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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Stuart
Fact well. During five month. Then it dies. Always backups of mark!

After it converses with Crucial support of technology, has discovered that it was necessary to pay to the ship wants to substitute a low walk guaranteeed, as it maintains that in of the imports.

Has discovered also that Crucial want to you to connect a walk in faculty during 20 minutes, then disconnects the, and then come from the again. According to his person to sustain concealed 'very often' fixed a walk. You can decide since you want to you confidence the walk with your data if only at random fences in down and necessities to be revived has taken.
5 / 5 Clare
Walk of estimativa? Any road, this thing is FAST - my jaw only quite fallen - this is not NVME material, but prjimo upper-final for Sata SSD action!
These circles of careers of the walk around my Toshiba Q-pro is of 2014 will say that a lot, and those are MLC-NAND walks, is or be 3d TLC.
3D TLC takes it hurdle in extensive sequential writes action, to leave more parallelization of a writing for big files once a full bumper up. TLC nand In 2nd the form has used the road dulcemente down in 120~160mb/s (almost the speeds of walk take!) In any first few generations, but this 3d TLC is material very quickly. This walk is estimated for good levels of control, and does not have to use up down the few years without running the server.

Has tried to transfer some files of a variety of RAID (that it can read it faster that this walk) - Begun in 550mb/s and fallen in 495~508mb/s for an end of the 20.X GB Movement of files of random ZIP of 300mb in 2.X GB Measured while a walk was fresh and new, for the very accurate test.
The action ADDS in a intel Z97 / 4xxx the computer of series has built the little the mark of years.
HAS ADDS random 4k action IOPS also (that is to say that will use when Windows of fell and opened a lot of complex programs)

is impressed truly for this walk. Some data read after the month or more has not retarded down at all. The May bought It TLC-nand walk before, but this 3d TLC nand is very something. If you are a MLC -only class of type, and can very enough provides it Samsung 960 Pro NVME walk (or similar), chooses this until lining you on, can only any one the preoccupy enough to update the afterwards concealed. It IS quite snappy - totally impacted here.

There is so found my walnut to go-in for storage of cheap data in the machine with enough 7-8 SSD is in him, mostly Toshiba walks, if precise attaches some storage or wants the walk of big boot for the new PC, this thing is sum . Has holds quite well, also, would be to take pressed for the spend was unless the calm ran you the server, as any worry.
For a Techies:
Some speeds in a 1TB the model is INCLUDED MILLOR that one 500gb model (even so any one to concentrate sensibly in an user), as I am very impacted.
Takes one 1TB the model can the to him provides. If you only explore a grandson and does not touch any a lot of or any games, one 500gb or 256gb the model can do only well.
IS random 4k perf the bonds/have beaten my SSD variety of RAID in a motherboard and a SSD Variety of RAID in a LSI Megaraid card of server, but for earnest be, varieties of RAID of SSD is while enhancing sequential speeds, does not augment up 4k action very a lot, only so that it knows.
The redundant= variety BEATEN of Economic Disks - these give you that they read that& it writes your tolerance of the fault of the data, or more speed, or so much, mostly is for servers or of the big-computers of house of the end and canal of laws.
Creation of content, as it requires date-redundancy here, and for that, and the occasional big file that edits in 3d creation of terrain, this walk returns a bill!

Will be to take more than these types. It can not recommend quite - still with all a technology-critical of place.
5 / 5 Vern
Has the 7 old year turn of desktop this there has been the traditional hard walk. May Since update in of the Windows 10, one shoes up was sooooooo lentil. It is prende to time to update in the solid of state walk (SSD).

Has chosen this mark so that his web of place there has been the information that shows that is compatible with my exact mark and model of desktop. They have had also excellent instructions in his web of place for so to clone my old hard walk in a nine unit

- Easy installation
- Easy to clone old hard walk (required some products of extra / devices to help with this)
- was like my computer was exactly an included - all my programs and the files were only there with a process to clone and now his sper fast.
- A software to clone in Crucial the calls of place Acronis. Any sure if this more recently available that some other descriptions on here.
- Relieving fast boot in
- Bios instantly has recognised a SSD likes walk of boot. I do not have to configuration to mark very additional.
- The information in Crucial the web of place was very useful

- A process the clone involves some additional squad like the SATA in cape of USB that will use only or time. I have bought east a: USB to Cut 3.0 in SSD / 2.5-Inch SATA Adapter to Walk that it Takes [Optimised By SSD, Support UASP SATA III] (EC-SSHD)
- has not been to clear of Crucial information that would require to purchase the box of conversor of one 2.5 walk of inch in the 3.5 bay of inch.

Each desktop and the laptop is different, like an extra squad will require can be different of mine.
1. Sure when being to back up everything of your anterior files anything.
2. With a power in your computer WAS and UNPLUGGED, opens a case and identifies where your current hard walk is localised. The figure was as it is trace . The mine there has been guides that screwed in in a front of a bay and attached in a walk takes.
3. Probably you require you the box of the conversor yes is installing he in the computer of desktop. Only it looks for 2.5 in 3.5 walk takes the conversor and would have to find some options.
4. It buys the new SATA cape as it is by train to take you a maximum action of your new SSD. I have bought east a: Monoprice 18-Inch SATA III 6.0 Gbps Cape with Closing Latch and Covers of 90 Titles - Blue
5. The cloning is one issues an easier to go , which ways your operating system, files, the software and everything require to be transferred of your old hard walk in your nine unit A Acronis software of Crucial the web of place has done this easy. Had the little little quirks with east:
unit A SSD has to be plugged in a PC, otherwise can not install a software. That is to say where a SATA in the cape of USB enter real handy.
b. A calm software give you some few options of manuals or automatic parameters to clone. In a SSD, any need the partition. There is any profit of the action is, as if your old hard walk is hendido, could wants to choose some manual parameters. I some manual parameters, only to do sure a software read some correct walks.
c. Quan Begins a process to clone, will take the message that some necessities of PC to be has restarts. You have to to the left to restart. Quan He , a computer will go in the road that is to control for a Acronis the software and he will begin a process to clone. There is the box of control in escabaa down when complete'. Deja concealed has verified.
D. Like That big your old hard walk is, this process will take SEVERAL HOURS. I have begun mine before I put to bed me and all has been done when arouses. It was probably quite 3 hours. In all the case, my point is that it is not something will finish in an evening.
5 / 5 Gil
EDITA/ACTUALITZACI -- in exploring other descriptions by so Crucial MX500, remarked or this has mentioned not taking a 'code of activation' for Acronis-- this was Crucial anterior system (download of Acronis directly, then uses Crucial code) -- AT PRESENT (April 2018) necessity to go in crucial(dotcom)/support/ssd and launch his On-line SSD install guide -- in one according to Phase (if memory) has the nexus in a Acronis software to Clone ( necessity to have your new Crucial SSD already plugged in USB) -- will install it and Actuate directly w/or the code, once recognises a Crucial SSD

ALSO -- another critic has mentioned Acronis automobile-rebooting to clone -- this (perhaps) depends in yours diagram of current partition or particular hardware, or perhaps in yours You and version. In my case (Windows 10 view 1709), has selected once road 'Automatic' and conjoint'ource' and 'Objective' then 'Go' -- the toast has burst up quite hutting the disk of the source . . ' And After a bar of the progress of the Cloning has opened well in a Desktop of Windows ( was, of course, Closed Out of doing anything more -- but the mine Cloned directly of Windows 10)

OF ENTITY (probably?) -- Crucial the guides say to LEAVE Your AGAIN-CLONED SSD PLUGGED In USB, UNTIL the COMPUTER FULLY is CLOSING. Quan My Cloning completed and has punctual data in eshutdown now,' asked me initiate it to him Quickly of Windows' would write another 'hiber.Brink In disk -- he so opened the Punctual order (how Admin) and hutdown.exy Has Entered /s f /t 0' -- then disturbed if that was the deception (any one in of the Crucial instructions). I can inform law even so -- once take it a MX500 SSD the installed and backwards of together laptop, fell time very first, and any subject since. Like eshutdown.exy /s f /t 0' the order will do (even so probably very necessary)

HAS WANTED only clear some points ( and hopefully help) after seeing a bit that battles to find that/ they actuate a Acronis software, or this has described the process of different cloning (perhaps because of the hardware/involved You ?) While it describes it down, found a quite mere process -- so long like spears of Crucial On-line SSD Install guide (crucial(dotcom)/support/ssd -- then low and finds)

This was mine 3 HDD in SSD update for several familiar laptops (all Crucial mark, two soyX300' in of the marks the year, this model this new plus soyX500' only now), and has to say -- Crucial, with a current Acronis the download provides SSD clients, has done that disk of the absolutely mere clones. A last Acronis had used still required to create the 'Tools of USB' clave, boot of east arrests to clone, like the walk of Windows could be unmounted for a process -- This running Acronis tin felizmente 'lock' an internal walk, as you can clone right of some Half of Windows, in your new SSD plugged in USB (issues SATA3/cape of adapter of the USB or HDD-in-enclosure of USB -- if it does not have one, will require to order w/ yours SSD).

In fact, Crucial has done an integer 'Change of Career' the appearance of one updates easy-peasy, among his Acronis software to join and the on-line guides have detailed. The big problem has is a tendency in the Fully Internal stacks in today more slender-the notebooks the clear plus -- prying one opens without clashing a Button of Power in a accidentel half-the open boot can be the sphincter -clenching experience. Once that the stack is unplugged, change a quota -cloned SSD in a caddy or bracketry and connecting SATA3 is mere -- then a subject to break a laptop all back together without pinching LCD/Touchscreen/WiFi the capes of Antenna are again tense (Youtube &62;&62; it researches your Model 'disassembly' -- electrical guitar of rigid plastic-chooses in pry -- PATIENCE and deep respites).

A Upside -- the speeds/ less less/ can heat/ less Silence/ of weight -- of SSD in HDD is some of everything, or at least soyet-marks like Samsung/ SanDisk/ PNY/ Kingston, etc, as well as this 'Crucial' (Micron) mark. It can it does not want to trust your Data/ bounces/ and learn you-process in a 'was-mark' for a sake of the few dollars (I any one) -- but for some big names, your election probably rests so much in yours the consolo the level with some Tools to Clone/ Guide/ the support offered by the particular mark so much in prize. The tent and compares similar technology (ie, 3D NAND) of similar generations, and the be sure is comparing 'note of consumer' with 'note of consumer' and 'Pro' with 'Pro' -- probably will find prize of similar measure-the class is inner few dollars, mark in mark. Alone name, am 3 for 3 now with Crucial soyX-' serious SSD is -- given my art-level, is thrilled with Crucial !!
Pair Of things, clave-installs . . . .
1. Windows 10 Has 'Walk Optimaztion' (of-frag) has ignited by default -- the majority of sources said that that is to say nonsensical in a SSD (any platter to turn or Read/to Write direct in movement -- the Solids of State walks can access any cell, any time, in enough of same speed), and included can be detrimental in a SSD. A firmware can scatter data and of files for cell 'this wear of levels,' and does not want Windows clumping that behind up. Like the tart of the tap' begins to write 'optimise' and click an upper result 'Defragment and Optimise Walks' -- when opens, click to Excel yours 'C:\' walk in upper box, clicked a button 'Advanced' down, and UN-chess 'Run in the Schedule. . .'

2. For typical users', would have to returns in Crucial support/ssd website, the download and install 'Executive of Crucial Storage.' Calm once has opens, the click soyomentum Hide' and then 'Enables.' Pro-The users have signalled has entered other descriptions (goes soyX300 the descriptions of the series ) has clearer, the majority of effective tools for agents a SSD -- is the Pro, knows that it is. For a rest of us, things of mere Crucial marks with the Executive storage

3. Mina soyX500' SSD has entered the Dell Inspiron 3169 (Core m3 - 6 gene) and this laptop has 4 GB DDR3L soldered on -- no SODIMM empty at all. Commentary Q&An on some other laptops with the solos SODIMM (factory 4 GB) questions on update in 8GB -- has to notebook/of laptop with only 4 GB and a HDD, would recommend a SSD FIRST update. Shows of the extra ram in Heavy-that Final of attributes or the intensive video that edits -- a SSD improves Action on EVERYTHING, every day. Besides, a much faster Reads/to Write of a SSD vastly improvement paging access of file (the Virtual memory of Windows' or Linux'wap room') -- a lot of typical users' could find 4 GB the ram is enough, with SSD paging . . .
5 / 5 Ouida
It IS pleasantly surprised in that hurriedly was able to clone my integer to walk that it takes (250 GB used of 1000 GB) in a MX500 SSD. I have used Acronis Image Roughly 2016 that follows some instructions to use a 'Acronis bootable half comunicacionales' accuses to clone. Here it is in the to the east likes me in of a walk: 1 silence Perfecto (the walk takes clunking and thumping is gone), 2 Windows 10 fast boots, 3 Some applications like Quicken 2017 and Excel looks faster to upload (but has not measured as it can be it my imagination ), and 4 My newspaper Acronis backup (in a backdrop) of my whole computer in the walk of grandson has taken only quite 1 hour versus 5 hours before (has not expected this and can not count he). It have expected the pair C applications that debits the enormous files that takes 13 bren and 17 bren to upload with my old old walk to upload faster with a MX500 SSD but they any one (again can not count this). It buys this walk again!!!
1 / 5 Carole
It fails afterwards 1 month. Spent 3 days and another $ 150 test imagines was why failure. They go with Samsung
2 / 5 Daisy
Orderly 12 of these for the NOSE setup.

Mandate 6-25-18
is arrived 6-26-18
the errors have informed in 6-29-18

6 Walks have unreadable sectors in 3 days of use. Fearful to ask amazon for repayment because of the recent users that is to kick out of Cousins for legit reason - bad products what east.

Hopefully A support in crucial will be able to assist with substitution
5 / 5 Amy
I have installed this in mine 2009 13' Macbook Pro and has done the enormous difference. It recommends this in any look to substitute the HDD.

has the 2009 Macbook Pro this was also slow to use.

Steps to Install:
has followed a guide ifixit.com to substitute my HDD with this SSD for one the majority of part.
1) Connects this SSD in your computer those uses the USB in SATA adapter like easterly a: USB to Cut 3.0 in SSD / 2.5-Inch SATA Adapter to Walk that it Takes [Optimised By SSD, Support UASP SATA III] (EC-SSHD).
2) Download SuperDuper! For Mac backup your current HDD in a SSD. I have tried to use my Mac Utilitat of the disk but he no . SuperDuper Has done adds and was able to clone my HDD in a SSD.
3) Test that some works of backup to change a startup disk your uses of computer to go in of the Preferences of System &62; Startup Disk and selecting a SSD which are connected in your MacBook. It restarts your Mac and verifies begins properly when bounces of a SSD. If this work felizmente moves on in a next step.
4) low Fence your computer.
5) Ploughs up you MacBook and substitutes a HDD with a SSD. It follows a iFixit the guides for has not detailed.
6) Begins your computer.
7) Enables the trim for your SSD to enter a Terminal and entering an order udo trimforce enables.'

If everything of these no felizmente would have to remark the improvement of significant speed in your Mac. It goes to update my RAM of 4GB in 8GB but can any one so that an improvement of speed is so significant to update in the SSD.
5 / 5 Frida
That is to say the add SSD but yes is updating a HP Pavilion (2018 vintage) with a processor of Intel of Core (i.et. Core i7), will have to treat a HP/Intel UEFI to bypass his routine of security. If you any one, take the soyissing automotive' message or some another atrocity, which are UEFI looking for the concrete sector in your walk takes these codes of validation of the control these covers your walk takes fell. You will require to take in some parameters of BIOS (touch ESC repeatedly during boot, then touch F10) to take in some parameters of FOREST, then 'enable' esupport of Legated' (i.et. Tour of UEFI security) to leave one any-factory-installed SSD to integrate in your laptop. I need this while your old hard walk is installed still, then re-kick to do a clave of parameters. He THEN yours cloning, THEN change out of walks, and would have to when being well.
1 / 5 Franchesca
I can not think this hard walk is died after 3 month, tried all a power in 15 minutes etc. Result Very good. READ The GUARANTEE!!!!! Ship behind in them in your cost, will determine that it is bad, can pay have ship behind in you....Here it is a subject a big plus , says has the 'trick' to take a unit these races, does not want my data in his hands! As my solution is to purchase the Samsung EVO 860 (has very, has purchased only a crucial while it was supposed to be upper knotch and was cheaper) drills the hole in a crucial and in some rubbishes goes. My loyalty is in Samsung and CAN waiver again. You can say, it was a walk takes, YEP or the hard walk failed in 3 month and my Samsung is any failure. I am not oblivious in a fact one of a Samsung the hard walks will fail but very afterwards 3 month....And will have signs of impending disaster to take my data of a walk. A Crucial walk, has had the plot of personal data that would have has wanted to to maintain but has gone now. Usually I back my walks in the each 3 month or after the significant quantities to require maintain the data is in a walk. But earnest be with you, thinks that the new Crucial walk would fail after 3 month and when begins to look for troubleshooting information and an internet (elder of age in of the crucial forums) is littered with 'when yours the fault of crucial walk' would suggest there is not the problem? If has the Crucial walk and he do for me always ADDS! Mina any one and will not be the crucial client anymore!

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial 16GB Kit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Marshall
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) December 2015 update: Other users are messaging me with questions. Apparently this same memory is causing another with late 2015 5k iMacs partorisca have his next low cars his ram to 1600 MHz. I recommend crucial memory advisor in or OWC ram guaranteed to do with late 2015 5k iMacs until it can be established exactly that the ram would owe that be used for these cars.

Original description:

has purchased this for my late 2015 5k iMac. It is doing correctly and in a speed has estimated full of 1866 MHZ. I have purchased this ram after buying and returning 1866 MHZ corsair ram of revenge because it causes my iMac to down of clock his memory of 1866 MHZ to 1600 MHZ. Like this far like this good. I will update my description in some future experiences any subjects of stabilities, but does not anticipate doing so much.
4 / 5 Rachell
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) has purchased of both amazon and crucial in a past and can say that they are always state pleased with both companies and his products.

Has purchased recently the late 2015 27' iMac with a base 8GB of Apple to the equal that has wanted to avert a Tax of Apple and treat a upgrade I. I have ordered also the together of these of Amazon. After reading some descriptions, was sure these would be some by heart forms corrected. My surprised, a NO RUN in a plenary 1866Mhz but in 1600Mhz (Sees photo). I have called Crucial and has confirmed that although a specs is identical, these are no mac the by heart concrete forms. Also it declares that they can have done by other users but would not recommend him .

Has takes to see the very looked product - [ASIN:B0181JTF66 Crucial 16GB Box (8GBx2) DDR3L 1866 MT/s (PC3-14900) SODIMM Memory of 204 Pins For Mac - CT2K8G3S186DM] - and referenced the to a Crucial Support Rep. Then confirmation that these are one some concealed is certified to be compatible with Macs. A specs is identical but these are done specifically partorisca Macs.

Prpers Saves a question and frustration and take a CT2K8G3S186DM forms instead to the equal that will operate in some plenaries 1866Mhz speeds.

So only am taking was 1 star to the equal that seat that this would have to that be specified in a description but I have any subject with Amazon or services or Crucial products.
5 / 5 Alexandria
Capacity: 8GB Aggregated Crucial 8GB grasps to the mine ASUS portable (model
ASUS X555LA-HI31103J) now have 12GB RAM. You pursue very better, very easy.

Installs processes: Unplugged
ASUS X555LA-HI31103J laptop AC adapter partorisca be able to has forced the then using key of power to be able to down. I any (could any one) take battery of laptop. The pried sticker that has covered the alone ray in inferior dish of laptop. Unscrewed A philips ray of boss and has taken the hatch was. RAM Inserted in a corner pressed it then down like an upper side of a clave of RAM has jointed / snapped to an assembly partorisca hold. You look. Screwed A coverage partorisca hatch retreated on. Power cycled a laptop the total of 2 times. RAM has not been discovered on first reboot but Windows / of laptop 10 House discovered it on 2nd reboot. This has taken everything of perhaps 30 minutes max partorisca do. The laptop there is gobs by heart partorisca basic surfing now. Well a prjimo $ 100 I paid partorisca produced and nave.

REMARCE: In theory, my individual ASUS the laptop is so only specced partorisca recognise the total of 8GB of RAM. Well, in my particular chance with this particular model of laptop, has been able to see both some interiors 4GB remained with these aggregated 8GB RAM partorisca come up with ---&62; 12 GB total of RAM. It takes lucky. An operating system can see it all and the use. Your Mileage Can Vary for your costruttore, model, BIOS.
4 / 5 Yaeko
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) has purchased this partorisca my late 2015 iMac 27" computer. I have read some descriptions that the clocks in in the plenaries 1867 and am happy that informs one same. Any glitches, easy install and are mecer 32gb by heart in this beast! I have used Crucial in a past and there is still partorisca remain down. Among a regulate clamshell container, which have tent my "Wimpy 2 x 4" gb original chips in.

Ossia One of some chances, where the descriptions help me decide in mine compraventa, as I expect that this calm description helps.
4 / 5 Henriette
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) has purchased this partorisca use in the Lenovo T440p with only 4 GB of RAM. I have thought initially that a RAM was defective, reason a ESTACA portable, but would not upload Windows. Then I although a laptop there has been the by heart defective space. But I have begun a car with only a clave the time in the each one of some banks by heart and every time the loaded windows, trying some spaces by heart have not been defective. I have then looked for a Lenovo put web and has of several BIOS the reviews have been issued of then has taken a car. I have used a Lenovo Utility of Windows partorisca update based partorisca update a BIOS. With which a BIOS update, a car posted and loaded Windows. A fast control of some settings by heart in a BIOS and in the windows aims a memory that careers in some estimated 1866 MHz.
Is having the questions that takes this partorisca do with your laptop, please verify the web of place of a costruttore partorisca any BIOS updates that help.
5 / 5 Lovella
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) has substituted an original 8GB, divided in two spaces of the mine Lenovo Y510P (of roughly done 2 years). Utilisation partorisca on-line school. Among step of word, and an occasional Netflix or HBO GO use I use he for applications of Season of Creative Cloud for my projects of classes/escoles. Any material taking saved to a cloud (in some form) and another requires to remain in my hard walk but I have required more than 8GB so only could me give, as I upgraded to 16 GB. My boy also uses my laptop to Bequeath Mindstorm programming (robotic League).

Was quite easy to unscrew a back(subordinated) section of mine portable and change them was, in spite of finding and the extra ray that goes roughly inner ( control of quality in Lenovo breakings) that the hiccup averts has dipped a new some in, closed it all arrive and all kicked on just well.

Can not stress enough that, in chance that, would have to BEHIND ON YOUR COMPUTER, BEOFRE changing anything was. In this way if no jumps there is did not condemn you so only. But inferior line to the equal that comprise reason has required a upgrade and in the type of car, yes this was and easy install (for me) and works how is supposed to for a type of product is. It acclaims!
4 / 5 Shaun
Capacity: 8GB Gotta said has not thought would have a better regime because all YT the descriptions have aimed Ram of experience of same manufacture partorisca according to space. This was man and alternative more economic oh man this paper (8gb) snapped well partorisca plant. I have finalised partorisca change an old 2gb paper of Ram of first space to a secondary space instead.

All near has been of 2gb to 10gb (really ) Ram and there is remarked a transmission instantly. Before it can not run YT with another plough of tabs like Playbooks (any video) without an ice cream and asking me partorisca close session with which 10min. But when I have dipped in a new paper I instantly has opened 20 tabs and has run YT without question. Even has tried Netflix and two tabs with YT(Youtube) in a background prendido while looking in another tab and he have run flawless.. Partorisca See some transmissions have downloaded a Cog extension of a web of place because it does not have any way to see Ram in of the settings in a device. In general take this paper has the first gene Chromebox and the mark sure is a CT10246BF186D partorisca number of correct model partorisca installation. Some will say calm no precise this a lot of RAM but the one who are kidding with Chrome using like this CPu and Ram partorisca run programs. I am thinking partorisca take another 8gb partorisca augment to 16gb but will see
4 / 5 Shirleen
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) short and sweet: these are the perfect access so physically and in specs partorisca my Late-2015 27' iMac Retina. So only ensure is has matched pairs for bank partorisca a better action. A dimm space in a iMac is bad marked, if at all, as be sure of an arrangement is adding to a dimms already preinstalled in your car. You can avert this partorisca substitute all 4 dimms with the pair of these boxes and maxing out of your iMac qualified of RAM in 32GB.

mismatched Partorisci By means of banks wont break anything but he will retard down action to the equal that will be run in 'way of compatibility,' negating any one obtains a by heart augmented capacity resupplies, control like this double first of inaugural on a door of RAM.
5 / 5 Tommye
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2) has Arrived quickly, any harm or defects. I took the moment partorisca install mine because has one everything in a desk and is the ache to toe on and the hook has retreated on every time has required partorisca the try. Joint partorisca other complete novices: take your time that returns them to some banks and of the video of clock that the aim to the equal that requires partorisca be seated esp taken one everything in a likes him . This will save you the plot of time. An only thing would change in this product is as it has been shipped; you are free envoy in the cushioned envelope and would prefer the small box but concealed is the minor nag - arrives entirely intact and both claves are doing utmost.
4 / 5 Joi
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2) As declared - has used east boxes the upgrade RAM in both boxes listed - both systems spec'd partorisca 1600 MHz RAM and both maintaining running (and stable) in 1867 MHz. BIOS, WINS 10 and CPU-Z all inform RAM that career in 1866/67 . Both of these systems use on-board Intel Video and for this memory of system of the action - a faster RAM informs an increase in of the taxes of frame of the video. Any question/instability remarked after several weeks (both systems that the career WINS 10 PRO/64-has bitten in Crucial SSDs). Good material.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial 16GB Kit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Marshall
Capacity: 4GB has taken extracted he in the refurbished Dell Optiplex 7010 SFF (i5-3470 version) and has tried 2 insiemi different by heart (Kingston and Patriot) DDR3 1600 PC3 12800 but fact dipped neither. It has discovered that a computer has preferred voltage under DDR3 (DDR3L) in the place of a rule DDR3.

Has tried this memory and he there is matched well w/ one that exists Samsung memory in a Dell.
4 / 5 Rachell
Capacity: 8GB Box (4GBx2) Big Density A main worry with RAM is ensuring compraventa a right RAM esatta partorisca your particular system. Using put Crucial excellent web, was able to ensure that this was a RAM corrected partorisca me ( has ordered by means of amazon partorisca do use of First and reason have had the paper of present). Look slightly delicate to determine if this particular element was a one describes in planting Crucial web, but after comparing a specs has ordered this box. The installation was easy and my computer has been running smoothly of then. Ossia Exactly that has looked for to the point of just price.
4 / 5 Shantell
Capacity: 4GB the Big density has taken two 4GB sticks to upgrade the pair of oldish Lenovo ThinkStations of 4GB to 8GB. It had been upgraded of Windows 7 the Windows 10 and the things am retarded down. The selector by heart of a place of Crucial web is coming up with this memory and he am cost less on Amazon, like this here are!

Some two systems have had a 4GB Samsung form of mark in the each one a, as I have moved one of those to another car and dip both of these to a to have matching forms in the each one. The installation was the snap like this one could expect with DIMM is. These forms were recognised instantly for a ThinkStation and resupply the a lot of noticeable improves of action.

Has had regime a lot well with Crucial RAM in a lot of hundreds of forms in a last roughly 20 years. A pair that has failed has been substituted for Crucial without hassle. The memory seldom fails these days so that it is not the big worry partorisca me.

Reason trusts Crucial and this has done a trick to the equal that has expected are by train of the give 5 stars
5 / 5 Melva
Capacity: 8GB has the five old year desk PC that is coming with two 4 action RAM DDR3 claves by heart. One of a two has been bad - scarce question felizmente. So much, I have added this 8 action DDR3 and now have 12 actions of RAM partorisca accelerate action. In the note has related, has added the solid state walk as 'This walk partorisca an operating system, and that action of impulse of the helps the plot! The support of technology was a lot of gain with guidance in mine motherboard and that RAM partorisca buy.
4 / 5 Meryl
Capacity: 8GB Box (4GBx2) has purchased to upgrade an old Dell XPS 8300 partorisca use for the project of programming (running Ubuntu linux, used partorisca Jetson TX1 dev).
- The computer has turned was. The supply of sinister power has attached so that the chance was grounded, partorisca contain static.
- The old ram takes , vacuumed out of some 4 spaces
- has seated these squarely. A lot snug accesses, orientation partorisca control before inserting
- kicked up with F2 yours, has gone the bios like this mem the account would be updated. The speed has listed likes 1333. The start & has saved
- the computer has run perfectly. It has done I sweat it apt-take install memtester
- known memtester 15000 1
- the memory has come on 100 clean any error :)
the to good sure would recommend this memory. I actuate it it has not had Never questions with crucial DDR
static is your enemy. It leaves PC was but supply partorisca be able the plugged in, as this maintains a pc frame grounded. If you maintain an elbow or foot or something against a frame, is grounded. Also always always it averts partorisca touch a lot a gold leaves exposed of any joint or chip. Soyidas Touch' effect lol
4 / 5 Rachael
Capacity: 2GB has bought 2 of these after using a scanner in a Crucial place partorisca do sure has bought a right thing. They are happy sells on Amazon in a same or better price; Crucial is the company adds that it mark dependable has produced that has trusted on partorisca years, and the amazon has enormous' service of client.

Some claves have arrived without static harm. They snapped Well in and it has accelerated one of my computers on immediately. I have had upgraded that diagrams to Windows 10 and has been having out of messages by heart and closed downs. This fix that the question and a PC is speedy and useful again. A system has recognised a memory immediately and he all has registered. I have had any errors by heart at all.

Are very pleased with this compraventa. If this system would take more, would buy more!
4 / 5 Maurine
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) has purchased a 8Gb x2Sticks partorisca substitute the only 4Gb this is to be install in mine Dell Optiplex 7010 ultra factor of small form. At the beginning, it was sceptic will see noticeable differences in chrome and office. It was bad, has cut my time of boot for small, can without accidents the careers of multiple windows a same time without touching the virtual RAM of my hard walk. Enough simply my lag the subjects have been solved to clash my RAM of the alone clave 4Gb the dual clave 16Gb total. Any in a fence in this upgrade to good sure would have to that consider doing this upgrade first of upgrading anything more. I will be transmission out of my hard walk to improve action of storage.
4 / 5 Katlyn
Capacity: 8GB Box (4GBx2) has Bought to upgrade an old (2009 or as) Dell Optiplex running Intel processor of Duet of the Core. It has had 4gb the installed ram and two open spaces. The crucial scanner has used by heart in my computer and he have aimed some open spaces and has said could upgrade until 16GB. I have purchased a two 4GB claves and installed. Any improvement. With which a lot of investigation, has learnt my version of Windows I only supports 4GB ram, as this installs AT ALL partorisca improve the slow action of my computer. It Finalising that it returns these, and has purchased the computer the new plus. Too bad Crucial the scanner has known did not conceal. Crucial flavour and will continue to use his, but has fallen a ball is one .
4 / 5 Lolita
Capacity: 4GB has ordered this RAM partorisca the desk, was sure is desk ram very so only for a picture of product but for a number of part and has received a SoDIMM version partorisca the laptop. Has thinks that has done deceive it, but after looking in a container, can see that a RAM in a picture has the on concealed sticker tip a DESK number of part, when it is obviously RAM of laptop.

Has spoken to an Amazon rep the one who sent another clave with which have sent mine behind in, and guess that -- a SAME thing. Like this apparently there is labeled stirs it of these with one wrong barcode/number of part. Finally it say him so only partorisca give me the repayment, reason partorisca arrive to this point looks a lot probably would be partorisca take this in spite of ANOTHER CLAVE of RAM of laptop.
4 / 5 Shanita
Capacity: 8GB Box (4GBx2) the Big density has Bought the used Dell Inspiron 660 i5 with windows 10 of Ebay.
Has 4gb of ram. I have bought 8 (the recommended capacity although several sources of internets dictate it can take 12-16gb.) 24 Of a Same memory so only partorisca be in a sure side.
The law ADDS. A dual voltage and the capacity was the Big help. I have had to that return the only 8gb clave that was the 1.5 volt because it causes my computer the beep.
Any included search to be able to him up in this point, I so only dipped the neatly behind in his packaging and returned for the repayment.
Now, my computer ZOOOOMS to the long of.
Are 100 Satisfied!
Later Could try clash he until 12gb the ram but I in fact do not think is necessary reason the sound that does adds!

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial P1 1TB 3D ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sarai
Why take it:
- Much faster that SATA SSD
- the action Adds for-the watt and the bass goes can. I add for laptops.
- Add Crucial (Micron) guaranteeed / of reliability /of the support ( used his support once in the M4 SSD)
- Abundance of control for case of use of typical consumer
- Rid Acronis Image Roughly SW to clone old walk in this new SSD

Why skip the:
- No adapted for server workloads (p. . Highly transactional DBs) or people that, in the daily base, writing >25GB value of data

around-on Action:
- Imposed of Data: ~the fast plus this SATA walks, ~40% less than big-finals PCIe NVMe in heavy-has to workloads
- Latency: ~ lower that SATA walks, ~40% main that big-finals PCIe NVMe in heavy-has to workloads
- In typical consumer workloads (mixed random R/W Depth of low row), does not have relative very perceivable of difference in the big-final PCIe NVMe

=== UPDATE 7/20/2019 ===
has bought the second a (1TB). Installed in my threads ASUS ROG Zephyrus G GA502 gaming portable (for the total of the this uses a free M.2 void). It opens he abundance of spatial for games (512GB takes full hurriedly with games of Steam). An only problem was that a motherboard of the laptop has not coming with a ray (shame in ASUS). Fast of abundance. Priced Well. 5 beginning.
3 / 5 Maribeth
I use this cual my main walk in the new stx the only built system, some looks of swift walk of benchmarks and only looks hurriedly of normal explores, and such. (That is to say the fast system , but any built for gamming)

has decided to do the 200 more gigabyte scrolling of another ssd in a system, and at the beginning one writing the speeds were in 400 MBs the second, then backwards down in 200 MBs the second, then 100, 78, 36, 15kb, then 0 and has seated there for the this has looked for to be quite 5 bren or so, then begun to transfer data again, he this very time.

Run ATTO and shows some speeds were quite so hurriedly so normal SATA ssd

closed a low system and is gone in a bios and reset he thinking it can have been something had changed , reboot and behind in the windows have done the speed of test of disk of magic black all looked good speeds was where would have to has been 1540/1780, then I a same big 200GB flavours besides and BAM! SAME THING! Slowdown In zero and chair quite 5 bren later begin to transfer.

After a system restarts the system and the return of speeds in normal.

Thinks hides of the sound of the bumper takes full and he marsh a ssd low

Your results could vary of mine, tries it and view.

Is expecting in the response of Crucial, while I have written to ask them if this was the defective walk .

Will update this when I take the response of Crucial.
3 / 5 Jacquiline
I have bought this for my Intel KNOT ( words=nuc8i7hvk). A walk looked to do only sake, taken around 1.4 GB/s speeds of scrolling of the into use world-wide file real (moving games around with Steam). Even so, after less than 24 hours of use, a walk looked to fail. It looks in browser, but after the reboot, does not look in a browser, manager of disk, or a BIOS. Even so, after re-inserting he in a motherboard, a walk looked to do only a lot again. This is spent several times , particularly afterwards long gaming sessions. To inspect a walk, has discovered was really hot in a touch and has thought a thermal tampon provided for Intel has not done his work properly so taking. Doing so aided to lengthen a time among failures of walk, but that does not resolve a subject.

HAS another NVMe the walk that is used beside a P1 (NUC8i7HVK has two NVMe empty), a Samsung EVO 970, which was sensibly fresher that a P1. I have tried to change a Sr.2 empty crude that that an individual void to beat when being a problem , but a Samsung the walk was sensibly fresher in or another void also. So much, a conclusion is that a P1 has the poor thermal action compared in Samsung EVO walks. In fact, has such poor thermal action that could very properly formats a walk before returning he in Amazon, although he quickly format only well.

A P1 the better offers-this-SSD action in the prize that is comparable in and included cheaper that no-NVMe, walks M.2. This investigation be or the majority of attractive characteristic in this product. He still the say that it is also durable, doing only well and retaining data after several failures of big heat. Even so, if has the fanless system, the KNOT, or included the mini-ITX system with the small case and the number limited of adherents, would not recommend this product and instead recommends that you consider the Samsung EVO strolls, while they look to cost a premium.
1 / 5 Brenton
It has had this ssd for the week. The installation was well, and initially a ssd good law. Even so, during a week there was, has prendido acting two times. An only solution has found is in physically take and reattach the, which supremely is troubling and no the practical solution to use this walk. I think that that it has to have the problem with some connectors. To well sure any one satisfies with this ssd.
5 / 5 Calvin
It take a Crucial P1 500GB SSD for my hp-slimline 290-0014 desktop. A PC has the Menlo motherboard, which have a Sr.2 2280 Port concealed provides PCIe 3.0 x2 only (any x4). I have not had any subject that installs a SSD cloning my original HDD in him, and boot of a SSD. A desktop, which are powered by i7-8700 CPUs, resulted the real beast after these updates.

Has attached the screenshot to aim a R/W imposed of speed, and is quite fast. Even so, a SSD is not doing is the main speed so that my MBs did not retreat a PCIe 3.0 x4. It is not the big roads of me even so. A SSD the temperature is always down 37C (~98F) while in goes. Trace in 60s when has scripture of intensive/reading the tasks that enters, but that is to say usually normal for SSD is.

An only thing that thwarted am that the has not had any ray has comprised with a SSD. One measures of the ray is M.2 3mm D4, And is quite expensive ($ 6+) in Amazon. Other places the on-line web will not ship in front of two weeks (is serious?). I have tried to find the locally unsuccessfully. So much, I have finished to take one of one of my old laptops, which have the leader the small plus (D3), but work.

In general, is so happy with a compraventa so far. Update in a future in case that I experimented any subject.
5 / 5 Gertie
To arrive to this point of prize, this walk is the no-brainer: it is a NVMe SSD of one of some better names in a subject, but in a point of same prize like the SATA SSD. An action is not in pair with big-final SSDs like a Samsung EVO or Pro seriis, but is still very better that included the upper-notch SATA SSD.

In some worse cases, an action is at least also like any SATA SSD. In all other cases, the action is to well sure further that of any SATA SSD, albeit quite 1/2 in 2/3 an action of the upper-tier NVMe walk.

This is not the walk adds for constant of heavy loads, like the server of database, but is perfect like the daily engine for demanding applications these laws in of the explosions of activity, like gaming or pro audio (personally need and uses big SSDs therefore).

If a prjimo 2TB the version is priced similarly, to well sure will purchase one of those also.

Copying the 25GB dossier of files of video (the half measure is quite 200MB each which how) is spent inside seconds, and rocketed for in 1300 MBps. A walk of source was the 970 EVO 1TB NVMe SSD.

Copying the 27GB dossier of in 40,000 samples of audio (mostly small files, while or-the second swipes of drum) has taken quite a lot of 2 minutes. A speed of scrolling was quite 50 MBps in a low plus, and enough 400 MBps summit. Some the slowest speeds were been due to batches of tiny files. A walk of source was the Micron M1100 2TB SATA 2.5' SSD, which limits a speed fishes upper besides or 500 less MBps.

Copying a 25GB dossier of video of a P1 the backwards in him has taken enough 1 minute, varies besides or 200 less MBps besides or 2000 less Mbps. Caching And another down-the-magic of the hood has accelerated probably this process.

A time is in a same like any another Sr.2 SSD (48 C goes, 64 C in constant load for the few minutes). A time was slightly go down that those of mine 970 EVO 1TB M.2 NVMe In a same system.
1 / 5 Alice
Fact well for the pair of days in my new ThinkPad X1 Says. I have begun then to take intermittent problems. Sometimes in front of the windows kicked would take the '2104: error of Detection in SSD2 (M.2)'. Sometimes a missing walk of Windows. Sometimes that copies the file of a walk hangs. Lenovo Control of the health of the system has said had read errors in a walk. I have spoken to back of the Crucial technology and has suggested to try the substitution. I have done. Same problem.

This can be the fine walk in the different system, but no in mine. I have finished to peel out of $ 100 more for the Samsung walks.
1 / 5 Tamera
It tries to use a walk in an external enclosure to run the virtual machines was the. Bronzed Some other users have informed in his description, after quite a lot of 2 minutes to write 400 GBs of data, some drops of speed of happy 400 MBs/s in sad 80 MBs/s. I suspect this is been due to a walk throttling down overheating. This walk results very hot very hurriedly slope of the operations of scripture.

And after a week of moderate use, a first walk has begun at random disconnecting or freezing windows each set, and then a system has prendido to recognise a walk at the end.

IS returned a premier one concealed thinks it could be only the defect, but then a substitution has done exactly a same thing.

The chair like this strolls only can tolerate inner of clear use of the a lot of of the system has cooled well. At all more. I suggest that you invert in the Samsung more expensive NVME SSD, which can sustain the big scripture speeds without melting.
1 / 5 Gianna
I Liked him his of a prize that is in the to to everything liked him. It IS to return. I have bought only the gaming portable this has the samsung 512 gb nvme ssd and the walk takes to regulate (that is to say empty) the installed steam in the while while for the one of the east to enter when this has entered installed the and is spent a prjimo 2 days that installs games in the. It clashes constantly but only in of the games in this disk some 3 installed games in a samsung a does not clash at all. His junk for gaming perhaps for storage of video ? It does not trust he with data of entity
3 / 5 Ok
I have installed a Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD - CT1000P1SSD8 In the Dell G5 laptop. It has not running benchmarks, copies of just data, installations of Steam, ect. The action in these considerations looks well, even so during the big game installs is achieving temperatures until 110 titles C and in now that temperature! Exposing a walk to open the air is not enough. It orders the heatsink, but has the plot to heat to be generated here. I am not sure it have quite airflow in a laptop for the disperse.

Has found that I can he of duster of the air was useful to cool a piece in of the decreases of critical temperatures while some operations of the systems finished and closed down. The shot of temperature up again after rebooting for the few minutes, but stabilised. It can have some interns TRIM operation or self management that has taken the moment to finish after a copy of the windows have not informed a lot strolls any activity. This walk can be well in the desktop with the big heat-tank, would have to have the opinions that considers use in laptops. According to a datasheet for this walk an operative temperature is among 0C in 70C, is not sure can expect this in the laptop under any load.

EDITA: tank of the Installed heat and a temperature is doing very better. Changed of 1 in 3 stars. An action is sum ; I am taking 1,432MB/s read and write in of the flavours of the system of the ABUSE and a temperature has not gone almost so big. It conceal to be said, included with a heat sinks the low test (32GB) spends a temperature of sensor 5 until 70 titles. Have Almost clashed he until 4 stars, but that it is an upper end of an operative field and he have tugged up, the long plus writes probably will take it main. This probably would be well in the desktop. It takes lucky that had quite clearance to express in the heatsink (and I bad SQUEEZE). Without him it expect it a Sr.2 To The burn was hurriedly.

This fact for me.

Any one all the world-wide necessities to do operations of big copy, but yes need the 1TB SSD has he casualidad the sake will try in some point. This will do, but has to comprise his limitations.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial 32GB Kit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Jude
Capacity: 32GB Box (16GBx2) Dual RankStyle: 2666 MT/s is reading this probably calms already know a RAM is user upgradeable in a late plus 3rd gene. Mac Mini. I can verify these works of RAM partorisca this purpose; or, at least, I can verify my Mac Mini has not launched the access when I gutted the and has substituted a puny 4GB x 2 claves with these. It sees the photos have uploaded partorisca information of system screenshots verifying successful upgrade.

There is already diverse solid that-to video on Youtube partorisca a upgrade laws; a one for 9to5Mac was a one that has thought was an easy plus partorisca follow.

Finally, some the essential tools will require is:

- TR6 TORX tamper-that resists (security) screwdriver
- T5 TORX screwdriver
- T10 TORX screwdriver
5 / 5 Tora
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) Only RankStyle: 2400 MT/s has not thought Never would buy something like this does not import never the install to me but here are. These have come a lot of packaged and easy to install. My computer is running incredibly well with this installed and now chair like a readier woman alive. (And yes, I know it is sper easy to do except a lot of people no partorisca give this only to the left have my moment!! Haha!)
5 / 5 Leanna
Capacity: 32GB Box (16GBx2) Dual RankStyle: 2666 MT/s Does so only well in mine 2019 iMac. One 27 model of thumb the Very easy fact to upgrade a RAM -- any tool required and apresamiento under the minute. Calms!
5 / 5 Blake
Capacity: 32GB Box (16GBx2) Dual RankStyle: 2400 MT/s has Purchased 4 x 16 GB chip the max out of my iMac 5K, 27-thumb, 2017. Everything is doing perfectly! I give Crucial says does another memory has drawn specifically and tried partorisca a iMac; remarked. It has to that have the purpose, but this one fulfils a specification esatta as for a support of installation by heart of Page of Apple. Also I can inform this installation was incredibly simple. There is the small door in a backside of a computer, and some slides by heart well in. So only a FYI partorisca owners of a small plus 21.5 In 4K iMac. Installation by heart in a small plus iMac is not the simple process, and is not sustained for Apple. I think that that the boxes are available to upgrade a memory in a 21.5 in, and a process is quite intrusive and risky.
5 / 5 Kristine
Capacity: 16GB Box (8GBx2) Only RankStyle: 2666 MT/s 16GB (8GBx2) M 2666. Works very besides late Dell G7 gaming spend with a i7 8750 east, but marks calm sure volume a M version and no a Dr. Version. I have tried both and a Dr. Fail. It has tried also some Ballistic sports Dres. And M RAMS and they both fracasados in a Dell G7.
5 / 5 Lily
Capacity: 4GB Only RankStyle: 2400 MT/s has Launched this in a Acer Aspires E15 that has come so only with 4GB of the ram and he have done perfectly.
4 / 5 Danuta
Capacity: 32GB Box (16GBx2) Dual RankStyle: 2666 MT/s Update 8 month later: everything is still everything well, any subject at all in a Mac mini.

Has bought this beside a new 2018 Mac mini, there is disassembled my way to an enclosure and burst out of a 2x4GB ships of Apple of the claves with a computer and dip these in. You utmost and look in some correct speeds in a mini. I have launched several workloads in a computer of then and has not had any one subject.
4 / 5 Tori
Capacity: 4GB Only RankStyle: 2400 MT/s has bent a memory in mine Acer Aspires And 15 E5-575-33BM (now until 8GB). Some be said, a laptop has course a lot (any lag, the use of half disk was already quite down with a stock 4GB, but has purchased in all the chance to take less load of a walk of disk, etc. there is not remarked the plot of difference with an additional 4GB (another quell'use of disk now averaging ~ 0 % goes the). Has no really registered a memory still (DVD in of the llamas is, running memory intense games). Basically so only surfing a web (the ploughed of multiple web pages a same time), streaming video, etc. Acts well, well value of the money.
4 / 5 Madlyn
Capacity: 32GB Box (16GBx2) Dual RankStyle: 2400 MT/s buying RAM is complicated less than can look for more than people. Very few people will enable a XMP profile in his BIOS as they can use a speed slightly faster these leaves of RAM. This in spite of, purchased it at the same time, one 2400 and one 2133 was a same price as I have bought a fast more one same although I plan to run he in of the speeds accionaras.
Has bought this partorisca the laptop that has been partorisca be that it runs several VMs. They have been relieved some first time and has been running stable partorisca a past two month. At all more partorisca say another that these works of RAM. If you are by train partorisca ask you roughly compatibility, would use a tool in a Crucial website. It is partorisca add reason say that I need DDR3 or DDR4 as well as a max RAM sustains you of system. You could do a calm same thing is your processor and motherboard chipset, but reason not doing the easy life and use a tool?
Different the majority other parts of computers, RAM with one same specs of any reputable the mark is basically one same. So only take that it is more economic. Price of look of RAM partorisca fluctuate like this crazy, has taken this partorisca $ 250 in September 2017, but today (just more two late month) is $ 315 to to These looks like of too much partorisca ask. Has no docked stars partorisca a price of looks that all RAM is trace in the price but I would look for Amazon partorisca 32GB DDR4 SODIMM and take a more economic thing that was of Crucial, Kingston, Corsair, , or HyperX. Evita Mushkin and will be well!
4 / 5 Mellissa
Capacity: 32GB Box (16GBx2) Dual RankStyle: 2666 MT/s Very better that spending $ 600 and while to the fact of commission spec of Apple. Elected on the instock unit with 8gb has ordered this ram and installed I. Quite easy 15min installs and work perfectly! A computer recognises a 32gb and alleges it to be 2667mhz speed.
5 / 5 Jules
The works add like this far in mine new mid 2017 5k 27' iMac w/ 4.2 Ghz CPU. Had the number of the different part recommended for Crucial this was was-of-stock, but this has had all one same specs like stock 8Gb by heart that is coming with a iMac; addition 16Gb and now have 24Gb working fine (as far).
{DDR4 - 2400 Mhz, PC4-19200, 260 pin, SODIMM, The Alone row} relates to 2017 iMac model 18,3
5 / 5 Olin
shabby of the part was CT8G4SFS824A

Hassle free memory upgrade partorisca Dell Inspiron 5378, plugged directly in the empty space, done without the question. Adding a second 8GB sodimm dual skill-canal DDR4 support in a Inspiron portable.
5 / 5 May
Crucial is one of some mark known by heart of computer there. In the each computer has built neither or experience, has added Crucial memory without any subjects. Coast the little more than your lovely memory, but is not an expensive there. The test adds inside the car and was the cost adds effective way partorisca add 64GB to the mine new 2019 iMac in a prize abordable. This installed perfectly and has been that careers without any subjects.
4 / 5 Jess
Perfecto upgrade partorisca the Dell 5379 running Manjaro KDE (Linux).

Explosion this in, kicked on and has recognised immediately. I have chosen this he so that it was listed in Crucials put as 'guaranteed compatible' with my laptop.

Is running in a has has announced speed and parties that was it already in a laptop in of the terms of specs.

Has to that upgrade and require this type of RAM, would recommend it. If calm this in spite of can expect, DDR4 RAM is a lot of face right now. His roughly 2x the one who a prize in DDR4 was roughly 1-2 years ago. It take this -$ 80 at the same time of this writing (while DDR4 in general was expensive).

Plans the buy, the mark sure is listed like compatible for your laptop or motherboard manufacturer previously the compraventa.
5 / 5 Joleen
Was nervous roughly mixing this with a 16GB Samsung DDR4 2666 SODIMM in mine new ASUS ROG GU501GM. Behind when I use partorisca build computer, has had to that buy the one of memory matched forms to achieve operation of Dual Canal. An original in my system was the Samsung with the speed of 2666Mhz, and the latency of 19. All has looked would owe that split, but was still nervous roughly that. I have substituted an original .M2 128GB SATA Walk with the Samsung 512GB NVME walk, and a Hybrid 1TB walk with the Samsung 1TB SSD. A computer incrementally the action has augmented, with each of some adicións/additions, but still has not been where has thought it would have to that be. Ordered this together of chip, and with Prime minister, installed the two days after a date of mandate. WOW!! Dual canal!!!

Some first two adicións/additions to a ASUS was incremental transmissions abonos, but a speed of 32GB the Dual canal is surprising, Everything is incredibly quickly. I can not allege that this was for The FIX, but with all more, an only thing that the mine looked to be a bottleneck was a RAM of alone canal.

That when be said, a Crucial RAM was the perfect party for my Samsung 16GB the estaca of RAM concealed was installed factory for ASUS. They are extremely happy with some results, and would recommend this chip of RAM to any concealed wants to complete his system!
4 / 5 Jacelyn
Has added 2 X16GB to one that exists 2 X 4 GB this is coming with mine 2019 27 Thumb 5K iMac. The works add.
4 / 5 Shantae
Has ordered 7 insiemi of these. Any of a fact. The next inspection of any focus of chip has indicated all 7 insiemi of RAM were DDR3L-1600, any one some orderly DDR4-2400. A focuses in a packaging there is matched one has has ordered elements, has bitten this there is not matched a focuses in some chips they.

This is to be order directly of Amazon. To his credit, any subject when these have been returned for repayment.
4 / 5 Kenny
CL 19, Works with iMac 2019, ran in 2667MHz, any question. ( I have bought two pieces, adding to the sum of 40GB inner of ram a moment)
4 / 5 Marie
Experience this memory has discounted certainly in some expects law with the iMac i5 3.7 GHz, Retina 5k, 27-thumb, 2019 model. I have verified prize by heart and there is remarked to buy 32GB was around $ 200, but found a Crucial for enough bit it less. I know the memory can be finicky but statistical memory checked against some recommended specifications and has thought was after enough like this bought.

The installation was effortless but has begun to remark my new mark iMac was slower to restart, slower to snap programs and open windows, included although a system has informed a memory like valid. I have then begun to experience the system restarts without warning. This all spent in roughly seven days. Have take a Crucial and a system has begun to do faster, smoother, without restarts.

So much, any one this memory is not sustained by a iMac or has bought the bad clave. Unsure That. Experience a recommended 32GB memory of another vendor on Amazon, the system is smooth, any question with which 10-days. Two-stars because he no for my application, can do for yours.
5 / 5 Grazyna
Crucial will say differently, but I, and other users, has found that a 16GB (8GBx2 / CT2K8G4SFS8266) and (16GBx2 / CT2K16G4SFD8266) the boxes will do well when installed in 2019 iMac.

His official recommendation is for a CT2K8G4S266M and CT2K16G4S266M, respectively.

Compares some specifications given for some forms with one touched suffix, and those without, and one will find that some the only apparent differences are that some M forms are 'the free advantage • halogen free • for Mac.' A touched the parts neither are like this amply stocked, and cost the little more.

But in all some respects of entities, is identical:
2666 MT/S
A lot of-ETC
1.2 Volt

These characteristics conform to a some data for Apple in his page of specifications of the memory (HT201191).

Investigation the furthest develops that one 2018 Mac mini and 2019 iMac use a same type by heart, like other vendors quote his forms as when being compatible with both, and confirmed by comparison of the installed parts for Apple in a factory.

Still, for reasons ignored, Crucial sanctions a no-M forms for a mini, but any iMac, and question of the only parts for some last.

Some can not feel comfortable in active against some Crucial recommendations, and drives of the amazon resupply any help, but for another, he preponderance of the evidence suggests that some 8266 forms stick any question when used in 2019 iMac, and a the special M forms can not be necessary.

Any option, and other thirds-forms by heart of the party still will resupply relief of any exorbitantes load of Apple of the prizes for memory upgrades.

TL;Dr. -- A SFS/SFD8266 work of forms with one 2019 iMacs.
4 / 5 Cristy
In the first place, a RAM has been rid the next day ordering, without paying any costs of extra haste.
The installation was the breeze - I has looked the video on Youtube to the equal that has aimed regarding the do. It takes five minutes partorisca begin to finalise, with one the majority of the times and the work am spent partorisca take out of some rays in a backside of the mine Dell. In my model, a RAM is a lot on and easy to access. On first relaunch, has been aimed partorisca do the BIOS update, which has gone quickly. After my computer there has not been any difficulty that recognises and that uses a RAM.
This was an easy and very interesting upgrade in the very reasonable prize. My computer feels likes mark he of new car, zippy and responsive.
An impulse of power of maxing out of my RAM in 32GB is surprising. My laptop now shoe downwards 30 as - not expecting around. The general use is in general the smoothest plot and faster. Photoshop And Illustrative like this launcher in of the second - and is quickly in processes that usually take the minute or two. I am doing faster and with less than interruptions.
4 / 5 Marquis
Ossia A still a pleasure original ram that is coming with my lap-upper. Work exactly to the equal that have to that. Calm does not require partorisca do anything so only adds a clave of ram and the kick up. Taking bit it more with a longitude partorisca kick a first time because it relieves a new hardware but at all more is required. Any engine required or spent in and has taken 16GB ram in place of 8.
4 / 5 Terrence
So only has taken the 2017 iMac 27" and after looking in Apple is instructions very simple to add memory, took perhaps 5 minutes tops partorisca burst open a backside of a unit and add these two 16GB sticks to a two 4GB of concealed them is coming with a iMac. Like this now I am breezing together with 40GB by heart and questions of zeros. You love it!
5 / 5 Saran
Installed this in mine new HP 14-DF0023CL, which has a Intel core i3 (8th gene), and wine with a 4gb clave in Empty 1 (Samsung 2666mhz) and an empty space 2. I powered down a laptop, has take an inferior coverage (which has required attentively take some touches of hule partorisca develop additional rays), has take a 4gb clave), and dip a 8gb clave in the each space. Because of some notch where a slide of claves in, a clave in empty 2 has had to that go to the rovescio (the Crucial sticker that expensive down). It was the little concerned in of the this, but has dipped he in, reinstalled a coverage (the feet of the hule easily goes back), and has turned a laptop has retreated on. I have verified a RAM in of the settings, and immediately inform 16GB RAM! A whole thing has taken roughly 5-10 minutes. I have not required to do a lot of upgrade to a BIOS, which some people have mentioned could be required if a laptop does not recognise a new RAM. In general I am very happy. 4 GB RAM Was appropriate, but 16 GB RAM is noticeably faster. The prize and the value are utmost!
4 / 5 Cayla
My ASUS - ROG GU502GV that comes with 16GB of RAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, and Intel 9750H. My laptop has quite done good but in some video modifying applications I max out of my quite easy RAM. I have installed this RA which has party specs and falls on just well. It likes me quell'has seen in some video of Youtube/of Youtube and on-line descriptions I in fact taken some slowly more benchmark bookmarks/marcadors in some chances. My Cinebench CPU the bookmarks/marcadors was the percentage of the lowest pair. Another CPU benchmarks was also lower. This in spite of, if have utilisations applications that use a GPU, some bookmarks/marcadors where roughly more 10 fast. I have done the special project to Season Premiere Pro 2020 and with mine 16GB of RAM takes 1 small and 32 seconds to surrender . With a 32GB of RAM so only takes 45 seconds. Rendering In Seasoning Premiere Pro was two fast times. In Cinebench R15 in a GL GPU the test has taken 100 FPS with 16GB of RAM. With 32GB of RAM has taken 109FPS.
5 / 5 Jennifer
To the equal that results , a HP omen has had them the exactly same memory that is coming with a laptop , Like this has added them so only this 8gb and now my hp omen is running 16gb memory , intel i7 7700hq, amd radeon rx550 ,120gb SSD , 1Tb hdd
4 / 5 Nannette
My Thinkpad P52 with a i7-8750H is coming with 8gb of DDR4 2400mhz and has substituted he with this pair of 16gb claves in 2666. All the documentation said it probably downclock to 2400mhz, but is in fact in 2666! It can not be happier.

Also, has been using only Crucial memory for literally 25 years and there is has not had NEVER the form fails! Material adds here :)
5 / 5 Beryl
has bought this memory to upgrade my mac mini 2018, disassembled it put and that think ? One of them no , has taken averts again, swapped is one same ((( place two 4 gb behind and work, has ordered now a owc memory, does not recommend any to take this (((((((
4 / 5 Maxima
has added the clave of a 16GB RAM to the mine Synology DS1618+. Work well but from time to time take an alarm that a memory is not sustained.

Configuration by heart that it is not compatible with this model is relieved. We recommend that report to some specifications in one drives of installation of the hardware or in an official website to correct a by heart following configuration.
1. The by heart incompatible forms have inserted

does well but so only be conscious using he in the Synology IN That he sustains of precise contact or take work to guarantee fact, that would be necessary to maintain you your original memory and see solves a subject. If tests and take the support with this memory can deny it.
5 / 5 Richard
My laptop (7th gene i7) originally is coming with 6GB of RAM ( is the pair of the old years that maintains) and has been really retarding down lately. It has been always it has bitten it clunky with the open numerous tabs, or stirs it of ploughs of programs. After installing this 16 GB, is now lightning quickly.

Included can touch WOW again, without him when being painfully glitchy.

If your computer is taking slow, but has the decent processor, to good sure suggests to clash a RAM. A costruttore of portable (HP) alleges that a memory is not the serviceable user, but ossia reason so only want to sell another computer. It was súper easy to do and, like this far, well validates he!

Still reference, ossia my system : HP Notebook - 15-bs053od.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial Ballistix ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tereasa
Bought this partorisca the Ryzen 3 2200G build. XMP The profile has dipped he in 2933MT/s with 16-18-18-18-38 timings and kicked up without any subjects. It remarks that a next plus can take you to 3000MT/s in the Ryzen programs it this 2933MT/s . When overclocking, has given an any on 2933MT/s to 3200MT/s (15-19-19-39 ) without questions. It was very surprised partorisca find that it was able to pressed to 3466MT/s in 16-20-20-41 timings him it it dipped manually. A system is stable in mine 3466MT/s frame in a MSI B350 joint of Mate of the same PC after the memory of 24 hours tries estrses.
5 / 5 Patti
Works perfectly in mine Ryzen 7 1700 build in is full speed of 2400Mhz. Motherboard Has used is a Asus Prime PB350-the plus and has been solid of rock. When in the first place it take a mobo has one 0406 BIOS. All 4 claves have done. I later upgraded to a 0503 BIOS and now one 0513. Any question.

I any overclock. A car is abundance quickly enough for modern games, and doing 4K the video that modifies.... Or both a same time! Happy with this ram and looks sum in mine NZXT Noctis 450 black build and red.

A thing to maintain in the alcohol is that Ryzen looks to treat better in the fastest memory. If has the motherboard that can sustain RAM faster, and wants to take one the majority of out yours processor, included in of the speeds accionaras, this can not be an election for you.

Hope Ossia useful.
5 / 5 Domenica
Fact well with my R7, which is apparently picky roughly memory. Be conscious that a period among being able to on and when some starts of start of the video up is much more, and some first calm time shoots it up is included more along still. Have Almost has concluded a memory was bad before a BIOS has opened the saying of screen soyemory the measure has changed....', But then the things have been well. As it gives one first bounces the minute or so much.
2 / 5 Samara
UPDATE 1: it has Been partorisca take a RMA (returns material permission), and his place directed to the service of link of client concealed taken to the no deep Page (sees semi-detached video).

UPDATE 2: it has dipped in a wrong number. A number is not FH116B5, or a long more BL number. It is 323078. It has dipped once in a legislation of material number, has not taken a red error with some bad links. It was able to complete a form partorisca take a RMA has sent my email address.

UPDATE 3: still I have not sent a memory behind been due to a RMA requirements to use some original 'clamshell' and antistatic stock exchange. I do not owe that anymore. So much, orders this ram, the mark sure maintains your box, etc.

Thinks that operates a lot of stops the year and the half. Then my Windows and the games have begun to clash intermittently. I have analysed a BSOD (blue screens of death) and then Googled. This headed to to run an utility of Diagnostic by heart of Windows. Still before it scans a memory relieves a subject. I have taken out of a two Ballistic 4 GB the forms was and animal-has diagnostic of career. Immediately a subject was already he has not relieved. Windows there is prendido to clash and my in fact looked computer faster without an extra 8 GB memory.
3 / 5 Benedict
It does not like to like the amazon is lumping of together descriptions produced different for a costruttore same. It ignores the one who different these products in fact are. I am revising a Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Box (4GBx2) DDR4 2400 (BLS2K4G4D240FSB (Grey)). This box was the bit of the disappointment has compared to the alike box has bought the few months does. A previously purchased memory was also the Ballistix Sport LT 8GB Box (4GBx2) DDR4 2400, but have a white heat spreaders (BLS2K4G4D240FSC), in place of an ash. One first box has looked for to be able of easily that careers in DDR 3066 MHz speeds, using 16-16-16-39 timings. This current box, which am revising now, grieves hardly can achieve 3066 MHz. It requires partorisca relax a timings to 16-18-18-39 and using more voltage that a leading box has required partorisca achieve this speed. Reason some chips are covered for hot spreaders, which are attached probably with adhesive thermal tape, can not say there is the difference in some chips that is used or if this is due to some variac. In manufacturing quality of some chips.

Now are that it runs both together boxes in a Asrock X370 PRO4 motherboard with a Ryzen 5 2600. It was unable to run some four together forms in 3066 MHz, but look partorisca be stable in 2933 MHz with 16-18-18-18-39-55-CR=1T timings (the sub-timings is a Car timings partorisca this speed) and volts.

The inferior line is that there is at all bad with these chips, but the relatively normal look, especially compared to a together prime minister that has bought.

PS: Both boxes are identified like this of the Forms of Alone Row for CPU-Z and HWiNFO64.
5 / 5 Elmira
It is low profile likes the work is using CPU Partidrio Coolers like DeepCool Gammaxx 400 or Fresher Master Hyper 212 Evo. Also these Rams are compatible with AMD Ryzen 1700x and ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING Motherboard.
5 / 5 Olimpia
Produced: Ballistix Sport LT 16GB Box (8GBx2) DDR4 3200 MT/s (PC4-25600) CL16 M x8 DIMM Memory of 288 Pins - BLS2K8G4D32AESEK (Red)

(+) A lot of overclockable.
(+) Tank partorisca heat correctly attached to chip by heart (different Ripjaws V).
(+) Point of excellent price.

(-) Any one the -- used still partorisca only the pair of days.

Informs long:
To the equal that can see of a semi-detached image, my mobo is a MSI X470 Gaming More (with a late plus BIOS at the same time of this writing) that careers the Ryzen 7 2700X. My CPU fresher is the enormous Noctua DH-15 this covers some forms by heart, that means that it does not have the plot of airflow partorisca a DIMMs.

So only partorisca fun (and also burn-in purpose), have gone to a overclock section of a BIOS, actuated XMP, and cranked one asks the DDR-3466 without changing a timing that it has been feigned partorisca a DDR-3200 setting (16-18-18-36) or any increase of voltage!!! I have run MemTest partorisca 29+ hours without the hiccup (goes screenshot)! Cinebench R15 Has valued so only 20ish signals main in DDR-3200, as it is not partorisca value he partorisca me personally to overclock a RAM reason this is not the gaming the rig and the stability partorisca my purposes is more than entity. Your mileage can vary, of course. But this test is the good indication of a quality of this RAM! I am not come from with any far plus overclocking tentativas because I have required my computer partorisca work. ;)

I also like a zone of good contact of a material of thermal interface (TIM) to a heat shink and chip that was the big annoyance partorisca me when it has used Ripjaws V Rams with his creation of tank of elegant heat: had empty of air among TIM and some chips, as that cooling was highly compromised. I have had to use extra thermal compound (MX-4) the bridge some empty, but no in these puppies.

Inferior line: highly it recommends these Ballistix the rams and the only time will say that well it resist up! For now, 5 stars!
5 / 5 Kenyetta
Memory really good. Surprisingly well so that the costs have compared to another carnero.un XMP is 2400 with more than tight timings that so only slaping he in and it turning on. Has mine running 3000mhz CL15. Basically I have copied so only a XMP timings by means of a joint and has presionado a tip 3 while creating a speed untill was stable.

In mine last PC that was it the Z170 Krait and a I7 6700k I couldnt takes spent 2800mhz, but in mine Z370 Gigabyte aorus gaming 7 with 8700k can kick until 3400mhz, but a timings has to that be really big has solved like this on 3000mhz 15-15-15-39 1t. Experience so only and calm would owe that take amazing perfornance partorisca alot more economic that the majority of ram in some same speeds.
4 / 5 Jeannetta
First place has purchased has had the by heart defective form. This in spite of, the amazon has shipped the substitution that read well in the Gigabyte GA-H270-HD3P motherboard. Tip, finds this motherboard having the question that recognises this memory takes any coolers or defenders and verify a LGA-1151 socket with a processor takes partorisca any bent or misaligned pins (toes). Also he sure partorisca upload and use one 'has optimised Settings' partorisca a motherboard first first to do any transmissions to a BIOS. Utilisation the toothpick to king-vary any pins expsitos misaligned. I have required partorisca contact Crucial partorisca lean it and they were very useful and reachable, thank God. It can not say one same partorisca a motherboard manufacture.
1 / 5 Reda
..WITH WHICH 2 WEEKS that USE MI PC, The START of CAR partorisca CLASH SEVERAL TIMES. A show of windows of message of error soyemory Management'. With which tries memory for MemTest86 application some shows of error of form almost in a start. It can it does not create.........! . I am situating the claim roughly that, expect the punctual solution.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial 16GB Kit ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marshall
I have added this pair of forms by heart to the mine iMac 27-inc, Mid 2011, the upgrade of 4 GB to 20 GB of total RAM.
In spite of a documentation of Apple that alleges that 16 is a maximum capacity partorisca this model, has researched and expsito that can max was to until 32 GB.
Partorisca These people that has any clue (taste), an installation was really easy:
1 - Gone back of the yours iMac. Touch a iMac frame partorisca download you (electrostatic), and unplug he of One.C. I besiege your iMac 'atasca down' in the towel.
2 - unscrew Some 3 rays of a bay by heart in a fund of a iMac, take a coverage by heart.
3 - Leave some 2 forms of RAM in his spaces ( has has had 2 forms of RAM, of 2 GB each one which as).
4 - Insert a NEW 2 forms of RAM (8 GB each one which as) in some 2 available spaces.
5 - Scrape A 3 coverage by heart rays, take it on behind in place and turn it on. Ossia.

Partorisca Look in a 'In this Mac &62; Screen by heart, have gone of:
[ 2 GB ] [ 2 GB ]
[ ] [ ]

[ 2 GB ] [ 2 GB ]
[ 8 GB ] [ 8 GB ]

Expects these helps!
5 / 5 Rachell
Works like the charm, has gone of 4gb in mine iMac to a max of 16gb. It is the mid 2011 iMac 21.5' do the drastic transmission and installed a lot easily by means of an inferior dish in a iMac. Some tabs pull on partorisca take an old some are quell'has bitten hard. So only use the quantity in firm park of the pressure and they will exit.
5 / 5 Lovella
In the word OMG. Because a heck expects on 2 years partorisca do east!!!!! Has the mid 2011 mac mini this is coming with a volume 2GB. I have HATED That slow that the diagrams always was (and especially after the nonconformists are exited).. He crawled in Yosemite, as when being the technology, has known the memory would help. I have not HAD ANY ONE CREATES partorisca DO THIS THING SIZZLE.. Crucial is a gone partorisca mark in all the chance and one installs taken literally 20 seconds, but this is to be due to a mac mini easy access. This in spite of, I produced adds and the price adds!
5 / 5 Shaun
Has the MacBook Pro 13-in Late 2011 running you Yosemite. Before buying this ram has verified my 'Activity Monitor' and expsito that constantly used of 4 GB of RAM. Seriously lagging. I have received a container in 2 days and installed 8 GB in roughly 10 minutes. Amazing results! I am not looking all my icons bounce around and while to them partorisca open. HIGHLY YOU PROMOTE the upgrade to 8 GB. It is so only he prejudices and day.
5 / 5 Shirleen
iMac , Mid 2010, 3.2 GHz Intel Core i3
YOU X Yosemite

there is Wanted upgrade of a base 4GB of RAM resupplied for Apple. Looking for better action. Interesting question the installation.

Tries One: Original two 2GB DIMMs was in BANK 0/DIMM1 and BANK 1/DIMM1. Added a new Crucial 4 GB DIMMs to open space for BANK 0/DIMM0 and BANK 1/DIMM0. The startup, a iMac blared a horn to look. His annoying. It can it have to that down that resists a key to be able to.

Tries Two: Swapped an each one that like this of some two insiemi like DIMMs was in some same banks. Once again an alarm of horn the startup. Power down . . .

Tries Three: Loaded so only a new two 4GB DIMMs in BANK 0/DIMM1 and BANK 1/DIMM1. Kicked On final. In this Mac has aimed 8GB total RAM. Sucedido With new Crucial RAM.

Tries Four: maintaining a two new Crucial 4GB DIMMs in BANK 0/DIMM1 and BANK 1/DIMM1, has uploaded a two original 2GB DIMMs to a DIMM0 banks. Kicked Up. Fact well. In this Mac has aimed 12GB total RAM. This was an aim of final has feigned . Sucedido With both Apple old/Samsung RAM and new Crucial RAM.

Am missing that an old RAM has had to that be relocated to some open spaces. Specs Among old and new there is matched, DDR3 1333 MHz. There has been always sucedido with Crucial RAM in both PCs and Macs. Continuous recommend Crucial.

Hope This helps another -he-yourselfers.
5 / 5 Tommye
Jumping of an original of factory skimpy 4GB by heart of RAM all a way until 32GB by heart with two of these 2X8GB the by heart Crucial boxes was incredibly advantageous partorisca mine 27' mid-2011 iMac like uses a lot of hours each and every day and confidence to partorisca both work and entertainment. The a upgrade done several weeks and has not looked never behind. Now, has no more pinwheels or turning balls of beach. No more cherry red moving blockades in a soyemory' section of Activity Monitor -- just the lean green line approaches a fund of a box. No more buffering partorisca video. No more nagging messages of error with browser. No more required 'the actions of leaves of the force. No more unwanted restarts. No more while and while and while the files partorisca upload. No more sluggish backups of Car of the Time. More freezings or annoying incident. I can (and ) use two different memory-hungry browser a same time with more than 20+ plough of tabs in the each one one with absolutely any decrease in action and enormous chunks of the spare available memory. And opening three or four another memory-the programs have weighed a time still some browsers are frames has opened any difference at all to an operation of a iMac.

This was an easy to fix and an easy task partorisca complete for any the one who is usually a lot comfortable doing these classes of things with electronic devices. A process takes roughly five minutes and is explained attentively in detail fill in the pages of the manufacturer and in of the video of Youtube available gain everywhere. All has done exactly like this prescribed without any glitches or unexpected questions. So many, again, ' he maintaining' if you are having questions with your computer and there is so only a minimum memory distributed for a costruttore. It conceal it is not enough for today of programs, applications and operating systems, and this fixed really works.
5 / 5 Joi
It can be the little intimidating to order RAM partorisca your Mac external of a Tent of Apple of any all the products specify your model in his description. I have been once mine 'In this Mac' paper, was able to discern that it possesses the mid-2010, 27 thumb iMac this uses 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM. A fast investigation of Amazon, direct-me to a Crucial 8GB Box (4GBx2) DDR3 1333 MT/s (PC3-10600) CL9 204-Key SODIMM Memory Partorisca Mac CT2K4G3S1339M (Notebook). Ossia To 2 DIMM box , as you will require 2 free spaces. It controls before shopping.

With a help of the engine of small ray, has used this RAM to upgrade my memory of 8gb to 16gb, partorisca fill a rest 2 space. (Located directly under an exposure) A whole process has taken 15 minutes (minus a nave of 2 days:) and a Crucial memory has looked for to be entirely compatible with my iMac.

I frequently laws in Photoshop the files and I have taken any look by heart of that installs a box of Crucial RAM.

Him him An aging iMac, would recommend this box of Crucial RAM to coax the little more life out of him.
5 / 5 Carline
My Mid-2011 iMac was ridiculously slow. After running some diagnostics and the plenaries reinstall ( is, likes with Windows), was still painfully slow with 4GB-ram. It was obvious that more the ram has been required. It is funny, reason in 4GB-ram my linux cry of systems to the long of in big-speeds (Debian 8 and Debian 9) on decade old Core-hardware of 2 Duets, but of five years i5 Mac resembled point for some rubbishes heap.
Has been with 16GB-ram upgrade, 4x4GB, and a difference is breathtaking. Although we would owe that adapt that such quantities of ram would owe that be unneeded in the UNIX-compliant system, maintained of prematurely upgrading to new hardware.
5 / 5 Ester
Salvation , 13' MBP Prompt 2011 . It has received so only this yesterday and installed him . Has so much extra memory partorisca use ( add ) . The installation was easy , And my macbook pro has recognised a memory immediately w/any question . It is doing faster and better no lag time . When it has contacted Crucial has said ( if a computer does not recognise a upgrade when it begin your wait of computer then when your wait of starts of the computer until calm here the chime then press , option + of order + p + r , All 4 a same time . Then when it listen one 2nd chime has left some tones go and a computer would owe that recognise a upgraded new memory ) . Control W/his only to be sure . Has has had no such question recognises it immediately . And when the open iPhoto has used them to have to attended for a pic to upload no more his there . I have been of 4gb to 16gb by heart and now the have in an average 75 of a 16gb the available memory . I will maintain you quell'inform . Thank you. Now I have 6 open tabs and the sound in 61 available memory on ( 16gb ) , could has not done never that w/so only 4gb by heart . Maintaining you has informed . Thank you . ( 8-6-16 ) Still any question there are them remarked that a more memory that has , A plus that the yours the application is and other things look for to use a memory . It is for this that has been them with 16gb on 8gb upgrade , am happy the ( 8gb upgrade $ 45 - 16gb upgrade $ 60 , $ 15 more for two times a memory . In my option the no brainer . ) Thank you .
5 / 5 Willene
Has the late 2011 13' Macbook Pro. Partorisca That asks can run 16GB by heart, work perfectly. I have been of 4GB (2x2) to these 2x2 8GB the forms and is like the new car, especially with installed Invernadero and Siri. Now I can maintain a lot ploughed of applications a same time. No more turning wheel of thought or bouncing icons of application. 5 small installs, the system recognises 16GB by heart. Oh And right clicking is instant now.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial MX500 1TB ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lesia
Circle one The company in Brooklyn, NY. It sees hundreds of SSDs exited in the clients and the return of tens fatalities after the while. In a past, has done with Samsung, SanDisk, Intel and another. It finds that Crucial MX500 is so much one of a fast plus and one of one the majority of durable. It sees very less SSDs dying once begun to use Crucial MX500 (in any measure of capacity)

Note: it does not confuse MX500 with BX500. These two could not be more different. MX500 IS the big action, the big control SSD. BX500 IS the changes of estimativa SSD.

Crucial MX500 is now the mine goes-in SSD for any vain build and update.
5 / 5 Junie
Has an old HP DV6 portable this was the dog of a day arrives the number of years of marks. I am spent the hours that continues all some parameters that what acelerarprpers up, included overclocking a CPU, everything in any utility. I have posed a computer was and tried to forget a soiled error of purchase of mine.

But from time to time would think of a laptop in a cupboard and imagines could be able to have enter it fixing he with the walk of state of solid of new mark. For now a sting of my waste of $ 600 in this thing has flown the turn had. It listens no longer I have had anything to lose I screwed things up. If I have failed only it give it a disorder in a local electronics recycles tent and forget everything.

An original of the mechanical walk in a laptop was 500GB but in pricing SSD the substitutions have thought to pose in 250GB the walk would be more economic. At the end, I use he only for the web that explores and And clave. As I have ordered a Crucial MX500 250GB 3D NAND SATA SSD. After reading some descriptions have learnt has required also one Short SSD in adapter of USB to clone an old hard walk and has downloaded one Acronis software to clone that Crucial recommended.

Cloning An old walk in a new SSD is where the things have taken to thwart for me. It takes each connected, shot in a Acronis software to clone that it had downloaded he in a laptop, chooses each which defaults so that I have not had any idea that all a material was down some manual parameters, and expected while a bar of the progress dulcemente progressed.

Afterwards in an hour and the half saws Acronis the just fold arrives and disappear leaving at all in a screen another that an error had arrived and this would have to verify some register. It can not find the same register after the long investigation in mine laggy portable. Desprs Considering that it could be it an at the end imagined problem out of this test clones the 500GB walk in the 250GB the walk of aim could be the problem . Duh. It opens I am beginning to think is in in my leader.

Could not find anywhere in a Acronis place of web that to clone the main walk besides small a, as I have begun to look for a web for the solution and found the utility of the free cloning has nicknamed EaseUS All this dynamically measured can of partition of the change during cloning. I have begun a process those uses a new software, looked some Windows to start with of the computer and begins a process to clone.

After the little of the windows of hours are returned. I have connected one SSD in another computer to see that it was now in a new walk. It researches to be the clone of an old walk but with numbers of different volume. This preoccupied me in me. That would spend when posed a new walk behind in a laptop? Be able to read the walk of boot F: ? Any road to say excepts to pose he in there and view.

Change some walks was a course an easier of a process. Only I take some rays that winery a group in a backside of a laptop and seeds some rays that winery a walk in a group. At the end, taking of a data and connector to be able in and a walk am loose. Reverse to install a new walk.

In the mine adds to relieve, when turned some backwards of the computer has on of the program automatically had run to appoint some partitions to walk behind in his cards of originals! The windows Has begun surprisingly hurriedly. My old dog of the laptop there has been the new lease in life!

So that it is my history with a Crucial MX500 SSD. A walk am adds. I am that it wants to it. A process to clone an old in new research to be more difficult these necessities to be stop of the followers to row how me. Why the could not have one Acronis the software said me in a beginning my new walk was also small to clone in and then offers to do adjustments? Why I have to look for Grandson to find responses?

My council for this new in the things like this are clean in your old walk before you clone and apresamiento rid of one GBs of rubbish that is probably there. Cela Will save you hours of time. I have found some files of the old system of the Windows 10 updates that took it up 25GBs of spatial. I use an application of Cleanup of the Disk in of the Windows to take rid of the each that before you clone.

Orders well!
5 / 5 Darius
It has Had an original 500GB PS4 in the daytime of launcher and has wanted the he so that it can very only bend my storage (Tired to delete games to install walnuts a bit) but also takes the fastest boot arrives and time of load.

Man, this 1TB SSD freaking delivery!!! For example, of a turn of time in my PS4 can be in the pressures of COD besides or 45 less bren. This has used to to take 3 minutes with a normal walk...

Has not Wanted to spend more money to buy an up to date PS4, like a pro, especially with a PS5 exiting punctual, this was a better to update that it take only minutes to do.

A piece advises, behind in your PS4 parameters before it exchanges a walk will take the hours are has games. My better council would be to delete some games in your PS4 first, then done your backside up, and then downloads some games once everything is installed while it was much faster then transferring he of a walk.
5 / 5 Beula
I have bought this to substitute the Western Digital Scorpio 750 GB. A walk looked well but Firefox has fallen constantly tabs or accident and has taken the blue screen of death once the day, for any apparent reason. It uses the fraction of my ram but for some reason Firefox has used a paging the file in a disk takes. Read that this rotted so that the hard walk has been bad as decided to go in the SSD. A lot in my surprise after cloning a walk with Acronis (I the one of is this uses an annex of external USB in a walk those uses a Startech SATA to annex of USB) has burst in a walk and kicked up. Any one only was one shoes incredibly fast but he so that it was all more. The pages of web have uploaded instantly. Tan Generally very pleased. An only worry is a longevity of this walk and what hurriedly the fail raisin. I will not have to come up with the system of backup.
5 / 5 Meta
Has all have these cases where the manufacturers give the action those estimates number with this magic asterisk 'UNTIL' number. One 'until' the number is not never anything closes in reality - takes these numbers in marks it new system when a moon is full and in a 29 day of February. I have purchased this walk that thinks that can take 80% of a number, would be happy. It imagines my surprise when some numbers surpass one until figures.

Imposed crucial this walk for equential the bed/writes until 560/510 MBs/s.' I have used a free Crucial Acronis software to clone my old walk. A process was mere and ache-free. Simply it connects a walk, uses Acronis and the copy/clones a walk. Then, only change some master/of secondary walks or change an order of boot. In Mac, a lot he the precise extra software same, only install a walk and MANDATES of control + R during bootup and utility of disk of the use and escovery' and copies a walk on. Afterwards, it selects a new walk like startup walk.

My first test and the subsequent tests next show sequential read and on writing. That is to say marginally on some numbers have promised. Furthernore, That is to say in a system cloned old with the walk that is 40% has filled. It run some come from many times since, after many restart and installations of the software and is quite compatible! I am more it conceal happy with an action!
5 / 5 Versie
This description is cement in the:
Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Internal Inch SSD - CT1000MX500SSD1
If it does not have M2 void in your motherboard then one issues an easier will take the solid of state storage is to use the SATA SSD. Crucial is the company this has been fashioning produced by heart of big quality that hangs decades. Has has Posed that experience into use well in his MX500 2.5' line of factor of the form of SSD is. If it substitutes everything of your hard walks with these some first three things will remark is that your computer will kick incredibly hurriedly, no longer emit spooling noise of some mechanics of hard walks, and a case that cools the adherents will engage far less often. Your computer also will result more the effective energy to design less can of a wall or he are stack.
A downloadable software will leave you to clone your old walks in a MX500 is although a capacity of the storage of some walks is asymetrical, while a walk that is to clone of does not contain more data, by everything means of this real capacity , that a capacity of a walk that is to clone in. Software pre-installed in a walk leave you to the control is health and current state of temperature and capacity.
If your case of the computer does not comprise 2.5' the bays can require purchase the 2.5' in 3.5' adapter of walk. That is to say the mountain to program a walk to use two rays comprised, then mountain in a case those uses some guides have comprised etc. Of an old walk. The amazon has a lot of these, some basically useless, a one has used for two walks are this :
/> is the brilliant walk and very built estdirigido'. Of course, you are installing in the laptop or desktop with a correct 2.5' the bays will not require this.
Also conscious when being that a big more a capacity to walk a long more a life predicted turns of a SSD. Also the note that some of some controllers of the walk in your computer can very left for upper speed (SATA III) in these walks. Particularly a SATA controllers for secondary (any boot) direct which could be SATA II or lower. The rest has ensured that still in this minorado looks a SSD will run the points around any be of the mechanic of hard walk has substituted so much for speed and efficiency.
The marks sure buy a walk only in retail packaging. It comprises all the rays and the spacer could require concealed can in some applications
highly recommends this walk. It Likes him an avert, also possesses one 500GB of version of a MX500. It IS equally excellent.
5 / 5 Darnell
That is to say the walk adds and was very easy to exchange entered my MacBook Pro 15' (Mid 2012). I have used SuperDuper! To clone my old walk in him so suggested by another user and he have done fantastically. It updates later anything failure, while I only he two days ago. It IS to back up once the week for the while in case perhaps.
Update: 1 week in and wants this thing. I think that my stack is lasting more with a longitude to write that some adherents are not running very anymore. It updates again the few months or if the walk fails.
5 / 5 Abraham
I am not the purist. It does not use of the programs to measure speeds like hurriedly that can not say a difference.

That it can do it that is to say so pleased is with this TB SSD this has bought is. My computer is hurriedly. It IS reliable. This SSD has done of more entertainment. He an increase of speed impresses any person of technology? Naw, After the week or two apresamiento an informative scorching speed like normal informative and only enjoy.

Does not require one, but will enjoy unit
5 / 5 Mi
HE WOOOOOOOOORRRRKKKKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Val How has a ASUS A52F of to arrive to this mark of point 10 years. That with anything this old begins to take lentil. Obviously a SSD always will kick faster then HDD, but has not had any idea like fast. Has installed windows 10 clean in this SSD and has not imported any one of some old files in this comp. The tan Basically sounds the program of room. Has a I5 460M which has thought was the small bass powered but has done perfectly with a SSD. Even so with my Update of the laptop has taken also the new (USED/OLD) I7 640M and installed the. My laptop now shoe in a screen of signal in 3 bren and even so hurriedly can write raisins to take in a main screen. It IS now faster then my woman Macbook Pro with a Samsung SSD. As it IS, it has run the ones of decree are dead lol.
5 / 5 Sharen
I have posed this in my Dell G3-3579 and is the world of difference. Has the system of dual boot with Windows and Ubuntu, Ubuntu for the this compiles a ROM of Android (CALM Name to be concrete). Sol takes around 8+ hours with some normal 5200 RPM the walk takes, but now only necessities quite 1-2 hours initially (with synchronising and update to be around 30-60 cups of minutes). A time of boot in Ubuntu has been also of around 30-60 bren in only 5-10 bren. In of the Windows, everything of some games (like the On-line Big circles and Investigation of Titn) joint with beginning of Steam up much more hurriedly (not comprising any time in login in a premier). A difference is incredible.

To transfer everything of a data of an old hard walk in this (so much 1TB) plugged in a SSD in an enclosure of external USB and has run the program to clone of the partition. It takes the long time (the plus or 8 hours less create because of an old mechanical walk that it is so lentil) but was quite painless afterwards so me only exchanged some walks and he have begun well up with some new SSD without subject. It was some better updates has not done never in this laptop.

Top Customer Reviews: Crucial 8GB Kit ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM has bought this upgrade to a 2 x 2GB claves in mine Mid-2010 Macbook Pro 15' i5. I have had any subjects of the compatibility and he have produced the a lot of noticeable impulse of speed. If it feels your Mac is in need further by heart, would recommend one that follows partorisca know if yours RAM is a subject : file of Open Utilities -&62; Opened 'Activity Monitor' -&62; Click a tab in a subordinated labeled ystem Memory' -&62; So only down that, you would have to see the pocolos insiemi of of entities some are:

'Released : If your memory 'Free' is down (or 0!) It calms probably need more memory.
'Page Outs' : If one 'Page Outs' is big, this means that your computer is using hard disk more than RAM partorisca functions by heart and produces the severe loss in speed.
wap Used' : This gives the estimativa rough of what hard disk is used partorisca RAM. This will give you the rough idea of what RAM would have to that add. I.et. If ossia 4 GB, then would owe that add at least 4 GB.

Has verify these numbers while doing some types of the calm activities usually use your stops of computers. Any so only go the with swimming in current!

According to which this element goes, Crucial is the known Apple-friendly RAM and is unlikely to give you a lot the subjects. It is also the costruttore of big quality and is much more of confidence that some mark some economic plus. It remembers, RAM is cockroach of muck these days as it does not save the little $ $ partorisca buy RAM of inferior quality! You have to so only not buying a lot go to buy the terrible mark.

Partorisca People with the Macbook Pro, installs is quite easy. You can find a lot of manuals in an internet (I prefer iFixit). It does not daunt to buy the installing. You can save the plot of money to do it calm. If it feels uncomfortable, then for everything means has any described like him for you.
5 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM has Purchased a 8GB upgrade box partorisca my late 2009 IMac. The installation takes roughly 10 minutes and so only requires the small phillips screwdriver of boss. So that it is unfamiliar with Crucial, is possessed for Micron Technologies, one of some the EUA better has has based costruttrici of chip and a OEM provider the a lot of companies, comprising Apple. This memory upgrade is one of some ways some economic plus partorisca augment action and extend a lifecycle of the yours Mac.
4 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM MBPro that goes in 5 years. The action had taken sluggish, especially w Nonconformist. Apple character has suggested upgrading crucial components to 8gb ram and SDD. These components are no longer prohibitively expensive and is easy to install. Of the apple no longer spends these partorisca MBP 2009, has verified and found better prices on Amazon. The next day it has arrived.

Crucial 8GB Box (4GB x 2) DDR3 1066 MT/s (PC3-8500) CL7 SODIMM 204-Key Mac Memory CT2K4G3S1067M
Crucial M500 240GB SATA 7mm State Walk Inner Solid CT240M500SSD1

Is resulted: 4Gb to 8Gb RAM upgrade has not improved time of the boot but the speed have improved a lot of inaugural multiple applications. This in spite of, an addition of RAM+SDD was the transmission of game. Improvement of amazing action in time of boot, time of closure and all the operations.

MBPro Statistical comparison:

Before (4Gb memory):
Time partorisca Kick the login screen - 0:57
Time to Topmast login window - 2:22

With which (8Gb Memory, HDD):
Closure - 0:33
Time partorisca Kick the login screen - 1:00
Time to Topmast login window - 2:20

With which (8Gb Memory, SSD):
Closure - 0:16
Time partorisca Kick the login screen - 0:16
Time to Topmast login window - 0:30

Like a price added, has learnt that my old 4Gb 2010 iMac has had two empty memory space. It has installed one 2 old 2Gb SIMMs of the mine MBPro to mine 2010 iMac. Both cars are now upgraded to 8Gb RAM with a compraventa of only a 8Gb upgrade box.

The price has paid: < $ 80 partorisca 8gb Ram & $ 120 partorisca 240GB SSD.
Installation: <30 min (sees utmost video of OWC on Youtube)
Restore die of disk of capsule of time: 2 hrs

the price has paid: $ 0 partorisca additional 4Gb RAM (2 x 2Gb SIMMs has take/substituted in MBPro)
Installation: 10 minutes

improvement of Remarkable action in both cars.
5 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM has the mid-2009 Macbook Pro. One installs has been I adds and has not had any question like this far!
4 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM has Bought partorisca mine 2010 21.5' iMac how is list the scarce of the things can upgrade in my computer partorisca do better work. I have bought two insiemi (4- 4gb) and has take a some I had (2- 2gb thinks). Enormous upgrade. Very simple to substitute so that has the poster unscrews in inferior of iMac. I have seen the quite big action impulse. My subject only is that immediately after installing closure of mine of computer because of errors 2-3x. I have turned the computer was for evening in of the hopes a ram and the computer would grow to want each one which as another at night. It has not had a subject of then ( is been the few days ). A bit puzzled reason this , but am happy to do.

To clear that it has seen it for improvements, has been touching WOW with extremely of time of long load among zones or when logging on. It is now faster. Also I blog like this having to that maintain the plot of windows opens in Chrome- has had some subjects with uploading pages, Chrome closing down, slow system etc. Of upgrading, these questions have been better.
5 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM Unfortunately, these memories have not done in mine Mac Mini mid 2010 and has had to that return them. I have bought another dips to use a tool of recognition of the hardware of Crucial web page, but this second pair has not done neither. I recommend that it check a technology by heart specs to somewhere more. They are in accordance with Lyle Dotson 'Unfortunately is sent DDR3L-1066mhz memory that pursues in .' My Mini has had 1.5 V. Writing during a cradle by heart, as it thinks that that this issues really subject. I have bought the pair of Corsair memories instead (which run in 1.5) and has done perfectly.
5 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM the memory Adds! I have bought this memory partorisca install in mine late 2009 aim macbook and like this far his summer that does marvels:) My awesome mac law all 8 GB by heart and uses it everything without any questions. They are happy am spent a $ on this, is wort each penny.


Like his summer almost 6 month, has loved to maintain you the types have update to leave knows like his working closing. It likes 6 month later this memory still does sum, has has not had never the question with a memory upgrade and in general my old late 2009 aim MacBook is able to have a lot ploughed of tabs without signs to retard down. It maintains to import this Mac uses a CORE2DUO processor any one a CORE i5 Or i7 PROCESSORS like this in other words his not going to be like this quickly like my mid 2012 MacBook pro. I will not be able to modify 4K video or offer of game Some games but I will have a capacity to maintain more the tabs and the open applications and so only do more without that has to that expect for something the reload. I have bought so only this 8GB box of RAM to help my aim MacBook maintains up with some systems of modern operation. A processor is until a task but one a lot limiting 2GB of RAM install with resisted it behind drastically. It can be quite be for 2008 and 2009 but in todays world 2 Actions of RAM is AT ALL. If I of has maintained a 2GB RAM in my aim MacBook would have any way was able to run one YOU while leaving me to use my applications without him when being A lot of SLOW And LAGGY. This RAM helps my Mac prolong his life and global usability. It maintains in of the pills of alcohols and telephones level come now with 2GB of RAM, my iPad mini 4 has 2GB of RAM. So only to use the modern operating system (Windows and Mac YOU) requires at least 2GB of RAM, thats so only enough to upload one YOU and use it comfortably and smoothly without any lag but yes plans on doing Anything MORE (likes to explore a web, clock youtube, netflix, touches the game or application, iTunes of use, etc.) will see your system run very slow and in general results unusable. Material wants to use to to the the computer likes like this of his meaning to accustoms has to that you in a much less have 4GB of RAM but yes can install more RAM to good sure he, installing more so only will help your system. I am maintaining this product in 5 stars because it touches the product adds, his closing the one who need and love the to do without giving me a lot of questions. If you are debating in upgrading a RAM in yours yours objective old plus MacBooks Goes says to go for him. A CORE2DUO the processors are still quite powerful to do to the very basic task likes him the look the on-line video, cat of video and touch some games of not demanding. If any one has any one questions please to feel free to ask(: Ailing be happy to help!!
4 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM My Macbook Pro Evening 2008 was really aiming is age in of the terms of action, is a lot sluggish on kicking on and having the pocolos tabs of Chrome open and a computer would come to the crawl, I forward there has been 4GB of RAM in mine MBP but with which upgrading so much a RAM to 8GB and a HDD to SDD the new life really propiciada mine portable partorisca age. Now I kick up in of the seconds and can have the ploughed of multiple tabs without any noticeable swipe of action and a system the still careers soften like this butter. I think these two upgrades probably will add other few years to the mine MBP. Absolutely to I hate likes all new Macbooks is not user upgrade-able. This could be my last Macbook but will continue to enjoy my time with him until an action achieves abysmal levels again.
5 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM After the years of action adds, my Macbook has begun partorisca feel slow mine when I upgraded my operating system and I have decided to upgrade informative RAM of the accelerate on again.

Installing it was very easy, has has not had never a lot kernel panics while they use this RAM and my Macbook feels like this very like this new.

Partorisca A record, according to a manual of user, 4 GB is a maximum, but there is Mac YOU Leopard of Nieve and on (I follows partorisca use Nonconformists now), then can use 8 GB maximum without any questions. I have discovered in this after the law the plot of estacas of technology of forum and descriptions of Amazon.
4 / 5
Capacity: 8GB BOX (4GBx2)Way: DRAM has dipped these in mine late 2009 27' iMac. I have had 8GB in him and has spent he until 16GB partorisca substitute an original 4 with 4 of these. One installs was very easy, excepts that I did not press him in quite far at the beginning and when I have turned in a iMac the beeped with the black screen. You look to arrive some info roughly the and the people have said that you have to that press quite hard. It have pressed a lot firmly but it has not felt the click, but was fearful to press any hard plus. Some second time have pressed a lot firmly and to good sure could say when they are gone in all a way . When A space was empty, has dipped a subordinated one in first and this was easy to take my toes in the and press hard. When I have dipped a second an in up a prime minister, was hard to take my toes in to press have used like this the plastic boss (to the little paintbrush had used to clean a powder) to press a lot last in the, and go in. I have repeated then for an empty second. A coverage also returns very better, flush all a way around, when I took them installed all a way in. A computer has turned on without questions. I have done so only one installs the little while fact, and there is used that so only the little bit, but see some improvement in speed, which is very welcome.