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1 first CUCUBIT Music Potty Training Watch Reminder Water Resistant Toddler Toilet Training Aid Potty Timer(Pnk) CUCUBIT Music Potty Training Watch Reminder Water Resistant Toddler Toilet Training Aid Potty Timer(Pnk) By CUCUBIT
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2 Premium Potty Training Watch - Only Watch with Multiple Alarms (16) to Fit Your Schedule & Hassle Free Smart Timer - Water Resistant - Both Vibration & Music - Kids Lock - Touchscreen- Easy Use (Pink) Premium Potty Training Watch - Only Watch with Multiple Alarms (16) to Fit Your Schedule & Hassle Free Smart Timer - Water Resistant - Both Vibration & Music - Kids Lock - Touchscreen- Easy Use (Pink) By Qare
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3 best Updated Version Music Baby Reminder Watch for Toilet Potty Training Water Resistant Toddler Timer Watch (Pink) Updated Version Music Baby Reminder Watch for Toilet Potty Training Water Resistant Toddler Timer Watch (Pink) By CUCUBIT
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4 Kidnovations Premium Potty Training Watch - Rechargeable, Water Resistant, Toddler Reminder Watch for Toilet Training Boys & Girls - Potty Trainer Alarm/Timer & Bathroom Training for Kids & Toddler Kidnovations Premium Potty Training Watch - Rechargeable, Water Resistant, Toddler Reminder Watch for Toilet Training Boys & Girls - Potty Trainer Alarm/Timer & Bathroom Training for Kids & Toddler By Kidnovations
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5 Potty Time: Original Potty Training Watch | 2019 Version = Now Water Resistant | Set Automatic Timers + Music & Lights for Kid Friendly Reminders, Warranty (Toddler, Preschool), Blue Potty Time: Original Potty Training Watch | 2019 Version = Now Water Resistant | Set Automatic Timers + Music & Lights for Kid Friendly Reminders, Warranty (Toddler, Preschool), Blue By POTTY TIME
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6 Benny Bradley's Potty Training Watch, with Potty Training eBook - Musical and Vibration Interval Reminders, Water Resistant, for Babies, Toddlers and Kids Potty and Toilet Training (Blue) Benny Bradley's Potty Training Watch, with Potty Training eBook - Musical and Vibration Interval Reminders, Water Resistant, for Babies, Toddlers and Kids Potty and Toilet Training (Blue) By Benny Bradley's
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7 PottyWrist Potty Training Timer | Water Resistant, Rechargeable Toddler Watch for Boys and Girls | Potty Trainer Watch with Cute Pandas PottyWrist Potty Training Timer | Water Resistant, Rechargeable Toddler Watch for Boys and Girls | Potty Trainer Watch with Cute Pandas By Pets and more
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8 Potty Fun Potty Training Watch Countdown Timer to Remind Your Toddler to Go Potty with a Fun Audio/Music Theme - Fits Wrists of 5 to 6.25 inches - Princess Potty Theme Potty Fun Potty Training Watch Countdown Timer to Remind Your Toddler to Go Potty with a Fun Audio/Music Theme - Fits Wrists of 5 to 6.25 inches - Princess Potty Theme By PottyFun
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9 GOGO Potty Training Watch - Water Resistant Timer and Child Reminder- Toilet Trainer Alarm Watches for Boys, Girls, Kids and Toddlers with a Soft Pink Purple Strap and Adjustable Alerts GOGO Potty Training Watch - Water Resistant Timer and Child Reminder- Toilet Trainer Alarm Watches for Boys, Girls, Kids and Toddlers with a Soft Pink Purple Strap and Adjustable Alerts By GOGO Hub LLC
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10 GOGO Potty Training Watch - Water Resistant Timer and Child Reminder- Toilet Trainer Alarm Watches for Boys, Girls, Kids and Toddlers with a Soft White Strap and Adjustable Alerts GOGO Potty Training Watch - Water Resistant Timer and Child Reminder- Toilet Trainer Alarm Watches for Boys, Girls, Kids and Toddlers with a Soft White Strap and Adjustable Alerts By GOGO Hub LLC
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Top Customer Reviews: CUCUBIT Music Potty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
4 / 5 By Sherwood
This clock literally is that it surprises, regarding a prize is very situated. While taking this product has been surprised in a quality a clock was. Partorisca Another point, was happy that is an amazing product ; while partorisca the boys is the product will be has had to that spend.

Partorisca Indicators;
- has to the silent way likes the boy could sleep.
-A clock has some difficulty, but a boy would not be able to change a time.
- Go in ascended.
-No, really, the rose is the good colour .
-As the product is in the good prize there is subject with keys
+ requires endeavour and patience partorisca resist down some keys.
+ Would require partorisca know exactly regarding the , or maintain some instructions all a time.
- A silent way could do better, as in, has the simple key.

In general, is the good product . They are happy with him. Partorisca The fast purpose of potty formation, is the good tool partorisca a boy partorisca use.
5 / 5 By Jarrod
Ossia A fresh plus artilugio partorisca boys - would have done potty coaching my edges like this easier! I have purchased this partorisca my grandson after the fellow recommended a lot potty stimulating of formation. I have been surprised partorisca see that a sample returns his tiny wrists a lot well. There are several settings of interval of the timer partorisca choose of, as well as the way of sleep. It is thrilled partorisca spend his clock of own big boy and is excited now partorisca use a bath when it listens a music goes era. It is also the handy memory partorisca we! A music is pleasant without being alarming and felizmente is resistant water. This musical potty the clock of formation was to good sure value an investment.
5 / 5 By Sharilyn
To the equal that was nervous when originally I bought it reason some have said could not find or was hard to follow some instructions. The mine has come with the instructions and was easily able to continuation but will say partorisca SAVE The INSTRUCTIONS because there is not any way would be able to imagine was like the included dipped a time of clock has left so only some different ways partorisca use for calm- his no an obvious neighbour up. I gave it so only 4 stars because a clock has the way of sleep but does not begin box 9pm and my girls put to bed in 7:30pm and has any way of the program partorisca close besides collects. With being has said has taken so only a sample was at night and has to that gone back of a music partorisca a prójimo 3 cylcles . My daughter loves a clock and his very reason with which is potty has coached a sample looks the regular clock and then can use to help his say the time once takes older!
4 / 5 By Rosendo
Loves this clock! My daughter has wanted to touch far more than gone potty. But you grieve this little toon has been was, all the world-wide yell 'potty clock!' The start arrives and go! Amazing.
A water has taken to this some hips although (perhaps swimming was also has) and was the little unbalanced but Cubit has achieved was mine before I have had the occasion to complain! And they were instant with his responses and I have taken the new clock inside days!! A service so only surprised, courteous, and very fast. Orders again sure.
4 / 5 By Meri
I amour a concept but he had done to good sure deserts to a creation. Really it helps my daughter be compatible in gone potty. It likes- one little tone of musical tune and that that can be dipped to have a timer goes was was different intervals. A colour is pleasant and a band has a capacity to return my two old year wrist without feeling I too free. My main question is with a setting of sleep. I want that to be adjustable reason so only goes of 9 p.m. To 7 a.m. But my sleeps of daughter of 8 p.m. To 7 a.m. That means that I have to take it was his wrist in bedtime so that any awake up. Otherwise That, really likes to of me. My daughter was excited like this to be the big daughter and have the 'potty clock'. He to good sure helps with his desire to be independent without accidents.
5 / 5 By Arlean
My daughter of 4 years potty coached in 2, but has has had always accidents here and there. It is lately state having accidents EACH DAY ONLY. (Usually multiple time the day!) . Have tired all to help. When adapted to go says, 'I any need to.' Then small later pee his trousers. Has a lot be frustrating. I have bought this clock but has not had big hopes. I am THRILLED to say is doing far better that could have imagined. It has been free incident of then arrives. While a song of clock (is sleeping) sees was short to a bath. Apparently I can not say to go but his beats of clock. :) I have dipped it to go each 90 minutes but this can be regulated to 30, 60, 90, or 120. As another declared any one can regulate when a start of alarms and take each day, but can be turned on and was easily I only turns was at night and behind on in a morning. It is not the question for knots. Has not dipping a clock in watering so that it can not say like the resistant water is.
4 / 5 By Arlyne
The salvation recommends Them this sample .
1. Petit In consonance The age to touch to the girl.
2. It is of battery Any precise be uploading each 3 days.
3. Resisting to the water
4. Has different time to touch every time that his precise boy goes to the bath.
5. The sound is very good and spend the all of Martinillo.
6. More than satisfied with this product.
My edges has the special conditions and he perfects thank you.
4 / 5 By Alphonse
Has read some descriptions for a clock this in spite of has bought havent there was very long ..2 weeks perhaps and a battery has died already in him. To my net has-liked a clock and some memories ..So only the desire would be lasted more along and would have been better of just that takes the clock of the boy with alarming on he
5 / 5 By Jesica
A potty the clock is looked quickly and perfectly has packed. They are really that looks forward to to use this with my edges of 2 years. The directions were súper easy to follow, and a clock is súper easy to dip. Be sure to in fact read some directions this in spite of reasons a clock is so only water resistant while some keys do not take pressed.
Some alarms are quite strong to listen but not annoying . Or I too annoying. A clock has 6 alarm that dips that row of 30 minutes to 160 minutes. An alarm is also like this easy to the turn was. This clock is really ideal for toddlers! I love it! Hopefully My boy , also. I will update after using he for the moment.
5 / 5 By Florencia
Like this useful! Mina 4 old year had been “potty coached” for the moment but there is prendido to take initiative to go and has had frequent incidents. You are excited in his new clock and has been using he for several weeks and he look of accidents to be mostly the thing of a past. Very happy and the heart has relieved here!
5 / 5 By Cristobal
Are in the loss to the equal that to express so only the one who this clock has helped. With which so only three days for the use, any in the same has to that be in a same room with his when this alarm goes was to say 'Time for gone Potty!' My granddaughter so only creates and goes. A time in a diverse alarm 30 minutes to 150 minutes but have been using it each one that two hours. Before it have been to force to use bribery to take to go to a bath because it struggles behind in just a tentativa to see yes has to that go. So much because of the his reluctance, has had a lot of incidents, disturb moments, and frustration for knots on like this to win this potty nightmare of formation. Any in fact spends a sample because ' feels odd!' But it is a lot picky roughly dressed also. As we maintain a clock in a same room that is touching in and although we no, a sound is quite strong to spend upstairs. It is not an annoying sound and knots often any prenden his attention, but always listens it. His mother thanked profusely to buy this clock for my granddaughter. It has taken a frustration out of everything of knots because it feels is control and goes when 'his' the alarm goes was and is in peaces because has no more the accidents and knots no longer concurrido in a 'potty question.'
5 / 5 By Lee
Has read some descriptions for a clock this in spite of shopping havent there was very long ..2 weeks perhaps and a battery has died already in him. To my net has-liked a clock and some memories ..So only the desire would be lasted more along and would have been better of just that takes the clock of the boy with alarming on he
5 / 5 By Cathryn
the salvation recommends them this sample .
1. Petit In consonance The age to touch to the girl.
2. It is of battery Any precise be uploading each 3 days.
3. Resisting to the water
4. Has different time to touch every time that his precise boy goes to the bath.
5. The sound is very good and spend the all of Martinillo.
6. More than satisfied with this product.
My edges has the special conditions and he perfects thank you.
5 / 5 By Sunny
Has bought he for my boy that has begun to Have he of the recurrent infections and he urólogo the pediatrician recommended me that buy my boy so that it was to the bath in the chance of the his each one that two hours, reasons resist the desires to go to the bath for any paralización to touch and this clock really fulfils the function so that it has bought the, has to program several times for the alarm, begins the sound leaves he of the hour 9:00 it follows each one the time that you he programs it and partorisca to dream the the now 9:00 pm reason supposes that already to that now the girls are sleeping, for the mine has been expectacular this compraventa reason has fulfilled really and still fulfils his aim, in several occasions my daughter has done his classes to swim with the clock dipped reason forgot the take and is not gone in never waters, neither has failed the system of the clock, súper very recommend it 💯
5 / 5 By Magdalena
has purchased it potty shows of another on done mark the year this has broken interior 2 days, when they have substituted that it show hard a day.

potty The formation has been the fight with my four old of then day a, does not love never take the done for gone potty; fights of Power for days! I have asked as it can help and it asks the new potty clock. I have found this one and has been quite satisfied with some descriptions to give comes from it. It is been the weeks of pair now and is has had almost any accident; I have taken the day or two to imagine was that often I need to go before it has an accident, dipped the to 45 min and creates and pursue every time listens a game of tune, is excited and has results more independent with using a potty.
Included my two old year are mad about when it hears a game of clock and wants to try to use a potty also!

Like this far very happy with this clock!
5 / 5 By Aimee
Like this useful! Mina 4 old year had been “potty coached” for the moment but there is prendido partorisca take initiative partorisca go and has had frequent incidents. You are excited in his new clock and has been using he partorisca several weeks and the look of incidents partorisca be mostly the thing of a past. Very happy and the heart has relieved here!
5 / 5 By Alisa
Such adds it potty clock. I want to all some different quantities of timers and a control of water, and a fact that does not have to that agree for the touch at night. But my thing preferred is that it turns was on is suitable partorisca time at night. And then it begins well behind up in a morning. One a lot before night goes is gone in a half of a night so that it is reason some 4 stars but is done never of then I so that it thinks perhaps so only some random glitch. Also I love a fact that when I no longer need a part of timer has the a lot of looking clock of boys. I plan to buy another partorisca my prójimo kiddo.
5 / 5 By Nikia
Has twins/of daughter of the boy. My daughter was a first partorisca be entirely potty coached and adds early on, my edges remains to the a lot of slower start. This was until my daughter regressed and has begun having daily incidents and that routine results bedwetting.

Has begun to dip my Clock of Apple to adapt to use a basin. Occasionally it take wrapped up in something and for a time would agree to take to a bath, already was wetted. Has the very independent character and wants to all in his own, as having his clock suitable for adapting his in place of so it has done me to him the sound feels really grown up. It has not had some times of day have an accident of then dipped in a clock and has directed included to remain dry at night.
Has been 3 straight days like this far without accidents. Has my toes crossed but like this far like this good. Still awake until an alarm in a morning and of the bosses directly to a basin with at all aiming of me. I am surprised to say a less.
4 / 5 By Juliana
My daughter is obsessed with clocks. Also the place on the fight to go to a bath. Has extreme FOMO. Haha. This clock is perfect to take to create and go to a bath when it is touching. I have looked for to use my alarm of telephone but so only has not concerned reason have has had to that still say. With a be of his CLOCK all have to that say when it goes was and the looks is the one who “ those bad” and says potty and the careers was. If it tries to dip on the fight still all have to that threaten to take a clock was and run to a potty.
5 / 5 By Danilo
Has bought for mine 4 old year the one who takes busy and forgets to use a potty.
Utmost measure. It can dip to go is gone in the number of the different intervals and is calm of 9 - 7. Games to good tune (is sleeping) concealed is not too strong or disruptive but done a trick.
Some keys can be the few hard to press and some settings are not like this of course easy to learn like this some clocks but ossia my only complaint.
The clock adds to adapt boy to use a bath more frequently more the works like the sample regulate when this part is not required anymore.
5 / 5 By Milan
A timer still goes was still with which 9pm. Some instructions say wants to take the figure concealed so that I wake our girl up in a night to go to a bath has to that sure paste of keys, otherwise a clock is supposition to go the way of sleep of 9pm-7follows. It outrage it conceal a clock is expected like this
4 / 5 By Tim
was having the difficult time with potty formation. This potty marvels of works of the clock. It touches to sweet tune that dressed when it is now of 'go'. Work included when it is occupied at stake. The progress adds is fact
4 / 5 By Yuonne
has tried everything to potty coaches our daughter (maps of sticker, stimulating, etc.) And at all looked to do. His pediatrician recommended the clock. We find this one in the amazon and did not have an accident of then begins to spend a clock and trying a potty every time a song of the alarm/of the clock goes era. You can dip a clock in the variety of intervals of time according to the progress/of need of your girl. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 By Luetta
Has tried each stimulating can think of still our 2 old year (and 9 month). This was an only thing that has done. If has that pranks those who know when to go in a potty but has any motivation partorisca take anything is doing and try- give this shot it. It was a straw that there is broken some stubborn camels behind!
4 / 5 By Fredericka
This whole thing and company.... Any pleased with. A screen there is broken in a an I has bought left the then know and was to send me the substitution and was has used to good sure. It is very gross and filthy with the sticky filmy screen and material black everywhere like the boy has spent this in a yard. They are further disappointed with this whole thing. It does not order this. It is not to value he.
4 / 5 By Rea
To to I My edges likes him to him-the this and has there has been sucedidos, this in spite of afterwards the few weeks a battery fracasada and with Covid-19 does not have an occasion partorisca find the substitution. I do not have any one has thought that precise battery and will have the need partorisca the jeweller partorisca open on a backside. Some rays are like this tiny does not have the tool that access.
5 / 5 By Alison
My daughter has preferred a blue a so that it is as taking. Simple to dip up with a period of timer and on/was. It can maintain use the pleasure the sample long with which no longer requires a potty function of trainer. I have bought specifically this a partorisca a esleep of car' in the park of an alarm automatically of 9pm-7follows. Very useful partorisca a prize.
4 / 5 By Ernestine
This clock has done adds partorisca two weeks. Then it looks a dead battery reason some settings would not resist . We change a battery but then a sound no . Mina 3 old year was happy to spend a clock partorisca the few days but was without his spending it, a house has been aimed that the need gone potty. If a sample was lasted longer there would be it the a lot of main indication but two weeks was all the starts of him.
5 / 5 By Lillie
Has been excited roughly taking the potty shows partorisca mine 3 old year. Taking distracted and forgets partorisca gone potty. We have seen some descriptions in this clock and has thought would try it we was. Unfortunately, it is not partorisca water that it resists at all. One the majority partorisca water my edges has been in with a clock is the bath of the small quantity waters—no more than the foot. And a clock somehow has taken wet. An interior of some shows of clock moisture. A defect of manufacture? Needless Partorisca Say— a clock is not doing likes has to that. You recommend that it buy this clock— does not submerge he partorisca any period partorisca time
5 / 5 By Jessica
has PURCHASED PREVIOUSLY the different clock (different mark) partorisca help my daughter with potty formation. Extremely it confuse partorisca use and that annoying that it has had to that maintain the touching. This one is like this better. Easy to setup and use! That is also he adds is that a potty the timer automatically does not go was after 9 pm (perfect for the boy bedtime, as I do not owe that plunder at night/or forget to). Other uses to go was during a night without the option for the turn was 😩). This a perfect east.
4 / 5 By Chad
Require the little memory and included the helps maintain me motivated to remain punctually to do sure agree for gone potty. The clock is good quality . Súper Easy instructions. I really a lot still has to that I use him. Material adds. Games the pleasant song that is in fact quite strong.. Surprising yours looking for a perfect potty clock to time
5 / 5 By Sade
After the month takes really calm. We didnt the leave in lucido when you bathe and things like this he shouldnt has been the mousture question. I have bought new battery that was ridiculous to change. And with which some law of new battery but still súper calm. Utmost but sad idea the so only done properly for the month.
4 / 5 By Meredith
Saves your money. A battery in a first clock that was has the dead pound in a 2nd day. I have bought the new battery and substituted it to me (almost impossible has big hands and no recommended). A battery he cost in $ 5. A clock has died again with which roughly 3 days. I have notified A vendor and was very and sent the new clock but he has a subject same and a battery are died with which 3 days. Produced defective. Buyer beware.
4 / 5 By Anastacia
Has done adds for the few days. Then a timer was was and touching different music each one that 10 minutes when sweet for 45. It has taken a battery was and dip the backside in, and some times and the time are correct, but now any sound at all. It sucks Because help.
4 / 5 By Jennifer
Has found this clock to be very useful, helped in the first place the basin coaches my boy of mine young plus, to give thirty memories of minute by means of out a whole day, that helped to teach regarding the bed, thank you Goddess, is by train of the take dulcemente.
5 / 5 By Tristan
Amur This clock. My edges loves this clock. You can change an interval to anything wishes. At present we have ours dips on never now. The swipe is sleeping (any too strong or quite) and my edges is esuppose' to take that is doing and gone potty. A clock is the memory adds and master that looks of quota.

Fyi. His professor says is not the distraction during class. (Hes 3)
5 / 5 By Krystal
When I have received a sample today that it was happy roughly. It was easy to imagine was like this to dip a timer. My edges is taking used to when a timer goes was, paralización precise that is doing and gone potty. Hopefully In a prójimo few days or week, was able to do that in his own.
Are very excited to see like this will do for him and take fully potty has coached also!
5 / 5 By Cicely
This thing is frickin amazing!!!!!! Had my edges of 2 years potty has coached in the weekend! Praise Jesus! We change to underpants of big boy a same time esatta... Calm can twists was and on, and same reset he if his potty go in. We wake on early and can override a timing to start with an earlier alarm that a regular time. My edges will not spend a clock, but is quite big that can spend it or we so only dipped the down but still use a timer and music. Hallelujah These kicks of what like this ass!!!
5 / 5 By Candy
This law of clock adds. To the good sure water resistant, my edges can wash his hands while spending it and manages it so only well. Amur An alarm and an ease with dipping it. But it is possible to take water in him.
4 / 5 By Alana
I amour that when my daughter spends it that it does not fly potty clock. Mina little an able east to be sure and has been able to regulate a timer like any need some memories like this often more. I love a fact that does not have to that be too careful when washing his hands and has a lot of be durable.
5 / 5 By Melony
Better product to help your boy potty train! My edges 2.5 now knows when a music touches his potty time! It has helped really by means of this potty process of formation. reccomend!
5 / 5 By Gabriel
Has loved to use this for potty formation until mine 2old year touched in his kiddie group and now does not listen any tones for an alarm. It does not take a wet clock... They are a lot disappointed.
5 / 5 By Bridget
Loves some few easy directions of this clock. It is waterproof to the equal that say. Comfortable for my almost 4 year and autism kiddo has agreed x2.
5 / 5 By Dianna
Amazing! Marcos my daughter goes all a time when you listen it. Tolerance of water and well to spend in bathtime.
4 / 5 By Rheba
This product has been purchased for mine 3 old year that has to be it request constantly yes precise use to a potty, a timer in this clock gave a start to jump that I need with to easy tune to agree
5 / 5 By Gema
With which 2 weeks a timer has looked work, but randomly go is gone in unset time. If I have dipped he partorisca 60 minutes go each 15 minutes. It was really frustrating and confusing partorisca my toddler.
5 / 5 By Shenita
Has been the lifesaver partorisca our boy of four years in pre K! He not having never any incidents now where before it was having accidents daily in of the school. Still it has washed accidentally a Clock in a washer this in spite of him so only well!
5 / 5 By Hassie
My daughter loves his potty clock and knows means is time for gone potty. Perfecto still potty formation and further
5 / 5 By Shanelle
A clock is a perfect measure for my three old year. It is quite strong without being annoying. And it does not look to import the spending everywhere . A good clock for the just prize.
5 / 5 By Marlin
Loves this clock! In fact it returns mine 2 old year quite well! Any bulky at all! To good sure has to that read some directions in the operation but utmost! My boy loves it too much!
5 / 5 By Suzette
No very easy to use, the instructions are terrible and my edges the hates.
4 / 5 By Marion
Works to the equal that has announced. Helps my edges uses a potty each one that 90 minutes.
5 / 5 By Jacalyn
A clock has done awesome for roughly 2 weeks. Then it takes to touch music. Like this obviously he no for potty formation anymore.
5 / 5 By Renaldo
The work adds some days my grandson will maintain it on lol.

Top Customer Reviews: Premium Potty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5 By Belkis
Amur This clock!! We were having question with our daughter that agrees partorisca gone potty. He the the week, then a lot of incidents. After his pediatrician has said to be is and ossia normal, has been tired partorisca wash spent and using pullups. Of that taken this clock, loves that! It has Had ANY ACCIDENT and says all the world in his potty clock. It touches of my computer in roughly 15 minutes, ready to dip and regulate. I access his little wrist snuggly and very comfortable. ( It is hard in his things and ossia durable) sleeps with him because it calms that can dip the any to annoy when sleeping. Last memory in 10pm (puts to bed in 7) and then begins again in 6:30am (normal despertador on time). Still it takes quite sleep and believed in his own. Use to be the battle to take or out of bedding the potty. Thank you So many! I have not had any one creates these existed and this a perfect east. I love your history in your mother and these clocks. Thank you
5 / 5 By Valrie
Take this for our 6 old year to help adapt to remain directed during pupil. There is preset 30/60/90/120 timers that can begin you and time of stop dipped during a day, as well as 16 additional alarm the timers can dip independently. Has has used so only one vibrates to dip, but there is also the setting of Melody. It is a lot of fact and has looked to help with our aim has feigned. It wants to change some paints on screen and same when we do not have some alarm on likes to be able to see a time during a day. Highly it recommends this clock. We look a video of Youtube to plant up and is any question to comprise .
5 / 5 By Concepcion
Absolutely love this clock. It was súper has excited a sample has arrived quickly. Unfortunately, when you arrive it no twists on or load. Had the email address of the help has comprised in some directions like this I emailed immediately. I have assumed of then it was Saturday would not take the response until a following business day. This in spite of, I recieved an interior of email 5 minutes. A question that shoots the options have not done. Less than an hour with which left them know a question that shoots the options have not done the new clock already was has shipped! I have had a new clock for Wednesday! While prpers have been I add if a clock has done initially, a service of client has SURPRISED! Some works of substitution perfectly!

Can dip until 16 alarms in a clock. Utilisation these looks so that it can dip potty memories for my daughter. It is of particular use for daycare (I has it like this a sample does not vibrate during nap time). A process to dip some alarms is quell'has bitten tedious but value he. There are the looks of timer concealed is easier that dip but really wants to avert to go was during naptime in the daughter is two and very tiny a clock returns his in a dipping a small plus. This has been seriously the transmission of game with potty formation. He same question to use a bath when we are was. Master that is in his control in place of me say. Some cariche of clock quickly and resists the load for roughly 2 days if it does not touch with him to a lot.
5 / 5 By Jacquetta
Has purchased this to sees does like the memory of house for my edges to spend in pupils. It was not useful thus purpose for the pair of reasons. I dipped it/ I dipped It on that uses a function of timer to go each 30 minutes. Some lights of what as the Albero navideño, and a vibration is very intense, and both go in for 30 seconds unless silenced to touch the something very small in a screen (which there is consistently has lost a prime minister little time). It conceal it does not go to adapt to remain on extracted - goes to draw his house totally to take a vibration, which will remark is also strong and big-pitched enough to be disruptive to this neighbour. Although an intensity of a buzzing could not be like this bad for potty memories - to the equal that @gives is a purpose of a product - is looking for a inconspicuous memory for the boy slightly older, this no . I also marvels in some returned for the wrist of the girl. It has smallish wrists for an adult, and a part of screen, which is quite rigid, the pieces clear by means of. It was necessary to think that it was uncomfortable in the wrist of the girl. No the terrible product - the works likes them described - of just probably very optimum for use in calm/has has directed settings.
5 / 5 By Kathyrn
This was perfect for mine 4 yr old. Tip all the world-wide his potty clock!!!! Random people was in Walmart! It is state potty coached but there have been a lot of regressions been due to his extreme stubbornness and hyperactive personalities. This clock has turned one in his authorship- the one who compliments his independent behaviour. A vibration is our preference and has not been disruptive for colegiala but quite strong for him to remark. My house is like this strong, a music would not be listened on 4 boys that Nintendo of touch. They owe that has update some instructions because I have had any programming of difficulty. Have been free incident for two weeks! More is learning the main numbers and as to say time because of a clock.
4 / 5 By Zofia
At the beginning was really skeptical, as it was the clock that goes to help mine 6 old year that still has accidents? It hates “to Lose it it was”, so only among his trousers quite then go to a bath. He also used to take disturbed in me “does not have to that go !!!”.

Now has his clock on, he buzzes, creates and goes. Any cryings, not struggling with me, and any wetter dresses. Thank you!!!

Dipped-up was bit it delicate, as I so only dipped the to ones “each one that 90 minutes that” has dipped. But I want to that I can dip a start and time of final for some alarm/buzzing.
4 / 5 By Olivia
Are like this happy with this compraventa! You think roughly trying potty shows recently, but has not been 100 insurance, reason some mammas say it done for his girls and another say the law of no. adds for knots! My daughter loves a clock. It returns perfect in his wrist. All another potty the clocks look very big and bulky for toddler hands, but this one are adds. A tutorial video is very useful and dipped that to the knots once is very easy of the use. My daughter is like this happy to have his own clock and every time an alarm goes was short to a bath. An exposure is coloreada and entertainment. Totally I recommend it!
5 / 5 By Jacqueline
This has helped tremendously! My daughter regressed and has has maintained having accidents. With this help of clock to adapt to go to RR. Especially it likes that I do not owe that me to concern roughly taking wet when washing his hands and amour that the also said time!
5 / 5 By Beaulah
Was excited like this to have the potty clock. My boy of three years has been on and has gone with using a potty and has think that this could be the fun way to take to go all a time in his own. I have had to look a video of Youtube/of Youtube for the dipped up. And it says that it touches his, but there is still to imagine was regarding the take to do easily. I have found a video of Youtube/of Youtube useful reason some directions were horrible!
5 / 5 By Darren
Like this far like this good! This was for the present. I have chosen he because of some multiple alarms, facilitated of use, and a control of water. My grandson adds is fascinated with mine fitbit, and of then ossia looked in way, likes to spend the:)
5 / 5 By Arnold
Can count those that descriptions have written in my life, but has felt thank you to comment in this product. I am surprised reason this tiny pocola what can do! A instructional the video is particularly useful and once begin to comprise a way to operate things, is not terribly difficult. It takes it programmed and forget it (so only does not forget for the touch before it takes under the sure percentage and resets your work!). In general the product adds and are that animated will help it our boy with a last bit of formation of basin.

UPDATE: Unfortunately this has not been a magic ball for us, but some three star is reason a clasp the pieces are starts and simply can not use a clock without them or without some MacGuyver fix. :-(
4 / 5 By Olga
A prime minister potty the clock has received to situate this order there has been questions of a start, MAY ... I have contacted a vendor for a youtube dipped of video-on the instructions and all has been solved. It substitutes a clock and all has been utmost of then. A setup is calm very easy once looks a video. At least for use, this has been the tool adds to take a fight of power out of potty formation. No longer they are saying my edges to potty, and of then loves a clock ( does to feel like the big boy), is has had to that to listen his ballast takes era. It is the carrot and the clave :D.

Love an alarm vs option of timer! Better option there. An only thing could ask is the vibration And dipping of music ( can choose vibration Or music). My sometimes gone back edges of an alarm (when in vibration) and some professors are any wiser. As I have tried to dip the the music, but in the noisy preschool room, he and some professors a lot always the listen.

Thank you, Love, for a product adds and a service of client adds.
5 / 5 By Anabel
Love this potty clock! While we have had mastered a potty the formation somehow has had some regression with that wants to go. As you result necessary to actuate it potty time to adapt he kiddo that it was necessary to go. This clock are to add reasons has both a setting of alarm (until 16!) Or the setting of timer, has the chime or vibrate way - a chime is pleasant and no too strong for the sensitive sensory mine little person. It is signal has protected like this a kiddo can not change some settings and I promote to actively of disorder with him and cycle by means of everything of some options coloreadas without worry. A band is very comfortable, which is the big shot for the sensitive sensory mine kiddo, test the take at all. A prize is excellent also and inside the little difference of dollars by other clocks with 1/2 some characteristic. I have had also a subject with a first clock that has been to send, but a process of turn was entirely painless and the substitution has been inner has received 2 days! Some instructions are the pocolos complicated to follow so only to read, like this highly recommends to look a tutorial video for a neighbour up.
4 / 5 By Tiffany
This clock is quell'has bitten delicate to use when in the first place I take it. Some instructions am not a lot the friendly user. This in spite of, of the to you the suggestion of video of the Youtube/of Youtube, and that help immensely. You can dip a clock to go of each half hour, 45 mins, 1 now, to 2 hours. I want that a memory can be touch it , or so only the vibration. A vibration is sum for my boy of mine old plus that has sensory subjects. It would like a lot to be noticeable to of another. You can change a colour of an exposure, and really can be used so only the clock. We are using this for memories of bath, but can be used for anything. You can also dipped on concrete time for memories. We have not tried that still, but probably in a future. We touch it to us every night for the half hour. Like this far, like this good.
5 / 5 By Jerri
I have bought this clock to potty traininng my daughter, when I took it in first do first well and is not that hard to comprise some instructions, the few days later @give my daughter has not gone really ready partorisca potty and has decided was was and try some time later in a future, is been the month took it of then and has wanted to give it another casualidad like this have decided the touch so many could begin again, when I plugged he in at all spends, likes I red some instructions again to do sure he well, left it there for an hour and still at all... As we never took for the use and now he no same work!!! I seat it likes me it has squandered my money!!!
4 / 5 By Melida
No spent unless calm loves you drive crazy. This clock there is usb for the touch, but you cant spent so only he in to dip your time. Any one has short press and a lot of press of time the key so only repeatedly until you drive mad you and box it behind up return it reason is like this stupid. If it can have the data have an accident of the z/of the zeros would have. I have wanted to so only he 30 minute in 7 amd final no with this crap
4 / 5 By Phyliss
This clock is awesome! My daughter potty has coached in his own when you are 3 (🤩 mine other 2 boys ANY that as it has been thrilled). But the year later she reverted. Incidents all day long. This is to go in for MONTH. As I have broken finally down and it take this clock. And we love it to knots! You love it a lot especially. We have it to the knots dipped to buzz each hour, and taking a lot on and goes every time. It touches to feel responsible and grown up. You spend it now for 2 days and the ZEROS HAVE AN ACCIDENT!!!!

I amour that a creator of a clock has done the video of instruction of the Youtube(together with the instructions written that comes with your container), reason a clock is so only and takes the curve of light learning. But with this 10 video of small, has had imagines is gone in any time.

Has like this characteristic that there is me overwhelmed at the beginning but has used him already everything. For example, you can dip the start and the end time each day for your timer... In this way it calms it does not require to dip your clock each morning and the turn was every night.
Also, has the calm alarm can dip. This characteristic will go in handy for my edges, those who stop any one wake on at night for gone potty. We are by train to leave Use he tonight with 2 alarms that buzz in some means of a night. It is excited like this to use it.
4 / 5 By Alleen
Was excited like this to have the potty clock. My boy of three years is on state and has gone with using a potty and has think that this could be the fun way to take to go all a time in his own. I have had to that look a video of Youtube/of Youtube for the dipped up. And it says that it touches his, but there is still to imagine was regarding the take to do easily. I have found a video of Youtube/of Youtube useful reason some directions were horrible!
4 / 5 By Josephina
was having the little setting of question but after looking the a short video is like this easy. I want that it vibrates like this any to disturb some boys in class in his school. It is his second clock and finds that ossia very better then a last a.
5 / 5 By Christy
This potty the clock are adds. Helped to plot with my edges potty formation, loves that! A setup was quite easy I near on an option of ready timer. Work in his own different all another potty show there. Has so many options, 100 value a prize, would pay more for him. It was to recommend my friends of mamma!
5 / 5 By Lindsey
My edges dip this in his pocket during nap and the accidentally dipped knots he in a washer and dryer and he still works. My edges really want to this that has to that the clock of big boy likes the mamma. When An alarm goes was likes that we are not him saying to go you potty. It creates and it says that “ it is mine potty time”. It was quite easy to program but has to that admit has been expecting to download an application to dip on alarms. Any calm application literally touches your way the programming. If your girl does not lose our immediately well value one $ 20.
5 / 5 By Tonya
I love this clock. My daughter thinks that that the timers have some class partorisca be able to like this this are adds. It was easy to dip up and a customizable alarms and sleeping the hours are of sound. Also it likes that it is the usb uploads in of the place of some owner uploads. The hard battery partorisca days. To good sure value of the money. No too strong neither. Perfecto partorisca we.
5 / 5 By Estella
Less than the week after a date of caducity of the turn and a sample have prisoner partorisca do. We take it to us they were partorisca my edges nap like the vibration would not wake on, and when it have been partorisca the dipped behind in a key of the house has not done anymore. We can not see a time, marks any adjustments to a clock, stop a timer or anything. A lot he same lights partorisca aim that it is touching anymore (as really a lot included know is touching ), like six that a question is more than a “key”.

Really Liked Me this clock previously to of the this spending, and to to my edges has liked him having the clock that can some paints in a screen and that there is the clock that has looked Mommy is. They are like this disappointed and can not reason buying the new a when now so only will ask me if it also die legislation after a date of the caducity of turn is up.
4 / 5 By Lauryn
This clock has been the memory adds partorisca my daughter. Quell'Pull was when he takes occupied like the memory so that we do not have to that concern roughly have accidents. Not to require it constantly like this when has the sound uses it, feels likes is not the hassle, but the fun memory! This really is the tool adds and agree for sound. The works add!
5 / 5 By Loria
A sample is the product adds. It is easy to dip up after looking a video of Youtube. My boy of 2 years loves it. We choose a notification of music and found the has not been súper strong likes another has described. It is also súper saver of battery, touch he weekly and every time so only takes roughly 30 minutes.
4 / 5 By Tommy
This clock is very useful, a characteristic of vibration is the must because a characteristic of his is not alway convenient to have on. A better part for my little an east that is the third party say to potty more than me!!
4 / 5 By Darcey
Looked the concept adds.. It is gone in, the multiple has tried usb chargers, computer, telephones to upload, anything has had... Any copper on anything
4 / 5 By Angeline
Terrible technology. An idea was utmost but was impossible to take some settings. Once calm hardly imagines was like this to take spent a code, turn partorisca line if it do not press long quite or no quite long. My husband and I am spent on 3 hours that tries hacerprpers work. With a tutorial video and some instructions written! If I have had still a packaging would be it returned. Has has had to that so only to the launch was. Useless
5 / 5 By Hai
Mina kiddo has loved a form and feel of this clock. Programming it was quite the intense work, but liked a way there is the start and time of final, which was different of one has tried before this clock. Unfortunately, it takes to do after the week, doing it entirely useless.
5 / 5 By Desmond
Has to that maintain clue of him! Of precise be touched each few days owe that be on BUT master a bit characteristic and help me agree to ask like this I daycare, forgets to ask sometime like some the multiple alarms maintain everything in clues. It looks resembled a Fitbit I wear like my edges feels special with his clock. Amur This!
5 / 5 By Ona
The product adds down supervision for potty formation. It was able to easily program after looking a video of instruction. Mina 2 old year has loved that and has had any accident while using it. The subject only is a band . Wow A band is supposed to remain in a boy and be hard to leave imagines was immediately. I have had a fear of sounds to lose he his first day of pupil. It has been he advances and has sent he with his anyways, the lose and directs to extend out of a band as it no longer resists a timer. I can contact a company and sees can take the new band and then maintain he in home instead. Still the good product but could use Some transmissions of pair
5 / 5 By Lonnie
Súper buggy Interface. Constante phantom the entrances he almost impossible to dip/program. Probably so only we take the lemon but I am returned he for the repayment. Any value a hassle. A kiddo has dipped order potty coaching inner two weeks to try and that returns a clock anyways.
4 / 5 By Nancie
Has had a potty shows for 2 weeks and is working prisoner. I have tried touching it and the looks totally have died. Any sure that is to spend the the.
The law adds before it die. My daughter has answered well to some alarms.
If a company rectifies a situation will update my description.

This awesome the touch undertaken gone in with me and has offered the substitution in any ours is cost. They have launched included in the extras of pair. The company adds with the service of client adds.
Highly recommend
5 / 5 By Alverta
My daughter is so only state using he for the few days but has been in amazing! It refuses to use a bath when we would try to take partorisca go but of that take this clock, she he everything in his own when a music of games of the clock. Also I love a fact that there is the lock of girl in the so much can any disorder with some settings. Really the desire would have bought this more collected! :) I just hope hard by means of potty formation. You update if anything changes.
4 / 5 By Cristy
All look like this very this in spite of was in this clock, down to a lock to signal to maintain girls to touch some settings. This thing there has been so many qualities add his and has had big expects that this would help to excite my boy in potty formation. Unfortunately for me, I took more with a longitude of the place on top of that some time spends in the wrist of my daughter. It suggest the different clasp for a wristband that would prevent a boy of the take was.
5 / 5 By Marquis
A neighbour arrive and the instructions have not been comprised has to that way that has had to that find video of Youtube. After all it was a lot. Used the different mark with my now seven old has loved that and work. Trying this and took it so only and my four old year is not quell'having. A band and the sample this in spite of is excellent quality .
5 / 5 By Cayla
This clock has been I adds like this far. It is quell'has bitten delicate to dip up. But with some instructions was a lot. It alerts any time youd likes with the good song or the vibration. . It has been amused and usefull to coach.
4 / 5 By Ciara
Loves a clock and qualified to dip up for my daughter. It is deaf and having the clock that has vibrated was extremely of entity for knots!

The subject only was a one receives is unable to touch and therefore it has to that expect on substitution. It goes in with the service of client is gone in and further to maintain satisfied! Down waiting for to receive a clock and giving it another has shot!
5 / 5 By Quentin
This potty the clock is surprising! Access perfectly and comfortably in mine 3 year olds the wrist and an alarm is not strong or annoying. My daughter is excited like this every time goes era. One of some characteristic better is that a boy can not change some settings--and a fact that the one of fact shows a time is like this good. It dips up it was very easy thanks to the video a company has done to follow together with. The to plot to research first to decide in this clock and like this happy has done.
4 / 5 By Claude
Has not been that adds. Calm has to it touch each few days but dies has to that reset ALL 🙄 A STRAP is odd also. And it is too big for mine 2.5 I edges. Any impressed 😔
5 / 5 By Rosana
is pleasant and the works well takes touched via plugging he in yours USB of port of the desires of the computer is to regulate upload. It is not an easy plus to dip on this in spite of work.
4 / 5 By Lazaro
A lot disappointed in a clock. Any only is one dipping that it confuses but also a clock inrecieved has a subject with a sensibility of a screen and doesnt not answering to mandates. A lot unbalanced.
4 / 5 By Duncan
My daughter any one has included the door and he freaked my dog was so much. Now it has included it is under the couch or something the god so only knows where but is not in the loser.
4 / 5 By Carola
My edges has loved this potty clock. It was happy to use it. I have wanted that once it was dipped on me does not have has had to that concern roughly he anymore. A battery easily last 5 days with having 9 alarms dipped to vibrate. Load in of the minutes.
5 / 5 By Cheryll
Has bought this clock like the fresh memory to go potty for my daughter; this in spite of did not like. It spends it once it has then taken was and refused to dip it behind on. I mean it is quite bulky. A description the mine resembled likes to of him would look good in the toddler. This in spite of, a screen there is taken on his wrist and a strap is quell'has bitten long and bent on a band. This he really bulky. A video has helped to good sure dipped the up.
5 / 5 By Elwanda
This fact for the days of pair until it was not dipped in the USB to touch and he have died. Plugged He in and now any discharges. Total bummer :( Taken the too prompt for my daughter to use and had been taking it to... So much, it is spent a time to return before we use.
5 / 5 By Dillon
Has not been surprised when it can not program. I am not a lot well with electronic. But, when his computer savvy the dad has failed has known this was the waste of money.
4 / 5 By Cherri
Does not leave never descriptions. But this thing is sum . It was easy to dip on - I has looked a video. It is a lot the friendly user.
5 / 5 By Kendal
Ossia An incredible product . Looks Really fresh likes some boys are happy of the spend and he all want to in a potty shows of formation and more. It calms that can have beep each meso-now or more, or can dip your own 16 alarms to coincide with the schedule of a boy in pupil. It is absolutely perfect in this way. And it vibrates like this the person knows in a memory except a boy. Absolutely it loves this produces
4 / 5 By Graig
has bought this for my niece & was excited extremely for the spend now Spends It all a time & does not take It era . Thanks to this clock is excited to go potty & in fact goes ! It is been the fight for my sister until this . A clock is perfect measure for the wrist of girls & some sounds are not too many strong like this was when we are was is not obnoxious is the quite a lot of like this happy melody with this compraventa
4 / 5 By Fatima
has touched a clock when it avenges after a first day he no recharge anymore. Lasted so only 24 hours. Turned on when I dipped it one load but will not touch just stays in 0 battery. I have tried several outlets and several chargers.

Top Customer Reviews: Updated Version ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5 By Irvin
This was a second show has spent of this mark, law partorisca my boy of 3 years and daughter of 1.5 years. Highly it suggests that the parents use this suitable clock partorisca when partorisca take your creature to a bath. Here it is some pros and gilipollas has written helps it better elections:

Pros: has multiple timer, has to turn on he in a start of the each day but calm then need the reset he every time.
Really waterproof, m boy of 3 years has not taken never was while washing his hands, and he still works.
A lot of sturdy, better quality that another mark
Easy to read instructions and dip a clock
My boy wants that it looks the clock and no the potty toy, this has done not being like this embarrassed when beeps while it remains in pupil

Gilipollas: Any music, so only beeps
With 24 military times, could not be change to 12 format of now, Any gain to learn time for one the majority of creatures.
In general, ossia the clock adds still potty formation, was perfect to buy for new mommies and dad
4 / 5 By Bibi
Hands down a thing has better found like this far!
Ours our edges young plus is 3 that goes in 4 the month. You are 100 potty coached for month and then BAM! It has decided so only it do not go gone anymore. Like Parents of 3 other boys that tries to agree that precise goes potty was the joke and more time when we adapt was the battle . I have seen this clock announced and has thought would give it to us try it. It is literally be the lifesaver. Mina 3 old year follows directions of the better clock that he me, haha! We are the week in and for a first time IN MONTH is remained dry!
Can not say this will do for each boy but all more fails, one $ 20 investment costs a risk in my opinion.
4 / 5 By Elenore
Potty Formation 2.5 yr old. Dipping the timer rule was well in home, but when it was was hard to maintain clue. It wins something small, waterproof, & easy. It dips up it was the small confusing to start with, but is easy once take a hangs of him. AMUR That can dip you to many times that dips 30, 40, 50 min. An alarm has been updated and has music that play for 15 second as well as up to date format partorisca 12hr vs 24. I access my little wrist of good daughters. Also it likes that of calm can turn it is gone in reset of day & of the end for next day. Although I forget, takings dipped the one who the intervals yes goes was to avert wake the boy up forgets . I LOVE THIS CLOCK!!
4 / 5 By Hana
Originally has bought a Potty Shows, and some batteries am lasted the week with the 1 car of alarms of now of reset. A clock there is broken to change some batteries. This clock is far upper in quality and has more options to to customise an alarm of reset of the car. Highly it recommends this clock partorisca potty formation and/or the clock of boys to take medications.
4 / 5 By Willy
Has bought other clocks but calm tin very put more than 3 alarms. We require something to go of each hour while we do by means of our daughters urological subjects. Ossia Perfect! Calm dipped quell'each one which are so that never a lot of alarms require thus day. It can touch any key partorisca take a beeping, which are adds for pupil.
5 / 5 By Zita
Buy this clock for my daughter that struggled with knowing when to go
potty without us say. It loves this clock because independently it can go to a bath. It take a nagging of us out of an equation for his, and has done adds. It is not anything elegant - just the clock with the beeping timer. But some things like them roughly is look of the normal clock, can be put to go of multiple time the day to finalise in bedtime, and is not bulky. Some two things would change is: 1) a band of a clock, and 2) an inability to have he in 12 format of now. An old school band is not easy for our girl of 3 years to dip on she. Also it is the little big for my daughters tiny wrist. The desire there is the way to change out of a band there is wanted .
5 / 5 By Zelma
Our 4-1/2 yr the old edges was potty coached in 18 month, as I have not thought would require the potty reinforcement to arrive to this point. This in spite of, the busy 4I the one who does not want to lose the thing apparently quite pee his trousers that loses was in material with his friends in of the school .... Ugh! As I have found this concept and bed to plot of descriptions before have pulled one causes in this CONCRETE CLOCK. There is enough the little there but reason is one?

I estacas am gone in of the terms to be water more resistant , those imports so it loves game of water. And test to time like this far is resisted on adds the activities of daily water. (Not swimming of course)

The hips has an auditory signal in place of the buzz/vibration he and other adults could lose. A fast song is the good memory for him, no like this strong that is disruptive in class, but enough that his look of his professors to do sure uses a bath. Same house. And I am quite sure is like this Pavlov dog in a sense that the two times has gone was and has not been to approach the bath and he kinda peed his trousers to listen a song goes era ... Oops.

An option to choose a time are adds. I have dipped it to go of each hour and the half for him and can do it then of the minutes or five hours. It is customizable and ossia perfect.

A neighbour up is the small confusing but once calms he and follow some instructions, is súper simple to dip and the turn was. I need to turn it it was unless calm wants to go it was all prejudices it like this sure mark to no for the leave seating in his chamber!!

Our edges there have been the ZEROS HAVE AN ACCIDENT in of the pupils of then spending east. Some professors have had positive feedback also, that sustains that it is not interfering with some other girls is not disruptive to a class at all. It is quite discreet and feels better roughly he better applying clean hygiene!
4 / 5 By Elda
Liked that of this clock has not looked it potty shows, so only normal. Arrived and looked well and did not import it was so only in military time. But some keys no . So many, a clock is entirely useless. Returning today.
4 / 5 By Candra
My edges has loved this clock. I want that it calms that can dip to those that small among an alarm, and that time goes was for a day. I thought it that it was to annoy to have that dipped the every day but has memory that had dipped and calm so only need the restart. I have regulated he for the pocolos small each day to take regulated to the longest periods and longer goes in.
Do the game and would run to a bath every time goes was, loves to beat mamma. There is
STRONGLY recommend this clock.
4 / 5 By Stephane
Pleasant potty clock. Mina 6 old year was having the question that attractive out of his work in colegiala and pee his trousers so only roughly every day. We use a clock for roughly 3 weeks and she have begun to go in his own again. We dipped it to knots to go of each hour and the half. You are not embarrassed for the spend of then is pleasant. Some boys in his class has known no that a song was for His still gone potty. Now that the has not been the spending and so only touching with pauses. It does not think it would have use it to him a right way this in spite of.

Update: this company is surprising, has achieved was and has substituted my clock of daughters for me. We send me to knots the good email that asks in a clock and I left knows it has broken. They have sent the code for release it a. I have paid to ship that it was a lot he still side less than the substitute.
4 / 5 By Marica
Potty Formation 2.5 yr old. Dipping the timer rule was well in home, but when it was was hard to maintain clue. It wins something small, waterproof, & easy. It dips up it was the small confusing partorisca begin, but is easy once take a hangs of him. AMUR That can dip you to many times that dips 30, 40, 50 min. An alarm has been updated and has music that play partorisca 15 second as well as up to date format partorisca 12hr vs 24. I access my little wrist of good daughters. Also it likes that of calm can turn it is gone in reset of day & of the end partorisca next day. Although I forget, takings dipped the one who the intervals yes goes was partorisca avert wake the boy up forgets . I LOVE THIS CLOCK!!
4 / 5 By Versie
Originally has bought a Potty Shows, and some batteries am lasted the week with the 1 car of alarms of now of reset. A clock has broken partorisca change some batteries. This clock is far upper in quality and has more options to partorisca customise an alarm of reset of the car. Highly it recommends this clock partorisca potty formation and/or the clock of boys partorisca take medications.
5 / 5 By Darnell
Has bought other clocks but calm tin very put more than 3 alarms. We require something partorisca go of the each hour while we do by means of our daughters urological subjects. Ossia Perfect! Calm dipped quell'each one which are so that never a lot of alarms require partorisca this day. It can touch any key partorisca take a beeping, which are add partorisca pupil.
5 / 5 By Abraham
Buy this clock partorisca my daughter that struggled with knowing when partorisca go
potty without us say. You want this clock because independently it can go to a bath. It take a nagging of us out of an equation partorisca his, and has done adds. It is not anything elegant - just the clock with the beeping timer. But some things like them roughly is look of the normal clock, can be put partorisca go of multiple time the day partorisca finalise in bedtime, and is not bulky. Some two things would change is: 1) a band of a clock, and 2) an inability partorisca have he in 12 format of now. An old school band is not easy partorisca ours girl of 3 years partorisca dip on she. Also it is the little big partorisca my daughters tiny wrist. The desire there is the way to change out of a band there is wanted .
4 / 5 By Mi
My husband and I had tried so only roughly everything to potty coaches our 3 old year. It have looked in potty clocks twice before, this in spite of, has had so many mixed descriptions in EACH CLOCK had seen.

See to plot of people on here commenting in those difficult is/ was to dip, is not difficult at all when some directions are works and has followed! It has dipped he for each 15 minutes- and calm can dip he for the repeat (without king-the doing every time goes was) until 48 times creates. We that to knots the fun game to go run and chair in a potty every time and my daughter has loved that!
5 / 5 By Sharen
My almost 4 year would struggle everytime has asked gone potty. Always it say I do not require to go, but would wet . But now felizmente goes reason his clock has said that it is time . I have been consistently using he for 2 weeks and no an accident. Sometimes still it goes potty before he chimes. I wish a sample there has been the series of keys that a mamma could press concealed the chime while we have wanted to this in spite of. It like yes calm to know it chime in 15 minutes but is taking to a car now and calm require them to try for gone potty. Some the stubborn boys could does not want to try. I love a characteristic that it can you take a timer when you want to. And they continue has restarts once.

I amour this clock!
5 / 5 By Honey
To to my daughter really like having to that his own clock. This in spite of, a band is exited where connects to a clock, in some pins, inner some premiers few days of the spend. Dipped to knots behind on, but some nails no longer would resist a band of wrist on for more than pocolos small. It do not take any a lot of movement for him to fall off again (does not try for the take was. So only it fall off on it is adapted when you move his arm). In the same tried súper paste some pins to a band to any avail. They are really disappointed for a poor creation. For one, an also big sale for the girl. It have to that spend a band in a last notch, which dips too much tension in some pins to hold. ( It is the boy is for the reason a band of big wrist?) You easily launches by means of a plastic clock casing. Once undressed, some nails no longer will resist a sample on for longitude. A clock would owe that last at least the year, but this one is lasted so only the few days. Appearances for this clock to be something my daughter could continue use like this the clock was potty has coached. I want that it looks the regular clock and maintains time (can choose 12 hr clock or time milite). It is like this happy to have the clock like his older siblings, and that the pride has helped his with that wants to use a clock like him potty memory. Using it a lot another way (dipping in his pocket, or spending like the necklace) is not going has a same effect. In everything, am feeling deceived out of my money in this comic of bad clock.
4 / 5 By Delphia
This clock was ours two weeks . It have been an only thing to help my stay of dry daughter until suddenly it takes to do. A music has not gone too strong and easy to silence. It was the good access and taste that of him the time has said also. My daughter has loved his clock. The instructions were quite easy to follow. It likes that of some silences to alarm once all a preset the timers have finalised. It has dipped a sample a morning, with which pupil my daughter said he never row, when you look in him a constantly blinked exposure (I assumes a time a clock there is prendido working) and does not answer in any key I push. Similarly a vendor has not answered to the mine email. I will be to contact Amazon for the repayment.
4 / 5 By Jamey
This one was hard to revise. I imagined it it was like this partorisca dip a clock and timer quite easily by means of the test and the error and my daughter can reset a timer she during a day in 7. This in spite of a recognition to a beach and any paste to water a clock and he have prisoner to do for 2 weeks. It looks a his taken sand and then was necessary has done was and begins to do again randomly. The keys are still sticky of the sand but work a lot enough.

In short: no the terrible economic clock for the boy but can not manage sand and if it can not manage the sand and I would not recommend the taking next water after an experience of sand.
4 / 5 By Jana
Ped Recommends this ours. DD Was in that has it alot of fun that touches that the does not take to go to a bath. The resulted in a lot of incidents. I did not think it face. But expensive.
5 / 5 By Blanca
Takes this clock. It is awesome. My daughter is potty coached but when it go to the school takes distracted with fun and try the resist. A clock goes was and proudly goes to a potty. Every day when I choose on celebrating dry trousers. Highly it suggests this clock. It is awesome and value of the money.
5 / 5 By Ericka
Has bought a clock for my daughter to hell with potty formation, has done asks . You are able to dip time during a day and turn them was at night time. Once some career of timers was calm always can add more.

Take the bit of messing around with to imagine it was, some instructions are the swipe confusing in some parts but with which take a hangs of him, is work .

An alarm is quite strong to be listened of an adjacent room but any to a point where would disturb it any, can press any key and he prenderán an alarm.

Has had a clock for the pair of the months and I honradamente can say was the add compraventa, highly recommend.
4 / 5 By Maudie
My daughter loves his potty clock! When it Hears a song of the timer immediately knows is potty time! A timer is easy to dip intervals like frequent and while precise. You can also beginning and take a timer. We direct a timer was during nap time and turn it behind on afterwards. Any to mention, is not so only he potty timer, but servants like clockwork real that pode with his. With him when being digital, also take to do in our numbers.
5 / 5 By Vernita
My description is not based in my boy that use a bath, although it does for my daughter. A system to alarm any one works for your girl or no. Ossia so only the basic clock with an alarm. It is easy to turn in the each morning and is durable. My daughter has paste he, bathed in him, fell it and anything more the 3 old year can do and has on resisted amiably. Also it likes that for real it is toddlers of clock. It can presionar up in his little wrist amiably and is not bulky. A shows adds for Littles.
5 / 5 By Tawanda
Looks to do a work to adapt my boy to go to a bath. A bit I last to imagine was regarding the dipped up at the beginning. The wrist has not DRAWN for small boys in alcohols. My boy is almost 6 and a clock is hige in his in a tighest hole. We have had to paste to extra holes. Otherwise Does not want free steps.
5 / 5 By Albertine
My daughter the hated. Hardly @it give to say when it have to that potty, master at all to do with him and has tried his hard plus of the appeal was.

Has finalised so only leaving sound in just undies. After the pocolos incidents, @give any one liked a feeling, and has begun to use a potty. It is been 2 days of any accident that use this method, and is 2 in 1 week.
4 / 5 By Dion
Ossia A better for far... Highly recommended, begun in 10 min, then 15, my granddaughter is 2years 4 months and thanks to this clock very few accidents. Sometime it say that his clock expects the minute but he beeps in his east to plot Less the annoying his that all the world-wide ask has to that go potty!!!! It can not speak behind yours show the lol or try to the sweet speaks it like this to touch with his toys and continuous in a potty
5 / 5 By Ethyl
Ossia very attractive and ascended for mine potty daughter of formation. Immediately it considers to dip the on and leaving me dipped a timer for his to go potty in his own. It likes that it aims to time also like the clock of big daughter. It is simple creation , wear of consolation and very easy to use. A a manual of page is good and easy to comprise.
5 / 5 By Anita
Still I have not been able to felizmente dipped a timer. It has loved the place to 30 intervals of minute to esmente' my granddaughter to go to a bath, but has not been achieved in the dipped correctly. The instructions would owe that be clearer, i.et. - To dip a timer to alarm each 30 minutes, key to press One, while in resistant key B to dip to 30 minutes, to the to Something likes concealed... Any suggestions?
4 / 5 By Sarai
If takings to to the the stubborn boy likes him the mine so only will take a sample was... You are excited to like two days and then was on that. I have maintained to find the hid behind and low things. To good sure any value he unless it love chair for your boy all day to do sure does not take it was or that no only is there while it calms does not listen it so that it does not have to that go !
4 / 5 By Maribeth
Has tried all and has the few successful weeks and then relapse. I have been said in a potty looks the pair of time and finally decided to try one. It is entirely he validates he!!! Literally of a first day spends it, there is has had so only an accident. You grieve an alarm goes was, is mad about and says his clock says that it is time for gone potty and careers to a bath! An only accident is had in a past few weeks was when in the could not take to a bath quickly enough. This little clock is the transmission of life ! Taken all a negativity out of potty formation!
4 / 5 By Jacquiline
My daughter loves this clock! It has been the help adds for his and also so that it agrees what time went it of then he hard has been potty. Memories of needs of the parents also. We begin it go with a timer in the each one 20 min and now we each one that 45 calm min. once volume by means of an initial imagining was regarding the dipped, is very simple to use. It looks to be that it resists until all a hand that has washed also, which with the 3 old year means a sample takes enough the bit to water on that.
5 / 5 By Brenton
There is wanted totally this clock for some premiers three days had it to us. Mina 2I looked to break a clock entirely a fourth day. Frustrating sure BUT slowly on buying the second a. Hopefully Remains near better. BTW.... Ours has touched the song when an alarm has been he was has there has been 12hr setting and could dip he until 48 times to go is gone in any time increments elected!
5 / 5 By Calvin
While I use this to motivate my almost 3-old year to take more interested in potty formation. Pleasant little produced, very intuitive to dip up and appeal to boys been due to a brilliant colour and beeps. Among the very small box of present and could do the good meso stuffer for the 2-3 year.
4 / 5 By Gertie
Has bought this to do potty coaching easier, and was a compraventa better never! A memory adds for mine toddler as well as I. The desire has bought he month!!
5 / 5 By Alice
Has come punctually, in good been.
Is to come touched and that is supposed to. It is necessary to read some instructions to dip and operate a clock.

Very Partorisca potty formation, but possibly partorisca ADHD redirection also.

6m has guaranteeed limited
4 / 5 By Tamera
This clock is very pertinent for toddlers. A time and the programming is easy to dip and transmission. An exposure is easy to read and has the rear light when required for the half means darker. The instructions are clear and effective. Pleasant pink colour for daughters.
4 / 5 By Gianna
Has taken this clock for my granddaughter of two years to assist with potty formation because it can not agree to go to a restroom. It is excited like this to dip it on and regulate to return his small wrist. An alarm can go was until 48 times the day. I will update my description when we can determine that it achieves is.
4 / 5 By Kenneth
My toddlers amour this clock, has bought a partorisca mine 3 old year and need to buy another partorisca my cause of 1 fight of year on that. . It is easy to dip and use. The only aversion is these keys is to hard partorisca a littles partorisca do lights like this has to that maintain pressing he partorisca they. Life of mamma.
4 / 5 By Malena
Highly would recommend this partorisca toddlers ossia having the difficulty that takes to a routine to go to a 3 old year listens his clock goes was and immediately so that it is doing partorisca go to one thinks seats more independent and manager not requiring objective partorisca his parents.
5 / 5 By Karine
This are adds. My daughter to good sure had improved of then taking it. It is not the cure all this in spite of as not to expect it to. And it is quite easy for them to take was and for this misplace.
5 / 5 By Yan
Difficult to dip on, but do really a lot once the imagine was! Has the special needs adoptive boy the one who is 6 and no potty coached and this clock has been key in teaching like this to use a bath!
5 / 5 By Rodolfo
This potty the sample can be dipped to any desire of frequency! 30 minutes, 1 now, 47 desire of minutes !
Has to that choose a quantity of calm time loves it the coverage. 10 times the day each hour or 20 times the day each one that 30 minutes.
Need to be reset each morning but that really the helps of you have the toddler that doesnt create a same time each morning!
4 / 5 By Kip
The work adds! It has helped really our daughter! My only complaint would be that you habe for the dipped each morning! I do not last to do so only annoying.
5 / 5 By Ok
Using this for mine 4yr old with Autism. I need to listen the timer for gone potty. Maintained has to that dip one. This the like this easy fact. The place for hours to go was when or loves that. The daughter loves it. Any one the strong and takes his attention.
5 / 5 By Shondra
Likes that a clock looks the regular sample in place of shaped like the potty. An only downside is has to that dip a timer again every time goes era.
5 / 5 By Anastasia
My daughter of 6 years takes like this wrapped on some touches sometimes forgets to use a potty and has accidents. I have bought this clock to help with a question. Love a colour and a pleasant little song when an alarm goes era. It likes that I can dip of multiple alarms to help was all day. It was quite easy to dip up. I have been using he for the few weeks now and he easier for my daughter to agree for gone potty.
4 / 5 By Delilah
My daughter has loved that! It seats like the big daughter with a clock and therefore it has had to go potty like me one. Happy to say has done the plot of progress!! The only thing is a sample has taken bit it dirty of sounds to touch external and no clean well. Servant is purpose although
4 / 5 By Reggie
It is the little has bitten difficult to dip on, but is very durable and add. I wish the does not have to that dip the on the each day this in spite of. My daughter loves it.
4 / 5 By Elvia
This was the súper useful timer that was able to use for my boy of four years as well as my boy of two years to help with potty formation. It was durable, splash test, and easy to use.
4 / 5 By Angelika
This was the help adds in potty formation. My granddaughter has has wanted to having his own “clock”.
5 / 5 By Sam
I produced looks well, so only toddler has had any interest in him
5 / 5 By Yulanda
My daughter is potty coached but had been having accidents in of the school like this has adapted to use a restroom when it take the little too past was playin. Utmost help
4 / 5 By Mindi
are 30 and has had the very hard time that imagines was like this to use this clock does not concern for him . . . He no beep or a lot of class of noise at all . . . .All the account down then restarts automatically . .. .Any well for the 3 yr old
5 / 5 By Soila
My granddaughter of 2.5 years loves it and his help with potty formation
4 / 5 By Merle
This is surprising still potty formation! You can customise some frequencies of alarm and is fully functional like the regular clock.
5 / 5 By Alica
Is pleasant little clock. So only wish a time was little has bitten stronger

Top Customer Reviews: Kidnovations ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
4 / 5 By Hailey
AMUR This clock. The fresh looks, the chair adds (according to my boy) and does his work simply and fantastically.

Ours the daughter is potty coached, but has a @@subject that he sometimes the difficult fact partorisca his to physically remark when it is now of goes potty before it is too late. Besides, has a worse FOMO, as it does not love never takes touch with friends partorisca go to a bath. When in fact it feels the faint physical impulse partorisca go, often ignores it. For you contrast, a vibration in this clock is STRONG and hard partorisca 30 second—finally the signal can not ignore! Any subject where is or that is doing, partorisca every time he “buzzes” (as it call ) and goes directly to a bath. Of then it touches with and it takes classes with the plot of the oldest girls—5, 6, and 7 year olds—is also of entity partorisca remark that a potty the notification of vibration is discreet, and does not have any mark or focus in a clock that the frames looks the potty tool of formation. To all the world-wide more, these only looks the súper fresh clock.

A week with this clock has changed our lives. One has an accident stress related in our house has gone was, and is finally able to give our girl an independence deserves.

Service of client of Kidnovations is also be quickly and useful; I sent him the question and they have answered immediately. A lot useful.

Highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Barbra
Was at the end of my talent. My boy and I were having fights around potty the daily time, and was on loan to give up and leave his university gone in in diapers. I have purchased this clock while it leaves that my daughter has more independence and authorship partorisca recognise his need to go. This clock a trick. Here it is some of some the majority of points of entities partorisca know in a clock:

1. Some people have said that some instructions were hard to follow, but was a lot. It has had symbols that is used, but is not excessive.
2. There is vibrate it and the setting of sound! I have it on vibrate, and is perfect. It flashes “partorisca Go to go” when an alarm goes era.
3. It says time and gives the account behind until a next alarm.
4. I need to turn of an alarm before read manually.
5. It is resisted until the hand of my daughter that washed like this far.
5 / 5 By Glenn
Left in the first place say, LOVE this clock!!! I have bought he partorisca my edges of 5 years and loves it too much! It is excited like this and could not believe does the esmartwatch', his words, any mine!! I bought it reason he the nursery headed so only, expected too long to go to a bath and then partially wetting in his way to a bath. I have wanted to find some way to help agrees to go to a bath without embarrassing the in pupil, for this THIS CLOCK. I want that I can dip a clock to vibrate way and so only knows when his timer was was. It looks the clock of big boy, as all his friends think his really fresh. A lot they was knows is the potty clock. It is well that automatically it restarts a timer on and on until management a timer has spent of way of program. This means that I can dip it and the forget and also that his professor does not have to that fuss with him. A lot still it has to that it take it was to wash his hands because it is resistant water , like an only reason for the take was would be to sleep or load. We take roughly 3.5 days, sometimes more, in a tone.

While has not having prendido entirely having accidents, has gone of 3-4 the day down to 1 the day, and sometimes any one. So much, I seat that it is in his way behind to have any accident. Now, with this be has said, there is the few things would owe that know.

1. While a face of a clock is good and thin, is quell'has bitten wider that expected it be, included in the 5 old year. It say that it is main that the face of clock of the women, but no quite like this big like the men is.

2. Inside a first day of the spend, a face has begun to burst out of a band of silicon. I have contacted a vendor, the one who has answered immediately. It suggests súper gluing the to resist he in place and yes concealed has not done, or yes so only does not love , offered to expedite the new a mine immediately. Well a glue has done adds and the new a has not been necessary.

3. While a lot they say that it is complicated, if you have read some directions attentively, will find that it is quite easy. A screen is the screen to touch and has the tap and system to program of the control. You touch a screen and with each tap takes to the new screen (Time, Force of Battery, the timer has Put, and His). If a timer is turned on then is (Timer, Time, Force of Battery, the timer has Put, and His). Calm once achieve a screen loves program, calm simply resists your toe in a screen for the second until it changes to program way. Calm then the tones to spend for some options to dip. Calm once see an option loves, calm simply resists your toe on he again for the select and transmission behind out way of program. Then attended for a screen to go was and he again, loves to change another setting.

4. While I want to it vibrates way, your little one has to that be committed to listen his in his own reason the casualidad is will not listen it . For littler some, would recommend to use a way of song, so that calm also will listen it and can aim him to go.

5. Reason has the screen to touch, has has occasion where a timer has taken accidentally has turned was. This is to spend two times in 2 weeks.

6. With which some premiers few days to spend, my edges has begun to complain that it do not want to spend reason was uncomfortable. I have tried any when dipping on like this snuggly, and is been well with him of then.

Wanted to you so only do conscious of some of some things have not known before I have bought this clock, but any of these is reason enough for me to no for the recommend . Still it thinks that it is the add and would buy it again! Some profits far outweigh a gilipollas. Good regime!!

UPDATE Inside several weeks, our potty the leaves of clock to do. Law well when I plugged he in a night and has not done when the unplugged a next morning. A screen so only would not come on at all. I have contacted a vendor immediately. I said that the does not have to that leave plugged in at night. So only it takes 30-60 minutes to fully of cariche. (Of entirely died, the mine takes roughly 60 minutes in the regular upload and 25 in the fast upload). I sent immediately the clock of free substitution of load and has comprised the good handwritten note that give his number of personal cell, has required in chance perhaps anything ' will cure of you!'. I have done as it say with a new clock and has had any question. So only it covers he in each 3 days or like this, and has dipped the timer so that memory for the take was one load. Highly you recommend this vendor. His service of client he wonderful and a product are adds also!!!
4 / 5 By Ulrike
My woman and I have struggled that teachs my edges of 4 years to the equal that to be the basin has coached. Our first pair of boys was quite easy to coach, but with him is a uphill battles. Have Already four years and could not read his organism cues according to which when to go to a bath and constantly would have accidents. Taking quite embarrassing for him when it was in pupil and has had to that change his cloths once or two times the day. A fact that there is ADHD has done so only the worse things.

Like the last endeavour of solves before dip behind the pullups still colegiala, based in a joint of the doctor, bought it potty clock. It take the moment to read some descriptions of some different types, and has helped to good sure that this one has offered the 60 money of day has retreated guaranteeed.

Take a clock and was very excited to finally have the 'big boy'' sample, and has dipped some alarm immediately. My husband and I was surprised extremely to see that it always touches a touchscreen to see how long is remained for an account behind and then run to a bath when a music has touched. After a first day, no the control like this often but grieve a music has touched, be in the poster gone potty!! Like this far, for the boy that has had the pair of house of incidents and look it besides in colegiala, some accidents are quite a lot existent. In leaves of pupil some professors know that it is doing and have an alarm dipped like the vibration how is discreet, but quite strong that does not lose it . To good sure recommend it and will use it like this of the presents!
5 / 5 By Karmen
First what--- He volume this , there is the sensor in a face of a clock, to click by means of some options to program, has to touch concealed is located in a face, afterwards to one of some bands of clock ( can be able to see a tiny little circle). If this information was in a manual of instructions, did not see it... It was by means of the plot of frustration and use that has imagined finally this was. I create a reasoning for behind a difficulty is to minimise some casualidades of a boy accidentally reprogramming some alarms/of clock. If this information was better documented in some instructions, or a process has improved, was fantastic. A so only another subject/of improvement is that it has to that reprogram one looks to touch. I am not totally sure I owe every time with which recharging the, or yes is so only when a clock dies and then I recharge the... A past little times a clock has died before I took it to one load, and a lot totally agree yes has has had to that reprogram after the basic touching.
Has tried the little different potty clocks, but this one is absolutely my preferred! One first what there is remarked was that light and slender is! My small to to one has liked him to him a big boy feels to spend the clock, but think that it was uncomfortable; that directs a bit one for the take was frequently (and finally losing he). When One would take it to Him was, was then useless.
4 / 5 By Jolene
My edges is five years old and has Disorder of Spectre of the Autism (ASD). It is not unusual for potty formation to be the big challenge. Methods that read for typical boys (bribery, candy, in that leave 'feel wet', etc.) has not done.
My edges has has wanted to one looks it hardly the take. It is a lot literal, and likes a structure a clock resupplies. We remark the dry periods longer while attractive ups, and some accidents there is was had to mainly to any one in that has accesses to the bath quickly quite while out of a house. We have changed in the regular underwears (again) with which fails with methods of traditional formation in a past. With this clock, has had first our day of any accident! Ossia The big accomplishment for us! Included my edges ABA the therapist is recommending a clock to other families.
Look a video of Youtube. It dips on easy and understandable. Calm once take a hangs of him, is the breeze . It heads to it we was at night and reset he in a morning. Sure this could be improved, but is not to treat it big in a big diagram of things.
Besides, the service of client of a vendor has not beaten can be! They answer promptly the questions or of the worries and is súper useful.
4 / 5 By Elana
Ossia A pleasant more darn what never! My pocolos some like this good-looking looks with his little accessory! At the beginning the HATE! Trying estirarprpers was and taking ticked reason any skirt . Finally it take used his. It loves a pocola tune done. This has helped so much to take to potty in a basin. An alarm in mine telephone so only any he . Having his own alarm for some reason so only does better for him. It is súper pleasant and súper comfortable. I touch it anytime it is napping or sleeping. While it is touching, it does not go of 30 minutes, and ossia like this convenient so that I do not owe that the turn was and on every time is sleeping then up. Some instructions am not too confusing, but to good sure maintain this booklet around in chance perhaps calms does not need never change the setting.
5 / 5 By Samuel
My daughter was stoked when I have said to take the clock like Mommy!
Dipped quell'on in a morning while still law and she immediately said 'I big boy! Underwears! Underwears! And come from to dance until an alarm has been pocolos small later. ( I began it roughly 20 minutes before I have been to take he so that it takes to try immediately!) Felizmente Go potty. We use it to us the few times and she have lived every time.
Excepts is not waterproof. Look Attentively for the defect: A screen was lifting was and water the interior taken and some numbers have begun flickering and spazzing.
Needless To say is expecting of our clock of substitution. I am giving this mark another has shot to see was the scarce defect .

Modification: that updates bc a look of new clock adds. Still they are when being cautious in which waters that takes, but like this far is doing well.
The daughter has launched the tantrum when a clock has had to that exit for bed. Perhaps say your girl for advanced plans to take it was. Perhaps I will change the timer was or to 120 min the vibration and she can take at night potty coached now that is taking the bed of big boy. ?!

The daughter is 26 month and was dulcemente state coaching his time suitable for 6 month. Finally spending undies while awake and house. Doing with this clock to take undies out of a house also!
5 / 5 By Carmina
My boy was potty coached but has then begun having frequent accidents again. I have tried it stirs it of the different motivational methods and at all has done. I have decided to buy this clock out of desperation to see helps . My daughter loves quell'so that it is that it spends the clock of big daughter. It is the little complicated to setup but after reading by means of some instructions are not that bad. It likes like this it gives of different options so that often to dip some intervals of the alarm and that can choose you music or vibration. Like this far it is been doing and my careers of daughter to a bath every time he coverages, hopefully a motivation will last. There is to good sure decreased a quantity of accidents. A better part is with which is coached can still so only maintain likes the clock of regular boys.
5 / 5 By Sabra
My edges is potty coached now everything because of a help of this clock. It is dipped for each hour and he have notified with the vibrate. It thinks that that it was fresco also.
5 / 5 By Derick
Was at the end of my talent. My boy and I were having fights around potty the daily time, and was on loan to give up and leave his university gone in in diapers. I have purchased this clock while it leaves that my daughter has more independence and authorship to recognise his need to go. This clock a trick. Here it is some of some the majority of points of entities to know in a clock:

1. Some people have said that some instructions were hard to follow, but was a lot. It has had symbols that is used, but is not excessive.
2. There is vibrate it and the setting of sound! I have it on vibrate, and is perfect. It flashes “to Go to go” when an alarm goes era.
3. It says time and gives the account behind until a next alarm.
4. I need to turn of an alarm before read manually.
5. It is resisted until the hand of my daughter that washed like this far.
5 / 5 By Greg
Am using a Kidnovations shows to coach my edges of 2 years to go to a restroom in his own without me that has to that adapt each 30 minutes to an hour. I love an option that a clock has to that choose any one the melody or vibration; both work adds. A touchscreen has taken to good sure the attention of my edges and constantly is verifying a time (numerical screen). Also I want to thank Eli to resupply a service of client that surprised that it is like this last to find now and days. Any one questions that his clients have answered like this quickly and continue remain update with any worries. Thank you To create the sample adds to help out of small some learn independence. To good sure am ordering another for my niece.
4 / 5 By Cathie
My edges of 4 years looks to “forget” to go to a potty and usually comes house with some terracing of wetness. The professors in his school have tried a method of timer for him but after the while I am sure they a lot he anymore reason was the little disruptive to a class. I have looked for an alternative and has found this clock. It was excited really to spend it! We are now state using he for 5 weeks and is helped really him! It has not been perfect as sometimes my edges ignores it or is in a yard thinks his that goes later and then no. A sample his work this in spite of and constantly speak his roughly listening to his organism and/or a clock. I recommend this!
4 / 5 By Ernestina
We were really struggling with daytime incidents with our 5I, does not take the pause partorisca touch to use a potty. This clock has been I adds, has dipped partorisca 60MIN agrees with vibration as it does not distract those around the his. Each one of then begins partorisca use the has not had any accidents. One WITH this that was hard to program first time but once find better place partorisca touch face of clock partorisca touchscreen is state adds. And it does not look too big in his tiny wrist. Inside a first week his professors have said that it has loved it a sample also!
4 / 5 By Xenia
This potty the clock was a response to help ours taking toddler potty has coached!!  Our toddler was excited like this to dip it on and spend it. It gives an authorship, awareness and confidence to so only go in his possess when a memory has been he was! Really it likes that it can dip it you of him of 30 min until each 120min. He automatically resets, as I do not owe that dip the every time, like this has done them with my telephone & then sometimes forgets. Really It likes Me one vibrates characteristic continuous reason use he in daycare also!! And once we take his not requiring the memory, can use likes the clock!! This clock done absolutely for us!!
4 / 5 By Shanell
Has 3 daughters, my older 2 was LIKE THIS EASY to potty train, my young plus was/ is not . It has done well in home, but there is remarked when a year escole has begun is having accidents again. Taking too wrapped on touch and 'forget' to use a restroom. After unsuccessful punishments and rewards/bribery looked to an internet and expósito that potty the clocks have done well for some boys. A first clock has purchased was very big and has not had the setting of vibration. They are very happy has found is one, did not have an accident of then begins to spend the and likes to spend he because of a pink colour and a fact that reads like the ready clock.
4 / 5 By Carlene
Has thought at the beginning mine touchscreen no , but has learnt then that answered more when touched in a zone a lot down where an exposure of numbers. Like this far like this good! Amur All some characteristics of this clock, like this more than mine another more economic mark of potty clock that has broken.
5 / 5 By Ryan
Are súper súper has pleased with this clock. Mina 2 yr old has not felt doing a potty formation.. As I have purchased this and he potty map. Left me so only say in the subject of 3 days my daughter is potty coached and is mad about every time an alarm goes era.

A sample has not been hard to the program has read some instructions. The side besides can recharge the. The product adds and are súper has pleased.
5 / 5 By Stacia
My edges is potty has coached now everything because of a help of this clock. It is dipped for each hour and he have notified with the vibrate. It thinks that that it was fresco also.
5 / 5 By Andra
Has bought this clock for my daughter like this sometimes forgets to go to a potty when touching. It loves a look of a clock and question to spend it daily. A vibration is quite strong can not be ignored for a wearer but is not obnoxious neither. It likes that of a function to agree can be resulted so that it can be the sample regulates also. There is the tiny circle in a fund of a face to indicate a fund of a clock. If you are some instructions resupplied, that program a clock is easy and taking time very small. Like this far this clock are adds!
5 / 5 By Dana
This has has reduced really our 20-month to frustration of the old daughter with wanting to be more independent in self-initiation and no in that have punctual partorisca use a potty. We take a lot of compliments when they are was and the people see our toddler that spends his own clock and turning of an alarm in his own. I produce it adds!!!
5 / 5 By Donny
Has purchased a boy novation potty-coaching clock for my edges. For judges of start, is really lustrous and comfortable, different some of some other competitions in a phase. My edges were excited really to receive to to the real clock likes a bit adults!
Has found that dipping it on has not been like this simple like the descriptions was to be.
Apparently, to actuate some settings in a touchscreen specifically require press in a fund of a screen, under a time. This in spite of, this is not specified in some instructions, which has caused some frustration when that dipping up. There is the series of the precise taps press to actuate different settings (time, type of alarm, interval of alarm, etc). It calms that can take well to read a manual of instruction, but expected it would be easier that dip up.
Another point to maintain in alcohol: a clock dipped until conserving battery, so that hard the few days in place of only a. This means that a screen remains black unless calm the tones to show a time. For my edges, those who expected for the real look which always shows time, disappoints.
UPDATE: A vendor has achieved was mine. I have been impressed by the fast response of a vendor, disposal and friendly way to help me was to explain and corrected some subjects have mentioned. I give a vendor 5-stars to estimate and 5-star for service of client.
5 / 5 By Kristian
WELL, eats... Has has had so only this for the pair of days, but can say is not that it is necessarily that difficult to read and comprehend that some instructions are by train to say you to do, and can see that it is supposition to do . It is that some instructions are difficult to take and the physically execute, especially in a clutch (i.et. When you are treating the hyperactive toddler the one who loves really bad to spend a 'clock' in his wrist but in no way can the to them operate). For that, calm think would require the together simple of 2 or 3 physical keys can so only quickly push and movement on.

Ossia 100 screen of the touch has operated, any physical key, and a screen is so only roughly ' by means of. Some instructions say, for example, to the to something likes 'to dip timer: screen of Tap three times until Cd then resists down to dip time.'

Number a, could not find that 'Cd' half anywhere, but inform his in each step and I assume means an exposure that lights.

Number two, a screen to the touch has not gone too sensitive, and a lot always answers appropriately to 3 taps, like this then ask you those that taps of one 3 the one of fact has registered, has to I only paste the more time? No, it has not answered to this, 2 more time? Beginning on and tap 3 more time? No, quell'conceal that has not done... Hmm, Perhaps so only will give it the minute and leave a clear screen, then try again?

Number three, included when you light for 3 taps, and calm then resist down your toe, a never looked time to love transmission of 10:00. It can any never says has been supposition to be just holding, or has been supposed to swish up? Or perhaps so only it take too long. While, Has my two year-old shouting, grabbing in me, and trying yank a clock out of my hands because it wants to dip the on and look in a quite a lot of sample in his wrist. As I am trying on and on to touch a right number of time and controls down my toe for a correct period of time, not knowing the one who this dang the screen is choosing up and that is not , reason looks to answer sometimes and a lot another, and reason is not this friggin' the time that change of 10:00???

And ossia so only to dip a timer, has other different combinations of taps and toe-that resists to dip a time, to turn of a timer, for the dipped the music or vibration. Others do not involve enough the taps am remained with different combinations other movements, and is that it goes to be able to agree that combination of taps and movements each operation requires when it needs to? (Although it was consistently quite sensitive to answer to them.) Like the father of the two year-old the one who is potty formation, has to weaves in my alcohol now still in all the chance. It is as if some costruttrici have wanted to resupply more the functions and the operations that a screen of tiny touch could practically support.

While, Some responses have taken feebler and feebler until for day two, does not answer at all, the exposure is entirely dark and unresponsive, and is by train of the touch now to see take more responsive with the full load. Perhaps a battery was almost died when we take it to us? I will look for to update on yes or does not touch , if this help operates more efficiently, and that time resists the load.

If it does not begin working better, answered a way is supposed to like this some instructions (which are already the pocolos ridiculous), and retain the load, goes to return.

Update: copper arrive and has answered the little better for the day or two, but the instructions were still difficult to execute. Then it looks to take less sensitive again for day two. I think that that I go to return so only.
4 / 5 By Shelba
Our 5 old year frequently has wetted his trousers in Nursery because “ it forgets” partorisca gone potty or has been “occupied too much”. We were all fallidos and has been concerned in other boys teasing him. In the whim, has bought this clock and WOW! Entirely it solve our subject.

Has chosen this an on some another because of this characteristic:
- vibration only option ( has loved some alerts to be quite subtiles that other girls in of escolarlo a lot necessarily opinions)
- no too babyish in appearance
- flexibility punctually to agree, so that we can gradually time of increase among memories for wean has been
- in fact functions like the clock

has been surprised and has impressed that a clock has looked in fact the ready clock. I have been surprised that need to be touched. No the big shot, that so only had not arrived mine. It shows a time, etc. when Calm the tones. Continuous touch to see additional screens. One of some screens gives a level of load (stairs of 1-100, 100 when be touched fully) and the load we hard the little more than 2 days. We begin it go with agreeing it each one that 60min. A sample will say you how long until an alarm will go was, which is useful. A vibration is strong/long quite that the can not be lost and some exposures of screen “GoGo” when it is now of use a potty. A vibration remember of the telephone ringing when on vibrate - another in an immediate vicinity certainly the would remark but is not disruptive.

Day to begin 1, has had any more has an accident. In fact, a clock has been he was on Day 2 in a zone that has not had the bath and our edges have agreed to go to a bath grieves was near one. Our edges is feeling So more sure roughly he now that it is not peeing his trousers. They are like this like this happy melt and has purchased this product!! More, our edges feels really fresh that spends a clock and a lot of his friends are impressed for him, which is in prize for the girl that required it self impulse of confidence. Adivinos That so only will require to use yes for the few weeks but is in fact very require it to him to us longer.

So only have 2 complaints, both smaller:
1) A clock is for boys so that it does not comprise reason a sale is like this long. This has said, like some two pieces that the help maintains an extra period to estaca was. A period of the band has not been in fact the question.
2) Wishes a blue was more than the navy colour. After a week, look quite dirty. We clean it to us it was but it prefer something concealed hides to better muck.

Highly recommend this product!
4 / 5 By Brianne
Update- I has sent a defective clock behind and take the repayment. This in spite of, have received another clock with the writing of apologetic hand-held paper in a topmast to do a legislation of situation. This work of current clock. It is refreshing to have an experience where @@subject of service of the client and his the one who apresamiento to do a legislation of situation! Integrity. Thank you For that.

A lot last to dip time and alarm. The show does not answer to taps in touchscreen to dip time and potty alarm of time. I any same according to which dipping a time much less that dips an alarm and that chooses to dip ready for an alarm. I plan on sending this element behind for the repayment.
4 / 5 By Luciana
This clock WAS the sleep coming true. Our boy of 3.5 years has had control of bladder but has been missing of any motivation to go to a bath while we adapt/ precise to. It goes 4 days without an accident and not requiring memories to the pee have an accident each 2 hours. And it can not concern less roughly that there is pee in his underwears and any one would say sometimes. This potty the sample has motivated sooo much more that has thought possible. Proudly said of the boys in a yard in his potty clock. He excitedly has run to a bath every time goes was and remark an awareness improved of his need to go to a bath when a sample did not say to. It was not never able the disorder with some controls of him, included with pressing a key sometimes (although has any one turning of question of a song when it was time ). We have wanted that it can coverage or be place to vibrate for church or class. Have has wanted to that has the option to time to program longer that 2 hours. Look the sleep that comes true.

But then.... Literally a month later and no longer is doing. Any face of clock and not answering to some keys. We do not spend it never swimming or bathing or anything and never on purpose dipped the down a water. He so only taken splashed while washing hands, which a costruttore has said was a lot. Im Like this bummed. I know the boys can be hard in the products and I have not expected a clock to last years, but a month is so only too short for me. The guess will look to another mark of clock.
4 / 5 By Eloisa
This clock is simple and that I require it to do. It is delicate to imagine was and place up at the beginning. Some controls are entirely screen of the touch has based, there is not any key. It looks more effective when touching a fund of a screen, down where some looks of time. There is basically control and of the taps of short taps, included although some instructions sometimes he more confusing with on hire purchase the 'likes long prints alone'. As one touches tip a time, tap again to see a level of battery (2 taps), tap again to dip an alarm (3 taps), tap again to dip a type of alarm (4 taps). An exposure will aim quell'setting is looking in: Cd is for an alarm, OPR is for a type of alarm (vibration or melody). Some numbers of shows of level of battery in some lefts and three pinch-the lines that flashes in some legislations. I am guessing they are suppositions to indicate if a clock is touching or downloading. Some numbers would owe that be anything of 00 (the dead battery) to purportedly 100 (the full battery). In all the chance, calm once the volume to a setting loves, calm long press to begin to do transmissions, select the one who calm wants to be it for short taps, and then long press for the arrival. It likes me quell'has said, confusing! But it begins to have sense with which some practice. Calm once imagine it was, is good to go and are that it animates that will be a lot of gain for my edges potty regression of formation.
4 / 5 By Sherilyn
Has had at all but subjects with this clock. I have bought this clock before and was adds. But after a week my daughter lost it and have bought like this a same thing esatta again. This second clock there has been at all but questions. It changes settings all in his own. A timer, settings of the his, and time of clock all randomly transmission in his own. I can be resist a clock in my hand and not even touch a screen and transmissions of clock . I can very included dipped any of some place reasons a sample so only maintains to change them. Every time it sends my daughter in pupil with him, some starts of clock freaking was. Some waste of money because we can a lot included use it. Unless any one has the tip for me on like this to fix this clock, are by train of the launch was and imagining out of another way to help my daughter.
4 / 5 By Esther
Ugh, the desire there is not prioritised looks on facilitated of use or functionality. Ossia He rechargeable the clock and he have to that be touched each one another day. If you are the busy father taste is busy and will forget for the touch at least of a swipe the week. Ossia When an entertainment begins— when it dies a whole clock has to that be reset and can not be done without a book of instruction as it is not intuitive. If you are looking to use this daily does not buy this clock. Spent one with the real battery that does not require like this endeavour to constantly reset. Frustrating...
5 / 5 By Melda
My daughter there is daytime accidents been due to constipation (apparently the common history). Already we have his in the edge regimen and has tried any to use to medication that reduces bladder spasms if we do not have to that. A physician recommended she retrain some nerves in his bladder and go each two hours. Physician Has written the note to professor in pupil- but of course a professor is occupied too much to adapt to go each two hours. As I have bought this. Taken the last night, returning today. A screen to touch (which is that calm has dipped a time and alarm, etc.) Is no-responsive and random. I.et.- To dip alarm, screen to touch of the press four times. Well, he touching four times does not take you to a screen of alarm. To verify a time, touch a screen a time- yeah, well. Touch he a time, at all spends. Touch he again, at all spends. Touch he again, calm takes to a screen of alarm. Once I finally directed to take a together of time, reason is the screen to touch , he almost immediately reset to the different time reason when finally it choose to be responsive when my daughter accidentally brushed his toe against a screen and he looked to take the signal that was king-together (that means that it do not go to be the occurrence of time). Besides, a clock was 100 touched when I have begun. Ten minutes later, so only while dipping a time and function of alarm, loses 10 power. It can no images that last by means of a day if ossia that quickly some drains of battery.
4 / 5 By Kerri
Update - Shortly after leaving this revises a vendor has achieved was and have asked to speak our subjects with a product and offered to send the free new clock of load. One produces to receive this has done without failure. A vendor is absolutely wonderful and to good sure buys they again.

Buy this clock and a prime minister one takes has not done. A characteristic of long pause to change a swimming of time. We exchange for another while it do not have a subject same. A new one looked to be well excepts having the subject looked with an audible vs type of alarm of the vibration. East times a long pause done and was able to toggle behind and advance among an audible option and an option of vibration this in spite of looks to remain in audible to all the cost duquel one has chosen. I have decided to leave that my edges takes for a day and for the try again later. When it Take home that the prejudices say that a time had changed and required to be reset. When I have asked as they change that say gone through he. Any sure if a screen was touched during a day accidentally and this has changed a time or if a time changed in his own but any way, a time was bad. When I Have been to correct a time a long pause has not done similarly to a first clock receives, so only any reaction. So much, we will return it to knots. Disappointed. It is the creation adds and in general the pleasant little clock. My edges was comfortable in him and was easy to use and would have been perfect IF a technology had done correctly.
5 / 5 By Elane
This has begun was two days. On day three a sample any one would leave dipped a time. On day four after the touch, could now dipped a time, but could no longer dipped an alarm. Not to use it on day five, so only has left embezzled the. Day six could dip all correctly again, but a way of the vibration no longer has done. A clock will read “to go to go” but will not vibrate to take to the commentary is now of goes . A characteristic of the chime has not done of day a, so only one vibrates characteristic , which was a setting has loved in all the chance. The supposition take the defective some hips. Now it is useless reason without a vibration on to alert to go, and a chime not doing never, our daughter has begins to wet she again.
4 / 5 By Charles
Has been struggling with potty formation for years, literally years. The highly intelligent mine 6 year so only does not love the stop & uses a bath. But now it takes the fresh clock & is doing progresses. It can spend a clock in pupil with on vibrates and not interrupting a class. Has his transmission to way of house of music. We begin in 60 minutes and takes the longest intervals remains dry all day. She quickly learnt to the equal that to program a sample. It likes to be responsible to dip his clock.
Has been surprised by what time a battery is lasted. When A clock is on way of music, last paralizaciones the first week of precise be touched. When it Is on vibrate way, need to be touched more often.
Likes that it can result it the clock regulates once is to do the using like him potty clock. A band is quite big that an adult could spend it.
Our clock is resulted no-responsive today, as I emailed a company. They have answered inside small and is by train to send the free substitution of load. The service of client adds.
5 / 5 By Lori
My daughter is the stubborn potty trainer. Taking of his underwears and the attractive dipped-ups on when I am not looking. Run around in the underwears wetted and any to concern . In spite of being almost 4 years now, simply does not want to use a basin. Further it is frustrating has believed so it would try this clock. It is the very a lot looking clock. Far better that all a hideous some there with giants “potty words” of clock on him. And the rose is his favourite colour . It LOVES a clock BUT she a lot quickly learnt to silence an alarm hardly begins to go was. As it does not listen never an alarm unless it is right next mine when this raisin. A whole day can spend with touching that it spends this clock but me never once listening is the alarm goes era. And it ignores an alarm. It is like this frustrating. The desire there was the way to maintain his of silencing an alarm. Have pulled today a sample was and has situated the in MY WRIST. I will adapt to go potty when it goes era. I am expecting that this will exit.

Also would say is not incredibly “kid hard”. You will see scratches in my pictures. There have it also to dent in a clock, hard to see pictures. More these are spent a SECOND day spends a clock. In fact with which falls outside in ours backyard pavers and dented a sample does not answer and think sure was has broken. But, with which plugging the backside to touch load, begins to do again.

Recommends this clock. I am fact , will buy the new one for my younger daughter when it begins potty formation. So only it can no well if your boy is anything likes mine. BUT it is better that some the leading timers have maintained to dip in pill of mine/of telephone and then forgetting to reset with which go potty. And it is easy to dip up. And, as I have said, it looks far better that the majority of some other options and among the elections by heart add. Also it returns my pocola some wrist so only well and was able of the turn in my wrist.

So much, my conclusion, give it shot it. It is better that place and resetting other memories of alarm. And, if your girl will listen his, are adds for self confidence and the so only adapt them to go potty when it was is touching in the different room.
4 / 5 By Petrina
Has has wanted REALLY loves this. Considering helping with potty formation, a melody each one that 30/60/90/120 minutes is character ! This in spite of..... A creation is pleasant but VERY DIFFICULT to do. He seldom works with one touching. I received it so only the few days does and now a lot he same touches a melody, so only a vibration. If continuous do correctly and was easy to “touch” like the screen to touch regulates to dip a time, alarm, type of the his, etc., Was perfect. Although..... Partorisca In $ 20, was necessary has gone with a one this was coloreado, $ 12, and fewer good descriptions... At least it was more economic and probably would be a same quality in general.
5 / 5 By Nila
Has bought this clock in an end of December in of the hopes to be an extra push to adapt mine 2.5 yr old to take and gone potty. It does marvels!! It listens a chime and run to a potty he, this was game to change for knots here. It seats like such the big boy and has not loved never take his clock was.

So after the weeks of pair a clock abruptly there is prendido to do. Light when touching but a screen to the touch no any plus along and at all would turn on when unplugged. I achieved it it was in service of the client and he issue me to knots the new mark a, any question. We have had some subjects of the nave and he have finalised to send another after some hips to ensure our satisfaction. I have not experienced never service of client to the equal that add like his and am very pleased.

Informs that you would not owe that touch a clock for more than an hour the time, which are having the question that finds that info in some papers that is coming with a clock. To all the cost, now that knows this info certainly will not touch he for more than an hour and am sure probably will not have a lot others subjects. It likes to please be advised when you order this clock to not touching for longer that an hour.

Has found a very easy clock to manoeuvre and place up. It is any with the fast or calm tap resists down until you have achieved a setting loves. It can vibrate or do the good coverage.

A new clock has arrived today and works perfectly and my edges are thrilled to have his potty shows again.

I highly recommend this product, as it has helped mine 2.5 yr old to agree to take a time for gone potty! Fewer incidents, fewer dirty clothes, the life that change haha!
And again, the service of client is more has has not treated never. THANKS TO this company adds to resupply the product adds!!

after receiving a clock of the substitution and that follows all the directions to the T, a clock there is prendido still law after the week. It is unfortunate and will take two star was for a product but stand for quell'have the service of client adds. It is so only unfortunate that one produces does not do like this announced that.
4 / 5 By Trinidad
Has taken this no for potty formation but to adapt mine 8 et.ou. Daughter to drink water. Same concept. It is very excited. A clock is pleasant and equally quite durable, but are by train to send it behind today.
-Dipping it ? It feels like a way has used to dip old digital clocks, masquerading like the dud smartwatch. Pressing repeated of one 'touch' screen (any really the screen to touch, just push in a fund of a screen, that--signal lateralmente, thinks has had the curious littler the boy easily would be messing with some settings nonstop. There is any way to close some settings. It has included they could be changed accidentally to sustain against something a right way) to cycle by means of the the option loves. Long press to select, cycle by means of with short presses, long press to select. Well Well, it has taken some test and error for the imagine was but has taken has dipped. Here it is a really annoying thing --if a clock dies to lose all is settings . As you owe that all again. Perhaps reason my daughter is older and are not that taking was his at night likes you with the 2/3 et.ou. Ossia More than a subject. But spend it until it dies and spend for these integers rigmarole on and on. And if I deceive it and dip the on soyusic' in place of 'buzz', prepares to be serenaded all prejudices it each one that 30/45/60 mins, until you stumble to blind is gone in 3 are to spend for a process complicated of the place to 'buzz' (any fast'ilent' option for time at night). Yes, this is to spend.
Another that that a sale of silicone has resisted on good, but is been to drive the few dice in time. We maintain that they have to that loosen the on, which the hardest fact for his to feel a buzzing. It knows personally it can me he little crazy, especially waters it to him taking trapped down there.
But has treated all that reason honradamente he that was to suppose to: it is to be significantly upping his water intake. Until last night, when it have died (again), as we dipped it to knots in one load. I have been to reset all our settings and when it presses a screen luzca only and beeps in me. As I took it it was one load and now has died totally.
In an end am done messing with east. Packing Arrive and sending it behind and because of some other subjects already there was am not interested in substitution, will go with another mark.
4 / 5 By Ruthanne
Having I twins is the challenge , but potty the twins of formation is a same challenge More adds them ! As to help my daughter & his husband, has bought this kids potty sample of the formation for a sister the one who is interested more in a potty. It is the soft no-toxic, BPA & Latex-draws of free silicone with capacity to dip an alarm of timer for 30, 45, 60, 90 or 120 intervals of minute. Also it touches on street micro USB, and functions for enough the pair of the days before that requires the recharge. Right now, they have dipped a time for each 30 minutes. My grandson listens a tune that takes ear that adapted to go to seat in a potty. Later, when it takes more conscious that an alarm, goes to try using a vibrates function. A LCD screen has big characters that can read easily. Like this far, it is taken used to spend a clock, and is answering to an alarm to go to a door of bath.
These helps of clock to develop an awareness of time and develop the good habit to go to a potty chair when an alarm goes era. Also it helps some parents motivate another twin because it is beginning to follow his brother to a bath. When Another twin is ready, we to good sure take his own clock. There is the available black colour (and rose), as it can identify quell'clock is different of his brother is.
A clock is like this user-friendly that mine 5-year the old granddaughter has helped dips on top of interior 15 minutes! A prize is very reasonable downwards 30 bucks.
Is for real innovative, very useful, and some boys have done significant progress to be the free diaper!
4 / 5 By Sherrie
Has the seven old year in second note that has some class of @@subject without when being pas able to feel when it has to that go to a bath. While his subject real doctor is not solved, a clock has solved a question of wet trousers for 95. This clock is literally be he lifesaver.

Has been concerned that some boys in of the school would know is the 'potty clock' but they the no. thinks that that it is fresh and some think that that it is the Fitbit. We have had some kids in fact says master one and ask that it is. It remains touched for days and so only takes roughly 10 minutes to touch - comes at least partially touched also so that the wear in fact could spend same day, immediately. Have ours dips to vibrate and any one knows is going was. The boys in a yard saw him messing with him when it go was once and he quickly fact likes tongue the mamma in a clock 😄

the service of Client is UPPER NOTCH ! I have required help with the pair of the things and I have been able to call and text his personal line. Always they answer quickly and solve any questions. They estimate his clients and anything have beaten to maintain the happy clients.

A pair of can not dip a time if a clock is touching or a timer is put . Also it recommends to give a band of clock to dry down each evening as it does not take stained. My edges touches hard so that has time when it have been out of neighbours during a day and I have spent so only a clock for him so that it does not take ruined quickly.

This clock and the company are surprising amazing and I 100 compraventa again and again!
5 / 5 By Alina
Are having the hard time that bus my edges, is coached in fact but taking a lot absent-minded while touching and loses a bath, has accidents here and there, has tried a lot of doctors a lot of methods at all has helped, am trying now this clock of screen of fresh touch, while the work adds! It has given my edges the election of a colour, the hard time that decides that the colour has to that choose, choose one dark blue, which is the beautiful blue colour .

Was excited like this to open a sample this ' choose', this was my whole point , an idea to give the fresh clock is that it feels big and really cures of a question.

I returns perfectly was although it is lean, comes with the upload, immediately knows like this to touch he to take a coverage in a backside, as it do not have to that be my work, before it goes to sleep touches of the telephone after his bed, a clock is resistant water as I am not concerned when it touches with water.

Some instructions are of sound, a setup was very easy, sees in a screen that porcentual a battery is.

Mainly use a setting of vibration.

Knows when he the coverages has to that go in a bath for 5 minutes.

Give the graces for a clock adds.
4 / 5 By Sherron
Is the very done clock , technically that pause, which is the positive. But the desire there is the 45 min option. I wish a sale was more comfortable for soft skinned girls. I wish a cradle the trace of hinge does not have way of date a first day my edges spent it. And I wish it it can be place to the turn was 12 hours after turning on, in place of all a key that presses. Oh! And the desire has said to touch a part of an expensive w a bit the circle censors in a now 6:00 something when dipping on, any expensive to touch so only, bc that something is a tone .
5 / 5 By Bronwyn
I vendors are awesome and a lot of responsive.  My daughter loves this clock!  It is 5 and I have been having subject with remaining dry.  Has a overactive to bladder and has to that go each one which hr.  One first week there has been to us said me that that LOVES this clock.  Cela Has to that me the fact does like this happy to listen.  I am not sure state that is gone in and in that there is any to have an accident and in fact be like this happy to any still have an accident done took me happy.  We begin have some subjects after the few weeks.  Some vendors have answered immediately and has begun also read more descriptions.  One when being that we would not owe that be touching every night all prejudices it how is that .  We go to take another clock and try this again.  Some characteristics to vibrate is something concealed is a lot of ours entity.  We require to spend a clock while in colegiala like one that vibrates maintains it discreet and no disruptive.  These knots of time def that recommends.  It helps my daughter tremendously and is all like this happy.  
4 / 5 By Emmaline
Mina 5I the edges was extremely hard to potty train. On 3.5 I finally dipped the in underwears and has said are fact. It add, any daytime accidents others that the pair of initial some. And more importantly any nighttime wetting! Well roughly 6me that with which take the travesía long. To an end begins peeing a bed. This was December of 2018. It is not never he prendió. And to do it worse roughly 5 me it the fact declares to wet his trousers during a day. It likes until 3 of transmissions of cloths the day. We have tried plot of things to do stop. It has been ready to do he dr date to verify for physical subjects. But I have bought then this clock. It is it has had he for the week and any daytime incident of then! ANY ONE! We have it to the knots dipped to 60 minutes and will clash it up after the moment. It is class of hard to dip a first pair of time until calm take it down but after calm @gives is súper easy. We take it to the knots was at night and turn an alarm was and some DAYS of hard battery! I think that that we touch it to knots after 4 days but he is still any dead persons, is in around 30. For a money I desire would have bought this month. I will be to take my daughter a when it is ready to really beginning it that goes potty.
5 / 5 By Michiko
A key to effectively using this product is partorisca take a time to in fact read and comprise some instructions. An interface of user is calm quite simple once @give you that there is so only roughly 4 ways and each one which so it is manipulated in a same way- press and control to dip, hastens quickly to change/roll by means of a setting- and ossia basically that. There is the besides final pair details which are explained clearly in some instructions- which are written to like three double courts has spaced paragraphs. It is true that more the keys could have done a more intuitive interface, but then really does not look like this good or be like this streamlined like east. We take this in of the roses for our daughter. You love it and he spends it confidently the school. It is the good accessory . It is in nursery, and this has done for his of day a. It is also he adds that he recharges. When Looking for the potty the shows of formation look for something looks concealed well and inconspicuous. Also we look for an option that has has had to that the vibrate option in place of only the regular alarm, and the company with the service of client/to guarantee a lot of- in chance perhaps. The durability and the control of water was also factors of entities. This certainly is a good plus that hands of looks of option down. It looks to be durable, and does not require to use service of client. This in spite of, a lot another reviewers has mentioned that a service of client was adds. It is also water resistant- just mark sure to close an USB that spend to touch all a first way of the place on...
5 / 5 By Omar
A clock is surprising! Load quickly. Life of good battery. Waterproof (Any real submersion tests, but ossia crazy).

First all is to touch .

1 Touches to see account behind timer (any together of timer) 1 touch to see time. (Near of timer 2 although to see time and etc)
2 Touches twice to see dates
3 touches to dip time of alarm, 30, 60, 90, 120 min.
4 touches to change type to alarm buzz(vibrate) or music of game.

(Controls long to dip or accept any and all the settings)

Like this obviously your needs of girl to be on board with east, And need to be conscious also for activity that can distract. When we Help to avert distractions, our little man is 100 free accident !!

One a poor thing. Any capacity of lock of the father! Like this if your games of boy can turn alarm or disorder something further up in a clock.
With a drawback ossia still a More adds them potty the trainer has found.

Parents and professors in a daycare is asking the questions that comprises name of clock and where to purchase one.
4 / 5 By Angelina
Some owners are awesome. Inside hours to contact them and saying them some subjects was having with a clock, his expedited the new one ours.

Has to that say that it has helped it to it to him ours daughter, but is like this easy for me to dip an alarm in our telephones that goes of the each hour of a time is to wake until a time is slept of a touchscreen is not doing well. It is 2 and not to spend it , not to spend it , and in an end of a day, is so only the timer for his with the only tone, but LISTEN HIS And GOES.
Here is a bad part with a 1st sample I receipt -- A believes to touch' is really bad. Sometimes, it answers, another time, touches of records of ghost. One the majority to annoy is when we is turning of an alarm with which is asleep fall and absolutely refuses to register the touch at all.

One the possible improvement could be the simple hard-key -- together with a capacity to dip the start and time of final for some alarms. Be any 'window' for some alarms, so only goes 24-7.
4 / 5 By Gennie
A clock is awesome to help with adapting my daughter to go and does his to feel like the big daughter lol ! We use it to us hardly it has been there is rid work like the charm! I gave it 4 stars in place of 5 reason was bit it hard to dip up at the beginning & has had to find which to video on Youtube which has helped alot .. Another that a difficulty to dip up and the imagine was, a clock is ordered enough and awesome tool to help with potty formation or so only to use like the simple memory for boys to go potty when they take to involved touching. I recommend this clock because it helps like this ! :)
5 / 5 By Deloise
Buy for our three old year to the equal that was having the difficult time with potty formation. We have tried for the months of pair and at all done for his. With this clock was done in the week with attractive ups and now so only has an occasional accident and is so only on two weeks in.
An only complaint has is nettle his skin and is has takes easily. It takes it was often if we are not a lot afterwards his. It has left the pocolos red marks in his wrist to all the cost of like this tight or free is dipped on. Waits that the better material could be found concealed does not cause like this irritation.
5 / 5 By Saran
That is one the majority of characteristic of entity of this clock? The mine is an alarm . This in spite of an alarm is incredibly last to enable. A screen to touch is like this in-sensitive the only takes minutes and minutes to change or near.

This is not feasible product. It does not recommend this product. A creation of product and need of crew of interface of user to go back near and the redesign like an alarm is enabled and has changed.

Update: 10th Part, the service of 2020 Clients is a lot proactive - clock of the substitution sent(s), any question has asked.
4 / 5 By Lulu
Produced very fresh. An idea adds, but need some improvement. These looks to be an only “clock” that the real looks in a phase for potty formation. It looks lustrous and work of characteristics to the equal that has expected. This in spite of, there I need to be the characteristic tone to this product. A capacity to dip a timer out of the Bluetooth the device would do it the perfect product. A lot of times are in a way out of a door or was when it is potty time. When we lose it to Us, in the say is potty the time hardly goes in the place that leaves, to the to the equal that insists “ is not potty time.” We buy this to take a fight out of potty the formation and has done, for the little has bitten. My edges there has been a clock the week and there is pulled totally of an upper discharge of a screen, which is at all more than the sticky film. It is unusable. I will be to contact a vendor .
4 / 5 By Elbert
My edges is potty coached but does not like when it has to that adapt to go. He always said does not have to that, when I know does! It resists it all day while it was in pupil. This clock is such the solution adds , reason he discreetly adapted to go to a potty. We dipped it to us to vibrate each 2 hrs. So only it listens a vibration, as it is not that it distracts while it is in colegiala.

Place it on a clock was quite easy, some directions are simple to follow. I want that it touches like your telephone!
Has known no Never the like this existed product, as it was pleasantly surprised for the find! My edges thinks that that his clock is súper fresco!

Has achieved was the company with some worries in a band of clock and his quickly answered and helped! A level of the service of client is excellent and am very pleased with our experience.
5 / 5 By Wynell
Purchase this element to use for formation of bladder for my daughter of 7 years. It was fearful that it was difficult to use, but was at all . Some instructions were extremely clear. My daughter has been concerned that it was to embarrass for his to owe wear in colegiala, but looks enough like the ready clock to some boys that no really lame his attention. Has the way of vibration, which are adds for colegiala, church, etc. Reason still can be in the timer without having to that be embarrassed or be the emotion with an audible alarm. One hard load for roughly 3 days that is a lot also. To good sure recommend this element is looking for the potty clock or any repetitive timer for the boy.
4 / 5 By Kymberly
An ONLY reason am giving this 4 star is reason think that the things of pair could be improved, as to close of screen to maintain girls of accidentally changing settings in a clock and he like this a band of clock is connected to a face of clock in place of the leave to burst was of the small boy easily could lose. Otherwise, This thing is sum and so only that requires to help my daughter agrees to take and potty so that it does not have accidents. It tends to take too busy and attended until one very last now to go and then finalises to have an accident . This thing has helped to maintain his dry while it is by train of the spend! They are like this happy to does not have to that be washing pee dressed all a time anymore. We have had some subjects with a clock a lot that remains touched and doing wonky, but has contacted a company and his already have the substitution has sent was inner in an hour of me contacting them. Ossia The service of the client adds to ask me ! It tries this potty the shows will not be disappointed!

Top Customer Reviews: Potty Time: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
5 / 5 By
Seldom I write descriptions, especially bad some, but this product is done like this bad and the patient has drawn that chair obligated partorisca help save other a lot of parents of meaning. I have bought this clock TWO TIMES and both times arrive DONA with dead battery. TWICE, like a naive and fond mamma that they are, has bought $ 10 value of battery partorisca the $ 11 clock and the smallest surgery have involved partorisca substitute some batteries (a task that involves prying of a wristband and marring the, the creation fails) . BOTH occasions, after the surgery said and reassembly, a piece of junk has done bad!!! In of the different ways!!! A prime minister one would turn was after 1 account behind in place of resetting likes is supposed to. A second has had the faulty key of Timer that so only done when a clock has been disassembled and no longer would answer when put near (has wanted to unscrewing and rescrewing these tiny small rays several times partorisca imagine that it was). Now I owe that disappoint my daughter the second time that a timer is broken and mommy can do not fixing!!!

Oh, And in the chance still is considering buying this, although yours act, a creation is TERRIBLE. An only way of the turn was is the paste Near and a Timer near, emission both, paste of Timer then 4 more the times till you cycle by means of a paper to this well, he 6-click-was-serious each nap and bedtime And some same 6 series of clicks partorisca the turn on and select your correct boy potty lasted when they wake up and the reset a period if his pee prompt!!! Parents of hate and daycare professors a lot of PottyTime??!!!

The amazon is not responsible partorisca a product of rubbish, but is responsible partorisca continue the stock the knowing 1/2 a time a product arrives defective and DONA! It says PottyTime partorisca spend $ 5 more partorisca do the feasible product before I agree to stock to again. All felizmente pays an extra $ 5 partorisca the no-POS concealed does not disappoint our boys when we are well in some means partorisca try to take them has excited roughly potty sayin!
5 / 5 By
Ossia The concept adds partorisca potty traning. You choose a quantity of time, and then the pleasant song goes was partorisca adapt them partorisca gone potty. The question is this clock is not waterproof like this after washing the hands begin partorisca touch odd and after a time partorisca forget for the take is gone in a bath was rubbishes . So they have done this waterproof clock would be it 100 percent better , but in this condition partorisca this age of boy the a lot of reccomend, kids this age is not quite careful any for the take wet.
4 / 5 By
Wow This produced are Adds!!! Sure I have had my doubts because we have tried everything of presents and bribery to a “hard way”. Our daughter is a lot ready and súper strong willed so that the things are difficult to do . But with this his done clock feel like the big daughter and a music is not too alarming. Take my daughter (with the little fight has retreated at the beginning) roughly 6 days and now of the good terracing is going to a potty every time a clock goes was and is doing the fantastic work! There are settings of calm multiple timer so that that can customise to your boy. You recommend this clock by all the world with the strong-willed kiddo :)
4 / 5 By
has read some other descriptions but has imagined would take my casualidad of my husband is quite well repair these classes of things. As we take a clock and no at all. My husband was able of the reparation and in the then imagine was like this to the use can choose you among way of GAME the one who leaves your boy so only listens to a song and look some quite a lot of lights; or you can choose 30, 60, or 90 minutes; or it GO. It has dipped he for 30 minutes, dipped the in our boy and was MAGIC!!! You grieve a song has touched was in his feet and excited to go you potty. This boy was like this resistant to potty formation he pee in mobiles, a paving, appoint--anything but a potty. And here the career went it to pee without even it whine! Jackpot!! We take on the half day of perfect pottying BUT THEN a darn the clock there is prendido to do again. This time hubby could do not saving. But this thing does LIKE THIS UTMOST when he in fact works!! Please a lot so only improves a quality of this clock. We go to try again with the second an and I will update this description with which see concealed it some works. Perhaps a prime minister was so only to uselessness? The toes have crossed reasons require this to do!
This clock arrive it and good for awhile. My edges not having never does this well with potty formation before. I have been using our second potty clock for two days now and has not had ANY ACCIDENT. A clock has done adds for a first day, and a song was pleasant and really done to adapt without requiring to nag the all a time. It likes having to that own clock his and some lights and the music are pleasant memories (the mamma and the dad are annoying a bit). THIS In spite of, a second day a music there is prendido to touch for some reason. Some lights does still, but is harder that see and no like this well to to the memory likes them the sound. We have begun that use a timer in our telephones again, and my edges is resulting that they resist to our memories again. I will update again there be anything aventajada to say. Good regime.
4 / 5 By
Ossia Absolutely rids down a main reason reason was ale to potty coaches my edges in 5 days, any joke! It has been cold turkey any diaper (excepts at night) so only regulate súper underwear of hero, a formation some have not done also and take touched of of an appeal-ups both are to many like diapers. Previously to a clock my edges would struggle me fiercely to both go to a bath or chair in a potty and would cry every time causes has not comprised reason does not try and any to mention 3 1/2 I and one of a last a lot to be in diapers in priest of day. Once it take a sample was excited as it was 'his' clock and has loved to spend it. It has dipped a clock to 30 min intervals and when a music of the clock touched that the party to dance while we dance and flange 'potty time' in a way to a bath and would seat without question. A difference has been he has not said goes to a potty, instead a clock was and doing he to the what of flange of the dance imade the fun and go of good terracing.
4 / 5 By
Has bought one, but pauses with which one 3rd day of waters to take inner. A question was, laws to surprise for my edges. You are a first time he no pee in his underwears three days directly in the month.

So much, has decided to use the product has bought of month of Imposición of the earliest House has called NeverWet to Rust-Oleum. It think that called he superhydrophic the surface that use nano-particles. It say of another way,, anything waterproof. I have opened on a clock a same way a Potty show of instructions of the Clock to substitute a battery, and has followed then a NeverWet instructions to spray some electronic components. With which 6 discharges and 2 hours (using the dryer of hair among discharges to ask a process to dry), has been finalised. It has dipped an electronics behind in a clock that use a Potty instructions of Clock and dip a clock in the wrist of my edges. It has been 2 weeks now, and his Potty the clock is still waterproof. Have Deliberately have it drenched a sample the little time under a tap and he has any effect in the operation of a clock. Sometimes you water it taking inside a frame, but does not effect never some electronic components, and a dry water on some days of pair. Besides an efficiency of this application, one the majority of the what of the entity of mine is that some chemicals of a NeverWet never touch my edges, reasons of the electronic is encased inside a frame of clock.
4 / 5 By
Can do not listening and there is any way to regulate a volume for the appear. Same house with just a half noise of the television and the people that speaks, calm can do not listening much less was that in fact it is that it sings the song. Calm or your boy can remark some light flashes it, but ossia roughly that. A lot disappointed in this clock. Complete waste of money. He better to take another clock of boy and so only dipped a calm alarm in fact can listen.
Update: I have shipped this retreated to a focus for the repayment, has issued the turn. Then, the months more have said late never has received an element behind and recharged my paper without my consent!! I have it that has not had never this subject in any one another turn. Obviously after several past months and has had has received already a repayment, had launched was a UPS receipt. For like this, has any way to defy one load. I suppose it is for this that have expected like this long to recharge me! Beware Of this vendor!! Produced of rubbish and the vendor that swindle of careers in of the repayments.
4 / 5 By
The concept adds, poor execution. If you want to potty coaches your girl, ossia a tool to do raisin... But it does not expect a progress to last, reason a sample a lot neither. Unfortunately his no these raincoats, like this of course, with which finalises your subject, lavas your hands... Right? Well, the give the week and he begins to act bad with just the small quantity of exposure to water also. Any I fully submerges this thing, has helped simply my little wash of type and quell'rinse and ossia all the taking! Raisin in this tool, is not to value some waste of time and endeavour. Unless you want to maintain buying these for the few weeks until your girl is fully potty has coached.
4 / 5 By
A lot of fallido with this compraventa. I do not have any idea if some works of clock or no, reason avenges with two dead battery. I know it is supposition to do the inaugural reason a box said 'try me! Push Tecla green.' Incredibly you disappoint like my boy of 2 years has opened a box, excited for his potty-sample, so only to open something concealed has not done and has required has has specialised battery - which do not have in a house. Further, to change a battery, will require the 'jewellers Phillips screwdriver of boss' quell'I neither has . Further, a battery has required, is a AG-13 Alcaline battery - look so only can find these in the Plus of Battery. Disappointing.

Update - I has been the Imposición to House to take some separates I needs and of more than Battery to take a right battery (the person more sell) and a product does not act. After hanging some batteries, and when a sample is broken down to the pieces and I hasten some keys without a casing in the, work. But when I substitute a casing, an external key is too far of a key in a circuitboard to do properly. Produced defective. But it conceal it does not change a fact that mine 2 1/2 year-old was in credibly excited for the use and now is sad that does not act.
5 / 5 By
My daughter has the question that agrees to use a bath.
These touches partoriscano different songs quietly, is not obnoxious felizmente. There is has helped really to not having accidents.
An only downside is does has has not had he for the month and a strap have broken so only another day. I can no fixed, where can take the substitution of strap , Reason is not this sturdy enough to last the month??
5 / 5 By
My edges has been having difficulty with potty formation and has been refusing to included try. We take a clock and has expected. It was simple to dip on- just read some directions. It is excited so a clock has sung to go a prime minister little time. Waste to spend it on his wrist like the sale is not like this comfortable. Cmon, Is for toddlers- perhaps he more flexible or something? I do not want saying of mine of boy hurts. As we leave it to knots in an after his table. I have read some other descriptions roughly any when taking wet (another thing would owe that do on- salvation? Ever has fulfilled the boy of 3 years?? They will litter . And wet. And dirty again.) How we were súper careful any to splash any water on that. It do not sleep with him neither.

Then a battery has died interior 3 days of use. THREE DAYS. I expected it to last more along concealed it. That the waste of money...

UPDATE: CHANGED of 1 star to 4. (1 star less been due to a hassle and the pause of heart of my edges in any in that have his clock). I have contacted a company by means of his web of place. They have explained that while it is resistant water , if they have done waters try then would not be able to change a battery and a sound would be too down to listen. Too bad can do not imagining was for the have everything! But when I have explained that a battery has died interior 3 days- his service of client is surprising! We send me to knots the new mark one with the good excuse! My edges has been asking me to spend his he so that it is now of open and place on a new a!
5 / 5 By
My daughter has the question that agrees to use a bath.
These touches partoriscano different songs quietly, is not obnoxious felizmente. There is has helped really to not having accidents.
An only downside is does has has not had he for the month and a strap have broken so only another day. I can no fixed, where can take the substitution of strap ? Reason is not this sturdy enough to last the month??
4 / 5 By
Fights of mine of daughter immensely with potty formation. Taking to a point that was angry adapted to use a bath. A potty the clock has helped his feel more the controls could leave a sample says when to go, and very . Any always uses a potty but a potty the clock has helped to plot. The desire would have taken it more collected.
Has submerged he in watering roughly 4 times, but everything is dipped he in the stock exchange of rice in the night and goes back the life.
4 / 5 By
This was the fantastic tool while hard. My edges was very excited while it listens a song goes was and would rush to a bath. It likes that that can be he to plant to 30, 60, or 90 small increments. We use one 60 minute that dips a more than then would spend 10-15 minutes chilling in a bath with books or anything, likes 30 looked too short.
Regarding subjects... A programming is is an inconvenience. Calm once imagines was like this partorisca do is quite simple, but calm of precise turns it to 'was' during naps and bedtime (unless I want it going was all night) can take the little annoying. No the subject enormous but again, and inconvenience. Also, I think that that we have had this for legislation the month (perhaps less) first of a battery has died. They are sure he so only takes the battery of regular clock but frankly has not taken around for the open to discover.
Still with these subjects is to good sure the tool adds for a prize!!!!
5 / 5 By
Potty The formation has been the fight to say a less. My daughter has begun punctual and in hindsight, probably would owe that it has expected reason is has had a lot of spear of regression. In 4 years has been for gives up and hope and beg so only take on aim. My “punctual” telephone has to that it has on elected in the mine looks for potty pieces and on explosions a potty ad of clock. It has been wonderful! I love the reason
1. I do not owe that me worry roughly giving his memories and she do not have to me listen nag the all day
2. It can have full control of the his potty time (that it was it to struggle )
3. Some songs and the lights are really quite pleasant and so only long quite
And, my daughter has spent accidentally he in a bath, in the hablador to break immediately. Felizmente, there is to 30 guarantee of day and a company have sent the new mark an interior the week! Like this thankful!
Is the idea of character !
4 / 5 By
Has arrived DONA and with scuff frames well out of a container. It does not look for to be used, so only bad managed of a factory. I can try transmission for the new a, but packaging he and falling is gone in the UPS the tent is not exactly convenient. It can try substitute a battery in the first place, will update a description is achieved. It was really while this would be working, a memory has amused to good sure would help our young plus.

Update 9/29/15: after locating my micro engine, a clock comes aside easily (if calm the precise, the instructions are in a container in fact). Some batteries are well, but a control of the battery there is down be the manufacture or defect of assembly in those some batteries have not been pressed down to do contact. There is the triangle of small metal in a hood down that that that can be gone down using a same screwdriver to the equal that will leave a clock to run (picture posted aiming a control down. And a triangle). Emotional to 3 stars because now it turns on, but a transmission to touch to leave a boy touches the song is bad situated and hard to press by means of a coverage of hule. Really it has to that undermine his his nail to cause a key as I will leave it plus very big that an average 3 description of star.
4 / 5 By
This clock was like this amazing has bought another for when it remains in his granmas house. I have been trying for 4 month now and can not take his potty has coached. It has dipped this in his and paired he with a Potty Tots program of the formation and he have done excited in potty formation in planting to struggle with me on that. Have been to a shopping centre and each one that 30 minutes say me potty time! And we are to go to a bath. This was to achieve more than anything more. In three days she ws saying me (the majority of a time) when it have to that gone potty without his clock that goes era.
4 / 5 By
Was excited like this when this product has arrived, as they are the toddler professor and has seen his marvels. After seeing it in action once, has begun to recommend it to the each father the one who has struggled at all with taking his boy to agree to take time to use a potty. I do in the Montessori school, and the independence is the ENORMOUS SHOT for us, and this produces the offers concealed.
Unfortunately, arrives without touching at all. This in spite of, after achieving was the company, is by train to send me the substitution in any one load!! They are for his product, which break volumes in those that it creates in him. They are anxious to receive our substitution and traces with our travesía to result the diaper marries free, and will continue to recommend his to some parents of a tots signs!
4 / 5 By
Think that it was the idea adds to purchase this clock to assist with potty formation. Although conceptually the idea adds, this clock is simply rubbishes. One first order of clock some batteries have died interior 2 weeks; lasted roughly 10 days. After changing some batteries a simple clock has failed to do. Yes, I have bought and installed some correct batteries by means of the amazon of then has not been able to find battery of measure esatta in CVS. Of a clock is economic (so only would owe that say economic rubbishes) foolishly orders another. A lot informative is after the pair of weeks some batteries are still woroing, of the bad no s is a sound has failed. A sound was/ is a main point. It saves money or if any calm worry you in a $ 11 excepts degradation for simply dipping your telephone or point to echo to 30 60 or 90 minutes so only like clockwork.

Has achieved has gone by email to a costruttore and any answered with which 2 days. First to write the negative critique leaves an occasion to neutralise or do a situation the best a. When you have read of the like this negative critic sense to take a joint.

Suggest and promote Amazon to revise these commentaries to decide if the bad product has drawn like this would owe that be able to be sold in his place.
5 / 5 By
A lot so only recommends this product owes these hundreds of product of dollars now that I am not buying diapers! It can not take my daughter has interested is too independent to love me to say that to do has required excepts to build a habit and go often is three one 60setting of the min. And three weeks later are potty the accident has coached free 4 month now. They are not to water test and some wears of battery am gone in 2-4 weeks but look gone in some receipts for your box of diapers on 3 weeks and say me 2 or 3 of these is not to cost effective. And ossia with out spending on a fact that I any precise to dry on poop anymore or the upholstery cleaned some pieces of furniture of accidents. Still it recommends this for boys with feeble bladders that is older reason builds a habit for them to go never 30,60 or 90 minutes. Neither it is obnoxious which of then owe that listen during a day is that the import has lights and does to dip ready without words quite strong to listen but does not draw unwanted attention or interrupt dine. Some keys are enough tries of boy also and is thinking I so only dipped the timer in my clock this the independent fact and the entertainment for one kids how is a difference among kicking and shouting or the travesía happy. Ella pooped in a potty inner two hours of the take and in that aim that the law has said is his work because it is too much of the big daughter be using the diaper and bam! I can you do not say that what stress takes is lifted to be the free diaper but a be to expect lifted is the present, well try and some boys think that that it looks fresco especially spend the clock of wrist. Calm can give him to focus or sticker (focuses them is less expensive and does not finalise in some he calm wall his maintenances in a medicine cabinet) when they are done to sweeten one extracted also. Oh I has left my daughter opens his container of a mailbox verifies for him until it arrives daily( has had his to help me the first on-line order) then the open, was of entity to do to the enormous build up thinks that is reason has taken fast results .
4 / 5 By
This clock was the big factor in potty coaching my edges. It had been struggling for months. My edges simply does not love included try anymore. With which have explained the one who a clock was paralización and go of a first time, my edges has danced felizmente and has run to a bath that shouts them is TIME for IDA POTTY!! So only it blows my alcohol. I helped also to be more compatible and the not giving on liking before. It is true that is not waterproof, but my edges a lot included wants steps after the little time and when so only take was to wash his hands. With which no masters spend it has maintained so only our closure and utmost fact. A battery is lasted enough for him to take fully potty has coached.
5 / 5 By
Law really well for a first 1 week of full use and then some questions have begun. Mina 2yr old begun was to spend it so only in of the weekends for 2 weeks and then spends the whole day he in pupil for 1 week. Now it has subject - look impossible to the turn was, when turned in impossible looks to take a setting directly, and some numbers are disappearing. Now I can not see anything in a screen of exposure but occasionally laws. Regarding a concept, are to add and my toddler loves it. Adults to help that requires to go potty also reasons are used like this to some creatures in his diaper.
5 / 5 By
Have the 4.5 old year and has been potty coaching of the turns so only has bought recently this clock and is the saver of life for us. The desire would have bought it when we in the first place begun, def will use for my next boy. Mina DD has been having tonnes of incidents, has taken to a urologist and has discovered is caused all some accidents. Like these helps of clock adapt And partorisca gone potty. A urologist has said to take one and decided in this prize, the resistant water, music and lights and easy to turn on/was. I really like a capacity to change a time of 30/60/90 min and that does not have to that reset he every time. I need to turn it on and of newspaper (unless calm loves it so only continue go was) but does not import .
4 / 5 By
Our big plus hurdle with potty the formation has been consistency . Our daughter will be three next week, and has been toying with potty formation partorisca roughly 6 month now, but never consistently reason travel the plot, like this sometimes the diapers are so only easier partorisca long car walks, walks of slowly along, long hikes, etc. This clock maintained, my husband, and our punctually daughter. We begin partorisca use the the Tuesday, and like this of one next Tuesday our daughter was fully potty has coached.

Has had an application in mine telephone how was the alike concept - would send it the notification each one that 45 minutes, or any interval of time there is wanted, and still there is the little game can touch after using a potty, but she no really cured reason are not his. A clock has given his property and authorship for his organism, and answered extremely well to this.

Does not know that he take all the world, but the work adds for us! An only bummer is has used so only he for the week, like this now does not require it anymore. The supposition will hang his for one of his cousins to use later on.
4 / 5 By
Left beginning to say that I one 3 day potty coaching first method to use a Potty Clock. You are the really hard 3 days but I has been concerned roughly that do in daycare if I wasnt there to adapt and his a lot well for me to expect a caregivers to do exactly whst has done when there is 10 other boys to concern roughly. Like another mamma has suggested this and his amazing. My daughter has taken really well to a clock. I have begun to use the the pair of hours in a 3rd day of potty the formation and she would take all has excited. And now, when a song goes was, look in me and say 'the does not have to that go , next time'. Highly it suggests this Potty Clock!
5 / 5 By
This looks does exactly that alleges. It touches the pleasant little diddy each hour to aim yours little a to locate a potty. A sample easily can be turned was paralización nap/bedtime. A sale of clock is easily adjustable and does not break out of the sensitive skin of my daughter.

Has two negative points with this clock, this in spite of. In the first place, a sample automatically begins to count down again with which some arrivals of song. I take a function , but wish it prendería and need to be restarts after your girl has been potty. If your girl is in his potty for 15 minutes before they go potty, has to go back on in 45 with which conceal. Perhaps so only I have the strong willed toddler, but has found that the little annoying. Secondly, A speaker in a front of a clock is easily muted. Our quickly imagined daughter was that, if it have not been in a room and she have turned of the clocks, covering a speaker, could do not listening and can continue touch. The boys are sneaky.

In general would recommend this product. So only maintain your ears have peeled for this alarm.
5 / 5 By
The delivery was punctual, the looks of clock is like a picture-but with some batteries that has died- does the screen of spatial.
Show of instructions to substitute battery, which are (2.ºha LR44 Battery of cell of the key) has expected to take game he of security among some batteries or pull a tab of limit to release a contact but some batteries have died.
Are that it has to that find the way to order some batteries of on-line key that has a time of advantage of the month estimated because of COVID-19 viruses that delay of ships.
Can update my description when I am able to take a device to operate.
was able to take battery of substitution and UTMOST! Our granddaughter of 18th month already is using a potty clock and when the be achieved! It is excited like this to leave know when it is alarm and of the insiemi of music was reason is now of goes . Perfect product and highly recommend.
5 / 5 By
There is wanted really love this product because a concept is surprising. Unfortunately, the mine is to come broken like this never included has taken a casualidad to leave my little man tries it. A sound in the mine no at all, but some lights still will flash in an end of an account behind (as punctual in my video). They are incredibly disappointed is and feel as if I have squandered my money in the economic piece of junk. Has the 30 costruttore of day has guaranteeed, but this clock is not even value an extra cost of mailing join them to his sample.
4 / 5 By
I mine has received so only and does not turn on. Really a lot that wants to treat surgery to change a battery so only for the find still will not turn on. And frankly it does not find cost he. So only I am assuming is broken.

Update: I have not wanted to spend for some steps to return and time expósito for the look up. In this page of Amazon a vendor has the video posted on like this to fix one DONA dread. My battery have finalised to be well, was so only a metal throngs this resists a battery in place was free. It presioné Up and reinserted battery. A lot frustrating has has had to that included this this in spite of. Some works of clock a lot now. Mina 2I to the daughter does not like in fact spending it, but the maintain to of us after and is mad about when it goes era. We use a 90min setting. Any I have @@give can dip you 30, 60, or 90. Ossia The plus
4 / 5 By
has bought this to help potty coach my edges of 3 years. I knew it it was able to control his bladder and intestines but refused to say me when I need gone potty. I have looked for to take place him him them intervals but that classifies of accidents an authorship to “go to a potty” on me. I have tried to do then a together of routine method (that goes around a same time each day I: before lunch) but the plot of time, active already the wet. Well, it take exasperated and decided to try this clock. It is awesome!! It has dipped he in 30 intervals of small and some premiers few days have done sure to go potty when a clock has been he was. After the pocola raisin of days, has begun to leave say me needs to potty when a clock has been he was. Has has had so only a clock for the week and my edges I maintaining say it is necessary potty and a sample has not gone was. Yay!!!
Would give these 5 stars but I think a music of the clock does not touch sometimes or a music is too down and does not listen to go was. But still with these subjects, my edges has not had the accident of that taken a clock.
4 / 5 By
This good work for potty formation, but his no last very long. We use him to knots for the boy the one who has to medical condition that requires frequent memories to use a bath. His usually last the pair of month and then require substituted. I think that that it is so only very a lot the resistant water. We have tried changing some batteries (which cost in a same likes look he) and sometimes that works, but usually has to that substitute. I think that that I launched it it was roughly 8 of these a last year. If flat only calm to use it the few months to take a routine down, take a work done.
5 / 5 By
To the equal that have purchased this the few weeks behind. My edges has been interested to use a potty, but so only is not a lot well in saying. It is obsessed with clocks, as I have said, 'Reasons any for the give shot that?' It has done like the CHARM! It is the very small memory , has included on its own name, that is time for him partorisca gone potty! It has been in big boy undies for 2 weeks. BUT SADLY, there is now leave working. Substituting some batteries has not helped. It take the little water in the while washing his delivery once, but is very small. I do not comprise reason is labeled as 'the resistant water', reason does not seat is. Has a lot of be of the character roughly any when taking wet. I have turned the rear mine for 2 is the I say more? LOL Again, loves to recommend this and the give 5 STARS SOOOOOO bad, but can not think that quickly has has bitten a powder.
4 / 5 By
As well as description after the 2 times of week the period is that this clock is pleasant and go is gone in a calm pertinent time this in spite of have to turn it is gone in nap time and bedtimes and some keys are súper small to a point that my husband, daycare provider, and the father there has been questions that dipped a clock. Otherwise This has no really helped my edges to potty train or my husband to potty bus my edges. Alive in the house where are at present potty coaching the 23 old month (daughter) and my edges of 3.5 years and while both of them will go without accidents while it manacles with me look to continue to have accidents when with other people have believed so this clock would be the good thing for all the world-wide involved and arrivals to add to a WTF is going in factor to the equal that to reason my boys am not potty coaching also for all the world-wide more.
4 / 5 By
This has done adds partorisca our boys. Sometimes I am not wanted to to go when we ask him to us to, but for some reason when a clock goes was to go to run to a potty without question. A battery avenges with has run was inside the month or like this, but honradamente anything concealed comes with the battery (electronic, toys, etc) seats around moment before calm take it (and some the batteries resupplied for such elements are usually a lot utmost to begin with) to the equal that expect the transmission shortly after in all the chance. I have bought to 100 band of battery of key on here for ten bucks and substituted him a lot easily (behind has 3 rays, has to take a band in the first place). Mark so only sure is installing some right batteries and in a right direction, then reassemble and the turn behind on. Good works. Has two of these of our prime minister one had left to the fellow and has required one for our next edges before we take it to us behind. This first clock is on 4 yrs old and used for 2 boys and of the still works. As I am not sure on some descriptions in clocks not doing . Kinda Feels to like neither could be of error of user or wrongly installed battery. So only it has thought it to it in him.

Also, does not have him fray he. So only we leave it on a counter or I maintain in my pocket (to prevent he to take wetted in a tank). Really it does not like spending of clocks or anything for more than pocolos small in all the chance he like this the better starts that way. Also it likes that of him constantly resets he. Originally I thought it that it use the timer of cookery or my telephone but always has forgotten to the reset afterwards goes was or after the travesía to a potty. A clock is like this easier.
4 / 5 By
My edges have hated to use a basin to go to a restroom but after purchasing this clock will dance for gone potty.

After using this clock for awhile- his adds judge of shows to begin to take them excited to go. I seat like this it was while to a clock to say his time to go in place of him saying me when it has to that go. Wound on having the pocolos incidents among a time of clock.

After prendemos to spend a clock, begins to say me when it have to that go.

Thinks that ossia the option adds to take some boys have interested to seat in a basin.
5 / 5 By
This produces the law adds while it is maintained big and dry. Any a lot of the resistant water, fill with water with the hand that washed while in toddler wrist. When Open until dry was, has discovered not being any focuses in a crystal of clock, simply dipped in place, not even glued apparently, like this of course done the add driven. A transmission closely like this has any water proofing with an open hole for the easily available evasion. I guess a costruttore has to assume that any one a father is by train of the spend or that will be he takes of a toddlers wrist previously the washed of delivery. (ADDENDUM) does not have any statement on packaging of a not watering friendly state. This in spite of, when the people received in the 'any working order' Q & Some declares a focus in a transmission often is to rigid to do good contact when , plot of questions of engineering with this product.....
4 / 5 By
Using for the boy of 3 years those who forgets to go, but hates to be said to go.
This the fact his authorship to verify in with a potty each one that 30 mins or so much.

Has not had any one subjects with a battery, water or anything. Easy to use. Any one easy for a boy to manipulate.
Lights, flashes, music of games when a timer goes era. It says ' it is potty time!' And careers for gone potty. The desire had taken this more collected when knots first headed formation.
4 / 5 By
This was a pleasant plus , timer of shows more adorable! It has been for to purchase the second for the backside on when I have had to that change some batteries. Some batteries are stored in the part of a clock that also tugs in some other parts, a speaker and exposure. I took it to the jeweller to have some batteries substituted and once reassembled a sound was was and some numbers in a screen has not aimed also. Mark rechargeable, or separate some other working parts of a zone of the battery and he would be the 5 clock of star for ease of use and adorableness.
4 / 5 By
Has taken this potty shows for my grandson because when it is in home unless you are around to adapt to go, forgets to go to a bath and in preschool some professors do not adapt a toddler is to go potty so that it was having to that it weaves of accidents.
To the equal that have decided to give that this tries it and will say that go it using this now for 2 weeks and has not had any one accidents. When it Goes each one that 30 minutes he the little dance and he then sees to a bath.
I desire would have had this when my boys were to the youngest plot would have done he potty coaching so easier.
5 / 5 By
Like this usually does not leave descriptions but OMGGGGGGG!!! My daughter is 2. You are 3 the few months. Superrrr Intelligent but potty the formation is so only a lot something concerns to conquer. I have read in a potty clock and says hmmm will try it. It has dipped a clock in his and dip the to go of the each hour. Some first time go was has done the sound takes súper excited and has said “your clock says that it is now of pee!!” With which one a lot first time, every time so only his clock goes has taken SOOOOOO excited and cries “MOMMY HIS PEE PEE TIME! MI CLOCK MI CLOCK!” I have used 3 appeal-ups in 3 days! Ossia So only for his to sleep in! Whomever Has created this clock, is the HEAVEN has SENT! To good sure recommends this!!!! 🙌🏽
4 / 5 By
Has had a Potty shows for almost the week. My edges LOVES It! My little bee has occupied so only takes like this involved with that is doing forgets has to that go and for a time the @give, is too late. But now, a little song goes was and is excited like this, falls all and careers to a bath. Also, when being a calm adult does not have to that go like this often so that the calm boys so that it forgets to ask them he so that it is the good memory for the father the one who has to weaves of his dish. The element adds!
5 / 5 By
Am coaching my daughter of 15 month, is young but having the this has done the like this easier. My family thinks that that I am ridiculous of the buy reason can dip alarms in my telephone. Quell'Having In my wrist the fact so much easier, especially of then I always free my telephone. First day that use him is goes 15 times in a potty with 3 accidents. The desire was more pleasant or perhaps has not had the form of basin, but in general a lot happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5 By
Was adds yes so only is waterproof. My edges have taken his wetted in a process to wash his hands, as it was expected with a lot of young girls, and paralizaciones to do. It is really a lot practical to do the boys take a clock on 30/60/90 minutes to wash his hands, and is not realistic to expect the father to be in his boy to do sure a sample does not take to wet each one that. Time. The boy. pees. You are 5 stars be waterproof or reasonably waters-resistant. Mina so that it love his boys and sometimes helps him agree to go, but my edges has died been due to a defect to draw in any when doing waterproof. I am appreciated is not an expensive element, although gladly it pays more for him be waterproof.
5 / 5 By
Has the stubborn boy! I have tried a lot of tricks of mamma partorisca try and potty mine of coach 2 old year. Has think that reason was obsessed with candy that a system of recompense would do more partorisca he. Well, fact... Partorisca Roughly 3 days. After the course to a potty, the squeeze was two drops of pee and cry because it do not take his reward. I eat... After giving on on that it was already he has not motivated.
Has found this clock and has decided has had at all partorisca lose. I gave it to my edges and he have thought is a boy a fresh plus in a world! It spends the clock of big boy. It can not expect run to a potty every time go was. We would do the big shot roughly the and yell is potty the time every time listens partorisca go was and he beam proudly and emotion. Any subject where is these pocolos help by heart and in the agree to take to a potty. So only I can not express that I amour this thing. If you are in a fence, take it!!
4 / 5 By
To good sure takes my toddler has excited in potty time, but has some defects to draw. It is hard to press some keys to reset some intervals partorisca time so many can be the ache partorisca dip up. One of some things has seen in a lot of the negative critiques is that you cant the turn was. Ossia In fact very true. There is one 'was' setting, is so only the ache partorisca the dipped on that. Usually so only we hide it at night. It returns quite well, and a material is sturdy. It is pleasant like the plot of people has asked roughly that. There are 3 different tunes that the rotates among, which have thought was ordered. It is not a better potty clock in a phase, but so that pocolos have paid his value he.
4 / 5 By
This clock was pleasant when it operates. With which roughly 2 weeks no longer could listen a music. Calm still could see some lights but any music that was very disappointing to the equal that was really helping my edges to potty train. Of then taking it and the leaves the law is to be seating in his dresser any when being pas used because of a music. I have read other descriptions on some same subjects. The desire would have looked more his reason have not purchased it if it have known that leaves to do interior 2 weeks.
5 / 5 By
Like my boy has known as to use a potty before we buy a clock, but simply would refuse to take touching and go to a bath when I need to.
Has bought a sample while the precise suitable help to take and go. Day one was rough, but for day two has an idea. Two weeks later a lot still need a clock anymore! It was able of the spend to priest/of school day to help adapt without dipping any one extra load in his professors to adapt. Some songs a lot included distract a rest of a class when it go was. Seriously more $ 10 I never spent, and to good sure the plan purchases another for my daughter when it is ready .
4 / 5 By
Has read everything of some first mixed descriptions to purchase this clock and decided for the give the casualidad. My edges has been struggling potty formation for some time now and some works of clock like the charm! It is mad about every time some games of the music and some lights flash. It feigns it all the world, comprising a cashier in Aim! It is easy to use and is the good memory for both me and my edges that is now of to head to a bath. I have been using he for 3 days now and there is has had so only an accident.
4 / 5 By
Has bought this clock for mine 2 old year ossia potty formation. I want that we can dip he for each hour and touches the song and in the know that it is now of to go to try. I have taken this clock of a band of arm and dip the in the lanyard this in spite of so that that can spend around his with the or can the to us hang to somewhere. With which two days can not see a screen to the equal that have ordered some batteries in of the hopes that ossia a question . I expect that ossia a subject . I will update. I want that calm also can turn was paralización naps and bedtime.
5 / 5 By
Mina 3 old year was the challenge to potty train. I have found this clock and was excited so it can feel a bit in control of him everything. It is not a type that likes to be said that to do, as this was to be add! I am spent the days of pair that do sure all the world in our family has has spent clocks around and has spoken roughly clocks that the quotas are. Then his wine and was apprehensive at the beginning, but has loved finally be like and decided to spend it. Unfortunately, he never done correctly. Has has had to that manually dipped a time every time. Then with which 3 or 4 hours entirely takes to do. It have done sure any to take it wet and he any one anything concealed could have it has caused. It was sad of the turn, reason is really the idea adds!
5 / 5 By
After trying for ever to take mine 3 old year to coach, ossia an only thing that has done. I have been with one 30 setting of minute for the week and dulcemente transitioned to 1 now and finally with which 2 weeks (of hell), has been watchless. It looks the gimmicky element at the beginning but for boys he the one who was very resistant to be coached, this was the element of the novelty adds that it has taken it in fact has excited roughly that goes to a potty
4 / 5 By
has had this product for the month. Like this far, like this good. The mine has turned again 2 year does not have any question that spends it. It is mad about when it goes it was. Honradamente Do not use it a lot a lot of in home bc so only go when I need to. We use it to us while it is it was and roughly to adapt both of us to have the sound tries and go. It is easy to take distracted while out of a house especially bc is not like this familiarised with some settings and of the locations of bath etc.
4 / 5 By
When Any suggestion, download or manager to try to seat in a potty resulted to struggle to be able to, has considered to assume the Potty Consultor. Before I have gone this in spite of with this I decided to try a Potty Clock. It feels like such the big boy that spends his clock, taking compliments of all the world-wide and now is his” idea to try “ a potty. We have not taken never included the he pee in a potty until Day 2 of Potty Clock. I have bought his clock of favourite character to substitute Potty Sample as his final reward when any precise a memory more. Here it is while. Like this appreciated for Potty the Clock! Good regime by all the world more in a same phase!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Benny Bradley's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 By Horacio
I am spent the plot to time partorisca research potty clocks of formation. Finally enough it has decided it in a clock of Bradley of Benny but I also decided to try another common more elongated oval way that has thought could return a small wrist of the 3 old year better as I have purchased both. Immediately a start there is remarked that more sturdy a strap and casing is in Benny clock was compared like this to another fashion. Benny clock is quell'has bitten bulkier but to the ours to 3 year liked why looks more like this of some clocks have spent of some adults. I have decided to be necessary to try both before we have done the final decision. I have been to touch both clocks and has found then another element another more favorecedor with Benny clock. It is very easy to the toe opens a port of the load and discharges he in an upload. A port of load is is remained attached to an organism of a clock. With another model has had to dissemble a whole clock, taking a silicone that the houses was as well as that takes a tiny coverage for a port upload which is then entirely detached of a clock and very easy to lose. After touching both clocks have left his shows of Benny of the wear in pupils. It take a report that he well with which took it has programmed properly. (More in this late plus.) A next day has left his spend another fashion in pupil. Turn of pupil without a clock. After following up with some personnel. It has discovered of the a clock for the majority of a day and he had done well but has imagined out of a simple fastener and has had to take the diverse time during an evening. It has had to dip it it was for the insurances that maintains after the find and has forgotten for the send house with his. Benny clock has the buckle that can not open but another fashion has the simple small key that is pressed by means of the hole in a band that any toddler can take.
Both clocks operate and is programmed by the alone key. So much it offers 30, 60 and 90 programs of minute. The desire has had an option of 120 minutes or longer reasons after coaching any precise a 30 or 60 memory of small that it was like this handy during some first days. Now so only we say that it can skip that goes in an alarm but has to that go a next time and this is doing well. Now behind the programming. Benny clock was the little harder that take programmed correctly reason some instructions resembled skip the small step. It was having the question that takes it to dip an audible alarm. I have imagined once that it was think that Benny clock is the very better tool because of being sturdier, easier that touch and unable to be take for a toddler. Also a thing loves the stress is that service of the client in Benny clock is far upper in any service of client has received of any company has treated. I buy to plot by means of Amazon and has had my action of subjects. This company has answered my worry roughly programming inside a day and included me the personalised video to help also. Then we write me the abonos follows on paper and has taken a the extra step the referencing the travesía good has taken by means of my hometown. Calm think that you will be satisfied more with this clock and I know you to you there will be better success in any in the loser or any if it is components . Five stars!
4 / 5 By Eddy
There is disappointed further in this clock. It has had things roughly to that no to have me legustado that it was has had to that to look spent in of the hopes that would help it mine 3 old year potty train, to to the things like...
✅ A band of clock is big. Quell'Age thinks is potty formation and the one who enormous think that these girls are? I owe that use a second to last hole that leaves the tonne of extra band that annoying my edges.
✅ A potty the alarms of formation is way too easy to the turn was without prpers prpers give.
✅ My edges spends for moments where loves it spend and is no. This is not fault of a company and was WELL with him any when spending . We so only dipped the in a shelf and was a lot of of the have coverage each one that 30 mins without me that has to that agree for the dipped. As it was it has had to that to look past lucido a lot that wants to spend. I mean, with boys, honradamente does not know never that it will be it in a way to spend.

But with which having this clock for the total of 4 days... This (sees photo) is spent. It feels in a shelf this morning with which have touched he during a night and dip a timer to start with that goes was in intervals for a day. When have @to @give a timer has not been was when it was supposed to, looked in an alarm and ossia the one who looks! This means...

1. An exposure is messed arrive-- which number is that supposition to be?

2. It turns it was and messed especially in his own! I marvel me that of these times have thought my easily has turned edges of a timer that really a timer has turned was!

Ossia The MAIN FUNCTION for this clock. Honradamente Very precise to do Anything more besides be able to consistently place of the timer for gone potty. Of my experience, can any one although .

The one who the waste of 20 bucks. It looks fresh this in spite of 🤷‍♀️
4 / 5 By Michelina
Orderly for different approximation to potty formation for the stubborn mine 3.5 year . Work a lot second the one who that alert my daughter and hopefully with practise it taking more independent. The subject only is that perhaps it is too easy for my daughter to unintentionally of tower of in pupil, no really sure is or some professors that the turn thinks requires to reset he. An out of the function is one touches to actuate screen then touch and the control to turn was which can be done for the small hand that touches. The clock would be perfect if an out of the function was further down a paper requiring more skill of level of the adult to deactivate. To good sure a thing this is to do a better with my daughter.
4 / 5 By Jacque
Prefect Shows for any boy ready to potty train or in our chance a to the to the one who does not like to take that it is doing to go! My edges was quite potty coached but has begun having accidents more frequent and always say does not have to that pee his trousers! It is quite independent, is 4 so much has thought it to them potty shows wld be perfect for him. The to plot of investigation and has gone back to this a bc of an alarm to vibrate. It is perfect and discreet which is the one who the beloved for him in pupil. I love each characteristic of this clock and work without any subjects. I have had question with the pair before but the crew of Benny Bradley has done with me and has done sure has had them the clock of full operation. After reading the directions is really easy to use and my edges loves it and is doing! His clock goes was and literally falls that it is doing to go. Thank you Benny Bradley, has saved mine sanity!
5 / 5 By Ross
Is that I have required to help adapt me of what time is spent. Traing Is much more state achieved of then using east. My screen has not been wheel when it has taken them. Work entirely. And it says that it times like this it can them spend when my boy is trying to chew the up. But so only you grieve it returns my wrist but im the big lady likes probably returned more other parents so only well. It is big in mine 3 old year but hes tiny like an average 2 year... It spends 2t dressed.... In general he gokd compraventa. Happy with cost of mine
5 / 5 By Anisa
has tried the variety of strategies on almost 18 months to potty coaches our edges, and at all has done. I will not say that this clock was 100 manager for his finally 'taking it' but he certainly helped like this splits of the main strategy. It likes work for knots. It is quite easy to use, and some creators have done the good work to do a UI understandable with such functionality has limited available -- I bad, is the sub $ 20 clock, no a Clock of Apple. Also it spends -- for a wash and has done still. Unfortunately, it lose a face of clock in the bouncy castle (any one a band) likes regime of a band, fyi.
4 / 5 By Ginny
This clock was the transmission of game for knots! Mina 3 old year has not aimed I a lot excites roughly using a potty. We have tried to take lucidos inner dresses of special big boy with his favourite characters. He so only peed thru him. One of his friends in daycare used the timer to adapt his edges has been now of potty. The mine has hated that. But it loves clocks. I have chosen Benny Bradley Potty Shows because music key. Some first time goes the edges was taste 'that is that I touch?' I have said it it was his clock that says has been now of uses a potty. Run to a potty all has excited! It is been that that never of then. Have been that uses a clock for the week now and still is mad about when it goes era! It take he in pupil with him and uses it there too much! His professor has loved the reason know was his alarm versus some of some other boys. Thank you Benny Bradley for coming to a potty rescue of formation!
4 / 5 By Lupe
Is highly effective to adapt the girl to go potty, but is not like this easy to dip reason is not to like the Fitbit where so only can touch anywhere. There is the something concrete has to that touch to see and dip one looks how is both the little hard for the young boy and annoying for an adult.
4 / 5 By Irish
My daughter has begun to use this clock 2 weeks ago. His friends in of the school has begun to the touch went it to him excited to see such the thing. His professor has has had to that the take was to result the distraction for another classmates (not helping here!). Sh Promised to begin to do in that goes potty for his to plot more so much can have a clock behind in of the weekends. His his favourite colour. We kep he in a box until mine another daughter is quite old to potty train.
4 / 5 By Marvin
Purchases this like the last resource for our potty formation toddler. His professor recommended it potty clock and after reading a description feels this would fulfil our needs and he have done. It is excited like this to spend it to pupil and proudly aimed it all his friends. While it is the simple clock , take the bit to time to fully comprise like this to change some functions and plants it. But I imagined it once it has been it was the breeze and does exactly that need to do.
5 / 5 By Shanae
Thinks to be to in fact do a precise way to, was adds. A sample like the works but the programming is crazy. A neighbour up is different and a touch and control for each characteristic. I have looked in an internet to try and program it and my clock any as well as another does. Not To Leave me dipped on anything and the just turns was. Also tried just silence a darn the thing because has has thought turned a music was and stop he to count down. He still comm counted and going was every time!!! Sending behind and taking a rule one with keys
4 / 5 By Reed
Is highly effective to adapt the boy to go potty, but is not like this easy to dip reason is not to like the Fitbit where so only can touch anywhere. There is the something concrete has to that touch to see and dip one looks how is both the little hard for the young boy and annoying for an adult.
5 / 5 By Keira
We have had some question with a first compraventa of clock, but the service of client was very on that. (Perhaps the subject of programming - send the substitution) You same follow-ups up with us the week or two after a question has been solved so only partorisca do sure all was a lot. Regarding a clock he: they are súper impressed with as sturdy/well has built is. Calm to good sure has to that read some instructions partorisca take bet on, but with which is very easy to use.
5 / 5 By Ezequiel
Totally unhappy with this compraventa and at present that tries to return. There not to go it the week and a clasp has broken. A screen is relatively funky partorisca dip up and take going, calm once takes some taps in a sensor and that partorisca each is nots terrible, but to good sure more the time that eats that I have expected. It does not squander your money.
4 / 5 By Rodger
Purchases this like the last resource partorisca ours potty formation toddler. His professor recommended the potty clock and after reading a description feels this would fulfil our needs and he have done. It is excited like this partorisca spend it to pupil and proudly aimed it all his friends. While it is the simple clock , take the bit partorisca time to fully comprise like this partorisca change some functions and plants it. But I imagined it once it has been it was the breeze and does exactly that need to do.
5 / 5 By Boris
A law of element adds. My edges of 6 years loves it. There is prendido peeing his trousers in of the school. It is almost the daily occurrence and now is once in the blue moon. The desire there is the life of the longest battery. Also some instructions do not say you that has a timer on, he no sinister transmission a time. We have had a transmission that thinks that was defective. Finally we imagine it it was for casualidad. In general it is the product adds for the good prize.
4 / 5 By Clarinda
A clock was easy to dip up and use. To to I My edges liked and has run of mine while it go was. It knows it it has been now of it goes potty. Like the first mamma of time, to good sure would recommend this clock to any one looking for the little structure with potty coaching❤
4 / 5 By Mercy
has produced Adds! It is “complicated” enough to dip on top of that mine toddler can not change some settings but father quite friendly that this mamma tired still could imagine was! Mina toddler amours to feel control ( any they all) and ossia the different source that adapted to go potty concealed is not . Once it is done potty formation, this clock is easily still the clock without a potty dipped of timer. Simple creation and no the character has related leaves this product to be used past toddler phase. To good sure recommend this product!
5 / 5 By Pauline
My alive edges this clock! I have helped really potty train! A song at the beginning any one a More adds them but calm once sing a song some girls comprise that song is. My edges was unsure at the beginning but loves it now!
5 / 5 By Nelson
Has purchased this clock for mine 3 yr old edges. A sample has adapted to be necessary to go to use his potty each one that 30 mins. It was a lot this in spite of, a clock there is prendido only law. A time will look but somehow a no longer turned clock in a following morning. I have used a clock for just 1 week. A sample has not been to wet or anything.
4 / 5 By Tianna
Has taken this for my edges. It is obsessed with my clock and is doing in potty coaching like this look to like it would be the perfect access . At the beginning it is the little delicate to program. It gives the thanks to the god has has sent instructions. After calm dipped that on once is the breeze in disposal forward. I recommend this for potty formation. It has helped so much. My edges have gone 2 days with 2 accidents. Any bad! .
5 / 5 By Darlene
Has ordered this clock for my edges of 22 months those who only is beginning to potty train. It have ordered other looks by heart that the so only has not gone quite strong in his alarms for them to be effective. But this one are adds! His bot too strong, but so only a perfect volume. It was easy to dip up.
Had ordered two. One for my edges and one for his better friends. One looks has not done properly and has contacted a vendor and has taken the response and the working substitution immediately! On everything, am very happy with this product and a service of exceptional client. Highly recommend.
5 / 5 By Kristel
Update in shows: With which 4 month there is prendido in vibrant. An alarm will go was and objective Ido Aller Aller but not vibrating.

Original description:
has used a clock partorisca the week now without big questions. Dipping it on is not súper hard. One the good thing is an alarm does not go was while touching.

Things partorisca remark.
- The girl can turn an alarm was quite easy. It has had to teach my boy like the reset he.
- The band is class to yearn girls.
- Both some times and the alarm have changed while touching.
4 / 5 By Lashon
Has bought this clock for my edges of 4 years those who has the question that agrees to use a potty. Law really well at the beginning, goes every time go was. Now it does not concern and still it wets but a clock is really good. You recommend that that has dipped the better lock in a band of wrist so that the girls can do not taking was. Also images was regarding the turn was after 3 weeks of haveing the but did not think it was that easy. No the hard clock to dip up or use.
5 / 5 By Soledad
Has read some instructions! It is done to be defying for small people to not being able to operate but no hard for an adult. The service of client is headed to well sure on satisfaction. Enjoy a product that knows is helping the subject small.

Now to find the way to take my daughter to maintain a stop of clock that is stubborn.
4 / 5 By Lean
Looks Of clock well, and good functions. I am returned this element because it can be turned of/deactivated for a slightest touch. My little one would clash with his opposite arm and some memories would close era. It does not add for hourly visits of bath.
4 / 5 By Lakesha
The thing has better tried for potty formation. The interior less than the week has been the free accident for a first time. There is not never of the accidents in daycare but now with a quarantine does not love never takes that he that does. ALWAYS it goes when a potty the clock goes era. I can not take for the spend a lot but is in a room with us and that reads so only well.
5 / 5 By Roman
Uses this product to help our edges (those who is potty coached) to go to a bath regularly (sometimes expect to long and have accidents). It is very useful. A subject only is that navigating by means of some controls a first time was the small confusing, but imagined it once was, he using was the breeze. Highly recommend it. A better part is that it looks the regular clock .
5 / 5 By Adell
Personally, chair that this product is complicated too much for an average has aged potty girl of formation to use.
4 / 5 By Angelica
The product has not done and was used obviously before it has behind envoy and annoy was as you can see a screen was all there is lined up out of a box. Also it was too easy for mine 3 old year the disorder with some settings. Already sent behind for the repayment
4 / 5 By Eneida
has received a clock and he was exactly that has thought! There is the good creation and my edges have not imported the dipping on and it leaving on, which was my original worry . There is not any key and a whole thing is screen to touch . While taken the moment to read some directions all is súper easy!
5 / 5 By Pattie
Pleasant quality , well, but has had such the hard time that takes it to do. It was not it was defective or no, but is the enormous ache as no the utilisation . Can have me been I so that it suggests any one giving tries it.
5 / 5 By Mckinley
Some works of clock - my subject only is some explosions of face out of a band quite regularly.
5 / 5 By Viola
Really like this shows for my edges those who simply takes busy and forgets to use a potty. It is the memory adds for him. Amur A characteristic of the vibration in chance requires a clock to be silent but still adapt them! It has not tried in watering still as it can not give the description in that.
5 / 5 By Kelli
Begins was adds. It can no images was like this to do at the beginning but my edges have wanted it at the beginning. It takes To do after roughly 3 weeks.
4 / 5 By Alyssa
Was the helps adds in potty formation. Little one has fallen included he in the full tank of the water and he have maintained to go. You recommend!
5 / 5 By Norberto
Requires to read manual to dip a clock up... But they explain in some manuals that has been drawn to be difficult to change settings like this little of the people could not change settings for accident.
4 / 5 By Arlene
This clock is waaaaay the big for the toddler. Turn my wrist in a half hole. A screen of clock any precise to be this big! Picture for mine of comparison Garmin.
5 / 5 By Concha
Looks for the potty shows of formation for our 3 old year and could not be impressed more! Some characteristic and the functionality are sincere and easy to use. Besides, a clock gives our edges the sense of pride to spend.

Highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Hosea
My daughter has said that a clock is wonderful. My grandson loves a big screen and a sound that does when it is by train to adapt is now of goes . Also it likes that it is in of war the clock like his dad. I have not estimated if it is waterproof reason he no ware he in a tub. Stacey
5 / 5 By Dot
Extremely hard of the take place on and some directions are any help . It has not taken included for the use still reason can not imagine was regarding the take place up.
4 / 5 By Kaylee
Work partorisca take my edges in a habit partorisca go potty, but a timer can be easily turns was. I require dipped the on every time is not doing properly.
4 / 5 By Maryann
Ossia awesome. If so only my two old year would maintain it on.
4 / 5 By Kimberlee
Works like the charm. Easy to use. My daughter wants to spend the.
4 / 5 By Chantell
The memories are utmost for the busy boy. Works well with the kid the one who has a lot deep to game and forgets to use a potty
5 / 5 By Tawny
the mine has received So only for mine to 3 old year like him like this far. I want to the one who strong quite is for him to listen. There is there is has not had he in closing.
5 / 5 By Dessie
A sample that is is announced to do. My boy has swum in a group the time of pair and like this far any question. Stain easily.
5 / 5 By Terrance
To That it liked him to it on this clock is that has his and vibration. It go easy to dip up. This in spite of afterwards the week, begins to fail to do properly...
4 / 5 By Nicola
Has had the a lot of stubborn toddler in our hands and an alarm/of clock was an only thing that has taken to the compatible potty time!
5 / 5 By Leatrice
Has taken the pair of days to take a hangs of a clock, no a sample more a
Toddler maintains resetting the this in spite of ossia an only thing are having the question with. It maintains to touch the.

Top Customer Reviews: PottyWrist Potty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5 By Minerva
It is so only our first day with this clock but am very impressed. When I have received a clock, a battery there has not been any one load. Have take a face of clock of a band and has used a comprised touching cord. I plugged a clock in in 10:10am. I have verified a clock 30 minutes later this in spite of covers. I have verified in some of the frames of now and was has touched fully. I am not sure if an exact touching the time but I would say around 45 minutes. There are two keys in a side, one is the key of way and another east the key closely. A real clock separates is very easy to take and reinsert to a bracelet. A manual of instruction is comprised and some instructions were very simple and easy to follow. You can change some settings partorisca time a lot easily and there are four options; 30, 60, 90 minutes, or era. Calm also can use a key of way to change among three settings; time, timer, and level of battery. When A timer goes was touches a tune of twinkle twinkle little star/abc is and flashes a word “goes “in a face of clock. A tune is not súper strong but is so only enough to take the attention of my daughter. I have comprised the video of the timer of a clock that goes era. So only agree to turn a timer was before nap/bedtime. It is the a lot of lustrous looking the clock and my two old year feels like the big daughter that spends it. Also it returns chubby little good arm. There is abundance of holes in a band for a lot of options of measure. Had the little present extra has comprised. You are the panda bear that can you slide in a band of clock the accessorize. A specific manual that a waterproof appearance is limited. It says that minor splashes to wash the hands is acceptable but any to submerge in to the the water likes to swim or bathing. In general, I am very pleased with this compraventa and highly would recommend it. I expect that this description was useful!
5 / 5 By Basilia
Ours the daughter has 22 month . We potty has coached his in 20.5 month and adds. This in spite of, in long car walks, knows to say “pee” more probably take his out of his car chair for the minute. This clock has the 30, 60, or 90 timer of small that will touch to musical tune. A boy finally connects that when some games of music, is now of potty. In fact we take the different approximation with this clock and decided to see can help avert an a lot of “pees” listen in a car. Instead, we practise house with him and now sees can say “attended for a music” when it announces need to pee!

Pro- Looks the Fitbit like our daughter felt súper special spending it.

With- When we order, is not waterproof still, but looks concealed is now state changed in a model a new plus!
5 / 5 By Hedwig
Each busy father NEEDS this partorisca potty formation. It is literally a place the and forget it method. It has dipped a clock to 30,60,90 minutes and he touches the little song and flashes “goes” to adapt your girl to try that it goes potty. ENORMOUS swipe in our house and he still maintains the mamma on follows when a day is full of distractions.
5 / 5 By Omega
This potty helps of clock like this when it comes to help my daughter agrees to potty. It can be place in 30, 60 or 90 intervals of minute. As to reward has the little panda amour that access in a strap and he help to give his stimulating. Absolutely I love it and hopefully having east the easiest fact and faster that mine other two boys.
4 / 5 By Blanch
Such the ready idea to adapt your little one for gone potty. My daughter is potty coached but once in the moment when the touch has eaten an occasional accident has arrived. This pottywrist the clock is a perfect pottytraining mate. A sample of alarm has a pleasant plus pocola tune with the lights that flashes to adapt your girl each one that 30, 60 or 90 minutes to go potty according to a term of time loves dipped he in. After alarming, he resets automatically for a next memory like this opportunely adapt them all day. Also it likes like this it is waterproof to the equal that can wash of his hands without requiring to take a clock was. Ossia A better potty the mate of formation has found.
5 / 5 By Isadora
My daughter there has been the recurrent UTI (infection of urinary streets) and this clock has helped his to maintain clue of potty times which has helped his to regulate behind the normal. Calm does not have to that agree to the reset to a time likes with other clocks. Some resets of timer he until a battery dies. An only downside is by train of the turn was at night but calm really have to it that touch anyways. As no really the question. I produce it adds.
4 / 5 By Elanor
A course of the hule of a clock rasgó for the half after my daughter has spent he for 2 days. It liked Really of a clock but a part of band of the clock of hule was flimsy and is there is disappointed extremely. Waste of money.
4 / 5 By Clora
This potty looks of clock of the wrist so only like the FitBit! I need the touch after takings out of a box. It likes that there is of the few different options partorisca sizing. Calm also can take a half piece was to touch. My boy loves it and a colour!
5 / 5 By Debbra
This clock sings my daughter each one that 30 minutes to alert for gone potty. Hardly it begins to sing careers to a bath! It does not have any has an accident while it is using this product! This product has done potty that coaches my daughter to the easiest plot, as it is dipping two and two near. We look forward to his arrival his travesía of formation!
4 / 5 By Fidelia
My daughter of 3 years has been potty the coaching of then is 2, takes a hangs of him but then regress, use so many different methods and ideas to take to go you potty but always there are incidents, ossia like this easy to use, his resistant water, and my daughter takes like this excited when a little music/of alarm goes was to adapt his potty time, like this far like this well, to good sure would recommend this for any need concealed the little help extra with potty coaching his girls, this really helps!
5 / 5 By Kelsi
Ossia The economic product and really would owe that be returning he for the full repayment in place of just writing this description. I can not believe this cost of product $ 20 for such the lack of characteristics and for the key closely that any one always laws. And with just two keys to operate all, included this esimple' the sample is not doing properly. A key closely, to dip an interval of time among 0-30-60-90 intervals of minute for an alarm, no a day, and then a work of next day. If you are lucky a day to dip some intervals to alarm to 30 minutes, an alarm touches each one that thirty minutes all day and the night until a battery dies. In an evening tries to dip an interval to 0 so that an alarm will not touch at night, this in spite of some evenings this characteristic in a clock no , as we remain with an alarm that touch each thirty minutes all the prejudices he long. So only a type of hassle the father does not want to treat when creating the little boy. A sample inside a band of hule feels economic. I seat taken with this product. And yes, I read and it has followed some instructions attentively.
4 / 5 By Serina
This potty helps of clock like this when it comes to help my daughter agrees the potty. It can be place in 30, 60 or 90 intervals of minute. As to reward has the little panda amour that access in a strap and he help to give his stimulating. Absolutely I love it and hopefully having east the easiest fact and faster that mine other two boys.
5 / 5 By Erick
Has had so the question that takes mine 3 old year to potty train. These helps of what so much and honradamente Im impacted of then has taken out of desperation and has not had a lot of hope. In a box was a clock , 2 charms to dip in a clock (a panda and the unicorn), Helmet potty layer of reward for a boy to dip stickers on, and instructions for a clock. A clock has to that to the pocolas work likes them dipped a time, turning it was and that changes a quantity of time among coverages (30, 60 or 90 minutes). Some keys to dip look the little sensitive and has has had to that repush some keys here and there for him to take. But I felizmente dipped a time and dip a clock to 90 coverages of minute. I have not touched some keys of settings of then. I take it it was his wrist at night and touch. In a morning unplugs one load and dip the backside in his wrist. No the twist was and does not change some settings (quite frankly does not have to time the disorder with some settings). This has done perfectly for at least the week now and for $ 20 has has saved possibly mine sanity. Every time he the coverages of my daughter creates like the robot and goes potty everything for his. It is proud and happy and feels independent and probably happy to have his fresh clock says to go potty in place of me! A coverage is quite strong for all the world in a room for the listen, but is not disruptive is was or in the restaurant, etc. His school of Nursery has has left included to use classify reason his no disruptive.
4 / 5 By Bennett
Love this pleasant little clock. A song was pleasant, some keys were easy for mine 4 old year to press and the turn was.

An only thing I desire is has had the 2 hr dipping like this sometimes 1.5 hours is not quite time for my boy to love pee again ( has been doing 1hr the setting and that ignores an alarm, that goes in a second a).

My daughter has taken wets some time and I thought it there is ruined reasons any copper but days later she plugged he in and does again. I have it quell'has bought so only another reason liked so much and helped averts UTIs of withholding.

An option partorisca withholders could be to use this together with the map of sticker.

The show adds and like this pleasant and easy to use!
4 / 5 By Polly
A band has broken in the week, well near of a timepiece which is going the engaged a control of water. A timepiece is a lot this in spite of can maintain a together sale. Superglue Has not done takes long.

A band is also insanely big for the toddler. Turn, the woman grown with 20lb to lose. A piece of time is long and width, like this calm so only can shorten so much, but then has to that it weaves of excess band to direct. Perhaps cut of a surplus and reduce stress in a band in general, less tugging.

Is easy to dip and the turn was although some directions am not very attentive. I found it difficult to verify a level of battery, but a hard battery the week.

Like the concept, is the good memory , especially for the stubborn boy, but is too easy to silence. My daughter has imagined was a lot quickly that closes a sound of fast, the person the would remark has been was.

Some charms are pleasant. Ours is coming with a panda distinguished And the unicorn. His slide to a band, as any one easy to lose and no easy to give like this to reward like this has planned it neither. Can have it it has helped it in fact a band partorisca rasgar, as it recommends any to use them . So only it does not leave kiddo see them.
4 / 5 By Arlen
My daughter is the girly the daughter and this looked like this lucido. It avenge it ascended with the unicorn and the panda (panda is his preferred) calms the multiple of frame was, 30, 60, 90 alarms of minutes. An alarm is not annoying, and easily has turned was.

Has used he partorisca each 30 minutes and there is remarked then there is not requiring goes then clashed it simply up.

Uploads at night and is very partorisca a whole day.

Any complaint, is taught partorisca agree it partorisca go and no partorisca the resist . It is I helped also why I will take swept up in something one Forgets partorisca adapt he so that would have some accidents but this help me where does not have any accident!

He yeah he!
5 / 5 By Sharonda
My daughter is obsessed!!! It is seriously a more pleasant thing never! Have been potty formation partorisca the week now and taking sooooo has excited partorisca dip in his clock each one which listens goes was and cries “MAMI GO To the BATH!!!” Lol (So only Speaks the Spanish right now) is adorable to see the little 2 old year be like this excited partorisca is the mamma knows the boys are enamoured with something partorisca 10mins and then take on the, but my boy maintains this on all day and feels all pleasant with him on!!! Highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Lelah
This potty looks of clock of the wrist so only like the FitBit! I need the touch after takings out of a box. It likes that there is of the few different options partorisca sizing. Calm also can take a half piece was partorisca touch. My boy loves it and a colour!
4 / 5 By Samella
This clock sings my daughter each one that 30 minutes to alert for gone potty. Hardly it begins to sing careers to a bath! It does not have any accident while it is using this product! This product has done potty that coaches my daughter the easiest plot, as it is dipping two and two near. We look forward to his arrival his travesía of formation!
4 / 5 By Buck
Has twin toddlers and love his potty clock! In front of all some daughters want to spend his and ossia of entities. A clock comes with the timer that can dip you for 30, 60, 90 minutes (whichever works for calm) to adapt your boy is time for gone “ potty”. Also it comes with the potty map and the pleasant removable charm that can use it like the potty reward. A potty the wrist is also rechargeable, the resistant water , music of games and has included said a time. This artilugio is magic! I want that I do not owe that I plunder when I wash his hands. .
. - Enormous thanks to potty_the wrist has has helped to good sure dipped a tone partorisca potty formation !
4 / 5 By Garnet
My daughter of 3 years has been potty coaching of then is 2, takes a hangs of him but then regress, use so many different methods and ideas to take to go you potty but always there are incidents, ossia like this easy to use, his resistant water, and my daughter takes like this excited when a little music/of alarm goes was to adapt his potty time, like this far like this well, to good sure would recommend this for any need concealed the little help extra with potty coaching his girls, this really helps!
5 / 5 By Adah
This clock is the lifesaver. Initially, I have had the timer in mine telephone to adapt my boy of 3 years to use a restroom but this clock is the a lot of more pleasant and fun memory. Has three options of timer 30mins 60mins or 90mins. It touches twinkle twinkle little melody partorisca star when a timer goes era. Taking like this excited when you listen it and restroom time less than the cry. We touch it to us at night reasons yes dies in his own has to that reset a clock and your memory of timer. One uploads last all day and so only the take was still to bathe and sleep. Any one @subjects that uses it while it washes his hands. I add compraventa!
5 / 5 By Annice
The tool of formation adds! My daughter is 5 and is autistic, is potty the formation and this help so much with jointing the ABA therapy.

Our prime minister one there is broken the few days, substituted it quickly and has been doing adds of then!!

Thank you!
5 / 5 By Margery
Laws fabulously for 3 days. In the Then require the touch. This was a first time had touched the one of then having it. We plugged the on at night like this all of our electronic newspaper and a data of next day with which 30 minutes. No longer it resists the load. We do not take never baths so only simply touch it guesses for too much long? For a prize expected it to last longer that 3 days before that requires the new battery.
4 / 5 By Kizzy
Buy this for our two old year and is done like the charm. Often appearances also yearn gone potty and then would have accidents. Or it struggle and say any precise to try. When His unicorn sings his, now gladly goes to a potty! An only thing I desire is that there is a key “of easy” pause partorisca nap time. Some settings am quell'has bitten delicate to turn on and was like this usually so only take was and leave in another room during nap.
4 / 5 By Rico
It take this clock partorisca help my daughter agrees partorisca go potty during a day. There is almost has had the week and doing add, has a timer dipped for 90 minutes. Every time it hears a music goes was knows to take that is doing and gone potty! A clock was súper easy to program and still easy to use. It take it wetted while washing his hands, and is less bad. I plan to use this potty shows again when I potty coach my younger!
4 / 5 By Tammara
Was like this easy to dip up and I amour like dresses my daughter to use a potty. It is like this convenient for formation of basin. To good sure take this like the present for the young boy.
4 / 5 By Arturo
This clock is wonderful and give mine 3 old years the memory for gone potty. It is helped the plot with potty formation :)

has has had to that king modify my original description. It has broken less than the month with which has purchased a silicon rasgó immediately and has broken
4 / 5 By Linwood
law for one the majority of part.. But of then it die it is lost to somewhere in my house. My daughter has taken was and is two as it does not agree where dipped it🤦🏾‍♀️
4 / 5 By Monroe
This bracelet has helped tremendously jumps to start with the interest of my daughter in a potty. A timer is the memory adds no only for his but I and his dad/ daycare professors to take to a potty. It is really simple to use and a company has sent also he without only a panda but the unicorn that she absolutely AMOURS. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5 By Angelo
My daughter absolutely loves this! Near very simple up & of then having this clock begins with 30 min intervals my daughter has not had ANY ACCIDENT. Needless To say would buy this produces again and highly recommend for potty formation.
4 / 5 By Shona
Loves a colour. My daughter has loved spends it. The sound of help agrees to go. BUT a Band has broken less then the week with which take it to knots. A lot of bummed.
4 / 5 By Bertha
Adds done well. Trading Has been asked significantly where before we no any progress! Shopping again!!!
5 / 5 By Ngoc
Loves this product. Has a setting to alarm that can dip you to adapt your little a to go in a potty. I helped daughter to result potty has coached. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5 By Hunter
Awesome Has produced! Like this easy to use. It looks like this pleasant and simple in a wrist. Easy to change a clock of time and then a setting of account behind for a potty time. Some instructions will say you all precise know and calms that can touch on when a battery dies. The works add! A good product for those kids those who are potty formation! 👍🏼
4 / 5 By Demetria
Amado a clock but he leave to do after 2 weeks, this in spite of was substituted without question
4 / 5 By Dorcas
Potty coaching our twins and ossia Def the fun way to take them excited to go. A clock is súper pleasant and amused to use. I have been using he for the few days now and is beginning to take that when a music goes was (which have dipped for each hour) is now of to locate a potty to try and go.
5 / 5 By Valeri
There is prendido to do after the few weeks. Has has had to that the turn. While work, look to do the good work for potty formation with an option to touch music or vibrations. My toddler likes really. Too bad he no last very long.
4 / 5 By Spring
Has received this and has had a subject with one of some keys. Emailed Then and send me the new a. Any question has asked. My daughter adds with this clock and his súper pleasant.
5 / 5 By Marge
Master! My toddler knows that when it goes was continuous in a potty. Any accident of then begins to use the!
5 / 5 By Lavenia
Loves a colour, a simplicity of a creation, and some the pleasant charms comes with.
4 / 5 By Shizue
The product has done adds and has helped my daughter so much! But you die two month later (likes sometimes of then requires to touch) and never turned behind on. It have assumed would have more use out of him before it breaks.
5 / 5 By Angel
My daughter was súper excited for his own pink clock. It is easy to dip up and use. Everytime Touches his tune my freezings of daughter and agrees to the potty. I expect that it maintains for the be has excited.
4 / 5 By Nancy
I amour that a potty the clock adapted my daughter to go. But it is not so only it is also reason can admit that volume preoccupied and forget to take especially of then has a coverage of security of the attractive up. But I am happy to inform less attractive-ups has been used and any fussing when it is now of to go thanks to a music.
4 / 5 By Eladia
This has to that way that be useful for knots like this far! Has twins and pleasure some have thought of potty the formation was a lot of scary! Having this memory for some daughters (but mostly for me) has cut some accidents down to plot! Also some daughters are in of the different phases in sounds to coach like this having he option to change a period among a timer is sum!
5 / 5 By Tarah
The vendor has not answered.
Has been missing panda bear.
5 / 5 By Lidia
This has done exactly as I required it to. It helps my daughter agrees partorisca gone potty and has reduced a fight was having when piece partorisca seat in a potty. Has has had to that The To us so only use a weekend partorisca he partorisca stick.
5 / 5 By Antonia
Has not known to bear expect but everything has the result adds. Some instructions were a lot on. It has dipped a clock and dip a timer and he have been each one that 60 minutes. Mina toddler loves a lullabies. I have used this pottywatch to help my toddler stay in the schedule partorisca potty formation.
4 / 5 By Maureen
Does not take Me bad my daughter loves a clock but when they say that the resistant water takes a sample was when washing your hands of girl. A sample so only lasted for two days. I know now for the take was
4 / 5 By Elli
This clock is absolutely a better thing that never spent to help me potty bus my daughter. It loves some touches of music when it is now of to go potty more some charms to reward those come with him
4 / 5 By Gertude
there is Prendido to do after so only 4 hours. It was not to dip never in the wrist of my boy but spent in his pocket. It was to send the backside for the repayment.
4 / 5 By Palmira
This clock has been súper useful in mine potty travesía. My daughter wants to spend the and over time rushed to a potty when a timer goes of

Top Customer Reviews: Potty Fun Potty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 By Karly
Mina 4.5 yr old has been potty coached partorisca 2 years but consistently there is weekly and the constant accidents that filter, mainly reason do not want to take touching. It is very independent, as that goes to a potty has to that be his idea or she do not want to he. It frustrates partorisca one both of us. Until this clock! We have had he partorisca 5 days and has has run in fact to a bath everytime goes was, does not have to that say anything! It goes of having constant filtering/weekly accidents. Of any at all!! It is an only thing this has done! Said, “ loves mine potty mamma of clock, partorisca go to a like this fun bath!“

Function - is very easy to use and place up. There are 3 settings of timer. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes. A better thing roughly is that some resets of timer everytime goes era. Like this calm never like this partorisca concern or think roughly he - the just tower was when his put to bed , and behind on in a morning.

Way - is like this pleasant! I love some few combinations by heart. To my daughter the like that has the clock that looks mommy and the dad is. I resisted it on you buy he potty shows because I have not wanted to have the clock that looks he potty. They are like this happy has found is one! It is also very comfortable and such big quality.

I also has taken a green kip to the mine rented a for my edges of 2 years. It is not quite ready for potty formation so only still, but loves his clock and will dance every time touches a song. They are like this happy that has this clock when it begins!
4 / 5 By Rory
'Thank you potty Clock!' It was the one who my daughter said when an alarm has been he was and run to a bath!

Was excited like this that comes from more and there is the entirely uccessful' potty experience of time! After, we are to go to a web of place and he has taken the first piece of puzzle that once takes all 6, want to reward.

My daughter loves all pink and the princess has related, and when a clock of princess has arrived wants to dip the on immediately. Setup Was súper simple and has been ready to go in so only the pair of minutes. A clock is the simple timer with the alarms of voice concealed dressed a boy to go uses a potty, and this was so only enough for a task.

Take to so only try goes is always difficult state, and has tried rewards likes gummy the bear and another extracted with some success, but there is has required whenever constantly we adapt, which hates. This gives so much the sense of authorship and the sense of emotion to try in his own, and work! A game of the puzzle in a place is simple and maintains clue of his progress of reward and she have loved a video of reward.

For the little daughter the one who has had like this anxiety roughly 'pooping', this really is a awesome artilugio! Thank you PottyFun!!
4 / 5 By Darline
My edges is almost 4 and potty the formation has been the NIGHTMARE ! Really, we have tried everything. It take the potty shows mostly reasons have thought so only would like me spend the and adapt me that it was time for him to go again. We take a mission potty time an and at the beginning does not know as to think. But after the day creates and go run to a potty in his own. It has been it has surprised really that motivates to go more independently. To good sure recommend has the stubborn potty trainer!
4 / 5 By Tuyet
Touches a sound and flashed some lights when I have tried he in a packaging but took it hardly was and dip the in my wrist of daughters there is remarked that in an end of one 30 min interval a sound and the lights have not been was. I have tried again to resist in a key of way and sure enough very light or sounds. It was like this alentador for this clock.

UPDATE: With which messaging a vendor has spent immediately to the action to do sure has taken the working clock has sent was mine. I am guessing a clock that has received was so only the bad one and I has been impressed for a quickly solve.
4 / 5 By Keeley
A product has arrived sooner that has expected! According to a colour of looks chooses his is the subject alone (song) that play when an account down that the timer sees was and is time for a potty-coaching boy to use a bath. It does to agree so easier! I have purchased a green look which there is “Skip to to Lou” likes him the song. I really like a creation and simplicity of a clock. You take to choose an interval of time (30, 60, 90 minutes) that more returns the needs of your girl. Some games of song and then a timer automatically resets. Calm also can take a timer and reset he like this wished. At most potty coaching age, the girls can not say the times but this look to the left is to feel “grown up” as they spend a clock.
4 / 5 By Shanika
Has bought this for my already potty has coached 4 year. It has Had the bit of the regression. It has Had this for the pair of days. So that far they are add, has has had the zeros have an accident. It likes of a lot. It is operation /of the function is very basic. Has three keys: way, on/was, stop/to start with. Calm take you/was for 3 seconds to turn it on, flashes 30. Calm then press way to toggle of 30 to 60 or 90 ( 60 reason and the looks of now to be the good quantity of time for his). Calm then press stop/to start with to start with a timer. Ossia! A rest of some accounts of day down 60 minutes, touches a song and the lights then automatically begins an account behind again. It has it that /takes was or stop/to start with for three seconds to interrupt an account behind. ( It has done this but I have said to not touching some keys and like this far like this good and simply the turns was if we are to somewhere in the does not love noise to mark then turns it behind on when we leave.) Then in bedtime take it was and I turns go to take /was for three seconds.

Remarce: This does not say time or a date, is quite strong without volume and does not vibrate , 30, 60 and 90 minutes are some only options , he no easy for his to dip on and take was but a band is soft and comfy and stays on.

In general taste but, reason is of the use is very limited thinks that is quell'has bitten on priced. It can cost $ 19 face more.
5 / 5 By Amal
Has turned it so only 5 year the one who will be to start with nursery next month and has struggled with the accidents of then begin potty formation. Has the agreement on call with his so much is of tower and advances to plot and think that really affects his formation. It has been RUFF. We have tried everything of positive reinforcement to punishment. AT ALL done until this clock! A clock is pleasant, comfortable, easy for his to dip on and take was and to turn one and was, promotes and sounds to feel special, and a lot especially an automatic timer that that can be dipped to 30, 60, or 90 minutes that are adds for beginners or these more anticipated in potty formation. Characteristic better afterwards to some intervals is that with which a timer sees was resets he and begins an account behind again all day until it turns era. I can not say enough in this clock! It was a spokesman ask to knots! Lol
4 / 5 By Dario
Has tried potty coaches our daughter the little time already but ossia ours first time that uses the device. It is really the material of princess now this in spite of absolutely love a music when a time has been he was. It loves a rose by heart and feels like the big daughter that spends the clock. It maintains to say me that his brother needs the sample too much same although it is potty has coached. We use one 30 minute that dips a first day and one 60 setting of minute for half of a second day and one 90 setting of minute for a second half of this day. It has very had of the pocolos incidents and is excited to use a potty with him pleasant memory. You recommend this to any concealed want to potty coach his boy but does not want to obsess on that.
4 / 5 By Courtney
Compraventa Potty Fun Potty clock of Formation (blue) for our second edges when it avenges time for potty formation. We had read to plot in different products to help in a process and landed in a Potty the shows have amused. In general, it has a lot of satisfied state with an investment. Of the “record “ “” and “amused to spend” perspective our edges does not want to take a clock was, which will have to treat another time! It has answered besides well to a “gamification” to go to a bath that has done some travesías to a bath much less of the fight. Finally, our lives are hectic and an automatic reset of a timer is the godsend as we would not agree never to reset without him. In general, we are happy with a compraventa and is in our way to be potty has coached!
5 / 5 By Darla
This clock is the game -transmission! Mina almost edges of 4 years there has been the little question that spends it at the beginning but has dipped in my main clock and the mine have feigned he and he then was a lot. It enjoy to spend the May after the week resist his wrist down running water. Some leaves of clock for roughly 24 hours, slope of the that had bent he to the stock exchange of quinoa. Some laws of day prójimas again. As not to spend it anymore, bolt in a bath where still can listen. This looks a lot so only take my edges to use a potty, also take all of the his caretakers on board too much. With which two weeks, has seen the transmission in his potty behaviour that had been struggling to achieve previously to purchase this element. You love it; highly recommended.
5 / 5 By Jonah
My edges were interested at all in potty formation. We a lot of press but result clear has some physical capacities to learn. Finally, in age 3
5, has taken this clock . Work!!

Has expected until it had been that uses this clock for the full month before weiting this description. We have not had any subjects with waterproofing or a clock that arrest, like other descriptions have mentioned. My edges looks his hands with him on, although certainly a lot each one alone time.

Work. My edges knows that half.
His no súper strong, as it does not scare .
A song is so only 30 second or like this long. A longer song could have been useful for a first week, but with which utilisation repeated can say that I am happy is short.
Is easy to do. It heads to it the knots was every night and in the each morning. My husband and I so much know regarding the , but a toddler did not imagine it was. Some keys have the characteristic to close where owe press and resist them. It is for this that my edges hasnt imagined him was.
A characteristic of test is sum! We direct a sample was when you travel of knots and use a characteristic to try the manually cause a clock the time when it is able to go.

Gilipollas- Sometimes can do not listening if we are in the different part of a house. My edges has learnt to come and say.
Occasionally the turns were for any reason, when I am sure in the did not turn it was. As we verify it to knots occasionally to do sure still is counting down.
4 / 5 By Morris
This clock is exactly that has looked for, partorisca the decent prize. It flashes Lights and tones skip my lou when a timer goes era. I do not owe that reset he because he he automatically, which to the mamma potty coaching the toddler and having the 3 old month, anything automatic is the god sends! It resists to his arm very which has been concerned roughly reason is so only 22 month and lean. It is mad about and it goes everytime a clock goes era. I add partorisca buy and the prize adds!

Update: accidentally we send our potty shows in the walk by means of a wash. The wet salts and not doing , but after the day in the bowl of rice is doing like this new again! 😁
5 / 5 By Tina
My edges has spent this the total of roughly 1 now, and the take to us were for bath. When we dipped it to Us on a next time, law well. My edges has spent he for desayunar and to wash his delivery after, ossia when the water has to that it is gone in. There are bubbles for behind a screen, and now no at all. Waste of money...
5 / 5 By Charis
This has surpassed far our expectations. A better part was that easy is to use. We spend literally according to places the on and readying he for use. A clock is a lot of fact and durable, but a soft silicone is comfortable for the girl to spend. After going to a web of place to look some fun video, Mine was very excited to use a clock. ( Masters some few princesses!) It takes on quickly to a concept to listen a music and knowing it was potty time. Highly it recommends a potty the shows have amused.
4 / 5 By Irene

In the first place a good: the clock has done well to adapt my little one that was time for potty for a first time (sees bad). Returned his wrist decently but has had the question that takes the snug is returned for the pocola some wrist that is much smaller then a measure of type of a clock.

Now a bad: this clock is not waterproof. I am not sure roughly more people but part to teach my pertinent boys potty etiquette is by train to teach them that when you WERE Yours DELIVERY !! After a clock has been he was to adapt little one that was time for potty, washing your hands was afterwards. Except a part that with which a totally dead sample and does not turn in anymore.

Taking the sample on and was after the successful potty to wash your hands is adding to a stress of potty formation he. Like this now it is the paperweight .

Unless your subconscio that has the pandemic now still with covid-19 and teaching boys to wash the hands is of a upmost importance, then this clock is for you.

Teach your boys to wash his hands after going potty then no shabby is one.
5 / 5 By Jaunita
I desire had had the better experience reason in theory ossia the idea adds . A clock has done intermittently & was useful for my daughter when it was easy to dip according to directions and resets automatically after each alarm as I have not had to maintain messing with him. It learns quickly to take & try potty while a song has come on. This in spite of, a randomly enclosed sample was entirely for hours the time so only to come alive again in a half of a night, in the wake in 3am with the potty song. Appearance so only take to uselessness, but arrival to send the backside and is managed without.
4 / 5 By Hang
Has had already potty has coached two other boys in a last 4-5 years, without a help of this product. This tentativa more recent to potty the train is more smooth state that some other two tentativas with a help of this product. A first pair of days of potty the formation always asestada to be one the majority of difficult for us. My partner and I try to create the sense of emotion and enthusiasm around potty that coaches to the equal that has produced positive results for our boys. A sense of the emotion and I enthusiasm create can result difficult to maintain which is reason has purchased in the this product. After a first day our response of boy headed to appropriately to a sound of a clock for his. This helped as we have not had to feign emotion each travesía of bath and could reserve to ours 'emotion' for when she…… he.
While a sample would not owe that be an only tool used in the potty-coaching strategy, to good sure is one of some tools some use of lovely plus and has very reduced our endeavours this time around. It is the good product and would use it to us again.
5 / 5 By Jackelyn
Ossia For far a better potty shows that has found in a phase. Very easy to program and use, difficult for a boy that spends it to change some settings, and some blue pecial agent' the clock is the enormous swipe reason done my edges feels a lot of entity !

THIS In spite of, master the so much that door to a tub with him, and the fried. So that it is a history of like this am buying two if these a week.
5 / 5 By Margarette
A potty the clock is excellent further of zones but has a defect of entity. A clock was rendered useless less than an hour. This clock is not waterproof or water resistant at all. My little type was súper excited and rushed to a bath immediately when some lights and the sound have come on for his 30 timer of minute. I have looked his delivery of lava afterwards and in any point was an immersed clock or has situated directly under a current of water. Somehow the little has bitten to water taken for behind an advance of glass and interior 10 minutes a clock had died.
4 / 5 By Valentina
This everywhere is in AMAZING. It takes mine so that it pump edges for gone potty. I have had to maintain ask on and on the need goes, and if I forget, has an accident. This the like this amused fact for him and everytime goes was yells 'HIS POTTY TIME!!!' And it is like this proud of him when short to a bath. Hahahaha. Thank you!
5 / 5 By Leif
I have bought this partorisca the 90 old year the one who often needs to be adapted partorisca use a potty. The timers and clocks of multiple alarm any he . A doctor have said roughly a potty clock. It is perfect partorisca a Big Give me have in alcohol! I did not give it to the his still, as I can very still vouch partorisca his ease of use or consolation, but has thought a value partorisca money was in right and was had of the give the try. It goes like this the hard laugh when it hears an alarm, are fearful is going to, uh, pee his trousers!
4 / 5 By Jeanice
My edges my young plus is like this stubborn and the spaces was like the boy would do. This clock does very well on alert partorisca go. With 30 60 & 90 small intervals and repeats 8 times. You can easily closing go it and settings of transmission. If your boy is taken the touch , looking TV, or that the internet etc highly would recommend to try this potty clock. My edges would not spend it but is comfortable but I so only dipped the on and the fact adds. The beaten that dipped an alarm each one that 30 minutes. Pleasant alert also. The volume is perfect to take youngster some attention.
5 / 5 By Keely
My edges has has WANTED TO that uses this clock partorisca potty formation. So only I have two complaints.
1. The desire there was the 45 interval of frame of minute. You are the big jump partorisca my edges partorisca go 30 minutes to 60. It was a lot it have the 45 the bridge that the big jump.
2. Partorisca Turn it was, calm so only has to that resist down an on/was key partorisca 3 seconds... My keys of controls of the edges so only partorisca amused. This result in him that turning was randomly. It is awesome has had to that resist the multiple keys some same time for the turn was. Or if an on/was the key dipped against the wrist of a boy more than being in an outside where easily can press while they spend a clock.
4 / 5 By Willa
My edges (5) has has wanted to this. We have had some transmissions when management 4 concealed has done regress in potty formation this has helped to go back in clues. Master that go it control of the his potty the times and we have not been hounding him.
Some controls are easy to use and will restart automatically which is well. If your boy is ready and sneaky be the careful cause can easily enciphers out of some controls
5 / 5 By Samatha
update. A clock has behind turned on with which he fully dry.
Not watering test!! So only taken to spend he for a potty. My edges were excited like this to use it but touched in some water while spending it and he no longer works. So many, needless to say, will not be in the order he again or informing to anyones girl that likes hands or game in of waters he... In another hand was easy to use and a song was quite strong to take the attention of my edges, that a time. LoL
5 / 5 By Clarissa
I amour this potty shows his perfect to leave my little one knows is when it is now of goes potty in the fun and happy way, am surprised honradamente in a quality for a prize! My daughter loves a clock! To good sure recommend this clock!! (My daughter is 1 and 5 month)
5 / 5 By Kristina
doing the work adds that adapted my daughter for gone potty. A first day there has been to us on one 30 setting of minute. For a third day had pressed the to a setting of now. Each morning one first what is to ask his clock to be dipped behind on. We discover that it is not waterproof this in spite of dry was and was still functional a next day. I gave it four stars because it was a lot say to regulate daytime also and a lot so only the account behind.
4 / 5 By Jaimie
My boy of four years has had like this entertainment with this clock! Constantly we are to adapt to go to a bath but the plot of a time expects too long and almost has accidents! With this amused little clock, the question is solved!! Taking like this excited while attended for his clock to adapt to go. Also it seats like this fresh and grown until having the clock of big boy! To good sure recommend this fun clock for any the one who has the youngster one the one who so only do not want to take touching long enough for the potty pause!
This product has shipped quickly still although it was out of stock a day ordered it and has not been to suppose to arrive until the week with which ordered it.
5 / 5 By Sabina
My edges loves a clock! It uses a bath with such emotion now and feels special roughly the, any ashamed ( likes are fearful has been with a basin shaped clock)
A device is easy to use, discreet & modern creation, and promoting help of message of the mission done this product to 5 indication of star!
This in spite of some things that can be improved:
A latch in a strap is simple and starts if yours little an is not careful.
Some measures are not abundant. If your girl is quell'has bitten big will owe that find alternative ways to attach a strap your girl. We have attached it to us to a loop of tape of some trousers.
A device is “Splash the test” does not water test. My edges had tried out of this theory while washing his hands and had of the apresamiento waters to a device, doing a screen warped and discolored and finally has not been able to do. This in spite of, the day and night in the stock exchange of rice has saved a device, as it was on duty in clues.
4 / 5 By Rosalyn
Is lights of noise and pleasant clock of frames. The ENORMOUS ENORMOUS disappointment ENORMOUS this in spite of, is not splash test! No in a slightest. A sample has taken splashed in a 1st day my daughter used it and no now. My daughter there is wanted really this clock also, as it goes to be the enormous disappointment when it can do not using morning of then is broken already.😡 You will owe that take this clock of the every time so only your boy goes potty.
4 / 5 By Lynnette
My daughter has not aimed any interest be potty coached and this clock was a thing that has done a trick partorisca help the sound feels ready. It is excited like this partorisca take his own container in a topmast and wants to spend a clock. It is súper pleasant, returns comfortably, and is not too big! It can not to take it it went by so that it is the plus . I appreciate that he automatically the resets and we do not owe that concern roughly that. A “alarm” is darling and ready and does my daughter smiles each one that like this the time goes era .
4 / 5 By Marnie
Would be the four or five product of star, but a shows initially bought and an Amazon of substitution has sent is lasted so only the days of pair each one that.
5 / 5 By Fredda
OMG Such the pleasant idea! My little lady has been potty coached of then too but suddenly has wetted his trousers in three reasons any take touching for gone potty. Now his clock has said a princess to seat in his real throne potty and felizmente cut to go every time. You can dip a timer. His is on 90 minutes. It is easy to dip and calm require you to resist down some keys for the pocolos second in this way can not change anything in a clock.
5 / 5 By Cortez
Was compraventa for my autistic granddaughter the one who is 6 and has had absolutely any one interests in potty formation. Imagined was gimmicky and no except my expensas of daughter he in all the chance. You are a success of instant , something roughly only causes and now so only attractive raisin ups at night. Highly recommend, am surprised still, my daughter says that it was a better $ 10 does not spend never :)
4 / 5 By Tabetha
This method has not been effective for our boy in some three days to try and is a cry added for some parents.
-A device there is prendido to turn on after using three days of use. Turn the few days later and then cycled was and on with which conceal. It was not of confidence.
-A limitation of intervals to alert annoyed, as it does not cover the house of full day.
5 / 5 By Selina
My net loves it. Ossia Where some good informative ends. Arrive his 9am. For 11I are, one was any exposure . It is not waterproof or water resistant. One first alarms would have to that it has touched in 11. The supposition will not know never does or helps.
5 / 5 By Reynalda
My daughter has loved this clock! Looks More stylish that another potty look of clocks in, and master that was it pink and was princess themed. To good sure promote to head to a bath every time goes was, and there is wanted that we could dip a timer for 30, 60, or 90 mins. It was also he adds for preschool, reason once was place , has not had anything more to do. It restarts afterwards going was, and was adds that a professor didnt has to that concern roughly that. Accidentally it spends in the group and he have prisoner to do temporarily. I have been convinced would owe that take the new a, but was able of the taken has dried was and the take that goes again! To good sure recommend!
4 / 5 By Nancey
Is well, but for a prize I desire there is more characteristic. Also it take the tad wet to run by means of a sprinkler and has turned was on . We think that that it was broken and arrival to do again in 3 in a morning- so it does not give up in the too quickly yes calm take it too wet! Investigation be done well and has to do fault our potty purpose of formation!
5 / 5 By Evia
A clock is very easy to use and I like a fun song. This in spite of, A clock there is prendido to do inside the pair of weeks. It was not submerso in of waters he or anything but perhaps not watering quite resistant to wash toddlers hands. Any way, have gone to his web of place to see yes was the faulty battery or something. At all it is mentioned in the battery. They recommend to dip in the cup of rice for the day - I will try concealed. Otherwise, His substitution of offers of the website for a cost to ship roughly $ .
4 / 5 By Malia
Ossia Pleasant and fact for awhile with my edges. It was better was the little smaller that return little some wrists and also could program he in 15min increments in place of just 30min. Creates Pleasant for a money is quite good.
5 / 5 By Lucille
Well... Seldom I write the descriptions but this thing has been such the Godsend does not have any election. Has 3 boys, a prime minister two potty has coached any question like fields, but 3, bless his heart, has struggled so only. At all do. Until THIS. It is like this enthralled with feeling like the princess and seating on throne that looks forward to when an alert would go was and take to this potty like fast to the equal that can and BAM. Poop City! Ossia The idea of the character and my life there is figuratively state saved for this clock! Look In him in this way, a potty was BYU and ,my daughter was an Utah Utes and POSSESSES this! Domination!
5 / 5 By Talia
And like I!
Really helps partorisca agree for gone potty! It is so only quite strong to alert, but no too strong to interrupt in pupil.
Has 2 complaints, a sample sometimes randomly turned goes, and some straps of wrist could be the little longer for more than consolation to those with the fattest wrists.
5 / 5 By Shonda
A lot the friendly user! It is helping my stay of daughter in clues with going to a bath. She in fact 'washed' he inside the few hours of working and paralizaciones to do. I thought that it that it was fact. A next day to my laws to surprise again! Also lame wets to wash his delivery another day, but after the few hours go back the life! Needless To say, are happy client !
5 / 5 By Erika
The one who the idea adds! My edges loves his clock. It motivates to use a potty, and like the mother, loves any to adapt for the use! It is quality adds , effective, and entertainment!
5 / 5 By Lamonica
Is the functional clock BUT an only question is an account behind him any prenderá or stop when a timer goes era . Has mine toddlers the clock dipped to go of 30min. The amour a music that play reason takes my edges to take anything is doing . So only it wishes a timer could take and leave a boy to potty before he resets again.
5 / 5 By Terina
Was having the heck of the time that bus of mine 3old year partly because I have not been well in adapting to go. This clock have adapted both. It amuse when it was time for his “potty mission”. I recommended it to several friends. Which have had this when my girls of mine the old plus has coached.
4 / 5 By Eleonore
Loves this clock. I have ordered the different one and was horrible and could not imagine was regarding the do. I have ordered This one the few days later and is like this better. Has the pleasant little sentence when it is potty time and my amours of edges for the spend. You excite to agree for gone potty :)
4 / 5 By Paula
the chair like a band could have been the little longer. Mina 3 old year has been recommended the device looked for any urological subject, but has chosen this one instead. It likes but it has said of two times in two days that the annoying. He so that he he far a work. It creates run every time, and really loves some few lights.
5 / 5 By Tiffiny
My edges has been excited to start with that spend this clock because it always is trying spends mine, but a notch so only that would return around his wrist is a big plus (and was still tight). It is so only 1 1/to 2 old years likes him I of the one who thinks this gone back at all has spent 2. It does not have big that half wrists, this is to do so only for tiny some I supposition.
5 / 5 By Sebastian
Has received this and he have not done. My edges was súper excited reasons have aimed him which are and had been to say avenges. Opened a container hardly avenges and no at all. Good product in theory but no the good experience with this character a.

Top Customer Reviews: GOGO Potty Training ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 By Lilli
I add little clock partorisca help the tiny human agrees partorisca go to a bath.

Our 2has been potty coached partorisca the few months now and seldom there is any one incidents until recently, when his brother is been born. This has caused the regression in his habits, as we decide to give that this looks for the try.

Has been of potty has coached for the moment, begins was with one 90 setting of minute. Now, every time a clock touches his song, 'If you are happy and calm know it,' cry 'go to go to go to go' and does the beeline partorisca a bath.

Wants to spend this clock. There is not complained never roughly the when being uncomfortable or hurting. It is the little delicate of the take buckled without pinching a skin in his wrist, but have big toes so that it can be partly my failure.

Dipping a sample has not been intuitive, calm to good sure will require some instructions some first time have dipped a time and a timer. It is the simple process this in spite of, like this calm once know a model of key presses am extracted no big .
4 / 5 By Vertie
Ossia The add useful potty tool of formation! I have had extreme difficulty in potty that bus my ADHD 4 year. It can not take his house of any swipe with at the same time, for the mine that suitable.
With GOGO Potty Clock, she immediately snapped out of him and would run was to a basin immediately! Absolutely love a concept, is the pleasant little clock, the lovely shadow of lilac, and very comfortable in his tiny wrist. Good quality, adds to see a company that gives the portion of his profits at the end of charities of the girls. Way to go!
4 / 5 By Linsey
Really comfortable and lustrous creation.
Easy to use with the pleasant touching alarm.
Thinks it could be effective partorisca toddlers just learning to potty train and older kid the one who require memories to go to a bath.
Also the really sweet company to treat.
4 / 5 By Marta
This little potty the clock looks the record-has bitten. My net loved it absolutely. Taking like this excited every time go was.
Looked in a cutesy some, but has not had informs of sound. I have bought this a second some descriptions. Highly recommend it. I did not estimate it on a control of water, reason was not took it to him has wetted.
4 / 5 By Sanjuana
WANTS this potty clock! My daughter wants that it touches music and looks my fitbit! I add for boys those who take distracted touching and forget to go potty
4 / 5 By Ariane
These works like the memory adds to mine very busy two year, does not like to take pauses that hangs activities or time of game. A his done sample thinks is his election to go and I leaves without accidentelle! Highly recommend
4 / 5 By Beverly
My young plus has refused the potty coaches any import that has tried it previously this clock. Take his has the place grieves this in sound. You are excited to have his own wristband that the alike looks to the mine tracker of small fitness in place of a typical bulky potty bands. It takes the minute or two to imagine was like this to turn a sound was for time of bed, but is simple to program. Value each penny!
5 / 5 By Jared
Ossia The very fresh clock , looks the mini ready clock.
5 / 5 By Ethan
Mina 3 old year want to this and he is by train to help to agree
5 / 5 By Barbera
have daughters of twin with ADHD and can be to struggle in time. They take distracted a lot easily and find it difficult to remain in the clues with any do any. This is resulted a subject for us when we have tried to the basin coaches him. They were unable to relieve punctually when they have had to that go.

Has had alot of incidents that was very embarrassing for them among his peers how is 5 years . His Pediatrician recommended that has tried this GOGO potty clock and to be sincere, was sceptical.

To all the order of cost was Amazon and has tried was immediately. Our daughters were excited like this that has had the fresh clock that looks my Fitbit. Taking so only the pair of minutes to imagine was regarding the dipped on, is comprising the video with this description to aim the one who easy the one of fact is. It has dipped one first alarms for some daughters and has maintained our toes have crossed.

Was excited like this every time a music touched and has run to a basin. For some premiers few days delete any accidents because they were to a basin has listened to grieve an alarm. This in spite of, have begun to remark with which conceal, has begun to go first of an alarm has been was! He really done and helped him!

Has recommended this potty shows to agree to everything of my friends of our success. An add compraventa, well value of the money. Way of gone GOGO!
4 / 5 By Nancee
This clock done to the equal that has announced. He his does and alerted by schedule; 30. 60 Or 90 intervals of minute. Turn s three year olds good wrist. This in spite of one 3 old year easily takes was and misplaced a thick sample. Last I has had to that dissemble a clock for the touch and am concerned roughly that loses one tiny load port coverage. Arrived faster that another clock has ordered. Easy to program.
4 / 5 By Ruthe
It takes a lot fallido trying the potty coaches my stubborn daughter and has been for gives on with which 2 month partorisca try. I have purchased this Potty the formation Looks our pediatrician recommended the. Like this happy that finally do a trick in helping to the buses of basin, and LOVES a look and feel of a clock. It is the very small clock , pleasant colour and a wristband is soft, perfect for the wrist of creatures.

Thinks now looking behind in his resilience, a subject has been he has loved a control in that goes potty in place of Mommy say when to go. A sample has given an authorship and Independence that anxiety. Every time a music has been he was, the career is gone in his own to a potty. It is has has had the zeros have an accident and with which 4 days is has coached fully. The desire has known in this sooner, the charm and has resisted until his hand that has washed. It likes also that there is of the account down to a next timer and can be used like the sample regulates also.
Will be to say other mammas in our groups of game roughly that. Work for speedy potty formation.
5 / 5 By Kenyatta
My daughter is 6 this in spite of having accidents in of the school. Has thinks that would try the clock to agree of a question is that it do not love to take that it is doing to go. It likes a rose and aim. It is also the good smooth feel and clean creation. When Have in the first place opened a box went it to return reason have been concerned in a tone of music. Any I have @@give the the has not been the vibration. Has thinks that that we would give it to us try it anyways. Well, you love it! A professor has said that it is the soft and utmost sound! It is really that surprises that easily it goes when a music of games of the clock but complain asks . I dipped it/ I dipped It to the each one 30 mins. I will add the photo when it is house of colegiala. It is to be dry all the week!
4 / 5 By Denice
Would want to take to contact with this company. It likes-me a clock. It was easy to dip on, my edges could do not taking was, but has not looked that annoying the spending. A question is that has dipped a timer, has looked a low timer, but an alarm has not been never was. Neither I can see a time in a clock when a timer is place , dunno if ossia how is supposition to be or no. For now although a clock is useless without a real sound that comes from /comes from.
4 / 5 By Steve
My daughter has 21 month and begin potty the formation done 3 weeks in a hope to take his out of diapers before some holidays navideñas. We have tried to continue upper of some frequent memories but has not been compatible quite so that he no for us. Have @@give Conceals having sweat to spend it potty the clock of formation could do he like this looks to held with having me say to go potty 20 times the day. I have chosen this an after my fellow recommended the, and like this happy that in fact do a trick for sound! Ella skipped was the potty every time go was how was the game . Has 2 accidents the whole week that it is in normal for a prompt potty trainer. We are the week 2 with spending a clock, and he so that far it has maintained it dry! We like this potty clock because it does not take the scientist of rocket for the imagine was that another some that has seen. I am not imported technically like this this was a lot down alley of mine lol! It is pleasant weight , light and has done a work! Also it avenges with magic changing potty stickers that really helped to maintain motivated with one reward of instant to see a turn of sticker of black to the butterfly every time she peed in the, likes character and entertainment! Some girls eBook was the amused little history for his. You recommend if you are in a fence roughly choosing the potty clock. Has the prizes of plot that comprises some extras wristband, treats it quite well especially when it operates.
4 / 5 By Dorinda
Can not say quite a lot of thing of sound in this clock! It is ABORDABLE and more importantly WORK!! I have bought these for my nephews, grandchildren and friends! It adds little present to rain also! I ship my work because - pirates of porch - and received it on the Friday and for the Monday was potty has coached! And this was the stubborn 3concealed NO poop in a potty for Anything. This clock has given his liberty and she have thought is the big shot with the clock like my older daughter (Fitbit)! And now that is to coach raisin likes the clock!
5 / 5 By Glynis
Ours struggle with potty coaching our daughter of 4 years is finally on! My daughter has disorder of spectre of the autism (ASd) and at all done in potty coach. With this potty shows, has has had so only 2 accidents the week, and this was when he has had his pocolos fellow on to touch and has ignored a music. It was easy to dip on, and comfortable in his sensitive wrist.

Besides, the service of client was adds. They have answered immediately to my questions and of the worries and was súper useful sends additional information. Thank you Marie!
My daughter has loved a history of girls, and is well that a clock comes with the potty magic and free sticker wristband. A shot adds, especially for something these works.
4 / 5 By Daine
Was súper sad that has has had to that the touch well when lame has taken until a next day to be fully uploads😥. After dipping it up there is has had to that the touch again in an end of a night. When I have dipped a timer he always the toes was and has to that reset a clock again. When A timer goes of a sound is súper DOWN😥. In the positive note to my daughter likes to spend returns it and the comfortable for sound.
4 / 5 By Louise
Has done adds for almost two weeks. Our daughter there has been the zeros have an accident, then today simply a lot copper and there looks to be any guarantee or real support. It have taken the cockroach of regular sample has required the only to last the few weeks.
4 / 5 By Starla
My daughter loves his potty clock, alternating to use a rose wristband to an aim an each one another day. It is on day five and is almost fully potty has coached. Very effective little tool of formation of the basin. It likes that not having to that concern roughly the when it washes of his hands! A magic butterfly and the stickers of castle are character, before using them does not want to use a potty, now can not expect the career was when a music goes was to pee in a potty to see a turn of sticker of black to the picture coloreado! You recommend to other parents that looks for inspiration on like this to maintain his little one is motivated and in clues! Sure it takes a stress out of a process.
4 / 5 By Suellen
My daughter of 2 years has loved his clock and has taken used to go to potty when the chimed but with which 2 weeks a clock has begun gone ballistic with an alarm has not been to dip and after leaving a data of the battery of the clock has tried touch the and there goes again when touching after having died. I can it has received so only the defective clock as I am not sure to recommend a clock to another or any one except ossia my experience .
5 / 5 By Shakita
So only we take this in a topmast last week. Used he partorisca perhaps 10 minutes and he have died 😳. I am excited partorisca see like these results. My little daughter in in daycare three days the week as they are by train partorisca promote them partorisca the use. It is partorisca be aiming signs of readiness partorisca take his wet diapers. You are two in June as I can not expect still east to exit for us.
4 / 5 By Ghislaine
A life of battery is wonderful! An option partorisca two different bands the rose and the aim is well. Some settings add! Partorisca Some parental controls resist a key down partorisca select sure time like my boy has not imagined was still and does not think she . We love it to us!
4 / 5 By Shawnda
A time a lot constantly show. To to my daughter likes them the look a transmission of the numbers and this was a whole idea to take this clock. More later partorisca use like this he potty clock. A lot of dissapointed.
4 / 5 By Araceli
The one who the ENORMOUS help! This really taken my daughter in a habit partorisca regulate potty pauses and dip his manager of his own organism. We have not used he on 2 weeks now and has had so only the pair of accidents. Such the good compraventa and useful tool!
5 / 5 By Shin
Mina 4.5 yr the old daughter was having constant incidents during a day because it do not love to take the done partorisca go. This clock are adds! It wants to spend the and is excited when it touches his pocola tune and goes immediately!
4 / 5 By Ewa
My daughter has had question agreeing partorisca go. It resists it until it was too late. When it Take this clock adapted amiably and inside the subject of weeks is very better to go to a potty.
5 / 5 By Burl
Paralización Expected more- any father with the toddler the one who is having hopes of incidents partorisca a ball of money, this so only has not looked partorisca do anything to help. It do not involve or fun- is fallen off his wrist, and could not look for the dipped to beep like this required that. Used partorisca half the day and now is stray so only in a couch cushions.
5 / 5 By Theressa
Is the good idea but my numbers of the clock does not light well have the hard time that boxes that the time is..
5 / 5 By Retha
Does not act. Tecla partorisca dip the clock has broken, like this calm can do not dipping now. It maintains loosing some settings. I took it partorisca alarm for two days, and now he the no. Also needs to be touched constantly.
4 / 5 By Barabara
This work adds. Music of the games when required. Mina little an amateur partorisca he partorisca go was. Little stinker has imagined was regarding the take ;)
4 / 5 By Sherryl
It is add partorisca adapt mine 2 old year is now of gone potty and had been the lifesaver with potty coach. This in spite of, with which so only the week partorisca use one of some lights is start and one next week a loop a band spends for has broken.
4 / 5 By Bob
My daughter of 4 years was having a lot of incidents. We take this clock based in the rec of our pediatrician. The law adds! Partorisca 3 weeks any accident- but then with which three weeks takes partorisca do. A clock flashed and inconsistently that goes was- would not resist the load. So much, yes it acts, but now they are behind 3 weeks later partorisca buy the different clock, hopefully a hard east.
4 / 5 By Syble
This potty the clock was exactly that mine 5 old year has required. With which years of UTIs, his organism has confused as to when it has to that go and when she no. This clock has begun immediately law partorisca his and has not had a lot of leaks in some 4 days used it to us. It is awesome.
4 / 5 By Yee
This product has done perfectly partorisca help my defeated daughter his potty regression of formation. One load is lasted several days and was all happy with him. Unfortunately, some third time have been partorisca the touch, a port to touch in a clock has broken and has fallen entirely to a clock he. Now I am unable of the touch, and more importantly, my daughter will wake up in a morning and be like this disturbed this useful tool is wheel now.
4 / 5 By Jolynn
Does not act, mine 2 yr bracelets of old amours and wristbands but this a really annoyed him. Not to spend it and does not act . It was partorisca return.
4 / 5 By Reginald
Has begun partorisca coach my granddaughter the Sunday, but the Wednesday was free incident . The work adds that we do not adapt them when it was now of potty. It goes potty when his timer has been he was. If it seats a first need of a timer has been he was partorisca check his clock, in that alert that she probably required partorisca go.
5 / 5 By Debbie
Uses partorisca the week and was has coached entirely! The works add. Highly recommend
5 / 5 By Matt
My granddaughter has not been interviewed at all. It prefers another. It resists on but it did not like,
4 / 5 By Cleotilde
has taken of this clock partorisca my daughter and although it likes a sample a black wristband link a lot properly returned to a loophole like the mark partorisca my boy partorisca spend which is frustrating partorisca we both. It looks mamma with the clock to the equal that was very excited roughly the but can not spend he 😕 without him on his wrist takes out of an independent experience
5 / 5 By Randy
This clock is fantastic my daughter loves it and helps his dry stay.
4 / 5 By Danette
Impossible to locate! Pinched And pulled in the skin of my daughter in his wrist and the alarm is calm like this calm ail you that can listen. It has not been impressed!
4 / 5 By Delma
Like this far has did not use it fully, but is dipped on partorisca 60minutes and sings the pleasant little song and light 'gogo'.

Easy to dip on, coming with instructions. It comes with two different colour frames, of the lived and an aim. Coming with a boss of USB.

A lot please with a product.
5 / 5 By Reynaldo
This has done potty coaching easier and less stressful. It is the memory adds partorisca my daughter partorisca use a restroom without saying. It would like to see a sample has the two times of interval of now also. My only complaint is that a screen in a face of a clock is start and has taken stray, calm for now the to them still but am sure he any he taking has wetted.
4 / 5 By Iola
To Mine to 3 old year liked a potty of shows partorisca the day or so much. She then complained in a band that annoy reason was ribbed and any paving.

A product is quite easy to use, but annoying. Some works of timer, but there is so only a tone (song), and there is any control of volume.
4 / 5 By Robyn
This has come so only today and was excited like this but a packaging looks the retainer unit any to mention a cord to Touch there is ruined and no (tried in a lot of elements).
4 / 5 By Ahmed
Less than 24 hours and is no longer acting right. As there is disappointed. The fact adds for a majority of a first day and thus day a key was all out of whack and no correctly.
5 / 5 By Tanisha
This clock done like the memory adds for my daughter. It was already potty coached but has begun having accidents. Also it likes like this it can be used like this of the sample regulates when I no longer need an alarm.
4 / 5 By Joesph
My daughter there has been the light regression in potty formation, as I have decided to take that the clock and I am happy has taken is one . Adapted that it is now of him goes , and was easy for his to turn a sound was.
5 / 5 By Audra
Has Had a sample not even 2days and a coverage to a port to the touch is fallen off. A clasp is too easy for boys to leave. The good concept and I think of has helped my little a but now a port to the touch is exposed. Worsened!

Top Customer Reviews: GOGO Potty Training ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5 By Ching
This potty the clock has has helped felizmente my autistic kindergartner in formation of basin. Has frequent accidents in of the scolare how is result disruptive to another students. I full time and find it very difficult to remain on extracted house with some compatible memories. Included when agree, my daughter was resistant to go. I have tried so many different technicians partorisca do a more fun process, dipping my telephone with the fun alarm, that dips an alarm in a cookery etc. But at all has done. You look to another potty memories of clock but his all looked too big and obvious and does not love attention to draw to my boy in pupil. A fellow recommended this potty shows as I thought that it would give comes from it, well am happy to say that it does! It loves an independence of like this some cloths to dip ready to go, and how is like this comfortable in his little wrist. It is very pleasant and discreet. No incident all the week and am wanted that it is finally fully that the basin has coached.
5 / 5 By Earline
Are like this happy has decided to give this GOGO potty the look tries it. It looks a clock of the adult loans like this any one will know your boy is spending the potty clock. My daughter is a lot lean and returns perfectly. It says it you can included it is returned the wrist of small adults.

A clock is usually just black (the exposure is was still although that the timer is place or when the clock/of time is place). You can press a key lateralmente to aim a time (when that the timer is was) Or press a key lateralmente to aim those that small have left to an alarm (when that the timer is place ).

Has begun my boy of 60 minutes because so only am not sure state 30 would be too often. A first time listens a music was excited like this and his expensive has on lit. It touches a tune 'when you are happy and calm know it applause your hands...'. One first formation of day I not having alot successful. Go when some sounds of music but still would have the accidents go in. A second day so only there is an accident. A third day, any accident! They are so only like this happy that in leastttt does not have to that stock on on attractive-ups anymore. Still it can have accidents here and there but think this potty the clock has helped to plot. Previously to a clock, has dipped an alarm of the hour on repeats for my telephone account, and adapt to go everytime my alarm has touched. But so only it does not act . It was so only mommys alarm of telephone. It does not want to go potty when I have adapted. But with this potty shows, looking fresh with music and everything, is has had to that to go potty for his! Dance still to a song in a way to a bath. And I can say that it is proud of the his. Hopefully Objective quite entirely can change his the underwear of big daughter and use this potty shows to say time so only.

Sometimes when it is occupied with the toy or something and a timer of clock goes was, quickly presses a key lateralmente and a sound will close era. If step to no for the listen , then there there is probably an accident. As I suggest any potty coaching to dip averts the solid a lot 3 days where can pay you full attention.

Some cariche of clock saw boss of USB (comprised). You owe that toe of a band for the touch. A bit annoying but any the breaker of extracted for me. A battery is well for the little veil has to touch it. When you Cover he in to touch, calm say a percentage of battery has left, the show has thought was ordered!

I transmissions/of improvements would be excited roughly:
- time to be showed together with the timer that read a same time.
- More options by heart
- capacities to change volume of a music
- capacity to select neither so only he beep or music
- battery of load without flipping of a band of clock

In general still highly recommends this clock. It is like this the value tries it. And included this in spite of have it casualidad of him not doing , still can be the fresh clock to possess! The service of client was also excellent (graces Marie!). Buy a clock now and give comes from it!! Totally value each penny.
5 / 5 By Grace
Orders this for our edges, those who is 10 years old , Autistic and there is ADHD. It has been having accidents on and has gone for the while now. It was excited in fact to spend his new clock. All really liked the one who discreet a sample looked. Lustrous And no bulky. It looks the Smartwatch. It is comfortable to spend, and good access. I have tried in fact a sample on in the first place when we receive it to knots, and has to that 8 wrist of thumb. So only it can steps this in spite of in a narrower part of my wrist, but this is not done for adults. I think that that this clock could is returned also the boy he young plus, like the toddler. I gotta say, a sample so that far it has been it the enormous success. Has the zeros have an accident a whole time uses a clock!! Unfortunately, so only recently our edges has lost his clock while any house. That direct my only 2 complaints in a clock. For judges of start, a sample is not waterproof (the resistant only water), which means for any pleasure my edges those who there is ADHD and is a lot of forgetful and has to that take a sample was to go swimming, game in any water, or to bathe, the result is stray result when it is not home. My second complaint, which is really my edges complained of entities, is that while a function of timer is turned on, calm can not see a time. When A timer is on, so only shows a timer of account behind. So only it shows a time, when a function of timer is turned was. It conceals really disturbed the, reasons has his heart dips on having the 'clock'. Really it have to that have the way to see both a timer and time, to change among ways. In general, I think that that it is the add potty the sample of formation and prize adds. I will be to order again is unable to find his first punctual clock.
5 / 5 By Denisse
Has used this clock with mine 20 old month and master like touch the happy pocola tune. A sample is not entirely waterproof this in spite of is resistant water . Images that calm leave it down running water or submerged in of waters he that the finally would break a mechanism. Law well for knots this in spite of. Our boy is potty coached and take on the week. So only an occasional accident, but ossia quite normal for his age. Servant is good purpose .
5 / 5 By Caitlin
In the first place was, this company is SURPRISING!
A clock is awesome, but has had some subjects in 1st.. I will explain, but offered that in an end, honradamente could not be happier.
When I 1st tried recharge ours potty sample, has had the question where a door to touch the port would not open . Finally it was able of the take to open... Then mine toddler is coming mine later that day, in that aim me a whole clock has had to come averts. It was able to snap it behind near and use he without @@subject, but has been concerned roughly the when being faulty, and perhaps a lot that resists on, as I have achieved was the company that'd has sent already an email to verify in to see that it have thought of his product.
I results are the company of the small USA . They were SÚPER well, and has said that the has not been something had had informed, but excusados and offered to substitute free of load and repayment bear me my question. They have had more on order and would send a ASAP.
Has been also given his page of link of Facebook so that it can easily his message there.
There, was has offered also RELEASE it downloadable potty map for success.
Besides, a clock has arrived like this fiancé, has done like this a reintegro and also has achieved was street FB messenger to offer all the classes advise in potty formation. Honradamente, Now when I message with an owner, like the chairs am taking to the partner! For real I am impressed by a level of worries resupplied, as it seats has had to that share everything of this here.
According to that a sample, the work adds and to the equal that has described. It calms that can dip to 30,60 or 90 min memories. It was in 30.
When we have begun was, has had the solid week with to plot of the success and our little boy has been excited and has done well... It is the little has bitten immature in a feeling when it needs goes department, but can say for more potty ready boys, this clock will be extremely useful. For knots, has decided to back of some have consecrated potty formation until has the better physical mandate in his bodily functions, and will go bavk to use a clock then again.
I really highly recommend this clock and this company, which is really be in Amazing. Last I has spoken with an owner, has offered to help drive me and all have required to the was achieves era. This has animated my heart.
Also, a clock is light weight , looks the apt bit, which spend, as it liked has had the clock like mommy. The majority ppl has thought also is the apt bit for boys also lol. I have explained that it is and recommended try it too much.
4 / 5 By Jeniffer
My boy so only would not leave it on his wrist, each pocolos small, the take was. So many, has been spending it on my wrist. I can not take on that comfortable is, is done the material good quality of soft silicone. It spends it to them alfresco, and is quite discreet that does not look am spending it toddler potty clock. Highly it recommends although it feels like your toddler will not spend it . An only with this that the only has 1 key in the like this taking it all dip has on taken of time to imagine out of a timing of everything, and for some premiers few days has had to that look on directions every time until I have agreed regarding the dipped again. But, with one a chair of key he the fact less probably that will think that is the toy to the equal that seat that it is also the good thing.
5 / 5 By Ethel
Big thanks to any one has invented this potty clock! My edges loves it, is done of flexible soft plastic and does not undermine his little wrist.
Can dip an alarm for 30, 60, or 90 min ( is very simple to dip if yours takes a time to read a propiciado by instruction) And when a time is on him lights and touches to pleasant tune.
Can not stress enough that each mother would owe that buy this product! It is state so only that require our in clues.
5 / 5 By Tasia
My edges has loved his clock and was very proud of this in spite of die after a day of use. I had it you touch it fully before it use it. I have done sure everytime wash his hands to take it was in the first place was although it is supposition to be the resistant water as it was not exposed never to any water. I took it it was at night and in a morning when it go it to dip behind on the, a screen was black. Has paste a key and he at all are spent. I have tried to resist down a key of that is one of some ways to choose different settings when it is on and at all is spent. I have tried it touch to think that perhaps has to that a bit the way drained a battery for prejudices he this in spite of at all is spent. Of then he any one anything has has had to that the turn.
4 / 5 By Sang
This product is by train to save me stirs it of money now that I am not buying diapers! It can not take my edges has interested, is so only too independent and will not go when adapted to. I really precise to build on a habit to go this in spite of. We begin it go with one 60 min setting of timer and has built he dulcemente on, and the week later was fully potty coached. It likes-me a fact that I any precise to change any soiled diapers anymore or cleaned some carpets after the accidents. Neither it is obnoxious like another potty clocks in a phase, loves that it is discreet and that a music is not too strong looking when it has to that listen his during a day. It likes that it is of resistant water . You recommend, well try and some boys think that that it looks fresh. Calm can give him reward when they are done to sweeten one extracted.
4 / 5 By Nydia
Potty The formation has been the fight with our edges those who begin prompt. It is only mine like this resistant nagging the all day, thinks in this age really loves full control of the his potty time and for an experience to be fun and any monotonous. This lustrous little potty the clock has done if marvel. Some songs and the lights are really quite pleasant and so only long enough for him to go. It is it adds that it is resistant water , can spend his time that has washed his delivery afterwards without concerning roughly breaking it. It do not say that it is waterproof this in spite of so that I any casualidad spend he in a bath. Really it is the idea of character to help with potty formation, would recommend it to other parents!
4 / 5 By Solange
Has taken this looks mine 4 old year has continued to struggle with potty formation.
A day has dipped his in underwears (one of some pairs several that chooses of a tent, in an of my tentativas to take excited to use a basin), and has said sound 'any diapers of plus. You are responsible to take you to a potty when precise goes. And if you pee in a paving, is load of the clean up. If I need any help. I will help, but precise ask me.'
Several days, has turned the weeks, and has had progresses very small.
Has done stickers in the potty map. ( I fill his map, has taken his prize, then promptly peed in his trousers.)
Begin preschool. I left him it knows it has not gone entirely potty coached, still. They have said ' we like him to of knots to have diapers manually in of the school?'
I said 'ANY ONE!! I will resupply his with the transmission of clothes, in chance that, but does not want to regress to diapers.'
Much more spends of days, and much more incidents.
Finally, I offhandedly comment it soyaybe require to dip an alarm to adapt you partorisca gone potty.' ( It answers a lot well to alarms for limits in electronic, and bedtime).
You brightened up! 'Yeah!' You chimed.
Like this I perused Amazon for the ideas and this look looked so only an entrance.
Ordered it immediately!

Once imagines was THAT for the touch and dip the, is the very small clock. You are excited to feign it his professor. Ella colored in a white external part, he doing his own.
Has used he for the week, then decided 'in the.'
MAY!! (And there is the 'except' of then is that they speak in potty formation after all) MAY!! There is light in an end of a tunnel!
Is almost fully coached now (pullups in the still night).
Some fights to be able to have finishings have given once a power, and the tool to help the sound agrees.
Mommies And Dad, does not give up. Of the that quell'Stresses. They will learn.
Expect accidents. It expects fights. It is hard imagining was like this to control these muscles. It gives him time. It gives him confidence.
Is well!!
4 / 5 By Magaret
We decide to give this potty shows partorisca try he with my almost 2.5 year, and the law adds! Some instructions were the bit to confuse , but take there in an end. Once it take a hangs of him, is been súper easy to use. It remains on really well, has the good soft strap. My amours of daughter like touches the music and He also help me to remain compatible on having the sound tries use his potty, especially during these days to start with of potty formation. Personally you recommend!
5 / 5 By Gayle
Are by train of the give 5 stars because it is doing well for my daughter. There is the pair of the things would change, but at all concealed me prendería to buy it again. My daughter is not the defender of the spend, but do like this well when being hover stops. A sample can not be dressed while a timer is going, how is basically the useless characteristic. I wish it it can be seen all a time. It was a lot of can be place for 2hrs.
On everything, am really happy bought it. It is sturdy and is effective. I am excited to use he for my creature once is older also. It recommends it sure.
5 / 5 By Sunni
Ossia For far a better potty clock of formation there, right now. The majority of comfortable! Easier That use! Load SÚPER fast - inside minutes! The time of battery adds - hard 2 to 3 days with one 30 timer of small on for 12 hours each day and is really easy to touch! Totally value one $ 20! Have potty Coached a lot of small boys in work and in home, whenever it looks the clock or that uses the timer of cookery - ossia like this easier! Like this useful to have it always with you and he do not owe that pass!
Simple, cheery games that turn melody the mandate to the entertainment, that promotes to agree that a toddler can learn to answer to. My twin 1 yr the old boys slow progress until I have bought this clock. It returns his small wrists amiably and is not too big/bulky like other ways, when they are interested in the spend. When they do not want steps, returns my wrist amiably. 😄 This clock has some the majority of intervals of timer! It is a lot easy to use, but also requires the level the big plus of sympathetic like my boys can silence an alarm with which begins to touch, but can not change some settings, the difference of regular digital clocks. 🤣
This has said, REALLY would love the if also there is the 15 interval of small and he 45 interval of small and has vibrate it dipping further of a musical tune, as it can continue use he in calm time. I gave it 4 stars in place of 5 for control of water, so only reason has a lot thoroughly has tried this closing. 🤣 You water it it has taken it splashed the diverse time and he still does utmost.
An only another down side, like this far, is that a prime minister an I has bought has done to add for the month and the half and there is prendido then law. I have had felizmente already has bought the 2nd a for then, but still like the substitution one for a prime minister a pleasure other frames and the ways do not approach! I expect that it results available again punctual!
4 / 5 By Kary
A timer has not done. He no beep or do a lot of noise. There is so only a key that all which is not on the dot in his part. My edges the hated cos was around his wrist that does at all. Iaw Good descriptions that it is reason has ordered but was waste of money. It is returned so only and hope they repayment my money
4 / 5 By Jaleesa
has bought a potty shows of formation for my edges of 5 years those who there have been the frequent accidents been due to sound ADD. It is excited like this when a clock has arrived, and thinks looks the access has bitten the clock like his dad is. It is the comfortable, cools to look clock, simple to operate and a lot light in his wrist the difference of another heavy looking potty samples there. It can leave on while washing his delivery that are to add like an only reason for the take was is for the touch. We take roughly 4 days out of the each load. There is not having prendido entirely having accidents, still has an occasional a, but has the improvement of the entity in general of then begins to spend a clock. I now dipped he in a 2 hr the mark and this is doing well. I seat that in some things of tax are going, the accidents enough will be non-existent. Included my edges ABA the therapist is recommending this potty shows to other families, is the I adds artilugio to maintain them on clues.
5 / 5 By Antoine
Of then taking this product, my resistant- to- using- the- potty the boy goes like clockwork during a day. It is no longer to struggle to take to take that is doing and chair in a potty. When it Listens that little alarm (a happy pocola digital tune) falls anything is doing and hops in a basin. If we spend to be was, say me is time for gone potty. She delights in verifying a 'time' (that go those that small remain until an alarm goes was). A time of then takes this , has not had the alone accident. I so only the desire had looked to take these months of product does.

An only characteristic I desire there is is the way of the turn is gone in sure time. It goes each one that 90 minutes (or 30 or 60 depends that you dipped he) until you manually gone back of an alarm. If I forget to do like this in naptime, is quite strong that the awake. But it conceal it is not the big quite reason to not giving this product 5 stars. Highly I recommend it!
5 / 5 By Camelia
Ossia A worse product ! You owe that the reset every time loves it to go was (I .And. He no the car goes of the each one 30, 60 or 90 once dip minutes to adapt your boy to go potty) like this rendering he entirely useless for when you are not around. Well, unless your toddler is quite ready to know like this to reset a clock for them while still unable to potty for them that am guessing are likely No a chance! Junk junk junk.
5 / 5 By Lanell
Has had this clock for the few weeks now and has done for knots. My edges is almost 4 and has had the daily accidents. It does not listen ours when it have said has to take it potty pause, but listens to a potty clock. We are to thrill. Some days do not want steps, but do likes am extracted no big this in spite of dipped an alarm. He finally dipped the on. (And have) recommended this to any with the strong-willed boy in that has it potty coaching subject. The desire would have taken it to knots more collected!
4 / 5 By Raylene
My woman takes two pills each three hours for his Parkinson symptoms. Other timers have used was neither a lot easily portable, or place until only indicates elapsed time of a last dosage - no that time to a next dose. This timer is spent easily in his wrist like this never prpers has to that adapt to take he with us when we exit, one more 3 hr. The time repeats all day long, every time an alarm goes era. It heads to it the knots was at night, begins he for his first dose of morning in the 3 hr. Interval, and every time listen a pleasant alarm and vibration, head to it the knots was and he resets he for a next interval. It goes 5 days or more without recharging a battery. Correctly for our application.
5 / 5 By Malka
The works add for my edges, really helps! Amur A volume of his, amour some measures is not bulky at all is perfect for the 3yr old! 4 starts in place of 5 reason buy it 4m excepts has not gone really ready and learnt to the equal that to press a key and the turn was when it goes was that my subject only is that can turn was a lot of easy!
Begin to use again and again is helped the tonne goes while it goes last 4 days but now leaves to do!? Where that Goes to buy another of then is been doing like this a lot some last 4 days and the longest hope!
5 / 5 By Caprice
We buy this clock partorisca ours daughter. Has the medical condition that requires the medications that can cause incontinence. Because of his medications is unable to feel a need to urinate. This obviously headed to a lot of incidents, which embarrassed for his and harrowing for us.

This clock has saved.

Easy to use. It looks the 'grown on looks'. It leaves to go to a bath in the schedule a lot reducing accidents.

A clock there is prendido to do randomly after the few weeks. I have contacted a vendor the one who substituted it immediately. The service of client adds.

Mine a, @subject smaller, can not change a tune. If it has had the election of the beep that would be amazing.
4 / 5 By Racquel
This potty the clock of formation was the transmission of game in our house. Give my edges compatible memories to go to a basin during a day. I have tried previously use my timer of telephone to adapt but has not been quite still rasgarle out of touching with his toys
This finally looked to do a trick, is súper entertainment and involving! Helped to maintain my sanity during a stressful process. Felizmente potty Coached less than the week! Very happy with some results, well value a small prize to pay when it takes a work done! 😊
4 / 5 By Tosha
Was sceptical that this memory potty sample in fact laws with my daughter, is so only 22 month and has thinks that she mightn't comprises a concept, pleasantly has surprised to do! You are the amused little game for his to run was the potty every time a music has touched. Still although no incident in a past two days, still wants to continue using he for another moment to take totally regulated to use a potty. The value that tries, would recommend to parents!
4 / 5 By Destiny
Very soft and very flexible. Easy to use. It is quell'has bitten big for my toddler. A course of clock is longer that to his wrist like them some straps is the bit was for him. They are the quite small adult and return me on one 4th hole of one last so much perfect work for more than old m kids the one who requires an extra or main help toddlers. My edges is 2. You love it and amours to press a key (which is very tiny) for the light up and say me there is 5 box of minutes has to that go pee. Has has had so only he for the day.
4 / 5 By Ivana
Has loved that while work, but after the week, a mixed screen and a timer would not go era. Look to do well when plugged in, as we reset he and has left the load for the day. But you grieve the unplug, subject same. I think that that a battery has suffered harm when you wash his hands. It classifies to nettle.
5 / 5 By Rubye
Does first day a lot well. We are in 5th day and the alarm will not turn was with a click. We use to be able to click a time then goes to use his potty. Now it maintains clicking to turn a noise down while it goes to do his subject, and he no a noise no partorisca. Neither we are able to look at the same time, maintains clicking a key lateralmente and a screen is black so only. No very happy that has subject with him already. A continuous alarm to do except is not able to see a time or turn of an alarm temporarily. So only the desire would do better. In general mine toddler is learning to go, but sometimes wants to take of a clock because it can not turn down to the to noise likes has used to.

Update - in some 7.os paralizaciones of day to do, does not act, an alarm no any noise at all. A screen is black and am not able to do anything on that.
5 / 5 By Kaylene
Mina 6I the edges has to that condition where can not feel when it has to that use a bath. This product has been the Godsend! While his school will leave in his colegiala this year coming. When He spends it and goes when a timer goes was has the ZEROS HAVE AN ACCIDENT during a day, and also maintains of him having accidents at night reasons go all day.
4 / 5 By Marisa
This has been complete it sanity saver with him potty formation toddler the one who is resistant to a nagging the father and the one who takes there is also distracts to touch to take and go to a potty. A sample that says to go is “fun and fresco” and absolutely loves it. It has not had the alone accident all the week for the use. Highly, highly recommended and to good sure the value tries he for down 20 bucks.
4 / 5 By Lucius
An idea is sum .... But a quality is not there. We purchase this in an end of August and our 2 old year so only has not been ready for potty formation, As I have dipped was. We are now full force potty formation 4 month later and some things no at all. Tried plugging in, then an alarm begins to go was, the unplug and then take an alarm to turn was.... But a clock goes black and does not act. SÚPER There is Disappointed. You do not recommend .
5 / 5 By Tifany
Love this clock! We have used another mark of clock and reason my edges is the wild hand washer he no last more than few days. Also we like him that it is quite strong to listen of a music, but also súper quickly to silence. When being rechargeable is to good sure to prize, as well as it having the functionality of clock, which have known no and was surprised felizmente roughly. We would like him see the way where is able to use a clock like the clock While a timer is place , these times are two separate functions . Calm also need be very careful with a door to touch a clock like this like this any to lose clue of him, but while you are his amazing. It is still the definite repeats compraventa. A service of client is excellent!! And his really cured in a quality of his product and enables it parents and of the boys to do neighbours to fulfil his potty objective to coach!
5 / 5 By Birdie
I have purchased this the few months does when it has had some class of extracted partorisca go in and did not open it until yesterday. The desire could return it. A battery wont has spent of load 80 and a second begin to dip a time and timer a battery spends for the averages. Any one has taken the lemon or this thing has the life of shelf. It was excited like this partorisca use this partorisca my edges potty coaching and now is so only there is disappointed.
4 / 5 By Anya
This potty the bracelet is the perfect measure partorisca my toddler. It is at all elegant but likes a tune that goes was of all day partorisca adapt partorisca gone potty. It has very answered well to this and he really maintains in clues. Any accident like this far. I am seeing improvement in his confidence in using a potty. It likes that the resets automatically and a clasping of the system is really sure. You recommend this to all the parents in potty travesía of formation. It is entertainment and free stress partorisca a bit one.
5 / 5 By Caroline
In the first place his the economic technology device that has not looked the show even a time. Randomly I Have been he was with different tunes and has promoted my boy partorisca go potty like an idea is valid.
This in spite of with this clock has to that take a small black piece of a strap partorisca touch. Easy to free and possibly the choking hazard partorisca the 3 old year the one who dips everything in his mouth. My boy has begun partorisca take the he and an idea of this free piece has concerned me to me too much.
Also to good sure any value of the money. It looks something could purchase in a tent of dollar.
4 / 5 By Mason
This potty the clock has done adds partorisca my edges, is not sure state answers his, is quite stubborn but he every time. It is quite fresh looking, with the soft band, really loves that! To good sure the transmission of game, especially when potty coaching strong willed boys. Fact for us!

1. It is light weight , small and comfortable for the toddlers wrist
2. Has 5 different increment timers of 30 mins to 3 hours, utmost to regulate like this like this is progressing
3. Easy to dip on
4. It comes with elements of prizes, an interchangeable refill wristband, acequia Ebook, drives of parents and potty stickers of aim.

1. The desire there was more tunes.
2. Any one controls of volume
3. It has to it turn among nighttime.

In general, would recommend to other parents potty coaching.
4 / 5 By Vicki
His pleasant quality, good but mine 26me the old waste to spend it like this perhaps a band could be more softer. I fray me he. Felizmente My wrist is small and turn it to us on each morning. It knows a timer means to go to a potty. Sometimes it goes, but in the still fights with him that goes. We owe stickers of use and m&ms to promote.
5 / 5 By Demetra
Each father would owe that give this Potty Shows for the try, he done in fact! I think a concept to authorise a toddler is character to the equal that are like this independent in this age. My boy does not answer well lately be said that to do like this this clock to agree that it takes a headache out of a constant nagging. Calm really has to that be compatible with potty the formation or he so only no , and this artilugio done a work for you! A total success in our house! It loves a pocola fun tune. You recommend.
5 / 5 By Aide
Has been doing in potty formation for the few weeks now and has been to good sure the hard street.
Imagining was when it has to that go potty and any while any one too long first to have an accident has been hard and take annoyed and fallido with us always say to go.
This boy-the friendly clock has the timer that can dip you for 30, 60, or 90 minutes and he leaves your kiddo knows that it is now of paralización and gone potty, and will continue to go was during a day until calm turn was!
5 / 5 By Mariela
Cure of the small boy of the fellow familiarised that is not potty coached in his age , requires the better approximation to a discipline. One do one more involved in a process as it feels likes is controls. We a lot of bug lucido so much with asking yes require to go or Works of no. perfectly well although it takes the different colour to water on that. You know that I bad.
The stress adds out of our sure shoulders!
5 / 5 By Gussie
Ossia Such create utmost . Mina toddler has loved to spend his clock. I say that it love reason no longer spend it . It is in fact potty has coached now. This was exactly that requires to complete this long process. Some characteristic of timer is of sound, a clock is soft, and is waterproof!! We were to satisfy everywhere with our compraventa and highly would recommend this clock to all struggling potty parents of formation.
4 / 5 By Trudy
A lot happy with a service of client. I have had Some small subjects and they totally have achieved was and has cured of me. This clock has given my almost 3 year a confidence and precise independence to potty train and like the mamma of 3 boys 4 & down took was a less sew has to them that think roughly! Potty The formation has been like this amour ess stressful with this clock! Thank you!
5 / 5 By Jayme
I have been trying the potty coaches our toddler partorisca 4 month now without any success. As I have finalised pairing this clock with the potty map partorisca reward that expects that he he things more fun partorisca his in a potty formation in planting to struggle with me. This was to achieve more than anything has tried more. In three paving of days say when have to that go without his clock that goes era! Teach his conception of time and a frequency partorisca require for gone potty! Big success!
5 / 5 By Michell
Thinks that partorisca have the defective clock. I received it yesterday and it does not turn on. Touched the the full battery this in spite of do not resist load after the few hours. It has been partorisca verify the time left and does not turn on this in spite of no after an hour. Tried that touches again and at all. Like this disappointed reason when it operates was extremely effective partorisca my boy of 3 years with SPD. It would like to take the control of service of the client to question shoots this, but any information of contact is listed.
4 / 5 By Coral
This clock was stylish & practical! My edges has loved an idea of having his own clock & a timer has done well to adapt to go while touching, etc. also loves that it can change out of some colours of some bands.
5 / 5 By Shonta
Has taken nowhere with potty coaching our daughter, is very independent and does not like to be said that to do. We find this clock in the FB Ad and decided to give it the bash. He really done for us! It obey a pocola tune of the mandate every time goes was, and is now felizmente potty has coached! It liked that it is of to resistant water like them to them the ages of raisin to wash his hands while touching with a soap and of the water. You recommend to other sure parents!
5 / 5 By Rona
Ossia The really fresh little artilugio. So only we take this today and for some first time have not had never of the dry trousers All day and is excited like this to go potty when his clock of alarm touches a tune!
5 / 5 By Venita
This thing has helped really my edges potty train. We use every time it frames (30m, 60m, 90m) for the pocolas days before that movement until a next setting. Now it has included it goes each one that 2-3hours like this of the one who use that function anymore.. But still it can use spend a clock like the digital clock rule. His a lot of stylish! A time was in a chance, and this little daughter around 9years have come until me and dictate, “ is like this little, and has to that to to the clock likes concealed?!” Loll
4 / 5 By Douglass
This for far has been an element are better spent my money in that tries to take my edges potty has coached. Master when a tune sees was to indicate that it is potty time. It was able to take a concept a lot quickly, and inside the few days was totally dry. Work!
5 / 5 By Latisha
This was the tool adds to take mine Grandaughter has begun to coach. Pleasant, returns alot of measures. To the What only does not like are occasionally pinch him while it dips of his clock of big daughter on way that does not want steps. Excellent idea.
5 / 5 By Quinton
Has loved an idea of of the this and was so that it looks forward to my grandson that uses it, but a prime minister an I has taken fact until it has dipped to upload is then spatial state, has been sent the substitution that was able to touch, but has had any sound. So only it take my money behind.
5 / 5 By Celeste
Tried it on I for a law & of day adds. Unfortunately, my edges, those who is for turn 4 & there is wanted at all to do with potty formation for a last year that has been coaching. For a time any recommended taking the potty shows, the few days with which have received is one, decides that it want to use a potty & has been doing like this never of then, as I never taken for the try was on the reasons goes when I need to now! I will give this to my grandson when it begins potty formation!.