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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
This unit is 'very' and stylish, as my daughter of institute has been attracted in him for this reason. It have purchased the note of sudden army ASUS C202SA-YS02 but has not been so quite like this Steel, then , to please him has bought this Steel. When being the daughter, has imagined was soft with him and era. Even so, with in some premiers few months a Wi-Fine decrees to do and has been repaired under those guarantees that taken his through a rest of a school year; when I have spoken with a technician of reparation has confessed this unit has the history of problems of receiver of the Wi-Fino. Then it rests some in a summer (said of another way,, any one very use). It has been quite 2 month a school year and a Wi-Fino has prendido that laws again, only the little of the days after a guarantee have caducado. The steel Wants to $ 170 in just look in him then attaches a cost of reparation above that. A cost of unit $ 275 to start with, as it is not the value these reparations. Buyer-beware!
UPDATE: I have repaired he in me for $ 12. There is at all to lose since was the weight of paper otherwise. To take of an inferior coverage localised a piece of wireless communications (pictured) and googled a number of model to find resellers. The compupartsolutions.com gone Has a better but your perhaps different tax. A shame of him is by train for the fulfil took me 15 minutes and $ 12 for the fix and the steel has wanted to me of $ 170 just to look in him.
5 / 5
He been SUPREMELY impressed for this device. It was initially the small nervous like the system was a bit glitchy for a first pair of weeks, has looked for to be the problem with a Chrome YOU so that it has been fixed by a next update. Anteriorly Has had a Steel Chromebook c720 which has WANTED TO-- has had he for 3 1/2 years and travelled with him during a world in front of a keyboard at the end is died. Here it is my favourite things in a R11:

-Touchscreen: salvation, is not an iPad, but the laws add for concealed it the precise to do (read and note and-books and pdfs through Amazon Kindle and the application adds has nicknamed Xodo). If you are an artist , probably very quite responsive, but yes only wants games of game and underlines an occasional text, that is to say awesome.

-360 rotation of title: AMUR a capacity to look films in road of tent, gone back he in the (slightly heavy, thickness) compressed. Changing behind and the before is seamless once takes used his. It was sper preoccupied that touching a keyboard when was on the way of the tablet would cause it to change by behind subjects of laptop, but the looks once move some backwards of the screen is spent likes him 180 titles, vain in full touchscreen. It take the week or so to take used to, but wants the now. The stays of the screen has posed in any place he solidly enough to use a touchscreen.

Processor: at present I have 4 windows with the total of 18 ploughs of tabs. I streamed a HD film in Netflix with all this open, any pause or buffering. Unreal.

Stack: SOLID. It looks to have the slightly more the low life that my Steel c720 (which has been literally for days), but probably because of some aforesaid dozens of tabs and Netflix. A fianc 8-9 hours to good sure line some, and will last longer if the brilliance is turned down/ is the only web that explores, etc.

Estimativa. I bad, enters $ 300 is unbeatable he that wants to is email, Netflix, and books. The dry likes him has the tablet and sper the unit of mobile laptop entrance

A bad:
- the speakers are the small tinny (although a volume is AWESOME) and is not possible to customise a bond in a Chrome MAINTAINING YOU still :(
- although it is the sper portable light, a chromebook is the small weighed like the tablet, any sper practical to line, but is resting on something, is gilded. I bad, want the true tablet, buys the true tablet--this honestly maintained me the invert in the kindle while the planned in.

In general: I am sper happy with this product. So far, dry like my expectations have been no only conformed, but has surpassed. If you purchase this product, goes in him with patience and of the realistic expectations that takes familiar with a setup and probably will want the, also! :)
5 / 5
I have bought this Chromebook in some roads in the daytime first, but same without $ 60 was has cost still a money.

I amour that is only so big while I need to be to have the keyboard of full measure (any one with the tampon of number, but full-tones sized). It looks better road in person that in some pictures. External tones , white black, very lustrous and modern.

Since has access in of the applications of Android in a Tent of Game of the Google, does not have to trust only in a browser of Chrome to access applications. Has looked for applications of upper android for chromebooks in a web, and found that the better applications these pages of Chrome.

HAS has did not have subjects with a tampon of the tone likes another has. When being responsive in me, and is gone in of the parameters to customise a speed, clicking, and displacement. I have bought also the wireless mouse, which has matched perfectly.

Updates hardly turn it on! You can Google and to update it. Has the feeling that many some negative critics are for people that does not have to update his Chromebook right out of a box. It marks your investigation, learns so to optimise your experience, and will want to it!
5 / 5
Seldom I write descriptions. Mostly beech revises of video, but never of concrete products. This can change here punctual.

This that is to say awesome and hurriedly has substituted a lot my gizmos and artilugios, some this cost me up thousands of dollars. People that complains that Chromebooks is useless without access of the internet clearly is narrow imported and simply not thinking out of a box. I left me to count:

left me begin to say take technology seriously. Since beginning the trip in the lifelong passion of filmmaking and the script that writes has inverted tens of thousands of dollars of my own money in PC is that it can maintain up with some demands of 4k the video that edits and bond processessing. It accrues the pair of DECENT PC is, or the desktop done (be it has built still; $ 3K~) and another ASUS 970m ROG Portable ($ 1300~) this am adds for exactly of the cual the need them prende. My races of desktop all my video that edits software for my projects my big plus and more the demand and my laptop is utmost to edit video and in common the games of PC situates another that my house (as student!). Recently, I have taken really to write more and found me coming up with ideas in some vain and has wanted to something the lighter of bit that he 10lb ASUS Portable (this thing is the monster ). Import so calm very ONLY purchased to write low ideas while I have had the, Seriously. Has wanted to something could do in my projects to write in a vain, as I have paid one $ 250 for this thing. I have wanted only the mobile typewriter. But oh mine... I have not had any idea that far a hole of rabbit was,

Quan I recieved an element has been surprised in a quality of him. It has had mine fairshare of 'eBay Special' aka iPad Chinese Cheap knockoffs (seriously, has possessed atleast 8 thinks in a past 8 years) and has found each which as to be the complete waste of money. Any one was so dulcemente could not take any work done or they to the only flat era broken after the months of pair. I have broken included bad and has bought one $ 350 iPad and is returned very also long after ( has grown to disturb produced of Apple while they do not touch amiably - or cheap - with just quite anything More i possesses.) It was tired enough that pays this a lot of for other amours of iPad-be compressed, which have one YOU that doesnt go with anything, of the company that specialises in PC of consumer of the Walmart. But only at the beginning looked, this thing is upper quality . At all on listen it cheap at all. No a glass, an exposure, a coverage of aluminium, a plastic. Everything of him when being very strudy (reasonably) and has the good look, modern and listen in him. I seat like this it look it well in any decade. Very futuristic.

Bounces up and look hurriedly some looks of exposure to be 720p (or something next) but for the one of the east require this thing to do... This preoccupies ? Only I want words of type in the. One touchscreen and one hotkeys to the long of an upper apresamiento some taking used to the Mays was hurriedly in a Tent of Game of the Google, downloading all some applications have in mine tlphonique and linking in my accounts.

'This thing is ordered.' I have thought in me so it was displacement through Facebook, listens in Pandora and touching my cloud saves of Falloiut Shelters. It result the wizard , learns to use one touchscreen, keyboard, and touchpad all in tandem. I bolster a thing until those looks the video of Youtube.

'This thing is very orderly.'

But oh yah! I have been supposition to use this to write! As it was to install my favourite screenwriting application, Trelby, only to find his no available. Darn. I use some other applications but at all is that it suffices a same for mine workflow.

So that it takes desperate and kicked up Linux in the. After some headaches and learn of code, hurriedly abandoned a stupid idea when resulted more the problem that cost and reset of factory. I have thought one gizmo has been ordered but has been disappointed that it can use very a lot of he one issues has wanted that considerations.

That is to say where one R11 taken to interest. Hurriedly Give that it can use an application of Google of Far Desktop to access my computer of desktop. BAM! It writes in my house of scripts! I use my integer $ 3k desktop in this little $ 250 laptop and he have run perfectly! It can included videos of clock and game of a laptop he (in a scope). THIS is SURPRISING! Mays... If and you want to use he in a vain... I NEED this connection of internet to access some files. Man... Perhaps these negative critics are well. Perhaps this thing sucks without a connection of internet....

Excepts All the world in 2017 east spending the small WiFi subject in his pockets. It is nicknamed the mobile phone and included my cheap $ 30 ALCATEL have it tethering option.

And only likes him that, gives that it can use mine desktop of studio wherever want to, while I want to. That is to say only incredible. For $ 250 I can control mine $ 3000 PCs anywhere. Has the USB for the tactical mouse and external keyboard, one SD empty and an external HDMI beginning. This thing is a definite mobile workhorse. Sure, he wont totally substitutes mine ROG the laptop is terms of the this can do he in his own but a capacity only to access my own desktop and the use how he touchscreen the laptop only is surprising.

That is to say a definite tablet . This thing is surprising. As I attach It in fact, it has written this whole description in the. Purchase for student, compraventa for house, purchase on for one grandkids. The flange Goes bad in easterly unit
5 / 5
Well, I have to say, I am quite impressed with my new Chrome Flipbook! My trusty portable of Windows 7 was in his last leg and I have opted to try something new. It IS the tablet and the laptop and now the majority of a work of applications of the Android in Chroma. The tan now can find only in any functionality that has the habit of in of the Windows. An only problem is that it only comes with 32 GB of the walk takes. Even so, it comes with 100 GB of Walk of Google free on-line storage. And you can limit in a SD card or external walk in if need in. Configuring a printer was the small delicate but no bad. And an application of email of the capes of the mate Blau my multiple emails of multiple fields. It IS cheaper that more portable. And The LIFE of STACK! They use for 3 days and still has no plugged he in!
5 / 5
I am spent the majority of my life these Windows of uses, and some last 4 years that Well of use. I have not gone really sold in an idea of Chromebooks ('Why buys the computer that is only the browser?') But after trying a can any never return. Handling each on-line erases all some headaches that usually comes with possessing the computer. It IS hurriedly, sure, easy to use (still like the technology geek, well is knowing something only goes to do). I am the writer , and this has resulted easily my main computer for both work and game (Google Docs easily substitutes Word, and the applications of Android he very better for gaming that I in the principle expected). One touchscreen the good looks and is responsive, and a keyboard is well. A life of stack am to add (apresamiento quite 9 hours). My only complaint is a click in a touchpad when being the small cheap, but I just use 'tap to click' as it is not a subject. In general I want this machine, and all my computers probably will be Chromebooks in a future.
5 / 5
It decides that you go in east and a Asus Toe C100. I have chosen it is a predominately because of a keyboard of full measure, protects main, and full measure HDMI. The majority of specs was similar among a two as far touch what/living of stack/of screen of action. I have bought the new device (1 Steel of year guaranteeed limited). Here it is some of some things have wanted during my investigation:

1. Touchpad. A lot of negative complaints in a touchpad. He enough the strong click when depresses a button. It uses tap-in-click, as it is not a subject for me. You CAN a lot of-click to use two toes to touch a tampon of the yours a same time (or 2 toes in a touchpad, using an of them to press the clicks of press/under a touchpad). One when being of a touchpad is not so smooth (frictionless) and another has used, but is not terrible or. There is has not had any subjects of detection of the toe.

2. The calm can not open he with a pound like the Mac. Even so, when being as the robust hinge. A screen done any wobble so that has the good quantity of the friction these wineries where posed the. Quan Concluded, a two slabs of a computer is sensibly discreet, but flush against each another (does not form the smooth ovoid form when closed like another laptop).

3. It reserves your test until you updated you a software totally. The action will be poor unless you it the click is to start with to update' in a corner a right plus down of a screen (the symbol is the small arrow signalling arrive). This can spend multiple time for ChromeOS, Season, or other programs. Desprs This, the one of the elect action until that would expect you. Has has not had any ice cream or the screen these subjects of flashes.

4. It IS chromebook. Giving the lowest stars for any one in giving his limited the capacities are your own failure . I want to one when being of the clear plus You and can do a lot of tasks that uses the web/of the applications of Google has based.

In general: it likes him and I am of happy to pay the bit in $ 200 for one 4gb model (at the same time to write this, sells for $ 220 nine). I can live with a so-so touchpad of a rest of him when being solid/robust. I have bought the new device as I ask me what technical subject (freezing, subjects of detection of the toe) has come from people that has bought the devices have used. A more is particularly quite happy: the calm follower-less device that does not heat up too many! I will update it there is any race of subjects in.
5 / 5
I have to say, it was a bit hesitant purchasing this chromebook predominately because of some of some descriptions. Because of some police of the excellent turn in First has decided to purchase this. Yes, I have launched some data! 1, I Have been impacted in so was easy to pose up. Perhaps 2-5 minutes to record in in my gmail account and bang! The access has the files have tent in a cloud. Down preparation for future the chromebook the user had purchased to 256 memory of card of action and moved all my files of laptop in him. The law adds. It opens HAS my files backed until a card and a cloud.

Each application has downloaded of a google the tent of application has done perfectly. Of course, I am not the gamer but any voice why no also. Amazon, The amazon Prepares Video, Youtube, Facebook, Skype, as well as a google continuation of docs, cloaks, slide, and is of law of the photos.

There nwere the complaints that considers a lousy resolution of screen, as well as some pillows of sake of mice very acting. I guess it take one of a sake ones so has has not had any problem at all.

Honestly, Mina 1 computer was the Atari 800 which I hacd to learn Basic to program for the take to do anything. I have possessed of HP is, Dells, Compaqs, IBM is, essentially each manufacturer of desktops of computer of entity and portable. This by far has been an easy plus to pose up and use. That is to say of the type this has been that battles a technology during 40 years.

WELL, here is for the arouse called in of the people complaning in a Chrome YOU. Enough simply, this is not the machine of Windows. Period. It does not look the windows or he do so of the windows. I remember me the roads adds of my Samsung commentaries. It IS fast and mere. This has said, there is software of windows that can you very included try use in this machine. For case, Project of LADY, LADY Visio, in software him and concealed. You can even so it downloads of a playstore continuation of Dispatch of the LADY. I any one and very this. I am trying to break Doors of the gentleman and this machine leave me to us to do east. I mention, it can access all my word, excels, and powerpoint files to use a google applications. Also, when the necessity is can save a docs likes him pdf is likes him has to marks for updatiung my web of place. Oh, For a road, Weebly constructor of the records of web of place adds in this chromebook.

Also read revises that some sounds have not been well in this machine. I have downloaded Pandora and has listened at all my canal in 3/4 volume and he have sounded well. Some speakers are not in how mine JBL 4311 monitors of studio in the house but sound very enough to look Netflix.

Of course, active has had only this Steel during the week. I am a lot of posing he in a test. If something spends in 30 days will return it but will take another.

Or nettling element that was the easy fixed, A chromebook a lot wants to save in a cloud and no in an installed card in a computer. If you go to pose and click a tab has advanced can decide dondequiera save your files. Calm also have an election of him asking you everytime where to save a document.

The good class in your hunting!
5 / 5
Yes, this Chromebook comes with a tent of application of the Android pre-installed.

Although 4 actions of the ram does not look the plot in some of us, because of a mere software, is very hurriedly without lag. My up to date woman of some 2 actions of the version of RAM is, and in looks them to him has more than twice an action. A screen pleasantly is satisfying with a screen to touch and foldability. A button to be able is no longer in a keyboard, but is instead in a side of a machine that is well.

My uses of woman he for his work where the uses programs to schedule clients together with editing and publishing pictures. This machine, through his time of minimum to use it, has been already so faster for his to use. Spending a same quantity for the PC would be the PC very DULCEMENTE, but this Chromebook is to good sure very dulcemente.

IS surprised in this product that has a tez same like another Steel Chromebooks. We are happy to be selling his old a purchase only the little the mark of month, in the substitution of the same informative R11!
5 / 5
I am VERY HAPPY with my Chromebook! There was quite 4 days and has been verifying was that well it runs my Applications of favourite Android. So far everything excepts 1 of some Applications of Android this has tried has done properly, but some are restrictos in a measure of window that will do properly. A 1 Application that is by train to give me the problem pertains in a process of byline, an Application gave me the election to sign in with the account of Facebook, account of Google, or account of Email. I have chosen to sign-use my account of Google which has not done properly, looks that a Chrome does not go to be able to distribute an information of correct account in an Application of Android. As my council is to use an account of the email yes is possible to sign-in any Applications of Android that in the principle posed above this road. It opens In a Chromebook, is very impressed with a speed and physical creation. I have been always the soyouse' type and in fact has the wireless mouse that operates in this Chromebook, but find me using a touchpad more and more. Read in the people that has problem 'the right that clicks', displacement and the few other problems (like me ), of my council is to use one 'Help' function to see some correct methods to use a touchpad. I suspect that an Android glitches has mentioned on will be corrected with future Chrome update you, but still until that raisin is thrilled still with my Chromebook!

Updates A 1 Application of the android has mentioned has resolved in his problem with a Chrome YOU, so now everything of my Applications of favourite Android operate satisfactorily in my Chromebook! I am still very happy with purchase of mine!

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Chromebook ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Leoma
Course of update 17, 2017
has used a Samsung Chromebook the more every day took it since, and mostly that ignores my MacBook Pro with 15' Exposure of Retina, thinks that a More is a real premier soyurderous of iPad' has found. For this I bad, conforms a promise to substitute the laptop for almost all the uses while they direct a shortcomings of tablets. A keyboard is built in, has the tampon of your and screen to touch with stylus, any separate case is required, and a rotating the screen provides sincerely useful orientations. It IS hurriedly, the life of stack is well, the load is hurriedly, a screen is fantastic, can direct external exposures, and is reasonably clear. A Chrome the browser is first tax , and can run thousands of applications! State using a More at length marries and while travelling - to explore, looking videos, taking handwritten notes (update of seen in LectureNotes low), email, photos, reading Kindle books, musician, maps, games - appoint it. A Plus and another so was a laptop -he-all the devices of a future.

Updates and original Description
has had the few days to touch with a Chromebook More and so far wants to it! State looking to substitute my Tab of Samsung Pro 12.2' tablet (the Commentaries Pro without the pen). A Chromebook the plus looked perfect while it can be it bent on to be the tablet, and also can the be used like the regular laptop. The races besides Chrome and applications of Android.

In general a lot likes him in me. It IS it measures it is properly, the heavy plus bit that one Notes / of Tab Pro and the bit squarer (situates of voice of semi-detached comparison). A screen is very good and I only necessity to pose he in 1/2 brilliance. It IS proportion of the appearance is 3:2 which are perfect to explore and that use like the tablet. A touchscreen works very good. I want to it concealed it to it do not need the special case to bolster the up; a 360 hinge to title leave you to situate a screen in any angle chooses.

Races of chrome very good. It IS quite two times so hurriedly like Notes / of Tab Pro Tablet (the semi-detached voice 'Octane' benchmark image). Having the windows are utmost and there is more than 20 plough of tabs in 4 windows without subjects. Windows IS only available in road of laptop. On the way of the tablet done each application full screen. I am to him it expect it road of tablet to take windows when a subsystem of the underlying android that takes to update of Marshmallow in Turrn.

Applications of the android generally does very good. A Kindle the application is sum . Photos of Google, Walk of entrance of Google, NY Time, everything does well although often it does not find any necessity for an application of Android has the version of Chrome of web of an application. The maps of Google are very better in Chrome so that you aim you one 3D the satellite has seen. The inbox of Google is faster in a version of application even so as it use concealed. The sleeps does not do so of this scripture, while it can not find my system of Sleeps. It opens the entrance with them. May of update 25, 2017 law of Sleeps now.

Has uploaded in a 'Asphalt 8' subjects he those runs the application and he was very responsive. I have not seen any one the ones to stutter so seen on some of some on-line descriptions of a Chromebook Pro. It goes figure!

The life of stack is well, is taking among 7 and 9 hours. Applications these uses a CPU the plot can reduce that hurriedly. To see that the applications / of tabs are using a the majority of CPU, can take on a manager of task to press a esearch' and 'esc' tones. It finds these tabs that is not visible does not use so CPU. The amazon often uses the plot of CPU when is the tab is visible, likes I after the or change in another tab when no in the use. For some reason a Google Hangouts the extension has eaten the plot of CPU, as I deactivated the.

Some works of keyboard well, although it is a bit soft and one deletes the tone is too small so often powder = by deception. Some works of tampon of the good touch for two displacement of the toe and you can enable 'tap and tug' in of the parameters of Accessibility. Has bounce it light when two toe that rolls down the page of web; when calm promote you your toes some circles of page return the tiny bit in an opposite direction that has been displacement . I expect Samsung/of Google can direct this punctual. Update Feb 18, 2017 This was to fix for the recent update, has no longer any one 'bounce behind'.

A Samsung Chromebook the more looks the real keeper! Some have suggested here while for a Chromebook Pro, but is not sure this felt of the to to the marks like them the more is here today, is of fast and reliable, and is the joy to use!

Update Feb 18, 2017
is having Bluetooth subjects. Sometimes down in and it was while touching musician in a place of web of Musician of Google. Or pause to touch through a Bluetooth the speaker and it beginning that touch through a built in of the speakers, included although a Bluetooth the connection is has established still. The wait can fix this punctual! Update Mar 4, 2017 That is to say to suppose to be fixed punctual in ChromeOS 57. May of update 25, 2017 Bluetooth is doing well now.

Has found the very good note that takes application these responses the pressure of a stylus, the squid has nicknamed. There is the toolkit attaches-on for $ 2.99 concealed gives more characteristic like the geometrical form.

Update Feb 21, 2017
is finding that I can have very Chrome the windows and the open tabs, many more concealed suggested in of the descriptions. Now still for case, has 41 tabs in 13 open windows.

Update Feb 22, 2017
For those of calm in this that maintains a lot of tabs and the plough of windows (the tab that hoards), spent am add Chrome the extension has nicknamed An add Discarder. Automatically it suspends it go tabs to reduce use of Chrome by heart those uses Chrome the native tab discard. Quan Visits the tab has suspended he automatically reloads. With this extension can have so a lot of open tabs so many want to! Taking in a tent of Chrome of web.

Update Feb 28, 2017
installed a version of Android of Skype for Subject to assist meetings of work. I have found that clicking nexuss of web in Skype the meetings have not done. A nexus is opened in a Chromebook browser of Chrome, which do not know like the road he in Skype, of Chromebook the chrome is not an application of Android. I have found the work-around, which are to install Chrome for Android. It opens When click in the Skype nexus of web of an application of Android, can choose has opened he in a Chromebook Chrome or in Android Chroma. Ploughing he in Android Chroma, then takes spent properly in a Skype application of Android.

Update Mar 4, 2017
looked in some of a note that takes applications in a tent of Game, comprising Squids, INKredible, SketchBook, HandWrite Pro Commentaries and Draw, and LectureNotes. LectureNotes Is not so flashy like some of some another, and an interface is not so enough, but is very comprehensible in how posed the up and the use. The stylus of sensitive pressure, the pencil done of commission and eraser, the draw with stylus / erases with toe, basic geometrical forms, tools of selection very well, cloaks... In a fall of the only thing has gone in does not go full screen in a road of portrait of the tablet.

LectureNotes Was an only one this left wing imports the PDF and he then selects, copy, piece, and paste of a PDF he what opposite in just drawing in the. To take functionality of the import of the PDF has to download a developer PDFView application.
1 / 5 Tonisha
Purchased this in April. At the beginning they are very happy with him, investigation quite sake to be. Has in characteristic has liked him and has wanted. Then in the 4-5 weeks after buying, that is to say when he all was bad. TOUCHES of PHANTOM!!! You will be to use the, and then all of the sudden some beginning of exposure in spaz has been. Jumping around, phantom presses he of key. It continues until it beat he of forces has been. Then when calm restart it sometimes goes it his has been arrest awhile. Even so, it returns. This is not an isolated subject, is in fact quite common among this Chromebook. Google Justo 'Chromebook phantom besides', and will see tonnes of complaints and videos enough the. It IS the enormous defect , and Samsung is not properly that directs a subject. Everything is to say you the road a notebook in of the pauses to be repaired, which take likes him 2-4 weeks. And they do not fix a subject, so that it begins throughout again. These products is rubbishes , and Samsung is washing his hands with a subject. The amazon would have to take this product that considers that extended some subjects are. Any COMPRAVENTA, has been warned.

- Stylus
- Exposure that Shines , vivid
- Decent Keyboard
- quality of Tez

- Poor connectivity, wifi any always laws, included when the shows are connected
- Samsung fault to lean
- No quite cpu/gpu beat to direct an exposure of big resolution. Often result it loafer or choppy
- Wifi does not look to do while bluetooth is enabled. So much to listen in Pandora. Through BT west.
5 / 5 Daniele
One classifies of the user is: it lives in a cloud, uses almost everything maintains of Google, has been using the Chromebook Pixel like my computer of primary work for quite a lot of 3 years now. Has an Apple imac house and the laptop of Windows also, although I of those who take when last turned in my laptop of windows. Oh, And I know the thing or 2 quite electronic of the consumer of the work is spent.

Has prendido in the to to the user likes him, this chromebook is almost of perfect. If it can, give it 4.6 stars. You will find other descriptions a pros and the gilipollas has described more exhaustively, I only house in the few things:

Some gilipollas classifies to disagree with
- hardware 'insects' (p. p.ej. The speaker these cracks, etc): has very personally experimented he any one of them. Has a (sper smaller) subject with a sealing of a cloak of inferior aluminium, has ordered only the substitution, but honestly, to arrive to this point thinks that it would estimate a HW as it notch upper (quotes a point of prize)
- Insects of Software' (p. p.ej. Applications of android very always doing perfectly...): I experimented the number of them... But I do not see that like a subject for 3 reasons. (1) An availability of (almost each what) some applications of Android preoccupy me enough in these marks he effectively the substitution of laptop+of wonderful tablet, so in a glorious diagram of things... I can live with the few insects here and there (2) I confidence that these insects will disappear over time and (3) has not founding still any insect 'critical' for my work (/game) flow
- ergonomics of keyboard: it adapts to take the bit to take used to a creation. Since it uses the full keyboard in parallel (when chair in mine desktop change in the keyboard of desktop), is still sometimes paste a wrong tone when punches to press backspace. But again, and see this like the subject very smaller. In general, an ergonomics of keyboard is notch quotes upper a measure
- backlighting of keyboard (fault): it was bummed in that initially (often law in a dark). In practical, this is not a subject has: some tones are sufficiently reflective and a screen sufficiently that shines (in a right angle) that can write it easily in a darkness. I am writing this description in tone of dark room with brilliance of screen in 3 and easily can read everything of some tones

my gilipollas or why would give it 4.6 and any one 5
- a trackpad is very (has to say add) but not perfecting . I am expecting the stellar trackpad. That is to say almost but very the.
- Some speakers are feeble. Work totally well, but wants to more
- some bezels of the screen is too big: an exposure is SURPRISING, now wants more than him in a factor of same form. In particular, in a fund of a screen, has at present 1 inch of vertical room (the part where a Samsung the chairs of logotype) those cries to result part of a real exposure

mine pros or why give it such the big indication
has taken a basics right: the life of stack is stellar, the screen is stellar, the weight/to notch upper has measured, keyboard very comfortable, trackpad records very well, is appropriately powered, a memory and the storage are that it suffices in only does not have to think enough it.
IS truly the convertible this is substituting 2 devices (tablet and of laptop) without doing admits can not live without). I WANT TO this.
Whistles And his bells in fact helps! microsd The port am adds to have, and he so that it is a stylus ( thought of him so gimmicky, but in fact the use almost every day)
the point of prize is very well for this class of quality
1 / 5 Lourie
Experience this Chromebook in mid-Layers 2017. It has wanted a quality of a screen. Keyboard any I so that it adds.
In late-April 2017 a fund of a screen has developed the group of tatic' (voice a picture). I have called Samsung and has crossed the number of troubleshooting exercises with them on-line (which has comprised the 'toallitas humid' complete of a computer) and has determined was the card of defective video and has said that has required the road a computer in.

Is not June 9 and still has did not take no my computer behind. Fact of the multiple calls in Samsung and all has discovered is that has has been shipped in another centre of service of an original a has not been instrumented to treat a problem and then shipped behind in original or even so it has not been fixed. They have not been able to give me a time wanted to so when a computer will be fixed and has shipped behind in me. That has done is says is by train to transfer me to speak with the representative in his 'Department of Executive Resolution' continued down 30-40 minutes of the musician of control and seeds hangs it. This is spent three times . Quan The call behind says me that the member of this department will call me the concrete day and the time and he then takes any call .

Saves a lot of frustration. Steel The marks add Chromebooks. A R11 or R13 would do adds in place of unit of is A pupil teaches has hundreds to Armour plate Chromebooks that is used 4-5 hours the day for any students of institute so careful. It has Lined up incredibly in a past two years and a pair of the time there was problems, the steel has repaired a computer under guarantees in the subject of days, any month.

Samsung HAS very done hard to lose me like the client. I have wanted to to give them very the casualidad and I very expected that would have resolved this situation. It suggests in them that issue me the different computer or repayment my money since has not been able to fix the mine but they apparently very preoccupy quite relations of client.
2 / 5 Charita
Absolutely I want this product, and easily would give it 5 stars for the that is to say. He all are suppositions to do while when being very clear, versatile, and looking lustrous.

Necessity To comprise that it is even so. A chromebook is not the computer. It can run all google applications and the big portion of a googleplay tent. It IS more it conceal perfect it stops to the mine likes him to him the student, but is not since is to you to look for a tablet of art or he gaming compressed. For a prize, is quite empinado, but seat concealed is justified with this quality of tez.

A life of the stack is not so announced even so, likes him take anywhere of 2-6 hours depend that it is doing. Touching the games the drain very hurriedly, while exploring some leaves of careers of web all day basically.

In general, is very satisfied with purchase of mine, and has a money and he conform your necessities, recommends in you also.


In the first place was, before tale, treats my electronic, this has comprised, with so cure as possible ( done my ass has been for a money!), And like such, this has not been never fallen, swipes, or fractions in any subject anything. It go it always handled carefully and is in perfect condition, as these are all the subjects of software .

A touchscreen is buggy. Very buggy. Usually the few hours the day (the full day of use) a screen freaks was. Work while yes it is being at random touched at random plants sporadically and is totally unusable when am has taken. It restarts it resolves a subject for the few minutes only. It IS impossible to take through the film so much at random he prende and unpauses he- and the film very the time is that it suffices that a subject will arrive sometime during him.

A Bluetooth battle big time. It IS very easy to connect '' in the one of the west or headset. You have posed an element in road to match, and click on he in this laptop. In the moment, says is 'connected.' But it is not . It has not connected at all. With any one and all bluetooth devices ( has tried 6-7) taking anywhere of 2-20 (yes, twenty) minutes for the take to do. An only effective road to do this in unpair he in some parameters, and the places arrive likes him the new device. This takes a troubling quantity of time. Oh Salvation, My screen has begun only glitching again. I guess these ways would have to me rush this up.

After verifying on-line, this look of subjects to be a bit common, and still Samsung the backwards of the client is useless saying me in reset a same device although concretely clears that it conceal has not done a premier 3 times. As it is not only me.

Also, does not have the button of cover. Only the button of investigation in his place that opens in google investigation. Characteristic stupid. It can be remapped in some parameters.

Taking was 3 stars for everything of these new subjects. It gives it 0 if I do not want the so when doing. Even so scarce that is to say.
5 / 5 Ilene
It takes mine yesterday and this thing is sum ! A real test is when he is using Google Docs and Dispatch 365 these are ones the majority of intensive applications for Chromebooks and these capes of so that it sews supremely well! Has triedmany applications of android, fine windows, multiple applications and a SCP handles which the field! Also it has the a lot of modernised the look and he are sper slender and clear.

A last thing; some people have been queixant- that this chromebook does not have the backlit keyboard like another comparable chromebook and here is some roads: a brilliance of screen in a SCP much more is that it shines that another like this can see a lettering in some tones in complete darkness as it is not required. Another chromebooks in a piece does not have comparable brilliance in a SCP how has/ would have to incorporate backlit keyboards.

Again kudos in Samsung to do another product adds!

To well sure would not pay $ 549 for a pro; I think that that that is to say each which has required to be able to in him Cromebook so that they right now.

Update: 2/22/2017:
Of launcher this has been my use : dispatch 365 the photo that edits application, application of clave of the perspective and chrome far desktop for the work together with 12 tabs has opened daily and a SCP is handling all that supremely well!
5 / 5 Rosalinda
Chromebooks Has been always the odd beast. Planted like the estimativa pc and specialised for people that only uses an internet for more than things. An attractive prize and the portability have been trying for students, (has to mention estimativa again?). A problem was a quite terrible selection of applications in a tent of chrome, low quantities of ram and generally action of anaemic. I have been generally a type of person to buy full powered 17' gaming portable (for his action and qualified in reasonably have two documents up immediately) and eschew tiny screens and has simplified products (i.et chromebooks And the smallest laptop). I say this scripture in the 14' Asus portable that is any comparable road in anything worthy of a word gaming.

So intro out of a road here is my situation and hopefully this gives some idea. I am very familiar with Samsungs the line of entity of products. Has the Note 3, remarks 4 and Note 10.1 (2014 edition). The NEWSPAPER uses a function of stylus in a 10.1 student of arrests. I hate Paper, and the flange maintains it organised or. So that the Note 10.1' was mine all arrest quite two full semesters, included with his odd 16:9 sample not matching a format for the 8.5x11 of level' piece of paper. Lately it is been doing strangely, is very outdated (graces samsung) and unless you are familiar with modifying a YOU, his for enough a moment to move to the long of. (Constants of accident during the class that loss of causes of the notes and the extraneous corruption is totally objectionable).

How has begun to look for alternatives, A TAB One with S-Pen or Tab S2 is quite insanely priced, although this SMELLS the exposures is expensive meltingly well. So that it was my options ? It buys a 12.1 2014 edition? Thats Not going to help. Felizmente This was marks it new option that was available.

Listens skeptical, he 15 turn of police in the daytime of the perfectionist of Boxes of Blue insurance with his remarkable lack of creepy smiley logotypes to face everywhere and any mart in his name he quite easy to take he for the walk of test.

Well, has cut one craps well? Taken the.

This Laptop/2in1/chromebook anything wants the call is very impressive, while you comprise some limitations. An exposure is well with his exposure of big resolution, angles closely to see infinite colours , excellent and Very punchy brilliance thats adds for full air. Regularly Find stay in 50% brilliance for comfortable inner use in of the brilliant zones, or go down at night.

The life of stack is incredible. For something what small with the brilliant screen, a life of the easily hard stack all day, writing notes, exploring an internet etc. The games and the video have posed a hurt on he even so.

Fantastic, any real noticable flex, screen with my palm on in of the offers of road of the little tablet if any noticable flexes. His VERY THIN, and light. And of the distance looks the product of the certian cultish themed the fruit undertaken of computer, excepts I didnt has to sell my internal organs to provide something with annoyingly the hardware has spoilt. His sports two Types of USB C ports, the headphone jack (how unbrave of them to comprise this right?) And the microsd empty of card for more than storage.

The races on Write of USB C!
Has thinks that was odd at the beginning since I the hate that has to spend another adapter to connect/devices of loads (friggen dongles man). But his no so bad since yes youre in the roads, can use the powerbank or included your tlphonique upload if your low stacks and support of living necessity. Hardly it maintains it lives, but thats better that listens fatality. That is to say pending very welcome of the sessions of long studio before it tries of calculation in your venue 24h money.

Opens The wise usability?
That is to say to chrome you, as it was screwed well? No really, googles been doing on giving access in a tent of android, which are which sold me in this device really. You go terrible applications, in some tents of game excellent selection, those the majority of law of applications on. My note that takes the application of election is Inkredible, which are available in Android or iOS and LEAUGES better that SNote or anything ive seen of a tent of iOS. One more Dev is the quite fresh person and aided me update to regulate in pro when pro has been fallen, (and has bought each characteristic for a regular application and well has surpassed a prize for pro which there was almost some characteristic same).

This remained with a S-the pen is pen , this the note of murderous this takes the device since takes rejection of palm of an application, and an excellent wacom backed to write distributed by a pen, work with any Note 3/4 compatible stylus which are quite awesome.

Applications of law of android almost perfectly, some the odd hiccups are present, of a tent is still in beta, but the games do mostly well, mine Inkredible the works add and often the majority of one google the android has based the better applications that anything chromes can distribute.

An odder thing is that the the android is run in the sandboxed evironment.
What this bad? Well he chrome is designed to be very sure, which are utmost for a less savvy users, but these closed down the half does not touch well with androids setup, as Google has Android 'fenced in' in his own little world, where he the flange affects/hurt a big pc. It gives the access in of the needs of characteristics in the 'grapevine' fashionable class. In this way that has sure odd things that spends, Your applications of the android can not see an option of full storage in your device, only a dossier of downloads. Printed in of the applications of the android no well with the printers of point have shared, wifi printers perhaps but I of those who has a so flavour of flange that. These marks to transfer the odd files, but doable. It takes The manager of file, uses one google that directs to file to download your game except/files/of data of the documents of your favourite applications, touch me in a dossier of downloads saw an application of chrome of files, then uses a manager of file of the android to move them around so required or transplant them in a present of dossier of the file in a root of yours android installs.

The games can take the small laggy like this processor isnt a more adds, but more race only well. My main complaint is there looks for to be the small bit of one afterimage or ghosting present in an exposure to move the games he quickly plus, but that preoccupies for this prize.

Very in any case, thinks that has said enough, His not perfecting , but is damn afterwards approximations. I am the month in, and has any one regerets, especially has taken of one of a warehouse of amazon in virtually of new condition for the best under a full asks prize because of some recent crazy sales. Also the help that google give you the $ 20 credit for a tent of game.

Has amused and the flavour was, only can find light of substitute of yours computer and necessities of tablet.
4 / 5 Sergio
I have purchased recently a Chromebook More and Chromebook Pro. I thought it initially it would like him a Pro better so that it is more than fast. Even so, you use an a lot of Stylus - and in the squids will find that a MORE has sensibly less lag that a Pro. Apparently it has some optimisations that Google has done with a OP1 and Pixel that leaves that Ink of calls of Instant.

So wants dyes of response of stylus of the instant a More is better that a Pro.

Has remarked also a Pro looks to run hotter and has the stack sensibly the lowest life.

Will be to the road retreated my Chromebook Pro and maintaining a Chromebook More. In me a More is hurriedly enough, has life of better stack, the freshest races and yes take the notes in of the Squids are sensibly more responsive.
1 / 5 Justa
I have bought this for my husband. The law adds and want the, until quite a lot of three weeks later, when begins to record all these touches of phantom in a screen that never marks. Look he up on-line and research to be the common problem with a hardware. There the does not look for when being any road to resolve excepts to return he in Samsung.

Alas is too late to return he in Amazon, as we will have to treat Samsung.
4 / 5 Cordell
My main reasons to require the Chromebook or in in to to the another tablet likes him his of the device:
1) Easily control and doing in google files to house when is not doing in a dispatch
2) looking films and TVs house or travelling

For both of these elements, is the 5 device to start with . I downgraded a star for 1) Some of a buggy subject with applications and software that supposes will do to era over time - for case, if our wifi drops (which he occasionally ) in place of a Chromebook reconnecting, has to restart he to find a signal again. 2) Some speakers do not take very strong. Quan Am looking something in a cookery while dishes of the mark or the cook has to use headphone to listen in my racket of cookery.

Has used to has the tablet of Nexus and has wanted the, but has required the device that was easier in email of, that is to say why has resolved us in the Chromebook. It Likes him that a More was convertible, as I can use likes him the tablet when not doing . Has no qualms likes another has had with a tampon to touch or that follows, but my use is literally email and entertainment. A keyboard takes some taking used to, but for some work of occasions to contain or issues the personal email, has any complaint of entity. For my necessities would be likely has gone with the device the cheap plus, but is expecting that a More will last the long times and he are attached the characteristic was to premium in me.