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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say a third monitor has used with my new computer, which has been purchased in late November, 2012. I confess, it conceal in better, is the mere man and no the techie, as I have wanted the good monitor for my mere half. I use Photoshop, bed and creates the plot of documents, games some games, and Youtube of clock, as well as an occasional DVD in this computer. For these uses, these rows of the far monitor in that I a lot of needs, but at least to have this now, has some room to grow with as my change of necessities. Admitted, does not know enough to be so night picky cual some people are, but can testify is, based in two monitors have tried, this so that far it has tried it be the solid, upper monitor.

HAS the 2ms time of response. This enough deletes to blur in of the videos of fast-acting and games. BUT, I need to have the card of fast map also for time of fast response.

A screen is kills / no-glare. This was crucial for mine necessities.

My view is not all that adds included with my glasses, but can say that this monitor is very crisp and clear. No longer I have to hunch that it directs to read misty lettering.

HAS several entrances, VGA, DVI, HDMI, as this will do with the computers he old plus, as well as one new plus ones.

Has an option for the sensor of photo of a monitor to recognise a light of a room, and adjust it consistently. Note: it has to select This option in a card.

These covers to control to Picture In Picturing. It does not have the use for him, but some of you can wish this characteristic.

Can issue some cords through an arm of one that basic will do each look has ordered more.

HAS it VESA mountain, so he wants to attach an up to date support of monitor or mountain of wall, can.

Arrives in perfect condition. Any dead pixel, any one semence, any worry.

HAS A 3 GUARANTEE of YEAR! This was the big to sell point for me.

A card to adjust a screen is less than useful, but some test and the error at the end will take you to change some parameters if need in. Personally, has had to only down a brilliance, and this was very enough for me.

Very coming with the manual or a CD of installation. Sometimes a CD will comprise a manual, but again, any same takes a disk. Even so, you can download a manual of his web of place. Desprs Doing so much, a start of only useful thing of that learn which navigate through some buttons of card.

MY INFERIOR LINE: in my humble opinion, has to say that this monitor is of glorious quality in an average / above half consumer. As I Have said before, this was a third monitor for my computer, and look that 3 times was a charm .

Thank you To read this description, and expect that it was to help in you. If so, please he of the clicks a 'HE SAME' tab so that to the amazon and I will know that at least I something which was to use of more. And has any additional questions, listens free to ask me. I do not know very a lot, but that knows will be happy to share with another.
4 / 5
My first time ASUS product, experience to use in the recent renewed Optiplex with the map has advanced.
Optiplex Has provided only VGA and Ports of dual Exposure, as I have opted by so VE248Q.

Pros: Monitor offers VGA, HDMI and Aim Port connections.
The proportionate capes by VGA-VGA and DVI-HDMI (computer-in-monitor)
Generous base for a big 24' screen, company.
The buttons of control are in a underside, very marked and easy to access (different some marks!)
The resolution has established 1920x1080 at the beginning startup, brilliant images, the clear glass, any flicker has remarked.
Easy to see sides, any-the surface of glare kills.
Internal speakers and the headphone jack.
Automotive Of Windows cd.

With: The instructions are scarce: the poster of cloak only-measured newsprint soyanual', printed in 32 tongues even so,
is given the diagram of button and only he 2x3' box of text with 6 numbered the 'instructions' down this describes some 6 buttons.
IS informed what each marks without saying that card or why. The monitor provides the typical OSD (on-exposure of screen) card.
Behind-the side of this show of calm poster concealed the capes take plugged where (but only in 28 tongues, sad) for the who is carried -wise has defied.
The specifications allege an exposure is VESA wall-mountable, but finds at all in some instructions or by behind an exposure the signify this.
A ASUS the web of place has not been of him a lot of help or. But if this is not your first ready monitor, everything will do was, only experience the little.

Inferior line: recommended, appreciates a measure of exposure and quality, and optional connectivity.
Has more the characteristic available that ASUS reveals.
Good value.
5 / 5
The utmost monitors have taken 2 of the quality of picture adds.
5 / 5
It was purchase around for the new monitor for enough some time. Always do my investigation before doing the compraventa, and was no different with this monitor.

Has been been the past ASUS owner of component that is impressed with a quality and innovation in his products, finished to look for around for enough the while only to return in them.

Has begun has been with enough the list of the characteristics has looked for in the monitor, and has not been sure could find any monitor that could satisfy a list of essential characteristics. But I have found then a VE278Q.

A monitor all have has wanted in the cup of a monitor of line, and delivery in the each road exceptionally well. I will do the pros and he ready premier gilipollas, then around the east has been with more than info:

+the by heart Excellent quality - very rich and the accurate colour when aforado.
+Sper Fast - no ghosting.
+Ignites Included - no backlight hemorrhage.
+Wide field of options of entrance, and options of audio.
+Very brilliant, calling on without covering time, and exceptional contrast.
+Solid field of adjustments, roads of video, and qualified of exposure.
+Anti-The cover of the glare takes almost each glare.
+The prize is down for such monitor of quality.
+Any dead pixel.
+Very good max angles to see with the by heart minimum distortion
+Decent internal speakers that does not waste the visible room does not require the.

-Beat very a lot thinks of any one



opted of entrance:

HDMI, Spends of Exposure, DVI, and RGB entered - an exceptional field of options of entrance. Also it has the stereo has entered of audio that his to start with of some internal speakers, which could attach is not half bad for the exposure thats like thin. It does not have any a lot of distortion included in max volume (which are pleasingly strong), and thanks to the internal bass and the Triple parameters can do sounds them quite well, even so still very also like the system of desktop has consecrated. I have not expected very the, but has been surprised. There is also the line out of jack that marvels of works for HDMI has contained. At present I have the audio that comes from/comes from mine PS3 (together with 1080P video) in the different room through one HDMI splitter in this monitor, that exits a line has entered a monitor and in a line in in my PC, which has exited then a sound in speakers of mine of desktop of big quality that is connected in my PC (this leave me audio of action among a two). Some capes of road HDMI the audio is the truly exceptional premium , and really do this far more the useful monitor in to me likes him the secondary exposure for mine another HDMI devices of entertainment.

Opted of video:

Some states of exposure customizable plendid' roads of picture (5 total, with sRGB when being believed, and no-configurable), adjustment of acuteness, 'the Free trace' that tentativas to take any additional ghosting so far as it can say, and ASCR (ASUS Sper Proportion of Contrast) which are available like an option for each roads of exposure except sRGB and estandard', and HAVE Shoot which adjust a back light in the level balanced with a room these lights.

Of these options use some parameters of follower. I have posed low Acuteness of 50 in 40 to give an exposure the investigation of smooth sake to read text, and do very well, of an exposure is otherwise one of one the acute plus has seen. I posed 'the Free trace' in 0, since with him 2ms time of response, ghosting is essentially non-existent (this monitor is hurriedly!). I have left ASCR on, of the a lot does an amazing thing for gaming - an exposure literally can go black of key when the dark scene is in a screen, and then in 1-2 ramp of bren until the eye those burns max to the brilliance when required the. AY The sum of clear works, but has to be remarked that it is only available when ASCR is deactivated, of both adjustment of cause of one lighting has DIRECTED.

A monitor has any one adjustment of gamma, but parameters of states of temperature to paint fact of commission with a R/G/B card of adjustment together with some presets (Warm/Normal/Quota). My current parameters for R/G/B is R: 83, G: 76, B: 69 to do matches a tone of the beginning aforado of my cup of a projector of theatre of the line. I have posed colour in 43 for each roads to prevents yard, and contrast in 67 to maintain balance of key of the compatible colour through an integer grayscale, and again prevents yard. It looks a lot, very well with the bit of adjustment. Uncharacteristically Animates for one LCD, on the way well. I have been always the adherent of one warm look, smooth , quickly of CRT is. This monitor is a premier one has since can say parties and surpasses each of this characteristic.

More characteristic:

the picture in photographing the excellent laws, leaving you to move a window of the smallest image and change his measure. You can have the picture in photograph of one of another entered concealed is not at present using like the primary for a whole screen. Adjustments Of the tone of the audio leave you to do the audio of some internal speakers sounds enough adds for internal speakers in my opinion, and yes at all calms more give you a little liberty in tweak a sound that comes from/comes from your HDMI line thats start in your speakers or auricular. Some buttons in a fund of an exposure is veiled well, in that like him, and offers fast access in PIP, backlight brilliance, volume of of the one of the west, entrance, and Splendid roads. In general I want an ease of access and some characteristic/of video of the audio of this monitor. His uncommon to find a lot of this characteristic in the exposure of PC has oriented.

Quality/to draw:

A creation of a monitor is very good. I want that a screen is antiglare, and a whole monitor is lustrous. A lot he the looks of crude and undisturbed image in contrast in a lustrous outside. His add. One backlighting is supremely that the shines yes wants to be, instantly ignited without covering, has the very neutral paint yours ( expected some BLUE boos FOCUSED typical), and ignite a screen very equally without any one hemorrhage in some verges. Also recently in any heat, any one hum, and has to no dim over time what traditional CCFL poster. Some controls of exposure is veiled very enough, but is easy to access when required. An audio to start with of the speakers of grills in a cup of a monitor, and sound quite decent. One HAS the chairs of Clear sensor in a cup of a monitor among some two speakers. A base is very robust and in fact quite sake of looks. Has so much field to twist while I am expsita need. A good monitor has planted 100mm x 100mm VESA holes to locate also, which plan to use very soon.


+the gamma was hard to nail down in 2.2, since out of some chairs of boxes in 1.8 (could relate This in mine default ICC profile, so that has any disk of engine with a monitor).

+The yellow push was visible in of the tones the skin out of a box, even so has the key to pose rinds to adjust around is the bit (also could relate This in my monitor ICC profile).

+ Has wanted to this so monitor that has used hardly he during the week, has purchased the second unit there is the perceivable differences among both monitor will do note of him here.

UPDATE - the December 9, 2010:

While it remark it on, is returned to inform had any differences among a premier VE278Q and a second a that only arrived today. I am very pleased to say that they are visibly identical in everything but totally black scenes ( there is the slightly different propagation in a rear fire among them). A tone by heart is in 100K of an original in some same parameters. It owes good-looking walnut, any death/bonded pixels or sub pixels. I call me it has impressed. With desktop widespread among these two identical monitors, now has a canal of exceptional work. It expects these helps of description another! If to the amazon takes any plus that these in, can take or more for my another desktop - these are also well to spend up.
5 / 5

Sad people, has seen is photograph and is very in ISO 13406-2 directors to Classify II LCD of 'four deaths of pixels and has to fatalities sub-the pixels would be in of the tolerances . Asus Concretely, HAS the 'pixel of dead zero' police -that it is each what three sub-pixels, but covers until 5 fatality sub-pixels. So many, if has the green point in a centre of a screen these ways there are two fatality sub-pixels.. Mamma that the calm took you one of these, but which more can say -all the ways is like this Classifies II DEVICES. You want the guarantee, more paid for the Class I and finds a manufacture this has the police of defects of scratch.

has posed this television through the plot of use. Predominately, My second of laptop montior. Each what so of some ports has been used in the variety of phases while I have tried to find the configuration that has done a better for me. A default the colours are very brilliant (florescent same) comprising some black that tended to wash out of a whole screen. It IS very perceivable when trying use in of the applications of Dispatch of the LADY or when readig any another document of text. It was absolutely horrible in my eyes that dry to read PDFs. And been due to of the this, by everything means to like contrast of the tight / brilliance only could not use he for his purpose feigned and give me the second monitor for my school work. The images have done splendidly, videos while a fund has not been white.

After 18 at the end found month the card of map that pose that fixes a wash out of colours. This HOWTO described a card of Intel of Map (Nvidia/Asus will be similar even so). Mark Sure in reset some preferences by heart in a television he first. Then, it goes in your properties of map (typically escriptoride right click -&62; properties of map). The poster of the control of your card would have to look . Exposure of click', Parameters of click of Painted' and then selects your exposure in a drop-low card. Down in a subordinated down 'Enhancement of Painted' conjoint GAMMA all a road in a left wing for 'All the Colours'. Some parameters expsitos acceptable for the black text in white fund is: Brilliance = 0, Contrast = 40, Gamma = 0.4 --Next click a tab 'Advanced' and Mark sure that YCMC is enabled (or something what). Has the document of text opens in a television to find some esteem concealed has taken your preferences.

The audio is quite decent also. A caveat is that my laptop automatically changes exited of audio in a television when uses a HDMI port.

His secondary function, so PS4 television, has any word to express how awesome my experience with this television is. It uses the 48' and 54' television and this television outperforms in each road. In the first place, I left me to touch lacking-hand without hogging a television (which are sure my woman a lot appreciates). Segundo, his times of response are very good. Entrance lag down looks considerably mass. And TBH touch FPS very better, so much so that my Calm the proportion of Death has augmented included touching objective. I have used to 0.8 ~way, but now is averaging 4 for party. Perhaps his so that I can direct better chair 16' - 18' out of a monitor, perhaps more crappy the players are on-line that before? Certainly I can say when there are better players in an another side, but anyway used to be able to say what crappy one my squad was according to my place in a joint. A big plus up was a worse my squad was LOL -to good sure massacre fest.
4 / 5
That is to say to well sure the monitor adds besides roads. A picture is surprising in the each road, any complaint at all under any conditions of use (gaming, films, general use, any one). Even so, I am in accordance with the work of different description in some speakers that is horrible. Honestly, they would have to it leave it a bit the speakers have been. Included in max volume (and bad all in max: a volume of PC, a monitor, a software of player of the mean comunicacionales), these are hardly audible. The incredibly cheap purchase $ 10 desktop stereo speakers of one that tends his best and is Much stronger. A sake-quality $ 20 pair of stereo the speakers easily would be better that some speakers in this monitor. Another those some speakers, this monitor is wonderful.

Edits 2018-1-22:
Controls the still laws are. In some speakers, spent a sound was only so horrible while I have described when using an audio consecrated-in port for covers he . If you use audio in a HDMI connection ( used DVI and one the anterior entrance), is at least reasonably audible. Still it is not the quality adds so still suggest the decent together of speakers (Logitech Z313) want to anything more than decrees to be able to listen his of him. But at least it can listen his in the reasonable volume, as you would be well without the external speakers conceal is everything or more than want to. Even so, it was not very monitors with building that the speakers will not compare never in of the external speakers, so calm would not have to be expecting that anyways.
3 / 5
A monitor am adds! The quality of picture is GOOD-LOOKING - but 3 stars given so that a company that is building these and attaching some curves the group of adjustment is tensing them in a point that can not bend a monitor. I have connected a support, and a monitor has bent for down in a point of me that has to chair in an earth to see a screen! Fixing it required to take a group and strong arming it behind and advance until loose and headed moving - had ZERO MOVEMENT to bend . If it was necessary to stagnate while semi-detached in a monitor, has the fraction has been! It takes 10-15 minutes to do the back and advances for him in loosen enough to leave for adjustment after attaching it behind in monitor.
5 / 5
Sometimes it reads to revise and thinks, 'well, this was error of user ' or 'this person is technologically spoilt'. Or it is the light in a person, only would not have to blame the product if it does not have a knowledge regarding the use. Youtube IS there same people. Has almost anything instruction on anything, never.

On in a monitor. First of 27' is BIG. I any one quite give the. But it is quite big. Thing a measure of any screens of television when situate behind in a day before HD. So much in mine desktop is almost on age. It Likes him in of the theatre of chairs to film also near in a screen. As it listen it near in a monitor saw one desktop would go 24' or something. In all the case, any one the fault of the products have not had a right perspective in that was big.

Out of a box has connected a support (if that is to say to take, lacking like the human) and then plugged in a cord to be able in, plugged in a cape of audio and has taken then my OWN HD cape. It comes with or for him desktop with one of this cover of grille (does not know what these calls ) but any one HD in HD. I have bought this for my laptop to have another screen. In cover he in him has copied it my laptop (MSI Gaming) in a monitor. It was in the parameters and he the the 1-2 and presto, has had my second screen.

That it is, everything has had to do. If has problem, suggests A) the better computer, or B) of more nine unit has not had to download the engine or anything. The utmost looks. It opens, it is SURPRISING visual quality? No, it is the $ 160 monitor and that it is quite cheap. They have cost in some thousands for upper final. But it is real HD and very that shines (has had to down mine). You can do a bit tweaking to look better, but certainly is not to take. Even so in 70 year COULD have the problem that imagines out of some buttons. 50 And younger would have to have quite a lot of experience of practical technology for the imagine was.

Only take to measure, causes this thing . . . . It IS big.
5 / 5
I have bought this monitor for two main reasons.

In the first place, has required 100x100mm VESA holes with at least 1/4' of flat room around the to return my Amazon Basics arm of monitor ().

Segundo, so that precise movement my monitor my next plus, to be in reading field of glasses, has required the slightly more the small monitor that mine 27' Samsung. I have found when it take it reading -the next glasses in this monitor, has to swivel my leader to take in a whole screen. Enough movement he only my eyeballs.

This a so much that direct requisites perfectly. Has the VGA entered (which required) as well as HDMI and a plus, and has had the very easy-achieve- change of power under a left verge of a monitor, for easy on-was. You are the perfect access with an arm of monitor, and now can move a monitor in wherever the require, very easily.

Has recommended.

Some parameters was the-the boxes- was perfect, and does not have any complaint at all.
4 / 5
I use the laptop like my computer of main desktop in my university sleeps, but only required roughly more room of screen to augment my attributes of productivity. My estimativa was around $ 100 dollars, and has wanted to HDMI and 1080p resolution. To read hundreds of descriptions, this was one of some better monitors expsitos to hover he of this prize. Here it is my own observations :

Draw: I have trusted always Asus, and has admired his quality. A plastic in this monitor is any exception. It IS very very built and there is to good sure lines up for years. A support is robust also. My only flu is that a monitor is the small thickness , but for a prize and age, can any one complain. Some speakers are not very a lot for tongue of, but to characteristic premium very fresh. 8.5/10

Picture: Although a colour is slightly inconsistent when view of wide angles, wants a quality of a screen. The colours are vibrant, accurate, and mark for an excellent picture when aforado properly. I have wanted a mate is arrived, while it reduces glare of screen. 9/10

Ports: This monitor has a regulate HDMI, DVI, and VGA entered, with an additional To the ENTERED by a built in of the speakers (the latest voice). I wish some ports were the small easier to access, perhaps affront out of a backside in place of parallel, but this was any subject once there is each pose up. I think that that a creation am adds for management of compact cape. 9/10

Software: Some cards and posing provide, especially for a picture, is mere and easy to use! I have found an easy monitor to use. Of an end of PC, this monitor is cover and game , requiring any real setup. 10/10.

In general: If any one is looking for a monitor abordable or second, to well sure verify this monitor (or similar models for ASUS) was! To well sure consider it that purchases the second, although purchase or without some speakers ( is the small thinner).

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VN279Q 27" ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Alina
I am the engineer of computer and work 8 hours the day in front of 9 27 soyonitors... I possess very Samsung control (S27D390 - PLS type) and now a VN279Q. Unhappy With a Samsung squares (light 1/8' shadow in a right verge), has expected a ASUS would be better. It was 'only quite' to return these because of an inferior ''text' quality and has discovered a 'VividPixel' posing (default-on-25). Turned went it and.... wow... That is to say the monitor ADDS . Some the black levels are spectacular, the text is crisp, any one has perceived the light bleed, CLEARLY UPPER in a S27 is. The desire found these before now..
5 / 5 Sherron
This was to purchase like the workflow enhancing according to screen for my pc setup. As Announced, ASUS rids on everything directs with vibrant quite a lot of colours and time of decent response. An exposure the port availability was the enormous plus for my cement setup also.

A main reason has taken this was for an amazing swivel is comes with that calm leave you to use a monitor vertically. Essentially this help me lists of look in excels and records reddit clave (among other things) issues more effectively with a screen of road of long portrait. Attached is the photo of a monitor in a left and that access in with a setup. I can see it is when being supremely useful for codifying, the web these creations and basically anything concealed requires to see long lists for reference and comparison. It IS to do to well sure my work setup more effective while falling arrive some room of desktop that opposite to have another horizontal monitor. One+ for efficiency of workplace and to well sure would buy again for this that reward is to rob it basically!
3 / 5 Bronwyn
It Like him a lot another the critics have said, an IP the poster in this monitor produced of the better colours, black levels, and the uniform picture when compared in another similarly priced monitors. It has remarked very little (if any one) the light bleeds of some sides or corners. I am supremely picky in this material. A quality of the tez of a monitor is very good and when being robust, with ports of sufficient entrance in a backside. Calm or amour or hates a flap that is no-removable in a backside of a monitor, which coated some ports. It gives a backside the clean appearance, but can be weighed in impulse repeatedly when has to insert or take capes. In general it is not the big roads for more even so.

Opens, for a reason has data these controls to three description of star. Asus' Quality of control. A monitor took was the new mark directly of Amazon, even so, a poster there was clump of around five dead pixels all bunched together envelope in a corner a left plus down of a screen. They were all black/purple and also caused some effect of odd lighting around any surrounding pixels. I know there the one always to be the lemon in a bouquet with any device of compraventa electronic, but when spends more concealed two times in the row.. That is to say only control of bad quality. It looks that through a lot of different marks, manufacturers (if it is LG or Samsung the poster based) is not producing to signal of the quality likes them used to stops of monitors.

This was my third monitor to have bad pixels in the row. My premier was a Steel that IP in a 15 day in having develops in three deaths of pixels scattered around a screen. Cela One has been purchased of Micro Centres and was felizmente still in a period of tower. A second was another Steel, but to 27 inch with the poster GOES. This one has been purchased in Compraventa Better. While an excellent screen for films and looking the mean comunicacionales has contained based, he also the deaths of pixels have possessed. All was white. It has remarked also that compared in some signals of IP, some VAIN the poster looked bit it blurred and has not been so acute envelope near. And at the end it was this Asus, of Amazon. It would have liked him to of him the flavour reordering another of Amazon, but so the time already had been drained to try other first monitors that arrived to require a so harvest as it was possible for this point. I am once he returned he in Amazon, spent the clothes in Staples out of all the places. I have decided to try my luck the third time with Steel, purchasing the 27 IPs of controls of inch for $ 120. One locates of prize in $ 240 a day after I have purchased. So far a monitor does not have the data subject me, but the time will say does .
5 / 5 Emmaline
It buys six of these and is 100%. Well clear monitors with consistency - which are of the entity is using two monitors in yours canal of work. I use or controls with Aiming Port and or with HDMI and a look is virtually identical.
5 / 5 Mckinley
I have ordered only this monitor after two experience of years with the anterior ASUS (VS278q-p) an original has been given in to me likes him the present, and very foreseen to buy the much more expensive screen to match with my Powerbook Pro/laptop of Retina. Desprs Using a VS278, gives has not required a sper the party and the big resolution by heart perfect of the very expensive exposure since I 98% of my work for web. My reason for not buying another 278 was concealed uses it behind my laptop, so always am posing he in the support or the stack of books. This monitor has the built in big support, as I can see a full screen above my laptop without additional spacers.
Regarding capes, this box comprises an amazing varietybut no a one has required! If I need the mere HDMI--&62;HDMI in to cape likes him, will have to buy it so that it is not comprised!
Prefers a small plus bezel in this screen, a lot of appearance quite in general, and lean very well of adjustable height. I doubt it it use the vertical subject, but is easy to conform and the looks adds. It was quite fresh to have three of this side-for-side in vertical road, but any one very precise concealed ;-)
How one averts, this monitor loans the 5ms answered against one 1ms answered in my VS278Q-P, but honestly can not detect this difference...But then, I am not the gamer. I am the graphic designer , and for me these does very good and save me the small boatload of cash.
4 / 5 Viola
For his prize (that it was it 236 for me), that is to say the very orderly exposure . His slender bezel, and VESA the mountain the the good election for multiple exposure.

Something the value these notes are that this monitor uses AMVA+ poster in place of a common plus AH signal of IP for monitors with angles of wide viewing. It compares in an IP vary of the similar prize has possessed, has black darker and more uniform (while very IP changes the monitor has subject of bloody), but a distortion by heart of the angle of different view is more visible. If you are more tolerant in bland colour that in bleeding, would have to choose AMVA monitors of poster like this or. (In or another hand, if you tolerant or, would have to go for the IP more type)

has It HDMI, DP and VGA port, and comes with VGA, DP and the DVI-HDMI cape of conversion. It IS the odd bit while in me any to comprise a HDMI cape.
5 / 5 Kelli
I have purchased this monitor more or he less done 6 weeks when has not had any description still in Amazon. Desprs Viewing All some descriptions for another ASUS the monitors have listened that this was the compraventa sure to do . So far I any lament purchase of mine.

-His enormous. In fact, it is so enormous that takes the week for my eyes to adjust in the so big screen and prjima in my face. In fact I have to press a monitor the little afterlife out of me so facilitated my tension of initial eye. But once my eyes have adjusted to has has not had any subject with a measure. Predominately Uses this monitor with Windows 8/8.1 and can see two side of documents for side in a desktop even so has an application docked in a side of a screen. This monitor is very enormous.
-A lot of exposure. This thing is gorgeous. It does not have any subjects with lights of bleeding of an IP the technology or I have dead pixels. Also it thinks some colours, contrast, and the saturation is very too many. A thin bezel is surprising and does not think never could buy the exposure again with him bezel of thickness.
-Detection of cart of the entrance. If it uses only 1 entrance the time a monitor automatically changes in this entrance. Quan HAS two or more entered is easy to change via buttons.
-Audio in DP, HDMI, or 3.5 mm jack: Some speakers are not all that add, but law. It IS very good to have the monitor that pode the small sound when the precise.
-Rotation, swivel, curves, and pvot: They all does fluidly. It take to give your capes quite slack when management a screen. FYI: The curve needs your screen before you can turn 90 titles or more a corner of an exposure will clash your tabletop.

Brilliance: This is not the with the value that takes the star, but know that one default to the brilliance in an exposure is supremely brilliant. Has my turn of brilliance in 0 (he still zero) and still thinks is tad also that shines in time -especially at night.
4 / 5 Alyssa
-Very shining
-the colours are vivid and the when pop aforado well.
-The support comes with full field of ergonomics (yay, no more books of stacking down).
-Bezels VERY thin
-sources of Supports of multiple entrance
-Minimum backlight bleeds, any dead pixel

-No sure if his only my monitor but has some the still perceivable pixel light ghosting in of the games. The subjects by behind the clear funds tend to leave the blurry trail of outline in motion. Turning A 'the Free trace' option in a monitor' parameters sloves some subjects, even so, attach CRAPS it the tonne of motion blurs in an equation.
-Out of a box a Port of the exposure has not done. Tried each 3 ports of exposure in my gtx 970, but any signal has recognised, Googled a problem, apparently some necessities to control to be fully downloaded of the each electricity, as I unplugged he for 20mins. ~Any problem since.

Other thoughts:
the monitor am adds to buy for a prize, especially with all some the ergonomic adjustments comprised, even so yes I have to choose another again, probably would go for the 1440p exposure. If you are I how me, and has the 24' monitor before, if you very squint can see you some few pixels the little in a same distance. Pressing a monitor behind resolves this. I create in 27', 1440p is a resolution of optimum plus.
5 / 5 Norberto
The monitor was adds out of a box. Bezel Very thin, the look of colours to surprise, glass clear images. Any pixel is died at all. Has preset roads to choose that it darken/to relieve an image. You can also manually it adjusts brilliance, colour, parameters of acuteness. I have not taken in everything of this cual the picture looked only well out of a box. I think that that I have changed he in an of a preset roads and is very happy with him. To well sure it recommends and to well sure it is buying 2 more!

UPDATE: Taken my another 2 in. The excellent tan like original! It can not be happier with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Arlene
It Likes him that of this monitor has very accessible 100mm VESA holes of the mountain in one retreated to locate the Mac Mini or Intel KNOT. Also I like him his that of this monitor has built in of the speakers. Some speakers are not a More i adds but is better that any speaker. That is to say especially very when using a Intel KNOT or Raspberry Pi which do not have any speaker. It Likes him to match of this monitor with the slender 1ft HDMI cape when mountains the computer in a backside. Or Potential downside is that some ports are in some subordinated and no sper easy to use. This is not a subject he limits the computer in and left the. If you have travelled with this monitor and decoupled some capes often (likes him use in sample of trade), probably was easier to take the monitor with the ports the accessible plus. Also, it is the bit of the ache to control the volume but I are not sure has seen the monitor that he the easy fact. It IS well to have an old fashioned slider or dial.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VS228H-P ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Concha
They go in your NVIDIA signals of control, and the click in essolucin of Change' down Exposure. Drop, click on 'the dynamic field Exited' and has posed the in full. It comprise the picture for help with easterly. It has to dye fixed that the look has washed was, without that has to modify any parameters by heart. If it has already he any one, suggest you reset of factory your monitor (in some cards) while it looks odd after doing east. Another that this problem, these looks of monitor adds! Also, there is to you does not have to preoccupy yes is using DVI.
1 / 5 Hosea
After six month, this monitor has prendido to do. Felizmente, has the 3 year 'guaranteeed of fast substitution' remained with the soyodel of corporate barn' that commits those that in 'guarantee' the stable supply for the minimum of a year. Well, no really....

Archived A 'on-line RMA demand' and has taken an email that say me to go to step 2, which was to call them. Any number of tlphonique, but after 5-10 minutes to look for, spent the number and has called. I am at all sure what a point of him the on-line process was, so that afterwards be posed in control during 5 minutes, a first thing was recollect everything of an information, included although clearly it has had it to it to him already. Then an entertainment has begun.

Has taken the pair in addition to emails and to focus of tower; I have asked I was to us the road the box. No, I have been said would have to ource' that, and that recommended AGAINST those uses a box entered. It can use a box that has shipped my fast substitution in, has asked. Fast substitution? You are asking that?

After answering yes and that reads a description in a page of web, has been rewarded with the ten control of minute. At the end: ' listen it, but that the product is not in stock.' That? That in a soyodel of Corporate Barn' that says (and quote): eseries Bronzed in the first place to control to enter our program of Model of famed Corporate Barn, one AGAINST the series is guaranteed to remain in stable supply for the minimum of 1 year.'

Well, This has caused the LONG process to repeat data, numbers of serial, insistence that my version of a page of the web has not conformed his, that my model has not been coated, etc etc, finishing in: it is not in stock. Needless To say, take the supervisor that, after the five expect of the minute has continued down the fast revisitation of a number of model, number of serial, etc, situate me on control during 10 minutes and returned with a walnut: sad, any one in stock.

What a model of bad corporate barn, has asked? Has the production has prendido in fact? Well, it results, 'any one in stock' half, in a better interpretation, does not have very today. We can have some morning, but (in the any interpretation also), a lot has any intention to ship the fast substitution, as you rush you to us right to one 'finds the box and ship he in us and expect until we decide that to do next process,' more than while the day or two and honour our commitments.

In some point, even so, a ASUS supervisory spoken with toe that a production of the model begun in 2014, so still although it is on today page of product, which a soyodel of Corporate Barn' the half is that ASUS is committed absolutely in hurriedly that substitutes any products coated, so long while they enter for an end of 2015. Beginning today.

Apparently, is not an only or subject in a same treatment. This is not went it. That is to say the clear, the tentativa compounded , directed in misrepresent a support of guarantee for a certainly cheap - and in my experience - produced low quality.

Caveat emptor.
1 / 5 Dot
I have read some quite horrible descriptions in Amazon today regarding Asus support of client, and has thought, concealed can not be right! But now fully I comprise a frustration that all of these clients have crossed.

Will begin has been to say when builds the computer, the majority of the cual vain pay in Asus products (used to, but any one anymore). Motherboards, Cards of video, walks of DVD, monitors, etc. also recommends Asus in another, probably at least once the month if no more often, since is a mark has purchased always sure products. But my last small Asus the purchase has been worsening and worse. This monitor has lasted the few months that law as it has to. Then a day has listened the strong buzzing sound, and was this monitor . His to like it was roughly to explode or take in fire or something horrible (almost worse that some nails in the chalkboard his). As I go me afanyar in a room and tried to turn a monitor was, and a sound has prendido. I have not been sure it was the -time fluke, but repeat again a next time a monitor was on for the moment (although I have tried to do the point for the turn was when any A lot of of the require on at the same time).

Today one buzz has begun immediately when turned a monitor on. A course of well only on that it is was an instant rids agreed to one RMA recovery for mine Asus monitor with the 3 year 'Fast Substitution' guarantee. I have rid this on-line, took an email, but had any one mentions of a Fast Substitution has announced, or a fact that Asus ad that pay to ship both roads. The fast substitution is supposed to ship the monitor of substitution ails a bad monitor is shipped was, as it thinks around 1-3 days downtime at most. EVEN SO, apparently each which Asus has owed to exit to substitute a monitor in this way is says that a model is not at present in-normal. Calm say you that will ship the substitution the few days, after it locates one, or has normal available? Nope! Immediately it issues calm through one tedious plus espar' process, then say you that if a monitor is has considered very-repairable, then will substitute with a current model or possibly the different model does not have a current model.

How has asked that time this process would take. Everything has wanted to was what a minimum and maximum quantity to time that my 'Fast Substitution' the service to guarantee there would be me down for now. A taken had any response . I have asked at least it was the maximum of 2 weeks, or he max of 1 month, or 6 month? It does not have any response another concealed to say me can not give any type of maximum timeframe at all.

The then asked tan to speak with the supervisor, thinking surely can pose in the shoes of a client and comprises what ridiculous of the response that was. Basically take it a same career-around one supervisory, with the few new transfers. I have said one supervisory, likes him had said an anterior taking, this was only on-line to look in several places of different web and has seen this the available exact model in the each place was in, and any one of them down stock signified. As it is not while it is interrupted or in low supply. I have said included that what the company would owe mark , and typically marks of my experience, is to substitute a defective product with the model that is equal or better in comparison in a product a company does not have . I bad the is not fault of a client does not have this model in-normal, well? For an end of a call, said me hand for an increase that asks the model of substitution, and that this was to agree, COULD take the equal valuable substitution or SMALLER. 'A, Bad to say equal value or more adds?' Nope, Confirms, 'indistinto or SMALLER' VALUE. Hmm, Looks the back road to do subject, is trying satisfies your clients and not doing your defective products the problem of a client, a lot he?

Needless To say, will not be never to purchase another Asus produced again, or recommends Asus in any one. This experience was further sub-pair, as I can very in good conscience, recommend them anymore.

If some apparently miraculous the change spends with this case and one Asus gods swoop in and this each better somehow, will update my description. ;-) And if no, I can attach the few videos in this description as it can listen you one very troubling buzz, and perhaps included some ridiculous responses of support (since was in the line recorded).

UPDATE 6/15/17:

has been meaning to rid an update and at the end taken around in him. Asus The May called Me behind. An increase has to has been all the tongue so that never listened of any one after these aims. And when I have tried it call them behind, done as if it has not called never a first time, but gave me a same career around throughout again, even so any call behind. Wow, Such the available popular monitor everywhere, and two times now Asus does not have it in stock, like convenient right?

My monitor continues to buzz likes him go to explode if I forget to turn it was. Sometimes he he immediately when gone back he on. And sometimes when I move it it goes he for prender a strong buzz, then the turn behind on, one buzz continuous. It likes them to them another has mentioned here, thinks that am changing behind in Viewsonic controls also. Considering all other components in PC that tez, will be to change in anything concealed is not Asus.
1 / 5 Shemika
This monitor was to ADD, at the beginning. It possesses this monitor for enough 10 month to arrive to this point, and in the principle has purchased 3 of them... A last week, has has had pixels constantly going fatality on me, on EVERYTHING of some monitors. I think that that I am in my guarantee, and will try and take the change. I will update to to my description likes him to him the progress of things.
5 / 5 Dorothea
In the first place go it to direct some complaints of 'graininess' remarked by some owners because of a mate are arrived: Lower yours brilliance! A pearly shimmery the effect is only noticeble in a maximum 100% that the brilliance is around 270 cd/m2 (~20 cd/m2 the elder concealed announced). Even so, in a max level of brilliance, more the users would find it uncomfortable to use for more concealed 30 minutes in all the case. Some parameters of factory are posed only in this max borderline to impress buyers in of the tents and when turn in a monitor for a first time! A level of the comfortable brilliance recommended for any monitor during regular use is 120 cd/m2 that translates in the parameter of the 35-40% brilliance in this model. An user easily can change these poses through a OSD the card those uses a built in of the buttons.

Reward - Comparable and-IP the exposures other manufacturers are $ 200+ (goes LG)

and-poster of IP - Viewable of virtually any angle

Reflections of Matt exposure of the prjimos the lights do not impact an exposure. I add for nightime/users of sun.

Insignificant ghosting - 5ms time of the response remained with a built in locates it the free characteristic posed in 60 deletes more ghosting. This does a monitor adds for gaming and HD the video these looks. Only professional FPS the players would require the time of the main response.

Prim - Quite a thickness of the MacBook Pro! Very slender in the desktop or the mountain

100mm VESA - Level of highland holes w/ coated of rubber of removable black to goes it a bit holes for users that prefers mecer a support (mixes in if any trace)

the effective power - 24-30 W after calibration

3 yr change/of guarantee: Asus will substitute your monitor in 3 years and paid to ship both roads. I have not tried this I, but listen Asus the service of client is above half for an industry.

Half concealed thinner bezel

Mat behind - HAS the carbon-fashionable strand of the texture in one retreated these marks look modern

Any built in correction of gamma - Has to be adjusted using your card of video

and-IP - IP of quality more Different big the poster there is the very small quantity of distortion/of gamma of the colour yes has seen in an angle. Even so it is still exponentially better that any TN poster. Poster of the main quality that totally take like this side to effect $ 400+ at present and photo of editors of only/graphic designers really need that level of precision by heart.

$ 40 More concealed cheap TN poster - Extra cost for an exposure of gene later. Angles of better viewing and pint. You are a judge .

Parameters of the calibration recommended:
Brilliance: 35
Contrast: 80
Red: 100
Green: 100
Blue: 98
Locates free: 60

These are some parameters is coming up with after calibration. They can be used like the point to start with or ballpark the figures to any sound likes him spend the hours that reads up in technician of calibration of the monitor. Your monitor of real ideal could vary slightly.

valuable Monitor/of Better prize at present in a piece <$ 200
3 / 5 Wes
It has Had this monitor for the pair of month now. In general, it is VAL. I have bought this when a prize was around $ 180. There is has not had any subjects with discoloration, filtering, or the lines of random / pixels that is mentioned in other descriptions. Even so, it has experimented two subjects with this monitor.

Dread 1: An at random spaced screen and of the returns in normal after the little bren. This spends quite often. Initially I supposition was the problem with my HDMI cape. It tries to use different HDMI capes, and connecting he in of the different systems, but a subject persists. That is to say the problem by everything means to use this for general work or for gaming, but especially for gaming. I have reduced two stars been due to of the this.

Dread 2: This monitor is supremely wobbly. I use a support that is coming with him, and the unstable only looks. It has it that gives the little bren to stabilise after using a lot some buttons in a by rights sideways inferior, comprising a button to be able in. This can very really when being the problem, and could be it fixed to use the mountain and weapon, but still something to consider.

Would not recommend this monitor unless it is by train to take you the very good roads. I have expected better for a prize.
5 / 5 Orval
I want to it! ( It comprises it pictures)

Purchased in 5/31, is Arrived 6/09.
(9 Days) has been hand-held shipping in $ 49.
-The boxes are arrivals undamaged.

In inaugural a box, have all the components. Amiably individually he embroiled the. It comprises
-when being
-cape to Be able
5 / 5 Zada
So far I am very satisfied with some monitors. These are in fact my premiers IPs and can say that I am simply surprised and a picture. Before I enter left me bond my parameters so that out of some parameters of boxes are some WORSE and wins wants to return an element.

Splendid: Theatre
Acuteness: 45
Locates Free: 80
Brilliance: 90
Contrast: 78
Saturation: 70
Colour Temp: it Issues of User with all the colours maxed
Yours of Rind: Natural
Ready View:
3 / 5 Ardella
Good colour, good image, any also heavy. An only problem entered when after I have used he that hangs two weeks. I have moved a PC-final of my HDMI cape of my PC in my Mac. So much, I have not touched never a HDMI port in a monitor he. And when I have posed a HDMI cape _behind_ in my laptop of Windows, a monitor was unresponsive. I have tried another HDMI cape, same thing. Any signal took, likes him monitor. I have tried the VGA cape, and this has done. So much, I have posed an original HDMI cape behind in a backside of a monitor again and pressed to take, and law that time. On one next week, the clearest result that a HDMI port in a backside of a new monitor was very touchy -- and have the low or ailed-has seated.
4 / 5 Candance
[ It edits: 4/10/19]
2 years in and some controls still is doing adds. Any dead pixel, any subject unforeseen. Original description still controls.

monitors of light Adds to locate in of the supports of arms of the monitor.
Has bought the pair of these for the dual monitor setup. A card and presets is easy to take in and use.

A contrast is not I so that it adds like my anterior ASUS monitor and is or has better specs. Test a lot so has published calibrations in some descriptions but I only can not take a clarity of my older ASUS monitor. Since it uses this predominately for gaming the commentaries a difference in an extreme, but hope that perhaps has another parameter and is only not seeing , even so, to arrive to this point of prize, was difficult to spend up.

+ Weighs controls very clear
+ Easy to attach to control supports of arms. Use paperclip or inch tack to take some protectors of rubber.

- Still with better specs, some colours for this opinion to have less vibrancy and the when contrast compare in mine 5 old year ASUS monitor.
- The black does not look enough so black while they would have to remain some games that look the little of the washes have been.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VZ239H-W ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Quiana
+ Supremely Claro
+ Stylish, front of gold with an almost verge of infinity
+ the Adjustable curves is
+ Good picture (am not the gamer like the can not comment in refresh taxes)

- Horrible speakers. I am using this so the second monitor as it can wants to look elsewhere if the sound is of entity.
- The support does not have vertical adjustment
- button to Be able is in a left wing of the pop-out of clear, as I have maintained to try to press a pop-out of clear to ignite/was until I have taken used his.
5 / 5 Michiko
I take the migraines and my eyes are very sensitive in brilliants of blue screens like the result. These screens really helps to take me through work. A brilliance is adjustable and a diagram by heart is easy in some eyes.

Personally would like me could do of a bit even more screens moraines that his parameter his low plus to do in a darkness, but is unusual. I produce it adds.
3 / 5 Omar
It IS probably my failure for any prendiendo attention more afterwards or comprising some implications of a specs. Has a ASUS 24 monitor of inch as it expect a same but this is not a same quality.

Decent resolution although no so apparent like an improvement of mine 24 inch
Minimum frame external screen so well clean creation
Mat the surfaces that blacks minimises glare

Key - only coverage sRGB colour gamut, does not season RGB and this does the big difference in pint for photograph of landscape
the Inferior section is now well for some odd reason what detracts of a otherwise the be black neutral of a rest of a monitor
the support is flimsy, and will not adjust date, and control any swivel in axial horizontal
Same after the colour those balances the calibration could not take colours to look rights
Any ports of USB and no SD reader of card (still have to has remarked this)

Opens to be fair some elements has very wanted has not entered this monitor priced lower like my failure, but am not adds for the photo that edits like the result
5 / 5 Angelina
I am very happy with this monitor. I use for work and AutoCAD has run mostly, Revives, and applications of Dispatch of the Microsoft (any gaming). Has use and of the sensitive eyes he with the windows contrast big black parameters (white text in black fund). A monitor has the 'dark room' posing these towers a low brilliance in almost zero. Some black is very black without light of perceivable behind. A monitor is very clear. Mina 2 monitor is the expensive plus (but older) Dell Ultrasharp 27' with identical resolution (2560x1440). I can not say a difference among some two controls another that this Asus has black deeper. I also like a narrow bezel in an upper and side. I am not crazy in a gold any one-quote to sustain adjustable, but creating he until posing the book under good laws. Monitor well for a prize.
5 / 5 Kaylee
This monitor has substituted my raisin ten years. That a awesome updates. A characteristic of the cure of the eye is only that has required. My eyes listen better already. I want to what small some bezels of the front is. Vibrating gorgeous colours. The only bad thing has found enough is a sound . It IS only horrible, but has not feigned to use he to sound in all the case.
1 / 5 Maryann
Desprs Quite 8 month of use, a screen has aimed the dark zone in an upper corner. I am returned he in ASUS to repair so that it was down guaranteeed. They were absolutely any help and signified was my same failure although this monitor has been unmoved since when being planted in my desktop after unpacking. Maintaining more Side that a cost of monitor. If the last his monitors less than a year to purchase, would not be never sure buy his product again, or recommends this monitor besides.
1 / 5 Kimberlee
I hate this compraventa and am being reasonable. I the hook in a monitor is likes him Resolution to expect looks way down below. It IS to advance to adjust some parameters. Cairo Behind in or the screen is to like still looks of bass. More my screen of IP of portable why is so crappy in a monitor?

Was in 4K hook of television envelope my laptop and low stairs in 1080p in 100% is what that on coast he 50' the better television looks in 1080p that it 23' monitor? A smaller Resolution would have to be upper so that has more density of pixel .... But why, I have been then in my old 1280800 exposure and wow is almost identical.

These products me ailing the only looks bonos in some outsides except an exposure is disgusting. A square pixel in a screen is very big when the besides afterwards looks thats if your eyes are very so that the mine can see the.

This never can be the 1080p the monitor is zoom be already until this Resolution. It have to return this peice of Junk!!!

IS very disappointed. It matches 1366768 exposure ... 100% same fake some monitors of the low resolution in of the works looks better that this. The desire has not done this compraventa. Asus Can Again
5 / 5 Ashley
So far so good! Bought this for my house so that sometimes it does of house in place of a dispatch. My laptop of work is the PC and my personal laptop is the MacBook Pro... These laws of wonderful monitor with so much! Also I want a white colour, very lustrous and feminine... Perfecto to match my dispatch decor. An exposure is clear and a monitor is clear. It recommends in any one looking for the good monitor in the estimativa. The speakers are not very utmost, but no precise to use them a lot in all if so much it is VAL.
4 / 5 Dyan
So far this monitor has very be add. I have purchased two of them for use of dispatch and a colour and the quality far have has surpassed expectations. Also, with a low glare(the mate arrived) the sample very the marks that the easy views, especially of my dispatch has the plot to enter lights. Some speakers are not utmost. Basiclly A strong plus provides is comparable in 50% in my laptop as it only uses my laptop to listen to sound I the precise. To well sure it recommends that it buys precise speakers to look films or another audio. There are filters for levels, gaming, and use of time of the night, but fulfils does not require to move among them since I like an option/of drop of filter of clear blue. If you are looking for the monitor of quality adds and can live without a functionality of of the one of the west then that is to say the option adds .
4 / 5 Lanora
I add exposures. Even so, the desire would have remarked that these controls No in that have bracketing in a backside for arms of exposure. But still like them.

Top Customer Reviews: Asus VG245H 24 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kenna
Salvation. State building gaming PC for almost 20 years. I am an old technology , salty , experimented, and would like me say you enough a ASUS VG278Q. That is to say the add exposure for any GAMER looking for the big, hurriedly, 1080p, 144hz exposure. As you Can see photos of description, also possesses a ASUS VG245H, as my description can apply in both exposures. I have purchased a VG245H to be my PS4 Pro Exposure of PC. It has done I add therefore a PS4 Pro and my PC for almost the year now, without subject.

After building the new gaming PC appoints only, decided to go with a VG245H the brother the big plus. A difference among a two is a measure of screen and more importantly, a refresh prize. A VG245H is the 24' exposure and look the 75hz refresh tax, while a VG278Q is the 27' the exposure those declares the 144hz refresh tax. Both of these exposures has the TN poster. If you are only the casual gamer and likes him the plot of the photo and the video that edits in a side, could wants look in an IP or the poster GO. These TN the poster does not have a colour More i add or contrast, but state some of a fast plus G2G the time of available response. So much, if you are the gamer with the competitive character, these are monitors that you strongly would have to consider . It tries any one to pay very too much the attention in some revises concealed alleges that these exposures am adds for gaming but terrible for all more. These exposures can be tuned and aforado by adds it 'all-around' experience to compute; it issues a monitor' OSD, and your GPU poster of control. While it was not never so vivid like an IP or the poster GO, still can be well for day in computing in the daytime. As it take it the small time in dial the in before giving in in an idea that this exposure is 'the wash was' with esproduccin by heart poor'.

Pro Tip: mark sure that a RGB the field is posed in FULL and any LIMITED in your GPU poster of control.

So the sample come with a same robust support, ergonomic.

That has that buys these? Any one looking for the fast, reliable, and abordable exposure. Serious gamers this estimates the speed in of the contrasts and precision by heart. It conceal it do not have to buy these? Any one looking for rich colours , saturated and fashionable life of the reproduction of films and photos. As he all boil down in even more of entity in you. If fast and the bellow is that it is going arrest, that is to say a monitor since you. If candy of the eye and the characteristic are more than entity, then would have to look elsewhere...And when being prepared to spend more.
5 / 5 Chang
I have bought this monitor to touch first person shooters in the console semi-competitively (Battles of Game, MLG gametypes, scrimages, sweat, etc.). Halo, Call to Have to, Battleground, and predominately Fate. Of the this comprises, that is to say the sub-monitor of pair for PC gaming, so big-PC of final gaming the trace of monitors 144Hz and further. But for the console, with all the games that is maintained in 60FPS or less, has imagined this was the well purchase based in a specs. Good measure, under $ 200, and low entrance lag.

Before this, I gamed in my family 72' television of Samsung. I the bit of the investigation and I think an entrance lag was something around 78.9ms. That is to say around 7-9ms ( is announced likes 1ms, but has to consider real lag of a console in a monitor). I have pulled he out of a box and he have taken perhaps 30 minutes for me to imagine was all some parameters and take a brilliance and the balance and the things have posed up. I plugged in mine Xbox 360 (yes, 360, scrapes a Xbox A), and begun to touch. I have not remarked the difference of a television has had the habit of. I have touched enough the bit, and more than my shots have begun to paste and my sense of movement the small better, but I chalked that until the effect of placebo.

Then, the house returned for some holidays, taking mine 360 with me and plugging he behind in a 72' Samsung has mentioned earlier. GOOD GENTLEMAN. It IS unplayable. It has remarked an entrance lag ails was in a main card of Fate. I have touched two folds left with the partner in Fate and could ail movement or of the shoots with accuracy. His likes it moved through jell-or. I have left to touch arrest after it conceal.

Returns in university in mine ASUS, and basses and behold, all was perfect. Unnoticeable Enters lag, and movement and shoot returned to be crisp and precise. It was while it remarks only that of the difference these marks of monitor. After it conceal, you touch a lot of competitive parties and facts to improve as much as could. Quan Touching sweat in Fate, has done games and of the shots to paste that would not have been possible in the million of years in the 72'. It was of one in half player in an of Destiny classified current upper players in a world (at present fluctuate among 1 and 2, thanks to clanmates).

IS this magic of controls? No. If you are the bad player , is not that it goes in magically improve with this monitor. But it is I like me, of game in the semi-competitive level, is the very of the player in of the averages, and wants to it sake gaming monitor to maximiza yours action, goes with easterly. I know BenQ and ASUS is so much very very prende competitive FPS monitors, and for earnest be, is not an expert in of the controls so that it can not say which are better. But I can say that I am more it conceal pleased with this monitor.

TL;Dr.: Any problem, quality of good picture, near of non-existent entrance lag, and the interface of mere user this, in my opinion, one of a better gaming control you can take for low $ 200. I actuate Absolutely any complaint like this far (three month for the possess; I will update if any problems arise). HIGHLY it recommends.
5 / 5 Chu
A lot it warns 75hz refresh tax. Awesome Monitor for gaming and FPS. Purchase again. The filter of the blue light left on and messed my schedule to dream up. Mark Sure in the turn was or will not take sleepy lol!
Very solid and robust, presets for the colour is awesome. Purchase very well so that yours take.
1 / 5 Cari
First week a quality of picture and gaming the experience was excellent. The video has begun to degrade afterwards closed down/restart. Card...The reset of factory was closed has been. For the reset has to unplug all the capes that winery/was button during a minute. In council of support of factory... Emails of response quickly...Any complaint. Sometimes it have to the this two in three times in of the orders to control in reset. Bonded In cycle of shampoo...The rinse repeats. The quality of the picture adds until the low enclosed computer/restarts or turning the monitor on/was then repeat... Still W/in 30turn in the daytime. Last back of email has informed returned. I very like this controls and has asked the substitution. The amazon was unable to substitute and refunded money. Asus IS the line of fine product. In any produced lines the subjects of small percentage of quality.
4 / 5 Akilah
This description is for a VG278Q monitor.

IS the ENORMOUS improvement in mine 60Hz monitor. Any one never I return in anything down 144Hz. There are not pixels very dead or subjects with a monitor like this far. Only it take in a clave yesterday and critical what very has said that this thing is BRILLIANT out of a box. Desprs Looks for on some parameters that other users have found successes gaming with, was able to find something concealed pleased in my eyes. I try to take to update this in a future after it has had roughly more use out of a monitor. If you are looking for the relatively abordable 144Hz monitor, looks no further. I am spent the decent quantity to time researched several monitors before I have decided to buy this or and am supremely happy with purchase of mine. I actuate Still to touch Fortnite with him but a quality of gameplay in CS:the VAIN is so smoother compared in an old 60Hz Sceptre the monitor has used.

Update: calm Still want a monitor. I have found some parameters in tomshardware forum that is in my like. Here it has:
Road of Cinema
Contrast 83
Saturation 42
Colour temp - road of User - All the colours have posed in 83
yours of Rind - Natural
Acuteness 50
Locates free 40
ASCR ON (Adjusts brilliance according to style contained his of your monitor to be gone back juster that shines this was and adjust brilliance)

has a monitor hooked up with the DVI-cape of Dual Nexus in my GPU.

Update 11-18-18
My monitor has begun for black gone for the second to break each so once while. I some investigation and found the few different avenues to shoot of problem. An in the first place was a possibility that my DVI-D the cape was bad. As I have purchased the new cape, tried it, and a problem has persisted, only more severely. As I am returned that cape and returned in my original cape. I have decided perhaps it have to it tries it uses a Displayport 1.2 cape. I have purchased the VESA the cape certified DP1.2 And plugged he in. It does not experience any subjects with an original screen that the black problem goes. It open it it has had the new subject, some colours are TERRIBLE! Still with tweaking some parameters that is necessary to take the good picture in this monitor, he at all! At the end changed behind in a DVI-D the cape used in the principle. Hopefully A problem does not take any worse or persist at all. If it was necessary a bit more investigation and development. I deducted 1 star of some controls that value because of his inability to provide the picture of quality saw a port DP1.2. Also, when I big+tab out of the game, everything is augmented when using a DP. This is not a case while using Dual Nexus.

Expects these helps any one!
5 / 5 Sherman
State using this monitor since August. It IS state to add so far. Quality of incredible picture in of the games, and utmost framerates with one 144hz. Also it look it solid in the videos and it internet that explores. It can write the description the long plus quite all concealed, but that is not a point of this description.

A pair of days of marks (Mid January 2019) has taken the update of card of the map for my Nvidia gtx 1080. After an update the notification has burst up that my monitor was G -synchronise compatible and this could actuate he in Nvidia signals of control. Sure enough it was now G-synchronise compatible and included signified at stake that G-Synchronises has been actuated when had an indicator toggled on. Like this the monitor is announced what Free synchronises/Adaptive synchronises, but apparently also is now magically G-Synchronise compatible also. Probably they would have to change his title of product.

Edits June 2019 Looks to amazon has changed a description of this product to reflect that a monitor is in fact G-synchronise compatible after a GTX update of engine behind in January. State almost the year took it since, even so very happy with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 Renee
I am recently he left the big chamber in two rooms--a to sound my cave of man . Desprs Investigation and asking some streamers in Twitch in a better gaming the monitor could take, finished to take two of these -- a for my new gaming PC that tez and or for my PS4. It does not look for something madman with big specs so that I any one gross money out of gaming, the more was in the estimativa. (I am the casual gamer in that eat him enjoys my free time that is spent gaming)

Some monitors are easy to locate and setup. They come with all precise in the hook arrives the with any one console. I limited me in 60hz in a PC so that it uses HDMI cape. It can use a Port of Exposure in a just future to try out of one 75hz and the view has any perceivable difference.
Some two speakers are well to have but is not that it adds. They are very handy is looking the video of fast of Youtube or something similar. But I headphones to use yes wants to look the film or the game of sports.

Highly recommend this monitor.. Calm any one lament this compraventa.
5 / 5 Lovie
It wants to it begin it it go it to say that that is to say the monitor adds . There is the 4k 40' Samsung television with HDR used but has moved he in a fourth so that has subjects with any motionless images. Included a fund of mine that PC change each which how 1 minute would remain 'ghosted' for the small and turn. And a one this was a worse of some images was very problematic. As I have to take something. I have wanted the monitor with 4k, HDR, etc. But wants to expect the bit for a prize of technology to go to rack and sea and quality to stabilise. But I have not been sure that the control has wanted. One 1080p or 1440p. I have imagined IP wanted to but TN was possible. And it was sure he wanted it the full poster 8 bits. Any one 6 bit + frc.

I to plot to look for and expsito that this monitor, although TN, was full 8 bit. I imagined it it take one casualidad in the TN same poster although it use it the Dell has borrowed of mother-in-law of mine to save mine 4k television. I have been impacted by this monitor.

A sake and adds:


-A control in a backside of a support that has the coverage to run one hdmi capes in the very clean road.

-EASILY adjustable support that takes on minimum room

-Pint and angle of view:
that is to say big. This monitor, at least a one took, the products dye fantastic. I have compared he in the photos have done on and form and has taken the party. And a calibration has aimed that the products dye fantastic he so do a test of eye. Seeing the angles are awesome. Of some sides have the good distance until it move it slightly reddish in me. It opens, of an upper down there is the turn of entity but very concealed is not a subject for me so that I am not never and looks down in any monitor. And some angles of inferior view, when bend me the up or the the paste has posed besides big is surprising with the colour turns very small takings that curves of imports . Seat In the desktop this usually is not never a subject.

-To the brilliance IS awesome. It opens it Uses in the darkest but same room when is brilliant in a room in time looks very brilliant. In fact I have to turn down it bite it.

-A monitor has utmost controls. A lot it likes Me To him the clave of the bite goes that it is in a backside for navigating around and material. If the marks that change the fast and easy entrances.

-The time of the response adds and any one blurs at all in of the games.

The bad/Material gilipollas.

-Seeing the angles are not well of IP. Still although this any problem can be me the negative for some. Then again, you are seating in front of the east or only in the small angle am adds also for me.
5 / 5 Romona
A week of works to use perfectly, is the monitor adds. Anteriorly Has bought his the monitor BenQZowie RL series and in 2 weeks to use begun to aim dead pixels, some parameters are easay to use but the small compicated to achieve some colours of perfect parameters. You will remark the big difference when touching FPS games. In his outside is mere but with the way adds. 3 weeks of here will update again.

Update: it has been more than the month and still works in 100%. Im Very satisfied, has the big probability that will buy the second unit

Update 03/05/19: there is Almost be 1 1/2 years of a compraventa. Work like a first day the only detail has 2 deaths of pixels but is very small that neither an opinion. Only when his a black of screen can aproach very afterwards and can see some dead pixels, but for another separate like the speakers do perfectly. A year and the half still can say that I have done the sum of compraventa.
5 / 5 Krystle
At the end the gaming monitor for consoles of mine and PC. It can of era 144hz but was in the estimativa as it take it this ! Freesync Sure enough, the controls listen flowed with some responses, some smaller colour that adjusts, another that that I am very happy!!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VS197T-P ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cassondra
The good monitor. Easy to attach an inferior support. Setup Was the breeze and a picture in a monitor is surprising. Some selections have offered in a front am adds. Easy in some eyes. You can change some parameters of view (ex: scenery, theatre, sRGB, level).

Comes with all some cords could require. Some speakers are better that very has not had never in the monitor.
5 / 5 Albertine
Considering that it arrives, in a fund of the big box with the dog crate launched in lucido.
Not deadening enter and a box of monitors caved in. I take a monitor was and
he styrofoam the coverage is the averages has been. But a screen has not been lined so that it gives to go it.
With the small hope of him work.

This monitor took me everything of 15 minutes max for the have hooked up, that career and has
that considers one standing out picture. It was easier and each what so to bite likes him to him the sake how the very
main priced importing manufactuer.
An access of support in a base and when gone back he in an in a clockwise direction the direction listens the strong click and you
is done.
Has connected one dvi capes and plugged he in a outlet of wall. ( There is AC adapter )
turned in mine Mini and has read a pertinent mark and the model and the resolution have posed.
Turned in a ASUS and has had an excellent picture and has remained that subjects never since.
Takes much faster or easier that concealed !
Has begun to give it 4 stars for some sad packing partly of Amazons. But conceal it has at all
to do with a quality or fault there of one ASUS he and has tried to be the very well
the worthy monitor of the 5 indication of star. Pay much more and has taken very less !
1 / 5 Dion
The prisoner that ignites afterwards the month. Literally it go of working very any one to ignite in the moment. My left wing of husband a room and when the return has been broken. It was plugged in arising it protective, and no other elements of that arises protective has been broken. We have tried different outlets, and has substituted included AC cord with the similar unit and he have not ignited. At all. Justo junk and fraction. And, while we had it to us, only it has been it I adds. One bases that it is very cheap, a picture and the colour have not been spectacular, and a thing any one still come with HDMI. As I have had of the HDMI-in-VGA or DVI, can not take which, only for the take to do with my computer. A lot of pathetic, any value a prize at all, and has lasted all of the month. One stars.
5 / 5 Ethyl

the monitor ADDS Adds Adds. This monitor is surprising. His mere, versatile, and personally thinks that his one of a more has not used never.
ASUS Said has the 1366x768 max resolution but using the VGA/HDMI in DVI the cord was able to take 1920x1080 resolution.

A diagram by heart and screen refresh the tax is sum for gaming and very a lot affects an use in addition to applications at all.

In general that is to say an amazing monitor that would recommend in any one begins was or looking for the good monitor for the multiple setup.
5 / 5 Phyliss
768 x 1366 max resolution. 9:16 appearance
has speakers with port of audio. (Simply supplemental and would be also without him).
Quotes of the measure of physical screen is the less bit that the concealed of 20' model.
That is to say well for streaming. 60 fps refresh Tax.
DVI-D and VGA ports.
Has done some adjustment in a colour so that it adapts it my preference.
Low win10 / exposure / of system / of the parameters there are the nite-clear option. Quan On, the colours result less brilliant. Sure when being to turn this is gone in front designing conclusions quite parameters by heart.
5 / 5 Zona
And purchase two of these for my tez of NEW PC, is the student as and has wanted the dual monitor setup so much and could do investigations in a screen while writing in another and and has to say and is very happy with these. The screens look utmost and again if yours looking for the dual monitor setup that wont breaks a bank these are the good option .

Other thoughts: and has the limit of quantity of room of desktop, so he is in the similar situation these take on the less room of plot, opposite two the pair 24' monitors, also so much dvi and vga the entrances are hard to find in this prize.
4 / 5 Britney
REVISED: Update in 4 toiles.il HAS DISCOVERED only that a esoiled zone' is in fact bleeds he of a photo has like my fund... I.et. A taskbar is semi transparent leaving roughly of a backdrop to feign travers.. It is not a subject with a monitor.

Has Had a monitor only 6 month, has been disappointed to see that it looks for to be some class of light bleeds to the long of a subordinated verge of a screen. Only the commentary his today to the long of in several zones besides under taskbar... It looks soiled but is to well sure the pixel or subject clear in a monitor. Thought a prize was a lot. If no for a subject of pixel, this would be to 4 description of star .
4 / 5 Truman
It take a ASUS HD screen with Roku to substitute the very old television and Roku device. It takes cape in 2013, required to buy the new Roku device when has taken the screen of new television . That is to say the good combination . Colour, density, etc, is well. I have wanted the reasonably sized screen more than something enormous, and these utmost looks in my room. He fusses the bit to look for a wireless connection, but marks well after it conceal, and can pose it anywhere want to. No more than it has to pose a television (screen) where a connection of cape is!
5 / 5 Ivy
The excellent monitor for an excellent prize! My only subject with him is concealed does not have a HDMI port, and very PC with the consecrated GPU requires a HDMI connection. If that is to say a case , recommends to attach a HDMI in DVI cape of adapter in your order for less than six bucks. This has said, is to take to beat a prize for the monitor has taken. Glass-clear exposure with the mate arrived by anti glare. Some colours are vibrant and clean, and would recommend this in any one looking for the solid monitor in a cheap.
5 / 5 Mardell
Law of television like the sleep after volume of fine tuning ( was the grave small) also checks to see yes is on surrounds his, if so, the change surrounds was if not using speakers, concealed to take rid of a 'tinny' sound. It IS one measures absolutely perfect for my counter of cookery!
Has required one for the spare room, to well sure would buy again. Highly it recommends..... And the mine has been renewed!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS MB168B ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Trenton
That is to say an absolutely fantastic exposure, slender , portable. I am a developer of application and slips in my stock exchange with ease.

Before I plugged he in my MacBook, downloaded and installed an engine of a Asus website. Even so, a screen was supremely laggy. Only that moves a mouse around a screen was the glitchy nightmare. I have read everything of some descriptions and could not find any experimenting a same thing. I have begun to think it was my computer, but all was to arrive-in-spec. Desprs In an hour of Googling, spent a DisplayLink page of engine. Only like all the world is clear, Asus done a hardware, but is using DisplayLink like the engine. A one in a Asus the place is any outdated or incomplete. I have downloaded and installed an engine directly of a DisplayLink website. The amazon will not leave me bonds a nexus, but only done the fast google investigation DisplayLink Mac the engine and you will be each gesture!

Everything of a lag is gone! Some careers of exposure perfectly. I want this thing. Probably I go to take another punctual. Very happy found this. I expect that a tip of helps of engine more!
1 / 5 Loraine
A Asus MB 169N+ was quite well for some premiers 10 months. It was quite clear and thin and has adapted my necessities of the portable monitor reasonably well. Has subjects each what so once and awhile where would have to unplug and limit a monitor in good-looking walnut to take material to aim in him. In some premiers 10 months would estimate it the 4. Even so, in these leaves to signal to do. Could say it it take it it can he that clears to be able in era on. I have thought perhaps it was the subject of engine and reinstalled an engine in stopping them different machines without luck. At the end routed routed a monitor behind in Asus for the reparation of the date of guarantee has the three guarantee of year. They signified a screen has had scrapes and routed the few photos that no really shows a lot in a road of scratches in me. I have thought perhaps a screen has been lined during shipping so it does not have scratches when routed the. In any case, which some the photos have aimed gazes to be trivial in better as I have said to leave a screen while it is and only fix that any sample. His response was only would fix cual the integer, in a tune of around $ 175. For this a lot of could enough for the nine unit Desprs the little of the changes of email routed a product behind without being has repaired. In that point found any same has any scratches in a screen. This was my premier and last compraventa of any Asus produced. Any subject that well your product is, if you are not behind then does not go it to buy. Having to three guarantee of year and he then done on excuse any one to honour the fraudulent borderline looks.
4 / 5 Loma
Exactly that has looked for.

IS the developer of software , and so does on and was-place. Quan Law in a dispatch or in the house has the dual-control setup to complete mine to do it portable has distributed. But when I am very in a road, or law in of the rooms of conference or sessions to codify of the squad, really begun to listen constrained by an only monitor. It IS very only to be able to extend the code has crossed several screens while doing the code interconnected on. Or to be able to have CELERY the documentation opens in a screen while I came is entering another. As I have begun to look for the solution that would provide me with luxury of dual monitor still while out of a traditional desktop.

Mina requisites was:
records of Has to with Ubuntu (Linux).
Does not have to require a source to be able to external.
Would have to require only the only cape.
Has to be near in some dimensions of same screen like my laptop (15.6')
Has to be near in a same resolution like my laptop (1920x1080)
Has to be light.
Owes apt in my stock exchange of laptop and rucksack beside my laptop.

This unit returns each which of these necessities perfectly.

Has very caveats that comprises ahead of time helps the potential buyers do the good decision. In the first place, it is designed for Windows 7 or newer, or Mac CALM-X. But also it does with Ubuntu to download a DisplayLink automotive of one DisplayLink website. Some Ubuntu systems (particularly these built in ) will require the update of core also. And down Ubuntu a car-rotates the capacity is not functional. In fact, with current engine, only does subjects of landscape. I have not tried paramount some basic parameters with xrandr or xrotate. It IS possible that the little more the experimentation would enable road of portrait, which can enter handy for coders in this lucido likes mark the horizontal breakings.

That is to say it USB 3 device. I have tried he with USB 2 also, but this required to have connected through the hub powered. Similarly, included although my another control has USB 3 ports in the, does not distribute quite a lot of pot in his own to power this unit. But it has directed directly for USB 3 ports in my laptop (AC or the stack powered), or one docking canal, the laws add. If yours USB 3 ports are not able of provider to be able the sufficient, even so, can require the hub powered.

A colour is well, although any identical in my laptop. Have has did not research options of calibration so that it is quite near, and enough sake for the that need. A brilliance the laws of parameter so designed, and a screen is brilliant abundance . The colour of my laptop does not match my monitors of full measure or (dual 27' Dell is work, and dual 24' Asus is house), and that a lot any problem me.

A screen is crisp and acute. And it represents 1920x1080 so that it has expected . I have expected to see some lag, but does not detect any one. Some movements of mice through a screen softly.

A case to spend that it comes with this perfect to spend a monitor and for the protect. And reasonably well to serve a second purpose of support of monitor. But I have ordered the support of tablet to use instead, and so better.

The quality of the tez of a monitor is well. It IS slender, clear, enough, and sufficiently robust. It does not have the 'cheap-or' listens.

Recently plugged a monitor in my laptop a time although a laptop was docked, that directs the dual mine 27 Dell of controls of inch, and was almost surprised to discover that the all has done well. Comprising the own screen of a laptop, has had four monitors that enters everything, doing how he desktop of extensive solo. Remained with Ubuntu virtual desktops, a room really liberated.

So need the 15.6' portable monitor in 1920x1080 to use joint to your laptop, this am adds. When being prepared to use USB 3, and to use the compatible operating system. If you prefer dual-monitors, included in some vain, that is to say to take to beat for a prize.
4 / 5 Sheila
Work surprisingly. At the end it can travel anywhere and when being so productive that in my dispatch. Please control out of some low pictures. Highly it recommends this setup that uses an annex of Sidecar to attach a screen in your laptop. Reasons?

1) A less room used is a spatial right above your screen of laptop.
2) This setup has a smaller impression, so small like your laptop only. It leaves room of table for your notepad, coffee, books, and other things.
3) IS well for place. A 2 screen is in the levels of eye as it can look right advance.

Is interested in this setup, all precise is here still for the total $ 220. Please the notes is not selling a lot of is, or is connected in any subjects with any one of some vendors. Only it has wanted to to share the setup this is doing wonderfully for me. It acclaims

screen of USB: $ 180

Sidecar to attach screen in any laptop: $ 25

hinge to back portable: $ 4
the inch+Plated+Has to+Weighed+Tee+Hinge

velcro spear to attach hinge in laptop: $ 5
spray of rubber in rubberize tip of hinge for extra traction: $ 6
very-purpose-coating-aerosol/dp/b0006su3qw/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&qid=1470326032&sr=8-1&key words=black+of spray+the cover+of the rubber
5 / 5 Ardis
Gone through be in Taipei during a Computex show of Electronic and has seen this new ZenScreen in a fund of show in a ASUS cabin.

Was so immediately blown has been for a warrior of road practicality of concealed has ordered one of Amazon right then in a fund of show. Then later when I am returned in a room of the hotel has ordered another (why pause in two? My MacBook Pro has 4 USB C ports!).

Has had a ZenScreens for the days of pair now and wants to them. It can not expect paste a road again as it can pose the to do in of the rooms of hotel, tents of coffee, etc. A flow of the work has developed work more in the 3 monitor setup, which have in my dispatch of house, but always lose that when travels and is limited in laptop. As when being able to take my workflow with me maintaining and has all my pictures of mandate setup in additional exposures a need of road is godsend.

In general, finds this one of one the majority of curiously practical and soyagic accesorias to exit for the long time. The Paste my alcohol that a ZenScreen taken both can and video of a same cape. It conceal it does not have to find outlets to be able the additional to limit mark so much more practical. Also the find that surprised that the telephone can can one exposure (plugged he in the Galaxy S8 and a screen powered on and the video taken - no with all the telephones even so). Also amour that the only takes detected like the exposure, as it can pose it up that it wants to - landscape or portrait.

Some screens are big and thinks deceptively clear for just that this big. It Likes him that it can it he eschew you lugging around some supports/of the coverages yes want to save some weight and only trust the pen (comprised!) The bolster on some exposures. Since taking them there is already had the averages the friends of the dozen and the mates to do choose or up.
4 / 5 Julienne
Active SO THAT an USB 3.0 ('B') and USB C ('This )versions of this monitor, and can be it difficult read through some of some descriptions so that you see you to clash information - IMO, these would have to when being three separate products in Amazon, each what so with his typical together of descriptions, but so that they are blended, can be it taken to imagine was when the people are speaking in that is interested in.

First first things, since is a first thing out of a container, some cases for these IS DIFFERENT. A C the version of a case is the better PLOT, more adjustable, and very almost so flimsy like the support like B version. In both cases, even so, while it marks protectors of the scopes/are, they both lousy is. I do not see like the tips on on is adapted yes calm posed the up properly, but with room of desktop in the premium, some bases take on a terrible big quantity of spatial for the this is doing. I travel and often it does in the trailer of production, and simply does not have a luxury of this class of spatial, but still in my desktop house, can press my laptop behind to give me the plot to do room, while this ASUS required to control to be much more afterwards, and then my distances to see in some screens do not match . A separate support is recommended if precise use less room of desktop.

Some exposures in both versions of a monitor are really enough very - probably better that more screens of the cheapest laptop, but very almost also like screens of better laptop. To be fair, a Dell the uses has the UHD exposure, no the just comparison. A 'B' screen of version that is using with my STEEL Aspires is probably better that a built on exhibition.

Both of my laptops have had already a displaylink the installed engine, as some so many has fact controls without any additional installs. A 'B' the version comes with the disk, while one 'This version very - probably, if your laptop is very enough to take advantage of one 'This version, is probably very necessary. In both cases are using Windows 10, and a disk that is coming with a 'B' the version goes to complain an engine no with mine YOU, and directed me to go in a displaylink website in all the case, as it was quite nonsensical.

No only is some ports in the each different monitor, some controls are, also. A 'B' version, so far as it can imagine was, there is only an on/was change and parameters of brilliance. One 'This the version has cards that gives the options of plus of plot, comprising contrast and another characteristic. There is not documentation very real on regarding the use, as I took me the moment for the imagine was (and beats still very a lot of of the figure has been more than brilliance and contrast). A button of card for one 'This the version is class of uncomfortable to use - the button of periodic push.

Bronzed Now down in an exposure - this applies in both. As I Have mentioned, an exposure is in fact quite well. It IS maximum brilliance , is probably very so that shines while it would like him, but is more concealed of acceptable. I have touched Netflix in the, and has not remarked any lags or tear. I have not tried any games, while I use my main desktop for games and any a lot of touch the plot in a laptop. If it go to touch CSGO, would use an exposure of laptop in all the case.

An angle of view is decent. To to May likes him to him the width while it would like him, but of comparable at most of screens of portable (and in fact included better that my STEEL).

IS very happy has taken this - trip the plot for work, and software of map of the use that has the window of separate beginning, and trying so much law in some screens of software and voice a beginning a time still a lot of mamma with or controls. Like The programmer, is also quite well to have more immovable of screen while law in a road - but same when is house and using a laptop to do in my porch or in the some place another that my desktop.

For a record, one 'This the vain version to be very picky in that work with. He no with an USB C port in a STEEL, work with a Dell XPS. A 'B' do of version with any one, so yes is looking for the widest compatibility, a 'B' the version is the better election . One 'This the version has the better case and of the controls, and notionally (although the could not say in my use has limited so far) faster refreshes. It Likes him it has said it, even so, it touch Netflix in of so much and they both looked well in me. If you know one 'This the version will do with your laptop (C with alternating the able roads to aim port), and does not plan on using it on anything more, one 'This could be the better option .

EDIT: I remark that some colours are not quite perfect. Orange looks More red in my 'B' monitor. Tan Far while I can say, there is any road for aforarlo, not even the small - an only control is brilliance . No the breaker of roads for me.
5 / 5 Kareen
A lot I enjoy to use this monitor with my Chromebook Pixelbook. I use it two different roads. A majority of an use to time the to present in my clients where are seating in an opposite side of a table. A function of sum of records of the mirror and some colours are reproduced faithfully. I can take through the 3 fulfil punctual in the only load.

One in another road likes him the uses is with the Paperspace computer of virtual windows in my Pixelbook. In this way I can take my Pixelbook with me when trip and always has access in the machine of Windows and Paperspace can use so much my screen of laptop And a ZenScreen to create the big plus desktop. The works add.

One another note, and that is to say something discovered saw test and error while it can not find any information in this monitor with considering that to substitute the stray cape or broke. He no with just any USB-C in USB-C cape. In fact the no with just quite Each USB-C X2 capes. But, I have found the cape here in Amazon these laws with. You will want to look for:

Nekteck USB-IF USB has Certified C 3.1 GENE 2 Cape(10Gbps/100W) USB C in USB C Cape (Ray 3 Compatible) with And-Delivery and to Be able in of the bookmark For MacBook Pro Galaxy S9 S9 More OnePlus 6/ Negre

Expects these helps another.
1 / 5 Dane
Law like the basic extensive monitor, but some characteristic of the premium is not still backed until the future update is fall . That is to say it can not adjust A brilliance. Contacted ASUS support of the technology in the CATS but a support takes was no-responsive for the majority of a session. One taking could any one me direct also a page of updates that has not been with an information of product I then the amazon has contacted lean that aided confirm me a ASUS the no run software with an emission of product. An Amazon taken was able to find a page of update and ASUS has announced in fact that his monitor has not gone fully backed. This product has been fallen too punctual. The amazon Adapted and has offered the nave of 1 days in the differen substitution of vendor. The technical support of the amazon was far upper compared in ASUS. In fact the has not had any comparison. ASUS IS usually very well, but today... A first product priced that any one fully laws, bad backed and no ready for first time. KUDOS In Amazon ASUS is the disappointment.
1 / 5 Star
I have purchased this August of monitor 2016 so that I travel consistently and has required the second monitor for work. A quality of a monitor is mediocre, a coverage is well, and a picture is blurred and a bit dim, but has expected that of the 'portable monitor'.

Has Had he less than the month when one signals is fallen advances in a desktop on is face once and prendido to do. It does not fall in a fund, or of any height, only launched to take of a support / of coverage (which, quotes a support' is quite feeble is likely the COMMON occurrence). I composed a force of a fall to be in a same as it closed the screen of hard notebook. Quan Chooses in a poster in reset he in a support, a product has prendido to do totally. A bit those that fast flashes then BLACK screen.

Has recorded a RMA with ASUS (a ridiculously difficult and painful process). Only I issue me behind an email that declares that one produces is not coated under the guarantee And a reparation are a same while it costs to buy to nine unit WHAT A JOKE! A fraction 'portable monitor' of a table of half faceplant?

Buyer BEWARE! This monitor is SUPREMELY FRAGILE for the 'portable monitor'. If you feign to move this in any subjects seriously would reconsider or abstain like any normal swipes that spends can break a poster, that represents the very-for-swimming.

This is not my premier ASUS product, but will say it probably will be my LAST.
1 / 5 Leonia
Experience a monitor, and he almost the problem there has been immediately with a connection of cape. I routed the turn, and the amazon with flavour has substituted a lot.

A substitution has lasted enough 6 month before it leaves to do. Alas, a window of tower there was caducado and now is out of my money.

Two units have failed out of two mandates... Quality very poor.
5 / 5 Ute
Ossia One absolutely fantastic exposure , slender , portable. They are a developer of application and slips in my stock exchange with eases.

Before I plugged he to the mine MacBook, has downloaded and installed an engine of a Asus put web. This in spite of, a screen was extremely laggy. So only that moves a mouse around a screen was the glitchy nightmare. I have read everything of some descriptions and could not find any that experiences a same thing. I have begun partorisca think it was my computer, but all was arrive he-spec. With which in an hour of Googling, has found a DisplayLink page of engine. So only so that all the world is clear, Asus done a hardware, but is using DisplayLink like the engine. A one in a Asus the place is any outdated or incomplete. I have downloaded and installed an engine directly of a DisplayLink put web. The amazon will not leave me estaca a link, but so only do the fast google look for DisplayLink Mac the engine and you will be all has dipped!

All of a lag has gone! Some careers of exposure perfectly. I love this thing. I go partorisca take probably another punctual. A lot happy has found this. I expect that a tip of helps of engine more!
5 / 5 Cristi
A Asus MB 169N+ was quite well for some premiers 10 months. It was quite light and thin and has adapted my needs of the portable monitor reasonably well. Has subjects each one once and awhile where would have to that unplug and covers a monitor in again to take material to show his. In some premiers 10 months would estimate it the 4. This in spite of, in these leaves to signal to do. Could say it lame can it that light to be able to era on. I have thought perhaps six the subject of engine and reinstalled an engine in stopping them different cars without regime. I have sent finally it send a monitor behind the Asus for the reparation of the date of guarantee has the three guarantee of year. They have indicated a screen has has had scratches and has sent the few photos that no really show a lot in a way of scratches of mine. I have thought perhaps a screen has been lined during shipping like this there are not scratches when I sent it. In any case, those some photos have aimed gazes to be trivial in better to the equal that have said to leave a screen how is and so only fix that it does not show. His response has been he so only would fix likes the whole, to a tune of around $ 175. Thus a lot it could enough for the new a. After the few transmissions of email have sent a product behind without being has repaired. In the point has found a lot still there was any scratches in a screen. This was my prime minister and last compraventa of any Asus has produced. Any @@subject that well your product is, if you are not behind then does not go it to buy. Having to that three guarantee of year and then doing on excuses a lot to honour looks borderline fraudulent.
5 / 5 Shelli
Usually spent mostly everything on Amazon, but has bought this model elsewhere of the amazon did not have it when I have verified the few weeks does. Now it looks and a page has said to be available of Oct 2nd, 2018. Like this odd. In all the chance, while has numerous Zenscreen models, this one east a prime minister one with an inner battery and raisin of longitude a name Zenscreen Goes.
To the equal that leaves to start with with a Pros..
01-Perfect and Portable measure. Thinner That mine portable and in a same measure. Access in my stock exchange of messenger/of travesĂ­a of portable (grieve).
02-Apt and the arrival is surprising.
03-Comes with the magnetic coverage has protected that read like the stand and resists it on enough well. And while it is the very good coverage /stand, can take a real fold-able stand for a monitor so that I any overuse a coverage.
04-Light and thin, included with a coverage on.
05-HAS the battery. (Leading models any one).
06-A hook of boss up. (Ossia The disguised blessing as well as the obstacle in of the sure uses). In a pro column, extend your portable desk (or telephone) without adapter of wall or too many bosses.
07-Quite brilliant. I have read the leading descriptions have mentioned that a brightness was lower that a laptop used and was has had to that to accept that, but this model has to that say, a brightness is like this brilliant like my Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 2 in 1 laptop in 75.
08-Works with Samsung Commentaries 9 telephone and DeX. Ossia A main reason has loved this monitor. Besides for travelling purposes. I have not loved to go a street to take the HP Elite Lapdock to use a Note 8/9 and DeX. This has taken my eye and when they have released a version of battery has has had to that the take. Work perfectly with DeX. Any black outs or messages of hiccups. But there is one with has listed down when that uses a Note 9 with DeX.
09-capacity of Multiple monitor. Asus Say you can connect numerous Zenscreens and while I do not have another ZenScreen to try this theory, my uses of laptop displaylink to connect some 3 monitors in mine setup. When I have connected a Zenscreen to a laptop, look like this monitor 4. Good surprise.
10-HAS the hole of pen. It comes with the real pen to insert in a hole to prop on a monitor in planting to use a coverage. In fact Like me concealed.
11-Portrait and way of landscape. (Although I have not tried a way of portrait still.

Gilipollas (Subjective, according to your use)...
1-is not to touch screen (although the give form he the new plus recently announced will call a Zenscreen Goes to Touch and exiting the few months).
2-A a hook of boss on when hooking until the mobile phone. While convenient, does not leave to add it usb smiled or keyboard. One has to have it bluetooth the keyboard or the next mice or trust a mobile phone to use likes the keyboard and the mouse and ossia easier said that facts. Asus Would owe that it has comprised an USB-C hub annex to leave to connect other devices and goes through half of signal for mobile devices.
3-No another USB-C do C like this far. This is concerning of then lose it to him, sound the question. Calm can do not buying even in Asus' put web. More a boss does not have any indication that is for Asus, Displaylnk etc. Slowly in that adds to focus to wrap around a boss to indicate is for a Zenscreen to differentiate among another USB-C bosses. So only I can try out of an USB-C 3.1 Gene 2 boss for NekTeck (B0718Z1MWF) and see if these works..
4-No quite a lot of keys of control. There is not an immediate rear key for some controls. One has to that continue by means of some papers to go back to a point of start.
(A provisional solution is to download a Asus Exposure Widget controls of Asus' put web to the your laptop, then can use your mouse to spend for some controls. It sees one of mine pics)
5-Any USB of external/power-C port or two USB-C put you. While his convenient to have so only a boss to connect to the laptop or telephone, has been well to have an additional USB-C port to power a monitor without that has to that suck on your laptops the or power of telephones in another side of a monitor.
6-Force to use a mobile phone touchscreen like the mouse for Samsung DeX way. A DexPad can not be used thus monitor of a DeXpad the street is exited HDMI and a Asus gone in of the monitor invernadero USB-C. Of a Note 9 has a capacity to go to DeX way with his USB-C boss directly, has any way to use smiles it wire fence or keyboard or has included the wireless a. One has to use it bluetooth keyboard or mouse.
Other notes:
While a screen is brilliant for me, and is mainly all the construction of metal, will not be using this outside. It is thin and are fearful of the strike on and taking it has broken. While it can be more economic elsewhere, would have bought this on Amazon of then anything goes bad with him, to the amazon has the police of better turn that external vendors.
Can wants to take the tiny has bitten big spending stock exchange. A tomtoc 15.6 stock exchange has is the little snug with both of the Notes of Galaxy 9 Pro portable and a Asus Zenscreen near in a stock exchange.
Plans on taking neither he bluetooth smiled/of keyboard combo unit or separate some for travesĂ­a, so only has not decided that some.
Would do the description of video, but does not touch never well in of the video. Hope This helps folks the one who are thinking to take a Zenscreen MB16AP.

Modify of 2018-11-05
Usb-C substitution of boss:
has bought an USB-C 3.1 Gene 2 boss for NekTeck (B0718Z1MWF) in the amazon and am happy to inform is the pertinent substitution for a Asus USB distributed-C the USB-C boss. It is 3.3 feet long (40 thumbs long) a same period of a Asus the boss has distributed.
Use of battery:
has tried that time a battery takes of 0 backside to 100 and taken roughly 2 and the half hours to recharge using some distributed Asus USB-C boss and to wall upload. I have begun in 7:30 PM in 0 and complete in 10:00 PM (gives or take 5 mintues of then I a lot in fact stared in him near of an end).
Tin to draw:
Regarding the question of if a continuous monitor to the draw can of a semi-detached or telephone laptop although a battery is not empty. There is the onboard setting (sees the latest image) concealed calm to leave you to choose that it is attached to a monitor, the be the Laptop/of PC or the mobile device. This has included the calm setting leave to choose yes to the draw can of a Laptop/of PC or no. But he does not look to leave you to choose yes to beat of draw or no of the mobile device. I have run box of video of the Youtube a the monitor was down to the 5 % and yes connected to a telephone, a telephone will not touch a monitor. If it connects to a Laptop/of PC and he fall to 1 mark, a monitor will close down. Like this forcing you to connect a monitor to covers it to wall to recharge. But calm once touch a monitor for roughly 5 minutes, there is roughly 6-8 juice, for this leaving you to reconnect a boss to a laptop and when he reconnects. Then tip the popup asking you loves power a monitor that use a laptop. If calm , a laptop then begins recharging a battery and leave you to use a monitor like the secondary screen.

Way/of Landscape of the portrait:
using a Samsung Commentaries 9 telephone, tries I so that pode, does not see the way to dip a Zenscreen Gone Controls the way of portrait. Of then it goes to DeX the way does not see the setting in DeX to situate a telephone the way of portrait. I assume ossia for creation of DeX is always in desk way and more desktops is in way of landscape.
Now using my laptop, goes the way of portrait automatically one of two ways.. ( Help to read a manual lol )
Option 1: using your settings/of exposure of PC of laptop and selecting a monitor and then change it to portrait.
Option 2: it is the better way . Using a Asus Exposure widget application, has opened once a monitor automatically changes to way of portrait or landscape according to his orientation. And do really well. ( It sees image).
5 / 5 Isaias
Has bought my unit when he in the first place type. Really it likes me a unit. This in spite of is not to perfect. I will list a pros and gilipollas.

- 1 solution of boss saws TYPE of USB C is simply awesome. I exit in audience in bases regulate with my laptop and a capacity to the game and the discharges so only have seen 1 boss for video and can is surprising.
- Factor of form a lot slender and tiny bezel. I can launch this thing my stock exchange easily without concerning to the for elder. A chance has comprised, included although it does not use he for propping on an exposure, is the good inclusion to protect against bangs and scratches while the be has spent.
For this interested, am using this for one is. It is tiny, extremely portable and adds the bit of height to do it more level of eye. Highly recommended. />- FILLER HD 1920 x 1080 is the good resolution to do with. For those of knots those who any one in fact need 4k in a gone, 1080P is abundance.

- For some reason, drains of mine of same battery when directly plugged to mine portable and I have an option dipped to the draw can of laptop. Although it has been it covers he in in 100 mine Alienware gaming portable street 4 PCIE 40gb TYPE of USB of the Ray C port, constantly drains all a way down which when it achieves 0, then begins to touch behind until 100. At the beginning, has think that a delivery to be able to has not been sufficient to power a unit of my Type of Ray C port, but ossia clearly any one a chance of then when it achieves 0, then takes all of the his can of the mine portable and touches a battery behind until filler while utilisation inclusa with full brightness setting. Then once it achieves 100 again, then he rinses and repeats where goes to 0 and of the cariche behind until 100. This am A lot annoying. They are unnecessarily cycling by means of my battery of 0 to 100 like this shortening a lifespan of a battery of ion of the lithium. If ossia some class of the bug and if any one knows the solution, please action.
- Like this any the one who exclusively uses this like a long monitor to notebook of mine and a lot anything more like this mine Samsung Telephones, I marvel has included the point of having an expensive plus MB16AP (my model) with a battery vs a MB16AC without a battery. To a better of my knowledge, some two models are identical, with an only difference that it is that one has a battery of ion of the lithium comprised while another no. If any one can confirm that there are not profits a lot added to a MB16AP like paint more brilliant and better, thinks that will return this to AMAZON (am them inner still 30) and transmission for an economic plus MB16AC.
- Roughly has mentioned that a screen is dark while a roughly has mentioned that a screen is brilliant. In my opinion, is to somewhere in a half. It is to good sure a lot dim like some claim where is unusable or hard to see in brightly soiled lit, but neither is like this brilliant to the equal that have seen has alleged. I guess 'quite brilliant' is a better way of the place.
- Accuracy by heart. There are sure colours like brilliant green for example that the the only looks dulls. To good sure see put sure web rendering with the colours have compared to my SMELL/IPS exposures. I guess ossia the smallest flu of then would not owe that expect dye amazing for the portable unit.
- Has to that sticker in a front bezel of a unit that is the supposition to peel was when you receives your unit. When I have tried it take it has been, literally almost rasgue a front a low plus bezel was with him. Meaning, a glue in a promotional sticker in a front is quite strong that can the the potential tears a bezel was yes aggressively try peel was. Felizmente A lot there is it to him rushed to him and dulcemente the peeled was to have it like this remarked and decree before further can break. But I have seen a PCB down, and some electronic components down some plásticoes first has has had to that the explosion behind in. It is now securely burst in so that I am not free or to the to anything likes concealed. So only be conscious when you are to take a sticker forward.

These are mine .02 cents. Please feel free to ask me any question.
4 / 5 Jaymie
Exactly that has looked for.

Are the developer of software , and work so on and was-put. When Doing in an office or in home have the dual-control setup to complete my work-portable has distributed. But when they are really in a street, or doing in of the rooms of conference or sessions of coding of the crew, has begun really to feel constrained for a monitor only. It is so only good to be able to extend the code has spent of several screens while the acting code interconnected on. Or to be able to have BEES the documentation opens in a screen while I have come is going in another. As I have begun to look for the solution that would resupply me with luxury of dual monitor still while out of a traditional office.

My requirements were:
laws of Must with Ubuntu (Linux).
Does not have to that require a source of external power.
Would owe that require so only the alone boss.
Has to that be near of some dimensions of same screen like my laptop (15.6')
Has to that be near of a same resolution like my laptop (1920x1080)
Has to that be light.
The must is returned my stock exchange of laptop and rucksack beside the mine portable.

This unit is returned everything of these needs perfectly.

Has a lot of caveats that yes has comprised ahead of time will help the potential buyers do the good decision. In the first place, it is drawn for Windows 7 or newer, or Mac YOU-X. But he also works with Ubuntu to download a DisplayLink engine of a DisplayLink put web. Some Ubuntu systems (particularly those have built on ) will require it kernel update also. And under Ubuntu some transports-rotate the capacity is not functional. In fact, with current engine, he so only works in way of landscape. I have not tried paramount some basic settings with xrandr or xrotate. It is possible that the little more the experimentation would enable way of portrait, which can go in handy for coders to to those who like him the horizontal breakings.

Ossia quell'USB 3 device. I have tried he with USB 2 also, but concealed has required to be connected by means of the powered hub. Similarly, included although mine other monitors have USB 3 put you in them, does not distribute quite can in his own to power this unit. But it drives directly for USB 3 put you in mine portable (AC or battery powered), or a docking canal, the work adds. If yours USB 3 put you are not able of provider of sufficient power, this in spite of, can require the powered hub.

A colour is well, although any one identical to the mine portable. Has has not researched options of calibration because it is quite near, and enough well so that I need. A brightness the setting does like this drawn, and a screen is brilliant abundance . The colour of the mine portable does not match my monitors of full measure neither (dual 27' Dell is work, and dual 24' Asus is house), and that really does not annoy me .

A screen is crisp and acute. And he renders 1920x1080 so that it have expected. I have expected to see some lag, but does not relieve any one. Some movements of mice by means of a screen smoothly.

A chance to spend that it comes with this perfect to spend a monitor and for the protect. And reasonably well to do fault a second purpose of stand of monitor. But I have ordered the stand of pill to use instead, and like that better.

The quality of the build of a monitor is well. It is slender, light, enough, and sufficiently robust. It does not have the 'economic-or' feel.

Recently I plugged a monitor to the mine portable a time although a laptop was docked, driving the dual mine 27 thumb Dell monitors, and was surprised almost to discover that the all has done well. Comprising the own screen of a laptop, has had four monitors that goes in everything, doing like the so only has extended desk. Remained with Ubuntu virtual desktops, a space was really liberating.

Like this need the 15.6' portable monitor in 1920x1080 to use joint to the your laptop, this are adds. Be prepared to use USB 3, and to use the compatible operating system. If you prefer dual-monitors, included in some gone, ossia last to beat for a prize.
5 / 5 Trish
Have BOTH an USB 3.0 ('B') and USB C ('This )versions of this monitor, and can be difficult reading by means of some of some descriptions because you will see to clash information - IMO, these would have to that be three produced has separated on Amazon, each one that like this with his together typical of descriptions, but reasons are mixed, can be hard to imagine was when the people are speaking in that is interested in.

First things in the first place, of then is one first what out of a container, some chances for these Is DIFFERENT. A C version of a chance is in BETTER PLOT, more adjustable, and a lot almost like this flimsy to the equal that was like B version. In both chances, this in spite of, while they the discharges are/protectors, they both lousy stands. I do not see like this you touch on on it is adapted he calms dipped that on correctly, but with spatial of office in the prize, some bases take on upper of a terrible big quantity of spatial so that it is doing. TravesĂ­a And often does in the trailer of production, and simply does not have a luxury of this class of spatial, but still in my office in home, can press my laptop behind to give me to plot of working room, while this ASUS need to control to be much more after, and then my distances to see to some screens do not match . One the separate stand is recommended if precise use less space of office.

Some exposures in both versions of a monitor am really quite a lot of - probably better that screens more more economic portable the, but a lot almost like this very like this of the screens of better laptop. To be just, a Dell I use has it UHD exposure, no the just comparison. A 'B' screen of version that am using with mine ACER Aspires is probably better that a built on exhibition.

Both of mine portable have had already a displaylink the installed engine, as some so that it do monitors without any one additional installs. A 'B' the version comes with the disk, while one 'This version a lot - probably, if your laptop is a lot enough to explode one 'This version, is probably a lot necessary. In both chances am using Windows 10, and a disk that is coming with a 'B' the version there is complained an engine no with mine YOU, and directed to go to a displaylink put web in all the chance, as it was quite pointless.

A lot so only is some ports in the each different monitor, some controls are, also. A 'B' version, as the one who can imagine was, there is so only an on/was transmission and brightness settings. One 'This the version has papers that gives to plot more options, comprising contrast and another characteristic. There is no real documentation on regarding the use, as taken the moment for the imagine was (and still tin a lot really figure was more than brightness and contrast). A key of paper for one 'This the version is class of uncomfortable to use - the key of periodic push.

Like this now down to an exposure - this applies to both. As I have mentioned, an exposure is in fact quite good. It is maximum brightness, is probably a lot like this brilliant to the equal that would like, but is more than of acceptable. I have touched Netflix in the, and there is not remarked any lags or rasgando. I have not tried any one play, like utilisation my main desk for games and no really touch to plot in a laptop. If it go to touch CSGO, would use an exposure of laptop in all the chance.

A corner of view is decent. Never like this width to the equal that would like, but of comparable to the majority of screens of portable (and in fact was better that mine ACER).

Are really happy has taken this - I travesĂ­a to plot for work, and software of map of the use that has the window of separate start, and that tries to do both interior some screens of software and see a start a same time really sucks with a control. Like the programmer, is also quite good to have more the urban nails of screen while doing in a street - but same when they are house and using a laptop to do in porch of mine or to somewhere another that my office.

For a record, one 'This the version goes to be a lot of picky in that operates with. He no with an USB C port in a ACER, work with a Dell XPS. A 'B' do of version with any, like this yes is looking for the widest compatibility, a 'B' the version is the better election . One 'This the version has the better chance and of the controls, and theoretically (although it can not say in my use has limited like this far) faster refreshes. It likes me quell'has said, this in spite of, have touched Netflix in both and they both looked a lot of mine . If you know one 'This the version will do with your laptop (C with alternating the able ways to show port), and calm does not plan on using it on anything more, one 'This could be the better option .

MODIFY: I remark that some colours are not quite perfect. Red looks more orange in mine 'B' monitor. As the one who can say, there is any way of the aforar, not even the little - an only control is brightness. Any the breaker of extracted for me.
5 / 5 Agueda
Laws astonishingly. Finally I can travel anywhere and be like this productive as in my office. Please control out of some pictures down. Highly it recommends this setup that uses an annex of Sidecar to attach a screen to the your laptop. Reasons?

1) A less space has used is a spatial legislation on your screen of laptop.
2) This setup has a smaller impression, like this small like your laptop so only. It leaves spatial of table for your notepad, caffè, books, and other things.
3) Is well for place. A 2nd screen is in the levels of the eye so much can look right advances.

Is interested in this setup, all precise is here still for the total $ 220. Please the note am not selling a lot of the this, neither are has connected in any way with any of some vendors. I have loved so only share it setup this is doing wonderfully for me. It acclaims

screen of USB: $ 180
sidecar to attach screen in any one portable: $ 25

hinge to sustain portable: $ 4
velcro sale to attach hinge the laptop: $ 5
spray of hule to rubberize tip of hinge for extra traction: $ 6
5 / 5 Tameika
Works like the monitor along basic, but some characteristic of the prize is not sustained still until the future update is liberta. Ossia A brightness could not be regulated. Contacted ASUS support of technology on CAT but a support rep was no-responsive for the majority of a session. A rep could any me directed also a page of updates that has not been with an information of product I then to the amazon has contacted sustains the one who helped to confirm a ASUS the software has not been current with an emission of product. An Amazon rep was able to find a page of update and ASUS has announced in fact that his monitor has not gone fully has sustained. This product has been released too collected. To the amazon Adapted and has offered the nave of 1 days in the differen substitution of vendor. The technical support of the amazon was far upper compared to ASUS. In fact it do not have any comparison. ASUS Is usually a lot well, but today... A first product priced that any one fully laws, bad constant and do not list for prime time. KUDOS To Amazon ASUS is the disappointment.
5 / 5 Roxann
Has purchased this August of monitor 2016 because travesĂ­a consistently and has required the second monitor for work. A quality of a monitor is mediocre, a coverage is well, and a picture is blurred and a bit dim, but has expected that of the 'portable monitor'.

Has had he less than the month when a poster has fallen advances to an office on is type once and there is prendido to do. It does not fall to a paving, or of any height, he so only pitched the advance of one is / of coverage (which, quotes a stand' is quite feeble is likely the COMMON occurrence). It calculates a force of a fall to be in a same as closing the screen of hard notebook. When I have chosen on a poster to reset he in a stand, a product there is prendido to do entirely. A bit those that fast flashes then BLACK screen.

Has registered a RMA with ASUS (a ridiculously difficult and painful process). So only we send me behind an email that declares that one produces is not covered under the guarantee And a reparation is one same likes slope to buy the new a. THAT A JOKE! One broken 'portable monitor' of a half table faceplant?

Buyer BEWARE! This monitor is EXTREMELY FRAGILE for the 'portable monitor'. If you feign to move this in any way seriously would reconsider or refrain like any normal swipes that spends can break a poster, rendering the useless.

This is not prime minister of mine ASUS produced, but will say it probably will be my LAST.
4 / 5 Yuki
Has purchased a monitor, and he almost the question there was immediately with a connection of boss. I have sent I return it, and to the amazon has substituted gladly.

A substitution is lasted roughly 6 month before it leaves to do. Unfortunately, a window of turn there was caducado and now are out of my money.

Two unit have failed out of two mandates... Quality very poor.
5 / 5 Jefferson
It has obtained recently this element after resultant conscious that has had the battery powered version of a MB16AC (which also has). This model (MB16AP) work quite one still like this model with a be of the difference is that it comprises the battery that can can a device of exposure that touch good and is like this concealed leaves one to use the smartphone with him. It was able to use a Note of Galaxy 9 with him and work well. A subject has had with this monitor especially was with a Book of Surface 2 15'. When A Cradle of Surface is connected (without another peripheral that can of draw of him) could not take monitor to turn on when using USB-C. When cradle Of the book of the Surface has been takes of Book of Surface 2 and a SB2 has run on can of battery, a monitor comes on but looks to drain of screen with USB-C.

An only way to 'effectively' uses a SB2 with east was to use an USB-A the USB-C adapter and included then drains of battery of screen. Some work to control well with USB-C in my woman HP Spectre 360 Convertible without @@subject, and functions usually to the equal that have to that.

Plans on using this with a Book of Surface 2 you probably would owe that I return it (taste ) and take a MB16AC. Curiously, one any-battery powered version of this monitor (MB16AC) acts well with USB-C and USB-A with a Book of Surface 2 with a Cradle of Surface.
5 / 5 Cherelle
Are very disturbed with this compraventa and with a support received of ASUS. They are the warrior of street and volume a monitor with me everywhere. It comes with the Ballistic Nylon the chance and is the good chance. It protects it well. I have it that has not fallen never a monitor but suddenly less than the his year not doing . A screen is all jacked up. We have tried different bosses to connect like my whole crew uses these monitors (there essential to the equal that has small 14' portable because of a factor of weight). It has not done.

Has contacted ASUS support and has been said to be down guaranteeed unless a monitor has had physical harm. There is stressed this on and on. I have said well, any subject, his never state fallen and loves it to do. Sean almost likes said, doubts your has not given me a RMA number for the ship behind. The service does not comprise free nave. I have been to A UPS Tent and has had a box in the quite big stock exchange but a monitor was in a chance and has on wrapped in the bubble on to protect he to ship harm. Coast $ to ship the monitor of USB. As to ship lbs is $ !

Takes the response this morning, here is some photos and his harm have suffered. For like this of his harm has suffered your bill of reparation is $ 180. I have contested a bill and said them has not had any harm and some pictures have sent to aim any harm. Also it says the one who a hell in a right alcohol would pay $ to ship the monitor for reparation and then pay $ 180 on that. Like the monitor used for $ vs that order the NEW MARK one of Amazon partorisca $ ?

There is absolutely any plan to the each one which for anything ASUS again.
5 / 5 Ina
These ASUS the portable monitors are exceptional it. Has two of them. I have used a 169B, any-IPS version for the long time but could very easily take a corner to see correctly so that it can see both this and my screen of good laptop when using neither a stand of chance/resupplied, or a aftermarket stand. To solve a question, has bought this IPS version that in fact fix a subject of corner of the viewing. Better still, buy a MountEra highland Clip of the Side that control a monitor in the perfect corner to see. Now I can use both extras of monitor and an exposure of main laptop with everything of them perfectly visible a same time.
5 / 5 Alex
Has substituted the resemblance AOC portable monitor with east a with which have fallen a AOC and a screen has broken. It was satisfied entirely with this monitor, but has required the substitution quickly and was out of stock. A ASUS is a measure of same screen, but much thinner and the looks has built better. It does not use it likes him to him the portable monitor, but thus purpose a ASUS is better that a AOC reason is thinner and lighter. This in spite of, does not have the built-in stand of any class. Some folds of chances to the stand and laws WELL for that, but one bases too big to return in a side of an office am using, as I have had to buy the separate stand for him. Also, it does not have any way of the trace to an arm or any devices of support, which a AOC has. An engine that is coming with him and an up to date some in a ASUS the place no with Windows 10 64-has bitten. At least his no for me. Felizmente Some works of monitor with a AOC engine already in a computer. This in spite of, can not regulate a colour, brightness or use any of some characteristic of this monitor without this utility. So much, a colour is slightly out of some other two monitors I use with him. A AOC was more brilliant and a colour was better, but can take an engine and of the utilities to do then can be adjustable. Have emailed The technology sustains so that it see has any updates of software, but of a look of a place of the support does not go to count on that. For my purpose this monitor is WELL, but has preferred a AOC.
Update: I have contacted support of technology in an engine and his escalated the to the supervisor. I gave you link it to download a software still has had already, which still does not act. I have continued to go back and it advances with it sustains to give me useless, canned answered with a result of final of them saying me precise to return a monitor for reparation. That? Some works of good monitor and has done that clear of a start. As I am done with ASUS lean it and I will not buy his products again.
4 / 5 Ramonita
Has had this for the few days now, long enough to stop them full days of work and some another light use. I have required something for a house of extra screen and in an office to the equal that leave time of work among a two, and often trip to do so that it love something could take with me to use in of the hotels, etc.

here is a pros:

- Very portable, light, slender, returns perfectly in my rucksack in a 'portable' spatial while my Surface Goes access in a 'pill' spatial
- the quality by heart is visually appealing
- the A lot of settings of image add the plot of flexibility to use
- the leaves of Mixed way for both port exposure alt way and displaylink for the connection of direct data invernadero USB-C and USB-A
- the software is easy to use
- Max brightness is a lot enough for half of big light office
- the chance adds confidence to a portability and has varied options to plant
- capacities of the stand of the Pen is in fact kinda slick but very sure that often will use it vs a chance
- Petit bezels and material and global creation is visually appealing
- Built in the battery does not cause additional drain in my pill

Now a gilipollas:

- As the function of battery is managed is less than the confidence that inspires, although it specify to use to to a laptop likes him source to be able to still drains a battery of an exposure. Asus Alleges ossia to draw to use a battery of exposure until it is 'low' (I thinks 20) and then change to power of USB. But, still it can continue drain, particularly a brightness is up. There are the questions of pair with that... If a battery drains too far, simply does not turn on until it touch a battery. And of then he a lot consistently can of USB of the use, does not remain topped up for periods among use, how is a lot possible to toss in your first stock exchange of the travesĂ­a and the have be exhausted for a calm time the precise, if you do not have occasion to touch. A lot inconvenient. Also, a brightness is quite poor in a 'echo' transmissions of way to when in 20, the power of USB would have to that be abundance to drive an exposure in big brightness, can drive a lot of main monitors.
- The screen has quite significant for behind light bleed. Asus Alleges ossia normal for IPS exposures, which is true, but really so only of IPS that has poor bond. In all the chance, no the enormous shot reason a quality of image is really quite good and does not use this for film or other applications that has the dark screen.
- A screen does not have to that front style pill of glass, is recessed slightly for behind a bezels, is more fragile like the result (especially like calm often can find to press in a screen with toes/of thumbs while grabbing) and can very easily accommodate the protective screen
- An USB-C port in a corner feels the little release and probably quite fragile likes need to be careful when a boss is plugged in
- An USB-An adapter dongle is comprised, which is well, but is not attached to a boss, he doing less convenient and easier to misplace
- An on system of the paper of the screen is quite unintuitive
- A backside is metal , well, but bezels is flimsy plastic
- While a chance is slick, having the built in kickstand and screen more durable actuate entirely negated a need for him, for me

In general, is well, and that need. A flexibility of connectivity is to good sure the high point. But material more thought in a creation, to do it more like the Surface in creation, are has been adds. Also I am a lot of unimpressed with a way a battery is managed. I will give it a bit time of plus but now included really bondadoso of has wished finalising to save money and taken one any version of battery so only for consistency of experience. It was not if this one has possible elder brightness because of a battery, but at least a no the battery probably always does when plugged in. A first time this a does not turn in closing with power of USB, will be not being has pleased.

Modify: On USB 3.0 power, or USB-C (any DisplayPort Alt Way), a drain of power of a continuous battery until a monitor closes era. It can not being able to him sufficiently of these ports to maintain an exposure on, included in Way of Echo and down brightness. A majority of my time that use him was while has access to AC can, can a lot of he remain same on when plugged in and the place the appeal can of my device, valemenos for me. When Connected the USB-C directly to my device and using DisplayPort Alt Way, distributes quite can, but does not have quite a lot of ports of USB to do this work. It is going back and I go to try a rule MB16AC without a battery.
4 / 5 Ulrike
I frames sure take some legislations a for your needs. I have purchased the Skull Canyon NUC and has loved the portable monitor. An USB-C variac. It is an only one to purchase in this chance. A version of USB rule requires that has the primary monitor plugged in and have it DisplayLink engine. No the enormous shot is to coach to to use likes him to him the second monitor for the laptop. But USB-C more brilliant looks and does not require engine and a lot especially can do for him.

Him them quell'USB-C port takes that one. If you are using the laptop and so only require the second monitor then an USB rule will do well thus purpose.
5 / 5 Junior
Ossia Quite stunning! I have loved to download some engine for MacOS. It can not find an engine a late plus in a Asus put web, as I have tried his support of cat. With which roughly 15 minutes, and some representative in that send me a right engine. It fails to install with the message of odd error. Then it suggests that I try a version. The , but concealed has failed to say me that mine was too much new for this version. A next thing that a ASUS Rep said is the indignant me. 'Well, all can suggest is for you to contact Apple and take help to downgrade a MacOS'. REALLY??? As I have asked I have bought the product that had gone Final of Life, which would explain reason has not been to sustain a current MacOS. I ensured that it was not EOL. Well, I so that it has said then that are indignant that ASUS is not that it sustains a CURRENT MacOS. And this was the terrible way for the company to be for behind his current products. They are not that it uses the version of Beta of MacOS. As it Can yours response be to DOWNGRADE my computer for your monitor?? UNREAL! I have taken finally to say he escalate this the engineering. But I will believe it when I see something of them. Felizmente, still can use this in my Windows of work 10 laptop or he would be the total loss. But any company that would have civilises it like this is not one that probably will do business with again.
5 / 5 Mitch
Was that it is thinking... The description of 4 stars for something that calm lasted so only the week?

In the first place was, knows that it is taking the before it buy this device. If you comprise his interior workings, will have the fine experience with him. Abundance of descriptions, so on Amazon and is gone in a wild, has covered like these works of screen in the type of USB C connection. As I will not take too much to that. My chance of use was with the forward-generation MacBook Air, which so only has characterises Some 3.0 put you.

I often operates it with the 2nd monitor there is poured in touching behind some class of background video. It likes in of that contained the random of Youtube, Netflix, Plex, etc, aiming in the second screen, while I am doing esal' work in the primary screen. But my company-has issued MacBook the air is a last generation previously to a recent refresh, which means any type of USB C. A fact that Asus has comprised the type An adapter was the big selling point for me. I have had any Anker USB 3 A to C bosses lying around and has done utmost. As I have left a boss of factory and adapter in rucksack of mine for use of backup.

Is using The device as it does not have the type C port (and supports DisplayPort start), probably loves to advance on to a DisplayLink place and install his OEM engine. They have done perfectly soften in mine MacBook Air, both in Big Invernadero and in Mohave (frames so only sure chosen one downloads of right engine).

This head to a big plus caveat to consider yes is in the type A connection, and a has not found in other descriptions. You will see CPU the trace to use when quell'using in the type A port. If it think roughly the, this felt. In the type C half where a port is sending the signal of video via DisplayPort exited, your map chipset is doing a heavy lifting to press all some pixel around on screen. Your CPU only needs to say a subsystem of map the one who need to be drawn. But your chip of the half map is not usually hooked to the USB rule written A port. Like your CPU has to that do double-has to that and uses a DisplayLink engine to translate that usually it was the current of video to the common of data that a monitor DisplayLink the chip decodes. When Touching behind 1080p video, I routinely has seen some engine that eats 50-60 CPU use (of the dual-core i7). This easily could take 20-30 swipe out of the battery of the your laptop runtime. I usually dipped up in the room of conference, as having AC outlets near has solved this for me. But think to your concrete use before jumps to the east.

Has used this newspaper for the week before it die on me. A morning, he not being able to up after touching. An indicator FOCUSED has been stuck aiming green, or has touched fully. In spite of everything Asus the support of technology asked to try, he a lot of reset and can up. As you go back to Amazon. But during this week, was very happy with like this extracted . I any one lacking Asus to the churn was a bad unit .

Like this mentioned elsewhere, is not a screen a brilliant plus. But in any office, house, hotel, dipping of room of the conference, is perfectly useable. His operative power is 9 watts , and there there is so only so much brightness can achieve you in this wattage. With USB rule that distributes 5 volts, would require 1.8 amps to be able to him fully. This means that you are running on mostly can of battery in the type A connection and your computer basically is that it retards the tax of download of a monitor. It take the hair on 5 first hours to require to unplug and recharge the. Like an hour more than a factory has declared 4-now runtime on battery so only. Type C could theoretically can he indefinitely if your laptop can distribute that wattage and is in AC has beaten.

Which head to me an only real flu has in this screen, a lack of options of entrance of the power. Volume that Asus has loved to create the 'a boss' implementation, but this limits the one who useful that can be. If it has had the port in any side of a device, can covers to a laptop in a side and use the adapter of power in another side. Or included he powerbank has loved to run he with your telephone. You was would be able to 'overdrive' a brightness to something more afterwards to a 300 nit row of the majority of laptops of prize.

I plugged mine Samsung Galaxy S8+ his and screen mirroring done exactly to the equal that have expected. So you have loved , you could touch both devices on fully and take the pair of film in without that has to that use on lovely mobile hotspot bandwidth (taste was to tether to the your laptop).
4 / 5 Lynetta
Like an external auditor, I travesĂ­a of client to client. As such, has looked for the light portable monitor. Well, easily I can say that I found it. This controls does so only that I require it to. It is very portable and easy to dip on, any subject where am doing. I included dipped this monitor on while they are cuddled up in a couch that study for a CPA examination. This portable monitor I easily enable me to augment productivity and consolation while doing with multiple applications. To top it was, a monitor is Mac compatible (so only install displayLink) engine and rapes! All and all the addition adds to my census of technology.

Note: A connection of USB in a monitor is not a better connection, smaller jostling will cause a boss to result slightly disconnected. Ossia The smallest irritation and no the value that goes down my global indication. So only I love other buyers to be conscious of this defect. All have to that do is king ensure a connection and the things are a lot again.
4 / 5 Lynn
Has taken a monitor , attentively the unpacked and plugged he my Surface Pro 2017. I have listened a tone of familiar USB that indicates the new device. After the little as it was mirroring a desk. I have selected Windows-P to extend a desk to this monitor and he have chosen a correct resolution and the life was a lot. Then, I unplugged a monitor and has called my woman on to aim that you read ( is for his). When I plugged the backside has been hailed the USB has repeated to connect the sounds have followed immediately of a disconnect sounds. This has been paralizaciones in the minute (2 seconds for cycle). Finally, the windows have given up. So many, is on-line state and grabbed an engine a late plus of ASUS and installed him. Any joy, same question. I have tried this monitor on three separate computers with USB 3 put you and his all have some league repeated same/disconnect subject.
After, has begun the cat of support of the technology with ASUS. Cela Took a rule reboot and king joints of discharges. I humored the and tried it. Still very gone. I have tried it take him again on cat but he never connected included although it was on-line prime minister . So much, behind to the amazon goes. Shame. I generally really like ASUS produced. Any sure goes to try this one again, especially reason seat one is of the chance is extremely flimsy. Hard to attack on behind, but the forwards so only would take the breeze of series.
5 / 5 Michele
I have bought this partorisca my laptop partorisca do the help he easier that do remotely,(I has 3 Monitors in work) So only doing in a laptop was the no-go. Ossia Perfect, a measure is well, no too small, no too big. One on the one hand better is that it is easy to dip-up. So only download a correct engine of displaylink and wallah! But ossia a better part ...

The sound has Downloaded a DisplayLink application partorisca Android, and the have the USB-C to HDMI/3x3,0 USB Hub. Now it can Initiate Samsung Dex in this screen, sound with my BT Keyboard and Mouse, am using them my Note 8 has the portable Laptop!

Will be partorisca try to convince a president of an office partorisca buy a partorisca all the world-wide more!
4 / 5 Florentina
Has required an extra exposure partorisca mine 2010 17' MacBook Pro, and has finalised partorisca try this MB169B+(USB3) exposed in diverse Mac portable there is around. You will require partorisca download an engine partorisca Mac, which find in a CD resupplied. After a league of exposure and the functions without question have seen A USB2 port - ossia corrected, in my hands this no precise exposure USB3, neither need the connection of double USB partorisca sufficient power. Besides, it is possible to connect two of these exposures (partorisca to 3 exposure setup, comprising an exposure of original laptop) street a USB2 connection partorisca each exposure. I attach the video where has connected 2 of these exposures to some old 2009 13' MacBook (Aluminium unibody, 4GB RAM), and has run two Quicktime video a same time - as my shows of video, these looks partorisca do amiably. Like this exposure (in 2 and 3 exposure setup) has done well in a 2009 13' MacBook and mine 2010 17' MacBookPro (both are USB2). An exposure is not like this brilliant like Mac exposed, but can control brightness with some controls in a side of an exposure. Partorisca My purposes (nails urban of monitor of the increase partorisca the commercial program while travelling) an exposure(s) work(s) amiably.

Now, where has run to some questions was when I has connected an exposure to the 2013 13' MacBookPro (which there is USB3). A sample connected without questions, and could touch 2 video, one in the each exposure. This in spite of, can not share a window of application among 2 exposures, a course that moved to a new exposure so only would disappear. A 3 exposure setup has not done at all. They are sure he will have the trick am not conscious was to solve this question - if any one knows a response, please commentary and to the left in the knowledge! It is attacking that in my hands, a MacBook with USB3 has has had questions, while an old plus USB2 MacBooks has done well.

A chance to spend/the stand is well to spend, but quite basic to the equal that was. There is abundance of adjustable pill and more stable is available here on Amazon partorisca around $ 10, which will do very better to leave regulating a corner to see and protect an exposure of toppling on.

UPDATE Dec 2016: I recently upgraded mine 2010 17' Mac Pound Pro with the USB3.0 Expresscard to run the 3 monitor setup with 2 of these exposures have connected invernadero USB3 (the USB2 was the bit laggy for 2 external monitors). Some 2 exposures have required a externally powered USB3 hub to take enough juice in this cement Mac Expresscard setup. Again, it likes in a 2013 MacBook, of those careers these exposures by means of USB3 does not leave you to share a window of application in several screens, while connecting some exposures via USB2 the leaves that windows of action of application. This in spite of, easily can generate 3 different application windows and situate them in some 3 different exposures, like this for my needs these exposures do perfectly well. Also, spending some 2 exposures in the normal-sized to the z/to the rucksack is not the question when travelling.
5 / 5 Corina
Has loved an idea to take the portable monitor… Then in fact has taken one. This ASUS the monitor is surprising!!! I can not say enough in a light weight, colour of perfect/picture and lustrous creation. But a thing me gustanuno the majority of and also a reason has bought is for ease of use. No longer I owe that tug out of the monitor to have screens of duel; it seats in drawer of mine of office until it needs an extra monitor with my laptop.

Are also the programmer and nails urban of the screen is a lot of entity of mine. I have had this for roughly four month now and took it already to the conference, several long meetings and the three formation of session of day. So only a more more roughly is an USB 3 models do not use external power, can not stress enough that this characteristic so only is sum.

A ASUS MB169B+ that has bought comes with the chance that is sturdy and at all economic; for this I bad that has had he for roughly four month now and really has any sign to spend still. And, considering use, use this controls roughly three to four times the week and the turn behind to a chance after each use.

After seeing a quality and action of this portable monitor now am thinking to look take one of his portable. ASUS Looks to do really material of qualities, well controls in all the chance.

Do perfectly for me but if it does not give never on on me surely will buy another ASUS. It buys it again and recommend it to any one.
4 / 5 Nakita
[[ASIN:B013XFJKGI ASUS MB169B+ 15.6' Full HD 1920x1080 IPS Control of Portable USB
While work, is and easy to use. This in spite of, takes to do after 9 month. A description mentions one 'ASUS Fast Substitution: 3 Guarantee of Years, 2 way free nave.' We send me to him focus of free nave partorisca Fedex Tierra. This in spite of, a guarantee does not cover of the products that is 'broken' in any way. One produces has not been fallen, lined or has submerged. This in spite of, considered it fractions, as we send me the $ 180 bill to fix the $ 180 element.

REMARCE: With which much more transmissions, a finally decided company to honour a guarantee. The on a description of 1 to 3 stars. Also it take several weeks, but for now, has the monitor of working substitution.
5 / 5 Lloyd
The mine has been purchased of ' LLC' and while it was inside the main box that has been sealed a container of real product was has opened already.
Has had impressions of toe in a device and a stock exchange of boss of the can be be cut open. A chance that comes with him and the instructions were has sealed still.

Bad informative for Surface Pro 3 owners (and apparently some owners of laptop).
The descriptions of product have said this on Amazon and Asus' page of specification:
- Full HD portable USB-powered monitor with the USB so only 3.0 boss to be able to and transmission of data
- A MB169B+ is for behind compatible with to notebook or desk USB of PC 2.0 port. Please note: USB 2.0 connection can affect brightness settings and quality of image.

Corrected am wrong but does not see that specific that he 'only' on'ome' USB 3.0 devices. As to be clear this ' ANY' WORK in the Surface Pro 3 native USB 3.0 port (and some portable the as other descriptions have declared). Law this in spite of shopping the USB hub supplies it quite can. Has a Anker USB 3.0 hub with 12V / 5AC, which apparently is enough. Or you could take the And boss and try and discharges he to an adapter of power of a SP3 (has not tried this has had of the hub). In any case say it to him that can do it on USB 3.0 and 2.0 I expects it to, and this no. loses to the plot of him is portability yes has to it spend hub with you all a time also.

Additional info:
When your past that looks for to imagine was the one who can can this device extracted like this expected. The colours and to the acuteness is average for such devices (this in spite of comparing it to a SP3 a lot desaturated, no like this acute, and 20 brilliant less) but has to that consider that a SP3 has one of one has DIRECTED MORE LCD is in a phase for cost and mobile devices more. A lot slender and hanged light for a measure of a screen. The chance is well for the chance but bad to the equal that was. Neither it can attach boss to be able to at random. A matted the screen for me is preferred in a glass and highly reflective screen of a SP3

[Modification] With a Anker USB 3.0 can can you two of these both without the And boss. Also different some have alleged that one has to that be plugged to the native port in a device while another can be by means of the hub, both can spend for a Anker hub
5 / 5 Erwin
does not go to go further where more reviewers is already state. Basically, ossia the good product . A quality of image fulfils my expectations. It is light.

Be conscious of diverse things, this in spite of:
1) Any so only any port of USB in your computer will resupply quite can to drive this monitor. It tries to put you different (USB 3 when being more probably to do), or can require spent one of a splitter bosses with two finals viriles covers it to two put you of USB and a fine female to receive one covers of a monitor.

2) An engine that goes in a DVD has comprised goes to be probably was -of-date, and will require to visit a ASUS put web to take an up to date engine. Also, when I this has learnt that it change recent in of the Windows 10 has done an automatic transmission the way of unavailable portrait, and will require to verify for behind later for an additional update. My experience with several on-line cats with a company were less than satisfying...

3) This exposure comes with the chance, which ASUS also described to the equal that was. Like the protective chance, these elements is very good. As it was, any so much! I suppose it that it can do it in the pinch or when travelling very light, but for the daily use found it to be uncomfortable and unstable. I have purchased the stand of portable book to do fault this purpose (sees photo and link) Good Production INP-103-Or Stand of Book (Bookstand / Bookstands / Music / of Cookbook / of the Title)

In general am very happy to have this exposure, and think that is one of some better options there, but doing it work for me has not been like this painless to the equal that has expected!
5 / 5 Lani
A lot of fallido. They are in my second (has broken a prime minister a, my failure but the memory that is fragile). I have had the second some paralizaciones the month. It covers he in. A computer sees a monitor. There is the glow saying me is taking can, but so only the black screen. I have tried in the laptop of windows, Surface Pro and mine MacBook Air, all duquel has done previously. In fact, I used it on mine MacBook so only yesterday.
4 / 5 Donita
January 2018 update: As another has experienced, my monitor is defective and randomly closes down. Any paralizaciones of work more than the pair of minutes the time. Asus The support is terrible and has been giving me a runaround for weeks. It DOES not BELIEVE an announced 'fast substitution' ready of guarantee in a description of product. They allege they are out of stock and the substitution is not available this time.
4 / 5 Sina
Is running Mac YOU, especially Mohave or big then a Asus the web of place does not have calm link to some precise engine. At the same time of this writing, Asus the web of place has listed only engine that lean die Mohave . I still installed his in mine Macbook Air (punctual 2015 model) and during installing received a message of error that says that some engine could not be installed reason my Mac OA was 'also new'.

Like another reviewer has mentioned, Asus possess a hardware, but use DisplayLink engine.

So that it require to go directly to a DisplayLInk put web and look for a late plus Mac YOU graphic engine there. Once installed, has restart my car, and a monitor has done perfectly.

Is running Mohave , here is a precise link: />
Now that I have it working, a law of monitor adds. A chance are add, but using it as it was to control fallido at the beginning. It can not to imagine it it was.

Has found the video of Youtube that has been useful:
5 / 5 Lilliana
shabby two of a Zenscreen Gone of the monitors with an intention to use them in of the conferences. As I will maintain this a writing:
1) Sturdy build, and relatively light
2) having the built-in the battery solves the significant question
3) Different another, once imagine out of a coverage of origami, is quite easy. Using the pen to the equal that was? At all early roughly that. A lot he.

1) So only the USB so only-C connector. It was a lot you could you can a device with AC adapter while still leaving for entrance of video
2) Screen brightness is feeble
3) Quite possibly a worse on-navigation of paper of the screen of any device has has not used never. The question is to a large extent solved installs Asus software that leaves for a management of settings of yours portable

attended Asus maintains in him. Ossia That the prime minister adds. The future versions would be very do fault for of support Miracast and having the entrance to be able to separate.

To arrive to this point, there is at all like in a phase, like this in spite of of some limitations, is an only game in city.
4 / 5 Lucio
Partorisca $ 130, the desire had taken the monitor of different USB.

Connection of instant and recognition (the time of majority). I have not required partorisca install an accompanying software -- a car looked partorisca be able to relieve and install his own engine -- expect for a time when my car has failed partorisca access an engine;

brightness. Ossia My main grip with a product. You can do a screen a brilliant plus while regulating a contrast, but these are some so only 2 attributes can regulate and arrival partorisca lose definition of screen. For example, if you max your screen brightness -- that almost matches the conventional monitor brightness -- you no longer can see the LADY REGULATES Excel bordos of cell. Ossia The critical thing so that do in an office. You can regulate the
bulky stand. A chance is a stand , and has to that flat place to sustain a monitor. East taking on cup of stirs it of additional space in your office vs. The stand of simple arm;
flimsy draws of stand. One 'tab' those leaves your chance to close to the stand of support is so only the piece of plastic that locks with gravities in a rear and terrible side velcro in a side forward. Not to fail me still, but a velcro constantly undoes in a front -- annoying;
subject of engine. A monitor usually connects in propiciado by USB. But I have had an experience where a monitor has relieved in discharges, but a screen was black. I have finalised that it has to that take an engine of Manager of Device (down 'Adapters of Exposure of the USB'). This has left an engine of device to reset, installs, and connect properly. It is hassle to imagine that it was.

Inferior line -- I would take the different monitor that has definition of better screen.
5 / 5 Janey
Has 2 of these. An USB 3.0 and USB-C models. I owe that say both good work for our use: as he 2nd monitor while travelling. Although each one which to the equal that has the caveat or two, and will develop on that it bite it down.

My woman has an USB 3.0 model for use with his Core i7 Surface Pro 4. So only it has 1 USB3 space. If this monitor is plugged in directly does well, this in spite of prefers to use an external mouse. This means that it have to that use the powered USB 3.0 hub. We have chosen a Anker and work well while the power is plugged in. In his monitor there is remarked any lag when plugged in. We think that that ossia the limitation of USB 3.0. A protocol stack looks to require more CPU time that USB-C. His CPU spikes when it touches video or anything with action on that. We take it to knots mostly like him 2nd monitor for material of reference lookups and the web that explores, like this ossia well.

Has an USB-C model paired with mine ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW. The law adds! I can touch video of full screen, some same games in an extra monitor without a lot of added load in a CPU. USB-C bosses are not everything the same this in spite of, and has found this was when I has tried one of my bosses of mine short plus with an exposure. He lag some and have subjects looked the USB of my woman 3.0. Once I plugged in the better boss all was a lot again this in spite of and the action was a lot. Any like him To Him an original boss that the shipped with a lot, but can take an economic substitution (the mine taken of Mona estimativa - Pallate Serious 3.0). So only be sure is until a later USB-C levels.

A poster of exposure in both looks of the same. They are not 100 attentive colour (would require calibration) and does not have a corner of better viewing in a world, but does not concern for our use. A main difference another that the port/boss is some controls . An USB-C model there is more in controls of screen, accessible by means of the transmission of key of/pleasant combination in a place that an USB 3.0 bolt of key of the power.

Included a chance of travesĂ­a is quell'has bitten different among a two. An USB-the chance of the travesĂ­a of C model has bit it more seeing corner, flexibility with 3 tabs to has chosen of, but a poster also chairs in mid-rear of an impression, while a chance of the travesĂ­a of the USB situates an exposure roughly 2 thumbs of a front. It sees one has has attached images for a difference.

Has had a capacity to choose would choose an USB-C model... USB-C is better, but some control them extra in an exposure are a lot also.
4 / 5 Eleonor
Have two of these, one has been has purchased done several months of another source and is doing like this expected that. This last an of Amazon has been received after the subject known had developed with a brightness adjustments and car-rotate. We are using some current engine but concealed does not import calm so much can see of a Asus put web: 'Been due to Windows10 update of anniversary, ASUS also need of update some extra functions. During this period, HAS light and rotation of car the function will be temporarily very available, please update “DisplayLink” engine in the first place, a new “EZ” the utility partorisca extra functions will be liberta later on.' I have asked when an update would be available and Asus has known no, a service of client has been well to do with but does not have a response this time. It likes the law of control adds, another east dim enough to give me the headache after the few hours of use. I am assuming a monitor an old plus does not have a question because a brightness has been regulated to the ours to to that likes before the updates of Windows have arrived. Slowly to approach Amazon with east and see that it can be fact. Also, if this update of engine
taking solved would recommend this product with five stars but a lot until then.

Updated on 2-2-18:
Is returned a monitor with a dim exposure and has taken delivery in the new a today, a new screen is much more acute as it will maintain it. Perhaps an initial brightness the diverse setting during production? Any insurance but happy with some results now like 5 out of 5.
5 / 5 Nicolle
Like the screen is beautiful. Perfect measure partorisca in a gone. I use it way of portrait and plan to buy another zenscreen But no a AP model - I follows 90 can reachable when using portable, as any sure when I need the battery powered screen.
Here is where some subjects gone in:
1. If you exhaust a power of battery, calm can not change a way to take can of a laptop to power a screen. I have been moment to 2+hours with the big paperweight.
2. When A power is down, there is not warning calm so much can change a way to take can of a laptop, or has to that a lot he that automatically and so only give the notification?

Hopefully There will be it firmware update to solve these subjects. The plan gone to buy another zenscreen, but is a model an economic plus partorisca around $ 220. An extra $ 80 looks the waste of money.
5 / 5 Emelina
I work in a street relatively often and has purchased this controls the little on fact to the year to use gustanuno has extended desk with mine 2017 MacBook Pro. For the while this product has done well, but then a monitor mysteriously there is prendido to do. It connect to my port of USB and he at all would spend. I have contacted ASUS lean it and there was send a monitor to the ease of reparation to be tried. They have indicated to be necessary to send to the long of any bosses have used to connect a monitor also, as I have resupplied so much a boss of USB that is coming with a monitor and quell'USB-C boss has purchased for separate (which had been doing a lot of). It was contacted finally and has said a monitor was unable to be repaired and for this the monitor of substitution has been mine has shipped, which direct prime ministers of mine @@subject - I still has not had my USB-C boss is returned mine . One @subjects a big plus, this in spite of, is that a monitor of substitution only mirror my monitor of portable reason this monitor is no longer compatible with my computer like the result of one the majority of recent update. I am spent now for on 12 hours in a telephone with ASUS the support and an only solution have suggested was for me to go by behind the mine joins It To you the oldest version, which are not has had to that do. I have asked that substitutes my monitor with the model that is compatible with my laptop (as again it was compatible with this a lot of monitor at the same time of compraventa), but waste to do like this. Has have advised also that poden any never release the update of software to fix this subject of compatibility with this particular monitor, like this down that it has to that purchase the new monitor and essentially to the launch was one $ 180+ I past in this monitor. I comprise that the hardware and the software will change over time and that in the turn can affect compatibility term along, but in my opinion is inexcusable to not resupplying for compatibility after the little the year! A guarantee in this product is 3 years, as you would think at least strive to maintain compatibility with other costruttrici of entities likes them Apple. In general my experience with ASUS has been horrendous. An experience of the support of the client is dulcemente, repetitive and global unsatisfactory and some products are unreliable. Strongly you recommend that it goes with another mark.
5 / 5 Ricky
Has looked for the portable monitor for development of the web and I have found this ASUS Zenscreen Goes. When I have received a prime minister a, has used he for the few hours, there is put to bed and no in a morning. It is returned and to the amazon sent the new an interior the pair of days. (Very fast and the service adds for Amazon!) One according to screen has done sum for the month and the few days until takes to do.

I really like a measure, build, quality of picture and portability of this screen. It gives it 5 stars if there is not prendido doing on two different screens. With which any second one leaves to do, to the amazon surprised in refunding my same money after a time limit of turn was up. (It was so only the few days was) he Then looked in some descriptions and the looks there are a lot of people having a same experience - a screen not doing at all or there is prendido to do after the short time.
5 / 5 Marcelina
Looked forward to to use this so the monitor for my Mac mini 2018. Unfortunately, work once like the secondary monitor, then after trying for the primary , no longer works like any primary or secondary, with or without a DisplayLink Mohave the installed engine. Weirdly, Work with mine MBP15 running Mohave, as it goes figure.

A quality of build is awesome, but a text is the hard to read in FHD resolution.

Update: can take it to do if in the first place it connects another USB-C monitor, then change an entrance on to a Zenscreen. But after the cycle of cold power, he no longer works.
5 / 5 Pearlie
Has purchased this to go with the Surface Pro 4.

With everything but a tentativa, all has taken was a light of amber in a key to be able to. Three different computers, two different bosses, three different powered USB 3 hubs, and out of all some combinations he in fact turned on and there is showed something so only an alone time. Included hub in other cars, and included the second try with one same hub in a car esatta same, has given so only a startup ASUS logo and then ... At all.

Mostly all has taken was so only a light of amber in a key to be able to. Sometimes it turns aim for now with which covers in, then behind to amber. A hub has had lights for working devices; neither it remains it was, or light momentarily the darkness gone then.

Behind goes.
5 / 5 Hope
Left to the looks of expensive likes him there there is more to do of each day, and less time to take it done. If you want to have any class of personal time, has to be able to fine-fulfilled to take your 12 value of hours to do to records to a 8 day of now.

For me to fulfil this, has dipped on my 'Centre of Order' in my office and in mine that roughly when I owe that paste a street? It is not to like mine labour stops reasons are in the hotel, well? Ossia Where these controls resplandor. According to a ASUS put web, a software for these will leave you to use until 5 linked with your PC. I can not confirm this, but have have 3, and I course the all together with my exposure of laptop. I can a lot of he enough to the laws like efficiently like earth, but is darn near.

Would recommend the pocolos accessories want to do this this in spite of. At the beginning, I have tried to do the system to mount that would leave me to use 3 there is lined up in way of portrait, likes earth in mine desktops, but there is then @@give that this has not been necessary. I have purchased instead the pair of MountEra Side-highland Clips and the pair of Anker stands of aluminium, and am dipped. Some clips are quite big so that I can locate one in each upper corner of my exposure of the laptop and he will resist some controls each side and also one is trace directly on my main exposure. Utilisation a Anker stands to spend a weight of some monitors (which is not a lot a lot of), so that it does not tug down my lid of laptop.

A the control is very light, thin, and easy to pack and transport. The slide all 3 of them to an Amazon Basics sleeve of laptop of the neoprene (15'), separated by 2 thin pieces to pack the foam cut to measure. Some bosses, clips, and is everything is returned to a pocket at the head of rucksack of mine. Dipping up takes roughly 3 minutes, and can go the city

A colour in these is quite good. They match on well with the little tweaking, and like fiancé, actuate a lot of seeing corners. Some colours are not like this rich to the equal that in my main exposure, but swimming the flu roughly unless you are doing the photo that modifies.

In general, is a lot of value a prize. Has a Plenary HD USB 3.0 versions, although has the USB-C port. I do not want to it has to that concern roughly maintaining clue duquel was that.

A software that comes with them is very easy to dip on, and once calm , calm so only can use your settings of exposure of the Windows to rearrange his so much like.

If precise full productivity in a gone, would not doubt on purchasing these. A time will release up for calm a lot a prize. Hope This helps your decision to purchase.
4 / 5 Dorene
Update: Feb/02/2020:

Was work of good box. If you are buying reason is 3 years old , good regime. ASUS The guarantee is the joke .



1. 1920x1080 IPS Poster with Crazy screen. (Upper to mine ThinkPad W510 portable 15.6” 1080p Crazy screen)

2. So only a connection - USB 3.0 (Any source of the extra power required)

3. ASUS MB169B+ Included does on USB 2.0 (Any extra power)

4. Light and access together with laptop in stock transmission of laptop

5. Well for Programmer, PowerPoint or another documentation. Crisp Exposure.

6. Quality of picture of the motion: MB169B+ has the good exposure to look film. Some people complain that the colours are washed is the characteristic of IPS poster. Besides, I think that that it is subjective.

7. MB169B+ Smiled Lag: Remarked A lot of Lag when used to Program, documentation, the web that explores, Youtube, , gamers would remark the lag.

8. It transports of screen-tilt works to act a lot of (eats tried in of the Windows 7)

9. Viewable Of all the corners (IPS poster)


1. It was distributed is flimsy. I have bought $ 10 Anker Portable Stand
2. ASUS MB169B+ No on Linux
4 / 5 Maud
It thinks two times roughly purchasing this monitor. Some colours of look of utmost exposure. A bad informative is would not show anything and would not turn era. A key partorisca turn it on and was is not very solid. Taking sometime when calm turn he on or was and calms that has to that press the time of pair partorisca the take to do again. I have sent he in partorisca repair the month after a compraventa. Tour fast around in a reparation but now does not turn on. The battery aims 42 but will not turn on. When it Operates, a monitor would burst up with the punctual to select type of entrance (PC etc...) Then ask quell'option of power to use (PC, etc...). It looks sturdy but is not of confidence at all. The desire had purchased the monitor of travesĂ­a different. It does not travel that often but some last two travesĂ­as have of then has purchased a monitor, has not done. Strike 2, is in his way behind the ASUS partorisca reparation partorisca one 2nd time. The desire was returned the to the first amazon of my period of grace was up.
4 / 5 Myong
This monitor are simply adds partorisca my needs. They are able to return he to the mine portable partorisca exist stock exchange (or rucksack according to need) and the take the jobsites with me. Perfecto partorisca fulfilled fashionable of entrance of data where precise look in something in a screen while writing to another or partorisca the coding where can maintain you your editor opens on one and your application that careers in another.

Thanks to a built in beating does not have that worry on drain of big battery in mine portable. It has done well in mine Dell XPS 13 and my Pixelbook. I have it that has not tried still he with mine 2016 Macbook Pro but will try it on an after several days of then generally averts partorisca use a Macbook unless precise build partorisca iOS or MacOS.

Has does not have to that in fact it touches around with some settings partorisca control a lot or other looks of monitor so it can not comment a lot in that. I can not say has quality of the excellent picture but I to good sure does not consider it bad partorisca my uses.

Thinks that justifies an extra $ 100 cost on is competitors so only reasons has a battery? Yes.

Thinks it would cost partorisca take the different monitor without the battery partorisca the prize the big plus but with the touchscreen? No.

Of then can find the laptop like the Chromebook with the screen of alike measure partorisca roughly a same prize, sees that like the negative? Yes and no. Yes reason think roughly estimate wise like this so only when being the monitor but when comparing quality of monitor in the economic laptop or chromebook in this prize and a fact that would run it independent of your meaning of computer that could you a lot so only simply covers he to your computer and windows to tug around... Then no.

That roughly controls brightness, reflected, and corners? Brightness Is well in some half means generally use it. The reflection has been the question occasionally but some questions of reflection am had to generally to some corners that offered calm you for the situate. Reason the light is elevated generally and light among windows, if has lights on and behind you or the window behind you, has the casualidad decent that because of a corner a monitor can seat that a light will interfere with yours seeing of a monitor and glare of same power directly in your eyes.

In general although has there is enjoyed a lot this controls like this far and has done the use adds out of him.
4 / 5 Silvana
In an hour and any resolution at all!!! It sees down it thinks that that it was more than patient here. It sees under folks!

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Asus Zenscreen Goes MB16AP 15.6' Full HD Monitor Portable IPS has Built-in USB of Priest of Eye of Type of Battery-C W/Foldable Ready Husband
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Adds, my asus the portable monitor is not doing anymore. I have purchased a guarantee but after ridding the claim has said to be still under asus guaranteeed and would require to go thru his
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has tried yes that with our wife pc
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comprise your worry Patricia. But Iḿ giving my better option for you.
1:15 PM
could goes advance and resupply it?
Am going to amazon to write the description in this I does not love another to have that goes through this

A lot like this answered but the call with the studio of Asus. Seriously with which 45 minutes of of the this?
1:21 PM
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Patricia, taking is by train to connect you to Asus.
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has for a date like calm has said has to that take 45 minutes to help me. I give his contact info please.
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Well, will give you a number of better contact of Asus.
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I really need to leave. Please give me a number.
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Here is a number of contact of Asus,8886783688.
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5 / 5 Beulah
With useful discussion for Chris on 5/23/17 king: need to download law & of engine, have gone to a Asus put first web of even trying east.
Sure enough, has said that this was compatible for Mac. I have downloaded an engine, but each file has seen was .ini Or .exe Like ANY COMPATIBLE for Mac YOU. It have failed to something an icon to file that has contained an engine for Mac. Instead, I have written to sustain of client and has had the punctual response of any the one who informed that this monitor has not been compatible with Mac. As the packed up and prepared for the turn. Then I have checked
out of the different model that the fellow ad said has done with Mac. Downloaded an engine to verify and this time DID something a file that contains a Mac YOU engine. Decided would bend to verify a one thus monitor. Sure enough, in upper of the cast of download was a file with the Mac engine, and an exposure is turned on and a 'picture' are adds: those shines, clears etc. has not imagined out of maneuvering still, but some works of exposure.

UPDATE: die. The screen fill with horizontal and vertical lines and at all has tried king: settings of the exposure fixed the. Had another external monitor also, as well as a laptop is, and neither of abnormal era. Any value a prize to be able to use it so only three month. Sad type.
5 / 5 Dannielle
Would recommend to take an engine a late plus of directly, in the calm chance so only would require to use a CD comprised (or a newer version of an available software in ASUS' put web) loves an orientation of exposure to automatically rotate when calm physically rotate an exposure. Having to that be the minimalist when it comes to the software installs in mine PCs, as I have installed so only some engine, in the point calms so that appearances. A 1080p resolution and IPS poster so much look of mark adds, and brightness is a lot well, although I did not try it alfresco. It is also a lot of lighter that would expect for something this measure, and a chance to spend that it folds as it was is the good touch , although I admit that I took the second to imagine was that exactly to dip that up. Also be conscious that this will cause the battery to drain of the your laptop noticeably more quickly yes is by train for the use while your laptop has not connected when uploading. There is so only two factors that maintains 5 stars, a prime minister duquel is not totally lacking of this unit but that also has to that fixed concealed can be feasible for some likely buyers his same worry roughly that:

A prime minister is that while these works of exposure perfectly well for the majority of chance of productivity that does not involve the big portion of an on-contained of screen that change immediately, DisplayLink-has based the exposures like this is not ideal for video of full screen, at least a lot when an exposure is 1080p like this one. And it comes from while connected invernadero USB 3.0 to the PC with the fast CPU and GPU. Note that no really import the one who a resolution of a happy video is, but that the zone of exposure is fill. When I have looked sub-1080p video of quality that touches full screen in this exposure, occasionally exhibits the slow-me it the effect followed for the effect of fast advance. He averaged was to be synced with an audio, but this behaviour is the consequence of DisplayLink algorithms of proprietary compression and/or USB 3.0 a lot always when being until a task to drive the exposure where the significant portion of a zone of exposure is changing still to frame still frame. When I have looked a same video in a laptop is built-in poster, law perfectly. Again, you are using this for email, exploring, spreadsheets, or included Photoshop and to the like, in that I house the majority of a zone of exposure is compatible for now to moment, was absolutely a lot -- in fact included that looks that same video in the small plus windowed the portion of an exposure has done well. But if these bugs of limitation of the calm video And your system has the Type of USB-C port ossia able of DisplayPort start (like the majority is), then consider ASUS' USB-C version has called a MB169C+ instead. This model does not use DisplayLink technology of compression because USB-C leaves a PC to send the native DisplayPort signal, and not requiring compresses given of exposure to transmit in conventional USB means that an USB-C version would not suffer this limitation. A taken is that this model is not backward compatible with connectors of USB sooner, although the adapters are used, as SO ONLY was usable in of the systems with USB-C concealed active DisplayPort capacity of start.

And another smaller flu is that a chance spends does not resupply the way adds to store an USB 3.0 boss, which is a forget odd . Some the elastic loops are not especially utmost for a task, as I have finalised so only bending a boss, situating he to the long of an upper flange of an exposure in a chance, and then bending a flap of a chance on in the way that leaves of spaces for a boss to seat wedged up there. It has not fallen out of a side of a chance, but is not ideal.
4 / 5 Adrian
Has had an exposure for 3 month now and I travesía with him weekly. He partorisci perfectly with my Surface of Microsoft Pro 4. Hanged very light and calm does not require the adapter to be able to separate. Mark sure chooses a correct model, a Surface Pro 4 only laws with an USB 3.0 model. I initially deceived to order a Type of USB-C model and has had to that return he for the repayment. A resolution of the exposure does not go to be like this well like Surface Pro 4 but to the equal that can see in a picture is not bad at all. You will require to use the stand with him, uses a Anker the stand and am very pleased with him. An exposure has to that be plugged directly in the the port of only USB in a Surface Pro 4. Of then I need to be spent able he in other accessories (escáneres, flash walks...) A same time, also uses a Cradle of Surface of the Microsoft that resupplies an additional 4 put you of USB. It comes with the good chance and I near is returned in a pocket of laptop of my brief chance. Of a Surface Pro the exposure is in a small side, this to good sure adds spatial of screen to have the multiple programs that career.

Like this far am very pleased with an exposure and would order again.
4 / 5 Delcie
Luz. In a measure of the monitor. So only on thickness. My productivity skyrocketed because of a substantial quantity of the urban nails of extra screen. I connect mine to the Macbook Air 11. Power on fast with the USB 3.0 connetion. It is of entity that look on a model of MacBook that is connecting his. I need to install a DisplayLink engine for a monitor. I have recovered that have required of . Once some engine has been installed, a screen kicked immediately. Power-in Brightness could be better but is more than satisfactory when domestic to a max. A container comprises the chance that curve to the equal that was. A chance has resupplied protects of decent screen, but has purchased also the chance of neoprene for coverage added. The ones of the that really the cure for a way dips up as it was, thinks that to take on too spatial of office to accomodated the. But work. Ive Opted for one of some portable fines-stands of directional pill. To the each one which as his own. I have had mine for the few months now and I cant imagines no in that there is available when I the precise. One of some compraventa of utilities of better electronics Ive done in the moment.
4 / 5 Kazuko
INFORMS to UPDATE: after using is the little more weeks, has had to that go back the included downgrade my description. It outrage a question of stand there is remarked down, a cord is the piece of junk this has the free connection or something; it does not remain plugged to my computer. A tiny plus little movement (included the keyboard that writes in time) causes a cord of USB to disconnect, meaning a monitor is constantly disengaged and of the discharges has to that be pressed behind in. You go in east and a chance tand' concealed no the value craps it, this monitor is essentially useless. It is returned and has ordered a AOC.
Sinister expensive he, has abundance of monitors to choose of. When you Look for the portable monitor, has chosen this a based in some descriptions. Well, yes a monitor does a lot of - but a built-in the stand/of chance is ENTIRELY USELESS likes a real stand for a monitor. I mean, it sucks big time. Calm can not maintain a monitor that is in him; a chance maintains to abuse and in slippery. They are in fact fearful a slide to control immediately he to a paving and pause. Every time I look for to be a monitor up in him, after the pocolos small he the slides and some falls to control on. Reason Asus has not done this monitor with the built-in kickstand to a backside will not know never, but at all would recommend this monitor based in is. I will owe that go to buy the separate stand partorisca east.
5 / 5 Marvel
These are like this as well as any level 1080p LCD exposed has used.

Has 2 of this connected to mine 2015 Macbook Pro, one to the each USB 3.0 port in any side.

Has found that so only 1 exposure has connected to the USB3.0 hub. If the second an is connected the no . A second exposure has to that be connected directly to another USB3.0 port.

This is not so much the question because this means a sample can be connected to the hub and another directly to the port, like other peripherals can be used a same time.

One crazy the exposure is clear and acute. It is brilliant abundance for typical daytime viewing.

These exposures are thin and light, which the easily portable.

Some chances come with this good quality, but is unfortunately flexible, which means does not resupply any torsion or flexion protect for some exposures.

Some chances also fold like this stands, but take on like this spatial of office as to be unpractical.

Has found that these exposures will not remain wholes in orientation of portrait in stands of mine of pill. His neither slide out of a shoe of one is or fall in backward.

Has ordered like this 2 of one Still is recommended for another reviewers (has not received the still).

To to A thing does not like on these exposures is that some connectors of USB are long and widths and connect to a side of some exposures.

This his fact jut out of a side awkwardly so much is easy to clash to and snagging some bosses is too many easy.

This question also for some exposures to be afterwards to a side of mine Macbook, turn like this need my boss more than would have to that be necessary to see them.

Could dip some exposures to the rovescio and change his orientation of exposure in of the Settings of Exposure, but then some bosses jut out of another side and some logos in some poster are to the rovescio.

Felizmente Some bosses of USB have comprised is long enough to leave for abundance of elections in location of poster and orientation.

Regarding the hand feels, is to to the plot likes to resist to pill of quality.

Some poster is, this in spite of, HIGHLY SENSITIVE to torsion.

Is twisted slightly an exposure distorts in the a lot of noticeable way.

In general finds this sample to be of big quality.

Has done reliably in the USB hub would consider to order 2 more he so that it can have the total of 4 exposures.
5 / 5 Belinda
Has ordered this reason have required the portable way to show my screen when any one is seating opposite me in the table. This looked to be all could ask, any cords to be able to, 1080 HD, light and quickly to dip up. With which two hours and exhausting the web of place of a costruttore, has turned to some descriptions of Amazon to solve my question. It results that a Surface Pro 3 (and 4) has the USB to be able to down 3 port. There is not quite can to juice a monitor. An only solution is the 'Is boss that will leave cover it a usb propiciadas SP and one to the source to be able to. So much for a portability and lack to be able to of then am still in the moment to one 'Is the boss can very included to value a picture.

All this says, a poster is very light and thin and a chance, while it bite it dodgy, has resisted a whole screen in the quite solid way.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VA VA325H ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cathryn
With HDMI is diffacult to take colurs well. A monitor is very dark in of the games. I have had to to use Nvidia signal to control for the take well. In a poster of the brilliance of control is 60%, Contrast 40%, Gamma +1.73. Monitor he self. Brilliance 59, Contrast 72, Saturation 54, your of Natural rind. With these games of parameters are well. Plantetbase, Fallout 4, Osiris Albes New.(Game of early access), tilling Simulator 17, Subnautica. All look well with these parameters. They take it likes him to him three day is to touch with parameters.
5 / 5 Sunny
This description is for a Asus VA325H monitor. It was perfect right out of a box, covers only in and any adjustment has required. Be it has advised that it is the big sucker , takes the small taking used to but does not want never return in mine 24'. I am my week 2 to use like his still early but so far so good. A built in the speakers are not very good but is usable in the pinch, a supply to be able is built in as any brick to be able in those poses around also knows that a change to be able is in a backside in a side a right plus down of a sound to control that takes the bit to take used to that I since sings it to you sees it. In general very pleased.
5 / 5 Magdalena
Using this with PS4 and was the enormous difference to touch in 50 television of LG. With a prize $ 199, goes to look to purchase another earring first Day.
1 / 5 Rhona
I have purchased the monitor on Can 28, 2019. For the July 1 has subjects with a card to control this bursts up unexpectedly and then any one closure and that the rests closed. The amazon was any help . They have pressed only among a manufacturer that quotes his police of stupid tower. I have contacted ASUS and a person spoken with hardly could speak English. A call also almost an hour. It have to me numerous time on in a call. At the end finish a call but I have still to learn will be able to do the recovery of guarantee or no. A type in a telephone has not known that some habladuras of hell quite or that has said included. ASUS Would have to take some better support for some load of prize! A MAMMA!
4 / 5 Tonita
Like The technology of computer and QA declares was in Asus again for the new monitor like my current one is also Asus the 24 model of inch quite 6 years. A monitor is arrived so promised and was bundled well. A main subject after setup like all was certainly much bigger and was on age for my pleasure to see. Has two machines a to compute of big final and or for regular work. I have turned in my machine has finished big with 2K graphic card the interior contained and a monitor was supremely the brilliant and everything looked also big (Ubuntu) then moved behind in some windows 10 machine to compare that it was similar. I have fixed a subject of brilliance with using a parameter of blue filter. Even so because of a native resolution of a monitor there was no other poses to pose a monitor in. After 24 hours was to time in of the returns a monitor. I require to go with another Asus or Dell control which have the a lot of native resolution elder of 2560x1440 or more. I am sure another has note this also another where this has not been a subject.
5 / 5 Larry
It Likes him:
does not have to squint in 20 screen of inch
the picture adjusts really well with some controls of monitor in a right side.
Built-in the firmware varies some options of interactive card with some buttons like any simultaneously has to look in a backside and front of a monitor to do adjustments of parameters.
Some looks of support sketchy in a page of web of tent, but is launched in fact of robust material, so that well.
Wants this monitor.

any come with 2 hdmi the ports and the entrance that change, but salvation, sound the monitor of estimativa.

Will update description in six month.
4 / 5 Georgeanna
Experience to use like the monitor of computer as well as the television for chamber. The quality of picture is orders especially if your computer is or the beginnings of the device is 1080p and the place up was easy like the support of desktop was pre-installed. HDMI And VGA the entrances are the plus and 3.5 mm exited of the audio of equivalent is good but optician was would have been better. It expect a built in of the speakers to sound bit it better but does not import in the mine like my computer is connected in of the external speakers. Only another which subject is not a subject for me is a lack to locate group. At present I have a monitor in my desktop but he of state well to have an option to locate on in the wall.
In general sound the purchase adds included although the lack the little of the characteristic has seen on similarly priced monitors. Some marks of quality of the image up for him and is serving to to his dual function likes him to him the monitor of computer and television of fourth very good.
4 / 5 Perry
For a measure has the picture of quality and price very reasonable. The global creation is simplistic but aesthetically lustrous and good functionality. Has a no obstructive frame and the support that mark his very robust. Unboxing And initial together-up was easy because of a support that is attached while in a box. Has an unusual entrance and creation of cover of the can where they all atasca down in place of out, that does a connection of hardware slightly more complicated yes has poses in the desktop but leave posed he against to wall the easy plus. Four stars only for the entrances have limited: a HDMI and a VGA. The level is typically two HDMI.
4 / 5 Karry
That is to say monitor of the measure and the quality adds for a prize. My only complaint is does not have the aim DVI beginning. The only equivalent concealed taken (the finishing of blue cape) or HDMI. My old monitor has taken each three but since I no in that has it HDMI the interior a moment is bonded using equivalen until it updates my card of video.
1 / 5 Ronna
I have purchased TWO of these monitors, and immediately lamented hardly kicked in my desktop. Still after an hour to touch with parameters of video, there was at all could do to improve a quality of picture. These monitors are also big for just 1080p, and will remark icons, text, etc. IS blurry. Besides, A tweakable the parameters of picture are absolutely horrible, and has any road to do them look 100% normal. Both of some monitors are in a same condition, has update my engine of map, and has tried a quality with so HDMI and DisplayPort. Very disappointed, but honestly is my failure suitable for going with such big monitors in such low resolution.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS Designo MX259H ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Gianna
Although an image is quite sake and crisp, this monitor there has been lines of death of pixel after enough two month of use. No longer it can it returns through Amazon as I have appealed to to contact Asus. Asus There were roads a monitor and apresamiento reparation. A whole process has taken quite a lot of 15 days. An only subject here is that when has taken a monitor behind, a screen has not done at all. Any beginning of exposure at all. As it take it a monitor in a unusable condition directly of Asus. That is to say objectionable. I have called the immediately and is not when being very cooperative. I have been said would take one 'the substitution advanced' excepts that it take it 24 hours to accuse. It take the call behind two days later say has not had any one the stock for a substitution advanced and would not be able to order more for a substitution advanced (which are not reasonable of this monitor is still in production). It has resulted to do the failures that manual apparently takes 3 whole days and alleged do not actuate a lot until I have mentioned not using never very Asus produced again or informing clients in them. Then suddenly they had advanced the available substitutions. Very sketchy undertaken. It leaves to see that it spends when takes a product. I will update this description. Still I remain his out of Asus, some roads can look well but sound any value a problem. There is much more respectable marks there that it is very had to provide the service of client adds. Again I will update this description after this disorder is on.

Update 9/13/18
took my substitution has advanced today and some looks to control to be in fine condition. Still the little turbulent by a process duquel the integer has taken the small a month to take the working monitor. Long it takes and ask why take so long. Had always an apology. But in all the case, has the working monitor now at the end. The left hope remains that it issues....
5 / 5 Ok
I am writing my observations for ASUS Designate MX27UC which has taken the pair of days behind.
Has purchased LG 27UD88 earlier what notionally would have to be better that a Asus the unit But a poster was bad the day and I have had to the return.

Good thing that is spent!!!

Has ordered a Asus MX27UC and can not be happier quite the. A poster is brilliant. It can be considered also as or included better that one 27UD88 unit
+ Also can take 3840x2160 60hz in his HDMI 2.0 port!! That is to say the enormous roads of one LG 27UD88 has only HDMI 1.4 this can do a same resolution in 30hz which are the breaker of roads (LG can only that in a Port of Exposure)
+ Besides, directly can connect one Asus MX27UC USB-C in your Mac Pro USB-C port (the mine is 15-inch 2017 version with USB-C) using a cape comprised and takes a full 3840x2160 60hz without any change in some poses that so never and simultaneously touch your MacBook Pro!!!!. At most it can I take the averages of this resolution and the subjects of odd resolution to use one LG or with type of similar connection.

- No VESA mountain

absolutely wants this monitor.
Would update this description if anything changes.
5 / 5 Shondra
This description is for a Asus model of monitor mx259h. I have purchased this monitor to substitute my old AOC to conceive serious 22 television of inch that used like the monitor as well as the television for my Verizon service of THREADS of television. This monitor is an update as has two HDMI has entered that it is into use for my computer of desktop and THREADS STB. I have been surprised that a HDMI the cape has been comprised with this monitor that so my supportive the DVI in HDMI the cape has been to be comprised instead together with the VGA cape and a cape of audio. That enters a box was a HDMI cape, the VGA cape and curiously the DVI in VGA cape together with a cape of audio. Quality of video/of the picture of computer is very better in this monitor especially since is using HDMI so opposite to use VGA with a AOC to to the television likes him STB took on of an only available HDMI entrance. This monitor is very please to look in and since is almost frameless, weighs only in a same or is slightly clearer that a small plus AOC 22 television of inch. Some buttons in this monitor is not sensitive likes him a bit the recovery but they take some taking used to so one has to learn and comprise this law. Tan Far so built in the speakers go, surprisingly is very better that some speakers that is built in a 22 inch AOC the television this considers a fact that some speakers in so much this monitor and a AOC 22 television of inch is so 3 watts for west. Certainly they can not compete with the 2.1 system of his with that subwoofer has taken only drawee of state because of spatial restrictions and has cut down in the cape clutters but go quite strong and the sound clears although it has down small in them. If you want the monitor that is pleasing to look in, has decent speakers, and any one very side, recommends this monitor even so you are looking for quality of subwoofer of audio of the type, will not be happy with a built in of the speakers.
1 / 5 Anastasia
It would like him give the positive critic while it has had good experiences with a mark, but sadly, so much an original product and a substitution have exhibited to fashionable defects. A there has been the line of vertical purple, another the horizontal of white line, with the random pixels always white. We have tried a main quality HDMI capes and has had a same result with two separate computers. Curiously, Windows 10 very automatically recognises a monitor, included although it recognise it more another. In general, that disappoints the experience and us it the end returned so much a compraventa original and his substitution, is not returned our time with to third tentativa.
5 / 5 Delilah
This good exposure is connected in my Mac Mini road HDMI cape. An image is acute. For Mac users that flavours to take the road of acute image HDMI, a trick is in of the open Preferences of System &62; Exposures and together 'Underscan' external. A shot of the screen shows semi-detached Mac situates calm of exposure for a ASUS MX259H.

A frame is minimum and lustrous. One bases of the money matches a money Mac Mini.

A measure of 25 inches that bought, has substituted an old plus Samsung of 27 exposure of inches of LCD. I have not been sure quite down-sizing, but had remarked any one really needs some full measured of 27 inches and has wanted to the majority of minimalist room of work. The measure of 25 inches is perfect.

Has multiple parameters for several conditions to ignite, can select that using the button in a right a low plus. M Likes concealed.

A built-in the speakers are very enough to look Youtube. Although a control of volume of the computer will not create and volume of the sound the low plus of built-in of the speakers. This could be been due to HDMI ridding constant volume. The volume of of the west has to be adjusted using the button in an inferior right.

Was hesitant quite buying the exposure of Amazon, so that I do not want harm of risk, included the small, since will be to look in him for the few years. It was pleasantly surprised to find double-has boxed. An external box has not been damaged. An interior ASUS the container of boxes had to around he to cushion. A monitor has been packed firmly inner a ASUS box.
2 / 5 Jerri
If you are buying this monitor for USB-C connectivity, look elsewhere. According to Asus this monitor is in necessity of the update of firmware ('firmware 106') and take this: only it can take this firmware the road he in Asus so that they be able to him in him update. Those raisins of ways your money adapted for his update of firmware in his product to use some works of entrance that does not exit of a box.

Is buying This for HDMI entered, my supposition is is the paste or lose and is not sure why. In some signals to price that this thing sells in, is baffled when using a HDMI port in how blurred some things can looks. There have it also incredible mouse lag.

Another that that a quality of his east that would have to expect . It is not incredible but is not bad at all. Very doable. Some buttons are under a right corner of a monitor and they are terrible. The May Knows that button that so that there is not very of more than the same calm say you that button what another concealed can. A monitor is absolutely gorgeous even so. It IS metal with bezels very small, bad these things are good to look in....Quan IS was and imagine that he well.

Conclusion, is by train to remain me out of Asus produced from now on. Stay out of this monitor and this company.
1 / 5 Melida
UPDATE (05/29/2017)
Today, took mine 2 substitution and he look that this also has bleed of screen. On that, also it has defective internal components. Desprs plugging He in a whole screen continues to take random vertical lines of the different colour every time. At the beginning, has thinks that that it was my card of the map but has tried I also my television of Apple and he a same thing where has to restart a monitor everytime raisin. It say the amazon and said me that it will be it to do a Andon Tip that the ways until a manufacturer examine each of a MX27UC is this model of monitor will be taken of a web of place of Amazon.

UPDATE (05/27/2017)
has taken mine 1 substitution and what knows this an also has it but worse that one 1.
The amazon has ordered to 2 substitution and if this an also has it then will do a Andon Tip.

Was very excited after read of Asus that flavours his monitors of the big final in half dark. This has meant that some monitors with clear hemorrhage or clouding will not be routed in a client but has not been a case for me.

A MX27UC has had intensive hemorrhage in a portion of inferior left wing of an exposure and thinks because of my luck has taken the defective unit demands the substitution and will be to take that tomorrow.

Has to say that this monitor is a main quality in an outside and the interior has not tried never. Test Samsung, LG, Steel, Dell and much more and any one of them has acostat in a quality of this monitor and the mark gave me. Included this represents a clear hemorrhage emits a rest of an exposure has had not even a slightest bleeding anything. Recently, I have tried out of LG 27UD68 and that the monitor has had to bleed of screen everywhere and had of the repayment after 4 substitutions of LG

A first picture has attached is of my premier MX27UC.

Will be to update my description when takes a substitution . If calm like this the description takes to click that likes him to them the button and the action he with your friends and I will see you next time.
5 / 5 Kenneth
I have looked for the monitor with the type of USB C port of exposure. I have begun with the LG, and although it was well , had the red line in a left wing and a sound was terrible ( any mimic a sound of my laptop). So much, I have purchased a MX27UC. So far this one east doing well. I have used a type C the proportionate cape for my laptop, and good law. I am trying my type has special certificate C cape (while it have bought a so that I have not been sure has distributed the usb C in usb C). So far, it is doing well. An only thing I with had provided was the road to create and go down a screen so that it can adjust it a height. So far, also even so. I will update this description sees anything funky or has anything sees that I am even more quite impressed.
5 / 5 Zack
I have bought this monitor after another cheap 34' UW the monitor of the different manufacturer had failed on me. That is to say the wonderful monitor . For me, that is to say now my only road I game. Has the Benq XL2730z control which have done well enough for me for a past two years or so, but has wanted a hyped 34' UW gaming. There is a lot any road can return in the no Ultra-wide monitor now. A lot I enjoyed a width FOV. A detail is very very too many. Has the gaming PC hooked until a monitor through DP and also has a Xbox A S and the PS4 hooked until a monitor through HDMI. They all does very good. I predominately game in this monitor and I also look Netflix and web surf. Looking the videos in Netflix has black bars in some sides of a screen, but that he very problem me he so that it already has known that before I have done a compraventa. I prioritise a fun experience of gaming in a UW in a light inconvenience of black bars in some sides of a screen when looking netflix videos. It tries this monitor on Blurs busters and do so announced. I have used also a Dead Pixel Buddy website to verify for deaths of pixels and has no.

An only with for me is that there is minor flickering when a FPS drops among 48-51 in of the games. It was also conscious of this screen flickering before taking a monitor as it is not the surprise in me. Apparently spend it so AMD Freesync transitions in some Bass Framerate Compensation in a plus under FPS. I touch the plot of BF1 and that only flickers during some screens of loads. A screen flickering is also screen very whole neither, he he in something random in some screens to upload. Test Battleground 1, Quantum Pause, Carts of Project, and Sniper 3 Warrior of Phantom. Quan Transfer of AMD Freesync, does not take any screen flickering in my games at all. I have not remarked and the screen these tears with Freesync has turned was, but is sure has...Only I have not remarked he still. Has one ageing R9 Fury X GPU likes some new games with parameters dialed on litigates of marks of the mine of card. I expect a AMD Vega Card when loose, will be quite strong to press all the new games until 100hz in this monitor with ultra parameters.

My system specs:
I7-6700k OC'd 4.6ghz.
Asus Maximus Heroi 9
R9 Fury X (Engine 17.4.4)
Corsair DDR4 32gb (4x8) 3.0 XMP
Samsung 1tb 850 EVO For Games
Windows 10 Contains 64
4 / 5 Leticia
The first view am immediately fallen enamoured with my MX34V monitor, but or the subject of the entity for me was a sloppy implementation of PBP (Picture-for-Picture) cual covers two different entrances to run simultaneously like two computers. Has the necessity to connect two computers in the only monitor, has been excited when read this there was PbP cual has meant would be able to use both laptop without changing entrances. PbP Does not leave a monitor down the half but pose two difficult to use/images to see afterwards in the each another. A joystick in the manoeuvre through a card that is fragile and while if easily it can prender. In general using two entrances a same time or the mountain in a wall is the requisite then does not take this device.

-Utmost speakers (Harman/Kardon) for a measure and to well sure well for the dispatch of small house.
-The support serves like the tampon of wireless load for your mobile phone.
-The quality of image adds
- was to add when touching games and very responsive

-No Vesa mountain as it can not locate in a wall or clamp of desktop out of a box.
-Picture-for-Picture very bad implemented
-clave of the joys of the Parameters listen fragile

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS PB277Q 27" ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Christi
Only it wants to it write the fast description. I have not bought this monitor of Amazon but Microcenter. I have bought a backside in 2013 that was it perfect, any backlight bloody or subjects by heart. It IS still perfect today. I have decided recently that has wanted poses he of dual monitor up. I have bought another the little the mark of weeks; there is backlight bleeding that took it up 20 pct of a screen. Photoshop Was unusable. Has thinks that that it was only that or controls, as I exchanged it. Subject Still with a prjimo a, then finished only returning it and maintaining mine a pose to control up. I am writing this description so that I some on-line investigation and is not only me that is to say having this hemorrhage of black light out of a subject, but something in some models when being ship in 2015. Be so conscious of this subject when buying. I bond the picture of a problem. A monitor in a right is a new plus a, is returned now.
1 / 5 Annie
Purchasing this monitor has been one of my worse experiences. It have to it prendi attention in other negative critics. A first monitor has taken had some problems other people have mentioned. An exposure was terrible and has had some class of bad hemorrhage/ghosting of a verge, especially melts ash of colour.

So that it take it only, has had still a ship of boxes in and has had still my old monitor. The amazon was of course adds to substitute in any load without questions. It IS it peels that it likes me treat the amazon more than another retail. I have used only my old an until it take it a substitution .

After taking a substitution, look to do so that it takes drawee of a box and my old monitor. Desprs The little of the weeks begin having the sever problem. Each few minutes he shutoff with the static strong of some speakers. Every time he startles me and interrupts my work. It does for some long days.

Contacted Asus and agreed to to substitute it down guaranteeing. I have expected the to ship out of the substitution and I then could use this box to ship by behind a defective unit Asus Calls this seats 2 road free nave (cross-ship). We say me to us there it is not any census and only can do the levels RMA. This would mean those needs of purchase some class of boxes and packing material. He then precise ship by behind my monitor and attentive until it has to that the substitution could be weeks , months, concealed knows.

Alas, can not be without my monitor for hours, the only left months. I need for my subject. We said me to us to verify behind. Has cheeked retreated weekly for almost 3 month now. Every time it is a same history . As one taking easterly is for prender attention in some 1 descriptions of star. It IS very probably you have you the problem with this monitor. They will substitute it, but it require to be without the monitor for the very long period. He been the ASUS fanboy for the while now, but need of looks to purchase the new monitor that maintains (which do not have money for) and will be to change in the different manufacture. HIGHLY it recommends that you go with more than way that does not find calm is stressing predicament
1 / 5 Alejandra
There is this monitor for quite a lot of 2 weeks and he was quite awesome.

Then yesterday morning does not begin up immediately, and after 25 minutes to touch beast buggers with rebooting and change of such cape, avenges up with the 1 green of pixel lines quite 4-5 inches (has not measured he) of a hand-right endwise has lined.

Has tried to open the case through a ASUS on-line cat, but this has required to open the case in a web. Even so his box of investigation has data a 'the access Denegado' error.

S0 Nicknamed in. Apparently his line of the support of the Technology was overflowing, so that it take any concealed has taken my name and of the numbers the tlphonique and has promised the call of tower in an hour.

And knows will be IMPACTED to discover any raisin.

How has tried his form of support of the email, which rebuffed to leave me through in the perfectly ( voice RFC 822 or google soymena that email that allocution' ) allocution of valid email.

This morning a monitor failed again to start with immediately, as it is returning in Amazon (thank you type) and will be to buy of Any Asus for the few years.

Gives With modern manufacture that any one all is perfect, but can any one has measured properly your lines of technical support, any one yours necessity of lines of the assembly to be fixed, or your creation of product.
1 / 5 Alonzo
I have bought this monitor of Amazon two times. An in the first place one has been returned so that the week or so, had the problem with a HDMI connection. It take the blue screen with the look in black and white in a centre of a saying of screen HDMI has not been connected and could not turn of a monitor without unplugging it. I have verified a connection has substituted the pair of another HDMI the capes and has changed at all. I have had still a monitor this or has substituted. I hooked the up and days of good law.30 it Has had it any elapsed so that it return the. So that so the descriptions were positive, has thought, well that is to say juice one of a scarce bad ones, as I have bought another. I have lasted 3 month. That spent, exactly a same thing like past with a first unit I bad exactly. It can not return in Amazon, as I have contacted ASUS. I posed it it was exactly a same description of a problem that is to describe on and was routed in essponded Justo,' in spite of saying was the subject of guarantee . 'Just response' is the fraud. I have posed in my initial demand in ASUS and essponded Justo' all of some things had done . A first suggestion of technician was to have you has verified some connections. Any one the technology is dead brain or his only the mechanical function. While the one the response, the screen suddenly asestada to say had accepted an offer of the service and I would be touched $ 39 and that the technology has wanted my computer and gave me the number of code. My response was has not accepted a service, does not want a service and no, can not have access. I have said also, if they have tried I touch me, it contact a FCC also my bank. Calm always ask you what scammers like the Just response will do, and in this case, routed a copy of my conversation, in that says has not accepted, this was scammers, etc. Has rid the load and I will owe dispute. And my monitor still does not act. Any COMPRAVENTA Anything OF ASUS
5 / 5 Lakia
It have been using the $ 130 1080p 22 Asus monitor for the pair of years (VS228H-P). Desprs Resolving down in the long new city-term, has decided was arrests to time to update in the big plus, big-animal monitor. In 95% of my use of monitor involves gaming.

At the same time of compraventa (February 2017), this paste to control one something the sweet entered:
- mine 1440p requisite
- measured
- estimating
- prize

IP the poster is supposed to exhibit field of precision and better colour, and this monitor has an IP the available variant. Even so, I have decided in skip that so that I have read that:
- IP often has latency of the main entrance, which do not fly for gaming
- IP can exhibit the light bleed around some verges, and planned on using my monitor in dimmer half frequently

Besides, has happy state with a balance among seeing angles and pint in a has signalled these powers my Vizio exposure of theatre of the house.

Uses this thing with my GTX 970, and touch everything in a native 1440p. The majority of the games so many has done far surprisingly well in 60 fps or more in of the very big parameters (even so I lag behind some newer emissions the bit).

Has to ail in the the to anything does not like him in of this monitor. Some works of adjustment of the height particularly well, and a monitor comes with the good variety of capes, which are appreciated. One GOES the poster has been treating me well during a year has been using pauses. It does not have experience with the big more final gaming monitors and tax of frame in the systems of synchronisation like the G-synchronise, but for a prize, this monitor has surpassed far my necessities.

Some colours in Overwatch really explosions!
5 / 5 Dalia
Unless you are the professional gamer, competes in a level a big plus, really any one need the time of response of 1ms in your gaming monitor. It say of another way,, really calm does not need the TN the often found poster in BenQ monitors (any one each his models but to good sure his the majority of popular). It do not take Me bad, BenQ fact of the phenomenal monitors, but is how me and some subjects by heart/of quality of picture, recommends to purchase a monitor of IP. That is to say the newest technology that provides quality and better colour. A paste in IP the monitors are that taking the time of the lowest response that 5ms is very difficult. It Likes him it has mentioned it on, unless you are of the professional gamer, is very probably you wont included remarks a difference. I Youtube and quite competitive gaming and could not remark the difference among the 1ms BenQ and 6ms the steel that touches the flinch game of reaction (COD). It opens, we are speaking in the 55' television of the flat screen compared in 27' monitor, to well sure will remark a difference at the same time of response so that a big television probably the time of the most next response in 45ms. I create me when say you, absolutely will remark a difference among the IP of the quality compared in the quality TN monitor, a TN the colour of the poster will look the wash was 10/10 times . Of course, the resolution touches the factor here but when is speaking quite a lot of consolations gaming (which are), 1080p 60fps is a max go to take at the same time of this description.

Open Cela has to out of a road, here is my description for a real monitor. The left wing is to be clear, that is to say the monitor of PREMIUM . He a bit those that years when this monitor is fallen, cost in $ 700 (yes, this monitor is the few old years ). $ 700 For the gaming the monitor or second exposure is the plot of money, any question quite the. It opens That this monitor is the few old years and Asus has the models the new plus (for much more of money), this monitor is the clothes in $ 400.

Asus Monitors, at least in my experience, is in a side some dimensions of fat plus so far what physical. It is not so that it is technology older likes Asus the controls of still marks that it is fatter. It conceal to be said, that is to say the monitor the fat plus as it maintain it that in importing before the purchase. Any thickness in a point his problem or the breaker of roads, but is not so thin while said, some models to Armour plate that is in a piece. And that it is perhaps an on the one hand negative end of this description.

Is revising this monitor of the gaming And second perspective of monitor - use this monitor for both. Habladura Left on one the majority of part of entity, a picture. These looks to control WELL. A picture is very clear and crisp, a pop of the colours and he are the very enjoyable visual experience. They go to be the enormous update in only quite each TN the poster and the level of IP of control of entrance. Truly I enjoyed the good picture and is had to to sacrifice the small time of response, this monitor is very value he, the calm promise you. If colour of the quality/of the picture is that it imports in you, then to read and attach this monitor in your cart; you wont lament the. At the end, that a lot is or the majority of the part of entity when goes in the monitor provided is not the professional gamer.

An adjustable support in this monitor took the plot to hate when the descriptions read before I have decided buys the. I have to say, it is not in accordance with some negative critics in a support. I find an adjustable support for convenient quite be and work well. Has all some adjustments will require to take a screen in a perfect gesture since you. One bases of a support is class of enormous and is not sure is totally necessary. But again, any a lot of all this of entity.

One of my characteristic favourite of a monitor is some built in west. That is to say any one lousy west, is in fact quite strong and quite clear! Quan Am tired to use mine headset for FPS, appreciates a fact has the reliable speaker. This can not import in a lot of you so that you use external speakers, but so that no, or does not want to spend an extra money in of the external speakers, that is to say another wins since you.

Inferior line, that is to say the phenomenal monitor for gaming and like the second monitor for your PC/Mac. It spends a money on something goes to spend to plot to time to use, a lot will appreciate in an end. For a road, 2K is the touch very well also when goes in the good picture.
1 / 5 Maye
Bought a ASUS PB278Q 27' WQHD controls in 9-11-2018. In less than 2 months, only out of a a turn of window of month, a DisplayPort failure. QUALITY VERY POOR. Also a support very swivel at all.

Would have to has listened in other descriptions. Any compraventa very ASUS produced and do a same deception. If chosen ignore this opinion, reads on in a 'entertainment' is in decrees:

ASUS the Fast substitution is ONLY A MARKETING GIMMICK. Has NORMAL CAPE to cross-ship.

Stock of the amazon does not count. ASUS Said has to have stock in a escentro of pair' to cross-ship. That the joke.

ASUS Centres of the reparation obviously does not maintain any census. ASUS Has said want to
'Fast Substitution' to call behind periodically and control to see yes has a lot in stock.

The tan basically takes to waste your time these calls/expect/in a line of service indefinitely with a hope fails some day, by chance, only will spend to have or in a loan. There have it absolutely at all 'Fast' in that. It IS A LIE !

The the yours the elections are basically: 1. To be without the monitor for an alleged 7-10 business days (Not comprising ships of TIERRA), or 2. Simply the does not take it fixed. It Likes him that it is included of the election after only is bought the new mark ~$ 400 monitor. As when being prepared to be without the monitor for a better part of the month. Full decree.

Oh, But an entertainment very around there. You have to provide, or compraventa, your own packing material. If you have directed to save an original of retail box, can use that, but will not take it behind. It forgets to be later able of the movement safely, tent he safely, or resell in an original box. Not going to spend.

Then when undoubtedly breaks again, taken to cross some same difficulties throughout again.

ASUS Concretely Said me some the original boxes under no circumstances will be returns. Full decree. One takes would not recognise when asked if a turn will be in of the similar boxes, and only maintained to repeat the original materials are destroyed. Read in this anything you , but sounds like only use flimsy container in me.

Opens has been warned.

UPDATE: Taken one ASUS RMA which declares of email to use the traceable carrier, or can contact ASYS to PURCHASE to focus to ship. WTF!

That it is well. The The active outrage paid ~$ 400 for the monitor of new mark 'FAILED', also take to PAY AGAIN for the ship behind for reparation.

And has had better group he well to ship so that, to read a fine impression, one slightest the totally null hurts a guarantee.

Quan ASUS IS well and ready, ASUS of course Tierra to use these ships to return a monitor in you. The sound better hope, ahem, upper quality, stain up well against this cross-TIERRA to send of country.

What convenient ASUS ships of earth of the uses when one slightest void to hurt guaranteed yours.

Basically a guarantee is the sham. They are when launching was potential to repeat the clients and they obviously any one preoccupy .
5 / 5 Yen
I have purchased recently the Mac Mini 2.6 GHz Quad-core of Intel of the Core i7 and this 27 ASUS PB278Q WQHD DIRECTED-ignited PLS Monitor of Graphic Professional. A monitor is coming with several capes to connect, VGA-VGA, DVI-DVI, HDMI-HDMI, DisplayPort in DisplayPort. A Mac mini has a HDMI and the mini DislpayPort connection. I have tried a HDMI, but of course a better resolution could take was 1080. I have required a cape of adapter to connect a Mac mini in a ASUS monitor. I have tried three capes of adapter. Or a Accell B143B-003J UltraAV Mini DisplayPort in DisplayPort 1.2 Cape, a StarTech M/M MDP2DPMM6 Mini DisplayPort in DisplayPort Cape of Adapter, or a Monoprice 5106 Mini DisplayPort in DVI the adapter gave me a full 2560 X 1440 resolution of a monitor or fill a whole exposure of a monitor. No in the principle purchases an Apple Mini MB571Z/A DisplayPort in Dual-Nexus DVI the adapter based in his prize. Has thinks that that other capes of adapter would do. It was advance and has ordered a cape of adapter of the Apple. Quan Arrives, has connected he in a Mac mini and ASUS monitor. Quan powered A Mac and the backwards to control up, has had immediately fill 2560 X1440 resolution and exposure of full screen. State using a monitor with a Mac mini and cape of adapter of the Apple now during six weeks and has had very subject. There is has not had any problem with a monitor that wake of the road of sleep likes him has read in other descriptions that use other capes of adapter to connect the Mac mini and ASUS monitor. That is to say correct adapter for my Mac mini configuration and monitor. It does not recommend trying marks other capes of records of adapter. That is to say the monitor adds . I want a resolution and pint...And I have not tried still for aforarlo. I wish a sound was the small more dynamic, but is not bad.
4 / 5 Vanita
I have bought this monitor after taking the late 2009 model Mac Pro 4,1. Has the decent monitor, but remarks a Nvidia Geforce gt 120 was able to pose out of the main resolution then a monitor that is coming with him. So much in my investigation has considered the Samsung wry exposure, but at the end returned in easterly unit Even so there are subjects with a dvi port. I have used a main quality of capes and what avenges with and only maintained to have a subject. Quan A computer would ignite, to the long of a turn of road in snow, has turned then a monitor was and behind on again and was a lot. Every time I have turned my computer in of the marks that. I have purchased then a ATUVE Radeon HD 5770 to update my computer the small bit. It does not ignite at all. I have verified an old monitor to do sure and was a lot. That at the end has resolved it a problem has used a port of exposure in a monitor in place of a dvi port. It opens The perfectly smooth work and clears in everything. The problem has resolved. So much, my conclusion is that a dvi the port has some class of defect of manufacturer in my particular monitor. Of a law of sake of port exposure, any problem me. I actuate Never the tried some speakers since have speakers of good computer, then , can not give description in those. A final verdict is that that is to say the monitor adds and excellent work with Mac CALMS X! Mac Or PC, and this monitor is the good election is looking for the 1440p exposure. Decently Priced For a quality also. It was initially preoccupied that it was only a LCD and has not DIRECTED this look pixelated, but he no. An only worry is that you finish with the problem with the port of the cape and something look bad, has exchanged for another, but in the world of too many products has produced, is joined to spend some time. Only the buy is thinking enough the.
1 / 5 Alfreda
It possesses this monitor since Jan 2015 when first beginning and was almost $ 600 nine behind then. LOOK - does not buy a guarantee has extended therefore that it is neither of reason, some people of guarantee were useful and was has owed to write a recovery, but there is -0- the zeros tend of reparation that still touch it. I have called and it has directed around in any utility Tiled. So which well is the police of recovery of the guarantee if you can not take repaired?

This monitor is in the quality Furman arises protective and Panamax UPS, as it is not the taking junk beat. After 11 month, a screen would finish to do the sound to burst, vain darkness and then reboot. I imagined it it was a supply to be able in , as it buys one in ebay and cracked a case and has substituted he in me. This was early 2016. It opens it Thinks that that I am having some DVI ports of start in a monitor. A screen will go dark, has to unplug my cape of ray of a macbook and covers he behind in and then returns on. Has has changed entrances, capes, etc too many and he a same thing. Any one also impressed to maintain having subjects every year with this monitor. Early it dies totally!

Looks well even so, but wish a reliability was better