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Top Customer Reviews: NZXT Internal USB ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Talitha
Installed and doing well. It IS perhaps a hub of only internal USB available.

Two problems - a - a molex the connector is the PoS and is perhaps where the majority of some problems of cause of hardware, Some pins in a molex the connector is tiny, aims each which as this road and when when being connected often some pins take pressed out of a backside of a connector (nose of needle of the pliers to use to press them behind in). - Two - RTFM. These necessities of hardware to be installed with a computer unplugged of all (cord to be able in, monitors, LAN, speakers, etc.). There it is warning in of the a lot of places in only connect with a computer powered was and unplugged, but think that a lot of people ignore some opinions in his peril (the source of users so unhappy). You can very hot or covers it hot unplugs connections of this hub without hurting.
5 / 5 Florinda
It was such the blessing to discover something like this exists in a piece. That is to say one of these accessories that saves life artilugios has used.

Shining Only, is all I gotta says enough it. I have bought this connects my NEXUS (Corsair) produced with a motherboard, together with the pair of the launches of USB DIRECTED. And it acts perfect! Totally it wants to it.

A note of entity, this thing has is source to be able to possess , through the molex cape, which was the bit preoccupied enough.

p.S. Sad in a disorder of cape, only to give an idea on like this sews alloy and works!
1 / 5 Raleigh
This hub fried my on-ports of USB of the joint. Desprs Installing this and power in my machine, has seen the spark and the in of the llamas smelt components. One schemes very included can on until I take a CMOS stack and unplugged a computer. Quan A computer is returned on, does not recognise any devices of USB plugged in a mobo void of USB.

Look In other descriptions, the looks has not been some only or that experimented this problem.
4 / 5 Ressie
There is an old model of this hub and quite a lot of laws decently. I have ordered this for the tez new and am the small disappointed with him.

There looks for to be something wrong with a power in a unit has taken. He hooks in finals, and the windows recognise it, but when there is any class to design to be able in big in some falls of unit and reconnects in manager of device. It goes The peripherals are well but included to use a Xbox A controller through an adapter plugged the this was quite to cause a problem. It is not immediate but raisin consistently once each few minutes. I am very while this is not the defect to draw in a new unit so that a lot prefer a new look and magnetic annex in an old bare together of circuit and velcro.

Admitted NZXT offered in RMA the, but aim after an offer some things of the life are spent that it take my alcohol totally of a subject until right now. I will update this description takes afterwards in that contact them again.
5 / 5 Izola
At the beginning it was preoccupied in some descriptions; even so, after a bit dig and research found this device to be a better solution. Much more world-wide that is to say queixant-, ignore them. It follows some directions properly and the mark sure has a supply to be able in adapted to distribute pot in this internal device. It was mere as it covers he in solution of the game and I has been ready to go. State using this Controller of Hub of the USB during 3 month now and is able to control my Corsair devices and I/Or Signals at the head of the USB without any subjects. This hub is very reliable and is in fact magnetic which are the good addition for the whoever plants he in the some place in his case. Still it look it well and it can be veiled to shroud it or in something of your elect. Even so the no apt in a zone of poster of management of cape. Be so conscious, could have some subjects come from such the thing in the Mid-turn or EXT-Mid-tower or Case of Full Tower. I am sure he could return this in the Cubed Case, but good for me to take the look in.

In general that is to say the wonderful solution to take the devices of extra USB installed and for those with a Header of USB! Highly recommend it!
4 / 5 Lieselotte
Bought this to leave one of my USB of motherboard 2.0 header. I have required only leave my header to exist in two header, but this comes with three header of motherboard of the type and two USB Write Some connections. Opened Can use it this hub of USB to read/control my Corsair CPU AIO the freshest waters And my Corsair PSU a same time. At present I am doing this without providing the extra power those uses a cape to be able in in a container.

Bronzed Why only 4 stars? A connector of power for this hub only has the molex-in-cape of barrel. Since it has the modulate PSU, my computer has zero molex connections, which require me to buy an adapter for a cape to be able in proportionate to provide he with being able the extra. It opens Cela has a two USB write Some header, wants to connect Bluetooth and WiFi adapters so many is internal in a case of PC, but more probably need an extra power for a hub. If this has comprised the sata-in-molex adapter, was perfect.
4 / 5 Cora
Has one of a model an old plus of this element for the few years, but has taken recently the walnut to modulate PSU and has taken some gables blended up. Long history, down. Magic smoke.
Anyways, HAS a reader of internal card, 4 front usb 2.0, and the Corsair H100-I, so precise at least 4 usb header. My joint has 3. It enters handy, and maintain the bluetooth dongle in him also.
The new version is bit it better, taking an old an out of an adapter to be able the tiny broken the cape as it covers in a walnut one is well. As it IS some magnets , while a velcro has streaky stronger only the maintain bonded in a fund of a HDD cage. The plastic organism is well, but take on of more room of bit, any compraventa usually perceivable and has the plot of capes bonded around he with 5 HDDs.

With so mart' devices now, of coolers in rgb in usb easily can require more than the header, as one of of the this is near in the necessity anymore.
1 / 5 Christoper
I have ordered this to use with my new ITX the tez of a motherboard has purchased there was only an USB 2.0 header and I had purchased already a NZXT case for my new PC.

First time powered in my PC, has had subjects with several devices very when being pas recognised by BIOS and Windows. This has comprised a NZXT Kraken x52 has purchased. Of a Kraken has to the so subject in his own, is spent of the hours and of the hours troubleshooting a Kraken.

Even so, after a whole Saturday is spent troubleshooting that past, came to suspect a NZXT Hub of Internal USB was a source of all my problems. Desprs Some plus troubleshooting, has confirmed my suspicions. I day still has ordered the substitution of the amazon and everything are up and race.

A time lost has not been well. Even so, during my time these roots around, covers and unplugging several connections, somehow directed me in tank my new 4TB HDD. It IS this NZXT that lacking of? The no. Was mine . Even so, I can the guarantee has not been poking around for hours in finals, possibly in components of exponents of marks of NEW PC in the potential harm there has been this hub only done well in a first place.

That it is a history of how the $ 19 hub cost me 18 hours and $ 100 bucks.

My council. It chooses the different mark is compraventa for hubs of USB. Like The attach in fact, eschews NZXT each joint, if it can help. I know that I in a future.
5 / 5 Domonique
TL;Dr.: This hub of USB really aided me out of the pinch. The need taken develops management of cape/of header of extenuating USB.

HAS a itx tez, and a motherboard has to the header of USB very limited. But I have substituted my adherent of CPU with a AMD Wraith Prism, which uses a header of USB to power an advantage of RGB. But I have not had the spare header...

So much during the week, a tez was unfinished how me my investigation. It enters a NZXT hub of USB.

This thing is tiny! Some pictures looked a measure of my hand, but is a measure of my middle finger. When being solid. I use he molex connection to be able in, which use a PERIF port of your PSU.

Has connected a cord of extension of the USB of Mobo in ash of header in hub. Connected a cord of USB these can an adherent of CPU. A left wing of magnetic fund me to attach anywhere, which are utmost so that I have run out of room in a basement and behind if. The computer has ignited, and vanamente an adherent with the effect of vomit of the unicorn.

While, subjects of the management of the cape has begun to improve so now has another port of USB that it is out of a motherboard.

Absolutely estimate $ 20. It can take or for mine atx tez, in case perhaps.
4 / 5 Edwin
He exactly that would expect, develops some header of port of the USB in your motherboard with the hub of header. With all an internal USB artilugios like the freshest interface, PSU interface, and varied another is easy to run out of a bit those that have in your motherboard so these accesses a bill perfectly.
One a thing that had me kinda the worry even so it is concealed has the magnetic base... It has attached with him it touches it to order only sure when being. With just a magnet if a surface is smooth, can slide around.
Ploughed, is running each solid state as I am not also preoccupied in a magnet in a base of a hub that problems my hard walks but he are next right trace where some turning platters would be (any one another good place for him in my Enthoo Pro house). It can also interference of cause with other radio signals like Wifi and 2.4ghz for devices of entrance, so that it is why has taken attacked the star . It would have liked him to of him the view the plus bit that the solution of the magnet of low technology is. Perhaps the group of band of the order sorta thing?

Top Customer Reviews: NZXT DOKO PC ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5
I have not thought 30fps would be so of the breaker of roads, but is.
Honestly A product is well , he that says that it marks with very few hiccups... But I find me preferring chair in front of my computer because of a tax of frame.
Hopefully The entrance of the valve in a house streaming piece of boxes (that alleges to do 60fps) can take me behind in front of a television.
1 / 5
It do not retreat windows 10. If you want to use a streaming device for the PC, a nexus of the steam is the better election since you.
3 / 5
The looks of mice to be very jumpy when it moving around. Done the problem in common devil 3 and the touch. And it IS very hopping has been better as and could substitute my crappy portable. A lag is very perceivable for me although all and was to look the video. The videos and the sample was all choppy. A breaker of the roads for me was streaming videos, and can live with a lag in of the games but lag in a video so also problem for me.

Quan Never and paste a button to update after it achieves near of an end of a bar give me error 3, any tone what this half couldnt finds anything concealed to say me that ways. So there it is the update and did not take it never.

Enters the good boxes, with the a lot of good looking ethernet cape with metal in a rj-45 connectors any tone why or yes helps anything but sure, limit to be able in and the piece of paper that calm say you to go to download a doko software.

3 cause of stars say you upfront have lag and he that alleges marks. hopefully Can resolve a delay in a next version if unit to mark Amur an idea and what except a lag the calm but for now and will return it.
5 / 5
Has is limitations but for a mark of prize exactly that it say it will do. Already I have the machine to shout for my gaming and another necessities of the computing and I do not want to has to spend a same quantity to build another PC only in casually have access in my living-room. This also deletes a necessity in upkeep multiple computers with the patches or that download a same thing in of the points of multiple access. I want the and can not expect for future iterations while I am sure will improve in a technology.
5 / 5
Well But little it bite he lag.
Can not touching game in a streaming television.
5 / 5
Drawee While it expect!
2 / 5
Video of PC streaming works. Action of the current of the video is adapted for applications of desktop and netflix. Action of current of the video with games like GTA5 and Fallout4 is subpar; a way gamer would not find it acceptable. USB Never done in my system, included after substituting with another unit through NZXT RMA (civilises of tower). I have used the mouse of wireless/keyboard combo in my PC to take around the east.

Has crossed month of NZXT the support that expects for the resolution in a subject of USB. In it compose a subject, a Doko the servers of update are no longer on-line. In an end, his only guidance is in RMA until it spends to take the unit these works.

Donat Some subjects of hardware experimented and a level of receipt of back, is my opinion that NZXT is cutting Doko loose like the product has failed. I have bought the SteamLink and video of law and usb streaming how announced and in the far upper road that Doko.
3 / 5
This unit is useful for elements like east.

- The basic web that explores
- Listen in musician
- aiming pictures

does not buy this element unless has the 1000 subject of GPS or will be thwarted yes is purchasing he in:
- video games of Game of any amiable
- video of Clock like Netflix, Hulu, or your videos have in your walk takes.

A latency is acceptable,but what acceptable is a 'jerkiness' to frame to frame. His that very constantly is posing in prender all a time and pressing game.

Has finished to sell an element in Ebay this week. If you go to purchase this element, listens in NZXT the recommendation those uses 1000 routers of GPS and such.
2 / 5
usb Works of engine with window 7 but any window 10. Any controller of entrance wont awake in the new windows included tried reinstall uoipsetup.exy
1 / 5
Any compraventa. I trust me and it has won one in the contest and and celebrates very that has buy the. I took me two days and two computers to do include common he. A same application then only felizmente launches the averages a time and accidents what crazy

For Gaming: Shot in csgo and taken like the solid 1.5 according to empty among when and jogged my mouse and he have recorded in my computer and among when bursts up in my television. Any one to mention a whole point of this device is for wireless and which no. to be But results it one damn sew any one in that has he wifi so much and has had to to run the 30 cord of feet out of my room in a room. And it can also only buy the longitude hdmi cord and an adapter and covers he in my computer.

For Netflix: After a fiasco with trying to touch the game with this thing and has thought well the hell perhaps can do which mine chromecast, as and has seated posed the show of television on in or another room and has posed the in a television with this thing. To to Tom likes him 7 of minutes in before one damn the application clashed when and give and very like this device.