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1 first WIMAXIT 13.3 Inch HDMI Monitor, FHD IPS 1920X1080 16:9 Display VESA Mount Aluminum Housing Screen Game Monitor for PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox/Laptop WIMAXIT 13.3 Inch HDMI Monitor, FHD IPS 1920X1080 16:9 Display VESA Mount Aluminum Housing Screen Game Monitor for PC/PS3/PS4/Xbox/Laptop By WIMAXIT
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2 WIMAXIT USB C HDR Monitor,New Case Cover 15.6 Inch Touchscreen Ultra-Slim 1920x1080 16:9 Wide Viewing Angle Display Type-Cuff08Gen2uff09/2 HDMI/USB Interface Monitor, for Laptop, Cellphone, Game Consoles WIMAXIT USB C HDR Monitor,New Case Cover 15.6 Inch Touchscreen Ultra-Slim 1920x1080 16:9 Wide Viewing Angle Display Type-Cuff08Gen2uff09/2 HDMI/USB Interface Monitor, for Laptop, Cellphone, Game Consoles By WIMAXIT
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3 best WIMAXIT Portable Touch Monitor,15.6 Inch Slim IPS HD 1920x1080 16:9 Display,Only One Type-C Cable Drive Video Power and Touch, HDMI/On USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Built-in Speakers Laptop Monitor,Gaming Monitor WIMAXIT Portable Touch Monitor,15.6 Inch Slim IPS HD 1920x1080 16:9 Display,Only One Type-C Cable Drive Video Power and Touch, HDMI/On USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 Built-in Speakers Laptop Monitor,Gaming Monitor By WIMAXIT
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4 WIMAXIT 13.3 Inch Portable Monitor, Ultrathin FHD 16:9 IPS Touchscreen Display,10 Points Capacities Touch HDMI VESA Mount Gaming Monitor, for PS4/ PC/Laptop/Switch/Xbox One Outputuff08Not for Cellphoneuff09 WIMAXIT 13.3 Inch Portable Monitor, Ultrathin FHD 16:9 IPS Touchscreen Display,10 Points Capacities Touch HDMI VESA Mount Gaming Monitor, for PS4/ PC/Laptop/Switch/Xbox One Outputuff08Not for Cellphoneuff09 By WIMAXIT
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5 WIMAXIT Portable Monitor,11.6 Inch 1920X1080 16:9 Display,USB Powered HDMI Monitor Ultra-Slim Dual Speakers Screen for PS3/PS4/X Box/Raspberry PI/Switch/PC WIMAXIT Portable Monitor,11.6 Inch 1920X1080 16:9 Display,USB Powered HDMI Monitor Ultra-Slim Dual Speakers Screen for PS3/PS4/X Box/Raspberry PI/Switch/PC By WIMAXIT
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6 WIMAXIT External Portable Monitor,15.6 Inch Touch Slim IPS HD 1920x1080 16:9 Display, Narrow Border HDMI/2 Type-C (USB C) Interface/Built-in Speakers VESA Mount, for Laptop Gaming Working Monitor WIMAXIT External Portable Monitor,15.6 Inch Touch Slim IPS HD 1920x1080 16:9 Display, Narrow Border HDMI/2 Type-C (USB C) Interface/Built-in Speakers VESA Mount, for Laptop Gaming Working Monitor By WIMAXIT
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7 WIMAXIT 15.6 Inch Portable HDR Monitor, Full HD 1080P 16:9 Display Built in Dual Speakers HDMI VESA Mount USB Powered for Xbox/Raspberry PI /PS3/PS4//Switch/PC WIMAXIT 15.6 Inch Portable HDR Monitor, Full HD 1080P 16:9 Display Built in Dual Speakers HDMI VESA Mount USB Powered for Xbox/Raspberry PI /PS3/PS4//Switch/PC By WIMAXIT
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8 WIMAXIT 11.6 Inch Portable Monitor, Full HD 1080P 16:9 Display, HDMI Ultra-Slim Dual Speakers Screen USB Powered for PS3/PS4/X Box/Raspberry PI/Switch/PC WIMAXIT 11.6 Inch Portable Monitor, Full HD 1080P 16:9 Display, HDMI Ultra-Slim Dual Speakers Screen USB Powered for PS3/PS4/X Box/Raspberry PI/Switch/PC By WIMAXIT
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9 WIMAXIT External Touchscreen Monitor,15.6 Inch Ulta-Slim 1920x1080 16:9 Display Type-C/USB C Monitor Compatible with Laptop, Android Phone,Switch and Other Game Consoles WIMAXIT External Touchscreen Monitor,15.6 Inch Ulta-Slim 1920x1080 16:9 Display Type-C/USB C Monitor Compatible with Laptop, Android Phone,Switch and Other Game Consoles By WIMAXIT
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10 WIMAXIT Portable 13.3 Inch Touch Screen HDMI Monitor, Ultrathin Full HD 16:9 IPS Display USB C Gaming Monitor,One Type-C Cable Deliver Video for Huawei mate10/ pro,P20/pro,S8,S8+,S10 WIMAXIT Portable 13.3 Inch Touch Screen HDMI Monitor, Ultrathin Full HD 16:9 IPS Display USB C Gaming Monitor,One Type-C Cable Deliver Video for Huawei mate10/ pro,P20/pro,S8,S8+,S10 By WIMAXIT
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Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT 13.3 Inch ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Arie
That is to say the mere and cheap laptop 1080p hdmi exposure. Calm easily can run the out of the load of portable USB stack or out of an USB of the laptop. It uses .8 amps (4 watts) in full brilliance and around 0.5 amps (2.5 watts) in brilliance of ways. Has no plugged any audio in so that it can not say anything in an amplifier or speakers (which probably will use to beat it additional use). It weighs 575 grams. It IS very he avenges with any form of coverage of exposure (but is cheap). Some dimensions of the exposure in a description is correct (288x185mm or 11.5'x6.5'). Some Dimensions with a bezel is quite 325x200mm or 12.75'x8'. Some dimensions match up amiably with mine 13' portable but your mileage can vary.

Like The smallest detail, a specs said comes with the 12V AC adapter. An entrance of covers he of the barrel is 5V (and comes with the 5V AC adapter) as it can not run directly out of the automobile stack without converting a voltage.

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT USB C HDR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Etha
We take the little of Wimaxit portable monitors in our dispatch, as when it has wanted or alone name, a decision was easy.

This thing is relatively fire and lustrous look. It comes with the coverage that law like the support also. In general a look matches a focus of prize.

Out of the boxes was able to take ones pose of screen up like the second monitor without problem. Any dead pixel, and quite brilliant and clear. But for some reason only could not take one touchscreen to do with my laptop, as I have contacted a vendor. They are returned in me very fast and aided me troubleshooting until law. The apparently precise tan connects a HDMI in HDMI first, then USB C in USB C. In my video there has been a power plugged in, in case that, but still done after it unplug a cord in load.

That is to say the solid product and a company has the service of client adds.
1 / 5 Corazon
Tried in winner he 10 PCs with the 7 Intel of Gene i7 CPU and GTX 1070 card of video. It can take begin of video those uses can saw adapter of USB and HDMI cape. Screen of the touch has not done.

In the Huawei Partner 20 Pro telephone, an only USB-C the cape would provide to start with but only the VERY small number of function of applications (Netflix is not one of them).

In my Pixel 2 XL has taken any period to start with.

On all this, an exposure owes function of support, as you or can use a coverage like the pseudo is (and eschew respite on he) or posed plan.

If fully done with the smartphone could see some value while travelling but for the laptop/of PC is more hassle that value.
4 / 5 Francene
This monitor is in fact quite exceptional like the laptop gaming monitor, relative in other options in his measure and thickness.

+ Low entrance lag (similar in ASUS monitor of tournament of EVO)
+ Solid touchscreen
+ covers Direct-and-support of game for Change of Nintendo
+ consumption to be able to Down, can be powered of the PS4 or port of USB of Change of Nintendo with correct parameters
+ Strong, removable magnetic case these folds like the support
+ Supremely thin

~ Some quantity of ghosting (time of response of the pixel; the vendor quotes 20ms, which looks reasonably accurate)

- Supremely calm audio

This monitor has an entrance lag of around 10ms, in pair with a ASUS the monitor used for EVO that tournament of fights of game. There is some perceivable ghosting this takes around 7-20ms to clear (that is to say a tax of response of the pixel , or GTG, which a vendor has declared in 20ms--quite accurate!), As some colours and everything concealed, but is somehow roughly clearer that a Eviciv/Uperfect controls with similar ghosting. It tends to take around 15-16ms in quite clear in addition to situations, which are not utmost (desktop the monitors tend to have 2-4ms imposed of response of the pixel), but a bit acceptable for casual 60fps gameplay, comprising games of battle.

A case is quite robust, and significantly better that one any one concealed entered a Eviciv/Uperfect monitors. It IS in pair with a case that comes with Sibolan monitors, excepts in difference of a Sibolan case, a one has comprised with a WIMAXIT is totally detachable. Some magnets have used in a case is quite strong, and robust quite a lot of looks. Different all other monitors have tried with this factor of form, a WIMAXIT comes with feet of the already attached rubber in a fund of a monitor. These stable rests the when a case is bent behind like the support, and is the welcome quality of living addition in a creation.

This screen has a lot of options included in one on-card of exposure of the screen (OSD). A remarkable one for me was a overdrive option, which a Eviciv/Uperfect the monitors have did not have. I am not sure he done a lot of difference, but have qualify for my testing and I have not remarked any negative impact.

A touchscreen is well and of the works well with Samsung DeX. There it has very much more to say enough it. Work through a protective plastic bonded in a screen when apresamiento a unit, also, as it looks reasonably sensitive.

An USB-C covers he of allocution of port supports-and-game with a Change of Nintendo, which are the very good characteristic to have!

With the brilliance has turned down in 20% and volume in 50%, was able to power a monitor of a cradle of Change of the Nintendo and of the PS4 in his ports of USB. This is not a supremely characteristic useful, but is also quite sake to knows does not consume a lot beat.

An only that imports downside in this monitor is a calm audio , which enter in perhaps 20-25% a loudness other portable monitors with 2x1W speakers. A quality of the audio is not particularly impressive, but the data is so calm, are unlikely a lot of people will use without just plugging in headphones or an external speaker instead. For video games, is quite possible that only creating a volume in a game in maximum will do an audio a bit reasonably strong.


All has said, although a monitor is not in perfect, in looks them to him the one of some better elections for this factor to form is planning do latency-sensitive gaming in the.

Some only monitors that it could the best when being that he for pure gaming is a HORI portable monitor (similar entrance lag, 5-8ms time of response of the pixel according to other critics) or a Gechic 1503I/H portable monitors (9-11ms entered lag according to model, the vendor has quoted 9ms time of response of the pixel). Both of these monitors are fatter and heavier, and has characteristic quite different the sets when compared in this monitor. A HORI is the generally poor monitor, with sub-angles of parties to see and resolution (768p), but has full-sized HDMI ports and dual audio out of jacks beside better built-in of the speakers. A Gechic is in fact quite well, with the speakers the strong plus and the consecrated, support of builds, but is heavier and slightly fatter (18mm with a coverage/of the semi-detached case).

So far, these looks to control to be a better of his particular type and factor of form, and would recommend in some alternative (Sibolan, Eviciv, Uperfect, Cocopar, etc.). I will be to pose this through some testing in a local arcade to owe battle gamers parties of game in the, and will update this with global impressions afterwards.
5 / 5 Stella
At the end I took me his the laptop gaming monitor. The law adds with my Change of Nintendo. A touchscreen is not doing with a system of game, but work with my windows 10 laptop. I have to any one for the try in my iPhone XS Max so that it does not have a type c adapter to connect he with my iPhone. A screen is shining excellent and good colours. It IS no lagging at all, is lustrous creation and adds .
2 / 5 Enola
I have chosen in a Wimaxit 15.6' laptop touchscreen monitor. I have been convinced this would be the change of game for me so that no more concealed 80% of my time in a road. Here it is a thing . A screen is sum . Even so, a support/of the coverage/of the case is rubbishes . Quan Concluded, does not remain coating a screen. He slide during a place in a stock exchange. Then, a worse part of a creation is when uses of test cual the support. There is not any point in still of flavour. A support will not maintain a monitor those sustains up unless you, house-of-cards esqu, does not touch or still breathes in a screen. If there is the swipe in a table, goes to fall. It have known it it have been it his this a lot-for-swimming, any one would have purchased it his. The test achieves it has been in so much a vendor and a manufacturer. Or it can be turbulent to answer. If you do not plan to move and does not import , does not know , recording the in a wall (?), A screen is sum . Otherwise, Any troubling.
5 / 5 Trent
I very cual a portability of this screen. The works add for my trips of the work and I still can have 2 screens in the room of hotel. A screen the touch is well for some things and he do for the screen to touch of Spotify very prende when has undertaken on. His cual the mini jukebox canal with the screen to touch. His easy to be able in and always trip with the bank to be able in. It avenges with everything of some cords that required for the take up and race. Coast to remark that a screen uses the mini HDMI cape with the regular measure HDMI in an another end. His still compatible with all my HDMI devices, but need to do sure I of the that the bands regulates it HDMI cape for him.

So far also with easterly Value of unit he for a portability only and the work attaches everywhere more.
5 / 5 Vella
This monitor has been a better doing a this has found still. Since I am the big gamer and the player of Playstation, has tried uncountable other monitors and this one has been a better an until date. Any one only the a map aims very clearly, is also the good measure to touch with. Quan Games to touch for far also very time, the gaze in one beats of screen when being wheel but because of a measure, lessens a discomfort tremendously. Also, alloy in wifi very easily and not having glitches that is often very troubling when touching games. It recommends this in any only player of fellow game but also that wants the best and more experience of clear viewing. Highly it recommends!!
5 / 5 Meg
I want the, good quality and good creation! I add for prize,happy with him.
5 / 5 Tamela
A mere and effective tool utmost taking the second monitor in your laptop. Amur A slender creation and an easy to connect he in my laptop. The quality of screen is surprising and with good contrast.
5 / 5 Adrien
Surprising,works with note 9 and Samsung DeX and does not need a cradle for a change of Nintendo

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It likes them to them the a lot of potential buyers, was uncertain of this compraventa. This was mostly because of a fact that this mark was unfamiliar in me and at the same time of compraventa, has did not have grinded descriptions for him or. I am happy this has taken one casualidad. Simply it wants that it does not have to limit he in in a outlet when using this with the laptop or mobile phone. These helps the plot when has to travel and ac the sockets are scarce. I hooked in my PH of Essential Tlphonique-1 with him and a touchscreen looks to do the landscape expected only, but at least records. My works of Vain Surface well with east and can use some work to touch well with a Windows 10 Pro half.

Breakdown >>>

-the screen Adds for a lot of works that it is calm also
-weight Claro
-HAS the decent case that protects and folds like his support also
-Comes with USB C AC adapter / HDMI USB / of cape C in USB C cape
-does not require to be powered with the adapter when alloy in the laptop or mobile phone [which are utmost]
-Headphone port

-There very assembla the card where can adjust protect brilliance and other parameters of typical monitor. If you depress a button of head office [built in a volume rocker] the card comes up, but is in simply toggle through some entrances.
-A case could be the better plot for a quantity of the money has paid. I bad for $ 300 , would expect the coverage of quality, but this could me when being character to be.
-Some external speakers are sper feeble. It has remarked that looked stronger when hooked until a Change of Nintendo, but far less stronger when hooked until my telephone.

In general, is very pleased with this compraventa. I expect these helps of description decide. :-)
4 / 5
It IS very impressed with this product. I have had only it has bought it to it to him recently the similar product of Asus this was no-touchscreen and more money. It likes them to them some other monitors of popular appointed mark, a particular type c the option of only connection was technology too big same for mine the majority of big technology recent type gaming purchase of instrument only the little the mark of month. Owe the backside so that to does not act. Other monitors of the to appoint the big mark looked to fall in a same category. I have found then this product. It IS supremely compatible with so much my desktop and laptop out of a box. A unit is clear, but surprisingly robust. A diplay tin very neccessarily beaten was each which another mark of competitors by name, but is the looks and the big definition adds with at all a lot to complain- quite so far. A characteristic of murderous for me is a touchscreen! I do not think you can find it anything more there for a prize, portability, compatability, and characteristic like the screen to touch. It uses this for work and whose game in the. Based in my use thinks that that it is meshed more in to productivity likes him I of the that knows if that is to say neccessarily a better option for games. If I need something portable for productivity and touch compatabilty would recommend this.
5 / 5
I have ordered this to take in of the deployments/tdy trip for use with my Change of Nintendo and Xbox OneX. It does not have any intention to try to use this in the plan or in an airport. I have had initially the problems that uses this with a Change of Nintendo, even so to well sure does with a Change those uses only USB-C capes. You have to use any one distributes of Power of Nintendo original or some another main voltage/wattage supply to be able in that one one this comes with a screen he. The supply of power of a screen does not produce a juice to pose a change in road to jump so he very video to start with for me.

Here is how has taken the to do: Limit or a power of the change of Nintendo distributes original or a group of able expensive stack of USB-C PS touching (likes him for the laptop) in an upper usb-c port, and then connects a change saw the USB of quality very-C in USB-C cape in a port a low plus. Sometimes I owe box and reconnect the cape to take he of a change to burst up in a screen. An entrance of the touch no with a change, at least any one with mine. Has 2 USB-C PS groups of stack, only one of them works. A a that laws of poses was 15VDC in 3An and sustain me $ 125, a a concealed is not smaller/a lot poses cheaper and only was 15VDC in 1.2a, a supply of stock of the poses of Nintendo was 15VDC in 2.6a. (At least that it is a form of indication in the) This stuffs only subjects to try uses a change without using a cradle and HDMI cape.

Records well with a Xbox A X; I can can on only a Xbox and his connection of USB of the front provides enough beat to run a screen. I think that a Xbox is HDMI only so much is happy has to transfer on there.

A touchscreen has done perfectly with my LG portable of the gram and my laptop was able to power a screen saw only an USB-C port in the. It does not take almost like that shines it that LG protects of Gram, alas.

A screen with a coverage weighs 2.13lbs according to my postal stairs. Some buttons of card are fiddly and WHISTLES IT to use honestly. The quality of tez is well, any problem with this so far. A coverage is very only .

Has update my description of 3 in 5 stars so that it uses it one can go down upload this is coming with a screen and the things have not done properly with a Change.
4 / 5
Knowing an external monitor like this usually is not very brilliant and pint temd to be the bit has washed was, this exposure has surpassed my expectations.

has not tried other portable monitors still, but usually the people mention temd to be bit he dimmer that optimum and some colours are very only . Fulfilling that max the brilliance is sufficient and better this has expected. Some colours out of a box where the bit has washed was and in some games (Hymn) very dark and unpleasant in other so dark games and well. Once I have discovered as to access a system of card (any manual comprised), was able to fix this and very pleased with some colours.

That to access the: there is the wheel of control in a hand-the side has lined well the door of only press in the green cross-hair in a centre of a poster. One spends of long press on some parameters/of card OSD. I have posed the effect by heart has been posed in photo that is where left the. Games, film where among some options but the games have had very dull colours. It can offer some advantages for gaming, but any one very commentary he so poses the backside in photo. The temperature has been posed 7600k and there where a lot of another option that comprises sRGB. I have posed he in sRGB.

Has not remarked the entrance lag or ghosting, but this can depend in that yours has used to, is not very sure.

In an end after the touch with some parameters looks better and is happy with some results.

Has entered:
in a left side there is the HDMI entered in a fund. Obove A HDMI has the USB-C the port used to be able in, screen/to Touch of the Data and video (if backed). In an upper has an additional USB-C port to be able in only. Raisin Mur was to upload to be able in, but can be powered in USB while it distributes it quite a lot of pot.

My powers of vain Surface an exposure, entrance to touch of the support and video in the only USB-c cape. My desktop any video of the beginning on is USB -C like HDMI is has required also. My small ITX tez with a RTX 2080 will do Calm with the only cape although one 2080 You USB-C (Displaylink).

UPDATE: only it tries again or the Surface Goes not connecting and disconnects of an exposure that the fact unusable with out of road to be able the additional an USB to be able in-C port. Haig Of covers he in a Surface Goes in the first place, then when fights to connect covers in an external power. My surface goes recently took the update of firmware and the update of Windows, im very sure or or both of those is a reason is having subjects now that I no in that has it at the beginning. Updating the windows in my Van to Surface now still to see if these helps. SADELY The most recent update does not help, he still comporting what if he not taking quite can distributed lives a Surface Goes is USB-C port. ;(

So he you USB-C port dosen't supports DP a HDMI the cape will be required, no the big roads in me.

While it connect with an USB of central-C touch of law of entrance with all my devices, that comprises my Note 9 in tlphonique and Dex road.

Has ordered an USB-C extends cape and has discovered that an order in that is plugged determines if the touch is enabled. If it limits a cape of extension in my PC then connects it a the cape has distributed that is connected in a touch of the exposure does not look to do. If I revoke that extension in an exposure and USB distributed-C in USB-C in a touch of records of PC. Something to maintain that it imports wants to use a touchscreen.

Some very odd subjects is with Fortnite. For some reason Fortnite looks to clash in a beginning while in a when the bus connected in this exposure in mine of my computers, but very another. Raisin to be Petit ITX the tez feigned to use this exposure with more, but predominately for laptop VR very Fortnite as it can not be the problem while the only game that this. It likes Work with my desktop does not think it a subject with an exposure, only with mine a system and card of video.

Require an additional monitor for video or work of professional Photo that is to say probably a lot since you, probably need the monitor of professional quality with the colour More i add gamut. If you are doing the work of video or computer regulates of photo/of amateur this could do well. Gaming IS VAL also, of course highly compatitive gamers would want to something better with the big refresh imposed.

For my use, is pleased and that required. Still it surpasses my expectation with a quality of screen, has expected the to be dimmer and more dull. Calm temper you the expectation and the calm would have to be well. A portable monitor any one goes to be in a level of you regulates it desktop controls no portable.
5 / 5
It IS the small hesitant quite buying these products so that it was not the mark that has known but has been I adds. My woman has required the portable monitor to program in a vain with his book of surface 2. I have chosen this product so that the only c-the cape is enough to power a monitor and establishes a connection with a laptop. An extra HDMI is not necessity for this connection of laptop. A product comes with a HDMI port. I used it to touch in my ps4. So that it can can a product for the c-the cape has connected the c-cape in a ps4 port of USB how was able to power a monitor and alloy to establish the connection of video through a HDMI. In this way some covers for a ps4 is enough to be able at all and a monitor does not need a source to be able the extra.

A monitor in my opinion is clear weight. I Like him his of a case that comes with. One 1080p the exposure is sum . I will be to buy more than this product in a future
3 / 5
One 15.6' the poster has done the sum in of the Windows 10 builds 1803, tried in the Dell XPS 13 9350 and in the Thinkpad X1C6. A poster has not done at all in my telephones of Pixel (Pixel 3 XL, Pixel XL, Pixel), everything in Android 9, using USB-C can external through a poster ('raisin through') or powered only for a telephone. The poster neither has done in Chromebooks... But then a vendor any any recovery that will do in Chromebooks (but would have to attach , ' no on .... Chromebooks.' ). The original description was some stars of a listing declares a poster will do in of the telephones of Android with USB-C, which describe some telephones of Pixel, but the no. IS returned an element .

EDITA: Attached the star of a vendor contacted me (after I emailed TS) to say that the telephones have had to to have USB-C 3.1 to do with a poster. A Pixel 3 XL and a Pixel 3 tried has USB-C 3.1, so that it is not a reason a poster was inop. It IS scarce that the marks of Chinese vendor very support of technology in reply in an email... As I have attached the star to do an endeavour, although a theory has advanced was untested for a vendor ('could not find specifications for a Pixel 3 telephones'), and injustice.

The second Edits. Attached another star so that a vendor has update in fact a listing to reflect USB-C 3.1 Gene 2 is required. Impressed!
5 / 5
The May HAS LISTENED of this mark before, still can not find a lot in WIMAXIT in Google external of Amazon or Ebay. Even so, I have been really impressed with him so far.

Has taken he in substitution of the HP U160 this has had for arrests almost 6 years. Stain until my numerous trips and an at the end headed screen to aim lines in an image. A vinyl had spent also but has not gone also disturbed with him until some lines looked.

A global creation of a WIMAXIT is better that a U160 is substituting. Monitor to control, is only on .25' thinner. With a coverage, is only slightly less concealed .25' thinner. A width is a less inch and in the less half inch in period, so in general, when a WIMAXIT is posed up, is obviously smaller. A coverage is of in to to the the tissue likes him his of the texture these looks so hard and embroils around similar in the restart dossier. The These folds of same coverage likes them the support like a U160 which are which looked for.

The quality of video is very also, although it would like him the be of able in brighten a more screen since look in him in an angle, is decent to do with. Having an USB-C like the video and the power are ideal and works well with my HP Spectre.

In general is stoked and with creation and quality for the mark that is unfamiliar with, as I am happy for an only 2 descriptions that was here that he aided decide me in the.
5 / 5
Only it take it his the one hour. A box in group is very clear, was fearful this contains the wrong element but in inaugural the, is a right monitor has ordered. Surprised!

A quality of picture is sum, I like a mate is arrived. There is not any scratch or death of pixel. Connected the in my XPS 15 2 in 1 and work immediately with an only Type C cape. Some accessories are very luxury . The capes of quality are included. A screen is not very brilliant. In my dispatch, when my laptop is in the dial or a screen has to crank all some subjects until 9 even so the darkness of bit. A touch has not done properly in a principle. Quan Touch a portable monitor, goes my main screen. I have to open the punctual order, enter 'name /of Microsoft.tabletpcsettings Of control , and follows an instruction for the configure properly. A bezel is very narrow, likes him 3mm thing, thinner that my XPS!!

An only problem is side , with a money paid for him, can purchase the 4K monitor of desktop already. Even so, I can not take my monitor of desktop with me when is was. If they only can go down a prize bit it.
3 / 5
Some works of screen well with my computer, Surface Pro 1. Has alloy to use HDMI. USB 2.0 is not enough to power a screen. As I have to pode separately. Alas any volume to use a characteristic to touch of a screen. I actuate Also the connected this screen in my Samsung S9 more. Samsung DeX Inducts When Connected but only careers in 640x800 the resolution those uses an USB provided-C in USB-C cape. A Samsung S9 the more does not have quite a lot of pot to power a screen for his sake, as it requires that a screen that is powered by another source those uses an USB provided-An in USB-C cape. It orders the USB-C in HDMI conversor to see yes concealed fixed a subject of resolution. But that then affect me when being able to use a characteristic of screen of the touch again.
5 / 5
Maintained taking the 'device of USB any recognised' error in my Lenovo portable. Amazon The technical support has tried his best with several things for me to try, but still fail. Active emailed csandycine.com For a support of client of the vendors. The wait can help me with this subject. (All the engine and firmware in my Lenovo ideapad FLEXES 5-15740 is current.)

Service of update of the client of a vendor answered in my emails. Can take it to do in my portable road HDMI. Only any touch that subjects. It requires 3.1 of USB for that (my laptop has USB 3.0). The desire would have answered faster, but was very useful has answered once.

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT 13.3 Inch ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Lawerence
I have had initially the defective product, but has been substituted in side of vendor.
Is using he in my cart. It IS well. The desire has not been lustrous, but thinks that can purchase calm protective screen.

- there is Vesa mountains.
-rocker Button that can be it used for brilliance or direct volume (long press) control. Desire, even so, he reset behind in max brilliance when powering behind in
-brilliance quite good and can go quite dark also
-the surface of screen to plan Only is well in strike of some verges

-the function of the touch no if a second that can the port is has used also. But you can use source of usb3.0 Has the habit of just to be able in and touch in a cape and he will be sufficient to be able in him. A voltage is not the problem
- An audio apresamiento distorted if strong place. Felizmente A DAC in jack of sounds of good beginning.
-The resolution to touch is quite poor, but is responsive.

Also battled for the use concretely with Galaxy Note8 and 4k hub reproduces subject (dex fact). Weirdly Galaxy S9 has done without problem. For some reason Note8 was outputting 4k. I obliged it even so to start with 1080p using this USB-C https of hub://www.amazon.com/nintendo-change-surfans-adaptor-converter-black/dp/b07jr415mn That it is an only a found in Amazon this looked has 1080p only and was lucky that law.

Has tried a monitor also with Nvidia Protects, Chromecast Ultra and the PC and they all has done. The only tan Note8 has had these initial subjects.
In general, after resolving this problem, is happy with an action. I am expecting it survive it car temperatures.

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT External ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Guy
USB-C is where is in, and wants a fact that these needs of portable monitor at all more than the USB-C connection in my Chromebook to take can, video, touch and sound. An available option to power a monitor saw to second USB-C port and comprised compresses to upload and to second USB-C the cape is one of entity an if I do not want to can of draw of your computer for a monitor. At the end, a HDMI the entrance is available also. A screen and the quality of picture is very if not perfecting. Brilliance And vibrancy is not comparable in your device, in the each probability, but is very enough for an use feigned of this portable monitor. A support of the case/included is mere, practical and effective. I want a fact that slide of can this portable monitor in the stock exchange of computer that is designed peel 15.6' portable. I am used to to do with three exposures in my dispatch, as when I am in a vain, having this monitor of second will provide the welcome impulse in of the spaces of screen and productivity. It have seen the positive critic of the a lot of similar Wimaxit portable monitor on Youtube, as it was alentador that this monitor also bookshop. It does!
4 / 5 Eliz
Like The title said, that is to say the quite a lot of portable monitor solid . Work well, has quality of good picture, and is portable. State touching PS4 in this monitor, and a quality of picture is very similar in my television. Here it is my Pros main and Gilipollas:

-has a lot of quality of picture, any very perceivable difference among this monitor and the good television.
- IS portable and when being relatively robust. Only the no the hideout.
- There is VESA Mountain, but is not sure why would use this is buying the portable monitor.
-Good light
-Easy to use

- is expensive, thinks lower $ 200 is would be the prize the attractive plus.
-Issue very utmost to be a monitor up for his sake. You can use a clip of magnet that comes with him in basically bolster a screen up, but is not sper robust.

In general, is looking for portable monitor, that is to say the solid election with the screen of good quality. I think that that this would be the product the attractive plus was the small cheaper even so.
5 / 5 Clayton
It take my monitor yesterday. It looks quite sake , but can not take to remain in enough with a longitude to be recognised by my laptop. It tries each what so of a C in of the ports of USB, and my still said monitor 'any signal.' I have tried another cord and several ports of USB to govern out of the dysfunction with another squad. He routed an email in an allocution of service of the client for a product. Quan Takes a response that resolves this subject, will update my description also. Enough any the return , but the second screen is only useful does properly.

UPDATE: it has to when being attached by 2 cords, comprising a C in USB for a characteristic to touch and a HDMI for an exposure. Felizmente, has imagined this has been, likes email in service of the client has not been answered.

A picture is well, and work well.

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT 15.6 Inch ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Susannah
Sure when being, has, 'better,' monitors in Amazon...But no for this prize. Surprising exposure of crisp. His decent but at all to write house quite (Except this'd when being a case with anything in this class... Only it can take so much out of the engine he small plus...). Like The good monitor for potable gaming, is for the win so far...And it likes him the monitor of good computer in the pinch. Budgeting For another (That says to plot) how has another for the technology of Cutter of Swiss Army setup to the problems of fixed help.

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT 11.6 Inch ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Jesusita
The cost has verified Ossia the monitor of the measure of portal adds - using he with the Raspberry Pi 4B 2G with the HDMI mini to HDMI micro the boss are able to dip multiple resolutions - was sustains audio with a backside facing speakers that was surprisingly strong when it look youtube video in a Pi. I have tried also he with the Raspberry Pi 3 and also was discharge and game with HDMI mini to HDMI boss. I have tried also this with my MacBook pro and has had a lot of subject.
5 / 5 Bryant
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) This monitor is spent and game and has the decent resolution. It is very light and spend with my laptop in a gone. It is very convenient to have the second monitor without spending hanged very extra. A power of draws of the monitor of my PC, as any brick of additional power is required. In general I am very satisfied with this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT External ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 Carlena
This screen is the good screen for when is doing in a vain. It provides the good combination of entrances these covers the to connect in almost any devices.

Would have given it his the five stars if no for some subjects of follower:
- Dax will maintain the disconnect when is connected in my Samung device
- A coverage of rind kickstand is not very well has done. In fact his to like is broken only and has not been never meant to be used like the kickstand. I have found the sake kickstand of Amazon this does very well with this screen.
4 / 5 Bea
A touchscreen good law for my purpose that is to use dual screens in the computer. A computer is too old to have the USB C connector, as I have to use two capes, one to be able in and or for video. Some instructions do not have any description of so to use a card of monitors to adjust brilliance, contrasts etc.- You only has buttons to press for the imagine was.
5 / 5 Fannie
I have had initially the problem with running Note of Galaxy 9 in this product (the screen blinked constantly), while the laptop has done well. I have asked a vendor in this problem, and says that it was so that a firmware has not gone fully until date (like this is the mark -new model). A vendor re-routed produces it to me the firmware duquel has taken up to date, and now does only sake. I checkout out of Full-HD touchscreen portable monitors of 5 different marks, among that this one is more.
5 / 5 Norris
I have purchased a Wimaxit to use with my Change of Nintendo, and has been fantastic! Any cradle has required, game and covers only that USB of use-C proportionate cord, and cord to be able in. If you use a cord to be able to for a change for Wimaxit, also maintain your fully touched Change while touch. The picture am adds. The monitor is thin and clear, and has built in coating these folds so support, although the small shaky. I am a side to control my iPad Otterbox taken for support. For my necessities, exceptional product!
4 / 5 Clara
The global quality of an exposure is so expected by the clear screen, portable. The options of connectivity are of sound, and each just works well. Any complaint at all (how far) in a unit he.

Even so, an integrated coverage/ tand' is abysmal. It protects a screen very when concluded, and still looks for to be material decent fact. But once it is open, is useless. A support initially 'kicks' by behind the bit, but does not have any mechanism another this tension for the maintain open/whole. In the little of the hours dulcemente lose which enough has, and arrivals to pose fund. A fact that is the no removable marks a process of working around the the hard plus bit. I go to finish using the support of the telephone the big plus for now, but that he also the less convenient fact bit to spend.

PLEASE re-thinks this defect to draw of entity.
4 / 5 Sylvia
The screen is brilliant and crisp, the screen the touch is responsive the but more take in some verges. The compatibility is well in just, according to a computer and the mobile phone are using. Has the Huawei partner 20 x connects without any subject. Even so when using in the Samsung commentaries 8 like the Samsung DeX maintains the disconnect.
3 / 5 Mallie
A screen of the touch does not do so expected with my book of surface 2

Top Customer Reviews: WIMAXIT Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 Letitia
Colour: USB with HDMI has had initially the faulty has produced, but was substituted in side of vendor.
Am using he in my car. It is well. The desire is not lustrous, but thinks that can purchase crazy protective screen.

-there is Vesa mountains.
-rocker Tecla that it can be used partorisca direct volume or brightness (long press) control. Desire, this in spite of, he reset behind the max brightness when powering behind in
-quite good brightness and can go quite dark too
-the surface of flat screen Only is well to attack flanges

-the function to the touch no if a second powering the port is has used also. But you can use just only usb3.0 source to be able to and touch inside a boss and he will be sufficient to be able to him. A voltage is not the question
- An audio takes distorted yes strong place. Felizmente A DAC on begin jack sounds well.
-The resolution to touch is quite poor, but is responsive.

Also struggled for the use specifically with Galaxy Note8 and 4k hub in mirroring way (dex fact). Weirdly Galaxy S9 has done without question. For some reason Note8 was outputting 4k. I forced it this in spite of to start with 1080p using this USB-C hub Ossia an only one has found on Amazon that has looked has 1080p only and was lucky that read.

Has tried a monitor also with Nvidia Shield, Chromecast Ultra and the PC and his all has done. Like this only Note8 has had these initial subjects.
In general, after solving this question, am happy with an action. They are by train to expect it will survive car Temperatures.
5 / 5 Armida
Colour: Type C A Boss has run practically was when this has taken rid. Interior 5 minutes, there was plugged in, and connected to the mine Samsung Commentaries 8. An USB comprised-C the USB-C boss has caused Samsung Dex partorisca open immediately. With my bluetooth keyboard and mouse, now am able to dip a laptop was. You update when the tentativa was all some applications - I am using Chrome in desk way, Dex Way, and will try was Youtube, Hulu, Netflix etc.

Wants that quickly this has done, and that does not have to that disorder around with DisplayLink still USB so only. This has a HDMI port if I chooose to use concealed. And still although there is bluetooth auricular, and the bluetooth adapter for my wired auricular, really appreciates this has the headphone jack. There is the wall uploads separated to power on a monitor, and this looks to be touching my telephone simultaneously when connected invernadero USB.

In general the terrific way to use my telephone for light computing, and have access to all my photos, telephone only applications, and files in mine SD the paper without that has to that files of transfer.

Has attached 2 pictures. One aims it on the table of caf, and another in a same table afterwards to my edges Dell laptop of Windows for comparison of measure.
4 / 5 Sook
Colour: USB with HDMI has to that have the cord partorisca be able to and the AV cord plugged his to do do. Precise Bluetooth or qualified of alone cord. Or the battery. It is really ANY LAPTOP because of this fine subject of cord.