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Top Customer Reviews: AbergBest 21 Mega ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
This camera is small and cute. It IS very easy to pose up and use. A quality of picture is very good. Only it wants to what small is the cause only can pose he in my pocket and takes it anywhere with me. This camera is coming with 2 Him-Stacks of the ion and these are rechargeable. Also it comes with the cord the touch that can limit he in your computer. The last stacks for enough the moment before need to be recharged. For a prize takes the a lot of ordered little camera. A manual of the instruction is easy to the use has used once the glass to augment. An impression is very small and is very old.
5 / 5
I have bought east the below the camera cost for my husband that is at all technology savvy. I have required something mere for him and these accesses a bill. It was surprised really for a quality of some pictures. They are, in fact, enough sake. Sure, it does not have all some bells and whistles of some expensive cameras, but am adds for the beginner or for the first camera of the boy.
5 / 5
As you Can you go bad with the $ 40 digital camera. This camera takes pertinent pictures and is adds to take the photos in tripping where yours run around. Any necessity the preoccupy quite loosing a camera this point of prize is easily replaceable. It is not that it goes in rival the Pro DSLR but for the fast trip in a Zoo, well.. Or included better give this camera in your arrive and coming Photographer.. That is to say perfect for agest 12+, that exactly concealed sees it... Work..
5 / 5
It IS the present adds for boys. I have bought for my small prime to learn so to take photo. It IS clear weight , and my prime can spend he for vacacional. This camera is very easy and mere to use. And it is modern way . Some sake of photos is considering a low prize of this camera. Even more, you are shipped very quickly.
5 / 5
Taken this just student camera to time for the camping of my daughter trips this week. Desprs Learns of a manual, this compact HD the results of digital camera to be very functional, still mere and quite a lot of light for the boy in sleeve. A change in a side of some controls of the camera closed up shot against the shot of landscape, while only on the way of shot of the landscape, can use an option of digital zoom. Considering some measures of image, there is in the measures of pixel / of image of dozen to choose of. Also it has several options of scene for different phases in some vain, all directed of a parameter of card. It comes with the strap of wrist, the pouch of camera, wall to upload with cape of USB, and TWO rechargeable stacks of lithium. My daughter can not expect take the in a camp and takes lovely moments with his friends!
5 / 5
If you are looking for the camera of quality very thats easy to use that is to say your camera . The must said has taken to well sure that has wanted. A better part quite is thay spends the cape of USB and for the premium 2 stacks. He not coming woth the card by heart but can take you or in any pharmacy or almost any tent. I have bought he cual the present and when posed he until that sirr the very decided law for the maintain . A must takes and a prize is to good sure very bad.
4 / 5
Bought this camera for mine 7 and 11 I. The daughters and wants to it. We take the in the holidays and has had a lot of entertainment that takes photos.
A camera is small (i.et. Easy to spend) and in the good light this takes some quite good photos. It does not attach in low light, but there is the flash. It comes with TWO stacks, which are well. A hard stack quite awhile, but is well to have a backup.
The zoom is only digital. It does not come with a SD card, as it mark it sure purchase or or two. I have bought 16GB the cards and has not taken to fill a trip.
Inferior line - takes the plot for $ 41. There is the just number of the parameters and he do not break a bank. But be reasonable with your expectations - is not an expensive camera.
5 / 5
I am surprised in a quality of a picture of this same small camera with a zoom. If you look he the plot of parameters as well as Automatic. He macro as well as landscape with just a flick of the change. Also he the video, active has used only this to have an accident so it can not speak with his measure or quality. These beats the plot of point of mark of the name and shoot for the money of plus of the plot and he return easily in my pocket of shirt.
1 / 5
It attaches the small camera for the prize adds. It take for my niece, that is to say too young for the telephone, but wants this camera!

EDITA: in the principle had his data these 5 stars, then accidents the week. The vendor was unresponsive and unhelpful. It can not recommend this anymore or this vendor.
1 / 5
It take this camera during the trip of week of long bicycle to maintain in my sweater and eschew using my tlphonique all a time to conserve my life of stack of the telephone. Has digital cameras in a 1990s this has done better. These products had absolutely living quality and terrible image of stack and was totally unreliable and dysfunctional. If you are in the estimativa tight, takes a time and saves up for something better or sales of flavour of yard for something more tried- will be has been better.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon PowerShot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
That The camera adds. It maintains partorisca import that calm does not go partorisca take DSLR-images of qualities of this camera (or any camera of bridge), but ossia still that the camera adds. It is the fully manual bridge camera (a camera ossia among the point and shoot and the DSLR) with the row of utmost zoom. It shoots HD video and also there is Wifi, leaving you to upload your photos directly to your telephone. A quality of image is sum, calm once comprises that this camera (and more cameras in this class) has to that 1/2.3 thumb sensor. A sensor this measure will not be able to resupply a dynamic row of the main sensors (1-thumb, APS-C, or Full-Marco), but in pertinent light, will be able to take some the good photographs with this camera know that it is doing.
4 / 5
Generally camera well, no like this fast to regulate settings like a DSLR but has done them utmost pictures was with full zoom.
To take the one of look of able way DSLR would require me to spend the stock exchange of lenses and for the highland hike would have been too much heavy. Any always perfect approximation in period of the sure zoom and you can has to that hunt the bit to find a house but generally done a lot well. I a lot competely take like this to do manual house so much the has not used this characteristic. In full zoom pics is soft, but well was hand-held and am them surprised the ones of fact has taken something usable. I have used mostly P (with EV regulate), and ways of TV. Addition filter it and hood (Box of Essential Accessory for Cannon PowerShot SX530, SX520, SX70, SX60, SX50, SX40 HS) and a box returns this camera also. Some people complain an adapter of filter is hard to return but there are them has not had subjects, so only does sure is in a first right bet of tuerces.

A thing of entity: a battery is too small for some a lot of electronic functions: ossia the screen -the camera oriented (any viewfinder). As my joint: the sure mark there is at least 2 (still 3 for the shooting of full day).

Has not had any @@subject seeing a screen but in some sunny conditions can require some class of boxes or alone-cover to be able to see well this is not particular to this concrete camera, is the question that all screen-only ('any-viewfinder') the cameras have. Still with using polarising sunglasses, can block a screen.
4 / 5
Love this camera! It is all has loved! It spends things well until where the chair almost can touch! You can take pictures quickly with him too much.. Any lagging
5 / 5
Then that the camera is light and convenient to use. A manual could use more details, likes the majority of them. I prefer a eyepiece to look by means of more than trusting a digital screen. The sunny days am a lot hard to see that goes to photograph. A light weight of a camera are adds.
5 / 5
Am spent the plot in of the cameras on some years, and ossia delivery -down a better value never! They are the defender of Cannon to start with with, because of his capacities read wonderful decreases, and with an optical zoom in this model- be still my heart! See a tiny little swipe in a horizon of an ocean? I zoomed on the, the zoom there is then was some calm so much could see that it is. It take the photos add of familiar (and another wild life) of like this far was, a lot they was knows to do odd that that the camera has been signalled in them.

Loses having the viewfinder, but when being able to fully control a camera in each way of my application of telephone more than frames up for him.

When it Take home, has been excited to modify my pictures, but results that the majority of photo has has required corrections of zeros by heart, which is absolutely stunning (and like this saving of time!).

A viewfinder the screen has taken some significant scratches easily, as it suggest the type of glass of the gorilla of protective.

A camera is extremely light weight also, which is perfect for travesía and ease.

Oh, And taking a moment QUICKLY. Any lag at all (with the fast SD paper).

Has taken also the hand has has resisted photo of a moon, zoomed in in the crater ( can see less than 1/4 of a moon been due to an extreme zoom), and is exited perfectly clear and astonishingly good-looking.

Does not have anything any to love in this camera! Seriously that has surprised, especially for a prize (around $ 250).
5 / 5
Has not used almost everything of some characteristic still. A bit you annoy it that some of some directions in a book inform you to you to an on-line manual - like this WiFi. A so only another annoyance is that a key of game is too easy the paste when so only choosing on a camera. Also I lose having the finder of view. During my travesía recent to the cost of Ocean has has had to that so only supposition in that I that signals in. Two video have been spoilt reasons a camera boba directed in the speck in a lentil in place of some waves. It can not say until later. Felizmente, has had another occasion to go back. A width brimmed helps of hat, so only has not had one this travesía.
4 / 5
Good and easy camera to use, the only desires have had the finder of view. Impossible to see that it is looking for trough a screen in daylight.
4 / 5
Wants to all in a camera. It was exactly that l has wanted and the the dose surpasses mine each need. It gives the graces for the product adds.
5 / 5
A camera is very easy to use, but mine occasionally beeps and in bylines was while taking video. A quality of video is well, but a lot almost like this as well as my iPhone Xs. A video also pickups on a whirring of an engine when zooming in or was and ossia all can listen slope in these points. Excellent camera for still photograph, but would recommend other options for video.
4 / 5
Has received this camera like the present of day of the Mother. I love a clarity and quality of some pictures. Also it loves that there is not any delay when I press a key to take some pictures to the equal that have loved to photograph mine 3 young boys.

Top Customer Reviews: Waterproof Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. We to plot of sports of water. I have decided to invest in the waterproof camera as it does not stress roughly spending my telephone was with me. Our sport of the water of election is paddleboarding and can attach this to the lanyard and easily take the photos add and any to concern roughly takes exposed partorisca water. There is an optical and digital zoom. Work very partorisca snorkeling also how is waterproof partorisca until 10 feet. Also I have left my daughter of five years uses this partorisca take regular photos how is more durable.
5 / 5
This camera feels economic when in the resistant. It is a lot light and plastic. A camera would not accept partorisca touch a first time, but after taking a battery and that come from again, concealed fixed a question. We purchase the big SD paper partorisca this camera, but has then learnt that the only accepts the storage the small more SD paper, as you will love the look to this attacker compraventa. An underwater characteristic work, but after the days of pair, the black line feigned travers a screen a big plus, and I marvel if it waters the interior taken that give of causes to a screen. A quality of the picture has not been impressive. Some pictures were the pocolos blurred and one relieving was was. We buy this camera partorisca our 7 old year, but has not looked value a $ 70+ prize, as we return it to us.
5 / 5
Colour of this product is not attentive at all . I have ordered light blue colour a but the real element is really dark . A lot I last to open to install battery, the economic plastic has done. Probably cost $ 5-$ 10 to fact in typical China produst. ANY value $ 70 .... $ 40-$ 45 it Is a row would owe that sell this poor camera in my opinion.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It is still valid reason partorisca buy same underwater cameras in 2020.
A creation is fresh, love a blue colour. 2nd I want to say that we buy previously to our holidays familiarised to the equal that can be ready, a fact that this camera has advance of screen that calm leave you partorisca see the one who the pictures are taking is fantastic! Especially when you try to take underwater pictures. The fact of dual screens selfies simple and any needs to take view and retake.
Has tried he in a shower partorisca see that submarine of full laws a bathtub and wants to say that it is very very easy to use, has read some instructions and he was clear of like this partorisca use some characteristic a camera has.
4 / 5
My daughter of 9 years loves it, although it is difficult to open a coverage in a port of load. One draws defect: one of the some folds of directional arrows likes them delete the key. My daughter has has wanted to me objective the picture adds has taken and try go to a next picture deleted it. Included this in spite of has the punctual as before in fact deleting, has not been partorisca clear mine that the key would confirm a deletion and that would annul/ start. I have not uploaded some pictures to the computer still I so that pode a lot still testify to a quality of picture. It feels quite light likes is done with the plot of plastic, but like the first camera like this far, like this good.
5 / 5
Has taken this camera partorisca my father in law. It is old school as it does not have the ready telephone. This camera is compact, perfectly sized so that it can take it wherever goes. A waterproof characteristic is the plus , although any really the require. He so only the fact the little more durable. The quality of photo is really good. We print some pictures 12x12 and has resulted crisp and acute. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Take which pays stops. If you are looking for an underwater camera with the very big quality pictures, could take among $ 400-$ 600. If you are looking for the camera that can take pictures under waters with the reasonable prize, ossia a one could consider you. A creation of dual screens is MORE . Tip: microSD is not comprised.
4 / 5
Ossia The waterproof camera still with which 2 drops his dead persons.

A window of turn has finalised 3 days ago and like this now his useless. Terrible... Of the one who Buy this!
5 / 5
Ossia To first camera adds partorisca the boy. The photos are decent, the investment is reasonable, the device is quite sturdy and characteristic of the test of the water is a margin of extra security
4 / 5
Recently our boys have been aiming interest in videography and photographs, this was a perfect present partorisca they! They love and constantly it is thinking of ways to use them! Has the group to the equal that will be sure partorisca update once use in a water!

Top Customer Reviews: Canon PowerShot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
I professional photograph for the living but has wanted to it camera of small pocket in the hike that/the trips that/strolls and fast things around a house without tugging out of the bouquet of squad. Cape in the pocket perfectly! It was not quite you but volume my pro the train has entered the walking, never in fact take any exercise, I just support around taking photos in or or two something a whole time. Lol. As my view in of the this is is not also aim so anterior-n-the shoots have had. They have used to be heavier, facts more robust, better and less expensive. This one is clearer, tad flimsy, pricier that has the habit of (for one low quality) and any one has done also. It comes with the rechargeable stack that it is well but no the quite a lot of flight to buy the backup, although I last the very long time, has touched he for a first time after 2 month to use which are quite 10mins each which how 3 days or so many. The quality is so-so much and a lot of some basic characteristics and the parameters have the habit of on more another point-n-the shoots are not in this camera or very limited. One gives the support can take good shots with him but only has a patience in a house. It can take the long time for him to direct in that is trying prendi. For example, it say that that is trying to take the butterfly in the flower, can constantly wants house in an earth more than a zone/of butterfly of the flower (the voice fucks that I bad or looks the amazon is not leaving all my photos like any insurances can see he). He shots of INCREDIBLE MACRO the majority of a time even so, automatically directs the (more without flashing on) but other shots another further was or trying marks something hurriedly very so that it adds, as it gives house of time. Any one some shots of worse quality never but no more or. A look of tiny bit/paints muddy you zoom in some images in 100% (the voice fucks of 100%). A video (a semi-detached) is decent, in fact does better that photo stills. Also the no the visit was ALL The SOUNDS . Some parameters left you to you to the turn was a lot of sounds but maintain a sound of shutter, beeps when that directs and has any road for the turn was. Personally, to to any one likes him to the ones of some sounds. If I have to choose the camera of pocket in hike and that trips again, would save the small more and not taking unit of is Yes has wanted only the fast interior macros for products etc, that is to say a camera to have . It attaches 19 photos and 1 video directly of this camera without Ps edits. ~Happy shooting~
5 / 5
Val. I gave it 5 stars so that I want a camera he and does not listen has to downgrade my description due to the fact that a listing said. Also the does not leave me posed in four and the half. But any buyer would have to know that a listing said that that comes with '64' of something considers memory. It does not say 64 of the concealed. It can be Kbites, could be Mbites, could be Gbites, could be tooth or of the raw fish faerie droppings. This knows? It results he ZERO. ZIP. AT ALL. So you order one of this be sure to buy some memory so that it is not comprised and a camera would be useless without him. The good thing is the bit of the memory hog and has bought a 'extra' or would not have been able of the use at all until I have ordered some.

Another small thing that the any one (and I Cannon of blameless control therefore) is that there is not any road that can find to pose the alive view of a camera in my screen of computerwhile you would do with him cam of web. I did not buy it concretely to do this class of thing as I am not to leave down but I the bit of astrophotography and that the class of thing is well. A screen is too small to say there is muck in an of your lenses in a darkness. He March a shot if you do not remark it and when is trying brota the picture of a full moon and does not take it has to expect at least the month to pose a shot up again.

With these two things in import is the quite good camera and is happy took it. A screen is easy to read. It has to it weaves of some characteristics that would expect to find at most camera of professional note. Some cards are quite intuitive spent it once fifteen minutes or so with a manual. It have to when being remarked that you have to download a manual he so that the only comes with the guide of fast beginning. It issues of Automobile while shooting some pictures, like a moon for example, an exposure is the also big bit but the suspect there is poses it that fixed that, which have not founding still. On the way of the program is quite easy to correct this class of problem, while it is quite easy to take control of the majority other parameters.

Shot a semi-detached video of a moon through my telescope so that the picture costs the words of plus of thousand.

Still is experimenting with him so that it take it only yesterday but will update this thinks of anything more.
5 / 5
This point and presses it has been utmost to use and has been that suffices satisfied with him considering his low prize. It attaches photos of test and videos he so that it can be a judge in a quality. It has remarked that this camera is especially well choose in of the accurate and intrepid colours in so that a photo and roads of video.

The cannon comprises to start with guide he '' , the card of guarantee, the small lanyard, he 680mah stack, an external stack upload (which are well plans on buying additional stacks), and a camera he.

With a popularity of smartphones, that is an appeal of this gone in-point of level and camera of shoot? Well, different the majority of smartphones, this camera looks one 8x optic zoom. That is to say the characteristic sum that the calm leaves in zoom in decently afterwards while experimenting the minimum degradation in quality. The quality of the maximum video of a camera is 720p but declares the fast cart that marries and while it mentions before, well accurate colours. An only subject that has had with a quality of video is that a stabilisation is not a better.

Conclusion: That is to say in general the entrance adds-point of the level and he shoot and do not think you will be disappointed for a prize. One 8x the optic the zoom is to well sure my favourite characteristic and a photo and the quality of video is on that would expect calm for the camera in this field of prize. There is no comprised SD card like precise of the compraventa or, and there is not any cape to transfer comprised (mini USB) as it also require to buy one of those to upload some photos and video in your computer unless has a SD empty of card. An interface of the user in a camera is easy and mere to use. This camera am adds for the who is not supremely technologically savvy so that it has basically any curve to learn. Cannon Of good work.

Downloads of responsibility: I have purchased this product with my money adapted by my own personal use.
5 / 5
I have wanted the small, easy to use camera that rotted zoom for the trip in Scotland and Ireland. A camera has done supremely well, although it has not been never spent one 8x optic zoom. Especially I want an option to retard a shutter for 2 bren in low light to prevents shudder of camera when pressing a button of shutter. Underexposing In stained windows of glass (that otherwise looked each aim) has done very good.

Has bought the one of leftover stack and recharger. I have taken 1,050 pictures in 22 days, and has substituted only a stack two times. A past stack recharged in 2 hours.

An only problem with a camera is a small cord, which could not pose around my collar. Consistently, I Am fallen a camera in any of bone, and the volume attacked up. It continues to produce the photos add. I have taken he in the tent of camera, which gave me the long cord to attach in the small cord of a camera, as I am not the fallen again. Even so, a tent has advised me that an interior of tiny connections could have coming loose, and a camera could no after the few weeks. I took me through a trip, and now will buy another for the substitute.
1 / 5
We take the plot vacacional and a lot of photos for familiar albums. Our two compraventa anterior was of Nikon Coolpix. These economic cameras tend in last just 2-3 years (which are well, date what abordable is). Quan Our Nikon died on organism, decides this time to update and purchase a Cannon so that the cannon has the good reputation. But it is it disappointed it severely. For one, a control of only flash this camera has is automatic. In this way that a camera detects ignites wins does not use one flashes, and does not have any road of manually using a flashes in override an automatic sensor. I have left to say is taking the photo of any one and there is clear in a fund. A camera will detect a light and not using a flashes. But you would want to manually have one goes flashes has been so as to illuminate a face of a person. One Nikon Cookpics was Very less expensive that this Cannon has had still a control of manual flashes. Segundo, a quality of picture is poor - amazing, is of less than quality that one cheap plus Nikon. And at the end, it gives that these are cheap cameras but nevertheless, this Cannon that is flimsy and 'plasticky' compared in a Nikon. Also it can buy one Nikon - will be to spend less money and has more quality.
5 / 5
To arrive to this point of prize, has not expected a lot. But we were roughly to enter the cruise and I have wanted the point and presses that it can take on all our excursions ( has listened too many histories of the horror of telephones is fallen in a drink). It substitutes the most expensive camera. Enough honestly, some photos of this small camera are included better that my old camera - colour Claro , well, and excellent definition. A camera is easy to comprise and use. I am impressed.
5 / 5
It IS a camera of perfect pocket . Very easy to use, small weight , light. I want a button of control in a back side that leave me in hurriedly choose the shot of portrait or automatic ones. A rechargeable the stack hard the long time. A resolution is excellent. One 8X the zoom is properly. Also it possesses 2 Nikon Coolpix cameras of pocket that fact very well, but over time no longer lines the load of stack. Then I have purchased recently the cheap Chinese GordeVE camera of pocket what any preoccupy for at all because of poor resolution, etc. also possesses 2 Nikon SLRs which are upper cameras , but very always wants to lug the around.
5 / 5
That is to say the wonderful camera . If never there is the possessed a ELPH camera, knows that they are big-quality, ultra-portable cameras. Obviously you very they go to take DSLR-images of quality of the camera like this, but that is to say still the the camera adds, and use the tripod, will be able to take excellent results. I use mine with an Amazon Basics tripod (that costs the little more concealed $ 20 and is very clear and portable). It presses with the tripod, included when using the small Point and camera of Shoot, all a difference. But behind in a camera. That is to say the the camera adds . It IS also very abordable.
1 / 5
Desprs Ploughing my law of camera adds until it begins in any charg... It has Had this camera during 4 month and he are now the paperweight glorified... I can very anything with him. I actuate Already the bought 2 new load capes and the new stack even so at all. The purchase of worse camera never! It do not give it any a lot of the beginning but has to give you at least 1
5 / 5
I am taking this abroad with me and he are perfectly sized for pockets, stock exchanges and rucksacks. Even so, to well sure it recommends the small case will be to use the frequently likes him will be in my trips (I puchased a Logic of Case ECC-101 case and he return utmost.) It takes the photos add, also. It IS quite user -cosy and comes with the manual of full instruction, covers+of stack-in walling load and strap of wrist. Easy and mere in navigate. I have purchased also he 32GB SDHC card and the small, take it constant case of trip for him.

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Camera, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this camera partorisca my elderly in-of the laws! They travel the plot and they likes him take pictures, but does not have the really good quality mobile phones… Like this taking pictures in his mobile phones so only is annoying and does not result good. As they have required the camera, the simple one but of the good quality. This camera is totally perfect for them! They can take pictures, and then look in them on his computer. It is SÚPER well that it is basically access in the jacket or pocket of small purse… Very convenient! It is also very light... Ossia Also to prize because any one wants to spend around the heavy bulky camera big! It comes with uploading it and battery. Quality quite well the photos taken with this camera. Some instructions on like this to the use is also easy and clear to read & comprise, like this calm will not take overwhelmed with a quantity of keys can press. In general ossia the digital camera well … Perfects for people those who can not take stirs it of good pictures in his mobile phone!
5 / 5
Has required so only the light camera with quite a lot of zoom to take with me when it goes birdwatching during some weekends. My Samsung the telephone takes utmost pictures but hardly begin the zoom, loses quality. This camera has all that has required, a FHD 36 Mg picture with 16x zoom, light, anti-shake, and built-fill light. They are happy has trusted mine guts and has not spent extra in cameras more expensive like this one resupplies all this I need.
5 / 5
This camera takes good pictures, comparable to the big-qualities cellphone. They are súper-pleased with his use like the webcam. A 16x function of emissions of zoom on all the classes of options of video for meetings of Zoom. I have found the row where my green screen fill on a fund, and where am planted in that I thinks is so only a perfect proportion - still like this am physically far quite was that my nose and the chin are not exaggerated. Ossia A lot dandier that my $ webcam. THIS In spite of... A bit the booklet of instruction is quite crummy, teeny-tiny little impression and diagrams. I have had to take the picture with my cellphone and then develop an image there, so only the arisen has read that it was saying (which is resulted to be very a lot, in all the chance). And where inserts/inserts a SD paper? I finally spotted a SD space of paper behind-the-rear with a battery that opens. And then I finally discovered to the equal that to change to way of webcam of the video of Youtube to the equal that has mentioned a technician offhandedly. In short, is looking for the simple, camera very decent, ossia well, and is looking for the webcam, ossia awesome.
4 / 5
Goes to revise this in some expectations has for a point of prize. In general a quality of the picture is not bad. It likes that it is a lot of minimum likes to take all some starts of supposition of him. So only dipped the and go. Also it is it adds for the a lot of outdoorsy camera how is really small and compact. In general very bad :)
4 / 5
taste to stick the plot of of histories in Instagram and this camera helps with that. The clarity is also very good and a lot handy also. Utilisation with my tripod is which he the same fact easier that do better video. I will say that backup of battery could have been. Better and a global quality could have been the little improved also. But for a prize, think it totally suffices.
4 / 5
So much a quality and the appearance of a camera is well. The friendly user, a key is clear and easy, my little daughter uses it easily for his, spends it everywhere and takes the photos for anything have interested. Good election for the present of anniversary.
5 / 5
Is present well for some Boys and easy to use
present of Anniversary for my Grandson, loves it and enjoys to take pictures with him. It results the little photograph now.
4 / 5
Finally found the esal' camera that are adds for preteen boys. A young lady the one who has received has said that has had a better present reason was the 'grown-arrive' camera! Tomorrow navideño was full of click and smiles! There is the curve to learn, of some directions are not quite clear, but has had has imagined was before I have done!
5 / 5
Mina 9yr the old daughter has bought this for his with everything of his money navideño of the leftover. It was SÚPER excited to take it. It is the pleasant camera but no all that adds. A quality of some pictures sucks, is quite blurry. Unfortunately a camer freezings on alot. We owe that take a battery was attended & roughly 15-20 mins first to dip a battery behind restarting it & . My daughter is disappointed severely in these active & factors is in accordance with that his the waste of money. Ifk If so only take the bad one of one stirs but when some finals of day in of the tears of girl, his never the good signal.
5 / 5




Top Customer Reviews: WOWGO Kids Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
I think that that ossia the wonderful present partorisca boys down 9 years. Especially in this season vacacional. The girl so only loves it. It is súper easy to use and the friendly user! There is so only four key in a backside with the big screen, which is not the screen to touch. My surprised, is súper light as no respecto too much the boy hangs a camera in a with the all day long.
5 / 5
Has bought a rose a camera for my niece of 5 years like the present of anniversary, want it and takes pictures of everything, so that fun to have camera all of its own.
5 / 5
This camera is LIKE THIS LIKE THIS PLEASANT and can not expect the present the my daughter. I say 'present' reason are while to some holidays to give it his. I have been he advances and has opened on a camera to do sure mine 3.5 old year would find it easy to use and comprise. I have touched around taking video and pictures and has been excited to see that I do to add and Is súper easy to use
5 / 5
to to my daughter likes is very easy to operate. My daughter wants to use it daily.
4 / 5
Ossia Like this pleasant!!! I want it very still they are the adult . I will maintain for my daughter of creature, likes the pink colour! Haha 😄
4 / 5
These are súper easy to use and take decent photos. Has fun filters and take video. It is the camera adds for boys.
5 / 5
Is the good present for boys. My niece is very happy partorisca east. It can take pictures with his camera.
5 / 5
My daughter loves a pink camera the plot. It wants to take photo during our travesía. I want to see the one who some world-wide looks of his dress, and all some things finds good-looking, is taken some utmost pictures .
5 / 5
A screen is big and some tones are easy to use! A tongue can be changed in winning, own partorisca girls of all the tongues! Some pixels are not utmost, but is acceptable partorisca boys! A time of storage is quite long! Left some boys enjoy a joy partorisca take pictures of them, ossia a better present !
4 / 5
I boys are happy with a camera, can take pictures, is amused partorisca touch, the boys love it, is the product adds .

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic LUMIX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
At the beginning, rings the DSLR camera, and after seeing a prize there, has decided to be the bit out of taking me inner a moment. You try to maintain under $ 400, and a Panasonic LUMIX Fz300 for far has some the majority of the characteristic likes them some digital viewfinder, one 180 terracing LCD exposed, macro, add-in of the options, 600m zoom and the ridiculous quantity of characteristics in the settings the next plus to the DSLR, and to quality likes a 4k photo and 4k video with stabilisation of optical image, RAW support and more. You can be change of camera and take utmost pictures, or can know the plot and be able to regulate that it wants to. Ossia A better option on Amazon for one $ 397 I has paid. Highly recommend.

REMARCE: If you have found my useful description pleases to vote it like this useful down. You are by train to help me Continuous do unbiased, and sincere descriptions that is not paid partorisca to help to the fight has has planted descriptions.
5 / 5
A lot the time gone is some days where have had to that lug the DSLR, multiple lenses and flashes to take good photos for clients. (I servants a phase of construction.) Enthusiasts-cameras of levels to do the work adds and this a slope the fraction that I past in mine last lentil. While a lot of client are contained with some photos take of his iPhones, concealed is not that it wants to rid. To resupply a quality creates difference my precise services a control of the DSLR but loves one the compact measure, down side, and hanged light of the add is that I amour in this camera:
&62;A capacity to shoot shutter priority, opening priority, full manual, or full car (with consistently good results in car)
&62;Fast, calm autofocus and zoom
&62;Tilt and swivel touch-monitor of screen
&62;Very good 4k video
&62;A decent built-in, variable-begin it flash and the hotshoe
&62;A capacity to shoot BELIEVED
&62;A decent built-in mic and the jack (the quality of his this a lot of well with a built-in mic although audio of production seldom the fact to an arrival)
&62;Fast cold starts and near-zero latency in a shutter
An only thing I for real the aversion is a thumbwheel marries. It is dulcemente, bad situated, house of attractive of the frames and follow the almost impossible house (although a car is still in house the good work), and after the half-the century to shoot can not taking taking a barrel of a lentil.
Also the desires had destined cost differently. For some costruttrici of reason of enthusiasts-the cameras to level think that require to pack his products with characteristic that finds useless. Perhaps his phase demands these gimmicks but hate 'in. Ways of scene. Balance by heart. Ways of walk. Then his slather in of the keys and of the papers so that, in theory, can access and manipulate all these options. I find him the hindrance. The desire was spent his money in the fastest lentil, the sensor the big plus, and better dynamic row. In general I like this camera the plot and he do fault my commercial and personal needs a lot well. But it can be better, very better, with less frills. I have comprised some images of when in the first place it touch with a camera. A lunch has shot of Pacts @@@1880s Settlement in of the Glorious Rivers KY has been shot in f2.8, 1/50, ISO 3200, any flash, in Intelligent Car. One shot of Career of Lake of the Grotto (KY) was in f4, 1/320, ISO 100, Intelligent Car. A picture of a church in head office Kingsport, TN has been shot in f2.8, 1/20, ISO 4000 in Intelligent Car.
4 / 5
Has bought a FZ300 like the present for my woman. It loves a FZ150 use but expósito is limitations discouraging. You do not love mine FZ200 and has not liked him a FZ1000 has bought at the beginning because it was too big and heavy . I have finalised to add the my collection of camera ( is the I adds 5 camera to star enjoys it use and highly recommends). A FZ300 is smaller and lighter that a FZ1000 and looked the good upgrade for his to use.

Before it has given my woman a camera has tried a camera was and was impressed extremely with an enormous number of improvements in a camera in a FZ200. A FZ200 has a same lentil and sensor like FZ300 but a difference that a processor has improved, very better EVF and screen to touch, quality very better of build, time proofing do this camera the compraventa terrific. There is like this another characteristic, neither of tried will do this useful camera for just in any occasion

likes use so only one Has BEEN to dip like a lot of users and a FZ300 the works so only perfect in this setting. It uses a camera in our cruise so only completed and was like this enthusiastic roughly is action , has maintained to listen , ' love this camera', . ' I love this camera'. . See his images am exited acute, detailed, and perfect exposure. We were both has surprised that included a light low plus indoors the images and the video have aimed the detail adds. It has dipped the 1600 limit of ISO and the images have aimed very good dynamic row, very better that a FZ200 had used previously. Some characteristic better liked was of a beautiful acute brilliant EVF, a fast attentive house and a screen to touch was the WOW, also loves a bit a lot of characteristic extras. It finds one managing glorious. It feels he adds in a hand and a new styling split a new plus Panasonic camera. Some papers are easy and a súper poster to control seen in the expensive cameras is terrific. Calm quickly can regulate any setting in a LCD without spending for to the the long papers like more than cameras. A house to touch in a LCD screen is also the utmost characteristic. Macro The images are also much easier to take and look adds.

Some really utmost and extras of characteristic points that marks a very special camera

1. A camera has an excellent grip, feels well in some hands. Easy to use.
2. Camera a lot well build, feels solider that an excellent FZ200
3. That The camera has time sealing and can be used in inclement time. Any raincoat!
4. The row of zoom adds. Of 25 to 600
5. EVF Is main and improved in FZ200 and can see scenes and of the info better
6. Touchscreen LCD Is the improvement adds the one who the leaves use easier that camera
7. It can dip a point of home while seeing by means of EVF, zone of home, keys of extra functions.
8. Constante F2.8 opening during a zone of whole zoom. It leaves lighter, better low light
9. Has mechanical shutter (calm) and electronic shutter (the free noise) adds in of the museums
10. Extremely fast house, very improved in a FZ200. Depth of defocus process?
11. 4K Photo, 30FPS the start of images 8mp, easily can select perfect photo on LCD
12. 4K The now possible video. Attentively the fact and the results are excellent.
13. That The camera looks very fast. Fast startup and ready to use.
14. Port of leaves of microphone to add external Microphone. Useful when windy conditions.
15. Improved down images read was with a small sensor. Until 1600 with some noise
16. Camera while small dSLR sized is quite light same with a lentil of big zoom.
17. Easily it can add filters, comprising Polarisers, ND filters and súper closeup filters
18. It comprises to lentil hood very good that it can protect a lentil without adding the UV filter
19. The quality of image is excellent in good light, aims good dynamic row and a lot of detail.
20. Wifi Leaves easy scrolling of images. And control of camera by means of application.
21. The images and the video in general is excellent with a lot of keepers.
22. F2.8 constant opening the leaves of lentil have improved Bokeh (found it blurs a lot usually possible with small sensor.). Mostly seen in macro images.
23. Good quality macro the possible images.

That is not I so that it adds with this excellent camera and could be improved.

1. That The camera uses the very small sensor, like this down the video and the images read are limited
2. The small sensor has the dynamic row lower and less detail in of the images.
3. That can use headphone jack for video.
4. Extra wide corner disappeared because of fixed lentil.
5. No the able pocket, as that the camera needs the stock exchange or strap.
6. Decreases of video and light images while the cups for small sensor have limited still and can be noisy.
7. To the lentil is integrated in camera like this really calm can not change a lentil.
8. That The camera is not economic but considering all some characteristics, is the good compraventa .

Loves súper cameras of the zoom or you are the birder, ossia have to that compraventa. It does not substitute a FZ1000 which has the much bigger 1 sensor of thumb with quality of better image, light quality better decrease and better dynamic row. But a FZ300 is the true súper zoom; it is in the class all is suitable and is a lot of value upgrading him him he FZ150/FZ200 or another older Cannon or Nikon súper zoom. Now this in spite of of 2016, is a better small sensor súper the zoom can buy. If a camera looks too big or expensive for you, considers a Panasonic ZS50 which is the pocket adds súper zoom with a EVF or a new ZS100 which now has the 1 sensor of thumb and touchscreen costs more than a FZ300..
5 / 5
Yeah, Can have the sensor he big plus, elder MP, or be one of these &62;40x camera of zoom, but am happy with some photos takes. Included in full zoom and in the variety to light, taking awesome photo. It has not had the blurry or grainy one still. Still without the tripod was able to take an astonishingly detailed photo of a full moon. And still with fog of morning, some photos are acute starts ! Continuous be impressed by this camera ruggedness against some elements: the majority of my photograph is in a beach (read: sand, rooms, and quell'saltwater spray), and is resisted on like this far and looks to be very built to give support.
4 / 5
Be in accordance with a lot of reviewers in the forces of this camera. They are listings , down. Travesía To plot and and shoot to plot and although I have been happy with a flexibility/of portability of camera of small sensor with rows of big zoom, each one which of them the powder has left finally to a sensor. Bad! Yes, I have taken included these cameras averts to clean a sensor (2x!) Ossia To plot of time and to plot of rays very tiny! So many, included although this camera is main and heavier that camera of pocket of zoom along, a time-proofing and powder-proofing was one the majority of characteristic of entity, mine, remained with a zoom. A bit those that weeks with him, now, and could not be happier. The rain and the powder have has has not annoyed thousands of the picture that takes moments. Well! But some speeds and amazing zoom of operation in this camera simply is in amazing! With abundance of light, this camera takes to surprise pictures in of the manuals or car, of 25mm to 600mm.

>A capacity to shoot shutter priority, opening priority, full manual, or full car
>Fast, calm autofocus and zoom
>Tilt and swivel touch-monitor of screen
>Very acute framing and directing in any light with a crisp, that shines EVF
>Very good 4k video
>One decent built-in, variable-begin it flash and the hotshoe
>A capacity to shoot BELIEVED
>Decent built-in mic and the jack (the quality of his this a lot of well with a built-in mic)
>Time-proofing and powder-proofing
>Fast cold starts and near of-zero latency in a shutter
5 / 5
LOOK: advance of Long description!
This camera there is officially result one of the mine gone the cameras for work and for fun. Usually it uses the Pentax K-50 or Sony Nex 5n. When Travelling, use the Sony HX90v and RX100m3. I have found this camera while looking for 4K able cameras to use for my canal of Youtube. As you can see, it was mainly he hardcore Sony defender, but these cameras persuaded to try another mark. Appreciated that has done. Has near of a zoom that a Sony HX90v has. Fully zoomed a HX90v there is around -700mm achieve (35mm equivalent) and this camera is roughly -600mm achieve. 100mm is not any a lot of my experience to for real do the enormous difference. A thing that this camera has to that it loves roughly the, that a HX90v does not have . It is a capacity to shoot RAW files. Which is something can take of mine RX100m3 and mine DSLR/Mirrorless. Now, this does not go to beat a quality of image that a RX100m3 or K50/5n give of a sensor is very small in comparison.
Going back to a camera now. It is resistant time to the terracing (Truthfully, I never control of time of the push to hard.). As For the prize is the enormous plus for travelling and when being an active external photographer. One 12.1 Megapixel the indication can turn people out of this when they listen other cameras having 18+ or now some be 24+. This in spite of really, of experience, goes to stick on Facebook, or very other means comunicacionales social footprint or included a 4x6/8x10 fashionable impressions. Then 12.1 Megapixels is spare. To be just, these 4K TVs (these records in 4K also) is roughly 8 Megapixels, with 1080p when being around 2 Megapixels. So many with which leave that tank in, any one sinister calm concern to you to a lot.
That video stack up? The video does quite well, has directed to take the video of quality adds out of this camera. I have bought it mic ossia $ 36 of amazon and now his audio is included better. More these registers of camera in 4K, which is the big plus of the mine others the cameras have listed only record in 1080p max (K50 unsure, no for the use never to record). Now before volume at the head of me, realistically was well to register in 4K 60FPS. Sadly This camera does not register in 60FPS, instead record in 30fps and 24fps (4K ossia). It likes me quell'has said, have bought this for video of Youtube/of Youtube and thats perfect really.
For real see this camera that mine of substitutes HX90v and RX100m3 in travelling. Although I do not know exactly as extracted in low light, knows goes to be the feeblest action that mine other cameras minus a HX90v, which has one same sized sensor.
Now surround it quickly
Yes is looking for the fun camera that gives the photos add, and the video add buy this. If it love the 4K camera, spent this. Time the Resistant camera required for travesía? Calm guessed it, spent this.
5 / 5
Which directed to buy this camera was an editor chooses of a year of 2019. Like an amazon reviewer, photographer and hobbyist, this has changed like concerts of recognition/of venues/of social chances. Now I have a capacity to be a person to admit a casualidad to launch the memory of chance. They are not you kidding, or that it wants to squander your money for an opinion,
My first camera was the Kodak instafilm; you can see my description and of the experiences of that in my history of compraventa. With this said; can say you that jumping of this camera to ossia ...... So only. Film of instant vs Digital; he it querella classical. To all the cost, of the leaves of calm product time surprised with which time.

Because of a value lateralmente, would suggest the chance to spend that it differs besides another like this to not taking lost in luggage. Sure partorisca protect with which guarantee and register this product immediately. This is not something loves drop in some walk (AT ALL DARK!)

With a capacity to take a moment inside a main quality the available digital photo, these photos for real leave the perfect picture.

A software is easy to install, but can moves wireless some files for the a lot of faster storage, fast scrolling. This leaves a consumer (calm) to save the lovely time that explores thru the photos have seen PC. The pictures finally will be available hardly has a time.

Downloads of authorship: they are not the professional photograph and does not know like this to express the one who lovely this camera is for the photographer of the professional career driven. It suggests this for which want to take his portraits familiarised in an available main resolution. The photos of product resupplied is illustrations of the which have fulfilled to possess this camera of then 2019.
5 / 5
With which hauling around stirs it or train when travelling, has decided a point of additional big quality and that the camera of shoot has been required. When Researching some available models for qualities - estimativa - descriptions - hanged - this model says 'try me so only.' I , and was floored for a quality has taken of this little gem. I have taken 500 + images on some last 3 months- mostly birds in of the trees. A Resolution is surprising, so only can have 12MP, but is extraordinary. I have done a bit complaining so that it take use to use the screen of view in place of the finder of view, but has regulated his quickly. A f/2.8 lentil - incredible in low light, and are still adds in brilliant sun.
4 / 5
Finally does not seat to likes has to that lug my big heavy DSLR around to take good pictures of character, birds and insects. Has a Cannon T5i with the 100-400mm lentil that hanged varied pounds and looks the white telescope that all the world-wide looks in me. Sometimes only calm does not love this class of attention, neither to have that spends an element that use to enormous rucksack. This camera is much lighter , access in purse of mine, and spending he with the strap of with the for the hours does not tire to like me a DSLR has done. I am impressed astonishingly with a quality of video, has taken the video of the butterfly fluttering around the flower and quality of looks of professional film, better that my same Cannon. It likes- one way this Panasonic manacles of car of the bosses, the colours look something-on, and the pictures exit acute. This has cut down in my correction to balance by heart and stressing in photoshop afterwards. I have tried a leading version fz200 of this camera in the first place, as well as the Cannon Powershhot sx720, but has not been like this happy with a quality of image has compared to this fz300 for a point of prize looked of down 500. A video in this camera blows all another out of a water, included would go like this far to say this prize has be worth it as it camera of video/camcorder substitution so only.

In the low light conditions these looks of cameras to do more with flashing, has seen any grainy images in light of shady room, but each camera has not possessed never suffers concealed. It has lit well the situations have not seen never the no DSLR produced similar images of big quality this in spite of, and this was the neighbourhood of a prize has paid for my cannon with lentils. When I zoomed in in the shrub has taken the clear shot of the bee where still can see some particles of pollen in a bee. I zoomed in the tree roughly 100 feet was and could see some small birds on he (sees photo). It was surprised also to see it bokeh effect in a fund of the flower has had zoomed on, a fund was in plot of estacionar that was a lot of unnatractive, but can very included the see reason he a house of flower and soft blurred a fund for me. Ossia The generally seen effect in DSLR camera, but has not been conscious this would be able of that.

Has found a very easy camera to operate, is returned my hands well, the abundance has had to that options usually so only found in of the cameras of main finals like manual wife, and a touch-gone back of the screen was when you presses your face against an eye viewfinder (that has the sensor to relieve your face, or when has a camera so only resting in yours @@@cofre with a strap) which save you power of battery. My main purpose to buy this camera is to take shots of fauna and flora when they are out of a house, but not planning to photograph likes DSLR is house. This returning in purse of mine and when being light, takes he with me everywhere to avert this ' the desire has had my camera with me' moments.
4 / 5
Has loved the good camera. I know at all roughly it photographs. It was, this in spite of, an art of entity (produced) how is roughly colour and composition. Has has wanted to something that could have entertainment with, and take photo of big quality with, without the curve of enormous learning. With which hours (and hours and hours) of investigation, I finally solved is. I imagined it it do not go to perfect... At all it is. The ones of way that far is it extremely happy state with my election.

This camera rid of the utmost shots in an automatic function. I go to comprise some photos have taken in some first 24 hours have begun to use my camera, without leading knowledge another that that looks the pair youtube video in an a lot of basics to use a FZ300K.

Has used a video the record music during the festival, and has been pleased with a quality. My hands have not been to stabilise a whole time, but a video has not been shaky. It can use some practice with my camera is on me. I plan to use a video for some projects of art and I to good sure think is the video of good quality that will look professional once result the best camera.

Are happy has done this election. If sounds to to anything the taste, and is in a fence roughly purchasing of this camera, goes for him. In planting to spend the hours that reads descriptions of cameras, spend these external hours that takes pictures!

Top Customer Reviews: Panasonic LUMIX ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It IS very sceptical to take this camera for my sister. Has the cheap Nikon Coolpix the point and he shoot and have taken some fantastic pictures with him that impressed me really, especially when using a zoom. It breaks an another day after him gustantres or four years and I have imagined was arrests to time for his to update. Since you do not want the DSLR so that it wants his maintains mere, researched a lot of cameras of bridge, but his quality of the picture left the plot to be has wished. It wants a zoom in a Nikon Coolpix P900 but detested a quality of image of this camera, especially for $ 500. No this unit While OBVIOUSLY any one in that has a quality of image of the DSLR, is fantastic to come from such the small sensor. Any only that, but some colours of this sensor are faithful and has the plot of pop, which adapt me to us of my Cannon EOS-7D.

Honestly, My Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 does not have these lovely colours in default parameters. That more to say in a FZ70? His sensor has surprisingly well dynamic field. Oh, An emission of shutter lag is minimum. There is any one of this cheapy point and shoot lag. Any one while any one for the photo to be has taken. Desprs Closing a house for those presses the averages a button, a picture is taken for the press hardly fully. I have taken hardly a first picture, smiled likes him wide, so that it do not expect such DSLR-like behaviour. Click. Acute picture. Click. Another acute picture. And this was in low light. AS it SATISFIES.

IS by train to say you, IS the FUN camera and the MAY has listened a desire or has thought included, ' the desire there has been mine DSLR with me.' It was it has contained in that has it only this camera for the day without anything more. A zoom is not sper the fast in of the nicknames of speed, but come on...For less than $ 300, conceal it would be too much to ask. A dulcemente is SPER WIDTH, and is respectably acute same when zoomed fully, and has not seen chromatic aberrations when shooting the decadence. Ah, cute Thing: included in VGA road, a quality of video is impressive. A camera has likes him 200 MBs internal memory, only can record VGA. But it looks also in camera, my sister and began me laugh. That is to say to coach to come from me, the type has used to fast DSLRs and that the would not be taken fatality with the point and shoot. But very anymore, so that this FZ70 is AWESOME. Still it record it RAW files if raisins to be allergic in JPEGs. That quota is concealed? Closed is snapshots trying some colours...And hand-has streaky moonshots...One in max zoom and one in less zoom. All on are posing of scene of the Decadence. He thank you stops to read. The god bless you very!
4 / 5
A zoom is truly awesome in of the this. Any SLR the lentil can compare. It IS it adds for birdwatching, zooming in in the face in a crowd, shots of fauna and flora, and included only material fresco that is to say to era of long road .
4k The video am adds. I am the Cannon SLR the person and does not have 4k in a low or mid-field for a SLR, so that it is why has taken this and is adds.
Fast FPS. A camera can take 4k video, which are 8mp in 30fps. It alleges he he in 4k road of Explosion, which a lot the ways that takes the 4k video and will aim to frame for the frame and the left wing select some to do photos. Horrible to do in the screen of a camera, has wounded up taking software that would do in my PC and only pull all some images was. That can do of any video, so that is to say a characteristic ineffective (at least for me). Has wanted to something concealed would create 30 second/images, which could cross in the real screen and clave hurriedly. Like this the characteristic is why I has chosen a Lumix in the Nikon, is the small turbulent in his implementation.
The drops of clear conditions for moving the subjects are terrible. In a point concealed active down the clear subjects in situating fact any one gives was low light, and there is any one 'election of action in a selector. A F2.8 For a lentil in the width is not matched by the very sensitive sensor, or is not automatically upping a sensibility while precise. Has the tonne of blurry shots of my boys been due to of the this. Swipe with some levels of light and was cludgey in better, totally ineffective in worse. Has punch the something sweet the pair to time to pose he in 1/60 of the second, but still has subjects (and my boys is not that fast). That is to say an AMAZING camera in the daytime of the outside, but for boys in bouncing it the house no for me.
Mesh of Home, like the zoom obstructed is the paste or lose. Generally, zoom and autofocus is fantastic and FAST. In this way that taking the picture of fauna and flora that is partially obstructed for the ways of bouquet that can take you the fantastic shot of the cover in place of a Pileated Woodpecker has tried prendi. Also, of an only goes to plough in F-8, has the limit in which depth can take so that glass the clear cover to beat only when being 6 next inches that a woodpecker, but, oh well.
Options very limited in a wheel of selection. Has a fab 5 (car, P, A, S, M), then Expressive (for filters), Portrait, Panoramic, C? (Perhaps done of commission, but defaults in 1080p/60fps), and then Video (to adjust parameters in road of video)
My last complaint is one smaller, some characteristic (likes him C on) is bad counted in screen (the inaugural is only 'A', which are not useful in noobs), which ways that Panasonic the characteristic fashionable is not understandable in of the people with more than experience. I have turned accidentally in a characteristic to take 3 shots and melt them which no for the boys that movement (but would be adds for shots of landscape). Stray 1/2 of the class of my boys of the karate that the flavours fixed he in planting to take pictures.

In general, that is to say a AWESOME the the camera yes is taking zoomed pictures or videos in solos, or of subjects not moving . A autofocusing in the cover can be problem , but survivable. A wifi, etc. IS good but very particularly useful for me. I tried it and it was it adds to pose in the monopod and uses your telephone in of the shots of selection in the crowd. And for $ 300, any SLR can compare in value. Even so, once the beginnings of cannon with a T8i, if one 4k is well, has posed probably this in craigslist. Because of a crappy low light, still use my Cannon T4i am going in to somewhere like an Aquarium of Baltimore or Museum of Natural History with my boys, and this camera would have to has posed my T4i the embed.
5 / 5
Active there was only a camera for three days. I have to admit that a selection and the elections of the card have overwhelmed at the beginning, included with some familiarity with cameras. Panasonic HAS some declares only in his mark and apprentice a terminology has taken some time. More than reading some on-line manuals, looked some of a tutorials available in calm-Tube. I have found 16 has consecrated videos for Graham Houghton in an use of a camera. I am in the neighbourhood of a road through. Some recoveries that a camera no in several conditions only do not look to line any weight when one learns so to operate a camera properly, especially a recovery this bad in low light. I have taken a camera in a hockey rink and shot in an available lighting sports of subjects and was able to take some utmost shots. I have touched around operative a camera in of the different roads alfresco and has shot the hummingbird in flight in 1/8000 of the second, freezing the wings of a bird in flight. Certainly, one lighting has not entered my favour of my vantage the point but was only the test of camera, anybody tentativa in the prize that wins photo. I have taken numerous photos of some same dahlias in of the arrivals and of the different roads with the series of totally of different interpretations of a same image.

Has operated also a camera in low light, using a parameter recommended in some videos. Some results have been point and averts. I actuate Still to explore very a camera is another characteristic like the clave that marries and operative a camera remotely with my mobile phone of android.

Has shot in 330 images in a game of the hockey and the life besides that had left wing of half stack according to an exposure. I have not tried a camera in road to film since I seldom video of shoot. Of the concealed has experimented so far, creates my photos well will surpass my current exposures. I actuate Hardly the learnt a basics of the capacities of a camera.

With an enormous quantity of creative control, this is not the camera can pose down and then chooses the month later and take concealed to operate everything of his characteristic. And still then, the fast description of the manuals of a camera or some videos can be necessary all of the potential of a camera is to be has used.

While some fanatics of the camera can complain in the measure of sensor of a camera or some indistinguishable aberration of lentils because of the long lentil of a camera, left expensive he, the majority of us never our photos have printed so wallpaper murals. We see our creations in our mobile phones, tablets, portable, and TVs. Some images created by this camera can be so impressive likes any one full SLR with dollar of one thousand lenses and is limited only for a shooters described, no for the limitations of a camera.

A good characteristic that a lot of cameras of the bridge does not have is the threaded front in some leaves for filters. A shooter can attach the filter to polarise or ND filters to extend time of shutter to take photos of speciality.

There is a negative thing to say, would have appreciated for the screen of curve since, when travelling and when being in of the crowds, is sometimes useful to line a camera on all the world is apt and pushes down in the big angle, using a screen of house of curves. I can live without that a characteristic data all another characteristic of this incredible camera.
4 / 5
It has Had this camera for the little more than the year and uses it constantly with results very well for images of Facebook. Typically it uses a autofocus to do some shots and reduce a default circa 5K images of JPEG in in the third of an original measure to publish. It has Had the worse luck that publishes video, mostly because of the very slow Internet connection that the marks that video of debits of any measure also that consumes time to cost an endeavour. From time to time it uses an a lot of fiddly so-the manual house nicknamed with the tripod for pictures of flowers, etc., With variable results.

Takes unbelievable value for a prize, but still is that it takes that paid for--20-1200 mm zoom, RAW images (that requires the tonne that clave of process and correction for vignetting, etc.), Class of HQ video (very useful for documentary purposes, but no for filmmaking), surprisingly qualified of good macro (house in 1 cm), and rendition by heart decent. They that me my colours the bit oversaturated, and uses a Happy parameter for more than shots (sad professionals). Of gustibus Etc.

One 1200 mm the zoom amounting is not terribly useful unless has the reason to picture big objects covertly of the distance in full day. There is no aided me at all with birds in a Potomac and composed that for the subject of the majority would not want to use more than half of this zoom in daylight well , in brilliant. Still a lentil is very flexible and calm give you the terrific election of FOV for daily subjects.

An inaugural is only five aim something in full zoom--the person more add--and a tiny sensor yields the softest house through a joint that could expect calm--softer and noisier, IMHO, that some mobile phone and cameras of pocket of comparable measure. The low action ignites is quite bad, but a camera is far from very-for-swimming in low light.

In one another hand, one 20mm the wide angle is very useful so much for shots of interior and to edifices of picture. It attaches this in an amazing macro the capacity and calm takes two strong points in favour of these clothes.

Has the new version and updated of this camera, a DC-FZ80, which attach 4k video of TBD quality, the house that stacks, two more megapixels in a sensor, (think) an external microphone, and the few other substantial improvements. Same old lentil. Apparently no longer it has in-memory of camera (??). Some the early descriptions suggest that a quality of image is still the bit sub-pair of the pro point of view, but a circa $ 400 prize of the compraventa to good sure done a new model the subject, although any one almost so of the subject like this models.

Has the number of in-of the filters of camera of special effects, some desquels is amused--although some effects are easily equaled or surpassed in Photoshop or A Gimp.

Probably does not update , but to well sure would consider a FZ80 like opposite in a FZ70 moves today of the pocket-point of model-and-shoot or the dulcemente-the mobile phone has limited. An additional functionality could not justify some updates, but to good sure would enhance the first-purchase of time.

This old model is still the hands-low, surprising business while I know that it is taking. If you are in the estimativa and is looking for the student very-written the camera has advanced, well could consider accident in a FZ70 while it is still available. Active More had amused with mine that the barrel of the monkeys and he aim any sign to spend was.

NB--The semi-detached snapshots have each state slightly clave-accused in an ancient version of Photoshop and reduced in measure for the web that publishes. I comprise the fragment of raw video of the course of some Women. It relates refero--Judges any ballast ye when being etc.
5 / 5
First of all, sound the point and shoot. Justo Whose attentive DSLR camera of quality these slow uses of good quality.
With well ilumination this camera takes utmost pictures.

This camera comes with the software adds, only learn so to take pictures. His no that fault of of camera, my fiance always say me that his photos of tlphonique sucks. But when the volume looks them utmost.

To pose an example. For pictures at night of the use of portrait a preset. Or use the soft flashes in the to to profit likes him in the DSLR. Or use and external flashes...
For pictures of stars of the use at night the heaven Launched to see a milky road.
For use of portrait of the daylight P and uses one flashes( help with rind of people)
Anyways that is to say the the camera adds . Niza stack.

Deja apresamiento real. One 20-1200 zoom is very that exists in DSLR cameras.
Would require the Sigma these costs like your cart.
Has required to print pictures in 12' wide? It takes the photographer with experience and good glass.
Takes 20-1200mm with this plus optic stabilisation.

An example. You are in vacacional in Caribbean. Taken it CANIKON with lentils of boxes with 28-70mm(18-55) or the enormous stock exchange of lenses???? Or taken this incredible camera with 20-1200mm and almost 5 accident these values in amazon. And take the grip. In the tourist places there are professional this takes utmost pictures for cheap. In an end of a calm day only pictures of necessity for Half comunicacionales Social. And this calm camera give you good photos calm cape he well. Still for impression 12' photos.
2 / 5
The very global camera. But lacks of the significantly compared acuteness in another Lumix models (i.et. Panasonic Lumix ZS70). This camera has the very big zoom (which are why I has bought he for) which are almost useless so that to take good shots that requires the big shutter accelerates cual in in the turn requires or ignites very brilliant or ISO estimates very big. A stabilisation of the electronic image is not to estimate a powder for the swipe up with. Other cameras do the very better laws. Has big hopes for this camera but was thoroughly has disappointed.
Is selling this camera that quickly while I can.
5 / 5
Initial impression: it is to take to think what the capacities of this camera are until you used you the unit HAS the full stock exchanges of squad of camera that comprises the Mamiya RB-67, Pentax 6x7, Cannon 5D Mk2, Cannon T2i and the plot of glass as I trust me when say, these lives of camera until a pre-hype of emission. In the principle there has been the mine has seen posed in a Cannon SX50 which are the camera well , but the low falls of his Lumix peers. My house was to take an easy to use point-and-camera of shoot for my woman of a SLRs was only mass for his to handle - but now is that it goes to have that battle me for him. I will update this description while I obtain more experience with a video and of the special functions (which there are a lot of) in a future. Until then, I recommend that taken a moment some rests to price way down below $ 400 so that it do not think it will remain his long when a word exits that it attaches these laws of camera.

UPDATE: after using this camera for almost 6-month, is still VERY happy with him and some products of pictures - and would be happy to share some of some shots. It finds some among others critical extremes the indications that the interest since has any experimented a lot of some refusals mentioned and has experimented the majority of some positive commentaries. This camera simply works for me. Shoot everything of races of sports of car road in of the retreats in the felizmente utmost scenery and that spends this 1 lb 7.2 oz the the camera sure beats a heck out of tugging mine 12 lbs of 5D Mk 2, with group of dual stack and 50-500mm Sigma lentil around all day more the extra of lenses of pair and stacks in the stock exchange of camera. Also I have any problem that takes my shots in 13x19 impressions of inch of any CRUDES or files of JPEG of format. I have read also this camera is big and bulky. Well, if raisins in XXL in to the the gloves like them to them the to them I , accesses properly in my hands. He also the very better work in the hands of my woman that a DSLRs has (T2i in addition to one 5D)how is happy also! A weight is simply any one the worry in us so has both spent it around all day without any problems or side of effects by side. In fact, now that a prize is fallen in $ 249 goes to buy another to maintain peace in a family.

Critical a lot of the soft pictures have mentioned in a 1000 in 1200mm final of a field of zoom. Engalanis Your paycheck that the majority of a problem is movement of the camera since is very difficult to rid line very still quite camera in this say magnification to take the sper acute picture - by everything means of system of the stabilisation of the image has employed. It has had very better the luck those uses the monopod or same better, the solid tripod (like a critic suggested) to take these very acute shots of long field.

Has discovered also an automatic backlit the scene these notes and system of the exposure when moved in a fully automatic parameter - very effective!

But while I have said, a test is in a final product so it like me calm sees the sample of response of images in this description and comprises your allocution of the email and I will share the little with you.
5 / 5
Only it take it this Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70 camera the little the mark of days and so far...WOW! ( The purchase renewed of Goodios here in Amazon).

A main reason has required the new camera was for a optic zoom. Has the plot of 'fauna and flora' in our yard and I as to take pictures of a diverse critters and life to plant to share with familiar and friends. Obviously, can create me near of in of the plants and of the flowers, but a critters is another history.

A maximum of optic the zoom has on any one of my digital old plus and 35mm the cameras was 3X - 10X, which only has not gone enough to take images of the good quality of a distance has required, likes him 100 feet.

Has taken it casualidad in a model renewed of Goodios in Amazon so that it returns my estimativa very better. It averts of the guarantee of 90 days, a different only thing again and research renewed to be a box; one has renewed is shipped in the boxes of mere brown, but everything is there that it would ship it to it he with a new camera (CD, manual, covers of dulcemente, cape of USB, strap of shoulder, stack, and upload).

Still is touching with all some A lot of parameters (automatic and manual) but so far, that is to say a awesome camera for a money.
Does not have connectivity of Wi-Final, likes him some of some more expensive cameras, which was conscious of and a lot very precise . So if that is to say something wants to, takes that in consideration.

Has Panasonic PhotoFun software that opens up when a camera is connected saws a cape of USB has distributed.

Wants to take a SD card (Micro SD w/ adaptadora). I have chosen in the 64GB SanDisk in Amazon for peanuts (compared in the this has used to cost any so long mark). SanDisk Ultra 64GB UHS-/Classify 10 Micro SDXC Card by heart Until 48MB/s With Adapter- SDSDQUAN-064G-G4A [the Newest version] and is doing adds!

If it is was and enough and absolutely esquired' the road or or more than some photos in a SD card in a camera, can take a Micro SD and pop he in my Galaxy of Samsung S5 telephone in email or message (or very tlphonique this accepts SD and Micro SD).

Has attached two photos that has taken in fact yields this morning. One is a very-zoomed photo (trees in our yard); an another is a squirrel that I zoomed up in some same trees in a first photo.

In general, totally recommends this camera. If anything changes in my opinion, will amend my description.
1 / 5
There is to good sure in my alcohol that this camera is able to take utmost pictures. I hate me low gesture, but only has not had a patience for this class of interface. It takes spoiled rotten for nikon coolpix and included moved until a real DSLR. Has think that the DSLR was difficult to learn so to operate. Then take it this camera . If you think that that that is to say the mere point and shoot? It thinks again. Kudos In the who has found this camera to be easy. It exits...And do a world-wide the better place!
5 / 5
A field of the zoom in this camera is unbelievable. A camera of base has the 60X zoom the field that the fact a plus with a longitude of any interior of available camera a moment. A field of total zoom in mm is 20 - 1200 mm which are very impressive. It regulates SLR slow with these types of fields would require several lenses and untold thousands of dollars......More a cost of a camera he. Even so this Lumix the satisfied jewel all concealed and more in the scant fraction of a cost. A camera is easy to operate, has an incredible quantity of built in characteristic and much more only expect be discovered to experience. A premium has attached is a capacity to extend a field of zoom to select resolutions of less than image that a full 16.1m. The while it is necessary always wants to brotis in 16.1m for me when being overkill. The resolution of image is the subjective subject . It IS simply the subject that wants to think it and is has owed to resolve prisoner. At present it uses the Sony DSLR the camera compresses like this Lumix, the Nikon D50 with several lenses but usually coupled with the Tamron 18 - 200. This D50 is the camera 6.1m and has shot and the flawless impressions have developed in 11 x 14 with total clarity. Some can take subject with this statement but excessive megapixels in the camera is a lot likes him possess the cart that will run 150 mph when all can enter one issues is 55 mph. A capacity is there..........But when, if the calm will not use it never. It opens, if you are the professional photographer or give it serious support and routinely develops in 16 x 20 or still 20 x 30 or more.....That is to say a thing . But if your basic necessity is for level 4 x 6 impressions and an occasional 5 x 7 or same a 8 x 10 then your eye will be to take pressed (if it included able in) seen any difference goes in to 5M photo and to 16M photo.

Has said each concealed to say this........One of some characteristic is of this camera is a capacity to augment a field of zoom to select less than resolution 16.1m. I took it down all a road in 5M, still takes glass the clear pictures and this augment a field of zoom of 60X all a road in 270X! Yes, you have read properly!!! Then.....If you attach one the digital zoom can finish with the total on varies of zoom of the camera of 675X. The calm listened you never of anything has taken? Then for to the entertainment and the games have taken the Sony marks teleconvertor for my Sony that is estimated for 1.7x and is trace he in mine Lumix. One measures to filter regulate for one Lumix is 55mm but had bought it Goja point of adapter of the filter to be able to use my dollars varied valuable of hundred to exist filters. Many of them are 58mm so that it has simply bought he Goja 55mm in 58mm point of adapter and rapes......Availability of filter of the instant. And.....He only so that it spend it that my Sony teleconvertor has 58mm the nuts and I was able to match these rights in mine Lumix, which now takes one 675X max zoom of a camera with izoom and digital zoom, multiple he for 1.7 and now gives the field of total zoom of 1147X. It conceal it is not 1147 mm............. It IS 1147X field of zoom.

Opened....... I will admit, a camera is the bear to use on the way to rid streaky, but that it is only that fact to see phase of worse case. I bond the pair to photograph the hand apresamiento lined in these extremes only can see some potentials this offer of camera. Mina, mine......In the Almost is in pictures of speakers of type of the spy of 10 miles was. I will leave to judge some photos........No for clarity or subject subject.........But only for an example of a field of zoom of this camera. I will say this here........The bus in some photos was quite 500 feet of my place and all the photos have been taken the streaky hand of one something same.

But still without some characteristic of impressive zoom......That is to say one heck of the camera. Some pictures, included in 5M is the clear glass and will be sure to please. Then with each a built in of the special roads, one 11 or roads to filter more internal, one 23 or so roads of selection of the scene, and road of full manual with shutter or road of priority of the inaugural......... You can go any road that need for your necessities to shoot.

In the to the Another characteristic likes him in of this camera is that while it films the video can press a button of shutter and takes the still photo. Or while it sees the video can take still photos of a video. I am anxious to experience with this plus how has the threads in a group and I usually take multiple cameras in his concerts, etc. For video he and also takes some still shots. With this camera is alentadora to be able to do so much with or instruments. Has a test to Aim Sabata premier this Thursday and our first game of football this Friday. You are the time to see what this camera very can do with his zooming described so up in some supports.

Afterwards, as it camera buff of a lot of years (40+) is very pleased with this compraventa. It has had the Pentax SPII, the Pentax ESII, the Nikon N70, the Nikon D50, the diverse point smaller and shoot written each in some cameras and now this Panasonic. For ease of use, field of characteristic and the sides against described...... I have posed this Panasonic Lumix in a cup of a group in characteristic. No, it does not have a quality that any one Pentax or Nikons mark.....But then again..........This cost of camera the fraction of the cual done and some of some lenses of the individual accessory has bought for them in a cost are spent a lot of times a cost of this camera............As it is not even the just comparison. But for characteristic...........My expensive toys can not begin to compare with a capacity of this camera. I am very pleased with him. To see a field of zoom pleases look in some of some photos go to upload.

Top Customer Reviews: WOWGO Kids Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This camera is PERFECTO partorisca girls. It has taken partorisca mine 10 I the daughter and she loves it. Some functions are the better plot that expected, a colour is good-looking, is súper easy to use calm once imagine out of some keys and a propiciado by information explains that well. The girls are like this technology savvy my daughter has imagined was before it could included read a manual. Lol. It has given so only 4 stars partorisca pic qualities because we are now like this used the photos of big quality of our telephones. But it is quality VERY BIG for the device of the boys!! The better way that his other pills of girl and learning tools that also take pics. It is also súper hanged light!! How it is perfect to take the strap and spending around the his with the in vacacional. A colour is aimed like this and good-looking. To good sure recommend it. Calm can not beat a prize!!
5 / 5
Ossia The really fresh camera . I have been that tries to find an alternative for my girls to take pictures without maintaining using my telephone. They have taken so many pictures using my telephone. I am spent to plot to time to clean his up. Now with this camera, can take pictures like this a lot of to the equal that want! It was súper easy to use. Recognition he on and take pictures, ossia. To to I My boys like to of him to plot!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Ossia The alternative cockroach to the point and camera of shoot for boys. I add for small hands, qualities/of the video of the picture is mediocre but takes them used to take photo and video. Amused to touch with, selfie the way is easy to access and an option of timer is sum! Marcos fresh to add the little somethin the some photos and the papers are simple/easy to cruised by means of. Light and easy to spend around with an included lanyard. The colours of organism am fun and brilliant. It would do the fun or present anniversary navideño for boys.
4 / 5
This little camera of girls is quite fresh. For a prize is perfect for mine 4 1/2 yr old. Some keys are easy to use and a screen is big to the equal that can see his pics easy and clear. It comes with the 32 gb paper by heart so that it would owe that resist to plot of pics. A paper by heart is down he screwed raisin so it can any taken was. A battery is usb rechargeable And a battery is fixed as it does not have to that the worry will take them era. And yes spend to know already is durable. It fell it already two times in a tile and a lot still like new.
4 / 5
This little camera are adds! Mina 3 old year goes it to love! Has the different frames can choose of to take his pictures with. It comes with the boss of USB uploads (any cube just boss), instructions, and included the little band of stickers (all toddlers stickers of AMUR). It has touched fast and was able covers it he in and the turn on immediately for the try was. An only no the thing ADDS is a quality of picture . It is in no way bad or grainy but is also any one a More adds them so has of characteristic 4 stars but for a purpose of mine 3 old year that uses it, a quality of some pictures is perfect. It stores some pictures taken in a paper by heart to the equal that can look behind in his captions!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Mina toddler always is trying touch with my expensive camera, as I have loved to find the boy-friendly one for his to feel special and learn on, and ossia a PERFECT thing . I want that it can see that it is doing in a screen, some keys are very easy for his to press so it does not have to that it helps it and can so only has left his gone the city with him! A selfie the way is súper characteristic entertainment, and to the chairs likes them does like this of the characteristic pleasant extras likes concealed and some frames of stickers and fun photo. For a prize, to the chair likes them the volume like this value . Mina kiddo is not still 2 this in spite of and is able to touch with him, and was so that it has grown will be able to in fact use it he so that it is meant to be used! For now, so only it loves that has to his own camera likes him the heart, and master that am not concerned in his hurting it. It is also súper well that calms does not have to that disorder with battery, can use any micro SD cord for the touch!
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. User friendly Camera for easy girls to manage and present well for a season vacacional, the quality of picture is well. Has seal that can be easily spent and his so that it can cure of a camera and have the pleasant small stickers have resupplied so that the girls can do his book of own piece, a better calm thing can touch a camera with a boss of USB has Resupplied on all a quality is well sweats to like resembled a calm camera does not have to that the rid your expensive mobile or camera
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this I so that it can maintain boys out of my mobiles and is to exit well. Ossia Such the pleasant and good quality camera. It is friendly boy and a material is bumper likes to protect he of falls, is also very easy for the hands of girl to grip. It is like this simple to use that mine inclusa toddler can do all his characteristics and transmission some pleasant frames to take the pleasant or pleasant picture. Some pictures exit good and is not terrible quality neither. This also comes with the paper by heart that it is to good sure a prize added and calm can take a lot of pics or video on that. Mina 3 old year toddler the daughter loves this and uses it all day to take like this pictures, for his is like this entertainment . I recommend this like the perfect present for boys. It is entertainment for a whole family reason promotes the creativity and the time familiarised have amused.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. My boys have been taking loaned my expensive telephone and try take pictures of snow of birds etc.. I have loved to take the economic but decent camera for them to use his creativity and not breaking my telephone. This camera is simple and easy to use, calms that has to that the touch that uses micro usb boss. A quality of the picture is not 8k but decent for the boys friendly camera. A camera while taking the pictures also resupply some personnel that the creative fact for boys to have “frame” around his pictures. That there is enjoyed has been simplicity for boys to use, grip a lot his, And rechargeable battery so that it does not have to that maintain dipping battery in him. These frames for the present of anniversary adds or so only maintaining boys out of your telephone and DSLR 😊
5 / 5
Touch the small sensor with account of big pixel so that the pictures will look low quality although it has said 12 MP is a maximum, look grainy with anything less than adding lighting. Although they are not that it asks to plot of the camera of girls, is in fact a lot that bad. I find it it adds that has expandable storage and a micro SD the paper is comprised, any need to connect bosses or have the proprietary storage, so only can takes was and the see in the computer, more a fact that a micro SD is 32 GB gives it to plot of spatial for some pictures that mostly will be of 400 KB to 1 MB
A selfie camera although it touches the harvests of good detail in enough to plot. I have bought he for mine 4 and/or sister and like this far likes and likes objective of of his camera. Has some picture filters integrated and some stickers and the strap are the good touch.

Top Customer Reviews: Olympus Tough TG-6 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
4 / 5

Takes images of good big quality partorisca the 12 MP compact. The pictures are brilliant and action in lowlight is very good. Macro Is point and averts and the underwater photos am very strong (easily some better among others compress UW cameras). The dynamic row is very good and the shadows are often properly exposed (different the external majority UW cameras that consistently underexpose shadows). In spite of this camera in that has it so only 12 MP, frequently resupplies more cleaned and there is detailed more images that sweats 16 and 20 MP competitors. Some settings done of the commission is of a capacity to shoot believed, a capacity to dip and clave 1 second timers of reduction of the sobresalto, to a contrast of gradation/of/the saturation done of acuteness/to commission/nr settings, and much more. The white balance tend partorisca be a lot especially in interior/macro/uw settings. The red extracted well with this camera. Ways of scenes (likes way of beach) tends partorisca do well.


the stabilisation of Video is the down has bitten meso but decent and the basses of light video are more brilliant that a competition. These cameras is the low paving , the big ceiling will require to learn regarding the use to take better profits. In timing a product jpgs is saturated also or undersaturated. I find the good work around is way of program the-enhance (low) with NR (low) that does well further of chance. If it modify believed, calm does not have to that worry in that. Blues And the greens are quell'has bitten toneless in of the shots of far landscape.

Minor Quips:

A strap of wrist is for divers, but for paddlers, skiers, and hikers the strap of with the would have been preferred. 4x the zoom is the half down has bitten compared to another UW quality of the zoom is not bad and can has purchased always the telephoto addon to bend a row. Be any 4k 60p (just 4k 30p or 1080 60p), but few competitors for this class of camera of of the this. One spends of the battery and the mountain of tripod is located afterwards to the each one which to the equal that would beat of precise transmission, calm also will require to take your trace of fast emission how is the bit to annoy .

TG-5 vs TG-6:

On paper, a TG-6 does not have very improved, but there is thin but improvements of entities. The new inner filters have been added to reduce chromatic aberration and a lived orb subject. The looks of the white balance slightly improved in a TG-6 and the images are much less likes to be overexposed (some subjects with a TG-5). A LCD in a TG-6 is has agreed a lot that is a lot handy when doing to to the things like to them the risarcimento of exposure. Minimum shutter controls of speeds, súper-macro video, and a capacity to use houses of the microscope in the inaugural priority is significant transmissions also.

Has lived Orb:

All TG camera (and very a lot of-Olympus camera) occasionally aim the small lived orb in a half of an image. This is likely light reflecting out of a sensor to an element of inner lentil. Any reviewer spends it on, but there is. Honradamente I any panic yes sees this. I have shot 1000 it is of TG-6 external images and perhaps so only 1-2 show this. It is apter that aim indoors and in macro situations. So only it looks to select contexts. Usually you have max zoom, has the subject dark in an a lot of centre, is using the big iso, and has the strong was-axial light source (or the next flat surface to the equal that to wall that reflects the plot of light). A new LCD screen the easy fact to see a orb and react a flash (the flash cure this in my experience), the zoom was, or recompose a camera like this a lot the centre is not on something very dark. While a lot TG-5 users there is complained of of the this, thinks that this is significantly be to reduce in a TG-6, but he occasionally normal !


A FD-1 is recommended highly for macro and of the laws like the hood of lentil to protect a lentil. Screen protectors is recommended also (a two band for $ 7 is available to look for the amazon believes protectors olympus lasted. An outside upload and the batteries of backup are recommends. Li92 Is better Li90 is the significantly better value. Amazon Of investigation 'bm Battery and Upload for Olympus Lasted for the abonos uploads/band of battery combo.
3 / 5
In general the good camera. It was initially unhappy with him on a lack of the lentil covers that it cost $ 50 and is not available. Finally we buy another adapter and 2 coverages of lentil partorisca in $ Adapter of 17 Filters JJC Adapter of Coverage of Lentil of Filter of highland Conversion of the Coverage and 2 Band JJC Coverage of Propiciado by forward of Lentil with Deluxe Discharges Keeper - is not like this as well as they owe that treat the lentil to hang spent, but work well. Late or early a lentil will be lined without the coverage.

A incumplimiento the settings do the a lot low quality photos, but calm once imagines was like this to dip to a main quality, some photos are quite good. A manual that is due to download is not very clear on some different options.

Be better yes avenges with an extra battery and external load, as well as the chance.

Are very pleased with some Microscopic functions. An automatically stacking the mine of look of microscopic functions to be better that the consecrated macro lentil in the DSL. Calm sometimes extra volume antennae or legs, but am surprised in like this easy does to take good photos of objects very small, tiny insects was that it is not still.

Looks to take a house and exposure a lot on almost each photo, and is very fast. It is a lot that interests to read a manual, reason has a lot of alvation-technology' that it is very useful and can save you long.

A lack of the main zoom is frustrating, but no like this bad to the equal that have expected. The life of battery is excellent, and some works of GPS well, although the little slow to hook up at the beginning. There is given 4-5 stars if a coverage of the lentil has not been such subject, and for $ 450 would owe that have the chance and extra battery with the upload.
5 / 5
I love a point and shoot the waterproof camera is to spend to a beach for sand and of the photos of water of familiar. The places would not spend never an iPhone or DSLR.

Has based in Reports of Consumer, I hope for the longest life that all my elections have spent on some years (Cannon D10, the Sony give form, and a Nikon AW130). A Nikon has died much faster that expected (saltwater breaking in holidays). But his all resemble last 2-4 years with relatively hard living (rooms, water and writing of sand.)

Right out of a door, to the things like.

Included So only in 12MP, takes the photos add. Never a intent to be like this good or better that a DSLR or iPhone still.
Light sensibility better decrease that a Nikon.
Qualified to hard code two favourite ways - very better that that they have to reset in the each one on and era.
Love a way of activity of the girl to take the together continuous of photo.
Very easy to use and setup ways. A Nikon occasionally would take stuck in of the odd ways. A physical wheel the clearest fact that is going in.
I like a physical transmission to enable and disable GPS. Always he hassle to do like this with a Nikon.

The time will say in the hard is, but will see!
5 / 5
Wow! It has varied point-and-of the shoots as well as the Cannon 50D and has maintained to run to a same situation: I have required the pocket-sized camera that could sand, water, and daily situations. Has 2 small boys and those are some the half half are in.

I so only dipped a Olympus T-6 by means of 3 times in an ocean, 3 times in a group, and in a real sand while building it sandcastle IN An am like this like this like this impressed. It is true, a lack of the manual is quite a lot of transmissions but one drives of calm fast start are distant you the one who precise. Have not been able to imagine was like the included open a compartment of battery without this drives this in spite of as it takes your time! Finally, it have read another description that lamented a lack of the wall uploads,which have assumed has meant one of a chance of cartridge some these discharges in a wall. This camera comes with the usb cord that atasquemos to a wall. It is perfectly well! It is the TERRIFIC to buy for me and am like this like this like this like this excited to maintain the using.
2 / 5
Ossia The quite decent camera ; a way of microscope is especially fresh. But wifi the scrolling is basically unusable--transferring roughly 20 photo have maintained to the time was, draining so much my telephone and a battery of camera. Also it calms it can not choose where some photos are transferred to, as it is not to clear yes calms can store him on your SD the paper more than a telephone has limited memory more inner.
3 / 5
Beautiful camera. Some look of options to astound but to the equal that was of then does not come with the manual? Quell'Absurd is concealed? They are supposition to download and has printed 100 pages of an internet love the manual when this camera costs 450 before tax? And it conceal it does not comprise an extra has had to pay so only to have the coverage for a lentil. Any regular battery uploads any (ossia another 50-60). Very ECONOMIC, OLYMPUS!!
1 / 5
I have been going in and in cameras like this and has pressed finally a key. When it Arrives I have found that it is probably an only device in a world-wide concealed calm leave you dipped a battery in a wrong way. Like this after touching it has discovered bad this was possible and changed it around. Look to touch up but now take at all in a screen. Then what only that the works is a info key that GPS of shows info. I am returning he with a hope that can buy another work concealed correctly. Shame this probably will take to to the few weeks like to them a lot RMA enough the repayment will be admitted and has to that pay shipping to an office of turn. My failure does not have prendido attention and take of Amazon directly. It leaves to see that raisin will update. This camera has all want to if he so only laws. A bad apple.
3 / 5
Some the inaugural elections are limited to 2.0 2.8 and 8.0. Any a lot a lot of election but is even more that camera more compact. In general it is the camera a lot
1 / 5
Ossia one the worse camera has not used never and can do not saying the disappointed are. I have purchased this explicitly for my travesía in Islanda ( have arrived 2 days ago) because mine Panasonic Lumix is not waterproof and has not loved to spend mine big plus Nikon and treat changing a lenses, etc.

This camera is impossible to setup and maintain some intact settings. Somehow it has shot it so only a good whole day of photo in CRUDES in spite of specifically dipping a camera to shoot in JPG formed.

And that looks for to imagine out of a basic 'when you purchase this camera' conjoint-on elements (period of camera of 'on' of time, multiple shots, automatic flash settings - (for some reason maintains resetting to 'flash on', etc. Has been the ache in a butt. One has downloaded the instructions is 168 pages that instructs a reader to see page 104, then on page 104 an additional instruction to see page 10, then once on page 10 to see the page takes an idea . This in spite of afterwards comb by means of thought and multiple pages calm the the sussed (reason for now, there is appealed to any one printing or screenshooting some multiple pages)......Any of a WORK of instructions. A camera still will not connect to a laptop or an iPhone or a code a lot properly scanner.....

Like this here are in Islanda, in holidays, and am launching this piece of junk to my chance for a rest 14 days and I will use my iPhone XS with a hope that does not fall he of the distance of in several feet or run over he with 200 pounds or drop he to some hot cradles .....All some reasons have loved these lovely heavy-has to that, indestructible, except-he- no-take-photo-, Olympus Hard TG-6 camera.
5 / 5
I have possessed a camera for the few weeks now and have a lot of be happy with some results, like this far. A protective lentil (BARRIER of HARD LENTIL LB-T01) is a compraventa additional and to the amazon tip the delivery a to three month was, as I have purchased a course directly of Olympus and has had a protective inside the few days.
There is not founding an easy manual to use, but I any ding a camera for the bad manual writing. I took some time to finally imagines was like this to use a WiFi , but has comprised once a process has been easy.
Am using IPHONE X and the Mac for scrolling of data. At present I am using the “connector” wired to the mine Mac but there looks to be an available application partorisca $ to leave for WiFi scrolling. A WiFi the scrolling to my telephone has been flawless.

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