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1 TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A8) -High Speed MU-MIMO Wireless Router, Dual Band Router for Wireless Internet… TP-Link AC1900 Smart WiFi Router (Archer A8) -High Speed MU-MIMO Wireless Router, Dual Band Router for Wireless Internet… TP-Link
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2 NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router, R6700 - AC1750 Wireless Speed Up to 1750 Mbps | Up to 1500 Sq Ft Coverage & 25… NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router, R6700 - AC1750 Wireless Speed Up to 1750 Mbps | Up to 1500 Sq Ft Coverage & 25… NETGEAR
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3 NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R7000) - AC1900 Wireless Speed (Up to 1900 Mbps) | Up to 1800 Sq Ft Coverage & 30… NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R7000) - AC1900 Wireless Speed (Up to 1900 Mbps) | Up to 1800 Sq Ft Coverage & 30… NETGEAR
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4 TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router (Archer A6) - 5GHz Dual Band Mu-MIMO Wireless Internet Router, Supports Guest WiFi… TP-Link AC1200 Gigabit WiFi Router (Archer A6) - 5GHz Dual Band Mu-MIMO Wireless Internet Router, Supports Guest WiFi… TP-Link
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5 TP-Link WiFi 6 Router AX1800 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX21) – Dual Band Gigabit Router, Works with Alexa - A Certified… TP-Link WiFi 6 Router AX1800 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX21) – Dual Band Gigabit Router, Works with Alexa - A Certified… TP-Link
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6 TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX50) – 802.11ax Router, Gigabit Router, Dual Band, OFDMA, MU-MIMO… TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Smart WiFi Router (Archer AX50) – 802.11ax Router, Gigabit Router, Dual Band, OFDMA, MU-MIMO… TP-Link
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7 NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6230) - AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Speed (up to 1200 Mbps) | Up to 1200 sq ft Coverage & 20 Devices… NETGEAR WiFi Router (R6230) - AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Speed (up to 1200 Mbps) | Up to 1200 sq ft Coverage & 20 Devices… NETGEAR
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8 ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000) - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, Gaming & Streaming, AiMesh Compatible, Free… ASUS WiFi 6 Router (RT-AX3000) - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Internet Router, Gaming & Streaming, AiMesh Compatible, Free… ASUS
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9 NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE Router MR1100-100NAS - Up to 1Gbps Speed | Connect Up to 20 Devices | Create… NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE Router MR1100-100NAS - Up to 1Gbps Speed | Connect Up to 20 Devices | Create… NETGEAR
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10 Speedefy AC2100 Smart WiFi Router - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router for Home & Gaming, 4x4 MU-MIMO, 7x6dBi External… Speedefy AC2100 Smart WiFi Router - Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router for Home & Gaming, 4x4 MU-MIMO, 7x6dBi External… Speedefy
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Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link AC1900 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Alive in the house of 2 histories, and my old Netgear the subject was big-the arrival bought it at the same time. This in spite of, my internet of Spectre (100 MB) was like this slow that has decided to take the subject new. My Windows 7 laptop, which was roughly 25 feet out of one issues, has taken anywhere of .5 To 5 mb. It was a lot of spotty. It has taken this new to issue, and has had he hooked on and ready partorisca go in 15 minutes, and my laptop now has taken 40 mb! My Windows newer 10 laptop now takes 115 mb. I am pleased extremely with this subject. Among computer, ready tvs, telephones, and has included my ready light bulbs, has 14 devices hooked until an internet, and all are doing add!
5 / 5
Has bought this TP Link AC1900 to the substitute is predecessor of 4 years that has failed finally. When it Concealed one has failed, has looked for an up to date model without hesitation. These units come with 2 guarantees of year, and a last an is lasted to BEND a period of guarantee. Admitted, Wifi 6 is already in a phase, but is not to regulate. Until then, these AC1900 routers is still the good investment for some years of next pair, until you are forced the upgrade. If you are substituting to issue it, or calm so only upgraded to the 1 internet of CONNECTION of ACTION, then exited and buy this subject.
5 / 5
Has had the belkin N600 subject with the definite spectre 400+ internet. Never taken on 100mb included last wired directly to a subject. It has done the test previously to install a tp Link ac1900 and was in 97/20. With which have installed a tp the links was in 483/24. My WiFi is also a lot on 200/20. Extremely easy to build your coverage and a speed speaks for him. Included a signal upstairs a far plus was has been of 20/16 to 90/20.
4 / 5
Using our AC1900 (Archer A8) in way of point of the access to resupply WiFi coverage in our basement (the connection wired to Altice Subject/of Modem 2 walk on). It will be plugging our television to one of a comprised ethernet ports.

Setup Was a lot of easy, that follows the instructions in the discharge has comprised in of the boxes.

Without tweaking anything, is seeing 220+ Mbps on 5GHz has has connected devices (partorisca container of boss until 300 Mbps).

Has not verified still coverage anywhere another it basement.

Negative: has a capacity to see the cast of has has connected devices (IP and MAC allocutions), but see any capacities to control that it quotes each device is using. It would want to see this class of info. In the a lot of minimum, would like me see total throughput, but can not find any one statistical by means of an interface of web or a tether application.
4 / 5
Has required to substitute the subject expensive old. Some descriptions were well for a AC1900 and has had good regime forward with TP-the link has bought like this of the subjects. A speed is excellent. With 18 devices in a system, was still able to run the test of speed in 739mbps using desk connected with CAT6 boss of Ethernet. An entrance of of a modem is 940mbps. They are easily able to use a wifi the TV of current the TV of Apple, Firestick and Roku during one 3,000 sqft marries without using a lot another wifi improving devices. They are very pleased with a AC1900 subject.
4 / 5
Ossia The ADD to issue for a prize. Had any question that dips it on, he taking configured, and taking a rest of my crew to speak his. Utilisation he for ( hard wire fence ) two computer ( PC and Mac ) more the printer of laser, and ( wireless ) television -- using Amazon, NetFlix, and Disney+, more the pill and two telephones. An only question has had has been MY FAILURE ( plugging in the connection loosely ). It would purchase again.
4 / 5
So that it can not take the control of technical support for telephone, which a voicemail said is down interview and to go to on-line cat. Both my husband and I have tried for separate in different time to converse with support of on-line cat. Both have taken some same crappy service. First of all, we have given all an information has required. This in spite of them still, in planting to read that writes, have asked that has had said the already. Waste of time.

And then some responses of support of the cat, especially for my husband, would take 5 minutes at least before it answers. As it imagines that a cat could be last more than an hour which do not have time to do. We have had an exact question: Reason is one issues to limit my speeds to no more than 400 Mbps when we know our modem does at least 1 GB and know access directly with ethernet boss to the modem of a Provider, can take prójimo to a 1 GB. When we Change to use an Archer A8 subject, can not take on 400 Mbps. It is a @subject and that setting requires to change to take an announced 1 GB that this subject is supposition to be able the handler and more?

Has has tried things with our devices wired and wireless directly of the modem of a Provider of Internet and then by means of an Archer A8 subject. They are VASTLY different. The support of cat was unable to answer this question but has maintained to ask to to the stupid things like, is wired? I have written of then more than a swipe. Reason are that I ask again? It is it likes the support of cat grieves to know like this to speak English.

In all the chance, is returning this @subject reason we a lot better with our hub that this issues ossia supposition to give some accelerate and the additions looks our hub no. So it buys Anything TP-Link, please notes that is in ours own and if the things no , well, too bad. There is ZERO SUSTAIN TECHNICAL. Like this calm better discovers inside the 30 turn of day of the police of amazon to the equal that can take the full repayment.
4 / 5
A mbps the indications are the bit of the piece, with 500 mbps service of my provider of internet, more could take of any or 5g was roughly 250 mbps (5band of g), seating 2 feet out of a unit, with only my mark the new laptop has connected.
That when be said, has taken 10 different indications of 10 different peed Come from' the places have verified he with.
The inferior line is the better work that my subject of old plus...
4 / 5
Bought it to substitute the tp link WR1430HD.
Struggled with him for 5 days has decided the turn .

A ISP the technology of service was quite bondadoso to try he for me. It has informed that his tool of scanner has aimed the question with a coverage. His toll of scanner was plugged in directly and was a device so only connected. He included failed when in a configuration accionaría. Wi-Fi So only has but no done a lot well. The speed was slow and sometimes prendería entirely requiring the reboot of a modem and @subject. I mention a hardwired the devices have failed to connect? And a hard wired the devices would not connect neither. Taken to joke roughly the the small or will go postcard.

Many the different configurations have been tried but any one has aimed any improvement in another.

I reinstalled my subject old and am limping to the along some boxes can find the pertinent substitution. It does not think TP-the links will be in a that runs how is the shame like the subject old is on 8 years
4 / 5
has not been is meant to be like this but this subject is much slower that mine xfinity subject. A 5ghz is fast but love in the delays of different room down as well as it has expected. As this has not been a compraventa of the ready plus has done. Of then they are in a speed of internet still. An only difference is that now I have qualified more than adding more devices. Some pictures are for order of , xfinity subject, 5ghz (the note am seating beside one issues)

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
With all honesty, that is to say certainly the able subject and will be the good access for a lot. It provides fantastic speeds and will be the update of sake for routers older no able to maintain up with some speeds to augment the internet has provided today for more ISPs.

Alas, Netgear decided in dramatically change some internal components and then still the sell down a same name (R6700). With that say, the amazon has the small alarm of product that bad any R6700 or R6700v2. Well, they are shipping a R6700v2 which do not match some of some specifications have aimed in this page (in particular a speed of CPU).

Knows so that after taking the subject conceals has not matched, offered for the substitute and issue a first version of one issues (the with a main clock accelerates so signified in some details of real product) and finishing to take a same thing (another V2).

Will say that for this give the support issues it that the will not be flashed with the software done or that the will not use another more advanced work for the subject can provide, that is to say any problem . For those of us concealed knows a hardware and knows that it is expecting, that is to say the problem .

Has to 3 star so that any company that marks an original version with better specs and then turns around and significantly changes this without changing a number to model and doing the smallest modifications in a box (voice the own photos of the amazon - both tills is pictured) simply does not deserve my confidence. Habladura Of indications, many of some indications see here is lumped up with another Netgear products and also applies in a more original version able.

Fosters Revises and yours research of control of different sources. In this way, the calm will not be disappointed with a V2 that will take you to him. I expect this help does your decision!
1 / 5
That is to say for a NetGear Nighthawk X4S (R7800)

Here is in that a lot likes him in of this subject.

- Easy to pose up and in spite of this characteristic , is very noob that receives
- Mobile applications these helps you tweak and shoot of problem
- the firmware the updates is easy and painless.
- Excellent throughput on all the groups and canals.
- Excellent wireless field and force to signal on all the groups.

Opens in some bad things, duquel there is unit very only

Here is that spent. It buys two of these routers. One for me, or for a fiance. One 5Ghz the group in my subject has ceased to do. At the beginning it transmits the very feeble and unstable signal. Opened Has gone it only. It opens HAS the very expensive 2.4ghz wireless subject.

And to be perfectly only, a wire fence and canals 2.4ghz/of the groups still are that they go that gangbusters. But I have bought this for one 5Ghz, anybody 2.4

- NetGear service of the client and the support are one of worse has not founding never.

If your product is less than 90 old days, will be more concealed happy to assist you. If your product is more then 90 old days then expect you to PAY THEM in hoot of problem' your element. In my case, has wanted 49.99 for support of technology 'Advanced' to go in the conclusion that has known already enough. One issues has required to be has substituted.

Takes that us (the client) necessity to jump through his hoops to verify that a product is in fact defective. But why has that has to pay you to substitute your defective product?

Crosses a whole process and guesses that... One issues has required to be has substituted. The era has said that it take clues he verse on email with instructions in that required to do afterwards to complete one RMA 24 hours later, the email has not arrived never. It embroiders same when being turbulent to do that a lot. Apparently I want to RMA this device, Im has expected to jump through even more hoops. NetGear, My times are lovelier that concealed. Simply I will wash my hand of of the one of the east and movement on.

TL:Dr. NetGear Service of the client and the support are the joke. If your pauses, any troubling with CS, simply purchase something more.
5 / 5
Quan Has moved in with my woman, door with his subject he this was better that mine, as we have maintained his. After the moment, more and more of our house resulted readier. The ready devices have conversed through our house more and more each month. As I have decided to update in the TP-Subject of Nexus. I have grown to lament this deception every day in a course of the month.

In a course of a next month, some the ready devices have grown angry. They could not converse freely and with reckless abandons. Sometimes any one does not listen never each which so another. A Chromecast cried in solace. A loan lightbulbs turn in dark. Our guests have grown angered with our unreliable point like the game of the thunders has battled in current. It has lost partner. Do enemies. To the point sure decides enough is enough: it is time to to launch more money in this problem.

That it is cual finishing with this spaceship. I am spent twenty minutes that crosses all some parameters have advanced to do sure has been posed up very enough to satisfy my interior geek, then I unleashed he in an internet. Game of Thunders streamed hurriedly. Netflix Could any power my subject that suffices quickly. My ready devices have broken in attention. A Chromecast cried, this time with tears of joy.

IS the hero . And all take was the plot of money.
1 / 5
This description applies in a Netgear R7000P ac2300 subject. Any compensation-has bought he out of my own pocket.

Two month ago has update my point of house of old 100mbs in gigabit. He the plot of investigation and this R7000P has looked for to be a better to admit among side and capacity. My threads has update also his house and has been in accordance with my evaluation. It buys first. The subject Was excellent as I have bought mine shortly after in mid Layers 2018.

The Installed easily, plugged he in and law perfectly. Setup Was the breeze. My LAN of the house is the mix of wireless and ethernet devices-two computers, the printer, five NOSE the devices have connected through changes, some telephones and tablets. Each connected, a ethernet ports in 1000mbps.

Taking fast seven weeks. A morning of the May that the shines looked in a subject and has remarked that a LAN the ports have DIRECTED the indicators had changed aims in amber. Some ports had changed in 100mbps. No the good thing.

The tests to accelerate surprised-the wireless part of one issues still run so hurriedly so always in 39MBps. A ethernet the ports could ail paste 6MBps.

How I all some things ones usually done to aim amour for electronic. Rebooted, Can cycled, reset in factory specs, new firmware flashed, allocution the computer connected in a modem(to verify a modem has not entered some road that is missing) and in the each lan port through marking new cat 5 and cat 6 cape. I same yelled in him while the intimidation would do. Any joy. A software to issue of the management informed and the flavours of the speed have confirmed that a ethernet the ports were down 100mbps, not even after in 1000mbps. The support of tlphonique was less than useful.

IS further 30 days so that it can not return in Amazon and yes spends of the hours navigating the system to sustain concealed direct me each a troubleshooting has done already at the end could be able to return he for change. Payment to ship both roads, expects the week or three without point.

The week after the mine was wonky my threads is failed in exactly a same road. His purchase in Walmart and has had any problem this turns he and taking a ASUS.

So much, one the majority of the expensive subject has not possessed never is operating spoils road. Quan Can provide will buy something more. Any Netgear.

A thing has learnt is that some 21,500+ descriptions are not necessarily for this subject. There is the change of the filter apropa a description stars these buyers of the view of the covers has confirmed only cement to issue-and that it is fewer plots . It results I am not one Orders Solitari-another has had similar subjects.

All duquel is the very very time-winded road to count like a R7000P has directed to win the only star.
2 / 5
Hardware-wise That is to say he 5 -the star adds to issue, esp for defiant small-half business. It excepts Has the glaring subject of security of the software: some points of the guest is not isolated private points! L2 The access of level is wide open, which of course are the roads-breaker.

A guest can use Fing and in 2 bren sees each device in your private point, reads his MAC allocutions, discovers services and of the printers, directs private routers, etc. The guests included can take DHCP the leases of internal servers have deprived! An only thing that it is to block (using the filter of software) is the majority of a Level3 traffic of IP. Sure, pings and the containers of data can take blocked, but any scanner of the intrusion of mere point has the day of field.

He still, my device is configured properly, to pose so issue it, properly ensured, etc. I the small dig in Netgear forums and has discovered that is to say the long-time (in 5 years) even so at present the problem fulfilled by a lot of Netgear products. ( Research 'netgear isolation of the no acting guest'). These roots of defect of Netgear curiously using a same subnet for guest and private, which popular competitors a lot . I can very fathom why Netgear has has not resolved still this.

Again, this a lot is the piece adds of hardware, providing fast rock-solid connections for 50-100 users in the defiant very-concrete of structures of the level. Better that very another has used. But a security announced of Netgear isolation of point of the guest simply does not act. Be conscious of this weakness of security and plan consistently.
2 / 5
Salvation! Low version up here!

If you are experimenting 1-5 according to dropouts in your wireless point like clockwork (each 5-10 minutes) then required to Go back your VERSION of FIRMWARE. Calm probably has to final of version in .58 Or .60. I require one version of firmware.

Informs very time, details, and low explanation.

Is touching The game those uses a wireless point (any LAN) and each which how 5 in 10 minutes your drops of connection for 2-10 bren, or is looking the current in twitch/youtube and regularly down was to LISTEN UP. It IS your FIRMWARE. To be clear, is not that it speaks on he spotty connection. I am speaking in the full in 50-300mbps looking of the wireless communication concealed has practically any latency EXCEPTS, each which how 5-10 minutes, down was to like any turned of a wireless transmitter. This does very on-line gaming UNPLAYABLE only in the each server will fall you since your computer essentially disconnects for these 1-5 bren like the wifi covers it has been pulled.

If that is to say a case , probably has Or You can verify for logging in a subject (Default And control to see in a by upper corner well that the number of version is on. If it finishes in the .58 Or .60 Or main, that is to say 99% your problem.

Has required to go in Netgear website and download For a X4S R7800. One .52 version is a late plus BARN WIFI tez. He the load (perhaps hard reset) and reconfigure yours issue and BAM, the problem has resolved!

Netgear Sustains of the client is less than useless and will not admit failure regarding an update of firmware. Period. Constantly they will ask calm in the hard reset yours to issue and interference of failure in your half on recognising a subject is a subject . I have not done to contact and HE for longitude, but is so to use tools of analysis of the point and clock ping/time of turnaround and monitor when throughput drops.

To verify this subject, tried with AC frequencies and canals, and a B/G/N frequencies and canals also. All has suffered for the regulate still 1-10 according to dropout each which how 5-10 minutes like clockwork. Different devices (Notes 8 streaming twitch, 3 different desktops that games to touch/streaming, television streaming, Steamlink streaming, etc) all comporting an EXACT same.

To The help reinforces a point that this was a subject , dug out of the DECADE old Relic (the DSL of D Nexuss-2640T) and the place arrives in a something same, and shot in his 'Deluxe dual canal B/G wireless Point' and my signal was rock of compatible solid. It limits it was around 50 Mbps during my house in the connection with one issues, but could common alive videos, there is Skype called, and game for hours without any fall anything.

An old DECADE B/G 54mbps issues it has beaten some trousers out of this B/G/N AC 2600mbps powerhouse in of the terms of connection of internet of reliable company. Any flight the cart of sports owes the push begins each which how 5-10 miles if the wagon of canal of his Grandma in fact will take you around city.

Has gone back once a firmware in a, A subject of the signal evaporated. No more subject of incongruence, any spikes of latency, all smooth navigation, my old D-can he of nexus return in his dusty coffin.

In everything, Netgear Support of the client does not help calm of the moment that involves to admit done the deception has still to fix. You favour and circle behind in And deactivate the updates of the car administration Advanced>under>the firmware Updates and chooses a ' disagree' option.

Thank you Stops to read!
1 / 5
That is to say only terrible, has bought this thing the pair of month of marks so that it has had good luck with Netgear for years. Some days of mark of pair, only decree to do, does not connect in a modem, included although an allocution of IP is come through. I have exchanged out of my identical AC1750 of the work and he have done well. I have taken this one to do and tried in troubleshoot has comprised he resetting the in an old firmware, updating a firmware again, etc. already has 2 hours of my life inverted in this when the thing nicknamed until taking a RMA for the return down guaranteeing. I have spoken with 'Ann' that was likes him take to comprise among an emphasis and a terrible squad his master has the data hardly could take a number of low serial. (The boss fails his, was very very)

In spite of having all my information of a number of case took on-line, has had to all these hoops again. At the end, it say that I need in an hour to cross his troubleshooting script before it can emit the RMA. It begins to describe what some the lights in an advance of mark and has prendido only. Seriously Netgear? I am routing he in calm in my cost, the worse case is well and subjects behind. If I spend an hour in of the works to cross the totally useless troubleshooting ( the turn of tests went it and on again??) Script, has lost quite billable time that mark more felt in only buy another subject.

IS clear that is to say to pose on any one to help an user of final but the thwart you quite this leaves. Well, I am leaving in Netgear. After years to say all the world-wide that attaches his products are, to good sure is changing my tune. Tan Very only have you has lost the client but also a defence.

Purchases this thing, the be conscious has it a bit has documented subjects already and that Netgear is not interested in service or of the good products anymore
5 / 5
There is the plot of confusion there with a r6700 likes netgear has done three different variants of him. So so to write, here is a specs of some three versions:

chipset: broadcom
cpu: bcm4709a0 - 1ghz dual core - cortex of arm-a9
wifi adapter 1: bcm4360 - a+ac
wifi adapter 2: bcm4360 - bgn
ethernet: bcm4709a0
change: bcm4709a0 - 10/100/1000
storage of flashes: 128mb - samsung k9f1g08u0d
memory: 256mb - samsung k4b2g1646e-bck0
manufacter: porcelain

chipset: mediatek
cpu: mt7621at - 880mhz dual core - mips based
wifi adapter 1: mt7615n - a+ac
wifi adapter 2: mt7615n - bgn
ethernet: mt7621at
change: mt7621at - 10/100/1000
storage of flashes: 128mb - macronix mx30uf1g18ac-you
memory: 256mb - nanya nt5cc128m16ip-has data
manufacter: porcelain

chipset: broadcom
cpu: bcm4708c0 - 1ghz dual core - cortex of arm-a9
wifi adapter 1: bcm4360 - a+ac
wifi adapter 2: bcm4331 - bgn
ethernet: bcm4708c0
change: bcm4708c0 - 10/100/1000
storage of flashes: 128mb - spansion s34ml01g200tfi00
memory: 256mb - samsung k4b2g1646f-bck0
manufacter: Vietnam

r6700v2 was the low step in action. mediatek mips Has based 880mhz has not gone only more dulcemente that a cortex of arm-a9 has based 1ghz processor for terms of frequency, but also for clock for the clock only threaded action also. A broadcom the chipset is also more stable and the rich state that mediatek is. Felizmente In joining it to him to year still likes him to him the emission of a v2, netgear is fallen v3 which has taken by behind a broadcom chipset and the processor of arm has based. But there is still to plot of v2 units still there in shelves of tent. I have purchased mine behind in seven. 18' And it take the version 3 but there is still he casualidad to take v2. If you walk in the brick and the tent of engine one issues an easier to say is that one v2 the only ready boxes 'dual core' while v1 and v3 ready '1ghz dual core.'

In general wants mine v3 r6700. Been solid of stable rock. Has all some explosion of characteristics without a bloat. The interface is mere to use. Also it retreat it dd-wrt that v2 no.
2 / 5
It was excited really in this unit. Test decide among AC1900 or this a AC2300 - and a MU-MIMU with Disney surrounds persuaded me.
Has begun with the a lot of basic setup only to take the things that law. The plan was to flavour and of the present things over time. Like QoS And more restrictive parental controls. C subject has substituted an old N300 netgear which issue lasted almost 9 years without the hitch. Our connection of card has been augmented in 100M the plan and have us a modem of pertinent cape for that.
A first note of thing was an increase in of the speeds in WiFi. I bad -wow! Even upstairs In a room of premiums (room further to issue) has had 50 in 60M speeds of downloads in a 5G WiFi. With an old plus 2.nrutador Of G, was lucky to take the connection.
Then remark concealed would lose connection. We have had never he experimented the attacker. My woman has the connection wired in a subject and his class of video would fall in a half of the lesson and she would not take paid because of his subject of grandson'. Drops of commentary in an on-line game. The boys have remarked that Netflix prendera and only bumper. It was card ? I do not want to it admit it was a subject, but sure look the. Has update a that recommended firmware. It check Parameters - all very basic. The circle has turned has been. The still bad action. Desprs The few days of hassle of a woman, poses an old N300 subject behind and never listened more complained. Any sure there is the bad nighthawk or cual, but is returned so that the could not risk the one of is this spends again...
1 / 5
You have smoked fast internet of comcast, and recommended update my modem and subject. I have bought so much- a modem and one issue of amazon. I posed it each which up, and the careers add- wire fence, wireless, appoints it, the races add. I have begun then to remark that the things would freeze, like Netflix for the few moments. As it Maintains to arrive, has remarked it more and more, and does this quite useless subject for anything concealed does not have the bumper- so on-line gaming, skyping, etc. at all can do the real time with this subject, so that I do not know when go to fall a connection for 20-30 bren. I do to house the pair of days the week, and is embarrassing when does not know that it has been it said in of the meetings during 30 bren... It looks a lot other people is having a same problem. Yes, I reset he, has verified yes to see is a modem , yes has a late plus firmware...And yes, enough mamma.

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Quadrupled My house of speed. There are 4 points of the entity like the mark:

1) All these years have paid peel 50mbps speed of my undertaken of cape. There is an old plus Netgear of 2009 which served me very all these years (and still works) but has decided was arrests to time to update. Typically take it only 12-17mbps through my wi-fine (for example, in my iPhone6). Desprs Taking this Nighthawk Subject, now takes 57mbps in an iPhone still. All of my devices are much faster now... PS4, iPhones, iPads, Epson Printer, the Controls of creature, Tablets, Roku 3 boxes, Roku Streaming Mate, etc...

2) Capes .... Please note, one another thing done in addition to taking this subject is that it buy it also each new cat6 capes (of Amazon Basics), and concealed has aided one issues to connect well in a modem of cape. Of one issues he, has the little wired elements (Roku 3 boxes, PS4, my PC). And remark concealed has tried a Roku 3 boxes, PS4, and wireless PCs also. In all the conditions, wire fences with Cat6 capes and/or wi-final, this Nighthawk issues it has rid some speeds has been missing for years.

3) Interface.... Also, I like an interface to pose up and using a subject. It Likes him that apresamientos of two options of 2.4ghz or 5ghz connection. A thing to maintain in the alcohol is that some the devices the old plus only can use 2.4g as it is that old device he those limits a speed of connection (any one yours wi-final necessarily). The devices the new plus is 5able g and can maximiza a capacity of speed.

4) Security... I also like a 'Control of the characteristic of the access so that it has to leave you the device to connect in your wi-final. For example, when it take the iPad new this Christmas, I logged in my wi-place that's that final in a pertinent signal, but does not connect in an internet. I have been then in a Netgear interface in my PC and he have aimed that an iPad had been blocked (so that the control of Access is ignited). The tan then simply paste the box of control in 'left' an iPad in my point of house, and then connects.

At the end, is not the person of technology, only try read up in of the things in some better of my capacity. I expect that my helps to revise some of you.

5 / 5
Disclaimer: Netgear did not pay me to write this description or asked me to lumber with with this product (PIKE 8). It was quite lucky to be selected to try of beta of this subject. I am providing the feedback based in 2++ use of real world-wide month of this product.


1) Awesome Creation
2) New Netgear YAC for setup and configuration - very easy to use and fast. Has one issues setup in < 5 mins
3) the action is decent out of a box - expect with updates of futures firmware, this action will improve more. Also the action will be better once owes clients of party of AXE that connects in a subject
4) Any wi-fine drops
5) Can handle 20 streaming clients without any subjects
7) Any buffering or stuttering when streaming wireless or wire fence
8) Any one something fatality in the 3500 sq marries feet and coverage (3 bars) 30ft external of house
9) Can create the only SSID that can handle both 2.4ghz and 5Ghz seamless clients
10) Any subject that connects legated AC wireless devices (Android and iOS)
11) Any subject with VPN
12) Gigabit test of the speed of the strand is 940mb/s up and down with the 2ms ping to try server

1) Prize
2) will require clients of AXE in a lot take advantage of this product. The AXE would have to be take entered 2019+
3) will listen an adherent when calm in the first place can in some subjects. Also he take update in .36 Of a firmware after you setup one issues to do the partidrio sure does not remain in common normal use under
4) would have liked me 8 gigabit of ports for this point of prize
5) would like me see parental controls, anti-the viruses attach-ons in some futures

In general, is very happy with an action of this subject (still in a premier firmware of beta). If has issue it that it is more concealed 4 yrs old or has the house with a lot of wireless devices, this subject is the good election .

A prize is the expensive bit , but some subjects is well has built. I expect action to improve so beginning of firmware to mature. It uses one issues every day during 2 months and he have done perfectly. There it is not founding any wi-final something died in a house. Video streaming, web surfing, gaming all the work without any subjects.
1 / 5
I have bought this less subject that marks the year and the law add. A characteristic of Circle was amiable of the quota and an application was a lot. I have to move to some pieces of furniture likes me to them rebooted the the pair of days of marks. I suspect that a reboot has caused a firmware has update to upload and begun to have some drop of devices of a be clean and unable in reconnect. I reset last a subject, pose all up again of scratch, has annulled a characteristic of Circle, and after the little of the devices of hours would fall again and be unable in reconnect. It was in some forums and found the version of beta of a firmware. I have uploaded that, hard reset, reconfigured, and the still devices are fallen and unable in reconnect.

I amour an idea of the same characteristic to be of the rich device, but can any one when being no in a cost to provide a function of base. I am exited the bought the Linksys subject to substitute it.
3 / 5
Substituted my Netgear Nighthawk X10 / 7200 with east. Has the full action that goes in my house and with an old Netgear could take almost 925MB up and down of the wire fence desktop. With this new a - identically configured - only am taking 425MB. Wireless 2.4 and 5 is much more dulcemente also - go to maintain look in these parameters but unless I can imagine out of the this is entering, goes to return this and return in my X10.

Also - can not remark any force of signal / of the strongest penetration with this AX8 that of my X10 - I still necessity 2 extenders to achieve my whole house.
5 / 5
It does not waste your time that takes a new AXE (wifi 6) technology to sound very easily available in the devices have said. It does not spend some causes of his money gone to be as the normal subject for the pair of years until more it is fallen.

Left me say calm - ignore concealed. That is to say the BEAST . I am spent 3+ weeks that flavours out of different solutions in wifi. I have tried Orbi point. While that is to say the good product , is not really in necessity of the point. It accelerates averaged 460-525 Mbps. ( I have tried in different time in the daytime but term of same time with other products).
Has tried a XR500 Nighthawk that is to say one of a big plus has estimated devices with DumaOS. So subject that has lost my alcohol. I have tried very fixed. Separated some groups, canals, etc. My cams of the security has been off-line each which how 30 mins or so for at least 15. It IS so fed up with trying in the problem shoots a device. My speeds were 580 - 670 Mbps with him that has enjoyed. But the speed is only useful his in fact CONNECTED in some devices.
Last endeavour of curb has tried this subject. One RAX80 and saint moly. Plugged In, has used a mobile application and was up in 5 mins. Each semi-detached device without subjects. Any one disconnect after it uses multiple days. Improvement of speed in the each element. Has 38 devices that accesses of mine wifi like leaves of a ready house. This monster the just cranks have been. Any problem at all. My speed in several test cual compared at the same time of to same/ day like him some on - 830-960 Mbps is not sure why his such the enormous improvement but he are. I can not say quite a lot of good things in this subject. Any only is is the monster with handling speeds and multiple devices - just look in him. It is not or I want hide. You want to aim this creature was. Several people ask me what an east of spatial ship. This thing was to be in a box of Amazon in installed and cranking out of wifi / lan in 10 minutes and NO the only drop of signal. I am future test also. As I say it can the to him provides, does not doubt. Calm a lot will like him his.

After 2 month this subject is still a better a has not seen never. Still taking speeds of sake of upper level in the action. Has 42 devices have attached in him (ready house) and he any one same cough. Seldom I am this has surprised. C subject is still 1 in the each tried!
1 / 5
That in another user, I also, is not has to pay a prize for this subject. My anterior subject, which still has, and is going in reconnect, is a Asus Wireless AC3100 Gigabit Subject (RT-AC3100). Consistently Taken among 230-500 Mbps in wifi. Sometimes I have subjects with ip conflicts, which are why I has looked for something more (all my subjects of allocution would go has been afterwards restart some subjects, odd, is). Desprs Connecting a Netgear subject, which also chooses very only up in my anterior wifi parameters, my speed is fallen in any plus concealed 95 mbps in wireless, with 4 different speed applications of test. A same time, a Nighthawk the consistently aimed application in 450 mbps, which has known to be futility. It was dud so that my pages would take longer to upload, and experience some buffering subject. Has in 25 connected it devices in my house, comprising 5 UHD the television is, 3 gaming systems, comprising the PS4 Pro, 4 computers, several tablets, and 5 mobile devices. Perhaps I will achieve it it go he in Netgear to see if my subject is defective, so now am taking consistently around 145 mbps. It IS that value $ 500? No for him it has shot it very time!
2 / 5
A month or two goes, would have written to FIVE DESCRIPTION of star. But only recently, has subjects of connectivity. The independent use 2G and 5Wi-Final of finals of G, but cemented the low the only name and signal. Quan Has been separated, all was a lot.

Begun to have a drop of internet was afterwards the while. My suspicion was that this begun after I have tried use Disney Surrounds - Netgear presses this service of byline for parental control. I tried it, but it fall it when had problems of connection. Duque and since reset a device behind in of the parameters of factory.

Since, devices of the loans to house no longer is taking in an Internet. Messages of the telephones of browser took that an Internet was down. Only we use streaming services of television, and those have done. I fulfilled it it was the subject of connectivity of the Wi-Fino . Curiously, my laptop has connected well. Until beginning to fall also.

The Only looks the little of the devices have been fallen, then everything of them to era is fall.

Investigations in a Netgear the place says calm in reset a subject in of the parameters of factory -- cual has done in any utility. I have combined some wireless points under the solos SSID and signal. But this has done only when is trace a 5connexi of G. Updating A firmware to the subject has not corrected one subject or. Even more - the people were in firm that one new plus firmware done some worse problems. I can not conclude or disprove this.

All knows is concealed has had this issues for the moment and he suddenly headed indiscriminately falling devices of some clean.

Can not recommend this subject until Netgear can take his subjects of firmware in mandate.
4 / 5
First impressions of some new NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 8-Common AX6000 Wi-Final Subject. Anterior situation: service of DSL of the In&T in landline with an old Speedstream modem. My devices were hardwired (road CAT5 and the Linksys 10/100 changes model EZXS55W) and another Wi-Fino in the Linksys WRT1900 AC subject. A service of In&T has provided the max of 6 Mbps downloads and .8 Mbps Load. In&T has not provided any better service in a zone as I have required to go with another (Spectre) provider. This new service was for 100 Mbps downloads and 5-10 Mbps loads. Considerably better what that has had. I have decided that it go all was and the flavour takes a maximum profit of a service and the small future proofing. It have purchased the Netgear CM600 the modem in place of a modem distributed and subject of Spectre. I have ordered also the new change (Netgear 8 port 10/100/1000 model GS108) for my wired devices. I also pre-has ordered a NETGEAR Nighthawk AX8 8-Common AX6000 Wi-Final Subject. My house is around 1700 sq. ft. With the basement has finished. The majority of a squad is in a basement. One issues of the anterior/modem was in a basement. He layers a whole house. Even so, he any one cover any external zone of a house like a garage and out of an advance of door. I have wanted particularly a field to exit a door that the affronts potentially attaches cameras of security without annexing to use Wi-Final extenders. It was quite lucky to be able to take a cape of the spectre fished directly of some external boxes in a same location like my subject of anterior/modem. I hooked in a Netgear modem each sake. I have connected the PC directly in a modem (CAT 5) and the speeds have tried in 118 Mbps downloads and 11 Mbps loads. Since I have not had a new to issue still, I only reconnected a Linksys WRT1900. A PC to flavour had connected then in a Linksys WRT1900. The still speed tried in a same. Even so, another PC hardwired in the change and of the seeds in a Linksys WRT1900 the speed tried around one 60 Mbps downloads and 9 Mbps loads. The mobile units have tried anywhere of 60-90 Mpbs and 11 Mbps loads. I have imagined an old change there has been the plot to do with a hardwired the slowest speed. Quan A new change has entered, installed he and concealed cleared in a problem of speed (maintaining 118 Mbps downloads and 11 Mbps debits) in a hardwired PC. Once a Nighthawk AX8 has entered, has substituted a Linksys subject. The speed in some mobiles has tried in in 117 Mbps downloads and 11.94 load. A global field of a Wi-Fino has augmented. It opens Spent a whole and only garage has begun to reduce valid after moving quite 15 ft. Of an advance of door. Regarding specifics in a Nighthawk AX8, a unit is stylish. The May adapts calm of something concealed would exit of the wars or the show of Star of Hike of the Star. If you are looking for an easy beside the point of typical house, is very mere. Only it follows some instructions in a guide to start with of proportionate Fast. If I need more advanced customization, necessity to go in a Netgear place of support and downloads a manual for this unit. Some the only instructions have comprised in a box is a Startup guides and notes it quite updating a firmware. The unit comes with the supply to be able in, cape of clean and startup guide. Some wings (units of antenna) was fund of dossier in a box. Simply they promote up and then it presses some low wings to break to situate. It connects a cape of grandson in a modem. Power in a device. I have downloaded an application in my telephone. An application connects automatically when is begun. Once connect it an application has aimed to update a firmware. I have walked through a rest of a setup in my application of tlphonique. Piece of cake. Prpers Able warehouse in max out of a proportionate service of Spectre on all my devices was icing in a cake. A coverage has extended was even more so much. You have seen several commentaries in some follower those careers in this unit. It does not begin running when a unit was powered on. It has not turned still on so I can not comment has the subject of noise or Firmware of no. The level is in Some looks of unit to be very done and robust. Had two caveats in a good experience. Both are preoccupying some connections of USB in a backside of a unit. An in the first place is that some connections of USB in a backside of a unit is too close up in the each another. I usually, pose in two 128 GB clave in a Linksys without problems. One ones have used was quite 13/16 width. The subject also width for a Netgear. It says there is USBs to use that it is wider that 5/8 (perhaps 11/16) two any access. My solution will be to see can find the pair of extensions of low USB with the narrow end. Purely the subject of poor drawing. An another caveat is that there is not any information has comprised the preoccupy as to use and configure some connections of USB. You have to download a manual to take any initial setup and information to map of the point. Otherwise, Has given a unit to 5 star in Easy to Use. It IS the small pricey in $ 399. Even so, I create I take me his in future the good and lean road any speed and changes of protocol for the while. The while there is no the subjects of immediate action that comes up, easily would recommend it.
5 / 5
I will have to give these 5 Stars. This thing almost quadrupled my speeds and is quite compatible . There is an old Netgear 300 for a past 4 years. Has update all consoles of mine, has taken the 4k television this December.todel Spent of my streaming Half comunicacionales that my familiar uses that PS Youtube of DRESS has taken etc the toll in my bandwidth of old routers. House of work of the plus like the CCTV engineer as has the bouquet of squad that is to use my point. Only the can not handle a traffic anymore although still fact and limited in around 20mbps. Has the big 100mbps walk with my ISP

This issues totally fixed a subject and records besides my expectations.

Will say this does not update a firmware because of the powers of user behind. I left it one issues was so that it do not have to them dread with him in a current software is on. It does not import that type of device is updates always have something broken in a firmware and has to expects until an afterwards fixed. I will say in this case this nickel of companies and say me tea to back when has to honour his guarantees and back his products.

Update: I am the picky present like the does not leave this affects your decision. That is to say an amazing to issue (Netgear AC 1900 ) and as it says almost quadrupled my speeds .But because of a model a big plus (r7500v2) is almost a same prize in the roads to flash through Amazon and has taken the card of the present for my anniversary will have to return this one and takes a model that is one gives a very up. Always I will want a model a big plus finds the roads adds that it is my preference .. . If this a does not exit was will return it. And maintain a Netgear AC 1900 but highly recommends this subject included even so the era is almost 3 years. We do not update in routers likes him them telephones so that it maintain it that in of the imports. The tan strongly creates this or these routers would have to be in sake , until current levels and future test for at least 5 years

Updates again: so it has had one he r7500 v2 during the week now. Researching deep in his subject is in of the on-line forums and found you those the devices fallen has connected in 2.4ghz . And what knows is true! Has update in a late plus firmware when take it. It was well after the few days then today all my devices that was in 2.4ghz goes fall. I have looked for one SSID in a grandson and was no existent. He thank you the god is not mine returned r7000 still.

Will be to return one r7500 v2 and maintaining a r7000. It maintains in of the imports researches one r7000 is the subject of plus matured without in in to to the subjects likes them-him it to them have found in of the descriptions for one r7500. It is said one r7000 is the far subject more stable and honestly one specs of one r7500 is not necessity for would say 98 consumers of percentage. I can vouch for one r7000 (AC1900) is the solid subject.
1 / 5
I want like this subject, but has problems of disconnection of entity and netgear the support is terrible. One issues has done well for the small plus bit that the year and is coupled with the netgear the dual group extends. Good speeds during my house, with a lot of options of configurations.

Then, only begins to fall wireless connections. It IS when fallen so that I take an email of our thermostat has connected that says that it does not connect in an internet properly. A reboot of one issues to take some connections behind, but is state that spends each pair of days. Tried the update of firmware and reset of complete factory, still having a problem.

All of the same could quite when being for the give the quite bad description, but then spoken with netgear support and he simply taken terrible. Apparently these only come of the devices with 90 days of technical support. After it conceal, any same wants to converses with you, Unless it PURCHASES A PLAN of SUPPORT! It IS ridiculous this wants to you to buy the plan of support for $ 90 to take problems with his device. If I go to spend $ 90, was to buy subject he of the different company. Place simply, is not by behind this product and of the flavours to extract more money of you. A lot they the apologetic same look quite the.

Would remain out of this product. Netgear The products have the good reputation and he have done very when law. Even so, I am now affronted with troubleshooting problems of connection without help, trying firmware of open source, or taking the new to issue. A device of the big end would have to do better that this.

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link AC1200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Possessed by enough 5 month and out of some blue begins disconnecting wifi in only SOME of some wireless devices... Desprs Only the days of pair are disconnecting ALL The wireless DEVICES and a TP application of NEXUS wont alloy in him so that a wifi the nexus is fatality. Restarting a subject fixed a problem but his require more and more frequent resets (2-3 times in the daytime) to remedy some problems.

Has tried to call a number of support of the client of a TP APPLICATION of nexus... Even so it conceal the number is an international number and my service of fine project wont leave me to call he without changing my parameters to leave international calling apparently. As and it was on-line that uses my cellular data and found one 1866 support of number of client for a joined declares 24/7 line and and has tried call Tp-Nexus 6 times in a course of a past 8 hours in trying to take any one in a line the help resolves this subject or to process of help of recovery to guarantee to start with ONLY to have a line of the support of the be of the client has occupied each which so and Each ONLY TIME and has tried to call. I have tried to call of my wifes telephone as well as my own telephone, android and apple. It was advance and emailed tp support to link those demands the callback and has still to listen they.

Has verified a firmware is until date and and has done the reset of factory in a device and setup that new to see if those would resolve my problems. Any data. I disconnected some of my wireless devices to reduce a number of the things that likes him connect immediately and still after reducing connections of the device for 50% a problem persists.

If that is to say a class of support of product TP offers of nexus and of those who thinks and will be to recommend anymore churns his road, Or and gives them another said me.

Seriously disappointed and left down for TP - NEXUS. This has been one of some better routers ive never had but if his gone to die the few months and theres any calm lean product all also could go compraventa one 28 Chinese dollar knockoffs cual will offer similar action down the half a cost... And if they only last 6 months then his durability/of the product of the longevity is in pair!
5 / 5
C subject has been above expectations. Of a prize was way down below, has thought would be the mere unit This creature is very powerful. Active Quite 10 different devices have connected in him and a wifi the problem there has been has been before resolved immediately. Streaming The problem is in a past now.
5 / 5
I have used this subject to substitute one ageing Linksys subject of G. I left me say you, a difference is night and day, included in my devices my old plus that only use a B side of a net. One issues was easy to install and configure in my specifications. I recommended it already the the few friends that is having some subjects with a quality of his point of Wi-Final. To good sure estimates that paid for him and more!
5 / 5
Work very well in our 2 mbit rural wireless broadband. Exceptional rabies. I take the by force full signal of a house in camping it which are quite 100 courses was and obstructed for a lot of tress. It can included Netflix common. I produce it adds.
5 / 5
I have substituted another subject concealed gave me problem with easterly and has to say that I am VERY HAPPY with easterly unit

Be a 'type of computer' this all the world knows finished to pose in the PLOT of routers for friends and family, as I have seen the plot of UI is. Much more recent some this has run to try when being as the cosy user that basically can very setup anything complex in the - just turn he on, poses a SSID and signal, and a unit much more. In one another hand while often I use DD-WRT or firmware of Gargoyle on my own routers, many the problem of half users with those.

This unit even so it attacks it a perfect balance. Quan Connects gives a no calm through the a lot of earnest 'wizard' to take all your configuration has done, and when is finishing there is 'Basic' and tabs 'Advanced' with all some parameters on there. It is not quite so advanced likes him DD-WRT or one which, but still everything has wanted to (port sending, dynamic DNS, etc) was available.

More, habladura of dynamic DNS, TPLink provides the service for his users where can sign you up and record the name of DNS besides his servers that using the commercial service.

That UI remained with adding WIFI the signal have me very happy with east. More while it is obvious for more than people, a portion of wire fence LAN of of the this is Gigabit, likes communication among my desktops next in some subjects is quite swift.
5 / 5
It has Had he that hangs 2 month now with problems of zeros. Each which as another subject this has possessed necessity to be reset each what so once in the moment but this or still is going strong! I did not touch it it turn it since he on.

Would recommend in any one concealed is interested
5 / 5
2 days and so far is solid, any hiccup for tongue of still. The excellent signal achieves and has not fallen signal, installs was so mere while it can do it, has taken 1 minute. This has substituted the D-nexus this is fallen very time the week and often squelch speed.
5 / 5
He been very happy with this subject. It was easy to pose up and has very done well for one 6 or 8 weeks that had it. A field is well and provides force of good signal during our house. It recommends this subject, especially for an action/of prize.
5 / 5
I have had already TP-the line to be able in of the nexus extends, but has had an old, outdated wireless subject of another name of mark and our two Mac the computers of desktop and my iPad does not have to upload of the same pages although they signified that has been connected in an internet. Of TP-the people of the technology of the nexus has posed so useful in my line to be able to extend, decided to buy one of the sound routers this thinks that a current to issue probably would resolve my problems. Daunted In hooking he up even so - expected to have that spends the plot to time to try to imagine out of parameters in my computer to do functions, and concealed problems. It can not have been more deceived. I have called his people of technology to walk me through a process. It was basically this:
Disconnects a modem ethernet cape of an old subject.
Connects a ethernet cape in a new TP-subject of Nexus in a socket 'Internet' tagged
Disconnects a computer ethernet cape of an old subject.
Connects a ethernet cape in a new TP-subject of Nexus in an of a four numbered sockets for devices.
Limits a supply of power of a TP-subject of Nexus in a nude to be able in, and the limits in a subject.
Ploughs a browser in a computer, and law perfectly
was able to take all my devices that law properly with virtually any endeavour at all.
Why expect weeks to spend the lousy $ 59.98 for this wonderful device?
1 / 5
A first part of of the this is one edits in an original description.

Marks of service of the client or breaks the relation among client and provider. A service of client has experimented with TP-the nexus is perhaps a worse that not having never experimented. I have begun with time of ridiculous long attentive. I have said time so that it has to calms of jump through multiple hoops. Quan Said writes down these numbers in case perhaps takes disconnected, concealed. You will take disconnected, as it has nicknamed behind and expect expect.

Has been then in on-line cat. It thinks a person in my session of the cat has run in fact the bet so much in the race of horse 3 minutes in front of a bet have finished. This was that the time has had to to expect among responses. If that the has not gone quite bad some look of questions to come from any one that any read any one of a session of anterior cat. After 47 minutes of the session to converse to take in, I email join you RMA and instructions, this has finished.

A day more has taken late an email that asks my number of serial. It conceal it was not taken up during a session of cat. So much, the day later takes an email this wants to me to record my product and email the number of the serial and I have data the numbers of serial. I have tried I record me the the product and he refused my number of serial. Another day goes for and is asked once again to give them a number of serial or the photo of him. I have verified for precision that there was routed , was correct. I have taken the photo and routed he cual an annex. A next day, has been informed that my number of the serial has not entered his database but has been now attached. Yes, it was there the days of the marks of pair.

Opens The steps of new person in. It maintains emailing me RMA is with the nexus in click. I click a nexus and am advantage in a client to return sign in page. A nexus is supposed the road me in a RMA page. He the no. Informs a new person that a nexus does not do and that instead is asked to sign behind in my account. It answers the road me another nexus. A new nexus a same likes first nexus. I ask that only take the product of substitution. Any response.

Has to it subject this has been done by TP-the nexus with the numbers of serial that is not in his database this has to rest while only doing the ping flavours at random time during a ping flavours. A ping the test is so rudimentary an operation while I can take, Some results of a pings is very well once one issues allocutions to finish.

A service of English of the client is not in speaker. Some time to expect is the joke and an operation of a company is poor is doing products and not maintaining yours of your numbers of serial of the product.

A final of a service of client edits. The May will buy TP-Link anything never again. Not even I problem to complete more ask of service of client. Quite a lot of pause he one issues that tower the reason can not go the Chinese and a physical place of TP-Nexus.

In the first place was, an interface of user is horrible. Has has had routers for years of course and has listened returned in 90 east, or at least aim 2000.

Using an utility of printer was only the nightmare, and very included expect scanner unless has the few hours to look for an internet for the solution. My printer is connected in the PC in my grandson again. That is to say inconvenient while it is not an always-in PC.

A real subject is that this thing maintains to fall a so wireless internet and Lan has connected by the little bren and then recovers.

This was, of course, the subject of new plus that my anterior unit To all the coast a hype in a strong signal and of the proclamations of special marketing, work no better that an old subject.

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link WiFi 6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Bought partorisca substitute an aging R7000 Netgear Subject ( developed the habit of 'DNS the server is not answering' error. )

-put you
-no reboots required after dipping transmissions

-no incumplimientos admin / admin accounts like old routers
-cant gone back of QOS ( hasnt has effected my coverage this in spite of)
-the known mark minor

Like this compraventa was a culmination on roughly 40 hours of investigation. It was the hard data Netgear proprietary partorisca roughly 15 years. I have decided to try something new partorisca the pocolas reason.

1. New routers is foolishly expensive. The majority of Wifi 6 routers with any reasonable hardware goes partorisca run $ 270+
2. firmware I subjects are informed partorisca both of some popular Netgear and Asus routers. A lot of negative critics.
3. 'gamer' Increase of prize so only because it is branded as 'gamer'
4. Sometimes trying the new things is well.

Has solved in this TP-Link partorisca the pocolas reason
1. Wifi6 (PIKE) im that goes partorisca take somthing new, the also could take a newer technology (included know any of my devices can use it still)
2. It has had the usb 3.0 ( the majority routers do to arrive to this point but was in mine ready anyways because of storage of coverage)
3. Less than $ 200
4. Ports+ of Ethernet of the action
5. Sound the name the knowledge of ( upper 5 networking companies Netgear, Cisco, Asus, TP-Links, D-Links)

Anyways on to a description.

Draw: quite slick. Thinner / smaller that has expected them. Antennas swivel with the little endeavour, but remain place when yours finalising that it moves him. It attaches to a wall with two rays ( any one comprised ) some holes in a backside of a device is roughly 8 1/2 thumbs averts. Has an option to turn a FOCUSED is is gone in sure time

Setup: the initial register has been done with the boss and my laptop, a rest of a setup has been completed once substituted it to them on a wall where my subject old was ( modem of boss / of location of hard bosses ) conjoint quite regulate up. My subject was defaulted to . Once the taken to a page has been them aimed to dip on the signal. More has changed late my coverage to use ( like my last subject) has had some quickly dipped up characterises run in the first place questions has asked. More is gone in late the permanent ports have specified for my wire fences desktops that was the breeze . Has update also a firmware that was painless. One of entity pro with east has been can do transmissions to a configuration of @subject, and does not need never to reboot a subject ( firmware when being an only rebooting action of everything of frame them has changed them. )

Speed: it wired the connections have read 500mbps to one which is the one who im that it pays to accelerate wise. My google pixel 2 wireless speed tries a google the place has read 320 mbps. I cant Complains here, likes im quite happy with that.

networked Storage: the plugged in our families 256GB archive of photo thumbdrive to a subject, has taken compatible 30mbps scrolling of desk the thumbdrive. Quite happy with that, as his roughly like this quickly like this the take when his plugged to my desk.

All and all im quite happy with him, will maintain this description has update so that the continuous time in.
5 / 5
Am pleased like this with this subject in my coverage of house. The difference of a Linksys, Cisco and Netgear the models has not fallen was or failed to see all my devices in a coverage to house still. With Windows 10 when being like this misbehaved the majority of a time with networking a TP-Link AX6000 frames up for him. They are not all this interested in WiFi but do a lot well. It would say the little stronger if any although my Netgear Nighthawk R7000.( In a cochera now like this Point of Access)
A TP-Link AX6000 IMO is a need of better election to upgrade the subject of need or old plus to stabilise you home coverage. The such the good work with an IP directs that it was has surprised totally. Has 4 IN The, 5 SAINT a 1 GIVES and Leave some allocutions of IP throughout and a lot that follows to the to normal protocol likes ,103,104 ext.. I have taken even in mine Static IP in 2 devices an era WD My Cloud ,which have not concerned me and Qnap IN The. It has maintained my static IP in a Qnap IN THE but clashed it on a LAG.
An interface of software is like this good and easy. I enjoy to use the much more that another routers. His a lot to a lot of and so only enough to control the one who precise. So only I have a smaller complainant his Action (TP-Action) the characteristic so only will leave 4 HDD if they are in a docking chance or with the USB hub. It would like to see more. Has the 4 cradle of bay with 2 walks and two SAD in the USB powered hub and utmost. In the 1000 coverage of the basic speed of half scrolling is 98mbs-120mbs, depends in some files although it can be better way but very better that my Netgear.

Has added the TP-Row to Link Developed (RE450) in a second paving to balance a wifi and has done the enormous difference with a TP-Link AX6000 subject in a basement. I have been limited to a space has had has been has has wanted to one issues is reason has chosen a TP-Link AX6000. More probably it would have it it has been to an upper model TP-Link with all some big antennas.

Expect these helps. I do not know reason any of some another has question. It would not leave a bad seen again scare. If you
have all running properly and the good crew in your system would owe that run I so that it adds likes mine.
Feels free to contact me here thru the amazon and I will go back your precise help.

Update 03/08/2020:
This TP-Link AX6000 the @subject also perfects with Greenlight Edge Optic Coverages. Payment for 500mbps on and 500mbps down and take everything of him to a i3, i5 and i7 PC is. All my Samsung streaming the devices also take his bandwidth of capacity.

Update 03/31/2020
While king-initialising my ACER Aspires Server of House of the Windows I disconnected a TP-Link AX6000 Subject of a modem to have the alone connection with a coverage. And it has used the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 to hook on a the server. This has left a rest of a house and coverage without internet and house networking, as I have thought.
My Lorex security of video , he TP-Link WiFi the row extends and the plot of another plus of the androids more was still hooked until a TP-Link AX6000 subject. I have not been hooked until a Netgear has verified. Perhaps it is missing something but in a past when I have done this with the Netgear like subject main and the Cisco likes slave to repair a ACER some results have not been some same. A bit like a TP-PIKE of Link 6000 sniffed out of a signal of a Netgear R7000.
Has to that say in a contrary of some other negative critics that this TP-AXE of Link 6000 is a subject of amazing house.
Any @@subject that the time does things to any of a PS is in a coverage a subject is still a lot loosing a connection to all some devices in a coverage of house. Not liking a Netgear has done. Windows 10 Is usually a culprit something fails.
If this touches to confuse please contact me for help. So only you think that all would have to that know all one can you.

Update 04/11/2020
So only the quickly mention for an already very wanted to TP-Link AX6000 subject. I have had to that king-initialise my ACER Aspires H340 Server of House of the Windows and all have been smooth and fast without questions. In a past with the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 and Cisco the models has not been like this well. It would owe that dipped he ACER WHS in his own coverage and go of there that. If I have tried with a WHS in a same coverage is not never state found in a coverage to start with a software to initialise.
Ossia So only another plus for a TP-PIKE of Link 6000. I go to recommend this @subject to Greenlight Coverages to ad his cast of @subject has trusted.
5 / 5
A TP-Archer to Link AX6000 the fact for 4 days before has begun intermittently loosing connections in a band. For day 6 a band has prisoner funtioning at all. Has three printers and the number of IOT devices that read so only in a band and any of one east accessable now. A TP-personal of the support of the Links is friendly and do his best to help but links the majority of groups of support of electronic of consumer, a have little formation, especially on diagnosing real broken products. His formation, if any, looks based in some suppositions that all the questions are questions /of configuration of the user . Besides, TP-the links is too many ridged with his policemen and have any street the circumvent his when has unusual circumstances. I can not recommend that any one purchases the TP-produced of Link. I have purchased two TP-produced of Links inside the pair of days of the each one another and has has experienced questions with both.

P.D. TP-Link refused to take the turn for repayment after so only a unit has been belly up after so only 7 days of use. So only they will substitute a unit and for that, has to pay that it ships as in my chance was $ 24+ for FEDEX earth. That was an economic plus . Appearance to good that FEDEX loses it or destroys it like this concealed is an only way can take my money behind and certainly does not love another TP-produced of Link.

Took it 3 more days once TP-Link admitted a unit was defective just to take a RMA number. A state of instructions that can take it upto 5 said with which receive a defective unit to accuse a turn and then they 'graciously' ship he free to touch behind your for an economic, 'of here a slow plus', the possible method. This in spite of, one will ship for the method the fast plus is had to that pay.

Thinks something rotten in Danimarca or quite a lot of Amazon that this unit is listed like a 'Amazon' election'. Also I have questions roughly the system of indication of the amazon when this unit has the four indication to star when there it is 12 pages , yes that the no individual pages, of 1 descriptions of star for the WiFi 6 subject. Any one has to that be skewing some numbers like WiFi 6 has not been out of this longitude. The amazon will not help calm with this subject. When they Say that this unit comes with support of Amazon, means that when calm calls him, they conference in TP-support of Link and remain silent in a fund. I seat very sad for any the one who buys the TP-produced of Link, especially this subject.

The reading has joined some descriptions of star confirms does the definite question with a band and TP-the links has done at all to fix it. The the vagrant has enough the client is with defective unit to start with the law of action of the continuazione of class to still TP-Link the neither fix a question or repayment our money!!!!!!
5 / 5
Ossia My prime minister TP-device of Link. They are the long time Asus user and are so only fed up with his poor firmware like this of late and decided to give TP-Link the casualidad.
A good:
is axe .
Setup Is easy and AM YACIDO is fast and responsive. WiFi Is fast and has excellent row. It looks to be the little better that a WiFi in Asus RT-AX88u. Any option like this a lot this in spite of.
A bad:
cord to Be able to am quite short especially in comparison to Asus cords to be able to. No the big shot but the value that comment.
Any way to disable qos. Has speed of action and typically so only 1-2 on-line devices the time as having an option to turn qos is something concealed would have to that be place to the future firmware. Also, any way to disable upnp, can be considered the risk of security.
Has the built in test of speed but no properly. Speed I better give me is 600mbps down. Going the dslreports or Speedtest give me my speeds of action.
At the beginning my telephone would not connect to a 5g. There is remarked that there was firmware the update for one issues. Installed the and the telephone was able to connect without @@subject.
Has the quite big creation defect regarding an upper row lan ports. In a backside of one issues, some the upper claves were in some ports of upper row that he almost impossible to use the toe to disconnect a boss of Ethernet. I made a mistake and it has had to that take the engine of ray of flat boss to achieve in and unlatch the. Comprised the little pics if this helps any one. Unfortunately he firmware the update will not fix concealed. No the breaker to treat but to good sure something concealed would have to that it has been remarked previously the emission.
In general the subject solid. Has the little firmware fixable subject and the few physical subjects that am stuck with. Of then this is exited so only and does not seat like the beta declares (clues of clue Asus) is the big want to. I have taken it casualidad with TP-link ax6000 and are not disappointed. Like this far it is treating better that my rt-ax88u and blowing was a disaster that is a gt-ac5300.
4 / 5
Like this, to start with this description will give you an overview of my description. C subject has the defect to draw of entity in his creation to cool. This defect to draw cause one issues the overheat, which in turning the cause to thermal throttle, which the fact unusable.

So much, has been using the 5 old year subject and recently has decided the upgrade. I have researched and read the descriptions and I have chosen this subject, a TP-Link WiFi 6 AX3000 Ready WiFi Subject. Unfortunately, I have chosen bad.

A day in work, roughly 2 weeks after dipping it there is remarked on the system of the alarm of my house has maintained to change to mobile behind on, which means my wifi is exited. Once it has taken home of work, has maintained to lose my wifi connection in mine telephone and in mine PS4. I have verified a @subject and was quite hot to fry an egg. I have done sure my firmware was to update, was, and then I reset a subject, and has verified all some connections. With which he rebooted still has had a subject same, in planting to take 230 Mbps likes it has done a first day to plant on, has taken 1-2 Mbps. Ossia The quite substantial difference .

A subject with this subject is that it is cooled for passive cooling(ventilations) and no active cooling(defenders) A passive cooling is not enough, once takes too hot the thermal throttles. Still although this receiver is wifi 6 and has these have announced big speeds, calm so only will take them for the weeks of pair if you are lucky. His jammed too much to too small of a zone without way of the fresco. This in turn, hot of frames until unmanageable temperatures, which will cause a system to fail and decrease fray dipped and extra a lifespan of some components. I have read of then some commentaries in this @@subject and the people recommend that it buy the defender to cool to help the fresco. This is not an acceptable option for me. If a creation is this defective that a consumer is required to resupply a cooling means for light to moderate the use of one issues, is low quality work of TP-Link. It has dipped one issues up in of the small blockades so many could have augmented airflow to help with cooling in a fund. It has not helped.

Has decided has has wanted to do sure has not taken the bad to issue and has wanted to be thorough for this description. I have contacted Amazon and has asked the subject of substitution after explaining my subjects. They have sent a substitution.

A substitution is in fact worse then a prime minister a. One issues is lasted so only two veil has begun having subject. Once again my alarm has transmission to mobile behind-arrive and my telephone has lost wifi. Again I have verified and that a firmware is to update( was reason updated it when I dipped it on), has restart a subject, and has verified all some connections, has not helped. I have begun also this an out in of the small blockades to help a passive cooling in a fund of one issues. It is still quite hot to fry an egg and is thermal throttling with which two days of use. They are the alone person and are an only a the one who uses this subject. If pode any same sleeve a person, would hate to see the familiar or tentativa of pair to use this. Today it was when a second a has begun to give me @@subject and I so that it will maintain it the pair more days for a sake to be thorough. But, I will be to ask the repayment thus subject.

A positive I has has wanted to do note of, was an application for one issues. I have enjoyed to use an application and expósito that was intuitive and easy to comprise. An application to control one issues is a better part of one issues. Unfortunately it can not win a creation downfalls.

So much, in summation. One issues has had the potential would have spent perhaps the dollar more(just launching out of the number here and would be much less in some stairs would be to buy them in) for the defender in a creation. But, reason am wanted to as it saves the little subject east is unusable in a current form. Also, because of a defect of the drawing will not be purchasing TP-produced of Link for a foreseeable future. A costruttore that can no @to give this will be the question has any place in this phase.

A note of enclosed, does not have the horse in this race. They are not the loyal mark when it comes to routers and has chosen this @subject reason has had some quite good descriptions. If you have chosen still buy this @subject that thinks my two measure of sample the description is the fluke, ossia well. Do your investigation and has chosen one issues that it thinks will do for you. I trust of the descriptions to do to plot of decisions of compraventas and so only wants to you partorisca have all one beats of information.
4 / 5
A majority of these descriptions are not for a pointed element. A TP-Archer to Link AX6000 8-that Wi-Fi of Career Dread Ready, With which-Wi-Fi of Gene 6, WAN, 8Xgbps LAN is that it is aimed on page of mandate and photo. The majority of descriptions is a TP link N300 travesías to issue travesías to issue. These are TWO DIFFERENT DEVICES
4 / 5
was súper excited to take this subject, this in spite of hesitant. I have bought 1 another TP-produced of Link, and a quality in that was really lacking felt. But I have imagined his summer the few years, and ossia his train of BIG final .
Want to one issues has, but has to that galaxy s10+ and would want to be a prompt to adopt of Wi-Fi 6 and take some full potential speeds of mine Gigabit internet of Edge. Well, sadly quell'concealed that is not exited

Fast rundown
One the majority of simple and flawless setup has not had never with the subject. A Teather the application is súper easy to use. I have had it arrives and that runs a late plus firmware in 5 minutes.
Row of Wi-Fi and the speeds are phenomenal in mine Gigabit connection
the interface of Web is very expansionary, with a lot of down advanced options so that it cures.

Please note everything of these never has spent subjects in mine another subject (Linksys EA9300 Max-that Careers) As it is not the subject of hardware or subject with my service of internet

action VERY UNSTABLE. Good works for 5 minutes then begins to take unstable. If I reboot costs to act again for the bit, etc.

Wired The connections do not run as well as you would think
the scrollings of Lima were during a place, and no compatible. Ping Has not been like this stable to the equal that go likes, a lot jitter also.
Web-the pages have uploaded quickly, but strangely streaming the video have had subjects. His buffered to plot, and the a lot of frames have been fallen. Some glitch was and would have to that restart a page.

Wi-Fi There Has been the good speeds but the video have taken also slightly longer to búfer vs my subject old.
Have fallen frames, which never spent before any one. Have had included subject when streaming 4k, likes a bit like some containers my telephone has received was bribed somehow. (Which has been he was when I have behind changed to mine another @subject)
Likes another, my products of apple preformed much slower in this subject. My iPad mini use to take 550+mbps with mine Linksys, with this subject fell it down to 150mbps, and preformed noticeably slower. One rear comparability has not been an improvement or one same like AC routers, but the behind.

ANY WAY to DISABLE QOS settings, which there is theorize can be the big cause of some subjects. (Never the subject has Tried QOS the action done in buggy and unstable. If you know that I bad, calm totally will take)

Like this in general, will have that returns this, which is the shame .
IDK If his the Wi-Fi 6 need roughly more time to mature, If ossia the low quality product , or yes TP-the links is not the good company (perhaps the little of each)...

But the looks would owe that have has been with gut of mine and expected for the mark has trusted besides to release train. But an I extracted has run was too tempting...

Like this folks, I steer clear of east a, included for treats it well, and go with the subject of stable plus.
5 / 5
I so only upgraded to this subject of the AC5400 this has treated a lot well in the 3500 square ft wife with roughly 25 wifi devices. It has been now of upgrade as it could feel it bogging down, as I upgraded to a AX6000. Setup Up was very easy but of then have the fund in him does not leave never well quite so only. Have familiar mine self with a paper and dip the on second my then is come from need to try some speeds in mine lan. Of then I have the Coverage of House and 16 cat6 the signals of access has wanted to try each wall outlet with the cat6 boss and portable. And the boy has been he there is disappointed to the equal that has taken so only 50 of my speeds of bandwidth of the internet on all the locations. Basically in the 1gb the service so only has taken 500+ mbps while my old AC5400 has registered 949 mbps in an average. I have contacted support of Technology of the client in thier the line of the cat there have been control all has verified already. Although a QOS the options are all setup like multiple election presets his east another dipping in an upper portion of some download of the page of small authorship likes impresa, a select a modification the icon will feign you another dialogue boxes that calm leave you to change a incumplimiento settings of bandwidth. Well my surprised a incumplimiento the setting is capped! 500 mbps Downloads and 50 mbps charges. I left to change a setting to 1000 download and upload saved and has run another speedtest and has done. I have asked a technology because in a world-wide this dipping be place in the mid to go down value and reason has done a mark this individual QOS dipping invisible to an eye in of the skins! Of course the has not known but would share an information with an engineering Dept. And hopefully they confine him can resupply one fixed in a prójimo firmware. They are sure he has clients those who is returned this unit out of sheer frustration been due to a low lan port speed and now that the service of client is conscious I hope they something roughly that. Considering now his acting that it has to that But will control it closely for a prójimo 30 days........
5 / 5
In the first place a support of the informative technology a lot of was well, May...

Now a Bad Informative - initial setup was a lot of but one issues fracasado to connect to an internet. With which error and test a lot has discovered that an only way a subject would choose on a ISP DNS, etc. Was has turned in a subject, to the left has fallen up... Then gone back in modem of mine. This has done... And I have had connectivity of the internet in speed adds (I has 1service of Action) at least for the moment.

After the few days a subject has begun to lose connection of internet. The reboot and everything would be well for the pocolos small then... Any internet. Sometimes one issue reconnect he... Sometimes no. One has fallen the connections is result very frequent, each minute or two. While this past there is remarked that one issues was A lot warm to one touches. Suspect, but does not know ... Cela A subject has taken like this warm that has closed down radio transmission in both bands of frequency. ALL my devices stray connectivity... And a lot of controls of a ISP connection directly in a modem has aimed all was well with a incoming signal. I reconnected my old Netgear the @subject and all was a lot... Solid of rock.

The next step was to call support of technology. They were useful and assisted in upgrading a firmware. It has expected it was to be one fixed... It has not been, and one issues almost immediately has begun to fall a connection of internet each pocolos small.

I really wanted this @subject to do has loved like this a new WIFI 6 (PIKE) technology. Sadly... This device would not give me that it has looked for. It is returned to Amazon for the full repayment. Now attended until WIFI 6 mature and some additional AXE routers is available in a phase... After a powder solves with this new technology. So much, I am using my old to issue for a foreseeable future.
4 / 5
In the first place, left preface this description to say follows a The PRO & has been in an industry for on 20 years.

Ossia For far, a less than confidence WiFi the subject has there is not founding never. Both my woman & I constantly lose connection to a subject, included in a same room with him. This is not the cross-@@subject of interference of the canal neither. Ossia So only the scaly piece of crew. Has update to one late more firmware, has not helped. We have tried all a setting has suggested transmissions, same subjects. A band looks better but an action on 2.4 is the fraction of a 5GHz band and entirely attack a purpose so that I bought it.

When it Operates, a level of action is big but the one who concern if it is not of confidence.

Does not buy this piece of junk.

Top Customer Reviews: TP-Link WiFi 6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
Bought partorisca substitute an aging R7000 Netgear Subject ( developed the habit of 'DNS the server is not answering' error. )

-put you
-no reboots required after dipping transmissions

-no incumplimientos admin / admin accounts like old routers
-cant gone back of QOS ( hasnt has effected my coverage this in spite of)
-the known mark minor

Like this compraventa was a culmination on roughly 40 hours of investigation. It was the hard data Netgear proprietary partorisca roughly 15 years. I have decided to try something new partorisca the pocolas reason.

1. New routers is foolishly expensive. The majority of Wifi 6 routers with any reasonable hardware goes partorisca run $ 270+
2. firmware I subjects are informed partorisca both of some popular Netgear and Asus routers. A lot of negative critics.
3. 'gamer' Increase of prize so only because it is branded as 'gamer'
4. Sometimes trying the new things is well.

Has solved in this TP-Link partorisca the pocolas reason
1. Wifi6 (PIKE) im that goes partorisca take somthing new, the also could take a newer technology (included know any of my devices can use it still)
2. There is the usb 3.0 ( the majority routers do to arrive to this point but was in mine ready anyways because of storage of coverage)
3. Less than $ 200
4. Ports+ of Ethernet of the action
5. Sound the name the knowledge of ( upper 5 networking companies Netgear, Cisco, Asus, TP-Links, D-Links)

Anyways on to a description.

Draw: quite slick. Thinner / smaller that has expected them. Antennas swivel with the little endeavour, but remain place when yours finalising that it moves him. It attaches to a wall with two rays ( any one comprised ) some holes in a backside of a device is roughly 8 1/2 thumbs averts. Has an option to turn a FOCUSED is is gone in sure time

Setup: the initial register has been done with the boss and my laptop, a rest of a setup has been completed once substituted it to them on a wall where my subject old was ( modem of boss / of location of hard bosses ) conjoint quite regulate up. My subject was defaulted to . Once the taken to a page has been them aimed to dip on the signal. More has changed late my coverage to use ( like my last subject) has had some quickly dipped up characterises run in the first place the questions ask. More is gone in late the permanent ports have specified for my wire fences desktops that was the breeze . Has update also a firmware that was painless. One of entity pro with east has been can do transmissions to a configuration of @subject, and does not need never to reboot a subject ( firmware when being an only rebooting action of everything of frame them has changed them. )

Speed: cable the connections have read 500mbps to one which is the one who im that it pays to accelerate wise. My google pixel 2 wireless speed tries a google the place has read 320 mbps. I cant Complains here, likes im quite happy with that.

networked Storage: the plugged in our families 256GB archive of photo thumbdrive to a subject, has taken compatible 30mbps scrolling of desk the thumbdrive. Quite happy with that, as his roughly like this quickly like this the take when his plugged to my desk.

All and all im quite happy with him, will maintain this description has update so that the continuous time in.
4 / 5
Has has had so only this the week but has been an absolute monster!!! Rings the subject of beast with more than 4 put you and potentially wifi 6. It was you go in east and a ac5400x. This was more economic and has had WiFi 6. I have had the tplink ac1750 for some last 5 years that has been solid of Rock, but decided it has been now of upgrade to something newer and better. It is it likes night and day. It has to that 2 history, 2000sq marries of feet that I full signal force in the each one corners now. A ac1750 has had still the signal but he was the averages of a AX6000 with means a apped also. Wifi The speeds have bent also. With a ac1750 wifi max among 120-170mbps in a same room. With a AX6000, is 300+mpbs!!! Using. Samsung Commentaries 8. So only it can imagine that quickly it is when he takes some wifi 6 devices. He also the helps augment my connection wired also. Payment for 600.ºn Down/25.ºn On by means of Comcast. Usually it pulls roughly 600+ down. With a ax6000, he half a lot on 700+. It has taken the pic to paste 940. It is broken even the action!!! Setup Was súper easy. I have had already one to link tether application. It creates the signal for one issues, then name and signal your 2.4 and 5ghz coverages. A LEDs will flash for the pocolos small. When the Solid your fact. Ossia. Easy less. The calm application of the a basics of operations. A real flesh is a part of browser of the web . Ossia Where can do you the good quantity to dip ready with some settings. IPV6 Is has gone by incumplimiento FYI. In general I am pleased extremely with this subject.
4 / 5
Likes a lot here, on some years, has tried a lot of frames and the models that comprises a lot like this-the 'elite' wireless call routers that cost 3x+ the one who these costs of @subject. I admit, I have it there was so only the short time, but this subject is, for far, a main bang for a buck the subject has has not possessed never. One issues has substituted would give an anaemic borderline 1 bar in our chamber 2 walk up. I have had to that use one extends to take coverage everywhere in a house. When A subject main has been belly -on, has seen this one and was the little sceptic of some descriptions... Sound too good to be true. But calm boy you any, now have 3 bars up in a chamber, and a poor little extend is going to atrophy because of any one of use! A row in this thing is absolutely, to good sure, a more has not seen never. Sleeve-up is the breeze, was to arrive and running less than 5 minutes after plugging he in the modem of boss. Shopping again, and promote you to give it the serious consideration needs the subject of good long row without busting yours stock exchange.
5 / 5
Has bought this windy reason are the enormous defender of TP Link. I have used his products for years.

When it Take this subject, liked really. Facilitated of installation, there is anticipated the characteristics were quite good. Utilisation OOMA for telephone, has has consecrated the servers dipped on, use mac-static routing directed, etc... So much, I know the little in networking. Has the pair of gaming console, multiple computers, pills, telephones, the pair to loan tvs, etc... Also I have a OOMA for telephone of house, as declared before. So much, has several devices.

When I have purchased this subject has done a decision to go wireless house fill. Previously there is it wired LAN all pc this, but so only tired that it has to troubleshoot (seldom) and has wanted to avert a (future) installation further of boss. Also, they are still use CAT5e that wireless today is in fact faster that mine LAN. So much, I have decided to so only buy some PCI-and Wireless Adapters (also tp-links) for all mine desktops and so only gone full wireless. But, I have known I have required the current/@subject faster that it could manage accelerate main and multiple clients. For like this, it buys a TP-Archer of Link AC1900 Ready WiFi Subject (Archer C9).

C subject has done 2 weeks. Now, when I say it done for 2 weeks, bad to say that a 5ghz 'chip' done for 2 first weeks to die. I mean it ... Working. It takes To produce the signal. Has mine pc roughly 5 feet of him with open air goes in. Any interference, any outside issues anything. A 5ghz there is prendido only law. I troubleshooted partorisca roughly 16 hours, rechecking all the variables, researching internets that tries to discover a subject. Has update firmware the version later (before that has a lot of awhile), reset manufactures it defaults, etc... At all do. You know reason at all has done it? REASON He 5GHZ has CRAPPED WAS And has DIED. Any error of user, people. He so only died of use of traffic.

With which having these subjects, has sent for the substitution. I have received substitution, has update firmware, entered in ALL MY INFORMATION and setup. BAM! Running sweet again on 5ghz. This time, this in spite of, has situated a majority of my devices in a 2ghz, while it avert soyelting' a 5ghz 'chip'. 12 days later, subject same. Has awake on this morning so only to find one same freaking question. 5ghz Is in decline.

To do the short long history, this device is defective. It is the defect to draw with a 5ghz hardware. I think that to take overheated for all a big information transmission and so only can not dissipate a heat until so only fails. Any quantity to substitute will help with this subject. Ossia Reason has decided to go with the different mark, while his product is has drawn better.

So only the fast note: A rest of one issues averts of 5ghz law perfectly. A 2ghz could not be happier with. An installation, setup, characteristic, etc.. Of this subject are adds. This in spite of, require a 5ghz to do also. I have not paid 100 bucks for the 2ghz subject. I have paid for the 5ghz subject and loves that to do and last.
4 / 5
Has had the little add TP-Link routers so much was súper excited to take is one. Unfortunately, a an I receipt has subject of entities with the buggy UX like this has to you advise to resist purchased this for now until they take a firmware up to date to do better. Some concrete subjects: it can not take a 2.4 band in any @@subject that the configuration has tried. A 5 band was a lot like this hopefully ossia the software issuee so only. A UX there is showed information of settings dulcemente and inconsistently.

For this class of money expects the flawless action and these produced feels likes to take rushed out of a door with some bugs of entities in a firmware. Attentive for a fixed.

Update: For clarity ossia with an up to date firmware. Still with to reset of factory a question persists. Any recommended for now.
4 / 5
Upgraded Of the 4-the old year Asus subject because of the gradual increase in of the devices on some years - I active roughly 50 devices (that comprises the dozen Chromecasts streaming Hulu Alive TV among other things) and although a Asus has done enough well, there is remarked some question when there it was in plot of traffic, especially streaming. Memory and CPU max was 100 of a time and streaming would be interrupted. I upgraded to this subject for an additional step horsepower, the row enhanced, and future WiFi 6 (PIKE) support. I have considered also a Asus equivalent to the equal that have been the long time Asus the user but I have been with this one for some additional antennas, better accusing/has sawed-accusing and global reputation TP-produced of Link. It wins to have both manually to try but ossia the little more buy/endeavour to return that has has wanted to do. I create Asus also done of the utmost products.

One issue setup was extremely easy with a Tether the application saws bluetooth - a has seen more than fact. It was to arrive and running inside small and has had all mine tweaking fact in in an hour. Tweaking Setting to mean on IPV6, done to commission DNS servers, etc. Have the so only SSID for both 2.4 and 5.0 so that some clients can connect to whichever finds better. Now included is in meso and average. A note in a tether application - will remain he in bluetooth way (meaning you has to that be after a @subject) unless you enable the far management in one issue settings. It is handy for agent a subject without logging to a page of browser, although I will say concealed any one all the options are available in an application and I have found a browser setup to do a lot well.

Like this far an action and the row of one issues has been excellent with an exception of a thing. You experience the difficulty that connects roughly produced of apple to a radio. After an email to TP-support of technology of the Link (which has been answered to a lot quickly), ask me to the knots to turn was support of AXE in a radio. I turned it it go for 2.4 (and 5.0 simply reason there is any one clients of AXE still for any in all the chance) and he immediately fixed a question but I still have the question that connects from time to time the irradiates. It begs a question because it would owe that go back of the characteristic but am trusting there will be the firmware fixed down a street before has any one clients of AXE and to fix a subject of connectivity of the iPhone. If it was not bent to go back here and downgrade an indication of the big part of a cost of this subject is compatibility of AXE.

Has 115Mb/s service of the internet and I take concealed or a lot a lot afterwards everywhere in mine two more than history marries of basement. They are sure he covers a yard also but did not try it well of then is winter . Using it throughput the application takes gigabit the next speeds a @subject and 600-900 in other same pavings in some far corners. Like this in general it have to that adapt my needs to the equal that am expecting 500Mb/s service or better will be available in some point for my zone. All my ready devices (bulbs, spent, thermostats, vacuum, cameras etc) acts perfectly. Ossia Some reasons has been with the subject alone more than the system of point - I bed of the reports of ready devices having difficulties with some of some systems of point. I did not try him this in spite of.

In general am pleased with the little more trying first of my period of turn is up. I expect that they maintain up with firmware updates and add some characteristic plus like a capacity to have the coverage of the guest timed ( has used that all a time in mine Asus subject for parties, take a coverage of guest the together time so that there is not had to that agree to go back in and the turn was) and a capacity to dip on coverages of multiple guest (any one like this of entity for me). It is an expensive to issue but hopefully will last me to him several years, and will enable it a WiFi-6/characteristic of AXE.

UPDATE: After the few weeks with one issue, are having any subject @of plus. Produced of iPhone is disconnecting and of the subjects is by train of gone off-line and on-line roughly 2-3 times for day, which then disconnects a lot my products of ready house. Some of these products a lot reconnect (especially some cameras) without the cycle of the full power of one issues. I have been doing with support of technology and am still alentadora to take it firmware fijamente to help. Otherwise, am going back to Asus to the equal that has found always these to be extremely robust. Until I imagine it all was, are downgrading this indication to 3 stars. If I owe that I turn, I downgrade to again to 1.

UPDATE 2/11/19: unfortunately I am returning. As I have said on, a subject has to that it weaves of potential but is simply a lot ready for emission. It was not if it is bad or bad hardware firmware but a thing goes off-line long the day. In spite of working with support of technology (the one who is a lot of responsive and try help), can not take this thing to remain on-line and be stable. I have ordered a Asus RT-AX88U and like this far is exceptional. The action is excellent and has not gone off-line or rebooted the week. I owe that there is has not left never Asus!
5 / 5
Has bought this model because it possesses the house with the ceiling of the metal and an older @subject leading has had did not cut it . They are súper impressed with a row of this model. My parents of promises have bought this exact same model and they live the blockade out of me and I take signal of @subject to touch to so only grieve inside my house. The mine covers a entirety of a house that comprises a basement without subjects (roughly 1400 square feet) and extends out of the little also (I am guessing my ceiling of the metal is not leaving a lot was)

the setting on of the subjects take me so only the pocolos small. Has a car setup paper that asks so only the few questions as well as a way advanced for more than technology savvy users.

Only drawback is that one issues can not be hanged in the wall has to that chair in the bookshelf or in the table, but ossia any subject of big @mine. It seats in the big foot.

Are very happy with my product and to good sure would recommend this subject.
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of very @subject, the work adds, very easy to dip up. It has to that 3 guarantee of year, and the mine is lasted the little more than the year when it begins to take wonky, any one able to remain connected to an internet. The internet conversed with service of client ( look to be in some the USA--California--and there is any question comunicacional) and take roughly 1/2 now for them to determine has required the substitution. I have received to him focus of nave to return my old to issue the few days later ( is free) and has received my new to issue the few days later. Sometimes we spend for big service and guaranteeed for prize and action. This unit resupplies both.
5 / 5
Ossia Prime minister of mine TP-device of Link. They are the long time Asus user and are so only fed up with his poor firmware like this of late and decided to give TP-Link the casualidad.
A good:
is axe .
Setup Is easy and AM YACIDO is fast and responsive. WiFi Is fast and has excellent row. It looks to be the little better that a WiFi in Asus RT-AX88u. Any option like this a lot this in spite of.
A bad:
cord to Be able to am quite short especially in comparison to Asus cords to be able to. No the big shot but the value that comment.
Any way to disable qos. Has speed of action and typically so only 1-2 on-line devices the time as having an option to turn qos is something concealed would have to that be place to the future firmware. Also, any way to disable upnp, can be considered the risk of security.
Has the built in test of speed but no properly. Speed I better give me is 600mbps down. Going to dslreports or Speedtest give me my speeds of action.
At the beginning my telephone would not connect to a 5g. There is remarked that there was firmware the update for one issues. Installed the and the telephone was able to connect without @@subject.
Has the quite big creation defect regarding an upper row lan ports. In a backside of one issues, some the upper claves were in some ports of upper row that he almost impossible to use the toe to disconnect a boss of Ethernet. I made a mistake and it has had to that take the engine of ray of flat boss to achieve in and unlatch the. Comprised the little pics if this helps any one. Unfortunately he firmware the update will not fix concealed. Any the breaker to treat but to good sure something concealed would have to that it has been remarked previously the emission.
In general the subject solid. Has the little firmware fixable subject and the few physical subjects that am stuck with. Of then this is exited so only and does not seat like the beta declares (clues of clue Asus) is the big want to. I have taken it casualidad with TP-link ax6000 and are not disappointed. Like this far it is treating better that mine rt-ax88u and blowing was a disaster that is a gt-ac5300.
5 / 5
A AC1900 is the solid mid-tier option in a wireless phase. Has a lot of some characteristic that down-finalise routers failure (ac, signal shaping, the coverage that repeats). It is of confidence and has been that careers without the subject alone.

Is the little elder of bit that some another routers, but think that a row has extended the value done he. One issues can be dipped up in three configurations: like this pictured (when being whole, antennae sticking arrive), walk in the office (blocking a foot of money), or trace in the wall

Commentaries that while has the longest row that more economic routers, is not for the fix everything. There are still limits: in my chance, 75 feet by means of a wall of external brick and 4-5 interior, the solid wall is too much for both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz sales on all the subject I use. This in spite of, that takes that wall of interior ameno a force to signal until 'A lot of'.

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR WiFi Router ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
Alas the amazon launches all some together descriptions for a lot of DIFFERENT Netgear models to issue. For example, I am writing in a AC1000 R6080 but of some 1900+ descriptions have linked in the page of this model, a vast majority is for other models, like a Nighthawk or R700. Bronzed when The clients ask the question a response is often bad as or the responses is answering for a model has bought, when a a that the question could be he asks in the different model... And all the world thinks that that they are in a same page, when is not . I a lot the amazon of desire would maintain the descriptions for part of concrete models unless an only difference is something immaterial likes him colour (which do not apply in routers but could in of the things so of the tablets).

Marry on the dot: Quan looking in a AC1000 R6080 here, and jumping down in some descriptions, then entering 'QoS' in a field of question, several people have asked in QoS and a response was a subject has adds QoS controls. In fact, a AC1000 has no QoS controls. I create it could have it Dynamic QoS which are not configurable for an user of final. A normal 'QoS' the tab does not look anywhere in a config cards and QoS is not mentioned anywhere in a manual. I clicked in a response that answered 'He same' and the amazon has linked he in the picture of the different model -- a Nighthawk. But the calm would not know that prende only that reads a response (unless he clicked you on he also).

On in a description. It take this subject -- a AC1000 R6080 -- to do with the Zoom 5370 16x4 686mbps modem of cape. I am returned one issues afterwards only 2 use of days.

Gilipollas (Begins with less importing besides):
1. FOCUSED IS up like the can not see without being up .
2. Any one QoS or included the road to see like a Dynamic QoS is conjoint (if included it conceal he)
3. Worse of everything, the connectivity wired through issuing is only ~70% of the that is to say directly through a modem. (117mbps Modem/84mbps subject)
4. Wifi IS also more dulcemente that normal (45-54mbps).
5. An on last two gilipollas is because of 10/100 LAN ports (comprising a port of Internet that goes in modem) which are also dulcemente has 100mbps service or main.

1. It IS returnable.

Although it is estimated by 300mbps + 700mbps (using both groups) which equals 1Gb is not the 'gigabit dread'. One LAN the ports are 10/100 (operates in 100mbps minus big) which are bequeathed practically now. Probably he well for broadband until 50mbps perhaps, but yes has the service he quickly plus a 10/100 LAN bottleneck of ports yours connection.

IS to take to comprise why Netgear would do AC model with 10/100 LANs of the 802.11ac be one new plus, faster wifi level of adapter. Still although certainly it can have one ac adapter and paid only for slow broadband, a subject would have to conform some level AC is able in sleeve. Especially consider is estoyarqueando' how the '1Gb dread' for a 300 + 700 indication.

To take your costs of money of ISP service of 100mbps or main, will require to take the true gigabit subject, identified by 10/100/1000 LAN ports (1Gb ports). A modem will do the 1Gb the connection in one issues in this case and rids a full speed of your service in 100+mbps (or big) without big loss.

Has substituted one R6080 with one NETGEAR AC1200 Loan WiFi Subject - Dual Group Gigabit (R6230), and sure enough, the speed wired through one issues is now identical when when being wired directly in a modem (117mbps any road). Included Wifi Has improved by 30+% thanks to a faster connection among modem and subject... One R6080 rid only 45-54mbps while one R6232 tame 75mbps in wifi. (That is to say almost which R6080 has rid WIRE FENCE!) Also it have it QoS controls and to whole plot other options, MORE the separate, physicists, wifi on/was to change he so that it can turn some radios was at night when is on-line fact , but leaves some subjects until saving cycling to be able in (that notionally can spend these devices). And the physical change is to plot more whole convenient that is to use one YAC to turn the radios was/on, or use the schedule when your own schedule varies. Included better, is only in $ 15 more.

Conclusion: If you want to inversion of test of your future, takes AC gigabit subject with 10/100/1000 LAN ports. Work with the services he slowly plus but also will be there since you when advance in the services he quickly plus so that it does not have to buy the subject twice.

Note: So far one R6230 is not listed likes him be DD-WRT tried, for this give support in flashing that [optional] habit FW, but for everything fulfils any one is has done already it. I have not taken that far still.
4 / 5
One issues the works add, is fast and has the field adds. An only low majority is a software of configuration . Calm aim you to download his genie cual the help of the software takes through a first part of a setup. But only it leaves also configure one 2.4ghz radiates. To configure one 5ghz radiate has to use an interface of web...That also can use to configure one 2.4ghz radiates...Like the software is quite very-for-swimming bloat. If Netgear has taken drawee of a download and directed you only directly in an interface of web would give this thing 5 stars.
5 / 5
Quite easy setup. If you are buying this, ETHER the CLEAN CAPE IS has COMPRISED. A description of the product any sample is.
5 / 5
Has some thwarting wifi problems to accelerate after updating my service and he result that my wifi the subject is 7 years . Yikes! The interest bought the yesterday! Where A heck time to go?? I have decided in also go with one updates in my subject now that is doing much more money that behind then when is fallen $ 19.99 in a one has had. A difference since installing a NETGEAR AC1200 is likes him night and day.

No only is my signal now achieves has been in my plot for estacionar of the floor with relatively quite well, but ones my debits and the speeds of the download is out of these world-wide compared in before. I am the FPS gamer, so lag thwarted but now my times of loads are faster that some of my teammates. Habladura With an use, has bought recently 3 Alexa devices that control my system of security of the house, systems of entertainment (FireTV, Xbox One, Samsung HDTVs, etc.), As well as my house these lights. I think that so wifi has enabled devices in my old wifi subject (which has been built before so wifi has enabled the devices were in a piece) concealed has battled it to maintain up. A NETGEAR AC1200 has absolutely any problem with how many devices is in a point and a NETGEAR tool of management of the grandson also a lot of help control me some few devices that is attached in my point. It IS very useful!

Is looking for The powerful to issue for your house, totally would recommend this!
1 / 5
I have bought this fact of subject 10 month to update of 4 years of subject and view of small improvement. It can it do not imagine it was why. Today at the end the duke after reading the bouquet of descriptions of people of technology that comprises a fine impression. And it is very upsetting : NetGear is announcing this like subject he with big speed of 1200Mbps, but only can rid 100Mbps max so that subject WAN the port can only retreated 100Mbps connection in a model of cape. This subject is the piece of the junk this feigns to be something new - NetGear would have to be embarrassed of them.

On him all, now begin to fall connections and resulted totally unreliable. The desire could return it.
1 / 5
The product was well boxes a 90 guarantee of the day has finished. Around Nov has bought this and all was a lot of. Even so, you begin to have subject with wifi fall and at the end a lan the no right ports. I call the support and say me to us my hardware is very good and is the subject of the software in some subjects. They can fix a problem, but my guarantee is caducada. As have want to me $ 200 to edit a configs! I can do all poden of a poster of control of the user, but his technology has maintained hard to sell, the saying was his proprietary software has had only very his, etc.

Needless to say, has ordered only the ASUS AC2900. Ray Netgear and his predatory practice. His product has failed, why has to pay the to correct his problem? Failure.
1 / 5
Has problems with this modem of a principle. My wireless printer did not go never accessible. A connection in an internet would fall very time the day. A problem a big plus has not been able to record he in my netgear account as it can take advantage of it a guarantee. An error has taken the toe has been already owner in another account that sew it to me has been renewed. You are supposed to be new. I have contacted Amazon that contacted it Netgear for me. Has wanted to me to install software in my computer as they could share my desktop and changes of mark in my system. It do not leave it . The amazon has agreed to to accept the same turn although it was spent 30 days so that I am such the loyal client . Alas, that did not say me is that they a lot the repayment joined me full quantity. The amazon Takes.

Total glorious: $ 58.97
Total of Repayment $ 48.09
4 / 5
It does not like him that it groups of the amazon revises up for of all some models. It reads descriptions for a Nighthawk without prpers prpers give and all the world has said that it was the sake gaming subject, as I bought it. I have maintained to read while I have expected for him to arrive and give these descriptions have not been for a R6080 model..... It IS still the good subject, but a force of a signal is not fantastic and a dual group is the sum to leave devices and hopefully takes interference among them everything. Even so and'voice the data has remarked slower in my PS4 has compared in my anterior subject and does not think is meshed by big bandwith use, will update when imagines that it was.

The forces of signal are sub pair, a bit the fall has been among rooms in the small house. It does not recommend this for the main houses. One 5grup of g is also quite feeble.
5 / 5
Connected this in my Arris SurfBoard SB6183 modem of cape. Has two computers and my PS4 Pro LAN of the road has connected, and then 6 other devices in WiFi and everything is shouting fast. I current a lot means comunicacionales with the musician that goes, a television on saw netflix, my pc in steam with the small house of devices of tablets and other materials these races, and this thing handles everything. An initial setup 'genie' was the breeze and an easy road to go, included a firmware the update was so mere which clicking 'he still'. After an initial setup and returned and could change my SSID and signal and adjusts or the plot of parameters. Has thinks that interest that has the different SSID name for each group (2.4 / 5Ghz). Running in comcast and thinks and can run all and anything on-line all immediately. I took this for a prize of $ 54.99
4 / 5
This description is for a AC1200, R6230 Subject.
While posing up, gives indications that some wireless thru-the internet has posed was iffy. Done- on and at the end everything is coming together internet and had (wireless and hardwired) at all the devices. Some hours a first day, some of some wireless-the devices have connected the internet lost, but any point. Re-Kicked everything, changed some capes, and after several hours and a lot of foul tongue of me, everything is returned up and operation. Three days in him, the things were iffy was and on, with some devices that takes notification/of errors of connection of poor internet, but only wireless-the devices connected--each wire fences (ethernet-connected) the devices have done perfectly. Some testing and found 90% drop-accelerate entered of internet (wireless against ethernet)--tried with two different computers (a laptop and a desktop) using wireless then ethernet then wireless. The race of tests with all the devices in 36 inches of one issue and used Ookla test of Speed, everything behind-in-back. Enormous degradation among ethernet and wi-fine speeds. Totally objectionable. Returned (today) and the amazon is by train to ship me the substitution, which would have to arrive morning. I will install a walnut an and the backside to inform right here, adjusting my indication what necessary based in some results obtained with an element of substitution,. More later...
9/12/2018.... It IS now 'later', and took some subjects of substitution , installed and situates to maintain. Enough the difference of a premier a---the installation was smooth, much faster and with only a small problem that thinks that caused, so really, any problem. Up and current, everything does to do, very less difference among wire fence and wireless speed and on-all, only that it had expected it when in the principle has decided to substitute my subject to exist with this model. I am now (at least a moment), quite happy with a device. There is has not had any problem, any indication of feeble or unstable internet (how had in a premier a), as I am creating my indication of one stars in 4 stars, deducting or the stars based in a premier a that is to say bad out of a box. Also I am recommending this so the a lot of purchase, prize-wise, notwithstanding my initial problems..
If anything changes, will be baaaaack!!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS WiFi 6 Router ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
Has the gigabit the connection that goes in our house. Our subject current (ASUS ROG GT-AC5300) is beginning the randomly connections of drop, throttle he, and reboots before resultant useful again. Without options of aftermarket firmware partorisca take down in some services and “the characteristic” do not require has begun partorisca look for the substitution.

Has ordered a ASUS RT-AX3000 that knows a RAM and CPU was less powerful of a behemoth has been using of Leaves 2017, but when being of the current WiFi level (WiFi 6 w/ WPA3) and the mark I confidence partorisca be the solid has imagined neither would take more than us bargained partorisca or in a much less exactly like us at present received for way of throughput.

In an all the coverage wired I maxed out of my tests of speeds in roughly 430Mbps down for 38Mbps up. My container of Internet is provisioned partorisca 1000/52Mbps. Mina keystones, poster of patch, and cabling is all CAT6a level with a boss that is shielded solid of discharges. I bypassed my transmission partorisca run tests and has left a SSID to his place of factory partorisca prevent my IoT devices partorisca connect. With my laptop so only, there are them pulled 430/38Mbps. When I have connected my transmission and has had 27 wired the devices could not pull more than 250Mbps down for 35Mbps up. When Connecting my laptop has taken them one same 250/35Mbps. When I have configured my WiFi partorisca leave my IoT devices partorisca the total of 45 devices has connected, there is pulled 200/30Mbps.

A firmware offers the pocola characteristic has thought would be fault. One east being a OpenVPN server that use your own DDNS (I use ) with an option partorisca leave intranet (local) accesses so only or Internet and intranet (better option partorisca ensure your traffic while in of the public spaces). You can distribute the only OVPN file among attribute and individual users usernames and signals for user to the equal that can use some same config/login in of the multiple devices

While a firmware is partorisca wall down version of a ROG firmware still uses the averages a allotted RAM.

A triple core CPU is the good half earth among models of low end with alone or dual cores and a big end ROG models with quads core CPUs. These looks to be the election of decent drawing likes traffic never maxed out of a CPU. I think that that I saw it paste 12 used in a half to run tests and streaming the big 4K HDR video of house.

A measure of this subject is tiny compared in any one another subject has had in a last decade. It is quell'has bitten heavier, but thinks them thats so only of a heat syncs of a chance is done of plastic. An antenna is has attached permanently. A better corner for a two external antenna is outward in 45 terracing and a two half so only the bit was-centres to signal out of a centre. This will leave it to cover two houses of the history when situated in a first alone history houses or according to stepping that plants all antenna would owe that be strait up.
5 / 5
A firmware that this device shipped with, as well as one the majority recently firmware available in Asus' put of support, no correctly with DHCP, which is necessary to take an allocution of IP of your ISP. If your ISP uses PPPoE, this can do not affecting.

Like the result, in spite of numerous resets of both modems of mine and subject, upgrading to a late plus firmware and numerous other things have tried like the result to research a same question in several forums of user (the subject affects clients during a world: Hong Kong, Australia, EUA and another), am unable to take of the subjects and any device has connected his to speak to an internet. glielo Resembles to him has been presented in January 2020 and in spite of 3 firmware upgrades of then, still persists by means of the wide number of users.

While another functionality of looks of product to do and take the signal of Wi-Fi reasonable by means of mine 2000 Sqft house, ossia the particularly sloppy engineering and QA deception that the quality called of global product to question.

Has bought two pieces of this junk, and now has to him return and find another product (ANY of ASUS).

The technical support does not resupply a capacity to open entrances and while his tool of looks of cat to be available, the person has has not answered never. Enough he 0 in technical support. Notably, this subject is not listed in his technician FAQs.
4 / 5
On some years have been the Linksys user/of client. A lot it times on, each subject would take quirky and I upgrade to one with more than capacity. My thoughts were that it overwhelmed of the subjects with my networking need and that I outgrown a subject. My last an era the Tri-Band AC2200 that quickly suffered also. It has given up in Linksys. This new Asus the subject is still very new for me. Some very short time had it one issues has won subjects of the entity there was state that bolt with for years.

Has to that it weaves of Alexa Points, discharge and ready lights casts together with the few cameras of IP. It adds in the Roku that Film of television/of the currents constantly and the pair of pills with heavy use. Oh. And I work of the house and I have demands quite big for data, Skype and WebEx use for my work. I suppose that they are in an advanced the big question for bandwidth. Still with those resets of looks of resets and monthly factory of multiple power for day with the digital timer there was always issues to come from my subject.

This Asus the subject has been wonderful in solving my questions that is spent to PLOT. Alexa in fact will execute commanded now and say Well. Every time. Now I seat an amour of ready house in planting to curse in Alexa. Utilisation Quicken to download my transactions of bank. This has used to take the very long time or would fail regularly. Of mine upgrade is been going quickly and doing like the field. Several places of web would take the very long time to come up. Usually put for my insurance of health or transmissions of recipe. I thought that it that it was because of my big data there. Nope, These are uploading and running faster for me now too much.

Has thought reason upgrade already has an advanced Tri-Sell AC sell to issue. The desire has had the besides punctual data. My tests of speeds in both routers is almost identical. I am maxing out of my ISP more roughly 10 with both connections wired and wireless. Obviously some tests of speeds are so only some bondadosos of test. A real test is that a lot one issues works in some means. C subject is governing a half. I can not expect use all a new upgrades afterwards.
4 / 5
Has bought this to upgrade of my Extreme of Airport of the Apple and Apple Aeroporto Express.
No longer wants to be limited the street one Expresses. I am paying Comcast partorisca 90Mbits down, and in this setup, usually take roughly 30Mbits down. Also, have has wanted the subject he with the USB 3 port, as it could connect my outside 2.5 thumb hd his. This AX3000 has verified all some boxes.
Setup Was painless. He upgraded a firmware, and was in business. Or have thought like this.
A thing does not resist the signal. Mina 2 main devices are the Book of Surface 3, and the Pixel 3a. A Book of Surface takes disconnected in the each one 20 mins. Especially when other people in a house are in the call of video. Each one that 20 mins! Ossia Given !
Then is SLOW. Sometimes it takes 90Mbits down, otherwise is 3Mbits down. And then so only it falls an Internet while although it remains connected to a coverage. And then a coverage is to go, and the minute later is behind. Like the result I wind on crossing my toes with each website I open, while it does not fall averts.
Am going back to an Apple setup. Like this antiquated like this feels, and as limited like perf is, is still the better tonne that this disaster of the subject.
Oh, And has tried to contact support. Good regime with that! When Llamas in, his system of telephone a lot still has an option partorisca Networking produced. And his support of cat is bot that finally will send calm to the loop to the subject of help, which send you behind to a bot.
To the equal that has written this description, a subject has lost an Internet two times. In <10m. It likes 20m the estimativa on is generous.
This thing is going back to Amazon. And I am done trying upgrade to Wifi6 for the moment.
Has not been where some the good descriptions for this thing come from/come from...
4 / 5
Are the professional The PROVIDER of Service. For my business clients smaller taste use ASUS routers. Constantly they update firmware and not having never subjects of connectivities with them.

Unfortunately a RT-AX3000 I has received was to uselessness. Plugged He in, any activity. So only the light of alone white power. Tried a process of reset, that resists down reset, that resists down reset while unplugged, while plugging behind in. It has not affected Never a light to be able to. Even has tried hard reset with a reset, WPS and sequence to be able to. It has not taken never a pulsing the power has directed for likes it has been supposition to do.

Anywho, Sending it behind. It will buy locally to have the transmission the fast plus incase other explosions of question up in a prójimo a. Highly unlikely. It has it deploys 5 of these for clients on some last varied months, there is not founding never this before. I am chalking this one until the bad day in a factory!
5 / 5
Has bought this @subject to use like the knot in a Asus HAS system of point and has had the heck of the time that dips it on, in spite of active place on Asus HAVE systems of point in a recent past. Finally I have imagined it was an injustice of the what smaller and has loved to share this for any one experiencing subject in dipping his AXE-3000 on liking one HAS knot of point.

A question was this -- my subject main would recognise this AXE-3000 like the knot, would spend for a setup process, but finally would be unable of the connect. For some context, looked to add an AXE-3000 likes subject of third in a point to exist system. Another routers was my main to issue (Asus RT-AX89X) and a knot to exist (Asus RT-AC68U).

Finally, one solves to take an AXE-3000 connected to my system of point was partorisca unplug a RT-AC68U. Once I this, was able to connect an AXE-3000 like the knot to a subject main. I then plugged a RT-AC68U behind in and all three routers has done properly.

TL:Dr. -- Unplug Any one existing AY KNOTS to signal when dipping on the new knot. Once a new knot is addition , can covers a knot to exist/s behind in.
5 / 5
Likes another, am doing of house together with my girls been due to COVID19. My subject old has taken the little longitude in a tooth, as I have decided now was a time to upgrade. It has taken a RT-AX3000 with some RRPP-AC1900 partorisca Mesh. One issues is in a basement with me and some RRPP-AC1900 directly on he in an office to do sure a rest of a house is covered. The connections fall all a time. Alexa Signals that the falls was and disconnect and has to that be reset (does not know reason on that one). Stray 2 hours of the work been due to the drop is gone in my laptop of work and the ray up in a VPN (leaves my failure - has forgotten to save). Tried disabling Ready League, QoS, setting 2.4 and 5 like different SSIIDs, reconnecting some RRPP-AC1900 ... Same question. Had any question with my RT-AC66U except any total coverage in a house that causes slow connection, but never the drop. I revert to the mine old setup and return these routers to the full reset does not solve a question. It has to that that does not have to that this with the new mark routers that would have to that it has been basically done for each another and would have to that it has been like this near covers it and game like takings.
4 / 5
Any all the devices abgn or ac the devices are 11compatible axe , especially in a band and some N devices in a 5Ghz band. Some old plus roku is not compatible with characteristic sure in a 5Ghz band, as it would require to turn that figure WAS or so only a lot hvae these devices connect to a 5ghz canal.

After reading some description and thinking in things, has bought the defender of laptop with this device. This new routers is running very hot and his all use passive cooling to maintain a noise down. Also they seat well in the surface, as there is little airflow around him. As taking the defender to cool of the laptop will save calm of the device that melts or overheating and when being disappointed with east. Calm basically there is wifi + cpu doing a lot the/or the operations that takes the hot things, as it costs one $ 20 to take the defender to cool of the laptop.

For some devices to find a band has has had to that do the few things. First what in a band is to dip a wireless way to N so only, as has no b or devices of g. The wireless devices often connect in accelerating slower, as you have b or g enabled then could take a b the speed and ossia to slow muck.

I also the disabled loan connects and the use separates ssid for 2.4 and 5 to the equal that can force devices in a 5ghz, and can turn was all an axe in a . Down it is mine 2.4 settings for both Wireless - Generals and a professional tab. Basically one 2.4 is setup partorisca N devices.

Has had he for 2 month and of the works perfectly. In a late plus firmware, which thinks is of 10/2020, which is a time still am writing east.

Using and other places in a band I usually take around 40Mbs and in a 5Ghz the canal is to somewhere among 200Mbs and 350Mbps. I any gaming but do to plot of streaming and emotional a TV and a roku ultra to a 5Ghz band of of the this has done all these streaming glitches goes era. My provider of internet is 1Gbps, which see on wired connections, but uses this for wireless and am happy with him.

Takes the defender to have down the and maintain it on all a time and take a late plus firmware and maintain your expectations grounded
Name of Coverage (SSID)
Hide SSID He Any
Wireless Way N only
Wi-Fi Agile Multiband Disable
the Awake aim the time enables
bandwidth of Canal 20/40 MHz
Car of Canal of the Control
Car of Canal of the Extension
Method of Authentication WPA2-Personal
WPA Encryption AES
WPA Pre-Yours Shared xxxxxxxxxxxx
has Protected Frames of the management Disables
Interval grupal of Rotation Key 3600

Enables Radio He
Enable wireless scheduler A lot of
Dips AP Isolated A lot
Roaming the assistant Enables Disconnect clients with RSSI lower that -70 dBm
Bluetooth to the coexistence Disables
Enable IGMP Snooping Enable
Multicast Imposed(Mbps) Car
Type of Preamble Along
RTS Tope 2347
DTIM Interval 1
Interval of Beacon 100
Enables TX that the explosions Enables
Enable WMM Enable
Enable WMM A lot of-Acknowledgement Disables
Enable WMM APSD Enable
Optimise AMPDU the aggregation Disables
Diagram of Modulation Until MCS 11 (NitroQAM/1024-QAM)
Airtime Fairness Disables
Fine-User MIMO Disables
Explicit Beamforming Enable
Universal Beamforming Enable
Tx Action of adjustment of the can

Update, has added the second an of these for point. I do not love reset my subject original so that I an alternating method, any documented anywhere afaict. Has update in the first place a firmware in both (that exists one was updated already of later). I then reset a new one that uses the knots of point. I have connected a new ax3000 Wan door to Lan the port in some subjects. They are then be to one that exists to issue and has added so only the knot of point. It has added a knot. Then I disconnected a ethernet boss, has moved a knot to where has loved. I have expected 5 minutes for all some lights to come on. Then I disconnected of a wireless and reconnected, while when being afterwards to a knot of point. I have been to some subjects aimesh setup, has selected a knot of point, clicked on management, and the priority of connection has changed to car. Fact! Number and decent speed of bars everywhere.
5 / 5
Like this, was reluctant to upgrade. My last subject was a ASUS RT-AC668u, as it has not been a cost or a mark that had has concerned. So only I did not think it it would take that a lot the difference. The boy has been bad.

Like an appetizer, there is Comcast internet. 1000 Mbps Download, 40 Mbps (LoL) load. Some people have symmetrical internet... Comcast Servants symmetric-lol. In all the chance, is a fast plus can go in you my zone. I have purchased my own modem opposed to pay them monthly for his (suggests to do is, for any the one who has no, pay for him a lot of time on way that the modems do not take technology upgrades like this quickly like other things like smartphones ).

In all the chance, to a subject. This force to signal this in spite of. I have been to lose all the bars entirely approach my chimney that has meant a yard was out of a question, to that it has to it to it try really hard to see included one of my bars disappears. A CPU the interior is much faster, also, doing a UI page much faster that has not gone never in a last a. And some speeds of Wifi he? Yes. I have been of around 250 Mbps in a last subject (that it was it AC, import, and any slouch is day ) to 650 Mbps is one. Ossia Very fast. 65 Megabytes By second. Buffering And looking the 4k the video is seamless in this tax. Also it looks to have less stuttering by means of all some devices in our house now which never is of entity with a quantity of devices the house has in 2020.

History like this long cut then, yes is cost absolutely he. With the few exceptions. The really see the improvements will require the newest devices that explodes to the technology likes MU-MIMO and Wifi-6. Your mileage can vary. Also it helps to know that it is doing to explode some tools in one issue he. If calm so only love a newer technology without the plot of customisation could be better was with something more economic. But a quantity of control, to plan the URL FILTERS to gaming prioritization, etc the value done he for me.

Finally, will be for Asus while alive. His usually cost devices more than another, but is deserved always the pity in my experience.
4 / 5
There was one issues for less than the week. Like this far any drop in service. Reason buy the new to issue and choose is one? My subject forward was roughly 6 years. I have had so only upgraded our speed of internet to 400/20. I have not remarked the enormous impulse to mine wifi speed. Mina 5G wifi the signal has run on 150 mbs a room out of one issues and next room on (any wall goes in) roughly 35 more feet. It was down to roughly 40 mbs or slower. An out of my subject old was dulcemente all a way around. In the to same room likes them the subject was roughly 80mbs but in a first room has gone down on to roughly 20-40 mbs and the the far room was 10-20mbs.

With a Asus Rt- AX3000 I very fast taking wifi speed. One issues is not to dip up for 2.4 and 5G, so only one signals to hook until. It is like this quickly I think that good works for me. A setup was quite easy, although I have read by means of a manual before it has arrived a next day to amazon.

Now take speed on 450mbs during a house. Slightly slower in a point a far plus, 430 mbs in one was of room further. Down in a basement (a paving under a @subject) is still in 450mbs. The house is 2400 sq ft. 3 levels
with one issues in a half paving.

One of some reasons has purchased this subject was one in-description of depth in this place. I create a rt-ax58u is one same like rt-ax3000. I have loved to issue it also that would be ready partorisca wifi 6.

Have a PC with the connection wired and runs a roughly a same speed (perhaps 5mbs faster) as wifi connection. I am impressed.

Here is the point of entity partorisca remark. I do not have any Wifi 6 devices and I have dipped on of the subjects without a wifi 6 there is enabled.

Like the question has had question that finds a response to before I have purchased was improvement of mine wifi row and same speed without wifi 6 devices????

HE. Very so many.

Another reason has purchased this subject is a capacity to mesh with another Asus subject. He any looks will require to buy decide that I want to move a signal the external father can help.

Top Customer Reviews: NETGEAR Nighthawk ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It see In the very rural zone where the the internet of big speed is still any one option. A Walmart more afterwards is in a next state and a hospital a next plus is quite 25 minutes has been. Desprs The few years in a city, a left wing of only thing to return in the life of country that has lost was internet of big speed and a capacity to do of house. This device has changed that.

He still, is the small pricey. I have looked for around and it has purchased this elsewhere for in $ 100 less than a prize has announced here, but with the flavour paid it a lot has to . I see people that lives in or revise the main cities after this with speeds around 60 in 80 Mbps. At all an internet a fast plus in a world, but ours other options where alive is satellite and dialup. Dialup... Only any one, and the satellite is more describes only as 'better that at all'. It has Had the satellite two times was here with speeds among 6 Mbps and 20 Mbps. Even so, internet of the satellite is not the lives of internet has considered. It trusts a trip dulcemente of big containers of data. Been due to of the this, can very common anything lives, can not converse on-line, no by behind gaming, and is limited in only so that given for month. Test use a 'prevail' dates among 2 is and 6 is is the joke, and is still very enough to do much more that attraction in several places or expect patiently for the 5 or 6 big def videos of Youtube to upload.

Before it buys this device, finds the cellular broadband reseller. Mark sure is purchasing the plan these careers in any point can take in your zone. For me, In&T and Verizon is an only two this exists here (besides some small companies that pursues in his points). In&T there is far more coverage and speed among a two, as it was with a unlimited floor through the reseller this was powered for&T. With the reseller, unlimited is truly unlimited; any throttling, any cover of data, not retarding of any class. If I need the help that finds the plan, only contact me and with flavouring very the help was.

Had a lot of devices could have purchased, but has required something concealed was portable and powerful a same time. This was an only puck fashionable device that has had a port of Ethernet, something very required to do of house. This device the work adds those turns the cellular internet in something concealed operates only like internet of cape. I have seated only apropar the window to do sure can take the good signal (more days only 2 in 3 bars) and can enjoy speeds around 30 Mbps. Any sper hurriedly, but where lives, is far faster that anything more. Different satellite, even so, this speed is constant. Any lag, absolutely Any containers of stray data, any buffering, any subject. THIS IS not to TELEPHONE HOTSPOT; that is to say the substitute adds for internet of house. It IS far abler that what your hotspot of tlphonique can do. The majority of read of people this, included those live in other rural zones, will see speeds of in 75 Mbps (when travel 12 miles in city, a speed is around 80 Mbps).

To use so internet of house, has to consider the few things. First of all, one BEATS of stack and would HAVE TO be take is doing more than only explore and the compraventa on-line. I have connected my system in the PowerLine adapter. From here that, a Xbox, 3 laptops, 2 desktops, 2 telephones, and 2 tablets were all hooked up immediately together with my new Ooma telephones (2 of them). Everything of some computers and the tablets have had tonnes of updates of the year to do. Taken quite a lot of 5 hours for everything of some computers, tablets, and a Xbox to do quite 120 GB value of updates all immediately, but a stack in this NightHawk LTE the subject has maintained the overheating and he prenderan a load. I have fulfilled it presses this device with all some devices connected and a heavy use, as I have taken a stack was and powered backwards on and work only well without a stack in, and so that it is not touching, the fresh rests in a touch under heavy load. Only it leave he in the some place does not take moved or clashed and is well to go. Not restarting , any powering down, any subject at all. As it regulate It subject, any need the stack in this device for him work.

Has has had also my nephew here streaming in a Xbox while I streamed roughly clock of television through Amazon while more it was in another room streaming videos. Any lag, any mic lag, any buffering, any subject at all. I can in the common end my Xbox in my computers, broadcasts a screen of my computers, telephones, or compressed through my Amazon FireStick perfectly, my Ooma the service sounds better that any service of tlphonique of the house has not had never (the telephone of house is necessity to do of house, and Ooma is an only VOIP maintain in the those spends it to to you likes him that they substitute it to of them for the POTS or of the POTS through cape), and more than everything, can do to house again everything thanks to this small Netgear NightHawk LTE Subject.

Update: After this description, has to move one issues to move some material around in a room. I have posed he in the different window and remarked to take the better signal there. I have tried to download some games in Xbox... Remarked the looked for being faster, likes I multiple speedtests and now my half speed was of 20 Mbps in 41 Mbps. Again, anybody 1 Gbps the strand has the habit of to live in a city, but was here, anything faster that dialup is the big roads.

January 2019 update...

This thing still is surprising. Only I want point out of the few things.

Quan Finding the provider of service (a reseller), has to never pay more concealed $ 75 for month for service. If you are, it is when being the rasg has been. Some touch less although it conceal, but has seen some upload against $ 200 for months. If I need the help that finds the good provider, when being free to comment in this description.

Also, any one all does in of the works of works of the house with this internet. Again, yes it has it questions quite that, just commentaries.

Besides, this , for default, place in the BORN Double connection. This can limit far desktop and some streaming (gaming) qualified. Even so, there is the road in a bit bypass this with something has nicknamed DMZ which are the parameter in a web admin page of this device. One researches of the fast internet will say you that to do concealed.

The majority of the users will not have to change any parameters to use this basically well out of a box. The mine is come with one In&T HE the card and I was able to use he for service with my reseller.

These emissions of so device 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz wifi. If you use so much, necessity to appoint each which as with the different name for better results. If your device can not connect in or view or or another, control a specs of this device. Any one all the computers and wifi the able devices are able of operative in 5 ghz points. If your device is the small older or was the element to estimate amd can not remain connected in a 2.4 ghz points, is not one to the fault of one issues (which are obvious has other devices that can connect without subject). Only it buys the able usb wifi dongle. They begin so down so $ 5 here in Amazon.
1 / 5
Some descriptions were glowing and a necessity was there, as I have purchased this for use in the far location with the he card cual has been purchased for this purpose and with a carrier that these works of machine with (In&T). Further, to be totally afterwards, was remiss in any one in using it immediately, and has expected almost 6 weeks before I like him to use a MR1100. I know, it knows, big deceptionany one is perfect. So much, in all the case has opened a Netgear MR1100 for a first time almost six weeks after book and tried for the use.

A device looked to find a ATT the grandson still could not connect. I have called Netgear support of the client and has determined that has looked for there be the problem of hardware with him but has said that they have not had the substitution for him in the warehouse according to a person of support of the technology. This has not done any sense for the product in his first phase of manufacture. I have suspected for PRENDER but decided to try another road.

Has contacted Amazon and has asked the turn but has been informed that it was external of a window of tower and that a retailer would accept a turn but with the restocking cost. It listens that totally unfair and decided to restart my contact with Netgear to persecute the turn through them, since at the end, is a manufacturer .

Netgear Has begun then emailing me with questions, asking me to verify numbers of serial, parameters and troubleshooting subject that already had been provided and researched in a course of the few calls. Quan Has questioned a person of support is again, Netgear has maintained although they could very still authorise the turn in a same product although the has not done NEVER for me. As apropa 90 days after a compraventa, finished for the take a chin for a restocking cost of a reseller (unfair, also) but to arrive to this point has wanted only at all to do with Netgear or his products.

Does not have any confidence in his disposal to back his product and of course does not buy never of any Netgear or this vendor of Amazon againThis experience with Netgear has been abysmal.

Also, remarks that a vendor has this in his description: it has to when being returned in new condition (still while it was routed was) or will be subject in the restocking cost. I am returned each last new and shiny part together with everything of an original packaging, can not see like the restocking the cost would apply. In the credit of the amazon, , the control did to hurt and emitted me he $ 30 credit for a hassle, as my clean loss besides the time was quite 20 bucks. Curiously, in this experience a retailer and the manufacturer have lost at all while a client and the amazon have sustained so many losses.

Certainly does not expect any one reading this to be in poster some hills when considering a MR1100, so that as any functional and utilitarian produced, when work, recordsthat it would be it wonderful, no? I will finish this to wish you luck so that in my experience, if the NETGEAR support of necessities of the product, only can wants to return so harvest as it was possible in planting to enter in that finishes opened troubleshooting relation for any paid.
5 / 5
-Can limit directly in issuing he for immediate expansion
-Estany tether saws USB
-can configure the Wireless transmission of 2.4 and 5GHz in 2.4 only, 5 only or totally can deactivate. Also it leaves for the connection of guest.
-Full YAC for easy setup
-Gigabit Hotspot
- Can run without a stack, adds for increasing longevity of a group to be able as you can eschew looking/overcharging
-integrates well with Nighthawk Routers
-pay so it goes
-tracker of consumption of the Data
-tracker of Plan of the Data
-Can attach NOSE or simply attaches the microSD card to call NOSE (good for mobile phone/mobile backups)

-Quan powering up without stack, from time to time does not discover a connection wired. Easily fixed to kick up with the stack has inserted, then pulling it was afterwards has inducted.

-From time to time the cycle to be able is necessity to achieve max speeds.
1 / 5
It does not think some 5 descriptions of star, this thing is junk in an extreme, he reboot, and restarts it anytime has to a lot of activity of internet. That is to say the problem fulfilled and Netgear the forum has such aides of amazing pieces as, the turn was one of a WiFi radii, running he without a stack installed, or that substitutes a supply of power with the load of compatible fast/big amperage unit One of some type in acting said me that some of some versions of firmware older, active even more problems, and that had the a bit stable emission the year that would do has followed one in council, a late plus firmware even so the only apresamiento bonded in reboot loops, included when that follows a council of a forum. The suspect there is the problem of hardware of the base and probably will see the hardware rev2 in some point. Until then to any compraventa.
5 / 5
The works add. Television of currents, accomodates desktop and internet of mobile phone simultaneously without slowdown or the drops in maintaining. Compatible connectivity and smooth service. Easy to pose up. The instructions are clear same for the novice. Provision a HE, insert it, inserts/to insert stack, wait for blue light, a-the time connects in PC those uses ethernet cape (any distributed but any CAT6 the cape will do) in login in Netgear the place and the account like pointed in device, signal to change and appoint wireless account, disconnects ethernet cape, the again appointed investigation WAP in an east of the wireless devices and login using an only created signal, and or is was and race. These works of device exactly while it announces. The solution adds for rural zones.
5 / 5
The better device does not possess never to use T-MOBILE LTE speed to download a lot the averages of 130Mbps highly recommends to buy a OEM calm models very to be has disappointed. Any subject so far.
1 / 5
You would think that the device as it has been has been during the usable a lot of months firmware in the, but has clearly a subject with this device. I have taken this hotspot has been to try today and several times, he only all of the sudden accident and reboot. In some points, was so bad that only maintained constantly rebooting and accident in a point where at the end leaves to try totally until it beat of volume and plugged he behind in. I have not used he with a stack in, but tried it plugged in an USB provided to upload as well as groups to be able the laptops. I attach included on everything of those.

Looks That this accident taken bad particularly when connect my iPhone in him saw WiFi. Some time, ails my iPhone has connected, accident and reboot. It IS incredible in me that at the end these months, NETGEAR has fallen only 1 update of firmware (which has update my device in) in the device that clearly need fixed when being so much is at least stable. This update clearly has not provided stable firmware. It IS crazy that these costs of device so so he , still is horribly unreliable!

Will be to return this unit!
5 / 5
It takes the plot of messing around to take a unit to do properly, but once he , has done superbly well.

A subject of premier experimented was spontaneous rebooting of a device while the WiFi the client has connected. Desprs Trying numerous things, spent a problem there has been a TX the power posed for a change 'Long'; this drain to cause too much current allocution in the reboot. Posing a TX pot enmedio or the low field immediately resolves spontaneous reboots.

Also run in the number of latency and problems the road when posing arrives that subject he of house with my Linksys. The new connections would hang for the sake 10-20 bren, before chosen up speed. This was been due to a raisin -through road, which looks for to be very buggy. It IS VAL, as no really needs some characteristics to use a Nighthawk with some external subject. I have fixed a latency to leave raisin-across the road has turned was, and only turning a WiFi has entered a 'WiFi Parameters in a Nighthawk. These containers of causes to cross two sets of DHCP and PAT tables (or for a client, and or for one issues), but a latency is not perceivable in these speeds. I have posed also my MTU in 1400 and specified manual DNS, which looked to help. At the end, it has selected the manual APN so that it was active in reboot. A device has been solid of stable rock for days without reboots or signs of instability.

A final thing has to do to take the tax of the house of decent data was to install Wilson WeBoost signal booster, which has clashed our signal on around 30 dBm in 80 dBm, and our throughput of 15Mbps in around 40-50Mbps. If alive in a zone with only insignificant-in-good reception, probably will want to do this also: a difference is night and day.

Highly would recommend this same combination (Linksys WRT1900AC + Nighthawk + weBoost) for the house setup.
4 / 5
I have installed this unit in the rural location together with the TS9 4G LTE Antenna (that it was it very useful while it augments speed of clean and force of the signal informed by the just quantity). Work very better that a box of hotspot older substituted, in of the parts to think because of a support of external antenna. An upper screen is not the screen to touch but he very does not import like the application has used to to configure a device was much easier to use that on-screens of configuration of the device - liked me also of a clear exposure in an upper this has aimed a WiFi signal to do use of a device. In a recommendation of one of some descriptions some old plus also is using this without some semi-detached stack and work well.

A a problem in this unit expsita (and a reason has data the four in place of five indication of star) is that a real WiFi enough of looks to signal to be quite down compared in an a lot of the device the small plus has substituted. For so big like this the unit is, would have to be able to do better that two bars of WiFi just 30-40 feet out of a unit of base. So you are taking this device for the big edifice, can wants to consider some class of WiFi repeater to attach to signal more quite reasonable. Still with two bars of WiFi although still done well quite so more could take he of a point was 40MB /s in all the case (action while I have said was very worse with an older unit substituted)...
3 / 5
I have purchased this subject of this vendor in August 2018. For a first week in December, a product has failed. One issues has maintained in the continual cycle of the afterwards was and rebooting. (Yes, I have verified to see had the update of firmware. Has did not have.) I have contacted a vendor, Electronic-More, this has said that they would not substitute it since has been more concealed 45 days purchased it since. We inform me to us to contact NetGear directly, of a subject has looked for to be the defect of manufacture. After 2 calls of tlphonique with NetGear, determined me could does not help so that I have not purchased one issues directly of a manufacturer (still although I have purchased he through the company thinks was a retailer authorised). As I achieved it it has been it behind he in a vendor and after very has heated emails, at the end has agreed to roads me he esfurbished' subject, if I routed by behind an original.

Fast-advance in 2 and the half months later, and a problem still is arriving again. I achieved it it has been it behind he in a vendor still again, but has not taken the response and of a time of this description. Any one surprised.

remotely And exclusive devotion to trip so it is vital this has reliable internet. It do not take Me bad, a product is SURPRISING... Quan Work. But to spend $ 300.00 in issuing it (now in my second a) and in only has last the pair of month is ridiculous.

Was able to walk in Compraventa Better today and has purchased this issues no only for $ 100 CHEAPER that what these offers of vendor, but has taken also one Geek Substitution of Instrument of 2 Guarantee of years for only $ 30.00. These ways when (any one ) these beginnings to issue, will be able to walk right back in besides Buy location and takes the substitution for free.

In general, highly recommends this product. Truly, it is surprising. The ours short was the point of In&T and there is has not had never subject only with him. Has the signal booster in case that is what maximum rural zone with coverage of feeble tower; but we have been able in Netflix of current, Youtube, and same games of on-line game without any subjects! But it was necessary the my investigation in advance and has purchased this subject of BestBuy a first time around. I wasted $ 300 it Purchases of this vendor since does not offer the guarantee and a product no because of the defect of manufacturer that a manufacturer any cover or.

Conclusion: I produce to ADD (be sure only to take he of a retailer authorises that it offers the guarantee!)
TERRIBLE vendor - AVERT - By everything means.

Top Customer Reviews: Speedefy AC2100 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
A Speedefy AC2100 the subject of Loan is to good sure speedy. Has the 100Mbps connection with Comcast and that it can see in mine screenshots is some speeds in vs 5Ghz. If you want to use a fuller discharge of your connection of the internet to good sure uses a 5Ghz band. Always it will be slower reason has more interference other devices like this of the microwaves and some bluetooth devices. It was impressed enough like my subject forward has not seen those accelerates to all the cost duquel the band has used. A fact that can max out of my connection of internet in a 5Ghz band and neither being next legislation to a subject is impressive. I have had the strong signal during our integer 2000 sq. ft. House and while the speeds have dipped some a far plus was has taken is not never state there is disappointed. If you are looking for the speedy the subject for the reasonable prize looks no further. A setup was the breeze. An application is in front of simple and directly . Some antennas come pre-semi-detached and is not wobbly or free as I have seen with another routers. This an excellent choose in this prize.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A Speedefy AC2100 Loan WiFi the subject is coming with a boss of additional coverage ,which is a
main. A box has had also some instructions of installation,
forms of registration, adapter and of course a subject (sees video). The
first impressions are well; there are 7 external antennas, as he
transmits a signal well in all the directions. Has 4 RJ45 ports, one of
the one who this (blue) for connection of internet, while some other 3 put you (yellow)
is for local wired coverage. One of some ports is marked like a IPTV port
and there is remarked that one issues has an option to actuate IPTV.
Does not have any experience with IPTV and a lot included have a IPTV to box the taste
did not try it still, but is an interesting option that has not seen in the
another routers.
Basic setup was very simple. I have not required some am anticipated characteristic like
VPN, DDNS and like this on. So many, has dipped on the wireless coverage a lot quickly and
without any questions. That is a lot of the entity of mine is that one issues
has a capacity to control access of a cast of MAC allocutions like a
spent additional to protect further of a wifi passphrase.
Also,that is of the entity of mine is one issues qualified to hide a SSID and this subject can do that.
Very new wifi routers does not have a capacity to hide SSIDs. A lot
the debates are resisted for and against that. It is my personal opinion that the
the subject would have to that have this option, as if any one wants to use this option,
has beaten. For me, it is the big PLUS . If has an old to issue and master
improve a quality of a coverage then sincerely recommends this
subject. I think that that ossia a better to the subject can buy for this money and
in this class. An only thing would list like the missing characteristic is the
key of @subject of closure when it is not into use. But quell'concealed can not be that a lot
a question, of then further of chance a routers rests in any-stop.
4 / 5
Has seen this when the looked for the new to issue and of a specs and a prize the figure the give tries it:) it has taken it felt of next day there are them first. So when it received it to them a bit the instructions walk me well has launched a process and was to arrive and that careers in roughly 15 20mins. :). In my chance has had to them dip mine Comcast raisin in way of first bridge that the hooked this @subject until the the one who has them restart a Comcast modem that when it is coming arrive all was to arrive and that careers:) all has them has had to that do is to go in one issues setup which is in a bar of allocution and so only setup mine wifi name and stuff the one who the use one same one has had them before like all the devices transports it so only connects :)

That the some tests have launched out of a house. It has had a pc upstairs that the question has had while it maintains the good signal and when the remote desk with him the the question has had while it maintains his stable connection and sometimes he so only freezing and go down to 1 to 2 bars...

But with this subject? nope Always 5 bars and a connection is quickly with him! You can see for a pic the posted has them 11 usually the devices that career in the and each one which signals one any one @subjects at all:)

has done also the external test in my big yard that is almost the acre and all some devices take good signal while a comcast spends ony achieve in the middle of him before he looses connection... I have done also the test to walk with my telephone and has taken them blockades of signal of out my house the one who could them a lot before!

But like this far the be very happy with him! It has solved mine wifi @subject that the estada having... :)
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. In the first place it was, has the 100Mbit connection of xFinitiy/Comcast.

First to change to this subject has had an Archer A7 which have had for the month. He well except minor WiFi subjects and compatibilities with device of television of the Android. So much, I have decided to try the subject different.

Now, has left habladuría in Speedefy AC2100 :
UI/Setup page:
would say a good work! It is not like this elegant like another routers, but all precise is his and calms that can find easily. You can configure mostly all comprising different WiFi names for and 5Ghz. There is also Parental control and VPN settings that is good to have.

would say that he the work has better compared to an Archer A7. It is the bit snappier. The some test of speed with both of these routers and expósitos that speedefy has latency very better with 10ms compared to an Archer A7 with the 55ms!. Like this, this subject can be good election if you are the gamer!

Has tried one issues partorisca to the long of the week and I can say is quite stable the majority of a time. It is recommended highly and a better bang for your buck!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It comes with issuing, adapter to be able to and plan ethernet boss. It comes with 1 WAN Port discharges he in your entrance of internet and 3 LAN ports for another start of devices - see a unboxing video.

A neighbour-up was quite easy:
1) Downloads his application has called peedy WiFi for Speedefy' of 'TENO Technologies of Coverage' (sees an image for as looks in iOS - Tent of Application of the Apple).
2) Discharges in a yours internet to a subject, discharges he in a subject, will have the blue light on.
3) then go to the yours Wi-Fi in a telephone and connect to a @subject incumplimiento Wi-Fi has called: MyWiFi_.....
4) once connect to a Wi-Fi of @subject, the pop opens an application and he will drive calm by means of place-on, if there is at all like to like static ip or special register-in, only paste 'Another access of internet' in blue in a start and choose 'DHCP' then dipped your username and the signal and you am good to go. It will try to relieve an internet automatically but if he no, ossia the fast tip .

Has run 3 tests of the speed and he have come quite damn prójimo to my provider is die accelerates in prójimo to 300 mbps.

I desires has had an extra LAN port and/or port of USB for storage of coverage, usually 4 put you with usb is level in the majority of a routers today, but has known that before the buy, no really the with. Bought he for a speed and he delivery.

Adds to issue in the prize adds and good speed. To the left see me that does in future and will update a description has based on that, but like this far looks quite good.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A Speedefy AC2100 is the fantastic mid subject of row. One $ 79 seal of prize leaves this @subject to underline with him competitors.

A 4x Mimo has done well with the multiple devices have connected. Be in the house with ready devices, telephones, computers and gaming the consoles was the big task to direct a WiFi need and not seeing the bottleneck.

A WiFi can was strong. One 6, 6db, the antennas have not aimed any sign of tired during my house. In max can A WiFi was accessible in my yard, but that the fast adjustment has seen an application and I was able to reduce a power quite that has had coverage but my no. closely

A mobile application, an application was easy to setup, and easy to use. It leaves for parental control for blacklisting concrete places, fast adjustment of some settings to be able to, and included has the built in control of optimisation.

Now that has listed some of a pros, the chair would owe that comprise mine gilipollas. A device is hanged really light he seat like this light bit it flimsy or attach the little big power the defenders and he almost could be the dron. It is missing to put you for it wired connections, more the devices have 4+Entrance of Internet, a Speedefy AC2100 is the 3+1 combo. And, so as I enjoy an easy to use the application would prefer some more opted for advanced inside a mobile application.

In general, this subject are adds for any the one who the need bit it more then a normal boring WiFi routers, but a lot that wants to spend one $ $ $ for upper to line gaming routers. It is easy to use and directed, and can manage so only roughly all some devices can launch in him.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute my elderly but still very good Netgear WNDR4500. Now that almost all of my devices are using 5Ghz with forming of beam, MU-MIMO and AC the support decided it has been now of upgrade an old daughter. It was to bite a ball and take it Netgear Nighthawk with a DumaOS but is sold neither was or selling paralizaciones more than his interior of the normal prize a moment has imagined like this would use this like the bone to step for a be of time like specs is quite identical to the his mid tier Nighthawk subject.

Economic prize with the quality of utmost build.
Easy setup, has used so only one same info originally had dipped in mine old Netgear, copy and pasted my ISP info and to the like, has taken so only of two test of pinging modem of mine to take my ISP/modem info properly which is notoriously difficult state for each subject has had.
Gigabit LAN Like my old Netgear so that it is always it enormous plus.
The wireless speeds have improved MASSIVELY on some page and the oldest devices that uploads is faster probably thanks to MU-MIMO, no more while in an of some 20-30 devices in my house to finalise that it is doing that it causes the small ms ping spike, this helps massively in the plot of on-line FPS games especially.
A UI in both one application, browser of mobile web and desk the browser of web are adds to look and súper easy to toe by means of, very intuitive and cleaned. Has has comprised pictures of an application and desk the version of web likes the version of mobile web is so only the shrunk down desk experience but to good sure one of a clean more UI is has not used never in the period of subject.
The subject HAS the TONNE of options that is adds for people that knows like the coverage properly but no like this complicated would drive it was new users.
Almost to curve likes an arachnid when flipped to the rovescio although it is missing a 8th leg, as he neither taken to the fight and lived to see another day or is not the subject of true arachnid, see pictures so that I bad.

A DC adapter to be able to has the súper short boss, has finalised to use an adapter of mine Netgear how was one same specs and same connector with one same but slightly main polarity amperage.
Has the light FOCUSED blue so only in a front which can blink in stay or solids of the different ways to aim has a subject, a lot prefers there to be the dye+of FOCUSED and different icon like my old Netgear so much can diagnose one @subjects so only to look in planting that has to use it my laptop/of telephone/desk to login and see that it is not taking the signal of a modem or some such error.
No the complaint of entity to the equal that has the gigabit Netgear LAN splitter but there is so only 3 ethernet jacks in the, could be the breaker of extracted for some but I do not import , there is the picture to the equal that can see that I bad.
Any options of USB for the basic IN THE which are used his on almost any one issues will know is almost always the massive headache that grieves to do so that any I still considers this the with on its own name and did not buy it that looks for this option anyways but has thought so only would mention it. One has consecrated IN The in LAN is always a better option.

Am running it DOCSIS 3.0 Netgear gigabit modem on 500Mbps and still in mine WNDR4500 has seen a full speed in LAN, this in spite of wireless included on 5Ghz has struggled the little has bitten to break a 100Mbps barrier, no in this @subject this in spite of, paste so only under a same speed would take by means of gigabit CAT 6.ºt In mine Intel WIFI 6 AC PCIE adapter in a 5GHz band and when duplexing the wireless mine and LAN connection my speed would jump to the fastest plot during a test of speed of the internet

This @subject also sustains canal roaming go in and 5GHz, something my WNDR does not have does so that it can give you some better possible speeds on 5GHz one the next plus is to a @subject or give you reliability and vary a calm further is of one issues for automatically changing on to .

Has forgotten to mention too much, a force of signal is improved MASSIVELY in mine WNDR. It looks odd to compare this @subject to the almost 10 subject of year but a WNDR4500 was the masterpiece of the subject of future test that has peeled was almost $ 200 paralización when it was new mark and is to do fault me incredibly well, has not had never a subject with him never and am expecting for a fraction of a side this Speedefy the subject will do my needs of internets a lot for the moment.

Has to that to a thing would like to mention to some developers of a firmware is this : calm does not have to that NEVER have a planned reboot option on for incumplimiento. I turned it it was instantly, so the people have deceived this characteristic for the faulty subject with other frames that has done one same. It would suggest an update that gone back this characteristic was for incumplimiento.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It had been looking for the good to issue for the while now. I have tried the little routers and yes could take a force of signal, I stable connection free. Ossia Mine 4th subject has tried to solve a signal and of the subjects of speeds. Finally something concealed has the force of signal adds and has a stability to go with him.
Was very easy to setup. I have used an application to take it that goes but connect your computer and use a browser has access of more than settings.
Has connected this in AP mine of way UVerse subject. Turned of a wifi in a Uverse subject and there is renamed both mine of bands in existent SSID and all my devices have connected to this subject without me that has to that anything.
A row in one issues is really good. A far room in a house always would have subject with video streaming but with east issues no more buffering.
Taking on 300 mbps still in mine cellphone.
There is enough to plot of the characteristics that comprises interview of car where can you setup the times for one issue to reboot every day your time has planned.
Really happy has found this @subject and decided to give it the gone. Better bang for a buck.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It was compraventa around for my parents been due to @subject to touch be outdated. They are not technology savvy has to that the way that has wanted to maintain simple, upgrade subject of sound, and give them impulse of connection to the equal that use devices for streaming, cellphone use, etc. At the beginning, looked in your name to mark routers - I has not loved to go too economic and has not felt for gone expensive reason simply do not require it . I have received this on November 2, as I have loved to try he for the week to see that it does. It is SIMPLE to connect to a modem, and then when it visit a web of place or calm can do a mobile option, where in 3 no - the BOOM has been connected and FACT! They are very pleased and impressed with SPEEDEFY subject. It connects fast and of course, according to your provider of internet, zones of service, containers etc... It goes to be different. An APPLICATION is easy also, can control all has fallen smartphone of mine - connectivity of control, signals, dipped on guest WiFi, the devices have connected. It is and reasonable pricing. In an end, has to choose that it instruments is well for you, that adapts your needs, and that it is that it goes to use he partorisca with a technology and of the plan of devices to connect. Highly it recommends! Thanks to SPEEDEFY for his recommendation!!!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. In the first place, precaution, is the wide box , as to the amazon will ship without the box of nave and leave he in a door forward.
Is a PERFECT measure , no the volume @subject big concealed to plot of the urban nails in yours office. Setup Is very easy and simple, as @it subjects in fact, connected it to modem of mine of Edge of the AT&T and then to my computer saw it lan the boss and I have had the internet has turned grieves in a computer. I have then used one issues Allocution of IP to configure he with the browser. When you Visit a page for a first calm time take to the setup wizard. All a setting uses the graphic interface like him the easy fact to configure. I took 5 minutes less to take it up and that career. It has required mostly this for a row, has tried he with my outside Blinks the camera and perfect work!

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