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5 / 5 Kyra
I have purchased the model to fund gaming portable and has taken the roads adds. Some models of the fund have run all day he so has to clean it up and updates he with the few things. An original of normal thermal paste was to ail there when opened in a computer to reveal a CPU/GPU. My time was supremely big when a computer was to go him. Desprs Has applied the pea sized point of of the this in a CPU and the line of him in a GPU, has verified an action. I literally fallen around 20 titles in going him. It can not think. I have to it has attached it to it the living ridiculous quantity in this computer only to substitute a normal paste and applying a MX-4. It goes it poses only the thermal tampon in the, but is happy this has been with this paste. 100%!
5 / 5 Francisco
One of my older laptops has been having the problems that grave prjimos of overheating, and often simply so that the windows have tried update (again). I have tried the cheap plus (perhaps the less dollar, cups) punches in the local tent that thinks that heck, is an old laptop , any need anything elegant. The situation has not improved. With a MX-4 looks the half temperatures are fallen 3-5C, and big load drop comparatively around 10C. Taking a new paste on is quite earnest, and having any time of ways of the chaplain does not have to ask yes the calm took it well a first time.

The portable still races the small hot (the partidrio old is not moving the air as well as it was necessary, suspect), but is now able to run besides concealed 24% CPUs debits without clashing, and has has not had the heat-have an accident-of the system related in two weeks since. Happy has taken this , desire I he earlier.
5 / 5 Larisa
A tube was easy to use, enters fast and has had two spreaders. It researches to be doing well, a machine is running well; it is older Optiplez 755 with quad processor of Intel of the core, and a material of the tank of the heat has baked in the in the hard cake. Good prize, has taken here hurriedly.
Note: I have posed this in my CPU and begun to touch Devil III. So that an adherent is not coming on (this was before it has bought included a Paste) could touch perhaps 5 minutes in front of a CPU concluded of overheating. Desprs Has cleaned of an old material that was it like the consistency hardened of clay, and extends this on, included although an adherent is still not working, can touch devil for almost 1/2 an hour without follower. It conceal only I say me this material work very good.
5 / 5 Raeann
It IS such the mere thing , easy to do that I can not imagine why any one would not use the paste of quality has taken. I have tried it run AY CONTINUATION when has taken in the first place my computer with normal and does not continue 10% overclock; I have substituted a paste of the tank of the heat has comprised with a AIO fresher and goes well until 15%. You favour and the help protects your components of expensive computer with capacity of scrolling of paste and better heat of lifespan longer.
5 / 5 Lessie
It take to 12C difference in using a MX-4 compared in another ive has tried. Highly it recommends this. Using this with Corsair H100i V2 and intel i7 8700K. The time IS 22C in goes and 55 in full load.
5 / 5 Analisa
I use with the mine that freezes of Arctic liquid 240 aio fresher, since is doing reconstruct he in another case require thermal paste.
Why scrapes around with other products when this one has been doing also?
Has excited in fact to do the tear of low total system and reconstruct in this case new of soiled in him to pose a liquid freezing 240 up in the attraction of push in place of just push. I do not want to it has to cut my GPU shrouds to express he in, as I have left some adherents of attraction was and laws to surprise with this mx4 this is coming with to him likes him not breaking never 35-40of c same the time of the warmest room.
5 / 5 Alexandria
I have bought the tube of the main measure of Arctic MX-4 thermal paste so that I am doing a delid/relid process (to apply liquid metal) under a IHS in the bouquet of Socket 1150/1151 CPUs. Obviously this process requires to take a CPU, and when a CPU the returns in a computer has to apply the new thermal paste. A premier delid/relid has been done in a i7-8700k. A liquid metal has taken road of low temperatures, and this Arctic MX-4 any one 'enters a road' in of the terms to prevents the profits of the action have achieved to use liquid metal under a IHS. He the good work to take a heat of a cup of a IHS in a Noctua NH-D15. I have required only the sake, but very absurdly expensive thermal paste. Any complaint so far.
5 / 5 Yaeko
Used to the Raspberry Pi those uses the Kuma Snes case with the big heatsink. A kuma the case has the big heatsink but failure to comprise thermal paste and overheated a Raspberry Pi 3 (overheat icon) after the few minutes of use. Desprs Applying this thermal paste among a CPU and GPU and a big heatsink some problems of the missing overheating. I will use it is thermal raisin in all my project that before it goes. Excellent product.
5 / 5 Henriette
Based in my experiences with other thermal pastes and reading resulted of test of several places of technology, decided to give this or tries it. Here it is my conclusions :

1.) This an upper east in of the terms of application. A spatula included is the good touch , but does not think is necessity. I know these discussions of the application of thermal paste can take heated, but is very clear in me that a 'big blob' works of method well, especially with this paste, because of his consistency. If you adoration in application of altar of different thermal paste of method, please does not call me .
2.) This small tube is well for at least four applications. And this comprises big GPU dies and big IHSs. Although it applies it likes him that it characterises of A Verge. It is not the like this type; seriously!
3.) A thermal action of this paste is cup tier. You can find pastes this is better for 2C, but no without spending more money to take less produced and/or is to do a little real work for the apply.
4.) It bases in a character that the drought would not listen comfortable using a rest of this tube the year or two. Launcher a lot of full tubes mean so that a bit that it was in a tip of the syringe there was hardened. Yes, it can poke the hole in a tip to take spent a bit dried, but would not want to risk having the microscopic blob of the hard paste admits my thermal interface. I am sure he will take to use a last of this tube of product at the end.
5.) My results (22C environmental):
unit) i7-5820k 1.32v, 4.7 GHz: it goes: 27C, 100% load of AIDA64: 70c max. Yes, these strong sounds, but that it is the monster overclock in the monster (for this time ) CPU. This is pressing almost 250W through the 140W part. Anteriorly Use the Dark Rock Pro 3, and has taken more like 30C in goes and 90c low debits. Of course not even it can it take such the big overclock at all in air.
b) GTX1080 2025 GHz, mem 11,400 GHz Effective 26c goes 40c in full load. Anteriorly (With the air the fresco of normal plus) has taken 35c goes and 85c debits (with thermal throttling arrive frequently)
6.) While a spatula included is unnecessary in my religion, is sper useful to blend epoxy.

Here is in the to the some things do not like them the in this paste of thermal:
1.) It is not RGB. I want to RGB amasses thermal.
2.) Terrible test.
3.) It is not an effective contraceptive.

Even so, a lot would owe the bond in an use has feigned. If you will be happy with some results

Update: I am buying more than forming that I am is almost gone. If there is or or two works to do and wants to have a bit in reservation, 4.ura Of g is ideal. If you are I how me, would have to take some 8.ura Of g. They are so much around $ 10 you use a listing of correct Amazon.
5 / 5 Lovella
Has a computer an old plus with the slightly newer 8 Nvidia of card of year of map. In spite of his age, both work adds for me and for some uses subject the in. On he the the week my computer would close up while touching an of my few games, requiring takes it reboot. Desprs Researching opened my box of computer and takes a card to clean it. It was filthy with powder... My bad! Still after cleaning it a game still would close in a computer. More investigation is returned only a suggestion that was the time in him substitutes a card of map. I have begun to look in the card of substitution but found the video where the pointed type as to clean cards of map. In a commentary any one has written in that / has the card of map that overheats in the minute to upload the game, had followed his instructions in that clean a card even so like this a still closed computer up. Exactly my phase. A type of the simply answered video ' necessity to substitute a thermal fat'.

Has imagined that for the minimum cost would try this of Arctic. I took it today and it has substituted a big in so that a card of map and a cpu besides or 1 less/2 hour. OMG! It can say a difference a second pressed one IN button. It IS obvious a computer is running fresher based in speed of follower. It go him it is running quite 10C fresher that before. Some careers of game a lot again while some careers of the a lot of calmer computer. Like this the product saved me literally $ $ $ in a substitution of a card of map. I me how many marvels of a ' necessity to substitute a card of graphic' the people are spent potentially of the hundreds of $ $ $ for the new card when this could have done a trick. Absolutely, without the doubt, very pleased!
5 / 5 Dalila
I have purchased the model partorisca walk gaming portable and has taken extracted adds. Some models of the paving run all day have to that way that has had to that clean up and upgrade he with the few things. An original of stock thermal paste was partorisca grieve there when I have opened on a computer partorisca develop a CPU/GPU. My time was extremely big when a computer was partorisca go them. With which have applied the pea sized point of of the this to a CPU and the line of him to a GPU, has verified an action. I literally fallen around 20 terracings go the. It can it does not create. I owe that it has added it the ridiculous quantity of life to this computer so only partorisca substitute a stock paste and applying a MX-4. It go to so only dipped the thermal tampon in the, but am happy that are to go with this paste. 100!
5 / 5 Loise
Has based in my experiences with other thermal pastes and reading resulted of test of several places of technology, has decided to give this one tries it. Here it is my conclusions :

1.) This an upper east in of the terms of application. A spatula has comprised is the good touch , but does not think is required. I know that discussions of the application of thermal paste can take heated, but is mine really clear that a 'big blob' works of method well, especially with this paste, because of his consistency. If you adoration in application of altar of different thermal paste of method, please does not call me .
2.) This little tube is well for at least four applications. And this comprises big GPU dies and big IHSs. Although applying likes you that it characterises of A Verge. It is not like this type; seriously!
3.) A thermal action of this paste is cup tier. You can find pastes that is better for 2C, but no without spending more money to take less produced and/or that it has to do a pocola operates real for the apply.
4.) It has based in a character that the drought would not feel comfortable using a rest of this tube the year or two. Have tossed A lot of full tubes mean reasons a bit this was in a tip of the syringe there has been hardened. Yeah, Could poke the hole in a tip to take spent a bit dried, but would not want to risk having the microscopic blob of the hard paste has involved my thermal interface. They are sure I will take to use a last of this tube of product finally.
5.) My results (22C environmental):
a.) i7-5820k , 4.7 GHz: it go him: 27C, 100 load of AIDA64: 70c max. Yeah, This touches big, but ossia show it overclock in the monster (for this time ) CPU. This is pressing almost 250W by means of the 140W part. Previously utilisations the Dark Rock Pro 3, and has taken more like 30C goes the and 90c down uploads. Of course not even it can take such the big overclock at all on air.
b) GTX1080 2025 GHz, mem 11,400 GHz Effective 26c go them 40c in full load. Previously (with the stock air fresher) has taken 35c go them and 85c uploads (with thermal throttling arriving frequently)
6.) While a spatula has comprised is unnecessary in my religion, is súper useful to mix epoxy.

Here is to the some things do not like on this paste of thermal:
1.) It is not RGB. I want to RGB thermal paste.
2.) Terrible test.
3.) It is not an effective contraceptive.

This in spite of, really would have to stick to an use has feigned. If you will be happy with some results

Update: I am buying more reason are almost he was. If has one or two works to do and loves to have a bit in reservation, 4.ºure Of g is ideal. If it is taste, would have to take some 8.ºure Of g. They are both around $ 10 use a listing of Amazon corrected.
4 / 5 Larue
One of mine portable older has been having the questions that after down of overheating, and often simply reason the windows have looked for to update (again). I have tried the economic plus (perhaps the dollar less, cups) paste in the local tent that thinks that heck, is an old laptop , any need anything elegant. The situation has not improved. With a MX-4 looks the half temperatures have fallen 3-5C, and big load drop comparatively around 10C. Taking a new paste on is quite sincere, and having any time of priest means calm does not have to that ask yes calms took it well a first time.

The laptop still runs the little heat (the partidário old is not emotional air as well as it was necessary, I suspect), but is now able to run further of 24 CPU uploads without clashing, and has not had the heat-have an accident-of the system related in two weeks of then. Happy has taken this , desire I he sooner.
5 / 5 Dionne
Has taken to 12C difference in using a MX-4 compared to another ive has tried. Highly it recommends this. Using this with Corsair H100i V2 and intel i7 8700K. The time Is 22C goes the and 55 in full load.
5 / 5 Patricia
Is such the simple thing, easy to do that I can not imagine reason any would not use the paste of quality has taken. I have tried it run AY CONTINUAZIONE when in the first place it take my computer with stock and does not go in 10 overclock; I have substituted a paste of the tank of the heat has comprised with a AIO fresher and go well until 15. Calm the favour and the help protect your components of expensive computer with capacity of scrolling of better heat and more along lifespan paste.
4 / 5 Jenifer
A tube was easy to use, goes in fast and has had two spreaders. It looks to be doing well, a car is running good; it is older Optiplez 755 with quad core Intel processor, and a material of the tank of the heat has bake on to the hard cake. Good prize, has taken here quickly.
Note: it has dipped this in mine CPU and has begun to touch Diablesa III. Reason a defender is not coming on (this was before I have bought included a Paste) could touch perhaps 5 first minutes of a CPU closure of overheating. With which have cleaned of an old material that has been likes the hardened consistency of clay, and extend this on, included although a defender is still not working, can touch devil for almost 1/2 an hour without defender. Cela So only say me this material work a lot well.
4 / 5 Regenia
Have the no like this old gaming portable, the recently looked some video with drive as to king paste pre-build gaming the builds that comprises portable and reason to king paste him.

So many because of video and on-line descriptions has discovered them my gaming portable where that runs to the big time and my system was in a flange of in some llamas out of summits of 98 terracings celcius (208 ºF)
Was in the cooling of laptop cushions my almost burned system goes the (this was of day 1 when it has bought them the new)

Resulted HP and a lot other costruttrici are applying the bad thermal paste that fix of causes to fail punctual,

See photos the semi-detached of the 2 old year gaming the laptop like bad some looks of thermal paste and the one who bad is applied.
After cleaning of an old paste (that it was it really messy and a CPU was not even sufficient covered) has applied them a MX-4 paste Artico to a GPU and CPU die

before core of time of system of a CPU and GPU: 90 ºC / 194 ºF go them and 98 ºC / 208.4 ºF summit

with which with MX-4 Artico CPU and GPU: 40 ºC / 104 ºF go them and 75 ºC / 167 ªF summit

MX-4 Verdict:

For $ 10 shopping a little quality MX-4 thermal paste, Artico MX-4 a work properly and could save your new and old system some expensive reparations.
Does not have to that it Never trusts on factory thermal paste this comprises the one who AMD and Intel supplies with his OEM coolers or manufacturers with his GPU same papers to the big frames like MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte...

MX-4 claims to last 8 years that in my opinion is much more the one who portable and pc use of costruttrici in his hardware.
A lot so only will have the lowest temperatures but also obtain more action ( has obtained 40 FPS in World-wide of Warcraft and the stable plus FPS without lag spikes thermal duet throttling)
4 / 5 Russell
has bought the tube to measure main of Artico MX-4 thermal paste reason am treating a delid/relid process (to apply liquid metal) goes down a IHS in stirs it of Socket 1150/1151 CPUs. Obviously this process requires to take a CPU, and when a CPU goes back to a computer the new thermal paste has to that be applied. A prime minister delid/relid has been treated in a i7-8700k. A liquid metal has spent way of temperatures down, and Arctic MX-4 any 'go in a way' in of the terms to prevent the profits of action have achieved to use liquid metal under a IHS. He the good work to take a heat of a cup of a IHS to a Noctua NH-D15. I have required so only the good, but any thermal paste absurdly expensive. Any complaint like this far.
4 / 5 Harold
I use he with my arctic liquid freezing 240 aio fresher, of then am doing the reconstruct in another chance has required thermal paste.
Reason scrapes around with other products when this one has been doing like this well?
Has excited in fact to do the tear of total system down and reconstruct in this new chance of then will have room in him to dip a liquid freezing 240 up in the appeal of push in place of just push. I do not want to it has to that cut my GPU shroud to express he in, as I have left some defenders of appeal was and extracted to surprise with this mx4 this is coming with to him likes not breaking never 35-40of c same in time of room warmer.
4 / 5 Verna
Used it on the Raspberry Pi that uses the Kuma Snes husband with the big heatsink. A kuma the chance has the big heatsink but failure to comprise thermal paste and was overheating a Raspberry Pi 3 (overheat icon) after the pocolos small of use. After applying this thermal paste among a CPU and GPU and a big heatsink some questions of overheating are missing. I will use this thermal raisin in all my project that goes forward. Produced excellent.
4 / 5 Romona
It has bought finally the second proc partorisca my server. A tank of low heat eBay has had some crusty has used pasted there is like this bought an arctic paste. Originally it has used it thermal paste of some 386 days. Like six a oem dell the material is not too well after the moment. It finalises to clean an original paste of a server of dell and dip both in arctic paste. I have not been liquid metal reason was not to value a subject of leak for servers. Ossia Already far upper that a oem material. Ossia Enough to repaste my Xeon and m15 portable

I repasted my Alienware m15. It looks to run fresher, less noise of defender, temp lower that hwinfo. Additional photos added. Has the precision m3510 am doing in prójimo. It is the Xeon portable of processor. Defenders whenever they run
4 / 5 Lynsey
My GPU has run hot, any @@subject that curve of defender I , has included tried down clocking. I have run you grieve the game my GPU would shoot until 84c, unacceptable. As I break my GPU open, sure enough there there is almost any paste, the bit in some sides but at all in a real chip. Of then MX-4 is no-conductive, has decided to run this in place of other products as if you take conductive paste in some sides (external of a chip but still that touches a joint) can cause the short, and that usually means component of goodbye of the goodbye. Applied a X has normalised, has seal behind up and rapes, gaming in 65c. My paper has there is not running never this first quota, and seat bad for some two years run hot, probably killed some life was. In general it can not be happier, applies easily, two applicators comprised (usually any to use them never, but handy to take excess paste), good packaging, and abundance in a spare tube for CPU. Compared the AS5 and another, has has not had never like this well of regime to the equal that has with MX-4, some material just works.
5 / 5 Nanci
Has bought Artico MX-4 based in glowing descriptions of mine Alienware 15R3 careers in a hot side (95 Celsius when gaming). It has done a paste a first time, has not seen the drop in temperature as it still hover around 95. Of another has taken 5 to 10 drops of terracings, has think that applied quell'wrongly. Opened on a laptop and repasted a second time the week later. According to repaste has not changed the thing. Very Good. $ 10 squandered While some careers of computers in a OE level.

Are now 3 weeks to a 2nd repaste. When I Touch AC Odyssey now, a system begins thermal throttling grieve a world of game is uploaded. In OE paste a system has run hot, but throttling has not been a subject. With this paste, AC the odyssey is unplayable. Now I am looking for another paste to substitute this piece of junk.

Fortuna of desire in a repastes to come.
5 / 5 Linette
Has been roughly four years of then I last king-the thermal paste has applied to both my Macbook Pro Core i7 and my core of white box i7 w/Corsair liquid cooling setup. A last time I he, has used— thinks—Money Artico 5.

The temperatures of course gradually tug up with the times so many wears of paste was, and has seen one that follows like this this year has begun:

MBP — 65C goes the, 92C down uploads, the processor fans hard-dip 5500rpm
Desk—60C goes the, 85C down uploads, the radiator fans hard-dip 2400rpm

So much, was time . I have imagined something new would have paste a phase, and ossia. Some things to remark in this material:

- continue in equally and extends very a lot
- No too sticky, no too viscous
- Easy to clean on

has dried of an old thermal paste, which there was resulted rigid and dry and almost powdery, has cleaned some surfaces with alcohols and dried him, has applied then this material. It has not done particularly I last to extend, like the viscosity looks such that he self-has extended properly.

Has done both cars on some last 24 hours. Here it is where it is now:

MBP — 35C goes the, 70C down uploads, the processor fans hard-dip 4800rpm (700rpm reduction)
Desk — 32C goes the, 65C down uploads, the processor fans hard-dip 2000rpm (400rpm reduction)

Those are ENORMOUS drops simply for refreshing thermal paste, while a time although I enable me to go down my partidários to something down 'the ear that leaves' level again while it remains comfortably fresh.

Does not agree that time was a last time a paste was fresh, but am satisfied entirely with this material, and will be satisfied even more if a claim that does not degrade like this quickly is legit.

But yes— laws. And if your time is by train to tug on, spend the bit and do a work. That is while to? (I.et. No attended while me.)
5 / 5 Hannah
Any realy value he for $ 10 reason his so only fill up on halfway and has thought them has taken them the used one but no his new
4 / 5 Cyrus
in an interesting note, some low and big ends in some hotter parts of summer are 45-65 C. These careers of thing in the solid bandwidth of 20 C any one uploads to full load in build of mine WGS (assembler of whole genome:

the Newest components-local system:
AMD Ryzen 7 2700 (settings of factory)
AMD Wraith Espiras FOCUSED (defender of factory)
Gigabyte B450 AORUS Elite ATX
EVGA Supernova 750 watt P2 80+ Platinum, fully modulate
Kingston HyperX Fury 4 X 16GB 2666MHz CL16 (beats OC to 3000MHz)
Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD (Windows 10)
Samsung M.2 NVMe PCIe 2280 SSD 500GB (Linux LTS 64)
Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD (To spare)
WD Blue 3TB 5400RPM (any software of core/any file of core, Crudes and gathers read of: PacBio/HiSeq/Anova)
WD Blue 6TB 5400RPM (images of backup of everything on walks = 3 months a week increments)

AeroCool Mechatron-Edition of Black Steel Ultra Mid Chance of Tower with USB 3.0
defenders of Chances:
3 x 120mm-Noctura NF-P12 reduc-1700 PWM, 4 pin, 1700 RPM
4 x 140mm-Noctura NF-P14 reduc-1500 PWM, 4 pin, 1500 RPM

Old Components-local system:
Radeon RX480 8GB GDDR5
HP 25vx Backlit has DIRECTED
4 / 5 Hector
have a computer an old plus with the slightly newer 8 year Nvidia paper of map. In spite of his age, both work adds for me and for some uses subject to. On done the week my computer would close on while touching an of my pocolos play, requiring the hard reboot. After researching has opened my box of computer and has take a paper to clean it. It was filthy with powder... My bad! Still after cleaning it a game still would close on a computer. More investigation is returned so only a suggestion that has been now of substitutes a paper of map. I have begun to look to the card of substitution but has found the video where the pointed type to the equal that to clean papers of maps. In a commentary any one has written in of the this there is the paper of map that overheat inside the minute to upload the game, had followed his instructions in those cleaned a paper this in spite of like this a still closed computer up. Exactly my phase. A type of the simply answered video ' need to substitute a thermal fat'.

Has imagined that for the minimum cost would try this of Artico. I received it today and it has substituted a fat in both a paper of map and a cpu in roughly 1/2 now. OMG! It can say a difference a second I has pressed an ON key. It is obvious a computer is running fresher based on speed of defender. It goes it is when running roughly 10°C fresher that before. Some careers of good game again while some careers of computer much calmer. Like this the produced saved literally $ $ $ in a substitution of a paper of map. I marvel me that of a ' precise substitute a paper of graphic' the people are spent potentially of the hundreds of $ $ $ still the new paper when this could have done a trick. Absolutely, without the doubt, very pleased!
4 / 5 Chanell
Has bought this reason the never opened mine first of ps3 was overheating and closing down because of him. Knowing little in the computers in general have bought this in of the hopes was like this easy as applying thermal paste to a processor. One the thermal paste comes with two small applicators that really the help has included a paste down to a processor. I have run mine ps3 for 4:30:00 while looking Netflix and any closure down. I have been included according to which it leaving on while I have slept for roughly 8 hours and he was still on when have despertador up and no hot to join it to him to touch likes before. It was surprised in the well the fact and now will have mine ps3 doing for the little more years felizmente.
5 / 5 Effie
Has spent more the time that investigations the thermal compound that any one the human being would owe that have, a characteristic that you can not have found is a career was. The career was is a life has turned of the thermal compound. A lot of dump of people in a pre-has composed applied of Intel, but has has produced in fact an amazing compound. The stock compound can not cool a better, but last 8 more years, no an easy feat. They have sacrificed some action for longevity, is intentional.

A lot of big final the thermal pastes will sacrifice the career was to achieve a maximum thermal conductivity. That calms no @to give is like these pauses of paste down with which 6 month or the year. Some thin was, some dry was, and drops of action of the reef. MX-4 has FOUND a perfect balance among the action and the excellent career were. Extracted a lot well and hard years.

Any to troll, but yes is the method of line or method of pea applier, would have to be extend in 2019. Some processors of generation later of both instrument is beginning to combine multiple dies in the container only. You have used to be able to apply the pea sized quantity and if some of some corners are remained coffins, the action has had loss very small while a data is so only state has covered. These days have gone and calm really precise complete coverage of a heat spreader. If utilisations the main line or pea, he squish out of some sides before I have achieved full coverage. Extending the thin discharge guarantees full coverage without spilling on. Also extracted a better. This is backed up for Gamers Nexus trying, September 2019. You are welcome.
5 / 5 Irena
Has purchased this Thermal Conductive paste two times, slowly in those substitutes a thermal conductive paste in mine two new Laptop east (DELL 5584 is), BUT - I has taken this for the substitution for a thermal conductive paste that comes with each 'ESC' -(Control of Electronic Spark) this has the habit to substitute the together of points in a cashier of engines (concealed still has the cashier) Mina 1994 GMC K2500, mine 1986 Ford Ordine- both have a ESC and come with the small band of white dielectric silicone fat thermal driver, (Never enough for my satisfaction) was suggested peel that TAKES maquinal Certified that come from the esal' Thermal Conductive paste (both of my trucks run to 50,000 coil of volt) quite voltage to take the human heart (to the equal that say an opinion in a container) was a bit ESC has the solid tinned copper slug in a subordinated to dissipate a heat to a house of Aluminium of the Cashier (the product of the coil accionaría 30,000 volts) can imagine a heat of 50,000 volts is HOT, run the cashier of solid house in mine GMC is estimated to tack until 7,000 rpm (Very big for the 454 here engine) has been thru 3 ESC is before I have begun to use this Thermal Conductive Paste- I are in 6th year ,50,000 miles with AC Delco Professional ESC , Never he misfire, never any lack of spark (I waste to spend $ 70,000 for the new truck) That will have forest, manure, building supplies or mine of tow trailer to some far zones of the our familiar ranch. This first Paste of Class is some reasons knows can depend in my truck 'Old', and is when have a time to open my new DELL is, will be to use this on all a esomething Hot' this have the tank of hot- Thanks to all you 'Techie is' for educator this Old Backwoodsman with some descriptions that maintain updated in some products I needs to help me stay on a not changing never world-wide. And to Amazon to leave some descriptions, selling similar products to notch upper
5 / 5 Charlotte
I recently installed the new h110i RGB Platinum in mine new build but accidentally dried of the light has bitten of a pre-the thermal paste has applied. I have used the bit of accident in Money Artico 5 partorisca fill in a smudged zones and has had results quite decent. Have @@give That a paste was bit it old and looked for some better paste in general, and after the bit of careful investigation has finalised in this page that adds this my cart. This paste was easy to apply thank you in separating to a handy little applicator that is to be comprise. For a past month or has to that way that be using this paste with satisfactory results. The temperatures have fallen an average of 1-5C by means of a joint, although these results could vary based in precise load and other factors (likes temperature of room). In general he that is to suppose to, is easy to apply, has a lot slick packaging, and is the shot adds when compared of more other pastes.
5 / 5 Debera
Roughly done 4 years have purchased and installed a HP ProLiant ML350p server for my office. He roughly done two weeks, has begun to listen the strong shouting noise - touched like the very strong vacuum the most cleaned or the aeroplane that takes that it comes from/come from was a room of server. It was really, really strong! I am gone in there and the defenders of a server have shouted! As I have called some types of computers and could not imagine was regarding taking a question. They have suggested to be necessary to buy another HP paving of support - for $ 1600!!

Any way was to do that. As I have opened a server, which there has not gone never does before, and found a tank of big heat, has taken was and there is remarked some dry caulk-like this material on that. The some investigation of internet and has learnt that this material Composed Thermal llama. They are Amazon of trace and found this product and ordered it. While A server to cry has maintained well on shouting and driving me crazy.

In all the chance, when a material has arrived has cleaned a tank to heat that uses a bit tool of scraper that is coming with a product, and has cleaned then a chip. I have applied this produces his - the something small in a tank of hot - and substituted it.

Law!! No more shouting! These produced is surprising! It was easy to apply reason among the syringe and he have come also with a small plastic scraper. Value each penny!
5 / 5 Sophia
In an end of a day, the imports of thermal paste. Among frames of prize this in spite of, a difference always will be quite light.

Has substituted my Fractal S24 AIO stock paste with east and initially the worse time remarked that it use a pea-sized method of ball. After taking the paste and king-extending with the plastic paper, has received action that can have slightly outperformed a stock paste, but never like this slightly.

In an end of a day, prevails the thermal paste is well, but a difference among frames is smaller. It is at least quite easy to extend and does not see any one reasons any to order and recommend he in a future, but so only in any first of calm thermal paste well. This has done especially well for king-pasting my PS3 CPU and GPU (because of a measure of his heatspreaders, requires to prize and easily spreadable paste).
5 / 5 Elza
Was SÚPER sceptic of of the this, but the operative time fallen roughly 30 terracings celsius.

Has an OLD mid-2010 Machbook Pro and has had to presionar and locktite some rays of screen. Knowing would have to that take of a joint of logic has imagined would try this thermal paste upgrade has been listening so roughly. I know the mine has had to has been dried up and scaly, but has not gone really having any subjects of overheating to a point that would close it anything down, and has been of those use this car for ten years some decreases of speeds am past dulcemente quite that there is not remarked (frog in of the hot water parable). I have controlled for several days before and my op the time was around 90c like looked big, like confirmation that have to that try roughly compound new but has bought this has listened so only any to take anything with real metal in him and the when be recommended for Amazon. I also paired he with Macs the control of Partidário to have control more directed on speed of defender.

To take to a point, today op the time has been looking for among 58c and 62c. I have required apparently the new thermal paste and I guess this material work. It can not speak the longevity still, but in a short term, the efficiency can not be questioned in my experience.
4 / 5 Violette
Has a XPS 15 and does not touch games with him. I use it mainly to explore a web and coding, as that am expecting to be silent without the defenders that career. This in spite of, with which 2 years of some times have applied money ARTICO 5, some defenders of laptop are running way too often that mine in pleasant. It have to that be now of king-apply a thermal compound.

Unfortunately, does not have a lot of AS5 left, as they are Amazon of trace for the look for , and this new 2019 MX-4 popup. Of then they are in a same prize, has purchased a MX-4 instead. I received it this afternoon and I have squandered any time in the to apply a compound in a laptop. With which has applied MX-4 compound, has used my laptop in an hour, complete silent. Loving my laptop again.
4 / 5 Marisela
My PS4 is almost 5 years now and there is remarked that takes of the defender was to all the speed almost immediately. I have decided to take things for my account. Followed the video of Youtube for disassembly and exposure CPU. OEM The thermal paste has not been dried was entirely but still no the new mark. It takes he with isopropyl alcohol and has applied the alone drop in a half. In a process has has substituted also some thermal tampons on all some chip by heart (with arctic tampons). I can not say it is the day and difference of prejudices, this in spite of to good sure see some improvement. The defender has not fallen was the full speed immediately, and once closing down he the transitions of a defender accelerate more gracefully. To good sure recommend this product is specialised enough to open your ps4
4 / 5 Rina
has used this thermal paste to repaste a CPU and GPU in the gaming Acer laptop. It extends a lot and it is gone down thermals like this anticipated for the normal thermal paste. I have it quell'has used also this product in a past for repasting a 8700k and RTX 2080 without subjects. I have had a subject with a AIO not pressing correctly to my desk processor, like this yes is dipping on a AIO for a first time, sure mark some joints of press of the group correctly.

Only downside is these products does not come with spreader tools, but can do these out of just roughly anything. To good sure recommend and spent again.
4 / 5 Cecille
Finally decided to give that it substitutes a thermal fat in mine Ps4 Pro shot it. No longer I threaten me with the impulse-was that it does not spend never (especially during a Dead person For the daylight that opens cinematic). As daunting like this opening on a console was, not doing does not seat like a right election in of the considerations to a health of a device. Happy has been for him, to the console is fresher and calmer. I can in fact game without my headset on of then has any noise of the turbine the riada was. Fat thermal sum, the flight of the console is annulled.
4 / 5 Chery
Has purchased this reason my Xbox A X has closed down because of overheating. Have take a heatsink of a chip of Scorpio and has seen a OEM the paste had dried was and there is remarked has not been applied all this equally during manufacture. I have cleaned a chip and a tank of hot and has applied Artico MX-4. I dipped it/ I dipped It all back together and ran all day without to closure. It was not glielo be 8 years of the durability like a container said but can say that it is a better thermal compound has not used never and value the dollars of pair more than a material an economic plus.
5 / 5 Arnette
Has has maintained having odd subjects where mine 2700x in fact would reduce the frequency down uploads in planting to augment. It results this arctic mx-4 thermal fat was a subject . I have on cleaned and king-applied, a paste was very fat and has not done any better, included although I have tried to do the like this thin like possible. It Finalising that it order a corsair thermal paste and a kryonaut some hips. A corsair the paste fixed a subject. It has not tried a kryonaut still but a kryonaut one east come with a code of authenticity to verify in his web of place. The helps protect against some fakes.
5 / 5 Shani
It was not that you could go wrong with the product has taken. This was a first time has not taken never averts the PC where has required partorisca substitute a thermal paste. I have learnt that a hard way. After taking my PC averts to upgrade a ram, has takes also the thermal piece pasted to the chip. When I dipped It behind near, it begins partorisca do noises of partidário strong. As I have gone back in, cleaned of an old paste and place in a new a. It was simple and has not been messy at all. I owe that pat I in a backside because I the fine work. Thank you In separating to this product that is quite fat and having a tool for the extend equally. No longer I have any subjects with a PC. I produce it adds.
5 / 5 Angelique
To to An only thing would like to add further, yes, to good sure go down my time in mine stock paste. My cpu paste 100C on uploads. Now it is down to 85. I want to say this is not very ideal but have the small chance with the RTX 2080 YOU crammed his so much airflow probably SUCKS. But hey, to good sure is doing something!

The only thing can say is is not lazy taste and try apply a paste without dipping of a paving of chance in his side so that a CPU is not seating vertically. It does not import the one who calm quickly think that is, this paste is going to drip! Take your time and he well and will see some measure of improvement!
5 / 5 Garry
Mina corsair liquid appearance fresher to be losing efficiency with which 1.5 years. When Have take a stuff fresher that a CPU there is of then one that exists the thermal paste was very dry and has had a lot of big empty spaces. As I have bought this to refresh.
Found that this in spite of difficult - in fact impossible - to apply a paste like recommended in his place. A paste when expressed of a tube always would have the 'row' long that it could not break cleanly of a tube. He like this had always he curly row in a shot of the paste has left in a cpu has spent. This is not recommended in some instructions of video because it risks to cause an empty of air among a fresh plus and a cpu. But at all it can do to prevent.
4 / 5 Miesha
Ossia He well the thermal paste but my tube has suffered harm on arrival. Among the box with all mine another computer separates as it has not been damaged so that it was neither broken in an ease of manufacture or a warehouse of Amazon. It was the little messy treating it but mine cpu thermals are adds with this product. It has it ryzen 5 1600x a lot overclocked still but a big plus temp has taken them was 53 terracings Celsius under msi harder cpu test of stress. Also they are that it runs the economic $ 30 cpu fresher
4 / 5 Nick
State using he for almost 2 weeks now. While gaming (2K, 100-144hz, all the settings maxed) with which in an hour in a Intel i9-9900K/NZXT Kraken X62, seldom go in 57-60C. Quite amazing for him proc this tends to run bit it warm. I am not sure the one who this paste is helping, but to good sure is doing the good work. It comes with enough to do stirs it of procs. A lil spreader is comes with east the good tiny prize.
5 / 5 Trisha
Had not applied the thermal paste of then in the first place has taken my own gaming PC in 2016. Tried OC mine 6700k to the simple 4.4 ghz but my software of pointed control for CPU jumping until 100c after so only 2-3 minutes of the max tries of stress of the heat! I have taken once finalising mine of cleansing CPU defender and reapplying this thermal paste, reissued a test and in 4.4 GHz has stable course around 80c with occasional spikes to 82 and 83. In general very happy with this product, but question any claims of thermal paste to be effective longer that one 2-3 mark. One the thermal paste had used had been the mark has manufactured to compliment mine CPU Fresher (Noctua D14) and the more there is certainly has spent was quite the ways of then 2016.
5 / 5 Jamar
Mina 2011 Imac 27' appearance to colored the bars that look in my screen... I have imagined six fact partorisca. They are then be in a web, and found several video of Youtube that spoken in my symptoms and as to fix them. It results that my paper of video was has Known?!
Has followed some video that objective to the equal that to take averts a car, and has used a MX-4 Thermal Paste, dipped a together car has retreated, plugged he in, has crossed my toes have done!! This was to do roughly 2 month, and the wait will do for enough the moment, that considers that a car has done of then took it 8 years ago!
5 / 5 Mayra
Debated among this thermal paste and it expensive plus a, but has decided to take this one for the pocolas reason.
1. It does not plan in overclocking mine CPU. So only I love it to be fresher and a stock time of mine CPU is main to to that likes. I know the people say that these temperatures are normal thus CPU, loves to try with paste any stock.
2. I can use this for multiple application of CPUs like this yes decides to change heatsinks or build the new computer, can use this again
has concerned me on overclocking, seats does options more expensive better, but this does well for me.
4 / 5 Alphonso
Has had to substitute a system of 8 years that decided to bomb on join me day and with which speccing out of the new rigs has begun to research TIM is. I have used Money Artico 5 for years now for my account systems as well as familiar and friends and has had included the spare tube in a refrigerator for use but decided to develop and try something new. It has known no that to expect but decided to slap some on and give the career. It looks to do like this good or better (in some situations) that TIM are has used on some years. It looks TIM adds and would suggest to has sawed-hard-working, friends, and familiar those who build.
4 / 5 Maisie
Have a Alienware m15 (2018) with i7 8750H and the Nividia RTX 10700MaxQ. I also run a Nvidia GTX 2080You overlocked in Amplifier of mine of Map. I run games in 4K as well as I ran two 4k monitors for work and productivity.

Here is a BLUF (the Inferior line Arrives Front), has obtained anywhere of 10-20 °C in timing gone down. Has no more thermal throttling anything. Previously to apply Artico MX-4. It was thermal throttling in 100°C in my PC when gaming and a 2080You hardly has broken 75c. Have in the first place tried underclocking with XTU and Throttlestop, so only do mine CPU slower and benchmarks lower.

Today, with which application in the each data, a CPU and GPU my time of core is 56°C goes the. I have run it benchmark in Intel XTU with mine i7 8750H in 3950MHz - 93°C. I have valued 1686 frames without dipping ready further. 11663 On 3DMark - 93°C. Better still, can touch Warframe and other titles in 120fps without stutter or closing up.

Top Customer Reviews: ARCTIC F14 PWM PST ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tonia
These defenders are a good plus has tried. I have bought recently a Antec P100 calm chance and has wanted to substitute a level 120mm defender that is coming with him with 2 140mm defenders in a front. It likes like this of these defenders operate in of the extremes. If my computer is seating goes him, is prendido. When I overclock and run a CPU in 100, can maintain up and the help maintains the sure temp. The same like a fact that is ash and does not have flashy LEDs. They seat for behind a forward of grill for behind the door, and some leaves are easy to see want to . And, they are built to last. And, it likes to maintain my computer on, as it feels energy more effective to have them was. Also, I daisy chains a two joint, so that it was the good touch . Finally, I like a price which is really well for the PWM defender without LEDs.

A bit those that caveats -
My Asus motherboard has a way of optimisation that dips that it generates the curve of defender. The difference of mine other defenders, this does not generate the curve of good control. So much, I simply dipped the in PWM control with the regular or calm curve setting.
Be almost returned reason a defender was too fat for my rays of chances. It is 27mm fat and my Asus the rays are 25mm long. With which some investigation and the travesa have squandered to the tent of supply of the PC, has learnt that these are radiator has called also rays. And that has required 6-32 1 1/4' rays, which is available in a tent of local hardware like the band for just in $ 1. Also, included although a cage of hard walk looked to be in a way, was able to install some defenders without the question. Like this happy has not given up!

Are happy with this compraventa. These are defenders of qualities for less.
5 / 5 Judie
I have received so only this produces yesterday. You are rid punctually, and is exactly that has has expected based in a description. 140mm PWM Partidrio of chance with to 4 connection of pin, no the three pin with the 4 pin molex. I had it raisin concealed also. The installation was directly advances, and while a defender there has not been the arrows partorisca one exhaust direction of air, a box has done. This has left some starts of supposition, and the simple installation.

With which installation, have gone to a BIOS just to try a noise of defender in of the different speeds. I cranked some like this big settings to the equal that would go and there is not founding a noise that distracts. Any time my process/GPU is down uploads usually have auricular or speakers on. A bit noise this partidrio has done to all the speed in all the chance would not be noticeable. Some reviewers can be testing this on the quiet died and for this the find to be too strong. These works of defender partorisca me need.

Partorisca A price I paid and a measure of defender, a noise in full throttle is very acceptable. Partorisca My typical web-exploring or need of work, a defender is typically not moving using my settings. Although some kicks of partidrio on, found me that it has to verify while doing partorisca see movement or no. So only in the upper speed could listens a defender, and this was because attention of piece. Any another heavy GPU/CPU uploads as it would have kicked a defender on, would be distracted strongly and therefore not even would remark the one who little noise done.

Partorisca Movement of air, is not the leaf-blower, as no attended concealed. Basic operative speeds, and the upper settings can feel the air that is pressed out of a defender. Some have commented that this does not press quite air, but was appropriate for my needs. It is one $ 8 partidrio, like the product has more than has has fulfilled expectations.

A colour of leaf is the vibrant aim . The volume concerned in that this will look with time, but concealed will be true for any plastic. For now, it looks he adds contrasted with a chance is in. The quality of build is well, does not feel flimsy at all. It was a lot if some bosses have had to shrink it coating or coverage of point, but for one $ 8 no attended of the such things.
5 / 5 Cammy
These defenders move the tonne of air partorisca as (relatively) quietly turn. One 0.3 sone measures it in some starts of description to roughly 22.5 dBA, and a Corsair the partidrios has mentioned in some chairs partorisca headline in 25.5 dBA while moving 8 CFM less air. Quell'Conceals can not touch like a lot, but is to good sure noticeable, especially given a tone of a sound. It is the much deeper humming his that a Corsair defenders.

A semi-detached video is the comparison of his of some defenders that turn until max speed for the pocolos second in shoes. There are four defenders in of the totals in the each register, comprising a 120mm variant of the each defender. The registers have been taken with my telephone that chairs directly on my chance to do a tone a clear plus.
5 / 5 Corrine
Partidrios Amazing. I refuse to run anything another it Artico PWM defenders in mine builds. Noctua Is not so only significantly more expensive, but looks worse (the Arctic bosses are unfortunately unsleeved, like this Noctua has to that that goes partorisca his), and no extracted any better. The arctic defenders have died always silent (when his ramp on big, everything listens is a sound of airs partorisca flow) and in fact can treat slightly better that Noctua. I have had both Noctua and Arctic defenders in my chances and prefer Artico because of aesthetics, action, and cost. Also, these defenders do a lot well for waters to cool applications. Of an a lot of water-has cooled builds has used these on, has maintained my temperatures and the levels to touch a lot down. Has six of these 140s it course in 420mm radiator now included in 60 and is hardly audible (so only the whisper of the movement of air is present). Artico Is an excellent company. Also they some main thermal pastes and tampons, how is any surprise his defenders are equally excellent.
5 / 5 Joette
I have required the very calm defender partorisca help push some hot air out of the Amplifier of Audio of the Tube in mine bookshelf. I have bought 2 another USB powered fans on Amazon, one has described like this Ultra Calm, and another 'the Calm whisper'. Both of them were quite strong to be listened in a music that exited of my speakers in of the volumes enough to be listened down a room. In desperation, has thought to the defender of chance of the computer, and has bought this. Ossia In fact 'ultra calm'. If I close my door, and if AC/the heat is was, hardly can listen this if they are by train to be right after the his. Once anything more raisin in a room, any sound created thus defender disappears. Because I am not running he in the chance of computer, has required to buy the 12v distributes to be able to, but the amazon sells those, and can control 2 partidrios. Now I have the defender that gone back on when transfer in a stereo, and can not be listened included in of the volumes of low music. This one is the good measure (140mm), but his perfect for my needs. It can buy the small plus an and trace to a fund of a shelf on my amp, with east one those chairs in a side.
4 / 5 Sheilah
These are not sper strong or anything, but no like this the calm whisper as it was advantage partorisca believe would be. I am running 2 of these like this intake defenders in a front of my box, a directly to a chance that swipes in a paper of video, another blowing by means of 2 SATA walks (with an empty space among them) and 1 SS walk, to a lower part of a box. Has the fund is trace PSU which also feeds on a fund. Then I have the 120mm the defender that exhausts of a cup, and another 120mm the defender that exhausts of a backside in a cup, and am using a stock AMD Ryzen 7 2700X CPU fresher. This configuration, together with changing my bios settings of defender to be the little more aggressive, is gone down my CPU time for 13 terracings Celsius, and upped my CPU action for 15.

My leading setup was 2 120mm defenders intake of a front and a 120mm the defender that exhausts of a rear wall in a cup.

A purpose of this box is to do like the Plex Server of Means comunicacionales, DVD/BD rasgando canal, which then encodes to 12bit , and like my DVR and drives of television etc, and my main PC for all of the mine no gaming uses. Ossia My half comunicacionales complete all PC SUSTAINED for the Synology IN The and a HDHomeRun coverage semi-detached tuner plugged to a OTA antennae in my coverage.

ASRock X470 Taichi AM4 ATX Mobo
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X with Wraith the prism has DIRECTED more Fresco
Clave X Serious 2x8GB (16GB) DDR4 SDRAM 3200 (PC4 25600)
EVGA GeForce GTX295
Samsumg 860 EVO serious 500GB SATA III SSD (walk of boot)
2x Seagate IronWolf Pro 2TB In the HD 128MB Cashe HD (RAID 1 source of file)
Asus Black 12X BD-Rom (BC-12B1ST)
Corsair Serious of Carbide SPEC-03 Black Steel Mid Tour Gaming Chance
2x Artico F14 PWM PST 140mm chance intake defenders
2x 120mm the chance exhausts defenders
2x ASUS VX248H 24' monitors

Synology IN THE DiskStation DS1817+ (2GB Diskless)
Crucial 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3/DDR3L 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) SODIMM (CT2K8G3S160BM)
5x Seagate IronWolf Pro 12TB IN THE HD 7200 RPM 256Hide of MB SATA (ST12000NE007)

1byone Antcloud 75my antenna of external TV
SiliconDust HDHomeRun Connects Four HDHR5-4Tuner of EUA

am running Ubuntu with all some necessary programs to sustain this, he all does adds.
4 / 5 Shelton
Description partorisca F14 PWM PST has SAWED

left preface this partorisca say, flavour Artico the plot, has used 3x F12 this (any one a silent series) in a HTPC has built the year, is running 100 and is good calm defenders. Like this when FINALLY it avenges time the upgrade of the mine old X58/1366 system, has known has wanted to go back in Artico for my defenders of chances. Personally, no respecto for has DIRECT defenders. Still, has has wanted to partidrios that looked well, and this was decently priced, these were the no brainer mine. As I have bought 4 of them.

Sometimes the pictures can be deceive, well remarks that a colour is attentive. The noise is a bit subjective, has not been that considers to be too strong but these are quite calm for me. I am using 4 in the Corsair Air 740, 2 running down RPM and 2 that careers in 100. I am audible, yes... But a stock Corsair the defenders were way stronger... These are comparable to mine old Prolimitech Blue Vortex 140 east (some of some better defenders never done imo).

I bosses are roughly 12.n Along (has not measured), and can be daisy chained near which is adds. I have bought the partidrio hub and extensions because I have not been sure require them ... I have finalised not requiring anything extra. Has 2 insiemi of 2 in the headed has separated that mine exited motherboard. Purportedly some headed is very still 1amp, and these defenders are estimated in 0.3, is more to verify before overdoing he in headed your of defender.

There is so only a flu with these, out of one 4 I has bought.. 1 Of them there it is fines-colored boss and does not have to that sticker in a backside. A boss is a thing because it is hid, but an annoying sticker. A backside of a partidrio odd has the logo Artico and some another wording in a plastic, a sticker has not fallen off is has drawn so only that way. It is simply the different version of a partidrio same, any way to know of a box. It is not the breaker of extracted I supposition, but in the build to cool of the air... Especially with the big window is disappointing.

In general still would recommend these, well is looking partidrios calm that will not break a bank.
3 / 5 Monique
I have bought this like the addition the late plus to my already gathered PC. Some looks of defender partorisca do well, but some rays are craps. They are also tiny. Because my chance has a AIO the bomb and the radiator have limited the space in a zone has wanted to install this defender. They are by train to to use likes of an exhaust the defender that swipes directly up out of a chance. If it avenges with the longest rays simply could send the ray by means of both holes and be facts with him. Has has had to that instead I experiences with dipping some rays for up by means of a fund (has directed so only one or two this method). As I have moved on dipping a ray in a a hole and that finds the engine of long thin ray for presionar he by means of the chance. A ray was barley long enough to enter in this way and undressing ensued... And no a good class where the dollars are exchanged and any port some hot wings and the beer.

Loves 5 star give 30mm rays or at least the no done rays was has beaten.
2 / 5 Lyla
Ossia My third produced arctic and unfortunately, has found one of some links feeble in a product lineup
has has purchased previously the freezer and the band of 80mm defenders. A 140mm defenders, this in spite of, looks partorisca have the defect to draw. Some leaves neither flex so only quite or one that resists failure prematurely. I am not exactly sure the one who past but a leaf of partidrio hooked one of mine tabs of ray of the mountain and deformed. It was used so only for roughly a year (possessed he for roughly 3). A result of final is the defender has failed that it demand to be drawn for continuous operation. They are in fact he bit it disappointed but are unsure if ossia isolated or the no. Has two to the others to defenders so only like to of him and are them quell'has bitten wary to dip a backside to my system. Only prpers give the partidrio has failed is controlling time and give that they are quell'has bitten big that usual.
A defender comes with 4 rays of trace
Expects your experience is better that mine
5 / 5 Dallas
It has installed three of these so it exhausts defenders in a cup of a Ethnoo Pro house (new Ryzen 7 3700X build). They do not have vibration of hule-damping tampons in some points of annex, likes I used 'Cosmos 12 PC of Pieces of Hule Black CPU/Partidrio of Chance that Trace Kerbs of Rays' in place of some rays of the metal comprised (which are not black and as it does not match a colour of a frame of defender, if ossia of entity to calm). Fact like the charm--the defenders are like this calm that I have to sustain on and look to a chance partorisca determine if some leaves are turning.

A three 140 appeal the plot of air, and normal working load low (any gaming), my inner time is stable in a mid-30 east. Still in the warmish room, have still partorisca see 40C. It helps that a chance is big and well-drawn partorisca flow of air, more have other defenders that reads partorisca pull air (two 120s in a subordinated and he 200 in a front), but partorisca three 140s has situated that near of an user partorisca be that calm--amiably fact, Artico!

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jannet
Amazing technology. I have wanted a bit 960 like bad series but has maintained to expect for the drop to price that has it not coming never. It opens With a new and better plus 970 series, has pulled a trigger and the unit purchased That is to say a first time owes the fact has taken my hands in a NVMe walk. I have believed whenever that they were in a measure of RAM, but is more afterwards in the clave to gum measures. I can not think what this small. The installation is easy while it can take calm in him. In my case is among PCIe empty as it owe my card of map to install it. One has seen of BIOS the immediately, then I simply the software of free partition to transfer that it copies used some logical partitions and MBR in of mine 750 EVO in my new 970. I have posed then BIOS to kick of a walnut tick to gum' and deactivated some another. Like The final step takes cards of the walk of a two has reserved partitions in a walk of boot and reformatted a walk of old boot in the room GPT. Definitively I can say the difference when uploading the applications with the big impression compared in a SATA-based SSD. It expect to see the shoes of perceivable difference-time-in-desktop, but is to take to say. But when movement of Samsung SSD in Samsung faster SSD, trying savings of the note of time is likes him leave of the hairs. In these signals to price that a walk costs each penny.

Edita: comprise the benchmark. 2,759 Dry/MBs writing, and 2,313 dry/MBs read. If you take 3.5' floppies, that is to say likes him read 1915 diskettes every second.

Edit2: Desprs Gives Cela has not taken a speed estimated (which any one probably in fact voice), begun to look in him and I have done sure this there has been an update of BIOS later, one late plus chipset and engine of storage, and a Samsung NVME automotive. Desprs Doing all concealed, I re-has run a benchmark and now is in 3000 dry/MBs mark! It IS hurriedly out of a box but with pertinent setup can be it much faster!
5 / 5 Kiersten
It was sper excited to take this, is the mostly explicit gamer with the 144Hz Gsync that is to say sensitive to retard of entrance and refresh taxes. I have expected my socks to be attacked of a first time my PC kicked and I some material of general task. Honestly? You can benchmark all want to, but there is 0 perceivable difference among a nvme and he Sata3 SSD external of moving gigantic files.

Your games perhaps debit 1 as faster. Perhaps he caiste slightly faster, but that concealed?

An only thing objectively can say is different is can move and delete enormous files instantly. Perhaps it is more effective for any concealed is doing 4K the video that edits.

If you are the gamer or user of just average, only buy the regulate SSD. I trust me.
5 / 5 Lesha
It edits 30 Course 2019:
well, a witchcraft of Samsung usual result after the few months of use. Opposite in what benchmark the test still dictates this walk is now so slow and unresponsive that Kingston walks that launched it since has been. It IS I cradle and badassery dissappeared after an installed update. It IS still the little walk of the fresco but the looks is been throttled behind possibly because of the walks the fast plus that it is in some works.

Original description:
so far so good. There is the pre installed Kingston m.2 sata Walk in my MSI gaming laptop and he a work, only very very hurriedly. Desprs Cloning My system on in a 970 EVO was anxious to see a difference in of the speeds. In my surprise a time to kick any a lot of change, can be the averages the fastest second, so little begun to ask if a prize has be worth it. I have decided to open that it Season Lightroom how is what predominately use these decrees of computer. It have accused the batch of photos with an old walk and he had taken quite a lot of 5 minutes to finish. It has accused a same batch with one 970 EVO and he have blown my alcohol, 45 bren to import in adjustment of batch and export. I am so happy with this walk, my work of photograph will spend so much faster now.
Attaching a CrystalMark bookmarks/marcadors for both my Kingston old and one 970 EVO. It was hesitant to spend this a lot in the walk but now can not expect update my desktop with one of these.
5 / 5 Denna
Has the 15' Retina MacBook Pro this has been purchased new (fully loaded) in June 2014 with the 1TB SSD. Like mine In this Mac protects, Apple considers this machine the soyacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013)' and a fund is Model stamped A1398. Some months of mark of pair, the scanner of the utility of corruption of the routine disk revealed in a SSD that could any one when the be has not repaired. I formatted a walk and reloaded Saw very Big 10.13.6. A bit those that days after I this, a factory SSD suddenly spent to do totally, and was unable to kick a machine so that the can not find the local walk. Mac IS my tent of the neighbourhood of reparation could very still takes a walk to identify he in the semi-detached sled in another Mac, as something at the end has been bad with him in a piece-level, and failure.

Alas, he 1TB substitution SSD of the apple was $ 600 more $ 100 work, and OWC is afterwards-the walks of piece suffer terrible descriptions quite quality of product and subjects of heat. It enters these two available childbirths in Amazon: a esamsung 970 EVO 2TB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E2T0BW)' And a 'JSER 12+16passador 2014 2015 Macbook in M.2 NGFF M-Key SSD Converts Card for A1493 A1502 A1465 A1466.'

With these two childbirths, was able to update in the Much FASTER 2TB SSD for in $ 800. That is to say to BEND a room of original storage and in TENDER a speed of an Apple of factory SSD for only in $ 200 more. State executing this SSD for the few weeks now without subjects. It issues the records of sleep add, and all research to be perfect, only faster. An only thing has not been able to try still is hibernate, so that these only kicks in during road to Dream when a stack takes supremely down, and that the has not spent in my machine still.

If your MacBook Pro SSD has failed and is looking in of the options, considers some separates mentioned, so that they represent the very better value and qualified of action that the factory of Apple SSD. While your MacBook Pro has been updated in the Big recent version of Sierra (10.13.X) Or main, your MacBook Pro an update of firmware that is to say to require therefore afterwards-piece SSD work of combination. The control out of some results attached of Black of Magic speed for the evidence of an action will take with this combo! Very happy so far, and the clave behind finds any subjects like the times continue in. I am 3-4 weeks in and all have been smooth!
5 / 5 Christene
First words: an action is some real roads . I have not been sure cual to expect, only had listened this goes of the traditional turning/magnetic walk in a SSD would be crazy, Mays.... He - is true. Uploading/the time of boot is dramatically faster. I can turn in a PC and when being in a desktop with each uploaded in less than 30 bren while it uses to to take several minutes.

Segundo: the installation was the ache . Any one so that a hardware is difficult (calm only angle he in an empty m.2 And then tense a ray that controls down) but a software that use with i.et. Windows. Windows Has maintained to give me errors so many at the end abandoned an idea to do the clone of disk and has done the right in the fresh windows installs. This looked to do except obviously now has data in my old disk that will require to pull entered some point.

Backwards in a SSD he even so - he, IS very that fast. For a prize, this has to be one of some better improvements can do in your system, especially included is using to in to the traditional hard walk like his era. Highly recommended.

P.D. They are tiny! It do not expect them piece only when being these small. It IS in a measure of my toe of indication/a clave in gumming. Half terabyte in this measure....... Supposition a future a lot is here!
5 / 5 Lenora
It have been saving to purchase one 960 EVO SSD but has seen then a nexus that had the newest version available - a 970 EVO! (Thank you Amazon!) I have purchased to the to this like him to him some updates to augment one 128GB NVMe SSD STROLL YOU that it avenges with my laptop (Odyssey of Samsung of Notebook). You are the very mere process to substitute. I have used a software of Samsung of Recovery to do the backup of an original walk in an external walk before it substitutes. Once complete, has substituted a SSD, kicked in a software of Samsung of Recovery and has restored my backup. Any one included has to extend to to the any partition likes him to him the software of the automatically destined recovery all an extra storage. My original SSD was already fast but run out of free room. Desprs Substituting, was able to remark a global impulse in of the speeds for everything especially now this has in 400GB of free room! Afterwards, I have to save until that augments my memory of RAM of the laptop! I am very happy with one 970 EVO and included happier was so easy to substitute. Samsung 970 EVO 500GB - NVMe PCIe M.2 2280 SSD (MZ-V7E500BW)
5 / 5 Janell
To do the decrease of long history: This was an increase of enormous action and cost each penny, has to you he that is using the mechanic HDD or SATA SSD, highly consider this compraventa.

To do the long tale: that Comes from/Comes from the cube of subject Sandisk 240gb with the theorist 500MBps read and he 185MBps real read in a real read of almost 1800 MBps, this tiny clave of the action done the very perceivable difference my day to the day to time to touch to run games and juggling the applications has been horrified in which difference that deletes SATA of some marks of equation, that short a time to upload for more than things in the some place among 3/4s and the ways that used to be.

Is not quite updated in crunching fiigures and benchmarks to join a debate in an action and longevity of this Sr.2 SSD Compared in 960.VO Predecessor of him and WD amounting, everything would have to know is that of the perspective of layman that is to say an ABSOLUTELY the CRUCIAL update that composes yes at present is using the lowest end SATA SSD or Any HDD.
5 / 5 Loree
It takes this yesterday and installed he in my laptop. One has announced read/to write the speeds are correct while it take 3459 MBs /s read and 2420 MBs/s write which are awesome. Time of the boot and the times of loads are almost very existent and the installed windows in less than timing that I take me to do the sandwich. That the time for living being.
2 / 5 Paulina
Later and last update. After several months of use, has purchased another walk. Why? Heat. One 960 consistently short big - very big, while in 57C or 134 titles. This was when a system was idling and worsened in almost 200 titles when touching Battleground 5. A temperature also would locate when touching other games even so no so bad or big when touching BFV. In the lark has exchanged one 970 with an original and a temperature was insignificant. Full revelation, one 57C/134 titles was also when using the 1500 RPM tampon to cool. Yes, without a tampon a temperature would locate considerably. The programs have used by gauging temperature - SpeedFan 4.52, Action of Priest of System Monitor Avanat and CPUID HWMonitor.

Left an original description 'only so that.' Has 37 Core-case to Be able to GO 41 since 10/07/2018 has installed of a walk takes. An only recourse is to oblige reboot and/or closure. This was 37 more KPE there was since having a Alienware R4 17 since February 2016. It can the when being the time to start with of a notebook that slips? Absolutely, even so up until a change there had not been a lot of problems. It contemplates to do the refresh of Windows 10 - line that, clean to install and see that it spends then. Anawhoo...

Sooo, HAS TAKEN a sucker to install in an in title. It was not easy - so that I have followed together with suggestions of Samsung of forum when the things have been surrealists . It IS hurriedly, Windows 10 debits in 2 as - possibly less, a notebook has 32 GB DDR 2400 likes anything...

That it is past was: < the hate when the people say that<<
the walk has been recognised in W10 but only in RAW format, could not change or the format that Management of uses of Disk.
BIOS Changed so suggested of RAID in AHCI - same result, could be it seen but could any format. Yes, I have installed an engine and software of Samsung. Created the partition saw CMD using Select dik W10 USB, still could not access a walk of interior W10.
Left, dirty clothes, has touched the few games in my IPAD Pro and then revisited. Tried Macrium software to clone, has not done.
FIXED: Sure Road, formed, rebooted W10 and was able to complete the fresh installation of W10. Or cloning software - Samsung and Macrium the plasma was able to clone an original to walk take and I at the end left and has done the clean installation. A walk is very very fast - at least in me. The far cry has touched 5 to see or was only me and can very well has been except any one. Clean installation of W10 has taken quite a lot of 2 minutes, ploughing and closing the programs are also hurriedly. Transferred 24 GB of data of the 2TB the walk takes (internal) and has taken quite a lot of 3 minutes, possibly 4. The supposition will annul a nave of tower of the Amazon. It expects this erratic helps of atrocity and sad, has had the drink of energy of the Monster - scatterbrained...
1 / 5 Anton
I have ordered one of one 1TB walks for the tez of NEW PC. Hurriedly The looks in one focuses in the receipt and each looked well. A lot of fast advance thwarting hours to try to imagine was why a PC would not see a full volume of a walk, instead only aiming 250GB available room. The return to curve verifies a box. At most the next inspection gives that this has not been the 1TB walk, but he 250GB walk, mislabeled how 1TB. Very angered that this ray of the census up derailed my weekend. Pissed That a substitution is not when being expedited, especially of a subject totally is the amazon fails.

Top Customer Reviews: ARCTIC ACFAN00135A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jaimee
Way: F12 PWM PSTSize: 120 mm - F Serious Awesome qualities, extremely calms almost silent. I have substituted all 7 partidrios in my chance with these and his working fantastically.
FYI If your unfamiliar with PST essentially leave you to hook on partidrios multiple to the headed alone reason each defender has the row of small pig of a main connector to hook another partidrio to. You can hook until 5 partidrios of the headed only. Ossia A lot well for motherboards concealed active also little headed of defender. Has has finalised to have 4 of these defenders use a PST to function like them all the defenders of the chances of the front were in sync - ossia a lot good. The period of boss is generous and would have to that be more than sufficient for the plenary ATX chance. Absolutely you recommend these. The defenetly, without the doubt buys him again.

Another questions concealed has been answered on its own name after using these was a pressure of static air. They blow a lot well and move the plot of air. Has two of this trace in mine radiator for waters he of loop close fresher I use (Corsair H100i). You not having enough a static pressure of a Corsair HS defenders of serious, but a system is not in clocked and I max was around 48c in a CPU with ARTICO F12 still. A Corsair is strong - like this stupid strong can the to you listens of another room when they are to all the speed. A F12 is in full throttle is the magnitudes the calm plus (albet less static pressure) but even more that sufficient. They look frescos also! Any one stupid CONCENTRATED is no gimmicks. Plastic is a fat type well, has broken leaves in a past of all my tinkering and accidentel in impactante. It thinks some leaves of pair added defently help with noise and flow of air. These are PERFECT for a front of the chance of computer or behind exhausts 120mm port of chance. They are also dual in partidrios resistant. Now boss bearings is generally calmer (they no last like this long), these defenders to resist are in pair with as calm a sleeve bearings is.
5 / 5 Winford
Way: F12 PWM PST - 5 PackSize: 120 mm - F-Serious has taken these defenders in some pasts and was excellent, but has bought another together and his action was lackluster. In a video I posted has the defender of a first time has on purchased, and the defender of one the majority of near recent has purchased in a fund. They are receiving some same PWM signal of a CPU controller of defender, but an inferior defender is drastically slower. Besides, any one the embrague in an engine is too many orders, or a stop of motora the torsion is too down; any way, a result is that a defender does not have quite a lot of torsion to restart in of the conditions of voltage in firm. A global action of a defender is lackluster, and a whole box has treated similarly. I have it quell'has asked already to him focus of turn, and am expecting a substitution does not have this subject of action. They are by train of the give 3 stars because a first box has purchased was excellent, and expect that I can update my description when I take the substitution dipped of defenders.

Update: it take the substitution dipped of the defenders and is exactly some same: subpar has compared to leading defenders of a same mark and give form. I have uploaded the new video that aims like a RPM and the torsion is lower in a pin still has compared to an older version of a defender, included with only 2 partidrios in a headed same. Usually I have two of a model of the same more Arctic defenders old as well as two other defenders that career in a CPU headed without question; some defenders some new plus is so only a lot like this good.
5 / 5 Carlie
Way: F12 PWM PST COSize: 120 mm - F-Serious has ordered eight of these partorisca locate in a cup of the Thermaltake Core X9 unfortunately with which trace some defenders result clear three of some defenders have come DONA . Some defenders snapped in a point partorisca mount to an inner iron rendering his useless. I have asked and RMA with his support and will update yes once a process is complete.

after contacting the support ARTICO send defenders of substitution without any hassle. It do not doubt partorisca buy east another time has based on support of product.
4 / 5 Hermina
Way: F12 Rule - 5 PackSize: 120 mm - F-the series has taken these to upgrade some Masters of Fresh plus HAF 912 I has purchased recently partorisca do the new build (used three) two in a front and a backside and could not be happier. Really they move the plot of air. Partorisca A thing a OEM the defender there has been seven leaves and these have new and that situates my hand in a backside can feel a difference in flowing to air so it presses against my hand. A real informative is is defenders very calm any that a CM is was noisey so only that these are sper calm with one any technology partorisca resist.. With some prices partorisca the five calm sale so only can any gone bad. Highly recommend. With three that runs a so only a listen is a stock AMD CPU defender when it takes the tad warm while gaming. These things are sper calm partorisca say a less.

there is REMARKED vary it wobbles a day in my chance of PC and has taken the side enough is one of some defenders that has had the leaf snaps was that it causes a wobble. Emailed Artic Has declared my subject has attached my bill of Amazon and has sent the substitution ...Any fuss.. Any muss.
Client and support of excellent company.
A to the fault of the defender of mine was so only one of these things that spends with things from time to time in all the walks of life any subject a product. The service of client adds does not look to spend like this stand for behind his product.
4 / 5 Odell
Way: F12 PWM PSTSize: 120 mm - F-Serious has decided to substitute my defenders of chances with these 120mm Arctic defenders partorisca use a PWM technology in mine MOBO. I have had these fans on and when being announces almost 2 weeks, my thoughts are down:

1. Some defenders are very calm for as economic is. The sound results more noticeable when gaming (~1100RPM) but is silent when the web that explores (~700RPM).
2. Included PWM PST Connecting the cord left to link until four of these to one something of defender in mine MOBO.
3. The connection of leaves of cord longer to achieve partidrios further.
4. Temperatures of PC REDUCED for the pocolas terracings celcius (Hangs it PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Ultra settings):
GPU (Nvidia GTX 770 4gb): 76c max (Previously 79c)
CPU (Watercooled i7 4770k): 58c max (Previously 61c)
Chances Temp: 42c max (Previously 44c)
5. With PWM speed of the defender enabled does not surpass never 80, remaining relatively calm. The defenders use considerably less can while any gaming and while it go him, this will head to consumption to be able to reduced.

1. Some management of boss is required for partidrios numerous

honradamente there is at all to complain roughly. Some looks of defender to be durable and of good quality while it remains the good compraventa for a price! The installation is simple.
4 / 5 Ronny
Way: P12 PWM PST - 5 Bandage - Black/BlackSize: 120 mm - P-Serious These have done the substantial difference in an action of both mine 120mm and 240mm radiators. Previously it has used it highly the regular defenders have estimated on appeal/of push, but throttled down partorisca noise. This I use in 100 speed - and is almost entirely silent! There is the few defenders has estimated slightly main, but in 2 to 3 times this price ( has bought a band of 5). They Liked him so much of that has converted all my defenders of chances to these. Note: these 'the pressure optimised' the defenders are substantially calmer that an Arctic tandard' the hips has aimed models here, in spite of costruttore identical dB indications.
4 / 5 Adela
Way: F12 TCSize: 120 mm - F-Serious so only installed a defender today in the box of the coverage done of commission. A lot my disappointment a defender is doing the sound partorisca rub. I have verified a clearance everywhere a defender and has concluded that a noise is coming from inside a partidrio hub zone of engine. Very disappointing to have to that it can have been the almost silent defender that constantly goes "scratch of scratch of the scratch."

Update: After several hours of operation, a strong lining has turned to the calm lining. Anything is rubbing has spent partially go. I go to see goes was at night. Really I do not want to disassemble a cupboard, but of then is going in the island can has to that substitute...
5 / 5 Alycia
Way: P12 PWM PST - 5 Bandage - Black/BlackSize: 120 mm - P-the series are pleasantly surprised with this compraventa. An order partorisca defenders is why the cooling was the one who a computer has been missing. Five defenders have optimised partorisca pressure of static air, touched adds. Some defenders are calm whisper . A cord partorisca be able to is the reasonable period . A surprise has come when I there is remarked a viril/ female coupling connectors. All five defenders can be coupled partorisca run of one (1) source partorisca be able to. Ossia The very good characteristic . A neighbour also comes with rays of trace. They owe that cut his own grooves but go in handy. Ossia The compraventa very economic .
4 / 5 Lennie
Way: F12 PWMSize: 120 mm - F-Serious is listed like Rev.2 Which is supposition partorisca rid 74 CFM, but after receives it there is remarked a airflow was a lot down and when I have verified a box is listed in 53 CFM. After doing more the on-line investigation there is remarked real Rev.2 partidrios will have printed he in a defender hub, but a some I receipts a lot, and some speeds of defender are compatible with a leading version.
4 / 5 Hye
Way: P12 PWM PST - Black/BlackSize: 120 mm - P-Serious These is my partidrios preferred together with Noctua. Both look partorisca last for ever and is shockingly calm partorisca a quantity of movement of airs. A big end Noctua the partidrios has corners of hule and coming with more accessories but his hips cost the plot more. I have been using several Arctic defenders partorisca varied years with some running 24/7 and there is still partorisca have any fail or still begins partorisca do noise. Skip All some any defenders of name, gimmicks likes has DIRECTED to light, etc, and buy something concealed is a lot of engineered, calm and will last like this defender or the Noctua.

Top Customer Reviews: ARCTIC Freezer 33 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Armanda
I have purchased this fresh plus partorisca substitute a stock fresher in mine Ryzen 5 2600 as it has taken bit it strong during longitude gaming sessions. I have researched all a popular coolers, and finally solved is a reason returns some looks of the mine build (black and aim). While it was happy with these looks , has not expected my times partorisca fall so to the equal that have done. Hanging goes him my time has fallen 12-14c and equally one same during gaming, and a better part? It is almost silent! Probably it substitute my defenders of chances with artic defenders to the equal that look utmost and will match my fresh plus.

Like reason a 4 description of star? Well I create a packaging of a hardware could be improved. It take the stock exchange with rays and stand-offs for adapters, and at the beginning looks all look a lot looked. Help if these stand-offs have been separated in of the stock exchanges of lock of small zip labeled for a pertinent socket. The common of the people do not inform to a manual, and is unfortunate if any one installed some wrong stand-offs and possibly has broken his system.

This in spite of, highly recommends this fresh plus, and personally will recommend it to my friends.

Now on to some overclocking.....
5 / 5 Jone
Has this installed in the Thermaltake Extracted H17 chance in the Ryzen 2600. My time was on 70c while runing prime95 with a stock fresher. With east, can overclock all some cores to and some stays of temperature down 64 a whole time I career prime95. It was easy to install and took 5 minutes less. Any one I still takes my motherboard of a chance. My computer is almost silent all a time now. Value a sure price.

A info I on-line states expsitos that this fresh plus is 157mm big. My chance, one Extracted H17, cast the maximum cpu the freshest date of 155mm. I have taken the casualidad and has tried this thing was in all the chance. It returns so only well. I have not had any question at all taking a side of a chance has retreated on with this installed fresh plus. There is still some room among a fresh plus and a side of a chance.
5 / 5 Deshawn
As I am changing on partorisca use AIO water coolers in a past few systems and behind partorisca air cooling partorisca my new Ryzen system. Has has wanted to something better that a wraith stealth that comes with a CPU, both partorisca cool and noise. And also the price was the consideration of entity . Also a black colour was another factor partorisca an election.

A Noctura would have done the work adds, but has not wanted to bend of the money in the heatsink and then pay more for defenders very ugly and the black coverage.

Was the little concerned roughly having 2 partidrios, but has known could take 1 there is wanted . And to the equal that results, is not the question. Both defenders are good and silent. Everywhere it has colour ( has chosen an aim trim model), this material is ruberized to help with vibrations. (As a whole coverage, besides some corners).

Had looked in the pocola test revises concealed has aimed this HSF done well thus price and has to that say that it does. It is maintaining this CPU almost like this fresco like my AIO has done in the 3770k in the warm room. This would have to that be well for the 6 or 8 core CPU would expect.
4 / 5 Moon
Go partorisca go with one all Noctua defender setup, but am happy I stumbled by means of a line of product ARTICO. This CPU fresher has to that be one of a better to price vs action, and returns the aesthetics of mine build.

A fresh plus done the work adds partorisca maintain my Ryzen 5 2600 quota around 45c in full load. All while maintaining a level of noise like minimum running around 1700rpm.

Has had a subject smaller with the mountains of boss of a defender. One of a boss is was quite free to fall out of his highland point when trying fasten some defenders on. This in spite of afterwards take them trace, has is remained insurances of then.

This CPU fresher also comes with one in so it is not listed in a description of product:

8 anti-the vibration cushions this adheres to some 4 corners of the each partidrio
Small quantity of ARTICO MX-4 Thermal Paste

to good sure would recommend this fresh plus on some of a big plus priced alternatives.
3 / 5 Maryanne
Buckle On, long history. The a lot of investigation and wine to a conclusion that this cpu fresher was one of a better partorisca a price. It arrives so only well but when it take partorisca install has run to a subject. Has a ASUS PRIME x470-PRO motherboard and a motherboard backplate this comes with this incompatible with this system of highland fresh plus. This fresh plus so only comes with a intel backplate.

Some estacas of small ray that spends for a clave of joint on the pair of past of millimetri a joint. Ossia Normal and returns stock AM4 coolers so only well. But the system Artico highland calm have ray in laughed rays that has to be flush to a joint partorisca ensure that one the fresh plus has a correct distance partorisca do a right contact. A question was that with one laughed rays all a way in, has had the empty among a backplate and motherboard. I achieved it it was in support Artico in the first place and his emailed for behind a same day and has said would ship me the new backplate. 1.5 weeks later arrives and some estacas are still too long. With which behind and advances with Artico and a vendor, has finalised that it has to that return and remain to look for the new cpu solution to cool.

Is unfortunate reason a quality of build is sum and a colour is awesome. Really I wish it done with my system
3 / 5 Oren
I have had a AMD Ryzen system with the stock Wraith fresher. A ARTICO freezing require you partorisca save part of a Wraith fixes partorisca mount to locate ARTICO fresher. The good regime that finds the substitution the dish has retreated yes has situated of the yours old a. I have bought one of a plastic substitution backplates partorisca a AM4 and with some creative returning was able to take ARTIC fresher is trace. This be has said, this fresh plus is calm and to good sure maintains a CPU fresh. It is the product of quality . His need of engineering partorisca look in a product partorisca ensure that EVERYTHING of some parts has required to the trace is comprised (does not require an use of old parts of another costruttore)
5 / 5 Deedra
Ossia My final description partorisca this product. After the month of use is add, definately validate of the money. But a question has them is that so only I me uncomfortable. This thing is taking for four rays, and so only looking in him in slope of mine motherboard so only think me his in disposal partorisca break, can them in fact wiggle he around also. This thing was quite difficult to install like my chance is quite small. I am substituting this with the freshest water reason are trace to a chance and a lot hangs it of the yours motherboard, so only looks more comfortable for me sad.
1 / 5 Deedee
I have moved to an air a fresh plus because I have required something the tide me on until I have solved in the new AIO. Has thinks that that this has looked partorisca promise because of a dual defender and solid descriptions.

Has taken like this long to locate it today that I have not had time for the try. And ossia unacceptable in my opinion.

Has a AM4 setup, and found a manual to be lacking. Some rays would owe that the use is not labeled, as you will owe attentively examine a manual to imagine out of a some precise.

No only that, some rays of stand-off (two sided) that read for am4 does not return precisely. You fo, but does not cause a dish for behind a motherboard still pull snugly until a joint, as you will owe that apply pressure to a backside of a motherboard to come from (aka: ask another person to help you reason podes a lot that with a delivery and simultaneously resist a fresh plus in place and ray some rays of thumb on). If it calms no, some rays do not clear a group inferior of a fresh plus and some rays of thumb any one is returned. Any only that, calm once is achieved will owe you stress in overtightening reason some rays of thumb have such the long distance to be fully screwed in you probably does not love risk.

His QR the manual of code looks like this fresh st first with some animations, but a highland system is just rubbishes . It likes him-me the defenders of arctic chances and are LIKE THIS DISAPPOINTED is. I have squandered paste Like this thermal to take it well in a third tries.

RASGA Artico. Last time buys the cpu fresher that you.
5 / 5 Terrell
Ossia An amazing fresher, ESPECIALLY partorisca a price. I can not take my ryzen 7 3700x on 64 terracings celcius when trying of estrses he with this fresh plus. More, his sper calm, and looks bad ass. Ticks Each box partorisca me. It installs it was easy also. Sper Happy with this compraventa. One a thing would maintain partorisca import this in spite of is that it is quite big. Turn my atx near perfectly, but would measure your joint in the first place to ensure that it does not cover your space of ram.
5 / 5 Brice
This CPU fresher is awesome. I have had so only two defenders of chances with the ryzen 3 2200g and stock fresher with a overclockes in a CPU career around 70 C. But now with 4 defenders and this fresh plus is in 45 C. Mina overclockes is 3.8 GHz 1.4 volts in mine CPU
Gfx is GHz 1.2 volts
Mina 2x8 ddr4 2666mhz is now 3000mhz in a
ASRock ab350 pro4, bronze 500 power of watt distributes. It can be on kill but wants to see the one who far can press this apu with this fresh plus.

Top Customer Reviews: Arctic F9 PWM PST - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Way: F9 PWM has Ordered a F8, F9 and F12 to partorisca substitute stock defenders in the pre-the system has built. It was already quite calm before, this in spite of seeing I so that it follows to use the like this the centre of half comunicacionales/gaming the rig loved it silent. These are 4 followers of pin that quell'also sustains 3 connectors of pin in motherboards concealed does not use 4 pin. My motherboard has had both.

Has not been never the defender of Noctua because of his colours and a lot that loves pry the leaves was and has to paint him.. I have it quell'has run Nocs, has has run these. Audibly, Can say difference very small among a two. The time has COMPARED to some the stock defenders were minimum so only , -5c the terracings for the half the earring goes him, this in spite of was so only a silence has looked for; these have treated better that expected and quietly. Some bosses are not with bosses in these Arctics - which well is considering a price. Some bosses are very tiny like this sleeving is the breeze needs an aesthetic. Otherwise Some coffins the bosses are pale blue, yellow and green.

Is not discouraged for some prices of these defenders. They are qualities ! So only they do not come with the flashy box and 12 different ways to connect/the install.

Update: I have been running these for 5 months now and is still like this calm likes day I installed him; if you are tired of this be anything economic and breaking inner 2-3 month. A computer is in of the careers 24/7 how is also the server of means comunicacionales, economic would have begun doing some noise for now - but no the peep of these.

Update 2: Bought these in 2015.. Now Jan. 2018. Still running these. Still like this calm likes the day took him.
5 / 5
Way: F9 Silent East fans perfect record in the 90 mm normalised of hole. I have had the strong defender in the computer of relative that drove him crazy and has dipped this in and entirely solve a subject.

A guarantee is is really long and think that it was 6 years.

Some leaves of defender are white and this can be the turn was partorisca some second of users where is by train of the place. It has dipped he inside the chance without any clear windows so that it can not be seen and does not import mine or my relative.

This defender is quell'has bitten more expensive that other frames, but looked a better option and could it to them take quickly with Amazon.

Had used a mark before and has known was silent and this was that it imports in this application.
5 / 5
Way: F9 PWM PST has SAWED has taken the pair of these partorisca do a ac ventilation booster. ( It goes to the 4x10 ventilation partorisca improve airflow his.) I clipped a signal and bosses of control and has connected a yellow and black (positive and earth respectively) to the 12v DC source partorisca be able to by means of the fuse. It looks the crude of has bitten but work. I owe that say that this dies a airflow am impressed with as calm is. An only thing can listen of a ventilation is air , and so only in the dead silent room. Any noise of partidrio anything. I have chosen this because of his dual ball that resists creation for longevity, like this hopefully will hang in there for the moment. Like this far like this good.
4 / 5
Way: F9 the level Takes five stars partorisca my use feigned and a price. I have required partorisca substitute a defender of factory of installed chance in the seven old year HP model of Flag P6404Y. He a work. This partidrio has the three connector of pin. There is NO MOLEX CONNETOR if ossia that requires. A no run defender to all the speed with a power distributed for a motherboard which is for creation.

A HP PC is the basic system that does not generate excessive heat, as it checks other descriptions if the heat is a subject partorisca you. Partorisca Basic use this defender will do to good sure. A thing partorisca remark the bosses of a defender are very thin as compared to a factory fans which is the Foxconn model PV902512L. A defender comes with rays that split my factory fulmine installed.
5 / 5
Way: F9 Pro In short, the ees been using material of cooling Artico partorisca almost 20.t That maintains (cpu/gpu coolers, chance/ of partidrios/psu),
and has not been never disappointed in any appearance.

The majority of a time is more silent that other frames (in same airflow imposed),
and usually roughly 2-3 economic times that another (6-0 vs 15-0 ).

Has used mainly for friends/of familiar builds to do some units touch less like the vacuum cleansing,
while still resupplying decent airflow and have the pair of guarantee of years, usually meaning the wont has to substitute him like this often.
But in of the recent years has taken them annoyed by a clicking that comes from/comes from a walk (Blacknoise/Noiseblocker defenders of chances),
when the throttle him.
Of those is considered already silent (600-1000 rpm and 8-10 dba) and the majority is not supposition to be throttled further, the whose lacking some defenders, but has loved still see an arctic extracted different.

Ossia The better test is not behind (vs other frames).
Still to all the speed ossia more silent that the majority (temp controlled) cpu defenders, while still resupplying good airflow,
chances like this smaller (with perhaps so only a mountain) will have any temp probs.
5 / 5
Way: F9 Rule - 5 Band has purchased these 92mm defenders partorisca locate the interior done of commission HD racks has built in my server of house. Has three of these basses each band of twelve 3.5' walks, 3 levels stacked big (partorisca the total of 36 walks), with roughly 2' partorisca breathe spatial among each stack level. An air of appeal of the defenders of down, and swipe he for up among some 3.5' walks.

Previously to take these 92mm defenders, has had two 120mm defenders under each bank of 12 walk.

These defenders are doing utmost. They are predictable, calm and air of movement in a direction expected without turbulence too useless and with decent pressure. Some walks have installed these followers has been on 45C ~to 25-32C vary which is not bad at all and hopefully extend his lives for the few hours of thousand.
4 / 5
Way: F9 Rule - 5 Sale does not import a noise - because my computer was noisy previously partorisca install some 5 partidrios. My computer is in a smaller room in a house, but also a fresh plus and can heat on a whole room in a winter. Originally I have had 3 partidrios in the appeal/of push setup, this in spite of one of a bearings is exited and begun partorisca do this odd clicking sound. It begins and stop randomly and I finally tired of the has substituted like this. I have purchased these 5 defenders and although I have ordered a wrong measure (also small), is exited. Like this now in place of 3, has 7 and so only slightly stronger that use partorisca be. Of then I have added 4 more defenders to a mix, a level of noise is very reasonable. The control of temperature is bobo add. I can touch the a lot of video game of register, music of current, and broadcast my game of game and paste roughly 140F how is a lot I under a limit. You recommend this product!
5 / 5
Way: F9 PWM Originally has ordered the 120mm defender and has purchased this afterwards gives that it was too big and has required the small plus a partorisca my chance. Really calm can not beat a price and the quality of this defender is extremely calm, and a lot of gain especially is down to to the circumstances like to them the mine. I have bought the quite decent pre-PC BUILT for mainly gaming and daily use and with which upgrading a lot of some parts already like a PSU and a GPU has required some flow of extra air and cooling in the less than the designs of ideal chance to the equal that could return the 92mm defender of chance. I have been with east and for only roughly 10 bucks theres the reliability and the action add and the fool tries 'covers it and touch' way of the install. If it calms no really cured roughly all this RGB BS and all looking sper flush and whatnot or have the chance thats not seeing by means of him highly would recommend this product.
5 / 5
Way: F9 the level Yes is thinking roughly using this in a HTPC, take a silent version instead. This was way stronger that thought it would be partorisca 1800 rpms. Any one the fault of a defender, certainly can move some air in this speed but was too strong partorisca my application. But you can calm the down amiably partorisca run he in 5V in place of 12V, can tolerate one reduces airflow. In 5V this defender is DEAD calm . Approximate rpms would owe that be around 750 in a voltage has reduced. In the current directly of a PSU of mine mobo has not had a headed of extra defender as it can not speak the measured rpms. But still it can move some air, but does not expect it partorisca do the miracles has questions of heat. Partorisca The simple HTPC, this work adds, so only consider a silent version or that runs this out of 5V if the calm operation is your aim .
5 / 5
Way: F9 PWM Immediately a bat, some WORKS of defender and good works. Swapped Out of a defender an old plus of the PC was refurbing this has done more the noise that felt was necessary. The fast investigation in the amazon spent to a Artic defender of serious, which have purchased previously in a past, and to the date there has been subjects of zeros with them of then dipping them the production all these years does. While it is it is not a priciest defenders there, and be missing of a RGB lighting people of atrocities these days concern roughly, they a work is supposes to do quite well, and ossia to move air in & out a chance. And his he quietly. That more can ask.

Would have any subject that recommends this mark to another person, or purchasing more than his defenders owe a need arises.

Top Customer Reviews: Corsair Vengeance ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
1 / 5 Lashanda
I have ordered to this element like him some updates for my PC of house. I have opened a container and sound the freaking the bloc of forest has pressed!!!
5 / 5 Loralee
After the plot of tinkering and touching the type has imagined goes with some help. It can not take a memory to run in 3200, he only default behind in something lower. Publishing This information here for any one this is battling likes him era! It enjoys and it expects records of calm everything.
Final numbers:
16, 18, 18, 18, 36
Voltage 1.35
Frequency 3200

MSI B350 Tomahawk + Ryzen 1700x race in 1.425v 3.9ghz
5 / 5 Marshall
It IS RAM , has heat spreaders, that is to say he 2 x8gb box (16gb total). A description and the beaks could be better, so here is real beaks duquel ships when order 1. Imagined a spreader the height could be useful in this planning on using tanks of monstrous heat with his new skylake piece.

Update 2017-Seven (2 years later) - A continuous original box to do well in the system that is my workstation of daily use (left in 24x7). I actuate Since it buys the twelfth half more than these boxes to use and has run up to now in the bad dimm. Mostly these have been posed in Gigabyte Z170 and Z270 chipset the joints and any one have had a subject this takes a speed announced when using a XMP parameter.
5 / 5 Rachell
I can confirm that felizmente am that it runs a Corsair Revenge LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Boxes of Desktop by heart - Blanca (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W) in the MSI B350 Tomahawk in 3200Mhz. Desprs MSI Has update a BIOS in 4/26 was able to achieve this speed. In front of an update, was able to take he in 2933Mhz. In BIOS has a speed posed in 3200 and some clocks have posed in 16 18 18 18 36 and a voltage of the ram posed in CART. Quan Has posed manually a voltage in 1.350 does not act. In all the case, while this info is useful for other buyers and obviously, is giving this RAM 5 stars for working as feigned with my motherboard.

UPDATE 5/11/17: I am gone down a speed in 2933Mhz. A lot of test by heart has run the pointed errors when race in 3200Mhz while one 2933Mhz is the free error. I am running a BIOS later (B350 TOMAHAWK (CROWN-7A34) Emission of BIOS of the V1.5). retest In general accelerate when new BIOS the updates are starts .
1 / 5 Aretha
I have lost in 20 hours reinstalling You and updating software. The May thought It that a RAM could be defective.

Asks to run Memtest86 and pictures of roads of a RAM. Memtest86 Can very included complete a test because of a vast quantity of errors. They have been suppositions to return in me in 2 days. I have uploaded some pictures and the result to try fact 5 days. Still expect listen they.

CORSAIR Would have to invert controls of quality and service of client, in place of elegant looking PCB is and cooling fins; as any one another manufacturer of decent RAM.

Will not touch the CORSAIR products never again. Any respectable mark sells untested RAM. Horrible.

Edita. Owe the afterwards 6 days of any response. They have said that they will treat it. Still any response after 3 days. Has the system of entrance that any one checks on. Anything writes or the vain clave in the black hole. It has to call the many times for the take fact. It is been 11 days of my first contact, even so, no the only action has been taken by them.

Update after 6 month. It was in the able end has substitutes, but has had to to pay for a substitution in advance. Otherwise, Has to expects 2-3 weeks without RAM. An only substitution has said that there is was the model with has DIRECTED. I have paid in $ 200 for him. After 6 month, has verified my account of card of the credit, and has remarked that still have any refunded that $ 200+, included although there is routed his joins them defective RAM immediately. I have called only it. They have said that will return in me in 3-5 business days.

Has lost for hours that treats this horrible company, included although it is totally his failure. They all see it when look in a number of entrance. Any apology. Any one preoccupies . Only felizmente tug he further.

Update after 7 month. Still I can not take my repayment behind. I have opened the BBB complained. That the horrible company.
4 / 5 Anthony
Installed in my new Ryzen system with a AB350 Mobo, and 1500X CPU.

PLEASE NOTE - This ram is announced likes 3000, but has discovered that it is not technically 3000 out of a box, is able of demands in 3000, and only has a capacity in overclock he in bios. IF you are using the MOBO with a right bios, literally can change the pertinent OC posing in just for selection a OC profile.

That is to say in fact the easiest plot and surer those sounds what AB350 gaming has taken together has an easy to find right of the option in a first memory of the page advanced low parameters. Only failures the boxes, and profile of selection 1, and my speed of ram was of around 2200 in 2933. I suppose he small perceivable difference in action. Even so, if you are quite miserable to have that be spending 00 ram of arrests, mark you better sure takes each value of penny out of him!
3 / 5 Albertina
It takes this for my Ryzen tez, that listens that it use it Samsung B-Mor which are some by heart the better compatible piece with Ryzen. Alas my particular boxes use Hynix piece, which have a worse compatibility!

Can not take to run 3200MHz any import that marks. So you can , it has had probably piece of Samsung.

Wants to verify you can download the program nicknamed Thaiphoon these covers know that it ask has in yours RAM.

The sufficed to say that I am sorely disappointed, but is not necessarily one the fault of Rams.
5 / 5 Thao
These exited of a box in my AMD AM4 system and continues to operate reliably in 2933 MHz, included after 2 bios updates (mentions that b/c the set of HyperX the memory had prisoner doing after the bios update). It would like him more than these was able the paste a 3200 MHz the speed is estimated in, but is has to forego an insignificant difference concealed'd clean in favour of a reliable action has experimented since day 1. These are far and was a better of 3 sets of the ram has tried in my AM4 system.

Wants to provide the details of pair for which can be compatibility of investigation :

1. I am using these in a Asrock AB350m motherboard with the 1700x processor (that runs in stock 3.4 GHz). Very happy w stability and action.
2. Anteriorly Has tried one 2 x 4GB version of this ram (parts CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) but run in 2133 Mhz in my Asrock AB350m and experimented the small lock of system ups. A fellow ASUS Premier B350M-A neither would run one 2 x 4GB has posed faster that 2133 Mhz. So you are considering a 2 x 4GB conjoint, would opt by so 16 GB has posed instead.
5 / 5 Burton
It was able to take these shows by heart in 3000mhz in my Ryzen 7 1700 in the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard. It IS in a list estada in consonance for this motherboard and has used only a XMP profile and has done a lot of tests of tension without subjects.
4 / 5 Riva
The tan Included like a constructor of PC experimented, has done the quite critical error when that buys this memory. At all this broke a system or anything. Hell, any included fail to kick. An installed memory very good and a system published without a subject.

To kick in of the Windows even so, has remarked a memory run in only 2133MHz which are quite the low plus bit that that I the extra has paid prendi. Imagined a motherboard only has not detected a main speed. Any one totally uncommon. As it was in a UEFI Bios and has enabled a XMP profile that has detected automatically a memory, has adjusted a voltage, etc. Promising Material. This was until I have saved and has restart a computer. It fails to bond three times before appealing to sure-road.

The imports is using the Premier X70-Pro, as I have decided to verify a QVL for a joint and has been disappointed for the sees has not been listed under Ryzen 2 lean Gene. I forget massive on my part. Felizmente The amazon is fresh quite returns for the box backed by a motherboard, but is writing this in an era casualidad could save more a hassle.

The decrease of long history: it controls your motherboards QVL for the compatibility with a CPU is planning on installing in him. A system absolutely bounces and run very good. But you are paying an extra premium for 3200MHz the memory and one joints no the backwards, literally is launching your money has been.

Again, for explanation. At all it was physically bad with a memory and I integer heartedly admits this was the deception on my part. Only I am publishing this in hopefully save more an inconvenience of mine rookie deception.
4 / 5 Millard
Received this and installed the in my new Ryzen 5-2600 build. Has the gigabyte b450 Aorus M motherboard. NEW PC began it on immediately without subjects at all with any ram, CPU, or mobo.
Reading that the majority of ram can be overclocked of then is everything basically 2400 MHz, has used Gigabyte EasyTune application partorisca do a overclocking. An application the very simple fact of calm does not have to that enter any numbers in a bios. An application he partorisca you. Calm so only has to that select a speed wants.

Short stable in 2666mhz but when I have looked for to go to 2933 MHz finally has taken a famous blue screen of death, 1st time never and has been using computer of TWO. These times have had to that go to a bios to take my system behind and retreats of reset to 2666 MHz and work perfectly. I will update to the new bios and see that it spends.

Agrees that the ram has sold likes 2400 MHz is not to try he for costruttore any big plus, as some of them could not be able to go like this big likes another. They are happy he OC to 2666 mhz. Any real difference? Nope!
4 / 5 Wilmer
Was able to take this memory to clock in 3000mhz in mine Ryzen 7 1700 in the Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 motherboard. It is in a list estada in consonance thus motherboard and has used so only a XMP profile and has done a lot of try of estréses without subjects.
5 / 5 Anette
The accident fulfils so only say that these claves have done perfectly for my current setup.

Asus Prime b350m-A motherboard
650w distributes to be able to
Ryzen 1700x in stock frequency
GTX 1070
256gb m.2 SSD

All was to update a motherboard firmware to a later version and install these claves like the dual canal setup. Tour in a to automatic and automatically finds one the majority of effective setup. It dips a frequency has wished to 3000mhz and looked! 32GB 3000MHZ Without lag or incidents.

More than everything? Any need to look on a Samsung B-die to achieve a speed in some claves.
5 / 5 Isobel
Both of the mine two 8gb claves of DRAM fails less than the month after receiving them. A guarantee begins in some dates of compraventas so that the accounts of ship to time spent against calm ( taking 15 days in my chance). Your options after a guarantee expíra is to create an account in corsair page of support, create the 'gone in' for your product, and then attended for him to be agreed. I have run to codes of multiple error and broken links to try to insert regulate billing and shipping information. I have found that some options of substitution are so only accessible by means of contacting support directly. It is now be the week of multiple calls to sustain of client and buggy the web pages and am still in squared one. You do not recommend corsair DRAM in a risk to treat his apathetic support.
5 / 5 Colin
Am using this ram in the Taichi x370 motherboard with the Ryzen 5 1600x CPU that careers in

These works of ram extremely well, this in spite of with Ryzen can do not saying has been 100 first of legislation. This in spite of, like this RAM is so only 'technically' certified for Intel program, can not complain too much. Ossia That has learnt like this far:

In mine motherboards bios running AGESA , was so only able to take this ram at most of 2933MHz, and one estimated 3200MHz any estaca at all. This has finalised to be well, and in 2933MHz a system has stable course and run over benchmarks. There is adds informative this in spite of!

When AMD has RELEASED a AGESA and my motherboard has released the bios with this new code, out of a box again was still so only able to achieve 2933MHz, and a stock XMP profile for 3200 MHz any estaca, this in spite of him a lot of cycle on and was likes on , he so only remained in the black screen with my defenders that turn. This gave hope. With a new AGESA bios AMD there is enabled finally the tonne of configurations of RAM and timings to regulate, and while a stock XMP profile for 3200MHz has not done, was able to take the fully kicked and -mostly stable system in 3200MHz to use 16-18-18-36-55+ (the mine was the majority of stable in -75) timings concealed I plugged in manually (the xmp the profile was 16-18-18-36-54 I believes). Although it was having random that clash him that it spends still, as they are by train to stick to me 2933MHz for a be still to time

Tl/Dr.: In new AMD bioses with AGESA , can run this in an estimated 3200MHz to regulate a RAM timings to 16-18-18-36-55+, and is bootable and -mostly stable. Although it is it sticks to 2933MHz which is solid of rock for a be still to time
5 / 5 Cristen
has been building my own computers of a prime minister XT the clones and has has not had NEVER the question with the memory that goes bad. I run the project to compute distributed in this particular car (World-wide Community Grille) and has done like this of then was built. Ossia The CPU the intense project but situates demands quite big in the memory of the car. This in spite of roll this project in several computers and has done that it arrest on some last 10 years. A schemes am writing this on now is an old Intel the-2600k this has been running WCG of then was built - the long longer of 2 years. And neither this car neither any another has has not had never blames by heart like this verified for MemTest86.

Like this concern on a reliability and durability of your memory, would advise you to choose another vendor.
4 / 5 Sharita
These claves by heart are the blessing and curse because they are some so only 16GB estacas that can have it the habit of fully populate ThreadRipper motherboard (128GB). His no reliably in XMP2 (DDR4 3200, ) speed. Has 4 claves, 64GB, in Gigabyte Designated ThreadRipper 1950x. Unfortunately, it has had to that substitute six claves by heart to take the stable system in DDR4 3200. A bit those that the claves were DONA . Another two has run so only in DDR4 2666 (any 3200).
Last week, a clave of the memory so only died after being announces six weeks. Now it has to that spend the time that careers by means of a Corsair RMA process.
One of the mine Ryzen the systems is using Skill of G FlareX 3200, and has not had this a lot of question. I ask if ossia @@subject with Hynix the SamsungB chip.
Unless ready to run low memory DDR 3200 and need 128GB by heart, would avert this memory at least partorisca x399 ThreadRipper systems.
Am trying a memory that use HCI MemTest.
4 / 5 Patrice
Has purchased and installed 2 16gb claves. In a course of the year, has lived with windows sporadically that clash, the applications that clash, chrome the tabs that clash. When The windows have clashed, gives soyemory Management' like reason. I have run it controls by heart and everything is clean entrance . With which a lot of frustration, I finally decided to try and run with 1 16gb clave the time to determine 1 of some 2 claves were bad. After taking one 2nd clave, no more incidents in a course of the month. I then swapped one sticks to to see if the accidents have gone back and interior 1 now, the windows have clashed. I have maintained a bad clave in still several days and all some accidents have gone back. I swapped a bad with a good clave and the things are of stable tower.

This has been spending of then shabby, but now is on 1 year later that I finally found a culprit. I achieved it it was to guarantee of Amazon, but the doubt can do anything he so that it is state so only on 1 year :(
5 / 5 Sarina
Concrete part has ordered was CMK32GX4M2B3200C16. Plugge dinto My ryzen 1700 system, skill xmpp and immediately kicked to 3200mhz without tweaking necessary. I have bought this model specifically reason any 5 ram of descriptions describes that , but sometimes required tweaking. It was plesantly suprised when this has done immediately.

My mainboard - Gigabyte AB350-Gaming-CF
CPU - Ryzen 7 1700
Clocks by heart - 3200mhz - 16 18 18 36 54 1t (according to cpuz)

Also, this particular model has no RGB - which is scarce these days.
4 / 5 Jena
Has ordered a 32GB ram, and after my computer constantly would clash to the blue screen with a lot of to to the different errors like 'to of fault of Page in any paged zone' or 'error Critiqued or error_by heart' has run tries it memory and expósito that a memory has has had to that fail done. I have ordered the substitution and after the month to use a substitution begins to spend again, has thought perhaps was to my operating system like him reinstalled the, and but some still have spent errors, has looked for to use with just a clave by heart and expósito that has done well but some estacas was faulty once again... This has a lot be frustrating, will be in mine third substitution now, and perhaps require contact corsair directly.
5 / 5 Buford
This box of RAM was súper easy to install (like all the boxes of ram) and looks well with my blacks/RGB the @@subject that goes in. Has the Gigabyte Aorus Pro Wifi B450 Mobo with the Ryzen 7 2700x and of course, these two claves by heart. Ive Read in other descriptions that is easily be the Bios, conjoint XMP to profile 1 and poof! 3200mhz Good and , concealed has not been a chance partorisca me. So only calm reason SAY YOU dipped that to 3200, does not mean sound that careers in 3200. Always sure you check your speed by heart in real time with one of a gigabyte applications or CPU-Z. Profile 1 with XMP would not do and was stuck in 2133. I have tried all, but has then imagined was like the manually the tune (gigabytes bios is new mine) and has tried to dip in the manual value of 3000. Law! As I dipped it behind to 3200 and behind to 2133. The short long history with which some behind and advances, a max could dip it to era 3122. Anything main and run in 2133 partorisca some reason. Has update a bios and engine with a same result. Any way, am pleased with a result but he have taken the bit of tinkering. So has a subject same among and dip manual values and then dulcemente do your way up.
4 / 5 Tanika
The memory dies, Corsair POS the web of place no unless you are interested to see a piece in a late plus RGB gizmo, like this now am stuck with some estacas by heart dead, and another clave that grieves overclocks has spent a speed has estimated. I will not BUY CORSAIR has PRODUCED AGAIN, and will be partorisca advise mine another enthusiast of fellow computer to do like this also. This is not a prime minister corsair the product has had issues with, but certainly is a last.
4 / 5 Bulah
Which to say? Ossia DDR4 Memory, has taken a 3200MHz faster one and he have done without questions in the car of dual canal. It does not forget partorisca enable XMP Profile in yours BIOS immediately or work in regulating 2133 MHz.
4 / 5 Ngan
MODIFICATION: As it has promised that will amend a Description this in spite of the desire could somehow deduct another half star. They were punctual in answering my complaint that is where my praise will finalise. I have had to foot a bill to ship a RAM has broken to them and of a point sent him a bit the forms was almost 2 weeks before it take my box of substitution . Partorisca Top it was can not take a Box of substitution to run is declared 3000mhz. Never Again!!!!!

Was a lot of happy with this yesterday when suddenly I have begun to experience errors. After verifying big and down for the solution has listened in a tool of diagnostic by heart of windows. Confirmation the fault of hardware. At present they are while in another test of diagnostic on 1 sticks to to see yes at least 1 is well. I have bought these in the first when the ram was by means of a ceiling and at least 1 has failed in just on 4 month while so only that the careers in his speed have estimated. I have bought typically Kingston or GSkill ram and is always happy state. I guess I have learnt my lesson with Corsair. If his service of client is exceptional, will amend this description.
5 / 5 Margurite
Made a mistake to try to install these two claves further of another together (model of same / mark). Somehow, pause my like this bad car that has had to reinstall windows. Any one creates like my C: it has taken corrupted for of the this, but has lost the sql given of bases and has had to spend like 4 days reinstalling programs and reconstructing my database afterwards. That has spent was my motherboard so only has recognised 2 of some claves, at the beginning. Then another two is looked, but all a RAM done in the a lot of slower speed that they would have to have. Some profiles have not populated in bios correctly. The windows has maintained to go the startup reparation, and finally failed entirely.

Generally, RAM is sold in of the insiemi that is the factory has looked for to ensure they all near. Usually, it is good to add two papers more than a model of the same / mark of then would owe that have a bit same timings, but concealed is not always guaranteed, which is reason they among the factory has tried dips, like this sadly has learnt.

That all has said, has taken finally these doing with my old claves... I so only required to update my bios. Asrock Apparently dipped out of one does not update any fact too long the compatibility concealed of RAM has augmented. It have not believed it to import of then have had already two claves of a material esatta still in there, but do.

Is thinking to buy these so many a upgrade, and already the 2 claves of some same working, please update your bios before I a deception included has done.
4 / 5 Marissa
Ossia One 2nd time has ordered Corsair DRAM of the amazon and one 2.os time have had 1 of some claves be defective. It was not if ossia a thing of amazon or he Corsair what. He a bit those that years when I have ordered one 1st batch of DRAM, has not annoyed with a guarantee of then was economic and any value some costs of nave. But this time is lovelier he.
But Corsair will not give me a RMA. The mine that tries that the uses control by heart of the Windows is not a lot enough for them. Included thou has tried each clave individually (I has 4) two times each like this. Each one which so one is spent every time, except a defective one which has failed every time. It say that ossia 100 confirmation in any one is book .
Asks I download and use memtest86, and send them the copy of some results. I have not used never memtest86 and is antiquated program that takes considerable more time and question to setup and career (of then has to that of the flash walk thru a bios). Rejection! I do not have time for this BS. This in spite of will spend some of this time to write in my experience with Corsair - of then take less than the 1/4 of a time that the disorder with a BS wants to me partorisca do.

Will not buy NEVER Corsair DRAM afterwards is again.
5 / 5 Leora
Has tried to run this in his speed announced and raw that any bios mine of updates AsRock Fatality B350 would do a trick. And any one imports that it could do not taking to run faster that 2666mhz in mine Ryzen system. I imagined it it can be a motherboard. But I am happy with my neighbour up. Here it is my numbers in the chances are in the alike situation: 15 16 16 16 35 51, 2666mhz.
4 / 5 Kaitlyn
The prize was hard to swallow when it has behind orderly in June, and has trace so only further of then. Alas, ossia to the equal that goes I need DDR4 in 2017.

Has bought this to go in it Ryzen rigs with an almost ubiquitous Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3. It was dismayed initially to find a neighbouring any ESTACA with this RAM that careers on 2133 MHz. This in spite of, one the majority recently BIOS update (to the equal that of September) has fixed a subject. Now that careers in 2933 MHz, which corresponds to the impulse of decent action. If you are having subject of compatibility in Ryzen, sure mark to try flashing a new plus BIOS.
4 / 5 Sindy
The shows was that yes it buy two insiemi of these that does not send you different versions. I have received the together of 5.2 and 3.0 his XMP the profiles have not been compatible and was often a cause of a lot of BSODs and failures to STICK.
4 / 5 Tynisha
Has bought a 2950x, Corsair 760T frame, Asus Extreme of @@@Zenith, Corsair HX1000I PSU, Thermaltake Floe Riing 360, Corsair LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz C16 DDR4 DRAM Box by heart, Black (CMK32GX4M2B3200C16) of Amazon. A CPU arrived but a chip was free inside a box. It can not install Windows 10 but was able to install Ubuntu LTS. When I have run Chrome or Firefox down , a CPU has maintained partorisca hang. Has transmission to Corsair Revenge LPX 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2133MHz (PC4 17000) C13 Box by heart - Black, the thought can be memmory compabibil;ity that have read on Youtube, web. But a still question occured, can not install windows, has continued to hang when runing Chrome, Firefox under Ubuntu. Changed to Clave X Serious 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Nail DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) AMD X370 Model by heart F4-3200C14D-16GFX. Same question occrued. I have changed a mem shows to of 1600-3200 for 3200 MHZ and 1600-2133 MHZ for 2133 MHZ and 1600-3200 paralizaciones . Same question. It can not install Windows 10. Hanged when it has run Chrome under Ubuntu. Hanged when it has run Geekbench when the course below fine core, the core only is well. I have run mem the test and was a lot. Thought a CPU was harm during ship, asks substitution and has taken one. When the installed in a system ansd has run with , was able to kick windows 10, Ubuntu and any question.

Has has had to that upgrade a BIOS to 1402 for a Asus @@@Zenith partorisca kick with 2950x.

Now does a lot of smoothly. Run quickly!!!!,

A lot happy with a unit.
4 / 5 Hanh
I have lost on 20 hours reinstalling YOU and updating software. It has not believed Never that a RAM could be defective.

Asks partorisca run Memtest86 and send pictures of a RAM. Memtest86 Can very included complete a test been due to a vast quantity of errors. I have been suppositions to go back inner of mine 2 days. I have uploaded some pictures and the test results 5 days ago. Still while to listen they.

CORSAIR Would owe that invest controls of qualities and service of client, in place of elegant looking PCB is and cooling fins; as any one another costruttore of decent RAM.

Will not touch the CORSAIR produced never again. Any respectable mark sells untested RAM. Horrible.

Modification. Has has had to that the called with which 6 days of any response. They have said that they will treat it. Still any answered with which 3 days. Has the system of entrance that any one checks on. Anything writes or the estaca goes to the black hole. Calm has to him called long for the take fact. It is been 11 days of the mine first contact, this in spite of, no the alone action has been taken for them.

Update with which 6 month. It was finally able to have it substituted, but has had to that pay for a substitution for advanced. Otherwise, would owe attended 2-3 weeks without RAM. An only substitution has said that that has had was the model with LEDs. I have paid in $ 200 for him. With which 6 month, has verified my account of paper of the credit, and there is remarked that they still have a lot of refunded that $ 200+, included although it have sent to join them defective RAM immediately. I called him so only. They have said that will go back interior of mine 3-5 business days.

Has lost a lot of hours that extracted this horrible company, included although it is totally his failure. His all see it when they look in a number of entrance. Excuse of person. Worries of person . So only felizmente tug it further.

Update with which 7 month. Still I can not take my repayment behind. I have opened the BBB complained. That the horrible company.
5 / 5 Jenine
After the plot of tinkering and touching the types have imagined was with some help. It can not take a memory to run in 3200, he so only incumplimiento behind to something lower. Posting This information here for any concealed is struggling likes era! It enjoys and laws of hope for you everything.
Final numbers:
16, 18, 18, 18, 36
Frequency 3200

MSI B350 Tomahawk + Ryzen 1700x that careers in
5 / 5 Werner
am not estimating this in a course, but a misleading listed of product.

This product is listing eats: CORSAIR VENGEANCELPX16GB (2X 8GB) DDR4 3600(PC4-28800) C16 Desk Memory

the number of Part is: CMK16GX4M2Z3600C18

When I have received a part, there is remarked a C18 in a backside of a box. I have verified he with Corsair place and sure enough is listing likes 3600 C18. Has thinks that that a wrong part has been sent but results that ossia a right part but is C18 and no C16.
4 / 5 Lavinia
Can confirm that felizmente are that it runs a Corsair Revenge LPX 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3200MHz C16 Desk Box by heart - Blanca (CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W) in the MSI B350 Tomahawk in 3200Mhz. With which MSI has update a BIOS on 4/26 I was able to achieve this speed. First of an update, was able of the take to 2933Mhz. In BIOS have a speed dipped to 3200 and some clocks dipped to 16 18 18 18 36 and a voltage of RAM dipped to CAR. When I manually dipped one his voltage has not done. In all the chance, while this info is useful by other buyers and obviously, am giving this RAM 5 stars for working as feigned with my motherboard.

UPDATE 5/11/17: I am gone down a speed to 2933Mhz. A lot of tries memory has run has aimed errors when those ran in 3200Mhz while a 2933Mhz is the free error. I am running a late plus BIOS (B350 TOMAHAWK (CROWN-7A34) V1.5 BIOS Emission). retest In general accelerate when new BIOS the updates am exited.
4 / 5 Mica
Is RAM , has heat spreaders, ossia he 2 x8gb box (16gb total). A description and pics could be better, like this here is real pics of the like ships when you order 1. Imagined a spreader the height could be useful to this planning on using tanks of hot monstrous with his new skylake chip.

Update 2017-Seven (2 years later) - A continuous original box to do well in the system that is my daily use workstation (left on 24x7). I have it quell'has bought of the half dozen more than these boxes to use and has run up to now to the bad dimm. Mostly these have been dipped to Gigabyte Z170 & Z270 chipset the joints and any one have had a @@subject that takes a speed announced when using a XMP setting.
4 / 5 Harley
Has taken this for my Ryzen build, that listens that it uses Samsung B-Die which is some by heart the better compatible chips with Ryzen. Unfortunately my uses of particular box Hynix chip, which has a worse compatibility!

Can do not taking to run 3200MHz any one imports that . So you can , you have had probably Samsung chip.

Loves you verify can download the program has called Thaiphoon these leaves is the one who the chips have in yours RAM.

The sufficed to say that they are sorely disappointed, but is not necessarily one the fault of Rams.
5 / 5 Bunny
Installed to the mine new Ryzen system with a AB350 Mobo, and 1500X CPU.

PLEASE NOTE - This ram is announced likes 3000, but has discovered that it is not technically 3000 out of a box, is able of requests to 3000, and so only has a capacity the overclock he in bios. IF you are using the MOBO with a legislation bios, literally can change the pertinent OC setting in just for selection a OC profile.

Ossia In fact the easiest plot and surer of sounds like AB350 gaming together has taken has an easy to find legislation of option in a first memory of the page advanced low settings. So only verify the box, and profile of selection 1, and my speed of ram has been of around 2200 to 2933. I suppose recently noticeable difference in action. This in spite of, if you are quite miserable to have that be spending $200 ram of paralizaciones, better frames sure take each value of penny out of him!
5 / 5 Deandre
Likewise like a constructor of PC has EXPERIENCED, has done the quite critical error when that buys this memory. At all this has broken a system or anything. Hell, any same fail paralizaciones to kick. A memory installs perfectly well and a system posted without a subject.

Partorisca Kick the Windows this in spite of, there is remarked a memory has run in only 2133MHz which is quite the low bit that that I extra has paid stops. Imagined a motherboard so only has not relieved a main speed. Any totally uncommon. As I have been to a UEFI Bios and there is enabled a XMP profile that has relieved automatically a memory, has regulated a voltage, etc. Promising Material. This was until I have saved and has restart a computer. It fails to stick three first times to launch hand of sure-way.

The import am using the Prime minister X70-Pro, as I have decided to verify a QVL for a joint and has been disappointed for sees it has not been listed under Ryzen 2.os supports of Gene. I forget massive for my part. Felizmente The amazon is fresh roughly returning he for the constant box for a motherboard, but are writing this in one was casualidad could save more a hassle.

The short long history: it Controls your motherboards QVL for compatibility with a CPU is planning on installing in him. A system absolutely bounces and run perfectly well. But you are paying an extra prize for 3200MHz the memory and a joint does not sustain it , calm literally is launching your money was.

Again, for explanation. At all it was physically bad with a memory and I integer heartedly admit this was the deception for my part. They are so only posting this to hopefully save more an inconvenience of mine rookie deception.
5 / 5 Lissa
These exited of a box in mine AMD AM4 system and continue operate reliably in 2933 MHz, included with which 2 bios upgrades (I mentions that b/c the together of HyperX the memory has had prisoner doing after the bios upgrade). It would like more than these was able to paste a 3200 MHz the speed is estimated in, but are has had to that forego an insignificant difference concealed'd clean in favour of an action of confidence has experienced of then day 1. These am far and was some better of 3 insiemi of ram have tried in mine AM4 system.

Wants to resupply the details of pair for which can be compatibilities of investigation :

1. I am using these in a Asrock AB350m motherboard with the 1700x processor (that runs in stock 3.4 GHz). Very happy w stability and action.
2. I have tried previously one 2 x 4GB version of this ram (run CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) but has run in 2133 Mhz in mine Asrock AB350m and has experienced the little lock of system ups. A fellow ASUS Prime B350M-A neither would run one 2 x 4GB dipped faster that 2133 Mhz. So you are considering a 2 x 4GB together, would opt thus 16 GB dipped instead.
4 / 5 Karima
Has bought this 32GB Box for mine Gaming PC/Hackintosh Build. Everything looked to do well, sometimes program clashed, but thought it to them would have to that do with my configuration or a BIOS or anything more. With which the could not imagine out of that is gone in, has invested in the hardware declares program (TechTool Pro 9 paralización OSX). It results one of a Memmory moduls is faulty. I t a lot included spend a first test. Some second some good careers... No the big shot has thought them, so only contacts a vendor and ask the substitution... Here it comes a thing: On April 5th a RAM has been rid. It has discovered a faulty RAM on June 5th. An order give these infos when that tries to contact still turn or support:

esventana of the tower has closed on May 5, 2018 support of has produced the enclosed window in Jun 4, 2018'

are literally for my account, reason took too long to discover that a product is defective... THANKS TO plot. Material prefers them any to express like this feels roughly that has ditched Dollars...

Top Customer Reviews: Arctic BioniX P120 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lindy
Has two of these in a front of the mine Phanteks Eclipse P350X husband. They are connected to a headed of rear defender in mine Niter of Sapphire+ Vega 56. Vega 56 is the big paper and a heatsink law well in the, but to good sure augments an interior temp of my chance. These followers partorisca do the good work partorisca blow low fresh air Vega and in mine Scythe Mugen 2 Rev B CPU fresher and AM4 motherboard. Everything remains down 65 terracings C while trying of estrses and down 60 with just rule gaming.

These defenders are good and calm while although I move the big quantity of air. Still at full speed it calms so only listen a low pitched haste of air by means of a front of a chance and no whining engine or leaf of noise of defender. They look acute and all of some bosses are amiably with bosses in of the blacks. Some connectors to pause is sum also; leaving me to attach both defenders to one of some two headed in a paper of map. These are utmost defenders and is always be the defender of Artic produced. They are less expensive of other frames of entities without sacrificing function or quality.


has take a star because after messing with the curves of defender there is remarked when some request of defenders of a lot down rpm do the whining his of electrical engine while accelerating so only. As that has your twist of defender dipped this sound will repeat like the request of defenders and lens down with load of variable system. It can take annoying. I have decided to maintain some defenders like minima of 30 speeds to prevent this, but now is stronger and more noticeable, although they are still relatively calm. Still you recommend these defenders in options in almost twice a price, but can be better to go with Noctua less expensive redux line in these, although any one personally have experience with them.
5 / 5 Rita
Tl;dr: 10/10 highly you recommend.
The technical test craps down.

Using two of these in mine h115i pro, has substituted one 1200 rpm stock corsair defenders, a aio the system is cooling the all the core i9-9900k how is the generator of massive heat .

With some stock defenders that ran the profile of defender partorisca twist fact of commission in Corsair iCue, and using OCCT partorisca try, the partidrios has paste 100 in 30c coolant temp. The environmental room is resisted in 65F. CPU Time of core in mine 9900k averaged 81c after a coolant stabilzed in 37c with some stock defenders. Ossia Also with the application of perfect paste of thermal grizzly kryonaut.

With a P140s in a radiator, iCue has had a lot subject that he his control and has answered correctly my curve of the defender done of commission.

Under a phase to try inclusa exact some partidrios there is prendido to locate in a curve in 1300rpm, a coolant stabilzed in 28c, and a cpu the average of core was in 75c.

Like this discharges he of defenders among 1900-1910rpm.

Ossia The MASSIVE improvement in a factory ML140 fans this is to be comprise with a h115i pro.

According to which construction an aim is the compound seeds of type of hule soft. Some leaves are of the big quality and interesting form. Some logos of centre are chrome and black of gloss with the little plastic film the precise coverage takes.

According to which the noise is concerned, using them in mine Phanteks P600S the chance is much calmer in equal rpm to a ML140s this was in a fresh plus, and in mac rpm, while audible, could be flooded has gone by the defender of boxes down to somewhere in a room, or the window AC unit.

Some rays that come with generic sound unpainted self touching rays of defender.

Some connectors of partidrio has covers it viril and female to link more than some neighbouring followers. This in spite of am using them so only plugged to a two corsair headed of partidrio in a h115i.
5 / 5 Eugenia
Produced of quality really well of Artico. I surprise that combination of 3 chance and a to the equal that has come with Freezer that has surprised 33 eSports A CPU Fresher, BioniX 120mm defenders, treating especially build: I5-8600K, Asus FIRST Z-370A, Skill of G 16Gb 3200Mhz TridentZ and Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe PCIe M.2 2280.. The majority partorisca time when first you beat calm-on, unit mostly always producing some noises of defender in incumplimiento BIOS settings, reason the power that saves options a lot still turned on for one YOU and/or not dipping still trough BIOS settings. Cela One has been turned on absolutely silently on manufactures incumplimiento Asus settings, me curious if the defenders that the law has been done! Maintaining CPU in stable 28-30c half with an open chance. And my environmental temperature in room can be around 30c sometimes, those that bolt in Florida. Using FanExpert that can dip ready flawless to 14 PWM cycle partorisca have to. It conceal perhaps it was a lot of all the combination of part, Asus particular BIOS review and Arctic qualities. Very satisfied honradamente. I have used his products on 13 years, does not fail me never. And the never first mine description, reason the really way the big surpass my expectation this time.
5 / 5 Les
In the first place it has been it would like me objective some people looking in this seguace the one who is using a Corsair Commander Pro the partidrio/has directed hub. These defenders no with a commander pro. They will resupply some crazy rpm signals and stay down 600-800rpm.

This has said, is the quality adds , calm on until around 1000rpm but no that annoying of there that until max around 1900. A window is trace AC the unit or the defender of boxes would be stronger.

Does perfectly with some curves of defender of the mine asus prime z390A motherboard, and is the perfectly inner trace of mine Phanteks P600S chance. A distributed unpainted the rays are self touching and pertinent partorisca a work.

Has run around 1400rpm in my chance and while I can listen him, the volume of game floods him era.

Loses some rpm (20-30rpm) when a coverage of silence of the front in my chance is on, but these are not the pressure optimised so that it is partorisca be expected. This in spite of with a coverage was look partorisca have any subject with a point of cloth or filter of powder in a front.

An only with to them is some odd subjects interfacing with corsair icue, but is not the breaker partorisca treat reason some defenders are wired with both discharge viril and female to leave you partorisca chain them near. 3 Of his together work perfectly in the partidrio only hub in a MB.

In general, very happy with them, and would buy him to them again.
4 / 5 Twila
I produce it adds!! If you are looking for I add it, silent, 140mm the partidrio static then looks no further!!

A better course roughly also is that has the ray of hule inserts/inserts partorisca do and reducing noises of vibration when to all the speed.

Has compared to mine leading 140mm NZXT AER140mm RGB the seguace, are more than happy to sacrifice RGB partorisca quietness.

Ossia An only reason reason prpers grasps produced ARCTIC.

MODIFICATION 24APR19: finally it take a PWM function partorisca do with all some defenders. He the WHIRRING BUZZING sounds in anything roughly in 50 RPMs and down. I really like this defender but when im exploring and in the slope was does not want to listen this sound. As they are by train of the turn. But you plan on in that leave it be the tunnel of the wind then is the product ADDS .
4 / 5 Carley
I buy again? Absolutely!

Partorisca Be just, these press the plot partorisca air so that will have noise, especially has to that to to several defenders like . Has 8 defenders and has substituted 4 of them. These press the PLOT more air that my leading defenders that is coming with a chance.

-A bearings looks partorisca be good quality without stirs it of slop and turns freely. Appearances these bearings partorisca have the significantly better that interest of half life.
-Some defenders are good-looking!
-Very light in a some have taken. Mina ossia the plus , I work and touch the plot in my computer and I do not love stirs it of light in the distract me of my vision lateralmente. Ossia Exactly that has looked for.
-I like to be able the daisy chains these and a fact that a speed can be controlled for a motherboard. Unfortunately partorisca me, my motherboard is not that it regulates a speed but ossia quite easy to fix with the transmission and is not one the fault of a defender. So only maintain in alcohol that can require you the bios update or change it manual.
-When Ordering, slowly out of a period of some advantages of boss that will require you. Has has ordered bosses of extension when ordering some defenders.
4 / 5 Cheyenne
- Decently Priced
- Thin still attractive styling
- No RGB!
- Boss with bosses with the PST connector
- Fluent Dynamic in Resistant
- Big CFM
- Relatively calm
- Very Of confidence (backed on top of worlds 10 Guarantee of Year)

- the frame of Silicon there is seams and some imperfections. (Pics incl.)
- The engine is quell'has bitten stronger that earth of Artico
- 3 Engine of Phase means a Defender RPM will be informed is real RPM.
- Rays Of money? C soyencima, spear in some black colored some at least.

Reason chooses this?
Has changed my airflow setup around the has bitten another day that advantage to better time by means of a joint partorisca everything of my components. Unfortunately this means that has 5 intake defenders while there is so only an exhausts the defender located in a backside of the mine NZXT H700i chance. Has the Red well, Black, and White subject that goes with my build, with everything of my defenders that is Black and Aims. Artico F14 Has had in a backside of my chance, which is usually my gone-to defender of chance, so only can not exhaust enough air to offset an enormous quantity of airs to enter my chance while gaming or rendering. Finding black of quality and white defenders that can move it enough air (quietly) to be useful in my situation can be defiant. I have trusted Artico for on 10 years in of the dozens of gaming and builds of office equally and did not leave me never down. They are abordables, calm, of confidence, and treat a lot very further of applications. As I have bought this based in CFM indication, aesthetic, and loyalty of mark.

So much, how is?
That marks Arctic defenders like this attractive is his bang for buck. This defender is ~$ 5 on a price of a rule Artico F14 defender, but looks quite fresh, comes with the boss with bosses, and fiances to move stirs it more air. A defender is built relatively well. There is the pocolas imperfections of a molding of a frame of silicon of a defender. There is the seam that pursues a whole inner circumference of a defender, but when some leaves are by train to turn you can any comment him. No the enormous shot, but there is better built fans there to the point of alike price. An action is fantastic. When those approximations max RPM, this thing moves the tonne of air. It is very impressive and has seen already the difference in of the temperatures like the result.

Then has an engine. A new engine of 3 phases in these defenders tricks the majority of software of control (and BIOSes) to inform these defenders that the turn almost faster that in fact is. Like this max RPM will be informed in 2800 ~RPM when really it is more afterwards to 1800 ~RPM. Be conscious of that and regulate your curves of partidrio consistently. This partidrio has the very wide RPM row and is basically silent on until 1500 RPM or so much. Besides these things take the little sketchy, but can have more to do with my chance that a partidrio he. It does not think this defender particularly enjoys to try to fly air by means of the honeycomb-like grill in a backside of my chance (NZXT H700i for reference). In of the speeds of 1500+ RPM (Note: Real RPM, informed RPM is ~2300) the a lot of noticeable humming the noise was emitted of a defender (Informs to some pictures). It does not import a sound of air gushing by means of the ventilations but a noise of engine was bondadoso of obnoxious. This in spite of, there is remarked that without any restriction, although I have run a partidrio full speed, was the fair has bitten calmer. I am spent the just quantity to time to try different highland place until it can mitigate a noise like this so it was possible. Initially it have trace a defender with mountains of Hule (which, with all the justice, Artico recommends calm was with, now that has read a material of marketing in his web of place). I have decided to substitute these with some rays of simple money that is coming with him and slide a defender on slightly to reduce a restriction a defender has struggled. This result in the much less noise of engine, although still noticeable with a volume down and any receiver on.

In general, thinks that these are attractive, decently priced defenders that extracted a lot well. They go in the variety of colours to match almost any build (Except blue...). It gives these fans the shot in yours prjimos gaming the build has oriented, the other has ensured that has the decade-the long guarantee that has spent these bad boys, and dip of the money has saved to buy these, as opposed the Noctua or Corsair, to other components.

A last two screenshots is of the spectre analyzer detailing roughly that frequency of noise these fans mark in two elected accelerates. They are labelled appropriately. In 1530 ~RPM, an engine emits the tone in 211 ~Hz. In 1720 ~RPM, an engine emits the tone in 264 ~Hz. Obviously these increases of the yours in to the frequency likes them the defender RPMs locates and vice versa. If it would like me to you he knows exactly that to this sound of frequencies likes, look on a Generator of the yours On-line and see for calm.
5 / 5 Clemencia
I ordered him why they are transmission was some defenders in my chance that has been bored with and has liked him any looks of this the plot. A bit those that the descriptions have had at all bad to say roughly have them to them like this data shot it. Calm import that my rig there is enough the bit of RGB lighting like this I paired these with Silverstone FG122 addressable RGB frames of defender. These defenders are absolutely some the better defenders have possessed or place more s in mine 20 years to be a L technology and enthusiastic of PC that build PCs on its own name and of the clients. I have him in they Wrap The O11 marries of DYNAMIC PC in aim. They look fantastic, is very calm, and the drop has helped my CPU and GPU time amiably. They press quite air that also am using 2 of them to pull air by means of the 240mm radiator. Still I am running less defenders now still that has had before as I have not finalised purchasing all this I will require and pulled more than has dipped in to arrive to this point. Considering his pairing with a RGB frames of defender for a RGB lighting it has done a compraventa the house estada announces my application. To good sure will be to fill a rest of my defender that aim of trace with these defenders. So only wish that is coming with the blue emphases where are white. An aim reflects and extend a RGB amiably this in spite of with some frames of partidrio is trace BEHIND some defenders (among a defender and a highland point with slightly the longest rays in a radiator and of the regular mountains reasons one has resupplied the rays were so only slightly too courts. I have known it is that it goes to the mine little project because I have done sure has in the first place researched, how is to good sure any one the negative for me.).
5 / 5 Gracia
Bought two of these partorisca substitute two really noisy/clicky/whiny defenders. I gotta say, these are excellent according to which noise/airflow goes. Recently installed so that it is partorisca say my initial impression partorisca begin , and I to turn sure good partorisca another description partorisca follow up. How it is these is the bang adds partorisca a buck, look awesome, and move the plot partorisca air while it remains quite calm.

Global 5 stars of me. I will not fall the star so only for one a thing any to like me which is some rays of money because ossia an easy fijamente. They are also the little wary of a hule frames the one who flexes while prices some rays how is careful that you his crank reason poden the warp and some leaves can take fractions.

5/5 For now, to good sure would recommend.
2 / 5 Tamisha
Some sounds of title like a legislation of oxymoron? To the left explain me. Have Around 20 of these defenders that do diverse things around my crew of computer, but today has thought them was big time partorisca write the description roughly that. Of a 20ish or so that has, now 3 has failed, with the 4th that the objective byline partorisca die inside a first year of use. Yes, they move massive quantities of air, but create some roots of subject of having the way marks too feeble, as any class of external pressure can distort this frame and finally interference of leaf of the cause. If has one of these defenders can softly squeeze around a coverage and look that easily he flexes. Unfortunately this means if you do not have your points partorisca mount exactly square, will see a same class esatta of failures of defender as I am experiencing. Hopefully Artico Remedies this in a future, but for now, buyer beware.

Top Customer Reviews: ARCTIC Freezer 33 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Anjelica
Really very drawn cpu fresher. Very comparable to main final coolers partorisca half a price. Impressed with time in mine Ryzen 5 2600 like this far without subjects. It installs and the instruction could have been very better but does on partorisca he in his action partorisca cool.
4 / 5 Ellen
At the beginning this fresh plus are transmission lol. Any attention of piece and installed two different height the stands like fresh plus was in raven... Out of this little disorder up for my part the law adds. My good short PC and cool even when gaming/testing of stress in 13 overclock in a CPU. A main ache has had to that install the this in spite of was a management of boss like both bosses having the breaking and when the be bit it long to wrap around a highland crew without some peaking cry it to try and hide a boss enough to not being caused by him lol. Another that looks it good and works with my subject while maintaining my CPU good and chilly
5 / 5 Afton
It is the pocola operates partorisca install but once is chairs well . Low noise but also down rpm maintains cpu well has cooled .
5 / 5 Tia
It take this partorisca return LGA 1366 all precise is the backplate has done partorisca sustain LGA 1366. Some pieces have done the clamp down heatsink have the holes cut in them partorisca return a motherboard. Calm also can purchase a backplate for separated on Amazon if any one the extra one dipping around. Hope These helps Acclaims!
5 / 5 Zoraida
Very a lot of cpu fresher, a better partorisca a price, enough and the work adds
the using on 2 computer
1. 2600x
2. 3700x
the work adds for both, any subject thermal same when OC
4 / 5 Rosamaria
The good looks in my Computer upgrade king Mantis chance. Mark sure partorisca look a instillation video in youtube.

Does sure some defenders are in the creation\of attractive of the push
5 / 5 Buena
You trace the system is the bit of the hassle and the defenders can take bit it noisy when his ramp up. No the breaker of extracted. Especially in this point of price. The quality of build is solid.
5 / 5 Kattie
It maintains my CPU really fresh. Surprised in some results.
5 / 5 Korey
Action of the quality of utmost build is sum and maintains my ryzen 7 2700x running adds
5 / 5 Ashanti
This thing is the beast ! Bought this partorisca my computer of new work partorisca cool a CPU. Awesome And very calm.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial 32GB Kit ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Malcom
If you are reading this probably already knows a RAM is user upgradeable in a gene 3 later. Mac Mini. I can verify these works of RAM for this purpose; or, at least, I can verify my Mac Mini has not launched the access when I gutted the and has substituted a fist 4GB x 2 clave with these. Voices the loaded photos for information of system screenshots verifying achieved to update.

Has already very solid that-in of the videos in Youtube for one updates work; a one for 9to5Mac was a one this has thought was an easy plus to follow.

At the end, some the essential tools will require is:

- TR6 TORX tamper-that resists (security) screwdriver
- T5 TORX screwdriver
- T10 TORX screwdriver
5 / 5 Claudie
The May thought It that his would buy something like this does not import me never the install but here is. These are come very bundled and easy to install. My computer is running incredibly well with this installed and now his cual a readier woman alive. (And yes, I fulfil it is sper easy to do except the a lot of people do to any to give this wing left only have me my moment!! Haha!)
5 / 5 Clemente
Work only well in mine 2019 iMac. One 27 model of inch the Very easy fact to update a RAM -- any tool required and take under the minute. It calm!
5 / 5 Darrell
Experience 4 x 16 GB piece in max out of my iMac 5K, 27-inch, 2017. Everything is doing perfectly! I give Crucial says does another memory has designed concretely and tried for a iMac; remarked. It has to have the purpose, but this a satisfied an exact specification while for a support of installation by heart of page of Apple. Also I can inform that the installation was incredibly mere. There is the small door in a backside of a computer, and some slide by heart well in. Only a FYI for owners of a small plus 21.5 In 4K iMac. Installation by heart in a small plus iMac is not the mere process, and is not backed by Apple. I think that that the boxes are available to update a memory in a 21.5 in, and a process is quite intrusive and risky.
5 / 5 Rod
16GB (8GBx2) M 2666. Work very besides late Dell G7 gaming portable with a i7 8750 east, but the mark sure takes a M version and no a Dr. Version. I have tried so much and a Dr. Fails. Also it come from it some Ballistic sports Dr. And M RAMS and they both failed in a Dell G7.
5 / 5 Laurinda
Launcher this in a Steel Aspires E15 that has come only with 4GB of the ram and he have done perfectly.
5 / 5 Hellen
It updates 8 month later: everything is still each sake, any subject at all in a Mac mini.

Has bought this beside a new 2018 Mac mini, has disassembled my road in an enclosure and burst out of one 2x4GB ships of Apple of the clave with a computer and has posed these in. They utmost and looks in some correct speeds in a mini. Launcher very workloads in a computer since and has has not had any subjects.
5 / 5 Vi
Bent A memory in my Steel Aspires And 15 E5-575-33BM (maintaining until 8GB). Be for real has said, a laptop has run very (any lag, the use of half disk was already quite down with a normal 4GB, but has purchased in all the case to take less load of a walk of disk, etc. has not remarked the plot of difference with an additional 4GB (another this use of disk now averaging ~ 0 % in going him). Has no really recorded a memory still (DVD in of the llamas is, running memory intensive games). Basically only surfing a web (the pages of plough of multiple web a same time), streaming videos, etc. Acts well, well estimates a money.
5 / 5 Nelly
Buying the ram is has complicated less than can look for more people. Very few people will enable a XMP profile in his such BIOS that can use a slightly more speed quickly these covers of RAM. Even so, at the same time I purchased it, one 2400 and one 2133 was a same prize as I have bought a fast more a same although I plan to run in stock speeds.
Has bought this for the laptop that has been to be running very VMs. They have been detected some first time and has been that runs barn for a past two month. At all more to say another that these works of RAM. If you are by train to ask you quite a lot of compatibility, would use a tool in a Crucial website. It IS to add so that calm say you need DDR3 or DDR4 as well as a max back of calm RAM of system. You could do a calm same thing is your processor and chipset of motherboard, but why not doing the easy life and uses a tool?
Different the extraneous majority separates of computer, RAM with a same specs of any respectable the mark is basically a same. The tan only takes that it is cheaper. Prize of look of RAM to fluctuate so crazy, has taken this for $ 250 in September 2017, but today (just more two late month) is $ 315 in the These looks them the too much to ask. Has no docked stars for a prize of looks that each RAM is trace in the prize but I would look for Amazon for 32GB DDR4 SODIMM and takes a cheaper thing that was of Crucial, Kingston, Corsair, G.Skill, or HyperX. Evita Mushkin and will be well!
5 / 5 Scotty
Very better that spending $ 600 and while for the fact of commission spec of Apple. It chooses in the instock unit with 8gb has ordered this ram and installed I. Quite easy 15min installs and works perfectly! A computer recognises one 32gb and alleges to be 2667mhz speed.