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Top Customer Reviews: Epson WorkForce ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This scanner is fantastic. Has years of files in my very stuffed cupboard to file this has has wanted to to scan and then takes rid of for the long time. It has Had some scanners of the traditional type but a process was like the time that consumes that hurriedly has left. This tiny scanner that pose some files well in your computer each a difference. It was such the breeze to pose up, only download a software, connects a cape of USB, poses your document in place, presses the button to scan. Of course it has to pose you in your dossiers ahead of time, but once have all posed in a scanning goes of haste. There is the few elections for setup (situates voices).

For the business applications can create searchable PDFs and Word and Excels files that it can the to him be has edited. In addition to printing or routing an email can scan files directly in in in the on-line storage likes them to him the walks of Google and Dropbox. My necessities is mere; only I want to take drawee of so volume while I can.
4 / 5
Anteriorly Has purchased the scanner the expensive plus, but one installs was the nightmare and I have finished to return the. This scanner installed easily and fact so announced out of a box with my laptop of Windows 10. Once the document is scanned, a software offers the series of options of clave of the scanner as it saves in the Dropbox accounts, etc. Would have given It his five stars, but only would ask that a manufacturer takes this that exists creation and two things: 1) it attaches the characteristic of Wi-Final and 2) the tray for stacking documents to scan. For a money, even so, that is to say the add little scanner.
5 / 5
I have required the scanner but does not want the big a, while I do not have to no a lot of to scan. This is exited I only adds. And I can take he with me when trip. Cards of scanners in big cloaks. It has scanned included he 100 document of page and place he in word. I know to scan everything. A Scanner adds.
5 / 5
This Epson Personal THIS-50 Laptop Cloak-the scanner of Document powered is fabulous! I have followed a Beginning Here guides and has touched a unit, has downloaded an engine, has connected a scanner in my Surface of Microsoft Pro and has been posed to scan. The active did not have it never such one easy installation and first operation to time has taken.

One EAST-50 beat only that is used for the connect directly in a computer saw a cape of USB has distributed. Other models, 50W and one 60 is, has more to the options likes them to them the scanner and of wireless transmission of mobile devices.
Scans a card that is coming with a product in slightly down 5 bren. Immediately it look for the description with several options likes him rotation, scanning more, deleting, and measure of view. Under the parameters there are 4 primary categories:
1.enmarcos To scan: the options to Scan comprise resolution, doc measure, contrast, enhancement of text, scrolling of backdrop, and more. The options of device comprise counter, timer of sleep, debugging, control of calibration,
the 2.it customise Actions: it offers a lot of Road in the options that comprises the email that attaches, Walk of Google, Evernote, and Dropbox. It saves in the options comprise printed, Word, Excels, and PowerPoint
3.enmarcos By name of the file: which are some same like any document of Dispatch
the 4.it save Parameters: PDF and JPEG each what so with additional options
Parameters 5.Another: which are leaving Epson ask to take your use info can turn this has been.

Was predominately interested in a quality/legibility of documents that has not been written.

Has tried to scan the 4 x 6 photo, but a paper is too fat like the does not cross properly. Taken in a left and some transfers of rest through. I have tried several roads to help he through but any one of them work.

Has scanned the note wrritten in blue ink in yellow legal paper (photo of views) and avenges through fantastically.

Has scanned the 2 for 5 canal of gas took (photo of views) that routed in Word (pdf). In a screen to Scan of the Description a part written was perfectly clear. A reading of the form of the odometer in a cup is come through well enough, although interpreter 115,904 how 115,961. Also I write down some miles of trip and MPG then surrounds each what so with group that the part was gibberish. Even so, while you can see in 2 photos, everything is coming through well enough in spite of a fact written a mileage info in my leg while I am enough in the the light units out of a bomb. Since it directs my vehicle for business scanning each receipt will be useful for my weekly costs, representing, and taxes.

Has scanned the handwritten card and has saved he in Dropbox (jpeg). It avenges through better that handwritten more scanned docs has seen. Perfectly readable although it was pure gibberish when dressed in a screen to Scan of the Description.

The lesson has learnt: A screen of the scanner of the Description can very always when being an accurate representation of the cual a final scanner will look.

This vain unit to take enough the workout of me. On he dread them to them of year to have my Mamma in a distribution of Priest of the Memory of assisted to live. Like The only boy has a challenge to cross all mountains to comprise mixed documents. At least now I can scan and you file while I imagine the things was. No more stacks of boxes and archiving cupboard in a basement. Besides, a OCR the capacity will do my a lot of easier life.
5 / 5
I am very impressed with this small scanner. It IS so small and discreet. It can leave he in my desktop, plugged in in my computer saws USB and not even thinks enough listens it there, until I the precise. It IS very easy to travel with. It looks to weigh less than him the book.

A Epson ScanSmart the software is reliable and easy to use. A quality of the scanner has not been in a same big bar like my ScanSnap, but is state that the respectable suffices.

Happy does this compraventa. Meeting I, if something is not convenient I very he, and need this scanner to cure receipts and papers very inner a moment (without needs to shoot in the scanner of full measure.)
5 / 5
5 / 5
It IS very pleased with this scanner has used he that hangs 2 weeks and his cover only like easy in a UBS and his
punctual to go. In fact I have to scanner 100 pages for my accountant and he the work adds. Purchase again.
1 / 5
It can not take scanner to transfer an image in my computer. Messed With him for awhile, but is ailing things that takes tweaking out of a box. It owes law without the hassle. Returned.
5 / 5
I WANT this scanner! I am the agent of the urban nails and is constantly in a has required files to upload or road hither and there. These small types are surprising and does the work adds. Very portable and any too dulcemente. I have bought a case to spend recommended for him and has not looked behind. I same uses it when am in a dispatch to eschew a row to print or to upload in my listings. I add for receipts and of the documents to record also. Anything concealed wants calm road or save. One of some marks of hinges are is the scale the big document like the studio and subject so that it do not have to resize he first. The dispatches of the urban nails the big plus has this characteristic for his agents but any mine. I want to it.
5 / 5
The May HAS THOUGHT quite taking this type to scan until I have begun to do some work of house. It IS so clear and portable. I have bought the case takes for him immediately for the protect. It scans fantastically and a software is very easy to use. I am not sure so left without him before! I am scanning the bills and the daily receipts. It IS the value adds for a money. To well sure buy it this produces again and recommend he in of the friends.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother DS-640 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
The law adds and as it has announced. A stars to take for two small quirks that the mark that use he a bit uncomfortable. One beats of company and would have to that fix these elements. (1) A placing of a cord partorisca be able to is very poor. Look In him on some pictures. It attaches to a scanner a lot down where your regime of paper, like your paper takes taken in him constantly. I owe that seat a scanner on a cord partorisca prevent this (and he still he sometimes). I besiege a cord partorisca be able to so it attaches in an arrival or another and this would be to avert. (2) When you Scan a page, some frames of software choose 'A lot of' partorisca scan the second spent, or 'Annul' partorisca finalise a scanner. These are not of the words an usually use, and a bit is frustrating partorisca try and agree a legislation a. Only transmission some words the 'Next Page' and 'Done' and would do felt. Otherwise, to the Work likes all the world-wide more has said here does.
5 / 5
In brief, A scanner has been rid punctually, in good condition and do like this announced in mine MacBook Pro.

Now, a full description…
Pleas of authorship: mainly it uses this partorisca documents of alone page; at most, there is scanned the document of 14 pages. I can not comment in a software besides a DSmobileCapture that pursues a scanner, like a BR-Receipts or Cast!PageManager. Reason did not require him still.
That when be said, a scanner are adds. Better work that has expected. A Brightness and contrast it can be regulated partorisca optimise some escáneres. Some fines-swept of the page is easy; so only toggle a checkbox this says “Fine Exited of Page”. Under ‘Options', can also dipped an orientation of page, for example, leaving you to scan receipts in lateralmente and have some files be right-side up. Quell'Concealed can not touch impressive, but when inserting them lateralmente the helps maintain a PDFs amiably squared was, ossia the plot of documents that you will not owe that spend for turning 90° manually. Finally, the state had has concerned roughly feeding my documents in recta, ballast a PDFs is exited tilted, but results any to be a subject. A DSmobileCapture the software automatically finds and diverse an upper flange, although a page is fed in askance, trying square of a PDFs. An only annoyance has is that you have to that manually feed in the each PAGE, in place of the his have in the stack and taken up for a car a-one-time. In general, a consolation of having the portable scanner and a quantity of time I now save compared to my methods of forwards scanning this well values of the money.
5 / 5
Has purchased this element so that it could digitize all my paper to exist documents. Any of my paper docs was in shape 'bad' i.et. Tears, smudges, etc. This in spite of, these economic canner' has not been able to scan the document that had been bent long horizontally. Some folds were regular and a document was unremarkable another that this.

In the first place was, my workspace was cleaned and clutter-less, without divings, drop offs, or obstructions. The setup in the flat zone to resupply a minimum of control. This scanner is unable of scanning anything another that document it concealed has not been bent, creased or otherwise less than pristine condition. I have been according to that to spend, yes iron, a document for flatten was and to a touch a document was like this plan like the normal piece of paper.

This in spite of, this has not been acceptable to this scanner and with which he tentativas of the dozen in a final scanner has decided to give up in this file. When it Ploughs it a coverage to take a paper likes directed for software, a paper rasgó and is now unrecoverable. This was a document has signed original that can not be substituted.

A feeder will not maintain a same document when feeding, any @subject to the equal that perfects a placing. You can assist manually to resist an end of a paper and moving with a paper to the equal that feeds, but any one does a work for a scanner?

With an inability to scan by means of imaginary folds, an inability to produce the right scanner, a lack-luster software and a point of prize (very big so that it is taking) I steer clear of this scanner and dip one $ 105 to something concealed will do like this announced that.
4 / 5
At present doing on trying restore my computer. I have downloaded a software that is coming with this scanner. I have paid included one $ 10 for a BR-Receipts of downloads. After taking all has downloaded I clicked in a BR-Receipts and he immediately burst on an error that say the uninstall software and reinstall. I uninstalled the and looked EVERYTHING in my computer has been dried was! Years of pictures of mine 6 boys that grows on, everything of our travesías, and each pertaining file to our subject of house has ERASED!!! A software had attached to the each document, picture, and file like this when uninstalled has deleted everything. At present on now 2 to try to restore my computer of first right to install this software. That the nightmare!
4 / 5
Has been advance and has purchased this product. PLEASE NOTE: This law of scanner SO ONLY with software of Brother. A BR-software of Receipts that has purchased likes one adds on no well. Has a lot of errors in him and a development of the brother does not have to that update a program in of the years. It has looked for to use an application of receipt in a MAC and has been forced to scan, save a file, then import he to an application of Receipts. His engine thus scanner does not look in a MAC the printers and the escáneres that has dipped... For like this, calm can not use he for other applications.
4 / 5
This was a more spent has not done never. It is small as it does not take on a lot of room. A quality to scanner is surprising! When I have sent some there is scanned old familiarised pictures to mine 'Techie' the brother has thinks that has bought the scanner priced main. I love it and it can scan so only in any measure until 8 1/2' wide.
5 / 5
Has bought this to do the project. I have taken everything of my parents old pictures of his albums that has fallen averts, there is him scanned to the flashdrive for both my sister and I (for guard), and dip his backside in of the new albums. (Calm also can choose have the correspondent to the file in your desk or something also.) It maintains to import that I have done on 1200 pictures like this far and are not even closes has finalised when being. I have begun with the pictures of one 1970 is and are so only in a mid-1990 east, as has the ways to go, but is chugging to the long of and is surprising! I have loved the scanner that constantly could feed pictures until 8x10 measures it and he have done perfectly. A software was easy to install and use, a scanner is the decent and easy measure to the tent was. Constantly it could feed some pictures by means of and stop when I have required to. I have learnt my lesson to be careful with any pictures that could have residue of tape in a backside. Has no @to @give some of mine have had some tape in a backside and has taken stuck in a device. It was able to take them, but has dreaded had ruined the, but felizmente all was so only well. I have stuck him on chip instead and fed him by means of without question. I love this scanner and I am very happy with cost of mine!
5 / 5
Laws well with Linux and Windows. Usually I scan the TIFF and use Tesseract (line to order OCR program of Google) to convert it the PDF.

In of the Windows, use 'Any one Another Scanner of PDF 2' (NAPS2) in place of some programs resupplied for a Brother CD. NAPS2 Is is the plot more user-friendly to create fine-PDF of page/TIFF.

On Linux, use gscan2pdf. It takes a work done. A down side of a scanner for Linux is that a Linux HEALTHY the ENGINE does not transport-collected like his Windows TWAIN engine, this does works of batch the little time that eats. Have Still to find the together of Linux on that is streamline enough to create fine-PDF of page/TIFF.
4 / 5
Are a lot disappointed in this scanner. It has done well some first time used it. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it mainly to scan photographs. So many, with which lame and stored in a little stock exchange, and connected it the week later. I take the message that any scanner is connected. I have conversed with support of Brother, and said to us to do all some things have had has tried already. They are included be in his place that thinks that an up to date engine would solve a question. Still I take a message that any one the scanner is connected. Plugged He to another port of USB, and same question.

With which reinstalling some engine, that thinks that would help, is still not doing .
4 / 5
Probably a lot of coincidentally, interior 24 hours of posting my original description of 1 stars (sees down), has received the unscheduled called of telephone of Antonio in support of Brother, the one who has said that would fix my question, and has done. Ready type with the decent sense of humour, the one who was able to resupply one links for Nuance. (Graces, Amazon.) Then , have upgraded to 3 stars. Support (without leaving to 1 description of star) is still ridiculously '90s, and Nuance PaperPort, results, is the special edition (), and no quite that would think. Any surprised-- takings which pays stops. For a prize, the pleasant scanner, decent laptop, with clunky software and clunkier support. Spent of Amazon to the equal that can take a support of 4 stars. ;)

Original description:
service of Terrible client. In the first place llamas in. Then they say that any one will call you. Calm then take the emails that ask when you are available--but if any calm give them 2-the opinion of 3 day and the time esatta am available, take delay further . ( It loves the opinion of 2+ day. Really.) They will not fulfil of the questions for email (thinks 1999 hep support). A reason could require support? A software of Nuance--highly estimated--is apparently so only available if your computer has the player of DVD--no if it download a software of basic scanner. I say apparently, reason do not have the player of DVD (my computer is newer concealed it ;) )--so much the can not guarantee emphasizes is available in a CD neither this comes with a scanner, neither. Buyer, beware.

Finally, one drives of user is one of one the majority of wordy, last it-follow drive of user in a western hemisphere. (Again, it thinks 1999.) Some laws of escáneres so only a lot--but wants to combine the pages to a document or anything more (modifies documents, for chances), precise a fiancé-but-Emphasize any software rid apparently. Or along free to order by means of incomprehensible pages of narrative. Need of brother to come to this century in of the instructions and support.

Top Customer Reviews: KODAK SCANZA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
I have bought a Kodak Scanza in an idea will take the images of better quality of my Slide and the refusals have compared in a Wolverine Titn has. My evaluation as follows:

1) in my surprise, a unit is not in fact done for Kodak. It is marked only so Kodak so mentioned in a manual page 35: Kodak any way this product or provides to guarantee or behind. KODAK Has authorised Mark Licensee, C&A Marketing, Inc.. By so, these products has not been designed or fact for Kodak, only marked like Kodak!

2) IS announced likes 22 Megapixels machine. Even so, in fact it has the 14 Megapixels the sensor and he are the software developed or interpolated in 22MP. Page 31 of a Sensor of manual states 14MP CMOS, resolution 14MP/22MP interpolated.

3) The screen of small Exposure has compared in a Wolverine. Kodak The screen is 3.5 while a Wolverine is 4.3 with exposure more acute a lot of. Side of control-for-side of image by side.

4) Fontes of the card of the Screen is very small and no the cosy user.

5) The Operative buttons are localised in a screen. Every time you press the button some curves of machine . I require two hands to scan, or to line a machine and another to press some buttons!

6) Opens gone in some files to start with. A product of Kodak dye very bluish and images of tower. It controls some pointed images of a Kodak and a Wolverine.

Has believed finally that it take schemes it better that a Wolverine but is not a case. I go me to bond in my unsuspecting Wolverine unit of Titn. You have seen a Wolverine machines in a piece for more concealed 10 years and have the product has designed better.
3 / 5
BACKDROP: I am the pro photographer and also possesses the side by side negotiates small that the marks have swept of photo and restablecimiento. To arrive to this point, has no able state to find any one 35mm slide/negative scanners that it was abordable and hurriedly big-scanners of quality. One ones that you still can find that he big-the scanners of quality are expensive ($ 6500 for the Nikon 8000), has sucky software, and more importantly, takes several minutes to scan. It IS almost impossible to scan hundreds (or more) slide that subjects, especially when has to can it individually manually.
This Kodak Scanza is similar in the little another in a piece (particularly a Wolverine F2D), but since already has the Kodak of big speed/Alaris scanner of impression, thought that it would try easterly the unit IS very only the cheap digital camera has configured to scan, but is a concept has been expecting stops.. It opens, they would do the unit of the main quality like this in the reasonable prize, would be throughout it. For now, this one can suffice to produce mediocre consumer-the images of entity, but would want to see the best one with the more dulcemente acute and at least the slightly more the big resolution. Included better would be or with some automatic powers that the will scan the bouquet of slide while works in other things. (A SlideSnap can do that, but vintage of uses, has used projectors of Kodak, and can cost in $ 4,000 for the complete setup.)

A Pros:
- Marks a work of good for slide of scanner and negs, but is far from pro quality.
- Fast scanners (digital capture) in 1-2 bren.
- Economic.

Some Gilipollas:
- building of Cheap plastic. Some of some adapters listen likes him go to break when try open them, as it was not that the time will last.
- Although hurriedly to scan, the still can does does not want hundreds to scan or thousands of the slide since has it can manually.
- Very also acute image, but would have to do to print until enough 8x10 measured of the slide of acute or negative original.
- Does not say what dpi/ppi that is to say, but in 14mb, is quite 3000 in my evaluation. Any bad, but only maintain that it imports that these pixels are not too acute. I skip using a built-in interpolation in a 22mb measured, like the quality and the acuteness degrade enough bit it. I recommend to do your own arrive-sizing is necessary.
5 / 5
Wow That can say it. This produces new of Kodak is surprising. I actuate Never the left the description in any produced, but is thank you to do so in this product. At the beginning it was restless quite buying this look of cheap product and has had my doubts. The boy has been surprised. The negative scanner and the slides are the very easy and hassle free. Scanners of use of the final of big plus and was always the very tedious process. Desprs Scanning my images and uploading in my computer is taking resulted that it is also like resolution of half scanners that took it here in him some professional laboratories. That buys some subjects is in $ 25.00 bucks for circle. This will be the enormous savings for any one concealed is shooting 35mm slide or negative film. Only simply it accuses your film and do a scanning you. Down it is the 45 year of old year BW negative out of a box of old shoe and the new slide of 2017 scanned with this product.
2 / 5
The product is very only . Any sample well in mine 40' the television has DIRECTED, and first unit is come with any the bad HDMI cord or socket in a scanner. Some scanners were well for some economic builds 14/22 MP scanner/of camera. A zone to scan the scopes have ignited hurriedly. All this beats of subjects that is looked-on yes only is that he the dozen or so slide. But I have had in 2000 slides to scan. A carrier for some slide that is supposition to leave an user to insert the slide, push he with a next slide and so on, was horrid. Each slide, if it was not perfectly flat, would take in a verge of a headline, he doing necessary to take a headline, takes a slide blockaded and beginnings on. Desprs Flavour to accuse in the slide of dozen, left and is returned a scanner in Amazon. It take the second a which there has been the sake HDMI socket and cord, but a subject with a slide subtracts carrier. For the product of Kodak, expected better. It returns a second unit and is preparing to use a service to scan of external slide to of the archive my half comunicacionales.
4 / 5
A Kodak Scanza has done in my expectations. It has scanned some 1400 slides in the weekend (in front of a television), the majority of time admitttedly has involved in me manually renaming some slide to preserve date info. The diet of slide is manual, but enough fast. If you are not trying to maintain the orderly things, you ccould probably done the slide besides or 5 less bren for the choose up, he orienting, powering he in a guide, and pressing a espuede' button. Relatively little of my ancient slides blockaded and each which cleared by removeing a guide of slide and wiggling a slide bit it. A resolution was reasonably well. An a lot of thin sliver of an image of original slide is yard has entered some verges (some few totals of common problem of descriptions to compete devices). Colour and depth to look to contrast to be cart-adjusted, meaning some necessity of slide to be saturation by heart-augmented or contrast-has augmented. Law with 40 in slide of 50 years, and some of the same can have been some slide. A quirk is that a time of unit seals some files that begins in June of half night 1, 2017 (the reset every time visits in a unit).
3 / 5
Full revelation has purchased this and then routed the backside in the pair of days.

A Sake That is to say the handy scanner while it operates in the lean it only road does not require the computer. To scan the slide is quite hurriedly and easy to use although adjusting a slide in a scanner backlight can take the small practice. A card of screen is intuitive and enough hurriedly once practical during the minute or two. If precise scanner 35mm slide and does not require additional tweaking, likes correction by heart, adjustments of contrast, scrolling of scratch, etc., This product is ideal.

A Bad So remarked, that is to say the very good scanner of SLIDE but opposite in some recoveries of product, is not also in negative film. A lack of net-arrive' the ways of software take what apresamiento. A colour represents and the acuteness is only any one included like slide.

An Ugly some fixtures has used to the power an element to be scanned is quirky. A fixture of the slide is quite mere and a push of slide through easily although so remarked, varying some slide under a scanner can take some work. Some fixtures that control a negative individual or launch is abysmal. Some refusals very inset cleanly, and any slide through easily. Trying press a negative film through advantages to film verges angled and broke. An only road to take a negative planted properly is to take a fixture, vary the only frame and then re-inset in a scanner. Then this process is repeated every time for each frame for each band. In of the this, some negative fixtures is totally useless for curled film (that spends with age) and no at all with 110 games of film.

The inferior line used for sake of slide. Used by anything more very also.
5 / 5
I am a familiar historian and tried to digitise familiar slide so decided to purchase the different mark at the beginning (magnasoni.c) And has not been happy with some results! I have decided then try THIS PRODUCT (the KODAK SCANZA) - was a lot to estimate an extra money - some pictures were clearer, a screen was better quality and some adjustments were easier to use in a device. A beginning for a Kodak Scanza is quite 4.8 MBs of data, a Magnasoni.c IS quite 2 MBs of data. A picture IZQUIERDO has attached in this description is of a Kodak Scanza (with any go down and blue contrast tweaking) , and a photo in a right is of a premier produced and experience (a lot of grainy and saturated, the black is that it overwhelms). It expects these helps of description another with his time and money!!!
5 / 5
That is to say the good product in some limits of the concealed is designed by and what has wanted. That has wanted is something concealed could digitise old negative this has had to to seat in the box for some last 20 years, so that, afterwards, could pose the in Lightroom and organise them. It IS mostly the road to take old memories -- take people that is no longer with me or the familiar members of the mark of long time.

A device is enough to use. Only it finds a pertinent to insert for a negative type, opens one inserts/inserts, besieges a negative, fences in one inserts/inserts, slide in a device, and then can some negative by the rights vanamente left manually to plant each frame in a spectator. A spectator is good to identify that has but does not provide deep detail.

Some files save in a SD the card bought and afterwards can them import in LightRoom of a SD card and organise and label them.
1 / 5
I have purchased this scanner and he have prisoner to do afterwards or scanners. I called 'DBroth' (the vendor) and said has to press a 'on' button for the little bren. It conceals it it has not done so returned the. I have purchased the second an of DBroth and has the scratch in a lentil and the white point. These both have looked on all some slide has scanned. There is any road to clean these elements was so that they are in an interior. As I am returned that scanner. It opens I am buying mine 3 scanner of DBroth and while some third times are the charm . Kodak Would have to when being the good product, but obviously a control of the quality is not there.
4 / 5
I do in production of clave of the film, likes to scan of the film is something is quite familiar with - and while I only am giving 4 stars so that this scanner only scanners in the linear file in planting to take a dynamics of a negative film in the RAW file, is essentially the flatbed scanner for negative - am in fact totally happy with a quality of some captures! I have taken more than the circles of hundred of refusals in the only evening, a quality is totally reasonable, and issues it better that some scanners had done impressions in the flatbed. It takes the long time to choose this model out of an a lot of that it is available - and is happy was Kodak.

Is not to perfect, is not professional level, if you it photographer those looks for negative scanner and do the big impressions would spend more money - but if it only is looking to of the archive your memories as it can see the easily in your computer, that is to say the election adds .

Top Customer Reviews: Fujitsu ScanSnap ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
5 / 5
Wow, I Have been using outdated technology partorisca scan partorisca like this long has not had any clue that had anticipated the. This type is the winner ! It has taken less than 30 mins the setup and look a short video. One downloaded ScanSnap the software installed easily. I have found an easy software the setup and tweak. Further, the wireless connectivity was in front of/easy rectum . Also, a quality is glorious. Unfortunately, I have had the scanner the certificate of death and, ensuring it was in colour, looked virtually indistinguishable of an original, complete with a patterned imprint. Also, it is very fast. There is scanned 5 documents less than 2-3 mins which comprises him when being PDFd and ready partorisca archiving, sending, etc. will close partorisca have opened like this. Wow, The scanner adds.
5 / 5
TLDR; Works, work well and quite intuitive to use.

First of all has the version without a touchscreen, if the utilisations often, a touchscreen good of the extra money.

Works with 2.5 and 5 GHz or can connect with USB also.

Like the professor, has found these escáneres to be a lot of gains during far teaching. Has a Epson, but has some subjects with scanning anything concealed is not the regular piece of paper.

This scanner has been the enormous upgrade, mostly reason a software, so much a one for a PC and a software in a car that control you of a touchscreen is such the big upgrade. After calm take it dipped on a forward of screen can

Scanner to file
Scanner to email
Scans business papers
receipts to Scan
Send to a cloud

Sometimes I need to scan the doc and upload to a web. A OCR the recognition is also the no on my Epson, and this means any less time that fixed errors in stuffs there is scanned for students. They are in fact very sure reason, a software ABBYY Finereader is one same, but this mark to scan on means some errors of the mine older Epson.

Has bent On the this has the quite small impression, precise room to extend a headline for a paper scanned vertically and horizontally for a paper with which is scanned.

My Epson tends to shoot a paper was and of a scanner, these some Stays of no. of paper in a scanner.

When you Plough some turns of escáneres on (the upper)

will mark It pages of spatial like this calm neither can delete during scanning, or prefer calm.

Detects if the page is in colour, although mixed in with black and white pages!

In theory he 40 pages by minute, and ossia really near in real life. It has taken roughly 42 pages, 36 pages and 43 pages in three tests. Place in “better” way. You can dip normal, better, more or excellent (this noticeably quell'retards down, has taken roughly 9 ppm in excellent way).

He better with crinkled pages, but still jam occasionally if a paper is not flat and smooth.

Can save the PDF, searchable PDF or JPEG.

Can dip on those profiles to call to send anything scans to the concrete file, like this for example the receipts could go to a file in a cloud while the business paper goes elsewhere. Calm can choose you own icons. Calm also can dip up for until 5 people having his together typical of icons.

No really for things like this of the photos. They look well, but at all like an original photo in quality. Ossia For docs, for practical use.

No ethernet port.

Does not sustain TWAIN / ISIS
4 / 5
Like this far like everything in this product. It can scan spent of multiple measure and business papers a same time. The majority of of the entity is not that it has to that achieve was to technician STILL. It will give an update like the continuous time in.
4 / 5
Very easy the setup and use, fast ultra clear monochrome and scanner by heart.
5 / 5
Has been using the Fujitsu+ of 15 years ScanSnap escáneres that used to be my dads. It has taken of my mamma when I have required to scan the tonne of documents in the connection with the tax audits does several years. He well with Windows 10 with the bit of creativity for installation and setup of ScanSnap manager, but suffered misfeeds. It had substituted a roller and some other parts the little time, but when it has begun to do on again, has decided to look for the new scanner like old one has been missing a lot of some characteristic of escáneres modern. After the plot of investigation other frames, has behind finalised with Fujitsu. Have in the first place purchased a iX1500 and then less than the month later, this one is exited. For the little $ more, was able to exchange a iX1500 for east a. This a slope the bit more than other frames, but after my experience with my old scanner, has decided to stick with a Fujitsu of model gold ScanSnap. Setup Was the breeze. I have been to a web of place indicated in a paper in a packaging and was able to easily download all a software I required and update a scanner firmware. This thing is FAST (even more quickly that a iX1500 which have thought was súper fast)! It has it scanned documents and photos without question at all. A new ScanSnap the software of House takes the bit to take used to and has required the bit to drill down to settings to take all that does a way has wanted to (I still can does not take to automatically differentiate among the document and photo) but after the few weeks for the use, am quite comfortable with a new software. I also like this Fujitsu any only update a software regularly, but also public the roadmap for future improvements. I have it hooked until my PC with a boss of USB has comprised, but has tried it also wirelessly without subjects. It has not been if this one with last 15 years, but to arrive to this point, am very happy with my decision to stick with Fujitsu and boast will last it the long time.
4 / 5
Ossia A third ScanSnap has purchased in 11 years. I love these escáneres for his compact measure, consolation and big quality. But a ix1600 is a main improvement has seen in his leading generations.

Scanner in of the remarkable speeds with minima jamming and astounding smarts (relieved the piece of paper that was fatter that a rest of some pages scanned and asked to confirm that he no skip pages to take in too many immediately).

And wants to be able to share this scanner with multiple computers in my house, although a ScanSnap the software of House could be slightly more intuitive that use with the Wi-Fi has connected ix1600.
5 / 5
Ossia Far, far better that any of another ADF-the escáneres of type have possessed. Walk of big paper, any jam like this far, software of big quality in of the windows. Very happy with him!
5 / 5
Took it the moment to take place on but after taking it dipped on the escáneres documents a lot well. With mine all-in-a printer, scanner, fax and the copy scanned documents to use a ADF would scan to a crooked computer that the unsuitable for electronic filing or and-mailing. Like this far I have not had any question with a quality of some escáneres of Fujitsu.
5 / 5
Ossia That the scanner adds and has a capacity to scan both sides of the page immediately. This in spite of, need one the calm scanner quickly could wants to try to go to somewhere and left of prize. The nave of this vendor takes much more that 2 days, included using FedEx. Ossia Mostly reason a vendor creates a focus of nave but a lot immediately turn a physical container on to fedex.
4 / 5
Scanner of office of excellent house. Very fast and with some quickly customization of a software, the very effective solution.

Top Customer Reviews: Fujitsu ScanSnap ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
With which almost the decade of with my trusty S1500, I upgraded (still this in spite of there is much more life in him).

@In rodeo:
was very excited roughly like this chewed by means of my documents. Some keys of the new scanner and the profiles are fresh and possibly the does not advance. But it would be to the happiest plot has so only stuck to a basics and has not comprised this Scansnap atrocity of cloud and has improved an engine to guess filenames of a document.

Some details:
A mechanism of diet, like this far is that it would expect- excellent. One attaches for the law of receipts adds. It is doing the work adds with documents, receipts of several measures, and business papers. A touchscreen is kinda fresco, but unnecessary if you do not scan to wifi. The appearance will be like this durable like mine S1500, but a software have bit it nervous. (I are mostly in Mac YOU)

I amour like a new software occasionally can guess a date and the reasonable filename. It would be in a moon yes was better, this in spite of. A comprised kofax powerPDF and ABBY Fines the reader is appreciated also (although you owe that undermine the bit in a web of place to take them).

Are the bit perplexed for a Scansnap cloud. It does not have file sync (to the equal that would expect of the 'cloud' service). Instead it looks to do step of on-line file before it is sent to another service of cloud. I am not sure I comprise a point for this unit. I guess it is for wifi swept- esp yours telephone?

HAS characteristic of iPhone, but is divided among 2 applications (which is stupid IMO). A Scansnap cloud IOS the application has an option to scan with your camera and send to Scansnap cloud and then to another service of cloud for storage. But there is any capacity to send to the your Scansnap Marries - not even yes Scansnap the house is located in the file of cloud, like Onedrive or Dropbox.. I have called support of Technology to clear the one who Scansnap works of cloud and is limitations. I have not expected to yearn the technology and she have answered my reasonable questions a lot of (although I have been disappointed for some responses).

In all the chance any precise Scansnap Could, but has to that be logged in to use a scanner. I seat it likes to him it could be the worry of security, when scanning sensitive documents. It would prefer to be entirely disconnected of him. So only I want to docs to be envoy to a desk and has accused there. They are not 100 insurance has has turned entirely was submission to a cloud.

A Scansnap Marie desk the application is the joke . You would think that in some last 20 years or he so that would have some improvement to these classes of applications of management of the document bundled with mid-scanner of row. It is more the question that he well and generally the bad idea.

Is the scanner adds for quickly generating searchable pdf is, and comes from/comes from the family of ball-try workhorses. So only it thinks overreached with adding characteristic and radically changing a software that engineers of uses of mediocre software. It is hard to give the indication of the star like my opinion is like this colored for my positive experience with a S1500, and so there is concealed is familiarised to the Scansnap users. Also I have it had it so only the few days and there is there is scanned so only the few pages of hundred like this far and does not feel fully has researched and has comprised a component of cloud. But honradamente any thinks it has to that it has to that that. It would owe that he clearer likes some works of component of the cloud and regarding the turn was.
4 / 5
In the first place, to the left say me that this model is far better that a leading model any reviewers the desire has had still!

Although we have had two of a IX500, a software was any less difficult to install and work with, as it forgets concealed: it is the no-@@subject. This software a lot so only has a same container, but now leaves scanner directly to a cloud and OCR in the, also. Learning a software, after treating a software in a 500, was simply a plus to any up likes— Windows of movement 7 the Windows 10, sure has to that learn something new.

A task is also far, far easier that has used to be because there is like this instructive video there. I have looked perhaps the half dozen this in spite of informs to them when have paste the swipe, but leave' the face: taking more opted—in fact far more—means does more “bifurcations in a street” that there was before.

Also take fulfilled with an idea that this model is “flimsier” that a IX500, which the plastic there was still in some same zones. But in my opinion these parts are far easier that use and far less likely to break that they were before, and is far more functional. Otherwise, This little beauty is a same solid car like leading model.

Was a technology of R&D in the development then is resulted the designer and is spent around 17 years that that, and another 6 in a field that installs, repairing (sometimes on-the-something, jerry-rigged fixed) and the still tear averts each new car or the tool take for my workshop, the fix my way and reassemble the forward for the use, as I seat qualified to say that ossia the very good workhorse diagrams that the do fault my legal work for years to come.
4 / 5
Knots 'upgraded' of the plustek scanner of photo of the feeder to take augmented feeds speed. This scanner, while faster, gives lousy quality of photo. They owe that A lot all this that it scanner of photo. It is not the scanner of photo. It has included they would owe that take scanning of photos like an option. A measure of the document is compressed too much, and the quality suffers.

It plustek Does not sustain has cursed windows 64 has bitten Catalina well, as has hangs ups with him. BUT in a long career, a quality of image is a lot of, very better of a plustek.
Probably will be to return this scanner, unfortunately
4 / 5
Excellent scanner. I have installed more than my just action of scanner - ossia one of a better. No longer I will use Epson - suck and the photocopier is easily one the majority of fragile mark there. It would give these 5 stars but comprise PDF to Be able to of the Nuance in a box with the number of serial. The shot adds, well? Wrong. You lacking to say you that it is to 15 licence of day - kinda disappoints it after the 15 min Windows 3 feels procedure of installation. Really? That that joke.

The paper that the bosses is excellent; the speed to Scanner is blindingly quickly. I any one need any of some characteristic beasts resupply likes escanning directly to an email' etc. These are fulfilled prefers to do after a file is saves in my PC.

Networking A device is simple to the equal that is connecting to WiFi. It likes to of me to plot, so only give it in a software of rubbish of the Nuance. If it love the able device of the excellent paper that bosses and fast speed, ossia a car .
4 / 5
At the beginning, was hesitant to buy this that a upgrade to a forward ix500. There is of the negative animal like this critical: an interface of user, operation, etc. This in spite of, has loved a wireless characteristic how is easy to share among a house.

Conclusion: Ossia the fabulous has produced. It is bondadoso of type, an engineer for trade. I any 'take' an interface of new user for roughly 30 minutes, but after the pocola reads are like this happy with a result. Yes, if all is to scan a type to document all day a lot the time then takes two key presses to take that it goes in put of one in an old 500. But it does not scan so only a writing. Has a lot of different needs of photos, the photo duplex (for a paper in a backside), the pages of magazine in colour and lately the tonnes and the tonnes of familiar historical data am scanning. My labour descriptions of the parents of one 40 is is colour jpg, his resume works amiably like this pdf by heart, old photos I duplex jpg to take a backside and there is daily clippings (simplex), programs of banquet, and writes like this a lot of of things to scan.

To be able to do this in a scanner is the saving of enormous time ; otherwise has has had to that reconfigure one can key or do other transmissions in a first computer of the each type to scan. So much that there is grouped writes of the together documents for type and has lost a timeline of some pieces in a past. Now, with a ix1500, can remain me in a scanner (mostly) and so only choose a type to scan with a screen to touch and continue going.

A tone is to take the pocolos small and define these 'profiles' for advanced depend that it could use you. I have defined the roughly 12 of them with of the variac. Different by heart, b&w so only, ash of stairs, duplex, simplex, pdf, OCR pdf, jpeg and combinations of resolution. Now I can do mostly of a scanner with any one comes afterwards.

He, is the transmission in interface of user. I think that that it is the good transmission . For these opposed to change, creates Fujistsu has released one the old scanner Snaps software of Manager to do with a product so that it prefers some old methods. Almost it was there until me unleashed a power of a new software.
5 / 5
Has ordered this product because some descriptions looked fantastic. Once we receive a product, has expected the moment to use it so that it has not had the need in that then. I have begun once to use a software, has had immediate and continuous paper jams. The scanning is resulted like this bad, has had to insert some papers one for one (squandering like this time for the product that demand to be like this effective!). I then begun to take mulitple notification of error that any in fact give an explanation of an error. I have contacted a vendor for the turn and has been said that because of him when being more than 30 days, could not return his faulty has produced. This extremely is that it disappoints, as have has used so only these products in an occasion. Highly it recommends shoppers look elsewhere.
5 / 5
Has had a S1500 for the long time. He still fact, so only outdated software. I have bought a Epson networked scanner for an office and was really quickly, but in spite of being the new device, has not looked to have to that it weaves of characteristics. I have required to buy another scanner for the second office and bed some descriptions in a iX1500. Had well and bad. It is not like this quickly it likes Epson, but still scans quite fast. To the as really it likes me in this scanner is of an adapter of has received . I scan receipts to do every day and these helps maintain to situate while it scans. It is perfect? Any always, but ossia usually reason am looking for to scan it crinkled received to start with with. Otherwise, Are adds. My second, perhaps a prime minister, the favourite characteristic is a customizable settings to scan. I scan bills, certified of insurances, receipts, and a lot of other elements frequently. Taking so the time that appoints some files exactly like precise to when I am scanning. I a lot quite scanner and then have more spend for and rename them. Sometimes so only I want the escáneres to the file for more to do with. Another time I need to do with them. I can create the setting for just bills where an automatically dipped scanner a file in the particular file without any entrance of me another it paste a key for this setting and then that paste to Scan. If has stirs it of controls to scan, can paste this key and Scanner. Some files take scanned for my settings (simplex/duplex, colour/b&w, etc.) And will dip in a file specified in some settings. As I do not owe that maintain changing where a scanner takes saved. I can go back later and work with these files or the mine has sawed-has beaten of worker. Has settings to scan bills to a file, anther for bond waviers, the third for controls, and one for receipts, etc. Save me like this time! It has given these 4 stars because of these reasons: a tray of start is tad short. It is not long enough to returned the paper sized paper, for in a thumb, like this sometimes bent to start with of pages to press of a tray of start. It is smooth so that the receipts do not take taken likes in mine Epson. Another reason gave it 4-the stars is reason a file saves the settings are not like this flexible taste the desires could be. We appoint all beginning with to to the the code likes INV partorisca of bills, RCPT for receipts, etc. Can change to to to some settings like to grab of a date of a document and mark that leaves of a name of file, but the desire could say it to appoint all the receipts with RCPT follow-ups for a business name and date. It would help with renaming later. There are options very small with a file that appoints, unless I use an option where says it a name of file after each scanner, which attack a purpose of right scanner to the file without a step of the appoint. I am directed more in a priority to scan and like worry roughly appointing later, when they are not in an office or when more is not occupied. Otherwise, Ossia the really good scanner . It could be faster, but does not seat that a speed to scan slower really done the difference that considers all another time-saving options. There is the bit of the curve to learn to setting on a paper done of commission, but calm once imagine it was, is súper easy to create the new a when I need to.
5 / 5
My chance of the primary use thus scanner was to be able to scan 'headless' to the walk of coverage. Has the server of house of the LINUX with OCR software and database and required to be able to scan his without the PC has connected. The mine researches previously to buy it and while a lot of descriptions have said that it is impossible has found several instructions and pocolos revise those who has alleged that it can be done.

Some looks of escáneres to be a lot and has directed for the connect both the Windows and Mac and speeds of the quality/of the scanner is quite impressive. Scansnap The offers of software to scan to file of house, but any podes any map the to walk of coverage. It looks he likes was available sooner, but has been takes in, that so only can assume, a tentativa to promote his SaaS offering of cloud.

Go to return, considering almost $ 500 I planned the different experience.
4 / 5
Love a way these few works to scan! Absolutely it loves that it connects to a computer wirelessly!! This in spite of, a byline comprised of 1 years to Season Acrobat DC Pro for Mac or PC looks the fraud . Had the enclosed paper with to allocution of web and code, but an allocution of web was at all and when I have spoken to Season a code was also invalid. Very UNHAPPY!!! I have contacted a vendor TWO TIMES and there is still to listen anything of them. Buyer beware!
5 / 5
Has given mine ix500, and has bought this (big deception)

in that used quell'ix500 for on 5 years with subjects of zeros, has had at all but question.

1. Poor Wifi connection
2. Quality of poor scanning
3. Subjects of the by heart poor quality
4. Integration of cloud & of poor interface.

I desires could return it, but his too late.

To the equal that Could Fujitsu could ruin and produced excellent with a upgrade is besides my sympathetic.

Consider alternative options.

Top Customer Reviews: Plustek Photo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
2 / 5
As much as I have wanted this scanner goes to have to the return. Has the flatbed Epson scanner that am to add but takes the long time to scan photos one by one. A Plustek looked the good alternative in a Epson scanner of cart of powers that is $ 600+. Quan Has taken in the first place a scanner my husband has tried to upload a software of a CD that comes with him but he have maintained to take an error. We both active Macbooks with IOS that 10.15 Plustek says is compatible with but a software would not upload in any computer. My service of husband of the client nicknamed - habladuras with the supervisor that has said that it has employed it to it to him was or eats and call behind. The May HAS TAKEN the call behind. At the end it has looked in a software in a Plustek website, which was the different version that a CD that is coming with a scanner, and has downloaded concealed and fact in my Macbook. Then avenge it a scanning - has two options to scan, '300' or '600.' A software very signify that is to say DPI or that some the numbers represent. If it is supposed to be DPI - is not . A quality to scanner is poor. To aim a difference has scanned a same old photo in so much a Plustek and a Epson flatbed. Some pictures are a same measure and zoomed in a same quantity. A photo in a left wing has been scanned in a Epson flatbed in 600 DPI. A photo in a right has been scanned with a Plustek in '600.' Can see you one says difference in how pixelated a photo scanned by Plustek is. If this scanner was perhaps $ 30 could be worth it for documents. But considering a supremely low quality of the photos scanned and a lack of service of client the calm help with anything, is certainly any value $ 200 and does not recommend he for photos.
5 / 5
That is to say a better scanner has not possessed never. Some scanners are of big quality. Has no mastered some characteristics to edit still and I probably very master the to form that has some utmost editing programs. Quan Has bought this,all has been interested was the big quality, easy to use the scanner and this are exactly that has taken. Also it scans note, cards, and special cards and does the in jpegs. It IS also a lot of hurriedly so far like the scanners go. I have been surprised that the relatively fast scanner could do so without admitting quality. A reason has bought this scanner was that it inherit it the mountain of the photos after my parents is both is died. There are a lot of lovely memories in these photos but I have known would be lost for ever has continued seat for some thousands in of the boxes, stock exchanges, boxes of shoe, appoints it. This scanner was and is the lifesaver!
5 / 5
A Plustek is quite hurriedly, which are a main attraction for me. There is any one 'preview' process, and a scanner accepts photos an afterwards another. In 600 dpi (the big plus) the level (4x6) photo of the format of the landscape takes quite 16 bren, and the format of portrait takes quite 24 bren. A quality is sufficient for my necessities, which are to say surpasses that of mine 1970s+ printed.

My initial setup failed and normal troubleshooting does not help, as I have called his line of support. It was the VERY pleasant experience . A woman spoken with (immediately - zero times in of the controls) did not waste my time with that reads the verification was numbers of serial of any one - and although I have not asked where was localised was absolutely 100% understandable. I have left his connects in my computer with TeamViewer and she reinstalled a software, has restart my computer, etc. Still does not act. Then it suggests that I try the port of different USB - that somehow has done a trick. The time of total call was 15 minutes : Spectacular.

Like The Mac user, prefers to scan with Capture of Image - but very included see this scanner. Some the only options look for to be a Plustek software or using TWAIN. But I supposition so that it does not have any one preview, this felt. A software is VAL. Work on the way quite only for software to scan. Quan Scans the images are accrued in RAM, and is not written in disk unless / until esave' the. For my Mac with 16GB, taken around 50 or 60 photos have done before I take one looks quite a lot of memory and has to save.

A cart rotates and of-wry works very a lot of the majority of a time, comprising in some unevenly have cut the impressions have take albums. A pair of time has taken some odd utensils, and sometimes erroneously dark deep harvest.But in general it is the good thing very that has to do can sure some photos in 100% parallel.

Does not have any option of correction by heart ingresa - at least very automatically - so wants to modify anything, is doing he in your editor of election. Other scanners have used the work adds, and would appreciate to have this option. But I can live with uncorrected images that maintains one 70s patina to film by heart early.

Edited to attach : after scanning the photos of thousand of the pair, has to inform that a Mac software (so much 32 and 64 bit versions) is 'very flakey.' Quan powered Was or otherwise disconnected, some subjects to match experimented initially can return and sometimes take me the bouquet of flailing to fix a problem. I am supremely sure the ports of USB of my computer is operation - there is has not had never any problem with my numerous other devices. It tries multiple capes, as I do not think that is a subject . I am almost positive that is to say a result of Plustek software. Hopefully Updates of ' (1697)' Punctual and fix this hassle.
5 / 5
Incredibly fast scanning in 300 poses of resolution and in my visual comparisons of scanners of new impressions in the 24' HD screen of computer, some results in 300 look at least also, if any better that, some results in ones much slower (but still reasonably quickly) 600 resolution.

That is to say a premier scans my woman has declared quite easy for his to handle in his own roughly very first time listens in him.

Some tones:

1. Before turn in a scanner a first time, sure when being to take a tape in group and foams rear of a bar through a front. Softly It Pulls a bar out of a machine; it swings down and it has been. Then press it behind in place. Faiths This before you try calibration

2. Run behind-in-back calibrations before you begin to scan. In front of pertinent calibration, has taken closely vertical lines spaced coloreadas during a beginning to scan. A function of Calibration is veiled by behind an icon of mark of question in an upper right of a screen of software. It maintains that cloak of Calibration of sure aim for future use. Well It Can you require.

3. I use Maximum quality (100%) JPEG that poses for results of better scanner. Some measures of resultant file are modest my modern levels, included in 600 resolution.

4. Parameters (icon of train) election of covers among 300 and 600 resolution and also spent pre-choosing the dossier in that in the cart except each scanner. But still it have to select to Save (icon of flexible disk) for each scanner. Some scanners are not car-saved to scan; a 'cart' the part is cart selecting a pertinent dossier in that to save each scanner before you begin to scan.

5. A cart of harvest/of the cart deskew the function has very done well for me so far.

This scanner am adds to digitise big quantities of old photos. Work very hurriedly, easily, and the products have resulted of big quality in 300 resolution. No, a proprietary software required does not match some characteristic to edit of Photoshop, But that loses in digital editing flexibility and quality, obtains behind in of the enormous dividends of speed and easy of use.
5 / 5
The scanner is arrived punctually and in the condition adds. It uploads software with ENCLOSED CD, then the instructions expsitas for update, so immediately take a software and installed an update 'in a fly'. This preoccupied me in me some so that I am any expert of computer ; even so, it results only well. The calibration was the accident , and has scanned a photo immediately in chess. Fast to begin and perfect. A bit those that the days more have scanned late 386 photos any time and an exited perfectly. I am thrilled with this product. Grandson aided me with a scanning to upload some photos while I have configured some results in of the groups of dossier ( could have done all I, but this was faster and has taken to do with Grandson). It opens the grandson wants to take or for his Dad. Has much more photos to scan and felizmente, any vain to be an intimidating task that had dreaded .
5 / 5
Coming from a prepress industry of map in a past, is supremely impressed with an ease of use of this scanner. Obtaining scanners of the big resolution without a necessity to the harvest is such the saver of time. It IS very easy to scan the old pictures have collected some years. Highly recommend it this product.
4 / 5
I have bought this scanner so that it can scan it/digitise some thousands of pictures and very scrapbooks that my family has. For one the majority of part, is happy with this scanner! Ship very hurriedly and came bundled amiably. There is the good cloak has comprised that provides hurriedly and easy details in that to start with scanning. It IS that it look it well and when being quite robust and good quality, but is not too heavy.

A scanner (and a software comprised) tends to be class of finicky, even so. Sometimes I scan the photo, left some chairs to scan during the minutes of pair while I have posed a photo was, and then tries to scan another photo, does not scan . A blue light bad that is ready to scan, but when tries to pose the photo in, he very he. I have to turn a scanner was and then behind on again - sometimes two times. It is not the enormous roads, but take for on some time and class of results to problem. Always dry in how am in the haste to scan things so hurriedly so possible eschew that has to the turn was and behind on again. A software is well for basic things and rotating and acute photos, but much more that concealed. To to Any I likes him His of a fact concealed to have to you scanner your photo(s), paste one saves button in a software, and THEN saves in your computer. It has had the little of the situations where scanned 45+ photos, attacks salvos, and then a software has clashed, some photos have been gone, and has to scan everything of these photos again. Any entertainment. :(

- Photos of scanners and a lot of documents - a quality is well.
- IS quite fast! You can whip through photos and of the documents hurriedly.
- Does not have to press any buttons or anything to start with that scans the photo. Basically only you plant your element in a scanner and he can he through automatically.
- IS quite calm. There is the small bit of noise during a process to scan, but is not too strong.
- IS to ignite and has it the cape in a retreated that it is easy to take in. Very easy to move around and use in of the different locations in a house.
- Is not a plague of eye :)

- Can be finicky (voice 2 paragraph on)
- is very difficult to scan your documents/of photos directly. They often the scanner in the angle bends odd. A software has an arbitrary characteristic where can try you to straighten it, but does not do very well at all. I find it easier (but more the time that consumes) to launch each photo in Photoshop to straighten it.
- A software am not adds.
- Has to use a software to save some photos. Desire that only could scan some photos directly in the file in my computer, but can very - has to cross a software.

is the good scanner , but can be finicky... So you are looking for the perfect, frustration free scanner, would not recommend it . In general, I like this the scanner and I are happy concealed bought the! But it is not for all the world.
5 / 5
I give a common nut with all other scanners of photo was pauses he codify of decent software, as I have given a Plustek the scanner shot it. To date, has scanned well in the photos of the thousand and he perfectly. It straightens An ones powered in the crooked bit, is fast and produces the very good picture. This model is the tool adds to clean out of these shoeboxes of photos. I Like him his of a method of powers of the cart also.
5 / 5
Salvation, IS I awesome or that? In spite of a vendor that the aide concealed has to use you his software with this scanner, has it to do with each another software to scan this has, while Abby fines reader, and the utility to scan of the Microsoft that is to say free in download. All owe the mark is mark sure this selects this scanner in an application. It IS the small uncomfortable when is by train of scanner multipage documents so that it has to you and can he with or and clicks a button to scan in an application with another. Sure it is well to have the feeder of document, but people in heck waters of amours of gel, also.

Another utmost characteristic is a fact that does not have to them sweep to guide this has to adjust calm with each different sized photograph. Only the centres and fall them in.

So that he he this even more the thing cools concealed has expected. It IS it adds it small unit and there is at all comparable for a prize. I actuate Already the scanned 100 old photographs, and they all is exited adds. Harvests of cart the mass, so that it is quite sweet and calm save you the photo that edits to time and try.

Has swept in 300 dpi is very hurriedly (a pair of bren for the impression of normal measure), and in 600 dpi taken enough 15 bren for a same measure. Certainly it has some times and the patience save in a main resolution. I the side-for-side of control by side even so and some differences are to ail perceivable in a casual spectator. It uploads two identical photographs in some two different resolutions, which will not identify , and can do your own test.

Is scanning The document in a software of product has to do sure this selects to save he cual the PDF.

Has has had only this the pair of hours now, so certainly can not comment in reliability of long term. Certainly it looks to be very built and solid. I am not crazy in a colour but again wish had some water of gel.

Even Although I am quite awesome, is also the dummy so that I any one read some instructions of fast beginning and a lot at the beginning take some tape and coverage of foam in some rollers and so had the bit of the problem at the beginning until I have imagined was.

Certainly will update this if any problems arise, but to arrive to this point with exciting can recommend, and the give five stars.
5 / 5
Update 2: taken quite a lot of 80 minutes to scan 160 pictures or enough 2 for minute. BUT EXCEPT BUT this comprises time in slide some pictures out of an album and return the in an album. A time of real scanner for the 4x6 in 300 dpi still looks for to be quite 2 bren.

Joins another cover of descriptions all the points of entity -- read the.. (BE SURE to take a small band in a coverage.) But I left me give you a result of an informal test. It has scanned some same three pictures in my old HP Scanjet G3110 flatbed scanner in so 300 and 600 dpi. It has scanned then the in some new Plustek in 300 and 600 dpi. I have opened then a side of images for side in Photoshop in 400%. In both resolutions a quality of some images looked in some same. One Plustek looked the TINY plus bit dark cual felt was in fact the the small plus bit accurate. But an acuteness was a same. One Scanjet the images were data Very main -wise that one Plustek images, sometimes 10x big. Still while I have said there is not any difference in appearance or measure of pixel or bit depth (24). Any sure as to evaluate concealed.

In 300 dpi some scanners have taken enough 2 bren. I feign to use 300 dpi mostly. One 600 dpi has taken enough 17 bren.

Update: I have used a scanner for the while now: mostly for photos, but also for some documents of PDF. I am very satisfied in the each road. It IS the load of my alcohol to fulfil now has the road to of the archive all these old familiar photos like our boys and the grandchildren will have the.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon CanoScan Lide ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
1 / 5
It have to it listened it he in an another revises concealed to warn me, has thought perhaps could imagine was, but the no. does not know in of the Windows, but in good, these marks of thing. Work of no.. At all. Tried with Mac multiple (does among 2011i 2018), good multiple versions (10.2, 10.13, and 10.14), with software of multiple scanning (Photoshop, VueScan, and own Cannon IJ Utility of the scanner downloaded), and multiple capes (comprised and my own). A scanner is recognised like the device has connected...Sometimes. But it does not scan or preview at all. Any light, any sound, any movement of any class. VueScan The voice and recognises a number of the model but I supposition is not officially backed in this time.

Can not imagine the cannon has tried this with Mac at all and is troubling to allege Mac compatibility, only the big waste of time. Epson HAS his own problems but at least his scanners can do with Mac with the small work. Any sure why doing the no-the scanner of fuss is likes him take, has terrible state while they have been doing them and does not look never to take any better.
1 / 5
You can see of a load, a scanner is in a left wing and an original are in a right. This thing has the horrible colour represents and depth, mid the tones severely are that they are missing of, and included some signals underlined is blowings has been. It does not recommend this scanner. It does not scan in 4800dpi, or still 1200dpi... A default is coming up like 300dpi and left me to augment he in 600dpi max.
2 / 5
It has scanned the document that has holes of punch in a left margin of a document was in the looseleaf notebook. In some locations where some holes are, black of fat vertical/lines of ash of look of a left verge until where an in fact final hole. Under these lines are other besides light lines of noise .

Also, notes that the does not take an image for one 1/4 next inch in a glass in a left side and melts of a glass. In my case, has handwritten notes in a margin that is the cut has been been due to of the this. That is to say to mention in a documentation, but has not remarked it never before in mine another scanner.

Has scanned a same image in my Fujitsu ScanSnap and a whole image is goring and no the look of lines of vertical black.

Otherwise, An installation was smooth in of the Windows 10.

Also, remarks that a cape that is proportionate (USB-C in USB3) is proprietary in this device. Therefore you it was not able to substitute he without buying he of Cannon. A documentation declares has to limit this in the USB powered 3 port for optimum has resulted. As it is not to clear if his well to limit this in the USB 2.0 hub, for example. Has the USB 3 he powered hub so this has not been a subject for me. There is not the supply to be able in separate, takes his power through an USB 3 cape. I seat that a proportionate cape is the down bit.

Goes to return this element since does not conform my necessities.
5 / 5
I have tried only this LiDE 400 scanner in my laptop that Windows 7 of races 64 bit to use a software of the cannon has downloaded. All has tried work well so far. Based in another description has scanned the page with holes of punch and a scann is exited flawless. Has scanned photos in 600dpi and has done very (that is to say a maximum of a software to scan). It was not that to take these 4800dpi Recoveries of Cannon to have. A cape is USB regulates in USB-c. I have tried a scanner with the different cape that a a proportionate (a cape of mobile phone) and works only some same, as it is not the propietary cape.
So far all the work.
1 / 5
I have installed an engine a late plus and has connected a scanner in my Mac that races 10.13.6. A scanner covers which confirm a port is powered. A IJ the utility the Scanner detects a scanner but failure when that tries to scan. A /var/system/of register.Errors of shows of the register of a LIDE the engine these confrontations. Any loan or use with Mac.
5 / 5
Has the late 2013 IMAC running Mohave. It was able to limit he in a MAC and uses a 'Capture' nativade Image' the program expsito in a dossier of applications. It take to turn a 'unlock' change in unlock when in the first place takes a scanner or he no of the rights out of a box (thinks is closed to protect a camera to scan during transport). Desprs Imagined out of this change has been closed, a scanner has done adds. I took it to scan some old photos in my computer and he take some very good response of big resolution. Highly it recommends.
2 / 5
It take this scanner , has downloaded an On-line Manual in him, and tried to read a manual. In my opinion, a manual would have to has been written better. I am sure, people that has written a Manual knows a subject of sake. Even so, I think that the beginner, that has not used never the comparable device, needs and deserves more explanations. It opens, in a scanner he. I have not had any problem that installs it (my computer is in of the Windows 10) and some work to scan. Even so, when scanning photographs by heart, in a road by heart, a scanner that took attaches some reddish (or pinkish) colour in everything. And when scanning black-and-white photographs in some blacks-and-white road, some results are absolutely unusable (classifies of 'pictures of horror). Felizmente, one can use a grayscale subjects (or perhaps a road by heart) when scanning a black-and-white photographs, and that it is what marks. If a by heart correct reproduction is of big weight, does not think that this scanner is the compraventa pertinent . Perhaps I need to return this scanner and to buy the scanner that gives the by heart better reproduction? In an another side, these laws to scan ... Decisions, decisions, ...
5 / 5
This scanner am adds. And the software of the cannon is easy in download and use. Among some better points: when you are scanning the document, can maintain attach pages in him and a software will save that very he-pdf of page.

IS also clear; I the maintenances behind among my desktop and a wall and the only attraction was, hook he until my laptop, scanner, and then pose the backside. It does not take on any desktop or room of shelf at all.

Highly recommended.
5 / 5
In those of you concealed is thwarted that a software of Cannon that is coming with your scanner of flat bed (any printer, just scanner) no well in your Mac, well launches a software of Cannon was and uses a software to scan of the CAPTURE of Apple of the image has nicknamed. It is built well in your program of computer already. Can be it found in your Launchpad programs under ANOTHER. This software will do to add and calm give you some same basic options like the software of marks of Cannon. You will be happy with some results! P.D. The service of the client of the cannon has been absolutely wonderful to do with.
4 / 5
Read roughly of some revises therefore very signified that found it difficult to use this with the MAC. I am running 10.14.2 Mohave In the Late 2013, 21.5 iMAC. It IS the small stymied at the beginning. Quan Has called the technology retreated a morning after taking it, a fixed to create and the race was quite easy. There is this instruction estada clearly communicated in the some place in a setup process or with some instructions of assembly, any call would have been necessary at all.The steps:
1: they Go in your applications folde. It selects UTILITIES of CANNON
3: it selects Cannon IJ Utility to Scan Lite
Follows some instructions and the calm will finish with an icon in your cradle these covers access a computer.
Quan Wants scanner, chooses a type of piece is scanning and select it and fill an information likes him required before and after a scanner. If you are creating the PDF of multiple page, only maintains to scan until you are has done. A box of dialogue is quite clear.

That it is the device is not direcly debits of leaves in the service of cloud. You can do that after you take your document in you MAC.

So much has been far the easy to use and of uses low voltage and FOCUSED, gives of any heat.

Conscious when being that a cape is only quite 5 ' very time, as has any distance to run of your computer in your location has wished, will require the USB 3.0 extend (2.0 no ). Only order the 9' the basic amazon for $ 7. I have required a moment it can very easily it plants a scanner where has been required.

Big pplus That the does not require the cape to be able in

Top Customer Reviews: Epson Perfection ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
11 Update in the daytime: each what 5400 transparencies of slide (35mm the trace of slide) has been scanned (in 2400dpi) and burned in DVD. This was with only selective use of Restablecimiento by heart, which do not attach anytime in a scanner. We would look in the each set of 4 images of preview and clicks and excels one ones have wanted the colour restores (click in a slide, Any click in a checkbox... It leaves a checkbox in the each preview has VERIFIED ON...That is to say that layers a scanner knows wants to scan each 4 slides that you just previewed).

Sper Enormous 5,400 project of the slide DONE by $ 199 + spatial DVDs and the room usb thumbdrive for backup. Also cradle for an external hard walk and canal of cradle for the sper backup. Any bad and still has the scanner adds. Much cheaper that that pays the service for the do. Less than 2 value of weeks of work!

Melts: BFA in Art with concentration in Darkroom Photograph; Own my own darkroom during 25 years; Decade like a Imaging Operator/to Scan of the Specialist ( beats skip a prjimo few paragraphs and take in some parameters that done well for us while scanning the bouquet of old slide).

Was the digital imaging specialist during 10 years in Investigation of Gale/to Learn of Thomson. Every day during the decade, 8 hours the day has used Photoshop 3.0+, flatbed scanners, setters of image and included the Nikon Coolscan scanner of slide with an automatic slide-feeder. As I Take a feeder of slide could line quite 40 trace of slide and has taken quite a lot of 8 minutes for slide to scan. He blockades once or twice in the daytime. It uses some images digitised in textbooks, the dictionaries and the databases of on-line/resources publish and has touched universities and prendidos of public libraries. Significant: it was in the middle of professional editor. One of my titles is in of the Good-looking arts with the concentration in photograph of dark room. Still have (but does not use anymore) a real photographic darkroom. I actuate Personally rid him them the thousands have developed circles of transparency (slide) film.

premier Bronzed to correct some erroneous information in the anterior description: you CAN wash the slide and the old film in of waters he. As you Think that to wash all a decree/of fixer of developer/of bath of a film once is to do that it develop it? We use WATER!!! And any one to that like him the waters of the water has distilled, only of the tap regulates. In the Then hang some launchers of film of clips in a ceiling until they drip-dried, once dried would take scissors and has cut a low whole circle to launch manageable (or has cut a film of low transparency in the each frame and has burst the in titulars of slide). Rubbing the alcohol will leave streaks and something dry. It can attach an agent to put in a water of final rinse (two drops of agent of rinse in the chevron of water of tap). It conceal TOTALLY it deletes something dry. It water it it has distilled it of course it can the be has used OPENS since probably does not have the photo-the approximation of tent you to buy putting solution. It water it it has distilled it it is 99 cents the chevron in a tent for me.

Suppositions what a final rinse was when he developed us impressions of paper (colour and black and aim)... The calm guessed it! Water of mere old tap!!! If has the photograph of paper that has been done in 1950s or later POSSIBLY can take some stains to drench in of the waters! Basically, while it is not some glass beats negative-thing of salt of money of type of a water of Era of the Civil war will not hurt anything!

Film of marks of the water and paper VERY SUAU and EASILY LINED until dry again.

Even so, so long is your film is reasonable form a better bet is into use only one beats of duster of the air in swipe of a powder. Also the paste of a powder of this scanner each what so once in the while also.

While still have the Umax Powerlook III that was it probably around $ 1700 nine, he only or scanners the time. I have wanted to to pose in the new scanner, easy canal for my father to scan his old slide: 54 projector of carousels of slide (around thingies) has filled with the maximum 100 slides each. Using this scanner in 2400dpi and saving so JPG in 1 compression (any one/less compression) in 48-the result of bit of the colour in of the archive that is the small in 4MB each which how enclosed and abou 10open MB. This scanner can locate in the whopping 128,000dpi but that it is overkill for our current purposes: you see our old photos and occasionally routing an out in a service of on-line printing for 16x20' impression.

installed a software of CD, then plugged in a machine, and at the end has turned he on with an ON/WAS the button VEILED in a right side of a machine. An on-line manual and a manual in a CD said to use a box with the diagonal arrow to turn it on but that it is BAD, BAD, BAD! Opposite in that some the instructions say does an on/was button. A guide of the fast beginning comprised is correct to the respect.

So much, for scanners of the decent slides here are the list of good parameter:

the Professional = road
type to Document = Positive film
Type of Image = 48-bit
Resolution = 2400 dpi
CHECKS a unsharp box to mask to turn it on, level of gesture down
CHECKS a box of Restablecimiento of the Colour to turn it on.

At all more verified.

Preview Of click, selects and has said any slide the other way around with some options
Scanner of Click and chair behind and expect while each what 4 slides is scanned (a bit down 4 minutes to scan and car-name and car-save).

Each slide taken 1 minute to scan, car-name and car-saves.
54 boxes of slide x 100 slides each = 5400 slides.
That is 5400 minutes , which equals 90 hours. That is to say quite two-and-a-value of half weeks of work in my old I, doing 8 early days. Totally doable!!!!

Each enclosed scanner in the disk is less than 5MB, as we will round until 5MB.
5,400 x 5MB = 27,000MB, which are 27GB.
WOW! 27GB Totally accesses in the cheap 64GB walk of inch!
The also accesses on quite 7 DVDs-R disks. A spindle of 100 DVDs-Rs is that $ 20, lol!

Eat: it takes this; taking can he of duster of spray; some water distilled if your originals are also soiled; he 64GB walk of inch and some DVD-R + disks of room.

Any one another escanners' is cheaper and affirm to scan in the second sun. They are cheap webcams bonded in the boxes of cheap plsticoes this takes the crappy photographs of you slide. You would improve the results that record your negative/slide in the window and breaking the picture of them with your mobile phone!!!! Seriously terrible quality. More, this Epson also scans the paper impresses photographic so that it is the flatbed.

He still, in 1 minute for slide is the small more dulcemente (in 2400dpi) but can save the small time and scanner in 1200dpi, or included go down in 100dpi, lol. It depends that it is by train to use of the pauses. On-line/facebook then 100-300dpi is well. Using your photograph to print the ENORMOUS poster: it selects 128,000dpi and roams his socks have been. More all enters. Basically it is $ 50-$ 100 for something concealed is almost guaranteed to disappoint; or $ 200 for this thing that is awesome.

A minute for slide is to the slowest plot that 1 second for slide. Enough spend it two weeks that takes 5,400 utmost scanners then spends 5 hours that takes crappy scanners that the terrible look and will finish to delete.

This thing is enormous (so that it can scan it real pieces of paper also).
IS heavy (very heavy and good quality).
HAS the odd cradle in a cup: it tries to close unexpectedly up when beginning and low slam when closing: CAREFUL BE!
On/Was the button is not mentioned in two of three manuals. It IS in a right side, fund of approximations, lol.

WHAT any LAW Very (FOR EUA) And what DONE
First was, use a professional road for slide. An automatic easy road has problems: only it leave it 1200dpi scanners in a parameter a big plus; still although it is only 1200dpi looks to take longer that a professional road in 2400dpi; included even so in a manual said that podes skip a preview...He in fact a preview the time and sample that in you while the scanner, which ways a portion of preview takes FOUR like long time. Also, when you select an option of restablecimiento of the colour: a bit of the preview is colour has restored, but a scanner is not ! It IS the odd defect in a software. I eat: taken 2x-4x like long and very in fact applies restablecimiento by heart in a scanner that is autosaved in your computer. Another problem is that a unsharp the mask is not an option in an automatic road! I have taken: if you want scanner, the colour restores and the emphases has to use a professional road (and re-control a box of restablecimiento of the colour after selection 'all' 4 previews with a blue frame that excels the AFTER EACH PREVIEW!!!!). I use a professional road.

48-bit The colour is sensibly better that 24-bit. Any only night-choosing, is has remarked easily. 24- it bite you Result in the flat blocs to paint how 1990s -compressed JPGS, lol. Mark Sure to use an option of 48 bits.

On the MAY of principle enables correction/of powder of the GEL so that he the things of pair: it retards down a process/to save of the scanning; and also it can done of the odd things in some photos. I found he he well in the bouquet of photos, but he then done of the odd things in a glint in the eyes of the villages in the portraits and the marks then look madman. We are happier with a sprayduster beat.

I fiddled the small with a parameter of scrolling of the grain, but he only amiable of blurred my slide of test. Yep: If you blur the photo is hard to see a grain. I have left a scrolling of grain has BEEN. Always it can blur your scanners later have wanted .

Reduction of RED EYE: I suppose that has likes him 500 of slides of people with red eye (reflection of on-the flashes of camera clear unit) then PERHAPS could use this, but to the left was so that it does not have any idea what the at random could decide marks in of the normal or same portraits photos without people in the. Why casualidad he?

Unsharp Mask: always it can stress later; but something is oversharpened is more take to fix. It stresses swipes in a value by heart among two zones of abutting colours (the heaviest outlines). A characteristic to the stress IS very well, as I have posed he in a parameter 'LOW'. An a lot of bet of sure.

Restablecimiento By heart: WOW! Professionally it do not use it never this in a past, but this sum of just works with our Kodak EktaChrome and KodaChrome slide of one 1970s-1990s. I mean a profit to have this checkbox has VERIFIED ON is surprising! Something concealed could take me 10 minutes to enter Photoshop is calling only. The same question in the slide has thought was totally well. It USES IT!

Has other parameters was amours : UNcheck a writing in of the files with a same name (why amours overwrite your anterior scanners? An accident that expects). I think it defaults to appoint for sequential number (1, 2, 3...). I have changed a default name of 'Img' in eslide' As they exit eslide001' eslide002' and on and on.

Type of file: I have selected JPG without compression (1 out of 100). Also it can select TIFF. Honestly, A JPG is well. Quan Was the professional (paid) the scanner would save so TIFF. It IS lossless (any band was information by heart). JPEG Is coming the long road, and has posed he in any/low compression any problem. TIFFs IS still the tad main, but yes is scanning once and then to the launch was your slides then scan enormous and saves so TIFF for that once in the lifetime casualidad to of the archive. Honestly, A JPEG is totally well: in the 1 poses any voice any one jpeg blocky digital utensils-same when zoomed in. JPEGS Also (still) looks for better touch when the majority of social material/together television/on-line/BluRay player/etc. Very does not import also TIFF against JPG (while you have posed a JPG in 1 Any compression). ALAS he defaults in some default the compression that poses more afterwards in 100 which will LOOK TERRIBLE, lol. They pose in 1 and then forget it. You are beaks will look adds. Still he preoccupied the ? Then it poses the to save so TIFF the files and calm only will have to burn the little more DVD in the big project--very biggie, DVD is cheap these days. Behind my publishing days was always: TIFF = the files routed to reserve the printers and the files routed to of the archive CD ; JPGS for on-line and educational database CD-ROM. Sol VERY subject that calms chosen when, but now very so so that basically I can turn of a JPG compression. Then he basically laws like the TIFF, but the still works easily poses it/television on-line to see/etc.

In fact, posing some small-imposed in this low scanner in only 24-the bit has resulted in of the by heart flat blocs-only likes him on-of compressed jpgs looked in 1990s! That is to say why it has said to use 48-bit.

In the some place in an option advanced of parameters when in the first place opened Epson Scan you can also uncheck a 'comprise 'profiles of painted' box. Unless you are routing your files in the press of professional that impressions that outline of necessities of the EAST concrete colour NIC BLOATS The MEASURE OF THE each OF YOUR SCANNERS! I very preoccupy me quite PINT of LABORATORY against CMYK against Srgb ICC profiles and when was the printers of our professionals (and for the bad printers some humans that ran to print of presses by heart enormous that is quite 40' longitude) would pose his prepress to undress was/to ignore any profiles of the colour accidentally leaves attached in the files of road of image he...So that they have wanted to to control a colour, any one files roughly random that any one in our end looked in or modified or fixed or preoccupied enough. Unless you are Some few SCANNERS to SEND of PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER in a PUBLICATION of IMPRESSION of the COLOUR THAT calm REQUIRE YOU the ROAD To the long of PROFILES to PAINT uncheck a box and saves spatial in your computer. Although you routed the scanner to enter a coverage of National Geographic have the feeling has had override your parameters of profile when was to print a magazine.

For the slides use the clear table in failure the low on and fix them. Also the light is well to help to see which are a shiny and which side is one dulls side of emulsion with lines of vain race in the. The side of emulsion goes forward in a ceiling. If it does not have the lightbox only clave to light bulb of fluorescent light under the clear tuppeware container or something to do unit

Takes four slides was, has my inch and the toe of indication lines the for some verges with spatial enters and concealed to leave me in dustspray among each four a same time. Fast and easy! It takes time to fix your desktop and zone of the work and you can shave DAYS of your time of conclusion of the project.

Each box of 100 slides takes the new dossier in a desktop. It is appointed with any one is in a backside of a box of old slide.

Ignites to compute and scanner.
Click in Epson Scanner
Select 'Professional' and 'Current Parameters'
box of restablecimiento by heart of Control in
Control unsharp max in Meso /
spray of Powder and place in 4 slides.
Preview Of click
Click in any one of some 4 previews (ANY ONE small checkboxes) and will be excelled with the blue frame. I use one 'And' rotates button to rotate any one singled out of previews.

SPENDS VERY that IMPORTS RIGHT HERE: he Cliques one 'ALL' the button a point underlined each four previews with blue frames and then the click is COLOUR of TENT CHECKBOX ARRIVE'/ (A characteristic of the restablecimiento of the colour in firm has been after each preview, and gone back he behind in only applies in some previews with blue frames around the!). That is to say for 'pros' this only the colour restores 1 out of 4 slides or anything.

The click espuede'.

Change 4 slides.
Repeats the 193 times...Once taken 4GB the value then saves in DVD, tugs and copy in thumbdrive and tug and copy in external hd.
Deletes the scanners was computer .
Repeats 7 more time.
Bursts a cork in some champagne... You are done! In fact, the calm probably will want to be drinking during a whole project so that the scanner is to dull it, dulls process. That is to say why resulted the librarian . Yes, when being the librarian is subjects more than excites that when being the operator to scan. LOL!

Saves in DVD.
Saves to walk of Inch of the USB.
Saves in an external hard walk (1 Terabyte for $ 49) using some covers of external hard walk-n-the touch that canal of cradles ($ 20).

Tents roughly slide in the fresh place, darkness.
Has posed the walks of inch of the pair in something different.
The copies posed of DVD in of the different places.
Has Still another thumbdrive to limit in our television to see some slide! Very BluRay the players also accept walks of inch of the USB (or only burst a calm burned DVD in him and of the photos of view).

3 Different archive means comunicacionales (USB Thumbdrive, DVD-R +, External Hard Walk)...More some copies in a computer of desktop this scanner is plugged in.

The endwise the SHINY TRACES for slide (dulls side of low emulsion).

For the small more money, and the time of plus of bit has USEABLE FANTASTIC scanners.

My father and I have researched so much this project of slide. It IS the film /darkroom to to the the photographer likes him to him the era a railcar of the engineer and was the digital imaging specialist of 1997 -2007 and is now the librarian. It take the days of the pair and he have favoured a Epson v850 to hover he of $ 1000. I have researched during 15 minutes and has ordered in fact this V600 (to hover he of $ 200). LOL. Only it note.

The look goes in a clave of people of the photos so of the examples in some descriptions for a Wolverine and units of Jumble: I can very included it say that roughly of some pictures are of! Only gauge left his quality of digitization.

Has a time and money for this machine will not be disappointed with some results.

Computer ( has the 2/3 old year Dell with i5 processor of core and Windows 10, regulates no-solid of state hard walk)
This Scanner
Powder-of Sprayer
USB Thumbdrive (file 1)
SPATIAL DVD (file 2 or more multiple of copy of the burn the road in several relatives)
External HD (file 3)
Time: 1 minute for slide

This thing is heavier that mine 25 old year Umax PowerLook III scanners that has been it used in mine of stops in my work in final he-million dollar that publishes empire. They have posed of course- it was all the world-wide and routed a work in Indian/Chinese. We sold me to us my computer and a Umax cheap even so! I do not know that it take to take house a Nikon CoolScan scanner of slide (w/transports-feeder), LOL!

Want the mere solution with TONNES and quality ADDS of place of changeable user (excepts also mere parameters also) then TAKES THIS!!!!

Has only the month to scan 50,000 slides? Well, then contract the vendor to do them for 60 cents for slide and seeds sell you an external hard walk with your scanners in the... It ships besides...More expedited service...Sure duquel the more will give you the few dollars if a shipper looses all your slide so much in place of the the yours to photos will like them $ 300 and of a horror of loosing priceless, irreplaceable pictures.

For a road: for mine 5,400 slides cost at least $ 3,240 having the scanned (ships besides, more the turn of hard walk some scanners on, etc.).

For this very the money could: it buys this Epson v600 and partner of relative paid , young, random weirdo of CraigsList,university student, neighbouring $ 3000 to do a real scanning for me!

Anything gave you: the personnel to plan your project/setup/costs and some easy beginning-in of the parameters to take the scanners of slide adds. I expect these helps.

For a road, this thing entered the ENORMOUS box. All the world has think that bought the new television.

UPDATE: it is a second day of property, and still with our time is spent to try parameters, pose in the clear box, unpacking and dusting was 54 boxes of the carousel of 100 vain slides directs to scan 2 whole boxes out of 54! Any one bad at all! It is going nieva tomorrow, so that'll bad probably will take other 2 boxes have done. So many, casually in the month our enormous archive will be has scanned totally. Already we burst some of some scanners in the USB and plugged he in the BluRay player: TAN FRESC SEEING OUR OLD PHOTOS!!!

Does not waste anymore buys time for some scanners plus very cheap: THAT IS TO SAY The FLIGHT !

An ONLY THING THAT the QUITE EAST MAMMA: after each which how 4 batch of slide is previewed a esstoration of Painted' box UNchecks he. He so has to select you each what four previews and ONLY THEN click to verify a box of restablecimiento of the colour, and then scanner. Even so this takes quite 2 seconds and is to the fastest PLOT that goes in Photoshop and the flavour in the colour corrects the. I can spend 5-15 minutes that the flavours in the colour corrects an image of RGB by heart, and included longer for the CMYK image for impression (textbook, magazine, coverage of book, etc.). Desprs Tea the small dozen very included has to think: your hand only click All and the Correct colour and SCANNER. Memory of muscle.

One another thing that sucked was one can button 'veiled' that was misidentified in two of some three manuals (on-line, in CD, printed matter startup guide).

The good class, has amused, spends the day or two scanning and rescanning the few documents to take some few perfect and physical parameters workflow that law since you!

-Mike of Detroit
5 / 5
That is to say the very early description and would like me reservation my right of the change yes disappoints later. I actuate Only the used a v600 for a day and he take me a better part of a day to copy (and process in Lightroom) sixteen of some a lot of hundreds of slide this has to choose of. While those sounds that one in whelming task, has changed my approximation to do with my familiar archive. More than him simply it copies they advance them in digital in his condition of original, is being rid an occasion to improve them. These were all took the time when that clave of the processes has not been to open in you unless the calm possessed you an expensive darkroom.

So conscious when being that a v600 very instantly copy your thousands of slide. But, with a right mindset can enjoy an experience to enhance those photographic captures that maintained you and treasured, but has seen seldom.

Mina workflow is as follows:
1. It copies four slides (the capacity of the scanner) in 400 dpi.
2. It imports the in Lightroom.
3. It enhances in Lightroom.
4. While in LR, to to enhancement likes him last, edits a photo in the separate software, Noiseless CK.
5. It publishes of LR in Flickr, my archive of cloud.

While a process takes time, is enjoyable and reward to see some old memories once again before calm in brilliance of Carousel of the Kodak and colour -- and better.
A pair of examples is attached in this description.

Maintains in alcohol, is one amateur and archivist of familiar photographer. I doubt this machine is until professional application or in of the terms of control or quality of image. But in less than $ 200, it is perfect for mine necessities.

The nights would choose: Any one a lot in a road of instruction. Apresamientos Or the small poster but he are quite is a bit experimented with packing electronic artilugios. It IS, in fact, quite easy to use once take go.

Attached to revise Oct 17, 2016:
is attaching two copies of an old slide. One has been taken with to lentil of macro for mine 35mm dslr. An another has been scanned by one v600 scanner. You will see that a scanner and software of GEL cleansed an old slide of his mould without any chemicals. A difference is surprise enough.
1 / 5
If you are the Mac user, does not buy this product ...

... Unless you are totally cool with the totally confused vagrant around an internet that looks for an update of right software for your computer.

Epson Has Had the subject of the known compatibility with Mac since at least 2014. My exact subject has been looking together of message and forums of printer for years.

A subject, while it describe elsewhere, is that when is scanning photos, a scanner goes to sleep in a half of a task. If has four photos in a bed to scan, dreams immediately after scanning photo 1. Only wake up /when you wiggle a mouse. Then it takes up, scanner 1 more photo, and return to sleep. Still only 50% through an original task. This takes old FAST .

Has imagined only was what override this troubling, nonsensical insect, so that my brother, that is to say insanely tenacious, is spent 2 hours that curse and swearing and at the end found the nexus BURIED in a Epson page of support.

Some calls of update 'EPSON the Common scanner Updater v1.00' And can be it found under a tab of Utilities. Salvation, Epson, This taken to be to comprise this information in a cloak this comes with a printer? Or, of a problem has existed during 4 YEARS, why very only the fix?

Seriously, Epson, take it together.
5 / 5
There is the bouquet of slide of 25 years of my days of Army in Johnston Illa has wanted in digital. I have contemplated to the road goes the in the service to scan but decided to give this scanner tries it first and is happy has done. It attaches the picture those looks entered an end of an island in our field of balloon. A second picture has been scanned with the Digital GEL and can see how take all a powder and imperfections that remained in a same slide although I cleaned it using air canned. It buys it again.
3 / 5
Here it is some roads . I run the professional darkroom and laboratory of impression. This scanner the work adds to scan 35mm and 120 film. The scanners look utmost, has excellent detail, easily can do the 40' the impression of or frames of 120 film.

A problem is a software . If you very babysit a 'Epson Software of Scanner while the scanner each frame, he any one run in a fund. It wants scanner 12 frames of 35mm in the row? He that, but he very he while you explore an internet, listens in musician, or has any one another program has selected. Very bobo.
That is to say Mac TIGHTENED YOU with a proportionate Epson software to Scan.

In in A scanner also any one like his software of third of the party like Mac Captures of Image or VueScan. Epson The scanner is an only software can do functions with.

While we are in a subject of things a v600 does not like him , attaches in hubs of USB. You want to connect this scanner directly in your computer; any hub of USB in a half.

Once takes a quirks has imagined was, work well. Any one adds, but enough sake to be that it enters with, especially has no another road to scan your film. Far better that at all, that is to say sure.

The photos have attached has been shot in Kodak Tri-X and scanned in 6400dpi. Downsampled For web. They all look solid in 40' when it print it.
5 / 5
If you are looking for an all in a scanner/of photo/of looks of negative slide any far plus. This thing is a bomb ! I have taken rid of all my darkroom the years of mark of squad together with all my cameras of film, but has had still the plot of 6x6 and 35mm negative and Kodachrome slide. State converting all these
1 / 5
We buy this scanner 6 years ago. I actuate Since he the computers have bought with Windows 10, or there is Pro the edition and or has edition of house, both are 64 bit. An engine of software of available current in a Epson the place no properly, although he better in a Pro that in some Windows of House 10. It IS an excellent scanner , but is mostly useless yes has Windows 10. Epson The support has not been able to help. Epson Has required to update his engine!
1 / 5
Big problems, Old Software

Of a Windows 10 update, Epson the scanners no longer law afterwards or scanners. I have thought my scanner of 12 reliable years had broken , has ordered the new scanner, and discovered done a same thing - ice cream afterwards or scanners.

Was also stunned to see that Epson did not have to update his software in some last 12 years - same graphic interface of 2007. Returning this, all the world-wide rests era. This problem is very documented on-line investigation Epson the scanners that freezings afterwards or scanners.

Besides, a CD of the installation routed had not been never burned. They slapped To him focus in the dvd without software. Really?
4 / 5
It was roughly he purchases a Cannon 9000F MK2 but has changed my alcohol in this V600 and is happy has done. For which interest cual changed my alcohol, was so that he he some research a expsito that the plot of pro is and the laboratories prefer a Epson name. Some people can say that an extra money is not to estimate he, but has to ask you, 'That is your value of photos in you?' If I have not entered the estimativa tight, would have gone for a V850

Some main things are scanning is 35mm negative and 35mm the slide and the boy have the plot of them!!! I only printed to scan if it does not have a negative or slide for them.

A reason has taken a star was yes so that I find a software to be VERY clunky. I am using he in of the Windows 10 64-bit. To to The Fence up likes him of a swipe in the daytime and sometimes has to obliges it fence he through manager of task, but while my scanners exit well, can live with this I supposition. I expect Epson continues to update a software. The just mark sure has the good paintbrush for dusting was and the good air blower. I recommend the very soft make-up paintbrush and a 'Giottos Air of Rocket Blaster Big'. The problems of powder take very small if any one.

For those ask in a quality of the scanner used in a has linked beaks, scanned in positive film, 1200dpi, up-scaled an image in 4x6, has used only unsharpen-mask and file to start with the types are TIFF. Then I go in Photoshop and turn Jpeg. A TIFF measured of the file is quite 197MB for each slide and negative and then when turn Jpeg, is around 10MB

Edita: I actuate since it resolve a subject of him accident. Somehow a software has posed he for the compatibility in of the Windows has Seen. I changed it behind in of the Windows 10 and has been that runs smooth to like would have to when being . Hope That it could it helps some people.
1 / 5
These products to scan blurry images of refusals. It have been using my ten old year Epson 2450 scanners that the work adds these impressions of scanners and negative. One 2450 at the end failed and a Epson Perfection V600 was one the majority of similar scanner could find. I have begun for negative scanner - a lot of cual was snapshots taken with 1940s and 1950s cameras, as I have not gone particularly surprised when some pictures were soft looking so that many of me had since with one 2450. Even so, you result suspicious when negative pint was very blurry. House in this scanner is not adjustable, but can be it has changed to create some images above a glass to scan. Some negative titulars in fact this to maintain some refusals to touch a glass of bed of the scanner. Even so, creating some refusals does not stress some results, he his fact blurrier. I conclude it it have to plant some negative DECREASES that a glass to scan or somehow shouted a transport to scan to take my refusals to direct.

My final experience was in rescan the negative of an image what a 2450 had produced the acute result. A V600 has produced the blurry the image these so many uses a headline of film and another scanner to plant a negative directly in a glass to scan. An identical portion of a resultant image of the each scanner is included in a low picture

Top Customer Reviews: Scanmarker Air Pen ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Only it finish it to excel some key points of the whole chapter in a book is reading. In general, I am very happy with this product - wins the note that takes much easier. It was also very easy of the action once was done with a document ( uploaded he in my Dropbox directly of an application).

Is using he with my Galaxy of Samsung 6(Android), and law in 5 min to try for the take setup. Very easy to use. I have tried to pose the up with a tablet of the oldest android, but an application has not been compatible (something to be conscious of yes has an older Android!).

Things to take used to:
- has remarked that looks to scan more when try to be smooth and scans faster more than more dulcemente (like the tips suggest). But when taken a low technician, he really done the good work that recognises some correct cards.
- Has remarked sometimes some premiers or last words that stays out of lines that has scanned. Apparently I need to scan the few rooms in front of a line, then maintains to go spent a last word in a line the small also.
- Does not scan apostrophes very a lot of (usually only to the left was)
- Quan the ends of line in the script (to designate a half of the word), usually only poses the room among a first-half of a word and a second half of a word (requiring you to return manually and delete that spatial).
- Has the limit in the that big to scan of source (then only begin us the on the way cute scanners). Some titles of chapter were hard to scan, but any problem with normal text.

A possible zone of improvement ( was to add if a developer remarks this!):
- As another critic has remarked, was really well have update an application so that if to any calm like him his of an only scanned line, with a press of the calm button leaves you for the delete and flavour again. That of right now, is the ache in a butt to delete a whole line (any low control backspace for 100 characters until it is deleted, or signal underlined with your toes some words fly deleted - any road only taking subjects far too long)
5 / 5
It was hesitant in a when the principle purchased this product that sounded also good to be true. The while there is the curve to know light that or has to won to be able in felizmente use this product, is still - the bear says - a device that surprises these WORKS. I am the nursing the student and this requires the plot to read and studio. With this device, everything can say is - thank you the god is this abordable!!! So that IN FACT it acts. I recommend it at all my partners, always in that say them that HE ISNT the gimmick. It IS unbelievable that laws, in fact. Also happy in a new light has ( had a too much old model that the red light transmitted when excels) but a walnut a white east.

At the end.... Service of incredible client! Of his clave of half comunicacionales social in a correspondence of email! I am 100% satisfied client and can not think has to done writes these revises really LLARGUES so that honestly he not having never lol sper happy!!! Thank you Esther for your correspondence!!
5 / 5
I produce it adds, tool very useful. Have to moment and of the laws perfectly. It scans very fast and with accuracy. A setup was very easy and some instructions were clear. I am by train to use it to take note and translates the pieces of investigation are reading and saves the plot of work. It can scan complete paragraphs easily. A main profit is that I do not have to read of a screen of the computer and I still can take notes easily in a computer.
5 / 5
That is to say a awesome tool! Like The student in a program of diplomado intensive my averages to read quite 1,000 pages for week and a majority of that is in of the real books. It IS sometime I last to take exactly where read something and after the week or two a multitude of tabs in my books are not all this useful. With a scanmarker hurriedly can scan steps of entity in OneNote or Evernote or the word that marks each of my reading much more searchable. I took me the little try find a right speed to scan lines of text, but has been once very easy to use. Scanmarker The service of client is also upper-notch. You have to actuate a scanmarker software in 30 days to start with for the use that uses a code of the proportionate activation in a card of guarantee. It have to the he this immediately but I procrastinated and then when routed for the actuate, could not find a card of guarantee. I emailed a scanmarker instruments to back and took the interior of response in 10 minutes (the Saturday that thinks mark a time of fast response even more surprising!). I help us me in hurriedly resolve a problem. Highly it recommends this amazing tool!
1 / 5
Any value your money. Sure, work.' If all wants the mark is takes text and situates in the document of word, is well. But it does not scan of the images, he the cape has formed anything, and only sometimes recognises when tries to pose spaces or has posed a text in the new line. A software is also incredibly thwarting, and listen likes him has been done developed 10+ years.
4 / 5
Scanmarker The pen of air is the good addition in my scripture toolbox. The software is easy to install and a pen is very easy to use. A pen is very clear and the laws add in of the flat pages--what necessity of way the flatten out of a centre of a book some to take the good scanner. It IS the small counter -intuitive--so another has remarked, designs a pen through a must of the fastest page that it could expect take the good scanner. Capture or lines of text the time and a computer will leave to know is 'out of stain' or too dulcemente, like podes re scanner. This pen is used with your computer, tablet, or smartphone to take your scanners---is not the independent device these tents your scanners. That is to say the good thing , so that voice immediately in your screen that has scanned you and can do corrections in a fly. PROS: Easy to install, easy to use, reasonably priced so that marks. Text of capture with the 95-100% precision. GILIPOLLAS: It does not choose in of the double cards --- 'the cards for example would be represented 'leters.' If you have underlined or excelled yours original source, a pen can not scan a text---will be it so represented of the cards of atrocity. The connection wired the better records that a connection of Bluetooth. In general, that is to say the good option , especially for those of us concealed does not touch type!
1 / 5
It does not do so listed and I some on-line investigation and in Youtube and cual help to manifest my compraventa. It maintains disconnect of some devices that synchronises the also. An another the subject is one this joint of pinch was so small in a screen and he also can any one when being modifies parameters. A lot it disappoints to be that it has been it to it to him to use he for student. Any sure if coast a inversion
5 / 5
The client and the service of product adds. I am at present in pupil of the law and this save me to tonnes of nodes of time! Some of my partners have bought the also so that they are so convenient. And foolishly I have lost my code and has contacted a vendor and created me to us to nine unit Highly recommends. An only negative can say is that I am jealous of all some dye available quotas now that it do not go there when has taken mine . That is to say to well sure the law school must!
5 / 5
I am in fact surprised but these looks of product to do quite well. He the few deceptions (posed the ? In where a card was obvious [p. p.ej., Really --&62; re?lly]; Communicated 'Winnie' where Winnipeg' said). But one or two deceptions in a whole paragraph? Any too bad.

Has Had the small problem that takes it to do in my computer. The tan here is some tips: if it takes work in your iphone first, when wants to use directly with your computer, has to disconnect (afterwards an application) in your iphone first. Desprs Has downloaded a software for my computer (a Mac), has had to re-begin my computer in of the orders for a connection to do. Once a connection has done, to scan in my program of document of the word (use NeoOffice) click in an icon of paper in a program, then go in my NeoOffice program and click in the document in there. Then it scans a info directly in my document. This I amour!

But if I am not for apropar- my computer, can scan a info directly in an application of IOS and then email a scanner in me and copy and paste he in the document in NeoOffice.

Also, in all this process of navigation, his service of client has been absolutely awesome. Desprs inducted A surgery, answered all my questions and included emailed me to follow up! I am impressed.
5 / 5
Only I take my scanmarker the air and I are enamoured! The desire has known these years of mark of product, has done my easier life. A scanner of pen is easy to use. I have been surprised in that hurriedly can scan. Scanner also dulcemente at the beginning, but already has it down. I took it only today in a clave and was able to learn so to use he in of the minutes. I am the mature woman (oldish) as yes I can use this thinks it would have to be easy for just quite any one. Mark sure takes a tutorial, help.
UPDATE: I have been using a scanmarker air now for the little the month and I are still in amour with him. Wait for him in the decree that law or begin to do-up, but is very happy with him. I use it to help take of the notes for my university courses (yes, late in university). Can say it it has saved the plot of time.

Top Customer Reviews: KODAK Mini Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
It IS the sceptic of bit of a advertiser recoveries so that it have spent his in $ 300 that converts slide in of the digital photos with the professional service. Desprs Converting quite 200 slides with a Kodak Mini Digital Scanner, does not see any difference in quality among this turn this device and these converted for a professional service. Very easy to use and an easy to comprise manual. To well sure it will recommend a device in another.
5 / 5
I have found the box of my negative old Dad, my woman found the boxes of his Dad 35mm slide. Only I am beginning and has scanned enough 30 of the each. A scanner is easy to use and compact. Some cover of cord of the power in the port of USB in the laptop. Walk of guide of separate plastic for each type of film is marked clearly and lock in in a scanner, then pode only constantly can one films through and exits an another side. The film is scanned in a SD card. Once a card is full, there the button is by train to leave you to upload some scanners in a computer. It confuses at the beginning so that a message that comes up in a scanner is 'FALLEN', and could not find any info in an internet. It results a message would have to be 'FULL'. Once some scanners are loaded, there is the button in a scanner to format a SD card, then can scan a next batch. 110/135/ And it can scan the film in 14M or 22M. Super8 Only scanners in 6M. 126/127 scanners in 16M. This Kodak the scanner is very easy to use. My Dad and the father in law was good photographers, and has had good cameras for a technology of his day. I dry each film with the microfiber lines before inserting them in a scanner. A film the negative scanners are clear, quite that would expect, but was pleasantly surprised in so vibrant and clears one 35mm the scanners of the slide are exited. I am having entertainment with easterly, and seeing pictures that does not take never seeing before.
4 / 5
A KODAK Mini Scanner of Slide and of enough of the Digital film has done exactly that has required he in. There is the enormous box of film and slide this has wanted to to see/save in shape digital.

- Easy to use
- Petit, compresses
- can save You photograph in a scanner, any SD the card by heart is required
- can use You your card of USB of the laptop to power a scanner and photograph of scrolling in your laptop very easily

- will be necessary clean You an interior frequently. It comes with the sense to brush to dry some strands of a clear/lentil. If no the dry was, some the resultant digital pictures fuzzies and hairs in the.
- A manual has not been useful. FYI--Through use, gives that when says 'FALL,' a memory is full and has to upload some photos have saved in a scanner in your computer and deletes the ones of a scanner. It does not take any a lot of pictures for the fill if you do not use the card. ( It excepts it IS well in it does not have to use a SD card--especially of my laptop does not have very void for unit)
- IS small (which are also he pro) but his marks of chairs of compact measure, look the small plastic--less durable
3 / 5
I have looked only fijamente swept 35mm slide. A scanner is easy to use and a quality is well.
I under grated the reason harvests an image. A spectator is quite WYSIWYG, as it can move a slide behind and advances in determent that is sides of court . Also it harvests an upper and fund, almost equally. Mina 2 slides is measured of regular image of 23mm x 34mm.
5 / 5
This conversor of Kodak of the slide is such the joy to use. Only I plugged he in my laptop and begun to use the. Taking a digital image is easy; editing some images are also easy and is by train to provide me with better quality digital images that an original 35mm slide! Has thousands of slide of my pre-the digital life concealed has not looked in in of the years, and now turn the digital images are amused and is going quite hurriedly. You can can a bit slide in a headline and cut the through a conversor with the minimum of endeavour. It have looked to have Walmart convert some slide for me the pair of years of marks, and go to cost the fortune, quotes a number of slide has. It opens it Finds that a resolution of some images is very well, and edit result in of the utmost pictures. This conversor will pay for him a lot of time on when is through with my project. Also I save me enough a-half of the cupboard in spatial that is taken at present up for stacks of carousels in his boxes. I am very, very happy with this Kodak Mini Scanner of Digital Film.
5 / 5
This scanner am adds for hobbyists. In 14mp, some scanners will not look the main sake that to 46 impression, but is all precise for the album of photo or publishing on-line.
5 / 5
It convert several slides of hundred in tiff a week is spent. Some of some slide were my grandparents and is glass, also fat for some titulars, as I slid the in in an inferior slide and and adjusted for location, has done well. So far it does not have any subject averts of any when being pas able to imagine was so to use a cord of USB to transmit some photos directly in my computer. Using it SD works of card, only more any one in a process. It does not have any problem with a device.
5 / 5
Fact very good and was able to do thru diverse plan of slide. Opened will accost It To it a negative old plus
4 / 5
VAL, folks, here is some roads. This scanner does very well for his purpose has feigned. It believes he of the archive that is adapted perfectly for on-line editor, sharing see email, and printing in relatively of small measures. 8 x 10 would be to press the. I see that the amazon is selling a lot of cheaper units those looks to have a same specs. I have paid extra for, frankly, a Kodak marks, has to sustain of need of client (any one so far).

Pluses: it IS hurriedly to use; you can digitise enough the little negative or slide the relatively low time. Some files are adapted by on-line publish and small impressions.

Minuses: Any soiled grandson envelope, streaky, or dusty material of source. Calm very require external to edit software to produce pertinent images. I use Lightroom, which are excellent to correct a colour launches these looks in of the a lot of scanners, takes something of powder and scratches, and dialing retreated one on-saturation in of the a lot of images. There is the plot to edit software there that it can it the to him a same. It does not expect of the impressions of quality of the exposure. Even so, it has attached which scanner is exited enough well, and shows a resolution and qualified by heart of a unit. It expects that it can do the decent 5' x 7' impression of this file.

Does not use a 22 file of MB has measured. Calm give you more details, and precise arrive-animal yours file to print, your software to edit will do the very better laws. If scanner something, and thinks, 'Wow, that is to say the slide adds /negative . Like the mark a 11' x 14 impression of him,' then around there and or issue a slide/neg in ScanCafe or the similar service, or purchases a Epson V600, which yields the very scanner of main quality. But it has routed the number of scanners of old negative in folks pictured in the, and has asked copy of measure of the main file of the this can do impressions, like the quality is still quite well.

Inferior line: if has the realistic expectations and he is had to to spend the small time in editing software (any troubling with a unit is editing controls), will be quite happy with some results.
4 / 5
Well, that is to say the little unit of sake for a prize. Has some subjects to imagine was so to centre some slide because of a measure of a window. Only it turns the side by side in a headline of slide to take more than a slide and seeds rotates the with a software after capture, like the problem has resolved. That is to say the add little bobo has the plot of old slide this has been that it wants to convert calm in digital. Limited correctability (RGB only) and rotation, but adapted for slide (also can adjust level of brilliance). For one the majority of part, better work that our old 'he' scanner that went also the personal scanner like this, only older. As it give it this the 4 stars so that an use of a unit is not so intuitive while it can be, but a fact that a company comprises the manual so that it does not have to go to line- to try to find one east the enormous plus . It recommends this for any one concealed wants the mere unit. Only it take to pose your slide through or after another in a void once has a headline of plastic slide in a unit. Apresamiento IS the small defiant so that it is due to to keep well you. Also, the time takes lost in a card and a unit close was and has to turn it on again. It IS something is doing even so. But once take used to to use it, apresamiento easy and breezy.

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