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1 first MSI Full HD Gaming Red LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 1920 x 1080 165Hz Refresh Rate FreeSync 32" Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix AG32C) MSI Full HD Gaming Red LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 1920 x 1080 165Hz Refresh Rate FreeSync 32" Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix AG32C) By MSI
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2 MSI Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate USB/DP/HDMI Smart Headset Hanger FreeSync 27" Gaming Curved Monitor (Optix MAG271C) MSI Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate USB/DP/HDMI Smart Headset Hanger FreeSync 27" Gaming Curved Monitor (Optix MAG271C) By MSI
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3 best MSI Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate USB/DP/HDMI Smart Headset Hanger FreeSync 24"Gaming Curved Monitor (Optix MAG241C) MSI Full HD Non-Glare 1ms 1920 x 1080 144Hz Refresh Rate USB/DP/HDMI Smart Headset Hanger FreeSync 24"Gaming Curved Monitor (Optix MAG241C) By MSI
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4 MSI WQHD 2K Non-Glare with Narrow Bezel 144Hz 1ms Height Adjustment AMD FreeSync HDMI/DP/USB 2560 x 1440 27" Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG271CQR) MSI WQHD 2K Non-Glare with Narrow Bezel 144Hz 1ms Height Adjustment AMD FreeSync HDMI/DP/USB 2560 x 1440 27" Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG271CQR) By MSI
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5 MSI 32" Full HD RGB LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 2560 x 1440 144Hz Refresh Rate FreeSync Height Adjustable Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG321CQR) MSI 32" Full HD RGB LED Non-Glare Super Narrow Bezel 1ms 2560 x 1440 144Hz Refresh Rate FreeSync Height Adjustable Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG321CQR) By MSI
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6 MSI Non-Glare UltraWide 21:9 Screen 8ms 3440 x 1440 100Hz FreeSync 3K Resolution 34" Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG341CQ) MSI Non-Glare UltraWide 21:9 Screen 8ms 3440 x 1440 100Hz FreeSync 3K Resolution 34" Curved Gaming Monitor (Optix MAG341CQ) By MSI
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7 MSI Optix MAG321CURV 31.5" 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Curved Gaming Monitor, HDR Ready MSI Optix MAG321CURV 31.5" 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Curved Gaming Monitor, HDR Ready By MSI
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8 MSI Optix 24-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor (Optix MAG240VC) MSI Optix 24-Inch Screen Led-Lit Monitor (Optix MAG240VC) By MSI
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9 MSI 27" Optix MAG27C Full HD Curved 144Hz LED Gaming Monitor (Renewed) MSI 27" Optix MAG27C Full HD Curved 144Hz LED Gaming Monitor (Renewed) By MSI
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10 MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor 24" Curved Non-Glare 8ms LED Wide Screen 1920 X 1080 75Hz Refresh Rate (Optix G24VC) MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor 24" Curved Non-Glare 8ms LED Wide Screen 1920 X 1080 75Hz Refresh Rate (Optix G24VC) By MSI
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Top Customer Reviews: MSI Full HD Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
He so judges of arrests of start, that is to say the very very entered in a gaming world of monitor. Deja goes in some pros and gilipollas,

~144hz + the in timing ash of ash am adds. (Quan Running blur busters, and there was practically very ghosting.)
~A poster is very well the unemployed VAN. One contrasts that + dressed the angles are next level to IP (very well, very better that my TN), and some black is quite darkness .
~In that is 1ms monitor as well as the poster GOES, This outperforms so IP (more dulcemente) and TN (less quality of vivid picture that/ angles of views) while stay in this field of prize.
~A pannel is also freesync, so that it is the more also for AMD users. (When being instrumented with only nvidia gpu is at the same time, and is unable to give feedback in his action.)

~With the resolution of only 1920 x 1080, in 27' some pixels are the perceivable plus bit that he 24', but to well sure ANY ONE the breaker of roads. ( It maintains to read for more than info) This does the main application antialiasing the little more than entity.
~No in that has the fully adjustable support is the bit to problem. (His BENDS up and down is adjustable... But at all more.)
~Also a lot he VESA is to fix a last subject. (It is not the bad support, only very adjustable)
~ has the small backlight the light bleeds in a poster and took. Even so it is quite unnoticeable in day to use in the daytime.

Touches/ help:
~An older generation of this model (g27c) has had some subjects with having an exposure of blue poster artifacting. I can confirm so of now, this subject assembla has been fixed with one updates in a new g27c2. As well as the time of the fastest response, Gene 2 is very better that his predecessor. (Of who Too much Worry in the pertaining descriptions in a model an old plus)
~27' 1920x1080 is not bad at all. (The difference duquel some could say.) Unless it is by train to seat you more afterwards 2 feet-ish, a PPI is not very very that noticable.
~A next competitor in this monitor would be a VIOTEK GN32C, while when being near in appearance, can think, 'oh well, this one this 5' elder.' While that is to say some , in my experience, in 32' 1080p, A PPI (pixels for inch) results much more perceivable. To simulate like this listens in your current monitor, opens the game and hideout a low resolution or or two options. (Supposing has the 20'- 24' 1080p monitor) This could give you the better idea that to expect in 32 in. (Any one when being any 100% accurate) can use main antialiasing to counter some of an effect, but laws so only to fix a jagged verges because of some pixels that is more spacing averts.
~The a lot of people say in his descriptions that Grey the Ash of time does not import at all. I disagree, While it is not the breaker of roads, the bit of difference. It blurs trails or 'ghosting' behind moving it the objects result slightly less noticable like the time of response reduced . That is to say very only of entity for the fast strolled fps games.

Finally, recommends this monitor in an every day user/ gamer? Yes, I to good sure ! Fulfilling these falls among action adds for gaming and quality for daily use, without stressing your pc. (In comparison in an intensive plus 1440p) has very of the few bad things to say in a monitor. Calm more gives can look which on without problem at all. With this monitor that is so new, comprises the pertinent descriptions are scarce. As I expect that my covers of description any questions have. If no, he bonds the question and the patient try to the help was so more while I can.
5 / 5
This controls that it is supposition to do .
144 hz IS sake of sound.
The looks of sum of screen, the picture is crisp.
HAS all some right curves.
Has recommended already he in the few friends.
Ploughed And is recommending he in you.
5 / 5
I took one 1440p 32 version of inch (Optix AG32CQ) there inst a lot of descriptions in easterly one has so raw that that this would be useful for any give support in a same version. A monitor is awesome so far. I want a measure and a curve really give you the be of sake. Some colours are utmost, to good better insurances that my old TN the poster and a time of response is very hurriedly which the an easy election the change of an old TN in this poster GOES new. I touch shooters, RPG is, strategies, simulators, appoints it and this thing is epic for everything of them. I seat in an arm and the period sized out of this beast and everything are very immersive. Has update of the 27 inch 1440p TN Steel of poster, only felt all was two small in a 27polzada so that this work of sum of poster for me.
5 / 5
This gaming the monitor is the option adds for gamers this is looking for all-around action. One 1440p 144hz the screen is perfect when remained with the that is to say perceivable raven but very also in your expensive'. A measure is order so that it is immersive while the be still competitive, while has does not have to never turn my leader. Some lights of RGB in a fund of a monitor is distracting and not having very the game synchronises options, but can be it has turned easily crossed an intuitive on-exposure of screen. A backlighting the utmost looks and provides the same subtle glow when the leader has seen very-on. If I have to critique a monitor in 1 thing, was lack of G-synchronise, but was far more expensive and unnecessary. Some colours are something on and mark gaming the explosion, with detail of crisp and a immersive be, and each visual will be very smooth. To well sure it recommends this element.
5 / 5
Highly it recommends this monitor. State using the Dell 1920X1080 monitor for prjimo in the decade. MSI Does period of utmost products.
This monitor is 2560x1440 144hz more opted then can imagine....Good creation.
The quality is Upper notch . The supremely robust fact. All order of gaming the options have comprised.

Night and day differentiates afterwards in 1920X1080 60hz
the Just mark sure has card of Map to take advantage. I am running GTX 1080 that mows through everything included in big in ultra parameters
. It IS to buy another. Bundled Well and is arrived any harm and punctually thank you Amazon!!!
5 / 5
A OPTIX AG32C is an absolutely amazing monitor! I posed it up and begun to look some television to animate a screen up for in an hour. After an entertainment has begun, and headed gaming. Here it is my personnel takes on he in the few different games.
PUBG: Surprising so many colours highs and lows, some basses ignite in this game is the fantastic access for a monitor and I thoroughly have enjoyed an experience.
Fortnite: The vibrant colours have swept a screen in an amazing step without screen-the tear or any one blur. This monitor has done wonderfully.
Far cry V:A game has touched fantastically, and a wry screen and field to surprise the colour has data a game the very immersive feeling.
World of Warcraft: That is to say another game where some the vibrant colours touch the big function in a game. This monitor has done each supremely visually pleasing and a pop of some colours was glorious.

An only downside in even so it is that my monitor has taken the week to arrive and has had the pixel is died only, and does not listen likes him expect two weeks for the substitution and crossing all a problem.

Another that concealed, highly would recommend this monitor in Any one. Has the by heart fantastic field that can be it toned in whichever in the to to parameters would like them the, and of the wide variety of parameters and and roads to touch with to do yours to experience which only while it would like him. And for a prize, does not go to find another monitor those beats this one in quality and way.
1 / 5
The monitor was adds for some first weeks of pair.

Has touched some Vermintide 2 and to enter the screen to upload (black screen), has remarked the pixel of small green.
The stomach fallen so punctual I gives was the dead pixel , in the first place has not had never in any monitor.

Has thought, esalvation, is only a pixel in the 2560x1440 monitor, only will treat it. Crossing a hassle to take it and now any sound what re container and retreats of routing well while it begins for the enjoy'.

So skip advance quite 3~ weeks later (9/19/2018).

Visits my PC on, clave of the joint and I take my Gigabyte splash the screen and I have thought seen something.
Has believed initially that a dead pixel had grown or something.
Has moved then mine to the hovering and has remarked an original of death of pixel. Stunned, Register in of the Windows and attraction in the black screen, only to see 3 deaths of pixels, only in front of me.

No in kidding you, begun bobbing mine to the hovering tries to find more, when look behind in a left hand-the streaky side of a monitor, has seen the 4 pixel, then after seeing that or, literally witnessed in real-time, the pixel that dies so looked in him.

Has had then the total of 5 pixels is died in the corner of the screen.

Has Had boxes up and fallen in a UPS tent for the turn in 20 minutes.
This was my premier MSI purchases never, and was my last. Esquerra Grave enormous.
5 / 5
This monitor is simply... Shining.. Here it is a supremely in-description of the depth of this monitor wanted to (still have it gilipollas)

- Very exposure, the clear glass.
- Supremely Accurate colours
- contrasts is flawless.
- The quality of tez is very strong and robust (was preoccupied because of some small bezels).
- A frequency and the time of response is out of this world.

- VESA Remonta 100 x 100mm is a lot deceives. A manufacturer provides virtually zero guidance. I need to go in his web of place and then unzip the file to take his manual of PDF (which are ridiculous, the calm link in this page with the QR code in sounding a pamphlet of page of the manual comprised in a box, has to locate my laptop and finds because of a file of zip). Some holes in a backside of a monitor is planted in a something supremely poor, is not a bit VESA he require to take the rays the long plus to apt the VESA mountain in a backside. A dish of my mountain will not seat in a hexagon shaped bezel where some chairs of support ( can see this pointed in a manual and some pictures published), is guessing only VESA the mountains with some corners concealed loses some verges can inner access in fact. When being very careful with that VESA the elect mountain. If this has not been such the monitor adds, would take the star for that.
- 1 Or 2 grayed pixels.
.. Has the or two slightly grayed pixels in a corner of upper left wing, but because of a density of pixel of one 1440p screen (plus or 113 menosppi) is hardly perceivable. It looks the soiled spec in of the white screens so of the pages of Web, Word, and Excel but only for the second and while I have it remarked, was very easy to forget (honestly forgot it totally but take for a purpose of this description while it can not think of any another gilipollas). You can take my description with the grain of the salt like my primary use is for gaming. I only some programming for student and entertainment, any problem me with that neither.

Other descriptions of monitors have said that is to say a supremely small quantity for bad pixels and honestly better in only bite a balloon that struggles the reason a next monitor could have even more. I am not sure if that is to say acceptable or any one excepts MSI does not have promises of entity. Still it give it this product 6 tin of stars .

Other thoughts:
- A anti-the motion blurs (poses of the fastest response) creates the plot of ghosting in of the Windows.. I have not remarked any one of him in a heat of the game even so. In fact, one poses it Faster reduces brilliance and creates more ghosting that Fast parameter, as I typically Quickly of just use for everything. It IS by far a better.
- Look it saver that pose a lot of colour of ruins (with good reason), but could see listens adds for productivity, can not be a colour but I have remarked relief of tension of eye of the INSTANT when changed in him for the web that explores. You are a feeling of odd plus .
- SteelSeries GameSense Very very has any interior of compatibility a moment and has not had a patience to try and create the profiles done to commission while it leaves prendido... I can very still it sees a FOCUSED while I am gaming in the ridiculous step and CS: they GO and Overwatch. But it is fresh to look in when raisins to remark or walk in to see your totality instrument, with some lights have DIRECTED synchronised up with your frame ( there is not any parameter for the this, has to synchronise he manually).
- Overwatch And CSGO (CS: they GO) it look it SPECTACULAR. A frequency and the resolution are surprising. It has it GeForce 1080 You, and is pressing in 300 FPS in my parameters, even so conforming quite 110 FPS besides big (pico) parameters in Overwatch.
- A Freesync can no with GeForce but yes press in 144 FPS, is not perceivable. It has remarked the tiny bit to stutter when immersion down 100fps in the parameters he big plus, but was still very better that 60hz, and would be improved further with one AMD card with Freesync.
- Mina vastly improved gameplay in both games with hitscanning and twitch/flick shots, and the regulate highly in a new monitor. Some times of response are only ridiculous. There is the 24 1080p 144hz AOC monitor before and could any never achieve a good fluent motion has with this monitor, is unreal.

10/10 would buy this monitor again, included could expect until it is the better prize for 3x exposures.
4 / 5
State using this monitor during two month now. Predominately For university duties and gaming. An aesthetic of this monitor am to add and gives an advantage of the smoothest motion for gaming. I have posed already at least 100 hours in join he of the rocket has bought of this monitor and I have remarked the big improvement in time of reaction because of what more information 144hz provided.

Very cheap. $ 239.33 it IS sper abordable when compared in any another big wry refresh monitor of tax

144hz am adds for gaming

VAIN colour against any TN poster. It looks also like my IPs signal, with some paints concealed is saturated more. It does not look more accurate, only more vivid.

The arrivals kills on protect. My lustrous the screen is hard to use when is the brilliant was, but that is to say typically easy to see in of the brilliant conditions.

DisplayPort IS the must these days so that it is so more powerful that DVI or HDMI.

The creation am adds. Has thin verges and the piece of solid plastic in a fund where a logotype is and matches my another controls perfectly.

A law of joystick very enough for navigation of card. A card always bursts up turn a monitor has been he prende very the time that presses a button of joystick.

A curve is hard to remark when using a monitor and more take to remark after using he for the month.

Brilliance! It is not the monitor that the shines when has some parameters of the time of the alike response in Normal or Extreme. This is not a subject if you do not import a pixel blurs. It do not have to you dread them with this so that some parties of normal brilliance my Steel H236HL and the time of the response of this monitor is so much the best.

VESA Remonta. A highland option is quite terrible does not have extra pieces of hardware lying around. Some holes for a vesa the mountain is recessed and some rays that is coming with a monitor is not almost enough with a longitude to take spent an outside casing and through the VESA highland dish. I have used 12mm spacers together with some extra long rays (plus or 3 cmmenos but think 2cm would have done better) that no quite apt but take a work has done. (The proportionate images)

Bonded/dead pixels. Has 5 bonded subpixels this green of just exposure (4) and blue (1) all a time. 4 it IS in the line in a left and one is in an another side. Also I have two something in a screen that has or dim pixels or only some show to fashionable subject. Or Something is in a half in a far left wing, and look the something of big powder but can not be dried was, and another east in a half in an upper verge. They are not also that distracts but always looks something is in a screen and he are visible at most to program UI elements. (The proportionate images)

GOES subpixel the agreement is odd and a lot of things to cause to look aliased. At the beginning it is jarring, but over time grows used his. The text will look blurry immediately, but your eyes can adapt quite hurriedly. Something in a VAIN the poster also causes some pixels in some far verges to be take to see. (The proportionate images)

the blue FOCUSED in corner by inferior right. It IS troubling so that it projects 10 feet through my room in another wall. A small piece of electrical tape has relieved a subject, but know other monitors (HP Omen concretely) will leave you to turn in in material likes him that it was.

IS the monitor adds for a prize and still with some green pixels bonded is enjoying using it every day only. Although the desire has not gone there, is only visible in of the dark scenes.
4 / 5
So you are looking for the sake, shiny, 1440p 144hz controls this rotted very very when being a Benq XL2420TE of today. Those that does not know this monitor only knows this: in 2013 you are a king of gaming controls and has had the colour adds to be the TN poster. Madman Knows but think me impact a lot the PC gamer backwards then. For the who only wants to know that to do to do this look of good thing, those careers to all the speed and does not have to spend money in the prjimo very-for-swimming calibrator, maintains to read.

1. In the first place, they go in your cards and under a gaming the tab has posed one 'Road of Game' (Carlin hate that appoints for the road) and select 'User'.
2. They go in an equally questionable card renown 'tuner Negre' and turn it down in 8.
3. Time of response of the change in 'Fast'
4. It ignites Zero Latency
5. Bass of next drop the main tab in 'Professional' (here his time the palms of affront and laughs in this horrid appointing agreement)
6. They go in pro road and has posed also this in 'User'
7. It ignores HDCR but will return in that in the minute
8. They go in 'Enhancement of Image' and mark sure that the rubbishes is turned has been. (I I trust me his best for your security in this way)
9. They go in a main card 'Image' and select concealed.
10. Tour 'Brilliance' down in 50
11. Tour 'Contrast' in 50 (if he isnt already place)
12. Visit harpness' in 0 (very Carlin why has these parameters)
13. Posed 'Temperature of Painted' in 'Normal'
14. The crack opens the drink of election and proclaim in a world-wide that is the god . I prefer some Nordic gods I.
15. If it likes him-you that voice, then leave it while it is and enjoys. If you want of more brilliance of bit in the something sure return in a 'Professional' the laughs that leader of shudder and turn in HDCR.

This would have to fix a wash was colour . If you are to interest the this has the small black run over his so that posing a black tuner in 9 washes was more black to the point that would do it a look of insanity of the joker sane. Any big and will do an angel to arch Tyrael glasses of sun of the necessity.

is Bienvenido.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI Full HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lynette
He been very pleased with this monitor so far, a jewel of crown in my new gaming desktop. Desprs Touching all my heart, soul, and account of bank in hardware of computer, hurriedly gives that an old 1600x900 monitor up in my shelf any one my justice of computer. A gaming the computer is only also like his monitor. As I have decided in splurge or more time so that you take that decrees of paid. It was on in my venue BestBuy to see only appoint that legustado join me measured of screen, curvature, resolution, and refresh tax. This monitor was all the unemployed has expected. I favour the controls setup in multiple exposures, so many or a big screen the measure is wonderful, especially yes limit the console in also so when being the small more by behind a screen. A curvature is in fact very well, when being very natural and looks sper quota haha. I have decided that 1080p would suffice in 2k or 4k. One 2k the model for this monitor is one extra $ 100 bucks, and chair in so unless your gaming the tez is literally upper of a line, could battle to maintain 60fps in 1440p. I think 1080p looks very enough, and is happy to see GTA, Witcher 3, and a lot another heavy-hitters race in 60fps, while another, easier-has run the games go all some subjects until 144hz with displayport connection. One more 1ms time of response. I trust me, that is to say the good monitor , an only MSI product I own, and is both impressed and satisfied. It Likes him it has said it before, of east is a jewel of crown of my gaming setup.
3 / 5 Ling
One 1ms is deceiving. They go 1ms but when changes in that the a lot of decrease a brilliance. So much so that you can I use very a lot of he in this parameter. Cela Us His ascents is deceiving as well as it has to when being in United Kingdom to redeem a Tomb Raider same ascent although it says at all quite that in a web of place. Only no the first impression adds for me with MSI.
3 / 5 Jason
Active there was only this monitor during 3 month and every time open the game, a picture or flickers or flashes and the returns like the image distorted triple. An only road to fix is to close a monitor was and then turn it behind on. He this Every time even so. Also an audio does not record when change of HDMI to aim port and also an only road to fix is to turn a monitor was and behind on. This also spends every time only change of HDMI to Aim port. I have contacted MSI and has been said can repair but has to pay a nave and cape the road he on in them which in me is not acceptable. I have it any to have pay a penny for something concealed was defective in down 3 month. I possess the plot of MSI the products but this can be my last if this vain to be his guarantee for marks of products.

EDITA: I have decided to give this the 3 stars in place of 1 now. It avenges to give that some of some subjects a monitor there has been was common with having good control setup and especially change among exposure and hdmi beginning. A monitor is honestly very good and has sum of visual quality. I will not give it 5 stars only because of a support of MSI when being quite terrible but a monitor am adds. To to still Use likes him to him the second monitor with mine 1440p. (MSI Did not contact Me to edit this description. This was all my decision .)
5 / 5 Velda
It IS an excellent monitor and has been trying and goes marvels of thousand, his tax of refresh of 144 hrz and 1 ms of response they he one of some better monitors that eh has had.
4 / 5 Luther
Only it likes that all the world-wide more said, the support of client was very disappointing, and was hurriedly to blame Amazon. I imagined 'usually lucky volume with containers, will not require support'. Well, a moment I have taking he of a box and plugged he in, has seen several pixels see that it has been it burned in a screen. A packaging was intact and an external frame of a monitor was clean. It can say that this was a first to be of the open time. Desprs Contacting both City of Circuit and MSI, both of them inform me in Amazon. I have to ship my monitor in Amazon and expect for a walnut a to time in me. Highly it recommends to go for the monitor the cheap plus with a same specs, and save cientos dollars and some headaches that comes with this overpriced monitor.
5 / 5 Lien
It IS a better to touch the fast has strolled games and in the good prize.
And having Voice any one rasga (and is surprised so that this unit has any Gsync) but touch around 65-120 fps in that saw it any one rasga at all. Surprising!
5 / 5 Dale
I have found this product to impress quite be. A picture is surprising. You are done in the a lot of lustrous mere subject. A curvature gives it the good look. Highly it recommends this monitor in any gamer or designer that is looking to update. I predominately games of game in my pc. ( Fate, STRONG BOX, WOW, COD, etc.) Only of an initial beginning up can say what clear and softens some beginnings of picture.! I produce it adds.

Side of notes by side : my laptop is instrumented with the screen of IP. IP IS obviously upper now-ones-days, beat the same drink said the difference among my laptop and this monitor have afterwards in him maintaining.
5 / 5 Kylee
Day 1 of the owner has shipped this msi produced!
Pros: Quality of the picture/of contrast adds, works with g-synchronise, OSD am to add and the button of card is convenient, has not remarked any black bleeds/flickering! I think and the paste a lottery with this monitor.
Gilipollas: Only 1080p but could not justify update in a cq model for $ 200 more.
Any highland instructions of the wall but I are fully able without them only the FYI.

In general purchases this monitor is looking for the 27 has twisted 1080p monitor with the big refresh imposed! It is surprising and it purchase again!
5 / 5 Eloy
These products would estimate to like him 10/10. I will admit even so, it was the small suspect before it buys because of the relatively low prize, but has bought the B450i motherboard of them awhile behind and he hasnt failed me still. As I have decided to buy a monitor. It IS that him import to update of a one has had, measures, capibilty, hz, and quality of picture. With one 1ms 144hz wry exposure with so that other options, well out of a box has remarked the ENORMOUS difference. Also with a nave, has been supposition to arrive Thursday, the July 18 around 4; but it arrives Wednesday, the July 17 around 6. With time of fast nave, was able to use it before go in camp of state. But it leaves to start with with some parameters. In this computer, in a retreated has the red button. This button is able to move in 4 directions and click down. Using that button, has the pop-up in a by the sideways inferior right of some cual the covers of screen changes a brilliance, adjusts one hz, a Road of Game, a HDMI entered (2 of them and the port of exposure.), Theres Also he crosshair change, as one yours touch that touches doesnt has the crosshair, this monitor has some parameters to have or! After in, a quality. A quality is very well in the. Sound the heavy plastic which have the feeling that it wont pause. One bases of a monitor is the heavy metal that it is the very good characteristic . There is also the loan headset characteristic in a left side that it is sper fresco. It reacts like the button, If calm press it, the pop was and can pull it was. If calm press he again, return in a monitor and the mix likes him is a monitor . It Likes him it has declared it more than early, sound the very good monitor, and has the good tone in him. To well sure one of some very BETTER alternatives cheap plus in the 144hz wry monitor. That is to say that would say, one better BANG for your BUCK. He thank you stops to read, and has Any questions, will do my best to answer them!
4 / 5 Marjory
Bought this monitor and was very happy with him until some problems have begun. In 2 weeks, has begun acting monkey.

To arouse in subjects of sleep, a monitor would aim a MSI logotype and seeds a whole screen would go brilliant aim. The turning was and behind on then resulted in a desktop the exposure that is to say or supremely has washed was (any saturation and contrast) Or when being supremely on-saturated.

Has tried a procedure regulates to update engine, verifying connections, the change has been for the pertinent DP cape, resetting monitor through a OSD. The problems persisted and results more frequent in a course of the week. To arrive to this point, am not to content with maintaining a monitor, while it is very probably some problems only will worsen. Felizmente, the process of the turn of the amazon is quite ache-free and will be to the fall went it to return today.

For the people that look to take this monitor, still would recommend likes him a gone in-level 1080p 144hz monitor. Probably any one in a point of prize is in ($ 269 after tax or as) as there are better options to arrive to this point of prize. But it is certainly estimate ~$ 200ish. The colours are decent, although to the calibration has required to take them where would have to when being . The black is inky without looking terrible. The support is robust and a OSD is easily navigated. Although one 1ms the time of response is the marketing ploy (the using backlight strobing effect in mimic 1ms time of response), does not think is necessary to have 1ms time of response unless you are the big-the competitive level gamer, in that point would not have to be looking in this monitor anyways.

In general, is gone with 4 out of 5 stars so that a monitor is very so that promises and MSI is usually the solid company. Docked The point so that frankly, these classes of the subjects do not owe stay through control of quality...He necessities Of industry of the monitor to step in his game and it beginning that it provides perfect monitors unless they go to start with in downward costs dramatically.

Top Customer Reviews: MSI Full HD ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Charissa
Quan Has taken in the first place he in the to to this monitor did not like him. Ones in the first place few days not having very time to imagine the things was so that it was unhappy with a quality of image and colour. Desprs Spends some time that flavours the different options found the combination of parameters that has done each what very better for me. I am happy as to anxiety now, that is to say very better that my old TN poster. A lot it remarks the difference those looks my HD collection of video. Here it is some parameters these laws more for me if these helps any one has been: refresh prices = 144hz , black tuner = 10 , time of the fastest = response , anti the motion blurs = on , half of enhancement = of the image , contrast = 67 or main , acuteness = 0 , and for me and like colour temp = animates .
4 / 5 Leslee
I have wanted in any confusion in VESA highland compatibility and gives my first impressions. A VESA the mountain is recessed in a backside of a monitor. It IS very probably that your VESA the mountain will not return in this zone. Has the mountain SAW of dual monitor and he no apt in this zone recessed. I have ordered felizmente the 100mm in 75mm VESA the adapter suggested by the critic in the clave in a MAG24C model. This fact like the charm. A fast note on discovering a real vesa mountain. You will have to take 6 rays to take in him. 2 control a back dish in and 4 controls a support of normal monitor. Careful When being that so much a back dish and the arm of monitor has tabs that slide in an accommodation of monitor. It does not try in the impulse went it directly.

Monitor is my arms
the adapter has used
So far I really like a monitor. Quan Exploring A web or using word, is quite easy to see a curve. This is not bad and any detract of a global experience. Films of moments of the look or touching games, some looks of flat screen. When being very natural to look in. One 144hz refresh tax, if you are by train to ask you, is much smoother when compared in 60hz. Calm only know that your card of map will have to press 144 frames for bren in of the games in fully use this characteristic. It does not forget to enable 144hz in some parameters of exposure of the advance. So far it likes them-me some paints in a monitor. They are very vibrant and the true look. Some black is very black, which are probably the result of a proportion of the contrast More i adds of a poster GOES. I take a sense that there is enough the bit of clear fall was around some verges, but is not perceivable durable or distract slope of the normal tasks. I have remarked it when it was to control for the pixels are died in the a lot of inferior totally white. Both of my monitors are arrived in good condition ( has been shipped of Florida in Hawaii), and both have not had any fatalities or bonded pixels.

Thinks that these monitors are the value adds . If you are not the retailer when comes to control colour, the clear falls was, etc. And wants the solid 144hz the monitor with the poster GOES that it does not break a bank, takes this!
3 / 5 Shawanda
Quan Arrives a box was bundled amiably and avenges with accessories to connect your monitor in your PCs or anything is using pauses. But 30 minutes to touch the games have seen mine 1 screen flicker in a right side of a screen. Of course it is minimum but seeing a screen flicker once out of the each 10-30 minutes take to problem. Tried messing with some parameters to change one 144hz in 60hz , turning free synchronises on and was ,v synchronises on and has entered games, changing some capes, and same resetting all retreated in of the parameters of factory but still take that random screen flicker in a right side each what so once while. He' troubling but oh well, taken that decrees of paid. If and arrivals to fix he in a future gives this product 5 stars.
2 / 5 Chanell
I have wanted at the beginning this monitor, took it to go with my premier gaming PC. It looks to have a right quantity of curve, adds specs, adjustable curves, slick creation, of the respectable marks in the prize adds. But after the month of use and when being cured of very well, has remarked the pixel is died pixel only is not the big roads in me, but preoccupy me in me the empire concealed or spend more. Ive The critical refusals have seen in another msi the monitors therefore a lot reason now that is looking in him. Sadly im Poses in the turn and go with the different mark now.
4 / 5 Effie
UPDATE (11/18/2018): attacking down the star so that the month and the half after it purchases, there is now a pixel died in a left half of a screen. It IS only a pixel and no this perceivable unless this zone of a screen is aiming black colour, but still disappointed has spent since 200+ in this monitor. ( It attaches the picture of a dead pixel. It ignores a screen bleeds; only it look it that it issues in the camera of my tlphonique and no in real life)

After strongly it weigh was all my options for the 144hz 1ms wry gaming monitor to connect in my gaming portable and deciding goes for to 24 inch against my initial desire for the 27.n Monitor, decided to pull a trigger in easterly a (MSI Optix MAG241C) and is very happy with my election. Some of some characteristic that gravitated me in this model was his improved the colours have compared in a similarly priced Optix G24c (DCI-P3 90% and sRGB 115% against NTSC 85%, sRGB 110%), the curvature augmented of 1800 in 1500 (the small more a number, a wry plus), and smaller and sleeker look bezels ('frameless creation'), as well as a number augmented of ports (2 hdmi ports, 1 displayport, 2 usb 2.0, and included an audio to the port he wants to connect your headphones or speakers in him). The support and the monitor are stable and any rattle when accident in your desktop. Also it has the retractable headset perch in a side yes wants the use concealed.

IS any professional but some colours, contrast, and seeing the angles look very well for the VAIN the monitor and a quality of screen is especially perceivable when the side compared-for-the side in my laptop is wash looked colours (MSI GP62 7RDX). It was surprised also in a fact that any one notes any bleed of screen at all while it was preoccupied quite this because of descriptions in another MSI monitors. Since I a monitor will be down 2 feet out of my face, one 24 inch is in my opinion a perfect measure. Has thinks that that there is a subject initially with flickering pixels, but listened idiots after the research and that finds that a fixed was in simply tense some connections of any cape of exposure is using. To do use of one 144hz has had to to take the mini-displayport in displayport cape so that my laptop only has mini-displayport and looks to surprise, difference very perceivable of my anterior 60hz monitor. Anyways, In general the monitor of quality adds, good prize, recommend it.
4 / 5 Irena
Monitor has had all has been said to come with. A screen is the darkest plot in the colour compared in my another wry monitor. A headset arm that is in a left side of a monitor is only in a long inch, but maintains my headset to fall. My only complaint is that my mountain of the no apt monitor in this monitor. It was able to ray he in some inferior rays, but because of a curve of a screen a dish this backwards has not matched some holes for a mountain. It can do functions, but is going in not using a mountain comes with would consider something different.
1 / 5 Arnette
I never for a MSI produced again. It thinks for a prize of this monitor has been done better that is to say. Law so support of technology for 5 yrs and now the Sys Admin so much is cheap and quality. That is to say far since quality. It tense A ray at the same time of multiple basic without in tense in any one prende for the undress even so I come loose and a monitor wobbles.. (He still Dell Ours the monitors do a same road and I have has not had never subjects with them loosening). Since there it has any a lot of of the frame around a screen some plastic attractions was in a centre of a curve and he are basically folds the constant tape or some the toneless glue these wineries a screen in place. A screen exited (well vertical lines coloreadas) how has routed has been he for the reparation and is denying a reparation so that they are saying that it is the fault of user. Calm remember you that has been support of technology and now the Sys Admin so much is like the preoccupy for the monitor these chairs in the desktop. Deployment and has substituted hundreds if no the monitors of thousand in some last 7 years. I will not buy another MSI monitor. MSI Routed My monitor behind without repairing.
5 / 5 Cassey
Taken the monitor adds for a prize, several essential capes have comprised!

A refresh the tax is surprising, and one 1ms the time of response is glorious! Using 'Anti the motion Blurs' dim the the yours the screen but he do very well enmedio the dark plus... Turning it on deactivate 'HDCR' that automatically adjusts to contrast and protect brilliance. HDCR Does very when it is enmedio brilliant, and freesync works with my RTX 2070 only well, but both insurances of place of the lock. It fulfils it is better to leave freesync and Anti the motion Blurs has been during a day when is that it shines so it can adjust a brilliance, does not remark any perceivable difference in framerates or time of response with freesync or Anti the motion Blurs era.

A curve is subtle and has given the reception to compared in my monitor of anterior floor, is easier in my eyes and the wonderful looks with my setup. A support is robust and fact of aluminium, does not have any shudder while I am writing east. I have had wager included those of you which touches in the desktop with only three or two legs have attached will see like robust this monitor is. ;)

My only flu is with visual clarity, does not take me bad, this monitor is very acute with some right parameters and with some adjusting you can improve a estretched' look of this wry screen, even so, because of physicist, can not delete totally. It can said that, the text can be the bit blurry sometimes, would have to adjust your parameters of ClearType in of the Windows for the improve. This any problem me so that it is minimum and uses a monitor mostly for gaming. A screen has the by heart excellent reproduction for a type GOES of poster and a refresh games of marks of the tax the clear and more fast plus what the helps touches it to me better! In general this monitor is probably a better one can buy in this field of prize.
5 / 5 Kathrine
Monitor look adds and comes with a HDMI, Port of Exposure and hub of cape of USB.
A support is metal and is easy to install manually, any tool has required.
Has twisted the exposure adds of looks.
(For the who does not know , necessity to use the cape of Port of the Exposure as well as it change it a refresh prize of a monitor in of the options of Windows 10 to control to take one 144hz refresh tax)
4 / 5 Donnie
So far, enough after 1 month of use, and has to say that that is to say the very well the monitor for a prize is paying. At the same time, and it purchase in 12 and for a prize, is surprising. It IS in fact some 144hz cual covers for amazing gameplay. Some only subjects ive has had with the this is that in a by right of upper corner of a monitor, there was roughly objective flickering and the thought was defective. Even so, after quite a lot of 3 weeks, has disappeared. Had no whiter flickering. But when a monitor was flickering, was quite perceivable and would have returned it his if it does not go never was. Outrage subject concealed, 00 for 144hz, wry gaming monitor, is exactly that would expect.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Leroy
This description has two separate parts.

1 - A monitor is surprising. Has update recently in a MAG271CQR for one 1440p resolution of a MAG271C 1080p version. I have wanted that monitor also. I add for gaming, clear picture, big refresh tax, amour a curve. The experience of use adds. That is to say, until this monitor looked in a clave today.

2 - Situate each which arrives and kicked my computer and has remarked had the solitary dead pixel in a corner of a screen. Any sake of big roads? He been through this forward. Lima only for the substitution, uses a monitor in a while, the problem has resolved. Well, the support of the amazon focused in MSI to try and file a substitution under my guarantee, but after MSI has listened has had only a dead pixel, has said a substitution to guarantee coated only yes has had atleast five. That a frick? I fulfil it is only a small pixel, but took my element TODAY but a guarantee any one cover me? If I have shattered a screen I, then your coverage to guarantee me? Advantage.

Has said this in my agent of support of the Amazon and was honestly so surprised while it was that MSI said me basically for the treat. Then the amazon has entered the clutch and offered me 25% repayment the cover a reparation of a locally more monitor that crossing an ordeal to ship/of whole substitution, and yes that the does not act, said to leave them know. It opens That it is that the service of the client would have to go , MSI.

Anyways, He casualidad is if mandate these controls the probably very pixel very dead and go to want to gaming on he in fact a lot of years. But something goes bad with him, does not expect any amour of MSI.
5 / 5 Sammy
Ive Has Had this for the more the month. This monitor is surprising. Good aesthetics , mere, adds and easy to imagine out of UI, and robust edifice. Has the sake heft in him and foot of solid aluminium that quality of cries in me. The quality of picture is stellar. 2160x1440 With a curve And 144hz is a change of absolute game, and exactly that has looked for. The bezel IS also well and thin. Also in the to the another characteristic likes him is when has to sew them multiple has connected in him (like a xbox and the pc), he car-detects a signal and changes a source in a powered in device like calm of the that has to navigate a poster of control in a monitor in manually of sources of change. I guess my only flu is when he goes back at the same time of the fastest response, he dims a so monitor so much, youd has to games in blackness of key to see anything, only left he in a half parameter and his totally well. It goes it Recommends the card of video of big final in truly enjoy this monitor also. I am using the RTX 2080 to press it and his perfect. The very spent money to finish my setup. 10/10. Excellent work, MSI.
5 / 5 Barbar
A screen augments the quality of good image, tried in road of cinema, the black is excellent, the vibrant colours, so much more responsive and soften that one 60Hz uses of exposure in of the works. Like The developer of software tends in juggle with 4 or more programs any time given, a measure of the screen and the resolution leave me to do with multiple programs comfortably.

Freesync Records perfectly, any flickering or artifacting when use with a nvidia gpu.

The product was very bundled and arrived in of the excellent conditions. Any death/bonded pixels and earnest installation.

In general very satisfied with a product so far, excellent quuality and value in a prize abordable.
5 / 5 Camelia
It has had my LG protect for quite a lot of six years now, but my fiance bought me the gaming last Christmas of PC. So still I am learning in of the monitors, but my highly recommended cousins me this mark and model. You are the hesitant bit so that had some revises to declare that had the pixels is died in his monitor. I risked it and it has ordered. In arrival, I hooked he up with a hdmi the cape and he looked the small more lustrous that of 6 years pc. After reading some forums, plugged in a DP cape and had the enormous difference. A picture looks clear and very detailed. State that touches the plot of overwatch recently and very amours a curve of a screen. A twist me voice a whole screen and give me a verge in FPS games (that and predominately game). It IS curently race in 2560x1440 in 60hz and is phenominal. I am trying to imagine it was it so to touch in 144hz but and of the that thinks my pc can back it. Global and is satisfied with my PC now.
1 / 5 Lanell
It arrives with 2 deaths of pixels, some of some worse backlight bleeds, ghosting and some serious bows, never buy of msi again
5 / 5 Raylene
It Likes him almost of all quite he of one 2k screen in a 144hz, but only a flu has is a support of base. Only it takes enough the big quantity of spatial since has the desktop of small computer. It IS hurriedly thank you in but he vesa mountain.
5 / 5 Malka
First impressions add. Colours very good and specs. Zero pixels are died in delivery, very very bundled for transport. Partidrio Big of MSI and did not leave me down with this monitor
5 / 5 Lorenzo
For a prize is the clothes . Ideally it would have liked him to Of Him hdr and a ips poster and a backlight is not perfectly same (his almost perfect tho) but that is to say common has twisted in screens like his pair for a course. In $ 400 apresamientos 90% of all some bells and whistles $ 1000+ monitors have so a lot can any gone bad here.
5 / 5 Kelsi
The screen adds, stylish, surprising colours, fast refresh for games, gsync compatible. It can not ask more. I have bought in the first place a viotek gft27db but a anti the cover of the glare was terrible as it is returned behind and took it. Sper Happy with purchase of mine. It does not think two times and only go for him, is totally estimates one 00 extra has paid in a viotek.
5 / 5 Georgiann
A MAG27CQR is tame down a better monitor in a piece. A prize is far and now with an update of G synchronises the compatibility is point and averts! A brilliance compared in a model an old plus is perceivable and one 144 hz in the games are the change of game , contrasts it and the quality of picture is well.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Robena
For reference: i7-7700, 12GB RAM, RX 580 8GB.

Pros: It IS fast and smooth. There is the decent quantity of options and parameters to configure. A preset helps of the roads of the game fix some problems of the colour but calm manually has to change and configure them for each game. Shortcuts of fast selector that it is configurable. A curve is the subtle but the updates of sake of the flat screen.

Joining, effect of barn of door, inversion of pixel, overdrive artifacting, plan by heart ash like baseline, ports of USB has not exited of a box, the engine has not been referenced in a docs or in a web of place. Some limited ghosting. My MacBook Pro (2 HMDI entered) records that 1920x1080p same after obliging 1440p resolution.

Opens, this is not only in of the games, that is to say in a desktop, look in 4K videos, the photo that edits. A monitor benchmark overlay show 1440p and 144hz in of the applications and in of the games but a quality and the colour are terrible.

Compared in 250 Asus controls that is to say rubbishes . For it folds a prize does not comprise , goes to suppose have the defective unit, but with so many bad things are not risking the second unit
4 / 5 Sherryl
Happy with purchase of mine of this monitor. It substitutes the much more expensive or this was also 31.5' and wry but that or has suffered from the response a lot retards down the times and the image have caused blurs in of the fast movements. This one has a lot of faster response and is the very better gaming monitor for less. The colours are very once very prpers posed in yours likes him. The interface is quite easy to take used to. It quotes the adjustable support is also the big plus in me. Monitor although 144hz refresh and has freesync.
An only with with this monitor is slightly uneven aim and of the ashes of screens. A left side of my monitor has the warmest shadow and the freshest shadow in a right side. No the commentary at all gaming but if your pages of web to explore or that does the multimedia mark you more probably remark it.
5 / 5 Bob
This has entered well in front of Cry of May of the Devil 5 is exited.

14 hours are spent to touch Cry of May of the Devil 5 and has had an amazing experience this monitor is big but the glass of looks clears with 1440p resolution. A RGB is the good addition but is sadly only the tiny band.

144Hz is surprising for games of fast gameplay like FPS and in my devil of experience can cry.

A support looked to be missing of but is surprisingly very crafted.

Any a lot of can say in of the terms of gilipollas for this monitor besides a prize, that is to say the pricey deluxe element. Any one 'native G-synchronise' could be the with but does not import .

Has used the DisplayPort cape with my RTX 2080 card of Video.
5 / 5 Syble
First of a product is coming the early day that went a lot. A monitor is surprising! And it is preoccupied at the beginning so that the people are speaking quite running 1ms the time of response was in dim in still of game. It take the dry to imagine was so to take 'the fastest road' to ignite has owed of freesync and zero latency has thinks that that it was odd. Even so running 1440p and 1 ms looks of time of the response and when being to surprise. He also cut to to the games like them to them the metre and the distribution 2. Using rtx 2070 and freesync is compatible with nvidia. In general control add for a prize.
5 / 5 Randy
A product of first sum for the thin competitive prize still. I have paid $ 419 for this monitor the while behind and does not have any remorse. It IS the add 1440p monitor with utmost list of characteristics and amazing action. A field of covers by heart to add it exposure, vivid while touching games and seeing contained of web. An I/Or in a backside is the good touch also, that short down the endeavour required for material the road in my PC that does not require big bandwidth or low latency with one 2x USB 2.0 ports, jack of microphone for some speakers, and 2 HDMI the mark of ports to change among PC and Xbox with freesync has enabled the breeze. In general a lot of joy has this monitor and is in a piece to add it 1440p 144hz monitor with Freesync in the prize adds, would recommend easterly unit
4 / 5 Morris
Amur A measure and out of a parameter of the colour of the box was a lot. A curve is not that perceivable strangely enough. A rgb lights in a backside is not that perceivable, this could a lot of or bad according to your preference for rgb.msi The mystic light control a function . One a thing I the aversion is a brick to be able in a lot prefer covers he of strait besides that the seperate adapter to be able in. Coming from the BenQ 24 inch 144hz 1080 p in this 32 1440 p 144hz is the good step up in the urban nails of screen. It was preoccupied in my ryzen 5 2600 and a RX 580 8 action the card of video the problem these steps until 1440p 144hz but so far did not see to be any slow down prize to frame wize games of race stiller in ulta in of the big parameters. 60 In 100+ fps at most more the new games. Doom, Shadow of a tomb raider ,origins of killers of creed.
5 / 5 Tina
Quan Has seen these on-line controls was the small wary. He been fooled in a past quite purportedly utmost monitors with the zillion descriptions. It learns to read some revises carefully to look for BOT like responses.
This product is EXACTLY while it announces. I have taken the casualidad and has bought 3 of them. (Mark sure to take a right mountain to handle them.)
Well out of a box these were easy to pose up and totally the cosy user. A vivid colour, a slender creation and a awesome has lit up in a retreated also. I have not had any idea there was coloreada cools to look lights in a backside. Quan Walk of people in my dispatch and voice these giant screens a first thing one says is WOW! Included a technology geeks entered and question all the classes of questions besides my level of experience. I have left they seat them and run his investigation in some monitors and all the world-wide beginnings the with the resounding WOW!.
IS very happy with these monitors and so of still like this has very that founds a thing I aversion. Has the each side by side in the curve. I see any one 'bleeds was' by heart or brilliance in some far verges and is so that it shines that centre. Highly it recommends the.
3 / 5 Charis
Msi Has attacked he out of a park in easterly unit. Well Except with his service of client.. Has update my low description.

Some look of colours for quite be near, and has not required very adjustment. A quality of picture is well, vibrant, and has has not had any subject with ghosting.

A msi software to adjust a monitor is the godsend has compared in ones with built in of the options that has to the access saw a monitor. It does not take on the bouquet of ram or while in a fund, and appreciate concealed.
All was even so they are well, easy to comprise, and the supremely the sake of clean / looks has done.

Is thinking Quite choosing this up, he. In a point of prize, that is to say the no brainer. I have not seen anything more than competes with him visually and a level of adjustment has.

Msi the service of client is no existent for his promos. So much that there is was 4 days in an ascent, only seated as 'while Approval' prendido the month, and has expired.

Included had contacted an agent more or he less done of the weeks, and has said that all was a lot. If it remarks any promos in the elements buy, does not plan on taking them.. MSI Used to such when being the good company also. :P
4 / 5 Irene
It IS an amazing monitor , a lean that the has not looked never cracked, planned in wll in the quantity in all if any road does not affect his functionality, really wants a monitor! It recommends.
5 / 5 Jaunita
Monitor adds!! The test was all my games and looked utmost!!! A FPS will not grow that 80 if it does not have the card of better map that a GTX 1070, but for me 60 FPS or on is well!!! It IS of 720p, 60hz monitor, in this MSI Monitor, and a difference is enormous!!! Quality of picture, and the quality of screen is very well, but sometimes could hurt your eyes bit it. This can be it fixed to do a lower brilliance. Monitor very fresh!!!!!!!!

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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Maribel
These laws of monitor splendidly! And do very well with Nvidia new G-Synchronises compatibility. If you want to save some money and still game in ultrawide, that is to say a a to take!
1 / 5 Thanh
Deceived by a prize of this monitor and descriptions of indications, has taken a bait and bought it. Like An engineer that the laws in the factory was apparent that this monitor has been shipped with the defect fulfilled of his factory. There is the 1/2' long scratch in a monitor - in an interior of a screen, no an outside. A second turn the on results perceivable. Tried calling his support of the client and this was the joke. Like The broken record maintained to repeat 'habladura in Amazon, any organism.' I have asked they have wanted in this I has determined had the defect of factory, in that says no preoccupy and 'habladura in Amazon, any organism'. I routed the backside and has bought a HKC, a side a low plus after 34' monitor. And like the dog these turns in his own vomit, a monitor of HKC is an exact same piece of poop of a same piece of poop factory like MSI monitor, but take to pay $ 100 more! It saves your box of money can provide you a LG or Samsung. Has both of these in my dispatch and is wonderful compared with this soup of Chinese noodle like poop monitor.
5 / 5 Donte
My premier ultrawide and wants to it. It IS GSync Compatible and 100Hz easily with mine 1080.t. I did not think it it go it he to be this width.. One measures of the screen is quite 8-10besides wide that my anterior 27.n Monitor. Very realestate. An only flu has is that a backside of a monitor bursts each what so once in the moment while it covers. No the real big subject. 1440p 100Hz And Gysnc Compat for the prize adds. Also it can find much cheaper in Microcenter but is too much out of me to cost a walk.
4 / 5 Clora
Well His state two weeks and he are time to to give my impressions. This monitor in this prize is the clothes, for gaming particularly his surprise with characteristics that really posed the up there. Still I am doing in a calibration ( that is to say one of some gilipollas) except a Monitor is solid and Freesync solid of works with my vega 64. Some noises the crack is there he he in a principle and in an end of your session but he are not the big roads for me, is not in how all listen is concealed and besides take for quite a lot of 5 minutes.

Very happy with a monitor.
2 / 5 Debbra
I am trying to want this monitor so that all more in a same spec the group is $ 200+.

Has a lot of things to want in this monitor for his prize. Predominately Be 100hz and a 34 inch 3440x1440 resolution + he Samsung the poster GOES decent that a lot another use of companies.

So that it is my problem with this product? A colour is not very accurate, and a lot of import what marks in some parameters, can not be fixed. More importantly, is sorta kinda blurry. Quan The mass in a text results clear, but when one east in a normal view of a monitor some details result blurry. Also, he flickers. There it looks to be some class of delay in a brilliance, as when it changes the pages or the tabs there are the delay in the brightening on any one is looking in, as it looks his flickering.

Has thought perhaps, sound my computer and gpu. Felizmente I work in an edifice of dispatch and has access in multiple different configurations of computers. Any subject that I hook until this monitor, and the flange resolves a subject.

Well, as thinking has the lemon, has ordered 2 additional substitutions. Has 3 of a same MSI 34' 1440 monitors hooked until his computers of individual and basically is that it directs the test has controlled.

Has resulted: 2 out of 3 has a flickering problem, each what three of them is blurry.

Conclusion: it spends the small more and take the better monitor

has the 32' Dell 1440, and he 34' 1440 60hz Samsung that his afterwards in a MSI monitors, and and is not having any subjects with some to appoint big marks.

UPDATE: 2 weeks later, decided to return my MSI 34' and decided to take my casualidad with the used Alienware 34' g-synchronises. It IS very lucky has found a undamaged of the warehouse of the amazon, said his used but looks any one is returned an element without included that ploughed a box. Night and day differentiate it. The colours are so more vibrant and a blurry the texts are gone. Everything in a MSI washed it totally the looks has been compared in a Alienware. Only it spend it 150 more dollars and take the used Alienware of Amazon. Dell Of the plus has one of a guarantee of better manufacturers in a piece.
5 / 5 Fidelia
That can say, that is to say a awesome screen in a awesome prize. I am enamoured with my games throughout again. I am returned and has touched the games have not touched in the while only to take the different experience. This screen does not disappoint . The only low fall can give any one is a brilliance , is not so that shines like my last screen of the level but he are minimum subject and still wants to it.
Remarks side by side: has a squad to run it, card of decent video, is very value he. Looked some UHD films in ultrawide and WOW.

Has AMD the card has freesync that help the well bit.
2 / 5 Horacio
Desprs The few months to use this monitor has begun having aches of cape.
Has changed and flipped among parameters in never find or concealed is not offensive. It attaches fire and takes lights and animal-plant this monitor and he are each bad.
Has tried flow and another software and built in the web that explores extensions to do surfing a web an easy plus.
This monitor assembla only very when being pas offensive in the VERY ignited room.

Likes him in dim some lights or use the use or the red lights protect dimming software the few hours in front of the bed and this monitor are also -- that it is too that shines all some time expects to say if my PC was external place in midday in of his full uses bet this monitor would not be offensive.

White IS an occasional room that debits the pages in windows are horrible with this monitor.
White Some occasional fund that pose he windows in everywhere for some reason, and that is not changeable, is horrible with this monitor.

A parameter to save of the looks of eye to do at all.

Codify/To program in this monitor is horrible all the time in the daytime.

This my first times are by train for the buy MSI monitor, and probably a last. Perhaps MSI service of client and client sanctification update me in the monitor that no blind is users -- or perhaps and'll sells this monitor in some poor soul and buys a LG.
4 / 5 Eddy
Fiddling With a Picture in the parameters of Picture have taken my monitor in the state where the would not remain in any subject that. (I thinks directed to take both entrances on DVI but very in fact has the DVI cape). It ignites quite 3 bren then can down (to save the energy of his source has attributed has not been present). Desire that expects bit it the long plus and concealed to remain it on is interacting with a poster of options - so minus the star for clunky parameters.
BUT has achieved has been to back of the client and was sper useful, immediately do to try to help take me the things have resolved!
For a road, if somehow it takes in this situation, here is that I fix the... You have to be fast (except sounds it gaming monitor, as you are probably well in this department). Tour in your monitor and it beginning that paste a button of card... Hardly burst the up, it paste a right arrow, (setup) then And (select), then right arrow (reset), then And (selects again), then right arrow (slide a reset up), one And a time of plus (select). This will do to reset of the factory and you would have to be well to go! Has had to quite 10 times before I have been quite practised to take he in some 3 bren or so in front of a monitor has turned was, but law!
Besides this, some looks of monitor adds. Crisp, warm Colours, deep black, almost any one flicker. I will warn you that I need it beefy card of map to press this monitor, while it calms with any one 3k... My estimativa of 5 years the laptop to well sure is having the rough to go of him... But I am so happy with MSI service of the support probably goes to go advance and take the new laptop of them also!
5 / 5 Michelina
That is to say the horse of purpose of the work built for people in the estimativa. This monitor has fantastic contrast, the black adds, abundance hurriedly enough for me in 135FPS in Overwatch. It uses this monitor for the productivity and he are well. Youtube And Netfix the look that stuns and issues it better that mine 4K 55' television of Samsung. It result a MSI adherent because of Cards and his motherboards of Map. Has has Surpassed each expectation in a past and this monitor has done to again in axes! Thank you MSI To see bliss and Amazon to take in me in the flash.
5 / 5 Jacque
I have bought this monitor for the video that edits and gaming, both duquel marks very good. It was able of the aforar quite similarly in my colour accurate monitor, but yes is serious in the by heart accurate correction or the photo that edits, would recommend to take the second monitor also. Some angles in sight is not a More i adds in this monitor (to be expected of the poster GOES), but when chair in front of him, a picture is very very (issues it better that the TN poster, but no quite so accurate like the good IPs signal) was able to take G-Synchronises to do afterwards looking the video enough the, and work well. A thing has not expected was that that records an extra resolution would be in my PC compared in the 16:9 1440p exposure. Still with the GTX 1080 has the problem that takes on quite 80fps with half-big parameters in addition to games, as it maintains that that imports yes has the PC of the plus under final. It considers to take a Alienware 34 inch 120hz monitor for almost exactly two times a prize ($ 850 as to write this) but is happy I no, so that an only remarkable difference is some signals of better IP in a Alienware. Especially for a prize, that is to say the monitor adds .

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Yun
Images partorisca Purchase checked is comparisons among this unit and a LG32UD99, aiming an old plus Warhammer 40K game and black uniformity, some have washed the images was to read in some lefts is a MSI.
-1500R Curve, easily one of some upper reasons has loved this monitor, much more has pronounced that 1800R.
-Exceptionally stylish, A lot to to that likes him the look the monitor, so only looks a part, all crazy black, easy to use stand etc.
-32inch 4K, an only way to go, IMO.
-Rear facing entrances, easy access, the addiction is trace under a screen.
-Two HDMI gone in (I any same look in of the monitors with solos HDMI entrances) looking in you outdated G-SYNC Forms!
-Good software AM YACIDO.
-DP And USB-C, entrances of audio.
-G-SYNC compatible tried and has done well.
-Entrance very low lag.
-A lot of packaged And has comprised the plot of necessary bosses good.
-The stand Adds, the z/the zero wobbles.
-Exceptionally Clara AG coating, easily some of some better in a game, like this clear likes to take.
-Horrendous Black uniformity, a majority of a screen is full chalk partorisca flash-lighting and clouding throughout. Ossia Typical for the majority of my experiences with Samsung screen-has based-produced. A lot probably my last compraventa of such the device. IMO, LG Dips advances for far some better screens was now was, shoulders and just boss on this offering. MSI So only could do so much with that has has had to that do with.
-A lot of muted colours, MSI declares 81 of a DCI-P3, although I have not seen anything closes to this. The colours look much lighter that has to that, a bit wry, this has not been like this noticeable with games of consoles, although it results much more discernible with PC gaming and applications.
-An of some main things for far, lack of gamma control some looks to control to be on 2.4, any way to change this, any gamma the settings are available. This directly attributes to a wash-was to effect concealed is easily noticeable.
-DisplayHDR 400 = laughable, In better. It has to that a lot included be tagged like HDR able just amplified an aforesaid flash-lighting and clouding.
-Settings toggle, a bit rigid and inaccurate compared to other manufactures.
-Any six-control by heart axial, for real have any way to try and offset a muted colours, is that it is very minimum UI options the tweak quality of global image.
-Does not sustain FreeSync and VRR in Xbox A X, unfortunately.
-Time of the response of the image is noticeably slower that they would have to be, besides fast dipping a monitor is for real unusable the majority of extreme overshoot there is remarked with the monitor on 35 year of experience.

Has finalised to go with a LG 32UL750, so only for real any comparison, not even in a same realm, for $ 75 difference in price, he trounces this.
5 / 5 Prudence
The cost has verified partorisca modify video, games of game and current in Twitch. I have possessed already a MSI Optix MAG321CQR which is the 1440 p 144Hz monitor, and has wanted to matching it 4K monitor to add to the mine setup. Having the 4K the monitor is the profit of enormous mine so much of some images of video that modifies is recorded in 4K resolution. When being able to see the video in him is native format is essential to that . I know that some people could declare professional work in the GOES the poster is not recommended, this in spite of, with which calibration by heart of a monitor, has had absolutely subjects of zeros with a colour grading in my final modifies. Ossia The stunning monitor that all require it to do. MSI Gaming OSC Maravillas of works of the application and calibration of frames the breeze. Shopping this again yes was in a phase for the 4k monitor. A vesa the highland option is awesome, a monitor comes with the exposure port boss that it is rad and a quality of poster is good-looking. There is the engine for windows that highly recommend you download and install.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Raymundo
The May HAS KNOWN that has been missing with the 144hz monitor! Whats A lot adds in easterly when being my introduction to experience gaming in 144 is that that is to say it has twisted it also. It is not the enormous plus, but is to well sure one prevails has attached that considers taken all this in such the prize adds. Has second additional parameters a type of games is touching among FPS, Moba, RTS, or yes wants to look the film. Another reason why chosen this monitor asides one 144hz, and wry appearance, but when being the adjustable height and also can bend a monitor up or down. A monitor has the 2-footed is so opposite in 3 cual other monitors usually have. One 2 footed the base gives the cleaner of a lot of look and is very robust. If any calm like his one aesthetic of a support for any reason always can use Vesa mountain and go for the less cluttered look. You favour and go with this if you are in a piece for the quality 144hz wry monitor. Calm any lament it. Also, it ignores one another description. A flickering/stuttering this mentioned is because of freesync not reading properly in the new system only simply deactivates/re-enables. Then cycle to be able in.
3 / 5 Zulema
A monitor and recieved the laws add and is surprisingly different of 60hz but has some defects with a screen. I wouldnt call them dead pixels but almost like muck that is under a screen concealed only wont goes era. It tries cleansing he with the microfiber towel and some isopropyl but has taken at all was. His also very only or something theres 1 big or in a left side and 2 smaller ones in a right side. Admitted is only very noticable in the white screen but still aims the lack of QC.
5 / 5 Sherell
A MSI Optix MAG240VC is MSI VESA compatible gaming the monitor and I would say the very interesting selection for the whoever the monitor of the big quality in a point of prize abordable.

-VESA Compatibility for the who do not want a normal support
-A normal support is metal and when being very good and robust if you are not interested in him VESA is
-A monitor also when being quite sake and robust in me
-144Hz as it can enjoy you big framerate
- A poster of VAIN good quality for the to to which like him to him the by heart good fields but does not want the peel has been for an expensive IP
- Freesync
- good curve
- regular sales (at least so far as and has seen)

Any a lot of a lot of importance a complaint of only minor and would be that it avenges with him HDMI cape in place of DisplayPort and a monitor can very in fact press 144Hz in HDMI even so DisplayPort the capes are not very expensive as and wont really takes the point has been he prende east.
1 / 5 Lincoln
This screen of model flickers at stake..Terrible experience.
5 / 5 Deneen
Monitor quite sake for gaming. A monitor that am to add and a wry screen attaches the good touch. An exposure is well and smooth and did not give me any problem while touching video games. It recommends this monitor.
5 / 5 Maximina
I have had already a MSI MAG27C 27' monitor. I have bought this the stack up. Tan very that Mine another monitor, and an access of the perfect curve with a MAG27C. It attaches 1080p monitor.
5 / 5 Brant
This monitor is cheap for a poster that is enough to take to find for his sake. A poster is to take to find and for a prize is not bad. Everywhere the monitor adds and has has not had the problem still.
5 / 5 Danial
1 144hz The monitor and I how he. Any dead pixel and the laws add. Sad any come with a cord of port of the exposure, although it is not concealed taken to take unit
5 / 5 Shavonne
It recommends there is a money for him
5 / 5 Damon
As and it purchase these controls to do the month when was for sale and and was sceptical at the beginning
so coming sooner concealed expected and and posed it up is less than five minutes plugged he in and the saint craps and any to give never what the different 60 hz in 144 very is ( has to go to control parameters and the appear or no the difference) how and'go state using this daily monitor during the month and the still zero emit anything

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Layla
The works add and looks gud.
2 / 5 Rikki
Looks, This moniter the good of good looks and thats why im the giving the 2/5. But the mine was DONA .
5 / 5 Tyra
It was incredibly easy in tez. Very light. It IS very smooth for gaming like fortnite
5 / 5 Ela
In a title said his 24' but in some dimensions say 21.5 and was the small disappointed in that