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Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VZ27AQ 27" ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Elizbeth
+ Supremely Claro
+ Stylish, front of gold with an almost verge of infinity
+ the Adjustable curves is
+ Good picture (am not the gamer like the can not comment in refresh taxes)

- Horrible speakers. I am using this so the second monitor as it can wants to look elsewhere if the sound is of entity.
- The support does not have vertical adjustment
- button to Be able is in a left wing of the pop-out of clear, as I have maintained to try to press a pop-out of clear to ignite/was until I have taken used his.
5 / 5 Pat
I take the migraines and my eyes are very sensitive in brilliants of blue screens like the result. These screens really helps to take me through work. A brilliance is adjustable and a diagram by heart is easy in some eyes.

Personally would like me could do of a bit even more screens moraines that his parameter his low plus to do in a darkness, but is unusual. I produce it adds.
3 / 5 Many
It IS probably my failure for any prendiendo attention more afterwards or comprising some implications of a specs. Has a ASUS 24 monitor of inch as it expect a same but this is not a same quality.

Decent resolution although no so apparent like an improvement of mine 24 inch
Minimum frame external screen so well clean creation
Mat the surfaces that blacks minimises glare

Key - only coverage sRGB colour gamut, does not season RGB and this does the big difference in pint for photograph of landscape
the Inferior section is now well for some odd reason what detracts of a otherwise the be black neutral of a rest of a monitor
the support is flimsy, and will not adjust date, and control any swivel in axial horizontal
Same after the colour those balances the calibration could not take colours to look rights
Any ports of USB and no SD reader of card (still have to has remarked this)

Opens to be fair some elements has very wanted has not entered this monitor priced lower like my failure, but am not adds for the photo that edits like the result
5 / 5 Renae
I am very happy with this monitor. I use for work and AutoCAD has run mostly, Revives, and applications of Dispatch of the Microsoft (any gaming). Has use and of the sensitive eyes he with the windows contrast big black parameters (white text in black fund). A monitor has the 'dark room' posing these towers a low brilliance in almost zero. Some black is very black without light of perceivable behind. A monitor is very clear. Mina 2 monitor is the expensive plus (but older) Dell Ultrasharp 27' with identical resolution (2560x1440). I can not say a difference among some two controls another that this Asus has black deeper. I also like a narrow bezel in an upper and side. I am not crazy in a gold any one-quote to sustain adjustable, but creating he until posing the book under good laws. Monitor well for a prize.
5 / 5 Irma
This monitor has substituted my raisin ten years. That a awesome updates. A characteristic of the cure of the eye is only that has required. My eyes listen better already. I want to what small some bezels of the front is. Vibrating gorgeous colours. The only bad thing has found enough is a sound . It IS only horrible, but has not feigned to use he to sound in all the case.
1 / 5 Laci
Desprs Quite 8 month of use, a screen has aimed the dark zone in an upper corner. I am returned he in ASUS to repair so that it was down guaranteeed. They were absolutely any help and signified was my same failure although this monitor has been unmoved since when being planted in my desktop after unpacking. Maintaining more Side that a cost of monitor. If the last his monitors less than a year to purchase, would not be never sure buy his product again, or recommends this monitor besides.
1 / 5 Suzanna
I hate this compraventa and am being reasonable. I the hook in a monitor is likes him Resolution to expect looks way down below. It IS to advance to adjust some parameters. Cairo Behind in or the screen is to like still looks of bass. More my screen of IP of portable why is so crappy in a monitor?

Was in 4K hook of television envelope my laptop and low stairs in 1080p in 100% is what that on coast he 50' the better television looks in 1080p that it 23' monitor? A smaller Resolution would have to be upper so that has more density of pixel .... But why, I have been then in my old 1280800 exposure and wow is almost identical.

These products me ailing the only looks bonos in some outsides except an exposure is disgusting. A square pixel in a screen is very big when the besides afterwards looks thats if your eyes are very so that the mine can see the.

This never can be the 1080p the monitor is zoom be already until this Resolution. It have to return this peice of Junk!!!

IS very disappointed. It matches 1366768 exposure ... 100% same fake some monitors of the low resolution in of the works looks better that this. The desire has not done this compraventa. Asus Can Again
5 / 5 Monica
So far so good! Bought this for my house so that sometimes it does of house in place of a dispatch. My laptop of work is the PC and my personal laptop is the MacBook Pro... These laws of wonderful monitor with so much! Also I want a white colour, very lustrous and feminine... Perfecto to match my dispatch decor. An exposure is clear and a monitor is clear. It recommends in any one looking for the good monitor in the estimativa. The speakers are not very utmost, but no precise to use them a lot in all if so much it is VAL.
4 / 5 Sonya
So far this monitor has very be add. I have purchased two of them for use of dispatch and a colour and the quality far have has surpassed expectations. Also, with a low glare(the mate arrived) the sample very the marks that the easy views, especially of my dispatch has the plot to enter lights. Some speakers are not utmost. Basiclly A strong plus provides is comparable in 50% in my laptop as it only uses my laptop to listen to sound I the precise. To well sure it recommends that it buys precise speakers to look films or another audio. There are filters for levels, gaming, and use of time of the night, but fulfils does not require to move among them since I like an option/of drop of filter of clear blue. If you are looking for the monitor of quality adds and can live without a functionality of of the one of the west then that is to say the option adds .
4 / 5 Lorraine
I add exposures. Even so, the desire would have remarked that these controls No in that have bracketing in a backside for arms of exposure. But still like them.

Top Customer Reviews: Asus VA249HE ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Becki
Nice those looks the monitors have all some characteristic has required for some half of dispatch. Comprised a HDMI cape that was the good surprise.
5 / 5 Olinda
At the end it can see my monitor without pulling my eyes. It IS the miracle !! Strongly it recommends in any one concealed is having the difficulty that dressed each which small impression!!
5 / 5 Jacquelyn
Honestly I Want to two more than these to substitute my another two old dell monitors. I do of the house and this are perfect to the help relieves my tension of eye. Also it uses he for gaming external of work 10/10 would recommend
5 / 5 Fidela
Bought three of them. Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS PA329Q 32" ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Leonia
UPDATE 8-6-2016
only took my monitor of substitution today. This monitor has quite 11 defective pixels. They are or totally fatality, tinted dulls black, or look the scuff marks. A substitution does not possess some something dark in some left/the upper right corners, which and was correct in saying was the defect in a first sample of this monitor. Has was the advance and Justin has contacted in ASUS saw the email the help was. I will give updates further in this description. I am expecting to take the monitor without defects likes him reproduction of the colour and nails it urban is awesome! It attaches some low photos to aim that I am treating.

The left wing induct went me to say that and amour in this monitor! A monitor entered the look of sake and protective box. An edifice of a device is of big quality. Some screens are good and has the massive quantity of inmueble.un OSD is well has thought was, very easy in navigate, and has all some options never need! A creation and the support are in to the subject likes him. It looks lustrous and professional only in joining it to him to road likes him.

Opens Leaves habladura in some failures of a monitor took. A screen is almost damn near of perfect compared in any another the professional monitor has not possessed never except the few smaller subjects. My monitor is coming with 6 pixels are died to the long of some upper as well as the something dark in a right/hand-corner the upper left wing streaky. I think that that this has to marks with a level of back clear brilliance. That is to say why Asus has attached the option of uniformity of the colour in a OSD to the help compensates for this type of subject. I think that that my sample is defective even so. Like The something the darkness is still there with an option has selected.

IS in a process to pose in the substitution for this monitor and while it takes one without these defects. Only it thinks that that it was very miserable while it looks this monitor was very planned was and this has been built with a precision adds. Quan Takes my substitution , will return with the description the plus detailed. Crossing my toes that can ASUS to rid!
1 / 5 Donetta
Monitor adds but begun to take pixels bonded after only the month and now some dead pixels.

Update; after monitor to send for the down guaranteeed reparations, has been returned with toe smudges by behind a screen and scrapes to the long of the verges of the new poster had posed in. If that is to say a support of quality to adapt the $ 1,000 this ails the monitor be looking in other marks.
5 / 5 Pamella
My Initial two cents are that a ASUS PA329Q is first hardware of tax, and aforado quite near of in max sRGB and qualified of RGB of the Season to trust and gone right to do with out of a box. Which has done. I have directed to take the pair that converses well in a RX-480 card those uses a Port of place of the Exposure; it have to blink subjects in HDMI, but only when used in the pair..

Has bought two of these that 'used' repacks in of the Roads of Warehouse, and was essential like new. Well of a box in default preset parameters of Season, having them supports for the side those aims the 2xwide x4K image, the by heart identical view. A serious value for his prize of list, the value adds when a box 'opened'' special. It compares in EIZO and another 4k, 10-bit monitors of art with this characteristic, and would spend more than thousands. I am happy found these. For a first time, can see the majority of that my digicam (36mp, colour of 14 bits) capture. Like The serious photographer these movements on poster of generic floor, a precision of the exposure and the creative potential involves is authorising.

While his software would provide tweaked the calibration those uses a X-Rite or amounting calibrator, has used those enough to know is the PIA, and if these controls the look perfects of a factory (the individual monitor is necessary the page to measure comprised!), I will not use the calibrator in the unless I taking resulted of poor impression.
1 / 5 Avelina
There is any control of quality for this product. Do 3 turns, the total of 4 monitors, and was unable to take or without the deaths of pixels apropen a centre of a screen and he objectionable quantities of back light bleed.

These classes of defects are objectionable in the product like this, especially in a cost. It does not buy this monitor unless it can live calm with the pixels are died in a centre of a screen.
3 / 5 Burma
I am yesterday he returned a BenQ PD3200U so that some looks of yellowish screen and expect this could do the better work. Even so, this disappointed me absolutely more than BenQ.

Is using Mac Pro trashcan with DP has entered. As I create there it has to of any doubt for a quality of a source of entrance.

1. In a white fund, can see piece very big of vertical groups in a right part of a screen. (Control a semi-detached picture)
2. In an upper verge of a screen, can see the plot of basses of vertical groups. (Control a semi-detached picture).
3. In a centre of a screen, the very big group of dark pixels. (The calm can not see clearly in a picture, but trust me, can find it very easily in a centre of a screen.) There is a lot other deaths of pixels (probably five) in a left fund and right of a screen.
4. I do not comprise what amiable of the eye protects the technology alleges, but using this screen done my uncomfortable eyes. Of course, I have adjusted a brilliance and agreement in some level roughly lower.
5. A worse but very less, a text is not to clear: it is or too blurry or too acute same with a built-in road of exposure. This exposure provides some roads of following exposure:
a) Regular Road: well but still not clearing quite
b) sRGB Road: well but still not clearing quite
c) Road of Scenery: the text is too acute
d) Road to Read: the text is too blurry
and) Darkroom Road: the text is too acute.
A picture can not aim this does very clear as I have not uploaded any screenshot.

Has a thing these controls facts very good: calibration by heart. Calm give you afterwards in character in in to to the white colour does not like him BenQ PD3200U, which give you by heart white very yellowish. Even so, a thing BenQ does very well is: calm very give you text very clear represent if your time of the entity for a monitor is to edit texts.

To well sure will return this in the amazon next week when has time to pack this enormous material. Only dry my time has been wasted to unpack and packing those so-nicknamed big-final 32' 4K monitors.
4 / 5 Herbert
Supposing already have a X-Rite i1Display Pro ( will require it, and does not use Asus ProArt calibration):
a) Installs software of X Rites, and in Management by heart of the Windows, conjoint 'X-the Linear rite' as default ICC profile.
b) Load i1Profiler (X-Rite) - does not use Asus ProArt Calibration (red massive result)
c) in a monitor, chosen a 'DarkRoom' profile.
D) Chosen 120 cd/m2 in a software (default value).
And) Chosen soyanual parameters for RGB' in a software.
F) Has Chosen a poster to measure main (the places of plus) in a software.
G) During measure, when asks some values of RGB, (the parameters have Advanced in a monitor), tries to maintain a Red down some another - for example, R-47, G-48, B-49, while it pays attention to be so near that possible in an objective Kelvin temp how aimed in a screen of software. To Tan Far likes him the brilliance, follows a software, and wants to less or more, he afterwards a calibration. It tries any one to create any value in 51 - a more run the, a reddish plus was. It tries to balance them down 50. You will take to PAINT PERFECTO in this way.
H) Follows a rest of a process, save your ICC profile with the only name, and then in colour of Poster of Control of Windows the management posed it so default. It restarts.
-- X-the rite has extensive instructions in a subject, that is to say a rodeo .
-- Any one poses Firefox pose '1'. It results to paint very reddish. It leaves in default values.
Which lack of this monitor: For the users do not fall manual (Darkroom), customised the parameters are missing automatic (AdobeRGB and sRGB) profiles.
-- If I DO not KNOW WHAT CALM' RE MARK WITH ROOMS by heart And CALIBRATION, BUYS The sRGB the VERSION of CONTROLS INSTEAD, And OPERATES WITH YOUR WINDOWS DEFAULT ROOM by heart. That is to say the very good monitor , but his AdobeRGB the version requires one in process like minimum, and the furthest photo that edits requires that you know what calm' re mark. Editor AdobeRGB The on-line photos without turning it first place, resulted in muted colours. That is to say the monitor for the the one who images of footprints of fine art, no for people these photos of on-line clave (all the program of the internet is sRGB).
1 / 5 Marcelle
ASUS PA329Q 32' 4K/UHD 3840x2160 IP HDMI Cured of Eye ProArt Monitor
the look adds joins diverse law of hours. Prpers Having read some descriptions before purchasing, has maintained my toes have crossed was one of a bit those that solidly has built some this can exist. Sure enough, it marks the strong that the explosions that/attack the noise and a screen were black. He the 'chirping' his until the unplugged. Too bad, has perfect state. It Liked him very Asus of products some years, hopefully will exit with the model has built better.
5 / 5 Glynda
Only it buy it this 32 controls of inch the week (April 2019). One measures of the screen leave me work very comfortably in Lightroom Classical CC. The flavour run to verify a management by heart among this monitor and my Epson P800 printer. I have changed in Seasoning RGB in a monitor for these tests. Using Epson Paper of Photo of Primo Luster that fulfils a colour these parties to be right on with calibration of factory of my monitor. I have used a Epson SC-P800 Series Ultra Paper of Photo of the premium Luster profile in Lightroom and Any Management by heart in a P800 printer. I have compared a side of the beginning printed by side with an image in the screen and he are the perfect party prjima. Of course it was not never perfect to a large extent because of a difference among the image projected in screen and the image reflected in paper. But it is so near in my eye that has not required a module of Adjustment of Brilliance of the Impression in Lightroom this has used in printing of mine in a past. It tries to use dual monitor setups in a past and found distract it and uncomfortable in mine desktop. With only a big monitor I only necessity to be preoccupied with management by heart in or controls. Any dead pixel, the uniform these lights, the by heart excellent balance, facilitated to change among sRGB and RGB of Season. Very highly recommended. BTW - Also attach for a bit those that the games enjoy.
5 / 5 Jarod
After weeks to research very careful decided to purchase this Asus PA249Q Pro Art 24 monitor of inch. He been the professional photographer for in 40 years and has decided to be well in my eyes. I do tonnes to shoot and the photo that edits in both Season Lightroom and Photoshop this uses SO MUCH a Season 98 and sRGB the colour spaces this Asus the monitor comes aforado with of a factory.

While he my investigation in the each Pro the controls have thought in me 'could this very when being? It sounds too well to be true.' 99% AdobeRGB, 120% NTSC, 100% sRGB sounds of Coverage like a response in my prayers and necessities.

My monitor has taken here in 2 days that surprised me so asked free ship of Amazon. In the arrival takes my raisin 2145W which had served me very well since April 2003. I have installed a new Asus and has been blown was why well is well out of a box... The colour adds and accurate right out of a box... I have left to burn in for the few days and has verified then a precision for both of a Season 98 and sRGB rooms... Both were supremely accurate. I have required to turn down a brilliance in 16% so that it IS a supremely brilliant monitor and is posed in 50% of a factory... BUT The PRECISION by heart IS REALLY, VERY GOOD.

Has been using this Asus PA249Q for almost the month now and can say IS a better money has inverted in my Pro the photo that Edits period of system of the computer. I can see details in my images have not seen never before that... Truly he revelation for my old eyes.

Has seen all some swipe in ALL some revises this monitor and he are predecessor, a Asus PA248Q (which is coming very afterwards to buy)has had. Only I can say enough my personal experience with this Asus PA249Q Pro Art for almost the month. I am supremely picky quite quality in the each mark... I build my computers of PC Suitable for handling Season Lightroom and Photoshop. Has no experimented Any problem that so never with this monitor... Any one bonded pixils, Any one buzzing sounds, Any bad or uneven behind lit up and last but for me VERY LESS... Any inaccurate COLOUR Or Imagery of STAIRS of ASH. This monitor is FATALITY in a money and I fly it. MECER!

IS so happy decided me give something that of entity as I add augments glass in an end of a canal for photo of computer of big quality that edits.

Personally would recommend this monitor in any one requiring dressed truly graphic and accurate photos in his work. Also I will say you all more wonderful looks also. All my email, process of word, spreadsheet and resplandor of programs of the browser with clear and very acute, accurate, sper readable sources. One nails urban of extra volume with my Windows 7 Pro the desktop is very appreciated also. It IS native 1920 x 1200 resolution is the joy . More room to run side of different programs for side while it fines to attribute.

HAS ANY ONE hooked in an Up and down USB 3 ports so that it can not speak with that a lot of law.

I very can not say much more another that this. He bonded with this monitor and he are undoubtedly a money has spent better in Amazon.com.

IS the Happy to Camp.
3 / 5 Latia
The precision by heart is sum, a screen is very that shines when levelling which out of a box expsita to be uncomfortable. Some necessities to control to have port of exposure 1.2 capacity in a system of card, while it is not qualified for default. Although I can not validate with real scientific test, some looks of latency sub pair in comparison in another use of basic monitors. A usb 3.0 hub am adds to have and highly recommended for all the control to have. A support is fantastic and full adjustable, comprising rotation, which are not to found in included some of some good supports. Some speakers are quite strong but as expected has poor field.

Would estimate this big plus, but still for basic gaming this has had poor action. I use another 5ms 60hz monitors, but this monitor has been that disappoints, included in the to to games like them cs: it goes touched with the gtx 970 that comes from the variety of parameters. The taxes of frame were well, consistently around 70fps. Still I will maintain this monitor, but wants to any one with more gaming in-import be conscious.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS Designo MX27UC ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Deandre
Although an image is quite sake and crisp, this monitor there has been lines of death of pixel after enough two month of use. No longer it can it returns through Amazon as I have appealed to to contact Asus. Asus There were roads a monitor and apresamiento reparation. A whole process has taken quite a lot of 15 days. An only subject here is that when has taken a monitor behind, a screen has not done at all. Any beginning of exposure at all. As it take it a monitor in a unusable condition directly of Asus. That is to say objectionable. I have called the immediately and is not when being very cooperative. I have been said would take one 'the substitution advanced' excepts that it take it 24 hours to accuse. It take the call behind two days later say has not had any one the stock for a substitution advanced and would not be able to order more for a substitution advanced (which are not reasonable of this monitor is still in production). It has resulted to do the failures that manual apparently takes 3 whole days and alleged do not actuate a lot until I have mentioned not using never very Asus produced again or informing clients in them. Then suddenly they had advanced the available substitutions. Very sketchy undertaken. It leaves to see that it spends when takes a product. I will update this description. Still I remain his out of Asus, some roads can look well but sound any value a problem. There is much more respectable marks there that it is very had to provide the service of client adds. Again I will update this description after this disorder is on.

Update 9/13/18
took my substitution has advanced today and some looks to control to be in fine condition. Still the little turbulent by a process duquel the integer has taken the small a month to take the working monitor. Long it takes and ask why take so long. Had always an apology. But in all the case, has the working monitor now at the end. The left hope remains that it issues....
5 / 5 Lissa
I am writing my observations for ASUS Designate MX27UC which has taken the pair of days behind.
Has purchased LG 27UD88 earlier what notionally would have to be better that a Asus the unit But a poster was bad the day and I have had to the return.

Good thing that is spent!!!

Has ordered a Asus MX27UC and can not be happier quite the. A poster is brilliant. It can be considered also as or included better that one 27UD88 unit
+ Also can take 3840x2160 60hz in his HDMI 2.0 port!! That is to say the enormous roads of one LG 27UD88 has only HDMI 1.4 this can do a same resolution in 30hz which are the breaker of roads (LG can only that in a Port of Exposure)
+ Besides, directly can connect one Asus MX27UC USB-C in your Mac Pro USB-C port (the mine is 15-inch 2017 version with USB-C) using a cape comprised and takes a full 3840x2160 60hz without any change in some poses that so never and simultaneously touch your MacBook Pro!!!!. At most it can I take the averages of this resolution and the subjects of odd resolution to use one LG or with type of similar connection.

- No VESA mountain

absolutely wants this monitor.
Would update this description if anything changes.
5 / 5 Karima
This description is for a Asus model of monitor mx259h. I have purchased this monitor to substitute my old AOC to conceive serious 22 television of inch that used like the monitor as well as the television for my Verizon service of THREADS of television. This monitor is an update as has two HDMI has entered that it is into use for my computer of desktop and THREADS STB. I have been surprised that a HDMI the cape has been comprised with this monitor that so my supportive the DVI in HDMI the cape has been to be comprised instead together with the VGA cape and a cape of audio. That enters a box was a HDMI cape, the VGA cape and curiously the DVI in VGA cape together with a cape of audio. Quality of video/of the picture of computer is very better in this monitor especially since is using HDMI so opposite to use VGA with a AOC to to the television likes him STB took on of an only available HDMI entrance. This monitor is very please to look in and since is almost frameless, weighs only in a same or is slightly clearer that a small plus AOC 22 television of inch. Some buttons in this monitor is not sensitive likes him a bit the recovery but they take some taking used to so one has to learn and comprise this law. Tan Far so built in the speakers go, surprisingly is very better that some speakers that is built in a 22 inch AOC the television this considers a fact that some speakers in so much this monitor and a AOC 22 television of inch is so 3 watts for west. Certainly they can not compete with the 2.1 system of his with that subwoofer has taken only drawee of state because of spatial restrictions and has cut down in the cape clutters but go quite strong and the sound clears although it has down small in them. If you want the monitor that is pleasing to look in, has decent speakers, and any one very side, recommends this monitor even so you are looking for quality of subwoofer of audio of the type, will not be happy with a built in of the speakers.
1 / 5 Charley
It would like him give the positive critic while it has had good experiences with a mark, but sadly, so much an original product and a substitution have exhibited to fashionable defects. A there has been the line of vertical purple, another the horizontal of white line, with the random pixels always white. We have tried a main quality HDMI capes and has had a same result with two separate computers. Curiously, Windows 10 very automatically recognises a monitor, included although it recognise it more another. In general, that disappoints the experience and us it the end returned so much a compraventa original and his substitution, is not returned our time with to third tentativa.
5 / 5 Geri
This good exposure is connected in my Mac Mini road HDMI cape. An image is acute. For Mac users that flavours to take the road of acute image HDMI, a trick is in of the open Preferences of System &62; Exposures and together 'Underscan' external. A shot of the screen shows semi-detached Mac situates calm of exposure for a ASUS MX259H.

A frame is minimum and lustrous. One bases of the money matches a money Mac Mini.

A measure of 25 inches that bought, has substituted an old plus Samsung of 27 exposure of inches of LCD. I have not been sure quite down-sizing, but had remarked any one really needs some full measured of 27 inches and has wanted to the majority of minimalist room of work. The measure of 25 inches is perfect.

Has multiple parameters for several conditions to ignite, can select that using the button in a right a low plus. M Likes concealed.

A built-in the speakers are very enough to look Youtube. Although a control of volume of the computer will not create and volume of the sound the low plus of built-in of the speakers. This could be been due to HDMI ridding constant volume. The volume of of the west has to be adjusted using the button in an inferior right.

Was hesitant quite buying the exposure of Amazon, so that I do not want harm of risk, included the small, since will be to look in him for the few years. It was pleasantly surprised to find double-has boxed. An external box has not been damaged. An interior ASUS the container of boxes had to around he to cushion. A monitor has been packed firmly inner a ASUS box.
2 / 5 Manuel
If you are buying this monitor for USB-C connectivity, look elsewhere. According to Asus this monitor is in necessity of the update of firmware ('firmware 106') and take this: only it can take this firmware the road he in Asus so that they be able to him in him update. Those raisins of ways your money adapted for his update of firmware in his product to use some works of entrance that does not exit of a box.

Is buying This for HDMI entered, my supposition is is the paste or lose and is not sure why. In some signals to price that this thing sells in, is baffled when using a HDMI port in how blurred some things can looks. There have it also incredible mouse lag.

Another that that a quality of his east that would have to expect . It is not incredible but is not bad at all. Very doable. Some buttons are under a right corner of a monitor and they are terrible. The May Knows that button that so that there is not very of more than the same calm say you that button what another concealed can. A monitor is absolutely gorgeous even so. It IS metal with bezels very small, bad these things are good to look in....Quan IS was and imagine that he well.

Conclusion, is by train to remain me out of Asus produced from now on. Stay out of this monitor and this company.
1 / 5 Janett
UPDATE (05/29/2017)
Today, took mine 2 substitution and he look that this also has bleed of screen. On that, also it has defective internal components. Desprs plugging He in a whole screen continues to take random vertical lines of the different colour every time. At the beginning, has thinks that that it was my card of the map but has tried I also my television of Apple and he a same thing where has to restart a monitor everytime raisin. It say the amazon and said me that it will be it to do a Andon Tip that the ways until a manufacturer examine each of a MX27UC is this model of monitor will be taken of a web of place of Amazon.

UPDATE (05/27/2017)
has taken mine 1 substitution and what knows this an also has it but worse that one 1.
The amazon has ordered to 2 substitution and if this an also has it then will do a Andon Tip.

Was very excited after read of Asus that flavours his monitors of the big final in half dark. This has meant that some monitors with clear hemorrhage or clouding will not be routed in a client but has not been a case for me.

A MX27UC has had intensive hemorrhage in a portion of inferior left wing of an exposure and thinks because of my luck has taken the defective unit demands the substitution and will be to take that tomorrow.

Has to say that this monitor is a main quality in an outside and the interior has not tried never. Test Samsung, LG, Steel, Dell and much more and any one of them has acostat in a quality of this monitor and the mark gave me. Included this represents a clear hemorrhage emits a rest of an exposure has had not even a slightest bleeding anything. Recently, I have tried out of LG 27UD68 and that the monitor has had to bleed of screen everywhere and had of the repayment after 4 substitutions of LG

A first picture has attached is of my premier MX27UC.

Will be to update my description when takes a substitution . If calm like this the description takes to click that likes him to them the button and the action he with your friends and I will see you next time.
5 / 5 Maile
I have looked for the monitor with the type of USB C port of exposure. I have begun with the LG, and although it was well , had the red line in a left wing and a sound was terrible ( any mimic a sound of my laptop). So much, I have purchased a MX27UC. So far this one east doing well. I have used a type C the proportionate cape for my laptop, and good law. I am trying my type has special certificate C cape (while it have bought a so that I have not been sure has distributed the usb C in usb C). So far, it is doing well. An only thing I with had provided was the road to create and go down a screen so that it can adjust it a height. So far, also even so. I will update this description sees anything funky or has anything sees that I am even more quite impressed.
5 / 5 Candida
I have bought this monitor after another cheap 34' UW the monitor of the different manufacturer had failed on me. That is to say the wonderful monitor . For me, that is to say now my only road I game. Has the Benq XL2730z control which have done well enough for me for a past two years or so, but has wanted a hyped 34' UW gaming. There is a lot any road can return in the no Ultra-wide monitor now. A lot I enjoyed a width FOV. A detail is very very too many. Has the gaming PC hooked until a monitor through DP and also has a Xbox A S and the PS4 hooked until a monitor through HDMI. They all does very good. I predominately game in this monitor and I also look Netflix and web surf. Looking the videos in Netflix has black bars in some sides of a screen, but that he very problem me he so that it already has known that before I have done a compraventa. I prioritise a fun experience of gaming in a UW in a light inconvenience of black bars in some sides of a screen when looking netflix videos. It tries this monitor on Blurs busters and do so announced. I have used also a Dead Pixel Buddy website to verify for deaths of pixels and has no.

An only with for me is that there is minor flickering when a FPS drops among 48-51 in of the games. It was also conscious of this screen flickering before taking a monitor as it is not the surprise in me. Apparently spend it so AMD Freesync transitions in some Bass Framerate Compensation in a plus under FPS. I touch the plot of BF1 and that only flickers during some screens of loads. A screen flickering is also screen very whole neither, he he in something random in some screens to upload. Test Battleground 1, Quantum Pause, Carts of Project, and Sniper 3 Warrior of Phantom. Quan Transfer of AMD Freesync, does not take any screen flickering in my games at all. I have not remarked and the screen these tears with Freesync has turned was, but is sure has...Only I have not remarked he still. Has one ageing R9 Fury X GPU likes some new games with parameters dialed on litigates of marks of the mine of card. I expect a AMD Vega Card when loose, will be quite strong to press all the new games until 100hz in this monitor with ultra parameters.

My system specs:
I7-6700k OC'd 4.6ghz.
Asus Maximus Heroi 9
R9 Fury X (Engine 17.4.4)
Corsair DDR4 32gb (4x8) 3.0 XMP
Samsung 1tb 850 EVO For Games
Windows 10 Contains 64
4 / 5 Evon
The first view am immediately fallen enamoured with my MX34V monitor, but or the subject of the entity for me was a sloppy implementation of PBP (Picture-for-Picture) cual covers two different entrances to run simultaneously like two computers. Has the necessity to connect two computers in the only monitor, has been excited when read this there was PbP cual has meant would be able to use both laptop without changing entrances. PbP Does not leave a monitor down the half but pose two difficult to use/images to see afterwards in the each another. A joystick in the manoeuvre through a card that is fragile and while if easily it can prender. In general using two entrances a same time or the mountain in a wall is the requisite then does not take this device.

-Utmost speakers (Harman/Kardon) for a measure and to well sure well for the dispatch of small house.
-The support serves like the tampon of wireless load for your mobile phone.
-The quality of image adds
- was to add when touching games and very responsive

-No Vesa mountain as it can not locate in a wall or clamp of desktop out of a box.
-Picture-for-Picture very bad implemented
-clave of the joys of the Parameters listen fragile

Top Customer Reviews: Planar PCT2265 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Clifton
I have ordered a Planar PCT2235 22-inch touchscreen monitor that the characteristic has projected capacitive technology to touch and registers until 10 simultaneous touch points. I have researched for enough some time and has had my husband is aided also. A monitor is fast and responsive and curves easily. Work well with our Windows 10 and a setup was the cinch. Some looks of compatible screen throughout and does not require calibration.
A reason why was interested highly in this Planar has been been been due to a guarantee of three years and substitution of 2 guarantee of days. A substitution of two days has been tried because of a subject with a first sending. This semi-detached guarantee with this monitor is accurate. A screen is crisp and sake to look in. In general, based in our experience would not doubt to order again and is happy in a monitor.
4 / 5 Mei
It looks for the monitor of screen of the touch with so the urban nails while it can take and for a prize a Planar Helium does not disappoint .
Offers the good variety of options of connection with the DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI ports. Also it has 2x USB 2.0 ports in some last and audio 3.5mm in/out of jacks. It avenges with the VGA, HDMI, and cape of the audio as well as the cord embroil and the small cell-way of stylus of tlphonique (which, while appreciated, is not optimum for such the big screen).
A onboard the speakers are quite tinny, but any same prpers give that it build it he in of the speakers before I purchased it so that it remains boss -low. It IS very impressed for a kickstand has attached in a backside a monitor, when being conclusive when whole in 15 titles and will line a unit anywhere to the long of a low road in 70 titles. Quan IS in is to situate lower , is easy to write using on-keyboards to protect and take full advantage of an a lot of-functionality to touch. In general, I am very pleased with a compraventa. In the principle planned to use the mountain of wall for a screen, but a kickstand the works also has bonded with him for some last few months.

Opens For a bad:
-That is to say the HEAVY monitor . It is weighed much more included that some of him are all-in-some counterparts likes him a Lenovo Horizon (although it is comparable in a A740).
- Has the just quantity of the light bleeds in some corners some low plus of a screen. It lessens Slightly when a monitor is reclined in his place his low plus, so suspicious that this can be the symptom of his weight that pressure of pose in an exposure. It results perceivable when that sees the video and the darkest images.
-IS sometimes difficult to direct the cords have connected in a monitor. Active So that everything of some ports except an audio in/out of busy and there is perceivable control of some cords to angle when bending a screen p and down. It looks that it has been it to it to him better to pose some ports in a side of a screen that considers a motion that some marks of screen. It IS the small downside, but the result disturbs it from time to time.
-No short this controls any one to be QHD the state because of when exited, but a quality of the image is not to perfect. It Likes him it has said it, it is to add so that it attributes of final, but a colour and the acuteness are not where would want the to be for work in photoshop.
3 / 5 Cedric
It changes 4 stars in 3.
Substituting the laptop and has wanted to something similar in the screen to touch. These accesses a bill for me.
One with: a power and buttons of card'. It has not had very of the zones of button of only touch. Some marks for them were almost invisible. To find them has owed of a monitor (glare) and uses the brilliant light and augmenting glass to find some marks. I have had of the point in the each mark with the money metallic bookmark to be able to see them while using a monitor. Desprs Re-Read and that studies a manual found an outside two buttons are 1 and 2 and an interior 2 is some buttons of circle. Felizmente After it poses in a monitor probably does not have to never use these again

2 update in the daytime. Fence of task of can not access the window to touch any mater that embroiders of a screen posed it on - only for mouse. And a sound is very bad. If it takes this plan on having another source for your sound.
5 / 5 Hanh
I build commercial kiosk setups with screens to touch and has tried many in a piece. These are by far some better. It is it bit he pricier that some, but is very value he considering three things:
1. A supply to be able is built in and can handle so much 120v and 220v.
2. There is the USB 3.0 hub built in, powered by a onboard supply to be able in, which also serves likes him nexus of data for a touchscreen. In other screens have tried, a sensor of the touch in a screen is powered by a connection of USB of a computer, which problems of causes in my case. No such problems here.
3. There are not a lot of marks of manufacturer or anything visible of a front, which are ideal for my necessities.

Does not use a support comes with, but is better that another touchscreens has treated.

The Also comes with the full together of capes, comprising audio for a dinky the speakers have built in.
3 / 5 Jenine
I am by train to use likes him The screen of blender to touch for register of audio. Work well, but 3 stars to be the small lentil to react and for a idiotic location of a button to be able in and controls of card, which are also sensitive and impossible tone the eschew. I will substitute with another mark at the end, but work for now.
4 / 5 Werner
The clarity adds, brilliance, volume, and response to touch. Well it build it. Bezel Of thin Nice. Lost the star so that a description is wrong and some controls are to touch in place of tactile push. This any come with the support of Helio and is not the USB 3.0 hub and does not have DVI entrance. A support is fell he out of to hinge only likes him signalled in a main image. Still he well for me.
5 / 5 Lavinia
Regularly I Have meetings in my dispatch. A problem with the desktop of level setup is that the traditional monitors are big, bulky and totally blocks a view of people you interface with for meetings and chair-downs. State looking for the monitor that can be it has adjusted to pose flat when any one comes to seat through of me. A Planar Helium 22' the screen is a solution has been looking for.

Functionality: A monitor is adjusted easily of one poses retreated down while precise in. Any fuss and is fast to adjust. Helio IS a support retracts retreated up in his own when adjusts in the angle of pertinent viewing for work. I more probably seldom uses in the flat gesture, but is there I the precise. Has the 55' television in my dispatch that often only the material of the present work related in my personnel and of the clients, and listens able to use these works of combination perfectly for my necessities. Absolutely it wants to it.

Screen to touch: A premium is a screen to touch . It IS sper responsive and easy to use. Very cual the tablet. I actuate Still to experience any delay or unresponsiveness when press in a screen. Also, it is accurate. I have not bought this monitor for a functionality of poster of the touch, but can see like this will be to take moving beneficial .

Quality of screen: I the mix of work. A lot a reading of usual email, work of Dispatch of the Microsoft as well as graphic drawing, photograph and work of video. Some colours and crispness of a monitor is excellent. The text is acute and vivid while it is some colours . A screen is reflective, any one matt. It does not have too much light in my light of dispatch as it reflect is not a subject for me. More, the lustrous the screens attach the paste and contrast which are that like me. Very what portable of Apple and iMacs. Also, a screen is brilliant. Out of a box, a screen is more in a blue side but is adjusted easily to use one in-the card of Clara Blue Reducer options. Work like the charm. Another thing the note is a bezel. It IS very thin which give me to us the zone of big view without a measure of excessive bezel. One compares in the smallest impression and take for above spatial very small in my desktop. Very Me and it conceal.

Gilipollas: A poster does not have 100% same approximations clear some verges. That is to say common in of the a lot of monitors. Although no very perceivable, this can be the breaker of roads for folks the need has the very accurate monitor for creation and creative work. Also, a poster has has limited angles to see sides, but some angles to see upper and the funds are well, which are well of is is the tiltable monitor and is feigned to be seen of the plan posed and totality.

In general, the very good controls that accesses of mine necessities and recommend he in any one requiring the laptop with that can it to it pose the plan when required and take for above spatial very small in a desktop. Please see some photos have attached by my setup and concealed uses it.
4 / 5 Mica
Good quality touchscreen monitor and lustrous look. Importing downside IS concealed has touch sensitive buttons. Why he he a lot the manufacturer thinks that to touch sensitive buttons in a face of the touchscreen monitor that is done so much can touch is the good idea . Constantly we touch a card or buttons to be able in accidentally because of his location. Location very poor for such sensitive buttons. Also built in the speakers are supremely under powered.

The quality of tez is a lot of another that a terrible touch sensitive buttons. The quality of picture am also adds, and a touchscreen law very well with Windows 10 and a later version of Android, uses this monitor for our bagging canal in our restaurant powered by an Android has based mini the computer those runs our KDS software (Quota KDS - compatible with has Squared POS) was the the below the solution cost for us, and conforms our necessities.
4 / 5 Harley
In the first place you are, this was surprisingly mere in setup. It attaches a HDMI and capes of USB, carried he in, and he only works with my machine of Windows 10. Windows IS the uncomfortable bit when is by train for the use predominately in 'tablet' subject, but hurriedly can do around more subject.

Mina a main complaint is there is not the physicist on/was change. He only cart-ons when a computer is on and is plugged in. Since it is not spending down the stack or anything, is something can live with - but would be well to be able to be able in era when any one into use without that has to turn of a PC or parameters to change behind and advance how that is doing.

Screen very responsive with sake and decent colours refresh imposed. It acts speakers for my necessities (notification and on-feedback of keyboard of the screen), but obviously not going to be adds for musician with way down below.

Can any one has very beaten this for a prize!
2 / 5 Bunny
I initially very liked this monitor, but has been failing lately. I have purchased this to try for applications of work in an and-the lease of pose of byline up for my company, and an initial testing all was adds. I have purchased in February and now here is in the early May and a monitor have the diagonal this flashes the stain concealed crosses it and the blurred appearance in the a lot of elements of fine detail likes them spreadsheets. This a lot is disappointing for me so it fails during one 90 flavour of phase in the daytime that the tried and so that it is not ordering these for our locations of field at the end and is of tower in a joint of cartoonist that looks for the product of screen of reliable touch to use. It does not order this again.

Top Customer Reviews: 1505FP 15-IN. LCD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
For a prize has paid that is to say an excellent monitor . I have wanted the monitor the small plus has been in some documents of exposure of the side and conferences of video so that I can continue works in my main monitor. In fact it prefers the monitor the small plus as compared to have two full sized ones. I use Linux of Mint (Ubuntu) and each did only very well out of a box.

Well: Monitor Excellent for $ 35. A right measure Or has wanted and has done well out of a box. It can be rotated 90 titles.

Bad: the colouring is has been slightly. It was not able in totally fix he to adjust a temperature by heart.

Remarce: This has the DVI-D (any extra pin) transfer which has not done with my DVI-I (4 extra pins) capes. The arrival that uses VGA cape with the DVI adapter.
5 / 5
I have required an economic monitor to use with my old computer while the update in my new unit found It better to have both together race while it copies some of a data and the files have tent in a C-Walk. This vendor there was exactly cual required, if he for a field to price looked for - then packed the carefully and has taken he in me punctually while it promise. Be Dell, is built in the hefty road and is more weighed in weight that has anticipated. But that does not import once is posed up in a desktop.
Ploughs Mina 6-year the old grandson that takes together with an old computer.
5 / 5
It can not have a screen a big plus, but he more than marks up for that with another characteristic. The positioning is treats it... Up, down, side-in-side, and included tin rotate he 90 titles. And to the crown was, there is an internal 2-hub of port USB. I recommend it highly.
1 / 5
The worse monitor has bought never.
5 / 5
Supremely Clear monitors. Used to substitute the monitors the old plus in 2 of ours canal and an On-personal of the air wants to it!
5 / 5
Good works.. Excellent image, perfect condition
5 / 5
It take this monitor like the second monitor to have itunes,and other smaller programs that race in him while have touched games. Work perfectly and has has not had any subject with him so far.
3 / 5
It has not taken The all has connected still, but so far is well.
3 / 5
Fantastically Solid with good options. It is missing a capacity to see in general the resolutions controls what modern.
5 / 5
Monitor of good computer. It say for the storage the small plus.

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Thinkvision ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Lillia
An excellent product, has 4, 2-19 inch and 2-17 inch. A T1714p is a new plus and some colours are utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: NK570AAABA - HP ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
1 / 5 Sharen
He very disappoint that this only has the VGA has entered. Any uses of modern computer VGA more. If you are using the 2007 computer, well, but that is to say nonsensical. Far main, more running, clearer, modernised and the better monitors are there. To hover he of a same prize. It can not think this elderly is the be still fashioned. A VGA has entered! Any HDMI or anything more! Unbelievable. And shame on me for not verifying an entrance. I finish to take the new things have used to in fact when being until date.
5 / 5 Honey
I am using this monitor right now. I bought it used, and is everything would expect out of the monitor of type of generic dispatch for the low prize. Any subject with the dead pixels or anything have broken, he only works.
Totally go to buy another and short of the dual screens for the sake of the productivity, so he is very enough for me to buy two times, has to quite sake to be to buy once.

Only does not buy this mark of new thing, for $ 120 can find you the main and better road.
5 / 5 Delphia
Mere, cheap and easy to pose up.
5 / 5 Janice
These laws to control really well. It IS very lustrous and the good measure. A base is also very strong and robust
5 / 5 Mariah
The monitor attaches for the laptop. Down 40 bucks and to to the works likes them-them the walnut.
5 / 5 Rachelle
Necessity The half of work (conditions of warehouse) monitor to substitute or this is exited. The point of prize was perfect and the condition was so described. It is doing perfectly.
5 / 5 Willetta
Working just wonderful,the flight!
5 / 5 Cristobal
Produced and hands quickly while it expect!
5 / 5 Lee
Excellent! The works add! Happy purchased the. The Sake of fast delivery packed!

Thank you hp

Top Customer Reviews: LG Electronics ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Remedios
Work well, and has see angles very well in road of portrait.
5 / 5 Arlette
Very pleased!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS MX259H ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 3 ratings
1 / 5 Norine
An element has taken was defective. Azusa_The plot tried blaiming my PC after the few months to try to take the substitution. A screen there has been pixel flickering on all the devices that comprises the ps4 pro which is exited st 4k 60hz. They have finished refunding with the facts on top of excuses without me authorising the repayment in the substitution.
5 / 5 Coralie
I receive it the fast plus and comes with original box. There is not pixel very dead or any defective. It looks walnut . The flight!
5 / 5 Tiffanie
I want this monitor and is acute and clear compared in my dells of a same resolution.