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1 first HP Envy 17t Premium 17.3 inch Touch Laptop (Intel 8th Gen i7 Quad Core, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) Touchscreen, DVD, Win 10 Pro) HP Envy 17t Premium 17.3 inch Touch Laptop (Intel 8th Gen i7 Quad Core, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, 17.3" FHD (1920 x 1080) Touchscreen, DVD, Win 10 Pro) By HP
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2 Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop, 15.6" Full HD, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, GeForce MX150, 8GB RAM Memory, 256GB SSD, E5-576G-5762 Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop, 15.6" Full HD, 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U, GeForce MX150, 8GB RAM Memory, 256GB SSD, E5-576G-5762 By Acer
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3 best HP Envy 17-inch Laptop, Intel Core i7-8550U Processor, NVIDIA GeForce MX150 4 GB, 12 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Drive, Windows 10 Home (17-ae110nr, Silver) HP Envy 17-inch Laptop, Intel Core i7-8550U Processor, NVIDIA GeForce MX150 4 GB, 12 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Drive, Windows 10 Home (17-ae110nr, Silver) By HP
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4 ASUS S510UN-EH76 VivoBook S 15.6" Full HD Laptop, Intel Core i7-8550U, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, Windows 10 ASUS S510UN-EH76 VivoBook S 15.6" Full HD Laptop, Intel Core i7-8550U, NVIDIA GeForce MX150, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, Windows 10 By ASUS
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5 Razer Blade Stealth 13.3" (New Graphics Model) Thin and Light Laptop - Slim Bezel 4K Touchscreen - NVIDIA GeForce MX150 - Intel Core i7-8565U - 16GB RAM - 512GB SSD - Windows 10 - CNC Aluminum Razer Blade Stealth 13.3" (New Graphics Model) Thin and Light Laptop - Slim Bezel 4K Touchscreen - NVIDIA GeForce MX150 - Intel Core i7-8565U - 16GB RAM - 512GB SSD - Windows 10 - CNC Aluminum By Razer
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6 ASUS ROG Strix Scar II Gaming Laptop, 17.3u201d 144Hz IPS-Type FHD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB, Intel Core i7-8750H Processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD + 1TB SSHD, RGB KB, Windows 10 - GL704GW-DS76 ASUS ROG Strix Scar II Gaming Laptop, 17.3u201d 144Hz IPS-Type FHD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB, Intel Core i7-8750H Processor, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB PCIe SSD + 1TB SSHD, RGB KB, Windows 10 - GL704GW-DS76 By ASUS
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7 ASUS VivoBook Pro 17 17.3u201d Thin and Portable FHD Laptop, 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U Processor , NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, USB-C, Backlit Keyboard, N705UN-ES76 ASUS VivoBook Pro 17 17.3u201d Thin and Portable FHD Laptop, 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U Processor , NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD, USB-C, Backlit Keyboard, N705UN-ES76 By ASUS
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8 Acer Aspire17.3 Inch Full HD Laptop, 7th Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB GDDR5, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, HDMI, HD Webcam, Windows 10 Acer Aspire17.3 Inch Full HD Laptop, 7th Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB GDDR5, 802.11ac, Bluetooth, HDMI, HD Webcam, Windows 10 By Acer
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9 ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX504 15.6u201d 3ms Full HD IPS-level, Intel Core i5-8300H Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 8GB DDR4, 256GB M.2 SSD, Gigabit WiFi, Windows 10 - FX504GM-WH51 ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX504 15.6u201d 3ms Full HD IPS-level, Intel Core i5-8300H Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 8GB DDR4, 256GB M.2 SSD, Gigabit WiFi, Windows 10 - FX504GM-WH51 By ASUS
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10 ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX504, 15.6u201d Full HD IPS Level, 8th-Gen Intel Core i5-8300H Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 8GB DDR4, 1TB FireCuda SSHD, Gigabit WiFi, Windows 10 - FX504GD-AH51 ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop FX504, 15.6u201d Full HD IPS Level, 8th-Gen Intel Core i5-8300H Processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, 8GB DDR4, 1TB FireCuda SSHD, Gigabit WiFi, Windows 10 - FX504GD-AH51 By ASUS
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Top Customer Reviews: HP Envy 17t Premium ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jeanine
Capacity: 32GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 House has purchased 2 of this more another under the different name for my subject. Absolutely we love him. A speed is incredible. Also we use a lot of applications and the ploughed of windows a time during a day and this laptop has managed everything of of the this with ease. It is such the blessing to have on 10 Perspective acccounts operating with an aforesaid, several screens and all running smoothly. Happy like this far!! It have to that mention the one who far a technology is gone in an ease in dipping on the new laptop- like this easy, this in spite of the plot to learn a same time with touchscreen and using like the pill. This in spite of, some directions are accessible how is like this easy to look for and find answered. A clarity of screen gorgeous east and his with bang and olufsen is like to be in my car!
4 / 5 Shane
Capacity: 32GB|4TB SSD|Wins 10 Pro that Runs the Hyper-v virtual laboratory in this monster. It can not find the hard walk caddy partorisca a bay of DVD that has been exactly partorisca this model, probably again, as I have found one this was near, has taken a bezel of a DVD and has added another 2t ssd. MUHAHAHAHA!
MORE CAN! Yes I know I voided my guarantee. The one who cure, work. Quite a lot of memory and enough disk to do the one who each virtual investigation master. Living a sleep...
4 / 5 Michaele
Capacity: 32GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 House An only bad thing is the little heavy. Some works of action partorisca me. The computer of house adds.
5 / 5 Von
Capacity: 32GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 Pro Configured w/ i7-8550Or, 32GB RAM, 512GB SSD + 1TB HD, Win10 Pro 64bit, pen and support partorisca touch. Very quickly, the multiple windows plough simultaneously, spreadsheets is the breeze, the video adds. Two minor peeves: 1. NumLock The tone does not have the light to indicate is on/was (does the different sound partorisca 'on' vs 'was', so that done a CapsLock key -- but CapsLock the tone also has the light), 2. Any consecrated right- and to the accidents-tones of clicks down tampon partorisca touch; quite -- a touchpad right-subordinated-the corner is your Legislation-click. These are smaller peeves. In general, the glorious car.
4 / 5 Jacquelynn
Capacity: 16GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 House Loves a laptop but does not count in any help of Michael Elettronico. They are having Audio to write of the question CDs, probably the missing codec, and has tried contacting service of time of diverse client without any response. Like the laptop is good but could wants to buy of another provider.
4 / 5 Teena
Capacity: 32GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 Pro loves it!! A so only take has them is a touchpad the stops that reads randomly. It looks to fix the leave it so only for the period of time. Another that that his add, big beautiful screen, amour a keyboard. I mainly uses for all my bookeeping for my business and personal use.
5 / 5 Graciela
Capacity: 32GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 Pro is clashed in me two times took it of then. I dip Rhinoceros & Autocad on concealed is all I stops of use. Another that that clashes two times is a good laptop . I
5 / 5 Klara
Capacity: 32GB|4TB SSD|Wins 10 House Sper fast. Easy setup
5 / 5 Bess
Capacity: 32GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 Pro Like this far like this good. Easy to dip up. The product there is rid like this announced and punctually.
5 / 5 Dortha
Capacity: 32GB|1TB HDD + 512GB SSD|Wins 10 good House computer, fast and of facil mania. That hard Battery very little. The cost is elevated.

Top Customer Reviews: Acer Aspire E 15 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Laree
The desire could have read the description of a half person that no in of the computers for the living, or is not the full time gaming nuts. The tan here is:
has bought always portable cheaper, $ 200-$ 300 HP is. And I final to take the nine an each which how two years or so many. I have decided to give the a no above the small this time, and of some hours of investigation I , that is to say where arrival. As that comes from/comes from this cheaper laptop, this thing is the sleep , the half is a Ferrari of laptops. It IS hurriedly, and I class of bad instant of fast . A SSD (solid of state walk) is that comprises he the so fast fact. It IS enough, and clean, and be and looks expensive. A work of main complaint in this laptop before I have bought was a screen ... If there is the problem with this screen, can not imagine what some people that the complaint has the habit of to look in... It IS perfect, the half has the good quality 1080hd the television this hangs in my wall, and a picture in this screen of laptop is each what so to bite likes him to him the sake. You can see he of the each angle also. I touch the small Minecraft, has not known never what awesome can look until it take it this laptop , downloaded it shader group for him and has run he in some parameters some big plus... Perfection.
Also, a keyboard IS BACKLIT, has looked for there be some confusion in a Q&A section in that but ensure you, is backlit (situates of voice). The May HAS HAD TO before, and I any to give never what lovely is. May Another laptop without backlit the keyboard when is on he at night in a sofa, is surprising to have.
If you are not the person of computer, and is having the hard time that mark in in to to the the decision likes him his era... It looks no further, this thing is surprising.

UPDATE: it is been quite 5 month now even so highly it recommends this laptop. Work like smooth and fast like the day has bought the, and has uploaded now with applications and of the programs. I am a person that has 20 windows alfresco time and he never low marsh. The profits of technology have retarded significantly in some last 10 years or so, doing this laptop like pertinent while it was 5 month ago when bought the.
2 / 5 Stefania
It has Had this laptop for prjimo by the month. I am self-employed in one The Industry during 30 years and know inner of computers nad has been. I am also sper frugal but is the user to be able in (20 windows of the open browser, Photoshop, the video that Edits, sometimes CAD) Any GAMING even so but gaming the machines do well for my purpose. That is to say the mid-portable of field so far like gaming - is really in gaming would have to when being takes the laptop with the NVIDIA 1050 GPU and a Processor of Intel with H in an end of a model in place of Or. More can, but less life of stack. This unit is adds admits among powerful CPU and GPU with life of very stack. It IS the fantastic value if you are not one of a miserable ones to run in of the subjects. I have not been so lucky and is by train of the return.


- Can not beat a value for a power takes

- Exceptional keyboard and touchpad be


- Down brilliance of half screen quite 200 nights, the average is 250-275. He a brilliance looks all one issues all a time. (He still He' IP the exposure but has had to to cut corners in the some place to take this prize) has to suffice for your half user. It is not usable alfresco when is the brilliant was even so.

- Has Had subjects with him occasionally does not arouse in the sleep and the system that confrontation when doing intensive graphic applications (this can be the subject of software even so how can be it only sake for any-user to be able in) Also an indicator of the smile sometimes losing. The majority of a time could resolve close a lid and then beginning and rewaking, The majority of a time. I have not been it has had to to waste hours troubleshooting so many is returning.

- Timeout In keyboard backlight no adjustable. They go it it has entered it 30 bad of second (at least for me) 80% of a time has to paste one of your of service to arouse a keyboard illuminates that class to attack a purpose of the have backlit keyboard as I can see some tones before beginning to write (without that has to press the nail!) Has thinks that that this was very smaller but over time volume very annoying.

If you are the user to be able in , probably would spend the small more in the different unit. If you are in the estimativa tight and wants to one the majority of bang for your buck, would go to advance and give tries it. Calm like you can see of the descriptions exit well for more than people. But it likes him buy the wheels for the cart that there was bald wheels, all the world-wide amours his mark goes new. It takes the moment to see one until it continue it be stable. But it can in some cases are to be missing of Microsoft and any Steel when race in of the problems.
5 / 5 Jay
It take this laptop quickly. I beat me up with all some elections. That At the end has decided it to it was that this one was really my only option. Has wanted to all some characteristic these offers. Life to add stack, the screen kills (any-lustrous) full HD, a SSD against a HDD walk, and the backlit keyboard. This laptop cual mentioned for another will not win any fashionable points. Even so it wins with substance. Less badly it is looking with the textured has taken and when being black in general. But that is not that this one is enough. His in that is inner of this amazing product. I took me enough an hour to take all some updates for the take that career. It whitewashes Up in 10 seconds and down fence in 2 in 3 bren. A quality of screen is excellent, and is fussy because of my interest in digital imagery. It opens programs immediately. I Like him his of one thought that a keyboard illuminates and has the 'the time was' characteristic to close was. Also it does with one stack where my no. to ARMOUR PLATE older That or has had to to be plugged in for a keyboard to illuminate. It can say calm for web surfing, a life of stack is in the pair with that is announced. I have bought this predominately in surf a web and to edit digital images. I can touch YES 4. It do not think it it will require to update a RAM. Even so I will be to look to attach the second walk of storage in some point. If you are in a fence quite buying this, goes for him. His surprise. Some more notes. Not even consider it the laptop with one HDD walk against. A SSD. Already you went behind a time. A difference is incredible. The steel has done it laureate here!! I am the very happy client !
5 / 5 Brenna
It IS it can not look a lot, but there is where represent, boy. He the plot of special modifications I. '
--HAS Sol

could not have posed my feelings in my new Steel Aspires And 15 E5-576G-5762 better. One 8 processor of generation and SSD mark for the a lot of snappy computer, and an easy upgradablility is useful now and will be useful in a future. Of a i5-8250Or the version comes with DDR3L RAM, exchanged out of one 16GB of my old laptop for the free update. It takes each of 3 minutes. A course a harder found some 3 tiny rays that has flown everywhere when has taken a plastic compartment was. I foresee the time when require more storage, but when this time comes will take another SSD and the install. Again, to 3 task of minute.

Marco: Plastic, with the surface of the aluminium painted for a keyboard and tampon of tone. It looks sake of together place . A monitor is surrounded by the little big bezel, which have been said is the turn has been for some people. The May Has remark there went it any state has signalled entered my investigation.

Processor: That is to say a primary to sell point for me. A i5-8250Or is substantially faster that included a 7 generation mobile processors in the a lot of group of effective energy. It has not posing a processor through anything very rigorous still, but reading some descriptions and accesses-in-of the comparisons of the cape in an internet has convinced enough for me for the buy.

GPU: A discreet GPU with 2GB GDDR5 VRAM in the computer these fewer costs that some cards of map. It does not touch GPU intensive games, but has read that a lot of games are playable with this card, only any one to consider this the gaming computer.

SSD: A Solid of State Walk is the must has! That lack in measure, faiths up for in raw speed, durability, and efficiency of energy. It has him-it liked me he 512GB walk, but one 256GB or this comes with a computer will last the moment, and when the majority of spatial necessity, is an easy process to pose another SSD, or HDD, in an empty bay.

I/Or: Tonnes of ports, the burner of DVD, solid keyboard with well when being in some tone shot, and the very precise and responsive trackpad. A trackpad, tones, and wrist-the rests collect an oil of your toes and delivery very well, as I have taken to dry them down after each use.

RAM: 8GB Of DDR3L-1600 RAM. I am sure he is enough, although it have preferred a fast plus, more the effective energy DDR4. Still, there is another 8GB clave of an available RAM, as it was able to take the update of sake for free.

Screen: This 15.6 screen of inch is my premier 1080 screen in the laptop, and wants to it! A main definition is very apparent of one 1200 X 800 screen has the habit of. More a screen is kill, lights like that shine is not glaring. No a screen more than shines has seen, but certainly acceptable for each inner use.

Stack: Coming from the 17.3 laptop of inch with to 3 generation, can-hungry i5 in him, has had the habit to take 2ish living hours of stack, included with saver of stack on. It opens, without sacrificing action of processor or brilliance of screen, can take 5-6 living hours of stack out of my computer. I will be interested to see how long can take a stack in last with saver to be able up. The calm steel allege You can take 12 hours, as we will see.

Global impression: That is to say the laptop of murderous for the roads of killers! The steel has done the work adds to create this workhorse of the computer and selling he in a $ 600 point of prize. Kudos In them. If you are in a fence defy you to find another computer with all this characteristic in the similar prize. It buys this computer and the calm will be very happy with him.

Edit: Of that writes easterly my computer has required warrantied reparation, and a service was supremely hurriedly. Amazon And marks to Armour plate some processes of reparation very easy. I actuate Also the overdraft that a stack is better that has thought in the first place, and will last 8 hours for activities to owe light likes him web-surfing and process of word; longer with management to be able up. A maximum resolution of him is card of the map is 1920 x 1080, which are well for my uses, but can not be acceptable has wanted to to use the television of the main resolution like the monitor. I actuate Also the addition the small, $ 40 SSD in a computer for audio and visual files of a SSD avenges with going apresamiento cramped. A word of precaution attaches another walk: it does not forget to go in Management of Disk and formats a walk or the windows will not recognise it . My global impression has not changed in a past 8 month, and is still very impressed for his sake.

Has been recently obliged to use my machine in direct solo, and a screen has done excellently. A mate the arrival has done each what very easy to read without a trace of glare some monitors.
5 / 5 Owen
My investigation a perfect laptop has begun 6 month ago and has changed at all since. Any new technology has represented another obsolete or low prize pressed. Some the same still cost laptops a same quantity. I in the first place begun in 300 field of the dollar since has required only a laptop to write books and musician of backdrop. In fact, a less can do a better, so that then the could not take distract so easily. Hurriedly Has learnt that portable in this field of prize ails could do so portable. Or they have not had hard walks or has had such toneless CPU that initiates the document of Word was the complex task that requires several hours and the stack recharge. A better laptop in this field was one 350 little brother of dollar of easterly a, but to do values he, has had to to update a RAM and a walk take, that clashes a prize until around 550.

Hurriedly Has found that critic more negative of the laptops are for people that does not have any idea what some specifications of the bad laptop. They take madmen that it 300 laptop of dollar with some interiors of the typewriter can not touch A Witcher 3 in 60 fps. If it wants game, why is buying the laptop? Gaming The laptops are lava -hot bricks of clumsiness. Only it buys the desktop. Also among some complaints were people in that has liked him him too the money of paid prende redundant gimmick characteristic (the left wing has nicknamed these users of iPhone of the people), while scanners of fingerprint and portable and detachable screens that bends the half backward. The people queixarien that some angles to see darkened when dressed by a part. Why it is by train to look you your laptop by a part? It IS mobile. Tour. That is to say a whole point .

Hurriedly Has deduced that the necessities of laptop at least 8 actions of RAM, which this the laptop has. I need a SSD the walk takes, which had not used never until now. These turns of laptop was and beginnings besides quickly that my beginnings of desktop of road of sleep. I require at least a i5 processor. I reduced it down among easterly a, a Swift of Steel 3 (cual hundreds of costs more only to be metal), some random HP portable (but when being the purist of PC of one 80s, has despised always HP anything concealed is not the printer), and a Niter of Steel 5 (a gaming the portable sale, but some cards of dual map have meant the life of stack of 5 hours).

Basically, here is a pros and gilipollas of this laptop:

-Although a case is plastic, a zone of keyboard has the be of the cold species.
-A life of stack is at least 8 hours. I can use a laptop was and on all day without concerning quite touching it.
-Some tones, often described like soft, still has the decent click and distance in them.
-A backlit the sake of looks of the keyboard.
-A screen is acute, and this is coming from the type that possesses it 144hz monitor of desktop of the IP.
-Compared in other laptops have possessed, is or remains quite fresh unless touching the in action full game.

-So another has mentioned, a keyboard backlight the towers was afterwards only the little bren of any scripture, which can be problem and there does not look for when being the road to change this.
-Swear my screen periodically changes brilliance but can not say if that is to say my imagination or no.
-A mamma of webcam but any preoccupy me on concealed.
-Some speakers are in some subordinated and his so any one other speakers of laptop, but the users of laptop owe always auricular to use in all the case.

In general, looks better concealed expected and has done without any problems. That is to say a better laptop for a prize.
1 / 5 Onita
A computer has done perfectly up until at random in firm was a day and result unresponsive. They possess for the small in two and the half months so of course was turbulent. Quan routed The Backside in Armouring plate to repair it simply alleged has waters of harm and could not fix. They have offered instead to sell my the substitution for a same cost of an original. I am very careful and very exacting quite maintaining liquid out of my electronic devices. I am very turbulent with as the company has treated this subject. I will not be buying a Steel again.
4 / 5 Margret
Only has purchased recently a new E5-576G-5762 (8 gene i5 with Nvidia 150mx) and has to say that this laptop is supremely decent. Thanks to his SSD, Windows 10 of quite a lot of kicks hurriedly, bloatware is maintained in a minimum (please uninstall Norton before doing anything more. :p), And a machine is to good sure zippy. It does not have semi-detached more RAM or extra HDD but planning marks as (and updates a esvista' when I ). The life of stack is touted in 12 hours and I quite a lot of doubt will achieve it that frame (unless it is by train to use you a screen in 30% or less perhaps) but give you at least 6 in 7 hours that use to explore, writing, etc. Oh, And a Nvidia the card is able abundance for gaming in of the parameters of means at least (Grille Autosport FPS avg is in 80s/90s or as)

Initial evaluation:

+ Adds and fast CPU and action of PC of global fast
+ Backlight KB and the trip when being quite sake in some tones.
+ Decent quantity of available ports
+ has the walk of DVD :or
+ the updates have done possible
+ Decent Full HD screen (could be a 'crappiest' thing in the and is very still for a prize)

- Trackpad is too many finicky and no my favourite
- RUN HOT!!!!!

That it is one of entity with for me. Running GRILLE benchmark, taken in the big 92/93 titles C!!! Same thing when running 3DMark :or
thinks CPU of Intel the limit is 100 C and probably begin throttling to maintain the decent temperature. I guess it it can probably undervolt (will look in this) or see one of that embezzle 'things' with the adherents could help. ( It remarks that that is to say in room temp 60-something Fahrenheit. It see In Caribbean was time is usually 80+ as when need of return in retry a test and looks a time.

Another that concealed, has not founding any problems of entity, but is been only 3 days... Necessity To touch with him the plus bit. That of now, for $ 600 or less, that is to say the very compraventa.

Thank you
5 / 5 Velvet
My model of laptop is E5-576G-5762. If you are purchasing any another model this description is not pertinent.
This laptop is a better for a prize in my opinion.
Has 2 significant defects in a creation even so. One thinks only could be in my laptop.

Con1 Big launched to buzz sounds to come from both same speakers when a sound is was. It sounds like an electrical problem.

Con2. The clave of toe in touchpad. He very slide accross he easily. He skips through a touchpad so that he grips also well.

- New I5 mobile processor.
- Card very decent graph for the no gaming portable. Games the majority of games in 1080p.
-ddr4 Ram That is upgradable.
-Full IP HD screen.
-Stack Life very decent. Around 6-7 hours of normal use. Probably the averages of east arrests gaming.
-M.2 SSD For the file and the boot transfers faster.
-sata Port so that it can attach you the HDD or sata ssd stops more than storage.
-backlit Keyboard.
- Good strong speakers.
-A optic walk if it does not want never touch the classical game or look the dvd.
-usb 3.0 East and Usb-c port.
- Thinner that the majority of 15.6 laptops of inch.
1 / 5 Laurie
Has read descriptions in the screens that blacks goes, that represents an useless computer. Cross toes and has ordered in all the case. Enormous deception. Yep, Raisin in me, and a possible worse time (as if he not having never the good time), when the big snowstorm paste he and required to do of house. I am writing this afterwards eking my road in a dispatch through gel and snow. Quan Am finished to be it angered enough that, will turn to be angered in a product to do east has lost for ever.

Has Had this less computer that two month. I bought it after returning another portable Steel that has not done so billed and so much was returned. Among this fiasco and this a, has state without the reliable laptop of an end of July. Any monkey and any entertainment. It can very emphasise this enough: If it purchases a portable Steel, is or the fool or like you to bet with odds, so always, strongly in the favour of a house. It does not leave some the low prizes try you. Stone compressed Moses has used is better bets that portable Steel. If the amazon there has been any integrity, a company prendera to sell produced of Steel, since I and--reading descriptions of product--a lot other people have experimented.

Any one to prolong this, but service of the steel of the client has tried also the joke. A promise undertaken to do well with a portable premier bought (and at the end returned), which was part of a reason has bought of is a--all the world can do the deception, has thought, and has communicated quickly. But, after I routed a laptop behind in Steel for reparation, has been returned in me in an exact same condition, with an exact same problem, this has had when routed he in. And he so has to returns it, which has involved at least three calls of tlphonique in service of client of the Amazon. So that I have trusted Steel to fix a subject, has been spent a turn of 30 window of days, and as to the amazon has touched the restocking costs that took it multiple calls to rectify, included after the representatives of Amazon have promised that everything would be well. It opens, I am bracing I for the similar experience with this paperweight masquerading like the computer.

Fully expect the response to Armour plate to look under this description, with one saying of company ' Contact, will do it well.' That is that spent last time. That the load of crud.

At the end, to the amazon requires that accident to be attributed in front can publish the descriptions. That is to say bobo in the case has taken. It have to have negative stars, or perhaps crescent moons or images of Pluto, to describe that it is spent here. First, it say? Rhyme With 'crime.'
2 / 5 Annabel
My screen now has numerous horizontal and the groups of vertical aim that he the mark to use a laptop. Steel rebuffed to pay to ship it behind in them for reparations of guarantee. Mandates of law of California that the products have shipped in the clients of California have to have free shipping for reparations to guarantee this mountain on any one a fashioning pose in his agreements of guarantee. Desprs Spends in 30 min in a telephone with his supervisors, Steel the pays have agreed to at the end to ship as 'courtesy of some time' same although it was his obligation under a law of California. It expects your states have the similar law in some reservation this protects calm of such scavengers.

Top Customer Reviews: HP Envy 17-inch ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 6 ratings
3 / 5 Brain
A laptop well is looking, but has the subject of entity. Constantly it turns it was and it goes the way of sleep. I have looked for each class of help in this subject, but at all has like this remote fact. If paralizacin partorisca do for even the minute, can down and goes the way of sleep and I then need to spend for a register in accusing to go back my work. As I require partorisca write this quickly and I probably precise saves on partorisca another laptop. Calm does not think that to spend in the dollars of thousand, that the laptop would owe that it reads partorisca at least partorisca the few weeks? If it love the laptop that will do like this last like calm , no shabby is one. All wants to do is sleep.
3 / 5 Cyndi
Ossia The add, big powered computer. They are not the person of the technology but this car has a lot of memory and a lot can and is more than pertinent to fulfil my house that computes need in excellent fashion. It is fast and there is so only roughly all would want to. Has an integrated keyboard so that the number that enters (countable, etc.) Is quickly, easy and convenient. It is easy to dip up with the voice and the screen have has driven elections partorisca do bet on very easy. At least until takings to a part where calm does not want to use a preloaded MacAfee protect of Virus. Then it is hard, a lot last to take MacAfee was and Norton (my prepaid perennial election) in a car. Also it uploads with Office that is the more add.
In a negative side, am not thrilled with like this big and has weighed this PC is. If you are using he in place of the cup of office (a lot ) and will not be lugging he anywhere very thick, is well. A lot of capacity and the small desk/form of office. But taken your computer behind and advances to do and house and travesa to plot, thinks two times. Ossia Almost 17 wide thumbs and is 11 deep thumbs. Any all the briefcases will resist a that big, especially one 17 side of thumb. And it looks very heavy, almost 7 pounds. But one the negative big plus for me is that the hard to use/see. A keyboard is money and all some tones are money and a keyboard is backlit with the light of blue money. A lettering in some tones is white. It is a lot I last to see some tones and to write. Very hard. A screen is a lot shiny and reflects your own image behind in you, doing seeing your work to plot of work. I have had to same question with the new Lenovo has taken last year and has bought the shield of glare so that it can do comfortably.
Reason are not the person of technology I really can not comment in this appearance but I know is very able. I have not listened to a system of the his because it conceal is not that I compraventa the stops of computers. I want to be able to do comfortably looking in a screen and seeing some tones. I can a lot of that with this computer. More is big and very weighed to spend around.
4 / 5 Marilynn
I imagined it it was roughly time partorisca substitute my old HP portable (still running Windows 7) and this has looked the system adds. A sound of the system/of the speaker is better that Bose that I have had previously. A main disappointment is that partorisca a cost, this would have to that have some class of usable software on that. I have purchased several laptops it partorisca another on some have spent few years and partorisca this cost, all have had SSD walks and at least Office of Microsoft on that. An Office in this laptop was some links of on-line byline. You are not a esal' Office that use you in your computer (which is that I use ). I have had to that purchase Office ($ $ $ ) and then the install. Because of a fact has the walk of transfer in place of a SSD, takes 45 minutes to download a software of Office to the mine portable. This could be be cut of the half or more with a SSD. My computer friki the type has said to be able to upgrade and add a SSD for low $ 100 installation besides.

An use of a car is easy. A screen is good and has the screen to touch (any that uses it but is there) and turning of a camera and the microphone were easy to do also. A weight of a laptop is not burdonsome neither. I want to that has the 10 I use the plot.

In general, is the I adds more than I need in the plot of appearances. So only it wishes that there it go it a SSD taste probably upgrade and the add. I have not had any subjects with him 'falling slept' as another reviewer. I am gone in and place on a saver of screen and ways of sleep with the timers and work.
1 / 5 Micki
I have had he partorisca the year now . . . And some questions have begun in an a lot of start. Yes, would have to have it taken behind, but has thinks that some errors partorisca write were my own. He then empire. Writing on a mark while a text has moved 3 lines on or jumped to a totally different zone of a page. Sometimes, I can very included find that I am writing anywhere in a page.

Now imagine this question in the spreadsheet doing finances or business census. It does not buy this product under any circumstances. Recognition he down although any one the free offer!!!!!!!!!!!
5 / 5 Wallace
They are the type of desktop computer . I have had the pocolos portable the in some pasts and has been quite underwhelmed for them. In general, in my experience, dollar for dollar desktops outperform portable.

Has to that say that this HP the desire is the very welcome exception to this principle. A CPU is a Intel Core i7, like this well like anything in the desk. With 12 actions of RAM he blazes by means of applications, and has the terabyte of storage. Especially it conceal, has an optical walk, the plus of the entity and something concealed is resulting never more scarce in laptops. This means that it outrage to be able to write to a half external (for archiving or anything) can look video, as well as game.

Speaking of gaming, has the quite impressive map paper, also. Any enough for the plenary-souffl gaming experience for these games with map needs very big, but still quite impressive.

A screen the touch is the very big 17 thumbs. Of course, this does a whole unit a bit main the one who that is resulting a small measure rule for laptops, but again, is the tradeoff. I add visuals versus small measure.

Has on dipped was very easy, and was to arrive and that careers any time. To this point has not experienced any of some questions has mentioned in some other two descriptions that is on top of this time, neither a lot another.

Has uploaded with characteristic, very fast and able, am impressed further with this laptop. A very solid 5 stars.
1 / 5 Dorothy
Points in of the models of grille that form around HP ENVIES 17 screen when on and was, has had this partorisca only 5 month.
Hp No guaranteeed partorisca honour why bought it to them on-line. Friki Instrument it said that the air had entered a LCD exposed. Permanent harm $ partorisca substitute exposed

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS S510UN-EH76 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Tarsha
Bought this laptop after doing for hours of investigation.... So that far it wants to it!

Sper Time of fast boot.
Very little bloatware.
Upgradeable Ram.
Empty of additional hard walk ( has taken one 250 gb ssd version and probably will attach the 1tb hdd)
While it runs tabs of Google of multiple Chrome, that looks the video in Youtube, and that runs the full anti-the viruses scan a laptop was still silent (the adherents have not gone included perceivable).
The stays of laptop cool in your foothills.
The keyboard is calm.
The laptop is sper thin and clear weight that mark very portable.

The exposure is not that it adds (that is to say something I no very cured quite). For $ 620 you probably the will not be able to find any laptop with these specs and adds it exposure. There have it always go to be the tradeoff. I have chosen in downgrade in an exposure and processor (and has taken one 8 gene i5 version that is to save can for me).
Class of webcam to suck - That is to say something I very very preoccupy quite since probably any for the use never.
The keyboard flexes - Almost each ASUS the laptops have the small keyboard flexes and was a main thing that scared me quite buying this laptop. Desprs Using a laptop for the few days, officially can say that I am not even turbulent for his sake. It IS very comfortable to write with!
Any keypad - Again something I no very cured enough.
Any insurance quite life of stack still but is by train to think you can take 6-8 hours out of this thing if you fool around with some parameters. This has not been the big roads in me since is always the few feet out of a outlet he require the load.

In general, is very happy with this compraventa! There is so portable there and almost all of them have blended to revise (which he incredibly difficult to choose a).

Will give the 1 month, 6 month, and 1 update of year (can take to do what)
1 / 5 Stuart
UPDATE 4.3.2019: An another bummer is life of stack. It IS supposition to take 8 hours. It was happy with 5 or 6. Volume quite 1.5 hours when doing basic work like emails and law in my blog :(

UPDATE 9.12.2018: So far they finish to answer listen ' free' to contact his support. Desprs Already wasting 6+ hours in my defective mark new computer, is in any subjects to spend more than my time. Has my allocution. They know has subject. Can do it well they want to provide service of client.

Has purchased 6.29.2018.

In the first place was happy. Light and fast.

In 9.11.2018 (72 days later) a HDMI the port is died.

Has Had the diagnostics has done today to confirm. Yep! A HDMI the port is has shot.

Routed Message in the vendor that question to change out of my computer for the nine unit Yes cure of me, will adjust description. You maintain you it publish it.

Has not expected this with marking new computer :(
4 / 5 Clare
State looking for two weeks for the laptop that main purpose to do material of presentation, looking film and surfing in the internet and he are perfect for students that does not want of the games of the at stake portable. And in my opinion there is at all like this portable this has the proportion of action/of good prize.
Has bought a i5 8250 with 256 ssd version for my sister. Among boxes that there is very " book" spatial and included has not posed the "airbag" to absorb the impact but he have entered good condition.

Here is a pros and gilipollas concealed and has been seen:

+ is realy quickly because of a ssd
+ so quite when you are using he for small things that surfing. If you are using he for something main that an adherent is doing little sound but when fresh in some level for immediately. Of course the lack of walk takes is the main portion of the same quietness.
+ IS the screen adds and the flight. Especially some thin bezels do a look of the a lot of main screen. It is doing that while the left wing thinks that that it is smaller that he 15'6 laptop to look external. Asus Has used some magic here.
+ The scripture with the keyboard that is very if you do not press mass. (His sprain inward)

-Why very the poses on/was the button apropa one deletes button? Has had to deactivate a closed down of button
-A keyboard retreated the light could be more has adjusted properly. You can see a backlight focused among tones.
-INNER of CURVE of the KEYBOARD QUAN PREMUT LITTLE BIT. As I Have seen each new model Asus the laptops have same problem.
-A touchpad very when being any sake.

And'll Edits yes and found something well or bad.
5 / 5 Vern
This laptop is incredible! In the raw principle that of a card of the video is not that I add (A race of pode the the web of place said me would not be able to run games more same in some minimum parameters) that subjects with gaming. But I so that far it has been it able to touch all has tried. Even Fantasia Final 14, and generally maintains unit up at all times and still then any one lag. His crazy fast. To good sure was bond with Asus.
4 / 5 Gil
Laptop very well/of student work that the full characteristics 15.6 screen of inch still light. Quite powerful for mid-tier hefty productivity like the video that edits and heavy compiling, and clear gaming, but no for heavy gaming at all.
Has bought this laptop for work and he all precise well without any problems.
IS also able to pose in 8 more gb of to RAM would like him since has the void for of him.

- Portable very thin that is to say easy to spend
- action Very good to price proportion
- quality of tez of Big and material quality
- Lustrous creation for professional looks
- Colour of Money of gold that does not attract too much attention
- brilliance and Good screen
- management of Good heat

- no come with any complimentary house
- Any Salvation of the window qualified
- use the wireless usb mouse, but a touchpad can be the small bit twitchy in time
- reflection of Screen inside
- No CAPSLOCK indication
- Relatively the piece that cords of loads
- Mediocre stack, but has the card of the map consecrated and 2 units of storage.
5 / 5 Ouida
So that far it is it adds. With clear use, can do he through the whole day without taking my upload.

For his prize, records very good.
Can take well in 5-6 hours of use out of him if I am not doing anything too much demand.
Yes am doing heavy gaming, he still last in an hour in stack.
Well And clear. Also it look it quite enough.
Keyboard and trackpad listen add. He no hurt my toes for overusing a trackpad, and a keyboard is good to write on.
Impulses of lid mostly with 1 toe.

Poor thermal action. Under any load of significant CPU, shoots until some big 70s or main. The Thermal throttles he uses big CPU and GPU a same time. Apresamiento reeeeally Hot.
IS to take to take in. There are rays down some feet of rubber, he so has to take have them be to take under a lid. An adhesive will exit taken some feet was too time.
IS the tad bendy. Any too flimsy, but is not a more robust laptop in a world.
4 / 5 Carole
Well For day to use in the daytime and the bit of gaming. Only with this necessities in handled with the cure and an exposure wobbles the bit while or has opened a laptop
4 / 5 Daisy
Good laptop. Fast beginning (especially after unchecking a 'gone back' opted (found in: ' Information of Action / of Poster of the control and the tools / adjust visual effects'). Characteristic of the impression of the toe is quirky but once take it to recognise it, go in a fast of desktop of lightning. To to Any I likes him His of a keyboard. I am the typist and like the keyboard in firm while scripture. It has remarked that while writing a keyboard has some 'give'. Also, I wish some tones have not been so flat.... I am to use to listen some height and pressure of soft tone while writing, no so with this keyboard. It does not have the plot of bloatware. I uninstalled a 'try' software of Dispatch of the Microsoft and installed my Dispatch of OWN LADY 2007; installed perfectly ( will require a walk of external DVD). Another change done in the windows are changing a 'gone back' when click in other documents. This 'gone back' the characteristic in of the Windows is a nuisance for me; it likes him in instantly take in of my documents when I 'clique', as I have changed some parameters of 'gone back' (uncheck an option to turn screens) - takes the a lot of faster response in this way. They that me some few games of FREE computer and another material that some offers of Tent of Application of Microsoft (application pre-installed) . That is to say my first Windows 10; it likes him, ( returned a estart' of button) ( Windows 8 hated). Still although this machine has the SSD walk, still listen something cual the follower these swipes (perhaps is the adherent for a cooling?).
1 / 5 Amy
It IS so excited for this computer has based on is the details and some descriptions have read very only in of the descriptions of Amazon but during an internet. I have ordered of Warehouse of the amazon renewed and has to has taken only any one the fully renewed model is unsure but is very unhappy with purchase of mine. It looks he is unable of the return or. It takes the full few minutes to start with up then is slow in as each application takes the full 30 bren to open applications some black of screen was and has used only this for the few months no in the concealed has thinks that that it is the full capacity could be. It does not recommend this
1 / 5 Frida
During setup, has remarked an icon that say me lacking updates. It was in of the parameters; the gradient of updates has said. Click in an icon to update at all, so clicked in of the Helps, has selected updates; then say it the can not say is until date, and to call service of client. I have tried it restart the; been estempezando' never since. Nicknamed ASUS, and is said is more to touch he that hangs 8 hours in front of initial use (in spite of an in fact read card to say simply to touch during 3 anterior hours subjects of use of stack for a first time). You are 80% touched when this accident is arrived, as I do not see a connection.

To the amazon said can not substitute, has to take the repayment and repurchase, which are not utmost since was for sale and can any one when being pas had for a prize has paid 2 days ago.

Has to mention container of Amazon he with the 5lb powder of pomegranate of protein careening around in general box, with absolutely at all protecting a computer in his box of goleada thin, or anything lining a pomegranate in planting so any one shoes around in a computer?

Lack of total squad.

Top Customer Reviews: Razer Blade Stealth ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
2 / 5 Gladis
A creation of a Razer Stealth of Cover 2019 is the flawless machine in paper, and exactly which want out of the machine. A perfect measure in 13.3', with the consecrated (albeit any sper powerful) has consecrated GPU in a mid-tier and big-tier models, the quad processor of core of consumption to be able to down, the good 4k screen to touch that is to say aforado perfectly, quality of the tez fantastic in of the parties with Apple... Etc. there is not very a lot of (if any one?) Other machines in a piece that apt all of these qualities. FYI THIS IS not A GAMING PORTABLE. A marketing to sure looks likes them is, but is has been of better with the Razer Layer 15 for that With this said, CAN do clears gaming in the.

That is to say a perfect portable laptop for the creator/of designer. I am in the picture so afterwards a lot of investigation, jumped therefore near-perfect in machine of paper that expects that he eschew each of a quality/of subjects of hardware that is common with him (low voice for the description that is). Alas, it was miserable and experimented almost everything of them and finishings to decide for the return and not taking the new a/work with Razer support.

I my anterior investigation purchases this machine and has known to enter that it was the bit of the bet. A Razer the stealth of Cover is besieged with some quality emits those looks to affect a majority of users in some way. Some users inform that hardly any one has these subjects, as you can take lucky (different me) and take the machine that does not have it . Here it is some flus of common/subjects with this machine:

a) coils whine of a SSD. For those of you very familiar with coiling whine, is the harmless but annoying whiney sound which comes from/electronic parts come from. This arrives besides concealed only razer products, but more the users queixen that some normal ssd of a razer the stealth to cover produced this noise. I experimented this with mine. It was it has owed to live with him, or substitutes a ssd to take around he in spite of a subject. But I experimented other following subjects that decides me against the.

b) He stack Of a machine in fact exhausts while plugged in stops to be able in, and doing tasks of heavy lifting. For example, while he the photo that edits, looked my bar of the stack dulcemente exhausts in spite of being plugged in stops to be able in. Also I experimented he even more dramatically while gaming. It was not if that is to say the subject of hardware or yes is only so that an adapter to be able vanamente comprises is only 65W. Some users have informed purchasing the more the big has estimated usb-c upload and no longer that has a subject. Again, that is to say another era of the thing has to try so with one in ssd attaches, but also experimented an another record emits that decides me against this too much.

c) Loose USB-C ports. That is to say probably my main flu with a machine. I use the small USB-C hubs and expsito that an USB-C the ports in this machine were so loose that mine hub (and therefore it can, mouse and keyboard) constantly results disconnected of a machine. This was dealbreaker for me.

D) One of your of service well, which use strongly, is spaced bad.

Other common subjects with this machine what any experience, but to the look has been arrest (any reflected in my indication of star):

and) clocks of basses CPU in 400mhz at random

f) the machine no properly with Razer Core eGPU products.

TL;Dr.: here it is a thing . That is to say an expensive machine . There are more machines of road there in this prize varies concealed does not have a quality emits this machine has... I think that that this machine costs a cost if it does not have each of these subjects of quality, but when considers a cost and and weighs against some subjects of quality, is the quite bad roads . If razer can imagine out of his QA/QC the subjects think that that they can produce good machines that easily rival Apple. I can not give this a star so that I think Razer is in a right tone, but would not recommend never very compraventa this.

Finished to take the Dell XPS 15. I know that is to say the very different machine (while it is 15 inches in place of 13), but at the end has each which has wanted to more as I caved in that a piece - and is very less expensive, more powerful and life of better stack, at least in the now same amazon.
5 / 5 Abe
Desprs The bumpy the beginning with a portable premier that has to be it returned because of the hardware-the screen has based flickering subject (so that so Razer and the amazon was very supportive and useful), took this laptop, which was to substitute the 2014 Razer Layer 14. I have purchased one 4K model with one 512GB SSD.

A laptop is for me an ideal combination of MEASURE and POT. It does not doubt to do a lot the task sues of him, that comprises to touch a game to Condemn later (through Steam). I know better that for the expect touch games 'explicit', but has known concealed enters. They use for Dispatch of LADY 365 programs and Visio. I also uses for UXWeb creation (building prototypes of application of the HTML). The tan there is not complained any a lot of in a factor of action. It takes a work has done, even so occasionally, there is a slightest lag among asking the task and a system that provides the visual indicator that a task has begun.

An USB-C TOUCHING the cape slightly is troubling in that cause it a cord of power to bond out of a side of a laptop and occasionally takes in material. To take around this experience it USB of compatible Ray of Right angle-C 90 adapter of title.

A keyboard of CHROMA those lights behind is well and configurable, although it does in a whole keyboard with any one customised the profile thinks. You CAN create your by heart own master. It remarks that anything customises is only in operation while you are logged in; once calm after a laptop, appeals to a default ROYGBiV cycling by heart.

A KEYBOARD listens is the sake and one key the space is comfortable. This has said, comprises that it was acclimated already to write in the keyboards the small plus, has been used some considerably smaller that this unit A keyboard is not silent, but I like a mark of sound. If you plan on writing afterwards in the partner to sleep, even so, maintains that it imports that they will be able to listen write. This has said, a keyboard has the pair of minor quirks to be conscious of, but this has been able to adapt in:
(1) A location of one of right service of key is half-sized, with that otherwise when being a left half of one of service the key substituted by the full-sized ARRIVES arrow. This takes some taking used to is the typist of to perceive likes him.
(2) Usually some characters in of the tones have some symbols of upper case above a case a low plus in some tones. For example in a number 2 tone, one in symbol ('') would be aimed in a '2'. For some reason, Razer has revoked that in this keyboard. This confuses any one concealed is not the typist to touch.
(3) A tone to Be able in is not separated of a rest of a keyboard, instead look in a final right of a row of tones of function. This has said, is at least intelligent requiring more than the momentary press to be has recognised. It loses one OF THE (delete) tone the time of parties and paste a tone of power without a system that takes any action.

A TONE-the TAMPON is a more has not used never and does the work adds with recognition of palm (properly that ignores mine when the palm takes loafer and leaves my wrist in momentarily touches a tampon. A tampon is ENORMOUS, easily consuming the full third of a width of laptop. A tone-the tampon is very sensitive in a touch, occasionally detecting my touch only BEFORE I touch a tone-tampon. Felizmente He eschews my pet peeve of the anterior tampons that marks my swipes twice to move by a part of a screen in an another - this in spite of one 4K resolution. I have not had to adjust some parameters in any subject (another concealed to revoke a direction of displacement) and has no in that has any subjects with some 'buttons embedded in some inferior corners of a tone-tampon.

An EXPOSURE is..Well...SURPRISING. The by heart flawless reproduction for my purposes that is coming perfectly aforado out of a box.

The ports have limited obviously in 2 USB-C ports, only some rights a duquel is the Ray of 4 port of roads and 2 USB-Some 3.0 ports. That is to say quite common in ultra-portable laptops, even so, and has taken around that to buy the USB-C hub (with raisin-through power to touch a laptop) and has purchased the mouse of Bluetooth (concealed does not require the dongle/transmissive).

A cute/odd note: Some tills that a laptop has entered had big 'HDMI' lettering in a side of a box. Estrany, So that a laptop does not have a HDMI port (that cause me to have that buys the USB-C in HDMI the able adapter of 60fps in 4K). Razer Would have to has been more careful with a marcacin in a box.

IS very pleased with purchase of mine and would continue to purchase Razer produced in a future.
2 / 5 Karan
Have wanted to very like this portable so that it was announced as or or one the majority of powerful 13 laptops of inch around. In of the sure respects, is some, even so my a lot of weeks that flavours this laptop has discovered sure caveats that it can it to it launch some doubt in this statement.

First was means that this laptop is absolutely good and well has built. Some a lot of comparisons with Macbooks is very warranted so that few Windws the laptops have this level of quality worksmanship. That Macbooks, is a some unibody creation, which the ways has been spawned of the bloc only in addition to the aluminium concealed having several pieces of the aluminium pressed and fact to apt separately. A resultant rigidity is truly upper. Very while screens and the lids flex and wobble, a lid is robust and fatter that the majority and is very strong. Some the acute corners and the pieces are precise and to good sure has prevails listens in him. This has said, a calm black the arrival is SUPREMELY fingerprint and hand-the oil has streaky prone. I find me constantly cleaning it has been with the microfiber cloth. In general these are small nuisances that sea some looks of the good laptop.

A screen:
has taken one 4 k the model and he are the wonderful screen. Some bezels is small and discreet. A glass is reflective but common in a Macbook world of surfaces of reflective glass. One 4k the resolution is wonderful to create texts of crisp and images although a resolution is some little waste in the 13.3 screen. A Touchscreen is useful but very something usually uses so that a trackpad is so responsive and despise screen smudges.

A touchpad am adds. It IS big - but any Macbook big. It IS the good measure for 13.3 notebooks. A tone is that it is sper responsive and one listens is slick and my slip of toes through a surface hurriedly and without impediment. Engine of the precision of the leaves of Microsoft for gestures of god and only a lot-swipes of toe. An only problem is that a trackpad freezings often that last first boot of system or restarts. It IS the small but thing I very annoying while it freezes the little of the bren and frenetically is moving your toe around trying finds the cursor of mouse that wont movement.

This was critiqued often for a lot of critics but does not have any subject with him. A keyboard is shrunken compared in normal 13 notebooks so that some speakers take spatial envelope in some sides of a laptop. The majority other laptops of this use of the low measure that shoots what the helps of speakers attaches volume but can have flimsy action if no in the hard surface that can reflect it sound. It finds some ways of the keyboard the small plus less taking the tones and your hands remain more centred. A keyboard also has a left turn supremely that the small button can be the problem for of service the right typists but felizmente is not one of them. A keyboard has the A lot of that satisfies muted sounds that I amour. A trip listens properly in me and I have found to write in this keyboard is the pleasure . The while this uses this keyboard looked in fact advances in of the emails to write or writing in general. Perhaps that is to say why this description is so long and wordy.... Obviously the keyboards are the very personal preference and which works or is enjoyable in me can not be a same since you.

While it mentions it on, these are quad advance-facings the speakers localised in some two sides of a keyboard. The majority of laptops these inferior days that brota for the down semi-detached but can be highly situational bren where listens a laptop. They are not the sound and the utmost speakers are the punch and that are missing of down . Even so they are not tinny or terrible. The sound is not very strong even so. It has Had the cheapest laptop with his best like a HP envy 13. In general a sound is adapted without stray points, but no excellent like any additional point or.

Salvation of windows Cambra and Cambra:
my a lot of years with laptops and computers have almost does not use never a camera for cats or of the videos so he any a lot subjects a lot in me. Even so I will mention a Windows Hello the camera GOES for logging in of the Windows. It listens in of the Salvation of Windows the cameras and sound like the wonderful convenient characteristic. Even so in practitioner a camera seldom does well or hurriedly. If a lid of laptop has been opened of the anterior session, logging in with can do a camera hurriedly since already posed up with a right angle and seating place. Even so often it finds that I initiate a lid and flavour to record in with my face thwarted so that a lid of the laptop has not entered a right angle to find my face. It looks for the long time and failure. Cameras of iPhone different, an angle to see of one GOES the camera does not look for wide quite be. Often I find me his wishing for the a lot of sensor of old fingerprint. Like an iPhone, Razer decided to the mark has been with the perfectly good technology with an unnecessarily complicated characteristic.

the ports are well. There is a headphone jack, two USB 3 east, one in the each side that is very give the reception to these days. There is also two USB-C scrapes compatible ports that duplicated while touching ports. These are utmost and USB-C load is a future and can use any USB-C load and use the in any side of a laptop that calm give you liberty according to your orientation and direction of a socket of wall. An only subject is that both USB-C the ports are quite wobbly. Many in some forums have queixat in a same thing. Some have his toe is solid. The mine is to sure no. well Some have said that his era so wobbly has moved a cape to touch a laptop in load. Felizmente For me, they only jiggle but no disconnecting. Even so a jiggle am very loose and very worrisome for a future.

conversed Esquerra quite action and my main flu with this laptop. It Likes him a lot you very it can know, this has been announced likes him the powerful plus 13 laptop of the inch done by Razer, the company for gamers for gamers. He this with a 25 version of watt of a MX150 while the majority of laptops uses a watered down 10w version of a MX150. That is not often known is that a Stealth also uses to 25 version of watt of a Intel i7 8565or also. So much elder TDP CPU and GPU left for the main clocks, the main impulses, and action very better. TDP Supports for power of thermal drawing, and to cure of an excess heat generated by these components, Razer has used three width heatpipes with the a lot fat metal these stuffs of mountains and also comprises two copper mountain big dishes for a RAM and VRMs. In general, these are cooling hardware very able for to 13 notebook.

The action is generally very good and a lot of places to revise say a same thing. Even so those a lot of places of the description does not dictate is not that the majority of some descriptions is done with a laptop plugged in. Quan A laptop is unplugged some changes of picture significantly. A CPU can augment in 40w durable Turbo and downgrade in 25w pending of the loads in firm. Even so in stack, a CPU is limited in the mere 15w. 15 watts is a level for more Intel Or CPU of series. Usually a behaviour of Or CPU is would augment in 20 or 25w durable Turbo and then fallen in 15w the debits have sustained down. A Stealth 2019 in beginning to be able to of the stack in 10w during a Turbo time and then augments in 15w the debits have sustained down. This could be the good thing in the paper but I have remarked a CPU 10w, 8w, or still 7w durable Cinebench R15 careers, not achieving never one 15w potential, nevermind one 25w potential while plugged in. An action is supremely inconsistent. While I am able to take big 780 bookmarks/marcadors in Cinebench R15 has time where the marks take so down like 300+ in stack.

Then there has gaming. Quan gaming In stack, a GPU the stays stabilise in around 1600-1700mhz. Even so some careers of CPU in 400mhz barbed of 1800mhz. Desprs Digging around in reddit, a laptop has CARRIED he of HARD TEMPERATURE of 60C for a CPU while the unplug. With a GPU running a 60C the threshold takes paste very hurriedly and a CPU throttles low in a bare minimum. The games of course are unplayable in 400mhz. Included using 'road of creators' (subjects of big CPU to be able in) in Razer Synapse has had any effect in an action of CPU. Strangely This threshold of the protect thermal does not exist while plugged in, a CPU is freely able to go past 60C and further cual the averages that the time is spent 60c is not breaking in a system. The majority of laptops with some same or similar Or CPU is able to do 90C before conforming a threshold of REAL hardware of thermal maximum. Razer Simply is that it applies this thermal limit to maintain a fresh laptop while unplugged and frame an use of stack. While it can comprise a necessity to limit heat and use of stack, thinks that one 60C the limit is also-aggressive and prohibitive of action, especially in the 'big action' portable. In a much less Razer would have to leave an user to decide to choose among heat and life of stack or action. An only road was able in circumvent this limit was arrest deactivating BD PROCHOT (protects of Hardware of thermal limit) in Throttlestop and some heavy undervolting. I have contacted of course Razer in of the this, after for days to return and advance, some officials Razer the support said me concealed 'the this was like a laptop has been designed.'

At the end has a subject of a laptop these downloads during use. The while this does the loads have weighed a laptop dulcemente will download in 95% while gaming or using CPU continue intensive. In this way one 65W the the adapter is not quite strong to conform some demands of power of a laptop. A system simply can any run in AC can only and will require to supplement with stack, like this see to drain while plugged in. A problem could be resolved simply yes Razer provided the big plus AC adapter, a lot in reddit and Razer the own forums have found that he 100w USB-C the adapter done by Wacom for his tablet to design work of PC to maintain a Razer the very saturated stealth. Without downloading. Even so that is to say another $ 100+ inversion that Razer would have to there is included in a laptop.

In general, this laptop is the very built laptop that it is thin, lustrous, robust, and quite powerful. Any one another laptop that takes these same praises would have to be informative very happy for a manufacture. I even so it can any one honestly recommends this laptop so that a Achillie the heel is his prize . In $ 1900 for one 4k model that is to say the big order for the 13 laptop of inch. While some descriptions of this laptop are generally positive, everything is colored by the prize to estimate of a laptop the proportion and a proportion are bad. If Razer is offering this laptop and his another model as of the devices of premium that competes with Apple, then also has to be to cut like him the products of the apple is judged. Everything also often the offerings of premium of the fall of low apple any one so that they are bad products , but the fall of expectations for an astronomical prize. If you are peeling out of an integer paycheck for the portable when can take something 80% of a functionality for 50% of a prize, then at the end will be lined in the clave to measure main. Razer The stealth is the laptop adds , but for one $ 1900 this asks prize, having the brick to be able in that the can not maintain up with a power and can concealed collapses when in in the looks of stack likes him the almost enormous my-step for such the product of premium. If it pays the fortune for something, has better work, and work well with complaining-.

As far as am concerned, is not sure will be to maintain this laptop . Has the left wing of the week in front of my window to turn expire and for earnest the be am more he probably returns for the cheapest laptop like a Huawei Matebook X Pro 2019. It is not almost also built or thin, but can configure a TDP and undervolt so much can do almost or included better that a Razer Stealth in the a lot of cheaper prizes. Razer Has closed alas this low laptop in a level of hardware where any quantity of tinkering can change a TDP limit so that it is essentially bonded with an action of the stack limited Razer has decided to apply.
4 / 5 Alva
Have wanted to very this... My old daily engine was a Razer stealth of cover 2017 model with almost 4k screen, and some descriptions were positive for this machine. One 4k the version is surprising to look in, but and there is MAY has taken he in a resolution so that a text is far far too small. Running the games are well, taking imposed to frame to add for a Blizzard games (Starcraft, Wow, Overwatch), without concentrating burned to heat up.

One a complaint of entity is an until keyboard of date . Constantly it uses one of your of service well, and Im constantly doing gone back > Above signals while I want to use the mark of question.

The life of stack is certainly any one 7hores likes announced, more like 3-4 hours down anything normal in of the windows. With games or video, sample that drop of stack.
3 / 5 Wynona
I have wanted to this portable very bad a demand of piece is big, the band was sorta directly sends nothing special. Vibrant colours with 4K the exposure is fantastic, the keyboard besides has IGNITED amiably, fast of kicks and etc. EXCEPT a life of stack is TERRIBLE last anywhere of 3 - 4 hours MAX. My main complaint is a KEYBOARD , a creation is very odd and my YOLKS have begun to hurt after the few days of use, has such the delay among a strike of keyboard and an exposure of character. One another BEEF Razer the support is supremely interested (outsourced in in any one leaves earth). An external case is very FRAGILE, the utmost but no durable looks for users of productivity. PERF IS good and half the just mark sure takes Update of Windows 1809 before anything a lot begins in of the works. I Liked him personally His of a laptop but with in of to the small subjects like them to them the keyboard and the life of stack, does not recommend a inversion. Control out of a new 6Gene Lenovo X1 Carbon, listened of some descriptions add.
2 / 5 Samual
Bought this the little the mark of weeks after it follows Razer for the moment and has expected to be souffl has been. Anteriorly Has had a Asus UX303 which had been diagrams adds , but a screen at the end has broken was.
- Quality of looks of tez really solid.
- The screen is brilliant and responsive, while it is a touchpad
- his Solid
- the action is terrible, especially unplugged, included afterwards maxing out of some parameters to be able in. Quan IS plugged-in some adherents run no-the decree and he take very hot same when doing very-gaming in in to to the basic tasks like them to them the to them the Chrome/of dispatch
- the life of Stack is atrocious subjects , included to save of the stack (perhaps 2.5 mark of new hours)
- a tone of arrow is where one of the right service of button would have to when being . While it can be you able to take used to this, further is thwarting you hook in an external keyboard for a majority of a day, then uses it at night without an external keyboard.
- USB C ports have cut constantly was and fall a hub/of exposure. Also it is very flimsy.
- To control a keyboard these lights have to create the razer accounts.
- Screens of blue that looks when unplugging external devices.

The tan disappoints. Have wanted to very wants this machine but now considering other options.
1 / 5 Niki
Only it take this earlier laptop this darkens, and was initially very excited. A quality of gaze of sums of the tez, and a creation there has been the quite an aesthetic appeal in me.

The mine excites and the emotion waned was hurriedly during an initial setup. Have Hardly does through selecting my tongue of the preference and the region when found a first screen of blue. I oblige to restart a machine, and has succeeded in a second flavour.

Has think that all was well, but a blue machine has protected again shortly after landing in a desktop. A code of error for a BSOD was a WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. I have read in the multiple nuts can fix this to deactivate a turbo stimulates in a bios, but that does not help me in my case.

Has discovered of only find this subject while I am running of a stack, and any plugged in. Any sure is the subject of stack , or some another subject of hardware. By everything means, does not have to be experimenting this type of problem in the new mark $ 1700 machine.

Full revelation, active still to contact support of client, but is debating only to return in a manufacturer and asking the repayment.
5 / 5 Hilary
As this was some updates in mine 3 old year 2016 Stealth. Included basic config 16GB RAM, i7, 512 SSD, 4K touchscreen. It do not go sure until I took it. In the first place, a keyboard has taken on-line bad descriptions, but wants a new creation and some tones and a coverage of the keyboard that is so better. You lose RGB of your character, but that has not been never my thing. A screen is very better with some thin plus bezels - only has Windows of stairs up 200% 225% like the little more immovable of the screen is available. A new square of the tez is surprising and wants a lack of a logotype illuminated of snake in a lid so that it is cleaner only . Especially enmedio corporate. It IS the heaviest unit and fatter even so. The wise speed very better. The adherents still can take strong in loads. A big plus trackpad is point and averts. 4 cores against. 2 cores are surprising. A MX150 am adds. At all that real gaming PC, but enough for in a gone gaming. In general, in spite of learning a cost and a trade-offs is the fantastic updates in mine 2016 Stealth.
5 / 5 Thomasine
Another that one of your of service in a side to be by side well in a something annoying (to do room for buttons of arrow of full measure) all are perfect.
5 / 5 Kamala
Some flies of thing. SSD IS like the rocket. The quality of tez is very solid. The hot careers, but that it is totally reasonable. It takes the support of laptop to do sure some adherents are not obstructed when really that presses a machine. Global attaches compraventa!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS ROG Strix Scar ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Carlie
3/17/2018: Update after routing my notebook in Asus under RMA. Asus Has rebuffed to repair my notebook and tried to bill me the for the new unit. A technician in Asus broke my notebook and is by train of the fault on me. I intensified me in upper management and has been said would provide me 20% discount to buy another! Unbelievable, But this say me a current Asus the management is has been for rasgar of people! It does not buy his products!

2/25/2019: after using this laptop for the few weeks, a laptop has failed to be able up, only was if a blue. It recovers Windows, hangs, has pressed a button of power during 4 bren (to oblige can was). A low enclosed laptop, but will not restart any import that marks. It is returning in Asus for RMA.

After revising a lot, very portable, decided in a SCAR 2 updated with RTX. The keyboard is the real a, any he sper deep rediclous, plastic chicklet locate other notebooks.

Even so, in difference of a last generation, these units are come with the solos 16 GB DIMM (any dual canal config) and he sper Intel lentil 660 SSD! Unbelievelable! One sper fast gaming squad and Asus was cheap in a SSD! Purchase to expect to fix this.
5 / 5 Hermina
I will be to update this description while I use it, but has wanted my first impressions.

In the first place was, after unboxing and updating, run all a hardware regulates tests (control of death of pixel, control of keyboard, cpu/gpu tests of tension) and found any subject. This was a lot since was preoccupied quite ordering on-line with UPS the type that launches around.

For the gaming portable, is not sper heavy, although when being solider that more portable has done on. Some looks of basses bezel of screen gorgeous and when being solid. Opened of the corner any one when being very to like is torquing the a lot of at all, and the rests easily where left the. A trackpad can not listen so luxuriously anti-to friction likes him Dell XPS, but or has I complaints. I will say that some tones listen very better that my Toshiba old. Not surprising he so that it was the averages a prize.

A thing that is well but unnecessary is a sound. Gamers IS probably to use auricular in all the case, but has been impressed by a volume. In fact it has had to to close down at night in place of the leave to run all his updates and restarts so that he he what my gf called the 'Ninja of Effect of Fruit to sound when kicking up. I find it that it satisfies, but probably it require in silence he of a bios at the end.

Converses of his, that is to say gaming portable, so he wants to something down takes the notes in classifying... Perhaps any one? It is not horrible, but some adherents are quite perceivable when is not idling. This would have to go without saying, but for an amour of Azathoth does not block some ventilations with the coverage. It IS bad form in strangle such the good computer.

Avenges with the code to take Just Cause 4, as I plan to try that it enter it one next week and update my description with that in fact he at stake. I have begun it it touched Pokemon Uranium while other things downloaded and ironically can take sucked in a minimum graphically first game. The god expects a prjimo real Pokemon am has taken more... That has Taken enough? Oh He. For now only I will say this race FurMark test of tension in 1920x1080 animal and UHD the parameters stabilise in 68 titles and >80fps.

In general, thinks that this thing is gorgeous, when being thin, and looks to have solid specs. For reference, has one 17' w/ RTX 2060 (6GB), NVMe SSD, and 1x16GB RAM. If you want to more storage, recommends to go with this model and crowd out of a spare bay with him 2TB FireCudda SSHD for $ 80 more than upping a prize much more for less than storage.
1 / 5 Odell
It want to give this laptop the better description, but can any one, so that he the past taken never an initial setup. An in the first place one is gone in the pair of the minutes has had numerous discolored vertical lines in the two piece of inch of a screen, which has persisted through reboots and was visible in BIOS and in the middle of the separate boot. A substitution took the looks has been anteriorly is returned based in a breaking to be of tape of manufacturer and coated with tape of regular nave, and also has the subject of screen. Backlight bled In a bezel, which can any one when being no the dealbreaker if this was the $ 300 laptop, but is not that it pays $ 1800 for the laptop with the screen with Any defects.

Once is the fluke, two in the row is probably orientative of the problem of manufacture.

HAS one that exists Asus ROG portable and has used Asus parts for numerous gaming desktops, but this subject of control of the quality seriously is preoccupying. It does not recommend to buy this for another generation or two.
3 / 5 Ronny
In the first place you are, I am not the gamer. I have purchased the gaming portable to edit 4k videos in, filters to Season run, the algorithms of intense advertising have run. This be has said, HATES a keyboard. A AWS and d the tones are white, which looks so tacky. After a source of a keyboard is wierd and gamer likes him but the normal person hardly can say what some the cards are a source is so far of normal. Lately one deletes the tone is not in a backspace the tone is in 1 tone, why in place of earth that, has to go the looking for all a time and so that hardly it can read some tones always are missing it. A camo the creation is also sper caseous a strand of carbon of the fake also. A computer is hurriedly, is so big and weighed like mine 5 old year satellite of Toshiba this is substituting, has expected the 17' portable to be thinner after 5 years especially now that a blunt CD is gone. In general it is the laptop very only wish the one who was that it design it a keyboard would be shot or perhaps executed idk. Also it thinks his problem that not even the gamer the laptop has designed can be free of the tonne of bloatware. I a lot of bad marks he Asus mark that very money of troubling his clients with each a unneeded programs preinstalled. A life of stack is terrible also. A down of any laptop thinks that active has not had never. Val Bronzed Of the inferior line is not to perfect but I like a quality and speed of this laptop.... Only the maintain plugged in and whose low look! An end.
2 / 5 Adela
Esquerra induct M to say almost everything in this laptop am adds. A creation is lustrous and pleasing, does not shout ' is the gamer', is clear, a separate all listens that parts of good quality, and an action is unbelievable. Coming from a outdated GTX 960M laptop, using this sense like the sleep that comes true.

Alas, well of a minute kicked a PC up, has been conformed with the a lot of obnoxious static/electronic/beeping the noise that comes from/comes from in a case. I thought it that it can it his goes was, but after some investigation, coverage that experimented coil whine, which, that comprises, is basically vibrations of small components of a motherboard, and results of cheap outsourced parts. A coil whine has produced by a laptop is far too audible for me, and is to well sure the dealbreaker. For the less EXPENSIVE PC, perhaps, but when is paying 2k+ for the new mark, cup of a line gaming squad, will not tolerate these classes of things. To well sure it will be to return the.

Besides, of a bit those that other descriptions have read in Amazon regarding a new RTX (2060, 2070, 2080) series of this laptop, another is experimenting a same subject; as his probably the extensive subject with this model. For this reason, strongly it advise against buying this laptop or any one of a Strix Scar II RTX series. Investigation 'coil whine' in Youtube wants to listen what his likes him try operate this machine. There is values too solid far RTX machines in a piece now still to tolerate coil whine.

In general, is very disappointed, so that it averts of a coil whine, this laptop is afterwards perfect for my necessities. Oh Well, time to give MSI tries it ;)
4 / 5 Alycia
Only it take my Strix Scar II with a RTX 2070... Felizmente, has not seen any one of a BSOD the histories of view of horror in some descriptions of low star here. I will update after more time is spent.

In general a machine is quite well, and gaming is almost so hurriedly so much in my desktop, but a quite severe behind-the light bleeds, and a clunky ASUS software (especially a RGB of keyboard) leave me the bit underwhelmed for this laptop in a $ 2200 paid for him in Feb 2019. This has said, is one of some less expensive options with this hardware config, and perhaps these admit is that left them punch that point of prize.

- Adds gaming frame-tax, decent screen, very responsive.... This thing that is almost so hurriedly so mine 1080 You desktop.
- Reasonably slender form and durable factor
- very USB-Some ports (that necessity)
- BIOS has the parameter to deactivate a troubling ROG MATE to mark his map.
- A keyboard of the membrane that is decent and is Very calm.

- Has protect quite massively backlight bleeds in some corners (FHD 144hz 3ms screen)... Any a lot affects functionality, but in the $ 2200 laptop and better wait
- A button to be able in FOCUSED is blaring sper that red of shines... I go to require in black-bookmark he or something
- the adherents run vociferously in odd time when a laptop is not doing anything intensive .... They soothe , but any preoccupy me for a road a laptop listens likes him is the jet takes of just so that I powered the on
- software-preload entered an abysmal state. The engine was old, in the laptop that had fallen only in any last few weeks. The audio has burst. unclear That to update ASUS software. At the end take some of him, has update some of him, and has taken mandate. The looks of audio well now.
- Poses above RGB of the keyboard has confused. It can not find a right tool, likes I installed 'ROG AURA' of his web of place, but this was a wrong tool , the laptop requires 'ROG will HAVE' Core'... Desprs Installing this able era in separately configure one 4-keyboard-regions, clear-bar, and behind-of-in the logotype of screen likes him has wanted.
- A creation of keyboard is the odd bit, especially some tones of arrow..
- A camera is not only in a right a low plus of a screen, but is not angled up, so in in fact take my face in of the frames, has to bend a uncomfortably rear far screen... And it supposes that it is better that any webcam, but is not reasonable for regular use. Felizmente And does not use that a lot in the laptop.
- Has any keyboard of hardware remapping tool... Something concealed is enough of entity for gaming. I have used SharpKeys to do register of windows remapping (capslock->control), but this no properly with Joins of Legends for some reason... In my desktop use he gaming keyboard with him remapping the engine and he utmost.
4 / 5 Lennie
If you are looking for the estimativa cosy gaming portable for mobile gaming suggest to give this laptop try it and in $ 1,800 would say that it is the add to rob so that it is the tool adds for pupil of work and daily use for both light and heavy uses that uses the option of the new storage has nicknamed a Sr.2 That the date uploads the quickly more these Walks of traditional Solid State (SSDs) which are already fast but suggest updating a 512Gb M.2 SSD In the Samsung 1Tb M.2 NVME And attaches the traditional SSD in a unused bay of storage and attach the 16Gb RAM of clave of laptop to maximiza potential of this beauty oh and to transfer a m.2 512Gb SSD In the m.2 Of Samsung 1Tb will require free on-line software to transfer an operating system and all the files have required to do properly for cement ASUS ROG files and functions. I expect that I aided! ^ W ~
5 / 5 Hye
It nicknames the 3.d Perfectionist of party that sells this laptop and has been said everything of this model is has light by behind the light bleeds and his plus that the smallest form of back light bleeds. Very it is not perceivable unless really it looks for in of the very dark games he and slightly perceivable slope of the screens of black transition.

Has decided to maintain this laptop so that after crossing 10 literally 10 different laptops east or a lot is a better. And here it is why.
Any stuttering.
The stack does not drain while plugged in and gaming.
Comfortable gaming keyboard.
Screen of incredible quality 144hz 3ms the time of response is the change of game.
The noise of follower is reasonable. (Another sound of small laptops likes him the engine of jet with noises of your big.)
The quality of tez is solid and the looks adds.

Some negative (very little)
Light behind shoot the bleed, no the breaker of roads takes in note.
Alone dim of 16gb the ram require you to buy another 16gb for memory of canal of the duel in unlock his full potential, aka 20% of your fps is lost because of memory of canal only only.
2 / 5 Kimberlie
A quantity of updates owes the law is ridiculous apresamiento literally the averages the day to take each which arrives and race in a computer. At the end it was said and the fact has taken a blue screen 3 times...Under the load takes quite strong will be you able to listen he through a room. Quan The limits in an upload there the static sound is coming from a laptop. A startup the sound is very unnecessary and problem. Contact Asus but have which ship has been in is not shipping he for reparations is shipping he for the repayment. For the $ 2k portable was the very disappointing purchase.
5 / 5 Garland
Read all some commentaries before buying this laptop. That is to say my second Asus after ZenBookPro 15polzada, which wee bought by a whole family the pair of years of marks. I still like the plot, and decided to bond in a mark. A one am substituting is mine 7 old year Samsung portable. My old laptop has not been the crown of a same line at the same time of compraventa, but served me well. So much, it has to say, that is changing of anything more concealed portable of 5 years, will be satisfied totally, and can neglect a majority of negative critics.
Begins up and ready to do likes 5 bren after I have installed all some necessary programs in me.
Has not remarked any backlight bleeds with an eye undressed in the dark room with video of black screen, is pronounced much more taken the picture of the screen, even so.
The adherents accelerate sometimes, but a noise is not so terrible likes some have described. My old laptop with turning the walk takes and the follower only was so strong or more. That is to say the powerful machine these necessities to cool he, at the end. It was that it directs of task when some partidrios has begun to turn hurriedly, and photos of the result of Amazon has begun to back in my new pictures. The tan there is always the reason behind.
IS come of the coil exists, no in a form of whining, but lines or radio static noise, is down enough to take used his. Of the concealed and read is the common subject by everything means to mark and model these days.
Has followed some councils of another commenters and explosion-in another 16GB clave of RAM and 500GB SSD in some empty void (the semi-detached pictures). It was relatively easy. One melts is not bonded, and does not have any rays of security. Perhaps some day also clones a big NVMe walk (which are Intel 660p) and substitutes with 1TB 970.vo. It has remarked that an adapter of point is also easy to update when a day comes.
My main complaint is location of a webcam. I, personally, does not import bezels fatter instead for the webcam of sake in the screen.
Any queixen in a weight, to go to be seating in my desktop 99% of the time. It IS almost so heavy likes 7 portable year classical substitutes. A bloc to be able is big, even so.
A keyboard is convenient and big, with springy tones. All some buttons of shortcut are where would have to when being . I am not the gamer, as I have posed a backdrop ignites in colour static.
Yes, has some unnecessary software in uninstall, engine to update manually. He very problem a lot, was a road to take to know the new machine. Tan Some also go to complain, has not had any sound of some speakers for pair of days with all an engine of until audio of date, but then something the until cart of date and magically is each sake now.
Has not tried even so a thermal action with the demanding applications that runs over long periods of time, likes him represent videos, so there is at all to say. But into use of RULE of PC, likes him Dispatch of LADY, he chrome etc. Runs perfectly normal.
In general, is very satisfied. It IS the good, a lot the laptop has built well, which begin up and runs any very fast program.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS VivoBook Pro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Catherine
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 has paid the plot partorisca this computer. I possessed it exactly 2 month. A battery does not remain touched long. They are having question with AC the adapter that takes extremely hot and smell like plastic in of the llamas. I am doing with Asus support of the technology and they ask me roughly my paper of guarantee? I so only give not having never one in a box. Reason there is not the paper of guarantee? It takes 2 it cruises any mine gone back of support of Technology partorisca discover a subject. Very difficult to take something to simple has solved.
4 / 5 Jodi
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 Well, Ive has had he partorisca the months of his pair really quite solid! His sure a faster laptop Ive has not possessed never. It blows it was my Macbook Pro 17'. A keyboard has lit is drawn amiably, some tones have a lot feel to them. An only gilipollas is: it can take hot calms press it, but one has fallen defenders in and controls down a time. It does not think you Go to buy he for the gaming portable. And I have had to some tweeking in an exposure for the take like this has has loved that. Also, it go to add another 8 of CANT. You would owe that break a chance to take to I left it so only. Not To Take me bad, runs insanely fast with 8 I always master upgrade things. So you want to 16 of RAM, calm better so only buy an expensive more one that already have it.
4 / 5 Samira
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 Mina 9 yr old Asus required has substituted. It was able to extend his life with the SSD partorisca help speed of increase but was time. As some of the mine photoshop the work is resulted bit it more demanding. But I have wanted really another Asus of the mine had tried like this durable.

A value takes with this laptop are adds.

I really like all roughly the, like the'll has paste some elements I no.
- A tampon of clue is the bit clunky in time, His almost too big. I owe that achieve quite far with my thumb to paste a sinister click. Also it feels he likes the estaca bit it.
- A SD space of paper - a SD the claves of paper was, any fully go to a computer. This the susceptible fact to take clashed and disconnects, hopefully someday does not lose images.
- I generally leave my laptop plugged in all day, seldom moving. It was able to maintain a battery in mine portable old in shape well for the take and so only using he for travesa. It can a lot of that with east a. I anticipate a battery will require substituted a lot the time on been due to of the this.
- I desire there is the CD writes walk, but taking an outside a has not been the big shot. I have known this prime of has bought them a computer. As any necessarily the subject of product.

I upgrade a 1TB walk with the 1TB SSD. It has not gone really required but has had an already he so has felt. Taking his was the bit to defy but comprise concealed is a chance with the newest computers. The old laptops have has had doors of accesses this one has had to that stimulates on a keyboard to take his.

Inferior line ossia the computer adds this in spite of! When Compared to that is available now the days.
4 / 5 Benton
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 has had this computer partorisca 2 weeks now and am quite happy with him like this far. My needs are mostly things that could be fact by the Chromebook but I development and need to be able to install the stack that could use some firepower. It has done a work here s far. It does not touch of the games so that pode does not help there. With a 128gb SSD walk and the plenary 1 TB of the storage are more than satisfied.

Any laptop will fulfil each need unless has deep pockets. My main complaint is a trackpad: sometimes it is sensitive. Sometimes it freezes up. One $ 12 smile to take me around this question.. A system is snappy. A bloatware is not that inflated and take easily. A ASUS Ecosystem' the software is the bit kludgey but has not bought he for that. It likes-me a keyboard. A screen is brilliant. A unit is light. Has some ports I needs. A quality and feel is a lot of - and a price partorisca to 17 screen of thumb are adds in my book.

Are sure like alive with him longer can find things to complain roughly but now included am happy with my compraventa.
5 / 5 Reginia
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 This Asus the laptop is mostly that has expected. A solid state C: walk, this in spite of, is really too small. I have uploaded the majority of a software has had in mine leading Dell Inspiron (piece of junk), and are already in 70 capacity. It has to that install some programs in a D: walk instead. And I have substituted a Win10 Marie with Win10 Pro YOU. They are very pleased with a fast boot . . . Usually in a login inner of screen 30 seconds . . . Compared to a Dell to the equal that could take until four minutes or longer sometimes. So only it wishes a touchpads that almost all the laptops come with today has not had of the keys of mouse 'integrated' that a lot always answers appropriately.
4 / 5 Johnnie
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 does not squander your money, all the classes of subjects with this unit,wireless, prisons, freezing, Asus wont help, the amazon sucks in of support and your for your account, are for on the in Tannerite and do the video of a better use of a 'ASUS' battery partorisca crap ! Asus, sucks, Your support is the Joke , your people do not have any idea that is doing, is spent six hours of my life that the will not go back never, the amazon of desire would take this behind, ossia a question with buying electronic on Amazon, your for your account ! It agrees that partorisca compraventa big. Last compraventa big I any never on Amazon.
4 / 5 Alberto
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 A price is very real partorisca to 17.3 screen of thumb and ssd a screen is like this as well as my old one with 4k screen. If you have been taking for with to 15 thumb his time partorisca go thus 17.

Has had this computer partorisca the month and maintains partorisca improve love the new laptop ossia a a 17.3 and ssd has not been like this can do better partorisca a price.
4 / 5 Allyn
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 has bought this laptop that thinks it would treat decently very partorisca the simple video that modifies and some light gaming. There is. No. Scrubbing By means of my images in my editor of video of election (Mix of HitFilm and First), he lags terribly, especially when it considers has a i7 processor and the paper of small map. I have possessed this laptop now partorisca 5 month, and falls a wifi connection each one that 30 minutes, which force me partorisca dip he the way of aeroplane and king-connect. Very odd and exremely nettling. This in spite of, of then am spent a day of turn, am stuck now with him. PLEASE no SHABBY. It INVESTS IN A BETTER LAPTOP. You DO not BUY THIS AGAIN has HAD The OPTION.
5 / 5 Adeline
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 Like this far is all that expected it would be. Map and utmost speed. It is big and precise take regulated his measure in spending it around. To good sure buy the chance partorisca spend of some type. I have bought the skin that is perfect. No the laptop partorisca use in the plan! Amur Some two hard walks. An only negative is NO VGA PORT and ANY PLAYER of DVD, but can buy a concealed is not expensive. There is Bluetooth partorisca connectivity with Ready TV. Light partorisca his measure. My second ASUS portable. In the first place it is eight still years doing well, so only too slow. The time will say roughly is action of long term .
4 / 5 Jonell
Way: Intel i7-8550Or | GeForce MX150 Unfortunately of one takes partorisca go this car there has been subjects of connectivities of the internet. (Run of new experience 2019) A connection of internet has fallen constantly during a day. Has has has had to that reconnect 2 times of dozen daily in a less. (It is not a subject with my provider of internet to the equal that have done troubleshooting). Last night a laptop has been died! (August 23) A key partorisca be able to does not have any effect and does not turn on. I will not purchase NEVER another Asus produced again. Lasted 5 month and has died.

Top Customer Reviews: Acer Aspire17.3 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The cost has verified A listing specs is partorisca the upper laptop that that has been mine has sent .
That is to list in this page of product has described one:
Acer Aspires E5-774G-52W1

That has received is one:
Acer Aspires 5 A517-51G-54GK

Some of some differences comprise:
So only 1 USB 3.0 port (any two likes described)
RAM upgradable to only 16 Gb (Any 32 Gb)
Any space of expansion partorisca an additional SSD

Those are some of entities some.

I highly advise partorisca avert purchasing this product, as it looks partorisca be the bait and the transmission that use two resemblances Acer models partorisca confuse a client.
4 / 5
The cost has verified Another reviewer, Leonard Washington is corrected. Calm 'think' is ordering a Acer Aspires E5-774cause of G says like this in an Information of Product (sees image) but that takings is a Acer Aspires 5 A517-51G-54GK, which is an inferior model . One a description of the star is not partorisca a computer, which is probably the a lot of one but partorisca a misleading information that calm 'think' is taking. It changes a TECHNOLOGY of JUSTICE of the information and leave the people know that in fact it receive when buying this product. BOOOOOOOOOO!!!
4 / 5
The cost has verified has has had so only this computer partorisca the pocola the week. It avenges very packed and intact. A computer is fast (any gaming fast but so only under this level), a quality/of the screen of the resolution is very well perhaps still excellent, and has all a specs has declared in an ad. 99 of a time my laptops are it plugged in, as I will not be able to confirm life of battery. Ossia My prime minister Acer computer, as I will update this description in roughly 3-4 month.
5 / 5
The cost has verified Ossia a second Acer Aspire 17 Full Thumb HD Portable has bought, this one was partorisca my woman. Like the leading owner was a lot please with this product and when it avenges time partorisca substitute the laptop of my woman, there is not doubted partorisca purchase another. A measure of the screen does really well partorisca we, as we are citizen senior , and a computer extracted each task requires. Again it is A lot of VALUE I MONEY!
5 / 5
The cost has verified My mother uses this in his office of tax partorisca when ameno in of the people partorisca help (during season of tax) as well as leaving his clients partorisca pull on on-line information. While I have been trying fomentarprpers partorisca change to the Chromebook, need of still Windows 10 partorisca his program of tax.
This laptop looked a better combination of price and can partorisca his needs. As with the majority of compraventa of laptop, has promoted partorisca obtain a long guarantee partorisca this unit (my own experience has been generally positive in of the considerations to such cost).
5 / 5
The cost has verified In general, this laptop has has treated well, but has the pair of subjects of qualities. Inside days partorisca take a laptop, a tone of evasion has burst was. I substituted it several times, but does not remain in place. Also, I have not been able to take a laptop partorisca recognise the monitor plugged in the HDMI port. I have tried with several combinations of bosses and monitors - but at all laws. Of of the this was partorisca be the substitution partorisca my aging desk, fines-the support of monitor was the big thing . Probably I will not be that shabby Acer again.
5 / 5
The cost has checked portable adds partorisca speed and clarity of the screen but some speakers are terrible. Sometimes his good and another times there is static. They are by train of the maintain For now but will buy another mark in a future.
4 / 5
The cost checked has had the little question with Cortana and a microphone, but has Windows of culprit 10 partorisca that. The portable law adds and pursue quickly!
4 / 5
The cost has verified partorisca take this laptop partorisca my mother of any and he more than has surpassed that looks for in the new computer. A point for partorisca price that it is included was better that everywhere more look.

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS TUF Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Bart
Way: Core i7 | 256GB SSD/1TB HDD has received so only my new laptop and the estaca have loved some initial thoughts in the one of way that is partorisca say my second ASUS gaming portable. Already it possesses the 2 old year ROG one running a 7th gene Intel I7 with a GTX 1050you paper (4gb). This laptop has run quite all my boys touch on likes Fortnite, Fallout 4, modded minecraft and of a lot of games of Steam in next current max resolutions. It require the new laptop on its own name but has imagined would take another gaming a like this my two boys are not struggling in another laptop. I immediately looked in ASUS of the mine in the first place one has been solid. A current lineup of ROG the options resembled so only have a 1050you option unless I have been to the 17 screen and past way too much money on that. I have found then this TUF gaming edition. Running a 8th gene I7 and he 6gb 1060.Hard to spend up in this price. As I have taken the casualidad.

Botting On a first time and waling by means of a painful Cortana setup, was finally on and that careers. Some looks of laptop to come with minimum bloatware. Has some but a screen are not covered with useless applications like my old Dell. I have begun to download some varied games and then left the edges the young plus has in him for the moment. He mostly remained with Fortnite and run perfectly with any incumplimiento the settings choose. A screen is beautiful. Probably one of some exposures of better laptop have seen. He one 2 old year ROG one looks terrible included this in spite of that the screen is a lot good. A sound that exited of some speakers of laptop was also a lot good. It has been impacted in credit it has done as I find speakers of laptop to be horrible. Usually my game of boys with the headphones but this was more than the period to try.

My old plus ROG is strong when the be has used. A lot of defenders to maintain it fresh. You take used his but is strong. A TUF, while any one calm, is much better. You can listen some defenders kick on and was but is nowhere approaches like this bad. I do not have he a lot trying in hot still but can stick that later. I know a ROG hot taking. Included a supply of the power in a cord takes really hot when it uses.

Could a lot really say reason a TUF costs of edition so less than a ROG. But after taking sees that it is not like this elegant likes ROG. A coverage still lights up with ASUS but lack of some things of lights of elegant plus of llama. A keyboard luzca only in red vs fines for a ROG. Apparently it is that it loses some ports that gone in some new ROG but is in accordance with mine old plus ROG. In an end of a day, the one who the subjects are some components . Seeing a TUF has one 1060 with more RAM and a same processor, would think that is like this well, if any one better. I do not have any remorse to take east.

Estaca On any new findings has any one.
4 / 5 Kiyoko
Way: Core i7 | 256GB SSD/1TB HDD This description is partorisca a 16GB, 1060 Nvidia with NVME SSD device.

Sadly The amazon has combined some descriptions of some versions of finals go down of this device that thinks is causing the plot of confusion and probably poor sales. Some models of finals go down has been estimated very bad in the each place has visited. Some consistently state descriptions that has the feeble frame that flexes way also and defenders of engine of the jet among other things. This device has any of some defects has indicated with some models of finals go down in this line of product.

A frame is solid of the rock and some defenders are in accordance with other devices in this row of price in my personal opinion. Although defenders never really annoyed me so much I play it and is so only a paid to price when it love some few parts of main finals. The parts of main finals run hotter and require sufficient cooling. If the partidrios annoy you then has the products has drawn partorisca rid a desire of silence.

A primary walk is a Intel Optane NVME SSD. Ossia One of a fast plus SSD in a phase and is of quality of build of the price. It comes with the GeForce 1060 which would have to that be able to manage any modern game in big or ultra settings. I have touched enough the few games in ultra likes Tomb Raider and Galactic Civilisation III in Ultra the settings and all were silky smooth. It was surprised in fact that it do not have any stutter or choppiness at all.

An inferior line is that you will take exactly which pays partorisca with this car. It is to do fault like the desk substitution for me and doing the fine work of him.

That when be said, at all is perfect. My only real flu with this device is one YOU installation. There is minimum bloatware but also comes with an a lot dreads McAfee antivirus. Like Norton, this software so only dominates your system and bogs he down. I have tried uninstall the May random failures apresamientos. So only it does not love it go was. Has has had to that finally use the malicious tool of scrolling of the software to take touched of of him. But it has included it conceal no quite clean the all was. A system still felt sluggish and sticky. I have appealed finally to download the clean Windows install on to the clave of USB and has dried a walk. Once this is to be do and has had all some engine has update appropriately, any so only was my installation roughly 20 actions less than before it is also now snappy and sper responsive.

Like the side remark you will be feigned to the firmware update for a BIOS. If you go to do the quota reinstall taste , highly recommends to do this update before you reload Windows. So only he a final installation that much more stable.

In general ossia the fantastic product this in spite of. All want to and more.


To the equal that is been 3 month has purchased of this car and has loved to resupply an update. First it has loved to say that it does not contain Intel Optane to the equal that has had has declared previously. I have been to a ASUS put of web when you research a computer and in that then mentions Optane. Still there it is the elegant map that illustrates some improvements of speeds. Of then there is it obviously has discovered it he any and no longer can find an ad that declared has it. This be has said that it is still the very robust computer and still have any remorse.

Another that that has fallen on fresh and fast every time. Any screen bleed subjects like this some another has mentioned. An audio is fantastic for the laptop. It is the little in a plasticky to side likes opposed to a construction of aluminium but feel is that it interests he payoff considering a price and inner components.

Another drawback would be that so only avenges with the only 16 GB clave of ram. Have Of then upgraded the to two 8 GB claves of HyperX impact it and he have taken inclusos faster once in dual canal. They are the little has nettled that has had to spend another 100 bucks to take a car to where has that has been out of a box but that it is the fact is done.

Anyways, estaca another updates yes finds anything new.

The second Modifies:

has Had to fall this car down two stars for dud announcing. After opening a chance has found concealed a lot he so only done this not containing Optane, any included there is a NVME walk. It is a Sr .2 SATA ssd. Although a space is able of NVME. Ossia Soiled ASUS and expect better of you!
4 / 5 Charlott
Way: Core i7 | 256GB SSD/1TB HDD To good sure taking a bang partorisca your buck.
Havent An answered partorisca a overclocking has described. They are sure he can locate the bit, but maintained it to us down of for life of battery, more than anything.

The life of battery is kinda painful. Right out of a box, once touched to maximum, has taken 1hr and 35min. With a hardware in this thing... I am not surprised.
Turning Of RGB didnt help anything, these LEDs the use like this little compared to a cpu + gpu.

Any subject of real overheating there is remarked, can take the little warm, but at all more than expected out of the laptop. It maintains some ventilations clear.

Lightning Quickly, for some specifications. Any disappointment. It can run Crysis.

Full RGB and Overclocking the personalised utility in UEFI, any need partorisca third software of party in of the Windows.

Real negative commentary so only, is a chance can take smudges very easily. Sound the crazy black also. Marcos of toe standout, and is the ache partorisca clean was without some besides forms cleaned. Also exert your battery, and use an utility of battery for ASUS he goes partorisca be in the now plugged in all a time. To continuation well of a battery, or result useless quickly.
5 / 5 Charissa
Way: Core i7 | 256GB SSD/1TB HDD First, to the left initiate me was partorisca say are the big ASUS defender. My last pocolos portable what the compraventa was ASUS reason are entirely state satisfied every time buy one. As you can imagine my surprise when I purchase this one.

A reason partorisca a poor indication is reason a laptop constantly freezes so only with which 1 to 2 hours of game of game. This subject headed a first day received it and there is rid the turn asks a first same day. I have tried all first of coming to this decision. Cleaned out of my temp dossiers (was although it was the new laptop ), has confirmed that my engine has been updated, etc. Have come to a conclusion that a freezing has maintained partorisca spend because of an overheating of paper of the map. Previously to an ice cream, a game (World of Warcraft) short smooth. Any fps or lag subject. Some boots of laptop extremely quickly and uploads a game quite dang fast. All was the sleep , except a a subject that literally destroys my gaming experience. I have been included to a power that dips options and regulated them, based in the joint of an expert. Suggestions of mine and his has not fixed a subject.

Has read some other descriptions and I am not sure if I so only spent to take the defective one or if ossia a subject that so only is not really be developed. I go to say that this me prender to purchase another ASUS portable, but go to look for to good sure some other options. For $ 1,000+ for the gaming portable, does not expect it to be a More adds them gaming portable of all the times, but at least expect be able to touch the game for more than 2 hours directly. Or to at least a lot entirely it freezes on me mid-game.
4 / 5 Leslee
Way: Core i5 | 256GB SSD My FX504-WH1 has arrived yesterday and could not expect open a box and game around with him.

My first impression the inaugural a box of nave was: ' you have to that be kidding me. Any sales of the air or the bubble wrap around a ASUS box of laptop. So only the pocolas spend of paper of brown wrapping resembled that among a box that a lunch of dog goes in. Admitted a box of laptop is very built but one would think that one $ 800 laptop warrant more than wraps that the $ 40 stock exchange of lunch of dog. After opening a box of Laptop, all looks well.

Has taken a laptop out of a ASUS box and looked it on and could find any harm. It has taken out of a brick and cord to be able to, plugged the in and then plugged a cord of power to a LT and has expected the pocolos small. WELL, the pocolos first second to press a key to be able to. It take the bit for him to come on, could not decide are due to you can below or so only when being the new laptop but he have come finally until Lady Cortanna. I have turned of a voice and followed to the long of until it can close was. ( It is like this bad like Samsung Bixby!)

Has taken to a screen of house and logged to my accounts of LADY after connecting to my subject. Cleaned on the few things and has spent then of all some updates. The things have run quite good. It has installed Chrome same although the LADY EMBROIDERS whined roughly that. ( It please to maintain me, fiance that will be good!!)

Volume Norton by means of Century-link to have to that way that has wanted to take touched of of McAfee. With which a lot of test and google investigations, finally was able to take some last traces of a software of killers. Norton Installed so only well and while you run the lean, is not that many the resources hog.

After touching around with him partorisca awhile and doing other transmissions, am coming to give that the could not launch a Tent of Microsoft out of a key to start with and everything of my tiles have not uploaded neither. I eat. After reading other descriptions have decided to do the grandchildren refresh install. Very better, and bit it faster. And, the LADY TENDS and some tiles are where would have to that be. Has has had to that king-install Norton but McAfee has not been king-installed so that it has not gone to annoy it a lot.

Others first impressions:
Loves a keyboard behind lit. It is also well for the typist to touch. Taking near of 80 wpm on that.
Some of some tones are put out of has bitten it wonky, so only will take some time to take use to.

No in that has a SD the reader of paper is more than the question that thought it would be. Originally You Look in the different LT to substitute my ASUS ROG STRIX this has bitten a powder because of bad hinges so that tent had the plot of files on some SD the papers have had to dip around. Now, I can no to install them in this LT until it takes the USB -SD reader of paper. (Orderly 1 of Amazon, would have to arrive Tuesday)

A defender is not like this strong likes another goes to be. But then again, I am quite hard to listen. I will say that it is much calmer and much less hot of a ROG STRIX.

Also the desire has had the secondary storage. Having 256 gb the main storage goes to be the bit to limit. But I want a quickness of a SSD. Will have another computer (LT or DT) without him so it strolls main.( I can take one 1 TB hard walk of a ASUS ROG LT and place he in a ASUS TUF, or can order one, So only taken to decides master a SSHD or HHD. )

Was able to video of current without a lot of question as well as it extends a desk to the 4k 55' the TV FOCUSED/Monitor wirelessly. Quite damn fresco. And he still looked damn acute.

A ASUS TUF comes with 8 GB memory, transmission out of a memory with a ROG like this now has 15 gb. My PC of the prime minister there has been 64 Kb by heart and one has after had 640 kb like this was a max a system could manage. Chico, like the things have changed.

With which take used to a TUF Portable bit it more, estaca an up to date description.
4 / 5 Shawanda
Way: Core i7 | 256GB SSD/1TB HDD Very happy with this compraventa. It has Had a bicycle partorisca the few months and has fulfilled my expectations. The service of client was excellent of one taking goes. It have asked him partorisca send me a chair a wide plus and he have arrived a day after a bicycle. The assembly has not gone too bad although I have changed a sequence partorisca gather and attaching a handlebar. It was easier that attach both a handlebar and computer to a estaca of handlebar and then insert a stick to a tube of a mainframe. Had also some confusion regarding an annex of a computer. A manual has mentioned two rays that could not locate in a plastic stock exchange that contains some parts. It results that a backside of a computer has the dish maintained in place with 4 rays. It takes and use them partorisca attach a computer to a handlebar. Adding my iPad with a Crew the application has completed my setup. An only part ossia resulted free so that far it has been it a chair but is really easy of the presionar again. A subject smaller foresees is that it was not when and like partorisca substitute a tampon felt or where partorisca order tampons of substitution.
5 / 5 Chanell
Way: Core i5 | 256GB SSD 8th Gene i5 is already better that 7th Gene i7, swimming partorisca complain at all.
8GB RAM Is already give sustain the majority of the games and the works but he still have spatial to develop.
256GB M.2 SSD, Any enough? It adds a plus HDD for big storage.
GTX1060 3GB, This was adds for users of estimativa! The majority of GTX1060 gaming the laptop is in the big price but this is not !
Battery, for the gaming portable, does not think you will touch it external, well?
5 / 5 Effie
Way: Core i7 | 256GB SSD/1TB HDD was very excited partorisca take my prime minister gaming laptop and when I turned it on a first time a screen flickers and then goes entirely black. There is a subject with an exposure. Sometimes some works of exposure, sometimes he the no. are troubleshooting engine because it prefers any partorisca return the things there is the solution but has to that it does not have to that do troubleshooting in the new laptop. Tried partorisca unplug a battery and discharges he behind in partorisca see if this would help. Any easily fact. I have had to that unscrew a whole chance to take to a battery. It has not helped. I have it quell'has spent already of the hours that looks for solutions to a question. The works well connect it to him my TV with a HDMI boss. For it is useless like this when a screen goes black.
4 / 5 Irena
Way: Core i5 | 256GB SSD has taken these products in 00 which is an absolute to fly for some components under a hood. When Have in the first place received this product fallen on crysis 2 and was able to touch in max settings in 60 fps, notes that took it a model with one 1060 interior and i5 processor. An only downsides is a ssd is small (256 actions), the screen is the bit dim but no too bad and so only in 60hz. Also it have it so only 3 usb the ports but you can remedy all these questions quite easily. If you are the gaming and love the laptop of estimativa well, ossia the good entrance to a door that is able to touch more games in a phase.
5 / 5 Arnette
Way: Core i5 | 256GB SSD Please Save bit it more and go for something better!

So only with which 2 days, This Laptop has starts partorisca clash so only with which 15 mins of gaming on that. A cooling is so only any temperature in CPU and GPU frequently take on 70 Moderate terracings gaming. A Battery is quite decent because no appearance any very out of the battery of the gaming portable.

Has update all my engine and the software but any looks subject to persist.
Has called ASUS support, a type in asked there the Reset and Reinstall Windows but at all has changed! I said then that it can it he has to that take a rear laptop but A process to return never has initiated included.
Has bought the plot of ASUS the products that comprises a ASUS vivobook but is not never be like this Disappointed!

If any of ASUS is reading this, need to seriously improve a service is offering beacuse is loosing the plot of clients those who once was loyal yours!

Top Customer Reviews: ASUS TUF Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lea
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 This thin and light notebook the computer has not been purchased partorisca gaming but partorisca work. Has some correct components partorisca as it uses it, more, has a 8th generation intel cpu, has room partorisca the SSD, and partorisca until 32GB of ram, unusual partorisca a ASUS, but the pleasant surprise, of my past experience with ASUS, in that he three compraventa leading. In my subject, constantly am downloading big files (3-4 GB) and then looking some digital images, perhaps modifying it, and king-modifying it. This notebook is perfect partorisca as it uses it, and is light and looks sturdy, although some looks of chance partorisca be all plastic. It does not have to put you like this a lot of of USB to the equal that would like, but there is quite partorisca of a point of price (is not that reason has USB hubs?) And, of course, any optical walk, but have the very blue-the ray strolls external that cost roughly $ 20, which is small, light, and handy to spend in one spends the boss has bought to go with a notebook. He a lot there is the docking canal of some class, but concealed has not been the breaker to treat, so only a afterthought. One the majority of the lesson of entity has learnt is to read a guarantee before it buy a product, reason, this one is so only 1 year (which have known), will not be extended by a costruttore, which have known no, (leaving you the wrestle with a decision or any to take your casualidad or go with the third guarantee of the party undertaken that has found, in a past, is the useless cost and he then there is also, sure that that that can be purchased, but so only has done any or never) and leaves a costruttore to choose on almost anything of a street to substitute or the reparation separates that the need that substitutes or repairing, &, , then is fixed like this far like the costruttore is concerned; they have downloaded his obligation under his guarantee. It has had I to do it throughout, would choose the costruttore that has done only reparations and of the substitutions with new parts, if any one exists is gone in a world of notebook, or perhaps is to to everything likes that (has not had to time to read some other guarantees, still, but first of mine compraventa next). It analyses to arrive to this point is concealed was the ready cost and all the work like this has to that, although the ram upgrade is in the near future, likes 8 actions is tasked every time uses a car, but pertinent for now. Shopping another, to arrive to this point, because of a point of price, and beg any precise any reparations. This in spite of, for 3-4 dollars of hundred more, perhaps the better guarantee and the car could be had; this extra 3-4 hundred has not been in mine estimativa like I no really look. I will be of tower if any updates of entities are in mandate.
5 / 5 Letisha
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 An of a better gaming portable partorisca a price. PUBG Runs very well on map of meso and still looks quite damn well. The majority of games will run glorious in Big/Ultra settings. In general I am very satisfied with this compraventa.
4 / 5 Donovan
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 I has purchased this partorisca light gaming (fortnite, WOW, etc) and is entirely worthless. A CPU and RAM is not never on-registered, but a 'hybrid walk' is selling is complete rubbishes . A SSD the portion is far too small to benefit to action like them all your games is partorisca store in the slow traditional walk. The screens of cariche take me 5-6 minutes in mesos while my woman has uploaded one same in the separate laptop (2 years) and iMac (3 years) in 35-40 seconds. An action was like this bad has required the crank down all the settings to some levels some low plus for a game to do, but any class of transition to describe where had has weighed read-write to a walk would spend a game for the take again. Entirely worthless and has lost now all the confidence with ASUS. I will not buy never another laptop of them again.
4 / 5 Earle
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 In spite of being the gaming portable, this portable looks smooth and no bulky, love a silent way partorisca defenders when so only am exploring or looking the film, the time is well, a SSHD is not enough for Windows 10 as it would owe that consider buy a SSD M.2, it Is easy to install downwards 5 minutes.
A tampon to the touch is not that it adds but calm already would owe that be using smiled buy the gaming portable.
The keyboard is smooth and a red backlight is well.
4 / 5 Cornelius
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 I is still in train partorisca use it partorisca write this description. Well, I will not say has a better specs he compares to another gaming portable. So only I love the paper of map partorisca run little modifying material and light gaming. 1050 2GB Partorisca heavy gaming? You can dream roughly that.......
A speaker surprised! It is almost one same like those use headphone when it listens my favourite music, but has to that be right that it has to in a computer.
In general, an action is well; a CPU is a lastest and fast.
A keyboard is quite good and comfortable.
I no really like a creation of the red line but I enough is simple steel .
A battery can leave use roughly 4.5 calm hours only internet and youtube.
A wifi to the law perfectly like them to them some announcing. Work a lot still although they are the little far out of one issues and has to that the wall goes in.
A defender is not noisy, and a thermal control is very good. I seat slightly animate when they are by train for the use the works read.
Recommends that it buy a SSD version this in spite of. It is quite dulcemente when I that looks for to install same software although it is a SSHD.
Will add a SSD later.
5 / 5 Jong
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 Unboxed last night and directly out of a box and without disturbing he of the games was already a computer a slow plus has has not used never. Some updates of windows have taken almost 12 hours, during this time could steam very same of download without a laptop that freezings and in impactante. After a rediculously the period of long update is still laggy and unresponsive. It does not squander your money, ossia the shiny paperweight .
4 / 5 Vernia
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 A packaging was horrid. The laptop was flopping around with A thin discharge of this brown paper. Any bubbles on or anything. There is the two empty of thumb in the each side where is flopping around in a box. It has scared it it has been broken punctual taste pickes the up. Now partorisca locate with a laptop he. Work a lot well. I touch games like Deaths of the daylight and he there is no lagged or low state fps or anything. It touches all my games a lot well. I have been surprised to say a less.
4 / 5 Danica
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 I has bought one of these and is a computer a slow plus I never possessed out of a box. I think that a with the one of boat was a hard walk. A Seagate Firecuda the solid of state hybrid walk was strong and always grinding. It has discovered that so only 8 gb of a walk has been solid . Windows 10 Was in a regulate sata the part and he have controlled yours the majority of has used program and wrote him to a 8gb section.
A Map was quite bad same in some settings some big plus and also some games lagged tried it bad in Crossout. There is remarked takings roughly 5 second or more to just pop on a browser.
Liked a intergrated bluetooth and of a fast ac wifi. Some tones felt good mine and felt very durable. Quell'Conceals has not gone enough for me. An on all laggyness has included in the windows drove me crazy and have included turned of a service superfetch like reccomended in a Q and One. I have done included he asus update and bios flashes to any avail. I sent it behind for the repayment.
5 / 5 Colton
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 UPDATE: ASUS asked partorisca return a laptop partorisca reparations of keyboard. It results he any option partorisca purchase onsite has guaranteeed guaranteeed or along here in some the EUA. A whole process could take 2-3 weeks. As I am returned a laptop behind the amazon. A process of turn was swift and easy. The clock was partorisca a limited a guarantee of year, has any way to extend concealed. Suggest partorisca look in a DELL G3 and G5 that was has released so only that it is the better way in a same price.

Book: delivery Very punctual. It is gone in the box of Amazon. A ASUS inner of the boxes there have been two frames of puncture ( has attached some photos). Felizmente A mark partorisca nail deeper has lost a laptop and is gone through a map skirting this resists a laptop in place inside his box. A ASUS the box of Laptop was situated also to the rovescio. If a whole container has been continued a walk an only thing among an earth and a laptop were two discharges of map. All an air has fill partorisca cushion the material was in a wrong side. It is lucky that USPS managed it attentively and at all has broken in an outside. Still the little concerned in an effect that could have had in a HDD.

In a laptop:
This was to launch so only likes 3 weeks before it was ordered. As it was sceptic on some initial hiccups new row of the laptop come with.
1. A keyboard keystrokes is sublimate. And touch the plenary sized keyboard with a NumPad. A red backlight among three brightness the levels and an option to turn it was. ( There is subject with a backlight which have covered in a hard portion that expect is so only the defect in this particular laptop and no a whole row)
2. A processor is quite good. Almost in pair with and in some better ways that a i7-7700HQ for any one confused among a two.
3. A paper of the map is not that I add but for a price of $ 699 is sufficiently well.
4. Some defenders to cool is very very effective but insanely noisy. Touched Battlefield 3 in ultra settings and after the while a half section of a keyboard was quite warm/hot but a WASD the zone was almost in temperature of room. You could feel a pressure of negative air that air of appeals to a defender by means of some tones in this general zone (Any Idea if ossia the good or bad thing )
5. A trackpad has the well feels his but the slightly noisy click.
6. Some speakers are really good!
7. No the plot of preinstalled bloatware.

1. A screen is FHD but so only a lot the well. It likes to see corners really bad. It has had previously he 14' TN screen that could with, but in this screen this big more the diverse light quantity the plot of an upper a fund of a screen.
2. A SSHD is slow and is not one the majority of silent. He tiny clunking noises.
3. The life of battery is really bad. 2-3 hours is of the calm more can exit of this same on saver of battery.
4. Some defenders are really noisy!

Material that so only could be wrong with a device I receipt and a lot necessarily a line of product:
1. A backlight flickers when it is maintained in a down more brightness level. It has attached the video of him too much. A flickering sees is not because of a camera but a backlights in a keyboard.
2. A portion of a F9 the tone is not lit up. The part of a LEDs under a tone is not in esclarecedor.
I supposition will owe that it contact ASUS considering of the this. Really very pleased in of the this.

In general is the quite good laptop for a cost. Another in this row that could like this durable like this an east DELL insprion 15 5000 gaming. This a way of just looks too fresher and has been done partorisca gaming. I will add the new material like discovers it roughly of this laptop.
5 / 5 Dominique
Way: TN | 1TB Firecuda | GTX 1050 has taken this partorisca my edges partorisca his 12th b-day. His last laptop was lagging in his favourite game Roblox all a time (was the few old years), but with this one says that it is has had subjects of the z/of the zeros has on Dipped was really easy, and entirely happy with a compraventa!