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1 first TRENDnet AC1900 High Power Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter, Increase Extend WiFi Wireless Coverage, High Gain Antennas, Stream 4K HD Video, USB 3.0 to USB Type A, Windows/Mac OS Compatible,TEW-809UB TRENDnet AC1900 High Power Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter, Increase Extend WiFi Wireless Coverage, High Gain Antennas, Stream 4K HD Video, USB 3.0 to USB Type A, Windows/Mac OS Compatible,TEW-809UB By TRENDnet
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2 TRENDnet 8-Port Gigabit EdgeSmart Switch, 8 x Gigabit Ports, 16Gbps Switch Capacity, Ethernet Network Desktop Switch, Managed Smart Gigabit Switch, Metal, Fanless, Lifetime Protection, TEG-S80ES TRENDnet 8-Port Gigabit EdgeSmart Switch, 8 x Gigabit Ports, 16Gbps Switch Capacity, Ethernet Network Desktop Switch, Managed Smart Gigabit Switch, Metal, Fanless, Lifetime Protection, TEG-S80ES By TRENDnet
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3 best TRENDnet AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Hardware Controller Kit with Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming, TEW-821DAP2KAC TRENDnet AC1200 Dual Band Wireless Hardware Controller Kit with Seamless Wi-Fi Roaming, TEW-821DAP2KAC By TRENDnet
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4 TRENDnet 52-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch, 48 Gigabit RJ-45 Ports, 4 Shared Gigabit Ports (RJ-45 or SFP), VLAN, QoS, LACP, IPv6, Lifetime Protection, TEG-524WS TRENDnet 52-Port Gigabit Web Smart Switch, 48 Gigabit RJ-45 Ports, 4 Shared Gigabit Ports (RJ-45 or SFP), VLAN, QoS, LACP, IPv6, Lifetime Protection, TEG-524WS By TRENDnet
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5 TRENDnet 28-Port Web Smart PoE+ Switch, 24 x Gigabit PoE+ Ports, 4 x Shared Gigabit Ports (RJ-45 or SFP), VLAN, QoS, LACP, IPv6 Support, 370W PoE Power Budget, Lifetime Protection, TPE-5028WS TRENDnet 28-Port Web Smart PoE+ Switch, 24 x Gigabit PoE+ Ports, 4 x Shared Gigabit Ports (RJ-45 or SFP), VLAN, QoS, LACP, IPv6 Support, 370W PoE Power Budget, Lifetime Protection, TPE-5028WS By TRENDnet
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6 TRENDnet AC1750 Dual Band PoE Access Point, 1300Mbps WiFi AC+450 Mbps WiFi N, WDS Bridge, WDS Station, Repeater Modes, Band Steering, WiFi Traffic Shaping, Up to 8 SSIDs-16 Total, IPv6, TEW-825DAP TRENDnet AC1750 Dual Band PoE Access Point, 1300Mbps WiFi AC+450 Mbps WiFi N, WDS Bridge, WDS Station, Repeater Modes, Band Steering, WiFi Traffic Shaping, Up to 8 SSIDs-16 Total, IPv6, TEW-825DAP By TRENDnet
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7 TRENDnet Intelligent 1000Base-T to 1000Base-LX/SX Single Mode SC Fiber Media Converter (20KM, 12.4Miles), Fiber to Ethernet Converter, SC Type Fiber Port, RJ-45,Lifetime Protection, TFC-1000S20 TRENDnet Intelligent 1000Base-T to 1000Base-LX/SX Single Mode SC Fiber Media Converter (20KM, 12.4Miles), Fiber to Ethernet Converter, SC Type Fiber Port, RJ-45,Lifetime Protection, TFC-1000S20 By TRENDnet
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8 TRENDnet 16-Bay Fiber Converter Chassis System, Hot Swappable, Housing for up to 16 TFC Series Media Converters, Fast Ethernet RJ45, RS-232, SNMP Management Module, Lifetime Protection, TFC-1600 TRENDnet 16-Bay Fiber Converter Chassis System, Hot Swappable, Housing for up to 16 TFC Series Media Converters, Fast Ethernet RJ45, RS-232, SNMP Management Module, Lifetime Protection, TFC-1600 By TRENDnet
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9 TRENDnet 6-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ DIN-Rail Switch, 12-56V, Alarm Relay, 2 Dedicated SFP Slots, IP30 Rated Housing, Lifetime Protection, TI-PG62B TRENDnet 6-Port Industrial Gigabit PoE+ DIN-Rail Switch, 12-56V, Alarm Relay, 2 Dedicated SFP Slots, IP30 Rated Housing, Lifetime Protection, TI-PG62B By TRENDnet
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10 TRENDnet Hardened Industrial 60W Gigabit PoE+ Injector, DIN-Rail Mount, IP30 Rated Housing, Includes DIN-rail & Wall Mounts,  TI-IG60 TRENDnet Hardened Industrial 60W Gigabit PoE+ Injector, DIN-Rail Mount, IP30 Rated Housing, Includes DIN-rail & Wall Mounts, TI-IG60 By TRENDnet
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Top Customer Reviews: TRENDnet AC1900 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Ellamae
Buyer beware. A picture that is to aim in a place of the amazon is not a change that takes. A a that is to say pictured is Verse.3.0R, which have been interrupted. A one this will take is Verse.4.0R. While functionally a same, TrENDnet in his sensatez of infinite, has redesigned an exposure of device and interface of entrance of the power. I actuate Only the together only of five LEDs this aims a state of connection. There is not conjoint leader separated of DIRECTED for activity. They have moved also a DC entered to be able to in a side of a box for some odd reason, which are the change of stupid drawing . No longer it is an entrance of power in a back and out of view. Attached in this description is that it take, any one a voice in a page of web.
3 / 5 Synthia
Last Update: 5-22-2018
is Returned both of some green changes and is gone with a D-Nexus 5-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Change (GOES-SW-5G). A D-Nexus a fact zero noise and is so fast. I wish a TRENDnet a would not have done a big noise launched.
Took my brilliant and early substitution this morning and a supply to be able in of the marks a big same noise launched / squeal. Other people can not listen, but can listen it clearly and give me the enormous headache (has wanted to this in a dispatch). Going down my low description in 3 stars of my old 5 port TRENDnet changes never very done any noise. Although I have sworn prende TRENDnet, will have to give other flavours of mark he for a dispatch of house.
HAS PURCHASED my third an and he in fact done the noise has launched very big while all my another identical some no. am returning and reordering.
One of some better changes there. It uses the little of these some years without subjects.
HAS 1 of them chair in my hot and his coverage declare very prendido the year, never the problem.
5 / 5 Chrissy
Wifi Only very cut he for on-line gaming, but some subjects is not for apropar- a two Xboxs and computer in a basement. This device was a response ! Everything has had to has been run a cape of the ethernet of one issues where a first device was localised and limits a cape of Ethernet in this change. Afterwards, it connects this change with another cape of Ethernet in a Xbox. Then, I can run a cape of Ethernet to the long of a wall in a next device. Tan In essence daisy chaining these together to provide connections of Ethernet in my three devices. It opens, each what three devices have relieve fast internet of the connection to issue of the solo to provide lag-free on-line gaming! Law like the charm and to well sure would recommend in another!
3 / 5 Scarlett
Purchase in the dozen of different Trendnet product in a past four (or as) years. Also it recommends this company in everything of my clients. Recently, even so, I have begun to remark that everything of one 5-port gigabit the changes are very noisy. A static (big-nail) the looks of noise to cause accommodations of metal (any one some adapters to be able in). This subject has been informed by diverse of my clients. It is not a subject yes is in the busy dispatch, but if works in the semi-quite the dispatch and the change are afterwards in your desktop can does not help but remark it. I actuate Already the substituted one in my dispatch so that I direct me nuts.
In Trendnet: please taken the look in this subject and report behind. Until I listen of you it do not purchase your 5- or 8-port changes. Thank you.
3 / 5 Judy
These elements have the long life abandons, looks. I have ordered two NEW changes, the five and 16 port models. Both have entered the boxes of factory have sealed, although a five port obviously had been opened in front of being shipped in me. A five port has a date limits 0f 2017, that is to say now 2019, as it is two years . A 16 port unit has some limits of date of 2016 and some limits to date in three parts of 2013, 2014, and 2015. That is to say 2019. It opens, it purchases a lot until date, been of some capes of networking of the art, point routers and seeds these changes. A point of house is limited in his less able component. I will try these, but is not happy. I expect Amazon to verify and certify that the new element is not old. I expect any help? Well, no of TRENDNET, that is to say party in this deception, they he. They have failed support of technology to choose to instrument of old road in the client that expects something new, any new in him, but in fact be of a new art. I am not happy has changed of Netgear squad, but the mine has required to update and chosen that thought was the better product . It is not better is older. In fact, my two units, together experiences, is not compatible with each another, or more than the year the old plus that an another. Any one in this modern world thinks the products have done the year or more averts is still identical, in general has the geometrical improvement over time in of the digital products. It pleases Amazon, civilises this situation. And please TRENDnet, be upfront. In better the two or more year the old electronic product retains only the small fraction of his retailer that sells prize. These warrants an action against Amazon and TRENDnet for dud retailing. He been a client of Amazon during 25 years, mostly with good results. That is to say, even so, objectionable.
4 / 5 Contessa
This description is for one 5-port change TAE-S50ES.

A unit arrived in the envelope cushioned - cual has been disappointed with so that it is to say the technical piece of hardware that could be it easily broken yes attacks around concentrate Even so a TRENDnet the box the container has used the goleada the multiple inserts/inserts to ensure an interior to change like an element arrived undamaged. A lot it appreciates that TRENDnet!

A change is a lot tight and legit. Some two band that winery a dish of upper metal in a frame of inferior metal is sure and plumb - is not wedged in in an angle. These aims that an assembly of manufacture was very done. A change am not 'loose' in any subject, a metal of gauge of a patterned steel used is the edifice is quite fat to resist any torsion applies with my hands. The duke in opposite verges and the flavour twists it and does not move . Far quality bronzed like material of the manufacture/the build finds this element to be excellent.

A change has holes of download in some sides to leave pertinent airflow. At the same time I am writing this description has used a change in 24/7 operation afterwards in my desktop out of a sun in a temperature of environmental air of approx 68F with my NOSE and pihole plugged in him. There it looks to be any overheating in a slightest, some tills never included take very warm. I know that in big-bandwidth/throughput half of dispatch a load against a change will be considerably main but sure chair in saying that a quality of a device is very good. I can not say concretely what some the operative conditions will be under other circumstances, but listen quite sure to suggest that this unit will try in bare the minimum adapted for any half of networking has posed he in.

One YAC of web for setup is quite mere and very documented in a TRENDnet page of product. A esmart' the part of this change is uploaded with multiple options, many of the cual beats very necessarily when being to use to a 'half' homelab/experience of user of the end. Even so I think that that it is better to have these options and any one to require them that to require them but any one for his have available, and never know that necessities of your future could be. Personally Like of his having these options in 'tinker' with and behaviour self-guided to learn with contacting principles in some half without fashionable terms my house.

Another clave mentions concealed would have to the update /updates a firmware ails for the take. I coincide, with a caveat that mark the backup of any firmware is coming so normal. A process of update, for me, has not gone also difficult - but a unit goes assemblar esalto' in 99% point. Desprs While quite a lot of 5 minutes closed a window of browser, manually deactivated a RJ45 port, then re-has initialises so much. Any Problem.

HAS has not had the occasion in 'game' with a lot of some options 'advanced' of a change. The interior a moment only am using likes him the change 'change' excepts has a capacity to pose static IP. The flavour the far plus of some capacities will come after it does to tune further my grandson, but so of this moment is satisfied.

Would recommend this product. I have seen multiple products of the multiple vendors and the multiple marks before decide in this unit. Faiths Your own investigation, but know that my investigation focused in this product and that is satisfied with purchase of mine.
4 / 5 Darron
Day 1: 4/5 stars. Mere, small, functional extends. OSX Installs requires the reboot and elevation of security - but can confirm still is doing in the very Big Saw. Also, I have ordered in 11:50 you ARE/11:50 you are/11:50 you are and had for 7prime minister - so one of these vain stars to Prepare of Amazon.
Has taken the Nighthawk 1900 AC with bad connection and has done the few things:
1. I left me in in fact connect where mine 2015 MBP would not connect in 1300 Mbps
2. Created my basement throughput of 30Mbps in 210Mbps (partially because of a hike recorded of 5Ghz connection)
3. I gave me the secondary YAC for WiFi connection that is decent.

The device is very sized... It was likely to pose a 4 antenna in some titulars of elastic pen that it is in of the rucksacks of trip -- is mere fatality to take.

Still wants to connect in my USB 3.0 hub and test of tension during other conditions of developer of the heavy software, but so far is gilded. I will update this improvement or worse - but cost the calls of video any one in that has it jitter for me.
1 / 5 Jack
Has the field adds, sure, but maintains to do that the title said. It IS insanely problem. I have tried the multiple engine and he always do a same thing.

One another the gilipollas is that it is ugly and enormous.

An only pro besides the field is that, so that it is connected saws the cape, can plant is calm even so he his try or sail. Where With other adapters of USB or PCI-And clave out of your PC.

If it only was reliable to return and bond in the cheap plus one has had.
5 / 5 Verdell
This change was perfect to do that required: that develops a drop of ether in my new basement in the small (until four, while precise or scrolling for an entrance). I left me to take drawee of this troubling wifi lag when using my LG nine Ready television.

A change is very built with the case of ports and full metal of good quality. A detail of only drawing that it would change would be to do a slightly more the wide change and to locates a power in a backside ( can see one covers these beginnings by a left part).

A change is supremely easy to install: the alloy can, connects an entrance and begins ethernet ports, looks for some lights of indicator in a front and calm is done. A trifold the manual comprised is in several different tongues and has clear directions, both scriptures and designed, of that to install a change (requires the). There is also the matrix to list a different green and lights of indicator of the amber and what all the possible combinations mean.

Ordered two of these changes the few months averts, a second a took yesterday. Both changes use the 5.0v, supply 1.0a to be able to of the beginning but while you can see, a creation of a two was different. A supply to be able in the wine the small plus with a plus the change has purchased recently. Both supplies to be able is 100-240V in the two prong configuration so much, with an adapter of pertinent country, these would have to do world-wide widths. The users in Japan would be able to limit directly in a wall.
5 / 5 Agnes
Has this by behind my television where has consoles of mine of game and Steam/of NOSE streaming box. Two month uptime and any subject. They that have me all my devices hardwired when possible like this was well to have has had to only a stain in my material, has done then my own 2-3 capes of feet in the each device in a support of television.

Top Customer Reviews: TRENDnet 8-Port ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Luisa
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged A TAE-S82g the description of product was partorisca an interrupted V2.0/V2.1 model that has specified 256K RAM and 8K MAC table. (The click in some specifications of links of the PDF in an end of a listing of product.) That has received was a 'new and improved' V3.0 version with 192K RAM and he 4K MAC table, one same specs regarding a model an economic plus TAE-S81g. Another specs is identical among a V2.0 And a V3.0.
5 / 5 Livia
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged Really to seven port transmission. Received the today plugged he in legislation of a box, port 4 does not give me the light of link and spends any traffic. I have tried several different devices and several different bosses. Felizmente Has required so only 6 put you. I guess volume that has paid. I expect it partorisca fail.
5 / 5 Magnolia
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged Update - With which the little more than the year, this has been of confidence and fast. It is sustaining the PS4, Roku 3 and Samsung Smarthings system, all those careers by means of this transmission. It is installed inside the downloaded Leviton there is Structured Half comunicacionales of Centre together with a Arris modem (Comcast) and a Vonage modem of telephone. The fresh careers, any subject.

Creation of first of legislation and packaging. Out of a box to up and running was small. I have substituted the 10/100 8 port transmission. It has CAT6 cabling in my house with big quality Leviton connectors and cords of patch. This little transmission has has resupplied improvements of marked action in of the inner connections (networked printer) as well as internet (lower ping). Taking 100+ Mbps in Xfinity stimulates now. Crowns among 60 with one 10/100 transmission.
5 / 5 Rusty
Capacity: 8-Port GigabitModel: EdgeSmart I upgraded of an old plus TAE-S80G this was almost 6yr old and exiting. They are really to to that likes this EdgeSmart of version of a same transmission. Flavour be able to see a state of health of the each port and to be able to change settings for some ports quite then trusting on way of CAR for everything. There is so only like this more characteristic for just 14 bucks more. Also they are that it uses a characteristic of aggregation of the link for 2 put you in a uplink to the mine ASUS subject (which is a lot of fresco still if any one practical in the small coverage). If it check out of a TrendNet page of the product there is the emulator of management that can walk you by means of and see all some available characteristics.

An only annoyance is one covers to be able to is in an opposite side of a transmission of some ports, which is annoying for my particular installation. An interface of the web of the management is also http in place of https that it is sad, but does not treat it enormous in the coverage of small house.
4 / 5 Kenia
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged Automatically control of the ports and closes down sleeping put you partorisca savings partorisca be able to. Well, in the longest career of boss he never found the signal and so that there is not wake never on a port. Bought the Netgear without this thing of savings of the power and work well.
5 / 5 Shala
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged Any a lot of can say in this 'TRENDnet 8-Port Unmanaged Gigabit GREENnet Desk Transmissions of House of the Metal, TAE-S82g.' He neither works or he no. In my chance (as expected and so only like my forward 5-port version of a same thing), work perfectly. Perfectly silent, cools partorisca run, and no-blinding lights in a front. Excellent 5 stars out of 5.
4 / 5 Adelaide
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged Ossia my prime minister ethernet transmission as there is at all to directly the compare to. Compared to another electronics of consumer, feels sturdy. A chance of metal feels well, solid in my hands. I required it edge connections because has the really long 1950 house with stucco and boss lath and plaster. Living in the frames of cage of the Faraday partorisca the plot of wi-fi something dead. I plugged he in and hooked on some put you to my dvd player, TV of apple, playstation, and wii, easy peasy lemon squeezy all has done immediately a bat. All look partorisca treat the little faster that with wi-fi. A Playstation would not connect the wi-fi in a far end of a house and now netflix works perfectly. Finally I will take the POE transmission also and Trendnet will be big in my cast.
4 / 5 Grover
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged is very spent he-n-boxes of game that can accustom connect the together cars. If semi-detached when issuing, included can leave for one sharing of a connection of the internet to another wired devices (although this could have implications of action of closing is sharing).

A creation this in spite of is the winner . Partorisca Maintain it on the office (says, has multiple cars but so only a ethernet socket), is perfect reason has a power outlet in a backside beside a ethernet jacks. This leave all some bosses partorisca remain in a backside of a device, leaving a clutter out of a zone of main office. This was in fact an upper deciding the factor partorisca me chooses this model in comparable models (comprising a lot 5-port some).
4 / 5 Glayds
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged That really like on a Teg S82G is that of one transmits the lights are in a front of a unit. For this can see that line is transmitting and like some are not . In the a lot of units owe that look in a backside of a unit and stirs it of bosses where one transmits the lights are or contend with all some bosses that hangs to a front. In a Trendnet unit of the discharges of lines to some backsides and one transmits the lights are in a front. This in spite of, some the oldest units have had also transmit-lights partorisca accelerate also. It say of another way,,a row of yellow lights partorisca devices that transmits in 100mps ( likes telephones of IP, etc.) And the row of green lights that indicates speed of 1000mps. But some the lowest speeds probably are going was in all the chance.
4 / 5 Edgardo
Capacity: 8-PortModel: Unmanaged A more can exit of any ports is 100 mbs. Has a Intel NUC with the gigabit ethernet the port has connected directly to a transmission and so only take 100 mb. Has the gigabit transmission in mine living room where this connects to, and so only tip the 100 mbs connection. It sends it behind but it was more the question that he well.

Are to take with 30 years in technology of the coverage and I believe ossia he 100 mb transmission.


Top Customer Reviews: TRENDnet AC1200 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5 Burt
Capacity: N300Model: the access Signals A connection that these frames of units with my WIFI the house to the subject is strong and continuous. Utilisation this unit partorisca connect my laptop partorisca do my coverage of house, because partorisca some reason a VPN the adapter in mine portable of work falls a connection frequently when a laptop onboard WIFI the circuit is used.

But with this TRENDnet the unit has connected to mine portable of work with a boss of Ethernet has comprised, a VPN the connection remains solid all day long. Ossia The solution adds to toneless WIFI signals or connections!

Here is to surround it brief of some connections that am using:
a) A TRENDnet the unit done the solid WIFI connection in my house WIFI subject. Setup Is ridiculously easy.
b) A TRENDnet the unit is connected to the mine portable with a boss of Ethernet has comprised.
c) My laptop VPN the adapter is a lot happy with a connection of coverage of the Ethernet.
D) Follows the happy to camp.
4 / 5 Crista
Capacity: N300Model: the access Signals that This product was purchased specifically partorisca extend wireless coverage in my house. Partorisca This purpose, fact and operates excellent. This in spite of, have given this produced two stars. In one was of worries of security, has been impacted partorisca find that these products did not be supported by updates on two years. Folks In Def With and laugh of Black Hat in these types of the vendors been due to irresponsible policemen have taken. When Purchasing produced that sustains any infrastructure of coverage, recognition his web of place and look for firmware and updates of characteristic. If it has not been updated in the pair of years, does not mean that they have to that be really well, probably means to have the models the new plus has sold in general prices.
5 / 5 Alan
Capacity: N300Model: Update of Point of the Access: Any one the fault partorisca date inclusa with which on 100 deg. Time. Running has distributed the antennas are trace externally. Any question that connects partorisca issue on 300 ft has spent of some trees!
Using in the Solar far camera setup. Setup Likes Client. Wave to heat last time of week has paste 98 deg. With 112 indication. Unit in boxes partorisca time like this probably on 100 deg in summit. Any failure like this far like this good! I have contacted support partorisca ask the ? The response taken in 24 hrs.
5 / 5 Davis
Capacity: N300Model: the access Signals that These are good few Points for of Accesses a price. You trade The little in capacity of configuration of the user partorisca the economic AP, but once is configured work well. They can be the little fickle partorisca configure with a car-indictment of discovery, but the reset of the usually fixed factory concealed. I have bought this a partorisca substitute one this was having subject with which 5 years of service. Has four in everything of this situated around my house. New firmware is issued regularly partorisca these, as that can download and upgrade him. Once they are on-line can you centrally direct them has seen the interface of web.
4 / 5 Devora
Capacity: N300Model: Point partorisca Access Fact partorisca less than 6 month; I can not connect his at all now. In a past few weeks, begins partorisca fall connections. A question has worsened, as I have reduced a number of the constant protocols, of these helped previously with the TP-Link partorisca issue that it use like a point of access. The conceals has not helped, now blinks, but any device can connect his.
5 / 5 Vinita
Capacity: AC1200Model: Point partorisca Access Trace in a ceiling of a main paving of our house. This dips it well in a centre among a basement and a second walk. The coverage adds by means of a house.

Quite easy AM YACIDO to help configure a device but I would not recommend he for an user of house of the novice. Take your geeky near to help you! :) To That particularly likes him he is that his PoE (Can On Ethernet), of my powers of connection of the coverage a unit as I have not had to take the power outlet to a highland location.

Would buy this again in the heartbeat.
5 / 5 Reuben
Capacity: N300Model: the point of Access has installed 2 of these Trendnet TEW-638APB is before and has done well. I have used always a CDROM like this indicated in some instructions, a Trendnet careers of software (does not install , which is a lot), and relieves some points of accesses in your coverage, and calm leave you partorisca configure them. With a third an I so only bought, a Trendnet the software has not relieved a point of access, any subject that has tried. I have called Trendnet support of text, and come from partorisca squander the perfectly a lot 52 minutes of my life patiently that follows the one who a technician recommended. Apparently, a unit he or a CDROM(?) It is defective, but can access he partorisca connect directly to your computer with a boss of Ethernet and temporarily reconfiguring the allocution of IP of your PC. This was dulcemente, painful, this in spite of him no when have attach behind to my subject. The same have the Trendnet subject. A technician any prendera the attention the questions has asked; it have to that repeat my questions 2-3 times before it answer. Continuous contest that a unit has not been defective, included although swimming he detectable for a Trendnet software. It is returned the Amazon partorisca the substitution.

Resuman: A Trendnet the point of access is the good device , but Trendnet support of telephone is pathetic.
4 / 5 Branden
Capacity: N300Model: the access Signals An utility never felizmente complete configures neither some two available options. :( This has meant a device has not been visible in my coverage partorisca use web-browser-the configuration has based. :( :( In fact it go to some odd state where neither a setup the program of utility would recognise it, neither could ping a device. After several unsuccessful tries, I finally hard reset a device. I have then attributed the configuration of allocution of static IP, with which finally can access a device that use my browser of web partorisca complete a necessary configuration.
4 / 5 Juana
Capacity: N300Model: Works of Point of the good Access like the point of wireless access rule, but a TEW-637 a same thing (and included looks one same) and is alot more economic. A way of the client does not do a lot well, which is that it has bought these stops. Toneless signal, accelerates very slow in short distances, which is surprising of then has a dual 2.B Antennas and greenfield and my portable the wireless do well in some same means. The same questions with way have distributed. How it is the quite pointless device of a client and has has distributed ways a lot really work. (The TEW-637 in fact has these ways also this in spite of a software the hardest fact to imagine was) the documentation is very thin. I reccomend a TEW-637 requires the point for of wireless access your subject wired and also recommends this device thus purpose also can take one for a same price.

Top Customer Reviews: TRENDnet 52-Port ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ivana
Capacity: 8-PortModel: the Ready web I installed to to this likes him the transmission of core in my office of house. My needs were VLAN and support, speed of Ether of the Action, the CALM device (i.et. fanless), Reliability, and consumption of reasonable power. Have Relatively down throughput requirements in spite of a need partorisca connections of Ether of the Action. 20Gb throughput Is more than pertinent, like this the transmission returns a bill perfectly.

Has the variety of devices has connected to this, and all of them are doing well. A UI is not really something door home partorisca aim Mamma, but a support of characteristic is still exceptional. Mac Users, calm to good sure will require a firmware update of July 2017 if it is not uploaded already. Fixed subjects of significant compatibility with multiple browsers in a Mac program.
4 / 5 Rubye
Capacity: 8-PortModel: the web Early This transmission contains the characteristic usually reserved partorisca big final, expensive has directed changes in 2k+ row! A SNMP control MIB so only is impressive. I am using PRTG partorisca control traffic (utilisation of bandwidth) on 250Mbps Comcast put you of Internet by means of this transmission. Comcast Does not leave SNMP in his soyodems' anymore and a 'economic' 24-and-48-port mart' the transmissions have purchased partorisca hundreds of the dollars neither sustain SNMP utilisation of bandwidth. I simply dipped this transmission in a half ( sustains VLANs too btw so much can control multiple connections by means of him), point my SNMP tool of control (PRTG) his, adds some level of some probes of shelf, and tada! Now I can try we are taking a bandwidth is paying paralizaciones. You can also setup SNMP users and groups with the different legislations that comprises read so only, read/writes, different MIBs, etc., A lot of customizable. Some options partorisca optical is the good plus although so only am using some copper ports for now.
Has has had so only this transmission partorisca the few days but like this far like this good. Good maps of a data a transmission is resupplying!!!
4 / 5 Kaylene
Capacity: 16-PortModel: Gigabit [update 1-15-2011] is upgrading our backbone the transmission focused - a batch a late plus of trendnet TEG160WS the units have not had the interior of defender -- infact partorisca do sure has dipped the wattmeter in the and his so only draw 11watts with 8/16 put you into use in 1gbps. My assumtion is redesigned a product partorisca be greener of then cut 24/7 and was able to yank a noisy defender. Calm still can substitute some defenders in some older units with 40mm defenders with ball bearings)
[final of update]

With gigabit ethernet sometimes insufficient to link backbones the common technician is surfaced partorisca add to canals partorisca take the 2Gbps link instead. Mina IN THE Raid5 synology variety Synology DiskStation 5-Bay (Diskless) Scalable Coverage Semi-detached Storage DS1010+ (Black) sustains this with 2 action-and jacks in a backside, like this do several lan papers in of the servers these days.

An advantage is can build the backbone among transmissions that has 2gbps capacity and connect to your server or IN THE BOX with this aggregated 2x link of speed, then discharges in multiple 1x action-and the devices to some changes to the long of a way. These frames for effective down sides backbone creation and servants a need that breaking of uses of the shelf and the ready transmissions have taken.

A trendnet the transmission is also the value has compared to a cisco 8 port that cut in $ 100 - 2 of those would cost more than of the this and would use 4 put you so only linking some two together transmissions use of the neighbours backbone creation.

Regarding a noise of partidrio - that can be quieted down - some defenders that tries/come from a factory is economic 1or defenders of measure, but tents of computers for home pc the constructors sell ball of big quality that resists defenders that is a same measure but no a buzz of a trendnet defenders. Has a model of same hole, voltage, and covers like this swapout is easy and quiets down your box without sacrificing airflow. I link to stick when I can find some for sale in the amazon like other users can kill of an acoustic noise.

A last note - an amazon dimentions is wrong - ossia the regulate rackmount the produced that has measured 440 x 210 x 44mm (17.3 x 8.3 x .)
4 / 5 Marisa
Capacity: 16-PortModel: Gigabit While some instructions are not all these utmost, this really done a trick. I bought it so that it can have all some bosses in my house have touched partorisca lose and go to the alone transmission. Before, I have had a unmanaged transmission that done like spillover of the mine Netgear subject. I finally wised-arrive and has turned a Netgear to the subject simple that the only takes an internet of boss and hands was allocutions of IP has seen the suns gigabit boss that atasquemos to this beast. Then, it covers everything in here and use a characteristic directed partorisca create the 4-port bond so that my Synology can use aggregation of link. An only trick I found with this era of whole approximation that has had the hard time that finds a web directs screen. When I have changed an allocution of IP is, has not been able to connect his. I have forgotten partorisca say a transmission a DNS allocution of IP (ie an allocution of IP of one issues so it knows the one who is a boss !). Also, it was not partorisca clear and obvious like partorisca save some settings... To good sure look in a manual attentively and compare to screens. Once this was all the place and has known to be able to access this thing, moved it then to his final resting something. A box is class of big, but has not been that has been expecting. It is in a measure of the Tivo Premiere but perhaps thinner.
4 / 5 Lucius
Capacity: 28-PortModel: the Ready web I installed this transmission partorisca be used like the backup partorisca the VOIP telephone transmission. Of my client is located in another state, was difficult partorisca me partorisca travel there in chance a primary transmission has failed, leaving a client without service of telephone. So much, I have installed the TrendNet POE transmission like primary, and this much less expensive no-POE transmission like the backup. I rack- it is trace so many transmissions , with the poster of patch goes in. So much, in chance of the failure, a client can so only exchanges some bosses partorisca patch to a transmission of backup and discharges in a telephone DC adapters until I am able to take there.

With this fund, during installation and trying a transmission of the easily adapted backup to a coverage without any reconfiguration. I have had a lot these TrendNet the transmissions that is announces years without questions.

This transmission was a better and less expensive option . There is quite throughput to manage one 16 VOIP telephones in the office of a client.

For future VOIP installations, will be to use this same crew .
5 / 5 Tifany
Capacity: 20-PortModel: the web Early would owe that it has gone with the tried-and-true model, more than the new product. The my first investigation to purchase this product (the 20-port version). To good sure looks partorisca appeal, price-wise, but a TRENDnet the web of place has indicated that has had no firmware updates another those some initials firmware, as this has to that be the new product . Any I initially considers this the downside, but the results there is quite the few subjects with him.
In the first place was, a web admin interface occasionally the bugs was and does not upload a pertinent CSS or something reason calms can not access a rest of an interface to modify any settings. An only solution is to close a browser and reload a admin the interface and the hope uploads correctly. As, it has bought this transmission because it sustains LACP. They call of the characteristic 'trunking.' Exited of a box, but immediately the few questions have presented he in reboot. It does not save a trunking settings during the reboot!! As you can imagine, this has caused immediately the storm of container when going back of a reboot. Any only that, disable frames of jumbo to enable QoS, everything of that reset taken of factory in the reboot also.
Am returned this produces for now. Perhaps in a future he irons out of these subjects in the firmware the update can give it another test, but for now, am falling of the extra money for something tried and true.
5 / 5 Shakita
Capacity: 16-PortModel: Gigabit Because of a personal laboratory that develops never in home, there is exhausted quickly a port capacity of the Cisco SG-200 transmission. A profile to be able to and qualified of action of a TRENDnet the product was quite comparable the offerings of HP in a sub$ 200 row of price. After treating a necessary configuration to establish a necessary bonded put you for concrete devices, a transmission has surpassed my expectations. The action degraded when leaving everything in a house to do his automatic updates simultaneously am resulted the thing of a past. A GBIC options to develop further some ports of base have comprised in a transmission can be cost-prohibitive, but a lovely proposition for this unit is quite hard to beat! I applaud TRENDnet for his house on balancing utilisation to be able to and qualified of action. If I need the More adds them-that-eight port transmission with some functionality advanced (p. p.ej. teaming Interface, provisioning multiple VLANs) for personal studio or for load of devices, this unit is a one to choose!
4 / 5 Ghislaine
Capacity: 16-PortModel: Gigabit has Been shipped punctually and good works. My only complaint is that it would like to learn more roughly using his capacities and are having the plot of the question that finds pieces/info on like this to use and configure. I have contacted Trendnet support and answers like this far is very limited/short and a lot all some questions the requests has been answered.
4 / 5 Shawnda
Capacity: 20-PortModel: Web the Ready settings are difficult and confusing partorisca do with. The product comes without documentation. Support of the technology of the telephone is totally worthless.

Recommends to buy is sure partorisca direct a product entirely for your account.

Begins on, ships of device with old, old firmware and a upgrade the process is dangerous. In spite of uccessfully' upgrading, has has had to that repeatedly hard reset a device partorisca he partorisca register with an allocution of IP in my coverage.

All the things have considered, would not purchase again.
5 / 5 Araceli
Capacity: 16-PortModel: Gigabit Works like the charm, and with a basic discharge added 2 management, is the shot adds partorisca a price. My only commentary would be regarding a noise of defender, how is relatively strong. Has in the small cupboard, in the cupboard, and still can be listened in a sound of some two defenders of cupboard, how is to good sure any partorisca plant in a space of open office. In spite of, still the shot adds partorisca a specs. To the left it is partorisca see like him fairs in some long haul.

December of update 2012:
3 years later and he still works like the charm without the only hitch. I can a lot included agree a last time has had to that restart he for any concrete reason!

May of update 2016:
4 more years of perfect service; I think that has has had to that the restart once.

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4 / 5 Shin
Measure: 52-PortStyle: the product of Web Adds Ready. Used two like this far partorisca both of my camera setups. Any subject
5 / 5 Ewa
Measure: 28-PortStyle: Web the Ready product that read well, the defender is the little slowly noisy on dipping it near of any one is office .
4 / 5 Burl
Measure: 52-PortStyle: the law of the Early utmost web has 4 schools that ran these and on 1000 cameras. They are easy the setup and simple when it comes the vlans.

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5 / 5 Lettie
A TrendNet the conversores of the strand is sum! A lot of lower side that some other marks while maintaining quality! Has connections of strand among everything of our edifices and I use a TrendNet products at all locations. The only subject has not had never with these is when has taken has put...........
5 / 5 Tomeka
Updating Ours older 100strand of conversores Basic with Gigabit. These things are solid of rock for the prize very abordable. The corridors of desire of stock exchange in 100mbit but only can take to connect with 1gbps in both sides. No the breaker to treat but know concealed enters.
3 / 5 Marianela
He that says that it does. But with changes of clean with optician SFP ports so down so $ 50, very did not listen to take the product has specialised what east.
5 / 5 Scott
Works perfectly! It IS the new REV and access in a Strand of 16 System of Bays of Marcos of the Conversor TFC-1600.
5 / 5 Moshe
Exactly that has required. A cost effective Strand in conversor of Ethernet. Good creation, and any complication. It covers in and go.
5 / 5 Renetta
5 / 5 Cliff
There is a subject with in a principle a wrong the unit has been shipped, but everything was perfect fact on the way timely. Order this again, thank you.
5 / 5 Madie
Work well in the gr8 prize
5 / 5 Cristie
Has some of these (version of 12 miles) that runs over quite 3-the miles of the strand have rented, and they only laws. The wise reliability, can think of to him likes him the Cat of 3 miles-6 cape of patch. They exactly which want to and at all more.
5 / 5 Eunice
I have tried this element, very real for far, but owe law with 1G-change or fundamental issue, 100M-bases he no acting, that is to say the good roads .

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5 / 5
Model: I Mark Good Unit Fast nave
5 / 5
Model: the Law of frame adds!
4 / 5
Model: I Mark Industrial Installation
5 / 5
Model: the supply of the work of Redundant Power adds!
4 / 5
Model: the form of Management has 3 in service and has to that last fell him roughly once the month
4 / 5
Model: the frame has done well of installed
4 / 5
Model: I Mark This thing is sum partorisca clean on the plot of connections!

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5 / 5 Leonardo
The cost has verified Early Reviewer Rewards (That is this ? ) This has done partorisca me repeatedly. I will buy more