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1 first Apple MacBook Pro 15in - Intel Core i7-4770HQ 2.2GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Iris 5200 Pro Graphics , Retina Display, Mac OS X 10.9.4 - Silver (Renewed) Apple MacBook Pro 15in - Intel Core i7-4770HQ 2.2GHz, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Intel Iris 5200 Pro Graphics , Retina Display, Mac OS X 10.9.4 - Silver (Renewed) By Apple
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2 Dell XPS XPS9350-5341SLV 13.3 Inch QHD Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7 with Iris Graphics, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Silver) Dell XPS XPS9350-5341SLV 13.3 Inch QHD Touchscreen Laptop (Intel Core i7 with Iris Graphics, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Silver) By Dell
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3 best Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, Touch Bar, 1.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB) - Space Gray (Latest Model) Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, Touch Bar, 1.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB) - Space Gray (Latest Model) By Apple
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4 Apple MacBook Pro 15in Core i7 2.5GHz Retina (MGXC2LL/A), 16GB Memory, 512GB Solid State Drive (Renewed) Apple MacBook Pro 15in Core i7 2.5GHz Retina (MGXC2LL/A), 16GB Memory, 512GB Solid State Drive (Renewed) By Apple
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5 Apple Macbook Pro MGXC2LL/A - 15.4in Laptop (2.5GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB DDR3L RAM, 256GB SSD) (Renewed) Apple Macbook Pro MGXC2LL/A - 15.4in Laptop (2.5GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB DDR3L RAM, 256GB SSD) (Renewed) By Apple
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6 Apple MacBook Pro Retina MF843LL/A 13" Laptop, 3.1GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory, 512GB SSD, macOS 10.14 Mojave (Renewed) Apple MacBook Pro Retina MF843LL/A 13" Laptop, 3.1GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB Memory, 512GB SSD, macOS 10.14 Mojave (Renewed) By Apple
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7 Apple MacBook Pro MLH12LL/A 13-inch Laptop with Touch Bar, 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB Memory, 256GB, Retina Display, Space Gray (Renewed) Apple MacBook Pro MLH12LL/A 13-inch Laptop with Touch Bar, 2.9GHz dual-core Intel Core i5, 8GB Memory, 256GB, Retina Display, Space Gray (Renewed) By Apple
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8 Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2.3GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) - Space Gray  (Previous Model) Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2.3GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) - Space Gray (Previous Model) By Apple
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9 Intel NUC 7 Enthusiast, A Mini PC with Windows 10, Core i7, 512GB NVMe 600p SSD, 16GB RAM, Gunmetal (BOXNUC7I7BNKQ) Intel NUC 7 Enthusiast, A Mini PC with Windows 10, Core i7, 512GB NVMe 600p SSD, 16GB RAM, Gunmetal (BOXNUC7I7BNKQ) By Intel
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10 DELL XPS 13 9350 QHD+ 1800P TOUCH I7-6560U 3.2GHZ 16GB RAM 1TB PCIE SSD Backlit Keyboard Intel Iris Graphics 540 WIN 10 Professional (Certified Refurbished) DELL XPS 13 9350 QHD+ 1800P TOUCH I7-6560U 3.2GHZ 16GB RAM 1TB PCIE SSD Backlit Keyboard Intel Iris Graphics 540 WIN 10 Professional (Certified Refurbished) By Dell
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Top Customer Reviews: Apple MacBook Pro ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Stacia
An only complication experimented begin in a macbook was the startup option that has aimed a laptop had connected still in work of his anterior owner. It was at all the investigation of Google could not fix, and so afterwards that dry a walk a time of plus and installing a later YOU, the laws add! Each good buttons, a screen is clean, and a specs on was sper well. I am not the technology-savvy person, but my partner that the laws with the graphic drawings have said that it take the good roads .

Top Customer Reviews: Dell XPS ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have purchased a model of configuration: Dell XPS XPS9350-5341SLV 13.3 Inch QHD Touchscreen Portable (Core of Intel i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Money) Image of Byline of the Microsoft. This laptop (in my opinion) has a better in-balance of class of measure and action. A factor of the form of the laptop is approx. 11 inches and 2.8 lbs. Which are ideal to spend everywhere. A 13.3 inch QHD Touchscreen is brilliant, responsive, colour pallet is vivid, and a edgeless the looks of fantastic screen. The creation of keyboard is very situated, any one when being pas small/cramped, and a rest of palm has abundance of spatial same for my Shrek tame. It does not experience any one of some problems the anterior users have informed. I create a main reason why is once an initial Win10 setup has completed, then he manually Win10 update that uploaded several new updates and required reboots. Using a XPS 13 low conditions of typical use with an option of the saver of the stack has provided 6-7 hours that comprises streaming videos. One 1 USB-C/igniting port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 SD empty, and AC Bluetooth + Wireless 4.1 proportionate abundance of flexibility while precise. That is to say the portable quality has built concealed has excellent action.
2 / 5
Has had to the so subject with east. And yes, I have tried to update diverse engine. Problems:

1) drain of stack of the road to Sleep was excessive. It goes of 100% in 1% in the turned of 11 hours. It spends the hours and the hours with Dell back of the technology and they at the end intensified to have a motherboard has substituted. I wasted The day to time vacacional to expect for a Dell technical. Alas, a part is returned orderly and Dell did not inform me never.

2) Quan A motherboard was at the end substituted, a manager of Dell|of Power of the states to Order concealed to leave me maintain state of load of the stack among two thresholds (with the hysteresis enter) has broken. The road of the sleep goes that it is improved but was still excessive (drain of stack of 50% in 12 hours). I have said Dell of these subjects and they maintaining fly me in re-installs windows

3) Windows re-installed but an image of Windows 10 Dell provide me (through the nexus) has had any engine for a video, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth. Without connectivity of grandson, has had any road to download an engine. Felizmente, has done an image of an anterior walk in re-installing windows so many is of tower to square or with some original problems. I will try to download an engine and has the ready to go when flavour in re-installs the windows when has the few hours of my life to waste later this weekend.

IS two month in property of the same purportedly hardware of the premium and he are still not doing he so has to. It have contemplated another laptop PCs east (Surface Pro 4, Lenovo, Samsung). The desire had gone with a Surface Pro 4 instead. My daughter has a Surface Pro 3 and has done likes him has to out of a box and has been the free problem during the year and the half. I know a XPS-13 has a lot of descriptions add but has wanted the feedback on my own experiences and Dell is inability to resolve the problem hurriedly. I will update this description if my changes of opinion.
4 / 5
This thing is an electronic work of art ! I have purchased a i7, 256ssd, 8gb ram with qhd. Unboxing Was sweet. Good touch for Dell. Well he he. A unit is absolutely gorgeous. A strand of sum to be of the carbon and the looks notch upper. Some speakers so that the costs have surpassed my expectations, but will not be blaring out of any musician out of these tiny speakers. For streaming youtube the video is etc, his very good.

This is substituting the almost 6 yr Mac old air. It has Had the total of 4 laptops that comprises it ThinkPad and that is to say my favourite of them everything.

In of the minutes to start with-went in it up web of place of Dell and has update an engine and more importantly a Bios. Very easy to do.

In of the days to take a xps I the quota installs windows 10 edition of the anniversary and he are run perfectly. It shoes on it is less than 10 dry, while the closure is 2-3 dry. Quite sweet!

Does not comprise some of a warm description here in the amazon but I would say a majority of the mass of this commentary in Dell the web of place is overwhelmingly positive.

An absolute gem of the laptop. The mine has seen to mate the and now is buying unit Quickly, very built, easy in some eyes and the screen adds.

Has known the one of is this enters, but a QHD is the mica of the tension in a stack with some plants the web suggests to expect 2 less hours with a configuration. I think a beauty of some offsets of exposure an additional demand of a stack.

Seven 13.2016- Update- thinks used a xps 13 now for the month, is taking the star was. One has declared 8-10 stack of hours the life is not anywhere afterwards, at least any one for me, volume more afterwards in 5 hours. That is to say with the fresh Windows 10 installs and all some later updates/bios of Dell.

A tampon of the tone is not also like tampon of your of the apple.

Feb 5.2018-A load bit a balloon. I have to buy another. Felizmente A third option of party was only $ 25. Dell Still is providing support. Has update a BIOS so recently like last December together with the little another engine. Life of rests of unchanged stack. Taking quite 5 hours.
2 / 5
I have purchased this notebook after doing extensive investigation in that ultra portable to go with. I have chosen this tez cement for Iris of Intel Pro 540 maps. I have required something thin, clear, but able to touch the games the old plus like TF2 and CS: they GO.

After unpacking it and marvelling in this well a quality of tez was, has begun to start with the posing up.. I have listened then a noise. 'Click, click, Click of click, click, click' each 5 as 'Click, click, click'

has thought in me.. 'Well, any panic, has still the plot of updates to be has done. It included he bios update!' As I have supposed one of these updates would fix it. As I Have begun to leave update, restarts to start with a bios update. During a bios update, has listened the surprisingly strong beep on and on. It IS to verify it was and has seen a message of error that says my CPU the adherent was defective.

What.. Really.. It is it bit it turbulent. Only once, it would like him buy something (electronic) and has functions. But, nooooooo...

Anyways, will return It and looks around for something more. I give it 2 stars so that a craftsmanship is well, has some right ports, very stack, Iris 540 maps and any excellent exposure. Even so, I rebuff to give it more stars that that when one CPU is paste 105C right out of a box.

Also, for the the one who is asking , the mine also has to locate whine/electrical noise during graphically intensive use. If my partidrio has done, can has not listened the or preoccupied when doing something that gaming.

Goes to try purchasing it once again.
5 / 5
Amur A laptop, this was the substitution for my Sony Vaio S 13P.
Been using a laptop the plot for my advance these courses of programs for my title of undergraduate to Compute.
To the program of sleeves likes him the studio of Android and Eclipse IDE very good. An only with going has with a laptop was an insect to Sleep that it was fixable for the pose hibernate hibernate and also a Broadcom wifi field of the card sucked but has changed he with the Intel Ac-8260 piece (Only $ 28) and some receptions of the laptop and the speed of the internet there has been has taken clearly the impulse, especially with a increasement that lives of stack for at least 45Mins - 1 Hour for me.

The desires have better stack only take quite 5.5 hours during heavy load and quite a lot of 7 hours - 8.5 hours during the web that explores/Notetaking/etc.(85% Stack, Manager of uses of Dell to Be able to of the Order in any lt is to spend of load of the laptop 85%)
has Achieved this to turn of useles programs in Startup of TaskMgr -&62; Startup and Services in advance.msc startup

wants this laptop very only is very clear, but has the good casing, fast SSD, Good Exposure, the keyboard adds and trackpad, and Intel Iris lovely 540 maps. The calm can any gone bad with this computer.

P.D. It listens the problem that says that a Dell maintains of the client is horrendous, but in my fixed case all my problems of computer as it does not know anything enough maintains of client for Dell or any company for this subject.

5 UPDATE of MONTH: Desprs having 5 Month of use with this laptop, everything and can say a lot of insects have been fixed concealed and remarked with some updates of BIOS and Windows 10 update that went it entering. The portable work also so day a when and bought it and an insect of the sleep goes that it is resolved for me when and updated in 1.4.4. Life of the stack still is going strong without sign of degradation; which are supring so many and use this laptop quite 5-8 hours the day to program and press this thing in his limits. A laptop has been lining up perfectly and with a Windows 10 Updates of Anniversaries and has been running SILKY SMOOTH.
1 / 5
'The death of boxes leave' = 15 months ( 3 months guaranteed is spent, the course has purchased 2016). 5 stars until it dies. It does not fall. Spent 8 hours in tlphonique with Dell Behind, cost $ 129 arrests off duty of guarantee, 20 $ more for the USB of Recovery of the USB. They have failed totally to diagnose a problem. In an end said me need the state walk new solid, but has not had very in stock. I purchase or in Amazon. It does not resolve a problem. I am moving on in a Steel portable Swift. It take some covers have extended of absence of Dell.
4 / 5
There are two things to say in a quality of tez. First thing is that a whole laptop is built neatly incredible. When being so solid of rock like a product of apple. In this zone costs a money. A second thing to say is that Dell looks to have the quality controls quite terrible with this laptop. If all go well in production with your laptop, adds, has the laptop adds. But in my case was the bit was. It has arrived in any one covers. If this spends in you too much is easy to fix, but that disappoints all a same.

Unscrews a backplate (this very null guaranteeed)
Locates connector of stack (uses ifixit teardown for help)
Push connecter all a road in in a socket. Only it can it move the small
Opens has said a laptop on in the surface of flavours and tries static to touch the while it is in
If any one touches to try again

Averts of a subject of stack has discovered also that there is the pixel is died after two days. For me this is not very very one subject while it is only a tiny pixel among an integer QHD+ screen, but this to well sure could be worse for other people. These ultra big HD the screens are quite new and so fashioning his could not be sper solid of rock with them still.

In of the terms of the life of stack thinks that volume around 6 - 8 hours that chromes, Netflix, clear material. Patient probably when being in a lower end that mark Photoshop and such tasks. It IS well, it has not blown my alcohol, but also very underwhelm me.

For action, is a i7. It runs like the computer with a i7. One ssd is hurriedly how a ssd. Any a lot of to pose here.

Is looking for The laptop that is small, portable and able of the most rigorous tasks that the just web that explores, then that is to say the solid option . If the calm wants to it MacBook airs but does not like him a fact is Apple , takes this. But please be conscious of a possible detects it can arrive with. Quan Work, work very good.

For me he looses or stars of some defects of manufacture.
1 / 5
It take this computer in 2016. Has intermittent subjects with an exposure not doing . I have contacted Dell in this subject in Pot of 2017. Felizmente, my extensive guarantee through November of 2017. This computer has been returned with a cape of LCD reseated, which was apparently an only subject. It has not had any cost.

Was in churns of China during several months, that last that time a screen intermittently no . I have failed to contact Dell in this until December of 2017, out of a period of guarantee, like the screen had not failed constantly util then. Desprs Accounts in Dell that this was the recurrent subject , has declared that has had to $ 225 to have a screen of LCD has substituted, while it was out of guarantee, in spite of my insistence that this was the recurrent subject that failed to fix during a period of guarantee.

Rebuffed To pay one $ 225 and since has a computer behind. Another that a screen not doing , this computer is well, but consider the nonfunctioning screen the catastrophic subject, particularly for or that is to say supposition to have the very well, QHD aims like this or.

Dell Sustains of the client is complete and pronounces the rubbishes and they want to extort money of calm out of a period of guarantee. It does not purchase this computer or any one another computer of Dell . Purchase of another company. I am writing this in the Lenovo portable this has has not had any serious subjects or problems of exposure, in difference of the same computer of Dell.

Like the calm purchase my POS Dell XPS 13 concealed does not have the exposure of operation, would be happy to sell he in calm in valuing way down below of piece, while I do not want never subjects with Dell again.

The May will purchase the computer of Dell again because of this compraventa.
5 / 5
Dell XPS 13 XPS9350-5342GLD 13.3-Inch QHD+ Touchscreen Portable (6 Core of Intel of the Generation i7, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, Wins 10, Image of Byline of the Microsoft) will maintain it down. It has Had he for the year and he are flawless states. It have read quite a lot of descriptions to learn that it have to go
1 / 5
Defective product. Dell The support fails.

First time fixed down guaranteeed to return streaky together for tape.

Dulcemente Exploded like the stack has developed over time.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple MacBook Pro ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Mistie
I am supposed to be updating mine 2017 macbook pro in a 2019 Macbook Pro with touchbar. Instead take it an old macbook pro
1 / 5 Beckie
I have bought this laptop in February 2019, law well during a month then begins to give problem. Hardly I open screen of laptop flickers. Once you next sake and then open. I have wanted this laptop but he have spent already 30 days (am the member of elite). I have called support of apple they some few diagnostics and run some tests and has said each thing is well. Again after it has seen little in the daytime a same problem. The apple has nicknamed backwards again, ask me to take this in local tent. I have taken he in Troy Somerst tent. The totally maintained technician and said to fix a problem. After the week again has a same subject. This time and was in the tent of local apple questions a substitution. This technician was so earthy ,says that it can maintain he but can not substitute. A worse service worse laptop. The May does not spend never mass of money in this carp. Please does not recommend this product in your friends and family.
5 / 5 Bell
Take my Macbook of the Better purchase quite done 5 month and wants to it. There is has not had any subject with him so far, some subjects of the keyboard of the butterfly has still to spend in me, a computer is sper fast and his add to use like the programmer.
3 / 5 Jani
To Any one Liked him To Of Him has cut a life of stack for this prize of premium.
5 / 5 Benita
The flight! That is to say a meeting to price more drop for a new plus MacBook Pro 2019.

Amazing screen, a technology of Your True is very useful. A Fence the Touch is easier to use what that has thought. An only thing is a life of the stack is not while I have expected (7 maximum of hours for normal use)
5 / 5 Jeanett
Phenomenal device. In the first place practically the price to offer that any lack specs of Apple. An usual shell out of the boatload against. shorting Calms in specs the battle is on. Unless you it professional is editing mesos comunicacionales, this MBP is will be sufficient. Snappy, well protect built , sum, all expect of an Apple OSX device.
2 / 5 Ebonie
It wants like this the laptop but I could not take some subjects with a Bar to Touch for prender especially with any application of Apple. Using the chrome has had any road to look a volume or adjust brilliance like each a touchbar would aim is tones of function. A keyboard is only terrible. It IS it likes him write in the surface of glass.
1 / 5 Terry
We buy the little MacBook and Pro produced, and has had a lot of subjects with some of them.
- The MacBook Air - any one subjects so far after ~3 years
- the MacBook: a touchpad the buttons have prendido to do shortly after the careers of guarantee was. An only workaround is to bend-touch a touchpad which are not natural in us, and take to use.
- The MacBook Pro: less inner that 1any one, begins to have intermittent subject with touchbar/keyboard/siri: basically, when Any one is using a lot his, a Mac would begin to do one of these crazy things: Siri the beginning to shoot was and listening what if any one had actuated the; if it was it issues of editor of the file, the keyboard would begin to write crazy thigns in a doc as if any one had been writing; a touchbar would begin work '' as crazy, eg, dimming my monitor, augmenting/volume of audio of the reduce, etc....

The apple maintains is so crappy like anything can imagine.
Likes him a lot of some idiots in a world, while we resist in the first place few iterations of iPod and iPhones, at the end finish to launch to plot of good money to take a iCrap. Like this my experience is a lot of years to use iShit produced and visiting his tents. To be fair, the personal sound of tent is among one _the majority of_ polite bouquet. Even so this little help when is trying takes your problems resolved - too often, or will not resolve your subject or touch you an arm-and-leg. If on the dot: I have bought once the iPhone new. A new mark that uploads the cape of a box was crappy and defective - so no for the use never until a day at the end has taken he in the tent that asks the substitution. They recognise some Originals to be of the cape, but waste to substitute it since was out of guaranteeed' - OOW was, but really? Have KNOWN of mine that the years of account have been that buy how many iCray products, even so waste to provide a less quantity of service in amiable to substitute the cape that cost the pence?

Of all some big tents,
to the amazon is absolutely rids-under a better. While the does not like me __ a fact that to the amazon is to take on a world-wide and killing so that other subjects (and any _payment_ to take In the first place), has to give the full credit to provide The BETTER SERVICE in a WORLD of any industry. I will say a _only _ _ _ __ hassle is purposefully has done to to a web of place likes him take to use for the end finds a road to call/message/of habladura in an agent - but at least provides such the road. Test UBER and Lyft - has one of the service of WORSE client so literally have VERY - an only road is in " I issue email", but then IT CAN listen behind they!
Costco - Has been a model of function for Amazon, although to the amazon has surpassed Costco now. Long Costco is no longer the "any question has asked" tent during turn - almost always calm ask you something. But still, with Costco, always_ take some results of better final.
Comcast, ATT - These two is in fact surprisingly a lot that bad. He been client of so in fact a lot of years now. One Comcast agents at the head of the line sometimes can be very "level" and unhelpful, that pause "politician", all another Comcast agents (technology; sales; installation; loyalty; etc.) it IS surprisingly very good and very useful. ATT In general has been very (in-tent and in tlphonique). Sometimes taken bad any one - was in a ATT the tent that buys some device, have me-sold up a bit Protect of Device without saying me any one of some limitations/of restrictions what only discovered when enough to do the recovery. As I have finished to call ATT to annul a service had had for almost 2me he - annulled with full repayment without a lot of hassle
5 / 5 Alisia
That is to say the add MacBook ! Apple as always a better!
4 / 5 Violet
This computer is so awesome, update of the 2015 in this quad the core is surprising. It does not leave one 1.4 ghz fool you. Apple of only desire has known lives in 2019 and necessity more concealed 128 pistol of spatial. Some ports of ray are eh. The desire there has been one regulates 3.0. A keyboard any one when being pas odd like the people say that they are but that is to say a unit updated A Bar the Touch is class of change, quite some physical tones, a bar was fresh during 5 minutes in better.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple MacBook Pro ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Margret
MacBook Pro Took is not so announced, at all. An outside is not in how new. An organism of aluminium has harm. A keyboard is not in how new. A trackpad any same laws, some taking just dances through a screen! An account of the cycle of the stack is in a mid 400 east, also any one to that likes him the walnut. So far, I have purchased the $ 999.99 paperweights. Successful has been arrest tlphonique, goes in voicemail (which are full). Emailed. Any response. It announces futilities for DealFisher.
1 / 5 Velvet
Better wait. Piece/of crack in an external screen. It dents Down. Life of hard stack in some early cup.
The descriptions of product have said that all would have to when being mark new condition. The life of stack would have to when being around 7 hours but any one where near concealed. Only among the plastic has sealed embroils and the box. No another packaging. Very disappointed in this so nicknamed 'the certificate renewed' element.
1 / 5 Laurie
It IS very excited to take this element but I hurriedly has identified subjects with a laptop that took thwart. A left speaker is blown. Has this same laptop for work and expected to change in my information. I have touched a speaker in both side of portable-for-side and this one is blown to good sure! Also the commentary that a keyboard is read '1,2,4,3...?' To good sure return. While it takes the better laptop the change.
5 / 5 Annabel
It was impressed really with this compraventa! It arrives sooner this has anticipated, supremely well packed/protected and was in NEW condition ! There is has not been the only imperfection anywhere in a unit! It whitewashes Well until a compatible operating system later, easily until dating and has transferred my data of a cloud behind in a unit. It was included able to update in a new Apple Mohave version of public beta! It purchase the multiple laptop used some years and this was by far a better condition of any one. Has I any known goes it when being used ( checked ) would have thought is was the new mark and that erroneously gave me the new unit! It buys they again anytime!
5 / 5 Therese
That is to say honestly a better version of MacBook pros has not done never. Any subjects of keyboard aka changes of strong butterfly and flat tones. Any Touch GOES subjects. Has a faster processor and or the majority of memory. Better bang for a buck. Only wish a vendor (Supreme Roads CR) would have substituted a stack since avenges in 609 cycles (out of 1000 recc. Cycles). But I think that only it vary it vendor in vendor. The computer was clean and the fact adds. Only it have it the pair dings in some hardly perceivable verges. hopefully Last the long time.
5 / 5 Clifford
That is to say the Mac has renewed these looks and the careers like walnuts! I am very pleased with this product. It was easy to pose up out of a box and transfers all my documents of the anterior MacBook Pro has used. I think that that this was the good roads so that it take it the pause of the good prize compared in marks he new computer. Very happy purchased this element!
5 / 5 Sal
Mark Of looks of the new laptop, and is in the condition adds. Thank you Tetchy Technology!
5 / 5 Davina
Arrived in immaculate condition and works perfectly comprising all the ports. Still although it is a Dispatch of the oldest model of still races 365 without any problems.
5 / 5 Elaina
Very pleased with purchase of mine, is the apple has renewed mac pro but mark of careers and new looks perfectly
5 / 5 Delorse
That is to say the computer adds for the video that edits. I have bought this for my threads that is studying arts of means comunicacionales. It IS to the use the plot to him for his classes.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple Macbook Pro ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Aundrea
Very impressed with this laptop.

Has been the Mac pending user of the decades and has possessed/has collected the tonne of them (I Linux of use and joins, also..Any one a lot for Windows).

At present have the 2000 iBook (blue/aim), he 2007 15' MacBook Pro, he 2009 aim MacBook, he 2011 13' MacBook Pro and now this 2014 15' MacBook Pro ( has given everything of my another Mac..Each return desktops in '84...Mina 867 PowerBook fatality).

Has grown tired to pay outrageous prizes for Mac, as I have begun to buy renewed directly of Apple (that is to say only one 2 one has bought elsewhere), the plus has required some ports a 2014 has (any a lot of the difference of mine 2011).

A screen and the keyboard are utmost. One 4 core I7 the processor has to need for intensive projects (mine 2011 is the dual core I5).

Avenges with the Big fresh copy of Sierra and has update in Mohave 2 days ago (09/24/18).

HAS 3 ails perceivable scratches and 1 tiny nick..Everything in a coverage.

Also, the capacity of stack was in %98 capacity...41 cycles. Excellent for the computer of 4 years!

Can not see the necessity for the new mark MacBook Pro in these prizes unless you are the serious musician , filmmaker, etc...

This MacBook pro more this takes a work has done...And a SSD is upgradeable!

To well sure the roads adds for concealed it paid for him!

Top Customer Reviews: Apple MacBook Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5 Frank
Bought one 13 in 2.9ghz 16gb 512 ssd. The product is gone in the week through a country during xmas/New Years, which was hurriedly. Bundled Well. Have wanted to some few ports, and a better keyboard, and is the apple has prendido to do and selling these models in his place.

Any nicks, scratches or visible wear in an external shell. Tones all the work, any bond or ones concealed is to take in of the press. The screen is perfect, could not find the macula, included apropar- some external verges.

Has had quite a lot of five weeks that maintains (since Jan 4) and the life of stack has been that would expect of the used MacBook concealed has already four years. It take 5 in 5 1/2 hours out of him with way to moderate use. Typically I go in one uploads once achieves 20 percent. A low plus is taken has had since is 13, so perhaps can take more afterwards in six run the bass.

Accounts of cycle of the stack out of the boxes was in 471. It IS 486 now.

Out of a box, has used he consecutively for so for hours while it beat for the try. I have found to use a Chess application drained a mass significantly faster that any one another thing done in the. It Likes him, each which how 90 bren loses of the percentage. Any one more has to spends while using failures?

Has to 90 guarantee in the daytime limited in of the turns, which give to time to to use likes him for the try was.

Some looks of big prize initially. Which are which dissuaded me to go with Double Dex first.

Has bought the similar 2015 Mac Mac Of All the Trades in the early December and was quite 300 cheap dollars. The screen and the keyboard were a same, there was scuff mark in some outsides, but at all of entity, a subject was would not touch . Account Of cycle zero toe, which had me stack of the optimist of the anterior owner has substituted. Magsafe Did in fellow Mac, and the light of amber is come on in mine, but any one uploads against the end a troubleshooting and resets.

Mac Of All the Trades have data the credit to situate and was adds in the turn when the similar model has not bursting up. Sound to 14 window of day in his turns, as it can not expect for one to be available while precise or for work.

IS returned prende to Bend Dex because of some descriptions and a guarantee. It IS to take to buy something has used, that there is not any picture for and is already four years, for the prize in firm in the nine a , but for me, know the mine has surpassed my expectations so far. Any overheat of stack, any subjects of software, swipes in forests any problem so far.

So much, is looking for the pre-keyboard of butterfly Mac with all your favourite ports, and has a half, based in my experience that goes with Pair Dex coast a money is spent.
4 / 5 Lynsey
I in fact chosen up two of these MacBook Pro Units - both are an early 2015 exposure of Retina with a GOOD keyboard, one with the 2.9 Ghz processor with 16 GB RAM and 512 GB of the storage appoints only, and or with the 2.7 Ghz processor with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB of storage for my granddaughter of 12 years to do his schoolwork on. Both look of units and that absolutely MARKS NEW. In the So much want our laptops and is the SOLID roads.

A caveat is this (and that is to say something the precise people to look have been arrest) - a chargers this is coming with both units are dud. As it IS this ? - Van GUSPIREJAR WILDLY ails was plugged in a MacBooks in a MagSafe connector in a laptop he. This very freaked went me and scared me since that is to say the subject of enormous security .

The research is, coming to discover that it has to done dud MagSafe 2 chargers there - a lot in Amazon that to LOOK EXACTLY likes him the apple has produced MagSafe2 chargers, even so, does not contain a security looks that Apple comprises in his product. If it purchases or take it MagSafe 2 load of Amazon, necessity to be conscious of of the this.

This can say that a load is the fake is this : a printing in one focuses is darker and will read 'Dongguan Samsung Electro Mechanical'. It do not use it , while I read it potentially it can destroy a motherboard in your laptop. An Apple 'official' product MagSafe 2 chargers has the clearest impression and read 'Electronic of Delta'.

This was an easy to fix for us - choose in a load of official Apple directly of a Tent of Apple and no more spark.

Has comprised two photos of one upload takings with my units and one upload purchased of Apple. An Apple has produced to upload is a an up, a fake is a one in a fund.

Also wants to attach that this in any subjects would have to deter any one to choose for on one of an Apple of Amazon has Renewed MacBook Pro Units - is, likes him the SOLID machines have said that this does very good and is clean as it whistle it! Still with purchasing the load of separate Apple, these two machines were to VERY good compraventa for a money!!
5 / 5 Nanci
1 / 5 Linette
That is to say to use portable in the bad condition
5 / 5 Hannah
Using a laptop for pair of weeks. Each sake so far. Thank you
2 / 5 Cyrus
We could not use this computer immediately so that it was enclosed administrator . The vendor routed we the signal that has not done. Owe a Tent of Apple unlock and reset he. Probably they do not have to it has to way that has not been given an origin of an anterior computer in us possessing it. Be fishy.
5 / 5 Hector
Bought for daughter for University
5 / 5 Jacquie
I actuate Recently the bought this 512GB MacBook Pro and all research to be doing well! Included even so it has only the few smaller scars in a perspective but a computer is doing very good. A life of stack can live for the long time. Some the main parts of a computer are has comprised: A computer (of course) and a load. In general, I liked him really his of your product and hopefully again will buy this produces again!

Nevertheless, a mailing is very hurriedly also! A time has wanted is around 2 weeks but took a product only after around 1 week! Very effective and swift!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sylvester
I am kindof dissatisfaction. The tan opened it only and can not say all, even so it can say you to that I any one comes from that already found. An emblem of apple is cracked and a cord to be able in that avenges with has A lot of scratches, swipes, and scrapes during the so much question if some touches of same cape properly. I know that is to say referbished, but can please to follow some police 'external arrivals that new legit? It averts so many far is satisfied. The displacement in a tampon of mouse is Kindof meh but perhaps is so that I am not to use his still? Some tones are in the fine condition and some work to scan of impression of toe. It was preoccupied with some of some revises concealed says that they have taken the ashes in place of the spatial ash but the mine is spatial ash as I am very happy. My fave colour. I can leave another description with more than information after the week or so of use.
5 / 5 Amee
Wow, Absolutely perfect! I have bought this for the anniversary of my daughter and for his to use in university. The flight!! It arrives sper fast and in perfect condition!! We are supremely pleased with this MacBook. He thank you for the compraventa adds!
5 / 5 Inga
Happy has not spent a full prize for something also. There are the scratches of light of the pair in some upper and tiny dents in a side, but is not even perceivable. At all technologically bad so far while I can see.
5 / 5 Pamula
I actuate Recently the bought this MacBook Pro and all research to be doing well! Included even so it has only the few smaller scars in a perspective but a computer is doing very good. In general, I liked him really his of your product and hopefully will buy this produces again!

Nevertheless, a mailing is very hurriedly also! A time has wanted is around 2 weeks but took a product only after around 1 week! Very effective and swift!
Maintains this work up!
5 / 5 Celena
As it Describe
5 / 5 Maybell
4 / 5 Delphine
Only it enter it, research to be that he only well. An only thing is that it is to sure money well, not spacing in to ash likes him is listing.
5 / 5 Tobias
Drawee While it promise. I attach purchase.
5 / 5 Jeniffer
The utmost looks(is in fact spatial ash) and world-wide adds 10/10.
4 / 5 Ethel
Each sake but Grey ordered spatial and arrive plateada... All the another another is well.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple MacBook Pro ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Carylon
Has update of the mid 2012 MacBook Air 13', that is to say my premier MacBook Pro and his surprise !
Recommends in a model of bar of the touch because of some facts to litter:
1- the big plus stack has compared for Model of Touch of Bar ----&62; life of the long plus stack
2- CPU lower wattage (the main efficiency) i.et ----&62; life of the long plus stack
3- has bars of physical function All the time!!
4- Improve the value for a money has paid !
5- nonsuch The bar has 1 partidrio to cool compared in 2 partidrios in a TB model, ( slightly takes warmer with intensive but insignificant tasks).
6- Enjoy write in 2017 MacBook Pro, any preoccupy in some revises that it complains in a key trip!! I have used to to lose a trip of plus in a MacBook Air but now enjoys this more! They have improved also a sound of the key/noise compared in a MacBook Pro 2016 ! So has the 2016 calm model recommend you to return it if he no the hassle since you and change he with the 2017 a!
7- A processor in a 2017 model is a Intel 7 Generation (Kaybe Lake) has built in decoding for 4k videos therefore your laptop will run more effective (long plus and fresher)
1 / 5 Aron
The advertising is deceiving !!! It IS dual core !!! Careful Be!!!
1 / 5 Jama
Very disappointed with a compraventa. It announces injustices. Announced like Quadcore but took the machine of dual core .It do not expect that of compraventa of amazon
1 / 5 Chuck
I require a Macbook with Quad processor of Core while it orders.
3 / 5 Sona
That is to say quite mine 15 laptop of Apple, returning almost 30 years in the 1991 Powerbook Duet 230 these still careers to date. It wants to many of them, has liked him the majority of them, and when being the committed loyalist in a mark for the majority of my professional life. I have bought a late plus Macbook Pro 13' fully spec'd with each optional could take you, clocking in in in $ 2000, to substitute my still fine 2014 this has data in the relative.

Has at all but remorse. While a processor is fast and a screen is well, two things this a laptop of worse Apple has possessed in of the a lot of years, return in the dog G3 Blackbird that the fire taken.

1) HAS, forbids any one, a worse keyboard in any laptop of the apple has not used never. It has killed my precision to write. A key trip is too superficial down the half and one listens is almost bizarrely lack in feedback. Besides, a trackpad is the backside of big past of mine 2014 in of the terms of precision and sweetness. I hate a so keyboard. I write for the alive and finds it near in rabies. At all do to change the help of parameters at all. When being terrible. A keyboard in mine 2014 MBP was very and has wanted to it. To save the fraction of an Apple of thorough inch has marred something perfect.

2) USB-C is the terrible idea for a connector to be able in. A detachable Magsafe was one of some inventions adds all the time in a field to build of the laptop. It has saved my laptop uncountable time. I possess 8 or so MagSafe adapters that is now paperweight. And I am again fearful covers it my machine in. That the stupid regression for Apple of the perfectly built solution that it was it has wanted by users of Apple.

So that it has not learnt never to want this laptop, 5 or 6 month in for the possess. If the apple has not done the better keyboard for a vain next generation to be abhor to buy another and can do a movement of Windows in last. Why, oh why, Apple, faiths something this thwart to use 6-8 hours the day like the machine of primary work?

EDITED to ATTACH: After several months also can inform life of terrible stack, far worse that my last diverse Macbook Pros. I am lucky to take 4 hours of service yes wifi is on and the screen is mostly brilliant. My last a has taken still 6 hours in 3 years. I hate this MBP. It IS the failure .
3 / 5 Irwin
It IS the Macbook Pro so almost habladuras for him to arrive to this point. Action, reliability, clave, consolation.. There is everything. Mays... Where The stay has disappointed is with a keyboard. There is the macbook pro 15 inch before this 2018 model, as well as a portable steel 2017 and dell desktop 2016. I want both windows and mac and uses the each to do to run excel and in in to to the things like them those that in of normal exploring functions. Any explicit gaming or accusing functions. My opinion is a keyboard in this 2018 macbook pro 13 computer of marks of inch to write almost exhausting in time, writing this now wants to take in my steel. Segundo, after having both operating systems now for years, finds a necessity to purchase just additional adapter to use a device some subjects once the marks or one issues my windows marks still.. Supremely thwarting. In general? For a money.. Of the that Takes a macbook pro 13' 2018. Taking the $ 600 SSD computer of the windows and you will be so happy while you. It takes a have very deep and happy has lower big, sure and costs of reparation.
4 / 5 Loan
Updated Of 2010 MacBook Pro and this thing is clearer of road and smaller that an anterior computer. Much faster with the Much better screen - but supposition that is would be obvious with as the far laptops have entered a bit those that past years.

Also has the 2016 model MacBook Pro in our house, and has expected this for quite be a same, and has been surprised by so different this one was.

Sure knows and is well with a fact that this computer has any ports of USB - at least any one classifies is the use has used to probably. This model has a new USB-C ports. As any anterior squad or the accessories can have, like the walk of inch, the laptop of walk takes, etc, will not be compatible without purchasing the USB in USB-C conversor or updating yours another squad also.

Has not been thrilled with that little of this USB-C the ports were in a computer (just 2 altogether, and one of these is taken up for one uploads which are also now it USB-C, leaving calm with just An ONLY port while touching). I suppose that a current tendency is to have each which is Cloud /of Bluetooth, but think that this would be the laptop of 5 Stars with just or more USB-C port.

Still the laptop adds, but the marks sure access your necessities and any necessity of current technology to use with your laptop. He in the fine still works for us, but has not gone really prepared in re-USB of Bluetooth/of the compraventa-C versions of our current squad
5 / 5 Madalyn
A description is not accurate since is i7 and any i5. It comes with an apple of guarantee of year. I produce add global, want to it
1 / 5 Mitsuko
Listing as 'the model more Tard', but is in fact an older version
Can not purchase Applecare support for him through Amazon
Flavours to take he of Apple, and does not recognise it so new.

The products adds, but that is to say headlining by behind these two big companies are by train to deceive us.
1 / 5 Marlo
Any one impressed! It has Had the problems has taking since he of a box behind in September, 2017. In May, 2018, the problems the big plus has presented ... Touching the port decree to do and the sticky keyboard would not leave me to use capitalisation. Apple routed the new load. But, when a problem has presented again, has said that the need that takes he in for reparations. I have done. There is a computer for 10 days. Only it take it his behind less than two weeks ago and some the same problems are arriving. Apple, the inc. said that I need to be repaired by a same subject 3 times before it substitutes. I am the student of exclusive devotion in the very intensive program and this are the ENORMOUS subject of the libraries are not to open late at night when required to do my duties. Any one impressed! I am taking he for reparations again tomorrow. Hopefully, can take It behind in me more harvest.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Brittaney
The still tin kicked windows 10, plugged in my old Amazon Basics DVD/RW and kicked
Fedora 27. Each , immediately. It is surprising that something this beats small that it is
east well, in an only thing that could go it badly now is tomorrow of pauses. In a picture,
the windows of white terminal are a physical host , some the blue windows are one of a VMs has done,
and a green window is another VM. While it compile it Linux in both of a VMs in a same
time, has verified a meso to upload against a host You and was less than 2. It take a NUK with 16 actions
5 / 5 Elva
I am a lot of digging this computer of State of Solid of compact measure. I have been surprised to see his measure and a walk of time of marks of solid state of irrelevant access. The law adds for necessities of basic computer.
4 / 5 Catarina
These products would take 5 stars except Intel maintain. It IS supposition to come with extra software, could not take to download and some people of Intel of the support has not been only horrible, has taken weeks among contacts with me until a time has run was! If it was not such the good computer would return for lack of support of quality.
5 / 5 Marisha
Quickly, clear and the reliable looks - utmost few desktop of PC that does not take on any room!
5 / 5 Teddy
Compact, powerful, cute.
5 / 5 Andy
Upper of a line.

Top Customer Reviews: DELL XPS 13 9350 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Theodore
I add while plugged in but hardly unplugged the instantly dies.