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Top Customer Reviews: Orangeiot Keyless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Before what precise is partorisca scan a barcode this goes in a bit paper in a container. And the click in a link which will take you to the website with full-soufflé a lot the instructions written well. Also it comprises the video of Youtube. Reason has not had any instruction in a box, has decided to videotape some indicators during an installation partorisca help any concealed decides to buy this lock. Has the kwikset digital lock in a front of my house but has not wanted to spend the plot of money for the lock for my backyard. I closed out of several times and has had to that walk all a way has retreated around like this to go in a house. These digital locks that solves that question and does not break a bank. I have run to the pocolos few swipes of speeds during an installation but by means of the test and the error imagined out of quell'I wrong. I have corrected once that I bad an installation was very smooth and seamless. One of some deceptions has looked for to program the code of pin without changing a master code. The transmission needs a master code to the code of Master pin before I can attribute codes of PIN. It was to maintain so only a master code a incumplimiento the master but the supposition is the good thing that change a master code. Transmission a master code to a same code like my advance of door and utmost. Especially It likes Me one transports-next look like my kwikset does not have . Calm also can change one transports- delays of lock 2 lock until 99 second which have done. Everything in this together integer is compatible with the together alike lock more expensive. They are like this happy that has taken the casualidad is and that has done like this confidently would use this in my door forward also. Highly it recommends this together of lock and buy for again if I have not moved never.
4 / 5
Left in the first place be clear, unless has the solid core or door of steel (any glass) with the commercial-commentaries lockset that locks further of a place in a frame of door, any of some residential locks for real will maintain some bad types to break in. It is the deterrent still opportunists or the búfer of time for an owner to prepare and answered consistently (Law of Castle, Stand your earth, etc yes are).

Substituted it Schlage lock. A Schlage is lasted the few years then looks a gearing the mechanism undressed. I have decided in this lock based in other descriptions and his quite a lot of simplicity of use and installation. They are in software and technology for the living and although has the plot of fresh factor for locks that connects the WiFi and/or Bluetooth, simply could not justify a cost for these devices give you an a lot infrequent use that could has to that leave any in remotely. Coming to think of him, can not think of some times where have thought in me 'Gee, the desire has had a capacity to unlock my house to the equal that can leave a lot so they are was.'

This lock is simple to install. When being a type that are, of course, I a lot fully read some instructions when it has come for the program, and like this, has had to that reset he. I go! Once programmed correctly with the code of new Master Pin and an alternative, a lock has done perfectly. This in spite of, likes him all mine of another house DYI projects, some of have had to them that have bit it more fun. My dish of the strike has not been to dip legislation in a jam of door how was so only the pair mm out of leaving a lock to freely open/near. After the bit of forest chiseling, a lock now does like this has to that - and now know reason my Schlage undressed was. Alive and learn.

Cierra, the lock adds, easy installs, easy programming (If calm bed the closely), and the fantastic prize.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I like him-me the product Any one has been easy of the install reason have had to that break a bit of the forest so that it goes in well but this genial is something súper these produced reasons is economic and easy to dip but in some doors in mine have had to that cut forest
5 / 5
is Gone in good packaging, undamaged and is ready partorisca east.....? With the real instructions have printed in preoper English using readable structure of pertinent sentence! Easy to follow for easy painless installation! It acts a lot of smoothly! It gives chance beep and the green light flashes to confirm it has closed. My RVLock in my camp sometimes will not press a cylinder to close to a jam of door all a way one spends is not to close well quite and leaves my door unlocked. A unerving surprised when I go back. Any question with this lock. An engine that pushes a cylinder is quite strong and if it does not extend a first time he retrys first to give an alert yes fails. Quite awesome! Very characteristic comprising holidays and way of extra codes that in fact gives an alarm. They are very impressed with this deadbolt with which spent seemingly each one which closes on Amazon. Happy with my election.
5 / 5
Has UPDATE : I have read some of some negative critiques, & has wanted to direct some subjects:
1) He, is done mainly of plastic, & probably does not be suitable for the subject. But then, you would be to use $ 200 locks that is hard-wired the electricity of edifice, & sensors of motion & another more-expensive material.
2) Although I think that that look of mine of lock adds in my rear door, knows that another reviewers consider this to be a lock & 'ugly' 'economic'. MAY: for < $ 50, it is it ADDS!!!
3) Last note: it results that a combination will not CLOSE a door, so only UNLOCKS he (closing require a key to close he of an outside). I suppose that ossia to save can take unlocking. This in spite of, included with this limitation, found that already to be much easier for me, especially when spending groceries.

This closes To good sure takes 5 of me, although I have had the pair of the smallest questions that will describe. But, a goodness a big plus so only of this lock in traditional deadbolts is that it is programmable WITHOUT USING WIRING of EXPENSIVE HOUSE!!! The works was 4 EA alcaline battery, which are easily replaceable. The installation taken roughly the ½ hour, BUT has had already some holes cut of the current lock that has fallen to avert with which too many years. 1st smaller question is that some instructions, while good-writings, sometimes use the like this small source that has had to that use the lit augmenting reader of page to read them! 2nd, a dish of battery is like this stagnate that it was fearful that would use too much pressure for the take release & breaks it. Although I have followed some instructions in order & have had any question, sure mark that calm this, reason a lot some do not warn you that if any calm treat them, a lock no . Last, I really like both of the backsides-on keys (which I already dipped in mine keychain), together with a capacity to open a door with both full hands (while has 1 free toe)! Any way could do this with my old deadbolt. Again, 2 smaller questions, but still takes 5 stars.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for an economic solution for the programmable dead ray!
4 / 5
Is initially state concerned because of an economic prize, and has assumed would be cheaply has done. They are like this ASTONISHINGLY PLEASED and surprised in a quality, sturdiness and an ease of installation. These are surprising for a prize, with free nave to kick. Highly recommended!!!
5 / 5
Has ordered recently to close of keypad of Amazon. I have installed a lock but he is improperly wired.
When it Commands an instruction to 'lock' (that resists any random number) of an outside he unlocks a ray.
When it Presses my code and then enter a orangiot key, a device IN FIRM a ray.

Like any one can unlock my door simply to resist the number. Ossia The serious defect . It has squandered both times and money regarding this subject.

A lot disappointed with this product of rubbish.

MODIFY 5 Feb 2021 Changed of 1 star to 4

after contacting a company his everything in his can to help. The service of client was excellent. One fixed for me deliberately installed a lock with a ray dipped to a place of lock (fully widespread). After leaving a ray in this place and resetting a mechanism, a lock has begun to behave correctly. I expect that this helps any concealed can run to the alike situation.
4 / 5
Left beginning with him compliment to the people of service of the client of this company. One the majority of courteous, the useful client and the good service has has not fulfilled never. I have received an email of the CS rep the days of pair after an element arrived (early also) with detailed info king installation. Half way by means of an installation, there is @@give that some rays of the assembly of the interior is the bit anxiety my door (1'3/8 thickness). Like this, it could not ensure a stuff highland against a door (sees picture). I have alerted a company that answered behind the timely mine. Like the workaround, am exited and has bought 2 alike rays but 1/2' more courts for the pair of bucks, and has used these instead. They return perfectly. One has resupplied the rays are so only for doors of 2 fat thumbs. If the buyers have a subject same, tries this.

A lock is well, compact and solid. The programming is easy. My forward Kwikset PowerBolt2 has died with which 2 years. Hope That this lock will last longer. The time will say. But, I will buy anything of this vendor again. They will be for behind his products.
5 / 5
Ossia The good-looking unit , and the good prize. The installation is quickly state, of then has had already one ageing digital lock maquinal in a door.

This in spite of, when I have been to change a factory master code, and add other codes of user, at the beginning could not take a process to complete. 45 minutes of frustration later, and roughly to give on, has tried accidentally a time of plus, this time that begins a process with a unit in an ENCLOSED (the ray along) has dipped. Aha.. These looks to be a secret.

Can not initiate any of some functions to program with a lock retracted. A ray has to that be extended for results. Have pored In a propiciado by instruction, and nowhere finds this critical piece of information has documented, any in a propiciado by instruction resupplied, on-line instructions (identical), or in a good email has received with which shabby.

If this simple transmission in of the instructions has been done to further document a process to program, then this for real would be the product of 5 stars, otherwise, am sticking with 4 stars in of the hopes to take the attention of a vendor!
5 / 5
Has substituted the $ 190 digital lock that has had to that weaves of the questions that after and unlocking correctly. I am not sure a question is a lock or a hole in a door, but has not done never properly. I owe model of same lock in another door in a house and his fact perfectly for several years. Finally patient to enter my code 5-10 times before a latch would take, has bought this $ 40 lock. They are very happy with subjects that some forwards one has had.

My only gilipollas is with installation: read some instructions attentively and be still in them order, especially a last a lot of where a lock learns a sinister or right orientation of your door. I have followed once some has not done attentively so only well. I have installed the locks of dozen in the doors of dozen and has thought could so only wing he with the basic perusal of some instructions. His, follow them. In my chance an engine would run but at all has had learns an orientation has done adds. A step where you oriented a (inner) in bylines/unlock the dial looks for to be related to one @subject gotta be doing when you install some batteries.

A vendor (vendor?) It has sent an email of mine the few hours with which has arrived with additional notes in a process of installation and things to take attention to. I have appreciated this. I think that that they would have to update some instructions with this information. One installs has taken roughly 45 minutes, but installed that two times and shaved some forest of an interior where a lock is installed and a frame where a stuffs of the strike is installed ( was main that my forward a).

A really a lot of PRO that will signal your code is '2222'. If you are trying unlock the but have any one looking for in your shoulder, can paste any number of numbers before Or after the concealed '2222' and a lock will choose on a correct signal. As '2222', '2522352222567', And '2222435633' all the law to open a lock. It is the good way to obfuscate yours signal in of the sure situations.

So many, in short: the works add, follows some directions of installation attentively, cost 1/4 a prize of the model looked with another mark that offered any improvement to oblige in east a.

Top Customer Reviews: Schlage Encode ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Taken a lock and installed the. Some directions are directly advances. It has closed it has done partorisca add a first day.

Some things partorisca remark.
• A hole where a ray goes to a door was too much small partorisca this lock, as have has had to that the the little same elder although I have had has takes so only another Schlage lock of a hole.
• Some holes of ray in a dish of striker partorisca a side of frame of a door there is not lined up with existing holes. You send to you two plans but neither the facts has to that way that has had to that leave my old dish there. It could not drill new holes reasons of the old some were too many near.
• During the installation of a lock has dipped a tampon of number in place of an outside and then attach the dish to a tampon of number of an interior. Any on presionar some rays in a dish. He his invernadero so only enough to maintain a keypad of emotional around. If calm on presionarte will find some rays to attach a part of the interior of a lock is too much short.

Now for a question I really have. On day two my application, am using a Schlage application, says does not have any lock. I can unlock and close a door manually and look of volume in my telephone, but can not use an application to close or unlock a door or add codes of new raisin. The good thing has not been according to an application of telephone to leave any in a house. To arrive to this point will not be never able to trust a lock thus subject. I have tried reconnect an application of telephone to a lock, but a lock so only flashes the red light and beeps.

Right now, honradamente would not recommend this lock to any the one who will not trust never in those use an application of telephone to open a door. If calm so only love the key to press deadbolt then looks to do for that. In my opinion having this luxury is certainly any value $ 250.

Little more information in has not taken to rectify this question. Another that calling a Schlage folks for help. Oh, I that also, but so only will help calm during his business hours and this spends to be when they are in acting me. Also, it does not try his web of place troubleshooting reason these calm just careers in of the circles.

• Deleted and reinstalled an application. It could not connect.
• While it follows some directions in an application I randomly has pressed a key in an interior of a band of battery. A telephone in fact paired with a lock but a lock would not connect my WiFi as it could not come from.
• Reset Of factory a lock and has repeated some steps to connect comprising pressing a key in a compartment of battery. Connected to a telephone but any Wifi.
• Takes and has substituted a battery and reset a lock. Still a lot of Wifi.
• Has resupplied my information of user to my edges those who has downloaded an application in his Android. It has followed some directions in his application and all have done utmost.

Even Although some shows of the application does not have any lock paired with my telephone I still take messages when any one closes and unlocks a door. Odd things. Of a lock and the application are entirely unreliable will be to send the backside.

Oh, And reason does a need of application to have access my location? Cela In any of information that is pertinent mine that operates the lock.

Updates A magically reappeared lock in an application after having gone for two days. The suppositions have update an application to fix a WiFi question. I will continue to use a lock and application in some measure where are out of timing to return a lock. In this point all continue to do will go back and update my indication. For now I am maintaining he in 1 star.

Update II I has been that uses a lock has begun of then does again. Has has not had subjects of then. My woman has purchased in fact the second an and maintaining there is on in a front and rear door. His both have done mostly perfectly of an application has been updated.

Update III This thing is a main piece to crap . I have had this installed lock for roughly 8 month now. Has some subjects have listed on. A lock sucks down the batteries constantly is losing connection with the telephones of mine familiarised and he maintaining there is entirely there is prendido to do. Oh And be ready to reset a lock and reconnect Every time owes battery of transmission.
4 / 5
Shabby of mine of the Schlage Encodes lock of the advance of electronic door and a matching FE285 boss and latch conjoint (experience for separate) has yielded several lessons in like this to select such devices while they avert the majority of some questions.

To receipt of a lock, has had Lowes king-nail the to match mine another Schlage locks of house (a free service in mine Lowes). But note: has this does BEFORE it install a lock! Otherwise, The locksmith has to that coming your location and will touch consistently.

Has installed lock of mine and dip the up. It will resupply the access in my house requires 911 services (I alive suns). My undertaken of the medical alert has the code of provisional access for a lock, which will resupply it so only to 911 responders. And I am unable to delete this code immediately after responders access my house, concealed can be does remotely for friends or of the members familiarised those who have downloaded, installed, and places on a Schlage application of House in the compatible mobile phone. This prevents responders to abuse a code to burglarize a house later. There is a tranquility added that any use of a code of access can generate an immediate alarm in a Schlage application of House.

Has had to contact Schlage service of excellent client to telephone to complete an installation and programming of a lock. A Schlage the place of web has the number of telephone of the contact, which is answered for real humans.

Some considerations of entities:

1. This still is not the mature phase with an ideal combination to draw and characteristic functional. Probably you have been able to it will not take all some appearances of appearance and act that loves in a model. And with Encoding when being the quite new model, so that a rollout does not look for having comprised the together complete of installation and programming instructions, calm am likely to be calling Schlage personal of support of useful client for assistance.

2. One Encodes Camelot to the lock does not look to be available like the together with matching it Camelot latch conjoint FE285. Such combinations are available with some other locks, together with discounting to order both insiemi of the together hardware.

3. It encodes it Is resembled Schlage is other electronic locks (Senses, Touch, Connect), but is not misled for this similarity. A setup is deceptively alike, but some instructions to program for these others produced no with Encoding, neither is some intuitive instructions. It is defying to locate programming the instructions for one Encode in Schlage put of web. In a FAQs section of a Schlage application of House, Encodes a lot included look the option of selection to program instructions.

4. It encodes it Is an only Schlage model (this knows of) that can connect it to the yours WiFi coverage without an use of an outside hub or WiFi adapter. It is for this that purchased it. Goodness: a less device and wireless connection for gone bad. Disadvantages: WiFi the transceivers use the just quantity to be able to, shortens it a life of battery. And podes any place on a WiFi connection unless it download and install a free Schlage application of House, or another compatible application, to the compatible mobile phone, and place on a connection that use an application.

5. Some instructions are insufficient. My door has standardised cutouts for a latch and to the lock there is matched some enclosed personnel, but neither a latch neither a lock has been centred inside his respective holes to the equal that would owe that it has been. I have had to take material of these holes in some sides any plus prójimo to a flange of a door to do room for his installations. This, in spite of one Encodes to substitute Schlage alike, manual latch place and lock in a same door. A main omission of one Drives of Fast Start: WiFi is mentioned not even, to the left has explained so only.

6. A Schlage the interface of user of the application of House is minimalist―too like this, for me.

7. It encodes it Is available so only in the neighbour limited of arrivals. For example, it has not had an arrival of ancient brass to match a Schlage hardware of interior in my house. I have been with a Camelot version with an arrival to Bronze Aged, while for class of the party. This was the deception . Aged Bronzes no only is much more red that a yellowish Ancient Brass― is like this dark that a can not say of just the few feet was yes a lock is engaged or no. Like the black hole, simply does not reflect quite a lot of light to see any detail. If it was to start with a process of selection again, would go with one of a modern Encodes creations of Century with characteristic very visible. I am returned any decor as well as, or better that, an option has chosen.

8. One Encodes the keypad and I still are not leaving. As with keypads of mobile phone, this some these looks of sensibilities to vary of a press key to a prójimo. And when one east entering, says, a programming of six enciphers code (necessary to add or deleting codes of user), does not have any indication of where one east in a process. If calm accidentally touch the tone two times in fast succession for deception, for example, will have any clue that this is to spend. In of the such situations, calm is likely to fumble for the moment and finally begins on (expletives deleted). You owe that press an exact centre of the number for him to answer. Easier said that , during the explosion of winter or drenching downpour, and when a keypad is to somewhere around the level of your navel. A lot it would prefer the push-keypad of key with tactile feedback while the tone is pressed felizmente, looked to the keyboard of computer maquinal. Some another Schlage the models have keys of push, but these models a lot directly connect to the WiFi coverage.

9. Some the electronic locks accept a code of access, then require an user to turn a deadbolt manually. It encodes automatically it moves a deadbolt without your implication. Slick. But there is the cost. If your door is not exactly and correctly situated, a deadbolt will rub against a strike and will not travel a distance required for a lock to be has engaged fully. This reduces security, and he deadbolt rubbing against a stuffs of the strike is likely to draw more can, further reducing life of battery and possibly breaking an engine of tiny ray. In a better of all the possible worlds, all the doors are situated perfectly for ever. In reality, steps included that it is situated perfectly in a principle is a lot probably to move and rub over time, because of expansion, contraction, and warping of materials, or moving of a house. For this reason, prefers operation maquinal of a deadbolt. But Schlage models with this characteristic does not connect to WiFi directly.

So much, there the him. Look In of the options to close attentively and choose a committed that reads bests for you.
4 / 5
Has bought this lock to the equal that could share codes in place of tones with our ours visitatore frequent plus. We have not lived with to close of first keypad, has left so only one with an application. They are like this happy that buys this lock. It has substituted our in existent Schlage keyed lock, and was easy to install. Wine with a camera of Amazon that is to use for one in-service of delivery of Amazon of house 'Yours' called (more in this late plus). Some dips to close on easily in a 'Tone' application (discharges in a camera in the first place). Calm the the once dipped up in an application, can dip your codes and use them to enter a house. You can add codes for different guests, and can text some codes to them want to . You take an alert in yours telephone that says the one who unlocked a door. It is changed really that uses our house because we do not require to spend tones and does not have to that leave a cochera opens for some boys.
And this lock comes with characteristics of prizes! It did not think it it would want amazon that opens my door to rid the containers but I was bad. An application to the left is knows a time of delivery and then when a container is rid, a camera registers a person of delivery. They have opened slightly our door, has left a container and closed it. I wish a topmast and another have done this too much. Much surer and convenient.
Very pleased with this lock and highly recommend.

Update- Amazon scrapped one 'in-marries service of delivery Key to the equal that use a Schlage application that is not to like but some the calm things love it to when calm loves it. Maintaining have a lock that read on Alexa and prpers finds to ask if some doors are closed. To good sure convenient. It looks some battery last around 8 months btw.
5 / 5
The installation was sincere and application setup was easy. All has done adds locally and has think that this was to be to the lock adds. I have used Schlage locks for years, but has decided the adventure to a territory of ready lock for the house that am selling. I have loved to be able to close/unlock remotely and setup expiring the tones of the accesses likes him required partorisca of contractors, etc. Ossia where frustration of mine goes in. A IOS the application is terrible. I owe that add a tone of provisional access the time of dozen before finally it sends it to a lock. I give a 'the error can not save.' If tentativa to unlock/close a door remotely fails the majority of a time before finally doing. If they would fix an application and connectivity of far lock, this would be to 5 lock of star . Until then, it averts this like a plague unless it love the lock changes very expensive.
5 / 5
6/27/20 update: still any subject of entity to date. A lock ‘so only acts'. We do not think anything special roughly the day to the day and ossia probably to the equal that would owe that be. Only complaint the long term is only way to light a poster at night is to touch the key. More like this far it is to memorise wheee a key of lock is and hastens that as it will not register like the entrance of number. You would beat any last quite while they allege (any surprised) but is not particularly hungry state neither using the batteries of the amazon.

8/17/19 update: still in strong disposal. Schlage Has released a lot of firmware the updates but I have not been able to say any difference. So that the part has been seamless.

Uses a Schlage application and any Yours of Amazon and has has had questions of zeros to date. A lock can not be in both ways a same time. It is neither a Tone of Amazon or using Schlage. Without the camera for Amazon to open your door forward am not sure of an use to leave to amazon directs your lock. A lock in Schlage works of way well with Alexa.

A bit those that hiccups with an application early on where would do for likes it has forgotten or could not find a lock. But quell'concealed that has not spent now for enough bit it. This can have been run of a firmware updates.

In all the chance would buy it again. The only complaint is that they are expensive and has to have it locksmith to rekey his has more than one and loves some few tones to match.

Informs original: Bought this to substitute an old Kwikset that has had a past arrival out of years in a sun of Florida. We will see that well this hard arrival ( has substituted a boss of door with matching it dipped also).

The installation was quite he directly advances, although has has had to that do the little work in a jam of door to install one the double dish deeper that comes with Schlage locks (ossia of entities BTW, how is that it gives these closes the better pause in indication to hold his competitors. Without this dish and extra long rays yours installation of the lock is not like this sure like the otherwise would be). This unit is much calmer that a lock is substituted, and is also more compact. Still I can listen, but it is not that strong. Has has had to that also go and find some product of door to touch on zones an old lock has covered that this a no.

An application takes bad descriptions , but think that is because of some of some other locks and any so much an application he. With this lock, has has had questions of zeros that installs it and it dipping up. It has taken the pocolos small to join my coverage and probably 3-5 minutes to do a firmware update. Alexa skill was also quickly and mostly painless.

I also setup an account for my woman and has shared some lock has left with his, as it can do all of the his telephone also excepts to delete a lock of his account. Taking this part the work is the little delicate, of then is not well has documented. So only I have imagined it was reason the Shlage rep has had posted on here in reply to one of some other negative critics in that has required it to do. Calm has him that gives the virtual tone but to do that an application loves, in an iPhone in all the chance, the automatically share something but does not say you that. After any fumbling has imagined around was has loved to send a text of an email with him onetime signal of use. An application so only would owe that do this automatically in place of inaugural a iOS paper of action, as of to the things likes them AirDrop no (or better still DO AirDrop work thus so much it can do a transmission that way!). Like this, in the telephone of my woman some links of this email has opened a tent of application and took then to a page of application that left to launch an application and asked then thus code. It looks one links so only would owe that ask wants to open an application and that (like Facebook ).

Finally, an application does not know your type to close for advanced, like this calm give you an option to use HomeKit well of a first screen, but this lock does not sustain HomeKit. So that it could cause people some ache also.

In general, would say 5 stars for a lock and 3.5 stars for an application, but mostly because of a lack of the directions for one has shared setup there is remarked on. I applaud Schlage to mediate in descriptions and hopefully will take a feedback to heart. To the left it is also attentive is spent more than pocolos small that thinks in a security of this thing and employed some ready people in an use of good crypto, nonces, etc. he so that it is really sure and any hackable. Any excuse for that this day and the age when there they are a lot of professionals of the competent security can pay to draw these things.
4 / 5
Has purchased TWO of these locks. When I have tried it connects him to wifi, with which 3+ hours to try, SWIMMING LAWS. The SUPPORT Is HORRIBLE. Ossia A first time has has not left never the description of Any product of some hundreds has ordered. ANY ONE would have to that buy this lock! It does not connect . A characteristic of blue tooth, when you press a key to connect, failure to connect. A wireless failure to connect. Has TWO of these and neither works. Left me also declare that possesses the company of software, as they are not the technical idiot. It DOES not BUY THIS LOCK! It will not connect to Anything in your house as it can not connect to any bluetooth or wifi. If it ignore this description, has done like this in your own risk.
4 / 5
Súper Easy to install, substantial construction, easy to program, easy to dip on application (Schlage application of House), easy to connect with Alexa. It can operate a lock has seen a keypad, an application, or Alexa. After reading roughly of an application revises the era leery like the descriptions looked to be roughly 50/50 but my experience was seamless. I have installed this in my door of mothers how is main, has the hard time with tones and isnt highly mobile. Now it can verify his Nest cam to see whos in a door and unlock one spends that it use Alexa without that has to that stroll by means of a living room. Sometimes at night it concerns that it can have forgotten to close a door. A characteristic of the lock of the delay is extremely useful in this chance and always can ask Alexa to close a door shes has concerned. There is firmware updates that I intstalled immediately, perhaps this has helped to relieve some of some questions have seen informed with an application. Any economic at all but again, my experience has been excellent like this far.
5 / 5
Changes an indication because this lock no correctly with a Orbi subject of point, and his no listed in Schlage put web or Amazon with this question. I have called Schlage and they the number of chance but after calling two times have said his has not gone really compatible with a Orbi and while it will connect his no of confidence using it. I assume it concealed it means something in a together of the chip does not match . Ossia Really lacking that considers that populate a Orbi is. A question was an Amazon application key only leaves of work of a time, and one same with Alexa. Alexa would say closes not answering and the tone would say can not connect.

Be totally random but usually after any when using the few hours, but any while way. Schlage Has not offered to do anything comprising the saying could do later with firmware updates. So many to all the cost sees this update of description and say for me to call or any do any to do the looks is doing something, one is said me two times one this no right lock with Orbi. As I have not asked the substitution of Amazon. I have had to call Amazon and say them and took it at least behind, included although they have said that it was the exception of time . The doubt in fact listens to a question or paid a lot of attention. But they have asked it questions in the Schlage has said.

Ossia Well but that roughly changing a listing and say a lock no correctly with Orbi routers. His basically a product of the amazon like reason thinks that wants to close that no with the normal wifi subject? But to the amazon gave of the money behind and has ordered a Schlage connect with Z-more wave. Schlage Said would not owe that have any questions with that an east doing right now. But it can not use an application key with him.

Has not been all this has thrilled to buy another hub and dipping arrive how is some reasons have taken one encodes. But useless a way done master far or control of voice. It was a bit pleasant, a second type has spoken also in Schlage said a reason would not say if it would not be fixed never is reason any has them to him legustado this type of information to be released. Ossia Behaviour of normal company these days. I owe marvel in his another wifi only locks also this in spite of.

Decided to order this version been due to not requiring the hub and his some frames included a type has used before. It likes Schlage and has has wanted of a this time that can be controlled with Alexa. Easy to install long so that it does not have any embrague with a deadbolt that paste a dish of strike. It likes-it join me key of lock in an exposure more than using a Schalge name in an upper also.

Any question that connects to wifi and then Alexa. If it calms master that to unlock then has to that setup the number of type of the first pin.
Like this far his working well and does not see any reason for him to give more questions that any one another Schalge, of the his basically a league or the sense written concealed has been around the long time now. Some arrivals Fermi to exit so it writes this description.
5 / 5
Ossia To the lock adds . Pros: mechanically Is robust, integration with home WiFi is easy, that uses an application to direct the codes of accesses is easy, flexibilities of plots to customise levels of security and time of access, to the lock adds for hire of access or short term of worker of the service, works with a tone escole old guarantee , good, support of excellent technology. Gilipollas: In the dark night, without artificial light, in the black door, a screen is totally black and a first touch to actuate backlight can register the dud number for a code, as any lock has turned. It cures of the installation has to that be goring to do sure a deadbolt slides in and out of travesía full without tugging in a latch flat or a life of the battery and the life of engine will be lessened. Finally, a lock can be programmed any for a keypad or with an application. Calm can not change among methods without resetting to reset of factory. Reliability of WiFi can dictate better way to program.
4 / 5
Has bought this reason has had also a real tone behind-up. It thanks goodness. It was easy to install. Then some questions have begun. It manufactures it that chairs the codes done but the real ache in an ass to in fact dipped on individual codes. A system has failed long and the code of guest has failed the day later. The service of client said to call the locksmith ( I am SERIOUS! ). Needless To say have paste a ceiling. I have had to drive some 20 miles to leave with a tone. I took it finally for behind on-line but with which 2 weeks are experiencing some same questions. An APPLICATION KEY is terrible ! Ive Been trying for 2 days to dip on the code of guest without regime. Any way can included tentativa to speak to service of client and listen one same BS Ive listened previously.

Top Customer Reviews: Schlage 09723009827 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 11 ratings
4 / 5
This calm characteristic leave partorisca close a door in a way has gone by simply pressing a Schlage key, without that has to that enter code.
Pays next attention partorisca step 6, (page 2) of one drives when installing your lock. If it is not oriented like this aimed in a drawing, GONE BACK-CHARACTERISTIC of the LOCK no .The emailed and called Schlage several times and said that if, after treating the reset of factory, a TURN-characteristic of the LOCK no , a unit was defective and partorisca the turn. Have pulled a lock averts and there is remarked a small 'Point Down!' The thing was rotated 90 terracings while the unit was in a unlock place, ossia would owe that be oriented likes some shows partorisca draw when in a unlock has dipped. Any one having question with a TURN-characteristic of LOCK, controls this before it return unit.

Here is some links to Schlage drive of user [...]
Ossia The unit adds , btw. Schlage Would owe that add this step partorisca verify, in a troubleshooting section of one drives.
5 / 5
After my ex has moved was, has wanted to change some locks. So only I have not wanted to have the access anytime loves anymore! Like this after exploring some varied options, have gone with a Schlage CAM 609 Camelot. It was able to install it everything for me inner roughly 10 minutes that use so only the manual screwdriver. It is súper easy to program your code typical of 4 figures, and like this simple to take the code has programmed. (I finds this of particular use for when some ex needs to come to choose on boys. I can program the provisional code for him, then the delete afterwards has some boys.)

Is looking for Easy, ossia the election adds ! Oh! And it comes with dishes of extra sure strike, also, with extra of long rays so that the thieves can not kick your deadbolted spends in. I seat much more sure in my own house now. :)

Update: still we are that they enjoy this lock! Some numbers in some keys do not aim any signs to spend with which 18 months of use, has changed some batteries on Jan 1 just to be sure ( avenges with the tone in chance some dead batteries but the does not know where is of then has does not have to that never the use!) My only desire is that there is the keypad has lit. If it does not decide never locks of transmission, will choose one with a illuminated keypad.
4 / 5
Now have three of these locks. I am pleased with all three. If has residential doors with skin of steel, as has, in you can require use the screwdriver and hammer to whack the pocolas small bloodlettings in a flange of an external hole in a door. Ossia Necessary to do sure an external part of some accesses of units of the lock flush against some outsides of a door. I do not think that it it was the question for doors of forests because when it reward some rays for a part of interior of a door to pull an outside up stagnate against an outside of a door, of the two 'pins' small and three flanges in some flanges on the one hand of a lock that the accesses to an external hole will cut themselve to an external flange of a forest of hole like quell'pull on stagnating for presionar some rays. It looks he concealed is the characteristic of the drawing has feigned to maintain a face to close to be able to be twisted in an outside. When Has residential doors with steel exteriors, these two few pins and three flanges can very easily cut to a steel, as when presionas some rays of an interior a face of lock in an outside does not seat tight up against a door. It is for this that have used a screwdriver and hammer to do a bit pocolos pertinent bloodlettings. Once I that, turn closely.

Also, be sure to remark that a manual recommends that it calms does not use the battery of lithium for this lock. Although they have had to longer that regular battery, when they begin to data 'dated a lot quickly. The regular batteries die more dulcemente. With this lock, like some starts of battery to die down calms purportedly will take an audible beep the saying is now of to substitute a battery, and with battery regulate that beep will last for enough some time, during that time a lock still laws. But with the battery of lithium, apparently, once a beeping starts, for relatively quickly reasons a battery dies like this fast. And when a battery has died, calm so only can open a lock with the tone until calm d substitute a battery. Like the battery that dies quickly could be the plan of question have gone for some significant period of time,
5 / 5
Well, updating this description. I have used to love this lock until today. This thing has broken with which roughly 1 month of use. It show to any that for the use and so only with which have aimed regarding the neighbour, paralización unlocking. A centre gizmo just transfers. Locks well, but just transfers when unlocking. We were to close totally out of a house! My confidence in this thing has collapsed to zero. I am spent in $ 150 in the locksmith to choose the lock or a side of a house and called Schlage support of client. We had me to reset of knots a device and this have changed at all. Still transfers. Something inside pauses. I will say that a support of client is well. They are sending out of the new lock, any that will do anything to help with some costs of installation. As I guess it has to that I. Gah!

Update: they have done well in a substitution and has not been all this hard to substitute a part that has broken. I have it quell'has ensured of that have the tone in the lockbox out of my house in chance perhaps!
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of has bad drawn product. Law WELL for a week, and in the then could no longer very unlock or close a door of an outside. With which takes to do, some the electronic parts still answered WELL to ours pushes of key to enter the correct code, and was clicking (actuating) when it have to that have, but an inner connection that then would owe that it has connected a @@@knob external to a deadbolt the mechanism no longer has does like this, so that turning a @@@knob EXTERNAL SWIMMING. I see other descriptions that a lot of other clients have experienced a same type of failure.. In my opinion, having the lock of the door of the front fails without warning some percentage of a time, where a percentage is anything another that infinitesimal, is absolutely unacceptable. As the one who can say, an only reason this lock is drawn in this way is to use much less energy of battery that an electronic traditional plus deadbolt creation in that, the limit, the engine moves a deadbolt directly. But Schlage has failed to fulfil that with any useful reliability. I have used to think of Schlage like an industry-leader, but that the impression has gone totally now. I recommend a Kwikset Smartcode 913.
4 / 5
Has loved this lock and have 2 in our house while they have done. Less then 2 years so much is failing to involve to close a house or unlock the. 2 Of 2 locks that do lacking in in a term of same time is incredible odds. It is coming here to see if any more is that it sees a same thing and my surprised, plots!!!! I ask that never take an occasion to write the description with which 2 years. Many of some good descriptions are proprietary new , thinks Schlage draws him to fail so many can buy another. I mean that it is your options , It goes with more, buy all the new locks? Rekey All the new locks? It spends more tones? Spent another concealed will fail and leave me is gone in a cold, or worse my boys am gone in a cold. I seat I like him gotta stick to the poor quality of schlage dump in. Schlage The innovation of entity is to draw produced to fail and leave his client in a cold rain............
5 / 5
Installed this thing the little month done - do mostly very still awhile but now has to that paste a code in roughly 20 times before it involves and the leaves turn a lock. You do not buy never another schlage produced again...
4 / 5
This Schlage electronic keypad deadbolt has the creation has trusted this is around be for the number of years. We have had our old nickel one for roughly five years and has a lot of be of confidence. Cela A moved of a door facing a door lateralmente of the cochera and in the now have the Smartkey lock with far tone fob in an entrance facing a house.

When it Avenges to install the lock for our door of studio has gone back to a Schlage because of his prize and reliability. A new lock there has been some smaller improvements of some originals buy the few years does. This installation of mark of the reviews the easy plus with adicións/simple economic additions to an inner creation original.

To the equal that have mentioned, the installation is easy. A lock comes with two period of options of ray. One the majority of the ours significant transmission the old lock was a boss that feeds of a keypad facing a rear poster. With an old lock has had the thin boss with discharges he TINY that has pressed to the pin in the joint of circuit in a backside. It was incredibly fiddly when you consider that a jumped fastened discharges was so only in thumbs or 2mm in diameter. In this new lock, is covers it simple plastic that so only press in and snaps to plant. The trivial sounds but take minutes of frustration. After a basic assembly like pointed in a first video in a page of amazon, covers only calm in a comprised 9 battery of volt and follow simple instructions in some manuals to program your lock.

A good thing I really like in this lock is that a deadbolt uses the clutch to involve a boss. Utilisations a keypad to involve a clutch this leaves a deadbolt laws. After the pocolos according to a clutch is automatically disengaged and a latch transfers freely.

This the fact quite tamper test. In some ways is surer that our far lock reason there is less casualidad of any that tries to cut a lock remotely with some class of wifi connection. We have had our forwards one for roughly five years this in spite of utilisation he in the daily base. As I can say you that this lock is dependable. If transmissions a battery once the probably calm year does not have to that you never concerns roughly the in active paving. Like this far, I have substituted a battery in an old an each one that 12 to 18 month to all the cost of capacity and has used an old one for several electronic devices. These closes also can be opened with the regular tone. Two is resupplied. We maintain our insurances in the location where can recover one in an emergency.

Originally Buy this lock after the tone has broken in ours old fashioned a. We have had to that call out of the locksmith the one who is spent three hours that tries to drill out of an old lock. He to plot of noise, have caused (and our neighbours) to plot of frustration and then (to add insult to hurt) am cost almost $ 300. Ossia A prize of three of these locks. As we buy this lock and is like this happy has done. He life so easier any that has to that spend tones around. A keypad is illuminated and easy to use in a darkness. Calm does not have to that never fumble looking for tones. It is the addition adds our cochera and studio because of a number of time goes to a cochera on some cry so only to find some tones are of tower in a house. With a studio that is in the wing of an use of house for the leave unlocked reason a frustration to go back and the advance for the tones looked the plot of hassle.

Knots really like these locks. You can have several codes. Each member of our family has his own pin. It has given our sister in law a so it could clash included if we are not home. And we can create one in the whim has to that have contractors or pet sitters visiting when they are was.

When they Are in the first place exited was roughly more 50 expensive but is abordables now and can no to recommend them enough.

An only question could have with this lock is attractive to close it really helps to have the second boss to grip and resist an enclosed door while management a boss. A @@@knob of transfer in a deadbolt is not an easy plus to grip and appeal strongly, especially while twisting a same time. For a cochera and the door of studio buys the economic dummy @@@knob to resist to for this reason. This some leaves to trick amiably.
4 / 5
Has bought this in December and installed The yesterday. I possess 8 of these and until it has thought today is utmost. Of course ossia an own I installed to substitute the fraction another lock of the manufacturer and I dipped it up closes once concluded and once open then he so only transfers. A key neither some works of coding to involve a tumblers. Yes I recheck my install and havin fact 7 another active proactice. There is remarked also a focuses has been broken in a box has not thought anything of him up to now. It liked to of product and likes the desire of Amazon has known as to return this but can not leave my door unlocked so the look has lost $ 100 in this ordeal.
5 / 5
The keypad is an excellent device that life of the easiest frames. A front is easy to paste in some numbers. One of some characteristic better is a mechanism of lock of free turning. It does to use a real tone bit it more defiant but then again, this attacks a purpose to use east. I think that that this helps beef up to security likes any that tries to choose a lock will be retarded down significantly. I want that my boys can use it and does not have to that use my much longer tones. An arrival is the solid brass well , and a backside operates a lot easily. I have paid the locksmith to install it but after looking there is @to @give as it can has done the to me so only. The instructions looked easy to follow and has taken so the use adds out of this thing. The batteries are stored in a backside of a device that the easy starts, and when some batteries are to soothe take the indicator to flash well for advanced so that it is not left in a cold as to speak. The device adds, prize of type. Fully it recommends!
4 / 5
has loved this lock and have 2 in our house while they have done. Less then 2 years so much is failing to involve to close a house or unlock the. 2 Of 2 locks that do lacking in in a term of same time is incredible odds. It is coming here to see if any more is that it sees a same thing and my surprised, plots!!!! I ask that never take an occasion to write the description with which 2 years. Many of some good descriptions are proprietary new , thinks Schlage draws him to fail so many can buy another. I mean that it is your options ? It goes with more, buy all the new locks? Rekey All the new locks? It spends more tones? Spent another concealed will fail and leave me is gone in a cold, or worse my boys am gone in a cold. I seat I like him gotta if it sticks to the poor quality of schlage dump in. Schlage The innovation of entity is to draw produced to fail and leave his client in a cold rain............

Top Customer Reviews: ULTRALOQ U-Bolt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Taken this lock partorisca substitute our advance of old door keyed lock and my husband wasnt happy because it has done them has done... Lol... In all the chance, was our ready prime minister fingerprint closes never and the already the like. Once finalising, leaves the unlock any for fingerprint (2 impressions for users, any one sure the one who users or can have total but has created 4 profiles), for combo code, for telephone proximity and finally by means of your traditional. A lock is a lot of responsive, fingerprint the reader is a lot attentive, has notification and alert in ours telephone and the registers of when it was has opened/enclosed and because profile. Like this far I am a lot happy with him because less yours in mine keychain and much more comfort to use my fingerprint to unlock the. Also, has lock of car look how is useful in the chance has forgotten partorisca close his.
4 / 5
Has done wonderfully in a start but a poster forward there is prendido partorisca do after 3 days.
Looks partorisca be some close down the function has been caused for the entrance fracasada road fingerprint (has has used even a correct toe in unlock) .
A device has declared beeping and a keypad there is prendido partorisca do. I have found any way to take a beeping until unplugged a bridge and king spent. Still, a poster forward still is not doing. A lock can still unlock/the lock saws telephone and closes of car with which 30s.
Has looked for manual of user and on internet, there is not founding any information roughly like this partorisca fix. I have had to that reset a device to setting of factory, but still any regime. The situation takes inclusa worse! Like this after resetting a lock, an application of telephone no longer resupplies fingerprint setup option for user, and a beeping gone back! These times owe that take out of a battery to change it.
Has asked a support of client, will update if any solution goes back.
Update 11/09/2019
the subject is solved after contacting Or-Tec support of client , has found a number of telephone of the his homepage and called, has connected to the representative has learnt , listens mine and has diagnosed to to a subject likes him to him the boss broken that connects a poster facing a rear poster. I sent a device to substitute and are now the happy client again. These produced is like this far a lock loans more estimated (with a same ready functionality) in a side a low plus that some another.
Tip 1: when install a lock, has to treat a boss like delicate courses, does not fold it neither presses it too hard
Tip 2: when I have dipped on a control of application, update a firmware first, one “connecting....” The subject would go was with which concealed. If it persists, restart an application and try again.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It is easy to install. Has a no pro unit that is good but this Pro has the fingerprint reader. I want to this for my boys so that it does not have or lose the tone. There are options taken his bridge to control it remotely street wifi and your ready telephone.

Also likes me like this can resupply different levels of accesses and the take when you want to.

Has done the video with my edges my old plus Jesse to help me the show like easy is to install and use.
5 / 5
After contacting Utec the support was promptly date the new mark and unscuffed lock. Now finally volume to revise a function of a product, like this here goes. I have possessed a Schlage lock in fact a lot of years and expósito that to be a lot convenient, although an application and the software have associated was quite unreliable. This lock is better that a Schlage in the each possible way regarding these subjects And has a profit added of a fingerprint reader that is SURPRISING. If you are comparing this with other locks, these are some reasons because think a Utec wins on all the accounts:

1) A fingerprint the reader is a number a characteristic that all has joined other locks of entities are being missing of. It is faster that included an application or methods of pin and has enormous profits that he the fact a number a characteristic of this lock in my opinion. My girls do not owe that the electronic devices. To use a fingerprint the reader can enter a house without requiring to memorise nail it which they inevitably the action with all the world knows. Faster, more than confidence, and more private.

2) A lock and an application have a lot of be of confidence. A configuration was easy and has not had any one subject of entities dipped of then up. It was able to invite my woman like the user and his experience was also seamless.

Original description: I have purchased this lock and has received that looked to be the strongly used product with scuff frames in an external surface. Really I love a lock, as I have asked the substitution and that I have taken was in fact WORSE that an original. It appears like this they are selling refurbished produced like new. Shame, really love this lock but I can not look to take that I am paying paralizaciones. It sees photo.
4 / 5
I supposition will be a first to revise this ultraloq or-ray pro. It is the quite new element in the amazon and I have bought an on (possessed for Amazon) for $ 159 before it was available on Amazon for $ 169. Has-liked me has bought so much another on Amazon for my door of entrance of the cochera also after trying my first compraventa in a door forward. Any ready lock would return my door because one 2 has resisted the holes are so only 3” averts in place of a level 5 1/2”. This me prendió to take the schlage ready lock and basically any one other loans to close there. A Ultraloq Or-ray Pro returns my doors escoles old and works perfectly. My only complaint is that a scanner of impression of the toe so only stores 2 impressions of toe in is by heart like them some boys enter for paste in a numerical code. Download of sure mark an Or-tec application and no a Ultraloq application when you install some locks.
4 / 5
Am using he for 2 weeks. My woman loves it, no more the tones have required. Nizza To have the option of backup to open lock for key, in chance of accident of the battery or the device fail.
Have the worry in plastic mechanism that rotate a lock. It looks no sturdy enough.
During increasing was concerned also the one who thin was the boss of connection among keypad and organism.
My citeria during buying the lock was:
- described like this dipped and direct users remotely, coverage of external woman
- having yours of backup
- verify all the locks/unlocks states remotely
That all the work with this lock. Nizza That has come he with bridge of woman. It is really stupid that other manufactures require for the like this extra cost.
Integration the ghome was useless. At all it acts of him, but I have not researched enought. Perhaps I can use IFFT service.
Generally good lock with some worries of plastic drawing. It will see how long it will last
5 / 5
This lock is awesome! If you are home ready, ossia the must has piece. A lot practical, know the one who uses a door, can give access to friends and family of anywhere in a world with his bridge! The car in bylines like this calm does not ask you never has closed a door or no! Virtually easy to install !
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. After the pair me chronometer prójimo out of a house, knows is time for me to take me the fingerprint lock. If has did not close you never out of a door, can imagine all a hassles causes and comprise that I bad. They are happy has taken this lock punctually especially when some holidays is by train to approach which means my alcohol is occupied like this with all a errand and stuffs and more casualidad that will forget my tones. One 6 in 1 keyless gone in: fingerprint, antipeep keypad, smartphone, car unlock, shake to open and the tone maquinal is a characteristic better of this lock and a main reason for me for the take. It likes reason in of the chance of a battery is was, can use a micro USB for the touch. Besides, although a boss is not available, so only can open a keypad and use a tone maquinal real to open a lock. I also like a characteristic of lock of the car reason from now on I any one precise to concern roughly had closed my door or any with which leaves a house. An instruction of installation is a lot clear and easy to follow. They are not the person of big technology, but am proud to say that it was able to install a lock for me. With some links to share, any one can dip on a fingerprint remotely, which are to add reasons can have my parents dipped on his fingerprints to a lock when they come to visit my house. It can store until 120 fingerprints, also. A lock is in a big prize but for me validates each penny reason helped to remain out of closing me out of a house and to take was one less what to agree daily. Strongly it recommends this product.
4 / 5
A compraventa has better fact for my new house. No longer I owe that treat adolescents always forgetting or that loses my tones. A Ultraloq that alleges with an exception of a bluetooth unlocking the characteristic like my telephone approximations a door. More on that down. Everything of some another characteristic is sum : fingerprints, profiles/of codes, unlock of anywhere has seen a wi-fi bridge, car-characteristic of lock, etc. He he well.

1) Fingerprint: it Finds that I use a fingerprint unlock a plus. Never the misstep. It takes your fingerprint of each corner to the equal that can be ensured that your fingerprint law correctly every time. It has on dipped I and my edges partorisca east and any subject with unlocking.

2) Car Lock: Like busy volume and older, lose the majority of my marbles or I find am developing OCD tendency to verify yes have closed one spends each one which little mins reason so only KNOW has forgotten something I 20 dry fact. It does not think roughly he anymore. Some locks of door with the 30-dry delay and that's that. To remark: My neighbourhood has has had recently bands of thieves of the hule dipped in a boss of appeal that would prevent the lock of door to involve. A mechanism to close for a ray and a boss of door is separated as I do not have this worry. And no longer concerned in mine forgetful absent-minded adolescent or I. Entirely value a prize thus only.

3) random Go in Codes: it does not use this thick reason are them lazy but used it and good works. It has dipped on normal users for a house, the tone/of code for familiar that confidence, the tone/of code for provisional use (i.et. Electrician that need to fall so they are was, etc.). That each one a reason, can dip on tones of multiple/codes, attributes him period and of the pertinent accesses to time for the use. I recently dipped this the action when I have had my installed internet and resupplied my technician the code to use so that it has not had the stand approaches one spends so it is gone in and era. I have used a random entrance (numbers of paste with a correct code sotterrato in). Works to the equal that has feigned. I can see this working well for those in a paving or townhouse dipping with a lot of people that spends for, but in a porch at the head of my house with nary the visitatore much less passerby in a street that is the courses was, is not the worry for me. They are so only happy an option is there has to that decide to move and take this with me to a half likes that again.

4) Wi-fi Unlock: Another characteristic was very excited roughly. My car has this characteristic and can begin my car this is estacionado in an airport while they are is gone in Turchia. Works some same. A box comes with a wi-fi bridge. Once connected and put up in a wi-fi, some works of characteristic. I have tried this while it was in another state and my aunt is spent for I so that it can try it. A caveat is that he no in 5 ghz spectre of the yours wi-fi; so only 2.4.

5) Battery: have gilipollas in of the this, further down. This in spite of, this was the grace to save also. During the power outage in my blockade, an only thing that read them was this lock of door and a poster of security that has the battery built in still emergencies. Reason is not hardwired, was able to go in and era. And now that leaves my key behind ( I need to change this), would have been closed was otherwise. Again, value a prize. Also it comes with an option to touch a lock has seen the connection of USB but I not regulating spends the powerpack around for the resupply the juice has to that this raisin. So only do the regular interview to change a battery (my recommendation is each one that 3 quarterly /month) and this would not owe that be the worry.

6) Installation: it was easy peasy. Some instructions were more than pertinent, comprising some illustrations have resupplied. I have not installed never the lock of door before and has had SUBJECTS of ZEROS with doing east. I have taken the look in the calm-video of leading tube but was unnecessary like the instructions have been detailed. I have changed out of a cylinder to the plus has ensured key and that the process was súper easy also. A lot I do not owe that me never it concerns roughly assuming the locksmith unless I am closed for real was (which will rectify punctual).

7) Your Physicist: This was the factor to decide in cost of mine. I have wanted still use my tone in one was casualidad of the can outage, the fault of battery, etc. When be closed out of your house is amused no. has changed out of a cylinder to the plus has ensured key and that the process was súper easy also. A lot I do not owe that me never it concerns roughly assuming the locksmith unless I am closed for real was, which will rectify punctual to dip a tone in the location out of my house.

1) A bluetooth unlocking the characteristic like my telephone approaches one spends does not do like this alleged that. I can not say if this characteristic simply does not do or is so only my signal like alive in the virtual dead-zone in my neighbourhood (i.et. I owe that be in wi-fi calling while in my house), but is the no-go for me. It does not complain any one a lot in this reason all some another characteristic law like this well but wish this has done like this hate that has to that press the code or use my fingerprint when I am spending the dozen grocery stock exchanges. And enough it would spend 25 grocery the stock exchanges that the multiple of mark trips a car. It is one of some characteristic was excited more roughly (says each mamma never).

2) A notification to press that say concealed Or-tec the ray is jammed when it is not . I do not know a cause of of the this. Some time, correctly identifies the jam (i.et., I have not closed my door entirely flush or has left abuse when a car-function of active lock). The majority of time, he the no. There is no impeded a system of security to actuate so only simply takes the look yes are house and refuse a notification. It was when I am leaving them, if they are in the haste, the so only press a ultraloq key in a fund of a tampon for the neighbour and listen a lock involves. The majority of time, so only closes a door firmly when leaving and am sure know a door is flush for a lock to involve in a car-timer of lock.

3) will drain The batteries far faster that has announced. I have installed my Ultraloq 11/29/2019 and precise of the new batteries for 3/1/2020. Far less than some 6 months have announced. And I have not used some batteries have resupplied. I have used the fresh band of Energizer Max.
4) Pairing A wi-fi brige was the beast. He so only works in a 2.4 spectre of a coverage to the equal that have had the plot of subjects with some neighbours up like my telephone the only register/prefers one 5 ghz spectre. It has taken much more that has required for an application to recognise a bridge. I have had to that close and the multiple time opened for the take work. Once done, was a lot. This in spite of, have changed recently the providers and he has not been easy to change a coverage in an application. A lot difficult. Has has had to that almost delete an application or reset. This in spite of, so only going in, that takes a function of bridge and king-the initiating left to dip up in the new coverage. Not cooling

can not comment on integration with Alexa or Google. It is my plan in some future approximations to integrate with both to have the hybrid system. It does not integrate with my system of security (ADT) but have known that previously to purchase so that it is not the with still me. Once it integrates, it will update my description. Reason am able to use one Or-tec application to close a door, is the workaround of an integration for now.

In everything, is an exceptional device and so only that has required. In spite of a gilipollas has listed, I no really active a lot partorisca complain roughly likes pros outweigh this for me. I seat sure in and out of my house with him so that it is a less worry that has, especially he like this present that travel so that. I have chosen this device in another because of one looks this one has to that it would resupply me multiple ways to access my house. Specifically a battery and your physicist. Knowing that it can it outages raisin, is not wanted to to remain is gone in a cold a day that less is expecting it. Also, in pertinent years of the paving that bolt, my edges loses tones and fobs All the time. Of the money are spent substituting these is staggering. Have has not wanted the treat this again.

Love this product. It has not received 5 starts been due to a gilipollas has mentioned. It is not the perfect product or is not perfectly doing for me. This in spite of, work exceptionally well and would be the product adds to use any one is house for peace of alcohol. Please note: My description is not lumbered with, sponsored, paid partorisca, or anything more than signify the monetary transmission. Any one I often leaves descriptions (something would have to that I change I of confidences on the) but has been thank you to do like this especially after the recent chances in my own house that has tried this compraventa.
5 / 5
Taken the today! It substitutes another old plus Bluetooth deadbolt that has had some few limitations and serious security.

The installation was like this easy like the normal deadbolt lock, has taken roughly 15 mins to install/setup a (iPhone) application, lock and bridge, has added two additional users, then magic! This thing is SURPRISING!!

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Basics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
As any whose hobby is the disorder with locks, this lock is not until sado to ensure your house or has included your collection other mediocre locks. There are any pins of security in this lock at all, to explain it simply, any the one who can choose the lock with calm has included joined the majority of rudimentary tools will be able to break in your house has this lock. It would recommend even the kwikset in this reason has included kwikset has some security nails which can deter the potentials picker.
5 / 5
In the first place was, these can be animal-keyed for the professionals or yes know that and have the Kwikset king-nailing together.

But owe calm to buy it? You can, while you comprise it is of the smallest quality that to close of name of the mark and does not go to have a longevity of the most built deadbolt. It is done with the inferior metals and some the inner mechanisms are... clunky. They are not to soften, takes stuck, so only feel inferior.

Law for your solution? Probably. But like this which sure want to feels would be better to spend an extra $ 10 and taking something of Kwikset or Schlage. Those are going to last - this go to cost more in a long run reason goes to fail much more punctual that locks of name of the mark and calm will owe that buy something more for the substitute. A KING (Turn On Investment) will dip calm in a negative in a term along, and ossia something will want to consider. BUT, if all there is now included is $ 26-and-some-transmission, then will do... For now.
4 / 5
A hole of sinister ray has the defective edge. A ray any ray in with which achieves the sure point. Any troubleshooting to change some rays around and touch an edge in an interior of a lock. Please see picture. I ran it it was the imposición to house reason had been while also yearn to close to come. House Apresamiento and screwed mine new lock in interior 30 seconds without subjects. Ossia The shame to receive this defective lockset of Amazon. btw, My loaded pic objective the one who far some rays of ray in before it takes.
4 / 5
Has purchased this deadbolt together with an entrance to match boss of door to substitute old brass in my door of basement. No never it has installed to the lock dips before he so that it was the little has concerned that this was the too good to be true prize and any one a lock would not be of quality very good or would be difficult to install or possibly both. It was like this happy to see installation very detailed the instructions and a lock is quality very good. It was able to install without subjects less then 10 minutes. One the contemporary fashionable look square fantastic, to good sure add compraventa in the estimativa.
5 / 5
Changed out of our doorknobs and deadbolts to accommodate the cookery renewed and has found these. It has been it bit it skeptical, quotes a low prize, that a do one and that would try sturdy. These fears have not gone well-has founded. I have ordered 3 of them and each one which so it was very easy to install--taking me roughly 15 minutes for the door the transmission was 4 hinges , the deadbolt, and it @@@knob of door (all the experience of this series of same Amazon). Besides, I have been impressed with one looks and one feels of a deadbolts. Some mechanisms have moved smoothly and an arrival there is did not look prone to spend was or chipping was.

One a thing will add--simply reason is not the worry of entity neither something was all this a lot roughly--is that I do not have the real base reason to judge the one who sure these are. I have on bed related revises that some locks have used here is very simple. If the security is your primary worry (which is not unreasonable for the deadbolt...), you Could you want a pocola researches roughly further and potentially looks elsewhere. If, I like him, you are looking for to match of another characteristic of your house with to close that feels sure ossia easy to install, looks no further. This was the compraventa adds .
5 / 5
Has purchased this like my door of the new office there has been both the hole for the boss of door and the dead ray. I have used my keypad to exist boss of door but has had a @@subject if that requires to fill a deadbolt hole. I have looked for and looked for and decided in east one same although really I will not use it , is more to fill a hole as I can not speak on like a function, sturdiness or longevity of this deadbolt will be but for some looks of gives 5 stars. Perhaps someday will use it actively but for now is so only the farce of hole.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my door of chamber, to resupply some security until mine roommates the figure was like the one of fact closes a door to walk (two month and that counts that they do not comprise the basic concept...)

Has had originally has bought the slightly more economic Honeywell lock, but something has been awry with an installation and a ray would pull out of a door. It has not been if a lock was faulty, or if I messed the on, but has decided spent something the little sturdier (really, something that a ray has been ensured to a piece that hammer to a door), and found this.

An installation has taken roughly five minutes to exchange out of the closing-form/to measure deadbolt, and has included to take of the súper long rays that attaches by means of a door was súper easy.

Has not been would trust this to be quite sure for a door of entrance, but do a lot enough for an extra discharge of security in a door of interior.
5 / 5
Has has had so only this deadbolt for the short period to time so only is giving the 4. I will update my description once has had them some longevity in this deadbolt. It likes Raisin in an exposure of time and punctually of use. It was relatively easy to install and looks well in a bronze rubbed. I love some few clean lines of a lock also. It can go with a lot of ways.
5 / 5
Has not been very happy with these locks. A key never slid in a lot of smoothly and an arrival and the mechanics were rough compared to mine leading Kwikset locks. A difference was a lot of noticeable, but if you have not had a good place of locks to compare them yours can not remark. This in spite of would not buy these again and instead would spend bit it more in the name-element of mark. In an end of a law of day, but a quality leaves something to be wished.
Afterall Ossia A calm element probably using for decades like this also could he decent and take the slightly better neighbour.
4 / 5
Mine decree to turn of the lock suddenly and has required the new a fast. Once again to the amazon has come by means of with súper-fast delivery and the election of low to points of big prize. Well this lock was very easy to install, requiring so only he Phillips screwdriver and absolutely any experience. It is doing a work but he is done a lot of flimsy. This in spite of considering a prize can not complain. Hopefully I a day has the little extra cash and will be able to substitute he with the surest alternative.

Top Customer Reviews: August Wi-Fi, (4th ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have possessed a 3rd generation of this ready lock and has purchased a 4th generation grieves was available of August. In my opinion, a measure a smaller is like this more comfortable and looks less 'chunky' and out of place. I also like a simple plus, integrated wi-fi support and a lot that has to that run a separate Connects the next bridge. Also I have a loan of keypad of the August of mine 3rd gene installs and he still works with my new lock. In general, I love mine 4th August of lock of generation and think the looks adds.

This in spite of, has had the difficult time that adds this new 4th generation in my house wi-fi coverage. It likes roughly another IoT of devices, a lock of August does so only with and not liking has 5Ghz that of careers with some same SSID eat . My experience is this challenge is partorisca connect only time -- calm Once take these IoT the felizmente has connected devices your coverage then can coexist and work well with 5Ghz sharing a SSID of then on.

I course the Netgear Orbi system of point of the axe that defaults to and really likes to have a two wi-fi coverages with some same SSID. This has prevented a 4th lock of gene of August partorisca connect in my house wi-fi any @@subject that have tried (comprising modifying settings of security, trying the coverage of guest, temporarily hiding a 5Ghz coverage, goes down it a power of a 5Ghz to 25). Strangely, Retreat having subject looked initially that connects a 3rd League of generation but behind then my workarounds was achieved and has taken has connected.

Was finally able to take mine 4th gene connected for telnet'ing to the mine Orbi AXE and turning of 5Ghz irradiates. With which had connected felizmente, has turned 5Ghz has retreated on and all the still works now. This in spite of, respecto that other clients of August with alike 5Ghz wi-fi setups can have subjects and not having a technical capacity to workaround any initial wi-fi connects subject if his 5Ghz the coverage hands one same SSID eat .
5 / 5
I really like a lock and was easy to install. Ossia Roughly all can say in a pros.

Now partorisca a gilipollas. An application is very poor. A step to any instruction looped roughly 10 times in an application. With which has on enclosed 2 or 3 times I finally taken by means of him. A setup the procedures have failed 5 or 6 times. I have changed the telephones and he have closed another two or three first times of a setup was complete. It has then said partorisca aforar. On and on again. I have had to that look on like this to do he in an application. It is sotterrato deep in some settings. Dipped the key for aforar in a notification. Some of some settings some first time and another have required 3 or 4 tentativas. Another has declared that has required to connect to do included although it has been connected. The same what with one invites. It repeats it 2 or 3 times for that to do well. I have had to that delete and readd one invites. A help is not embedded to an application, but is the web redirects roughly 2009. It was really while for something better that code of quality of the alpha partorisca to 4th generation 250 device of dollar. They are sure he has better options there.
5 / 5
By means of some years, has possessed each version of an August Ready Lock. A quality of build of a Wi-Fi of new August Ready Lock, 4th Generation is glorious and a device is easy to install in a door; this in spite of, an Application of August is clumsy and a lot always connect with a lock. With which a lot of tentativas, an integration with a HomeKit and Alexa could not be treated.

There is reinstalled An August of the operation Ready Closes Pro and am returning a Wi-Fi of the August Ready Closes the Amazon. Take my joint: save your lovely time and avert a compraventa of this version until the fixed August some a lot of questions.
5 / 5
If any of you concealed was in a same boat as me and has expected on August to do some bugs out of one 3rd , has the no. goes to buy this lock, need to buy a Keypad of August with him. I have had one 4th gene the installed lock for the week with car-unlock there is enabled. It has failed already the unlock 3 times when arriving house. This is to base in yours telephone king entering WiFi row. I am broadcasting 2.4 and 5 SIDS wife. My telephone obviously has both coverages have saved. I comprise that August does not sustain 5GHZ, but has been mine comprising that it was so only a subject during setup. Clearly it is not . I doubt a lot of calm wants to limit your speed of telephone house for any when leaving to connect to 5GHZ.

A bluetooth lock and unlock of an application of telephone looks to do. I have it that has not tried never he further of 10 feet of a lock

was easy to install. It has taken roughly 5 minutes.

Alexa can see a lock but can does not control, like this interfacing with Alexa takes accident of zeros . It suspects a bridge of additional August is required to do this work. So much, lock, the keypad and the bridge are all has required to do east the fully working lock. Kinda Disappointing of then sell them everything for separate.
5 / 5
Was the challenge to take this lock has connected the wifi during initial setup. August Sustains has indicated is conscious of this subject. With 24-48 hours to dip the lock in service has begun to receive look by means of his application for iOS that wifi the connection has lost. With in several minutes would receive another notification that wifi reconnected. I powered cycled a lock and @subject. Persisted. The lock has moved the door with in 20 feet to issue. Persisted. Support of the technology of August has contacted to be it has informed to recommend the distance of any plus concealed 10 feet among lock and @subject or point of access. I have questioned this but they have resisted quickly. I have decided any to treat this anymore like this still in the window of turn of the amazon. I expect that another finds this revises advantageous.

Update of clue: in the whim, of my band of @subject of supports steering, there is enabled the Wi-Fi has consecrated SSID has found of then one that follows on .

'If yours issue band of supports-steering, where one issues to decide if a lock would owe that connect street a 2.4 or 5GHz coverage, can have of the subjects. If possible, gone back these looks was for your subject and try connect your lock the Wi-Fi again.'

Has joined once my lock to this SSID has tried for 24 hours. Every time I am exited of bluetooth row of a lock with my iPhone an application of August has generated the notification that the lock has lost wifi connection. With in 5-10 minutes another notification would come by means of this wifi reconnected.
My supposition is uses of August bluetooth to improve life of battery? This has said, look his 4th lock of generation , application or both any seamlessly transmission among bluetooth and wifi. While this can not be a subject when it comes to close / unlocking my door does not resupply peace of the alcohol neither indicates reliability in my opinion.
5 / 5
- Significantly smaller that is predecessors
- Wifi comprised in of the boxes with vastly the connection has improved
- easy Closing to install and locks powerfully with which calibration.
- The characteristics comprise lock of car/ unlock and support/ of Alexa of the Google.

- A lot fully integrated with Smartthings.
- Setup Is much smoother and easier with iPhone. Telephones of the android consistently fails to configure or sync properly.
- The life of battery is worse and requires the most expensive battery
- the prize of Unit is excessive. Other locks this pricey have the keypad has comprised.
5 / 5
This was my first ready lock compraventa. I have loved the ready lock in a door of my cochera to a cookery, as it would not require to spend my tones with me every time has left a wife - stock exchange, telephone, car fob, control! So much for the month has looked in some offerings, and expected for this 4th lock of gene to be liberto while constantly looking in other options.

An August WIFI the lock was quickly and relatively easy to install. Some walks of calm application by means of an installation, as it would ignore one has has printed instructions that is comprised as they are not fully representative to install this lock (p. p.ej. One has has printed dipped of instructions a need to scan in the QR code in a lock, but a does not exist ). Of then I have not had a the pertinent hammer has bitten, has installed a sensor of sense of the door with rays to a door jamb for now.

Once installed in a door, was able to take a lock in mine wifi coverage (mix of 2.4/5 GHz in the alone coverage goes) quickly and without @@subject - as sometimes it is defying with other ready devices, but has done in a first moment with this lock. A career of fast calibration to take a lock and the sensor there is aforado, clue for the minute or two to take setup with an Echo of Amazon, and has been completed with one installs and setup in roughly 10 minutes.

After the week or use, am very pleased with a lock. Each characteristic work so that the August describes him - I car of lock to use to close a door with which 90 seconds, some alerts of the sense of the door leave to the knots know if one spends the abuses of rest, and my characteristic preferred - a car unlock (a geofencing type to close/unlock) acts perfectly as it pulls my car to a cochera, gathers groceries of mine or anything could has to that spend inner, and walk until a unlocked manages without that has to that fumble for tones or my telephone.

The so that only would have liked him more than of some current characteristics would be the proximity unlock - when a telephone is inside NFC or bluetooth row to unlock a door without that has to that pull a telephone was to use an application, for this time where could be external for the moment, but no quite far to cause one was way of car unlock.

Highly recommends this lock is looking for the solution of ready lock.
4 / 5
— Installation —
has had the old Baldwin deadbolt that has not been compatible out of a box. Perhaps support of the client of the August could have me has helped was with the different adapter, but is so only state advances the experience the new deadbolt instead.

Like the result has had to that expand a hole in my door a bit & rule a dish of strike. Hopefully, Your deadbolt will be compatible (the place of August has the cast of some ossia), like this calm will not require to exchange out of deadbolts to the equal that have done.

An installation with which this was easy. This in spite of, taking it there is aforado has taken the bit of test and error, but with which almost giving on, there has been finally sucedido.

— The look & Feels —
A lock is the good peace of the hardware & is now quite small where does not look like this ungainly.

Has purchased also a keypad. It looks to do well, but is not one the majority of what elegant.

— HomeKit —
Like other descriptions there is remarked, a law to close so only in Bluetooth with HomeKit and has not seen WiFi

This in spite of, some works of application of the August in WiFi, as when you are house in yours WiFi coverage or was and in the cellular coverage (or any connection of internet). It goes figure!?

Hopefully, Ossia the bug that the August will dip commanded so that no any sense.

— In general —
4 stars been due to a calibration hassle & HomeKit weirdness.

Otherwise The solid piece of hardware that the leaves goes free tone with a flexibility to attribute multiple users to a lock that comprises guests.

Modify 2020-06-12: I have modified a HomeKit portion to be clearer in a WiFi limitations.
5 / 5
Was excited like this to install the wifi-native SmartLock (that touches odd when calm write it was). I pre-has ordered this, installed the the day has arrived, and has had at all but question with him of then.

In the first place, has the solid wifi setup in my house. Points of multiple access (Unifi) with a next plus -20 feet of an installed door. In spite of this proximity, a wifi the signal was too feeble, and has been forced to do wifi transmissions (can of signal of the increase) to take a lock the included connect. Note: ossia an only device (IoT or otherwise) in my coverage having subject. This in spite of, have solved that question, and an application now informs solid connectivity.

Perhaps 10 days with which has taken an installed lock, some batteries have died. Well, economic batteries that perhaps seated 'll order the band of 6 new 'll last me the year. WRONG. I have had to that substitute some batteries roughly weekly.

A lock is supposed to give me the look when some batteries are down, but instead is so only state falling off-line. I have written to sustain, taken has automated/AY ANSWERED, that directs the bar any one experiences of the worse product has has not had never.

Strongly suggest look elsewhere.
5 / 5
I leaves that begins with a pro is - reason there arent a lot.
-Install is stupid easy
-the utmost looks in a door - a lot of lustrous looking
-all in a unit (any adapter required)
-lock of car is fresh - has done all a time

Now a gilipollas:
-the settings can require bluetooth or wifi, any easy way to change among them. doesnt Do very felt. Master setup lock of Car while connected invernadero Wifi? Too bad. Master aforar yours lock in wifi? TOO BAD
-You so only can have transport unlock configured for One IN BYLINES. Sure you can go in and out of a door the majority of a time, but things of transmission on, still rigs pull out of your telephone or tones
-Car unlock works perhaps 1 out of the each one 10 test (iphone x)
-is Locate doorsense raisin less than the half thumb was - any data. It has had to that locate on spends of interior trim for him the works.
-wifi Works almost too a lot of - where a majority of characteristics is joined to bluetooth which ALWAYS fails. To be just, have had two locks - when one is connected another isnt and vice versa. Having a lock setup looks to solve a subject. Sure it could be a iphone subject, but also perhaps the collab with both one apple/august the vendors could come to the solution.
- Require to an application always on to car unlock? Has the system of security that can use geo-fencing to disarm without an application that careers - look wonky
-dipping a product on required roughly 10 test the all a way by means of without him in slope - and has done them this 3 times (with which factory resetting in of the hopes to solve some subjects) - like this to rigs to spend like 45 minutes that dipped a thing up in an application so only

in general this produced isnt ready for mainstream. Enough honradamente a wost mart' produced to house has them has not possessed never

Top Customer Reviews: Keypad Deadbolt, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. We have wanted to upgrade ours close of house with the Lock with system of better security.
This lock has strong deadbolts. I have looked for to disable a lock but I could the no. was inpenatrable the question with one has seen, a hammer and was unbreakable.
Has in the first place tried hammer and cut of a deadbolt with saws he but has failed.
The installation was very easy simple. They have comprised included the traceable diagram to do holes in a door as it has required.
Has the very clear printer booklet of instruction. I have followed so only some instructions resupplied in that and was flawless.
Resetting A passcode was very easy to and is multiple options in the so many can spend in of the different codes to different guest and of the different users.
A code of master lock can remain with an owner.
Included can teach is the sinister hand or right-handed door.
A boss of door is very useful. To Everything to some functions likes them to them delete all some codes and changing some codes all the work perfectly. Careers of receiver in of the batteries.
Has tried was long and really chair that has done a better election. I add to close system.
What only that loses and this does not have the ready characteristic. If it could integrate a slack system to the mine Google or Alexa that it would be even more state joyful. That that acts a ready lock also has his own difficulties and challenges.
4 / 5
A quality of a together, characteristic, prizes and a look of a neighbour are adds. It was easy to install and program but my only question with a neighbour is that one manufactures incumplimiento the code can not be deleted or disabled. This means that any any one enters your house that conscious of this incumplimiento the code can do like this. These units are popular or will be like this with that comes a possibility has augmented that any one could use that incumplimiento code to obtain access. There is casualidad slender that this will spend but could and wish a costruttore of a neighbour would have thought of these hips. I am considering adding the second lock to a door for this reason and for peace added of alcohol.
In general am satisfied with a together and work well.
4 / 5
Has purchased this lockset for the decent prize on Amazon. A partner of the installed mine he without question. But neither one of could change a code to program to save our lives. We have entered one “0000” and has pressed an upper key as indicated in some directions but maintained to take some lights of red error. So after trying roughly 10 times, has read some directions once again and has seen a section that mentions to press in a bit key in a zone of boxes of rear battery for 5 seconds for reset a code to incumplimiento. After doing is, enters a incumplimiento “0000“ code to program and FINALLY has taken the green light to come from with changing a code!!!

Am not sure is something with afterwards seats for the moment first to be purchased that a lock has to that be reset or that but he sure fixed everything for me and am sure he for more having the setting of question on your programming and door unlock codes.
4 / 5
Absolutely love this product! It looks beautiful in my door, when I come house and have my full hands and needs to open a door is much easier that has been @knob @@ of tower . It is easy to operate, beautiful to look in, and quite honradamente if my husband has not looked to owe hard of the time that installs it.
4 / 5
Took To him to something likes meso an hour to substitute an old lock, partly because I have had to that go back with which have failed to install a tampon of hule black in a right place, and has has had to that behind clue. It has taken also the adjustments of pair to vary some holes with a mechanism to close. This has said, has not been hard. I have concerned me that entering some new codes would be defiant, but that the part was in fact easy. A thing that would owe state clearer is that, to enter, need to enter your code of user, And Then press an upper key, one 'ITrack' key. If autolock is not coming on, so only follow instructions for the turn one/was. I that once, then again, and Autolock begun working. He no if a lock is not varied well, that prevents a lock of smoothly extending to involve. I have turned of a beeping sound. Very pleased.
5 / 5
Have Recently refinished a front of our house, comprising new shutters and painting our door forward partorisca match. A hardware to exist was old and turn, and require something to freshen on a door besides a new product. It comes this TACKLife deadbolt and boss. It was very easy to install. It fulfils all some dimensions of regular/courses for rays of @@@knob of door/forward. A hardware looks very durable. And work! Has he Kwikset digital lock in our door lateralmente, and ossia each one has bitten like sturdy and to the appeal likes Kwikset.

Is early returns , sure, but based in my experience like this far, probably will not find anything comparable in the alike prize. Some helps of long guarantee also. Highly recommend!
5 / 5
After looking in another resemblance, insiemi to close priced main other costruttrici have decided to take it casualidades this a. It was pleasantly he surprised it. The quality adds and easy to install and program. To good sure would buy again.
5 / 5
Has had this combo partorisca almost the year and is like this convenient, the quality adds and am obsessed with him. Easy installation. A reason are posting this description is reason a CLIENT. SERVICE. It is point and averts. Ours has broken the few weeks , a deadbolt the mechanism has burst was and has achieved them was to a vendor because it was spent a term of time of the turn and has wanted to them know where could purchase them new parts for him. They have offered to send me some separates but the could not attach the photo that has required them. You then offered to send an integer of together new for me but is at present out of stock to the equal that gave the plenary.... REPAYMENT. That an amazing way to treat your clients and ossia tries that they for real stand for behind his product. I will be to buy the new one with my repayment because it loves them this together and a prize is well!
4 / 5
Ossia The a lot of looking the boss and I have had the big hopes but I was a lot of disappointed in a functionality. It has been once installed a deadbolt any unlock of an interior unless a tone has been inserted in an outside. Also a tone would not turn properly and leaving a key to be take. A tone so only could be take If one spends remained in unlock way.
Thinks that was defective and after a time is spent has has had to that the to us take and has taken a thing averts without resolution.
5 / 5
JUNK! You trace the holes do not line up with personnel. Very inferior workmanship with quality of poor build. The metal split very thin.
Has installed a lot of locksets, deadbolts, and @@@knob of door, and ossia for far one the poor plus has done junk has there is not founding never. This is going back tomorrow! Save your time and money and go with Baldwin or Schlage. His components are ‘machined', for skilled craftsmen and any stamped ‘' for the economic press. They will cost you more on the front of then is built like the tank, but takings that stops of pay! Baldwin And Schlage is the very better the investment of looks lifetime guaranteeed on all his components.

Top Customer Reviews: Schlage BE469ZP CAM ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Received this closes this week like the substitution partorisca a has not been happy with. This one was a right election . I have installed he in roughly 15 minutes. It looks well, it feels sure and partorisca one the majority of part, feels like the product of good quality. It likes- one lock physical tone in chance some batteries were partorisca die ( has there was so only this lock partorisca the few days and a metre of the battery in an application has no budged of 100). A keypad is responsive and look you can see everything in a sun without @@subject. An integration to some ready things hub was quite seamless. Also with to 1 depths of thumb to an external keypad, does not interfere with my door of storm (maintains these clearances import because I have not thought in this detail in a first lock has purchased. I have done sure to verify this numbers this time around).

Now with all this be has said, has taken the star was been due to a quantity of the investigation has has had to that do to program this lock. Has has had to that a lot google investigations for the take to do. There it looks to be some discontinuity among some people those who has drawn/done a lock and some people those who has written a programming for him. It has not had any manual has comprised. Programming of Google. Found the video. Looks Well. This was useful but has taken still another test for me for the take well. It does not like that of all some codes owe that be a same period and has to that choose this first period of the place on, otherwise he changes a period, all your leading codes are deleted. Reason can very calm so only enter the code? The one who concerns how long each code is. All have our own secret numbers that floating around in our bosses. Accident I uses one some want to. With which this has been in to integrate he to Alexa application that has taken the pair tries. I have taken fallido when has no the found immediately. I have gone back the little later and somehow found that and integrated right to an application. With which concealed, doing some necessary adjustments was any question . It is it has surprised also that this lock no with a schlage application. Reason not using your own application where all some characteristics of this lock can be found in a convenient place? Probably reason his Z-wave and any wifi. So only the subject smaller. The integration has been a lot with which Alexa has found a lock.

In general, an installation and the process of integration was quite well except the few details that has lost that done the difficult plus. It finds some video of installation and a manual in schlages the place and everything will go well. I have enjoyed that uses this closes like this far and would recommend it to another.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed a lock for two month, but now is at all but a lock expensive tone. A day after a window of the turn of the Amazon there is expired, a keypad in a lock had died. It has dipped new battery in him and he have begun to do again. A next evening, a keypad had died again.

This is eating the batteries the reason of a place each day and gives zero look that some batteries are going.

Worse, has contacted Schlage has seen email in a question and is of the days of summer without response.

Has been for compraventa 4 more than these, but now am looking in other frames.
5 / 5
To the left initiate me with some positive, a lock was very easy to install in a door, and dipping some codes for the use with a keypad was very easy and that leaves of some works to close perfectly. If it has looked for the lock to be the lock of stand of keypad only, would give this closes to 5 indication of star.

A negatives come when that tries to close/unlock this door with my Samsung SmartThings, or Alexa programming. It would say that he perhaps 40 of a time. The majority to time when I go to an application takes the message that has not connected to a coverage, or is connected, when in fact it tries use it, take the error of coverage and at all spends. I have bought specifically this lock for the door of basement in my house that some girls constantly forget to close. That better fixed that to take the lock that reads with Alexa and SmartThings to close he of upstairs and place on an automation to close at night. The theory adds, so only do not count on he with this lock. When it Operates they are add, it is so only a lot enough of confidence to count on like this manually is by train of the verify every night in all the chance.
5 / 5
Schlage HAS an application for a Schlage Encode and a Schlage the sense but any one Connect. Has the mine connected by means of a Samsung Smartthings hub that so only resupplies has limited work: Lock, Unlock, and Life of Battery. I have done a supposition.. Cela A characteristic of the attack of the door would be comprised like the function eats: IF it attacks of door THEN notification, but this is not a chance. I complain to spend one $ 260, would have to has taken an economic plus a. But a plus in this $ 260 one is that a limited lifetime the guarantee is well for an arrival and of some another look of descriptions will be to require that for a bronze has aged. Another that one attacks of door so only when being an alarm and at all more. It looks the good product like this far.
These self undertaken of needs of ready house has proclaimed to take his a$ $ and$ by train this in spite of. So only I am impressed I can change my light colours when unlocking my door forward.
4 / 5
To good sure mine favourite ready lock! It looks he adds, among colours and of the different fashions, is reasonably priced and has characteristic is. I especially like an addition a recent plus of an easy connects key for a compartment of battery. A model has purchased in 2017 did not have it but this 2019 a fact and does for an easy and fast connection with your hub. It could be easier to install this in spite of, a boss has sawed to connect a keypad to a crowbar is the little short how is does to do the connection the little delicate. I wish a Schlage the application done with this model, but he a lot so much has to that spend for the smartthings hub and/or echo to control and monitor he of the distance. Of then it is Wi-Fi can verify you a state of your same mobile phone of the different country. A main characteristic that lacking still me is a capacity to remotely setup new codes and automatically actuate/expire them in the pree-the time has planned. It would do to run my hire vacacional to the easiest plot when travelling. It is possible this there is anticipated Smartthings/IFTT setups would leave for that but calm then volume to has advanced settings that the majority of the users would not know like this to explode. More documentation published of Schlage in this subject would be very useful.
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine condo raisin forward. Any have to Him legustado an idea to leave the tone in an office (the access to a unit is required). Has a code of emergency can use to go in and the volume notified when it uses it. I can see a state of a door there is shut/unlocked. Can operate it remotely has seen my telephone. I add for when the needs of contractor to go in to do on something. My cameras (produces separate) left sample all also I so that they are well has protected. You will require the SmartThings hub to do all does.
5 / 5
I really like this explain me.

Uses this with our system of security of the coverage. The integration with a system of coverage is fantastic and all can be controlled invernadero an application, comprising attributing alternative users. The law adds and does not have any type to inform on life of battery still, but was relatively easy to install. An only downside is that some instructions are not totally clear and there is several scannable codes that is required that it has gathered you to it to you once can not see without disassembly.

This has not taken 5 stars because it has looked for to be difficult to attribute first codes to integrate he with an application of coverage. Partially it thinks that it is to say reason bought it wearhouse the version and a leading user redrafted a incumplimiento codes. Has thinks that was to be the nightmare until an application of coverage has dried all some old codes and has left initiates of scratch!
4 / 5
Had ordered these for his Z-Wave compatibility of my System of Alarm of the Coverage. For the first time the installer of lock was relatively sincere to substitute my old more keycode lock. Connecting to a system of Coverage had been painless also and now have a lock of door of system of integrated/entrance of alarm with service of optional control for $ 100 for year, comprising two camera of security, the sensors of dozen of window/of magnetic door and 2 detectors of motion. The instructions and the global quality is excellent also in arrival of Nickel of the Satin. I had it it has ordered it of then it spends it to match-thru boss of door and satisfied with both investments.
5 / 5
Has loved like this, has done really. It appears to be a main Z-wave ready lock, and for one the majority of bolt of part until this reputation, if work. It has not been if it is bad regime or a subject of the real product but I have had two of these things die on me. A prime minister one there is prendido only law after the few days of use. Any light, any noise, swimming. I have tried changing battery and resetting the to any avail. Some second some still lights when pressed, but waste to recognise any codes or work in Z-wave, so only showing the red X while a tampon is pressed. I thought that it that it was a subject with Assistant of House, but has included resetting a device and connecting it to Zwave2Mqtt has not done.

Unfortunately am external of a window to return so I am chalking east up like the loss and will try the product of the competitor. In a brilliant side, pairing the Z-the wave coverage is quickly and easy, and Schlage the support was extremely useful and responsive, although the desire does not have him has had to that contact in a first place.

UPDATE 2019-12-13:
So that I futzed around with him some more and the results there look to be two subjects with my second lock: 1) Some batteries (which was one some that the shipped with) has begun to go down. But more importantly, 2) a connector that attaches to a house of battery has the short in him (two locks with the courts. I add QA, Schlage). They are when achieving was to sustain to see that it can be does roughly that. Third time is a charm ?
5 / 5
After the month of use, one 'fingerprint resistant' tampon to touch clearly tip one 4 numbers this is to be press on and on to unlock a door. I know I can do a code long and hard to imagine was, but still that frustrates that it would have to that concealed and write stirs it of numbers to go in a house every time, especially when a touchpad is announced as 'fingerprint resistant'. I am spent date of mine of caducity of turn like any insurance that are supposition to do now another that bolt with him or buy the different a...
4 / 5
I have used Schlage locks of first combination, but ossia mine in the first place mart' lock. There is the small to choose of, according to your needs. This one uses Z-wave wireless to speak to the HUB that sustains Z-Wave. (Hubs Centralises your automation of ready house and has has advanced capacity that any HUB the automation can not resupply.)
Has Samson Smartthings HUB partorisca control my house ready activities.

A Pros:
A lock is good-looking. A lot of eligant and was a fashion has looked for.
Schlage The locks are known partorisca some better in security of class.
Use Z-Wave and works with Smartthings hub. (Z-Wave Is can under like this of the battery last longer)
Easy to install. It has substituted simply my forward deadbolt. It is it has spent no more than 15 minutes that installs.
Connected to the mine Smartthings HUB without subjects.
Add and take codes remotely
can You unlock and close a door remotely, in the schedule, or some chance that your HUB bosses.
Can have the lights or other devices turn on or was when the lock is closed or unlocked want to (controled for HUB).

Instructions to connect the Smartthings HUB is in minimum. There it has clashed methods of the manual instructions comprised and on-line.
There is not founding any documentation of Schlage or Smartthings on like the setup a lock as I can enter codes of combination in a lock of a Smartthings application.
A incumplimiento the configuration so only will leave lock and unlock of a Smartthings applications and to see some closes estadas common ( enclosed or unlocked).

Has known that it would have to that be able to direct a combination of codes/of the lock of Smartthings. With which a lot of looking for has found a lot on Youtube this has walked this in spite of some steps to setup codes. Now when any one enters the code to enter one raisin am notified in mine telephone and a name has associated with a code is showed, as you could know that member familiarised, worker, etc has entered so only.

Would recommend this lock, will be to buy more.
5 / 5
Would not recommend this lock to any one. I have bought this reason was in a web of place of coverage and was compatible with the alarm of security bought it on 322-20. Fact in this lock for 2 hours with coverage when all has decided to launch in a towel and take another same lock of schlage by means of Amazon. Cela One has arrived the days of pair later and today my type of security is coming for installs it would have to that be remarked that installed this in the door of screen so has the door of screen will do with him but calm has to that modify a door of screen. Ossia Where my panic has begun reason not taking this lock the work would have caused me to try to exit and find the new lock that apt exactly a way a schlage to close returned. It was very skeptical that would find one. Well today we spend roughly 4 hours that looks for to install this lock. To the left say me finally install it but was very difficult and with which two calls of telephone with schlage in Canada took it to do. Some instructions do not say you calm owe line on a lock tumblers in the concrete way is the defect with this lock and a crown in schlage has confirmed he in the so many try line a second lock on and was unsuccessful. As we are to go back to a first lock to the equal that has recommended with which roughly do not know perhaps a last time in an hour and the half were able to line on a tumblers a way would owe that be so it takes a lock to close and unlock. Before this a lock has not read and would close it then he unlock the and then would close it again was the three motorised raisin . I owe that say even although we take it to us to do and is doing well by means of my application of calm coverage could does not pay me to buy this again. I have had to that pay my type of security two times to touch to lose and install this. This lock cost almost $ 300 among quell'I has paid and that is cost to purchase this lock. Please does not squander your time I seriously mean this calm could does not pay me for the buy again is craps. They owe also dipped this information in some instructions that his no shameful if it has not been for a lady in schlage still would be to touch with him 7 hours later. It does not buy this piece of rubbish
5 / 5
has tried and tried to take this to do with a Wink hub. Can take it to open and close a lock by means of my telephone but can does not take to accept codes of user (after multiple test and after buying the long more ethernet to cord likes the wink Hub could seat in front of my door). The Wink has called finally Support. In the first place, they have been closed for a weekend. Then, one next week, has been opened and said that a firmware thus deadbolt (BE-469ZP) has not been developed so that it is not compatible for any of some other characteristic so that I bought it! A type of the support of the Wink said it will be developed but any idea when and has refused to even says it would be punctual. Ossia Deceptive marketing . Total craps! If it had said me this would not have bought this lock!!!
4 / 5
This has substituted one that exists Schlage deadbolt. It was able to exchange my fact to commission keyed core of lock, and an installed whole thing in roughly 10 minutes. Programming with a ISY994 has taken bit it more with a longitude to take all acting has wanted like this, but work perfectly, and am able to enable and disable codes in a fly as well as has has has synchronised codes among locks (pre-programmed to install one of these in a rest of my doors of entrance). Has the Z-Wave extend after it help with closing responsiveness like my Z-the Wave point is the secondary has coverage, at the same time of of the this writing a Dome some do perfectly with this lock.

To the equal that to lock maquinal, work as well as any of Schlage first deadbolts. I recommend this wholehearted lock.
5 / 5
Has been recommended this for the member familiarised. This says his compatible ready telephone. Misleading Of then has not known precise to be WiFi the subject compatible. Has the subject of regular spectre. He no with him. We already paid to have an installed lock. I discover I have to that spend another $ 60 to take this lock has connected to my telephone. No the happy client.

Update with which 1 Month of Use: I am included further he displeased. With which take a recommended $ 60 link ready, discovers that his application still no . A method of the links ready is so only the quickly fix (limited far that follows), but can not take all some characteristics have promised in his application of then no . I can not say the code has been used or that. Types, so only say your clients a truth. If it had known this, arrival to save up for another lock and avert squandering more money in the product I hate. I have tried to like the too much, but a lock are not adds. Calm can not write in a passcode too quickly reason has the delay of registration of the touch. His hips a lot last to see some numbers, does not light until it press the regime of key like this a lot that finds a correct number in a darkness.

@In rodeo, please look at all these negative critiques attentively first to decide to buy. I have been impacted to see descriptions like this bad with which I posted. His sad not having prendido selling this model.
4 / 5
This lock was quite easy to install. This in spite of, gave it 4 stars for installation because our doorknob the hole was smaller that a lock at the beginning.

We a pocola researches and apparently can take a spatial' part of a @@@knob. I have taken for ever to struggle with him and try and the imagine was. Once we finalise that they have to that cut some pieces of a black of plastic coverage to do is returned.

Anyways, has not gone too big of the shot but confused and odd that requires to cut plásticoes of the take to record.

Once was the installed frame on the codes of user was easy and has done perfectly. Apparently I have not taken one of some models that can be controlled of an application directly, as I have bought the base of Coverage to do that of then have Coverage doorbells also.

Like this far like this good!
5 / 5
Has written the description. For some reason, to the amazon has denied to stick he..
4 / 5
Are by train of the give 1 star simply reason can not achieve his service of client. I have tried it it has called exactly at the same time of busy hours in of the multiple days and arrival while to the human to speak stops of mine in means an hour. The never chosen person on a telephone. My brother the one who has an older version of this lock installed the and work But a programing the code does not do and so it can not access any of some characteristic besides manually dipping in an of some provisional codes has resupplied. I have tried connecting it to by means of an application but says “ can not find same” device although they are by train to be right after the his. More some directions says to press the key ossia supposition to turn green indicating is connected but red of rests. As I am stuck with this lock of a window of turn is spent.
4 / 5
Was excited like this to have mine Schlage League Camelot Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt with Built-in Alarm and Z-the besides Acted technology Installed today. Instead, I am disappointed! A ray has been missing has to that use a one of the mine old deadbolt, and then after an installation was on, has taken some batteries in, so only to listen a contractor that say, sad but does not act. It has tried a lot of things, but has not done never. I have imagined a ray has been missing reason this element has been returned and has confirmed my suspicion when I have seen drought of black product in a flange of brass. I owe that it pays an hour of work for my contractor to all the cost, and will have to that pay another hour to install a new a. I ask the one who would owe that it pay partorisca east? And reason to the amazon has sinister elements to be resale when they are the element is returned , without even verifying some reasons. Obviously, this one was defective but has been the mine has sold still. In an end, when I take a new an installed, would have spent more than $ 400 with some Costs of extra installation. This accident me crazy!! It has not been the one who is responsible thus Schlage, Amazon or that?
5 / 5
Has has possessed now this lock partorisca to the long of the year, and has been used to PLOT. That that has not been used is my physical tone, literally. 14 month of the constant use & still am using some original batteries, which mine SmartThings hub inform as having 82 life that remain (in this tax will be to change battery each 3 years). In some 14 months of the use has not had any subjects of connection among a SmartThings hub or limit by means of Alexa. Alexa Can a lot of unlock a lock, as any worry roughly any ask to of outside, and Alexa can not actuate “routines” that involves to close or unlocking a door, but promptly lock a door when asked to & say you to him a state of a lock when asked if a door is closed. Mina hub is in a basement of my house & has any question that connects to this lock in a front of my house (main entrance). A so only downside to a lock is SmartThings so only can control one closing/Unlocking and life of battery of the monitor, his application has consecrated is required for all another offer of characteristics & to program of the code has to that be fact in a door, but has not been interested in this characteristic in all house & to program of the code is very simple.
5 / 5
One first lock has purchased prendió all near. Something internally has been bad with a lock and has not had any power to a device. I achieved it it was the company partorisca fix and/or substitute and has not answered never. Has has had to that finally take an Amazon rep has involved partorisca achieve is gone in my behalf partorisca solve. His time of nave partorisca the substitution is not that says. Attended expect longer. A second lock (substitution) is gone in and calm does not know it , a mechanism to prójimo has been dipped in backside! A lock, closed to a door versus a way has been supposed to. Felizmente Was easy to revoke. Also, the mark sure has the z canal of wave base otherwise a lock no with Alexa. Oh And expect concealed partorisca do 70 of a time. My recommendation, the mark sure maintains a physical tone on you reason calms can find has closed was to trust an operation of battery of this device.
5 / 5
Has taken this partorisca the house vacacional specifically partorisca be able to change codes remotely and register that the codes have been used for our people of cleaners and contractors. And it has taken a Samsung Loan of things 3rd Gene of both Schlage And Samsung has declared that the functionality would do. It has taken enough the moment to take it that read properly but took it finally. A tone is with which install Samsung SmartThings install the access of punctual guest how is one adds-on application. With which this is doing in a cup has left will see something concealed said of the locks with the little arrow. Click an arrow and calm take the little drop-down to direct some codes remotely. If it calms a lot that will be you able to close and unlock a lock but calm will not be able to direct codes. This little drop-down the signals is not a lot visible at all and has squandered at least an hour that looks for to imagine was reason no . It is really Samsung question, a schlage the product is excellent.
4 / 5
Battery of drains of the keypad. We use some batteries that is coming with a lock and interior 3 days some batteries drained. We substitute some batteries, turned of a characteristic of lock of the car, and has begun to use a key to conserve can of battery. In roughly 4 days some batteries drained again. We use an electronic characteristic of a lock perhaps 3-5 times the day to the equal that have been expecting more than 4 value of days of power of battery. It does not purchase this product. It maintains compraventa.
4 / 5
Has purchased and installed three of these Schlage Century Z-Wave electronic deadbolts.

In a unit, has had a subject where the would drain one 4-EA battery prematurely for a reason ignored.

Another that that, when remained with a Samsung SmartThings hub, some do any a lot well. A Samsung SmartThings the application adds mart Access of Guest of the Lock' works a lot good to dip and delete codes of accesses directly of a SmartThings the application that careers in your mobile device.

A small negative is that Schlage so only comprises a physical tone for a lock. They have used to come with 2 physical tones. It looks the miniscule savings of sides of the manufacture in his part, and now I, likes consumer, need to do multiple 'use of copy of emergency of a master tone for a lock owes an electronic failure.

Another good characteristic is that a core of a lock is the level Schlage 'In this way mechanicals, as all rekeying options for Schlage is still available, yes has required.
4 / 5
A lock looks good installed and was like this easy to install like any deadbolt with the pocolos very extra and the alone boss to connect. Manually Programming was easy, the pairing the ready things was the press of the alone key and this has added changes was a lot. There is the together of 3.as applications of party that leaves this device to shine even more when paired with ready things. Not going to write the commercial but can program a lock dipped the calm plot more alert and notification and codes to expire in of the sure dates. Once dipped on calm almost forget his there except when the locks of car after the cause of minute has forgotten takes for the do to you. Havent Dipped of an alarm of tamer still - As with which some achieving a schlage key in an interior of a lock turns an alarm was is is alerting. An only thing to be conscious of if your current deadbolt slide to have to that smoothly without that has to that pull a door for the take free or a lock will not be able to operate. I have had to subject and it has finalised to change some lining of time and regulating my dish of strike of the door for a boss until it has resisted a company of door and has released a deadbolt to slide easily. I have finalised to use electrical tape in a dish a lower that do it quite fat to maintain a company of door and like this far is been doing perfect.
4 / 5
Follows mechanically inept to the equal that has assumed the locksmith to install mine. It has had to drill the hole the big plus that a forward deadbolt this has substituted. It has taken roughly an hour to install, as 'easy installation' the claim done for a lock all depends on some level of skill with tools and this class of work. The integration with Coverage was a course an easier to the equal that am concerned. Now my lock will disarm Alarm of Coverage when I enter the code of a lock. One for compraventa!!! I have had a lock for the few months and a battery remain full. This are adds. Apresamiento Rule EA battery. I can control my lock thru an application of Coverage of the mine telephone like six if it is enclosed and can close/unlock the all of an application. No more lock-outs!!! Highly recommend this lock especially is the user of Alarm of the Coverage .
4 / 5
A lot disappointed in some these locks of Amazon I bed some descriptions other people having these types of the questions but I have imagined would try in all the chance. When I have received a lock has known has had the potential question reason a lock has not been in a box of the amazon and a box was in era not even taped enclosed and has had some tears in him. I inventoried All and was all there but so only looked can be be use before. It was able of the take installed and a lock looked to do well manually with a key and @@@knob but when I have been for the dipped up for automatic use he so only taken on me and there is showed so only the red x in a keypad. I took it everything averts reset he and he have taken bit it further together with this test but then he a same thing and there is me taken on. To arrive to this point has given so only on and is returned and has taken the Yale ensures 216 instead. For a way a Yale has looked has used also and was too big partorisca to 1.5 lock of thumb of my hole of door as have has had to that return it also. I go to try the Quikset 914 lock afterwards. A lot disappointed in a control of Quality for these locks like this far.
5 / 5
Has bought this lock to substitute my Kwickset ready lock. I have loved an application of a Kwickset but so only could connect to an internet by means of television of APPLE and has maintained to lose a connection. The application has done sum when house and inside Bluetooth distance but I a lot annoy to not being able to access a lock by means of WIFI. Especially when I forget to enable codes for dog walkers. As I have bought this lock to integrate with my Alarm of Coverage. A look of product adds, was easy to install and wine with a video of installation that was a lot of easy to follow. A question? There is not any Application associated with this lock! An application of Coverage control it, which is well but fault of functionality. It likes that of a code of door can disable an alarm and that I can take update of state when any house. It does not like that I can not enable a autolock of characteristic or that any one gives the code of door to beat it also disables my alarm. A code automatically works in both and can not be turned was for an alarm. Hopefully Is like this easy the uninstall of then is going back.
5 / 5
Has possessed the leading version of this lock, and with which 3 years of leaves to use to do. This in spite of, do not create it lacked of a lock, but something wrong with my ADT system. It had connected this lock by means of my ADT system of Wrist and was able to verify a state of lock and close/unlock my door facing través of a ADT application as well as the Netgear the pill purchased by means of ADT. A ADT to the pill has been bezerk after the year of daily use and has begun to flash randomly to different screens and not answering to touch. Early, we wake on a day to discover lock of door of the front that in firm and unlocking quickly and has had any idea had done that all night or no. Of then on, could no longer lock or unlock a door with a touchpad in a lock. We created a Netgear ADT the console had broken a lock for cycling he repeatedly all prejudices it long. We discover, after calling ADT that had interrupted a Netgear tampon of control and no longer would substitute or the reparation. To take another tampon of far control has required an almost $ 1,500 fixes upgrade to his system his late plus! So much, have takes entirely a ADT Netgear tampon of control of a system, has then purchased this lock of door, the newest version of a one has had before. With a Netgear tampon now out of a ADT system of Wrist, has not had any question at all, and these works of version perfectly. We can still lock and unlock a door of a ADT application in ours smartphone, so only does not have a tampon of control of ADT in our fourth anymore.
5 / 5
Use to take robbed literally every day. Never of then we install this, a pause ins there is prendido.

Now so only have the types of pair that looks for to guess our code or cut a lock or something. They are there be for the few weeks now. They are there 24/7 to the equal that thinks rotate gone back so that any one can take some sleep while some another maintains in him.

In spite of a fact that actively is trying pause in our house, has been quite friendly. Sometimes we will do habladuría small with them are leaving our external dog or if so only feel likes seat in ours leading of coverage for the little has bitten. We spend him To us I included a bit gel the cold water bounced the particularly hot day.

Act a lot of Schlage, maintains sure.
5 / 5
We buy this closes the upgrade ours that exists basic lock. I really like a look of this lock and the one who easy was partorisca my bf partorisca install.

An only bad thing can say is when it closes/unlocks is quell'has bitten strong. But it concealed it does not annoy me too much.

Also, when originally we buy this together of lock, has been partorisca send one without tones. I have contacted support of Amazon (the lady was very useful and good btw) and she reordered the new a partorisca knots. Once we take some new one and the unpacked to knots, has @to @give that one first lock that is to be send ours was the together of the lock has USED . A reason knows ossia reason a packaging in a new lock was immaculate, with plastic sealed everywhere the and a box. One first lock has sent was literally so only seating in the box, any packaging.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Amur An external look of this lock, a no adapted interior my historical house but hey have. It can not believe what life so only feels easier now that I do not owe that use the key to take in my house. An only negative thing would say that I need to be conscious of of the this has any way to close this so that it can not be opened partorisca turn a @@@knob in an interior. Has no @to @give this and my door has glass after right breads to a lock, like this in theory, any one could break a glass and only turn a @@@knob and open a door. It would not buy this model thats the consideration partorisca you. Im Going partorisca return this glass with film of adhesive security partorisca reduce casualidad partorisca break the glass of door.
4 / 5
After the numerous discussions with Schlage and has included to do with the substitution that Schlage has sent can not look to take to close that in fact works in my hands. One first lock has done utmost partorisca the pocolos then has failed weeks miserably. Losing connection, life of battery that fails inside days, so only partorisca judges of start. A next lock that Schlage has sent had died on arrival. Trying the created one to good lock out of two was unsuccessful and basically Schlage has launched his delivery up in an air. Now I have two bronze has aged stops of door. It would recommend to look for to different ready lock of the different company, especially is looking for compatibility with your that exists infrastructure of ready house.
5 / 5
Ossia My second Schlage Touchscreen Loan Z-Wave Stand-off. First do first without incident partorisca several years. Decided to upgrade partorisca be able to add/delete codes of guest remotely. The physicist installs was easy. Connecting to mine Smartthings Hub was sincere. It has run to question that looks for to add codes of guest. Out of a box, Smartthings will not leave adding codes of guest. With which a lot of investigation and trying has one fixed. A basic fijamente involves partorisca change a Device 'Type' of Schlage lock without codes' to Schlage lock with codes'. This has to that be fact using a SmartThings Groovy IDE

1. We use six codes of figure with an old lock. A new lock incumplimiento max the period of code is four. I reprogrammed a new lock to six figures by means of manuals reprogramming using lock touchscreen.

2. It adds lock to Smartthings Hub

3. Register to SmartThings Groovy IDE () using your Samsung Accounts username and pswd. It goes to soyy Locations'. Select your hub location. The mine calls 'House'. It goes to soyy Devices'. Select your Schlage Lock of Door. It selects 'Modify' at the bottom of page. It goes to 'Type'. Transmission to 'Z-Wave Lock with Codes'. It selects 'Update' at the bottom of page. It goes to soyy Hubs'. It selects 'Utility to Go'. It selects espar Z-Wave Coverage'. Attended the pocolos small partorisca repair to run. It selects esbota Hub'. Attentive partorisca hub partorisca go back on-line. Register out of SmartThings Groovy IDE

4. It adds new SmartApps mart Codes of Guest of the Lock'. It follows tip partorisca complete install. Attended the pocolos small.

5. It selects new lock in Smarthings Application. Click on 'Locks' dropdown in upper of screen. It selects 'Codes of Cierra'. It adds user and code. The code can not surpass the limit of figure has dipped manually in near to step one.

6. Codes partorisca try on lock.
5 / 5
TL;Dr.; Personally it would not buy again, reason have it has had previously better locks. There is absolutely at all bad with this lock how is, is purely among the personal preference, a quality of a connector of battery, and a strong action that has a subject with. Looks well, Connects easily, work without failure like this far. To the lock is like this easy to install like any another closes no ready.

A connection of battery with regard to me so that it is the 9V boss the connector has to that manipulate predicts it to be one first splits that it begin to frey, and a lock is stronger then the leading ready locks have used.

One inner spear is the type of rotating, grip of barrel duquel are not the enormous defender. Manually Closing a door requires gripping and turning in place of the to to the more impulse likes him the projection that pode hook of mine pinky behind and the just push has closed.

This league of lock easily mine SmartThings hub and other systems. And has like this far be the few months with that have to that change out of battery.

In everything, personally would not buy again, reason have has had previously better locks. There is absolutely at all bad with this lock how is, is purely among the personal preference, a quality of a connector of battery, and a strong action that has a subject with. Looks well, Connects easily, work without failure like this far.
4 / 5
Has had to change to one Encodes. One Connects the serious is not to value he. In the first place, a lock does not involve regularly for any reason. You think that that it is closing, but nah. So only it is doing noise so only to leave your door unlocked. Secondly, passcodes is not doing regularly. It maintains partorisca kick errors and leaving a fam has closed was. Still after going to a hard coded some a lock has come with. It is atrocity . So only to really of it covers of a poor experience, does not comprise this series in some locks has operated of an application. But calm and buy the bridge of Wink (ossia no longer sustained) and then finally hook he until Alexa. It is so only terrible. Total waste.
5 / 5
Has had this installed lock for 1 1/2 years. It is closed generally or unlocked electronically roughly at least 10 times for day. (House of 7)

-Connectivity - Ours Ready Thing hub is roughly 10 feet was and has had so only 1 subject. We have lost connection once which required partorisca pull a battery out of a lock and then all reset he well. A lock will continue to do and can use exist codes without connectivities. Using an application of Which calm List leave to easily program a lock and codes of action for guests. You can also lock and unlock that uses an application and can close (any unlock) using Alexa. I take an alert Sews Ready every time a lot of unlocks with the code that is handy how is the one who and when one of my boys are returned house .

- Life of battery - 6+month if your lock is varied smoothly and rotates well. We are in 3rd together of battery, One 1st near has been for 6 month to the year. Long quite I have not concerned me roughly that. Our 2nd near has died a lot quickly, under the months of the pair of then there was the period a deadbolt has not turned smoothly. You OWE THAT do sure some turn to close smoothly, any hang or the control a lot affects life of battery. After directing that @@subject some works to close very better. This in spite of, have had to regulate his alignment the time of pair as we enter winter (and the time affects alignment) to ensure smooth operation.

- Installation - I has had 1980 door of metal with the hole of the smallest diameter for a deadbolt, as I have purchased the box of hole of the lock of a tent of local hardware to expand an inaugural. This part was more delicate, a rest of an installation and connecting the Ready Thing hub was quite sincere. Like the alignment has mentioned earlier , well of a ray and the smooth operation is of entity.

Here is reason think the manually actuated keyless deadbolt could be better:
-Previously to this lock has had the Schlage BE365CAM619 (still the have, so only on spends of cochera). That is really well in a manual turn the electronic locks have compared to an electronically has turned the locks is some following:

1. The fastest operation - enter code, door of push of ray of toe, any delay at all. An electronically turned deadbolts require roughly 1 as to unlock a ray. No the enormous shot, but sometimes annoying. Especially a door was already unlocked, then enter a code and a calm the the enclosed so only. This does not spend never in a manual has actuated a reason would enter code and toe a latch. Although it was already unlocked a lot so only the in firm.

2. Life of battery very better on manually actuated keyless lock.

3. Electronically Actuated deadbolts could jam and really reduce life of battery or result unusable until fixed - From time to time some girl will enter the code then presses one spends immediately without entirely while to a ray to retract, this could misalign a ray and reduce life of battery significantly, sometimes enter a code, but was already unlocked closed it so only and then shove one spends also misaligning a ray. In the scarce occasion, 3x in 1 1/2 years press it quite hard that the jams a mechanism and calm has to that enter a house the different way and realign the.

An obvious downside to a manually has actuated some is that it calms can not close your door of anywhere with the connection of internet. In the real practical note, this means if yours in the bed and your woman asks if some doors are closed, has to exited of bed and control... Now I can pull out of a telephone and just control.
5 / 5
Has used 4 of these locks in a Camelot trim in a past. They were good place together with everything of some pieces that the together turn. Have has wanted the use the most modern look in mine new build and immediately thought of these. I have purchased one and has thought immediately has had the bad unit. Had the big space among a touchpad and a lock that marries that the only looks ready to accept any precipitation to a mechanism of lock. If resisted until the light could see the light entirely by means of a fund of a touchpad. I have had good regime with Schlage in a past to the equal that have sent that unit behind. A substitution has come and has had the empty main. I have thought then... Well perhaps to the amazon has the bad batch of them. I head to a tent of venue of big box to look in that have. I have opened a box and a touchpad was slightly askance and when I have pressed in a touchpad the noticeably moved like a glue or fastener holding he in the place has not been applied correctly. Really it disappoints it it has had of the regime adds with these locks in a past. In a side besides, some locks have looked to be functional. So only I do not trust him to stand up to some elements and they look extremely low quality with a touchpad improperly seated in a house. I will be to use to different lock east times around.
4 / 5
Has has wanted ready close that was compatible with any of an a lot of ready house the systems at present have.
Have Coverage, Nest, House of Google, and the variety other systems that generally does very together.
This stupid lock is not to list at all. Calm apparently need buy the separate wi-fi adapter, Or has to that have sure types of hubs to do this work with other systems. For example, has the Coverage doorbell and stirs it other accessories of Coverage, but require to buy a Canal of Base of the Coverage so only to have this work of lock with our crew of Coverage. We do not want neither we require that $ 200 piece of hardware, but this characteristic of ready lock is so only the bulky and overpriced touchpad unless knots upgrade our system of Coverage so that we can control a door.

More, a box of fat door that Schlage has said to take for this lock is not a one requires. If I need the box of fat door for this stupid lock, does not ask Schlage which to take. So only take a SCHLAGE 23997877 box, so that I can dip this seeds-useless bulky lock in your fat door.

2 stars because technically, in firm. Frescos. Like this do $ 60 locks could have taken in a tent of hardware that would have looked sleeker.
4 / 5
Ossia A second an I has bought, a prime minister an installed east in my rear door. This description is bases in some two years possessed it. Both locks are paired to my system of Security of the Coverage. They were both easy to pair to a system of security, has taken roughly 3 minutes each to setup. Both locks will disarm a system of security and the arm, ossia a less require to concern me roughly. You can add on 30 codes with different schedules. A battery is lasted roughly 1 year. In some two years possessed it, has not had never a subject with any one closes. The installation in a door takes roughly 30 minutes. You can use a lock without pairing to anything, so only use a keypad to program some codes, schedules, lock of car and anti tamper has built in alarm. Some locks could also pair up with Samsung Smartthings, but agree you could so only pair the to a hub any time given. Both locks are exposed partorisca time of Florida and with which 2 years looks new mark .
5 / 5
Ossia To the very good unit likes them one would expect of Schlage. Work with Alexa and my Loan Connects hub partorisca give state and notification when his open or concluded as well as leaving me lock or unlock using my telephone or Alexa. Life of looks of battery partorisca be excellent and a box of battery can be accessed without taking anything except an attractive of upper coverage. Very happy with this compraventa. The installation was well, the instructions are quite clear but a boss of control and need of axial to be installed attentively. The door has had already a cutouts and some returns to close perfectly.
5 / 5
Really easy to install. In my prime minister a, for a door forward, has has had to that do the pocolos adjustments to do sure a ray to prójimo has been smoothly. With which that was perfect. My battery am lasted the year for a door forward, but does not use it a lot a lot of. Appearance a rear door to use some batteries the pocolos faster. With a door forward has it automatically king lock 30 second with which is opened. This in spite of, in a rear door leaves it one-has closed. Has Alexa closes a door for the half night, if any one has closed the to us manually or Alexa has instructed to close he with to ours 'Good Night Alexa' routine. Also I have one closes a rear door when I leave a house, my iPhone is 'not presenting', and the have unlock a door when it arrives behind to a cochera. An application a lot always recognises it when return but is easy to so only enter a code. This can take some adjustments. They are really happy with both cost. My edges is looking to substitute his front and locks of rear door now. Highly it recommends Schlage.
4 / 5
Has bought this lock to substitute the tone has operated Schlage deadbolt. There is matched the thumb of our door latch arrivals well. The installation has required some adjustment to a hole some slides of ray to in a jam of door. A new lock there has been the ray the plus along that is gone in slightly more afterwards to one rear (side of interior) of a jam. I have used the Dremel tool to clear was some of a forest in the hole of ray of a jam and has cleared. Also a two that locates the rays for a portion of lock has had burrs in wither an intrepid or a hole they threaded in to require me to pursue some edges. Some rays are fine edges and is hard to take them has begun correctly. I recommend hand beginning the before it locate a lock in a door and that careers some rays all a way in to do sure has no burrs. Then take some rays and attentively install a Lock in a door that use so only the hand-held screwdriver and sure mark some edges properly are involving. Some needs of organism of the lock to be squared vertically in a door to prevent that it joins when a ray is widespread or retracted. To to my woman liked really the with which has taken in and doing
5 / 5
Of I really like this lock, work directly with my system of alarm of the Coverage where some laws of base of the alarm like the hub ( has seen the few questions in this). There is any need to take some ready things(?) hub If already taken a system of alarm of the Coverage. Whats Really fresh is that you can do an arm of lock or disarm your house with some settings of coverage. This in spite of have not been able of the take to do with an application of Lock of the Amazon, im very sure reason said you pode but an application of lock of the Amazon does not leave use of this particular lock. Alexa Can close a forward of door with the routines but he can a lot of unlock a door forward. Calm this in spite of can close/unlock one spends thru an application of Coverage. His hips the little delicate to dip up at the beginning. Then finally it has another characteristic for a lock that is not explained in one drives of fast start, will require to look on a combo and manually key he in in a tampon to number yes loves this characteristic (ex love a door to close automatically with which 30 seconds will require the google the and manually program). In general I took roughly an hour to fully install and place on a lock with a Coverage in my door. If you are not the very big technology the person would recommend to less lock complicated but is able to troubleshoot for your account or the work with client sustains this lock is sum !
4 / 5
- a web of place has the looks of cat concealed is the farce - calm a lot in fact cat with any never!
- I still can not imagine was there is the firmware update for my lock - at all is clear in a web of place.
- I has the Hubitat Hub and I script of career to automatically launch a lock operates each one that 30 mins. It acts more time but there are occasions where so only does not do and one spends rest unlock. It researches it point that is a lock and no a hub. I have seen also other complaints in a Hubitat forum of support.
- External of one on a lock has the solid build and acts more time this in spite of can not recommend Schlage reason one a time that yours closes the failure to the lock can be a difference when being alive or died in a chance of unauthorised access.
5 / 5
This description is for nave of Amazon and service of client, no a product he. I have bought slope of the First Days in the discount. Received a lock 2 days later and was anxious to install. It results to send me an obviously returned element, unwrapped and launched to the box and has been missing separates.

To the equal that have contacted invernadero to converse to service of client with a intent to explain and has thought would substitute st a same cost. The element was out of stock. All a first client of service to line reps was able to do was to offer the repayment. Typically, this would have been well, excepts has been offered in 35 discount which would not have been privy to in reordering. I have asked in another model that was available in a same prize and I has been said so only could take the repayment! I have asked to speak to the supervisor. The cat said to remain in a line. After an HOUR, has called so only. I have been said a same thing with a csr. Apparently, has the script closely without variances. I have asked snd was able to speak to the supervisor quite quickly the one who would have to it has been done 2 leading hours. Joihan Has issued my repayment with the credit to cover a different model and discount of first day. This would have to that it is remained invernadero a prime minister csr has spoken with, any two hours later with the supervisor. I remained in a line of cat so only to see what time would take, 1 now and 43 minutes later, is returned and disconnected with which to 2 wait of minute! Ossia Totally unacceptable of any unit of service of the client, especially amazon!

My time has not been estimated, neither the mine repeats business. Spent the good bit of products of amazon and has seen the enormous drop in service of client, packing and nave (in fact a nave is improving). The inferior line is that this the element used has not been verified first to dip behind in stock, the car is is need quite useless anything another which so only basic information. Need of things to change
5 / 5
First compraventa of lock of the technology.. He after hours of investigation.
A lock to touch of outside is the lifesaver when spending boys, groceries etc

A lot lustrous and modern looking

Easy to use keypad

Can close manually of interior

Adds like the secondary lock or one to use for travesías fast in and was where the tone would be weighed to use

Unless you are the carpenter / locksmith precise professional installation to be fact very

there is Bluetooth/ wireless but the friends in technology say all can be cut yes hacker are skilled or persistent quite like this in your own risk there

A ray has the quite strong indication but of a test of the eye is not very long or thickness.. Once again more used like the secondary lock or inside the dish of steel for security added.

Not looking forward to that it substitutes a battery but with which 5 month that goes strong still
4 / 5
see the people are unhappy that this lock does not have his own application. Ossia Calm true has to that use a Smarthings application. Reason is that better integration, automation and life of battery. This lock communicates street z-wave (any wifi) to a Smartthings hub and then your application of telephone connects to a hub has seen Wifi (or cellular).

1) Battery. Reason this uses z-wave and a lot of Wifi, a life of battery is VERY GOOD! Wifi Calms of the batteries
2) Of then connects to other sensors and of the transmissions in yours smartthings hub can interconnect him. For example, has the light sensor outside and have this lock to close automatically when it darkens external.

An only thing I desire could do is to add / transmission some codes in an application. It has to that be fact in a lock he. Ossia The real bummer.
4 / 5
In general, probably would estimate these four stars but has had any way to install it a way has come. To the left explain me.

A portion of external lock has the bar that the claves was and raisin for a mechanism of lock. This has the little protruding notch this has to that to the left until a female portion in a mechanism of lock of the interior. This lock of interior was rotated 180 terracings and you poden a lot rotate the around freely. I have had to unscrew a rear portion (three rays), take a joint of the circuit form without breaking tabs and then rotate a big train 180 terracings. Once reassembled and installed an inaugural lock raisin for the rotation fill the indication some train and now does like this expected. rotating A train is not too difficult but can imagine a lot of people do not love jump in the any-user serviceable guts of this expensive lock.

A lock and work of utmost keypad and to the equal that has expected. Any @@subject there. Some instructions besides the basic installation leaves the plot to be wished. Especially on regarding the use. I have had to look for on-line to discover the one who an interior Schlage key ( dips an alarm).

Neither has been able of the connect in my ready house hub still but ossia a bit expected because of a distance. Has the repeater in a way and hopefully this will help with this question.
5 / 5
The buyers would owe that be very conscious of his precise needs and master. I have loved to close it could remotely closes/unlock, control of an application, and enter multiple codes. With which concession another the code of private lock has loved to be able to audit the one who had used a lock. I have bought a lock with Z-More wave. I have then bought the Wink hub, which could any never join an application of Wink, as I sent it behind. An also recommended ad Ready-Thing. I have bought a Samsung hub and has uploaded an application of Ready things. Now I can close/opened a door remotely, but this version does not offer any history. I think that that I have required an Encode version partorisca east. It likes- one lock, but the calm mark sure your investigation in capacity and of the needs of first crew. Some ads are quite misleading and imprecise.

Top Customer Reviews: Kwikset 660 Single ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken these because utilisation a smartkey system during my house. While these are not some stronger locks ( is notes 3, a low plus), is more than sufficient for deterrent. Please note these are not some same some takings in some tents of big box. Those are a note 1 locks, which are quell'has bitten more expensive. Arrival to substitute some old locks, a Note 3 lack some of a protect of the cylinder has compared to a note 1 that has substituted.
These were a lot of easy to install and has had 4 locks on two doors installed down an hour. If I need the basic lock and is not concerned terribly roughly requiring súper big security, then this model will do so only well for you. Please does not take me bad, is not of the economic locks for any half, so only is not to have to that like this weighed as it Remarks 1 has the certificate closes.
Here is some info of Kwikset:
Description of Product
Likes that directs of industry, Kwikset has resupplied the security trusted for on 60 years and is synonymous result with security, peace of alcohol, way and innovation. One that sells big deadbolt in Amsterdam, a 600 serious resupplies protects hard , effective in a prize abordable. This alone cylinder deadbolt can be closed or unlocked for the tone in an outside, or a key of tower in an interior. SmartKey Rey-The technology key leave to control the one who has access in your house. Rey-Nail a calm lock in of the seconds in 3 any easy. Calm moved recently or has had the boy loses the tone? It is now of king-key. SmartKey Resupplies a level a big plus of figure and residential security BumpGuard to protect against closes to clash. A Satin Chrome the arrival gives a product the modern and minimalist look.
Of a Costruttore
Likes that directs of industry, Kwikset has resupplied the security trusted for on 60 years and is synonymous result with security, peace of alcohol, way and innovation. One that sells big deadbolt in Amsterdam, a 600 serious resupplies protects hard , effective in a prize abordable. A Polished Chrome is perfect to coordinate in the bath with polished chrome fixtures. In Kwikset, think that the people owe does not have to that solve when it comes the security of house; and a better security is ready security
Likes leader of industry, Kwikset has resupplied the security trusted for on 60 years and is synonymous result with security, peace of alcohol, way and innovation. One that sells big deadbolt in Amsterdam, a 600 serious resupplies protects hard , effective in a prize abordable. This alone cylinder deadbolt can be closed or unlocked for the tone in an outside, or a key of tower in an interior. SmartKey Rey-The technology key leave to control the one who has access in your house. Rey-Nail a calm lock in of the seconds in three any easy. Calm moved recently or has had the boy loses the tone? It is now of king-key. SmartKey Resupplies a level a big plus of figure and residential security BumpGuard to protect against closes to clash.
5 / 5
3 days ago, found me closed out of my house and surprised, apparently these locks can not be elected been due to having the mechanism of train in place of pins. A locksmith has had to that destroy my deadbolt to recover access in a house. They have offered to substitute a deadbolt and king-nail the to match our tones to exist, but when being an economic person are politely declined and has said would cure of him I. A lot mine surprised, was able to find an exact deadbolt had had before on Amazon for just $ 18. It has arrived less than 24 hours after ordering and had installed that And rekeyed partorisca match my tone to exist less than 9 minutes. It could not be happier with an ease of installation and global cost.
5 / 5
Has required to substitute the Kwikset dead ray that was resulted fraction (for me) - reading in a Kwikset your loan, has imagined would give tries it. After reading some descriptions, pro and with, 5 Incident vs 1 Star, has imagined would give it shot it. If the person is determined to go in they , and the lock is so only the deterrent, but having a tone is the plus . After doing a rear door, and that dips a lock to an old Kwikset tone and finding that the really done, has ordered 2 more, 1 to substitute an advance of lock and 1 for a door of cochera. Everything now laws with a same tone, but save a key this comes with a lock, frames some tones to some locks were paired to, this has to calms does not need never the rekey his, but is very happy with a compraventa. ( You take tones with closing the initially dipped a tumblers, which need to save). Questions, send them mine.
4 / 5
Any crazy in this element, although it is easy the rekey and easy the instal, to the to the equal that likes. Some elements look well too much.

My subject is with a rekeying mechanism - is 'fiddly' and easily can surrender your deadbolt useless, and then has to that buy the new a.

Has bought recently 5 of these for the house, and with which rekeying the all to the alone tone, some of them have not operated has to that jiggle a key bit it. I am concerned in long-term lifespan and that asks what time will be before a arrendatario call reason can not open a door forward.
4 / 5
Adds deadbolt and easy the rekey. Has several smartkey locks and usually rekey a front and the doors lateralmente when have the pet of houses sitter that remain here. Ossia The must yes has your hire of unit of own short term like VRBO or air b and b. Please mark my description like gain calms the the expósito useful for you.
5 / 5
A Smartkey the characteristic is quite awesome. Yes it is not extremely difficult to have your animal locks keyed, but that money of costs and time. With a Kwikset Smartkey the thing takes roughly 5 seconds.

1. It does not lose a thing of flat boss of the to you calm so need that to king key.
2. Kwikset Alleges only works with his tones. I am not sure in that but my others closes was Kwikset am not sure if this would be a subject .
3. It follows directions exactly when animal keying or has to that go a more complicated street of king keying the partial keying. The directions are not hard to follow, so only read twice animal yours once.
4. To king the tone has to that have an original tone inserted and the averages have turned as it is not concerned any with a flat boss poden king nails your house while calm was.
5. Calm of the that has to that king key like the lock comes with tones.
4 / 5
Has purchased a boss of entrance and separate deadbolt with Kwkiset Smartkey technology. I have been to king-nail a deadbolt to do matches a boss of the entrance and my surprise has not been compatible! Your of the sleeve has the slightly main groove that a deadbolt tone! Both have SAME Smartkey descriptions but is DIFFERENT. Some descriptions for each element does not identify any differences so that it does not have any way to know the one who deadbolt would have to that buy. It would be extremely useful state to have the difference in of the tones/of technology has identified in a description to the equal that could have seen is incompatible. I have discovered of course this difference 1 day with which could return on Amazon! I love this technology but reason a lock is now useless mine, has stars of data he estimativa.
5 / 5
Want to these. We substitute everything of some locks in our external doors with these locks. They are keyed in only a side. To exit in chance of fire, or for the guest to open a door, he or only precise turn a @@@knob in an interior. Any need to exit a tone, Easy was without key has required. Has the people come to clean, and is not sure to leave a door unlocked or leave a tone in a lock. I can close a door for security, and when they are ready to leave, so only can turn a @@@knob. A characteristic of security adds.
5 / 5
Creates sum. A good way to have the ploughs of multiple lock with a same tone.

A lock has come with the key and a lock done with this tone. With which have tried rekey a lock, is remained without your functional. I have followed some directions precisely. Any one closes was bad or some directions were bad writings .

Has called a costruttore those who adapted (without dispute) to honour a warantee send me the new lock. A new lock has has not arrived still. They have not had one in stock and has said that would take roughly 6 weeks.

While, has purchased another identical lock in Imposición of House. A technician in Imposición to House rekeyed a lock for me. He a lot he exactly like the directions have said to, but the the easy to comprise a confusion. I recommend that any one another buyer calls a costruttore and have them calm walk by means of a process or have the technician in a place of purchase he for you. This in spite of my edges has many of this lock and informs that the has not had any question.

Some second works of good lock and is properly state rekeyed.
5 / 5
Has bought the condo and has wanted to change a lock for rekeying. A locksmith has has wanted to something that $ 100 to come and look in him and then additional money to do multiple tones. Any one has suggested this deadbolt which easily substitutes a whole lock has had in a door forward. I can use an old lock (a Schlage) more, but this situates almost there is perfectly has used a same impression. It comes with 2 tones, but has to that it wants to change a tone for him, can do that calm without asking help. So only retain some instructions and one 'tool' has' in a box. You stick in him the tone of the some place more and will conform one his lock. He no the Schlage yours, this in spite of. But, more anything more. For him it has added it side, but efficiency, can add his far controller. Look On 'August Smartlock' those looks to do jointly with this type of deadbolt.

Top Customer Reviews: Hugolog Electronic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
My fiancé and I action a tone of house, how is the ache while one of knots needs to leave a house, but another has a tone. A simple solution? It copies another tone of house. Well, we that to us this far sharing a tone, as we never took around partorisca do another. Lol.

Looked the video of Youtube, when there is remarked that a homeowner has had to that close of keypad in place of the traditional lock in his door.

Is always hesitant state of his reason seats likes is easy for something partorisca gone bad. I have found this lock in the amazon and has not gone too pricey, as I have decided to give that it tries it. I am enamoured!

Are the visual student , like the video in this page that an easy setup. There is remarked that a same company offers a version of electronic keypad also, but has decided to go with this one instead.

Like this far, some works of lock like the charm! Any @subject with him working bad, and I like a characteristic of lock of the car after the pair of seconds.

I also likes that there there is it also an option to insert the key if a battery has died. I have had this lock for almost the week now, and am happy with him!
5 / 5
A lock is a lot although it would not call it the true deadbolt. Has close the anti jimmy pin in a ray but still the fashionable ray of typical passage.
A lock resupplied/of the tone of cylinder key is the very basic quality creation. Using leaf tumblers with a Ilco way keyway this is not big security. Desire Hugolog had done this like his basic deadbolt (which I also own and recommend) without the lock of cylinder altogether.
This has said, as to close of passage, door of cochera to house lock or any zone where the big security is not required ossia to fine electronic lock . An installation was easy, a programming was easy and an operation is easy. I find some characteristics of of the this to be upper to the Schlage electronic lock I also use.
Would recommend this lock with a mentioned caveats.
4 / 5
Is keyless latch has better done that has expected! It has dipped this in an of my external doors that has had so only the boss key so only-lock. A keyhole has taken past and difficult to dip a his tone. This was an excellent substitution thus boss of door. It likes- one option of unlocking a boss so that the code is not required for time during a day when some boys are going in and out of the plot. This was exactly that has expected paralizaciones. I am looking to take more than these partorisca inside a house! Highly it recommends!.
4 / 5
Installs very easy, at least a second time. A prime minister an I has received was defective. Some pocola plants that dipped a square iron by means of him has not been lined on and has done that the difficult part. How it has been expecting concealed in a substitution but was pleasantly surprised to see concealed has not been a chance. A real reason has has had to that has it has substituted has been would not leave me dipped a unlock pin. Then it could after the tentativas múltiplas. An only way has known takes sure that a master code has been changed was reason left to dip he in silent way. Like this once it has taken the together of pin , he no unlock a door. You could listen a solenoid, but any joy. Besides, one goes through half to change you has listened a solenoid but any unlocking. Required a tone. Kinda Swipe a purpose of a keypad. A turn was súper speedy. A lock feels solid, the quality has built. To good sure would order again. It does not know the spent with this prime minister a.
In the first place one averts. My only 2 complained some instructions to dip codes, etc is hard to read. Literally, there I need to be more contrast among some characters and a fund. Dark ash with the slightly shadow of litre of ash. Cela And nowhere calm say you that you paste with which write in a code of pin during use. It considers that a “unlock key” some directions to dip has paste you , but so only say type in numbering to NAIL to open. Still 5 stars.
4 / 5
Buys this lock of door to use in my fourth!has there was previously the @@@knob of door of economic round in my door of room. I bougt these only worries my little boy sometimes closes in a room and he doesn‘t knows like this to open one spends( so only 18m) ,like this the needs something helps open door,but this @@@knob of door the does not concern in this,can use them a pin opens one spends !A very easy lock installs . I used it roughly 1week and look a lot!I amour he!
4 / 5
after taking closed out of countless time or that it has to leave my door unlocked partorisca more, I finally decided to buy one of these and the boy are I happy has done. This @@@knob of the door of the laws of keypad adds! It was súper easy to install even in my door of metal. Apt perfectly without too extra regulating, and has done well out of a box. Now all can come and in the go so many please without concerning those who has the keys and the one who any, if or no a door is closed and the one who is enclosed was. Early I will be to add another to a rear door.
4 / 5
The hardware installs was a lot. I have had the little subject with dipping a code and take it to close. A question is some the manual instructions mention so only dipped in a number and press a (asterisk) to finalise a setting. Well quell'concealed that has not done like this after 15 minutes I rewatched one installs the video and he have aimed has to that press a key any asterisk. Once this is to imagine was has done like the charm.
4 / 5
Excellent lock, easy to install, work well, easy to use
4 / 5
The unit installs like this easy any one closes of substitution, and an electronic boss is quite easy to connect, perhaps slightly harder that a Yale the locks have used.
The unit was the little delicate to program, like the instructions were the pocolos unclear, and precise see a blinking light to see when your ways are has entered/has accepted. In general it programmed it once he well.
5 / 5
This no . The entrance a code and a @@@knob of door any unlock. Tried messaging vendor to any avail. Tried contacting Amazon, could a lot of anything . It will not order never anything of this vendor again!!!