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1 first Anker 3-Port USB-C to USB 3.0 Aluminum Portable Data Hub, with 10 Mpbs, 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps, or 1 Gigabit Network Adapter with Ethernet Port, for MacBook Pro 2016, ChromeBook, XPS and More Anker 3-Port USB-C to USB 3.0 Aluminum Portable Data Hub, with 10 Mpbs, 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbps, or 1 Gigabit Network Adapter with Ethernet Port, for MacBook Pro 2016, ChromeBook, XPS and More By Anker
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2 Anker USB C to Ethernet Adapter, Portable 1-Gigabit Network Hub, 10/100/1000 Mbps, for MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018, ChromeBook, XPS, Galaxy S9/S8, and More Anker USB C to Ethernet Adapter, Portable 1-Gigabit Network Hub, 10/100/1000 Mbps, for MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018, ChromeBook, XPS, Galaxy S9/S8, and More By Anker
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3 best Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub with 7 USB 3.0 Ports and 3 PowerIQ Charging Ports for MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini, iMac, XPS, Surface Pro, iPhone 7, iPad Air 2, Galaxy Series, Mobile HDD, and More (Renewed) Anker 10 Port 60W Data Hub with 7 USB 3.0 Ports and 3 PowerIQ Charging Ports for MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini, iMac, XPS, Surface Pro, iPhone 7, iPad Air 2, Galaxy Series, Mobile HDD, and More (Renewed) By Anker
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4 Anker 3-Port USB 3.0 HUB with 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Converter (3 USB 3.0 Ports, A RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Port, Support Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8 (32/64 bit), Mac OS 10.6 and Above, Linux) Black Anker 3-Port USB 3.0 HUB with 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet Converter (3 USB 3.0 Ports, A RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Port, Support Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8 (32/64 bit), Mac OS 10.6 and Above, Linux) Black By Anker
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5 Anker USB 3.0 Unibody Aluminum Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Supporting 10/100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet for MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini, iMac, XPS, Surface Pro, Notebook PC, USB Flash, Mobile HDD, and More Anker USB 3.0 Unibody Aluminum Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Supporting 10/100 / 1000 Mbps Ethernet for MacBook, Mac Pro/Mini, iMac, XPS, Surface Pro, Notebook PC, USB Flash, Mobile HDD, and More By Anker
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6 Anker Unibody Aluminum 3-Port USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet Hub with 1.3ft / 40cm USB 3.0 Cable [Ethernet Port RTL8153 Chipset + USB Ports VL812 Chipset] Anker Unibody Aluminum 3-Port USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet Hub with 1.3ft / 40cm USB 3.0 Cable [Ethernet Port RTL8153 Chipset + USB Ports VL812 Chipset] By Anker
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7 Anker USB C Adapter, Classic 3-in-1 USB-C Hub, with 4K USB C to HDMI, 60W Power Delivery, USB 3.0, for MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018, Chromebook, XPS, and More Anker USB C Adapter, Classic 3-in-1 USB-C Hub, with 4K USB C to HDMI, 60W Power Delivery, USB 3.0, for MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018, Chromebook, XPS, and More By Anker
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8 Anker USB C Hub, 5-in-1 USB C Adapter, with 60W Power Delivery, microSD/SD Card Reader, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, for MacBook Pro 2017/2018, Chromebook, XPS, and More Anker USB C Hub, 5-in-1 USB C Adapter, with 60W Power Delivery, microSD/SD Card Reader, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, for MacBook Pro 2017/2018, Chromebook, XPS, and More By Anker
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9 Anker USB C Hub, 4-in-1 USB C Adapter, with 4K USB C to HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, 60W Power Delivery Charging Port for MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018, ChromeBook, XPS, and More (Space Grey) Anker USB C Hub, 4-in-1 USB C Adapter, with 4K USB C to HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, 60W Power Delivery Charging Port for MacBook Pro 2016/2017/2018, ChromeBook, XPS, and More (Space Grey) By Anker
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10 Anker USB C Hub, 5-in-1 USB C Adapter with 4K USB C to HDMI (Space Gray) (Renewed) Anker USB C Hub, 5-in-1 USB C Adapter with 4K USB C to HDMI (Space Gray) (Renewed) By Anker
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Top Customer Reviews: Anker 3-Port USB-C ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Mika
State using this adapter for just the little the month and my description were of 5 in 3 stars. To start with, the adapter adds, work so announced and sper convenient when does not want use wifi. Even so, I have begun to remark intermittently that my connection of the internet suddenly pauses and a wifi will not kick in (still even so ignited for backup). It results OSX, after the small while, somehow 'forget' those these works of device. And any internet. Mere fixed, only re carried he behind in. But that it is besides a point.

If I am in a half of the meeting or something of entity and my drops of internet, that is to say bear of bad informative . Has quite a lot of interruptions while it is and can not provide to preoccupy in my internet those falls unexpectedly.

Returns in a joint to design and redesign this until the work properly. I can not recommend he for professional use. Regular use, well.
4 / 5 Mendy
Work quite well, and is almost he 5 product of star. It was able to try a port of Ethernet in in 600Mbps in both directions, can go main but tried through an Internet (saws strand of action). An only complaint is that a hardware does not look to back that it poses a speed (at least under Mac CALMS X has Seen Big). I can pose a speed, but does not take saved and stays in duplex and automatic speed. It remarks that this adapter uses the plot of CPU to transfer data of grandson in of the big speeds. That is to say a case with almost all the adapters of Ethernet of the USB, of one can of engine any offload functions in a NIC that usually would be accelerated in the PCI-adapter of semi-detached point. If an adapter backed that it poses a speed, this would limit a quantity of CPU could use that in a cost of throughput. It does not recommend this device to provide connectivity of point for the server, was also inefficient, but the laws add for the laptop, tablet, or tlphonique.

A cape is also only slightly in a long side, the desire avenges with some form of management of cape (like the clip to embroil a cape around a dongle), but has some relief of small tension in both finals.

Has tried to back in of the files in the USB 3.0 semi-detached walk in the port of USB, and was able to write in in 200MB for second constant. I have transferred in 400 GB in big speed, but then accelerates retarded in the crawl. I can not say if that was a walk or this adapter, but has been that uses this walk for the year and has not seen this behaviour with other backups. Desprs Unplugs And re-plugging an adapter, law to all the speed again. In any case, this adapter certainly looks to do well enough for my necessities, and is the convenient measure .
2 / 5 Dahlia
I have been pleased to order this, while my experiences are spent with Anker the products have been also. Alas, it was it has disappointed bad he this times. While a quality of tez is excellent, and a dongle has the sake, robust listens with the cord that is longer that the stub but any unmanageable, has discovered hurriedly that (likes him another has found), while that is to say it covers he in my MacBook Pro 2016 15', a WiFi periodically to do. Still it have it enough of good signal, etc, but only to transmit data.

IS in a process to fix the turn, but the desire sure has not been necessary. In a while, it is of tower in a hunting for the similar device that in fact works without the side by side negative effects.
3 / 5 Emil
The update has been contacted by Anker hours after I have published this description and they are exited of his road to fix this subject. I will leave my description while it is but wants to stress an importance that Anker this that the company. He been the loyal client of his for the few years now so that they are by behind his products with the very robust guarantee and service of client. So although this particular product has not exited also well for me, has to say that it satisfies is with a road has handled my problem and does not doubt to recommend his products.

Has had only an occasion to try this product has been. I have required this hub to connect two hard walks external (so much externally powered) and the logitech unifying usb dongle for the Action MX mouse in mine 2017 Macbook pro. Immediately a bat there has been subjects with a the hub and usb 3.0 interference with a mouse. Tan Any one, can not use this hub with the usb 3.0 device and the test use the wireless mouse plugged in a same hub. Besides, plugging my mouse in an individual adapter and a hub in a port after in the harvests result very similar. So has the 2 port Macbook pro and feigns on using usb 3.0 and the logitech smiled wireless (any-BT) will run in of the problems. An only road was able of the do the work was to limit a hub in an opposite side in a mouse (my MBP has 4 ports). I am not sure if a subject is related to protect in a hub, but has run everything of these same peripherals in mine 2009 MBP without any subjects to all the coast when being right afterwards in the each another and plugged in a small usb hub.

Also is having subject with my hard walks that disconnect while down heavy use or at random for any apparent reason. It was able to reduce this problem covers it a bit units last some scrollings the eschew in a hub...But still I am that it takes disconnects each so once while.

Works of ethernet very well, verified some speeds and I are taking decreases of full speeds and up. Any subject is present there at all.
Quality of the tez in a hub is very good. It is done of aluminium and plastic. Some the toneless points are some covers and one that cape looks the cheap bit and does not have a click and apt that USB of the big more final-c covers them have. It expects this help to revise some people that is planning use this hub to limit in similar peripherals while do.
1 / 5 Conchita
The fact adds during the week. After a ethernet the port decree to do and included worse prevent my wifi connection to do when plugged in. Has data a Wifi priority of connection in of the preferences, but still can not connect in an internet until I unplug this device again. I have tried this in 2 different MBP 2017 laptops.

[EDIT] after seeing this message, Anker routed me another unit. I used it quite four times and an USB-C the connector has broken was while plugged in. It was easy to pull a connector broken out of an USB-C port like any big roads, but is tired to waste time in of the this. Active Quite 8 another USB-C pluggable elements, and has has not had any problems with a connector these pauses in the.
3 / 5 Arminda
So far it looks to be working while it owes the, even so an USB-C covers is much wider that all other adapters, and can not have anything more, another that a cape to touch, plugged in another USB-C port in mine 2017 MacBook Pro. Has USB very thin-C 3.1 flashes the walk has purchased to use in my MacBook to take advantage of a speed of a connectivity of ray, and starts of storage of additional flashes since Apple overcharges for SSDs, and iCloud integration of storage for the desktop is not anywhere approximation where the need that is for the reasonable to purchase the laptop with the small plus SSD. Anyways, can not use this adapter to connect my USB Writes An external HD is/to Flash Walks to transfer files among my USB-C walks of flashes because of a big measure of one covers in this dongle.

Has bought also this for use of Ethernet, which he each a more thwarting that one covers is unusually big. I can not use Ethernet while using the USB-C walk of flashes. My Amazon Basica USB-C in an access of Adapter perfectly, and can connect my walk to flash or anything more afterwards in him. But that it is only 1 USB-A connection, and any one Ethernet.

Looked for and looked for thru the insane quantity of the amazon of Chinese knockoffs and fall shippers to find the adapter of quality that there was at least 3 USB-Some ports, fast speeds, and port of fast Ethernet, and this was to suppose to be the good mark. I can not it think would design the product for the computer that is being missing of these ports, and unless there is $ 2k to spend in an up to date MacBook Pro, only take 2 USB-C ports, and is so in a left side very afterwards in the each another. Doing yours covers in ages to touch well with the TINY flashes the walk interrupts usability totally.

IS spent a period of turns, and the supposition only will have to maintain buying dongles until a rest of a world takes until USB-C... If they any never, so that this was a more could find that it do not have to the so many unnecessary ports that takes up too spatial, and big risk for overheating.

Another note of entity is that a road is pictured, looks an adapter of USB could connect in of the capes in his side (that more the senses concealed having the capes that clave directly up while they are plugged in), but one issues some cover of device in your laptop, can very rotate and is the real disorder is connecting any external walks with some capes that clave up. That is to say it subjects on priced for the that is to say, and would have to have more options another that this creation, or the better creation that takes Ethernet and gives one HDMI instead. The substitutes of ray HDMI with the fastest connectivity better and more the monitors are until speed in this front, likes demand for one HDMI adapter against an adapter of Ethernet would have to be obvious. We require it to the nodes can not connect in an internet via Ray, and that the technology is not never come, as why insists on takes a port of Ethernet in favour that dies HDMI the port in of the orders for clients to purchase your better adapters that in fact has the USB-C, reader of card, more ports, etc.

Very me that change this for something fully functional. I have paid so money only for 3 USB-Some ports and a loss of 1 of my only USB-C ports, which are blocked partially for a poor creation of an USB-C cape of connection. The tan basically takes it both of my USB-C ports, does not have any USB-C ports in an adapter, and only is taking an extra USB-An in an end of a day. Also when connected in the ethernet with some ports have planted to bond directly up, is very easy for some ports to result destabilized when has any attraction or trip while plugged in the ethernet of this cape promotes in an USB Some adapters since are not able to pose fund in a that pictured side. BAD CREATION!!
2 / 5 Regan
It uses this hub during 9 month, and was probably 8 long months. I have required something to limit a receiver of USB for my Logitech action MX mouse to use with mine 2017 Macbook Pro and has thought this device would do. He no. A coverage of metal interferes with a signal that mark a mouse laggy or totally unresponsive. Work well to touch my Fitbit or other devices of USB, but no a mouse, which are a main reason bought it. It do not recommend it and it was very happy once purchases the different USB-C hub.
2 / 5 Dania
Only it begin it to use this today, and is fearful am seeing roughly same subjects that another has informed. In general I like a look and measure of a device, and after looking for and finding a Windows 10 on-line engine (comprised printed it the instructions still say to insert the CD in a CDROM player) a connection of looks of Ethernet to do well. I am using this in the Dell relatively new XPS 15 laptop concealed no in that has the built-in port of Ethernet. A XPS 15 also only has two ports of USB that was it both be used by my wireless mouse and keyboard dongles. As my plan was to use a Anker ports for these two cual the devices would fall in ones on-ports of joint for things as to touch my tlphonique or Garmin, and for my external hard walk. A problem is that, likes him another, my mouse and the keyboard no also with a dongles plugged in a Anker. Very lag in both devices. But some looks of intermittent problem and a bit like one Anker the hub is seating by behind my laptop out of view (my location preferred for him) or the chair was in front in my keyboard of portable (the no preferred location). I will continue to use he for much more days and update my description if anything changes.
2 / 5 Junior
I have used this for the year with my touchbar Macbook Pro. Well It Have some ports of USB. I am the sysadmin and would use to connect in wired points while having the pair of USB-in-adapters of the serial plugged in in some ports of USB to configure changes. I Liked him his of a long cape also.
Even so, he no last long. After the while the only decree to do. A connection in a computer was intermittent. Like The result, my Macbook has maintained reinstalling a usb-in-adapters of serial, and finishing with 30 of them installed. His era really the ache to take them one by one. Then a grandson only prendido to do. This was very inconvenient so that it spends when was under the tight term.
His sake, but only would take an adapter that only a ethernet adapter. OSX deactivate The port of USB begins to pull also can. If it conceal, while the port of USB is deactivated until it has to you reboot. Hate rebooting.
Wishes this would have lasted and very only deteriorated likes him . The active did not have it never the ethernet has prendido of adapter these laws. A lot disappoint.
1 / 5 Mitch
For wifi in nine 2016 Macbook Pro. It looks to do well in a Mac lean, but when uses Camp of Boot in of the Windows, my wifi totally to do. My Apple dongle records only well even so. I will try reinstalling a side of Windows, and if anything changes, will update this description.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB C to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Maryanne
As Another the critic has said, is using Mac 10.13.X big saw, will require to download an engine a late plus. The mine done without downloading, but still although I have had Gigabit, does not go spent 230mbps. Desprs Downloading an engine a late plus, and applying pose of point (the installer give you instruction), was able to take a full Gigabit speed, with some lights in an adapter these laws. I googled for esaltek usb c ethernet automotive mac' and has downloaded a soyAC CALMS 10.6 in 10.13' version 1.0.17 engine of a realtek place. In a realtek place, a hierarchy of page is soyARRIES &62; it Downloads &62; Mesh of Communications ICs &62; Controllers of Interface of the Net &62; 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet &62; USB 3.0 &62; Software'
5 / 5 Oren
Incredibly, I plugged this device in my Pixel of Google 2 XL (Android 8.0) and begun to try to imagine was regarding the enable, the configure and all concealed and has not seen anything bursts up. After the pause of bren of the pair, come from imagines was where to start with and give that it already is doing, well out of a box! Everything limits of era he in and deactivate my others connections of the data and he have done perfectly!

IS stoked; this go me to leave to use my subject of trip in of the hotels to authenticate in ethernet, using my telephone, and cloning MAC is this allocution of the device in some subjects of trip.
4 / 5 Deedra
Beware Mac Master: you will require to download an engine although a scant the manual said (this Mac does not require a), and is to coach to run you 10.13, will not be able to take he of a Anker place. You will have to call his support of technology to take a nexus in realtek place, which are where a download of the engine resides. Totally stupid, but at least after I have downloaded an engine an adapter now works.

Also, has three lights in a unit once plugged in that is not counted in a manual, and a technology has not been very useful quite the or. Basically it say, if they are on, it is doing. And they remain some same or no an engine is installed like the does not trust a red and green of blue turning.

Another that concealed, looks to do well, although some careers of the quite warmed to unit listens hot, but any one beat so hot not touching . This, like sostenimiento of technology, is normal. Has Comcast Explosion 200 and clocked until 230 mbps downloads and and 18 load in a new XB6 modem, as it say that he well in startup. I have attacked of the star for a lack of and wrong information in a manual and for Anker fail to receive an engine has update directly in the page of adapter of his place together with each join another engine.
1 / 5 Deedee
I have downloaded an engine of windows of his place of web and properly installed the. A constantly tried device to connect then disconnect. I have looked for a web for solutions. I have tried to run it issues of compatibility without improvement. It has remarked that a history of the engine for a device signified was 'any emigrated'. I am using windows 10 64 bit. All another engine and the firmware is until date.

eschew This device that uses windows 10.
5 / 5 Terrell
I possess the 2018 MacBook Pro. Besides, has a estupefaciente Threads the plans of internet that takes 1GB the speed wired in my house.

Can seat and that runs my Internet in WiFi, but only take in meso a speed is paying prendi. So many, which need is the road to connect my ethernet connection directly in my MacBook Pro.

Was the bit in odds quite selecting this Anker adapter of Ethernet. An election of an adapter was easy... It IS a Anker. They are one of some existence of electronic companies more unsuspecting. I will take a Anker produced in just in another mark.

A problem? All these descriptions of Amazon have said that an additional engine would be necessity to direct this adapter in his potential. I have not gone also happy in that and has almost be with another mark so that it only do not want to has to locate and install the engine.

The mark won in inconvenience.

So much, when has taken an adapter has posed he in a test. It rids 1GB speeds without an engine? Well, an initial test has aimed that has taken only 360 Mbps directly connected in my ethernet point. I have downloaded then and installed an engine. In a next test, was in 920 Mbps. So much, yes, an engine is has required absolutely.

Finding an engine has not been difficult. Only he an Internet looks for Realtek Installer of Engine of Ethernet/of USB. It have provided the nexus but sometimes is taken descriptions.

A quality of the tez of this adapter is point and averts. Has the USB-C cover as it limits well in current MacBook Pro Models and any device with such connection of entrance.

Like Any concealed has been the veteran buyer of a lot of Anker products, can not recommend this particular product (or any one of his products) more highly. Sometimes the coast to pay more for the name that confidence on saving money in the generic mark.
5 / 5 Renita
Very elegant looking, clear adapter with gorgeous tiny lights (although nowhere in a booklet described that bad, but will see green and red solid and blinking blue when all does perfectly). Of course or the majority of the thing of entity is these works of adapter perfectly. I am using he with Macbook Pro and his flawless. Flavour in an empty point (change of Ubiquity) with my fileserver is quite compatible in 114 MBs/s with 117 MBs/s summit when habladura with my fileserver. Quite a lot of good action.
4 / 5 Vernetta
Here it is my speedtest has resulted:

recovering speedtest.net ready of server...
Selecting the better server based in ping...
Has received For QTS Centres of Data (City of Jersey, NJ) [45.58 km]: 7.931 ms
speed of download of the Testing................................................................................
Download: 714.84 Mbit/s
the speed of debits of the testing................................................................................................
Load: 480.16 Mbit/s
hydrogen:~ edur$

Initially, was clocking 200 Mbps (the imports has the fiberoptic marries of connection of Verizon). I have installed then an engine a late plus for Well 10.3-10.16, and an action has improved drastically in some tests of the speed have described on.

Even so, is running a version of beta of Very Mohave, and while it is beta , is unable in with the precision said with 100 confidence of percentage that one in sub-left the action is been due to there very when being no any engine for mine YOU. Down it is a iperf resulted of my mac Calm in him VPS the case received in Vultr:

hydrogen:~ edur$ iperf -c -l 128k -P 2 -and l t 10
LOOK: interval too small, augments of 0.00 in 0.5 bren.
The client that connects in, TCP Spends 5001
TCP measure of window: 129 KByte (default)
[ 4] local port 51398 connected with port 5001
[ 5] local port 51397 connected with port 5001
[ GOES] Bandwidth of Scrolling of the Interval
[ 4] 0.0- dry 0.5 27.5 MBytes 461 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 0.0- dry 0.5 6.75 MBytes 113 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 0.0- dry 0.5 34.2 MBytes 575 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 0.5- dry 1.0 44.8 MBytes 751 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 0.5- dry 1.0 11.4 MBytes 191 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 0.5- dry 1.0 56.1 MBytes 942 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 1.0- dry 1.5 42.8 MBytes 717 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 1.0- dry 1.5 13.4 MBytes 224 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 1.0- dry 1.5 56.1 MBytes 942 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 1.5- dry 2.0 41.4 MBytes 694 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 1.5- dry 2.0 14.6 MBytes 245 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 1.5- dry 2.0 56.0 MBytes 940 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 2.0- dry 2.5 40.1 MBytes 673 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 2.0- dry 2.5 16.1 MBytes 271 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 2.0- dry 2.5 56.2 MBytes 944 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 2.5- dry 3.0 38.5 MBytes 646 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 2.5- dry 3.0 16.8 MBytes 281 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 2.5- dry 3.0 55.2 MBytes 927 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 3.0- dry 3.5 37.1 MBytes 623 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 3.0- dry 3.5 16.9 MBytes 283 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 3.0- dry 3.5 54.0 MBytes 906 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 3.5- dry 4.0 38.5 MBytes 646 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 3.5- dry 4.0 17.6 MBytes 296 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 3.5- dry 4.0 56.1 MBytes 942 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 4.0- dry 4.5 36.6 MBytes 614 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 4.0- dry 4.5 18.4 MBytes 308 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 4.0- dry 4.5 55.0 MBytes 923 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 4.5- dry 5.0 36.2 MBytes 608 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 4.5- dry 5.0 18.4 MBytes 308 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 4.5- dry 5.0 54.6 MBytes 916 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 5.0- dry 5.5 37.2 MBytes 625 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 5.0- dry 5.5 19.6 MBytes 329 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 5.0- dry 5.5 56.9 MBytes 954 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 5.5- dry 6.0 34.0 MBytes 570 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 5.5- dry 6.0 18.8 MBytes 315 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 5.5- dry 6.0 52.8 MBytes 885 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 6.0- dry 6.5 36.2 MBytes 608 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 6.0- dry 6.5 19.8 MBytes 331 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 6.0- dry 6.5 56.0 MBytes 940 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 6.5- dry 7.0 35.6 MBytes 598 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 6.5- dry 7.0 20.4 MBytes 342 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 6.5- dry 7.0 56.0 MBytes 940 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 7.0- dry 7.5 36.1 MBytes 606 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 7.0- dry 7.5 20.0 MBytes 336 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 7.0- dry 7.5 56.1 MBytes 942 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 7.5- dry 8.0 35.6 MBytes 598 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 7.5- dry 8.0 20.4 MBytes 342 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 7.5- dry 8.0 56.0 MBytes 940 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 8.0- dry 8.5 35.0 MBytes 587 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 8.0- dry 8.5 21.0 MBytes 352 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 8.0- dry 8.5 56.0 MBytes 940 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 8.5- dry 9.0 34.9 MBytes 585 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 8.5- dry 9.0 21.1 MBytes 354 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 8.5- dry 9.0 56.0 MBytes 940 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 9.0- dry 9.5 34.9 MBytes 585 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 9.0- dry 9.5 21.2 MBytes 357 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 9.0- dry 9.5 56.1 MBytes 942 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 9.5dry -10.0 34.0 MBytes 570 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 9.5dry -10.0 21.5 MBytes 361 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 9.5dry -10.0 55.5 MBytes 931 Mbits/dry
[ 4] 0.0dry -10.0 738 MBytes 619 Mbits/dry
[ 5] 0.0dry -10.0 354 MBytes 297 Mbits/dry
[ORDER] 0.0dry -10.0 1.07 GBytes 915 Mbits/dry

While it can see calm of some intervals, a throughput the speeds fluctuate many, and is unable to take compatible prjimo-Gigabit speeds. I will expect boxes Realtek circles out of the new engine for very Mohave, and informs again.
5 / 5 Melissa
Dell Has seen returned the cover out of mine 17' Inspiron has bought in December 2017 with each a later, while AC WiFi, USB 3.1 and C. Even so it only avenges with built-in 100mb/s the ethernet wired. Taken very troubling when required to move big files down less than reliable WiFi and the see or fail because of errors or upper has entered 11 megabytes for second to accelerate to copy when plugged in. 10 gigabyte Lima which mine 2011 Mac the movements with ease are the choking peril in my mark-spanking-machine of new Windows.

Anker In a rescue! If you are some instructions has published here to install an engine of grandson, work exactly while it promise. I am seeing exactly 10x an action that has taken with a built-in Ethernet. Points of shows of the copy of speeds of Windows of 110-115 dry/megabytes when copies in and of my Synology NOSE. For a prize, does not have any impulse of better action wants an extra speed and the reliability of the connection wired.
1 / 5 Leopoldo
The fact attaches a premier two times has been used and has failed a third time... I any one precise to use it often so lost my window to return a product... It does not recommend ... Very disappointed...
5 / 5 Georgette
Has a Asus Llibre of Zen that is missing of a ethernet port. I have purchased this adapter to limit in an USB-C 3.1 port this has. I plugged he in, has listened a familiar sound of the be of the new device has recognised, plugged my lives ethernet cape in my WiFi raisin, and in bren, has had the connection wired. Any subject anything. I am running Windows 10, 64 bit, version later. I have not required to download any engine or another software. I am not sure that it was bad for the who has said this adapter has not done for them using Windows 10.

Quality of the tez of this adapter is very good. Edifice of solid aluminium (plastic cape) and also has three LEDs the signify can, ethernet connection, and activity of internet. Another solid product of ANKER.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker 3-Port USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Carolee
For a testing in this description, has connected 2 PCs in the gigabit change. PC1 Has used a Intel I219-V adapter of Ethernet, while PC2 has used a Anker3-adapter of hub of Port + USB of Ethernet.
An adapter of the ethernet used in a hub of USB has the number of model of: RTL8153

has used This hub of USB + gigabit adapter of Ethernet for the few months now, and so far, some speeds have been of sound, and a reliability is decent., quite it can sustain around 940Mbps downloads throughput, like this afterwards big, is sufficing a full gigabit throughput.
Debits throughput has had more variac., although it was still able in in way, rests near of in 900Mbps.

Tries in fully saturate a load and downloads, A controller of Ethernet in a hub of USB, resets his self, like this is not fully able to handle the upload which fully saturate a load and downloads simultaneously, even so for a bit those that milliseconds in of which roads and taking data, was able to paste 1.4gbit/s global throughput, although an adapter has maintained to clash.

My final test, was to see like an adapter would handle me doing the linear read in the USB 3 walk of flashes with the upper speed of 200MB/s, while simultaneously saturating a download throughput in a controller of Ethernet. If voice some semi-detached screenshot, can see that an adapter of Ethernet takes priority with this device. A moment I begin a download benchmark, a speed read in a flash direct which are connected in a hub of USB in a device, immediately drops of 200MB/s, in 158MB/s. That is to say a subject to be expected, as when it connects multiple devices in the hub (in a case of this hub of USB, 3 ports of USB, 1 adapter of Ethernet, and enough 1MB of ROM limits that it contains engine for the oldest versions of windows. In general, among everything of some devices in a that a hub of USB has, is doing with around 300MB/s value of global throughput, and an adapter of Ethernet will take upper priority in this available throughput.

In general, give it 4 stars out of 5. My reasoning to take a star, is because of the that is to say probably the subject of firmware with a device where flavour in fully saturate a controller of Ethernet is to upload and downloads a same time, will cause an adapter in essentially reboot. A hub the rests have connected, but a controller of Ethernet, disconnects of a PC, and then reconnects. Under the normal use there is not founding this subject, while it is uncommon to saturate the adapter of grandson in this way. With easterly when being a case, is still a subject like any another gigabit adapter of Ethernet that has has tried founds a subject like east.
This device is well for the only that the system can have 1 or 2 ports of USB, where needs additional ports for the multiple devices slower (p. p.ej., An external hard walk, Ethernet, + the keyboard and smiled), but yes was to do in in to the to something likes him to him the alloy of devices of width of multiple of big band in him immediately, p. p.ej., A capture of the card of external + hard walk, then probably does not handle such the workload.
This was the USB 3.1 gene 2 hub of USB, then can be able to handle such the workload, but with a limited throughput of USB 3.0, can not use a hub with devices of multiple big bandwidth.
5 / 5 Tricia
Alas, he no preform very when has devices of USB connected with the scrolling of data has sustained these races. It affects clean conection. And now, the point maintains in brief disconnecting included when any scrolling of data is entering. I have changed in another point of USB dongle and some problems are gone, as it is to well sure a subject with easterly the unit IS the fresco artilugio but has not done for me.

Anker the support contacted me immediately and suggested can have the defective unit. They have offered to ship the free substitution of load. I am looking the forward in him evaluates a substitution like each Anker the products have purchased in a past was of big quality. I am attaching stars for a service of excellent client and will update this description again once takes the unit of substitution.

has a substitution and he are doing perfectly. I have not been disappointed by any Anker quality of product or service of client. To well sure it will prefer Anker produced in my compraventa future.
4 / 5 Debra
Has the Dell portable new without the port of Ethernet and has been to take one of this USB-in-Ethernet thingies, but has seen this for just the little bucks more and decided for the take, since I like an idea that obtains USB 3 like the portable ports actuate only has an USB regulates 3 port. Note that Anker done the very similar aluminium version (obviously designed to complete the Mac) and thought in that but then give that a cape was captive in an end of device, and looked the fragile bit and concealed was the subject of covers .

One of the some things like me to them in this version, is that while it is plastic black and does not look 'fresh' at all, use the detachable USB 3 cape (and comes with the-feet a) so that it is not necessary has to substitute a unit because of cape or wear of connector, and a cape is the very robust thing .

In the first place plugged he in the machine of Windows 7, and some automatic install failed, which surprised me he like this written of the things have been around quite long that 7 seldom lack to find the engine. Even so, I have seen something signifying that you see you a walk of extra CD in your computer and yes has opened concealed and runs an installer, good law. The faiths and this was that.

Then plugged he in the laptop of Windows 10 and install almost instantly, without the mine that does anything, and has had the fastest connection that would have thought .

Like this far, can very a lot says that well an action is a road or another. Eseems Fines' and has not had any problem that connects the laptop of external hard walk in him same when a laptop run in stack, although it does not try that prende far too very time.

In general, like another Anker products, coast a money. An only critic has is that until it Win it 7 has gone totally would have to he the small plus bit obviously so to run one installs.
5 / 5 Latoya
These products is perfect for me so that it is the Surface of Microsoft Pro 3 user. Only I have 1 built-in port of USB and no ethernet port. I have bought this lovely Anker the product and I tired to connect 2 flashes of behaviour of USB so much is 3.0 USB and copying the 4 GB file of one in another and a speed was perfect. Has the 100 MBpS service of internet so also tried to connect a ethernet cape through Anker and a speed of download has achieved 108 MBpS, only likes him marks in another PC with built-in ethernet ports. I have tried also connect a dongle of the Logitech the wireless mouse and he have done utmost. Only it wishes a cape of USB has distributed is the thin plus bit so much was more durable for trips, but that is not the big roads. This is not a premier Anker product for me, has wanted always his products of big quality.
5 / 5 Maryetta
These causes of produced some class of interference with my Logitech the wireless transmitter required for my wireless Logitech K350 keyboard. Has the laptop of Llibre of the Surface that Windows 10 of races 64bit with 2 usb ports in a side. One of some ports has the Logitech transmissive wireless to back my Logitech smiled (Models M705) and Logitech keyboard (Models K350). I plugged a Anker 3-Port device in an another usb port in my Llibre of Surface. Some works of connection of the point and my work of the wireless mouse but a keyboard will not operate properly. Quan Writes in the keystrokes will not look for quite 20 or 30 bren. I have substituted some stacks in a keyboard and also rebooted a laptop but a problem persist. I have tried also to resettle a wireless transmitter in an of a free usb ports in a Anker but a problem will not go era.

Later tried to use another Logitech wireless keyboard (Models K360) which has done. So much for some reason the no with a K350 Logitech wireless keyboard. It prefers to use a K350 so that it is the keyboard the big plus that a K360. It would like him take another keyboard of big full measure to do with a Anker but does not know cual ones do with my laptop and operating system.

Has the informative update 10/17/2017:
A problem has been resolved to use the Logitech Auricular Extends Cape what only arrived today of Amazon. Only I plugged one extends cape in an available usb scrollings and has extended he out of a Anker 3-Port then plugged a Logitech the Wireless receiver in an extends the cape and everything do now.
5 / 5 Shari
Has another Anker the products and is each excellent, but in easterly a, some distributed usb the cape now is beginning to fail with 13 month to use just chair here in my desktop in of the works. Intermittently Connection of lack. At the beginning, I have thought had something enters with my MacBook Air usb port, as I have tried change in other peripherals, but was well in this character usb. Then I plugged this usb in other ports, but same behaviour. It has remarked that of a principle, this usb carried is the very access More i loose that the majority, but now the looks perhaps there are some interns down. Up until just recently is been well. Probably only the lemon usb cord.
UPDATE: after writing my original description on, Anker contacted me directly, excusado, and envoy out of the whole new unit. Fabulous Service of client that worry of shows . I issue me the substitution 13 month after a compraventa original! So much, said to buy with confidence - that is to say the company adds ! Thank you Anker!
5 / 5 Illa
With laptops, tablets, and PC of laptops that continues to shrink every year, is result that connects in hubs of USB and adapters of clean to substitute disappear native ports in my devices. Has two hubs of USB, two net of adapters of USB, and this device that is the hybrid among a two.

I very cual a three USB 3.0 ports and a Gigabit the ethernet is each available in this small container. A quality of a function is until some levels that has come it to expect of Anker, and has has not had any problem once gives required to install the engine. In fact, that is to say probably a a downside in this device, is that I have required to find and install the engine that is resulting almost the thing of a past like the majority of devices assembla covers and game without intervention of user these days.

This next critic is only the preference of person of mine. If it was to purchase this device again, probably would go with this aluminium a: Anker Unibody Aluminium 3-Port USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet Hub with 1.3ft / 40USB of cm 3.0 Cape [Port of Ethernet RTL8153 Ports + of Chipset of USB VL812 Chipset]. A reason is so that I use this (Anker Unibody USB of Aluminium 3.0 in RJ45 Gigabit Adapter of Ethernet that Backwards 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet [RTL8153 Chipset]) any one-usb hub ethernet the adapter in of the works and I like a solid listens of an aluminium the plot. Also I like him his that of an aluminium some do not have the cape of detachable USB, these rests with a be solid of a device and gives an impression that would be it to him very difficult to break. A one am revising here when being very clear-weight, and could substitute a cape of clashes of USB or has wanted the different period, like your preference can differ of mine.

Can do my own product, would combine a two aluminium ones have linked on in the device with a port of Ethernet and an only usb port in an organism of aluminium that is so small like possible. I comprise this is unlikely and there is the chipsets enters multiple of four buses, and in in to to the business like him to him the annex these free/cheap extras usb scrollings and counts the so characteristic, but only use a a port of USB 99% of a time, and would give on some two extras for the smallest container.


Fast speeds
the laws add
Weight Claro
Removable/replaceable cape of USB

like me one when being of of an organism of aluminium some better
Necessity to install the engine

Inferior Line:
If these accesses your necessities the law adds. If you plan in the laptop easterly be with you and your device, would buy a Anker Unibody Aluminium 3-Port USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet Hub with 1.3ft / 40USB of cm 3.0 Cape [Port of Ethernet RTL8153 Ports + of Chipset of USB VL812 Chipset]
4 / 5 Tonette
- A quality to draw and tez adds concealed is gone in that in Anker products (duquel has purchased diverse).
- A cape of removable USB (another similar device has bought before has the fixed cape that it is to issue too low).

- No well with Ubuntu 14.04 (a OEM installs in the Precision of Dell 7510 laptop). There it looks to be the insect in a module of core ('r8152' that is for the Realtek ask) which causes the the disconnect and reconnect constantly (until once for minute, sometimes faster). Quan IS connected, work only well. Here it is my core info:
ubuntulocalhost:~$ uname -a
Linux localhost 3.19.0-58-Generic 64~14.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Fri Mar 18 19:05:43 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 Linux/of GNU
2016-05-02: I have found that Anker the source published for the engine the new plus in his place of web. I have compiled and installed the (core and same system like original description), but has taken a same result.

Other notes:
- does not have the box of modern Windows or the Mac to try this on, as I can not say that a lot of laws in this program.

In general, looks and when being as another product adds, but, alas, can not use. I can very been missing of Anker for a subject of engine, like this a relatively big bookmark. Hopefully An engine will be fixed punctual...
5 / 5 Felix
Well, I am very impressed with this product. I actuate Always the respected a Anker marks for things so of the groups of laptops stack and his big-quality powerline+ usb capes. But I can attach ethernet adapters and hubs of USB in this list. I have bought this predominately for to Ethernet of physicist of port adapter for my Surface Pro 4 (running Windows 10), and law well out of a box, plugged in a port of USB, and for a time taken and has connected one ethernet cape, the windows had recognised already a device and he have connected immediately. Any one subjects at all. It covers-and-the law of touches adds. Also it has the quality of tez solid, a cape of USB comprised is the very robust quality, and an adapter is surprisingly clear. I am very pleased with this product and to well sure would recommend it.
3 / 5 Camila
I have purchased this hub to the help attaches of the ports and Ethernet in my USB-C monitor setup. Even so using it I the pair of variac. Different,
hooked in my monitor, hooked directly in my Pixel and computer of windows.

Has Had several subjects with my mouse and the no acting keyboard at all and Ethernet any acting properly or. He plugged and the unplugged, apresamiento and has attached a mouse and keyboard , but there looks for to be compatible quite a lot of subjects with some solos.

Has finished to purchase the USB-C hub of Keychron like hopefully that will resolve it my problems.
Does not want to give the worse bookmark, to beat only that it is my setup, but was that it animates would have done it his best.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB 3.0 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Shanta
I am using two of the same Ethernet in adapters of USB of Anker. My woman and I use MacBook Pro Computers of portable (mid 2015 models with good Saw) and these adapters are totally covers-and-game. I have to adjust at all! Only I plugged in a side of USB in my hub of USB (situates of voice) and a side of Ethernet in RJ-45 cape and looked, big-Internet of speed in my grandson (access of the plus in other devices to contact go in my point of house). The easiest installation never. Joy Anker products: they are reliable, has reasonable cost, and is very has done. Utmost work, Anker!
5 / 5 Janessa
Has a Ray of Apple Gigabit adapter, but is using both ports of Ray in my Macbook Pro for exposures, and has wanted to something to use for wire fence networking, which has directed in this unit. There is plugged in the hub that is to say to build in an of some monitors, but obviously does also plugged directly in a Mac.

Any engine has been required, setup was easy, and has has not had any problem with him at all. In fact, work also, bought or for work, where had been that uses an Apple-marked USB 2.0 unit, which gave me in fact problems (saying me my cape of point has been unplugged, etc.).

Uses all day in work and also has has not had very subjects with him at all. Both points are gigabit, and has moved abundance of data around. That is to say a lot the little piece of sake of hardware.

Word in a wise, The Capitan has some subjects of USB (as of a time of this scripture) as yes it has any problems with this unit, flavour resetting your Controller of Management of the System.

UPDATE: Still using this every day, transferring in full gigabit speeds with few subjects in my mid-2014 Macbook Pro. It run The Capitan at the same time of my original description, but t is also a lot-the data of low support Tightens without installing any engine. There is the available engine duquel less uses CPU that some builds Mac engine down Saws, which at present are using.

A last year or as it has been the using, has had one or two case where a speed retarded in the crawl (10 Mb) but simply takes a device of a port of USB and reinserting took me behind in full gigabit speed. For the year of daily use, that is to say quite sake . There is has not had any subjects at all since change to use a Realtek automotive with Sierra.
5 / 5 Wilhemina
Only it take it the new Steel R15 portable that has any port of Ethernet. As I have fulfilled it it required an adapter. And Anker was my first election. I have combined an adapter of Ethernet with my Anker USB 7 port hub to take excellent wired speeds ( mb/s down, mb/s arrives). And it can not have been easier to pose up. Only it connect it his in an USB has opened 3.0 port, and then plugged in my cape of Ethernet and was well to go. If I need the USB in the adapter of Ethernet looks no further. If has any questions listen pounds to ask, the patients try to answer, or takes a info.
3 / 5 Holli
While this device assembla 'cover and game' give this adapter is not that it runs in gigabit speeds. I use this device in the MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) running (). Has three individual gigabit the speeds and this device will not configure he which the 1000baseT device. It installs an engine localised in a Anker place of support:

Controls down ystem Preferences -&62; 'Clean'; in a left, select 'USB 10/100/1000 LAN', the click Advanced in a low plus-right. Under a 'Hardware' tab, will see a mac allocution, configures is posed in 'automatically' and the speed is 100baseTX. If I choose soyanual' down configuring, and selects 1000baseT, with 'full-duplex,control of flow,' a device disconnects and reconnects repeatedly and connections of point of the causes to close abruptly. 'ifconfig' In some terminal shows soyedia: autoselect (100baseTX &60;full-duplex,control of flow&62;)'

has bought this for a fact that could handle gigabit speeds. I am quite disappointed.
5 / 5 Zena
Julio 2015 update: in the principle there has been problems with disappearing this of a system each which how 30 bren in 5 minutes. At the end it was to look in Anker website for engine and once those have been installed, the work perfectly on Wins 8.1 Pro - still after it arouses of sleep or hibernation.
Kudos In his proactive service of client that has remarked has had subjects and is looking to change his manuals to leave other people that runs no- WinXP the systems know that they could require engine of download of his web of place (his only directed manual XP that inferred to Win 7 or Win 8 'just work').
IS well to see companies that preoccupies enough to achieve was and to continuation very things that has taken gone through big initially.
5 / 5 Kristie
I have required the second NIC for the only application. Has the Wheatnet Digital AOIP point in my dispatch (AOIP is for Audio in IP) . It IS the totally isolated LAN the segment has extended he, so it needs the adapter has consecrated, second of point. I use the Lenovo W540 Portable even so, and very has any easy road to attach the second adapter. Included A docking canal NIC is only an extension, no the second some NIC.

Has bought two of these to try. One for me and or for has sawed he-hard-working. In the first place, they look and when being fantastic! Solid aluminium , lustrous with three small state has DIRECTED is. Quan plugged He in, was pleasantly surprised to see Windows 8.1 recognises it and install all a necessary engine automatically. It was able to connect in my second point easily withing second.

That is to say classifies of product I amour. It IS very done, solid and simply does so has to, well out of a box.
5 / 5 Myrna
It uses these things for all my purposes of LAN. I knot Has another $ 9 gigabit adapters there, but these some only laws also. It IS USB 3.0, works with everything of MacBooks in smartphones (with an adapter) in my Raspberry Pi. There is already the native engine installed in of the Windows 7+, Mac OSX, Linux, and Android. Also it uses his enclosure of aluminium like the tank of heat. Regularly I saturate my gigabit connection of grandson those uses these adapters.

Also would like me signal out of that same although Raspberry Pi the devices only have USB 2.0 ports, there is still the significant improvement when using this device in a built-in 10/100 ethernet jack.
5 / 5 Delora
No each USB and aftermarket work of adapter well in Mac. I have found this unit to be far upper in another concealed has used. Any engine or kext has required, simply carried and game. Only I have 2 USB-C in my MacBookPro as it uses this adapter saw the USB 3.0 hub of Amazon Basics. The works add.
UPDATE OF 11/05/2018
after taking few updates of security in ( you See) an adapter has prendido to do because of Apple this modifies and updating LAN and contacting support. In re-enables support of a Anker device, has to visit a web of place of the manufacturer of ones poses of the piece has used in a device. In my case was Realtek together of piece 8153. So if that is to say your case , visit realtek point as and downloads a MAC YOU kext/engine for together of piece 8153. It IS the mere installer and has to reboot a computer in an end if an installation. A device will begin to do ails a mac is rebooted. It enjoys it!
5 / 5 Emilio
That with each another Anker the product has not bought never, these works of thing perfectly. Anker The fast is resulting my unsuspecting resource by all the products, especially when go in USB 3.0 products. Thank you For another awesome experience. Once again have it aided update me my computer with ease! Had only a smaller subject, has had to to restart a computer after installation of software, before it recognises an adapter. That is to say something has known, but the newby can no. That would have to when being in some instructions.
5 / 5 Columbus
Only it take this ethernet adapter, has tried only was in brief. Work in my Macbook pro retina (mid-2014) and my Macbook 12' (2017). Both are running Good Mohave . In both cases do immediately without updates of engine (covers and game). Only I have to gone back of wifi and a connection has done. Only have the 40 mbps connection (Centurylink DSL). I the speedtest and avenges up in 35 Mbps. I can not speak with big gigabit speeds. An adapter plugged directly in a Macbook pro port of USB 3.0. For a Macbook 12', plugged a ethernet adapter in the USB 3.0 port in the hub this was to connect in an USB-C port. So far, I am happy!

Top Customer Reviews: Anker Unibody ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5
It looks for the mini hub of USB for my PC of notebook for travelling. I have seen a Anker 3-port hub with adapter of Ethernet and thought it would be to add it combo element that would substitute my adapter to exist and attaches a hub has looked for.

In general a creation and the quality of an element is very good. Each material of quality has been used and looks that went it until a lot of trips in a stock exchange of electronics of the trip. Alas an adapter of the ethernet no very at all. Quan plugged In a host PC and used to transfer big explosions of data on Ethernet (at all plugged in some ports of USB) a device takes unexpectedly hot. No this burn your hand but hot to surprise you the choosing up. To the respect some laws of organism of the aluminium like the tank of heat adds. Alas apparently take it quite hot where some data of a ASIC the interior achieves the thermal tripping point and some resets to separate this falls a connection of Ethernet. To recover you has to pull a device of the port of USB of a host PC and re-inserts/inserts. If a device still is warm of residual heat your next time among failures will be included lower. If has the big file to the transfer will not take never through him! Very thwart. At the end it has had to to change behind in my trusty adapter of Cape 'old' of Subjects that has the black of experiences and plastic organism any heating when doing constant gigabit scrollings. Needless To say that it was that stays in a stock exchange of trip of the electronic.

I supposition this Anker the device would do has used he for clear Internet surfing but does not know never that will require to transfer when the trip and that know that this device has an aforesaid thermal limitation the fact the no-judge of start for me. An idea to integrate an adapter of Ethernet with the hub of USB is so fresh even so I concealed will be to maintain an eye has been for the device or the word of the similar competitor that Anker has update a chipset in his product.

----------------- UPDATE 5/2016 -------------------
Shortly after my initial description has been contacted by Laura of Anker this was very amiable and useful. In spite of several endeavours (engine, host computers, etc.) Was unable to maintain a device of overheating so Anker emitted me it full repayment. In spite of a device that is defective was supremely pleased with a support taken of Anker and the disposal to do of Laura sews well.

Has very another Anker devices these laws superbly even so highly it recommends Anker the products have based in those and now also a service of the client to notch upper took. (+1 star)
5 / 5
I do in him and has the laptop of Surface of Microsoft new that only has a port of USB. I want a laptop, but only a port of USB is to disturb it . This hub has a port of Ethernet together with three ports of USB, abundance for my work. An accommodation of the looks of aluminium is done for my Surface of money. I plugged a hub in and any same precise installs engine, included for a port of Ethernet. Everything only done without any subject. A casing for a hub is aluminium and when being while it is very well has done. Petit, and easy to return in my stock exchange.
5 / 5
It IS the sake looking device and well has built. It Likes him to of me it conceal he so much the light of indicator of the USB (green) when plugged in as well as nexus of Ethernet and lights of activity.

One a thing will owe mark, wants to take pertinent point throughput, is to download one until it quotes ethernet automotive.

Is not sure he squash of Amazon a URL: - concretely for a Mac is %20by in%

But yes take these nexuss, only done the Google looks for 'anker usb ethernet automotive mac'

The installed very but has required it reboot of mine MacBookPro.

Before installing an engine, was only able to achieve the small in 100Mibps in my NOSE, but with a pertinent engine, was able to see full Gibps imposed of line. My NOSE is able to handle very big, constant throughputs, as I have expected to be limited by a net.

Also, taking to change one eservice order' in your Preferences of Mesh (screenshot for this option of semi-detached card) to ensure that I move a Anker device ( was tagged 'USB 10/100/1000 LAN') in the cape of Wi-Final, otherwise will be bonded in WiFi the same speeds once is plugged in.

Is not to take the star for a subject of engine, so that it conceal is not Anker lack, Nice would owe the be quite better detects and finding engine (although I suppose that it is possible that Anker could do more take for the take published, but the mark of suspicious apple that the procedural nightmare! :)
5 / 5
I current very video of my PC in television/of portable (subject Gigabit LAN). Has the 100mbps NIC in portable (of here buying me this Gigabit adapter). The active did not have it never A lot of the subjects streaming same big bitrate (RAW BluRay). Even so, when using this adapter while streaming mid-low in video of big of bitrate (LAN of road), the films constantly frame to fall and terrible noises. I the engine has update included while for Anker website, but the subject persists. Return in native 100mb NIC fixed a problem. Still I am that it uses the new mark SSTP Cat7 cape as it is not concealed. (Obviously, since everything is well without adapter of USB). Besides a streaming subject, looks to do well. Moving the files through LAN give of the speeds of summit of 800mbps. ~ It IS very excited until a streaming subject. If any one has any ideas would want to try before and subjects behind. Otherwise, And has to try another mark or that and does not want to and substitute a NIC. It gives it 2 stars so that it does except any he so that has
4 / 5
Marks Of works very only sure download an up to date engine of Anker website if I do not want to fall your Enet connection every time your Mac sleeps.

A part of USB of these laws of sums of thing; A capacity of Ethernet needs an update of engine to remain connected. Has the 2015 13' MacBook Air - While I am using my computer, and is awake and current, everything does exactly that it has to.

Quan My Mac goes to sleep, some drops of connection - but stay of the devices of the USB have attached. But simply unplug and replugging a Enet the cape any one the fixed: you have to expel any walks have connected, then unplugs a port of USB in a computer and then limits behind in and reconnect any walks - then a connection of the returns of internet wired finally and the laws add until some sounds of computer again.

Update of engine of Anker Fixed This Subject of Connectivity! I have downloaded once and it has run an update of engine, a connection is to live all a time, by everything means of state of computer: Sleep, awake, or restarted - is always there and ready to go.

In general, the product adds. It buys it again if it have not listened of equally the reliable products in pricing cheaper.
4 / 5
That is to say another handy Anker device of USB. It IS the 3 -port USB 3.0 hub, that also has the port of Ethernet wired. It IS small and handy, and a port of Ethernet is in a perfect place (in an end, as it does not form an uncomfortable curve of 90 titles in your desktop). A case of the aluminium brushed to be well, is not plastic, and is the good party for the MacBook portable.

A number of the part for east is A7514, looking the connector of traditional USB. The be sure has a right device to conform your necessities. There is another version of this hub, which have the USB-C connector on he (the new way, for a much newer MacBook portable), in place of a connector of traditional USB. The be sure takes a right one which match that has!

Even so, has the weakness, and is a built-in piece of Ethernet these powers a port of Ethernet, likes him another has signalled has been. It IS Realtek RTL8153 piece, which are not a More i adds. He no 'out of a box' in Well has Seen Big. Even so, after installing an engine of a Realtek website, and rebooting a Mac, looks to do quite well. It IS faster that Wi-Final in my location.

To take a Realtek automotive that will require you, the Google looks for esaltek RTL8153 good downloads of automotive' (without marks of quotation). Embedding The nexuss in a description of Amazon is frowned in, but this would have to take calm in a Realtek website ( is in Taiwan). Click oftware' then 'Another' then circle in a corner a right plus down and paste 'Global'. This will begin a download. It installs this engine, while calm any one another engine, and then reboot your Mac.

Giving this device 4 stars. It gives 5 stars have used the piece of different Ethernet in place of a Realtek, was well to have the piece of the main action (especially quotes an USB has improved 3.0 speed of this hub of USB), and was well to have the piece that done 'out of a box' without requiring the download of engine.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my Win10 portable has to 2017 since does not have a RJ45 port for ethernet. Quite mere install and self explanatory. The installed engine and law. A hub of USB am adds to attach in the walk of inch, etc.

A better part of a product is a service of client. I travel the plot and uses this device the plot. It has remarked apresamiento scaly and was sometimes very when being pas recognised by windows. A cape has taken frayed where satisfied an organism of metal of a ethernet/usb hub. I looked it up, and there is one 18guarantee of month in a product, as I have taken the few pictures and emailed Anker support (support in anker point as) and has given my number of serial and the copy of a receipt of amazon. In of the hours, has answered that they routed me it new a ASAP and excusado for an inconvenience. It can not ask service of better client. Purchase very Anker elements some years and has had at all but good things to say for them and his product. Has aided was the small another time, also.

HIGHLY recommend Anker.
5 / 5
There is the little of these types of products in a piece of several vendors even so, few of them come like the bearable produced of the company in some the EUA. In fact, some of some alternatives listen so cheaply has done that they are more what throwaway options that calm use you to take compraventas until it can take you the esal' computer. Even so, with devices like a Surface of Microsoft and a lot another come with only a port of USB that spends the hub of small USB around with east more than the necessity that an option. Anker The work adds here as well as doing the truly the sake that looks small unit. The speeds of scrolling were compatible same with three devices plugged in and the point has semi-detached, and this takes diverse bonds in a datacenter already. There it has any a lot of that it can change is or and sincerely expects that Anker any a removable cape of a lot of the alternative products offer the detachable cape that connects any road Micro USB or type of USB B and later takes stray or disconnected far more easily.

For your next trick Anker, could do the one of the alike road has fixed Mini Port of Exposure in DVI and HDMI adapter?
4 / 5
UPDATE: As declared in other descriptions, this product has the defect to draw. A cord casing very in fact 'entered through' an inaugural, to have connected internally. Instead, it finishes in an outside casing doing any movement of some arrivals of cord to destroy a protective case around a point of entrance (voice other pictures of critics). The volume is 2 stars to do, but loses 3 for potentially when being rubbish in 12 month.

Quality of poor drawing where an outside casing of a cord does not go through an entrance in an organism of mark of interior for prender this to arrive yes takes of location in the location and he do not seat perfectly still. When being an infrastructure and SecOps engineer, that is to say exactly that I , and therefore a same is spent in me concealed spent in an another critical.

Edita: to take the device of substitution of Anker (very of excellent client), has used immediately the black of electrical tape around 10-15 transfers so that it has to be it impossible for a cape to fray again.

The problem has resolved. The creation Informs in 4 stars after MacGyver hack.

Edita: creating this a star because of a response of service of the excellent client taken and an offer for the substitute. They have said that that is doing in that fix a situation of the cape but this knows when that will arrive it. Some laws of product and fact for me very good. But a cape the less functional fact for the technology in a movement. I go to embroil my version of substitution with the black of electrical tape quite 20 times and expect that this maintains a cape to fray.
4 / 5
I have bought this in December 2017 only for use with my laptop. Work perfectly for right the year like the Hub of USB as well as for the ethernet wired while it come from any one to use WiFi for any on-line activity that could expose my personal information.

While declared in a lot other descriptions, the bass developed where a cape has entered an USB 3.0 covers. Anker The support could not have been more useful. The week to contact them enough a problem (and this was well in a half of some holidays/navideas of new Year, has had the unit of substitution in my hands. Since, of some looks of a substitution, a creation has not been changed to direct some connections of inferior cape will be to use the multiple cloaks of the heat shrinks to tube in both finals of a cape to strengthen some zones where a cape rescinds in the each final. Hopefully This will relieve a problem of shorting in some connections that the experience and this has been informed by numerous another character.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB C ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 Stephani
He exactly that it has to. Amur A big speed of USB-C remained with him wide adoption. These marks of product to use the laptop or another device modernised with only the only USB-More c amply adaptable in exposures and additional devices. And a product is supremely big quality, while it is my experience with all the products of this mark, always is recommending Anker produced in of the friends.
4 / 5 Cassi
That is to say my third HDMI interface to connect in Ray (USB-C). Other interfaces do well but the draw so much can concealed kills life of stack. An another two in fact apresamiento hot in a touch. A Anker hardly takes warm. It IS also less than half a cost of some another.
5 / 5 Lannie
These laws add to connect my Lenovo portable in the monitor. Very small. We have to buy the cord has separated to distribute pot.
5 / 5 Latonya
The works add for my Macbook Pro! Economic, lustrous and does a work! It recommends.
5 / 5 Darcel
He exactly cual his supposition in! In common additional monitor now in thanks to him nifty thing!

Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB C Hub, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Loni
I like this products so that it listen it durable, any roughly chair of cheap plastic. A functionality with a thru-can of an USB-C he the fact the change of game and very only tie up on of my only 4 USB-C in mine 2017 MacBook Pro with being able to only. I want a click in/the click was of a SD and SDXC readers in the.
2 / 5 Jill
This USB C the hub is thin, measures very small in the to the east likes me! A SD/micro the ports of card are useful to transfer a data among my tlphonique and portable. Even so, it looks to the touch is sper lentil for my telephone through this hub still an indicator in load is still on. Time of tentativa diverse but look a raisin included of thing. Since it is a one of some the majority of things of entity to use this hub, does not think is useful and effective in load. :(
5 / 5 Kaila
I have required something concealed would spend through USB-C tin and would give me the traditional USB 3 port. Success! Law like the charm. I have not used a Micro SD or SD ports of card to verify these still.

Which usual, does not take compensated for these descriptions and I have paid for this product with my own money.
5 / 5 Mable
It IS very easy to install and law while ad. It IS the roads adds compared in the pair another alternative that tried but failed to do any one because of complexity to install or reliability of lack.
5 / 5 Maragret
These laws add like the small cradle for mine 2018 MacBook Pro. My only complaint is that I wish a usb the ports have not gone so much in a same side. Another that these laws add and a quality is where wait.

Also have the surface pro that use with the usb the cradle connected in of the multiple monitors. I can limit this cradle in a Anker wet and uses a trace therefore my suface Pro and my MacBook Pro.
5 / 5 Rebbecca
Amur This so far..... I have required something to limit my wireless mouse and my Jabra speakerphone in, and this was the perfect solution , economic cost to do so. Any subject anything with him. He exactly that need!
5 / 5 Eryn
Solid! Has the bought the pair other marks, yeahhhhh the covers only say ANKER he again!
5 / 5 Nenita
A lot he very build and wine with the small pouch to spend he in and the protect. I will be to buy another .
5 / 5 Ayako
That is to say the good product and works while it describe. An option of the delivery of the can is the plus wants to use all some ports even so it does not want to drain your stack of laptop. Works very good. Surely recommend it.
5 / 5 Sharda
A product that is very well in your hand. It IS to ignite and has some necessary ports for a half person to use without requiring another attaches-ons

Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB C Hub, ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Dulcie
My computer is the 2017 Macbook 12'', which have only a usb-c port for all the classes of materials. It IS the ache in an ass for prender that touches and connects my keyboard in program. (I need external keyboard so that a tez-in an of macbook is too bad for my habit to write).
Having to this a, has tried a lot another usb-c adapter before, had all the classes of subjects enough the. Some do not touch , while another connection of loss in HDMI occasionally.
This one is in fact a premier one has to do perfectly. I take he in student every day and some use to time the to connect my laptop in some controls provided by a school.
Maintains so much my keyboard is and the headphones of the mouse in the and when takes house, simply connects a usb-c cape and HDMI cape to continue my projects.

An only subject is of my laptop, a load is only 29w and some necessities of adapter 13w to operate, like a charing the speed in my laptop is relatively slow, but acceptable. Also I am planning compraventa the 60w uploads later to resolve this.
A first description written, help of desire.
3 / 5 Eugenie
In fact I have no turbulent ploughing a container so that I still necessity the USB-C wall uploads and it USB-C in USB-C cape that can one Hands to Be able has required. Sadly, it IS still patiently while for his casualidad to be useful.

HAS an eye in these products to do my setup work:

/>(An USB-C the cape wants to and that it is roughly to order hardly can take one another final part of a puzzle.)

/>(An USB-C load this wants to, but that still has to order some subjects to ship. This surely is a last nexus disappeared for my requisite of use.)

Perhaps this another is better, but taken very confusing when each some the available different options are not that the piece of glass clears so in that his superiority or the advantages in another would be. In my thought, tried to go for universality, but perhaps in of the terms of distribution to be able in this one is better:

the Atom of Scrollings of the can PS 2

Predominately, so that has two USB-C ports with the max is exited of 60W. It looks that USB-C the ports are advanced more than USB-An ones, at least in of the terms of his capacity. Even so, such upload is at present unavailable in Amazon, included when choosing ship in some the EUA.


already purchased some capes of Anker, but has had to to go with a competition, Aukey, while it has required still the upload to power a Anker USB-C Hub:

Alas, Anker has not been able to resolve some subjects to ship with his chargers, otherwise would have used Anker for a whole assembly of my setup.

Aukey Looks for to be the company of the brother in Anker, perhaps is not , but produces similar products. Even so, it is clear that Anker attention in detail and extra level of quality, poses his products in the different level.
3 / 5 Willard
This a key Galaxy Note8 in 13W9V ~(that is to say slightly better that Samsung wall to upload that is to say to think QC3).

Connecting supply to be able in any disconnecting devices. This am add, so that another hubs tends to restart.
Disconnecting Supply to be able in even so it breaks it a protocol of delivery of the can - a next time PS the load is connected does not touch a tlphonique anymore and is necessary to complete unplug he of tlphonique and upload. 3-In-1 Anker in fact does not have this problem.
1 / 5 Bobbi
I have bought this product for the Macbook 12 2018 and a problem is that a speed of data of the scrolling among 2 hard walks has connected in a hub is terrible. To transfer 10gb for case (something that usually take me 1 minute) takes hours.

Update: Anker the service of client was adds. We contact me to us immediately and refunded an element. A quality to be of the very good product but any one was defective or my hard walks have take too can (the only reason why bought the, was to transfer data among HDs). Even so, it acts use so expected usb clave.
5 / 5 Yasmin
I have bought this USB C hub to connect in my iPad new Pro 2018. Work to provide well a HDMI is exited to aim a screen of iPad in the television. Work to provide well the recharge the spend thorough in an iPad, when connected in the adapter to be able in separate, any one comprised. It provides USB Some 3.0 ports, EXCEPTS can not read or write data among an iPad Pro and walks of inch. That is to say the limitation controlled by Apple, no the shortcoming of this device. A good unit otherwise.
4 / 5 Opal
Everything looks works and expressed in the small container. Tried with the Vain Surface and Anker 30w USB-C adapter to be able in, the windows notify me quite 'this device could require more can', that no the vain message was still with the external power has connected, but everything looks to do well with or without being able to external, perhaps he firmware the patch will fix it.
1 / 5 Cristina
UPDATE: Taken the substitution of Amazon. Utmost work for them. Even so, this times a hub has failed after 1 day of use! Has the Vain Surface and he runs the cape of USB for raisin through being able in, 1 HDMI that cape a lot of works ( is state tried in other devices), and the adapter to unify for the logi keyboard and mouse. It has not tried to touch anything in devices of uses to be able the big. This hub is Of this product

Done well for 11 days. Then prender to do. Unreliable Produced. It does not recommend . Nonsensical The road he behind and expect 6 weeks for reparation of guarantee. Hooked In the Vain Surface and hdmi the port failed and no longer uploads. HDMI The cape has tried btw. All the work well but this hub. Bad product. Missing faith in this company.
2 / 5 Virgen
I have bought this for mine 2018 15 inch MackBook Pro. A passthrough supply to be able in has not provided the reliable quantity of power in my computer. A time touched besides or 30% power less than stack, or as it has thought. An hour later while he my MacBook the fence was so that it was in ZERO. Multiple time an adapter can cut suddenly in my laptop of walk takes that use for Machine of Time. In an of these occasions has been closed out of a walk takes and has had to Martell of Disk for the reparation. Has has not had an occasion to verify a HDMI port in the one of way that can not say is any sake . It Liked him very me Anker of the products in a cual spent is why has bought this. I am very disappointed.
3 / 5 Stefan
Has what USB tlphonique of use-C in load and data of scrolling, and alas like me connect my telephone until the monitor and uses the mouse in the the keyboard to use him likes him to him the small portable PC. Of only has or scrolling to touch and data, or can connect in a monitor and not touching or just load. I have bought this to see if a PS spend through would do and in my dismay, does not look to back my Razer Telephone. If any one has similar subjects, would want to see the description to confirm my suspicions in model of concrete telephones not maintaining.

All other functions do perfectly! Only a PS spend through any of work.
3 / 5 Iona
The computer said usb 2.0 engine of poster is unavailable