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Top Customer Reviews: HP 24mh FHD Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
The estimativa adds Full HD monitor with DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA put you. It can rotate (in a clockwise direction) the way of portrait, the adjustable height and can tilt. It has wanted to that does not have the brick partorisca be able to. 110-220 volt.

04-Oct-2020 Update: Bought another and so only installed today to a PC an old plus that has DVI (street DVI-HDMI adapter) and has used a boss of audio resupplied (the audio of PC was partorisca control audio in). For incumplimiento, an analog audio is not enabled calm so much has to that go to the card of a monitor, cruised the Management->Audio and verify a box afterwards to an Analog audio partorisca some speakers partorisca do.
4 / 5
4 / 5
With which are month of working in quarantine in the laptop, has had to that break down and buy the monitor. Has a HP EliteBook and this monitor looked resembled use it in an office, as I ordered it. I can you do not say the one who EASY was to dip on legislation out of a box. It has built in of the speakers and a HDMI spent of cord well to the mine portable. Now I can use a monitor like my main screen and a laptop like my secondary screen, yes has required. But honradamente this monitor is like this big any still was that to do with all a space of screen there is now. In this prize, am going the present one to my direct report to the equal that can benefit of having the screen he big plus. Calm the favour and buy this monitor for your house. You will be like this happy has done.
4 / 5
Monitor Speaker has done wierd noise when the hooked on mine Playstation, how is returned. But thats no reason are a happy. Im In happy for a vendor that dips dud information in his web of place. In an information of product in a page of vendors there is down 1920x1080 in 75Hz. When there is down in a page at the head of a neighbour up drive that sweats 1920x1080 in 60Hz ,any 75 like that is to dip in a web of place. It likes I of this returned an element to all the cost has done noise with mine Ps3 or any reason loves the monitor with at least 75hz and this one is so only in 60Hz. Looked on monitors specs in the diffrent put web that to amazon and there is refresh still tax down likes 60Hz partorisca of this monitor. Not cooling.
5 / 5
Absolutely at all bad with these monitors are utmost especially partorisca for the half of to office likes has required. Highly recommend. I have bought three of his calm so much can see for a picture. There is at all likes having three monitors.
5 / 5
Has bought this monitor behind in the September and is utmost state but now have the horizontal line that goes down a screen.
5 / 5
Has bought this monitor for my edges. It jumps he with his laptop, and has has connected also his Transmission and Mini NES his street HDMI. A picture are add, and a sound is surprisingly well for the monitor. A monitor easily rule vertically, and a tilt also does very calm so much can take he to an ideal place. Some controls are easy to use and can say is very built, is not flimsy like other monitors in this row of prize. To good sure recommend it.
5 / 5
If it also spends a test of time (receive the and perfectly installed he the fact of the minutes), then this product can very well qualify for one of a better never in his category. Extracted unbeatable, considering a $ 110 has paid for him. Received a monitor impeccably packed and in perfect condition of by means of a whole country less than 48 hours ordered it of then using so only my First affiliation regulates. A product has been shipped with the service of own nave of an Amazon. So much, my hat down, HP and Amazon, thank you very much!
4 / 5
This HP 24mh the monitor has the clear, crisp exposure and is a perfect measure for desk use (any too big, no too small). It accepts both HDMI and DisplayPort income (and has included VGA for old scolare PCs). While the windows will select 60Hz refresh tax for incumplimiento, can go the Windows' frame of exposure and select 75Hz refresh tax thus monitor. A 75Hz refresh estimate really done the help softens was motion. Calm also would owe that go to a monitor is 'Image' marked of paper and Time of the response dipped to Level 3 which resupplies a better VSYNC action. One of some characteristic better that put this monitor on and besides his row of prize is a 90 -terracing rotating screen, adjustment of height, and swiveling basic. One is is rock -solid without any wobbles. Some speakers are so only very calm once discover a control of paper explains down:

AS to FIX HIS of LOW VOLUME: A built- the speakers are better that some reviewers indicate. I create more the people do not discover that a paper of monitor has his controls of own volume concealed is put to 50 volume for factory incumplimiento. If calm so only connect this monitor to a calm PC automatically will take his by means of a HP speakers via HDMI or DisplayPort (so only has to that use a boss of separate audio when using a VGA gone in). But any one @subjects the one who big look your control of volume of the PC, calm so only will take 50 volume of the speakers of a monitor that is reason the people complain in low volume. To fix this, everything needs to do is goes to a soyanagement' tab of a paper of monitor, select 'Audio', and then look a control of volume of 50 (incumplimiento) to 100 and will find some speakers of monitor are strong abundance. With which concealed, calm so only will owe that use your control of volume of the PC as normal.

Ossia The monitor of the quality adds with characteristics besides his row of prize. Fantastic value, HP!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: HP sells an identical monitor to a HP 24mh under a model P24h. An only difference is that a P24h has games he of black of logo plastic to the long of a fund in the place of money likes a 24mh. All more is identical (specs, speakers, quotes adjustable stand, etc.) One more P24h comes with both a HDMI boss and he DisplayPort boss.
4 / 5
The value adds for your money. Bought two for my office. One locates of monitor, down, tilts backward & before. Calm in fact can turn a screen to the vertical situate which he also the fact súper easy covers it to the your hdmi or port of exposure.
Also, any one has written not being any speaker that I expósita that informs to be that it confuses. My monitors have the inner speakers and his so only well.
- Kurtis Group

Top Customer Reviews: Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It sees a lot other descriptions that says this monitor does not bend , but in fact marks. I am guessing the people have not taken the near quite look in a mechanism of hinge in a base, which attach in any main exposure and covers for back curves besides or 15 titles less. A monitor is very clear, thin, has small bezels, and produced reasonably good colours. It do not have it vesa mountain, but has known that before the purchase, and has not planned for the trace. For $ 89, it is the value adds .
5 / 5
This monitor is to well sure the good value. Has contrast and glorious colour? The no. Boasts a better refresh imposed in a piece? No. But is tight in money, these looks of thing and preforms adds for a money. Has the screen kills that you mark the work adds to delete glare. A frame is inner closed absolutely is impressive. It looks the VGA and and HDMI port. A screen automatically detects signals and ignites when the source is ignited. Quan Some turns of the source was selected he hurriedly scanners and changes in other sources. If any connection is available goes in standby automatically. An agreement to be able is the sake 6 or more feet and easy to embroil with the ways of him when being cape very thin . An ON DIRECTED is not that it distracts or too brilliant. Quan IS the era looks it borderless monitor. And different what other people say that this has curves, only does not advance or left in right. It IS up directly or retreat it behind. Alas the does not have VESA highland holes, but down 100 you can not be that serious in your monitor setup. The small text has some problems fully representing when using VGA so that it recommends to use HDMI. If you use some parameters of Windows 10 to configure like the text is aimed although fixed this, but very all will know so to do concealed. I do not actuate west, and it is appreciated that the majority of no. Of monitors This monitor has A lot of parameters for gaming, use at night, adjustments by heart, and the general parameters and all can be salvos in 3 different gaming profiles. Still it can you change what look of parameters in a fast card. Quan Or press any one of some buttons of card, some explosions of card up and clearly illustrates all some buttons. These controls the cards are sper easy to comprise and navigate and that is to say to rarity in his own. Also the value these notes; it can aim crosshairs and show some current monitors refresh imposed. Also the band FreeSync for AMD users of card of the map. If only have DVI, can take DVI in HDMI agreements while the video of your computer out of supports he. A base and pair of monitor together with a ray that characteristic the hand-to the flap has lined so that any precise the diver of ray if I do not want to use the unit is decently robust and a screen does not distort included when pressed on with strong pressure. A base is quite big, but wont be the problem for more. I have not remarked any delay of the screen compared in mine 300 dollar 1ms monitor of time of the response (and is quite picky). It IS contrast is the small fund in some phases but the much more dynamic looks in of the games, especially with some tweaking. With this said, like me that it looks fund when law in of the documents so that it mark much easier to direct.

In general, this monitor is filled with the good balance of characteristic and look the very solid 1080p 75Hz IP protects for any low monitor $ 160, left only one $ 80 has paid. If any calm absolutely need the best refresh recorded and is not planning on spending more concealed 200 dollars then would say only buy this monitor. It IS durable, the characteristic packed, and looks fantastic in all use -phases of cases. It gives it 1000 tin of stars .
4 / 5
I am a bit satisfied with purchase of mine. A prize was to add, and the utmost looks also. Easy the total. Wine with vga and cord to be able in. The look of colours to surprise, any lights of indicator of troubling beat. A card of options is very easy in navigate. I do not want to this, but has to jump the star while lacking of a capacity to bend . It IS in the permanent place as I go to have to stack a low extra book to go some amours of gesture. Otherwise, 10/10
5 / 5
Only it take it this mark to control few days and posing up has taken literally the minute. The colours are so vibrant and brilliant. The darkness is well and brights is rich. I do in him L the field and I have seen and has used the plot of monitors, that is to say by far one has used more date of boxes. I have used only vga and is already better that using hdmi at most of some monitors. Only I can imagine that it was afterwards use with a hdmi cape. The sound robs he for a prize has taken.
5 / 5
It averts of my computer and PS4, that is to say probably one of some better things have not purchased never. I use it every day only without the error and everything always look to surprise. I am broken the university boy and really required something those suffices for PS4, duties, films, everything really. I have been rasgado goes in east and a HP the pavilion and I have any remorse to choose east a! A screen is to good sure quite big (perfect for having the plough of multiple pages to have to) and is insanely vibrant and good quality for a prize. I actuate Absolutely any complaint, and still with the horrible $ 2 ray in HDMI cape for my Mac, still looks absolutely surprising.
5 / 5
Read in some revises at least 10 times that weighs a pros and gilipollas but decided to go for him and I are happy concealed has done! It likes him-them another declared, taken perhaps 5-6 minutes to unpack and race and race. I have wanted the screen the big plus to use when the laws of the house like mine 10 laptop of inch maintain me squinting and angling on. A monitor is SPER LUZ and very lustrous. It comes with a VGA cord but no HDMI cord, felizmente has very poses around a house. I have to bolster he in the bit in a front since there is to any one to bend option, but that is not the breaker of roads for me. It uses this for word and accusing of basic internet, any gaming or looking the films and is declares to do adds for me!
4 / 5
That is to say the basic, any frills, monitor with the good picture and the reputation have deserved well for durable the long time. Any built in west, takes the different model that is to say which want to. No for a novice, like the only usable instruction is 'the turn was computer before installing'. There are 5 buttons in some subordinated verge of a monitor, but the pictograms are useless. But, he no preoccupy ; after doing all beat and of connections in a monitor and of computer, some connections of controls of the monitor and automatically chooses some correct parameters since you. If has a HDMI connection in your computer (preferably in a back poster), uses that in place of one VGA cape to take a picture of better quality. ( You have you that distributes a cape.)
4 / 5
You can very really it expects a lot the monitor that is less than $ 100, but that is to say the monitor adds for daily use. An only reason gives it 4 ours of 5 stars are so that there is any road to locate this in the wall or treats mountain. Another that concealed, the clarity adds, colour and measure for a point of prize. I will be to find the road to locate this in mine treats mountain while looking down in the monitor is not conducive use prolonged.
5 / 5
Honestly Be able to you the has not beaten that prize. 89 USD. There is the gaming varying for 10 more, but very his this almost identical.
4 / 5
He the good product especially is considering a prize. But please conscious when be any one coming with HDMI cape, if it does not have one, better mandate a together with Monitor.

Top Customer Reviews: Sceptre 20' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has the GTX 1060 laptop, dipped up is easy and has not had any need partorisca me partorisca aforar anything, the bear still says that this monitor looks better that my screen of own laptop in 1080p.

At the beginning has thought them he didn not sustaining 75Hz and some colours have been washed was and was too brilliant, also in a nvidia the poster has said 1080p in 60Hz this in spite of ossia that you gotta do for the fix.


1. It connects street HDMI
2. The settings of mark and Exposure have opened sure that is to dip so that so only a 2nd exposure is turned on, does not dip duplicated or extend.
3. Open Nvidia poster of control and go the essolucin of Change'
4. You will see two casts, one will say HD, UHD etc, another in a fund will say 'PC', (that changes one first ready will project your screen of laptop to a second screen this in spite of your laptop is 60Hz and a monitor is 75Hz ossia reason the sound has limited to 60Hz and the colours are washes was, that changes a second list basically will use your laptop to power on a monitor in full 75Hz 1080p with a by heart right calibration.)
5. On it loans two 'PC' transmission a resolution to 1080p and 75Hz

And there go, calm now can use your 75Hz monitor partorisca gaming, sure mark partorisca change some settings indvidually in of the games to 75Hz or his still ran in 60Hz and some colours will be washes was.

Now to a description

A resolution of screen is full 1920x1080p in 75Hz, some colours are very attentive, looks no where afterwards like the TN poster, would say sound among the TN poster and a IPS poster but more after the IPS.

Comes with speakers that is well for a price but I recommend auricular or your own speakers that it is probably better has taken this partorisca gaming.

Ossia That among a container
- Monitor
- 4 rays to locate
- Two rays to dip on a monitor (any adjustable date(
- HDMI the VGA boss
- VGA to VGA boss

I really recommend this same monitor if any take gaming, sound the price adds so that takings and still comes with two bosses.

This in spite of a thing the note is that a difference among 60Hz and 75Hz is hard to remark in of the games. Touching Witcher 3 and Increase of Tomb Raider in enclosed in 75FPS has not been anything much more that has surprised that 60FPS. This in spite of is still an improvement.

A last thing the confider yes is debating in the 75Hz vs 144Hz monitor
- has the paper of map like a GTX 770,970,1060 The majority of games (witcher, call to have to that, battlefield wont goes back 80 fps in ultra / graphic big) like you wont be able of profiter of the 144Hz monitor, as you suggest this one. Unless it touch in low/settings mesos.
- Has the paper of map like the GTX 770,780,980,1070 and on, suggests a 144Hz monitor of then these can run more tiles in well on 100FPS to the equal that can explode a monitor.

sooner in a description has said a difference among 60Hz and 75Hz was insignificant, take it behind.

Has touched in mine portable that is limited to 60Hz and feels bad and slugish has compared to 75Hz, once go big refresh estimate you can any never go back

His one of these calm things of those who give until his taken was, utmost improvement.
5 / 5
Ossia The really monitor very small. No appearances any a lot of partorisca the monitor of low end in the estimativa of inferior rock, but has to that admit are pleasantly has surprised. Really, any gilipollas in this point of price. Pluses:

1. Very clear, acute screen for the 1600 x 900 exposure. Has the better picture that the new 1920 x 1080 HP the monitor has.
2. Saturation a lot very by heart regulate - any wash was at all. I have not felt a need to regulate colour or brightness settings.
3. Clarity of acuteness and good source.
4. Has integrated speakers, the good surprise for such an economic monitor, where a lot of models of the big end does not comprise of the speakers. The speakers are not incredibly strong but is a lot clear and no tinny. One operates speakers by means of a DVI to HDMI boss and does not have any need for a boss of extra audio.
5. It comes with the DVI-D to HDMI boss as well as the regulate VGA the VGA boss. Monitor has the VGA exited and two HDMI exited, as well as starts of audio if enough no utilisations some integrated speakers.
6. A stand of monitor snaps to a base, and some rays to be to a monitor with just two rays. There is the strong hinge built in those easy leaves tilting for your preferences to see. It has taken the minutes of pair to gather.
7. The box comes with the screwdriver, as any precise to have tools of yours own.
8. Colour a lot-coded ports in a backside.

Ossia My prime minister Sceptre monitor and based in is, will be likely to consider this mark again. Very pleased.
3 / 5
A monitor are add partorisca pc and console gaming. My PC pc is able to explode a 75hz refresh tax, a power of car on and source of car that the transmissions is convenient. An audio out of port I also save me the plot of endeavour with my setup. Where This device looses the stars is some defects . There is an on brighten dipped of pixel, felizmente is so only visible on all the white screens. There is also this mark that looks to the equal that has the piece of plastic in a screen. They are not some professional gamer or content creater so that it does not want to spend for a hassell or asking the new a. Im Still that goes for the use and appreciate some good things roughly that. 5 stars if it do not have these scars.
5 / 5
Required two new monitors partorisca the new PC in an office. It has been with this reason was a better value in of the terms partorisca measure vs appreciate. I have purchased also these partorisca clients in some pasts and has listened was happy with them. After seeing some complaints on some paints that is to wash was, has given my monitors was and has decided had any questions with these neither would live with him or the fix.

Out of a box some monitors were a lot. An only complaint can come up with this that a VESA the mountains are lower in a backside because of a slender creation. After looking in of the settings, has determined that for me also although one To the MANAGER has not required to recalibrate some screens at all. Admitted, spends the majority of my time that looks in of the documents of text, pages of configuration partorisca crew of coverage, and a software of accounting my uses of company. It can not speak the calibration by heart for the character that do video or production of photo.

One has thought in some another experiencing washed out of colours - HDMI is gone in the class of computer to expect the TV. The TVs and I Monitors sometimes will have different rows for black levels, which can cause a screen to look washed was. If you are experiencing this, controls a poster of control for your engine of map. You would owe that be able to regulate black levels and fix a subject. This has been the factor of behaviour in my preference for just roughly anything in HDMI. (The port of exposure is king , so that well.)
5 / 5
So only it take two of these bad boys. Pulled the out of a box has added an edge extenders dipped him on my tree of monitor. It dips up it was easy, the resolution is perfect partorisca my needs (Business). Some initials setup with regulating a zone of view of a screen but an adjustment of car has done that very simple. Utilisation a VGA connections as it can not speak to a HDMI but partorisca a price these are surprising. A thing that will mention is that they use the cord of the proprietary power but ossia more so only partorisca the information has covers it very big to the equal that will require the account partorisca that when planning yours Can dips up.
4 / 5
When I have bought these monitors, has looked for something quite big, well quite and quite economic. These were perfect.

Can not be more-classify- for colour and contrast, but to good sure very bad for any definition. I use him to program, Youtube, and Office mainly, and look utmost for that. If it film you of hard core watcher/gamer and loves one the majority of quality of glorious image, perhaps moves on, but arrival to be that it thinks roughly doing the dual monitor setup, but has not loved to spend of the money--just buy these. They cost it.
1 / 5
A first monitor has taken has had the pocolos something brilliant in him, has imagined was just fluke and request partorisca have the new one has sent mine. A new one sending to us there is 3 something brilliant really apparent and 5 that a half user can very immediately look. I do in a laptop refurb subject and look in screen regularly to asses his value. Based in some levels use these screens are a level a low plus can estimate.
4 / 5
When A first monitor has arrived, the colours were very washed was. With which aforar a monitor, the look by heart adds. Bezels Is not like this thin as announced by some pictures (Hate when costruttrici that.) Use google partorisca look for aforando your monitor. Calm paths by means of aforar a monitor is using Windows 10. Also he sure partorisca go to settings of exposure of the windows partorisca dip a monitor to 75hz. A monitor is smooth in gaming and really can remark the bit of difference with 75hz. In $ 87 I would say that it cost it with which calibration.
1 / 5
If it is too good to be true the this probably. Diverse something of pixel in a screen, as they are by train of the morning of turn (and things of turn of the HATE).
1 / 5
A built in the speaker was the good surprise . Any quality that the swipes that import, but good. I have enjoyed he partorisca some two hours this monitor has done.

Sees has has attached pictures. There is disappointed extremely that this element has a 'Amazon' icon of election. After using this like this the second monitor partorisca look youtube paralizaciones so only two hours, the black line has looked directly down a half of a screen, short thorough. Restarted a monitor and a PC, but a line is same in a monitor is esCEPTRE' splash screen And a 'Can not relieve entrance!' Screen.

In general would not recommend this.

Top Customer Reviews: HP VH240a 23.8-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
These chairs of laptop in just in 4 stars while some of some another control priced similarly and comparable of Spectre, Lenovo, and other marks hover around 4.5 stars. This gave me pause, but after look through a lot of of some 1-3 descriptions of star was clear that a majority there was severely penalised a monitor because of his second says lackluster action of audio. My laptop has surprisingly his decent so essentially could me his preoccupy less in the speakers of a monitor. It opens If my laptop has not sounded well then has connected simply my laptop in west of mine of Bluetooth, my speakers of OLD PC, my headphones of blue tooth, or hell the still mine surround his listen so angled. Those revises also is demanding imo.

First Impression: the time spent of inaugural a box to have a monitor up and the race was down 5 minutes. Bundling Has designed well and easy to pose together - any screwdriver has required. Wine with so much the HDMI and one To the cord... Val Cools appreciates concealed but anything. First gaze of a monitor in mine 38" x 24" the desktop and am satisfied with his impression. Some bezels of the screen is tiny which look well and the helps measures direct. Another more is like a base extends by behind a screen that opposite in extruding in front of that would take on the lovely urban nails in front of a monitor. A monitor and my participation of laptop a desktop very well, and has included the generous room for a notebook has opened directly in front of a monitor. I am happy this has been with the 23.8" monitor on something which the 20-22" like this last 1-3 inches do the perceivable difference in measure of screen. A creation and the way of a product is very lustrous and the look adds in my desktop. To well sure the does not announce his focus of modest prize with his expensive and deluxe appearance.

Early action: Quan has connected my laptop (a slightly up to date Lenovo T440P Thinkpad, perhaps the $ 400 laptop) road HDMI in a monitor has been conformed with the big snowy-the sty that looked in me (one of some photos these cycles of Windows through before/during register-in). A picture shined, the verges was acute, and a nieva-the white plumes of a sty looked the true pure aim. One contrasts among an aim of a sty, his eyes of dark and a brown of a tree was to add and everything looked realistic and accurate. Desprs logging In era in some parameters of exposure of the Windows and has done the few mere adjustments in that want a laptop to aim in a monitor, was very easy and intuitive to do.

First thing was arrests to explore some HD videos of Youtube (a Gentleman of a scene of fight of the Points, and Earth of Planet) and was has impressed immediately. A screen has maintained up with a step of intense/action of a LotR fights without any lagging frames or stuttering. The tropical videos of the earth of planet has looked to shine and with accuracy coloreada while a video of following cave was properly dark and intense with moments of brilliance. Here a speed of some of some small critters has given a monitor the small bit to blur, especially when a colour of an animal was similar in a colour of a fund. I have changed then on in Netflix, explored the bit, and decided in Earth of Planet again of a show has spectacles so amazing to see. All looked so that it adds and in some case still the small bit better. A speed of some animals have not looked to blur so with youtube (note: I have not looked an exact same video so that it is to say highly anecdotal.) Quan Avenge to read the text and more general explore of a web has been pleased. The cards have had acute corners, and an additional quantity of text that access in a screen against mine 14" the laptop done for less displacement.

Happy with a playback of video rotated a monitor (monitor of gesture in upper height, taking verges of screen, and transfers he in a right) in portrait. A sense of solid and smooth rotation. Chico marks for the long screen, but is sure will use it when law with long lists of data, programming, using Excel, etc. IS happy an option.

Weaknesses: As it mentions in front of a sound is to good sure feeble. A volume is down, the sounds of quite a lot of audio "superficial", and only there is not very a lot of to inform there. In my mostly calm floor could listen and comprise an audio of a monitor, but certainly has not gone very time before I reverted behind in my sound of laptop. Nevertheless having an at least usable audio option like the backside-up is better that at all. Generally I will attribute more than points in any element that surpasses some expectations of his main function that will penalise the product to comprise a way down-half "extra" it conceal it is not vital in action. If my chair of computer gave me the back massage would be very pleasantly surprised, but yes has the lumpy chair, has not turned softly, and was bonded in the sure height would not be so pleased. I will choose a chair that can be comfortable in for hours, turned easily and noiselessly, and adjusts date easily.

Can not speak to use a monitor for gaming and yes can handle this demand while it does not have a gaming knows of technology, a gaming experience, or included the game to try he with.

Pros Final: Lustrous aesthetic/creation, is rotates landscape-in-portrait, tiny bezels, well brilliance, dark black, effective impression, mere and
adjustments of smooth/curve of height

Final Gilipollas: Toneless speakers, the minors concealed blurs in time of a lot the fast that video of movements.

Highly recommend it!
4 / 5
I have ordered this monitor so that has wanted to do the makeshift zone for my powerful, but old laptop. Quan Has taking he of a box, has been impressed by a measure of a screen. It IS quite wide and robust as it does not have any fear of him wobbling around. Tan On in a testing. A hdmi and vga is well for selection. I use hdmi and turned it on. Some images are gorgeous. An IP to good sure done a FHD resplandor thru and thru. The images are vivid, the films are surprising, and has abundance of room to see everything of your windows. All was adds....The box has changed a sound of my laptop in a monitor. They have fallen a lot a wheel there. I have to pose a sound up in a monitor And my laptop in included listen anything! Hardly I have to look a sound in my laptop for the listen so that it does not know to pose all his money in a screen or decided some speakers were the last decision of minute . SO you plan on using this monitor with the tower pc, please has external speakers like your default so that some speakers of monitor are mediocre. So many for those looking for the monitor of substitution, the IPs of the low prize protects, or the work/of productivity/roughly gaming screen, can suggest this in you. Those looking for the monitor with minimum fuss in him, can sortof recommends in you so that it is easy in setup. But calm strongly advise you to have external speakers to enjoy any sound while when being hooked until this monitor.
4 / 5
A thing to take with this product is to take that decrees of paid. I am the second finance of year of entity, and has looked for an additional monitor to use with my laptop. Everything would require for this spreadsheets, process of word, and use of internet, as I have not required the new mark 4k 34disturbances ultra widths anything. I have required only the mere cheap monitor that would take a work has done, and this has done exactly concealed. No, it does not have a better resolution, and any one does not have a by heart better correction. But the calm can not compare the $ 120 monitor in the $ 1300 monitor. For the university student or dispatch to contain this in my alcohol is a better monitor can take for a money, and he fully feigned to take the second unit
3 / 5
Bought this for an adjustment of height. A swivel the capacity is to good premium . In max height with levelling widescreen orientation, a fund of a monitor comes quite 7' of a desktop.

The monitor has clarity and good colour, but a built-in the speakers are very feeble. My speakers of laptop are stronger; when I limit in a monitor, has to augment a volume around two big times to take a beginning of same decibel.

A monitor also takes on the plot of spatial in a backside for an adjustable support; if it plants a monitor up against to wall, some chairs of real monitor 7-8' of a wall, where the no adjustable monitor would seat 3-4' of a wall. I use the desktop of low profile, like this the monitor takes on the most spatial plot that the unit to level that Knows that knows now, is not sure would do this compraventa for my necessities.
1 / 5
Fact during the month and then data. After 5 calls in HP sustain and tentativas numerous to resolve a subject has decided the road me the unit renewed 3 month later took the renewed one concealed was fatality out of a box. Decided to cut my losses and has launched was. The May that Buys HP again.
5 / 5
This monitor is the roads adds for a prize and measure. I use these for my dispatch and can not comment in the action for the map has detailed, etc -- for tasks of common work, included HD video, these do the work adds so wait. I want that a bezel around a monitor is very thin as you use mulitple monitors, can take the very afterwards together. I am not using a proportionate support while has these in the change-trace of the arm but I are very happy with these monitors. Note of just mark - these do not have the Exposure has entered Port , only HDMI and VGA. I have required the Port of Exposure in HDMI adapts cape that is the very cheap cost and I are so pleased with this compraventa!
4 / 5
Monitor sweet. I have required the new 24' monitor with a HDMI connector. Researched a hell out of monitors, has descended strait in the few roads add. Then give that some the roads add selected has not had date/swivel adjustments, which has wanted. More treats the adjustable supports have been to rack and sea in this element and Steel VG245H (that has adjustment of curves but any height). As this looked one the majority of bang for a buck. It IS lustrous, the clear glass, and the bezel is ridiculously thin. The picture looked terrible on arrived, road of road of the road also that shines-- as the television in howroom' road. The fuss has owed with some adjustments to picture the good roads to take it to look other monitors and take it was 'the eye the road of these burns . Has had to one decrease of brilliance of 80%, which are how has been posed on arrived, besides or 20% less. Sure I wish it it have had some easily accessible instructions on that to adjust a picture for optimum view in planting to trust of the flavours and error. But no the useful instructions have been comprised, or could find anything on-line. I am not that it speaks quite a lot of calibration by heart for the professional photograph or anything so, only the pertinent basic instructions for any process to do of word, web surfing etc. So docking 1 star for that. It comprises decent instructions to adjust a screen- or have it pre-posed for use of dispatch/of normal house-- and would give 5 stars
5 / 5
This monitor is exactly cual looked for, and has surpassed my expectations! To be fair, you update of the dinky little monitor of 18 inches without the plot of options preferably, but nevertheless this one east surprising. Some slender verges is perfect to take another and has the prjimo-seamless dual exposure. A height/bends the adjustment is easy likes cake, and advances to look for be able to do in my desktop while be (without a help of program of expensive desktop). I am also impressed for a quality of a screen and one 6 different viewing roads, which comprise the adjustments done of commission! I use my screen for gaming, the film these looks, and graphic drawing/that it edits photo, and would say that it is designed-a lot by everything of them! Quan Dam 10/10 would recommend it, is not for a sake for the use meme or when being ironic, truly bad the!
5 / 5
It was in a look has been for the monitor the big plus for my dispatch of house and for casual explore and editing pictures. And it does not want to pay more it conceal $ 150. My requisites was full HD, 24-27 inch+, signals of IP for angles of better viewing (in place of TN poster) and the adjustments of curves/of the full height like my woman could adjust and easily use in place of could adjust heights with books. It takes one is for 109 (the normal prize is 129). In these signals to price that that is to say such the value adds and has verified all some boxes for me. The quality of screen was perfect for my necessities and the reproduction by heart was very decent. The quality of tez is very good and a support that is robust and easy to adjust. Taking adjustments of height and full HD+IP the poster to arrive to this point to record be like compraventa excellent. The speakers are quite tinny but that was not the consideration for me. (Mark sure augments a volume of of the one of the west in 100% through a card of first monitor and then control with control of volume of the computer after this). Very happy with this compraventa, highly recommends in this prize.
1 / 5
Only hard 4 month! I have not bought a guarantee for this monitor. It has Had control last years in front of any pauses up, but 4 months are crazy! A tongue is his poor same when in big level. A screen has begun to have the black line that traces and basses and in the black end streaks and shaking until a screen was totally black. A guarantee of manufacturer there was caducado in the June 2. It does not buy this product and taken a guarantee.

Top Customer Reviews: Sceptre Curved 27' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
I have purchased 2 of these...Why...I Like him his of a mark (has a lot of this mark in of the works) but MORE THAN ENTITY, 'Embroider-Less'...
Has expected the 1mm verge...nope, But around 5mm would be considered 'edgeless' ina monitor of estimativa...This unit..10mm (3/8 In)
Some pictures, show verge of image in verge, a box, yup...Verge In verge...
Is how me and has the multiple monitor setup, that is to say a consideration of entity , does not want the inch of black of useless room in a half of your zone of work, these, that is to say exactly what apresamiento.
The look adds has the only monitor, is twisted enough to be very and very enough to take glare other lights, as they take or stars so that some people that only will buy one, any preoccupy in a big verge these monitors have.
4 / 5
I to go to give this monitor 5 stars if they have not had the peel here the adhesive bonded well in a corner of a monitor that in the to the left crap it tonne of residue of adhesive that it can any one left. I think Sceptre messed up during packaging. A peel here the adhesive was probably supposition to be bonded in the protective cloak this was to suppose the cover in in to the to screen likes him that it buys of the monitors the new plus/tvs. His era any protective cloak in a screen of a monitor has taken.
5 / 5
So far. State using this monitor for my Xbox, and a picture is not bad. Audio, is well, but is using my own speakers at the side it. I actuate At all negative in of the this
5 / 5
It uses this monitor for a lot of thing. Some light PC gaming as well as for purpose of work. You grieve plugged this monitor in him looked fantastic. It IS brilliant and a curve attaches the small something in an experience. But I have expected to revise this compraventa so that all are utmost out of a box. It has been the month now and still wants this monitor. The colour and the pictures are still very crisp. Very happy with purchase of mine.
5 / 5
This screen is sprain and the brilliant bit, but suspect my parameters are has been regarding that. Quality of good picture. Using he for gaming in place of the 65' television by heart. In 3 feet are better that a television in 15 feet. Wine with the HDMI in HDMI connector what has to substitute with the connector of device - HDMI with a side flattened and an another final HDMI. The computer has 4 connectors for the one of the east but only a HDMI connector that required to connect in a television. No the problem with a screen but something in the chess this considers to purchase the new computer.
5 / 5
That is to say the very good monitor . A screen has twisted he in fact done the difference. It has Tried he with 3 different computers with 3 different entrance type (Usb-c, vga, hdmi) without any hiccup. Work well for each combination. Admitted that I am not the big gamer, does not know to like law while touching games that requires resources of extensive map. My only remorse is not to purchase a model of 32 inches.
5 / 5
It was skeptical real in these monitors so that they were so economic. Pulled a trigger anyways in 2 of them and so happy and has done. Everything is something on and is awesome! 3 daily months gaming. It can any one when being any happier!
5 / 5
Monitor solid. I took 2 of them. The picture is very good. It likes them to them another has said the plsticoes trims around a verge as it is not very edgeless but go all a road in a plastic verge (any black among picture and plastic verge) as I am guessing that it is that meaning by edgeless. No the breaker of roads for me. A trims is quite small as no the commentary . A wry is well. Your eyes do not have to refocus while the brooms of one controls in an afterwards. Calm also give you more than a immersive feeling that it regulates plan ones. For a prize this monitor has not beaten can be.
5 / 5
Only it take a Monitor in of the marks an hour. I have been impressed with a packaging. A ray of base and some rays of the connection of the monitor is in separately tagging baggies and the small (but pertinent) Phillips the screwdriver is comprised had the DVI connector (plus or 4 less') has comprised. There is the manual by heart fill VERY WELL of user, with pictures and of the descriptions that would have to when being adapted by still one the majority of casual user.
In my experience, especially in a last decade or so, is that VERY FEW companies pay an attention in this small except impressive details.
Setup And the installation has taken only the few minutes, and my initial impression of a monitor is Very good. Some only commentaries that would do is that some buttons of control are in some last, no in a fund of a monitor. Even so, they are quite easy to achieve, and very perceivable to touch, as any real problem there.
Any a lot of wait a lot some speakers of monitor, but was the disappointment in all the case. A quality of his this very poor (a lot of tinny) and a volume is so down to ail can listen anything.
2 / 5
These looks to control enough sake. It IS at all to write house enough, but mockery for this prize . Even so, there is the little definite downsides in this monitor.

In the first place, my monitor has the handful of the pixels are died in a corner. There is not enough of them in the impact that uses a screen, but is only a obnoxious thing that my eyes are designed always in the has remarked since.

Segundo, the assembly is quite earnest, but a ray that goes in a fund of a support any ray in all a road, and so same when twisted the so closely while it still can the bond was ~5mm. I am spent around half an hour that flavours, and for an end has decided in only not posing that ray in.

In general, if you are budgeting very hard then this monitor will be very only . I am not sure I am happy with purchase of mine, and remorses not spending some extras $ 30-50 and taking the monitor of mark of the name.

Top Customer Reviews: LG 24M47VQ 24-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
The monitors were has broken visibly. You Any one has ignites to know an image would be totally distorted for a black streak has aimed in some photos have attached. This has not been the casual deception. It marks the star so that a page has not given the election of scratch
1 / 5
Already it has or LG control that use like my primary exposure and has been perfect for me. So much, of course, I have bought another LG (a cheap more a very less) to use like my secondary monitor. Welp, This or no so well. It take a monitor , poses the up, plugged he in...Any indicator of light. The odd tan! I have called immediately LG to discover yes there is a correct AC the adapter and inform me that a a there has been has not been to correct. I have thought, fresco, will take the nine a through Amazon and when being in my road!

A new AC the adapter is arrived today...Still fatality. Ugh, Very thwart. Pose only in my turn with Amazon and has shipped was the little the mark of moments. It opens Need to expect for my repayment as I can buy the new monitor. I lost me LG.
5 / 5
I use this cual the second monitor with my laptop as I can do mult-tasks of screen and work with multiple windows in Word of LADY. Has ignite and Alexa used (and the supplemental WiFi change to be able in). As it can when being easily powered on and has been the arrests changes another that a one in a monitor. I use a HDMI connection.
5 / 5
The monitor adds. It has been using it almost every day for enough 3-4 months. The May THERE HAS BEEN very problems with him, everything is directly advances.

Can not say anything in his support, so that it do not use it never, since installed my mountain of monitor.

A small thing that remarked is that, when installing he in my mountain of monitor, could say concealed has little frame and protect of screen. I bad listened it to like am fallen a monitor in a fund, the crack has opened, which never remarked in any another controls used before. But the monitors are not done to be fallen in an earth, so that is to say to well sure any one the reason any one to buy this monitor. If you are any concealed can careful when being and knows so to use tame properly, never a lot of problems with this monitor :-)
4 / 5
For one the majority of part and is satisfied with a quality of a picture, but why monitors of always has to driven or insane with the clear to blink when enter standby? And Only it does not comprise he so that it can be the characteristic has estimated , and a clear to blink for this monitor is very brilliant and very problem.
5 / 5
Updated Of LG the oldest control! Amur A road of the reader when required.
Has bought two monitors, 24' television of LG and the support of triple monitor to update my system!
The prize adds!
5 / 5
This satisfied monitor each of my necessities; I use it likes him my secondary monitor, the alloy in my tower saw HDMI. A monitor does not come with a HDMI cape, so has to purchase a cape separately. The tan Far complained that a lot the minor goes, a monitor emits the clear to blink in a fund of a screen when is in standby and very powered was, but is not very perceivable and provides good information.

All-in-all, is very satisfied with this product, and has purchased he in February of this year ( is October and of this description).
5 / 5
Active there was only this monitor of the Christmas but I have to say the interior a moment is that it wants to it. A picture is clear. Has the modernised the frame and the support and some controls are easy to use. I took this for gaming and the graphic work and he are doing a good work. I will update this description if anything changes
4 / 5
+ Very big, especially for a prize. I add for my dispatch of house.
+ Quality of the picture and the colour are really very
+ Minimum glare, included in an only
+ Covers and game, easy together in

- An exposure has been deteriorated significantly for interference when using the VGA adapter to connect in my laptop. A severity of the same has represented a to a large extent useless screen. Substituting this connection with a HDMI the cape totally fix a problem, and an exposure now looks excellent. This, even so, is problematic so that only the VGA the cape is comprised in a box, was very if a HDMI has been comprised.
- A height of a support is fixed, can not adjust for up or for down.
5 / 5
I very occasionally monitors of substitute.... There is heck of the time that brilliance of changes, which would have to has been both treat second, but has had to google to find that has the small joystick in a fund of a base. The better instructions with some products would be useful.

Top Customer Reviews: Dell SE2419Hx 24' ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
5 / 5
I have used HP, Asus and Samsung control of computer before and that is to say my premier Dell control of computer. In compared with other marks, a quality of picture of Dell the monitor is acute subjects and no special . To look videos, there is no lagging and the pictures run softly. You can download the software of web of place of Dell to provide on-card of screen for different parameters of this monitor easily. In general, it is the sake 24' monitor for prize of $ 130.
5 / 5
I am not gaming or doing graphic work, as I am not taking in of the details of house of screen or details of map. Some colours are brilliant and well and a clarity is well. Has quality of date of picture 4 stars only so that has the habit of screen of the glass and I have not used this screen for any films, etc. Can not say is perfect, and again, has the habit of the screen of the main quality. It thins A lot modernised the fashion and measure. Very pleasing aesthetically. And since it is only for documentation, can not comment quite looking films in the or gaming, but pleased so far while it is and very happy with his global look, creation and stability. It measures of good screen for the little of the windows to document open. I have required this cual the second screen for work of document. I am also any one the person of PC and he so do the plot to revise for other sure screens when being. I am very happy so far. He hooked until Mac computer very easily with compraventa of Ray in HDMI cord. My Mac the computer has quite 5 years, as I have required that adapter (Can buy approx. $ 5 And up. I am only spent $ 8 in my adapter). It depends in that is hooking this screen until or that could require it. A main thing is could not spend the plot of money, but does not want to uber cheap product. Enough I bonded with Dell for right of mark of the screen to start with. Trying quedarprpers down $ 150. It IS screen adds for a prize. A sake of looks of the base and is Stable! I have paid only in $ 130 for this screen and he are worth it. There are screens cost less, but that spends some extras $ 20-$ 30 in is was the good decision and almost spent $ 40 more in different model, but happy returned in this model. It IS the good screen in this field of prize and for the those pauses of need. Had a lot inner of screens a $ 100-$ 200 field and I are happy backed down of the expensive plus or in unit of is Also that is to say the model the recent plus that some another varies of similar prize. Good screen!
5 / 5
All of my monitors are Dell. They are brilliant, has good colour, has deep black, has the no reflective screens and is reliable. I actuate Probably the possessed 15 Dell control in a past twenty years and the person have not failed never. I am not the gamer and the sound necessities is different.
4 / 5
That is to say the fantastic monitor . It does not use he for gaming or looking films, this purely serves like my secondary monitor in my MacBook Pro. I gave it four stars so that when tried to touch the film of a iMovie project, there was roughly lag but otherwise a refresh the tax is sum and is seamless with my MacBook Pro. Quan Looking video in Youtube next flawless! The value adds for money, highly recommend it.
1 / 5
If it only was acute. If you attach acuteness in some looks of cute screen. As it is very if I only am that it uses a portion of chronology of final piece to edit. But put to bed to match one macbook pros the colours have aforado once it. But it has it blurry image.
5 / 5
Monitor very good. We do not use he for gaming, as I have not estimated he for that. The picture is acute and clear.
4 / 5
I have bought this to have the sake sized monitor of work, when is doing to contain and docking my laptop. The law adds with my Dell that canal of cradles. The only desire could do the smallest things (resolution of increase) and has the big plus desktop that 1920. But it is better that looked in the screen of tiny laptop!! A colour is well. Well of brilliance. There it was emits with Dell supplies to be able to in a past, but so far this a good east .
4 / 5
Im Happy with this new lustrous creation and 100% compatible with my Dell portable. Game of just and covers.
5 / 5
I require at least 2 screens for my work. Has 2 Dell the screens that comprises unit of is This some cover in a hdmi port. My model my old plus and bar to use to sound attached a vga port.
5 / 5
Good measure for my desktop. Crystal clear Text. Thin bezel. It Likes him.

Top Customer Reviews: Sceptre ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has the GTX 1060 laptop, poses it up is easy and has not had very necessity for me for aforar anything, included dare to say this monitor looks better that my screen of own laptop in 1080p.

At the beginning and has thought he didn not backing 75Hz and some colours have been washed was and was also that shines, also in a nvidia the poster said 1080p in 60Hz even so that is to say that you gotta marks for the fix.


1. It connects road HDMI
2. The parameters of mark and Exposure opened sure that is posed so that only a 2 exposure is ignited, any one poses duplicated or extend.
3. Nvidia Has opened signal to control and go in essolucin of Change'
4. You will see two lists, or will say HD, UHD etc, another in a fund will say 'PC', (that changes a first list will project your screen of laptop in a second screen even so your laptop is 60Hz and a monitor is 75Hz that is to say why the sound limited in 60Hz and the colours are washes was, that changes a second list basically will use your laptop in faculty in a monitor in full 75Hz 1080p with a by heart right calibration.)
5. In the list two 'PC' changes a resolution in 1080p and 75Hz

And there go, now can use your 75Hz monitor for gaming, mark sure to change some parameters indvidually in of the games in 75Hz or they still race in 60Hz and some colours will be washings has been.

Opens in a description

A resolution of screen is full 1920x1080p in 75Hz, some colours are very accurate, looks no where hover like the TN poster, would say sound among him TN the poster and a signal of IP but more afterwards in IP.

Comes with speakers that is well for a prize but I recommend auricular or your own speakers that it is probably better has taken this for gaming.

That is to say that enters a container
- Control
- 4 rays to locate
- Two rays to pose in a monitor (any adjustable height(
- HDMI in VGA cape
- VGA in VGA cape

really recommend this same monitor if any prende gaming, sound the prize adds for concealed it taken and still comes with two capes.

Even so a thing in note is that a difference among 60Hz and 75Hz is to take to remark in of the games. Touching Witcher 3 and Increase of Tomb Raider in enclosed in 75FPS anything much more has not surprised that 60FPS. Even so it is still an improvement.

A last thing in confider yes is debating in the 75Hz against 144Hz monitor
- has the card of map like a GTX 770,970,1060 The majority of games (witcher, call to have to, battleground wont returns 80 fps in ultra / big map) how you wont be able for profiter of the 144Hz monitor, as it suggests this unit Unless you touch in of the low/parameters means.
- Has the card of map like the GTX 770,780,980,1070 and on, suggests one 144Hz monitor since these can run more tiles in sake in 100FPS as it can take advantage of you a monitor.

Earlier in a description has said a difference among 60Hz and 75Hz was insignificant, take it behind.

Has touched in my laptop that is limited in 60Hz and when being bad and slugish has compared in 75Hz, once goes big refresh estimate can any never returns

His one of these calm things of who give until his taken was, utmost improvement.
5 / 5
That is to say the very monitor very small. It do not expect any a lot of for the monitor of the low end in the rock estimates inferior, but has to admit is pleasantly has surprised. Really, any gilipollas to arrive to this point of prize. Pluses:

1. Very clear, acute screen for the 1600 x 900 exposure. Has the better picture that the new 1920 x 1080 HP the monitor has.
2. Saturation very well by heart regulate - any wash was at all. I have not listened a necessity to adjust colour or parameters of brilliance.
3. Clarity of acuteness and good source.
4. Has integrated speakers, the good surprise for such an economic monitor, where a lot of models of the big end does not comprise speakers. The speakers are not incredibly strong but is very clear and no tinny. One acts speakers through a DVI in HDMI cape and does not have very necessity for a cape of extra audio.
5. It comes with the DVI-D in HDMI cape as well as the level VGA in VGA cape. The monitor has the VGA exited and two HDMI exited, as well as it initiates of audio if enough it does not use some integrated speakers.
6. A support of accidents of monitor in a base, and some rays of support in a monitor with just two rays. There is the strong hinge built in of the covers that easy that curve for your preferences to see. It take the minutes of pair the total.
7. The boxes come with the screwdriver, as any precise to have tools of your own.
8. Ports to paint very codified in a backside.

That is to say my premier Sceptre controls and based in of the this, will be likely to consider this mark again. Very pleased.
3 / 5
A monitor am adds for pc and console gaming. My PC pc is able to take advantage of one 75hz refresh tax, a power of automobile on and source of cart these changes are convenient. An audio out of port I also save me the plot of endeavour with my setup. Where This device looses the stars are some defects . There is one in brighten posed of pixels, felizmente is only visible on all the white screens. There is also these marks these looks so has the piece of plastic in a screen. I am not some professional gamer or content creater so that it does not want to cross a hassell or asking to nine unit Im Still go for the use and appreciate some good things enough the. 5 stars if it does not have these scars.
5 / 5
Required two new monitors for the new PC in a dispatch. It was with this so that it was a better value in of the nicknames of the against imposed measure. I have purchased also these for clients in some pasts and has listened was happy with them. Desprs Viewing Some complaints in some paints concealed is to the wash was, has given my monitors was and decided had any problems with these or would live with him or the fix.

Out of a box some monitors were a lot of. An only complaint can come up with this that a VESA the mountains are lower in a backside because of a slender creation. Desprs Look In of the parameters, has determined that the mine of arrests him gustanuno To the MANAGER has not required in recalibrate some screens at all. Admitted, spends the majority of my time these looks in document of text, pages of configuration for squad of grandson, and a software to represent my uses of company. It can not speak with calibration by heart for the character that video of mark or production of photo.

One has thought in some another experimenting washing out of colours - HDMI entered the class of computer to expect the television. The televisions and The Monitors sometimes different fields for black levels, which can cause a screen to look the wash has been. If you are experimenting this, controls a poster of control for yours engine of map. You would have to be able to adjust black and fixed levels a subject. This has been the factor to direct in my preference for just quite anything in HDMI. (The port of exposure is king , so that well.)
5 / 5
Only it take it two of these bad boys. It pull the out of a box has attached a nut extenders has posed the in my tree of monitor. Pose up was easy, the resolution is perfect for my necessities (Business). Some initials setup with adjusting a zone of view of a screen except an adjustment of cart has done that very mere. I use a VGA connections like the can not speak with a HDMI but for a Prize these are surprising. A thing that will mention is that they use the cord of the proprietary power but this are more only for the information has covers it very big as I need to represent for that when planning the yours can pose up.
4 / 5
Quan Has bought these monitors, has looked for something quite big, well quite and quite cheap. These were perfect.

Can any one when being more-classify- for colour and contrast, but to good sure very bad for any definition. I use the to program, Youtube, and Dispatch predominately, and adds to look for concealed. If it film you of the core takes watcher/gamer and amours or the majority of quality of glorious image, perhaps movements on, but if final to be thought quite doing the dual monitor setup, but has not wanted to spend a money--just buy these. They cost it.
1 / 5
A first monitor has taken had the little something those shines in him, has imagined was just fluke and demand to have the new a routed in me. A walnut some roads has 3 something that shines very apparent and 5 that a half user can very immediately look. I do in a laptop refurb the subject and the look in protecting regularly in of the asses his value. Based in some levels use these screens are a level a low plus can estimate.
4 / 5
Quan A first monitor is arrived, the colours were very washed has been. Desprs Aforando A monitor, the looks by heart adds. The bezels IS not so thin as announced for some pictures (Hate when manufacturers that.) Use google to look for aforando your monitor. It walks calm through aforar a monitor is using Windows 10. Also he sure to go in of the parameters of exposure of the windows to pose a monitor in 75hz. A monitor is smooth in gaming and very can remark the bit of difference with 75hz. In $ 87 it says that it cost it after calibration.
1 / 5
If it is too sake for some when being the this probably. Very something of pixel in a screen, as I am by train of the morning of return (and things of tower of the HATE).
5 / 5
A very good value. I have required only he 20' monitor to substitute or that had gone bad in the system of two monitors-required to match a measure so that it was of entity. It have not listened of Sceptre, but some descriptions were positive, as I have ordered the unit arrives in two days, very bundled and deadened. I have been impressed that the screwdriver and two different connector the capes have been comprised with a compraventa. The assembly was easy and intuitive. He plugged in and connected in my computer and he kicked well up. They use for a day and has been that the suffices has pleased. I imagine it was side by side with the gaming the exposure could remark some divergences of quality, but for my purposes these works supremely well. Taken up less room in my desktop that an anterior monitor while maintaining a zone likewise exposure.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung CF390 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
To the left initiate me this description partorisca declare that a Monitor is gone in today. It is a upgrade of the 23Door of Control of thumb that used (still working adds but now in the computer of my woman). I have taken my time in the last several weeks and I have looked for to imagine out of the type partorisca control to take. ( There are HUNDREDS!!) The narrowed down for measure of screen, clarity, villages and descriptions of wry screen. I have fallen in it is one. In the first place it is the 27 '. The second is the wry screen . These first two elections were of entities of mine. Then I slogged by means of the tonne of descriptions. Really I narrowed my investigation for (the cost CHECKED). Way the a lot of frauds there. I also looked in of the descriptions on Youtube. In an end of a day a Samsung the models have won delivery down. Then with which more looking and more the narrowing has solved in a Subject of 27 thumbs 390 Serious C27F390FHN has Twisted the screen FOCUSED-Monitor has lit. I think that that that has Pot of Jack of the paste is one . A together has taken on any time at all. Once it was on I has used my HP tool of Diagnostic partorisca do the test of Video. I have verified partorisca died of Pixels... ANY ONE!!! A screen is crisp and clear. They are not the gamer. This in spite of, have touched (a small quantity) of Thunder of War in a Past. So much, I go partorisca see now like this does. I am not concerned that it will not fulfil of the expectations. Some descriptions have said that it was very partorisca Gaming also. Like this far like this good. I will see like these controls partorisca control up in a test of time.
5 / 5
Is so only the monitor. Of the that Spent this is looking for an extra TV reason is so only the monitor. It does not have the built in tuner, far or speakers. This be has said, need the monitor of quality a lot then to good sure considers this one. Samsung Quality and a prize abordable. A 'edgeless ' the creation is sexy ,with a narrow frame around the a lot of crisp image. Yes, the far would have been well, but ossia the monitor , as another that turning it was and on, more the people probably would not be that his that a lot of transmissions of settings. They are very pleased with cost of mine. I seat like a balance among quality of the picture and the prize was something on with this product. If you have been looking in this one goes advance and the take, does not think calm will be disappointed. I know I have not been.

P.D. For a way, the plot of people there is complained that a screen a lot of tilt. Well A screen tilt, is so only the little company , and personally like me concealed. To the left they are to know his in disposal to resist this place.

Update: has-liked me this monitor so that it has bought the second a. My only remorse now is tha am spent 400 dollars with the company that does not have any worry for his clients.
Still recommends a monitor, so only buy he of any the one who appreciates your subject.
4 / 5
Has bought this product for some descriptions on here. It has been impacted when I plugged he in and connected it to the mine MacBook Pro. A picture was a lot of blurry, the text has been misty, and after the plot of tweaking, frankly -- has not looked well. I have had perhaps the different comprising that the $ 200 monitor would take me. To all the cost, is returned and has taken a LG 4K monitor on here for $ 250 more and was much more currency he.

All am saying is, if has the MacBook Pro and is spoilt for the screen of retina of a laptop - or heck, included spoilt for the screen of retina of the yours iPhone - looking in this would be the downgrade. The supposition has learnt something roughly that he 1080p the monitor is.
4 / 5
Now, with all the justice, probably so only spoilt I decayed when I have bought the $ Eizo professional monitor 8 or 10 years ago. Previously to that had been using two less a lot of-expensive Samsung monitors and was perfectly happy state with them (it exceptuan his longevity - neither of them lasted more than two or three first years to go entirely died). Then, as it has shipped in the career like the pro photographer, has decided that has required the monitor of professional quality with precise and compatible colour reproduction, like this after hemming and hawing in a prize for the moment, has bitten a proverbial ball and has dipped down of the cash for the new Eizo ColorEdge CG276. And honradamente, in that then, there is remarked that that has seen in my screen looked a lot well, but no the sack that blows my alcohol - tries that a way to really appreciate that has is to do without him. Reason have it quell'has tried now substitute this Eizo monitor (that continues to do perfectly in every respect and which still am using and writing this description on now) with less than expensive monitors twice, and every time has shaken my boss in disbelief that any one could use the monitor with such crappy resolution and quality of image, has left so only the think was a lot.

That, sadly, but I supposition how is to be expected, was my experience with this Samsung.

Has not imported that a screen has been twisted; that has seen in a screen looked like this terrible that would not import if a monitor was the freaking planetary, or the perfect ball that surround on all the sides while I have floated in a centre any or something. So only it would owe that very worse rendered graphic to look in.

Has attached five photo: one of a bar to progress so it looks in mine Eizo monitor, and two to the equal that appears in this Samsung, clue for one of a logo of Apple to the equal that appears in a Eizo and finally, a logo of Apple to the equal that appears in a Samsung. Be you a judge. (UPDATE: there is remarked so only that the web of place of the amazon does not show some images in a same order in the calm his cariche (or at least is not with my images)...As he the sufficed to say that a really smooth and bar to progress looks it good and the text and the logo of Apple is a Eizo screen, and a really jaggy, glary, looks it terrible some are a Samsung is.)

Does not have a technician that comprises of the monitors have required to explain the monitor-variable related is, exactly, this does a quality of image in this Samsung like this unsatisfactory (resolution? Form of measure/of the pixel? dunno.), But something to good sure he.

Perhaps has used once a Eizo in the Mac, can any never go back. Like the be. If really I need the new monitor so only will save pence of mine until I can resupply another at least something with much better specs that this Samsung. Because boy, has gone the disappointment.

Ah Learnt ( although any really is reason has thought a Samsung sucked). I have it boxed behind on and has fixed mine hassle-free turn by means of Amazon and at least will take my police of turn of the money and be of process two reasons buy by means of Amazon in a first place. And simply I will content to go to use the upper-quality flat screen (this can smoothly and easily race and lower and pívot and same turn of landscape to portrait and behind!) In planting to try to the transmission was for the vastly inferior has twisted a (concealed can so only tilt on and down).
4 / 5
For my work, need to be able to dip was and work in several elements immediately. Besides, has poor eyesight. Utilisation this monitor like an along desk, and am able to extend several elements of work by means of my screen. A resolution is terrific, and a screen looks lustrous and beautiful in mine workspace.

More than everything, was easy to gather. Highly it recommends.
5 / 5
Ossia A first time has used the wry monitor, and will not go back never. The better work inclusa that announced - a picture in a curve is easier that look in, and offers the experience of better viewing (noticeably as) - that the monitor slowly. One of the mine characteristic favourite in a saver of eye. This leaves a monitor to dim an exposure so that the look of white funds bit it more the friendly eye, without sacrificing quality to see. Spent this.
4 / 5
Likes. Used partorisca docs and spreadsheets.
Pic Attached to aim a rear highland point (3x3) which are not aimed in a product pics.
5 / 5
Controls very good. Shining & clear. It does not have the tilt adjustment or the level DVI entrance (only HDMI/RGB), but another that that, am happy with him.
5 / 5
Ossia A second a that has ordered; But there is remarked that a prize has augmented substantially in only 6 month..
Has bought also the together of ViewSonic VA2259-SMH 22 Thumb IPS Controls the few months behind also, which am using for the dual mine-control setup. I have had big expectation for this Samsung Wry Screen; but after using he for several hours while dipped to a recommended 1920x1080 resolution; my eyes are taking fatigued and have the light headache.
According to that a styling and the looks of this unit goes - I likes; But it would not say it is better that some screens in mine 2 ViewSonic VA2259-SMH 22' IPS Monitors. Also find a key of control in a rear legislation of a chance a bit annoying and clunky to use.
4 / 5
Controls well with picture of big quality for a prize. Estimated so only 3 stars been due to 1 guarantee of year. It would have given 5 star yes has has had to that 3 guarantee of year. It has had a fail with which almost 2 years of use and has had to substitute. Has a lot the on offices in office in of the pairs. When Contacting Samsung in a unit fracasada has been said there was it so only 1 guarantee of year. The picture taken again an I so only received of Amazon today. Included a new some actuate so only to 1 guarantee of the year according to documents has received in packaging. To amazon that ready needs to be update in this unit.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS 24' 1080P ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
It likes more, of this monitor was hxc out of a box. Quality of wonderful picture, smooth 144hz, 1ms time of response. I add partorisca those of us to to which likes to take sweaty or so only enjoy some really good-looking gaming.

Was adds until a rear light fracasada with which roughly two month. Any big shot, has the three guarantee of the year and I take well of priest of my material. ASUS Does not concern , this in spite of. For his guarantee, Any physical defect void a guarantee. To all the cost of a subject real. Purely cosmetic harm void the. Detail further down.

With which mailing he in for the failed backlight, has received the response that a guarantee was void reason has had the scratch in a screen. They send photos of mine low resolution of one the majority of insignificant little scratch, hardly can sees. Reparation: $ 185.
Has contested that the scratch in a screen could not cause a backlight to fail, and for this was one the fault of ASUS and a guarantee still would owe that apply. A semence has not caused any @subject with a quality of a screen, any dead pixel, any bleeding by heart, swimming.
Has answered, that confirmation that a scratch was so only the subject cosmetic, any one prevents a function of a monitor, and a backlight could not have suffered harm for him. Still, they want to $ 185. This neither renews a guarantee, and any harm can cause to a monitor during the reparation also will be in a cost of a consumer.

For the monitor that presses $ 300, is quite terrible to have the backlight fails like this quickly. Please notes that turn of a computer when it is not into use, to comprise a monitor, how was to good sure not running 24/7. I will be while to some sales of Black Fridays and spend this money to somewhere more.

Update: I took it to the TV tends of reparation. A bad capacitor and the engine has directed. $ 40 Fijamente.
4 / 5
& WOW.
Has possessed this monitor for roughly 3 weeks now & could not be any happier.
Am past ALOT of time tinkering with ALL SOME SETTINGS in a monitor together with my pc hardware.

Was able to take 165hz with both gsync there is enabled/disabled & has had any question at all.
Is not never be really to gsync because of subjects of latency.
A lot This controls does a work that surprised to delete entrance & of tears lag!
Could a lot of any one finds reasons of entities because it would be them necessary disable it besides some smaller entrance lag.
Ailing be by train to use it for now until the warn any one questions & will inform if any looks.

Warns: there are some reports of Gsync not doing properly in habladoras machineries, flickering & black screens to look on screen.
Thats manily Because of a Gsync software & any one a monitor in failure.

I multiple edges are available on like this to regulate & the fixed help these subjects have seen software.

(Having all Nvidia/GPU/Motherboard helps of the up to date engine with any instability subject that it can be arrives.)

A monitor comes with alot of characteristic that is not required really or used by a half consumer, but is good to have this in spite of.

Corners to see is quite well for the tn poster
A picture takes the bit has washed is gone in a corner but the colours remain quite attentive.
Has compared the forward tn monitors ive seen this one resists on enough well.

Global indication: 5 stars
+1 Action
+1 Creation
+1 Compatibility
+1 Characteristics
+1 Prizes

was the bit iffy in a prize when it purchased it to them in the first place.
Seats like this is the $ monitor in an end of a day.
But touch an amazing monitor packed with the characteristic & delivery with action of amazing/quality for a prize.
Has come also without the pixels empty/deaths that it is the big plus .

P.D. These controls of those who am exited of a box ready to game & of discharges.
Any tinkering is required, with ways of picture, settings & of colours.
Takes your time that fixed until your to to that likes will be of happy with some results.
4 / 5
Am returned this monitor reason a backlighting was A lot of inconsistent which diverse of bad to absolutely hideous, according to a refresh the prices chosen. It looks significantly better in 85hz but concealed is not reason has taken this monitor . I have looked for to delete some engine and installing new some and he have not helped. Some pixels also do lacking to explode anti-aliasing and a pixel had died on arrival. One contrasts does not look to be very attentive neither reason the photos look terrible. This could do the decent monitor for your subject was down $ 150 but is two times that estimativa.
5 / 5
The quality of poster adds, minimum for behind light bleed and IPS glow in right side, any one visible at all in your soiled black with settings a lot brilliant into use normal. The sinister side of poster has any glow or bleed. Levels very acceptable, IMO.

Looks to be a lot of lag free in a test of UFO and in Joins of Legends. I can not see any blurs in any, a lot responsive poster. A incumplimiento that careers the looks of way to look a better out of all some options. It would try in this way and dip a brightness to 21 for the black of soiled tone, and race he until roughly 30 or like this for the room with 1 lightbulb in him. SRGB The way looks good but a brightness is closed to 50 or so much and is too brilliant. There is the pair with the in brilliant of saturated look, and the pocolos settings darker for cinemas and FPS. All some ways look decent.

Smoother IPS the poster has not looked never in, Highly recommend.
5 / 5
(This is coming from an original 5 description of star!) They are entirely disappointed with a longevity of this device, has had them has rented previously an exposure for some colours and a monitor he for his characteristic ergonomic. Now unfortunately the finally have a time to write one informs has required them the weeks done but could any one because of my work. This monitor has done fantastic for some premiers two days possessed it to them, a box is gone in that looked to be to perfect the condition and a monitor looked utmost out of a box. A morning of a third day this in spite of, has pressed them a key of power in a monitor while connected to the mine portable like the usually do, excepts has not had any exposure in a monitor once a light of indicator of the can has turned on. (His feigned to turn red when the device is connected but to aim remained instead likes the fact when the sound that looks for the signal. My screen of laptop would flash black then aim an image again multiple time in place of just once when initially syncing to a monitor to retorted an exposure of laptop. When chronometer there was finally to shoot of question in a first weekend possessed it to them ( was the previously a The WORKER) has tried them all has known them to comprise multiple hdmi bosses, multiple devices, different power outlets with devices to protect different installed or no installed, and using so much a hdmi1 and hdmi2 connections of entrance but to any avail. Finally the humbled I and decided to live cat with ASUS support of alive on-line technology but had confused like this to a question like the era and recommended returns it to them and excusado for an inconvenience, and because of a prize of a monitor and that the has not required the 15 lb hanged of paper ossia the one who has decided them do. Ive Has possessed multiple 1080p 144hz monitors before of different frames but decided to finally take the more 'first one', ive patient state with ASUS' bondadoso and anxious but unhelpful people of technology but creates them this will be my hard 'prime ASUS' monitor once the find a time to return he for a repayment has them has selected already.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. As well as I am gone in with low expectations, the thought was to complain a compraventa. Reason this was one of a bit those that the still available monitors on Amazon, COVID has paste really a phase of bad technology and the majority of a 144hz the monitors are all has sold was had to everywhere to the slowest imports of Cina. Well anyways Are happy to inform that they are 100 happy with cost of mine. I have been of the VG248QE of 2013 to this model, And his the night and day the difference has compared to another Asus monitor.

WELL Leaves to take this out of a way, Ossia it TN poster, But can have remarked another reviewers it saying has dull colours out of a box. Ossia True, But that the by heart simple adjustment in a saturation and contrast it easily fix a subject. Still it would go according to which to say this monitor has better colours that mine IPS of dell the one who use regularly for photoshop modifying. Have Literally any complaint on some paints at all.

This monitor there is probably a lower motion blurs or ghosting of any one big refresh the monitor of tax has has not used never. Although calm actively is looking for ghosting/final you cant finds a lot at all. An image is like this smooth in a screen his comparable to see the image of real life in motion. It looks of games so that to the butter softens his to like my eyes have taken the enormous upgrade.

This monitor costs a prize so only so only for him G of support-sync, Reason the majority another G-sync the monitors are in 300+ row of prize.

Also this monitor sustains 165Hz out of a box in spite of me that creates required to overclock the to achieve this refresh prices, has had a 165Hz the there same option in a Nvidia poster of control and actuated without the subject alone.

Final thoughts: I so only cant says quite a lot of good things in this monitor. Absolutely zero motion blurs or ghosting and has one of any cleaner of the moving images of any monitor has used int he past.

Seriously Of the that debates on taking it, SO ONLY The BUY! You wont complain it.

Another technology info: this monitor there has been the date of manufacture of June 2020 for those of you the one who loves to know if ossia the give form he new plus .
5 / 5
This to good sure will improve your gaming if you are not using the gaming monitor already. It looks better that to plot another poster in a row of prize. There is some light diverse saturation but less than other monitors of a same type. Some pixels look really good and treble. They do not underline too much. A better reason to buy ossia for a time of response and locate free way in my opinion. He FPS the games celery likes is in a game and entirely in control. You can have fast movements without taking garbled or dizzy. They are not an easy sale. They are in fact he is returned the new more VG248QG and gave it to 1 description of star. This one looks to better plot and there is basically some same specs.
5 / 5
Has bought this to be my second monitor with mine another Asus ossia the different model of east a. I can say that still although they are not never unhappy state with my first monitor, this one has the a lot of more acute and clear picture for comparison. Any one included has to that dip ready he out of a box to the equal that is coming with beautiful decent incumplimiento settings. My monitor has come also with the DisplayPort boss, which was the welcome transmission of DVI in 2020, or included hdmi.
Gaming The experience in this monitor is quite enjoyable and so only doing on is also well. An only negative partorisca east a location of some keys of control. Been due to as I dipped it on, are hard to achieve in a side, but does not expect all the world-wide to have a same question.
A outward appearance of a monitor is not one the majority of exceptional can take you, but is also quite good. Has the bevel around the, but is quite thin and personally still could prefers in this way.
Trace, as you are buying he with this intention, VESA 100mm the mountains do so only well with him. Has the flat yard well is gone in a backside to locate purpose, but will require to take out of one is of him (which is normal I supposition).

In general enough the decent monitor, quality and good prize of action and good picture. Oh, And it is to good sure 144Hz. You can change he in an engine of paper of the video to 165Hz, but of the mine another monitor is 144 also, so only maintain in this frequency to not taking distracted for a difference.
5 / 5
Has ordered this monitor as I have not loved to spend too much, but still have the well of monitor for gaming. Big refresh tax, g-sync, and mark of the fast response for the experience adds, smooth in of the games like CS: it GOES. This in spite of, ossia the estimativa TN monitor and calm basically paid so that takings. The colours look terrible, out of a box all is wash was and the text looks a lot of blurry. Seeing the corners are also horrendous in this monitor and calm basically has to that be looking in him directly on, no the subject enormous is so only gaming is, but has tried also uses he for work and am really a lot happy with a quality of image. Sending east a backside and that goes to spend bit it more in the 'fast' IPS monitor. Felizmente The service of Amazon was to add and will leave me gone back he.
4 / 5
Ugly grainy text and terrible aims. Mina 27 thumb 1080p wry monitor of 2016 has the clearest text, and concealed is not an exaggeration. I have bought this has thought in me 'Hmm, has a VG259QM (240hz version of this) which looks really well for the gaming, as it thinks that that I will take it casualidad in a 144hz version'.

Nope, A lot he. If you are looking for the monitor of backup, look elsewhere. If you are looking for the monitor only, well. It takes a VG259QM and will not be disappointed.

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