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Top Customer Reviews: KOOKYE 3.5" ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Young
Very Informative:
is cheap
A laser-the accesses of piece of together acrylic case perfectly
A version of an electronics has taken was v1.1 (2017) -- Any idea that changed of v1.0 (2016)

Bad informative:
His pre-the images built and install the instruction does not look to do for one 3 B+
uploading his engine in NOOBS to take a touchscreen looks to deactivate a usb smile/of keyboard (and weirdly also done a wireless interface disappears)
A touchscreen is terrible -- old school resistive screen with this squishy be. Probably better into use only likes him the tiny exposure.

has found a info scattered around a grandson on that to take this to do in a core a late plus with 3 B+ support.

Basically, attaches the few lines to /kick/config.txt, attaches the matrix of transformation in a X11 config files to fix an entrance to touch, looked.

IS KeDei exposure. Since it is HDMI, any engine of special exposure is required -- just a touchscreen automotive. It situates that is to say your /config.txt /Of boot:


hdmi_cvt 480 320 60 6 0 0 0


If that is to say all you , a LCD will do and a touchscreen will do, but an entrance the touch can be inverted. It tries this in an of your xorg.conf.D conf Files:
Section 'InputClass'
Identifier 'calibration'
MatchProduct 'ADS7846 Touchscreen'
Option 'TransformationMatrix' '0 1 0 -1 0 1 0 0 1'
Option'wapAxes' '0'

As if your expectations are posed down, this thing is awesome. For in a same prize like a RGB has DIRECTED matrix, takes the by heart full exposure of LCD blown with a HDMI interface! That quota is concealed?
3 / 5 Hattie
That is to say the cheap exposure , has bought he with that in the alcohol and I have suspected that it do not go to take the perfect product, and that it is exactly a truth.
IS the product of bad quality that law well, that is to say a embroils up, fell me in some details:
1- has known that using a max the resolution in this measure of screen has been to be impossible, an only road to do so that it is in resize some outrage of sources concealed 20 points, but in some finishes all more goes to be take to see so of the pages of web. One 720X480 the resolution is only in sake, but is still small, this election of resolutions in the 7' would have been better, also a density of the pixel is not that well which does not help to use resolutions that is too big.
2- The mine is come with some black pixels, again a prize is paying is exactly a quality is taking.
3- Some covers of the screen done-and-touches to use a GPIO conection with a HDMI bridge, a screen of the touch does not exit of a box that requires some extra endeavour.
4- Wants a screen to aim given in of the big characters and to to use likes him to him the visa-port for a camera, his for an experimental 'device with the sensors and everything concealed, is not feigned to be the device to do that it writes text or of the big quantities of the data written.

Does not give It five stars so that it is the very bad quality produced, but he a work in a final, any optimally but is taking subjects the better resolutions that could exposures of road more expensive, perhaps take an extra star so that a prize is well.
Perhaps update in a future to see so is a durability , at least an edifice does not look fragile.
4 / 5 Phung
I have bought this and a hardware of case has been missing rays. A vendor routed marry it to me new whole - cual, in fact, has had all some parts. This was fresh. Any hassle, any attentive. They have answered the day or so much and has had a case the pair of days later.

Installing has not been to take, but a Raspberry Pi 3 b+ has not locating one issues a picture has said. In place of some holes of long oval, has to use some holes of small round. Any big roads. A course a harder was one installs the instructions were small - oh how small - black pictures and aims. A lot it has to it saw it to it to you one where some rays were difficult.

Some alignments of the hole for some ports was only the small was. He the the bit of the challenge that takes a HDMI connector to seat properly. But, work. Nice and tight like the does not fall era.

The screen is coming up with small problem. You can take the screen of rainbow and has to do the update of system. It researches to be to Raspberry Pi subjects, no the subject of screen.

In 800 a screen is small, as it is to take for me to read. I have clashed he in 480 but then does not take quite a lot of screen in a lot see which necessity to see. But, the things like the pictures look very good.

A real problem is taking a screen to touch to do. Background helps to look for RaspberryPiWiki for That_to_use_engine_of LCD and finds some good help.

But, my x-and the axis is still messed up. I have done on he for the pair of days and has decided prender for now. Only I will use the keyboard and mouse. I preoccupy me in a screen to touch some another time.
4 / 5 Numbers
Amur A screen, hated a case. Still it uses a screen in the pasador of raspberry retropie tez even so.
Any coding has required for cover and video of game without touchscreen capacity via HDMI of the pasador of Raspberry 3, or any HDMI source of video for this subject
the coding will be required for functionality of screen of the touch in the raspberry Pi.
Has not tried The in other joints of manufacturer, only rpi3.
5 / 5 Chance
Fact well out of a box. Easy engine to install and characteristic of sum of records of the touch. It have tried other screens to touch and has had at all except problem. A case takes quite 5 hands to take it together, but with the esolve the puzzle' approximation, the utmost together accesses. A HDMI the version is a road to go !
5 / 5 Tonie
I add it attaches on in a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Any engine has required. Work with RetroPie Operating system. An only thing could say needs the small improvement is an exposure the back light could to be bit it the brilliant plus but is at all the factor to contribute for consideration.
1 / 5 Nicole
Cheap, terribly place of together container. Ray and is offs has been missing. Laser cutouts was bad for my Pi B+ and a together didnt included returned in properly. More a container has been missing some rays that goes it when being supposition to have as well as a support offs. In general the massive waste of time and money.
1 / 5 Felton
Fact well during 48 hours, now restarts each few minutes. A screen flickers constantly enter restarts.
Has tried re-seating some connections and with two different Raspberry Pi.
5 / 5 Karri
Fast and easy setup. Fact in less than 5 mins. Used this for the system of portable game. Honestly The small bit for my application, but the value adds.
3 / 5 Jamika
If only, enough problem to pose together ( wished has had the pistol of available hot glue or the second pair of hands to line joint while I have posed a time on) DOES not USE WITHOUT HEATSINKS, these wineries heat and overheats Very QUICKLY. I paste 80c in 5 minutes to touch cause of Time in my floor of air has conditioned.

Top Customer Reviews: KOOKYE 3.5''Touch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kirby
The cost has verified In the first place was, ossia the chance so only. Any sure because all some other buyers there is not reading a description of element and has maintained to the commentary has burned in pixel. This is not the exposure is the amiably drawn chance .

Something has to that it has spent with the laser that cut partorisca this batch. It looks some four holes of ray are 1mm too close up of a SD paper. I have purchased 3 insiemi of these and more probably return another two as when being like this defective. The vendor would owe that ask the description of control of the Quality of a cad file and then gather one he partorisca do sure some courses are corrected

As, has to revise some variants of exposures. Mina (Uctronics UC-430) has a transmission of orientation afterwards to a connector of the power in a show which does not have any room so utilisations ,the key is resisted in the state pressed when situated in a chance. It can it wants to consider comprising an opening for that in a correct cad file. I will owe that hotwire cut a corner to be able of the use.

Some good points are that it returns near cleanly although I felizmente extra of paid for a help of poster that would cover it a full exposure (for any of screens to touch), for this preventing powder and another material to take trapped around some flanges of exposure. A together of 4 rubberized the feet and he will be good to go, looking abonos afterwards to another PI has with his hats and whatnot.

A cost is well, a quality is cleaned, but so only no that add with a new PI 3+ unit. At least, any mine.
4 / 5 Tayna
The cost has verified A construction of some plastic components cut partorisca do this box is very good. This in spite of, have purchased a 'HDMI LCD Marie' and there is no to give until it dip a together chance that that has received was a 'LCD chance'. A difference among a two is a piece that goes around one 2 HDMI ports and some 2 put you of audio in a 'HDMI LCD Marie'. Without a correct piece, rests with the 3-sided box. For this subject so only, am not satisfied entirely with a product has received. I gave it to good sure 5 stars have received a correct product. Any still tentativa to return that has reason was more hassle that well and he 3-sided the box in this chance is better that any chance at all.
5 / 5 Lakisha
The cost has verified a rear poster where a hdmi porrts is was tooled injustice. It is it Locates a pi to a joint where need to be and it presion so only so only quite like this the wouldnt break my pi near for cranking to hard. An only way could take them some wholes to line on properly was to insert a poster to the rovescio and dremel tool some main tabs down to a measure of a small plus some like this returns correctly with some ports in a backside. luckly A power still access. An only reason im giving this the bad description is why the shouldnt has to that that, a company would owe that know like this to draw the box properly. It enjoys crafty material to the equal that was amused to take some tools was. im So only looking was to take all the world-wide more.
4 / 5 Altha
Checked Purchases No really, ordered partorisca look chance, but with the screen. A pi only idling taking on 70C , point of next cookery, is like this hot to a touch that not even would use it, has had to that mod my chance and add some holes to leave ventilation. Any recommended plan on using your pi in your hand, or have your pi that read the plot of cpu intense tasks with the screen in place.
4 / 5 Roxy
The cost verified has bought two of these. Both have has had questions. Some plastic tabs that control some joints of the acrylic pieces has not varied properly with his corresponding spaces. It does not recommend this product. Has a Uctronics 3.5' HDMI exposure that has wanted to locate in this chance. I have finalised to buy the Miuzei Raspberry Pi Chance of Screen of the Touch of Amazon. Law perfectly, looks to add and all some joints of turn of the pieces the difference of this KOOKYE chance.
4 / 5 Kennith
The cost has verified Ossia the necessity if the 3.5' screen, the subject only is that adding some poster lateralmente long was messing with a digitizer/shoes, as leaving them was has solved that. Otherwise The much easier to manage Pi unit with a chance.
4 / 5 Nelida
Easy checked cost partorisca dip on that follows some on-line instructions. Mina Apresamiento setup partorisca a Octoprint driven of chance one of mine 3D printers. Ossia In fact my second a. Some first some work equally very partorisca a same purpose.
4 / 5 Chae
The cost has checked Attractive chance, but some parts do not return of the joints. If you take this , be poised partorisca do a bit in cutting; some tabs in a side that has a HDMI, can, and connector of the audio does not return to some spaces in a base. Also, having the engine of tiny die would help tremendously; my toes are quite thin, but still this was the real WHISTLES .
5 / 5 Dori
The cost has checked Perfects Pi access.
4 / 5 Madison
The cost has checked that Loses a main lid, upper piece.

To the amazon does well.

Top Customer Reviews: UNIROI 7 Inch HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sudie
I have purchased this small monitor to be able in hook he until my computer. I am the digital artist and of the tablets of use of old android to see images of reference, as it take this he so that it can pose the second view of any art is doing on in the, as I do not have to zoom out of the plot. Work well for east!

In a picture has it hooked until a Change of Nintendo. It accepts any resolution until 1080p and downscale the. A downscaling the method is well. I have tried he with Sonic Mania to see had any smearing and that a refresh the tax was. There is not very smearing and a refresh the tax is very good. Also it can compare in a measure of a Change of Nintendo he.

Some colours are in a fresh side, and does not have a proportion of better contrast never. As Seen in a picture even so, can see a very good screen. Also he acts it to it good in dispersing any reflections of clear sources, like the picture is very clear. Also it can it sees in any one classifies of angle, and he no this thing of odd LCD that some mark of screens.

Comes with a HDMI cape and the connector of USB, which can you hook until any port of USB. It does not require the plot to be able in, so yes loses an adapter of power of USB comprised or taken he in another country those uses the different cover, will be good.

An only downsides is that a monitor has any control anything. An only road to turn it the era is to unplug it, so that while it is plugged in, is on. Also, the calm can not adjust one folds, which are not the problem for me but can be the problem for some. Besides, it is very clear, as if any calm the the totally flat, can fall on. Since it does not have any control, can not adjust a brilliance or contrast, temperature by heart, or in anything him and concealed. He a thing but he he well. Also the does not have any class of his, which are not the problem for me, but is also something to be conscious of. It IS, simply place, the no frills monitor.

In general, is the very monitor very small. I want to choose up another in some point, but is out of normal at the same time to write.
5 / 5 Ranee
This small screen has the better picture that has expected. I have purchased this to build the PC of small portable game of emulator, and thinks it will exit amiably.

Comes with matching objective HDMI and capes to be able in. Also it comes with cover he of white wall, but my pasador of raspberry 3 proportionate quite pot through a port of USB.

Some looks of strong and durable accommodation (although probably it take avert, whereas it decides build my PC in).

In general, the very good screen for a prize.
5 / 5 Reinaldo
It looks for the cheap 7screen of inch that was already totalled for my uses, which this one has nailed he for me. It IS main use is in my cupboard of server, but races easily of any bank of small stack can have you. I will use for the camcorder monitor as well as retro screen of cake from time to time because of his portability. I am impressed with a resolution and exposure of poster for a prize. There is some light light bleeds thru in the something of a bezel advance but is not bad.
5 / 5 Carmon
This was the pleasant surprise . For a money, an exposure is sum . An accommodation is not welded or bonded, only break together around a lcd, and three rays line a coverage of engine on. Very hackable to pose in your own projects. There is also a unpopulated port of USB in a joint of engine, probably shares a same 5v drunk. A would be likely to use concealed to power an exposure in other projects, but some works of cover of the a lot of quite barrel. The exposure is clear, contrast is well.
5 / 5 Walker
I have used this for my Raspberry Pi, this is expressed in small zone of the tabletop. Has the brilliant screen and sufficient resolution for a RPi. A built in the support deletes any necessity to hang. Desprs Using he for quite a lot of 10 days, learnt like SSH in a RPi of my PC of desktop and seeds that in setup the VNC server. In a while, the small exposure like this is the necessity for NOOBs.
5 / 5 Carlena
A lot of Raspberry Pi the monitors in this field of measure is screen to touch but this an is not .
I only tension this prevents it confusion, has not looked for the touchscreen and this one adapt me only sake.
Has wanted the independent monitor could use in a Raspberry Pi while using my main computer for reference.
5 / 5 Bea
The flight, among handy
4 / 5 Fannie
Monitor basic that law only well with the Raspberry Pi. Max the readable resolution is 720x480 and one contrasts is quite down. Monitor does not have any parameters of user or sound
1 / 5 Norris
Connected in my RPi and server of his unemployed. Any one another estandard HDMI' works to control well with audio in this box. I am not that it spends my time that fix more defective creation. Tried with rowing sports club the application and the screen are very difficult to read the characters the same small plus after changing resolutions. It can do for some purpose not requiring audio and deaf users.
4 / 5 Clara
A screen has presented only two small subjects: angle to see limited, and any button to be able in. These ways that while it is taking pot of USB, some stays of screen on and the blue glows. Well In general in of to those marks.