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Top Customer Reviews: Asus ROG Strix ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Kirby
If you have not listened already, these uses of thing to 4 phase VRM which are totally well if the short plan your 9700k/9900k in stock speeds and wants an ease of use ASUS bios. But if that is to say a case , then why buy this joint and very something considerably right cheaper?

This motherboard is announced in HEDT enthusiastic even so ASUS has pulled the fast an on all the world-wide to allege is 8 VRM when in fact is 4 x 2. I have not known this when it has purchased one motherboard and has discovered one issues to take how much heat a VRMS built in that at the end focused in a CPU that needs more volts. This hurriedly directed in some bad temperatures and other problems (same in stock speeds) which caused me the road this piece of junk back in Amazon and purchases one Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra instead (12 phase VRM).

So that it surrounds, here is one pros and gilipollas:

1. Better bios in an industry
2. Decent creation

1. 4 phase VRM which are not enough for one 9700K/9900K in anything above stock. Results in concentrating tez to heat up and in the fine failure.
2. Expensive so that the offers have compared in the competitors of him (p. p.ej. Gigabyte).
3. Quality of tez cheap.

Bottomline: It does not buy this motherboard. ASUS Calms nodes very left down this time.
5 / 5 Tayna
State using ASUS produced for the years and the patients admits a z370 in a z390 was the changes of idea. But nevertheless this joint can handle one 9900k in 5ghz on all the cores without problem. And so much NVME the walks have heatsinks this time. Also it avenges with the 40mm adherent for a cpu VRMs. The installation so far was the breeze and has shot well up! If yours only goes to take one 8700k then takes a z370 and saves the little bucks. But for any changes of reason intel update our motherboards every time the beginnings of new CPUs. But and it is happy that one Z390E is each black!
5 / 5 Lakisha
Motherboard Of monster. It have to run he in i7 9700K 8 core/ TridentZ RGB 16gb DDR4 3200mhz/Samsung Evo 970 500gb M.2 SSD/ NZXT 500i marries/ Kraken X62 CPU Nvidia/ Fresher GTX 1080/ EVGA 650w BQ
2 / 5 Altha
For a time that had it, liked me this joint. It was solid abundance , had to ports M.2 With heatsinks. Honestly, Included although he only jumps of X99 is, still seat my system has run much faster and esnappier'.

But then a problem is coming up. This joint has not taking my parameters of BIOS. Sure, he for the few closures, but at the end hangs on begins up and would not kick. I restart a process, beginning of the system and the a lot of only careers- until I give a system has cleared only my parameters of BIOS...Again. It was easy to say, so that one BIOS the poses was messing with era to turn of a FOCUSED of RGB when my joint was in the enclosed low state. After a process to kick failed, suddenly would be turned behind on.

Has verified one CMOS stack. Active So that until dating And is gone back BIOS, and this was still the problem. Like this, dreading future problems that it pode or can not be more serious, is returned he.

Thinks that is time eschew Asus, at least for this particular generation of motherboards. They have cut it corners in a VRMs, one of some absolute worse places to do so at the end purportedly big together. His control of quality? A disorder. One coworker of the mine built with one of Asus' ITX together. An in the first place a simply did not kick. They exchange for an identical, and when take of a box the piece apropa one VRM the assembly is FALL WAS. It maintains in importing this was his Z390 Strix-model.
1 / 5 Roxy
My instruments again PCs is not operational and creates a Motherboard is to blame. After turning in my instrument for a first time was hurriedly filled with displeasure when can not take the exposure in my monitor. Eventhough My adherents and the lights were operational. I have believed at the beginning that that was my Supply to Be able in. 650watts only have not looked almost quite have so updated in a 'Corsair RM1000x'. Plugged Everything in and rebooted my squad only to be baffled by a same exposure, or lack of for this subject... Again. Looking for another solution I stumbled in the form of Help of the PC that declares 'Included without the Card of the installed map in a Motherboard a PC would have to kick up using the Windows flash walk'. Which has had in my possession. I looked for it it was help of the More Purchase Geek member of Squad, this was supremely wise in a subject to build of PC. He only reconfirmed what a form of the help of the PC has to say. Any boot without Card of dysfunction = of Motherboard of the Maps. Any boot with Card of Maps and down 1000Power = of Supply of watts. I have enjoyed very build in this Motherboard in spite of my shortcomings. Hopefully ASUS Achieves has been in me and fixed this situation.

after taking my second Motherboard today (01/31/2019) has remarked multiple pins in a Motherboard this loses or angled. That is to say two times has harm or malfuncting parts of ASUS.
5 / 5 Kennith
My first joint entered and has had usb problems. Support of technology of the amazon nicknamed and there was the new one was immediately. Without that has to included issues my original behind premier. The mother is this joint matched with my msi 2080 card 64 gb ram and intel 8086k 6 core i7 fly. Overclocking IS easy, options of card in a bios is mere and topnotch. Wifi And bluetooth is an excellent premium, without that has to buy the seperate card for him.
5 / 5 Nelida
This joint has each of some bells and the whistles concealed looked for without vain look for in a maximus series. Barn Of rock with 9600k and 32gb corsair revenge pro rgb ram 3200 with xmp parameters and multicore enhancement. USB 3.1 gene 2 advance of connector, abundance of follower and rgb header. Very happy with my election
5 / 5 Chae
The joint adds very easy to build on. A rgb in this joint is your low but well of looks. But honestly on or it was no really it remarks the big difference. I actuate Mostly corsair icue the elements and does not synchronise with asus. A quality of tez is fantastic. He been An adherent of asus produced for the long time but continued in gigabyte for mine tez anterior. Happy is returned. I have paid more for this joint for a built in io protects that it is odd to say but was totally estimativas.
4 / 5 Dori
That is to say my second tez with the cup of a motherboard of line of ASUS. So that I have wanted the built in WiFi is spent an extra money for my first tez in 2014 with a ASUS Z97-Pro and again this time with this motherboard. It has estimated down a support of technology so that when called in 1 week of the receipt of Amazon has been advised had the load for support of technology. Everything has wanted to was can install a jumper to enable clocking before I have installed one YOU. I have not called a support of technology of the Amazon while it was the ASUS concrete question. Some bass that the estimativa for the beginners is so that ASUS the emphasis is for Windows 10 and has wanted Mint of Linux 19.1 operating system. Still although that is to say my third tez still am the novice when comes to do changes in a BIOS. I took me quite 2 weeks to be able to find responses in an internet to be able to install Calm of Linux with this motherboard. Desprs Using Mint of 19.1 of Linux for enough 1-1/2 month finds that this so far is the real very motherboard and with a i5 intel the processor is one very fast motherboard and would be well for gaming. It does not have any necessity for in clocking included although I have purchased a processor and RAM these covers for him with this motherboard.
2 / 5 Madison
Received new of Amazon. Installed all the components (CPU, Fresher, NVME Walk, RAM, Card of Map), but a joint has failed to the BOND at the beginning bounces because of DRAM subject. Tried each clave individually, And has purchased the new DRAM box to verify, even so failed DRAM.

Felizmente The service of the client of the amazon is second in any one. They have shipped out of the joint of substitution.

In a side besides, his east FOCUSED in a joint that calm say you that the MATE has failed, but having of the change out of the joint is the plot of work.

In general is better bought the different mark. Asus Once when being for quality, and is now just overpriced junk.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ROG Maximus XI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Kathaleen
Way: Motherboard Wow, where begins. They are the constructor of PC of long time (any one agrees 80286) although ossia my build of prime minister in roughly 8 years. Longitude of life ASUS constructor. I have built with MSI, questions, both have gone back. So that they are considering a Z390 program, ossia a big end , level of enthusiast, overclocker geared level of joint of ASUS. So only I have struggled of then partorisca differentiate everything of a ASUS the joints here is a line-up:

First - level lower, probably more to use so only for 6 chip of core. 4- you Synchronise VRM create.
TUF - According to tier, has has improved components and reliabilities in cousins.
Strix - Tercero tier, gaming characteristic.
Maximus - Components of main finals, WiFi, M.2 heatsinks. The majority of overclocker friendly.

Down the ones of level of Maximus much more denominations. The heroine is a general all-near of purpose. Joints to level big caters the cooling to water fact of commission and liquid niter - extreme overclocking. Such characteristic a half user never use/of need.

Here is a build - all the delivery-has chosen big-finalise/more-value except a memory, which has taken for free:
ASUS Z390 Maximus Heroine Wi-Fi
Intel 8700k (9700k when in stock)
MSI Geforce 1080you Gaming X
Crucial Ballistix Sport 16 GB DDR4 3000
Samsung 500gb 970 Evo M.2 NVME
Corsair MP510 500gb M.2 NVME
Corsair H110i With Corsair ML 140 Pro box of partidrio
EVGA Supernova G2 Now a lot 750W
Corsair 275R Marries w/ Corsair 120ML Pro x3 the defender exhausts box

A Hero has each characteristic a half enthusiast the constructor done of the commission would require. I wont reassert a specs of then is a lot detailed in an advertising. A joint is weighed because of a considerable heatsinks in a chipset, M.2 And VRMs. I can not try this May in some descriptions they an exceptional work to maintain these critical components cool under overclocking and conditions of estrses. A packaging is adapted - big red box. All has dipped was inner appropriately and all a wing dings calm potentially need. ASUS Always launches in his headed owner for connectors of chance, which is always useful. To An only thing would have liked him have the view is the vertical GPU boss of adapter of the mountain. For constructors of enthusiast this would be the good addition of then more the chances sustain this today. An aesthetic is really slick - all black that leaves your own habit RGB/has DIRECTED shenanigans. It can write the whole piece in a BIOS so only. He the sufficed to say that ASUS directs a UEFI band. Heck, has invented a UEFI BIOS. It transports overclocking the characteristic is slick, but is not here to leave HAVE overclock for calm - take the little litter. Win10 Installs out of UEFI USB 3.0 clave was simple. The ones of the one who has the 9700K still to dip in there have used like this my old 8700k just to try the things was. Easy overclock to 5.0 Ghz. The system of sound looks excellent. To good sure an improvement in my old base Realtec solution in a last build and to good sure can be appreciated by means of my Audioengine system of speaker. I have not tried out of a Wi-Fi of then does not love a latency added for gaming.

Only Characteristic - the one who conjoint is averts of upper tier together of Asrock, MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA?
- ASUS Is a UEFI king. Havent Has done with some another lately but is always be the bit wonky.
- Integrated I/Or CALM FINALLY
- Exceptional VRM cooling
- the audio has improved

Any downsides?
- Pricey, Although yes you are planning the overclock a lot, ossia a a . Otherwise Goes with Strix-And.
- Manuel of instruction - reason is these always like this bad??? Any a lot of improvement on 20 years.
- Marcos the piss-poor Frisbee
- Cheaped is gone in a VRM and VRM controller; VRMs run hotter that neighbouring comparable in of the on-line descriptions. It does not look to affect overclocking or half use. It can be a subject for extreme overclocking.
- M.2 rays - See under

Pro Tip 1: First of this joint goes anywhere approach your chance, besieges he in the flat surface and 'tentativa' to take a Sr.2 rays That resists some coverages/heatsinks down. Some numb-the die decided it would be the good idea to weld these rays in place with lock of edge. Reason!?! Threadlock Is used so only in the applications subject the strong vibration and the likelihood some rays will exit accidentally. Ossia A NVME people! Any vibration. In all the chance has it already reports of the people that nude out of some bosses of ray and that they have to RMA a neighbour.
Pro Tip 2: If taken an unavoidable A2 code of error, take your paper of video, transmission to integrated and king-boot. With which STICK felizmente calms then can reinstall your vineyard. This is to spend mine with initial startup and after the BIOS update. It does not like of of the papers of video in there on first ESTACA after new BIOS.
Pro Tip 3: sure mark to take limits of power in UEFI he plans the overclock. The mine would not take on 5000 without current limit throttling until this past, as Maximus boards dipped the 95W limits to maintain inside Intel spec. Any overclock easily attractive 140W+. Intel The utility of extreme Tuning was critical for me to take spent that barrier.

Final thoughts: A Sr.2 what was the headache and still am treating CS to try to substitute the bloody success so only like this far. ASUS Has had to that me for life so only been due to an upper UEFI, and this a does not disappoint . My last joint P8Z68-V/Gene 3 of 2011 has been that runs my overclocked 2500k 4.9 24/7 for 8 years! With a tax of CPU advances to accelerate these days (non-existent), can take the joint that will last for 8 years overclocked wheels-was likes that, will pay extra for this quality. It looks and careers awesome and probably does not have to that never worry in breakdowns. A VRM the situation was the worry of mine , but finally has not impacted action. A marketing is a bit deceptive - has called so only he 4-phase. OC The differential is likely insignificant, but be conscious that other joints (i.et. Gigabyte Aorus) There is much more robust VRMs has to that it has to that last 50Mhz OC. I think an upper sound and UEFI outweigh that worry.

Update 11/9/18: 9700k is in and purring to the long of in 5.2 all-cores with vineyard. 5300 Stable on 2 cores same voltage.
Sil The quality estimated in 78 and fresher estimated in the 180. Memory OC going quite well. More OC results posted like this available.

Update 11/20: Well I hate to do this but are docking the star been due to a m.2 subject. Spent 2 weeks that struggle with CS on taking the ray of alone substitution. Finally I escalated the to an office of a boss of support of client (Barbara Kushner) and a CEO. We promised me to us the ray of the substitution and the few days later have taken the ray of stand-off rule in a topmast. Utter Has failed. ASUS CS Takes the 0/10 - all a way to an executive crew. If CS the yours factors compraventas would be better was with another mark.
4 / 5 Marcellus
Way: Motherboard am pleased enough with my new ASUS Maximus XI HERO motherboard. Highly I recommend it.

A ASUS Maximus XI HERO has one 1151 CPU socket and is built with a Z390 chipset. It sustains multiple GPUs for SLI/Crossfire operation of video. Has 6 GB/s SATA put you and USB 3.1 (gene 1 and gene 2). A motherboard has the socket for the TPM form for Windows BitLocker.

Is exited of rear/entrance (I/Or) Put you in rear of Motherboard: HDMI port; Port of Exposure; LAN (RJ45); two USB 3.1 gene 1; three USB 3.1 gene 2; an USB 3.1 type C; two USB 2.0; Optics S/PDIF was; audio jacks; Claro CMOS key; connections of antenna of the Wi-Fi.

Checks A ASUS page of product thus motherboard: you can find a soyanual of User,' documentation, explanations, and some engine of device later. A ASUS the forums also can be to help yours.

Ossia A third computer has built with a ASUS motherboard. A ASUS Maximus XI LINE of product comes (or will come someday?) In several versions: Heroines, Code, Formula, and Extreme. I have bought a Hero because it was a so only an available. It have preferred it Formulates it; but, alas, the person there have been in-stock. (I has an older version of a Formula in another computer; it is the joint adds .) As far, some looks of Hero to fulfil everything of my needs.

Honradamente, has not loved to build the new computer. Gathering the computer of parts is more expensive that buying to the ready car has built; but I maintain to build my own computers simply reasons costruttrici of the computer is not building cars with some characteristics or with a quality that loves. Felizmente, building the computer is very easy these days (in 2018). For tools, all precise is a Philips-screwdriver of boss and scissors (or the knife of pocket) to open containers.

Has built my new computer with a ASUS Maximus XI HERO motherboard in the Corsair 330R chance with a Intel i7 8700K (overclocking) processor, 16 GB of Corsair DDR4 memory, and the Corsair AX860 supply to be able to. Connecting papers, components, and bosses to a ASUS Formula motherboard can be a lot, very easy, yes has selected a pertinent chance (that I any). A motherboard is extremely a lot-labeled and one Drives of User has excellent illustrations (and is available of ASUS to the equal that downloads).

Speaking of chance: it does not use a Corsair 330R or chance looked for the gaming computer. A chance is too small. Some Specifications for a chance in a Corsair the web of place specifically loans a Corsair H100i CPU fresher as when being compatible with this chance, but is not . With a H100i installed has had insufficient clearances among a fresh plus and: (1) a CPU bosses to be able to; (2) a behind exhausts defender; (3) a bay of upper optical walk; and (4) a CPU_connectors of PARTIDRIO. Mark sure taken the chance that resupplies sufficient room so that the parts are easy to install and so that it do not interfere with each another.

First to begin, learns roughly like this to avert static load while you are managing a motherboard, CPU, RAM, paper of video(s), and any component with electronics. Utilisation a anti-static wristband, but has been also known to simply of earth I previously to manage components. Always electronic of sleeve for some flanges so only.

Situating a CPU in a motherboard 1151 socket is very easy; but you would have to that look some video of Youtube calm no the the never does before. The connections of boss are obvious and easy to do. The connections comprise: power of 24 boss of pins of supply; 8-pin and 4-nail CPU bosses of supply of the power; boss at the head of audio of the poster; poster forward SATA 3.1 boss; transmissions at the head of poster and bosses of lights; CPU fresher (H100i) boss to be able to; SATA bosses of data for 1 SSD and DVD. It likes a comprised 'Q-Connector,' that done the much easier to connect a front-bosses of poster to a motherboard; this in spite of, wish a Q-the enclosed connector in place.

WARNS: it is possible to install a CPU can wrongly. In a past, this appearance to be impossible because of keying of a motherboard and connectors of boss of the power. This in spite of, can be possible to install some connections to be able to behind; like this attentively verify an orientation of connectors.

Manual of instruction for the parts and the pieces of all your computer are available on-line and the active useful souls a lot of posted 'That-To' video on Youtube.

I strongly suggest that it download a version of pdf of one Drives of User.' Reading one Drives of User of the pdf in another calm computer leave to do a text and illustrations like big likes need (in planting to try to read a relatively tiny User Drives. If it does not feel it like read the, then the look in some illustrations adds all some parts, pieces, connectors, indications, and controls (in this chance, the picture is in fact value the words of thousand). At least look in Section . I have had one Drives of User up in another computer to the equal that have built is one.

You Really would have to that read a section of one Drives of User that directs motherboard installation. They are sure that the plot of some complaints and the people of questions speak roughly resulted of his failure typical of following one 'Drives of User.' Also I ask if some questions could be due to the fault to upload some correct engine for a together of chip, LAN, audio, video, etc. And to good sure read a section of one Drives of User on averting breaking electronic with static electricity!

A ASUS Maximus XI HERO motherboard is drawn for gamers ( is, after all, part of a ASUS espblico of Gamers' line of products). If you are not building the computer for gaming or for other demanding applications, then probably would owe that select the economic plus motherboard. If you go to verify so only your topmast, surf a web, and programs of Office of Microsoft of use, then this motherboard is overkill: you would be very better shopping an economic, the ready built laptop or Surface Pro. Has the Surface Pro connected to the monitor, keyboard, and the smile has seen the KVM change it and he can do practically everything, excepts run some software of games or demanding work.

An on-graphic of joint (HDMI and Port of Exposure) and on-the audio of joint is exceptional. Of course, a client feigned of this motherboard undoubtedly will want to install the paper of video of big final (perhaps still two papers of video of big final in SLI/CrossFire). I have installed a EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FTW 2 paper of video. A Hero is on-the audio of joint are adds.

This motherboard supports so that 8th and 9th generation Intel CPUs. I have installed a Intel i7-8700K (8th gene) CPU. A 'K' means it can be overclocked. It is pointless to buy this motherboard without also taking a unlocked, on-clocking CPU. I have loved to install a Intel i7-9700K (9th gene) CPU, but could not find one in-stock.

A ASUS Maximus XI HERO comes with a motherboard the loaded engine in the disk. This engine will take your new car arrives and that careers; this in spite of, can not be an engine a late plus. For like this, I recommend that it download an engine a LATE plus (of a ASUS web page) when flashing walk. In this way, will have an engine an available late plus, included without the LAN connection or the player of WORKING DVD. At least copy a LAN or wireless engine; in this way, it was able to access an Internet to take a rest of some engine.

I really like a BIOS (UEFI) interface thus motherboard; it is very easy to comprise and to use. One 'Drives of User' contains good explanations to use a BIOS program, comprising some three methods to update BIOS.

Requirements to be able to:

A soyanual of User' specific a ATX supply to be able to. Qualified to supply to be able to required (watts) will depend in a CPU and paper of video(s) that is using. For example, very big-papers of the video of the precise specific end at least he 500 power of watts distributes (so only for a computer with a paper of video). To maximizas efficiency of energy and to minimise noise, thinks that is more to have the supply to be able to that it will operate it he among 40 and 70 load of percentage. For like this, I have looked for the supply to be able to that it would be it necessary remain it down 70 capacity of porcentual when a computer is in full load. Of my computer there is so only a paper of video, has chosen a Corsair AX860 supply to be able to. If you go to run more than a paper of video, could wants to consider installing the 1200 power of watt distributes (something like a corsair HAMMERS 1200).

Connections to be able to:

installing a power of 24 pins the boss is quite easy and obvious; but you would have to that read one Drives of User roughly connecting to a 8-pin and 4-nail CPU connectors to be able to. In a cup of a ASUS Maximus XI HERO motherboard will find you one 8-key EATX 12 power of connector of volt (EATX12V_1) and he 4-key EATX 12 power of connector of volt (EATX12V_2). One Drives of User warn to connect has beaten to one all 8 pins of one 8-nail CPU connector of power to go down one can (watts) for pin. One Drives of User I further promote to also connect the boss of power to a 4-nail CPU connector to be able to. Look: In the past the builds can has connected so only to 4 pins (2 pairs of pin) of CPU supply to be able to. Doing so much with this motherboard could break or destroy a joint. For like this, according to ASUS, connects at least 8 pins (4 pairs of pin), and possibly 12 pins (6 pairs of pin), to reduce a current for pair of pin, like this reducing a risk of harm because of big current.


Before orders modulate by heart, could want download and revise one 'Drives of User' for a ASUS Maximus V Formula motherboard. Also control out of some Casts of the vendor Described (QVL) in a ASUS put web. It has installed two DDR4 dual in-of the forms by heart of the line (DIMMs). Until two pairs of DIMMs (four DIMMs total) can be installed in this joint in four space (for the maximum of 64 GB). Ideally, it have to that buy some forms by heart in soyatched conjoint': any one the neighbour matched of two DIMMs or the neighbour matched of four DIMMs. One 'Drives of User' recommends to install DIMMs of a same vendor, with one still MARRIES latency, and of a same version or code of date (D/C). If you are interested on-clocking memory, then could wants to research DDR4 DIMMs with indications of the main clock.

Loves 'dual canal' function, so only install DIMMs in of the pairs (two or four DIMMs, any or three DIMMs). For example, you want 16 GB by heart, then buys two 8 GB DIMMs (any 16 GB DIMM). If calm so only is installing two (and any four) DIMMS, HAS TO install him in two spaces concretise (sees illustration in a esystem section by heart in a 'Drives of User,', page 1-4). Finally, you could consider run tries it memory in your again installed memory.

CMOS The battery had Died on Arrival:

in a past, has installed always the quota (type 2032) CMOS first battery to install the new motherboard. For this build, I any that. Construction of estaca, has to give quickly that a CMOS the battery had died. Yep, ASUS Shipped the motherboard with the death CMOS battery. Any big shot: it have to that it has installed it the new a forward to install a joint. You see, a CMOS the battery is located under a paper of video: it is very easy to substitute before starts to build and quite inconvenient afterwards. Utilisation the longitude-durable 2032 battery of lithium; it conceals it would be necessary hard roughly 4 to 5 years.

CPU-The freshest connections:

has used a CORSAIR Hydro Serious H100i v2 AIO Liquid CPU Fresher. A H100i v2 the manual directs to connect a fresh plus to the equal that follows: it covers a connector of power of the bomb to a CPU_socket of PARTIDRIO in a motherboard and connect a two power of bosses of partidrio to a H100i in place of the motherboard. Maximus XI MANUAL of Hero directs to connect a bomb the AIO_BOMB and connecting some two partidrios to CPU_PARTIDRIO and CPU_OPT (in place of the H100i). I have chosen to follow a H100i v2 instructions on: connecting some partidrios to a bomb ensures some defenders are controlled for temperature of bomb in place of motherboard temperature (a better indicator of question of radiator, in my opinion). If you connect a power to bomb to CPU_PARTIDRIO (and some 2 partidrios to some bosses of bomb), then go the BIOS and sure mark that a profile of defender for CPU_the DEFENDER is always in 12 vdc (maximum) at all temperatures.
4 / 5 Loreen
Way: Motherboard I9-9900K
Samsung 970 PRO Seriis - 1TB PCIe NVMe - M.2
CORSAIR HYDRO Serious H150i PRO fresher
CORSAIR HXi Serious, HX850i, 850 Watt, 80+ Platinum has Certified, Fully Modulate - Supply of Digital Power
A Good: First of this Motherboard there is a bit characteristic very a lot of his and a creation of a joint are adds. I have had the question that takes rays of upper stand-off partorisca line until holes but was able of the except was it a lot tight. The joint is gone in good box and was packaged well. Manuel is half but has had all an information in him has required. I have built numerous computers on some years and always take entertainment to build that/ it uses the computer I together place.
A Bad: Asus for some reason has decided to dip Loctite or some alike substance in some rays that resists a Sr.2 tank to heat past (Sees pic of rays to see some blue Loctite on the). These some very hard rays to be take without undressing out of some bosses (Sees pic of boss of ray) and doing them unsightly if it has included can take him was at all. Reason you Loctite the ray this has to that be take to install a Sr.2 SSD? This day and age where all the world there is windowed chance that wants look in and see marred/lined on rays. When I have asked Asus the support for new rays said there is has had to that neither RMA, (meaning paid to ship motherboard behind to them for $ 20-$ 30 and do without motherboard for 2-3 weeks or longer) or could buy my own rays reasons would not send me new some. For a price of the pair small rays and envelope with focus of surpassed would have been the happy client . I have verified 3 different hardware tents and has been said this is not the normal sized ray. It is much more that the majority of rays of computers in 10mm or the full centimetre long. As it looks to take the substitution is not like this easy likes so only that goes the tent of hardware.
4 / 5 Stephaine
Way: Motherboard Likes a lot another has signalled was, one of a Sr.2 rays Of walk comes on-presionados of a ASUS' line of assembly. A culprit partorisca me was a ray lateralmente well of a deep M.2 hot-shield. I have finalised partorisca undress a boss of ray after the tentativas numerous to take lose enough for me to take the control in bylines.
Felizmente, has had the together good of engine of ray and was able to take the good grip after, but a harm was done already (the picture aims a ray undressed installed in a sinister side of a heat-shield, I that with which a -see down)

NOTE: it looks to be the defect with a motherboard space of ray and no a ray he. To try, changed him then around and looks a space of the right ray subordinated of a Sr.2 walk takes way much more torsion that with some another -to a point that has to that you really undermine in.

Now have the unusable deep M.2 bay of walk, as I am unable of presionar a heat-shield. It has had to direct with only using the 1TB walk in an upper space instead.

To an already exceptional MB, ...Ossia Very disappointing, ASUS.

5 / 5 Maira
Way: Motherboard any usually write the descriptions but this drove me to us crazy. I have had question with a m.2 rays Of shield also. So only they do not exit . They are in tight. If you want to try your regime then goes before, otherwise would not recommend this mobo he wishes use m.2 SSD.

Service of Client of the amazon surprised and leave me to us return this mobo.
4 / 5 Jeffry
Way: Motherboard A mobo has question returning in a Corsair 570x house. A short 3 points of the stand-off will not vary because of some built in ME shield. Be cautious choosing these products that build with this chance. M.2 ray Is has presionado on. Returning with which some subjects have had. Called ASUS for support, dipped on control for almost the averages an hour has then said would call me behind with the solution in 1-2 business days. It is been almost the week.. It has been with a Gigabyte version with which. There is very better VRMs and am pleased with him.
4 / 5 Oswaldo
Way: Motherboard has bought this product together with a preorder of mine 9900k. I have thought always Maximus heroine was the good solid motherboard line. Partorisca Install everything. My PC has clashed 4 times after kicking the windows. After low clocking to 4.6 GHz on all 8 cores was able of the take stable. Has a asus rog ryou 240mm aio clears fresher, together with thermal grizzly kryonaut.

After this poor experience, has ordered another motherboard, a gigabyte aorus master. Thinking my questions would be on once I a transmission,but today to the equal that seat here writing this description in my telephone in the place of my PC means that it no longer can kick the windows. A code of estaca in a motherboard is not doing, as it was hard for me the troubleshoot. I have tried all and any regime. An only thing can do is aceso up is rgb and a key to start with. At all it is turning and at all is doing.
5 / 5 Azzie
Way: Motherboard Feels price and heavy, has taken enough one beating comprising the be has rid to the rovescio. Mina 8-nail CPU the connector is fat and chairs to like it pulled in a socket too much, but any question like this far. So only an USB 3.0 front I/Or connector, and my PC loves two. Oh Well. Any anti-static stock exchange, earth like this calm before it has included plough a box.

An USB 3.1 gene. 2 port has maintained to give me an error in startup that has been in current state. The unplugged And turned it around, work a lot now. Cariche Fast my telephone any question. Had a rovescio tiny, where my rays of the upper stand-off would not vary , included with an I/Or shield solidly in place. Taken the little of some average and inferior rays in and the cup is gone in well, so only the bosses up.

His of empty of the RAM crunchy. It has thought I messed something on bigtime. Nope, Everything is well. CPU The impulse is the good addition . He no overvolt my CPU! Maximus Formula VII has run mine 4790k in with the small OC. East times mine 8700k is in 1.0 . Good touch. Thank you To fix is, ASUS. I have tried it take the 9900k, but this'll be the late plus upgrade with the supply and asks it when being a way is right now.

Also, love a Wi-fi antenna. It comes with the stand to dip it on the office, or a back (lengthwise) is magnetic. It goes solidly in a backside of a chance, doing the look averts of him.

Intel i7 8700k (will touch with overclocks later, now trying stability of system)
32gb Corsair Revenge RGB Pro 3000mhz
Master Fresher Ml240R AIO Fresher
Gigabyte Windforce 1070 Black Edition
Samsung 860 EVO (recognised by a joint instantly and left to install Win10 out of a box)
Corsair RM 850X PSU
All nestled in a more Master Fresco H500M chance.

This has to that be a better experience with a ASUS near that has had to of the. Any frozen BIOS. Any on-volted CPU. Any errors of estaca. Having the ESTACA of PC without errors on first start is a sleep .
4 / 5 Tammera
Way: Motherboard My last 2 builds have been with ASUS motherboards, as it seats partorisca my next build partorisca be another ASUS. This time was like this very bad. When I have taken a MB out of a box, the pocolos fulminas tiny have fallen was. You look during a joint partorisca see where could of fallen went. It can not find anywhere these rays could to come from/come from. As I can so only dipped the down to a process of bad manufacture.

Has built a new PC and he have maintained blue exploitation in of the Windows. Animal-has Seated all this in spite of a BSOD. It has taken a GPU was and has used a motherboard connector, still BSOD. Changed a DIMMs on with another PC, BSOD. Rey installed and still Windows BSOD. It has given enough until arriving to this point and is returned a MB.

Has purchased a Gigabyte Aorus Master instead and absolutely any question with him at all. Any BSOD or any class of subjects a lot.

Perhaps has taken the bad joint , but to read the on-line descriptions ASUS has has fallen really his game recently.
5 / 5 Shayla
Way: Motherboard Pros:
1. Some can disagree, but taste that of some builds firmware in a mobo installs the utility in yours concealed calm to leave you the easily install engine and another Asus software. Average to your desk after installing yours YOU, and is hailed with the message of Asus in this utility.
2. AY CONTINUAZIONE Cela Leave you to car-overclock your CPU, reason love it easy.
3. RGB In mobo, although it can be bit it too thin.

1. This joint is not stable. They are angry that there is not reading some descriptions in the first place roughly he so only using 4-phases. One HAS Car of Continuazione-overclock in a i9-9900K causes my computer partorisca freeze in of the games, and has to that last reboot. I guess I will try manually overclock to the surest settings, of then am stuck with a joint. It can have other reasons of hardware partorisca this (2080You?), As I will maintain partorisca try and update, but has read another having a subject ice cream still. Those that are raving in this joint is not using a i9-9900K. This thing is the spatial heater .
2. Bought this joint specifically and a lot of components partorisca his AURA RGB compatibility. Nope. No the component so only is recognised: Ballistix RAM, Wraps The Strimer 24 and bosses of 8 pins, the Freshest masters AIO ML360R. Has any one has taken anything recognised for AURA?
3. Mobo RGB Remain on when a computer is was. Reason? It is this the characteristic? Another turn of components was, but a mobo RGB stays on.

Has bought this joint partorisca 2 reasons: AURA RGB and overclocking. I can do neither. Any happy. Yes, has a late plus BIOS, engine, etc. to good sure wants to sell this joint. Finally, I have not had a lot of Sr.2 subjects of ray.

Top Customer Reviews: Asus Prime ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Whitley
I have wanted the basic motherboard, barn for the Ryzen 2700X CPU, this could limit in and has work--this one was moderately priced, and has a B450 chipset. I have not required a X470 been of chipset as it choose this; it whitewashes up and you pursue well with each 8 has to upload of the cores 100% durable represents. Abundance of connectivity (SATA, PCI-And void) for a prize. Only that has wanted. Note, some pins of the power of the advances of header is tagged, but a text is tiny.
5 / 5 Dusty
Good piece of train for my Micro tez !! Good access in my Masterbox Q300L (any cd/dvd). Wine with until BIOS of date out of a box (yes, and has verified a place). Pose my Ryzen 2600 in mobo, first time in fact in stock speed (3.4) with G of mine.Ram of art and Seasonic PSU.
The fines printed: the ram exited of a box. It covers and game. Mobo The ram recognised in 2133, fast change in bios in 3.0 - any problem has remarked. Still with CPU. Shot up in 3.4. Fast bios change in 3.8 - low volts and solids. I am not a overclocker like happy and easy. At the end, the the normal adherent is VERY CALM and sper easy install in my case. At the end, at the end ... Without cd/dvd in the perhaps opted case for the USB Wins 10 installs. OMG - The May will use to win it 10 CDs again. USB 3.0 IS SPER quickly - still with HDD. Place of Windows very easy to do wins it 10 USB. Only necessity the sake Wins 10 code for final installs.

Very a lot at the end - and HATE one has DIRECTED, PWR connector of case of the change BS. C soyencima ... That is to say 2018 FFS !!

Each n everything. The tez easier never. OBTW: Like An option of case to pose HDD in a 'backwards' of addiction of motherboard to describe a bay of walk - a lot of cleaner wiring, very solid, :)
Pros: Solid edifice, good creation, arrived with until BIOS of date.
Gilipollas: -mobo faceplate For case - meh. Any sure is a mobo or a connector of case but could not take my USB of case of the front 3.0 connector fully flush with a mobo. Work well, only any one the physicist of good access, any flush with subordinated of a connection - and thinks is a connector of case , any insurance. The diagram has printed in instructions for mobo - feeble for connectors of cases / my old eyes.

Good piece of train !!

Some specs:
Aegis G.Skill 8GB 288-Nail DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Memory (Memory of Desktop) Model F4-3000C16S-8GISB

ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 DUAL-GTX1070-O8G 8GB 256-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 HDCP Punctual SLI Card of Video of the Support

MasterBox Q300L Marie of party w/filter of Powder of Magnetic drawing, the side by side the Transparent Acrylic poster, Action of Flow of the Air for Master Fresher

Seasonic DIRECT 550 Gold SSR-550FM 550W 80+ Gold ATX12V and EPS12V Semi-Modulates 7 Guarantee of Compact Year 140 mm Supply of Power of the Measure
5 / 5 Timothy
ASUS IS the upper mark known for quality of the tez the solid has taken since in the computers in marks 25 years. I have bought this for the tez for my dad (a school professor), and will buy it again, with flavouring a lot, without hesitation for my tez next(s). Of the reliability is my first priority , I any overclock a CPU. I overclock a RAM in his speed estimated of 3000 MHz, and this joint that perfectly (always sure when being to verify a motherboard the web of place of the manufacturer for a list of compatibility of the memory).

This joint has done perfectly out of a box. There is the firmware the available update, but has not been necessary at the same time of tez with the Ryzen 5 2400G CPU (ASIN B079D8FD28), 8 GB of Corsair Revenge LPX 3000 MHz memory (ASIN: B0123ZBPDA), and a XPG SX8200 240 GB ADATA NVMe SSD (ASIN B07BLNFSQN). Has update a BIOS at the end was to arrive and current, and that the process was totally painless.

Another critic has commented that the has not had good documentation to connect some connectors of poster of the front for things like a change to be able in, button of reset, HDD the indicator has DIRECTED, etc. The suspect does not look in some available on-line resources of ASUS. There is the manual in a box with a motherboard, and these are supplemental the available information in a ASUS place of support of the product.

Unless precise that the big arrivals overclocking described, integrated DIRECTED of RGB, or some another characteristic these boards explicitly lack, this will be my gone-to board for Ryzen the systems have based.
2 / 5 Shante
A port of the microphone does not act, one of some header of the follower any one beats to reserve that looks, says Bluetooth in a wireless section there is no Bluetooth. Average of a time some freezings of computer in a bios uploading screen as I owe the hard reset a computer. That is to say the enormous hassle the causes have to build my integer pc before finding everything of these problems and now has to cross a rma process, and paste of compraventa thermal. In general I am disturbed with this compraventa.
3 / 5 Lucilla
(Update 11 - 5)
This has to when being a buggiest the thing has not possessed never. And the IMPORT is updating of a A8-5600K and the $ 45 FM2 Mobo. For this prize does not have to that it is seeing my devices only at random disconnect and STAY disconnected until my computer restarts. This has spent like this far in my Ethernet and headphone ports. At all the fixed external of the restarts. Like this far it spend it I have posed my computer to sleep (Ethernet) or if I disconnect my headphones. The headphones are exited, the port is fatality until it restarts. Any import what only says that any device is connected. SURE, it CAN blame Windows, but why? My hardware is an only thing that is changed. The engine and The BIOS is until date. Quite pathetic for a prize. At least a unit has any one has failed in fact.


takes - there has only so room in this thing - but is surprised that my GPU almost is seating in an earth of my case with a GPU the adherents almost chew in cords if no for bonds to twist and has crossed toes. Besides, a manual is afterwards good-for-swimming and a PDF a QR the nexus of the calm code is only modestly more useful. I do not have he a lot in a BIOS and has taken hardly in of the Windows but necessity to put to bed . My experience in these zones is like this non-existent / minimum at present.
5 / 5 Byron
Easy in setup in BIOS, comprising update see internet. Gesture of very characteristic, although the second M empty.2 it would have been it to it well. In common solid of stable rock and has good support for overclocking of a CPU and RAM. Has no obnoxious DIRECTED of RGB, but has the header for them imports in you. It is not fooled for a soyodel of Corporate Barn' - this mobo is any dispatch slouch.
3 / 5 Brandon
The motherboard illuminate and any one left that the clave know me can was on board. My adherent of supply of the can has not done and has thinks that was my supply to be able in. It was in a University of Youtube and has learnt that for the verify and good show. I in the fine reset CMOS and takes a stack and unpluged all and reinstalled all some parts and now records. Purchase with Precaution...
5 / 5 Kali
Works of good mine and the durable looks. I Like him his of a creation of him, also. Management of easy done cape with an only visible cape through my poster of glass that is a GPU beat

1 update of Month: Still works absolutely perfectly and is very happy with him!
4 / 5 Tegan
I add motherboard for devices of USB, VR, and Ryzen (AFTERWARDS Bios update)

I vetted a joint at length before it buys to ensure a pci empty and sata the ports would do with my case (Silverstone FT03). I have verified also and information of cross of compatibility of the hardware checked in a ASUS the web of place and the hardware checked has bought that laws with a motherboard.

But, has had still problems. An in the first place was with RAM, is gone with one corsair the marks but then found that a RAM had purchased , has had different versions for different manufacturers... And without road to choose that version is taking.. I the ram taken alas that he no with a motherboard. I have changed in Kingston HyperX.

According to problem, and a one this is attacking the star has been he prende, a matrix of CPU of the compatibility is bad. One BIOs version in a motherboard, compared in a matrix, is supposes to back a Ryzen 7 out of a box, even so has had to still follow down one old plus ryzen only for fell and update before using a Ryzen 7. Shame! I already troubleshooted a processor before this so that it was to plot of scrolling of tedious thermal applicator and re-applying until to the final boots.

After taking all has ordered was, the laws add. Has the mechanical keyboard that really mine of records hub of USB in my anterior motherboard like bad, this together with a mouse and wireless headset has had to external hubs, and now all take quite can and has bandwidth of suffices in some ports of motherboard of USB.

Loses the pci void in a pci-and when that uses the card of the video but this are typically a case. Still have the free pci can take in has required . It has to envelopes sata ports for all my walks (ssd and 3 hdd) but yes was to attach anymore would not be able to use a nvme which are not the problem while it does not plan in any one afterlife sata devices.

In all the case, in general, is the add motherboard for one Ryzen line but only maintain in of the entity wants to use it Ryzen 7 will require the 5 and go down only to update a BIOs before you included you can use..
3 / 5 Dona
It has had two glaring subject with this joint. In the first place, a BIOS terribly is being missing of and failure to take advantage of included everything of first-generation Ryzen characteristic, left only these presented in generation 2. Segundo, USB3 the devices are prone to fall connection when plugged in USB of a joint 3.0 ports, and can be very only reliably has used saws an USB 2.0 ports.

A pair of years of marks these would have been reasons for the-description of star, but with a motherboard be of piece at all but rubbish these days . . . A joint is otherwise solid, and ASUS support for these CSM the models are quite sake .

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS Computer ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
That is to say the popular walk so that it is known to be UHD cosy. I have purchased the pair of them for this purpose and required in reburn a firmware to do them ready UHD blurays once again. If you are late in a game, some manufactures of all these UHD the cosy walks have begun to exit of firmware to turn a low disk when detects UHD means comunicacionales as it has to you downgrade a firmware to do functions with UHD the disks yes recently purchase this walk. Anything you , the mark sure knows that it is doing before you downgrade a firmware, can very only reflash the firmware finds in a web in a walk since has to 'spend' a date of calibration with a firmware. He so has to pull you a firmware was unit, fusible he with 'clean' and firmware older, then overwrite a firmware. I am leaving the details was but that it is a gist and wants to do sure before it buys this walk knows that it is in decrees.
4 / 5
Has the old Pioneer BDR-205 those burns BR-R D/L disks in 10x some means comunicacionales same burned only in 8x in this walk. That is to say the fast plus -the walk estimated in the each appearance but the slowest burns. Sure perhaps it is only the half comunicacionales quirk but that is to say class of volume that the old technology is faster.

My version shipped with FW 3.00, is sure to update in 3.02 if you will be to use this walk for UHD. It DOES not UPDATE In FW 3.03+ or will not be able to use this walk for UHD.
4 / 5
Fast unit, able to read triple-cloak BDXL the disks found in 4K UHD films (voices with)
parties of bezel Negre perfectly with the vantec external usb enclosure.

Asus Is being shady and is closing a firmware that prevents calm of downgrading. I need to flash a unit in an earlier description with the different tool wants to read UHD disks with this if your unit is to come uploaded with a firmware v3.03. I am docking the star for the this of the units fashioned earlier a year has not had any problem with easterly.
4 / 5
Some tears of walk 4k contained (how seen here) but thanks to a manufacturer, and laws of stupid content; the law that gives support the owners are done to listen like criminals. This walk is gone in me through the amazon those runs 3.3 version duquel firmware resulted in the no-go for Any one 4k has contained. Going back in 3.2 goes to fix this shortcoming but is treats it any one for a faint-hearted.

A fast investigation will reveal so -'roll-Back' a firmware in of the anterior versions. Another that this problem, a walk is until Asus in quality and value; that is to say - very good!
4 / 5
This Blu works of Walk of Burner of Ray perfectly. It reads all the disks until a big capacity later Blu the Offer of ray and Quad disks of cloak for 4k Blu Ray. Everything needs to reproduce the disks in this walk are some free Leawo Blu Software of Player of Ray. If it does not like him subtitles and wants of the available cards would suggest this compraventa Cyberlink PowerDVD 16. These two programs of software are a better hand Blu software of player of the Ray and a more paid Blu Software of Player of the Ray. As toptenreview.com. It uses a disk of Burn of the free star that software of burns to burn all your disks. This software included can burn DVD/Blu Ray M-Disks and Blu Offer of Ray and Quad cloak 4k disks for free.
3 / 5
I have to 2018 update: mine Taken rebate in l; you eat-been after ASUS swtiched in the company of new past. Even so, description of still average so that maintenances to take reads errors for DVD of this walk. Tea of there CAN have Been the problem with Blu-rays but inconsistent reads of DVD is nettling. It does not buy this walk again or the recommend.
Blu-The walk of ray is half interpreter -- there were problems to read in of the disks my another, the oldest walk reads well. A real problem is ASUS any his honour rebate offers. I have rid and it has had mine rebate has agreed under subjects 2018 ('4-6 weeks to accuse and subjects rebate'). Expected until June 2018 in the tlphonique and the real person excusado and fianc to verify in a problem and I eshould mine taken rebate in 10-14 business days.' It IS now August 2018 and ASUS does not have does diddly excepts to ignore my email of July of clue routed 2018. If your compraventa is based in prize after the rebate, then please rethink the.
1 / 5
There is this walk for the little of the months and he have done utmost... Then today while the fall in a computer fries. Look he shorted in a connector to be able in or something. A power and SATA the connectors plugged in a walk was totally was, burned in the crisp. Burned some of a power and SATA capes in my computer and has toasted one of some 4 hard walks have in the RAID 10 setup. Smoked in a quite very too much house. Felizmente After substituting some capes burned a still kicked computer up in a rest three walks. It opens Only it has to substitute the walk takes, reconstructs a variety and takes another Blu-writer of Ray.

I like ASUS products, my motherboard of the computer is ASUS. It was very it surprise he in this trace to walk in of to the llamas like him to them the marks.
5 / 5
It have used LG the walks some years are spent, but has required recently the new bluray writer, and decided to go with Asus, a prize was better. I have to say that I am very impressed, and have remorses very used Asus the earliest units. It IS very calm, in both reading and writing, incomparable in a noisy LGs. Segundo, is hurriedly. Thirdly IS of course reliable, and that it is supposition to do . Burn only (25G) and double cloak (50G) BD disks without problems, down Linux (xorriso). Also it avenge it code of free region:
regionset /dev/sr0
parameters of Current walk for /dev/sr0:
RPC Type: Phase II (Hardware)
RPC Been: any set of code of the region (bitmask=0xFF)
the reset of pode of the vendor a RPC 4 times
the stays of user changes a parameter of region 5 times

has not tried he with BDXL even so (128G), but sustain the.
IS container that detail as it comes with some software also, but can not comment in that since is in Linux.
Strongly recommended, can very better that this in an internal bluray walk, and a prize is unbeatable.
1 / 5
Buyer beware: a new plus ones do not have one that pertinent firmware covers for 4K reading. To take it to do that his states of description of the product, has to downgrade a firmware in an older version, which Asus no easy. I have not tried he still so that I do not want brick my device. Lee blurays and normal dvds well, but that is not why bought the. Any happy.
5 / 5
I have to say that I am impressed with this Blu-Writer of Ray. I actuate Always it has possessed it to it to him only Writers of DVD before and the boy is happy has update. The tan now can burn both DVD is and Blu-Rays with ease. The installation was the accident ; the windows have recognised immediately a walk. To do this resplandor of pair of burner only he with good software. There is the plot of DVD very those burns concealed/ creates software there. It has matched this writer with the 25 group of Verbatim BD-R disks: Verbatim 97457 25 GB 6x Blu-scrapes Only Cloak Recordable Disk BD-R, Spindle of 25 Disks I like a walk so that it is sper fast and calm. It comes with 4 megs of hides; I have found that it was when Nero used to dig in some walks specs. I trust me be you happy with this walk. Basically substitute it a BW-14D1XT but take more characteristic in a point of same prize! Glorious!!
4 / 5
Ossia The popular walk because it is known partorisca be UHD friendly. I have purchased the pair of them partorisca this purpose and required to reburn a firmware partorisca do them ready UHD blurays once again. If you are late to a game, some manufactures of all these UHD the friendly walks have begun partorisca exit of firmware partorisca turn a disk down when it relieves UHD means comunicacionales to the equal that owe that downgrade a firmware partorisca do do with UHD the disks yes recently purchase this walk. Anything calm , the mark sure knows that it is doing before you downgrade a firmware, can very so only reflash firmware find in a web to a calm walk of then has to that 'spend' a date of calibration with a firmware. As you owe that pull a firmware was walk, funds with 'cleaned' and older firmware, then overwrite a firmware. I am leaving the details was but ossia a gist and wants to do sure before it buy this walk knows that it is paralizaciones .
4 / 5
A walk rasga 4k contained (as seen here) but thanks to a costruttore, and laws of stupid content; it reads it that it gives support the owners are facts partorisca feel like criminals. This walk is coming mine by means of the amazon that careers 3.3 version of firmware that resulted in the no-go for Any 4k has contained. Going behind to 3.2 fixed this shortcoming but is the task any partorisca a faint-hearted.

A fast investigation will develop like this to -'Circle-Rear' a firmware the leading versions. Another that this drawback, a walk is until Asus in quality and value; ossia - very good!
4 / 5
Fast unit, able to read triple-layer BDXL the disks found in 4K UHD films (sees with)
Black bezel parties perfectly with the vantec external usb enclosure.

Asus Is shady and is closing a firmware preventing calm of downgrading. I need to flash a unit to an earlier review with the different tool wants to read UHD disks with this if your unit is partorisca come uploaded with a firmware. They are docking the star partorisca east of the units have manufactured earlier a year has not had any question with east.
5 / 5
Have the old Pioneer BDR-205 this burns BR-R D/L disks in 10x some mean comunicacionales only burns was in 8x in this walk. Ossia The fastest-walk estimated in every aspect but burns slower. Sure perhaps it is so only the half comunicacionales quirk but ossia class of volume that the old technology is faster.

My version shipped with FW , is sure the upgrade to him will be partorisca use this walk partorisca UHD. ANY UPGRADE The FW + or will not be able to use this walk partorisca UHD.
4 / 5
Buyer beware: a new plus some do not have some pertinent firmware that leaves partorisca 4K reading. Partorisca Take it partorisca do the one who his states of description of the product, has to downgrade a firmware to an older version, which Asus no easy . I did not try it still reason do not love brick my device. Law blurays and normal dvd well, but concealed is not reason has bought the. Any happy.
4 / 5
Jan 2020 update: Down partorisca go down estimating possible -- 1 star -- been due to has continued cruddy action of access of the DVD. Blue-I rays continue to do really well BUT has used more Dvdes that Blue-disks of ray. More than half some tentativas to touch the result of DVD in the 'the error of disk reads' that so only can be fixed for multiple retrys if at all. Of then DVD in any of mine two older walks (I has 3 walks of disk in my main PC) and first laws-time, every time. There is something bad in this ASUS walk for Dvd concealed there is has not changed even after the firmware upgrade. ANY RECOMMENDED of then has abundance other walks there.
Jul 2019 update: I am ailing of a law errors of Dvdes. New, scratch-the free disks still take random to read the errors and I have to that dipped the in the walk of DIFFERENT DVD in my PC. Each one WHICH that has has has had to that this for has read well in another walk(s). A ASUS the walk there has been QUESTIONS of ZEROS with blue-disks of the ray but those are perhaps 1/4 of my collection like this constantly am taking worsened by this walk. You recommend that another mark loves the BD and DVD strolls.
Dec 2018 update: mine Received rebate in l; it has eaten-been after ASUS swtiched to the company of new past. This in spite of, still half description reason maintain to take reads errors for Dvdes of this walk. It has not had NEVER the question with Blue-rays but inconsistent law of Dvd is nettling. You do not buy this walk again neither recommends it.
Blue-Stroll of the ray is half interpreter -- there were questions to read in of the disks my another, the oldest walk law well. A real question is ASUS any one his honour rebate offered. Have rid and has had mine rebate agreed Course 2018 ('4-6 weeks to accuse and send rebate'). Expected until June 2018 to telephone and the real person excusada and fiancé to verify to a question and I hould takes mine rebate in 10-14 business days.' It is now August 2018 and ASUS does not have does diddly excepts to ignore my email of the July of clue has sent 2018. If your compraventa is based on prize after the rebate, then please rethink the.
4 / 5
Has Had this walk for the few months and utmost facts... Then today as it kick on a cold computer. It looks it shorted in a connector to be able to or something. A power and SATA connectors plugged to a walk was melted totally, burned to the crisp. Burned some of a power and SATA bosses in my computer and has toasted one of some 4 hard walks have in the RAID 10 setup. Smoked on a house quite well too much. Felizmente After substituting a has the bosses burned a still kicked computer up in a rest three walks. Now so only I owe that substitute the hard walk, reconstruct a variety and take another Blue-writer of Ray.

I to the equal that ASUS produced, my computer motherboard is ASUS. It has been it has surprised really this walk is trace in of to to the llamas like .
4 / 5
These Blue works of walk of Burner of Ray perfectly. Law all the disks until a big capacity later Blue Offered of Ray and Quad disks of discharge for 4k Blue Ray. Everything needs to reproduce the disks in this walk is some free Leawo Blue Software of Player of the Ray. If it does not like subtitles and love of the available papers would suggest that compraventa Cyberlink PowerDVD 16. These two programs of software are some better free Blue software of player of the Ray and a more paid Blue Software of Player of the Ray. I eat . Utilisations a disk of Burn of software of free Star in of the llamas to burn all your disks. This software can burn inclusa BLUE/DVD Ray M-Disks and Blue Offer of Ray and Quad layer 4k disks for free.
4 / 5
Sep 2019 My walk there has been FW on that. It is trivial to downgrade to , against other descriptions here. So only find a mk asus patcher (any one a cross complicated-flash tool). Any need inclusa calm any instructions. Launcher a tool, click a walk, fact. Works in Parallels in Mac also. It can not be easier.
5 / 5
Had used LG walks some past years, but has required recently the new bluray writer, and decided to go with Asus, a prize was better. I owe that say that I am very impressed, and complaint no in that used quell'Asus the earliest walks. It is very calm, in both reading and writing, incomparable to one noisy LGs. Secondly, it Is quickly. Thirdly Is of course of confidence, and that it is supposition to do . I have burned so only (25G) and spent double (50G) BD disks without questions, down Linux (xorriso). Also it avenges code of free region:
regionset /dev/sr0
parameters of Current walk for /dev/sr0:
RPC Type: Phase II (Hardware)
RPC Been: any together of code of the region (bitmask=0xFF)
the vendor can reset a RPC 4 times
the rests of user change a setting of region 5 times

has not tried he with BDXL this in spite of (128G), but the sustain.
Is container that detail to the equal that comes with some software also, but can not comment in that of then are on Linux.
Strongly recommended, can very better that this in an interior bluray walk, and a prize is unbeatable.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS Addressable ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Chante
ASUS Lacking of SUPPORT- very LAW SO ANNOUNCED on all the systems. Works of halo, will have synchronises the no. Has crossed more subjects that would be necessary to be it expected to take this to do, only to discover that an overwhelming opinion in Asus the software of will have is that it is horrible and clearly rubbish. Desprs Tries two of these controllers, can be in accordance with a rest of a grandson that his software is rubbishes . The while this takes a Halo to do, a there will be synchronises no, as this is not the subject of hardware, is software , and necessities to fix before this can be anything useful more than the waste of money. They go in thermaltake or Corsair, both duquel records in another motherboards. Asus Has lost only the client.
1 / 5 Ginger
Disclaimer: I Actuate only the used this hub for the entrance of component these lights through will have synchronise.
There has little in that in this controller. It is connected in my ASUS ROG Strix motherboard saw a proportionate usb cape and molex adapter, even so a usb the connection fails to be recognised and any sample in will have synchronises. Taking this to do with will have synchronises is very scarce.
A there will be synchronises the software is also the problem of entity with his instability, glitches, frequent accidents and forgetting parameters.
Has bought at the beginning this to control some effects to ignite of the each individual component, but those only looks for to be an option under a static category. Tan Although all the work, has very of the few options.
At the end is a prize. A controller of RGB with these a lot of subjects, and so few options to light, has any place that is so expensive. Not even near.
At all would recommend this to light of RGB. I gave me more ache that any RGB the component has to and is massive overpriced for concealed it can do it when in fact works.
Has options very better there and for the prizes the reasonable plus.
3 / 5 Brittany
An addressable RGB very expensive the controller has only four addressable header.
His messy the capes of adapter my desktop messy.
Ironically, This addressable RGB the controller has RGB any addressable he.
3 / 5 Matilda
It gives some Stars in Amazon once again to rid punctually so promised and is the fast orderly way when needs something maintaining. Considering an a lot of terminal that is the integer nother the history is fresh? Yes it is quite fresh . They announce it likes him to him he is this big gigantic thing? Yes it marks. Quan Took it this terminal assange was literally smaller that the mobile phone. Quite fresh any one less so far like some colours go but has taken to say still is that it touches that very money for something that the plot of the people that comprises the problems that connects two some header with extensions gives. But that is or here or there Asus rog produced of marks very good-looking the his containers are phenomenal and give you all one goodies inner and adhesives very good and save any side so far like some looks go but also saved very piety when sell his elements perhaps that is to say why Aurous go to exit up this year. Built a whole system Asus rog and strix produced. Desire thermaltake the case and this are all more is of a republic oh. You know what more mamma is that it can you any one remember same your products in his web of place give you to you the call and it saying can not take. Problem of spider with the pages of road of Amazon something was immediately or cure of him pending support of technology. Too bad all the world can not be like me Amazon
5 / 5 Nana
Asus Is attacking he out of a park. The controls have DIRECTED to ignite in back to control as well as case of interior these lights.

Halo And the work of there will be it very independently. An occasional nexus will not answer but resetting and begin of of the state takes each on-line backside.

Looking for adds it, quality controler to run Aura in your environement, that is to say a product since you.
4 / 5 Roscoe
1. Easy to connect and laws as much as the controller for interior of has DIRECTED yours to instrument as well as a controller of environmental light for by behind your monitors.
2. The box comprises long series of has DIRECTED. I have finished only to use 2 interior my squad

1. It IS expensive
2. It IS well to have in interior of lights of the control And out of a case (i.et. By behind a monitor), but a location of a box of control would be difficult.
5 / 5 Romaine
A terminal iteself can any one when the be does not synchronise with Asus have only a launch light. Still with a Asus effects of Halo. Another that that this is surprising. I suggest having the PC very that this is weighed enough in a CPU and GPU.

Giving these 3 stars so that his announced like inckuding 3 band but doesnt. That is to say change. It opens And has had to and buy other games of ebay for $ 25 brining mine buys total in $ 100 for this effect of halo..

This element adds, but beware to announce futilities.
5 / 5 Vicente
This was a perfect product for my gaming project to light. And HAS a NZXT 700i. It takes a NZXT 700, saves a money and does not take one 'and'
is easier to control some lights with a asus setup.
5 / 5 Hanna
Didnt Tries still ...But asus the company fulfilled for his quality priduct
4 / 5 Kasandra
An environmental fire is perfect, in looks of Halo likes him could them resulted something surprises. That of me now thinks that that I need some work, especially in the fast has strolled games to shoot.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS Prime Z390-A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5 Reinaldo
It has not had any description in of the this, as it listen likes him has taken the bit of the risk, but considering a ASUS Z370-A MB was popular in of the descriptions, has been for a Z390 First-the unit Am happy has done. I am not the gamer, work with Daws and representing video. I uploaded it up with a i7-8700k and 16GB of G.Ram of art, and a first boot (which has expected to be the disaster) has finished to do perfectly. I did not expect it to have lighting of RGB of the AURA, this was the fun surprise , but so far is living until everything of his description of product without any problems. An only problem run in the installed engine. For some reason, a comprised ASUS DVD would not leave me install LAN or engine of audio, has had to to find these directories of engine in a DVD-ROM and install them to click 'run so administrator.'

Was with ASUS so that his BIOSes give you the complete control in your PC to leave change anything wants to. Has an excellent YAC if you are not sure that is doing, or is an user has advanced . A overclocking software and control of follower the software is very easy to use, and probably a better (and surer) road to learn so to control yours hardware of PC.
5 / 5 Carmon
So far so good. Tez New. Master fresher H500 ATX Mid, Thermaltake Glorious RGB 750w, Master Fresher 200mm rgb upper adherent, Intel I5 9600k, Samsung 970 Evo 250 GB, Fenvi Dual group 9260 wireless adapter, 16 GB G-RGB of Art 3000mhz DDR4, Master Fresher ml120l. Update when fact tweaking.
2 / 5 Walker
When being warned- in spite of a listing of description addressable header , this motherboard in fact only comprises an old plus, any-addressable 4 header of pin. Worse, products that in fact uses of the addressable header, likes him the sound will have to RGB of own mark lightstrips, is totally incompatible and can very same when being plugged in.
2 / 5 Carlena
Flavour and trying cogerprpers work (Any USB) with my WIN7 walk, but after calling ASUS the support has been said that he no with WIN7 but with WIN10. I have purchased and installed WIN10 and each did well. It IS WELL to LEARN THAT NEEDS WIN10 the LAW.
1 / 5 Bea
At the beginning you are supremely excited in this product, since was the motherboard of big final and has come from/come from the respectable company like Asus. I Liked him his of an idea of a RGB and overclocking, the updates of entity of my cheap Gigabyte motherboard. A first time has ordered this, so much an external box and the inner boxes were both fraction, run over in a corner, more probably during shipping. Since I do not want the product broke, has shipped retreats almost immediately, and has ordered the substitution. Little I know a second box is to come fraction in a something same but only in an inner box, in that direct me for the thinks has not been a company to ship that it break a product. This one has decided to try in all the case, since has not listened likes him expect another week for the nine unit has posed a motherboard in my system and turned it on, only for the have immediately closes was, interior in the second. I have verified each individual piece of my system, comprising included a supply to be able in, and reduced it down in a motherboard. A lot that disappoints that two motherboards in the row of the company adds that Asus could arrive fraction or defective. I will be to look elsewhere for another motherboard these proceedings my necessities, and does not come fraction or defective.

Asus IS usually the company adds, mine 1060 3gb the card of map is fashioned by them, and is very satisfied with a quality of this component. Perhaps it is only this product.
5 / 5 Fannie
All could think of to do in a BIOS is available and easy to do. Any one included has to you when being a overclocking expert in overclock your CPU. I am using a i7-8086K 8 CPUs of Intel of the gene and I only clicked 'uses a 5G overclock place' and walla, is running in 5GHz on all the cores! It retreat 9 CPUs Of Intel of the gene is so that it is posed for the future updates ( Intel exited with the fast plus CPU). An only negative is that if villages PCI-And X16 empty 2 ( has only 3) then your card of map in PCI-And X16 empty 1 careers in X8 and by everything means of this fact, PCI-And X16 empty only 3 careers in only X4. Still a compraventa ADDS global!
5 / 5 Norris
Built the PC around Intel of gene 9 nine cpu, so far this is doing adds! Bios IS easy in navigate with easy in clocking characteristic. The controls of partidrio the character leave me to us to isolate the particular adherent that has done a unsettling noise. It has not tried will have synchronise been still, but any one complains so far!
4 / 5 Clara
Updating a bios, can do that of interior a bios, provides the impulse of enormous stability for DDR4 ram, is absolutely necessary in these main speeds. Tan Far as all more goes, the support adds of asus, a tez is not bad but according to your case a band of the audio in a left wing will do to install a GPU the ache in a butt.

Was quite thwarted with installing it but has taken quite lucky with how little investigation before hand.
5 / 5 Sylvia
Has not used this motherboard still BUT did not see it only take m.2 it flashes Storage! Mark sure buys a different correct storage me! Lol
2 / 5 Mallie
A motherboard is well. But his supposition to be optane ready which are is partly. Also, Asus does not provide instructions with so to configure optane. You have to go in Intel on-line and supposition where to find a guide of user to install and configure one BIOS, engine, and software. A calm box not even say you that when when updating him GustanI , optane is not transferring your walk takes with Laureate 10 in the. That is to say so that Intel requires that CSM be deactivated in an anterior BIOS installs Wins 10 of scratch. As has the joint that can not use optane with unless I reinstall windows and value of days of software any one to mention the nightmare of configuration that has taken to plot over time to take right. At the end, it has to take one optane the clave yes is in a boat included so me otherwise degrades your action of walk takes. And you have to revert everything of some changes of BIOS done for the take to do. Intel And his partners of hardware that Asus VERY REQUIRED to INFORM HIS BUYERS IN THIS REQUISITE to ESCHEW THIS SITUATION!
4 / 5 Arlene
It do not have any description is, as it seats likes has taken the bit of the risk, but considering a ASUS Z370-A MB was to populate in of the descriptions, has been partorisca a Z390 First-A. They are happy has done. They are not the gamer, I work with Daws and rendering video. I uploaded it up with a i7-8700k and 16GB of RAM, and one first bounces (which have expected to be the disaster) has finalised partorisca do perfectly. I did not expect it partorisca have there will be RGB lighting, this was the fun surprise , but like this far is that alive until everything of his description of product without any questions. An only question has run to installed engine. Partorisca Some reason, a comprised ASUS DVD would not leave me install LAN or engine of audio, has had to that find these directories of engine in a DVD-ROM and install them for clicking 'run like this administrator.'

Has been with ASUS reason his BIOS give you complete control in your PC to leave transmission anything master. Has an excellent AM YACIDO if you are not sure that is doing, or is an user advanced . A overclocking software and control of partidário the software is very easy to use, and probably a better (and surer) way to learn like this to control your hardware of PC.

UPDATE - 1 year later

recently has broken this motherboard, and has has had to that the substitute. You look by means of ASUS' other produced, and determinate, this was still a BETTER election for my needs and has finalised to substitute he with this exact a. Has tonnes of USB 3.0 and 3.1 put you, has had any hassle with any of his characteristic, except a sound. Utilisation 2 Mackie powered monitors for speakers, and have the 1/8 stereo -->2 RCA And the boss that goes to them. Constantly it take buzzing interference of noise of a GPU by means of some speakers. Substituting a GPU has done any difference. Substituting a motherboard also done any difference. If you finalise with this question, here is one fixed: Buy the Noise of Loop of the Earth Isolator (for automobile stereos) for $ 8 on Amazon. It can be the defect , or so only can be a wiring in my house, but if a ASUS folks is prendiendo attention, would have to build these to your systems!

A AY Continuazione the software is resulted to be ridiculously dense - full of options and characteristic to control your defenders of chances and CPU fresher, OC yours CPU (and GPU is a ASUS frames), has beaten to quote when any calm really need all a speed, and include called on OC settings when you plough concrete applications. This would have to that be the much bigger selling the point that looks to be.

Another quirks - A RGB is 12V so only! If you finalise to take something with the 3 connector of pin, or Addressable RGB, has found this adapter that surprised if investigations: DeepCool RGB Conversor ($ 15) and can covers another RGB devices in no with Aura, and leave calm uses him with your RGB headed in this motherboard. Some 3 partidários the orange in a semi-detached photo is 'addressable RGB' defenders that is not compatible with Aura, but is controlled now for Aura.

Ossia Probably a more motherboard when it comes to to the the people likes them of those who the plot of work with Daws, the video that modifies, and occassional gaming with a GPU. Apparently utilisations another PCIE port, so only pursue in 8x native in place of 16x. Ossia Well if you are not trying the reap all an action can out of 2 papers of video.

Is also good to have a upgrade the subjects for a day want beef on my system in a future. Already I am doing my plans for the processor of X series when they are 'old' and abordables the few years down a street. They are still very satisfied with a unit and slowly on using he for years to come.
4 / 5 Concha
Like this far like this good. New build. Master fresher H500 ATX Mid, Thermaltake Glorious RGB 750w, Master Fresher 200mm rgb upper defender, Intel I5 9600k, Samsung 970 Evo 250 GB, Fenvi Dual bandage 9260 wireless adapter, 16 GB Skill of G RGB 3000mhz DDR4, Master Fresher ml120l. You update when fact tweaking.
4 / 5 Hosea
Be warned- in spite of a listing of addressable headed description', this motherboard in fact so only comprises an old plus, any-addressable 4 headed of pin. Worse, produced that in fact use of the headed addressable, likes the sound will owe that the frames possess RGB lightstrips, is entirely incompatible and can very included be plugged in.
5 / 5 Dot
Trying and trying cogerprpers work (ANY USB) with my WIN7 walk, but after calling ASUS the support has been said that he no with WIN7 but with WIN10. I have purchased and installed WIN10 and all has done well. It WAS WELL to KNOW THAT I NEED WIN10 READS it.
5 / 5 Shemika
At the beginning was excited extremely in this product, of then is the big end motherboard and has come from/come from the reputable undertaken like Asus. Has-liked me an idea of a RGB and overclocking, that quantity upgrade of the mine economic Gigabyte motherboard. Some first time have ordered this, so much an external box and the inner box were both fraction, run over in a corner, more probably during shipping. Of then I have not loved the product has broken, shipped it behind almost immediately, and has ordered the substitution. Little you are a second box is to come fraction in a something same but so only in an inner box, in that direct me for believes it has not been a company of nave that has broken a product. This one has decided to try in all the chance, of then has not felt likes to expect another week for the new a. It has dipped a motherboard to my system and turned it on, so only for has closed it immediately was, interior in the second. I have verified each individual piece of my system, comprising even a supply to be able to, and the narrowed down to a motherboard. A lot disappointing that two motherboards in the row of the company adds taste Asus could arrive fraction or defective. I will be to look elsewhere for another motherboard that has dressed my needs, and does not come fraction or defective.

Asus Is usually the company adds, mine 1060 3gb the paper of map is manufactured for them, and am very satisfied with a quality of this component. Perhaps it is so only this product.
5 / 5 Dorothea
All could think of to do in a BIOS is available and easy to do. Any calm included has to that be a overclocking expert to overclock your CPU. I am using a i7-8086K 8th gene Intel CPU and I so only clicked 'use a 5G overclock dipping' and walla, am running in 5GHz on all the cores! Supports 9th gene Intel CPU are so that I am dipped for future upgrades ( Intel exited with the fast plus CPU). An only negative is that it populate PCI-And X16 space 2 ( has so only 3) then your paper of map in PCI-And X16 space 1 careers in X8 and to all the cost of this fact, PCI-And X16 empty only 3 careers in only X4. Still a compraventa ADDS global!
5 / 5 Amee
Updating a bios, which can be facts of inside a bios, resupplies the impulse of enormous stability for DDR4 ram, is absolutely necessary to these main speeds. As the one who all more goes, the support adds of asus, a build is not bad but according to your chance of the games of the audio in a do one to install a GPU the ache in a butt.

There was fallido enough with installing it but has taken quite lucky with as pocola researches has done before hand.
5 / 5 Inga
Has built the PC around new 9th gene Intel cpu, like this far this is doing adds! Bios Is easy cruise it with easy in clocking characteristic. The controls of partidário the character leave to us to isolate the particular defender that has done a unsettling noise. It has not tried to have sync characteristic still, but any complains like this far!
5 / 5 Rozanne
Has taken this motherboard to sustain my new i5-9600k processor, has taken all hooked on, powered the on, and he a lot of estaca. With which some investigation, results a geniuses in ASUS fails to mention that they ship with BIOS version that is incompatible with 9th gene intel. Like this unless has one 8th gene intel the handy processor (that I any) and is has had to that to launch that in first, beginning by on a PC, update a BIOS, takes one 8th gene was, then dipped one 9th gene in, would not buy this product. After calling his line of support, has said to take it neither to the tent of electronic venue to fix, or just transmission on Amazon. Gee, Give the graces for the together.
5 / 5 Ralph
My first impression is that a joint is very stable, has not had any random blue-screens. He all looks to do well, while it calms is not really the sĂşper-beat-user. A joint needs the little pre-INSTALL YOU tweaks to really be well, and there is the few things a lot to do with this joint. In the first place, although a joint announces his Optane memory readiness, has found this to be more than the hassle, as when Intel RST is enabled, sometimes the walks would fall and be inaccessible, and a optane form never paired with a walk of boot. As, it loves to do sure that in a BIOS disable a Q-Installer, or a joint will press unnecessary crapware to the yours Windows 10 installs. Tercero, an engine of audio has comprised is crap, as it suffers divings of volume and spikes, failing paralizaciones to level all was. You can win this, this in spite of, to download some official engine of a Realtek place and enabling Loudness Equalization. It is very better that ASUS implementation.

Expects that this helps likely buyers. A hardware is really good. It is so only a software that requires to do around.

Top Customer Reviews: Asus ROG Strix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Pamela
This chance is like this value of the money! Some would say that partorisca the chance of PC this thing is massive but can has not beaten is quality and is looks . This thing SHOUTS 'Im on compensating partorisca something but look to the equal that can do lifting of weight with my PC while gaming a same time!'(It do not suggest doing that but has taken an idea ). Some straps in a cup are sper durable and can leave for you partorisca spend the fully built pc with ease. A internals is like this width does a period to Knit walked of looks. Has the normal atx Tuf X470 motherboard in here and have abundance of room when cleaning and doing upgrades. The edifice was like this easier also with a preinstalled motherboard stand-offs so many is literally lines on, and ray down. A PSU and the hard walk shrouds also laws partorisca management of better boss that was a lot of when doing look seeds enough. This was my prime minister pc has built in my life and was like this easy. It likes to think Asus is like an AK-47, cause among this chance and a motherboard, any easily could build the computer. It was discharge and game without the alone hiccup and after the month is going strong still! And according to which a rgb the desire there is not coming to a dark side of him but I found it gains when doodling on colours. In general the solid build for these Tuf(hard) people there. It buys it again in the heart has beaten.
4 / 5 Jene
This description is partorisca Helios, and that has built in there are some pleasant shots and no like this pleasant. Like the start was with a good.

Pros: Abundance of spatial, and a management of boss is the same breeze with multiple RBG controllers, SSDs, and two papers of map have had spatial partorisca days partorisca cabling. Quite calm also, has admitted has a AOI and three partidrios additional with the 360 rad, more on that to come later. It feels sturdy, some filter celery very done and is easy to take to. A groups sliding the easy fact to conceal all but a bulky plus of bosses. An easy character of a scrolling of poster of the side really was another delight is.

Gilipollas: A piece for a CPU boss of power of a supply to be able to is so only that, the piece. Assuming a CPU the power in yours MB is in a cup, likes 99 percent are. It does not seat mine that asus has done this coverage of boss in a backside, together with resupplying all this bond downs, for you to have that asks a boss in a backside out of a coverage and undo this. Yeah Could take around he to buy the CPU extension of boss, but ossia already he 300 chance of dollar. A vertical GPU the mountain has to that be take to access a traditional PCI mountains, and so only a cup two PCI the spaces have rays of thumb. More on, for all this vertical GPU options to mount any one laughed is resupplied, again something concealed with this when being the 300 chance of dollar left lines it my boss. A coverage of the supply of the power has the yard out of that is plastic, for one the majority to separate ossia an only plastic in a whole build and easy stain, felizmente averts this (there at least). A coverage is metal , and this short was would have to that it has been glass in my opinion with this point of price. Or just absentee. Some poster of glass revenido active perhaps an odd plus that tempers has not seen never. I have directed to line them with my nail of toe, and does not have one, peeling a coverage was. The one who has known has had a force to line glass revenido? The no, and a lot something there is not founding never with the chance revenido. Finally, included with three beefy defenders on front and one in a backside there is not taking around that this thing is horrible for management of air without an addition of the upper exhaust and frankly waters to cool. But when you take something this big, this would have to that be one issues is going in all the chance. So only it do not suggest this to any the one who tried to go for a build to air cooled and any class of overclocking.

In general: the fact of a subject is has taken ossia reason are neither it ROG defender, taste, or has liked him an aesthetics. There are better chances in this point of price in almost each way, but has taken. They are happy with cost of mine, and excited to see that it can do with bit it more experience in a department of edifice of the chance.
5 / 5 Reita
-Easy to build in
-the looks add
Usually very included considers the $ 150 chance with like this of few descriptions. This in spite of, has the something exerts partorisca ASUS and when I verified it has thought was that it looks really good. They are really happy has done! This chance is surprising. It is astonishingly easy to build in, my only question has had has been is almost also yearn one of the mine PSU bosses. But there is abundance of holes of management of the boss and Velcro to boss of the careers and a shroud and the rear poster is really roomy to hide anything more. Some keys and front usb the ports are solid, the filters are well, take the poster lateralmente is the breeze , will love this chance.
LOOK: Look in of the dimensions, this thing is basically the full on duty chance. Which is not necessarily bad, but is the main way that my forward mid chance. Also, if you do not have the sync-able mobo, a stock rgb the controller is less than adding, but the colours and the ways are controllable by means of him like this the supposition concealed is the pro and with. In general ossia an amazing chance .
So that it has moved by means of dozens of quotas NZXT, Corsair, and Thermaltakes but at all there is really grabbed your attention, ossia a chance for you.
5 / 5 Kristy
I have had numerous types of chances on some years of mid to full measure. Utilisations a Antec S10 the series of Byline marries Full that done perfectly well but with my room of the place of new game has on required something smaller and partorisca aim of the mine rgb. After looking in of the descriptions in numerous mid the chances of measure have decided to take a Asus TUF Gaming GT501. Any only look partorisca add but extracted adds with airflow. I also purchased DEEPCOOL RF120M 5IN1, 5x120mm RGB PWM Defenders with 2 Partidrio Hubs. A lot he so only done my Asus hardware (Asus Crosshair has SEEN mobo and Asus ROG Strix GTX 1080 You) belonging in this chance, a cooling is better that never. My time is around 5 fresh terracings that that it was in a Antec S10. It recommends this chance to any one.
5 / 5 Junita
This beauty is the MONSTER ! I mean that in the very good way. A glass revenido is fat, and sper easy to take and substitute thanks to some two rays on upper. A metal of discharge is very fat, and some looks of chance and feels price.

Now that has added the ASUS TUF X570 More Gaming (Wi-Fi) Motherboard, this sews only looks partorisca surprise!
A airflow is as to any, a 140mm exhausts the defender is in price very good . A three intake the defenders are also first in appearance and move the plot of air. There is the plot of interior of room partorisca do for your account waters partorisca cool the loop yes chooses to do like this, and can not say quite that has pleased are with a quality of this Chance.

A price is bobo economic so that volume. If you are looking for the chance to last for years, ossia.

Gives the graces to read.
5 / 5 Adriane
It likes- one creation in general. If have utilisations the smallest papers could have had 3 installed but 2 big 1080 ftw the hybrids with some followers of radiator partorisca shoot out of an upper look adds!
4 / 5 Allyson
Honradamente Marie very well has had he quite soiled for waters to cool also this in spite of my only complaint and are knits to choose, is a fact that there are not groups he of radiator to dip your radiator and defenders on in the first place before inserting he in a chance that does the short is radiators of trace the little difficult to install with some defenders on another while I have not had any subject
5 / 5 Trey
Wow, The one who the chance of quality, this chance has the awesome quality of build, has uploaded my Intel 9900KF 2080 build with a Asus has called partorisca Have to that Spec Ops Motherboard, and is awesome. Asus The work adds with a chance, a tinted the glass is the touch adds , quality very big, and building a system was like this easy because of some options for installation and management of boss, his enormous interior. I have ordered in fact he 2nd a for my AMD build later this year. Well value one , highly the recommend.
5 / 5 Delisa
Astonishingly Easy partorisca my first build, to good sure recommends it! Abundance of spatial to develop in a future, feels extremely durable and everywhere easy to do with
5 / 5 Jewell
Has all precise to build the PC minus to to some things likes them to them the newest version of discharge like any type-c. Any one the majority of expensive chance but solid closing with 3 RGB (with form partorisca control wired in as any necessary software) fans on front and big defender in a backside. Abundance of room partorisca do, cleaned and complete with hule grommets and easily save of the magnetic powder takes, rays of toe here and there specifically in some main poster is well, and of course I STRAPS! I do not have any liquid cooling still but I slowly to

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ROG Thor 1200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Nia
Way: 850W was sper excited partorisca receive this new PSU like my old one has failed. A SMELL the exposure in a front is sper handy with controlling consumption partorisca be able to and so only adds the one of fashion has bitten to a unit. 100 pin Modulates hookup is sper good and helps partorisca maintain a good and orderly chance. My Chance is marries it the enclosure has built that is to do totally out of forest and plexi glass. He so that there is so only the few ways partorisca do management of the boss and this have helped tremendously!

My only flu is that still although it declares his compatible AURA no with my ASUS STRIX X370-F Gaming motherboard this has a RGB headed partorisca AURA Sync. There are several versions of a there will be RGB. A Pin dips outs is totally different. As I am unable to control some effects partorisca light of a PSU. I have it quell'has attached the photos of some pins have required partorisca this PSU partorisca have full RGB customization.
5 / 5 Leon
Way: 850W has bought this product with protecting of product of SquareTrade. I have had to that expect the month to take all my components of computers to do my build done to commission so there is wanted really build something concealed would last me the few years. They are no gamer ossia the overclocking and material but there is wanted to so only rig it decent for my photo that modifies. Like this finally, when I have begun to dip near my rig and plugged in a PSU, has to give that this product had died on arrived and has done not even beginning. So much it has achieved them it was the SquareTrade like this splits of the mine protect of compraventa, and has said that of then is DONA , the needs to achieve was to a costruttore directly. So much it was them to like reason has paid to protect of product if you can not help. So much, the lesson has learnt, SquareTrade is not really the help to protect of compraventa and does not recommend it to any never.

Like my prjimo recourse was to call Asus and has taken the RMA and has sent a product in still reparations. With which 3 days, Asus has said that included they can not imagine out of that is bad with a unit and require to send me the new substitution. It was very thankful and has has said thank you as this is not the economic PSU for any half. This in spite of, with which 5 business days and multiple calls, person in Asus can say me anything in a substitution or when a substitution will ship. It is been two weeks now and are them so only while to any in Asus to give me some answer and take me my substitution.

Has been a ASUS ROG defender for years and has had ROG produced throughout, but thinks that ossia a last straw and last Asus produced that will buy like the new ASUS ROG Maximus XI motherboard has died on me too much, but ossia another history . Sometimes, it is not so only some looks but a quality and sustain concealed goes with him and sadly, right now, the so only am doing called to take something behind way that has paid them money a lot of stops. As goodbye of goodbye the ASUS and SqaureTrade from now on.
4 / 5 Jenae
Way: 850W Fresh but a type in another description that speaks in some needs of odorare to be in both sides! It is absolutely well, more the people dipped a defender that expensive down, but partorisca see a precise smell partorisca be that it faces up...
4 / 5 Venetta
Way: 850W partorisca begin, ossia an amazing PSU. It is technically the Seasonic has paid with Rog components. It is very silent and like this far I havent has had a lot of subjects. It comes with everything would require the bosses have comprised.
5 / 5 Aracelis
Way: 1200W impressed with a creation, especially a wattage indicator in a side. Any sure because it has used SMELL, but am not complaining.

The mine there is not coming DONA, as it thinks that really helped with this description. It is quite calm, in fact does not think has did not listen it never, another that when in the first place it turns on, the eswitching' or clicking noise ossia more audible that my supplies of leading power. The quality of build feels well. It is honradamente not even that much more expensive that some other supplies to be able to of the Platinum.

A lot of bosses, and bonds of zip. Some bosses do not owe that the bosses around the his, which I in fact bondadoso to prefer for a motherboard boss. But it is odd reason another (likes for PCI-And.) Then it is extra odd reason a some concealed does not have bosses, some are flat some are not , and some are plastic exposures another have roughly another material.

Oh Mentions is not DONA?
4 / 5 Ji
Way: 850W Looks Asus election of 'beautiful' heatsinks and using the partidrio another that the one who Seasonic originally feigned partorisca this program backfired on him. This sews hot court (which is surprising partorisca the Platinum PSU) and strong taking.
5 / 5 Dominque
Way: 1200W That lacking partorisca mention is that in order partorisca an exposure partorisca be visible has to that locate this PSU with a defender that faces up. In the chance with the PSU shroud it entirely blocks an air intake. It is as if this PSU has been drawn in 2009 first of the each costruttore of the chance in a planet has begun partorisca use basements partorisca hide a PSU.
5 / 5 Toccara
Way: 1200W My motherboard requires 2 supplies partorisca be able to. Of of the this is really seasonic, then take a confidence partorisca build tried and some quality. Asus Has added his fashion with wattage control, leaving me partorisca balance one uploads appropriately without any games partorisca guess. Yes it buys the tonne of Asus upper train, but honradamente has there is has not had questions with his products. Any a lot of build of people 20k pc is, but of any concealed , generally looks for a better quality on price, and then is returned my flavours like this hopefully these helps in your decision of compraventa. If I need this work, if it calms no, then seasonic psu is still a reputation of quality.
4 / 5 Tomi
Way: 850W looks awesome in my new big finals gaming rigs and a work FOCUSED like the just hook has feigned he until your mobo and dip the up with a asus software of will have. Sound the little pricey so it calm of the one who priest in his looks especially a wattage the metre goes the look elsewhere there is a lot of more economic options but these looks of supply of the can awesome and he also computer to be able to a lot enough. A wattage the looks of metre to update once or two times by second.
5 / 5 Brock
Way: 1200W This unit fulfils my expectations. A esubject' so only has had with this that he so only done with one has has distributed bosses.
Has substituted the Corsair RM650 and deceived partorisca use a SATA boss partorisca be able to that it went it already in my system. It have substituted all some another has required. When That turning on, a partidrio movement he quickly and at all more. The test has takes that a boss of a PSU and turn a lot up. After substituting with a distributed sata the psu law of boss without subjects. This would have been the good bit of info partorisca have first to begin. A comprised soyanual' is less than stellar

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS Geforce GTX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jeanmarie
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: ROG STRIX GTX 1050 You 4GB are not a partorisca write a lot of descriptions, and has has had so only this ASUS GTX 1050 You paper partorisca the few hours (experiences of Amazon), but are sper pleased with this paper of video. I shopped several hours in varied web of places and dozens of some papers of the newest video before I have taken the casualidad is one.
Like directed this your consumers of description that is alike mine. I have built my desk pc of the components done 6 years in 2011. At the same time six the decent gaming car. His summer the decent gaming car in all some years of then. Of the primary interest to this description is that behind then I splurged enough the bit of money to buy two GTX 465 is each one that like this with 1GB of VRAM. I have run these papers of video that use SLI with good results. They are the first person shooter defender and is always state. My experience has been that builds the pc for gaming, all more do with your pc will fall to plant.
Ossia All very and well, but like this time past games and newer has been released, my taxes of frame have fallen. It can compensate to turn the settings of a game behind, which is well for me. The candy of eye is well, but the taxes of frame are a difference among life and dead when touching the flange of bleeding shooter. A system do fault very in fact a lot of years and a lot of shooters until I have bought DOOM 4. DOOM 4 Is the game adds, but with the mine that ages SLI papers of video setup my taxes of frame were terrible, almost unplayable, included in a low plus of some low settings.
My second criteria more than the entity for a new paper has chosen is that it have to that have two DVI connectors, of then wants to run two LCD monitors. Behind a day two DVI connectors were common in papers of video, but concealed is not a chance now. This ASUS the paper is the rarity in that has two DVI connectors, more a HDMI connector, more any that another connector is.
My third criteria when the compraventa for the paper is less degradation and accelerate faster that installation. They are older now, does not want to break my bank, has the in increasing familiar and much less time to struggle the pc upgrade. This ASUS the paper of video nailed it. Have take my old GTX 465 east, plugged in this new GTX 1050 You, has begun a computer, and inside the tiny handful of Windows of small 7 imagined out of quell'I required and installed the. I have followed that up with the fast NVIDIA update and now this beast of the computer and paper of video smoothly tone DOOM4 in ultra settings. Some taxes of frame are in a cup. A computer is calmer, a consumption to be able to has fallen considerably.
Are happy
4 / 5 Evelyn
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: DUAL GTX 1050 You 4GB OC Like my description is based in a price vs the action and ossia the ADD GPU partorisca of the money.
Now does not go partorisca run new games in ultra settings 1080p and take 60+ FPS-- BUT has known that going in... THIS In spite of this paper is the beast the in med/big settings especially when you consider that this GPU does not require the source of power of a PSU as it pulls all his power of a mobo.

Here is some personal benchmarks that has taken:

Cries Far Primal | Big preset: 55 FPS
Increase of A Tombraider | Big preset:
Metre: Last Light | Big preset:(SSAA & PhysX was)
Shadows of Mordor | VERY BIG preset:
GTA 5 | Big preset:(MSAA was)
Witcher 3 | Big preset: (Hair-the works was) 47
DOOM (2016) | Big preset: 55-80
WOW | Preset 7: 42-100
CS: it GOES | Big preset:78-198
Battlefield | Big preset:42-64
PUBG | Big preset: 34-60 (40-90 low)
Battle of Wars of spear-Front 2 (Beta) | Big preset:48-63
Shadow of the Big | war preset: 46 (61 Med)
Destiny 2 | Big preset: 51-103

System specs:
Ryzen 3 1200
8GB RAM of system
1050 you 4GB
4 / 5 Niesha
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: DUAL GTX 1050 You 4GB OC I upgraded my old plus GTX 560you that this ASUS Dual GTX 1050 You. My main purpose partorisca a paper of video is partorisca the video and the photograph that modifies partorisca use Season CS6. Also I use it mainly to film of current of youtube, NETFLIX and web surfing. As expected, this video an excellent work without spending the plot of money. The start of video goes to mine 55 thumb 4k Samsung TV. Spent of sure mark the 4k HDMI boss partorisca take an optimum resolution.
4 / 5 Bret
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: CERBERUS GTX 1050 You 4GB OC together place the PC partorisca estimate on some holidays and was able to take this paper partorisca the treat quite well during some sales of Black Fridays. I have known ahead of time that it is not a paper more order, but is state that the careers to games likes him the shadow of a Tomb Raider in 1080p in big quite well, which is all has loved really. Fully I feign to substitute he with the 1070 or 1080 sometime in the near future, but for now are more than satisfied with quell'I payed stops. Of then buying it this in spite of, a price is trace drastically, as it was not if I still can recommend. It can cost go for the 1060, or while to some tax to fall again.

Oh, This paper of the video does not require the boss to be able to, covers so only he to the PCIe the port and is good to go.
4 / 5 Nicholle
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: PHOENIX GTX 1050 You 4GB (partidrio Only) has bought this partorisca substitute a ATUVE was hd 4850 paper of video. Yes a paper of video of a year 2008 agrees correctly. In all the chance has known even that buys the paper of estimativa would be the massive improvement . After all a ATUVE 4850 is exited so only with 512MB of ram! He thats Right MB any GB. First to move after looking on-line partorisca the paper of new video was sticker has impacted. I guess something has called bitcoin mining has done a question partorisca papers of big crazy video right now. A Date is 4/5/2018 at the same time I am writing east. I have required this in spite of the paper of the video and I have not wanted to sell my soul for one. So with which give one 1060 was so only has solved too much for one 1050 you on one 1050. A reason.... I have wanted 4gb of ram.... Any 2gb this comes without you version. I have been burned for not buying quite ram but never to buy too much. It likes I researches it and he looked that one 1050 you the looks of series to be main in price in his MSRP because of this material miner that goes in. This in spite of this paper looked to be a better bang for a buck and has listened of ASUS before I have possessed of a lot of his motherboards and has known has done produced of qualities. So much with limited stock and some tax that look to be traces it every day has situated my mandate in a 216 price and the few days later arrives. I have installed a paper with subject small and has loved a fact there is not had to that use a cord of external power for a paper of video likes a ATUVE Radeon 4850 has used. Amazing is not that the paper with almost 4 times a ram and time a lot a lot a power to compute in my old paper any need inclusa a quantity to be able to mine old 2008 4850 paper has required. Good work Nvidia! In all the chance now can touch (WOT) World of Tanks on 100fps using almost some settings some big plus. Some new maps in Patch 1.0 look that surprised with this paper. I plan on uploading more the games once finds my signal of Steam again. This in spite of sound has pleased even although this is not the barn paper of video of the burner tones of a lot of games perfectly a lot was although it calms could not be able to touch them in of the settings of maximum video. I expect that this resists was until some prices of the papers of game of video to lose. His sad that is spending right now in a world of paper of the video! I so only verified and an economic plus can take these looks of paper to be 267 dollars. :( A bit arrived to price to locate that a lot in roughly 1 week. In all the chance the time will say if these controls of paper on but are well with him still although the little piffed that has had to that pay the price the big plus that would be to go for if this mining material is not gone in. To continuation well and expect these helps!
5 / 5 Erminia
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: CERBERUS GTX 1050 You 4GB OC partorisca the down the mid-row GPU, this thing is surprising. It weaves It To them of investigation and PARTORISCA me, this continues in and further of this has expected them. The installation was the breeze . So only pulled out of my old paper and slid this one in. Kicked On a computer, dipped a CD in a walk and uploaded some engine. Any cord of the extra power required partorisca a paper of video.

I games the ees dipped in of the BIG settings (720p) and has touched perfectly is:
Wreckfest, Street of Exile, Devil 3, God the Ex humanity has Divided, City Skyline and Planet Coaster.

My current system is this :
AMD FX-6300 Processor of 6 Cores
Corsair H60 54.0 CFM Liquid CPU Fresher
Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 ATX AM3+ Motherboard
Ripjaws X Serious 16GB DDR3-1866 Memory
the Western Digital caviar Blue 1TB
ASUS Cerberus GTX 1050 You OC 4gb GPU
Fractal Core to draw 2300 ATX Mid Tour
NZXT SENTRY 5 Controller of Partidrio

in short, is looking for the paper of video adds, calm can not spend this an up. It has Expected until it was down $ 200 before the buy and am them happy has done them!
4 / 5 Wilber
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: DUAL GTX 1050 You 4GB OC First partorisca avert questions reguarding my build of PC, has them...

1. CPU= Intel 6700k
2. Ram= 16GB DDR4
3. Storage= 3TB Seagate HardDrive

With this said, down is the one who was them able to run sure games.

Battlefield 1...
Resolution- 2560x1080 (21:9, ultra-wide resolution) texture of mesos and settings in 60fps
Resolution- 1920x810 (21:9, ultra-wide resolution) big textures, but settings of means in 60fps

NBA 2K18...
Resolution- 1920x810 (21:9, ultra-wide resolution) character and models of big textures, but settings of means in 60fps

Divinities: Original Sin 2...
Resolution- 1920x810 (21:9, ultra-wide resolution) character and models of big textures, but settings of means in 60fps
Resolution- 2560x1080 (21:9, ultra-wide resolution) character and models of big textures, but low settings in 60fps

This paper is also a reason I PC of amour Gaming, causes his like this versatile, of the the resolutions done of to the commission likes 1280x540 (21:9 ultra-wide resolution that has touched in with onboard graphic before this paper) and has involved whenever it can it you to him wise settings partorisca take an action loves inside your estimativa.

In the final note, if the 50-60 dollars more manually to spend and love the most powerful paper, goes with a GTX 1060 3GB paper.

BUT, if ossia your Build of prime minister of PC , or does not have some funds for something that he GTX 1080you, this will resist you on so only well. So only know that you wont be touching games in Ultra Settings with 60fps with this paper, perhaps 30 in Ultra, but this depends in a game and resolution.

Expects to touch more games with textures of Mesos and settings without the main resolution that 2560x1080 (21:9) or 2560x1440 (16:9)
5 / 5 Delpha
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: CERBERUS GTX 1050 You 4GB OC has had the heck of the time that takes this partorisca do with my TV of Control/of the Sign.
Using a DVI start, could never felizmente take video the interface with a SVGA Inout in a monitor in spite of trying several DVI to SVGA Bosses and Adapters. Tried the directly DVI was the DVI in in another monitor and an action of video was crap partorisca use some engine in a Disk that is coming with a paper. Included downloading a late plus of Nvidia was bad. When I have tried to run an Action that estimativas the tests have built the Windows, a PC would close up for the half way by means of some tests. Never really images was why.
Has then tried several HDMI adapters partorisca go of HDMI is gone in a paper the SVGA Gone in in a monitor. It do not take never any video partorisca do.
I reaaaaalllly has wanted to use a SVGA gone in in a monitor, but is not to be.
So that then it has been it HDMI was the one of a HDMI gone in in a monitor. The video is coming on, but a showed desk was was screen in all the directions (in spite of a monitor that use 1920x1080 and windows desks the resolution dipped to same). Using a Nvidia software, could shrink or 'zoom-was' so that an access of video, but look really poor and the action was rubbishes also. It has tried the engine has downloaded of Asus he, but looked to be some same like Nvidia some and has not changed anything.
Has been of more Buy to return one of some adapters has bought and decided to exchange he for the long more HDMI boss that could require later for the paper of substitution. As I have bought the 6 footer and was done by Signs, a same mark like my monitor. Decided to try it is gone in a paper of first video of the give up and SAINT COW. All there is showed perfectly.
Am not sure reason. A shorter HDMI the boss had tried he with still works well in my TV of Apple and Raspberry Pi is so that it was not bad. But a new boss a trick.

A paper maxed was in some tests of Action of the Windows. Works freakin awesome in the each game has to that an original of Unreal Tournament to Call to Have to that, Stalker - Shadow of Chernobyl, CS Goes, FEAR, Battlefield 2, etc. has opened roughly 10 or of the most simultaneous video in VLC windows a same time and does not stutter it. As they are by train of the maintain. To good sure value each penny has paid.
Using this paper in of the Windows 7 Definite. CPU Is dual quad core i7 12GB RAM.
4 / 5 Jackson
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: PHOENIX GTX 1050 You 4GB (partidrio Only) has Arrived promptly, the installation was ultra-simple and an improvement in both action and graphic quality (Of the GTX 750 You) was much more there that is to be expect.
5 / 5 Fermin
Measure: GTX 1050 TIStyle: CERBERUS GTX 1050 You 4GB OC has been the long time ASUS user until todays support of rubbish in the paper of dead map. So only I need to do the simple RMA but ossia impossible with these people. After saying me I clicked a wrong option has been given links it that it go it nowhere. So behind in the cat that..... Later finally any one is coming on then DISCONNECTED. As I have said well I will try and do an on-line RMA and cut out of a support of rubbish. According to a RMA forms my number of serial has been already has used. AWESOME!!!!!!!! As tentativa partorisca a third time with one ASTONISHINGLY SUPPORT of CAT of the RUBBISHES. TONGUE DOWN:

Please give me the moment while I revise your surgery.
Salvation Brandon, Thank you partorisca contact Asus, my name is Shevon B. I will be happy to assist you today.
Thank you So many :) ossia a third tries in some last 20 minutes
Your paper of the map is not doing?
yeah His summer that fails randomly but today the half my screen isnt showing. I took it it was and dip my old paper in and all the sample
Thank you partorisca confirm.
Seats partorisca listen in a subject and will be happy to assist you further.
thats Reason loves ASUS :)
So much master RMA partorisca the paper of map?
Has comprised.
Then would suggest partorisca converse in again and select paper of map like subject libne.
That has to that give this island comes from?
Corrected. Calm have been you selecting paper of map this in spite of?
If like this to the left know me.
Has comprised.
Excusar For that. I am not sure calm reason is not taking paper of map.
Have included tried partorisca do an on-line form but says my number of serial is already state used partorisca a rma.

Has then taken said to only call a 1-800 number.


Will not BUY NEVER A ASUS has PRODUCED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS PRIME A320M-K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Katerine
The cost has checked has the second generation Ryzen 3 2200G or Ryzen 5 2400G CPU, this motherboard will sustain them so only after taking an up to date 2018 BIOS firmware update. If it install the second generation CPU without a firmware, does not fall on, leaving you stuck with the brick. The upgrade a BIOS, need to install the first generation Ryzen CPU installed, likes wait that has one dipping around. If any ASUS calm topmast a to take loaned, but say it can take 10 days (the better solution has). It was lucky that my edges has the Ryzen 3 1300X in his gamer concealed it I 'taken loaned' partorisca take a upgrade. Running solid now.

The desire would dip this info in a description.
4 / 5 Lonny
The cost checked has Used this 'presupposed' together with a AMD Ryzen 1600 and some Corsair Vengence LPX 2666 ram. Any question at all. ASUS Done of the solid joints. Yes you wont be able the overclock in a 320 chipset likes look in the B350, but yes so only love the solid joint, this a hard east partorisca beat. Also they are that it runs the EVGA GTX 1060, ADATA NVMe m.2 walk, and SanDisk SSD backupdrive in this joint. Sper Solid.
4 / 5 Catherine
The cost has checked looked for the basic motherboard partorisca the ryzen 5 2400g, any something too expensive because like a person the one who bought it will not use it intensively. Unfortunately a motherborad has presented a lot of questions of a start, does not receive quite can to start with a pc, has tried with 3 different psu is of 400, 450 and 600W and has done this randomly, when it go to give on, suddenly can on again. Stray 5 day that looks for to update a bios because so only accepts Ryzen proccesor of a first gene, then does not love estaca with the viper of patriot of clave of alone canal of ram (another headache), estaca only with the corsair revenge. After all we decide to take separate ways, has found something more serious with a Asrock A320M-HDV and is happy, she goodbye says so only and has been for the refurb... I guess.
4 / 5 Jodi
The cost has verified very satisfied with a cost and looks this joint has come with. Has quality of impressive build and highly would recommend to any a lot of overclocking there NEW PC. I have had some difficulty updating a bios because of the documentation has limited on-line, but was able to imagine it was.

Likes signal out of a fact that this has M.2 support! A characteristic sum for this small form-builds of factor!
4 / 5 Samira
Compraventa Near checked of Big quality; extremely durable. The parts are very manufactured and a build is quite robust. It has reinforced a lot of pieces, any easy to break. Onboard The audio besides is astounding for such one economic joint. BIOS Is visually pleasing and accessing the settings is streamlined. Setup Is quite easy and there is mostly he quite soiled in spite of his small measure; this in spite of, if has the paper of big video, goes to feel tight. My paper blocks one of a PCI space also, but ossia any one the fault of a motherboard he.

My main complaint is that this neighbouring NO OVERCLOCK your Ryzen CPU. This in spite of, ossia a A320 chipset and more the people that buys this already knows concealed and the consider the worthy tradeoff for a price. Calm seriously would owe that consider buying the motherboard with a B350 chipset or on is feigns on overclocking your CPU. Another unpleasant detail in this motherboard is a fact that the only has 2 headed of defender, which kinda sucks reason the people go to require more than that for still mainstream builds. Highly it recommends to buy the splitter the cooling of the defender is of entity.

In general, the value adds motherboard for the estimativa gaming computer. The factor of small form maintains cost down and uses less space, which is wonderful for the chance the small plus. It is extremely be of confidence for me.
Asus The good work is one !
4 / 5 Benton
The cost has verified A Asus 320M-K is the joint that extracted solid partorisca a price. This in spite of, is not without the pair of caveats:
pode any overclock your CPU with this joint; you can augment a RAM clockspeed, this in spite of.
A comprised HDMI and VGA the ports so only install the CPU with some comprised APU, such in a Ryzen xxxxG processors.
There is so only a defender of headed of frame.
Can require the 1xxx serious Ryzen CPU partorisca upgrade a BIOS partorisca operate the 2xxx serious Ryzen CPU.

Is building The simple IN THE DEVICE, HTPC, or system of general use, can not beat a A320. This in spite of, are building the gaming system, is better was that it spends the pair of extra bucks partorisca in B350 or B370 serious instead, as they will leave CPU overclocking. This has said, a A320 is still perfectly serviceable partorisca the basic gaming PC in the estimativa.
4 / 5 Reginia
The cost checked has Been joint amiably! A price are partorisca add and Asus has done well with this joint. It is abordable and quite a lot of bells and whistles partorisca random gamers and creators of content.
Ryzan 7 1700
16gb Vengence Ram 3000 MHz
120 gb SSD
320 &gb HHD
500w PSU
4 / 5 Johnnie
The cost checked In spite of being announced like this when being compatible with a 7th generation Athlon CPU this joints would not kick with the AMD Join-serious A8 9600 CPU. Can have it it has required it so only the BIOS upgrade, but an only way has has had to that that quell'has been partorisca send a joint behind the ASUS, and has not had a time partorisca do that, as I have sent a joint behind, chosen on the Gigabyte has jointed with one same chipset locally, and work without any questions.
4 / 5 Alberto
The cost has verified This motherboard is coming Highly unstable untill all the updates of windows have been installed. It was HELL partorisca take it to the point of stability.
The sure way fracasada with networking.

A sound has not done never. I have had also an option partorisca return this element during a period of time of the hurricane the one who was them unable to return been due to has said chance. The amazon did not admit me additional time to extend my window of turn. This in spite of like this the has not been compensated for some delays of entities there have been them because of a storm. An irony.
Now stuck with this motherboard which has no working song. Ironically All more is now stable. Too bad has purchased them he partorisca working in the studio -.-
5 / 5 Allyn
The cost has checked to buy the modern Ryzen processor partorisca this motherboard, will be sad to find that it is not sustained out of a box. Calm will not find any indication of of the this in this page of Amazon or in a ASUS page of support. An only way to fix this subject is with the BIOS update that so only can be does the he 1st gene Ryzen cpu partorisca use first. If it calms no, literally it can not use a motherboard. Has convoluted solution where has to that contact AMD and ask the 'AMD Box of Kick' that is so only the thumbdrive a the bios update and an old used cpu. This takes weeks partorisca take done and is absurd.

Does not buy this joint unless has an old gene 1 Ryzen processor.