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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
UPDATE - 5/22/16 - Bronzed after the few months to use this, and is lowing an indication in 2 stars. Honestly, I Have left in the. It IS only very reliable. The calm posed it up, and work, then only to do. You uninstall a printer and reinstall, and begins to do again. Reboots No The fixed. Rebooting A printer any one the fixed. It requires a uninstall/reinstall to take it functional again. It IS stilling in a table through of me so written this. The next decree is probably one can of rubbish afterwards in a table.

The laws once take configured. One installs the software in a disk has comprised, as well as a more recent version in a web of place of manufacturers, has not done for me in of the Windows 10. Even so, very calm no the precise . In the first place, the mark sure has installed already an engine of printer in any plan of machine to use a printer with. To pose up without him, limits a printer in a server of impression, connects a cape of grandson, and limit in a power. A device takes an allocution of IP saw DHCP. It determines that the allocution of IP is on (control yours to issue dhcp table), and the the static allocution. Opened the browser and enters the allocution of IP of a server of impression and has posed an allocution of IP in static in a setup page. It opens Panell Of open Control and 'Devices and Printers , and click 'Attach the Printer'. Click 'A printer that the amours is not of the listings'. It chooses ' it Attaches the printer those uses the TCP/allocution of IP or host name'. It leaves a type of device like AutoDetect and entered an allocution of IP of a Server of Impression. It chooses Card of Generic Mesh if it is not has selected already. It chooses your printer and uses an engine that is installed already. You would have to be well to go.
1 / 5
Second flavours with easterly failure, second. Followed all the instructions, has tried each engine/setup combinations, at all. It remarks a literature declares a device is for Windows XP, but no in this machine or. It can not take to do in of the Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. To do the worse same things, one installs CD hang and very any one installs functions. That is not never necessary to install and use this puppy is totally until an user. I leave and routed he behind in spite of an opinion of DECREE in a container. Obviously other buyers have had similar problems. More than impression and comprises the opinion of DECREE, IOGEAR would have to tune on one installs procedure, marks one installs records of CD, clean in a Manual of User, seeds and only then is this value of product a money, time and endeavour. As it IS now, run, does not walk out of east unit
5 / 5
In last the server to print this was relatively easy in setup and work well for our MacBookPro with a later you and the hp portable with Windows 10. A hp does not have the walk of disk, then , downloaded of IOGear the software setup programs for Windows 7. Work well, although a IOGear the place was the small confusing so ready the series of editions of Windows, but only a there has been the available download. A call in IOGear has resolved my question - he same laws with W10. A Setup the software finds a semi-detached printer in a server of impression and of the same found an IP for a printer. An IP of printer is required by a Mac. A Mac does not require the download of software. Only it follows some instructions in a pamphlet of the instruction of the paper inserts/inserts an IP when a popup the window the question and will be to print .
Flavours to use a server of impression of the travelling Sale, but does not fall a printer. If a hp forms, then in a Mac has to do at least three extra clicks to connect in a server to print and vice versa. Spoken with a company and they were useful, but could not take to do. Spent the pair in of the telephones with Apple, but still could not take to do. This IOGear the impression takes a click in a button of the impression and he print in the second or two of both computers.
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This has done perfectly for me. So that marvels, run your Dymo labeler. It serves my Labelwriter 4XL. I almost deducted 1 point so that it is finicky to start with in of the Windows, but is problem of windows in so setup the server of impression of the net, but has imagined he in 10 minutes, as has no deducted. But when being forewarned this will require calm in setup the printer of clean and uses a software that comes with Iogear Server to Print for the take to do, and necessity for the attribute to static allocution, the that is to say dynamic person and changes all a time. He once the work, work well and of the works through three of my computers that use our wireless point. So much, the only nodes necessity a Dymo labeler. Much cheaper that one Dymo server of impression and does a same thing.

UPDATE: While law, continues to disconnect. I have to move my indication of the 5 in the 1. Too much aggravation, unplugging, that begins again, and so on. It does not know if t he the problem is only for DYMO. It was alentador, but read another with similar drop out of problems.
5 / 5
Easy to pose-arrive and install in of the Windows 10 and HP LaserJet 1320. A device was easy to install. If it do not install you never or together-in the printer of grandson before, any same need a booklet of instruction... But for first-timers, a booklet has been detailed and easy to comprise. A CD of installation and the installation of software was also easy. Calm walk you totally a process.

Some tips: 1) sure when being that already have the software of engine of an installed printer in a computer that will be to access an again contacted printer. 2) before running a CD of installation, the mark takes that a device of the server of the impression is already powered-arrive and connected in a net, and that a printer is connected in a device of server of the impression.

After the installation is complete, is attributed his allocution of own IP through one DHCP characteristic of a net subject. Desprs Knows an allocution of IP, can signal your browser in his allocution of internal IP (ie: 192.168.1.xxx) And options of accesses of additional internal configuration.

Can change the name of a device (while it is seen in a grandson) can give it the signal, can reasociar an allocution of IP, subnet the mask and the yes required raisin for your particular point.

Has not required any assistance, and is unable to comment in a quality of his support of technology... Even so... In a packaging there is the card of intrepid impression with instructions on that to contact support of technology (EUA and numbers of international telephone, lives of cat, email, support knowledgebase, etc.) Together with an invitation to PLEASE contact for support and assistance and the message to reassure of ' this here to assist you!'

IS VERY IMPRESSED and with the flavour a lot will order this element again yes precise. I recommend it highly. Based in my experience with this element, would be more angled to choose one IOGEAR produced of mark.
5 / 5
There is the small difficulty that imagines out of of the this installs. BUT I have imagined once it was it is been doing adds! I am using he with mine Dymo 4XL Focus the printer and he are also any one in that has this hooked until my computer and when being able to print multiple locations.

Has found a manual and of the instructions to be that lacking for a Mac (any one to mention out of date).

Cela Posed it up:
Ethernet of one GPSU21 directly in my subject.
USB Of Dymo 4XL in GPSU21.

Was in my web of place of routers (expsito in one focuses of one issues) and found what an allocution of IP of the printers has been assigned to eat. It remarks a default allocution of IP has not matched what my subject has had.

In of the Preferences of System, goes in of the Scanners and of Printers, clicked a + sign to attach the new printer. Of an IP of Annex of click of the card. Type in an allocution of IP that has obtained calm of your subject in a 'Allocution:' field. I have selected HP Jetdirect - to to the Socket likes him to him the protocol. In a field of Use selects Selects Software and finds Dymo 4XL of a list. If it does not have this installed engine can require mark as (which would be done of one dymo website). The click Attaches. And a printer is doing through your wifi connection!!
4 / 5
A IO works of server of impression of Train with these components:

- Verizon THREADS WiFi subject
- IO server of impression of the subject of Train connected of Verizon with cape of Ethernet
- DYMO Twin Turbo 450 connected in IO server of impression of the Train with cape of USB
- Mac CALMS 10.10 (Mac Mini connected in WiFi)

Even so, Mac fanatical, recommends to continue in IO support to Coach to look in of the instructions to configure your server of impression. There is the pair of the steps that use a level Mac CALM 'attaches Printer' in of the parameters of system.

Is using The DYMO writer of focus, sure when the be has installed already a software of engine in your Mac while a printer is connected directly in the port of USB in your Mac. After it is fact , can move your DYMO writer to seal on in a server of impression and WiFi subject.

Also, can require take an allocution of IP of your IO server of impression of the Train to sign in a Admin Consolations of your WiFi subject. You will see that device of point is, so that your IO server of the impression of the Train is connected via ethernet, and only will have the little of those, or perhaps only a IO server of impression of the Train he. Calm once have an allocution of IP, paste he in an ATTACH together of Printer-up. This would owe mark for your Mac to find a DYMO writer of focus.

Has not tried this procedure for a possibility that a WiFi the subject can change an allocution of IP. But at least my Mac Mini was able to find one DYMO printer of writer of focus he, and printed in him, after has followed instructions in Iogear.com

is very happy this work of server of the impression with one DYMO writer of focus, since is 1/3 a prize of one DYMO server of impression. Has data these 4 stars out of 5 so that it is not some 'carried-and-touch'. This could be the limitation of DYMO printers of writer of focus he and no IO Train. It does not know . But very happy a together-above the procedure is documented in IO support of Train and that it is very appreciated.

In last point, included although DYMO promotes his server of own expensive impression, looks for one DYMO place for erver of print' has to return the page that ready one IO server of the impression of the Train likes prpers has to declare tried felizmente for DYMO with his printers of writer of focus he.
4 / 5
Val... There is the plot of negative critics. No each unearned like this the device has the few insects. But a good informative is that I took it that careers at the end, and looks to do while ad. Opened Can use it my USB-only printer with this device hooked up directly in my subject. My alike subject when trying installs a IOGEAR software under Windows 10. Quan A DVD is first slid in in a Defender of Windows of the floor (the free virus of the application/of malware of the LADY) nude the apt so that it thinks it there is the trojan/load of malware in an executable (positive failure). Not even it leaves a Autorun.exy To start with a process. So much, I have to appeal to the manual installs. The trick is concealed has to begin calm with one Setup2/the Premier setup.exy. If you begin with one Setup/First setup.exy Then is condemned to fail. It follows some instructions in a manual for WInXP while they do for Win10 also. Mark sure follows the closely so that you have to attach your printer manually will require to do sure things.

While you have been...
1 / 5
I have not had the good experience with him - at the beginning all very looked, alloy, has taken the allocution of dynamic IP, changed (as recommended) in the fixed IP has reserved, connected in my printer, each acting sake for the days of pair.
Then prender to answer - Any printing, any connectivity - Necessity in reboot the, has done well for other days of pair, has prendido again. This time rebooting no the fact returned - A admin software that comes with decreeing to see the, and to do the worse subjects my clean wire fences totality has prendido to do. Desprs troubleshooting For sometime give a culprit was this device . It unplugs He of a grandson and he all return in normal, carried he again and the minutes of pair later my main change apresamiento unresponsive...

Has decided to give the another shot and Amazon, so always, was awesome and routed me the substitution at night! Taken a substitution and has been to pose it up and experimented a same behaviour: it fences in my main change... A admin the software any one still the voice or.

Another those interests the thing is that a manual, in a troubleshooting section, said that a focused in a backside has to bling to to the 5 times likes him to him the part of a process to initialise and if it was not subjects a squad behind and ask the substitution - Well, in both units his FOCUSED never blinked 5 times in startup - Any one was so bad of a principle or this are only something very very barn.

Will try the different PS...
1 / 5
One achieving the software is old XP and Win 7 era. Today it is Windows 10, an interface of web is minimum. Worse is this server of off-line vain impression nightly beginning day 2 use in my point of house and work left at the end. Quan Raisin, this segment of point will go off-line. Power cycle a unit takes by behind a net in some computers but no a unit, at the end does not act. As it return it.

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 33 ratings
4 / 5
Unfortunately this product was useless mine . A description of product of the Amazon done any mention of a fact that a server is so only compatible with sure printers, and a an I has wanted to use a server with him has not been sustained. Admitted, a printer has wanted to use this with odd era (A Dymo printer of focus) but wish a listing would contain links it to the cast of the compatibility likes the client could be sure his in fact could uses.
5 / 5
Has used this to connect my Cannon Pro9500II my coverage. It has wanted to have it available in a coverage without being connected to the PC. The plugged in a device. It has taken a number of IP that use DHCP, and loves static IP is in my coverage, as I have accessed his page of configuration and has changed that. I have used a scanner of IP to find it. You owe in the first place it changes of DHCP to static and rid concealed. When Turn, calm then can change an IP. With which concealed, have installed a software and ran it. It founds and installed a printer. Easy to do, and some works of printer. If not to impose you having the allocution of system of IP ascribed for a printer, would have to be spent able he so only he in, install a software, run the, and will be ready to use.
5 / 5
Will begin with to the as it likes me in of this Server of Impression:

- sustains to Hail, doing it easy to add
- is small and easy to hook until the transmission
- work (with subjects)

Now will direct some subjects:

- Web Admin does not sustain firmware updates
- Firmware the updates so only can be done invernadero Windows
- A server of impression results unavailable when it has not been used in the moment, but finally connects and impressions

will want to update a firmware, which means if you do not have the computer with Windows, will require to take loaned one or install Windows virtually using Parallels or VMWare. I have used Parallels running Windows 10 to update a firmware.

In general, work. It is so only sometimes slow to print when it has not been used for days/of hours, but finally has printed.
4 / 5
Update 4/29/2017 - With which having the alike situation of the constantly fallen connection with the TP-server of LINK, has purchased to Raspberry Pi 3 of Amazon and configured it to be the server of impression. It has been the solid interpreter for 5 days now and has not lost never connection. You can it wants to consider the alike street master the server of impression of confidence. Has the HP LaserJet 1200 which does not look in the plot of casts, but a Pi with the CUPS that fixes of impression and a HP do of form so only well for my printer. Taking bit it more work, but considering all a time am spent to try to take this unit to do, would say that it is in equal.

Update 4/12/2017 - I really liked this server; measure very small and has not taken heat. As there is remarked down was the show of horror for takes it has configured correctly, but has done. (Ossia An element of only hardware that can it any never agree that it has to that Sustain of contact of Technology for help.)

A question is that he so only done for roughly 12 hours. Has has had to that the then unplug and discharges he in again for the take to do. This is to spend roughly three times in 12 hours. I have thought that it included it it could be my transmission that saves can like this connected that directly to the mine @subject this in spite of does not operate. I know it is there reason answers when I ping the.

Anything is going maintaining, a page impresa so only goes to an ether. No more failed to print messages. So only at all. When you Look in a row of impression the window there is at all. So much, I am returning this and would suggest that you look elsewhere for the server of impression.

Has has wanted to really like this what, really has done really.

Original description: WELL. I am giving this server of impression he 5-stars to estimate based in his service of client, any one anything concealed is in a documentation or in his web of place. They are way has spent also time that tries to take this to do first I Client has called finally Service. But, when the law of work adds and ossia that loves! Has Windows 10 and of the old HP 1200 LaserJet printer; any necessarily a better combination. But, like-me Windows 10 and a printer still does like this that wants to maintain.

In the first place, this device looks the ONLY work in LPR WAY. I have had it Linksys server of impression that so only died and it configuring to TCP/IP riada was the piece of cake. So much, stupid me, has thought the one who difficult that can be. So much, I have changed a DHCP to the static number and setup a printer to use this allocution in RAW format. (Ossia Regulate setup for just in the another server of impression in a phase.) He no with this unit.

So much, yes take this unit does not take out of a CD that comes with him. In the first place, it goes to Control Programs/of Poster and Characteristic, click in “the windows of Tour appears on or was”, then find a LPR gone in of Control of the Port and click an after his box to turn in LPR PRESS. The click COST to save your setting. If has a printer in your cast of printer discovers that the engine and the connections have and delete them. After, it goes to a support of web of place and download a software a late plus. One of some entrances is labeled Wizard of Printer of the Coverage Setup 2017 with Windows 8. Utilisation this one to take some engine setup correctly. It has to that also dipped a printer on also. It had tried like this time and has take a HP printer without taking a corresponding LPR port that a software has not generated an entrance of full printer. If any taken a printer 'icon' for your printer would suggest that it call service of technology more than trying things for your account. All a documentation finds on-line roughly like this to configure the engine of impression of the coverage no with east a.

Strongly would suspect a uniqueness of this unit is reason there is like this unfavorable descriptions in this product. It is quirky. But, when you take a pertinent configuration in the law of place adds.
4 / 5
Entirely worthless, these works of the unit so only yes unplugs a server and your printer every time want to print something. This eats on your and money.


Has Been Warned!!!
5 / 5
Has the HP Photosmart 7520 that always disconnects of Wifi, as has thinks that that this would do a trick. I have connected an USB to this device and he have done, was able to print to a printer wirelessly, but a device has maintained disconnecting of a coverage and has been connected directly to a subject saws Ethernet. If you go to a page of product on , will see people with a subject same. It agrees to always buy the printer with Ethernet and Wifi.
4 / 5
This product has been released the a lot of the time done very long and does not have to that update never. Using in the Macintosh coverage, has left mine Dymo Labelwriter to look in a coverage. Printed a time, and then disappears of a coverage. On and on I reinstalled and restarted, but always a same result. It takes this of a phase!!!!!!! RUBBISH.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason have bought to plot of Startech produced and has had always good regime. BUT, careful is one. There is so only the few printers that ossia compatible with. Also, while it comprises the software CD, has not done in the Windows 10 car. I have located an IP and logged use the browser that is Much easier in all the chance. In this point, has found them that has the quite limited quantity of compatible printers and found the no with my printer of focus.

Has used the pocolos other servers of impression(usb and parallel) in some pasts and has not experienced never subjects of compatibilities before yes it is still focus , laser, or signal matrix printer - ossia the prime minister for me.
4 / 5
Has bought this USB to adapter of Ethernet the few days done to use with my HP 1110 Deskjet printer, which does not have the LAN port. I have required a HP disk of installation of the printer to take a device that read, in the each computer in a LAN. It has done well for 2 or 3 days, but suddenly a printer has not been available of all 3 computer. With which some work has discovered that a device of adapter has required to be unplugged of a power and replugged to reboot the. It is then be of tower the normal.
5 / 5
And then suddenly there is prendido to do
his no the subject of supply of the power like the device still takes warm but his simply any when listing self in my coverage more, the have any idea the one who a subject is.

Top Customer Reviews: DYMO 1750630 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Has two dispatches where or far in another road RDP and necessity to print in his place of house. With Dymo 450 Turbo connected in the port of local USB and the printer have shared... The things tend to take supremely slow. I eat... We purchase this product that expects to accelerate printing up.

- In the venue subnet, these laws add, any subject, hurriedly. I left me repeat: in a VENUE SUBNET ONLY. A bit take setup since has to enciphers out of his allocution of first IP before it can the yours change and any one he the static fact or create the DHCP reservations.
- The support of client was quite decent, the telephone has answered hurriedly, has given the straight response, any time wasted

- For us, this device does not conform his primary purpose while we can not print in him (or still ping he) of our according to subnet included even so all other devices in ours beats clean ping an another
- Website and application very really the user that receives

will be to return two of these units behind in Amazon while they are useless in us.
5 / 5
I run the company that provides backwards for the living - so that it treats medical clients that EVERYTHING has Dymo printers. Taking to ail and tired of Dymo glitches constantly creating entered of support for some same stupid subjects. In desperation, at the end tried to pose a Dymo 450 Turbo in this small server to print to see if some problems would go era. Been using them during two years and has has not had the ONLY problem with Any DYMO has connected saws server of impression. We are doing this squad regulates for all our new dymo is now. Pose arrive and forget it!

An interface is quite mere to operate. You can change a hostname, signal, and allocution of IP through an interface of web and after simply it leave the only and the law adds!
1 / 5
They have used to be add.
Dymo IS the disorder! Software BUGGY! I can not print out of the perspective has to buy devices of server of impression of Ethernet only to take Dymo Printers, manufacturers to Seal to Trace in of the Windows 10. The HOURS of my times wasted to debug Dymo manufacturers of focus.
I unfortunatly own DYMO Twin of Writer of Focus he Turbo 450 Printers to Seal DYMO Twin of Writer of Focus he Turbo Printers of Focus.
1 / 5
Petit And good works. Pose up is for a L specialist. CD was incomplete - 1 page of an only manual and content of a the MAC the dossier was empty. After 2 tentativas to contact the support was able to take a correct software and found one installs manual in Google. The instructions for WINDOWS was only to see 7 and view. I have it that imagines was so to the mark WINS 10. Mac The worse era . But after the little restart took it to do. Raisin in of the this and expects it until the wireless printer results available. This box only has to cost in $ 40. In the price.
5 / 5
It was hesitant to purchase this product because of some bad descriptions of this product. When being this compatibility required of guarantee with one that exists LabelWriter 450, decided to jump in this compraventa and takes it casualidad. I am happy that since was the experience of 5 stars . This server to print substituted the server of the cheapest impression with problems, as that poses this thing up was the pleasant surprise. An interface of the web has not been bad and was able to restart printed with problems very small after inaugural envelope a box. Coming from a The backdrop, this server to print required very little the manual reading and some lights of indicator were good to verify his operations. Purchase again, but only has a Dymo LabelWriter this required to locate a point. This was the compraventa adds !
1 / 5
Any compraventa is using the Mac. A software not even will install is using any CALM X software in some last three years. Dymo The support is useless. Only they say it does not do and it is not exiting with any new software for him. I Like him his of an idea by behind the, but is only the weight of the paper that uses you the MAC
1 / 5
These works with my Dymo 4XL printer for exactly 1 work of impression, then has to unplug and one 4XL, his limit behind in and reset a system to print in my MacBook Pro. There is not real automotive leader for him to verify to see yes is until date, mine 4XL the firmware is until date, the mine is until date, and a Dymo the software the impression is until date.

Would have to has prendido attention in Mac is other users of opinions. That the complete piece of rubbish and total waste of money.
5 / 5
More expensive that a manufacturer of focus, but can not say he no that is supposed in. Usually easy in setup in a net. Each what so once in the while have had to reboot one for the take to print but mostly stable and reliable. It marks sure Door and dns is posed yes changes in static (that recommends to do).
3 / 5
State treating PDFs for the LONG time now but has not seen never any band in the PDF how Dymo has done. ORDER conceal has Season to FLASH installed and if you any one, simply can not read one installs instructions. I attack that when it has done sure things that he all connect but that he no said is not that I need in reboot after each step. Then, and only then, it likes him the charm. Coverage that is gone after the hour the thwart. Installed with the second machine that mark a reboots: it takes 2 minutes! It opens That it is installed, looks to do except will take the ashes of hairs that takes there, quite guaranteed!
5 / 5
Very reliable. Fixed all our connection of clean subjects with our dymo labelwriter 450 turbo. The only hiccup was that it is due to hand-held poses in a printer in the each workstation. The support of technology has provided excellent help with!

Top Customer Reviews: StarTech.com 1-Port ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 32 ratings
4 / 5
This server of starts of impression of a box preset with an IP directs concealed clashed with my Netgear readyshare. It would be impossible to install without disabling a readyshare ip in my subject. A costruttore would have to has dipped this the DHCP client on way that pulls an available IP in planting for the subject the static IP of 192. 168. 0. 10 Which would have averted IP that directs conflicts. Another that that does well ...Ossia An only reason fell it to four stars. I installed it afterwards in mine 15 old year HP printer and was able to begin to print his immediately without any subjects with a server of impression.
4 / 5
Has this unit connected until the HP LaserJet 6P and is doing well. Like this leading reviewers has indicated already, some 'out of a box' pre-the configuration is required mostly reason DHCP is not enabled for incumplimiento for some reason. To take this device to do in my coverage (using DHCP), has connected a ethernet boss among my computer and a StarTech device and has changed my settings of coverage of the computer of DHCP to the allocution of static IP in a same coverage like StarTech (the StarTech defaults to having dipped like this my Windows 10 IP of portable allocution to ). Once I this was able to signal the browser in and a StarTech embedded browser the interface has based was available. Of this interface (that uses my Firefox browser of internet), was able to enable DHCP as well as it changes a name of a device to the equal that would look in a coverage. Once I this, I powered all was, has connected a StarTech my coverage of local zone, and after dipping my computer behind the DHCP, was able to signal my browser in my computer to a name of a Startech and has connected on just well. I have added a printer has seen Windows and he all looks to do. Good way to spend that old of confidence HP LaserJet 6P behind the life.
4 / 5
Ossia An old StarTech creation that so only maintains to do and working. They ship the wizard of software for some old OSs, but a wizard is entirely unnecessary. I plugged my directly to a backside of an elderly LaserJet 4, a wart partorisca wall to be able to, and a boss of patch of the Ethernet my LAN transmission.

In his description William R Johnston adapted some ships of device with his allocution of the ethernet fixed in . To take this together with something different (I am using the static allocution mass of mine DHCP server) has has had to that temporally covers a server of impression directly to the PC that use an Ethernet crossover boss, then dipped the allocution of my PC to something in a . Row. After, I logged in with the browser of web, has gone the TCP/configuration of IP, and dip an IP directs a way has wanted to (in my chance that use DHCP).

There is then undoes all this provisional coverage material and plugged all my LAN, has said my DHCP service that allocution of IP to use for a server of impression (of then love static for that). It has gone back finally to use a browser of web to dip the name of a server of impression (with an allocution has said a DHCP server to use). All more so only spent and does not look to import that it tries to print of... Well, it excepts you scheme Windows newer. The LADY has spent of the shot with a thing of security and is cries it to take any do any in the LAN, further connecting to an Internet. In all the chance, if any CROWN fixes operative just browser a coverage and there is your server of impression. Need a right engine locally installed for a printer has, but a StarTech server of the impression does not look to require the engine. The just works have printed. Dulce!

In all the chance, far easier that dipping on an old PC with the parallel port to be the server of impression. Far less you can. It is tiny and access in a backside of your printer. And an only cabling (another that a wart of wall) is Ethernet.
5 / 5
Is the way has spent also times that tries to configure to take DHCP to do. My LInksys E2500 (multiple routers in my coverage - this individual one is ascribed door ) has configured for the DHCP row. Any @@subject that time I installed, dipped partorisca DHCP, reset, and reinstalled, a DHCP allocution a StarTech PM1115P2 10/100Mbps Enet/Server of the impression of Parallel Coverage would attribute was the allocution of IP - which is not an allocution anywhere in my coverages and certainly any in a subject DHCP has defined row. Obviously a never looked device in mine DHCP Table of Client and for this an is not able to connect to a StarTech Server of Impression. Finally it backed it was and it has attributed the static allocution and was able to install it and a printer. This big speed older HP printer of chairs of lasers afterwards to the Brother (using DHCP) printer of laser, both connected in a same coverage - like this this has not been the subject of coverage. I have bought this specifically for his DHCP that the substitutes qualified the D-Link Enet/Parallel (Centronics) Server of Impression that has not had DHCP. It will do another test the day or two and can discover that it has been it I bad will update an indication or return it to him DHCP waste to do. I have not tried his support of the technology like this was has has tried no during his hours.
4 / 5
I concur with another reviewers in a difficulty in programming this device. It is not for an user of computer of the novice. Some instructions are short and offered little explanation, but has done this programming before it does for use in our Half with the allocution of external static IP of a DHCP.
Regarding a device. I am disappointed in a memory. It has to that be very small and for this can a lot of spool all some pages of your document in a memory of the device but your computer have to feed it to a server of parallel printer 1 page in the time as it retards down your capacity to move on to another task because printing stays of window of the state on until all the pages have been printed. I will look for another with more than memory.
Another that in laws so it has drawn.
5 / 5
Does a lot well, now. I have had to contact StarTech support, has dipped on a Server of Impression, of a incumplimiento settings to do do properly. If you are not comfortable with changing allocutions of IP and such, contacting his support of technology is a way to go .
5 / 5
Has had the very old printer and I have required to add to a zone of Production to the equal that have had to install this to add to a coverage in planting to buy the new printer. An installation is not too bad and the looks is doing well. But while they print they take a message of error that a work of the impression has not spent for although the dose. Joined the in different computers with a same result.
Also a question is that I can not take to an am yacido the interface of a printer likes to the allocution of IP is for this adapter. But well, it is doing.
5 / 5
Has had a parallel port older to ethernet the server of impression has connected to my elderly HP Laserjet printer, but a server has died, probably because of the power arises. I have ordered this one for the substitute and has followed simply his instructions to take my Windows 10 computers for the recognise and take my printer that goes again.
5 / 5
Uses the pair of Epson DFX-@@@9000s to print big volumes of carbonless forms. A server of impression has used for the years finally have bitten a powder and I am gone in investigation of the substitution. These few servers of impression return a bill amiably. I have used so only an interface of web to dip each server up and reconfigured some engine in the each computer to signal to a correct server and everything is well. This is not something more the people will require these days but he is good to be able of the find when you do!
4 / 5
Some instructions of installation that is coming with a device was incomplete and confusing. I have had to call support of technology, and like this learnt how was, has taken roughly 40 minutes to try multiple things before it is done on two computers. In general, work a lot now in mine Windows 10 systems.

Top Customer Reviews: DS-510 USB to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
5 / 5
Has no active very success with other servers of impression, has tried the pair and they have done for the moment and has prendido then. This one looks very stable. I have used he for the DYMO 4XL. Once the the yours the engine of impression is installed. You L hook up can, hook in a cape of your subject, and an USB of your printer and you are in your road. I need a last thing. His SX Software of Virtual Nexus. These covers to do your computer thinks that that a printer has connected directly in your printer for USB, included although it is to the point. It says available. Quan Click in a printer, says connected. Calm also can disconnect and the available fact again wants to . Of course, any two computers can use a port of same USB.

To resolve this problem, if you are in another computer (where also has to have a SX software setup), click in a button of Use of the Demand. Has a time of the emission for each computer has posed to fall in 10 bren. So much, if any one has forgotten to disconnect a printer of his computer, can disconnect the ones of your computer to click to demand uses. Work perfectly. One a thing could not take to the mark was automatically disconnects of a DYMO after it was done printing , but an use of demand conforms it almost also. Of course, one another approximation is the disconnect every time is done. But, here, one of uses in the DYMO all a time and another seldom uses it. So much, it listen to remain connected by or and for another to ask use for them to be disconnected.

If this continues to do as well as it has been, was a server of impression has bought better. A button of the use of the demand resolves any worry that any one can very disconnect and left and then would not be able to use a printer. If he automatically disconnected, was included better, but this could be one DYMO and no a unit he. This could vary of printer in printer. To do each one setup for this characteristic, printer of click by right yours when clock in a SX software and changes of mark in some parameters down connect and disconnects. They will be quite obvious.

Down, near to perfect. I say near so that it was absolutely perfect yes automatically disconnected of one DYMO, but his inability is not enough for me to go down he us 4 because of some a lot of bad servers have had vendors of mainstream in Amazon, comprising this estimated like upper has estimated.. Also, it is not all this problem to disconnect and connect in the each computer. It thinks it that was. It is not . An Use of the only done demand that easier and saves calm of any concealed has forgotten to disconnect. It counts one 10 according to low and will see is doing. One default is 120 bren. That is to say also long DYMO cual footprints immediately although it can want to you more concealed 10 bren if your printer could print for the moment after any one begins to print. That is to say more expensive and perhaps that is to say why does better, subject since the problem has had with another impression serves to enter and was at random.
1 / 5
A DS-510 is so defective like the support and the proportionate documentation for a manufacturer. It is spoken with them anterior in purchase of mine has been ensured that a DS-510 would do with the scanner of document of strong volume. Even so, in spite of being connected in the gigabit point and having a late plus firmware installed, a DS-510 assembla periodically and repeatedly transmission of pause of data for 30 dry. Quan Scanning the big number of documents this extends conclusion of work for a quantity far in surplus of simply using the directly connected scanner saws USB in the computer. Quan Accessing a DS-510 is built in the server of web can very manually poses a device to operate in 1Gb. Instead it have it that be posed in automatic and then has to confirm of a page of state this is operating in 1Gb. Firmware Only can do The updates of Windows.

Although it can see calm in his web of place, or when being when calling them, Silex no longer provides support of tlphonique. Also, although his documentation of the product said no the software downloads available in his web of place of EUA. You have to use his web of place of European to download a software has required to use his devices or for updates of firmware. These products is so much the waste of time and money.
5 / 5
Bought this to substitute the travelling Sale wifi/unit of Ethernet that never done well, comprising unexplained days-long failures. Silex Automotive The product of quality this has connected a X10 C15a interface, UPS, and is going in re-rewire my RS485 PV inverter circuit of monitor of the poor quality 485/conversor of Ether behind in USB (now that an available box callejera is gone). A guarantee of 2 years would have to impress and the fast surgery to back of technology has been answered in hurriedly and professionally. Very impressed.
5 / 5
Work perfectly, has had the machine that has required the cape has run directly in the computer but would be in 50 feet and of taken me he few hours to run the cape and extends mark of look of enough besides, this took me less than 20mins in setup a software and the be arrive and race and and has had already the cat5 cape in an only required wall to pose rescind that cape and has posed the dish in a wall.
5 / 5
Work well in the device of low speed. The software chooses is up through campus, an only one of his amiable felizmente. Otherwise I the supposition would be able to see much more world-wide. Probably It Has the signal to close was another in this case but has not required to discover so far.
5 / 5
Has 2 of these and uses one in remotely alloy in the port of management of the USB in the device of control of metre of water, and another in the metre of his far. So much doing very good.
5 / 5
It uses an earlier version of a Silex for the number of years without problems. So many, when has update recently my point to house also updated in a DS-510. Easy to pose up and marks exactly which has required the to do. It recommends.
5 / 5
That is to say the device adds for east. It is designed to share Any device of USB to the point. Of course it have to install special engine in an end to take for him to do. I use in of the printers of devices and present USB of USB more skilled old in the virtual machines and he utmost for that!
5 / 5
This work perfectly and calm give you the printer of port USB anywhere to the long of your point and can be it controlled by the computer has designated.
4 / 5
I use it to pose my iLok in clean so that sometimes it does in my macbook and the cure has required a ilok with me. It opens it Changes of Cornella without changing my ilok of his place. He cound has the order of reset in SX Virtual Nexus to turn more facilitated reboot without accessing config page of web.

Top Customer Reviews: HP JetDirect 620n ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
I am using he in an old HP 4300 printer and he are doing seamlessly - these ways have not nicknamed any attention in him. An original part for a 4300 line of printer was a 615n. It substitutes these breakings quite 7 yrs marks with another 615n and a substitution begun in flake recently so, that follows advisor in these descriptions, thought that it would give one 620n tries it and hard hope until at the end substitute a printer. A point of this description: one 620n laws in a 4300 line of printer and, as you inform, is more robust that an original 615n. I, of course, can very personally commentaries in relative reliability without expecting at least seven years.
5 / 5
Substituted fail it 610n. Easy to install but required to change a Jetdirect 620n allocution of IP in a static IP my point has expected to use a embedded EIO 1 card accessed through some buttons of poster of control of printer. Changing an allocution of beat of IP that daunts in some but Google "EIO 1 card" and you will find very useful that-in information. BTW, My printer is the Jet of Laser 4100.
5 / 5
Quan Buys our HP DesignJet, an adapter was very pricey, as we were with a port of USB comprised and hooked he until the random PC that spent to be near. Sometimes that PC is not on for one reason or another, or any one has 'update' he and forgotten to pose an engine of printer up - no the big roads, but troubling when all wants the mark is printed .

Posing a printer directly in a point has deleted some subjects of has deleted well afterwards in a computer of server and does an easily available printer all over the world in a dispatch.

Setup IS the small that annoying - does not have any road of a poster in front of a printer to pose an allocution of IP - has to discover that it avenges up with of DHCP then go in a built-in page of web for the change. Another that that has to imagine it that out of setup was mere.
5 / 5
There is walkthrough the on-line videos.
Now.my plotter IS in our point.
Very waay place up for a card.
Open desires HP the software of the printer has done also a hardware., But conceal it has at all to do with a communication.
5 / 5
An old a, he 60xn, had died . I plugged in a 620n in my hp4200tn,
has verified a MAC allocution to substitute a MAC inner old a dhcp
configuration. This was all that has been required to create and that impressions
again. The signals and the parameters have been still in place. A sake
value of product his prize.
5 / 5
A JetDirect card in our HP Colour LasetJet 5500dtn is died the while behind and order the substitution 615n EIO card. Cela A fact by the few months and also prendidos to do so finished only connecting he in the PC saw parallel and sharing he in a grandson that subjects. Cela All has done well until we begin to take some clients of 64 Bits that could not use a printer in this configuration, as we have to begin look for the real fixed. Desprs Doing a bit digging, discovers that one 615n the cards were mostly defective and this was lucky that our original 615n lasted while fact. We order this 620n of Amazon like the substitution and a printer are once again the printer of true point and all of our users are happy again!
5 / 5
Our HP LaserJet 4200 (384MOLT of MB) only will not die , and this JetDirect has substituted an elderly, clunky/junky parallel in server of impression of the Ethernet that for art of enchantment. The works begin to print much faster.
5 / 5
It does years, the technology of the recommended printer substitutes one of our HP printers so that a JetDirect the card had failed . It sounds like the reparation has complicated, expensive. The desire had done then one researches I this year when another printer of a same model there has been a same problem. It results to substitute a JetDirect the card is surprisingly mere. Some chairs of card in the accessible void of a backside of a printer. Any calm included need to open a case. Two rays. The old card was, new card in, rays of substitutes, has done. Printer well so new. A course of substitution is perfect.
5 / 5
A product has been packed well and is gone in days. An available plus firmware late was already precargado and used it 10 minutes after opening a box. A lot it prefers this in USB and <the parallel> shudder centronics connections.

Has left he in a default DHCP parameter, deactivated Netware and Appletalk and has reserved simply an allocution of IP in a DHCP server. Taken only the few minutes to create a TCP/port of IP on all our Windows and PC of Linux in a house. Yes, this serves our point of house.
5 / 5
My HP 4250 has had already the no functional Ethernet port. Quan Has posed a HP Jetdirect in a hollow of expansion and powered up, was recognised immediately, has taken an allocution of IP in my grandson, and has been ready to go. I have found he in a printer setup card and gave it the static IP (only so that they that me devices of clean to have static IPs is). All the work adds. Mac And PC is can find it.

Top Customer Reviews: Epson C32C881008 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5
The work but the prize is trace every time I reordered. Looking for other options now.
5 / 5
Installed this in mine pos printer and has been of tower in business!
4 / 5
Ossia Element of the no spent fake does not squander your time
4 / 5
When in need partorisca fast thermal press, is an only way !

Top Customer Reviews: TP-LINK TL-PS110U ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
These laws of product add once is posed up under a right subnet. For default this product is posed up with - The majority of gesture in the routers is posed up for 192.168.1.xx prende automatic to attribute - which could be the big problem for any very familiar with contacting. You can no very carried very only this device in and the expect do.
With the necessity of the computer the change is allocution of IP in the manual in in to the likes him For included connect in him for the net. Once that is to say the fact connects in an interface of web is easy and changing a device in 192.168.1.xx (and has used 128) has done with so much the Mac You computer and two computers of Windows 10. I recommend to use the allocution of fixed manual to maintain he to change with resets of point.
After this setup is the breeze, any necessity of bus to be installed - has any one for Mac Calms in all the case - besides a some used for a printer he.
4 Out of 5 with an a bit delicate setup which can stump one any one concealed more probably not knowing what the subnet is or regarding the change, while the majority of covers of devices of the clean in and go. Otherwise A device is hurriedly impression, without taking, and in in to to the laws likes them-him he at all a printer of USB has been done for a point.
5 / 5
Has the quite unusual setup and required to substitute mine 15 old year WPS54G Linksys server to print this is died on me. Has two routers, one is the netgear and is a primary to issue for an internet. An another, use like the change for two laserjet printers a colour with the built in NIC card. An another is an old plus B&W Printer of USB again quite 15 years (HP1160le) which has been attached in a Linksys server to print this is died. A TL-PS110U setup was hurriedly and some looks of printer to do well, likes him before. Three computers access this server of impression Wins 7 (x64 bit) and Windows 8.1.
A disk is very all requires. An interface is not ideal and could not saying if a wizard installs the bouquet of malware, but takes a work done in down 5 minutes.
Required to pose a i.p. Allocution and if you skip this step during an installation does not act. In of which returns of cases and repeats a process of installation has taken quite a lot of 3 minutes. A default i.p. The allocution is You will require to change this in something these works for yours issues.
A does not have to that is to say where some habladuras of wizard quite not posing the signal unless you are one HE admin. I only skipped this has thought of any this was to pose a signal only but this step and the option are where changes a default ip the poses in something concealed will do with your subject.
5 / 5
The product is absolutely fantastic. Law for one The company to consult and voice the wide field of hardware. I am using two of these to print on he VPN connection, in the terminal server receives in the datacenter through a country. Besides old Dymo 450 printers to Seal to kick! There is an archaic Linksys server to print that recently fatality on organism, and has bought two to substitute another concealed has resulted increasingly unstable.

Has pulled a server of impression out of a box, plugged a power in, plugged in a ethernet cape directly of my laptop in a server of impression, gave me an IP in a same subnet (, And a web of server of the YAC to print instantly is coming arrive when posed in a default IP in my browser (
Has changed an allocution of IP behind in that a server of old impression was place so much, and besides or 3 seconds less after he rebooted EVERYTHING of a queued the works of impression are come through. Instantly I Have launched a CD in some rubbishes as has has not had the occasion to evaluate a software that comes with him.

A device is posed what static in this allocution of IP of a factory, if you are unable to achieve a web of server of the YAC of impression, poses your computer in the static IP in a same subnet and would have to be able to speak directly in a server of impression.

FAST setup, has had he up and current besides or 5 funds less than minutes.
Interface of server of fast web, shoes/reboot the times are quite 5 bren, and the navigation is very snappy.
The compatibility adds with the oldest printers (Dymo Labelwriter 450 and HP Laserjet 2025 concretely tried)
Very stable, never need in reboot these things
the impressions are fast and compatible, does not have the hurriedly quite printer in a lot try a speed but printed in a laserjet is so hurriedly like the connection of direct USB (only that is to say in an internet, printing direct IP, through the VPN connection).
HAS very this deployed in the middle of the big company and they simply rock.
The server of the easiest impression has never setup

class of Looks of dated, would be well looked the change or something so he blended besides
Any ethernet cape in a box (although has a lot of full boxes of old capes)
Very gigabit? It IS very prender all my change has DIRECTED is to be a same colour (just kidding).
5 / 5
I use this device like the work around in a subject with my old plus HP Multifunction printer (Photosmart 7520) a printer does not record behind in my wireless subject properly after a vain printer to sleep. One was result has to cycle a printer was and behind on for the take to record behind in a wireless point. My subject can not back a printer saws USB so that the does not have an engine of printer to communicate with a printer saws USB. I have tried some work arounds that the has not taken a work has done, and at the end decided to only attach a server of economic impression that can connect it road ethernet in my wireless subject and saws USB in my printer, therefore deleting a necessity for a printer to record in in a wifi. A result is can now printed saw a server to print those uses wifi without recycling a power in my printer. A word of precaution. This device will not back some fine functions of a Photosmart, for example a scanner. A solution for this subject is can cycle a power to communicate with a printer without this server of impression, or just scanner in the walk of inch of the USB and limits a walk of inch in your computer. In any case, this has resolved my requisites without that has to purchase the new printer as I am very pleased.
1 / 5
UPDATE (5/2/2015): after it takes the response of any on that it could mark it to be bad, looked deeper in a subject. It results he the list of compatible printer that these supports of device. You would have to verify if your printer is in this list or mark sure your uses of printer PCL or PS. Thanks to Holcomb (sees low commentaries) to clear east. If it is not compatible with these levels, any troubling that cross a headache to buy and the test configure. It does not act. They go in recursosde -link.com/of the www.tp/document/tl-ps110p_compatibility_list_2.pdf to find a list of compatible printers.
Is reducing my indication in a Star so that a technical support did not inform me never to verify for this subject of compatibility. This could have me the plot saved of time.

Has tried to use he with my MAC, but does not act. The technical support has nicknamed, gave me instructions to follow. I have followed the in a card of an instruction, but in any utility. It has done for a lot of people, and perhaps had something I supposition to do that I no . Perhaps a unit was defective. In any case, if a product has to the so subject is not well. The amazon was well for the take behind in any cost in me, but would not recommend it .
5 / 5
A product am adds. A documentation of installation could use the small more detail even so. You favour for any plugging subject unless yours issue is in 192.1678.0.0 point. Some crosses of device default setup with the static ip allocution of Very enough I see it default in DHCP. Quan Read some directions say to connect it and was to go. But it suggests this.
1. It poses your PC nic in
2. It limits a cape of Ethernet in your PC and in a TLPS110U
3. Opened the browser and login in, uname IS admin
4. It poses a device to use DHCP, saves and reboot
5. It open it can You limit he in your point and continues with an installation.

Has done to add when at the end has taken it to it to him on-line.

setup The documentation could use work
his web of place very easily has a setup the files of installation so declared in his documentation.

Has built the few points some years and I found it the small clunky to install but has data still he 5 stars cause it only does exactly for concealed it the precise to do and is priced well.
2 / 5
hooking This until one issues and was able to access he without subject. Even so, after posing it up with a computer and try install a printer in the second computer and after an installation has completed felizmente tried to do the page of test of a second computer and he have printed a first part of a page and then prendido, and has begun another test of impression. It does not stop! Printed 10 partial pages (has asked only 1 page of test!) Before I have to unplug a power in a server of impression and takes a printer of a second computer. It prints well in a first computer but a second connection was whacko! Probably a subject with a second computer or subject. It does not know . Tried again even so he well in a a computer but a second a has been nuts . Used the static IP setup and a same engine for a printer in both computers. hooked In a printer directly in a usb connection in a second the computer and he have done well. Oh Well. You are a cheap plus of very so much has to try!
4 / 5
It can not communicate with him at the beginning. I plugged in the change of different Ethernet and then begins to do. There is has not had time in troubleshoot a first change and voice that enters. It prefers to have in software already in how his for the subject and only that enters an IP in the browser in setup, but a software in the disk done and was able to take my printers of USB that law and could print in them of any pc on the dot same directly in an allocution of IP has attributed.
A box is good to animate in a touch, preoccupy me in me quite that times last, but still is running so it can the any one complain still.
If the failure in front of the year is up will adjust my indication.
5 / 5
Has three computers, with three different operating systems, Windows XP, View, and Windows 7, hooked until my clean/wireless wire fence. Anteriorly, Has used my computer of desktop those runs XP to do like the server of impression for some two laptops have connected wireless. This fact for one the majority of part, but has required having a computer of desktop on at all times, any one to mention the computer has said was to good sure in an end of his life. I have purchased a TP-NEXUS TL-PS110U and was satisfied enough with his right of action out of a box. I have used his software to pose in a device in my point, that follows some directions in a screen. My laptop of Windows 7 has connected instantly, without any tweaking. One has Seen the laptop has required some rebooting and reinstalling of a printer before it recognise it. A desktop of Windows XP, be an old plus You and computer, has taken a long plus, which are not surprising. But have found directions in a web of TP-NEXUS, concretely for Windows XP, this has done perfectly. A server of impression has been up for 3 solid days and of the impressions perfectly and hurriedly of the each three PCs.

Gives My experience with this product will not be that of a half user. I do during 25 years in a The DEPARTMENT of the company of big insurance in NYC and has the roads adds hands on experience with computers and contact. A setup of this device is not exactly 'cover and game', but is some directions carefully and maintain in of entity that the different operating systems require different parameters, would have to be able to take this product to do while ad.
3 / 5
I eat... I left me preface this for why some 3 stars have been given. I gave it one ' is very' so that I am sure for a right application that these works of server of the impression perfectly for a lot... Only no for me.

Opens, has purchased this server to print to pose mine all-in-a Epson in my grandson like my woman does not have to of the documents of scrolling of his macbook in my desktop pc for impression, therefore relieving a clutters of junk in my desktop... Also to use with my macbook. I am not the engineer/of point of the computer even so it was so to install and troubleshoot some quite thorough networking.

Installs 1 - he So that it is that it spends a better part of the few hours buttoning in my house a/v point, installing the change and powerline adapter (TP Nexus), installs this server of impression. It opens, it is gone an easy, road of type of the beginner and has used a setup the proportionate wizard by TP Nexus. That is to say they go like the wizard is outdated and researches to be used by setup in XP, is running 7 in my desktop. IP Has attributed consistently, has created the new TCP/port of IP, a wizard has done enough a rest, as and has thought. The averages the page has printed, then 10 pages of gibberish this looked a script to start with of a matrix... The sounds have run over, the hanged cape, puts to bed unsuccessfully.

Installs 2 - Read several descriptions, tp guides of user of the nexus, has deleted all this has to marks with the printer of my computer, and has begun on... This time with a program of IP. The door has attributed, IP, subnet, names. The installed engine in my desktop, the soft reset in a server... Boom... All research to be working while it has to... Until I print the pdf of page only... Low and behold, tries to print 2 in a same page and fall both of them have been... Any gibberish but printing multiple incomplete pages. Swipe the second time... It opens Routing a device behind.

Some error/of inexperience of the user... This will not communicate 2 roads and the left wing have the server to scan... It does not think enough that when it has ordered. As this is not the good election uses your scanner in an all in or.

Finally, is not bashing TP instruments of Nexus... It IS well. An interface of user leaves something to be wished but also posed in ubnt squad and airOS does not line your hand or. It buys this to revive/repurpose an old impression only device.

Top Customer Reviews: HP JETDIRECT 615N ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
1 / 5
It was happy with a prize. That is to say enough the. This card was to substitute the _suddenly fatality_ 615N JetDirect card in my dispatch HP4300DTN printer. This printer is the workhorse and has has not had any problem with him for in 9 month of use. A morning a printer simply would not print . I am spent enough the bit to time to try to take it reinstalled, only give that some lights of adapters of the point has not done. Felizmente That is to say the user replaceable part, as I have ordered the straight substitution...Without doing investigation. It results one 615N was the class of lemon for HP when JetDirect was 'the thing'. There are bookmarks/marcadors of the clave and the forums have consecrated in troubleshooting and describing only what scaly this beats of card that is. I digress.
A new 615N arrived fatality. A printer would not recognise it , included after each trick of reset HP could think of. A card was only fatality in arrival. Any one very blames a vendor therefore [even so that has to pay it to ship two times is galling when is not even my failure, but that it is life ]. In a half of the same I in fact some investigation and has discovered that many some subjects that besieges one 615N has been resolved [mostly] in a 620N which are not that much more expensive.
Yes purchases this card, is taking the risk the big plus that thinks is necessary. Cairo In a 620N instead.

Fresh, 90 breadboard colours of circuit
HAS 5 different piece manufacturers on he

All more enough the
1 / 5
We buy this in amazon for a HP 4000 printer that anteriorly had been connected saws Parallel port. More than buying some external boxes, this similarity like the good idea, which would result in or less parallel cape and cord to be able in.

A never exited element of a box. The amazon has contacted, concealed informed in Santech EUA, concealed sold in Amazon behalf. Desprs Having to files the recovery with The-z of Amazon, Santech at the end has answered. It issues a course behind, has alleged did not take never it. Desprs Providing confirmation of delivery, has alleged then a number of serial in a part has not matched his records. It do not provide the repayment or substitution.

The happy arrival that buys the Allocution of Jet 170. There are more cords to compete with, but some works of good boxes.
4 / 5
A card in our 4550n is died suddenly so in $ the 6.95 go hand this was an obvious election .
Arrives hurriedly, form well; it is obviously the course has used, and good works.
A thing and has not expected was to require in reinstall a printer on all ours PC and telephones...
...Still although has data a new card an allocution of IP included unit that old
5 / 5
Server of impression of internal point for my old HP 4500 colour laserjet printer. Taken quite a lot of 2 minutes to install and works like the charm. This was the substitution for an original EIO server of internal printer. An original cost enough 5 more the time but this was when a printer was new. An old workhorse 4500 only continues to print.
5 / 5
wasnt Sure that it was bad with a printer as we have tried this and he fixed it immediately. Good supposition on our part
5 / 5
Working decree after 6 month. A web of place of vendors says guaranteeed of honour of original manufacturers but is external of one 30 turn of window in the daytime of police, can not take the control of a vendor to count a subject. Fashioning Original (HP) has said has wanted at all to do with him. Any one surprised! At least the amazon was very enough to give me a bit money behind for my problems.
5 / 5
Declared has been 'new' but was soiled, some rays were rusty and slightly undressed, and a clip to line a cape of point has been broken. I am not opposite in the squad has renewed, but deceive is objectionable
5 / 5
wasnt Sure that it was bad with a printer to the equal that have tried this and he fixed it immediately. Good supposition for our part
1 / 5
any of some works of units. My computer sees it, but a printer no press .
1 / 5
Has declared was 'new' but is dirty, some rays were rusty and slightly undressed, and a clip partorisca resist a boss of coverage has been broken. They are not opposed the refurbished crew, but misleading is unacceptable

Top Customer Reviews: New-HP J7934G - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
5 / 5
The element has been used against new but vendor (Company of Printer of the the USA) was very responsive.

An element took has been used with information of configuration in memory of an anterior owner. This has done setup difficult so that I have supposed was in factory defaults. I emailed a vendor the Sunday and goes to take the call the Monday. Apology and offered to the help posed me the up. For the seeds had imagined his has gone the his and a card done in my printer and I have not wanted to exchange he for the new card. The vendor offered me the partial repayment for a product that is used and for my problem and I have accepted that compensation so reasonable.

IS pleased with an action of product and very pleased with the support of client of a vendor.
4 / 5
Bought this the substitution for one of our HP 4100 dispatch of printers of series. Very easy to install. Literally loosen some two rays, attraction out of an old a, inserts/inserts a walnut an and tense some rays. That is to say.

These printers only maintain chugging to the long of. Has two of them in our dispatch, (HP4100n and HP4100dtn with tray of unit of duplex/of extra paper). It has had the for some 20 years. It looks a ethernet together of the server of the leaves of impression to do and has to when being substituted in the each six years or so many. Some printers take minimum interview. He a Box of Substitution of the Roller that cleanup once in the each printer.
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Installed this in the relatively old HP DesignJet 510. Once installed and rebooted, a HP has recognised a card and situates has been up completed through a printer onboard exposure. It have done perfectly of installed. I have left to take drawee of an old PC that has had the habit of action a printer.
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I WANT TO this! Easy tan to install! The turn was printer , inserts/inserts card, ignites printer. It finds an allocution of IP automatically and has not had Any configuration that required to do. Installed an engine immediately in my computer and the quality of impression was absolutely perfect. It can not say that it wants this card. Marks the P3015d gone back in the P3015dn!!!!
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A HP LaserJet 5100 has had subjects of intermittent point: it is to lose connectivity in a point and the error have entered a half of the work of impression. At the end, a OEM JetDirect 610n the card has the data was. Looking for an internet for an exact substitution, a lot of past bad descriptions for this particular card. One has had included the nexus in HP website to sustain the technical aide concealed and consumers in untimely failure with a JD 610n and using the JD 620n like his successor.

Listening it directly of the mouth of a horse (HP), has followed his council and opted for a JD 620n instead. For the mere $ 10 more than a JD 610n, has bought a peace of imports to learn that no this problem again for the longitude while. More, included HP was steering his technicians of field in him when the problems expsitos with a JD 610n. A delivery was very in the schedule and a card was very easy to install. There is a printer those does again without more than subjects of connectivity of the point in less than 10 minutes. This was the very wise inversion .
5 / 5
HP The Allocution of jet ingresa IO the card is solid of rock ; excellent prize also. Oldie But goodie of a printer goes is probably technology of 10 years for now but a card that is expected of him. It remarks that this is not one Avahi-compatible device like the printer will not look in your iPad or iPhone like the aim of possible printer. For this necessity to plot of geek hours of man or the modern printer.
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OMG !! I save me alot of the money and the headache that server of flavour of use of impression. Thank you!
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Monitor. slid Well in and has shot well up...Behind printing
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In planting to substitute a type of main joint in our Laserjet 3525, bursts this in a bay of open expansion, and was was!
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HP Jetdirect 620N
Installed he in my HP LaserJet 4 and all has done perfectly.

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