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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Kristi
It has had to that return this chair. Has two boys (5 and 1) and has been by means of probably 5 or writes more different that car chair and regulate install of chairs of transmission among our cars and some grandparents, and both insiemi of grandparents have his own chairs also and I all one installs. They are not the pro, but has taken enough well in him. It CAN not take this properly what installed to any of some three vehicles have tried. I am not saying is impossible that was error of user , but enough frankly does not have to that never be THAT hard to take the car chair in and was and sure. No wasteful your time or the money is one.
4 / 5 By Willie
Has ordered 3 of these car chairs (rose, blue, and camo). Today we receive some roses an in a topmast and we so only could not expect try has been. My pocolos returns of utmost lady in him with abundance of room to grow. I drive the Ford Evasione and I will be sincere when I say that it was the a lot tight access (behind facing). Once they are ablet to his toe around advances to face know that will want to even more. In general I am very happy with him (and a colour). I will update later on with which is in him the bit and to the sinister know how is.
5 / 5 By Geneva
Pleasant and the tampon is easy to wash but will not remain in a backside of whole place that faces. It is done so that when rear facing, there is remarking to sustain a corner in that is supposition to seat .
5 / 5 By Loriann
Really love this car chair. Has the Graco 4-never and has bought one of this so much an extra for my parents to have. We love it to us so much they buy one for my husband more than another 4-never. Sure it is not the convertible, but for a prize are adds. Has has had to that the like this @@subject with the straps that turn in other car chairs and that seldom spends here. It is also roomy and comfy for our daughter to seat in. This in spite of, there is SUVs. If you have had the calm or smaller, thinks that this would be hard.
5 / 5 By Latrisha
A bit those that months in and LOVES this. Still I can not think that I taken for a prize. It looks and it feels like an expensive carseat. Mina 1.5 old year, 20ish lb the looks of daughter to like it and I like a merry pink colour! It is has loss sew in there and is VERY EASY to clean. Some starts of coverage like any one another carseat and lava without any question (in delicate, hangs to dry). I will be to buy another for my edges.
4 / 5 By Randa
Surprising that it is so only 10 pounds and calm can spend likes to rucksack of more easily shlep of him around! Used the to fly recently and a host of air has been impacted when it choose it up and has not been weighed to like all another some has seen!
5 / 5 By Retta
Luz!! Easy to move among vehicles. We are still rear facing and returns well in my car. It is quite wide, to good sure does not feel 3 by means of, but could return mine 8among two has required to. The vacuum has been with my car once the week and maintains in of the perfect conditions 3 months later!
4 / 5 By Olga
The car chair adds! We buy this with which ours little daughter outgrew his cube car chair in around 14 month. Our daughter has 3 calm & years the still works for sound. This car chair is basic but with all some characteristics of entities, harness of 5 points, security, consolation, light, and easy to move & reinstall to another car. You recommend this product.
5 / 5 By Anabel
Buys this for our esurprise' blessing when management two! :-) Turn and a car perfectly. The only complaint is that a sticker on prójimo a boss is exited a lot easily. I thought that it that it was part of a material. The one who has known. I add carseat and good prize for him.
5 / 5 By Tiffany
Like this far like this good. The installation was in front of easy facing. To to My two old year likes him a space. So only downside like this far is the low chair that an old chair like this there is no like this well of the view out of a window and some straps require some class to cushion. Without it finalises with red frames in his with the. I have bought some for some easy fixed.

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Mighty Fit 65 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Malvina
Mamma to twin here:

Very the mammas of the multiple have raved in this chair. It IS clear and easy weight to install and trip with in of the plans.... As I ordered it so that my poor 9 year is cramped among two enormous chairs in a back chair....

Very I freakin amour these. They are classy look with a heathered ash, is cushiony, and my twins have WANTED the first mountains was. They are so clearer that my another ones, and 100xs easier to install.

Some of these descriptions say is difficult to install, has to has not used never other chairs...So that it takes it two installed in down 10 mins of boxes in car! Fond these!

Want the chairs of clear weight that takes on spatial minimum that is to say since you!
4 / 5 By Alpha
Amur This car chair for one the majority of part. Has one in the each of my carts. It IS quite decent for a money. It IS narrow as it take arrive less room in my forester, leaving two to locate in a backside with a chair. It was the enormous updates comfort when take it when my threads was two and is amiably deadened. It IS quite easy to take eschew and wash, subjects more than forming that a graco the chair of the boy there has been before (and my threads is the puker, as I have done that the plot) and looks so far to wash well. Has some problems, even so. Some buckles are quite rigid and the challenge to take waste in time. It has had my another during the year and he do not improve with use. There is also the curve to know serious when comes for the install that by behind the faces. Some first times are class of the nightmare, once takes a tape has adjusted, taken very better. It IS the challenge in him still imagines was so to do that even so since some instructions so that they affront the last go me assemblar to be almost non-existent. In the thought of sure point that had done the horrible deception and unwittingly taken the only chair that advance of affront. I think a before those faces the installation was has thought much more was, so that there is s much easier. An odd thing with this particular colour is also that is taking odd darkish patches while it wash it. Any one to that like him the stains, but like a dye is washing was. It is beginning to look class of bad. But at the end it is the car chair very well for a money. I am not looking to change any punctual time and has bought two!

UPDATE: it has had this chair for the year now and my small one at the end maxed out of one rear that the affronts so nodes flipped advance him affront. WOW. I want to this chairs so car more. It IS the breeze to install advances of affront and accesses amiably in so much our Enclave and of chairs of Forester. His insurance with tape to seat or anchors and is still comfortable. If you are buying for the before boy of types, is so more convenient.
4 / 5 By Madeline
Some seats look comfy, amour a limit of the weight the big plus...But when they say that they return 3 through....He no bet in the. I have taken hardly he wedged in the Sequoia of Toyota SUV. Almost lose it the few toes that he the fact.. They are REALLY wedged in. An inch an average more the room would have done better...Or if a tissue of coverage was slippery.
5 / 5 By Viviana
I have ordered 3 of these so that has the new creature in a road, and our daughters' the sets of the old cart was also big to return 3 through. Well, I am so happy has ordered 3 so that, like the set, access perfectly through a back chair of our 2015 Kia Alma. There is room for some doors to close easily, has not had a reclining problems that another has had, but my husband is an engineer , so that it can have aided. Tan Far so apt is unbalanced, our 4 old year that spends 5t the clothes is sper comfortable in his chair and has abundance of room to grow. Also have the and the year of old meso that is to say so comfortable, and will update this description once our creature arrives, but based in an add recline is taking, would not have to have any problem with him returning well. It can not recommend this system of plus, and also wants that still although they are clear weight , was so strong like sper big, the transports seats more expensive ours the daughters have used to stops to have!
4 / 5 By Laura
This car chair is supremely difficult to install the backside that the affronts (the only reason why attacked was a star). We listen that we were unable of the take quite tight (has installed felizmente the Graco and Britax in ours other vehicles with problems of zeros), as we have to have the technician of car chair installs it. Even so, our look of comfortable creature in him and is very easy to clean. Concretely Chooses this chair because of him is compact measure. An original of car chair that had purchased for a back chair of our truck of double taxi has taken up so room (the backside that the affronts) that the advances has to press a chair of passenger up all a road in a pinch. If this car chair has not been so difficult to install, would give it five stars. It surrounds, it purchase this if the room is the worry , but would recommend to have the technician of car chair installs it.
3 / 5 By My
This chair is so announced but some materials are cheap, an installation is difficult, and a headrest and the straps are the ache to adjust. I am spent one extra 20 bucks to take a Graco Competes 65 and is surprising, especially compared is. It spends the little more bucks to take one Competes. A quality is a lot of values a difference of small prize. Only I have not listened sure that my creature was sure in this chair.
3 / 5 By Julene
Having has had this enough with a longitude to estimate on cleaning or durability. Bought this for my almost boy of 9 month that isnt small. A creation of road this support of adjustable cape is pressing your forward of cape of the boys akwardly, although only for the neighbourhood in ahalf inch but still augments a tax in that advance to twist when falling asleep. MORE my threads is spending the provisional orthotic hull that attaches another 5' as his chin is enough in his cofre. I am in accordance with more other buyers, he the slide around on installs so that the companies of car chair have still to take up with a reality that the majority of vehicle the back chairs ARE not of the PLANS!! As and have the trace of towel under the and only does not look never to tense enough to pull a whole base robust decrease. They require to comprise support of additional backside to match a pushout of a support of cape. And it is to line in this little man of boxes is ready to seat the front these faces and taking a without this support of adjustable cape.
4 / 5 By Shemeka
While this car chair looks it will be well and comfy for my threads, he installing affront last in a pertinent angle was supremely difficult. Honestly, Even so, it was no more difficult that my boy my old plus $ 90 chair was. To well sure leave it abundance of room in a back chair of mine Prays for any one to locate among him and a booster chair. Also, while it say it can return it the 5lb boy, would not count in the. Mina 8 old month is 25 percentile and a low plus void for some straps of shoulder are properly for him. It think that that they would be too big for the creature. It IS the good chair for a money, even so, which are why I gave it 4 stars
2 / 5 By Angella
I have bought this concretely for trip of air. It IS subject cheaper that our chairs of normal cart (Clek) and to good sure when being that it issues. We require to be the light plus and this thing is sper light. A deadening very looked (better that a Clek, but in reality is not ). A main subject is that one issues of the tape goes that it owes/ a back rest only under a thin cloak to cushion backwards. That is to say a lot it is entering the automobile so that a smooth strap is all this will be to run under the backside of a boy. Even so, in the plan (concretely Southwest), a trace of the main buckle besides when being in a centre of the foothills of a half person in place of out in a side. This has meant a buckle has formed the right of piece of enormous metal where a boy is on duty goes. I have finished finishing what the affronts behind in a plan, which was probably ideal in of the nicknames of recline angle and general security and lucida any one when being pas able to kick a chair in front of him, but a buckle has created still the piece of big metal in a side of his zone/of crotch of the leg. I deadened He with a coverage take, but had any road to pose in a chair without him lamb against above a piece of metal for a clearly whole walk. Absolutely terrible. I have travelled with my Clek in an aeroplane and, while it is enormous and heavy, a road of vain tape BY BEHIND a piece of culo plastic and has not been the worry anything.

Besides, this car chair does not take the sure that by behind the faces installs in the vehicle. Mecer During a place and we have not listened the insurances with him mountain in him during our week long holidays. Those faces before looks much more sure, but that is not legal for any one down 2 states of years and is 5x less sure that concealed by behind expensive. I have not bought this car chair in scrimp in security. I have bought he because of indications and weights and recommendation for trip of the air and I listen a lot to the left down for some descriptions.

Has Had he for the year and my husband use it that they before affront in his BMW calm and access amiably. My daughter of 6 years can unclick she of a Clek in my car, but still can any one unbuckle she of this car chair, which are the ache when is by train to fall him has been for student in a car line. It can be the plus for any one with him houdini boy this wants to maintain in a chair.
5 / 5 By Gerald
I have required it seats of new cart for mine 5 and 7 year olds before the title has entered to 20 road of early trip. Slope this time, trade our Ford Flecteixen in for the GMC Yukon XL. These car chairs are sper comfortable, very durable, and a tissue is easy to maintain clean! But they no apt side by side in my Ford Flecteixen. Of course they return perfectly in my GMC Yukon XL although. If you are looking for the car chairs where can return you three side by side, these no in the levels sized vehicle. Again, they no apt properly in the Ford Flecteixen (SUV wagon of type). They return utmost in a Yukon sustains for the side and I still can pose a third chair in a second rows down with ease.

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Dreamride SE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 By Palma
We take this partorisca our preemie the one who suffers bradies if his corners of chin too much far down. Fail his carseat tries 3 times because of low O2 statistical. It does not have any subject in this chair and falls asleep rectum. It saves the piece of imports a lot prpers that has to concern it that it goes to take breath in his car chair.
5 / 5 By Adalberto
Buys this to use for our boy with CIAO. There is diverse things roughly concealed the fact the enormous ache in a butt. 1. Some straps can not be righted when already in a creature or in a car to the equal that require to be pulled out of a base of a chair. It is not to like other car chairs where easily can regulate a tension. This the difficult fact to use like this calm can not have your creature in a chair (especially has the CIAO) as frustrated to use. 2. A boss is uncomfortable and need to be pulled of any side to bend . Again, that annoying as you will finalise jerking a plastic was and startling a creature yes is sleeping. 3. There is any dish to base to do a level of chair in a car. As the one who am conscious all seat in of the cars slant down where feel (asks my telephone when I seat. Always it goes that way). This the fact so that a creature is not in the place of level and learns to a chair (a lot). For the boy with the inability that is not a lot of (especially CIAO). For the normal creature would give this to 2 indication of star. This in spite of, more the people are not looking for this chair yes there the boy is normal.
5 / 5 By Dung
Loves this still car bed our preemie. Baby HAS abundance of room and is not squished likes was in the car chair rule. This law the car can be used up until the creature is 20 pounds .
5 / 5 By Veda
I amour that this car chair latches easily and my creature has an occasion to dip down in long car walks. He decreased my boy fussiness in a car. My only caveat is that my creature will be also the yearn the fastest plot that fulfils a limit of weight. But a peace has while had driving around for travesías of state has be worth it.
5 / 5 By Magda
The product adds. It marks a big plus. Mina 3 old months no longer accesses in. When we take it trips longer that 45 min taste to dip to plan
4 / 5 By Luis
In general am happy has purchased this car bed for my creature. It is born term with half weight. Do fault his main purpose to maintain my paving of creature in his behind which is certainly an approximation sã for creatures. And still we are using he for our creature of 7 month (still this in spite of hight wise, our creature there is outgrown the the done for the moment..). Generally it sleeps well in him during our longer walks.
This car chair comes with his gilipollas obviously:
did not like me that a lining is done of of warm senthetic material. My creature would sweat in him.
Did not like Me that A sticker of of the security was for the face of a creature. Poking His occasionally.
Is purchasing This car bed, Taken the Consideration that there will be you spatial for the third passenger in a backside because a chair of priest takes on upper of the plot of spatial.
And finally, the desire has had adapters for this car chair to be able of the gather in the stroller.
5 / 5 By Jeana
Amur That ossia here for my edges is in the organism launched because of the doctor @@subject is been born with. But do more comfortable for my little type and easy to transport of a house of hospital. Thank you.

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Finale DX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 By Brenna
This chair only felt flimsier that another has purchased (mostly Britax and Graco). Sure enough, after two weeks of use, the plastic piece apropa a harness that tenses the strap has broken was while it ensures my boy in a chair. It IS the boy of five small years, as I liked him his of an idea of the harness that could grow in the booster chair while it takes the small main. This is returning, and will be to purchase another mark for the substitute . If the pieces break only to tense a tape, shudder to think how this could line up in a case of a real accident.
4 / 5 By Owen
I actuate Always the thought saftey has to weigh the car and fixed chairs tank sure when being. Has a lot of several marks of Creature of Orbit, Recaro, Britax, Evenflo and they all have the few things in common more notably: they are enormous and heavy, and is expensive (varies of $ 200-$ 450 MSRP).

Bronzed When take it this , could not think that the light was. A mould of the integer of plastic chair is clear. A cushion is clear. A chair is also narrow and can return 3 in the row in addition to vehicles. Sure I have thought this can not be so comfortable as ours other chairs. But supposition that, any one of some boys goes to complain. It has battled in fact on that it take to seat in him. And it is agreed to use has it so conformed levels in relation the security.

Maintains in importing that is to say the booster carseat--that means that I still can use this when your diplomados of boy to use the tape of security of a car and to use one 5 harness of point. It is not the toddler convertible carseat cape so back-expensive and has no recline. And this is not for creatures/of boys. If I need that he affront he behind or recline, this is not since you.

IS very impacted. Sure it do not have to it weaves of whistles and elegant bells but for the level, sure chair , comfortable, this has some thoughtfully the elements designed (amour that cupholder), very can not beat a prize and values.

HAS two of the same trace in the cart of the grandma.
3 / 5 By Onita
If your purpose to buy this chair is for the daily use would recommend to maintain look. Has 4 boys have to it way that be through my just action of car chair and this one has some pros but those in me are has been weighed by some gilipollas.

Durability, after using this chair daily during 2 weeks a tissue there has been already the tear. After 2 weeks! That is to say crazy.
Quality, a chair looks for to be done of almost totally plastic. It conceal he no to listen me that truly it is protecting my boys.

Light and slender measure. It IS very clear and easy to return besides situations where the car chair is required comprising had.
Title of cup, my boys have wanted to having very to store his things.
Easy installs, some straps were very easy to do with. It has Had some chairs where need to take yours respite, drunk some water and dry your sweat after installing he in a cart.

In general is planning on using this so the secondary chair for trip or for the glorious father, aunt, or the car aunt goes for him but wants to this to be the daily chair of your boy goes for something with the small more quality. It IS or a measure of security that could very probably saves the life of your boy at the end.
5 / 5 By Margret
This carseat is sper light and do very well in of the chairs of southerly Airways-west. An arm has to when being arrive but only ails encroaches in a limit of armrest.

Has attached he in my spend on to go he through an airport with the VolkGo Carseat Tape of Trip. It have to to take through the security but was quite easy. Gone the bass in a then decoupled plan again and has lined he in my leader to walk down a isle with him. That is to say where it listens it sper the light was awesome. (I follows 5'1 like an access of chair in my any sake with spare room)

was able to use a seatbelt in buckle, and has used the bent washcloth in a buckle how he didnt too much press in my toddler behind. Any complaint. That is to say only a subject in a plan with his tapes to lap this clip in a centre. Any subject with latch or seatbelt installs in any one of some carts for hire.

Finds quite comfortable to sleep in.

The ours normal chair is a extend2fit that use rf, and does not go to complain never in this chair, or when returned in his normal chair. I highly reccomend he for trip!
5 / 5 By Velvet
I have purchased this to travel with in an aeroplane and could any one when being any happier. Incredibly clear and easy to take around with the toddler the trailer!
5 / 5 By Laurie
I very like this chair. I do not actuate a lot of pillow like other descriptions has declared, but imagined would try it. It thinks to attach a bit deadening for better consolation. The long trips could be the small uncomfortable.
Is not so bulky or. Weight very clear.
Oh And has system of latch, which did not think it wine with! Extra premium.
One another characteristic a lot of the entity was that a seatbelt the trace of harness in 65lbs! I my investigation and anything reasonably locates only priced in 45lbs max! Still although my threads is almost 5 and weighs 45lbs and can use the seatbelt, does not seat was so sure while it was to use a harness .
Was hesitant, but has pleased to good sure
5 / 5 By Annabel
I travel often and it has bought this carseat so that it is clear, his width and the access of height directly in my stroller and converts with my threads while it grow. Highly it recommends that you fly often, Uber the plot or owe carts to change frequently.
5 / 5 By Therese
Has twin 4 year olds and the small suv. We update in these so that I have wanted the booster with 5 harness of the point for while possible. They are easy to install or movement of vehicle in vehicle. Recently it take his in the trip of road with limited spatial and was perfect. Also in my suv, any now can seat in a half of some chairs. Very happy with these so that I know my daughters are sure extras and still comfortable.
2 / 5 By Clifford
I have bought two of east a same time, 2 month ago. They were in my mommy' car which take used only the small time the week (like any excessive use in any booster) inner the few days roughly of a stitching exited (to flap of tissue in a series of attraction to tense down a harness of 5 points) a flap is halfway was, and in an another booster, in some breakings of latch of strap of the connection, was loosening a strap to pull a booster out of my car, and while only loosening a case of latch unhooked for his sake... Tan At least with a two this took one has had poor quality in stitching and one another poor quality has had in some characteristics of security. I am in a process to try to return, would not recommend these in any one and will not be that it buys this again!
5 / 5 By Sal
I attach according to carseat or yes need something narrower. We buy this to change behind and advances in the carts of the grandfather and the truck of my husband. Has wanted to something concealed was slender but could maintain my threads in the 5
harness of the point the long plus. These accesses a bill without braking a bank.

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Simple Fold ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Carie
I have purchased this partorisca my daughter the one who had received the bulky jogger/car chair combo this was difficult to direct when it was for his. A jogger goes forward also the estacas was really far. As I have purchased this stroller/car chair combo in blue and want it! A product is also true to the that looks in a picture. A cost was to add and to good sure would purchase this again.
4 / 5 By Ozie
Easy to bend and impulse, and a lot distracts it for my creature.
5 / 5 By Melodee
A lot sturdy carseat and stroller. My Godson has grown out of him in 6 month. It is roughly 27 pounds. But another that that, the boy adds carseat. He no the movement of boss of the creature on and down when car stops or goes like Walmart carseat fact. Very easy to spend also.
5 / 5 By Brady
Like this pleasant and stylish, easy to dip on, and wheel very smooth.
4 / 5 By Mitsue
Has bought he for my new boy so only been born today October 13
4 / 5 By Anja
present Very
4 / 5 By Solange
has taken for my grandson
4 / 5 By Ossie
has Loved a colour
5 / 5 By Fallon
More stroller never! Light and easy to travel with
4 / 5 By Nickie
Amiably built

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Scenera Next ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Essie
We buy this chair of car chair partorisca our holidays of summer and in general was extremely happy with him. After using yes partorisca 3 weeks these is a pros and gilipollas of this chair:
- Extremely light: we spend this chair by means of several airports, with layovers and that spends for security. This chair is really light!!! While it is less bulky of other car chairs, is still a bit uncomfortable to spend. Partorisca Solve this, take an adapter partorisca attach a chair to the ours spend-on chance. Calm once take used partorisca attach and detaching of one spends-on is the breeze partorisca spend this chair. An adapter has been supposition partorisca do with a creature in a chair, but we this in spite of six unsafe partorisca spend our daughter that way. So only we use it partorisca spend an empty chair.
- Easy to install: we use this chair in a UBER back and advances an airport, in a cabin of economy of several short and long flights and in the car rented in fate. Baby HAS 13 month like this always use it facing behind. We have not had any subject in a UBER, use a latch system in a walk and a tape in another. Again, calm once takes used his, is easy to install. We spend the towel of beach partorisca cover a chair of a car and prevent any one breaking. In some plans take chairs of window (the car chairs can not be in aisle chairs) and has used a tape of chair. We have had so only the subjects with a last flight were a tape has presionado to a window and was the bit has weighed. All some other flights were A lot. Please notes that a space will be tight (goes advance and leave a headline of house of cup), the other of arm will require to be lifted and if a passenger in front of a chair reclines retreated will require to tilt a chair the bit to accommodate. It conceal resulted in a creature that is quell'has bitten more whole that would have loved but still there is any question that sleeps in this way. This would not owe that be the question if a chair is installed that advance of types. I can not imagine like the elder of car chair could return in of the chairs of economy; thus purpose so only this chair is cost already to purchase!
- A coverage is really easy to take and wash. Like this always with our products of creature, washes it to us before the use. But the also required knots to wash he during to our holidays likes me to them the creature has had one 'have an accident'. Really easy to clean and fast to air dry!

- A coverage is easy to take, wash and dry reason is quite thin, so that it does not have any a lot of cushioning. I have concerned me that a creature would complain but complains so much (or like this little) to the equal that does in his elegant Graco 4never. Our flights our long plus was 8 hours , although it was not in a chair for a entirety of these flights. Also we take travesas of street of until 5 hours and was perfectly happy in those prendiendo so only once.
- A red key to release a harness was bit it hard for me to press but my husband there is not complained roughly that.
- A mechanism to release a harness has taken some taking used to. Mainly reason owe that push (or impulse, can not agree) and is an opposite to a Graco 4 not having never in our car.

In general, ossia an excellent car chair for travelling and slowly on maintaining the using in our travesas future. Felizmente, has not tried that very extracted in an accident, but have excellent CR inform.
5 / 5 By Doria
I have bought these partorisca my two toddlers partorisca the cross-travesas-of country to Orlando and boy, are I happy has done! They were sper light and easy the tote around an airport. Our little some were comfortable in a plan and concealed has done a travesa along like this easier partorisca we everything. The utmost cost partorisca the price adds.
5 / 5 By Bree
I have bought this partorisca the flight of slowly partorisca my toddler. The work adds, has so many pictures of sounds partorisca sleep in him, want it, sleep for a layover in an airport, surprised. We would not have it does without him. They are not joking. We join it to us to the very economic umbrella stroller and has used he in an airport to take around, and attached to a stroller everything of our stock exchanges. Like this easy, probably any one an elegant plus but a lot of very feasible solution. Some accesses of car chair perfectly in a plan, is like this light I am like this appreciated exists, installs in fate further of a car, installs is sper easy, contact a company for the clip to close, sent it our in the subject of days for free. This goes to be a chair to spare now and are by train to say looks so more comfortable that mine sper expensive one for my toddler, does not know reason. His boss a lot tilt so much. No for the smallest creatures or a lot young, but for an older creature, concealed outgrown a boy car chair, so only can wants to consider this and save you to plot. Very happy!
3 / 5 By Jules
We order this car chair partorisca take on the walk of slowly partorisca our edges of 1 year. This element is economic weight , small and extremely light, which are add, but those are some the only good things can say roughly that. I guess you are taking that paid for because it does not ensure in the automobile well. Has the latch system, but has does not walk basic in a fund, as it moves around too much for mine comfort in the car. Also, it is uncomfortable. A coverage the/cushion is thin, and my edges have HATED this car chair. The car walks have not been enjoyable while we use this chair. If I had it to do on again, would try something more. It has to that have the better option there.
4 / 5 By Olin
We buy this specifically partorisca travelling as we have not wanted to verify ours 'daily' car chair in luggage of airline as his very heavy (and a risk to be stray). We have taken this on 4 travesas like this far installing he in of the cars for hire and the taxis and have a lot of be happy with product. Obviously it is not a quality of an expensive Britax/Graco or another upper mark, and probably a lot like this comfortable. This in spite of, seat is sure and servants our purpose.

Tip: in some cars for hire there is mecer slightly when installed any subject like strong presionar a seatbelts. We cut several pieces of noodles of swimming pool to stuff among a crevice under a rest of chair and utmost. Has has used trace of towel also of hotel to solve this.
4 / 5 By May
You do not recommend this car chair partorisca daily use, but is a travesa perfect car chair. It was able to direct an umbrella stroller with my toddler in him, the stock exchange of diaper, the rolling spends on stock exchange, and this car chair for me in an airport. Value each penny partorisca do my travesas my easy plus!
5 / 5 By Jess
This chair has been mine recommended like better option partorisca return that it faces behind in my husband 2-Civic Deep door. It was reluctant to order there is like this had the Scenera done 6 years partorisca my old plus, and is a lot of flimsy, uncomfortable and hard to install. This in spite of, am very impressed with a upgrades has done to this chair! It is the coffins-the bones seat sure, but a tampon of chair is good quality and unexpectedly cushy, a chair is very light and is the sleep partorisca install in such the small car. A LATCH the strap has presionado quickly and easily, and was able to take the very solid installs. I have been concerned roughly soiled of leg partorisca my big husband, but results this room of leaves of the spare chair! My accesses of daughter amiably and looks comfy in this chair also. Highly recommend is tight on money or spatial!
5 / 5 By Joleen
Has an old plus 2 car of chair without stock exchange of air of the passenger that strolls in a summer. It is instrumented partorisca dip the chair of boy in a chair of passenger forward, but when I have changed of a chair of boy to a <65 lb chair, obstruct the enormous portion of my visibility. These chairs to chair much lower and does not obstruct my view. No, we will not be able of the use like this long, but is like this easy to use while rear that expensive that a chair a big plus.
4 / 5 By Jacelyn
Light and easy weight partorisca move of automobile to car!
5 / 5 By Shantae
Bought partorisca take on plans and dip my edges in a window and was in meso, both of had he quite soiled and has slept of once in a plan

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco - Highback ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Nona
A question with buying these classes of the on-line things are can not feel and see a product 100. A chair is to good light insurance. Lame partorisca as long as I need the tote around my grandson. If this has been of tower a day with my boys, is not lasted every day use. I hate to return material, as I maintained it of then take used perhaps once the week but had it to him partorisca do on, would be more selective state. Installing in and was is quite a production and I ask roughly which take the really would be, as the one who that resists a boy “in” comfortable, if they were jarred in any way, how is all the tapes . There is given 3.5 stars if this headline is the joke , imho. :/
4 / 5 By Jerrod
This car chair has done absolutely adds!
Use like our spare car chair for my edges when you locate in another car or when we go in vacacional!
Is súper the light has compared to his main carseat (maxi cosi has prayed 70), this in spite of is very minimum also which is perfectly well so that we use stops! Has a lot of minimum cushioning but ossia very reason we so only added some shoulder pads and my edges does not look for to be annoyed by any really having a lot of cushioning anywhere more. I have used also his bum/tampon of hip of his maxi cosi carseat and turn fantastically and have bit it more cushioning!
Is big likes to good sure returned until the 5 or 6 year and possible older has required. (My edges is )

is exactly that expects for a prize (which is the prize adds !) This car chair has done fantastic for us and loves it to us!

Accesses in the chair of slowly adds and access like him 3rd car chair in a backseat of the Deep CRV! Two thumbs on this happy mamma!
4 / 5 By Dora
Ossia The add light booster. Has the glorious caravan and I have 4 little of the that travels regularly with more my adolescents.

These chairs are comfortable and durable. I have had one for 2 years and I have bought another and will be to buy the third. I can very full sized car chairs reasons if a rear bank. But 3 of east is returned amiably. A headline of drunk is optional as I do not use him . Calm can take him on and era.

Is hanged very light but preferred it to a giant Graco one has had reason remains situates well.

Cleaned him manually and clean on well. A an I has is sturdy, and has to do fault like this very that loves two more.
5 / 5 By Celina
Is súper easy to install and to plot easier that take our daughter of 2.5 years in and out of our vehicle. The only complaint is an upper hook is not returned in ours 2009 Deep Ridgeline. It does not blame of a chair, a hook in a Ridgeline the main looks (fat plus) that necessary. I have had to some persuasion of the hammer in a hook for takes it has expanded. An upper hook does not return any question in ours 2016 CX-5 although.
5 / 5 By Tiny
Has taken these to return three by means of mine of stops súper big almost twins of five years with his sister of creature. They are in these, is in a chair of boy, is the sleep in the Deep tiny mine CRV. Amur That will last awhile and is comfy for some boys also.
5 / 5 By Letty
Hanged very light. Easy to install and the looks adds.
5 / 5 By Norma
Are the grandfather . I have ordered 2 harnessed booster chairs for my grandson. We have loved an extra chair for ours another car. Another chair was a Evenflo Persecution harnessed booster. We have chosen a Evenflo : it was more cushioned, and looked has built better. We will not be using this in the plan --has been can have chosen another chair.
5 / 5 By Charlsie
On everything is the car chair adds . I wish it that has had it bit it more cushioning but for a prize could has not beaten the. I am grandma how is used so only part time for when I owe that take the grandson to somewhere & is perfect for that. They are probably the bit to picky reason my grandson of 20 month loves it!
4 / 5 By Cody
Are really happy with this chair. It is the good prize , easy to install, and my daughter looked to be comfortable in him. Obviously a calm more pays a better a chair, but like the majority to know when I need more than one seats, the prize done the difference. I recommend this chair like the second chair to have. It is lower in some sides so that it does not take on like this room that is well. Shipment Has come punctually and am happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 By Florene
Has required slender partorisca to preschool van. Discarded Titled of cup and installed, a lot closely but has done work. Look cleaned, comfortable and easy to install.

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Scenera NEXT ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Santo
Like The trip carseat - 5 stars: If you are flying with your creature, that is to say a chair to take . Cape in some Airways of chair of the the southwest perfectly. I have not flown with him on any one another airways. Highly it recommends to take a trip to go stroller for an airport ( used: ).

For occasional use: 5 stars. It takes a work has done.

For daily use: it is very - 3-4 stars. A plastic clasp when being the small flimsy. I am sure he is very well, and conforms all a testing and levels of quality and in fact has the quite big consumer bookmark of reports. Even so, probably I go to take something the small more robust only for my own peace of alcohol. Our second carseat is britax, and when uses the lean-for-side a lot of voice a difference in quality of material and cushion and backwards.
5 / 5 By Janeth
We buy this car chair especially for trip of aeroplane. Still although we buy of Walmart listen for the like fact to travel so easy owe action.

1) IS clear and easy to tug through an airport. The next time will pose the bond of zip in the small hole in a back and uses the soyommy hook' in clip he in our stroller for the easiest to spend through an airport. But still in the transente manually very record.

2) Was easy to install in the plan. We fly the southwest and he return in his chairs(the advance that affront) perfecty. Taken less than the minute to install firmly for trip of air. Slightly more with a longitude to take he in firmly in a car but that the installation was also easy. We use a tape of foothills in a plan and a system of latch in a cart.

3) All the indications are that it is comfortable. Our two old year is 3 ft big, quite 35lbs and advances of affront. Has two want to that total quite 4 hours and he any the fuss very saves for takeoff and landing. It conceal to be said, does not have one the fat plus to cushion has seen included in the car chair. It IS only the plastic chair adapted with the coverage of only cloak in the. The Amiable to be as the material of proceedings of the diving. But it conceal the easy fact to wash if person the majority of comfy chair for the longest tugs.

4) For an amour of all the things, some straps are in fact easy to adjust. I have adjusted a chair of our two old year down for our 2 old month in just the few minutes.

That is to say the more buy to travel and the quite very or to hover he of city also.
3 / 5 By Domingo
These works to seat well for us advance of affront in the cart. Even so, we buy for the trip clearly and, although we were very happy with how clear and easy was to spend through an airport, was terrible in a chair of aeroplane. To the buckle clearly is everything almost a same period. The advance that affronts, tape to be tense as far as possible, left a place of the buckle in my daughter is a half is on duty, well up against his backside. Direct to remain quite contained for the 2.5 walk of the hour but this would be useless for the flight the long plus.

For a prize, this am adds for our second cart and occasional use. For or main chairs, prefers seats more robust.
2 / 5 By Marhta
A strap that is to use to to attach a car chair in a cart is supremely has designed bad. Some necessities of car chair to be pulled down snug against a chair in a car, and is very difficult to do this--the tense/the buckle of emission is very bad designed and very easily leaves a strap to be pulled snug. It installs this seats multiple time in of the multiple carts, and every time is to struggle to take an installed chair with the snug access. I hate to think that of these chairs are trace around with the sloppy or loose access because of a poor creation. In comparison, has the Chicco KeyFit base of car chair, and is supremely easy to attach properly and with the snug access in the subject of bren.
5 / 5 By Shan
We want the amour wants to this. We consult with the Technology of Security of Chico before purchase and is very happy with an election. We have bought or for each vehicle of carts of father in glorious grandfather and add vehicles. Val Likes him abordable very that has to movement and reinstall every time any one the help was.
5 / 5 By Micha
The fact adds for our international trip. Very clear and straps in chairs sper easy. You are the mere device for the mere purpose.
5 / 5 By Esta
I babysit my niece of 18 month once the week as well as another time. Having the car chair in my cart the easiest fact. So far this chair am adds! It seats the backside that the affronts still and the use is system of latch of the front. It IS in a half chair in my car and is quite small that 2 adults can seat in any side of him but he still have the good quantity to grow room! Some straps are each easy to adjust also. The installation has not been in difficult while you have read a booklet and read your manual of owners of the vehicle. Can use it it bit it more cushion in a coverage of chair, but my looks of comfortable niece. I am very happy with this car chair!
4 / 5 By Carroll
Absolutely any road would want to use this car chair for every day after using our much better(but chair of road more expensive) EXCEPTS to travel the fantastic beginning so that it was so incredibly clear. We spend through an airport and through ports of cruise without problem at all. It IS the small to take to tense some straps but for a prize and a weight, coast a fight for the chair of trip
3 / 5 By Jacklyn
I have purchased this car chair has based on listens it a lighter in a piece (for trip) and all some the positive critics but I have found a chair to be very hard, bare-bone without cushioning. My family is planning the trip in Turkey this summer and I have wanted the chair of clear cart could easily manoeuvres multiple airports with. While this chair returns a bill to be very clear and easy to spend, only no for my necessities. I guess it it was well in the low flight but having the creature/toddler has limited in this chair in the flight the long plus only does not look only in me. Also because of a fact that there is not deadening, a buckle of a tape of the chair of the plan would be planted in a half of a creature is on duty, which would not be very comfortable. I have not taken a car chair in a plan, as I do not know in a location of a tape to seat if one extends has been used.
2 / 5 By Wonda
Tried to install in 2008 Nissan Treats hatchback, using a method of LATCH. They could not tense some low straps enough to do a sure chair. Sold and shipped of Alphaben. In fact it was old for' Alphaben, but has shipped directly of Wlmrt. Tip for Alphaben: it compares his prize in Wlmrt east. I have paid $ 5 more to buy he through Alphaben. To be fair, quickly they accept a turn.

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Umbrella ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Charissa
I add - For a prize. Taking for mine 4 old year (almost 5) to use in Disney, is very in 40lbs. Mina 80lb 8 and/or hopped the small time also. Lined up during a week. I am 5'4 a height of a stroller has not been a subject. Again that is to say the umbrella stroller, as not going to handle, listens like a material of big final, but for my purposed, surprised.
4 / 5 By Leslee
Has wanted to this cosco umbrella of monster stroller . It has been the sum required of addition in my morning and of the walks of evening with my small type . It IS the low plus stroller and this is coming from the 5 ft 1 person . My husband can press it quite easily but has to slunch and achieve down to do so . A colour is sper brilliant and is such the sper cute stroller because of a subject of monster . I want a bit few horns and little balloon of eye up as well as some adicins/additions and brilliant lines in him . To good sure estimates an amazing prize
4 / 5 By Shawanda
Bought this so that it has wanted the to us compact stroller for small trips where very ours measured full stroller would take up too much room, likes him for a date. Although it is not the sake, smooth stroller like the full measure a, is convenient, compact, and clear for clear use. The calm would not want to take this in the big trip like the holidays or a zoo, where would use in you to plot.
- Compact and clear
- quite a lot of tiny low folds to leave in some automobiles to have while the precise
- cute creation
- can not beat a prize

- no steer a lot of
- capes too down for more
- rattly/wheels of sticky plastic
- the awning provides any one protects of only; mostly only for looks
- any he 5 harness to signal

Still with some gilipollas concealed the fact, enough honestly, the quite bad stroller, still is giving 4 stars because of a prize and a consolation of him in of the sure contexts. It listen to use he for the low distance in the place would require the chair in... As Taking your creature in the dispatch of the doctor or the low meeting, etc. does not plan on using these stops of entity outings.
1 / 5 By Chanell
It has Had the small umbrella strollers to my time likes him the mamma in 3. This was a cute plus and a worse. A course of the umbrella has taken often bonded and was to take to bend in, Sometimes blockades and not bending at all.

Some wheels are tiny and hardly would take the rock or lip in a pavement. I have launched this type has been. It IS that to do umbrella strollers btw ( has had the little my time) Sper cute but would spend so that for me the use is one the majority of imortant ( trip, goes in Disneyland, estaciona etc.) Like our strollers takes the plot of use
1 / 5 By Effie
Very cute but there are several problems. In the first place you are, it is issue too down. I am 5'6 and it has to angle on enough the bit to be able to press this thing. My husband that is 6'5 could not press he for more concealed 5 minutes without him kill his behind. It seconds some wheels are terrible. They will not turn with you and they any one same gone directly. Some wheels will not line until leaving you for the press directly in front of calm without or scraping an earth, and done the terrible noise when marks. This stroller only has the three harness to signal so when your boy wants by behind the advances practically the falls was. My boy is a way in small sized 9 month and was sper uncomfortable for one in the daytime whole use this stroller. A fence in a piece of chair in his leg and they were unable to go to sleep which has done our long trip unbearable.

Comprises is cheap but is much cheaper concealed expected like plot another strollers of the better quality is priced similarly.
1 / 5 By Irena
Experience this stroller Nov 20 and at the beginning think that it was to add but wow is fallen averts of haste. This strollers for one 18 old month and only used in a house, want to when being pressed around and turnip in the stroller. Almost all some wheels do not go and/or turn properly. It IS the constant fight . Also, when chair in a chair some back of creature advances some and is very uncomfortable. If it can imagine it it was so to return I ! Very disappointed!
3 / 5 By Arnette
It gives it 2 stars if my threads does not want the so much. A creation of monster is fantastic and very cute. An only subject is that some constantly the next wheels arrive and turn in of the roads that is not that it wants to go. :(
Has bought these for familiar outings and the cases where would have very walking and has not been happy with a fight and headache that is coming beside a compraventa.
Was very sad that could not be the smidgen better (at least with some wheels), and facts for such the massive headache that strongly would suggest the different stroller for three more the dollars and that are missing subjects of wheel that this one has had. Unless it take it two, yup 2, defective ones.
Oh Well. $ 50 bucks That is now out of.
Has taken at least to use them once.
4 / 5 By Cassey
I add, compact, small stroller. I use this for trips of compraventa low where the big jogger stroller would be inconvienient but the carts of the compraventa is not available. A joggers push much more softly in the walk that/races long distances but can be it weighed in tote around for fast trips. This a fact a trick. A reason for one 4 in place of 5- the desire has wheels of rubber in place of plsticoes.
2 / 5 By Kathrine
There is roughly positive in this stroller.. It IS economic, is to weigh a lot ignite , is easy and fast to open and next and uploads a toddler in and likes him mountains in him so has to when being the comfy chair. A big enormous subject is some advances of the no together wheels. If it visits the corner one will remain directly and tug and then goes directly again and another still is side by side. If predominately is walking in the straight line, only can the accident to situate with your foot and everything are well, but is to purchase or in active places with the plot to look and low isles, one advances resulted to turn the enormous inconvience.
5 / 5 By Donnie
Bought to use while camping so that it does not have to take one regulates the unit was hesitant to purchase at the end a height and commentaries of wheel. I am not having very these subjects. Well So far. My only complaint is that an awning was angled when arrived and Amazon or cosco subjects only an awning of substitution. The amazon said that that requires to return an integer stroller for the substitution. Cosco Has said to require call that purchased it he of.

Top Customer Reviews: Cosco Topside ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Finally, the slender creation booster concealed does not have all some bells and the fashionable headlines of cup whistles takes on it upper of extra room! We require the slender creation booster partorisca the small plus 8 year. Three car chairs by means of a backseat of the Ford Evasione. Seatbelt Returns well and a chair was a lot. Any complaint of the ours little passenger. Even more impressive? Three by means of in my daughters Jetta! Thank you Cosco!
5 / 5 By
Loves a colour. His stack on amiably. With all 3 situates has room for some girls to dip his own seatbelts on. Has the Deep CRV still yours reference.
4 / 5 By
Ossia Our extra booster. We take it to us on a plan with us and really so only abuse this. Any bell and whistles, so only the basic booster and a prize is well. A colour was also the winner with my daughter. It is a lot a lot light, some starts of the easily calm coverage so that that can wash. Like this in fact it looks quite new still although we have had he for two years and has gone to a lot of places with us. A 'the arm rests' is too small to in fact rest your arms on, but the help maintains a tape of chair ensures of then you fasten a tape among some rests of arms. There at all it is cushioning in this this in spite of and like this basically is seating in the molded plastic chair, but does not look to annoy a lot. Also, it looks to be slightly more tightened of a graco booster. Any one titles of cup, but that well of then is an extra .
4 / 5 By
Has not situated a tape to lap properly for our six and seven year olds. If a tape was down some arms of the extension was situated on legs (bones of hip of the addiction) and is situated on some extensions locate on some hips in a stomach.
5 / 5 By
Has required the small plus booster to the equal that go to be now returning 3 by means of. This looked the good election . It is light weight . A colour is good-looking! ( Has turquoise). It is easy to manoeuvre for girls. An ONLY defect has is a street of tape of the chair. Different the majority of tapes of chair, this calm require you to go under a rest of arm for your lap and then on for a piece of @@@cofre. My girls are not to use to this and is taken the few memories for the take well. It can see the father that does not look in some instructions that injustice of use. Besides this, wonderful car chair! The May in fact buys another for my second car.
4 / 5 By
Has spent this booster chair like the substitution. My boy constantly complained that his bum hurt remains the longest fact and any cushion in the has given was to any in the disappointment..
5 / 5 By
My daughter of is not visiting (age 7) and has required the chair. I have assumed this would be to regulate booster the height but is in a thumb a short plus that another. Unfortunately because of a difference of height a tape of the chair has not been situated correctly for his have to that way that has had to that have my daughter of 7 biological years those who there is significantly uses big this seats instead . It is easy to use , light weight, the colour adds, and narrow which is a lot was has disappointed so only my daughter of any one could do not using likes a colour. It recommends has the boy the big plus.
5 / 5 By
My little type does not feel sure in this way of chair. It goes of a car chair to this with just a tape to seat to ensure in. It moves around the plot, like this perhaps ossia reason has arrived to press this almost entirely out of low his fund? It finalises with his tush among a booster and a real car chair. But again... This so only can be reason hates to seat still?
5 / 5 By
Loves this chair! It is pleasant, A lot LIGHT, does not take on a lot of room in a car. No very cushioned but my boys there is not complained never. I have had one for 3 years, still in the strong disposal and ossia for my edges those who is now ready for his escomer of big boy'
4 / 5 By
This booster the chair has done like this well has bought 3 like this far - for me, for my parents, and for my boys' partners' parents. It is perfect for one kids the one who is the little has bitten big for the car chair, but still need the impulse for a tape of chair and strap of shoulder to return properly. It is also narrower that another booster the chairs and the car chairs have used ( carpool and all the world has to that be ensured properly). A better part is that it can return in a half chair among 2 car chairs or 2 big adults.