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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5 Aja
I have bought only 2 of these here included in Amazon. They are one 3 TB for $ 91.99 each which as this Dec. 2016.
So far is very pleased. The left wing is taking in some stuff other descriptions have no coated still.
Consumption of boot: 5.08v 0.50a
goes consumption: 5.06v 0.22a
consumption of Sleep: 5.06v 0.03a (a characteristic sweet to save a life of a walk, any perceivable I awake on for my use of backup)
Writes consumption: 5.01v 0.48a Windows10 said 38 MBs/s average. (USB3.0)
The consumption has Read: 5.06v 0.22a Windows10 said 1.61gb/s average. (USB3.0)
likes his of an extra endeavour in this description, to the left know me. Thank you.
5 / 5 Jarred

Has looked for the MAC walk of backup of machine to time and remarked some external walks tagged so MAC was $ 10 - $ 15 more. I have read then a Q&One in this walk and any one have data some the majority of perfect instructions:

'right out of a box is not Mac ready, but a solution is real easy. You go in of the Utilities and has opened for on Utility of Disk. With a walk plugged in, select it and go in one Erases tab and would have to have the card of low drop with Format. It selects Mac the calm and the click erases and after that is to say fact , a walk would have to be formatted for Mac and can save in the content of your heart.'

Only could attach where to find Utility of the disk in case perhaps the has not known ... In the finder goes in a dossier of applications and in this dossier is utilities and in this dossier is utility of disk .

Likes person in Q&A toe and a second has been done reformatting the box is come up asking has wanted this walk like the walk of backup of machine of time. I have said yes, and in 107 bren has been done. The colour impressed me!

Has taken one 1 tb walk so that has the 1tb 21.5' iMac of Nov 2013.

Expects these helps any one. I will update this description later so in longevity of a walk.

UPDATE: May 6, 2018
7 month later and this small walk of backup which would have to he . The May HAS REQUIRED to use some files tent, but is well to learn some files are there. Periodically I control to do sure my Mac is recording in this walk and he perfectly like the walk of machine of the time.
5 / 5 Inge
This has exited perfectly for me! Has the laptop with an a lot of plot of pictures in the. Alas some look for to be duplicated and there are so many different dossiers and the pictures was very hard to organise them all and take duplicate. While my laptop is running well, is taking older and will have to be substituted sometime. I have not wanted to lose all my pictures has to it way that be trying salvarprpers in clave by heart. A tax of scrolling was very dulcemente with clave by heart. Quan Took this walk takes, turned of my computer totally, plugged in a walk takes, and then begun in a computer. A computer has accepted one taking and loaded walk all an engine very hurriedly. I have begun to copy my files of picture in an external walk and could not think what hurriedly a tax of scrolling was. It opens to Have all my photos and some clips of video in this external hard walk. Perhaps in a future will be able to organise them better and deletes any duplicates but, for now, everything is sure in my external hard walk new. Highly it recommends that this walk takes for all the world.
1 / 5 Lakiesha
It does not have to take several bren in backup the photo of 4 megabytes. As I have recorded that the times take to write the files of thousand, each containing 100 megabytes of random numbers. For comparison, I a same thing in an old Acorndata walk that these Changes has been bought to substitute, and here the graphs is aiming some differences (imports some different vertical scales). It writes in an old Acorndata has not taken never as much as 5 bren, while written in some Changes has taken in 20 bren quite 1% of a time, and once take in 80 bren. (A bad time was 2.8 bren for an old Acorndata and 3.7 bren for some Changes of walnut.) Google calm 'why is my so slow change' (without some marks of quotation), will see that other people have this same problem.
5 / 5 Kathline
I have bought this walk so that has such big indications, included although it is formatted for PC and I have required he for the MacBook Pro - and everything of some external walks that it is already formatted for Mac is more expensive. I have connected hardly he in my MacBook, Machine of the automatically launched time and asks yes has wanted to to use some changes for the backups and I have said yes. It erases and reformatted a walk and has begun then a backup. It can not be any easy plus! These works to walk fantastically and is small and clear. It IS so impressed with concealed has bought another - for my iMac. If I need the very external walk for your Mac, can not go injustice with easterly a!
1 / 5 Dorie
Has the walks of change of the pair in this exact measure. A failed after several years of service. These new walks are horrible. I have thought at the beginning only it take it the bad a ( raisin) how I routed for the substitution. A walnut one is so bad that premier. Volume quite 20 actions transfered in him and a throughput the drops was . I am not sure it is because of heat or cual, but never augmented accelerates included after leaving chairs during an hour. (Both walks)
5 / 5 Maren
A lot of pictures of duke. Has concerns that with my be of computer the little of the old years since some day would try to turn the on and does not begin . So much, I have bought this to use like the backside up. It has Had this for the week and already filled in 100GB (that is to say with each picture, file and document concealed is in my computer). Still have the small in 800GB left! Desprs Having submerges in your computer and he any one be into use for the sure quantity of time, conclude it has been. That I amour so that if it is not being used, I quite the be was. With me taking pictures so a lot so me , this can have been a money has spent better..Another that my camera of course! :) It comes with a cord to connect he in your computer also.
5 / 5 Tad
I have purchased this purely for my Xbox work of Unit perfectly and tents all my games amiably. The value adds.
1 / 5 Nobuko
I have purchased this walk in the April 26. It die it since, more or he less done 5 weeks. Toshiba Has offered the substitution, but would lose my data, And will not extract a data for me. They do not offer such service. I have to spend the plot of money to have the basicly the new walk totally decommissioned to extract a informtion. Toshiba Wants to issue me the substitution (after I issue explodes them with or without data) in that go me to cost the small fortune. A loss of an information, can any one when being pas recovered, is priceless in me, so that that is to say cual used the backup familiar photos, videos, each iPad and iPhones etc. Could very possibly when being unhappier. In 30 years in this subject, and has to my time seen some have failed walks, but there is has not had never an external HDD data in such the low timeframe. A a time chosen to buy an external HDD for my house, and confidence to pose my information on he for afe maintaining', and dies and 15+ value of the years of information have gone at present, and no still knows can recover how much. It does not pose your confidence in this walk.

P.D. This walk has seated motionless has been since connected the. It has not had any road of jarring, and any road for an element to fall, while his backside a deep down cold PC in mine gives. I have turned my monitor of PC on and my icons would not upload unless I unlpugged an external walk. This was an initial beginning in that at the end comes from in simply be an external HDD. Any access of walk, and the busy rests. I have taken a walk in a tent and hooked the in the PC of work before any extensive troubleshooting. Same behaviour, as well as an always remaining walk occupied and not leaving never access. Yes, has the card of the walk and all the necessary steps have been taken to determine a problem. All the world pleases type in 'Toshiba Basics HDD' and see how many subjects automatically come up in a searcher with everything of some people of subjects are having with this walk.
5 / 5 Jazmin
Bought this to develop a memory in my PS4 and the sound adds. World-wide aide, can say is not compatible some first time tries format he, only left the plugged and reboot a console
5 / 5 Dwight

Has looked for the MAC walk of backup of car of time and there is remarked some external walks labeled like this MAC was $ 10 - $ 15 more. I then read a Q&One in this walk and any one have given some the majority of perfect instructions:

'right out of a box is not Mac ready, but a solution is real easy. You go the Utilities and open on Utilities of Disk. With a walk plugged in, select it and go to one Erases tab and would have to that have the drop down paper with Format. It selects Mac YOU and the click erases and with which ossia fact , a walk would owe that be formatted partorisca Mac and can save to the content of your heart.'

So only could add where partorisca find Utility of Disk in the calm chance has not known ... In the finder goes to a file of applications and in this file is utility and in this file is utility of disk .

Has done so that a person in Q&A said and a second is fact reformatting the box has come up asking has wanted to use this walk like the walk of backup of car of time. I have said yes, and interior 107 seconds have been done. The colour impressed!

Has taken one 1 tb stroll reason has the 1tb 21.5' iMac of Nov 2013.

Expects that this helps any one. I will update this description later so the longevity of a walk.

UPDATE: May 6, 2018
7 month later and this little walk of backup which would have to that he. We have not required never to use some files tents, but is good to know some files are there. Periodically I control to do sure my Mac is registering in this walk and works perfectly like the walk of car of the time.
4 / 5 Alyson
Has bought so only 2 of these here included on Amazon. They are one 3 TB for $ each one which as this Dec. 2016.
Like this far am very pleased. To the left it is taking to some stuff other descriptions have not covered still.
Consumption of boot:
Go them consumption:
consumption of Sleep: (a sweet characteristic to save a life of a walk, any noticeable wake-up for my use of backup)
Writes consumption: Windows10 has said 38 MB/s half. (USB3.0)
the consumption has read: Windows10 the half has said. (USB3.0)
like -you an extra endeavour in this description, to the left know me. Thank you.
4 / 5 Shandi
This is exited perfectly for me! Has the laptop with an a lot of plot of pictures on that. Unfortunately some look for to be duplicate and there are so many different dossiers and the pictures was very hard to organise them all and take duplicate. While my laptop is running well, is taking older and will have to that be substituted sometime. I have not wanted to lose all my pictures owe that way that be trying salvarprpers in claves by heart. A tax of scrolling was very slow with claves by heart. When I have received this hard walk, has turned of my computer entirely, plugged in a hard walk, and then begun on a computer. A computer has accepted a hard and loaded walk all some engine a lot quickly. I have begun to copy my files of picture to an external walk and could not think that quickly a tax of scrolling was. Now I have all my photos and some clips of video in this hard walk outside. Perhaps in a future will be able to organise them better and delete any duplicates but, for now, everything is sure in my hard walk new outside. Highly it recommends this hard walk for all the world.
4 / 5 Tobias
Does not have to that take diverse second the backup the photo of 4 megabytes. As I have registered that the times take to write the files of thousand, each containing 100 megabytes of random numbers. For comparison, I a same thing in an old Acorndata walk that this Canvio has been bought to substitute, and here is graphs aiming some differences (alcohols some different vertical scales). Writing to an old Acorndata has not taken never so as 5 seconds, while writing to a Canvio there is taken on 20 second roughly 1 of a time, and has taken once on 80 seconds. (A bad time was 2.8 seconds for an old Acorndata and 3.7 seconds for some new Canvio.) Google calm 'reason is my canvio like this slow' (without some frames of quotation), will see that other people have this same question.
5 / 5 Jeniffer
Have the pair Canvio walks in this measure esatta. A fracasado after several years of service. These new walks are horrible. I have thought at the beginning so only it take the bad a ( raisin) to the equal that has sent for the substitution. A new one is like this bad likes first. Volume roughly 20 actions transfered his and a throughput the drops was . I am not sure it is due to hot or as, but he never augmented accelerates even after leaving chairs for an hour. (Both walks)
5 / 5 Ethel
has bought this walk because there are such big indications, included although it is formatted for PC and I have required he for the MacBook Pro - and everything of some external walks that is already formatted still Macs is more expensive. I connected it you grieve to the mine MacBook, Car to Time automatically launched and the request yes has wanted to use a Canvio for the backups and I have said yes. It erases and reformatted a walk and has begun then a backup. It can not be any easy plus! These works to walk fantastically and is small and light. It was impressed like this with him that has bought another - for my iMac. If I need the good external walk for your Mac, calm can any gone bad with east a!
5 / 5 Joey
Has purchased this walk on April 26th. It has died of then, he roughly done 5 weeks. Toshiba Has offered the substitution, but would lose my data, And will not extract a data for me. They do not offer such service. I owe that spend the plot of money to have the basicly the new walk entirely dismantled to extract a informtion. Toshiba Loves me send the substitution (with which send him mine with or without data) in that I go to cost the small fortune. A loss of an information, if it can not be recovered, is priceless mine, reason ossia that have used the backup photo familiarised, video, all iPad and iPhones etc. Could very possibly be unhappier. On 30 years in this subject, and my times have seen some have failed walks, but has has not had never an outside HDD die in such the short timeframe. Some some times choose to buy of the outsides HDD for my house, and confidence to dip my information on he partorisca afe maintaining', and dies and 15+ value of the years of information has gone at present, and a lot still was the one who can be recovered. It does not dip your confidence in this walk.

P.D. This walk has seated stationary went it of then has connected. It has not had any way of jarring, and any way for an element to fall, as it seats for behind a PC in the cold paving in mine give. I have turned my monitor of PC on and my icons would not upload unless I unlpugged an external walk. This was an initial start to that finally try simply be an outside HDD. Any access of walk, and the rests have occupied. I have taken a walk to a tent and hooked the to the PC of first work of any along troubleshooting. Same behaviour, as well as a walk whenever it remains busy and not leaving never access. Yes, has the paper of the walk and all the necessary steps have been taken to determine a question. All the world pleases type in 'Toshiba Basics HDD' and see those that subjects automatically come up in a researcher with everything of some people of subjects are having with this walk.
4 / 5 Dara
I formatted he partorisca Mac YOU and a backup of Time of Car felizmente. Has another outside this taking hourly backups. This one would be was-system for monthly backups. When I have taken he out of my cupboard after a month, any mountain in a Mac. It take a clicking his that another reviewers has mentioned. A Mac will locate or read the. I have called Toshiba sustains. An agent of support has recognised basically that a clicking touch it and that the trace is not the subject known. It says 'Ninety percent of these walks do well.' As the Toshiba employed of support of the technology in essence has admitted that ten percent of his lacking walks. You touch these odds with your data? My window of the turn of the Amazon has finalised a day before this failure. Strongly it recommends that it DO not BUY this product. And my recommendation the Toshiba is would have to that improve his manufacture and process of control of the quality.
4 / 5 Wanda
Takes A lot of pictures. I have had it concerns that with my computer when being the few old years of then some day would try to turn the on and does not begin . So much, I have bought this to use like the backside up. I have had this for the week and already fill up on on 100GB (ossia with each picture, file and document concealed is in my computer). Still I have the little on 800GB has left! After having it submerged to your computer and he no when being a lot into use for the sure quantity of time, to the closure was. That I amour because it is not used, I quite the be was. With me taking to pictures like this a lot of taste to them , this can have been of the better money owe my camera of course! :) It comes with a cord to connect to your computer also.
5 / 5 Hassan
I already have 5 Toshiba Canvio walks, the nov. has bought 2013 (HDTC610-1TB), Feb. 2014 (HDTC610-1TB), Sep. 2015 (HDTB220-2TB), Feb. 2016 (HDTB310-1TB), and May 2017 (HDTB320-2TB), and has not had never any questions with any of them, as I have imagined to order another would be the no-brainer. WRONG... In the first place, although a listing is for a HDTB320-2TB, has received the HDTB420-2B. I have imagined to be so only the model the new plus, as I accepted it of then the Toshiba Canvio 2TB is the Toshiba Canvio 2TB. WRONG AGAIN!!! While some other 5 walks are still purring to the long of without @@subject, this walk fracasado after a second use like the backup, and now just clicks! So only looking in a physical walk, this walk is not like this robust as older Canvio the walks have mentioned. Money down a drain!
4 / 5 Vanesa
I have purchased this purely partorisca my Xbox A. Work perfectly and stores all my games amiably. The value adds.
5 / 5 Monika
Has bought this partorisca develop a memory in mine PS4 and the sound adds. Consultor World-wide, can say is not compatible some first time tries formed he, so only the leave plugged and reboot a console
5 / 5 Shakira
And here go again, partorisca one 2nd time, this walk has failed with which 6 month of use. All of the sudden, the walk fails partorisca be recognised and informs a data is corrupted. That? Of then at all it has been written his in month, his be powered was more than his be powered on. I have lost 800+ action of data, again. It suspects these produced is neither the swipe was or the esfurbished' neither desquels is indicated in an ad. I will not purchase again. Going with the SSD of another costruttore, gives up in toshiba.
4 / 5 Leontine
Has three laptops the, and MacBook Pro, and old Dell that career in of the windows 7 and the new HP that career in of the windows 10. I have bought this element so that it can transfer all my files of some old HD this was so only readable for a Dell that careers in of the windows 7. Waits that can download files partorisca both Windows and Mac, as first what was partorisca connect this my Mac and the have formatted automatically - this was the deception . With which can a lot included find a walk when connected to some other two computers. Any question, I formatted a HD again and this time was able of the see on all three laptops it. I am spent the whole day today downloading all my files of some old HD (films, music, pictures, documents, etc.) Is the a lot of long, slow process. I am using my Windows 7 laptop, of then is an only a concealed would leave me partorisca access an old HD. When I Have been done, has verified a Toshiba HD and all the files were there, has opened included the little without questions. I have then decided to change to a computer a new plus so that it can organise some files more efficiently. Imagine my surprise when I have verified a walk and all have found was the file partorisca Windows 10 upgrade (WTF!?). I have verified a walk with some other two computers and sure enough, ossia all there is. When it has done this raisin? Where Have all my files gone? The majority of these have gone partorisca always reason erased him of an old walk - foreseen in those launches that aways once a scrolling has been done. A enormity of this loss does not have any paste fully me still, but needless partorisca say, are not the happy to camp. I have bought a container of extra recovery - that it would be necessary has been it the look when they have offered to to that likes him to him the course of a container. This thing is going back and hopefully my files can be recovered - no happy at all.

Before any one asks, yes, I control partorisca has hid files, all the files have gone, gone, gone.
5 / 5 Kelvin
A walk has done a lot well and quickly some first time have has wanted to do the update of computer. (Bought in Nov 2017). When I have tried the backup my computer again in January 2018, was incredibly slow to transfer files. I thought that it that it was my computer (less than 1 yr old) with 20GB of when I have tried he with my old plus Toshiba 1TB the walks do well. As something wrong with a walk. A lot disappointed. I will not buy this big of the walk again! Model HDTB330XK3CA.
5 / 5 Tamra
Has ordered this device and the Power of Silicon 5TB walk of portable USB with intent partorisca use them partorisca scrolling and external storage of means comunicacionales with my ThinkPad the xenon that careers Ubuntu 16 and Synology DS418play. A Toshiba that at all perfectly but questions with a walk partorisca Be able to of the Silicon. AS ORDERLY Toshiba. The walk-copies of walk of 600GB afterwards to 100dry/MB (NTFS-&62;BTRFS). State moving around 30GB Blue-files of Ray partorisca the week without the only hic-cup.

So only partorisca grins has tried a time of plus with a walk partorisca Be able to of the first Silicon of the send behind. No more than 6GB first of any stops of the copy and I have to that unplug a walk manually. More than half a time his impossible to included unmount a walk and roughly 1/3 of a time a no soft laptop reboot. These looks partorisca be the Seagate/subject of Linux - mostly Seagate. Has three another Seagate USB 2/3 2.5' walks that tries a same behaviour.

Is looking for The big capacity, compact solution partorisca connect to the derivative of Linux, while some walks partorisca Be able to of the look of Silicon partorisca appeal, strongly suggests partorisca stick with a Toshiba. Both a Basics and Connect II looks partorisca do perfectly.

An only thing am not impressed terribly with east a receptacle in a walk and a boss of USB has distributed. A receptacle feels bit it delicate and IMHO a boss is quell'has bitten short and does not look partorisca be a better quality. Some bosses are thin and courts which can be utmost took the office or table but things of real mark dicey yes is trying law with the laptop in your lap. Better utilisation - more along - And bosses in place of a boss distributed out of habit, but has tried one has has distributed bosses and has not looked partorisca have any one subject.


All the walks have been tried in Ubuntu fully patched with three different file systems - Ext4, Btrfs and NTFS, and Windows 7 (fully patched). The laptop uses interior SSDs running Ext4. The tests were inner to outsides, outsides to outsides and outsides to interiors. The disks have been connected to laptop USB3 ports and a ANKER, outsides 7-port hub that career to a ThinkPad cradle. The walks were animal-partitioned and animal-formated using both Linux and Windows.

NTFS formating In the leaves of external walks partorisca portability among LADY and Linux, but obviously externals formated with Ext?, Btrfs, Etc. (ANY NTFS) yields a better action.
5 / 5 Dorthey
Well A nave was adds. A box looked well.
Ossia Where arrive. I have read a small paper that came it talent. Closed of my computer has connected to the unused port of USB and has begun my computer. Then while something adds. At all. It does not act. They are bummed. It has been for Caffè and I any Caffè same of drink.
A lot I king researches tomorrow when I go back to do.

Was really that looks forward to this working but am now a lot disappointed in Toshiba.

I costs Update today April 2 2019.
After looking for in a web in a question has found a response and was able to download engine and see a hard walk. Work quite good and desire have come with engine in the but apparently no.
All have has had to that it was to go to a poster of control, Then Fixes, Then Protect of System, Then Held of System, Then under the hardware selects Manager of the device then identifies an USB (partorisca unplug and plugging in partorisca remark he) then the select and engine of the update and he have begun to do!
Ossia Everything !!! It classifies of the ache and I wish a vendor had known this. They are not an only person the one who there has been this question.
5 / 5 Lasonya
This hard walk has done perfectly for some premiers 6 months. With which conceal, was touch and go. Sometimes it was recognised, sometimes he no. He then done 3 month, paralizaciones to be recognised at all. Has has lost pictures of friends no longer living , my pair, my nephews, all my music and games, and the plot of documents of entities. Reading some other descriptions, are in no way an only one with this question. You save a question. It does not buy the Toshiba hard walk outside. It is not to value a risk to lose that it is of yours entity.
5 / 5 Jeanna
Bought this hard walk for my daughter for university in 2015. Fact very partorisca 2years then suddenly there is prendido to do in 2018. A hard walk has not connected in any device. The scrolling by means of the descriptions of user there is @@give here that perhaps a boss was one is! A work of hard walk adds but my joint would be to buy an extra boss in chance perhaps finds this subject: :// it Can it do not give 5 stars for this reason.
4 / 5 Maragaret
Failed with which 5 month. In the first place he the noise partorisca snap roughly done two month. For a last month til now at all GO a walk. Any well for the product bought like the substitution for my old backup. Esp Of then feels in his box for 2 month before have pulled he in. Going thru a process of turn and does not have any one walks of substitution. The only option is to take the CC with the credit in the, IF they agree it after I his topmast a walk. Any one happy with my prime minister Toshiba compraventa of walk, at all.

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba Canvio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lore
Colour: RedCapacity: 1TBStyle: Classical has bought this based in some descriptions and he have been bad shortly after a time of the turn of the Amazon there is expired. I imagined it it was not the question to the equal that have called on Toshiba partorisca the substitution and while a person that bosses a call was a lot a process is horrible. I owe that send a substitution in my cost and in 5-7 weeks will send me the paper of seen with a quantity in bases in his valuation. And some instructions the band is extremely rigid forcing additonal packing costs . How it is it was partorisca a unit, in the $ 1 partorisca pack material and partorisca one shipping a perhaps so only perhaps will take the paper of present in 5-7 weeks of now in the closings to be determinate value.

Does not judge business when the things go bad, but I his judge on that when it goes bad. In this chance is hardly value an endeavour and partorisca a substitution will look elsewhere.
5 / 5 Janine
Colour: BlackCapacity: 2TBStyle: Contemporary Purchased course 9 - has uploaded the up with documents partorisca take with me partorisca the travesa of month long in April to the equal that can do in mine portable with files has saved of my desk PC. A walk there is prendido partorisca do when it was so only 30 old days on April 9. Apparently ossia the subject common partorisca this unit because when I Googled regarding the fix has had hundreds of pages in a subject. They are now behind in my office and has expected when I plugged he in the desk PC suddenly can begin working - that perhaps a subject was with my port of portable - no such regime - some lights a lot they was come on and can not access some files at all or included follow some of some fixed, likes: rename a paper of walk, reinstall one or/s, reformat a walk.

And, oh for a way, a last date of turn was April 9! Some paralizaciones of same day partorisca do!
4 / 5 Deena
Colour: BlueCapacity: 2TBStyle: Classical With light use, this walk has failed completey inner 4 month of compraventa. All the data has lost, and a walk can not be repaired in any Windows or Mac. Note that Toshiba the guarantee does not cover your data, and is difficult to do with (little list to leave for guarantee). It DOES not BUY THIS WALK. BUY A WALK OF ANY ONE ANOTHER THAT TOSHIBA.
5 / 5 Thelma
Colour: RedCapacity: 2TBStyle: CONTEMPORARY UPDATE: A walk was 2 old weeks less and is not never state transported when you go faulty. The thousands of files have gone and unrecoverable has included after long $ is spent the recovery has specialised on. Any help or contact of Toshiba anything, in general the economic and useless product. It has had 4-5 WD walks in years that is not never state faulty, unless simply it do not concern on your data does not purchase one of Toshibas walks. I will not sustain him never or the product so only produces again.

Doing the very very odd clicking sound and is not me leaving files of movement to another walk. Has 4 that does of paid of clients in this ossia at present in limbo. It can be recovered, can any one, but a lot something concealed has to that it does not have to that never be concerned roughly with one of these walks. You take the WD and does not go through this stress.
4 / 5 Dee
Colour: BlackCapacity: 1TBStyle: Classical This the fact of hard walk partorisca two days and then no . I have downloaded a lot of critical files in this hard walk during these two days and now does not act . Shabbier want to $ 100 to try to extract some files but has said to be able to probably side more. Toshiba Has said to be able to return a unit for another but would not help me has created my critical files. They are not that it sends this walk last the Toshiba for the turn with personal files has tent on that. Not to buy it ! A nightmare!
4 / 5 Hal
Colour: BlueCapacity: 1TBStyle: Contemporary has purchased this the backup my MacBook. A description does not have says very roughly when be used like the backup partorisca Macs, but has decided to purchase the anyways. I plugged he in and a MacBook automatically formatted the and has begun a process of backup. They are very impressed that quickly retreats on my computer. It is also good and small.
4 / 5 Sandi
Colour: BlackCapacity: 1TBStyle: Classical A software that comes with this backed on my old PC with Windows 7. This in spite of, using it on my new Dell PC that Windows of careers 10 was at all but questions. A subject of prime minister has found lacked of Backup of System, which copies everything of your operating system and files of program. The emailed support of product and has been said to in the first place tries to run 'chkdsk' in mine Dell partorisca correct any one subject with a hard walk. This looked partorisca solve a question. This in spite of, every time have tried to run the backup & of dossiers of the files in a Dell the only Applications of scrolling and Files of Data, any music, documents, photos or same video although it have selected these files partorisca backup. The emailed support of has produced again, but a response asked the one who those files have tried the backup, included although it have specified that it has selected it music, photo, video & of documents in mine email. This was a last straw ; any one has programmed bad the virtual assistants that answered his emails of support or his people a lot fully read one him. It is it is returned.
5 / 5 Trinh
Colour: BlueCapacity: 2TBStyle: Classical A word that describes - "Of confidence". Ossia My favourite mark of hard walk outside. It comes very packed and is easy covers it and game. I also like a fact that does not heat on when you are transferring given among a Hard Walk and your laptop or computer. Having USB 3.0 helps like transfer of the data is faster.

The hips comes with the software of backup (NTI) which is simply crappy :), especially a scheduler. Sad but ossia the free Software and has not bought your hard walk that knows that has this free Software has comprised. Still if you do not resupply a software, your hard walk is still a better.
Does not take Me wrong people, if you are not very organised (does not file your documents, pictures systematically), this Software will be useful. In another hand is very organised, knows exactly to the equal that to the backup and he will be quickly without a software.

Another thing is a life of a walk. It have to that last in fact a lot of years but precise sure calms no the insults and maintain he in the chance of confidence.
Also, sure mark that is not an only source of your backup. I maintain two behind-ups of my critical data.

There is posted A unboxing video for this harddrive and chance for this harddrive.
Can look for one that is still in youtube: "Unboxing & Use of Toshiba Canvio Connect II & Amazonbasics chance of external hard walk".

Thank you!
5 / 5 Nelle
Colour: RedCapacity: 1TBStyle: Classical has purchased this element last year and less than the work of bad year. I give it to 3 star, because he well until a subject, but has not been happy with Toshiba final decision. It was a final decision that swung me the included write this description. I have called service of client once and has been thru a subject, but then when I have thought that that it was solved, listened or has seen at all among a topmast. I have had to call service of client in Toshiba the second time and they have tried to assist me again. Unfortunately a final result has been he could not take my personal information out of a device and an only way to take the paper of present in a value of a hard walk, was for the turn. I have not felt the comfortable sending has retreated the hard walk that has had all my information in the to some random company although they have declared would destroy a device. Like this after all a work that looks for to imagine out of that to do, has decided to fall a guarantee to take another device. If they know a product is acting bad, a company would be necessary to leave me partorisca drill a hole in a device sends it to them and take a paper of present. It conceal also it was the surprise that takes the paper of present in place of another device, but this was the subject small has compared to a fact that has lost my information and a final result was has had to decide any to annoy with a guarantee after several conversations of telephone and emails. Needless To say, will not take another Toshiba device.
5 / 5 Genia
Colour: RedCapacity: 1TBStyle: Classical No longer works, bought because of the descriptions add to store old photos. Used once and has been so only to add more the photos have recovered of an old computer and does not act. A lot disappointed and now my pictures have gone. It does not recommend this product

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba N300 4TB ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Delbert
Has 4096 byte physical sectors (the difference that a lot another reviewer said) and pursue well. It generates heat during reading and that writes that he he unsuitable partorisca the small, any-enclosure of defender (the mine has taken to 53 terracings Celsius, so only 2 terracings under his maximum operative temperature). An only IN The the server has used has a lot of defenders and his IN I the walks of qualities generate hot looked. If you are dipping the walk like this in the cradle, is traditional to orient a cradle like chairs to walk vertically; in this walk has seen the 5 terracings C raisin for to move my walk of horizontal the vertical.

Has attached the picture that tries has 4096 sectors of byte to disprove the one who any one another reviewer has written.
1 / 5 Charlette
I have purchased two N300 6TB HDD partorisca my new IN The. With which the installed the and maintain running, everything are adds.
6 month later, one of a HDD has aimed the Bad sectors are exited and can not be used partorisca east IN The.
Has tried to contact Toshiba of his Place of Web, ask me to us partorisca resupply a Part gave them to them a Number of Part, has taken any response anything around 2 weeks. Interest the never never purchse such of Toshiba Produced anymore.
Looks a lot afterwards service at all.
1 / 5 Jacalyn
A first disk has developed bad sectors with which 2 weeks of use and so only 3TB has taken has fill. The majority of my files is lost the corruption.
Partorisca A substitution that the amazon sent, so only 1.3 TB was readable.
This is to be use in the desk the half and some disks have been used like bulk storage. Any frequent writing.
1 / 5 Louanne
Bought 2 partorisca mine IN The, one is lasted so only 2 days before:
GOES 197: Sector During Current
GO 198: Uncorrectable Accounts of Sector
doing it useless.

What good has bought them a big-Reliability.....
1 / 5 Sabine
Bought two of these partorisca situate to the IN The, and is some noisier walks never. Like the seasoned, 37 engineer of year of the coverage certified - I follows partorisca feel sure that these walks will fail punctual, and (hopefully) honour his guarantee partorisca return it, although they are like this disappointed- that probably will choose to not situating this mark partorisca walk to our census never again!
4 / 5 Merle
It was hesitant roughly buying hard walks of the mark another that WD or Seagate, especially of these was partorisca be used in my house IN The. 6TB So only could not be the price beaten wise to the equal that after long investigation in a N300 the series has decided to give has shot it to him. Some walks are quite quickly so that there used for (tried in the first place using SATA the usb cradle and directed to take prjimo 200MBps) has has had so only these for the weeks of pair and there are two subjects find with them. A first noise to be, these walks to do sure know when a boss is moving which is the smallest annoyance of mine IN resides THEM in my fourth but doubt more the people would have his in his room. A second is an operative temperature . Has two of these in the QNAP 231 which has fresco of the active air and both walks will achieve 46c inside the minute of activity of disk. I have found that almost all the owners remark a big plus that normal operative temperature as it is not the defective product. It averts the subjects look the good compraventa this in spite of a factor a big plus is reliability like this something goes bad will update. For a moment I am satisfied with these and would not spend on recommending these.
1 / 5 Carin
Any usually write descriptions because the majority of some elements compraventa is functional out of a box without questions, but this HDD of Toshiba was the first exception. I have very possessed drives before, and would not fail never partorisca at least 5-6 years.

Partorisca Some premiers 2 months partorisca possess this walk, all has done well, the speeds were well, but a walk was really noisy compared to the WD-Black that has, almost all other descriptions have mentioned that subject, but has thought is not to treat it big while some works of walk.

The next thing was, with which have copied some files of backup of SSD, a direction of file (of one has copied file) no longer can be deleted, moved or modified, dictate it 'the location can not be accessed'. I thought it that that can be used for another process or something likes him that, as that follows the computer restarts some windows have taken for ever to kick, and a walk was significantly slower that has expected, doing CHKDSK take stuck in phase 1 in 95 for literally 3-5 days, is stuck in same sector for more than 3 days. Has has had to that the the turn was. I have run HDD regenerator, and thousands of aim of 'has retarded sectors' and thousands of 'bad sectors', can very included be repaired reason his delay was besides a propiciado by human lifespan. The partition was Believed in this point, and all the files has been lost for ever. All tentativas of the recovery would fail because of the extreme delay read each alone sector (imagines what time take for billions of sectors).

Felizmente Was able of the turn inside a window of turn in Amazon, moral of a history: if there are a lot of bad descriptions in HDD then is for the reason, and would have to that avert likes a plague. It results, after undermining a lot in of the on-line forums, this cerain same models of reputable companies like Toshiba or WD can be prone the failure more than other models. So many when buying HDD one would have to that the look was for exact model-reputation a lot so only a mark. Toshiba Is the good mark, but this a lot of the product is the dissapointing understand.

1 / 5 Beverlee
My bad experience:

Toshiba Amsterdam
Attn: Hiroyuki Seiki
V.P. HDD Business unit
9740 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine CA 92618-1697
3 Jul 2018
the gentleman has wanted to Seiki,

has purchased recently two Toshiba drives the week averts of Amazon - both 8tb walks (N300 & X300). Less than four months, both drives deaths inside the week of the each one another. They have been consecrated walks of backup on two seperate computer. I have lost all some backups, but was lucky any partorisca require them first to substitute some walks.

Has spoken to the yours RMA the people and the requests yes could discover reasons some walks have failed. We said me to us concealed has not been possible, of a simply substituted or refunded has broken produced. They have then begun a RMA process, and am returned some walks.

Now am said by a RMA department that takes 8 to 11 WEEKS partorisca send a repayment. Ossia ABSURD. Really lame writes 56 to 77 DAYS after having been in consonance partorisca repayment partorisca accuse it ? I think that that it is probably a worse turn-around the times have not listened never of, anywhere, never. I think that that your company is having some real questions in Qualities (two upper-of-the-walks of data to line after less than 4 month ?), Control of Harm (new units only launchers in a question ?), And Image (MINIMUM of 8 WEEKS/2 MONTHS partorisca do the repayment, probably more ?).

Has to that be conscious for now, that will not buy NEVER the Toshiba walk again ! REASON HAS TO THAT BUY MORE ? I can not trust a dependability of a walk - same although has 'Walk of Big Reliability' printed in a focuses. I CAN depend on you partorisca maintain my money ($ total) much more that necessary. I have been given an excuse takes ' does not know reason a company of paper of the use to credit taken like this long.' - You Apparently it does not concern that they are breaking your reputation and credibility. Or, it was so only a lie of typical/excuse that the consumers are exected partorisca swallow.

Reason has to that reward your company with futher shabby ? Presionas Vendors those who treat you to you bad ?

Rodney Stevens


Akihiko Oma
President & CEO

Shardul Kazi
Agent of Marketing of the Boss & M. V.P.

Bill Nutini
V.P. Sales

Description of Product of the Amazon
5 / 5 Margy
They are the commercial photographer using Drobo IN THE UNITS each holding 5 walks. Partorisca Arrive to this point () has found these Toshiba walks in a 4-8TB row partorisca be one the majority of of confidence.
I at present have roughly 120TB has extended on 5 IN THE UNITS (3-FS, 2- 5N). I have not lost any data because of walk or the fault of unit of then dipping on my prime minister Drobo roughly done 10 years, but has had to that substitute in the dozen driven 1TB or main (any Toshiba branded).

I use the mix of Toshiba X300 and N300 and cant says sure if any one is upper in speed or durability. I have begun to buy a N300 as it looks to be better adapted for my use, but see also tend to be the slightly more expensive that a X300 models. Hopefully A tax to transfer lower that run bit it fresher like this is an only difference can see.
1 / 5 Janel
Everything looked well initially, but with which have had an installed walk in mine 2011 27 iMac this walk has been halfway the crapville. Any one awake of a coverage, as I love layer my library of iTunes by means of my TV of Apple has to that go upstairs and wake a computer. Taken ten second or more to wake on sleeping. A walk turns crazy-strong. And so only verifying the email quell'stresses enough to kick in an incredibly noisy defender. I took it behind to an installer, said after stresses to try & diagnostic that looks to have the little has broken sectors, probably of mid-managing ship. The ones of way that now has taken it to a fund of things & loves it change was for the no-craptastic walk, but now are out of a window/of repayment of the turn. Taking the account a cost to buy & that it installs this walk and is substitution, could have has spent so only a same quantity of money in the majority of a cost of the new car.


Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Justin
Capacity: 1 TBStyle: 9.5 mm -Low heat when the full the whole walk a time. Ossia Impressive.
-Time of fast response. Looked to the 3.5 thumb WD blue 5400rpm. But much more fresco to touch.
-Any noise that could say
-would say that it is better that Seagate
And at least in pair with Western Digital quality
-I actuate has not had never he Toshiba anything breaks on me on some years, can not say one same in Seagate, or Samsung or still Western Digital (old more WD models). Samsung Tends to be a worse in my experience with Seagate the be after worse.
4 / 5 Brigette
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm I upgraded mine 500GB Tivo Ray HD with a 2TB HD model, was easy to fulfil and has augmented now my capacity of storage of 75 hours to 315 hours. When upgrading A Tivo the ray there is some on-line utmost video partorisca assist. A measure of the ray is the Torx T10. This Hard Walk was roughly 2 MM big that an original 500GB walk. He still returned without of question. A subject only has had connected a boss of partidrio to a new hard walk. I have used some tape of double clave. Finally it have no formatting partorisca be fact with my Tivo Ray.

Has found this useful description pleases click a gain will not try better next time. Thank you
4 / 5 Ana
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm has converted the Dell 5510 a SSD fixes partorisca walk to the two system to walk to substitute a 6 battery of cell with 3 cells. I hardly ever run in only battery in all the chance. One spatial obtained is available for the 2.5 regulate SATA walk. A Dell require the special cradle to resist he in the place and covers the part of a joint of circuit has used like this some tape of silicone (a bit overkill like his well for on 1KV isolation) to maintain a cradle to touch the joint of a walk and give a walk further cushioning. Access well in there for a second space of walk and calm can use Manager of Storage in of the Windows to format and partition he and the attribute the name (as old_sparky) and the paper of walk. It is quite fast and has been able to populate he with my banquet of movable data quickly. Almost silent and a lot little animating down use. I have had a lot Toshiba walks and like them for operation of confidence. It can not say one same for some of our variety of supermarket hard walks.
5 / 5 Creola
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm has Purchased this partorisca substitute the Seagate 2tb that had installed the little on done 12 month in PS4.
A Seagate has begun partorisca freeze and looping a PS4 in sure way. It was 2 missions out of completing Murderous Origins of Create with all DLCs bands. As any gamer that can imagine has taken ugly, has loved my trophy and Bayek has expected.
Overnighted This one and installed the, the whole process has taken roughly 15 minutes this is comprising a Sony installs.
( Is sper easy the upgrade a 4 storage, yes is still to doubt go for him, you slide an upper chance was and take a bit ray. The slides Of walk am gone in chance. It take some 4 rays that resists in slide your new walk in and reinsert some rays. It covers your car of happiness in and Sony will drive calm by means of a rest of some steps with in the aims of screen.)
Is smooth and fast, my times of cariche are faster. It is calm any so much humming to the equal that have had with a Seagate.
Is priced main, good cost or buy two times.
Has added also he 4tb external still downloads of game and backups. It likes 6 tb would be necessary to resist me still awhile this in spite of sound behind to the level a Murderous now with all the arms of rubbishes.
Expects that this hard longer that the year, absolutely will be to turn here to update a description if he no.
Also the amazon has shipped this in the cushioned envelope (!?) Without anti static stock exchange. So only a box with the tampon around a walk. As be forwarned.
5 / 5 Tameika
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm had died on arrival. Also, need to mention a disk could be tampered with. Evident curve had in a tape of coverage of focus he where box of ploughs of product. The adhesion was also very good and has opened he without breaking a focus. Sent the backside a same way also! I stroll he didnt look for be used but one static shielding the stock exchange has not been partorisca seal concluded. I have had the bad vibe of this focus and still although ossia element of BOXES of costruttore, a yard partorisca be of the stock exchange this saying very difficult he is in fact marks new disk. DONA Was the clear sign that my fear partorisca see a focus tampering was evident and has bought this directly of amazon. Packed the Backside like his new mark never open and returned, the process was hassle free this in spite of, felizmente like this is insanely expensive disk to mine in pleasant, when being hesitant ordering the on-line disk in a first place. Shame he didnt start I so that I am stuck with the 3.5' walk in an external box and the adapter partorisca be able to! :( I likes need this partorisca dip to a box of TV this in spite of, has to try again? Very hesitant could go back again a very same walk!
4 / 5 Roxann
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm I installed this so it strolls given in a ASUS N550 laptop. Utilisation a SSD partorisca Windows and of the programs, with data, music, video, in a D walk. It was easy to substitute one that exists 1TB walk, and a scrolling of data of some old to some new has been enough quickly using the StarTech USB 3.1 Boss of Adapter. I have not cloned to this walk, as it can not speak to this subject.
5 / 5 Yuki
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm has Purchased this walk to upgrade the Playstation 4 Slender. The walk has done adds partorisca the little on 4 month, has caused then a PS4 to repeatedly bounces the Sure Way. After trying to solve a question partorisca 2 hours, has substituted this with an original PS4 1TB the walk and all the work well. The guarantee is too short to be of to the any use likes him the life of the service of this walk extends so only the month or like this besides an end of a guarantee.
5 / 5 Jefferson
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm Toshiba builds utmost products. An only reason has substituted my leading Toshiba the walk was partorisca take the big plus a. Works perfectly.
5 / 5 Cherelle
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm These functions of good walk and was the value adds partorisca a capacity. It is not the big speed gaming setup but partorisca work of normal use so only well.
4 / 5 Ina
Capacity: 2 TBStyle: 9.5 mm the element Adds has abundance of spatial partorisca operating system and all my files. Speed quite good and name of good mark. The price was bit it big that knows that the hard walks are quickly in disposal to SSD types for any one the plot more money.

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Alex
Capacity: 4 TB has installed a walk and all have done well. The year with which use, was having subject with corruption of data. While it take a walk, a plastic covering a SATA the pins of data are exited partorisca do a difficult walk partorisca use. A SATA the connector of data have been dipped on and take like this any one another walk and has not been forcibly has takes. A plastic has broken unnecessarily easy because of poor crafstmanship. It beat of defects and raisin. Ossia understandable. Have rid a walk for RMA by means of Toshiba put web and has declared a defect. I mailed a walk in my cost, and has been said with which arrives that Toshiba will not accept a walk because of a plastic broken. I have left a person to receive knows that a connector broken was a reason for a claim to the to the equal that declares the turn of guarantee is for the walks are dead so only. Toshiba Is not for these own products and does not concern roughly is quality or is clients . I will not be buying another Toshiba the produced again left so only another Toshiba hard walk.
5 / 5 Ramonita
Capacity: 4 TB no spent never of toshiba again can that to him help. I have purchased a X300 4TB and he initially looked partorisca do. This in spite of less than 2 month begins partorisca treat very slow, and there has been finally read and writing subject. He finally degraded partorisca complete failure. With which a lot of troubleshooting is resulted a hard walk has a lot of bad sectors.

Has after come a RMA process, which are at present still struggling with. Initially after using Toshiba is surprisingly any user put friendly web, has begun a RMA. We said me to us his envoys me the substitution strolls hard and that has 10 days when receiving partorisca send for behind a defective one or I would be billed. The just mine has touched, and concealed gave time partorisca try to clone an old hard walk to perhaps save some data. This in spite of a next day his support of technology, any one has appointed Joshua Chancellors, send me the weirdly cryptic the email roughly to the equal that requires test of compraventa, and that it has to that send a defective hard walk in first reason is the retail walk . This has taken in fact the transmissions of email of the pair partorisca do the clear because of some poor communication. Also. His wont send me the new hard walk, so only will send me the paper of Seen, and so only after sending for behind a defective walk for inspection. Besides, I have to paralizaciones of paid and manage a nave I, and wants to clone a walk then has to that buy the new an I first. Volume Joshua any these policemen, although it was poor in informant all this. Toshiba Has service of client very poor and bad policemen. This maintaining in an end cost money to clone a hard walk and the ship when it was his failure that a product is defective. Now I owe that find the way to try to recover my data before I ship era. The mine more consulting, does not buy this hard walk, and avert toshiba of the take calm of costs of defective product in an end. Certainly no spent of toshiba again.
4 / 5 Sina
Capacity: 6 TB has purchased two of these walks in March or 2018, for the October has failed. I have used a pleasure the library of my files of entities and a second was the backup of a prime minister. Has not dipping on like this raid, has done simply the copy of a walk once the month. So much, while one drives has been used constantly, another was writing so only to eight times!!!! Yes, I have written the plot of information, but these walks would not owe that fail less than a year, but both have failed inside a month of the each one another. An used one has begun partorisca do the strong clicking noise all a time. The imediately backed he until a second a, and has has ordered substitutions. A first walk fracasado while I have expected for some walks of substitution. You grieve some walks of substitution are looked has copied some files of a walk of backup, and then tried formed a backup and use he for storage to film so only. I have copied all my files of his film, but when you are fact , so only for the half some files am existed in a reformatted walk. I have tried two times more to copy his files, but fail to have some files after the conclusion still there was any report of error of the files that do lacking to transfer. So many, I the format of low level (complete) but fail to complete a formatting. I tried it the multiple times and he have failed still. I have contacted Toshiba sustains has seen his web of place. It take any response . I have tried again, still any response in the mine that fails hard walks, as I have called, has been said would require to send photo of some walks before it can take a RMA. His emailed join me the form of information has required, has sent some photos and an information asked and expected, and expected, and expected, after the week of any chance and any RMA, has called and has spoken to any the one who has declared that they could see my emails, as they go to the group of technicians, but has not had any response, has begun to take disturbed like the person in a line has done for likes it was extracted no big, and has not been his work in all the chance, and hang on me. I send an email with a RMA numbers, as I have shipped some walks was, ensured by means of USPS. A day USPS has declared that some walks had arrived, has tried to look on a RMA numbers in his web of place. A prime minister one has aimed any received still, and a second pointed invalid. Had any second RMA the number that mine of parties. I emailed a person the one who had sent a RMA the numbers and the requests yes can look to reason a second a wine on invalid when it has had has not received included some walks still. The, of course, has TAKEN ANY RESPONSE. Then it takes an email of a technician that say that a walk with an invalid RMA the number was has has received broken. His amiably offered to destroy a walk, without substitution, and has sent the photo of a harm, (Sees Photo) alleging has arrived that way, in a RMA this was invalid. I have answered that has has had photo of some walks (For his question) and that because of a way had managed the like this far, had ensured some walks, as it was broken, required it returned like such, has not answered. A volume of next day another email of a same technology that say that a walk has been broken and wants to Toshiba for the destroy or the send behind, has answered to the his email, has comprised some minuta admonishments like his capacity to read, and again, has taken any response. A next day I again take an email that say a walk suffers harm, and has called and request to speak to an idiot. It is unavailable, but would call me behind. Do so much and in a conversation admits that it receive it my emails, but that had not asked that some walks be returned, but his supervisor had said those that could very in fact return my walk. WOW!!!! I have sent my leading emails, together with underlining in a part where has asked some walks be returned, one first line of a first email has sent, and well down in a text of some seconds an and I have asked to speak to the supervisor, declares was all gone for a weekend, and unavailable. I have asked to have them call me the Monday, of course they the no. has been then on-line and looked on the each possible email for any in , comprising of his web of place and I have sent a whole conversation, the situation and the emails had sent and received, comprising a which has had all my questions to return a walk like some responses of a technician, trying has received my questions, multiple time, and answer multiple time. Again, I have listened at all of any in Toshiba. I gave it the week and has received finally an email that is returned my walk. I received it today, and it is broken as they have alleged, but has not been broken before I sent it and a pause is fresh. Also, that a breaking of the piece of plastic cause the walk to start with that he strong clicking noise, is a main walk has alleged has been broken. A walk has been installed ONCE, and uninstalled ONCE. They are the programmer of one 1970 east and has has has built hundreds of computer. There is not any way has lost drives of the harness broken to install or lame. All this in the $ 160 walk that would owe lasted two minimum of years (Real Guarantee). A fact that both fracasado less than the year, and a fracasado after the so only be writing to eight times, and never read of until substitution!!!! I can it has been simply quite miserable to take two bad walks immediately, but, Toshiba is managing of a whole process turned out of not purchasing never his products again, and has has said always people to buy his products because they were of confidence. NEVER AGAIN. TOSHIBA SUCKS FOR SUPPORT of CLIENT. These walks are obviously the question or would not have done like this last his does not have to that substitute another. There is compraventa at least $ 3000 value of Toshiba produced in 2018. I have been using his products, felizmente for on twenty years, and for real ossia a first time has had to that contact them roughly one of his products that do lacking frankly. But, I will not treat his people to sustain never again, which mean will not purchase never one of his products again, included although has 95 dependability history with me. I do not want to it has to that it jump by means of such loops again. No more Toshiba TVs, has 3, no more Toshiba Spend, has Bought One in the October for mine adds- Add-Niece. I have bought always Toshiba is for my Daughter the one who is now 25 and shabby his own material. No more Toshiba hard walks, has purchased any less than five on Amazon in 2018. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!
5 / 5 Lilliana
Capacity: 4 TB had pleased initially with capacity and measure of walk, but after the month partorisca use a walk has failed absolutely. Contacted Toshiba partorisca complete the claim of guarantee and said to us that was error of user and does not have behind listened the in 2 weeks.

UPDATE: they are to take the star been due to an incredibly poor service of Toshiba to file the claim of guarantee. I do not have behind listened him. To the amazon answered immediately and has offered the repayment. It does not recommend this walk.
5 / 5 Tai
Capacity: 6 TB With which 3 month with three of these walks, each one that like this of them there has been 10s to 100s of bad sectors. I am using ZFS, likes volume all the errors of walk. It is been the moment of ZFS simply can not recover the file. I am appreciated always partorisca backups - but no partorisca these disks
5 / 5 Claud
Capacity: 4 TB has purchased 2 of a new X300 4TB walks and am very happy with them like this far. They are much calmer that of the old more Toshiba PH waaaay calmer that Seagate is. The wise action, these are probably a fast plus 4TB walks there right now (This is comprising a new WD Black).

Mina has come so much sealed and very a lot of packaged ( has ordered mine directly of Amazon).
4 / 5 Arla
Capacity: 4 TB is possible has received simply two hard walks bad, but both have had a same question with excessively writing the strong/fish, far stronger that normal partorisca the hard walk -- and more certainly has not been partorisca trust my data with any of them. Certainly all spinners frames some terracing of noise, but has included my roommate has commented in the strong my computer touched after installing them (and of then uses this in the common zone, an especially distracted noise).

Substituted the 1TB Toshiba strolls that it is coming pre-installed, as it is not that I have had has has experienced questions with Toshiba first walks, but with which two bad walks, can not recommend these particular walks. According to another reviewers, has not had any question, as so only am adding this description like the resemble another that can return him.

Is returned both and has purchased the Western Digital the one who installed cleanly and with an acceptable level of noise.
5 / 5 Elisa
Capacity: 5 TB has bought a X300 5TB partorisca $ , like this partorisca this price, ossia the plot of storage. It is like this quickly like any 7200rpm mechanical walk with 128mb of hide, but obviously does not compare to mine 4 SSDs.

Has required more spatial as I have substituted mine 1TB Seagate Barracuda that had not listened never in my whole life. My whole computer is quite calm appart of some noise of defender when gaming or modifying video. Now this walks done the noise when it writes that I can so only described likes a 80s printer (excepts no like this strong). Agree my walks maquinales that do this noise perhaps in a 90s... It is like this random low-pitched tacktacktack... Calm mostly will listen it when you copy big files basically, so he calms so only love economic storage, goes for him. If has the studio, perhaps skip this one.
4 / 5 Janay
Capacity: 5 TB When in the first place it opens then the box there is remarked that a tape that focus a walk looked he has had state to take before. I am not sure it take the walk that is to be return before. With east says ossia my experience with a walk. As it transfer my information of my current walk to this new walk at the beginning a walk has transferred on 160 mbps but with which roughly 2 hours a walk there is retarded to the little kbps. Finally a walk has finalised transferring ( has the sinister prejudices run over), was able to see my files but has required partorisca use a computer as I closed it down and has gone back the time the late plus partorisca find that a walk has not been recognised likes lettered walk. I have verified a tool of management of the disk and found a walk revered to the raw format. I king-setup a walk but with which reformatting a walk a walk has alleged was so only he 500 GB. Now it has included they are in a process partorisca return a walk. I think that that a walk can be been the walk returned and accidentally has sent was like this new reason a leading buyer resealed a walk partorisca do look to the equal that was new. Any way there is wanted to so only do sure to leave the people know so that they can try his walk before pardon his information.
5 / 5 Michael
Capacity: 10 TB The one who a hell Toshiba. Your QA is slipping. Ossia Mine 3rd walk under your mark and a big plus 10TB. 34 days and 19 hours to be able to punctually.

The failure Predicted - Attribute: 7 Prices of investigation of Error, Imposed to situate the errors of some beds/to write bosses. It indicates question with siervo, boss. The big temperature also can cause this question.
Substitutes hard disk immediately.
Is recommended the backup immediately to prevent loss of data.

Has had to that disable ready verifying in BIOS to go back the windows. Now Im mixing to take all all my films of this walk before it loses. :( C soyen types , BETTER!

UPDATE - 7-23-2019. They have substituted this walk 48 hours with which fails. A substitution is doing utmost!

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba P300 3TB ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Kacey
The cost has checked that Builds my computer of scratch, has speed of good scrolling of the hard walk.

Top Customer Reviews: TOSHIBA MQ01ABD075 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The cost verified has bought this walk because it is a number of exact model of a one in mine Toshiba portable that has begun partorisca do pleasant (blue screens, the constants that careers in 100, ocasione that clash with "any bootable device" message). Felizmente, that substitutes a hard walk in my laptop was extremely easy and some work partorisca walk perfectly, but there is remarked that an age of this walk is already on 5 years! A one has substituted has been manufactured in 2015, he doing so only 3 years; this one has been done in 2013. So much, while I can not complain roughly he-- do well, are in the dread any last along and am spent at present partorisca a SSD partorisca substitute a substitution.
5 / 5
The walk of Compraventa has checked rid in the timely fashion. It was new as it has described. It is doing well like this far. This in spite of types of disclosure fill - a walk in my cup of lap was the old year and died with I/Or of the errors. This walk 'new' has ordered was almost 3 years ( is the patterned dates) when my new walk was the old year . It have appreciated a disclosure - our walks could be several old years . It has given 5 stars have come to be afterwards in that. Calm now know.
4 / 5
The cost has verified My hard walk in mine Toshiba clashed and has bought this a partorisca the substitute. Take an old one and installing this one was easy with the instructions have found on Youtube. After reinstalling mine YOU and applications, behind on and running, writing these commentaries use a new hard walk.
5 / 5
The cost has verified the New laptop has taken messed on with which have tried to upload a Window 10 operating system of test. I have bought this like the measure of backup in chance an original of hard walk was recovery further . Swapped Out of some walks and has had to that use Toshiba device of USB of the Recovery to take a system has restored to 'out of a box' condition with this walk. The stock walk was a lot of and will maintain for the backup now.
4 / 5
Walk partorisca Purchase receives it checked does not act. Any recognised on two different Win7 PCs.

Has to that it pays partorisca the ship behind partorisca the repayment.

No shabby!
4 / 5
The cost has verified Any complaint.

My commentaries: A walk has received was 'been born' in 2012 but a punctual data has aimed 11 hours partorisca time run and no other errors or signs of wear. It assume these walks are overflow of the some place. Still, any complaint
4 / 5
The cost has verified My laptop there has been the question with his hard walk that fails, like this has looked for them everything by means of amazon partorisca find the good capacity the hard walk more economic that will last me the moment. I have found this and he am lasted in mine portable of work.
5 / 5
The cost verified has bought this and has used he partorisca exactly a week before it crap was on me. I have been and installed the different one and partorisca a past 4 month or has done it as well as the charm. It does not squander your money is.
4 / 5
The cost has verified direct to felizmente substitute a HDD in mine PS3, which there has been 120GB. Now I have 699 GB of data, with 620 GB left with which some stupid PS3 maintains some partorisca he partorisca some odd reason. Anyways, Agrees 750 GB is in fact 699GB reason

1KB = 1024 B
1MGB = 1024 KB
1GB = 1024 MB.

Like 699 x 1024 x 1024 x 1024 = 749,000,000,000 Bytes

But the mathematicians averts (or any), ossia the value adds partorisca money.
5 / 5
The cost verified has purchased this partorisca substitute a walk of the same model fracasado in a HP portable. The work adds until last week, and now this walk is failing. Changing to the majority of mark of confidence.

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba OCZ RD400 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Issac
Capacity: M.2 512 GBStyle: M.2 2280 An of a better NVMe SSDs available.
- MLC NAND flashes memory. It is much more durable partorisca an intense use, it Samsung V-NAND or Micron 3D NAND. In experience of real life, has number of Intel and OCZ MLC walks, which there is petabytes of the data written to them, this in spite of doing perfectly. While 2 prime minister Samsung EVO (TLC) the walks are almost died already.
- Faster That leading that directed - Samsung 950 Pro, with exception of very scarce (still) new Samsung 960 Pro, which promise 3200/2000 MB/s R/W Speeds :)
- Thermal control. 950 Pro can heat until 105 terracings C, while this one begins thermal throttling in approx. 70 terracings.
- Only-sided 512 GB the model is more to cool, and more with action.
- PCIe adapter for RD400 is overpriced, as it does not resupply necessary cooling (the small piece resupplied of thermal tampon is so only the joke). Highly recommended to use PCIe-&62;M2 adapter with heatsink, as Sintech a (ASIN B00QZ0WMK0) or buy any chinese PCIe-NVMe adapter (economic likes muck - 3- ) and use DIY heatsink.

- Beware of on-board M2 sockets - to take maximum speed of a walk, these have to that be Gene .3 - 32Gbps (PCIe Gene 3 x4). Some mobo the vendors resupplies so only 10Gbps M2 sockets, has connected the PCH, more than CPU PCIe. Especially that true for systems, drawn for CPUs with 16x PCIe routes (all half and down-finalise Intel Core CPUs). And still for Socket 2011 v3 CPUs, which are able to sustain until 40 PCIe routes, motherboard can not have everything of his available street PCIe space. Always you recommend to use E5-1600 series in place of Core i7 (balance of price/of characteristic better, able for ETC RAM - critical for workstations).
- Has the better option now - Samsung 960 Pro, May... These are announced but I never seen he in of the tents. An only vendor in Amazon has these 'out of stock', as you look some questions with prime ministers of this new ultra-fast V-NAND SSDs... Hope, not liking with smartphone of same vendor ;)
4 / 5 Sharlene
Capacity: M.2 256 GBStyle: M.2 2280 With a provisio that has done so only basic sequential and random tests, and any facts any wear of entity or tests of durability, a Toshiba behaves a lot near of a Samsung 960 EVO and included has better random read bandwidths in 32KB measured of the blockade or I more adds. It is not like this as well as Samsung 951 although, and a 'OCZ' the mark amena of the rear nightmares (any sure reason Toshiba has bought use of a name, has such the poor reputation!). In anycase, a Toshiba ramps on consistently with measure of the main blockade and ramps further up with the deepest rows.

Commentaries that a hardware of device sustains 7 rows, like the test of 16 edges will run the depth of row of roughly 2 and the test of 64 edges will run the depth of row of roughly 8.

Writes the action is that it would expect of the small M.2 NVMe Device, around 200 MBytes/dry sequential edge , so only, 64KB measured of blockade. Some come from down is read test.

Basically taste, 5 of stars but with a provisio on.

nvme3: &60;NVME-PCIe&62; mem 0xc7300000-0xc7303fff irq 40 In device 0.0 in pci4
nvme3: mapped 8 MSIX IRQs
nvme3: NVME Version 1.1 maxqe=65536 spent=000000302803ffff
nvme3: Model TOSHIBA-RD400 BaseSerial Z6TS10AUTPEV nscount=1
nvme3: it Asks 64/32 rows, Returns 7/7 rows, rw-sep map (7, 7)
nvme3: it interrupts Coalesce: 100us / 4 qentries
nvme3: Disk nvme3 ns=1 blksize=512 lbacnt=500118192 discharges=238GB serno=Z6TS10AUTPEV-1

randread /dev/nvme1s1b &60;blksize&62; 100 16
16 edges - TOSHIBA OCZ RD400 (16 GB the full zone with uncompressable /dev/urandom gives you)
blksize conjoint bw
------ --------------
512 69 MBytes/dry (105 MB/s 64 edges)
1024 137 MBytes/dry (211 MB/s 64 edges)
2048 273 MBytes/dry (423 MB/s 64 edges)
4096 549 MBytes/dry (843 MB/s 64 edges)
8192 690 MBytes/dry (947 MB/s 64 edges)
16384 1056 MBytes/dry (1014 MB/s 64 edges)
32768 1332 MBytes/dry (1120 MB/s 64 edges)
65536 1320 MBytes/dry (1241 MB/s 64 edges)
131072 1482 MBytes/dry (1494 MB/s 64 edges)
262144 1459 MBytes/dry (1494 MB/s 64 edges)

has decided to jump a Toshiba a star because although it was the solid interpreter , has run the plenary-in fine-threaded read test and a temperature informed of a Toshiba SSD is trace to 81C. Ossia partorisca Read-test, calm import. A Toshiba has to that have throttled the, or flagged a temperature, and Control of the no. of temperature is that it imports hot reason flashes resulted of chip in of the early failures. Any of another NVMe the devices down try taken that hot (the Samsung 951 there is topped is gone in 76C, one 960 EVO is remained in the quota 62C, and a Intel 600P flagged transport-throttled in 75C - I does not recommend a Intel, for a way).

4 / 5 Minda
Capacity: M.2 512 GBStyle: M.2 2280 Fast walk, the price adds ($ 204), easy installs & good guarantee!

When I have purchased initially this was the only clone my old walk, but this has meant would owe that clear the actions of hundred of the pair to another location. After looking at all a work that would require Windows 10 probably would invalidate my licence, I so only decided partorisca do the Windows fresh 10 installs then add my applications that thinks that it would spend the half the day that dips it up.

Wow Is all can say! I have prepared the Windows of USB 10 installs clave and powered down. My motherboard is the GIGABYTE AORUS GA-AX370-Gaming K7 (AMD Ryzen AM4/ X370/ RGB FUSION PARTIDRIO TIP 5/ HDMI/ M.2/ Or.2/ USB 3.1 Type-C/ ATX/ DDR4/ Motherboard) and has had to that take a Graphic Paper to install a Toshiba OCZ RD400 in a Sr.2 space. Felizmente A ray was installed already in a neighbour to the equal that have has had to that the so only take covered a RD400 in and king-insert a ray then king-install a graphic paper.

Has had has anticipated that it has to that fiddle in a BIOS to dip a boot to a clave of USB and then dipped an order to a RD400 etc., But my surprised a motherboard defaulted partorisca kick a Windows 10 USB installs clave and has seen immediately a RD400 and come from to be a fast more the majority of the flawless windows 10 installs has has not experienced never. Interior 20 minutes have had already one YOU and the few applications done and to the date is to be some Windows plus very fast installs in 30+ years of installations of PC. Damn Wants to when all goes perfect and fast!

Does not go to squander my hours & of walk of the time that tries of career of statistics of the speed because I am happy with him like this east. My only worry was temperatures , of the moment that will affect a life and/or throttling of a RD400..

Having A RD400 installed under mine RX480 Strix the paper was the worry and has found to use a RD400 temperature in my curves of defender for a intake the defenders that signal directly to a RD400 & Strix paper of a front and the fund of a chance has spent some temperatures to the manageable level among 47- 54C down uploads. Note: A graphic paper the looks of triple defender to go down a RD400 the pocolas terracings also, as it maintains that curve of defender in importing while dipping your aims of temperature.

Has wanted to remain well under a RD400 is informed throttling temperatures and extend a life of a walk. A RD400 paste 68 terracings previously my curve of the defender done to commission setup that was too big.

The temperatures do not go never on 54C now using Noctua Partidrio with Flowing Focused and SSO2 that Resists, Cooling that Details NF-F12 iPPC 3000 PWM intakes place to 1000RPM in 47C with the curve empinada that the levels am gone in 54C in some big adolescents, but still am considering that it adds an additional heat-tank I so that it can go down an air intake speed and cooling to augment qualified.

In general inner a moment this RD400 512GB the looks to walk to be the good bang for a buck.
4 / 5 Dante
Capacity: M.2 256 GBStyle: M.2 2280 I has purchased this in him drunken amazement and could not annul punctually. My plan partorisca send it behind there is not coming never to fruition once arrives.

Has burst partorisca open a box, powered was and plugged he in. It has been the BIOS and dip my port to PCIe 4x, Kicked the Windows and installed .
Has used this tool partorisca create the bootable clave of USB that uploads a tool in the middle of Linux, then kicked of him. I have had to that launch a tool in sure way. Any big shot. Formatted 4k.
Kicked Up with my Clover / Mac installs clave. A walk has been seen without using any patches. :Joy

Formatted and has seen installed any question.
4 / 5 Alissa
Capacity: M.2 256 GBStyle: M.2 2280 All the world-wide feel me like this has been partorisca fry my motherboard.. Has a asus Z170-AIR and has dipped he in and law like the field. It does not leave another calm fright out of this compraventa. Do your duties, and install one YOU correctly, has looked the video of Youtube on like this to in chance perhaps, and this walk will run like this has to that. It takes some fumbling in bios, but a speed of this walk the value done your moment, has seen included an increase accelerates partorisca go of the samsung 850 evo ssd. So only do your duties, and does not eat the lunch in yours motherboard and everything will be so only well. A RAY and a SPACER are not resupplied, and this really sucks, but give that it buy this and calm has launched was all of your components of rays and old MB, can has to that look on-line partorisca some. A measure of the correct ray is 2x3mm. It was quite lucky to find the spacer and the the ray meant thus purpose in the small stock exchange has left on mine MB, trust sound the main shot that calm thinks. Hot + cranking down your walk that is no main that the clave of gums probably curve and break your new walk. Ossia Especially true when you go for the install. It installs in 45 corner of terracing, which is really lacking as if any one calm prevails it to it seen looks it on, trust.. Calm then has to that presionar a walk he down to a MB, like this again a ray and the spacer are of entities. Something more this is coming up was the gummy tampon that is to be comprise with a walk, ossia so only the thermal tampon and yes is ordering this walk so only without a paper, will see that I bad. It is so only to help disperse hot by means of a backside of a paper. If it love the NVME walk but the $ 300-600 dollar Samsung isnt yours way, taking is one. He use same some Samsung components in him. Fallen On my computer today and could it to them have the jury was on the cold start in liking 7 seconds. If you are an enthusiast and shaving time out of your time of boot is that it is looking for, then this walk is well for you. If you are not and so only it loves something concealed is easier that install, work with, and find help with, (like my mamma), calm has then spent of the has shot. This will be the headache for you. It goes back the SATA SSD papers, is more economic, and to be sincere less than the headache.
5 / 5 Imelda
Capacity: M.2 256 GBStyle: M.2 2280 + it Adds in Fast of Paper, but no like this quickly as it has announced. 2200dry/MB has READ max. The BREAKER of EXTRACTED: a ray partorisca take of AIC can not be take. It was A lot CAREFUL, used all a torsion that would HAVE TO be required partorisca the tiny M3 ray, and has finalised partorisca undress a boss, could not take. So only be careful I of then thinks that ossia partorisca draw unfortunately!!!! Also, at present I am taking corruption of startup files that Looks for partorisca be related to his engine (ASrock Z170M Ex4 MB) of then are in 5th Win10 installs, each one one has gone hours of corrupt interior . The time is running ~46c. I will update I imagine out of this subject of corruption. For now, it is 3 star in BETTER.
4 / 5 Jenni
Capacity: M.2 512 GBStyle: M.2 2280 I has bought two of these partorisca do in mine Asus X79 Z270 Mark 2 motherboard. Work perfectly using Windows 10. Fast, of confidence. A reason gave it so only 3 star was that it has feigned it partorisca use these two OCZ M.2 devices in way of RAID in mine Asus motherboard. Well, with which hours of the hair that attractive and calls of telephone the Asus, looks that these Toshiba/OCZ M.2 claves will not be recoznized for a Intel Technology of Fast Storage (RST) ROM that functionality of RAID of the bosses partorisca more modern motherboards. So only it does not see a two M.2 walks. I know a RAID is functional to the equal that sees mine another SATA walks and will configure him partorisca RAID. I have confirmed this incompatibility partorisca do investigations of Internets. With all the justice, has not been if ossia the question with a Toshiba/OCZ RD400 or with Asus and/or Intel Technology of Fast Storage firmware.
5 / 5 Rena
Capacity: M.2 256 GBStyle: M.2 2280 Linux Mate of Mint 18.1. Z170 And Z270 and AMD FM2+ 88X systems. Flawless action. On all these systems, the puzzling characteristic: HDD has DIRECTED flashes excessively when so only using any browser. Never partorisca do this moment surfing. Ossia Way in surplus of the regulate SATA SSD. Samsung 960 Evo A same thing, but Corsair MP600 no. Ossia one same in Win10 with Flange or Ossia creating the RAM-Disk partorisca enable sper the fast file transfers a OCZ gives to to a same speed likes them Evo. -Other real world-wide tests confirm this. A big plus wih any OCZ SSD is a bootable toolbox. It can be created on Window or Linux. OCZ Is an only for real program of cross toolbox with firmware updater.
4 / 5 Titus
Capacity: M.2 512 GBStyle: M.2 2280 I has had this the year now and am very happy with him. The action is in pair with a Samsung 950 PRO in PC of my Dad. A difference of the entity among a two is a software of management. OCZ HAS the very good Utility with plot of the options like Insurances Deletes, On Provision, Ready control, etc. Samsung Magician, In another hand, is done for any-of users to be able to. The magician can very included do the bootable utility like paths so only can be administered with one YOU installed or with third utilities of party. If you are the user to be able to , ossia the good chooses. Also, OCZ the on-line support is better way that Samsung although I have not required he with this walk.
5 / 5 Coleman
Capacity: M.2 256 GBStyle: M.2 2280 you buy it this to upgrade my Asus Q524UQ laptop. A OEM the walk is the 5400 rpm 2TB and is SLOW. This little type, with which some fiddling, conversion and cloning, is doing quite well. My time of boot has been of well in the minute to roughly 10 seconds. A computer, already quickly, is much more responsive. Although so only I am using this like this an I strolls of boot, still have abundance of room for anything more master dipped on here. Mark sure to take a ray of correct measure to resist this walk in so that an is not comprised (but would have to that be, especially in this price). I have used Macrium to clone my C: the walk and he have done utmost. While ossia my prime minister M.2 state walk solid, is not my prime minister SSD. Ossia Each one has bitten like responsive and quickly like this mine 2.5 Samsung SSD in my desk. Highly recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: Toshiba 5TB Canvio ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Carla
+ Lustrous creation and polished
+ Compact (when you consider that it is the desk stroll) and can be seated vertically or horizontally
+ 7200rpm spindle, verified with CrystalDiskInfo (is not often that you expsito the true 7200rpm external hdd, at least any without paying the quite a lot of penny for him)
+ the same calm whisper when awake and active
+ Conserves energy to go to sleep with which ~15 minutes of inactivity and awake promptly when accessed

Of the discharges is unusual in those precise be gathered, class of. Among two separate pieces and calm has to that slide a prongs to a sleeve until he clique. Very simple and taken two I just annoying reason some instructions do not specify this.

- Any entrance of defender--this has said, included when transferring 2TB of data, that comprises many files 2GB+, a walk any overheat in a , the defender would resupply some peace added of alcohol
- Of the discharges is not that it saves spatial in a less--in fact, is using the regular band that takes on 2-3 sockets (one for his prongs, his organism covers a second, and a cord--although flexible--apresamiento on outside)

Seldom estimates elements 5 stars, but this walk he the merit. Originally I have purchased this 4TB walk to substitute that I fail it Seagate Expansion. In mine look for the new walk, has opted thus reason he sported the 7200 rpm spindle, USB 3, a price was well, and Toshiba is the name I confidence. I have finalised to like this it walks so much that has dipped he my daily rotation more than relegate the to storage of blue moon.

Of uses my software of own backup, can not speak to an ease of use, stability, or reliability of a software of backup has comprised. Neither it can it speaks to use with Mac. I tried it in brief with my Xbox and was recognised easily without subject.

Another reviewer mentioned so only receiving 2TB of a 5TB listed in his walk. I have loved to clear that his disk can be arrived with the partition. When My first walk arrived and uploaded it on, said has had so only 1TB of usable space. Of course, it was fuming and ready to ship it behind, but has loved fully control out of a first walk. I have on open manager of disk and has of a walk was partitioned leaving 1TB destined and formatted with a rest 3TB unallocated. It was odd a walk would arrive with only an usable partition, but I shrugged, has deleted a partition, destined, and reformatted a walk--the question has solved.

In some six months that has been that uses this walk (the first walk is in the constant state to be on of then is doing like the server of half comunicacionales light), has not had the question with only that he. In fact, I have purchased so only the second a to use like my walk of primary backup. This in spite of, has to anything changes with any walk, will update my description consistently. If has any questions in this walk or my experience with him, leave the commentary and I will do my best to answer.
5 / 5 Caryn
I have had originally you purchase it this 5TB Hard Walk Outside partorisca back on some files and partorisca substitute the 1TB Toshiba Strolls Hard External that there has been partorisca some years now. Again, I have had originally you purchase it this Hard Walk Outside of another retailer that has decided any partorisca develop, had arrived defective and and has broken. So much, it takes refunded and has purchased another of Amazon, and like this punctual has been rid I plugged he in and work! A bit blue circle in lights while his files partorisca access, but partorisca one the majority partorisca separate some the light turns was as it goes partorisca go them. It do not take too long partorisca transfer my files and music and photo to some new 5TB Hard Walk Outside. It has taken so only two and the half hours partorisca transfer 1TB (all my files in a leading walk) his. Works with Windows 8. The works add.
1 / 5 Kindra
I have bought this and received it two days ago. I plugged he in and has begun partorisca copy files of my hard walk old outside. I have listened the strong, grinding sound as it has not touched normal mine. I have called Toshiba sustain of technology and to the left listen them his in a telephone. Said concealed is not normal and would be necessary returns it. The amazon has sent a substitution that has received today. It is doing a same sound. I have called Toshiba again and leave another type listens it. It say a same thing. I am not sure I want to try the third a. In a Toshiba the web of place specifically mentions that this walk is 'the calm whisper'. They are a lot disappointed and has frustrated.
5 / 5 Basil
I have bought this like the walk of means comunicacionales the music of current my Cambridge Blue Audio 851N coverage streaming component. Finally you result a walk of main local backup partorisca one IN will build Him later. I have fill for now he with DSD audio as well as big resolution FLAC files. Tongue my PCs and MAC without subject and of course a stereo the bed.

I amour an use of any-captive (removable & for this replaceable) USB 3 and bosses of supply of the power. I can leave a boss connected in a centre of entertainment and use another partorisca upload half comunicacionales in another room. Also having a supply of external power is ideal partorisca the walk of means comunicacionales. While a stereo is changed on & was far street, some stays of hard walk have connected partorisca be able to, awake on when required and sleeping when the no. is the walk of half comunicacionales perfect . Also it looks well enough to live under my television to the along lateralmente roughly components and decent audio of video.
3 / 5 Annamarie
Well partorisca a price. The subject only is that it requires a computer partorisca have a 8gb the installed program partorisca be able to do change a lot of to a hard walk. No a subject has one spatial and rests in home, but forget taking this partorisca use to transfer elements on to or other computers that is not your own.
5 / 5 Darlena
Excellent as always. Has four another Canvio is concealed has been that are announces partorisca several years of several different capacities and an only failure have has not had never was when I have attacked an on while the career. My own failure. Mainly I use him partorisca rear ups but with the pair uses him like my main HD is mainly partorisca video, but then have another like the backside on partorisca these. My MacBook Pro so only does not have quite HD the space has left so only for backside ups. This is back very economic on means comunicacionales that like this far highly can recommend.
1 / 5 Hoyt
Unfortunately I have not taken never he out of a box partorisca the pair of month and when he no at all. Tried the on 3 laptops it partorisca do sure that a usb the connections done and all was a lot. A hard walk not being able to arrive or able to be recognised
5 / 5 Esteban
Well add fact out of a box, backed on 2+ terabytes of mine miscellaneous die, and information of access without takes. This hard walk is 'boss and shoulders' on any of a Western Digital junk walks. I have loved a externally powered (any-usb) hard walk outside and this one has been just right. Well fact Toshiba!
5 / 5 Tyrone
Ossia One 2nd walk I experience and has not been disappointed . A walk is calm, and especially quickly. An USB 3.0 is upper to anything has used and in fact comprise the decent USB 3.0 cord. A prime minister an I has purchased roughly two years have come with the 7200 RPM drive which is very fast. It can not find that spec in a an I so only has taken has to that assume Toshiba still is using a 7200 versus a slow plus 5200 rpm walks. Have clocked Both and has finalised in the dead heat. Also it comes with software of backup that take and uses a software of backup in of the Windows 7.
In meso takes roughly 15 minutes the backup the (2) terabyte walk of data that swipes my old USB 2.0 out of a water!
2 / 5 Maryrose
Well where partorisca begin? In the first place AC the the adapter has broken a first day. It calms that could say has been done of the a lot low quality boss so only for the touch. Then an USB 3.0 has maintained disconnecting. A boss looks hard but maintain poping was. And once I took it finally partorisca do to substitute AC the adapter and that resists an USB in the situates would not register a device in a file of device. A computer has registered a boss of USB but has not aimed he in a pertinent file.