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Top Customer Reviews: BenQ GW2780 Eye ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Cary
These are utmost monitors , but some speakers are a lot of calm . If you want any volume, buys a 'AmazonBasics USB-Speakers Powered of Computer' to go with this monitor. These speakers are in $ 14, and is adds.
1 / 5 Constance
I am happy this has bought the SquareTrade floor in this exposure. 4 month to use this exposure, begun to take green lines and white lines to the long of a right side of a monitor. Quan Has taken this until BenQ, take them almost a whole WEEK to return in me considers this subject only to say issue me the new unit was, in that THINK that it was adds. That failed to mention in me before taking another WEEK to return in me to continue with a RMA the process is that only I issue me the new unit was if I routed this in. If it takes this , takes the SquareTrade guaranteeed in of the this and any troubling with BenQ is. IF it takes this , which do not recommend to do. The good poster backed by cheap components that only is not reliable. You are more it take another monitor to arrive to this point of prize.
5 / 5 Galen
Pros: The works add and while it announces. I use for gaming; response and lag the times are any subject at all. Profit also of some angles to see improved (had the TN monitor before). It has Had he that hangs ~2 month now with 0 subjects. The parameters are the breeze in the change and some cards are intuitive to explore through. I do to house also and has gazed in excelling cloaks on here during the hours with attraction of minimum eye so anything his system of priest of the laws of eye.

Gilipollas: The brilliance Was the small a lot for me at the beginning. It have to the all a low road and thought it still was also brilliant but has taken used his.
4 / 5 Sanford
-His noticablly more colored that traditional TN has DIRECTED control
-Claro ultra the slender bezel is acute to look.
-Zero and blue light flicker
-Vesa mountable (that use the set of dual monitor -arrive)
-personally has not seen any limitations in lag or sloppy time of response still. Has my parameters maxed in some games I game.
BenQ Has to three guarantee of year on there screens.

-Very almost so in brilliant monitors what traditional
-screens of IP in general and this one very bleeds clear out of some corners.
-The trade of slender bezel softens to look creation for weakness and a potential of the powder that takes under a screen while clean
-the speakers are terrible but that can expect it. So that it goes it when being bought for his sound to have where they very now.

My aim was to pose in the situation of dual monitor for my dispatch of house. As I have wanted to to have the gesture of party to relieve to use and matching some parameters of screen. As I will be to buy the second a to finish a pair. Tan still although this will be used in my business centre, I in the first place hooked he until my gaming squad and has done the small bit to represent to photos to see likes them his of a screen. I use this with confidence for gaming , especially to do with photos. The games and the pictures look much more vivid. I think that that a problem a big plus is that dark looks in the dark room. Still I am doing with some parameters bit it. It looks the Kong island of skull on here, to try some scenes of special effects, a hemorrhage in the wide screen with some black bars arrives and inferior really, a lot the clave was. To well sure it can see bleed of corner. It conceal to be said a quality of a video was utmost, as it was the trade has been. It does not look television on here a lot, or at least without taking some speakers in all the case. I have wanted a low prize even so it takes the product of quality, sweats this was good access .
5 / 5 Skye
I am substituting my old iMac with the new PC but was very preoccupied quite finding the comparable screen for the reasonable prize. I the plot of investigation, reads lists of 'presupposed' editing screens, the majority of the this was $ 300-$ 1000 -- still out of my estimativa common. At the end after reading tonnes of the descriptions in amazon have decided to try this one was and is very pleased with this compraventa! It take a 24 inch and has touched around with some parameters the bit but he very was quite adds directly out of a box.

I portraits of photograph and the pairs and I have the very vibrant way. Because of this I required to do sure a colour was quite something-on. It have used my computer of husbands to edit the small time and has discovered one issues to take that his colour of screens was subject was and can do look of tones of rind of the sickly villages. The tan hardly takes ones pose to control up pulled in images in so much my iMac and some new BenQ the screen and looked very afterwards! In fact it remarks that my iMac the aims are the small warmer as have take of the bouquet of impressions has had done and begun to compare and a BenQ has looked for to be even more accurate in those my impressions looked!

A lot of people go to complain that this screen is also that shines, but does not know changed the to him since these descriptions have been written... It does not look also that shines in me at all, has posed he in 100 brilliance. Another critic has published parameters to match a iMac exposure, but when posed a level of brilliance in 50 was wayyy under a brilliance of my iMac. So much, I have maintained some parameters quite prjimos in some automatic parameters, has adjusted one gamma the small and the pair other things here and there.

So many is very happy with this compraventa, will be sure to update yes has any subjects or anything more to attach!
5 / 5 Temple
Wow. This monitor is something more. Everything and can say is for a prize of east his monitor really very good! And my gaming has improved by so with this thing!
5 / 5 Aletha
Doing like the programmer, has had constantly headaches before because of a tiredness of eye. Then this 'the eye concerns the monitor has taken my attention, has wanted only try and view if work, if I will not return. In fact it helps my problem of eye.

Has tried a lot of monitors in work, cheap and expensive ones, to find or that helps my symptoms, spent the little, but a prize is or very big or many to require the better computing setup to use his full potentials. For example, a better or used is Dell 4K ISP, but side in $ 500 (2018) and is for sale. Other marks are well, but dulcemente prpers gives is only the a lot of mark of them uses a same manufactory. Like the prize is basically bren what popular a mark is.

BenQ Is not the very familiar mark in some the EUA, but used to has the BenQ portable I very which, as has the very positive feeling in this mark. Interior a moment of compraventa, has had quite a lot of 3 options: this monitor, the Dell a, and a unit to Armour plate has had a monitor to Armour plate before and is bad, looks very well, but when used the, will know is 'cheap'. Behind in 2015 an Armours plate the cost of monitor in a same prize like easterly a, any value he. Dell One was more expensive, in $ 400 dollars and 4K, even so, knows 4K the monitor usually requires the best setup, has had the mac mini (hard generation) house, any behind 4K, why problem to spend so for that.

This monitor is so described in his page of amazon. I took it only enough the few days, and after the day of work, and then uses this house of monitor, has not developed some headaches and used to stops to have. Esperanza is the durable an also.
1 / 5 Jeannie
It is necessary utensils of looks of same compression although some looks of image very well in my another monitor. A colour is also very unsaturated. It can very anything to fix these same subjects when using parameters of user and tinkering with saturation, contrast, brilliance, gamma, etc.
5 / 5 Harry
Sound the product adds, has purchased 3 of them for the triple monitor setup in my current workstation. All three has paints very vibrant that good pop. An IP the model has angles of amazing viewing. Do also some gaming in the, the law adds with my crossfire eyefinity setup. I a unboxing and description of these in my canal of Youtube is interested my canal of Youtube is 'the technology adds' and a name of video is 'BenQ GW2480 - Unboxing and Description - Eyefinity Setup'.
3 / 5 Shaina
The mine was defective and BenQ has said to return it. I am exchanging he for a same model.

A problem was that an exposure has been often wash has been. It was not compatible. The majority of a time was a lot. Raisin with three computers (Wins 10 and OpenSUSE Linux) and three entrances. I wasted The plot of time fiddling with Winner 10 External Exposure and Management by heart and with adjusting parameters of monitor. At all resolve it a problem.

In Joining it to him to thing does not like him in of this monitor is a location of some buttons of control. They require to achieve by behind an exposure. In this way that yes it has the dual or triple monitor poses up and there is not any desert among some monitors, these necessities to control to be a rightmost monitor. It have planned it uses that monitor of centre in my squad of triple monitor, but could very been due to of the this. I even so it gives BenQ credit for having buttons to control that is to say the intuitive plus bit to use that more monitors.

Gives BenQ support of mark of big technology to answer a tlphonique immediately, without retarding at all, and to be very useful.

Afterwards takes a monitor of substitution, will update this description.

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ Monitor ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Cathrine
There is this monitor for almost a year, begins glitching was, Ben has nicknamed Q, has said the cause boasts that everything there the monitors have the three guarantee of year, that so that some pictures routed looked them has the harm has not been warrantied, of course and has contested a point, has said very there is not any harm, is spent almost 30 minutes are spent in his taking say me that the majority of people that subject there there was mentido of controls in whats injustice with them, the decrease of the long history will not buy never Ben Q anything never again, his service of client is horrible!
5 / 5 Cheryle
UPDATE: Three month later (late Seven 2014) - still wants this monitor -- in fact, has bought only the second an as I can move an exposure of Ray on and uses with my new MBP, as I will be to connect two of these in my mini.

HAS the Mac Mini (Tard 2012, running Nonconformists) -- follow using an exposure of Ray of the Apple like my main exposure, (through a port of Ray, of course,) and a BenQ monitor like my side of the monitor by side saw a HDMI connector. (I mentions this so that had the question quite this exposure would do with the Mac Mini, like this the description is aimed mostly in Mac users, although the majority of him probably applies at all the users.)

In general, is quite happy with this exposure - for a prize, has the good picture, any missing pixel that can see it [your mileage can vary, of course,] and reasonably black basic appeal lustrous plastic, with bending control.

To to The A lot of things likes them-them quite the:
1) comes without being able in or state DIRECTED in a front; controls to hate this blinks in me when is trying look the film. My anterior monitor there has been an eye-searing the blue power has DIRECTED, knows, in case that a picture in my screen has not been sufficient indication that a monitor was truly 'on.' ( There is the dim the green FOCUSED in a side when is powered on, but because of a form of a screen has to yours crane to the hovering in a side for the see, which are so has to when being, IMHO.)

2) IS almost exactly a height of same picture like my exposure of Ray (perhaps 1/4' difference) which are the sake perq in the second monitor.

3) A combination of flicker-technology of free exposure and the configurable 'blue-clear reduction' the tension reduced very characteristic of eye when using this monitor. Nice.

Has the few things to be conscious of: any one necessarily problems, but will be happier knows enough arrive to direct them.

1) A monitor only comes with the 15-pin (VGA) D-Sub cape in a box, which are troubling in 2014 - necessity to buy your own HDMI cape (does not want to use this with a MiniDisplayPort->VGA adapter, this stink of adapters, and some colours will be to crap) Felizmente, some capes are in $ 5 of Amazon Basics: (p. p.ej.[...])

2) A monitor any assembla car-detect that class of cape is being used - at the beginning this freaked was, so that my Mac has detected the second exposure connected, but a monitor has aimed only the screen of room with a unhelpful 'any semi-detached cape' look, and has think that something was hosed, but once has selected manually a HDMI entered of video through the system of card of a monitor, good law.

3) A monitor has the 'down-blue-clear' place that is very (p. p.ej. To turn down a blues while it reads to plot of text in a screen, reduced eyestrain) but once turn it on (easy to do) is delicate to the turn has been totally: there is a card to select that percentage of blue-the reduction wants to, but to return in any blue reduction at all, has to go in 'the picture Advanced'->'Road of Picture' and re-select estandard'. (Then again, a default 30% looks of reduction well, only can leave there.)

4) Audio: some backwards of device HDMI exited of audio in the headphone jack, but does not have any speaker, and any entrance of microphone; this is not the problem for me, but is something to be conscious of if this will be your main monitor . A headphone the jack is quite inconveniently planted in a backside, afterwards in some entrances of video, as it is well for permanently connecting arrive some speakers, but will not want to be frequently plugging and unplugging auricular in this jack. (Mac Commentaries Of user: you have to select a monitor like your device to start with of primary audio in ound' preferences the road a sound in a monitor; it is not automatic a road was if you plugged in a backside of a Mac directly.)

5) A base has the curves qualified, but very swivel. In one another hand, an impression of a base is almost around, as it is very any one the problem in only rotate a monitor yes need - this looks the wise cost -reduction.
1 / 5 Yuk
Update: my first monitor has suffered harm, like this the portion of my description is for a second lava took. Fulfilling that some very washed pictures-was, too white, any also brilliant. There is the difference. If I have posed the picture colored up in a screen in fact looks very good. But I am using any program that has the white funds are only too white, has washed also has been. It IS very hard in my eyes. I have purchased this because of all some inform of sound, but can not recommend. Has the videos looked and read descriptions on that for aforar a Monitor, even so it finds that a picture is subpar.

Quan Took this monitor has suffered harm. There is streak down a screen. I am expecting for the substitution, and will update my description then. Another that a harm, finds a screen to be very washed-was. I am not sure why, while I have aforado a screen and he would not have to be this road. I cause me tension of eye. I am expecting that a substitution very this subject, and again will update a description once arrives.
5 / 5 Elaine
Clarity and exceptional aims! That is to say by far a monitor has bought better and has ordered at least 25 in some last few months for several works. I have required two monitors for my room of typical work and didnt wants to buy anything sper expensive. Look in BenQ before but always backed in STEEL, DELL, HP, etc. Decided to take it casualidad in these and the boy has been impacted in a quality of an image! It uses the Sceptre before and could any never take the decent acute image and I have tried all the classes of engine, profiles, etc and only never looked well and has done my tired eyes that flavour utilizarprpers. I imagined it also it can have something to do with a DPI subject in Windows10, although that could be it resolved it for now - in that verified the lately.

Well Out of a gaze of utmost box! Im Using the NVIDIA of dual cape GeForce GT730 with some DVI connections that Windows of race Pro 10. It does not have any complaint. Very happy and certainly will begin to use these in everything of my clients installs from now on.
1 / 5 Adrianne
State purchasing monitors for some purposes of gaming and films for in 20 years. My old monitor was 24 inches and has wanted measures. Based in some descriptions for a monitor, listened would be the good purchase.

Was the injustice is died .

That is to say, low delivery, a worse monitor has not possessed never. It is spoilt essentially in of the drops of clear conditions, while it can does not look to rid softly crossing all the shadows of blacks and dark greys. Besides, some verges of a monitor is brilliant, and excels in of the dark scenes. At the end, it has been recently remarking (slope of the dark scenes) the group of clear aim these careers horizontally through an average of upper portion of a monitor.

Complete rubbishes. It spends the small extra bucks at most respectable mark.
5 / 5 Shery
Very pleased with a quality of this monitor. The slender bezels is discreet when extending your monitor and he weigh afterwards in at all which are handy when using a VESA mountain in an arm to articulate. One a thing will say is that some speakers do not go you to the swipe was but that in some world uses his speakers of monitor anymore? To my alcohol, concealed is not the detracting point, law as well as it expect yours in. A parameter of the blue light down really mark the difference, far more this has thought the . Also it has handy presets for gaming/dark room as it does not have to dig in a card every time wants change.
1 / 5 Joannie
Less than 1 year and a dye of screen is gone the pink/of your purple. unusable In me maintaining. It does not buy this again or recommend he in any one
2 / 5 Nadene
My images are aiming a BenQ monitor in a left side and my old ASUS (very basic) poster in a right side

does not comprise these descriptions, has to have the defective monitor, or these people have has not had never anything more in sample of. Instantly While I have turned on it can it see a turn, washed out of colours. I have begun to use the usually and has remarked also an excessive motion blurs. I tweaked some parameters by heart and several parameters of card for three days and I have taken he in a more can be, this was in the pair with some screens of LCD used to stops to have behind in 2007... You have to turn a brilliance each a way up, and a colour only takes near of in levelling if you max a saturation and the roughly red seeds, yellows and neon of look of the greens and ugly.

These looks of terrible thing afterwards in mine 6 old year basic ASUS TN monitor of poster. It ails in to spend like them the the screen has DIRECTED. It do not expect any a lot of in this field of the prize but this still to the left control me down. A proportion of contrast has been announced main that mine 6 old year ASUS and concealed is not some at all. Some black and the greys is washed like bad was can not be looking in him. Dress BenQ everywhere lately so imagined would try to era at the end, this is not the first impression of sake in a slightest.

There be also of entity the bleed in the darkest images that it is honestly inexcusable in any poster has DIRECTED.

This monitor will be returned and will save up for something more the third of pair up.
5 / 5 Ricardo
Excellent 1920x1080p monitor. The video games look utmost, is using he with Windows and the Good laptop. Some videos of games of laptop of Windows in full 1080p HD only well in HDMI, even so it can not take my Mac to touch first Video in HD which are the bummer. This model has one 3000:1 contrast which are only slightly better that some typical 1000:1. Some colours and contrast was the sake compared in other monitors. An eye that saves the filter of the blue light and another characteristic are quite sake.

Has the Mac, will not be able to take HD of the video Prevails on there because of some limitations in a Mac with this monitor, but if in of the Windows all are well. You can take HD playback in First in of the Windows. A desire of only thing has is the port of USB to limit in some means comunicacionales or the Chromecast or FireTV.
4 / 5 Roxane
That is to say an excellent monitor (am not the gamer, as it can not speak with gaming). The colour adds. The resolution adds. Fast for enough a moment of response to look 1 minute normal maps. I am not so fond of a characteristic of Cure of the Eye while I thought that it would be (and a reason has bought BenQ). I Like him his of a small application f.lux Has Nicknamed Very better.

Also, beware, a BenQ the monitors no with all the cards of maps. I have bought only he 2 BenQ the monitor and this are when gives that a EVGA GT 710 2GB DDR3 64sees the Only bite Void, Profile Down 02G-P3-2713-KR card of map, which back 3 monitors (3 ports), no with BenQ. It IS too late to return this 27' (which have been plugging in the port of USB with an adapter), but to well sure will return a new 24' that only taken since no with my card of map.

All this could sound confuse, as I will say that this has 4 monitors, 1 Dell, 1 ViewSonic (both work adds with a card of map), the Door that only fatality. Those were one 3 there was plugged in my card of map. A BenQ was in a port of USB. 2 BenQ to substitute Spend is died. It opens it Knows that I require the different mark that BenQ. Sigh.

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ PD2700Q ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lilli
Has update frrom to 27 inch Benq 1080p in a PD2500Q. One 1080p is as well as the television, but was the small misty like the monitor. A new monitor is doing while it expect: any dead pixel, the colour adds, acute image. I have researched a measure/of the screen of the resolution emits the just quantity. Here, I will provide the handy table that boils down a blizzard of numbers of resolution. I will speak an option of 4K. At the end, had a emits with a setup this was resolved easily and will provide some have not followed.

In the first place, resolution. If your eyes are quite sake (perhaps use to read glasses for the impression of only fine), a fact that some things are class of small in the 25 inch QHD screen and stairs of access (low voice for the brief discussion of a scaling subject) is well. If you are preoccupied quite some elements of the screen that is too small, takes a 27 screen of inch: some pixels will be further the eschew, like the images will be the small main and almost so acute.

A low map provides a percentage of pixels for relative of the square inch in a PD2500Q (100 percent) for some options of common exposure. The pixels for inch have squared is probably a better indicator only of how acute the exposure will look in your eye.

27 inch 1080p: 48 (the misty monitor; very television)
25 inch 1080p: 56
24 inch 1080p: 61
21.5 inch 1080p: 76 (looks quite well in my second monitor)

32 inch 1440p: 61
27 inch 1440p: 86 (a lot of call this combination/of measure of screen of resolution a esweet something')
25 inch 1440p: 100 (acute exposure , small elements; I like him his of him)
24 inch 1440p: 108

32 inch 4K: 137
27 inch 4K: 193 (perhaps too much of the good thing)

the tan more can say hunt around in a web, 4K the resolution is something cual the cart that goes 210 mph often useless and perhaps still bad. I am out of an expert in an integer that the stairs attaches, but an inferior line is not everything in your stairs of interface perfectlly, so that although your computer can handle 4K resolution, could have some problems with a measure of some elements of text, buttons, icons, and so advance, problems that can very necessarily when the be has augmented was easily or effectively. An internet looked quite unified in a soyost the users have to any one (still) jump in 4K' council but, so always, YMMV. To good sure 4K is surprising while the party a person and a system.

Only a hiccup in a setup. A monitor is posed by default for displayport (dp) 1.2. Quan Has connected in the first place a monitor those uses a displayport cape, has taken at all . I have connected then a monitor those uses a HDMI cape and has taken the 1080p the exposure of of the this is all HDMI in the 2012 mac mini supports. I have used then some buttons in an inferior right of a monitor to find a card&62;system&62;displayport&62;1.1 parameter. I have connected then a monitor those uses a displayport cape and has taken one very better QHD image.

Around-up: Use dp 1.1 for the computers the old plus; 4K is probably overkill; 25 or 27 diagonal of inch in 1440p am adds.

Please says so if this was useful in you. The good class.
5 / 5 Vertie
This description is for a BenQ PD3200Q 32' 2K(why Amazon, insists in blending different products in a same page?).

Has tried a ASUS 32' 2K but there was blurry the text and the by heart odd subjects. Tried the 4k, 28' monitor but a DPI is too big and of my second monitor is the 24 ' FHD the exposure can very easily uses of stairs to fix a subject. Honestly, it Thinks 4k is the waste on anything less than 40'.

IS the programmer that Linux of uses exclusively. This monitor serves my good purpose. To good sure happy with a compraventa, and happy that can prender look for the new main monitor.
2 / 5 Linsey
I am updating of a Dell U2412M. Desprs Researching the tonne of monitors, descriptions, and points of prizes, has listened this was a better for the this has looked for; 27', 2K resolution or main, and 100% sRGB for low $ 350. An edifice of a monitor and the bases was very. Attaching a base is the small wonky, but manageable. A location of a light of indicator of the power in a right side of a poster is the good touch. And some cards/of controls are quite easy to imagine has been without looking in some instructions.

Even so, when has shot in a PD2700Q with mine 15' MacBook Pro, was has disappointed immediately. A monitor is everything to cover fallen.. Claro splotches throughout and a temperature to paint varied of left in right. A left side of a monitor is quite 300 kelvin warmer that a right. Totally objectionable for the monitor that announces to be used for professional creative work.

In of the hopes that is gone only the error of calibration, has aforado he with my X-Rite i1 Exposure Pro in any utility. Attached is the photo for reference. (I knows, is a photo of iPhone but take an idea . (For any reason, an image flipped the other way around. A warmer side is now in a right, fresher in a left wing.)

2 stars for good edifice, measure, and resolution. 0 stars for usability for critical creative work.
5 / 5 Marta
Please you video of view for description:

Which I amour:
- quality of Picture: This computer comes with right of the calibration by heart perfects out of a box! I have run a Spyder 5 Pro software of calibration, and any adjustment has been required for a monitor. I will go to advance and begin a debate of calm precise in same invert in a device of external calibration with this monitor. Still I will say yes so that monitors dim overtime and will require in recalibrate. It averts of that, with easterly when being a monitor of IP, the view of any angle is perfect.
- Very backlight bleeds: I have run the backlight bleeds test in my video. Voice that for reference.
- Easily adjustable colour presets: A presets this comes precargado in a monitor is very all require but is everything totally adjustable and customizable. Some buttons in a fund left for easy change among a presets. Very only it uses a sRGB (for the video and the photo that edits) and light of low blue (for when is doing the plot to read).
- 4k 60hz: That is to say a first time has possessed the 4k monitor, and is blown absolutely has been. I took me it issues far too very time to do one updates. It opens I am shooting videos in 4k and the amour that edits the in this monitor. To the Tan far likes him streaming 4of k videos, sake, very required to augment my bandwidth of internet for prender a lagging...
- Picture in road of picture: I have tried he and of the works, but is not sure yes has the true necessity for the use.
- Adjustments Of automatic brilliance: If it visits your monitor in Darkroom road, has the sensor in a front that will remark a light in a room and automatically adjusts a brilliance since you. I tried it and it is quite accurate. Toe in the clear change and a monitor immediately adjust.
- No more scary blue screen: Quan a monitor was disconnected of your computer, the blue screen would burst up aiming the message 'Any entrance.' BenQ IS fallen an update and this no longer spend . It opens When it is disconnected, only go to sleep. Thank you Type!

Which Hate:
- Aim pilot software: after installing this software in your computer, is supposition to leave you to do adjustments by heart in your monitor without using some buttons in a fund. Quan Windows 10 is fallen his later update, has remarked that a software no longer works. And yes, has a graphic engine later installed. I have not contacted BenQ in of the this, but would like me view if other critiques have a same problem.
- No DP-DP 1.3 cape included: C soyen BenQ, only launch this $ 10 cord in a box. It IS cual the majority of designers will be to use. smh.

TLDR: The monitor adds, calibration by heart of the company supersedes that of any another, would recommend
5 / 5 Sanjuana
The description is for one 27' 2k (2560x1440) QHD monitor. Absolutely I WANT this monitor. I shopped and compared specs and prize during two weeks, included to create some extensive spreadsheet to compare and characteristic of your and costs. I have wanted:

a screen a big plus that reasonably could serve like the monitor but which has not gone also small to serve like an occasional television for the mid-soiled sized. In me this has meant 27', or possibly 32'
an IP protect (the monitors the cheap plus uses the oldest technology - is well for a lot of purpose but BenQ 27' 2560x1440 QHD Monitor of Designer of the IP (PD2700Q), 100% Rec. 709 And sRGB, CAD/CAM, Animation, Darkroom, Down Blue Light, Flicker-IP BRAKED has wanted to
the density of the minimum pixel of the cual apresamiento with a HD (1920x1080) 24' monitor - preferably main. This meaning in 27' required at least 2k (2560x1440) and preferred UHD/4k if the fact (low voice for more in this)
minimum 60 Hz refresh tax and consolation of characteristic eye
HDMI and mini-displayport enters
beginning of audio of equivalent/headphone jack (this was the requisite take , so that I have wanted external speakers without too much of complication when docking and undocking my laptop)
a better support could find with everything of my another requisites
good guarantee
compatibility with the 2017 MacBook Air and the newish Dell corporate laptop
hub of USB (this was optional but preferred)

This monitor checks each of my boxes - and almost very another the monitor has done. A colour is well, an exposure is brilliant and same through a screen, a quality of tez is excellent. A support is heavy, adjusts each road could want to in, and looks and when being terrific. The band was utmost and setup was the breeze (any tool at all).

Has very wanted to UHD/4k, and has tried in fact he 43' UHD/4k television that is amply considered like an excellent television that can as the monitor of computer (the majority is not very adapted for that). Here it is cual learnt of this test:

1) 40-43' is only on age. For me, in all the case, and I the suspect would be for more than people.

2) Has some subjects with 4k/60 Hz and both of my laptops (some recent MacBook Air and the final big plus Dell recent corporate). A map and the interfaces are not quite there even so (September 2017). Technically both of my laptops would have to has been able to direct a monitor in 4k/60 Hz, but or in fact . A mini displayport-in-HDMI conversor that would have to it has done only has not resulted in 4k/60 Hz. A HDMI in my laptop could have been 1.4 - probably need 2.0 to spend 60 Hz/4k (perhaps very absolutely, but is afterwards, and no for me). Also, upscaling of the lowest resolutions create some delay.

3) Be very careful with the monitors the big plus if text crispness imports in you. Like the monitors take necessity main much more pixels to aim text of crisp. A HD monitor (1920x1080) looks well in 22-24', but a text will be blurred in 27'. In 24', it goes with the minimum of 2k (2560x1440), which give slightly quality of better text that HD in 24'. In 27' (and certainly in 32') probably it wants to you 4k/UHD. You can compound density of pixel here:

More PPI (pixels for inch) is better.

1920x1080, 24' = 92 PPI
2560x1440, 27' = 109 PPI

is thrilled with this monitor. An only with the pot thinks of (and that is to say supremely smaller) is concealed has the bezel besides or less .6 inches. A thin bezel the monitors look fresher in me. But it buys this one again in him heartbeat. It attaches to buy in $ 329.
4 / 5 Ariane
The screen is flickering and aiming static during an exposure that is to say very perceivable in dim or sake of zones very dark out of a box. It has read in this on-line subject but the thought has been fixed. I go to try a substitution and if it is not very better, will have to try the different monitor altogether.

Will update this description when takes a substitution.

Update - the amazon pulled through and has had the monitor of new substitution in my hands a very next day. This an arrived with absolutely 0 subjects and is flawless. Some colours, acuteness and included-ness of a picture is better that an old a, also. Clashing my indication in the 2 star in 4 star, would have been to 5 star if no for a subject with a premier a directly out of a box.
1 / 5 Beverly
Generally, when it attaches the monitor in the computer of Windows 7 of dispatch, work with adjustment very small. No so with this BenQ PD2700Q monitor. It IS the nightmare and his service of technology was any help . A problem is when a dispatch cad the computer is closed down at night. Some 2 monitors go down mass. In a morning, a computer is begun, but a BenQ the monitor has to be begun physically again to press his button to be able in. Troubling, But anything. A real subject is that every time a monitor in firm was and is turned behind on, a desktop the icons are all has reorganises. Every time. It conceal it is not ACCEPTABLE. I have tried to find an option to close some icons of desktop, but could any one, so at the end has called one BenQ technology of service. His response was concealed ' is the subject of Windows , any he BenQ subject.' Well, the active did not have it never this subject with any another monitor; only BenQ. So unless BenQ hurriedly the changes encipher and his alcohols out of the solution in my problem, will return this monitor and tries another mark - and then WAS the BenQ subject.

03/31/2019 UPDATE: I think that that it can have fixed a problem on my own, as follows:

I very-clicked in a desktop and revised a dropdown ready of the elections and I have pulled in a NVIDIA NView Manager of Desktop. Everything looked normal - except or boxes tagged: it ENABLES. It likes I clicked in the and apparently, a system of NVIDIA of the card of the video is now responsible of one BenQ monitor. It turns a computer on and of the small times and everything look to return in normal.

Apparently, when installed one BenQ the monitor those uses BenQ instructions, automatically deactivated a system of NVIDIA old to control and installed is pertinent. It opens, some turns of monitor was when a computer is turned was, and ignites when some turns of computer on and take everything!

BenQ The backwards of the technology at the end contact me with fixed after at the end imagined out of a problem, so kudos for that. Even so, BenQ the technologies would have to has been initially savvy enough to assist the little more concealed only rebuffing likes him the problem of Windows and no so he BenQ problem without offering to to some suggestions like them so to direct of a problem. I have changed my indication of the 1-star in the four-the star like looks to control to do well now, as it guess is the keeper.

April 2, 2019 - ANY ONE TAN DEJUNI. I have annulled a turn of a monitor and this morning - a very next day, a monitor returned in the old roads of him to reorganise mine desktop of integers in startup. I actuate Never there it do not go it never this very problem that installs the monitor. That has this thing done in my computer? The indication has changed behind in a-star.

June 6, 2019 - Ploughed a problem to reorganise mine desktop the icons have the intermittent result. Some mornings, will turn in a computer and everything are well. Other mornings enter and turn in a computer, and a desktop is to reorganise totally and all some icons of both screens are crammed in a BenQ monitor. Even so, I have found the solution: Any PANIC! Simply gone back of a computer and re-begin it. For some reason, everything returns in normal. This BenQ the monitor has the final exposure, but is not to estimate a hassles of screwing in a software in your computer. It recommends to purchase of the most respectable company with the long history to provide good products. Buying this BenQ the monitor was to crap it the shoot and I still are trying imagines was has livestock or has lost.
5 / 5 Jared
This monitor has the sake that lean of looks. Also it consider it the Samsung control with similar specs, but a Samsung has the money sustains fashionable of spatial age that would be to distract to look at all a time. A BenQ PD2700U has the minimalist the physical creation very this maintains an attention in a screen. Has the thin bezel which are well for the dual or triple monitor setup.

I very cual a road by heart of blue light bass, and that is to say a road uses more a time. In my anterior monitors manually have to change a colour temp in the warmest tone. It IS well to have the parameter for east.

A road of the intelligence that the shines automatically adjusts a brilliance of a monitor based in a light of environmental room. This does very well, want to this characteristic! You can adjust a sensibility of sensor and chooses yes to aim a metre of no. Or environmental light

These supports of monitor HDR. I have tried to enable HDR in of the Windows, but a Microsoft HDR the implementation launches the dreary yours ash when using very-HDR applications (like a browser of web). The majority of some characteristics of the adjustment of the monitor is deactivated when has a HDR signal of entrance. It likes I deactivated HDR and use some roads by heart regulate for now.

Like A side by commentaries sideways to interest, has learnt that BenQ marks a lot a Dell the controls estimated highly (I supposition that is why the similar look).

This monitor comes with the report of calibration of the colour.

Here is some photos duquel looks to have two of a PD2700U side of monitors-for-side.
5 / 5 Ethan
It possesses 2x of these, and revise so combined by both.

Has been building systems of the computer done of commission for more concealed 25-years, subjects in many to count to arrive to this point (and the old chair). Some years, has had a profit to see some continual improvements in technology of monitor. This BenQ PD2500 IP the poster is certainly the forward of any big.

Was sceptical at the beginning quite that buys the poster of on-line exposure, and having a boot of boxes around during shipping. I have to say, a packaging is quite decent with full-surrounds of foam and goleada fat. All the intact pixels and the response was -boxes--, any harm in any box.

The brilliance IS excellent, the distinction of this poster versus the majority of his peers. In my case, has 2x side-for-side, and so chosen to go with one 25' more screen that 27'. It was initially preoccupied like one 2k the resolution would look in this measure, but has been pleasantly suprised. Has these connected in 2x different computers, and or is a subject. A Lenovo Win10 laptop with card of Intel of the uses of map regulate DisplayPort with both screens without subject. A desktop Ubuntu system of Linux also does quite well in mini-DP. He skilled hardware of calibration of the colour, and some reports of the factory and the tune of some exposures was almost something-on, included after shipping.

A thing that does not like me is of a road of Echo with a sensor of integrated camera. While I like him-me his one contrives in theory, is subjects in sensitive punctually. If dry in my chair of dispatch without moving a lot for more concealed 30-second, begins to prepare to turn a monitor has been. This very precise be a period of adjustable time. There is deactivated.

Some ports of law of USB brilliantly so announced, spending signal through without subject. Has the bit of the only period in my capes because of computers throughout, and these capes without subject. This say me a lot stagnate to educate and low interference in a backplane.

A note when connecting multiple monitors - a BenQ the backwards of sample MST (chaining them together so that you have required only the cape of video only of your computer). Even so, I have found that included in 2019, support of card of the video for MST is non-existent. My NVIDIA the card will detect and work, but during the be able in era/on, is the totally blended stock exchange . Still although a DisplayPort the level the said would owe law , NVIDIA very officially. Still with card of Intel of map. It pursues Justo 2x stupid capes of a computer, 1x in the each screen, and save the bouquet of aggravation.

In general, these are of excellent quality. IP Provides the direct very crisp-on exhibition, supremely that shines, and would not doubt to recommend in any one looking for the truly good exposure. Eyes of priest and listen sure that the exposure like this would have to give years of service of quality.
5 / 5 Barbera
Shipped the day, taken in Hawaiiand fast. The installation was the breeze , and some colours out of a box were very. Admitted, some controls of only big final possesses is the TN gaming poster (PG278Q) with purportedly of angles and by heart atrocious, and the more final basses BenQ GO (GW2700HS). Cloak Of calibration of the colour of factory was the good touch .
Has changed some parameters for a hell of him, according to the hardware of Tom revises. They have been impressed, so that it is I to say anything enough the. The brilliance IS down in 49 or something, but another that the pair rgb changes, at all has been more touched.
Backlight bleeds And IP the glow is nowhere to be found. Some people on in BenQ has done adds he midrange/down finishes professional monitor, and this consumer very happy!
The beaks have published: ROG Swift against this monitor. Night and day differentiate it. Any odd colour is user or error of tlphonique .

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jade
It has had a lot of monitors some years of pair are spent, and safely can say, concealed for gaming, BenQ is in general a better of a better for gaming monitors, at least in my humble opinion.

Has taken a BenQ RL2755HM (still like this running a, only without Zowie marks) in mid 2016, after it conceal, has taken a ASUS MX279H monitor of IP, has taken then a ASUS VG245H gaming monitor. After it conceal, you return in BenQ, with this BenQ RL2755 (September of 2017), and has taken then the Samsung UH750 4k monitor, before taking that now I am using, a ASUS MG28UQ 4k gaming monitor. They all have his pros and gilipollas, but after having the experience those uses the all, to well sure can recommend a BenQ one the majority of, at least for 1080p users of console. 4k IS the most complicated bit, but will touch in this late plus (am using the ps4 pro and PC).

Crossing each monitor will take far too time (but I basically he in all the case, lol) and more the people very preoccupy for the read all, as I will try to maintain some the main reasons why still think a BenQ is a better, and is quite mere, BenQ has a better motion blurs the solution has not seen never in the 60 Hz monitor. It opens Each what 1 ms monitors of time of the response and what is more the monitors have the decent motion blurs solutions, but BenQ MASTER (has your gesture in big btw, has not been or premium) the parameter goes in and further in of the very a lot of roads is so to articulate.

IS of entity to signal out of this motion blurs will not be a subject for almost all gamers with more than games through any one of some monitors has listed and especially a gaming 1 ms the response times ones, but for me, has grown sensitive in him in the few games, predominately Bonds of Rocket, which have a camera and of the objects constantly moving, in a point where the motion blurs can be incredibly that distracts and detrimental in my game, in that lose me shots and is a difference among loser and winning quite often.

So much in some monitors:

A VG245H was the decent monitor, liked me really of his creation, with slender bezels and a base adds, with curve , swivel, and characteristic of adjustment of the height. Even so, when it avenges in it Joins of Rocket, simply could not touch very well with him, all was the disorder because of the motion blurs. Asus' The motion blurs the solution is known like his tracefree parameter, which helps, even so in a VG245H, deteriorates quality of picture dramatically, likes him in a point where reverse cause ghosting, doing all terrible look, partially attack a whole purpose.

Felizmente, my current 4k Asus MG28UQ does the better work handles the motion blurs, but is still very also like 1080p 27 Zowie BenQs has had. A BenQ AMOURS when in big does not degrade the quality even so it handles the motion blurs perfectly, is truly his x-factor.

An entrance lag for these monitors are all basically some same (way around 10-11 ms, some the better monitors take), since is each what 1 ms TN monitors of poster, with only one an IP be 5 ms time of response. And in this IP Asus, is the good monitor , but for to final of big plus gaming, does not recommend it , is perfect for the web that explores, the film these looks, more 'casual' gaming, etc.... Since it is some controls of IP , and in fact have add and such colours, but has listened a difference among 5 ms and 1 ms dramatically in Joins of Rocket, and touched very worse with him (although 5 ms is not that bad or perceivable in addition to games).

A Samsung 4k UH750 the monitor was also decent, has had a 28 version of inch, but for some reason, in spite of him when being the 1 ms monitor of time of the response, no his so responsive for gaming and BenQs or included a current 4k Asus fact and marks. It can be in his motion blurs, or perhaps his entrance lag is not so down like another, but any entrance lag the tests have been done with him. Has technology of quantum point, and for the TN poster, consider it to have better colour vibrancy that one 1080p Asus IP, but is also to 2017 emission TN monitor against 2013 monitor of IP, as it expect for the be better by everything means of type of poster, only because of some differences of prizes and years of emission.

At the end, to finish this has been, my current Asus mg28uq monitor. A lot I like him his in of general, in spite of him any one in that has a same action (the motion blurs action) has compared in a BenQs has had. It comes quite afterwards quite this can go through big his subjects of minors, and is to good sure better in of the a lot of roads also (4k, the base adds with the height adjusts, etc... )

Also any sound for the likes would be well to return in 1080p monitor after having 4k monitors during months, so that it is why probably will not be taking a BenQ again for a third time (although it sees what cheap can remain of BenQ ebay page, likes him around $ 150). That is to say why with all has said, strongly considers for the take 4k Zowie RL27 monitor with a same adds specs, but does not exist , at least very still. It IS BenQ has the 1 ms time of response 4k 28 controls of inch that has the similar looking way in these RL2755 monitors, but is quite pricey, and his prize is likely inflated with him pseudo HDR characteristic. Hopefully BenQ Issued any 4k Zowie gaming punctual monitors. I am not sure that it is waiting for, a current Asus' 4k gaming the monitor has been around since 2016, likes him hopefully BenQ beginnings with some punctual.

There has also other things a BenQ better also, for example his filter of light of the blue. A Asus gaming the automatically closed monitors in the race preset, and his filter of light of the blue is the road of dark ash , while a BenQ is the small yellowish dye that does not impact visual, and apresamiento used his in of the seconds, forgets is on.

TLDR: A title abridges the. Also you want quality of colours and good and such picture that TNs very really offers for films, games of only player, etc..., it Buys the estimativa 4k television in addition to your cheap plus TN competitive gaming monitors (TCL the utmost mark some), will blow a final of big plus 4k monitors of IP out of a water, and is dramatically cheaper that this big end 4k monitors. It likes him a later some HDR 10 gaming the monitors cost $ 2,000. You can take a better of a plus TVs for this quantity.

EDITS the December 3, 2018: Tan quite cute, in fact finished to buy this monitor still again for one 3 times. I left me account...Like an emission of Red Dead Redemption 2 convinced me has required the better exposure that a 28 inch 4k TN Asus gaming monitor for the enjoy on, something with very vibrancy and colours, as I have finished to take a LG 27uk600 IP 4k HDR monitor in ebay for low $ 300. It IS the very good monitor with partial HDR support (can create in 450 nights of brilliance, very brilliant, but does not compare in a lot of upper tier 4k tvs concealed taken in 1000 nights), even so it is a better exposure has possessed. Really expect it any dona the mine Joins of Rocket or game of COD, but voice here, in spite of him having 9 ms of entrance lag, concealed 5 ms time of the response a lot hurts his motion blurs solution, doing each fast has strolled the game that is lazy and is likes him is the 15 -20 older years all of the sudden, with time of the decrease of the reaction retarded, the worse precision, etc....

So darn is thinking in me, wants that well it is, the look of games to surprise, but is not also while it was the little the mark of weeks. Very I do not want only the sell and return in a Asus 4k gaming monitor (expensive plus to take a Asus 4k monitor), in spite of him when being very well in his own right (but very also in of the terms of action like these BenQs). That is to say where my amour of my living monitor returned in a fold . Again I have seen only what cheap these BenQ RL27s can be bought by of ebay, and has imagined also could take only for this extra sweaty hard test multiplayer the games dondequiera when being in my best. So still I the sake 4k monitor for games more casual of only player, but this 1080p BenQ for when required to take my sweat on. They take for $ 100 in ebay, has not had the base, as I have bought AmazonBasics vesa basic of monitor, and think that looks very better that a level BenQ unit
5 / 5 Consuela
It looks for the very good quality monitor and no in $ 300. I have finished with two options and I have chosen this monitor. I have scared to see the screen the big plus that expects, but one 27' was perfect measure. Sound very also big and no small. If you are thinking among 24' and 27', a lot recommend go with 27'. His some better measures for console gaming. A quality of colours is SURPRISING. All have to do when it takes is to reduce a black bond. Another that concealed, everthing is perfect. A sound is big, but this has been expected so that his only the monitor; even so, if you are only in a room and there is not any sound around you, then a sound is very enough. But in of the terms of money, his value a money!
5 / 5 Peggie
Better purchase for PS4 Ive has done.

All some parameters are utmost for type of different game. I have to look my sensibility of control for FPS games so that an entrance of time of / better response lag is very perceivable.

The look of colours to surprise when posed well. FPS The road is supposed to look the wash was, but he the easy fact to see other players.
5 / 5 Chana
Absolutely I want this monitor, even so you are bit it hesitant when being the PC and no the player of console. If he this well in PC, the players of console have to very profit.

Although I have bought a monitor predominately for quality of living characteristics - found to to that likes him for much more.

PC gamers -- Image too much Darkness??
A thing even so; Default poses RGB of the poster is 16-255. The players of PC can find it better to pose in 0 in 255. It can not take a Witcher 3 to look well or included uses one in-adjustment of gamma of the cheek w/or this easy fixed.

Pros: Edifice of big quality (comparatively). Monitor basic is quite heavy and robust.
Easy the total
Easy to use buttons/of adjustments
Easy to adjust height or the rotate so monitor vertically and horizontally. (In monitor of slide up and down, just grip some sides and attraction)
Very well in quality of excellent picture. ( I can see the details could very advance in the basses-fine GPU)
Qualified to save 3 extra profile besides that exists some
Can fine adjustments to tune this deletes or reducing eyestrain, the headaches etc. now can sack in FX solutions of software that usually has also flower. I prefer the natural plus but digital look vibrancy is not that lacking of, has to chosen.
Easy to change roads of video.
27 inch leave you to run the text the big plus and not interfering with more UI elements or browsers. Enough well!

Gilipollas: Any one really, although I can not commit in a lifespan of a model.
Update: A sound is not a better, but typical of monitors. It IS it accustoms
5 / 5 Bonnie
It has Had this monitor for the few days he so that it is basing my description in that is entering so far. If anything changes will write the second description. Honestly, This was the add inversion . He been gaming in the 42-inch hdtv for years. The May HAS KNOWN that of the difference the monitor does until now. I am doing numbers on call to Owe: Infinite War. Truly dry in how am in the level these touches deploy with a rest of a gaming community. My shots are something on, a refresh the tax is surprising and is taking above the 5.0 kill proportion of fatality almost every time. That is to say the vast improvement of a 2.0 calm proportion of the death always would take for game. It does not have the problem only with this monitor. Desprs Doing the small investigation and changing my parameters of exposure has taken a colour exactly a road has wanted to it. This has taken my game in a totally different level. Calm import even so, was always well asks Has to. So that he very usually taken the big kd only can helps the small. An element was container perfectly, and was easy the total. I do not know why seen some negative commentaries this element taken before the purchase. That will say is that I need to do sure is house in a date of delivery so that the no come like the box in the box. Like your neighbours will be able to see some black and Ben red Q boxes and knows exactly that is taking. That is to say an unbalanced only thing but the relative was to house to take a container. MARK SURE ANY ONE IS HOUSE . Or it can have it robs.
4 / 5 Thea
It have to it bought it to it BenQ years of marks. Amur A monitor. Why any one five stars? A hdmi the ports in some back funds was mamma. When being cheap and take to use. Has hdmi switcher used to to use but can do very directly has to connect and he no the cart detects that the device there is on he so has to of the buttons to use to change. The help of god me if some buttons do not spend never was. Everything concealed to be said that it is a awesome picture with dark black. I add for Black Ops IIII and another FPS. Any ghosting. But it has to change our material to unplug HDMI capes in a back look elsewhere while any one when being pas robust and is the real ache to do.
5 / 5 Chanelle
I have tried the controls of pair to comprise one 4K Benq and a1440p 1ms an and read tonnes of the descriptions and this by far is a better a there. 4K is not ready still to all the coast some controls there now and everything of one 1440p the monitors or no in the consoles or have the terrible lag or picture. Has come from/come from the Benq RL2455 so much is spoilt with one 1ms has answered. A quality of the picture is not a better there but perfect for competitive games. I need to do sacrifices in a quality of picture for now to take that response adds.
5 / 5 Walter
He a work perfectly. I use for XBOX An and for a PC of house. A support of monitor was very impressive, but while you can saw does not use it .

Has had to an in the first place a taken because of the pixel bonded. A substitution was perfect. Any subject.

The only complaint is some changes of a HDMI in another can take multiple clicks of some buttons in a side of a monitor. Also, adjusting volume when using a XBOX ONE takes to multiple clicks likes you to them navigate in a parameter of volume. A lot of problem. Some speakers are not utmost and I usually auricular of use, but very always.

The BenQ is a monitor in a right side. A left wing is an old 22 monitor has.
5 / 5 Carina
As I have bought this monitor to use like a Xbox A monitor and also only he PCs exposure of secondary rule and so far is been quite 10 month in and does not have any remorses. Work very at any rate and did not give me a lot of subjects.

- Some buttons of card are very that can compare in other monitors. Some buttons are in a front of an outside bezel and once pressed has one in pop of the screen above those leaves knows what each the button does so there is not any work in supposition. This the ENORMOUS +1 so that has no aimlessly buttons to press to blind until volume that wants. You can map a cup two buttons to use fast parameters like the entrances or The Change/of Volume.

- 27 inch in 1080p is one something almost sweet, to 24 inch in 1080 is basically or something sweet, but this 27disturbances is to good sure very still. The time of response is fantastic and the colours are decent. You are able to adjust some parameters of picture of the poster to give you that it is the picture adds , there is the nut in the some place in Reddit. With the consecrated GPU (has the 1660tone) was able in overclock a poster in 1080p 76Hz, while 77Hz clashes it. That is to say only beneficial for PC and any one console like the consoles can not use further that 60hz in all the case. 75+Hz is not available for default besiege when using 1080p, has to overclock these poses for the achieve. A description of a monitor said 75Hz but that is to say only he default option in 720p road.

- The speakers are the 4 /10. A lot to be has wished. It returns well and no strong or, but the salvation has speakers. A support am to add and no-intrusive and does not have to the feet that poke was and is quite solid. Has some headset headline in a backside that has used twice but is very is there I supposition. And a management of hoop of the cape is to good sure useful when is using to 2 beginning likes him +1.
5 / 5 Rosa
This monitor is a better thing in never spend in to me likes him the gamer. It was sper happy with him. It IS very robust, a quality of picture is glorious, and a road of blue light decrease really helps wearily of eye or tension of eye. One 1ms the time of response is any joke . Tried to touch in the television a time after using this monitor and automatically could listen a difference. An only negative thing to say in the east is a sound does not go also big is trying look the film or show of television. You ned in or have an external speaker or headphones for experience of quality of his best. It IS also the hassle with always is to press some buttons to edit some parameters he so that has no far but at the end, is the monitor and any the television. Well it estimates each penny even so yes you are the serious gamer

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Salina
A lot I expect these helps was any concealed buys this product so that probably it saves any one is late . Here it is the list of things that you probably yours the sea takes that flavours in hook these controls up:

1. It buys the displayport the cape yes plans on using displayport, a cape that comes with this monitor no well.
2. If yours another monitor is not using displayport then this monitor will not exit of a box without installing engine. An easy road around the east is to do sure that all your monitors that is using is in displayport (p. p.ej. It does not use dvi in another monitor and use displayport in this monitor, both have to when being displayport or will have to do extra configurations).
3. A default the colours in of the this is HORRENDOUS, because of a fact a monitor is in the different soyoda' in some parameters. To fix some colours, has to change a Road of Picture in Level and has posed a Tone Done in Road of Picture. Also, Google in that to pose some parameters in as my eyes are quite terrible as I am not adds aforar colours.
4. That is to say probably an obvious thing but the marks sure change your parameters of exposure in 144hz in of the Windows once everything is setup, some people could think that that that is to say out of a box but he are the manual change.

- Cheap and takes a work done
- 144hz the monitors are utmost for gaming.

- Very parameter until compared in other products but at least there is fixed for them.
- Had to my own displayport capes to take this puppy to ignite.

In general is happy with a product, has taken that has paid prendido. A lot I expect these helps any one in a future.
5 / 5 Lorrine
So crisp! Mark sure goes in a Nvidia signals to Control and has posed the in 144hz.

Has to pose on some parameters of exposure, that is to say which looks well in me.
Road of picture in estandard' and tweaked to the rest likes him the brilliance in 75, Contrast: 55, Down Blue Light: 6, Colour Temp: Normal, Boos: 50, Colour Vibrance: 10, MASTER: Big, Road of Instant: On, Acuteness: 7, Gamma: 5
5 / 5 Helaine
I have chosen this monitor was so that it have listened his of a mark through looking sports and has wanted the company that has the data leans one of my interests. I have expected to take the 'normal monitor' experiences and pay the slightly more the big prize for tez of quality. It IS very bad, a difference among gaming in this monitor and regulates it one is night and day. The games listen totally more 'tactile' and real time. I am better able to plant shots, dress that is entering, and his likes him has better control in my character. It IS brilliant and crisp, the colours are vivid, and an action is different anything has touched on before.

Does not know enough quite statistical to control to say you what concretely enough is better, but can say you has remarked an immediate improvement in mine in-the action of the game has changed once. I a mark more harm, landing more shots and better able to perceive that it is entering. Big definition streaming the looks of video crisper that only.

If you are any class of gamer or user of beat in your PCs can not recommend this quite a lot of monitor. The May Again thinks exposures like interchangeable peripherals only; still with the a lot of big final gaming PC, is not having a full experience unless has the monitor that is comparable with easterly unit
4 / 5 Ma
There are two main reasons is not giving these five stars.

In the first place, and A lot of ENTITY, NEED the walk of CD for this monitor to do. It IS obligatory. If it does not have the walk of CD, will require the walk to flash and access in the computer that has the walk of CD. A monitor no unless has an engine, and those only enter a CD. If has a CD in a walk, or the walk to flash plugged in with some files in the, then the law and the installation of engine is quite mere. It IS the subject relatively smaller , but lives the time where computers, especially done of commission-has built ones, any always has the walk of CD likes him level, so in me looks the forget quite bobo in the part of a manufacturer.

Segundo, a default parameters of the exposure when in the first place take it the race is simply atrocious. I almost puked look that bad in default parameters. You can, of course, tweak the in ones the majority of parameters of minute, and once has the in yours likes him, some looks of exposure to surprise, but the be has warned that well the tune is required.

Another that these two subjects, this monitor is very impressive. A support comes with this a lot, very robust and adjustable, an exposure (once tuned) is gorgeous, and a quantity of tweaking can do in an exposure is more than has not seen never. I will admit, I am only only now begin to take in some creations some modern plus with computers, so for people with more than experiencing that I, this description is probably the big 'DUH!' By everything means, am very pleased with this monitor, and is afterwards the add exposure to match the powerhouse computer, then highly would recommend this monitor right here!
5 / 5 Kathey
Better OSD for the parameters have not used never. Exceptional colours for the TN poster (in fact rival my poster of IP). Gaming In big refresh the tax is surprising and can not return now. Has some VERY LIGHT scanline subject in dark greys, but a lot any problem me that a lot at all. Has no flicker--this the better fact that one $ 50 cheaper 144Hz poster. Any skimp was, that is to say a 'presupposed' 144Hz monitor to take.
5 / 5 Lashaunda
Out of a box some colours were to good sure was and has roughly pixilation in the darkest colours but after some smaller adjustment of a digital vibrancy all looked to add and there is almost any one bends by heart in black gradients. A Dell S2417DG had had the by heart serious bow emits which could not ignore has seen the once. It IS pleasntly has surprised the monitor the cheap plus has not had this subject. An only thing that could have it fact these controls an epic 11 out of 10 is the speakers but I do not think more gaming the monitors have except them a the asus v248ge.
4 / 5 Mattie
It likes him all the world-wide says default the parameters by heart are the disorder

here is that and thinks is some better parameters for me

subjects of picture: level
brilliance: 100
contrast: 40
black bond: 5
blurs reduction:
5 / 5 Mimi
I Liked him his of this so the monitor has bought the second a for my threads that also games. Him me Like his a 144 Hz--of complete update for my gaming life. Brilliant colours. Any dead pixel. Sakes Of container to ship. It does not use a base, so that I used it VESA mountain to pose he in the arms to change so many can touch in an easy chair. Good value for a money.
2 / 5 Joanne
Bought this and once hooked up, was immediately horrified in a colour while it was only flat and saturated. I have not thought very lucido since out of a box roughly necessity of monitors to be has aforado. After 2 days and reading at least the dozen that-cough for this monitor concretely on so to take a better picture, could not take approximation in the this would be the accurate colours has considered . Outrage gaming, also done the plot of the photo that edits in my instrument, and has not had any road could any never edits in this monitor and expects to take results/of well of accurate impression. After the week to battle with him and the test take used his, finished to return a monitor.
5 / 5 Van
A BenQ ZOWIE XL is point and averts! The packaging was glorious and protective. Instructions to pose up and poses he in the operation was earnest.

My windows 10/GTX 1060 installation has battled initially with having two of some semi-detached same monitors (car-detects chosen only up in an of them). Disconnected So much, then connecting a the time and trail the windows complete a routine of detection of the hardware before it connect it one has resolved afterwards that subject.

Through both units have had zero defective pixels.

Be useful BenQ the parameters could be it easily cloned to control to control, but manually compare and configuring a same is not too difficult.

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ GW2765HT Eye ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It does not have access in of the tools of calibration, like this the description is based on a bit Lagom tests and my perception of eye. It can find the technical details in a BenQ official website.

A sake:
- solid support and fully adjustable, any wobbly at all.
- Clearer and thinner that BenQ BL2710. Looks Almost some same like AOC Q2770, except a lustrous bezel.
- Claro AG-coating, the pictures are clear and crisp without an a bit annoying reflection in my old Steel H236 (full lustrous). I remark quantity very smaller that the hatches cross when moving my cape, but is definitively very less severe that some controls some the old plus with coating kills weighed. The common of the people probably any the will remark at all. (9/3/14 update: it looks that a cross-effect to the hatch is present only in 10 minutes of use. After it conceal, it can not desert any cross-cave. Tan Perhaps an utensil is related to control to cover?)
- Full variety of entrances. HDMI Works for 1440p!
- Colour of 8 bits (subjects 10 bits dithering) reduced to join compared in my old Steel H236. A good test would be the picture of decadence : Looks in an only and one surrounds, my laptop (crappy exposure) shows any gradient, my Steel H236 earring of shows but also a transition among colours (visible compulsory), a BenQ shows the smooth gradient.
- Mostly brilliance and uniform colour (for eyes in of the skins).
- Balanced overdrive the parameter reduces ghosting without overshooting(compared in Armouring plate H236 concealed does not have a overdrive parameter).
- OSD Control for buttons of solid click. Power ignites is in a side and does not distract me when seeing scenes of dark film.

A bad:
- significantly more glow of IP that Steel H236 (when the dresses was angle , especially when dressed from above) this interferes with game and of the scenes of dark film (so that a screen is so big, when my cape is in joining it to him to level still likes him to him the centre of a screen, automatically is looking down in some corners some low plus of a screen).
- Some hemorrhage in some corners. A corner a right plus down is included the small yellowish. (For me the hemorrhage is when calm see you a screen directly on and IP the glow is was to angle).
- The black uniformity is not also so BenQ BL2710. A GW2765HT has taken aimed some clouded ash in the screen of full black (powerpoint). A side-for-side of comparison by side with BL2710 in a brilliance included the parameter does very obvious.
- Very subject as it adjusts one gamma and contrast, a monitor has not spent a Lagom flavours of white saturation (253 is very faint, can not see 254 at all). My old Steel H236 easily can aim all some places in both black level and of the tests of white saturation.
- Distortion By heart in out of the angle is slightly more perceivable that Steel H236, partly because of a glow of IP has augmented.

An ugly:
- three(!) Adjacent(!) He bonded (red) pixels in a zone of head office (zone 5). It remarks the the moment turned in a screen so that a BenQ the screen of logotype has the fund/of blue purple. It has remarked also that it is more than or because of an intensity has perceived, as have take of the glass to augment and counted some pixels. This supremely is troubling and that distracts so that my desktop the funds are black solid and uses a monitor mostly for films and of the games (a lot of dark scenes). Afterwards it looks for a web the bit, coverage jscreenfix, and race that during 1 hour 'fixed' two of some three pixels, but a last a has remained bonded. Even so, this was only the provisional fixed, while leaving a monitor has been for the day or two will cause a 'fixed' bonded pixels in re-look, and look to be reset in a parameter of factory (100% brilliance!), Doing them supremely perceivable of a rest of a screen is posed in 0% brilliance (yes, 0%). Returning a monitor now....

Other thoughts:
- is coming with proportionate random of capes (the lacking mine a DVI and cape of audio and has or extra HDMI cape).
- Road of 10 bits dithering. As he 27'' 1440p monitor, 8-the bit is very good. Any one is expecting any 10-bit. According to some, dithering also could contribute in a problem that cross of hatches, but in general one this cave the cross is very smaller. (9/3/14 update: voice on for a cross-problem to hatch. Lagom Tries the test of sample of black level any apparent dithering.)
- The slowest response that my old Steel H236 (plus or 10 less-20 ms slower for the Lagom flavours). I consider this neutral so that the majority of 1440p controls of IP there is in this field of response. It does not experience very lag in FPS games (only player), but is not the explicit gamer.
- In a box says IP, but more probably uses a AHVA the poster fashioned by AUO. Some users of Aussie forum speculated those uses some same AHVA poster and BL2710, and GW2765HT is basically BL2710 with the functions reduced (any USB, CAM/CAD road, no the esolidWorks Produced of Partner of the Solution' (anything in this way...)) It feign for users of house.
- A tez-in the speakers are not also like these in BL2710.

A verdict:
- if it was not for some pixels bonded in a zone of head office, would have maintained this monitor in spite of a glow of IP. In general it has the tez solid and vivid colours, and a value is very competitive (at present cheaper that Asus PB278 and AOC Q2770). 9/3/14 update: I have decided to change an indication of 3 in 4 stars to reflect an indication would give if a particular sample that takes has did not have problems of pixel.
5 / 5
The monitor adds. So far very subject or complaints. Not using he for gaming. Connected in iMac 27' w/retina and after aforar the colours look very similar.

For the the one who is looking for parameters to paint-Mac exposure of the party, here is mine (connected that uses miniDP in DP cape):

subjects of Picture: user
Brilliance: 14
Colour Temp: the user has defined: R:91;G:86;B:95

Visually looks to match the reproduction by heart of the quite a lot of retina closely. Using the apple has provided no. of the outline of the exposure Modified

Hopefully These helps any one.
1 / 5
It Likes him BenQ of monitors, has very the different monitor. I have required reasonable monitors to do and has taken these. One of my setups has 2 computers that has go in these monitors and I require an exposure in the cart detects that gone in is alive and go in him, well this exposure has subjects with included imagine out of that gone in to take with just a computer has attached. Once it struggles with him quite long it can take in an entrance has wished, but he no the cart detects. The picture am add, but the versatility sucks yes can any one the cart detects the only entrance and change in him.

Has update:
So look these controls no the cart detects to signal to change entrances. Which are good to except some monitors were difficult to change entrances if an entrance that was selected at present has not had an active signal. I have had to to maintain that it punch come from a button of card then hurriedly selects a selection of entrance before it falls a saying of card that any signal has detected. A selection of entrance would have to come up in a screen and stay for the reasonable quantity to time by everything means of if the device is a location in some by rights of back ways to pose 2 monitors afterwards in the each fact one of them difficult to take in some buttons of card. A button of card would have to when being localised to the long of a subordinated or front. Another that an usability quirks these are awesome the monitors and any visible light bleed in the middle of dispatch and PQ is the upper notch.

Has update:
While it disappoints that they give;t car-detect, both fight of monitors to change the entrances are to struggle every time, the card come up paste the button and hideout of card and when punches the button of returns of the entrance where begins, very thwarting monitor. Each chairs of small week fight the to take a secondary monitor to do, does not import that I hook these until. The value gone down in the 1 how remorse maintains these. Quan Can provide will look for alternative.
3 / 5
Out of a box, this is not the good monitor to do the photo that edits. The significant detail is lost in some shadows and of the points underlined, which he very delicate to learn if the part of an image is truly on-exposed or down-exposed. In fact mine 15 old year Sony controls the better work to aim detail in a far achieves of a histogram that these marks of control. There are several parameters can choose (level, road of picture, down blue light, CAD, SRGB, film, etc...). But any explanation for the that mark. Very thwarting when that has wanted out of my 'designer' the monitor was simply to see my photos EXACTLY so truly was. There is any manual this comes with a packaging of monitor or the reference in one can download. At the end I google and find this. This has provided the information detailed for the field of monitors in this it is a bit useful but very totally. For 'road of picture' only say this was to mean to see pictures... At the end after some tinkering, look that esRGB Road' was more and also Has to change one 'HDMI Field of RGB of PC' THAT otherwise for default clips some points underlined and low lights. I have corrected once this, a precision of the image has improved dramatically. Still it is not it notch upper, but suppose that it is in a more can do for the monitor in this field of prize.

My another qualms is a bit smaller. Easily it can adjust a height of monitor and angle easily enough, but a max-quotes it also cut for optimum ergonamics and the main people. I am 5'11' and has had to a support of additional monitor to take a half of a screen in height of eye. When being able to adjust a monitor 90 titles are slick and some components mostly break to situate without band that is well.

A system of card is decent, but in the dark the room can be delicate to see that light in initially press (sper minor).

One the below the road of blue light is change in him when that does to plot of the web that explores to reduce tension of eye ( loses precision by heart, but for the web that explores this does not import ).

For the monitor like this, obviously does not want use VGA (although I can and a lot of users of dual monitor could be tried to do this). I have tried this and and one max resolution for VGA researches to be in the middle of DVI or HDMI, as you chose you connection of cape wisely.
3 / 5
This monitor is well. It looks fantastic, and at the end go in 1440p has to way that be value he. Everything is crisp so hell. Some people say this is not the good monitor for gaming, but is that it wants to it. I have seen only for rasgar in a game during the piece-scene that thinks was pre-represented or something like the rest of a game there has been any one. Any dead pixel.

MAYS. Like the extraneous bouquet with this monitor, is having port of dread of the exposure. Basically every time gone back in a monitor or arouse it up, there is likes him 3% casualidad does not detect the signal. It has Had this spends two times in 24 hours, and had it very that spends to like 3 weeks. To fix it has to maintain unplug a monitor and plugging he behind in, and maintain trying gone back a monitor on again until it detect it a signal (usually takes quite 2 mintues). I am moving the week and plan to exchange this for another.

If no for this problem would give this monitor 5 stars.
5 / 5
The monitor that surprised!

IS the colorphile and pixelphile, density of reproduction and the big pixel by heart perfect is that looks for in the monitor. It have bought a GW2765HT the believer was only he 1440p monitor of IP that has had 100% coverage of a sRGB spectre, but was bad, a monitor is also comprises support of 10 bits of depth of the colour. Albeit, IS 8+2 and very roughly 10-bit, but is so much the best that 8 bit for shot it very time. There is a luxury for Foreign touch: Isolation, an only game that knows of this depth of supports of 10 bits by heart, and has been hailed with surprisingly brilliant and deep colours, especially in some black, has had streamed game of the game and what could not see in a current could. Of course, to take the full advantage of the desktop of 10 bits would require the GPU those sustains depth of 10 bits in OpenGL and in a desktop, which are the company of the professionals of only/characteristics-class GPUs has, but there is obliging offerings for such the GPU in $ 250, as it is not concealed taken to obtain.

Has experimented some subjects with 'Any Signal has Detected,' and with my extensive analysis since February, can conclude that a reason this spends is not to declare because of a cape or ports, is state because of a BenQ Automotive and Engine of NVIDIA. To obtain 1 billions of colours and depth of 10 bits, a DisplayPort the connection has to conform the big quite be of connection of the bandwidth in of the orders for a monitor to recognise one that quite a lot of connection barn, use 10-bit or is not still to engine-limitation of level.

Quan idling In a desktop, NVIDIA the piece of bandwidth of low engine on all the ports like the option that saves power in a level of core, as when a first alloy of monitor in a port in a computer, is not that it runs in the big quite speed to detect the stable signal. There are 2 options to fix this:

1.) Reinstall Or install the engine for NVIDIA GPUs. If it is older, running, or the engine the new plus. A reason these helps are so that when installing an Engine, a NVIDIA the installer has to reinitialize a GPU cores, piece by heart, VRM, etc. to recognise a new engine in a level of BIOS. That is to say why calm listens a 'the device Disconnected' jingle in of the Windows and shortly later a 'the device Connected' jingle. Quan A GPU is reinitialized, tries each port of available external video in a speed of the most possible bandwidth big and beginning of power to verify an integrity of the each port and notifies an user of port dysfunction, this usually takes place with a motherboard that mark the beep or some another program this bursts up. These nexuss in a stay of ports of the video in some accelerates some big possible plus for the time before a GPU detects the state to be able the current of a computer and adjusts a power and link in some pertinent values (., it Issues that it saves the power in him goes)

2.) (READ The PARAGRAPH DIRECTLY UNDER THIS BEFORE TRYING) Goes in soyanager of Device' in of the Windows, then in 'Adapters of Exposure' in a list, a lot-click in your GPU and click 'Deactivates.' Then after you listen a 'the device Disconnected' jingle in the windows and a Manager of Device has refreshed to aim a deactivated GPU, a lot-click he again and click 'Enables.' Mark sure to connect your monitor immediately after calm here a 'the device Connected' jingle. Quan deactivate A GPU, Windows notifies a GPU in a core-level in next bass and can cut effectively in a device, whichever comes first. Has an effect although the engine installs the marks when is enabled initialises.

Maintains that it imports that when calm this, support of the external video will not be available in desktops, in the Laptop a CPU can take place of the GPU temporally same without a iGPU so that all some ports of the video and an exposure is interlinked with a CPU And a discreet GPU. In the full-computer, pre-built or habit or any desktop, this usually is not a case. I recommend that you connect Monitor in a VGA/DVI-D/HDMI port in a motherboard he, so that you will not be able to access the windows that deactivates a GPU. I am not responsible does not read this before trying this fixed.

Expects this fixed help any one. It has tried effective 6/7 times that has tried this in a past 5-6 month.
1 / 5
Has the BenQ GW2765 and wants to it. Thought this one would be perfect. Taken the and some pieces of exposure in and was and the sound to pop comes from/comes from a backside of an exposure. Returned the, has taken the second unit that explosions the noises and the exposure that piece in and has been. Any compraventa.
4 / 5
Taken a monitor today. I bought it predominately so that I want to more resolution that 1920x1080. Alas, to any subject likes him the alloy in my MacBook Air (2013) only take 1920x1080. ( Tests HDMI, VGA, and DVI - all using mini-displayport dongles.) A bit of the investigation and he look that my only option for full resolution is to use the mini-displayport in displayport cape. Of course that is to say a a has not comprised cape with a monitor. ( You are very if a manual of user or a description of Amazon had to the to the left know me would require this cape as it can have it has ordered he to a same time likes me to him the monitor. They print a Mac logotype in his box, but very exactly say that is to say the Mac cosy device so far.) Once I take a new cape and (hopefully) experiences a resolution paid by, will update this description.

In 1080p, a colour is fantastic, the text is crisp and readable, and all was quite well to exit of a box. A Vesa the mountain has done well for me. My favourite characteristic is a port of USB in that behind that is using to to connect my third monitor (a ViewSonic) using a GoFanco connector. All some cords are directed now behind some monitors, and has my port of USB behind!

Thinks that goes to be happy with this monitor. I will maintain you it has updated.
4 / 5
I am the photographer and editor of photo, but alas has not had the box of monitor of wide screen now. So that is to say mine 1 unit Down 00 tax thinks that that this monitor is option adds for photographers and of the editors of photo. I the plot to research before buying east. Had roughly another utmost some except more expensive. So many with this prize this model am adds. It is backing add sRGB which need the majority of in this moment in time. But it can not say a same in a RGB (any one very accurate). Also I not having aforado still, any sure as to do issue better. But in all the case, the progress adds afterwards small screens. I am happy with this compraventa. The hope will not update this description after some months and downgrade the. At present doing well!
To the crane also has usb ports...
5 / 5
It take the new computer as it was arrests to time to update of the lovely 24 inch ViewSonic 1080p monitor in the 1440p monitor. My ViewSonic has been purchased of Amazon in August 2011, for $ 209 and the still laws are; in the now to use with an old PC, also new in 2011. Plan on taking another ViewSonic, but after the investigation extended a cost of the comparable ViewSonic has compared with this BenQ GW2765HT has not been that has wanted to to spend. An on-line and descriptions of Amazon of the same BenQ was very well, and for $ 299 this was a prize a low plus for the name to mark 27 inch 1440p monitor with IP. Of course this monitor does not have each a sper deceives characteristic of the monitors these hundreds besides sides, but is very happy with him. 1440p In 27 inches are only perfect and wonderful for photo and of video that edits, seeing multiple documents, web surfing, or looking films. That of this description there is has had only he during the week, but has not had any subject. It IS unfortunate that some critics of Amazon have has had problems with east or another BenQ monitors, but this model has been in production for the few years (the mine has been done in August 2017) as perhaps some of some defects of manufacture has been improved. I have bought a plan of the protect of the trade has Squared in case perhaps. If the money was any object probably would have purchased the upper end ViewSonic, but so far BenQ is some knees of bees. Some buttons to control concealed is in some back rights are well with me and I was able in hurriedly poses a colour and other adjustments to look utmost with my card of Nvidia of map and a software of Nvidia of adjustment. Has alloy to use the cape of port of the exposure. It does not have any intention to use some speakers of monitor, has some speakers of decent an improvement adds of this monitor that compared in my old ViewSonic is a technology of IP. With my ViewSonic or any control of LCD older really need be that looks directly in him for some colours and brilliance to be correct. With this new IPs control you can see your a lot of titles of screen was angle and some colours and the brilliance do not move .

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ GC2870H Eye ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Eduardo
I am not the computer whiz for any roads of an imagination, but is the bit of an enthusiast/of video of the audio. I have purchased this 28' monitor in hook until my new computer after my last computer of 8 years bit a powder.

A Sake:

the colours are mostly accurate with only the light bluish dye like that road is in
Arouses the times are fast (in 3-5 bren)
consumption to be able to Minimum because of FOCUSED backlighting
Utmost measure for a prize

A Bad:

An only negative experience has had with this monitor was the problem with him that reads an entrance in HDMI 1 void. Desprs I initially hooked above laws perfectly for the week. Then a day turned in my CPU and has not had any picture. I have turned of a monitor and turned it behind on... At all spend it. A monitor has looked for the multiple time has entered before go in the screen of room. After the methods and diverse test of error to fix at the end unplugged everything of a computer, a wall, and changed in the new HDMI cape. This still has not fixed a problem. I am returned in an original setup with an original HDMI cape and miraculously a picture is coming on again.

To the date is not sure why a screen exited by the low period of time. It can have been the problem with a computer (any one probably), or can final to be the fluke. It has done perfectly since and I am happy with purchase of mine. This screen is BIG for the dispatch of small house, and deletes a necessity for 2 different screens and the mountain of bulky dual screen.
5 / 5 Katerine
2 / 5 Lonny
I Liked him his of everything in this monitor excepts ... A HDMI the ports have prendido to do in four months. A monitor done still, but has had any road to accept the signal. I have had to arise it on suppressor, as well as two computers that powered a two HDMI ports. I conclude that a HDMI the adapter in a monitor has failed simply. Like this, I reduce five stars in two. I will substitute a monitor, but me can not take to continue with this mark.
1 / 5 Catherine
I have bought east having has had already the benq gaming controls and that they want to it. Even so this monitor does not have the DVI port. Only it has 2 HDMI ports and the SUB-D port. This would be well, but my GPU insists that a monitor is not HDCP compliant and waste the road a signal through HDMI. I have tried work around and at all records. I have had the big wait is by so bc I amour my another benq for gaming and has required a monitor of cure of the eye for my boy, but is returning sadly.
2 / 5 Jodi
The picture adds therefore gaming and computer. There it is not running tests of latency still but any note anything so far. The problem is concealed has no far and a process of selection to tune and changing the entrances are horribly tedious. Also, you are distributing so much the vga and the hdmi has entered immediately (my computer is on and wants to touch the real game hurriedly while mine another control to remain in computer) he very he. He rebuffs to recognise a hdmi signal of entrance while taking vga. You would think that that this would be easy since he any one changes of cart in a first place ( manually has to select an entrance every time wants to gone in of change). Kinda Has disappointed honestly.
5 / 5 Samira
This description is for a GC2870C. There are hundreds of descriptions, but has wanted my perspective.

After researching monitors several weeks, has bought a BenQ for the dispatch very that shines in of the works. My L the department is a worse so that only any preoccupy cual necessity of workers; use very old 19 inch Dells with angles of terrible viewing and low resolution. Also they distribute very lustrous Dell controls that is practically unusable in the room with the window.

Cual Some updates is this BenQ monitor! I have bought since this with my personal fund suitable for the use in of the works, the prize was a subject , and this monitor to hover he of $ 160 access a estimativa.

My dispatch is supremely that shines, with the appearance those faces south in the very sunny climate. A southerly to wall of my dispatch is 100% window horizontally, and vertically, has only three feet in some subordinated that it is wall and any window. As it is very, very sunny. Has the black screen can pull down, but he any one black out of a room and some resplandores only still through him. More concealed wants chair in the black room for eight in 10 hours the day?

This monitor is fabulous in such the brilliant parameter, included without an enclosed shadow. There almost any glare, and the images and the text are crisp and has seen easily. Some helps of angle of wide viewing tremendously, also. Has tension of headaches and terrible eye with my last monitors because of a glare and an angle of terrible viewing. So far after half the day, has remarked the enormous difference. I am no longer squinting to read text.

Maintains that it imports that this model (GC2870H) does not have speakers. No a subject for me in a dispatch where the auricular uses.

In general, that is to say the value adds and works well in the dispatch very that shines the parameter those uses the browser of web and applications of dispatch. ( I have touched HD video to try it was, and these utmost looks, also!)
4 / 5 Benton
In general, a screen is well. Using he with my Macbook Pro. Curiously, a resolution is very better when has an exposure has posed in a Mac exposure more than a BenQ exposure; I do not know why, but when a computer is posed in a BenQ exposure, looks very pixelated.
4 / 5 Reginia
Monitor very well want the by heart good reproduction and only 1080p. It IS well and big, easy to see. It would have liked him it has had it of the Exposure has entered Port for my Lenovo, but another that concealed, is the compraventa very good.
5 / 5 Johnnie
It looks very inner a moment, good picture, the colours are perfect, is only 2 old days, will see what reliable is, my better half can break a anvil
5 / 5 Alberto
I have bought this monitor for my woman to do instruction of on-line university of house. It IS so impressed with him has purchased another and place in the system of dual monitor for his work of university. I have not used he for gaming or work of map. It is used exclusively for dispatch of university and classes admin. Work, and work well for that. There is two HDMI and a VGA connections for a computer. It purchase some two monitors again as well as it has done.

Top Customer Reviews: AOC 27B1H 27" ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Temeka
Meaning a support. Concretely A course that connects in a screen of control he. My purpose in buying was to use Subjects in addition to Portrait that landscape. Duque 4 rays of two zones in a root but was quite to the useless exercise likes him at all.

Desire and had known in advance. There is any road to take (does an on-line investigation--- only to come up with solutions for other models) another concealed has seen. That is to say now my next step.

And%!!!! AOC!

UPDATE: Serrat was (lotta records with the handsaw) how is now free of an annex of root. Another negative--- necessities to step-low of DC in AC like the come with AC Adapter. If you travel with a monitor as and , no the good thing....
1 / 5 Mammie
A screen has very be up until today. There is an open window, with my Macbook in front of a AOC screen, the smallest flavour of the window blew it directly on and cracked both screens. I have tried of a creation. His upper heavy, retreated the advance and a support are the extensive width averts of road that the minimum quantity by force of some back roads he directly on. The next time will spend the money of plus of bit and takes the product has designed sufficiently. AOC Cure of the client has not been interested. I think that that they take this the plot.
1 / 5 Bryon
In 3 days the lcd the poster has begun to turn. Has big hopes, but does not spend your money in of the this.
5 / 5 Particia
I want mine 2 -27' Monitor, has his own leader posed in a backside can use if he the precise. It IS quite slender that it can pose he in the 15' desktop to twist even so it uses my keyboard and mouse. The desire has attached metal in a base for more than stability the light of bit is sometime fearful will touch it on but controls of no. Very well for his prize.....
5 / 5 Steven
I have bought one 27' for a main client this has seen of poor eye. It was an excellent substitution for his tiny 17' monitor, a rendition by heart and stable-less creation looked adds.

The left wing is to treat a no VESA subject of first compatibility. To arrive to this point of prize, for this measure would not expect VESA compatibility. This has said, knows that it is by train of the would not have to be I too hard since tea to take averts a monitor, takes a mountain of fixed support and has posed the fact to commission VESA group in a backside. People of eye sews crazier all a time in Youtube.

If you are handy with building the things then highly would recommend this monitor like the cheap plus and entertainment (doing things) road in the frame-3 monitor less gaming setup. If you are not, then it spends your money elsewhere.

Weighs Claro
has measured of big screen
rendition by heart spatial/
Marco-less creation

Fixed support - No VESA
can of brick to distribute to be able to external (personally prefer in this way)
Only HDMI and VGA entrances (would like me seen of the port of Exposure in place of VGA)

On all poden any complain in that this the monitor is for a money.
1 / 5 Casie
The monitor has suffered harm creating lines in of the screens 'white'. The white screens are more ashes, the looks of image escuento'.
2 / 5 Maryjo
LOOK: This monitor is not VESA compatible without an adapter. Also this monitor uses the brick to be able in in place of the level DC connector to be able in. Both of these facts this incompatible monitor with my cement setup phase.
1 / 5 Gus
It buys 2 of these monitors and after 3 months to purchase them begun to have subject with some monitors.
Routed One of them to take repaired and while a first an era has repaired, according to the monitor has begun to have same subject. I routed a second an and took a premier a backside of a centre of reparation. Less than the month of having a premier one has repaired, begins to have the subject included AGAIN! I routed emails in AOC but any response of them. RMA Takes' The service of client is very poor. If you go to buy his monitors, please reconsider. It pays the small more and take some monitors to mark to appoint better. Has the hundreds have purchased controls for a company and only a AOC ones have some subjects.
4 / 5 Natosha
So you go to know sound the 130 dollar 27polzada 1080p control you will not be dissapointed. Ive Has Had he for enough two month and his brilliants, some look of colours to be very accurate, and a overal the quality of pixel is sum. It takes mine to do 75hz which are in a max FPS my computer will do in AAA titles in max parameters. If calm only want the good monitor for any very 1080p gaming or perhaps only the substitution for an old or ageing monitor, this is not the bad election.
5 / 5 Camilla
I am an old gamer and my vision is in the some place in some levels some lower - no longer walk because of my subjects of vision, even so, still wants video games of game and be able to read some investigations. This exposure can not have a clarity of some exposures of expensive plus, even so, is doing a trick for me. They recommend in any concealed wants to be able to enjoy his games the small plus bit very time.

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ EW3270U 32 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Micheline
Retreat All precise for my Xbox A X
HDR 10
4K 60 FPS
1ms time of response
Some controls in a class to control to suck but I any disorder with these anyways
4 / 5 Larita
BenQ 28 inch 4K HDR10 Monitor (EL2870U), UHD 3840x2160, FreeSync, 1ms Time of Response, Eye-Cure, More than Brilliance of Intelligence, HDMI, DP, Built-in of the Speakers
Something spent in a HDR, suddenly prendido to do and look an old CRT with harm of magnet. I left me it know if any one more had this subject but is returned for now and has taken a LG 27uk650-w and is very happy with him.

-Download of responsibility-
First of all, some revises on here is confusing he so that it is each grouped together, that is to say for a el2870u (28' 4k HDR). I actuate Only the used this for my Xbox A X and any PC (my PCs is old and not even has a HDMI exited).

-1 Impression-
has bought this monitor for my Xbox new A X while it looks to return each a specs. My first impression is that a picture is very clear but also very brilliant. The tan that shines in fact that some paints looked the little of the washes was until it has aforado a brilliance and contrasts as well as other parameters (which are published in an end). With some pertinent parameters, has been impressed by a colour and contrast in spite of being the TN poster with FOCUSED backlighting.

He still Lean HDR10, but any one is not some HDR. It IS it ails the third of a brilliance has required to qualify for some HDR but still do the majority of games looks better. My main complaint is that when a HDR the source is detected, goes in any HDR or Cinema HDR the road and the calm can not adjust any one of some parameters. Without a HDR source, these two roads emulate HDR but advise the eschew his and only using your parameters have done own.
In a Xbox A X, HDR was the swipe or lose, more the games looked utmost but some have been washed was or too brilliant. There is some acquaintance HDR subjects with sure games as it thinks that that it is probably any fault of a monitor. In spite of being very roughly HDR, some games with working HDR looked fantastic and sensibly better with him on.

was the small surprised what heavy and solid chairs when have taking in the first place he of a box. A support is quite robust and no very wobble but is not very customizable. All can do is to bend the up and down but felizmente can be trace in the 3 support of party. Some buttons are trace in some subordinated and also listens very robust. Some bezels is quite fat and any ideal for more that or of controls setups.

sake Quite valuable for concealed it taken: A very clear 4K picture, contrasts it and the colour adds quite well once some parameters have been adjusted, and swipe or lose HDR according to a game. That is to say the solid 4 monitor of the star but I have taken he during the BenQ heaves for 15% of the this has posed the in other monitors in this point to price so that it is why has given the 5 stars. He thank you stops to read my novella, the lack of descriptions aimed me for the write.

Some parameters of follower is cual used at the same time of a description that look quite well in mine A X:
- Road: User
- Brilliance: 20
- Contrast: 56
- Acuteness: 5
- Gamma: 5
- Colour Temp: Normal
- Boos: 50
- Saturation: 65
- All More: Default
3 / 5 Marylin
There is the glut of cheap 4k monitors, and enough frankly so far has not been very impressive. I have chosen this up for $ 450 in the cyber roads of Monday and after abundance of the delays at the end arrive. Simply place, afterwards in my LG IP of signals 27 1440p exposure and my elderly but Dell robust Ultrasharp 2405FPW, is an exposure of feeble plus . A resolution is fantastic. A measure is sum . A set of characteristic is solid with multiple ports (I only necessity one but anything) and hub of 3.1c of the USB (is some of some more say characteristic like the SD empty of card). FRC IS well, although he only remove 40hz-60hz has meant any one an extreme but give the reception to of still field. This has said: he Bonds this afterwards in the 27 inch iMac of yesteryear the cheap looks and is totally because of a lack of uniformity in a poster. In the first place it has one very striking hadow' through a cup 1/8polzada of a screen. Then it has a turn by heart, any subject where the headlines is, only scanner through the by heart uniform sample a weakness of a poster like flat colour looks anything excepts fund. . The fast circles also reveal a overzealous correction of low latency ( can see odd ghosting of the red in the very inferior aims like the yellow halo). Also strangely, Mac does not look to want to detect a scaling resolutions, (any one the big roads while I can click of option some resolutions scaled). Colour of precision this is not . If you are not the type in sight, this probably is the 'quite' for a lot of users although it finds a turn of the supremely annoying colour. Basically, if you are happy with this exposure, never bond he afterwards in the exposure of quality while you will result very unhappy with him.

Neither could look to enter Windows 10-bit to do in 60 Hz, which think that me his only available in 30 Hz. In any case, it is not to to any 10 bit likes him to him the sound a poster of 8 bits with FRC, meaning, accepts a room of 10 bits of pint and simulates colours to change among more afterwards-the neighbours in a 8 bit field among each cycle.

On everything, although a monitor is much easier the total/disassemble which will do my turn hurriedly and easy. I guess apresamientos which pays for, a BenQ PD3200u included in $ 200 more than a EW3270U in the looks of current prize like the the money supremely well is spent. It IS IP or bust in a 32 measure of inch like his easy mass to see a colour these movements....
4 / 5 Tracey
I have bought this monitor he exactly done the week.

Not counting today, a monitor has been doing adds!

IS brilliant and some colours are decent.. Although perhaps I tinker with some of these punctual parameters. One 4k the resolution is the glorious updates of 1080p. Having 4 times one nails urban is supremely useful when programming, renderizacin, gaming, etc.

A subject has run in him today is that a screen is flickering and the turn was A lot. It was not if this subject is with a monitor, or with one (also the new mark) aims port cape. It updates an engine of monitor, has restart my computer, unplugged/replugged in a cape of port of the exposure.. And a problem persists. Opened has changed it in HDMI and so far, does not have any very flickering or the turn was. It has been only 15 mins but with so was flickering/concluded of the each little bren.. That is to say the success . I am curious is this monitor has subjects to use a port of exposure in general or if my exposure the port cape is defective. Hopefully Does not have the problem the serious plus with a monitor. I will update this description /when anything changes.

EDITA: it has been now the month and using HDMI looks to do better but still takes a subject where a screen goes black at random as it is turning was, then returns on. It IS the odd subject but while it is not that it spends in the big tax then the suppositions will survive. It IS iffy quite buying another monitor of BenQ because of this odd subject even so.
5 / 5 Marcos
Bought this monitor while it has wanted the HDR monitor for my PS4 Pro. It opens it Knows the naysayers will say that it is t some hdr but could preoccupy me less. There is to well sure the perceivable difference when is on. Battleground V for example is to fall jaws. It uses the Asus VP28UQG which are the 4 K any hdr monitor. A lot the monitor adds but prefer this BenQ easily. Be it signalled it some paints and the proportion of contrast is only incredible. It can be only 60hz but that does not import in me since a PS4 is closed in that in all the case. Each game has touched has looked to surprise and run buttery smooth. Heck Has won my premiers 3 games in the row in of the Legends of Apex after posing it up. A lot the monitor adds and the absolute rob to hover he of $ 200
1 / 5 Ariana
It can any one any reset of factory (the well can reset, but at all spends), can not take dye 'blue' to go was. The fact adds for enough 2-3 month - then literally while he his act flipped in these blue boos for any reason and all the parameters are grayed (minus toggled HDR / Cinema HDR and the little another nonsensical parameters). I am connected saw DP - any change in engine of graphic card or anything. Literally spent while has the open word.
5 / 5 Alline
UPDATE 1-3-19:
While it mentions it has had down my monitor substituted by BenQ because of a HDR defect. Has some of a service of better client has experimented the long time. The help was very hurriedly and without hassle at all. State using his monitor of new substitution of date of mine of original description and has has not had any subjects. I flange confirms that a firmware was in fact until date and that this was a subject like the monitor does not list a version of firmware anywhere for me to compare. A monitor even so the so wished work and his 3 guarantee of the year and the service of incredible client has warranted me to change my description of 3 in 5 stars.

Read some descriptions for this concrete monitor, A significant number of people is having repetitive HDR subject.

Has ordered a product so that has the indication of description adds, any same problem to look in them very but the desire has now. In general mine the final view of this product is going in based in this BenQ treats a situation and if a monitor and taking fixed my subjects.

Has Had this monitor during 3 month in front of some subjects has begun. Slope this times a monitor was quite add, rich and utmost colours for gaming, very responsive. Some colours were the small was especially with black that is not very deep. Another that concealed, a HDR and 4k was very well, was at all much more or less than would expect he for the $ 400 gaming monitor until I have run in this subject.

A subject is coming when turned my monitor a day and all of the sudden, all some paintings concealed was in HDR the road has been washed was and fund. After reading carefully in Amazon and in the forums have remarked that the plot of people has this subject with this concrete monitor. The calm does not see it reflected it so much in some descriptions so that all a BenQ the descriptions of product are twitstered together. In this way that an indication of star and revises to see for this product is not everything in fact for this product, the sound prende all a twistered the together products. I have contacted Amazon quite the and alas so of late at least, his service of the client of the cat is taking increasingly more difficult to treat and far less useful this has used to be, each habladuras of person to give reason and different responses while in why helps decided of calm flange. As I have contacted BenQ instead and his service of client was quite Incredible. There is the new monitor that is shipped in me in of the minutes of me contacting them and a monitor has to 3 guarantee of year. His service is very well, was very surprised in that hurriedly was and what was easy to do with. Andy L. In his department of service was really add and his service has changed my alcohol totally has changed in this product or compraventa future BenQ products.

Ailing update this clave with any new information after it takes my monitor . BenQ Said me that a HDR the subject is more often caused so that firmware listen me the small better.
1 / 5 Faye
It Likes him to him the plot of the clients and the professional critics have signalled was, this model of monitor is unable to aim the gamut of contrast and paint concealed is anywhere prjimo HDR quality. In fact, his contrast and colour gamut is worse that very big-varies gaming monitors that predates any HDR level. You have to pose this monitor in permanent HDR road to manipulate some buttons in the and turn of Brilliance+ and another environmental brilliance that parameters of changes, and only then is his brilliance and vibrancy the same just in the normal 0 exposure.

Basically yes want the good image and very gaming, taking it 1440p screen with contrast and utmost brilliance. It ignores this HDR sham since there has obviously zero guarantee of BenQ or another company that will give you the real HDR monitor for a money. It IS only the adhesive and an advertising campaign these ways absolutely at all in this case. A complete fraud.

Has possessed he for almost the year now and while it has remarked a lack of HDR described immediately, other nuisances have taken time to aim they. In meso a time when my PCs continue in standby, a monitor does not return of standby automatically, as all my active windows and taskbar arrivals shunted has been in any Windows of screen 10 now thinks is a primary in place of where need the and where left the. It IS a troubling nonsensical task that has had to to repeat very time now.

For awhile some speakers to control maintained to try for affirms it that device of primary audio in spite of me any to use them never purposefully never, as while it listen in the audio of headphones would begin blaring through some speakers of the terrible monitor and that fill my house. It imagines what uncomfortable THAT it can be, and a paranoia those your PCs is going in blare yours files half comunicacionales in maximum volume in place of through your headphones for any apparent reason. Once I deactivated some speakers to control so of the devices for a time 2 or 3 at the end bonded, even so.

Has had to was the majority of some characteristics of consolation, while 'Brilliance+' or anything calls it, so that they have degraded a quality of image very hard.
4 / 5 Tawna
I want to all in this monitor except that has bought stops. HDR No . It can very common 4K or HDR of Vudu. It can very common 4k HDR of Netflix or Prime of Amazon. Ive Has tried 3 different Displayport 1.4 capes to govern them was. Has the GTX 1080 which and knows does dispalyport 1.4. BenQs The web of place and several descriptions say a monitor is comes with Displayport 1.4 connection, but other descriptions say his only Displayport 1.2, which cape of flange a data required for HDR. I can turn HDR on in of the Windows 10, but a selection in current in HDR is grayed was and can any one when the be has not ignited. I of the that knows sounds the problem of Windows or BenQ is lying in his Displayport described or his HDR described. Another that concealed....Sound the good monitor.

Update 2-10-19:
the results there was the Windows 10 updates that totally screwed in HDR streaming. His result a subject for the plot of people. And Vudu doesnt support HDR or 4K in desktops. Games that is HDR able will aim pertinent 4K HDR.
1 / 5 Mirtha
Hardly it have it this monitor during 8 month.

Has turned my PC a day and a next thing take is down lines a half of a screen with clear harm through a half in upper section of a screen. I imagine it is not the problem, these classes of things can spend, sometimes the appliances of the insurances of individual/monitors have defects, so that this is not some only times have had these types of things spend in a past.

Like next day, filled out of a RMA asks in BenQ website and mediated in a change of email among me and the moron appointed 'Andy L.' A response of email inform me concealed has to cause this for physical harm in a monitor he, and is not convered under a guarantee of a manufacturer. It IS angered, so that it has at all that is still in a room to come to contact with a monitor, by everything means of any one says a harm in him is caused by. And there is more included him to launch anything in him, gone in a room or harm of cause in in any subjects.

In spite of that, later simply decided in directly try his line of service of the client this has published:

1 (866) 600-2367

Quan volume in a main card, provides with the series of options. Simply I am trying habladura directly in any one in a department of service of the client (Hastens 1). Any one that press of number of the subject in a line, a system automated does not transfer me anywhere. Simply repeat it some few options of main card. Quan Still can not connect in anything, a system then falls your call and disconnects. Desprs Repeatedly trying this number, included with different telephones only in a casualidad odd had something wrong in my final, I some investigation and has tried the different number has published elsewhere in BenQ website:

1 (714) 559-4900

had able to contact the representative of service of the client directly. I have provided a number of the proportionate case in a change of the email there has been earlier that comprises photograph, and was also says here that do at all for me still although an element am still under a guarantee of manufacturer. A representative says yes was 'only some stain' without a 'point of impact' would agree to something for me, otherwise would offer 10% discount to buy the new monitor. That is to say absolute atrocity . There is at all in a room that could cause a point of impact in a monitor, and more is here. Even so his monitor is designed and built is of any consequence in me, provided is for any piece of rubbish has posed was when to the final pauses. A point am to fulfil me that I have not caused this problem and there is absolutely at all more than causing a problem (any object to fall in the, at all to be launched in him, any one to enter and game with him, at all). I boast this controls that took is defective, and now some waste of vendor to do anything enough the.

To good sure very when not being buying anything concealed has BenQ the semi-detached name in him in any subjects. For any look to buy this monitor, control out of another and much more respectable vendors. Purchase BenQ only yes is thank you in or has no another election. Purchase in your own risk.

Top Customer Reviews: BenQ SW2700PT ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Huong
I have substituted my EIZO CG241W which have had for awhile now, the quite expensive monitor, and or that he well for me in a past and was easy of aforar to do the photo that edits. Look to change like the monitor has taken old, included although external well.

Read revises and again looked to buy the 'big finals' controls BUT has been attacked by some descriptions, especially of 'Tom' Hardware' considering this monitor. While still pricey, is compared at all in some controls looked in. A lot the has not expected to be 'blown was' EXCEPTS:

One beats to control fantastically bundled, arrived hurriedly of Amazon. To the ergonomics is excellent as well as any monitor has not used never. He plugged in and shot it up and was surprised literally in that bono this thing is. While it has been only using this monitor for several days, has aforado the mine to use calibrator and can say, little improvement compared in this right out of a box.

Supremely Included ignite during one nails urban of screen, the ash of stairs that surprised and paintings rendition like accurate likes him anything has not witnessed never.

IS also he radiologist and has the big end DICOM NEC uses to control to read CT scanners, MRIs, etc and can say, these rivals to control one contrasts of a better DICOM monitors, no an easy feat.

Perhaps has better monitors but can not imagine any be very better, especially for one $ of the same compared in a EIZO and NEC has considered.

One one caveat of course is that he calibrator is not comprised with this monitor that compared in an expensive more EIZO rival so yes is planning on doing necessity of manual calibration to imagine in a cost of the calibrator. A good informative is that some parameters of factor are also, unless you are editor of photo of verification or real professional of the demand that is almost perfect out of a box, any precise unit

That is to say the monitor is in mine all time all star list of utmost products. A lot the has not expected something also after using a professional EIZO for years.
3 / 5 Devorah
I am an advanced hobbyist photographer and has bought this monitor to implement a AdobeRBG 10goes bite workflow for art-printed of photo of the note in the Cannon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000.

That is to say the solidly the piece built of squad, a support is very heavy and well has built. I want a cape built in a support. The band was very good: you are not preoccupied quite harm in sending. A poster is an usual plastic , but is big quality in appearance and be. An action of a poster in general, is excellent. I am by train of the taken Has verified 10the bit workflow in Photoshop through a Nvidia Square P2000. I want a puck! It opens The can not live without him. Changing rooms by heart with a push of the button apropa a keyboard is the very good innovation . A puck is the quite big quality tez. Some buttons listen well and some responses of exposure well. Monitor Cards is quite very compared in a Dells has been using during two decades. These swipes of the poster was my Dell u2718q 27' 4k monitor. They are setup side by side and a dell vomit of looks of the dog compared in a BENQ, but then, is not in an east of class still?

That is to say where some good ends and one very-so-well, instead just, begins:
- This poster has the blue pixel bonded only. That is to say the monitor of dollar of the thousand that perfectionists of aims by heart, as it is returning in amazon for the change.
- Has a bit perceivable light bleeds in some verges. It is not bad, but am not adds.
- Some ships of monitor with him DVI-in-mini-DVI cape. Even so, each a Nvidia of the Apple of big end the cards have full sized DVI sockets, any mini. There is no mini DVI socket in a monitor, like the cape comes with this useless has bought Squared the P1000 or main. As I have to buy the new DVI in DVI cape. Lost the night to do been due to of the this.
- A CD of engine these ships with a monitor does not contain a pallet master software. Only download the sake?? No... BENQ Has had a outage last night and so that it can not download a pallet master software to verify a calibration and has lost another night of work. It IS to look today so much was able of the download.
- While he he that, has seen had the monitor the recent more the engine has dated 2-5-2018. A an installed is dated 5-5-2017, so that it has obviously wanted. I have downloaded a file and has discovered has been packed in SCARCE format. It opens Boys, is the enormous nerd going subjects behind, but my scarce the days are on. Felizmente My small brother is still the enormous nerd and unpacked he for me so and has not had to download some shady unpacker. I install an engine and guesses that? It IS an exact same one and that exists one 5-5-2017. It IS mislabeled in a BENQ website. I open a INF in a lot of and sure enough. It IS v1.0.0.0. So that it was 15 ailing the minutes never return. Thank you BENQ To waste more than my time.
- In general, BENQs the laws to plant the good web lives in 1994. It is received in Taiwan. RTT In a place is in 200ms. My supposition is that BENQ sells the few elements in some the EUA, as it can be well to go advance and fall the responses of a place here. Cela, and hire only a native west English to try your copy. Thank you.
- This informs of calibration. Yes it has one, but will require a microscope of electron for the read. A subject is, has contained enough to fill a piece of paper 8.5x14 but decided to print he in 8.5x11.

Good thing BENQ knows that to build monitors, so that they are not well in anything more. Attentive, ship me the pixel bonded... As I rephrase: they are quite well the build controls that the look adds, except the pixel or two, and the light bleeds, and is not well in much more. With BENQ, is fatality for the pieces of thousand. For a prize, is still buys it recommendation, but only ail. My council is to buy this product of amazon so that it can the yours issues behind for any reason. BENQ To the police of the pixel is died any cover my situation. BENQ Would have to hire the small Apple execs, and implement 4% duquel the marks of apple in of the nicknames of resplandor/of apt/arrival, which will do BENQ 400% better was that they are now, which the averages that right now like the business look very immature. XOXOXO
5 / 5 Leesa
That is to say an excellent monitor . I have debated quite taking the 4K controls the 2K an and decided in a SW2700PT so that I have not wanted to cross an extra cost to update my card of the map and I are happy has done. If you want the Master use is a software of the Bricklayer will require one of some products of follower of aforar a monitor:
Xrite - i1Display Pro, i1Display Pro 2, i1Pro or i1Pro 2
Datacolor - Spyder4 am by train of the supposes would require any Pro or Elite.
Has had felizmente a Spyder4 Pro which has been to sell since already had to update in a Spyder5 Elite. The calm does not have to use a Master of Bricklayer, can aforar a monitor saw a card of map. A Master of the bricklayer does not use a card of map unless you specify a software for the use. Have aforado Even so he with a Spyder5 and use one poses advanced to estimate a monitor was very happy of the finds has estimated 4.5 out of 5. A thing in a SW2700PT is a very same illumination as well as a very fine detail. Or Characteristic very well is a OSD Controller. In planting to use some buttons in a monitor this cover of controller in a monitor these covers to change the parameters saw the far wire fences. Only it uses this monitor predominately for the photograph but I have what some old plus B&W Films and posing a monitor in B&W them pop. Absolutely amazing picture.
Also would have to mention that that is to say my second monitor . Desprs Notifying Amazon that could not take a first monitor in the faculty in a substitution was on he is road. The service adds they.
1 / 5 Jaime
(Original description)'Why expects so long to buy this monitor? The colour adds, good hood, the flight. ' (Original description)

Looked to add -- but is beginning a decent in that fact substitute me my Cinema of Apple. A two inch smudge has looked in a centre of a screen. And probably he only empire and worse. My experience say me will tolerate this during the year or so much and at the end when being thank you to substitute this monitor.

Of course need the monitor in the daily base as I will not return easterly unit But am disappointed enough. That Duke to buy one unfamiliar marks, had not seen never into use.
5 / 5 Donna
I have purchased a SW271 almost the year after attaching he in my esady of wish' in Amazon; it can it has not decided yes to spend that a lot in the monitor; then afterwards give my workstation the computer there was 7 years and in necessity to update--the decision has been done for me--the CMOS the stack has begun to give problems. Desprs Substituting that cheap little element,, begun to attach the main things more expensive, and well... I have taken spent has been. I have substituted my old more EVGA card of map with EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 You, EVGA supply to be able in of the platinum--and in a list was. I will not go very much more there, it excepts to say that I have substituted one of my two old more (except goodies) 24 inch HP LP2475w controls with this Benq SW271. I am not the professional photographer or graphic artist. I am only an enthusiast of amateur in that like him both film and digital photograph. I possess the Nikon Sper Coolscan 5000.D And all his trappings (this bought before they resulted any impossible to find or outrageously expensive--and unsupported for a manufacturer--use Vuescan for my scanning now and amour he). I use Lightroom 6 for my necessities to edit. As I required me educate a bit in management by heart. Of this very of an expert; I use Spyder 5 Elite and until it take it this monitor , has used a Datacolor software. But early I give that Benq the master of Bricklayer was special, in that in fact works with the hardware of a monitor he ( uploads a LUTs in a monitor and no a card of map). But I have run in of the big problems with this part. I have downloaded the master is a software of the Bricklayer and an engine a late plus for my new monitor. Or of they would do properly in my Windows 10 Pro YOU; I have suffered a lot the tension that come from all could, but a software only no at all. It maintains to try to upload the engine and everything concealed, and has to maintain manager of use of task for the near down. I have left only afterwards the week and has used one Datacolor software, but has maintained having a niggling feeling that the only has not been well. It imagines my surprise yesterday when Microsoft has decided in the the end updates my computer with one 'Update of April' Version 1803 of 1709--and ail I rebooted in of the Windows, had a Master of the wait of poor bricklayer for me. I have followed some instructions of Science of Image of an internet and hurriedly using a program has advanced, has taken my monitor aforado and validated and of a report could see that raisin with flying colours, to use the pun. Of course, I give that it is a software of manufacturer and only can expect some numbers of low delta are correct. (At the end, as it can very it is? It is sceptical person :) the sum in an already the also long descriptions: I am very that wants this monitor; it is elegant and well, and go to enjoy scanner and editing so much my film and digital images. I expect that this helps more having problems with a software of Bricklayer of Master Elements and prevent each a frustration and initial disappointment that has had.
5 / 5 Flor

Of entity: please notes that a vendor has lumped 8 different BenQ the together controls in this page, resulted in of the descriptions for everything of them when being blended together. This can direct in confusion and that information of clashes that means very critical. Besides there complicate it a number of the real model is not pointed anywhere for each description, only the description of generic product in the call of fine impression tyle Appoints'. To be clear then a model is revising is a SW2700PT 27' Management of Seasons of the IP of RGB by heart 2560x1440 Exposure.


has possessed an attributed still and subject of photograph of the video in fact a lot of years, in that has coached in the institutions have recognised diverse. My work is predominately documentary and product-has related. Resolution of precision and colorimetry in my acquisition and the train of clave is of big priority in me. There are a lot of marks, models and technologies of imaging the available devices in a professional; even so it is sometimes difficult to close in in definite standardisation. Use BenQ produced of some late 1990 east and recognises the like the first manufacturer associated with products of the pertinent exposure for professional applications.


This description will not be laden with specs, or these published by a manufacturer or these measured by me, specs and the characteristic is easily available in the web of place of a manufacturer. Specs Is not my primary motivator considers the monitor, more concealed gets obsessed with specs when evaluating a compraventa of the new camera. Specs Does not create art. Clearly, the monitors of computer are a unfortunate but necessary tool to achieve an interim step in a process of informant what a photographer/of seen of artist and interpreter in a definite spectator. If we are to do in a digital realm has to monitors of use, has no another option, and all the recoveries and the hype of some manufacturers eschews has any monitor that there is able of perfect imagery. Quan A photographer/of artist perceives the nuance of the colour that defines cual his product has finished will be is a work of a camera, monitor, software and printing/process of exposure to retain as much as possible of these boos as it can be it shared with another. Cela In me is a difference enters to buy one $ 89 monitor in Walmart and doing a commitment to purchase the monitor like east and spends some times and the energy take to tune give his full potential.

Specs Is not nonsensical and BenQ is generous with them in some measure to comprise the report of calibration of the factory done of commission with each individual SW2700PT monitor. That is to say the lovely resource to give you the point to start with in fine tunes your concrete monitor in your card of individual map, software and half comunicacionales to start with. That is applicable in me is only and applies only in me and my workstation. That is that the import is that a monitor has it plethora to tune adjustments far alln of a monitor of desktop of half computer.


Before included take in specs, characteristic and action one could ask why spends so much in the monitor of computer. These days are easy to buy the decent monitor for just in $ 100 and the very good monitor for enough two times concealed. Why it spends $ 650 (MSRP) for the photograph and the video that edits exposure at all? I will inform behind it is again the small later but a 1 reason is that it photographs (and graphic arts) is not on specs, characteristic or action. A monitor exists for an only reason to aim so reasonable the facsimile of the cual an artist/of photographer visualises, or at the same time of creation or his interpretation of a product has finished. Therefore the monitor, like the tool, has to when being: A) accurate; and B) replicable, i.et. It has to reproduce a same tonality all a time, hourly of every day, has lit above reasonable variable conditions down.


Averts of a visual tuning the available field, a SW2700PTmonitor also customises well physically in your necessities of workstation. A base and that locate the arm is in the classify everything for them in nickname of the structural rigidity these results in virtually shudder very physical . That is to say of entity, so miniscule the quantities of shudder can affect human perception of an acuteness of an image. A monitor has an impressive field of vertical adjustment and is self-enclosed and aforado as it can duplicate the favourite posed in of the different sessions. Like this one 90 title swivel is smooth but tight like any ray to close or the cams is necessities. If necessary to move a monitor for any reason there is the mere push-mechanism of button in unlock he of an arm to locate after what a portion of screen can be aixecada of a base. This model is compatible with an excellent wire fence OSD far controller for access of card with 3 user-has determined presets; the quantum improvement on achieves under a screen and at random pressing buttons of tiny card while you would find in a vast majority of monitors. A far wire fence can be posed in the receptacle built in in a fund of a base; the similar receptacle built in in an arm or taken totally and planted in your yolks for adjustments of card of the instant.

A SW2700PT is packed with capes of interface of quality of premium for DVI, USB, and DisplayPort and the very robust and durable shading hood that attaches in the clips of the permanent mountain adapted in a bezel of a monitor. Also included it is the comprehensible version of software of Bricklayer of calibration of Master Element. A monitor is estimated so zero flicker and light of low blue emit. Only IT IS SD reader of card and two USB 3.0 ports in a left side of a cupboard.


This monitor is adapted more for the permanent, has lit up-workstation of the map has controlled. I have mentioned that am using this monitor in my dispatch of workstation of house. It marks Any deception, records that I out of a studio am so so serious like those marks in a dispatch. State using the 23 monitor up until I have tried a BenQ so that I create anything main can be difficult to accuse in my brain like the finite image. Here it is an example that I bad control he 4x6, he 5x7 and one 8x10 the photographs have printed in your hands and look in the. Your eyes perceive a whole image how the something finite with verges. It opens Scratches he 16x20 impression in front of you. On age, huh? You have to scan your eyes and perhaps included yours turn to direct to take in a whole image. This is not always the good thing when is editing still or photographs of motion (video). My example illustrates why the big plus workstation the monitor is not necessarily the better thing. Desprs Using this monitor for the while I have discovered that 27 is not on age to edit tasks, but will say that it is an elder would be has had to to use. In a same distance how mine 23 monitor (and is there was little to change this) has learnt that The majority of a time my eyes are comfortable to take in a whole image like a finite composition. A meeting of only time a BenQ to be in the age is when editing on purpose the video of big animal distorted that of the GoPro. In this need of case to augment a distance of my eyes in a screen for enough more 20%.


the quality of Image is very elusive to define included under a more controlled of the still conditions can be attach in the big number of variables and therefore a title of satisfaction probably very when being no a same for all the world. I know a term the personal preference would not have to have any place in the description of the tool that is to feign to represent images in the definable level sure, but in real life he , if only in some measure that has individual differences in so each so to perceive us colour, intensity and tonal balance. My vision has been professionally tried recently for my capacity to perceive precision of the colour and some results signify that my vision is near-perfect. But I wager is not a same 24/7/365. During a course of my period of test has very been satisfied with a title of precision this monitor is able of. It revises the wide field of images of archive and has shot some material concretely for comparative purposes. Publishing them here would be the useless exercise as it have to accept you that I am convinced enough that this monitor will adapt mine necessities that will be to attach the in my desire loans that hopefully will coincide over time that continues in the Roads of Lightning. For that reading my description can not imagine like any one could do the final decision on something like this based in that more say. If calm think that it apt yours necessities suggest to buy one and it trying before you the final commitment.


is not sure that practical worry this would be but has to be remarked that one HDMI the port is to See 1.4 more concealed a Voice 2.0.


has little in any one that mark to concern the name is in the tool that use in my trade. In fact always I have coated logotypes of mark in my cameras with electrical tape as they do not distract my subject. My only consideration for a name of the mark of this product is if a company behind is a developer of company/of real engineering or only the name of the mark slapped in the generic product. And if a company will be there to provide afterwards-support of compraventa. It possesses BenQ the products that returns 15 years or more and is sure this has a necessary experience, arts and stability to be considered one of some players of entity when goes in of the products of professional exposure.


Has to choose this concrete model of monitor? Of course that it is the personal decision . Here it is my professional entrance like the working photographer that the uses controls like this so part of the mine that acts toolkit. I see an use of the monitor in the photo that edits so when being low fraction in four general levels of necessity, and where an access of user in or or more than this level:

1. A Photographer of Exposure that is to say when has to present my work in his the majority of perfect form, like the exposure in the gallery or museum. There are criteria has to conform, some of them self-imposed, concealed is not to cost-effective for me for me marks, or this can conform the level it the big plus does with him pro the laboratory instrumented with squad of speciality that is external of my field of estimativa. That is to say more often a case for the video that edits but also can apply in mine necessities of still photograph. I very preoccupy me that notarises of use of mark, preoccupy me in some results and is has to pay the for these results. Obviously for this category of the work does not need to possess the monitor (or any squad or software) of my own.

2. The mine Subject that is to say my bread and butter. That is to say where it chooses a squad, the software and the accessories besides conform my level of mine big plus to do while still run the profitable subject. After the careful the consideration found this monitor to be an excellent access for mine necessities and was priced in the company-cosy cost. For the studio or the house of one doing workstation of professional would recommend to give this monitor serious consideration. Quan Has adjusted properly considers it worthy to call the tool of the professional photographer.

3. Enthusiast think the big percentage of the people that read this fall of description in this category. I do when I am taking photograph no for profit but for a mere joy and satisfaction of photograph. I want my results to reflect that saw has created at the same time a photo and I think more people that inverts in the good camera and the quality posed of the lenses is afterwards a same aim. Quan Consider that past in your bus of camera a prize to purchase of the same BenQ the monitor is in fact reasonable and is night and day upper in the typical career-of-the-monitor of mill of generic computer. I doubt if the quality-the enthusiast of the conscious photo would be disappointed in this monitor.

4. A familiar snapshot shooter frankly 95% that I that takes these days for the times of familiar entertainment are with smartphone of mine and I bond he directly in of the half comunicacionales social without editing so, no, this monitor would be overkill for any one that predominately takes pictures of some boys and pets. But guess that? The cameras of mobile phone have resulted surprisingly able these days and from time to time take the frank has shot that socks of swipes of the mine was and step the time those touches the up. As it say it if you are to picture and/or video and has the little bucks to spend in the monitor a fact only that a screen in this one is also would say that it is to take to go bad, if for another reason that a push to call-selector of profile of the button.

By everything means of the cual the the plus can any never read in this monitor, the words will not be never able to communicate images that yours will look in you (ideally of course would have to look exactly like that garment/conceived in the real life when created an image). If calm say you positive words or of the negative words to describe that a lot it conceal exited for me that has had this monitor to use my words can no any voice very to the left that dress. While a current this sells prize of just bass $ 600 (when this description has been written) can be in a pricey side for an enthusiast of photo is in fact in a lower end of a spectre compared in that CAN spend in the monitor of exposure if really it wants to you. It considers that a prize also comprises the guarantee of three years partly, work, and backlight and would consider these controls no only a tool advanced and conformed by a professional photographer/videographer but the good value also.

Has evaluated the model of controls of available production to the by new minor that has been loaned in me during the month for one expresses purpose to share my observations in the description. I have not taken any compensation, free or has discounted sakes, or any special demands of a company to announce that it facilitates one loaner the sample and I have not communicated directly with BenQ any time. A monitor has been packed up and routed behind after ready of a low term.
5 / 5 Ezra
Where Beginning?

A packaging...
At all cut of a better and soyAY of the voice has seen for a product of electronic (comprising final squad very big has purchased walnut for my theatre of house). It IS borderline to take to exit of a box so that it was such an exact access . Once I even so, a tooless creation to attach a support, the base and saves clear was the sleep.

An image (of a view of the VERY critical photographer)
Exceptional out of a box. A calibration of factory was a more has not had never in the monitor and was shockingly better that another monitor revised similarly for another manufacturer. It conceal to be said, was able to edit photos in 10 minutes to pose it up and has wanted to when being able to change among sRGB and RGB of Season with the tap of the button.

Inferior line - spends a money, spend it now. The decree that the better researches. Unless you go to take the $ 1,500-$ 2,500+ monitor... This a simply can not be beaten. COMPRAVENTA EXCELLENT
5 / 5 Napoleon
That is to say the very good exposure , even so I am thank you for the give to 1 description of the star until my substitution arrives.

An in the first place one has ordered has the small lived splotch apropa an inferior left wing - in a measure of the pencil eraser. It is not enormous, and very openly perceivable, but once knows is all can see. I know this monitor gives the plot for a prize, even so that is to say any apology for the defect has taken. The meeting takes to think when has been aforado this has not been remarked in QA, but alas the deceptions spend and knows poster of the exposure only does not take scrutinized a lot for manufacturers anymore.

Otherwise, Some looks of quite a lot of sake of poster. Glow of IP very small in a something in a fund. Another that that any one very bleeds this has remarked.

Already posed in the demand for the substitution, as if a second an east without the defects will update an indication.

UPDATE 5/10/2017

left me only say bravo in Amazon. They routed my monitor of substitution at night and there went it today after it does. According to the monitor has the flawless exposure. Any lived splotch, any dead pixel, glow of IP very minimum in a something in a cup, and black of insignificant light bleeds.

Has aforado with the Syper5 Expresses and ready for mecer.

Update in 5 stars.
5 / 5 Miquel
Day 1 and 2: I want this monitor! A desire of only thing was different is that it was 4K, but these works of resolution amiably. 4K would be useful for future-proofing a device so that it is not outmoded in 5 in 6 years.

Has been using terrible monitors for the long time to edit photos, as have wanted to to buy the good monitor once and does not look never behind. I have researched during the year in tendencies of ad and levels, backlighting technology, practices to draw, technical frames in an industry, and concrete models of monitors of photograph, and has combined that with my learning of physicist and computer to inform my expectations for the monitor before buying unit This a satisfied each technical criteria and does so in 2560x1440 resolution. If you are looking for a by force industrial colour that edits monitor, that is to say each which how that bit necessity to be.

Does sure your flow of the work of WHOLE photograph is compatible with the capacities of this monitor. This monitor requires the card of map that is able of outputting colour of 10 bits (sample of the windows to this likes him 'colour of 30 bits' so that it is 10 bits for canal (10 Red 10 Green 10 Blue).
1 / 5 Moriah
Some revises everywhere for a SW2700PT is favorecedor (comprising here in Amazon) and look the solid election for my new monitor. In paper, that is to say one 27 ' QHD controls of IP to beat for a model of photograph of level of entrance, $ 599 is some exceptional roads in comparison in a $ 1000 point of principle for to price all more with good descriptions. The colours have burst so expected and backlight bleeds/IP the glow is minimum (ails perceivable). Has the striking industrial drawing and a wire fence puck far control to adjust the parameters are the good touch . Also, this thing is built like the tank, very heavy/robust edifice. I confess, has very want to eat me a SW2700PT - has had the BenQ the marks to control a lot of years that liked me a lot.

Has tried two of these and wound up returning so much because of subjects of uniformity of the screen with fund/of clear aim. Having to leave my manually left screen and right applications (Photoshop and browser mostly). A first monitor there has been the 7' wide x 5' big, the kidney shaped'omething hot' in a hand-right endwise streaky of a screen where the fund/of clear aim was much warmer then a rest of a screen, begins mid low road a screen and has been almost in a fund of a screen. A second monitor there has been two smaller omething hot' in a left hand-the streaky side of a screen, again with fund/of clear aim - some approximations a corner of upper left wing and another principle mid-low road a screen that goes in a fund. Perhaps these monitors are better adapted for work of room of true darkness with the semi-detached hood and a brilliance cranked low road Or spent to take two futility. Any road, can not justify a compraventa.

Perhaps will try another AdobeRGB wide gamut the monitor certified in a future but because of the estimativa decided in forego the and has tried the less expensive (old plus) Dell U2715H. While the lack the little characteristic in comparison and is not built also, does not suffer some subjects of uniformity of the screen.

Also, that is to say smaller in a diagram of things, but has discovered a subject with a SW2700PT in a PC after it covers in a cape of USB - when a monitor is plugged in USB of road (to enable a handy SD reader of card and ports of USB in a left hand-the streaky side), Manager of the device of the Windows aims the 'USB &60;-&62; Cape of Serial' device with the subject of automotive - the images of visas has attached. I have tried a CD included and looked for on-line for the engine, but found at all (still after look in a Vendor and Produced IDs). I have achieved among BenQ support and two times, says would not have to be using the 'USB in Cape of Serial' and instead would have to attach a monitor directly in a computer saws USB, which was a whole time . This subject arrived with both monitor. I am I to think any one in BenQ the support has seen this subject?! Very odd.