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Top Customer Reviews: USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I add mic for Podcasting, Voice Overs and register of basic musician. Excellent microphone for a prize!
5 / 5
It IS sceptical of the same mic in spite of a glowing informs - included some revises limited in youtube is well, with more than finds that some limitations of a microphone are far less than is profit - cual, frankly, is is prize. I chose it up for $ 24 dollars in the sale to flash, but is a lot of values a normal prize for so of the sounds.

Chose it up with a Neewer NB-35 boom of arm of Microphone (which are PERFECT for this microphone, btw and comes with the filter of pop!) Less than 50 bucks for the complete usb microphone setup. It conceal only I am enough it adds.

Less than the week after buying is, even so, was in bestbuy for the big sale, and has of an edition of Blue Blackout Yeti was for sale with a phantom recon wildlands game combo so that it impresses it $ 75 dollars. As I bought it.

IS the composer/of singer with 20+ years to record behind me and games of PC of the game and some streaming and has required the new mic.

All day has been trying this mic (has a black Fifine K669B for a record) and a Yeti side by side. A Yeti is main, listens more first, and has the change of button, the control of profit adjusts in the volume the strong plus, has 4 different polarity parameters to do podcasts or recording in stereo among other things. But I have tried this side by side with one Yeti using a Yeti parameters of cardioid to match one Fifine is. I have adjusted some controls of profit to be a same in of the windows, and slightly main in a Fifine knob to benefit to match one Yeti so that it was so equally matched like possible.

Can not distinguish the big quite difference in an audio (the plan recorded imitates with audacity) in truly be able to justify an already discounted prize of one Yeti the side compared by side with one Fifine.

He still, an audio is only that well. I bad, also so the USB mic go to be. If has one extra and precise scratch more than a master of polarity that properly in front of one mic (and some sides) then can any gone bad with one Fifine. It IS so taken aback afterwards such listening good things in a yeti, but they so much pickup some same noises of backdrop, and listen very similar. Quan Planted enough 6' of one mics with filters of pop in place, my sense of voice more natural that comes from/comes from one Fifine, with of more clarity of bit perhaps in a Yeti but ail noticable. That bassiness had (my voice is not very bassy) was - in my ears - better in a Fifine. Any one to that likes him , of idiot bassy, but of course a tone has sounded more please. And that is to say where this mic will be, quite 6' of my face. It IS small, clear, very very done, each-metal, and enough 1/4 a measure of one Yeti. And one yeti weighs A TONNE, and has some odd irregular thread in a part of the mountain where needs to buy the concrete adapter or begs that apresamientos a concealed in in to to the some nuts like them to them the. One Fifine just works. And something spends in only purchases another for 25 bucks and the call the day.

For professional streamers or the people that looks for the pro-level mic to do work/of verge of the voice, or mic go to cost your time, is going to want to use an interface and XLR mic/s for that, to take a sound as well as it can be. But you are posing low tones, writing songs of idea, touching around, gaming, streaming, cat with your friends in discord, this mic is an incredible value. The desire has the change of button, that is to say he downer. But only it can turn a profit all a low road.

No for Fifine or Neewer, and very want to and one Yeti, but probably will return in a morning. It IS the good mic, but no so good and having 50 bucks and something those sounds also. ( It ISSUES of CARDIOID that is.) Also one Yeti is main, heavier, and taking up more spatial. I have thought sure when headed to try them that one Yeti has been to blow my alcohol, but insanely can not say a difference, or enough, can not detect why any one would think one Yeti is better sounding.
Chairs that perhaps is the thing reputacional , while with some headphones of Beaten. The beaten is not everything that well, my daughter has the pair and when listen in is not bad but his plus or less also like the pair of Klipsch has paid 30 bucks for for sale. Same situation here. I think Yeti is is perhaps for people that any precise that headphone passthrough, plan to use this for something more adds that streaming or speaker, and boys that the only thinks is very so that other boys uses the.

TLDR: It is not fooled, confidence your ears, and only take this microphone and flavours he since you. Has very little to lose.
5 / 5
My description is the unconventional bit for this product like this the microphone mostly looks for to have the habit of creates musician, and is not the musician; I am only the gamer that hates it that has to spend these uncomfortable gaming headsets during raid. Test very independent mics, but any one of them is exited in to mine likes him. Desprs Trying multiple mics that any one has not chosen in my clearly quite voice, chosen up everything around except me my voice, or chooses up at all at all, spent this gem of the microphone that access a bill in the each appearance. It thinks a better part in this microphone for me is that I do not have to have directly in front of my face to be listened strong and clear. In fact, I maintain it presses behind against a wall apropa mine that the control is the period of the good arm has been. Although I use the push-in-speak VoIP program, my partners of guilds have does not say when being any noise of backdrop around me when scratches a low button, and does not enter to sound misty, too distant, or also strong. Aesthetically that pause, that is to say the acute and the professional that microphone of looks, and some seats to sustain on is robust with him wingspan in a period of an iPhone 6s. In general, that is to say the fantastic microphone for a prize. The calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
If you are looking for the solid desktop the microphone then looks no further, this mic is a level of excellent entrance mic for streamers and gamers. Easily it compares with mics that is to say much more expensive with his quality of tez and quality of audio.

- Quality of excellent register
- quality of tez Excellent
- beat it that is attached in the mic mountain of arm
- Comes with the handy support

- the sensibility is lower that would have liked me - necessity for the maintain quite near in of calm for an audio to be significantly strong
- the cape of USB is built in, and is not that very time. It maintains that it imports when using he in a mountain of arm

For some reasons for the give on 4 stars. Even so, that is to say the very solid microphone for his prize. It does not waste compraventa to time around, advanced and buy this asap.
5 / 5
I have required the compatible sound, professional for my videos, as I have purchased the microphone. A four and indication of the half star and the prize convinced me to us to choose a FiFine Microphone of USB. That is to say a first microphone has possessed, as I can not compare in another, even so I think that that the work adds. It comes with the tripod and is easy to pose up and install. It IS small and convenient to store. I travel often and take he with me. Cape in my rucksack or case of computer. A cord is five feet , which are perfect. Has the port of traditional USB, as it USB C the adapter is required use the new plus MacBook Pro. Habladura Of Mac, this microphone is only compatible with Windows or Macintosh.

My only complaint is that some looks of microphone to record conventionally, even so it speaks softly and attaches musician of backdrop in my videos, as it can me when being. Seldom record it noises of unwanted backdrop.

IS very satisfied with a mike quality of audio, measure, facilitated to use and give it five stars. It IS the purchase !
1 / 5
Fact by 2 days in so much my PC and my Mac, and now no longer works. Uninstalled Automotive, reinstalled automotive, Included for full in Realtek automotive, has tried each port of USB has, only prendido to do for literally any reason in a half of use.
5 / 5
[2/5] The does not choose up voice very besides or 2 less - 2.5 ft has been according to several auditors. In max volume, has had to when being lined until expensive for clear audio.

EDITA: An on was my experience with a K669B model, but has been contacted by a Fifine instruments that graciously has substituted my microphone with a B01D4HTIOY model. So far, all my complaints have been answered- Visits at stake and in Skype each which informs to be able to listen me clearly in several distances. In general I am much more satisfied with this model, and especially so with a service of client. They have continued certainly and further, offering free troubleshooting before substituting purchase of mine. This class of service is certainly estimate the plot when buying any product, and thinks that has to individual to mention that yes it purchases the product of Fifine, is not only taking a product but serious support and followup of his squad.
5 / 5
I have bought this to use for PC gaming with my mates, and is exited adds! I have used cheap headsets for years ( .Audio 355 is which are to rob he for a prize) has decided that it was time for the sake headphone and separate mic. I thought that it that it has done it in my alcohol in the Modmic, but could not justify a prize.. That is to say when I stumbled in this microphone.

Has not been sure this setup would do well with me that has to when being the feet of the pair have entered my chair, and neither has been sure quite when being of quality while it has not listened never of this company before. Both of these hurriedly dispelled worries, can have a mic whole to be, or signalled in in in to the mine likes him in of a beak of preview.. It does not import my voice is chosen enough well! You can see in some pictures that a real diaphragm of a mic will be to signal directly in calm in a whole gesture with knob of volume those face you.

Considering quality, this thing is built very good. An external integer casing and the support is done of metal, an only plastic is small wingnut that adjustment of covers. A microphone also can rotate independently of a base, which are the good touch . In general, I think that that it is the sake mic in the good prize, which adapt me just Fifine!
5 / 5
Like The platinum , Grammy prize to win songwriting and squad of production & musician of 30 years . A number a necessity of thing when doing the musician is the vocal grandson ! Totally unexpected quality! The calm can any gone bad with this compraventa. The sound is clear , crisp and powerful all for $ 28 bucks! I recommend this mic 100% SG-1 Tha Piecemakerz
1 / 5
In the first place one has taken fatality after enough 2 month of use. A record in the daytime then only decree. I have tried he in of the different computers with a same result. Ordered another, and was DONA. A mic has done to add when was in fact functional. Game and covers only. The quality of noise was well, although in of the parameters of the volume the big plus in a mic, the plot of noise of backdrop has taken chosen up, like the annulment of noise is quite poor. For $ 30 it is the quite bobo mic, alas for me, some products have taken has failed; like this I have to you give 1 star.

Top Customer Reviews: Blue Snowball iCE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black Ossia the legitimate description of the product has bought with my own money. So only dipping this there.

Ossia honradamente A microphone of BETTER PC can buy in the estimativa. Has not founding any microphones of better condenser partorisca the price the economic plus that in fact does well with the PC.

- Cristal His clear
- discharges You he to your PC and starts of a box, any setup has required
- Only $ 40 - better mic in a row of price

- Chooses on some background noise, but literally calms so only regulate a sensibility of microphone in your computer and calm is well.

I to good sure look to this mic yes is trying taking partorisca do Youtube or streaming. There is obviously better options there, but is in the estimativa, ossia to good sure that it wants to be taking. This microphone also does well with all the games of PC that touch (CSGO, PUBG, Overwatch), as if enough you do not have the headset mic when touching play, this does well.

To good sure would recommend this microphone!
4 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black Ossia without the doubt a better and more fun partorisca use the microphone has has not used never. When I have received this, tried it on a Skype what that the leaves listen your own mic, and partorisca some sound to reason very better that descriptions on here and Youtube direct partorisca believe. I a lot like this mic, but has the defects to draw of the pair that is so only I really annoying.

A stand is very good. I have seen some revises partorisca give a stand the bad rep, but ossia bondadoso . It is the stand , work, has rubberized feet so that it does not line on your table. That calms more want it to do, preform rear toes or manipulate time and spatial? Some legs are done of the steel and an organism is fact out of the very good plastic and thickness. It is not fact of the solid and calm gold so only is that they pay $ 50.

A snowball can be has disassembled easily. You can very easily I scrape a snowball to the clave of boom you like this election. It likes-me a fact that so only can unplug a lot easily with which am done the using. They are the little paranoid and feel surer when I do not have a mic on and a lot potentially listening to be able to easily take a boss to be able to and again, easily, dipped the backside in when I need uses it, is wonderful.

A device is gorgeous. Opting to pay $ 10 more for a black version ( chair to like was scalped, this in spite of) was the election adds of then he easily access in with all more in my office.

A quality of audio is quite gosh darn adds. Has very happy has opted partorisca east in planting to take one of these XxxM0nTaInD3wxxX pro elite mlg gaming headsets, as it Razer frames, where poor auricular volume and the quite poor mic for $ 100. You recommend my street and take utmost headphones and this microphone. I plan on doing voice overs finally for mods like this this goes to be well for a lot of things. But for a be of time I use he for informant with friends when touching games.

A red has DIRECTED. It looks terrible and is a lot of intruder. Yes, I leave it know that it is on. It knows that more it have left me have this information? Any program that am using stops. Or, included, a section of microphone down registering Devices when you clicas well in an icon of speaker is using Windows. I guess to dip the electrical tape in a do one, or so only not dipping a light there in a first place would be included better.

A cord to be able to. A boss goes in a box to be able to a snowball a lot included match a device. In my chance, has taken the brown boss . Brown. Boss. It does not match the alone thing, split my office he but is such an odd and ugly tone that any included the parties concealed.

In general, I really do like this has produced. If it does not die never, I will be to use the to touch take with my friends.
4 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black has been using this microphone partorisca the hours and all can say is was quite value each penny. I am going the basically do east the subjective Pros and Gilipollas Description.

In the first place was, a Pros, really is the microphone of professional quality that calm give you the clear and crisp touching voice (the evident majority when doing voice/of podcasts-overs/livestreams etc.). A microphone so only has a Cardiod voice pickup has normalised, he meaning so only would choose on his forward a microphone (agrees ossia a Snowball Gel, yes loves additional voice pickup models like a omnidirectional has normalised, suggests that it buy a rule Snowballs or a Blue Yeti). Now, in a mark; it is build is in fact quite sturdy, an external shell of a microphone is done on has to it that write very weighed of plastic that calm give you one goes to last the feeling of long time. For 40 bucks this really is a better calm microphone can take consider a price, can peel in the has bitten more included could take a Blue Yetis but preferably yes is beginning livestreaming like me, a blue snowballs is the add the judge of microphone is exited. Oh, And another thing, ossia extremely easy the setup, is literally so only the one who a box has said: it covers and sure touch just mark that a device of entrance is dipped to a Blue Snowball microphone.

And now for some Gilipollas, a mic the stand comes the gentleman has wanted, all can say is that it is quite rubbishes, calm of the the adjustment limited and maintains sliding, preventing calm to obtain an optimum place for your microphone; die this would suggest also that buys the mountain of arm of boom of microphone for your office. Another thing loves the signal was is a fact that this beats of microphone pickup plosives (those that burst/to distort microphones of sounds usually pickup when a pronunciation P is or other strong consonants) really easily, as it can suggest take the filter to pop also.

Resuman: In general, this microphone enough can float your boat in almost any appearance, is the economic price has to that no fool you so much is the quality to good sure does not reflect a low price. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black Ossia an up to date description , as my travesa with this horrible thing does not have prendido. When Have in the first place bought this in 2017, a mic has done adds partorisca 2 weeks. After these 2 weeks, all my audio has touched likes was in the bowl of fish. In the first place and according to the time has has had to that the turn: the amazon was wonderful roughly that substitutes a defective mics. Third time, has had to that contact a company of Blue Microphone they, the one who has taken 3 months to go back mine. You so only answered to the mine email when I have sent for the follow on top of the email that interest that that has not had the response. It was finally able to send for behind a mic directly to a company. With which roughly ten month of intermittently trying contact a company to demand the repayment, there is appealed to inform his to a Better Business Agency. To arrive to this point, has concluded that this mic is so only the stray cause and a right thing to do is the so only give me my money behind if so only were the literally ignore he for month with which sent it already behind. While he that, has learnt that Blue Microphone this the plot. It was not where all these positive critiques come from/come from, reasons are the terrible company . The blue microphone has not answered the BBB, but instead the new mic has been the mine has shipped. Any one I same wants the use because they are in the and go to assume so only this new mic is the piece of rubbish also. Based in an experience with a forward mics, reason has not thought that? That lame is that I know would not have taken any response of them if I did not inform him the BBB. It thinks in that: this company has sold defective mics, the clients send it behind, and then calms does not listen never they again unless calm press it. Blue microphone, calm is not the good company.

Buys of Blue Microphone in your own risk. Look On other descriptions roughly the ones of BBB. You do not recommend anything of this company to any one.
4 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black has purchased this microphone partorisca use for lessons of on-line piano. Reading some sound of descriptions partorisca like it would be the good election. I have used this partorisca roughly 4 1/2 month and a quality of his that is to receive is muddy in better. Also it has the question with a volume of sound: a trace of sound and down -first strong then suddenly falls. I am gone in a manual and does not see any way to do a lot of adjustments. It has tweaked my settings of computers so that has no the automatic volume that regulates that it goes in. As I have contacted a costruttore. An only way to achieve them is partorisca enter yours asks after half of his web of place. An only response has taken was his question partorisca send them the copy of a bill partorisca do sure has purchased a mic. With which . Any answered the question repeated partorisca assistance. So much, shopping this microphone and he is defective does not expect any help of a costruttore. Now it possesses the $ 50 hanged of paper. Buyer beware.
5 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black Amour, amour, loves it!!! I have purchased this microphone when I upgraded of the laptop to the desk gaming console (which has not had the built in microphone like my laptop ). I have required this microphone partorisca gaming and the video that modifies purpose. My main worry other descriptions was that would have the crystal clear voice unless it was a lot near of a microphone. This is not true. I seat comfortably in my chair, the good two feet out of a mic and the on-line people say my crystal of sounds of the clear voice!!! I have tried music inclusa of touch in a background while it speak it and my partner could not listen any background noise! Amazing! For $ 49 that can he did not beat it! It maintains to import ossia a version of GEL like this the microphone so only has 1 setting, the difference of his big brother that has 3 mic settings (but costs an additional $ 20).

UPDATE 5/20 I still am enamoured with this microphone! I have bought recently the filter partorisca pop still to enhance my voice when modifying and so only adds to a beauty of this mic. Everything of my fellow on-line amour a crisp yours that this mic dips era. It does not resist behind, buy this thing!!!!
4 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black Ossia quite a better place to start with according to which mics is concerned. Ossia Probably rids down one of a better 'usb' mics for a money. A lot of people complain in a background noise, but this takes roughly 2 mins to correct in estaca. You recommend stand of boom like the current stand is not quite big for mine calms will want to take he out of your office in chance is writing or gaming while registering. A knob of control of the volume and the mic jack would have been well, but with a quality that takes thus price, is understandable. In general you are looking for the simple easy solution for audio of quality, this will do so only well
5 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black has bought a product like the normal microphone because my current microphone by means of my headset has there is prendido dulcemente law. I have verified some descriptions and his all say that it touches the crystal clears has bought like this this microphone. I unboxed the and was very excited partorisca use he because of a 'the crystal clears' the quality but concealed is not that it has been hailed stops. The hopped in the call of discord and immediately my friends have said that that has touched terrible, muffled, far was and included worse that my half broken headset mic. They are really disappointed and go to return an element.
In general, does not recommend buying this microphone unless you are ready for the possible defective element.
5 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black A microphone is fences in quality, does not add and no bad neither. This in spite of, be very careful when purchasing this product. There is another blue snowball the microphone that is sold partorisca exactly a same price. I have not known to bear purchase have bought like this is one.

Has after discovered that another Blue Snowball is a upgraded version of east an and has the transmission in a backside concealed calm to give you more options.

Extremely disappointed in this compraventa.
5 / 5
Way: Microphone onlyColor: Black Wow!

Loves the plot more than me has thought I ! Utilisation the Heil PR-40 mic for my podcast, but has had all the classes of the question that takes good volume with my Logitech C920 camera or Camtasia. I have called Camtasia and has said the subject of known volume with mics this spends for mixers and has recommended a Snowball.

Looked some video and has discovered a gel is more he so only a register of person without instruments.

Took it yesterday and has done perfectly grieve I plugged he in.

Are spoilt for my PR40, as it has not loved a quality of his of a Snowball, although the volume was excellent. It was acceptable, but bit it thin. It has dipped an audio by means of my filters in Seasoning the audition and am really happy with a sound now.

Is the really economic solution for the question to frustrate. I have bought an Amazon-recommended NEEWER Boom of Suspension of Adjustable Microphone Scissor Stand of Arm, Compresses Mic the stand Done of Durable Steel for Radio broadcasting Studio, Voice-On Studio of the his, Phases, and Canal of television and Neewer NW(B-3) 6 Studio of Microphone of thumb Mic Pop of Wind of Form of Round Shield of Mask of the Filter with Clip of Stand (Black Filter).

After looking the video of Youtube that has aimed exactly like this to attach a Snowball to a stand of arm, has not had any question that attaches a Snowball. It can not link to external URL on Amazon, look so only on some two produced and you will find a video.

Fabulous Microphone for a price! Highly recommend it.

Top Customer Reviews: FIFINE Studio ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It was very pleased with this microphone of condenser of the USB. A microphone and the accessories have comprised is built well and feel likes will last the moment. A filter partorisca pop comprised and arm of boom this the box adds partorisca streaming, podcasting, video of Youtube, voices-in laws, or any situation where require audio of big quality. There is remarked that a microphone begins the clip with which press a past of volume roughly halfway. Felizmente A microphone is same strong abundance when dipped to go down levels, as this has tried not being too big of a subject. One all the aesthetic black is in good prize , also. To good sure recommend if you are that it wants to improve yours audio without spending too much money!
4 / 5
I do video of Youtube/of Youtube and the diverse podcasts time the week. Has the plethora of renowned microphones--is Trace, Neumann, AKG, Oktava, Warm Audio, etc. To the left is to be sincere--the Fifine mic no challenge any of those.

And is not meant to.

In fact, any the one who is considering buying a lot of a sub$ 200 Blue microphones seriously would owe that consider Fifine first. In my opinion, the Blue microphones are terribly hard and tinny touching. Has an unusual bell to a register--almost touch it metallic, as if any one is accusing a voice in the container of steel. All a Youtube/of feelings of Youtube the Blue use--and ask me that of them are sponsored.

To all the cost, a hype for behind the Blue microphones is undeserved.

Fifine The microphone is, in another hand, appropriately priced. It resupplies quality of his better that any sub$ 200 Blue mic, comprising a Yeti (the Blue mic that all the world-wide looks to cry on). While a Yeti the brittle and hard sounds in a lot of voices, a Fifine mic sound the little warmer and certainly does not have an impulse of upper frequency of a Yeti.

A Fifine mic the quality of build is surprisingly well. A house and the basket are all the metal; an arm of suspension is metal ; a boss is wonderfully long to achieve any together computer or around your office; a filter of helps to pop to reduce plosives; and a global measure of everything is diminutive.


A Fifine mic the sound is warmer that Blue microphones. This means that a Fifine mic is more flattering the voice. Generally we disturb resonances of spikes and triple frequency (imagines to line your nails in the chalkboard), and the besides economic plot mics (and some expensive some, also) can not control that triple energy. A Fifine mic for one the majority to separate fact.

A sound is not brittle or hard or fatiguing. It does not touch empty or far. In fact, a mic has the quite attentive reproduction of my voice.

Always adds compression and normalise registers when using a lot of my professionals mics. But a Fifine needs so only the light db impulse or decrease, according to your register. In fact, there is a lot little has to that do for record and then add a register to my video or podcasts. It covers and game, in fact.

In another hand, that loves disorder around in Audacity or Audition, adds compression and other filters to a register, probably will be disappointed. I have tried it filters and compression in a Fifine mic, and has been nettled to find that a register was immediately distorted. Included minimum filtering will cause a register the fall averts. If you are registering enmedio noisy, and try use hiss or reduction of click, a register probably will lose the detail and the fall averts. Consistently, Be wary if your particular use-fallen to stage to these parameters.

A mic is a lot sensitive. I maintain in 8 thumbs of me, and clearly chooses on my voice without any subjects. Has the big desk PC for behind a mic, roughly 2 feet was, and a mic so only grieve to choose on a noise of partidário in a fund. Mina setup, has to admit, is not ideal partorisca east. While with XLR condenser or dynamic mics with significantly of the better components can reduce or excise that noise in estaca, is not really an option in a Fifine for some reasons have mentioned on.


To the equal that has said, a build is surprisingly well. Appearance this mic, if used with some cure, will last for years.

An only real flu has in a microphone is one 'volume' @@@knob in a front. Ossia Basically a @@@knob of profit. And at all. It can have light (A lot LIGHT) transmissions of profit, but can no to listen them or see them in Audition. It is possible my microphone simply is faulty to the respect, but can wants to verify other descriptions here to see if ossia the tendency .

To all the cost, a mic chooses on my voice without any subjects.

Was also the little surprised for a quality of an arm of suspension. It is, frankly, sturdy. It is a perfect measure for a small Fifine mic, clamps on to my office securely, and has full movement 360-terracings, together with the vertical adjustment has limited. For use of office, is all the budding podcaster or YouTuber will require. In fact, it uses an arm of suspension for tall shots with my camera of action, also. If any one required, I so only unclamp he of my office and he folds to the small measure to stow was.

A filter of pop being nothing special . It is not done specifically for a Fifine mic-- is comically main that a mic. But, help to reduce plosives. Your technician of tongue is more than entity that the filter of pop--so it learns like this to control plosives and sibilance, any filter of pop will be sufficient. That is to be relieve to see, this in spite of, is that a with the one of goose in this filter of pop is has regulated easily. Has other filters of Aston and Blue this requires the ridiculous quantity to force to change a with the one of goose. These filters are heavy and unnecessarily and foolishly bulky. They add hanged to an arm of suspension for another reason that reason some companies have loved his filters to look fresh--heavy metal and pointless logos everywhere. This in spite of, a filter Fifine resupplies is quite big to cover any mic basket, light enough to not weighing down the arm of typical suspension, and easily clamps and movements when the precise to.


For $ 55, can not think of the better shot to take your creative studio has begun. No, a mic does not give you quality of the his amazing. And if you upgrade of a Fifine to an east Trace NT1 or some another XLR condenser mic, immediately will listen a difference of sound. But for the USB any-hassle mic--it Fifine done an excellent work.

Value for action? Taken all need to begin your video or studio of podcast. And if you are not sure you are going a whole creative thing a lot long, or so only loves test out of your creative capacities, then thinks this mic the neighbour is the compraventa reasonable and pertinent .

Does not fall for a hype that Blue shoves. It considers this mic first.
4 / 5
As he Videographer the the audio touches the function key in my video. Hardly it take a microphone I plugged he in and has tried an audio to see yes was really value a $ 50. It results that it was! Heres Reason!
•Comes with the Desk Arm of Boom
• Filter to Pop
•mountain to Impact
•mountain of Pívot
• Boss of USB (Good Quality)
•3/8 to 5/8 adapter
•Stand of Tripod (Metal)

In general was impressed sincerely with a quality of a microphone. A lot he so only done this sake of the his of the audio, a casing is fact of the heavy metal, durable that feels sturdy enough to fall the little time.
Ask me chair like this one can touch almost like one is Locates Micro Microphone, except can control a volume manually.

Is interested seriously purchase this microphone, highly would recommend for any the one who is in the estimativa but love his audio to touch crisp.
4 / 5
If you are any to to which likes to of record music, podcast, or voiceovers this microphone are absolutely adds for these things. A microphone comes with the complete box that you usually wont take with other microphones. A box comes with the scissor stand of arm, study it-trace of accident of the note, the filter of double pop, was of tripod of the prize, the first ' boss of USB, and the manual of user and free Technical Support. Thats alot Of crew for the microphone that cost less than $ 60. If you are gaming, doing the podcast, or registering you usually wont has to that anything but perhaps turning a mic down, reason when a volume is turned all a way on a mic is really strong. As you recommend to turn the down to any half or more low way depends that it likes. Turning it down also will block was alot of background noise if you are not in the room of low noise already. The record music or your mark of the voice sure is able to soundproof a zone to register like this so it was possible so that you can take one the majority of crisp and clear audio. Agree this microphone is the condenser mic a lot dynamic likes election on the response of the widest frequency and have the touch it natural plus, but be careful to noises records really strong reasons condenser mics is not done for that and also choose on noise of around an integer mic.

1. Quality of build of the studio - A scissor the stand of arm is done out of all the construction of steel. Also it comes with the sturdy and durable studio-mountain of accident of the note.

2. Full box - Comes with everything needs to setup the microphone in the professional way and to take a better quality out of a microphone.

3. Natural voice - Marcos yours voice touches more natural like tongues to a microphone

4. Easy to setup - All apresamiento is plugging an USB to the port of USB and you are ready to go. Regarding a crew taken 5 minutes less to setup and has not had any question at all.

While using this mic for some time was really hard to find a lot of gilipollas. An only real with this the white noise comes with full volume. Of course his not perfecting but really calm could not ask much more. I mean no appearances thus microphone to be this a lot considering a prize of him. Really we require more to to the subject likes Fifine to press out of products for people that loves to begin to somewhere and perhaps does not have like this money.

Conclusion: it suggest this microphone to any in the estimativa that looks to touch video games, it podcast, record music, or included so only registering your voice. His still crazy mine like this mic is less than $ 60 and has quality of note of the studio and also comes with everything of this crew. Again it would recommend them take one the majority of noise around calm for one the majority of same clear audio tho a mic is already quite clear. Also you add some EQ and Compression to the your vocals or to the sounds of instruments likes him would have to that cost well in $ 100. Finally, I want to say that calm think you would have to that recommend this mic to any the one who only is beginning to do any and is looking for adds it touching microphone in the estimativa.
5 / 5
OSSIA An Option adds For Any Need Concealed A Complete Studio Mic Setup in a Estimativa. If you are the gamer, the podcaster, live it streamer or any concealed uses study it mic this the option adds in the estimativa. Taken all precise in this box. You take a mic, an arm of office of the trace of boom, he mini tripod, the mountain of incident, the filter of pop, puff of wind and included a boss of audio. Calm for real take all precise in this a box. The so that only does not like on a box is that any @@@knob is plastic and I really the desire was metal to the equal that would have confidence that would last for ever. A good thing is that that @@the @knob is easy to substitute.
4 / 5
A Fifine T669 is honradamente a container of better microphone in this point of prize. I have done the description of full video down for any one any look one in-description of depth. For all the world more the one who so only loves a info reason tl;dr here go:

Pros: build of Full metal, his of Quality, the prize Adds, accessories of Big quality, Extra accessories. Controls of volume.

Gilipollas: Any light of account to know when mic is on, when using @@@knob of the highland volume of accident is inaccessible.

Finally the microphone adds. Absolutely it recommends.
5 / 5
Required something to use in Twitch and stops of Youtube in-commentary of game with my L Cat HD60 Paper of Capture. I have had other options like him bluebird or shure microphone but this FiFine the microphone has resupplied an easy to use the option and a box comes with the Extension of Microphone to setup in your office. As you can clamp the to a side of an office and have some chairs of microphone so only down to the yours something of camera likes all a pro gamers do in of common. The clarity of sound was utmost, and a control/of VOLUME of the PROFIT for a microphone is a lot arrive front, for easy control and quickly muting has required. In general, I have been impressed in a global and his value for a cost. If I need the microphone of USB, I defiantly take is one.
5 / 5
Usually, dipping the estimativa of $ 50 for the box/of the microphone does not give you good results. In a past, has tried out of different economic microphones, comprising a Blue Snowball that was a better one of one stirs, but still a lot that adds. This in spite of, this microphone changes a whole game for me.

A Fifina microphone of the condenser of the studio is built well, looking of the texture to touch exerts for a mic he although his clearly a lot of sturdy. A rest of some accessories can not be of a better quality, but with the microphone this economic, has had to cut corners to somewhere.

- Sounds awesome. Noise of filters around a microphone so that his like this down like this possible and takes a source of audio that expensive he extremely well. The registers touch clean, and there is the good quantity of the depth to some results that takes with registers of voices.
- A prize to the proportion of quality is difficult to match.
- Of the offers of arm to plot of options to articulate and is quite strong to resist a together integer up.
- HAS it @@@knob of volume for quickly regulating a volume of a microphone.
- Does not require any engine: works well out of a box.
- Boss of quality, like the connection is always in bylines.

- A rest of some accessories are not like this big ossia.

Are a lot happy with a global quality of this box and am surprised, again, concealed that it achieves this quality of his possible east in this point of prize. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
In general, Fifine T669 Box of the microphone of the Studio Is the Neighbour to add of Technology that is really value of the money. Extracted really well, is easy to gather, and highly would recommend it to any for a Sound adds and and the container adds volume. His awesome that Fifine extra sales like this characteristic with lovelier to a lustrous container. Again it is that it Covers and Touch easy Creation that really does this mike the fantastic option for any beginner or any with more than experience. Fifine Also does sure to give a lot of extra options to leave an user to customise like record. A container still comes with mountains of prizes and guarantees that really aim the one who Fifine loves a better experience for a consumer. But the majority of everything, has the responsive and quality of the his smooth. Especially you are to podcasts, Voice-Overs, and Emissions ossia a box to look to. These qualities and more do this Box of professional of Microphone and sure Quality to be the swipe! -Revised For Daryle Spiller
5 / 5
has been using a Blue Yeti Nano previously to take this together of microphone. I like this dipped reason comes with a lot of accessories in the very good prize. A quality of microphone touches like this well likes Yeti Nano Blue, if any one better.

A Fifine the utmost sounds with one the small stand rule that comes with, but touches much better when I attach it to a scissor arm of boom and the spend near my mouth. At present I have a microphone has attached to my office and is doing utmost like this far. The majority of microphones touches better when put you closure your mouth :)

would recommend this product to any concealed is looking for the judge of conjoint start of studio of the microphone ~

Top Customer Reviews: Uniwit Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
Well... Some works of product.
The subject is that it does not come with instructions.
Left to explain this product:
1. If has the iphone 7 or newer, you obv has to that use an adapter.
2. It covers he in
3. Record your audio
4. Register of stop, THEN
5. It UNPLUGS HE partorisca LISTEN To your AUDIO! It has Thought he wasnt doing but results has them has had to that so only unplug he of my telephone, if your video glitches, tabs of application of just transmission and go back to an application. A vineyard would owe that begin touch again.

Has ASKED already the substitution when he wasnt faulty , but sure mark or follow these steps partorisca determine is broken or no.
4 stars bc in fact does quite nicelyp
5 / 5
Omg! Ossia sooo Well! It is not the microphone regulates where you speake his and raisin for speakers. But you cover he in the the device and then you speake his and listen his with earphone has attached to some discharges have resupplied! To good sure reccomend! Like this fun!
4 / 5
Has seen the video of people hooking these until his telephones and videoing his pets that sniffs/bite a mic. To good sure recommend has pets- he brighten your day! If has the iPhone newer, the mark sure has one lighting to the the adapter. I think that that it comes with iPhones this in spite of.
5 / 5
As well as I bought it and my daughter was excited like this has expected the week and the half for this container opened it and could does not take to do, there is then @@give that a cup can open has aimed me then that it was fake . And it has not had any speaker anything. It DOES not PURCHASE !
4 / 5
In the first place a has not done at all. Promptly Has been sent the substitution but only laws sometimes. My daughter thinks is like this pleasant wants to maintain even although he no well.
5 / 5
Usually tries to give profit of things of a doubt when there it is mixed descriptions reasons have been lucky like this far. But some instructions a lot included felt of mark. As I can not say I am using a product correctly or no, a box has been opened already and am quite sure so only does not operate. I am using an adapter and all reason has the telephone without a headphone jack this in spite of at all. I have it quell'has tried included the one who another has written in his descriptions. Returning it asap and hopefully taking a that law because it has looked for to use he for the anniversary :/
5 / 5
has not done. Need to solder a prpers bosses. Chico a lot disappointed here.
5 / 5
Honradamente Does not have to that think that this microphone would do and left so only say you that it is a compraventa one the pleasant plus has has not done never. I want to interview my cats with him. And there is SURPRISINGLY QUALITY of his WELL to BE SO ONLY $ 10! It can use he with your telephone for plugging he to an audio jack and then can listen behind to your video with which takings out of Jack obviously and comes with the little coverage of wind and stand of microphone súper pleasant totally validates he really amused to touch with!And it has been rid súper quickly ordered it literally a night before and is coming a next morning!
5 / 5
Am giving these 0 stars.. I so only clicked on 1 star because have has had to that. I am annoyed like this. I have purchased 2 mini microphones. It was excited like this for mine 3 old year to sing in him and have entertainment with him. This in spite of, any one imports that it has done it... So only he no . It is pleasant to look in, but ossia.
4 / 5
This thing is really small, but is perfect for autistic of mine 12 year to use to do his video with. A quality of his this quite well, and is quite economic that (when) breaks it, can take another.

Top Customer Reviews: USB Streaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
Hello And give the reception to in another Dad Gives Description. My name is Ken Lee and revise of technology in Youtube. If I like me calm sees more than my descriptions of technology, can look for the dad gives the descriptions in Youtube and calm will find my canal.


My indication of star for descriptions here in the amazon depends in a prize and quality of a product for a prize that has been paid. In this case, for a prize, gives a Sudotack mic to 5 indication of star. I do not think you it find it the usb carried and microphone of game in a piece concealed has also of the sound of quality that this. Sure it has another studio mic poses there that it can sound bit it better, but will be to pay the big prize for those. Tan Again, for this prize, to well sure would recommend this microphone.

Has attached the video you that dressed everything of my thoughts for this description.

Thank you Many.

The dad Gives (Ken Lee)
5 / 5
Honestly Such the microphone adds. Quality of solid record. To well sure it recommends!!! It sees video for a full description!
5 / 5
If yours looking to start with in the youtube canal, running lives or podcasts of marks this mic is by far a better bang for your buck. It comes with all precise begins register immediately. His mere to use, covers only he in your mac or pc usb port and your sake to go. Ive Been using he for a past week and the sound adds to do videos. It IS also the fraction of a prize of another mics and they of the that included come with all other accessories . Control out of my video as it can listen you a difference since you , compares samples of audio of the blue yeti and this mic.
5 / 5
The left wing is only to say, has used more microphones in some pasts that comprises one $ 110 Blue Yeti, and these laws of microphone also if any one better down the half a prize. On that, it comes with the filter of pop, an adjustable arm for your desktop, the mountain of accident, and a microphone is big quality .

Uses for my canal of Youtube (Nerdish YT) and is resulted my main microphone. I have used he in of the Descriptions of Technology of record, commentaries of Gameplay and livestreams, and podcasts.
Can begin the use ails limits in. It uses the Audacity of renown of free program, and work perfectly with this mic. It IS how I recorded all an audio in my videos.
Am adds for each only unit would expect this microphone to cost around $ 100.
To well sure would recommend for any one that looks for the source of audio adds for the low prize.
4 / 5
Amur This mic! It chooses in my voice without problems for my podcast! He same beaks in my gel these falls of my manufacturer of gel in a fund! Even so has the clearest voice has to be on him for him to take your voice. Fact of the episodes with other people that of those who has voices that heavy as me (am the woman) and a mic ails to choose the on still with them on him and could be through a room. But and law of mark. I am contemplating that it buys the second an only for mypodcast the episodes when has guests on with me.
5 / 5
There is the gaming headset with the mic, chooses up noise of backdrop to the point where the spectators left my canal, and has purchased the blue yetti and he didn['t included do the differece in quality of his, this USB st reaming microphone all and could expect for, the quality of the deepest voice, any noise of backdrop and durable support. 10 outta 5 stars
5 / 5
Tan Recently my old microphone has given was on me and prendido to do, had required / has wanted the microphone of condenser that is coming with the filter of pop, an arm, and the mic has taken... Quan Has found is an I the nights of investigation of the pair then bit a balloon and bought it. Probably quite 3 days later among and is surprising. It IS sper easy to pose up, the utmost sounds for discord, Skype, and video games. I want this microphone and would recommend it the million to time yes takes a casualidad in!
5 / 5
It looks the good microphone to have quality of better audio for my musician, and found this and read through a specs and descriptions and and decided to order or. Day later after my container is come and has opened he and situate arrives it afterwards in my desktop and the flavour was. One issues of the audio has sounded very better! A lot it recommends this element so that has some of a quality of same audio like the professional microphone. 50 dollars wells is spent!
5 / 5
Audio of crisp. Utmost essential accessories. The arm of microphone is functional and stabilises with some tweaking but improvement of necessities. That is to say one in any one begins was or look to update of the cheap headset microphone.
The product has been tried and law in the Dell Ultrasharp the monitor embedded USB extends.
5 / 5
It EDITS: they routed an email immediately, and has offered the mountain of new accident. Taken my mountain of new Accident, awesome mic.
An arm of Boom and mountain of the accident is not a better quality. Sadly My mountain to clash broken a day after I bought it. But still the compraventa well. Felizmente Is not anything horrible to substitute and spent to have another. One mic is well and the sounds adds, and for 50 bucks can has done did not beat it, but update an arm of boom under a road.

Top Customer Reviews: Blue Yeti Nano ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
One measures of a mic am add, looks well, and a support is very good. The quality of audio is very well especially when you tweak the the bit in of the bonds. It comprise some audio of sample without and then with scrolling of noise. More probably be changing of the blue spark and interface of audio in only this cual the audio is very enough and does not want to treat so many capes anymore.
5 / 5
Fantastic microphone in record and podcasting. It uses the borrowed Yeti during the years of the pair and he have surprised. Quan Has had to the give behind, has looked for an alternative, and this model has finished to exit. Mina relatively ear of amateur can listen that that is to say the quality mic with his of quality, and honestly can very really say a difference among my registers with a Yeti and a Yeti Nano. It take the cheap boom mic and is so happy with some results. If you are any concealed is looking in a quality of your sound, but asking the need gone 'full Yeti' for a bit those that characteristic extra (extra condenser, the few other roads of his) probably very precise anything this more concealed. More a factor of form is ENORMOUS. It IS the obtrusive less plot, and the a lot of easier tents. For me there it is it does not differentiate of appreciable quality and the enormous profit in practicality for 30% ~less than a Yeti.
2 / 5
I have purchased this which updates of my Snowball Blau gel but when opened a box has remarked immediately an emblem totally detatched...It does not look this was something concealed was dislodged during shipping but something concealed was to do bad in production, could pose some sper glue in the or only turn the, has not decided. A knob of the volume also when being floaty and has the side of plot by side in side of game by side...Some knob in a side is also like another has described and only listen flimsy, can very really tense the and that is to say something concealed to concern me to me over time and a lot of curves of a microphone. A quality of his real is very good and better that a snowball except a quality of tez is to good sure worse. I actuate Also the ordered the regulate sized Yeti (expected tomorrow) as I can update this description after seeing a quality on that, but has to say that this was the enormous disappointment for me, expected more concealed Blue for $ 99.
5 / 5
State using the full sized Blue Yeti for years, and wants to all enough Except a measure. A Yeti Nano is PERFECT for my daily use. A sound has recorded is excellent, one measures the easiest fact to move around in my LyxPro DKR-1 Adjustable Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm of Boom, and a Blue Sherpa the controls of software are quite handy. That is to say the microphone adds .
2 / 5
Since it has any knob of profit, has to download a software. Alas, when I have posed a profit in any one wants to, the little of the hours later at random turn a profit in 100, this ear of rapes my friends in discord and obliging me in big tab out of my game and the fixed or change I for a rest of a round. It spends all a time, and for literally any reason. I will be to speak with my friends quite where the enemies are and then suddenly, there so, 'OH GOD of MINA UR MIC IS STRONG on duty TAN HE DOWN.' While a quality of his east orders for the these uses for, a turn of the random profit very destroyed an experience.
5 / 5
This microphone is surprising, and highly recommends to buy this mic, his quality like his big brother a yeti. His small plus that a yeti thats sure. If you want to take listen it therefore mic investigation in youtube: yeti nano Julian now very Cuban Lonzoe. This mic has two parameters: omnidirectional and cardioid, which are perfect for podcasting, streaming, or youtube. It looks to surprise in gold, researches my canal in youtube: Julian Lonzoe, and the above punctual description.
3 / 5
It does not use this for teamspeak while gaming unless you are in the CALM room. I have tried and tried to take my parameters well, but returned in my headset mic immediately.. Have wanted to very this to do for my case of use, but he no.
5 / 5
I have not seen any description for acoustic electrical guitar - so here is my apresamiento:

took it only yesterday and has recorded today and was very pleased. The sound was very good and was very easy in EQ out of a yuk frequencies. I use Logical Pro X. I have used a Yeti Blue (and some another XLR mics)in a past. I have bought this for 1) 24 bit. 2) More Petit and Lighter and access in the mic is (easy to plant). You can use a Sherpa application to control a profit - which are any big roads since has had always a profit all a low road in a Blue Yeti. It IS very pleased with this mic - only wants to carried in and take the sound very very - would recommend. Also, the calm can not beat a prize!
1 / 5
1 / 5
A cape of USB comes with this cheaply has done. It was shorting out of my hub of USB. I have changed he with the cape of USB there has been already. The works add now. A pay in fact to premium for looks and quality of tez (so that that is to say that is paying arrest when compraventa blue) has to no to go to have this subject.

Top Customer Reviews: ZINGYOU Condenser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I have seen the plot of mixed descriptions here and was sceptical quite buying this element until I have imagined was what a subject is. Some sounds of microphone very well, BUT use a mic jack-the adapter of presents of USB to plot of noise in your register. If you limit -in a microphone directly in your computer and it beginning these records will sound it a lot of crisp. Probably it wants to have the direct connection if possible. If you are using the new macbook, then probably is that it goes of one mic covers, in USB, in USB-C and anytime has noise of present of additional connections. Felizmente, still uses a computer an old plus with the mic has entered.
4 / 5
As I have bought this mic a lot for some accessories. I am beginning the new podcast and all a condenser mics possesses chairs quite six inches in a desktop like my guest tends to back down in a mic which are uncomfortable during an hour or two long emissions a lot to mention that every time way down below poses the glass or coffee mug sounds what Godzilla is attacking a studio. I have begun prende to price it was all some components and found a BM 800 of ZingYou, has everything has wanted to more the new mic to kick. Look around the stops of Youtube revise and expsito that enough in the little in to the the people liked them the and has been priced well where would not listen slighted of him spends to be an epic fails. Some tills arrived and look sper daunting, but a lot is quite mere and directly advance to pose up. A mountain of table is the C clamp that you slide in a table a scissor inner of access of the arm of him and some highland nuts of the accident in an another end. Calm once find the house for Pop is a filter and slide a mic in your loan of mecer. All some components except a card of his is built well. A Mic is connected with a XLR in jack 3.5mm. It can limit directly in a mic port in your computer, or if it does not have the separate entrance for the mic (likes him in the laptop) will require to use a card to sound that is to say has comprised. This was an only macula in a device. I take the feedback every time uses a card of sound. I can move a mic further out of my laptop and help but still take the light hum. A quality of the audio for a register is very is the small further sounded and the echo of bit-and but a lot on the way that is to say insuperable. Have had to tweak my compression and parameters of normalisation much more there that use for my another mics to maintain he to sound distorted. In general a Mic is the condenser of sake sideways under mic. A armature these controls are very crafted and an only subject there has been was with a card of sound. All the things have considered to think that this was to well sure the compraventa well.
5 / 5
I possess an infamous Audio Technica AT2020 for enough some time even so, was in necessity of another microphone since is part of the musical group. A Zingyou the microphone was $ 30 at the same time of the purchase and he are the subject since comes with everything possibly could require take the audio adds. A BM-800 has looked the robust the arrival and that it is in that a lot likes him enough it. Regarding a quality of his, sounds very afterwards in my AT2020 around 90% prjimo, for enough 1/4 a prize. Has thinks that that this would be the compraventa of the joke but I have seen some descriptions of Youtube and I have had to the in me flavour; I found me daunted when I replayed some registers of audio have done. I bond the demo of video duquel these in the to to sounds like them to them the in comparison in my AT2020. I have used this for podcasting and registers of lives of instrument, thinks with just some minor tweaking, to well sure can take this to sound very near in a AT2020. Besides a BM-800, some tills come with the arms of boom of the cual helps negate some unnecessary audio and also comes with an Accident Locates that it absorbs roughly unnecessary audio also. Some helps of Filter of the Pop with some of this 'Pop' as the name involves. If you are thinking enough take in audio but does not have a estimativa to provide a material of main mark, then that is to say the option adds for just 1/4 a prize of an Audio Technica AT2020.
4 / 5
Val How has bought this with a phantom but yes go to connect in your laptop for streaming or recording the audio then forgets an adapter of phantom to be able in and take this:

2x2 interface of audio of the USB to instruments and of the record microphones
Audiophile 48 kHz resolution for quality of professional audio
Compatible with software of popular register that comprises Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Saw, Steinberg Cubase, etc.
Currents 2 entrances / 2 beginning with ultra-low latency in your computer, backing Mac CALMS X and Windows XP or main
Modern, +48 V-powered XENYX Mic Preamp comparable to be-only tent preamps

has been said that this only he without a phantom, has not tried this was still but will be morning and will see if I still necessity a supply of phantom to be able in if I am not returning a supply of phantom to be able in.
1 / 5
Experience three of these microphones so many can pose in the register of three room of people for podcasting. An audio was able in the record was wildly inconsistent: one of would sound us only sake, another east the vocal quality was mediocre, while in a third sound of the person as it was the mile has entered a camera of echo.

In the first place any one: it verifies each what three mics is doing. Control.
According to raisin: it verifies each profits of the levels / of the entrance are compatible. Control.
Tercero any one: the mark sure is not the subject of cape (recorded the sample of the each three mics that uses an entrance of same / cape in a joint). Control.

No final: it Record the sample of an exact same gesture, exact same person, the exact included joint to arrive -- basically only unplug and change out of a mic so that no other variables are present but what mic is being has used...


Mic 1: Crisp, clear Audio. Any inherent echo. Recording vocal with the summit besides or 10 -less in -8db.
Mic 2: Well audio. Light echo. Recording vocal with the summit besides or 12 -less in -18db.
Mic 3: Tinny, Echo-his of camera. Recording vocal with the summit besides or 22 -less in-25db.

AT ALL changed but a mic. Same place in a room, same distance of of the one of the west, the same semi-detached cape in mic, profit of levels of same / entrance.

That is to say clearly the subject of control of the quality. It imagines that is to say why some revises of the same mic is during a place. If you are lucky, takes the decent unit If no, well...

Also, like the side of note by side: a fence to tense in an arm of change (to attach he in the desktop or whatnot) is such toneless material these curves with just a slightest pressure.

IS spent in $ 100 for A good microphone, An ails acceptable microphone, and A piece of microphone of absolute rubbishes.

No happy at all, and strongly would recommend to go with another mark.
4 / 5
You will require the supply of phantom to be able in. A connection of USB the big key ringing and although calm only covers he in your headphones listen a ringing constantly.
A filter of the pop does not remain up where he the precise, pose to situate and then he the slides until a filter are under a mic. Found could not use in all the case so that I need to be right up in a mic in all the case.
A clamp of the arm is good but have pose up in the bookshelf but very time when tries to adjust an arm a slide of clamp immediately a shelf any subject that apresamiento the tense.
A mic is well, but has to have my mouth very up in a foam, to take habladura and mutter, with a supply of phantom to be able in. With the basic adjustments have done in in the audio as it augments the bass and the results of triple audio add.
5 / 5
Purchase quite the little BM800 microphones in a bit those that the past years and I are come to give no each BM800 the microphone is done a same. As you Can see this or uses a big plus 16mm capsule of the microphone like opposite in a BM800 units with a headline of capsule duquel use of yellow microphone a small plus 10mm capsules of microphone.

A card of the audio of the USB is decent. At all elegant but do very well in a Mac so that a MacBook does not have the entrance of the isolated microphone. His shared with a headphone exited so that it tries use the microphone like this takes delicate. A card bundled of the audio of the USB resolves that problem.

These laws of microphone more race was 48V phantom, but one 5v can of bias of an adapter of USB is well. An arm of the boom of the cradle is the averages, at all sper expensive or professional, but is buying the $ 35 ray of podcast, takes a work has done to take you begun in a world of podcasting. It was also very having a pop included-filter. This a lot the help takes professional audio .

In general: totally it recommends this in any begin and wants to take his feet have put in a world of the house that recorded for podcast.
5 / 5
I have purchased this microphone out of impulse. A lot I have any necessity for the condenser mic. Some the only time in fact uses my mic is when touch Overwatch.

EVEN SO, this does not mean a compraventa was the waste . I have tried a new mic with my teammates and has said that we listen me to us to better plot now, and a mic does not choose up so noise of backdrop so before.
Condenser mics IS directional, as it marks sure a 'front' of a mic is affronting your expensive. Mina first tentativa in this setup was the failure: there is a mic upper 'aimed' in me. All this was to choose up all the classes of sounds of backdrop.

IS the very compraventa . A mechanism to hang could be it tighter, but at all can not resolve substitute the ray or the nuts.
5 / 5
Highly it recommends this product for this vendor. Has initial subjects because of my trace, for my laptop has required more can. A vendor was very attentive and gave me some good suggestions, regulated and has had to included the changes was and a vendor was more than willing to remedy a situation. It results, only required to take can he of phantom and the card of his external. I think according to your configurations of computer or will not REQUIRE Can he of Phantom (InnoGear 1 Canal 48V Supply of Phantom to Be able in) and card more powerful of external Or yours sounds will require or according to your configurations of computer in that software/of hardware like Win10. An era of vendor has to help to do sure has taken to do and sure enough once take my phantom and usb card of his (Audio of Cut of USB Stero Adapter of His) and was perfect in recording voice overs a main reason why purchasing this product. A computer that is to the use is the HP PC with Wins 10, where has to update some parameters to do sure are selecting some right mic/headphone has posed up and yes down or his static in a fund, then update in usb card of his + 48v can phantom and will be churns. I want the and this vendor proportionate service of STELLAR client, thank you Fiona! :) I will be to take me other aims for my podcast.
5 / 5
It avenges carefully bundled is own box with all a necessary squad. I have been excited to try it. Very sensitive and takes low noise while it describe. To well sure a compraventa better and has done in Amazon A mic the road arrived in front of a date and has taken, which are the big roads for me! -Bundling Very very -XLR the cape comprised -the filter of the pop comprised -Deatailed mountain of Manual Accident -card of audio of the USB -Mic support. I am totally satisfied with a mic and his services. A microphone any one when being any that the $ 39 product, his all the metal and sounds like the $ 80+ mic! Excellent quality! 100% it recommends it this product!

Top Customer Reviews: Elgato Wave: 1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
First of all during a COVID age, taking anything goes partorisca be defies it . This microphone has sold is gone in roughly 3 hours partorisca his 1st batch. Like this on to a description!

Has chosen this that mine 1st level of the microphone gone in partorisca streaming/podcasting purpose. The majority of audio-philes will say his no a better microphone and thats well. This a fact all these elements bit it easier. Calm does not need the goXLR or another joint partorisca mix necessarily partorisca the use. A Elgato software partorisca Link Wave is the virtual mixer which really helps partorisca joint the together things. Has a capacity to choose on anything that calm wants to choose it up. Please look in a place of where the have this microphone now still in contrast to my keyboard and mouse. With some right settings my cat buddies in Discord or in the current can no to listen me writing in my keyboard or me clicking my mouse that is which was really aiming paralizaciones. You can ear he inside your headphones and he can go in strong but his calm software leave to regulate that listens vs that listens. I have done also some tests of the vibration and a microphone are concealed comes with him doesnt always choose on swipes in my office. It would owe that paste he with some force partorisca folks to listen me thump my office. Again I stress ossia all the bases in your speaker/of microphone/of start/of gone in levels. Like this far they are súper happy with this microphone but I plan on dipping it on the arm has elevated once those separates gone in. It is it has surprised although still in this proximinty the doesnt choose on my keyboard (Cherry MX Transmissions). I have tried the blue yeti but that one tends to really choose especially in a room so as the microphone in the logitech webcam. As to good sure give it 5 stars like this far. If I find any good or bad elements the update will do like this later.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. A quality of audio in this mic is like this gooood. I can be by means of my room, habladuría in the normal volume and he will choose on the each word with amazing accuracy. 10/10 it would recommend it to it.
5 / 5
This microphone is surprising!! I have purchased a Elgato mic stabilizer and filter partorisca pop also.

Elgato An amazing thing when they have created a wave mixer software. Calm leave you to mix all your audio to a source that software of uses!

Is looking The streaming and require the microphone... It looks no further. They are suuuuuuper happy with east and highly the recommend. It stirs it to them to research first to take this and surpasses my expectation. Some sounds of audio crisp and cleaned and volume compliments in my quality of microphone.
4 / 5
A value in this microphone there is more to do with an amazing software more than a quality of a microphone. It does not take Me bad, a microphone is really good. But a software is that it marks this produces really adds.

This software substitutes your external hardware mixer with the version of software that can selectively grab exited of the his of programs concretise like Chrome/Brave/Firefox while filtering out of other sources of his like this your messenger of instant in your computer as they do not take registered to a current.

A a caveat here is that in macOS a incumplimiento the settings have had a microphone that gives the -40ms delay in a voice been due to loop of software behind. This in spite of, a loop of the software behind can be disabled and instead the z/the zero-time loopback can be actuated a lot easily to disable control of software. In of the Windows 10 ossia already a incumplimiento. But in MacOS is not . This in spite of this little hiccup is not quite severe to take the star. It is so only something took roughly 15 mins to imagine was.

Now that a whole thing is setup correctly can jump in the current a lot easily. A microphone also looks an audio out of that leave me to attach súper lustrous black ear bud telephones, which are usually have too short of the boss to be able to achieve my main computer, but achieve a microphone perfectly with slack.

Also, this microphone has GUARD of CLIP that will prevent calm of clipping an audio when volume too close up his. Ossia One of some characteristic better and used all the classes of solutions of hardware to take this characteristic, comprising taking a AudioVox 286s this has done this like this one of is characteristic. This in spite of, after taking this microphone I ditched a AudioVox has produced.

Finally wants to add that so much hardware was elimiated to use this product. My studio is now more cleaned of way and a capacity to jump in the current immediatly without messing with the settings is a better part of this whole solution. This product could be sold for more than money and I toss he in them. Very sad has not discovered this produces does the year. So that it has squandered hours and is is returned produced trying paralizaciones to emulate the one who these products done out of a box.
4 / 5
Elgato Was with his products every time. This mic sounds like this similiarly abonos to mine $400 SHURE SM7B, with functionality like this additional and talent of utility an integration of his software, really questions yes or any I same loves it maintain now or so only the sell. Calm can any gone bad with east.
4 / 5
The microphone adds dips up. In fact we are using a microphone for the conference of video dips up for lessons of drum. A microphone of computer was clipping when touching like this required the solution of microphone. A anticlipping the characteristic work adds partorisca east. We were able to dip a level like calm still could listen communication of the voice and a drum am gone in a together. The monitor of our edges has said is a sound has better taken for any on-line student. A program of the wave current also to the left is the mix in music follows like this music of knots of common while it has paid drums the clue.
5 / 5
Has used for Streaming in Twitch. A Elgato Wave 3 has been built with a streamer in alcohol. Easier Dips up and software more advanced of any USB Mic has has not used never. It is not so only he Mic but the quality mic to add to any Streaming Setup. Balance Mic, Discord, Game, Music and so much more. It is recommended to look one 4 small Elgato Tutorial during a process of configuration to see so only the one who this thing can do. Listened of the sleeper car?? Elgato Has developed a Sleeper Car Concept to the software of Microphone. (Another beware, Elgato is here to touch!!)
4 / 5
I current like quell'hobby and this mic is awesome for the usb mic mainly because of a wave software. It takes some time to take setup correctly but well currency he.
5 / 5
Running in Twitch and has been requiring the new mic for the long time. With which some investigation decides to go with Elgato. This mic is incredible. A quality of his this clear crystal. Our spectators in our canal TheGamerGirls has asked the number of time in this new microphone. It was easy to install. It could use mine current boom for him and is a lot the friendly user. I have had to that update a firmware when I in the first place installed which has taken some time but roughly so to the equal that would expect. Also a transmission of key is the utmost characteristic . It reacts to touch. It is not a real clicking key as I do not owe that concern roughly taking the clicking his in yours contained. Honradamente Have it at all bad to say in of the this or any one another Elgato has produced. Perhaps some day will sponsor. Has no qualms roughly in that break them on reason has some absolutely fantastic products. Thank you Elgato!
5 / 5
The one who the mixed stock exchange.

In the first place, a good. A quality of his of a microphone is excellent. Be any 'down-fi' loss of big or low frequencies, the clarity is excellent yes am speaking quietly or noisily after/ or far, a compression of rejection of noise/of car is smooth and discreet, and there is almost very external 'boom of room' the reflections have chosen on quell'otherwise be muddying things on (the room is has no acoustic treatment). If a mic is the few thumbs of my face or the pair of feet was, some rests of qualities well, and on top of near one 'proximity effect' is not extreme. A lot another on called of the conference of the video has commented to the quell'credit an audio this and has asked the one who mic am using.

A bad: An application to the mix no at all well have wireless headphones, or, at least, MY wireless HEADPHONES. I have tried all could find to try to take the mix to control to come by means of my wireless USB headset to any avail. Yes, I have dipped a device of start of the monitor in an application to some headphones of USB partorisca match a one in Win10. Yes, I have done sure everything is unmuted. Yes, some few green bars in some VISAS the metres are all wiggling in a Wave 3 application, comprising in a mix of monitor. Yes, one 'ear' small icon afterwards to a mix to control VIEW the metre is selected and green. He. Work of no..

An ugly: One appointing of all a virtual entrance and devices of start ( will take the averages the dozen or more than repente in yours Windows 10 control of his poster, so on gone in and start) is almost identical, and a lot is not even useful ... Everything adds is still to clutter and confusion, and a documentation is unhelpful.

The one who headset are I that uses that waste to do with a Wave3 is mixing application, could ask?
A Corsair VOID RGB First Wireless Elite. You know. Corsair. Some owners of ElGato.
And no, does not go to buy to wire fence headset to take around the characteristic broken.

Am not returned a mic reason that he standalone entrance mic, work a lot well, and have hope that ElGato will order this was finally. Ossia Something an application the mix would owe that be able to dip on automatically by means of the setup wizard. True, has included half-functional, a course that the works is well. But there is the enormous chunk of the functionality has paid for which does not operate, and is even more unacceptable that a subject of interoperability is among two has done at present produced of a costruttore same. Unfortunately, ossia common to costruttrici of hardware, the one who sees software, engine and a desk experience like an annoying external cost that does not comprise more than as the portion of critical core of his product.

Better, ElGato.

Top Customer Reviews: Audio-Technica ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Beware, This is not the USB mic and will take considerable endeavour and other products to use this with the PC. I have learnt this a road takes and only can suppose some another so stupid sound while I am. Returned the and has bought a version of USB that it is fantastic.
5 / 5
State register during 50 years, both musician and books of the audio and this are a better mic has not used never excepts when record studio of upper final. A difference among these microphones of upper final and this one? My engineer said (with the smile) 'in the dollars of thousand...'
5 / 5
It takes this mic first if it only is taking in of the interfaces of audio. It does not waste money in the cheap unit This mic is fantastic in the Scarlet 2i2.
5 / 5
That is to say basically one all-around, doing classify grunt mic. His decently priced and a reproduction of his this very very enmedio has controlled. Condenser mics is not meant to be the slope used of the alive actions in general, so precise know this in advance.

In of the terms of condenser mics, an only another those matches this type for a prize is a MXL 990. It say that one 2020 has the warmest reproduction.

Considering quality, ive is fallen this mic the time of pair ( and knows, thats the no-no for condenser mics) even so it does very well, my MXL 990 broken in a first drop.
5 / 5
Bought this for the anniversary of my threads. It uses in livestream. Quality and his excellent. I have owed extra capes and the mic is to take he in good state of conservation. To well sure sure there it is all some capes, my threads has been excited for the take, but has had to then expect extra days for ones the capes before in fact it can uses.
3 / 5
I have bought this mic together with a AKG P220. This mic has some qualities add. I have run so much mics through an ART PreAmp with some same parameters (FLAT EQ, almost zero profit, and the proportion of compression 2:1) through Scarlett Focusrite 6i6 in the Mac Pro in common Logical and Digital Interpreter. After reading some commercial voiceover text and singer some verses, spent a AT2020 has had the better signal in proportion of the noise but a global sound was also brilliant. It was with a AKG.

Soundprofessionals HAS the service of client adds. Process of delivery and fast order coupled with thorough and thoughtful clues above the fact the cinch to return in these types again.
5 / 5
That is to say my premier XLR mic, experience to substitute the Snowball Blau GEL. A difference is night and day.

Train: AT202P, Focusrite Scarlett Only, 6ft Amazon Basics XLR cape, cheap Neewer boom.

An audio is brilliant, but still rich. My voice is not deep or strong, as he the work adds to take he without doing me sounds like the small boy.

Has not remarked any problems that considers fund of noise, but neither is operating in the room has treaty, floods of his so environmental out of any basic problems of the noise a mic/the interface could have.

Without any profit, this mic is basically the brick, as you will have to launcher down some profit if your voice is not insanely strong (or if you are not shouting). This will result to choose in the plot of his environmental. Plot of unit.

This gives sound in rival, said, a RE-20, SM7B, or included the Procaster? This depends in your arts the blend, a bit, but in general he the no. IS absolutely estimates a prize? Oh He. In of the terms to compare he in my anterior mic (Snowball GEL), a title in that my audio has improved is simply shameful.
5 / 5
The cheap microphone adds. Clear audio, has bought he cual the substitution for the headset microphone. This requires roughly another squad even so, while it comes with just a microphone he, any cape or mountain. In general buying a XLR the version will require a addtional 30-40 value of dollars of squad to take it to connect in your PC
5 / 5
I am satisfied with a beginning of audio these races through Alesis MultiMix8 blender. Donat Some half pertinent (a calm parameter), my registers have been satisfactory for me and another for quality of his of the podcast. Having to produce in prize 44.1khz of sample and 128kbps.
Does not know so effectively or with the precision compares a 'richness' of my productions with another except me has had the commentary of people in of what professional a sound of production in them (certainly any audiophiles but my audience of aim).

A packaging was very-preserved and a hardware was in pristine condition. A mic has heft that the left wing that listen me was very-crafted but for everything fulfils it could have has had weight of advantage in him to produce that characteristic.

A mic is sensitive in some measure that is learning to be mindful of profit in a blender so that it does not listen noise too environmental and still has a volume of need of voice the blend in a production.

IS very pleased in a product has purchased, and has been rid and a quality to start with can generate with him so part of my system of audio.
5 / 5
Any I really laws of audio, but has required the mic the record voice-in/of the records of type of the presentation. There is the odd insect in of the Windows 10 that prevents USB mics to choose in right -- so much after the plot of the investigations has decided to only take the XLR mic and this was one of a more highly estimated and recommended. Sure, altogether, cost $ 150 in of the supplies (the mic + auricular + of cord), but after trying it was -- the one of fact does and good works. Sure, altogether is more expensive that it USB mic, but of some descriptions have seen, last the long time and remain the quality mic. Desprs The little of the months of uses will provide the clue, but the initial impressions are 5/5.

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