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Top Customer Reviews: NEC EA245WMI-BK ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Riley
That is to say my premier NEC the monitor and he well. I am not the computer whiz so that the has not looked in a card. An only subject is with a cape of port of the exposure. Has of the vain substitutes two times as well as a cape to be able immediately. Word in a wise: if a monitor is not aiming anything, then is likely the problem of cape. Before I have imagined this has been, contacted NEC directly and the subject was the monitor of substitution. Also they routed out of new capes after they have failed the week after it have it his one substitution. Good company these supports by behind his product. Notably, they no some capes.
5 / 5 Daron
Good exposure! I want an option of car brilliance, and a clearness and no-flicker the screen is very well for my eyes. I am the hours of programmer like long and a no hurt screen my half eyes like bad like the monitor has DIRECTED normal.
5 / 5 Tarsha
Happy with compraventa, any come with HDMI cape and dvi cape. The separate purchase.
5 / 5 Stuart
Good election.

Top Customer Reviews: NEC Monitor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5 Clare
The works have seen announced.
5 / 5 Vern
Pertinent measure for me

Top Customer Reviews: ViewSonic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jeannine
It opens HAS three of these monitors are trace in my desktop those uses the Mountain-L! Articulating highland Computer of Only Arm of Desktop of Control for Monitors of 27 Inches (ME-751) and the SUPPORT SAW-V002 Monitor Desktop of Dual LCD the highland support Has to has Weighed Fully Adjustable Access 2/Two Screens until 27' (while some mountains are sold low names of different mark, is of a same manufacturer). I have begun with just some controls in hook until my laptop, has decided then the second a would do the better same life, and has completed a together-up with the third monitor as I can have the plough of multiple documents a same time. Some monitors are connected in my laptop those uses a Anker the Universal Dual exposure that Canal of Cradles with DVI/HDMI (until 2048 x 1152), Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, 6 ports of USB (2 USB 3.0 + 4 USB 2.0), 38W Adaptadora, Surface of Supports Pro / 2 / 3 and more, which are brilliant. It was with three of a same monitor besides easily colours of exposure of the party and brilliance with each another. Two of some monitors have been into use looking near for the year and the half, and a third monitor during 6 month, and each sum of still work and without pixel or very others subjects. If no for a date of the tez impresa in a backside of a monitor, could not say which are a new or more old plus . I the plot of work with text and of the documents of spreadsheet as well as the video and the photo that edits, and provides the crisp, clear exposure. Streaming The videos look utmost in these monitors. I not having aforado the since does not edit of the photos in this title and I maintain a low brilliance in all the case (how has three of them affronting me all day), but was so easy to match colour and brilliance while it have expected . It uses the system of the separate audio in a desktop as it can not comment in some speakers ( continued to buy this version of a monitor with speakers only to guarantee colour to protect these parties). He been very pleased with these monitors.
5 / 5 Krysta
I have bought this monitor after doing some investigation in of the controls. He been soyessing' with computers since 1993 and a Viewsonic the mark has been always the solid name in of the controls. This a does not disappoint ... At least in my humble opinion. A screen is acute and that shines ( bit he also that shines, has to turn down a brilliance the bit). Has good side at the side that sees angles( has looked in him of one says the angle and a picture are still acute, brilliant, and fill by heart).
With this 5 ms refresh time and 60 mhz answered, can not be an ideal monitor for gamers. Even so, in some games I game (mostly the strategy and the city in these titles of tez like the the cities Skylines, Planet Coaster, Banished and so advance) records quite well. Viewsonic Some gaming the monitors have oriented, but this a leader my necessities quite well.
In general, would recommend this monitor. Coast each penny of is prize.
5 / 5 Jeannette
Amur This 27in the monitor has DIRECTED! Working add and looking adds since first plugged in. That is to say my main monitor ...Centre in the 3 variety of monitor..flanked By 2 Viewsonic 23.n Of the monitors. If a small plus ones exit, will substitute with the 27 have taken. Surely buy it again. Substituted is LCD of LG older these covers. (Beaks to aim variety... It has to block a beginning :-)
3 / 5 Berenice
This was to be the second monitor to go with a ViewSonic VA2702w has purchased in 2010, these utmost still looks and good works. A monitor a new plus is not for apropar- a quality of a monitor an old plus. Some looks of exposure as you are seeing he through the thin film of slightly of plastic aim sheeting. Tried to adjust he unsuccessfully, still any comparison in a monitor an old plus that side of chairs for the side with a picture still has aimed.

Has moved he in another computer in of the works, a duller the exposure is not perceivable like the support only monitor. But side by side an old monitor has paints more brilliant and crisper the picture and a monitor a new plus could not be adjusted to match.

Some speakers are absolutely horrible, has not feigned to use them but has tried to era, has it tinny to to the sound likes him take one hand-held radio-the transistor has lined is of 1970 is sounded likes him.
5 / 5 Aida
ViewSonic VA2359-SMH 23' IP 1080p HDMI Frameless HAS DIRECTED Monitor
is pleased totally with my new monitor. An exposure is vibrant and acute, and can see he of any angle. My premier ViewSonic the monitor was the monster in of the nicknames of measure and printthis was almost done 25 yearsbut enabled me to do a fine map required for my work. I am happy to see that ViewSonic still offers the product of quality in a prize abordable. I have paid Much more for my premier a, and he no in that has it anywhere apropar- some capacities of exposure of a current model. State using a monitor during 5 month now, without subjects or of the problems.
1 / 5 Tatyana
It controls no recognised for 2 different desktop PC (a Dell of new mark XPS running Windows 10 Pro and a system an old more than Windows 7 of races Pro) after the tentativas multiple to upload engine. Image slightly blurry / soft and a colouring was spite entered of my better endeavours in tweak the parameters saw so much a monitor he and one YOU. I gave me the headache. (My old HP 2311x do to control perfectly in both systems.) ViewSonic The support of technology has said that it was my adapter of exposure - is not , this work perfectly with other monitors. Dell Coasts of the technology there has not been any response, and said me 'Only use your old monitor.' Sadly, That is to say that it has to do for now.

The investigation in of the forums has revealed that ViewSonics any always touches well with Windows 10. This in in one to any one liked him to him his Windows 7 or even so. Perhaps only it take it the defective element. Envoy for repayment. Disappointed while it has had good luck with ViewSonics in a past. Also - FYI - this produces only comes with the VGA cape. I Liked him his of a support even so.
5 / 5 Carolina
That is to say for a VA2759-SMH 27'. I order one 23' by deception and reorder one 27'. One 23' has not liked him me and tried to annul one 27' but lose a limit. I have decided to go forward and it tries one 27' inch and flight he. If you are thinking to buy the mark sure takes one 27 '. A better monitor has never has had. Has 3 24' Samsung in my desktop in of the works and 2 Dell 2415 and 1 VA2759-SMH ViewSonic. Also I have data only my threads my ASUS VH238H. Again that is to say that has own in some last 3 years. Has own a lot of some years.
5 / 5 Pete
That is to say the well quite picture , well and that shines and clear. They take for the temp monitor for the trip, the 'burner'.

For the ports take old school VGA or HDMI - any one DVI or Port of Exposure / mini DP. VGA The cape is comprised, but HDMI is not comprised; that is to say very while it plans advances. If you are using VGA, comprises some type of cape the road a sound, although I did not try it. If using HDMI, can confirm this sound comes through a monitor (supposing your laptop retreated concealed; I am in an old more Macbook Retina)

Some speakers are absurdly tinny, thinks 1970 radii of transistor, and to to the sounds like them is coming from of some road of imprecise point by behind a monitor. Since I am in that use likes him the monitor does not import , but the be only has warned. For any film these looks, plan for other speakers or auricular; the television of informative would be passable.

A monitor is accidents in the leaves to base pvot up and down, that is to say. For they go left and rights, can move a base. And any rotation of road of the portrait in this model of estimativa; it can suggest one of a Dell the control wants to concealed. Although a mountain and the base are 'plastic-and', in a low term that it is in fact very really bad; hurriedly can break one bases on and was No sure has any VESA highland options, I any one very control.

Some looks of decent packaging; I will be to use an original box the house of retreats of the road. Monitors that takes shipped around the plot at the end can prender, as having to buy cheaper ones. This a does not look any worse that another to the respect.
4 / 5 Pasquale
Some problems by heart experimented has been related in a default engine for this monitor that is erroneously has configured. Included an engine in a ViewSonic the place is erroneously has configured. These subjects to control used of RGB Limited by default, included after resetting in default using a monitor OSD. This can be it inner fixed Nvidia/AMD/software of Intel of Poster of the Control.
Nvidia Signal of control: Down resolution of Change, beginning of together dynamic field of limited in full
AMD Poster of Control: Down format of Pixel, pose of RGB Limited in Full RGB.
Intel Signal of control: Down field of Quantification, pose in Full Field.

Original description:
If it only wants the cheap monitor and the prize are more than importing that precision to paint then that is to say the definite to buy since you. This monitor is IP but no the good IP. They announce 'ultra-wide' angles to see except some angles to see in fact very narrow. The narrow tan that I have to be chair directly in front of a monitor and at least 3-4 feet of a monitor. Also, the precision by heart is poor and the colours are washes was, especially yellow, oranges, and some red. Last but any less this monitor has horribly brilliant black.
5 / 5 Anjelica
It IS the monitor adds . The quality of image is stellar. Also, and enough surprisingly, some speakers are well; they are stronger and clearer that the speakers of my laptop that is is of the premium has attached.

Of course, a gist is that that is to say 27' monitor, with an IP protect (sakes of view of all the angles), two entrances of video (HDMI and VGA), audio 3.5mm in and audio 3.5mm was, and two speakers.

In Sewing it to to him likes him-them it:
Two entrances of audio. If you are using a HDMI has entered of video, can choose a source of audio (audio-on-HDMI or a jack 3.5mm). That is to say well and flexible. Note even so it conceal is using VGA, is only a jack 3.5mm.
Can change among entrances of video with a click of button. Well.
Can attach powerful external speakers require (continuing an audio 3.5mm was).
Can locate he with the VESA mountain (100X100).
Some controls of screen are usable and well.

Top Customer Reviews: NEC Display ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
Amur These controls very square

Top Customer Reviews: NEC Display ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Vonda
Excellent monitors. And it is very satisfied.

Top Customer Reviews: NEC EA271U-BK ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Yong
A global creation of this monitor is very good. A picture is acute, with colour and good brilliance. A support and the monitor are an easy assembly, fast right out of a box without an use of any tools. Fast support , professional.
4 / 5 Everett
The frame is the small flimsy otherwise while it expect

Top Customer Reviews: NEC E171M-BK ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Berna
Perfectly the party the NEC 17 monitor of the inch has bought anteriorly.

Top Customer Reviews: NEC E436 43" ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Curt
Bought enough 10 of these for the dispatch of satellite. I produce it adds.

Top Customer Reviews: NEC EX241UN-BK 24 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Carrol
Monitor very very included even so quite expensive. The conservation of trade and energy adds of action offs.

The colours are acute and the black is very dark. Some the multiple entrances are really handy wants to create the multiscreen system.
5 / 5 Evelia
So far these controls absolutely some better. Any adjustment, any odd engine, any bloatware. He only works, brilliant and clear, any utensil. Has had to the gold plated cape of means comunicacionales, even so; the corrosion is the problem around here.
3 / 5 Yvone
The works add, in this prize even so, would expect to be 4k. In all the case, takings two for use of dual monitor because of some small bezels in this unit and he do quite well.
5 / 5 Eldora
That is to say an excellent monitor with an exception, and that the exception is fixable. An exception (for me) is the very rigid directs mechanism that takes the roads adds to try the rotate an exposure. If you very pvot an exposure often, this will not import , but frequent use of a characteristic of pvot, for example, that does the photo that edits subjects of landscape and email in road of portrait. A same complaint applies in a characteristic of curves, but since does not use it very a lot, a rigidity here any problem me.

To adjust a rigidity, besieges a monitor atasca down deep down, the surface returns abrasive and presses a button of fast emission in a support to fall it, while it aims in a fund of page 8 of a Manual of Users. This will reveal three oval-leader, 2 Phillips the rays have distributed around a pvot hub. It takes these rays and a square plastic and the dish of metal ensures. It opens can see You two plan-leader, 0 Phillips sale in any side of a pvot hub; apresamiento and and slide out of a coverage of black plastic. A three big elastic stopnuts now the voice is some adjustments ; some the big nuts in a centre adjusts a level of friction in pvot, and some two smaller nuts in any side is an adjustment of fold. To evaluate some changes are doing so you rotate these stopnuts, temporally animal-attaches a square dish, which will give you in sufficient advantage to judge a level of the friction has wished.

This complete a mechanical portion of a fixed, but is also handy to have the fast road, easy of rotating an image of screen while you turn physically. A tool of the perfect windows for east is Exposure.exy, the small utility, free that can be it posed until toggle an image of screen among portrait and landscape. Exposure Of download of Noel Danjou, has posed then arrives likes him the shortcut of desktop, the shortcut of Card of the Beginning, or the shortcut of keyboard.
1 / 5 Barry
Shadow very perceivable in arrival. Returned the so defective. Substituted he with the BENQ GW2765. You could have better luck

Top Customer Reviews: NEC Display ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Sommer
The product was adds