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1 first Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP001TBSS3A55S25) Silicon Power 1TB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP001TBSS3A55S25) By SP Silicon Power
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2 Silicon Power 512GB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP512GBSS3A55S25) Silicon Power 512GB SSD 3D NAND A55 SLC Cache Performance Boost SATA III 2.5" 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP512GBSS3A55S25) By SP Silicon Power
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3 best Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60, Shockproof USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4, Black Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60, Shockproof USB 3.0 for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4, Black By Silicon Power
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4 Silicon Power 120GB SSD 3D NAND S55 TLC 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP120GBSS3S55S25AE) Silicon Power 120GB SSD 3D NAND S55 TLC 7mm (0.28") Internal Solid State Drive (SP120GBSS3S55S25AE) By Silicon Power
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5 Silicon Power 2TB 3D NAND TLC Rugged Portable External SSD USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.2) with USB-C to USB-C/USB-A Cables, Bolt B75 Pro Black - SP020TBPSD75PSCK Silicon Power 2TB 3D NAND TLC Rugged Portable External SSD USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.2) with USB-C to USB-C/USB-A Cables, Bolt B75 Pro Black - SP020TBPSD75PSCK By SP Silicon Power
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6 Silicon Power 4TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60, Shockproof USB 3.1 Gen 1 for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4, Black Silicon Power 4TB Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A60, Shockproof USB 3.1 Gen 1 for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4, Black By SP Silicon Power
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7 Silicon Power 4TB Rugged Armor A62L Shockproof/ IPX4 Water-Resistant/Dustproof/Anti-Scratch USB 3.0 2.5" Portable External Hard Drive for for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4 Silicon Power 4TB Rugged Armor A62L Shockproof/ IPX4 Water-Resistant/Dustproof/Anti-Scratch USB 3.0 2.5" Portable External Hard Drive for for PC, Mac, Xbox and PS4 By SP Silicon Power
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8 Silicon Power 256GB - NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 2280 TLC R/W up to 3,100/1,100MB/s SSD (SU256GBP34A80M28AB) Silicon Power 256GB - NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 2280 TLC R/W up to 3,100/1,100MB/s SSD (SU256GBP34A80M28AB) By SP Silicon Power
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9 Silicon Power 1TB 3D NAND TLC Rugged Portable External SSD USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.2) with USB-C to USB-C/USB-A Cables, Bolt B75 Pro Black - SP010TBPSD75PSCK Silicon Power 1TB 3D NAND TLC Rugged Portable External SSD USB 3.1 Gen 2 (USB3.2) with USB-C to USB-C/USB-A Cables, Bolt B75 Pro Black - SP010TBPSD75PSCK By SP Silicon Power
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10 Silicon Power 2TB USB-C USB 3.0 Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A80, Military-Grade Shockproof/IPX7 Waterproof/Pressure-Resistant for PC and Mac, Blue Silicon Power 2TB USB-C USB 3.0 Rugged Portable External Hard Drive Armor A80, Military-Grade Shockproof/IPX7 Waterproof/Pressure-Resistant for PC and Mac, Blue By SP Silicon Power
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Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 1TB ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sixta
I have purchased this Sep 28, 2018 and has used he in my PS4 to substitute the 1TB hybrid walk. It looks to do well then Nov 13 a PS4 only closed up and took the Any one the message of means comunicacionales has found. It take a walk was and is not recognizable in the PC to try in chkdsk the. Looked in him with recovery Seatools tools of the recovery and he are only the bouquet of segments of random data. Any same I problem in RMA the what so can trust the substitution after a rodeo owes cross in RMA the.
1 / 5 Simon
AT ALL the PEOPLE WITH A 'the walk FAILED' Or 'the WALK any EXPSITO' ERROR, PLEASES READ ---> has resulted that this walk has not failed at the end - all of a data was intact . THAT SPENT WAS that for some reason my HP the laptop has decided that that goes to have the BIOS lack and prendido to attribute cards in some walks!! It was able to take one schemes those runs again and at the end has resolved this subject to connect he in the working computer like an external walk and I have used CONSOLE of MANAGEMENT of DISK of WINDOWS (right click in me COMPUTER) and was able in Manually of RE-ATTRIBUTES THESE UNITS A CARD of WALK. If any one of calm is having this problem, PLEASE CHESS THIS SUBJECT of PREMIER. In the credit of a walk, law perfectly and was 100% intact after a subject of the card of the walk has been resolved. I am LEAVING The PRINCIPLE of the The one of the DESCRIPTION has WRITTEN (low) to HELP ANOTHER PINPOINT A SOLUTION in case that that is to say his subject . BTW - An only reason has discovered that a still had walk is the data is that it was squeamish quite that returns the walk that potentially still could have some of my data on he - so used my EASE-software of recovery of data of EUA in a walk (in case that, he imagining would not do very well in the failed SSD). SURPRISED! All a data was there --------------- Also KUDOS In SERVICE of CLIENT of the AMAZON to GIVE ME The OPTION to RETURN THIS WALK OF A REPAYMENT had CHOSEN MARK SO ---------> here is my original description: ----------------> buy it this SSD in october 2018. This morning 1-13-2019 PCs would not kick up. 'The walk any expsito' error. Confirmed saw to take walks and connecting he in 2 other computers via carrier of walk of the USB - the very deep units. So that that is to say the SSD does not have any hope to recover any data saws usual procedure with software like EASEUS software of recovery of the data. I am screwed. I am returning in traditional mechanical walks. This walk directed it pampered life - installed in my hp portable that spent all his interior of life in the tampon of follower to cool of the air has thank you. I have LOST MINA $ And DATE ME. Has another SSDs has had for years without problems. Had no the negative critic when bought this - has abundance now.
2 / 5 Shanna
It has tried to install Linux (Mint 19) in a walk but the things do not go right after installation. Using a default ext4 filesystem, after some runs since YOU L random PERIOD of time ( few hours to date), a filesystem takes marked so read-only and has to reboot. Running the control of filesystem of one mediate YOU comunicacionales of the installation does not aim any problems. Decided to format he NTFS in the computer of the windows and he formatted only sake. SP Tools in the windows have not aimed any problems or. The arrival that mandates the Western Digital SSD and Linux only very installed and has had very subject. I guess it pose something on concealed is not that it imports in case perhaps decides in any to to that likes him to him the race in the system of Windows.
2 / 5 Jona
I eat.. Here it is... And it IS the small leary... That is to say in time of compraventa around $ 50ish lower that another 1TB ssds. As and it expect the to be slower that the typical ssd. It IS the small more dulcemente. Although before that the HDD. So far so good... The people in some descriptions say it failed for them after around 2 months or so many. Mina so far has not failed. It do not call it a better SSD but so far is doing well for me.
4 / 5 Johnna
Initially and it orders this 1tb ssd for $ 152.99, was the prize adds for the product and the supposition would be of good quality for my tez. It has supposed bad, while there is there was only my habit instruments these races for the little the month and a walk have failed already. Has the build of full habit pc running 1 samsung ssd like my premier since you, 2 SP ssd is for storage of game, and 1 WD 2tb for my backup. Some only walks still doing, has guessed the, is one ones that that active SP patterned in his fronts. There is has not had any subject in a past with this mark for some a lot of computers and has repaired for clients, but certainly has now and is further thwarted. Hopefully And Can take my money behind for this thing.
1 / 5 Mikki
It can silicious A55 the controller changed in sm2258xt, any DRAM, the Bad action when filled in half capacity, perhaps 500gb - bad slc caching goes to be useless. It IS it disappointed it totally everything. The silicious power marred each by name of mark of A55 with sm2258xt. It IS totally bad controller never.
1 / 5 Annis
A hard walk has taken was able to be formatted and used as or an internal or external SSD. Even so, during normal use, as copying videos and other files in a walk take and reading them behind a SSD, a walk unfailingly any fence out of his own agreement or my computer only disconnect the and a SSD is not recognised that directs of the device or the partition of disk takes until physically disconnect and reconnect restarts my computer. My SSD typically takes disconnected in around 30-45 minutes to transfer quite 50-100 GB of data. I can it does not help but note that while the one of repente fences in of/the decrees that is to recognise for my computer, a Silicious Power SSD is always very warm in a touch, like the suspect automatically the fence has been to prevents harm of heat. And although I have tried, it can'nt imagines was so to limit a read and write speeds of the same SSD to try to prevent east concludes automatic was disconnection/.

Has wanted sure when being a walk was defective and that his action has not been that SSD is has been supposition to do, the east was a premier SSD had not bought never because of him when being a prize a cheap plus at the same time of compraventa ($ 149.99 when has bought the, but is $ 108.99 at the same time of this description), as I bought it Samsung SSD for comparison. A Samsung SSD has very suddenly prendido to be recognised by my computer or suddenly disconnected included once. It IS only this Power of Silicon SSD that it is unreliable in a point of unusable.

Open Cela has been able finds time in dulcemente and painstakingly transfers each of a data has had in a Power of Silicon SSD in my Samsung new SSD to be able to return this defective SSD, is spent a date where can reembolsa or included exchange my Power of Silicon SSD. To attach insult to hurt, when enter in my mandates of Amazon to try to take support of product therefore SSD, a support of product by so SSD has spent only his window for me, also. There is not any road can take my costs of money or my money behind, very less helps therefore SSD, and now is only bonded with the dead weight of the defective product. $ 150 Down a drain. Thank you, Power of Silicon and Amazon. Any one yours undress $ 109 down a drain, also.
1 / 5 Floy
I am done with Samsung. They rebuffed to guarantee mine 960 Pro 1TB in the adhesive. Any worry even so, has competes it. A Silicious Power A80 1TB NVME is faster and has the guarantee of 5 years! I use his SSD is in of the computers of client for years and with in 100 installs only 2 early models have not failed never. It can silicious RMA'd so many walks without the hitch.

Very only take my word for him. It checks they entered it to Them a Anandtech GIGABYTE Aorus M.2 Of RGB SSD descriptions where this walk is murdered everything except Intel Optane!

HAS one extra 22GB in a 970 Evo More and was $ 100 less!
5 / 5 Josefa
Failed in 72 hours of use. Returned for repayment.

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 512GB ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Herma
I am the tent of computer of small local this has been stops of churn in 10 years. State updating the computers of the client with SSDs for a lot of some last 4 years now and has the crate of these this has all has failed. Purchase in 1000 SSDs a last year where meso of the era Can of Silicon and one another main mark half names. In some last 12 months have had more concealed 25% of a Power of units of the silicon returned in me DONA. Where Has has had perhaps 1 or 2 big name the units to mark returned in me only FAILING very totally fatality. I fulfil I am the measure of small sample but these prizes of failure are terrible. Yes, they could do well for means the year or when tensions he out of a box and writes your description of only possess a product for 1 day. It declares to the attentive write this description to leave some raisin to time to think was the fluke but to date still is taking these walks behind. His RMA the process is terrible and to arrive to this point the does not want more than these walks.
Thank you
5 / 5 Maud
It has purchased in 60 of these walks a year is spent, has not had never the bad or still and a prize and the action are point and averts. Everything of has been the mix of 60/120/240/256/512 models. The prizes and the utmost walks adds.
4 / 5 Myong
515.6mb/s the speed read and 466.4 MBs/s writing of the speeds for seq Q32T1
137.3 MB/s read and 12.42mb/s writing for 4K Q8T8
509.5 MB/s read and 457.2 MBs/s writing for 4K Q32T1
20.34 MB/s read and 12.38 MBs/s writing for 4K Q1T1

EDITA: of 3 in 5
after taking action very bad (voice a 12.42mb/s in 4K Q32T1 writing) and control with SO SDD Benchmark and another download of software Mini software of partition of the Tool in 'field' a SDD partitions. (Apparently this was to require so that I cloned my walk in planting to do the 'net' W10 installs. That is to say one after the results:

514MB/s the speed read and 477 MBs/s writing of the speeds for seq Q32T1
181 MBs/s read and 300MB/s write for 4K Q8T8
179 MBs/s read and 163 MBs/s writing for 4K Q32T1
20.34 MB/s read and 12.38 MBs/s writing for 4K Q1T1

Also flavour with UserBenchmark resulted of Software that my walk is doing so expected before it was in 17% below more percentile. Improvement as I add.
1 / 5 Silvana
The moment in of the nicknames to write and reading speeds, this SSD is in the pair with similar marks (SanDisk, Crucial, etc.), Or the difference of entity is that it runs hot!!!! I have bought so much a 120GB (S55) and 512GB (A55) versions, one in the laptop and one have used simply like the storage derives in the desktop. Both are in 40C when goes, and then can achieve 60C+ with reading of serious/scripture this enters. Another SSDs has (a SanDisk, two Crucial is, a Corsair) is quite 10C in 15C fresher under each phase. It does not have any idea that time a two Power of Silicon SSDs will last since run much hotter.
5 / 5 Ardelia
I have bought this for my woman Lenovo laptop with the core I7-6500Or with 8GB of RAM and Windows 10.

A prize in action of this small walk only is surprising.

For the 5 x 1GB diskmark run, some averages of walk:

526MB/s the speed read and 452.9 MBs/s writing of the speeds for seq Q32T1
164 MBs/s read and 121MB/s write for 4K Q32T1
440 MBs/s read and 275 MBs/s writing for seq
10.42 MB/s read and 64.8 MBs/s writing for 4K (to well sure the small lower here that says a MX500)

Some numbers on is provided also in the walk that is 28% full, likes to take quite near in the speeds have announced. Us All know is always the small has exaggerated.

In a Firecuda the substitutes of walk, which was the hybrid SSD walk, this thing is perceivable snappier and windows to touch up 4 times like fast. Lightroom Opens at least 4 times like fast also.

A 3 guarantee of year provides security that this thing will last the moment, only does not forget to record in his place.

Has based in some numbers and a prize in action, the looks will be to buy the bren one for my games directs very soon. This has known that the any mark by name (at least for me) would be such the compraventa well.
1 / 5 Tamica
I have bought this ssd in April for my Macbook Pro. It looks to do month very pending. Then, while it was backup a walk takes those uses the machine of Time of Apple, a walk is died. It has taken a walk and has tried connecting it externally in another computer, but a walk has the light of red solid and is not recognised or able to locate. It can be only the glitch and my ssd has suffered harm in some road, but would advise that you yours research and decides if this walk costs a headache.

At the end is returned he in SP the d substituted it. Even so a walnut one has lasted enough three month and is died also. If it can give lower that a star, I .

Favour you and spends an extra money in the respectable walk.
5 / 5 Lavonda
A abordable SSD with action that compares in some of some more expensive walks there. For more than people, a difference of action that goes of one of these in the Samsung, Crucial, or WD the walk is insignificant, while these are at present ones the majority of walks abordables in Amazon. A guarantee is 3-years if registers, so highly recommends concealed. With a guarantee of three years and SSD reliability and action, has any reason to be that it uses harddrives more. Also I have four of one 256GB walks in my server in of the ASSAULTS, and is fantastic.

Wanting to some walks so far, has purchased 6 to date, and no the sun a there has been very subjects. I will update a description in a future, but so long like any one of them failure in a guarantee of 3 period of years, my description will remain 5-stars!
5 / 5 Danyel
This really aided my computer the age takes new life . I have not done so many tests detailed like the plot other critiques has, but trust this is doing appropriately. Critically, Tries to extend an utility of my desktop that had bought more or he less done 4 years. In addition to taking bit it very time in a tooth, one 2TB HDD has taken full in all the case, and the sake-sized SSD was only a trick. This one was a less expensive with some better descriptions. It installs easily, and there was only the light glitch taking Windows 10 for the recognise (has had to to go in Management of Disk for the say to find a walk). From here that, I the net installs Windows in a SSD, and looked! It IS how have the new computer.
5 / 5 Lynette
I have not gone totally sure quite this because of a perceivable lack of descriptions with considerations in Mac the use but I were with him anyways. I am using this in the late 2011 MacBook Pro 13'. So far everything am adds. An only thing that has taken awhile is that it does not think properly has done the walk of boot of the USB. It does not look for the recognise when powering on, as it sees in recovery of internet. I am once returned to install the Big view and everything have wanted has tried one shoes above the time and he were of 57 bren in 20. I want to which calm this SSD is compared too much in a walk takes. It can not be happier!
5 / 5 Ling
That is to say Big Bang for a buck. Work as it has promised. It has not had any subject. It had run he in 30 mins. Flawless.
1. Works while it promise.
2. It comes with the ECHO of free Software has nicknamed 3. You can download this software of SP website. A tone for east is printed in the adhesive in a backside of a SSD device. The people used he felizmente. It does not have any idea that is. I have used Macrium Reflect to clone. Only it want to it document it here that comes with the free software in clone.
3. The results are fantastic. I have moved of 85/63 in 510/467 MBPS ! Much more more SSDs give concealed. Only documenting here that rids the speed has announced. It can give more it can when being, but has the machine of small capacity.
4. It looks and it listens it is solid. It IS of any value in all the case.
5. The point of prize is excellent. It takes 512GB for $ 57. You would take Samsung 256GB for this prize that of Jan/2019.

Any one so far. Reliability - has to expects and clock.

Other thoughts:
1. SSD The software of management is available for free download. But my antivirus he prendi saying unsure. Read revises that it contains TROJAN. Like the would not recommend it . You can install something to the delivery likes him to him the disk of marks of the Glass but would not control Ready and other things. It IS better of sure when being that sad. I even so it appreciates offers them something for this field of prize.
2. It have tried Migration of Samsung of Data and Macrium the earliest plasma in the Samsug EVO SSD 256GB. The May HAS DONE, has to return it. This one was very easy, was the breeze . And gradient 1/2 a money would pay for Samsung mark. I think that Samsung is announcing of just mark. There is at all very.
3. I require 2TB-4TB SSDs for NOSE. They expect prende sometime for prize to fall. It recommends this product.

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 2TB ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lyndsey
In general that is to say the walk adds for a prize and measure of storage. I have purchased this walk for an only purpose to edit my video and archive of photo in a vain and changes of computer in computer without uploading big gb files in a cloud.

Here is my conclusions:
A walk is quite small and clear. Use enough the bit of a LaCie sudden walks in some pasts and can bulky quite be. This walk could slip easily in the knowledge of neoprene of slender laptop or included the pocket of coverage. (Photos of voices). A marketing said his resistant scratch but I of the that voice that when being the reality. A plastic casing up and the funds are your level ABS so im sure will be able to take the scratch or ding or 2 over time.

A port of USB in a walk is the USB of full measure-C connector of the type and he are colored a correct Blue (pantone 300) signify is in fact the port of USB 3.0. An USB of states of the packaging 3.1 Gene 1 even so that confused me to him so that technically USB 3.1 is Gene 2. I have tried a speed (photos of views) and a half tax was 120.5 MB /s read and 122.5 MBs/s writing. That is to say where a walk takes some the majority of stars . USB 3.0 half speed the tables are around 60 MBs/s like 3.1 format is clocking in x2 one accelerates which are only in of the rights, comparative in other 3.1 walks of USB. It opens to pose that in comparison for folks that very precise each a speed can take, some interns of means HD samples besides or 300 less MBs/s as it maintain it that in of the imports. An USB strolls external isnt go to give you a same class of results. As it choose it your case of use for these types of walks carefully. Test against my Seagate 5tb tabletop that the external unit is also USB 3.1 one writes the speed is in a same but a speed read in my Seagates is only 95 MBs/s. A computer of bank is the 27 ' iMac i7.

A walk comes formatted so FAT32. I reformatted the to be the level Mac You Extensive (journaled) which are compatible with Machine to Time so it can use you this for your Mac strolls CALM of backup.

I like a consolation to attach a cape of USB in an outside as it does not have to find another place to store the cape, or possibly forgetting it each what together. It maintains to import some clips that control a cape of USB is removable. They slip in the canal of rubber of the silicone and the starts yes pulled a cord of USB quite hard. I do not see the reason why this would have to be a subject but the sound has designed also any one for permanent when being so that it maintain it that in of the imports. A cape is also down. It says 12' port to transfer.

Has 2 no-canals of rubber of the slip in a base so that he wont slide around too many in your desktop and a rubber of soft silicone included around some integers verges of a walk. They very bond out of going to spend a cup of hard and inferior plastic even so as any sure what effective would be in dampening an accident of the fall in one that corner is probably or the majority of something lethal. It maintains in importing this walk is not the SSD walk (or cost the plot more) like the no the hideout while it is into use.

Fast 3.1 USB r/w
Small Measure
Storage of Convenient Cape
Down Cost

No so durable while it can be. I give it 4 stars for his durability/to build
Any one the SSD walk

likes his of my description pleases to give he of the Useful inches up!
1 / 5 Avril
State that uses this walk for almost everything for a past year and has wanted to it... Until it has an accident unexpectedly this week with the fail the walk takes and $ 1200 would be necessity in 'possibly' takes a data has recovered. My bad any one to have all backed up, but this cause me to be seriously disappointed in this walk. It write a manufacturer of this product and his recommendation that to the mark is far less than the true guarantee: Amazon to question to substitute or simply reformats a walk (any doable with the walk to fail).

Update: the manufacturer said that so that a company of the recovery of the data has had to to open a case to walk to access a walk, that these voids a guarantee and this would require the road the backside in them (without recovering a data) to take advantage of a guarantee. Wow.
1 / 5 Yi
If an Army of United States is using this POS... We are in serious problem!! Any COMPRAVENTA THIS!! It has Had this of the only course 22 of this year.... The law adds...Today go it to use it and AT ALL!!! I didnt the fall...The band...Spilt anything in the....heck His in my drawer of desktop 90% of a time.... Look in him and the give an eye of stink....That is to say probably a reason for a sudden device and unexplainable failure.Again it does not buy!!
1 / 5 Isreal
Bought this element so that it was supposed to be awsome, shockproof and everything, has failed the pair of month later. I have contacted a manufacturer and they have very crappy service of disguise, taking really long the representative to record on and said me to try and take a substitution of Amazon so that they could very he. Very disappointed in this element and a manufacturer.
1 / 5 Easter
Bought this walk takes on Leaves 31, 2017. It see Afterwards in my computer - never fallen, never next water, never travelled anywhere, and data. Apresamiento awhile To take my Mac in still ee' he but was in the able end to recover my data (felizmente), but no longer is doing to read or write. Very disappointed.
1 / 5 Yadira
It IS so excited to take this; even so, after only having he for less than 2 month, experimented a subject with this walk takes. I picture like the second source of performances and after each photoshoot has cut some photos of my SD card while he always marks, in my harddrive . I have transferred in 600 photos this concrete day. Quan And was to look in some photos a next day, only 222 was in my harddrive. An only literary has disappeared. As and closure that dossier and reopened it, and falls in only 111 photos. In bren, lost in 100 photos in addition to another some stray. I am spent a whole day that flavours recuperarprpers, only to be able to recover less than mesos. It does not trust this mark. His number of tlphonique of service of the client also is any help of noone has answered a tlphonique and his on-line cat does not act. I am returning this backside in a vendor.
4 / 5 Leota
It takes this to substitute an old WD external walk that had failed .

That is to say essentially the $ 60 2TB strolls more the $ 25 ruggedized IPX7 case, reasonable prizes for both.

Use like an off-line backup of my on-line backup of my Walk of Google (always has redundant backups of data of entity), like the speed is not almost so of to entity likes him the durability. A walk at the end will fail, while all the walks , but feign in animal-uses a case when that raisin.. Probably it have ports of big speed for then, but like this is for archival storage, a USB3 will be good with me for the very long time while SATA the walks are available.

Modern 2TB the walks do not design a lot of can, like an assembly is powered totally of USB. Tan Far while it sees, an enclosure has any capacity to be powered of an external source.
1 / 5 Jenell
ive Has had only this thing for the few days, perhaps plugged in a usb the total of 4 times and already a usb the port on is wiggly and loose. Sometimes if some movements of cord and wiggles a port disconnects of my computer?? Very disappointed since and thought and has bought something sudden that would last, now im not even sure yes and the confidence to last the month. And of whoever has to line it respite of mine when his plugged in.

Edita: the amazon has said that would take a turn and repayment me if volume in UPS tent. And'the voice THERE HAS BEEN hardly this thing the week as and is expecting does not give me very subject with him.

TIP: if it purchases this, CONTROL The PORT of CONNECTION of the USB in the WALK IMMEDIATELY. It poses a cape in and softly press it lean to sustain and the controls yes am at all loose. If it gives it issues at all or wiggles, does not risk your data. His such the shame so that a creation is also, but is deceiving. There is at all sudden in of the ports of feeble connection that expels a disk when a cape is touched or has breathed on. And wont Problem with the substitution or buy of this mark again. Better of just edifice my own.
5 / 5 Justina
Very bundled and has shipped quickly. A description of the product in the amazon means that a walk is 3.0 of USB, but a container said that it is in fact USB that 3.1 is well. A walk is lustrous and when being very solid in your hand. A rubberized the verges the easy fact to maintain the grip in firm. A walk is recognised immediately when calm limit you in with a cape of USB has comprised, without initial setup has required. A cape of USB is quite 12 long inches and accesses in 2 clips of rubber in some sides of a walk, which are well. Even so; when into use, your location the options are limited by period of a low cape, . In general, a walk is exactly so described and only that has wanted. Thank you So many!
5 / 5 Roseline
I plan to take this cual the device of storage for my photos like the partner in my portable when visit another country fulfilled by supremely big humidity, bad roads, conditions and sandy beaches very put during a rainy season, and is small, compact, and sudden. It IS also my backup directs a rest of a time. Before begin to upload all your files in the, sure when being to verify to see so has been it formatted. If it is the BIG 32, reformats the in NTFS as it can have you one USB More i adds 3 speed. (Right click and chooses Properties - system of General of Lima to see) Incredibly hurriedly! I want a semi-detached cape by uses in a road, but comes with the long more an also. To maintain clean, EVA has bought Logically the portable case of walk takes only to protect extra of lint of rucksack and sand.

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 120GB ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Has the laptop of low end with a Intel Pentium GHz processor that is coming with Windows 8.1, which has run sluggishly in a 5400 RPM the hard walk avenges with, as I have substituted a hard walk with this Silicious Power SP 120 GB solid of Linux and installed state walk Lite YOU in the, and the one who the difference! A laptop is snappy, very quickly now! Read that a better way to really ask the computer is substituting a hard walk with the SSD, and can testify that ossia absolutely true! If has the low-spec, aggravatingly the slow computer because of him is that it runs slow hard walk, a better remedy is that it exchanges a hard walk with the SSD. Power of silicon SSD is is reasonably priced and do a lot well.
2 / 5
October of update 2019 the year and the half later a walk there is so only decree to be recognised by my computer, was them ticked because the had not backed on some months of pair. It was this in spite of able to take a walk partorisca do like an external walk in another computer long enough to take some of some files of has required them. I have launched he in the drawer and has taken Kingston SSD for the substitute. I have used this walk almost all some time in my car likes them walk of boot and have an outside likes the walk given. Perhaps you are the fluke, perhaps this is not common, but the does not want to has to that the substitute walks each one another year.

Has a lot of experience of computer, this in spite of has not spent never time with SSD walks, are a constructor escole old and user. I have not had any idea like big of an improvement this would do in any computer. Has the second gene I7 laptop with 8gb ram. It is older now, but is the still diagrams adds. Well finally it take the SSD the fresh Windows install and dip a oem 650gb stroll in a second bay.. I have used to turn he in and go lunch of mark, when I have gone back, the computer was to arrive and that careers.. Now it go of out to fully good to go in roughly 10-15 cups of seconds.. I go to dip one in my car of steam also reason exposes that of the bottleneck a HDD in fact is. If calm so only love the basic fast computer and does not need the tonne of room in a main walk, ossia the economic way to take concealed.

So only with has been has been rid in a envelope with a walk so only seating in him, any protected at all... Perhaps ossia acceptable, so only odd to any in old school taste.
1 / 5
If it can give him less than stars, would give them to him. I seat estafado. It is installed rubbishes that all was perfect, but several days has left after working, so only showed me the logo of Windows, has think that with formatear would be all well and has not gone like this, any one leaves that he installation very new and error of data of the only partorisca read, has tried he for half multiple and does not recognise it . It is literally some rubbishes.
For Advantage not buying... For we said me correct that it can give, but that cost out of EUA is practically impossible for the expensive that it is partorisca give.

Pd: Engineer of soya in of the systems, any neither can imagine that steps with some people that any one has knowledge in the subject.
5 / 5
Partorisca An economic SDD, this one extracted like the beast. Windows 10 boots less than 10 seconds. If I do not owe that gone in the signal, a startup would be seamless. I seat as if his no only quickly, but of confidence. Device very impressive. It recommends to buy the 16gb usb walk with him so that I can do the Windows 10 installer and calm then can take out of your old walk, substituting he with east a ( has found the on-line instructions). If it calms that can resupply, take a big more SSD has beaten. This one is technically small, but do fault well. Utilisation an old walk like quell'USB 3.0 external backup. I can not say quite well in this walk.
1 / 5
Experience in April of 2018 -- my fourth SSD. Some other three are Samsung EVOs, that run the combination of Mac and Windows by means of two computers. Partorisca This walk, was pure hobby -- I installed Ubuntu (Linux) and so only built on an old Mac Mini to something fun and different. Any one AM YACIDO, line of just mandate. The action was utmost, far better that an original 5400rpm mechanical walk in there, and law partorisca roughly 9 month. After the reboot, failure to begin up. I have thought at the beginning that it was so only the error of configuration like the result of a reboot, but has then gone through registers of system and there is remarked read/partorisca write errors.

According to which SSDs go, has known always one would fail finally -- hard swimming partorisca always -- but was really, for real disappointed partorisca find that here, with which 9 month of light use. Defective? Perhaps. It has to that it has achieved it to it has been grieves raisin? Perhaps. So only it was adapted so only of of the east partorisca spend for my leading mandates and that agree that of the old Mac Mini still is seating there in my cupboard, collecting powder, with the dead person [newish] SSD inner. That harm.
5 / 5
These SSD is for the power of Silicon is so only the one who any need of computer partorisca augment shoes on time and action of global system. These solids of state walks can breathes new life to a system an old plus for simply doing the net to install Windows. Then I go an extra mile and install the seperate walk of data and then movement or redirect everything of some dossiers of profile of the user (ie: Downloads) to a walk of data. Like this when you download something automatically of an internet takes saved to a walk of data in the place of the walk where yours resides. It is a perfect little backup and recovery setup half like this when you have an accident windows (that finally) can be free worry roughly losing a lot of your data has downloaded. Calm also can use an application of Movement of the Steam if you are the gamer and boot and run everything of your games of the seperate dates the hard walk that maintains yours rid It To you and less likely walk partorisca take corrupted partorisca fill up with all the classes of extra data. I love these walks and has been upgrading all of my systems with them! :D
5 / 5
I have ordered this hard disk partorisca run in an old laptop partorisca breathe the new lease of his life. After the few weeks I then swapped to the sper canal of work of big final partorisca run some sessions of cariche of intense work.
I windows installed at the beginning and courses like the charm. It has improved seriously an action of an old HDD (as expected). I dried it then and Linux installed Ubuntu his and has done even better ! Has has had to that the then dry again and install another distro of Linux and he have managed he with ease.
Any one questions of fragmentation. I have been surprised partorisca see that it does like this well has included after all these animals-formed.
Has used he partorisca run to to the simple things like to them the web that explores all a way the sper simulations of the intense engineering and he have not broken the sweat. Used he with the 5 old year i5 as well as the Pro i7 workstation and there are not a lot of subjects.
Has impressed enough with his versatility and reliability and he everything of that in the price I really adds point !
5 / 5
SP Is resulted my gone-to still entrance SSDs. A price are add, a better action that would be expected in a point of price, and one 120 & 128GB SSDs has been my main units partorisca upgrade of workstations and partorisca portable upgrades partorisca extend life of the oldest hardware. The installation is like this simple like any one another HDD or SSD, and these have (as far) has directed 100 tax of reliability in my experience (that goes in 5 years with some spiegamenti some old plus, still treating well and aiming abundance of the life left). Yes, there is better/faster/more SSDs there, but no in this point of price.
5 / 5
I add SSD! Ouality Has produced! To any one reading this description, ossia hands -down a better upgrade can do to your computer, a difference in accelerating especially during bootup is incredible. I have very purchased these and used him in of the different applications of quotas installs your cloning/of image of HDD the SSD and some so that the device of the storage of the mass has used this in spite of all have done perfect. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Yes it is so only 120gb but ossia the add, easy to install, extremely walk of fast boot ... Highly recommended! Bought the second 512gb partorisca my favourite monster --- the DELL Precision M4800 Quad i7 4900MQ 32gb with dual graphic papers that has run in the first gene sandisk - is likes lightning in bouncing he - my passmark 9.0 bookmark is on 9200 - like this happy as it can be!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 2TB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Birdie
Colour: Interior SSD When it comes partorisca access of disk, at all do your walk partorisca kick on more than an operating system. The speed is always a subject upper. The majority of the today come computer with 500gb walks or more. A costruttore expects that you will store everything in that a walk. Ossia Very further of chance, but is the gamer or dabble in the video that modify will remark some delays. Assuming that yours other components are until a task, an only way to augment your productivity is with the Solid of State walk (SSD). These walks have been available now for several years now, and a technology there is matured amiably to the point where is quite economic for a half consumer. While some the early walks varied wildly so the action against each another, was all the orders of the fastest magnitude that the walk maquinal. Today, it has included some walks of estimativa of to one likes Can of the silicon and another will treat quite amiably in everything but some the majority of demanding applications. Unless you are running the cup of a line gaming PC or another build that use some components some available fast plus, calm does not go to see a lot if any advantage to buy the upper end SSD. Further more, this PC of upper final is now use new ways to connect some walks that is quite different of a two approximation of boss has all has taken used to. So much for a half user the one who only loves surf a web and perhaps touch the pocolos play random, a line to Be able to of the Silicon of walks is well. Calm usually can use your old walk for storage, likes need for an equally big SSD is negated. I run the pair of servers of house and have the abundance of room has left on with the 120gb walk. If it plan on having the plot of different programs, considers to move until the 250gb or main paving. As with any walk, in the now down 80 full will augment both speeds and lifespan.
5 / 5 Anya
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron has purchased the Silicious Power s70 120GB sold for ilicon EUA partorisca Be able to - Plant to Treat' and praise for Amazon on 1/8/15 and has run he by means of some preliminary benchmarks in a upgraded Lenovo K430 with Intel i7 i3770, SATA III, and the Samsung 840 EVO likes primary strolls. My global impression is positive and would recommend this walk to those looking for the low cost SSD, especially considering First nave and any imposed (your mileage can vary). An exact walk has received is pictured down.

A benchmarks down is of Samsung Magician, LIKE SSD, Apt, and (sees pictures). In general, some looks to walk to be slower of mine 840 EVO and generally mid-row for speed. This in spite of, at the same time of this description, can take the 240gb Silicious Power S70 SSD stops in a price of a 120gb 840 EVO, and a side a low plus justifies a difference of speed. More notably, a Samsung is able to run in FAST way that just swipes benchmarking out of a water, although has limitations and possible downfalls to this characteristic, so that it is not for all the world. And again, if the price is the factor , a Silicious Power S70 is the better access.

My walk is coming with the Sandforce controller, as verified by a LSI field updater utility. Some claims of until 557mb/s read and 507mb/s writes has been achieved, but so only in Apt software and so only with some measures to file main. Another benchmarks less appealed, again dipping a s70 like the mid-walk of row for speed. Still, if you are upgrading of the disk strolls hard, a difference still will be point and averts!

Positive (Again):
-Fully functional SSD that the use done of SATA III SPEED of scrolling (i.et., Surpassing SATA II LIMITS) on all benchmarks I treaties (was although it is not a quickly more SSD available)
-Sandforce controller with up to date firmware
-Less expensive new 120gb SSD the walk could find with which a lot of investigation, especially has the first and the calm nave selects the option of delivery which does not touch imposed.

-A packaging does not feel appropriate for 'flange that cut' technology. When I have opened a box for a Samsung EVO, he exuded class and quality, a plastic chance and the brilliant colours in a Power of Silicious think me of candy of cotton.
-A walk is in fact very attractive with the arrival of black metal brushed, but has an enormous sticker on he with yellow, red and blue that the frames looks the toy . Take this sticker voids a guarantee according to some requirements of claim of the guarantee.
-In a page of Amazon, a guarantee is declared likes 5 more than years 2 years with registration, but a packaging so only said '5 Guarantee of Years' and his and the documents say that a guarantee is 3 years . Still to register it still did not resupply me with any documentation to guarantee that objective 7 coverage of year.
-A LSI firmware updater is the small confusing, and some instructions are missing the pocolos , that comprises like this to select your pertinent firmware of a cast (which is done apparently to compare a last sequence of figures in the byline of your device with a first sequence of figure in a firmware file, sees photo).

Remarce: Has has some discussion in a P/And be 3k or 5k in other descriptions, but has not seen any claims for any on Amazon or a packaging, neither included is the one who this era before looking in a Power of Silicon (this metric is also very spoken in Samsung EVO has listed on Amazon). Although a walk so only last for 3k P/And cycles (which is basically that the times can write to a walk before it fail), suggests a 3k the cycles will last for 5 to 8 low years normal use. Google Justo 'that time he 3k p/and ssd lasted to see this estimativa for calm.

recommends this walk like the decent 120gb SSD in the estimativa. I seat quite comfortable with him with which some brief use and benchmarking that will install in the to the second computer like him to him strolls ( will update my description with timing to kick once that the computer is gathered). This in spite of, some lacks of walk in presentation, and loses the star because it is not like this quickly like other solids of state walks, fault of complete and coherent documentation and user friendly and functional management software, as Samsung Magician (that extracted optimisation, benchmarking, firmware updates, etc. In a program without fuss).
5 / 5 Caroline
Colour: Ext SSD-2TB has ordered a Power of Silicon 2TB SSD partorisca use to clone a two iMac is and 2 MBP is in our house (using Carbon Cop[and Cloner). A process has been like this smoothly that has ordered so only the second SP 2TB unit the upgrade ours Car partorisca Time behind-ups to of an old Seagate HDD unit that is beginning partorisca die. Terrific product for the power of Silicon and service adds partorisca ship abroad!!

A fact that behind partorisca Be able to of the Silicon on his product with the guarantee of 3 years ithe icing in a cake!
4 / 5 Mason
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron is the add relatively economic SSD has Done in Taiwan. Work like this has to that and has not had the question with him still. A registration of product partorisca this produced, and all SP has produced, is sketchy partorisca say a less. They do not ask the number of serial or anything so only a type of product. I have been concerned in that I in fact has taken with which look in some of some descriptions, as when it take a product I some leaves have called estbuscando'. The mine has come with the sandforce controller but any 8 Canal SF-2281, but one 4 canal SF-2241, which will be slower. Also it avenges with number of part 29F16B08MCME2 nand resembled this expsito in a msata intel 525 64GB. I will be partorisca upload the little picture to the along lateralmente of my description. Considering now does so that it has feigned he partorisca (windows 10 preview/ Ubuntu). If has any questions will update my description.
4 / 5 Vicki
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron has required something economic partorisca my secondary pc that was the laptop . I have chosen a ssd because I tired me of a hard walk that dies after the sobresalto. SSD Is has no moving parts how is extremely resistant to impact. My laptops take it tugged around room in room and place partorisca situate. If they are in the haste, are not that it goes the 'creature' the laptop.
This Silicious Power S70 120 GB MLC 2.5' 7mm Sata II SSD was exactly the one who has looked for them. At the same time of compraventa, likes the little in $ 50 that was it the price adds in that then. A SSD has asked my car, left it partorisca run fresher and calmer, and I any precise to concern roughly interview of walk. Although, I run the program of more cleaned to take touched of of unwanted and/or unnecessary files.
Partorisca The walk that is not the very known mark, this product has won is indication of Amazon . I give it the definite buys recommendation.
4 / 5 Yuriko
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron partorisca estimate SSDs these treat like superstars. It has dipped 2 of these to a system an old plus with a LGA 775 processor of socket, 4gb of DDR2 800 dual canal ram and a EVGA GTX 750 you ftw 2gb paper of map. Not taking an action that has required has dipped a motherboard the AHCI. Doing that I take roughly 65-70 of a true speed of a SSD by means of the SATA II PORT. I have tried of then more the programs and the hardware that can mention or included agree. These are EXCELLENT SSDs.
The common of the people do not know , but the SSD will last the LONG time today. His lives are based in that is written to them, no in some hours of operation like them platter walk. SSDs Will last until almost it has written it the Petabyte to them (ossia 1000 terabytes). And there are things can do this prolong a life of these, likes to disable a last date/of focus of time, optimising your hides of the browser and YOU hides settings, cookies (both browsers and YOU) and etc. Is everything in that it is written to them.
5 / 5 Raymundo
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron Excellent upgrade in mine old more SATA2 computer (roughly 2008/9). Now it answers the fastest plot and so only feels like the new plus, a lot of faster computer. This old Intel e5300 now will be usable partorisca several years of plus. And no only usable, but in fact enjoyable. Using APT, this SP S70 has taken around 240 read and 175 writing. These am a lot of the solid/respectable speeds, especially partorisca the 120 GB (the main capacities generally have significantly faster write speeds, but in the real life probably is not noticeable partorisca more than people).

After updating my engine, and changing BIOS settings, a RECORD the numbers are trace to 281 read and 269 writes. These numbers are quite impressive that considers that they are in SATA 2, and a lot included have AHCI available (any sustained in this old computer).

My old HDD was the 320GB 7200 rpm walk, and of course a SSD the swipes were. A vast majority of the laptop come with 5400 rpm the walks concealed is the slowest plot. Calm the favour and upgrade to the SSD, and your old desk/the laptop could not require be substituted for several years of plus. Also it saves the little energy, but any one a lot (but life of help of battery in the laptop).

Has bought this in late December 2014, and my unit has a Sandforce controller. Some look of users to be concerned with SP nave some units 'inferior' (with some possibly components of the lowest quality). It was not that common ossia/ was, but the mine has some components 'better'. I have been using mine for several hours the day for around 6 weeks, and am very satisfied with him. Theoretically, it have to that last in fact a lot of years, but will not be able to confirm that until in fact it spends.
4 / 5 Zulema
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron This was cost entirely he. I have verified out of SSD is partorisca hours on Amazon and this a there is had a better indication and memory partorisca a price. All more, can expect clash on a price or swipe down a quality enough bit it.
Has has limited strictly this so only to mine YOU, which is Windows 7 Professional 64-has bitten, and has left a rest of my use by heart to mine 1 TB HDD. These starts of Windows of what up in, literally, 20 seconds. With just 8GB of RAM and he 4 GB GDDR5, 128 has bitten paper of Map, has had absolutely any lag and sper pocolos delay.
I game Blizzard games: SC2, HotS, Hearthstone, and will add more later. They are sper happy and the little too intoxicated now to my new PC.
If you are really looking to some numbers of Beds and Write speeds, honradamente, yes has dipped this on only for one YOU, reason has to that import? You are writing everything to a HDD in all the chance. This do lacking abundance a lot enough for good startup and the action of system is remains with a HDD. I have not confirmed this, but concealed in fact could help save your HDD for the year or two to fail.
That last part in mine-has announced read/to write the speeds maintained me to us in doubt been due to some descriptions partorisca east, but has not complained buying this sweetness for the second.
4 / 5 Sherell
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron Mixed feelings. Fast and has loved that until he inner lacking 1 month - tried partorisca update firmware of SP put web, but [Phison] the software could not recognise the walk that says was too old or outdated. Returned with ease (Amazon) and substituted with element although it is doing well like this far in 1 month. Tried partorisca update firmware again with substitution SSD, but still take same message in outdated walk. Chipset Is confirmed Phison like another has mentioned. I am concerned roughly longevity of this walk, but bought why was economic. I have purchased another mark slightly more expensive in chance perhaps.
5 / 5 Lincoln
Colour: Ultrabook;ultra book;slender deisng; serious slender 7 mm; ultra slender notebook; sandisk; crucial; micron the complete upgrade partorisca my grandparents' computers: New processor, more ram, new gpu has decided to dip a ssd in also of then in my experience a ssd done an impact a big plus in a global action perceived of the system. You are this is not a fast plus ssd but was so only $ 50 (on January 4th 2015) as it took it. It does not install any question and I reloaded Windows without the hitch. Now, it whitewashes much faster and the applications take much less time partorisca upload. My grandparents now can touch solitary, look in of the accessories of pen of the chicken, and see some the local obituaries faster that never.

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 4TB ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Sunshine
Thought at all on to to the the world would like him know that it marks of the walk is in 4 TB model. Has has not had luck very worse with Seagate walks that other marks some years. But when my daughter Seagate the external walk is died three or four years ago and rebuffed to honour his guarantee has sworn any one to take another. I expect that they are doing better now. A disconcerting thing is a manual of the no ready product bad time among failures like other manufactures of Walk. The desire would leave to know that it marks and the model of walk takes is in his product.
4 / 5 Librada
The company is shipping the newest units with USB 3.1 Gene 1 - some updates in USB 3.0 that is listed like the characteristic of this model. The good surprise when apresamiento my walk in a clave today. Some clips of small plastic that controls a cape of USB in a case of walk is removable (of so much a cape and a case) therefore I am sure will be lost shortly. So far, that is to say my only complaint .

4tb usable Room = 3.63 with NTFS
5 / 5 Simona
I have learnt one issues to take. I have lost once an until handwritten of date because of posing too much confidence in the server to receive. Then when takings house discover the walk takes of my computer there was also fatality. It opens it Uses two external walks and only connect them when backing-in of the data. I treat these things that Faberg eggs, even so they still data without opinions and without clear reason. A last for gone was the Seagate (the second Seagate still works). Like this a dependency in two these days. This a solid east, and research to be almost flavour of balloon (a slow balloon, perhaps), although I am not quite to start with the launching enough. So much, it likes him it has said it, paraphrasing Of A King of Quota: this far also.'
1 / 5 Warren
I have purchased this walk takes in 12/24/2018 and has used backup my photographs of my primary hard unit that I each few weeks. An another the day was to do the backup and took the error of message of fatal hard walk after 5 uses. I have been then to see that one civilises of the tower was and was 3 cual the covers of months have finished 27, 2019. Has the big hopes for this walk take but now I marvel has to has purchased only something more than having experience and a lot of years of reliable service with. A recovery of him when be udden' has designed me in but now prpers give that any subject that sudden is alleged to be the reliability is more than entity. I am now bonded with the hard walk has broken, perhaps has taken only the lemon but to arrive to this point can not recommend this walk takes because of a fact that the failed afterwards only 3 month.
4 / 5 Tennille
Pose up and the installation was intuitive. This unit has been purchased for Xbox An extensive storage. Which are nettling so that with a measure of the games why have no Xbox/of Microsoft has done the big plus 3 or 4 Tera stock of walk. This walk has been that runs to upload and save games of Christmass 2018. Everything of my games so far 91 of them transferred of a Xbox in a laptop to walk that it takes without the glitch. We will see only that time this walk takes, any never unplug it or transport/of transfer anywhere. Only his envelope a Xbox. An only thing has to marks it during a trace was for the configure that it was only the click and mandate in a card very hurriedly and mere. It IS small in a same measure and the weight like one 8oz steak and research to be very robust. It comes with you cover of adapter and likes him said before just plugged in ignited and automatically connected in a Xbox afterwards only the few clicks.
1 / 5 Hermila
June of update 15, 2019: I have paid $ 53 prende east in January and now a prize is almost folds concealed! While it was initially euphoric quite the, this thing is the big disappointment . A pot any one the signal protects a walk. For all his another failings, Western Digital that easily. It has not been still 6 month, and a walk has prendido backing up. Manually I have to tug each which in him for the save. It has remarked that a lot other descriptions aim this thing that craps continued a sixth mark of month.
Original description:
easy Tan to use. An USB-C covers has done the a lot of easier things also; any necessity for the dongle for my MacBook. I have used always Western Digital before, but this was the better value and is easier to use. Amur That a cord embroils around... I bond with this mark from now on.
4 / 5 Gerardo
I have ordered this cual my last external walk has begun to take really slow and full. I take the plot of photos and videos and does not want to lose my history. After the accident where stray 2 value of the years of photos and videos have numerous back ups of my photos of entity and documents. It was able to transfer everything in this 4TB walk. It looks for durable quite be so I am expecting that the line his in better. Any one to mention is cute. It has been only 1 day but a scrolling was easy. It covers only in and go. I have paid for the night that ships even so and taken 4 days. It take the repayment in an at night but has wanted the punctual. I will follow up after I have used he for awhile.
5 / 5 Jessie
Bought SP Armour A60 and this thing is the necessity yes has boys and the system of current gene of game. I plugged he in my Xbox One which recognised it instantly. It takes any time to install a walk. Any time was of 500gb internal in an extra 4TB to store games!!!! Any only that, a casing takes was a worry that one of my boys will fall a walk when near of a XBOX. There is the 1 TB this is fallen three times with absolutely very subject! Highly it recommends this walk!!
5 / 5 Christian
In the to the east likes me is one of one has purchased well in of the marks the year still is going strong, and that afterwards the year of very hard and compatible use, drops in a background/earth, radical changes in half, massive and frequent data scrolling. This one looks his twin , is expecting similar result.
5 / 5 Alecia
One when being and the edifice of a case to walk impressed me. After the month to use it my Dad is coming on. We are in a same subject so always update each which as another direct (8 of them) how has a same info. It was impressed really with some taxes of scrolling of the file. Desprs Listens in entering and on on in how much legustado him his my new walk, is trace my application of Amazon and Has ordered unit

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 4TB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eleanora
Capacity: Type C, 5TBColor: Black-Green Ossia the hard walk mark very well, has a lot BUT has wanted to have the 5 TB with a power of scrolling of speed of a Type C usb, but is cosmetic so only , a speed of scrolling is one same, as paid overprice for an extra Type C boss that comes with him.
Is side of the extra money for one 10 GB/s tax of scrolling, as it does not recommend this product, better save your money and take one same 5TB USB 3.0 (any Type C).
4 / 5 Thuy
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-Green I worlds of raisin to Hard Walks like-are candy, everything because of a boss that connects to a real walk. I guess they are hard on him. I have decided enough it was quite and it has been for the walk with the usb to usb boss. I have received a walk today and so only signed in still a registration of guarantee. Sper Easy. At present I am downloading my files of my old walk to a new a. Everything looks to be transferring quickly, so that well. Have Roughly 11 hours left (650GB) to transfer, but if anything goes odd or there is any hangups, the'll adds to this description.

Another that that, a walk looks rugged with this rubberized external. It likes-me a fact that a boss has the place to be continued a walk when any one into use. It is quell'has bitten bulky of a sleeker the versions have had in a past, but obviously need something bit it fleshier and rugged (and no only in my flavour for a manfolk. ).
4 / 5 Virgil
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-Green Ossia an expensive piece of rubbish! It connects to my computer partorisca 3-5 minutes and he then afterwards . I have ordered this based in good descriptions, like this perhaps is a outlier, but unfortunately live abroad have lost like this a window of turn.
5 / 5 Noel
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-Green has ordered this and he have come a next day--without instructions of user or paper of guarantee. Amazon graciously Gave the full repayment in a turn. As I have ordered the second a which is coming a next day --again without instructions of user or paper of guarantee. I am returned this an also and has taken the plenary ordered the hard walk entirely different. As I can not comment in the very these works of element like in of absolute more than taking he out of a box, dipped the backside in a box, and is returned. This lack of manual of the user and the paper of guarantee has been mentioned for several reviewers, like this obviously is the question of control of the quality with a costruttore.
5 / 5 Ciera
Capacity: Type C, 5TBColor: Black-Green looks well, but is very slow to both mountain and write to. Once it is state writing to, is very partorisca storage. It can take until 20 minutes partorisca locate, and partorisca the main quantities of data, he so only written on 10mB/dry, roughly 5-10x slow that other portable walks. An USB-C starts of connection of the USB-An in a walk, likes I the doubt there will be never the comparable speeds to the USB-C. It is enough, but a way a boss is stored around a flange of a walk is not very functional and is easy to lose a tiny pocolos connectors of hule that falls off.
4 / 5 Ruben
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-Green has loved mine 2TB quite that use for work and colegiala that has bought my partner one for his PS4. It is perfect and like both of them. Both have been on sale when I ordered them and his value was adds. If I any one need never another or my parents ask roughly one would go with this again.
4 / 5 Lyndon
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-Green This the external walk has been purchased like extra storage partorisca a Xbox a partorisca the tween. I plugged he in and has followed a onscreen objective. It was recognised immediately for a Xbox and feigned formed. With which formatting, aimed partorisca select where has loved the new game that saves to arrive and has chosen this external walk. This has been. My edges say me that it is had any subject with him at all. Very pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Letha
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-Green Ossia the walk of substitution partorisca an old more SP model of Armour, which enough have spent. Mainly a boss of USB, no a hard -walk. Ossia An excellent product . Utilisation three different computers, as it stores all my files in an external walk and ossia ideal when you change computer.
5 / 5 Winnifred
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-the Green works with any computers there is hooked he until, Chromebook, Dell, Mac, etc., Without any subjects. Dosen'T Heats on too much, scrolling of date very quickly, and is in fact impact and water that resists (the accidents have tried both characteristic). His also quite light, which prefer, some of these walks can take very heavy and is annoying to spend. My only with this that some pocolos clips that is supposes to resist a boss of USB to the long of an external explosion was and has taken stray wothin the few days to use them, and has not resisted to a good boss to start with with. Probably I will buy the second a.
4 / 5 Twanna
Capacity: 1TBColor: Black-Green This is not the game & of discharge HD. Partorisca The backup & restores, is terrible. The instructions are poor ,, the support has called 10 times a line is occupied. When you Take any one is hard to comprise because of emphasis. Any light like calm does not know never if his on. I have had 3 other backups of the mark and ossia some worse.

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 256GB ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Neil
Not even it takes near of him there are ads speeds.
No that tongue has sustained the writing read/roughly, but numbers of summit partorisca less than 10GB given (beautiful common).
Has the essd only' rig, like this can them say another is much more after the claims of costruttore, and the majority is included something on.

Writes the speed has gone 350MB /s partorisca a prime minister 5-10GB (connected to a intel controller (vs AsMedia etc),
with which tomb to around 180, and then in a prjimo 10GB he constantly fallen accelerates to roughly 100-120MB/s.
Basically takes slower a calm more write his (in the continuous fashion),
and need the time of has bitten the esportada' the full speed (p. p.ej. SLC The hides Needs to take writings to Nand).

Of of the east has big quantities of SLC build of hides in and that his based in a new plus (3D) Nand, his quite slow.
Mina +5and old OCZ Vector 400MB/s has read, and easily 350MB/s writes.

A lot that would see this class of scrolling of data in the user of regular/base, but still, the approximations of action anywhere that has expected them.
Especially of the description in guru3d looked quite good.

No that quantity for the regular user, neither the import to me, as it was a better price (256GB),
and his only for my games (mainly read, not writing) and could not find any OCZ vector/of vector 180 paralizaciones more economic.
So only there is SSDs (the crucial pair ssd), like this the does not love risc catastrophic failure to use so only a model/of mark.

Require something concealed extracted better (especially touches an only walk, or a one for YOU),
investigations samsung evo 860 box 960, crucial MX300 (backup of build of faculty),
crucial MX500 (new plus and does not have can of backup in shape of capacitors likes one 300, but his crucial claims any required anymore).

Or touches the good price:
OCZ vector 180 (build in faculty of backup), or one of a new more toshiba walks (descriptions of control in guru3d likes im any current in these),
to the equal that offer the substitution anticipated if the walk is/defective taking...

Another sews the does not like : . Sensor/of data info is roughly 30-50 other frames, as less easy to relieve potential questions.
Means my smaller walk and more economic is SP 60GB, and although the shows fold a quantity of info.

A benchmark has been done with LIKE THIS SSD benchmark on recently formatted walk, file of test 1GB measured likes sound a stock setting.
Prime minister pic is SP A55 (256GB), according to one is mine 5 and Vector with roughly 30TB written to Nand, to compare
(and his 128GB that is usually slower of same model in 250GB).. ~
4 / 5 Julia
Mark sure transmission of ide the achi way in yours BIOS. Before I changed it it rig/ it writes in 300 east.
5 / 5 Theresa
We are the sales of Computers and tent of reparation. I have been selling refurbished computers partorisca 5 years now. We begin partorisca sell refurbished computers with only SSD walks in them roughly done 2 years. Funds and begun to the use Can of the silicon driven the little on done the year. I have ordered 94 of these walks. On some last 3 months have had 12 computers gone back in with deaths SSDs. Ossia The impressive quantity of bad walks. It does not buy these walks. Spent the little extra and take the better mark. We do not allege a guarantee because these walks are like this bad the so only would create more work partorisca we substitute a bad some with a same walk. We substitute all some walks deaths with a Samsung EVO SSDs and has taken so only a loss in some walks partorisca be able to of the silicon.
1 / 5 Neoma
The price adds, in roughly 6 month there is purchaced roughly 16 hard walks, in a process partorisca clone some the hard walks have had subjects with 2, in a prime minister a has decided them the reinstall an operating system, when it has run them in the subject same in a second hard walk, has decided them call support of technology, like this punctual a car has automated the calm response can say is running of the house, no an office, the lady of the support of technology said the reinstall a software partorisca clone and partorisca try again, one cloning proces careers among the 60-80 and to say you to contact support, tries them call support again my call never goring trough likes has blocked my number.

has had another subject with the 3rd hard walk, once again any answered on support of technology , when we the fist has begun to buy a Silicious Power SSd the walks were utmost, has recommended to other people, a new plus SSD is does not look to have a same quality like this once buys in a past
1 / 5 Yessenia
It CAN spend from time to time, but this drives basically was unreliable and frequently would not look in a system when kicking. Tried by means of 3 different systems and frequently a walk so only would go off-line and disappear. This would result in stray data or corrupted (felizmente maintenances of the backups). Ossia One of some walks of sides go down there, and has taken it casualidad in the to save some money but I will take the Western Digital or Samsung walks partorisca go forward. This was the 'the conscious cost' compraventa, will not be that he that again. The good money has spent $ 20-$ 30 More thinks them. Hopefully Are the out of (each costruttore has failures), but will not be squandering time in another. Note: His support firmware/the software of walk is also rubbishes, has clashed frequently. It does not sustain Windows 10 well.
1 / 5 Jerome
I have built the new rig partorisca my woman partorisca substitute an aging Athlon II SYSTEM of 2012. If it do not use a SSD like yours strolls in 2018 is by train of the bad. I have opted partorisca this Power of Silicon SSD in a 250GB capacity. I have not listened never of or experience of Power of first Silicon, but some other positive critics looked praiseworthy and has a lot of the few reports of failures, as I have decided to give the the gone. Has 3D NAND and was incredibly economic, as I have imagined could not go terribly bad. A walk is incredibly light, so much so that it was has almost has concerned was at all more than the plastic shell. A walk has threaded ray-holes to the long of both a side and a fund, as the ones of the options in trace. My chance there has been provisions for both, and trace 'walk' against a motherboard-side of a chance, vertically. A walk is a lot quickly, are not a class to write this owes speed-try my walks, but fry he-boots the Windows 10 in roughly 10 second or less, and awake to sleep almost instantly. Action-for-dollar like this far is exceptional. If it does not fail never on I will update a description, but like this far like this good.
5 / 5 Darnell
Diskmark Said is 3070 speed . Ossia A good part now partorisca a bad. I have been building computer partorisca thirty years and I have not been never like this perplexed in the piece of hardware. I have researched an internet reinstalled this numerous time and dip each imaginable setting in a bios. This walk will not be able to be used like the walk of boot. It was on half one prejudices that it looks for to imagine out of it partorisca do and are in the loss. Windows sees It a bios sees it while I am dipped in uefi/legasy grieve place bios to uefi the half my walks disappears in bios. I have bought this partorisca the walk of boot but now a walk of expensive storage. Also when I have run setup the windows is in a walk so only will not kick partorisca expect that this helps any partorisca do the decision as to stroll it partorisca buy. It does not know it is this mark or no. But a lot of fallido.
1 / 5 Abraham
Seeing as well as the amazon has begun lumping some descriptions of the together multiple products, will specify a model here. This description is partorisca a Sr.2 NVMe 256GB Walk and any 1TB SSD that the majority of the descriptions in this section are covering. Amazon Of lacking partorisca east, a lot me.

In all the chance, this little walk offers the value adds partorisca he is qualified, and action. It is perfect partorisca one strolls It To you and the careers reasonably cool down cariche.

An only with can list is in of the considerations to some foolishly have situated stickers in a walk. Then again all the M.2 walks have an on at least one of his chips. If it love use of mark of the heatsink, will have to take a sticker and void yours guarantees. Ossia The universal question with all the M.2 walks and he would have to that be illegal to the equal that interferes with laws of guarantee in countries and a lot of states.

Otherwise, This little strolls just works, and does like this with the speed adds. Well the value that takes partorisca $ or less.
5 / 5 Mi
Bought this in late May, installed Mac in the and has used he partorisca roughly 5 month before changing portable and taking the new SSD. Faster That the hard walk, but no like this quickly like my others walks (Samsung, etc). Pulled he of the mine MacBook more collected tonight, backed on, formatted the NTFS partorisca install Windows. Last until installation of engine, where he promptly has frozen, bluescreened, and now no longer mountain or format. I have had felizmente an occasion partorisca back it on before it die, but be conscious you can not be like this lucky choose buy this walk.

Update 1/31/18:
the looks of costruttore partorisca be honoring guarantee, but apparently am responsible partorisca pay surpasses. Not cooling.

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 1TB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Susana
I have bought one 256 GB version and his perfect to join with my Samsung S10 telephone. Using mere any application of utility of the file, and can limit he in a telephone (USB of uses-C connection) and backup all the directories of interns and external (SD) walks. Also it limits in any Computer with connection of USB to transfer files in/of tlphonique/of computer in/of this portable walk. It accelerates very Fast and a lot the product has done well. Kudo IS...
4 / 5 Lurline
I have purchased 2 of these cards, and each what so there is outperformed cual thought was the better mark .

Although all the cards are estimated Classifies 10, UHS-1, his action is wildly different. This card consistently can read died in 85MB/s.

Has take this card of necessity, and results to be the very legit updates in action of the thought of the card beat it easily. We are speaking 20-30% margins here.
5 / 5 Paulette
Has more time of video that life of stack when posed this in a camera!

That is to say the big 'when'. It finds this wants to this through any SATA III READER in a HP Common or an USB 3.0 adapter. Some speeds are better this has published! I abuse one of these with scrolling of access and heavy data for the year now.

Requires a SD card to extend storage in the mini PC, looks no further.
5 / 5 Roxanna
Well R/W Speed with USB 3! The only thing is was the elder concealed expected and an USB C port looks the small toneless. But so far it sounds to do well, have to see so is a test of time and use!
4 / 5 Antionette
That is to say a cheap plus 64GB SDXC card in Amazon while I am writing east. A side besides, is cheap, is the fast reader , works in my camera, but is a card to write more dulcemente that possesses. If this was the most expensive card , an account of star would be three.

HAS the Nikon D5100 and some works of card. A camera can read and write in him well, has taken video in 1920x1080 1080p and a card has done.

HAS two readers of card, Transcend Sper Accelerates very-reader of card (TS-RDF8K) and it USB 2.0 reader of card that is coming with my Dell XPS-8700.

Will use a term 'try' loosely, the comparison is more so he.

This card is hurriedly, is transferring files out of him; USB 3.0 speeds have been achieved. But write in is another history . This card is 45% more dulcemente write that some three cards have compared he in in an USB 2.0 reader, written in 16 MBs/s any one which write of subject or measure to of the archive was.

One 'test' was to discover why mine Transcend USB 3.0 reader was more dulcemente write that my USB 2.0 reader. I have compared 4 it classifies 10 cards (he SanDisk Extreme 32GB, SanDisk 16GB, Transcend 32GB 300x and this a). It writes jpegs, nefs, and mov files. I have tried it use them blended while they are in the dossier of a camera and then tried to write some files for type. Any one that reader of subject of the card has used, this card was a more dulcemente.

This card there has been a more he dulcemente accelerate writing of a four, and a speed reads was slightly faster. If you are looking for the card to use in the big end 4k camcorder, this could not be a card. If you are looking for the card changes that it downloads your files hurriedly, then that is to say a card .
5 / 5 Stephenie
A lot hurriedly the read and write the speeds are essential for my work like the photographer. The power of silicon provides a proportion of the action of the better prize has found still.. And I have used a lot of marks of SD Card some years. I use in my Pentax K-S2 that requires the fast card to do in his best. Any complaint at all in a Power of Silicon 64GB has purchased. A lot he the one acts well and is sure will last me the long time.
5 / 5 Keila
Good works! I am quite happy with a R/W Speed! :)
5 / 5 Elmo
It arrives hurriedly and was bundled amiably. Minimum instructions, only the manual. Wine pre-formatted in FAT32, which bad you can not have files in 4GB as I will owe format the in ex-FAT or NTFS. Well heft In him, weighty and happy to listen is test of the drop/of accident milite has certified, while I am by train for the use like an external and walk of backup.
5 / 5 Malika
My ipod the hard walk clashed and after doing the investigation in the substitution strolls hard found an alternative solution that will do a ipod more durable. There is a card of adapter that can substitute a walk takes in your ipod. Calm usually limit the card to flash compact by heart in an adapter and then uses that what new hard walk for a ipod. Even so, now have the CF adapter that leave you to use a SD card like your memory that is cheaper and more durable. I have found an adapter and CF in SD the conversor on-line in www.tarkan.info and found this 64 GB SDXC card in Amazon for the very reasonable prize. Desprs Took an adapter and CF in SD conversor of Tarkan has inserted a SD card in a CF in SD adapter, plugged concealed in a HD adapter and plugged an integer setup in my ipod. Turned my ipod on, reloaded software of apple, synched my ipod in itunes and has my ipod behind. A Silicious Power SD the card is doing perfectly. There is has not had any problem synching my musician or with a ipod. The better part in this conversion is that More i need the memory can purchase 128 GB and covers he in in a CF in SD the adapter and the be arrive and run any time.

At the beginning found a mark to Be able in of the when Silicious looked for a hard walk external laptop. SP Offers to 3 guarantee of year when all other manufacturers offer only the guarantee of year. I have purchased a HD and has done perfectly took it since so decided to take it casualidad in a SD card by heart and happy has done. He some subjects is supposed in.

Wants to renew your ipod likes him fact or need a SD card by heart for your camera or another electronics give this company tries it. Has two of his products and has not been disappointed.

Strongly recommends.
5 / 5 Micheal
It was preoccupied quite which well a card would be been due to a good prize, but felizmente, some works of card only well. Has so memory while it declares (some was cards of the mark will say that this has 64g, but in reality has very less) is very pleased

Top Customer Reviews: Silicon Power 2TB ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Stasia
I want like a cord is the cord of USB ! Easily you cover to a walk he and to my pc. I plan to buy another when my leaves of estimativa.