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Top Customer Reviews: Eyoyo 13.3 inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Merrilee
Update: taken a touchscreen to do. My Lenovo thinkcenter has USB 3.1 ports but I guess perhaps they of those who has DP the protocol for video has been. I can take control to do with hdmi cape and it USB One in USB C cape but a touchscreen data wasnt register when using a computer usb 3.1 ports. Only law when the cape of USB is plugged in the port of USB 2.0. (Alas these effects a brilliance of screen)

1 description to star for now. It uses with the 2018 Lenovo ThinkCenter PC. I can not take a touchscreen to do. Has the displayport in hdmi cape, has the picture and the power and the windows recognise a monitor like the second screen, has tried an USB-An in USB-C cape in both type c ports and or give me protect to touch
4 / 5 Iraida
I have bought this cual the monitor for my carpc. The works add.

Top Customer Reviews: Eyoyo 5 inch Small ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Danyell
Recently, I have begun to return in PC gaming. I have decided that that has wanted the second monitor as I can bond my controls of musician and programs to converse on for easy access and seeing while gaming in my elder of age 24' monitor.

Has had only the handful of requisites while exploring:
- Low $ 100
- more Petit that 15'
- VESA mountain (this monitor is VESA 75x75 for a curious buyer)

This monitor has conformed everything of these requisites and has done perfectly at the same time concealed possessed the. Has trace at present in my desktop with a Monitor of LCD Sol SIERRA Suport of Desktop of the Fully Adjustable mountain/Curves/to Articulate for 1 Screen until 27' (SUPPORT-V001). I have purchased in fact two of these mountains he so that it can take two arms for a setup has wanted.

5/5 would recommend (and has recommended in fact in the few people)
5 / 5 Katrice
I do not go to attack the star (or three) out of this description because of my idiosyncrasies -- Just comprise this monitor has a word 'Eyoyo', printed in of the BIG CARDS in the source boba in a fund of a screen. It was not that this half, but supremely is troubling in an English speaker to look in this word, EVERY TIME use this monitor. ----&62; EYOYO (Apresamiento used his).
4 / 5 Paulita
The excellent monitor. Easy to pose up and use. I wish some controls were directly in a front of plus that a underside of an advance of poster. The map adds. Using he with the Raspberry Pi 3 current Raspbian, Ubuntu Partner and Windows 10 Yacht for a Raspberry Pi. The only problem there has been was a sound of my films and files of the musician very initially comes through a HDMI port. It has to pose Lima config.txt To enable a sound to be thank you in a HDMI port (hdmi_strolls=2).
4 / 5 Carl
5-Stars for product, 3 stars for lack of half of good = instructions of 4 Stars.
Has purchased this small, easily portable monitor like the side-material' for my Raspberry Pi 3. With this monitor and the mouse of small/keyboard is able to do posing alterations in my headless' cape of Ethernet Pi has connected device. Some 3 capes provides assemblen of good quality, but has not used some capes while it does not have any necessity for them for my application (or has the half to try his action).
Has the few smaller subjects:
&62;BASE: If you feign to use one bases in the cup of table, will require to rotate a leader to annex 90 titles (easily facts, but any instruction). Also, erroneously has supposed that a tampon of rubber has provided was to subject upper use and has applied he in a base, only discover that BOTH SIDES of a tampon have the big-tack adhesive (for permanent or mountain of wall? Again, any instruction). It takes the bit to do to take it (in of the bits-and of the pieces). Once a monitor is semi-detached, spent a device to be the heavy front', and the semi-detached weight in a centrical clave (removable) and some very-tampons of skid.
&62;MONITOR: I have found one on-operation of card of the screen to be that it baffles, included with some proportionate directions. Mina first tentativas of the adjustment resulted in a the other way around, behind exposure - (was in the able end to do some adjustments have wished saw tries-and-error'). Everything is well, now; image very good. A monitor behind has four 75X75mm has spaced holes, but is not threaded (more thin behind); otherwise, was possible in easily locate my Pi 3 to have the sake Pi w combination of monitor.
5 / 5 Lucien
That is to say the small unit very good to do with. Very easy to pose up and give you both options of the supply to be able in outlet or for the run on can of USB. Mina very expensive Wacom Cintiq touchscreen the tablet there has been the card of bad screen, while I have seen very another with this very same problem and has wanted to $ 1000 for the fix when paid almost $ 2000. To buy a thing. Then a screen fried afterwards only 6 use of month only when a guarantee has run was.

Has found this small portable monitor for $ 99 and he a trick. First time was able to take in my Wacom in 2 years of a screen frita and with the few adjustments of exposure to do each apt access, there was again.

That is to say the portable monitor very good to have manually for reparations of emergency or to travel with. This an also will connect at most of cameras, while I have discovered after the take that it was an even more main .

Law like the charm.
2 / 5 Minta
I have not expected a lot. I bad for $ 100 fulfils is in a low end. But I have taken then look it already can have gone in any one. It can not say. A book of instruction is the bit of the joke. He any one cover Anything quite so to pose a together support. The mine has entered 2 pieces. Desprs Conversation to help of Technology of the Amazon could not find any information in a web quite the. Cela Have you that says something. One more a type could do was to say me of one looks of the picture would have to went it or parts, any two. Tan Very sure if the mine has taken broken or that. I have planned on using he for the pasador of Raspberry but with all some subjects have known hurriedly any vain in withstand any trip. If you plan on using hdmi also will require the 90 adapter of the since posed title some entrances in some subordinated some bond of capes directly down. I am routing he behind and has been warned could not take a full quantity because of shipping. That is to say it bummer but enough has some of him behind this maintains this junk.
3 / 5 Melany
In the first place, only to clear in of is a point, this small monitor of 5 inches >>ANY<< coming with the far.

Segundo, has to when being said that this small monitor of 5 inches is the mechanically good-looking contraption ---- very mere and direct in his form and global function ---- or for the pose another road, in fact is class of cute.

EXCEPTS, Third, an interface of user in this small monitor of 5 inches is only TERRIBLE, and a lot any help that one has so nicknamed the instructions are so totally USELESS ---- some instructions are printed in the only piece, tiny of bent up paper, and is 'written' in English broken, nonsensical ---- honestly, some instructions are the salad of word with the cup of soup of literate ---- the just launcher were.

This monitor has 5 buttons that is to use to control all, for the turn on and was, that selects an entrance, and navigating his system of card to pose several parameters. Alas, these 5 buttons are soyodal' in character, in those his changes to do totally, while a card is being pointed, or no. So much, when a card is being pointed, a button to be able in and a button of selection of the entrance no longer does these functions ---- and that is to say something concealed taken the bit to time to comprise, and to take used to, so that, again, one has so nicknamed the instructions are of any help, anything.

So much, taking, when a card is being pointed, a button to be able in and an entrance selects the buttons result only another pair of buttons of selection (only like one '+' and '-') buttons ---- result some buttons why select that the page of card wants to, and resulted some buttons why select that the element of card wants in the page of the card once is in the page of card. In a lot of some pages of card, one '+' and a '-' the buttons have the habit of to augment or reduce the numerical value, but then comport differently when comes to select of the no numerical elements.

This system of card with a modal character of some 5 buttons are done even more madden to use for a fact that some buttons are in a back side where you can not see when is looking in some cards, and also for a fact that a default quantity of time during those some stays of card in an exposure when is not pressing any buttons (i.et., A 'timeout') is only 5 bren. Really? 5 bren? This has thinks that that this was the good idea ?

So much, has two recommendations when trying uses a system of card... 1) he the diagram in paper duquel button that, of upper in depth, so that has some class of visual guide that you in fact can see side-for-side with a screen, and 2) before you preoccupy you quite changing any another parameter, goes directly in a parameter for 'timeout' and change he of 5 bren in 'was' so that a card never the time was ---- this step of second will take each of a pressure to time for ever requiring has beaten the clock while it is doing calm with a system of card.

Suggestions in a manufacturer: 1) it revises some work done by some buttons when using a system of card to do a button does more intuitive, 2) taking very that in fact can write in English to write your instructions, and is not so stingy in a quantity of paper has required, 3) or posed some buttons in a front, or seal posed in a front that coincides with some posed of some buttons in a backside so that any one has to try take his functions, and 4) marks 60 bren of 'was' a default value for a 'timeout' function so that any concealed is by train to try them familiarises with this thing in fact has a necessity to time to do so.
5 / 5 Solomon
I hooked he until my small laptop saw VGA the port and law instantly. I hooked he in my DSLR camera via HDMI in HDMI has done the. I have uploaded in the 128GB sandisk usb with films and musician and images, facts and included has a cart restarts video and musician when visits in a monitor out of a wall found this accidentally. At the end I hooked he in the chromecast HDMI + usb clave to see and can common in him of my smartphone and the law looked. Opened Can look it anything anywhere in a cookery saw my smartphone that comprises streaming the pictures in him saw chromecast..Like the visit in the frame of photo of the video.

And can not speak with a longevity of an element so that and has taken only he the week, but work well, a picture is Very enough, and has not expected 1080p, is only shy was 720p. And regarding instructions like the base so that the people is giving 1 or 2 stars for, unless they are missing manual, and has the 13 manual of page that is coming with a container and he outline so to pose in some bases in 2 pages ( and has attached he) and his also in a page of product of the amazon yes wheels. Even so any I still the precise, only unscrews a plastic in a mountain of knob to expose a place for a tip of base.. I dunno, in me was common sense . The audio could little when being better, enough walk, some adjustments/of shivers of the base kinda work. Also you it does not take 2 x aaa stacks requried for a far... eyoyo Nude those in!
5 / 5 Erna
It IS exactly that need. I hooked this until my OPPO 103 using the HDMI Change Bi-Directional Switcher - 1 HDMI goes in my television of Samsung FOCUSED and 1 HDMI goes in a Eyoyo 8' Monitor. I can now game and listen in my Digital Musician saws USB and CD of my OPPO 103 while navigating a OPPO card in a Eyoyo while looking television in a sametime. Pose up was easy and a far is the good consolation. Better have the Phillips magnetic engine , small of ray for collar some two rays to pose a together support. If these insects of monitor was, will update...
5 / 5 Ashli
I purchase to to the these products likes them to them the part of my CCTV system of surveillance that I also only recently purchased and has required the monitor to see my cameras on, wants that it is has all some connections that could require comprise a CCTV cape hookup to see my cameras on. A picture am add, and wants a small compact creation and the screen of the good floor to well sure highly recommends this product...

Top Customer Reviews: Portable HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ayanna
Until it informs of date 3/15/2019

Kudos in Eyoyo support of technology! Quan My connector to be able vanamente take the small unstable contacted Eyoyo support through his web of place and the excellent service taken. It results to have only the developed one updates in this monitor. Coast the small more but to good sure estimativas. A connector to be able in now uses the USB-C connector, which are quite twice a measure and much more stable that an USB-micro connector. The new version also has the organism of metal in place of a plastic. It conceals it it has not been the problem for me - both are very clear. So - back in 5 stars for east. Control out of a walnut an also in

has Description of Update 3/4/2019

Alas after using this earring four month is having the problems with one covers to be able in. An alloy of power in a monitor saw the USB-Micro Carried in a left side and for some reason constantly is having subject of connection. They record in the place and he will do well for the while. It substitutes a cord of USB and this will do well for the while. But it maintains to spend! I am looking for the option of substitution again. Dang!

Original description
has been using the 1366x768 monitor like my secondary monitor but he have not done very when it has used my laptop of PC POSED in big resolution. A window that was small in my big animal the screen was enormous has tugged he in a secondary screen! It looks for the substitution of big resolution for him that any one very side. My secondary aim was to have something ignites and easy to move among my two dispatches. That is to say my solution !

A factor of form is basically the form of mere tablet with the ports in some left verge of a screen and buttons in a backside by a right part of a screen. A screen of alloy of big resolution in my laptop HDMI the port and the windows are mostly the similar measure when moved among screens. And work also with my Mac. Yay! This no the he highly the correct monitor painted, but only is using to line notes of reference, windows of tool etc so that it does not have to have perfect colour.

A bit is that it comes with this limited, but will maintain likes him the portable support. For the normal use has bought the pair to different tablet is so that it can use he in two different desktop setups. For my dispatch that has the support Saw with an arm has attached this headline of tablet: For another the desktop has required the support that could be only, as I have bought east a: recommend the so many!
5 / 5 Katia
It spends the just quantity of time in a road and and law in the hotel. Two or three monitor a lot augments my productivity.

Has used 3 1920x1090 USB powered monitors and the USFF computer in for some last 3 years when in the hotel in attributes. Has the Surface Pro when is mobile. One 1080 monitor only has not provided enough quotes in pixels for productivity and was uncomfortable when matched with a surface pro, this monitor is more afterwards measuring a surface pro, provides more 'quote' in pixels for productivity, and is easy to move one smiles behind and advance. My USFF pc has juice of suffices of USB to power a monitor, but for Surface Pro no, likes wart of the wall or the stack behind will be required if the plan uses this fully mobile. I have bought this for short trips to use with my surface pro.

Highly suggest compraventa 90/270 mini HDMI/micro usb cords, really helps. These are an ones bought and is 'clocked' a right road.
/> />
That is to say a correct active mini DP in HDMI cape to use with the surface and takes a full resolution
A screen could be the small more brilliant and the small crisper, deducted or stars, but for a point of prize, can not beat these, as I gave it the full five stars.

Has done the 15.6' or the main version of this monitor, would be to buy 3 of them.
4 / 5 Garnett
Like A capacity the tension was game . This description is an until it quotes of an anterior unit Like this the particular vendor listens and tried, succeeded in a bit rectifying the subject with a screen that down in and has been. A reason, concealed found that some pieces of the era of screen is some consoles of game that the use does not possess a power in both can and leave his a same time. That am saying is that the fund has to use some covers of wall comprised was to protect to operate optimally. Any one only plugging a screen in the system will not result in a screen that comports while it has to. In the principle has given a screen 3 stars. It has attached an additional star for a time of response of this vendor. You write and Gallic rock.
3 / 5 Krystina
It IS good and a quality of a picture is upper tier, that is to say when laws properly. Constantly it is closing was and turning behind on, slightly moving any cape accidentally will cause it to ignite and was constantly til resolves to situate, included he then the fact in all the case. Touching games while has the closure was on me the each minute am very annoying and problem, if it does not have this subject to well sure would give it to 5 indication of star for portability and quality of a screen.
5 / 5 Sara
This element has been purchased like the screen of backup to travel employees that failures of experiences of screen. Desprs Using a device, our hurriedly has looked undertaken to purchase more be been due to an efficiency that was to obtain for ours travelling the programmers that has two working screens. Slide Easily in the rucksack or spending stock exchange. The metal brushed has the very durable look in him. Incredible picture and effortless to use. A support that comes with this supremely compact still robust and versatile. Only feedback that would recommend is to have some type of protective screen for when his transported. I have posed at present a screen against a coverage of my laptop and container a two joint in my stock exchange without subject. I produce it adds.
4 / 5 Willodean
It protects quite sake that develops an usable room of my MacBook Pro. The brilliance IS orders easily portable. I use for the video that edits.

An only with east a support. I have bought the support of tablet of the metal that the better works that a thing of forest that is coming with east.
5 / 5 Tomasa
For the small 2k exposure, these hands of product. One a thing can very sure when being enough is imposed of frame, is not very mentioned anywhere but has tried enough the few games in the and can say that I have not taken any perceivable of rasgar. If you are looking for the alternative of laptop, has matched this with a Intel KNOT Hades Cany to do the laptop gaming program.
4 / 5 Era
I have bought the cheap small, and the resolution controls very big, and has taken that expected.
Trips well, and provides the picture of the big resolution and has speakers.
Games/of the pictures do not look utmost (compared with mine 3440x1440 34' exposure)
And, the sound is marginally better that the smartphone.
But, for his purpose, a prize am add, and he to well sure outperforms his cost.
5 / 5 Marcus
Monitor attaches with big resolution and good colour. He also fire and portable.
5 / 5 Mellie
I have purchased a monitor to use with my HP notebook that the use when is out of a dispatch in of the auditorias financial. A measure is perfect, HDMI the connection is 80% of a reason and chosen a monitor-no more worries in of the connections of available USB, the cheapest person but and has not been price of compraventa. Has two joins that necessity this monitor! Excellent!

Top Customer Reviews: Eyoyo 13" inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Maryalice
It can not say enough in this small monitor and a company that poses to era. I have purchased the anterior version of the same () the little the mark of month and has wanted to it. But after the 4 months of daily use begin having problems with an USB-micro connection these powers a monitor. Thanks to excellent support of Eyoyo, now has this new version, which uses the USB-C connector that is much solider, and a picture am so that it adds that original. An organism of this monitor is now machined aluminium(? - Metal in all the case!), And it comes with the support/of case very cual some cases to bend iPad. I am using this in my dispatch to house so that it has not tried a support/of the case but I prefer this concept in an original of the folding support since protects a monitor if volume with me. He to well sure the fire enough to bond he in the case of laptop to take to the long of.

A monitor comes with to wall-wart and all some connectors will require, which save at least 20 bucks right there (HDMI in mini-HDMI, HDMI level in mini adapter, and USB in USB-C for a connection to be able in). My laptop of the windows has recognised the immediately and one 2560x1440 the resolution is quite near in mine 2880x1620 Lenovo screen of laptop to do it easy to tug windows among some two screens. Woohoo!

Adds records for Eyoyo.
5 / 5 Jo
Anteriorly Has ordered a Laptop HDMI Monitor, Eyoyo 15.6' inch Gaming Monitor 1920x1080 HDR Exposure, which there have been subjects around a micro connector of USB. Eyoyo The squad of the support has exchanged that model for a Eyoyo 13' the Portable inch HDMI Monitor 2K 2560x1440 Monitor of IP. It has Had a monitor during two weeks, and is clearly the better monitor. A connector to be able is type of USB C, which are stronger. A coverage is the option of better exposure that a fold-was tripod for an anterior model. A screen is in the better angle and when being more brilliant. A case of metal is stronger and when being more robust when it moving around. Some only two negative subjects are some speakers is very basic. There are two rays that protrude out of a monitor these wineries a coverage in him. Some rays tend in snag in a case to spend and rub up against a laptop, leaving scratches. It take to affront some rays out of a laptop are a more mere solution , and touching the audio through some speakers of laptop are another. Has data a monitor 5 stars, so that it is the laptop 2 monitor, and he to his better work that has expected.
5 / 5 Ula
It thinks a quality of a picture is very good. Connecting this monitor in a Xbox1 X has done necessity only the source to be able to only for a the system of game, a usb can a monitor of a Xbox. I have been surprised to see the micro hdmi In a monitor and the full measure HDMI out of Xbox.
5 / 5 Janene
A resolution of screen is so promised. Very brilliant and seeing angle very good. I have not used he in only still. Some buttons that is in a backside the fact the small difficult to change parameters without marks to take some locations of button. A free case is in fact a case of tablet of the iPad. It does not return a screen at all. Still go for the give 5-stars while I any one preoccupy me or require a case for my project. It was more preoccupied in a resolution, quality of picture and brilliance of screen.
4 / 5 Arianna
I require the second monitor for bookkeeping, these some descriptions adds gazes , utmost , the descriptions of support adds. But my experience is could not take the sake very-exposure, or picture, but mostly, perhaps could there is a time in disorder with him, but some controls are very funky. They were very anxious to try to help but has wanted to me and the strangers of blockade have nicknamed so required the to give me the number was to come from, and they only further apoligized in email, has any number to call. So much, they have tried, but his system no for me. That is to say probably perfect for a lot of situations, and any readier or more ailing that me. It does not be missing a company.
4 / 5 Demetrice
I have required the second monitor for in a vain and guesses that, is coming up with Eyoyo

after revising a lot of portable monitors, Eyoyo was my final election. It was excited enough in received of a monitor but was the uncomfortable bit with a quality of picture.

Has written Eyoyo and has notified a squad of my worries. They have answered immediately and ask details of my experience. For a following day, took instructions (beaks of semi-detached voice) to adjust my monitor and walla!, you Take my monitor that laws he so want to

Thank you Eyoyo!
5 / 5 Princess
A unit has taken had the buzzing /hissing his while the video has been aimed. A support of the very looked rind but maintained to slip and leaving an exposure to fall plan. And the colours were amiable to the wash was.
Could not take a full 2k resolution uhd to be aimed only could take 1920. It can be some capes , or a monitor.. Owe the backside because of a low resolution and a hissing sound.
The support was decent and offered to substitute a unit, but since was backordered would have taken it his 3 weeks to be shipped of China.
Update 1 : the vendor has shipped the product of substitution expedited. It attaches another update taken once and tries a product of substitution.
Update 2: monitor of the records of Substitution ADDS, FULL 2k resolution, Any hissing/buzzing his at all, service of WONDERFUL client. Updating indication of 3 in 5 stars
5 / 5 Richie
In the principle looked in monitor of the lowest resolution of another manufacturer but a screen of the main resolution and the case have comprised that the works like the support had taken my attention. The quality of tez wise is better that other portable monitors.

-The brilliance Of a screen is sum for the small exposure, does not have any a lot of the light bleeds in my monitor.
-The resolution is crisper that expects, refresh is smooth same when used with the humbly Intel the Integrated map 520 in the Skylake to the notebook has based.
-The speakers tend to be the personal comparison, would say that they sound better that the majority of 11-13 notebooks or Chromebooks with that signal of speakers for down in the desktop.
-The covers of global drawing to maintain your capes to stress some connectors.

-At all, was has built/designed to eschew a lot of some empty visas with other manufacturers of portable monitor.

Would recommend this portable monitor.
5 / 5 Hilaria
Quality of global picture and and the prize in action am add, but when the backdrop is black or the dark clearly can see a light bleed of a corner of a screen, the by the right inferior corner is more perceivable with my screen.

Update, April 2, 2019.
Eyoyo Issue me exposure of substitution, the new screen is perfect and uniformly without any problem, the vendor Adds, the service of Client adds, Highly Recommended.
1 / 5 Glory
The element is coming with the defective micro USB that port of load. It possesses the port to be able to secondary with the pin uploads. I have used an element in brief before it returns. A picture was only but in order for me to adjust some parameters have to achieve around and to blind buttons of press in a back poster, the defect to draw of entity. It looks an element would do quite well has required he cual the motionless the extra monitor except an accommodation looked cheap and probably would break uses to to travel constantly.

IS returned an element quickly because of a defect and decided to take the different monitor while I have not wanted to risk a be to desert the manufacture and defect to draw.

Top Customer Reviews: Eyoyo 7 inch Small ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Herminia
The cost has checked Eyoyo in my opinion is a better in these monitors of measure with this row of price in a phase today, has tried them multiple some and the majority of them a control of the quality is not good but this mark Eyoyo is a lot well, a finishing are add, one 7' a house is in metal and a lot very built, and a resolution is glorious, also a V navigation and H the navigation is calm option does not find in of the expensive monitors of this measure, some paints also is utmost pixels , vivid and any dead persons or any bleeding anything, the payed partorisca my monitor the am not taking anything partorisca free to write this description, sound the monitor adds and value each penny,
4 / 5 Genny
The cost has verified Ossia the very clear monitor and the law adds with my Raspberry PI. I am planning to use he with my Sony Camera also and does not see any question with that neither. It arrives punctually.

Top Customer Reviews: Eyoyo 10 Inch IPS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It was sceptical of some 5 descriptions to star when ordered this, especially after the flavour was three other 5 monitors to star and returning them. You find these 10' monitors during amazon of dozens of vendors, all the world-wide this uses a same and electronic exposure of a same manufacturer in China. But this container is different because of his sturdiness.

A support and a mountain of wall is metal and much stronger that would have expected for a prize. A support is easily adjustable. A case is robust metal , and that it is the big roads especially to pose in of the installations in a field. Some controls are easy to use and so accessible that laugh quite having the fully-did far. But it can useful quite be in some situations when has to when being through a room of a monitor, supposes.

This monitor is perfectly compatible with mine RasPi v3, comprising his well, when connected via HDMI. I have had to to attach these lines in Lima config.txt To take an optimum image (how suggested for JWS):
hdmi_cvt=1280 800 60 5 0 0 0

has tried 4 monitors now, and is maintaining easterly unit
4 / 5
plugged The PS4 in a monitor and a beak is utmost. There is not any control of external volume in a monitor. It take a 5 version of button and in the difference of some instructions has comprised, there are any buttons of volume so much with a 7 version of button. A volume is CONTROLLED BY The FAR. In a far, uses a left and right navigation buttons. There is also the headphone port in a backside, is not tagging, likes clave in your headphones and figure out of that on is gone in and beginnings.
5 / 5
This television is the perfect partner in my box of television of the Android for the small bath. A picture and the sound are utmost. It does not come with a HDMI cape. Felizmente, has to 12 inch a posing around. That goes to complain quite a lot of poses he in a support have to give the licences of his engine. Justo Cairo in some instructions in a back page. Any calm included need the screwdriver.
4 / 5
This frame of the robust Solid metal has built Monitor has glass clear images, good video, and excellent resolution.
1080P IS is better format, but he clearly exposures and car-changes among all other popular resolutions for PC 800x600, 1024x768, etc. The sound is clear and that shines, the little tinny because of metal casing, but augment a lows and fall a highs to balance a sound. Excellent Small covers of power with long cape to pose a monitor in your desktop or cart.
Some buttons of card take the bit to learn: Card of Press to take some elections, -&62; it signals in cycle through options, &60;- to select
the option wants to modify, and a button of far left wing in going down through elections. Work with any source of video.
Says Almost Perfect so that his is any road to deactivate 'Blue Screen', which will flash to shine blue in your face while some formats of changes of the unit of different video, PC reboots, debit DVD. Also a EYoYo the flash of the logotype up every time turns it on, White Brilliant, does not look in is VERY BRILLIANT ! Another that this two eye that characteristic invidente, the work of PC and DVD look is PERFECTO. A Small Measure is PERFECT for contadoras or of the small tables, cash registers or sweep upper locations. Very Robust.
PERFECT measure. PERFECT images. One bases of the support is plastic, but fully adjustable and easy to install. Also it can install in the arm of change, or still locate the mini-PC in a backside of him, then locate the so many in walling was the arm of the change is trace. Also the room of good server mini monitor to plant in the storm. Thank you EYoYo For an Almost Perfect Video sake of work of the Screen!
5 / 5
This small (but obviously very built, i.et. Weighed-ish) mini HD the screen is ONLY that has wanted for our Sony Blu-player of Ray.
Quan Uses that player for films or streaming A/V contained, his cards are up in our screen of big television.
BUT when uses that player for disks of audio only (system of television very on), having this small screen hooked arrives (with the-in-Two HDMI splitter, dressed my description elsewhere in Amazon), is that it shines, sper-acute, any HD (1080p) few SHOWS to control each a tone and another info in CD is, SACDs and blu-disks of AUDIO of the ray. It opens Our Blu-the far ray is no longer hooting blind,' excepts to the left come that is doing (when a system of television is was).
Has to see a quality and acuteness of the same mini-objective-for the think. Some people have had esturno for the sake or' subject. Always I ask me if that is to say the problem of control of the quality , or users very hooking things up carefully. Ah Well.
5 / 5
I have bought this monitor to be used with the Raspberry Pi the computer and he are perfect. It looks gorgeous and the looks of video adds in the. A built in the speakers for this monitor are utmost for my setup while I any one has preoccupy quite instrumenting arrive some class of speakers for such the small computer. Very happy with this compraventa. The parameter in a support took me the few minutes so it has not had any direction on so to do so. I have not been sure so to pose each together until I have begun to take the parts of a support averts. I have imagined once that it was, even so, all was together very good.
1 / 5
I have ordered in Seven, and begun to have subject of screen the month later. It writes service of the client and has said would repair or substitute. The company of the cape has finished to substitute boxes of cape, as has thinks that that it was the bad box and has changed that it was. Lose my communication with them, and he maintaining has at all but audio and the black screen. He a week has the screen that has had the picture in the Mays another half was white. It opens Only the black screen. Has write undertaken.
5 / 5
That is to say the add little monitor. I am by train to use likes him The monitor of camera of the security for my NVR. Work very good; screen of good brilliant, buttons of clear card, big definition for a NVR on-cards of screen. A light quirk - taking quite 3 bren to ignite when a button to be able is pressed. Any quite to the jump launches it to him; only something to be conscious of.
5 / 5
I have required the small monitor to use with my Raspberry Pi and found this almost for accident. I have had in the principle the experience a SunFounder 10.1 monitor of Inch SunFounder 10.1 IP of Inch HDMI Monitor 1280800 HD Exposure of LCD of Screen with Case and Support for Raspberry Pi 3, 2 Model B and 1 Model B+/A+/B Kano, but when took the, spent a screen there has been one says case of light bleeds to the long of an inferior portion of a screen, as it is returned. A Eyoyo has not looked when looking for concretely for Raspberry Pi controls or controls in general, but the looks when looked for 10 monitors of inch. An another critical has mentioned to use he with a Raspberry Pi, as I have decided to give that it come from it.

This monitor has an excellent picture and has the number of advantages in a SunFounder monitor:
+ bases Adjustable
+ has Built in of the speakers
+ the accessible controls of a front
+ Far has full together of functions of adjustment (comprising control of volume)
+ Far does not have to when being signalled by behind a monitor to do (curiously a SunFounder far has not looked to do unless I have signalled he in a backside of a monitor)
+ the prize is at present slightly down (but this could change of course)

There the gilipollas of small minor:
is spent more than the little of the minutes that likes him imagine was so to attach a base. There is not any instruction, but once gives has not required to use some suspenders of metal, the things were bit it more softly ( has to unscrew some nuts of wing in an annex to base gizmo to attach he in a base and then slide a piece of shiny metal in a vacuum in a backside of a monitor).

While this comes with the number of capes, does not come with a HDMI cape.

Is using This with the Raspberry Pi, an image of desktop very enough spend a screen so that has the few parameters that necessity to be posed in Lima Config.txt To take a better experience. Again, any instruction is comprised in a box on so to do this, but this information is easily available in an internet. Here it is some parameters has used in Lima Config.txt:

hdmi_cvt=1280 800 60 5 0 0 0
5 / 5
Taken a monitor yesterday and was to arrive and race. A clarity and the detail of an exposure am adds. Some works of measure of the monitor for me in my desktop. A container comprises two methods to locate an exposure, the desktop is which is very good and the mountain of wall with the fast on/was mountain, each what very very done. Also it comes with several capes that comprises VGA, but will require to provide your own HDMI if that is to say your method to take video. Also it has has the far control. A subject of only minor has is a far requires two AAA stacks that has not found in a box, and a light to be able the blue is blinding.

But highly recommends so much a monitor and a vendor!