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Top Customer Reviews: Delton Sonic Wave ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
I have been using this headset daily of then purchased and extracted fantastically. Ossia A better headset has used the long time. My office is quite noisy likes help of the cups of silence of ear cushioned a noise to the equal that can listen that it is touching in my computer with more than clarity. Some works of good and clear microphone while in Skype. I am using this headset plugged to an outside THX soundcard.
5 / 5
Loves a colour and apt but some bosses break a lot easily
5 / 5
the little more plastic economic that look that pictured. If spent for more than 30 mins in the plan my ears have hurt. I guess I have to that do sure an upper strap is sustaining a system.
4 / 5
The work adds, confidence this description. There adjustable, foldable,go in colours, and comfortable

Top Customer Reviews: Delton Sonic Wave ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
4 / 5
It was the present in my grandson, with which two uses, his in a piece of ear there is prendido partorisca do entirely. It likes Turn?
4 / 5
Horrible broken not even the month after using has produced. It loves the repayment.
5 / 5
These headphones are really impressive! Has quality of his add and layer some good ears. Celery he auricular taste very durable - concealed does not look economic likes some another has bought in a past. They owe that cushion throughout (comprising some upper that accesses in your boss). Noticeably it could listen a difference with stereo and bass in a quality of sound! A headphone jack is solid and still although it could not try a part of microphone with my laptop of model, am sure does well too much. In general, highly it recommends this product!!!

Remarks that I have received this product in the prize discounted or free instead to resupply the description.
4 / 5
Has a lot of state impressed of these headphones. Usually it uses earbuds to listen the music and for the hands have called of free telephone, also possesses the main end gaming headset. As the one who a sound goes, these are enough bit it better that any of a earbuds I own, an only pair that can approach it to these headphones in his east one one this is coming with my Samsung GS4. They are not quite like this as well as my gaming headset for his, but is up there.

According to which the noise that annuls, has turned my music on quite strong and could not listen some people a lot afterwards mine in speaker. I also the request could listen my music, and could a lot of that really impressed me.

An only thing was the bit has left down for era an on-line mic, would not say it was quite to take the full star was, but has has wanted well sure touches on that. I have tried these in mine telephone and a person has spoken dictate it was to calm of has bitten and my voice has not touched well. I then changed to the mine gaming headset and has said has had the improvement of entity in as it has touched.

Finally, if so only are using these to listen the music or something more, is utmost, but would not take these to substitute your normal hands free device or gaming headset needs to be able to speak the people with him.

Has received this product in the prize discounted or for free for my sincere description. My aim is to resupply an informative description to help with your decision to purchase. It does not give of the good descriptions instead for discount it, if any taste to him the product will say like this. If I have helped you your time of decision or any to buy this product, please left to know me to press one 'He' key down. If this description did not help you, or have unanswered questions, please commentary in my description and I will do my best to answer your question in the timely way.
5 / 5
Some headphones have the sound adds and is a lot well has done. I will buy again they are better way that always spending money in economic some. Comfortable in some ears, long quite cord,works with the plot of different devices. (Computer, mp3,has included the PS4)
4 / 5
These headphones blow me was with a quality for a conservative prize! I took him like the present for my fiancé and now love the pair!

Top Customer Reviews: Delton Sonic Wave ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
This external colour wired the headphones have come amiably packaged and has arrived without accidents. A fold of speakers of the ear under a tape that he the very portable fact. Some looks to touch to go in well. A cushioning in some ears is in his point. It likes-me a fact that has the myriad of colours to choose of, averts of a customary black. I have not tried a mic characteristic, that really has not been that has bought stops. They are happy with an element and although I have received he in the tax has discounted instead for my description, I gladly repurchases in full prize, which is the just prize . It looks he taste would be of durable also.
5 / 5
Awesome. Now I can listen my music in my office like strong to the equal that likes and does not have to that me to concern roughly annoying other employees. They are comfortable in your ears and develop to the comfortable measure in your boss. I have received these in the discount to write the description, but is a lot of value a cost. Strongly I recommend him.

Top Customer Reviews: OneOdio Wired Over ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say an initial was -of-the description of boxes:
In the first place was, what these headphones is. (40+ years of pro experience of audio here).
These are a Studio of the Personnel of excellent /house that listens auricular. Quality of DJ? Well If your speaker the warrior of weekend DJ of occasional party, then yes. Use/of DJ of commercial professional these subjects the in the plot of physical punishment, then at all! It leaves apresamiento real, is $ 30.00 headphones.
Gives the positive 5 star for some reasons of follower: quality to Sound to price point. I am to take pressed to say any sonal remarkable difference' among my note of studio of big dollar Sennheiser or Bose headphone. These are also my premiers 50mm telephones of engine also. Here it is my OPINION has evaluated. It take, each which a lot locates these descriptions are only that, opinion.........

Tries 1. THX Control of System of the sound. Reproduction very accurate.
Tries 2. Bose CD of Demo of the studio. Very good.
Tests of musician:
1. Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. Strauss of 30 Richard; Excellent and Accurate.
2.toccata And Fugue in D smaller, Only likes him was there. Niza crisp highs and sum of low frequency.
3. AC/DC, Thunderstruck And Shoot to Thrill; Oh He.....
4. ABBA Yep, The utmost sounds.
5. Paranoid So GFR and BS versions, Any disappointment here or.
6. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Mere man and Free Bird - affronts of Leaves he, takes a Awfull headphone to sea these. This has said, experience of row of the Front.
8. Yanni CD of Acropolis. Very Pleased here too many.

Here is what these headphones IS not ! Your IS not in the to to the Heavy bass like them a bit of the critics has declared. That is doing in fact is reproducing Fall more accurate that what auricular of the engine the small plus is unable to reproduce. It classifies what 'the Accurate bass', any heavy. They are also a lot of eskull to the crushers like them to them some has remarked. State in his transente 5+ hours directly while revising
has evaluated these so barefoot and also using the Neoteck NTK059 headphone amplifer. A amp attached the dimension of real positive in a global experience, even so, is sure all except one the majority of demanding audiophiles will be very pleased with this so much east. I have bought only the second pair.
5 / 5
I have bought this last year and leave seat them in my nightstand during 6 month that thinks that was the compraventa solid but has had at the same time any real use for them. Active HAS BEGUN of the work in the park of the noisy cube where desperately wants the bloc was all an environmental noise without that has to pay a prize for headphones that annuls noise. Have take had these in my nightstand as I have decided to give has shot it to him. It possesses hundreds of headphones and earbuds some years and has used the in the wide variety of situations I so that I consider me the well quite judge of quality of sounds and to the left say.......SANTO SHT These Are Awesome for a prize!!! Has another on-the-auricular of ear (monitors of studio in fact for books of audio) and a prize to estimate proportion with these swipes the out of a water! Seriously, you are looking for the clear crisp highs, solid mid-field, and falls these monitors of studio of the rivals in clarity and power in the prize that is too sake to be true, then my partner these are some auricular rights since you! I fulfil his that the boy of the follower but volume to listen in big quality very seriously. In this prize any one puts to bed! These writes merit to be lauded peel this has done. And I mention a consolation? At all these sometimes 8 hours the day 5 days the week and a quality of tez and console apresamiento, for a prize, is second in any one. It buys a whole family the set and young and old, will see that I am speaking enough.
5 / 5
M: He been the musician during 30+years. It directs the group of rock, seated first chair in the symphony and fact with all the classes of groups. I vocal work and instrumental, as well as DJing and producing musician. At all more hours in headphones that any one knows and has a lot of different classes.

I DJ with in-of the monitors of ear, as I have bought these prende casual listens, put/of consumer of the backups to follow and blending, and the situations where are touching with another electronic artist and I need to listen some delivery directly. I have expected that this quite a lot of quality of his to be until a task, but when being quite cheap that it can use the so many backups and any one the preoccupy quite leaving them in the venue.

The revised model: I have bought a Pro-30 Regular version Updated in money and brown.

In the first place, a sake: These headphones the sound adds, especially for a prize. Has the V-the 'consumer' shaped that tunes, while you would expect, but no so extreme as Beaten or Monsters. It IS in fact quite accurate is looking to coach of consumer of quality the reference these profiles of tunes, any one 'audiophile' or profiles of reference of the studio. A soundstage and the selection is well, a clarity is well, mids is full and advance but balanced, the offer is clear but no peircing or sibilant, and with a volume has looked, some bass of a lot of noises without taking muddy. In general, they are well and warm, but still detailed, full, and any too colored. I do not think you could improve it his in this prize or still 3x this prize. They can or it can not be until audiophile levels (does not consider me one) but certainly achieve a salvation-sweep well. Also they will please very bassheads without muddying in a musician.

Am add casual listening auricular and with some EQing, according to your preference, would be useful the blend or clue. It finds for hip hop and EDM very precise any adjustment for production of musician. A tuning is not skewed for low, but is not to thin, cold, esference' auricular or. In fact it likes them his in of me very better that a AKG K92s this sells for $ 20 - $ 30 more, and like them better that a DNA of Monster 40s.

Has tried also have them be arrest DJing and touched in of means it the set with them. Any subject at all with this application, although I have changed behind in mine in-of the ears after the hours of pair and of the moment that it is my preference , can not give the full description concretely for purpose of DJ.

One duplicates it raisins and constant cape of audio-through the characteristic is very ready and quite useful. I have found that has used he cual the built-in headphone splitter for casual listen and the film these looks with my partner much more this has thought I . I have used also the connected in two sources of audio the blend tones of my CORNELLA and listen in of the tones of references of the player of musician. I have listened also in musician while having the conversation of tlphonique. It IS the brilliant characteristic !

A fact that two removable capes and the stock exchange are included in this prize is awesome.

A earcups is incredibly plush and comfortable and provides to focus well. I can very overstate a consolation of these earpads. It IS like the fraction-in kidd sofa of rind in your leader. Only I can describe what 'buttery'. They are some the majority of the comfortable pillows have not spent never and does not think you could find very better in any prize. Ditto In a consolation of a tape. If has big ears even so, can not be the good access since you diameter what inner of some cups are not that big. Perfecto for my tiny ears and cape of peanut!

Cairo Very stylish and a lot digs a retro brown colorway and matching cape.

A bad: quality of Tez and QC could be better. My pair has a side where some notch of adjustment is well and snug and a side where is the loose and soft bit. It is not terrible, but perceivable.

Also, active has had only these for perhaps the weeks of the pair and I have used only the the small time and soft state with them. He blockaded with another DJ yesterday and has been to take a cape to bend them and situates has been the. I have pulled in a knurled the cover of the to to connector only likes him his is supposed in, no of a cape or a relief of tension. A coverage has burst immediately a connector. It was amiable of surprised to see that it is lined only with the tiny bit of toneless adhesive. Bummer, So that it has thought in fact a creation of the relief of the tension looked quite beefy.

Some days of pair later, a side by side the right engine has begun to fall out of intermittently. I am expecting it it has taken it only the defective unit and that a global durability of a mark is better.

Sadly, would not use beat them like main for DJing. It do not think it it would be until the use takes. Perfecto for backups or changes even so, for the casual house that listens or so it beat of reference of the estimativa.

Will contact a company to see can help was and update this description with my results.

Update 2/8/19: A company contacted me in fact before it take it the control of them to offer the substitution! The service of client adds there. I have asked the plus or less buying the substitution brown cape (I always extra of necessity manually). We leave me to us it knows that they do not sell a brown cape separately, but issue me the red one for free. Solid.

Any one subject with a cape of substitution. I think it that it take it only the bad unit

has not taken some headphones of substitution still, but will update my description when mark.

Update 2/13/19: it take some headphones of substitution the little the mark of days, up means a time has wanted! Alas, they routed a wrong ones. It take a cheap plus Pro-10s in place of a Pro-30 in the principle has bought.

Has broken the beak and emailed a company and has taken the response literally in of the minutes. Have excusado For a deception and immediately routed me the substitution for a Pro-30 east. We said me to us to maintain a Pro-10s and enjoy them. Service of the fantastic client and I are updating my original description of 3 stars in 4-stars only so that very OneAudio is to treat.

Since take to try a Pro-10s, will go to advance and revise these and report behind. Also I will update this description when takes a substitution Pro-30 is and take to spend the small more time with them.

Update 2/26/19:

So that it takes my substitution Pro 30 only the few days after OneAudio routed was. Very timely. They utmost. Any one subject with an engine or a cape. State spending more time with them; producing musician, listens in musician, preparing tones for DJing, looking mesos comunicacionales and listen in podcasts. I am by train to appreciate them More and more. A consolation is incredible. A quality of his of a big, 50mm the engine is very well, and especially impressive for a prize. They are quite clear for the critics that listens but is not fatiguing, which are unusual. A heat and richness of a mids is very pleasant and a thickness of some bass is treats it. An offer is slightly recessed in a tuning and while clear, is not sparkly, tender magic, if that is to say your thing . A upside of that is that it can listen calm in these telephones for hours without your ears that takes spent.

OneAudio Has been excellent to treat and has aimed the real commitment in service of client. A 24 guarantee of month is very generous and in fact is for his sake. They have won to good sure my future subject.

Has update my description of 4 in 5 stars for a set of substitution and for OneAudio service of client.
5 / 5
It begins with a sound is spectacular some levels of basses and offer concealed calm to leave to the use is spectacular, his edifice is of quality very well, comes with two capes of appearance very good and quality. It IS the product that gives the very good profit for his coast.
5 / 5
Auricular research with the removable cord and I are so happy found these.

A sound is lovely. It IS very grave-heavy, even so, so he calm to of to the that likes him that, could wants look in of another place. Even so, it is not in a point where is painful or take of a quality of sound. I maintain to choose in of the small bits in the never remarked songs before, which are very good. And like the response in one revises that it say that these headphones is Cute; they are not . They are to good sure stereo auricular.

Some headphones are the tight bit. Has the small leader and they are very snug. That, personally like me so I give me less noise of backdrop but yes has the big leader, could wants to look elsewhere. A deadening used in some ears are comfortable, even so. Any crowning of a line but to good sure better that anything and'the voice there was before.

An only subject and'the voice there has been is, a red cord tends to take blurred or only go in an ear if accidentally the touch or something paste he. Even so, I classify of jiggle around good laws. Considering is coming with two cords, even so, I of those who voice that is to say the very big downfall while it only can change in an another cord if this one goes.

In general, and is sper happy with these headphones.

EDITA: I have contacted a company in a cord and was more this accommodates. Seriously, service of better client and'the voice took never.
5 / 5
I do not go to seat here and calm say you that these are some auricular of the better sound has not possessed never ( is substituting the pair of Sennheisers) but a quality of his this quite damn well. That I very the amour enough is the (a) This listens. These headphones extends for people (how me) with the leaders the big plus. They rotate 45 titles (in a group of cape) and a earpiece rotates 180 titles (in a cup) guaranteeing perfect positioning in your ears. Also they fold you go for semi convenient storage (does not fold in some ways). Also they come with two headjacks: One for your mobile device (3.5mm) and or for your stereo auricular (6.3mm). A mobile cape is quite 4 long feet and has which looks for to be the change of button. A cape of Receiver is reversable and extends almost 10 feet. These sums of look of the things, is comfortable, provides his decent and when inevitably destroy a cape does not have to purchase new headphones. Only it substitutes a cape. Everything for just 30 bucks? Very you it can not beat a value.
5 / 5
For thirty bucks (the prize has paid so of the weeks of mark of pair), these are far and was a better to sound the receiver has not bought never. It has had auricular that cost three and four times so much to seal like vModa, Koss, Sennheiser, etc., And any one has sounded any better that these. Has punch of utmost bass without being at all muddy or rumbly, and a rest of a field of response of the sounds of frequency adds also. Certainly a Sennheisers has sounded the small crisper global but no in that has it almost a fullness in a field of the lowest frequency how these have, and is not even falls- has augmented. (For a record, a OneOdio Pro 50 model EST TOMB -has augmented; that is to say a Pro 10 model and he are not . I trust me, it do not require an impulse of low of a Pro 50s; some bass comes through very vibrantly and very cleanly in these Pro 10s.)

An only complaint has is that some cups of ear rotate freely in any less than three axes, and can be madden trying cogerprpers properly re-oriented when is by train to pose them on. If it can offer only a suggestion in OneOdio, was to PLEASE attach only the small control in of the points of rotation of some cups of ear like them a lot fails during a place.

Any complaints that could gone down this description in 4 stars is offset for other thoughtful touches, eats:

1) A detachable the cord can substitute concealed owe a cord resulted defective (to 1 cause of headphone failure);

2) One 3.5mm jack entered in a earpiece and he 1/4' jack in an another so that it can use the cord with any jack of measure;

3) An inclusion of the cord with covers he 3.5mm in an end and he 1/4' carried in another so that any subject that exited of jack to measure your device of audio has, is coated with that a cord;

4) converting whichever earpiece jack has entered that it is not into use in a jack to start with so that more it can limit in (provided his covers of cord is whichever the measures is not using) and some two users can listen simultaneously.

These telephones are also my woman buys me the pair, so now has two pair. Cela Have data he casualidad to try out of this simultaneous listening characteristic without two but three sets of headphones, and law through the each three. As it look it you that the calm can chain it joint that very these so has while a signal to start with is quite strong to be able to even so a lot they are daisy-chained together.

In general these are some very good-sounding auricular in any prizes and especially in his prize of current list, and has very interesting and characteristic thoughtful for on. An enthusiast 5 stars while they continue to do properly.
5 / 5
Five stars for a prize. That is to say the solid product so far. I have tried they back them to back with a behringer auricular (sad too many loafer to look in a number of model) and has liked him these the better plot. Some bass is sensibly different, and a sound is clear. Also they offer the isolation of plus of bit that a Sony MDR this has in a church. Using them to control audio for the current lives enmedio noisy.

A dual headphone the jack is shining so far as it is disturbed. Perhaps so that never there is the possessed very other recent headphones with this characteristic, but a cape of detachable more an option to use the 3.5mm or 1/4 cover is wonderful. It has had a lot of sets of headphones that is missing in a cape and result very-for-nothings. Only I can suppose that these will last longer likes him simply can substitute of a cape. They come with two capes, and a one with the different measure in any final he the fact an only cape will require for any setup unused adaptadora- enormous premium. An another the cape is the 3.5 mm of level in both sides, which are good to have.

Takes the little usings to imagine out of one transfers and blocking the angles of some telephone the. Well it is having a flexibility but if you are not the DJ while it can take it some taking used to, moving them around.

Only a bit downside is some material listens the light of bit and cheap, but has not remarked any subject with a quality so far like his or edifice. We will see to like scratch up over time.

In my flavour of basses of similar headphones, these surfaced like my favourite in a field of prize. I recommend the, and probably will take another punctual pair.
5 / 5
A headpiece only arrived and is truly glorious. We purchase this headset to look and listen in of the lessons of musician in my computer while we practise in my keyboard. It disturb it it has changed separate headsets. This truly gorgeous headset is fantastic. It can a sound through the each piece of ear. I am surprised in a reproduction of his and very pleased with some pillows of comfortable ear and especially that apt in my ears (with listening helps). Has two beginning of cover ( one in the each headpiece, one 6.3mm the keyboard of Casio of access of cover, one 3.5mm of covers the the small plus, in a PC. In fact with some adapters to cover available today really any very a lot of that orientation of installed difference in a piece of ear. A set and of covers he of the included exited cape perfectly. Alas, we buy another set of cover wired also to do sure of an orientation while we could not expect for him to take here and not being able of the use immediately. Work fantastically. PS. The note of thanks to a representative manufacturer that has answered my question regarding a feasibility of a headset with that is trying to conform with a PC and keyboard (pursues two different units in or headset and listen so much) Thank you
5 / 5
Before revising some headphones, would like me the signal was that a quality of the sound in any system of the date of audio is that it depends in of the numerous components besides some headphones. For example, a quality of his in the cheap computer with the relatively cheap sound the card and software of the low note will not sound also like the computer with a card of audio and his expensive of software of playback of big note. A graphic bond dramatically can change a quality of a sound also. I am using these headphones in a Steel 24 Chromebase and a Steel Aspires 3 laptop, with equalization, and is the good party for this more the low computers priced.

A first thing that remarked when posed in these headphones is that they are much more comfortable that a type those presses in your ears in place of around the. One contains a better musician, reduces external noise, and stays firmly in place. A downside is that they will cause your ears to sweat so that some tampons are done of vinyl.

Regarding a quality of his, can listen the plot of sounds that could not listen in some other headphones. For cases, can listen a singer that takes in breathing he among stanzas; I can listen some individual series and his notes when the electrical guitar or the tomb are strummed or chosen; and clearly I can listen a difference in a tone of the each drum and cymbal. In headphones of the lowest quality, these sounds tend to blur joint, and as it loses the plot of a well details concealed is in a musician but is alln of some capacities to begin of some headphones. Of course, a quality of a register varies of song in song according to a quality of an original studio or sessions of lives of register.

A word of precaution: A big more a quality of his, a stronger can touch a musician without an auditor that gives only that he this strong. For example, in my main computer, can crank in a volume besides or 97% less without too much distortion, and when volume of some headphones, is that 'Wow! This was subject stronger this has thought!'

These headphones, in a daily computer, the sound adds for a prize. I will be to take my woman the set of his suitable for Navidad.

Top Customer Reviews: Audio-Technica ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
The purchase has verified Pros:
-the quality of His excellent east. Rich tones , warm with the sound has balanced in general.
-Seat Very done
-focus Well around ears
-Easy to adjust measure
-Awesome this comes with the adapter of covers for different uses. He cliques in for the control in firm

-have to it movement around enough the bit to find the something comfortable to leave be. I found it once, it was well. It can spend he for day of hours in, the day was, perhaps the no. will see once I pause he in the bit. My measure of any one thinks is in a way in small side for women. The global access was very otherwise, only a force of a cradle of a group of the any sense for the likes was the very bit.
-Some instructions that is coming with class of era to confuse so tongue quite regarding the bend. I know a next model in of the folds and is or no, but has not been very clear that this bit of a diagram has not informed in this model.

Buys this again? Yes.
4 / 5
The UPDATE of the purchase has verified, QUALITY of TEZ:

Well, will be cursed, his state exactly the year has since writes this. It was pure luck that has verified my descriptions today.

In all the case, quality of tez.

A M20xs has bought marks the year still is going strong, and uses the constantly when is not in my computer. A cape is well, a dish of gold is spent out of one covers (that is to say normal after the plot of use), and a plastic does not look for to be is spent. If I have cleaned this thing very well, look the new mark. Even so, any one all are in perfect condition, and that would be it a cushion .

Has begun to remark after the while a earcups has begun to listen more take and more take. Like The sanity control, has taken the look in my dad m50xs to see yes was still soft, and was (does not use those that very anymore). Look in him, and apparently, a rubber of fake-Audio of material of the rind Technica uses in his earcups dulcemente deteriorates over time to take more take and to the final crack because of a tension to cushion. That is to say the result of constant contact with oils of organism (that is to say why my dad the pair is still soft). Felizmente, these are replaceable, but is $ 25 for the pair, which are enough bit it. It take these headphones for $ 30 dollars while they were for sale, for perspective. There is also one casualidad that the use roughly cheaper earcups in a m20xs, which would not surprise me . In that if, a substitution earcups for a m50xs could be considered some updates.

Even more worrisome is a tape. In difference of a m50xs, which have the rubber of the main quality in a tape, a tape in a m20xs is launched of a material still a earcups is. The calm can not substitute. Although his unlikely that a tape will take severely broken to crack since he very exactly pillow, still can see some dent in mine that does not go era.

Another that concealed, these are still my headphones of favourites of general purpose, even so it recommend them. I am in a verge to substitute a earcups even so. If it breaks in some point, could aim for a m40xs because of options of cape a low plus, materials of quality of tez/better, and his best. I will give it two years more and see that it spends in them.


So many, has not been never that rich suffices to possess the good pair of headphones. It listens in a constant praise of Audio-Technica, decided to choose of his pair of estimativa of monitors, a ATH-M20x. My father has the pair of his M40x or 50x, but is sufficing any left wing for his touch. That is to say why I can not say which ones are.

Likes him perspective and for comparison, some the big headphones have used before these were Sol Republic v8 tones, and uses the Logitech G230 gaming headset at present for my desktop.

A song tried among this receiver was Man of Ocean for Ween, because of a formidable field in key. Have taking also a song a day I this, as it was the nostalgic bit for me to listen in him again.


Opens, a first thing that attacked me with these headphones was that some bass was compared very less in some other headphones. It opens, this is not the bad thing, so that I left me home in other tones in a song, like an electrical guitar and percussion, which resulted much more brilliant. This has done a sound of the a lot of clearer song that mine another receiver, which has been missing of the small in mids and highs. My Sun in general there was much graver, but a rest of some frequencies has looked filtered has been been due to he. It IS mostly a same history with my g230s, but a highs is very better that an only. It gives This, at the end has imagined was why could not listen footsteps very well in a Strike of Contador of the game of Global Offensive, which stimulate me to buy another pair of a M20x for my desktop, as well as the mic. An only real subject has with a M20x to arrive to this point is that I can not listen bass drums very well if they are not blended quite strong, which are disappointing, like the percussion is one of ones the majority of factors of entity in musician in me. In general, this active generally incredible action in a field of audio, in spite of some bass that look only the tad bit feebler this has to when being. If they have augmented in the tiny bit, would be satisfied. Any value to take the star was even so, especially for a prize.

Another thing in note is that this receiver is main in impedance that normal, as I owe near max out of my volume in my tlphonique to take in the some acceptable place in me. This is not the problem, but is fearful can take some distortion in some songs. That is to say also sad, while I use the audio of Creative Zen has separated the player for my CD of quality big tears, which do not go so strong like my telephone, he doing essentially useless. They also very really likes him limit in my telephone with a case on, as I have to blocs in a jack and the hope does not jump era. This am together with an another problem with my jack of audio, which are that always think is using a inline mic unless I unplug and re-carried he and the hope see to the receiver likes him to him the rule. If he no, then that clashes a cord can cause google to start with the voice that detects, which are very annoying, as well as at random the pause and that touches the song. To reinforce it, that is to say the problem with my TELEPHONE, anybody covers. That is to say more than him me problem, even so, still has the subjects that is plugged in the telephone with the case. Doing an end coned and an adapter comes with internally coned would resolve this problem.


Opens, one of the main reasons why bought the g230 was so that they are very very built, and could take multiple falls out of my desktop. Included they go for a Sun, which are designed enough like the tank because of a sper strong and hard tape but brittle plastic cape. A M20x even so, in to the the look likes him would require of the most cured bit with a tape, since is not crowned with plastic. Usually only it launches my Sun in my daily rucksack, so that it can handle it. These will require the bit of extra attention in any rasgando in a foam in a tape. I have tried to buy the case takes of Caseling, but a description lied in me and has said that these apt headphones. They no, and now has to return so harvest as it was possible to take mine 13 bucks behind. They are returned my dad is very even so so that they fold, and is the quite good case. Otherwise, A ABS the plastic is well in an engine that his strong fact, and a tape has metal of steel of the cradle in him. There is not desert very visible anywhere, not even unmixed plastic or something rough in a foam. That is to say quite impressive for the product done in Taiwan. In the to the Another thing would have liked him would be to paint of a logotype inset in some sides of an engine, the easiest fact to see. I suppose that that is to say to differentiate different models.

Opens, a cord has the bit of a subject with. A cord is very good; it is very isolated and flexible. A jack is very also, now well of looks plated and has the curve of very protective. A subject has is that it is subjects in freaking very time, in the staggering 3 metres. This can be the good thing for some people, but go to be walking around with these. I have to trace in a cape (thank you god for this isolation) and has posed touches he of management of the cape in the for the shorten. It opens, there is the sake 4 diameter of coil of inch in my pocket that is 1/2 a fat inch, and is Very to problem. If they could have at least it shorten the in perhaps 1 metre, would not be writing east. These costs the star for me, as it was to go. In spite of of the this, a cape has to when being an of a better prevents headphone the capes have found, maintains was common of eddy very well, which would cause the distortion with an enormous coil has to lug around. A good road to try if the cape is very isolated or is not to try and use a cape like the stylus in the screen to touch. If a screen reacts in any subject while touching musician, a cape has failed a test. Any subject that tried, looping the, squishing the against a screen, has not been detected. That is to say the good signal for the good cape, as any electrical field is crossing that thing. Like the solution in a coil, can do some investigation in a internals of a cord, and the shorten to me. If you are also hateful of this subject, a better ATH the models have interchangeable capes that can be much lower. In me, it is not to estimate the to pay 30 in 40 extra dollars for this characteristic.


So much, my g230s is the very comfortable pair of headphones for me to spend, while they are in of the ears. My Sun in one another hand is in ear, which was the enormous subject in me when bought the. It is not that they were uncomfortable, but has been been been due to an odd problem has with my right ear. My canals of ear are supremely small, as it can not use earbuds, which are many my main reason to buy full in headphones. In this case, a Sun would squeeze my right ear has closed! Would have any musician in my right ear unless it has lined physically an engine, and has extended my ear bit it. It opens, a M20x is also in ear, so that I add for me. It IS in fact a main reason why bought these, has wanted the good pair of in of the ears that any impeding my listened. Any only this, would say that they apt same better that my g230s because of some a lot of titles of liberty, as I am supremely happy here. My subject has been resolved because of these headphones. A real foam an use of headphones is well, to good sure in an engine. A foam of the tape up is durable and the rigid bit, but no perceivable. An inferior foam looks a same likes him engine, as any problem there. Everything of some looks to foam to be embroiled in the material of rind of thin fake, and listens well. My g230s is only embroiled in perforated halftone, which the the tad itchy.


Opens, so that they like him to of them the good things, want the obvious that is using is well and of the values he. It likes him-me he the statement, as it buys things that fallen under these categories:

1. The looks cool
2. It IS a lot of work
3. Take the long time

So, for him looking fresh, would say 'eh.' While anteriorly has declared, a logotype is not painted in, as they only auricular of look in the distance. My Sun in one another hand, look 100% sweet, with this automotive to circulate , the solid that tape of looks, minimalist logotype, and shiny dish (this is spent has been around some verges of an engine, sadly). These do not owe aesthetic am looking for, but monitors of look, which amiable of marks up for him. In me, only they look intermediate , any pro.

To do a work well, that is to say the definite he still. A fresh factor in immediately can me veto in a case that to something likes him the very oiled machine. That is to say that case. Only they sound well, and any one concealed would borrow these would say. My only is not that well sounding, and my g230 is well, as these are technically some the better headphones possesses interior a moment. A case where this would not be true would be Beaten for Dre. Yes, some auricular look very well, iconic same. In spite of of the this, enough is only the no above this 5 dollar Koss auricular purchase in of the tents to drug when has at all more to use (this receiver is very well for a prize even so, as I like him for of that).

Does not know sure still if these will last the long time. That is to say another factor that directly go with doing a work well, while having these factors multiply each which as other marks for the divine product. My Sun and g230s to good sure fallen under this category, while it has so much last me 2 years. A Sun is almost done for, even so, like the plastic cone of the right engine buzzes in of the sure frequencies. A g230s look literally the new mark and has not degraded the wise audio, as we serve me well, and will maintain to do so. Beaten For Dre neither falls under this factor, while they have to be treated so of the kings, or any one will shatter a moment look in the (an episode of the fellow). So that it loses it some two factors more than entity, the headphones of the beaten is useless in me, especially with a prize asks. I will have to live with a M20xs for the moment to see that well marks with this factor, and is predicting another strong he still. And although only we last me the months of pair, is still only $ 30, an amazing prize so that these headphones is. A thing gives that it can break is extending an engine on and on again. A metal follows that it is attached in them enter and out of a tape, and can listen the moving interior through a foam. Still it can you pinch and he very hard of the movement (troubling sometimes), which the ways are not encased in anything. This direct me to predict that in some point, they poke through a group. Been due to of the this, does not shorten to every time I stow has been the. Any one has published the picture that looked this past in them, as I will look era.


These are an amazing pair of headphones that satisfied a lot my levels of quality, while I am the bit of the snob. They sound utmost, but the bass drums can too calm to be or take to distinguish. They are facts very well, in spite of a freaking long cape and also fat of an end for a jack. They are very comfortable, and resolved some subjects have had with other headphones have possessed. Has successes my personal checklist, but will require to try for durability. So much, like the final statement: if you are in the estimativa and of the amours well in of the ears to seat and listen in musician, chooses in the pair of ATH-M20X auricular. If has more money, shoot for a M40x or m50x wants to walk around or the better quality required. I am quite satisfied in spite of my current situation, so calm expect you can enjoy these headphones more than me.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified chosen these for a time of delivery and cost more economic - and the desire had done a window of tower. I have tried they house them in my studio, and has used then the for the action of musician. They were well for an action, which are that experiences them prende, but never personally uses the in a studio or anywhere more. Triplcalos The tones drilled (how displaced in a mix of master audio), a mid-the tone was saturated and offensively imbalanced, and a line of low was non-existent after the superficial depth. I any one preoccupy me prendo down heavy, but is necessary in a balance of all the things. It listens in familiar musician, a bassline simply disappeared to the sure point. It listens in the film, a mid-the tone was obnoxious. I have pulled some pieces of ear was although a volume has not been big. The triple tones were present, classifies the paste through a mix of audio and he so that it has apparently displaced. Taken that wait, but had expected for more than the decent sound for this decent prize that a less-concealed-his decent volume. Otherwise A physical product is well. Suau In a touch, comfortable to spend, and easy to store.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified That is to say the description of video of my Canal of Youtube

First to give you a bit context, has tried and listened in a lot, different mark of headphones around this point to price like Sennhesier, Sony, Creative and so on as has the very well the idea that can you to it take quality, the consolation and the wise sound in of the points of different prize. I am also very familiar with a ATH-M50 is which already possesses also.

These are impressive! Has he of the signs of his wonderful same of a ATH-M50 this (even so any one quite also) but in the side goes down a lot of. Taken a detail adds , clarity and imagery that a ATH-M50 is is known prisoner.

In my description of cover of video:

1. Why this DJ of the receiver of mark adds
2. Quality and of Tez of the durability
3. Consuelo
4. Quality to sound

wants to see a test of leak of the sound then informs in my video of original of Youtube [...] While I have not been able to maintain a full period here.

A thing in note is that these have the right cape while an anterior model (ATH-M20) has the cape has trace. Also a ATH-M20x is the lighter in 190 grams has compared in an anterior version a ATH-M20 which are 320 grams . It IS very comfortable to spend these headphones if around your collar or in cape. A fact that is lighter then an anterior version those that very better in my opinion :)

These are a pair of estimativa perfect that receives of headphones. If you are looking for the estimativa of cosy pair of the headphones or something concealed can use calm for any genus of musician to listen all some yours detail wonderful proportionate musician, then these are quite also while it takes to arrive to this point of prize.

ENJOYS a video!
5 / 5
The purchase verified had been using Sony auricular for some last 7 years, and for one the majority of part, was a lot. They are predominately used with my computer in my desktop, listens in and occasionally editing files of audio. I found me in of the needs of the set with the longest cord, after the update of the engine deactivated some ports of finals of the front in my tower and would not go back . I have wanted also something bit it better that a last Sony conjoint had (MDRZX300). It finds this Audio-Technica telephones during the investigation, and has liked him immediately one 3 cord of metre. Then verifying a specs, these have had far better components that a Sony - and any cost $ 100. It orders the and is excellent. Fully they layer an ear and does the very better laws of annulment of noise, and a sound am adds. Musician, voice.. It does not import - coming through very better that a Sony telephone. The election adds for the value-priced headphone has posed that he still that listens to sound better.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified Well quite access (for my big dome). A heavy cape, largo am adds. Even so, I have found the seriously that lacking of for delivery of power with sure appearances. They do not achieve anything above a WELL the when the volume used with the PC stereo when plugged in the characteristic/of control of the distribution of a stereo (the small control of volume and headphone connector that comes attached at most of 2.1 Logitech speakers). Also, they suck with the mobile phone in faculty and volume. Mays! If you limit the in something concealed can back a headset speakers, resplandor. In general, I am disappointed, but is also any one in using them he so that it was designed. Touching games and looking films in the laptop or PC are being missing of majorly, but use them like the headset for a amp when that touches the electrical guitar and sound utmost. Be conscious only of some limitations to be able in and your use has feigned. If has the interior of stack is sure would give the 5-the stars because of an amplification have augmented into use to be able to down.
4 / 5
It buys it the quality checked of his Estupefaciente in the very reasonable prize. You will listen things in musician that has not remarked never before that so that your old headphones simply have not offered a clarity that this mark.

My only negative is concealed does not have to a detachable cape like him some models of the final of big plus, which would not be the problem, but my main complaint is that a cord is in fact the small ALSO long me, but that it is totally well. Better the cord that is far too very time so opposite in too much down. And again, for this prize, is to take in still complain- in that.

Cairo Has built-very also. A plastic of some headphones is to take and thin, but also reasonable light. Like this, some looks of the cord planted in some very good headphones, so simply yanking in a cord the small time to well sure any sea these things, while in these very cheap headphones, fallen the, yank the only the small time, and is quite fatality. Any one these.

In HIS, takes that these are 'professional/monitor' in fashionable headphones. They offer the a lot of his ome'. Quality highs, mids and lows. Very look of headphones to augment sure frequencies, concretely tomb, which some can prefer, but this would cause the sound manipulated out of a box. These M20x offers the much more ome', his neutral, which THEN could be adjusted in your computer or card to sound to adapt YOUR necessities, so opposite in a manufacturer that manipulates a sound of musician of calm out of a box. Beaten For Dre is notorious for this class of atrocity, and his lack of shows of quality of the sound. A lot it prefers the sound some like this, and bet the majority of you also!

An Audio-Technica M20x swipes WELL above his class of weight for quality of audio, and is tez hard to match. If you are looking for the updates of serious audio for the very reasonable prize, these only can be an entrance!
4 / 5
The purchase has verified Val, this receiver surprised me when in the first place take the in a clave, and has tried to era. For one $ 50 focuses of prize, these are the SUBJECT ! It opens, a thing is done of plastic, knows concealed... But these are not that they are missing of in a department of sound... AT ALL. An Audio of reason-Technica has done these things out of plsticoes is to maintain a low cost. That is to say why it is able to rid his upper in an user for the cheap prize. He still the go so far so to say that they are in pair with the pair of headphones of BEATEN, but some basses is not so powerful in these. It opens, it leaves to go and look in a pros and gilipollas!

-Quality of his upper
-On-creation of ear (concealed very like this?)
-A very long cord, if it likes him-join listens in musician through a room. ( I have tried this, does not have any idea why)
-sliders of Good adjustment in a side, they any one to the to to click likes him in of other headphones.
-Very clear
-Good clarity

-that Annoying in of the long periods, as it does not use these for long gaming sessions. But they are well for gaming. Dona cartilage Of ear.
-Some pillows in a earcups is not so comfortable while it would like them the to be.

In general, these are auricular utmost for a value. These are the clothes , and there is not any reason of why would not have to choose these in of the rights after reading east.
5 / 5
The purchase has verified Included with a volume maxed has entered my telephone, an audio through some headphones is only only ail audible. I have to pull to listen words and pode flood very a lot of out of external noise with musician, which are which bought these decrees. Also, some tomb is almost non-existent and sounds very tinny. Has $ 10 earbuds I like better that these stupid things. You are not buying of this company never again.
4 / 5
The purchase has verified This receiver looked to do really well and looking very durable. But after the month to use them slightly, an ear has begun to fail, giving me the very unbalanced sound when used the.

IS very troubling so the can not return now and so now has an essentially new pair of headphones that does not act.

Top Customer Reviews: Sennheiser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
A negative experience with low-final Sennheiser is when was the youngster maintained me to try another, and included steered me in the back telephones opened (AKG, Title). I use auricular while walking, listens in classical musician only. A last year or so, my zone has stronger and stronger: modified-exhausts motorcycles, carts, and pickups 24 more/7 noise of US75. Although it walks later and later to eschew a noise, this has tried the provisional solution. In spite of some perils (any traffic to listen in crosswalks), decided to move in enclosed-back, noise-attentuating auricular to be able to listen musician. These headphones alleges 'until' 32db the reduction in of the levels of environmental noise. That is to say also or better that the majority of muffs of ear to shoot. It IS sceptical, but can affirm a recovery, return the properly (external ear totally inside a headphone cavity). The majority would consider this headphone also weighed to walk, but a cushion and a tension of an apt mark a headphone comfortable for my walks of 2 hours. An extra cape (trace) is the small annoying, but I shove he in my pocket of tlphonique. There is some feedback of a cape yes is rubbing in my cloak or waistcoat, but has been able to adjust cape or extend to delete a feedback. An impedance is main that down-auricular of final, but level of volume with the Nokia 6 is well in 70-80 poses of percentage in a Nokia. And, habladura of a sound, leaves a better for last. A sound is transparent, neutral, and engage. A phase of his this more natural that a eGrado has used by 2 or 3 years. My mobile musician is each what 320 kbps Mp3 but does not have loss very perceivable in quality of a same musician in CD TOUCHED in my Onkyo and Tannoy sytem. Of course, a HD280 can not match a realistic sound, opened of Tannoy is orchestra or opera, but does not sound never boxy and included excels with musician of neighbourhood and instruments of sun. If it listens in of the acoustic instruments, the calm call you to try a HD280PRO before spending more. There is a caveat: this headphone is a bit warm. In cold time, that is to say the blessing , in that leave me listen in musician without ice cream my ears. I have not tried he in state.
4 / 5
These headphones is excellent. A quality of his this very well, and is very comfortable. Also they the decent work in blocker of external noise.

A downsides is that a foam around some cups tends to exit after the while. Also, some covers and the cape are very heavy and rigid (as far as cover them and the capes go) and like the result this poses the extra tension in any device is plugged in.

That means is a rigid cape frequently pulls a jack in a side when is plugged in. The calm will not remark anything after the few uses. But you use these in a same device during month is probably to remark your headphone the jack is spending was where some the internal pins take angled. You will take his of only an ear unless you rotate yours cover and perhaps press he in the sure direction, which only fraies of one headphone the even more jack fast.

Anyways, A mere solution has for the this is to use the cheap and low extension cape. Then a heavy headphone capes dangle further out of some real jack, and a cape of extension can be selected to be light and not posing tension in a jack. Also, In the motionless the speakers of computer find is useful to record a cape of extension in a desktop, so that movements in a cape does not translate in of the movements in a jack.
5 / 5
I am totally he is the clothes in $ 99. It possesses so much one 580 and 600 models and has learnt to want to Sennheiser produced. Both of those the auricular new houses expsitas for one reason or another does several years. Has the few years when other priorities have taken control. The systems come and the systems go. Some last few months find me building the nine a, and like a floor dweller, the good pair of headphones is often the necessity. During several years, limped together with an older pair besides small Senn' SP, concealed had bought for use with the player of PORTABLE DVD. We take me to us for when the things have taken prime. So much time to update. Look in some descriptions of diverse of a gut that listens the stays have said with Sennheisers. Good election. This any one enough can achieve a same level of quality to sound how 580 or 600 models, but some differences hardly will be lost. There have it still the good level of detail without continuing a cup. They are also quite neutral sounding except a small piece of the plus eighth audio down or so of low. There it looks to be the small increase in reply in this zone. Any one enormous but does not have to complain so that it is very any one the problem. But any one would have to be complain- that they are shy down... At least they are being very focused. The squad that is to the use comprises the modded Sony NS999ES player of DVD that is to say SACD compatible, powering he NAD C 315ABELLA amp. One amp has not consecrated headphone immediately an end has abundance of walk for 64 beat of ohm. It can very enough it has a quality of the sake outboard HP amp, but do quite well. That is to say a class to update this be of mark and it beginning that it listens everywhere again. TELARC The musician of film was awesome, Vangelis the soundtrack in Alexander was incredible, Jethro Tull the supports remastered up was excellent...( Any one vintage Tull the adherents really needs that sweats for register of 50 years).. Andy Timmons: This Was Then, THAT IS TO SAY Opens is the musician of rock adds that it is very well has recorded. The only negative experience was with Deutsche Grammophon: Von Karajan: R. The section of brass has taken the small in a cup, but that is not unheard of for any DG registers. And that is to say everything with them the quota out of one would have to improve when pause in the bit. And there is a HP amp in my future. These beat them listen solid in your cape, and included even so has very plastic, does not listen flimsy. They can not have a level of to consolation still likes him 580 or 600 models, but to arrive to this point of prize, he luxurious the access is bit it a lot to expect. I think Sennheiser paste some marks of entity very good and decisions of the fact of excellent creation for a point of prize.
5 / 5
These are incredibly comfortable for long periods, and the terrific sound. The robust look too many. I Like him his of an availability of parts of original substitution (tampons, pillows, cape, etc.). The receiver taking very wear, also to be able to repair more this substitutes.

Has taken these for control of studio while it follows strong electrical guitar. They are perfect for that. Precise receiver that the bloc out of his external forms my amps, as I can listen join other tones with that am touching--without that has to look a volume in of the levels that ear of harm. I have been impressed by a specs that recovery HD280 Pro has isolation of his add. Before a HD280 pros, had been using a trick of old drummer--industrial earmuffs in ear buds. This has done adds to block out of a sound, but was that annoying for long sessions, and bit it weighed by on/was, and has not had a better sound.

At the beginning, has not been impressed with an isolation of his of a HD280 Pros. They dull Some big frequencies, but some basses-mids and lows still take through. Honestly, Some recoveries of isolation of the sound for these headphones is road overblown, paste like hard drummers or guitarists that touches REALLY STRONG can wish use the receiver of the isolation has specialised in favour of a HD280 Pro, to preserve his listened. But for my use (strong, but no insane guitar , electrical amps), has found preferred a quantity of evasions in a HD280 Pro in an almost total isolation of muffs or beat of drummer. It listens I maintained me more connected in touch of mine that my anterior setup, with that trusted only in an in-the monitor of powers of ear to listen my own electrical guitar, since everything out of sounds has been blocked.

Has to turn a level up in a HD280 Pros, the the strong plus bit that when using muffs of isolation, to listen some tones of backdrop in mine cranked amp--but still no in of the levels that will break my listened. And a HD280 Pro says it the consolation is the welcome improvement . More importantly, a quality of HIS of one HD280 is far upper in my anterior setup. I have been surprised to find an upper sound inspires my instrumental action, and listen me and touch better. These have sounded utmost with virtually any pause in. I imagine only it improve over time.

For really, situations to register very strong (requiring next isolation to total), or blending use (that requires the most neutral frequency response, and more natural soundstage that HD280Pro), thinks another, has specialised the headphones would be to better bet .

Highly recommend these in other guitarists to control while I record--- has a perfect combination of characteristics for him. Also they would be terrific for vocalists or express in of the interpreters, of one HD280Pros has sufficient isolation to maintain one playback to filter in sensitive vocal microphones. Also well for the general this listens, when wants to maintain a lot of (but no each) of some external sounds was, or maintain your musician to be listened by another.
1 / 5
I took these today, to start with with absolutely poor packaging , takes this, some headphones looked as they had been launched in a box !!! Then I plugged the in my Agreement has Place, Oppo H2se , and Schitt modi 3 amplifier is and took absolutely any one was simply DONA, marks or thinks quite measured of control of the quality to good sure . To start with with, it will give you some backdrop on I,at present possesses a KRK 8400 series, an Audio Technica M50x,and Pro 5x seriis,AKG 240,and control 553mk.2,Beyerdynamic 770/250 Limited pros,Focal Elars, and a Meze classical,Phillip shp 9500 east, a anteriorly has mentioned the headphones is used any one in some half of studio to record,in of the alive venues jointly with the Presonus 32 joints of canal of his digital ,or for the just general this listens duties. Like the partner of mine was how hello Paul flavours out of a Sennheiser 280 pro is, sure why has not answered,as I have ordered the on Prepares and what enters gone back for my money... Absolute rubbishes !!! Quan Any sound emitted of some headphones in plugging them in, takes my curiosity that goes, as I unscrewed one saves of of the left west and that uses the light has directed has been to research, first problem expsito, a greasy substance in a cup of left ear,afterwards begun to locates a wiring, begun in a unit of of the one of the west, was crimped simply and exposed besides level very normal of acceptability, as I have continued down afterlife in a joint of circuit and walk of the cape and this was at all down of the literal freaking nightmare, in the first place of a solder was unprofessional, a selection of cape was no existent, and who are that an Einstein was that it pose it this joints absolutely has business cape in my opinion to do such the task, left this with obvious has not measured of the control of the existent and calm quality has a Sennheiser 280 pro !!! It was sper has excited to try in a scene of alive musician,but this was rescinded abruptly ! I can any one in the good faith recommends this receiver in any one of our clients, will be instead recommending an Audio Technica, AKG, KRK and still Beyerdynamic lines,at least these companies can produce the reliable product !!! Afterwards, it will not try never buy another Sennheiser products personally again,prpers to beat that it is demand to arrive to this point,salvation Paul where is this auricular said only tin . oh For a road,he 280 pros port a tez internal absolutely poor mark up,so yes is interested in pacotilla workmanship, quality of tez poor, and wiring that the looks has been peel done 5yr old,then that is to say your company , has absolutely any apology that can be mustered for Sennheiser in entredicho of this product, is simply everything in a money, trust me is the very learnt lesson,down Sennheiser will not take never any money again of me or of any one of our current clients and the futures or he take our approval of companies of the production in any one of his products of extensive audio,and can guarantee that 100% !!! Prpers Saves Money and buys train of the quality of one likes him of AKG, Audio Technica,KRK, and Beyerdynamic ! Oh For a road, has state in an industry of alive musician for in 20+year is , know the small thing or two quite his and delivery of systems of quality and simply situates Sennheiser is to good sure person of them !!! Has all have been forewarned !!! Update: so of course 6,2019,only it take a Sony 7506 is,is absolutely stellar in the each road in a 280 pro is, begun with repadding the with the set of Brainwaves sheepskin tampons, these are by far more comfortable while it enters a Sennheiser 280 pro is, a quality of tez is far upper in the each possible road in a 280 east, a wiring was directly advance and professionally done in appearance, has researched a capacity to exchange parts that is to say a frame is, wiring,and cushion for after providers of piece, and this was well in a money with a Sony 7506 east ! Left movement in a Sony 7506 against. A Sennheiser 280 pro is on top of advances sideways, a Sony is is tame down a clear laureate here without any vacillation in a Sennheiser 280 east,perhaps Sennheiser could learn the small something here of Sony ! Behind in a quality of tez, aftermarket the availability of the part is phenomenal, for example the substitution of tampon is available for business a lot of, that is to say Dekoni, and Brainwaves, as well as another the manufacturer is, creation like global the flexibility goes the hand is down in a Sony 7506' down once again a Sony 7506' the clean floor a page up in Sennheiser 280 pro is, in a cost, quality of tez, the creation and the department of global flexibility is, as well as matching a 280 pro is in his field of global frequency !!! To well sure it buys a Sony is on these, to good sure will not be disappointed !!!
4 / 5
A new HD280PRO of Sennheiser has been the stellar addition in my collection. It looks for the set of headphones of reference for precision of his in the reasonable prize and this access a bill almost perfectly. They do in the level that would expect of the together next plus in a 200 prize of point of dollar. The tez global is quite solid and is adds to learn that anything would fail in that Sennheiser sells parts for his headphones.
Has had mine during 4 month and LISTEN is mine desglosa: (heh voice that I there... Sad)

-swipes of the quality of the Sound was more auricular in this field of prize.
-The quality of tez is solid of rock with the semi-detached profit to be able to be taken eschew and parts of substitute in a phase of worse case.
-The isolation of his quite fantastic east for any when being no the noise that annuls. Seriously it can use these that earmuffs to the bloc was same sounds without any audio these touches.
-The sound has balanced, which are exactly that expects for headphones of reference. I want that these are able to produce crisp highs, clean mids, and low sos. The calm does not go to experience muddy tones in your lows, and a highs is not breaking up. It maintains the house on detail and does not disappoint .
-The marks Of the cape has the trace is less weighed when that directs a cape if in a vain or in the room of the dispatch has shared.
-Comes with the jack that pode thread in a comprised 1/4 inch connector.
-Designed in Germany and built in some the EUA!

-Consuelo. This very well could be the personal subject based in forms of cape, but that fulfils that in in these like me squeeze them your leader with a force of grip of the professional arm wrestler in steroids. I find me battle to maintain these in my leader for longer that an hour the time, and is rigidly because of a force of clamping the pressure has. All more is comfortable quite the, but when his likes does the black hole among your ears that attraction these cups of the ear in calm on is something the value these notes...
-Warm. While this can be the positive is in the strongly air-the room conditioned or perhaps was quite in a cold, then probably will begin to remark that these bad boys can create his gas of house of own green effect in some sides of your cape. It has not been very a lot a subject for me.
-The sound limited-phase. It classifies of expected of the reference closed behind posed with isolation of his add.

In general these beat them is of sound. I fulfil it was the small ham in a description of his capacity to compress yours skull (potentially enough in still the one of service Arnold apt of a show to paste alvation Arnold!' Behind in the normal form), but that it is because of a lack other complaints. This same potentially could be mitigated to store these in him headphone sustain concealed maintains extended them, or included to try some tampons of different ear. That is to say easily outweighed for his action in the another category.
Has had to to purchase another enclosed-back headphone for still $ 150 or less then would save that extra $ 50 dollars for a inversion elsewhere and purchase these again. If it remarks any changes in a future will be sure to update.
4 / 5
He been that it wants to learn so to touch an electrical guitar but has not wanted to direct my insane neighbours have so taken this headset. I have been at the beginning disappointed so that it looks a jack was also big to limit in 20 Watt Guardafoc Amp, but after reading some descriptions have discovered here that a jack to beat that it is taken to reveal the small plus jack down. I do not see very much more or less mention in a description of product, as I have imagined would mention for new users. Even so it is not 100% test of his, still can listen external noise while I touch, but at least is supremely muffled. Highly it recommends to purchase the need the sake headphone for your amp!
4 / 5
I have purchased these headphones for the few reasons: in the first place, anteriorly has possessed an older version in an early 2000s and has wanted to it; second, has required the pair of headphones that dulls noise that would not break a bank; at the end, it has had the long history to use Sennheiser produced and has not been never disappointed. Other headphones has possessed to comprise a HD-555, HD-598, HD-599 and a Beyerdynamic DT-770. These are not audiophile the headphones of entity, but is better that very another to arrive to this point of tax and will give you relatively his neutral , has detailed without final of a spectre of frequency these lacks. You could remark that this necessity the few hours to burn in before they begin to shine, but when they , the sound adds. I have had the hooked until my iphone for the few hours in the volume of half in shuffle to burn in, and would listen from time to time to see so is coming. I have finished to listen in a whole album and expsito that was perfect for Lateralus, for Tool. I enjoy a sound and I are calm sure also.
1 / 5
These headphones have taken the few days for one bases in 'spent', I supposition. They were initially too tight and uncomfortable to spend, but after the week of compatible use, would say that the things were solid. Some cups of isolation of the law of noise really a lot of (almost too very). It have fallen enamoured with these headphones.

Alas, a longevity is rubbishes . It take an average of 2 years of some interrupted Sennheiser HD202 IIs that cost in $ 40. A HD280 Pros, this cost $ 100, only last 3-4 month. Been using them daily of a first week of February and has had today a first sign in of the subjects of cape. State until taking something and a right ear are died. Moving my place behind to seat fixed a subject, but is absolutely objectionable that the pair of headphones that cost $ 100 the wiring emits these aims after purchase.

Has had initially discarded the plot of some subjects of longevity like differences into use, but there is has not fallen never my headphones. The May Has taken on anything and a cape have not been jerked around. I have maintained included a plastic stock exchange in a cape to help eslide' in my desktop in planting to take and tugging ( is the loopy cape and sometimes the loops take in verges).

Suspect a subject is that a cape is weighed by the headphone cape. A thing the fat cape would be well for quality of his, but alloy in the something uses to in a headphone. Any one swinging of light this spends during typical use, any moving or the light that tensions so movement your cape; that all the wears in this only point. It is not fooled for some images, any disconnect likes him had thought at the same time of compraventa. It IS solidly in an ear, as it is not easily replaceable (or fixable).

Will be to try to take this substituted (in spite of being abroad during another month). If Sennheiser waste and continues to ignore some subjects of control of the quality, will be to lose the loyal client of in 10 years. I know probably very preoccupy , but yes quite pause of people to buy his disappointing products, they at the end.
5 / 5
It take these of a box, plugged the in and has listened the things had not listened never before that! I actuate Still to use them the blend, which are a primary reason has bought the, but until this time is taking broken in through a stereo. Been trying them to use some classical groups like CSN, America, Moody Blaus, and another where has the plot of game among instruments in of the canals and of the different tones. Mina another receiver and earbuds is not cheap. Has another pair of Sennheisers my uses of woman to listen in a television, and has some Sony, JBL, JVC and some another for the leisure that listens. I have not listened anything quite like this in this field of prize for Any type of headphone or earbud, by everything means duquel his purpose is.

A thing to be conscious of, which have seen in other descriptions where the indications have been gone down, is a cord. That is to say the way of vintage , the cord has trace, with the 3.5 mm man that has the 1/4 adapter these rays on. If you think that that a coil will be to enter to a road like him some has declared, the calm take you a cape of extension of perhaps 10 feet or so to do up for some roads. Also, a cord is not something concealed can be it unplugged of a headphone and has substituted. It IS to take wire fence in a earpiece. Still, any one something that the little of the extra dollars can not fix to buy an extension for them. A sound takes of this product for a paid of the prize is too sake of road to be that it writes to the era because of the cord has trace.

In some other descriptions have been tagged that flat and without vibrancy, and has admitted that it is not that it is by train to buy of the pauses. But a sound was posed is pure and mere, when being each instrument and each note. It does not expect the bass to direct that calm thump out of your chair. And it does not expect some big trills to shatter your glasses (or drums of ear). I can not expect take them a blender and voice that is able of! Once I , will return to update this description. But until then, they are 5 stars all a road!

Top Customer Reviews: Audio-Technica ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
5 / 5
A quality of his in these headphones is surprising! This in spite of, here is some things would owe that know in a M40x is before calm buy them:

has Dipped ready paving (all the rows some same, any plans like this in yours, of course), as you would owe that be able to listen all the sounds really a lot of
Can take strong has included powered out of motherboard audio.
In an ear, look of studio

Clamping the force is strong
Súper flexible, sometimes last partorisca control
Can take the little heat

Things partorisca consider:
has behind Enclosed. Another can do not listening, and calm can not listen another. Phase of his some limits, but ossia the for-what of situation partorisca consider.
These are auricular of studio , like a clamping the force is required partorisca prevent evasions of audio both in and out of some headphones.

Personally, want to him, but your milage with these headphones can vary!

Other notes:
can do these Bluetooth compatible with [1] and [2] (probably [4] also)
can do these the gaming headset with [3] and [2]

4 / 5
is hard to say in the product revises a difference in quality of build among an audio-technica m20x m30x m40x m50x. A creation of boss and differences of portability as well as an audio specs is defined clearly for each together. But more the descriptions say that a consolation and to the build is essentially one same among all the models.

But has some differences subtiles partorisca remark:

Wins partorisca M40x
-there is more cushioning in short of ear (goes pics)
-has mechanism of adjustment of the strongest tape (goes pics)
-2 measures of the short detachable boss coiled and long directly (NOTE: the adapter of need covers it my iPhone with chance on reason grooves around a tip of boss is too fat)

Want to partorisca M20x
-headphone access of boss perfectly with my iPhone of skin of Apple of Apple branded house on (any adapter required)
(goes pics)

Note: A M40x is always in a left in these pictures (has coverage of money around logo in backside of cups of ear)
5 / 5
That headphone is better in these categories?

Consuelo: M50x - more cushioning in a band of boss and slightly cut of the main ear

Sound: M40x - a bit his clear plus, a half person could not be able to say a difference among some two headphones

Bosses: M50x - comes with an additional short boss a M40x does not comprise . This boss is an extra 20 bucks yes has bought for separate, spending some two headphones the little more afterwards in pricing yes add the boss to a m40x.

Thinks a M40x is a better shot.
Will be to add main earcushions and a short boss, and he still cost less than a M50x.
4 / 5
Well, beginning of leaves - this description is based purely on that the audio and the quality have built. If you are roughly way and of the elegant names, it look elsewhere.
Last 15 days have camped in MediaMarkt and Saturn (Deutschland) with a mission so only - to decide the one who auricular to buy.
My estimativa that 300 euro. Has long experience with crew of professional audio, but a lot down or zero in headphones to listen and enjoying music.
Possess Bose QC 15 and like me a lot, until today.
The music has used to try was diverse - of the grave heavy house has based, rock, vocal concerts , alive, jazz, etc ... Calm appoint it, tried it everything really, and mostly of mobile devices - Samsung S4, LG Nexus 4, Bold of Delay 9770, Apple Shuffle and Nano.
Also, has used devices in a tent, for the compare. All the music whas in format of mp3, 320 kbps, rasgado of ORIGINAL CD is, quality of audio aint something those surprised, but a lot still.
Has has learnt to good sure a thing - in the world of the headphones of big quality, calm REALLY REALLY does not take that it has paid it takes.
Has been surprised the one who expensive can have his poor. Ofc, In an end, he all comes Individually the one who bondadoso of to the sound likes.
Has looked all some possible descriptions, tests, the joint is for professional audio testers, and like this on. It can help, but also it can be confuse sometimes.

Simple - Audio Technica M40X simply and easily outperformed 90 of some headphones in these tents. Remaining 10 is debatable, and questionable. I am speaking roughly his balanced and neutral, and is everything roughly balance, with the a lot, prize very balanced, if any damn economic so that volume.
A lot is drawn with devices of impedance go down like this mobile can run him easily, with his strong plus. The majority there is tweaked his, for commercial, every day uses. Accent In the heavy plus and punchier the bass is everywhere, and in the majority of some models has tried.
To the equal that owe that be clear with calm - to that likes and master, which of the class of music listens mostly, mobility, quality, etc ...
Atm, Are by train to try them With 'Greyhound' for basses of the mafia of Swedish = House is a lot, a lot well, deep, precise, and punchy. Almost perfect, exactly to to a way likes. The treble are good-looking - crisp and the clear crystal, half and lows is marginally the little has bitten lower but mostly reason am looking for to be very critical with them. Vocals Is surprising, jazz and sounds of acoustics of electrical guitar simply - brilliant. Some things with mine Bose QC 15 is to good sure can not be listened without the amplifier and the main volume.
While we are speaking in Bose, tried him all - QC 25 has touched a lot well, but the bass was that they dominate in an experience of the his whole and IN 40x has had his crispy plus , the clearest phase. The active noise that annuls is where Bose resplandores, but has has not liked him never that technology, always felt some class of claustrophobic that has him on my boss.

In an end, my narrow election was Sennheiser Moment on ear. They are in special prize in 139 euro in Saturn, and has to that admit that it was a lot of neighbour to buy them. They look good-looking and the sound was really classy. The bass was throughout you, but very very controlled and balanced and a phase of his whole was impressive. More listened, has taken more enamoured with them. But somehow M40X has touched to to a way likes more, of the moment besides is in receiver of ear, and comfort it was my main worry . They were very comfortable but has begun still to feel some pressure in my ears with which less than now. But they have touched damn well.

M40X The quality of build is very solid, has seen a lot of models with double a seal of prize and has not had this quality. They are built to last, for everything means. I comfort it it is where Audio Technica has improved to plot on all 'the X' the models and is light and feel add. The bosses have comprised the looks is literally indestructible - upper quality. It spends him for on 5 hours this in spite of enjoying.

In an end, and in my humble opinion has taken this experience :
Audio Technica m50x - big brother, bit it pricier, actuate in general his best with the little has bitten grave heavier, but still M40X have more neutral, his best (at least mine)
Sennheiser HD 518 = well, but no the well, row of same prize like any reason at all to buy them
Sennheiser HD 558 = a lot well, the global experience is sum , but M40X outperformed his, especially in highes.
Sennheiser Momemtum On ear = hefty seal of prize, but really could not find as and where is better. More listened, has taken more determined to avert them. Your call, but price versus proportion of the quality is not justified by everything means, differences among them and M40X was insignificant.
Sennheiser Moment on ear = my preferred prójimo. Deep, heavy, fantastically grave apes with phase of his utmost global. Fresh look.

The beaten = Averts, averts, averts. Please, calms the favour and save money, everything to touch everything in basses, bass, tomb and with which 2 minutes felt like your brain will explode .... The phase of sound was poor, in general experiences partorisca disappoint. Highly a lot-recommended.
Bose = Sad to all Bose lovers but except the noise that annuls (where Bose is a champion) has not listened the model so only this has touched better. I really tried and included possess QC 15, but M40X was the clear winner, and the most economic way. QC25 Was really good.
Sony Has not had anything serious there partorisca match M40X. I have used before 7560 and M40x is better.
Philips Comes with way, but Fidelio X1 comes also with ridiculous prize. Although the action was really well, but again is speaking here in small differences, very small.
B & W P3 = a lot, auricular very good. It was the pure pleasure that listens him, in general the action adds but coming with pair a prize. Better Portable headphones here, and look to surprise, but a lot of pricey.

Has infinite numbers of models of headphones there but has directed mostly in that the be be recommend for users and of the experts. A lot of recommended models where any available in these tents, but has had selection quite wide and some of some upper and better vendors where there.

So many, the leaves tries to cut a history here with a conclusion: Audio Technica ATH-M40X is probably one has spent mostly of big headphones in a phase been due to big brother and a lot populate m50x.

In general the phase of sound adds, neutral, astonishingly balanced and his deep warm with strong bass , precise and has controlled done these headphones simply the more buy in this row of prize. They do not have any competition at all in this category of period of prize.
Anything, a lot of models that cost two times so much, or even more has not been able to outperformed him.
And when it comes the tomb, calm here clear volume, fantastically precise and strong Muhamed There punches, compares to crude, brutal, Mike Tyson wild and uncontrolled type in one the majority of some models has tried.

Highly, highly recommended.

- Beautiful, neutral, a lot well experience of his global has balanced. Lovers of grave - is bassy mine, but to some folks is flat - can be run with ease in of the mobile devices on volume quite big because of good impedance (35 ohms)
- build of upper quality, very durable
- exceptional consolation, was the comfortable period has elaborated on use (5 + hours)
- has distributed the bosses looks impossible to break
- circumaural outlines to draw around some ears for isolation of his excellent in of the half strong means (and do quite well here)
- folding partorisca portability that saves spatial
- look well, a lot very

- is bending and still comes with the travesía pouch, but is auricular quite big . Not travelling friendly.
- Unfortunately, does not come with 1.2 m boss like the big brother m50x, as I owe that fray 3 metres a with you. Volume, but the prize the more below has to that be justified somehow.
4 / 5
Has possessed these roughly new month now. They are the enormous audio nerd, and love these headphones!
Fast points:
- the response of frequency is incredible.
- You will not require the DAC -- is very sensitive (effective).
- sub-I basses is present, if the pocola calm, but
- can take MASSIVE quantities of sub-low he EQ'd
- utmost for people those who are sensitive to triple
- is really comfortable -- I can spend him for hours, with glasses
- his floppiness take some taking used to
- isolate touch quite a lot
- will want to buy the different boss ( there is a awesome braided an on Amazon for $ 12)

touch /like this flat/ . (' Paths' here informs to the graph of his response of frequency, where the 'plus slowly' graph gives the sound ossia of-underlined by means of a spectre of frequency -- no some note too much strong and another too soft, so only reproduces him exactly to the equal that have been registered.) They answer to EQ really well, but does not seat a need to use EQ in any course of a row besides sub-low (and so only for cheat, future bass, etc.). Of course, his response is not a walk and plus was (according to the professional measures have found), but is really, really adds. That is to underline detail (2kHz to 6kHz) so only the little more present, without being hard. The my ears, to plot of headphones in this row of prize and his big plus too hard reason underline triple too much. I have had to concern with these at the beginning, but for my ears, is well in a flange without going overboard -- just in perfect.
Practically can him use like this of the speakers with the mobile device -- is that sensitive. To the good calm insurance does not require // to use it DAC with these.
Loves sub-low. I listen to the plot of cheat, future bass, and misc. edm Where A subbass really need to speak. This start of headphones to go was around 70Hz, but no like this drastically to where these ways are not enjoyable without a EQ. It can go without EQ in these headphones, but I no. That is adds in these is that you can launch all a sub-the basses augment to love in them and still treat superbly. Utilisation so as +25dB in 31Hz (in the 29-band EQ) and boss excellently. In this consideration, gives in before they do. I recommend AIMP is on Android to the equal that can dial in some bass so only like that want to, if you are the this class of what.
With other types of music and with podcasts, audiobooks, etc, any included thinks to use EQ with this receiver. The acoustic instruments never touched like this well before, or like this true-the-life. And with podcasts, really can listen some differences in an use of people of different microphones; it is incredible.
Is really comfortable for me. Has the big boss and I glasses to spend the averages a time, and still while spending glasses, can spend these headphones for hours the wearily minimum time. A earpads and the tape is good and soft, and a earpads achieve all a way around big ears. My partner has the small boss and looks to find them comfortable, although poden slide around the bit in his boss. When I am moving around the plot, finds I need to really presionarles until taking them to grip when I tilt my boss down. This is resulted the no-@@subject for me there is like this taken habituado to them.
Because of a flexible character of a creation, is especially flexible. Really calm can no to choose them on enough like normal headphones, and dipping them on is necessarily the two-@@subject rid. Some first time have chosen these up in the demo, looked to abandon my hands. Calm can no to choose them up for a earcup and slip them on a-there is rid. It finds it has to that grab both cups or both ends of a tape and then dipped his on. But ossia intentional. Calm sometimes loves so only choose on an ear and listen for just the second, like when you are trying dial in something in the register. Thus purpose, a rest of a fall of headphones to a side out of a way, and is very convenient. It is fallido in fact thus at the beginning, but after using for some time in several different phases, am happy for a flexibility.
Other notes to draw: they look durable and has not looked never his closing begins to break. They are sweet with my crew, and has maintained to force some hinges when some auricular flop out of my hands for a first week used. Absolutely it loves that they fold up. Ossia eminently Convenient to dip them in of the stock exchanges and taking them places.
An isolation of his quite good east. Included in of we had him I have found that I do not owe that turn a volume on too much. His easily blockade out of conversations and was that a type that does not know tongue too noisily. Adding the grave looks to help this.
A situation of boss is quite bad. It is class of odd to comprise two giant studio-bosses of period with headphones that also will be bought by half consumers. This be has said, has bought the compatible braided boss on Amazon for $ 12, and is awesome. It closes to some headphones, is so only a right period for daily use, and looks really durable. Calm probably will want to buy one calms does not move never your headphones of your office.

Really loves these headphones, and highly recommends them for all the purposes.
5 / 5
Love a sound of these headphones but Audio Technica has to that know for now that his creation is by train to kill them prematurely.

Has possessed the pair of AT40 is for almost 15 years, and when they have failed finally felizmente substituted him with a 40X model. Unfortunately, my pair - purchased in 2016 - arrived to break in a point of pívot included remarked for another. They were very concerned for, any one has abused. So only I can assume the creation or defect of materials to be a culprit.

Based on IN inability to fix his very known ear the tampon and the tape that subject to spill also has to that assume will be any foreseeable transmission to draw, as I will be to look elsewhere for the substitution.
5 / 5
These are really auricular a lot well for a money. Some tampons are class of terrible as I substituted him with a Dekoni tampons of substitution for a Sony MDR 7506 after listening so it is for the week. To to The Access likes-him the glove. A quality of his east at least in pair with one 7506 and V6 in my opinion and perhaps bit it more detailed (I amour of mine Mdr is, has still extras in my cupboard of room of the music; in chance that) but a byline of his different east. Also it finds these the little more clamp force quell'joy. I spend he 59mm circ hat and both MDR is is the little also lose. Some bass is the little more present (A fire of cannon in an end of 1812 sobresaltos inaugural my jaw) in a M40x compared to a Sony sisters of studio and less prone to sibilance. A mids is good and where belong but a lot he like this advances like sisters of studio. All calms concealed said really can not go bad IMHO with any of some headphones has mentioned in the estimativa. These beat is well around $ 100 bucks while a Mdr pursues around $ 80 and mine this extra twenty bucks is in a detachable and interchangeable cabling. They are sure to somewhere there the compatible boss for these concealed is 3.5 or 4 feet long with some integrated far for use with the smartphone and take it. These are auricular to use house (or in the studio) there is for real fantastic in of the monitors of ear or ear buds to use out of a house. Those am very better to listen in a noise gone, better attenuation and does not look almost like this ridiculous like paths around cities or in public traffic. It feels free this in spite of cover it these directly to a headphone jack of the computer, the house stereo preamp or auricular, or consecrated headphone amplifier or dac/amp. Be listen to the terrible register, pill. Ossia That will listen. These are not of beat him bondadoso.
Is terrific with the moderately priced standalone dac and amplifier. Some offerings of estimativa of Schiit, has used a Asgard 2 and he still a lot amiably in fact; in fact an another in my stable marks a Asgard 2 his AKG K553 mk2. SMSL HAS any ridiculously economic amps that look well and a Micca Origin dac/amp the sounds add with these also and is so only the hair on 100 dollars and that little beauty can disappear to the stock exchange of laptop. They are really that looks forward to to take the control of a Audioquest to the dragonfly and that gives that he whirl with a m40x.
Are summation, has coaches more expensive and sound 'better' except any so much better that can not enjoy these. A level of beat him gone in of the studio priced is that I find using more often.
5 / 5
These headphones am returned the quite particular need, but was the difficult need to satisfy and appreciate his capacity to do like this. Some of a music like raisin to have record deeper that more the headphones or the speakers are apparently able to produce. It can be frustrate to listen the music and not being able to listen some of a sound. These headphones can reproduce any sound is able to listen. His hips like the just work partorisca seal out of external noise, like this calm does not require to listen your music a lot noisily to flood out of some sounds of the vacuum cleansing. His , this in spite of, hastens quite firmly in your boss. With which in an hour to spend them, can take uncomfortable.
5 / 5
Has ordered these like the present for my woman. Master to the some headphones likes them-gliela mine (ath-m50) with removable cord, and he mic. Has of a m40x is had better descriptions that a m50x are has taken him like this and he vmoda boom mic. A question is that a connector to some headphones essentially nullifies all some profits of the removable boss. It is not the regular boss, is jack with concluding it special lug this prevents calm to use the regular boss. As not to lose it , the failure, or forget he in home, or calm does not go to be able to use these. Not choosing on one to the cord in a gas canal. Although it find the to cord or adapter, one closing lug prevents to return properly in a jack.

Also, a jack is not seated fully unless concluded, as you are thinking to take these reasons are fearful to break the boss because it forget is spending auricular and stand up, forgets these. You owe that close a boss to use them, like this calm does not take a security of fast emission.

A good informative is that you are well with diy, has the video adds on Youtube to convert a jack on to the jack with much smaller (and reversible) modification, and so only requires the $ 5 run can take here on Amazon.

Like them a lot at present laws for our purposes, has not tried a quality of his closing, so that it is not revised here. I trust they will touch utmost likes more the descriptions say, but if I will not be partorisca revoke a conversion and returning them.
5 / 5
Finding the pair of quality of has closed auricular to to that likes has been of the intimidating task. I have loved portability and isolation, as well as console and his well for $ 100 or down. A M40x the majority of these good things.

First Impressions, Stocks Earpads:
One first what there is remarked was that small and rigid some tampons felt in my boss. While no an end of a world, could very possibly spend these constantly for long periods without the pause. Afterwards it is a sound . Both a record and a highs was the pocolos too many advances for my flavour, that heads to @@tiredness so only with which 10 minutes. The detail are to add this in spite of, how is imaging, with soundstage when being decent for the together enclosed. To arrive to this point decides to try another pair of tampons.

First Impressions, Brainwavz Angled Tampons:
All comfort the subjects are solved, and some telephones isolate slightly better now. A byline of sound has changed also enough bit it. The bass is already he does not advance (what good), a highs is now more acute and stronger (what bad), and a soundstage there is widened (what good). In an end am judging this based in his sound in the first place, as I def does not like a Brainwavs tampons in these so many are sensitive to hard highs. In losing hope in mine compraventa, decides to leave them play some music before I come from final.

Impressions of 16 hours, Stock Tampons:
Sibilance and the summits in a look of big end to be less now. The looks of basses less before and is softening was. Detail and soundstage is present still. All very good signals. Earpads Still the little uncomfortable.

Impressions of 16 hours, Brainwavz Angled Tampons:
My opinion of these tampons does not have very changed of then tried him in the first place. Now I seat that I will not take a sound loves with these, and begin to look for the better party. I finalise to order a Shure HPAEC840 Earpads so it takes some the descriptions add when matched with this line of headphones.

Impressions of 32 hours, Stock Tampons:
A sound certainly is improving. A response of looks of frequency to be flattening was and a highs and lows is no longer advances . They are touching like the neighbours add of headphones to arrive to this point.

Impressions of 32 hours, Shure HPAEC840 Earpads:
A subject of consolation has improved. These tampons are slightly main that some stock tampons and any disorder with a byline of his like this in a Brainwavz has done. If anything, some sounds of the response of the frequency flatters with these, which is the good thing for my flavours. Soundstage Is also wider without loss of detail. The so that only does not like on some tampons is his isolation ; it seats island less than a stock some.

Impressions of 120 hours:
has been in the roller coaster with these things in a weekend, took them included with me on an aeroplane. In an end, feels them soyeh' roughly him. Equal quantity of good things and bad things. Here it is that it has to that say roughly him.

Stock Earpads:
These are some better that island for far, but is a worse when it comes to comfort around some ears. Also they have the byline of his warm plus with the spike in a highs in a 10k frequency. This summit the his 'artificial' and soyetallic' in some ways. You drive that has found ways of on-line outline to correct this summit, but he always the results in a be of character of the his global has changed also. One drives better I expósito recommends to use a Shure HPAEC940 velour earpads and the small circle of 2mm the fat has has felt situated in an engine under a earpad. Of course, to use velour, can kiss any goodbye of isolation. So much, grave masters and/or isolation, use a stock earpads. An only mod liked in of these take some seeds-tampons of transparent foam under a earpads, which has shouted a mids for the bit and his sound done the smoothest touch.

Shure HPAEC840 Earpads:
I like this to plot less than has done in a start. The bass disappears, he isolation like this fact, but a 10k the summit is gone down for enough bit it also. When I Say that the isolation disappears, means that his taking really near to be as near opened of headphones. You want to turn a volume on more with these tampons on, but reasons are no longer warm, is stuck with strong mids/highs. To the to Some can like him that, but like me some heat. I comfort it it is the little better - I has said the little reason while a pressure around your ears disappears, a tape now will feel weighed in your boss. It is the trade a lot -was, but the trade-was this in spite of. To arrive to this point, enough would have a Shure HPAEC940 velour earpads of then measured with more bass and have the response of frequency flatters in general.

Final thoughts:
has bought these he so that it can have the together of laptop in receiver of ear with good isolation. That I finishing with era the together of headphones that so only could not take to touch or feel right. Fixing a question exposes another, and this maintains to spend until you have gone far quite down a hole of rabbit to @give that perhaps all this work is not to value he on under $ 100 headphones. In an end, think it can be better to take the good pair of IEM is and choose on some comply tips of isolation.

Top Customer Reviews: Tascam TH-02 Closed ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates This description is based in more a durability of these things that audio or structure etc. (Both are well, especially considering a prize). There is the bad morning an another day, has been at all well. I have closed a door in my cart and has done any give my auricular had fallen has been. They have TUGGED out of a car for quite a lot of 30 minutes in the RAIN. I have not had any idea until it look it down and has seen the cord without headphones. It do not expect the in still when being there or functional, if no of a physical harm then of a water. BUT they WERE. Cord In touch, any one broke. Some pillows are rasgadas and some plsticoes in a side is has lined obviously. But a left ear is of some perfectly normal way. One the right speaker resulted amiable of decoupled but muffled the sound still comes through. I have changed a balance to compensate, and a down does not come through very anymore... But I very can any one complain me considering an abuse has crossed. I am very it impress the. My anterior headphones was Beaten and, although a quality of audio is undeniably better, was the plastic piece of junk. Three any separated the groups have broken simply to pose in my big leader and I ray have said at the end he and decided to pose some costs of money to repair some Beaten in these. An only reason is by train to substitute them is so that one rainwater is bonded in some pillows and he are mildewed. But wow wow wow, I am impacted that $ 20 headphones could survive concealed. 100% that buys the pair of substitution.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates there have been these headphones for the year now and still winery up. They are utmost for a prize, the quality of audio is well and a tez the plastic surprisingly is a test of time and enough a lot in of the consolations also. I have bought some brainwavz tampons of big ear to substitute some the original tampons since were so thin and some headphones to tend to be the tight bit in a principle (they loosen up enough bit it over time). But still with this very small bit of the tension in a principle is subject stiller comfortable that auricular has purchased in a past this expressed in a point to give me the headache in 15 mins, these never included go to put to bed to apply that a lot of pressure in a noggin. In the each compraventa adds. It recommends in any one that looks for the pair adds of headphones in the estimativa.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the Regular packaging uses these in the Fender amp for practice of the electrical guitar and the law and the sounds adds. Only I can compare the in an another conjoint of headphone, the set of 3 years of Sennheiser that cost in $ 70 at the same time, and this sounds each what so to bite likes him to him the sake with big field and good drop. The step them prende quite 60-90 minutes the time in of the glasses without problems, even so in an end some glasses are beginning to take the uncomfortable bit. Without the glasses imagine could spend the for 2-3 hours without problems. I spend he 7 3/4' hat, as any exactly has the tiny leader and these are still very comfortable. I thought that it that it can it it has to update some pillows, but for now does not see any reason. It does not have any idea that durable will be - the time will say. They are not the noise that annuls, of course, which are utmost so that I can listen lessons of electrical guitar of the Youtube as his environmental while I am touching an electrical guitar through some headphones, without having some speakers of the a lot of stronger computer concealed 'normal'. It contrasts, virtually a lot of leaks of his out of some headphones, as my woman is only one has did not amplify sounds of electrical guitar and a normal sound out of a computer, which has combined is quite nominal 'noise'. For these reasons, these are perfect for practice of electrical guitar. Trivial, but also looks quite well and mix in studio so fashionable of the squad with my amps, microphones, supports, capes etc.
4 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates A good together of headphones in the decent prize. They sound utmost and is very comfortable... After the year and half one of a earphones has prendido to do. I have taken the eschew and has of one of some very thin capes are exited a solder connection. It IS earphone 2. In another cape of one goes jack in a earphone. I will call that earphone 1. You are another concealed has broken. I have followed a cape where directs in earphone 2 and looks firmly in can not see like any tension in a cape in another the end possibly could have any effect in a sald connection in an opposite earphone. I think that that it was the bad sald connection, and while I am not instrumented to do to solder, is ordering anothet together of time of the different manufacturer. Salvation, The material raisin, a walnut ones could bite a powder sooner, this knows.
4 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates has Posed the pair of your favourite comfy overear tampons (I Brainwavz HM5s) in these beat them and will be VERY HAPPY has done!... These 50mm his pushers place out of UTMOST sounds... bassmidshighs IS everything there in abundance!.... It equalises to try and is in for a better bangforthebuck sonic experience any one has the MAY has had... To conceal it, $ ...?! .... And I very want my SONY MDR-V900/V600s, but by everything means of prize, these are auricular UTMOST ... I am in any subjects affiliated with TASCAM, and has not taken this free for the description... After reading descriptions and GOOGLEing has thought the WTHeck, that is there loose?.... Again, it recommends to pose the pair of good tampons in these, and you wil when being blown has been!... It acclaims...(:
5 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates Tascam said designed these telephones with the professionals in import, and research to be true. In fact they have an admirably clear and linear response the pertinent curve, thinks, included for the studio that mixes of laws. In the some place has read that Tascam has posed has been to build the $ 100 headphone posed by enough 1/3 a prize, and thinks more this has succeeded. A flat response bests each which as another headphone posed has, comprising roughly quite expensive Sennheisers and Sonys. In fact, a Sony MDR V6s - my anterior esference' headset - quite sound the bass dficients and anaemic after in these. They are also clear and sufficiently comfortable to spend (although no so comfortable like Sonys) and I how any very time (3m) the cord enough concealed having the cord gone in upper of heavy those tugs in my leader. My only critic is that with some cups return properly in my ears a tape is not in contact with a cup of my cape, but is being was quite 1/2 big inch, included posed in pose of sound of the place the low plus. That is to say unusual for me. Surprisingly although this does not look to cause any problems, and some telephones the stay has posed only well. I think in fact it order the together as while these roads takes.
4 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates has the work of desktop but also has a liberty to blockade in some tunes while doing, so usually finish to spend auricular to hover he of 4 hours in the daytime. He been through uncountable conjoint of earbuds that no apt well, and the set of the noise that annuls auricular that alas bit a powder and I could not provide to substitute.

Has decided to try another set of on some headphones of ear, and shopped for quite awhile and resolved in this based in the combination of prize and good descriptions.

Listens in the quite wide field of musician, of heavy metal, rock and circle, classical rock, in some bluegrass, classical, and occasionally some hip/of rap hop. An only musician does not listen is musician of contemporary country ( will listen in musician of country of old school once in awhile), as it takes the quite wide field of sounds to try.

These headphones does the work adds that it reproduces a sound expects in all the different type of musician. Some bass is sufficient to reproduce a lows of musician of the heavy metal and one has beaten in hip/of rap hop musician. A mids is quite same and clear, and a highs is not fatiguing. For musician of symphony, really can listen all the sections and distinguish a full field of instruments clearly - in some cases have listened separates has not remarked with other headphones. In general estimate it reproduction to sound what excellent, considering a cost.

For apt, is probably well for more. Has the slightly big cape, and listen the tight bit in my leader. As such, can take the small tired to spend them after the few hours, and will require to take has been the for bit it. One measures pillows that continues some ears could be only slightly fatter - listen that the small additional cushions would be well, to line a speaker a far plus out of an ear, like the part of my ear rubs a cloth that has taken an interior of grille of plastic west, and can take plague after the few hours.

The wise longevity, has been using them during 8 months and still is going strong.

For a money, these are to good sure the 'purchase' in my book. It does not doubt to buy them again.
4 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates Good god, these hurt my ears. I no in that has it particularly big ears or anything or. In his transente immediately uncomfortable sense in better, but after only 10 minutes to use my ears and the cape have begun prende to hurt. A quality of his this quite well for a money even so.

7.5/10 his
0/10 comfortablity
6/10 plastic quality and durability
4 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the levels of Container is embroiling some capes also closely IN An east severing some capes internally. Literally any audio in my first covers in, right out of a box. Us All fulfil you to you can not spend $ 20 and apresamiento TASCAM necessities to SPEAK With HIS LINE of PRODUCTION so that literally it is killing his own products.
5 / 5
Colour: BlackProduct Bundling: the packaging Regulates has the slightly small cape, no in a point where the note of people that has the small leader, but in a point where normal sunglasses the odd look and insect-eyed in my face. These headphones is subjects on age for me, included in a parameter a small plus. Some cups of chair of ear in a cup of my ears, and a fund of some cups only are that they hang freely, has not pressed against a side of my cape, totally negating a esla the plant retreated' appearance of these headphones. Seriously, some evasions of his this so bad that order for a sound any one to filter, had to my podcast down in a point where ail could listen it. Also, a cord is ludicrously very time. I take that this could be well for use in the studio, but these headphones and is announced also for portable use. A literally has to-feet-long cape that has material in your pocket to order in not tripping on is not portable in a slightest. I am returning these.

Top Customer Reviews: Sennheiser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 54 ratings
4 / 5
I have been using this model headphone partorisca roughly 20 years professionally like the doctors transcriptionist. Behind a day a cord was rubberized, any tangle and any kinking.. One he the telephone has touched adds. I used him roughly 10 hours the day among work and recreationally.

First of fast to roughly done 5 years when I have bought the new pair after my original beloved near has given on a ghost and has fallen so only averts. A cord was now the much more economic plasticized cord that never straightened was and is remained permanently bent and kinked. One of a headphone the bosses have developed the courts or some class of contact issues concealed has done takes to do until a cord has been unplugged of a speaker and then plugged behind in. This is to spend constantly. Bear in importing that both cords that goes to both receiver is detachable and can be unplugged of a headset.

To the equal that has bought still another pair that has had a subject same to touch shorting is gone in a headphone until a cord has been unplugged and then replugged. Ossia The multiple time has spent daily. Still cheapo plasticized cord. Then I Googled and has discovered that a connection of cord was a source of the question for a lot of people, some that has offered self-fijamente on Youtube or another web of places. A new cord is outrageously expensive, in a 40-50 row of dollar.

So much in my experience these are not that it has used it to be, not even near. Be conscious of a cord shorting subject before shabby and think roughly wants to risk having a subject same concealed there is plagued a lot of owners of these headphones.
4 / 5
Has tried at least 20 headsets ($ 150 to $ 350 row), in a same location, a same time, using my iphone, in a same song ( with very dynamic highs and lows, turns of volume, etc ) and these headphones have blown each one which of them was. A comparison to some another has not gone included near. A response of basses was like this impressive, a mids very cleaned (any muffled) and a highs is like this crisps and clean his hard to believe. You owe that compare side of headphones for side to really know that well the pair is. Calm can not verify an out of him then driven to another location and compare. Like reason to 4 star? Has thinks that that these headphones have been done in Ireland. All some descriptions, the video and the pictures have seen the show done in Ireland. Well, no more. Sennheiser Has opened the new factory in Romania. Apparently ossia where all an electronics of consumer the train is has done now. The swimming of Romania sad against you, but chair, perhaps unjustified, more confidence in of the products of Ireland. Thats A reason because it has bought. Like the big left down with fact in Romania for me. At least it do not say done in Cina. You think a new factory in Romania is state of to the one art likes so only open like this perhaps Im of the injustice is. But there is disappointed still.
4 / 5
These are perfect for all the types of music. Mostly it listens to ska punk, rock, and the metal and am blown absolutely has gone by what of my favourite clues my pair of Beaten earbuds hid of me. Some bass is in his point without being exaggerated and some treble is like this spectacularly clear.

So only have two complaints: inaugural some looks of tape to break/pinch some bosses that favours to some real headphones, and inside the week has experienced some time when my music prendería reason my telephone has registered to a device the like that has been take when there is no. A second is had to possibly to wear and tear ( was quite unkind to a boss during premiers of mine few days of use), but a prime minister is to good sure the subject of manufacture. Respecto That over time will require to substitute this boss.

In general, to good sure recommend.
5 / 5
Originally, Has been postponed for a construction of economic feeling... Ossia, until I dipped him on and has listened a quality of a sound. These are auricular utmost ... A row of a HD 25 is is very good; I seat some bass is rich and and mids/highs is crisp. Sennheiser Has found the good balance among low and big row frequencies. I cranked my quite big volume and has not listened any clipping or sprain. They are a lot please with these and included touch better you his pair with the DAC! If you are a audiophile, these are judges add of start.
5 / 5
...I really the no. And I am by train to return them. Always be the defender of Sennheiser, and is for this that can not believe (at the beginning) that has not been very good. But really they are not . Any comfortable. Nothing special his-wise. And partorisca toppers, changing some cords, if required, would be the total hassle. That more can one says?
4 / 5
Valuing the crew of audio is always subjective, takes that like the data. These 'the telephones have his very good clarity with minimum dud colouring by means of all the frequencies and resupply it noticeable depths of phase of sound. Has some emphasis down, but avert to be boomy or otherwise intrusive for more listening. My subject only, enough smaller in that, is the a bit tight access. A bit tape freer and less pressure in some ears would direct me to estimate them big. The sensibility is quite down. With smartphone of mine, a LG V20, the level of volume less than 50 of maximum resupplies abundance of volume, he dipping the low plus that any others 'the telephones have used.
4 / 5
Has bought these to substitute MDR-v6 I used for control of the his of the film, a upgrade was the long time that comes.
A bit tight, regulated with the minutes of CAREFUL pair to dip by means of some knees and animating with the hairdryer, takes/to verify and repeating a process. You do not love casualidad that extends on and tentativa to king-compress.
The sound is phenomenal, arrived in a topmast, used him immediately like the personnel stereo out of the delay priv that careers Blackplayer in full volume, impulse of basses and amplifier(4kmDB) Behemoth, Justice, Anilah, RATM, and Chopin. A HD25s has struggled the bit with RATM and the majority of heavy bass of the justice, but in listenable headphone (master)volume (amp and the still bass maxed) has not had a lot of @@subject.
A lot well, light, and simple construction that leaves to take beaten on this in spite of doing perfectly. So only downside for me is the personnel preferance, CAN not find a aftermarket or OEM boss that leaves for the boss lateralmente left.
4 / 5
Has taken these in place of a pioneer x7 reason were the little more economic and reasons the few descriptions of a x7 has said pause after the year. A hd25 is not like this comfy likes x7 becuase a earcups is kinda small and a hd25 the sound is not like this well likes x7 in an end under a hd25 beginning to break up and distort. A hd25 comes with substitution earcup bosses in chances your bosses go bad. A hd25 annuls external noise a lot and is quite strong to manage the half of club with heavy bass. Global happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5
After blowing by means of literally of dozens of headphones, has decided to purchase these levels of industry. Totally value a relatively low prize!
5 / 5
Has had the pair of $ 300 Pioneers DJ the headphones have loved, but has required has substituted. Decided to save 50 and give Sennheiser try it. I buy again? Hmm, honradamente I desire had spent an extra $ 150 and has bought another pair of Pioneers, but think for more than people these will be pertinent, so only does not think is adapted perfectly the grave-heavy EDM.