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5 / 5
The tan has bought recently the new Macbook Pro (2017 model) and only take USB-C ports, although the wing left that I find me the USB-C hub concealed would leave me to take the ports of USB regulate as well as SDCard and included HDMI and port of Mesh. That is to say it was one of one 8 in 1 hubs run through. Do alot to research and arrival to take easterly one, this was the good decision .

First was can can this cual the passthrough with my level 87W USB-C touching adapter while using this device ( has the USB-C port on here). That will say even so it is that Good screen of Information of the System down Can doesnt the sample that the full uses 87w same although a description of a product said his 87w able, now shows 81w. Bronzed His 6w was, no the enormous roads. That I also the opinion is that it can not look to know his tongue with an Apple 87w load, where limits a OEM USB-C directly in a Macbook will aim it some details of a load, again any one the enormous roads for to me likes him his clear that basically is using can fill during touching.

Segundo, has remarked the few descriptions of folks alleging it didnt can his External HDD or walks/of CD of the DVD, was the hesitant bit when since. Confidently I Can say that it was bad of anterior critics. This hub has had very subject that it can my reader of DVD. Any subject that can some external USB3 external HDD which there has been the 500gb Samsung EVO SSD. I have posed the level 7200rpm portable platter the walk takes in this enclosure even so powered this laptop HDD up. As any subject in these devices. Plugged My iPhone in a USB2 port, communiqu and touching it, also there.

At the end, has used a HDMI with the 4K the television and have any problem those aims that/show a screen in 4K. Used a gigabit scrollings and has taken gigabit speed with the few tests of speed. A SD void of the card was also very well was maxing out of some accelerates based in my card has had in there so he wasnt spoiling a SDcard accelerate cual was adds.

Bronzed In general Im happy with this hub and will use it probably daily now. It Likes him that his also in of a measure of the coverage of cards and in this thickness. An upper and the sides are done that looks an alloy. Inferior is plastic with some feet of rubber.
5 / 5
It was in the holidays and has taken a lot my pictures. Has my laptop, a walk of empty external disk, and an external SD reader of card, so easy behind up and to charge of good pictures? No so easy, my laptop there was only an USB 3 port and so much my external hard walk and SD the reader of card has required the port of USB, as this resulted the timely two process of no. First copy one hundred of images in my laptop, then copy some images in an external walk. With this device is the process of any!
Pro IS: (1) Easy setup - has any one, covers only calm he in. (2) it Develops it mine 2-in-1 laptop of an USB 3 scrolling + 2 USB C scrollings in the four USB 3 scrollings + an USB 2 scrolling + 2 USB C ports. (3) it Attaches the SD and TF readers of card of the memory, (4) Attaches an Ethernet RJ-4 (5) now can limit in a HDMI monitor of big screen. It surrounds, the big expansion of my utility of laptops for $ 60.
With East: there it is not founding any one.
Recommends this in the partner: Absolutely
5 / 5
This small hub has surpassed my expectation in almost each consideration (the good the well could cost the less bit - but take that paid for and more).

First impression: it is much smaller concealed expected and is light of plume. Some material looks quite very (has an ash a) and a quality of tez is excellent.

Flavours of function: everything does so has to on first flavours after connecting this in my Lenovo the laptop these races Ubuntu. An USB-C raisins to be able to through the just fine and some loads of laptop to all the speed when one 65w adapter to be able has connected in a hub. HDMI IS able to spend audio/of video in 3440x144060hz in my ultrawide monitor without observable subject(does not have the 4K monitor as I can say that a lot of laws in this resolution). Both work of readers of the card without problem. After an hour of continual use (with spending to be able in-through, HDMI and a port USB3.0 Into use), a hub is to ail to animate in a touch. I have not tried a ethernet port, although a recognised join you ethernet present to be scrolling and unplugged.

Minor subject: a HDMI initiates it taken in brief interrupted if an external USB-C the can is to take. No the big subject of things returns afterwards 2-3 bren (although your windows can be animal-fixed by a CALM). A law of hub only well for the cartoonist can of a computer.

That it can do it this same better product: the longest cord light help. It IS possible to pose another USB-c beginning? (Although no other looks of hub to have this or).
5 / 5
My computer has recognised a hub ails connected the. A port of Ethernet was a primary reason has purchased this unit. Work very that the hub of USB and like an adapter of Ethernet.

Has purchased this hub in another so that a vendor is not baiting and changing a product in his page. Another hubs has descriptions for hand-held stock exchanges, drones, car chairs, or glasses of wine in his page. These vendors are any dishonest or incompetent.

This page of hub in the amazon there has been descriptions only for this hub.
5 / 5
I am using a TOTU 8-in-1 Types C Hub of USB that very he-device of port connection in the parameter of room of the conference. A Hub does not require any setup procedures or engine. It is connected in the Samsung Reservations of Galaxy 10.6 tablet. Has two 16GB walks to flash of the USB, one 8 GB SD card, one 8 GB micro SD card, a HDMI cape in the projector, point of Ethernet and an adapter of power of the tablet connected in a Hub. Felizmente Can read and write spreadsheets and archive of video of big capacity simultaneously of/in the each devices of storage without interruption or buffering. I have not measured some taxes of scrolling for any one of some devices, even so, does not have any delay or observable interruptions with any one of some scrollings of file or presentations of video. A Hub is lustrous, robust and assembla withstand some rigours of daily use. It is being used while it feign. It recommends a Hub for daily use, comprising dispatch, work of field and trip. I use for the presentations and he have been ideal.
5 / 5
Grey is an USB of the Spatial C Hub, TOTU 8-in-1 Types C the hub comes with Port of Ethernet, 4K USB C in HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, 1 Port of USB 2.0, SD/TF Reader of Card, USB-C Delivery to Be able in. Records of utmost hub with mine 2018 Mac Reservations Pro. The container is arrived punctually and forms well. A Hub is very very built and has surpassed my expectations, looked in the plot of hubs before and has bought this on. One a guarantee of the narrow year he for me, if they are that sure of his product has imagined was very has done. One goes on down on of the email that takes to arrive was the good touch. Highly it recommends this product for any one requiring the Type C Hub.
5 / 5
Has the salvation-finish AlienWare Portable. Only it has 2 USB 3.0 ports but he also have the small USB C ports. Has the bouquet of units that necessity to be connected in a laptop and I have run out of ports. Also I need the SD Void to treat Cambra is my Memory. Addition in that is the USB required 2 port. This device of compact USB has it everything. An USB C port as I can piggy by behind another unit on in easterly the unit HAS 2 USB 3 ports, 1 USB 2 port RJ-45 (NIC) port, he SD the Empty flashes by heart and the HDMI port.

Plugged My memory of camera in a SD port , he WD My Passport 1TB Walk in an USB 3 port and it USB 3 Flashes bond by heart in an USB 2 port. They all was recognised by a system and has opened.

IS very happy with this unit. Work exactly while I have expected.

Paul - The/OWNER grupal of Support of Mesh.
5 / 5
An in the first place a taken has done well with mine 2018 MacBook Pro 15', as I have bought the second a for use of house.

Spends a premier one with me in my rucksack for portable use. It uses an USB-Some ports, a HDMI and some wire fences ethernet. All have done well. Also regularly it uses one spends to touch-through without problem.

A second is motionless in my desktop, always plugged in wire fence ethernet and the supply of power of spare Apple. Basically an economic load and wire fence ethernet wetted. Apparently solid edifice, and handy to be able in covering only a cape in load and wire fence ethernet without taking anything of my rucksack another that a laptop he. Probably I will finish with the CalDigit TS3 More in some use of house of the point for, but these acts well for my current necessities (touching and ethernet, occasional USB-Some devices). A supply of power of the extra apple and the capes are expensive, but in another pound has bought always the supply to be able in to spare in all the case. My road-warrior one can remain in my stock exchange when is house (deletes a risk of him that rests behind when the cape was), and dies knows has the one of leftovers to take for until it can substitute it.

Has has not used still a SD void in any one, but suppose good law.

HAS has not had the long, but so far highly can recommend this device.
5 / 5
That the like this little surprised artilugio all announced and was the breeze in setup has meant only plugged he in my Dell XPS 9570 Laptop and each did. It have been doing with the Dell TB16 Wetted of Ray during the week and did not go never able to take a Video to do and this device have done first time for the neighbourhood of a prize. Also well and the compact creation how takes it on small room in a stock exchange of Laptop.
5 / 5
I bought it predominately for the sd reader of card and some ports of extra USB. The result the useful more than.

Opens IS an only cape besides cord to be able in connected in my Knot. A hub connects in my monitor/of keyboard/of the mouse. Mina of retreat 4K monitor amiably.

Has edited in Nov 12: If you are by train to ask does with an iPad new Pro, to the left say. Works of exposure but usb mouse and no. Of keyboard Apple really wants to sell his own keyboard:(
5 / 5
As I have bought recently the new Macbook Pro (2017 model) and so only take USB-C put you, a lot concealed left finding the USB-C hub concealed would leave me partorisca take the ports of USB regulate as well as SDCard and has included HDMI and port of Coverage. Ossia Was one of one 8 in 1 hubs has run by means of. It has done alot of investigation and has finalised partorisca take is one, this was the good decision .

In the first place was this can be powered like the passthrough with my level 87W USB-C touching adapter while using this device ( has the USB-C port on here). That will say this in spite of is that MacOS screen of Information of the System down Can doesnt aims it using full 87w same although a description of a product has said his 87w able, now tip 81w. As his 6w was, does not treat it enormous. That I also the opinion is that it can not look to know his in speaker to an Apple 87w load, where cover a OEM USB-C directly to a Macbook will aim it some details of one load, again does not treat it enormous partorisca me also although his clear that basically is using can fill during touching.

As, there is remarked the few descriptions of folks alleging it didnt power his Outside HDD or DVD CD walks, was bit it hesitant when there is of then. Confidently I can it say concealed was bad of forward reviewers. This hub has had a lot @@subject powering my reader of DVD. Any @subject @ powering an outside USB3 outside HDD which there has been the 500gb Samsung EVO SSD. It has dipped the level 7200rpm portable platter hard walk in this enclosure this in spite of powered this laptop HDD up. As any subject in these devices. Plugged My iPhone to a USB2 port, communiqué and touching it, like this very there.

Finally, has used a HDMI with the 4K the television and has had any question that the aims that/show a screen in 4K. Used a gigabit port and has taken gigabit speed with the few tests of speeds. A SD the space of paper was also a lot very was maxing out of some speeds have based in my paper has had in there like this he wasnt spoiling a SDcard accelerate how was adds.

Like this in general Im happy with this hub and will use it probably daily now. It likes to like his also in of a measure of the coverage of papers and in this thickness. An upper and the sides are facts that looks a league . Inferior is plastic with some feet of hule.
4 / 5
Has been in the holidays and has very taken my pictures. I have had my laptop, a walk of empty external disk, and an outside SD reader of paper, like this easy behind on and uploaded of good pictures? No like this easy, my laptop there is so only be an USB 3 port and both my hard walk outside and SD the reader of paper has required the port of USB, as this is resulted the timely two process of First no. copies one hundred of images to mine portable, then copy some images to an external walk. With this device is gives it a no indictment!
Pro Is: (1) Easy setup - has any, covers only calm he in. (2) it Develops mine 2-in-1 laptop of an USB 3 port + 2 USB C put you to the four USB 3 put you + an USB 2 port + 2 USB C put you. (3) it Adds the SD and TF readers of paper of the memory, (4) Adds an Ethernet RJ-4 (5) can now discharges in a HDMI monitor of big screen. @In rodeo, the big expansion of my utility of laptops partorisca $ 60.
With East: there it is not founding any one.
Recommends this to the partner: Absolutely
4 / 5
This little hub has surpassed my expectation in almost each consideration (WELL fines it could cost bit it less - but volume that paid for and more).

First impression: it is much smaller that has expected and is light of feather. Some material looks quite good (I has an ash a) and a quality of build is excellent.

Tries of function: everything does like this has to that on in the first place try after connecting this to the mine Lenovo the laptop that careers Ubuntu. An USB-C steps of power by means of the just fine and one portable load against full speed when a 65w adapter to be able to is connected to a hub. HDMI Is able to spend audio/of video in 3440x144060hz to the mine ultrawide monitor without subject observable(does not have the 4K monitor to the equal that can say that well laws in this resolution). Both work of readers of the paper without question. After an hour of continuous use (with raisin to be able to-by means of, HDMI and a USB3.0 port into use), a hub is grieves to warm to a touch. I have not tried a ethernet port, although one RECOGNISED a ethernet present to be port and unplugged.

Subject @minor: a HDMI the start takes in brief interrupted if an external USB-C can is takes. No the subject big of things goes back after 2-3 second (although your windows can be animal-fixed for one YOU). A hub law so only well to the design can of a computer.

That it can do this better same product: the light of the longest cord will help. It is possible to dip another USB-c start? (Although no another hub looks to have this neither).
4 / 5
My computer has recognised a hub has connected grieves. A port of Ethernet was a primary reason has purchased this unit. Work as well as quell'USB hub and like an adapter of Ethernet.

Has purchased this hub in another reason a vendor is not baiting and changing a product in his page. Another hubs has descriptions for hand-held stock exchanges, drones, car chairs, or glasses of wine in his page. These vendors are any dishonest or incompetent.

This hub page in the amazon there has been descriptions so only for this hub.
4 / 5
The one who the surprised like this little artilugio all announced and was the breeze to setup has meant I so only plugged he my Dell XPS 9570 Laptop and all have done. It have been doing with the Dell TB16 Cradle of Ray for the week and is not never able state to take a Video to do and this device have done first time for the neighbourhood of a prize. Also good creation and compresses like this takes on upper of small room in a stock exchange of Laptop.
5 / 5
An USB of Ash of the Space C Hub, TOTU 8-in-1 Type C Hub comes with Port of Ethernet, 4K USB C the HDMI, 2 USB 3.0 Put you, 1 USB 2.0 Port, SD/TF Reader of Paper, USB-C Delivery to Be able to. Hub The work adds with mine 2018 Mac book Pro. The container has arrived punctually and in shape well. A Hub is very very built and has surpassed my expectations, looked in the plot of hubs before it has bought them this on. One a guarantee of year clinched he for me, if they are that sure of his product has imagined is well has done. One follows on the email that does sure arrives was the good touch. Highly recommend this product for any one requiring the Type C Hub.
5 / 5
A prime minister an I received has done well with mine 2018 MacBook Pro 15', as I have bought the second a for use of house.

Spends a prime minister one with me in my rucksack for portable use. I have used an USB-Some ports, a HDMI and some wire fences ethernet. All have done well. Also regularly it uses one spends to touch-by means of without question.

A second is stationary in my office, always plugged the wire fence ethernet and the supply of power of spare Apple. Basically an economic touching and wire fence ethernet cradle. Seemingly solid construction, and handy to be spent able he so only a boss to touch and wire fence ethernet without taking anything of my rucksack another that a laptop he. Probably I will finalise with the CalDigit TS3 More in some use of house of the point for, but this does well for my current needs (touching and ethernet, occasional USB-Some devices). A supply of power of the extra apple and the bosses are expensive, but in another hand has has bought always the supply to be able to to spare in all the chance. My street-warrior one can remain in my stock exchange when they are house (deletes a risk of him that is left behind when it begins was), and dies to know have the one of leftover to take for until I can substitute it.

Has has not used still a SD space in any, but assumes law well.

Did not have Him long, but like this far highly can recommend this device.
5 / 5
A hub the good looks but is done of economic plastic, any to the aluminium likes more than another.
Takes a lot of heat with the Mac book Pro, a plastic does not dissipate a heat effectively.
A question a big plus is a characteristic of Ethernet , kill your coverage when a hub is disconnected of a laptop.
Very sure to the equal that kills a coverage but a whole house looses connectivity of the coverage until a coverage is disconnected of a hub.
A HDMI and the ports of USB have done well like this far.
5 / 5
Am using a TOTU 8-in-1 Type C USB Hub as it fine it-device of port connection in the setting of room of the conference. A Hub does not require any setup procedures or engine. It is connected to the Samsung book of Galaxy 10.6 pill. Has two 16GB USB flashes walks, one 8 GB SD paper, one 8 GB micro SD paper, a HDMI boss to the projector, coverage of Ethernet and an adapter of the power of the pill has connected to a Hub. I can felizmente read and write spreadsheets and files of video of big capacity simultaneously of/to all the devices of storage without interruption or buffering. I have not measured some taxes of scrolling for any of some devices, this in spite of, has any delay or of the observable interruptions with any of some scrollings of file or presentations of video. A Hub is lustrous, robust and resembles withstand some rigours of daily use. It is used as it has feigned. You recommend a Hub for daily use, comprising office, work of field and travesĂ­a. Utilisation for the presentations and has been ideal.
4 / 5
Bought it mainly for the sd reader of paper and some put you of extra USB. It results more useful concealed.

Now is an only boss besides cord to be able to has connected to the mine Nuc. A hub connects to the mine monitor/of keyboard/of the mouse. It sustains mine 4K monitor amiably.

Has modified in Nov 12: If you are by train to ask does with an iPad new Pro, to the left say. Works of exposure but usb mouse and no. of Apple of keyboard really wants to sell his own keyboard:(
5 / 5
Well This thing costs originally $ and has taken 10 was so that lame partorisca in $ 50, Awesome! I have looked in a lot of USB C hubs partorisca MacBook pro and I finally found a legislation a. Some another could be look in $ 80 thats crazy. You look in multiple another hubs and this a stuck out of one the majority of, has all I required and partorisca the good prize. This has everything needs besides the VGA port, require the VGA the port so only opts partorisca a one this costs more. But highly it recommends to take that it is a then another USB C hub in a phase because another will take your money of dam. His small and light weight and comes with the little stock exchange. No appearances the stock exchange partorisca come with him which have thought was fresh. Shows some cures of company in his clients. Also a box among good and professional era.

Highly recommend.
5 / 5
Have the salvation-finalise AlienWare Portable. So only there is 2 USB 3.0 put you but he also has to that little USB C put you. Has stirs it of unit that need to be connected to a laptop and I have run out of ports. Also I need the SD Space to treat my Memory of Camera. The addition to this was the USB has required 2 port. This device of compact USB has it everything. An USB C port to the equal that can piggy for behind another unit on to the east a. Has 2 USB 3 put you, 1 USB 2 port RJ-45 (NIC) port, the SD Flashes Empty by heart and he HDMI port.

I plugged my memory of camera to a SD port , he WD My Passport 1TB Walk to an USB 3 port and quell'USB 3 Flashes clave by heart to an USB 2 port. You all has been recognised by a system and has opened.

Are a lot happy with this unit. Work exactly to the equal that have expected.

Paul - The/OWNER grupal of Support of Coverage.
5 / 5
Want this TOTU hub. I have it plugged in the external monitor, with internet in ethernet boss, and reading the DVD of the USB-stroll of the external disk has connected. He one 2 little USB-C put you in a Mac accessible to all these connectors, and also there is SD and microSD readers of paper. One tiny little green has after Headed to some ports of USB tip that a hub is connected and alive. It touches of the silicon in a fund maintains of sliding around.
4 / 5
These produced does not have appropriate shielding and for has caused so much mine wifi partorisca take doing because of too much interference. I have tried to restart my subject, upgrading one issues firmware, changing of 5ghz to , and tried a lot of canals. At all done until I unplugged this device and mine wifi has begun to do again immediately.
5 / 5
Am using this TOTU USB-C hub has connected my new mark 2018 Macbook Pro, he 3-feet HDMI the boss that connects to the DELL U2415 monitor, and the USB of 3 feet 3.0 boss that connects to a monitor is built-in USB hub. My mouse is plugged the USB of a monitor hub. If I leave my laptop so only for the little mins, dips a monitor to be able to-save way. When I Try to use a computer again, roughly 1/4 of a time a monitor will not go back on. When This raisin, king-plugging a TOTU hub a lot of times can fix it. Sometimes I need to close my lid of laptop and open it again to do work of things.

Looks that all an USB-C or Ray 3 hubs has this same question, included a a sold for Apple. It is the bug in MacOS? It is some costruttrici Chinese that deceives to use more economic, less electronic components of confidence? Any batches of flies of these products that has failed QA and sell them on Amazon? It is to the amazon flooded with counterfeit produced?

A TOTU hub has any writing or number of model in a backside, the only certification grieves logos visible.

MODIFY 2018-12-16: I am returned a Totu device. To substitute it, has taken that it has done it well for the month.
4 / 5
Am using with the 2016 13.Âşn Macbook pro. I can it do not take to relieve the 1080p Dell the external exposure that use the active HDMI->show port boss. It was not if ossia a subject with my unit or so only the question of the drawing but any way is not doing like this announced that.

After, although I can touch by means of him (to connect an USB-C boss to a dongle then a dongle to a computer), cause of the subjects. In the first place, a delivery to be able to is inconsistent, sometimes touches sometimes no. In him this is not that big of the shot, but is suggesting some question of significant drawing. After, a computer firmware/the settings looks to take garbled of him - after touching by means of a dongle, has had to random closure and could not restart a computer. I took it to a tent of apple, his reset some settings to be able to use some mysterious hotkeys, which fixed it. Ossia An only time such subject has on come, explanation like this simpler is that it is caused by a dongle. There is not any question with my computer (for his diagnostics) as at least any one questions this dongle the causes are not permanent. But any way, has some bad subjects with this dongle.

Caveat emptor!!

--Update, oct21 2019--

These jerks sent an email that ask to take a description down and promising the repayment. So that it is probably reason calms does not see any a lot of bad descriptions. I think that that to the amazon would owe that begin crack down in this bad practice. I mean, I imagine, the majority of some people here are compraventas for the USB hub, no an extra cry...

Like an aside, in an am while past $ 300 in another pertinent USB hub and work absolutely perfectly, driving multiple external exposures, external walks, big amperage delivery to be able to, and like this connections of USB to the equal that can launch in him. Probably the bit of a overkill but am sure more the people enough would spend $ 300 on something these works more than the $ 40 paperweights.
5 / 5
After doing to plot of investigation, has solved in this hub for mine 15' macbook pro 2018. This requires 87W of power to full load and like this far this hub has been doing well to touch and usb. Utilisation a hub to be able to, usb smiled, and outside hdmi monitor. Utilisation another usb-c port in mine mac to drive the second monitor so much with a hub I only need discharges he in 2 cords when precise takes mine macbook to the meeting, versus 4 bosses.

Has given a unit 4 stars because it can not take mine Logitech adapter & of keyboard of the mouse to do reliably when connected directly to a hub. The time there was big latency while writing and moving my cursor. I have extended he with the usb boss and located more afterwards to a mouse and the keyboard and now is doing well.
5 / 5
For six month all has done very partorisca USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, HDMI, microSD papers, etc. Today (July 11, 2019), an USB 3.0 port has died. The external walks will not locate and some explosions of the error on this USB is drawing excessive power and has been closed down. The walks will locate without question in an USB 2.0 and another USB 3.0. It is probably so only @it subject partorisca time first more work them was missing.
Does not squander your money is one .

UPDATE: July 20, 2019
A provider emailed me immediately offering to send me the substitution in any cost. I have answered affirmatively and does not have behind listened neither has received a substitution has promised. The support of ZEROS = of CLASHES of client

While both SD and micros SD readers of paper in a Totu has failed also. It looks to be so only two out of three UDB ports and HDMI operation now.
5 / 5
Has done for exactly a window of turn of 30 days.
Yesterday while doing, with ONLY a boss to be able to connected by means of east plastic , odorato in of the llamas. This hub smoked, and has melted. It fry my boss to be able to, and is the bad odorando plastic brick now.

AVERTS To all the cost. OSSIA A FIRE HAZARD And JUNK!!!!
5 / 5
Another reviewer there is remarked this -- I has loved to add to this. They arrest ethernet and HDMI a lot well. But when I have required wifi and HDMI, mine wifi no . Hardly I unplugged a hub, wifi has done immediately. Tried this several times and really looks to be a chance: some class of interference of a HDMI the connection is confounding a wifi. As he no a way I, and perhaps a lot another, require it to.
4 / 5
Has has had questions with this USB-C cradle. A SD the reader of paper has done well, but my monitor of USB has not done at all with him, and my Logitech auricular of the signal of mouse has lost constantly when plugged to a cradle.

This in spite of, a company has answered my description quite quickly with an offer of the substitution. Unfortunately, I no longer lived in some the USA as we could not exit the way to ship one. I have fallen a subject , but contact me to us again (a year later!) To offer the repayment. The satisfaction of client is clearly of entity to them.
5 / 5
This hub is lasted 5 month, so only long enough to spend a date of guarantee. He never travelled and has been unplugged of a laptop perhaps the time of dozen. When he lacking was plugged in and at all touched it.

Mina macbook pro has informed suddenly that all the devices have connected to a hub had been disconnected. Unplugging them And plugging his backside to a hub swimming. Disks plugged to a hub transfer but does not locate . Steps of power by means of a hub, any one dies. When I plugged an USB C devices directly to a laptop is trace immediately. A hub is now useless.

Loves the hub that the works add for the few months then fails suddenly, ossia perfect for you. If it love the one of confidence hub can count on, takes something more.
5 / 5
Has purchased this to go with my new Dell XPS 13 9370 for the number of reasons.
In the first place, one 2018 model has deleted an USB write Some ports and I still have the need to connect to sew it to to him like him flash of walks and other peripherals of USB of the legacy.
As, presentations in the regular base that usually involves to connect to a HDMI gone in in the television or projector, which am also very built in the 9370.
Tercero, need a SDXC port to upload photo of my camera. One 9370 so only comprises the micro SDXC port.
Finally, frequently ties of need to the coverage saws boss of Ethernet for work of diagnostic when WiFi so only does not return a bill. Again, in an interest of thin, this port is not comprised.
Felizmente This adapter resupplies all these ports in a, compact container , solid that easily access in my stock exchange of computers and substitutes four other individual adapters.
All some do any like this expected, but precise to be conscious that a power of draws of the cradle of an USB-C port of a laptop, like impacts life of battery to some terracing. I have not done any comparative testing on this to resupply the result has quantified, and in normal day-to-the day uses this probably not being significant for more than users.
Now for a a caveat. It likes him the majority of this portable port extenders, this announces USB-C delivery to be able to. That this means is that you cover your adapter of power to a port of entrance of the power in a hub, resupplies has beaten to an USB-C touching port in yours portable (assuming sustains this). THIS In spite of, agrees that I have said in a cradle that requires the sure quantity of juice to be able to is variety of ports? With my XPS 13, has found that when using a OEM 45W adaptadora of the power with this cradle has yielded the low touching look to be able to and there is retarded a laptop that the touches register significantly. Like the general principle of thumb, the cradles like this will use 5-10 watts so many with a modest start of the mine OEM load, is easy to see because fights when trying can one cradle and touch a laptop. A solution was to purchase a 65W uploads drawn for a XPS 15, which rids quite juice to be able to like this cradle and upload against full load and touching has beaten.
Conclusion: These looks to be the good device built with the good solid feels of a chance of aluminium (that you curve like the tank of heat for an interior circuitry) and extracted well like this like this used that like this far. It resupplies the good selection of ports that would have to satisfy more users.
5 / 5
Upgraded Mina MacBook Pro and has required the cradle to substitute all an individual dongles (giggity). This Totu the full cradle that need amiably. I have required the ports of USB of the pair for my Walk of Car of the Time, Keyboard Maquinal and the Microphone of USB I use for podcasting. I also required (a lot has wanted to) a connection of Ethernet. This cradle rid everything of these things. USB 3.0 put you are well and, yes, can can the pocket strolls hard. A port of law of the Ethernet and rid Gigabit speed of Ethernet. Any question with heat or interference (at least still). Nizza And compress like this he takes this in a street has an option to take the cradle (also comes with the good cloth pouch for travesĂ­a).

Is not the perfect cradle. If it love multiple. Monitors or have the tonne of USB 3.0 devices / drives one of a pricier $ 200 or $ 300 USB-C cradles are probably the one who precise. If your world of the device of the USB is smaller, this will do so only well.
5 / 5
Has the startech cradle of laws of USB, has bought this for use of house with my macbook pro 2018. This a doesnt laws with a logitech smiled and wireless keyboard with the receiver to unify. A lag with a mouse and keyboard that there is remarked was like this bad, is entirely unusable. Has a closing logitech setup in the work and this utmost with another cradle. I have not had anything has connected more another that a logitech receive during this time. A laptop has received 81W can by means of a PS port and has touched well. In a positive side, is a lot lustrous and stylish, compact and the look adds for need of travesĂ­a.
5 / 5
Has purchased the new mac book and has required the way to attach USB and HDMI cords. Originally I have loved a product until a HDMI the port has begun to do up and my screen of monitor has begun periodically in black disposal. Sometimes a usb this connects to my keyboard/of the mouse also prenderá acting.

Is returned reason was not of confidence.
5 / 5
Has required 2 of these, but in planting to buy quantities 2, has purchased 2 produced looked. This 'Totu' frames a to the equal that was for $ 60, and another concealed says FlePow that was $ 40

Perhaps has taken to uselessness , but this Totu the product has big questions: Economic plastic casing, HDMI does not act. I can not touch 3 iphones immediately, so only touches 1 iphone, some other 2 do not touch ( there is any ray of lightning in a battery to aim is touching). An only thing that the fact is a ethernet and goes through half to be able to. I have not tried some spaces by heart (SD and TF space of paper).

In another hand, each port works in an economic plus $ 40 FlePow. Also it has the chance of metal, no the economic plastic chance like a Totu. A FlePow does not have a 2 by heart empty paper, but ethernet, hdmi, and touching 3 iphones simultaneously works while it has dipped to spend this in spite of USB-C power. And has 3 USB 3.0 put you in place of 2x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0 that Totu has. In a FlePow calm any one spends dipped by means of being able to no except once dipped spends you-by means of power with USB-C each port works well, simultaneously (ethernet, hdmi, and 3x USB 3.0 put you that touch 3 iphones).

Will be to return this Totu produced and buying another of another $ 40 a.
5 / 5
I supposition takes like stops of pays? This thing has crapped was with which one uses. I have connected an external monitor and hard outside-drive to the mine HP spectre 13s or anything is, and one first law to time well, but a second time I hooked the up there was some class to be able to arises? In all the chance, he never done again after, as any external monitor and I has had to connect my hard outside-walk with the different adapter. Waste of money.
4 / 5
Like this far this USB C Hub is exactly that has looked for. I do not leave it plugged to the mine portable excepts when they are by train for the use and no hot taking while it use it, servants is purpose and of the good works. I have comprised the screen has shot to aim 3 USB flashdrives and he SD paper plugged in to aim that a device reads all four. I have not tried out of a HDMI or Etheret connections still but yes finds a need to use these and have any one subjects will modify my description.

Registers all the devices I compraventa for purpose of guarantee and found this to be difficult with this product. A paper of calm comprised guarantee heads to a web of place to record but has not had links he in a place to do like this. I emailed an email of support resupplied and a service of client folks emailed me good backside with regarding the take fact. This has comprised to subscribe to a web of place and taking the screenshot of 'Give the graces to join' screen; resupplying your number of mandate and email to them. I have suggested in mine 'thank you' email that could do some instructions plus very easy to comprise and resupply the link to register in his web of place more than that has to that do an email. NOTE: registering this device adds 6 month to a 12 guarantee of month for the total of 18 month has seen a company email resupplied.

The service of Client ADDS with tranquility that has to that have subjects with this device in a future to so only contact them. Has the MacBook Pro i9 Mohave and is doing well. As the one who the speeds and the subject @of technicians will not be able to help I so that it follows bit it technically defied but like this far is doing without subjects.

Gives this element 5 stars and would give Service of Client 10 stars yes could. The service of client is a lot of entity of mine.
5 / 5
It take this partorisca add put you to the mine Lenovo C340 2-in-1 Chromebook. A C340 has the just number of ports already but no active HDMI was, ethernet, or the plenary sized SD reader of paper. This hub has added everything of that with raisin he by means of touching capacity and more ports of USB. I tried it it was all of some capacities and they all has done a lot well.

Has accessed a SD the paper that use an Android olid Explorer' program, but some 'Files' natives the program would owe that do also. It agrees to 'eject' a paper by heart when fact or one YOU fuss in you.

A HDMI was when used in mine Chromebook creates the second monitor that the windows can be tugged to. I have looked the pair of video of Youtube in mine 42' the television and was very and has run to all the speed. Neither a source, neither my TV is 4K as I have not verified this support.

Plugging In a ethernet boss overrides a wifi connection and functions so only well. I have used also I smile it wired to one of some ports of conventional USB and has touched a laptop with a passthrough way.

Are quite happy with him with which the day to try was all some capacity.
5 / 5
This thing has done like this announced for the few months. A day, one spends-by means of USB-C that touches the functionality there is prendido to do. A vendor, TOTU, claims to have to that 12 guarantee of month. I have tried contacts see him an email address in his page of tent and does not have behind listened. It does not squander your money, goes with another mark.

UPDATE 11/6/19
has received 2 emails of second random looks gmail/hotmail allocutions, that alleges that they are of the third party remediation service. These emails say that a vendor has has has changed manufacturers been due to my description... All know ossia the lie . 1 description would not cause the transmission in manufacturing. Some emails were exactly some same.

Any of TOTU had answered to this description that ask to email his crew of support. Those that the days of pair does this in spite of does not have behind listened. Ossia Also the different email address that is listed in his tent.

Am contacting Amazon in this vendor that accione my email address with the third party without my permission, a spam has been receiving, and TOTU negative to honour his guarantee that has listed in his tent.
4 / 5
Took the few days to @give reasons my Wifi has maintained to exit when unplug my laptop of a hub...

Results that you unplug a hub of a computer, maintaining a ethernet line plugged to a hub, arises a coverage that causes a @subject to error. They are by train to ask me If one issues sees a joint of circuit in a hub like the 'computer' with one YOU and try the ping a ip his...

I really does not want to has to that unplug a eth line every time... It is useless mine .
4 / 5
Ossia The abordable and functional hub for the modern ultrabook with limited outlets. Has the Chromebook Pixel that there is so only two outlets, both USB-C., Like this ossia necessary. This adds eight sockets of entrance (which is clearly better that some hubs with only five). A HDMI socket here in is quite critical, of video of monitors more modern/ has HDMI connections. A socket of Ethernet is the prize . I have it quell'has received so only this and I am by train for the try was and will update this description there is any one subject, but like this far is doing a lot well.
5 / 5
The product adds and a company is responsive. I emailed the with the question I had (the SD the reader of paper there is prendido to do well a period of turn) and has been for behind his product, offered the substitution and has ensured was able to go back to do. The time of response was quickly (interior 24 hours), as I appreciate that also.
A hub are to add and is the value adds. If you are by train to use it to power your computer ( offered passthrough) ensures your computer is estimated for a quantity of any one of power by means of. Meaning, a hub only leaves the sure quantity, and he 13' MacBook could be well, but he 15' tin a lot, as he all depends in a measure of battery and requirements to be able to. The fault to use a legislation hub the one who leaves a correct power to go through half of, can break the battery of the your laptop. In my chance, has two usb-c gone in so that it does not use a passthrough, unless I am using a hub in my pill.
Expects these helps!
5 / 5
A to to a thing does not like on a new Macbooks is that Apple has taken was all an USB rule and other peripheral ports. I have required really one everything in a cradle that would leave me to connect other devices or peripherals. I have chosen this up during a sale of Black Friday and he a work. It comes with a HDMI port, SD space, microSD space, USB C port to be able to, 2 USB 3.0, and 1 USB 2.0 put you.

Was able covers it he in, discharges in a SD paper, and use a legislation of product out of a box. It reads it and I have not experienced any one subject. I am not sure if this has to that do with a SD paper he or a product, but the inaugural files have taken the few clicks. It is almost to the equal that take the little has bitten to time to register. In general, happy with cost of mine.
4 / 5
After endlessly looking for the USB C hub for my new laptop, I finally found a TOTU USB C Hub, which is perfect for my needs. The majority of hubs looked in any one had a HDMI but has been missing of a ethernet port or vice versa. This hub is extremely a lot-built and portable. This in spite of, wish a boss was more along reason when I use the stand of laptop, a hub dangles on my office if it do not lean him. This in spite of, a hub the functions are expected and is simply discharges and game; any need to install engine or update firmware.

Has tried all some ports, comprising HDMI, touching port, and ethernet, and can confirm law for has announced. An USB 2.0 could look out of place at the beginning, but the majority of a time I use he for the mouse or external keyboard. Different the majority of hubs, one spends of power by means of has not limited to 65W, instead estimated in 87W doing this extremely versatile to touch the variety of different devices. SD The reader of paper is a prize added . A hub can run warm from time to time, as how much and that put you are has used. In general, I am satisfied with cost of mine and hope to see produced more utmost has offered for TOTU.
5 / 5
Many portable the, as some new Macbooks, so only is coming with type of USB C put you now. So that still need other ports, this hub there is so only roughly all could require.

Has bought this hub for two main reasons: has a ethernet port and a HDMI port, leaving me covers it to the connection wired further of an external monitor with the only hub. Besides, some ports of USB are really useful likes majority of accessories of PC, likes pills of designs and controllers of game, USB to write of still use A. So that they are doing photograph, some spaces of the paper of the memory is also a lot useful.

In $ 60 this hub is not necessarily economic, but is certainly the good value for all some characteristics packs - was to buy the comparable elements of Apple would finalise to spend around $ 125 on three dongles. Besides, a hub looks sturdy ( is metal ) and comes with the small spending chance. Recommended!
4 / 5
My woman and I finally taken to invest in the MacBook Pro (A1708 model, in chance any one is interested for purpose of compatibility), and have known to require an external USB-C hub to connect other peripherals. This one has taken my attention based in a prize and descriptions. Attacked eat me the good value so that it requires, as have pulled a trigger. A coupon has offered was also the good touch :)

the next day Arrived and my woman plugged he in and plugged in a walk of external backup. A hub has been ready to go legislation out of a box! Very pleased with an ease of use and some available port types with this hub. Simple, portable, a lot-built, solid... It is the really sweet value , in my opinion.

So much, if you are in a phase for the USB-C hub that spent enough everything of some bases of technology for travesĂ­a or house, to good sure would promote you to verify out of this option. Value of the money!
4 / 5
This looked to do well for the pair of days, but now resembles so only take overwhelmed or something, freezing some entrances of my keyboard and generally creating some hardware havoc in mine MacBook air. It has had to write this word 'hardware' two times, of lacking keystrokes now. My setup: AOC HDMI Monitor (30'), apple KB, logitech webcam. Ossia. Not even using half of some ports. Before, it run you can by means of a USBC also and east would hang everything of a time.

UPDATE: As we contact me to us directly in my description. I have continued to use a product, but so only in the very limited way. We offer me to us it repayment, which have accepted. We break if the substitution would cost to try but our conclusion was that one produces probably is not like this able like the number of ports would involve. I think that that a product can do a lot covers so only calm one or two his things (max), which is like me uses it now. I have added two stars to a description for a service of client and his honesty regarding his capacities.

Cleaned-grandson, require the swiss-knife of army of the hub, where so only connect one or two things, calm then is probably good to go. Like the simultaneous fines-port hub, look elsewhere.
4 / 5
I have bought one 2018 MBP and has been concerned would require partorisca spend multiple dongles. I have verified in of the descriptions in Youtube roughly which is a better and his all have defects.

Has not known this mark and I have had any reference but he looks partorisca be a complete container.

Spend of ray
2 USB write One 3.0 port
HDMI port
Micro SD empty
SD space of paper
connection of Ethernet

The same comes with spending it stock exchange partorisca when you travel.

I use he all day long with HDMI, Ethernet, 1 USB headset connected and other connections of USB partorisca transfer die. Like this far, I have not had any subjects. It takes the little warm to a touch when transferring die but no in the way that will hurt you.

If so only is using partorisca connect material without scrolling, temperature of rests/of cold room.

The colour matches my MBP also.

Highly recommended.
5 / 5
So only has taken the new Macbook Pro with an USB-C/put you of ray. Partorisca Emigrate the data forms my old macbook to a new one would have taken the long time has seen wifi. Calmer can not connect devices of USB to a macbook unless I am USB -C. So much partorisca the little more than a cost of an USB of Apple-c to B the adapter has tried this, which there is SD space of paper, Ethernet , HDMI, and space of normal USB. Work! I used it partorisca connect the ethernet partorisca the migration and he have read my micro SD paper with everything of my films. Like this far, like this good!
5 / 5
A lot of adapter of need partorisca a new USB-C MacBook Pros. The ETHERNET is DOING has read PROPERLY some first descriptions to purchase and the little of them have mentioned ethernet is not doing with this adapter. So that they are concerned with a ethernet boss not doing with this adapter, sometimes an operating system a lot automatically relieves some the available devices have connected to a system, like the creation of manual device is required. It can be fact partorisca create the Adapter of new Coverage partorisca write 'USB 10/100/1000 LAN' in some settings of Coverage in Mac YOU (as pointed in some semi-detached screenshot). Once a device is created, attended partorisca the pocolos second and an again created device would owe that turn see while there is the working ethernet entrance to an adapter. A product is a lot compact and hanged so only less. Some the main ports have required partorisca my day partorisca use of day is ethernet, HDMI boss partorisca an external exposure. This model so only has a HDMI is exited. USB Rule-C touching also does when one load has connected directly to this adapter in place of a computer. 
4 / 5
When it Take the macbook pro changing of laptop of PC, instantly has @to @give that I that loses in of the ports of multiple USB, CAT5 space partorisca ethernet boss, SD space of paper and HDMI interface of boss. Has has wanted to one extends and plot partorisca research clashed in this product.

A better thing in this product is gives 5 empty
1. 2 USB 3 empty
2. 1 USB 2 empty
3. 1 HDMI
4. 1 SD
5. 1 CAT5 partorisca connect ethernet boss

A product is lustrous but would have like all these spaces in a 1 side. Like this far I am able to connect devices of USB and the monitor that use HDMI the empty and work well. I have tried connecting SD paper to a SD space of the paper and he have done well also.

An only complaint has is a boss of connector that connects a product to usb-c the space is roughly 5 thumbs in period. This could have been bit it more along especially him him it portable is this among too short and a unit dangles in an air. My tentativa to have USB-C extends to connect to this product has been unsuccessful. I have fallen his a question with an USB-C extends boss and no this product.

In general, sound the good lustrous extends.
4 / 5
Never has begun of then use the 12' MacBook, has been looking for the USB of confidence-C hub with delivery to be able to, USB Write Some ports, HDMI and Ethernet. I finally found one in this TOTU 8-in-1 Type-C hub. I leave this in my office in work, connected to the 24' 1080p monitor, gigabit Ethernet, the keyboard of USB, the USB trackball and USB-C power. Now, with just the alone connection, can turn mine 12' MacBook to the 'desktop computer': external keyboard & trackball, big exposure, and the coverage wired quickly access. Work like the charm, and has not had any subjects with him at all. Highly recommended.

REMARCE: I have not used a SD functionality of paper at all still, as it can not speak to the very that the part of him operates.
5 / 5
My woman and I have used this in the few different devices. Lenovo Thinkpad A485, Lenovo Yoga 920, And his HP portable of work (does not agree a number). The law adds on everything of them (any power in a HP, but is not the USB C powered car). A Lenovos spends some 65watts perfectly.

Went down it 1 star because an USB C boss of connector is VERY SHORT. So only roughly 4 thumbs or so many. Reason is like this light and everything of a tug of bosses in him, is difficult of the maintain the plan/organised in an office.

A port in place of 4 certainly saves time and would have to that extend some ports lifetime in the each device.

As announced, is so only HDMI 1.4. It have preferred HDMI 2.0 partorisca 4k60hz, but ossia so only the suggestion for the future review (if it is included possible with all another USB of the connectors given C 3.1 gen2 bandwidth)
5 / 5
the product Adds!! Has the Kuzy spent in my air as it cover it lateralmente-in solution although elegant, no with the coverage. Having has there was Macs of a 80s, dulcemente am taking used to no in that has put you (or walks) in a car except a technology of connection later. A phase partorisca outboard the adapters has flowered to his own world.

This 8-in-1 TOTU the unit give all I need partorisca hooking on an air to Ethernet wired, USB 2 and 3, HDMI, SD papers and throughput touching via Ray 3. The packaging was cleaned and well has thought is gone in his own legislation. As with Google, Apple and very other products of big final, an attention to a packaging give that it feels that the attention to detail is present has thought a product of hardware to software to a packaging.

Will maintain my eye was paralizaciĂłn TOTU when I am looking for another solution of technology.
5 / 5
First of all, is by train to cost me $ 55 to not changing or delete my original description there is remarked down, as I expect that this is to appreciate . (Ossia, ossia one of these companies that bribe to take the less than stellar description.) Secondly, Please comprise that I in general like a Totu unit and will maintain it. Especially,, it likes that it does not take on of upper of both USB-C put you like a Hyperdrive has bought previously. This in spite of, a question to run my player of DVD out of rest.. Ossia, need the connect directly to a computer for enough , A question existed even with a hyperdrive.
Leading report:
A supply to be able to is not enough to run my Player of Apple of PORTABLE DVD.. I have found a same question with the hyperdrive unit.. It likes a totu of better for other reasons,, as I will maintain it.. In the first place it was In the first place he was,, a hyperdrive a hyperdrive takes on both EUA BCUS BC space of spaces, like this there there is really any discharges of way he in one covers in a player of DVD.. Sad on one repeats.. MacMac The voice to text sucks sucks
5 / 5
to be sincere has tried little USB-C hubs / adapters when it take my laptop that so only has USB-C put you. I have required a concealed with an action of discharge (an USB-C plugged in a PC) can basically pring' my laptop: taking to the touch can, league to control, bequeaths it to the backup strolls hard in my office and a boss of Ethernet for better internet (does not like me wi-fi). All other products that has tried any overheated (until being in of the hot llamas in my dangerous / toes for fire), or some crazy material to mine monitor (flickered while a laptop was in screensaver space/of way, etc.).
Totu hub Are add, has not had any of these annoyances and is light and a lot of sturdy has built.
4 / 5
Has had two of these like this far, one for my computer of work and one for house. One was flawless, and another very so much.

The law adds having the reasonably priced hub covers it all your devices to (comprising beat), but after the short while one of them has begun to be especially finicky with any class of movement. Included the small adjustment of a navigation caused it the disconnect and reconnect. Sounds like the subject smaller but when have a hard walk outside, monitor, and the power that careers by means of him the really wigs a computer has tried all this work.

The inferior line is use of slowly cover it to the your laptop then uses an external keyboard and the mouse will be well, but would not recommend he for any use where is planning to move anything.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C Hub, TOTU ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sage
I have required the usb-c hub this could complete some requisites of follower:
1. It connects in 4k monitor (HDMI outlet)
2. Alloy and touches my telephone (usb)
3. Alloy and touches my clock (usb)
4. Alloy and touches my wireless earbuds (usb)

This simplistic and lustrous usb-c hub the all, and with the quality adds. No longer I need to limit-in the each cape separately while I want to connect everything of my devices. Quan Wants to take my laptop to do or the tent of coffee, easily can spend this light, convenient hub in my stock exchange of laptop with me. It does not take any room in my desktop or in my stock exchange.

Surprisingly a when the monitor connected objective the clear and vivid glass that uses this hub, and my loads of tlphonique very hurriedly too many! I do not see any delay for my monitor refresh tax or.

IS a perfect solution for my necessity and with a low prize, this tiny hub is supremely useful and saves very time!
5 / 5 Miss
An edifice of this hub is solid. Nice and compact and remarks a part of connector of the cape in one covers, does not have the point of typical weakness where a cape could break or the attraction has been been due to the tension has repeated. It comes with the soft raisin pouch and the usb cape of extension for concealed it and has any tone why provided an USB An extension. Other key notes are an indicator FOCUSED in a hub is green and his the big quality green. 2 3.0s of USB goes to be a daily engine, and thinks one 2.0 port goes for useless quite be. 4K HDMI Was could be useful but also could be redundant if your laptop already has a HDMI has been. Global and is happy with this compact hub and was easier to take around like an accessory. His taken the small impression and in a prize his value of sake. Any raisin through USB these loads but a prize reflect concealed. If I need the mere hub this takes a reader of work + of flashes done of card...This one east the no brainer.
5 / 5 Jillian
It has had this hub for quite a lot of two weeks now and the use daily with the 2019 15' Mac Reservation Pro with four ray (USB-C) ports, as you have to have some class of hub.

This hub is small in 4' very time, 1 1/2' wide and he 1/2' thick, but is a perfect measure for portability and has abundance of ports. Has the lights of green indicator to leave know is connected, two USB 3.0 Ports,a Port of USB 2.0, 4K HDMI and the SD/TF Port of Card. A quality of tez is sum and is building of aluminium with the arrival that breaking a Mac Reserves perfectly and when being heavy and solid in a hand. Peripheral each what apt snugly in his void as it was not preoccupy quite anything coming loose. Each empty laws in some estimated specs comprising a 4k HDMI. I am very satisfied with purchase of mine, a quality of tez and a value. That is to say the add little device in any point of prize, but is the real value in a current prize without admitting quality.

Has seen the pair of descriptions where the people have said that it was well to attach the Ray 3 port to touch or scrollings of data of big speed, but for earnest the be finds it easy to use the separate cape to be able in so that it can aixecar a hub and moved easier to limit and unplug things. Also, if yours is using this with the Mac already have Ray 3 available ports.

Acts utmost and the product adds!
5 / 5 Shasta
Has the versions of the main pair of this unit of a same company. I am happy with those and is also happy with easterly unit A quality of tez is well. It comes with the small spends stock exchange. Also it comes with the extension of USB for this occasion when the device requires the spatial plus bit. East taking or for a laptop in my new work that only has a HDMI port (usually the thing adds) still although some monitors of desktop in the place only has VGA or DVI connectors.

In all the case, some laws of device adds. A computer recognises it immediately through an USB-C port. A raisin of power through works while it expect. A monitor remarks a hub ails is plugged in.

IS the good unit . I how he better (for my context/of computer of the work) to a large extent so that has the case of the concrete use in of the imports and so that it is purposefully smaller with less than ports that a big plus ones have for my necessities of personal computing.
5 / 5 Allison
Today the tablets and the slender notebooks could come with two ports of USB that is not almost enough for the users the serious plus. Totu 6-In-1 groups of hub an amazing quantity of ports in the very small container, which are perfect to travel. I am impressed by this tez of quality , which listen very solid and has the very professional appearance. I am also surprised for what is packed in this box of small metal that weighs practically at all at all. A SD and microSD ports of the reader of the era of card has to haves for me since is the photographer and they both have done perfectly. I give this device 5 stars for durability, material quality, and versatility. Highly it recommends this product!!!
5 / 5 Nettie
This HUB is very easy to use and very versatile. It covers only he in your USB of Portable-C scrollings and is ready to go. Can use it to connect your laptop in your television or covers in several devices like the walk to flash to see pictures. A HUB has the SD void of the reader of the that the card can be files has used to of the picture read of your camera. A device is compact and easy to store when any one into use.
5 / 5 Aileen
Priced Very economically. Very easy to use type of USB C hub. Easily it connects in 2018 MacBook Pro rwithout the engine etc. Attaches 2 usb 3.0 ports and 1 usb 2.0 port. Easily it can it retreats the additional squad like external SSDs. It can connect easily in the 4K television the road built in HDMI port. Calm , of course, need your own HDMI cape. Also easily it uses SD and micro SD cards. Still it can it use so much simultaneously.

Please note, this does not provide a port of Ethernet or spends he through type of USB C port to be able in. If you want this characteristic, TOTU adds hubs this comprises these declares

In general, utmost hub in the prize adds
5 / 5 Brigid
Very it can in the factor of small form. It connects Type-C Hub in any Type-C has enabled peripheral to take 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 port of USB 2.0, SD Reader of Card, Micro SD Reader of Card, and 4k able HDMI port. Directly out of a box a device is compatible with Pixel of Google 3 which have a Type-C port and Windows 10. As it Can see he in of the photos. 4k HDMI The port laws on write-c portable. Very useful to take an extra of the available port when the precise and able in hurriedly the files of scrolling saw USB or SD/Micro Cards. Can see me using this product during month to come. Happy client!
5 / 5 Tobi
A TOTU USB C the hub is the compact hub with 3 USB 3.0 ports, 1 port USB2.0, The connection for HDMI and SD/TF void of Card. For the comparison has taken pictures of of is an afterwards in his big brother the 10 port hub of Totu. A global result is a same quality , well of so, and connections for enough of port very regular expander. I possess the little of these what has or quite where and is, work, trip or house. A good option for a MacBook Pro USB- C laptop to attach additional functionality. It recommends. If I need a main version attaches VGA/RJ45 Mesh and USB-C connectivity.
5 / 5 Sibyl
State in a lookout for the Hub of new USB after my fiance has taken my last unit This one looks to return a bill perfectly. USB-C connecter main in 3 ports of USB more a HDMI and also the regular and mini sized SD reader of the card built in also. Although the desire comprises the passthrough USB-C supply to be able in the connector in fact prefers this small hub in an expensive plus OWC one in the principle had purchased while it is less bulky and access in my coverage of coverage of the better laptop.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C Hub, Type C ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eula
I left me calm say you the history (more inform-type info is low). Some weeks of pair behind, has purchased one 8-in-1 version of this product done by a same company (Totu). I think that that one am adds. I want to it. The multiple use smaller dongles before among my MacBook Pro and Chromebooks, but something is spent an another day that me consider to attach this big plus one in my stock exchange to trip and using a small more an exclusively in my dispatch of house.

Has Had the presentation in the university campus and plugged a HDMI cape of his modern projection and system of computer in a 8-in-1 dongle. I add! But later, in the breakout session, required to do the different presentation in the different room. I have opened a laptop, taking of one dongle, and then give that in this new room, an only accepted system VGA. It does not use VGA anymore. It does not have any monitors or elements in my dispatch/to contain this use VGA, but a fact is that sometimes still the see. And in fact, I lied. Has a projector those uses VGA that the has not used in the moment so that I have not had any adapters.

This 11-in-1 dongle , compared in 8-in-1, attaches to second USB 2.0 port, the headphone jack, and he VGA port. It IS perfect for my vain stock exchange for presentations. It IS only slightly main that one small plus dongle. This one has the species casing all one issues around and comes with the sake little spends stock exchange, which are where is now while I prepare to the race has been for another presentation. It looks he adds. A quality of the tez that is very too many. There is not flexing in a case; be as the robust piece of technology. More harvest today in my dispatch, has had one HDMI the monitor has semi-detached, he logitech auricular for my mouse, he micro SD card, an external walk to transfer some files, and a ethernet the cape has attached. All done while it expect.

I supposition an only little night-picky the thing is that one headphone the jack is in an opposite side of one VGA port so yes is using an of these VGA/capes of audio (likes him have for projector of mine to age), has to limit the in of the opposite sides of a dongle. Also, a SD card (used the yesterday) does not press in a void so far while it has had the habit of when using them with laptop and such, be so conscious of that. It does not affect an action or anything. Or it is of any importance, in me in all the case, but has thought would be necessary to mention it .

In all the case, has the feeling a VGA the port will enter handy again today so much is happy that this is arrived.
5 / 5 Bridgett
Has update recently my MacBook Air and for any Apple to reason decided to reduce a number of ports of USB in two total! And Apple takes a SD reader of card!!! As I have purchased a Totu 11-in-1 that result of Adapter for quite be nifty in spite of being so compact and clear. Hurriedly Has tried each his characteristic to do mark sure all done while it describe. And it does. A HDMI the port has not been the soyust-has' for me when bought the but is in fact the handy state when is doing in spreadsheets or editing photos. Ethernet hub, Or another hand, was the soyust-has' while it was a SD and microSD readers of card. All has done perfectly. It have to remark even so it conceal a SD contacts of card in a reader is not planted like deep in a device while I have expected so that a SD marks of contact of the card almost ails for the insert. I took me guards of era so that I have been expected a card to have that be insert more before it has been has read. Nevertheless, work perfectly. To well sure give it five stars for durability, material quality, and versatility. Mina a preoccupies is a cape of semi-detached USB . A cape is the rigid bit so that it recommends careful when being very to angle he too much, especially yes store a device in a pouch that is to say has comprised. An intention is to angle a cape to store he in a pouch also but would have to do so carefully.
5 / 5 Kathleen
It take the new laptop to substitute an old plus desktop that had run his course. I have wanted a functionality and of the powers of my desktop with fixed point, video, and connectivity of USB and a capacity in easily disconnect a laptop and taken he with me. I have required also backwards two external 27 HD monitors. When being able in also back a screen of the laptop for to 3 screen was has wished also. A laptop for his sake only backed the solo HDMI connection in addition to his screen. After investigation, this USB-C 11 in 1 docking solution of TOTU has conformed my requisites with the only USB-C connection that provides a fixed Video, USB, and connectivity to Mesh this has required.

A unit has a HDMI and VGA connection of video that is well for flexibility in of the connections of monitor. Both support my monitor 1920 x 1280 HD resolution. I have not had the exposure, cape, or 4K television to try a full 4K resolution. Had the limitation with my portable when using both ports (HDMI and VGA) a same time of this device where both exposures only would operate in duplicate road of exposure (where a same thing is aimed in both ports). That is to say the negative minor while it still can back both of my external exposures that uses a HDMI of a laptop in addition to any one of these ports. I have comprised this compraventa of anterior limitation he so that it was mentioned in some specifications.

A ethernet the port is Realtek USB GbE connection and has done well. It was not that to try his action and the width of the band but He are to spare the cover my speed of internet of 50Mbs. Each USB 2.0 ports and 3.0 ports have done so expected and his sake to have some extra ports to limit in my fixed keyboard and smile as well as an external hard walk for backups. I have tried also a SD port of the card and he have done well.

Something to be conscious of before it purchases. In lean video of this device, your laptop has to behind Big road for video in an USB-C port. A better road to know that is to say to inform in your specifications of laptop. A lot they will declare an USB-C the port is data only. If an USB-C is Ray or Displayport support then the video will do with this USB-C device of hub. One issues found to know yes is Ray or Displayport able, a port the symbol of ray of the lightning afterwards in a port or the symbol of Port of the Exposure (which looks it P inner of the D) afterwards in a port. (google Exposure port Symbol to learn what these looks) Only be conscious, any one all the laptops with the USB-C video of port support. This is not the limitation of a TOTU hub of USB but the limitation of a laptop.

Has the few smaller defects: the state tan earlier, both ports of the video have used simultaneously only will do in duplicate road of exposure. If precise so that to do monitors like individual, this can no since you. For me, this was COST while it still was able to use a laptop HDMI port to take my second external monitor according to defect of minor was one has DIRECTED is in a ethernet port. These are always on and does not change if a ethernet the cape is plugged in or the no. does not give any indication of nexus, activity, or ethernet speed. Again, a ethernet port works. A FOCUSED simply looks to serve any purpose..

In general, this USB-C docking the hub has conformed everything of my expectations and is the sake that solution of cradles with only or or two connections have required to have all a connectivity of my anterior desktop with a portability of the laptop.
5 / 5 Eusebio
I am no technophile. In 67 I am resultant mine 92jo mother, unable and unwilling to embrace some advantages offered why plus and more looks magic technology. I have tried for years to take him to look grandchildren of photographs in ! But I digress. I want a new technology, hours of raisins every day in my computer or using my mobile phone and has been surprised when in the first place found this wondrous hub.
Likes him very another, when a dead computer and has been substituted by the models he new plus, has discovered had the data stored in several half comunicacionales, but he maintaining there was nowhere to bond them. My current PCs does not have one SD reader of card, which are a half has chosen to of the archive my personal photos and maintain them in the sure; stored in the case has designed to block the nuclear EMP. I can not be here that follows the nuclear attack, but my photos will be.
Enjoys to write and often descriptions of action of my experiences in Amazon, but this hub has posed the problem. He so things that has has not had time to try them everything. Some of him can any never require they. That can say that it is that all have tried has done immediately; any one fuss, any one while any one in winery for the tongue with some writes in indium that only technically speaks English as it can dispel it a mystery. I plugged he in my telephone of android with one SD the card inserted in a void and has had immediately the direct connection to transfer some photos, videos, and any one another data has accrued there. A walk also interfaces with my PC of Windows 10, serving that reader of card that some manufacturers have considered unnecessary, providing ports of additional USB, connectivity in my telephone; heck, could probably hook in an additional monitor and this knows that more!
Confesses lack a technical learning has required to employ this hub in everything of some offers of roads, but dress he cual the 'well for the this ails already' element that frustration of substitutes with contentment.
4 / 5 Harris
It IS too early to give any feedback in durability. Even so, I have wanted an observation that can or can not being applicable in other devices of this character. In the first place, I have planned to use this cual the hub of USB for the Lenovo Yoga C930 laptop of Windows 10. Has 2 USB-C ports and an USB An and any HDMI. Has the 4K controls and require the USB C for that to back 60Hz. Also I can of USB-C. A TOTU 11 in 1 looks the laureate. Also it have it ethernet in a desktop for speeds more compatible clean. A plan was to connect supply to be able in of the laptop in a TOTU and raisins through a Lenovo. So far so good. It attaches the few other devices of USB as well as a cape of Ethernet. The tan here is an observation and frustration. If you see this cual the hub and only disconnect a TOTU of a laptop as I can take a laptop TOTU fell my off-line to issue. You have to disconnect a cape of Ethernet of TOTU before unplugging a laptop. It can do the disconnect a cape of in the first place can but tired me of troubleshooting. In all the case, a sake of looks of the device. The similar devices can do a same road.
5 / 5 Lola
I have had anteriorly the used the usb-c 3.1 hub, and updated in this hub for 3 reasons.

1. Has a port of Ethernet. He been that has wifi problems with my laptop. In planting to imagine out of that is bad, imagined would try and connect my laptop directly in my subject.

2. Has 4 usb-some ports. I have required only a usb-a 3.0 port right now, as having 2 will be useful someday. Typically I have 1 external walk, the keyboard, mouse and scanner/of the printer plugged in at all of time.

3. Has the jack .

These works of product with 8 active entrances (comprising 95w touching) without problem. Be as the warm cup duquel looks of coffee in normal of my experience. To well sure recommend it this device.

Has not tried a sd ports still. I am not too preoccupied, my SD the ports in my laptop will take used more often.
5 / 5 Becki
It take this 11 -in-1 TOTU USB-C hub to revise after it have purchased sweats the similar 10-in-1 EUASOO USB-C hub for my threads for Christmass. We were very happy with a EUASOO, but was curious in a 11-in-1. Basically, an only difference is that a EUASOO has 3 USB of ports-3.0 while a TOTU has 2 USB-3.0 and 2 USB of ports-2.0, so many or transfer more in a cost to have one less port USB-3.0 (can be of entity for some people).

Thoroughly Has tried a TOTU in mine 2018 Lenovo X1 the carbon and all the ports do very good:

- HDMI: it synchronises very hurriedly (tried in 2,560x1,440 AIO Lenovo) and same works with my old 1,920x1,080 Samsung controls in HDMI-in-DVI conversor

- VGA: it gives surprisingly clear images with small ghosting and the colour that launches (but blur there is compared in HDMI, any amazing)

- VGA+HDMI: the exposures in two monitors have separated simultaneously

- SD card: he a lot of (tried 4GB and 8GB), has not tried TF empty

- USB-2.0: it writes in an external HD has taken enough 40MB/s (the maximum is 60MB /s but my walk is old)

- USB-3.0: work well but could not try a speed since has not had the pertinent walk

- Ethernet: work well, tried until 100Mb/s

- Audio: he surprisingly the load (much stronger that of my Lenovo jack), mic records also

A Type C PS touching port works hurriedly and same with 5 devices connected and touching, a TOTU was what maximum slightly warm. In general, I am very pleased with him. Since I trip and gives the plot of conferences, any always is there HDMI available (the old projectors always have VGA) and often prefers connection of Ethernet in the hotel in WiFi (speed and security). At the end, my Lenovo does not have the full-measure SD empty of card. A TOTO will substitute my separate VGA, Ethernet, and SD adapters of card. Very less to spend and lose! That is to say the must for any amode new gene of laptop that flexibility of needs.
5 / 5 Olinda
As you Can see pictures, a case this enters is stylish and well has thought was. There is the side of pocket by side for a dongle cord. Of course, that is to say probably a lot yours first priority when looking for the USB C hub for your new MacBook pro, but is the first impression of sake. A quality of some looks of hub to match a case. Each works of port and all apt snugly in the each port. A casing when being metallic, and yes truly is or no, looks to maintain quite fresh. The May HAS TAKEN sper hot. It IS also the small smaller that some of an another hubs that the also offers only in the each option of port can ask. The calm can any gone bad with him. Also, some instructions are in of the clear, understandable English (any one that very require the, but is very). Only the side of note by side: I have had initially the tried one of some hubs this attaches to the long of a side of your MacBook (for aesthetic purposes), but will find does not have the case in your MacBook. So much, if the calm does not plan never on having the case in your laptop, and wants each available port, goes with easterly.
5 / 5 Jacquelyn
It tries the pair of Type of USB C the hubs and that is to say my favourite . The load is hurriedly enough to maintain a MacBook Touched when docked. Has Micro SD and Regulate SD void of Card as it does not have to spend an adapter. Also it have it a HDMI and the ethernet when find me in the hotel that could not have fast wifi.

Crane Any one has done one with the cape to the long plus him them like all looks to have enough a period of same cape. The arrival of metal is good some parties to paint the coating of Apple of a Macbooks closely. Has two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 so precise ports 3.0 more then this could no . Felizmente, precise only or. In case that any one is asking an USB-C the only supports transfer that it uploads and no, to the left says, he 4K the monitor since knows some mark.
4 / 5 Fidela
I have to substitute my MacBook Air (2 USB Some ports and the Ray) in the MacBook Airs 2018 Retina with 2 USB C ports. Well, I am the writer and use two external walks (4TB and 1TB), the tampon of cold, an external monitor, and the Logitech smiled and wireless keyboard, which use some same unify dongle (USB A). I have used the no powered level of USB A hub before. A monitor there has been hooked through a HDMI in cape of Ray in my old MacBook Air, but has had a HDMI cape, as I have used that with this hub. I have wanted hook a dongle and some two external walks in him, and a tampon of cold. So that that usually the mark is when he is in my desktop, cut a laptop in clamshell road and uses a monitor a big external plus and a wireless keyboard and mouse. My old MacBook the air has handled all this just sake.

Quan Has bought this new MacBook Air, also finished to take an adapter of Apple as it can the hook it USB An element and HDMI cape in him. Well, it conceal it the has not done, so that to to any one liked him his a hub, apparently, of volume more the message that necessity in unhook an element those designs also can. Val, As I hooked a tampon of cold in the brick and plugged he to be able in this road. Still the does not resolve a problem. As I take this hub, thinking well, this'll he. (Yes, an USB C cape to be able in era hooked in this hub.)

Well, runs a walk, well, but owe careful when be that you he. Any cover only some walks in after a HDMI is plugged in so that he freaks a frak out of a monitor, apparently. And no it likes him to him you limits of some two walks in him. A same time A, ooookay. (Yes, that is to say with a cape to BE ABLE In those careers in an USB C port to power a laptop.)

Well, frak.

Has finished that it has to limit a second external walk in an adapter has taken of Apple. Bad can not limit my keyboard/of mouse dongle in this unit But when limits a dongle for a mouse/of keyboard in this hub, sometimes records wonky and apresamiento lag, while yes it limits directly in another the adapter has taken of Apple, has no lag. (Before it was plugged directly in an of an USB Some ports in my old MacBook Air.) And before questions, yes, plugged some walks in a USB3 ports, anybody USB2 ports, and a HDMI in connection of video still very lucido as it concealed. Also it come from it one USB2 ports for one dongle, and one USB3 ports, still not liking.

Very thwarting, to say a less. It IS well , it serves my purpose, is the peels of metal like wait that lines up. No the very elegant workaround consider that need to do, and nettle me any one in that has both walks in some same hub. Has the USB One in USB C adapter that comes for a keyboard/of mouse dongle, as I can limit he in an USB C port in an adapter of Apple has. Still the can not run a tampon of cold of one hub, but again, can do around that. I use an old hub now plugged in this (has an extra port) and the use to touch earbuds, etc. . I do not comprise why one HDMI connection freaks was when attaches a second external walk in him. (Although it begin it powered he up with has attached so much.)

HAS a aftermarket adapter to be able in that comes now, and will try mine setup with that. ( It IS the big plus wattage.) Perhaps this does a difference, does not know . If he , will update this description to reflect concealed.

As it is not horrible, is metal , apresamiento warm, even so. Any insurance that confidence he. But I require a capacity to run two hard walks external for backups. It IS my solution for now.

ETA In 3/15/2019: it has attached the star (in 4 stars) and is amending an original description. ( I want to leave an original in situating in case that another has a same problem as they can find that info.) After has changed sources to be able in, now is using a aftermarket 61W source to be able in and has resulted of update.

Since that that change, now can pose both external walks in some same hub, And court a HDMI cape in my big monitor as I can operate in clamshell road. An Apple of factory 30W brick of mine MacBook Airs 2018 wine with will not rid enough beat to run that and necessity to run. It has not tried hooking in a tampon of cold in a hub to see yes now laws, so that I do not want to try allocate LOL and so that it has plugged in an of one USBA ports in a aftermarket uploads now is using. And still with some external walks and HDMI has connected, a source to be able in still will touch a stack of laptop and cut the.

Tried it now with so much a cape of power in this hub he, and a cape of power through a hub of Apple, and both roads now can run one HDMI cape in a monitor, and one 4TB and one 1TB strolls everything in a same hub. Apresamiento Warm, even so. But it is the accommodation of metal . Like the does not use he in the bed or the the sofa or something where are not taking very airflow. The mine is seating afterwards in tampon of mine of cold where one outflow of the help maintains it the small fresher.

Has no experimented the test attaches some walks while a computer is powered on. I am in this configuration of when can on. ( It classifies in how the exit you.)

How look was running to plot of material and only using a 30w the factory uploads, problems. It updates Your source to be able in in the big plus wattage (YMMV) or present an independently powered USB hub for other elements to take so draw to be able in so possible.

Top Customer Reviews: Kata USB C Hub, ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Maren
The happy tan bought this. Required a SD port of card for my new Macbook Pro, but also empty of USB regulate and HDMI beginning, as he layers all my bases. That any one gives was that beutifully this piece of parties of boxes an aesthetic Apple, well down in the each last attention in detail. An arrival of metal, a mate rubberised basic, some species surrounds in one covers of the connector included a when being of a cape. Perfecto!
5 / 5 Tad
A lot the quality has done usb-c easy hub.This the to use cover and hub of the game has done adds with my iPad Pro. I have connected the monitor, external keyboard and the external hard walk in minutes.it is clear weight, easy to use and the bang adds for your buck! I want to all some options of different port product of easterly has.Add the with the value adds.
5 / 5 Nobuko
State using this for some days and I can say work as it design.usb 3.0 work well and TF the fish of card hurriedly also,well
5 / 5 Jazmin
Travelled a world with me a bit years and has been adds it small product. Any used some characteristic of clean too many, but a durability and the peace of alcohol has tried impressive.
5 / 5 Heriberto
Extraordinary product workmanship, texture of the surface of the metal is well. A variety of the interfaces of extension conform daily necessities, can be it used for mobile phones, computers and tablets, is very convenient to use.
5 / 5 Socorro
Very portable, as some new Macbooks, only is coming with type of USB C ports now. For the who still necessity other ports, this hub has only quite all could require.

Top Customer Reviews: TOTU MacBook Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marlana
The daughter is my left wing for undergraduate this year and has taken the MacBook mini. It looks he likes him every time has to take the peripheral device, or has had to to pay through a nose for Apple produced marked or treat cheap junk. A problem is, is very hard to say that it is well and what is not and has found some descriptions in a subject to be very different of reality.

In any case, is to contain for a summer and chose us this above marks three weeks after the little suggested it highly become friends the. They were very gung he quite this be treated a subject still has mentioned on.

In a past, two of some hubs buy had some same problems. In the first place, they no apt well. This was the real subject b/c at all returns well, was loose and was hesitant in still uses them b/c the things would not remain the rights connected or was preoccupied some ports would suffer harm. An also taken hot that very does not have does very listened in me. And then they have not been done well. They have listened flimsy and although it was reluctant to use them, has not lasted in all the case.

Quan Has taken a Totu, said 'of the Dad Obliged, Mays ...' And it can listen a doubt in his voice. I have signalled out of our partner has said that it was to add so it was the most comfortable plot with him.

A first thing will remark (esp him it the very treated another) is that it listens solid while light to be still. I can not pose my toe on he exactly but listens so expect in - very also heavy and in no way flimsy. A first test was to limit he in a dual USB C ports (and while there at all is maintaining he to do in the computer of Windows, unless has some dual ports a distance included will not be able to use he). Return WELL. This would have to be the data excepts one in anterior two only sense likes him did not go never still has tried. An access was snug, so that it remains in the place but he are not rigid. Cela Have directed only to listen the plot more taking quite the. This was a side of computer , but try the limit in his iPhone uploads, the HDMI cape and walks of USB as well as he SD Card (does not try a micro SD card b/c has not had one but am quite sure was like the solid like the rest was). Calm since is giving until C ports for the use, the roughly C the ports have not been available or robust was the breaker of total roads . But it was it adds. You can limit the cape in also so that it can touch you USB An or B devices that can uploads a lot of devices. An another the element was one HDMI cape. I can not say so annoying was to connect his computer in an of some monitors and look one blurs/flicker b/c of the bad connection. After three weeks there have not been anything problematic in a less.

In fact, is to be taking a laptop around with his slope a day and she are used this enough bit it. It IS quite small that is to say a lot the cosy trip but no so small that it is cramped. Some visas of the measure is what apresamiento.

Has the little sake pouch to store the things and this are the good touch, only to maintain the clean and orderly things. In general this was the very pleasant surprise and is happy had suggests so highly b/c after an another two, does not have any road has been to buy the cheap plus a but was hesitant and heck to peel out of a money for components of individual apple.
5 / 5 Laurice
That is to say a premier MacBook wet or USB-Hub has bought. This small device has done my a lot of easier life to attach ports of multiple USB together with a HDMI port.

These accesses of only unit my MacBook 2016 perfectly in a side (the semi-detached picture) and attaches 2 x USB write One, 2 x type of USB C, 2 x readers of Card and the HDMI port. He doesnt requires the additional load but the touch need your MacBook, can touch and use a cradle a time still saw an USB-C port.

The tan frequently buys elements of the technology and I strongly trust the, has tried all some same ports before I have begun for the use in basic newspaper. All the ports have done perfectly. The while these uses, the plot my USB-C the devices take hot but these rests of the device surprisingly fresco like his control to heat has to be adapted.

That is to say easily one of a compraventa better like the prize is very well for atleast 30% cheap more than the majority other products of similar type.

An only downside of this hub is touches a laptop in 70%-80% speed of original of the apple uploads. I can live with this so that that is to say predominately the docking device that is supposition to be the dispatch or the house have used. Also, you are spending your laptop be sure for the mango carefully so directly connects in so much an USB-C scrollings and that pose the pressure could not be a better decision.
5 / 5 Coralee
Desire and would have found this element more harvest. In the principle has bought the Type c in hub of USB and has bought then the Type c in hdmi. As and it have to around two devices to use my external mouse and an external monitor.
A thing in note is that you decide use a hdmi port, necessity to limit in a HDMI the anterior cape in connecting a device. This is not one the fault of a device. It IS one issues an interior of piece a macbook is designed. Some necessities of voltage to be augmented in an internal piece before it can in a HDMI device. Been due to of the this , precise limit a HDMI cape in a HDMI port anterior in connecting a device in a Macbook. You will see a screen flicker signifying one can has changed in a piece. Then your external monitor will begin to do.
5 / 5 Royce
Has the Macbook Pro and the HP portable. Alas, this product of only access a Macbook Pro while they have described, as I am not surprised. One 4k HDMI port works perfectly, a screen is clear glass . All other ports do also! It estimates each penny for this Adapter of USB.
5 / 5 Aja
If you are tired to spend endless quantities of dongles for your Mac recommend you taking east one has it quite a lot of ports of USB for any user is quality very big and a colour perfectly matches my MacBook would recommend in any one concealed is possesses the MacBook
5 / 5 Jarred
This adapter is essential for each new MacBook models with USB C connectors of type. Desprs Has bought my new MacBook give that it has lost it my devices of old USB but this hub has resolved that problem. Coverage I in a road that flavours to look the video of my cam of pinch in the screen of decent measure and Totu is gone in a rescue with a microSD reader, and while in the presentation was able to connect the television saw a HDMI port, really saves a day...Totally recommend it!
4 / 5 Inge
Apple always has to when being in a verge the bleed of technology, so here is with me very add MBP is without ports of traditional USB... Or the SD reader of card. THANK YOU APPLE!

The quality and the functionality are of sound in of the this, but is by train of the give 4 stars for the pair of reasons.
1: If you want to pose the protective case in your $ 3000 MBP this will not return in some ports of USB with a fund of an installed case.

2: If you limit in some ports in a left side (the correct looks so that a logotype is then in a cup of a hub) then all of some ports are the other way around. Some, can limit he in any side, but would tend to pose he with logotype up, so then the odd looks that a SD has required cards to be posed in the reverse.

In general like me and prefers this in something with the cape when law out of a dispatch. In a dispatch has a Ray 3 hub of Another World-wide Computing, but that is to say very prendido in a road.
5 / 5 Lakiesha
I have required this adapter to look my macbook in mine 4K television. It does things effortless. A quality of a connection is very big. Some laws to accelerate very fast. An access of connection easily and a setup takes second. I have left he in my professor as they could use he for presentations of the class and has wanted to the one of way that was and has bought one for them. There the description is that he the easiest life with one 7 in 1 HUB. This adapter he all and works when needs he in. Very reliable and practical to spend in a case of laptop. I am excited that this class of technology is available now for the low prize. It researches to be built strong likes him wont pause or dysfunction. Quality of the tez excellent and the components have used. Highly recommend it his in any one looking for an adapter to look videos or files of scrolling.
1 / 5 Kathline
He no at all in my MacBook Air.
5 / 5 Dorie
I am the professor of room , and tends to have a lot of things that necessity plugged in, necessity to be aimed in a overheard, or pictures that can the be has downloaded. This does a trick. I am able to transport this of house in a room, and use in several places, together with having the multiple things plugged in in or time. That is to say well you are deciding in the new Macbook Pro, and wants to have everything in or, that is to say that necessity to take. A prize is also perfect for the this is looking for, and pair well with my Mac. It IS also quite small to transport with you, everywhere, and still comes with the small stock exchange to pose an element in. I slip it well in a coverage of laptop. That is to say the compraventa well .