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5 / 5 Elissa
Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet In Coax Adapter (ECB6200S02)

A main reason has bought these products was to take drawee of my Verizon Raisin to Issue Quntica. Has update recently my internet of Verizon in his 'Gigabit' plan which run the cat6 cape of a HAVE directly in some subjects. In this way if you are in an internet only plan, can use in the very subject likes him.

Recently update my subject in a Netgear Nighthawk X10 subject and was carried and game , any config has required. Since I have the box of cape this required me to use a Quantum to issue like the bridge in still provide a STB with internet. ANY ANYMORE.

With this adapter, was able in totally take a Verizon Quantum subject of a loop and any one for the use at all. That necessity to do clues:
1. It configures a MOCA bridge like Amin M. Astaneh Has said in another description
to do so precise to connect in some devices a by an on Ethernet:
manually configures your interface for, netmask, it Spends
Limits your computer directly in an adapter those uses a ethernet cape
alloy in In your browser
goes in Configuration and changes a RF canal in the different value. I think that that I have used value 1600. Also it can take an occasion to pose a
new PSK to encrypt a traffic that is to exchange in a MOCA point.
Saura that a procedure was achieved yes:
some lights of adapters of still show of green nexus when plugged in coax;
a subject of Verizon does not aim a Actiontec devices that DHCP clients.
These devices are an excellent option he Powerline is not doing since you and your house is wired with coax. Less voice
2. Your Ethernet of covers in your WAN scrolling in your subject of party 3 nine ( could has to do the DHCP emission to take this function, I any one)
3. In a Coax the port tagged 'Coax IN' of the limits a coax cape in a bridge that is going in of one HAS box.
4. In a Coax the port tagged ' television/STB Was' limits a coax cape in a bridge that is coming directly of your STB.
5. It limits a cape of Ethernet in the port of LAN of your 3 subject of party in a bridge. To arrive to this point, the calm now would have to have a Coax and light of Power in a MOCA the bridge illuminated.
6. reboot Yours STB(s) ( has had only one but this also would have to do has multiple STB is in the loop).

After this, would have to have your STB rebooted and doing fully ( minus a visit Entered your television for any landlines, does not use this characteristic as I can not speak with this functionality but this are which has read other sources. Taking with the grain of salt).

Can not speak for a reliability of a Actiontec MOCA bridge only still but That it is that it is doing while it is feigned that careers Any hardware of Verizon ( with an exception of a STB.) I will update this description after 90 days or so for tongue with this portion, but for now, takes 5 stars ! The stay has tuned.
5 / 5 Cory
You see my image for my detailed setup.

Has researched by the on-line hours that flavour to imagine was so to pose for on internet of cape with MoCA and OTA (in an air) antenna but has not taken never responses very clear. I have seen a lot of diagrams but any access my setup or counted it well. As I am spent the hours that like the a lot of different configurations and the figure was some details.

In the first place, here is the list of some entrances has tried the road/of point:

- Internet only of provider Comcast (Any television of cape)
- MoCA
- OTA antenna

has ONLY internet that comes from/comes from a provider in my house (has any canal that comes through television of cape). My subject and the modem of cape is in a second melt with my computer but I have wanted the the internet wired for all my streaming devices in a basement. Also, I have wanted a OTA antenna but a television (TiVo) was in a basement and I have had better reception with an antenna in a second melts. I am renting a house and he only actuate Coax the capes that race through a house as have had to this with only a Coax capes that was to install.

That discovered of my experience and what has not been mentioned in any forums are some following: A Comcast signal of internet (internet only of my provider) gone in my house has shared the similar frequency like OTA antenna. It can not have both of these signals that cross a same coax cape a same time. A MoCA signal of clean and Comcast the signal of internet could exist in a same coax cape (which are required to pose in a MoCA).

So I first place in a MoCA point. It open it it has had a MoCA signal of grandson (that contains an internet) And a Comcast signal of internet (internet only, any signal of television of the cape) in a Coax point of cape.

Has wanted then only a MoCA point and a OTA signal in my television (TiVo box). That is to say only possible take a Comcast signal of internet and substitutes with a OTA signal. As I have used the diplexer to resolve this problem. I have taken one of a Coax the capes that comes from/comes from a splitter (diagram of views) which has contained so much a MoCA and Comcast signal of internet and plugged he in an entrance SEATED of a diplexer. That these marks is taken a Comcast signal of internet and leaves only a MoCA signal to spend through. Afterwards, I connect a OTA antenna in a VHF/UHF entrance of a same diplexer. There is now the signal combined of a MoCA and OTA to antenna these beginnings of a diplexer. Run the coax cape of a beginning of a diplexer in an entrance of a MoCA device. It opens to Have a OTA the signal these beginnings of a coax in a MoCA the adapter and it internet that initiates of a ethernet port of a MoCA adapter.

Again, left me characteristic this clearly. If has television of Cape that comes from/comes from your provider this no . This will do is taking ONLY internet of your provider.

My setup (image of views):
Antenna: Clearstream the eclipse has Amplified Inner HDTV Antenna with Technology of Sure Grip - 50 Field of One thousand
MoCA: Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet in Coax Adapter (ECB6200S02)
Diplexer: Group of 2- Holland Dishpro Satellite Diplexer - the dish has Agreed 2 amp version
Splitter: BAMF 4-Road Coax Cape Splitter Bi-Directional MoCA 5-2300MHz
Change: NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps Change (GS308)
POE: Filter, MoCA 'POE' Filter for television of Networking of Coaxial Cape ONLY
Subject: ASUS (RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Group Gigabit Subject
Modem: ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Modem of Cape - Retail Packaging - White
5 / 5 Doretha
It have listened in a helpdesk in Actiontec, any one had this today. Has the point of residential strand (In&T Gigapower), similar in Strand of Google in RTP. One HAS (Terminal of Optic Mesh) has a ethernet out of east go in an In&T Subject. We have been hand of cape for some time and like this some lines of cape have remained unused. A fund of earth is where one issues is localised. Some first deep has coax outlets in all some rooms but no ethernet beginning and like the consequence, was to bond with having the Gigabit ethernet that only done in the only room. We use the extreme of Apple likes him subject (subjects of Pont) which aided (802.11ac since In&T borderline his Wi-Fino in 300 Mbps) but like ~ gigabit the speed is only available road a 5 Ghz connection, a force hurriedly falls in the distance. I have called Actiontec and has advised that I have not had soyodem of Cape' does not act. I have seen some videos on Youtube and a documentation to back which has not asked the Modem of Cape. You would think that Actiontec - and the manufacturer would know that it is selling but obviously no. He the shame is considering that a product is very able.

Has taken some remark so posed in my means that has provided down --

Actiontec Bonded Moca 2.0 Adapters (2)
Coaxial Cape Stripper (Can use any cutter of normal cape)
4 X 1 Coaxial Splitter
Coaxial Connectors

At all
1) Alloy Actiontec Adapter 1 in a room (has Salty) with one issues
2) in a box of cape, connects coax has Salty outlet in other coaxial capes dondequiera provide connectivity of Ethernet
3) Connects adapter in other rooms where a coax has been connected in (of 2)

If a coax capes in a box of the cape does not have connectors, use the coax stripper to attach connectors (sold in the imposicin of House / Lowe is)
A Coax indicator in a Actiontec the adapter illuminate only after the bi-the directional connection has been established. This can take 15-30 according to bren yours coax setup, etc
was able to obtain one has announced to accelerate after I like him with iperf3 among 2 devices issues linked Actiontec in of the different rooms
to try if your Actiontec the box is doing, can connect a Coax In connectors of the each adapter together with the coax cape. It connects a port of Ethernet of an adapter (says adapter 1) in a subject and a port of Ethernet of an another adapter (adapter 2) in the device. This would have to establish the nexus as follows

Subject -&62; Adapter1_Ethernet -&62; Adapter1_CoaxIn -&62; Adapter2_CoaxIn -&62; Adapter2_Ethernet -&62; Adapter2_the device_Connected_In_The_Ethernet

This would have to illuminate a Coax indicators in so some adapters.

Expects these helps. That is to say the very mere installation and only requires to connect together capes to do functions. I know he enough the bit of the to to the on-line confusion on likes him to him the work. My situation has been done more mere for a fact that has not had any connection of cape and taken to use a coax point only for a purpose to do a ethernet point. An only challenge had done sure that a coax the capes have been connected in an another - when has done initially a setup does not do and this was so that any one of some capes had connected in fact in a box of cape. A Coax the light also takes the little bren to come on and does so once the round-the connection of trip has been established - for the who has not been able to take this to do, would suggest to try a round-adaptadora of trip &60;-&62; test of adapter and if these works, then can have a subject with a coax capes. At the end, yes it has several connections of cape the coax the connection declares (like the coaxial tone declares of Holland) help. If he at all the work, takes the type of cape to pose in the similar connection in how has aimed he in a semi-detached picture. Please when being hand to leave me knows there are any further improvements in this could do. Like disclaimer of mine -- These gives ones any facts for me, but does not know enough in coax/electrical/etc to say this law for all the world, as it uses your better test before purchasing some elements. Thank you!
5 / 5 Johnsie
These marks of Netflix of surprise of device in 4k. My complex of the floor simply has too many points of Wi-different Final, and a density causes the to retard each which as another record. Looking 4k Netflix was quite impossible in wi-final, but with this does not have to never preoccupy. This model is better that an another Actiontec version so that I can do 1 action, another east more dulcemente.

Notes of entity:
-also require buy and install the MoCa cosy splitter, and the MoCa filter.
-Without a right splitter, a MoCa the devices will not be able of tongue with each another and will be useless.
-Without one filter you the neighbours will be able to rob your data. A filter continues in a port of a splitter this connects in an outside.
5 / 5 Jenniffer
I have purchased my first pair the year. I am very happy with his action and reliability. The May give Me a lot of problems. A speed of connection is quickly to dine . In my configuration, can tops a speed in 900+Mbps in iperf3 tests.

Has listened had the subject of connectivity in his firmware. Quan A first pair is arrived, I flushed his firmware in Immediately. The May Remarks a subject with this version of firmware.

The cover all the rooms of my house, has purchased only one 2 pair. Some adapters are arrived with the new plus firmware They utmost together with some old adapters. But have think that that it is the good idea to do all mine 4 synchronises, so that I routed the demand of service of the client in Actiontec saws email. They have answered hurriedly with the new firmware And instructions of the installation embedded.

Has done then the deception: of one firmware Actiontec routed in me has the number it big plus, I flushed all mine 4 ECB6200s. It results that in fact a new pair has the version of different hardware. Some the old adapters do well with one late plus firmware, but some the new adapters were very unstable.

Then contacted Actiontec again. They were very responsive. They give one subjects immediately and routed me Felizmente A pair has not been bricked. Desprs Applying this version, only returned in normal.

1. There is at least 2 different types of ECB6200. One east with solid coverage in his behind, has version of hardware 2A. An another has taken of ventilation, the version is 2C.
2. Hardware 2One is the late plus firmware is; Hardware 2C the late plus firmware is
3. You can rid demand of service to take one late plus firmware.
4. Actiontec The service of client is responsive and professional.

In general is satisfied with mine ECB6200s. An only problem, or says subject smaller, is that his latency is slightly main that cape of Ethernet: 3~5ms against almost 0ms in PING. I think that that it is acceptable.
5 / 5 Haley
So far, I have been unable of the take to do properly with my Comcast triple game X1 service. The speed of internet is supremely variable, it alloy of internet but the courses have been during several bren frequently. Any sure if these subjects are related in a Actiontec adapters they, my Comcast service or a wiring in my house. It updates this description and when is able of the imagine was. So far, or Actiontec or Comcast the support has very be useful.

Is updating my description and changing he in 5 stars after I have imagined was so to take this adapter, and two another bought separately, to do properly. Result that a Actiontec the adapters have not been a problem and this was an amplifier that Comcast had installed in my point of the entrance in a house was incompatible with MoCa and that it is cual caused a Actiontec adapters in failure. Comcast Has Had any tone and was totally unable to the help with anything excepts at the end has imagined this has been for test and error and has purchased the MoCa compatible amplifier of Amazon (seen nexus has comprised for an experience of model) to substitute a a that Comcast had installed . Once I that a Actiontec is has done perfectly and now has by far a coverage of better internet during our house since we in the first place taken Comcast the service here issues behind in a 1990 east. It opens to have Enough of internet and speeds in several parts of a house where a Actiontec the adapters have been installed that it is exactly one still like this available in a big Comcast subject.

This MoCa the technology is awesome and dies the majority of the houses there is coax the already installed capes in of the a lot of rooms, offers the glorious and reasonably economic solution directs feeble internet or any existent service in several parts of houses that so expensive of people. It IS very the shame that any one the a lot of people know enough it. The only council in of the potential buyers is that you require you the direct coax line of a point of entrance in a house, or of an amplifier localised in this point of entrance, in a outlet/of the room concealed wants to install you some few adapters. If there is splitters enters, particularly splitters concealed is not MoCa compliant, some adapters can no properly.

Highly recommends these adapters and has convinced already other familiar members to take a bit for his own houses that has noow fact and is also with.pct Pleased 8 Port Cape television Splitter Signal Booster/Amplifier with Active Loss Turn of Zero of Signal and Integrated MoCA Filter
5 / 5 Bertram
A house I at present the hire is not wired for ethernet. My PCs of the dispatch is upstairs, and a television, servers, and Verizon MOCA the subject is down in a room. It is been the constant fight to take gigabit speeds upstairs.

Has tried use two routers 802.11ac with the connection has comprised. I experimented spikes of latency and intermittent drops.
Powerline Covers them has entered 75Mbps in his gigabit-the adapters have estimated.

Once installed, these adapters backed the 750Mbps the result these uses iperf. At the end, success!

Even so, has learnt that these for default peers with a MOCA the subject provides by Verizon and totally disorder in your topology of grandson if you are not too careful, especially for people that isolates his point behind issuing he of habit any provided for his ISP. This creates the condition to run where any subject will rid out of the DHCP lease. A more mere solution is is to change an operative frequency of a MOCA adapters so that it can not communicate with one issues of Verizon.

To do so precise to connect in some devices a by an on Ethernet:
manually configures your interface for, netmask, it Spends
Limits your computer directly in an adapter those uses a ethernet cape
alloy in In your browser
goes in Configuration and changes a RF canal in the different value. I think that that I have used value 1600. Also it can take an occasion to pose the new PSK to encrypt a traffic that is to exchange in a MOCA point.

Fulfils that a procedure was achieved yes:
some lights of adapters of still show of green nexus when plugged in coax;
a subject of Verizon any sample a Actiontec devices what DHCP clients.

These devices are an excellent option he Powerline is not doing since you and your house is wired with coax.
5 / 5 Christopher
I go to direct my description on some of some questions have had before purchase. For some context, has comcast 200 download of megabit, 10 debits of megabit. I have purchased this product to take the connection wired of my NOSE in my nvidia shield in my television for video streaming, as well as the connection of the internet wired in another room through a house. For both applications, wifi would have to the swipes of summer he of action of entity. Only I am that it runs through quite a lot of 30 feet of RG6 coax.

My setup has involved to substitute mine 2 road splitter with to 4 road. This has caused some loss to be able in, even so a signal in my house is very good and comcast had installed the "tampon" this has reduced one can so all has had to was to take a tampon to do my normal signal. It was able to verify this through my SB6183 modem login screen.

A first question has had when purchased this was as it do with a coax is spent through a device in a modem, so that it has only or coax outlet to wall where my modem is localised. Work perfectly, was pleasantly has surprised. It was preoccupied a power would be reduced further like the second splitter or no at all, but or is a case. The works add.

A second question had (which has been answered by other descriptions but take for me to think) was an action. In my surprise, law also like the gigabit ethernet cape with an exception of the LADY of pair of lag. Any big roads. Wire fence my test of shows of speed 28ms, and through a MOCA the the adapter is 30ms. A speed is almost identical. Im Speaking experience of identical user to use a ethernet cape. I have transferred the file of my NOSE and was gigabit speed.

IS able in current 4k contained of my NOSE in my nvidia television of shield now; something was not able to do anteriorly.

Requires the POE filter for east in a point where an internet entered your house to prevents the "backflowing" through a cape in your neighbourhood. Costs $ 10 and has had already one of some owners of the anterior house that has the DVR system that has required a (probably so that also used MOCA).

Has tried twitch steam and gaming through these devices and law also so ethernet. One extra 2-3ms lag is virtually insignificant. The calm would not know his there without some numbers for the confirm.

Far too very time; he no read:
Excellent, almost identical in gigabit action. It can spend the modem through a device without loss to be able in. 1ghz Splitters is well, at least for me. It takes the POE filter.
5 / 5 Ervin
This a lot of work well to create speed of clean wire fence and the reliability those uses concealed physical plant.

The ours house two histories has been built in a mid-nineties. I am supposing that very 1970 they are in 1990 it is, it fine them the houses of history are in the similar situation; as I will describe in detail down.

While in the a lot of houses of this era have very jacks of cape (likes him 1-2 in almost each room). The majority is in DNI-59 wiring and the little newer ones are in DNI-6 wiring. Of a house is two history , taking WIFI to propagate through multiple wall, ceilings, and the funds are difficult. We are also in a cup of the hill and chooses above a lot of interference of our neighbours' WIFI routers. More a total number of WIFI clients these days limit throughput doing WIFI costs for applications of low bandwidth (like devices of ready house) but poor for streaming devices. Also, that runs the new capes are basically impossible in of the rooms that has the rooms on eat the plenum is too strait in crawl (plus or 6 big' less). A mid-90 point of tlphonique is pre-Ethernet and like such is the hub the point in of the capes of cheap telephones no the point of star in Cat3 or Cat5 likes him houses newer a lot of. Basically this has meant had three elections: 1.) It uses wireless only, 2.) It finds the road to use that there is cape, 3.) I wall it drop has opened to run Cat7.

Option 1: WIFI works for devices of low bandwidth, but with so many devices these days (easily quite 50 for the ready house) a throughput is very limited. We decide to maintain WIFI for devices and of the portable devices of requisite of low bandwidth, but go with something more for our streaming devices.

Option2: Using a wiring to exist to create an Ethernet looks a better option . I have decided to do that this spends a road or another. A house has had very coax and enough the jacks of small telephone also. Has researched options. The telephone is limited in VDSL adapters. A problem with these is is just point to signal. It likes takings a connection and that is. Has wanted to all mine of entity streaming point (computer of dispatch, television of room of the game, television of room, and television of fourth). So VDSL was the any one goes. I have discovered so much MOCA and DECA. DECA IS much cheaper, but any interoperatre with cape. We use the modem of cape, which would have meant the plot of work in a box of cape to separate all some ports in a house except a modem of cape. This would have required running at least or more the line until my coverage likes him line of the modem of the cape has been shared with my line of dispatch. Also MOCA 2.0 supports quite 9 bandwidth to time big that DECA. I have decided that these two things have done MOCA estimate the small hundred extra dollar, especially east is the-inversion of time.

Option3: To the wall has opened to the hack is messy and expensive. Very I do not want to it conceal.

Updating my coax point:
1.) It was in a box and installed the MOCA POE filters in an entrance of a company of cape. It does not forget this, or calm perhaps routing your LAN in the houses of your neighbours . You can buy this in Amazon.
2.) It was in a box and also all the lines could achieve in a coverage and has substituted each splitters with the roughly estimated walnuts for until 2.4 gHz. A two road splitter comes with each Moca adapter (or place of adapters). I have used one of these. Calm probably need the big plus one in a box. I have bought to 4 road Moca compatible splitter of BAMF here in Amazon. Any one 'daisy-chain' some splitters. It buys a pertinent measure. You will improve bandwidth. Also a lot skip this step. Do this substituted two splitters that was estimated in 1 gHz. A Moca 2.0 canals are in 1.0-1.2 gHz. This certainly would have gone down my bandwidth, if it have not done this.

One installs:
installed five Moca adapters as follows:
1.) One is attached in my subject - 'coax in' he anteriorly semi-detached line in an entrance of modem of the cape, 'the television was' has been in entrance of modem of the cape, port of Ethernet in my change to issue of Ethernet
2-4.) 'coax In' attached in a jack of the cape for my television is, 'the television was' is rescinded with a f-terminator, the ethernet is connected in the 5 port TP-Nexus Gigabit the change that connects my television of Fire and Ready-television or player of PUNCTUAL DVD.
5.) It connects my computer of desktop of dispatch some same roads how 2-4.
After taking my coax the until point of date (describes on). Only I plugged these adapters in and law. Any configuration has required.

After installing my tests of speed of the Internet with the laptop hooked in some changes maxes has entered our ISP limits. A test of speed of the grandson those uses the 512mb copies to of the archive that LAN of uses SpeedTest Lite show one that follows
500-600 Mbs laughed down
300-400 Mbs laughed above

thinks a difference in downstream and upstream the speeds are because of the isolation More i adds in a side to start with of some splitters.

After one installs was in the able end in of the games of current of the Steam of my computer of dispatch in my FireTV in my Room of Game.
3 / 5 Agripina
I have bought 4 of these to serve Interwebz in the few centres of entertainment. My house is big and same with repeaters, 802.11ac only careers around 30Mb as it expect improves these. Alas, these do not synchronise at all in RG59. I have posed included an adapter in a JBox cual careers directly in some need of rooms to maintain and no coax light. An only room could take the light has been served by the only 50ft race of RG6QS. Note that does not run anything in my coax. HSI IS CAT6 of one HAS and my careers of service categorically Mesh in his own RG6 directly in a STBs, like this RG59 is purportedly clean. I have tried also to rescind any ports to wall open even so very light.

How 3 star in those some 4 units has bought has not been DONA and would do has there was RG6, but Actiontec would have to mention limits of race of period and that these do not synchronise with RG59 unless short is Way down below.

Top Customer Reviews: Actiontec ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lesley
In the first place you are, to the left say me calm - sometimes less is more and that is to say the perfect example why!

IS the video seasoned /techy type and like such spent the plot to time to research quite all the classes of dongles to use in my no-ready flatscreen in my RV to look films when a time is simply very pleasant to explore one alfresco. If on the dot: only we spend the weekend getaway in Knitting down 20 titles... There are any lodges of skiing here, like the camp has entered that the time is not something familiar appreciate - what marks? Yep - Cook, shows the film and relaxes!

In a device: I have compared this against 4 other devices: Google Chromecast, Roku Mate, Amazon Firestick and Adapter of Microsoft of Digital Screen. This type was a laureate by far!

In some Forces:
1) Mere while it takes - is the clave , like the walk of USB more only big, and in place of having the connector of USB viril, has the male HDMI covers like calm only clave he in a television in an of a HDMI empty of entrance. In a side, a Mini2 the device has the micro-void of USB (a micro empty of USB is like a void of USB in of the devices of Samsung of android). This empty has the habit of power a clave - beat when being powered to use a cape of USB and USB has provided to upload connected in a wall... Or.... You can connect a cape in a void of USB in a backside of your television proportionate has unit The mine done like the installation was sper clean, any cape anywhere to be seen excepts in a backside of a television the cord of small USB that it was the zip joined to be has concealed. Fact! Any SW configuration, any configuration of WI-FINAL, at all more to do, covers and game!

2) Interface - so mentioned - less is more. This thing does not have any operating system, there is not any application, any canal to be installed, everything is that it connects in your tlphonique as it can reproduce you your screen - cual voice in some visas tlphonique in a screen. Each only application - of email, gallery, videos, prime of amazon, Netflix, television of Spectre, DirecTV, NFL, appoints it, has it, touches! Even Games! Although look in an of one very-so-fresh elements in a low list.

3) to connect your screen in your tlphonique simply looks for a esmartview' option in your parameters of tlphonique, same where you toggle your wifi has been on. Better still, if has the Wi-the direct end pose you also can see there. It opens it Fulfils said any precise the WiFi, as why in a world am saying WiFi-direct? Well So that those are not some same! WiFI IS a characteristic these covers your tlphonique to connect in any signal of emission saw the, well, WiFi canal (trying very to take techy here). A WiFi direct, in or another rids simply connects in other devices that use the direct connection (nicknamed miracast protocol) which are a same protocol an all another dongles use. This only connects your tlphonique directly in your Mini2, a screen says soyagic is roughly spends' and boom! Your screen is to arrive - taking less than 5 bren to see your telephone in a television.

4) Once connected, your telephone is one limits - shoot in any application and calm summer in a screen.

In contrast:
1) Google chromecast only covers to aim your screen of in some applications these supports chomecast, which ways roughly of your applications will not aim in a screen. Another problem OF ENTITY is that Chromecast can not touch the amazon Prepares videos - that it is the big Any one ANY ONE for a crew of the amazon and take - amours us to buy a Firestick and that is to say each sake ... Still this has not been to cut he for me. My criteria was to aim Any Content DECIDES to aim in my television. Mini 2 wins here.
2) Amazon firestick does not touch with films of Game of the Google the change - prime of shows of Amazon but no another playes - again the big Any one ANY ONE for me. Mini 2 wins here.
3) Roku - Requires WiFi to configure and the little hack to touch - again, also hassle, predominately a fact has to take internet WIFI for the pose up and quite anything. I want to ROKU and I radish in these devices (My description in Roku in the amazon is still an upper description in this product, btw!) Except this particular application, Roku has not been 'he'. Mini2 Wins.
4) Exposure Of Screen of the Microsoft - do under a same concept like Mini2 and this was my first election , but has learnt that Microsoft calm oblige you to download some update more is in his device, which again, requires internet, etc. And some of my TVs has not done. Microsoft Recognises that any one all does of devices, as I guess some of one ones have has not been backed. Although the device of Microsoft also touches Each CONTENT, again Mini 2 has won a battle because of a configuration that is necessity. I also some side by side playback of some films and a device of Microsoft assemblat lag the little more than a Mini2 so that it was a cherry up for a Mini2.

Opens Very all is sweet and there is some 'Any-so-fresh' things to consider when has the device has taken.
1) That is to say to mean to reproduce your screen - does not have any application or canals to be downloaded - conceal is not which want to, this is not of calm then. Simplicity, Stability, perfection - that it is a name of a song here.
2) Reproduced the screens EATS above stack! So I need to maintain your tlphonique plugged if it does not want race out of stack while looking to 2 early film.
3) A big more a resolution an information of more these necessities to travel among your tlphonique and your Mini2 - cual ways a can of screen lag the small bit. It has remarked that for level HD has Contained, streaming was flawless, but for UHD, a Mini2 speed of lacks - in reality a speed is not a Mini2 subject of hardware, but an on-the-protocol comunicacional of the air - has not meant prende to back UHD. As it maintain it to to your resolution likes him to him the level in Netflix or 'a lot of' in the amazon prepares and will be golden. Youtube is not the problem - 99% of some people that debits in his videos are not some HD anyways. Streaming Direct in your data of mobile phone will fail before your Mini2 - so is fixated on looking UHD videos in this device, using your service of the data of the telephone will be yours to tug. Again, you know that it is prendido of compraventa. If UHD is that it has to have, look elsewhere.
4) Games - that it is another NO-NO for a Mini2. Some games are fast and a screen reproduced the natural delay if voice your side of screen of the telephone for side with your television - again, can not sound that very but your necessities of tlphonique to compress a signal of video, wave he through an air, then a Mini2 has required to take some radio waves, decode them and projects an image - this takes time and therefore some games can lag more concealed which want to. If you ware touching slow games while it is not the problem - but then again - has another videogame options to touch in a big screen anyways.

Expects calm like you my description!!! If please you to mark likes him such! Happy streaming!
5 / 5 Berneice
I am simply enamoured with my beam of screen mini 2. Quan In the first place moved in my new floor has not had any Wi-pose Fina up. But there is to plot of applications already in my telephone. One of my friends said me enough a beam of screen mini so that it was in the amazon to control was. Look on that it could it to it do when has known was perfect for me, as I have purchased an immediately. Since have mine Wi-Fino in and included has a clave of fire of the Amazon, but still like me the screen of mussel with mine tlphonique so that it can look it on my another television. A thing adds enough is that the calm does not have to have Wi-Final in order for him to do, can use the data and the works of your tlphonique only well. That is to say he awesome the device and recommend in any one.
5 / 5 Thomasena
Samsung S6 The owners have to read this. A S6 no longer retreated MHL ( hdmi direct entrance with adapter corded in a television) has purchased a Samsung allcast law and wireless hub but with less than pertinent results. A playback of the video when reproduces was choppy and robotic. Connecting a device was the fight constantly was to press a button of reset.Also it buy it the adapter of Microsoft of wireless exposure, any luck that connects with that neither. I although it was out of the options and I have tried this. Excellent work. The telephone connects without subjects and a playback in a television is smooth without lag. Calm no precise service of Internet with this device. ( You use you a data in your tlphonique). Start of my alcohol that the flavours finds the road to reproduce with my new telephone and finds the description regarding a Samsung S6. I expect these helps.
5 / 5 Normand
It does not have any Internet, any cape, any plan of data for my telephone. I go in a gymnasium and use his Internet to download Netflix program that can off-line and then takes house and and can use this device to reproduce my telephone in mine 50' plasma. This has to when being an of a compraventa better has never has done. The calm does not need any Internet, there is any lag, a quality of picture is sum. State using easterly every day only during the month and in the weekends have been known in binge in how 8 hours in the shows and I have had problems of zeros. The happy tan bought this
5 / 5 Kenton
hello All the world-wide and is not the type of type of the description. And it like him read subject b4 buying but and decided it to revise this element.
And IS the truck driver and he have been the hassle to be able to look films in my television of truck. And it orders this element and and is able to reproduce my samsung verge 7 without problen in my hd television. And HAS the unlimited the data plans so while and there is LTE and is well the image is very hd if a signal of tlphonique is feeble an image in the television am not to add and has had he for the now happy week so far expects this help in another buyer
1 / 5 Rochell
Desprs In 6 thwarting the hours that likes him take this thing to do (two calls of tlphonique in ScreenBeam the support of technology was useless) found so much bren Verizon and Motorola, the android/of Google sustains fallen of Miracast diverse versions behind. Android/Of Google now only retreated his own product has nicknamed Chromecast. A piece of Verizon of Base of the Learning found in Miracast the support is bad while it is all one announcing in of the this and other products that alleges support for Miracast in of the current versions of Android/of Google.
4 / 5 Pearlene
Update 08/15/2018

has used this the moment and very cual a product. It take that is to say the type of Mesh of Personal Zone of device (thinks clean). Some some prejudices has to chosen is subjects when using this device with the VPN like Cisco Anyconnect. According to a VPN the parameters can not being able to use this when the products connected in a VPN. It looks to do on some but very another. It has not been that suffices of the ache in me to imagine was why but necessity to be conscious that is to say something concealed could impact your experience.

The Clues of original description:

issues convenient Excellent to attach qualified of exposure in your device. Take boxes, has connected a power has comprised dongle, plugged to be able in outlet , the road has connected HDMI to control and ready to go. So far used in 2 devices without the hitch.

1 - Lenovo Yoga 720 15' Running Windows 10. Easily connected without subject. Proportionate option to substitute exposure of laptop, extends exposure of the laptop or the exposure of the laptop has duplicated.

Galaxy of 2 Samsung S4 mobile phone. Easily connect it to use the screen that reproduces that mirrors an exposure in a telephone. Any subject and the sound has spent also in a device has connected.

Mere to connect and use. More importantly work while your supports of laptops Miracast. The devices the old plus can have glitchy compatibility even so the suspect the devices the new plus with Miracast would not have to have any subjects.

A night so that I deducted 1 star. Quan The exposure of the computer is turned has been for Windows 10 a semi-detached monitor in a Actiontec no among the power excepts road. One to remain to control on at all times. These results in saving manually change of a monitor when any one into use. Quan A monitor is turned was automatically disconnects of a computer so that it mean has to re-connect when return in of the Windows. Actiontec Required to update his firmware to leave the exposure connected to go subjects to save of the when the request can for Windows.
5 / 5 Selene
A bit more expensive that some of some another there, but some revises here and elsewhere in an internet was a lot. It takes everything of 1 minute to reproduce my telephone in a television. It covers in, can up it see a cape of supply and USB included to be able vanamente comprise or with the port of next USB in your television.. The television has aimed info immediately, the easily devices of chosen up when look for. Streaming Has not been choppy and the audio was a lot. It can not take a device of more those 30 feet was or will have problems of playback. The line of plants does a better. It IS the small main these looks. There is an included 6' HDMI M in F Cape. If has limits of clearance by behind your television. Happy with him and only can buy to 2 unit
Only take - when that does an action of screen- if anything bursts up in your screen of device, looks in a screen of television also - FOR EVERYTHING to SEE!!! The left hope appreciates it :)
5 / 5 Dwayne
Easy is trace. It covers only he in and a rest is done of your telephone. Any wifi has required. It comes with the low HDMI extension, micro cape of USB, and he 1amp exited AC adapter. Connected in the motorbike x pure, and Zenfone 2 any problem. My new pixel 5' was the different history even so. It does not look in a parameter of mussel of screen of pixels.
5 / 5 Robert
Calm absolutely want this product! He exactly that alleges to do. It covers in television HDMI, covers in faculty, turn to correct HDMI and finds ready view, mould, anything ... In your telephone. A beam of screen said the magic is roughly to spend and marks... There is anything is touching in your telephone, launch in your television ... Without internet of house.
Has had at the beginning the worry quite heats, of the pair of descriptions, but has has not had the problem with a screenbeam. Apresamiento Warm, but has not taken hot. Even so ... It does not maintain touching your telephone through periods of long game, so that a speed uploads in my telephone was overcharging and heating when apresamiento in 100%...

Top Customer Reviews: Actiontec 300 Mbps ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
So far so good!! Only pose this up last night. It has had an old Actiontec Subject/of Modem during 8 years and decided in 'update' at the end. Always the dread so that I know will have technical problems! The note in the first place conceals it has ATT DSL and had been running VERY dulcemente lately. It do not go sure it was my service or my modem, so at the end bit a balloon and has bought this model after reading descriptions. It have expected pose the up I without that has to call ATT since enough would do my canal of own root these cats in his service of client.
Has posed up was in fact very easy! I have followed a fast beginning above guides and an only deception posed in a wrong username and signal. I have to dig that in the old documentation maintained of a last excruciating nicknamed of the telephone with Att. has to use your DSL username and signal.
After it conceal, has been connected and up and current! My speeds of connection are very better now during a house and I at the end can take Netflix to run in my big television in a room!! My old subject only has not had a field. I will update if turn of things, but looks well so far.
5 / 5
Has DSL of In&T(any one Or-True) and an old modem(Motorola 3360) was a modem has designed terrible thank you on organism for&T for years that I taken when has actuated in the first place my account of In&T. Tried to take an out of marks and they poo-pooed me. At the end have some relief with this subject/of modem. Only it avenge it today and followed some instructions loosely with the little very-connections but reset he and re-enter all my info more closely this time. SUCCESS!!

Has required to have my point of In&T username:______att.net it was mine .
Signal of grandson:__________
HAS KNOWN also my uses of system PPPOE does not join other elections have had to options, as it can require mark that called also or the control saw your old modem is possible opens a browser although has any connection of internet and writes a code in back of an old modem nicknamed in Configuration of mine of Device of the Advance' that is the number p.ej. 192.168.el 1.000 and it conceal to take in an interface of the modem where has all the classes of info. Any one that wants action in many but only fyi. It does not change the material but can glean any very useful but confusing info there.

Acclaim and villages of In&T of good luck!!

One is trace is easy prendes attention( the company there was at the same time) but always can begin on has a subject.

HAS speed also (subject Speedtest) in wifi as me plugged in, signal as it adds also!!

Will amend this changes the things but I are always glass the half the full type and the hope there will be not amending necessity.
1 / 5
I have bought two (or for my mamma and one for me). It was able to connect both of them in the place of my Mamma, but would lose connection of Internet and has to when being rebooted at least each which how three days. I have tried to connect both of them issues Centurylink DSL, and or would connect. At the end it has had it the technology has been in a house of Nexus of Century. Work in a line and has said had DSL there, but or the unit would connect. A technology has said that they were old software and required these updates. So many, has bought two wirelessly different modems of CenturyLink. They both have connected immediately and was the fastest road that any one of the same the amazon of dinosaurs sold me. I can see why it was so dulcemente in the house of my Mamma. Both of them were fashioned in 2012 which the very old! The technology has changed the plot in six years! It does not buy The!!!
4 / 5
It take this modem like the backup in a Westell that Centurylink provided when signed envelope done several years. State using this for the few days now, and has remarked the few differences among a two.

In the first place the little in a setup: For fast setup, need the PPPoe Username and Signal, which can take calm of your provider. Quan Has called, Centurylink has counted my connection uses the different method, as I have to cross a manual setup (and place in WAN to use DHCP, and entered a VPI/VCI proportionate numbers by centurylink). Had only the few fields have had to to fill, and has been connected besides or 10 minutes less -- but a person to sustain warned that it can me does not help, can has to paid for support of technology, of this modem is not 'officially' backed by Centurylink. As it can it wants to call it advances.

Wireless setup was mere (wifi name and signal), and is happy with a field of a wireless -- has remarked an improvement in my old modem. Even so, my drops of connection of the internet out of the pair times the day (wire fence and wireless) -- something concealed has not spent with my old modem. There is has not had time in troubleshoot this still, but that it is a reason is to take the star.
5 / 5
I took this to substitute the Windstream modem that constantly disconnected. (The type of technology that exited in my house said me that of an updated a venue C.or. (Centrical dispatch) for my zone, an old plus Windstream the modems do not have does a lot of). Bought this, while ActionTec is what Windstream now is installing ... The purchase has to pay $ 10/month taken one of them! That is to say B.S.! So much, I have bought this, has called his support of technology to ask so to pose subject ' of Pont' and his perfect state each what so since .. Any disconnect and better that the speed declared in my connection (list in 12mbps and is taking 13mbps). To good sure recommended. The support of technology is wise.
5 / 5
I took this to substitute the Linksys subject/of modem that begun to have problems. This modem was sper easy to pose up in Centurylink. The configuration of cart was very smooth. Has better field that anterior modem. He layers my whole house without a necessity of another point of access or field extends. Has for the month now and has has not had any subjects. Very pleased. That is to say a adsl2+ modem so many marks that is a necessity of type for your provider in front of compraventa.
1 / 5
Active there was always the separate modem and subject, and tends to maintain anything has until no longer works. It does not update only so that there is something newer and 'better' there. Recently my modem exited and begun to look for modems of DSL. There is incredibly few elections! Two years ago bought or for less than $ 30 dollars. The law adds until last weekend. I thought that it that it can buy it another, but was no longer available. This Actiontec subject/of modem combo was an only real option for me. I am the cheapskate, and to say a truth this looked the small pricey considers has had the HORRIBLE luck with one issues/of modem combos in a past.

Has taken posed a Actiontec up in just the minute or two, the majority of that has taken a hardware to exist out of a road. And in literally less than the minute, has had my internet up and go. In this way by far, a MAY of easy plus has posed in the modem or subject...Or combo. It was sper mere! Although you know AT ALL quite posing material up, while has your register-in and signal of your ISP- that is to say sper, sper easy.

My ISP recently leaves to sell modems, etc and now the only hire has entered the $ 9.99/months...More all some taxes. If this subject of the modem taken, save me money very only a year. I will update this description has any problems.

UPDATE: 10/3/2018

My premier Actiontec the subject/of the modem has lasted literally 3 days. Law quite well for two days. A third, the begun 'the time was for lack of the better description. Law in a computer a first time this past and suddenly has not had access of internet. Turning a tin was and then on and look to fix it. But then 2 hours later, he a same thing only this time looked something in mine Kindle. The same procedure fixed the. Last for the integer 30 minutes. After it conceal, the calm does not import that I , totally resetting the unplug and replugging all, restarting my computer. I have thought perhaps finished to take the defective a, as I have ordered the substitution. I took it last night and already, it is doing a same thing. Oh, And Actiontec the service of client is the joke ....If it can comprise the at all, only fly you to press a button of reset. At the end, it has been said that a problem would be routed in his L the department and would call me behind. It guesses that it do not take never the call of tlphonique concealed to say me that in magically fix this??
1 / 5
Shipped in any external box with not even the piece of Scotch tape to maintain it has sealed. Arrived in my porch clearly ad in a world-wide that was. The stays of only road close was a lid of the goleada bent on with tabs. Tom plugged he in and car setup has not done. It have to call my ISP to take all some parameters have detailed. VAL, Can treat concealed. But this was only a beginning. He the connectivity fallen constantly each which how 5-15 minutes, so much with an external world and of my computer in a modem. The bronzed recommended by the web of place of a company, has pressed a version of firmware later. Taken the esuccess' the message but clear to be able in red on duty go and no at all in any subject any one subjects that. Expected then can cycled the multiple time, and included tried resetting he a lot of time. Still at all but the light of red solid. Nicknamed a support of client of the company, has expected 20 minuted for tongue with any one with such an emphasis ails could comprise the. After 30 minutes to try everything in his checklist has confirmed a unit was in fact fatality and would have to take Amazon to substitute. I want to Amazon for his support of client and disposal to substitute it, but this product has control of terrible quality of a factory.
5 / 5
I produce it adds, I saved me the plot of money. Has DSL in my house of country (only available service). Quan My modem of Provider is died recently, has been said no longer sell modems, only hire the earring $ 11/month. It can buy 2 or 3 modems of DSL for year for this prize. As I have taken the casualidad and has purchased this modem, based in his recovery that done with the service of my Provider.
The happy tan has done. Plugged This in, has connected my tablet in him, answered likes him 5 in of the questions of screen, and has posed up! Painless, hassle free Unit , reliable! Those products adds. Highly it recommends this modem.
4 / 5
I have bought this to substitute an aging Actiontec GT701D modem, of this new plus GT784WN is a current modem my ISP (TDS) provided for mine 5Mbps line of DSL. I am in a boonies as I am lucky to take 5Mbps downloads; my speed is gone down recently so expected that a modem a new plus could give me the impulse. He perhaps the small, as I am by train of the maintain. Note: a GT784WN is spec'd to back ADSL2+ with demands in 24 Mbps laughed down, can take this speed. ALSO, this subject of the modem is technology more running, of here more bearable for your ISP.

BUT A THING: one DEFAULT GT784WN parameters while the mine rid exposed LAN of house in the intrusion that/down because of unsuitable firewall parameters. I EAT... I recommend to use one GT784WN card of access of the page of web to close things in better. It sees pictures 1 & 2 and use an Advanced Setup button, seeds, down Security, click in Firewall. There, the click on ENABLES Road of Stealth, And elect Firewall HALF of Level of the Security or BIG (any low or Born only), and at the end does not forget in the click SAVES in a fund of a page. Calm then see pictures 3 & 4 and again down Security, click in UPnP. There, you pose one UPnP been to DEACTIVATE and the click SAVES. (Periodically I return and LOOKS in these same parameters to do sure clave and has not been defaulted for to reset of modem, etc.)

These parameters this sure plus would be necessary give very better to protect that one DEFAULTS while it ships. For more than info, uses the web of place (likes him Gibson Research Corp) where can consults your LAN of voice and own house if it is sure, Or No.

REMARCE: doing yours yours the surest modem could "pause" some applications in your LAN, if so, always can return in a GT784WN defaults: the stealth Deactivated, Only NATO Firewall Level of Security, and UPnP has Enabled... But I no. Can Calm sure when being And well tunes a protect to leave concrete applications, but necessity to research so to do that safely.

And ALWAYS ensures your LAN and WiFi with encryption and of the strong signals (any one defaults)! Be forewarned.

Top Customer Reviews: Actiontec 802.11ac ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Roderick
I have purchased two of these to connect in two of a ECB6200K02 Moca adapters of Ethernet (4 moca the devices in of the totals, with one of a ECB6200K02 has connected in my vDSL subject). Quan Work, is quite a lot of speeds of fast view around 500-600 Mbps. Even so, this wireless point extenders has to when being beat-cycled quite once the day - only decree to do. Both of these WCB6200Q02 the devices have a same problem, as I think that that it is more probably the subject of firmware. I have contacted Actiontec the support and said me my units are running a late plus firmware (as of course 2017). I thought it also it can the be caused by periods to go him traffic, as I have posed in my laptop in ping a subject of DSL (of the take-wired 1GbE connection in a WCB6200Q02) each which how 10 bren. This does not help -- a WCB6200Q02 still hanged after several hours and has had to to beat-cycled. I am very disappointed while I can not trust these devices to maintain some clean up, but is too late to return them in Amazon.
4 / 5 Laquanda
Has Verizon THREADS Gigabit and Verizon net extenders is only the re-mark of Actiontec the point extends. Because of that, with THREADS' subject of quantum door (G1100), work perfectly. For those of you concealed does not know like THREADS' alloy subject, the alloy saw the cape of grandson more than coax like the typical modem. Even so, one spends quantum still has the coax the connection these beginnings of him that is for MoCA 2.0. You connect your THREADS subject that normal and then connects the coax cape in a coax port and then limits an another end of a coax cape in a Actiontec the point extends. Once that is connected and powered on, has to do immediately. They go in your parameters to issue to find an IP of a point extends so that it can record in and changes a SSID names, signals, etc. IS each what very earnest.

In addition to a real WiFi extension, one extends also has two ports of point for wired connections that is surprising. This thing is a lot of values a money while has what subject by behind MoCA 2.0.

An only reason attacked of the star is so that my mandate has not coming with a MoCA 2.0 adapter that is supremely of entity if it do not have to issue those sustains MoCA directly. You limit an adapter in road of your existent subject RJ45 (cape of normal point) and then limits an another end of an adapter in your coax line. Again, that is to say supremely of entity and is one of some reasons why this extends is so pricey ( is supposition to come bundled). In my case, did not require it but I , would have been pissed.
1 / 5 Bernita
This unit ONLY has qualified of cape of the Ethernet. It is not a Actiontec extends that it connects in MoCa coax. Both have a number of same model in Amazon. You have to order to obtain a coax described.
A MoCa coax the unit also has ethernet ports. Opinions: in Amazon, both are listed with a number of same model. I have asked a question in Amazon in a difference of a picture does not aim some ports in this model, and Actiontec the response was that an only difference was a reseller coding. It conceal it is not to correct. I will be to ask the turn ASAP.
4 / 5 Carly
Work supremely well provide the wifi the signal in planting where wifi was anteriorly unavailable - but - some instructions are injustice and a list of the accessories included is bad.

Some instructions declare that when posing up saw WPS that cross a same SSID name with one 2.4 and 5 extensions - that it is bad while it crosses the new SSID. This has not been the problem for me so extends will be planted in the separate edifice but a point are that some instructions are bad.

While some critiques look that a comprised splitter was the no-appoint (or that no splitter is comprised), the mine is come with the Verizon marked splitter.

If you do not import a different SSID (and different signal of course) then setup is the breeze. It presses a two WPS buttons, poses one packing the material was and when has cleaned all up then one extends is connected. It moves in a new location, limit and in and connect he in your coax and is has been in some races.

Suspicious that a vendor and shipping slightly the different versions of the same extend and he and a luck of one that draw takes. An in the first place one has taken was used clearly and has not done - although the cross a same SSID like my grandson to exist. Cela One has comprised the no-appoint splitter.
4 / 5 Pilar
There is the error among some that has shared, that a 'extend' is exactly cual the majority of in thinking them to extend meso. Concretely A signal and access to mesh this has in or the plant is extended in other parts of a field, building etc. Easterly Imagine that it can move calm without interruption, while taking the streaming downloads, of a zone in another and your Ready Device so nicknamed would see only a grandson and like this continues to take. Any so much. One extends to give you another clean that so cual posed the up, can be it accessible that uses SID same and P/W but his still another point. So you are using a telephone in WiFi and movement of a zone of grandson in this second a, your call will fall. For him to do seamlessly, has to Parthian when being of the point of Mesh with his limitations; and this is not .
Another gotcha is that you reboot your net subject in the clean Threads, his probably that this device will hang on in his allocution of IP and interferes with a capacity to issue to take data of push of Threads. These ways the necessity has repeated in reboot your STBs to take a Guide and/or access to Pay for View. A trick is to ensure that before you reboot your change to issue of one Extends and changes in only after one issues the on-line returns. It takes a lot of months of test and error to imagine this has been.
1 / 5 Ada
The May took It quality very well of ISP signal in ActionTec Adapters and WiFi Extends in 60 days ActionTec or f far behind-n-advance with ActionTec support of technology, race around moving capes, trying funky setups of an Ethernet and Coax capes. At the end, in a 45 day ActionTec support of the technology admitted 'was the problem fulfilled and has promised the fixed in 10 days. Has the normal Comcast Say Speed setup concealed done for the long time without subjects.

10 days are spent, nicknamed and any fixed, but instructions of that in setup the glitchy mini-clean of, in the first place, some Adapters to try 'was, again, without guaranteeing a result would be any different. We said me to us that there is to file of case they setup in of the this.

Since had been melt and in of the ceilings of basement multiple time without change in some results and ActionTec promise to fix was only another 'test.', I Leave and only archived Goes back Demand.

A Vendor denied it so that it was spent 60 days (to follow a manufacturer is, ActionTec, instructions to fix things. I have protested in a vendor. They animate-contacted ActionTec, this has denied a recovery so that it was afterwards 30 days. ONLY so that it follow it his, the instructions and the confidence of a manufacturer would fix things. I have protested in the amazon and denied it (still am that it protests this) so that the did not have notified a Vendor, SpaceBound, concealed done with a manufacturer to fix some problems.

BEWARE Law with this Vendor and Manufacturer and does not trust that your use of the same ActionTec will do inner some 30 days, so that, for ActionTec, ' no in some situations. After my better endeavours to do work of things for a technical support, is very disappointed in Amazon, a manufacturer, and a Vendor.
1 / 5 Seymour
We have moved only in our new house, and has wanted to to create my point of new house; already have (Xfinity) internet of cape with a Asus Wifi Subject (RT-66ACU). I have purchased recently the pair of Motorola MM1000 MoCA 2.0 adapters to comprise (subject MoCA) of a Poe (where a modem of cape and subject is localised) in my dispatch of house, all has done perfectly!

Even so, my Wifi reception in another to the final of a house was poor, a response ( thought) was the MoCA wifi extends!

An only one could find was this ActionTec unit...

A problem is that to any subject likes him take to try configures can not take in traffic of road out of a MoCA (or his local and wireless wire fence) clean in a Asus subject (issues a MM1000) and like this an internet!!!

Still ssh'ing in an extends to examine a routing etc does not provide any idea in a cause of root of a failure the road ...

IS the 30 +yr s w professional (but no a specialist of grandson) but is unable to take this device to do in my existent (and perfectly functional) clean!

In my case is out of cover-n-game - which are the shame adds east is exactly a device this has wanted to one of a MM1000 is and provides extended wifi coverage


the update thinks that a problem experimented with this device was that a ActionTec is more susceptible in of the subjects 'clean' of quality that a Motorola MM1000. I think that that it is so that my cape in a house is older, and perhaps some splitters used is not a later that a ActionTec has not been able to establish the MOCA connection with a far MM1000, in an end is returned simply this and re-installed a MM1000 and has established the good connection. I have purchased the new Asus AC1900 subject and reused my existent AC1750 subject like a point of access and now everything is doing perfectly, also in fact that in the speed tries a presence of a MOCA connection of my subject in a local machine (issues a point of access) aims any degradation in of the speeds has announced of my Xfinity connection of grandson!
5 / 5 Charolette
UPDATE: If you have bought WCB6200Q one of some first things would owe mark after a WPS the is not to update your firmware of In a later . It researches 'WCB6200Q the firmware Updates' and will find some instructions and of the archive to update yours to extend. Also a thing has forgotten to mention was to do sure failures your incoming splitter that it is external localised after your box of threads. The precise change was in the MOCA-Compliant splitter of a rule or for east to do. It can confirm one 'An Electronics of Holland' splitter with some works to focus blue very

has used cheap connector wifi extenders to fill the zones are died around my house. It was always resetting this connector extenders so that they have maintained the disconnect so looked for the better solution and found a Actiontec Wifi Extends WCB6200Q. Some of some things have looked for was the connection wired reliable compatible, the ethernet able, easy setup/covers and situation of game and at the end one extends that it was totally compatible with Verge Threads
Easy Setup
Sper easy using some instructions that is coming with a box. In the first place he plugged a walnut extends in my G1100 issues it that uses a cape of Ethernet then plugged one extends in my computer those uses another cape of Ethernet then plugged in a cord to be able in. I have expected then until one extends the light has turned green this point has pressed a WPS the green light in one extends for 10 boxes of red second of tower and begun to blink then and has pressed a WPS button in a G1100 subject for 3 seconds and begun to blink. In less than 10 according to one extends found my subject and has connected. Another thing a WPS the process is changes a extenders name and signal to match a name of routers and signal but annex and 'ext' in an end of a name to differentiate it. At the end after taking setup has update a firmware can find which in a actiontec website.
now have the solid wifi extends that it is reliable and bulletproof that the law in some zones is died of my house. WIFI The speeds are almost compatible with my wired speeds. 50/50 But the to thing likes him-me the majority is has not had to reset anything. Everythings Doing so has to out of a box and I of the that has to treat this terrible cheap wifi extenders anymore.

In a box
Wifi Extends
adapter to Be able
4 / 5 Tomoko
I asked me if this would be seamless setup for MoCA and was - am the user of threads in Massachusetts and this unit provisioned in his subject in of the seconds and has done easily. That the has not done it was an automatic WPS setup whereby has been supposition to take a VAIN and signal for my point and attach '-EXT' for a Actiontec parameters. I have tried two times, but a lot a 'control for 10 dry,' a 'hastens a WPS in some subjects for 2-3 dry' ddin't does.
Still concealed has not been a subject as me simply logged in in a LAN and has edited a wi-fine signal / SSID directly.
Recommended !
5 / 5 Jake
Has the 30/30 service of my provider. Only it can take 15/13 wifi in my computer. My subject was in a garage and my computer was upstairs in a spare room. I have installed one extends in my cupboard of cloak of the room. It run the CAT6 the cape of one issues, through a garage, in a crawl room, until a cupboard. It opens Duque 27/26 in my almost bent computer a speed. Also my television in a chamber has not been able to upload of Netflix like the signal was also feeble of one issues. With one extends now can look Netflix in a chamber. Desprs Installing an extends done more researches in my subject and found the to be the little dated in a Wifi. I have installed then what the new subject has provided the signal the strong plus with more than speed. My computer and the television stay in one extends. It recommends that one extends but control out of your subject and the voice yes has an evening more Wifi protocols. You see that the speeds can accommodate. Calm then see that it is in a piece. A new subject could save you a problem of hardwiring issue it. As I Have read that the supposition only dictates some bass the side is that it has to hardwire one extends but has not been the big roads in me so that has issues it quite easy and am handy to do things.

Top Customer Reviews: Actiontec ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Nia
Taken a device and connected so for instructions. Has Windows 10 Pro. That is to say the operating system ails the support given by Actiontec.
A first tentativa could not find a receiver. I have downloaded new application.
Second flavours could not find a transmitter. Downloaded and has attached the engine of new device. Desprs Very try a transmitter has been discovered.
Third tentativa has discovered a receiver. It can not connect in a receiver. Downloaded and has update a firmware in a receiver. This requires the walk to flash of the USB.
Fourth tentativa has discovered all and has changed included a resolution of a screen of computer. A receiver has said that it was connected and expect ' for a magic to spend.' Any one had any magic. A resolution of screen reverted backside and a receiver disconnected.

Three calls in Actiontec support. First time was cart disconnected afterwards 20 min wait. According to the time has taken in the technician and was disconnected. Third time had me control and verify several parameters in my computer. It IS very preoccupied that had it Windows 10 and has not used the laptop. Desprs Verifying several parameters determine a device has not done and would have to return he in a place purchase the. So that it is that .actiontec SBWD100KIT01 ScreenBeam Transmissive boxes of Receiver of Wireless and Exposure for Any-WiDi Laptops/ Miracast Devices

After it is to update a firmware in a receiver, downloads and install the new application for a device.
5 / 5 Leon
Required the fast solution to connect the provisional projector in the computer that was 55Ft has been. First of amazon the fast rid and this product has done perfectly. Setup Was easy. The application was the projector in the sanctuary of church so RF the interference was the worry once all the world was of service. Any subject with interference after four weeks of use.
1 / 5 Jenae
Has some problems that poses this up he so that it gives his technology retreated the call. While it was very cosy and useful, an agent informed me that when transferring using an USB in my no miricast computer that only would take 780p resolution in my HDTV. I have mentioned that a description of the element said until 1080 and say yes, a device is able of until 1080 when streaming of the tlphonique or compressed directly in a receiver, but that through a transmitter of USB calms shouted only in 780p. Hurriedly Am returned he for the repayment.
3 / 5 Venetta
A concept am adds... An execution that disappoints. I have tried three different computers: the Dell Inspiron 1420, the Door AMD powered portable (5anys) and the relatively new Lenovo Z580 iCore5, and he Droid Galaxy of Samsung. Some two older computers initially, felizmente matched and has frozen immediately in a first screen; a Lenovo (still after updating a WiDi firmware, never matched felizmente. A call in Actiontec the support was the pleasant surprise (alloy the Saturday) but difficult in clearly comprise a outsourced service, that precise 'please repeat that dulcemente' ask on my part.

Connects in my Droid was the breeze - but bought it to connect at least one of my pcs (Dell and Door with Windows 7; Lenovo W8.1)

The support of Technology has concluded my raisin was incompatible ( can live with this); and after spending almost an hour that repeats all had done according to some instructions that comprises installations uninstalling and reinstalling... It concludes it has to have the defective receiver. Only problem with this response, (after I hanged) was that a Droid did very (any one adds, but passable quality).

The TAN now is looking once again for the system that simply laws with my one of my computers -
4 / 5 Aracelis
The laws of receiver adds with my Galaxy of Samsung S5. It can not take transmitter of USB to remain connected with my PC of Windows 8.1. They PC is the few old years . A pair of units, but then immediately disconnect. Has the dialogue of email that goes with vendor and is alentador can take a PC to do. Tried he with a Windows older 7 PCs and alloy, but a PC does not have to speed of suffices of CPU to maintain up with a transmission of video. You have to have the Intel powerful recent I3 CPU(preferably I5 or better) to use a transmitter.

Update 12-18-2014 - only installed a transmitter in the 5 old year Lenovo notebook with the Intel I3 390M CPU and 4GB RAM that Windows 7 of races. The law adds to project video with retarding very small in mine 40' television of Samsung. Even so, I can any a work of transmitter with Windows 8.1. I have changed my indication in 4 stars and has decided any one for the return. I actuate Only the tried a transmitter in a same room how television. Quality of a picture in a television is very well still although it is 720P and the television is 1080P.

Does not have the PC of Windows 8.1 with WiDi, even so, Actiontec said that laws. There the support has answered my troubleshooting email quickly but was unable to the help mark me a work of transmitter in my PC of Windows 8.1. A transmitter would connect, but a television immediately disconnects.
4 / 5 Ji
- Wireless HDMI exposure in a room
- auricular of small measure
- mere in setup
- is coming with a late plus firmware

- action of the transmitter of the USB is poor
- has had initially the problems that poses the up
- Perhaps sensitive in a location of a receiver

My setup:
- devices of source: Surface of Microsoft Pro and Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 3
- exposure to start with: 4x4 HDMI matrix switcher and 2 1080p HDTVs (Panasonic and Vizio)

Initially when posed the up. It can not take a Surface of LADY PRO to connect/the pair those uses a Project in the Device. It can neither taking a Note 3 to connect/pair. Afterwards, I have downloaded an application of a Tent of Windows to configure a receiver, so that it has believed perhaps that has required to update a firmware. A firmware was already current. Afterwards, I have tried in a transmitter of USB. I have downloaded a program and tried it. Alloy and has matched properly, but an action was poor. In 1080p, a video was the show of slow slide . In 1600x900 resolution, sometimes would have his but the video was laggy. In 720p, the video and the sound was acceptable.

Has moved a receiver in different location and installed the 3' 24AWG big speed HDMI with the ethernet in the place of a speed regulates has comprised HDMI cape. Suddenly, the law adds. It was able to take a Surface Pro to connect/the pair those uses a Project in the Device. In 1080p, the action is hurriedly, clear picture, and very minimum lag in 20' distance of a device in a receiver. Also, one Notes 3 has connected felizmente matched/ properly. Again 1080p, hurriedly, clear picture, and very minimum lag. The desire can change a WiFi the canal is using. I am now happy with purchase of mine while it is doing so expected. It does not have any necessity for a transmitter of USB.

For futures of potential buyers and current owners with subjects, tries to plant a receiver in an optimum location. No The plant under the television, by behind a television, or next right in some subjects. If possible, any one flap a WiFi canal(s) of your subject and a Actiontec auricular. I do not know sure if a type HDMI the cape contributes in an action, but the flavours of coast substitutes a cape has comprised with the quickly more HDMI cape. Some buyers can not have a patience in troubleshoot, but expect that my experience could help.
3 / 5 Dominque
That is to say the orderly product . I bought it to enable streaming of mine that the laptop does not have WIDI. Initially an action was aweful both of my computer and my Miracast the tlphonique enabled, and has had to to research updating an engine and firmware. Once that it was fact , an action was a bit acceptable. It says it is looking to aim a lot your screen, so that you are doing the demo or that aims that is doing in your browser, etc - that it is well. Hardly begin streaming video or touching the game, an action is so-so much. If has any one... I bad any one... Activity of grandson this enters your machine, like the backup or the download, an action of a video is horrible. Without another activity of present point, a resolution of video and streaming is still any one adds. If we can he imagine was so to do HDMI work in the net, this would have to when being a bit comparable, but his no - has admitted his wifi has based, but a subject and the devices are running over Wirelessly-N and less than 5 feet of the each another. The hope there is other updates that can direct it quality of video, 1080p support of resolution and streaming action.
4 / 5 Toccara
The works add to pose simplified (house and such) to do WiDi (wireless Exposure) in your television, but like anything wireless transmitting has the light delay.
Flavours to use in the agreement the road the film in a projector quite 100 feet was, and subjects well, but has had a sound hooked in our backside of blender for a laptop so much for a time a pointed picture in a projector a sound was in the second or two fast more than an image to touch. No the horrible product for any half, and he that is supposes in. Only the has not done so that our purpose has feigned was for him.
5 / 5 Tomi
I have ordered this wireless exposure with some doubt so in the reliability of him for this purpose declared . Some of some revises assemblen has been written by clients that has had the totally different experience with a product this has had. I have followed some directions in a cloak of installation that is coming with a product and was pleasantly surprised when some results were spectacular! A download was flawless, the easy installation and without any problems at all. I installed it on the Lenovo x201 Thinkpad 12' computer of screen that has not been WIDI ready. Quan Has projected a screen in the 32' Sanyo HD television an image has projected was flawless. A colour was crisp and clear. An image was in the house and I have detected any lag at all when looking the film in NETFLIX. It was in the line and he have downloaded a later update like the cloak of the installation suggested and this also was to complete without the incident has to admit concealed and is a bit experimented when goes in computer programing, even so I am sure that an inexperienced novice could install this wireless exposure easily IF he or she prenden attention in some instructions and follow the in a card, Closes has to say that it recommends this wholehearted wireless exposure!
1 / 5 Brock
This can have been the device adds but will not know never. 1. The engine has entered the CD. Quan The people have posed the clave of USB in there like the walks of CD are going a road of a DoDo. Has the in his web of place once leaves calm of the entrance of a device appoints so downloaded and has run an application before inserting a device. (Reboot Required). Once I rebooted has inserted a transmitter and has launched then an application. It scans and scanned and never found a receiver. I have launched to Converse for support of technology. 1 min Later taking avenges on request that does. I have answered and after other 20 minutes of another response of a person to sustain left the message that is returned a device any one so that the could not take to exit of a box but his service of client was horrible.

Will be to spend two times so much for a Netgear or Warpia. It fulfils BOTH have service of good client. Mandate in your own risk.

Top Customer Reviews: Actiontec ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Bonny
Please notes that in the principle has purchased the Netgear Push2TV device and is returned he because of video and freezing of audio-ups, problems of connection, and severe lag. I have decided to try a Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro in his place, and was Very better!

Please notes that is writing this description of a Actiontec afterwards only two days of use of this product. I have tried this device to reproduce screens in three devices. In the each case, has tried his capacity to reproduce streaming video of a web, streaming MP4 video that was to store locally in a device, reproducing photos that was local in a device, and, in a Nexus 7 and one Notes 2, reproducing a desktop of device that uses to move lives wallpapers.

Nexus 7 (2013 current 4.4 Boxes Kat)

All of some tests is spent enough well. A connection has been done easily without incident. It has remarked some freezings (glitches, any freezings of totals) in some lives wallpaper after reproducing he during an hour or so much. Disconnecting And re-connecting resolved a subject. The videos have touched without freezings or significant lag. A unit takes quite warm.

Samsung Commentaries of galaxy 2 telephone (T-Mobile, running 4.1.2 Grain of Jelly)

All of some tests has achieved without incident. Any ice cream or significant lag has been remarked. For this device, accesses a ScreenBeam Pro through Samsung AllShare Mould (Parameters...More Parameters...AllShare Mould).

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro portable convertible (running Windows 8.1)

All the tests have achieved without incident. These uses a WiDi (Intel Wireless Exposure) function.

Highly recommend this product. I have been since reproducing my ipad 3 with a television of Apple, has wanted the device that would do also in the screen that reproduces for Android so that it can synchronise he out of my last products of Apple in favour of Android. Based in my premiers two days of use with a Actiontec ScreenBeam Pro, thinks that it has found that required.
4 / 5 Clark
We buy two of these, or for our familiar room, or for our room of main viewing, to use with the new laptop with (Intel) Widi capacities. Some devices have configured simply saw Windows 8.1 and is trivial to connect and disconnect wirelessly. In the So many has looked far the bouquet of different streaming sources of video like on-line television (for example, today parades of Bowl of the Rose of the Pasadena canal of television ( is in Virginia)!), The web of places that caters in streaming works, and more; each source has done perfectly complete with his well and, in addition to case, full 1080p video (depends in source). Some devices are dinky - as 8 cm in the side and enough 1.5 big cm.

Essentially does exactly that wants the to do - I leaves in audio of video/of the current in our big-screen TVs in full resolution of the laptop without using the cape. We have been also using them simply in 'project' an exposure of portable while my woman has been practising problems of on-line mathematicians - that it pode of look of road in a screen of questions and television BIG of the response has without that has to try to look in his shoulder in the exposure of a laptop.

So that it is BAD with them? Two things have remarked so far: (1) there is any one was to change so once is plugged in, is on. This looks the poor characteristic but one can ignore since some devices are always ready to connect this road. And (2), some devices are susceptible in of the microwaves-radiation of frequency (2.4ghz?). Quan Has affected by that an audio/of video results very intermittent and quite unviewable. Our ONLY experience with this problem, even so, was when turn in a microwave oven in a cookery (30-ish the feet was and through the wall of pair); you grieve an oven has turned was, an audio/of result of solid video of mecer again. Quan I an internet looks for these visas of the problem is VERY COMMON through numerous devices like routers etc so this is not a ActionTec-concrete problem. A wattage of our microwave (1200W in beats full) undoubtedly contributed in an appearance of a problem (our oven any one 'leak', is only that the microwave ovens are the most powerful PLOT these wireless routers). In all the case, this problem, also, is not enough to problem us in distraction - now that knows WHY a behaviour arrives, knows like the eschew is to him so resulted the insignificant problem that enough probably is unavoidable with Any Widi auricular.

These headphones has tried already his value in us. I am sure while we discover to content more on-line will be to use them even more.
4 / 5 Jude
Setup In the east was very easy, simply limits in a wall and your television, then tune in a HDMI has alloy in. It connects in your device of Windows 10 is also very easy. I have tried in the first place he with my half/ laptop of big final besides or 8 feet less have been. A video skipped and the sound has cut continued each 15 bren. I have tried then with my PC besides or 25 feet less was and through wall, has taken a same poor action . At the end, returned in my laptop and this time has connected the speaker of Bluetooth for sound. The action was perfect. A film has touched all a road through without the glitch and his through a Bluetooth the speaker was perfect. I am guessing a bandwidth of a device only can not handle both sound and video. Otherwise, A consolation and the mere operation the the good device.
2 / 5 Tora
I am expecting that I can order out of some insects and give this the better description.

An only problem has is that the majority of a time when the transfers in a device is that it looks the deactivate/blend my house Wifi point. Obviously, that is to say the problem when not using and when flavour to use a device. So much my tlphonique and the computer has wifi problems of connection with my point of house, which he very difficult in video of current in a television of this video usually is that it comes from/comes from an internet. At the end, it has had to to unplug a device so that I blow he through my pension of data in my tlphonique since can not take the reliable wifi signal when a Actiontec has been ignited.

Goes to touch with my parameters to issue to see yes can take things to touch amiably. Has subject he grupal dual, but a Actiontec careers in some same 2 groups.
5 / 5 Leanna
Val, I gotta says was sceptical in of the this. But after reading a piece written in tomsguide.com in a better mirrorcast auricular for 2014 imagined would give to try it. This was to sell for Amazon, as I have known was coated he stinks. As one measures is not one small plus of a bouquet, certainly very so small like chromecast, I also own, but still access in a palm of your hand. Mamma that AC the adapter is not the universal 5V USB. Instead it is the transformer regulates with round of cover. Outrage conceal, this thing was literally carried and game. I possess one LG G3 and after plugging he in mine HDMI 4 entrance in a side of my television simply clicked one mirrocast button in my device of android and paste of investigation and bam! It looks a first time . Clicked In the and bam again! He only the work. Any one lag, any configuration, any update of firmware, at all. Only he the a first time. This vain thing to be awesome when trip in of the rooms of hotel or anywhere more this has one hdmi television of entrance. It IS also person cheaper of the, to plot but calm saves some headache and takes a a that law only. Also it can download an application of the android in a game stores these covers configure one ScreenBeam and rename he in yours likes him.
5 / 5 Blake
Three clicks in the Miracast-device of the android enabled (Galaxy of Samsung S4 in my case), and an exposure easily works. It IS VERY handy for gaming, particularly when coupled with the keyboard of Bluetooth and of mouse. So while Netflix is streaming MLP shows in some boys HDTV issues the Chromecast, is mecer DOSBox Turbo with some games of Gog.com classics in a room. ...All of the telephone!

...But habladura left in of the Windows. State building the systems since was the boy with an IBM XT, as I am very-versed with pertinent YOU config, implementation of engine, and HW tuning. But a Intel whole WiDi automotive + of Intel of the software of exposure + IntelWiFi ProSet the engine + pronounces lack of 'known-matrix of good versions' does east the brutally thwarting process. That is to say an only situation some last diverse years where that run some stable versions later does not yield of the functional results, likes stay troubleshooting buggy old versions this 'work-then-accident.' A WiDi the software contains useful zero troubleshooting registers, tools, diagnostics, or done a Intel situates.

The decrease of long history:
--users of Android: it buys this And he Chromecast.
--Users and of laptop of the PC: Good luck. You maintain a packaging.
5 / 5 Kristine
It has wanted to to issue he of general purpose to aim my Yoga 2 Pro (Windows 8.1) beginning of screen in our Samsung 55' television. A unit comes with the big quality HDMI cape and the supply to be able in. Hookup Was very mere; party and actuate was so mere. Claro and easy to comprise the instructions have been comprised in hardcopy and is aimed in a television anterior in connecting. It IS to arrive and current in less than 15 minutes of inaugural a box. The video represents clearly in a television (the audio comes through final also). I have tried also with several videos, metre and applications of desktop. Quan Selecting a road to reproduce so exposures, the windows temporally modify a resolution of a notebook to match the resolution of a television. The resolution of original notebook is restored after disconnect. This unit all has wanted the to do.

Update: A premium has attached that has done to any to give when experience that is to say that his also compatible with our ready telephones. Has a HTC A (running Android 4.4.2)And the Samsung S3 (running Android 4.3). Both can connect and reproduce his screens also. It looks to take the few tentativas to connect in a Samsung, but at the end alloy and once connected does not fall .
5 / 5 Lily
Each an on, work very easy setup and a firmware to be of to the device likes him a subject and is so easy to configure the parameters done of commission.
Ploughed For each one has confused on exhibition wireless/miracast will count.

Miracast IS a default subjects to launch your screen of device, uses an infrastructure of grandson (subject of your house) the broker streaming of your device in a reciever and is generally a tap an easy plus in current of your mobile device.

Direct connects, that is to say the direct connection among you and a device, similar to connect in the WiFi clean uses the different signal in emission and usually any sample a SSID, if your device retreated this characteristic simply manually attaches the wireless connection of your parameters of connection that uses a name of point and tone has aimed in your screen.

Has a lot of different parameters in several devices but the windows remain some same of an investigation of bar of the investigation of windows attaches wireless exposure' or for more than info on that in navigate your parameters of host device please to go in [...]
4 / 5 Danuta
Quan Took a council of the container followed of anterior critics and has update immediately a firmware in a newer version I have tried a device in the Nexus 5 and the HTC An and Surface Pro 3. On all some devices...Still images and powerpoint like the presentations have done of sound, but when that touches the video all a device there has been an occasional to hang (only for the second) and artifacting in time...Be looked for in the each 15 dry or so much. Both video of the telephones there has been also and audio out of synchronising subjects. I have decided to try in firmware for an Edition of Education (work for the University but concealed is not why bought he) since was the emission of firmware newer (the screenbeam pro the unit is an exact same model ...Only a firmware is different). I fix each of some subjects excepts in some telephones still take an occasional utensil or 2. The law adds with a Surface Pro 3 in extensive or mirror. I am very pleased with a device now and an edition of firmware of the education attaches some fresh characteristics also.
4 / 5 Tori
Work well to connect my Surface Pro in the monitor without having to be wired in. In it Sew it to to him only it does not like him it is that each to time posed the my computer in road of sleep, disconnects of my computer and I owe the hand reconnect the... Each WHAT WHAT. ONLY. TIME. This also the raisin changes an entrance in a monitor connects in; when turn in an entrance of computer owes the hand reconnect my computer. For this reason I have to give 4 stars.

Top Customer Reviews: Actiontec PWR511K01 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Kemberly
Very easy in setup and an action is very enough in alive television municipality HD has contained of my centre of means comunicacionales of the Windows in some means comunicacionales of Xbox 360 extends. Has these adapters they plugged in different electrical circuits in of the opposite ends of a house and everything look to do well I still under these circumstances.

Has remarked that the nexus of some adapters' the light has not begun of the green and some instructions have not mentioned what a varied other colours have meant. A 'Nexus' the look of lights to alternate of Greens in Red in my house but streaming HD videos (Netflix, Vain HBO, or HD registers) has not looked to have any perceivable skips, lag or subjects of connectivity.

On-line support FAQ shows one that follows for a 'Nexus' clear:

Red: it means speed and toneless signal of grandson more dulcemente: less than 50Mbps
Orange: Bad normal signal with speed of regular point: 50-99Mbps
Green: Bad excellent signal with optimum speed of grandson: 100Mbps+
Was: it means any activity. And the adapters have not connected.
3 / 5 Shena
In the first place you are, a max accelerates this offer of devices is 100Mbps. 500Mbps IS not even theoretic so that a built-in ethernet the connection did not retreat it. They require for prender lying in that. I have known this was a when case bought the, but still lose the star for purposefully when being shady quite the and trying people of trick.

Opens In setup subject. I have followed a 7 instruction of any the calm booklet give you and has taken to flash red lights but any internet. I have tried several times and has entered then his web of place for help. The calm learnt You there can reset some devices to line a button during 15 bren. I have tried this quite 5 times in the each device and only succeeded on doing them not connecting in the each another at all. There is not your a lot of visual some works of reset or no.

Afterwards tried to pose the tone of new encryption. After 20 minutes of some instructions in his web of place any acting, has imagined was regarding the do and now he all utmost.

Here is some instructions of his place (modified by me in in fact of records):

1. It limits some Adapters in trams outlets in a same circuit (Two prjimo together outlets would have to marks . It unplugs Any ethernet capes of them).
2. It presses a button of Security in an Adapter the small time hurriedly until a Power has DIRECTED begins to flash green.
3. It repeats any 2 for a second Adapter.
4. It presses a button of Security in an Adapter of premier during 2 bren, then emission. One Can DIRECTED in some first beginning of Adapter to flash afterwards loose.
5. In 120 bren repeats to step 4 for a second Adapter.
Some two Adapters have connected now in some same Powerline point with the tone of new encryption. It opens can move You some few devices in wherever wants in your house. They can not aim the connection of full green until calm in fact traffic of place of real point through some devices.

Another that concealed, the law adds and has not been taking hot or anything. Latency Quite down also.

has been using it quite 3 month now, and mostly the laws add. Occasionally when begin in my computer takes the minutes of pair for a HomePlug in reconnect in another. It go it today particularly bad and for a past 15 minutes have been connecting for the little bren and then that falls a connection and that takes several minutes in reconnect. This probably only spends quite once the month, but still is thwarting.

Edits 2:
After enough 9 month of uses has has begun having problems. It opens Courses out of the each few minutes. A light of the nexus still will be solid or flashing orange, but a ethernet the light will exit. Usually when this raisin has to unplug and re covers in a ethernet cord once or two times and immediately does again. It does not have any idea why this is spending now but is thwarting that has had to here and bond this. I have to reset he once only logging in Amazon to edit this description.

To the final edits:
After almost two years a unit that gave me problem in an on edits at the end overheated and is died. It has been taking hot during several months. One another unit is less bad and never taken hot. I suspect a manufacture is not to notch upper. Has the devices have purchased of the different company now like the substitution. So far any problem with them at all.
4 / 5 Fleta
Very M how give this to 5 description of star, but a band of premier has taken had a defective unit . The only option of the amazon with the 3 vendor of party was the repayment . Owe the backside, orders another, then expects for Amazon in repayment me for a defective. Also now I have to pay to ship in the daytime afterwards, so that it has required very this.
This has said, these sums of law of the units! I have posed initially in the wireless field extends with the veiled SSID, and has used a port of the ethernet connected in the change. This has done, but each few days my speed would fall 1 Mbps. I reboot a field extends and everything would return in normal.
A Actiontec typically give me 3 green lights, signifying speeds in 100 Mbps. Occasionally one goes in amber, signifying 50 in 99 Mbps. That is to say although before that my ISP, as any loss, and returns in of the greens on is pertinent. It has had easterly race for 5 days, and has not required for the touch, or included give is in place. All my squad, comprising the 16 port change, is in my dispatch in a front of a house. In a by behind a house is a modem of cape and subject. Running a cape of Ethernet through a coverage and two fish of wall is is not an option in this hire. Among my dispatch and a modem are the bath, laundry room, and hallway. It opens HAS the solid connection in of the most utmost speeds that what my ISP can provide, so there is not any loss of speed in my dispatch. My computers, VOIP squad, and the fax is all acting perfectly.
2 / 5 Shelly
Has 6 of these devices a duquel is a version with 4 ports. They Liked him the to of the principle, a speed was utmost and streaming the video or The Netflix was very improved in wifi streaming. My main subject is that two of my devices have prendido to do possibly caused for the power arises. One 4 port device time of form of loose connectivity to time and would have to when being unplugged and plugged behind in in reset. I have changed in the MOCA the device provides the much more reliable connection. Still it uses two of these devices but has won;t inverts more in the. I will remark had these in two different houses. Law for six problem of free months in my last house. So that the current house is new Constitution is where has begun having subject. It can not have the correlation but is the variable of valuable note.
2 / 5 Emilee
I have bought this for the house of two histories has built in 1983. My intention was to have the point of wireless access in of the opposite ends of a house so that the wireless coverage is very poor in or finals. To do the decrease of long history, could not take big that 5 Mbps of a device in another. To do it the extra that thwarts, go in me quite filled each what so once in the moment (an or two times in an hour) and then inner the few minutes, falls in 5 again.

Has Had the amazon substitutes a set for me. It was alentador so that other critics have said had utmost successes with him, included through phases (or some such technical thing), but after taking some substitutions and experimenting during hour, has discovered has not had Any place in a house could sustain big that 5 Mbps--that comprises a same room!

Has contacted Actiontec and suggested, 'that is all some data estimates a wiring in your house is able to spend\transmit.' That can be it true, but a description of the product does not say anything enough the action that is _dependent_ in a the wiring in a house.

Like work, but so bad concealed has to subjects behind. (The amazon was orders east slope, BTW.) I suspect a same thing would spend with other marks of powerline adapters of clean, but has has not tried still.
4 / 5 Oralee
Has two theatre of auricular house and three TVs connected in my internet together with several desktop and computers of laptop and blu players of ray that connects wirelessly in a point. Alas, some auricular and two of a TVs does not have wireless connections. Since I am renting, can not run cape through a wall. These devices are in an only option that was available. The tan now am using four of a Actiontec devices that has turned my house the electrical system to the point wired.

Has posed up was almost so easy as it covers in the light. I have connected a road a CAT included-5 cape in a Belkin Wireless Subject and plugged he in a socket of wall. I have connected then another in a television and the third in a receiver in an another side of our floor and plugged a Actiontec adapters in a cord of extension. In 10 or 15 bren, the nexus of the point has been established and could update a software in a television and Auricular, files of the access in my elder of age computes and short Netflix and Pandora Irradien in so TVs and auricular.

A GOOD of looks of the speed, and although I did not try it, research to be similar to accelerate devices in some wireless N point. Some connections are solid without problems of connectivity. It IS an effective solution where wireless and take wired the points are not possible.
5 / 5 Theola
I have purchased this with low to moderate expectations. Take the and am blowing entered an ease of use and functionality.

In my application was that it wants to install an out of camera of security of the door in a verge of my property. I have contemplated to run Cat6 in the application buried but in a last second decided to spend one $ 45 to the flavour was internet in powerline..

How has decided to try a Actiontec PWR511K01 in just $ 45. I am happy has done !!

Took boxes, has opened he, plugged in adapter 1, has walked has been to spill with camera and adapter 2 and hooked arrives the. It was on-line with cam of security with in 5 minutes of inaugural box. Easy peasy.

In my case is not in joining it to him to circuit still likes him to him the adapter 1. I am going although the breaker of boxes of typical residential circuit. In my application has tried my external connection those uses it foscam camera and is taking reliable 720 video in a 24 tax of frame. Even so, I am not enough to use a two road mic or an independent audio while they are uncompressed bit recorded and surpasses a capacity of this adapter in my application.

Inferior line: YES, the very compraventa. The beaten that race 200ft of cat 6 in the pipe, metre or big. Speed of internet in my swipes of the application was wifi and 4g.

Has the edifice wired that it is by train to consider you running cat5e or 6 in then consider this $ 45 box like the viable alliterative.
5 / 5 Jovan
It gives this to 6 indication to star yes can. It IS so easy to install - cover and game and any setup has required. It have been trying for days to take the DLink Wireless Bridge to do and at the end left. It likes I some investigation and has taken it casualidad in this unit so that it look it to have some the better descriptions and he are more rapids and the very good prize. I have not been disappointed. My PowerLine the unit the road is upstairs in a outlet apropa my subject and my unit of receiver is down in the totally different circuit. I have followed the council of a manual and bypassed a outlet the spear arises protective and plugged he directly in a socket of wall. I think that it that it can be it where some other people are having his problems. Each a wiring of the vain house in a far side of a semi-detached garage. It IS the small preoccupied to read negative commentaries in this setup. But work like hurriedly like my connection wired. I a test of speed of the internet with so wired, wireless N and this PowerLine Adapter of Ethernet and is everything exactly a same speed of maximum. Has 3 Mbit speed of download of the DSL, anybody fast plus, but certainly very enough for Netflix.

Has attached the D-Nexus DGS-2205 5-Port 10/100/1000 Desktop Change that has purchased the mark of long time in the prize of subject. Work perfectly in my surprise. There are models newer available now. And I think that to issue it has to also laws. The tan now has a cape that goes of the same PowerLine Adapter to Mesh this goes to Transfer 1 of a Change of Ethernet. And other four ports, has go capes in mine Marantz Receiver, mine LG 3D television and my Sony 3D Blu-Player of DVD of the ray and one save. It was able to operate all the ports simultaneously. It listens in Pandora while downloading the update of firmware in a LG HDTV. As this has exited a lot adds. I have not expected that it can turn the solo PowerLine Adapter in 4 extra ports. I have thought perhaps it have to it buys it additional adapters, but has not been necessary at all.

IS very pleased and also impressed with this wonderful PowerLine Adapter.
3 / 5 Carolin
This installed right out of a box, absolutely carried and game. This has said, in two locations of test, tomb and quite a lot of 20 feet out of one issue, and the same fund and 30 feet was, only is taking 'nexus'/red feeble summer. (The house is less than the old year like unlikely the subject to wire) My service of internet is the modest 18Mbps down / 1.5 Mbps up. For this reason a toneless nexus probably is not very a lot the factor - those with very better of speed of internet (30/40/50+ Mpbs down/arrive) could have the problem. Laptop in wifi two feet of one issue taken 20/1.5mbps. Down in wifi takes ~14/1.5mbps. Down with this Actiontec Powerline volume almost exactly a same speed... ~14/1.5mbps. Upstairs And 30 ~feet / 2 rooms was calm essentially take (mine) full speed of so Wifi and this product - 20/1.5mbps. (He same volume of more speed of bit to download that my container provides, by everything means of connection or device) the decrease of Long history, this element is adapted for my necessities, but would have been has used also it USB wifi adapter for my desktop. (Cheaper and faster - no those some marks last the difference for my container/of internet of the situation) :) Deducting some stars for a nexus be 'feeble' and or for one deceiving use of '500Mbps' in a name of product. (Yes, I have read up and it has known a ethernet the capacity was 100Mbps, and the zero done again differentiates for my speed of internet, but is a principle )
4 / 5 Ivelisse
Works quite well although your milage can vary. My old townhome has built in 1991 has had accelerates very fast (go nexus) and my new mark the only familiar house there has been normal speeds (orange). I have used mine to pose to the point of wireless access in an another side of my house to develop the coverage and he do very very prender east. Also, of the PS3 has g/802.11b the contact is Much faster to download patches of big game that trusting wifi.

And for those of you concealed does not know like resync a tone of encryption...

This changes a tone of encryption in the PWR500 Powerline Adapter?
In reset and changes a tone of encryption in a PWR500, clue some low steps:

1. It limits some Adapters in trams outlets in a same circuit.

2. It presses and it lines a button of Security in the each unit one the time for exactly 10 bren. In a 10 second, the vain left wing of a button. Quan Falls a button, a Power has DIRECTED is will turn was very in brief and the backwards to turn on. A LK has DIRECTED is will not turn behind on in this time.

3. Then in an of some units, presses and lines a button of Security for exactly 3 bren. In a 3 second, emission a button. Quan Falls a button, a Power has DIRECTED will begin to flash.

4. It opens In or another unit, presses and lines a button of Security for exactly 3 bren. In a 3 second, emission a button. Quan Falls a button, a Power has DIRECTED will turn was and behind in breifly, and then a LK has DIRECTED would have to when being ignited in both units. Provided a LK the lights in both units are ignited, a tone of encryption has been changed and some two Adapters have connected now in some same Powerline point with the tone of new encryption.

Top Customer Reviews: Verizon Fios Router ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Denese
Bought the used or for the new threads the the internet installs to save to pay a monthly free. It was easy for an installer to install. The sure just mark apresamiento or with some antennas and adapter to be able in.

Editing my description. A wifi in the east Mamma! No more it conceal 10-20mbs. Hooked In my linksys subject and taken of full speed. It IS to add has an external to issue and turn of wifi in this subject. Otherwise Tries to take one until model of date.
5 / 5 Salena
The mine paid for him in less than the year. Work as well as a a Verizon Threads me hire. It avenges very bundled, and ready to go. The fact has connected hardly everything. My only complaint would be this mine has had some superficial scratches in some external when take it. It is not a piece of art even so, and does not give for the crap that look while I can take internet while saving the bit of money.

Verizon Has nicknamed directly after ordering this to take the box to return his subject. Any ATTENTIVE! Mark sure takes a box to turn so harvest as it was possible is thinking quite that goes this road. Verizon Has tugged his feet during 1.5 months that take me some stupid boxes for me to return his subject, everything a moment still in that touch me hire. I comprise why continued to touch hire, even so that was in $ 8 has taken more than me because of him. It takes some free boxes although you are still iffy on buying yours own subject.
4 / 5 Audry
1. Buying this subject/of the modem is by train to save me $ 120/yr renting he of Verizon and enabling me to save $ 500/yr to touch Comcast.
2. Easy is trace.
3. Modem and issue everything in or.
4. Work with my Netgear the subject Extends.

1. The field has limited much more that the Comcast-compatible subject, as it can has to buy subject extends.

Has bought this so that a Verizon 'type of habladura' the recommended raisin is some subjects . Bad council. While this subject can handle Verizon 50/50 downloads/debits, that is to say his limit . The raisin IS some subjects is well in 1 Gigabit, and is a right election IMO.

A word in a wise. Any habladura. Habladura In of the real people.
1 / 5 Hisako
If it can estimate accident of zeros I . So turbulent- bought and has scheduled Verizon date the week was. Quan The technology is arrived said an element has not done. Lights to aim when plugged in but very faint and a light of connectivity was illuminated in a backside when was has connected not even. I have been thank you to run and subjects almost $ 160 in or as it do not have to reschedule Verizon to return out of the week later. Very disappointed. I have known this was the compraventa risky but says used, so new any one used , P.or.S.
5 / 5 Reid
Val, has not ordered this subject so that has wanted to he for day-in-operation in the daytime. I ordered it so that has my typical of issuing (and MOCA bridge), and the THREADS has pressed the update of firmware in a big STB this has required reactivation. Some weasels in Verizon the THREADS require you to have your STB has connected in an of his compatible routers in order for an activation in felizmente complete. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

Has required only this subject for quite a lot of 5 minutes. It can have been the weasel I to order an evening more the THREADS subject - $ 149 nine or $ 99 used - and returning it after completing a STB activation. But that it is caseous. Besides, this knows when press another update of firmware?

So much, opted for this old subject for ~$ 35. As Expected, taken quite a lot of 5 minutes to actuate a STB with this subject after it exchanged was and has restored my typical of issuing. Everything is doing usually again. It was the cheap solution and will be ready for some next THREADS disturb.
1 / 5 Giovanni
After reading joins other descriptions here, has thought this subject would do well with mine 50/50 Threads stroll. Even so after installation, has discovered that a field is very feeble. With my laptop in a same room, could take 25 mbs cups; with my laptop in an another side of a floor (where typically law), ails to connect. It was not only slow, was unusable. So there are some Threads the technicians install his new to issue, which there was at least 40 mbs in the each room. (Still it goes in 50 mbs in time). As I have purchased that one of Verizon for $ 150.

Has based in my experience, wants to necessity of fast internet a train a late plus.
5 / 5 Ali
Arrived so described by vendor. It take less than 5 minutes to take ot go. It see In the house besides or 1350 square feet less. Works through a house and external. Streaming Perfectly. No more cost to issue!

This element is sold by different vendors. The mine is come with exactly that says. A support, cord to be able in. Changed my coaxial cape and was well to go. Looked almost new as it describes for a vendor. Has Verizon threads and 100/100 mbs for my internet. My looks of internet to be a same speed how had with one issues of Verizon expensive.
2 / 5 Brittny
I have bought two of these units that in the first place a would not ignite and has to when being routed behind. A second arrival and has connected the in our Verge THREADS and has been quite poses in a wireless. This unit only has an old 2.4 Ghz wireless canal even so a specs said until 140 mbps. A better speed could take was 29 mb using Speedtest.net and always takes around 50 mb using a Verge of original Verge the THREADS Spends to Issue THREADS-G1100-FT(rented) subject. That is to say a low version to try each canal these controls for any updates of software (any one) and at the end left.

As I issue this behind and be purchasing the Verge the THREADS Spends to Issue THREADS-G1100-FT. It have thought in the MoCa the the adapter but a prize are in a same like the Verge has used the THREADS Spends to Issue THREADS-G1100-FT how has.
4 / 5 Francesco
Desprs Cutting a cord for the pair of month, decided to take internet of threads so that I can take the kodi box. It IS very reluctant to return in 'cape' but has seen the good roads for an internet that could not spend up. Also I hate to pay in esnt' instrument so that dry that some companies try rasgar of a consumer.
Bronzed At the end, decided to buy the wireless receiver. Hello Prende Down $ 50 was the good roads in my eyes.
Took this issues very hurriedly of when planted an order. It IS so described and do very good.
Takes the fast wifi signal 2 low funds and out of my house.

My threads the service is 50/50 load and speed of download. Sometimes volume after in that, sometimes only enter a low 30 east, I reset a unit and a computer and he usually elevate a speed.

Cairo, For a prize of this unit (renewed or used) paid for him in 6 month.
Was sceptical buy to issue it used or renewed but after the few months with the action adds without hiccups to the long of a road, can say that highly recommend this vendor and produced.

The May will be nt' squad of some companies of big cape again and or the.

Left me know has any question, will try my best to answer them. It enjoys!
5 / 5 Andree
One Issues of Verge is exactly a same like Subject of Verizon has substituted. Has 1000ports of MB in a retreated that you can my Action of backbone of house. Work perfectly for YouTubeTV and moving data around a house. A wireless 2.4mhz is hurriedly enough for all other applications that comprises a lot of lights of clean and changes. This subject save me a Verizon esntal' the cost and one to issue paid for him in less than 3 month. Verizon Spends A net in my house those uses a cape as I have to have subject he with MoCA.

Top Customer Reviews: Actiontec Ethernet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Florine
I have bought three of a Actiontec ECB2500C MoCA bridges (a group of twin, or only) to resolve two problems for the point of house of the partner. His Wi-Fino-connected Blu-the player of ray was far from his Wi-subject Fino, and while adapted, would die when a microwave oven has run. And a signal of Wi-Final has not achieved at all in a chamber of guest. This solution adds done. Any configuration has required.

Very time, house of some histories. Comcast Triple game. Modem of cape and Netgear WNDR4500 subject in the dispatch in or finals, Xfinity X1 box of cape, the television changes and list Blu-player of ray in room in a half, and chamber of guest in a far end. Each room there has been the coax the race of house in a point of entrance.

The elements have bought in April 2014 of Amazon.com:
Electronic of Holland MPOE-T Point of entrance MoCA Filter of filter, MoCA 'POE' Filter for television of Networking of the ONLY Coaxial cape
Monster TGHZ-3RF MKII three-initiate splitter 3 Subjects 2 GigaHertz RF Splitter 1 In 3 era
4 / 5 Jewel
== In a Box ==

Miss of a description of product is some exact contents of a box:
- Two Coax/devices of bridge of the Ethernet
- Two supplies to be able in. Alas some supplies to be able is the warts to wall was and is oriented side by side as in his the majority of case of likely use (a band to be able in) will block another outlets.
- Two under coax capes
- Two low Ethernet capes
- A coax splitter (5MHz~2GHz)
- guide of Fast Beginning
- Any software, which will require you wants to configure some devices. You can take he of Actiontec website. [...]
Had surprised enough and pleased to take the splitter and all some necessary capes in a box, but was bit it turbulent that has not had any software.

Some laws of device so announced and DOES not REQUIRE configuration to pose up, but unless has the point of filter of entrance in your line of cape, almost certainly wants to enable encryption. Otherwise, IS possible that one of your neighbours could connect the MoCA device in his line and access your point.

== Configuration ==

configuration of the device is not too difficult but was more difficult these necessities to be. A Config/Pursues the change is unnecessarily difficult in access, will require the pin or nail to take in him. Also it have to connect a device in the computer with DHCP has enabled. (More the people are in this situation, but in my point has configured manually my devices, as this was the ache ). At the end, a software can fail to connect in a device once or two times. Once a connection is established, the configuration is earnest. I have run in an additional hitch with a signal - some instructions on-line recovery that a default the signal is 'admin' but in my devices a default the signal was spatial .

== Connecting it each joint ==

is quite earnest to pose in a MoCA bridge at most of your points of accesses, likes him in your television, but has not founding any documentation or illustration that coated my case of use of the MoCA bridge, Subject, and Modem of Cape that exists in or coax drop. Some looks of documentation to suppose have the Modem to Issue/of combination and included then does not illustrate a situation very clearly. I think to chain these three separate devices together can be a bit counter-intuitive.

My configuration in my subject is as follows:

Mur Coax -> ECB2500C Coax In
ECB2500C Coax Was -> Modem of Cape Coax In
Ethernet of Modem of the Cape -> Ethernet of Subject Uplink
Spend to Issue of Ethernet -> ECB2500C Uplink

This will pose each an another MoCA the connections have comprised in your house to the point linked until your subject, very what has connected a change of Ethernet in this port and hooked all your devices in him. A reason this all does through a wall of the connection is that a modem of cape is communicating in a frequency (~600MHz) with your provider and a MoCA the point is communicating in another (1GHz+) with other bridges in your house.

While it can see the calm has not used a splitter to arrive to this point, like marks of signal of modem of cape he through a MoCA bridge only well. The calm would not have to use a splitter unless really need he for some reason.
5 / 5 Gilda
A pair of these Actiontec the adapters leave me to take reliable connectivity among my Tivo Roamio OTA and the TiVo Mini.

Had tried escape me with connecting a Roamio OTA road WiFi in my point of house, using a cape of Ethernet only for a TiVo Mini, but looking Alive television or touching recorded the shows was problematic in a TiVo Mini, because of a WiFi connection of a Roamio OTA. At the beginning, it looks that the WiFi the connection would be quite sake , in spite of what TiVo the documentation said, but has discovered early that although has quite bandwidth for 480 and 720 shows (any one lives or recorded), a WiFi has connected DVR could very common 1080 content in a TiVo Mini reliably. Occasionally take it an error that say me that my point was also slow, while it looks Alive television or has recorded shows in a TiVo Mini.

Opens, active has taken still a TiVo Mini plugged in my ISP subjects to issue a cape of Ethernet, but has one of a Actiontec the adapters plugged in some subjects with a cape of Ethernet also, together with the 75-Ohm Coax the cape that goes in a Coax jack in a wall by behind this television. Upstairs, Where a Roamio OTA DVR resides, is has taken now a connection of Ethernet that goes in an another Actiontec adapter, which is connected in a Coax jack of wall by behind this television. Both of a Actiontec the adapters have 12V pode the adapters plugged in, also.

Setup Could not have been much easier. It does not take but quite a lot of 10 minutes of inaugural a box in cabling and power in both adapters. It does not have any cape or maintains of satellite that goes in my house, as I have not required a Moca filter. Only I disconnected a big to age Coax the cape that enters of a street, so that a two wall-trace Coax jacks (in the each location of adapter) voice each which so another saw the splitter in a coverage, but at all more is in my soyoca' point.

Has changed then a Roamio OTA to use a connection of Ethernet in place of WiFi connection, has had to then connect in Mesh of TiVo. It was in a the TiVo Mini and said it to connect in a TiVo the point and I has been done!

Opens, no longer take some messages that says that my point is too slow, when looking Alive television or has recorded shows in my TiVo Mini so that my Roamio OTA has connected now saws Ethernet-Moca-Ethernet in place of WiFi.

(For a road, a TiVo Mini does not trust his connection in a DVR when streaming of the services of byline like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu More - the only goes directly in your subject and is gone in his servers. That is to say why it has qualified my commentaries on to the signal was that it has had it only problems with Alive television (where a TiVo Mini confidences some tuners have built in a DVR) and has recorded shows.)

Could any one when being any happier with this product - was the past good money.
2 / 5 Bernardo
I am honestly very sure why this apresamiento so the descriptions add . I suppose if it only is using to spend small quantities of traffic, in of the speeds way down below, this probably looks the device adds...

This place of MoCA the adapters are announced as 'until 270Mbps'. That is to say quite deceptive announces. It takes slow speed through my jacks of wall, quite 10 in 20 Mbps. I have tried directly connecting them, same results (had at all to do with period of cape or mitigation).

I some flavour with iPerf to try and represent out of that enters. Me assembla That one issues this work is spent until 20Mbps 'for nut'. If has the device that only can open for on 1 nut to data of road, goes to take the max of 20Mbps. Boot behind and advances among 10 and 20. You can open multiple nuts and he max was around 90Mbps. There also it looks to be the very big latency (compared in Cat of only race-5i...

Does not think that is to say the good product . If you are looking the road big bit-films of tax in of the this, goes to be very disappointed. Will A lot of stuttering and skipping, especially yes is looking films with Dolby Digital or DTS in the Conversor Multimedia.

Will say that this slightly better law that Ethernet in of the Lines to Be able in (that is to say the total disaster ) but these no anywhere apropa a 270Mbps listed in a box. A lot that disappoints, ad very deceptive...
5 / 5 Mirella
I have bought this product so that I have moved my undertaken of cape of Uverse in Comcast.

Each what so Uverse the box of cape has the RJ45 carried of Ethernet in hole, as I can connect all your devices of point. It contrasts, Comcast only covers a modem of cape for house.

Before Comcast has entered to do an installation, has had these two adapters hooked up, and has had also the MOCA POE device hooked up on the dot of demarcation of the cape. I have aimed in Comcast technical that MOCA has done very low Uverse. A technician has insisted that it has to cape of substitute of In&T Splitters with Comcast cape splitters. I have verified these Comcast cape splitters, and expsito that was estimated in or ghz, and knows cape of In&T Splitters is estimated in 1.5 ghz. Also I know for the fact that MOCA has done down 1.1 ghz in 1.4 ghz. I have asked a technician any one to substitute cape splitters but insist that a substitution of cape splitters is some police of company. I have said to return cape of In&T Splitters in me after his work.

After an installation, coverage so expected, MOCA has not done more. Worse still, a technician very only is not the cape returned of In&T Splitters in me, but has had also my MOCA POE the device has robbed. The bellow And he has informed an incident in Comcast. Desprs More than a month, still has not listened they.

Has repurchased a POE device and splitters in the cost of less than $ 20. I have substituted Comcast cape splitters with again purchased splitters and the place retreated a POE the device purchased again. MOCA Again do like the charm.

Comcast Hires of his system of means comunicacionales of own house, so strongly suspect concealed has the corporate police in client of own sabotage MOCA system.
5 / 5 Alysa
Has any one tried it fully a speed of these still, but so of now these are 5 stars .

Has THREADS in mine 3 house of level with the television in the each of some premiers 2 funds, and my work-of-dispatch of house in a third fund. At present have some THREADS of late plus GigE subject (802.11n) in a third fund to augment speeds of Internet as much as possible where predominately require the for my laptop, Ooma telephone, etc...

Has wanted the bass of the internet wired in some other 2 funds of one such house that could hook in my blu-player of ray in an Internet in a first fund, and my Xbox 360 in an Internet in a second gives a very each without could use wifi.

A setup of these adapters could not have been easier. In a first fund has posed simply to 2 road coax splitter in a cape these beginnings of a wall, and then plugged a side of a coax accident in some box of THREADS of cape of the television, and an another side in an of one 2 adaptadoras the boxes comprised. Then I plugged an adapter in a wall to be able in. At the end, it has used a ethernet cape to patch to connect a blu-player of ray in a ethernet in an adapter. Only that easily a blu-the player of ray has had full Internet. I have repeated a same process in my Xbox, and was so easy. Any parameter, any frustration, covers only in and go.

Is purchasing the pair of cheap gigabit changes to pose among each Coax adapter and some devices in a premier and according to melting so it can limit more devices in in each deep. My main test is going in then when being yes bluray images (~30-50GB each what) has tent in the gigabit walk of the point in a third fund will touch without stuttering in WDTV boxes in a premier and third fund. Notionally With 270Mbps this would owe law . I will update my clave when there has been it the occasion to try.
5 / 5 Erin
It IS very sceptical of the same so that I have used and situate up with the similar device that he in some electrical lines and was stable but very slow. All of these devices are many if it only is accessing an internet, but has the big server with final terrabytes of means comunicacionales to that like him in of current through a house. Has the gigabit connection in the each computer in a house, but only could not take a ethernet low cape in a television, this was my subject .

While I have said, with anterior ethernet in powerline the devices have taken 2.5-3MB/s max through some devices. It was a lot of requiring more. As I have given this ethernet in coax tries it so that there is quite 3 coax connections in the each room, is everywhere. It do not expect any a lot of, but was impressed enough. I have run a lot of tests in some clean in and of a server and I have taken the company 9-10MB/s and he summit until 11.8mb/s, which are well in a ceiling of Fast ethernet which are that it chooses to pose in these devices. Firmly I Create these could go faster have posed in the gigabit port on he instead. It conceal to be said, and is quite happy with this compraventa. I am taking FULL 100Mb/s speeds to use this box, can common included my elder 1080p mkv files in my television now.

Can not recommend this quite a lot of box, has tried another, other technologies, but this one is surprising.
4 / 5 Theresia
It NOTES 1: Before you buy this has thinks that that that has required only an adapter. I need to buy a double group of adapters that is around $ 114.

REMARCE 2: you could require buy coax the capes yes want hook in your television also.


While declared in a description of a product. You can take in 200 Mbps (with Open NATO) of scrolling of data. Mostly I take 65 Mbps debits and 24 Mbps download. Any road, an adapter takes a work has done so declared in a description of product.

In this way is easier and less painful was with a point to access/Powerline road of adapter, alive in the 2 house of the history and a house are in grilles to be able the different in the each fund. I this, and arrival with low and Next type to BORN speeds in some devices. It opens Look behind and has wished was this road in a first place.

P.S - That is to say also the better solution if you do not want to issue $ 200 in a jack of Internet in the part of your house.

A setup is easy and at all imports to blow. It IS mostly he covers it and adapter of game.

Sadly, Has some defects; 1) it takes this rotted want to run he in 'Config Road' and run the scanner in a Frequency. I have to do this since has taken only 9 Mbps to upload and now takes 65 to upload. 2) it was not if it is my adapter , but sometimes a connection among a COAX the cape and an adapter will come to lose yes calm posed the up big in the location. It tries to maintain he in a same level which with a point of entrance of the wall of a COAX cape of your room.


A setup at present use:

first fund;
- Coax jack of wall &60;
- Coax cape to wall of jack in adapter &60;
- Coax cape of adapter in issuing/of modem &60;
- cape of Ethernet of adapter in issuing &60;

According to any;
- Coax jack of wall &60;
- Coax cape to wall of jack in adapter &60;
- cape of Ethernet of adapter in PC &60;
- Coax cape of adapter to box of service of the television (yes has an extra COAX cape, this can be optional)


Like the test of server of the half comunicacionales, done with Plex. I have tried to see using a Coax in the solution of Internet will be able to have a pair of server of the half comunicacionales with the device like a Xbox (since has to have a server and Xbox in a point of same house). And, work. It has matched he with a Plex Xbox A (Xbox has connected wireless in a modem) application, has turned a server on of a PC and was able to touch films. I have used also Chromecast in current my films of my desktop in Chromcast also and law perfectly.
5 / 5 Pura
The works add, limit n game! I am using Comcast service of cape with 88 Mbps speed to download when connected directly in modem with cape of Ethernet. Connected a two Actiontecs using the fatality (unused) additional coax line of an installation of old house these careers marry external quite 200 ft of distance and behind thru the fourth upstairs the wall was with coax. As my total road is:

service of Cape coax &62; Arris SB6141 modem &62; cape of Ethernet &62; Netgear 900 wireless subject &62; cape of Ethernet &62; Actiontec 1 &62; coax &62; old wall coax (any service coax) &62; 200' in another wall of room coax &62; coax &62; Actiontec 2 &62; cape of Ethernet &62; Netgear WNR2000 wireless subject &62; cape of Ethernet &62; computer of laptop.

The cross or any one all this daisy works to chain so that has two routers wirelessly race with a Actiontecs among them. Test of service in laptop in all the case to chain still in maximum speed 88 Mbps download, 6 MBps debits (the same speed like direct alloy in modem). The speed tried in modem and final of Actiontec canal downstream of two routers and does not have very detectable loss of speed in the system those uses Ethernet of the allocution wired in all the case (any wireless). Wireless is maxed has entered some capacities to issue.

Update 12-15-2015 still works are. Updated my report of speed of 58 in 88 after substituting some connections of external old cape. If I have to restart my modem or routers, can leave a Actiontec pair on and any problem. I actuate Also the revoked an order of two routers daisy chained(describes on) and Actiontec does very road, comprising directly plugged in Ethernet of modem. A technology of cape has said concealed goes to take he the pair (has not known this existed).
4 / 5 Ladawn
This product has done perfectly for my application. I have connected a Actiontec Ethernet in Coax Adapter in my house to exist clean (LAN), which left me to connect very TiVo mini this (which have built in MoCA adapters), in of the different rooms with coax connections. Each TiVo mini communicates perfectly with a big DVR in content and common internet of alive television with absolutely very lag.

A product is cover and game , has connected simply a coax 'in' port in a cape that enters a room, has connected a port of Ethernet in my change of grandson, and has connected a TiVo minis in a coax cape in the each room. Once a TiVo is finished kicking chooses a MoCA option of clean and all has begun to do.

My only grip with a product is, is announced to have the tax of maximum of physical data of 270 Mbps, and the max bi-imposed of directional data of 170 Mbps; but the users poden any never achieve 270 Mbps (170 bi-directional) of real throughput among a coax and side of Ethernet of this device, the data is instrumented with 10/100 Ethernet that has the maximum bi-imposed of directional data of 100 Mbs. To take full advantage of a max prize of the data backed by a MoCA level (270 Mbps or 170 Mbps bi-directional) these devices require the Gigabit connection of Ethernet. So dry like a description of the product a bit is deceiving, yes a coaxial interface (MoCA in MoCA) can achieve some taxes of the data have announced, but will bottle necked in a side of Ethernet, so that it do not see never some taxes of the data announced in addition to real world-wide applications.

With that say, 100 Mbps the ethernet is abundance of bandwidth for included join the majority of demanding applications, comprising streaming HD video and Gaming, and these have tried to handle these tasks perfectly for me. I am very happy with some results.