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Top Customer Reviews: Alienware 25 Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ming
Bought 3 of these to update my battlestation and could any one when being more pleased. It IS like the time was of the mechanic harddrive in the state solid harddrive and your world has changed. Monitor of test of good future for when the cards in fact could paste this class of FPS as I expect these in last for the sake 4 years. The calm supposition could go to purchase the 120hz monitor but, 240hz goes for better when being any subject as it thinks enough the and these monitors have a bit of some slender plus bezels. Side by his side in an inch. Eyefinity The laws add with this setup like facts of the games that the support that extends through 3 monitors like Poe or WOW. These controls also the cart adjusts in the this is doing how looking the film, gaming, exploring etc so they quite paste all has wanted in the monitor. You see a picture and gives the reception to in my new world I lives in =)
4 / 5 Chet
A Monitor is substituting the 120hz Alienware this was 8 years and at the end has the data was. This new an is not never better. Has the gtx 1080 FAITH and when kicked to win 10 was in 60hz and any interior of option a Nvidia signals to control to go the main list, only 60hz and 50hz.

Has thought perhaps a HDMI could any one 240hz but his as it has to it. Have had to very click in desktop and go in of the parameters of exposure of the WINDOWS (any nvidia) from here that in a fund chooses Properties of Adapter of the Exposure' then clicks 'List All the Roads' will see a list has extended that it is not some parameters of Nvidia of poster of the control. Of him there you can you select 1920x1080 32 bit 240 hz. You will fulfil it is in 240hz to move a mouse in the circle in a desktop hurriedly. You will see the circle of indicators of mice that is touching each another (likes him 80 of them). If his in 60hz and moves a fast of the mouse in the circular motion will see perhaps 8 indicators and they will be separated by as an inch.

Almost HAS TAKEN clashes it has been to be been due to a poor nave. They have posed he in the box 2x a measure of some internal boxes without filling. Boot only around interior quite 1 feet behind and advance. It looks for intact when being I so that it is still in the now. But it enters shippers.

And very preoccupy quite taking Gsync in a Free Synchronises. If has the card of video as well as he 1070 just game games with Vsync WAS and runs a poster in 240hz. The screen these tears in 240 hz is the zero and your games do not have to be that they run in 240 fps. His utmost looks with a game these races in 50fps 100 fps etc. Vsync And Gsync and free synchronises is class of gimmicks, any really need the. People that play FPS that is hurriedly that Quake, Unreal Tourney etc. Actuate far less smile lag, enters lag etc yes runs a game with Vsync has BEEN.

Has taken clashes it has been been due to his verge bleeds on all 4 sides. Enough 1/2' besides that it shines bleeds through in the dark scenes in film and of the games. My IP the monitors do not have very verge bleeds. Any sure his on EVERYTHING of them or perhaps the mine has taken broken to ship.
5 / 5 Catrice
Monitor better there IMO, and has taken this one in discounting too much, the cause has the smallest scratch in the some place in the! I Still the flange finds it even so, the original packaging enters also, any one composing unwrapped. NOTE in the people that use 240hz, this monitor has HDMI 2.0 in so HDMI scrollings and is DisplayPort 1.2 compliant. Mark takes your GPU has these ports aswell, will require HDMI 1.4 or DisplayPort 1.2 in your GPU to use 240hz. A cape will not import , but can not use the DisplayPort in HDMI cape, as these limits a monitor in 60hz. A HDMI cape that is included is done well and would owe by behind east. Sadly The no come with the DisplayPort cape in spite of DisplayPort when being better.
5 / 5 Susanna
This monitor is surprising! 240Hz Very when being buttery smooth. Has update of 144Hz in 240Hz while it touches the plot of CS: they GO, and it is very value he! Included With a monitor is a HDMI cape those sustains 240Hz, if your GPU can handle it. I am running in him GTX 1070 and handles 240Hz with ease. Very happy with a compraventa!
4 / 5 Brunilda
This monitor has been the pleasure to use and is one of one this looks better big refresh the controls to record this has taken my hands on like this far. Matched With the card of big final like a GTX 1070, a Alienware 25 is an excellent election for those with the estimativa moderate.

A Sake:
- quality of tez Utmost. His lustrous the bezels attaches significant clave in my setup, and looks included well of a backside!
- HAS the configuration by heart adds was-boxes--, especially for the 240hz monitor.
- Is not to SMELL, but this monitor has the seriously attaches to look TN poster.
- HAS one of a better looking on-cards of the configuration of the screen has seen.
- Angles of excellent viewing.
- HAS the surprisingly able USB hub.

A Bad:
- A monitor is relatively heavy. Some lower-finish VESA the mountains can not be able of the backwards.
- A VESA the mountain is slightly recessed in a backside of a monitor, doing it difficult to attach in some mountains without breaking a monitor.

An Ugly:
- An adhesive in a fund of a monitor resulted visible in less than the week, doing the look there is the tez-on powder under a Alienware logotype.
- Severo ghosting arrives when race in 240hz with the 1ms ( esuper Fast') time of response. The eschew this, is required to run a monitor in 200hz, while it prefers time of the main response be able to see the few extra frames.
3 / 5 Adelle
That is to say the monitor adds , exactly that says, but has the fatal defect is using port of exposure that and is. A monitor has the flap of adjacent big plastic and flush up against an empty exposure of port connection that prevents your cord to connect all a road in, clearly has not tried prende east. A first monitor and has taken and the thought was bad so that frankly and was instead give what past, but afterwards was at random for enough 1-3 bren as and has taken another to substitute a monitor 'bad', in all the case, as and go in covers he in some second controls and give that my cape would not enter all a road and he all has listened fact. As and in fact rasgue of a plastic flap with my own hands and some work to control perfectly, my toes were sore for the day but a monitor are surprising otherwise. Please comprise this calm mean you will not be able of the return come from this, and has taken the risk and he have paid was, does not try a same thing.
5 / 5 Garfield
The monitor adds. Still without G-SYNCHRONISES. It take a cheaper version so that I have been joined for the cash and my main monitor are the 165 hz IP with G-SYNCHRONISES. It take this monitor rigidly to touch FPS games in the, concretely overwatch. For the this uses this monitor for, is fantastic. I have seen my trace of precision 5-6%. It does not use this cual my big my monitor even so so that dry TNs only can not reproduce some paints that one beats of IP. But for a prize has paid, is one of him of the subject for 240hz.
5 / 5 Filomena
I add TN 240hz monitor. Some colours are well, and like me some different presets (FPS, Film, Level etc. For preset adjustments by heart). Also it has the dark stabilizer, similar in benq black bond. My only compliant is prefer some supports/of the most square program small for a monitor, while has the small plus desktop that participation my PC and monitor with. A two program spokes is wide, and slightly protrude in my QCK+. I have bought this out of whim to see 240hz has be worth it (possesses one 1440P/144hz Dell controls). I will say to touch CSGO party of death for quite a lot of 40 minutes, a game of game was much smoother, and in to the the chairs likes them-could them them flick smoother/more accurate. It recommends this monitor.
5 / 5 Cherlyn
I have bought this so that after a lot of investigation, is quite a better bang for a buck. Has the ASUS Strix GTX 1070 and although this monitor has any one (still) has landed in Nvidia is officially compatible certificate with g-synchronises list still, can say with confidence that these controls to do in fact laws with G-synchronise very good. An only game has listened any one that mentions that subject to have with g-synchronise-in this monitor is On-line Big Circles (which do not touch ). The quality of picture adds, well brilliance and the gameplay of works and smooth silk with G-Synchronise while costing quite $ 120 in $ 150 less than an official g-synchronises version of this same monitor.

Has has had only this monitor for 3 days now but can say that it has done it to it to him the perfectly with these win:
Allocates 2
Borderlands 2
the wars of Estrella Battlefront 2
Left 4 Fatality 2
Warhammer - Vermintide 2
(damn, that is to say the plot of '2 east, lol)
Anywho, the monitor adds!
2 / 5 Joye
Disappointed with a glow/of blue purple in inferior and left side of a screen. Please sure when being to verify yours to look or seeing the picture with scenes or dark verges like the trailer of film. One 240hz is surprising, very smooth and that comes from/comes from 60hz can see the difference. A picture another that a subject has had was very but the main advantage is 240 refresh imposed. One 1080p the picture is cual very another and a global brilliance and seeing angles therefore TN the poster is very good. Also a quality of tez is point and averts, support of base/of the metal and sper thin bezels (frame) but a blue/purple backlight bleeds could any one when being is not gone through big. I have finished to return the and has not wanted to take it casualidad in another, has purchased instead the Samsung 4K monitor and very happy with a resolution has update. For the sports there is another sake 144hz options for less than money, 240hz can not be worth it still.

Top Customer Reviews: Acer Predator XB272 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Babette
A monitor am to add when work: This monitor is known to have the bad poster that Waste to Armour plate to fix: In 2 years of G of dates of the purchase-synchronises will cease to do properly, that causes the flash black screen. Deactivating G-Synchronises fixed a subject, but that very another here, has not paid $ 400 in not using G-synchronises:

the steel will not pay since tea to ship a monitor in them, only will pay for the ship behind in you.

Has given these controls the good description, but this was under a supposition was the working product and has not had any defects to draw. And I have wanted here 2 more than these monitors for the 3 monitor setup. I am so happy I no.
1 / 5 Deanna
Monitor adds takings or these works. A one took still has a Gsync insect of 2016 how has falty/old firmware in a Gsync module. That is to say objectionable has been like this supposed by the be fixed at least done the year. Be conscious when buying this monitor that a one that taking could have gsync subject.
5 / 5 Johnathon
It reads tonnes of pros and gilipollas of this monitor, and was the sceptic of bit at the beginning -- but in an end bought it only and expected by a better. In the principle says drawee, but when has taken the house of class has been missing -- has discovered felizmente my roommate had taken he in for me and has planted only he in a zone could not see.

Opens, is coming from the TN calm signals probably very like this immediately a bat, so that you are so used to a wash out of colours -- but once adjusts enamorar. I have used some parameters that any published in Reddit (that it can find it to look for -&62; 'Predatory Steel XB271HU Parameters of Calibration of Big Precision (Nov 29, 2016)' with some marks of quotation) and has any complaint.

Will owe also downloads and uses an ICM profile, but these are some parameters can edit in your monitor that has used

Option 2 OSD Parameters (240 cd/m2):


Armours plate eColor Management: User

Brilliance: 65

Contrast: 50

Blue Light:
5 / 5 Houston
With an emission of one 1080 You and a beginning of (semi) abordable only-GPU 4K gaming, has decided was to time in apresamiento one submerges in a pixel-dense future. I have debated to go with the 1440p 144 Hz model, but has debated 60 Hz 1440p, has decided that has preferred the sweetness of main acuteness augmented on - especially of my games of election are slower RPGs and games/of adventure of the action. If it was in twitchier gone in like Battleground 1 or CS: they GO, then this monitor probably would not be also of the election. This has said, included in 60 Hz, his gaming the ribs are solid with way down below lag and the by heart excellent reproduction thanks to IP. And, while it describe down, an inclusion of G-synchronises is the change of game.

A gaming experience in 4K is, in the word, that impresses, especially when coupled with the smooth and fluent 60 fps the proportionate action for the 1080 You (or of look of big way-card of final). Everything is sensibly more acute and more detailed, and included found I remarking few things have had very advance - p. p.ej., wrinkles In Geralt expensive and tissues of texture in a Witcher 3, like an example. A downside is only the recent games have been designed with this resolution in of the imports, as it details of texture and UI the stairs can not be ideal in the games the old plus. This has said, with so pixels in your disposal, fall in the lowest resolution in-game and trail a monitor upscale some works of image decently quite too much in the pinch.

Of course, gaming in 4K is the workout for any system, included with one 1080 You, like an inclusion of G-synchronises in this monitor is the ready addition for some current limits of 4K gaming. Forbidding Drops in of the parameters of means, games more running will run anywhere of a mid 40 fps field until 65-70 fps, as G-synchronises to leave calm in of the parameters of crank in big/ultra and does not have to preoccupy quite maintaining the enclosed 60 fps. Without an ugliness of the screen these tears or stuttering, everything only when being smoother and more fluent, included when fps is not lining totally in firm. A fantastic addition in a monitor that marks gaming to plot easier to dive in without that has to constantly tweak parameters.

A tip has discovered, even so - G-synchronises works concretely for when your GPU is outputting below one 60 Hz native refresh of a monitor, but when outputting in 60 Hz is subject still in tear and stuttering, while I have discovered when initially I G has enabled only-synchronises in a Nvidia signals of control. Instead, G-synchronises is designed to do in combination with him V-synchronises solution (if in-game or road Nvidia signals of control) to provide the totally smooth experience. I have enabled once both G-synchronise and V-synchronises in a Nvidia signals of control, all was buttery smooth. This probably is not a subject in 144+ Hz monitors, but since will be to fluctuate on and down 60 fps in this monitor, is the must .

Besides gaming, these laws to control very well for use of general desktop and productivity, although with a recommended 150% UI scale in of the Windows you wind up with identical workspace in the native 1440p monitor (that thinks work very well for this measure). Alas, while UI the stairs is improving is still very so robust and in Mac computers, as be prepared for small bits of wonkiness.

Also will say was the small ambivalent in a 'gamer' aesthetic of this monitor, but is growing on me over time. The only desire could take drawee of a logotype 'Predatory' in a bezel leading.
4 / 5 Doreatha

A support was easy in setup, when being movements and big quality softly. A vertical adjustment was incredibly useful.
1440p//IP IS the night -and-difference in the daytime in my anterior use of 1080p//TN poster.
IP The hemorrhage is minimum. An upper-the right corner of my screen is affected more, but is not easy to see.


At random intervals, a monitor 'displace' the line of pixels of a centre of a screen, aiming in a right verge.
ARMOURS PLATE The support said that it can issues this problem for reparation. But when being the idiot that has to pay $ 60 ship in the firmware updates the NEW monitor.
When being stupid extra so that this problem has been discovered 2-years in front of purchase of mine.
This insect arrives once or two times for 10 hours, and goes was calm he cycle of beat a screen.
Another time, has remarked the breaking-second graphic emotion quite 1' very time in a centre of a screen.

Some insects are smaller. But the small insects are hard to swallow in the monitor of upper shelf.
Global happy with purchase of mine, but can not give 5-stars in the insect-riddled product.
4 / 5 Amiee
It edits: My first unit there has been the patch of backlight bleeds in one that upper left wing was sper perceivable, as it is returned. My second does not have any blb, but alas has 3 pixels are died in some go down left of a poster. Any sure if that is to say orientative of a current batch of these monitors, or if I only taken miserable. Probably return it this unit of second also, considering this prize really does not want to have any defects of poster.

That is to say the fantastic 4k big refresh monitor. Has the quite repressed to look another that one lighting it DIRECTED in a subordinated and by behind a monitor, which can be deactivated he chosen. Quan Capacity, thinks that this provides the good quantity to bias to ignite.

This monitor offers very very sdr action out of a box. For default, a wide colour gamut is enabled. A monitor offers an effective sRGB road of emulation even so, which are the characteristic reception . Often it signals with the wide colour gamut does not have a capacity to limit a gamut in typical sdr to to the use likes him in a desktop, which results in in of of the saturated colours. Having a sRGB the road deletes this.

With my i1 exposure pro colorimeter, has measured a way DeltaE of down 1.0, with the maximum of 2.3. The by heart native temperature is 6700k, which are that the in fact external steel these in in a factory. Proportion of the native contrast of my unit is 1065:1, which are typical for a poster of IP. He gamma Was slightly was, while it was also big in a low final (doing near of tones of dark also brilliant) and slightly too down in some big final (doing values more than shining too much darkness). Of course after the full calibration those uses a colorimeter and DisplayCal, an action is point and averts, with perfect gamma, deltaE down estimates 0.5, and 6500k colour temp.

A variable that sports club Of rows backlight in a OSD is enabled by default. Of my testing, looks to enable the raw form of venue dimming- only 3 or 4 zones. It practises no really marks very anything, has seen improvements to contrast proportion of only <50, which are to ail perceivable. A good informative is that it can you very really warns in of the practices. I think that that it is subjective wants to have this skill or no.

A HDR the action of this poster is in fact quite surprised. It IS only certificate hdr400, but a quality of image is very better that another hdr400 the monitors of level have used to this point. A precision by heart in HDR is excellent and is as well as in rowing sports club, and the map of the tone is done well enough. I have found these games with sake HDR look of implementation that surprised in this monitor, with a weakness that is that the dark zones are very any one this darkness. Of this poster does not have local of full variety dimming, the dark zones will not be never very dark, but one issues these maps of tones of the poster HDR the marks to content some looks of contrast of the a lot of elder of image that in rowing sports club. Brilliant scenes , the outsides especially look to surprise. If or anybody extra $ 600 for the local full variety dimming in a X27 merit the pity is debateable, likes local dimming cause haloing around white objects in the dark scene. It suffices to say even so, for more than users a HDR the action provides the good impulse in of the games and of the videos. It aim the few pictures of example in this description.

An adherent is not very perceivable in my setup. A sound of my air my fresh plus in my floods of PC are. Be conscious only even so it conceal this monitor has the follower to cool that he ramp up when using HDR.

Because of a gsync HDR piece, hdr and gsync can be used a same time. For full 10 bit colour, will require to limit a refresh in 98hz. Since more it struggles games to continue 98 fps in 4k same in the 2080 or 2080.t, this is not the enormous problem. Also it can choose run he in 120hz, which will limit calm in 8 bit. Practice he his could not say the difference among a two. If you overclock in 144hz, enables chroma subsampling, as it do not recommend it .

Is using the 2080, and easily can take 60+ fps in the titles the new plus for low just turning the few parameters. I have tried in in to to the games likes them-him it to them the distribution 2, BF V, AC Odyssey and Shadow of a Tomb Raider in 4k HDR and was quite incredible, and was able to take in 60 fps without too much of problem. Since also it have it gsync, fluctuations in fps is smooth. Also, the majority besides the new games has resolutions of stairs and such concealed will leave you to adjust down and achieve big fps, which are beneficial in competitive and such games. Down, it is an excellent big refresh gaming monitor.

Has taken a star has been been due to two subjects my unit has. In the first place, there is the something that shines duquel research to be backlight bleeds in an upper left wing of my poster. It IS perceivable in the black screen or in of the dark scenes in of the games, quite that is troubling me. A rest of a poster even so it is very well, and an IP the glow is in a lower end in comparison in other signals of IP has used. A second subject is two pixels is died in a drop of left wing of a monitor. Honestly, Some pixels are so small that his in any perceivable road during normal use, and only can be scene when it looking for (i.et. In the screen of test of the dead pixel).

For the $ 1200 monitor even so, these two subjects are enough for me to want to try a change. In general even so, that is to say the fantastic poster packed full of gaming characteristic. In $ 600 less than a X27, thinks that this monitor offers better value for a money, included although it is still very expensive. HDR The content has limited still really, and these 4k big refresh the poster has limited still for port of exposure 1.4, so HDR is still very fully mature in of the monitors. I think this poster HDR 'quite' for current levels. It does not match the sake 4k HDR television, but neither will find the television with 4k big refresh and gsync.
4 / 5 Waldo
So much, it have been lining has bought in this monitor for the few years now, but when the amazon in brief is gone down a prize in $ 699 was to advance and has pulled a trigger.

Anteriorly Had bought an excellent 28' 4K Steel XB280HK quite done 4 years, and while has very be happy with him, over time has three things that has results very clear in me:

1. 28' (And certainly 27') it is too small for 4K resolution. All a more artistic detail fines wonderful these developers of raisin of game so poses of the time in his games takes lost so that it is only too small in 4K in the 28' screen. Scaling Helps the small, but final to the attributes of use of GPU for small profit.

2. 30' In 31' it is probably or something sweet for 4K monitors IMHO...But big then this beginning to extend spent your vision of natural peripheral so that you or has to move your collar to see everything of a screen, or has posed a monitor more behind, in that element of seen of the case 1.

3. An angle to see more strait found in a TN poster of my anterior Steel any problem me...Until I am returned and has used my poster of IP older. One TN has had to the exceptional acuteness when dressed directly on, but is not so comfortable in some eyes and there is subtiles the tall rests has planted properly.

At the beginning looks a Predatory Steel XB321HK looks to direct all these worries for virtue to be the 32' poster of IP. Alas a historical cost of a screen has not been compatible with some descriptions. If you are going in plop down in >$ 1K then has to darn hover to be perfect, but in $ 699 was has had to to take to bet in planting to expect for versions of the main frequency that is almost certainly in a tube (and possibly a reason for a reduction to price that it suggests a tentativa in going down census).

A two consistently has informed the subjects with a monitor are glow of IP and occasional flicker. I have not done one 'Test of IP of Glow' so that if it do not remark it down normal use, then he no very subject...And it seeing exists in the phase that I very of course the meeting would be bit it so troubling sound any note until any signals is.

Will modify and update this description finds a flicker...The boxes of mine XB321HK has entered said that it was done in April of 2018, as my hope is that has update a firmware or otherwise has modified a monitor to resolve a subject, but this knows? That of now some looks to control to be precisely that has expected prendi.

UPDATE: after using this during the months now at the end have found one 'flicker'. A frequency of looks of occurrence to come and go....I will not see raisins at all after the days of gaming and then will take the small hourly for the few hours. Also it look it to arrive in relation the 'transitions' importing sure in an exposure of monitor, likes him go of the screen to upload against an afterwards, enough then while actively it is using. It looks to classify to like that hurriedly flicker sometimes takes when change the resolution of monitors. It has not been in sufficient frequent in enough of increase in a level of nuisance (still....).
5 / 5 Nora
If has the 2080you and is in a piece for the 4k controls this monitor is absolutely gorgeous. Very I do not comprise some complaints of backlight bleed of a AMD twins of of is a XV273K but see any backlight bleeds at all in this same poster in max nights.
Has seen a prize fluctuates and some sales in this monitor so he a current prize of $ 1249 is the bit empinado perhaps the drop of prize will arrive in some approximations the futures but absolutely thinks this monitor costs a prize. Impressing.
5 / 5 Guy
Predatory steel XB241H bmipr 24-the Full inch HD 1920x1080 G of NVIDIA-Synchronises Exposure, 144Hz, 2 x 2w speakers, HDMI and DP

the Better monitor has never has had! A change of 60hz surprised and will not return never! It IS sceptical quite 144hz and did not comprise it included with looking dozens of videos of comparison of the Youtube, but when I setup my monitor and has touched he for a first hour, has been surprised of as the butter softens an experience was.

- 1080p With until 180hz OC which are overkill, but well in 1080p games that has any limit of tax of the frame and matched with the strong GPU.
- G-Synchronise that synchronises yours to record of frame in a refresh the tax of a monitor done an experience on all the seamlessly smooth games.
- The bezels IS not also fat and a support is very robust with a lot of hinge. Also I want a void in some cual capes of cross to lean to have management of clean cape.
- Any pixel is died on arrived or very another bleed by heart.
- In spite of being the TN Poster, was able of the aforar to have that vibrates quite a lot of colours for visually appealing experience, dressed my video and of the photos.
- The support is very wide and take for on room of desktop, to go like the support like a Asus ROG Swift.
- The buttons are not tagged and accidentally can paste a button of entrance that you plugged so much a DP and HDMI the port will change in another. Of state well to have indicators in some buttons.
- The calibration by heart was the ache and there are the dozens of forums in a point of parameters likes him the sound takes to find a better an unless it wants to spend you an hour that the external calm in yours likes him. I am publishing mine in some low pictures :)

My System Specs for comparison:
i7 4770 3.6ghz
16GB G.Skill Ripjaws 1600mhz
Samsung 840 EVO 250 SSD
2x 1TB WD Blue Caviars 7200RPM
EVGA the liquid has Cooled GTX 1070 Hybrid
Edition of Windows 10 of House
1 / 5 Eliz
Work very well, thanx!

Quan in the first place took this law of product adds. Of JUN 27, 7:21prime minister/7:21pm/7:21pm after possessing a product there has been a subject with a proportion of appearance. Some pixels of the screen will not vary , the half of them will be domestic and an another means is gone down. Also in the 4mm with or the band is to take of a centre of a screen vertically and is generated in a side of far right of a screen vertically. Any subject that the time restarts a screen this will not go era. An only solution has found is to change a Ration of Appearance of any one 1:1 in Appearance or Appearance in 1:1 an opposite parameter. Usually the no preoccupy me in the mere subject like this even so, researches to be that it spends more frequently(at least once each which how three days).

Top Customer Reviews: Acer XF250Q ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Arnetta
It comes with Aiming port to Aim Port Cape, Cape to Be able in, and headphone in headphone cape. Some speakers in a monitor are small tweeters, Then , could wants clave with your awesome heaphones.

Very refreshingly that satisfies imposed of frame. Compared to regulate 60Hz, Everything looks smoother. Cursor of movements of mice more softly, some videos touch more softly, and the games touch better. It changes of the Samsung 4K controls these careers in 60Hz, the frames the Fast plus is only so much more than satisfying that return in Full HD is any big roads. I do not lose 4K, at all.

IS fallen enamoured with east of the monitor goes to use 30% of my card of map in 70% of my capacity to locate those touches a same game in 144 fps. It opens, to be likes them a bit the games has been meant to be touched in this way.

Remarce: If you touch the game in 144Hz, does not want never game in 60Hz, again...

Only for FYI, has thought enough that builds the instruments of walnut only in max potential this monitor, but after using my current instruments in fact 8 years with card of estimativa modern, has changed my alcohol. I am using Nvidia GTX 1050 2GB with east, and work with the low parameters with some process of clave of the half. I am taking full 144 fps? Seeing that the does not go 100% use, but fluxuates around 70%, probably.

HAS a Xbox A S in 1080p television, and comparing a gameplay of PC and Xbox S, the monitor done a PC gaming the so much better experience. Has only praises for 144Hz gaming. To well sure the improvement a gaming experience. I am guessing, been due to less than tension of eye.
5 / 5 Kyung
Absolutely I want this monitor, sure is not a cup of a line and only 1080p but gaming in 4K is expensive.
- 1ms
- 144hz
- Prize
- Global appearance
- Robust support
- Easy adjustable screen

HAS HAD seriously semi low expectations when buying so that it was cheaper that some but honestly is fantastic I amour a support does not move or the rattle or anything is probably a better support has not had never for the monitor. Has small verges around a screen as it is not massive and does not take on the plot of spatial in your desktop. Any sure why the people say that some paints looked washings or anything in me looked enough has taken well quite 5 minutes messing with a parameter and has clashed he in 144hz cuz is in 60hz level and was 100 better times.

- Luz to be able in FOCUSED
- Parameters

the tan when take it in the first place can not imagine out of the turbulent east my thought of the perhaps required eye to adjust in a 144hz. Imagined was that when a screen is adjusted in a cup of a support a clear to be able in era how beaming me in an eye, sper problem. Easy fixed coated he with the sper small piece of duct tape so still can see but very well in an eye lol. A card of parameters is the bit of the ache in an ass to direct around to change material but honestly posed it once and no the touch never again 9/10 so that he preoccupies . You have to go in some windows have advanced parameters to clash he in 144hz and need the DP cape HDMI creates can be posed in 120hz.

Finally the type honestly will not be dissappointed in this monitor wants to it. All has wanted in the monitor and I do not take tension of eye of long sessions to use which are awesome! Also a prize the even more attractive fact. For people that gave it 1 star for the white screen, gone in the shit spends has taken the bad unit , substituted down guaranteeed, raisin. For real even so you are I how me this has to control 50 same elements the different test decides, only buy this one am adds!
1 / 5 Carolee
That is to say a second monitor concealed and is returned with a same subject....... Desprs Has been on and used by surfing a web and lite gaming a screen of monitor will go black.......... It has to it the turn was and unplugs a connection to be able in and unplug a port of exposure of card of maps. The wait covers it small of minutes and behind in and afterwards was again. Desprs Left listens for the few hours and turn it on connects all some connections then can or can does not listen able up yes laws for bit it then done a same thing again, this time there has been a subject once the pair of boxes of marks of weeks today. I do not go to maintain or use the product that is not solid and clearly this an is not . I think that that it is ludicrous that yours touching me the restocking cost by the defective element and a last day can return he in you. It was different to be 90 days or more and if this was first time returning an element. Clearly it has a subject with this monitor of steel.
5 / 5 Tricia
It doubts This monitor will blow your alcohol. At the beginning and it was anxious because of some descriptions of this monitor any one when being pas able to aim 144hz in 1080p resolution. Quan Avenges, and verified some rumours. And alas, a monitor is only at present aiming 60hz. But after investigation for the small bit, has adjusted a fps of 60 in 144 has advanced in parameters in of the windows, and doubt, clearly will see 144hz. Quan Moves your cursor will see a difference of 60hz. You pursue like freaking butter.
5 / 5 Debra
It IS it adds. But honestly look it some frames maxes entered to like 180fps. Quan Traces in 240 fps beats very included say the difference. Perhaps it is only mine pc and no in that has quite a lot of pot to accuse.
Also, mark sure your monitor is plugged in your gpu and no your motherboard.
Has taken this ; I any one preoccupy me quite g synchronises. G of use synchronises before and could very included say a difference. Like this amd free synchronises is only sake for me.
5 / 5 Latoya
Well I am the pro player (Employee) and having 240hz is the difference of game of enormous game of 144hz. If you are a bit player of Sports to try when being in a cup of your game would recommend the 240hz monitor + at least 240FPS at stake at all times. This monitor is the beast and comes with fact of commission crosshairs for these games that does not want to give crosshairs. They recommend in any one trying goes professional in gaming.
5 / 5 Maryetta
That is to say the monitor adds in the good prize. Yes it is only 1080p but data my estimativa that is to say the monitor adds . It does not have a estimativa to buy components that can 1440p or still 4k And has the left wing of money on to take the monitor to take advantage of all this power. I can max was all the parameters with this monitor, is buttery softens in 144Hz refresh and 1ms response. The steel Still is doing the work adds that you control marks of quality in a $ 200 field of prize. Still although it is only 1080p an image is crisp, with utmost colours, and can not remark any ghosting, rasgando, bad pixels, or very others subjects of image.
2 / 5 Shari
Have wanted to very like this monitor. An exposure was good and is that it expect of the TN poster. No very backlight hemorrhage. The colours have required some adjust out of a box.

All has done well except a subject of entity. I use this monitor like my second monitor (widespread exposure). Quan This monitor is turned was, is TOTALLY disconnected of your computer. It IS no longer listed in some exposures has connected. That is to say usually any case with more other monitors. Why it is this of entity? Quan Incense/Of a monitor, he re-extends an exposure every time. Quan That spends, EACH another has connected the exposures will go black for the little bren. In my case, was at least the solid very 5 bren in front of my main exposure has aimed anything. This no well has decided turn in this Steel while it was in a half of the game.
5 / 5 Illa
It touches it joins of rocket.... A lot! I am the Field 3 in a game (which are a lot of, very good) and this monitor was the MUST buys for me; drastically improve my game of game (concretely dribbling and flicks). In the first place you are, it is the true 240hz monitor. My AMD Radeon the parameters confirm this and I can very easily sees a difference when touch in 120hz against 240hz.. Also, some colours are well! An improvement of the main colour remarked of my updates was in some darker lights. It have preferred it take the 27.n Screen, even so, this was by far a main bang for my buck ( and your also!) That will find calm in 240hz. There is has had to to pay on TWO TIMES (experience by $ 230) that has done to take this stop extra inches... There is also almost very bezel and a cord of Exposure is provided!! That robs it! And I can use freesync with this when key PUBG (while any so a lot of volume fps on there) to delete tear. Again, this was the subject and highly would recommend to try was.
1 / 5 Tonette
I use tn pannels all a time, and by far that is to say a worse 1080p tn never found, Absolutely God terrible colour, Truly horrendous. The calm can not read text, to save your life, his absurdly misty. For one the majority of expensive tn and never purchased attentive something can use to the text read, game videogames, and do the small work with him. If all the need IS the quite responsive monitor with creations of pertinent button, that fault of DVI, And VGA, with feigning the no functional speakers, and any preoccupy quite text in videogames like oblivion and Skyrim, or really anything at all CONDEMNS at all; this any bottem of a barrel. Strongly dry the mine is of another Amazon sourced bootleg provider.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ROG Strix ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Mohamed
Have wanted to very like this monitor, while it takes decent descriptions and would have to when being the value adds for 1440p gaming.

(+): Easy in setup, thin bezel, one of some supports of the better monitor has not used never (especially to be comprised with a monitor), covers for configurations of angles of multiple/viewing, mate the screen truly any sample almost reflections what a lot like other calm monitors, system the road of cape very which clean still looks, included with the multiple capes have connected. ASUS The service of client is also upper knotch, has to find any problems under a road.

(-): I have bought 2 of these monitors during the 6 period of the month and both have had subjects out of a box. In the first place one has had significant backlight bleeds this has developed progressively over time. It have substituted for ASUS for free under his guarantee. This monitor of the substitution now is beginning to do a same thing. Very unforunate. 2 monitor is coming with the scratch in an exposure, which was more than the gouge, while it show like the white line. Also it has some scratches in a support also. Control of poor quality, like these subjects would have to has been found before some 'protective films' has been planted in a monitor.
5 / 5 Gwen
It takes this to substitute my almost 3 year surrounds setup (3xRog Swift 2560x1440p in 7680x1440p surrounds) for some reasons of follower:
1. Bezels; They have begun to direct me nuts.
2. Requisites Of action for 7680x1440p with worse and worse SLI support for games these necessities the to run well in general resolutions (for example Watchdogs 1, Hitman 2016, and Assasin Creed: Origins). Included when SLI works; 2x980Tis and 2x1080Tis has had the rough time of him.
3. Colours; Rog Swift TN the colours of version are very washed has been.
4. It nails Urbano of desktop; 3x27' the monitors take on the plot of spatial.
5. Room of the monitor wasted in of the games, while it can not see 70ish inches of screen when chair in the desktop.

My worries that enters to buy a Asus Strix 35' was:
1. No quite big for work of dispatch.(Abundance of screen to do with 2 side of documents for side while I have discovered; although any one 3)
2. The empty monitor (the mine was flawless).

A thing that has not been the worry in my consideration; included like a Nvidia GPU user, was Gsync. Years of Gsync the monitors leave me listen is more than the gimmick that anything.

A monitor is the piece adds to build with deep colours, 100Hz refresh out of a box (subjects DP cape; any comprised), and material of tez solid (all in the a lot of cheaper price that is to say gsync predecessor of IP). I am comprising some benchmarks to give an idea of action 3440x1440p; I am using a following hardware:
i7 5930k4.5ghz/32GB 2666Mhz DDR4 RAM/1080.t STRIXx2 In SLI/ROG RAIDR 240GB PCIE SSD (CALM)/OCZ VECTOR 120GB SSDsx2/Corsair Forces LX 256GB SSD/WD BLUE 500GB SSD/WD Velociraptor 10,000 RPM 1TB HDDsx2/EVGA 1300WG2/NZXT KRAKEN X61 AIO.
5 / 5 Tiesha
If you are in a piece for the 21:9 wide screen with Freesync, can not beat this monitor. The mine arrived without looks and pixels utmost deaths. For work or game, this monitor am adds. Typically I law with 2-3 open programs, and there is abundance of urban nails to accommodate a side of windows-for-side. This a lot beats 2 or 3 monitors to do so that you lose the plot of spatial for any when being pas able to plant an open window in a half of two screens. A curve is very well, any also or too small. One quotes/swivel the adjustments are very smooth and easy. For gaming? It forgets it. If has the card that can press all some pixels, this monitor is fantastic.

Opens For one with: a hole of the management of the cape has two pieces of plsticoes that conforms to the point. Well, this point is not to soften at all, and when attraction my keyboard my next plus in me or the press behind, takes my cape of braided keyboard this has run through him. If ASUS could fix this defect of manufacture/of mere drawing, no very complained.
1 / 5 Latanya
Taken the defective monitor. Aimed at all but the black screen. I have comprised that this sometimes could spend, but that pissed went me one the majority is a service of terrible client when trying cogerprpers has substituted. 2setmanes And account after routing my defective monitor behind even so any update on when is taking my substitution.
4 / 5 Odis
Update Of the 27 slender inch Samsung that is to say the damn big update, a curve of a screen wasnt perceivable and an angle in sight is massive, could seat affront a screen almost side by side even so it sees that it is in screen, a tri-legged the base has very deep and very wide to well sure the needs has the quite big desktop for him.

Importing with would say is a prize for the that is to say the good is still too big. A 'rgb' the wheel in a backside is quite nonsensical, any illuminate to wall or when being dressed of anywhere but a backside, and a red baselight (ROG the LOGOTYPE inserts/to insert) is very brilliant and easily can be seen during a day.
5 / 5 Renita
The monitor adds, any dead pixel, any perceivable BLB, uniformity by heart well for the poster GOES twisted.
Can not pose a proportion of exposure in 16:9, which the the bad option for users of console. Also an angle in sight is moderated.
5 / 5 Vernetta
That is to say the freesync monitor. Has the cyberpowerpc the habit has built EVGA SC2 1080 You and work perfectly without any tear or lag when explicit AAA gaming. Still with photo/of video that edits work well and some colours are well in me. I am not the pro editor/of photo of the video, but the user of causal computer and gamer. I want a Rog Strix material and also enjoys one lighting of subtle RGB by behind the. Has an insect of RGB. Some gilipollas is not that it knows cual has been what has bought a Gsync the version but that also would mean is spending quite at least $ 500 more for a similar monitor of ASUS Rog Strix line only for a gsync and the TN control which are the big any one any one for me. One GOES the monitor in this cheaper version is better road that TN. I think it that they GO it it is among a TN and monitors of IP in of the considerations to paint and visual quality. The groove has a predatory B1 and cross, 24 inch TN gsync the monitor and was bad and at all compared in easterly the unit A lot enjoys my compraventa and VERY HAPPY with him. I of who alcohol that he doesnt comes with speakers so that it calms of those who requires it. I took me better speakers, a LG G560 and his like the RGB EDM party of dance in my room. The base of a monitor is so in firm and solid, can any one the mecer at all and only so that it calms of the that posed one concentrates next table in a verge. Has two ports: a DP and a HDMI. A DP go in my EVGA 1080 You and a HDMI obviously go in my xbox a X. Sound the cave of enormous man here. I am so happy with a monitor and happy I didnt goes for a 24 inch so that this 27 inch was only perfect. I am coming from the 27' iMac 2013 model and I have thought initially this monitor has been to be like imac excepts sound any one so that he doesnt has an enormous bezel around a monitor. Global happy! It opens, I am tried to save up money and if a rog strix line for IP gsync the monitors take cheaper, perhaps and'll look in that and give this or in my woman to use. Included the flight this monitor. So far any problem with him still afterwards ships in Hawaii!

Update 30 Oct 2018: This line of monitors is also, has bought a XG35VQ also to attach. Any dead pixel. Any subjects by heart or problems of poster. Some tills concealed is coming with him has suffered harm because of UPS ship because of raining the plot in Hawaii today. I of the that thinks that that the amazon shipped me the slightly broken box and has put. An interior of monitor was dry so that it was very. He hooked up very good. Has had to used to some parameters since was slightly different of my XG27VQ afterwards in him. I of to who likes him ELMB characteristic because of ghosting with mine 1080 You. I know that is to say the freesync monitor, but I didnt amours of paid for an expensive gsync characteristic. My XG27VQ works perfectly and the pictures are well, now with this XG35VQ, that is to say the ENORMOUS beauty that listen me so is in the canal of battle of wars of star. I can not touch youtube videos in full widescreen but his still sake calm of who import some black bars in a side, which I of the that from predominately has bought this ultrawide the screen for one nails urban of screen for productivity and HEAVY PC gaming with WOW, CODBO4, Fortnite. I touch to the others titles likes them BF1, BF5 when was in of beta, fate 2, balloon of dragon Z, creed of killers odessy in my xbox a X connected in my XG27VQ. In general these two monitors are BEASTS with mine 1080 You. I am the happy client . It opens, it likes to take my copy of COD BO4?
1 / 5 Melissa
My threads is spent the month those researches a better gaming monitor, while it uses his livestock takes mowing and money of cry to do this compraventa big (for the 14 old year). It IS so excited and planned everything around a delivery, as it can spend a weekend these touches in the. A delivery has been done punctually, but a box of monitor was semi-open, arrives in another box, which was odd. My threads there has been the friends on and finishing to open and carefully unpack and poses in a monitor. 2 hours later a room was perfect for gaming, alas, like aims in a computer/of monitor was ignited in fact, some 3 deep scratches in a screen of monitor, comprising the deep to dig in an outside of a monitor. Very distraught, decides to pack it up and subjects behind. It imagines our surprise to find another slip of tower in an original semi-open boxes where more there was also is returned the. As they have sold the fractions, pre-the monitor possessed like the new mark. The May will trust another of his products again.
3 / 5 Leopoldo
21 June 2019:

has Update my description there has been since this for the few months now and is in fact quite disappointed in him, quotes a prize of a thing. A GtG time of response, as well as a time of response of the pixel, in the east is in fact quite big and results in the blurry image when moving around in of the games. Posing a Overdrive in 3 lessens an effect, but is still incredibly obvious is there. While some colours and the brilliance of an exposure is very well, can not take around a soyotion blurs' effect at most of my games, included although I am by train to run them in 144FPS or main.

Has tried also a adaptive synchronises in the few games that comprises WOW, X4: Bedrock, and Witcher 3. Every time a adaptive synchronises changes a refresh recorded a monitor flickers; it looks a brilliance of a monitor is changing every time a refresh prize , resulted in the class of 'flashy' flickering effect that will not go was until you deactivate a adaptive synchronises. Quan Verifying on-line looks this monitor has this problem with the whole host of cards of video, as it looks less probably to be the subject of engine and more than a subject with a monitor he. The desire could return this and takes a Samsung C32HG70 32-inch instead. Has a Samsung of 27 inches QLED 144hz the monitor those seats afterwards in my Asus 32-the inch and he blow a Asus out of a water when goes in action.

Original description:
has taken one 31.5 -inch 1440p exposure (XG32VQ). I actuate There It go It only he for the days of the pair and I are enamoured with this thing.

A quality of picture is incredible immediately a bat. It IS in a 'in common' preset for default, which each what quite that shines, but changing this is incredibly easy has posed only the in a default 'Profile of User, which are also utmost, and adjusts my gamma and brilliance in some games they. No another adjustment required in my opinion.

The monitor is posed in 144hz for default. Any idiot 'overclock' necessities of option to be enabled. There is, even so, a 'Overdrive' the option posed in '3' arrest default. If that is to say like an anterior monitor substituted (AOC Agon AG352UCG6 - does not take C), these increases of option or reduces a GtG (Grey-in-Ash) time of response in an announced 4ms. I have not seen any necessity for the change, as it can be more to leave this while east.

Can not use a Adaptive/FreeSync since has NVIDIA, but that it is more than the gimmick in all the case unless has some odd hardware that wildly fluctuates among 60FPS and 144FPS constantly in of the games, and included then will not remark for rasgar.

Felizmente Has not had any defects in an element he; any scruffs, any dead pixel or anything. A tez of a monitor is solid, but require the plot of room in your desktop (or the big desktop) to line a width-legged mountain. If podes, poses this thing in the VESA mountain.

An only problem has had with this mountain was so to pose a little plastic piece in a base of a mountain (the small piece that some projects Headed to travs of). There are few nooks these accesses in that only has not remarked prende far too very time. It does not use a projection has DIRECTED in all the case, thought it only was stupid for any one in remarking he early enough.
5 / 5 Georgette
OMG, Wants this monitor. I have purchased this totally suddenly for my nephew and now is jealous. Quan I in the first place plugged he in me thinks was has washed looked. I have thought then, ' it leaves things of hook up properly and tweak some parameters before spending test'. So much, I have installed an engine, has connected a Cape of Port of the Exposure in my GTX1070, and has posed a refresh prize in 144 hz. They that touch me all the classes of games, as I have shot in Warcraft premier so touch he a plus. After three hours to run around questing and such, has remarked my eyes have listened more relaxed that normal. Quan Has turned left or the right this changes seen was clearer and after a colour tweaking vibrant and lush look. It was impressed really, then tried GTA5, A Witcher, Fortnite, DOOM, and very another and has been surprised. It was committed more and result more apparent that the failure has been with other exposures at present possesses 'twisted' is not only the gimmick, has to have one of these. The tan now am saving my money to take a 31 version of inch, this exposure is awesome does not doubt. Container to Have to weighed, any dead pixel, any light bleeds, aesthetic sum, a support is smooth and easy to adjust. Tweak Some parameters, and has abundance, and this monitor will rid.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ROG Strix ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Brandee
This monitor has done better concealed has anticipated. It have been mulling on taking an expensive plus Asus ROG Swift/Strix 25' models like Nvidia has semi-detached Gsync support in both of these Strix lines, but a capacity to use a ELMB characteristic (the low motion blurs) in 240hz was that I won me on. Any one another the monitor can do that in this time and listens more powerful in $ 150 cheaper looks take to think.

Coming from the BenQ RL2455 24' was the tad also big for my room of desktop like the hardly smaller 23.8' has not been a subject versus the screens the big plus. The difference of measure is hardly perceivable. The wise picture an image is bit it the wise better colour, but like each TN his poster not going to be so vibrant like an IP. One 240hz was immediately the enormous difference while no never have seen more than the 60hz exposure in person. With the 1070 GTX GPU an only game reliably can take 200+ fps with this Fortnite but has wanted a more future test the purchase has spent of this a lot of in the monitor.

I amour some characteristic. My complaint of only minor is that with ELMB a screen darkens to compensate for a strobing. This is not a subject at night, and IMO that uses the low motion blurs is better that included Gsync (which can not use simultaneously) as down down in latency and takes the motion blurs when changes a camera around in of the games bit it. Also a support is very big, jutting out of the bit of base, and some capes are in uncomfortable to insert in a backside in an angle after his semi-detached.

With all the things have considered at all in detract me for the call 5-stars like the monitor for this prize. It is not presupposed by any half, but an only another approaches the option is $ 200 more and any so powerful action wise.
4 / 5 Marquitta
I do not know why this monitor is revised like bad, has bought only the and there is not very subject so far. The punctual update has .
1 / 5 Magdalen
That is to say a more has not spent never in the monitor. In fact, a more has not spent never in the screen each joint. I have bought this after using 60hz to see a big change in gaming all the habladuras quite world-wide. Alas it take the monitor with very ugly vertical streaking and deaths of pixels. Purchase Dell the cheap control with control of better quality that this. Or perhaps it is not to control of quality? It IS this only that his monitor is? If so, it does not spend your money in of the this. Have wanted to very he 240hz and is gone with this summer because of a prize but with the majority of things of technology, was also good to be true. And yes, I installed CD and the different ports have used. Big disappointment!
1 / 5 Gisela
Purchased this to try and substitute XF250Q. An exposure took has had no visible clouding or vertical streaks. In a side of the plus for a monitor is entrance lag; my god this exposure is responsive. It does not have the road of in fact measuring entrance lag, but his to good sure more responsive that any exposure has used before. Another concealed has entered lag, this sudden monitor of numerous subjects and ask me the question why troubling attaches DIRECTED gamer lights in place of in fact doing a sake of look of the poster.

1) Colours, brilliance, and contrast is sub-pair. With ELMB his unusable limits so that a screen is only too darkness. You can try and compensate for a darkness to use any AMD or tuner of NVIDIA to paint to adjust contrast/of brilliance further, but the arrival with the wash was screen. Have Also tries aforar an exposure but at all looked included afterwards in my XF250Q (which are not even the bonos exposure or).
2) Acuteness???????? An exposure is of course too acute and there is any one poses of acuteness in a OSD and the acuteness is deactivated in DisplayWidget.
3) Utensils of Screen, distortions and flickering. This could have been only the defect with a monitor that took, but any fast movements (displacement still the page of web) has resulted in the utensils and the distortions have weighed. That is to say a main reason is returned a monitor , totally objectionable. I have opted for any substitution so that it was just indication of the horrible or no-existent QC process.
4) does not download DisplayWidget of ASUS so that it sounds an old version that any one included sustains this monitor. Instead it uses a version in a CD. Usually only it launches a CD is so that a later version is received for download, but apparently ASUS tin very problem to update his web of place. Side of note by side, is only able to control overdrive through DisplayWidget has enabled ELMB.
5) ELMB - HAS REMARKED enough the bit of strobe crosstalk in this monitor and remained with a natural dark mass, acute image, looks quite bad. You can fix some of a strobe crosstalk to use DisplayWidget to change a overdrive in 4 in a cost of the 1-2 cups of pixel.

In general would not recommend this monitor. So much XL2546 or LG GK750F-B is the utmost controls want the motion blurs reduction in 240hz. If any need a motion blurs reduction, only go with anything more.
3 / 5 Flavia
Monitor well. Even so a manual has said that returns the VESA 100x100mm highland group of the wall but that groups, while I can see of a semi-detached photo, any in fact returned in a hole circulates in a backside of a monitor
5 / 5 Etta
Surprisingly quality of good picture for the TN poster. Very better that one 27' 144hz Dell TN the poster has used anteriorly. There be some vertical to the bow can remark is using the solid colored deep, but this is adapted of the each TN poster. In of the games and when using an internet or looking the films are not perceivable. A XG248Q is very responsive and when being very flowed with an automatically enabled gsync compatible variable refresh tax. A monitor very seamlessly adjusts his refresh imposed to match my graphic cards (2080 east) beginning. A prize is point and averts for the 240hz poster also, which are an even more the big consideration is to coach to use in the dual poster setup likes him is. A ELMB is a characteristic interesting, but only can use or a adaptive refresh tax (freesync/gsync) any one both. IMO, IS has been better with a adaptive refresh tax unless it is by train to touch you something where is in 240hz everything of a time. While it can use you ELMB in 144hz, sound a monitor the motion is better in 240hz concealed in 144hz w ELMB. ELMB Also reduced a brilliance of a poster, which can do uses a characteristic the no-judge of start for some.

TL;Dr. For a prize that is to say an excellent 240hz gsync that the compatible control has surprisingly quality of good picture.
5 / 5 Lucy
Monitor very good. Enough an update goes of 60 hz in 240 hz. The games look very better and better touch.
5 / 5 Lissette
My threads is the gamer - so far any complaint
1 / 5 Kathlene
The impulse buys since has not taken my self anything for some holidays. The pixels are died in of the marks he new unit. No a premier ASUS the monitor there has been this subject with. This will be a last ASUS the monitor never buys.
1 / 5 Conception
You favour and buys a MSI line of gaming monitors. It situates Of road and better valuable quality. Also 240hz is unnecessary.

Top Customer Reviews: Acer G276HL Kbix ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5 Arnita
While this monitor rid of the vibrant colours for the prize of estimativa, has some serious defects. Has lousy black, especially of an angle. If you are not directly in front of a monitor those slightly low looks in him, will be very disappointed yes has the dark or black-the saver of the screen has based. A blues is the small hot but can be it corrected with colour and balance of gamma, but takes the slow hand and in firm, still has the habit of law with Armouring plate clunky interface.

Has used a lot other monitors to Armour plate some years and I will use to again, but no this model. It IS a monitor has DIRECTED worse has not purchased never.

Would recommend that calm remain you clear of this monitor and continues compraventa.
3 / 5 Colton
The MODELS VARY - THIS DESCRIPTION is of a fund of a line 19.5' 1600 X 900 dpi G206HQL.

Has bought a fund of this series in the whim like the monitor of backup. An always would have to have the monitor of backup eh? It was only $ 79.99. Has one of my monitors of data of security today, I at the end unboxed a STEEL G206HQL

The SAKE: it comes with so VGA and DVI-D capes (averts to supply to be able in and support).
Bends advance or behind quite (am guessing) 15 - 20 titles.

The BAD: it is the cheap, lackluster beginning of exposure. PERHAPS it looks better of my card of the video in this system has had DVI beginning. It finds to go of VGA in DVI profits quite 10% of turnip' or quality of better picture.

This will be esomething' for now, but still for my beginning of camera of the security that is 3.gapixel, this is not some HD.

Morality: taken that decrees of paid. There is not any road this would do like the elder of age , monitor of production for business use (text legibility). Included casual surfing would be the tedious bit in of the this. Only purchase this very calm any one preoccupy you or is in the estimativa. This knows perhaps one ones in some stairs in this series of model is bit it better? I can not speak with that.
5 / 5 Dominique
It uses the 20' iMac for the very long time. Quan Data, could not provide the nine a, as I have transferred my operations in the 13' MacBook, and obviously lost all this zone of screen, and decided in tent for the new monitor. I have found this a here in Amazon in an excellent prize, and has taken also a VGA adapter for my MacBook (Mini DVI in VGA).

The connection was any problem at all; Mini DVI in VGA adapter in a MacBook, VGA cape (comprised with a monitor) of an adapter in a VGA port in a monitor. Plugged A monitor in AC can, has turned he on. Any picture immediately, unplugged an adapter of a MacBook and plugged the backside in; there we go, picture. I have found the pair of tutorials on using an external monitor with a MacBook, learnt some diverse options, run some Preferences of System for 'Exposure', pose issue it to him has wanted the, and is up and race.

Situates In some looks of the only monitor adds with some parameters well out of a box, any reason to change anything.

IS been only 2 days, but so far, is very happy with this monitor; it is exactly that has looked for. Easy setup, the quality of picture adds, excellent prize; this can ask more...
1 / 5 Nina
I have ordered this monitor that expects to be able in VESA in to the the mountain likes him to him his each monitor and screen that is state fact in some last 10 years, but no! If you want to VESA trace, will require the third celebrates to attach-on for $ 15-30 so that they do not sell those in Amazon. The wise prize, also can take the 24 monitor of inch of almost any one another manufacturer so that it was a same cost in general, and has built in VESA the available trace. Quan Finds the third party VESA mountain, will find a socket to be able in and DVI port in a backside of a monitor is incredibly inconvenient and situated so that it is almost impossible to install cabling without saying measures. Severely in disappointing. The MAY will buy another.
5 / 5 Harriet
Very happy with this compraventa. My cat attacked in my Dell old 24' monitor of LCD and a guarantee has caducado two month before, does not want to paid for another low quality monitor. Work besides weekends to house so this was an emergency . I have had since some left wing of money in my Card of Present of the Amazon, has used that to buy this monitor. I have used this monitor in my anterior work excepts thinks has to 19', also has a HDMI port. This one any one, but so that it comes with a VGA cord and a whiter cord big, easily plugged he in my docking canal and after fiddling with a resolution of records of screen perfectly. I am well with a fact that does not bend . It does not have any complaint in a resolution. Very look of descriptions to be nitpicking on some curves and resolution but in planting to be cheap... Only it looks for the monitor that curves and has good resolution. The reading is fundamental.

Update. It bends slightly up and down. By everything means, still the monitor adds
1 / 5 Tory
STEEL The packaging was that it looked an element of the open boxes with adhesives or record in original adhesives and a lot messy the tape boxes very shabby (while it has been repackaged and retaped). Container of amazon very sloppy also. If it was open boxes , has to has been tagged and priced consistently. To attach insult to hurt, the monitor has not exited of a box. Some waste of my time in repackage and subjects behind
1 / 5 Jacquelin
A good informative, beginning of a box and was easy to install. Downhill From here that. A support is flimsy and wobbles - the unstable look. A screen is blurry and aim very brilliant/. He been research as to adjust a brilliance, some instructions are terrible and can not find the on-line help. I guess to take what the decrees have paid! It IS cheep and is CHEEP. I will go invidente to look in this screen! Of the that buys, spends the small more and improve quality.
2 / 5 Maxine
Any sign of deaths of the pixels or another frankly fails in show. Each what 2.1 megapixels is here, but is well? Spoilers - No really.

A backlighting differs among an upper and fund, the colours are washes was and the looks aim any subject as it adjust it. Included an angle of looks of different ideal viewing among an upper and a fund, and that is to say worse fact for a lack to bend and characteristic of elevation.

IS not even the graphic designer and sometimes a quality only nettles me.

Still, has bought this during the sale to flash for 0 - in that beat to price any failure he, even so in almost 00 would look in something more. And I classify of remorse he in this prize.
1 / 5 Adaline
Any subject that tried could any never take this monitor to have an image of crisp that would be necessary has it has had. Always it looks for to be the small out of house and looked a contrast was cranked too big.
Has tried all could think of, comprising updating my engine of card of the video and at all looked to help.
MORE, after it poses a brilliance and the parameters preferably saw a OSD ... And save the ... Desprs I rebooted would return in some original parameters.
Has has had always the luck adds with a mark of Steel, until now.
1 / 5 Su
Bought one of these for my admin, the laws add, has had he for enough 6 month. I have ordered some alone and vain names dim for his sake, would not arouse in that goes to sleep and a button to be able in would not answer so has to unplug for the turn was. Substituted that or and has taken only one second a work. After 15 min goes dim and some buttons / of card of the can wont response. Taking the different mark.
4 / 5 Alaina
I have bought two of these and enjoy them enough bit it. A bit those that the descriptions complain in ghosting, which have experienced until there is @@give in a incumplimiento the settings in some controls had 'overdrive' or 'OD' on. While you disable this look already there was ghosting question! Hope This helps any the one who has bought these and has been disappointed, has seen at all on-line roughly fixing this @@subject another that imagining it was for casualidad.
5 / 5 Lindy
I a lot seldom write descriptions, but are like this disappointed with this monitor, that felt a need to warn another. Originally You buy It this last year to use for pupil and work. After the few weeks, has begun having subject with him turning was and repeatedly blinking in mid-use, as well as died of the pixels in some means of a screen. The amazon has contacted, and has sent the substitution and I am returned an original. Again, the few weeks of perfect operation. Then in a unit of substitution, a power and the keys of paper have prisoner to do. An only way to turn on and was was the physically unplug a unit. The amazon has contacted again, and inform to a costruttore. After several tentativas, finally has taken the control of the person. They have said that would look in, but would be necessary ship behind for my account say me, and would not substitute it . It has declined (mostly reason have not had the box to pack he in, and was severely unimpressed with service of client).

To the equal that has continued to use he for several months with few subjects. I have prendido to use the sooner this year, mostly reason tired me of a physicist that unplugs, and has begun to use an old TV instead. So only now, it has been for the shoot on again for my woman to use. With which not touching or using he for some last few months, a screen is broken in a half, and as that am concerned is unusable. And no, this is not the chance of 'oops fell it and go to blame now a hardware.' Have another Acer electronic, and has been for one the majority of satisfied part, but this monitor has been he at all but questions. Esteems less than 1 star yes is possible.
5 / 5 Rita
Constantly my blacks of screen was, but so only for now, less than the second, (thinks screenshot in yours telephone) and is really weirding was. Raisin in irregular inconsistent intervals, sometimes the days go in, sometimes so only 5 minutes averts. I have changed all some bosses and adapters, has behind writing in Seven/Oct for the substitution but the amazon redirect me to a costruttore. I have sent a monitor to a Acer centre of support, and send me behind a monitor with a diagnostic was any one there is remarked subjects. As I have bought this monitor to have a upgrade but has not been the good election.
And here are with an annoying black flashing screen
4 / 5 Eugenia
has bought two of these monitors the few weeks does and has been enough add like this far (averts of one issues how is described down).

A better part in my opinion is one the thin bezel which is with the accuracy described in some pictures on. In chances any one has asked , a bezel (that comprises a part of a screen that does not show any picture) is roughly 1/4' (7/32' to be precise).

Has been concerned in a base any when being any stable when I have bought some monitors, but some monitors are in fact surprisingly stable.

A main reason am writing this description is to warn people in a backlight bleeding that is present on both of some monitors have received. A model of a backlight the bleeding is exactly one same on both of some monitors, which direct me to think that any only miserable volume. Under normal circumstances, a quality of image is sum. This in spite of, there is the dark image in a screen and are in the dark room (when looking the film for example), a backlight the bleeding is very apparent in some two upper corners of some screens. This is not the subject enormous for me of then usually has the light on in a room, but am sure can annoy some people. This looks the subject quite common in estimates IPS monitors, as it do not govern this monitor was unless it find the monitor that knows sure does not have this subject same.
5 / 5 Les
Ossia The very good monitor for his prize! The upgraded of the leading monitor that is coming with my Dell Inspiron this has had Windows has seen LOL!. Very Old. Anyways My reason for upgrading:
1) using it as an external monitor for my macbook pro for university work.
2) Connects to mine xbox a s a lot amiably. Battlefield 1 And fall of @@@titan 2 looks awesome in this (in my opinion)

1) a monitor a lot tilt on or down.
2) The monitor does not locate in the height and dress it extracted.
3) A monitor any rotate
Mina this is not the question of the mine monitor is seating in the monitor laughed. This in spite of, if I know nit picky in this type of material, recommends them look more where and compare!

1) dips up is very easy! It can be fact in 5 minutes. Simply connect a base of circle to a backside of a screen of monitor and calm is done!
Touches the awesome monitor for his prize!!
5 / 5 Twila
The value adds for 1080 monitor.
Clear picture
Simple simple assembly (or taking avert)
Strong base
Work fantastically with MacBook Air

A monitor, which has done fantastically with the MacBook Air, no with the MacBook Pro 2017. Acer Service of must he with the firmware update. You owe that send a monitor behind to them. Buyer beware.
5 / 5 Carley
Can not revise this took it so only and comes with the VGA cord. Has the drawer of the office fill with VGA cords because for some reason ignored, the manufactures think the computers still have these. Ossia Absurd. His 2019. This thing could have one the majority of beautiful picture but still are that it goes the whack the 2 stars for a idiotic VGA. A monitor so only there is VGA or hdmi. As any seeds recent technology or 1980. Choose your poison.
5 / 5 Cheyenne
First of all, work. It shows images. A saturation by heart and brightness is well. But a global acuteness and the quality of picture is disappointing. Rings the acute, crisp exposure ( has had a lot, like a hp, this was acute and crisp). I have expected that, with HDMI connection and Full HD video that a quality would be goooooooood! This in spite of, a crispness that has expected is not there. Some looks of text to be ghosted with a there will be around that. And it looks to be so only never like this slightly blurry. I have had a lot of monitors on some years. It is like this to regulate all some parameters for the abonos pic. So only I can not look to take a quality of picture that loves.
Are sure a quality of picture will be a lot of stops more than people. So only I expect that, while I dipped it it was money - to all the cost that credit a 'treated is - that will take all want to and perhaps the little more. This was the economic shot - and took it on to First Day likes the prize was a lot. A quality of picture is generally well, but are not adds.
5 / 5 Clemencia
Has taken two of of the this the month done and is that they change life for the house workstation. I have been concerned that in this prize, could be so only passable, but am surprised really in it crisp a picture is and the one who solid some colours are. Admitted, does not have a clarity of an exposure of retina of the Apple or have the really a lot hine' to them, but is better that more the monitors have had in 9-5 works and I do not take NEVER tension of eye to look in them. Spent something more expensive love bells and whistles, but ossia the external monitor add - especially for a prize.
5 / 5 Elisa
Has installed a monitor so only to discover the vertical line that careers of upper in depth in a screen. I have thought at the beginning that it was the setting but after trying everything of some settings has decided to hook on a monitor to the different PC to see yes was the subject of hardware , but a line was present still . I have contacted to the amazon sustains the one who was extremely useful but all could do was to inform me to Acer. Unfortunately, a contact info to the amazon gave paralización Acer is entirely out of date. Some locations of the reparation no longer exists and a Acer the number of support was invalid, am not sure reason to the amazon does not verify material like this with his vendors.

Has found a Acer number of on-line support and called him. After it has to that repeat a number of the serial by means of his system has automated, was finally able to tslk to the person the one who again has asked a number of serial to verify a guarantee. With which have been dipped by means of stirs it of inane personal questions (full name, allocution, number of telephone, etc.) Any pertinent to a subject, of then have already has verified was guaranteeed down. In an end, all have required was an email address to email one reparation to guarantee direct so that it can ship a monitor behind in my COST. Needless To say this will be a LAST Acer the produced compraventa. I comprise that the lacking products occasionally but dipping clients by means of unnecessary red tape and then forcing me to pay for a nave in the low element frames to guarantee clear this is not the company wants to do business with.
4 / 5 Janay
While 8days partorisca ship. They are very happy when you arrive but with which has gathered a stand, connected all the boss, turned in a power, at all is spent.
Has supposed that the amazon has shipped a defective product that is to be return for another client.
Does not trust Acer mark anymore.

Recommends no thus monitor.
5 / 5 Michael
Amiably built, solidly has built. The works add in the ALIVE stand, using a VESA mountain. Good colour, contrast a lot well, has included to light, any bad pixel. I am using the DisplayPort the HDMI (Dell Docking canal), work perfectly. I add partorisca monitor of work, very partorisca Plex TV/of film. Roughly like this big to the equal that would want to go in 1080p and maintain the decent view, tight.

Snagged The On first Day partorisca 114. The desire had bought 3, but has not had any description anywhere in a coverage. Oh, Well. Still the shot adds, included in a current prize.
5 / 5 Kacey
Has purchased 2 of these the few weeks does and has enjoy a hell out of them never of then. A slender bezel was the big selling point for me. They look amazing side for side.

-Value of unbeatable/prize partorisca the plenary 1080P monitor.
-Wonderful picture. It has DIRECTED it it has lit done the images come the life.
-Easily aforado or has regulated.
-Crazy The arrival has reduced any background light glare. The utmost looks with lights of room on or era.
-Light (only 6 lbs).
-Time of better response out of any IPS exposed of the poster has seen (only 4 ms)
-A lot of sturdy basic.
-Corners of big viewing.
-3 different entrance the ports this the sleep partorisca compatibility.
-No backlight bleeding(a common question with some exposures)
-Any assembly, a monitor just slides on to a base and of the clicks in place. It has on dipped 2 of these less than 5 minutes.
-Packaged A lot well.
-Comprises VGA boss, which I this in spite of go partorisca have that shabby for separate.

Any VESA the compatible trace. ( I have known this before I bought him. There is has not had plans partorisca locate them in all the chance.)

Will be partorisca purchase the 3rd partorisca add to the mine workstation punctual. ( It sees picture)
5 / 5 Issac
has bought 2 of these monitors partorisca the dual monitor dipped up. Some keys have not done on 1 of some monitors. It has filed the complaint with acer and there is advised has had to pay for an initial nave to them, which was roughly $ 90 partorisca pay UPS partorisca packaging and nave of earth. Acer Has refused the reimburse me still although it was not my failure a monitor has not done properly. A cost partorisca ship it to them was almost a cost partorisca buy the new monitor.
4 / 5 Paris
Has bought two of these partorisca the dual monitor setup. Unfortunately there is not any instruction in that installs a base of a monitor. One 'Drive Quickly' declares concealed 'A base of monitor is attached to a first monitor of shipment and is undetachable.' This is clearly fail like this at all is attached to a monitor. Enough, there are two pieces has comprised: One bases of round and quell'group meso. Attaching some half groups to a base of round was easy to imagine was. This in spite of, attaching some half groups to a monitor has not been easy. In a first monitor, has tried the different things and any one have done. In the Then think that some bases is 'the trace of pressure' to the equal that try the press directly to a backside of a monitor, and this has broken two plastic tabs in one marks new monitor! In a second the monitor was more careful. After the little more test, discovers that I need to angel of the groups meso to a backside of a monitor and I then stimulates on partorisca he partorisca attach. If it calms he well, law easily and quickly. If calm find you forcing he in, calm then is doing bad! Acer Could do this easy plus partorisca his clients partorisca comprise instructions of installation.
Another that an on, is the good monitor . Has the VGA and HDMI starts in my computer to the equal that have used a VGA partorisca connect to an and he 6 ft HDMI boss partorisca another monitor: TIP: If precise use a HDMI to to the port likes , of mandate a HDMI boss with a monitor as it is not comprised. They could have comprised he in a past like some of some descriptions have said is comprised, but sure has not been comprised with some two monitors have ordered in Jan of 2019.
Also, looks two versions of this monitor: one with speakers and one without. A last is more expensive. I choose a version without speakers as I already have external some.
5 / 5 Gracia
Has ordered this monitor specifically reason have thought, 'add! A monitor with built in of the speakers. Now I wont need to buy speakers immediately partorisca my new computer.' This in spite of, to the mine dismay, has selected apparently a monitor WITHOUT a boss of OPTIONAL audio. Like this now I need partorisca go to a tent and find a boss of audio (or speakers), as well as the different HDMI boss to the equal that have taken so only a one of one of my systems of game partorisca do in place of a boss a monitor is coming with (the basic boss avenges with him no with my desk).

Another that to that taste to him a monitor. His well a big plus that anything has has not had never. He certainly done a trick. I will update my once exited description and buy a boss of audio and take to experience a quality of audio. SO ONLY BE CAREFUL THAT COST of OPTION. I do not see reason would not comprise a boss of audio with each monitor...


after going to a tent partorisca take a boss of audio and messing with paralizaciones east 30 minutes more than thinks was possibly something bad, now prpers gives that is to be send the monitor that does not have to that the speakers. It looks that now I owe that go back to a tent partorisca buy SEPARATE SPEAKERS. Usually it do not take this has on fact in the deception done when doing a compraventa of amazon; this in spite of literally have chosen so only this monitor partorisca a fact that came it purportedly with built in of the speakers. Again, be careful that the version takes, I so that apparently it has chosen it one wrong one and are now literally that paid partorisca he.
5 / 5 Tamisha
Has bought 2 he roughly done 2 years partorisca my prime minister gaming build like my monitors lateralmente. The ones of way that far has had to substitute or buy new some reasons everything of an opinion partorisca have that dies pixel, a start of screens the flicker and is unusable. Acer Paid of mark partorisca returns partorisca ship to substitute or fix a monitor. Which is ridiculous reason to the slope likes 20-$30 . But after taking pissed in them, there is agreed to has spent all shipping costs. I will be partorisca take monitors of different mark once these some die was also.
5 / 5 Lashell
After receiving this monitor does not fall up. To the amazon was a lot of very roughly returning it but alive in the small city that our mailing the tent could not use a focuses of the turn and I has had to drive to the UPS tent. Ossia Roughly 35 minutes was. So much in an hour partorisca return both directions, and concealed any discharges included partorisca try animal-pack he.
A monitor of the substitution there has been a subject same to the equal that have imagined has been and has assumed my L type partorisca come and aim me that it has to that have state doing wrong. It can any one , no neither. Like this now they are out of a paid of now to a The TYPE this in spite of any monitor. So that to the amazon was real a lot roughly returning it but has required the monitor a lot all these headaches.
Has finalised partorisca buy one of the local tent and he have done grieves I plugged he in.
5 / 5 Millard
Has bought two of these monitors. I hooked his arrives to use a HDMI port to the card of video of my PC. One A lot BEFORE what there is remarked with both monitor is his constants flashing on and era. Some remains partorisca be able to on, but look partorisca maintain refreshing his connection to a PC. I have tried different bosses. This has helped with a control, but a monitor has connected strictly with a HDMI the boss so only will not remain on/has lit/has connected. Touching or that clashes a monitor or giggling a cord or the connection does not change anything. A monitor will remain on partorisca 30 minutes to an hour, and then spend for or w/and is where a screen flashes on and was on and on partorisca roughly 10 paralizaciones partorisca the period of time, and starts behind on again.

Going partorisca change it to DVI taste another , and the wait will help. I also read that the bosses come with these monitors but neither of them have had any but a supply partorisca be able to. Marvel if ossia part of a subject.
5 / 5 Wilmer
Has bought two the first day and one is defective. There are vertical lines. Using some same bosses another monitor does not have him he so that it is to good sure a monitor. It is there is disappointed extremely.
4 / 5 Jordan
Amado the IPS monitor with freesync for my gaming setup and has found this. It is it adds it buy and not to impose you buying the 2nd a.
5 / 5 Zana
Has imagined would expect awhile prime to do this description. It is for a 23.8 thumb R240HY bidx

the chair would owe that mention a measure because the amazon has this entirely stupid police now to melt descriptions so that they think is alike products, like this calm does not know never is reading a description for a calm product in fact is researching, or a model a big or more small plus with being able to or can not be looked in reality.

In my opinion this monitor has quality by heart well, the blacks are quite black, can be dipped ready to be no too brilliant/blue (although the majority of look of people to love screens like brilliants and blue as technically feasible).

Are adds for gaming, a screen looks big that is reason a bezel is small. It is very thin.

Any deaths of pixels (my last 1080p Acer has had one has stuck red pixel, this was age this in spite of).

Has expects it will last longer that mine last a been due to a FOCUSED backlighting.

The main complaint is ghosting or final when scrolling in of the web of places with colours and dark source that is not white. There is the place More the recognition often that another, and when scrolling some ghosts of text quite bad, is black text in the background class/blue ash and a ghosting is basically negative, as in him the ghosts light almost objective basses a black text when scrolling. Hard to explain suppose but has included the literally ancient HP LCD monitor has the windows Seen was a lot of this.

Really griping supposes and wants to consider this to five description of star. So only it does not give five stars unless I do not have any complaint.

Acer Is always the lovely mark adds is has had to that considers it could not last for ever. I add specs and characteristic for a prize like this always

VESA the mountain also would be well, if so only so that it can take the second of exact same model for use of portrait like the second monitor
5 / 5 Micaela
has Thought has required the 144Hz monitor with 1ms answered. With which study further, has found that I no, of then does not have the $ 850 paper of video and the cutting flange CPU. As I king-has planted my requirements, and has looked for again. Narrowed Down to the 24', 2-5ms 60-75Hz monitor with good descriptions. Ossia. Lame in late Seven 2018, in the prize of $ . Next day, was until $ . HAS almost has bought two of them at the same time, but restrained I, knowing I really has not required the dual monitor stetup still Lightroom and Internet. Still the shot adds, has sawed bnsidering originally has considered the $ 300 24' monitor. Descriptions of thorough video for bloggers of computer all the tax this controls a lot highly.
4 / 5 Moses
Look before shabby: This monitor has the a lot of known backlight question of bleeding that looks to be present by all the world is compraventas of this monitor of model. It is still I treats it well is seeing an image with the by heart full flanges but is looking the show with dark corners around a flange in the dark room is quite apparent. I think that that I can take on this question to the equal that estimate was like this hire, this in spite of.
4 / 5 Lydia
Does not buy this model. I have purchased two, and with which so only the year of light use his both are almost unusable. After spending of the money to ship to his centre of reparation (a focus of the nave is not resupplied), has taken a poster has retreated no repaired with the scratch in a casing. It spends an extra $ 20 and go with the better mark, calm will not complain it .
4 / 5 Kiesha
Was very pleased with this monitor. Has the frameless his look. It have taken the new PC of Windows 7 was in his way was and is a Acer like this have decided the upgrade mine 24” LG monitor with the big plus 27” Acer monitor. It likes more than things in a world of technology has paid less for a new monitor that am had for an old a the few years done. While he 3” upgrade does not look to like a lot, is. It do not go any big plus that 27”. There is so only two ways to hook on this monitor, VGA and HDMI. If it have planned on using DVI, any well. My leading monitor was hooked up for DVI. I have had felizmente a HDMI the handy boss of a Acer the monitor so only comes with the VGA boss. After using this monitor for the moment, am pleased in general with him. This in spite of, love TV of film/of the clock in your computer, buy the monitor the expensive plus. This probably would not be a monitor for you.
5 / 5 Krystle
A lot @@subject that has tried could any never take this monitor to have a crisp image that would be necessary has have. He always looked to be the little out of house and has looked one contrasts was cranked too big.
Has tried all could think of, comprising updating my engine of paper of the video and he at all looked to help.
MORE, with which dip a brightness and the settings preferably have seen a OSD ... And you save him ... With which I rebooted would be he of tower to some original settings.
Has has had always the regime adds with a Acer frames, up to now.
4 / 5 Booker
In this prize, simply can not be has beaten! If you are the creator to content the one who the precise reproduction by heart attentive, the business user that looks for the economic monitor ossia easy in some eyes, or the gamer any one the multiple monitor setup, will be PLEASED EXTREMELY with this monitor.

A monitor has the small impression for his base likes apt anywhere. Besides, have aforado a monitor that use Calm software and, surprisingly, do not require it . Has aforado the controls concealed a lot $ 400+ and has required calibration inclusa. Obviously, if has the calibrator, goes advance and use it, but probably does not yield any noticeable difference. For an attentive monitor that has produced these widths gamut of colours, will not find anything in this row of prize.

Will say, if they could improve it, was well to see a monitor there is freesync. Of then it is basically the update of software, is the shame any to see it on this monitor. This in spite of, ossia the subject smaller . You contrast good, utmost colours, and the tilting stand. That is not to like?
5 / 5 Meda
Would estimate this monitor like him 2.5/10. I will list a pros and gilipollas then follow up with the most detailed explanation.

-Clear and vivid screen
-A lot of looking monitor

-has Begun to flash on and was when into use (6 month with which shabby)
-Acer paid to mark to ship for reparations... Still during period to guarantee
-the keys in the monitor is too small and unmarked

has required initially the second screen for my laptop. After looking around for the while it looks likes at all more really compared thus point of prize. I order a Acer R240HY. At the beginning it was fantastic. When it Operates (notes that sentence), the look adds... crisp And clear. This in spite of roughly 6 month after the compraventa begins to do odd. It flashes it Was and on randomly when trying utilizarprpers (sees semi-detached video). A screen that goes black each one little according to fact an absolutely useless monitor Then , I call on Acer lean it and ossia the one who a technology to sustain said me 'unplug and king spent he in... It has done this work?... No... Well, ossia all some managers have... You will owe that send takes reparation' To the equal that results is responsible for a nave... Left me rephrase that ... You OWE THAT PAY to HAVE YOUR DEFECTIVE PRODUCT FIXED. Based in this only (left so only a fact that is the defective piece of crew) can not recommend this monitor. When the law of Work adds... But the one who that attach yes breaks after 6 month?
5 / 5 Darcy
Has bought 3 of these monitors for mine workstation setup and look really utmost. I do not owe that repeat some advantages of these monitors of then there are already to plot of descriptions the one who that. It likes him-me these monitors and is utmost for a prize and have it like this given 5 stars. This in spite of, this monitor is not without his subjects.
1. Has any VESA highland option. Like this calm can do not locating in the stand. You will require to spend on something like this VESA Group of Adapter of the Mountain for Acer Monitors R240HY, R221Q, G227HQL, G237HL, G257HL, G257HU, G247HYL (2-band) - for HumanCentric for the take on was
2. Has the protruding inferior poster the one who the difficult fact to spend them prójimo to the each one like this another in the fines monitor setup where some monitors are angled. This attacks a thin bezel advantage. When Some monitors are situated in the straight line, a thin bezel looks an image to see that I bad.
Again, in spite of these subjects any look of monitors to surprise.
4 / 5 Demarcus
Utilisation the 155hz monitor like my main as I have not had the need partorisca another expensive big refresh monitor of tax. I have required something concealed could be seen in almost any corner, has had good colours, and has not gone too expensive. Election among this monitor and a BenQ GW2480. I have finalised to choose is a because it is way newer. That could find, this monitor is exited so only the few months does. A BenQ the monitor is likes 2-3 years.
Has finalised to use the arm of dual monitor, but has touched around with a stand for the pocolos small so only for the verify was. He rotates, tilts, and swivels. It creates it or no, ossia in fact uncommon. My brother still complains mine roughly one $ 200 monitor buys last year that only tilts.
Are any the one who the will does hours of investigation in an element to the equal that can finalise with a possible better product. Ossia A better monitor under $ 135 IMO. To good sure recommend. Freesync, IPS, Good stand, low prize.
4 / 5 Jesica
Directly up: These are not of the utmost monitors.

But for $ 100 each one that that? Well, they are control quite utmost .

For this my headline. 'The effective cost' is the one who these monitors are.

A picture is the bit in a wash was final of a spectre and perhaps the tiny bit grainy. If you are the gamer, any included considers to think roughly buying these. But if, I like him, you are by train to use in a setting of of office, is so only well.

Some monitors have virtually adjustment very physical. That I especially am losing is height; I think that that they seat at least 6' also down for pertinent ergonomics. It was able to solve this with a tried and any tack of paper of method of printer. Again, perfectly well in a setting of half office and perhaps any I so that it adds in yours Gamer Grotto of Man or anything.

Finally, considers that these are quite down-resolution for today of levels. Again -- it does of office vs. gaming, Looking the film, or anything.

These things do well. Setup Was the breeze, his that is suppositions to do , and does not complain my compraventa a bit. If they were more expensive would begin to the appeal was more stars, but is quite economic and well value a tiny investment. If all precise is monitors of simple office, calm certainly can do worse that these. So only go commanded calm the pocolas reams of paper of printer to agree them.
5 / 5 Marco
Has come really to like this control to plot. It was to good sure the good upgrade of some LCD controls that has had before. A screen is big, borderless, and produced of the brilliant colours , vibrant. Pixelation Is hard to remark in a same screen with his measure. Here it is some things to maintain in alcohols:

- Big screen
- Borderless trim
- exposure that Shines
- A unit is very thin

- When seeing dark video, pictures, or games in the dimly soiled lit, can see a backlight bleed by means of a screen in some corners. For games, that really sucks, but taste to touch with of my game brightness on enough the bit, as it is not such the question for me.
- Has no VESA highland capacity.
- Some entrances in a rear face outward, any down. If you want to dip this on against to wall, according to a firmness of your boss of entrance, goes to prevent calm to take also close one to wall. A lot it prefers my entrances to be that his face down to save spatial and look less uncomfortable.
5 / 5 Clementina
Has bought two monitors for my office of house and almost immediately after a date of turn (lost for a week) one of some controls has had the line of bad pixel a lot down a half of a screen. Although a representative of Amazon was absolutely adds, Acer is not managing this a lot at all. This experience with Acer have a lot that wants to buy electronic of Amazon reason once take the defective product , a sheer question that has to send it the mark the new element to the place of reparation means that I have paid effectively the full prize on done the month for him refurbished unit. If it have bought my two monitors in Costco or Bestbuy, would have been able to return one a defective unit and the walk were with the substitution. You recommend that that Amazon looks for to use his muscle to help the clients return defective elements during a period of guarantee. Sadly, I have had the quite good experience with Acer up to now. Any one offers to send the substitution like this leaving me to use a same box to return a defective unit. Oh Well.
4 / 5 Hyacinth
Like this to plot of people, is has stuck now law of house for a foreseeable future (at least the month). My old PC dips up has required to good sure some updating for day to use of day, comprising my old Viewsonic 1080P monitors. In 7 years, was foreseen for the refresh (and my eyes have required the pause). I thought that it that it can grab these Acers and mine of update workspace without breaking a bank, as I have ordered 2 of them.

Has come quickly, which was a lot of (was in fact available of Amazon Fresh for delivery of next day). I have installed a monitor and took it up and running, planning on that does a second a legislation with which. This in spite of, he quickly look in a 2 side for side, and was clear that a new mark Acers was both dimmer and blurrier, with the by heart horrible quality, compared to my elderly Viewsonics (sees semi-detached picture). Touching with some settings have not helped to correct a subject.

A lot included annoy to install a second a. I have begun the question of turn with Amazon and then boxed on an open one and has taken both to my venues Kohls for free nave behind to Amazon.

So much, apparently, the monitors are in things that you probably has to that no economic was on has to that be in them for 8 to 10 hours the day. I have learnt my lesson and ponied on a cash for some 144hz IPS controls instead. Hopefully, Those will help to prevent some headaches of tension of the eye.
4 / 5 Lanelle
The prize adds in 27' monitor. I have substituted the 24' with east a.
Really likes to of me, good colour. So only plugged he in and has been to do.
5 / 5 Tangela
Has based on like this is described like prosumer friendly and the stunning visual experience, expected it do fault my needs of house of work... I have required something these helps reduce tension of eye, is crisp and clear, etc. This in spite of, so as well as the colours can have been, some sources in spreadsheets and the emails were terrible!! Mina 8 old year Dell the monitor was significantly better (so only is not IPS like this still need the substitute to reduce tension of eye). I am returning this and that goes for something with the DVI port... Anything with only HDMI and VGA tends to fail to resupply crisp details.

Assumes this one would have been the good gaming monitor this in spite of. So only a lot that has required.
4 / 5 Voncile
Has loved this monitor but I am returning he for two reasons: it is at all adjustable. As it Seats in a stand is that chairs, period. Any side-to-the adjustment lateralmente is possible and a lot of advances he-rear adjustment neither. One of a 'the client questions' was specifically in tilt and a posted the response is bad. Any ''-5/+15 terracings'' SWIMMING. More, a stand in the mine has not attached directly as a whole the screen was tilted. Any to plot, but enough. If you can hang this in the wall, calm probably will be able of the regulate but does not be suitable for the canal of work of the computer. One is is also flimsy like the control wobbled to the equal that have written. Beautiful exposure, this in spite of, and gorgeous presentation. Sad to be sending it behind!
4 / 5 Sherri
Extremely pleased with a colour, brightness, and measure. Some controls are hard to manipulate. No material have had sucedido still, but some looks to balance a lot well out of a box.

An assembly is quell'has bitten delicate. If has some corners well, any force is required. I took it on a second try. A monitor is stable and tilt has retreated the few ways. You will owe that use the strong shove, and could think that is breaking something but calm no.
4 / 5 Catherina
1) Overdrive (OD) Is in Normal-way - takings ghosting in of the moving objects (sees semi-detached video);
2) Overdrive is in Extreme way - a lot included try it, ruins all a quality of picture. In the each picture of movement takes extremely acute and ghosting taking included worse.
3) Overdrive Is Was - is to good sure any 4 ms time of response. Unfortunately the does not have camera with enough to tax to frame to aim that in this way take to to something likes him the motion blurs effect while emotional camera at stake for example (Still like Witcher 3 for example, any quickly in the first place-present-shooters). But there is no ghosting in this way :D

has to that be mentioned in of the details of product, concealed 4ms is so only in overdrive way.
Would not buy this has known in these details.

Also the screen there is backlight bleed in of the right hand-held corners (sees semi-detached picture), which is distinguishable in of the dark scenes and slightly washed out of colours in some chances of rest.

At least look of colours to be WELL out of a box.

Modification: the quality of video has taken horrible after uploading...
5 / 5 Lorinda
A monitor are adds. An image is brilliant and crispy clear. It does not use partorisca gaming, as I cant say anything roughly speed, time of response, etc.
Is the very thin monitor and light, a monitor tilt horizontally so much can regulate a corner of vision. One is this in spite of does not move up or down, as it remains in the fixed height, but honradamente, does not lose concealed.
This in spite of, my only pet peeve is that this is not the monitor of frame of the z/of the zero, or can say that a 'marked is very tiny, but an image of a monitor does not achieve a flange, he so that has a real visible frame in this monitor. Of course, it is much smaller that monitors 'normal', but is not zero.
4 / 5 Meaghan
Has pleased extremely with an action of this monitor. I have bought this monitor partorisca my new ASUS desktop computer and hooked he on thru a hdmi to dva boss. I have researched some attentively first descriptions of the on-line cost. It was the little has concerned that some reviewers complained in light escaping to the long of some flanges in IPS monitors and also losing pixels but like this far there is not remarked any question on mine. There is given 5 stars but partorisca some adjustments have hid down some inferior legislations that has found partorisca be very difficult to operate. A stand was a lot of sturdy and easy to gather and regulate a tilt.
5 / 5 Raphael
Has been using this monitor partorisca a year has managed without subjects and think is the product adds partorisca a prize. I do of house I so that it follows the heavy user of the mine monitor. My old monitor has begun the flicker all of a time which directed down the hole of rabbit of the investigation and finally deciding among this Acer model and a HP. I have opted to go Acer reason was slightly more economic. It can not be pleased more.

Connections: there is put you numerous that connects to different cords so many is the breeze to change of mine portable to the laptop of my husband and our Chromebook. My laptop is 99 has attached.

Colours and clarity: my old monitor was old and small and pixel-and like anything was the very up. It has had the expectations go down for this monitor given a prize and really has required so only something concealed no flicker. A first day I plugged my laptop in me has been surprised for some colours and a clarity of everything. A screen of lock of the Microsoft that exchanges the new stock pictures daily is absolutely gorgeous. My better eyes when looking in Excels also.

Has measured: I have been with one 23.8 bc has not loved to take something obnoxiously big. Almost I complain not taking a 27 bc a monitor is like this light and thin. One 23.8 east nowhere approaches partorisca overwhelm and to good sure is the sum of daily measure that blends to the workspace, but is not fearful of gone big.

Reliability: I have been using this exactly the year and a monitor there has been a lot of @@subject. It is state adds.

I highly recommend this monitor for any one looking for the monitor adds that it is thin and the light in the prize adds.
5 / 5 Lanita
Has received a monitor quickly ( the pair of days) and has been excited to dip it up. I need a stand has attached to a scvreen. Unfortunatly Some groups that it would do it this possible has been missing. A reason am giving a unit five stars is a wonderful response of support of product. I called him and it say him of a question and has sent immediately the substitution. I have sent a monitor broken has retreated a next day and has taken a substitution a day with which conceal. Also I love a control. It is substituting an old Acer that has has had to that done a lot of years that has died finally. It has known it has not known the monitors could be like this better in of means it a prize.
5 / 5 Carlton
My leading screen suddenly dead and has required the fast substitution. A measure of screen, reward it and many the good descriptions have done my quite easy election. A together until connecting to my hard walk has taken roughly two minutes and any adjustment have required. A screen is brilliant, and the colours are something on. It is the screen the big plus that has had previously like this still am adapting to an experience to see. It was the big plus when seeing my Quicken files which am a lot closely situated, and now is much easier to see. Some images of some plants the web can look bit it overblown and choppy and for these I reduce a measure of page and further of chance this hasnt be a subject. There is the built on-parleur that it is functional but no really useful for audios of the main quality or music. For this I use my wireless headphones the one who read well for any film or like Im listening the on-line. Framing of a screen is minimum and stays out of a way of an experience of screen. Very pleased with this compraventa like this far.
4 / 5 Genevie
Same model, settings was, everything. A one has bought last year looks good and a new one looks terrible. A proportion of contrast, brightness, all looks worse in a new model. Some aims are yellow in some new one and cool in an old one in spite of both be on 'warm'. I have him side for side in a PC still like his really noticeable. Has the habit of monitors in that have variances read in colour temp but this a terrible east. They are apparently be with the exposure the economic plus to reduce side.
4 / 5 Giovanna
Can not believe has expected this with a longitude to add the second monitor to my canal of work of computer of house. This Acer brilliant of looks of the monitor. Easy to dip up. Plugged He in and the work adds. Now I have my old 17 monitor of thumb in a side that do fault like my widespread monitor when required, and a Acer 24' is now my main monitor directly advances. This monitor is like this more brilliant, clearer and easier that see. And still I am using an old equivalent VGA connectors of video. The a-there is boxed a monitor and was to arrive and that careers with my new 2 system of monitor in roughly 15 minutes. It is in fact he 3 system to control I toe on a screen of monitor in mine portable.

The monitor adds for one $ . It is new mark to the equal that will verify behind in 6 month or like this anything goes To the sud on me. Happy camp right now.
4 / 5 Renda
Has substituted finally my boy of 11 years that reads still (April 2008 MFR quotes) Acer 22-the control of thumb concealed was dim and so only running 1680x1050. These looks of new monitor to be the quality adds, and with my last Acer produced still doing afterwards in the decade, am sure this new one will last in fact a lot of years also. Some have said that any one has a mountain of ISO, which is true, but has has not required concealed. Also, you are looking to clash 2 of this neighbour, included although it looks to be frame very minimum, there there is still the good 3/8' flange in a cup, left and right, so that it was the quite noticeable empty. Similarly, a refresh the tax is so only 60Hz (is not the gaming monitor), but is priced like such. Lucky for me, has required so only the screen the big plus for my laptop and this fulfils that need quite amiably. Highly recommended for the estimativa monitor very good.
4 / 5 Zackary
Has had a Acer in current with my laptop for the few days like the secondary monitor and can say that a quality is entirely excellent. It comes with the good settings levels already places, so it has had a lot of setup has required another that customising some Windows desks.
5 / 5 Frieda
The this has been on sale during first Day 2019 [any a lot was result], an old Acer the monitor has used literally is falling averts w/ a bezel free & warping in of the places have believed so this was the good time for the substitute .
Newegg HAS for $ 164 & on, at the same time the amazon there has been he for $ 130 or I so that it has believed so it has been the good available price.
Results very so much, a current prize in the amazon is $ 112, has paid $ 110 like any so much of the 'available price a lot of' after all.
Has seen in fact the number of comparable monitors for considerably less—of then are on inabilities I needs partorisca pinch the pence & yes have had has seen a better priced opted at the same time would have bought probably something more.
Moral Of a history—does not buy the time-'treated limited unless it check out of other options—I desire has had.
To the equal that take the new monitor , the looks adds, any question like this far, well, excepts that it has to that take used to a GIANT 24' screen.

Top Customer Reviews: Alienware 25 Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Johnathan
Im Has clashed in east a, but after the try was here is my opinions, in my typical Pro/With format.

240hz - BZZZIIINGGGAAAA - 240 hz IS a fast plus refresh imposed in a piece. You are the 30 fps peasant of console? Calm of the that requires this. You are the PC 'cinematic' gamer in 60hz? Calm of the that requires this. You are the And-SPORT PRO or Wannabe pro? I NEED THIS! There is another paste of models an earth there, Asus, Steel, Benq, more this has the freesync/gsync version. Calm also maintenances in alcohol, 240hz is very big and go to achieve 240fps in the game, goes to require the powerful gpu. It do not run this monitor on anything less than the GTX 1080. For a freesync variant, probably Vega 64, but a jury is entered still AMD gpu is in my book. You are probably to take for with the 1070 but calm goes to have that reduces parameters to achieve big FPS. It take, sper big madman FPS like this predominately go to be adapted by And-Sport, shooters, as overwatch/CSGO.

Alienware Draw. Alienware Takes the plot to hate there for several reasons, but I of those who thinks that that any one can contests a lot a fact that Alienware done the cases have designed fantastically and other products. There is not any exception here. It IS the work of art , and one lighting in a monitor is Sweet! I want a creation.

Gsync. Gysnc IS a bomb and mine normal disclaimer -&62; Gsync is only for people with CARDS of NVIDIA of MAP! If has a AMD the card wants a freesync version of this monitor. Alas, gsync the coast bit it more - but that it is through a joint on all the monitors with a technology.


25 inch. For 550+$ $ honestly I expect 27 inches. The suspect has to be this measure in this refresh prize but still. I see the Predatory Steel 240hz 27inc for $ 550 now included on-line. (And it thinks that that it is for sale) also suspect some And-the enthusiasts of sport prefer this measure of screen, as I have posed this in a neutral category.

1080p. I flange has been missing of any one for technology or hardware that doesnt included exists still. In the mine that learns any monitor exists (notes of consumer) in this refresh the besides big prizes that 1080p. I suspect that he , would have to be running quad gtx titan in SLI or something to be able in him.

Conclusion: it buys this monitor for the few reasons, wants a bit few main frames for second (FPS) in a piece and is has to paid for him, to calm like him Alienware of creation, and probably is touching And-the titles of sport that a lot take advantage of big refresh the monitors to tax have taken. Outside of that, I flange recommends in of the normal users' in this field of prize. If you are an audience has designated , then recommends this monitor but maintain in the imports is paying bit it more for a Alienware creation, which in my opinion after being in prjimo and personnel with him, is worth it.
5 / 5 Allena
We take 4 of these for Christmass this year. Some alone names, my woman, and 2 boys to use in our gaming squad. All 4 east running our games what smooth likes butter! It IS very impressed in a difference in a smooth picture, compared in our old monitors, especially at the beginning Presents Shooter is. A packaging is very designed to protect these monitors for his trip in your house. A quality of picture is very well, especially for the TN poster. Our games look better and to good sure run much smoother. 4 Out of 4 has the quality of look and picture adds to be the free defect.
4 / 5 Arnoldo
A support has not been very has thought was so much to have these controls a pertinent distance out of your eyes causes some feet to invade spatial that was occupied by your mouse. The majority of monitors uses the support those sustains a monitor in a front and calm cause you to have less room directly in front of a monitor. That is to say usually well so that a keyboard does not require motion and the static gesture that the rests in front are well. This clave of the support of the monitor has been in your zone of mouse and no only that the behaviour of a monitor with a support in cape of same mouse when that uses the mouse bungee is terrible. His acute as it has to that it has to it to it aim down very fast and extending a bungee a mouse will take in a verge of a foot. This monitor would be perfect if a support wasnt likes him intrusive. Quality very Very Very amazing even so. If a support was redesigned or has had the option of the different support has sold then this easily would be 5/5 stars. Only it finds that a intrusiveness of a cause to sustain me to be battling with a monitor the big portion of pending time of the competitive games.
5 / 5 Olevia
Honestly This monitor is quite damn well. If you can take some frames for him will remark the difference in that even more the smooth gameplay is when consistently take more then 144 frames. It likes 200 Or so many. And it touches competitive rainbow six chair and and can say these helps compete in the level the big plus.
First day these touches, any dead pixel, or the to crap the colour has remarked. im Quite happy with this monitor in general and and recommends it highly.
5 / 5 Kimberley
Arrived the early day, the packaging was some boxes duquel the real product is terrible to remain in the porch, a box looked to have the plot to take and rasgar which there has been preoccupied me in a beginning. Where the volume is to 5 indication of the star is this : a monitor was perfect. Any harm, any BLB, any dead pixel, and to the crown was a product was sublime. Very easy to install, visually impressive, and graphically was to sweep any one. With this be has said left me heed some council for any one of you buyers of perspective.

That is to say the highly monitor of the niche for this look to take one the majority of action out of the GPU that can pose was. Any compraventa this has the mid-tier card of map that will not be able to do one the majority of out of these 240hz. Also, and it take lucky with my delivery. A harm in a packageing was superficial as it is at all to complain- enough, any one beat of containers when being mishandled, some containers only could be DONA or the pixels are died for defect of just factory. That is to say a race to risk when has the 3 vendor of party that calm proportionate you technology. The amazon is more to prevents these subjects, but sometimes is only miserable. It IS for any the fault of a product he. So that he voice these 1-2 indications to star and take preoccupied if this monitor is worth it, left me the gesture went it since you, YES Is the part of a the very small niche of owners of computer that any one only has the able machine to use this monitor in the full potential of him, but also is purchasing with an intention to use he in the full capacity of him. Calm save you a bit money and takes it 144 hz monitor that will do only very otherwise. For these still on board with purchasing, calm only gotta the hope is one of a lucky ones and he arrive in a piece. If he no, only can return and take the nine an or go in the tent of computer and pays full prize and personally ensures the house taken sure. I expect that this has been useful.
5 / 5 Lawrence
It take the new Alienware R7 Desktop with Nvidia 1080 card of map. I have been rasgado in that class of controls has wanted since I the plot of gaming. As I have decided to give a Alienware AW2518H tries it. A monitor is his very good and his fully adjustable. Setup Was to break and avenges with all some need of capes for the take work. A back poster that takes to access the storage of cape is bit delicate to return on and that a lot would be my only negative. Some looks of good screen and hurriedly has linked with G synchronises in my computer. I wish a monitor has the road to access some cards of a computer in place of a real monitor and a same with Alienware FX also. I am taking I add FPS for game of game, and so much has been far very happy. I will update this description like the time continues in. Also it look it very fresh in my desktop, and a retreated fo a monitor has DIRECTED that illuminates. For a point of prize( is sale of trace) is very happy with my compraventa. I didnt wants the enormous monitor for gaming, and this was the perfect access .
4 / 5 Bambi
Active there was only this monitor for the few days now, but he so that far it has been it the amazing. Has loans it very old of pro is and with this so far even so, and here is my thoughts:

Pro is:
-240Hz!!!!!!!!!!! ( The calm knew you this has to when being here.)
-G-synchronises is surprising, and matched with one 240Hz is so smooth to have the problem that leaves my woman only in a room with him.
-A bezel is thinner that my factor after buying this thing.
-Some signals is sum . For the TN the poster has seen and of the angles of good colours, but of course does not compete never with the VAIN or signals of IP in these departments. I have won a lottery and had no the pixel is died only on arrived, the utmost looks!
-The always vain aesthetics to be subjective, but I like a AW characteristic in this monitor, excels, there has to very sure of this AW heritage, but is not slapping me in a face with him and looks clean (looking in you Asus ROG and Predatory Steel).
-The quality of tez is cups . Any one of some plsticoes listens cheap and all an edifice of metal attaches in a be of premium.

-A quality of tez enters the cost...Weight and volume. This thing is quite hefty and is sure would have launched the tantrum that cape of flavours and locate this creature if it was not for a 90 rotation in a support (and bear in importing that is to say only he 25' monitor).
- IS expensive. This is not the negative even so in my humble opinion. G-synchronises the modules are the premium that marks a cost of the shoot of monitor through a ceiling. This is not Dell/AW lack, simply the living fact (at present) and yes want absolute and flawless action final upper, necessity to take a Nvidia GPU and the G-Synchronises monitor. This monitor is priced well together with another is class and quality (Steel the predator has it TN poster, 1440p, 144Hz that is similar in prize, and Asus has at least or controls that the also has a same characteristic has posed what AW2518H to hover he of a same prize). Tan Again, no the negative point in me, quotes a state of things, but the value that habladuras enough.
-A OSD and another characteristic of card is of sound, law, is self-explanatory, and that necessity to do. I have preferred a lot some class of final-the similar directional change in other monitors in this class and prize-signal even so.
-240Hz is surprising, while I have said. But, to run this monitor is potential full necessity the upper end GPU to take advantage of these delicious frames (thinks like minimum he GTX 1080 and preferably he 1080You or RTX 2080). It conceal it is not to say that it can not run this in the smallest card, the system of My woman (which at present the short GTX 1070) sake of still laws with him, thanks to G-Synchronises. If it is in a mid frames of double figure for second or scorching in the small in 200, is always softens so butter. So TL;Dr.: it does not expect one 240Hz to be fully give without the upper final GPU.

With East:
-Can all the taking the moment to give a squad to design the round of applause for a quality of tez to notch upper? I fulfil it it has mentioned it he in all three categories now, but seriously this thing is the tank . Even so, characterise it to you seriously has done in a support. It IS massive. It do not take Me bad, can shake in in one desktop how his have to me money and that the monitor does not move the millimetre. Has the good cloak of the type of rubber of silicone under a support this clave in mine desktop of the to glass revenido likes him the glue. But also he layers to the serious quantity of the urban nails. We are speaking enough to land it SpaceX rocket on. I have substituted my old woman 24' Asus monitor with easterly, and in 20 or 30 minutes of gameplay after tweaking some parameters and taking some colours and the material where legustado he in has to totally reorganise his desktop to accommodate this behemoth of the support so that it maintains to attack his mouse in the.

To be fair in Alienware/Dell, this monitor is the 5 -accidents that the only loses is state of the perfection in him is is too bulky . I am sure that could change it a form for the do more desktop-cosy without sacrificing stability.
Otherwise You folks Done an amazing monitor.
5 / 5 Chelsey
I have chosen up two of these in the the end a besides big jump refresh imposed in gaming. Active there was very time a hardware for him but me could not take to pay some big prizes for some upper stairs of gaming monitors. It would be necessary has it bite some years of mark of balloon even so, like these monitors are surprising. Everything is crisp and clean, some colours and deep and vivid and some movements of image in a screen with perfect consistency. An only thing that will line these controls behind is a GPU is running.

Is choosing These up, sure when being to choose a pertinent frame synchronises model, GSync for Nvidia and Freesync for AMD. It IS also he estimates to remark that no each DP the capes will do a bit full 240hz. There is an old plus one concealed would not press a monitor in 120 but when change in a bundled DP the cape goes in 240hz perfectly.
5 / 5 Ariel
This monitor is beast.it is perfect. Easy to adjust. Crystal Claire, smooth. Only you grieve begun to touch games and was of 13' Dell portable of 2012. This will run anything launches in him linked until the card of graphic sake of course. Fortnite Is not a game More i adds to exhibit this monitor, and a video any justice or. The calm will not be disappointed with this monitor, well estimate his weight in gold. That is to say an excellent to buy for $ 500. It do not want the paid more than him concealed. 240hz IS the enormous difference, and a predator the monitors look utmost also but and was with easterly unit This monitor has several characteristics have looked for: A G-Synchronises / 240hz and inner a 25' max want to for the 1080p x 1920 monitor in all the case, this monitor has a hallmarks of the product adds that it was not dated in 4 years. If already have the 140hz then can not cost update. If you can swing an extra bucks is totally buy values.
5 / 5 Elisabeth
This monitor is a beez kneez of gaming monitors. Has a dell 1440p 165hz gsync monitor also and like this control better for competitive games. There is at all that it can it to it put to bed he in a butter softens to listen of 240hz monitor, is almost the bad thing so that at all more compares!

No his to like would have to attach this excepts yours processor of sure mark and GPU can handle this! And first processor of dam for the reason; If you are running the gtx 1070 and on, 1080p big refresh the tax is Very intensive CPU, and for this reason required to be the very QUICKLY CPU to take advantage of 240hz in timing another this just gaze in the wall. It has had so much a AMD r7 2700x and Intel I7-9700k processor with this monitor and Intel take a clear advantage when goes in 1080p 240hz objective, almost 30-40% advantage in some games (in 1440p both processors are almost identical).

At present run the I7-9700k the processor and I still turn a majority of my map down in of the games so many can take near in a big FPS.

Top Customer Reviews: AOC C32G1 31.5" ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Laverna
Has the little firsts with this monitor, 1440P, GOES, Fault, Freesync, 31.5'. Coming from the AOC 1080P 27' 144hz monitor, liked me really less than some subjects of contrast of the TN poster. I have had also a beef to move until 1440P in this time.

Out of a box this monitor scared me, imo can not use a OOB parameters. The aim Goes in black refresh the colours react slower but with better contrast, only displacement up and down in the browser a text dim and take misty until I have prendido and then takes the fraction of the second to take solid to read. This was a lot of odd a troubling, even so one of a reason has taken this monitor was for a road of action, as I hurriedly headed messing with parameters.

With any monitor takes am to direct in of the parameters to take a brilliance, contrast, colours like rights while I can. This an only the small extra.

The tan here is a parameter is coming up with to do the law adds road desktop or at stake:
Contrast 45
Brilliance 35
Level of Echo of Road
Gamma 3
2 / 5 Lashandra
UPDATE: My monitor there has been two has died more the pixels harvest up. AOC The support has said that this is not coated by his guarantee of pixel. I have been said each three side of pixels had to
for side to be coated. Quite disappointed with preordering this.

Has update of the 1920x1080 60hz monitor. I mostly games of game.
A wry screen is novel feeling , but very very attach very in my gameplay.
144hz has not looked the big roads until I posed it behind down in 60hz, in that point gives that it has lived it bad my life.
An adjustable support is quite convenient. Good field of so vertical and the horizontal curve as well as adjustment of height. Also it has the good hole in a collar for management of cape.

Considering all concealed, is quite unfortunate that yesterday develop the pixel died in a quadrant of upper left wing. Contact AOC quite taking the fixed and will update this description with my results.

Finally a monitor is a lot wants paste that 144hz and tries the wry monitor was, but YMMV.
3 / 5 Narcisa
Taken this monitor like the substitution for a HP Pavilion 32. It was interested mostly in a big refresh imposed that Xbox a x now retreated 2k 120hz. It was only able to do 1080p 120hz and 2k 60hz.

Besides a monitor is coming with some smaller harm in some which looks of the screen is arrived he in him production. Had the dead pixel or two concealed remarked and when run my toe give me in him that had the palpable, hole very well directly in some dead pixels. Estrany.

Another that a small harm. Some costs of monitor have done. Only the has not conformed my necessities.
5 / 5 Kaycee
Good creation, amour a curve, the thin bezel is very well also, and 144hz refresh is well and has down enters lag. A quality of picture is quite well for a prize also. Predominately I touch Fortnite and these controls has improved a lot my gameplay with peaking, reactions, etc. would suggest this gaming monitor in any one.
5 / 5 Logan
I want to these controls sound my premier pc gaming monitor and his perfect his only subject that impresses is didnt say that the has not built in of the speakers and and of those who has any one but for 00 and has expected there was a bit so now and has to buy speakers also
5 / 5 Deborah
Mark Sure in reinstall your engine of map after you hook this monitor until your PC for a first time, Nvidia give you an option to do the installation done with the clean installation ,which helps to resolve any conflicts of change with your anterior monitor. Also, I use a displayport cape that is coming with a monitor, has remarked that the images in games were more acute compared in when used any third cape of party. It was not if he only the placebo but I have tried to use 4 another dp the capes and some images have not gone also in my opinion compared with one an addition in some costs box.it On in a description, has taken one submerges and has bought this monitor. Sound to 32 inch the wry monitor and he are much bigger this has thinks that to go to be. If has the small desktop or can wants to think to take the main unit I hooked he until my pc using a RTX 2080 and look well but does not attach in gaming. I have known something was has been to good sure. I have tried all the classes of configurations for 4 days but at all done until I have touched with a card of impulse of the picture that at the end comprised what marks. An option of the impulse of the picture applies an extra of virtual film in some cual spent of screen or in tweak a brilliance and more contrasts that in an option of luminance. Only go in a card down impulse to Picture and enable Brilliant frame up , after this augments a measure to frame each an until 100. My brilliance the parameter in the impulse of picture is 34 and contrast is 50.it adjusts in ur the own desire but I improvement of note of low brilliance in of the shadows of game. It has remarked it has used any one of some roads of present game (Tom: it leaves the road of Game was) down option to pose of the game, conclude it was impulse of the picture and I would have it that enables again and redoes a whole process. The desire could save our parameters presets files in a monitor.

Promotes of picture
Marc that Shines in
measured of Marc 100
Brilliance 34
Contrast 50

Low parameters of Game,
the road of Game is was (if or enable, deactivates road of impulse of the picture)
has posed down the blue road outside ,
override in meso,
Freesync inside

Down luminance,
contrast is 45
the brilliance is 95 (lower the likes of you)
level of Echo of road
the gamma has posed in gamma 2
DCR is
5 / 5 Zula
It looks for the new monitor that has 144 hz and in in to the big screen like his 32 inch. If looking for you 32 you of the that has also he calm option whose wants to pay big prizes. As and it see this new aoc c32g1 and the prize was well for marks he new monitor. This one is very exited lately and sings it to you sees the pertinent description. As and attentive this helps calm.
Avenges with the enormous boxes thanks to his curve, and has posed up and look for the dead pixels, has any one. A monitor is on age concealed and couldnt suppositions so many is big in my table. There is vesa so much and can locate a wall later. The level of curve is very adjusted and his no troubling when look far, and when is touching the games listen well. Any commend for 144hz, yes has used to 60 hz before, you definetly will remark a speed. I need some adjustment for colour qualifies, so that it comes to pose by heart bad out of boxes. A thing and tought has the characteristic of pvot like c24g1 or c27g1 but his no, only can bend a monitor and sound the dissapointing for me. Another thing is using windows in 32 inch 1080p, well.. Very bad. I need some time to take used to. In general a prize what apresamiento is very good and like him the plot, thanks to the help of amazon me for the take well so always.
+The new mark
+the poster GOES
+has Twisted
+Very desing
+144 hz
+quality of Good picture
-Very pvot
-quality of Texture badc(for 32 inch 1080p his normal)
-No built in west
5 / 5 Tisha
I am updating my description. The majority of some negative commentaries in east beat to control that is directed easily with the turn in DONA/mfg death/of pixel of the defect, that buys an extensive guarantee ( really cheap through Amazon) or simply to read a bit the booklet has nicknamed The MANUAL (144hz through aiming port for example). Moving on; otherwise good picture out of a box, the picture adds has aforado once. I use X-rites i1 Exposure Pro with the software of the open source nicknamed DisplayCAL ((free) better then x software of rites IMHO). A screen any aforada is like the cart of sports without the tune. The black levels are upper in IP for the thousand (any one to that likes him the SMELL but very very otherwise). Coming from some controls of IP vanamente...The colours are more vibrant and the black is darker. 144hz IS icing in a cake.
5 / 5 Sherie
I am very happy with this monitor. I use for 1400p gaming in 144hz. Mark sure looks for so to turn in freesync in of the cards of Nvidia saw Google. It IS the very simply process and 144hz with Freesync has been enabled in my monitor but VERY automatically enabled in my RTX2080. Calm once enable Freesync, the laws add with your monitor and all the games look utmost.
Also uses this for my PS4 Pro and XBOX A X.. Everything of them the look that surprised.
Any pixel died for me.. Absolutely buy it again.
4 / 5 Roseanne
TLDR; It was with the different mark with similar specs before purchasing east. First monitor arrived with the screen cracked - returned for substitution. The second has done adds during the week then so much a DP and HDMI the ports are exited. Returned for full repayment and has purchased this. This my description is comparing a two after the few days of use.

IS past quite some time to look for the monitor of quality with very concrete specs. Has wanted to it 1440p, wry, 32 inch, 144Hz monitor with low entrance lag and go to rack and sea in two elections: This or a AOPEN 32HC1QUR

Quan was in the ready end to pull a trigger, decided to go with a AOPEN and honestly, liked me really that of monitor, even so, some first some roads me arrived with the screen cracked. Any big roads; the things spend in traffic and comprise concealed. As I have contacted the amazon and has offered the road out of the substitution next day. Quan A second monitor is arrived a following day , has taken was a box and has inspected he for any defects - any crack, any death of pixel, the light bleeds, etc. Was 100% satisfies - at least for a first week.

After 8 days of normal use (periodic gaming, the general web that explores and law of house), a port of the exposure in a monitor has failed on me mid use. Tried with multiple capes and of the different ports in my GPU even so any signal. Changed on in a HDMI and the picture there was again. I have been tried to maintain he in all the case because of what really enjoyed the, but has done already a decision to return a monitor for the full repayment after I purchase the new monitor. Well, a very next day a HDMI the port is exited also, so there go that flat.

The decrease of long history, returned on-line and has purchased this since found a specs very comparable and both were in my field of prize. In a-boxing, has been pleased to see that a monitor is arrived safely without harm. Powering On and a quality of looks of sums of picture, any dead or visible pixel the light bleeds, etc. The tan here is so thinks that a two celebrates up:

+ A AOC looks more than shines that a AOPEN
+ A AOC has the small plus (almost non-existent) bezel that a AOPEN (adds for the dual monitor setup)
+ A AOC has the support of the main quality compared in a AOPEN

- A AOC looks to aim the light quantity of the screen these tears while at stake of a testing limited has done with him so far
- has more parameters in a AOC that necessity to be adjusted out of a box to take a quality of the yours square that looks for

In general is satisfied with this monitor and I will update this description experiences any low problems in in to the semence likes him his has done with a AOPEN, but still does not think of a quality of picture is experimenting is 100% that it has to when being. I have enjoyed really cual a AOPEN did in my expectations basically well out of a box, but has been disappointed with a manufacturer after taking two defective monitors.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ROG Swift ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
In the first place you are, the amazon shipped me these terribly packed controls, but announced what new. A foam in one has been instead rasgado up, like the monitor was jumbled in a box with some capes that touch a screen. I have been impacted that a screen has not been lined in inaugural an element.
Segundo, my monitor is coming with the support, only a poster. Amazon Very screwed up with my mandate. I have to go to buy the mountains to wall so many can use this.
Third, I re-fixed things in my room, and locate a mountain to wall of my wall. At the end turn a monitor on, and has TWO the PIXELS are DIED in the HEAD OFFICE OF The SCREEN. That is to say he 550 -00 monitor of dollar. That is to say absolutely objectionable, and the MAY will buy a ASUS produced again. That an absolute joke. It does not waste your time and money with this monitor, BUYS ANOTHER MARK.
1 / 5
I will begin my saying to revise that is to say the sake gaming monitor. Entrance lag and the time of response is really down and G-synchronises work very good. Some colours are vibrant and seeing angles very very bad for the TN poster. It opens A subject: My first monitor is coming with the dead pixel. Taken the substitution and he have the very brilliant blue the pixel bonded. I Liked him very His of a monitor, but my question in Asus QC folks: to 3 work of monitor for me? For a big prize, this would have to be perfect in a first moment!!
5 / 5
This monitor is awesome for gaming but necessity to be has aforado he for all more. And A following;

-brilliance: 25
-contrast: 40

colour temp: it issues of user. R-95 G-99 B-99
gamma 2.4

OD: normal
Adaptive control of contrast:
1 / 5
Why so many corners to measure to design in such an expensive monitor. If you are paying this a lot of for the monitor would expect in in to to the things likes them-them it:

- Not using a cheap plus flimsiest possible clips for a back coverage that pause a first week
- Not attaching very-for-swimming jutting out of components in your creation to locate this requires a compraventa of an additional highland adapter in IN FACT use the VESA mountain
- that Creates any intuitive highland class in a first place to take or attach highland arms

wants to 240hz congrats can take it. Only it is not surprised when all of a pause of plastic and fall eschew and is impossible to locate a monitor on anything another that a support has comprised. Mark Sure to verify options to locate and take a poster a back plus that once in an on duty window, goes to deceive to think a quality would match a prize and is bonded with these rubbishes.
1 / 5
Paid well in $ 500 for this monitor, has had subjects with him almost immediately. A pixel that the shines looked 1 day of use, and a lightbleed was terrible. Perhaps it was only miserable, of my investigation is look TN the poster is the paste or lose, but his a paid of prize for 1 ms time of response. I have finished to go with another mark (Alienware) with a same specs but was ~$ 60 cheaper in a sale in the daytime of the work. He thank you god for the police of tower of the amazon, otherwise would have to treat Asus to take this fixed, that is to say notorious for his service of horrible client. I have had also a Asus gaming portable this has taken to shoot after 2 years of use; has thinks that that they were at least reasonable in fashioning monitors. It does not leave one And-approvals of fool of calm sports, that is to say the fact of bad product .
4 / 5
Prpers Having gone of 60Hz in 144Hz, a difference is obvious. It goes of 144Hz in 240Hz can say. The animation is issue more fluent, the free stutter. A beauty is, that when touching the games that press in 144FPS, is taking all some frames among 144FPS and 240FPS in front of my eyes. For first person shooters, that is to say the luxury .

That is to say the monitor of speciality . It does not recommend buying this if it does not have the GPU that can press in 144FPS in all your games. The May will see It yours. The wait concealed felt marks.

A reason why has given these 4 stars are so that some looks of the quality of the colour has washed was. Yes, sound the TN monitor. Any IP. Compared in the dozen other monitors have, his no very good. Using it to look the videos or The Photoshop laws, would not recommend . His road too bland.

A thing a lot of the entity in note is concealed have to you port of use of Exposure to take 240Hz. For a life of me, Asus only would have to forget included providing HDMI support. Any one in his by the alcohol goes right to spend this class of money to use HDMI in 60Hz. With all some capes that comes with a product, has so much waste and additional cost. Side that is spent in a consumer.
5 / 5
INCREDIBLE. If have have to one word for the describe, concealed would be it. 240hz IS probably overkill yes is only the casual gamer, but has in 2000 hours in FPS games (Overwatch, CSGO, etc) has REQUIRED these updates. I also only could not maintain touch in 60hz, has not been is. A new, elder refresh the tax is a beginning of eye, has so to learn again of movement to aim that it is a same game in the paper but the touch is the feeling of new integer .

Has to appoint the with, was arrests to price but is in $ 550 now that ways the fallen of $ 600 and concealed is the step in a right direction. If a prize of this product has not gone enough probably will want to take the Gtx 1080you to maintain in a big FPS account (unless you touch you exclusively Csgo, which can do calm with the less beefier card of Map).

Averts of that, I the hard just hope, is the quite the first tax so this has to last me during the years of pair, more is only not going for real the pity.
5 / 5
I have wanted the secondary monitor that went only, and this a perfect east. While no so dramatic of in to to the the change likes him 60 in 144hz is, was immediately of perceivable in me. Another concealed is very experimented will remark some profits, but in some common gamer that is to say absolute overkill.

Does not buy the one of is this expects to touch like the champion, still will touch one issues has had the habit of in the 144hz monitor, but with the a lot of smoother image.

Can see this monitor concealed has a bit anto Grail' the effect and the people that buys this has thought was an only reason is not a better, so that they are being lined behind. This is not a case. Buying this monitor is for the entrance adds lag, and the very smooth image that mark to follow and flick shots but easier for your eyes to follow. That is to say everything .

While it is my second monitor , is more concealed happy so that I can change among the 240hz monitor, and the majority of accurate memory 1440p IP 144hz the monitor depends that I am doing. I highly reccomend directs your money in the quality 144hz monitor before buying easterly a, unless calm so much have money to burn, and is an avid fast twitch player of game.
5 / 5
I have bought the Dell of sake 4K controls of IP so that I am picky quite quality to picture and was preoccupied in a TNS poster. Desprs Looking a Overwatch streamer (Surefour) and that remarks this scene where he classifying very hurriedly to follow and shoot, has remarked that surprisingly it clears a picture was, and without any screen these tears. When being curious, discovered to use this monitor was read then up in GSYNC and has thought would give tries it. Oh. Mina. $ And! I can not it think has not seen never or included considered GSYNC before. I have thought always of his likes him the money takes or some marketing gimmick, but this has changed literally a road I game a game. For any first few hours, could does not help only walking around and that looked in everything and doing a fast plus 180s with the ZERO tears. My GPU is GTX 1070 as in 1080p can run over more games in of the parameters of means, which are useful there is GSYNC. A key thing to do the law properly is to limit a FPS, which has done in a game he, in the little FPS down that a screen refresh tax. It was extra sure mine and posed in 235, but is so buttery smooth. Honestly I thought It that that surprised that overwatch has not forbidden this poster with all a polemical converses around maintaining competitive gaming fair. Has has Forbidden keyboard and smile for a Xbox as it gives a unfair advantage in the person these touches with the controller. Like this, my aim has improved so much so that it was so easy in clearly see where pointed, especially in the game strolled quickly of the precision where subjects of individual frames. The screen these tears are such one troubling appearance to be the PC gamer, and like the owner of console also, even more is troubling to see such perfectly optimised games in the changes of console. But with this monitor, is no longer the trade was and think any one looks to build the PC would have to imagine was so to want for the GSYNC monitor, if this or or another. It does not consider gaming without a never again. Thank you NVIDIA.
1 / 5
Read a specs carefully, causes I no. A contrast in a monitor is 1000:1. It conceal it is not the typo, has no the read bad. A-one thousand in unit Well each thing that was sper ignited in looks quite well, anything behind in the looks of terrible black. The darkest colours look any one has taken the camcorder in the theatre of film and has compresses then that video.

Top Customer Reviews: LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Julius
In the principle went it to buy a LG 27UD88 because of a solution of cape only for my macbook pro. Discontent to live a dongle life, as I have wanted a little road in hook up all my dispatch of load And peripheral house with a cape. Reading more quite a lot of line even so I turned me out of this so an option so that has one 15", which require 85W to touch, which 27UD88 does not provide (the ud88 also falls his usb speeds of low scrolling in usb2 speeds when hooked until a usbc port).

I then stumbled in ultrawides, and one 34uc98 and 38uc99 is gone in the plot. A uc99 would have been perfect, if no for his supremely point of big prize. A uc98, does not have the option of cape only to provide load and port expansion through ray.

Has finished to buy this unit (34UC80), since is basically he 34uc98 without a ray (which do not require ) down means it a prize. I have finished only buying a elgato ray 3 cradle to go with this (that provides 85w beats and serves like the solution of only cape that resolves my docking objective). Together place, is cheaper that a uc98, and has offered the better solution in my a-the cape that dilemma of cradles.
5 / 5 Maryellen
It have been in a piece for a ultra-wide expect for some prizes to normalise when result piece of mass . I am spent to see Costco selling the 34UM61 for $ 300.00, and so down so $ 279.00 for sale and chosen the up. I have taken it it posed up and a brilliance and the show was brilliant, and has wanted to one 34 form of factor of inch as well as an advance in technology with breaking of screen. Out of a box there some frustration quite has not comprised the port to aim port as have had to the only DisplayPort in HDMI which has lined a monitor up for the few days.

A week or so into use said that one 34UC80 was $ 500 with the a lot of quality of main image. Only it arrives today and to the left say a monitor is worlds out of a Um61. In the first place and more than it imports a screen is brilliant in clarity. Text that looked normal in a UM61 suddenly the misty look, and a quality of explosions of picture, any misty image of this type. The May HAS BEEN the adherent of the wry television is so that I think that to lose the tonne to see immovable, but in the only directed monitor in an user an experience is phenomenal.

More everything in this monitor is some updates of a um61, included a support is now curves , the adjustable height and has side to sustain curves. It appreciates a port of the exposure attached, two HDMI While it writes has my tlphonique connected in an USB 3.0 can upload and has a port of exposure. These have the picture in the picture and the calm can use 4 screens immediately. Heck, included comes with the highland option of the wall!

If your curious my preference of use is mostly to do except would want to dressed like these looks of thing gaming. Already I have kicked in Netflix in 4K and some rocks of picture. I know this is not the 4K monitor but yes can choose would choose this everytime so that it is built like the monitor for use of monitor.

Has a capacity spends one extra $ 200 so that this is not only the update of level, is the enormous turn in the world of better viewing. This be has said a UM61 is an amazing monitor, and probably am not to update if I very recently refresh my laptop with the dell 4K screen and processor of NVIDIA. Perhaps I will try gaming again.
5 / 5 Leta
Any dead pixel. Quality of incredible image. This was a point of better prize with the competitors the next plus: Pixio and a ASUS MX34VQ. A Pixio has had some risky descriptions in spite of one focuses of attractive prize those approaches $ 500, and a MX34VQ has been informed to have flickering subjects.

Maintains that it imports that one 34UC80-B is very similar in a 34UC88, BUT this model DOES not HAVE Any one SPEAKER. I wasted Twenty minutes that thinks that that I issue me the defective model. To arrive to this point of prize, a sacrifice costs a selection so that the majority of speakers of the monitor does not sound very well, and to premium of prize for another model can not be worth it. Has the USB soundbar for the laptops that chair around, as workaround was very easy.

An IP the screen is crisp and good. Still although a monitor is purportedly pre-aforado in a factory, some of any look of colours was. I can aforar a unit the few months, but will be to do the on all my screens and would require to buy the unit in all the case. At the end, one 34' widescreen has measured in 3440x1440 is a perfect format for not requiring the Windows of scale and when being able to read two side of documents-for-side. There is one 29' LG for quite a lot of 1.5 years in front of this model, and a screen was only too small. I recommend each person that contemplates it widescreen to spend the small more to take the 34' so that more the problems can develop later down a road that seats the distance is not optimum. Gamers Will appreciate one 75 Hz freesync. Interior a moment VEGA 64 can not press in 75 fps for more the games have posed in ULTRA parameters, likes 75 Hz is not the problem. Some can insist on taking the able unit of 100+ Hz, but a cup of a line VEGA 64 pot any same law in this level (still, if never). People that is doing 100 Hz or more adds has to reduce down his parameters in big or means, which a point of the main resolutions a bit irrelevant. In my opinion, a LG 34UC80-b is a perfect balance among prize, action, and characteristic.
1 / 5 Muriel
I possess two of these. One of them, after the little of the weeks have begun to aim 'burn in' in an interior of just screen the few minutes of the document or dossier to of the archive that the open rests in a screen.

LG Me Ship them a device, three weeks approach later the in me and he REMAIN UNFIXED!

Behind calling again and say me to ship it has been in them again and intensify some reparations. (Wait, a lot they since? HE STILL)

Inferior line... One 'the life IS Good' the motto is RUBBISHES . Life with a LG the product is not WELL!
5 / 5 Classie
I want my LG new controls. That is to say my second wry monitor . An in the first place one east the Dell U3417W which have exactly some same IPs to the signal likes him the picture is identical. A Dell has a supply to be able in and the pair of the small west built-in that a LG no, but a LG is several dollars of the cheapest hundred and there are controls very better for a onscreen card.

A wry 34' the monitor will take ea day or two to take used to but once will not return never in the flat poster. If I have to do a now included election would buy two LGs.
5 / 5 Staci
I Like him his of a curve and one nails urban when works. But, a screen has begun to flash the few months behind and tiny aim speckles is crossing a screen. A hub of USB was very while hard, but is not doing anymore. It was not that time last, but am bonded with him for now until I can save up quite money to choose in the Samsung, ASUS or another mark of quality. I expect it last it until then.

Routed A feedback of the vendor in of the marks the month and could not find any response in him at all.

Once begin to do my brain ignores a speckles and can buy a hub of external USB. Some flashes to interfere with work, but is lived down and infrequent for now. Lost my money in easterly unit First and last LG.

UPDATE: it have changed a cape before, but was a Cape likewise Imports duquel the mark there has been a same subject. But I have decided to try the different mark AmazonBasics Mini DP in DP, and all some problems were was! I have not been the snob of cape before, but think in DP the capes are of entity. A monitor is clear and a lot once have it flickered that before. I am very happy now! Sad for a LG of bad description.
5 / 5 Kirstin
It digests

IS the photographer and videographer that tired of 4 24' monitors (2 stacked in 2 configuration) and has looked for the substitution for each 4 monitors. I have used hardly a cup 2 monitors so that it was uncomfortable to look up for long periods of time. I have used only a fund two to edit. I have found this monitor by chance while looking an of a famed action videographers editing images and has maintained my eye on he never since. Quan Has discovered in the first place this monitor thinks that that it was in $ 1,000 as I have expected until recently in recheck a prize. I have seen hardly his current $ 500.00 prize was the no brainer. I have begun to take two but decided would expect and view or would suffice.

A Sake

has has had only he for the few hours but so far this monitor is excellent in the each road. As you Can see for a picture has attached now can edit the video and there is After side of Effects for side, or the work in locating while it controls the chronology of Pp. Quan In the first place done some mathematicians have did not think was possible that the monitor only could substitute 4 monitors (in the paper there has been more resolution of road with 4 monitors) except a big resolution and 34 inches of the urban nails of the screen has directed to surpass my expectations. A better part is any bar in a half where some two monitors have used to to connect.

A curve is the good touch , to to the chair likes him to him the cause less tension of eye so that it listens it so natural when looking in him. Also, I take the second a, together embroil around at most natural road these covers use me more than my peripheral vision against. Turning my leader.

Is looking advances to use an USB 3.0 hub in a backside, will be able to connect my readers of means comunicacionales in him without will be to use the port of USB in the mine that edits workstation.

A Bad

Ironically an only problem has with this monitor is not even a lacking monitor. One a thing has so found far that it does not like him is that of a support does not leave a monitor goes all a low road until a monitor touches a support. I maintain my chair way down below in a fund so that I spend the hours that edits video and of the images of photograph and I like my so low monitor like my chair. It IS troubling that can not go down until it touches is basic . I can buy the 3 support of party only so that I can go down a monitor further down.

Need to attach in a bad section after using this monitor for the month. I at the end taken around for aforarlo and does not leave you to pose the manual of white balance. It have thought the monitor focused in a creation of the video and the community of photographer would leave posed the manual of white balance to do the easiest calibration. It IS the smallest thing and my Spyder still directed for aforarlo but is still something LG easily could have provided.


At all cut of amazing monitor. The time will say to require the second a, for now some premier one accesses my necessities perfectly.
4 / 5 Eleonora
Enough sake. It uses this for work (software). Any subject with time of response, bleeds, or ghosting. Mate The coating is well and the brilliance is well. The curvature could be the small stronger, but that it is subjective. Mina a complaint is in subpixel agreement and clarity. Commentary that sure join-lines of pixel of white diagonal, so small bitmapped the sources that show &60;&60;&60;&62;&62;&62; characters, tends to move a colour perceived of aim in red or purple. It does not have this subject with my exposure of ray of the oldest apple, and only could count a difference after taking some macro near of in of the shots of a poster. A LG the pixels only are not quite so crisp for a density of same pixel. But perhaps that is what apresamiento when buying the exposure 'cheaper' like this or. In general I am happy, but would look more closely in person before buying another.
5 / 5 Aurelio
This ultra-the wide monitor is probably a better monitor can take for a prize. He the bouquet to research in cual to take has known since was in a piece for unit was bonded among this LG controls and a Dell U3415W. This LG is sure such the purchase adds. It does not have any remorse. Mark Sure to imagine out of that wants to use a monitor for and what yours estimate is. For $ 600, this was fantastic roads and is same attaches since is $ 550.

- Nail Urbano adds (he very soiled so that it attributes final)
- the precision by heart Adds (as far as can say)
- Incredible brilliance - this monitor can take very brilliant and comes 100% right of brilliance out of a box.
- Twist subtle - the a lot of help while films of look or touching video games.
- 34', 3440x1440p - concretely HAS LOOKED FOR controls in this field of at least 34' and' the resolution of 3440x1440p.

- My only with east a backlight bleeds in the each corner. But honestly, in today world-wide, has no such thing like a ultra-wide monitor that comes without Any one blacklight bleeds. You are the miracle if any one took one with any one. So much investigation while I have done in ultra-wides, could not find the only product that has not had backlight bleed. It IS just part of a prize this tea to pay to go ultra-wide, but to well sure can say without hesitation this costs the.

Uses this monitor for gaming and work in university. One gaming the experience is very immersive. The majority of some games that sustains to touch 21:9 proportion of appearance as it is not a subject for me. For work, usually can have 3 documents of the word have opened immediately in a screen, which are VERY USEFUL when trying be effective.
5 / 5 Brigid
That is to say my premier ultrawide monitor, that substitutes the dual 1440 x 900 configuration of monitor. State using dual monitors for almost 10 years, as very has not been sure would like his of a transition. The desire there has been no preoccupied me so much, so that this was the change adds . One breaks characteristic in of the Windows 10 mark almost so easy to use one nails urban of screen like the dual monitor, without each a messing around with posing dual exposures. If it calms very precise that he very-the be of monitor, LG has software that can simulate that since you. The May HAS FINISHED to require the, as I can not say that a lot of laws.

A monitor is looks and big quality well in my desktop (the lack of cape clutters helps). It listens it likes him he only of a right quantity of curve, and is to ail quite that shines for use in the sunny room.

HAS the little nitpicks:
- A very-subject-the only covers entered the combination of DisplayPort and HDMI, can not use so much HDMI the together entrances. It does not have any idea why would do concealed.
- You can not use some ports of USB for fasts of touch and like the hub a same time, although I can select among some two roads.
- Has light bleeds of some corners some low plus of a screen. Very it is not too bad, but is perceivable when looking the film in full protects.

In an end, these problems were quite smaller for me does not want swipes of the full star. It can be the main roads in other people, as has thinks that that that has cost to mention.