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1 first G-STORY 17.3 Inch HDR 120Hz 1ms FHD 1080P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor, TN Panel, with FreeSync, Type-C, HDMI Cable, Built-in Speaker, Remote, UL Certificated AC Adapter G-STORY 17.3 Inch HDR 120Hz 1ms FHD 1080P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor, TN Panel, with FreeSync, Type-C, HDMI Cable, Built-in Speaker, Remote, UL Certificated AC Adapter By G-STORY
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2 G-STORY 15.6 Inch UHD 4K Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor with FreeSync/HDR/2160P/Type-C/HDMI/Built-in Speaker/Vesa Option(Black) G-STORY 15.6 Inch UHD 4K Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor with FreeSync/HDR/2160P/Type-C/HDMI/Built-in Speaker/Vesa Option(Black) By G-STORY
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3 best G-STORY 15.6 Inch Ultrathin Touchscreen, FHD 1080P Portable Monitor, NS Direct-Connected/TN Panel/Mini HDMI/Built-in Speakers/HDR/FreeSync/Type-C/60Hz/4ms/220cd/m2 G-STORY 15.6 Inch Ultrathin Touchscreen, FHD 1080P Portable Monitor, NS Direct-Connected/TN Panel/Mini HDMI/Built-in Speakers/HDR/FreeSync/Type-C/60Hz/4ms/220cd/m2 By G-STORY
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4 G-STORY 17.3 Inch HDR 120Hz 1ms QHD 1440P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor, TN Panel, with FreeSync, Type-C, HDMI Cable, Built-in Speaker, Remote, UL Certificated AC Adapter G-STORY 17.3 Inch HDR 120Hz 1ms QHD 1440P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor, TN Panel, with FreeSync, Type-C, HDMI Cable, Built-in Speaker, Remote, UL Certificated AC Adapter By G-STORY
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5 G-STORY 15.6 Inch Ultrathin Touchscreen, FHD 1080P IPS Portable Monitor, NS Direct-Connected/Mini HDMI/Built-in Speakers/HDR/FreeSync/Type-C/60Hz/250cd/m2 G-STORY 15.6 Inch Ultrathin Touchscreen, FHD 1080P IPS Portable Monitor, NS Direct-Connected/Mini HDMI/Built-in Speakers/HDR/FreeSync/Type-C/60Hz/250cd/m2 By G-STORY
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6 G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR IPS FHD 1080P Eye-care Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox One S(not included) With FreeSync, HDMI Cable, Built-in Multimedia Stereo Speaker, UL Certificated AC Adapter G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR IPS FHD 1080P Eye-care Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox One S(not included) With FreeSync, HDMI Cable, Built-in Multimedia Stereo Speaker, UL Certificated AC Adapter By G-STORY
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7 G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR IPS FHD 1080P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X(not Included) with FreeSync, HDMI Cable, Built-in Multimedia Stereo Speaker,UL Certificated AC Adapter G-STORY 11.6 Inch HDR IPS FHD 1080P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor for Xbox One X(not Included) with FreeSync, HDMI Cable, Built-in Multimedia Stereo Speaker,UL Certificated AC Adapter By G-STORY
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8 G-STORY 13.3 Inch UHD 4K 3840X2160P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, Type-C,HDMI Cable,Built-in Speaker, Vesa Option, Remoter, UL Certificated AC Adapter G-STORY 13.3 Inch UHD 4K 3840X2160P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, Type-C,HDMI Cable,Built-in Speaker, Vesa Option, Remoter, UL Certificated AC Adapter By G-STORY
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9 G-STORY 13.3 Inch WQHD 2K 1440P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, Type-C,HDMI Cable,Built-in Speaker, Vesa Option, Remoter, UL Certificated AC Adapter G-STORY 13.3 Inch WQHD 2K 1440P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor with FreeSync, Type-C,HDMI Cable,Built-in Speaker, Vesa Option, Remoter, UL Certificated AC Adapter By G-STORY
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10 G-STORY 11.6 Inch IPS FHD 1080P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor for Original PS4(not Included) with FreeSync, HDMI Cable, Built-in Multimedia Stereo Speaker,UL Certificated AC Adapter G-STORY 11.6 Inch IPS FHD 1080P Eye-Care Portable Gaming Monitor for Original PS4(not Included) with FreeSync, HDMI Cable, Built-in Multimedia Stereo Speaker,UL Certificated AC Adapter By G-STORY
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Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 17.3 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Gladis
Has the ultra factor of small form mini itx has built around ryzen 5 2400g and he are integrated Vega 11 map (in pair with a nvidia gtx 860m/ gt 1030 in stock clocks, overclockable almost until the gtx 1050 action). It does not have spatial for the consecrated gpu. Freesync Very resplandores, and a lot of the games the old plus enters 100+fps. This monitor is absolutely key in this laptop micro desktop ( is in a measure of the box of tissue) resulting the viable gaming squad.

The precision by heart is good/decent, some utensils of compression and very join minor is present with freesync or hdr on. The angles of view are surprising, has to be an IP or the poster GO, has seen gsync monitors of estimativa with really of very TN poster that acostat in of the angles of IP of view, but that is to say to well sure a more has not seen never is the TN.

Precision to paint my strong proceedings in is not judging, but looks well,. HDR Is not something was to interest in, but the have. HDR The content looks better with him on, but all very HDR gone back of looks and soiled when HDR is on. It looks to apply the class to emboss effect with hdr on, at least in any-hdr has contained.

A default to rind embroils around is very the stops protect, but could not imagine was regarding the take to remain up. It avenges with a tension of cradle of plastic takes the extra arm installed instead. Still it uses a coverage of rind to protect he in a movement, but is not designed to access in a plastic arm.

The quality of tez is decent, but plastic. You will require careful when being very for the fall or the pressure posed in the.

Will require to go in a card of monitors and turn in freesync. Otherwise Does not see 120hz full HD like an option. It was preoccupied at the beginning that it can it he he only 120hz in 720p, but turning freesync has resolved on it.

Writes c the power is apparently the no-go, had declared could be can +date (and honestly has to be in this way, perhaps the future model will fix) This was the small that disappoints so that it mean could the curb is adapter to be able in And still use HDMI. An adapter to be able in the uses are not enormous or the brick of any class, more than the wall 'wort' way, a period of cape is decent (2 metres) but can be a subject when a outlet is only out of achieving.. It tries it when it can on writing c do, can take can, but hurriedly restarts on and on during a screen of boot (logotype of g of history). Only I can think that that that is to say so that it is trying to connect in a big exclusive USB 3.1 in in the road likes them to him the scrollings of the exposure on writes c. So much type c the power is the any one goes.

The weight am add, perhaps bit it also ignites if anything. The plastic is robust but still would be fearful in manhandle the or the fall.

The speakers are speakers of laptop of the estimativa , no a worse has listened, but does not add . The looks of distortion more and more prevalent in the volumes the big plus, and can go decently strong ( but would be in powered for the room has filled easily in max)

is happy with him, is only am not familiar with hdr as I am not sure is by train of the do properly or tried it to him included properly, but there looks for to be some subjects of the smallest bandwidth in of the touches is resolving with compression. If you want to use this for the accurate colour HDR the laws do not think is ideal. But for gaming and the consumption of content is the sleep coming some for mini portable.

If g-the history done the version 2 of this monitor, only would recommend the few changes.

1. The mark in the coverage of rind has the hole as it can overlap leans he of plastic arm. One am adds to protect an exposure, another east sper stable. Left use so organism immediately easily.

2. In place of plastic in the 'gamer' the master of way has detailed, metal of uses or hard rubber in the approximation of rectangular verge has softened. He he easier to enter and out of stock exchanges.

Would pay $ 100 more prendido in the to to the version likes him that easily. A quality of the tez here is well, but does not expect he in last if I something idiot or the fall the plan on is expensive .

Also, covers them is recessed in a backside in place of jutting out of to a side like him to him the exposures of portable plus (elecrow, eyoyo, included gechic this and he are not utmost. The capes visually is troubling and the connections are surer in this way).
5 / 5 Abe
While I trip, the hate that is bonded to use a tiny screen in my Change of Nintendo. This situation has changed totally after I have discovered this monitor.

While the would not define this monitor what small, is the wonderful piece of technology that is certainly portable. A monitor is relatively clear weight, but his marks of chairs of bulky measure. Even so, a protective coverage that comes with a monitor the fantastic work protects a screen and also enters handy like the support when comes time to use a monitor.

Is not picky when goes in quality of picture, but certainly paints to look and igniting defects if they are present. With this monitor, is impressed. A representation of the colour is not fantastic, but is certainly nowhere apropa to sea your day. Even so, a vast variety of the proportionate options for a monitor give you to you supremely fine control in a colour and the quality of the pointed picture in a monitor. If you have posed at the same time, it is sure he can take some perfect parameters dialed in.

Using the no-arrives cape ( included can can this controls of the laptop stack like a GoalZero Sherpa 100AC for the truly portable gaming setup.

Some the only bad words can say in this monitor is that plugging capes in some ports in a to beat backwards that is taken and bothersome. One the fault of can of the coverage around, constantly veiling some ports and the seeds once takes each plugged in, flipping a monitor around to be up tends to take all some together tangled capes. Simply place, crane some ports were better accessible while they look for to be configured to use a monitor in the semi-permanent setup.

All has said, gives this monitor 5 stars and highly would recommend in any one looking for the portable monitor for films, gaming, computer, or wowing partner.
5 / 5 Karan
I will update this description after trying an USB-C functionality. I am using he with the NUC8i7HNK, which have a AMD Vega M GPU. I have purchased a VESA adapter also, which will be to try together with USB-C to the point the late plus

That is to say the very orderly product : 17.3', 120Hz, and FreeSync in the thin-the fixed portable monitor. It was sceptical of his 'HDR' the marketing but he back BT2020 WCG and is recognised by Windows what HDR compatible. The depth by heart is only 8 bit. By everything means, work excellently in 120 Hz with FreeSync and has all some options of configuration would like me comprise the acuteness and OD. A FreeSync the field is 48 - 120 Hz, bad is not grave active 48 FPS

having the far is an excellent characteristic, but there is any option to do profiles of multiple user to change among - is closed in a level presets more the profile of user. Some look of the colours has been slightly compared in my IPs of signal of laptops, and has significant backlight bleeds, but I no really the cure and he have cost a tradeoff (also goes quite that shines). A question is if coast a $ 280 focuses of prize

That is to say the a lot of produced of niche: to use of better mark of him, need the portable system with a AMD GPU - which there are not very a lot of (not comprising done to commission mini-ITX tez). Has three other portable monitors: two 15.6' (USB-C DP-Big and USB 3.0), and he 13.3' HDMI that uses for work. 15.6' it IS the also small bit for to acts it to to him likes him to him the video edits and a lot appreciates an extra measure of 17.3' as well as a gaming characteristic
5 / 5 Alva
A television is very clear, the small thickness if anything, but in general very easily access in my gaming rucksack. Cape with a ipad pro, 17.3 gaming portable and PS4 slender and is probably a clearer thing in a stock exchange. A quality of picture is very good and probably looks better with games that my samsung 4k television. Some speakers are the small shady if any one totally horrible in some cases but hell if you are gaming on he the casualidad is has the headset. In general at all I the remorse that this of compraventa.
2 / 5 Wynona
The moment there has been a monitor was to add, could take he with me and he setup inside seconds. Having the big refresh the tax was adds for FPS games.

A plastic case never turbulent me and has Listened a foldable the coverage was more then enough for the protect. In the principle has been with this model so that I have wanted a video to do in USB-C except an only thing a usb-C the port is law as it USB 2.0 hub for a a port of USB in a backside of a monitor, is basically useless. I have tried he with several different laptops and computer with both ray and USB-C and a result was a same.

After the months of pair have taken he with me in the trip and a power focused in a screen has begun to flash green, which there has not been any idea what this meaning. I have bought the adapter to be able again for him and that he no the fixed he so that it is basically the weight of paper now. It IS to estimate one $ 250 paid for him, probably the no. Has tried to find an email for a company to ask them what a green light meant but has not been able also.

The concept was very but a small documentation and the poor quality have sealed some roads.

Pro IS:
- Portable
- 120Hz refresh tax
- 2 HDMI enters
- HDR?

- USB-C the port is useless
- fatality after the months of pair
- lack of documentation or help

remarks side by quality sideways of image of the screen

An image has not been a better for FPS any one preoccupy me but would not use never this for video/ of image that edits. Has HDR but has not remarked very the difference and in some cases HDR has done all look worse.
5 / 5 Samual
Resolution and phenomenal quality. Perfect measure. Amur A case that protects a screen and can be it has used the support also. Abundance of options for colour and awesome brilliance. Clear weight. Only it have it 1 subject with connecting he with my Samsung Commentaries of Galaxy 9 and a Samsung DeX like the audio of the monitor has not done, but law well with laptops and computers. A video/hdmi work perfectly with mobile phones (has tried the only Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 9 and Samsung DeX.
5 / 5 Niki
It do not have to the big expectations , when being the company has not listened never of and he when being portable but once I plugged has been up blown has been. A screen looked better that more the monitors have had. He so that it go it far the add and he when being 120hz is the big roads my gaming the computer has it gtx 1060 and mark very pressing 120 FPS. This also the law adds with my Xbox a x. A must compraventa!!!
4 / 5 Hilary
A screen is in fact 120hz in 1920x1280 but an occasionally black screen has been for any apparent reason. Initially I supposition was a road of sleep of the inactivity , but still in a half to use it can exit. Besides I have to unplug and replug a cape of power in reset a screen. In spite of his better qualities, some blacks outs prevent me to estimate it the much bigger. It averts of this complaint a plastic frame is the small dissapointing in spite of a point of big prize, at all unexpected, but still the bit to disappoint.

Edita: Desprs publishing this description, I recieved fast feedback and was able to substitute a quite a lot of screen hurriedly. A walnut one has still to aim any signs of an anterior subject and I are very satisfied with him.
5 / 5 Thomasine
I took this to substitute the monitor the cheap plus that has broken three weeks in. Very robust although the full 17' how be prepared to spend the stock exchange the big plus. The works add like my second monitor for my business trip. It covers and game for Windows 10 and Mac YOU. It can be powered with USBc that deletes a necessity for the second cord!
3 / 5 Kamala
The first gilipollas so that it was that it imports he with for me.
IS VERY bulky! Not thinning like the laptop anything. It IS quite so fat like a alienware portable. And it weighs quite big compared in other portable monitors also.

The quality of picture is sum, yes in fact retreated HDR. And a quality of materials is the averages.

IS returned this product so that I want the very thin and the weight the low plus of the monitor. This one is on one the majority of bulky and heavier or has found in a piece of portable monitors has bought.

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 15.6 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Renata
I am the travelling advisor that is to say in the Marriott 3-4 nights the week. I have required the monitor that has been entered Under lag, could return in my stock exchange, and had big resolution...And this product could any one when being no the better access for me! It IS literally each which announces is. There it go it any plus concealed 1 day and and can not expect use next week. ( I will update my description with new photos)

the edifice is sum and professional . Easily it is up with a case and easy is trace. Far it is the plus and help navigate a card. The speakers are mid note but and game with the headset like his no the must for me. They are by behind affronting like his no signalled in you while tones. For the film would be sum .

A HDR and the screen is also like my TCL Serious 6. A time of response is included better this has expected. The black is black and offer, and a FreeSync is the good characteristic to maintain all looking smooth. In general and it buys this produces on and on again,.

G-the history obliged for the product adds! If I want to me to revise anymore produced and would want the help writes has been!
5 / 5 Fletcher
Has my doubts in of the this but has required something portable so that I travel the plot and has an overwhelming gaming dependency. It IS there EA for gamers? I digress. In all the case this monitor is orgasmicly surprised. This thing in fact retreated 4K HDR gaming, surprising imposed of frame and also has parameters of reticle for FPS games. Light likes him hell, can spend he in mine 16 stock exchange of laptop without subjects and of the works like the sleep with my xbone x. Big ups In my Asian homies for this monitor. To well sure I am buying of history of g if never require his products again.
5 / 5 Tempie
I am revising a 15.6' 4k HDR G-the portable history gaming monitor. Simply it poses that is to say a better laptop gaming the available control which to Have to 2018.

Has possessed or tried and returned all a Gaems monitors and the majority of a GeChic monitors. Out of a box this monitor takes the bit of tweaking but once take he in yours likes him is surprising.

I mostly black of COD of the game ops 4, Spiderman and the Red redemption is Died 2 in the. There is any noticble lag. Very brilliant and vivid. Easily usable in direct solo. A screen is the subtle mate so that has the tiny bit of the glare but I would not consider it a subject at all. Hdr IS quite well also. The quality of tez is in pair with Gaems and GeChic (good quality). Well GRAZED has taken of rind to protect he pending transport. Plastic, ray on, fashionable support of the frame of picture entered to box as well as it GOES far.

Absolutely estimates a money.

Since does not know this mark has bought a sure in case that at random craps era.
5 / 5 Nakita
I give it 5 stars so that it is perfect for my purposes: monitor of extra work that can bend like the Change of Nintendo portable of better monitor. It IS to ignite and has the quality of picture adds.

Mostly any problem me, but, for another the sake of the people, here is some deserts/gotchas that can see:

- so of the included publish, some diagrams quite where the ports are for one 15.6' the unit is deceiving. This could be the photo of the different model. Also, a backside of some looks of different unit that a photo has published, but that it is less problematic. The ports are relatively naer a back centre of a unit.

- The ports are not to take-and-go accessible, especially a nuisance if maintenances a case on (thinks I so that it can take it he with me in a road). This could discourage a change of habit some people have to pack he with some capes plugged in, as it can not be bad creation. Also, you can take a case was and use the support. Has any one tried include some few ports of USB of headphone jacks. But knowing where is and could problem to be in eizes and go' the phases could helps he the decision.

- Was very at least one headphone the jack was in a front of a unit. The headphones is not even breakings of my plans of use, but this could change.

- Quality of the west is not terrible, but is worse fact that can be for a fact that in a sound of the speakers as it was in a back affront out of a spectator. I find it well for a change of Nintendo. It can any one when being very also to look the film. As My plan of use was only the second monitor, I no really cured in this so far like the sound of PC GOES, but another can. Speakers of mine of laptop are planted better. As I use the. Also, to be fair, has no really adjusted my parameters of volume a lot, so perhaps is that it goes through big something.

- Comes with the far control, but any a lot of amours lug he around. The controls are in a by rights sideways backwards of a unit. They are not very intuitive, as it can take the moment to adjust your volume.

Obviously a measure could be on age for the idea of some people of 'portable.' In the transente around is what lugging around the very big laptop. No the bad thing for me, has looked for of the earth of good half among small and well for Change of Nintendo.
4 / 5 Lloyd
A screen is crisp and gave me the second good screen that will leave me to travel with my MacBook Pro. It was able to use a HDMI for some game of brief Change, which was equally impressive.

Had hanged initially so that everything of an USB-C the capes have possessed was beat-only, so that it was a compraventa extra . Donat This point of prize, the compatible USB-C the cape would have to when the be has comprised.

An only another the potential improvement would be to leave USB-C to power a screen, similar in of the monitors of desktop other manufacturers. A solution of some capes for the screen in this factor of form would augment portability in the level that would be unparalleled!
5 / 5 Erwin
Yes, the learning is looking in a prize right now and scoffing. The duke, is expensive. But you are in a road (am in a road 3 week/of days), this screen is sum for gaming and/or looking the in of the common films. One 4K the laws add. One HDR the works add. I can not say much more or less entrance lag but honestly can say and has any problem these games of touches how PUBG, Apex, or another FPS in a Xbox or PS4. I attach compraventa, any lament the.
5 / 5 Lani
It take this product like the present of my grandma to use with my Xbox when travelling, does not have any problem, work perfectly, and is very easy to take in of the plans. I suggest that it has posed it then he in your raisin on with your console. It has remarked that says that it is the 60 hz monitor but when opened my parameters of video in my Xbox says that a monitor could back 120hz. I want this product and I highly recommend in any one concealed is looking for the portable monitor adds.
5 / 5 Donita
Monitor square adds portable, the acute good colour with view and brilliance adds angle. Exactly that has looked for. The speakers are sub parties but has not expected magnitude and mostly auricular to use in all the case, but do a work in the pinch. The bezels IS fat and an aesthetic creation is bland/any cute but a quality of picture is flawless and that it is all that very subjects. A case is the odd bit , a support is better. It IS the lustrous arrived , but is quite brilliant to be used alfresco any problem, and has contrast adds. Global attaches compraventa. Happy state touch ps4 in a coverage.
4 / 5 Beatriz
This monitor is almost perfect. The desire could estimate half stars so that it wants to give it the 4.5/5. A quality of picture is spectacular and some speakers are clear and above the means concealed considers a thin measure of a monitor. The external speakers would not hurt even so. A case that surrounds it also folds like the support. A creation of hardware has quite the presence when up and race. A packaging is also very very done. To well sure it can say that a company takes the pride is produced. It looks and his like me would have to cost the plus. Only the the paste there is against is a location of some ports. It can be the small weighed to take in and hook in a supply to be able in and a HDMI capes because of a casing kinda be in a road but he are not that bad. Habladura duquel, points for of entity Any one when be pas mini HDMI.
4 / 5 Pandora
My only subject is a buzz, big-launched whine a mark of speakers. It is horrifying, seriously. You have to I change a sound or take he in zero to do pause. The normal speakers in this thing suck.

Excellent exposure even so, in spite of him when being 60hz, that is to say The PORTABLE MONITOR to take yes has to powerful console.

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 15.6 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Rosalba
- Touchscreen. If it was not for that, bond with my two ASUS MB-168B+, which have used and appreciated for years.
- Access very robust and arrival. My ASUS the back coverage is to dent and has lined.
- Taken of screen of the combination and the support are much more stable that ASUS.
- The ports of cape listen strong and solids. A ASUS has the slanted look, as some surfaces of ports of the cape is not flat, direct in some capes always wiggling.
- Comes with all some capes the cover all some case of use has.
- Works with HDMI. ASUS IS USB 3.0 only (taking, has an older MB-168B+, anybody USB-C MB-169B+)
- Very detailed on-card of screen.
- Less costs that a ASUS MB-169B+ USB-C monitor: $ 170 against. $ 200.
- Built-in of the speakers. And headphone jacks (excepts probably any to use them never.)

- Heavier.
- Stack Of drains very hurriedly. ( It excepts him it comes with to wall-wart to be able in him).
- Any documentation. No in Chinese, no in English, at all.
- The navigation of card is for the physical control, any one to touch. And a physical control is not very easy to use.
- A micro USB only is not sufficient to operate a monitor. You have to go any USB-C, or micro USB + HDMI

An out-of-experience of boxes (OOBE) is paste-and-loses. Purchase very Chinese-has done sakes, and has the sure smell that always looks to come with the main sakes. This smell is very strong with a two has purchased. At all life-threatening, but enough for me to remark it.

IS very well deadened. Each which so it comes with the coverage of cloth, has taken: with the pocket in a side to line some capes and adapter to be able in. That is to say in the cloak of foam, down that rests a monitor. Has generous deadening on all four sides, and rests in another bed of foam. It was likely to fall this of cofre-height and only hurt a box.

A coverage elaborates on a backside, through a cup, and down a front of a monitor. It IS line -metal or tableware of plastic money. It attaches magnetically in a backside of a monitor. Cairo In a side of photo by side of a monitor. You see that it is wider in a subordinated and narrower up? A narrow part is for a coverage to attach in a monitor.

Lack of documentation, took me the bit to imagine was so to take a coverage to do like the support. Quan I , listened bobo so that it complicates it on it. Calm only toe he in a backside, and splay out of a drop of some two dishes that used to the cover a monitor.

An USB-C, micro-USB 2.0, and HDMI the capes are only quite long to achieve by a part of your laptop, through a backside, and through a backside of a monitor to connect, in the phase of worse case. My ASUS is coming with a cape that was 2' very time, which was far more long that the has not required never.

A quality by heart is in a same like ASUS, even so has the parameters of plus of plot to adjust: brilliance, contrast, temperature by heart, gamma, and black balance. I have not tried all some parameters, like the picture probably does not aim a quality by heart in his best. It does not use he for GIMP, but the codify, does not have any problem with him. Basically, it is the wash compared in a ASUS.

Down, is heavier that a ASUS, no with USB 3.0 ports (without additional HDMI), and drains an a lot of stack faster. Even so, a quality of tez is much bigger, and is touchscreen. It IS also less expensive. Oh, I Mention it is touchscreen?
5 / 5 Benito
It IS a TN screen, 1080P pictire is VAL. Considering his prize, this controls his very good work. It recommends.
5 / 5 Audrie
Work well with my change, but his sound is the small small, perhaps is caused by my game of change or system? So that it is volume is quite strong when connect with my laptop.
5 / 5 Merle
This monitor is some 1080P, the picture is well. But his angle to see a bit is disappointing.

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 17.3 Inch ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Ilse
I use this monitor for my Xbox. The picture is clear, works like the charm. It avenges with the support, the hard small bit to use, has to take his case of rind.
5 / 5 Porsche
The monitor perfects! 120Hz freesync gaming And portable. Very well arrest LAN gaming. Only downside is that a support no with a coverage. Or it has to I use or at the same time.
5 / 5 Vito
The quality is much bigger this has expected prendi. His quality of looks of enough tez well. 1440P The images are very clear. His 120hz refresh tax and 1ms the time of response is glorious when touching games of computer.
5 / 5 Renaldo
Calm absolutely want this monitor. A picture is grisp, easy setup. Also utmost measure for gaming and work.
5 / 5 Lacy
Only I need to learn some parameters for optimum the picture has written in G-the history will update here issue me a lot of info :)

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 15.6 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
1 / 5 Lonna
It IS possible this has the futility, and any representative of a product in general. By everything means, a picture in a unit has is terrible. Any subject that time external management by heart and Type Claro, a readability is horrible. I am in him, and while I do in a side of applications, is any novice when goes in hardware config. Alloy in the Lenovo ThinkPad and Microsoft Surfacebook without difference in quality. Refresh maxed In 60 hz even so it perceives the flicker. With zoom of screen in the 100-200%, each text is misty, even so pixilated, doing reading everything except impossible and this induces migraine. I am well with the map has softened, but no in a cost of text that is blurry. All try to stress like the text has aimed, using you config and the parameters of picture of an exposure, was to go.

A touchscreen good laws and setup was totally limit-and-game. Having a far and full field of options of the card of the picture is well, while you will require the to try calibration. This leave me with knowing that it try it truly each which before leaving. This one east returning.
1 / 5 Cinda
Quan This good device is arrived, my expectations were big. At least quite big to comprise when being able in reasonably turn a unit on and was in mandate. It results, it is not enough until this task. Taken three in five tentativas to turn the power of a monitor on using the technician of long press. Quan At the end enters it, active quite three bren in that tries to find the signal. If it does not find a signal in that then, can down again. And like the cycle repeats. The May Taken in a point to discover if a touch--options of the screen. Returning it immediately.
5 / 5 Rosaura
A monitor is quite sake . Work more when a monitor is plugged in directly with usb-c can in a usb-c adapter in a side of delivery of the power. A monitor still laws with usb-an in usb-c, but when game with my change, assembla downgrade a picture or stutter had (or can have been in my cape). In all the case...The monitor is sper thin and lustrous. Power well with the Stack of Delivery of the Can (the mines was 30W), he doing ultra portable. I have not seen the film in the, as I can not say what a quality is likes him. Even so, I am very contained with that taken for a prize has paid. To well sure verify it was!
5 / 5 Nickolas
A quality of picture is very good. It IS sper clear weight and to good sure easy to spend around. It Likes him that it take it can of Of Type-C. It tries to be able in him of a Samsung Note9 type-c the port except an image takes real shaky. Probably any quite a lot of pot out of a Samsung Note9 type-c port.
5 / 5 Lula
A resolution in this monitor is excellent. An only defect and found in this monitor is connecting my telephone. An only road and was able of the taken has connected was to connect a telephone via usb type c without a supply to be able in connected, expects it until a telephone has been detected by a monitor and he then connects a micro usb cape to be able in. My tlphonique also any one touches with this process.
5 / 5 Jeanene
The prize adds for the 1080p screen of IP. Very very thin and clear. The flight. Be conscious: it avenges with the case of magnetic rind that law like the support,has to cure when using.
5 / 5 Rueben
I am very pleased with this monitor. It IS well, the picture is clear glass . His wheel of card is the small to take to use. In general, you recommend.
5 / 5 Marion
Surprising! His type-c port with my change, any precise to use a cradle weighed now!

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 11.6 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
He been the gamer in fact a lot of years, and the amour that takes one the majority of out of consoles of mine. It was at the beginning a lot of sceptical quite taking this screen for my Xbox A S, but the doubt has been substituted with satisfaction.

A packaging was in firm and well has done; to continuation well of a product during is delivery what only has taken two days.

How Another has been in his descriptions a screen that is very clear. It was the breeze in hook up, and takes some consolations these races. A screen really adds of looks, and research to be quite vibrant. It comprises some parameters of adjustment of typical video, selection of entrance, and controls of volume of a front. One has comprised HDMI works of good cape.

That is to say a perfect road to be able to do your console your portable plus, or to be able to touch when more is that it uses a main television.

Oh, And is able to use he with a Xbox A (or Or X) also, but is designed only to attach in a one S. One bases of a screen is quite wide that it was in his own. Active hooked In the longitude HDMI cape in a console and has had some chairs of screen separately without problems.
5 / 5
A picture is surprising what marks up for his small measure like other descriptions has declared. Some colours are more vivid and clears that any one other television/Controls have possessed in some pasts and thats very saying something. A screen has built in of the speakers that is quality very big and has does not have to never the turn all a road in just to listen what im touch or look. Calm included have an option to limit in the TurtleBeach headset or included some speakers of the yes chosen computer.

Even so it has not had screen very protective. Included tho this product was has announced/announced for use of trip. A subject was predominately because of a screen not posing totally plans in a XboxOneS. Instead there is quite the desert of inch of the neighbourhood when melts posed. At the same time of my initial description has dreaded to situate this in my rucksack totalled while you look you easily can break a screen in this way. Desprs Only afew days of my be of the description has published a company has achieved has been in me to find the solution in my problem and after enough two road of weeks me it black microfiber the foam coated these pillows with an elastic strap to line in a screen when not using to fill this empty and protects a screen when the be has transported. It IS supremely satisfied with a protective tampon while the look adds and will do an excellent work that protects a screen when any one into use.

For this sake im giving this product to 5 indication of star. Any only by so awesome product but especially for a company these supports by behind his product and he are clients. The voice has Attached photos. And game on!
5 / 5
It can not think what acute this thing is. The flight! The utmost sounds also. The video has attached any one to the justice of the amazon compresses a video but trust me the looks adds. It can not expect try my Xbox A X with him. I fulfil it the will not break in the Mays still law with him. Usually I am touching in mine 4k HDR Sony television and my Asus ROG 165hz monitor in my pc so yes is impressed with this small gem.
3 / 5
This is produced well , not perfecting . An image is sum and an access is monitor , this be has said that a sound is my subject . If G-STROY is powered using an USB connected in a Xbox a s and a sound is down or was there be the horrible to buzz sound. A company has answered hurriedly and envoys of new capes to try for prender a noise, alas a sound still persists. It finds the work around, but paid $ 200+ for this product would expect it to do perfectly.
4 / 5
Only it take it his yesterday...( It has taken only the day to arrive) ...In inaugural a box bellowed. A packaging looked as it has been opened before. A plastic coverage some parts were haphazardly places on. Any coating of plastic film still a screen. This anything come with the tampon to foam to protect a screen LIKE The DESCRIPTION SAID.....THAT IS TO SAY A LIE ! I have not TAKEN the UNIT is not to a same colour likes him XBOX A S . It IS objective pure , a XBOX A S is was-white. As I hooked all up , turned in a screen and has been hailed by one the majority of GOOD picture never. These looks of INCREDIBLE thing. A sound of some speakers is quite well although some controls of volume are the small wonky if you do not use a far this comes with him.


issue me the coverage of screen in a clave.... Desprs Reading my description would suppose.
5 / 5
Exceptional Full HD HDR screen. It looks utmost and some hairs to cross to shoot in Second World War of COD is died on. Any one included has to zoom in to shoot. I some purchase around and the this is a better prize there. Has a Xbox a X edition duquel the mine of uses of the scorpion 65 4K HDR television, as I have not had another 4K television with HDR in the. Look at all some descriptions in this G-History and has not been sure so to 11.6 screen of look of inch.Well the exceptional look and some speakers are awesome and can take quite strong without distrution.
5 / 5
I want the, bought spends it case for my Xbox a s awhile marks, work perfectly for storage, considering a hook up and a diagram by heart is well. And like the game and covers it has described, synchronises automatically. Bronzed when A Xbox a S is powered in a screen comes on in.
Any necessity in disorder with a diagram by heart or some parameters.

Has taken a case of Amazon $ 34.99
5 / 5
The May a lot buys products with less then the descriptions of dozen of the pair but portable gaming the screens are the quite small piece surprisingly. Any one was this or for 200 bucks or one 320 laptop that spends stock exchange. I have decided in easterly an and would use mine 30 dollar xbox 360 spending case to transport it and this would provide a protect still like 320 product. A screen is careers in the crisp 720 some colours are vibrant and is well has ignited. I disturb it smaller but he any also down ignited the parts of any game are touching but still incredibly well. It IS the mere products very done and already has has posed dozens of the hours that touch he GR wildlands. My buddies concealed saw me the touch on was to buy one for his next deployment.
Although obviously the can not compare in a real monitor or television that is not that it is has designed prendi. I add setup for a prize any laptop gaming the necessities to well sure recommend.
5 / 5
If has a Xbox A S and wants mobility, that is to say a device since you. A picture absolutely is impressive and some a lot of colours 'pop'. It IS better road that has expected. I posed it side by side with my Sony 4K HDTV and an image looked also (to good sure because of a measure of the screen the small plus). It maintains in alcohol, is paying in $ 200 for the screen and some surprisingly decent speakers. For me, it conceal it the has not been the breaker of roads but these days, almost can buy the television for this a lot.

HAS THREE Xbox Some consoles and I are taking and Xbox A X in November. I plan on using my Xbox old A S like the gaming portable. If calm only have a console and the calm does not plan on moving it around a lot, only clave in television. If you take one submerges in this screen, sure when being that it is taking the product of quality. Also, has two HDMI ports. You can connect anything in him but he are designed in fastened snugly in a Xbox A S. Otherwise, Can be up in his own like the tiny HDTV.

-Has ordered this in the night of the Saturday and he have expected on me the Monday tomorrow. That is to say insane! Only it think it that his would attach that little but of praise.
5 / 5
omg. That awesome This produces east. Only trace and trying it was and has touched 2 more than hours. Looked maddens 18 forza 7 and a distribution. Any problem with measure of screen esp with forza 7 like hurriedly as it is and is 59. Ordering a by a ps4 or and the turn in a walnut has twisted 24 in monitor.

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 11.6 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Nena
Awesome Produced. The screen is the decent measure to touch , those shines and clears, the sound is decent, any perceivable blurs, and clips in a cup of a Xbox1X. There are 2 smaller subjects has with easterly, one 1 is a quality of the tez is the small feeble feeling. A plastic carcass a screen flexes the plot especially when fold of a corner and he look a plastic is separating the little. One 2 is does the big desert among a cup of a Xbox and a when enclosed screen. I know this was to do in this way so that a Xbox1S has some ventilations in a cup, but one 1X any one and this could have been done like a one by a PS4. Also this version does not have a piece to foam this can pose calm in a desert to protect he to suffer the harm when concluded. Just small subjects, but all more am adds! A more the thing has remarked, a screen comes with the cape to be able in, but can use the USB in adapter to be able in of the barrel to limit in the port of USB in a Xbox1X and limit an another end in a screen to have a Xbox1X can one screen he. Any necessity for a cord of power for a screen! The nexus is down.
SN-RIGGOR Of 3 USB of Groups in 5.5 mm 2.1 mm 5 Volt DC Barrel Jack Feeds Cape usb in x adaptadora to be able in of the barrel dc in usb conversor usb in dc cape to be able in usb in dc https ://
5 / 5 Mazie
Wow. Further the impressed. Ive Has tried different monitors for laptops gaming and theyre usually any clunky or subpar. This blew me was.

Also, addition

And has taken drawee of an extra cape and necessity for the outlet to be able to
3 / 5 Reagan
A bit those that defects, but the screen adds otherwise.

Excellent , deep, colours. Clear picture.

Robust quite organism in him.


works to be able in of the USB in read of AC

does not leave this fool you, is mostly nitpicking.

Has designed by ps4 clearly. The back poster has a verge of the byline and he break a form of bloc of a Xbox.

The clamps Am not to add and ail access. A screen is not a same width like Xbox, as it returns awkwardly while east. But some clamps ail latch on and the falls was easily. So beware when choosing all up.

To the pot of USB can cause audio squeal in some speakers of units. Power of soiled USB, and any filter sadly.

Does not have the full base, doing the necessary separate tampon to protect a screen when is down. It IS basically a foam included is packed with, cut in the place with an elastic group and some soft material in the. It has to be joined in a screen when folds he down.
This attaches more clutters to spend around essentially, and any one when be pas connected, something more to lose. The material in the tampon am loose, and cheap, doing for easy of rasgar or otherwise harm or snag.
Neither is sold with a unit. If the calm lost you some few roads, is an additional cost to take it ... When being sad for early adopters.

The screen assembla dim the time and the looks to paint to pose behind in 'warm' (orange hew) in spite of having a colour posed in 'fresh'. Another time takes sper brilliant.. Can be it subject to be able in, any sure still.

In general: a screen is not bad. Has two HDMI the ports in back as in fact you can attach other devices in him and just change among them. Even Has mini far for him. But I date a measure requires any excellent vision, or the next field. Not seeing use for that unless you user he for DVD. But then it is a far extra to spend mass.
Empty avert, has the picture adds for his measure and a value are not too bad.
4 / 5 Mickey
Bundling Very good and presentation.

An exposure is not HDR(big dynamic field), at least it is not informed by other devices while they run in HDR, but my eyes say that it conceal looks it. It looks HDR, but then again the very good quality very-HDR IP the poster will produce better field of colours. If I can not say while it is very enough for me... Tan Far like the mobile exposures gone. But it purchase to 70 television of inch would do sure has taken a better product for a prize and question of race. A pop of colours, some black and brilliant details are utmost.

My only complaints are that chair too big out of a console. I do not want to maintain to pillow in a lid when is not into use. Some clips in a side are cheap and soft, as they no posed flush and the pop has been. One an exposure does not bend behind enough for road of the foothills yes want chair in right. It IS each soft plastic , and so that it is not durable.

Some speakers are loke listen in any very strong telephones of 2 feet was and, then , a lot of beats that is to say why there is headsets. My model has not had an USB that can you the option has comprised, as I have bought my capes of own USB and he subject with sounding that another speech of. I think that that it depends in that port of USB is jacking in(?) In a Xbox. Mostly it uses headsets so yes results a subject is well with him. It sees pictures for mine setup. I have ordered each 90 title low capes for him, so that they whose clave far out of a back and can maintain he in foothills of mine without preoccupying quite pulling some capes was, or tension to pose on has to bend a console. To do that I have purchased 90 title Hdmi low cape, 90 USB of title in 90 title DC cape, and 90 figure of title 8 cape to be able in. Everything of Amazon. As Mentioned all the capes are really down and like the does not have excess.

to the chair like him some designers would have to consider the version that accidents to exist ports in a backside of a console, and right to cut in a Hdmi and ports of USB. Then it can the be the profile he down plus and afterwards properly in a cup of a console and only require thin, tampons of rubber to protect a monitor. He one comforts a longer, but maintain thin like possible.
5 / 5 Kecia
Marks Izquierdo me this very clear and easy since you. If you are in a fence in this controls the compraventa. I can not recommend this quite undertaken. It marks solid abordables gaming train!! Also have a PS4 Pro Monitor, and recommends both.
5 / 5 Melania
That is to say by far a better portable screen has not used never for any period of system! One contrasts/of the colours am add, duel stereo the speakers sound very well around there measured, and easily can the be used when in your point listens likes him posed in the headset, (in difference of a quality of his horrible extraneous.) A quality of Tez is well, not perfecting . There is the small screen flexes, but no bad for any half, and mamma that has the desert for a Xbox a version of this screen when is bent. Even so now they offer the protective tampon ($ ) which of now his at present free under an ascending tab, is the piece of the foam with the material of cloth embroiled around the, and the strap to line he in place, he a work. Also I really like a G of History of vendor, research to be the very good vendor to treat, and the helps calm any one can of road. In general his expensive, but take that paid for my comprise, be that is to say for the class of small audience, comprises. Final of a his very better day that an offering of Gaems, and Hori which are durable, but quality of poor screen.
5 / 5 Stanley
These products is Surprising! I have used to to have the gaming portable and overheats that crazy, as this provides the good alternative in that. This am adds for the business trips and I have remained in of the rooms of hotel without HDTVs (2018 knows..). A HDR law brilliantly, a sound of some speakers am add, a coverage of the screen included is utmost when used with the case, and at the end a Freesync is the semi-detached characteristic sum for main Frames-For-Second games. I am very happy with purchase of mine and highly recommends this product.
5 / 5 Carleen
Excellent product!!! A screen really in in to to the works likes them-him it to them is described and included better this has expected. A container still has more than that necessity to comprise a patch of screen to protect a screen, hdmi, and 2 capes to be able in (or for covers of wall and another in usb so that a xbox can provide beat concealed).
Has bought an extra patch that thinks that was not comprised but a company gave me the repayment for him that was very well of them since could have has wanted to to sell an element in all the case but has known instead that I have not known! Amazing company!
An only problem there has been was that there is the noise of your big small when touches without headphones but thats no really the problem for mw so that a fully satisfied element that need for such low prize... Highly it recommends this for in all the case that tries use 2 xbox is house in the samw zone or salient! 100/5 stars for earnest be.
3 / 5 Daniela
It IS the add to buy for any concealed wants to take his system was and while for some place. Some the only problems have is that there is not any a lot of directions likes so to pose in a hdr or 1080p also an adapter to be able in of the marks the big the sound launched when is powered through a Xbox and no an adapter of wall. Some speakers sound the small cheap that pay almost 300 dollars for him would expect to be quality very big. Another that concealed is not sad has bought.
5 / 5 Charlotte
All the work adds. Product that surprised

has very little and has not liked him like a headphone jacks be in a back end of a unit. Also, this does not spend with each unit but he are suppositions to come with stacks for a control and and mine of supposition didnt but is not the big roads as and probably wont uses a far

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 13.3 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Debera
That is to say mine 3 portable monitor that does not plan on return of this one has surpassed only my expectations. I am really impressed with an exposure in general. Some paints really pop, the black is very black, and there is no obvious lag this has so remarked far. I am only appreciated also that a unit that took has not had any dead pixel compared in two anterior other marks of portable monitor that had ordered but is returned.
One has comprised far is a awesome perk so that it does not have to achieve in a retreated to control a volume or has posed anything more.
A coverage has comprised to protect a screen is also good similar in a Hori portable gaming monitor (which is returned by a road of this exposure of the screen is very bland for my flavours and had the pixel is died also).
An exposure is the reflective screen (any one kills), he so will have reflections, etc. That it could it calm problem when gaming. But for me, this is not the breaker of roads.
In general, is blown only has been with how mine PS4 look of games in this exposure. It IS almost also so mine 43 inch 4K television of Sony.
So, during my trips (trips vacacionales, etc.), This now will be to come with me for mine gaming he necessities since is small but no this small in 13.3 inch and he are returned very well in any one mine PS3 back group or my stock exchange of portable while it plans on using these products like him 2 monitor for my laptop of work during my trips in my work once the year in our backwards of of the this of chairs.
Inferior line, this product is keeper for me and very highly recommended!!!
5 / 5 Sophia
I attach little screen. usb-C does not connect in 2016 MBP like the list has suggested. I need 12v 2A! ( It means any one can of hub... A brick is obligatory) but for 4k in this measure... I am well with that. Want to it has had it the mountain of tripod or vesa mountain. Also, some cover atasca down and rights of point in the curve only the little of the inches was.... Like the Clave of PC or firestick / roku the clave will require the 90 adapter of title. In general even so, I am when blowing has been. That is to say a awesome addition to give my MBP to 2 screen in a vain (alas has to use HDMI, but still)

Freakin' 4K!
Petit And clear
brilliant screen with clear very small bleeds
HDR is decent (sometimes in saturates)
HUD has built in
has Built in case perhaps of removable rubber and fashionable support of frame of picture
that Impresses stereo speakers for a strong and clear measure with minimum distortion
very far

12v 2A requisite to be able
5 / 5 Elza
Mina took only, blowing has been! A packaging is very first with a lot of extras. One 4k the monitor in 13.3 inches gives quality of unreal image because of pixel for inch, an also retreated monitor hdr and freesync what so much work perfectly in my Xbox a X, everything not having never has wanted in the portable monitor and I do not think anything more in a piece compared in a quality and the creation have offered here.
5 / 5 Lachelle
The quality adds 4K for dual exposure with portable while travelling or Xbox the Uses of unit CCYC DC 5V in DC 12V USB Spends of Voltage Up Cape of Conversor to power my screen, anybody covers of the wall comes with. It IS quality very good . Petit Even so. Fortnite Touches well.
3 / 5 Michaela
It looks to surprise. Esquerra induct Went me to say concealed. But there is clear hemorrhage when a screen is black or has the dark picture. That is to say my second G -produced of History this has taken and both have had this subject. Another that that a screen is surprising and any one paints another that it black look that surprised. It IS 4K and has HDR
5 / 5 Leigh
Very good. Using in a xbox a S.
5 / 5 Luvenia
I use this for travelling/gaming in a vain. It IS perfect.
5 / 5 Sol
I am running this system with a Intel NUC8 and is wonderful. A quality of looks of picture to surprise.
5 / 5 Georgina
My a lot of threads the flight!
5 / 5 Abbey

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 13.3 Inch ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 8 ratings
3 / 5 Yesenia
This thing does not design power of a Type of USB-in C in to the the entrance likes him his is involved of of a description. Precise use an adapter to be able comprised. I have conceived simply plugging he in my laptop to be able in ... But alas this has not been meant to be. Even so, I will say that for a low time tried it, an exposure was well, those shines, and clear. So much for those requiring the portable monitor for uses with his console of game or telephone, this could exit amiably. In fact, give it 5 stars if a description has not deceived. But it is, and now I gotta crosses a hassle to return. I eat ... 3 stars are.
5 / 5 Cassidy
Only it take it this element. It uses cual the screen for my laptop. Quality of picture, acuteness, the brilliance is each audio sumo.el is VAL, has the jack of audio of the 3.5mm for headphone-connect.
5 / 5 Lulu
Glorious device for me.

All a spec this writes is true.

The left voice that time this last device.
5 / 5 Elbert
Work perfectly with my computer. The quality of picture is excellent. But no very portable, has to limits in.
5 / 5 Wynell
The map of video adds,screen and sound. It IS surprisingly clear so he very problem me while trip with him. 2K Do!
5 / 5 Kymberly
The works add
1 / 5 Chantell
It was to add while hard. The quality of picture attaches had but stopped to do with in two weeks, has to return it.
1 / 5 Tawny
After an hour to touch LCD headed in burned. A lot low quality!!

Top Customer Reviews: G-STORY 11.6 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Towanda
It recommends this in any one looking for the portable monitor for a ps4. It IS small but he a work. Small form, very clear, excellent resolution and a HDR is very something!

Compared in other portable monitors these necessities the seperate support, this when being the screen of toe is very also, offers some protect in a screen he during the transport and you will be able to adjust an angle while it likes him. A base has some anti-material of slip in some corners so that it is another advantage against an usual portable monitor.

If a company will fall to 15 version of inch in a future, to well sure would buy they again!!
5 / 5 Gregorio
I have bought this he so that it can take my ps4 the house of my friends so many could touch World of Hunter of the Monster in the he same room.

A quality of exposure is very crazy . And it is to design split a PS4 perfectly.

Wants to it
5 / 5 Ping
I have maintained to see the descriptions that says does not return his console. Control of just double all and purchase a correct or for your concrete console!

Consuelo: Orignal PS4 (Any Slender or Pro)

Quality of Tez: Very good! I have been surprised in that very this felt of thing. Also the party a material in a PS4.

Draw: Quan concluded, this thing literally looks his part of a console. Some lines and angles of this party so perfectly. A group just clip in some sides and he will not move , which are utmost!

Exposure: Very crisp and is in fact 1080p. HDR Was the very good premium in this monitor!

Sound: Surprisingly well for such the small container.

Usability: Very easy to pose up ( any one still read some instructions). Some far uses 2 AAA (Triple 'A') stacks concealed is not comprised. You can do everything of some buttons, but some far is only faster.

In general: Very impressive for the this is meant to be has prendido used. To well sure recommend it!

Bought this with an intention for the be able to the pose was and raisin in the stock exchange. It conceal to be said, has looked for the case to spend for my monitor+of console and what finished to buy was: 'the storage of New Trip Spends Stock exchange of House of Protective Shoulder Handbag for Playstation PS4, PS4 Pro and PS4 Console of Slender System that Spends Stock exchange and of the Accessories 81050 (Negre-Big).' This access perfectly in a stock exchange! I am supremely happy with this trace!
5 / 5 Faustino
The monitor attaches for these onthe go and does not want to spend the enormous case of games. The screen is in hd but a sound is the small to be missing of. Sure when being to take some good speakers with him

costs to update have so found the characteristic where can look a volume. It takes the moment to find it but can look a volume as it can be it clearer
4 / 5 Leighann
I have finished to buy an up to date PS4 Pro, as my OG PS4 has seated increasing powder. Like The half to eschew time of walk (touching video games in a library in planting to seat in traffic), verified to see had the portable monitor could be able to use. Had another option where a monitor and a system has been meant to be in the stock exchange, but was preoccupied in a system possibly overheat. It was also more expensive. I have seen this cual an option and some descriptions (any only for east a, but for other models for other consoles) was well, as I have imagined would give it shot it. And I have to say, I am not disappointed. Any envelope a system and clips in quite easy and when is installed properly, looks only like an extension of a PS4 he. One measures of a monitor is not enormous, but is so big while it can be while returning properly up. The quality of picture is excellent (the HDR for games that retreated it, can be bit it also that shines, as some calibration is necessity). A sound is well , but I mostly auricular of use. For people that touches FPS, has an option to turn in different reticles in a monitor he (for accurate shoot of a hip), which are the good touch . In general, it is exactly which looked for and need the portable monitor concretely to locate in the console of game, this work perfectly. I have finished to use duplicated the the tape has sustained to locate arise protect games to be able to to the long of a backside of a monitor like an adapter to be able in and PS4 the power is joined on sake and tight and I only necessity a outlet to limit each in. He he easier to pack and more convenient in hook up.
5 / 5 Vincent
The screen is excellent and easy to use. Refresh The looks of comparable tax in my monitor of computer and less lag of entrances. The motion is flowed and mix amiably in an original PS4 creation you chunky. But for a prize and measure, is the valuable proposition .

Travels to plot with him. To good sure very better that some televisions of hotel. It is not measured these subjects...Sometimes.
1 / 5 India
This screen has done surprisingly for everything of three weeks, idk if it was a race of the bulls and open of a screen but with every day use for 2-4 hours the day, a screen has begun in flicker. An audio any flicker except an image of screen blinks while if some capes are shorted was. It averts of an apparently cheap edifice of a internals a quality of image when his no flickering is glorious! The just desire was reliable :-(
5 / 5 Tenesha
Good picture. The better portable monitor for a prize. It breaks in sake and his perfectly in the. Well it is taking my Ps4 in other places.
4 / 5 Wilbert
Fact so expected by some premiers few days. Then a premier hdmi the port begun to cause flickering. Moved to second hdmi port and does not have any problem.
5 / 5 Brittni
Big recommended, such the wonderful screen, I very enjoyed with him .