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Top Customer Reviews: HKC 24'' 144hz ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Julietta
Absolutely amour. I have bought ones also flavours. I want to all quite the. There is also buys another and do my setup the dual monitor and look murderous!! I add for gaming. Some bass sustains any speaker but for me any one the big roads at all. I use headset and my woman to well sure appreciates theres any speaker
5 / 5 Elinor
Only it arrives today. I have ordered also it USB-C-objective- Port cape for a better resolution. An exposure is crisp, acute and clear. For him it has seen he of woman the and wants to one for sound. A bud of the unemployed mine for and could no prender oohing and ahhing in this monitor. I am very happy with him so far.
5 / 5 Britteny
A bit pricey, the experience of familiar member like the present. Present very
has Shipped the fastest plot that has expected.
5 / 5 Tesha
This screen is so fresh. Has the map adds and can see all precise for my best gaming.
5 / 5 Carmelita
It Likes him to him each of of him
5 / 5 Rolanda
I have bought this monitor to substitute the Samsung the wry monitor has had. My first impression was that the quality of tez was well, and a support was robust and solid. Besides, a unit has taken had any burned out of pixels. I have posed a monitor up, and has remarked concealed has two beginning- a HDMI and the Port of Exposure. I am using a port of exposure. A big plus that sells the point of this era of monitor is freesync described- has not been to leave down... A Freesync qualified of this work to control perfectly. It Being 4K exposure, a resolution is unsurprisingly awesome. Everything is supremely brilliant and clear, without perceivable discoloration. A monitor is wry, albeit very slightly. I Like him his of a curve in the monitor of this measure while it frame of helps a trace of discoloration some verges of an exposure.

A pair of notes for North American buyers:

In the first place, this monitor uses the cape of power of traditional computer. Even so, a cape comes with this designed for outlets of EU. You will require to distribute the cape to be able the compatible with North American outlets (he casualidad is already has a).

Also, some ships of monitor with a default the tongue posed in Chinese. Correcting this is easy- simply press one is' button to open a card. Then it uses some tones of arrow to excel a second icon of a left (a circle with 3 dotted interior) and presses one 'And' button. Afterwards, it uses some tones of arrow to excel a 'callout' icon (furthers right), and presses one 'And: button again. This will open the card with all some available tongues.

In general, that is to say the fantastic monitor - the big-final 4K exposure in a prize besides lower-fine 4k exposures. To well sure recommend it this monitor, particularly is looking for Freesync compatibility.
5 / 5 Enoch
I have bought this monitor for the tez new and am very happy has done . This monitor is awesome , has thought in the first place was in big but after he all has been posed up was perfect. A thing of the only stock exchange quite was a tongue was envoy but has imagined was real easy and everything is very like this control
4 / 5 Verena
The decent monitor, felt of class of as the screen of film with a curve. EVEN SO, the mine there has been the group of deaths of pixels, and has remarked the bit of backlight bleeds right out of a box, used during 30 minutes.

Is not sure if that is to say a subject with my particular model, or each ship of screen will be to like that, as I am by train of the give four stars.

IS returned this and will be to buy something more. The good class, and apresamiento of the same info which can. I attatch an image of a monitor with the black screen youtube the video these touches.
5 / 5 Denae
Excellent!!! Except any speaker built in.
4 / 5 Twyla
You are taken with the crack in a hand-the upper streaky screen left. It was small, but have it remarked and has done a decision any ro returns an element. A lot the does not interfere with any one of my operations. I any one preoccupy me to rid 2.os-the elements have lined even so. There is his data 5 stars for a prize only, even so the the value that mentions

Top Customer Reviews: 2018 Premium Dell ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Nicki
It IS the monitor adds , but this description does not comprise a number of real model. A number of the model took was the S2817Q. Any one has mentioned more taken this model also. If you look in Amazon for this number of model, will remark a S2817Q is priced significantly less with the same amazon Prepares to ship. In this time, this one has the prize of $ 345.99, and or listing like the S2817Q has the prize of $ 279.99, or $ 66 difference.
1 / 5 Mitchell
This is not a screen that is in an image for a page of product. It IS a show of screen above a product info, no a unit announced IS a S2817Q, no a U2718Q with some thin bezels. This one alleges to have thin bezels, and is not .
4 / 5 Julio
UPDATE 4/2/2019: I have changed only an indication in 4 stars of 3 stars. I do not know exactly that adjustment I fact but now like this control, although it is very big! It takes some taking used to, but so happy an image is very well now. Amur A clarity. Down it is my old description of when take it in the first place.


In general disappointed and any one impressed. It looks and when being cheap, esp. For $ 400. Dell Has had abundance to time to perfect his products, and these costs in $ 150 in my opinion. I do not know why same problem to sell the poster with this a lot of colour bleeds. You move your leader an inch and some boos turns sensibly. I guess it is VERY if it only is touching games. But to do the work or the web that explores for the find a lot distract.

REMARCE: It take the different element that has announced. It takes it S2817Q with the date of manufacture of May 2017. As it is not the 2018 model. This has said, still is trying imagines was so to adjust he in my like. I have not taken to see he in the tent, as I thought it would be the new model that would have taken rid of any problems. Very it has expected his more quality of Dell in this prize.

- IS very big, if that is to say that is going
5 / 5 Luba
Punctual delivery, easy setup out of boxes. Day of only second of use. The picture is amazing-acute and crisp. Has the visual problems but this monitor are a response in my visual subject. Swipe some musician, no the plot, and a sound is supremely well. I am not the 'gamer' but create these of you concealed is really will enjoy to have this monitor. Pix IS fabulous data a resolution of big final. My only quibble is a location of a button of power in a right a low plus of a monitor--found the difficult to locate and found some ports the small uncomfortable to access--has had to to plant a monitor in his back (in the bed, in my case) besides easily accesses some ports
2 / 5 Monet
I suppose that it take cual paid for with respects in an exposure, but an in colour same incongruence that movements my leader the few inches by a part in a prjimo afterlife is distracting. It returns the ( has taken the two exposures ) except an endeavour to box them behind up again to return in a packaging is more the problem that he well. If you do very amiable of the photo or the by heart sensitive records, eschews these cual a plague.
4 / 5 Ruth
I Like him his of a quite a lot of monitor the plot, has has not had any real subjects or complained with him another concealed taken the bass while to scan for the entrance signals which can be the bit of the problem when trying taken in BIOS in of the computers while it only takes the while.
Has some delay while it is the 2 ms delay like the does not go buying the one of is this expects anything glorious for gaming, goes with the BENQ or something more yes is taking the explicit east arrests gaming. If you are taking this for purpose of work or some light gaming (those uses for,) then can any one really voice anything wrong with him another that some the smallest subjects have declared on.
5 / 5 Caren
Desprs Tries a lot of different monitors and that use the television is while it controls this investigation is a unit is not technophobes is owners of subject regulates only and only wants a right thing a first time. These looks for the be.
3 / 5 Irina
I have bought two of these so that they that use me 2 monitors. It was only too immovable; I have to maintain my forward the swivel to see everything of him. And they were amiable of brilliants and a class of colours to dull. I routed both of these back and chooses up (for significantly more money) the 38polzada Wry WQHD LG controls. It takes some places of 2 monitors amiably.
4 / 5 Eugenio
- Facilitated of setup. Even so ENCLOSED DVD and any confusion of causes of the instruction.
- An exposure does not look for to be exceptional although my computer has a oomph to handle 4K
- His adds for use with cup of desktop
5 / 5 Jen
Monitor very good. Work and sake to look the second monitor for mine 27' iMac 2017 5K. I have done the 1.5
' is so a screen would vary with a iMac. It was easy to do with the pice of 2x12
' together

Top Customer Reviews: HKC 34-inch 21:9 ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 2 ratings
3 / 5 Margo
Has not founding a monitor having some better deep blacks and contrast like the monitor the expensive plus. If it love the exposure of big resolution in an economic price, this monitor can do for calm - an adage takes that paid partorisca applies here.
2 / 5 Isabel
Has has wanted to really like this monitor but when you look in my system specs partorisca my cast of monitor 60Hz refresh the tax there is disappointed really that it was lied to but a monitor are still adds partorisca any gaming purpose.

Top Customer Reviews: HKC 19" LED ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Excellent product! The vendor adds!
4 / 5
Bo For prize
5 / 5
The picture adds and has had he in 2 days

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