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Top Customer Reviews: George Foreman ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has, when experience this grill, 2 George main Foreman has roasted that some years, has has wanted.
Has bought this grill so that it lives by has thought some dishes of removable grill could be easier
for me to clean.
First of all, this grill is quite small to return in my counter in front of other better works that he
is the fast and a flesh is juicy and delicious, a esandwich' the things have tried ...omg Delicious.
My favourite now included is tomato and sliced acute cheese in the English wheat muffins.
One can does not use quite a lot of superlatives. I fall the in of waters he soapy hot and go eat mine and
swish, swish! They are sparkling so so easy to take and substitute.
Is giving my big and older more GF grills in of the friends.
Very wants this grill.
Arrendatarios In my cottage the floor is not propane or left charcoal the grills in ours my delight
to buy this small but very very effective electrical has it when being so it satisfies.
1 / 5
Sure some dishes are removable so that easy cleanup is why has decided to go for this model. It has Had the model the low plus George Foreman Grill for years but cleansing some any one the removable dishes are the ache . As it was so excited when has taken my house of new grill last night and took it all has posed up. That he no said is not that some dishes are lined in place for flimsy clips of small metal, two for an upper dish and two for a fund. I have seen as it has been supposition to break to situate and everything and has been for the try was. Instantly I Have had the when the problem closed a lid and an upper dish are come unclipped and is fallen. I have imagined I only any clip he well quite and has tried again. I clipped he in there and has done sure was sure. Has open and close a time of the diverse lid and shook include the small and was a lot. I plugged he in and like the machine has begun to heat in an upper dish resulted unhinged again and 'thud'. So that metal of causes of the heat to develop and these little of the clips are, well, few. Like the unplugged, the decrease of fresh left wing and has tried again. Very tried to take he in there and sure. And once again, ail begin to heat up, 'thud', some falls of dish.
IS surprised there is not more the people that informs this problem while it looks the defect of serious drawing. Perhaps only it take it he crappy unit But these clips any one very look all this robust or robust and consider is lining in the electrical grill stuffs very hot, enough does not take my casualidad.
Routed The Backside and bond with my old unit
4 / 5
Highly it recommends George main Foreman unit with some removable dishes. Some dishes are easy to take, and easy to clean, and can leave a unit in place. A cord to be able is down for reasons of security, that is to say well. I have bought this unit to cook steaks, and hamburgers in my garage like the house does not stink of fat. Cookery very well, but there is the few things that could be done to improve a unit. A plastic tray that takes a fat could break in a unit, this would do spillage scarce. As it IS, sometimes when posed the steak or the burger in a unit to cook, some movements of unit and yes fails to reposition a tray of big, a fat will lose a floor. Tampons of rubber in a fund of some legs of the unit also prevents slippage. Afterwards, an on/was the change would be adds. At present it has to you unplug a cord of AC outlet to turn a unit was. At the end, it likes him seen an automatic shutoff change, to prevents the fires in case perhaps forget to unplug a unit after you are cookery done .
5 / 5
It orders of inner grill for one or two people. I am the only type and Ive is spent through two of these - that is to say my third in 10 years. It finds that this small plus one is a lot of all precise, in that possessed the two of some models some big plus anteriorly. Taken up less soiled that an another two, and fresh four burger patties or deboned Corsican of chicken immediately - spare for me.

There is the family, would want a big ones, but, again, for or or two people, this can be each need .

Clean up is very easy, and this one has dishes of detachable grill, also.
3 / 5
That is to say the good product . It heats fast and cookery very good. It possesses and it has used this unit for just the month. For a prize is the real subject . This be has said, has some subjects. It has remarked today that a no the coating of the clave has begun in the flake was. I will win this to use mats of grill of the silicone from now on. Before this, a surface of grill was very any clave--the cheese has melted not even bond in him in him and mark of mark of perfect grill in a lunch. I suspect that todays the flesh with the glue of flesh was a culprit that causes a delamination of a nonstick coating while it begins after I have cooked some launch steaks that can have it been crafted with glue of flesh. Before that had cooked the a bit heart of nude chicken that it was to good sure crafted with glue of flesh. After cooking some steaks, had something charred bonded in a surface of grill. Desprs Drenches in loosen the, has used the soft plastic bristled paintbrush of dish in softly take and a nonstick the coating is coming up also. I have taken the utmost cure in not breaking this surface while it have expected would last it some time before lack. This is not the breaker of roads for me so that has has used mats of the silicone in George has taking Foreman grill for some time with satisfaction. Still it recommend it this product and also recommends the invert in the silicone these mats of roasted to complete a surface of grill.
1 / 5
This grill is Much smaller that signified. It does not line still 2 of one 4oz Bobby frozen In burgers that use. His burgers is done of lean steak and has zero shrinkage. Two burgers side-for-the side overlap an outside of a grill. Tan Only Or is possible certainly any FOUR like signified in an element A lot is DECEIVING description. An interior of a grill is only 9x6 inches. Pay attention in this measure feigns to cook any quantity to feed at all. I have directed to take four pieces of the carbass small and A burger in a grill. More than concealing it has not been possible. It lines Some WHISTLES PETIT with interior of cheese to do the panini sandwich of type. That is to say everything accommodates. It IS VERY SMALL. Like the VIEW the video with this scratch of exact machine four 4oz burgers which are that the amazon alleges it will do. Perhaps if a burgers is two sliders of inch that is two fat inches in that if it do not take never cooked through. He VERY DISAPPOINT in this PRODUCT.
5 / 5
Exactly that is announced to be... George small Foreman grill. It can cook two frozen burger patties the time and does not take up too much room in a counter. As or any some the removable dishes are sure dishwasher , foil of plan of aluminium of just use. It has used 10+ times and has not had to wash some stuffs still with this method. The just mark sure does sure a foil any one flap a drips the casserole or will have you some greasy counters.
5 / 5
These works to roast well. It was preoccupied when read all some descriptions of people that has had a grill an old plus with some has attached permanently dishes, and goes to complain that this model does not take in hot. Perhaps, but taken quite hot to cook well. It can take the small longer, but a consolation of some removable dishes to clean is worth it.

Can pose 3 pound of hamburger of neighbourhood patties, or 2 third book patties in the, FROZEN and in 12 minutes are cooked fully very done all a road thru, and seared in an outside only well. All owe the mark is to expect for a ready light to come on. These burgers is quite or in 3/4 of a fat inch, as it has to do well with ribs or of the steaks also while they are not very fat.

A grandson up is very mere. Box to expect fresh, takes some dishes and clean them a tank. I can not imagine a disorder to clean a version with some has attached permanently dishes.

This work to roast well, can take longer that an older version, but a consolation of a net of the removable dish up is very value he. If I live only, or has the small family, this grill is very value he.
3 / 5
At the end it has had it he with cleaning George old foreman has roasted so bought this or with a replaceable dishes. With such the big prize difference among one 4 this serves and one 5 this serves grill And a picture of one 4 burgers in a grill me think this was an easy election .

Well, This grill is much smaller this has thought would be it.

- Measured - the AILS cape 2 burger patties. Mark quite 1/3 lb burgers and included a tent has bought ones ail apt 2 on there and necessity to be staggered and has moved around the eschew undercooking some verges.

- Fat In a underside of dishes: it ships with the black fat in a underside of some stuffs this creates the bad smell during a first time has turned he on. It locate my hands while it takes some stuffs to wash them. Has thinks that that it was an end of him, but in fact does not exit in a dishwasher. It is not in a surface of cook but be conscious only when handling some dishes.

- The problem that maintains temperature: when limit in a grill, a fire ignites then when heats in another some ignite. Quan Attaches in or or 2 frozen patties or attaching the refrigerate sauce in a flesh on there takes the LONG time and some RETURN of MAY of the time in 'both lights' be on. His likes him does not have quite described as to heat to maintain up once the things are on there. I use the thermometer to do the sure things are not undercooked.

- Any one on/was button. One of my anterior GF the grills have had an on/was to change that it was to add of the maintain plugged in and igniting when the precise. This a does not have unit

- HAS the 'empty' in a half among some upper and inferior dishes and something is to the bond in an upper dish can fall in a desert and take in your counter, requiring additional net up.

+ Prize, very economic as perhaps that justifies his downfalls

+ the Removable dishes are well for occasional debugging.

+ Hinge, leaves It eaten of apt different measure

+ Sweats the george foreman likes him the sound adds to cook house of small lunches without exiting in a cold to roast.

Conclusion: Sound the george foreman so has used or before, knows that to expect for one the majority of part. Even so, it expect more improvements against my A lot of the model the old plus concealed substituted the. It avenges up quite down to the respect with a be of only improvement some removable dishes, while an element to heat can have gone back, the looks has reduced and included an on/was the lacking change. A LOW prize can justify all these things since you. Importing, reads some descriptions for one 5-serving roast which are to bend a prize and looks to suffer since some of some same downfalls with an also deceiving measured in to some pictures like them be conscious only.
1 / 5
The poor creation now drips upper juice in a fund. Extension of thin dishes of unsuitable heat ... The Worse no. is black material this emanates everywhere. Descriptions that mentions material black any clave in a cup, but there are bouquets of them. George of 20 years the grill was utmost; this a mamma. I mention material black this rubs of a backside in everything?!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Hamilton Beach ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
You are the bit has surprised that this grill still does same sake after using 2 in 3 times the week since November 2016. My husband and I have been Foreman owners to Roast since before we marry, but has had less than satisfactory experiences with a last two has possessed. An any last 6 months and a last an any last the same month before it begins in failure.
Does not like Me the grills without removable dishes and will not leave another in a house since is a one concealed taken to clean them. I am impressed that some dishes have lasted 8 months without the scratch, considers is washed in a dishwasher afterwards drenches. Since I am the small paranoid, uses a characteristic of clear wash in a dishwasher, but has done well without warping or scratches.
My only complaint is that a drips the tray has developed the crack apparently beginning where a the plastic has been injected in a mould. It was able to go in a web of place of manufacturers, but arrival to pay $ 10 ship for two substitution drip walk. Some trays has not been that a lot, only in $ 5 apiece, but is troubling to the paid has a cost in shipping without option to buy parts of substitution whence a grill was in the principle has purchased. You are said that, very which those separates of the substitution is available. A pair of time has purchased the grill and has had to the launch was so that some dishes of grill have been lined and dishes of the grill of the substitutions could any one when the be does not buy. Tan To good sure less for a full earth in this way.
Considering a decent action of a grill, to well sure will consider to buy other appliances of Beach of Hamilton in a future.
5 / 5
The better inner grill has not possessed never. Only apt four burgers yes take the common 1/5 or 1/4 book patty. He more soiled that any one another has used and SOOOOO easy to clean. Controlling a temp is very also is requiring to ask or retard a time of arrival.

This grill can take 20% big burger and the mark is not greasy, but still sper moist. I have posed 4 frozen patties on with some zesty the Italian dressing and the left records he prende quite 7 minutes. The fact and the test ADD!
5 / 5
Mmmmm. Bacon. Perfecto, any disorder, any grandson-arrives bacon. That is to say only or use - and a premier one has used these decrees. Preheat In 400 titles. Fixed several pieces, near. After the minute opens again, returned the little more pieces on. In this way it can it cools the pound in two round. 7:44 PERFECTO of late bacon. Only cleanup? A poster of interior and drips flat - and those are no-the clave and the sure dishwasher.

One warns with bacon even so. Bacon Of clock these blocs a drip the plans that opens! I took it just in time. In fact two look. It IS so easy to do perfect, any-splatter the bacon can wind up eating it more often.

A drips the floor is well for a pound of the bacon when uses a 'kickstand' - a full tray in fast. If he overflows, the disorder under a grill. If a plan his grill, some controls of tray quite more 50%, while it is not in an angle. But one full plus, one careful plus you
required to be emptying the. Or expect for him in fully fresh, then scrape it was. If you want fat of attraction and fat of flesh for uses later (yes, some present still cook with him and eat he cual the propagation of sandwich), this grill is the road adds to conform concealed.

HAS also does burgers - well, bacon burgers and was adds. Next envelope will be fish and steak. The fish is difficult to roast - usually us the casserole fries. Looking advances to try east.

A MultiGrill is the accessory of cookery adds - hate those heats an oven for small lunches - this much more notes. If has the cabin, RV or the camp with A/C can available, considers this cual the option of cookery adds.

Has comprised the pair of photos - a grill after the pound of bacon. If one stuffs looks the small, er, clear - well, has eaten some while cooking.
5 / 5
Ive Used it only once but Im enamoured!
Has wanted to this for any only doing numerous pancakes immediately but also full lunch, burgers and has roasted sandwiches/paninis. Look in George Foreman so that I have used to to have marks some years, but these all in some grills are come the long road since. It was with this one because of some revises honestly and he all has wanted and more. A thought to do bacon without the greasy splattered disorder in an oven or in a field is awesome, can not expect use he for that!!
Was able to do 7 pancakes immediately, can have been 8 but run out of mass. It IS awesome has not been to use the casserole to do one the time.
Was easy to use, for some instructions, SPER easy to clean (the dishes to roast go in a dishwasher) and dry an outside.
4 / 5
This was to purchase like the product of substitution for one ageing Foreman grill. Desprs Using he for the little of the months are satisfied enough with him. It IS it has roasted used to typically of chicken or burgers and easily will accommodate 4 portions. A parameter of the temperature and the dishes of removable grill are convenient also and the additional sake in the this has the habit of. A drips the casserole is veiled down and goes them a disorder while cooking, so much so that the active small time almost has forgotten to desert the. It recommends this in any one that looks for to yearn-way to peel inner grill.
5 / 5
That is to say a first inner grill has not possessed never. And I have to say, it is wonderful. Any real setup. Only it unpacks and it reads some instructions. Hamburgers of cook in three occasions and the boneless steak once and everything is exited very good. I clean up it is also very easy. Has the device of microwaves to cook bacon, as it can not answer in that. Even so, in that examines a unit, thinks that perhaps lining a drips the floor with the foil of aluminium could reduce some casualidad of a plastic tray these cracks of a heat of a fat cual informed for other users. You could very embroil a foil in some verges, but only posing a foil in a fund can prevents a tray to crack.
Pre-The heat of a unit takes only quite 2 minutes, A cord is down, while it signals has been for other critics. If the calm uses it the band to be able in, the mark sure can handle the1400 or so watts these attractions of thing.
There any booklet on is not cooking time, but the mere investigation of 'foreman the time of cookery' or 'foreman pdf of time of the cookery' (uses a second) will give you the good guide in cookery in this unit. So That is to say my first unit , spent that this unit apparently the cookery the fastest that a time for a Foreman unit, as it take was 1 minute for each element yes cooks individually. Test and see which yours the preferences are.
IS only and heat in the stove to cook for just looked the small excessive. As I am very happy with my unit so far. It gives of the small smoke in the steak, but very enough to pose of my very sensitive smoke detector..
Thinks that likes him. It IS the very good unit .
5 / 5
This thing is awesome! He he easy to do the bacon cooked perfectly, and the cleanup is the breeze. No more curled up, undercooked final of games of bacon. No more spatter during a place. It drains A fat as of the cooks of bacon in an easy in empty casserole, like the bacon is less greasy. An a lot of-clave to cook the surface is easy to take and clean up with very little scrubbing.
Does not have anything another concealed uses the to cook bacon still, but is already has to declare 'awesome'. I am looking it advances in using it to do the cheese and the cheese roasted and has roasted sandwiches of ham.
Has to attach that it has used it to it to him since to do cheese and has roasted sandwiches of ham. They were perfect also.
4 / 5
For a prize and place in his the good unit. A bit those that the things maintain to be 5 stars. In the first place it is the nesuance, some covers is down to do it very the cosy counter. Some lights of indicator arent quite clear and quite brilliant to say if his loans or A lot of needs of Controls of no. of better temperature.
Pose the fund for this look to use so he skillet option in liking bacon. Or flat cookery to like flesh. Some dishes is removable for easy clean, and is any clave. The desire offers other dishes for diffrent configurations of cook. Easy clean, and a collection of fat is quite effective.

All and all an inner solid grill for a money.
2 / 5
A Teflon bubbled up and movement in a when the device tried the clean before I used it. It have returned it his in all the case so that it was also small and a Hamilton Platja had purchased done the years was main and easy to clean. They substitute with the nine a, but very disappointed in a quality and during appearance and measure.
5 / 5
It uses this grill almost every day bought it since! Enclosed, flesh of cooks hurriedly, as hurriedly that my vegetables and another necessity of sides to be almost anterior facts in posing flesh in this grill. I have cooked the best and hamburgers cheddar last week and my daughter-in-law has been impacted in that hurriedly both flesh has been done and gaze and tried roasts! It wants to take or now! Everything in this grill am adds of a drippan in some parameters of temperature! Easy to clean! An only negative is a book that is coming with has any map of cookery that suggests the temperatures that and time of cook. Cookery in 350 or main with him concluded is too big (how far I after a lid when flesh of cooks) temperature, uses 325 when roasting flesh. I have not used he which he griddle still so that I bought it predominately to roast purpose. It recommends in any one would recommend to eat more is!

Top Customer Reviews: Ninja FG551 Foodi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It schemes it adds!
Begins with some Originals Ninja - still loves it, but was small - add for a - perhaps 2 people. A XL is 50 big - well for 2-4 people. I am ready for a XXL! It spends it on!
(I supposition in some point, so only could use my big gas grill external -lol!) Nah!
5 / 5
Loves this thing! I have inherited an older version of the relative and has thought was to add but this device the better work to take a doneness right of a flesh. So only it looks to be the good upgrade of a leading generation. Also it finds this version to be like this easy to clean also. I also really like a compartment in a side to store a probe of temperature.
4 / 5
Has purchased in fact mines of Kohl is! Better election never! I love my grill together with my pot! Like this far have cooked steaks the one who cooked perfect! The better steak never was able to cook I! Also cooked burgers which is exited to surprise! Oh And it can not forget a cake! I have not had Never one first grill but I can say well of the money! So only he!
4 / 5
Can not think that we like this grill. I have it that there is wanted always the way to do inner of steak without smoke and fat everywhere. If it likes-you the grilled lunch and loves it cook inner ossia yours response . We have tried another and has to that say did not think it would be this good! You can take to good crust in your interior of steak without smoke, any fat everywhere and a grandson up is quickly and easy. My only complaint is a presets for a thermometer is the pocola was . To take the steak of half dipped that to us to the half scarce. Ossia This in spite of one easy fixed calm so that it can dip it to the turn is gone in to to any temperature likes.

Has not been that more to say except only The BUY. If you are in the fence likes him was, of jumps and the take. Calm will not feel !!!
5 / 5
Has to that say this car absolutely is in amazing. It has surpassed my expectations for far. I have cooked ribeyes, shrimp, pork loin, whole chicken and fries chicken a past week. I can not think that well the cooks and calm does not have to that treat fat splatter. I clean up it is very easy and taken less than the minute to dip some thankful and fat catcher in a dish washer. He radiates almost any heat. If you are by train to ask you would have to that buy does not doubt.
4 / 5
To the equal that have bought this after seeing some ads and to good sure any disappointed. Like this easy to use and clean & cooks perfectly. I have used take still to air fry and was perfect. To roast chicken & of steak and was perfect. Some settings he easy to take a result of final of perfect cooked steak. The cooked sausage of frozen on raises to dip & has taken the 1/2 a time takes on cup of stove! Very happy with this compraventa. There is also drives has comprised to help with time and time of cook! Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Absolutely love mine Ninja Foodie XL! I use it daily!
4 / 5
Ossia The product used no spent of this vendor. A box was opened already and any sealed when it likes in of an interior of pieces could say that it was the piece is returned .
4 / 5
I can not it believe has expected this with a longitude partorisca buy one of these Ninja grills. Súper Happy with him. There is roasted on he in the dozen times like this far. Each lunch has been achieved. My thing preferred partorisca roast on is salmon . It is delicious!
An only negative thing can say is that cleaning an interior of a cup of a lid is the little difficult.
5 / 5
Has bought a Ninja Foodie Loan XL Grill partorisca take my steaks cooked perfectly. I have used a probe and has done sure was level in a centre of a steak and one the averages/a lot dipping quite done well and gave more afterwards to half, but a good setting has given me mediate it to him/very resulted. I will be useing a thermometer of the instant read to verify a time of cook for well does from now on. A big plus in this car is a thankful grill! He sears perfectly and really retains his heat! I have used avacado oil and has had a lot of @@subject to smoke,and cleanup was súper easy . A surface of cookery is quite big for 2 a lot sized steaks with spare room. Down waiting for to cook more with this car. Any remorse in this compraventa.

Top Customer Reviews: Ninja Foodi AG301 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
A Ninja Ninjavation you .

And look only - am the Adherent of Ninja(tm). I use his blender all a time. I use his Foodi air fryer/device/of steamer of serious convergence all a time. The ninja the May has been anything except reliable And versatile, two things that value in my cookery. MAYS....

Has known had the 'except' coming.

My big subject with an air fryer in fact feed envelope (steaks, thighs of chicken, etc) that would be it better to roast this air-fried. Some, could do it, and some results were acceptable, but always thought would have to have the better road. And here we are.

This Foodi he. Spades. In the nutshell, is the very very designed and the inner grill built with some benefits attached of an air that fries that I want to so much together with baking/roasting functions and dehydration. I paste these the change but BLUF: this thing is seriously awesome.

First habladura of left wing in a main case: it heaves inner. The ninja Executes this exactly perfectly here. It is not designed to provide the feet have squared to roast spatial, but for four hamburgers, two-three steaks (unless it is my steak , in that house ails access , like me the steak) or of five-six thighs are right-sized. In of the terms of mechanics, uses a system of convection that is similar in my another Foodi but work like madman with an application of grill. A dish of grill is quite heavy (dish of mould, is thinking) which provide a part to direct to roast and of here requires six-eight minutes to cover time that owes cookeries. One covers taken a dish to roast well and hot, poses a lunch in there, and the calm attack has roasted to eat without charcoal, propane, or still in external disposal. Jerk The chicken in a winter goes to be fantastic!

One of some first things has done with this (the semi-detached photo) is roasted garlic zatar naan. This has taken quite a lot of two minutes afterwards cover to finish, and a result was fantastic. Crispy In an outside, chewy in an interior, and take to maintain out of other people in a house ( has done MINA! It marks Your own). But roasting flesh, seafood, etc goes so softly. Besides, while this differs with other inner grills in this roast with a low lid, opened in a Foodi to verify in the things do not pose you behind a lot in the terms to heat returned until temp FAST and cooking the time has not been retarded. The results for flesh are fantastic, and yup you oil a flesh (canola oil to use to minimise any potential smoke) takes marks of grill .

This comes with an air-fries basket so while I am leaving my rest of steak ( remains your steaks after ?) It IS trivial to do in the batch to fry well after. The air that fries work a same like my another Foodi, with a same of spatial for such things. Doing wings of bfalo is also the natural - work. It was not that Ninja of the uses of voodoo, but more importantly any PREOCCUPY me. It presses the pair of buttons, is thing , and also that prejudices.

Baked and roasting also does very good. The main thing here is that always roast the flesh those uses an air fries basket, since wants that circulation to air everywhere a flesh. If some dimensions are was, to small heaves racks will do in here too many. One prejudices, hardly the value that mentions, is that I always sear roast it before posing he in an oven, and that the is not required still with this device. In a side besides, my oven is old school this takes quite three hours to heat up while one Foodi is ready besides or five minutes less. It IS quite big to handle the half sized heaves he so that it is happy.

Dehydrates IS a (relatively) characteristic new in a stable Ninja, at least for me, and this does very better for the batches he small plus that my consecrated dehydrator. A small that cut ( can take small perforated walk of metal and lines the with plastic point of the tent to do to stack yours feed) will augment a quantity to feed you pode dehydrates here. Some marks of thing for mine backpacking the lunches are paste of cook, dehydrate it, has posed then he in of the stock exchanges of saver feed with the powder of cheese and milk powdered. A short to boil waters it and have Mac and Cheese in a backcountry.

The cure is quite a lot of pieces of inner (splatter screen, dish of grill, fryer basket, and the cookery beats) is each sure dishwasher. There is the collector of fat in a backside of a device that is easy to clean also.

This a lot of perfect thing. Has the significant impression EXCEPTS yes is something concealed sees to be used all a time, while I , a physicist measures no really subject. If it is the useful device (again, versatile and reliable) then counters the spatial task is the data . Finally, this Foodi mecer a house. It IS an incredibly lovely addition in my cookery and included only has for the low time is already results the almost indispensable part of my squad of cookery. It IS fantastic.
5 / 5
I have purchased the allocutions of mine of ninja. I think that that one heaves racks would have to when being comprised with a unit of base. Another while a lot it wants a unit. I think that that they go to be very hard to find the Christmas come
5 / 5
I so that far it has been it able to use a grill and an air fryer. I he fry pickles and hamburgers in him. Some pickles have SURPRISED! Some hamburgers have roasted up amiably in an inner grill. One schemes - Whoa - is VERY BIG. A machine is enormous in measure. In the now has entered the cup of ways to counter that to well sure would require to imagine out of the something before book, is the element of giant cookery . I have looked for quite a lot of 15 minutes when at the end have had to the something special for him in my pantry so that the no apt in any one of my cupboards! It IS some capes was front that has prendido he to return. But that is to say well , these cooks of fast and clean machine, as I know that it takes some mega use any subject where has to store it!
5 / 5
Wow, This appliance of Ninja the plot. After reading a bit has taken well also the and some cookery with him. Some hamburgers of sausage are to exit well quite and with some cart on those that was full of flavour. An air of next time fried some Piece>s in a Ninja and exited to look while it have cooked his oil. But I have had any one! So far I am impressed with as the lunch is exiting. I go to read more and perhaps tries to roast one cooks of next time. I do not lose my old oil fryer at all. It was always the greasy disorder and he cleanup was only the ache with something to grease everywhere in a counter and wall. Five Stars !!!
5 / 5
It leaves taken a bad out of a road...

This unit is big and the good road, as if it does not have spatial in your cookery, this is not since you
the air fries the cube is in a small measure for some, especially has the habit of the Nuwave with the second level
IS faster that the only reason posed it here in the first place, is so that the people will go for time in place of temperature of flesh and will blame a unit...

This thing IS TRULY smokeless, dressed my beaks, I on purpose marinated some steaks and included attached some oil of olive in a marinade, why? So that my GF has wanted to to like it that the road and was a test of the hardest smoke for the this, then , if your Idea of the steak adds is salt, pepper and perhaps also will want this unit.
2 steaks, in a fat inch during 12 minutes, flipped in a 6min out of Med/Very
2 steaks, same measure 9 minutes exited ( will give the 8 minutes afterwards time
WITH Marks of GRILL!!! And Flavour of Cart! This will not substitute your smoker or real charcoal calm only necessity 2 steaks (perhaps 3) will have the fact, inner and down 15 minutes.
Has not tried chicken, but only imagine, marks of grill and acuesta crispy he begins side of low rind before it has said!
Take, this thing is cooking sides with the hurricane of hot air. It does not blame a machine goes to time only.
Cupcakes, casserole Of small round... 5 , 5 minutes!
Has cut 4 regulates potatoes sized... He his plant in a basket, quite 12 minutes later, has had fries, crispy and against some rules, used unfiltered smoked of olive!

'Easy' basically like any slow cookery, the view in some signal will be necessary clean you a zone where a basket and some chairs of pot, but is not the big roads, a grill. A splash save the work adds to maintain an element of clean heating and in some point also sees to use some cleaner of oven to clean , any big roads.

In general that is to say the unit adds ... While the does not substitute my point has extended Nuwave for the main cookery and a Nuwave the open round setup, this will substitute my another grill of inner as while both are smokeless, this a sears flesh and gives an add the carts in flavouring them all look for.
5 / 5
This has taken my eye predominately so that it is a toast of interior . It does not possess the grill at all, and occassionally finds in the the recipes like the test, this requires the grill. Also, and of the that possesses the microwave, and I to of to the that likes him to him the use my big oven unless I am cooking the few things immediately, which are the big reason why this enters handy. He the small bit of the each - cooked, grills, roasts, dehydrates, and the air fries. A lower temperature is 105 and big temp traces in 500, as and included uses he only in simply the cover feeds. The law adds even so, any overcook or dry out of feeding like my last oven. It IS also easy to clean and quite mere to use. The mine is come with the pot of cookery, crisper basket, the grill scrapes, cleaning paintbrush, manual, and the booklet filled with instructions to cook for general elements and a lot of recipes of gluten/of free vegetarian! It IS the small plus bit bulky this has expected, so it needs the good quantity of room of contadora for him. I am looking it advances to use all some parameters, and all my usual recipes!

Please to the left know me has very questions in my description, or has found he of any help in you.
1 / 5
It IS so excited to take this and wow has been so dissapointing! A machine is enormous. Tried roasting well and the punctual steaks give had any element to heat in a fund of a machine to give me a required fatality to cook through properly, left only take the marks to roast so aimed in advertising.
4 / 5
Excellent Very-Appliance of Function

hates those calls the cookery artilugio a 'appliance'. Seldom they the quite a lot of work of sake in such warrant the recovery, or is quite functional to substitute anything. This thing is an exception .

Q - Substitutes the grill?
A - Substitute - still. When being better - no. This does very that the grill. Even so, you use charcoal or the need heaves the plot of material a same time, will require the real grill. The wise measure, can roast 4 ears of corn immediately.

Q - Substitutes an oven?
A - For something these necessities the casserole of cloak - no. For the cake? Yes. For anything concealed will return in a ninja - he same

Q - substitutes the dehydrator?
A - He still - while it is not doing the big batch. An another takes here is that this does not come with a dehydrate storm. These ways will be limited in of the very small batches without that. One racks is at present an up uploads of $ 30.

Q - This substitutes my fryer?
A - No, but substitute the majority of air fryers. Fryers Cooks very quickly. An air fries the function in of the this is very slow.

Q - He that alleges?
A - He still. He all some things allege very good.

Q - Volume all precise in a container?
A - the no. Say that so that some of some functions are hamstrung for the lack of parts. I have mentioned a dehydrator already. On that, has the griddle, kabob conjoint, and roast racks. To arrive to this point of prize, those would have to has been comprised, in planting to be one up uploads.

Q - Give a lot of recipes?
A - He still. Calm give you the good booklet with some recipes in him. If you do not take that in a box, also can them access in a web of place of Ninja. At present it has in 1200 of them.

Q - IS this thing the value?
A - He still. If it does not have access in an oven (likes him in of the sleeps he) or often do small elements, that is to say perfect. The calm does not require to shoot in an oven. Only it can caiste this on instead.

Q - Very odd gotchas?
A - He still. I took me for ever to imagine was what a message of error of P0e has meant. The calm will not find it anywhere. An error a lot looks P0e, but is not . It IS in fact - big 'P' - Of entity 'Or' - the mould the low plus :'Calm . For all the need of functions to have a basic pot has inserted. Other elements go interior of him.

Line so much inferior - is the element adds that good law and could have been five stars, but the left wing was too extra, considering a point of prize is selling he in.
5 / 5
A Foodi the grill is my exposure of premier in any produced of Ninja of cookery, and is pleasantly has surprised. He all are announced to do, but more than entity, each function in these laws of good appliance. Usually the averages a battle with any new artilugio is trying to imagine was concealed operates and then finding the so many applicablerecipes sometimes can be the real challenge. The directions for this grill are sper mere (in any airof crisp of road, roasting, roasting, baking, or dehydrating). Some users of the manual walks through basses numbered no for each function, and comprises useful pictures. The ninja Also comprises the booklet of lustrous recipe. Some fifteen recipes are some few all the world can appreciate, and calm give you the general idea what this the machine is able to do. Too much often these appliances to write left me in slope when comes to use further or the information has detailed. The ninja Provides 12 value of the pages of useful mapswill find the quantities of alimentary required, temp parameters, time of cook and instructions during use. There have it also the condensed pilot this comprises the cheat to roast cloak, the fast premier of functions of grill and tricks and useful tips. If it conceal it is not enough, the ninja also has more the recipes localised in his web of place.

Likes him use in this way of machine more this has thought I alimentary flavours sake, cookery hurriedly and all the accessories included are removable for easy debugging. It comes with the ceramic grill scrapes, crisper the basket and the ceramics coated pot of cookery. Therefore very money, Ninja to wish also had launched in a mere heaves grill, but this requires a compraventa additional. Even so, that is provided is enough to create only quite anything wants to eat. The alimentary smells absolutely divine while roasting (downloaded behind) and is easy to combine a lot of ingredients of recipe to do east the-marvel of machine. An example: it wants boys of mark? The onions and the peppers see can be roasted in the first place, then attach some sausages, then attach some buns in crisp arrive the. In just quite twenty minutes have the premier-grinder of tax. It IS easy to verify on cooking progress I also--stimulates only a lid.

My only problem is measure . A Foodi the grill is quite so big like the oven of toasterexplodes of use with such regularity that been of merits of counter of the cookery, but only does not have room for him. The chairs of mine in the table in our adjacent that dines the roomfences in still for when required, but out of a road when the no. am finding this indispensable grill-- maintains our cookery cools in a summer and accommodates so many lunches.

Some photos excel the parts and the capacities of a machine.
5 / 5
Description!! Amur This Foodi glorious!! Amur A these easy and alimentary flavours favourite of appliance in my cookery!!

Top Customer Reviews: George Foreman ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The calm asked You in case perhaps what the burger patty in fact looked in of the this, has comprised the photo of the normal sized the unit has expected a thing to be tiny even so, and with that in of the imports, is awesome for the sun serves!
5 / 5
We roast two cheese has roasted perfect and our professor has not remarked!
4 / 5
The grill adds for a prize. It do not go sure we would use the Foreman a lot for the family of 4 like the has not wanted to spend a lot. If I had it to do on again, would buy the main version. This one is more than the grill that serves only.
Two flus on was
1: you can only apt 1 Costco-writes frozen burger patty on he the time like any really the 2-serving grill.
2 An agreement in of the this is way down below. It would like him the be of able to cook with east under a ventilation-hood in our cookery but an agreement are only quite 2' longitude and will not achieve a outlet. Final to use it an island in our cookery and he hardly have to suffice agreement to achieve an up stink in a whole house and I are sure a steam of steam is leaving the something greasy in my vaulted ceiling.
Another that concealed, I how one issues easily the cooks and he have the very mere creation. This would be ideal for the sleeps the room but I would buy an agreement of extension to go with him.
5 / 5
I have substituted mine 20 old year anterior small version of this grill with this model this new plus. This unit is clearer and a cup of a unit is not so weighed like the does not express a so much flesh. This model this new plus also has more than the lid has depended that my model my anterior old plus. This newer unit does not heat so fast and hot which are better. An older unit cooked also hot and too much fast. I use my grill the small different that more people probably. Discontent to clean fat splatter of my stove of crown of black glass like any cold anything in my stove. I use this grill to cook the majority of a big out of a burger patty and then transfers a patty in the small frying pan to complete a process of cookery. I begin some onions sliced inconsistently in oil of olive in the frying pan coated in a stove a time still that has posed a burger in a machine to roast. Some onions are soft and cooked by a time that a fat has cooked out of a patty. Then it extends each side of a patty with enough the teaspoon of teriyaki sauce when plants a patty in a casserole with some onions. I cover and it cooks a burger patty with some onions the few longer minutes (without big splatter), stack some onions in a patty, besieges the piece of the cheese up and plants a patty among the bun that has both sides slightly buttered in some upper and fund, then brown a so bun the sides in a casserole and serve. These marks for the a lot of flavorful and juicy burger does very the import this clean another casserole. Also it cooks some frozen fries in my air fryer a same time so all are ready a same time. It has not founding some surfaces of difficult grill to clean. I plant 2 the double his paper towel dampened among some dishes of the enclosed grill after the unplug. Some dishes of the grill easily clean drought after I have eaten my lunch. I use 2 humid paper the additional towels in the arrival that cleans some surfaces of grill. I any one precise to use soapy water at all in totally clean a surface of grill. Very little greasy disorder to clean up after eating. My class to cook! To Any sure likes him the evasion with calling this grill he 2 this serves grill of measure. There is not any road will take 2 half measure burger patties in this grill. A surface of grill is only 7.5 wide inches and declares in some directions a lot to fill a surface of cookery. I guess it is supposition to eat 3 wide inch burgers! You could be able to return 2 small slider has measured burger patties, but although it was it the tight squeeze . Calm also can cut a measure to serve down the half for any one of these grills. Has the 4 this serves grill to measure also and can only apt 2 burger patties in this grill. Announcing very poor to the respect!!
1 / 5
It IS very disappointed. Has George Foreman grill and roaster in fact a lot of years. Taken this or while a same quality and the action but a first time used it my hamburgers have been burned on location and very fully cooks in an interior. Tried to clean a grill was difficult and some of a burned flesh was unable to take without using the tampon with the rough surface. This has not been a quality expects of George Foreman produced.
5 / 5
I have required to substitute George old Foreman grill - am only so that it has not required/to want the big bulky appliance. It was conjoint fatality on taking this classical, any measure of atrocity - want to it! It returns my lifestyle perfectly! Burgers, Chicken, tips of steak, ribeyes inside minutes- has baked perfectly, delicious and clean and tents in the accident!
1 / 5
Has one of marks these years and was heavier-has to and heated in the more plot. I have to toast my bread before doing the turkey and cheese, even so. Only the does not take all this hot. Any idea like laws with burgers, since everything is sandwiches of mark with him.
6/18/2018: After it possesses this thing for the moment and test utilizarprpers, is junk. It does not take enough warm to melt cheese, certainly does not toast of the bread. A a there have been marks the years was wonderful. This an is not the value that has.
5 / 5
Has had to one first grill has substituted, while it does not act, even so the amazon substituted it immediately and a second has done fantastically for a whole season. That is to say my second Foreman grill- a premier has quotes good service during 3 years and has died then an electronic death. I have considered that for a prize, this was the good term to maintain and has substituted he with the similar model. That is to say only a right measure for the small lunch for two, capes burgers and hot dogs, the tomatoes and the onions have roasted easily and does the good work. I have posed some buns until animating while a burgers is cooking, and taken only has animated perfectly. It does not come it averts to clean, but is small and easy to line for a tank, clean above hurriedly because of his no-surface of clave. I can recommend this in any one need concealed the small to roast appliance.
4 / 5
First left wing said me when this says 2 servings, this is being totally generous. I have posed the Garden regulates burger patty in the and can ail returned the 2 an on there so that it maintain it that quantity. I guess technically you are able to return 2 on there but was near.

Has bought according to this rigidly with a plan to roast quesadillas, veggie burgers and veggie in in to dogs and to sew them to to him like him those that so of a cleanup yes is doing material of flesh with all some slimes and the fat could any one when being any so easy while it is quite easy to clean. It leaves the quota and then dry the tomb with the towel out of nowhere and calm is ready to go of good-looking walnut. Easy to use. It covers he in, left he preheat until a vain light was and is ready in cook.

A first cooked thing was the cheese quesadilla. Mark sure takes some smaller tortillas ( used a cornamusa callejero some) and hot up and has roasted to perfection in down 5 total of minutes. Perfecto!

A cooked next thing was some circles of the cradle frozen. I in the first place his place a microwave during the minute and the seeds have roasted them prende quite 3 or 4. A wrapper has been toasted to perfection!

A next thing has done was Jard burgers with the whole jalapeo in a side. Again, perfection.

IS pleasantly surprised with east and hope to take very use of him. Again, you are cooking in in the flesh or to sew them to to him like him those that, would consider to spend of the small extra bucks to take or with dishes of removable grill while it thinks your cleanup the life would be much easier but that it is only my opinion. If you are more it conceal 1 or 2 people probably would go main also.
5 / 5
T-The steak of bone was really too much, BUT only because of a bone that obviously did not squeeze with the temperature and the cookery resulted less has had to even so and finish separate pieces. The person less has it almost done a work and for another only serve patty/bagel/vegetal/of the records of toasts are.

Top Customer Reviews: Elite Gourmet ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
This has surprised. When being the Tejano, is everything in a yard of steak and a cook. Anything in meso the half/scarce is a lot of fact and of the rubbishes. This raises no only equally cooks, he he a lot fast. It was able to take the perfect sear and cook in thin ribeye and fat yard. All the world knows the one who last that can be partorisca take the half scarce in the steak of thin yard, but this he quickly and easy. Any smoke or anything negative. Any splashes of fat, any fear of a wind that the swipe was. This has substituted my charcoal grill in this port of mosquito.

Recommends this to any concealed wants to roast and for any reason can the no. is easy to move, how is well for big/wounded/any strongmen the force has required. Quite weighed he a lot of slide around. Hot And cools behind down A lot FAST. One of mine buys better for material in a cookery
5 / 5
has taken this just thing to time for a cold front that swipe and for the pause in me has launched in the NY band. It has resulted beautiful. This little grill has won so only each penny am spent on that. Note lateralmente, mine 5 access of chevron of stainless pot in the too to the equal that means this probably will be my burner for my prójimo crawfish boil. Highly it recommends this little grill. I clean up it was the breeze also.
5 / 5
Ossia The good sized grill that cooks well, leaving frill lines in a lunch. Has real temperatures in a control, which is well, but the little more temperatures imbetween would be useful. It jumps it likes 75 of terracings among temperatures. It is easy to clean with the sponge or paper towel. I have been surprised that a base was plastic of thin light weight , but a hot metal any one the failure. Adding the cup to water to a drip walk before roasting the easiest fact to clean and enough deletes any smoke/of steam that can eminate of him during roasting. The grill is quite big for the pair of steaks of mesos or perhaps ribs of dome.
5 / 5
Buys one of these in the each one two years. I use him regularly to do burgers or the bacon or anything can love whip up in the grill of cookery. This an arrived with the boss broken but was so only the small piece that snapped was and all more looked well so that it will do. An any coating of the clave always begins to exit on these after several months, any subject like careful search to be. You the trays are not very deep calm like this has to that be careful is cooking fatty to the lunch likes him a lot of and he overflows and, if you do not have an absorbent foreigner drop the, creates the disorder. They heat on quite fast but a temp tends to locate and down in his, especially to the equal that have aged.

These are to good sure the ache to store yes has the small cookery, as it likes to maintain a box and I just slide he all behind in horizontally. His very that calms can dip him in the old some were impossible to maintain clean reasons calms could not take waters approaches an end that estaca of the discharges in. These do these abonos sear mark that to to the people like on hamburgers. I have cooked salmon in these and is not terribly state impressed but has done. Have Never the chicken bakes on that. They are sure he would cook on final use the thermometer to do sure his baked by means of but calm does not go to take that súper hot big that traces the real grill.

In general, maintenances an of these around reasons his a smaller one can find and resembles so that my family enjoys some results. If you take this with an expectation that will treat likes an external grill, his in disposal to leave you down but yes calms so only love the fast way to simulate that it raises with the 'quite look for' attitude or so only wants to maintain a flesh out of a fat, these are reasonably priced and will last the pair of years with using rule while you are careful with one any surface of clave and negotiate it properly.
5 / 5
Has loved to save the buck to buy the less expensive grill but has been concerned a quality or roasting can wouldnt be like this good. It results I law adds! I have it it used it already 4 times and like this far like this good. Marcos of good grill and some looks of temperature to take a lot hot so only like the regular grill. A lot good to use when a time is bad or calm so only of the that feels likes messing with a big gas grill.
I reccommend using this on a stove with some ventilations in big like this will absorb a small quantity to smoke that roasting causes. A house is less stinky that the way and calm also have spatial of free counter. So only it has thought it to it in him.
4 / 5
Has bought one and used it occasionally to roast shrimp and beef. Works to the equal that are, he wont be like this as well as what real but for a prize and facilitated of use, and a lot easy to clean. Usually it wraps maintained-foil for an inferior tray so that all some falls of materials to a foil in place of a tray for easy net up.
4 / 5
In front of all the description of product is misleading so that it does not have any lid has comprised in of the boxes. I have thought to return a product but decided to try without lid because of his low prize.
The quality Values a paid of prize.
I global results are utmost - used inner. The free smoke (almost) , the control of temperature adds, easy to operate and cleaned.
4 / 5
He a work to roast so that it does not have to that gone external in a winter. It is the little delicate to situate water. It has dipped the discharge of cookie under the, has spent a fund of casserole with foil of aluminium. Then it chooses on a whole fund without a grill and of the water of dump was to the like this fat paper towels wont go down a tank. It does not smoke everything sees is steam but I he in my stove tops like this yes has any question with smoking can turn in a defender of ventilation. For a money he a work.
5 / 5
Grill very good. We cook belly of pig, steak of new York and ribeye the steak is grilled perfect. This grill was a lot of convenient to use. His also depend the one who cooks. 😊
4 / 5
To good sure can not beat a quality this calm grill of the, especially for such the prize adds!! My mine of mamma has loved so much has had to take his an and uses it all a time, also. Perfecto to roast any flesh, seafood and vegetal. I equally rid my chicken was the roughly 1/4'-1/2' and results like this fill of flavours and juices! The shrimp is also orders! Quickly, EASY NET on, which is of entity of mine. Some boys want to roast his own hot dogs and in fact taking some frames of grill in his lunch. To good sure would buy me or more!

Top Customer Reviews: Power XL Smokeless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
1 / 5
I the plot of investigation in of the elements of element priced altos.es mste the there have been some good descriptions. It takes mine today.First,cape the bit takes in installing.thats Well, took it.Wash before using and gathered.Turn he on under temp in preheat has been then in big,450 terracings of minutes.35 Later,256 titles was a big plus temp ir.el the turn was and leave the titles of again.256 Of the fresco.Tried after other 30 minutes,pure rubbishes. I will try my best to return for the repayment of my money spent in garbage.at less a partidrio has maintained workingI has a lot of different thermometers to use,all read one same.garbage.if a company very like this revises.. It ships of the pay and I will ship it behind in the ti.no be opposite to try another shipped in side of a lot of company.Too much money to spend in garbage.my 950 counter of watt the smokeless hoards that it is in of the works of 20 better years that these rubbishes.
1 / 5
Horrible.... Prendido Of follower this does afterwards when being adapted by 2 mins. The temperature would not go spent 300. The house was full smokes no the compraventa well at all.
1 / 5
I have used a grill three times and a follower decree to do, a whole house is smoky. This mamma so that it takes it the casualidad and buy it again but paid $ 99.00 now is selling for $ 154.00. The amazon is refunding my account and I are routing he behind.
1 / 5
Alas, I have to return this grill. Apresamiento Very good and clean up was easy. Even so, it does not avenge with a griddle dish while ad. And fault the nuts/of ray that has lined a cape in a dish of grill. Look in reordering but a prize is now $ 30 more than when has ordered initially...And until they comprise that it is announced in a description/of photo and his control of quality is better, thinks that goes to spend. It IS the bit to disappoint ...
2 / 5
The grill adds! That is to say perfect for when does not want to go external and uses the grill/of charcoal of the gas. It IS easy to use and clean. They use for burgers, pizza, pineapple (photo of views) and has each start to try sum, could not say has not been done in the regular grill. A grill can cart only like the traditional grill, giving yours these quite a lot of marks of grill! That is to say perfect for any one with a floor or any concealed does not have spatial for the traditional grill. It heats above hurriedly and cools is hurriedly to clean. A better characteristic in of the this is a low tray where pode attach liquid the infuse eaten yours with while cooking. Wine of pose, herbs, normal, and liquid smoke in there and he the good work these flavours everything of a lunch in a grill. I will be to buy more than these to give so present in my friends!
5 / 5
It tries everything to roast burgers in of the steaks and chicken in of the ribs of pig and eggs and pancakes. Simply finish it to leave in a thing? He well but and there is the big But, he always any cream an alimentary or any cookery. If you are in the and turn an alimentary hurriedly or change a heat that poses up and down to maintain he to burn or cook of mark he the good but this has time to be in this thing and looks it every second. I have purchased he out of a point of a direct website after looking a infomercial. Well I have taken sucked in!! In all if another living lesson. Learnt!!
1 / 5
It does not like him that of a lid of glass is easy to break broken to explode and require the lid for him now tries to find the another lid and can not fine one , has to buy the another has roasted only to have the lid for him,necessity to know so can take the another cup of lid without buying the another grill. Thank you.
5 / 5
I am totally thwarted the...The very first time plugged in at all spends, any light this blinks, any power. There is absolutely Any information of contact or nexus to contact Amazon or a Vendor that considers this product and now is spent a 60 option in the daytime to return. I need the number of contact or email to see quite taking the substitution for this element. Hate for $ 150 to be wasted....And it was excited totally quite purchasing east!!
1 / 5
He in fact the very good work. Mark of grill of the mark and works in your seasoning effectively while roasting your lunch. Any taken that charcoal or flavour of natural gas but for the who is walks it that lives folk, that is to say the very utmost alternative .
4 / 5
It weaves it to them of the investigation in element the elder priced has had some good descriptions. It takes mine ,the boss bit it hard to good, has taken before using and he on to down temp the preheat has been then the big,450 minutes later,256 terracings was a big plus temp was and has left the terracings after other 30 minutes,pure rubbishes. I will try my best to return for the repayment of my money is spent on less a partidário has maintained workingI has a lot of different thermometers to use,all read one a company a lot like this shipping and will ship it behind to ti.no would be opposed to try another shipped in company a lot of money to spend on 950 counter of watt hoards smokeless ossia in works of 20 better years that these rubbishes.

Top Customer Reviews: George Foreman ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Our new paving any one will leave has charcoal or propane grills. We are big BBQ defenders and has been determined partorisca find the way to maintain that it enjoys our lunches of favourite Summer. We had had George Foreman the cups to counter to roast car in a past to the equal that have looked partorisca see had any class of electrical grills and was excited like this when we find this grill! We buy it to us before the Memorial day & there has been our annual BBQ. All of the ours familiarised and has WANTED as ours eat is exited! One of some better parts is that this grill can be used with or without a stand. We use these legislations of grill in our table of cookery and then so only dipped the in a counter out of a way. The thing preferred of my husband was this was crazy easy to clean! We are like this happy & ready partorisca all a upcoming holidays of State!
4 / 5
My family was in a phase partorisca the new grill and my partner aim me to us one 12 that do lacking version of this (the rectangular a), which impressed really. We have possessed George Foreman Grills in some pasts and could no partorisca be them reason looked partorisca ruin a flavour of any cooked . This this in spite of, looked partorisca be a product a lot the time has expected expected partorisca see of George Foreman. Of then we have the family of four and live in a northeast, has not had very spatial to store the typical external grill or partorisca use he in a winter, as it have been with east a. We like him that it was quite of big for our family, useable indoors and alfresco and that has seen has done enough well without an ache to purchase propane.

Here is a pros;
1. There is no gas to treat and will save some money there. Calm can any gone bad if you can not have the gas grill.
2. It heats on fast, usually inner 3-5 minutes.
3. Cookery to feed thoroughly and maintains all moist and juicy. ( It takes some time to take used to a temp settings, but with which is any question .)

In my opinion, a gilipollas is a reason his summer stored in our basement for a last year or so much. The desire has finalised to go with one 12 that do lacking version. I have cooked for 10 people in this thing and concealed is basically an only time I use he maintaining. Otherwise, to cook for our family of 4, arrival to be more than the hassle unless I am roasting a whole lunch on that. Here it is a gilipollas;
1. A cleaner is the ache . Any that no clean easily, but grieves access in a tank because of his circular creation. A main ache is cleaning a lid, which think would be much easier with one 12 that do lacking version.
2. Some needs of cord to be longer. No for many, perhaps the few feet. Always I find that precise use a cord of extension.
3. If it plan to use this in your cookery and does not have any a lot of space of counter, good regime. Once again, his circular creation apresamiento on more spatial that necessary. Usually I need the situate in a stovetop, which then limits my use of a stove.
4. A canal of fat in a half is necessary, but annoying. If some drains in an end take clogged, all an only full fat up in a canal. Anything has dipped you in a zone to centre then will be drenched and caked with any material is flowing into a drip ache. Obviously, you would want to limit dipping any one eats in a centre, but a creation a lot always leaves for that.
5. Speaking of a fat, does not forget a drip casserole! The bacon bakes once and has forgotten to dip a drip casserole in. It is very easy to forget, how is hid in an interior of a grill a low plus. Any one has it @@give the to him until the group of fat was in a paving. Needless To say, cleaning fat of bacon out of the each one crevice of this thing and of a paving has not been in my cast of things to do this day.
6. The hand has formed burger patties impossible look to cook. They are the type that likes my own quota patties with different ingredients. Thickness patties look to result like this moist that the pause averts and take way more with a longitude to cook that in the traditional grill. Thin patties look to take stuck in some canals of grill during cooking and the fall averts when you toe him. Included adding ingredients to help a patty the structure does not look to help. If it likes you stuffs burgers, of this is not the grill wants to buy.

In general, thinks a grill a work and works so that they can not have the gas grill. I reccomend verifying out of one 12 that do lacking grill in the first place to see is better for you. So only I can imagine it is alot easier that use both indoors and alfresco, tent and cleaned. This in spite of, once have of the money and space, More the to good sure be changing for behind grilled gas. Calm can not beat a flavour and east roast simply does not compare to a practice to use the real grill.

Expects these helps!
5 / 5
Ossia A perfect grill for balcony to walk. It was easy to clean and is really a lot of-clave. In comparison to other frames, this in fact hot on a dish in planting to heat lights. It has cooked really well and it was very easy to install. To good sure would recommend to purchase this has the small balcony.
5 / 5
This piece of junk! I am worsened like this with east. When it Takes the few estacas older terribly. I have tried all some recommendations on regarding the clean rubbishes, total.
4 / 5
3 rd The grill there is exactly some accesses of discharges of same power loosely to a grill and he “can was him” with which so only the bad engineering! As you Can I so only electrical grills and not imagining the sure way to maintain his power?
Has had prime minister of mine one arrests the year, when a connection among one covers the root that inserts/inserts to a dish of grill has lost is tight connection , and so only the heat has been and wiggled he so only correctly....
Has imagined, can finalises to take the bad rebought one same a, and a same question after so only 6 month, the fact unusable....

Has been contacted for telephone 48 hours with which I posted an on informs of any concealed informed me that these grills spend the 3 year sent was the substitution in any fact!!
4 / 5
Buy this grill, thinks around 2005. With which two month of fond began it to concern that could spends was finally and take another . When An original has directed raisin was, chipped the contacts in one covers in connector, has begun to use a backup in 2018. Calm import, a prime minister has continued to do, but has thinks that is time partorisca retreat.
A second an east in using now, doing add, and has taken the third a, seats unopened in the box, in chance perhaps.
Quickly, of confidence, easy to use, easy to clean. You can go down or hot of half for hot dogs or roast, or the main settings for steak.
In a main heat, after the 5-small pre-hot, half need of scarce steaks 12-14 minutes, some thicknesses and big steaks of Costco.
In of the thinnest flesh 4-8 minutes is enough.
4 / 5
Awesome Value in only $ 80 ! I have it setup in my cookery and is perfect for a winter when roasting alfresco is not an option. The ones of way that there is far does hamburger, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and roasted portabello arrows. There is virtually any smoke created and has left a coverage on every time used it. There is to ventilation in an upper can open you or near as the vaporous love an interior to take. They are 5'10 and a stand is the good height that does not have to that bend on to cook. Clean- up is very easy of some impulses of zone of the grill immediately and so only take a tank and rinse and toallita humid. An interior of a coverage will require to be rinsed and dried clean also. There have it also the tray under a grill that takes fat/of fat. Simply I have left this then dry quota with the paper towel. They are very happy with this compraventa reason leave to roast year-round, and for a side can any gone bad.
5 / 5
Takes it! I love mine!! So only it has taken in today and it has done the batch of 8 onion of Oklahoma burgers and the room has had to that save!! I have begun to turn it was a dial to '5' and that charred a side of a burgers so that it turned it then down to 3 and the half. It likes 3.5 to 4 it is the good number to turn a dial of temperature to. That perhaps the instructions would say concealed... I have not looked any on on-line and an only some comes with this on regarding the dipped together to the equal that has taken the whole 5 minutes at most. It is very easy to dip near and will be to roast any time!

ANY does not go to do to to your alimentary flavour likes charcoal... I do not know reason any one would think anything another that charcoal would do that... This be says- the one who on earth any one wants to feed that to the flavours likes him to them the coal and the chemicals? Sure I will not lose lugging stock exchanges of charcoal and lighter of fluent house!!

A lid of dome? Character! It closes in a moisture and has done for one the majority of juicy burgers calms never had- resist a fat! After cooking 8 burgers a tray of fat looked quite full. They were big burgers this in spite of. Like this the d says perhaps among batches for fatty eaten like burgers that would owe that it stimulates a dish on and drain a fat. It has open slats in a fund to roast so a tray of fat continuous in, will exit a fund. This could be the good or bad thing depends that you look in him. There is.

Any does not come with a real but the calm thermostat easily can drill the hole to a lid and ray an on there. They are available here on amazon or your tents of local hardware.

Expects these helps!!
4 / 5
An assembly was easy, some controls of temperature was utmost. A steak is exited wonderful and was easy to clean. While cleaning a grill after a first use, there is remarked a no-the coating of clave is chipping was. Ossia Like this disappointing. I expect that it is the fluke and a costruttore will substitute a dish of grill, but until then will owe that give this grill 1 star to be missing of if quality, durability, and value.
4 / 5
This grill is a better. I add to cook and has thought my lunch would not look like this well in the, but was bad. Some instructions of the assembly is not some better. When you have dipped a stand near, hastens really hard to connect some two poles.

Top Customer Reviews: George Foreman ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
3 / 5
Totally 3 month a lot-the cover of the clave is spending has entered 3-4 different zones. It have bought I Protect of the awning and this compraventa was the joke. This defective problem is considered the cosmetic problem and is not coated. You are data one pursues -around with his company and no longer will purchase his plans although he he many times in a past. 2 Other problems with a grill are a 'flexible lid' that cause a big to cook flesh in splatter behind up in a backside the fat will not exit and rubs enough take to clean, an arrival of money in some beginnings of unit to produce the red of a undercoat.
Poor service of not purchasing east to protect unless you think that that you go to have 'a can arise'

Several weeks 't wastes your money in Amparo of Awning.. Disappeared an a lot of-layer of clave that mark this unit the peril of health as it is the 'cosmetic subject' and no the amazon has done this whole subject very while I gave me the totals you Amazon for coming so that it protects of the control in diverse other doubts of elements that 'will come longer purchasing his plans.
1 / 5
Very disappointed in a quality. It falls it averts in less than 2 weeks. I have expected more. It does not recommend this product.

Some clues has been contacted after my description for Marks of Spectre. They have wanted sure that all has been handled, like the new grill is shipping in me today. Like The business man, that is to say exactly that mango this situation, and commend the the preoccupy enough to achieve was!!
5 / 5
That is to say a third an of these has bought besides or five years less. I say that that is to say in two grill of year. I am not
that says that on the way bad. In our house this grill is used almost daily, sometimes more. For that very
use out of the product those no more costs that east , that is to say is the very just statement.

This grill has been around sometime, a premier one this has bought was the 100 for available dollars. They are very
reasonable priced by concealed it taken. They take rid of the majority of a big, the cookery in trying, very only
in a grandson up. That is to say my manufacturer of hamburger , has been for years. If at all more, it buys this just grill
for hamburgers. The majority each piece of flesh that is cooked in this grill, perfection of beginnings.

Cures of this grill and did not use it 7 days the week, is sure that last for ump adolescent
years. I buy these heaves to use, my grills that the compraventa is perfect every time. Of a prize is in
the half what uses when being and some grills have been perfected the small more, coast each penny.

All this has to attach, once take accustomed to use this grill, really thinks that will not be never
without Grills of unit to perfection, easy to clean, minimum storage and a earnest and just prize. That more
could be it quite that concealed...
2 / 5
I have bought this so that has George personal Foreman this has been using arrests quite 6 years now. We use it to us to roast chicken, burgers, sandwiches of toast, etc. The dinner has been ready inside minutes. An only thing was that a personal grill was also small, as we decide to update in this big plus or and give was some personal unit

In two WEEKS to use a grill each which as another day, the ray in a hinge is fallen was. I have tried to ray he behind in, but maintains to the fall was, as I think that that a plastic has spent down. A law to roast still, but a lid is the bit wobbly. The quality enough disappoints.
5 / 5
I have not been sure quite taking the grill without removable dishes but has been for him in all the case because of a differential of the prize and I neither has been sure that often very would use it. Any worry in any account. It IS incredibly easy to clean - an announcing said nonstick and a lot is! Only I dry with the towel out of nowhere and this does a work. That is to say the ENORMOUS plus in my book and because of that has been the using daily. Of panini sandwiches in 3 minutes in of the hearts of chicken in 5 minutes, ribs of pig, burgers, and so on; it is a the fabulous saver of time. I like this particular model because of a measure of grill, some are only too small to be practical unless calm truly cook for 1 or 2 all a time. Often we have guests of weekend and the panini the sandwich for lunch is so easy. He an impressive presentation and is delicious to kick. There is a lot panini the on-line recipes have so posed together my own cookbook, the majority is perfect for the tasty and fast dinner also. It Likes him an avert, thought in 3 in 1 of the model but I already have muffin casseroles, the griddle a an electrical fry-casserole, as although it can have it been well, very has not required these bells and whistles. It can have taken rid of these things but why waste a money?
5 / 5
I so that it has far used this grill three times while cooking bacon, pork loins, and steak. This grill is fantastic. You can cook your lunch with one or open lid or closed according to an effect is looking for. Some cookery to roast equally which are the plus of big time ! I clean up it is easy also. A grill is truly nonstick. Highly it recommends this grill.
5 / 5
I owe cross and say that I have bought both of my boys and daughters n want to these for Christmass do several years, and is so much still for gone strong. Both boys do a cookery in his families, and these have been the gone for each of them, because of an ease of use and clean up. My use my old more his almost nightly, while they are to continuation a Keto life. My lives my young plus in the tiny house, and take on small room to use and tent. These are probably his the majority of the favourite presents do not have data never it! So many, if they do not exit never, will be sure to buy another, or update in the model the new plus! The May HAS KNOWN that to buy for boys.... I have grown up in the full house of women, but these are winning definite .
5 / 5
Desprs Our trusty, boy of 14 years, two-serving George Foreman the grill has suffered the fall and a plastic accommodation broken (still heats like the pro, but a risk of burn is big), decides to try out of this new (much bigger) version. Ours little family (8 boys) finds the use for this grill every day, mostly for the sandwiches roasts and panini.

Pros -
~Can truly apt eight sandwiches the time in a dish of grill.
~Some covers of hinge for the lunches the fat plus to be planted in a grill, while still cooking equally.
~A drips the casserole is quite big to take drips to finish to finish.
~Clean up is the accident. (The majority of a time toallitas humid he of the fast paper towel is enough.)
~My amour of boys, amour, sandwiches of the amour of cheese has roasted. Any butter has required here to take the brown results have gilded.
~ Any bond. Paintbrushes of cheese immediately with ease.

Gilipollas -
~Quan The greasy lunches are cooked in a grill, find it necessary to slip the 1x3 together down some legs of back. Otherwise Groups of fats in a backside of a dish.
~A cord is down.

Any one very the with for us since need sper-appliances sized, but this grill takes on the plot of spatial.

After almost two month of daily use, a grill looks the laureate.
4 / 5
Seriously? Probably a compraventa has done better in of the years! It arrives yesterday,and it use it two times today. I have done boneless ribs of pig for lunch, and sandwiches of ham to dine. I am dieting, and that is to say a lot that goes to help me. Some ribs of pig were to die prisoner. I salt, peppered, and the garlic powdered some ribs, has rubbed then the with oil of olive. Leo Where another has lined so much upper and melts of a grill with foil of aluminium, and was that it issues. I have not been sure that a lot of that would do, but was adds. It Likes him all my very done flesh, and does not leave me down. My vegetables steamed in 6 minutes, (microwaves) and cooked my ribs of pig in 10 minutes. They browned only likes him has been frito, and was also, if any better. I have done then the sandwich of the ham roasted in him for the clear dinner. Different toasting a bread, this was moist, and delicious. A lettuce wilted to perfection. My husband planned to have ribs of pig of the leftovers, but after seeing my sandwich, decides to have or, also. It owes law for George Foreman! I think that that that is to say a better thing that goes so far what hurriedly, delicious lunch! It does not import a bit of the butter takes to roast the sandwich, but this flavours so better, and any casserole to clean up yes uses a foil of aluminium. I have read these works of paper of the parchment also, and plan to give that it come from it. I want my grill!
5 / 5
Ossia Of the thirds an of these I have bought in roughly five years. I say that ossia in two grill of year. They are not
that says that in the bad way. In our house this grill is used almost daily, sometimes more. Thus a lot
use out of the product that costs no more than of the this , ossia is the very just statement.

This grill is around be sometime, a prime minister one that has bought was the 100 on sale dollars. They are a lot of
reasonable priced so that volume. They take rid of the majority of a fat, cooks it yours flavour, very only
in some grandchildren up. Ossia My costruttore of hamburger , has been for years. If at all more, it buy this just grill
for hamburger. The majority each piece of flesh that is cooked in this grill, perfection of starts.

Cures of this grill and did not use it 7 days the week, am sure that last for ump adolescent
years. I buy these raises to use, my grills that the compraventa is perfect every time. Of a prize is in
half that use to be and some grills have been perfected the little more, cost each penny.

All that I have to add, calm once takes habituada to use this grill, really think that calm will not be never
without one. Grills to perfection, easy to clean, minimum storage and a sincere and just prize. That more
could be it roughly concealed it...

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