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1 first Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition Thin & Light Laptop, 13.9in 3K Touch, 8th Gen i5-8250U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (Renewed) Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition Thin & Light Laptop, 13.9in 3K Touch, 8th Gen i5-8250U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (Renewed) By Huawei
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2 Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition Thin & Light Laptop, 13.9" 3K Touch, 8th Gen i5-8250U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 3:2 Aspect ratio, Office 365 Personal Included, Mystic Silver - Mach-W19B Huawei MateBook X Pro Signature Edition Thin & Light Laptop, 13.9" 3K Touch, 8th Gen i5-8250U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 3:2 Aspect ratio, Office 365 Personal Included, Mystic Silver - Mach-W19B By Huawei
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3 best Lenovo Yoga 920 2-in-1 Ultrabook Laptop, 13.9in FHD IPS Touchscreen, Intel Quad-Core i7-8550U, 8GB DDR4 Ram, 256GB SSD, Fingerprint Reader, Windows 10, Bronze (Renewed) Lenovo Yoga 920 2-in-1 Ultrabook Laptop, 13.9in FHD IPS Touchscreen, Intel Quad-Core i7-8550U, 8GB DDR4 Ram, 256GB SSD, Fingerprint Reader, Windows 10, Bronze (Renewed) By Lenovo
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4 ASUS ZenBook S13 Ultra Thin & Light Laptop 13.9" FHD, Intel Core i7-8565U CPU, GeForce MX150, 8GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Windows 10 Pro, Silver Blue, UX392FN-XS71 ASUS ZenBook S13 Ultra Thin & Light Laptop 13.9" FHD, Intel Core i7-8565U CPU, GeForce MX150, 8GB RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD, Windows 10 Pro, Silver Blue, UX392FN-XS71 By ASUS
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5 Huawei Kepler MateBook D 14" - AMD R5 - 8GB+256GB, Mystic Silver Huawei Kepler MateBook D 14" - AMD R5 - 8GB+256GB, Mystic Silver By Huawei
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6 Lenovo Yoga 910 Business 14" 2 in 1 Full HD IPS Touchscreen Laptop/Tablet, Intel Dual-Core i7-7500U up to 3.5GHz 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Backlit Keyboard 802.11ac Bluetooth USB Type-C Win 10 Lenovo Yoga 910 Business 14" 2 in 1 Full HD IPS Touchscreen Laptop/Tablet, Intel Dual-Core i7-7500U up to 3.5GHz 8GB DDR4 256GB SSD Backlit Keyboard 802.11ac Bluetooth USB Type-C Win 10 By Lenovo
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7 Huawei MateBook D Signature Edition AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Quad Core 8GB 256GB SSD 14-in FHD Touch Screen Radeon Vega 8 Windows 10 Laptop (Renewed) Huawei MateBook D Signature Edition AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Quad Core 8GB 256GB SSD 14-in FHD Touch Screen Radeon Vega 8 Windows 10 Laptop (Renewed) By Huawei
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8 Huawei MateBook X Signature Edition 13" Laptop, Office 365 Personal Included, 8+256GB / Intel Core i5 / 2K Display, MateDock v2.0 included (Space Grey) Huawei MateBook X Signature Edition 13" Laptop, Office 365 Personal Included, 8+256GB / Intel Core i5 / 2K Display, MateDock v2.0 included (Space Grey) By Huawei
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9 Huawei MateBook X Pro i5 SSD 13.9" 3K(3000x2000) Touchscreen Laptop Computer 2018 Newest, Intel Core i5 8th Gen up to 3.4 Ghz(Beat i7-7500U), 8 GB DDR4, 256 GB SSD, Wifi, Bluetooth, Windows 10 Huawei MateBook X Pro i5 SSD 13.9" 3K(3000x2000) Touchscreen Laptop Computer 2018 Newest, Intel Core i5 8th Gen up to 3.4 Ghz(Beat i7-7500U), 8 GB DDR4, 256 GB SSD, Wifi, Bluetooth, Windows 10 By Huawei
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10 Huawei Volta-W50D MateBook D 14", 8th Gen Intel i5, 8GB+256GB MX150, Mystic Silver Huawei Volta-W50D MateBook D 14", 8th Gen Intel i5, 8GB+256GB MX150, Mystic Silver By Huawei
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Top Customer Reviews: Huawei MateBook X ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Will
I have required the new laptop that would last me 4 more years of my Product of anterior Surface. This has a better specs for a prize and a screen are to die prisoner. Even so, an on heated computer when initially begun to use the and he freaked went me ; especially when typically only it uses this computer to write my notes and Educational purposes.

Has update once everything through a built that directs of PC ( knows to take the moment), has has not had any Problem with cooling, any stuttering etc.

A Speed is phenomenal,
A screen is surprising,
Touchscreen is an usual for more than computers,
the tampon the Touch has the light rattle, but ail perceivable
and last but any less a System of His east surprising!

Some only problems are: a quality of camera is rubbishes and especially some looks of road under your nose
- Even so a button veiled is is very appreciated

A main reason has wanted this laptop was been due to a life of Stack , and was able to touch he through USB-C with my group of External Stack (Like the tlphonique) .

A 2 USB-C the ports are very good to have (1 is Ray 2 road), and An USB-A

Life of the last stack me around 8 hours usually

One that USB of Extra accessory of uses-C gives another USBc port, HDMI, DVI, and USB.

Honestly Has at all better in a piece another that this laptop at the same time. An only problem is that Company and some type of allocution of practices.

In general, would recommend this Laptop in any one concealed can provide it.
5 / 5 Tyisha
A quality of picture he surprising and a quality to sound also. Only I have it enough the half road arrive when looking videos. I want that a button to be able in also scans your fingerprint to sign calm in automatically. To be able the initial on to complete the boot is very hurriedly has not timed the Mays sper has impressed!! It does not use a webcam knows some think that that a location is that annoying like me a fact can look he since very does not use it . The life of stack am also adds. While it is the pricey the laptop a lot takes that paid for and any lament a compraventa a bit.
5 / 5 Alona
It has renewed/it it Renewed the product arrived in good condition in an original packaging. Harm of only cosmetic in an original packaging.
5 / 5 Celine
There is a laptop for the week now and work well. It was sper preoccupied quite buying something renewed while it was my first time not buying never something concealed was. Quan Takes here was so surprised considering a laptop there has been any scratch or dents or anything. The look Was new mark an only thing that was included the small bit broke was a Huawei Box in a subordinated in the left corners that ways absolutely at all in me. Wine with all a level huawei the laptop would come with and in the condition adds. Esperanza maintains to do well and expect these helps of description any one in a fence quite buying this laptop.
5 / 5 Lashawnda
The laptop adds. Quickly, taken enough 9-10 hours with saver of stack and clear to moderate use (does not look that spectacular until calm give a big resolution and a fact are the screen to touch ). Load above a 1 hour and 40 minutes. A screen is incredible, but is the reflective bit that takes of him. Some tones are the tad superficial, but hardly you prpers gives after the moment, this is coming from any one concealed written the plot. In general highly recommend it (with an exception in of the users of heavy webcam so that while hardly use it, a location is horrible). It take the handful of greetings in Mac is users (thinks personally thinks this laptop is better).

Remarce: I took it renewed, but a laptop was almost like new. Any scratch and ails stack very full these cycles of loads. I think it could have it been an element of the open box.
2 / 5 Paul
Have wanted to very like this portable, and fact during 2 month, Until my SSD is died
5 / 5 Laticia
I attach little compact laptop with technology more inner take which quite fast mark. The adherent comes on quite often like another state but any a lot of that bothersome. It avenges with a SSD has divided what turbulent bit it to me.
5 / 5 Suzi
Dell Of beaten and Lenovo delivery so down in hardware and side for machine powered similarly.
1 / 5 Cleora
Bought the renewed Matebook X Pro this was verified purportedly and tried but arrives with the touchpad concealed has not done. So much, if you were in how me and it think that that the product has renewed would be sure to buy so that it is inspected and tried, thinks again.
1 / 5 Clementine
Any compraventa, a lot of problems, wasting time, wasting money

Top Customer Reviews: Huawei MateBook X ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Silvana
In preface this description, has been using this laptop for the week now. I have bought he of a Microsoft stores any Amazon, in case that is in those interests concealed does not say 'the compraventa checked'.


- Draw: That is to say the very very looking portable. A colour of dark ash is quite identical in a esel any ash' these uses of Apple in his MacBooks.

- Life of stack: excellent. Looking youtube, editing documents, and other harvests of work of clear productivity quite 8-10 hours of use.

- Exposure: Very brilliant and easy to use alfresco. Any one quite so that it shines that new MacBook Pros, but afterwards. The precision by heart is skewed in some red, but this can be it fixed with calibration.

- Keyboard: Very better that the new keyboards of Apple. Very calm comfy to write on. When being very similar in some keyboards of Surface (which are the good thing )

- Speakers: his Excellent. Some bass could be better, but a sound is very clear and can take quite strong.

- A SSD is upgradable. Any one easily upgradable, but is not soldered in, which are the plus . If any one is asking , my unit has the Toshiba SSD. It writes the speeds are poor, around 300MB/s, reads the speeds are decent in around 1800MB/s.


- Quality of Tez: Desprs the few days of use, a laptop has begun prende to creak when the choose up. I have tried to tense some rays, but that no the fixed . A lot of nettle. An USB C the ports are also VERY tight. It listens it likes him to him he goes to break something when it takes a connector in load.

- Spend of suit: That is to say the minor a, but the desire has posed an USB C port in any side in planting to pose so much in a same side. This would do to touch a laptop of any side.

- Estimativa: I think $ 1499 (for one 512gb model) is too many. At the same time to write this description, the amazon is comprising the $ 300 card of present, and concealed the easiest fact in drink.


- Webcam: I can not think of the only phase where that uses this webcam would be acceptable. Still for the just casual video these cats, is terrible. It Likes him that it can it to it be veiled, but of a mark to situate to take the view 'normal' of your face. Any one to mention a quality of real camera is poor also. It IS the 1 MP camera.

- Touchpad: It IS the Precision touchpad, but sure very when being very for the like. Any one included compares in a Surface touchpads. Included a 'click' is listening very cheap. Any one to mention, a touchpad quite rattles bit it. No that expected for the $ 1500 device.

- Coil Whine: Similar in a Dell older XPS 13, this unit has quite the bit to coil whine. It is amplified when plugged in. That is to say quite unfortunate, but some people any the will remark .

- Noise of follower: it is quite always on. It is not obnoxious, but is quite strong to listen he in the very calm room. If a laptop is not plugged in and is subjects of saver of the power, some adherents of low calm. On (almost) each which as another laptop, a partidrio has connected in fact in the metal heatsink. In this laptop, there has quite 0.5cm of spatial among a follower and a heatsink. That is to say only bad creation and incredibly inefficient.

Considering that it enters a box, apresamiento:
- A laptop
- brick to Be able
1 / 5 Ardelia
I have purchased this laptop the little of the months do when had the promotional roads. It avenges with the $ 300 present of card of dollar at the same time so that it choose it up.

Has not used a laptop for the few months while it has used still my Macbook Air. Chico lament to expect. I have thought had something wrong with a trackpad while it maintains to direct madman. It results you are not a tampon of your but was a screen to touch. Had hairline crack in him that I couldnt voice while using it. It has to'the harm of voice suffered in shipping so look other people there has been this problem...

Above this he whines, apresamiento hot, a tampon of the tone that is cheap and loose. A key end in a coffin is that a microphone/ of the webcam no in in in the to to applications like them to them the to them Google Chrome or Opera. I can not converse of the video saw Facebook or Gmail that represents a basically useless laptop for me.

Has contacted Huawei in of the this. They fly $ 400 to substitute a screen... I have asked the also in a camera/mic problem. We said me to us in just reset a laptop in of the parameters of factory, included although it has used hardly a thing.

To arrive to this point only wants return but is external of the window of tower of the amazon. Highly I lament to purchase this laptop. He no a same deception.
5 / 5 Tamica
I have bought a model of big final of the same ultrabook the little the mark of weeks and is surprised by a mere speed these products of thing when doing daily tasks how exploring a web or video streaming. My pros and gilipollas:

His impressive exposure. Of a refresh the tax is not listed by Amazon, this ultrabook careers of exposure in 60Hz. Desire for the big more refresh tax, but if that is to say to maintain a low prize then is that it is.
Quality of tez excellent (albeit almost identical in a Macbook but that is to say the good thing if you are in the minimalist way).
A keyboard is excellent. It travels well, and that comes from/comes from the keyboard of desktop, has taken used his quite hurriedly.
A prize. An initial prize can take this for east such the clothes with that comes comprised and a specs. You would be to spend one above $ 2k for numerous marks with similar specs that big-finals X Pro. (At the same time of this scripture, would advise to visit Microsoft is or Newegg tent and purchasing he at most the prize that the details compares in those the vendors on here can offer).
The better speakers have not listened never inner a ultrabook.
A webcam veiled is the perfect idea for a majority of users that seldom uses the webcam and take intimacy like the big roads (included tin deactivate a webcam to be recognised by MATE via deactivating he in some parameters of BIOS).

A cam of the web is in an uncomfortable place but since hardly uses the webcam, does not see he cual the big roads. (Only buy the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, Widescreen the video these Calls and Register, 1080p Cambra, Desktop or Webcam of Laptop and uses that USB A port this ultrabook has comprised in your advantage).
A keyboard backlight has three roads that can be posed with his tone of function has consecrated: out, low brilliance, and big brilliance. Enough it have it the mere and mere on and has been the function but that is not a main complaint. A complaint is afterwards almost 15 bren of any writing anything, a backlight the turns was. That is to say problematic at night when is reading a piece or that looks the video and calm hardly can see a keyboard when wants to write again so that a light of the turns of keyboard was.
He Semences down in a trackpad in - left that is to say when tug something and you move your toe in a verge of a trackpad, some beginning of cursor to move in a same direction in his own until you or promotes your toe or move your toe out of one of some verges. This possibly could be the defect of hardware in with mine the concrete purchase but I would like them take this there.
A dissipation of heat in this ultrabook is horrible. You will find that only the mere web that explores will do one schemes quite warm (usually see a float of processor in a field of 40-50 C when doing daily tasks and achieving 70 titles when gaming). I have tried in undervolt a CPU some and while it helps the tad bit, has not gone enough to maintain a whole fund of a frame to take awkwardly animated from time to time.

So that it can take spent a bit those that caveats a Matebook X Pro has, will find you that it wants this product the first view.
1 / 5 Lavonda
One of some two devices have bought saws the amazon has begun to clash the week after activation. I have tried all the possible solutions, has done at all. There is to well sure the defect of factory. A worse thing is that Huawei support of the technology totally is failing to help resolve me a situation so far.

A Matebook X Pro is the device with the potential adds. It wins upper reveiws press these praises his quality of tez, screen and other characteristics. Alas suffer it since inconvenient that totally overweight is forces . These in me are:
1. Control of poor quality: it is the portable premier has not possessed never that dysfunctions so hurriedly
2. Support of feeble guarantee: I am spending of the hours truing to imagine has been with Huawei notarise so to fix a problem. I already reset a system two times, the engine has update, run all the possible type of interview, at all records. With my Surface or MacBook would have been the substitution offered or repair the while he he.

Is not leaving in my Matebook still, but an experience that possesses it so that it has far disappointed....

UPDATE: it is December and Huawei totally is failing to provide any significant support in having fixed. I lament a compraventa
5 / 5 Danyel
I have bought this of an on-line microsoft tent afterwards only seeing vendors 3.os of party that has in amazon for almost $ 2200!!! It arrives in the little of the weeks and I have posed he through a ringer

the exposure like a surface is 3:2 3000x2000 pixles. While this doesnt really affects my daily life this proportion of appearance entered a road of sure programs like RoyalTS or Perspective. I am used to to see things in widescreen the monitors and this screen are more enough quotes so thats understandable. In this preview of columns of the breads of the cases etc are only the slender plus bit. In general his the different experience but person that is to say so drastically different of my Desktop that I flange takes used his.

Converses of an exposure he, breathtaking. Some brilliance of colours that visas the angle is surprising, uses 3x 2k signals of IP in my desktop as I know can be the judge takes . I do in an industry of technology so constantly am using PC. For a traveller a lustrous the exposure can take the brilliant bit but dreads no, there is protectors of the calm screen can pose on. This doesnt taking was anymore the purity then could think the utmost still looks and by all bad possess this would have to take the protective for him. Some tones of keyboard touch one that show will erode a glass very what Macbook exposures.

Some blocs of the real edifice of a machine gives it the Macbook looks and listen that a lot isnt that different of a real thing that comes from/comes from to possess one in a past. A machine is the gorgeous colour,but takes the impressions of toe VERY easily. A flexes of a poster of LCD is afterwards in at all of his aluminium spawned that I am adds to learn of flange of spare parts be found and the screen cracked or fraction or the digitizer would spell an end. Still it opens he of a head office but his sake for the fulfils can be opened bit it with energy. A bezel-less exposure is not truly bezel-less. A bezel is probably only 1mm fat but some decrees of screen around 10mm on all the sides except a fund in 15. Still that is to say much more afterwards then all the conventional laptops even so more afterwards still then another ultrabooks iv touched like a dell XPS or HP spectre.

With this cure has said would have to be taken moving this around then here since thins a bezel is this machine is very cual the telephone in that any side of harm by the side probably will crack a screen. A back poster when pressed in an enclosed gesture gives some flex but is quite robust to take some pressure without hurting an exposure concealed and the occasional cats that earth in the.

A rest of a frame is thin Very thin, only little mm fatter that the port of normal USB that excludes an upper poster can see which to see a machine in an angle. One schemes has little in any flex and is incredibly clear. A keyboard is very responsive and gives definite feedback. Another then using the keyboard that perhaps smaller this is used too much of 108 together desktop fashionable or the widest laptop, he doesnt taken very time at all to take used to and his satisfy to learn.

A touchpad mimics that of a macbook is wide but any too wide and a verge among a verge of a keyboard and a verge of a frame is only the little mm. So far, a unit tolerates hot hands without causing a mouse when writing, infact with a correct software installed a touchpad deactivates earring of the sessions of scripture and wont movements some smiles unless there is the long plus that avg delay among keystrokes or find you resting your palm in the reason written near of centres. I can see this perhaps when being a subject with chicken typers, but any one with the decent WPM account wont really finds to attach with a configuration. This has said physically a touchpad is inlaid with beveled the verges concealed surrounds it. If you veer of a tampon he doesnt listen likes him to paste the cliff. A responsiveness am to add and a normal DPI good works. A responsiveness of a tampon is well and gives enough of calm in any be confused when has done something. Has the bit of tactile feedback like the left click and the right do not look invisible.

Some diverse ports in a machine are spawned in an organism and of the that gives a lot. Seeing so USB of use-C to touch I flange imagines any impending DC jack the failures but the time will say.


A machine has is a I7 16gb 512gb unit. This CPU has 4 cores and hyper threading for the total of 8 nuts. A RAM is can down ddr3 but takes a work has done. A walk is pertinent nvme pci-and (b key only) a Mx150 in this unit is 10w there are two variants 25w and 10w. This unit has a power a low plus of some two versions what go to rack and sea to design to be able in and tax of clock. Even so tea the rest of some physical specifications is a same. One schemes the fantastic work listens snappy in just quite everything. A Mx150 is in a same action of the desktop GT1030 is trying at stake I probably wouldnt unless his casual, s for photo of fast video that edits or a common occasional big animal of video this machine rasgar through him without subject. The action will suffer to to the durable prolonged test likes him to him the beginning of things in throttle down the starve was heat, but at all quite brutal since tea to wish you didnt possess it and leave affronts he his a ultra book.

That it is in the to to some interiors like them to them the:
A ventilation of follower is in a rear left wing upper there was some ploughs of laptop in front of you. His thin, only the few inches through but included in full lined some follower while listening, his no very disruptive and calmer then of a shelf 15 laptops of inch. Curiously I think that it include it it could the be quiter that my macbook pro. In any case when I took eschews all are lined in the next tolerance. The hinges are screwed to anchor the points spawned out of an organism, Likes I of the that foresees very pre-failing hinges with this unit unless an excessive quantity by force is applied. All cooling for a CPU, GPU and nvme the walk is done with the universal full coverage fresher these careers through a whole backside of a motherboard. Even so. The thermal tests is to spend of unit 15min of OCCT in a 'test of supply of the can' those debits so CPU and GPU.

After the full disassembly an application of thermal paste is in fact very terrible and his clears use the money of the paste of the decent quality has based very like Arctic money 5. Desprs Changes out of a paste and re-apply with thermal grizzly kryonought the temperatures have fallen only the little C that isnt bad consider this flow of air of the machines. A probably but the dangerous improvement can be liquid metal has based TIMs but a CPU and GPU does not have heat spreaders and instead has transistors and exposures of resistors, as such I of those who thinks his necessary advisable or thinks that some profits would be something to write the quite given house this envelope of thermal machines.

With this said, another then an impossible task of in fact finding parts to save a capacity of reparation of a unit does not look bad at all, even so it is of entity to remark that you disassemble a fresh plus has the cape to bend this connects a motherboard in the joint of the daughter and was bonded with epoxy in a underside of a fresh plus. So cured of use.

Honourable Mentions:

I the full format in a unit so that windows of precise career 10 Pro. An engine for a reader of impression of the toe touchpad etc can the be tad wonky to find but everything of is available and is very very very easy to take each which revokes up. With that say like more manufacturers Huawei comes with the type of continuation to program that will install it engine and software since you. While the majority of of the this is rubbishes precargado in your machine before works a box has to say that I am very impressed. I have installed a continuation as it can experience and was cut at all of refreshing. Only it offer it an engine required for your device. Any extra software and some resources of uses of the very small continuation.

Besides a keyboard has any option to remain on, even so have had to to mark likes him the with of this probably would be an only unit A screen also has the clear sensor and a dimming and the brightening of a screen is almost immediate and very responsive in of the conditions. I actuate Still to require for the adjust manually. A hard stack quite all day before need to be touched, but ran it has entered around 4 hours with the use the intensive plus. If you want to take more out of him, can suggest properly coaching he for the run all a low road before the touch, but more importantly that turns the low brilliance when is in florescent half.

For a record:

Bios the tone is F2 the tone of boot is F12
5 / 5 Lynette
This thing is surprising. By far a better ultrabook has used. I the plot of investigation in easterly, and will admit that it was uneasily at the beginning quite buy of the mark has had little experience with, but after listening in of the critiques of uncountable positive in Youtube, and reading the boatload of praise for any quite a lot of technology savvy critic, has taken a submerge, and the boy is I happy has done. I have listened a critic says that this laptop is each which that the MacBook would have to when being , and was exactly well.
5 / 5 Ling
That is to say clearly a Porsche of any-mac notebooks. I have required the notebook that could (easily) Linux has run on. I am the big adherent of a Macbook pro, but the apple is the bit of the enclosed tent, and has wanted the to be directly-advance, any VMs or the odd hardware adapts. And besides, Linux is my half main (although I run each what three, Windows, Mac and Linux).

Has taken a I7/512versi of g, and immediately installed Ubuntu 18.04 in a machine. The difference duquel some another has informed, has has not had any race of Linux of subject in a machine. It see several laptops that has subjects of sleep with Linux, but any one has taken fixed or there is not in this machine. Has data a machine he 50/50 Windows/clashes of Linux, although any a lot anticipates to run he with Windows a lot, and can shrink a partition of windows in some point.

A sake, a bad, an ugly

Likes Him some have mentioned, one 'all usb-this the thing can be the bit to problem. Any sure concealed the fact this notebook to notebook 'clean' has to spend the bouquet of adapters the trailer. A 'wetted' the stock provided with a machine does more the things have required with an addition of the quite mere USB hub. It was tried in this machine in 'go each bluetooth', and has taken in fact the headset and smile it these straight uses bluetooth for a machine. Even so, this was predominately for consolation of trip and a capacity to do with a machine in my foothills of bed. In the work has required to take hardware ethernet, but this was the mere adapter to go of usb-c in ethernet.

Has taken a matedock to go with a machine. This does quite cual a estock wet' excepts has not required an extra ethernet adapter. My only subjects with this agreement are a matedock is quite down on I/Or expansion, and very does not take a power feedthrough thing. Down, a matedock is very ready, very portable, and is looking to find the sake and heavy cradle that comprises can and very /Calm for my desktop of house.

For a notebook he, the sound takes to find any subjects. I do not comprise why has the 'dead group' for clicks of mice in a cup of a tampon of your, but another that this, he a thing has expected, with following, button of clicks of toe = only one, two clicks of button = of toe two, and two displacement of toe. That with each such portable keyboards has compress, loses one on marries and/ tones and low page of finals. The above the low page/ is easy to emulate, but final/of the house is not . I lose these tones, and also a button of half mouse, but is doing in that restores that the capacity saw tones of cord of the software.

A notebook is clear, has not taken anywhere approximations to run he out of power in spite of running very tez of full core. Taken quite warm in a back end, but another that this any big roads. Some careers of follower, but does not have any subject with noise of follower. It IS quite down same when clearly is pressing pot.

HAS the screen to touch, but in joining it to him to road likes him. There is a lot of tentativa to do a machine turns the tablet or anything likes them. Personally portable fulfil of screen of the useless touch, of the mouse is much more accurate that the toe, and mostly edits things. I me that classifies of work with the screen to touch, and is not your partner.

An exposure is surprising in 3000x2000 (any one quite 4k resolution). Matching the second monitor in a machine on the way of the dual exposure is the problem , but only in Linux/Ubuntu so that a scaling has totally braindead, and has the big discussion quite regarding the fix. A subject is that there is such the enormous mismatch among a resolution of laptop and a resolution of external monitor that need two different sets of scaling for each monitor. And Linux is apparently very well in doing is, no without a lot of fiddlery. Running the windows are any subject . Apparently the programmers of Windows remained awake during this class.

Finally, that can say? Any cheap, but add if Windows or precise Windows/linux. If it do not say to take the Macbook Pro. With Windows or Linux, that is to say quite so near in a Mac famed pro while you go to take, and has used the Mac pro for any period to time you will comprise that I bad. A pro was the highpoint in creation of laptop, and included the looks of apple to have the problem these products a lot of clue-ons in this product.

There was any suggestions for Huawei, was to embrace Linux and does the sake each-in-a cradle with being able to fixed for use of desktop.
5 / 5 Jason
Mina Apresamiento done the week, a i7 model. Only I will attach the few observations in some mostly positive commentaries an another the critics have (properly as) has provided.
At length Researched all the laptops with comparable specs, and arrivals with the pair of elections out of a Huawei: any one the majority of the expensive apple MacBook Pro that at present sells for $ 2799.00, or a Dell XPS 15 this sells for $ 2099.00.
Has admitted, a Mac comes with to 15 screen against 14 for a Huawei, but a resolution in a Huawei is that it impresses in 3k. And it is the screen to touch for the who finds it useful. Still in his prize empinado a Mac is instrumented still with a CPU of generation 7 old model while a Huawei CPU is to 8 generation i7 CPU. A better alternative would be Dell, but would have to spend $ 600.00 in a $ 1,499.00 Huawei.
Writing in a Huawei the keyboard is the blessing after it is written by some last two years in the Mac keyboard of butterfly, doing all the world-wide around me the cross attacked in the calypso drum. My main worry was with a LG 4k Ultrafine the monitor used with my Mac, law with a Huawei? I plugged he in an USB of Ray-C port, has lined respite of mine, and punctual, covers and game! Had any necessity to download any engine of Windows or adjust a resolution in a monitor. 4k The resolution and he touch a laptop.
Also takes the touch of fingerprint login artfully planted in a button to be able in, Windows 10 without bloatware, it USB-C in HDMI and USB-A dongle wet, Dolby Atmos audio, the card of discreet video, among another goodies. A a component of my perspective these still necessities to be improved is a trackpad, the also strong clicks and very uniformly as where click in a tampon.
This could price this machine in $ 1,499.00 (And yes bought of the Tent of Microsoft in timing also takes the $ 300.00 card of present), is the mystery in me. It IS Huawei sell in zero margin to break in a piece, or is the margins of Apple ridiculous?
Perhaps so much
1 / 5 Velda
I have bought a i7 model with one 512 SSD. I have read in another web of places that this laptop has subjects, and chosen to ignore them. This model takes very hot when doing to basic functions likes them surfing a web. Besides, a wifi the pieces was quite regularly and has any solution to fix on your own. Unless you want the laptop with subjects, I steer out of of the this by everything means. It expects this helps very further down a line.
5 / 5 Luther
Each person has different necessities for his laptop. Even so, it is or it conforms my necessities perfectly!
- EXPOSURE :that Surprises exposure. I am speaking in the by heart accurate reproduction , brilliance, and nails urban. One 14' exposure in the 3:2 factor of form. I also like a scaling the attainable factor that uses this laptop. His add!
- ACTION : has a core i7 model with the 512 GB RAM , and has several open applications, and a laptop the work adds. The applications comprise quite 30 - 40 tabs of chrome, MATLAB, EDA softwares. I am not the gamer, like commentaries of flange in a gaming action. Some adherents ignite during the heavy use and a laptop take the warm bit. But thats well. It sings it To you it expects action and quietness a same time and that also of the laptop!
- WEBCAM : I no the video converses to plot, like an odd situate of the camera does not import in me. I will take this exposure in a webcam admits any day now.
- KEYBOARD : A keyboard is comfortable to write. To access some tones of the function does not have to line 'Fn + has wished to tone Likes him a capslock a light in a Fn fire. A one the upper row is in Fn key road. Has thinks that that this was the very ready implementation . ( It can present be in other laptops, but is not conscious)
-- Fingerprint the reader is the very wished characteristic and amour. His fast and responsive.
-- A semi-detached software by Huawei is minimum. Directing of ONLY PC of Huawei, which are not of the capacities for default ( I in that has enabled he still!) . There are some games pre-installed like leaves of Windows, which and immediately uninstalled.
-- The ash of spatial colour is fresh also.
-- The laptop has tez quality very good and the very lustrous looks (any one the adherent of one huawei logotype even so)

want the laptop with adds exposure, action, quality of tez, audio, factor of form and very addons like sensor of fingerprint, calm of wrong vain flange with this laptop.

Knows this laptop will be invariably compared with a macbook pro. Some operating systems cater in 2 different groups but in of the valuable terms and action, sweats this laptop is road in the cape of Macbooks in of the terms of some valuable offers ( and you wont owe look in a bar to touch.. uggh!) . I hadnt mentioned that his touchscreen box that maintains ( I of the that uses so much, but his there need ).

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ZenBook S13 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Holly
Only it take it his the little the mark of days, but so far characteristic dazzling, fast and good.
5 / 5 Mari
Excellent, uses for work and game. I prefer the smallest laptop and with this screen, any one when being any smaller. A keyboard is excellent, a customization for the covers of adherents for game of the game the calm plus when is doing clear gaming. An impulse of hinge is an excellent characteristic . An only thing that loses is touchscreen qualified, but I of who a lot of imports very that has he with this laptop like good and functional while it is without him, more his any he 2 in 1. His by far a better laptop has not possessed never and his so light and compact and can take it anywhere without hassle at all. Fantastic product for Asus. (sidenote: And it updates Of a HP spectre x360 this was the pair of the old years. You are an excellent laptop but the spades in comparison is.)
5 / 5 Dionna
A camera is not in sake laggy any screen to touch but very fast and was able to run fortnite in 1080p with anti-aliasing and textures in epic in 60 frames for second.
1 / 5 Dino
A screen and a quality of tez is excellent except a trackpad. It IS loose and rattles when touching. And it can very sure when being is the problem but after the small investigation and has since that is to say to see in cheap laptops. But this coast 1500+ and that is to say the class of premium . Any value a prize
5 / 5 Millicent
The fantastic exposure by everything means to be 1080p, a camera is the small dissapointing given some current technologies. A life of stack is wonderful and hard quite very time.
4 / 5 Leroy
It take this laptop done almost 2 weeks and is to blow alcohols. 8 GB RAM And a core 8 later of generation i7 marks of processor he superfast. It IS very thin and clear and very good. A keyboard is surprising. May Tea't will tire to write afterwards hours. My only problem was with an adapter of USB that is not doing. It was not that to do with that. :(
4 / 5 Sammy
Bought for the partner. It IS happy. Cambra inst Adds but a rest of a specs am adds.
5 / 5 Barbar
I want a proportion of an exposure and what comfortable a keyboard is when calm write you.
5 / 5 Camelia
A factor of form of this laptop absolutely is surprising. A keyboard is responsive chair and surprised to write on. By far one of a tampon of mouse has used better. I have possessed at least 6 laptops in a past 4 years that comprises macs and PC and this by far surpass the everything. A creation of laptop is evolutionary and except and signals the tongue of new drawing for laptops to come.

Top Customer Reviews: Huawei Kepler ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Randy
State looking for the substitution/of backup ultrabook and is spent the hours in Compraventa Better to try each model. Has the 2015 HP Spectre (this has paid $ 1600 arrest) and I finding has imagined never anything better. But a Ryzen Huawei Matebook absolutely dry a fund with all this is in a piece. Here it is the few reasons why:

A keyboard is literally a more has not used never. Perfection. The key stabilisation is incredible, a trip is down but a actuation the enough is so down find me very bottoming has entered in in to to the tones likes them-him it to them in my another portable; already I can write faster and with the precision more orders. I can take the solid 100 words-for-minute that can any one in my others keyboards, and has had this thing during 2 hours. It IS also the very calm keyboard and any one rattle or click vociferously like Macbooks.

A Ryzen Vega 8 integrated map is quite two times so hurriedly how Intel HD 620, which 99.9% of the laptops goes mark in a last use of year (a lot of cual, as one 13' Dell XPS, can cost thousands of dollars). It IS almost identical in action in a 13' Macbook Pro, and is the averages so hurriedly like the mobile 1050 has consecrated GPU. It say of another way,, has the a lot of main capacity to touch games and mark in in to to the things likes them-him it to them the image, audio, and the video that edits. It IS diverse years that owes capacities of Intel of pode of the integrated map taken until Ryzen, which think one Matebook the laptop of perfect university this has to you does not have to substitute.

An exposure is 1920x1080 (and lustrous, which in in to to the some people do not like them the), but the looks of utmost. It IS to take to describe but there is the clear difference among a screen of one Matebook and something which the Dell Inspiron. Brilliance The beginning is, if my source is well, 250 nights. That is to say abundance for inner use and the external same use while an only is not signalled in a screen.

Rival of quality of the tez that of laptops in a $ 1000+ field. He any one quite listen so first like the Macbook Pro or the Dell XPS, but that considers that the half so much coast, has to individual.

Some speakers are surprising for the laptop. There it has very way down below, but there is not any one distortion, any one muddiness, any one bleed among fields of frequency.

All the things have considered, an only real competitor with similar specs is a HP envies x360, costing $ 980ish. I am a HP fanboy, VAL. But I have tried that model and there is at all that one Matebook very better.

HAS three smaller complaints in this machine. One, one touchpad very when being any so accurate like an earth. Also the think that this has too much friction, although I have been spoilt for my Spectre, which have one of one slickest trackpads in a piece. Segundo, has any reader of fingerprint or Windows Hello in this model. Third, can not open an exposure with a toe. I do not know why I am to complain in these things when these costs of machine $ 629 and roam each plus out of a park.

Edits besides trying
Thermals am adds. There are 2 tubes of heat, apparently. With Vega 8 was able to touch Wars of Guilds 2 in of the parameters of means with small thermal throttling. As And-in the games of the to to sports like them to them to to the fortnight or the casual games will run excellently.

A big downside in me, since is the musician , is one headset he jack is not protected very good. There is noise whiter in a sound that other laptops, and is an only thing in a Matebook D concealed any one when being pas thin. Probably I go to peel out of $ 100 to have something decent place in, but still, the global value am adds.

Can throttle one CPU in 85%ish in of the parameters of the faculty and a follower will not ignite never for work of normal productivity. In 85% a speed of impulse is although before those shows of base, as it is not the loss to accelerate you probably notes.

TL;Dr. - just buy it.
5 / 5 Morris
I have recorded out of half (128GB) of a SSD soiled to install Ubuntu 18.04 in the configuration of multiple boot and each which the ours only laws of a box. State in common notebooks of Linux as my primary operating system in fact a lot of years and this a BETTER notebook that has not used never. At least so far it likes Linux is preoccupied, because of a Ryzen APU and a partner amdgpu engine, this machine in fact does sensibly better that portable/of notebooks that cost much more.

2018.11.21 Ed In Ubuntu that 18.04 is gone in front of this machine, necessity to run a following order to do touchscreen work:

echo of known 'blacklist usbtouchscreen' >> /etc/blacklist.conf/modprobe.D

In Ubuntu 18.10, touchscreen beginnings of a box.

That is to say the machine ADDS therefore Windows and Ubuntu!
5 / 5 Tina
I want this laptop. An exposure is well, some shoes above the times is quickly of lightning . It IS screen to touch . Backlit Keyboard, chiclet keyboard. I seldom the disorder he up written in this thing. A speed is surprising is so happy with this laptop. A thing to be conscious of, a keyboard has some class to look where if you are not using a keypad in 15 seconds a backlight will go era. Quan Press the key illuminates again. It looks identical in the MacBook but that is to say better. An USB C is adds also. My tlphonique and change of Nintendo also uses a same port. If you are interested in this laptop, take it!!!!
5 / 5 Charis
In the first place, some limitations- ports. Has an each USB2, USB3, USBC, HDMI (full measure) and he 3.5 mm jack of audio. A USBC is a port in load. Any ethernet jack or reader of card. You can use the reader of card of the USB for SD cards so that it is not preoccupied quite the. This loses a ethernet port, esp external of some half of dispatch ? Any one me.

A notebook has life to add stack. Period. Those taking less than 10 hours of 'normal', meaning necessity of normal sun tweak his parameters. Only editing docs and navigating around a system (poster of control, browser to file etc), can take up 15 hours ( visas as much as 18 hours) ! Here it is some tips - clicks an icon of stack in a tray of system and select 'life of better stack'. For still of better results, poster of system of control->parameters of beat of plan of the change->has advanced . You have posed there a maximum of processor in 60% in stack and 80% plugged in. Seldom you listen you a follower coming on, included when the windows are updating. Included in 60%, a processor has abundance to be able in.

Always would have to install the blocker of well announcing in browser. Adguard Or ublock the more is well. This very only improves action of browser but also life of stack.

A notebook comes with almost of Windows of vanilla 10 house. PC eat beat it that is taken while it offers small profit. Huawei Also installs his own engine. Since it does not trust the, I reinstalled windows of the download of ISO of the LADY and in an update, the windows installed a necessary engine. Huawei Alleges that you that, he voids his guarantee ! This confirms my reasons for ANY ONE in trusting them- there is spyware in his s/w and so strongly 'discouraging' organism of uninstalling the. To be fair, I reinstall windows for Each PC but another which HP or Lenovo any complaint.

IS the basic notebook with screen to touch. Good action, fast boot and arouses of sleep/hibernate. It does not have reader of fingerprint or the camera GOES ( has the HD webcam) - a to sound necessities for salvation of windows. You can be able to attach a reader of fingerprint of external USB to take laws of salvation. It IS only 12.7' wide and will return in the stock exchange designed by 13' notebooks. The audio is crisp and clear.

Some looks of laptop adds, is compact and add for student or use of house. I Liked him especially his of this NB so that has the 14' screen in the 13' impression !
5 / 5 Irene
I want to this portable small! Startup IS hurriedly, a screen the touch is responsive, and he only works. Volume anywhere of 5-8 hours in the load of stack, as how much am by train for the record. Everything does very softly in this machine, different very another has tried.

My last laptop has been built by gaming - but has not had the screen to touch. His another the field of problem was that bluetooth the headphones have not done very when trying look streaming video. They were very when looking the videos have downloaded, but when looking streaming video, a sound the fall has been around the each word 3 or 4, as trying maintains up with the dialogue was sometimes take.

No such problem with this small machine. Each only laws some subjects is supposed to do. An organism of metal listens substantial. A backlit works of good keyboard. A screen is robust glass . And it is HURRIEDLY. A SSD a lot sings. It has attached the inch of factor of walk of small form for extra storage, and has had subjects of zeros with a laptop.

Would buy this machine again.
5 / 5 Jaunita
He been an adherent of Apple for years, have all his products! BUT lately a new only thing in his products will be a prize , only takes more and more expensive. This Matebook, surprising!!! I have used to so iOS and Windows, as it was not the big transition. A Screen to touch is surprising! A Laptop is igniting fast! It included he maintaining takes it the Huawei New 3, very impress me. A thing. It comes with Windows 10 has Counted and NO SO MENTIONED in a description. Goodbye-Goodbye Macbook HALLOOOO Matebook!!!
4 / 5 Rico
That is to say the GOOD laptop , especially for a prize. When being thin , has some quality specs, and is thin/light.

An only problem? My screen of the touch does not act. I am spent for hours that tries reset of update/of factory of the engine etc for the fix, but only no at all.

Any same preoccupy me quite having the screen to touch. If this laptop has not comprised the screen to touch, still would have bought it his. Even so, when it is SUPPOSITION to have or and no, well that it is preoccupying.

IS by train of the return, But like me so much otherwise that will be it to take another . Hopefully That or does not have any subjects.
5 / 5 Tammara
Desprs Mina 2015 Macbook together of the logic of the Air fried at random with costs of the dear reparation in $ 500, has required a substitution abordable. My partner has a Matebook Pro and highly recommended Huawei. After the extensive investigation that compares a Lenovo Yoga, HP Spectre and this type, has taken a submerge and could any one when being any happier. It take this laptop the small Thanksgiving of days before and has been using it daily since... Like the medical student, any need any a lot beats to compute for but that is to say spare.

Honestly has not used the computer of Windows and was religiously Mac for a past 7 years... As have had to some few odd nuances of Windows 10, but in general, computer very solid. This a does not come with a typical bloat ware take the anterior laptops that has and situates up was the breeze. A life of stack is also very well, can touch it up for a day and strongly be by train for the use all day in classifying and take minimum 8-10 hours of use of a load. It handles map very intensive Powerpoint the slide together with the tabs of the multiple browser have opened + anything another PDF or the documents of Word are reading and very lag at all. A touchscreen is also attaches for hurriedly excelling info in slide. If you are the student in the estimativa highly would recommend this laptop!
5 / 5 Arturo
The illustrative of machine to season handled like the field.
The life of stack is better concealed has expected.
The computer is coming with some very minor bloat ware but was easily take.
2 / 5 Dorcas
It IS the small nervous quite taking a laptop because of KP ESQ. It IS description . Decided to do he in all the case because of other descriptions adds. First impression is, is the sake that the portable looks. I took nervous again when kicked the up and a trace has frozen for bit it. The May IS spent in any laptop has not bought never. Direct to take through that, as I have imagined, any problem. It was on-line and tried to do rewards of mine of Bing for a day. Voice here, a tampon of yours is bonded clicked! A port of USB tends to blockade the small also; it takes my USB listen so can pauses. A fund of a laptop overheats like madman. I have downloaded McAfee and has run the fast scanner. Five minutes in and listen likes him touch the hot dish. The decrease of long history, is thinking quite purchasing east... I run the data.

Top Customer Reviews: Lenovo Yoga 910 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Valeri
I want this laptop. It IS clear, powerful, hurriedly, has the life of longitude stack, and do very well in general. He reboots besides or 5 less bren, and totally can angle behind and change in road of tablet this has been designed for use of screen of the touch. An only problem has found is my computer these confrontations that/goes black when that uses Shockwave in Chrome. You can listen some adherents sometimes, but any problem me so that it is not too strong. I have bought this laptop renewed by the roads adds: enough 20% out of a new website that asks prize. It avenges without the box or manual, only a laptop and upload. It looks and the walnut done when has taken was. It does not have any swipe or maculas. His container of the nave left for him to arrive safely. I have bought the laptop for a same prize anteriorly, and was weighed, dulcemente, and has had the life of adherents and down stack very strong, so that is to say the laptop adds for a prize.
3 / 5 Spring
Any sper the fast and an exposure is the only costs has compared in my MacBook. A trackpad is class of terrible and a hinge of the screen of the toe has taken falls in only the month or so leaving he in me sometimes failed around treacherously
1 / 5 Marge
The mark has purchased new and now say that the guarantee is has expired. Date of the beginning of the guarantee is posed in Jul 2017 how has 87 guarantee of the days left in of the marks produces new that it is supposition to have the support of year. It begins to have subject w/ laptop not touching , etc. would have to has purchased the Surface.
5 / 5 Eladia
The laptop adds - life of excellent stack and good keyboard. Of your of service very any one the big subject and location of correctable camera via road of tent. Subject Of the noise of the looks of follower corrected so that the noise of follower is non-existent. The purchase used-so new of prosale and excellent value for laptop of quality.
5 / 5 Birdie
5 / 5 Anya
That is to say one in the series of Lenovo portable has possessed. They are reliable, compatible and easy to use
5 / 5 Caroline
The flight!
4 / 5 Mason
I do not know why Sometimes I loose exposure, but is well.
5 / 5 Vicki
It produces very good
5 / 5 Yuriko
Excellent machine - very happy with him

Top Customer Reviews: Huawei MateBook D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Maximina
I have purchased a Asuspro B9440, which has wanted a factor of form of, but this $ 500 laptop that borrowed of the fellow only finished in that so much more. Has ports, is comfortable, has the comfortable good keyboard with trip adds, a screen is acute (never use or has used a touchscreen breakings, as it can not comment in this). It runs linux like the field, and a touchpad is quite decent also (the AsusPro has had the crummy touchpad). The desire touches the small faster, but certainly was the small spoilt by a ASUS in this consideration. The decrease of long history, wail at all for commercial 'low ' in this laptop so that it listen likes him the real big improvement.
5 / 5 Brant
I have required the laptop the while he he, and has not had enough money to spend he in a device sideways. Calm here have you almost all of the $ 1300 device for only $ 500, is hilarious. I have wanted the, a box has been sealed with the plot of glue in the to do it sure. Some conditions of a device are new excellent looks does not have any scratches, swipes, or marks. A computer is only perfect, his exactly that has required. Also a time of delivery was the week exactly that predicted to go to take. Good service very happy with a product
2 / 5 Danial
Recieved This renews unit today. Enormous disappointments on some 2 dents in both sides of a laptop.
5 / 5 Shavonne
Very look it walnut ! Has wanted to it !

Top Customer Reviews: Huawei MateBook X ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It was not where to start with. At present I am that you took a University of Saint of California Cruz. I have bought this laptop a week after Friday Negre and still although it has had he for the low time, has tried when being the decent laptop and decent competitor for a MacBook. Before I have bought this laptop there has been the mediocre computer the quality duquel of tez doesnt acostat in a MateBook X. My old laptop was rubbishes , he didnt included has the backlit keyboard, weighed (in 5 lbs), and the bendable tez plastic. A MateBook doesnt has any one of some subjects of my old and his laptop 5x better. I left me say you a screen in this thing is SURPRISING. Each looks to paint so acute and crisp in this 2k exposure and any one to mention some small bezels that a screen has. Look In this laptop some would suppose that a quality of of the one of the west is sacrificed since everything is packed in such the small form factor but to the left say you to me that takes quite strong. You wont has any problems that consumes half comunicacionales or listen in your favourite song. I mention that it weighs less than 2.5 pounds?? Be supremely the fire especially that comes from/comes from an old laptop that weighed in 5 pounds. A thing this coast to the note is a life of stack. It is not surprising at all. Kinda Out of him. It disappoints to see that it only dies faster that my old laptop. Probably you see you 5-6 hours of of the this in only load. This was an only draw behind in such the good laptop but I mean that enough it touches hurriedly even so. In general Huawei has done the sake he these tez the practical laptop. I am so happy that buys this.
The screen is surprising Small stack
Utmost speakers Only 2 usb type-c ports
Sper the screen of clear weight is the bit wobbly to the to this likes him be
Fast beginning in of the speeds
scanner of Fingerprint login
Tez Solid
A Dongle is comprised in a packaging to develop a number of ports

ACTUALIZACINde 5 stars in 4 stars
So many has to possess a laptop for the while now and in general am still adds. Even so I am beginning to discover some subjects. More recently a hinge of screen is beginning in slightly sideways by side to sustain to form the very small desert. Besides a mousepad when to be decent to be problematic. He doesnt click only once when low press in a mousepad but now physically moves down two 'levels' to do look his 2 clicks. This is not the sake especially after 2 month of property. Still the solid chooses in my opinion
4 / 5
That is to say the laptop adds . I have bought he the the month and has wanted to he for the moment to be able to write more concealed only my initial impressions. After the month, can say that I how he better now that the fact when has opened in the first place a box.

HAS a golden version, which was preoccupied would be too flashy but has required a main walk. Felizmente, is the good gold with a quality has built excellent, although I very necessarily like a road is trying to emulate the creation of the different product that is inferior in the each road, excepts one, some looks of road. It IS to good sure very similar in a Macbook but is not better has built. Included A lettering in a fund is trying to imitate that it is in a laptop of Apple, as if this was the cheap to the paste was, which the certainly is not . Why then it is Huawei the test looks an Apple when in fact is very better?

Matebook X is sper quickly, the kicks up in second and has the very accurate fingerprint reader. A screen is of quality very big with good colours and the possibility to customise it a lot of different roads. I personally like a sensor of car brilliance, and has has not had any problems with him so far.

A byline of his impressive is another value to signal the characteristic was. While it is not very strong the simply sounds thin, while yes it listens in the good together of speakers, more than the laptop. A sound is clean, very-balanced with the spacious stereo.

A keyboard is very good but, while it mentions in of the anterior descriptions, is bad, unevenly ignited, which in some measure spoils an impression of otherwise the attention adds in detail.

A laptop has only two USB C ports. Enough I do not have to use the dongle but comprise is a prize paid for a sper slender creation. A laptop is in fact smaller that mine 11 Steel of inch of the pair of years of marks.

A trackpad is well, well only. It IS responsive but does not like me some do of the road when pressed. It IS also take and there is the small desert among a cloak of upper glass and what is down. This probably would be an only element of a hardware would like me see improved.

A proportion of screen, main but narrower, takes some taking used to but is very practical for work of dispatch. A free byline in Dispatch 365 is the good addition for the the one who need for work.

Life of the stack is not orders. 5 hours in mesos is not very very but some loads of device very hurriedly.

Also have the Huawei telephones and expected to be able to benefit of that. Alas, a Huawei GO, which enable to share he of files among Huawei the devices are not available in a version of EUA of a Matebook

Windows 10 is still out of the perfect you and has had the problems of plot with an installation of updates. Also I am using Linux, like the dual boot, which records well, but obviously without a byline of his only has mentioned earlier.

In general, can to good sure recommended a laptop, but would want to see Huawei that develops his own way, which have done with his telephones, more than persecuting an approximation to copy the Mac and then trying mejorarprpers.
5 / 5
Simply it surprise. Laptop very well, one of a thin and more elegant plus. Fast and reliable
Any screen to touch.
The life of stack could be better
Only 2 built in of the ports ( type of USB C).
Cambra Only 1egapixel! ( Seriously huwaei?!!)

Takes message of house. If calm any one preoccupy you quite protect of the touch and calm fly the powerful still thin, sper elegant, clear, laptop with his estupefaciente, reader of impressions of fast toe then that is to say a better a apresamiento.
1 / 5
I have wanted this device when take it in the first place, a ultrabook with a lot compress to fix and each metal. His action was stellar.

Has possessed of this device, a hinge has been clicking and open in an angle. Huawei Opens IS rebuffing to repair this down guaranteeed. Has data this company to so casualidad after having such horrible experiences with his service of the client in my telephone of Nexus has done. (This thing there has been the subjects of stack that is to say still unsolved, and was the subject of hardware ... More probably.)

My screen has been clicking, and open in an improper angle, and a day, opened in this angle, has taken slightly bonded and a screen cracked. In any surprised, Huawei is rebuffing to repair, included a hinge. MAY VAIG to GIVE HUAWEI ANOTHER CENT. It does not give this company any money, any preoccupy in his clients, and I conjure to guess the patents have raped of a macbooks distribution. ( Has some subjects of same hinge)

All want to is a device paid by in perfect operational capacity, which would have to when be coated down Huawei guarantee, which when a time comes always rebuff reparation. This is not some first times have has had subjects with Huawei service of client, but is more certainly a last. The client has lost for ever.
5 / 5
Taken the yesterday and wants to it....That is to say a device of the better windows has used to to date! The quality of tez is the upper notch , the screen is perfect without an ounce of light bleeds (in difference of a later 2017 Surface of devices of Microsoft). The sound is strong and crisp, and a keyboard offers utmost feedback. Huawei He again with the solid offering.
5 / 5
This laptop is very fresh... To look in and to touch. It take a i5 model so that it only has not wanted to have any subjects with heat. It remains very fresh when the mark in the material regulates likes him explore, included for hours. He only taken slightly animated when take it in the first place and each a Windows 10 updates ( taking quite 2 hours to download, installing and restarting multiple time). Also, it was happy to see that this model directly of the amazon is 100% English - Window very Chinese the preoccupy enough. It IS very fast - kicks up in 10 bren. A change of fingerprint/to be able in of the reader is faultless - records 100% of a time. An adapter to be able is tiny, quite 2'x1.5'x1' - so that has any one 'brick to be able in' in lug around. Grey IS a Spatial colour is adds also - which are another reason does not want a gold colored i7. I am totally satisfied - the money is very past!

4 / 5
Core of Intel i7-7500Or 2.70ghz Quad Core
512GB SSD (Liteon CB1-SD512)
Intel HD Graphic 620
13polzada 2160 x 1440 LCDs of exposure of IP with Glass of Gorilla
- sRGB 100% colour gamut
- 1000:1 proportion of contrast
- 350 nights max brilliance
- 3:2 proportion of appearance
1MP (1280x720) the front that camera of expensive
2 Types of USB C ports
- the left port has used to touch with the indicator FOCUSED (flashing = load, the solid = touched)
jack of Audio of the 3.5mm
sensor of Fingerprint (veiled down button to be able in)
Windows 10 Pro 64-bit ( comes with Windows 10 has Counted but has update the in Pro with the tone of product so that it can his joins in the field)
40W Type of USB C load

286mm W X 12.5mm H X 211mm D
11.26in W X 0.49in H X 8.31in D

2.31lbs / 1.05kg

Wireless Connectivity:
802.11an of IEEE/b/g/n/ac 2.4/5GHz 2x2 MIMO
Bluetooth 4.1 (compatible with 3.0 and 2.1+EDR)

sensor of Environmental light, sensor of fingerprint, accelerometer, sensor of room

TPM 2.0 (Notes that yes purchase this laptop in other pieces, a TPM the module can be deactivated and can not be enabled).

41.4wh (5449mAh 7.6v)

Recharge while system into use with exposure in 50% brilliance:
2hour 40 minutes of 5% in full load

Recharge while the system is closing :
1hour 35mins of 5% in full load
- 5% in 75% in 1hour (20V 1.78a)
- 75% in full load against 35mins (20V .62A)

Recharge with group of stack while closing:
1early battery to upload quite 18% (5V 1.93a)

Life of Stack:
5hores of full load against 5% with way workload (O365, browser of Verge, Youtube)
- 5hour with exposure in 50% brilliance

5hores of full load against 5% with way workload (O365, browser of Verge, Youtube)
- 1hour with exposure in 50% brilliance
- 3hour with exposure in 70% brilliance
- 1hour with exposure in 100% brilliance
- brilliance of Exposure assembla no in that has any significant affects in life of stack

2 speakers with Dolby Atmos sounds very strong and impactful when looking films/of video. Better that more portable has experimented

Windows Hello For Subject:
- sensor of Fingerprint down some works of button of the can perfectly every time when a system is running. Fast and responsive. 100% successful tax.
- Quan Can in a system with a button of power of state to close, record me directly in of the Windows quite 80% of a time. A problem could be service startup related (i.et. Windows) More than a hardware. By everything means, is the smallest inconvenience so that the mere tap of some registers of button of the can me in a lot of hurriedly.

Skype For Subject:
- A built in mic the laws of variety very good. Any necessity for the separate headset and microphone. The calls are clear and clean.

Final thoughts:
- That is to say almost a perfect laptop. Volume 5 stars if a life of stack was 8 hours or more. But still with 5 hours, a fact that uploads him him to them quickly do a life of stack of tolerable current. Also it was desirable one i7 the model there has been an option by heart ash. That of this description, one i7 to beat only that is had in Gold.
- The loads on Write of USB C cual these ideals to travel of a lot of the new telephones also upload against Type of USB C as simply you can spend a load for all your devices. Also it can touch this laptop with the group of mobile stack (although it was the load very dulcemente but could enter handy in an emergency).
- A quality of exposure is very good and augmenting to the brilliance does not look to impact life of stack at all.
- A backlit the keyboard that is very good and a precision trackpad work supremely well. Any one necessity for an external mouse at all.
- A quality of tez is impressive. And it is the good device . That is to say essentially the functional work of art.
5 / 5
Some revises read and the visas in addition to Youtube concealed possesses a Partner 9 telephone has done this a compraventa easy. A quality of tez and speed of logging in with a reader of fingerprint faster there more a quality of sound will press Huawei Samsung past and same Apple. I have bought the similar measure samsung portable for my niece and side by side a MateBook wins in the each category. It is not the gaming the laptop but he can handle daily do so quickly. It can be priced the small lower and when being more competitive but has known that has taken. If you have not thought in Huawei still, necessity in.
5 / 5
Small portable annex. Quickly,calm audio , incredible, and very thin and clear. That is to say the laptop adds for Youtube, Netflix, Hulu,and all the half comunicacionales. More a splash the keyboard of the test has saved already my inversion. Some waters of boot he of Fiji spills throughout it. Only it take it the cloth dried it down and is returned in action. Duque in 5 hours of use in maximum brilliance with the half comunicacionales and the open multiple windows. If it visits your low brilliance 50% would be likely to take you quite 7-8. Which are spare for my necessities. A almot exposure of sum of looks of the verge. It takes it no longer you are it has disappointed. In fact an only thing that will disappoint is what the groups of yours amazon $ 1,000 laptop. A brota of small paper in the enormous box. Hardly I chosen in a box. I listened it sliding interior. My stomach was in the knots that opens it up. And in my surprise any dent or hurt in an interior Huawei box. But that is to say the amazon fails any one Huawei is. Small portable annex.
4 / 5
He the tonne of investigation for the new laptop, comprising flavour out of a Book of Surface of the Microsoft (very good but the bit heaver this has wanted; the screen was more weighed that one bases of keyboard, so always listened likes would touch on), a Dell XPS 13 (has not liked him a keyboard; a screen there has been too glare), a Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 900 (the creation of keyboard was ridiculously stupid), and a Asus E200HA (a bit too small, the keyboard was to take to write on).

A Matebook X is better that everything of them and I at the end have prendido to look. Some the better parts quite was one 3 :2 proportion of appearance and screen (in pair with a Book of Surface), a keyboard (the superficial tones but I have has not had any subjects with this), a weight and of measure (often spend outrage my computer of work and hardly remarks an extra weight). I have not tried out of some speakers still but has the descriptions add.

An only subject has seen is with a trackpad. It can be finnicky and a tug/the drop can be the ache . It take used his but also am very that frequently uses shortcuts of keyboard, as it can be the subject the big plus in some. It provides the good apology to learn shortcuts, even so.

In general, to well sure would recommend this unless I NEED the Mac. The more can save in $ 400+ against a baseline Macbook 12 inch - which are that it have purchased if a Matebook has not exited.

Top Customer Reviews: Huawei MateBook X ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 Cammie
After my second Macbook 12 fatality after the year was to time in movement on and some characteristic of this machine surpasses in my opinion.

Mint of cut of Linux without any tweaking and short all some need of applications. He' s sleep and recover of inaugural and that closes a work of lid perfectly. So far I am very happy with this machine and will not buy never another Mac again.

An enormous screen provides vibrant colour and wastes no spatial in the bezel.

His and trackpad is not quite Mac but each which more more than marks up.
5 / 5 Trinity
Simply a better of his class
5 / 5 Nicolasa
I have bought this laptop hesitantly like this is done in China. Desprs Using the pair of days gives concealed has done a right decision. The laptop is very hurriedly, in to the free noise like him to him some other models, sakes of look. Has all the desire of characteristic to have in the reasonable prize. Strongly it recommends this cup of foothills.
5 / 5 Gena
I Like him his of a quality of tez and strong speakers. Hopefully These wineries up for years. Any insurance with a guarantee even so.
1 / 5 Stan
All quite like this ultrabook,but the decree this work after 6 six. Any easy to find Huawei Centres of Service of the Laptop in the the sudeste Asia!
5 / 5 Wava
Quality of looks of solids of tez bezel, small the screen is sum , ports (ray, usb c, usb one, headphone) am adds.
2 / 5 Nam
The element arrived with dents in spite of any physical evidence of carrier maltreatments. Disappointing.
2 / 5 Noelia
At present it can take this I5 version of a Tent of Microsoft for $ 1199, which think is a MSRP. A I7 the version in a tent of Microsoft is $ 1499, which think is also a MSRP.

Some prizes of current Amazon are $ 1374 and $ 1448. In these prizes, update in a I7 is the no-brainer (two times a memory, two times a storage, and the card of discreet map).

Has bought a I7 version of a tent of Microsoft for sale (in front of Navidad) for $ 1350. A lot it likes him his in of me. Only two downsides:

1. A camera. Ready creation, but poor place for cat of video.

2. A keyboard backlight only rests on during 15 bren. A lot of problem.

Would give a I7 version four stars in prizes of current Amazon.
1 / 5 Taneka
Without any incidents a screen of my Matebook X Pro has the hairline the crack headed in a deep right of a screen. Desprs Calling Huawei support, has been said that has to paid for a substitution to protect this coast quite or third of a laptop.

Top Customer Reviews: Huawei Volta-W50D ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Lawanda
It has been using a laptop for the pair of month now, and is very happy with a compraventa. A laptop is solid, and all while maintaining a supremely factor of small form. That is to say an excellent all-around diagrams that will he more concealed more the users will require.

A Sake:
A hardware is very- can take you these components in enough the few systems for less, but a rest of this device is which values a money has attached. A quality of the tez in general is supremely records very only that of devices of apple, but miles in the cape besides other laptops. A keyboard and trackpad am to add- and a screen the touch is in fact very well also. I want a fingerprint the reader built in a button to be able to do- supremely well and mark powerup/login stops of fly. USB-C load is sper convenient, hurriedly, and a brick is very small. The life of stack is excellent- am sure more the users will be able in comfortably take more than the day of use among load- is gone multiple days of casual use without thinking enough it.

A Bad:
very does not have any a lot of to complain- quite. Has has had subjects very smaller with an engine of Intel of map that I me in firm out of adjustments of brilliance of the screen, but can very necessarily lacks Huawei for that (the solution is the deactivate/re-enables intel integrated map if course in this). A MX150 GPU is very only also- the to well sure is not that it want for the consecrated gaming computer, but is excellent for some casual gaming while I am out of house.

A Rest:
I USB of amour-C load- although I have not tried a laptop with another chargers very still... This has been a harder zone to find more concrete of information in a laptop. It is not the port of ray, and is only USB 3.0 when comes to transfer data (how aimed in a manager of device), but can not find very specifics in PS compliance. The desire has Ray 3, but does not want the harm enough to jump in the dollars of hundred of the pair for a Matebook X.

Huawei Has done the computer adds. A mark does not have to the fright was neither- Microsoft in fact sells these in his own tents. Has has not grinded bloat or pre-the installed rubbishes. With the flavour very would buy it another Huawei portable again in a future.
5 / 5 Gale
If you want to know why this device am adds:
1) look macbook pro in shape to draw of Huawei; when being thin ; a keyboard is excellent
2) a life of stack is very good
3) a sensor of fingerprint; and of course a screen the touch is something special
4) a delivery is punctually ( but is out of EUA and they, probably little scratch of hours of a container in processing in fact of commission clearance; for the this has to take connected in your email for tongue with a person in uploading against a fact of commission).

In general, this device is the half among way of premium + of laptop of estimativa. If you want money + to draw + peformance, that is to say a response . You will save enough the plot of money for not buying more expensive.... You know that I am speaking which are portable expensive in a piece, well :)
4 / 5 Thaddeus
I want this laptop. It IS fast and so easy to use. There is absolutely any problem that pose he up for my email that was the real problem with my old HP. I am so impressed. My granddaughter has a IMAC and likes him this better that sound. If you are looking for the laptop adds, that is to say!
Update: having the problem with him restarting in his own.. It says 'Yours PCs has found the problem and has to restart' in a half of any one am doing. Nicknamed Huawei - any help. We fly me to us in reset in of the parameters of factory and beginning on - what the ache. After poden helps. Any one happy with service of client.
1 / 5 Rachel
Very disappointed. It can not connect in my usual wifi. Something is bad with this walk of clean or something. The amazon has nicknamed two times for solution of technology and in a to final, both have said that it was necessary to take the repayment. Huawei Requires six sigma.
5 / 5 Glinda
5 / 5 Esperanza
Quality of tez/of the drawing adds, hurriedly, life of good stack, and the fresh rests.
Quality of half exposure. (Even so better that all another in this prize)
A bit heavy

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