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1 first Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter, Nano Size Lets You Plug it and Forget it, Ideal for Raspberry Pi / Pi2, Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Black/Gold) Edimax EW-7811Un 150Mbps 11n Wi-Fi USB Adapter, Nano Size Lets You Plug it and Forget it, Ideal for Raspberry Pi / Pi2, Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Black/Gold) By Edimax
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2 Edimax EW-7611ULB 2-in-1 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0 Nano USB Adapter Edimax EW-7611ULB 2-in-1 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0 Nano USB Adapter By Edimax
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3 best Edimax AC1200 Wi-Fi USB Adapter Supports Web 2, MU-MIMO, Nano Size Lets You Plug it and Forget it, for Windows, Mac OS, Black/Silver (EW-7822ULC) Edimax AC1200 Wi-Fi USB Adapter Supports Web 2, MU-MIMO, Nano Size Lets You Plug it and Forget it, for Windows, Mac OS, Black/Silver (EW-7822ULC) By Edimax
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4 Edimax Ew-7722Utn Ieee 802.11N - Wi-Fi Adapter For Computer "Prod. Type: Networking/Nic Adapters Usb" Edimax Ew-7722Utn Ieee 802.11N - Wi-Fi Adapter For Computer "Prod. Type: Networking/Nic Adapters Usb" By Edimax
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5 Edimax BR-6478AC V2 AC1200 Gigabit Dual-Band Router, White Edimax BR-6478AC V2 AC1200 Gigabit Dual-Band Router, White By Edimax
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6 Edimax EW-7811UTC AC600 Dual-Band USB Adapter, Mini Size Easy to Carry, Supports Both 11AC ( 5GHz Band ) and 11n ( 2.4GHz Band ) Wi-Fi Connectivity, Upgrades your PC / Laptop for Exceeding Streaming and Faster Download Edimax EW-7811UTC AC600 Dual-Band USB Adapter, Mini Size Easy to Carry, Supports Both 11AC ( 5GHz Band ) and 11n ( 2.4GHz Band ) Wi-Fi Connectivity, Upgrades your PC / Laptop for Exceeding Streaming and Faster Download By Edimax
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7 Edimax EW-7833UAC AC1750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter, Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac and Linux Edimax EW-7833UAC AC1750 Dual-Band Wi-Fi USB 3.0 Adapter, Supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Mac and Linux By Edimax
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8 Edimax Pro CAP300 N300 Long Range Ceiling Mount Business PoE Access Point (CAP300) Edimax Pro CAP300 N300 Long Range Ceiling Mount Business PoE Access Point (CAP300) By Edimax
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9 Edimax ES-5104PH V2 Long Range 5 Port Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 PoE+ Ports, Supports Long Range Up to 200M, Port-Base VLAN, QoS, Auto-detect PD, Total 60W with External Power Adapter Edimax ES-5104PH V2 Long Range 5 Port Fast Ethernet Switch with 4 PoE+ Ports, Supports Long Range Up to 200M, Port-Base VLAN, QoS, Auto-detect PD, Total 60W with External Power Adapter By Edimax
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10 Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini New Version N300 Universal Wireless Range Extender/Wi-Fi Repeater/Wall Plug/Ethernet Port Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini New Version N300 Universal Wireless Range Extender/Wi-Fi Repeater/Wall Plug/Ethernet Port By Edimax
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Top Customer Reviews: Edimax EW-7811Un ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Has update recently my old Windows-7 laptop in some free Windows-10 promotional offered of Microsoft. I still under Windows-7 a WiFi the interface had been problematic and a emitted has continued under Windows-10. Donat An age advanced of a laptop, does not want to invert the plot of the money that fixes a WiFi. It revises USB of the amazon WiFi solutions, a Edimax EW-7811Algunes similarities to be cost of the decrease of likely solution has been no for a big number of negative revise cual was offset for a number a big plus still of positive critic. I have decided that it take the casualidad and has ordered a Edimax EW-7811A.

Quan A Edimax EW-7811One arrived, was able to use a default Windows-10 and Mini CD-ROM to install an engine and software of support; even so, or the solution done by longer that several minutes before do lacking. The majority of problem was that a Edimax EW-7811One HAS ALMOST DID .

Quan Has read some descriptions of current product, while they pertain in of the Windows-10, gives that my experience has not gone only and had the number of unhappy people that has ordered a Edimax EW-7811A for use with Windows-10. Revise several USB WiFi solutions in Amazon, has remarked that a Windows-10 updates was more problematic. It can cause this for (1) the oldest hardware and slower or (2) a Windows-10 update the image has not gone enough a same like the native Windows-10 image.

For several days have considered to write the spicy description while devising alternative solutions but maintained to return in a fact that a software was almost in a cusp to do. At the end, it has called a Edimax number of support, while technical support Hades, only to be hurriedly connected with the technician of support of the learning. Quan Has described a problem, a technician signified that a wrong the software has been distributed for Windows-10 and the guidance has provided on where to find a correct software, which has not entered a primary Edimax website. Like the amazon did not retreat one publishes of URL is, a following navigation is provided on where to find a correct software:

Navagation: walks | | of download of the support

In a Engine and page of Manual Download, goes in Section 7 and downloads an engine of ZIP has compress EW-7811One Wins , which are a first entrance in Section 7.

Has used the tablet to download a file EW-7811A_engine_of and has transferred then a file in of the Windows-10 using the interface of USB. One-ZIP a file, using Windows-10, and then runs a program Setup. This very he YAC and low careers to TWO SHELL, attack only until complete. So Edimax the support recommended, reboot Windows yours-10 system, and would have to when being well to go!

A bit those that was-cuff observations:

(1) A built-in portable WiFi generally has the antenna veiled and sometimes big under a case. A Edimax can no in WiFi insignificant zones of your house. There is Edimax produced with the big external antennas but these no a factor of small form of a Edimax EW-7811A. If a connection is very poor a Edumax is flagged so Turned Was and can has to Windows of use-10 in re-enables a WiFi. This could be the insect !

(2) HAS REMARKED that a Edimax EW-7811A sometimes looks to go to sleep. Turning Management to Be able in of THE ERA of Device can correct this problem.

Opens has run to four early series of tests of serious tension and, with an exception of insignificant zones in my house, a Edimax EW-7811One has done well. I am giving this product Five Beginning because of a good action in the prize very abordable point. Yes, Edimax control of the quality of the turbulent software in this case, but would give his Technical Support Six Stars without the second has thought.

Windows Of Microsoft-10 update to police was highly innovative and has quotes new life in the oldest hardware and after the updates of piece like a Edimax EW-7811A. Edimax And the amazon has to do the better work of informant a good informative in his clients.
5 / 5
That is to say a wireless device adds ! It exits of a box with Ubuntu and works with Debian 9.4 / 9.5 while you download a no free firmware iso in a Debian place.
Additional info for Debian and all has run so root (or sweat):
Once one is installed, will require to run a following order:
ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/net/
This deactivate a cart renames of an interface that invariably 'confuse' Debian and represents a nic useless. Once that is to say symlinked, simply reboot and bingo.
Alternatively, can edit /etc/default/grub
Looks for a line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX='' and change he in: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX='=0 biosdevname=0'
HAS RUN then: update-grub then reboot
This does a same like symlink and probably the cleaner of plot

has UPDATE 7/22/2018:
after executing this for the few days. I am seeing very that roughly of some another has been saying. I am seeing serious lags with this device. For example, accessing the action in my venue the grandson sometimes will take 1 in 2 minutes before there is activity of clean and at the end produced the mere to list of the directory. A same goes to access an internet for this subject. Calm import, has any one and everything sleep/hiber/the power that saves the roads deactivated. This does not spend when take this device and uses my old Panda PAUO5. The tan there is something with this nic.
1 / 5
It does not purchase this product. That is to say only bad hardware so far as it can say. I guess it was not it it expected it a lot for one $ 8 device, but left some fool of positive critics me.

Only can speak to use this in of the Windows 10, so perhaps an engine is better in raspberry/of pasador of Linux, but this thing cost me hours of stray time and troubleshooting. At the beginning one covers-n-the engine of the game has detected the, but does not connect in any points. Has thinks that that this could be some subject of configuration with my subject, but other devices have done well. Tan Then the official engine downloaded of him, after this would connect to the point, but periodically would fall connection.

Supposed that this was again, only my parents' the oldest subject bad, but has used now he with two another routers and only take consistently crazy and different behaviour with each point. 50% loss of container, ping spikes of thousands of milliseconds, has fallen more connections. I have changed in this NETGEAR AC600 USB of Wi-Final grupal Dual Mini Adapter (A6100) dongle and all an only madman immediately was was.
4 / 5
I have bought a Edimax EW-7811A for the mid 2009 macbook pro so that an original wifi is not doing as well as only. One installs looked to go well at the beginning, but then could not imagine was so to turn a wifi on after rebooting and plugging in a usb wifi. It have to mention I am by train to use you X And it finds other descriptions that complains of similar install the subjects have had. This me think would not take it work... Then I have found then this video in youtube [...] That recommended to install a software saw another piece of the software has nicknamed Pacifist. It opens Works. Some remark concealed has not entered a youtube video that can helps calm: after installing with Pacifist, rebooting and inserting an USB wifi, will see one blinking blue light in a usb wifi dongle. A software mentioned in a manual is not in the applications of the finder (and could not find he with mandate-spatial). But it has remarked the new service in a bar of state for one usb-wifi. I have found once this, igniting/configuring a wifi was easy. I have turned of one that exists wifi and now is able in surf a grandson and write this description. Some looks of field well in my house.

EDITA: filters of amazon out of a youtube URL. It tries to look for: 'That to use Edimax EW7811UN WiFi dongle in Mac OSX The Capitan.' I expect that another finds in this help of video likes him has done.
5 / 5
I have required to link to my mobile phone likes him an internet something hot and has wanted a liberty of wireless connectivity.
Alas my computer of the tower did not have it WiFi card as I have ordered this little 7811an USB dongle.

The installation was effortless; only it insert it/ it inserts a mini-cd and the left wing installs an engine, rebooted and plugged a Edimax in, Win7 installed a device and had, well to go.

The telephone has provided a signal of Parameters&62; Mobile Hotspot and Tethering, in in to to the computer liked him and of a connection has run.

Opens Could take some facts before a ISP is coming this Friday for his installs here in Gilligan Illa.

Some users have mentioned the worry of the field has limited, that considers that there is no the big antenna and he are running in 5 volts of a bus of USB, but so far like my necessities goes, the field has limited is to premium for security, a less other computers that this dongle can achieve, a better.

Although it has had he for only the pair of days, this little WiFi the unit has paid for him already to save the trip in city to use the machine of library (and what sure is those, the chair has entered mere view?)

Has the small FOCUSED that blinks to aim a state of connection. A device takes the warm bit but any treacherously eats.

Has the small flange around an end of a device the help provides the grip to take he of a socket of USB.

Would say an only downside is would be very easy in misplace so that it is so small.

Altogether Was free problem to install and an economic discreet response in retrofit a machine of the oldest tower for WiFi.
4 / 5
It take this device for the pair of potential uses:
1. To see can outperform a Intel horrible 3165 in my Dell Inspiron 15 7567
2. To see like the law in the Raspberry Pi Modela B+ v1.2 If he no well for my Laptop

My results are some following:
1. A device done in a same like Intel 3165, which for the sub $ 10 device is in fact quite decent. It does not substitute a Wifi already in this laptop, but to well sure do a work there is an older laptop without internal Wifi has built in.
2. It take this adapter to do in Raspbian with an engine has comprised in Edimax website.

Other Observations have done:
1. This device is only $ takes it to him used, and bren Amazon a device is in fact the new unit in different container without CD of engine. Considering or the devices have tried this with him there has not been walks of CD, has been for this option instead, and is happy to do so law well without a CD of Engine in of the Windows 10.
2. This adapter has the FOCUSED that is to say quite brilliant. Desire that does not have this since is quite only the waste of power for laptops, and that distracts an also.
3. An adapter is difficult to exit of a port of USB. Has think that this only would be a subject when using this in the desktop, but was so big of a subject when takes of my Laptop and Raspberry Pi. It does not recommend constantly it covers and unplugging it.

Global verdict:
-would say that this adapter his work decently. If you are in the pinch and need any class of Wifi in the computer, that this rotted very well adapt your necessities. If, even so, it downloads the plot of files and games, would recommend the invert at most the permanent solution is possible.
2 / 5
Engineer of grandson here.. Revising a Edimax EW-7811A model!

This has field very poor, is 4 bars that chair afterwards in mine $ 400 point of access - seriously! If you do in a hideout of next room in 2 bars, then once beamforming the kicks in back until 3 bars. 40Mbps Was cups after issuing, 15-20Mbps was max in a next room. This thing is slow.

Is returning. A last dongle has had this measure could easily 150Mbps+ during a house. My primary aim for east is to substitute the failed WiFi antenna in a internals of Lenovo and this no a trick at all.

Skip This. It is funny, it has had the no-mark by name OURLINK 600Mbps AC600 USB WiFi adapter for years before this and was perfect. The burn was afterwards the bit (these take warm!) And I thought that it that it save some coin to buy easterly unit. Nope.
1 / 5
I have paid only the few dollars for easterly but has not been to estimate that considering a hassle to try to take this to do well.

Has connected the up and has been detected in Mint of Linux without any extra engine.

Alas a speed was only 7-12Mbps when my service of internet is 70Mbps.

In a first flavour accesses a web a connection timed was!

Took it once that the again downloaded laws Kodi of a terminal and a data of connection again!

IS less than 10 feet of one issue (PC GOES to be moved later) and a signal is only 82%. My shows to issue to neighbours likes them 100%!

To do the worse subjects have tried to do the turn in easterly and recoveries of the amazon is not eligible for the turn. It has to when being an error or something. I emailed the to discover that it is entering. Still it was happy with just the card of present behind.

I the supposition takes that decrees of paid!
5 / 5
Works, but second what am concerned he no pickup mine 5G Ubee subject/of modem only looks to see one 2G. That is to say well for me and I do not go to take stars for that... I did not see it alleging 5G...

For some reason my Latitude of Dell E6410 is built in Intel(R)Centrino(R)Advanced-N 6200 ANG wlan the piece would not connect easily in my point of house. Always it takes several tentativas and included the reboot for the take to connect. I have decided to give this Edimax try it and works perfectly.
Connects in any clean now in a first tentativa. Any eight tentativa + more the reboot likes him before. :-(
The east suspect is the very old laptop Intel any problem to update an engine and has bought of this laptop of the certificate refresher what installed the copy of licence of Windows10 Marries for Refurb PC is --- a laptop is running an operating system he no in the ship of principle with. So that the engine probably has not done well with any Windows 10 or a new plus Ubee routers/of modem... Any road this fixed a problem and was the cheap fixed.

This Edimax is using REALtek piece and engine... As it look it to do perfectly...
4 / 5
Work well but is not 'carried-and-touch' in Raspberry (Raspbian-Jessie or Windows 10 Yacht) how announced but once takes some laws of the engine installed well. (During setup NOOBS has not recognised an adapter but once Raspbian has been installed, all has done very).

For Win10 the yacht can follow these steps to install an engine manually in a device:

Downloads an engine for a Edimax Wi-Final of:
download/of the download/edimax/global/download/to_house/wireless_adapters/wireless_adapters_n150/ew-7811a

Then in of the Windows. I induct the PowerShell version like an administrator and of this session entered:
(substitutes your With IP of your device)

initiates clean WinRM
has Posed-Element WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value
Entered-PSSession -ComputerName -Credential \Administrator
cd \Windows\System32
devcon dp_attaches

More Info that it could help:

Top Customer Reviews: Edimax EW-7611ULB ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Inez
Context: WiFi and Bluetooth in my Surface Pro 3 suddenly prendido to do a day. Tried all the classes of methods, at all records. Microsoft Has contacted, and has said that they can have me data a change for $ 450. Any road. I require the device of USB that give me WiFi and Bluetooth and reasonable small.

Then find this. It IS only a measure of the wireless mouse dongle and offers so much WiFi and Bluetooth, any bulky antenna. It IS a small plus WiFi Bluetooth 2-in-1 adapter has found. Plugging He in my Surface Pro 3 has minimum impact in portability. (Although it take it on a Surface of port of only USB Pro 3 has, but this failure is in Microsoft.) It is not to cover mere-and-game in of the Windows 10 (edition of anniversary), and no immediately after installing engine (requires the workaround likes to describe [...], But it saves my Surface Pro 3 to be the useless brick. Hopefully Edimax The engineers will fix an installation of Windows 10 of problem of engine. This would do these products very awesome.

Update: it finds his wifi signals very also like the surface built-in wifi. In some places where used to to have the slow bit but usable connection before a built in wifi is died, now has connection very slow that is to say sometimes now useable. Even so given a measure is inadmissible to expect function as well as built-in wifi.

Update: work well with my old Comcast subject. More has update late in the TP-Archer of Nexus C7 subject, which back dual group and 1000Mbps. Even so, this tremendously retards down wifi when using Edimax with my Surface. I am only able to take quite 1Mbps or less still and a connection is unstable. It is not usable. All my another the devices do well he so that it is unlikely to be one issues lack. It can be a case that a more dual group new wifi somehow interferes with Edimax and cause this problem. I have tried to contact Edimax service of client and tried some proportionate parameters but any one close. A lot it wishes this work of device, but he no.
3 / 5 Glen
Edimax EW-7611ULB 2 In 1 USB dongle is able to connect in so wifi and bluetooth.

In my initial tests, was able to use he through USB 1.0 in 2.0. Fact well through USB in Firewire Dongle, but has had subjects with USB 3.0 in 3.1.


The operating systems found the few subjects when involving engine.

Windows 7 In of the Windows 10 / 10 S has done wonderfully with minimum subjects.

Apple YOU The USERS can run in some problems because of a lack of support of engine for this device.

Android / Of Linux YOU HIM THEM the users will find that these careers of device well in his system. If there are subjects, mark sure to use some terminal orders to take a pertinent engine or updates later.

Server / HTPC Operating systems: If has the windows based or the server of Linux Based / HTPC CALMS then this device will do appropriately. Even so the would not recommend this cual yours main connection and instead opts in for the Card of Interface of the Grandson instead fif is running the subject. This even so it acts for the server of house or HTPC.

In general I like this device, but has the little back of the to to draw likes him to him the support of engine and level I/0 compatibility. Besides it has a light of indicator that would do east the bit of a plague of the eye of illuminates time in time. I recommend to pose this by behind your desktop I/0 and no in a front.
5 / 5 Jolanda
This thing is AWESOME! BUT, you could I want to read down so that it do not take it and take all ticked was and subjects behind.

This produces shipped that HAS TO Windows 10 has taken an update of Anniversary. Like an engine has comprised in a container is out of date. EVEN SO, I have called Edimax and spoken with his support of technology. It IS supremely polite and useful (probably an engineer by so -hicky). It takes this law of thing for me in 30 funds of bren. But also it can take one although-in immediately his web of place. Calm basically is saying Windows to accept the 'the device composed of USB'. If it conceal it is not very quite since you, it can download an engine a late plus of his place. Here it is a nexus. Only roll down in section 8 for this particular device.

Has had once all this imagined the, law like the sleep!
1 / 5 Le
It can not install an engine that is coming with him so that it does not have the cd walk, a nexus for engine of blue tooth in a place of web is in a linux engine only (still although it say it windows in a nexus). Place of the support of the technology has the picture of the person with the headset, but has any number of tlphonique or lives of cat. They have answered hurriedly for email, the routing join me the engine installs like an annex.

An enclosed computer in the few minutes after installing it. Desprs reboot Any one closure up again. Tried a blue tooth with my headphones of parrot. An engine deactivates my USB headset, as it can not change behind and advance. A sound no for some applications. (headset Works well with all the applications in another computer with built-in blue tooth.) I think that that an engine is bad for windows 10 64 bit.
5 / 5 Yolonda
Description for 'Edimax EW-7611ULB 2-in-1 Wi-Final and Bluetooth 4.0 Nano Adapter of USB'

has taken he doing in a Nvidia Jetson Nano, takes the bit of work. You go to read the plot of bad descriptions in this dongle where has the problems that maintains the connection also, but there are solutions for that. Desprs In an hour to touch around, took it to do stable, so much WiFi and Bluetooth. I have written included my own guide, this combines information of the few different websites in a page to help the people install this dongle for embedded linux.

Has taken accelerates of scrolling of the file besides or 2 less dry/megabytes in my house WiFi. It was able to connect the controller of Bluetooth of game and voice a data.
3 / 5 Ligia
A portion of adapter of the Wi-Final of this device is sometimes unreliable. Has an USB he plugged in in an outside of my case of desktop so that my motherboard has not been compatible with Wi-Final or Bluetooth, as it is taking the minimum interference in one issues, but streaming video and uploading the web of places is sometimes spotty. In time, streaming in 480p is dulcemente, while in another, 720p is quickly of lightning. Sometimes the pages upload instantly, while other times can take among 5 in 10 bren to upload. Speeds of download through the browsers of web are good and usually quite compatible, but no very optimum in the earth concealed in my laptop with Wi-Final and Bluetooth build in. It downloads the few games of steam through the east and the download taken in fact ask in 7 MBs/s, but sound very usually that compatible through a system compared in a 12 MBs/s locates my laptop in a same point.

Bluetooth, Even so, assembla hardly does at all. Bluetooth IS to install in my computer, and the looks of Generic Adapter in my manager of Device, and is included in of the parameters of Windows 10. It IS very clearly installed, but while I try to connect the device in him, turns with 'does not take any signal of a device', by everything means of him when being discoverable, and the version of Bluetooth lower (3.2) that a device he (4.0). Look around on-line for solutions, and can be missing something, but for one the majority of part, has not done well out of a box for me in of the considerations in an installation of Bluetooth.

Gives this product three stars because of my uncertain conclusions in a compatibility of Bluetooth, and some speeds of Wi-variable Final, but also for a prize more adds that it find on-line for any adapter has taken. An action that these leaves of device is sometimes very amazing, and gives credit for that. If you are looking for the solution to estimate even so, would recommend a Wi-End of flavours and only adapter and not using devices of Bluetooth can.
1 / 5 Vivian
Inferior line: any COMPRAVENTA THIS PIECE OF THE junk FASHIONED BY A DECEPTIVE COMPANY. It goes to give your money in a earnest undertaken these supports and is by behind his products. This Edimax no with a Raspberry Pi 2 B that runs a new more Raspbian updates. Edimax Is not updating his support so that the new cores is the enormous failure , and besides his clave in his specs and the compatibility extremely is deceiving. Besides, when I have contacted the plus or they less change for another that in fact laws as it alleges, gave me a race around and rebuffed to do anything to help.

Of his piece in his web of Place quite posing it up with a Raspberry Pi:
A cup of a page means that the would not have to have any subject with compatibility. ' You go you to you to aim so to install a WiFi and engine of Bluetooth in Raspberry Pi 2(RP2) running later Raspbian (2018-04-18, v4.14 Of nucli.38.).' Even so, he veiled down in a fund of a page is this gem: 'Please notes that some law of any low for core until v4.4 Only. If has update in a later a (v4.14 Or big), a compilation of engine will fail! In this moment in time, has no workaround for east.'
5 / 5 Cedrick
At present using this when a wifi card of my Surface Pro 3 has broken. At the beginning, it is sceptical, but has done in fact very enough. A speed of Internet is acceptable (seldom very buffering when looking videos in Youtube or Netflix) and a Bluetooth the connection is solid also. It connects in wifi is sometimes dulcemente/does not connect in of the points automatically, but that is to say the subject relatively smaller for me. Also it take it the small hot after the few hours, but only has remarked this has affected his action. An installation was the tedious bit , but would recommend to look in some upper commentaries for this device for Michael Ronayne for guidance. After following his instructions, was able to install a device without subjects. It has Had this device since April 2017 and so far (the toes crossed), this device continues to do softly. Donat A factor of usability and small form, would recommend this if you are having any wifi/bluetooth subject.
2 / 5 Nicky
WiFi Installed easily in of the Windows 10 with utility of installation of manufacturer. Bluetooth Could not use The functionality so that my laptop already has hardware of Bluetooth. A card with a WiFi and Bluetooth in my laptop is broken partially to think, like the field in both services is terrible, like this this product. An engine for a two was incompatible, that causes BSOD errors while a computer has been restarted. Tentativas In uninstall an engine of Bluetooth of the hardware has been failed - reappeared after each so it restarts. An only road could do a Bluetooth of a dongle the work was to restart a computer without a dongle has inserted, uninstall an engine of Bluetooth of the hardware of Manager of Device, then insert/inserts a dongle. A computer will not restart with a dongle inserted and that restarts reinstalls an engine of Bluetooth of the hardware in all the case, as this only has not been durable. A WiFi the speeds were also much more dulcemente that my anterior Edimax dongle. I am returning this element.
1 / 5 Lona
A global indication of this product is not bad. I have ignored some indications of 1 stars that commented in some constants disconnects and slow speed. Initially, it looks to do well. He disconnects In hourly, which has attributed in a small measure and the antenna have limited. Gradually, A disconnects resulted more frequent and now does not remain quite connected with a longitude to upload the page of web and clicks in the nexus.

Although I am only in my on duty window, thinks that will launch in some more concealed the rubbishes leaves some poor slob choose in a same piece of junk.

BTW, HAS BOUGHT two and both law some same.

Top Customer Reviews: Edimax AC1200 Wi-Fi ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Lynetta
That is to say for a EW-7822ULC in linux. At the same time I write this, there is no mainline OSS support of engine for this adapter, which uses a Realtek rtl8822bu piece (USB GOES 7392:b822). There is the engine duquel beat of vendor that is compiled and installed, but is beta -gone in of quality-coder rubbish and comprises the binary blob. This Realtek spams of engine syslog constantly, included when an interface of point is down.

An adapter did not retreat any one can that saves roads, any one 4addr subjects (any one comprising), any AP road, and could not take to go subjects of monitor in spite of a recovery that can he.

An only very informative this has is that a speed and the quality of nexus was quite well for me in both 2.4ghz and 5Ghz.

Physically an adapter is well and small. A MAC and the number of serial is etched in a metal, as it has not aimed in one totally photo-shopped pictures of product.
3 / 5 Lynn
(This description is for a Edimax AC1200 EW-7822ULC adapter)
Note:This device is a same as Asus USB-AC53 Nano. Edimax Both devices and they are essentially a same device. I have chosen to go with Asus automotive instead. I have tried also a Edimax automotive, which look for to be some same.

Considering my experience around wireless devices, class of has expected this device in not doing so very based in a testing done with him. But, it was slightly worse that my expectations.

Throughput This description, will mention TX and RX. TX IS a signal of an adapter to say yours to issue(also transmits a signal). RX IS a signal of your subject in an adapter(also takes a signal).

Quan Goes in 2.4 GHz, a RX is quite bad. While other devices could see the very big signal, this adapter could see he cual the feeble signal. Has some of some worse 2.4 GHz RX has not seen never. I have not tried 2.4 GHz TX. If you have considered this device for 2.4 GHz, then can be very disappointed. I skip the east marry.

Quan Goes in 5 GHz, a RX is in fact quite sake. It takes a signal of my subject with the decent force compared in some other devices in this room(sometimes still better). It was in fact amiable of has surprised that a lot of marks in a RX side of things. Even so, it is the a lot of different history when goes in 5 GHz TX. A signal transmitted of this adapter is very poor. Has a worse TX signal out of all other devices of client in this room. While it informs the decent 3-4 signal of bar that comes from/comes from my subject, a basically hanged adapter on desperately in a door of his final. While an adapter RX the signal would be -70 dB or as(which are decent), an adapter TX signal(informed by one issues) was usually around -88 in -92 dB, which are supremely poor. Been due to of the this, there was down throughput so that one uploads the side of an adapter was only too feeble to answer behind in time(the poor load can affect download). In of the zones of this room where other devices can chug to the long of, this adapter has finished only very acting at all. You are connected with the decent signal, but because of a poor TX any traffic has moved. An adapter was basically off-line because of that.

With a measure of this device and like some antennas are configured, the supposes would not be an amazing interpreter, but has expected he to be passable, but has not gone really although(is using the this varies longer). Worse work that other small devices and ones concealed is only 1x1 versus 2x2 of this adapter. You would have to expect this device in action around a same likes him 1x1 device, while it is not until pair with another 2x2 devices.

Edit: Habladura of 2x2 against 1x1. As it Looks in some taxes of nexus for my adapter, has informed 325 Mbps(80 MHz), 60 Mbps(40 MHz), and still 15 Mbps(40 MHz) in time. Look In some tables of tax of the nexus, looks an adapter only is using 1x1(has not tried in next field to determine more). This look of taxes to be only associated with 1x1(1 current) devices. I have read the description of one Asus variant. In a peformance descriptions, show similar action in another 1x1 adapters. A device of grandson that is to say to connect is 4x4 AC for reference, as you are not the limiting factor. It edits: it looks that calm only take some profits of one 2x2 MIMO what maximum next field, of a 2 antenna is simply too feeble and basically results 1x1 in the longest distances. If you are using this adapter varies longer, then would have to look in this what is 1x1. If you are using he in next field, then has to be compared in 2x2 devices.

Conversation of measure, this adapter is very small. Quan Saw it on-line, has not been sure what small the one of fact would be, but is in fact quite small. Has thinks that that one measures would do it hard to take when see it, but has not gone also last to take of the port.

Some critics have mentioned an adapter that resulted supremely hot. Has has not had an occasion to use an adapter for supremely long periods, but with my use of him, has the calm has not seen results supremely hot. Warm result, but no the toe these hot burns. It edits: I retract this statement a bit. It has remarked a part of the metal resulted quite hot after the long download.

This device in fact comes with the mini CD, something has not seen in of the years. I skipped a CD although and has downloaded one Asus automotive. It was not that some the differences are(if any one) among one Edimax and Asus varying of the engine of this device. I imagine Edimax basically gives them his engine(of Realtek) in all the case.

Additional notes:
- This device any one behind DFS 5 GHz canals. It was also never tried for use in DFS canals, so DFS in the future the update does not look probably. I expect that it marks.
- For comparison, a much bigger Netgear A6200 the adapters have it TX signals besides or 79 -less dB or so in my subject in 5 GHz. One Edimax in a same location is quite -88 dB. This difference could mean the big difference in throughput in of the long distances.
- Is using This adapter in next field 5 GHz, then can be quite well since you. You can it has to skip this device for slow half field in less than law in those clashes a power to begin or tweak some things.
- So mentioned earlier, in these laws of to the device more likes him his is 1x1. Any sure if that is to say the insect or no, but only does not comport like the device that is 2x2. I suppose that it is so that I think that that I have read that an antenna in fact has negative profit.
- The extraneous majority the adapters/of devices have seen will fall his theorectical imposed of low connection when transferring data in of the sure situations to improve one SNR(signal in proportion of noise). I have not seen this arrives with this adapter in my case. It informs the constant speed in of the Windows and very budge when doing downloads. This is not the good thing while he he included worse in of the conditions of poor signal.
- Has the blue DIRECTED these flashes(with one Asus automotive) inner of a case constantly. If it does not like him flashing DIRECTED, then can be of turbulent by this adapter. Even so, in they can not see the sure angles and his quite faint. With one Edimax automotive, a light is the blue constant when connected the.

Knows Edimax usually reads these descriptions and commentaries, as has any commentaries on anything has mentioned here, would like me listen the.

Does not plan on returning this device. It is not surprising, but was quite cheap(especially considering a Asus re-the mark of a same device is to bend a prize). Probably it launches the in an of my a lot of the devices has used often.

Has thought quite estimating this device 3 stars, but arrival to choose 2 stars before publishing this description. Predominately So that it is quite useless in my situation. If they were to fix some subjects with poor 5 GHz TX action, then probably would clash this until 4 stars for value.
Update: I have finished to adjust my indication in 3 stars. Has thinks that 2 was bit it also last in of the this.
1 / 5 Michele
Has three big complaints in this device. In the first place, no his properly. I can not say it is a real dongle this am loose or if a 'carried' the black is in fact bonded-on and loose. Any road, if it is a dongle or one covers he, movements when plugged in. Segundo, am using Saw Well in a model an old plus MBP. I have downloaded a pertinent engine for Sierra. In a bar of card, a Edimax the shows of software have full bars, but periodically a device will fall his connection. An application has clashed also on me diverse time. And last, but very less, when an adapter is doing properly, a throughput is nowhere after AC1200 speeds! My MBP has the built-in 802.11n 450Mbps adapter. A Edimax AC1200 is by train to give me accelerates only down half that am taking with one 802.11n. Possibly so that a dongle is only USB 2.0? I do not know . But in any case, an adapter has not coming afterwards to conform expectations. If that is to say he bum the unit apresamiento or no, can not say, so that it was so disturbed does not go to be has had to to take it casualidad with the unit of substitution. I am returned he for the repayment.
5 / 5 Florentina
It take an adapter in 2 days afterwards buys, which was adds. I plugged he in the USB 2 port in my Dell old M6400 portable and then tried to upload an engine of a mini-CD this comes with an adapter. My player of DVD/of engraver is only the slide in, without the pop-out of caddy, as it can not use a mini-CD. Felizmente, had the newest version of an engine in a EDIMAX website, as I have downloaded and installed the, rebooted my laptop (required) and wah-lah alloy in my subject 802.11ac without problems.

A speed was only 390 Mbps, which was the small to disappoint of my Linksys External AC1200 the adapter run in 585-867 Mbps according to my proximity in some subjects. I have begun to move an adapter in other ports of USB, comprising the USB 3 port, but still connected in 390 Mbps. At the end, it has moved he in another USB 2 port, and suddenly begun to take the company 520-585 Mbps (am not a specialist of electronic, but one has seen of only difference among some ports of USB, is that this one was near in some terminals of internal antenna).

In all the case, that considers a small measure of a EDIMAX adapter, is pleased with an action (how far), and can prender preoccupy me quite accident of an adapter, so almost done in a Linksys adapter what bonded was quite around 3+ inches. BTW, A EDIMAX is faster that an internal Broadcom 802.11ac the internal adapter installed in a laptop done 6 month, but can pose in the better internal antenna in my laptop, attentive in the the end augments until 720 in 867 Mbps likes had with my anterior laptop.

In general, this small adapter is more concealed has expected, especially for only $ 20. To well sure recommend it his in other looks to ask the computers the old plus.
5 / 5 Corina
Quan Has purchased my case of new compact computer (Fractal Knot to draw 202), resulted hurriedly apparent that has not taken place very available to locate some the wireless antennas a bit big provided by my Mini-PCI-And wireless card. To create and current, decided to try out of a Edimax adapter 802.11n of USB had been using with Pi is my units of the Raspberry. An adapter has done also concealed there is ditched a onboard Intel wireless card in favour of the same until it quotes Edimax AC1200 adapter.

So far, also. The speeds have been comparable in a mini-PCIe card, while the latency is the few longer milliseconds (10-15ms against 3-8ms). A better part is that he all this without two enormous 6' the antennas that hangs out of a backside of my again compact case desktop.

An only with, if it can call it that, is that it have to download you an engine of Edimax place before installing a unit. It is not automatically it has recognised it to it to him one issues an old plus 802.11n the version is (also an excellent device).
1 / 5 Neida
I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED with this product. I have tried he in 3 different PCs and with 2 different routers and has had constant disconnections. The last only connections for quite a lot of 5 minutes - after this disconnects the. Any import that calms (updating automotive, etc.) He only disconnects. He a same in Company/of Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Another that interests the thing has remarked is that for some reason, a Edimax register of adapter like the NIC. If you try to do filter MAC in an end to issue an Adapter will not connect , included with a MAC correct allocution. In an end to issue - some registers of adapter like the LAN of Local when not using filter MAC. Any work with filtering MAC.

Could when being the saying Sounds the subject to Issue'.. Well - I has tried he with two routers with until firmware of date and has taken some same exact results. You are tried in the ASUS/ROG 5300 and an old linksys with some same results. Also it take it a ASUS A68 WIFI adapter and the Netgear Wifi Adapter here in the amazon and has done perfectly.

Edimax HAS no Q/One for this product or on-line support/Info considering this subject. Desprs The 7 hours to try and tired . This thing is returning.

Prpers Saves the Headache.
5 / 5 Armanda
It have not listened of Edimax and was initially hesitant to buy this. But then I googled a company and discovered has dispatches around a world, as decided for the try. This tiny wifi the laws of adapter adds! Fast speed, does not fall connections. And one the majority of of the entity is that it is so small does not have to preoccupy quite something paste he. In the principle has bought the TP-adapter of the nexus but was in 3 long inches and from time to time fall a connection. More importantly, a TP-the nexus there was outdated firmware and in spite of tentativas numerous with assistance of his support of technology, does not update in a software a late plus. One Edimax updated in a late plus firmware without any problem. It IS of entity to be able to update one that fixed firmware for the subjects to start with of security. It remarks that this USB of only supports 2.0 (yes, can do in the USB 3.0 connection) but a speed is terrific. It IS cheap and is very reliable (has been using he for the month now). I have read in Edimax place of web that the version was punctual that USB of supports 3.0, but of this USB 2.0 version give me in 200 mbs in my connection of Internet, that is to say sufficient for me.
5 / 5 Jone
Until date: Bought an additional unit for another 2010 Mac Pro and an up to date engine of Edimax this The usb adapter of grandson for Mac is running Saw Big. Mark Sure to take a later version of an engine: Precise goes in the DOWNLOAD is his section and looks for a correct product. This new update deletes a nagging box of dialogue of an anterior version.

Fresh! Easy road to update your Mac in AC speeds. I have bought this after reading Glenn Fleishman piece in Macworld. Work so announced in mine 2010 Mac Pro. A proportionate software is quite so smooth as or can take for the adapter of USB in the Mac that the races have Seen down of native engine of Apple. (An adapter comes with the mini CD with an engine of installation. ) The HOT short unit in a touch.
3 / 5 Deshawn
These laws add to give AC wifi in the laptop that any come with AC wifi. With the USB3 jack, has taken enough 80-90% of a speed of a built in AC in my laptop. A field sucks, even so. If a AP is not really afterwards for, could be able of the see, but in fact using it can be spotty and big latency. For 90% of people that no vain to be the problem, even so, and is unfair to expect in in to to the the tiny device likes him that to compare with of the built in AC card that has the enormous antenna built in a screen.

Does very well with windows 10, to interfaces to listen only like them some built in card.

But has bought he for my woman MacBook Air, and an experience of apple is considerably less seamless - clunky and erratic would be better descriptive words. I have finished to give the in the partner that uses a laptop of the oldest windows,and is taking good use out of him.
1 / 5 Moon
Works , but very crappy engine of software and support. Can take it working, but the speeds are not so announced. Low voice.

Has description of update:

Maintains that it imports that this USB of organism 2.0, so that has the bottleneck to accelerate although it connects with 802.11ac. One has alleged the speeds are '...Until...' 300 Mbps With 2.4 GHz and 866 mpps with 5 GHz. In the 2012 MacBook Pro running Mohave 10.14, is taking 173.5 Mbps in 5 GHz group and 144.4 Mbps in 2.4 GHz group.

Comparitively, uses an on-together wi-final, which are 802.11n, lame 217 Mbps in 5 GHz, and some same in 2.4 GHz.

Like this, is thinking to improve your venue wi-fine speeds to use this in place of one that exists the 802.11n radiate in your compuiter, look that you (and I) is out of luck. You are better bonded with an on-radiates of joint. It remains to be seen him it USB 3.0 bookshop of adapter better speeds, but this one east returning in Amazon.

BTW, HAS TAKEN this adapter these laws with Linux Ubuntu to download the engine of Linux generic.

Original description:

downloading an engine of Edimax website and trying instalarprpers in Mac CALMS X will do you nuts. A reason is that one installs uses of container WPS and is in a Asus RT-AC6600 flashed with DDWRT.

IS spent the few hours and at the end found the solution.

No sure if this part is necessary, but, using DDWRT or the tomato opens page to issue and mark sure that an option to enable a button of reset is posed to enable '.'

IF NOT using DDWRT the subject flashed, the be has advised that Asus and another routers normal firmware often accomodates WPS, which are not to ensure, but convenient). Then it was necessary you be able to use a PBS the button in some subjects to obtain connection, or entered a PIN these looks in your screen after you install a Edimax software.

But, with DDWRT, installing an engine has not done. Take the PIN to flash that it can not enter anywhere so DDWRT no by behind WPS. If you are in a boat included, here is which to do.

1. Download And install application 'Pacifist'.
2. They go in Edimax page of web and downloads one 'EW-7822ULC_Mac_Engine' .Lima of zip.
3. It unpacks One .Lima of zip, but does not install still.
4. Instead, open Pacifist and select 'Install Container,' and then explores in Installer.pkg' Inner one unzipped dossier.
5. After a complete installation reboot your Mac.
6. You will take one WPS box of dialogue those aims the PIN the change and an option to use PBS. I think that that that has paste a button in some subjects for good measure, but a box of dialogue has remained .
7. It opens, in your bar of card, will see the new icon those looks the cigarette with green smoke. Quan Click in the, would have to see available points. So many, turn of your Mac wifi and connect in your point has wished those uses an element of bar of new card. A cigarette-thingie will change in the connection-sweep of graph by force and now will be connected saw 802.11ac if yours issue retreated that protocol (wave 2, BTW, with one Edimax, which are good).

This took me the good while to discover. THANKS TO ATechpoint in YT for this solution!!! And in a person that mentioned it elsewhere in the commentaries in the similar device.

Expects these helps and eschew attentive raisin to plot to time to look for the solution. It acclaims!

Top Customer Reviews: Edimax BR-6478AC V2 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Orville
It buys six of these some last years of pair. They are at all elegant, but has clean mere software that mark a work without fuss. Supremely Easy to pose up as it issue it, point of access, or extends. It can buy he which issue it and later re-uses he that a point of access. Manufacturers often artificially hardware to limit like this in a road of operation. I add for small subjects and of the far dispatches, p. p.ej. In difference of a Cisco, Netcomm, and Linksys routers/AP anteriorly has used, can configure these Edimax to unit like him remotely can configure he of another subnet in a _side_ of LAN. AC1200 Is not a fast plus Wifi the possible speed, but is probably so hurriedly how 90-100% of a train in your dispatch/of house can behind. Any one on buys-in 300 subject until you are sure is very that very better that this $ 50 contact of unit Edimax support of email two times with questions in of the versions of firmware, and has answered hurriedly, and astoundingly has known in fact that quite spoken.
1 / 5 Philip
It accelerates any that is expected of a AC1200 subject. I have used it issues of Bridge, as my devices in my dispatch of house, each connected in a change of Ethernet, could have access of Internet through the 5GHz WiFi connection in my Subject in another room of a house. My Xfinity the connection is very hurriedly, and would be good with losing very of him, but very a lot. Quan Installed a BR-6478AC V2 like the Bridge (setup was easy), each , but a speed measured of a test of speed of the In&T has not gone a lot in 30 Mbps. Like The reference, when connecting the laptop saw a cape of Ethernet in my subject, taken enough 150 ~ Mbps with test of speed of the In&T. To do sure was this problem of device, has substituted then he with a ASUS RT-N66U (only bit it the expensive plus) also configured in the road of Bridge saw one 5GHz WiFi. With a ASUS has taken then a full ~ 150 Mbps speed at all the devices in my dispatch of house. There any sense in is not buying a AC1200 device that can not press same data in N speeds...
5 / 5 Bernetta
I use this in WISP road, predominately to connect to Have Internet in RV Park. It connects in 2.4ghz or signals 5.0ghz of access, leaving you to select. I use 5.0 GHz the connections where available so that 1) eschews a congestion of common canal experimented in 2.4 GHz, and 2) 5.0ghz the canals are main speed with better quality of service.

A venue WiFi the point created by this unit also distributes so much 5.0 and connections 2.4ghz. It instruments like new can connect in 5.0 GHz while the train the old plus like the printers the still can connect in 2.4.

Our laptops, tablets, telephones, Directv, Roku, Echo of Amazon, and our printer each alloy in a Edimax. A Edimax done the only connection in a campground WiFi. In a case to Have Internet, where there has usually the code of coupon has required, all our devices can share the code of only coupon so that a coupon is linked in a MAC allocution of a Edimax subject, in place of our individual devices.

So much a outbound and inbound the connections are hurriedly, and more than entity, a scrolling of data among outbound and inbound is hurriedly.

Edimax Provides hurriedly, responsive support of client.

Has compared in a lot of big-names the routers has tried, a Edimax is easier to pose up and configure. I can not say it is easy, but compared in another is very good. A manual of the user is very in the rodeo compared in another.

In a current prize thinks this subject simply is surprising.
2 / 5 Denyse
I have bought this subject so that it retreats it WISP road. It was easy to pose up and a WISP the road has done sum for enough 1 yr. Then a speed to download begun to retard down. Usually take it 20 in 25 mbps that was more concealed adapted for my use. After 12 month a download has taken same turn signal although a WiFi the still operated source to all the speed. I can cycled one issues to leave one beats was while I have run some errands. Quan I reapplied can one accelerates returned in normal but after the little of the days retard down again and has prendido totally. This cycling to be able in of the time there has been any one affects. It looks fault of the hardware based in some symptoms. For a prize has expected the longest life. I some flavour of addition and an only road those looks to have that does the decree is a WISP road. If it connects the cape of my clean wire fence in an of some ports of LAN of this subject can connect in my point through one issues WiFi.
5 / 5 Jamey
It have been using the laptop to do like the bridge among my anterior rounter and the Jetpack. Because of the fail HDD, a laptop at the end bit a powder. After reading some descriptions here, has ordered a AC1200 and has had the mine presents it to HIM installs it. That is to say probably a less expensive subject has not possessed never and is resulting to be one of a compraventa better.

An only subject is having is that we can very far in some outsides. I have contacted EdiMax and his support of the technology answered in of the hours.

Or The majority of combative thing in a AC1200 is an appearance. It looks something out of a Jetson 50 show of cartoon :)
5 / 5 Jana
Only that has required. We cut some lines of earth that has had our wifi. Bad has had hard wired elements and wireless elements that has required wifi connection. This so much wireless left wing and hardwired produced for tongue with my new cell something hot. The instructions could be bit it better.
3 / 5 Keturah
In general for a prize that is to say to take to beat for some characteristic, but that is not obvious before it purchases is a map of compatibility for an USB, while the small usb the walk my USB HDD no... That is to say the bummer while I go to have that builds the solution of SMALL NOSE now... No the enormous roads while to take near in another characteristic gradient 2x so much.
5 / 5 Luanna
Strong signal, relatively easy setup in WISP road and do so announced with one 2ghz and 5 ghz points.
1 / 5 Jon
Fact in porcelain, the confirmation is stored on-line...And it does not trust China with accessing in my point. It IS also a lot, very feeble. Some antennas are big, but any same cross 3 bars in the 700sq cabin of feet of the ours. I am the bit of the grandson geek. It IS very easy in setup, has all some characteristic would want to, only feeble and did not like me my setup has tent in of the cloud.
4 / 5 Nubia
The works add so far same, while I am writing a description a same day while I have bought a device. An only another thing that maintains to take 5 stars are a rabies , has the bit of problem with too much wall, (like the good number of routers ). But it finds one something well in your house and he utmost. Well it buys for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: Edimax EW-7811UTC ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Sherman
After 2 pause of month to do, only like the plot other people has declared in his descriptions of 1 stars. I have taken he in December 2, 2015, and pause to do in February 4, 2016...Almost exactly two month later, only like all the majority of world-wide said. Yes, I am quite unbalanced...But I am also the small impressed that an adapter is apparently so compatible craps era. Not even I go to problem with the turn since was only $ 15, but the chair at least would have to share my experience in Amazon how another does not fall in a same cheat I (and very another, apparently) .
5 / 5 Renee
The works add in of the Windows 10. Anteriorly Has tried to use this in my Windows old 7 machine and has not taken never to do 802.11ac.

After chair in the boxes for some last few years, has pulled only went it to try in our boys' Dell All in a PC that has had poor WiFi action. We use the Netgear R6250 the wireless subject concealed has Beamforming technology, which basically means that in place of routing out of a signal in all the directions equally, likes him more routers mark, is able to direct an energy in a direction of a device that is by train for the access. Even so, the basically precise calm has 802.11ac to use this technology. Well, this small adapter that it was launched once the eschew been because of any when being pas able to connect in AC road, was in the able end to take he in AC road in of the Windows 10, and once configured properly, now takes forces of signal of full bars and reliably in 300Mbps local bandwidths where anteriorly using a built-in WiFi adapter in an All in a PC took less than 20Mbps. Speedtest.net Anteriorly There went it our tax to download around 1Mbps. With this AC600 the adapter that maintain us max out of our bandwidth of internet around 150Mbps. Very happy maintained this small adapter all these years!
5 / 5 Lovie
I have bought a Edimax wifi adapter as it can use it wifi in my PC of desktop of the Windows 10, and has to any one to leave me down still. It IS so mere like plugging in a usb adapter in my PCs and that is to say, Windows 10 a rest and I has been connected in my wifi point any time! A Edimax Dual-Group Wifi the adapter is available for a reasonable prize of $ 15.99 with Premier. It boasts a following specs:
Dual-group wireless connectivity for 2.4ghz or 5GHz
speeds of Wi-Maximum End of 150Mbps (2.4ghz) or 433Mbps (5GHz)
Looks the hardware WPS (Wi-Finish Protected Setup) button for connections wirelessly easy
the easy states setup wizard (has not required this)

The also will do with any newer Windows, Mac, or machines of Linux, the buy today and enjoy that they burn wifi speeds instantly!
5 / 5 Romona
Installation of Linux: According to an age and of the specifications of your computer, can be looks for the wireless adapter that it is faster that what a calm factory gave you. Has the Lenovo G-portable of series that is not that old, but avenges instrumented with an internal wifi adapter that operates in a protocol 802.11n and give me the speed of wireless connection of 72 Mb/s. For $ 14.40 (as of 6-16-18) with the First delivery can buy a following adapter and augments your speed in 434 Mb/s with very little hassle.

Edimax EW-7811UTC AC600 Adapter of USB grupal Dual Available in Amazon with Premier for $ 14.40

NOTE OF ENTITY: I have specified a Edimax EW-7811UTC AC600 Adapter of USB grupal Dual in this clave so that a lot it has run and so that they run reliably for simply installing a rtl8812au-dkms software. It tries adapters of the main speed that alleges 600, 800, 1200, and 1300 Mb/s of Edimax and other manufacturers and has had at all except of the problems. Sometimes they run unreliably. Frequently 'nano' the adapters sized overheat and dies. So many, this 600AC the adapter those rids the reliable 434 Mb/s in the compact container is mine to admit , and is satisfied totally with him. This has been my experience , and your mileage can vary!

This adapter no 'out of a box' so that a core of Linux did not retreat a chipset. Why? It does not have any idea. But it is easy of the take up and race.

A better method is to open one Synaptic that directs of container and type 'rtl88' in a field of investigation. One researches will aim you rtl8812au-dkms and leave you to install he in a normal road. If you use a Synaptic or another installer of software that is coming with your distribution, will be ensured that a version of rtl8812au-dkms is compatible.

Quan Installs rtl8812au-dkms, incorporates a rtl8812au engine of chipset in your core and also run depmod and all more to take you up and race. According to a speed of your system, can take the minute or two to complete. It looks he likes him for ever, but that it is normal.

Quan IS completed, inserts/to insert or re-inserts/to insert yours USB has adapted, and has to begin law immediately and also one every time you reboot your system.

REMARCE: The calm does not want to so much some interns wifi adapter and an adapter of external USB these laws a same time. They interact In of the unpredictable roads and can cause the problems that pages of debits of web. It finds your road in 'Edit Connections...' And change some parameters of some adapters under a General tab. I actuate a marked box 'automatically connects...' For an adapter of external USB, and deactivates a box 'automatic' for an internal adapter.

That is to say, and is gone of 72 Mb/s until 434 Mb/s for low $ 15.
2 / 5 Krystle
It edits - 11/1/2016 -
As it has downgraded a device in two stars. It has remarked recently when that runs the continual ping that each which how 9 ping would be around 1000 ms, sometimes 2000 or still 3000 ms. That this the way is when that downloads the big file a file prender each 9 bren for the second, then continuous. I have not thought anything of the same since now has a device in the laptop used for the web that explores. My computer of original desktop has been updated in the Netgear AC adapter that does not experience these drops. I am in of the Windows 10 x64 and could not find the engine to fix a subject. I have thought in any case perhaps it was my Archer C7 like the has not thought quite writing the negative critic, even so, I only returned of the house of my partner and has had the times take this downloads the big ios update in iTunes for iPhone of my partner. Some the constant decrees have caused a download to have problems. Has had to a built in wireless N in a laptop that career in the more dulcemente but compatible speed. Tan After it has decided he in just stay with Wireless N in my laptop and the mark have been with AC adapter altogether. These constant prisons are troubling, especially when downloading something big.

Original description ---
has bought this more or he less done 6 month when bought the new AC subject (An Archer C7). It IS stable state , and relatively hurriedly. One issues is at the side. I can transfer data in 120 mbps without subjects. For the this am spare speeds . Enough 4 fast times that my wireless N card.

Was carried and game in of the Windows 8. Any subject in six month with any drops and that it is with touching Devil 3, streaming films, copying actions of wireless data, it internet that explores, far VPN connections. And it was sper cheap.

If it was further of one issues would take the device the big plus with better antennas but since is only at the side that is to say perfect, especially for a prize.
5 / 5 Booker
I have bought this so that the problem had with my existent usb wifi the adapter but he have resulted a subject was with a computer he. As I tried it and it was it adds for my use.

Even so, a thing adds in of the this is these windows 10 has recognised the instantly and has not required to install any engine in an Edition of the company in of the works, where does not have Admin privileges. As I have finished to buy another 2 for the far dispatch where there has only 1 port of the point and some desktops there has not built-in wifi and will use a port of grandson to install the wifi subject and connects both workstations in him.
5 / 5 Meda
The works add... It maintains it handy in a keychain. Edimax IS a mark has estimated down. It has had Edimax Routers in a past and included the small point of adapters of USB...And it can it do not say it it can complain in any one. They have served his purpose well, but can not say my experience in micro adapter of USB to be a same. So much, it was in fact quite surprised with an action of this small doubt. There is a Edimax AC600 and enough honestly has had at all but problem with him and has not achieved never anything in a zone of is specifications of supposed action...The things were lazy times and had only does not connect in AC point at all...By everything means of installation of engine or version of windows...Mostly with Win10x64 was my experience. Like The glutton for punishment and listening very informative in this mini adapter, AC1200, on-line and with friends... I have decided to try unit SAINT COW! That is to say probably an adapter of better USB has not used never to contact. A micro usb the adapter is always the plus in that does not have something bond out of any side of a laptop, PC, or otherwise. I have had any emits to install this in the Win10x64, W7x64, Mint of Linux, Ubuntu, or WinVistax64. I have used this walk through all some systems in my disposal and he have installed without subject, the better law that an internal Micro PCIe card in two of these units. Better work that the DD-WRT use subject like the Client setup. It blows it was an action of almost all another half of wireless connection...With a one was to be of interpreter the connection wired . Truly it was surprised felizmente with a performace of this device, Edimax AC1200 micro USB, and has attached only more two in my cart for permanent location in two of this laptop has mentioned earlier...MAC And Mint of Linux.
5 / 5 Darcy
One 2.4ghz the group is totally congested around here. He the small investigation, has seen this was to recommend for a community, and the installation could not have been more mere. Powered Of Pi, plugged he in, kicked he up, attached in 5ghz WiFi. Opposite ends of a floor of a WiFi adapter, through the cookery, bath, and 5 wall - even so it is taking 200+mb with this small beauty. Note - to well sure sure has the supply 2.5an of power for your Pi. Starving Your devices of USB to be able in will impact action, at least marks for me. My old PS has taken the small insignificant, and taking the locally sourced PS has augmented my bandwidth for almost 100mb in an adapter.
5 / 5 Tangela
The adapter of USB has tried better. Very it can it say the difference in of the speeds and reception with him. I have run only 4 different speed tests to give an idea of some marks of difference. Without connecting, an indication a big plus has taken was the speed of download of 87.23 Mbps and debits of 16.04 Mbps. I have posed then the backside in and some the lowest speeds have taken was 106.38 Mbps downloads and 21.86 Mbps loads.

Of course, necessity to update an engine and game with some parameters before you remark you any difference. But I have had once an engine an installed new plus and all some parameters well, really looked likes him was in general new notebook. So much, in general, with an increase in of the speeds and a reliability of a connection, as well as a force of a connection, would say that this small adapter of USB is a lot of values a money.
1 / 5 Voncile
Usually I no the problem that writes descriptions unless something is very good or really bad. This a worse east that bad. Could cut it some slack given a prize, but included in $ 20 valemenos.

Here is why: Edimax (for his support of technology) did not retreat DFS canals at all.

If we are United States , these ways that there has it only two 80MHz wide canals to use: 36 and 149.

A FCC the covers that canals of uses 52, 100 and 132 if yours issue (note: SUBJECT) supports DFS. That is to say the radar -detection of frequency and diagram of avoidance. One issues is supposition to verify to do sure a canal is not when being used by soldier or doppler radar but if a canal is clear then can use.

Does not have any idea why Edimax would not leave his ADAPTER of CLIENT uses a DFC canals if one issues has determined that they are clear, but they no.

In this way that yes it wants to use this adapter in of the canals others concealed 36 and 149 the power in forgetting. Only to any voice Anything in this field. I have verified included to use inSSIDer 4 and has the hole of big black of spectre where this thing is so deaf like the hammer.

The rests was.

Top Customer Reviews: Edimax EW-7833UAC ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Audrey
If you are reading this description, actuate probably come up against a same or similar worry while I have done. Some speeds are not so announced. They announce speeds upto 1300 Mbps with 3 spatial currents in wirelessly AC. Well, I work in a wireless industry and uses these devices for studio, which the law adds for a prize, but is not backing his speeds have announced. If you revise some images have attached, a diagnostic is that this concrete model, EW-7833UAC or Edimax AC1750, does not have a capacity of 1300 Mbps, but instead is Max Capacitat is 975 Mbps. This is not the subject of engine, a last engine of Edimax the place of support is rev., you retreated You: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Tongues: English, Dates: 2017-01-18 ( there is another touched also with date more than run). Clean installs, the different devices installed and has tried on, different parameters in consumer and of the notes of wireless controller wireless squad that resulted in some same speeds. If you are looking for a 1300Mbps, out of this model, please look elsewhere. If you are well with some demands in 975 Mbps and some capacities with software of sure studio or only devices, then that is to say an excellent election . It accommodates that need in this time, but will try a next iteration of these devices and if they do not back his speeds have announced, immediately issue the backside for the repayment.
1 / 5 Faustina
This device is terrible. I am happy law for another, but for me the connected and my speeds were horrible. It does not have a capacity to close in a signal a strong plus, like this not Roaming parameters of Aggressiveness. That is an use having 2 groups? For a specs one would think that that that is to say the device adds, but my experience has not been concealed. The support of technology was also sub-pair. They could not answer my questions, which was mere. Instead they have to contact Taiwan, as have had to to expect 24 hours to listen behind they. At least they concealed well.
1 / 5 Josephine
This product has taken good descriptions for one the majority of part; this is not one of them. The repeatedly failed installation, a process that fences in up during one 'installing Cisco EAP-FAST' PHASE. That is to say thwarting, while it was a fact a the CD that is coming with a product was unreadable. As you Are a fact that a place of web leaves the plot to be has wished. No, a clincher, a thing that wish me that it could it to it attribute negative stars, is that Edimax decided in next basses his support of technology for December 23 in January 1...Only that time when thousands (tens of thousands?) Dels Buyers would require this support. Arrogant? Clueless? Moronic? That quite each what three?
Suppositions his basses besides Buy to find something that in fact can the be installed in Jane mere Dell XPS.
1 / 5 Marvella
Plugged In the new computer with the net installs Windows 10. You are detected and has done. Even so, the upper speed was around 2Mbps. Another AC1750 the next devices take in 200Mbps behind in my subject. Checked Edimax for new engine. There is one this was newer that an engine of normal Windows, but was still the years of old pair. Installed that, the reboot, and now an engine will not begin (error 10). Tried a manager of mere device uninstall and reload normal engine. Tried a Edimax uninstaller. At all it acts - it have it that have overwritten some of some files of normal engine or something.

Has looked for around on-line and voice to plot other people with a same subject - supremely slow speeds, unreliable connection, and the engine that takes in the bad state. Some subjects are very worse has edition of Windows 10 of anniversaries (1607) or newer cual is exited 2016. In a has seen of clave, Edimax has recognised a subject and has said to fix it was in a road. This clave was the old year .

Launching the this was and buying something more reliable.
4 / 5 Myrtie
Edimax AC1750 Adapter of WI-FINAL. Really impressed with this device, took this afternoon, had installed in the box of Linux those runs Mint 18.1 in down 10min, any hiccup, any subject. It was in a place of web of the vendor, has downloaded an engine of file of the zip, followed some instructions. Moments he no so easy like the cart installs and car-the routines have windows of career, was so mere likes that follows some instructions in a pdf that it was separates of a download. Only the run the DSL speedtest purely in wi-final and is taking the comparable speeds in one clean that in my connection wired. Has one of a 'fast' newer routers...
In all the case, is looking for the wi-wif ' 'card' easterly research to be an excellent election. Probably I will buy another punctual for the one of leftovers and to see what more raisin.
Races in Linux Minit 18.1 , is writing this description in wif-final that uses this card 'in real time'.
1 / 5 Kenna
It was difficult of the take to connect in my ac clean to begin with but law after some troubleshooting. Alas, I have to give this the star so that I no longer can take to connect in my ac point. Any import that marks. I doubt that it is my subject . Predominately So that has the few other devices that is able to connect in a ac point. Lucky for me these subjects has had a good time after my window of the enclosed turn. It does not recommend he in a point of prize has bought he in, but in $ 30, coast the shot to sees does since you.
3 / 5 Chang
I have bought this to use in my MSI GE62VR gaming portable, a Intel internal WiFi was only able of 867Mb nexus. Very well prender gaming but any so for an enormous 20+GB files I movement around my point of house. As I have bought this adapter and is now able to connect in 1.3gb (aka 1300Mb). Why three stars even so? So that it only can connect in 5GHz points in or canal down 48. Any canal on that it can it does not see a point in of the Windows 10 or Ubuntu 18.04 and manually obliging it to try for the connect only gives the failed to connect message of error. All more in my house (two House of Google Mini, the House of Google, the Pixel XL telephone, the Pixel 2 XL telephone, he nVidia television of Shield, three laptops with Intel WiFi) all can connect in my point of the house but this poden of adapter any one unless it is canal 48 or less.
As have had to to adjust my low subject in canal 48 but all some canals 48 and down has the extraneous tonne WiFi points in the (am in a complex to walk with 10 ~neighbours in typical wifi field) which down retards my house wifi, therefore take of a profit to have this quickly more wifi adapter.
Hopefully The firmware the update is fallen that the fixed this subject, so that the law adds otherwise.
1 / 5 Chu
That the disappointment. Some descriptions were many in Amazon and elsewhere. Has the Dell XPS desktop that has come only with capacity 2.4ghz. Recently we augment our speeds of Internet, as have wanted to to take advantage of it. The installation was easy, but has to go in Edimax place to take the engine has update. Windows 10 Very he automatically and there is not any application that comes with a unit. Quan These works, am to add ( can not speak to signal the force of my subject is through a room 8 feet was). This thing loses is connection 2-3 times in the daytime. My usual fix now is for the attraction was and material he in another void of USB. It IS faster that deactivate and re-enabling WiFi. Test reinstalling an engine in any utility. Time to buy something these works.
2 / 5 Cari
I have bought a Edimax EW-7833UAC AC1750 USB of Wi-Final of adapter grupal Dual. Has two problems with this product: a speed and a support of Linux.

Of the speed is more pertinent besides folks, will speak in this premier. This card is very rough. Desprs Installing engine in of the Windows and posing it up, has remarked my downloads had retarded in the crawl, and the web of places has taken the long time to upload. I am since spent to have a ethernet cord that could extend through my room in my subject, and he Netgear card that bought in the BestBuy the while behind, imagined would pose the each in a test. Here it is my results of Speedtest.net:

Wired Ethernet: 50.89 Mbps down, 5.11 Mbps in
Netgear 2.4ghz of card: 30.03 Mbps down, 5.11 Mbps in
Netgear 5.0ghz of card: 50.76 Mbps down, 5.04 Mbps in
Edimax AC1750 2.4ghz: 1.33 Mbps down, 0.67 Mbps in
Edimax AC1750 5.0ghz: 1.70 Mbps down, 5.06 Mbps in

So, in summery, this adapter is quite 20-25 slow times that mine another wifi adapter with speeds of download. And this was with a AC1750 plugged in the USB 3.0 port and a Netgear using USB 2.0. Any sure why uploads the speeds have done properly with a connection 5.0ghz, but the careers of multiple tests (the deactivate and enabling connections in of the windows) and looked quite compatible. Afterwards be announced likes 450Mbps/1300Mbps, a real result was very underwhelming. If I have not had an another adapter of Wi-Final, would have the supposition was my subject . But it was to well sure this card.

Opens, in linux support.
Has taken this adapter so that mine Netgear the card did not back Linux, and recently installed Ubuntu 16.04. Viewing 'Linux' In a title of a page me think that this was the good roads and would do for me. Mark...At the end. A version of official engine of core of only trace 4.4, which are grave far what my quota installs of Ubuntu has used. It was in the able end to find the git repo this was to update recently with good engine, but take to plot to dig, he 20ft ethernet cord through my room, and enough bit it that hair of tensions. At the end, it was able to do. So that it is why I gives two stars in place of or, so that he that required to do, albeit bad and only after to plot to do on my part.
5 / 5 Akilah
WOW! Almost perfect and in the prize adds. Career 3 different computers with him and can say that it uploads perfectly in: Windows10, and 7 (but has not tried some updates of '7' in '10'. One has distributed installs the disk has done perfectly and once poses up with a tone of security, each computer done with a new dongle, or found an original wireless card. I have compared wireless AC in 5 gigahertz in some anterior speeds. Here only the comparison of a computer: Up and speeds of Download: Edimax- 272 and 250; entrance of wireless card; 48 and 40. I am lucky to have fiberoptic the service estimated in 1 gigabyte. My Asus the subject is in the cupboard of basement 2 funds in a computer tried and 1 funds but quite a lot of 30 feet horizontally offset of one 2 computer. So far ... The FLIGHT!

Top Customer Reviews: Edimax Pro CAP300 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Tess
Desprs Quite 6 month to use one 5Ghz the group has begun to fall and only could take behind for rebooting a AP. A day or so of heavy use in a 5Ghz the group would cause it to fall again, like the device finished by unstable quite be. I have substituted he with the Ubiquiti AP.
4 / 5 Maple
He that feigns, as published for another, treating some builds NMS is sorely slow, but once setup everything is gilded. It can try a APC500 to see yes that be better and faster that the test has run a NMS in a APs they. I the list that to the Imprecise works likes them feigned for me, as all are well.
5 / 5 Bettyann
It beats Cisco, Ubiquiti, Aerohive, for small installations. And 802.11ac to kick.
5 / 5 Daria
In some locations maintain this device is perfect. Easily the accidents in a ceiling to hang and gives coverage during a whole subject and still in a yard of external game.
5 / 5 Colene
No-installation of problems, strong signal.

Uses Poe, trace in an upper background ceiling for house of 3 tents. Tha The coverage bit it better that Asus RT-AC68U, although it can be the advantage of point of the mountain.
3 / 5 Ivonne
I took two of these. Controller Of management still very available - would be the enormous help. Intermittent drops, but a field is well. Like The time spends FW the updates can recognise my demons.
5 / 5 Tilda
Supposing has run a cape, setup and install was easy. The fact adds!
2 / 5 Leonard
Look in several different marks to update some wireless in my house (at present using Extreme of Airport). I have wanted the system that behind and the wireless direct multiple APs in a net. A wireless hardware is very good. Retreat Poe, But comprises the adapter to be able in. It comes with all a highland hardware would require. Alas, that is to say where some good parts of this end of product.

Was quite easy to do an initial setup, but from here that goes downhill. I do with a lot of hardware of software and different computer and an interface to adjust some parameters have confused only. Included worse, each change takes among 15 and 45 bren to apply. It was able to take one 2.4 GHz the radio that law VAL, but one 5GHz radiate (cual emissions so countries I) only no properly. I have tried to do adjustments and by behind the technology was quite useful, but some the little of my computers of mine the old plus only could not take the decent connection and would maintain to take kicked has been. It take the most reliable action of a built-in WAP in modem of mine of DSL!

Has finished the road the back and a vendor was very useful with a turn. I think that that this could be the product adds, but one firmware really need to plot of work.
5 / 5 Chadwick
Look in Ubiquiti for Poe 802.11ac APs with multiple VLAN / SSID support, etc but the prize was bit it a lot in me. It see the description by so AP in SmallNetBuilder and decided to buy. Trace in the ceiling looks the alarm of smoke, very discreet. There is has not had any subjects of connectivity with devices (that run the point of guest primary point with RADIOS auth). The action has been solid.
5 / 5 Angila
Installed a product and was easy in instal the configuration was easy and service of the client and the support of technology was adds

Top Customer Reviews: Edimax EW-7438RPn ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Wade
Val, is not the engineer of grandson, has the HP 2600 without wi-final, as I have bought this for the pose in my wi-fine point. As Has a EDIMAX BR-6258n in of the marks the year, and is using likes him point to access the cover the something died in my wi-clean end, and work well, can video of current in iPad of my woman, and my laws of tablet. The speed is not was very so when I am near in my big wi-final subject. While that is to say into use with my printer can not give speedtests for this element still. I will buy another for the do a point to access only to try, in this prize, very why no.

My test of speed for my EDIMAX BR-6258n takes the field fo 15 in 20 Mbps low and each what three points of accesses give 6 Mbps up. A speed of better download is my main to issue in 20 in 30 Mbps, a free one of T-mobile only give 2 in 6 Mbps down, which could be so that has the longitude cat5 career, ???. In any case with some three points of accesses have accesses during a house, and my HP 2600 always prints to use this Edimax EW-7438RPn.

Was easy in setup, as it was premier of mine EDIMAX BR-6258n was. I like this or better while it is everything in a unit, while my premier on has the 5 tin grupal of volt.

The same access in an electrical socket without blocker one other covers : )

will update when takes a second a, and that is to say the N300 expects it to be so hurriedly if any one much faster that one 150Mbps the earliest model. Like the model sooner gives me abundance of the speeds does not think to update the, only left that it is doing where is.
2 / 5 Sharyn
This was a disaster of pico . Two problems have arisen, a premier and more serious was an inability to deactivate a WPS pin. Tan Some of you can know, can crack a pin with small endeavour. I have asked the support of technology could fall the update of mere firmware that could deactivate a PIN or WPS is entirety for the who the crane. They were very cosy, but politely has declined my demand. A next subject, which more turbulent that a problem of aforesaid security, was an inability of devices to maintain the reliable connection in my subject for longer that the few minutes. I have taken each reasonable step in troubleshooting this problem and he only could not be fix. In an end, a EdiMax mini is returned in a box and has been returned in amazon, any hassles. It was besides Buy a next day and has purchased the slightly more expensive Netgear repeater. It IS a N300 WiFi the field Extends, and there is no disconnected of a WiFi Subject once. More, left me to deactivate a WPS pin. At the end, with a canal posed in car, any one others signals in a neighbourhood is interfering (until 22 detectable). So much my subject and extends looks to master canal six, kicking my neighbours was shortly after change in six. It looks a N300 WiFi the field Extends is available in amazon also. Highly recommend it his. An interface of web provides much more options of configuration that a EdiMax also... It outrage these aforesaid. Better considerations.
5 / 5 Damaris
This has done exactly that has wanted the to do. I left me to limit in the no wifi radio of internet in my wifi point. But taking has not had so easy. First of all, some instructions are scriptures very bad. A step where posed the up in a wifi the point in not clearing and the road has been in a wrong direction. I am not saying is bad, but deceive and or or two more the sentences would do this so easy to pose up. I have called Support of Technology and was able of tongue with any immediately. It spends 58 minutes in a telephone with me, aimed me where has been wrong but still does not act. In the Then update a firmware. And re has done a setup and law like the field. There are three different roads can use this, while and has mentioned enough, uses this to connect the no wifi device in mine wifi and he the work adds. ... So far. I will update it is a subject .

Update, This has done perfectly for the month now and has clashed my description until the 5
5 / 5 Lucile
I use this cual the wi-fine point of access in place of an old Linksys WAP54G this there has been spent to do. It IS much smaller, has the signal the strong plus and the big plus throughput that an old one and achieves much more there in a house. It buys another if my another extends never fails. It was mere to configure and very intuitive. Prize of product way down below.
4 / 5 Dorotha
I a thorough test of 3 wifi in ethernet bridges.

To try I setup 3 beaglebone black with the cron treats to run hourly a following script:
rootbbb:/etc/Script cron.hourly Of speed_of the cat
/usr/cube/speedtest-cli --mere &62;&62; /house/debian/speedtest.Register
echo '' &62;&62; /house/debian/speedtest.Register

the internet is strand of the proportionate action for a ASUS RT-N56U

After the week here was some results (averaged values):

Securifi Almond
Ping(mS): 19.9
Downloads(Mbit/s): 26.1
Debits(Mbit/s): 20.2

Edimax EW-7438RPn Mini
Ping(mS): 141.4
Downloads(Mbit/s): 33.1
Debits(Mbit/s): 43.5

Ping(mS): 10.6
Downloads(Mbit/s): 16.2
Debits(Mbit/s): 11.8
5 / 5 Tomas
It buys 2 of these. It IS the small preoccupied quite using 2 in a same house but is only that has required. One is the wireless point extends and has used then another for the printer of Ethernet wired. This was the very cheap road to do a printer of alloy of Ethernet in a wireless point. Both have been doing perfectly for some last 2 months. I have used an application of iPhone to connect in a point in less than 5 min. This extends has 2.5 and 5 GHz frequencies like the very versatile. I have seen the plot of questions quite the law with a printer of Ethernet and my HP Laser Everything in a Printer is doing like the field, (scanners, impressions and faxes through a wireless point).
2 / 5 Dan
Essentially, this wireless field extends works to emit a SSID similar, but no identical in that of yours existent point of wireless access (i.et. A one is trying to extend). So much, if your house the calls of wireless point (has a SSID of) esquad_of Field_of the FBI', a Edimax EW-7438RPn would take this signal, and then broadcasts something nicknamed quad_of Field_of the FBI-X1', or something similar. (Said of another way,, a device takes your name of current point and creates the second name to mesh to attach two or three characters in an original.)

IS quite easy to pose up, and a point of new access (in an example on, esquad_of Field_of the FBI-X1') has to join it to same signal likes him to him the point of main access , but that is where a consolation of these ends of device; the subjects of action prevents this to be the very good device. More precisely, it broadcasts a SSID perfectly -all one that the ways time the always looks in my list of available points... BUT - and here it is where a problem enters - connect in a SSID emitted by a Edimax EW-7438RPn often (at least 50% of a time) has resulted in small or any scrolling of data.

So many, into use real, could connect in quad_of Field_of the FBI-X1' while it is broadcasting in quite full, well in his field, only to have the lacking pages in same of debits... And this spends at least each which as another use to time the.

An only reason is not returned this thing still is so that I am expecting has some parameters or something concealed can tweak, but has has not had time in disorder with him.
2 / 5 Shirl
I have bought this device in February '16 and for August '16 very unstable result. I guess it is feigned only in last 6 months, then was the good roads . I have expected he in last longer even so. It purchase several products have done prende Edimax and considered to buy my next wireless subject for 802.11ac of them. A keyword there is " it is". I will go with the Linksys or another vendor has succeeded with.
5 / 5 Marguerita
I use for my service of tlphonique of the internet, where does not have access of cape of the Ethernet. The works add, I the just desire could say a same for my service of tlphonique.

Could be the small difficult to pose up for an a lot of-technology savvy.
5 / 5 Delmar
I am using this to connect the (any one what) esmart' Samsung' television in an internet. A setup was easy and now a television is connected. Still it prefers into use only the ROKU clave but at least has an option again.