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Top Customer Reviews: key chain cover for ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Malka
The product adds protects some tiles well
1 / 5 Lorenzo
Ugly quite arrived and cheaply has done.
1 / 5 Kelsi
It does not return some tiles.
1 / 5 Georgiann
The tile will not return in a coverage.
5 / 5 Robena
It have read negative reivews, as I have cut the hole in a case to augment sound. Good works.
5 / 5 Sherryl
It go them some tiles to aim to shine in my luggage!
4 / 5 Bob
Bought this element to follow my Roku far. A cape of the threaded cape perfectly in one focuses
in a base of a far. The audible alarm of one losa can be it has listened clearly through a case.
5 / 5 Syble
The works add. The access adds. Very durable!
5 / 5 Randy
Excellent. Bought the in fasten the slender Tiles in the keychain. Easy to use, looks classy, work well, good prize.
5 / 5 Morris
If very well for my Slender Tiles. I want to it.

Top Customer Reviews: Bushnell 368224 ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Mari
My Bushnell Neo GPS of Phantom is bonded on look for . That has to marks you? Quan The law was wonderful and would want to have or these works. Please response in my problem. Thank you , Patrick Hannell
5 / 5 Dionna

was golfing with the partner in a Chicagoland zone that possesses one of these and the flight. I have asked the small time for a distance in a green/of the pin and a distance would be accurate. Calm say you a distance in a front, average, and by behind green. A Neo having a car-the recognition of the hole am adds. A Neo comes with a clip/ of pocket of the tape (the semi-detached pictures). It check A Neo yardage in green, chooses my club, and house in in one has shot. I have maintained a Neo on all 18 holes and the life of stack was still big. A Neo any come with the instructions have detailed so that it is mere and easy to use.

Can look for everything of some courses in your zone. Once it connects via GPS he preloads all an information of course (how magic so knows!?). You can see a yardage increase or decrease while careers. A function of shot of the distance is easy to use hasten whence has taken your shot and walks in your balloon to see a total distance then presses a shot of button again. Mere, accurate, and easy to use (the semi-detached pictures). Any complaint.

Will update this description if anything arises.

PLEASE NOTE: I these revises to help the people was. This description is my earnest opinion after doing a lot of investigation and purchasing this product for personal use. Anterior in purchasing any product I behaviour researches thorough, tries an element, and anterior photograph in editor the description. ' It was this useful description in you?' If it was to please click in button 'USEFUL' down. If like the calm leaves the Commentaries please mark as and will answer in any questions could have hardly can. THANK YOU!
3 / 5 Dino
Bought the, has taken he in United Kingdom and has touched several rounds of golf. The law adds; has everything of some courses has touched in him and a yardages was very on. It IS an economic road to find your road around the course of odd golf. I have not had any problem that uses for two round before recharging can do that with the computer or tlphonique upload with the micro port of USB. It comes with the cape to touch or will do with or calm have you lying around a house.

COSTS. After a lot of round to use this small thing, is not so enamoured with with him anymore. First of all, it does not remain ignited very very time. If it goes it does not press the button, after the fence for the moment was. Segundo, there is any place to attach except around your collar or hang of your stock exchange. No very convenient. Even so, this be has said, for concealed it paid for him, is accurate; when it remains it ignites. My council is to pay the small more and take the small more
1 / 5 Millicent
Simply a plus thwarting the useless piece of junk has has not had never a displeasure to use in a course of golf.

Quan Law, the law adds. Easy to read, and accurate. But, seldom arrests to act very time. Tour enters a half of the round, or can not find some satellites a whole day, or one stack be fatality or dying hours after one at night uploads. Perhaps a hardware was defective and a software was buggy. By everything means, this product was the complete waste of my time and money and at all but anger me and absolutely sea my day has been. One .99 golf the application in your telephone is 1000% better that this piece of junk.

A worse part is that an anterior generation (the Bushnell neo+) has done perfectly. I eat... They have directed to take something, and he very very worse. I do not comprise like that raisin; but I will not be giving them anymore of my money, suggest you a same. His priorities are clearly any one in pleasing clients or doing good products.
4 / 5 Leroy
That is to say the mere product adds that with the precision done his work! Accurate yardages A whole time! The May HAS REQUIRED the preoccupy quite since has a car-recognition of hole. Only it pull he out of my pocket, control a yardage, then the house in one has shot. It remains in a whole round, so never need in fiddle with any buttons or it turning behind on as you have used an application in your telephone. There is not very has detailed instructions so that a Neo the phantom is mere and easy to use.

Had an available update in a web of place of support of the product that has taken enough 30min. I a right of update out of a box, so once the take too much a course for a first time has not had any subjects of action with him. Also it can look for everything of some courses in your zone, and he same downloads a course info in a Neo Phantom if it is not already precargado (scarce case). A GPS takes the small while to connect, as it turns in a Neo Phantom for 'Golf of Game' subject while it is by train to take you the yours coach was and ready, more than well before you tee was.

Is looking in this product so that you want the mere product that takes a work has done with accuracy. Calm is not looking for everything of some bells and whistles, colored or touch-screens, and the tonne of parameters in customising. Everything needs to know if a yardage in a front, average, and behind, and this does only concealed! There is went it he for only the few moments only to verify a yardage while done my selections of club, a backside in a pocket or in a vain cart! A yardage does not fluctuate up and down like his supposition... You can see a yardage increase or decrease while careers. A function of shot of the distance is easy to use like the clock of decree; press whence has taken your shot and walks in your balloon to see a total distance then presses a shot of button again. Mere!

Mere, Accurate, and Any Worry! In the game where tries the maintain mere, a Neo the phantom mark only that with confidence!
2 / 5 Sammy
These products so that far it has done it while it announces. My problem is I lives in the community of golf and has any road to update this thing. Has 36 executive course here and 12 ship of course of champion and walnut ones are in a road, or reconstructed and the necessity that software actualiza.un of igolf any race in of the windows 10. Contact igolf with unsatisfactory responses. They have declared it runs in of the windows 10. Well He no . I have left he through a firewall, and has tried he in the each road of possible compatibility, compatibility of windows troubleshooter say me sound an incompatible program.

Took it to run in some old windows 7 computer but this are not available in me all a time.

Would not buy this again or the recommend . Look elsewhere.
He bushnell does not resolve never a subject will update this description.
5 / 5 Barbar
Amur This thing! Has wanted to something to help represent me out of yardage in a course of golf and with selection of club. That is to say awesome. It IS quite small to have in my pocket a totality and easy round to use. My husband has the finder of the field and I have compared yardage in that and also in some carts of golf with GPS and he are inner accurate quite 5-7 courses... Enough sake for me! A hard plus stack very time this has expected. It was able to touch two and the half rounds before short out of stack. A screen is easy to read and can adjust the brilliance in some options. I Like him his a peril yardages. I can see what far in a water and what far to clear a water, etc. A lot of amours a button of shot of distance... Quan Paste the press of walk adds a shot of the button and the seeds when lame in my balloon can see what far goes. Also it attaches to compound what far my paste of clubs a wheel while I improve. My only complaint is that it takes the moment for a GPS to find course. I turn it on and the investigation of left wing while cloak or putt or take my material ready for the round. It IS usually ready for a necessity to time the the compound distance in a green. It does not use a clip, as it can not speak in that.
5 / 5 Camelia
It take a Neo the pair of days of marks. I have read some instructions and found the a lot of easy to comprise. I have posed-in my Neo without any difficulty. Today it was my first time to use a Neo in a course of golf. I have turned on it ails downloaded my stock exchange of my pickup. A Neo found a course the very low time. Law perfectly. A Neo automatically would go in a next hole. A yardage the numbers were easy to read in solos very brilliant. I have used a multifunction clip to attach a Neo in my stock exchange for easy reading. My round was ovens the long hours and a Neo has aimed had 75% load of stack that rests. Down, it can any one when being more satisfied. I will rid another description after the few months of use.
3 / 5 Lanell
That says in a Phantom. I routed a premier a backside and the amazon was very generous to substitute he in any cost in spite of me had had yes prende more concealed 30 days.
A Phantom requires patience. An on/was the button has the response retarded that if the marvel has turned was or on. Precise turn on when arrive in a course so that it take it the few minutes to find some courses of the most next zone and once selects the course takes the minute or so for the take up. It measures the walk but he take several pushes of button to return in a basic screen. It uses a characteristic peril but very often the while having to touch a same course regularly and has the ideal quite very whence is. Again after you check of any perils take the few pushes of button to return in basic operation.

Tends Poses only he in a headline of cup of a cart. It IS quite small to spend in your pocket that is the very good thing. My anterior GPS any access in my pocket and was the ache to attach in my tape. A Phantom has the annex of the tape but I choose any one for the use.

He a work and is cheap. It wanted to have when my buddies forgets to touch his elegant more Golf GPS more expensive
4 / 5 Raylene
It lines the load for several round. It IS easy to read and does not take on the plot of spatial in my forward of pocket during the round of golf. Even so, a first time used it, some the locations of first new holes of GPS, although I uploaded it multiple time, was clearly any one some the new holes where touched like each hole has read 999 yd in a centre, 999 yd in a front, and 999 yd in a backside. Record my commentaries twice in Bushnells website of support of the technology with exactly of the cual the course there has been a problem and has listened at all behind. Some last two round, has has owed to look for satellites 2 and 3 times, respectively like the device was in earching' road for 5-10 minutes with AT ALL...Turned a device was, restarted, etc...Before it finds satellites in just the little bren...Both days a heaven was clear. Quan Work, is very fast and accurate.

Top Customer Reviews: BUNDLE: 2017 Golf ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Jacquelyne
I have bought this for my husband so that has wanted to one one bought me the pair of years of marks and has known the unit required is there went it only an occasion for the use once so far but liked him a lot. It IS well to be able to listen a voice still has it down quite so some another touch with you can not listen like any troubling other players. Law like the charm.
5 / 5 Teodoro
I have exchanged a GolfBuddy CT2 for this model. Easy tan to use. A course I the game on regularly taken the long time to upload, but in general is quite dang accurate. I touch with the fellow that uses the finder of elegant optic field. It has to home in in one nails, occasionally in the loser and finding the tree instead. Although a GolfBuddy only provides three distances (advantages, centre and by behind green), is usually well in a money yardage wise. I am not in the professional......Level of beginner for me. As that takes the distance that is inside the little of the courses of my aim are very enough. Sure he he useful select the club when there is any bookmark in a fairway. Perhaps a day will be able to judge distance without help, but for now, that is to say an entrance !
4 / 5 Tamesha
A debate for me has been this finder of field of the type against. The laser. I actuate So much. It opens it Uses a Golf Buddy for distances of a tee and global information. I have ordered only a group of wrist to spend likes him the clock that loses a a had attached in my tape. Like A group of better clock and is more convenient to see. It IS better that be it attached will aim of hat so that I do not have to take hat to look in some numbers. Golf Buddy Am add, any one the remorse that has it!
5 / 5 Marilyn
I have bought this for my husband and I were with him to locate to the long of when use it.
Alloy in a course of golf gps and says calm in a hole what far in a centre of a green. And also it can mark your location of balloon of a tee was to signal to see that far paste your balloon is in a fairway.
His very mere to use and does not require an application in your tlphonique or wifi.

In in to to the My husband likes him, thats of the cual subjects!
4 / 5 Ellamae
It has touched enough 12 round with this device, enters handy when no in a fairway each which shot (that I usual stay out of a fairways). I have not used a portion of voice of this device, but from time to time when being a lady that habladuras, only any one the flight to be the distraction in another.

Yardage Wise, HAS had some subjects of this thing always changes in of the Metres versus Courses, has imagined once was likes him change of one in an another this was no longer an attach, only disturb he in disorder with slope the round. It remarks that precision of the looks of device to be has been he prende quite +/- 15 course according to a course, but for my course of house is typically something on.

In general, I like an assistant. It IS hurriedly and easy to use, does not require the hand in firm or draining a stack of tlphonique. Justo beware, some people are touching with him constantly will ask you 'that is a bit artilugio said of here?'
5 / 5 Synthia
Excellent device for a money. It has used now for 8 round of golf. It can take quite 3 round before need in recharge. Clips Easily in a brim of yours covers. Button to press once takes distance to centre, the control takes front and behind. Mere but effective!!
3 / 5 Chrissy
Some works of good device. Even so, a Golf Buddy Application of computer of the Manager to update a device for a golf the courses no with my MAC with Mohave YOU. A Golf Buddy service of the client does not have any response or solutions. Only we say me that it has to it times subjects with MAC computers.
5 / 5 Scarlett
It opens If my friends only would take or he so arrests to ask me for yardage.. LOL.. The laws of product really well. Oh, And a last stack the long time also.
5 / 5 Judy
Absolutely I want my new Golf Buddy Voice 2!!!! I used it a lot of time now and the laws add. Mark Sure that you recharge the after it uses. To well sure it recommends this product.
5 / 5 Contessa
Small and clear weight as it can return he in pocket or clip in tape. Still it finds places in clip he in a cart. The precision looks something on. It Likes him that it speaks also. Very happy with a product. It suggests in any golfer.

Top Customer Reviews: Luepold Golf GX-5i3 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Cortez
I produce it adds...The desire can cure my piece

Top Customer Reviews: Carrying Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 German
I am the new JUUL user, is state impressed with the mate JUUL. He gone besides or less to pack of smokes in the daytime besides or 2 less-3 cigarettes, and perhaps the ways of the JUUL pod. This has been the good step for me considering cutting bass in a process to smoke -- my habit.

Opens, habladura left in this case. It IS PERFECT for any one that wants the enclosed pouch very small for his JUUL vape the device and an USB upload in a side of a case, and 4 pods in another. I the maintenances each in my stock exchange, very compact, everything is ensured in interior of elastic groups of a JUUL case. Some zips of the enclosed case, as it is to well sure firmly concluded.

He still, this was EXACTLY cual looked for when bought my new JUUL box with some extra pods.

Thank you For a terrific creation!
5 / 5 Juli
These suits of case of a one this is past cds behind a day. It IS a same material . A side lines 3 more stacks pods. Another side lines 4 pods or 3 pods and 1 load. I can not speak with how long an elastic for some pods and the stacks will last so that it arrives only done the week. That is to say the solid case and chosen the brilliant colour to reduce casualidad of loosing the. A prize is the big small for my flavour. I comprise the part of that is shipping but around $ 10 shipped is the prize the reasonable plus. A reality is maintaining some stacks and the pods order in this case is cheaper compared in loosing a stack or upload.
5 / 5 Starr
Bought this for a PAX WAS. It controls a stack with or without some cartridges and some loops line some cartridges perfectly. Solid zip and well has done.
4 / 5 Trudie
Little Good case, quality so far seams very good. Work quite well for another type of vape pens also, any only a JUUL type... While it is not very much more that enough 2 1/4'. It looks for the case like this for the while it lines the few varieties of 510 cartridges, the stacks of pair, and the upload everything in or plant, and while this one was quite 2-3x a prize of a lot of similar cases, looks to have the better creation and the quality are well.
5 / 5 Margarete
You are able to line three pods, a load, and three Juuls. If has the case in your Juul the the still access but he are the tight access.
5 / 5 Myung
The positive Want to This spending case. It IS very done, has void for multiple vapes, and multiple Juul cartridges of flavour. Quality workmanship is obvious.
Negative Very required to be this bulky? Wait for the slender case that l]ook less obvious. Perhaps that my be in some work already? I am quite satisfied, all precise is the zip was. Wii Be repeat it sure client.
5 / 5 Lorretta
It have been looking for the case for awhile, something small that would return in my pocket, and this was perfect. I have ordered it likes him 4 of other cases that looked a measure has wanted in some pictures but arrival to be on age and bulky. Also I like him his that it is of quite robust, as it protects anything is in him quite well. It does not advise to seat with him in your back pocket even so yes it has anything fragile in him. I have not required he for the Juul even so it likes side concretely for the pods to spare are not too useful for me personally. It want to see perhaps an exact same case with as the point to mesh this substitutes these to pose other things of miscellaneous vaporizer in. But I am still very queixant-, all more was perfect and has done up for other cases had ordered.
5 / 5 Derek
And Very like this case. His built strong with the apparently strong zip also. His the good measure although and the desire was slightly more slender as it can return it more comfortably in my pocket of trousers what opposite in coverage during month of state. You can return several devices, pods and chargers in him also. It announces 3 devices, 3 pods and upload it, but yes only have 1 juul, can easily apt 6 pods or 5 pods and the upload. The element adds, would recommend
5 / 5 Bessie
First time Juuler, has Taken a box of judge of start of my daughter like the present. I am always he spent my Juul in my pocket or in my stock exchange with a pod of loose extra and can not find immediately, with a case maintains my extra pods, loads and a Juul each set. All precise is each orignized. The easy zips for easy securement and is compact quite small to pose in ur stock exchange or pocket of coverage. It IS it Adds!
5 / 5 Thomasina
It IS so perfect and lines my pods, my juul and my upload.....Taken a blurred pink an and the amour these attractions he out of my stock exchange and it using.....Very happy with this product

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Approach S6, ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
The flight. The works add. A course is touching research to be a premier in a ready when go game. Yardage The indicator is wonderful. Quite easy to use, although I have not touched with all some characteristic, that of still.
5 / 5
He very want the but has not used each which described still. Easy to read and use.
3 / 5
Costs of works, but is has complicated also. Too much Function like a lot of all the need is distance . Messing With will find calm in a wrong hole bc of the swipes of injustice.
4 / 5
This was the present navideo for a woman and she like but says that of the hideout a signal and loses data in the hole.
1 / 5
It has Had a sample only 6 month and he only partly recharge. Hardly he he through the only round. There is not feedback very palpable while in when a clock is seated properly in a recharger. The clock will flash 'on' when situated, but then only touches besides or 60% less. Touched with more recently, this there has been a same problem.
1 / 5
Simply place, has had a sample only in three month and he maintaining will not maintain load through 9 holes. It buys my last garmin poduct.
5 / 5
My husband wants this clock!!!!!!
1 / 5
Returned the
1 / 5
The May Left with my iPhone 6, likes him never. Yes I have bluetooth has enabled. Once in the blue moon, after turning a darn thing on and was on and on decides to match, but that it is scarce. A device and the party of the telephone is has broken fundamentally.
4 / 5
Distances very accurate, picture of hole very accurate, time of states to change very useful.
An only downside is a period of load of the stack.
Has touched 27 holes and he are died with two holes to touch.

Top Customer Reviews: Tuff Protect ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Dona
This protective screen is a better in a piece. More importantly, in fact returns a infotainment screen of mine 2018 Chevy Cross.

Has purchased 2 anterior screen protectors, and or of this fact.

At the end one 3 times was a charm .