhesive alcohol would be gimmicky, but is easy to use and has done well. Some the highland personnel was useful and quite fat to record in a wall without rasgar.

- Once an arm/grupal is installed in a wall, and an adjustable group is installed in a backside of a television, some instructions signify can take two people to pose a two together for a final installation. Well, it takes three of us for application of our trace of wall quite a lot of 4 feet of an earth. It has to line a television still for a left and right wing, cup and inferior rays/washers to be installed. Still with an extensive arm, is tight by behind a television, and can not imagine trying marks this installation with only two people.
- Some covers grupal for the -5 in 15 adjustment to title clearly vertical. We have wanted the ours in 0 (parallel in a wall) - to maintain he in 0, has had to to tense a cradle scrapes of arm of loaded/adjustment and a ray of the upper installation that corresponds A lot TIGHT. Otherwise, A weight of a television (at all unusual - normal Wal-Mars Samsung) has maintained to bend a forward grupal.

In general, is satisfied totally.
5 / 5
Excellent mountain, good instructions, very heavy-metal to owe. Has mine 60' Samsung has DIRECTED trace on he in my room, and yes never require locate another television, To well sure will be to buy another of these.
5 / 5
That is to say the fantastic, the value priced, but mountain to wall to HAVE THAT WEIGHED. In the principle bought it to locate mine 52polzada Acute LC-52LE640U LCD television in a wall of a chamber. ( This television has one 600 x 400 VESA highland holes.) My experience was also concealed has bought the second a for my LG main 65-the inch FOCUSED (model TV65UH6150) which, oddly enough, has used the small plus 300 x 300 VESA master highland.

A box comes with everything of a hardware of necessity highland, comprising the wide field of ray, washer and measures of spacer, the instructions add and the highland personnel. Included can it do not scrape this up!

Initially, was the small unbalanced while it was to locate this in an old wall, solid of my NYC walk, as I have not been sure if a mountain of television would line up. But that Locates the sleep provides 4 quite decent sized rays, thinks M16 x 2.0 rays of inch, with matching Toggler anchors of Alligator. I have had once a unit is trace , my worries have been relieved. This thing is not moving!

Posing a mountain up is sper easy, while they comprise the few quotas 'personal' with the mini 'level' that fix in some personnel. Calm once record some personnel in your wall (the same personnel comes with a tape to back!) Only it has to drill some holes. Some instructions said me to the nodes included that the hammer of measure bit to use! Not measuring , not guessing ! Perfecto a first time!

After total a second unit in mine livingroom wall, for mine LG main television and looking television during the week, has decided that has wanted a gesture the small, to go down a unit bit it. (Unworthy use the master of the smallest mountain that my Acute television, a ray of LG of the mountain was in a fund of a television, which has pressed a television envelope main. With an Acute, any totalities of the mountain was in big, as some television 'hanged' down.) In this final, was preoccupied in reusing some plastic anchors so looked on-line to see yes can buy some. These things have not been cheap. ($ 17 For the 4 group.) Then , I have achieved you go to Trace Dream and has counted my situation and they immediately the subjects was the together informative of rays and anchors, for free!!

For a prize, quality of tez, service of client, facilitated of installation and several proportionate highland options, HIGHLY recommends this product!
5 / 5
My daughter has purchased this mountain to hang to 65 Inch, 50 Book, Television of LG and of course, asked yes could locate he in a wall and he then locate a television. A mountain is arrival very packed and has contained instructions, the crazy quantity to locate rays, 4 lag rays, small level, and the highland personnel. Some instructions were very generic but easy to follow. There is the plastic container with compartments for the plot of rays. In the first place and more than entity, has to know where a studs in a wall is. It does not recommend to locate this in a wall of any road but with lag rays in studs. Of course, a studs where this was to the mountain was wider that 16 inches on centre so has to two 2x4 pieces of forests in a wall ensured with 3 rays of inch. (2x4 IS 1 fat inches, the rock of cloak is fat inch for the total of 2 inches. 3 rays then go in a studs an inch).

Notes of installation: there is two group of metal that attaches vertically in a backside of a television that can be it adjusted up and/or down. In this television, could not adjust down based in a form of a fund of a television while I move it era. There is the moveable clip in a group that goes in a fund of a television. This clip attaches in an inferior bar that is to pose in a mountain to wall to give you an idea of a height of a once television mountain to help with a location that installs a group.

After installing a 2x4 is, has centred a television for where would owe the when being trace and then used some personnel to find a location of a lag rays. A the good element in some personnel is concealed has or adhesive band in both sides so stay in planting while finding a lag holes of ray. I pre-drilled some holes for some proportionate masters for the easiest to install a lags. I have purchased also lower and slightly fatter lag rays to locate a group in a 2x4 is with my set of ratchet. Mark takes some Personnel is level !

After pre-drilling some holes, takes some highland personnel (saved he) and installed a main highland group those uses 4 Lags and Washers with my together of ratchet. Note: mark sure a correct side is up. Had one signals to signal up in my mountain. Once ensured, installs a group of arms or horizontal metal in a mountain. They enter two pieces and slide through a mountain in a zone has specified. It uses the ray to ensure them.

Notes of installation 2 has the plot of rays, washers, and the spacers in the compartments tagged with cards or of the numbers. A mountain comes with the rays of plus of the plot and the hardware then will require. Only it follows some instructions. For example, some instructions have aimed three sets of rays and several spacers to attach a vertical group in a television. I have required only some last rays have specified without any spacers. It say of another way,, one of some puts signified would owe law with your television like each television is different.

Highland flavours before it Locates a television, after a mountain is installed, attraction some in advance highland arms and gives it the attraction to do sure is sure. Again, it does not install this unused a Lags in Studs.

Locates a television requires two people. I promote a television and ensure an upper support and then a support a low plus. While a 2 person is lining a television, has said a clip of metal in a lower bar and sure in a television. This prevents a television to exit after installation.

Once installed, a television can be main tug out of a wall, swiveled left or right, and can be angled down. There are a lot of adjustments if a television is not to level.

In general, is very pleased with this compraventa. A mountain is very strong and well has done. You are not to take to install although the calm required you some correct tools for the do. It IS easy to adjust also. I took me enough an hour to install it and hangs a television. It opens Cela do once, would say it could be it installed in 30 minutes or less while you know where a studs is.

The elements have Required for Installation: Power Hammer and Bits (pre-drill lag holes), Phillips Screwdriver of Leader (attaches vertical group in television manually!), it Poses He of ratchet (installing Lags), Torch (final rays to ensure some clips in some television as it can see you that it is doing), Level (my own although one has been provided), Pencil, and Patience! You will require the person 2 to hang and locate a television. You will require studs the finder to find a studs if it does not have the unit can take the a lot of cheap one in the tent of hardware or investigation studs holes or key road of ray that is visible, or has posed the plot of small holes in a wall to find a studs!
5 / 5
If you are looking in of the mountains, looks no further. I have used this mountain for the 4k 60 Samsung of inch the television and the law adds. A frame is very robust but that is not that goes to direct in this description.

IS to the paste was in that EASY this application was. It can sound insignificant but there is totalled my just roads of IKEA pieces of furniture and other things that sometimes leave you lining your leader. It opens With this mountain, is quite directly advances, mountain the group in a television, mountain a wallmount in a wall, and then connects a two. Even so this where is Locates the sleep comes ROAD alln of a competition.

In the first place was, provides the leveler which are kinda the big roads if any active or already. Also they provide the highland personnel of the wall as it can see you exactly where for the trace And with the personnel has said still provides the leveler to bond in a paper as it can do you sure some personnel is level ! It opens If this has not been very enough ,his setup the system is awesome. Each set of rays and washers entered his pocket tagged possesses so that it does not have to guess that ray is that .

On everything of this jazz, distributes the HDMI the cape with the compraventa has said. I know that it is more than the gimmick and is not a type to take sucked in with 'addons.' With this be said, a HDMI cape that is to the supply is quality quite big. It IS braided in an outside and when being expensive. There is another set of HDMI cords ready to sees has not used so that this cape was perfect.

In general, does not know so is grossing the money of a prize is so competitive even so yes you are looking for an absolutely SOLID wall in the mountain likes him was, with of arms of the duel since is more robust, does not look very much more there. I the can not recommend more highly, like this setup was the breeze!
5 / 5
A highland worker excellently. Besides a vendor was very useful and accommodate with my questions.

With the mountain was able in felizmente lists the 50 lb 65 inch has twisted Samsung television in less than the half an hour. It looks clean and is very happy with a value
5 / 5
Has any desire to install the mountain. I have been always well with a television those seats in the shelf... Then take it the new 65' last television year for Navidad and was the small hesitant to hang he in a wall. Desprs Very ask of my good fiance, has decided that it take the mountain and situate arrives it. This mountain was very easy to install. The semence undertaken and has been that hangs there for enough 8 month now, so dry sure write the description for him. In fact, I want to this so mountain that has bought in fact the second a to hang a television in a chamber. Produced of quality, has all precise (the hammer is, of course) and more! Absolutely it recommends to buy this mountain. A one in a room leaves quite motionless, but a one in an attraction of fourth and turn and angle and direct all some times and he are lining in strong!
4 / 5
I have used this to locate the 65' the television has DIRECTED. It IS the heavy mountain , robust, the installation was quite mere (has imagined once was where has wanted to to locate he). It comes with all a hardware to locate you never need, comprising rays for your television and any spacers if the precise, which are well. Levelling A television is also sper mere if you messed up levelling a mountain in a wall (which I ), although it recommends to do that in some bars to cross before you have posed a television in a mountain. Also taken the small bit of leeway to move a television left wing or right in some crossbars, and can move a television up and down to install a group a big plus or go down in a television. So calm give you some few options to adjust a gesture of television, perhaps 6-8' any road.

Some arms move very amiably and softly without too much of endeavour, but stay in planting well. It IS quite easy to extend and compress some arms in and of a wall, and also turns a television. Some some reasons attacked of the star in this mountain is a characteristic fold. There is the ray these chairs through a poster that ensures some crossbars, a side is a allen ray, another the side is the cape . Has thinks that that it use a allen breakings of ray to take a mostly ensured ray, and then uses a cape in hurriedly loosen/tense with the half turn (which are all a field has to his right up against a poster). But no, a allen the ray ensures a side, and a cape ensures an another side. That is to say so stupid so that now you want to adjust a curve , has to go to take a allen English tone, and take in this particular ray when a television is in a mountain is the ache in a collar. They have to have or the used one allen ray for the coarse adjustment and has a cape is one fine adjustment , or has had only 2 capes. It can look trivial, but that is to say regular operation of a mountain, and his the ache in a collar, especially when the change of mere drawing could relieve this.
5 / 5
Desprs Movement in the new house, has had the dilemma. There is the television this was also big to continue a mantle, as have had to was where for the pose. We decide to extend it on a stairwell, which are room is died in all the case. A problem is, has required the mountain that was easily articulate this would back a Samsung UN65KU6300 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD the Ready television FOCUSED (2016 Model), which has weighed in in 53 fully loaded pounds. Had literally DOZENS of the available mountains, all duquel looking pertinent. I have resolved it is or simply so that I liked him his of his creation and some descriptions. Sample to back 100 lbs, as I have known would be easily inner concealed.
IS trace a mountain of wall without a lot of problem, another that the be extensive has continued the drop of 15 feet in some low stairs. Some instructions are supremely easy to read, and has a lot of extra pieces because of some configurations of numerous television. Included included the personnel of goleada and the small level to do an easier mountain! It was able to take a mountain bolted in a wall and a television firmly locates backwards in the sake goes down an hour. A course a harder was hefting a television until place in some four rays of support. A rest was the walk of cake .
Opens Can articulate a television anywhere wants to (horizontally, any vertically), and everything looks solid. Numerous mountain TVs my years, but this was probably one of an easy plus.

Top Customer Reviews: Mounting Dream TV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
( You READ DOWN SINCE UPDATE!)The installation was quite uneventful. The instructions were precise and the container provides for each highland possibility. The different wine sized rays and spacers that was impressive. Also it avenges with the magnetic level, but arrival to use my big plus (reliable) level. Once the group has been trace , television taken up in a wall of any time. For a prize, the very sweet roads. It opens A reason has attacked was two stars, the highland piece of wall was the the picture was different of the this took. The mine there has been only 4 screwholes in the each verge and 4 adjustable screwholes in a half. With a road my studs is localised has had to one mountain 3 inches of a centre since some holes of ray of the verge is not adjustable, is just holes in the each verge. I am thinking that that it is an older version took. Yes it knows he a lot of remedies to fix that shortcoming, likes him trace the piece of plywood in a studs then that attaches a mountain in a plywood.
In an end, took me hour quite half with all one measuring and adjusting has had to do to accommodate this product shortcoming. It have been much easier taken a unit pictured instead. But once installed, the television was quite solid with very minimum wobbling. Decided to locate my boys TVs also, but will look to purchase something more.
UPDATE: I have been contacted to Trace Dream after publishing this description and I gotta said has provided a recovery of the better service has not seen never. It opens to Have my sure loyalty! They were very well offer an explanation and offered to substitute a group has said. I have counted in them there it is no more the necessity trace since already. May More state impressed by the vendor that the flavours done of the good things. Totally it appreciates the vendors to good sure will recommend to Locate the sleep all over the world knows!
5 / 5
It IS that it is thinking. Better value in the mere little mountain. That? Purchase abotu 10 mountains in my life. Of pricey $ 100 mountains in of the retail tents in cheapo $ 30 mountains in amazon.

Each what so only one of these mountains looked likes him mass for an element. On everything of my mountains a metal is cheap with a painting flaking was during installation. Some rays listen cheap. A level included is usually the piece of rubbish of plastic that the only launch era. Marking a right measure is usually difficult..Moving it the parts listen obliged and no very smooth. Always I final to say ugh why is these like expensive.

Enters this box of Sleep of the Mountain. It looks solid. When being solid. It comprises all the need and a hardware included is solid. It was sper easy to measure for and mountain. Included one has comprised little cheapo the level looked has thought well was while it is sper clear, magnetic, and so small the never moved around or is fallen. I have installed the 50' t.V. In the subject of 30 minutes with a hammer to impact and stud finder.

What marks east trace excels is a brilliant creation. He the slide left and rights quite 7 inches that room of leaves for error. Some straps in a fund are brilliant, when planting any real t.V. In a group is trace literally was so easy while posing it and forgetting it.

Included a mere idea to have a form of the logotype in a frame means very included has to ask is the other way around. Seriously, such the mere still idea of brilliant drawing.

Purchase this mountain. It does not bend , it does not move , it does not look elegant..It IS only the mere mountain that it is work well. And it was less than some recorded paid by when purchasing my t.V.!
5 / 5
It take a Mountain of Mur of the television of highland Sleep. Alas, one spacing of my wall studs is 24 inches that is further a 16 capacity of inch of this product. PLEASE mark sure to measure your stud spaces before buying Any mountain, any only this unit The trace of majority only coverage to 16 inches likes them the mountain specs and studs the spatial necessities to be verified in front of compraventa. It was turbulent that the mountain has not matched my necessities likes him left the bad description, does not have to has so been hurriedly, so that it was not totally lack of Sounds of the Mountain, 16 inches are relatively level.
A sake folks in highland the sleep contacted me shortly after took his mountain and has done with me to take my television up. They have continued very and further in any only take this television arrives but also for the take setup low profile, does not want the bond in out of a wall. A lot it appreciates all his technical support and courteous emails. With the flavour a lot am changing my description of them and his product in also while taking. A mountain is the business to begin with but a mountain has continued down his stellar support the fact a subject of a century (sake, perhaps any one the century but at least some roads has had better every year). It recommends this mountain in any one requiring the very frills, down-pro trace that is solid and sure.
5 / 5
I have bought the mountains of small different wall on here for TVs in my house. Some were expensive and a has not been. Out of the each one ones have bought this one is tame down a better. It does not leave a fool of the prize is quality adds . I liked me so much finished to buy another. Produced and fantastic value.
5 / 5
A mountain of the better wall there is. It joins in a half with the solid piece that marks perfectly directly. The tabs of mark of sure attraction and takes a television the breeze. Each total the hardware is has comprised. I use a lot of mountains of different wall. Any one never purchases one of a tent. A lot of the amazon and I have bought initially a version to bend for my parents the years of mark of pair and was so pleased with him and disturbed with a one has had to this ordered a when we remodeled. Used an old one for the room of my niece. Trace the sleep is a mountain of the ONLY wall will not buy never.
5 / 5
This company is surprising.

1. His mountain is easy to install of big quality. It does not look for the like clash and is very robust.

2. I have purchased accidentally a fixed mountain when has wanted really or that could be it bent it slightly. I have contacted a company to see if a group that connects in a television was a same in a model to bend. Only It go It to buy, installs those, and explosions in a mountain in a wall. Trace the sleep has answered behind that, yes, is interchangeable and then routed me it conjoint to bend group...FOR FREE. No the questions have asked. That service of incredible client. I have not gone included while!

Thank you Again, in Increasing Sleep. Has my subject in a future and will do sure to leave any one concealed is in a piece, to buy your products.
5 / 5
That is to say a second mountain of wall for the chambers of the boys . One 32' the television is at all for these things. They are supremely directly advances for installation. Very cual some two loops of attraction in disengage a lock in a television. A good touch is a small magnetic level has comprised with a mountain. It have measured of a low ceiling, and trace before I have found that handy thing. Any adjustment for me even so. I Like him his of a capacity in slide a mountain a period of a tone. The mine is quite bonded in or plant because of component, HDMIs and electrical pugs even so.

Revised some instructions to speak intelligently enough the. Some instructions are writings likes mine 5 old year could install (a good thing). Has not founding any fraction or bad translated English. Like The attach in fact, these are probably some the better instructions work on anything there is totalled.
5 / 5
That is to say the very easy to install mountain of television in the prize adds. Highly I recommend it. Curiously among the so compact boxes that before I have opened a box was sure there the boxes have lost that it contain it a frame that takes trace in a wall, but is disassembled in fact on the way quite elegant. In fact, everything in a mountain and the access of these looks of elegant unit. It IS well it has designed it to it to him. And a better part of everything is that it comes with all a hardware to locate to attach a vertical group in your television, so he lost you a hardware to locate that in the principle is coming with your television, this has it.
4 / 5
+1 - The element is arrived punctually, and any one broke
+1 - the element is so described
+1 - the installation has done so mere like possible
+1 - Thorough Instructions
+1 - Quality

Thoughts: the calm does not require to spend $ 100 to take the decent mountain. This mountain was very easy to install, comprises everything will require to locate in studs, and lines a television adds.

Other Thoughts: This any mountain come with drywall anchors. It IS very probably that you it was not able to cross two studs with a mountain. Faiths Your duties ahead of time, finds your studs, finds your point of head office, and voice where these necessities to locate to go to be centred for your installation. It takes some drywall anchors - there well to have manually for a lot of projects in all the case. The just mark sure takes some have to has weighed ones. It IS overkill and chosen up 50lb anchors.
5 / 5
I can not say enough quite that attaches these products is. These mountains of the wall of the television is $ 50-$ 100 in a brick and of the tents of mortar. I have paid 15 bucks. It maintains in importing that is to say the mountain of mere wall , does not bend or swivel. If all the need is the trace of mere wall that is to say exactly which want to. I used it to hang an old plus 42' plasma of Signs TVs. A mountain is estimated in 100lb. This old plus tvs is two heavy times like the screen of new floor, probably 40-45lbs. These mountains line this TVs easily.
Quan In the principle has seen a tiny box among era very preoccupied. Quan Opened it, was full of parts and pieces all individually bundled. It thinks that it is all this material . I left me say you well, some people that has designed this has thought highland of everything! Has a lag rays to locate a group, those that 2 measures of rays in multiple period to locate a group, has spacers of support-out of multiple measure to space some highland hooks out of a backside of a television. This was critical for my installation so that mine the oldest television has had a hdmi in a backside of a television. Without some spacers my hdmi the cape would be the paste a wall that prevents a hoos to break fully in place. Even comprised the tiny level can attach in a group to wall to ensure is directly. Again they have thought of and it comprise ALL could require for all the type of television is. If that is to say a type of the mountain of wall is looking for the click The Compraventa Opens will not be disappointed!!

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