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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5
My last printer was a hp all-in-a printer. A hp the trace was sper easy and earnest--same for the no-technology savvy in person like him. I have chosen the b&w laser this time so that it prints very only academic documents (p. p.ej., Papers, pieces) and slips of tower of the amazon. I any one precise to paint or scanning for that; and one all-in-some printers are kinda bulky. (Also, to pet peeve with mine inkjet the printers have been whenever an ink bleeds when excels; a lot I hate this blurs and smudging.) More, it has wanted the laser with printing of automobile duplex--a must.

How I unboxed the last night. Saw And in person, it is more to compress that one listing the direct dimensions me to imagine; so that it is the def more. One of entity downside has tried to pose the up. My laptop does not have it cd the walk and does not offer the nexus or anything in some instructions of installation that comes with him--the unit of attack has maintained to try to find engine and material of on-line installation. I have downloaded the material of a Photocopy situates of web, but has done at all. I am spent longer that an hour or two test imagine was regarding the do. I have looked for youtube videos, pieces, cats--nothin. At the end it has broken down and the photocopier has nicknamed backwards of technology.

The woman that has answered looked to have any deep plus that learns that that reads the list of instructions. Quan Has said does not have the cd walk, and is in the Mac, does not have any idea. You say to be transfer me in which special department the expertise has had with my printer to model and doing the wireless to install in the Mac-quite only. I transferred me in a message has automated that a department has been closed and to call behind. sly?--Imprecise 2.

That has finished the finishing was to dig out of a Mac older concealed has the cd walk; copying a cd information in the usb walk, and then that uses that usb to do a trace in my Mac. This has done, but for him then was kinda turbulent and situates has been... If there is at all to compare an experience with automatically would suppose that it was only my failure, but has had since cannon and hp printers and has not had never any one such subjects that the trace of wireless marks, remains no very impressed with photocopier tbh.

Has printed out of the document to try. It was well. A car duplexing has done well; any blockade. A toner kinda has had the strong smell, but perhaps that will dissipate after some use of plus...

The stray two stars are for so was difficult to find software of installation; as unintuitive a process of era of wireless installation; and what disappointing--kinda earthy in fact--the technology cust the service was. Even so, it takes three stars so that he --at the end.
5 / 5
Read some revises enough that it was difficult to pose in a printer or that the times take for the do. Well, I took me longer in unbox a printer that posing it up for wireless printing. My laptop of the windows do not have the unit of CD how has downloaded an engine/of software of Photocopier, has not reading a fast setup or a manual of installation, only followed some directions that an engine/of software gave me. Of unboxing to print it took me 5 minutes.
1) Unbox Printer and taken all shipping coverages and a black piece of paper ( necessity to take a toner).
2) Debits and adjust paper.
3) Limits a printer, and connects a printer saw an USB provided in your computer (any one the visit in still).
4) Downloads An engine/of software of Photocopier: 'Phaser 3260 V4 Windows 8 and 10 Engine of Print', a name of file would have to be something likes him: V4xps_xerox_phaser_3260_v12.exy
5) Visit in a Printer.
6) HAS RUN an engine of the software/downloaded ('V4XPS_PHOTOCOPIER_PHASER_3260_V12') in your laptop/of PC and clue some instructions (for Wireless Connection, selects an obvious option of a card, select your WIFI point and continuous). Then, a software will ask you the disconnect/unplug a cape of USB of a laptop/of PC. It continues with an installation.
7) Arrival and test of page of impression.

Has printed several documents without problem after an installation. I have verified also and printed of an iPhone XS and iPhone 6S using AirPrint without any problem.
2 / 5
Some works of good printer and is priced very affordably.... You grieve more than a cost of the cartridge of only toner...EXCEPT the buyers would have to be conscious that the PHOTOCOPIER has DESIGNED HIS CARTRIDGES of TONER In AUTOMATICALLY CEASES to PRINT ONCE ACHIEVING An ACCOUNT of SURE PAGE, any subject if some prints still is exiting perfectly! There is not any road in reset an account of toner without voiding a guarantee or purchasing to 3 piece of party in override an account of page!
4 / 5
Only it buy it this printer for use with my iMac. Viewing like The mac does not have it cd the walk has to download an engine of photocopier. State trying for 3 days and his centre of service is down and any time of estimativa of reparation. As some works of printer now with the usb and printed well. Only the can not print wirelessly which are the bummer
4 / 5
Very easy to pose up especially using ethernet.. A printer is very fire and does not listen so robust while it can. It prints very fast and a duplexing is done well. A printouts is a lot looks crisps. The again same purchase although I am maintaining my old samsung around in case perhaps.
2 / 5
And Totally it disturbs all the printers that does not copy. Very disappointed with this order. Battle through situating up 4 hours even so it has not directed to print a book to paint creation of my laptop. No the cosy user. And this wants to has to design the creation, the photograph, saves in the file, then the load to take copies? Too much Work has compared to do copies of some originals. The amazon would owe ready copiers and printers separately, but then would be to do your clients the favour and save time them and money, which are unheard of these days. Compraventa Useless and'll has finished to sell in the sale of yard to eschew a hassle to box this retreated up and it returning. Has data 2 stars so that it avenges it punctually and any one broke. Any one poses up but does not count that while it break. My subject is a product only fraction .
1 / 5
That is to say the add little printer has plugged in your computer, but wireless in a device of Apple is too delicate for me. Desprs Wasting An evening has left. A software, everything is pc has based. A wonderful CentreWare Services of Internet that is supposition to take all identified in a grandson or through the devices are for pc is. Debit of Mac OSX was quite the no-judge of start. Good morning Airs to print that it is in my HP inkjet was virtually carried and game. This was to limit and curse !
5 / 5
The controls and the drafts of bank require to print with the magnetic toner or some controls will not scan in of the banks or of the retail tents. Photocopier 3260 printer of laser the work adds to melt magnetic (MICR) toner to verify the paper yes installs the ChecksNet CheckToner MICR cartridge like the substitution for a very magnetic toner the cartridge regulates that it comes with a printer.
1 / 5
This printer has lasted has spent only a window for the return! It forms bad, type very clear. At the end left to print altogether with the opinion that there went it the jam of paper, does not have any paper in him !!
3 / 5
Any vacillation to buy a WiFi and friendly.phaser Of Apple 3260 because of my experience adds with a Phaser 3250. BUT, setup of the same 3260 was the nightmare because of subjects of start and has been conformed only after the hours and of the hours in a telephone with support of technology. Also, in difference of an ease of an only cloak-powers in a 3250, one 3260 requires a press of the button in esfresco' before takes and lines some mean comunicacionales. This has not been described in a manual of user but has been confirmed by support of technology. That is to say the step backward. His now doing in WiFi and the regulate the impression is doing VAL. Also, I have maintained one 3250 arrives and running until it listen it comfortable with one 3260 and guess that? My laptop can not access one 3250 any state longer been due to, yes, has guessed he, subjects of start. Any problem at all with one 3250 until one 3260 was at the end installed. In his credit, some technologies, for one the majority of part, his best and has looked determined to resolve some subjects and one at the end fact so in a 3260 subject. It is not returned in them quite one 3250 has taken still.

Top Customer Reviews: Xerox Phaser ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Xiao
Santo moly. That is to say a printer of a photonic future. Beep beep. It connects automatically, like freaky, likes him in my firewall wifi subject without signal... But these impressions of thing incredible photos. I bad to surprise. Control out of a beak, those are 8.5' x 11'... Absolutely incredibly crisply acute. And it is it adds in toner, form atleast 60+ big def printed of quality of the photo in glosses (perhaps more). It water it any a long-distance race/of toner or. I can not say enough in this thing. Diamante in a rough.
1 / 5 Diego
Val, HAS PURCHASED this printer to substitute another Photocopy has had for years that there was at the end has been in his tomb. Included the Photocopy will not last for ever. Right? Well This substitution has begun to give me problems in less than six months with using very limited. You maintain to want me to substitute a cartridge of yellow toner, which I two times with toner of genuine Photocopier, even so like this he no . At all! Desprs Doing a bit look for in a web has discovered my problem is the very common or with this series of printers. And a fixed offered of Photocopier? Any one! It substitutes it. Unbelievable. That the waste of time and money.
1 / 5 Arlena
A lot HE!!! It gives 0 tin of stars . Any COMPRAVENTA...READ another revises. It was bobo and has think that a one has bought would be well. So many people have said that this printer was the futility and has had at all except problems. Well, you could see some of some good descriptions and the thinks will not spend in you...NO, raisins in you. This printer is JUNK. Please, you favour and does not buy this printer, is at all but the headache. Done first 3 utmost months and has broken then. And the plot of people has said a same thing. Some the good descriptions are probably people that used it some first few weeks and then probably pause in the too much after the few months. I wish any one would have said me that I am crazy to buy this printer.
5 / 5 Kanesha
I can not enter enough in this printer. I bad the. Fact directly out of a box and he are flawless.

1) Curb a cd walk. It do not require It at all and I retarded me down. I have tried it follow the and taken stumped. It is not the cosy user. But these days do not require each of that. I have posed one cd down and has asked my computer to find a printer and only download an engine. You are posed up in 30 bren.

2) to match he with your wifi, uses a button of card in a machine he. It Paste a button of card (looks the paper with points of balloon) and uses an up signals to take in 'Admin Card'. Coast of paste and uses a same arrow to take in 'Clean'. Coast of paste and uses an arrow to take in 'Clean Setup' and costs unexpectedly. It chooses your name of clean and coast of swipes and uses some arrows to enter your signal and save it. I trust me: Still although it takes time to write in your signal in this way, saves the tonne of time in an end. It trusts a process.

3) Has one subjects this has a work an easier around never. Sometimes a computer will say that a printer is off-line after some sounds of cart of the computer at night. This also spends with my iPhone those uses AirPrint. I use this exclusively wireless printer for each device. An only cape is some covers of the power in wall was.
Workaround: In a right side of a unit there is a change to be able in. The toe was and then behind on and everything of your devices will see it again. Seriously. It IS that mere. Personally it turns my computer, the backup strolls hard and a printer was nightly, but more the no. Of people has said simply was and right behind on in a morning, is well to go for a whole day still if you are not printing constantly.

Purchases this... It does not doubt.
Is surprising. Fast. Lustrous. And only a better printer has never has had.
1 / 5 Kyle
It has Had this printer of laser during several months now but I only recently very begun the using. In an a lot of of the principle has remarked that when forms some papers would exit with the crimp where had crossed a printer. Has thinks that that it was odd but any a lot of listen how he warranted the turn of a printer. It opens Even so really the desire had returned he for this reason only. He he goo printed of the work does not take me bad any problem there but a curl of a paper am very annoying and very difficult if any impossible to exit especially when impression in stock of card. I have printed only 30 cards of hail for an order for my on-line tent and I have had to literally a dish in them and the teflon these heats extend to try to take some cards to pose plans. Still after it still has not gone totally flat but could very he more than forming that an ink has begun to transfer cards. Tan Now some cards are under the stack of the groups of the attentive paper weigh them down in the floor has posed. Also, when impression in the stock of card can see faint impressions of some rollers where a paper crosses a printer!

UPDATE: 08/09/18

has taken only the message in a printer that a cartridge of toner has run down, THAT?/??? I have printed a Config the page and I have printed only 115 pages by heart and 100 B&W the pages and I are out of toner. That a heck that is only madman.
4 / 5 Stacee
A prize is right and there is routed diverse dozen of these in of the clients throughout. It looks reasonably durable. The colour will not blow your alcohol but he are utmost to print by heart mere - bills with logotype for example.
1 / 5 Eric
Fact by the month then would not arouse of the power saves. Documents in the only returned row so error. PrintingScout Could not connect neither, like the state was always by deception. In a telephone with Photocopier during an hour that habladuras with the robot that at the end said would require to substitute a printer while it is defective... Then it wants the he winery my card crediticia for $ 100.. That is to say further useless and the desire had not bought never this POS. There is the samsung before, has not been stellar or but his service of client was upper notch and always aided me. The PHOTOCOPIER Takes your together law, and substitute this defective printer!
1 / 5 Eustolia
Any longitude after it take it this printer , begins to give me an error 'Low Density 093-921 Control of Cyan of Printer the toner Restarts Printer' This cartridge was still full, has used hardly. But I have done so in all the case. An era of problem has been for the moment but then he a same for one Yellow Toner. It IS fed up for the moment and has turned a printer was. After the months of pair, has turned he on, the error gone. The law adds during the months of pair, and printed only 2 or 3 times the week. But then it gives a same error for one Yellow Toner again. As it take it his era, pose the backside in, can was and in a lot of time. At all improve it. This time, on-line, spent the tip of another critic of Amazon that there when being the HOT to FIX for one firmware. As I have spoken with Photocopier the technology Retreated that cost $ 25 since is no longer in guarantee. They one firmware the updates but an error was still there. It likes type of the support of the technology has said to go advance and substitute one the Yellow toner since has to is gone bad. But after I balked substitute the toner that was 94% full, suggests to be able in era and on. It opens An error has changed to say one Megenta the cartridge was down. A type of the support of the technology has said that it was odd but could any one help me another concealed to suggest to substitute a Magenta. I am done with this printer. It takes something more.
5 / 5 Seema
I want this printer! Works with Windows and Linux (has not tried OSX or Printed/of Google of the Android.) You have been unsatisfied with inkjets, tries the laser of big quality very printer! Marks the world of difference! I can launch 300+images of MB of a gimp in him and only chews through them. It does not print the enormous quantity, perhaps 10-20 pages the week, mostly cards in of the friends and envelopes.

Takes the lines ail visible that race through pages with images of full page -- is not quite quality of the film but he are well for tests and the photos of road in of the friends and of the relatives. A text is crisp and clear. A toner very bleed what inkjet the ink when takes objective. In a spash flavours I , accounts of water in a surface of an image and does not drench through a paper.

This can seat in the wifi the point yes has one, which are like me posed it up. It chooses his allocution up with DHCP and a Linux and the engine of the windows done the good work to imagine was where is so that it can print in him. You have posed a wifi credentials in some advances of poster, which are the bit clunky but only has to once (At least until you change your wifi signal.)

An only thing I the remorse is not taking the second floor for him when experience he -- I quite printed envelopes this was well to have the tray consecrated for that. In fact, I think that that I will order or now that is thinking enough the!
1 / 5 Bernard
It IS very excited to take this printer. For a first month adds. Then five weeks after taking had the jam of paper. A paper was bonded arrive where some beginnings of paper. Desprs Takes it still aims the jam of paper in a screen. A paper was to take in touching so that has cape of pieces rasgado in a machine. Desprs Revising a Photocopy backwards, an only only solution is to take it to take repaired. We only basic printing for use of house. After five weeks owe does not have to spend more money to take fixed. ANY ONE HAPPY AT ALL!!!!! Of my experience would remain out of this printer!!!!!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Xerox WorkCentre ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Wayne
Anterior in this had a HP LaserJet Pro 200 colour MFP for my dispatch of house, which was quite happy with, but has looked for something faster and could do impression of duplex and scanning. It was in the principle designed in a HP m477fdw, but has taken the bit of the bet and is gone with a Photocopy, and is happy has done.

Covers only a cape of Ethernet of my subject in a printer, fire, and go even so wizard on exhibition of LCD. I only skipped all a material quite security and codes of pin, since is the dispatch of house . In my computer of Windows 10, initially has attached only a printer through the windows and he have installed an engine and everything looked to do well, but later give had some limitations that subjects (duplex the printing has had to to be enabled of an application of additional Photocopier to Experience this has taken installed). As I have installed a later printer and engine to scan of a web of place of Photocopier for one 6515 and those have done utmost. Duplex The printing enabled by default. Quan Installing an engine to scanner give you TWAIN election or WIA. Quan Installed a TWAIN, at all had would do, but when installed a WIA expsito that each what 3 scanner of the software of party had done (VueScan, HP Scanner and Capture of Tent of Windows, and Windows of Scanner that comes with Windows). Alternatively, to share the dossier in of the Windows, was easy to find this dossier in a poster of control in a printer and has posed the while the fate for scanners. It take a dossier and login info for all the future scanners, only takes the little bren to record in him every time. All the computers in my wireless point easily found a printer and is able to print and scanner in/of him wirelessly. To download one covers of Android in a tent, my tlphonique easily printed in a wireless printer also. It does not know why any one would buy a wireless module.

- Speed, both printing and scanning. So much faster that my HP 200. It have to be the small faster that 477 bren specs and descriptions.
- Facilitated of setup.
- Quality to start with. Colour and precision of the exposure of the pictures is something -on. I have thought my HP was well, but this me give that a HP colours and exposure of the photos have not been almost so accurate.
- Scanning of duplex of only raisin. HP 477 does not have the duplex that scanners at all, left only only-raisin. Doing 2-has sustained the copies are so fast.
- Folds of poster of the low control to leave scanner of reservation that clave out of flatbed. HP Does not look for to be able to do east.
- Quality of tez
- can Down for this class of speed, as any dim some lights of room, like the Samsung has tried.

Gilipollas (Minor):
- The poster of Control is laggy (for levels of smartphone), but similar in HP.
- Has to spent for 10 dry before it can use it a poster of control. HP 200 Was instant.
- Noise of still marks (follower) when down-can go state. HP 200 Was silent. Has a together Photocopy to go to sleep after 2 minutes (minimum) of inactivity (default was 6 min). The road of sleep is silent. Taking quite 20-30 bren for first-page out of road of sleep, according to content. If I fulfil it goes to print something punctual, manually can arouse ahead of time to press a button to be able in.
- HP The text was the small more intrepid, which the the small more readable.
- No come with any software to scan, but third-software of looks of party to do well.
1 / 5 Debroah
1. Software of the interface of the user is excellent (the hardware is dulcemente, section of seen of gilipollas).
2. The prizes add.
3. Characteristic is.
4. Relatively down DIY cost of substitution of the toner.

1. The interface of user is slow. The only desire would use the fastest processor in era more responsive. It touches a screen ... Attentive for him to update ... It touches a next thing ... Wait ...
2. Incredibly button to be able to take: HAS any change to be able to take, as has the button only in a UI poster for sleep, awake, and can was. Well a machine is awake ... Mays ... Incredibly volume to use if a machine is slept and wants to or arouse it or close the tomb. It IS how he there is the insect of hardware and a squad of software his best to do around the, but is still ail responsive when asleep and has had to often a button very time or only would leave and unplug a machine. This could have been related in my WiFi the fault of the connection has described afterwards.
3. Consistently Lost WiFi connection with my Mac and the manual power has required up and reset: If a printer has been slept at night, would have to arouse it manually and sometimes same reset he so that it does not arouse automatically when tried to print. This was in WiFi using a OEM Photocopier WiFi module and connect in my Macbook Pro. I am spent to try month to take Photocopier in troubleshoot this subject, and at the end tired to expect and is returned. Very disappointed, quotes each a pros of this machine.
1 / 5 Samella
I took quite 7 month to use add (forbidding subject of the smallest software) out of a printer in front of his tape of the dead scrolling. The photocopier Has honoured His in service of place, and the technician at the end came to repair a unit. Alas, an hour after it leaves, a printer has begun to do clicking noises and goes to complain in the cartridge of toner. The support has nicknamed again and has expected the week, but any one is coming. Nicknamed behind to find this call of the service somehow had been lost. Scheduled another visit of service, and this times a technician has said that it is the problem with the drum, which are not coated so that it is the consumable. Orderly and has substituted a (expensive) drum and a cartridge of the toner has associated. The printer has lasted the day, then begun to do clicking sounds with some same symptoms. It opens His to blink his light of red error while I tent for the different mark so that it does not have a stamina to treat more visits of service.
1 / 5 Buck
Not printing afterwards only 1200 copies/of impressions. Photocopier Routed leaves It To us new to install; it conceal it does not act . Then they routed out of the technician. It has broken still. It opens, it is routing us he remanufactured produced, no the same new device although it has used only he that hangs 3 month and has printed 1200 cloaks. His service of client is totally unhelpful. It was quite bad concealed has has not had any printer during 2 weeks, but now not even is routing we the new device.
4 / 5 Garnet
I want this printer. It IS in my dispatch and runs very calm. It takes the bit to arouse on sleep. There is the plot of the characteristics have not used but at the end will pose the up. I am using this with a iSeries (AS400) server that was easy to pose on forming that has another Photocopy WorkCentre is configured in him. Also using this with Server of Windows 2012, Win7, 8 and 10 machines. Windows 10 Was the difficult bit with him at the beginning, but is Microsoft ... That can expect? Desprs fiddling Around with engine a W10 PC at the end goes to go. Has has did not have He quite long to determine use of ink and value but so far acceptable quite a lot of looks. I wish a drawer of primary paper was main. It IS the ache that has to exchange he so often. It is designed to be a printer of dispatch, poses a drawer of acceptable measure in him so the people can be more effective with his time.

June of UPDATE 2018 ---- has Purchased to 2 printer in 2018. At all but problems with easterly unit Immediately after a window of the enclosed turn has had to to have the photocopier come and substitutes a fuser. Any one 2 weeks later are waiting for them to exit and evaluate some problems with the documents that takes bonded in a ADF BEFORE they take more concealed 2 inches through. The photocopier will not substitute a printer. They prefer to waste the resources that split of substitutes.
5 / 5 Adah
Printer of upper quality! The software was the ache in a butt to take duplex that impressions that vain but once was imagined at the end is quite sake . This can be enabled to go in 'of the Devices and of the then right Printers of click in a printer and clicking 'Properties of Printer', then click on 'Configuration' and the change soyodule of Duplex' in 'Installed' this is some processes for Windows 10 at least.
The quality of impression is excellent and does not have any complaint in a real printer excepts that every time the turn was and in the footprint Startup Page that is so waster and problem. Even so this can be deactivated to connect a printer in your point and of the seeds to enter an Allocution of IP of the printers in the browser of web. It IS sper calm and of the impressions incredibly hurriedly! I have ordered a wireless adapter only so much can have access in some parameters in a browser of web. Photocopier to wish posed all some parameters in a real printer in planting to pose in the hurdle just to change basic functionality!

In general would purchase again sure!
1 / 5 Annice
has USED The half The 'CHARACTERISTIC IN The HOMEPAGE? --. ALREADY it use it his...

In me? It IS stupid that an ESSENCE of the printer, which are printing and communicate with a computer ... It is not The subject of a homepage. And it is this confusion of aims what resplandores through as 'characteristic' dominant ... That I consideration, like insects.

- SPLURGE / OVERPRICED CONSUMABLES (3 celebrates seldom 50% and is arrived broken two times).
Constantly HARANGUED for a necessity to buy the colours DO not USE -- be been due to his FRAUD.


The MANUAL DOES not SAY -- [ CE ] -- In RE-ENABLE WiFi ... ONLY IT SAY -- [ 'in' ] ... The TURN RETREATED ON.


Once connect in a web-mgmt (issues the computer) ... Has an option (situates of voice) that suggests that it can it you his enables 802.1 -- which, one has meant always all/any/wildcard. And while it CAN think YOU that this has meant this 'WiFi the printing is enabled ... You would be wrong. No such characteristic exists. ;-)

PERHAPS costs $ 150.

RETURNS anything very immediately 'impressed' for some good impressions -- is facilitated and intuitiveness of use, that is to say RELIABLE!, Effective, and DOES not WASTE your consumables. It IS quite bad that is to say the form of gouging; but on him, it can not have a consumable required when the precise, all he so that it can calm swindle.
5 / 5 Lyman
Excellent very-printer of function!
Another has commented in that difficult was to pose up. If you are at all technology savvy would not have to have any problem. All some terminology of use of the parameters to regulate networking, and is easily localised in an interface of web. An only thing has used a screen to touch for era to pose an initial of static allocution. Afterwards this has used an interface of web of my PC. There is the small problem that locates a default signal in a manual. As I googled the and expsito that is 1111. All the manufactures would have to pose basic information like default allocution, username and signal, in a first page of his manual. Alas such is hardly ever a case. One has to does not have to go looking throughout for him.
For a road has done any tentativa to use WiFi, the mine is hard wired. I, personally, only would use WiFi there is no another option.
Has found a quite easy device to configure that the has not consulted never a manual.
Has downloaded an engine of the current windows of a Photocopy situate of web. Work perfectly. A quality of impression is excellent!
Has created the action in an of my PC for Scanners, and the scanner had in the dossier these laws in some first flavours.
A same with scanning in email, done in a first tentativa. I use Dispatch 365 for my email.
Has Had the small problem that the flavours finds some parameters of Fax in an interface of web, but once localised, this was easy in setup too much.
HAS a small flu in a screen to touch. Quan Swept, a device takes that it scans last so much is necessary to clear a name of anterior users of a screen to scan. If you any one this, will finish to scan in you, and an anterior user.
If the plan buys any Fine Printer of Function (by everything means of mark) will be very better was has some familiarity with terminology of basic networking. Otherwise Any one of them is likely to be intimidating.

Likes him:
quality of Excellent impression.
Quality of excellent scanner.
IS the good measure for the dispatch of house.
Any subject interfacing with my point of house.
Automotive Of the impression of the Windows has done perfectly.
Two has sustained scanning and impression.
That is to say the substantial machine . It IS quite heavy, and research to be very has done.

configuring a Fax was the small to confuse.
A device that takes an anterior user in some parameters to scan, could take tiresome.
An engine of Linux in one Photocopies place of the web no with my Mint 18.2 PCs of Linux, has to locates the different engine elsewhere. A number of the people in of the on-line forums have a same subject. But you use Linux, then has the habit of is putz with things to take them to do in all the case.

Surrounds, his this device is the good value for a money. If you are looking for a MFP for your house or small subject, this one east to take to beat.
Yes, recommends in another.
5 / 5 Abby
I am a The advisor and has has sold/the installed hundreds of the printers in a pair spent of decades. I have bought this to substitute the 10 old year Photocopier very-the law concealed was in his last legs. My only complaint in this model is that there is the light delay when using a screen to touch, is as if they have not used quite a lot of pot to accuse for an interface. After the while his used takings and is tolerable but beat it still that it is occasionally troubling especially yes is in the haste and trying apresurarprpers.

All the things have considered that is to say, in my experience, one the majority of reliable memory multifunction printer of low laser $ 600. A step in this model, a VersaLink C405, is to bend a prize and calm only take slightly speeds of the fastest impression (36ppm against 30ppm), the tray of the paper the big plus, and the slightly updated interface of screen of the touch. But also it suffer it since a same slow/laggy interface so it has not had any reason to oblige for me to spend an additional money.
1 / 5 Roberto
There are things in that in this printer but he was also the problem and I is returned. The moment that the poses until the impression was any problem has discovered to the scanner is the real subject . It controls some forums in this printer before purchase, tonnes of subjects and any resolution. The May took It once to scan. Quan Prints a quality is good but was the wrestling of constant arm to take it to do and has the quite mere trace so person the majority of complex situation by far. If you are the guru of technology and amour to spend time tweaking, then go forward. M, requires to print/scanner and go like this has not done.

Also, while it is the wireless printer has to buy a wireless adapter separately. He not coming wireless ready.

Top Customer Reviews: Xerox VersaLink ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Nancie
Have wanted to very this printer, until it avenges time to substitute the cartridge of toner. A set of 4 genuine Photocopier big-cartridges of toner of substitution of the harvest easily can have cost more than a prize of a C405/DN printer, as I have looked for the mark of sake of generic compatible cartridge. The low long history - generics no in this printer.

Took this less new printer that two weeks ago of Amazon. Has the work of the by heart big impression that burned through one of some colours of toner in the pair of days, as I have ordered the set of 4 compatible toner generic cartridges. Quan Has inserted a cartridge of substitution, has taken the error of the fault of the Toner . I supposed it that/I supposed It it was the bad mark , since has not had any description still in Amazon. So much, I have ordered another mark that there was well revises in the amazon and the second says done with this printer. Quan Has inserted that cartridge, has taken a result still - Lack of Toner. After several correspondences with a vendor of toner, has achieved has been in Amazon today for support, this has taken the photocopier leans technician in a telephone. A Photocopy the technology towed a line of company, that insists that they only cartridges of lean genuine Photocopier of toner.

This printer was recently fashioned for Photocopier (Course 2018) with a Course a late plus 1, 2018 version of a firmware. I suspect that the photocopier has clamped down in an use of toner any genuine cartridge in a later version of his firmware, that causes an error of the fault of the Toner to be emitted, although a Photocopy the technology would not confirm concealed. Photocopier Any versions of the earliest clave of a firmware in his place, and a technology has said that an only road could take concealed was through one in-nicknamed of service of the person.

This experience left me listen angered in Photocopier, yes has changed in fact his firmware of product to forbid use of cartridges of generic toner. That is to say the enormous step that seriously will change some operative costs for any one planning cartridges of use of generic toner. It returns this printer in Amazon, and does not plan in never buy another product of Photocopier!

This a lot is an exceptional printer, but when being prepared to pay for cartridges of genuine Photocopier of toner.
1 / 5 Alverta
I am not one to write descriptions. But I need to express frustration of mine with Photocopier.

Cut to 1500 company of person, with 110 locations. Each location has 2 printers. We buy quite 10x of these printers to try to see would change a whole company on. NOPE!

Is not a printer. Yes, has some pause. But pause of printers. There it is moving and replaceable parts. Raisin.

IS Photocopier behind.

HAS for each printer. Quan Called Photocopier for support, say us is out of guarantee. It IS that some beginning to guarantee when is shipped of his factory in Amazon. Bronzed His 1 support of year is in fact like 8-10 support of month. It IS enraging. We buy one 4 lean year extended with Square Trade. So that they know a product has been purchased less than does the year, they any one honours a substitution of guarantee or.

The photocopier IS worse start on, at least, 250 MFC sales so that his guarantee is dishonest in better.
5 / 5 Cristy
Such one excellent printer, of his Photocopier of the emission is fallen the easy/new firmware install the engine and he are so easy in setup now. Scanner of USB of PC has been attached in a late plus firmware also. These cranks of machine and does not complain never enough the. A quality is excellent with 600x600 DPI 8 Bit-Depth (More the printers are 1 Bit ). With a Depth of 8 Bits takes a real colour in trace and photograph in place of a printer only that creates an illusion to trick your eyes. (8 Bit-the ways of depth in place of the toner or any toner can create shadows of the each colour in the each point until 256 different shadows of the each colour, which he equivalent or better then a lot of printers of the main resolution.) It has Had he during the year and leaves it on standby and has not failed once to print/scanner. Once it is setup he that has been created to do. The scanner in the email can be difficult in setup but this was more in Gmails final then a printer. With Gmail has to deactivate his stupid security that thinks that a printer is trying to cut an account (has created only an allocution of email for a printer). Pose 5k pages of HP Paper of Premium and has has not had the only jam. Very recommend it this printer for house or use of dispatch. It IS main final for use of house but look in him in this way, this thing is built in last and always was there to print since you. A WIFI the adapter is the compraventa separate as it maintain it that those imports decide purchase. In a future will be to look for a successor in this printer, has used HP, Samsung and printers of laser of the Brother and this pose me to us everything in shame. Wait at all less than a company that the impression of the laser has invented.
3 / 5 Marquis
A description specifies that it is wireless but when has taken remarked that it has required it to buy the wireless adapter to do functions. Deceiving practical or description...
1 / 5 Cayla
I am spent almost $ 800 in this printer and there is there went it not even 6 month and he no never well. Directly out of a box has the subjects that finds an internet, (which are the subject , as has the properly installed, server very expensive) as we finish hard wiring the in Ethernet. Well Then it was necessary has he routed behind. Some problems have been very decrees of of the this. A printer maintains to have the 'lack of device.' It issues in the technology in a zone and spent $ 300 in the part of substitution these necessities each what 25,000 pages impresas or so many....And now that it is 'fixed' a the fault of returns of device with the new subject. In general this has been a main piece of the junk has purchased of the amazon and I see that I am not only. There is the plot of 5 descriptions of star, but the calm guarantee has not used to in this commercially likes him his is announced to be has used. And perhaps a lot they use still he at all before revising a product. I wish this there has been the guarantee, but of course any never any money those offers the guarantee of the product knows is rubbishes! :( It is not fooled likes him era!
2 / 5 Ciara
A printer has been totally eclipsed for one says to annoy to install a printer in the modern until computer of date. Based in some anterior descriptions have signed in a has a service of Installation of the Amazon one installs. Although the acute technician, included with one Photocopies backwards in can not install a telephone. Still I have messages of error in a printer and pot any wireless printing. It does not recommend this so anything has to be better. The photocopier does not look to back small subjects or at least this product. BTW, A printer could be well, only can not say up to now.
5 / 5 Hayden
Opened a box and the unpacked, plugged he in and installed a software of a CD and Looked, done like the first time of charm in my laptop those runs MAC IOS and printing the document of the word has tried then my woman is and at all, has verified the few parameters in some preferences of system and again, any problem, has tried then an impression of Duplex and after adjusting some parameters for an impression to document some documents of duplex of necessity by heart. This investigation be the very built and consumer ready device that will use in fact a lot of years. The still calm a Jet of Ink of old Brother that it is quite 13 years and he still the works but required us a laser of duplex of big quality those that maintain cual prints a Photocopy will provide.
5 / 5 Priscila
It has Had this printer for the year now and has not had to purchase the cartridge of toner still. It is used for use of use or heavy house of clear announcing while I do to contain and has begun the agreement those uses the. The quality of impression is good (inkjets is so much the best for pictures), scanning and the copy is excellent. A fax the capacity has entered handy from time to time ( is surprising that it uses faxes these days). Quite easy to pose up and printed of a net. Both boys have visited and situates in his laptops to use he in just the few minutes. A feeder only has blockaded when tried to scan something with paper very thin, but the recovery was easy and any rasga an original.
1 / 5 Neda
Out of a box a ADF has not done well. Photocopier Routed The new ADF after the little called of tlphonique. A repairman wine and installed the new pickup roller. Help for the pages of hundred of the pair. It chooses the few only pages, then takes the few pages the time and of the jams of paper. Very thwart. It prints very good. A characteristic to the scanner is the slowest plot in a ADF (when work), this has expected prendi. I am trying to scan the plot of documents tonight, and has to rescan some same documents frequently. Some works of records to scan well, but is wanting to that my container of half scanner is quite 40-50 pages and some blockades of time he in page 10 and some time in page 39, only never know. Then, you delete a work and of the beginnings throughout. Photocopier The service is closed is 9 pm and will be to take the call again tomorrow. Hopefully A technology of reparation has maintained a ADF and does not issue behind in Photocopier. While it was here, a ADF has done, but does not scan that a lot of documents. I clean one chooses in rollers the small time. Also, a ADF documents of attractions through ravens
3 / 5 Rea
That is to say the decent printer , sper easy together-up, very characteristic, the looks of half edifice up. The speed of impression is sum, the quality of impression is mediocre, cost to operate is BIG MADMAN. Some models of current production of this machine will not accept no-OEM the cartridges of toner like pay 0.16-0.17 for copy of the colour and calm only will use Photocopier genuine supplies. The photocopier IS come so near in exactly which want with easterly but is very fallen in an end. It Likes him, it has maintained it except of use in my dispatch and like the backside up for a printer of dispatch but I any re-compraventa or recommend this machine.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Hassan
I have purchased always HP produced in a past. I am a The engineer and marks to Announce in a side, as I am very conscious of a specs these marks or break the machine. I have run in this device that looks for speed and 1200 dpi quality to print. I have maintained to see 600 dpi in this prize varies so developed my surgeries of investigation.

That is to say that found this machine. It was my first printer of Photocopier. I am very impressed! In the first place, it is very fast. Printing the multiple containers of paper cause any hiccup. Segundo, has the tray of powers of big paper and the sake of deep paper. That bad can leave you this thing these races for big projects without doing multiple trips in desert out of the concealed is has printed already. Another thing adds is that this printer has measured of the toner adds. It is not cheap (likes him more toners) excepts at least has options to purchase the 2600-page, 5000-page, and the toner of 9000 pages. A big a calm give you a better value for page, but again, is pricey (Way ~$ 250 for a 9000 measure of page).

Has done in the plot of screens of the touch built in a printer. This one is very good. Once in the while it can lag but is not thwarting. It IS very intuitive even so-really posed in an endeavour to create the modern and mere interface. An experience to use this machine is well. It Likes him the be of one 'the printing finished' and esounds of error - know his odd but is useful without this troubling. An engine of calm printer give you the plot of additional options when printing (in the first place page of this tray, that remains pages of second floor, etc).

Of course, a quality of impressions is sum. In 1200 x 2400 dpi, is in a big-final of some stairs. It marks just Quality of sure use and brilliant paper that will do some colours and the blacks excel. I have compared a quality in an expensive booklet has taken printed of Dispatch of FedEx. It looks a same in me (and is picky), which ways this thing is posing out of mid-right of house of big quality!

GILIPOLLAS: It IS it schemes it add but here it is which has learnt after has during the month and the half.
1) A printer no if any one of some toners is empty. There is not any road of ash of stairs, any bypass/ignores, at all. It IS very annoying is expecting to take something in paper, ugly or inaccurate, in a phase of emergency. The advances of plan and has toners of substitution ready to go.

2) I lives in Seattle and is spent a whole day that looks for the toner could purchase. I have looked for retail tents, the photocopier joins , printing vendors. An only toner could for this printer was soyetered' toner. Some piece in these toners (equal colour, measure, form, etc) is codified by some same printers that it is to direct in the plan of metre with business of local printer (those that is rented and priced by page). These no with wholesale printers (likes him buy with Amazon). Plan on always requiring attentive 2-3 days (himself has First, longer if you any one) for a sending of Amazon of toner to arrive. The big inconvenience when has the habit of to go in OfficeMax or Staples to choose up dyed or toner for your machine.

Nevertheless, these gilipollas any me prende to recommend a printer in of the people. I have found an experience, speed, and quality I too much adds for me to leave some gilipollas change my alcohol in my decision. I am looking it advances to substitute other machines with the Photocopy.
5 / 5 Lorriane
Amur A new printer. Quan Has called in the first place Photocopier to take some sustain to print envelopes, says would not back it where buys through AMAZON and no through them or CDW (was cheaper in AMAZON). It has to take bad and take with them and they at the end caved. If they sell a product in AMAZON or AMAZON left to spend and sell, has to behind it. Only conscious when be that it can has to take take with the PHOTOCOPIER give you a same ache.
4 / 5 Eliseo
Has the small subject that cards of marks, planners, calendars and has framed impressions. My subject is still quite young that can not provide the big workhorse printer, as I have bought this 'enter-level' to printer like him some updates in my printer of laser of slow cannon that has printed very dulcemente with loooooong time to expect among impressions. Quan He in the first place arrived, I hooked he until my laptop and has printed the page in cardstock. It IS supremely impressed with a speed of impression but has been disappointed that an impression there has been lines in an image, probably because of the tape of toner that had been seating in the warehouse far too very time. I have called a person of Photocopier of reparation, this is coming on and has substituted a unit of whole tape for free, of a printer is guaranteeed down. To print a same image again, some lines were far less perceivable and an image was really fabulous compared in of the impressions of the laser of anterior house had done . If it calms very analyse a photo, could see some faint lines of a tape in a fund, but would have to look enough take.
An another subject with a printer is that it prints double has sustained. In regular paper, he an amazing work. In cardstock even so, an alignment is has been totally. To take some results explosion, need in manually reload a cardstock and printed in an opposite side of a page.
A cost of toner is heinous he appoints of compraventa-toner of mark! Quite $ 820 for each 4 life has extended cartridges of Photocopier of toner. More expensive that a printer he. Quite $ 150 taking to him his the full together the paste living tread-was toner, but the photocopier always warns that if the problem with a printer arises of an use of any-toner of Photocopier, will not fix your printer for free anymore.
To to The Sounds like them has to a lot of complaints, but this a lot is a faster printer has not had never with by far a quality of better image for the printer of laser. The colour these parties are not to perfect, but some results are well, included with some colours of the bit of a screen of computer. Here it is my global indications :
the quality of Image takes the 4 -4.5/5
the colour these parties take the 4/5
A speed of printer takes the 5 /5
A cost of toner takes the 1.5-2/5
service of Client: 4.5/5
Global experience: 4/5
5 / 5 Shiela
Out of a Box, was an easy trace, the software connected in my point wired, comprised setup engine of the software of the impression has semi-detached, has printed immediately the page of the test and I has been posed. I',m impressed by a speed, printing of duplex, rendition by heart and engine that left wing in the programs of impression like the Quicken adjusts measured of page as it can take inform a wide page. This printer substitutes the Photocopy Phaser 6360 which has lasted 8 years when a laser has failed. The side in the reparation was more expensive that the new machine. So far after 24 hours and the heavy duplex printed of report, recommends this machine and will update in a prjimo 30 days.
5 / 5 Rudolph
His prjimo in the commercial printer without one focuses of enormous prize. Everything in this printer is an optimisation of a better. A quality of image is one more can take without a inkjet (which are supremely expensive to run/expensive ink and no for typical applications to print text and images). For the small dispatch imagines it would be too well, but to house his perfect. Text and quality of better image, touchscreen is sper useful. Very well it thinks that that it was and it has designed. Only an amazing printer that knows will want use for the very long time!
5 / 5 Savanna
I am very impressed with this printer so far. Quck.. Clean impressions.
5 / 5 Dreama
Been the adherent of printers of Photocopier and copiers for years and a Versalink C500 does not disappoint . Very easy to pose up in a touchscreen or that uses an interface of point. The beginning by heart is lustrous and good. The engine was easy to download and install. Quite main those looks in some pictures, but so far a printer of excellent dispatch.
1 / 5 Frederic
First work of month well, after a month, quite 1000 page. It is beginning to print blurry.
5 / 5 Reiko
And it likes him
5 / 5 Sonja
Fast printer! All precise!

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Rating: 2 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Chante
That is to say a better colour of the Printer of the laser has not seen never! It takes this to do Bulletins of Church. We quite 30 the week and he so that it has far had any problem. Active there was only his the little of month but these rocks of thing! It begins it was the delicate bit , conscious when being that this printer wants to use a feeder of upper Paper in place of an inferior tray, although it attributes an inferior tray like default. At least that it is a problem has had. But calm once the loads, some the resultant impressions are also that this little inconvenience is hardly mention values.
1 / 5 Ginger
The latest versions will not leave no-toner of Photocopier.
Any one can provide to operate these printers that toner of Photocopier of the use.
1 / 5 Brittany
Awake power to sleep to print. Physically it has to arouse, then it ignores demands of the impression and I physically have to restart in the the end the take to print. It buys something more, unless the calm does not import always imports to restart your printer for the take to print.

Useless! It saves your money and buys anything more!

Oh, And quality of the impression is not also like printer of jet of the ink this has substituted. Once it begins to print even so, is hurriedly. I have thought to be of the photocopier was big quality . My bad.

Update: enough 5 month to possess this piece of rubbish begins to have the fusor lack. So much, a procedure to print a page resulted: it restarts printer, printed a page. It restarts printer, printed another page, etc. Has taken not even 1/2 the ream of paper through this piece of junk and is useless!

Oh, And so of today, does not print anything. It saves your money, that is to say junk!
4 / 5 Matilda
Fast and printed in both sides of paper are excellent. An occasional messed above the colour or the soiled impression can arrive but a pros better these gilipollas. Some toners in the original sending hurriedly has run was so that it was well to order substitution. So far so good.
3 / 5 Nana
In the first place the unit broken down in 12,000 cloaks. Cheaper to buy another unit. Probably the will not buy the third.
1 / 5 Roscoe
1 / 5 Romaine
Calm all you routed me the defective printer that the MAY has done! HORRIBLE!
5 / 5 Vicente
State that uses this printer shared among 5 computer of the server of grandson during 8 month now.
All the world wants to what hurriedly printed and which well a colour is.
Only has quite 4400 impressions on he now, the majority of that is colour of full page.
He Wiser aftermarket the toner is an only material has tried and acts perfect. Only it order it more and it has thought perhaps it owe the left the description while I am here.
While for a Dell old 21500cdn to die so much can take another of these!
Perhaps since is printing in him saw the server 2012 server of the impression does not have some of some same subjects like other critics, but has been I adds for us so far.

Top Customer Reviews: Xerox Phaser ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Jorge
Bought 7 of these to use in of the elementary rooms and 3 of them left to do afterwards the month of use. I can very still it takes the to print the page of configuration. A lot disappoint.
5 / 5 Samantha
Any one very use he, but is printing well. Itinstalled In 2 Mac automatically - and chosen the printer and he have installed. Then and it was request and Postscript of chosen.

Has bought he for descriptions of quality. They write it is a better for text and map among printers of laser of the table. Also it was recommended by typographer Matthew Butterick in his on-line book Practical Typography, so that these printers of the photocopier of the phase has Postscript (for better quality). Another has alternative cheaper.

Was my first printer of laser and and was dissapointed that the map is printed in of the points... And The supposition is some impressions of printer of laser of road .
1 / 5 Shavonda
I have imagined some bad descriptions were overstating some problems. It was bad. The desire had spent other 15 dollars in the better mark. I actuate Probably already the waste the majority of a difference in pricing the paper marred on.

Some powers the floor is difficult to upload. If it uploads according to some instructions, he dings a paper and blockades without failure.

At the end found the road to pose a paper in properly so that he very jam, but only can upload perhaps 50 pages the time.

Still has to fuss and clear jams with him each to which him like the only time printed the multipage document. Once some careers of the cartridge of the toner was to feign take drawee of him, but for now is hardly sufficient for my necessities has limited.

At all against a vendor, but this printer is absolute junk.
1 / 5 Natisha
I have bought this printer given a fact was the mark of Photocopy . I fulfilled it it was the printer of the plus under final but very included conform my lower expectation. It does not print without a lot of intervention of user. I have used to the paper of regular copy likes him much more world-wide uses, and can not choose a paper until it can in a printer. A drawer was to take to close, a no apt paper well in a cassette (drawer). An attraction to time each what 10 pages immediately, and after it has taken only he in the law that paper of uses of printer of heavy bond. I have imagined if I am having this very well of problem in a principle that can expect the few years... It IS returned, does not recommend it . It spends $ 35 more and take the Samsung, Brother or another printer of the main quality.
1 / 5 Felice
First thing of a bat, this printer is only 110-127v, so himself feign for the take, the mark sure is to take a correct PSU, otherwise some evasions of magic smoke. An arrival is basic, some crappie build in a tray of paper like the advances of the poster is not very able to line a weight of one when loaded plan, as it attention of piece when that inserts a floor. Printing...... Passable For unit of estimativa. Little it bite it thin in a left side.

Has update. Desprs The few weeks to do begins to cause problems. It does not connect with grandson, when he , only footprint 2-3 pages and then data. Constantly print some same pages and has clashed. Quan plugged Directly with works of the impression of the USB has to when being routed two times and still then the averages of only impression a time. It covers, noise to mark as if his gone to print and has prendido then. Until firmware of date, software and included reinstall, re place, but is still the piece of junk.
5 / 5 Ronni
I only open and has posed this printer up today. I want to it. It follows some then the directions have posed in a CD and your loan! I two works on he or with 175 pages and or with 60 pages. If you want to 2 it sustain it to print that it is done while you paste the impression and a page of new printer comes up. Work with USB (a cape of USB is coming with him) and also laws with wi-final. Wi-Final IS more difficult to pose up with an exception of my iPhone and I are looking advances to try that. It is interesting in me that these people that has bought this printer is game in 2 groups. Or they fly it or hate it. If you think that that it goes to use this printer without taking an information of a cd thinks that to go to be in problem. I have to use the separate cd player with my computer (USB of road) and all has required to know was right there. I have been already through another printer to mark that lasted 2 weeks. It conceal I am not it adds. If has any future problems with easterly a, will leave all the world knows. Now it included I am very impressed.
5 / 5 Evette
Factory tonor carterage takes--especially for use of house

Poses in wifi beat it that it is the small delicate. A 'wizard' setup has not done for me and WPS looked fraction.

Cela Leaves with the manually config
Manually written the
ssid (wifi name of grandson)
Signal of Grandson
Door (usually
Mask (usually (
And ip ( chosen

Can wants to go in your subject and any one does the dhcp reservations, or if yours issue does not have it , marks a field of dhcp the allocutions have attributed. If you are doing an anterior with my example, a field that begins at least or big that an ascribed ip..As it begins with 11
5 / 5 Marchelle
Bought this printer so that he PCL and Postscript. Good prize since more printers that PCL or the postscript is expensive. 'PC' the modern printers only typically law with Windows or Mac, requires proprietary engine and of uses or is useless in me. Plugged This printer in, hooked up saws USB. I have tried in the first place one .ppd Lima in one installs disk and only chosen he of CUPS. A printer has printed well but one '!' The green light has maintained to blink still after the printing has been completed. I have pulled an engine of Linux grave universal of place of Photocopier of web and like the root has run one 'install.sh' the script in a container has downloaded. Engine of the printer installed well but required to restart SHORT manually. Once I that, a printer has done perfectly. Some cartridges of substitution are the tad pricey but has bought the generic mark, compatible nicknamed 'LD'. I will see to like him the work when race a cartridge of the judge of start has been. Only it have it this unit the few hours like the can not speak with longevity.
1 / 5 Gabrielle
Note: I am returned this POS printer of photocopier and has bought a Brother 2370. A Brother has done well add out of a box, sper easy!
Opens On in a description...

The photocopier is not the company that is doing well, and is apparent concealed has no inverted a R&D has required to maintain this ancient printer this work in soyodern' operating systems.

Here is a problem. In of the windows 10, there is a subject where a printer only will connect in a wifi point in brief (likes him 20 bren) then disconnects. To resolve this, Manually has to install an update. In this way to download an update in you computer, then that accesses a printer through the browser to write in an allocution of IP of the printers, and in that update it that issues. But his impossible to do an update when can not remain connected in a quite a lot of long printer.

How is bonded in this loop...The printer needs an update to remain connected in wifi, but can not update so that the does not remain connected in wifi...
1 / 5 Tasia
There is the Phaser 3250 in work for quite a lot of 10 years, and that the printer was the workhorse! I have wanted absolutely the, work perfectly and almost has not had never the only subject. Enough he he 3 month, has taken the new 3260 and has expected a same reliability. No a case! I am having the problems with a multiple of printer times the week, which eat my day of work and is the sucker of time. I have to go in of the Parameters, takes a printer and the seeds he the annex behind in a point when takes closed up. Very troubling :( it Updates cual of July 2018- a printer is totally fatality. That the waste of money. I have crossed very troubleshooting, has had ours The professional look in him, and us both have thought perhaps a problem was the cartridge of bad toner . But this has done any one the arrival when being a case . Terrible product.

Top Customer Reviews: Xerox WorkCentre ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Sang
A Photocopy WorkCentre 6515 DNI is in heck of the printer! That is to say until you try the pose up for all your functions. Out of a box is well, very designed, and heavy. According to your setup and what in fact wants to use he for, can be very easy or a lot, a lot, very difficult.

I first place the up, plugged in the cape of USB, followed some directions, installed a software -- bam! Impression in my content of hearts. The colour is impressive, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

Then tried to pose it up with my grandson saw a WiFi. An ache has begun. Posing this up through a poster of the control in a poster is the ache and sorely slow. I have tried and tried to pose it up and at the end has had to to resolve in a WiFi process of button. Any enormous roads in and of him but does not have to have the stumble has to around to find this work around. The tan now has printed see USB and WiFi, Adds! Right? Well very really.

A literature in of the lines say you that it is more to have a printer hooked in your point saw a cape of Ethernet in your subject so that then you can actions with other computers. Val, Any big roads! I limit in a cape of Ethernet and unplugs a port of USB and now some nightmares begin. It arouses a printer until in fact the impression results the problem . Taking a printer to do with IP has attributed dynamically the allocutions are the problem . I am spent several days that initiates these insects.

In this process resulted very familiar with that has to dread record a computer in an allocution of IP of the printers to take in his poster of control saw an internet to cross the plot of parameters and places in of the subjects. Still to arrive to this point has taken still very fax to do properly at all. To the long of a road to take a scanner to do, after a lot they try the take to scan in the dossier in my computer. I have called support of technology, only to discover, this Unit Has to pose in the register-in in my computer; and B. Also I have to situate in the register-in in a printer. That he freaking ache in a rump for the familiar computer. It opens My boys has to the records issue '1234.'

This printer while exceptional in the quality is not designed or significant for an user of computer of the house at all. Unless you are a The PROFESSIONAL with the integer heck of the plot of time in your hands .... The good class.
5 / 5 Nydia
The photocopier Has been that does this printer for almost 2 years. It can not think he only 31 descriptions so many of 09/10/18. Surely the photocopier has sold more concealed 31 printers or would be out of subject. Has the theory that the people are more probably to come here and does the negative commentaries that to come here and write the positive commentaries.

My colour of 12 Samsung of years the printer of the dead laser and has looked for the new colour, duplex, scanner, the printer when found this printer. The beginning of this printer is hundreds to time better that mine 12 old year Samsung.

1. This printer is much faster that my Samsung old. A beginning by heart is very better that my printer of old laser.

2. I have not had any one poses of problem in a scanner to scan in my computer.

3. I have not had any one poses of problem in my telephone of Android to print in a Photocopy this uses wi/well.

4. I have not been able to try a fax since does not have the line of the telephone wired.

Very all does perfectly even so.

1. Quan Installing an engine of printer of one 2 old year instillation CD, a program of the installation has asked to download an engine a new plus of Photocopier, has said yes. Alas I have not been able to print of my computer of Windows 10 with a new June 2018 engine. I uninstalled an engine and reinstalled using an engine of 2 years of a CD without downloading an engine has update. It opens I Am able to print of my computer.

2. In in to to the Some options likes them-them the eslata in Email', and eslata in Desktop', so more while I can comprise a manual, need the point has consecrated workstation to do. That is to say the cape treats big in me so that it can scan in my computer, then attaches a scanner like an annex in my email.

In general wants this printer and is looking advances in of the a lot of years to print coloreada.
1 / 5 Lilli
A software that this comes with east after in impossible. Still we can not take to scan. Tried calling support of client for assistance and was in winery so long that has had to to hang. In front of a person transferred me has counted that I can not take this thing to do so that his in complicated and he amiable of chuckled. They have to when being takes the plot of calls has taken.
1 / 5 Vertie
It does not buy! This printer is being used like the decree of door in my dispatch so that it is incredibly undependable and can any one when being pas used with DHCP and has a connectivity of the worse point of any printer has purchased in 30 - years. It IS the constant headache and there is any road to scan of a computer because of an incredibly bad networking qualified of this printer and he rebuff to access one extra 500 - paves feeder of paper, that purchase that went the deception of entity . The photocopier Provides a worse support (almost so bad like HP sustains. You favour and eschews EACH Photocopier the printers or any printers have offered in Amazon is by train to use for the subject. These printers no with any one of any popular routers and unless you have posed the allocution of static IP, no a second a rented DHCP the allocution of IP expra.
2 / 5 Linsey
All have had is problems. I have hired the professional to come to install for me, 12 hours later still any scanning. He only simply no . Nicknamed a company, apresamiento routed in the number of different telephone, they never answered or calls of tower. Constantly they go it 'off-line' and will take 15 or 20 minutes to restart a machine to take it behind on-line, this unit me nuts. So far, it do not recommend it .
3 / 5 Marta
Setup In a Mac was very mere. Setup In some Windows was the bit of the cry. An interface the touch is the lazy bit. WiFi Connection in a point has not been solid. Looked a printer would go subjects of sleep and then any reconnect. Sometimes. In the whim. In all the case, something odd entered and any problem to spend the time these orders was. It issues of the unit has connected ethernet in a point and has been reliable since.

The quality of looks of the scanner adapted with max resolution of 600ppi. Interface of the scanner of a computer is limited; well for work of dispatch but no the scanner of photo/of art of interface of quality with a lot of fine tuning. A autodetect the zone of beat to scan when being problem, often finding the half-gazillion esgions'. It finds an application of scanner can clash there are regions of multiple available in a preview to scan, one is selected, and the scanning is tried. This can later resulted in an error, then a button to scan the unavailable result. Then it is the satisfy of fussing to take a thing that goes of good-looking walnut. He very problem with trying scanner of an interface to touch.

The quality of impression is well. The printing is hurriedly. Works well with iPads/iPhones. I any problem with a fax; any landline. Used likes him looks of copy well. The printer is relatively calm. Awake of the sleep is hurriedly.
1 / 5 Sanjuana
It goes him him like all some characteristic of a printer and a copy and a scanner. It was the printer adds while law. Then one without remarking the day prendi. It opens it Comprises that is to say electronic of line of the assembly , as they are joined to have the few problems. Always dry that like the patience of consumer is a road to cure of of the this, at the end if a company meticulously has verified all separates before shipping it would not be never able of the provide. That Expects even so it is the response when cross a problem to look in his guarantee and as to of the archive the recovery, expects some class of response. So far I have very so it likes recognition that included exists. If these changes will amend this description.
5 / 5 Ariane
That is to say the terrific machine . It IS more advertising that has expected. I have bought he for use of the house and he are probably the bit overkill for that - but while they do to close out of a census of model, is the value adds . Some images are crisp and clean. One that sustains to bend the laws to do very good. It IS easy to map a function to scan in the dossier of action in your computer. I have not succeeded in posing for until scanner in email - but that is to say certainly one of some the majority of complex operations for a MFP to do. I have not tried again and necessity to spend more time with him. Has the esal' walk of paper and walk of bypass. It looks he like me was until using in fact of a lot of years. A cartridge of toner that is separated of a cartridge of ways of drum that any one pays to substitute toner so only, and then supposes at the end some cartridges of drum. Even so, in less than $ 400 for this printer, only can be time to substitute a printer when a beginning of the cartridges of the drum the race was. Interface of user very intuitive. Quality of terrific impression (and some pages 'listen' very pro - very curling). Impressions very hurriedly and reliably. Also I add it copy. Has the module of fax concealed has not used, but is happy that is there for a random time when the fax is necessary these days. It is it adds it inversion and is been the solid addition in my dispatch of house in a past two month of use.
3 / 5 Beverly
In general this printer is decent, especially for a prize. A functionality of email is the improvement adds in an anterior generation 6505 and one 2 has sustained the feeder of document is quite slick. But setup was the bear to take each work. Had a lot of subjects of networking, especially to scan in the clean participations that has been to use here for years. And once everything of that was squared was, 75% of my users of the windows could not see a printer in a net as I have to run an installer individually in the each workstation like an administrator.

At the end the world-wide at the end could use a printer, hurriedly discover that enough 1 in the each 5 pages or as it take it the very odd diagonal wrinkle in him. I have opened the entrance of support with Photocopier, and hurriedly routed the technology out of a next day. Raisin quite the bit to time to try to try and substitute several parts in a road of paper. Once he all can, call in Photocopier and crusader more troubleshooting with a telephone takes. At the end the part of some powers of paper walk it has required to be taken so apparently that is to say the semi-subject to surface known.

With everything of this hassle behind organism, a printer has been orders a first month of use of dispatch. A colour is crisp and clear text , the black is well and acute. The The toner takes the decent quantity of time, and all my fly of users a scanner in option of email that been missing of before.

In general is happy with a printer now that is to deploy fully and would recommend it but only has the very mere configuration, or does very the import this spends the time and to frustration that takes it to do likes him has to.
1 / 5 Jared
Update 5/13/2018:
A printer now is giving a unrecoverable error. Apparently the can not access a HDD and is unusable. I take a privilege to call Photocopier, again, and his has exited and the fix, again. That is to say objectionable for the printer that is only 8 month with only 12,000 impressions. Once this printer is out of guarantee and of the pauses down, goes to take the bat of baseball in him and go with another mark. The May will purchase another printer of Photocopier again.

The anterior descriptions: 2 of 5 stars
has purchased this machine in the September and he have broken down in March (plus or 7 months less). Desprs Contacting Photocopier behind client, take the month and the half to fix a problem so that a part was in back mandate. Perhaps a necessity of engineers to return in a joint to design in easterly unit in a brilliant side, a quality the impression is well and enough quickly for me.

Besides, has some other problems experimented:
1) A wireless networking the functions are spotty, in better. It spends the hours on finish to try to imagine was what a problem is and he all returned in a Wifi. In the cape takes, this thing is quite solid of rock, but with Wifi, failure miserably.

2) A function to print of the Google does not act. Again, I am more past or 8 hours less than likes him imagine this or has been, and only does not act. That is to say one of some main reasons why experiences this printer. A fact that does not act was the tomb of enormous left wing.

3) that Pose this thing up is the beast. Besides, trying the permissions have posed of the user is the enormous ache in a back end. Still I have the hard time that comprises so was in fact able to conform this task.

4) A function of duplex of the impression has done well at the beginning. This was another big reason why experience this machine. It opens, some jams of machine more often that the no. Has taken only quite 12,000 impressions out of this thing and his already fail in this zone.

5) Or situate of toner of capacity of genuine level the costs of cartridges $ 428. Some costs of basic printer $ 349 and some costs of look of full printer $ 449. A cost for the substitutions of toner are outrageous when compared in a cost of a machine.

An only reason why gives this machine two stars are so that after the month and the half, the photocopier at the end is coming through and fixed a darn thing. Volume that sometimes the parts are in back mandate, but take the financial paste those uses other printers during the month and the half so that this thing was down.

In general, can not recommend purchasing this until the photocopier fixed some a lot of defects in this machine.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
3 / 5 Freddy
Purchased this copy here in Amazon , is listed what new. One copy has prendido to do afterwards 1 week . The code of error was for cartridge of toner. They like me the instructions has said for the fix , but no fixed. A cartridge of the toner has listened clear , likes him was empty, included although it was used only the marks the copies of dozen at most. The photocopier Has nicknamed , diagnosed it a tlphonique and on nighted the new cartridge and drum . Orders of work in Photocopier, poor work of Amazon to sell the machine with an almost empty toner cartridge. Also when I have given a number of the serial in Photocopier the backwards has said that this machine has been listed so into use and has recorded 1 year ago. I have to fax the bill to him of mine of the amazon those aims an available date was done only the week and this has been sold like the new machine. Another then everything of those these laws of machine adds and is hurriedly.
5 / 5 Shannon
The works add for me. Fast impression, fast scanner and he no the ray in some powers to scan.
5 / 5 Florrie
It IS the Photocopy ! Compact quality, the prize adds, the machine adds. It is missing the cloak to form printed in faxes routed.
5 / 5 Pablo
2 month has posed in 40000+ pages and he only jam 2 times, a lot hurriedly
the box of the change for this printer is very cheap
1 / 5 Toya
If precise career envelopes this is not one schemes since you. If I need run more then 10 cloaks of stock through a flimsy walk of bypass, this is not one schemes since you. If there is or or two people in your zone that only necessities to print an occasional copy or scanner in email this machine will return an entrance. Inferior line, a bypass the floor is incredibly flimsy, the quality of impression is well, the speed is the slow but no horrible bit and for the envelopes the career has to open a backside of a machine, has said two crowbars, turn two changes, cut your envelope that then revokes a whole process only to return to run the stock of paper regulates through a machine. In general more aggravation then coast.
5 / 5 Gidget
It does not know . I have bought this for more.