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1 Bluetooth Adapter for PC,Techkey USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 EDR Dongle for Computer Desktop Wireless Transfer for Laptop… Bluetooth Adapter for PC,Techkey USB Mini Bluetooth 5.0 EDR Dongle for Computer Desktop Wireless Transfer for Laptop… Bluetooth
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2 ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter w/ Bluetooth Dongle Receiver, Laptop & PC Support, Windows 10 Plug and Play /8/7/XP, Printers… ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter w/ Bluetooth Dongle Receiver, Laptop & PC Support, Windows 10 Plug and Play /8/7/XP, Printers… ASUS
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3 Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Music Streaming Sound System, esinkin W29-us Wireless Audio Adapter Works with Smart Phones… Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Music Streaming Sound System, esinkin W29-us Wireless Audio Adapter Works with Smart Phones… Bluetooth
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4 TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High… TP-Link AC600 USB WiFi Adapter for PC (Archer T2U Plus)- Wireless Network Adapter for Desktop with 2.4GHz, 5GHz High… TP-Link
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5 USB Wifi Adapter 1200Mbps QGOO USB 3.0 Wifi Dongle 802.11 ac Wireless Network Adapter with Dual Band 2.42GHz/300Mbps 5… USB Wifi Adapter 1200Mbps QGOO USB 3.0 Wifi Dongle 802.11 ac Wireless Network Adapter with Dual Band 2.42GHz/300Mbps 5… USB
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6 Bluetooth Adapter for PC USB Bluetooth Dongle 4.0 EDR Receiver Techkey Wireless Transfer for Stereo Headphones Laptop… Bluetooth Adapter for PC USB Bluetooth Dongle 4.0 EDR Receiver Techkey Wireless Transfer for Stereo Headphones Laptop… Bluetooth
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7 TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter(TL-PA4010 KIT)- Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home… TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter(TL-PA4010 KIT)- Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home… TP-Link
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8 Logitech C-U0007 Unifying Receiver for Mouse and Keyboard Works with Any Logitech Product That Display The Unifying Logo… Logitech C-U0007 Unifying Receiver for Mouse and Keyboard Works with Any Logitech Product That Display The Unifying Logo… Logitech
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9 TP-Link AV1000 Powerline Starter Kit (TL-PA7017 KIT) - Gigabit Port, Plug&Play, Ethernet Over Power, Nano Size, Ideal… TP-Link AV1000 Powerline Starter Kit (TL-PA7017 KIT) - Gigabit Port, Plug&Play, Ethernet Over Power, Nano Size, Ideal… TP-Link
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10 Bluetooth USB Adapter USB Dongle Bluetooth Receiver Transfer Wireless Adapter for Laptop PC Support Windows 10,8,7,Vista… Bluetooth USB Adapter USB Dongle Bluetooth Receiver Transfer Wireless Adapter for Laptop PC Support Windows 10,8,7,Vista… Bluetooth
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Top Customer Reviews: Bluetooth Adapter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
This device is exactly that says that it is: the Bluetooth 5.0 USB nano-dongle. It will do low Windows with a Techkey Container of Engine, and in spite of any when being a lot officially sustained, also will do down Linux with the modern kernel ( or later) & some tweaking.

A device is essentially the rebranded ASUS USB-BT500 bluetooth dongle. Work reasonably a lot - improves them row and action out of him then any one another Bluetooth 4.0 nano-dongle I own. A connection is more than confidence, stable, and the drops was less. It is not partorisca perfect - a row is for the half, and still has some subjects of connection from time to time. Partorisca $ 20, is not the terrible shot is looking for the Bluetooth 5 receiver.

So much, in this engine.

A lot of reviewers has signalled out of this Windows 10 does not require the engine partorisca bluetooth devices. Ossia Corrected.

This in spite of...

This dongle together with his prime minister, a BT500, uses a RTL8761b chip. A RTL8761b chip, likes very other modern devices, trusts an operating system partorisca press firmware to a device. (Essentially a code that pursues inside a device, which says it like this partorisca operate). A firmware is not resupplied so that of closing the Microsoft or a linux-firmware container. For like this, the windows requires an external engine partorisca press a firmware to a device.

Thanks to Meghan in an of another commentary of edges of description, knows that a Techkey the engine is virtually identical to a BT-500 engine. This engine is signed properly for Realtek, as I can be reasonably sure that some engine is sure partorisca use.

Ossia A same reason that a dongle is not esupported' down MacOS or Linux. It is possible to take a device that read on Linux partorisca install a firmware manually. (Essentially, taking a '' of some engine and installing he in /lib/firmware with the proper name that & copies a config of a rtl8761a. Use 'dmesg' when you tie a device partorisca more information.)

Is unlikely that this device no never under MacOS unless has the way to upload fact to commission bluetooth firmware.

This , hopefully solve any confusion with this dongle. So only we can expect that Realtek will release a firmware to one YOU providers, so that this device will do without engine in of the Windows and Linux.
4 / 5
Judging for a frustration other people here, are by train of the supposition was reason have not had the cd reader. Has an outside cd the walk of then has music CDs and other disks still. But I have looked for to use this without installing the engine and he would not find mine Powerbeats Pros. It has found my echos of Amazon this in spite of. Any sure reason.

To all the cost, with which installation of engine, has done well. The sound is well, and the connectivity is that it would expect. There is not too many bluetooth 5.0 adapters that is not in fact papers of his or whatnot, so that it does not have too much competition here.

A packaging and he polish of this thing is unremarkable. You can say that they are spent like the percentage in some alone figures of his estimativa on packaging and presentation. Really they would owe that it has done it an available engine for download.

Like this yes, really need the way to install engine of a disk.

One could ask reason ossia still USB2.0 when A world has moved already on to the main and better things.
Well... bluetooth The speeds of scrolling are a lot down included some maxima USB2.0, As I guess this felt..
5 / 5
This dongle has left mine 6 old year Dell computer of laptop, which would not connect never with my helps of listened, to connect. Also it leaves more than a device to be paired with him so that it can change of one to another, as to the speaker, then the telephone or then to your helps of has listened. They are more than satisfied. A booklet still explains that a Bluetooth this comes with an operating system of Windows is the coffins bone Bluetooth. An only difficulty will be for which can not find a file of Manager of the Device in his computer. Directing of Device of just type in your bar of investigation of bar of task. It will aim you it is in a Poster of Control. Click in the and uninstall all a Bluetooth frame. Then run a disk has closed afterwards has spent in a Bluetooth dongle and follow some instructions.
5 / 5
These works for my needs, as any complaint there.

A row is the bit less than a row can take of my telephone, but my primary use for east is while I am seating in my office in all the chance.

Strangely, Some engine is shipped in the micro-cd, as if any glielo DVD/CD PLAYER in your computer, will have the difficult time that installs some engine. It would be very they would do him available in the place of web.

Looks to be it Realtek rtl8761 chip, as it could be able to find engine of Realtek directly.
4 / 5
Is small and discreet but works perfectly.

Has had has purchased recently the pair of Bluetooth on-auricular of ear and paired his with mine desk. But, for some reason, my computer has lost Bluetooth the functionality and I has not been able of the restore. Mine another option was to buy the Bluetooth the the adapter and I have decided is one.

Has received grieves I plugged he in and installed an engine resupplied in the mini-CD. Still although one installs requires the computer restarts, was able to pair my headphones without any subjects. Now I am listening to boss of music-free and the sounds adds!

If my transmissions to experience in the near future afterwards has the occasion to use he for the moment, will update my description with my new impressions.
5 / 5
Simply a better bluetooth 5.0 adapter in a phase. It is tiny and works perfectly with windows 10, logitech mx3 and apple airpods. Better still, there is remarked is in fact bluetooth 5.1(sees picture) has included so only announce likes 5.0. The shot adds!
4 / 5
Has wanted to use the pair of wireless Bluetooth auricular () with my computer, as I have bought this Bluetooth adapter. This adapter purportedly uses Bluetooth 5, a version that minimises latency of audio, so that when it look video , an audio and the video will be synchronised.

Unfortunately, an adapter I receipt has not done properly. Had significant lag among an audio and video, and an audio frequently the cut was for the little according to the time. It suspects a an I taken can very in fact be Bluetooth 5. While in of the Settings of Windows a device calls 'Bluetooth 5,' if inspections some details of engine of the device, objective he Bluetooth 4 engine of device appoints of file (sees a screenshot). Incidentally, you have to use the engine resupplied for a costruttore, no the engine regulates available of Update of Windows or Realtek, a company that marks a Bluetooth chip.

With a same and auricular computer, was able to take the audio has synchronised perfectly and the video that use another adapter (). It is more expensive, but suppose that ossia the chance where take which pays stops.

Inferior line - wants to use your Bluetooth auricular to look video, does not take this adapter. I can very included recommend he for use of audio so only, because of a loss of intermittent connection.
5 / 5
During this social distancing situation, has required the way to connect my beaten-x and mine Samsung buds to mine desk PC to the equal that can speak during some on-line meetings. It likes that of this Adapter reason is a late plus Bluetooth modulate it and is backward compatible besides has the very small profile.
5 / 5
Ossia A Realtek rtl8761 chipset, which he calms of Google, only supports until BT 4.0

can explore a CD comprised and open on an engine .INF. In him, calm will see it right there in a filename: - rtl8761 'bt40'
4 / 5
Ossia the add little discreet bluetooth 5.0 adapter. You owe that install a Realtek engine that goes in a bit CD inside a container for him to do with Win10. It was able to pair of mine 8bitdo controller and Sony BT auricular without @@subject. Quality of his east orders in some headphones and a controller is fast and responsive. A BT the adapter has seen devices everywhere my house and has included some of mine together so that it looks to have the good long row.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS USB-BT400 USB ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Law with Windows 10 here. That is to say a method has used:

0) any cover he in still like this
1) go in Asus USB-BT400 website to download engine later (until it quotes 04/20/2016) -- marks this so that you can very vouch for a version/of date of those in a disk.
2) Click in upport'
3) click on 'Tools and of Automotive'
4) chooses your Operating system and downloads a zip to click on 'Global' (~18 MBs)
5) unzip a file (maintaining ~45 MBs unzipped) and opens a dossier until voice 2 dossiers -- 'Automotive' and 'Installer'
6) ploughs a 'Installer' dossier and click on'etup' application (any config file of same name)
7) afterwards achieved installs, reboot
8) covers he in (protrudes 9mm like pictured).
9) to arrive to this point the windows gave me to us very discouraging messages (grave) but hang in there:
-- 'A last device of USB connected in this computer has acted bad, and the windows do not recognise it .' [popup Window]
-- 'device of USB any one recognised - A last device of USB connected in this computer has acted bad, and the windows do not recognise it .' [Message of Centre of the action]
gives these messages probably so that it tries in automatically install engine in spite of my already distributing them.
10) HAS DECIDED to unplug all any essential USB east (all excepts keyboard and smiled), and moves a Asus USB-BT400 in the port of new USB (passthrough USB in Corsair Strafe keyboard), and then only fact, probably so that the windows now consider to be an old device, any one new.

1) Vain in of the Parameters --&62; Devices --&62; Bluetooth and turn it on, if it is not on already
2) Pair with your device. The instructions here go for a slightly based change in a device is using. It has matched in the Microsoft Lumia 640 and Creative SoundBlaster auricular of Jam without complication.

is matched felizmente in headphones but still can not listen anything, tries these things:
1) Right click in an icon of volume in your taskbar, select 'Devices of Playback , and mark sure your headphones is selected what default device by right-click and selecting eset So Default Device'
2) If this is done even so any one audio, tries to close a game/of program is in and it reopening, or changing an in-audio of game in something more and then behind in auricular -- both have done for me.

using Bluetooth the headphones was able to listen until 25 ~feet (15 steps) of a transmitter.

At the same time of this description there is the $ 5 rebate in a device (38% was) until an end of 01/2017.
5 / 5
Val ... To start with it has been it DOES not DETECT my bluetooth devices at the beginning when clicked 'Attaches the Device'
After some google the investigation expsita that a reason could be that a bluetooth the service is prendido/deactivated in my services of Windows.
Has resulted that it was a reason . Qualified the and has begun. Working perfectly very now.

Here is some steps:

Goes in of the Services of Windows (Beginnings -&62; it Pursues -&62; services.msc -&62; VAL)
had two services there 'Bluetooth maintains' and 'Bluetooth maintains Lean'
Bluetooth Maintains of the support was deactivated. I enabled it and it begin it.
Looked ... My bluetooth the devices have begun to take detected.
1 / 5
It was able to install engine and devices of pair, but an audio will not connect in my Windows 7 x64 machine. Look during an internet for the solutions and he have looked for to be common. I am spent an hour in a telephone with Asus support of technology unsuccessfully. Uninstalling And uploading engine of the legate has not done. Asus Ensured me intensify my entrance and the backside of call in 48 business hours. They the no. Has called the, and has said that would require more time. Another day later, nicknamed to ask a number of model of my headphones, but the different bluetooth the speaker would not connect or. It IS state in 2 weeks and Asus did not call me never behind, as it is returned.
5 / 5
It is been to lose or lose for me with adapter of Bluetooth-dongles, where enough fail to do at all - or at least for the precise east the to do. For the long time has not had any necessity for them, while all my machines and peripherals and the dono the dads were Bluetooth able in his own, which was the very convenient 'fixed' for a dongles any acting also. Even so, when my PC of new work has finished having any onboard Bluetooth for my BT Bose headphones, decided to try some waters again a last time.

Looked for and looked for to find one of the to appoint familiar mark, which with small peripherals like this, is class of the ache in a patootie. Google Or Amazon look for 'bluetooth dongle' 'adapter' or one which and will take the million and a rando-options of mark for $ 5-15. Desprs Roughly deliberate look for found easterly the unit IS ASUS. Any one to that likes him each ASUS of the product has done like the sleep, or a mark is free of lemons ( has exchanged the pair GPUs some years and has had the bad MOBO) but has known a name, different each an another 'random marks in a cup of a stack of investigation. So much, essentially, you are the wary bit (because of BT adapter unluckiness) but optimistic (because of familiarity of mark).

This writes arrived in a clave, plugged he in a void of USB, fallen in a disk of engine, and in the minutes of pair (5 cups?) It was able to connect my Bose auricular in my computer. Yay!

Why I like this the adapter compared in some another?

1. It was the roads very -- no only so that it was cheap, but so that work!

2. It was quite carried and game.

3. The difference of the plot of another generic, mark to import dongle things-- some directions were clear. Had very these accesses of lines, boggling, or Googling the flavour finds an engine for a whackadoo no-mark to appoint on-line of a a distributed with an element has not done.


Inferior line: law for me where these buggers not having never before. All some directions are clear. I imagine have the problem with him could have a time an easy more troubleshooting and/or taking support of technology so that a product is a ASUS that opposite in some another random company. If you have been burned before, gives this or tries it.
3 / 5
Work quite well, small. But sometimes it is to take to connect in device of audio.
1 / 5
Has a HP 17-f115dx which have not built in bluetooth adapter. State using the Jabra bluetooth adapter with Broadcom bluetooth software. This adapter has done well enough. Alas, recently prende to do and has ordered this Asus adapter to substitute it. A software distributed assembla any be compatible with Windows 8.1. It tries several solutions and has had any success. Appreciate any useful information to do this work of adapter.
2 / 5
Any thrilled, but took it to do with windows 7 64 bit and my galaxy s3. A software has not installed properly and has tried very very time. It installs maintained to fail. Has had to a troubleshooter in of the devices and of the printers and every time a computer restarts has to do a same thing. I have been of able to transfer photos in and of my telephone, is maintaining this he so that it is more than the ache to return but no happy that every time restart my computer, will have to run a troubleshooter. One installs the fault of so much a cd and of a download of asus website. emailing asus Was of any help while we said me to us to download software of his place, which already had done . The volume of the next computer there is Bluetooth build in!!
1 / 5
I compare auricular bluetooth connections among my Nokia of old tlphonique N8 and my PC ASUS BT400.
Does not have any comparison. A Bluetooth of my Nokia old is 1000 better times that this.

1. It IS only slightly better that the generic bluetooth $ 5

1. He any one cover a lot of distance.
2. A signal is cut among any object.
3. Prize very big for an action has offered.

Has liked him always a Asus marks but alas thinks Asus is going down a quality of his products.
1 / 5
I can connect in my tlphonique but some three sets of the headphones has tried has not done. I see an error in device mgr but still after update in an engine a new plus, reparation of automobile ect even so any one for the fix. I have believed at the beginning that that was some auricular so that it can connect he in my telephone. No my Logitect will not connect , a two pair of MEElectronics headphone no, or a new mark Bluedio and has bought only.

HAS has wanted my asus portable and has bought this concretely so that this was asus but now and thinks and'll uses another mark.
3 / 5

Stupid windows!

Swears, has state through this two times now. I 'think' is is doing, but a Bluetooth can not see the technology for Windows (8.1 i7 Quad core). On-line eye to help and take at all. I am DONE with east. Some the blue light works tiny, as I know this thing is on, and 'occasionally' can take one of my Bluetooth headsets to do when that is to say it covers he in. But another that that it is quite useless. Until this comes with the manual will say estay out of him totally.' I any preoccupy me what a lot of-done is if he no with Windows (and 90% of a time he no - and that is to say afterwards hours to battle with east in several occasions).

Top Customer Reviews: Bluetooth Audio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
If these helps of the description in any Positive or Negative road pleases the USEFUL paste!!! Help to adoptive me to continue my real descriptions of products have purchased.

Pros: $ Priced Under $ 25 / fast Synchronised in my Sake/ of your soft tlphonique in of the speakers while it synchronises to leave know BT is discoverable (Note if I do not want then only synch the device before turn in your system of of the one of the west/ the light/ of Petit Blue is the good touch / Comes / with cape and adapter to be able
5 / 5
At the end, the device of Bluetooth those remains on until in fact the turn was. Marks the tool adds to breathe new life in old squad. Hooked This until the compact Onkyo amp has wanted behind a day but had resulted basically obsolete. Any anymore! Plugged A supply of power of the devices in a outlet has changed of a amp and now while it wants my pc audio to touch through the esal' system I just turn in a amp like the old time and a Floyd never sounded also.
The unit is quite 40 feet and to wall of rooms/of the pair of pc and acts only sake. More than all when transfers of a amp a device is also was like my pc reverts in a default device to start with of the audio.
Had tried everything under an only, comprising Bluetooth numerous together of of the one of the west ups, but at all matches a versatility to run old, but quality to be able in/big, squad and speakers like this the marks of unit. (The unit takes of low amp for beak even so it is usually under amp and gives of just the glow of light blue. I add Cairo)
3 / 5
To Tan Far likes him the quality of his and such go, that is to say only sake . I think any one that only is connecting computers or his telephones only in this device any very subject with him. I have found already some frustrations since have bluetooth speakers in a room while also using this he so that it can connect my telephone in my main speakers in another room

- first easterly is the smallest subject but expsito that some DC covers to be able to return very loosely in a DC beats jack in a backside. It treats this before in other cheap devices, and a trick is to apply some force in a pin in an only quite jack to change an angle in a supremely miniscule felt. A quantity is speaking enough is one that you would not be able to see a difference with your own eyes. If calm also will break it. To do that, is attaching some light tension of a now obliged contact with a connection to be able in in a side when presses some covers in a jack. These looks has fixed that, but totally can see any one another client that is to confuse so that his device has maintained powering down because of this exact reason.

- A main nuisance with treating multiple bluetooth the devices of audio are that you want change of this device in another, has to take (forget) of your telephone. If calm only 'disconnects' of him and connect in another, this receiver touches the sound every time your telephone chooses it up while constantly scanning arrests bluetooth devices in a fund. For estmoviendo' he, this bluetooth the receiver no longer will do this sound. Even so, for in fact reconnect in him, will owe physically walk where have this plugged in and presses a big bluetooth button in an upper of the pose behind in in this way/to match of the discovery. It tries to connect in him without that has to foreseen concealed and take the error to match in my telephone.

Thinks that goes to give this in my parents after I like him out of another mark as I can see if those spend to be easier to do with. That wants to be able to the mark is change among multiple bluetooth devices of the audio without that has to walk on in an and presses the physical button in some devices they. It conceal it is not that I am able to do with this device.
5 / 5
For a prize of the small morning distills, this little gizmo has completed perfectly my Toshiba of vintage Aurex System 15 (since 1983).

A fact that all are comprised in a set, this BT adapter the no-brainer compraventa for people with old (except expensive) hello-fine systems to be able to touch some later streaming formed of audio (mostly,16 or 24-LEAN bit) issues the Salvation-Animal player of musician.

Like Another experience of critique, a BT the signal is sometimes too strong this has to unplug the supply of power of a unit to use another AV auricular (or, any artilugio) with built-in BT in a house. No the hassle at all for me so these seat only joint my small salvation-fine system.

Any one to mention a fact that the supply of power of a set (universal voltage , also -- 110-240 V) the cape is very time quite so that it can plant you this the only small gem anywhere around your system of musician.

But I like a strong unit BT signal -- provides seamlessly the digital musician these bombs in my little system of sake. Pure joy!!!

Expects that the hard until the new BT the level comes around that oblige to him to take to nine unit

For now, is very, very satisfied like this BT the amiably matched adapter vintage of mine micro salvation-fine system -- and, yes, the Salvation of sake-Animal player of audio.
5 / 5
He a trick. It has attached he in an old stereo in my workshop and he sound utmost. A system was my big stereo of one '90s with the Harmon Kardon Reciever and JBL speakers and subwoofer. Have taking he in me in my tent more or he less done fifteen years. It opens Can tunes of current easily and is no longer bonded with OLD CD, the coverage of useless tape and VCR...

A pair of notes that very done for me:
1) has a stereo and this adapter in the master change that the turn was when he leaves a tent. This also decouples an adapter of my telephone. I have read some complaints that has to take you your telephone in 'forget' this device so that it is to take in unlink a bluetooth connection. The visit only is, saw the change to be able to master, and when on duty retreats on, he automatically relinks in my tlphonique bluetooth. This am adds for me.
2) This device is very small. I posed it behind a receiver (as it can you any one same voice he) and the laws add. I have walked upstairs even so he perfectly.
3) Comes with the supply to be able in and the cape in hook until any one the mini jack or RCA entrances. I have appreciated to be able to use it well out of a box without that has to buy anything more.

An only stranger for me is how long this taken. It buys the little bluetooth auricular some years with mixed results. Some any lacking never, some mark. Has the big hopes but the only time will say.
5 / 5
Substituted my old Logitech (which has prendido to connect next awhile) with easterly the unit IS smaller, and looks better. Any hassle connection, the sound adds. Another has remarked that this unit will connect in your device hardly is ignited, which could be the problem feigns to use he with several devices (sharing he with friends etc.), But for my purposes, is happy this connects , and does not have to go in of the parameters every time for the turn on, likes him done with a Logitech. There is plugged in my receiver, likes fire and is gone with a receiver. So much, for me that is to say it plus . Seriously it have to consider some ramifications of the same so that the does not have an on/was change, and unless has connect how me , will owe physically unplug it to maintain he to connect.
5 / 5
Original description:

takes the few tentativas to attach a device in my computer, but once connects properly, maintains a connection of work.When, it is it adds. I can say a little difference to record until 320kbps. More than it conceal, it can very really it say a difference, but although my computer was directly cape has connected, can not say neither, as it spends my expectation of quality of the sound.

My problem is, some looks of unit very receptive of source of external noise. Sometimes the attach quite annoying buzz or the sound that represents the quality sensibly degrades. I am trying to find a cause, but beats so far a lot, and create it would have to has been protected better in a first place like the device of musician, only can give 1 star in this moment in time.

Update: 5/16/2017
A vendor routed me the substitution after reading my first description. A problem of the noise does not spend in a unit of substitution. Also, a first unit can not change source of musician automatically when any source is muted ( has had to manually press a button) but this does perfectly. I am quite happy with a substitution, like this updated some points to revise respectively 5 stars.
1 / 5
They say that taken that decrees of paid. This was cheap, and is, well, CHEAP. A beginning of his east way down below and distorted. I have tried this cual the race of test with Carver some squad of the vintage and has thought my amp has been in decline. It IS all was and has bought the Audio of Cambridge CXN and has discovered my squad of vintage was only sake, was this artilugio.

How Another has commented, the once split calm with him, would require to forget a device for the take. And there is any change of power in this device so in unpair need the unplug. It IS cheap in pricing so that it is cheap in quality of his and qualified to match. The May would buy It or again. There it owes the when being the estimativa better bluetooth auricular that this unit
5 / 5
I have wanted the half to listen in musician of so much my iPhone (pandora, etc.) And a point of echo (saws Musician of Amazon) through the set of speakers. I have purchased this product and he was easy to pose up (using RCA connectors) and pair with both devices (this was during September 2016). This month (January 2017) data - could not access he of any one echo or tlphonique. I have contacted a vendor saws email through amazon and was pleasantly surprised with the response in 24 hours. An element was low warrantee and hurriedly routed the substitution. A walnut one was installed hurriedly and everything is running well.

Has been impressed with so much a product and a support, and would recommend it. Regarding a failure, the material raisin... A point of entity is that some responses of vendor.
5 / 5
OMG Perfects, has it plugged in console of mine of Magnavox of the vintage stereo and his never sounded better with tunes to touch direct in him of my tlphonique or portable !!! I have bought included 2 a for me and my boys

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link AC600 USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
That is to say the slightly revises more technician since you folks, and yes only is using this to connect in WiFi, safely can ignore.
After purchasing is, spent he very properly records with some Linux setups this was usually guaranteed to do (Kali). Desprs Some reaserch, coverage that an adapter has two touched - a with a Atheros Chipset, and or with the RealTek Chipset. So far, an only reliable road to say that I have ascertained is to look in a fund of a device he for a FCC number, which are the small sequence of numbers directly in a barcode in a backside. If yours read 'TE7WN722NV2', has a RealTek version 2, which are unusable for some projects. Otherwise, probably has an upper Atheros version. Another road to say is, sometimes, afterwards in a S/N in a backside, says 'v2.1' Or something similar. So far I have not exited if a FCC the number or the version are in a box, while I have launched that goes to give before the east.

Is estimating this product two stars for any one in doing clear that this was something concealed has required the preoccupy me quite. It have to have , at least in a description, something that says that that is to say Version 2 using a RealTek Chipset in place of Atheros. It was not they sell a Version 1 at all, but some people have asked has said taken that version, meaning a vendor can be only at random choose among versions 1 and 2 to the ship was.
4 / 5
Val How has tried to take the one of is that laws in my mac and has had initially at all except problem. Look in the little DIYs on-line and has imagined was, imagined would share with writing!

First of all this supposes is in mac OSX The Capitan, which comprise the bouquet of amparos to install other accessories. Precise begins to turn protect of the integrity of the System has been. The guide is found easily in Google.

Pursues Down through- restarts your computer, mandate to control+R when a sound comes on and the control until a logotype of looks of apple.
A computer will kick in road of diagnostic.
Goes in Terminal.
Type 'csrutil deactivate'
after it conceal the law can write esbota' or uses a yac.

Opens reboot Behind in your desktop, and downloads a file here [...] ( Link he not aiming , look in hackintosh qualifies each in a kext for realtek wireless usb adapters the Capitan ready)

is the universal wireless utility that law with a RTL8192CU, an interior of piece a TP adapter of nexus.

Installs and reboot. Opened the There Will be You the wireless utility that will do hardly closed of your mac internal wireless. These laws of thing very good and some looks of strong connection, is only the shame a company does not offer the engine has update.

IS by train of the give Four stars so that it was the ache in an ass to install. I expect that this help you mac users!
1 / 5
Received two of a description a late plus of a TP-Nexus TL-WN722N N150 WiFi dongles. We were to try in our systems and the could not take work. My engineer of software some digging so in why and was able to read a message of internal error of both units that declares that a ICs in some units have been refused in QC. A process have taken the pair of the months that leaves without recourse for tower. Since it has no another road to provide feedback of the amazon in this product is publishing here. I will update this description listens behind Amazon.
1 / 5
It gives this product he 4/5 if it has not had some subjects of serious compatibility among a TP-software of utility of the Nexus and Windows 7 and 8. A device does so announced. An impulse in reception is impressive. Even so, a device only a lot using an engine. If you want to take some extra as it creates the hotspot then need install a TP-utility of Nexus. This calm give you more control in a device and a capacity to create the hotspot. Desprs Using an only adapter with his installed engine (2.5-month), decided to give an utility tries it. The career adds for enough 1 week. After it begins to take a blue screen of death in my Wins 8 Headerof machine_grupal_Bad. A frequency of mine the random closures begins to locate with every day to use to a point where my laptop was to ail restarted in front of closing down. I have thought my less portable that 1-the old year has been in decline. I all classify of refreshes and restoresany data. It IS well for the day then some errors have begun again. It IS to arrive to this point has take of old faithful, my trusty Wins 7 laptop. I have installed an utility and all was well for the few hours then some the same random closures have begun to arrive. I uninstalled a TP-utility of the nexus and my system was stable again. I have opened my Win 8 laptop, uninstalled an utility and immediately the stability has been restored. Alas, there is still the subject to persist. Instead minutes among random closures, a time has grown in of the hours. I will have to dry a whole system and does the net installs. A TP-utility of Nexus in spite of what TP-the web of place of Nexus says has subjects of serious compatibility with Laureate 7 and 8. Yes, I have run a road of compatibility. For some ridiculous reason suggests that roll in XP subjects. It do not conceal any work or. Also this is not an isolated case. Only in front of some random closures have begun recommended a device in the partner. Has win it 7 laptop. His experience was identical to explode. Any problem those uses only an engine, even so it was disastrous after installing an utility. Again, give it the 4/5 if an utility does not represent my unusable portable. As it IS, 1/5 it is a more can gives.
1 / 5
Two commentaries quite why the hate: In the first place, he only works with cores of Linux until 3.19.3. Yes, the calm say you that in a description, but if only voices 'Linux compatible' (and responses in in in question the to to him like him to them the - ' law with Linux' - 'he still') and is not familiar with that core has, will be very disappointed. I am running Mint of Linux 18.3 with the core the new plus, and does not act. A company would owe engine of update for his squad to reflect a program a late plus, and they Segundo of no., while it does with Windows10 (has poses he of dual boot up in this walk takes, so at least can use with Win10), now is taking the 'TWCU' error every time records in of the Windows, which are spoken at length in the microsoft forum for years - why has no TP-the nexus fixed this? It opens, some laws of adapter to take wi-final, but has to close a window of the error every time records on. A lot of problem.
1 / 5
Too many Variants to list or low product, so yes is looking for the concrete descriptions in a WN822N then read down.

HAS the black of Brothers and white printer that the project of alone law has related concealed no in that has it WiFi in the. It looks for the road to take he in my more net that hardwiring the in a machine. It tries to use this device and an adapter for USB A Woman in Man of USB. Cela Would leave me in connector directly in the printer of my Brother, in theory. Which has thought has been to do a trick, but has not been able to take that far.

After the hours to battle with him, included of multiple machines, could not take a device to be recognised by a TP-utility of Nexus same although it look in my manager of device.

This device is totally outdated and is very disappointed that TP-the nexus has not directed this. I have read a lot of pieces and looked videos on that to pose this until he around some subjects have fulfilled with this device in the Windows 10. It looks as if truly it is the swipe or lose.

Some uses of device WPS like the method of primary party, which are very outdated because of his global outdated protocols of security. My eero subject very included sustain WPS for this reason.

Would not recommend this product like the time is spent on flavour in finagle he in working can does not yield the working solution.
3 / 5
Bought this for the Desktop Gaming PC without wireless card behind in 2013. At the same time it lives in of the sleeps he in that University there is not Wire fence ethernet in some rooms. It was not to be some restrictions of students of wireless security that causes the problem or this card but he would fall quite a lot of connection frequently.
(A Wi-Fino would not fall like my telephone has remained connected but a desktop this uses this card suddenly prendera to connect in a point and he would require to be unplugged then replugged and begin work. I attack 3 hours. Necessities To be unplugged then replugged again.) Very troubleshooting required to take it to connect the averages a time. Sometimes I law adds for the moment then the no. Moved out of those sleeps the few later months felizmente and was able in the decree that uses this but was the cheap solution that done for one the majority of part. Still I have he in case perhaps any for the require never.
2 / 5
Tan anteriorly Has had the positive to revise what lauded this thing. A bit those that months later and the things have changed. Many.
For judges of start, some looks of connection to be that it falls at random. As this the quite impossible fact to remain in the party for more concealed 5 minutes without being disconnected. They are very brief, but enough in totally interrupt that it is doing.

Has achieved also has been prende to back, that has insisted strongly that it was my connection of internet and no an adapter.
Voice here, has taken a ethernet cape (which are being routed through multiple doors), and a connection is flawless. Running max accelerate all a time without drops of connection. And I that for the mere 6 dollars in place of 20-30. As it can confirm it it was certainly any one my connection of internet.

Cairo, only take a ethernet cape. It takes the long one more has to . It spends the few minutes only that direct some capes (yes, the flat capes exist!). That is to say well for day-in-use in the daytime, but yes calm anything that on-line gaming, good luck.

Opens does not take Me bad, this was the cape adds -free option when laws, and your mileage can vary. But I guess it take a low end of a clave this time.
2 / 5
The installation was cry he for the number of reasons: a description of product here in the amazon has done any one mentions that a TL-WN822N no with 5G WIFI. It can provide the signal the stable plus that my current Realtek wireless adapter, but he throttled my speeds of normal download [100mbs] for the 70-75%.

Another is that my ASUS M32 desktop of CD with a Realtek the the wireless adapter did not retreat WPS which has not known . His documentation of installation [that comprises the video in his page of support of the product], which are among some worse has seen in of the recent years, has done any one mentions to verify for information him so much: it supposes that WPS works for all the world. I wasted Almost an hour that the flavours done his WPS work of tool of the connection.

In general, supposes the users have very clean/WIFI knows. In general I am spent almost 2 hours that what hacerprpers work. There is not this very digging around in of the protocols of point and parameters of the security since was in dial up.

His support of technology was uneven and in an end totally unprofessional. During a course of 45 cat of session of minute, the order through that a problem could be, has mentioned a lot of time that tries to do laws he in the 5xarxa of G. Quite a lot of 20 minutes later when a unit at the end had connected in a 2.5coverage of G, one takes said me no with 5G. Quan Has said that it was informative in me after a cat. I have done support of client for in the decade and closely with corporate DSS groups for the majority of this time. Well you take May rescinds in of the calls or of the sessions what concealed; the good companies do sure such does not spend never. Has my email: I have listened at all.

Another negative is that they a lot the email join me transcription of cat and had any nexus for the download I. It does not take never experimenting that before. Again they have my email, but there is no routed the.

Has accused already a turn in Amazon and will fall a unit has entered UPS in a morning. This company has the reputation adds, but tonight the experience leave me unlikely in never consider his products again. A 2 indication of star gives them a profit of a doubt regarding his reputation. A description of incomplete product in Amazon, an unsuitable documentation and unprofessional the support of technology has lost the another 3.
3 / 5
I eat...That a lot another active give and distinguished was - does different versions of the same wifi adapter. We touch 1-3. And apparently an only or that will back the road of monitor is version 1. I seat like this it is the bit of the sale to deceive for Amazon and TP-Nexus in any one to say you that the version of an adapter is buying.

Mays...To Tan Far likes him the usability, functionality, etc. Acts well. If I need the fast, cheap wifi adapter for in a vain or the provisional use or anything, this will do a trick and he well enough. It maintains to import that the any be anywhere apropa a current wifi levels of speed of today, but yes that the does not import in you, then for each bad - advanced and conquer your wifi with this card. But, you are looking to do more concealed only connects in wifi, look to take another card. This one any one cual required the to do.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Wifi Adapter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Amazing súper fast . The prize adds partorisca this better of confidence súper fast WiFi connectivity. It covers-n the game will connect immediately in your house WiFi . It can not beat a service and prize partorisca this súper USB of better quality WiFi adapter.
5 / 5
Has bought partorisca the car without wireless. Tried in mine portable that there has been Intel Centre wireless partorisca comparison, the adapter of New USB connects in the fastest tax that a built-in wireless in a 2.4 ghz coverage (173 vs 144) and league in 5 ghz in 545 which is awesome. Any engine has required in of the Windows 10 - literally discharges and touch which is adds. The works add in desks, using in usb 3.0 port. The antenna has taken some force in bylines the rotate, but has done well and to good sure will not fall in his own. You call them of zoom have been flawless using it like this far, as any big latency or subjects of drop of the container.
5 / 5
The product has arrived quickly and easy to install. I have purchased this element that expects it would relieve my grandson hogging a bandwidth when touching games in his PC. It has helped he so that it was able to connect wirelessly but glitched and has frozen when touching Fortnite. It has finalised partorisca connect directly to one issues again. I have used this in another room of a house the help augments a signal partorisca the television and has helped the plot.
4 / 5
Has bought this wifi adapter especially partorisca use with Ubuntu implementation of Linux. The installation was achieved partorisca both portable/desk and Raspberry Pi devices. A wifi the adapter has been installed like the Realtek RTL88x2bu chipset. It researches that chipset and follow instructions. I have used a terminal way to enter commanded. Happy surfing with a QGOO wifi adapter.
4 / 5
This was covers it and game. I plugged he in and Win10 recognised it. I have not required partorisca install a software that is to be resupply in cd. Thank you Partorisca The product adds.
5 / 5
Easy to install with a software has distributed CD. Aimed both 2.4 and 5 ghz SSIDs, and connected without @@subject. In my installation, a big thickness-powered the antenna mecer in 70mbps of the subject 150 era... Almost triple that the one who my telephone is gone in a same place.
4 / 5
This adapter of wireless USB dramatically has improved an action of coverage of my desk. It has been it covers it flawless -n-Windows of game 10 installation that has augmented my results of test of half speed of 20Mbps(download)/16Mbps(load) to on 55Mbps(load)/40Mbps(load). It has taken less than the pair of minutes to exchange out of an old adapter to reap some profits of this súper simple upgrade.
5 / 5
Covers he in and work immediately in my windows 10 desks. Works well without an antenna has comprised to want to yes calms that wants to maintain more slender but an antenna will help the need extends your row. It has taken bookmarks/marcadors was on tries of speed of the internet with this versus my ethernet cord (only 15 feet to issue). Speed of link to the mine @subject on 5Ghz takes a plenary 867 mbps his estimated for so that it was abundance to manage my connection of internet of roughly 80 mbps.
4 / 5
Has loved to have something with the better row that measured of walk of small thumb adaptadora. I have taken AC the adapter is quickly although it is sticking was has spent a laptop, the law adds in the PC of a PC is not taking moved around does not annoy me at all. Some scrollings are very a lot of dropouts likes with some another WiFI produced. In general I am satisfied with cost of mine. BTW, The installed engine in of the Windows 10 without me doing anything of then is the he marks very known a lot of inner of chip.
4 / 5
Has seen the swipe of roughly 30 in speed of download with this adapter. Has another adapter of mark in another computer that gave roughly 50 swipe, but is cost the little more.

Top Customer Reviews: Bluetooth Adapter ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I use devices of Bluetooth at length and has crossed enough 5 other adapters in some last two years. Has all has done VAL but has had nettling subject - terrible field, devices to match of the problem, subjects of engine, etc. Last a there was prendido only to do after the month but was so the problem was roughly in the band was in all the case.

Was hesitant to try easterly one that has so many descriptions of 5 stars of unverified the buyers but I were to advance and has taken a risk.

That is to say a better adapter has not had never by far. I took me more with a longitude to take a product of a container (plus or 20 less bren) concealed taken to have he plugged in and work. Immediately to insert in a hub of USB a device has been recognised by Windows 10. Each device of Bluetooth has has matched instantly and without subject - auricular, keyboard, smiled, speakers. Quan Turns the device has matched on connects automatically - with other adapters have had always the or two delay of minute. There are any stutters of audio in my headphones or speakers what experimented with other devices. And a field is phenomenal. Very better what that have the result accustomed in.

Highly recommended.
5 / 5
I have purchased a TECHKEY Adapter of Bluetooth for USB of Bluetooth of PC Dongle 4.0 EDR Auricular for my Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS workstation. Through Premier of Amazon, took in two days and without harm.

The installation has not required any art; I have taken a dongle out of his easy-in-open packaging and plugged he in the hand of USB 3 port in a backside of my machine.

Do only. Impressing ... Usually, that is to say where the problems begins.

Afterwards, has matched my workstation in my Galaxy of Samsung S8+ telephone and has transferred then the Fossil SCM guide of user in him. ( You develop software and does not like him Git a lot, is because of him tea to look in Fossil!)

Salvation! Work! A file has moved softly of my computer in my mobile phone. Exceptional!

Then, one of entity a: connecting my V-Way Crossfade II Bluetooth auricular Wireless in my workstation to listen in musician through 8tracks.com--my streaming provider of musician of election. It listens in the mix in 30 bren.

Has the habit of products that no while it announces. This a different east, and is pleasantly surprised in those a lot of laws. Recommended.
5 / 5
An adapter is tiny and do very good. I have used an enclosed disk that had an engine of requisite. If your computer does not have the walk of disk, can run in a subject. Has had qualified of Bluetooth in 5 minutes. Xbox Works of wireless controller and without subjects
5 / 5
An USB of Bluetooth of the laws of PC adds. I have inserted only in a port of USB and windows 10 engine looked for and has configured . After it has matched with west of Bluetooth and has touched there a musician. NICE !!! It IS the product adds to have for OLD PC/labtop concealed no in that has it Bluetooth build-in. And, of course, without forgetting, an order is come 1 goes him is scheduled. Utmost work and of the vendor obliged !!!
5 / 5
In a principle, was sceptical if this will do in my windows 10 to match with my airpods, xbox a controller and PS4 controller. Desprs plugged In a device, a bluetooth the icon looked without any necessity for the installation of engine. Then it matches each what 3 devices without the glitch. My desktop does not have bluetooth, so that is to say the addition adds . I will try in my windows 7 machine and returned with an update.
5 / 5
So far so good. Only I plugged in this morning to arrive to do. Windows 10 automatically saws a device immediately like the device of blue tooth. Quan Attaching my tlphonique and auricular, has had the senior moment. It supposes so much automatically it connects. Perhaps so that in acting has likes him 5 other devices to connect, has not connected automatically (Coworkers and other devices around). With the hurriedly read of some instructions, was able to attach my tlphonique and receiver thru Parameters of Bluetooth very easily. For the reliability of long term will have to update this description periodically.
5 / 5
Works while it announces.
Has matched With Bluetooth auricular older, new ones and Apple air buds.
The receiver is plugged in the computer of basement but games of musician when trace in room :) Any one that required it but was the surprise when the musician has begun to touch suddenly. Any carpet. I have used extension of low USB.
5 / 5
This Adapter of Bluetooth of the USB for PC of Techkey am adds..!! I have bought the little another ones before at the end finding easterly unit Other marks have tried was plugged in 2 feet in front of me and I could does not issue the file in my PC. I have bought this Techkey and FYI if your Windows to run 10 any same precise there the installed software is totally Game and of Cover and debits well in the very mere installation and road and taking files now for me is to add and in my room of 10 in 15 was the feet can photos of road, documents etc.. Of PC in Mobile phone or vice versa. I produce it adds..!!! Thank you Techkey.
5 / 5
Fact immediately (after a software has comprised has been installed) in my race of desktop Windows 7 Definite x64. A software entered the mini-cd but can be it downloaded yes has required. I want a low profile of a dongle and can say it reliably alloy in my Anker Soundcore headset. TECHKEY Mark Some utmost products and I will maintain the in a cup of my list.
5 / 5
These products is so mere to use. I gave me a liberty to listen in my shows in a volume like me to of us without troubling any one

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link AV600 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
Original description
Down please find my thoughts in this product!

Excellent product. I can the on-line game, running HD video, and explores a web without any lag and without a unsightly the cord that goes of my low subject in my upstairs PC.

Supremely Easy. It covers only in a unit and connects a ethernet the cape in some subjects. The Paste a 'pair' button. Then limit in one according to unit and connects a ethernet cape in a PC (or any device). The Paste a 'pair' the button and they are connected. Has 2 minutes to paste 'pair' in both units.

This does not block a outlet of second tram, and can limit a unit in any affronting down or up (as in a normal photo on).

has run very speedtests through different electrical outlets multiple.

HAS the 60 mbps / 5 mbps connection of internet.
Half speed: 50 mbps / 5 mbps
the Lowest speed: 25 mbps / 5 mbps
the main speed: 66 mbps / 6 mbps

Why a variability? I think that that EVERYTHING imports with these units. An use of tram outlet, if or does not use an another outlet, a ethernet the use of capes, EVERYTHING! Included your parameters of the adapter of the point can cause changes in your speed. As be very sure concealed calm try you chess and multiple race multiple outlets to find a speed of better connection.

Tan very that The hardwired connection. My half latency is &60; 50 ms, and a drop has seen is around 13 ms (but again, is a same likes use the connection wired to take, which are quite fantastic).

tone of the on-line games (StarCraft 2 predominately, yes knows is an old game but of the amours he) and has been estupefaciente so far. Any lag, Any stutter, Any one buffering. Only the flawless experience so far.

Surprised. The pages of debit of web instantly and videos any bumper (at least in Youtube, has not tried to another video still likes him Netflix). I can click in the video of Youtube and he begin to touch instantly. Then I can click anywhere in a chronology of this video, and touches instantly. There is literally any delay.

In general, is supremely pleased with these units. My internet is silky smooth: I can touch games, can look HD videos, can explore a web, and he all does perfectly. Setup Was the breeze and truly covers-n-game.

An only reason is deducting 1 star (and can change this late plus) is that a speed of the download believed is not quite so hurriedly likes him take the wire fence ethernet connection. In meso, took quite 50 mbps speed of download, but with the connection wired beat hard max has entered 70 mbps. Admitted, some trace of units in 66 mbps once, but chair that it 1000 mbps the adapter of point would have to be able to achieve speeds of 70 mbps. I am not sure why only take 50 mbps in place of 65-70 mbps in meso. My hypothesis is that these units are subject in electrical interference so that yes it limits a powerline adapter in a outlet out of my PC (in a outlet isolated) some speeds locate bit it. That is to say when seen one 66 mbps has resulted. But badly plugged my PC in the prjimo outlet, is of tower in 50 mbps half speed.

But in a glorious diagram of things, does not import . These units are quickly of abundance for me. The only desire could snag my full speed so that it is an obsession with me. I can update besides very ethernet capes and view if those changes anything (more protects can help). But for now, I am very impressed with these units.

Has any questions or of the commentaries, please left the down!

UPDATE 6/25/17
has imagined out of the road to obtain quite 16 mbps speed of download (in way).

HAS two can he outlets apropen my PC. I have had only a nude to be able in (containing all my PC electrical connections) and some places of change of the adapter. That is to say an only change has done.

Speed to download before it changes: 50 mbps half
speed to Download after it changes: 66 mbps half
Direct connection: 71 mbps (max half / of speed)

the tan now is taking quite 93% of some speeds of the direct connection.

Included Has found that I can take of more speed of bit one TP the adapter of nexus is affronting that drop versus arrive ( has plugged in an upper socket but affronting downward).

The cute thing is that my speeds of beat to download that is horrendous he poses one TP adapter of nexus in an inferior socket versus one upper socket. It Likes him, 3-4 mbps of average horrendous, but that it is if a nude to be able is also plugged in an inferior socket in the prjimo outlet.

The inferior line is this : These utmost things but is SUPREMELY SENSITIVE. You have it that is he has to tinker with your connections to take some better speeds. I recommend to direct tests of numerous speed in several compatible servers to see which effect your changes have.

UPDATE 2 - 6/25/17
Well, my increase in of the speeds was has lived down. It results, when it was plugged in this outlet of electrical character, some speeds have taken the turn for a worse. It was suddenly in 3 mbps half.

In the whim, decided to try plugging one TP adapter of Nexus in the independent outlet included further out of my computer. This outlet has had at all fences in in him in a left or right (1 outlet is vacant in the each side of him). And low and behold, begun to achieve perfect speeds of 71 mbps downloads and 6 mbps debits (which are my maximum speed when directly connected in 60/5 internet connection).

Was very pleased, but sceptic. As I have repeated speedtests, and a speed consistently has been near 70 mbps every time in a course of a whole day. I have maintained to do the a lot of different tests and my connection are solid of rock with upper speeds now. Like the stability has been always solid of rock, but At the end is taking some same speeds like the direct connection, CONSISTENTLY. Whew!

Resulted, in case that any one is interested, another outlets further out of my computer gave me also upper speeds. Truly I think that that a problem is electrical interference -- has to find one unused outlet far out of any others electrical sources. Felizmente, has abundance of outlets in my room of computer, and has had the change 75' ethernet cape (Cat 6) that only finished to run to the long of a wall.

This will be my last update , unless something changes. But for now I will be for my description of 4 stars. These laws of thing incredibly well, but a fact that is so finicky and does not handle electrical interference very well is the clear deduction of 1 star. I have bought this so that it can eschew he the capes have run through a house, and there is impeded that to spend. But still it has had to to finish that it runs the cape to the long of the wall and around the frame of door so that it does not pose in a fund. It was an easy work , and a woman will be pleased that I do not have to of the capes of race through a whole house, but has been well in simply has plugged he in any tram outlet and the law there was perfectly.
1 / 5
It IS not FOOLED for a name of this product. You see his own disclaimer in a fund of a description. 600Mbps IS only a NAME of a product, HIS BOSS DESCRIBED. I have spoken with a supervisor of engineering there, when nicknamed in some slow speeds have taken, and admit that it was all the lie . READ The SPECS. A ethernet the port is '110/100Mbps Port of Ethernet'. The calm CAN not POSE 600Mb Through One 100Mb PORT Or EVEN ACOSTAT!
5 / 5
Good works. Has the PS4 Pro and a wifi the connection is terrible. His sad that Sony is in fact conscious easterly and his only council is to take the hardline in him. My subject is in the different room and can any one when the be has not moved. It was not even that it has gone it to it to him far. My television of the apple and the telephone have had any problem that connects in him in a room.

Anyways, HAS TAKEN this so that I use Playstation View for television as well as an usual streaming services like Netflix and games. Constantly take it kicked of a grandson and result unbearable, likes him literally hourly decrease or the beginning those runs sper lentil. I some look for in an internet and expsito that alas has not been an only person with this problem in his PS4. It takes this in some positive critics of another PS4 proprietary.

Has posed up was sper mere. It takes everything of 30 bren. A connection has been order so far. My speed of internet is 60 low and with this when I have tried a net in a PS4 entered in 40, which are issue more acceptable that one 15mb/s the download has taken anterior with a PS4 wifi. Some of some revises here in the amazon said after the little of the months begin to suck, as it guess will see. Like this far although it go it add and it has not fallen my connection of clean or has retarded in the crawl or. To well sure recommend it these for people that is having an east subject same and can not move subject of sound.

Oh And side rant, a Playstation type of the service of the client has suggested only run the cape of LAN through a whole period of my house and in that paint it a same colour like my fund the blend in...........Thank you Type
4 / 5
We buy this to connect Xbox A S gaming system directly in our subject. Before purchase this artilugio has connected our Xbox a wirelessly through house wifi. The games would fall all a time, the error taken always messages, 'can not find wifi clean' or 'any signed in'. Totally annoying and speeds of slow game. Felizmente I stumbled in this product and now Xbox look 'WIRED' in issuing, Eventhough is connected in upstairs room of game. No longer take annoying messages, and the speeds of game are faster. Sometimes when other devices are connected in wifi, a speed of game will retard low/lag, but that it is so that streaming Netflix or videos in 2-3 other devices saw wifi. No, this the fault of devices. Highly the recommended to take one for your gaming system since, always Wired of better work in directly.
4 / 5
We live in the house of 100 years with walling to plaster down forest paneling. We pity. Wireless will not penetrate a wall any one that subject repeaters / antennae / amps / cats with tinfoil plant. My daughter of 14 years has launched the daughter of stereotypical adolescent conniption is returned that his wireless maintained to the fall was, has had the 1mbps laughed down, and was generally poo. After some last adjustments of parameters of the orderly curb these, in a council of the forum of popular hardware.
While they were the small fiddly in initially of party, once take the installed, was magic. The digital unicorns have flown out of my daughter Tumblr can in a speed of 30mbps, and she no longer the things are the moron.

Said of another way,, works awesome.
1 / 5
Arrived hurriedly. Open instruction and read. A description in the amazon does not say it has to when being in an electrical circuit although. The instructions have said to install in circuit although besides the cases can any one . Wiring Run of boxes of breaker in another side of house and different circuits in the each room. I have been to pose up and connect in all the case. Nope, would not do SO installed covers it provisional in my breaker of poster of the circuit. In this way that a dispatch and the devices are in same circuit. The place gone through up, both matched but any valid change of signal. A device is posed up in load and another in laundry room quite 50 feet averts. It was in TP website to Link and looked in a model. Coverage the list of compatible routers. The sample was only compatible with Archer and TP devices of Nexus. It see that nowhere in a description of Amazon. I am in a process to box up and will return Monday.
5 / 5
I can not think these works as well as he the fact. My computer is upstairs in a coverage, in an opposite side of a house. Anteriorly Uses wireless and one extends. In better, takes 7-12 mbps and a connection was supremely unstable.

Plugged These bad boys up even so and wow, is likes him night and day. I am taking 17 mbps (ours max speed...DSL, is) and 100% stable connection. Truly it is like my computer is right there in a modem.

Some tips: it averts so that it arises protectors, outlet extenders, etc. While podes, while those looks to attach noise. One or two research to be well, based in other descriptions. Has my two devices plugged directly in his own outlets.

Tries to be in a same circuit in front of a breaker. I am not ; the mine to well sure pursues through a breaker but he look for to be costs. A manufacturer does not recommend it even so. I suppose that the main speeds would be affected more.

Any panic assembla desync when first calm of cover he up. These devices come with some automobiles-do to save of the power and when is not synchronised with each another or your computer are not running, the turn was. They will turn behind on when synchronise some devices or turn in your computer after synchronising them. Calm only precise synchronise them once.
5 / 5
Amur These powerline adapters. That this mark is to leave you to create hardwired the connection signals any one where in your house where has a tram outlet. Each container comes with two adapters, limit or in your subject or modem, then another wherever more wants internet - sper mere. You can attach additional ones in your setup also.

Has found these when it has had WiFi subjects of reliability and when has wanted to setup the desktop in the concrete zone of my house that was far out of one issues/the modem and he have not had WiFi. This deletes so much that the plus of calm phases give you a stability of hardwired internet. It opens HAS my modem and down issuing, limits an adapter in him and then 3-4 another during my house (loft, garage, backyard, and isolates master). Then it connects the gigabit change until his so much can hook multiple device until him. It opens Everything is hardwired excepts truly mobile devices like telephones, tablets, etc. My only swipe in these is that an another ones had left me to connect until four other devices in them directly so that it does not have to buy the change for each something in a house. To well sure any one the murderous of roads even so, more the sake to have.

These are the must has when poses in yours internet of contains and provides a stability and of the fast speeds that often is tempormental when using WiFi.
5 / 5
He been the Engineer of Mesh for in 10 years and never since has has treated computers, cabling is one of some worse appearances of a work. I can not say how long it has run it/widespread CAT3/CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cabling and finishing the rescind both end and trying them. Some situations are easier that another when calm remain you to you to run the cape through a fund or in tiles of ceiling... But in in in the the others to situations likes them-him he apresamiento contact in the sure room in your house can be the total ache in a butt.

For an user of half house, an only road to take contact to signal One in your house to signal B is or wire fence with cabling or use WiFi and comprising a WiFi has not extended far enough. Quan Powerline The technology is exited to comfort semi-detached to the use beats existent cabling but still was the small scaly and problematic. But since, Powerline has jumped jumps and cradles since and is much more reliable and faster.

Quan Avenges time to buy in the principle behind in July 2012, poses to plot to research to look in an evening more powerline solution for my house. Has wanted to something with big action and a current version of 'big action Powerline the covers of the devices 500Mbps prizes of scrolling. Included still, it has had the problem that selects that manufacturer to go with (Belkin, Cisco, Netgear, etc). After my duties (and in spite of Netgear support of horrible sales), finished with one NETGEAR Powerline 500Mbps Nano Adaptadoras - Boxes of Judge of start (XAVB5101).

In spite of a point of insane prize (at present $ 87.99 in Amazon - 12/13/2013; I have bought these for $ 108 backside in July 2012), one Netgear the adapters have done wonderfully in my house. It was able to maintain faster throughput of device in device while the ethernet wired how any saturating mine WiFi point. Even so, in a course of the year and the half, a number of devices has had in my house has grown considerably (especially in WiFi).

A year is spent, has attached the few mobile phones, the laptop, to tablet, he Roku 3, the Western Digital television Alive, 2 Chromecasts, and the new Ready television. Because of that, mine WiFi has begun to result degraded so that each what so only one of these new devices has connected in my point in WiFi. Quan The multiple devices would begin streaming things like Netflix and has done scrollings of my server of means comunicacionales in the PC, Netflix would stutter and mine WiFi throughput literally crawl more dulcemente that it snail in the bed of salt. That is to say when it gives required to invert besides Powerline rooms of sure Adapters to ask scrolling as well as the help reduced a load of mine WiFi point.

But view, in spite of being pleased with mine Netgear adapters, has not wanted to spend another $ 100. A partner of mine (this has said one Netgear adapters quite) has bought another mark of Powerline AV 500Mbit the adapters of the company have nicknamed TP-Nexus to save money. It says that they have done enough well. Desprs Discovering that they were $ 35 in Amazon, has pulled immediately one causes. I bad at the end, has had the word of approval of mouth of the partner and the calm can not contest save in $ 50 against another set of mine Netgear adapters... A result? Absolutely any difference in of the speeds.

Only like one Netgear adapters, these are essentially Game and of Covers. Had literally any problem that connects these in my house. It was in a room where required the connectivity wired and plugged these until a wall. One TP-adapter of the immediately recognised nexus my existent Netgear Powerline adapters and one 2 FOCUSED (Powerline the indicator FOCUSED) immediately illuminated. I plugged in my small 10/100 change in him and then mine Roku and television until him and one 3 FOCUSED (indicator of Ethernet) illuminated and some devices could very habladura only with other devices in mine LAN, but the access Internet had to also. It has remarked personally Any DIFFERENCE in throughput speeds so much in a LAN and an Internet.

An ONLY difference among one TP-place of Nexus and one Netgear is one that one TP-it nexus does not say you a 'current speed' of this adapter' Powerline point. One Netgear has multicolored has DIRECTED that bad a speed of your Powerline point. While this usually will not import in the plot of people, says are that it degrade it inner of action the electrical wiring of your house. Also it helps in troubleshooting also. But it is not cover he of show...

Personally, would recommend this product in a Netgear the adapters have.
1. A prize is to the cheapest PLOT .
2. TP-The nexus has to TWO GUARANTEE of YEAR against one Netgear A GUARANTEE of YEAR. If you are really preoccupied on yes is buying 'a craps produced', the rest has ensured that this work also like marks of the appoint it big plus and have an extra year of priest of product!

Highly recommended.
4 / 5
Powerline The technology of adapter is come the long road since I last tried the years of diverse pair. This does very good. I am by train to use them In of the data of before a camera of trace of IP under a eve of a garage in the computer in a basement and then on in a subject upstairs (has three of this matched together) in the house of my parents . A house is in the subdivision with plots and very wifi and a camera in garage any one any one 5ghz, so it has had subjects of reception, which me decide give these tries it. A garage is quite 30 feet of a house and I take the good signal (green light) of a unit is matched with, and a throughput is well without any hitches or intermittent latency.

A a required of thing to know enough even so yes you are connecting more concealed two together units, and a reason did not give it five stars so that they do not count this in you, is that it is of entity that the unit matches a third and of the subsequent units in. I left me it counts what this half and like overdraft a potential subject. In the principle posed in some first two units among one issue and a garage. I have repaired the (punch a button of pair in so much) to change a default GO and encryption in case that a signal has filtered spent an electrical metre and more has had afterwards this same mark and has used also a default GOES. A week more has attached late a third unit in a basement. It has matched that unit with a one in a garage out of the consolation as or apropa one issues upstairs was in a outlet by behind the fixture concealed has not listened what moving again (the instructions say you only has to match additional units with or that exists unit, any one everything of them).

All has done well until more it pull a unit in a garage out of a outlet to use he for something more and has forgotten to limit he behind in. It was in my house that the late test accesses a computer in a basement of an internet saw the VPN and could not connect in him. Quan Has continued in my parents a next day found a unit in a garage unplugged, and when plugged the backside in a computer in a basement has had access of internet again. I have tried this the pair to time to verify that a unit in a connectivity of the basement there has been only in a unit has been matched with, that means that the since goes among a computer in a basement and an internet (saws a unit plugged in in one issues) has to travel through a unit in a first garage, so that that is to say a unit was in the principle matched with.

These ways that in the configuration with more concealed two units have to give careful the consideration in that breaking of unit some third some subsequent units, while all the data apparently has to flow to the long of a same road like pairings, and that any unit to the long of this road that was the part of the party is unplugged or failure, all the units downstream of this unit loses connectivity. I have decided that that has wanted has spoken the configuration (one the centrical unit matched in the another unit) more than the daisy configuration of canal, and this has wanted a unit in a centre of a spokes to be a one concealed connected in some subjects that this was a a less probably to be unplugged or attacked loose since was in a outlet by behind the cofre of drawers, and yes concealed or failed would lose access of internet in a whole configuration in all the case, included if it was not a centre of a spokes. Therefore I have exchanged a unit in a garage with a a apropa a subject, and when reissued a test to unplug a a now in a garage, a computer in an internet of the basement there has been still access.

TP-The nexus would have to do the better work to document like these works to match and do the sure people comprise a pros and gilipollas to match all the units with the only unit versus matching them in the daisy serious of canal. Like The things are now, in a scope that the people they same think in of the this, probably thinks that if you disconnect a unit all joins other units still will be able to communicate with each another, which are not necessarily a case.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech C-U0007 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Has a M570 trackball smiles that it is coming with the receiver to unify. It has Had he for quite a lot of five years (very time more than guarantee), and is the fact adds. Recently, even so, a receiver is coming loose in of the places and of the only works intermittently, as I have bought this for the substitute. I plugged he in my computer, has crossed all some step, and does not connect in a mouse. I have tried all, has restart a computer, has tried each port of USB, the technology has nicknamed same support ( says has to have something wrong with a mouse, which are untrue; a pair of mouse and a-pair with an old receiver until some cows comes house). It has remarked then that a firmware was the most recent version with a new USB that an old a, and had any road to update an old USB or firmware of mouse. The tan now has to take the integer of band and smile new was the perfectly functional device, so that apparently Logitech waste to be backward compatible. As to any COMPRAVENTA! There is absolutely any point. It does not do and never . And to rub salt in this wound, is also very-recoverable.
3 / 5
So awesome while it is to have an option to purchase the dongle in place of the new mouse, Logitech necessities in rethink his value..
For $ 15 can purchase a M325, the new mark and comes with the receiver to unify. I any one same like a m325 but could purchase like the backside up smile for $ 1 more concealed that I am enough to pay by so dongle...
But think that a readier thing the mark would be paid $ 20 for a M510 (my favourite mouse) and paid $ 5 for the backside up smiled.
This felt of mark? Hopefully Eats! It acclaims. :)

Edita: now it can purchase a M325 for the less dollar that this dongle. One smiles comes with a dongle..And now have the small behind up smiled. Logitech, necessity to think in a prize of of the this. We fly clients to purchase the mouse that is $ 1 less, and to the launch was electronic waste ? Or nodes trim some of a fat of a prize that details and leaves all the world wins in a long career?
5 / 5
That is to say a necessity of thing to buy when loses a dingus that goes with your Logitech smiled or keyboard. You will have to match he with your device of your computer before law. You grieve purchase this, will find a one has lost.
5 / 5
Update - am ashamed that had not looked up Youtube in the first place, before I have written a low description. Only it looks up Youtube to see if any one more resolved this subject, and sure enough, is to use Logitech unifying Software to match some devices with this receiver. I am now behind it churns!

For the who is experimenting a subject still has had, please go in a Logitech website, and type 'unifying Software'. Then, all esle will be self explanatory!


Does not act. It have bought the pair of the wireless mouse and keyboard of Costco (Logitech model K520) and misplaced a receiver. After the investigation, has purchased this element. He no at all.
1 / 5
It does not think these products has taken was the Genuine Logitech dongle.
Using a software to Unify of Logitech to match new devices, very matched on some Logitech the keyboard and The Mice but a field was terrible.
He very pair in the recent more Logitech keyboard.

More a case is coming averts almost immediately!
4 / 5
In fact that is to say the element adds so that it is mini-measured so that it is not so probably to take fraction, more flush with a side of your laptop I bad to say. The volume was some stars so that it was useful has fulfilled has had to to download special software for aforar he with my mouse. In reflection, would have to has imagined that it was alone name , but has been more useful in to the mine likes him to him the consumer him it had (and please marks so if you would not import) has COMPRISED That CONCRETE INFORMATION in the AVAILABLE PAGE! It opens Dry bad this has contacted the and said does not act, and they merrily refunded my money, but then later for the low displacement through some revises some the ready doubt has been there published this fixed. It pisses it Fails.
5 / 5
Only it arrives today (6/12/18). If it covers only calm he directly in your computer, any automatically left with your mouse (or anything). You have to open (or install and open) a 'logitech unifying software' of a logitech website. Then it is very easy, intuitive, and fast to match a mouse with your computer. Taken 15 bren. It suspects the majority of these negative critiques is people that can not follow instructions to download a software or has opened for the arrive (if already installed). Has one he preoccupies even so. A packaging of this device was the stock exchange of small plastic...To the good sure returns officials Logitech packaging. I suspect that is to say dud. Work, but this knows what another craps (malware) could have come with him. If you are preoccupied quite that, would not buy this produces here.
5 / 5
Taken the device and your dongle has crapped was so that you went you using he with something like the laptop and covers and unplugging it and is only shabby? A real unifying the receiver is only what necessity. In a lot of case, your device has not left working, a DONGLE has done. If there is more than or unifying device, only can try left in a device 'fatality' with an another setup at least temporally and view...Or only it can buy this. It IS cheaper that buying the integer of new mouse/trackball/keyboard in addition to case and in my fixed case my problem. I am using a trackball in a laptop to bond this description.
1 / 5
DONA received, any pair. The multiple tried devises, computers, etc. The element is DONA out of a box.

HAS more than the few working descriptions of sake, and then his east also enough the few descriptions of problem.
IS the paste or lose taken the sake or or bad unit Any one adds odds if yours fall $ 10 for something a measure of the nail of toe.

Has bought he with the premier this supposes that everything would be well. The lists of element like any - returnable. In $ 10 and it can it does not issue behind??
Routed Amazon An email that considers and while for a response.
1 / 5
Concretely Has bought this to substitute the missing receiver for the Logitech keyboard. He very pair up with to the to keyboard likes him to him the description of the product has said he . Quan Has tried to take he of the port of USB of a television, a beginning of piece of upper black in my hand but a piece of the inferior money remained in a usb port.
Logitech C-U0007 Unifies receiver for mouse and of the works of keyboard with any Logitech produced that exposure a Logotype to Unify (orange spear, alloy until 6 devices)

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link AV1000 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
If you are looking for basic internet that explores need and Wifi no because of wall and walk and material, so only buy this and be fact! Work very enough. If you are looking for given of BIG SPEED throughput, this in spite of, and has to that use a lot of outlet connected to the GFCI-line protected, taking wifi instead--this will not cut it . Here some real numbers:

am paying for 100 Mbps downloads / 20 Mbps load. In mine $ 400 Orbi subject to signal wifi system, 8 ft of one issues, in wifi, my laptop takes 90 Mbps downloads / 20 Mbps load. With this device, volume 6-12 Mbps downloads and 6-12 Mbps charges, by means of a distance of same air, but probably on 25 ft still wire. Reason? Reason these works of bad device in GFCI outlets. A question is, this in spite of, my subject has to that be in a cookery because ossia where an internet among, and a cookery is all GFCI-protected so that it does not take electrocuted around running water. So much, this device no well for me. I require to use the wifi repeater instead.

If you neither the arrival is connecting to this GFCI-protected, this in spite of, spent this, as it appears it will do a lot well!
Remarks also: it can no at all in the arise protective, as they interfere also. It covers directly to the wall outlet.

Powerlinks 2 ft Averts, both in GFCI outlet:
30-35 Mbps download, 20 Mbps uploads
Wifi 3 ft to issue: 90 Mbs download, 20 Mbs uploads

Powerlink Cooks GFCI outlet to Living room A lot-GFCI-outlet (-15 ft open air, by means of 2 wall, probably 50 ft still wire):
6-12 Mbps downloads / 6-12 Mbps uploads / 0 Mbps (any connection) plugged to is arisen protective
Wifi (big-finalise Orbi subject, the laptop in same location--by means of 2 wall 15 ft was): 70-90 Mbs download, 20 Mbps load.
- So much can see, a GFCI outlet here is killing my signal with a powerlink to the equal that am buying the wifi repeater instead. I am returned this product and gone with a repeater. Now I am taking the compatible 30-70 Mbps downloads (usu -50 Mbps) / 20 Mbps uploads in this location when wire fence to a repeater, which chooses on a wifi of one issues. Ossia Very better that a powerlink (again, because of a GFCI outlet in a cookery that is doing a powerlink not doing a lot of).

Powerlink Laundry room To living room (probably 100+ ft still wire):
18 Mbps downloads and 18 Mbps uploads
- ossia impressive, reason my subject of point has had to that spend he until a laundry room in a first place, like this ossia in fact quite well for him.
4 / 5
Will not buy never another TP produced of Link after some ridiculous runaround has been thru to take a RMA for the defective unit. One of some two forms in these neighbours has begun to have the burned electrical smell and was having erratic thru has dipped so only 3 me him with which shabby. A procedure/of the substitution of the turn is absurd. Any contact of telephone is possible because of Covid. Really? I give the pause. The support is so only thru cat. The cat is interminable. One million irrelevant questions are asked. They have required sending the photo of a SN and available bill for email in spite of a fact that has had has registered previously a compraventa in his web of place and has uploaded says BOS. In an end, has left a cat with which 30' with only an agent' promised that the furthest instructions would be emailed. Clearly TP links it there is structured support to frustrate and wear down his clients. So only a strong survives.

A lot of Ossia for me. Ossia The pathetic undertaken. I will not purchase never another of his products.
4 / 5
Has tried under gigabit internet of edge capped was in 15 arrives and 15 down so that it was besides unacceptable, thought it could be my house setup perhaps something interfered with him could think? Well I closed it it was all more than could be connected to a same circuit to try so only concealed and nope any transmission anything, has tried diverse different wall outlets has asked included the partner would leave me test he in his house of then has the newest construction has assumed that of a swipe for everything would nail sounds the @subject to wire but nope what same 15 on 15 down mine thats so only too much of the coincidence to the equal that thinks that that I have received the bad unit or perhaps ossia the one who powerline really is likes.

Personally would suggest to consider to take the wifi extends instead concealed has a ethernet port at least in my chance thats that gave a better result so only like this to in fact that runs the longitude ethernet cord to a device I use
5 / 5
have the gigabit connection of edge in my paving. It has wanted to this to connect my ps5 that uses the connection more than better confidence, but am disappointed.

First of all, an application of utility for Mac is not doing at all. It asks signal to do some transmissions and disappears. I have verified his forums and this subject has not been solved partorisca to the long of the year. A lot Mac the users have faced a subject same.

Like this shows of the application of the windows has 400mbps connection. But when I try street Speedtest, tip 70mbps/20mbps. I have tried a lot you can outlets in my house. It could not improve results. Any insurance, perhaps a wiring is bad. This in spite of does not explain reason an application aims 400mbps and the test gives 70mbps.

Has given tries he in all the chance, and ps now play road streaming has not done well. It has aimed bad connection and is gone down a quality. So much, I have had the better connection wirelessly.

Has says was very easy to setup, but no the easy to find the good pair of outlets with -400mbps connection. They are very impressed with a plastic quality, measure and packaging, and contents.
4 / 5
An on-line information extended of a costruttore in an Amazon that the loans states that can use you these anywhere in your house, but some instructions have comprised in a calm box say some 2 devices owe that be plugged to a same circuit. I can it does not use to help in my situation of house. Have never has spent one $ 50 has had I known this for advanced. Everything of an on-line information involves can be used anywhere in your house. Any insurance like all this another folks taken such results add, more the houses have multiple circuits. A whole point is developing a capacity of internet without adding additional wiring.
5 / 5
These produced has not done in my situation. My house is built in such the way that mine upstairs the office is impossible to run a ethernet boss of basement of mine where my coverage and the connection of internet is located, without doing some renewal of entity. I have known that this product has done more in a same circuit, but has taken to bet and has not done for me.

Ossia The amiably built quality that looks has produced. I have been promoted when a upstairs unit paired with a unit down. It could spend on actions of file in my good servers. It could explore web pages well, although with the delay and some slowness. When I have transferred it files it has taken roughly 300kB/dry. The test of speed has confirmed has taken roughly 2mbits was the internet. To compare, in wifi has taken my plenary 100mbit bandwidth of internet.

Discharges you these to a same circuit in a breaker of same circuit, probably do like this announced that. For my situation, am better has used wifi.
4 / 5
Highly recommend. The works add, included by means of has has separated circuits.
Have the 3600sq ft wife, and wifi the signal does not achieve to some far corners too a lot of (aluminium hvac ducts, wall circuitry, a lot of bath/of wall that plumbs, and selection of distance). It was very skeptical when plugging these in, like this there has any to plot of discussion that will do well by means of has has separated circuits (of a box of breaker). So much, if they have not done, it was so only out of $ 25/30.
I plugged the in, synched his, hooked on a hard boss to the mine @subject to broadcast (down), and hooked on another end to another subject of old plus to king-trans a signal upstairs in a corner a far plus out of a subject of emission. I receive a signal by force still of a king-trans. Some mobile phones of pair, 3x portable, the printer, 2x Xboxes... Everything is humming adds.
4 / 5
Has taken these devices to have the most stable connection when doing of house. Mina WiFi the signal is strong and a lot quickly, but my subject (Netgear Nighthawk) tends to clash randomly during a day yes are in a VPN. I have gone according to which connecting my laptop to a 2.4 GHz coverage while all my others the devices are in 5GHz, but to any avail. An only compatible workaround has been spent he directly to a @subject and work of ethernet. Taking this device leave covers it some very next arrivals to a @subject and covers another anywhere in my house. In general he exactly to the equal that has announced.

One a caveat has to that mention, this in spite of, is that mine VPN randomly clashes now. Mina WiFi the alive stays, my computers remains on-line street ethernet, but a VPN will fall out of the little time for day for any reason. Quell'Concealed can be the nightmare has the habit to leave the ploughed of documents to do on the throughout a day. I owe that assume a VPN will fall in one the majority of obtrusive time and local copies of everything in chance perhaps. Have Still to find to rhyme or reason for a VPN incidents. Perhaps it is only mine workplace. But it is spent every day has used a device, as it maintains that the import is thinking roughly buying.

In an end of a day, ossia the definite improvement and like me the chairs has taken my cost of money.
4 / 5
Setup Was simple and take it doing immediately. I will remark that has edge 1Gbps internet and usually see 945 mbps speed in the boss of Ethernet.

Took it hooked until mine gigabit transmission in a basement and another to the office in a first walk. I have run test of multiple speed and max the speed was 60 mbps. Ossia Quite bad.

Now knows arise protectors and the different breakers can cause the falls of speeds have like this ran the test of better chance to see a speed. I have run the test in a basement, afterwards to a subject, in a breaker of same circuit, without arisen protectors, hardwired and better speed apresamiento of 120 mbps.

Does not squander your money is. It is too good to be true. The mine regulates WiFi is 4x like fast. Boss on some Ubiquiti points of the accesses and you will be in the much better something.
4 / 5
The expectation has had very big thus produced of then alleges 'imposed ' of scrolling of until 1000 Mbps'. Bought this to substitute the mine that exists Wifi bridging among my house and detached cochera. Mina in existent WiFi the bridge already can achieve 120 Mbps prices of copy of the file. Of this product alleges '1000 Mbps', as it decides to do a upgrade. A result is a lot disappointed - the so only can achieve around 8 Mbps. Of then it has some distance among my house and cochera, will not be so only to blame a product. Simply it does not help my chance. This in spite of, think that that other people can have to the alike situation likes them to them the mine. Like being poised when it decides to for a product.

Also, a product no in games of power with is arisen to protect. I confused enough the moment, imagined it then was. A better way is covers it a product directly covers he of wall. In the Then begin to concern which if there it is relieving strike or electrical arises.

In all the chance, a product is WELL. A setup the process is very easy. This in spite of does not have big expectation in of the taxes of big scrolling.

Top Customer Reviews: Bluetooth USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
3 / 5
My races of Windows of PC 7 of 64 bits. This adapter is VAL, but yes is in of the Windows 7 or Win7 x64 like me, requires of patience and some technical learning to do door properly. I have thought initially a dongle was defective - there was plugged he in the port of USB in a frame except an adapter would not detect . I have moved he in a port opened in the hub of USB and seeds my PC has detected the. In spite of following some instructions in a CD have comprised, an adapter very properly matches my bluetooth headset. Cross An entrance for a headset, but then ash an entrance was how has been turned has been. I have tried another headset of the different mark, and found a same problem. I have tried another troubleshooting activities, rebooted a PC multiple time and result very thwarted. Quan Has remarked that an engine of low adapter to the manager of Device was soyicrosoft Bluetooth Generic' has taken the hunch that a CSR the engine has not installed properly. I am returned in a CD of engine. More than running a SETUP.EXY In a dossier of root, has remarked had the directory for 'x64'. Running a setup from here that, I uninstalled a stack, rebooted, has run then a setup programs of a x64 directory again. This times an adapter has been marked as 'CSR Bluetooth Radiate' and an engine Cambridge pointed Radiate of the silicon has Limited. It opens it Was able in felizmente, properly matches my bluetooth headset and properly shows like a device of playback of available audio.

A field is decent, is able to go the majority of a road through my house in front of some beginning to signal to fall. For a prize has paid can does not be missing a hardware, is an installation of automotive this has done the difficult things in my Windows 7 of 64 bits installs.
4 / 5
Works for my windows 10 64 bit system. Even so, conscious when being that a field has limited enough. It takes this for a samsung hmd odyssey VR system these controllers of pairs in a VR headset road bluetooth. Quan My desktop is in my desktop, work only a lot- some controllers remain matched while I move around us 10 radii of feet around my computer. Even so, when have my desktop has situated closed in the thickness of cupboard of forest of my desktop with a bluetooth in a backside my case of desktop of metal, my controllers would maintain unpairing. An only road could take the to remain matched was to seat in a just earth in front of desktop. So if your computer is seating in your desktop and plan in only connect in the field has limited, this would have to do well since you.
4 / 5
There is a following problem with this device in the to the to this likes him to of him the actions :

YOU : Windows of Microsoft 10
Problem : Experimenting quality of his terrible
Possible Cause : the windows update
Note: I have tried in the first place option 2 and does not resolve my problem.

Possible solutions :

1 - Done for me
1A : they Go to Control Poster -&62; Devices and Printers.
1B : it Finds your Bloutooth device in my case (CSR8510 A10)and if voice an orange alarm, continues in 1C. If it can not try second solution
1C : Right click in your device and elect troubleshoot. The windows will try to fix your problem that in my case was a subject with an engine. It follows some steps and restarts your machine

2 - the instructions given by a vendor - Zexmte -
2A : they Go to Control Poster -&62; Devices and Printers.
2B : it Finds your headphone/device of audio.
2C : Right click in your deivce and go in of the Properties.
2nd : they Go in tab of Services and uncheck 'Handsfree Telephony'.
2I : the COSTS of paste, also can wants to restart your machine

Good luck
5 / 5
I have bought this to match with my Logitech K380 keyboard in some computers in a laboratory of computer in student and work perfectly. Some Windows of computers have run 10, which spent for cover and game bluetooth without a necessity to install engine. I plugged a dongle in a computer and is gone in of the parameters and matched in in to to my keyboard only likes him if of a computer there has been his own bluetooth.

If it does not have the computer of Windows 10, could require install engine, but this dongle comes with one 80mm disk with the engine in case perhaps need the. A dongle is also small, but any too small. Logitech Is unifying the headphones is very small and difficult to take of the computer. In my case, where limits a dongle in the public computer, necessity to be able to unplug he without subject. This dongle is quite big to leave me to unplug it easily.

Has had to anything negative in of the this, is that a light of the blue state taken to problem hurriedly. It blinks to leave know is broadcasting bluetooth, meaning there has to very sure he or is not doing, but never to blink, which imagine can take problem hurriedly when is in the laptop in the dark room. Another that concealed, this dongle am adds. I have not remarked any drop in the connection compared in the 2.4 Ghz wireless connection, which can take interference other wireless connections. It conceal to be said, does not think more in a laboratory is using the bluetooth computer, as I am in some half optimum.
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Has has not had any luck that takes this to do properly. Setup Was very easy and my headphones have connected well but a quality of his terrible east. Desprs Listening for the low times there are the plot to stutter in front of the sound only totally down was. Some headphones still will remain connected, and a tab of the audio still will aim some auricular as beginning, only no . He able state to use these headphones with other devices as it knows is not a problem, and has bought alas this adapter concretely to use with these headphones as has no other devices to try. Parameters/of Bluetooth of the audio was a same like my old laptop, even so any luck.

Quan Directs to take the quality of his well an audio lags so terribly that that looks any videos is afterwards impossible. They say there have it at least he 2-3 according to delay among an audio and video the majority of a time.

Has tried the plot of solutions likes engine of update and changing parameters. Desprs Another troubleshooting included installed an engine of a nexus has provided included although has Windows 10 he so has to have it been carried and game . I know some ports of USB have tried is very while all mine another the devices do also.

Alas this element only has not conformed my necessities so probably will not be using he in a future unless I can think of another solution in some problems. An only zone can give it the good indication is down 'easy to install' so that to take posed up all owe the mark is carried he in.
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It IS the real ache . Any disk of engine, Constantly has to install engine when plugged in. Has 2 another of different marks and has tried the afterwards these some problems, and an another two has done perfect. This one is only problematic. This an only has subjects. It spends the small more on here and take the more if you are by train to use it on the Toshiba portable.
5 / 5
It covers and game (Windows 10 besides old Vaio Portable) - has done instantly without requiring installs engine or software. Looked in Poster to Control and recognised and connected in a lot of Bluetooth 'local' devices (smile, bar of his) without the problem. A Vaio Bluetooth the capacities had failed permanently after very flavour in re-installs... As this 'dongle' was a perfect solution. The prize adds, has resolved the problem, highly recommends.
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I plugged this small dongle in the port of USB in my Windows 10 all-in-a desktop and was recognised immediately without to the era uploads any additional engine. Only I clicked in an icon of Bluetooth in a tray and hurriedly has matched the new keyboard.

Has there went it only the week as I can not say anything in his action of long term but so far is impressed.

Update 9/11/2018: This has done adds during 2.5 month, then only prendido to do and in that give me the 'error of engine.' Quan Tries to update an engine, manager of the device of the Windows says already has a better engine. As it is no longer he covers and game. He very automatically the update and I do not know where to take an engine has update. As my original description of 5 stars is now the-description of star.
5 / 5
Experience a Zexmte Adapter of Bluetooth of USB CSR 4.0 USB Dongle so that has or the oldest laptop this has no Bluetooth and a new unit that has a card of Bluetooth of the intermittent limit. This adapter done in so portable of Windows 10 without necessity for a CD of engine. Installation in a laptop without Bluetooth was covers it mere-and-operation of game. Windows 10 A rest. In an another system, has to deactivate some device of Bluetooth of the turn signals that Directs of Device before plugging this adapter in a port of USB. Once we conceal a laptop was to arrive and running Bluetooth in less than timing that it has taken to read this. Like An adapter also orders another cual the backup for travelling.

covers Mere-and-installation of game in of the Windows 10. (It can not say like laws he in of the Windows 7 so that all our laptops are running Windows10)

Wishes dongle has had the profile the low plus.

Produces well for a prize. It recommends that you consider these products has the necessity for USB of Bluetooth dongle. These products has not been provided like the sample for this description, as any one of these commentaries is influenced in any subjects for a vendor.
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It decides to change my description after giving this device the time of the longest test. The radio field is terrible. Beginning of audio to break in only the few feet of computer. Try my headphones with other devices and is able to walk several feet have been without subjects. Further, after some first 24 hours, does not have any audio at all. The shows of the device like matched but any sound. Tried two other sets of BT auricular and all a same thing. They to match and the law as it is doing but there is not any sound and the accidents of system of the sound of my operating system. I actuate Only the spent an hour and the half that flavours to take this function. There is to you does not have to troubleshoot covers it and device of game. That is to say rubbishes .

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