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What is 85 Hz Computer Monitors?

Top Customer Reviews: LG 24MB35P-B ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Alethia
I took it only yesterday, but so far, I am pleased with him.
5 / 5 Lashaun
An user has bought this for to to him a lot likes him to him a quality of a video. He a work.
5 / 5 Carrie
Good value

Top Customer Reviews: Asus VK278Q 27 inch ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Elene
Monitor very well for a prize.
5 / 5 Eulalia
Excellent product

Top Customer Reviews: Dell P2416D 24 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Preston
This monitor am adds. One 1440p exposure, 117 ppi, and one 25' the screen is sum . I have bought this monitor this wants to something with 1440p exposure, but could not provide the unit has bought a Dell P2416D for sale and if so pleased. I plugged he in my computer and is gone in a calibration of screen to adjust a colour, since read in the reddit clave that in in to to the calibration more would like him when the be has required. This monitor has to is coming aforado so that any subject that changed could not take a picture any better (that is to say the good thing so that a picture is that it surprises). A monitor turns 90 titles, which use for when writes papers for students.

Gaming In this monitor is glorious. A Monitor entered 60Hz refresh tax, but was able in overclock mine in 85Hz stable. My monitor there has been ZERO deaths of pixels. A quality of picture is surprising and some colours are utmost. One of some things enough control this unit me crazy is some buttons of sensor for a card, and this monitor was a touch -buttons to tile what remember every time. Some adjustments of monitor comprise up, down, in the lefts, well, before, backward, and 90 curves of title .

85Hz Shows
buttons to touch to tile
hight adjustments
advances, backward, in the left, and the right curves .
90 curves of title
117 pixels for inch
25' exposure

Any one concealed said 25' inches for the 1440p the monitor clearly does not see some advantages in a big plus ppi.

Estimativas In general (A monitor is the add in 300ish dollars.)
Marks sure this has the gpu that can handle 1440p. One 970 is that has and is adds.
A 117 ppi mark some icons in a screen of windows the small small, but has taken his uses in the day of use.

In general a monitor is excellent and for Gaming, the video that Edits, writing Papers, and other general tasks. One 1440p the screen leave you to have the multiple screens arrive (4x 720p windows to be exact)

Dell P2416D 24 Monitor with QHD Screen of 23.8 Inches, Negre
5 / 5 Kristal
QHD (2560x1440) Resolution, poster of IP, brilliant and beautify image, zero fatality or bonded pixels, less than $ 300, police and good guarantee of the pixel bonded of DELL each which contributes in 5 indication of star. Good measure to seat in front of a desktop.
5 / 5 Emery
State looking for the new monitor to use with my MacBook Pro in my cup of contadora for some time and each which ones have found with at least 2560caire of pixels to be any road in big or issues too expensive. This one was very perfect in estimativa and the just prize also. It opens there is hooked until two computers my MacBook Pro which are only a computer of familiar house and my sper awesome Wacom Cintiq Partner. Together with a right DP in Mini DP cape (sees anterior description) my Wacom the tablet has pressed a full 2560x1440 resolutions without problems at all. A screen also rotates portrait even so in that is widescreen the control sounds the ridiculous bit in road of portrait unless it wants to read join you whole piece without displacement then this he. Also it move it up and down well and easily as well as it bends very good. Has some buttons in a front programed necessity likes him only to press or two times to change among my two sources (computers) and these laws add.

And then has one the majority of separates to import a colour and quality of images. I am the professional and illustrative photographer , ( voice my web of place: [...] ) And there is beed looking for the monitor that will leave me more immovable in veiw my photos in 100% when editing them in Seasoning Lightroom and these laws to control very good. Some colours are very accurate (once aforados with my x-system of rite) some black has a lot melts some colours are brilliant some pixels are impossible to see with an eye in of the skins. I am sper happy and still has the abundance of the money left on in has not bought a ridiculously the apple priced in monitor. I recommend this monitor.
3 / 5 Laure
Please confirms that that is to say new mark of a manufacturer and any one renewed. I do not see it it conceal has communiqu anywhere in a page of product. We purchase this monitor and an utmost monitor so far, even so it was not sealed likes him coming from/come from a manufacturer and wine with the cape that does not come from/comes from a manufacturer, which head to me we to think has taken the monitor has renewed.
5 / 5 Justin
I have purchased this monitor to match with my Lenovo 2 Pro. Of a Pro has incredible resolution (3200x1800), has known has wanted the monitor that could measure until this resolution (if any one in fact parties), and since was nowhere has to spend in $ 600 for the 4K monitor, this selected a (based in the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro the nut expsita on-line). A monitor arrived a day, has had plugged (issues HDMI cape, any comprised) in down 2 minutes, (essentially covers it and game), automatically select his resolution of maximum of 2460x1440...And it look. Some icons and the images are perfectly formatted, and a resolution is well. More an adjustment of height of vertical slide the mechanism is simply gorgeous.

An only downside - very beginning of audio (and has alloy in the laptop that maintains enclosed) -- Easily fixed with the road of small external speaker connected bluetooth in a laptop)

So, if any one more has the laptop of the big resolution, and does not want to wet for the 4K monitor...Highly it recommends this option.
5 / 5 Brigette
This has been the monitor adds . Any complaint, any death of pixel, any lag, and more importantly: any burn of image.

I Windows to use the plot, and 99% of a time, a monitor is aiming a Windows taskbar in a fund of a screen. On some of my screens my old plus, the line dulcemente begun to form in a fund of a screen where a taskbar always was, and so far, there has not even the tone of anything goes injustice.

Any colour gamut tower of precision or. Has recalibrated my screen very time since having a monitor, and has landed always in some same parameters have been using took it since.

Highly recommended, comprising for 60fps gaming.
5 / 5 Ana
It tries fewer expensive monitors with better specs, any one has tried included consider usable. This monitor surpasses my expectations for prizes, quality and action of video. Mostly it uses some 1080 poses of resolution for every day computing, email, surfing, process of word and spreadsheets. Occasionally it uses some 1440 parameters to hire and the photo that edits. For general use a 1440 that the poses contain of marks in small for me on he 24' monitor. It say to save one 1440 for one 27' or the monitor the big plus. It IS well to have a big resolution calm the precise, if calm person P2414 is a same monitor only goes in 1080 and is less expensive. It uses a P2414 during the year and a p2416 for the pair of month, so that produced very good.,
5 / 5 Creola
I use this monitor every day for gaming, multimedia, looking films/of currents and view of document. It IS my main monitor and left me to take my old 2 monitor setup and substitutes with deskspace. I use this mostly for gaming, and while it is an exposure of IP, has little entrance lag and under ghosting. Has overclocked the in 80Hz and has has not had the problem with an exposure. Only 1 something of IP bleeds has looked 2 years of the use and he are around 3 wide pixels for 5 big. It IS to take to remark unless it is by train to see you the white document and he are in the room of big aim. That is to say common with IP the exposures and am surprised by how small and almost unnoticeable east.

A quality of tez is point and averts, a support is robust and an organism is look very good . A poster has the good coating that reduces the majority of the glare and some angles in sight is surprising.
Is thinking quite buying another due to the fact that I amour this monitor.
5 / 5 Tameika
I am using this monitor, dell P2416D, with my hp envies 17t-k000 portable road a laptop hdmi port. This laptop has Intel HD Graphic 4600 in the mother is a joint . Work perfectly in 25601440 60hz. I very cual a fact that a screen of monitor is among the mate and lustrous. Probably it has the very very clear anti glare calm coating. I very cual a fact concealed and taken more info in a screen because of an animal a big plus but certainly a text is the small plus bit. Update 7//8/2016: A monitor has done perfectly since 1/3/2016.
1 / 5 Roxann
It has been only in three years and a monitor have the permanent vertical line in a left side of a monitor. This is not an economic monitor this has failed.

Top Customer Reviews: 18.1" NEC ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 4 ratings
1 / 5 Alex
Quan Took this element a screen has been cracked and a monitor has not done.
5 / 5 Ramonita
It was not that it is up with a "adherent of electronic" of Brooklyn, but when posed this monitor in a native resolution of 1280x1024 in combination with ClearType of Windows XP the option has enabled, some results absolutely is surprising. It looks anything EXCEPT grainy in me. For the monitor with the tax of total response spec'd in 50ms, thinks experience a "ghosting" effect (also known so noise of screen). Even so, after four days to pose this monitor in a test with games, applications of dispatch & it internet that explores, has not seen any sign of him still.
Also think well mentions that that is to say my third NEC compraventa of LCD to control since 1998, and has still to see a pixel died among a three of them. I actuate Also the experience two Viewsonic LCD is during this period to time and is returned the so instead for a NEC is because of pixels multiple deaths in both of them, as I think that that it says something in NEC control of LCD of quality.
Is considering A 18" LCD flat poster, everything can say is that I can not imagine taking very better that this!! An exposure is only gorgeous and is sure to be a desire of all your computer savvy friends & relatives.
5 / 5 Sina
That is to say my exposure of poster of second plan - my premier was an upper-estimated Eizo L330 15' exposure - and this was fantastic. The visual quality of this screen is EQUALLY also (which are one wins excellent ). BUT in 18.1', I am even more surprised in a quality of image! I have thought sure that has to sacrifice a little quality of image - the be text or graphic - to take one nails urban additional. But you know that??? All was PROFIT with this creature!
Screen very main, more adjustable, swivel adjustment, dual entrances - an absolutely fantastic unit Everywhere!!!
Can fall one $ $ $ for this piece, he maintaining and does not doubt! And he with [Amazon.com] - has a service of ABSOLUTE BETTER client in an industry (trust me - treat A lot of vendors).
MAN I amour this screen!
3 / 5 Lilliana
This monitor is pertinent but is not more than race. The lack of the DVI average of the entrance is difficult to do knife of acute text and there is some effect of shadow when the black text is aimed melts ash. In a reproduction sideways by heart by side the positive is well and the latency is down enough to do gaming and playback of the totally possible video. This probably more monitor that that satisfies a half client but those looking for quality to notch upper (and is prepared to pay premium for him) has to continue look. I am returning mine like the quality of text is absolutely paramount for me and this any quite a lot of hand of monitor.

Top Customer Reviews: 27in Ws Lcd ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Susanne
I absolutly wants this product, has had this enough with a longitude to determine that that is to say in fact notch upper and a better there. I have bought he in around 535, and honestly would buy two of these there are performances of insurances disposable liquid. To well sure say that there is has not had any problem of a beginning-until a race of lifespan the day and prejudices so far so good. Try each calm appearance for professional salvation-def televisions and then included calibrations of monitor. A colour is one the majority of accurate, and an acuteness and contrast was so crisp that until has laser of the production of television of real mass is everywhere that is to say a necessity of only screen. He more probably with out of the doubt has posed any television there now in shame, knows that there are other monitors- but this has conformed only each necessity and the expectation blew it up in the infinity of my time of face. An only failure, although kinda small is there are not controls very far. In a prize-the signals would expect the far control of classes. Any data there. In some signals underlined, of his 'white-glove' in the Asus brandbox the arrival has run the marathon of big def blu-ray and gaming in of the this and each what so-the time does not disappoint me , he in fact done an opposite, since there was at all wrong and right out of a box the just works. My friends have been surprised in a measure and quality. I think that the true 27' is a future for the the one who touch or films of amour or both. They have adapted
, also had said 'IS is or the majority of the good thing has not seen never in my life.' (Bronzed Far that television the this and the monitors go) They same he in urround his' all immediately in, each what 6 this was present, they all had said he in exact freaky tandum. Simply, they sing it attentive until I take the Mitsubishi Laservue and some 3d glases, but until then can in fact attentive. I am in ky'. In general you gotta said to buy this, the compraventa better has not done never. Easy.

Like Sake:
+Very Divine likes him; Levels and of Smooth Big Contrast
+Sper the accurate colour, so far as it has DIRECTED spent in all the case...
+PIP Exposure
+HD 1080P
+jack Of His of the 3.5mm was/

Top Customer Reviews: NEC Display ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ozell
Like The professional photographer and retouch with a Eizo in a dispatch, when seen this has had similar specs down the half a prize has jumped. In the colour has directed workspaces law with embedded icc profiles in Photoshop and other programs, can not say a difference with a eizo. Incredibly accurate in a true image, the RGB of impressions of the parties and CMYK. But in colour the rooms have directed any one of the that plants web without profiles embedded, everything looks positively radioactive, while mine Eizo presents still the slightly the most accurate picture in these situations. Mays... This monitor also has roads of selectable picture as it can change in esRGB road' and see mine untagged images in the place of web and seen exactly what the user of seen of PC in his monitor in mine mac! I want to it! It IS perfect since some images have been turn sRGB in all the case for some masses when is accused for web.

This NEC also crosses some class of self calibration in a premier little bren to start with in that is quite perceivable. It take a spectra dressed II with him also(does not look dongle in photo btw) is sper easy to use but only products the change very smaller in a icc produced of profile. I suppose it that it was more useful like ages of monitor and 'drifts'.

All that averts, any lament this compraventa for the second. An incredible value compared in a Eizo.
5 / 5 Chantel
Has initiates it rough, because of a sper pink of red and brilliant, when looking on-line, but has imagined was. I have had already the Spyderpro 4 tool of calibration, before buying this monitor, and has aforado a monitor with him. Everything looked well, except on-line. It can not take some roses and of red in soothing and has been recommended that buys a the Spectraviewll software of NEC for $ 89.00 ( looks down maintaining and of software of support and of software of downloads of click of monitor in Spectraviewll to find he), work with a Spyder 4 puck, but still after aforar he with a Spectraviewll software, still has a sper pink of red and that shines - to retina these burns, when looking on-line.

Remarks side by side: If you decide to buy a SpectraviewII use and of software he with a Spyder 4 puck (if it is another mfg puck, control to see yes is in a list of compatible software pucks), mark sure to change some parameters in a Datacolor software in MAY - in a cailibrate look ( archive of low looks and then preferences), otherwise, will have conflicts among some softwares and he can cause problems for your card of video. I take a Datacolor software, but a puck spent to do, so animal-installed. Also, if has problems with recalibrating your monitor with a Spectraviewll software, does not want to update your profile of calibration, click in a card of beginning (ONLY PC) and type in management of click by heart in the for the open, the tab of premier is devices - chess to see what icc the profile is uploaded - a default would have to when be MultiSync PA241W - name of n241w.icm Of file For this model, second tab is all the profiles , that is to say where can take an extra NEC ICC profiles by heart, this is causing he in not saving your profiles of until colour of date.

Another side of note by side: A monitor out of a box is very brilliant. During the calibration has posed my intensity of level / of the luminance in 110, and has a spyder 4 adjusting for the clear full time environmental.

Backwards in my description. That learns, to take drawee of a sper pink of red and brilliants during on-line viewing, is two things, can change back advance among sRGB and Season, but has thought was ridiculess for the , or the change on in Spectraviewll. In Spectraviewll still was Park, but soothe some roses and of red to do the on-line viewing much easier in some eyes. You will find that poses in a Spectraviewll software or press an up and low button in right side of a monitor and selects your preference. With all this has said, has not verified to see if a datacolor the software would have done to press a button in a side of a monitor and selecting Spectraviewll or full. Another then some roses of red and brilliant, the on-line world is sRGB, a Datacolor the software has done adds and the desire had done that in the first place any one, can have me saved a cost of a NEC software. I have to deduct stars because of how complicated this monitor resulted to be, but is a awesome monitor for a prize, and still worthy of 5 stars. State aforando my monitors for years and has wished only this one was the game of mere and limit and external and when being done with him, until a next calibration. A support of technology in NEC is AWESOME!!!!
4 / 5 Arvilla
It EDITS: I have learnt only that some problems found is been due to an accident of content of web with a spectre by heart has developed used in of the parameters. This unit is in fact quite wonderful. But even more wonderful is a NEC support of technology. It has to way that Be patient with me, Steve and Clayton have, and so generous with his time and information. Basically which says am that when seeing contained of the web is useful to choose the parameter like sRGB, more than AdobeRGB. I have not known this and listen like the complete idiot vanamente knows up so much of his time!

Is deleting totally a text of my first description.
5 / 5 Lyda
Has a version of 27 inches of a monitor in of the works, which has done this an only election when avenges time to buy the new monitor for house. (A 27-the inch is so much on age and too pricey for my use of house.) I am the photographer , web and designer of graphic designer, and has not seen never the monitor that puts to bed to match printed of laboratory of the photo before a NEC. It issues out of photos (and now doing them house in the Cannon Pixma Pro Printer) is the real to crap-shoot without an excellent monitor that calm aim you cual necessity to see.

This has said, there is not any point in taking this monitor if you do not go to jump for a calibrator this goes with him. Sure it is semi-detached side , but wants to or require this quality, has to spend it. In my case is lucky that it can share a calibrator among house and work. If it can any one concealed, would have has had to verse above a prize and go for a unit of calibration. And it DOES not TAKE A CHEAP CALIBRATOR that the does not match a monitor. It is not only a unit he, is a software , which no with the different and which device is posed concretely for a Multisync. He no with other monitors (although it owes the buy the separate software for him).

If the colour is crucial in you, that is to say a monitor since you. If I estimate and spatial is any object, takes one 27'. Only the does not leave any one takes quite near of in drool in the.
5 / 5 Thu
It was -of-the-the profile of boxes is suspicious . This to good sure need some class for aforar the device is spending a cash (please stays out of SpiderCo).
Has update since in a 27' and is looking in a 30' solution, renewed, in EBAY, which coming for 1.8 times what these the marks of device for, new. The picture adds, a lot of options. Of SVII costs in $ 350, can do this plus cost of compraventa-effective to take one 27' NEC; that give you 1.6 times some pixels.
5 / 5 Allegra
Quality by heart and equipement the function is very professional.
5 / 5 Myrta
My new monitor only entered, has bought he of another respectable two New York of card the tents of photo that has had he for almost $ 100 less than Amazon. I have contemplated the unit has renewed, but $ 150 side to have guaranteeed for additional 3 years. I have purchased NEC Spectroview II SOFTWARE also (available directly of NEC for in $ 70) and has used he with my i1Pro spectrophotometer. After calibration a evenness of the exposure has to individual compared in 'profiled' 27' iMac. The May could take It included ash through a iMac - the verges the zones that little green look in a side and magenta in another. Lustrous surface in iMac also turbulent the plot to me. No more!

IS connected in my MBP through port of exposure. A monitor takes warm when into use. I am able to see some colours in my photos that has not known never was there. There is not any pixel bonded or is died that I can say. While 27' iMac has measured of the screen has been always little also big for me (loosing the cursor in the screen was the normal thing ), meeting 24' the screen perfects for my field of voice/to see distance. I have not bought the $ 100 hood, but could do or out of goleada the black decides that I require unit

This monitor is to like when was of 13' Partner 1960 in 16' Sony Trinitron. A difference has surprised! And there I am again, experimenting another amazing jump!
5 / 5 Jessika
I have bought this more or he less done 10 month and state acting adds. Creation very solid, easy to adjust and some colours are utmost. I alrady has a software of calibration and an analyser of the NEC screen I bough 5 years ago (One the old screen still is going has bought strong a walnut a to take in the dual monitor setup) like the has not had to buy another. Highly it recommends that it take a software of the calibration yes is interested in precision by heart. Based in my experience with my premier NEC monitor and now mine as highly it can recommend these monitors.
5 / 5 Selma
Although expensive relative in the esgular' TFT controls a width gamut, angles of the reproduction and the viewing adds by heart compatible this the must buys for serious photographers that amours the colour has directed workflow.
4 / 5 Kristen
Well: Brilliant colours , clear. The text is acute and crisp. One 90 rotate the characteristic is very handy for these documents of long text. Date, fold, and of adjustment of service for each necessity of conceivable viewing. The colours are some in the VERY WIDE viewing angle. Any tinting or the pink/turn blue/green. The video and the games are clear without blurring or stutter. Some critics have signalled in a lack of a HDMI is exited. Any one a lot a subject.

Very also: Quan a montior is extended to spare 6 inches, any paste in a desktop poses he in wobbling . It can blue-on FOCUSED is VERY BRILLIANT and Very distract in a corner of the front the low plus, this any precise be dimmer or the turn was each together when a unit is fully on. 1900x1200 The resolution is clear, but would like me see main for the screen this measure. The look of colours bit it oversaturated and is difficult to adjust, but has not taken an adjustment by heart of View of unit of Spectre (that extra gradient is quite chintzy for the monitor like this, would have to be comprised.)

Conclusion: If it is it had to to peel out of an extra bucks for a metre to paint that is to say the monitor ADDS for just in any professional use. Adjustments to take some paints that look the sake could be bit it more the work that an user of half house is has to pose in. A monitor is solid and very built, the desire has to any one for the pose in such the flimsy basic. If it goes to locate a unit in the change arms this is not a subject.

Top Customer Reviews: NEC MultiSync ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Misti
I have purchased two of these to go in the dual monitor setup. An image is unbelievable! Delivery down, that is to say one of some qualities of the main image has not seen never of a LCD or any one another monitor! A prize is supremely big, which does to purchase this very unlikely unit for any not doing in of the maps.

Some bezels endwise is quite thin, but a monitor is VERY FAT. Easily two fat times like the majority of poster of LCD. Also, a unit is weighed much more these looks. That is to say probably because of a fact that all look for to be trace in the robust internal frame. Quan aixecant- Poster of LCD, usually can listen a frame creaks when is being has twisted. This unit has aimed any one of that.

Has seen sample with enough a same quality that it is an inch or two smaller for half a prize, but looks that you want the monitor that is not the wide and calm appearance fly in 19' go you to pay one says first. This monitor certainly tries concealed.

I things to record as follows:
1 star - Far under the Totally unsatisfactory expectations /
2 star - Under the Unsatisfactory / expectations
3 star - has Conformed the Satisfactory / expectations
4 accident - the expectations have Surpassed / Very satisfactory
5 accident - the expectations have surpassed Far / Further satisfactory
5 / 5 Shanda
The perfect monitor for the machines of the arcade have built prende to SUCK emulator of arcade. I built it Galaga responses multicade with this monitor, and records perfectly! The utmost looks included under a coverage of the glass smoked has installed on him! Perfecto perfects perfect
5 / 5 Alexia
That is to say the good monitor , while it has to when being for a prize. I have bought also a SpectraView the allocutions of software of NEC; these works with my Gretag-Macbeth Ull-A spectrophotometer to do easy calibrations and a look of calibration-above the table is stored then in a monitor, no in a card of the video READ in a PC. I recommend aforar in 90 candela for better party in of the impressions. There is an observable change in brilliance through a screen, perhaps 1/3 f prendida, but has not been perceivable excepts in side-for-side of comparison by side of two copies of a same image. The desire had spent a bit those that dollars of the hundred for a next measure arrives (24 inch, thinks?).
5 / 5 Manuela
The flight, the looks and the races add!
5 / 5 Alicia
Like the majority thinks in life, taken that decrees of paid. In this case a NEC LCD2190UXp. This monitor is pure perfection .
5 / 5 Verda
Monitor very well for a prize
4 / 5 Lizeth
Well Quite I so that it fulfil it b4 so that it is not the subject is but wants more than him extra 5 beaks will be quite well
3 / 5 Yang
Has four of NEC LCD 2190Uxp Black monitors. Amur A quality of an exposure and a capacity to turn a monitor and he automatically orientation of change. Even so I bashed a corner a left plus down of a control in the desktop while it spends a monitor. Any one also takes but crack a plastic casing (casing already repaired) and has moved a bezel of enough to whole of advance likes him rasga a director of bond of change in two where has been recorded in an organism of metal of an exposure (the organism of metal is coated by the case of thin plastic). I have taken the eschew so that have wanted to to know how some the smallest harm had killed a monitor. A monitor is only the little together, the change, the case, the exposure, the cord to be able in, and the DVI cord. A monitor would have to be easy for any technician of the reparation to control experimented to repair as long as it can take some parts. Although I am not the person of reparation of the monitor, ensure you that am quite competent to unplug the bond of director of the joint and substitutes with the nine unit There is the director the big plus in a verge of a bond as it is test of idiot .

Has obtained the very good complete manual service with the by heart on-line pictures and was able to take a manufactureres number of part. I have been said by NEC numerous time that does not sell of the internal parts to finish users. It was said also for a NEC the reparation has authorised centres the few miles of my house that NEC would not sell them a part or. Both agents have said that an only road could have a monitor has repaired was in reassemble the, pay to ship he in NEC, pay for them to take eschew and diagnose a problem, pay for a part of substitution and installation, and paid to have ship behind in me.

Opens has Paid the prize of premium for these monitors some new, some used and be one of a walnut ones or one of an used ones, expects better service that this. One change me assembla to be the part that would cost less than $ 40.00 ( weighs around 12 grams). NEC The looks have consecrated any one to satisfy a consumer, but to ensure subject for his ease of reparation.

Some chairs of monitor in my coverage in two boxes, or for a casing parts and be, and or for a monitor. At present I am looking for in Ebay and Craigslist for the monitor broken with the good change.

Update 6/15/2013: I So that it has far bought two controls have broken in Ebay and Craigslist and found bad changes in both of them. One changes the bond of director has been rasgado totally in two likes him the mine and another has been rasgados 1/3 of a road through. It concludes that that is to say the weakness to draw of a monitor. If has one of these monitors, eschews to pose any tension around a left button afterlife in a row of inferior horizontal of some changes (landscape). Some folds of bond on on he to do the 90 angle to title quite 1/2 inch in a left wing of a left button afterlife and that is to say where some tears of bond. Well after a fold a bond is recorded in a case of metal of a monitor. If some movements of bezel of the front in relation to a case of metal, rasga a director of bond of change. I guess a fold a feeble bond and that is where tears. If you spend a monitor, does not spend it around an assembly of change, gone back he in the longitude or spend the other way around. If you pack a monitor, mark sure that a zone of change is very well has protected. It tries it still it finds the good change. I interest me to me what NEC will not sell me the assembly of change?
1 / 5 Criselda
No the compraventa. This monitor is VERY EXPENSIVE and has the good and very characteristic picture well, when good laws. Even so, there is some class of fundamental defect in a creation of this monitor. Quan The failure, and he , will be able to turn a monitor on and law for the small while but then the turn was and a green indicator in a front will change in yellow or amber and blinks in the master. If it does not have any guarantee is out of luck. NEC Will not sell you a part. NEC Will not say you what a problem is. In spite of a fact that has full blogs of complaints in a 2190 and this particular problem NEC only will offer to have paid to ship a monitor in them and he also have paid to diagnose a problem and he then paid to fix a problem. There is only so that other good monitors there that is done by business that is not so a-useful.
5 / 5 Pasty
That is to say mine 6 LCDs after Cinema of Apple 23, this LCD is surprising, is using he for each thing that edits, internet, programming.

A main characteristic of the same NEC in the apple is that the CAR BRILLIANCE changes a brilliance according to a light of a room, and like frame he (with the dark pictures augment brilliance and with the white fund reduces brilliance), like your eyes will be comfortable.

Also has gamma of 12 bits represent some colours and I has been surprised when compared this LCD with Apple 23 which have 8-bit, has the plot of the details could not see with Apple especially dark zones, even so the pictures in Apple look the small more real, can have it been been due to S-IP the poster used in Apple while this one has S-PVA (Any MVA).

A black colour in this LCD is a more can see in any LCD in a world, and has had the plot of monitors (Steel Ferrari 20, hp 19, IBM 20, Samsung 19, cinema of Apple 23), sometimes when shows black colour, thinks that is was, because of his deep black.

Remarce: I have said that there is S-PVA poster so that has OMINI colours and SAMSUNG LTM213U621 poster (according to his web of place) has OMINI certificate, and could not find any one 21 MVA the poster has OMINI certificate what this NEC LCD2190uxp has it (sees his specifications in NEC website wich is some same specifications of Samsung LTM213U6 poster), and each which so one knows that SAMSUNG does only PVA poster.

Sad for my English evil but has to say if the plan compraventa LCD and can provide this NEC does not doubt, estimates each penny.