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Top Customer Reviews: Pelican Ruck ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Nella
The chance is good but disappoint partorisca see that Pelican decided partorisca do a new line of chance in Cina. Corporate avidity for Executives those who concern more in his cousins prójimas that maintaining works in EUA. I will be partorisca return a chance . Thank you But any thank you partorisca this Chinese has done produced.
4 / 5 Briana
Has bought this box out of curiosity. I took it once, really I have not known that would use partorisca and ossia still true. I have taken these pictures and to the equal that can see there is not anything in him. I dipped it/ I dipped It afterwards to one of mine 1120 boxes, which can see has enough the bit in him and I use it all a time. A R40 the chance is much bigger that has expected, but does not look very deep. I am not really sure how was has drawn stops. I gave it 5 stars, reasons is that it is. All a work of part, is very manufactured, so only can not imagine the good use for him.
5 / 5 Crista
RUCK 40 Description.
Adds compraventa! I bought it to maintain my telephone (Samsung Galaxy Note9) dry and cleaned while in a RZR and bounce while it was in sea or in a beach. Law perfectly. It joins in easy rests and insurances. I also to laws likes them a firearms monitor and constantly am shooting indoors and alfresco and is to add it little box to only launcher anything calm of any fraction in. In general I do not have any remorse that buys this box. He fantastic and the constantly find more than ways to use it.
Petit And easy to tuck and to attach in any
Waterproof and fleet
Maintains muck, sand and vase out of
Rugged and durable
Returns big telephone, with portable load! ( Had the Note9, to Galaxy S10+ both with pelican husband l, and the bank of the portable power and he return perfectly.
Abundance of room for a measure of him.
Light weight

can be pricey but well he in my opinion.
5 / 5 Alan
This personal chance is on point with that would expect you to it. An upper and inferior tray is removable to the equal that can change one spatial slightly. Easily I am returned my iPhone 8more with Lifeproof the chance has attached, Trayvak moneyclip/ stock exchange, leatherman multitool, and band of battery for telephone, and your car. All this access with an interior of slowly. I can take slowly and add more. Inferior line ossia the one who has bought them takes. To take on beach, to lake, mountains etc.. It is look very durable. The measure is perfect for the external day. Easily returned in a rucksack of measure, clip on to the fresh plus, etc. Has the holes where could dip you closed of travesía small by means of cash maintained or the small firearm inner. So only everywhere perfect!! While it water it it does not filter in the to good sure will buy a R60 when it is liberto.
5 / 5 Davis
I like this chance, specifically because of some options of organisation. All are removable also, of a tray to a hule orange webbing, to return the main elements. Compared to an old more Pelican the clear upper chances is, feels more durable that take alfresco or that strikes around in car. This goes to be the chance adds for the GoPro, that hikes GPS, and the half sized external battery.

All this says, a R20 has some iPhone of difficulty XR and the quite thin chance. Turn in a tray and a flat fund of a R20, this in spite of is like this snug east depresses a power lateralmente and keys of volume in a telephone. A telephone without access of chance in there, any question.
5 / 5 Ty
Has ordered this chance for my iPhone 7 and another valuables. The GoRuck and another all time, all condition chances and has required the really sturdy chance. I have considered the chance with the clear coverage but a coverage of annex was flimsy and touch it partner broken during a chance. This chance is almost indestructible down included a bit unreasonable conditions. It is heavy and big, a separator the interior is handy to maintain a telephone has separated other elements.
5 / 5 Lila
Extremely very built like all Pelican has produced. Bought a R60 with an intention to locate in one drives or in the something of fast access in a kayak. Now after seeing that it has built it well these are will be to order another of a small plus R40 to use in a beach or peach. And possibly another R60 to locate on mine fresh plus like quell'impervious chance of storage.
5 / 5 Theodore
Like this really like this marries especially of then I weld and the apt pipe and I have taken the tools of pair that is fragile and a box of factory that comes with them do not resist on very long, but has abused this chance for the month and did not disappoint me! Any nail, any hole, any water that filter to a chance and my tools are in shape well. Paid so that takings and this chance is worth it!
4 / 5 Maricela
Has been and still is Pelican the defender but this box is simply very functional because of an extremely small quantity t of spatial of interior. A box is sturdily built and of the quota of external creation, but a lack of spatial of interior, especially with a removable tray in place, is the breaker to treat total. A model has purchased is a R20. Because of a lack of spatial of interior, are by train to send it behind. A main box—the R40–is way too big to handily spend the few personal elements in a bounce or the beach, so that an is not an option. I suggest to try a Pelican 1050 or 1060 Micro Husband. They are the creation tried and true , quite basic, but has to that it weaves of room of interior for his measure and now come
in the variety of good colours
5 / 5 Ivey
has bought this to use like the travesía humidor and the gold has attacked! Reason likes-me the coverage the big more gauge cigarettes, has taken a shelf was, has added the thin piece of cedar to a subordinated and can easily tent 5-7 cigarettes of prize. Using two 8 gram Boveda band (69), a Ruck R40 maintains 70 humidity all a time! A velcro the straps leave sure storage of lighter that torch and Colibri V-cutter. All my friends (BOTLs) is daunted when they see it. Although slightly in a heavy side, know my cigarettes are fresh and insurances of harm. Highly recommended for a smoker of avid cigarette!
4 / 5 Nicholle
Pelican Has been doing torches of qualities and protective case in fact a lot of years. Ossia Any exception for any half. A global creation is flawless. All look partorisca be 25-30 better that probably need be, but will take it. I attribute of Videography of commercial & Photograph where precise spends expensive small devices and adapters with me. Closed in this chance your material is sure & dry! It can direct in a work manually knowing all your small train is protected!
4 / 5 Erminia
An outside of this chance is bombproof. To good sure the very durable chance with mechanism partorisca close easy. An interior is where have my doubts. A bit piece of plastic that control a hule 'coverage' the interior has broken after the month or like this, and does not have any one has thought that. Now the have the useless cleaned thingy inside these flaps around as it can not resist anything. Also have my doubts on some plásticoes divide inner how is quite flimsy. The utilisation to resist my telephone, tones, papers crediticios and money when that goes to a beach or boating in the lake. You use it also the little time that camps. A good chance in general, but no the value adds with an inner lacking durability
5 / 5 Wilber
Like this far like this good! Bought this for the chance of rugged cigarette. Not to use it fully still but has dipped my cigarettes in him and is exactly to the equal that has expected. Boveda In a cup, the tray resists your lighters and cutters and in a fund is 5 cigarettes . Turn 7 in there with several measures.
5 / 5 Delpha
Has bought this and has used he for the travesía of river that floating in a laugh of Guadeloupe in Knitting. In some signals that have touched on in the fast and a ruck the chance was submerged entirely underwater (related to a tube) stops in the minute, and raisin for the tumble on some rocks. My iPhone, the stock exchange and the car tones are exited entirely dry.
4 / 5 Jackson
Has taken this to float a river and I has loved to maintain telephones, licence, and CC INSURANCE and there is sealed out of a water. Turn 2 iPhone X is, the knife of pocket, and the container of the good cigarettes and snug. I will be to purchase another for my woman for ruck stock exchange. It was able to join a R20 to my tube and has been the immersed majority of some times and any water am not gone in never. At present, I have used this for a vehicle with medical supplies under a chair for the fast access more than that has to that take to a stock exchange for a bad big plus.
5 / 5 Fermin
Cools little chance does well. To good sure a lot so that it is believing goes to use stops. A tray amiably organises your accessories and hides a lot of sub-compact tactical goodies can have down. It goes with a main box is running mid or fill measure goodies.

The access and the arrival are well. Rubberized The external characteristics are of sound for anti-slip and sliding around.
5 / 5 Anjelica
Near Dipped well but my telephone (iPhone XS Max) is not returned in him with the chance on. Also my bank to be able of not returning to a subordinated to touch my telephone while it was in a chance. A webbing has not looked sturdy enough to resist a lot. A knife in a picture would have destroyed my telephone with a lid has closed.
5 / 5 Ellen
Are adds for any few elements want to maintain sure elements. They are the little expensive, but is also the PELICAN ossia my product of fist and wants to did it the test to water to launch he in the group with him full of material likes knifes notepad arduino two small SSD the hard walks and he will float like this you wont has to that swim down for the take.
4 / 5 Afton
A good chance has drawn. Stops of perfect measure: tactical torch, bending knife (Benchmade), fines-tool (Leatherman filler-measure), aluminium tash container' arrive slowly; storage in lid; generous main compartment. A hinge is sturdy and easy to use. Once concluded, a box feels like the turn. The bosses in both ends are the pocolos tightened for carabiners (both like this of the bosses and to use), as it uses bosses of steel - I desire some start was the little wider (says, 25-30).
4 / 5 Tia
Ossia The really hard chance any @@subject that has measured takings. It take a R20 and a lot included know this in spite of that goes to use stops. Probably for some of my cameras of the smallest action or something. It is build like the tank and looks sexy.
5 / 5 Layne
Well, they are the defender of Film but partorisca be sincere, this product loses an aim. It is big ... But small interior. Calm can not dip your tones + of passport + a small material. Rugged is good but does not plan to having fallen of the chopper or go to struggle too much. Like this the film pleases to think in material of random measure partorisca protect. This has said that it is an usual Film big quality ...
4 / 5 Nilda
Has looked for something partorisca resist the Telephone of Satellite that also would be waterproof, durable and also floats yes had fallen in a lake. This does a work and he is excellent quality.
4 / 5 Zoraida
Has bought two of these, a partorisca mine GF dad partorisca use when it goes kayaking and one on its own name. Mina has used so only partorisca the backpacking travesía, access 2 cigarettes, 2 lighters, Anker band of battery that + boss of touches partorisca my iPhone and Apple Spettacoli. Súper Heavy is looking partorisca have all ultra light train but partorisca me is not one @subjects really.
Has tried also a chance in the cube of water and looks partorisca be hermetical.
5 / 5 Regena
Is has arrived broken; Pelican the quality has slipped, and can any never recover. If you look in a sinister hinge there is tiny few plastic coverages that it is supposition partorisca go around a nails of hinge, well each one which so only one of them have been broken on arrived, and looking in him, is any marvel . They are tiny and flimsy.
5 / 5 Rhoda
Has arrived without internals. Crown in pelican was the professional in not to giving it damn in my worries. The help of zero has offered.
5 / 5 Genoveva
Uses this newspaper partorisca my chance of cigarette of the travesía. It resists 4 cigarettes, the lightest and the good cutter and snug with a hook and of the straps of loops have resupplied. For behind an orange flap in a lid, has situated two boveda humidor container. Amazing chances like this always.
4 / 5 Winnie
This chance is quite bulky and heavy. So you are looking for ruggedness then ossia a chance for you. But you are looking for something waterproof, spacious, calm (the clasp is strong), and light, would advise you to verify was Cabin Zero. Has the stock exchange of waterproof sling that has fulfilled all my needs. Considering mine Ruck R60, thinks that will use for the most portable solution the mine faces box. My main flu was that a chance does not come with the strap. If calm foresee you that loves one and calms that wants to join to something comes from the strap of luggage. Good regime.
4 / 5 Marcia
Very good and sturdy chance. Return it Samsung Galaxy S10+ with the chance on he so only well. Has a tan and the black model and looks acute.
4 / 5 Assunta
Honradamente, after verifying some specifications in this I was still very surprised the one who big is. Ossia A small plus of a ruck line like this far and is in a measure of the brick regulates that Craig has attacked out of Deebo with. This be has said, his glorious. Abundance of room to store your telephone, load, and another edc train. Pelican Also does chance of utility/of telephone smaller a g10 and g40 calms of the that has he quite soiled in yours bug was stock exchange for the Deebo slayer.
4 / 5 Nerissa
Has bought this for kayaking. Telephone of access, stock exchange etc. A lot of sturdy and waterproof
4 / 5 Idell
It is a better measure when trying the laptop workstation. It can resist the 20000 mAh battery, bosses, chargers, earbuds, speakers, and has included the telephone he does correctly with spare room. It do not possess another mark!
4 / 5 Dixie
Has not taken any of some inner pieces says well in a description that comes with.
4 / 5 Hilda
As they are not the buyer seasoned of Pelican produced. Partorisca Date, now possesses the chance of Storm 2050, 30 QT fresher and now TWO of these in of the measures 20 and 40. Just quality. Yes, expensive but has dipped everything of these products in a 'value he' column.
4 / 5 Deloras
My telephone, tones, and knife of the easily returned pocket in this R40. The utilisation when they are in a beach or in the boat. The box is strong and waterproof. I have bought a Black chance and will buy a chance of Tan when it is of tower in stock.
4 / 5 Linn
Ossia Perfect to store hard walks or mobile devices. Some loops of lock owe that the to the left add additional security. You recommend to any concealed wants to maintain the insurances of half comunicacionales fragile.
4 / 5 Sharron
Are the diabetic and work in some mountains. I have required something extremely durable and waterproof. This element extracted adds. Has abundance of room for my medical supplies. I do not owe that you read in my elements that is run over neither.
4 / 5 Breanna
Has not used a product still but can say concealed is goes to live until some expectations. It is a right measure for the mobile phone, the backup uploads, stock exchange, tones and the few small tools or other lovely elements. This vendor has the prize adds thus produced if you are not picky roughly produced😁
5 / 5 Cinthia
has dipped my stock exchange and iphone, is too tight with harm of a screen, and has dipped the battery in a place a lower does not close . These are a configuration that Pelican suggests: battery, telephone, stock exchange... He no for me.
4 / 5 Penelope
Leaks like the sieve, any recommended at all. It has had the careers swim in mine Raft of Band, the box was in a waters no more than 5 - 8 minutes. Ruined my Receiver of Something as well as some bites, etc. has had in him. What good my telephone and the tones of trucks were in the different box. Ossia Supposition to have a IPX7 indication (Can be submerso until 1 metre in of waters he for 30 minutes). It was probably in in the foot of water in a to the rovescio raft of band for less than 10 minutes. ANY RECOMMENDED!
4 / 5 Salvatore
This chance is hard! The utilisation to spend my telephone when the boat. Out of sheer the curiosity has launched this chance 20 feet in an air for him to touch to lose in legislation on cement, so only leaving the little scuffs. Calm can drive on this with the jeep wrangler! And yes it is a lot waterproof!
5 / 5 Kayla
Use in my stock exchange of drop partorisca races of trail partorisca resist material I of any run over or there is drenched. The works add and is easy to find in my stock exchange. The creation means was where partorisca look without the fuss.
4 / 5 Shaniqua
Would owe that it has ordered 1 smaller measures, but has copied my buddy advantage and a totally happy with him. Built nuclear hard like all Pelican has produced.
4 / 5 Veola
Suitable my needs perfectly. The rock Protects solid. It can included dipped my Qi upload in a subordinated and telephone in a pocola removable shelf and touches in some gone!
5 / 5 Kaye
This thing is really, really near partorisca be awesome. If it was 1/8' wider in an interior, field any one the booklets would seat flush and an iPhone XS with the chance the fat plus would return. Now it has included a booklet requires the little curve partorisca take he in and an iPhone in a rugged chance will depress a key partorisca be able the enough to cause Siri. Pelican, Please so only he 1/8' wider and this would be a perfect box !
5 / 5 Angelena
Like this far this product is exactly like this announced, gave it some try partorisca to to the durability likes him the fall the and it taking wet. Like this far like this well
5 / 5 Lorina
the work adds! Test of water and durable. Although fleet, does not use like the device of fluctuation. A partner resisted it like this riada, has taken he with him to Dave Jones locker, small of the pair later bursts up like the cork that pauses my nose! Still it looks new!
4 / 5 Garret
Very Built and is work to protect that it is inner. It is so only the little too expensive
4 / 5 Trena
Dipped my solar upload and smartphone , together with other external elements have required to camp of weekend. The chance adds
4 / 5 Ashely
Locks, focus, and protects. This rugged chance will treat your object(s) front an external world. I recommend if your interior of access of the material.
4 / 5 Iluminada
This box is in fact the little big that has expected. At all in the bad way. But this box is a lot of sturdy and durable. In general the box adds.

Top Customer Reviews: MTM Survivor Dry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Janette
I am giving this box 5 stars because it is that it says that it is. My deception is that I have read some measures but an information did not sink in. You look in some numbers but any esee' him. I have seen a picture. A picture looked quite big so that it has loved to dip in him. These controls of boxes less than mine purse. Have has wanted to like him the hides of survival to bury in an earth. No quite big and any boss to spend after calm undermine it up. Need of buyers to think roughly will require the boss. A box looks solid and waterproof. I go to go drench he in the cube of water for the week and see that it spends. Still I will use it likes the geocache. It can resist the knife, multitool, steel of fire, spoon, paracord, bandana, socks, the pocolos first elements of help, bounce it folding and one can of grain. It comprise one can so only to take the pot to boil water for sanitation. Like the small can opener is required. In fact it conceal it is not bad for the really small box. Again, I have written this description to help the attention of paralización of the people to a real measure.
UPDATE. There are few holes in a flange of a box. A boss or the strap easily can be facts of paracord. And 2 of some 4 holes could be used for the enclosed small.
The UPDATE has ordered a green olive paracord Adjustable strap also of Amazon. Some hooks to tie to a box perfectly. My husband has tried a box for tension of water without a strap. 24 underwater hours in the cube with the brick up. SPENT WITH FLYING COLOURS. A box resists all my bugout tools. 2 knives, 2 canes of iron, 2 lighters, stock exchange of lint of dryer for tinder, spoon, paracord, bandana, compass, bandaids, ointment of antibiotic,12 oz Nalgene the boot stuffed with 1 pair of socks, tins of stainless steel frothing access of cup around Nalgene boat. It is to boil water. ALL this material is available on Amazon. A box is resulted to be really fun as I maintain to touch with him that tries to return an element of plus. An only question is now I does not love to bury like this hide he.
5 / 5 Juanita
Box of the good quality done of hard plastic. A plastic is fat and big quality quite so that it does not feel flimsy. A box is quite rigid when concluded with a lot of minimum flex. There is the hule or-coverage to the long of a cup of a box that creates to focus and the helps maintain moisture was. I have looked for to submerge a box in watering which can be seen in my video. A bit those that the drops of water have done his interior of way. Now maintain import this box has not been drawn to be submerso and is announced like this waters-resistant so only. Based in my test, thinks that maintains waters was a lot enough to be the water considered-resistant.

Gilipollas: A hinge is thin and can be the weak point but the only time will say like this resists up. A compass is not very good; work but taking stuck sometimes.
5 / 5 Geraldine
These are utmost for bug out of stock exchanges or EDC stock exchanges. I have bought an orange an and has bought so only the green a. A measure is perfect to dip all your train of survival in a something and a latches click solidly to a box. I maintain the box of fire, first box of help, TP, straw of life, knife, mirror of signage, headlamp, bars of protein, poncho of rain, map, and the pocolas other things in here. A compass is the good addition has not required to add but could be the saver of life in the situation of survival. A prize is the good value for a quality of the dry box with these characteristics. One touches... It has dipped several small elements, light that is to use seldom and plant them in the ziploc stock exchange and his touch to a cup of interior of a lid. This together help a box quickly then trying sure all some elements clear a focus when closing.
5 / 5 Kiera
I any used this element how is feigned exactly. They are by train to to use likes him the box of battery for my unit/of Sound of GPS in mine kayak. I maintain in a hull but this give piece to import in chance that some water goes in. All was pop out of a low quality compass, cut the 1 hole of thumb has been he was with the altarpiece has bitten, has run my bosses, and has added the Marine West bulkhead and there is sealed he with Marin Goop.

If it was to use this element to the equal that has feigned would not use it has been concerned my elements would take run over or has submerged. A cup is so only a lot quite tight in a focuses. Focus of mine hardly does contact and a clasp is not strong. I imagine if yours fallen the in an of a clasp would break if an interior of the elements there has been some his weight. A plastic of cups is kinda brittle also. Any I same do the full rotation with an altarpiece has bitten. My weight in a push of hammer by means of. As any force dipped in a cup was a compass is located could involved a box.

Like this while it do not press it has spent his limits is the good dry box . So only any deception he for the Pelican and would have to that be good. Like other descriptions have said that a compass is low quality and a mirror is the sticker .
5 / 5 Jannie
Ossia The decent little dry box. It is not very big, as it maintains that the import is considering this product. Personally, rings the portable dry box well to store ammunition in without him taking too heavy, and this returns a bill. It is not ballistic for any half, but is quite sturdy (I follows 175lbs and sustains my weight easily). A three clasps is also a lot of sturdy and to good sure would have to that ensure that some stays of boxes have closed.

Is also stackable; there is four few feet in some subordinated that breaking up with some grooves in some upper to resupply some extra stabilities when stacking. This would prevent of sliding around side-to-side, but looks it still slide around considerably lengthwise of some grooves on running all a way to a flange of a box in both sides. This in spite of, can very really try this was of then have so only purchase a like this far.

Has several places in a box where you pode attach additional fasteners, wise, or straps. There are two small holes has closed in a front of a box -- an in any side of a front clasp -- that could use you to connect the makeshift boss out of 550 cord or something. Also, in any side, has two slightly main holes (roughly 50 main) that can manage it something the little more substantial that 550 cord. Next right to these (and adjacent to a clasps in some sides) is the pair of 1 space of thumb that can manage the nylon strap. A thing ossia the little disappointing is that small some holes of enclosed is -- calm so only would be able to use the very small lock. It was a lot if some two main holes in some sides also could be used with the enclosed, but does not ensure an organism to a lid.

Are able to return 600 9mm more than round 300 .22 round in this box. I unboxed a ammo and divided it everything until small plastic stock exchanges instead -- 50 round of 9mm ammo for stock exchange and 150 round of .22 ammo For stock exchange. In this way I have not limited of some dimensions of the packaging of an ammunition, as I am able to return more in. A prize added is that a ammo is now doubly protected of moisture. It has dipped a fully uploaded box in some stairs and he am gone in well in 20lbs, which is manageable abundance . With this load, there is still bit it more room in a box of a lid extends up in another thumb or so much. It was likely to return at least 50 more 9mm averts in there, and to good sure the mapea or some another class of small bent on document.

Am adding the few pictures, as his controls were for the best visual of this product.
4 / 5 Lenard
Has bought this for a purpose of cycling. Among my rucksack to protect my electronic and other things for when it rains. Please maintain import that this is not SUBMERGEABLE, and A lot FULLY WATERPROOF.

Has done test previously to take was in subjects. It has run downwards boss of shower and tap with hot and cold water for 30 minutes with the interior of paper towel. Immediately opened afterwards and there is remarked the only interior quell'focuses black has taken the little wet, but an in fact contained of a box has not been affected at all. Functions of compass well but really unnecessary for me, a lot like soyirror' in a backside that is so only the reflective ticker'. Has lanyard loop in both sides and loopholes for locks.

Previously to buy, has looked the Otterboxes and believe me are enormous defender of his chances of telephone. This in spite of, with which has very thought, my purpose has feigned was to have the quite big box to return all my accessories and sacrifice full waterproof function. Some dimensions of interior are approx 5x8x2 1/4 thumbs. To give an idea, here is that I interior has dipped: Galaxy S5 and Iphone 4 both with Otterbox Denfender chances, portable the MIFI, first box of small help, slender stock exchange with cash and 2 papers, electrical tape, 2 highland bicycle tubes (). I liked him hard on me while it locate for an hour and my things were a lot has protected.

The inferior line is want to something to maintain your elements dry (ie: in the boat, hiking, biking, trace, biking) in rains of chance, then ossia. If you are looking for the box to spend with calm in the park of water in the group, ossia way too big and no guaranteed to do. It gives the graces to read mine 2 cents and day a lot all the world!
5 / 5 Ja
The element arrived in the condition adds.

Unwrapping: That can say? There is at all to open or unwrap. It avenges like this-east and in mint condition.

First Impression: He s main that has thought. A latches is tight, some focuses are compressed. Yes, it is not 100 water or air tight, but concealed is not that it feigns to use stops.

Pros: There is the reflective foil under east do fault like the esignal mirror'. It can take lined up with use, but is the nifty pocola characteristic that is not announced. Some materials are very done, latches lines on perfectly, and a focus of perimeter is same. Has the loop to conclude small to attach the small lock or bond of zip to maintain the contents out of one achieve boys. It is done also in some the EUA, the big pro for me.

Gilipollas: A smell the inaugural a container is the bit to overwhelm . It is not quite ready for immediate use if this would be bothersome to any one. I have left he in a cochera to air was at night, will see that it spends.

Has suggested Uses:
1.) First Box of Help --&62; container A lot well for the travesía or Medicine cabinet of car of help of the premiers. A rugged container will protect some contents. It agrees to launch in some bands of desiccant to prolong a life of some contents.

2.) . Organiser --&62; the bug Was Stock exchange . Ossia Hanged quite light and useful to maintain the contents separate in the . Container Well to dip MRE is, the radio is, Battery, parties, etc.

3.) Stock exchange of travesía --&62; if travesías abroad, this little box is hanged quite light and can protect some contents inside the good stock exchange. You could conceivably use it to dip your paste of tooth and liquids and such to protect them to the loss was your luggage .
4 / 5 Rozanne
Is not waterproof but is quite the resistant water while any submerged or has left down lip of lid. An upper hinge has broken on mine to first time out of kayaking with him. Any included @give the until later a day. He still work them but I think still could store my Glock 26 ( has added to foam all an around inner way) inside the ziploc and slip this mine of interior of the box 40 litre dry stock exchange. It is the Glock after all but a mag the extension will not leave a gun to return. It returns the one of leftover mag also. So only be extra cautious with this chance while latching.

Update: I have contacted vendor (mtm) and has sent the new latch together with an extra compass for any reason. In all the chance, to take broken latch there is remarked a plastic bar thin orange that a latch controls to these hips broken. It has dipped a new latch on in all the chance and so only will be careful when opening and conclude.
5 / 5 Ralph
Ossia The add drybox for boating use. I have purchased in fact a smaller version first and has then bought is an afterwards. A smaller version is so only too small for my use feigned like the first box of help. This one is so only a right measure for the quite very sized first box of help.

A global construction is better that one would expect in this prize. It closes a lot of securely, been due to having three latches. It do not say ossia waterproof. It is resistant water . If calm submerge it, are the sure water finally will go in. This in spite of, splashing water and when being in the moisture the half is well. It adds some interior of bands of the desiccant and he will remain dry in there for months while stored in yours bounce.

A compass any really laws in a smaller version, but the work well is one. Honradamente, A compass has not been the point for to sell me, and would not owe that be for you. His just there and perhaps is the last type of resource of what.

A colour gives this good visibility and value some extra dollars in some greens a he require a box of emergency. A green version is hard to something at night, how is green very dark . It adds some reflective white tape and stickers consistently. I have ordered some first box of the stickers of help was the amazon and in fact take this quite well. It is mostly the no smooth surface, but that the sticker resists quite well. I have used these and I totally recommend for this box:

In general, this was perfect for my use. It can box the a lot of-stocked 25 first box of person of help, with several tubes of the small ointment and look it bounce small of medicine. Besides, I can return an instant cold band, he mylar coverage and the small torch. Perfecto for my needs.
4 / 5 Bong
Decent quality for a prize. An upper and inferior apt together well, and some hinges are varied properly.
Using this like this tamper-evident, small-boy-boxes of lock of medication of test (using my enclosed own-- has 2 built-in the holes resupplied).
This can return 3 of a level a small plus '7 Day' boxes of pill, or two of a big plus some (with some foam on and down for control of noise that cushions). Also it returns a big and two small pill boxes, but then one of them will not be able to dip plans.
A compass in the mine is wildly inaccurate, but irrelevant for my use (and really for any reasonable function of this element, thinks). Like this a soyirror,' that is so only the piece of mylar glued on. Ignoring compass And mylar would have done the plus cleaned that the looks have produced in my opinion.
Has not tried a control of water, but a gasket LOOKS well, and he clamps closed firmly.
Am returned to buy the second a--looks the present adds for the boy.
4 / 5 Echo
It can not find the way to contact a costruttore here on Amazon like my only place partorisca write the subjects is inside this description.
A box has looked good and would have done well partorisca me but one of a latches has broken and a compass has begun partorisca filter and then result ineffective.
Like the substitution partorisca try and see if so only take the bad a, but have any way to contact MTM here.
Has another MTM the chances and all have treated well with an exception of of the one of the east a chance.
Gave it so only 3 stars of then there is any information partorisca contact that ready and because of a breakage.
4 / 5 Roderick
For a money, ossia the chance ADDS . I bought it to use like the box of small emergency to take with me when they are kayaking down a river. Has train to begin of the fire, first train of help, and one everything of entity T.P. Cela Maintains in him. It has done ALOT of travesías with me on a past little month, and has not filtered any one. Usually so only it takes some water splashed in the, but is gone through the little HEAVY rain STORMS also. Has any did not open it never and found any interior of water. I can very fully explain the one who happy I are with this chance! It is done of fat plastic and would have to that last in fact a lot of years of use. I will purchase another I so that will have the little more storage.
If very small!!!!!!
4 / 5 Laquanda
Has bought these four years does and some bands of silica to maintain my bits to drill rust free this in spite of is doing adds. They are very satisfied with this product. And for like this useful ossia and well is resisting on to a quantity of money are spent, is the subject adds ! Money spent a lot well, which is hard to do these days with of the like this produced flooding a phase that is all disposable economic junk that the falls averts, so only to finalise in the landfill less than the year later. We require more produced like this in a phase. An only question is my failure . It have to that it has gone it with the slightly main box reason are having the question that the in firm reason have too many bits to hammer to return in him maintaining.

To good sure would have to that buy some containers of silica are buying something like this to maintain moisture still ruin something is storing inner of him. Wisedry Does well some. :)
4 / 5 Bernita
Looks quite durable. Any insurance in a 3 plastic closure to clips likes them to them the casserole out of term along, like reservations some accidents of plus (the doing 5 stars) for evaluation of long term.

Has bought this to store cellphones ( control at least 2 smartphone on 6 same thumbs with chances) etc to go to a group/of beach where water splashing is expected. With the knowledge fill this same box with an interior of coverage of the hule is not feigned for submersion. In $ 10 I thinks servants a purpose (water splash, rain etc). Included a highly estimated Pelican 1060 (alike dimension) that cost twice so can not guarantee waterproof total.

If it was to take east boxes to the activities likes them kayaking, would dip my valuables (telephones, stock exchange) in ziplock the then dipped stock exchange in this chance, the chance dipped then to the waterproof stock exchange (a lot of available on Amazon). I call paranoia, but a protect the offer can guarantee some contents will be bones has dried, although your kayak flipped on.
4 / 5 Carly
There are both measures of these boxes and find them to be of the excellent quality and the value add, although I see a trace of prize and down enough bit it. I have bought mine when some prizes were down, lol. A main negative can find is that you want to close he with the enclosed, takes two, this in spite of is a lot securely closed with two has closed. It have been a lot they could that to him has drawn to close securely with only an enclosed, but for a prize and quality, can very really complain. A compass and soyirror' is certainly any quality and could be ignored to reduce a side the bit, but one boxes them are adds.
4 / 5 Pilar
Better then expected and so only that has required. Ossia A main variety and will return telephone, some medical supplies, the torch and other elements want to maintain dry. A plastic is extremely sturdy. Any flexible at all. It closes amiably with 3 clasps. Has some holes that for the hang or to hang other things was. Also it has two places to edge the small lock by means of in a front clasp. Has the compass in an upper side that is the good touch. Asking that a lot this will resist up in a cold leaves in a car on winter (enmedio moderately cold). Global excellent,
4 / 5 Ada
has Tried November 2019 for control of water. Well, it is 'the resistant water' in that a plastic shell will not leave of the water by means of. This has said, he styrofoam the cup would do like this well. This in spite of, one Or-the coverage is not useful at all to maintain was to water if a box takes wetted. The interior of elements will take wetted under the heavy spray or deluge. I have measured the cup of neighbourhood of interior of water after the 30 according to spray of the hose.
Undoubtedly included worse a box is submerged. That the waste! :(

Included worse - both some small and big MTM the boxes have treated on some same down trying. A lot disappointed!
5 / 5 Seymour
Has tried November 2019 for control of water. Well, it is 'the resistant water' in that a plastic shell will not leave of the water by means of. This has said, he styrofoam the cup would do like this well. This in spite of, one Or-the coverage is not useful at all to maintain was to water if a box takes wetted. The interior of elements will take wetted under the heavy spray or deluge. I have measured the cup of neighbourhood of interior of water after the 30 according to spray of the hose.
Undoubtedly included worse a box is submerged. That the waste! :(

Included worse - both some small and big MTM the boxes have treated on some same down trying. A lot disappointed!
4 / 5 Charolette
Fantastic dry-boxes. Quite small to not being disturbs it but quite big to store the wide variety of elements. So only I owe subject:

1.) Some holes are small for inclusos a small plus of locks. Have drilled out of some holes the bit and a lock now returns perfectly. This subject is smaller and taken 5 minutes to solve.
2.) A compass no in a lid. It can be better calms take but is trusting on this for the the ones of compass some wrong priorities.
5 / 5 Tomoko
This will do so that I purchased it to do, which was to transport two boxes of ammunition in my luggage checked in an airline. For the use of time, ossia well and am impressed with that room is in a small measure. There be an annoying to look which would be a subject with using repeated or yes used in the period of time in a paintbrush. Some clips that the control closes is not fully retained for some mountains. There is the wry, the hook finalises that rotates around an iron, this in spite of him any 'click' his. An access is free and when I have opened a box, two of them are fallen off. In a tabletop where has opened the, has not been to issue to choose them on, plants him to plant, and then king-next a box. This in spite of, in a forest, these could take stray and enough prevents calm to leave he in an open place to dread to lose a latches.
4 / 5 Mable
In $ the 12 ossia the shot adds .

Waters partorisca Resist, any submersible. Three latches ensures a box enough to maintain heavy elements like ammo confine. While any hips built like the pelican or otterbox is sturdy enough to maintain electronic elements of harm in your band. Again this is not indestructible but one the durable lovely majority priced the dry box has run by means of.

Comes with the compass of economic key, the good touch I supposition but no of the use adds like calm so only give you the very general direction. A mirror of signal is so only the shinny sticker in a fund.

In general ossia the value a lot well so that it is. I plan on buying another to use like the first box of help in a car. And a measure a next elder to use for storage of the elements do not want to moisture to take to pending storage of long term.

Small after writing this description has been questioned as to as it has known a box was resistant water . Well it has the hule Or the coverage but this aim me to us for the try. It has dipped the few elements in a box, has run a shower and has resisted a box under a running water in a lot of different corners. Some contents are remained dry. Like this box defiantly maintain a rain to achieve your elements have the inner tent. Enough well so that it wants to use still.
5 / 5 Maragret
Some inner dimensions are less than declared because of a ridges and outlines of an interior. I have had an element that in the paper is supposition to return perfectly inside this box. I have measured he with first digital callipers to order a box and he would have to that return with the little hundredths transmissions. It was very excited reason have has loved it snug access. It take a box and a lid will not approach to close reasons a ridges in a lid and a swipe for a paste of compass an element. If you are dipping the solid objects in this container are calm sure leaves for an extra 1/4' or like this of clearance spent one has has declared dimensions. Still it is giving 2 stars because a construction looks decent and will be to maintain he for some another future purpose.
5 / 5 Rebbecca
Somehow lost it. Ordered this 'dry box' to use in the kayaking travesía in the far zone where our group has required the telephone of satellite in chance of emergency. Once received, this box clearly declares that it is simply water resistant. That is a point ? 1 On Amazon for not announcing this correctly. Shame 2 on me partorisca not reading a fine impression and enough of some negative critiques. Shame 3 on me partorisca expect until a last now to situate an order. Oh Well...
5 / 5 Eryn
A box 'dry' is an a lot of element. It is quite robust considering creation and is a lot the resistant water but has found after experimenting that this characteristic gives way once the just quantity of pressure in a water of cause of outside and empty pressing small to enter. Any docking a product the star been due to this so much is embossed inner 'the Resistant water' and done an excellent work for this appearance. My complaint is that it take to contact Amazon (very useful and quickly for a way!) To order the substitution like this in the first place one this is coming has been missing some clips to in fact the ensure prójimo! After taking a second unit (all the clips accounted partorisca) was I able to use/the try see resists up for mine does! Need of control of the quality to be given a very on like this could be the add produced of 5 stars once a subject of missing clip that, after reading other descriptions, is the common question. My chance of use is for the organiser of dry boxes inside my stock exchange of expedition for elements that really can not be pill/squished and that would prefer to be maintained dry.
4 / 5 Kyra
Has not tried out of a waterproof part, thinks that operates to protect some contents of humidities so only a lot to focus well. We are using he for the subject small first box of help for the @subject to cater, like this mostly resist sell classes and antibiótica of band of small medicine, 4 OTC painkillers, roughly 8 alone container medications, and roughly 10 other small miscellaneous elements. It can no any access sunscreen bounced in him and resist the plot other things (although an access of boot), but can resist enough the few smaller elements. Enough so that the majority of people would require for courses, burns, any OTC meds, etc. Our worry is not with a compass, was so only the box priced well in comparison with other options there. I add for our purpose.
4 / 5 Francisco
The mine there is not coming with a compass has announced that it is the real bummer, this in spite of, has not expected the Sunto or compass of big quality in all the chance so that I any downgrade a product on that. So only it disappoints it, ossia everything .
This in spite of, ossia the SÚPER BOX, parco securely and looks to be the resistant water. It is durable like the little still light tank and a lot spend-able. It opens and it closes smoothly and a security the orange colour is awesome. I can not expect it separates of mine alfresco box, is the addition adds .
4 / 5 Larisa
Has looked for the good stock exchange to resist my first box of personal help, but all was any flimsy or too expensive. I have used MTM boxes for another train, as I thought that it would give it shot it. I have purchased an orange of big box. It was pleasantly he surprised it. It was a perfect measure for the first box of personal help will be to spend in my car. I have uploaded with all the necessary elements (guaze, helps of band, sheers, the sale wraps, cold bands, ointments, medications, etc). It likes-me a fact there is the or-coverage that maintains moisture was. It does not think a compass will be that the useful mine but I think a sticker of the reflector in a fund is the simple but utmost idea for situations of emergency. In general the box of quality in the fantastic prize!
4 / 5 Raeann
I use this so the stash box. I can resist my grinder, lighter, vape, 12oz mason boat, papers, etc inner. I close mine inside another sure, but supposes could find to the tiny lock could use some the plastic holes resupplied for the neighbours concluded, although it is probably surer of the leave unlocked so that the people very included thinks anything inner of flight of the value. They are sure the K9 could odorare my material of plant by means of him, but does not remark any odora, which is a lot enough in the legal state to maintain to stink on your house or vehicle.
4 / 5 Lessie
Behind when I have done like the part time PADI scuba monitor and operator of dive, am spent to plot of time in and out of a water and I has has wanted to do sure some elements that the dive would not remain dry and protected of rooms. Still although they are no longer actuate in diving (for now ossia) after my trusty 20 year Aqua the box of Focus has broken has dipped was to find the substitution. This little box is sum . Some focuses of hule are in place, a latches, although the bit in sized, and there is also the place for you to use to small lock. Usually the box this measure (small) would have 3 latches but so only two (or still a) so that it is the big plus . Owe a pause, another two will leave you to maintain using these hips would be the good place to maintain the PETIT framed pistol, has to require to take one. So only I need to engrave my name and number of telephone on he (if it does not take never stray) and am ready to go! It gives the graces to read!
5 / 5 Analisa
Could have paid more attention to some measures but I any have @@give the to him would be smaller that the box of shoe.

A soda can in this picture would not return in him that stands up. I also dipped a half-has measured loaf of bread of marbled rye in a picture to aim that a loaf of the bread was roughly two big times like this of the boxes. I am not sure ossia the $ 10 box.

A compass in a cup does not do and is gimmicky. It looks that it is otherwise a lot of-has manufactured like a latches and or-the looks of coverage to be hermetical but there is not dipping this down waters to verify concealed.

Reason was an only thing that access, that my medicine cabinet of drought of help of the premiers, recipes, returns the smartphone, box that begins to shoot that it is well, etc.

Think some better things for dry storage calms can find him is still an old ammo the box can sometimes still find in of the tents of surplus. Compared to those, this looks economic plastic , which the bondadoso of of the this.
4 / 5 Melva
I have bought this partorisca when I travel or go with any that can be external when it can rain or around waters. Maintain yours stock exchange, the tones and the dry mobile phone. In some corners has dipped the keyring on so much could hook to D coverage partorisca attach it to the loop of tape or the piece of the rope related around my ankle yes are around the water or in bouncing it like this I wont free the something spends to a boat. I have bought this partorisca when they are with the small group all could dip our material in him partorisca maintain all dry. It can be concluded.
5 / 5 Meryl
Ossia The strong, the box has drawn well. This in spite of, have been better MTM had ignored an useless compass. Has three MTM boxes of east type and looked -- a no working compass is simply an annoyance that has shouted a cost partorisca manufacture.

Recommended -- If a does not need he goofy compass.
4 / 5 Rachael
Has been surprised that this box partorisca have that has weighed was like this big to the equal that was. This day and age of all the world-wide and his brother that tries to upload his video of Youtube own that looks roughly Altoids has beaten of Survival ... These resplandores of boxes. No, you can any one plant he in your pocket, but can dip he in our band, and maintain your train chosen dry. It is quite indestructible. If you are by train to ask you which for the compare to still measure, thinks box of cigarette. Turn in any rucksack or rucksack ... And it maintain your tinder, electronic, hardtack, parties, kleenex ... DRY.

A bit the compass of key is ... The quota afterthought. You are not attentive if a container has objects of steel in him, as be conscious of that. He , this in spite of, work for general and use any one serious.

Has had this in my cast of desire for month and when a prize is spent for almost 50 I there is pulled a trigger on that. Happy has done. It is the product adds . So only he. Five enthusiastic stars everywhere.
5 / 5 Maurine
A MTM Surviving of Dry Box (Big) is perfect to store my train of camera for out videography of street and photo. Utilisation two of a big and a small that there is cushioned internally with some foam inserts/inserts cut to return to store accesorias. I love these boxes of big visibility. The shot adds and the product adds. Not Trying for the waterproof qualities like my use is generally for the control of accident has seen a hard, durable outside.
4 / 5 Katlyn
Better then expected and so only that has required. Ossia A smaller variety and will return telephone and other elements want to maintain dry. A plastic is extremely sturdy. Any one flexible at all. It closes amiably with 3 clasps. Has some holes that for the hang or to hang other things was. Also it has two places to edge the small lock by means of in a front clasp. Has the compass in an upper side that is the good touch. Asking that a lot this will resist up in a cold leaves in a car on winter (enmedio moderately cold).
5 / 5 Lolita
When it Take this box , a main thing that attacked is which well an element is gathered. A material is the hard plastic very fat . A compass, while in a surface can look caseous, has done enough well. Yes, I tried it. A gasket (Or coverage) is substantial also. A thing would add to this would be the boss of some class. For this some 4 stars. Also, it was a lot of MTM has done the model of this product that is main that this one.

There is almost has bought a Plan-branded box. It is orange and billed like same class of product (box of Survivor). The no, this in spite of, reasons a Plan the box has looked to be less 'lasted. If my house is flattened because of some natural disaster, this will be one first which search. It has dipped 2 torches, the Time/ARE/FM radii, some cash in of the small bills and the pair of coverages of emergency in him.

Has based in a construction of a product, the sure chair would survive it. Highly recommended. If that can give 4.5 stars, I .
4 / 5 Shanita
Has purchased 6 of these boxes and utmost, as all MTM has produced. To the left give the lovely tip. All buy artilugios; computer, radio, dvd players, and a continuous cast in. Storing some boxes is the waste of spatial - But - they all coming with instructions and of the small bosses and each one another class of fastener, connecter or anything that is always misplacing and can any never find when calm the precise.
The question has solved. These boxes (that goes in other measures and of the colours) can store all these bosses and other things and he easy to dip your hands on the when a need arises.
Considers this the small investment in maintaining all these very organised things and in now your sanity when I need to find one of them. (Extra clue: A costruttore of focus leaves each box to be identified. Interesting to comprise in a compraventa.)
4 / 5 Carline
Thinks that that this box is feigned for use like the first help or another box of emergency. It seals a lot of securely and probably withstand any class to abuse short of the sledge hammer. Has thinks that that a compass was useless, but took it then was a speaker a big plus beside another big speaker and his magnets and he looked to read quite true. This would not be my first election to hike but certainly was better that any compass. Has tether points in the each side so that I can @@@lash the to something concealed will be easy to find when the things go wrong.
I use he for a daily cigarette humidor and beaten some boxes of elegant forests that is sold like humidors but can not resist up against 30 humidities that struggle to maintain in a winter. It is long enough for churchills and has quite soiled for and handful of the each varied types together with yours humidifier.
Everywhere, is very drawn and fact, seals well, and has solid latches.
4 / 5 Ester
Smaller that has expected, but to good sure he sturdy piece of hardware. Fact in some shows of EUA with east a. You focus Well and clamps down securely.
5 / 5 Willene
The product adds, is tight water while any one submerged, rugged built and does exactly to the equal that was expected to do. Although when it has submerged it takes on water but a lot of dulcemente, in another yes fallen hand in a pond, to float like him some small leaks when the divings is irrelevant thus purpose has drawn . Still in a yours the chance bounces entirely sinks this thing would float behind on and at most would take on 3 or 4 drips of water, also yes wants to augment a tension of water could lube one or-coverage with some marine fat and he probably would do it submergable to roughly 10ft.
4 / 5 Lyle
These produced has not resisted in the 5 gal the cube fill with water, comprise a difference among test of time and test of water, and that a costruttore gives no IPX indications, but dang can be been like this easy to do the slightly main account in this hule gasket. This would have solved it, but a gasket in east control of rain of offers of product in is whole configuration. Like this basically, any tilt the, the load or spend it, otherwise the stock exchange of the lock of the zip would do the better work.
4 / 5 Rachele
This dry box work quite well. I maintain the mini box of survival in my Jeep Wrangler TJ and this looks to resist the better elements. Generally I maintain some cups out of him in a summertime to the equal that have required something concealed would have to that maintain waters it era. A compass is the little goofy, like the plot of small economic compasses, yes dipped the metal glielo approaches (still inside a separate box for the bandanna) a compass will read wrongly.
Is not very big but was able to return:
Doan firestarter
Eton cell of hand-held crank/of load/of radio torch
compressed to water
hot hands
morakniv knife of mate of fixed leaf
100' paracord
duct tape
fine tool
4 / 5 Percy
has Gone my canoe with all my valuables in this box. It is weighted down with the small .38 revolver, my telephone, fishing licence, stock exchange, tones, A container of cigarettes, and my extra pocket knive. Fleets To the rovescio for at least 10 minutes while I have struggled the cost. At all it suffer it harm or wet. This was the few years does. Been using it on each travesía/to camp of the peach of then!
5 / 5 Nieves
Uses this to resist to spare sheer rays, pins of circle and some wrenches for my snowblower. Has he in slope of some bosses that bonds of use of zip. I also the zip has joined a box he (by means of some holes of lock) to the equal that can very accidentally open (any that he never opened accidentally - some clips are utmost). I have learnt my lesson this winter when I sheared some rays and could not find some transmissions in my cochera. Now always they will be with a snowblower, any subject where are.
5 / 5 Dudley
Well... You water it it is not going in there! Plásticoes Of good quality with 3 heavy duty hasps and one 'Or' coverage around a seams. A loss of the star is due to the lacking mine a compass, and my soyirror' (reflective sticker) in a base is quite crooked. It goes to resist liquids in the EMS stock exchange to maintain some other contents dry... Owe Foot a good bill. Oh... And Fact in some the EUA does not hurt neither....
5 / 5 Leoma
Fantastic geocache container! Sturdy And already the darkish green, as I do not owe that camo the. And a flat form the easiest fact to slip under the rock; also he he easy to find a register and see a swag. Better that a ammo beat and less likely to be flown by hunters.
4 / 5 Clifton
Shabby this to hide in a forest like the geocache. It is been the averages has hid in an earth of then August of this year with herb to feign that has spent up. We verify up in a hide each one that two weeks. No the drop of moisture inner taking. Also it resists a lot of swag. We take a lot of compliments and preferred in this like this hides he! Excellent quality, the prize adds, and fast service. Thank you.
4 / 5 Mei
Has purchased 2 of these boxes and utmost, as all MTM has produced. To the left give the lovely tip. All but artilugios, computers, radios, dvdes players, and a continuous cast in. Storing some boxes is the waste of spatial - But - his all coming with instructions and of the small bosses and each one another class of fastener, connecter or anything that is always misplacing and can any never find when calm the precise.
The question has solved. These boxes (that goes in other measures and of the colours) can store all these bosses and other things and he easy to dip your hands on the when a need arises.
Consider this the small investment in maintaining all these very organised things and in now your sanity when I need to find one of them. (Extra clue: A costruttore of focus leaves each box to be identified. Interesting to comprise in a compraventa.)
5 / 5 Cedric
Has received so only this dry box and I absolutely love it. It is a right measure and in fact can resist to plot. I plan to use he partorisca geocaching purpose, where concealed when being as he geocache container, or like the container to resist some of my material during grueling hikes to far of hide, does not have does on my alcohol still. Has the compass in a cup, is to have to that very heavy , I in fact be in the and resist my weight (150 lbs), but so only for the second. I create this to be the very done container that that that can be used for just roughly anything. Happy with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Hanh
In the first place was to comprise that this box is not big. It is not even half. It is small. Esteems that this box would resist a big ready telephone, and probably five or are other elements a same measure like this telephone. This be has said, is very convenient, has built well and a embedded the compass was the pleasant surprise in such an element. If it love the small dry box to good sure would recommend this. I do not have any remorse and am happy that purchased it.

Top Customer Reviews: Outdoor Products ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
2 / 5 Anderson
One of some clips to close broken immediately in me taking it. It looks a pin of the hinge has not gone properly curling and is fallen well has been. Low quality.

Besides, a material is done to look very probably to crack yes fallen or has attacked enough take. I have found other waterproof cases in Amazon this was main quality and has been done of the material concealed does not look propenes to crack.

5 / 5 Kristeen
A measure would have to when being provided in a description. I have wanted to to find the hermetical box for the first box of help for my boat, and almost spent in this element because of a lack of dimensions. I have read then one of some descriptions where an author had used he for his first box to help and found the quite big. AS I have taken the casualidad and ordered it. I am happy this has done.

Some external dimensions are quite 7 wide inches, 6 deep inches, and 4 big inches. I say soymena or less' so that a box is slightly tapered of upper thorough. It IS in fact he bit it the big plus in width and depth because of some latches, hinge, and points for to annex the lanyard. I have measured in a point of centre of some dimensions, and an interior is the small plus bit to leave for a thickness of a plastic.

That is to say to box built well of the plastic heavy note clears with the pin of steel for a hinge and solid latches with sealing he of raincoat gasket. There is the rubber lanyard in an end and a point of annex in an opposite end for the second lanyard. Warning to the focus in a box declares can not use an element in the microwave, and does not have to be submerso. Since it has to seal the gasket, is supposition a look quite when being the averages has submerged any one for the scuba diving of use - does not look it withstand too much pressure to mar.

Packed all some elements want to spend for the a lot of-stocked first box of help and abundance had to room. Having the ways of the boxes of clear plastic was able to fix my elements as it can see one focuses of some outsides of a box in the each side and less casualidad to forget that has inner.
5 / 5 Bert
I have bought this to go kayaking so much can take my tlphonique and listen in musician. My kayak has finished to change two times, a second time was the other way around for 15-20 minutes in the fast current. This box was underwater a whole time. Once it was able to look, has been surprised to see everything in a box was dry bone. Any leak or anything. HIGHLY it recommends this in any start in bouncing it.
1 / 5 Ozell
Bought to take kayaking. It has not submerged He still... But it looks that it marks a trick.
The same boxes can take in wally world.... But taken a big box , in a prize of small box.

Update... Desprs Only an use, SO MUCH clasps has broken only of inaugural and closing them. Almost it likes him to him he was of old and brittle.
Almost could comprise that after the pair of years to use a box in a sun with a UV the rays that degrades some plsticoes over time... But after or it uses yes objectionable. They launch in some rubbishes.
4 / 5 Chantel
While like this box, is tight water, the sister is my thought could be it the lunch has used to of tent. It does not read a description has detailed, can not store lunch in these containers. I store my medicine, in his bounced to explode (the room wasted a lot, use he in this way). In fact I how one produces even so, has tent my factor, the money and another water unkind elements in the to maintain them dry. If podes apt he in a box, remains dry. It has to wants to use it he to feed, suggests to pose your lunch in of the plastic stock exchanges has sealed in the first place then in a box. Also it can use plastic containers with lids, but that also is the plot of the room wasted, some stock exchanges are better.
1 / 5 Arvilla
A first time has opened a box one of some latches broken in two pieces. They have looked for to be very thin and owe light. A case looked reasonable strong. Also some hinges looked quite strong to handle moderate use. On all a case would be VAL for the clear duty but I would not store of to the things likes them SCUBA the squad in any one uses the stops to have to rough. Also, it does not trust this box around waters. Please remark a vendor does not recommend to use around waters that odd looks that considers calls it the Hermetical Box. Considering me, take a lid and has used a box to store odds and finals.
4 / 5 Lyda
Bought to substitute one of these anteriorly has had. One focuses around a lip of the interior turned in 'goo' over time. I expect a substitution one will do a same thing, but last for the few years. Only the can not take a heat of external Florida for more than this quantity of time. The mine is in bouncing it that it is to maintain alfresco under the ceiling.
5 / 5 Thu
This could be a description an odd plus has read in Amazon. I have purchased this product by deception. It was a correct box , but an injustice measured.

Gives goes to deceive punctual in a process of order, as it was likely has prendido he to ship in me. But I no.

IS sure happy equivocat once take my hands in a box sized corrects. I have found an exact measure required in the tent of merchandise of too much local, as it has cual required the week in front of this box he. Once one big plus one is arrived, has seen immediately concealed has multiple uses for all some mark of external activities during a year.

IS included perfect for use of house. Calm say you that the concealed has some few objects or of the papers of entity that could take hurt by the tube to filter or the sudden flood. Bingo - This box will save a day and your possessions. It IS fantastic quality .

For a road, is using a smaller measure of this box like the case for the radio of portable ham that can pose in the rucksack. Has his own self-supply to be able vanamente contains, and can use it to speak with the people around a world have entered a forest, in the highland cup or only in anywhere. All precise, except a thin circle-arrives antenna, is inside a clear waterproof case tiny. Can create it it conceal?

Wants to see one radio once complete, only go in my ham radio website. It IS my sign to call more a point that. W3ATB Taking?
2 / 5 Allegra
That is to say the a bit useful product , although the potential buyers would have to give is not waterproof. Other critics have signalled was that it is more than the box of half for his internal dimensions, as I will not repeat some measures. That wants the mark is to warn folks that although I have tried to annul this order in an hour to plant he for emailing a vendor (Pros Extern, according to some roads to bill me) the demand of annulment through Amazon, has done any endeavour to follow my instructions, included although an element has not shipped until 2 days of calendar after an order and seeds a demand of annulment has been planted. You would think this day of computers and big technology, could have annulled an order in this term of time. Clearly, his exorbitante and load of the ridiculous ship besides concealed $ 10, which are almost a cost of a product, is his main source of profit in this element. And like the full decree, an element is coming simply packed with the abused up piece of brown paper in the box of goleada. Any bubble embroils or deadening styrofoam popcorn or anything more.
5 / 5 Myrta
It has not tried tension to water when submerged, but generally maintains the sure things when in a boat. I have purchased to maintain importing docs and the dry telephone in a box of glove of a boat. Some laws of latches well. An only suggestion would be to take drawee of some adhesives that was difficult to leave totally (used goo gone and has had to buff for the moment to take some marks of residue was).
5 / 5 Clelia
One of some clips to prójimos has broken immediately the mine that receives it. It looks a pin of the hinge has not gone properly curling and has fallen well was. Low quality.

Besides, a material is done partorisca look very probably partorisca break yes fallen or attacked quite hard. I have found other waterproof chances on Amazon that was the main quality and has been done of the material concealed does not look liable to break.

4 / 5 Kimi
Has bought this to go kayaking so much could spend my telephone and listen the music. My kayak has finalised to change two times, a second time was to the rovescio for 15-20 minutes in the fast current. This box was underwater a whole time. Once it was able to look, has been surprised to see everything in a box was dry bone. Any leak or anything. HIGHLY it recommends this to any one exiting in the boat.
5 / 5 Marcelo
While I like this box, is tight water, my sister thought it could have the habit of lunch of tent. It do not read a description detailed, calm can not store lunch in these containers. I store my medicine, in his bounced in mine (the space has squandered a lot, use he in this way). In fact it likes me a product this in spite of, has tent my stock exchange, the money and another water unfriendly elements in them to maintain them dry. If podes apt he in a box, remains dry. It has to that it loves it use he to feed, suggests to dip your lunch in plastic stock exchanges sealed in the first place then to a box. Calm also could use plastic containers with lids, but that also is the plot of spatial squandered, some stock exchanges are better.
4 / 5 Bethel
Has bought 2 of these for my husband & I to use while kayaking & has done really well. Maintained my things floats & drought in a water. It returns perfectly in a side like this easily can take his. It was able to toallitas humid apt, bounces he of travesía of lotion, my licence, hand sanitizer, my Campark chance of camera, first box of help, wise, knife & chapstick in him. My husband was able to store his stock exchange & of gun in sound.
5 / 5 Nigel
Has bought to take kayaking. Not to submerge it still... But it looks that he a trick.
The box included can take in wally world.... But takings a big box , in a prize of small box.

Update... With which so only an use, SO MUCH clasps has broken so only of inaugural and closing them. Almost it likes him he was of old and brittle.
Almost could comprise that with which the pair of years to use a box in a sun with a UV the rays that degrades some plásticoes over time... But with which one uses yes unacceptable. It has launched he in some rubbishes.
4 / 5 Rossie
A measure would owe that be resupplied in a description. I have loved to find the hermetical box for the first box of help for boat of mine, and almost spent in this element because of a lack of dimensions. I have then read one of some descriptions where an author had used he for his first box of help and found the quite big. AS I have taken the casualidad and ordered it. They are happy that has done.

Some external dimensions are roughly 7 wide thumbs, 6 deep thumbs, and 4 big thumbs. I say 'roughly' reason a box is slightly tapered of upper thorough. It is in fact he bit it big in width and depth been due to a latches, hinge, and points for to annex the lanyard. I have measured in a point of centre of some dimensions, and an interior is quell'has bitten smaller that leave for a thickness of a plastic.

Ossia Box built well of the plastic heavy note clears with the pin of steel for a hinge and solid latches with the raincoat that seals gasket. There is the hule lanyard in an end and a point of annex in an opposite end for the second lanyard. Warning to the focus in a box declares an element can not be used in the microwave, and does not have to that be submerso. Of then there it is sealing it gasket, are supposition one looks roughly when being submerso means any for the scuba diving of use - I does not look it withstand too much pressure of mar.

has packed all some elements want to spend for the a lot of-stocked first box of help and abundance has had to that room. Having the clear plastic box means was able to fix my elements like any focus could be inhabit outside of a box in the each side and less casualidad to forget that has inner.
4 / 5 Marquita
Some first time have opened a box one of a latches has broken to two pieces. They looked to be very thin and owe light. A chance looked reasonable strong. Also some hinges looked quite strong to manage moderate use. On all a chance would be GOOD for the light duty but I would not store of the things like SCUBA crew in any use to have to that rough. Also, you do not trust this box around waters. Please remark a vendor does not recommend using around water the one who the odd looks that consider calls it the Hermetical Box. Considering me, has take a lid and has used a box to store odds and finals.
5 / 5 Zelda
For a money , is to win it! It is deeper that has thought , but ossia extra of the only spaces have not expected . It knows it is quite deep this in spite of , as as where is storing he in, something to think roughly. It feels a lot sturdy this in spite of and has tried and is waterproof. They are happy with him. I have added the leash his to clip the to Kayak of mine. Pics Is from above and for a part of an iPhone 8+ in him with a box of nourished on that. My chance of telephone the fact cebado also long , but returns. A box of nourished takes the place.
5 / 5 Chastity
Bought to substitute one of these I has had previously. A focuses around a lip of interior has turned to 'goo' over time. Appearance a substitution one will do a same thing, but last for the few years. So only it can not take a heat of external Florida for more than this quantity of time. The mine is to bounce it that is to maintain alfresco under the ceiling.
5 / 5 Gita
Ossia The very well is strong ..To focus waterproof is latches is good and do the hule good lanyard has the good hole that it is strong and returns my toe 5or has uploaded he with my stock exchange,car tones,mobile phone and launched it always uprights he when I turned it on like this to the focus is situated out of a value for money!!!.... It can buy another for vitamins of mine and meds wgen the only way can be better is has two holes molded in so many can be concluded.!!..

Top Customer Reviews: Pelican 1010 Micro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 12 ratings
5 / 5
Wow This chance is well. You can say a quality of the production in this element is upper notch. It is a lot rugged. A latch underlines also; has some tug in the, and any swivel loosely. An interior is quite odd, but cushioney, and fact that looks to be to seeds-hule or material hard silicone. A yard of interior is that it is odd. It is like winged in an upper semence. A product has the a lot of sheen his. My product there is not coming with the edge likes described in a picture of product. The mine has come with the note that traces any carabiner. Which is the little annoying, but again a chance is really good. It is surprising the one who economic is, relative to a quality of a chance. I will say to import some dimensions of a chance, is the little bulky & awkwardly sized, and will not return in yours say your rear pocket.
4 / 5
Ossia The small chance adds for more anything. Perfectly it returns the radio hand-held mine Yaesu VX-8Dr., As I can toss he in my rucksack without concerning roughly taking it attacked on another junk door. They like him some few chances of the solid colour of then has the tampon in a cup of an interior also. So only it wishes that this there has been the crazy has arrived instead like my Pelican 1030 chance has. Some looks of shiny arrival well, but aims easy stain. I know his fact to protect his contents, but be crazy arrived always can look well while doing it.
5 / 5
Has bought this chance because it is lifetime has guaranteeed. Pause. I have tried to contact pelican. A lot they was annoying the message me behind. It does not buy this chance loves something concealed hard and expect the guarantee to in fact mean something.
5 / 5
Are the big defender of Pelican Micro Seriáis of Chance (only).
Has 1010, 1020, 1040, 1060 and everything of some chances is súper sturdy and perfects work.
Really loves that, sometime, so only wants to buy more for any reason lol.
4 / 5
Good prize, big quality like this always with this mark. Required he for the big quantity of USB flashes walks to be protected while travelling. He a work.
4 / 5
Has been said and seen another uses this chance to house an infamous Cannon G7X Mark II. Some accesses of cameras but a lot tight and doesnt has the protect pertinent left so only returns anything more besides a camera (not even some accesses of strap).

Finds a chance cushioned soft alternative.
4 / 5
Has bought this for mine in headphones of ear to substitute a chance that is coming with. They are fantastic and recommends this chance to any need concealed the sure way to protect something small.
4 / 5
This chance is perfect for a chance of supply of the emergency for the first box to help quell'access in a glovebox of the vehicle! He withstands the plot of the weight dipped in the and is waterproof. Perfecto to camp or the travesía of float!
5 / 5
Has chosen on both a 1020 and some 1010 models. Both good work to maintain an inner stink sealed, and all more unstinky.
4 / 5
An interior the hule thin that the lines arrived and has the tear in him.

Has expected for this element, opened it the reason Pelican is supposition to be the solid mark. But a flimsy hule interior liner has had the tear in a backside of him. Latches The work adds.
4 / 5
Ossia The add Pelican chance for small elements! I have purchased this chance to store and protect mine in-of the monitors of ear, and is perfect for this application. Inside a chance will find hule soft to protect your lovely element. A clasp resists a chance has closed closely. The value adds for a prize!
5 / 5
This chance is perfect for a chance of supply of the emergency for the first box to help quell'access in a glovebox of the vehicle! He withstands to plot of the weight dipped in the and is waterproof. Perfecto to camp or the travesía of float!

Top Customer Reviews: Waterproof Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sharen
Good chance, but be wary of as it has taken his measures. They allege 6.5' x ' x ', but those do not comprise a hule liner (required partorisca seal to to a chance likes him to him the raincoat) or of a curvature of a chance. I measure ' x 3.5' x 1.6' that comprises a hule liner.
4 / 5 Honey
This law of chance adds partorisca 10 magazines partorisca one 10/22
5 / 5 Delphia
chance of waits of Regular quality of pelican. It uses mine in my band/of weekend of the day partorisca hike/mountaineering partorisca protect the few essential elements while in some elements. Pic With some common edc the train the help of the one contrives of his measure.
5 / 5 Janice
Fast note in this product - a headliner the description in this product said 'waterproof'. But note in some details of the product said of the water-resistant. I have not paid quite a lot of attention to a fine impression. It is to good sure not watering test. Before dipping anything like the mobile phone in him, tried it empty and filters the little bit has included so only floating in the surface of a water. Still the very solid chance - has been this in spite of and has bought another concealed is fully tries water.
5 / 5 Mariah
Has been using pelican boxes in motorcycle of mine for years and around 150K miles. Has a trace to handlebars of mine that money of toll of the controls, transmission, my camera/of telephone in a rain, Gas of discharges when I fill up. His just handy like heck and has required so only to substitute a when I decide that I love the different measure.. Like this it times I have required one this could resist my telephone mine new plus. It has not had Never a leak. I drill the holes in some subordinated to locate them and his still never leak, because of a creation of an use of focus. If it ensure something inside this box, does not go to take wet. They go in the variety of measures and his all snap tight. Gotta Master. A picture on is of 2009, this box was substituted so only in 2019 reason was too small for my current needs. I have required a next measure up.
5 / 5 Rachelle
Loves these chances. I have very bought the (1010, 1020, 1040 & 1050) and has turned one 1040 to the hard shell diabetes husband of boxes (glucometer, games of test, needles of pen, lancets, wipes of alcohols, and pen of insulin) has take a hule inserts/to insert and there is lined both halves with sticky-rear velcro and then dipped the small tab of an opposite velcro in the each element. Works like the charm - all remains in place, is all contained in the small container, and does not have to that worry in my material that taken run over when I travel. A 1040 measure returns the pair of altoid - side of has beaten of the measure-for side perfectly (with a liner take). Some beat to do really well to contain quite a lot of needles of pen and lancets for the week or like this use. A chance latches securely and is damn near indestructible. Has the loop for the tape or nylon strap and comprise the carabiner. Calm think you can included dipped the enclosed small on some models. The precaution against submerging some chances for any period of time - I thinks is drawn more control of stops of water more than protecting your delicate electronics of the plenary fledged dunking. I think that that they float, so that it is in prize also.
5 / 5 Willetta
Has purchased two of these together with a foam inserts/inserts, to protect two expensive battery testers this otherwise be bouncing around in my stock exchange of tool.

A quality of this product is upper notch. A foam inserts/inserts is customizable to take cubes of small foam for the access done of commission. When All is said and fact, looks a OEM chance. It returns in my stock exchange of tool perfectly, and any I still need to take a declare out of a chance when they are by train for the use, as he always stays inside a foam that cushions. Of then it remains in a chance all a time, also he less probably to be left behind to somewhere!

Are quite sure could fall this of the edifice and he would not suffer harm. You can feel the one who solid a plastic is. Well value the to protect crew of delicate test if you are the technician of to the service likes.
5 / 5 Cristobal
Ossia The good chance so that I diving of cost to/bounce has wanted. Lame two of one 1040 east, one for him “scuba save-a-cashiers of dive” and one for iPhone X (in the chance), stock exchange, tones, etc. Some pictures aim the 1040 chance with all a material I place in him.
- Good quality
- selection of Good measure in a Pelican lineup
- Sturdy, would have to take quite beating it
- Only and stainless plastic-fly he like this has to that last the long time
- point of Good prize
- To good sure VERY WATERPROOF - like this declared to somewhere in a description: “the Resistant water”

has left the float of full chance in of waters he for roughly 2 minutes, when I have taken was a chance there is had the just quantity of interior of water he. As it does not use these where in fact will be high tides he.

In general am happy with a chance but has given so only 4-star of then is at all waterproof.
4 / 5 Lee
Buy this to resist supplies of insulin when we travel. This takes a place of the stock exchange of sandwich that was woefully that lacking of. We use the @@@cofre of geles small and sometimes a gel fund and taking watery. Ossia An excellent option . It maintains all dry and still leaves everything to remain cold. Produced of big quality that is coming to expect of Pelican.
5 / 5 Felicitas
When I have bought this, my mobile phone was an iPhone . A Pelican 1040 was bit it big. Now that have upgraded to an iPhone XR, this chance is perfect. Some accesses of telephone in there snugly, but has quite soiled to stick my stock exchange in up. Utilisation a Pelican husband clipped interior of my tennis, and stock exchanges of tennis of the program. Although any one was to step in my stock exchange, my telephone is protected. Also, there is not any worry roughly he sloshing roughly in some enormous compartments in my stock exchanges. It is closed closely. We touch the tennis of program is rain and snow , like this waterproofing are adds for these days. A caribiner are adds to maintain a legislation of the chance has been he can find it and the access easily.

Top Customer Reviews: Pelican Micro ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Lanora
I have bought this partorisca my Ruger LC9s after @giving some dimensions of the each one like this probably touches amiably with each another. With which some messing around, was able to return my LC9s, two mags (a 7 round, flush basic and a 9 round has extended mag), and my pocket pistol and mag holsters. Totally gone back the third mag in a LC9s, and has included the fourth mag would return inside a holster especially. A chance in bylines without the questions and all returns snuggly and does not move around, thank you mostly to a hule inserts/inserts in a fund. Everything returns in fact really a lot inner. More, with a holsters especially can not see that it is in him unless it is opened. This no partorisca all the world according to the local laws of then is not lockable. But I need something small and less bulky of the chance he big plus, any one just to resist the small firearm or partorisca transport, this does a lot well. More, is the Pelican. This model is resistant water , runs over resistant and buoyant! Like fleets in a surface of water, which is quite awesome. A lot happy with this compraventa. If has the gun he small plus and any need for holsters could return never more material in him. It can probably apt two LC9s without to spare mags stacked on the each one another in this chance. You could also easily paint an interior or outside of a clear chance if to any one calm likes of clear.
5 / 5 Deirdre
Has chosen this chance up for the box of small emergency for kayak of mine. I have situated extra glasses in the chance, strap of glasses, spare contacts, extra rope for rear band, clips of extra nose, small circle of duct tape, jueza of fire of start and he fines-tool. Ossia Something maintains in a boot at all times, clipped in for behind a chair.

With which whitewater kayaking the days of pair have verified a chance and was a lot of disappointed to see moisture under a lid in an interior. I opened it up and the dry was and has done sure was shut securely and correctly first of the turn to a boat. After other days of pair of boating has verified again and has seen still moisture.

Has taken all was, has take a liner of a chance of moisture takes trapped among him and a fund of a chance. I am trying again. Have take the few elements so that it is not like this full, has had perhaps pack too closely. I expect that he a trick.
5 / 5 Harland
Hard and light. I use mine like the chance of travesía for my cigarettes. I dipped it/ I dipped It up with some chance done of foams to commission so that it resists lighter of mine, cutter of mine, the small tube of Granada Gums and four tubes of cigarette. It is also opportunely small and stow was easily so only in anywhere. A carabiner is feeble and useless but concealed is not reason has bought the. A wide front latch is easy to do and a valve of the purge of the pressure is the good characteristic .
5 / 5 Waylon
Uses this for flies to fish. Has the small revolver uploaded with to the rat has shot for a does not like to be without mine G26 for all other doors of stops of purposes. I hike and the fish with the small peach has bought it Fishpond sale of waist of Blue River to spend in reason this band resists this Pelican If like this perfectly.

A chance uses 2 latches - but is closed with the alone piece. Ossia A lot of entity. I can use so only a delivery to unzip a Fishpond chance... A Pelican the chance is situated like this ploughed with the hand-held movement so only and of the starts of lid of mine a G26 is instantly accessible.

Thinks Pelican done some chances plus a lot last has not seen never in has to them that well sure this dips on will see me thru a lot of years (decades?) Of it flies to fish use.
5 / 5 Clinton
Has taken this chance backpacking with me to an Amazon. I used it every day for the month and the half and would say it to good sure me well. I have had the little Anker the battery have tent together with mine telephone etc. Value of the money. I reccomend the.
4 / 5 Marica
Has looked for the waterproof chance to protect backup hard walks for storage in my fire of the house tries sure. Has has wanted to something concealed would protect him in chance of fire or riada where our insurances (which is not waterproof) could find water of any department of fire or the backed on sewer, riada, etc.

This chance returns 2 level 3.5' interior SATA hard walks perfectly. A hule gasket/the bumper in some sides is so only snug enough to maintain some walks in situating amiably like this they a lot of slide around. You can stack 2 yes precise walks more than the alone walk, and there is the bit of room in an end in chance has has wanted to stash the small USB-to-SATA adapter or something more in there with some walks. There have it also so only the bit of extra height (perhaps 1/8' or as) to accommodate variac. Light in of the heights of regular walk, or in the chance has loved to add thin piece to cushion among some walks to protect extra.

Are a lot happy with a compraventa. It is much better that a waterproof alternative HD chance that sells for $ 35-$ 50 and so only is returned the alone walk. More, ossia he Pelican chance to mark so it knows is taking the chance of the manufacturer of quality, no the swipe-was piece of plastic craps.
4 / 5 Versie
Quite wide to resist the big smartphone with a chance of the widespread battery and the laptop upload likes a AUKEY 30000mAh USB-C Portable Load or a Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PS, with room for bosses of USB. But doens't taking on cup of the tonne of spatial in my band.

Has do well to protect my electronic to take run over or wet in the rough external excursion.
4 / 5 Darnell
Has used while rucking, hiking, and kayaking. One has stores more immediately is two Iphone 6s, IDs, papers crediticios and mule.
The elements have been protected of a rain, surf and elements.
Does not think will have to that, but would order it again.
5 / 5 Abraham
Ossia A third one has bought, each one regarding the different telephone. I love him to maintain mine telephone sure canoeing, kayaking or boating or that goes to a beach. Unfortunately it has had to buy the very odd measure to return mine sansumg More than note 10. I have added the fat piece of interior to foam so it does not attack a telephone around. A telephone is the odd measure . But a chance is fabulous, sturdy.
5 / 5 Mi
This chance is ideal to ensure delicate elements in the stock exchange with a profit added of waterproofing electronic or papers. It is quite big to return the small book, telephone, stock exchange, etc.

Smokes the hand-held pipe done. It is quite long, and unfortunately a root broken in spite of my better endeavours to preserve it. I took it repaired and has bought this to mainly do fault like my box to smoke. It returns a pipe, disassembled, he 6 oz bounce (grieve), lighters, parties, the pipe that clean tools, with spare room for the telephone/ipod or another consecrates for when I am crossing country of cross of the water or in the boat. I seat WAY MORE COMFORTABLE toting few delicate things like those around. It is feeling A lot of SOLID and has has not had filter still.
5 / 5 Machelle
I trust a Pelican frames and has spent this chance specifically partorisca resist my iPhone and another assessorsies while it spends for TSA control of security while I trip. Them it the normal routine to empty all (stock exchange, telephone, tones, coins, sample etc.) Of my pockets and person to this chance so that he no dipped of some alarms of security and cause an additional pat down investigations. My aim is partorisca take by means of TSA security like this quickly like this possible and to an aeroplane. This chance is perfect to ensure everything of my elements of entities and personnel to a the sure place and I simply ensure it inner my rucksack to the equal that come from by means of a TSA control of security.
5 / 5 Porsche
Has bought this partorisca do my first own box of compact help partorisca use while it hikes, snowshoeing, 1-2 travesías of day, etc. Etc. Looks partorisca be very durable, and is announced like this when being waterproof to 1m. I have not tried that, but the think that resist until that estimating quite well. A latch is quell'has bitten tight, but thats better that when being too free. It resupplies the good quantity of spatial of the yes calm storage fill up on a hule liner and to a space of lid. The only complaint has is some tabs in any final. Calm can see him look in some pictures. It looks he likes has been drawn for webbing or the tape of some class. I can see the little has limited phase where these could be useful, but for me was so only in a way. Also a loop in an end (where a carabiner is) is a lot small. Not to trust it or a distributed carabiner to resist a weight of these contents + of chances for any period of time. As I have finalised for the cut went him with the dremel and that founds a zone of yard to soften a plastic.
4 / 5 Jan
Ossia A second time I order one of these. First box was way to small for an iPhone. According to the time was enormous, This one this 10”x6”x2.5 This is to announce for the mobile phone. No material to have the question. A costruttore is in failure not giving better details. A second a this 10”x6”x2.5 This is to announce for the mobile phone. I have been ordering of Amazon for 12 years. The the majority of compraventa on-line and I seldom elements of turn. I have lost a 30 window of day to return this. A lot disappointed to the equal that have has wanted to really one for my husband when he paddle near for his telephone and of the tones.😫 I have not required the box of lunch, Really?
4 / 5 Terence
1) A focus is not 100 raincoat. If the dry bone is not of entity, this would have to that be well.
2) Has the defect in a manufacture of this lid that brotas the 1/2 centimetre embroiders rough to the long of centre of a lid to the long of a hinge. This is not so only the Amazon. The stock in REY has a same question.
3) A carabiner is substandard. The appearance to fail in some point.

For my application, this does well. It has loved the toiletries stock exchange of travesía. This chance is washable, crushproof, compact, and easily inspectable. I have loved the container that would contain liquid (astringents, mouthwash, etc) this has filtered. No more double bagging ziploc stock exchanges!

Are deducting the star for some 3 questions have listed.
5 / 5 Rubi
Adds to take things to a beach, kayaking, parcos to water etc. Ossia the a lot of durable and chance of water of resistant storage for personal elements like this of the car tones, stock exchange, mobile phones and another electronics. It takes the hard beating and protects some contents. Ossia Mine 2nd Pelican if, a prime minister one has had for on ten years and is still like new, but was too small for my new mobile phone. I can a lot of bekeiece this chance does not cost two times so much or more.
4 / 5 Bonny
The product adds. Solid. It is to add when the costruttore in fact does exactly that says that they do. A box is easy to open but closes a lot of securely. We use it to us external to store the few things like the parties and one likes to know that a time will not affect them . It is also a lot of appeal. It looks he is of big quality. They are very impressed for this company.
5 / 5 Clark
Like this disappointed with my mandate of mine late plus!
I own and use the little of these and in a past has been utmost.

Sadly This one is coming with the misformed insert and clearly not going to be test/of powder of the water.
4 / 5 Jude
Has bitten big that had expected, but has done a work. A lot sturdily built, can see use a box for years. Have take a carabiner of an outside because it was the bit flimsy looking. Able to dip two telephones, GoPro battery, GoPro claves by heart, and multiple other things like this of the stock exchanges and of the tones to maintain the things dry while they hike in of waters he. It recommends it sees to be next water and does not have the waterproof telephone still!
5 / 5 Tora
Calm any class to water the activities or the sport have related to require this. I have taken this in vacacional to maintain my side of things grupal dry and the beach to maintain water and sand of my electronic devices. They are able to return two telephones, money, the gone pro with extra battery and upload and the boss together with other small elements likes jewels. Shopping again. It was in fact main that expected but any the import at all. A carabiner among handy.
4 / 5 Leanna
I like this chance of the measure for the day is gone in a water. It resists my tones, telephone, GOES, extra sunglasses, camera and the small airhorn. A hule liner maintains it everything of clanging around. To be sure is airtight I submerged he in a house of tank for 30 minutes. No the inner drop goring. A carabiner the good law hooked to the tether line in an end of mine kayak. It has been it is gone in an ocean when the good sized the wind is coming up and has spent 6 swells of feet with him. It was pounded with waves for 45 minutes. You look for behind my kayak to see that it had lost in a side and a Pelican the chance was final 10 feet behind for a tether. When it Take the cost everything in a chance was intact and dry. I gotta say, Man, was I happy had it! It does not doubt to buy one spends time in a water.
5 / 5 Jule
This chance has been sublimate. You spend it partorisca resist my electronic like travesía generally, and take prisoner generally in customs.

A chance contains, my band of battery and the variety of the electronics & generally receives compliments.

I highly recommend to everything, is like this universal that is besides brilliant.
4 / 5 Rosetta
Has not Possessed Never this New more Gasket Box of Type.. Previously it possess it So only a ''OLD Or-the COVERAGE Written''. We will see IF SAND or Grime can cause lose H2O -FOCUS of TEST... Given an OLD Or-Models of the COVERAGE has not Failed never.. Enjoying some Elections by heart partorisca Fast GO of Interior of Elements &62; BLUE partorisca Sport of WATER, RED partorisca Expensive Elements like this of the Hard Walks, YELLOW partorisca Splits To spare , etc. NOW, So only ADD More Colours like this of the ORANGES, GREEN (Dark and Light), and PALE BLUE to FISH FACE and REEL Parts. ROSA partorisca some Daughters, and AIMS partorisca Part very TINY.
4 / 5 Arleen
Has taken this canoeing partorisca a first time today. Finalising flipping in the tree fallen and when we take all to the cost found this chance was for the full half with water. Sayonara To the telephones of pair. REALLY $ 1000 disappointed partorisca two new telephones.

Some looks of chance sturdy partorisca any-of applications of water, as if ossia all the precise suppositions can do a trick.
4 / 5 Arline
The box done well with the clear coverage to the equal that can see that it is in there. It is partorisca the concrete application, where some 1060 accesses of boxes exactly to some spaces in a pocket of pinch of mine bounce of Whaler of Boston. These are a some some uses of costruttore of the bounce like the option of factory. Very pleased, like this always, with Pelican chance. A bit expensive, but can any partorisca that.
4 / 5 Shaquita
I use 4 of these partorisca maintain my daily elements have required in my dry motorcycle and has organised. Utilisation look it partorisca tools (means partorisca access sized wrenches), another partorisca first box of help, and some last some paralizaciones electronic, chargers, extra battery.

I walk in all the conditions of time, and explore backcountry often. Maintaining my tools, telephone, GPS, SOMETHING gen3, etc dry and sure is of entity.
5 / 5 Ricarda
Has 4 of these maintaining. Controls my electronic sensitive that travel with the plot. Test partorisca water gives me peace partorisca import that when my expensive tools are maintained sure in all the half half.

I also maintain some stops re-create partorisca tones of stock exchange of the telephone etc. Is quite small to go in a fund of the rear band still quite big to resist the plot of elements.
5 / 5 Sacha
Is that it is, has paid almost $ 20 bucks for the plastic box that to the left in enough of water for my telephone the marinate in with which a toe. It sends it behind but think it that it was more cathartic to burn a piece of rubbish ritualistically.
5 / 5 Mirta
Has ordered this product like that can take floating and maintain my small valuables dry, and not requiring plants him in a dry stock exchange. With which roughly 30 minutes of floating, has decided to pull a chance out of a water to look in my telephone. A whole chance has had water in him, and arrival to cause harm to water to the mine iPhone, voiding his guarantee. It was excited really in this chance (reason have used to have the small more pelican chance), but this there is ruined my whole floating experience, and now has to that take the new telephone.

If it is not obvious, am not happy.
4 / 5 Mandie
The chance is not waterproof or water resistant. In the kayaking travesía, I flipped with my telephone in a chance. A chance floated on a water everything of perhaps 15 seconds, but was long enough to water to take to a chance. And it does not mean the little water--I means an inferior neighbourhood of a chance has been fill with water and my telephone that floating in him. Felizmente, my telephone is in fact water resistant. But this chance is to good sure not watering resistant, has left so only waterproof.
4 / 5 Judson
Has been that loves one of these bc I fish, kayak and start in the boat. It was in the venue of sportive tent and has gone to purchase finally one. I have verified Amazon while in a tent. A prize was exactly half prize!!! It was the happy with cost of mine! I used it all been with all the activities of water. I can not live without my telephone bc of my work & are the big picture taker. It was especially perfect for kayaking !
5 / 5 Nenita
Sound the gawdy seafoam green, doesnt coming with foam, so only empty with the hule liner. ive Has launched this and a red a has them against a wall and looks partorisca resist on decent, as didnt crack or of same signs partorisca show partorisca break. Really you think that it can fall in this thing. Ive Also taken a his tap partorisca roughly 10 minutes, and he didnt signs partorisca show partorisca filter
5 / 5 Ayako
as there is the wanted without these fresh chances???? HAS the fellow the one who has one for his GoPro, like this has thought them the d tries an I. It has Dipped my garmin, auricular, iTouch, etc. In these and the use to transport an expensive material without accidents the races. If there is fingernails that worry you roughly, is class of rigid to open like this beware. They break in over time (or we broke me in, it can not decide!). A carabiner helps the plot, hips, so that all my train does not go MI in a stock exchange of train. Probably I will take the pair more for my material of gun of these is so only like this perfect. It was likely to fall this thing for a part of the edifice and my train would be so only well. tl:dr: If has expensive material, calm can trust the east marries.
5 / 5 Sharda
AMOUR Pelican chance. It weaves it to them of big-impact, sometimes waters-exposures of hobbies and really required the sturdy and chance of confidence for electronic, tones, etc. Some light bulkiness of a chance is justified totally IMHO, reasons is quite indestructible. Already possess two, could buy some plus.
5 / 5 Marcella
Loves these chances. I have purchased 3 of these in the variable measures and have all state produced utmost. They are you build very good and sturdy. I have purchased my around done prime minister 3 years and continuous do perfectly with which uses quite heavy. Some joints and latch is still like this snug and tight likes the day purchased it which is quite impressive that consider those that produced there are built to fail after the sure period of time. To good sure recommend purchase this need of element waters it tight box to camp, rafting or another phase where precise maintains artilugios dry. They are sure I will be to purchase more these in a future.
5 / 5 Lynda
Has bought the new Macbook Pro with an exposure of retina. Apple has decided to take an adapter of Ethernet and the an outside dongle. I have required also adapters to go the DVI monitors and to use a supply to be able of older with a redesigned a, and for the modem dongle. I have bought a Pelican 1060 and a box to foam so that it can protect this material, as I external, but more importantly so much could find all these few parts in my rucksack in a half of a night in the storm of snow. This this are adds. It is the different creation of the mine big Pelican chance, but is a lot of sturdy. Always I have the hard time that cut a foam correctly, but took it done and resists all snugly. One Chooses no Pluck box of foam partorisca east of Pelican there is roughly the empty of thumb among a cup of a foam and a cup of a lid. You are not the big shot for me, but need a foam to achieve a cup of a lid he no.
4 / 5 Gonzalo
Maintenances my stock exchange and telephone in here while floating a river. It has not had Never any subjects with him tethered to my tube that floating together with me. While travelling I also maintain my cigarettes in here and the law adds for the hips. I have bought more for friends and familiar like some presents.
4 / 5 Lynna
Has purchased a Pelican 1060 Micros-Marie - Blue although Amazon of Adds Alfresco Imposición and pictured here like this blue solid. That sending to us was one 'the resistant water' version with clear upper - in fact a whole chance is plastic CLARO but hule blue liner inner in inferior and the sides looks blue. ANY liner in lid, so that the visible contents but, of course, PROTECTS of impact in lid. I have loved HERMETICAL chance w protect of full impact - like this aimed in picture! The chance is useless for my application.
4 / 5 Sharie
Has bought this for my Garmin Rino 755t. It returns perfectly and still room enough for a cord to touch. Utilisation the wide variety of Pelican produced in a service of fire and this one has fulfilled some requirements like good like all mine another Pelican has produced.
5 / 5 Heidy
Has bought this for my husband the one who is all a time in a peach of water or boating. It dips his billfold, tones, title, gums, and telephone in here. Tried the in a water and is very waterproof. Bought another. You recommend that that announces.
5 / 5 Mabelle
The piece adds of crew. It is the little yes calm longitude so only wants to resist your mobile phone, but add like the general rugged container. I took it floating down a river, his to good sure splash test and can be tossed in a water and remain has bitten of the raincoat has not tried really submerge a container to try is capacity . If I am not trying paralizaciones to pack lite is perfect for the first box to help when I go backpacking.
5 / 5 Lillian
Already I have one, and decided partorisca order the second a because it is a lot useful. This red chance is in fact with the clear cup, without a cushion up. I have ordered this particular chance because of an upper portion cushioned. Still it likes to of me and the go to maintain. But in a future, vendor... Precise ship an element that is announced..
4 / 5 Felecia
Has bought a “red “ “ “/clear” Pelican 1060, specifically because I have assumed red traditional (like a picture) would be easy to something in chance of emergency. That has received was much darker that a picture, more than the maroon or burgundy which is not almost like this easy to something in an emergency. A rest of a chance is a quality expects of Pelican.
4 / 5 Paris
Ossia The measure adds for some telephones some big plus with the chance. We have had another measure in a same mark and has has wanted to he for telephones and of the tones in a boat. But when we take the chance of the telephone elder does not return anymore, like this the measure is sum .
4 / 5 Coletta
Is an incredible chance was big that that thought it would be to recommend first of calm purchases it to measure that goes to use he partorisca and look in a description for some measures of a chance
4 / 5 Nell
has has wanted to something to protect the kindle of the 2 yr old to touch a screen. You look everywhere, but it can find at all. I can by means of this band of tight water and a kindle the accesses perfect. I have bought also a black cushion. This prevents a kindle to be messed with and when being tossed around a container. They are very happy !!!
4 / 5 Ines
These produced is not that it has expected. When it Say that it was for the cellphone has expected he to be measured of mobile phone. It is much bigger that he cellphone. We buy this to dip our boy cellphone in in pupil so that it can not be run over in his stock exchange of book. Ossia A lot TOO BIG for that. It feels he likes fails to announce. I do not have any one has thought that that will do with this product as I will not be able to use he for his use feign.
4 / 5 Jolyn
Has been disappointed to see that a seal in a product reads 'Any to swim or diving', has bought of a chance to maintain my sure material while swimming and snorkeling.
5 / 5 Dorine
In the first place of of the this is my third Pelican Micro Marie. A late plus one resupplies to protect for my new Anker band of external battery.

Pelican I chances are resistant water and cushioned like the external battery hanged in the book and is expensive (at least for me.)

Pelican I products always resupply value and piece of alcohol.

All the tent for a better value for our money for some things that happy knots consistently mine main pet peeve is that it has to that buy something two times because of carelessness or negligence, as it protects these elements in Pelican chances.
5 / 5 Corie
Looks to be good quality, construction ( those extra pays partorisca in Pelican), although it is bulkier that would prefer but the way down below would not accommodate iPhone 7s. No really dipped to a test but are confidant. Utilisations for external activities, boating , camping.
4 / 5 Joie
Unfortunately ossia way too big so that there is wanted to partorisca; but it is extremely do well. They are a lot sure I will find the use for an element. It has estimated 5 stars been due to a quality of a product - no Pelican the failure can not measure properly.

Top Customer Reviews: Waterproof Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5 Gwendolyn
This is to be purchase partorisca augment an identical unit there has been partorisca decades. Mina in the first place one has been everywhere a world-wide and used partorisca transport the plethora of elements. It is state abused by luggage handlers, crews partorisca bounce of the dive, taxi drivers, I from time to time, and now Chico Scouts in of the travesías of river of white water. Never there it is failed me once. I inspect it with which use, the cleaned and sure mark a gasket is in good order. A new one is exactly one same in the each form of way and form, attended see the long life of both.
4 / 5 Liza
Has an obsession sã with pelican chance... Already possess a im2600 and im3100 partorisca the guns of pair.. Im Going partorisca use this car like the box of row.. Tolerance a gathered 11' air pistol, labradar, tripod and all the accessories/ammo etc while doing development of load.. It has been partorisca spend the box of gun and say joint of boxes of full paper partorisca stuff to a container has organised highly..

The storms have taken a better chance clasps.. You never the cone opens for accident. Material looks the tad sturdier...

Only downside, the dimensions of chances are the bit was..
5 / 5 Carissa
Has required the chance partorisca transport sensitive metering instruments by means of some the EUA and Giappone. A chance was able to withstand some emphases of luggage of airport handlers this in spite of like this goes easily using a boss partorisca extend. A handel is so only long enough to sustain the spend on rucksack while going. I have used foam of big density to pack around some metres. I really like a five latching mechanisms, is not never fearful state a chance was to open for accident. An electrician that travel with me there has been the chance for his train but some wall lateralmente has not been almost like this fat and some wheels have not gone almost like this smooth. A chance has resisted on adding, has some scratches but is the form adds. A chance goes better that some stock exchanges of roller have seen and a latches is sure. That more is there?
5 / 5 Hui
Has taken abroad has to that deploy. Protected my material to the equal that take left in a sun and a rain. Launched around containers of ship and truck. Die one a lot on by all the world has uploaded like this other stock exchanges. If it love the decently light but súper strong and water protectant chance, this will do. It is mark to appoint so it can not be a more economic option. Ossia That use to protect one the majority of expensive helmet in an east because it has chosen this model.
5 / 5 Major
Has been that loves one of these chances for some time. It is absolutely perfect to camp and that goes to a field for the few days. It was much bigger that has expected but has purchased he with an intention for him to resist three value of weeks of cloths and lunch.
4 / 5 Gerard
Has used this box to ship material abroad roughly 5 times like this far and tip any sign of any failure. Pelican Is an only chance to buy.
4 / 5 Catharine
Does well. The havent submerged it or dip the outside to see yes is súper waterproof. It resists calm the bit to stuff amd the heavy material in that.
5 / 5 Lou
Ossia A chance that to the surprises like so much has taken 2 lol. Outside of a chance takes wet alot with that do and everything inside dry stays. They are also a lot rough with them and they are still like new.
4 / 5 Haydee
Loves this!!! A lot of sturdy and has taken he by means of a nation and for behind multiple time!
5 / 5 Patti
I have bought this partorisca acts. Travesía partorisca Do to several labour places where precise supplies of office. I am returned my whole office in this box and his shippable without harm and light, but sturdy! Abundance of sleeve partorisca the lifting and the appeal was boss partorisca wheeling he by means of an airport when necessary. Also I can dip locks on take to maintain.
5 / 5 Domenica
Pelican I products are a level partorisca portable storage. I love a quality. You are shipped promptly and arrived intact. A half hour later, was full. I have required this.
5 / 5 Samara
This thing is awsome piety abundance of spatial. It has flown in the west of the sud has verified he in any question!
4 / 5 Benedict
Ossia My third chance of Storm . They are pricey but well value a cost. Different some other cubes of storage have bought local tents, these are built to last and really take the plot of abuse. I am using east a partorisca camping - resist all the volume with me excepts my jug of water, fresher, sleeping stock exchange and dresses duffel. To good good insurance partorisca have all more in a place!
5 / 5 Elmira
The chance adds, uses it partorisca ship coaching material during a place, sturdy well has built. Quite big to spend the plot is of material.
5 / 5 Olimpia
Looks durable and prize-worthy. The time will confirm, but think that ossia the good rolling footlocker.
5 / 5 Kenyetta
This thing is insane. Built likes at all has seen them in a sand of luggage- for real very done and looks indestructable. Every time the travesía lately my luggage has taken the beaten by a luggage folks- destroy luggage routinely looks, has had included the element inside my luggage takes run over, hope this will be a response .
5 / 5 Jeannetta
This chance is not like this fat and rugged like the regulate pelican chance, but to the look likes will take of some abuse. It does not seal but more than likely maintain your dry train if it does not take immersed.
5 / 5 Reda
This Box is main that the calm looks so that the ones of the tonnes of Room a lot everything With in reason. It is the I a lot adds for travelling in a plan and that spends for claim of luggage.
5 / 5 Nathaniel
Has the camera coaches very expensive and when it train is our livelihood, he transporting without accidents is the worry of entity. These Pelican the chances are doing his work extremely well and does not have any remorse in purchasing them. Probably I will finalise partorisca purchase more in the near future.
5 / 5 Georgianne
If trip during a world-wide taste , of calm can not beat a Pelican chance. A Pelican Storm iM2975 has wheels, is hermetical, space partorisca two enclosed and although another Pelican offered of chance dividers and foam, has not been interested divides or foam - indestructible would be a better work partorisca describe this chance.
4 / 5 Josie
When it Arrives a valve of automatic air has been missing. And like my water the tight chance has the hole in a side. And honradamente are the little surprised in as flimsy a lid feels compared to my chance of rifle of a same mark. Situating my hand on is enough to do it flex to a point can listen the air that flows by means of a hole in a side. They are honradamente a lot disappointed that this has done he by means of control of quality and probably will go to find one in person I so that that can look on and compaired the to different models to find a the lil more ridged.
5 / 5 Wendie
Wish some wheels were the little main. But this chance is surprising. Filled with with camping train.
5 / 5 Francis
Loves these chances. Ossia My second a. So only bought reason have required the slightly main a.
4 / 5 Blake
Big, heavy, hard. The soldato that looks. Well I didnt fulfils a requirement of minimum description of twenty words, but thats really all need to know in this pelican chance of storm.

I supposition would recommend that this chance has the very concrete need or purpose in alcohol for him. otherwise Really is overkill. In another hand, looks fresh, as it goes advance and dip all a precise material for your disneyworld travesía in him.
5 / 5 Kristine
This chance was the little big that has expected included although I have pulled out of a measure of tape and measured out of some dimensions. Ossia My second Pelican chance, and this one has improved latches. It has it gizmo in a half of a latch that, when depressed, to open a latch very easy. A latches in mine first chance, while extremely positive and durable, is quell'has bitten a lot to open and afterwards. These chances are the bit in a heavy side, but like this more all the world mentions, look to be test of bomb. Oh, And some sleeves are the pocolos better also—all four of them. I have not seen anything in a phase that measured until these chances.
5 / 5 Henriette
So only the one who a doctor has ordered. Typical add toughness, the tight and durable time. I dare some airlines partorisca destroy is one !
5 / 5 Willodean
Uses this chance partorisca resist mine 2 chauvet intimidator something 350 has directed partorisca move bosses. Some wheels and the boss is the utmost characteristic.
4 / 5 Tomasa
Has taken a iM2975 without foaming to use like the chance are adds. It is the little big that has expected, but there is abundance of room all my material. A solid chance protects each thing in him, his very a lot prpers that has to that the worry in my camera that takes run over, or my paste of tooth. I plan the compraventa the chance the small plus partorisca use for travesías of weekend.
5 / 5 Era
Is weighed - With some restrictions partorisca trip place in 50 You so only can spend roughly 30 - 33 lbs. Partorisca Upload in this chance. But we have to that I protect our lovely components during travesía.
4 / 5 Marcus
In general prefers this creation been due to some wheels, storage of boss, and emission latches. Some material looks to plot more flimsy that level it pelican to the equal that is disappointing considering is paying the ridiculous quantity for this element. Excellent mid box of measure of the row and can return to plot of different things of the level 7-10 travesía vacacional value of elements or if your elements to transport pertaining yours act. Ossia A good thing in pelican is used can be so that never the purpose considers. I so only precaution a prize empinado. It have to that be worth it in an end while a boss, wheels and latches last like this long in a real construction of a box.
5 / 5 Fiona
Hard like some nails. You focus them tight. Good circles. It is outa view!
4 / 5 Diane
The quality of some chances is utmost! A subject only is these any stack! If it plan in stacking these in the truck or the daily van (likes more the people are), these will slip and slide during a place.
5 / 5 Lyndsay
Has purchased a Hardigg iM2975 Chance of Storm during my spiegamento in Iraq. I have been thoroughly satisfied with a protective construction of a chance he, as I do not owe that worry in any of my personal crew (mobile phones, computers, cameras, etc.) harm to Suffer so much is transported of location the location. A chance resupplies wide room partorisca everything of my material. A system of closure is fool-test with double-action clasps ossia extremely unlikely to come open partorisca be clashed as it has shaken.

Has flown with my chance in the number of military and commercial flights and there is not founding any questions with him when being oversized, etc. A retractable boss is the a lot of-has thought was the characteristic and bands securely was partorisca protect he partorisca take snagged or taken in of the compartments of luggage. Partorisca The inner transport built-on zones some do any superbly, this in spite of in of the zones without paved surfaces ( Record) Some wheels tend partorisca be a bit undersized and take snagged.

In general, am extremely happy with a product, are by train of the give the 4-stars partorisca estimate simply because of his weight and a measure of some wheels (the main wheels would do it gains in the widest variety of surfaces). In fact it likes to of me better that a Pelican has produced that possesses, reason a material is more the resistant scratch and slightly harder (although some focuses are less robust).
4 / 5 Barbara
Likes announced, Adds conpromise of big measure, durability and hanged. Orders the second a.
4 / 5 Adelaida
My travesías of husband partorisca do so it buys this partorisca leave in some rests of place partorisca weeks the time to the equal that can take hauling like this things behind and advance. A law of luggage adds and has to that focus very good. An only precaution is an airline has touched $ 200 because of a measure and the weight like to be poised fly with this beast of the stock exchange.

Top Customer Reviews: WITZ Surfsafe ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 Yang
A secret in of the measures of cases: esurf Sure' is a small case, and soyaintains the Sure' is a case a big plus. Some dimensions are printed in one focuses. It sees photo.
5 / 5 Criselda
I have bought this case for the trip in Hawaii, spending time in a group and beach. In a left wing to group me to maintain my hotel key card and some cash in my together shorts, saving me the preoccupy quite leaving my factor unattended in my chair of living room. Any big chair in my pocket, in a measure of the normal factor. Yes, I adds, has not filtered once after spending 6 days in a group, a slide of water, and in of the salt water also. I can confirm fleet with 3 cards more the wad of cash. If the calm opened it a mark of beach sure to maintain the sand of one focuses of rubber, suspects that the sand in one focuses potentially could cause to filter. I produce it adds, perfect for the use vacacional. I plan to use it this summer for the mountaineering of 4 trip of days, my stairs aims this only weighs 42 grams (1.5 oz) without a leash and carabiner, perfect to maintain the few dry things and protected if rains. Justo FYI, has a yellow colour, which maintain some private contents.
5 / 5 Pasty
This resulted my factor in of the Scrollings Vallarta. It survives whole Day of activities to water this comprises snorkeling, swimming, paddle together, and kayaking in a Marietas Islands, The Caletas, swimming with some dolphins and lions of sea, and of course, the group of a hotel and jacuzzi. It was able to contain the licence of my engine, the card crediticia, 2 cards of tourism, and 5-8 neatly bent bills. In the principle bought it to store my valuables in of the activities of the water but he have finished to result my factor during a whole trip. I have bought also or for my boy and he have maintained a tone of room (measures of card of the credit) and the pair of bills for chairs. Also it spend it down his swimsuit in all some activities of water and no the only drop of water has done he in a case.

Highly recommended yes wants to swim with your valuables (can not return the mobile phone)!
5 / 5 Pamelia
Has one of marks these years when was in a beach in Hawaii. At the end it cracks the small bit when is fallen he for one 101 times in a fund of garage. Tried to use one of these plsticoes of droughts of stock exchanges that REY and other tents of sporty sakes avenge (for the most whole plot money, for a road), but somehow my toes are not quite strong in easily ziplock a cup of them...And they have filtered every time. That is to say of entity, so that it use it to maintain my Fitbit Or dry during my aerobics of water of classes of deep water. At the end it try it one internet and found this case of substitution that is exactly an although that had had fact of the years, except this one has the breakaway lanyard, which are an improvement . Work only well. Thank you WITZ!!
5 / 5 Jung
Cheap unit but does a work. They take in vacacional in an ocean and has maintained each dry. It has attached the elastic group around an organism to line a latch in planting so looks the problem that expects to cross a paintbrush accidentel up against anything. It does not want to take some casualidad so an ounce of security and peace of alcohol. Still it gives this he 5 so that it marks for a prize.
5 / 5 Lauralee
Fact perfectly during our holidays of island. It was able to return my tone of room, card crediticia and cash. At all with this critter in a pocket of my shorts of the joint and all have remained dry. It wants that it was small and quite thin to return in the small pocket. Well he he!
5 / 5 Dwight
I use this cual my factor when travelling. I seat surer with my money around my more concealed collar in my stock exchange of beach or pocket. A fact that is the waterproof ways can enter a water with my daughter and any one the preoccupy quite leaving effective and the card to regulate these chairs in my chair of beach. And I just hook some tones of house in a handy dandy carabiner clip. Fact and fact.
5 / 5 Alyson
Snorkeled During several hours while they spend this down my shirt to swim. It takes that read in other descriptions, has dried an outside has been before inaugural and my cards and the bills of dollar were totally dry interiors. It was also I attaches to have this case while exploring unfamiliar local. Only it maintain it cual required manually for the few hours to explore (a card crediticia and small quantity of bills that would not import missing).
5 / 5 Shandi
And it uses these small dry cases for my 'factor' primary. They are perfect to spend your licence, the few cards crediticias, the few bills and included the few business cards. And they like him to them The to form that when listens, of your cards of the credit is not angled and spent of constantly seating in the the regulate billfold. These cases at the end spend was, often a premier latch pauses but sometimes a case can crack after it uses repeated. And it thinks that that it is the small prize to pay for the factor adds so and compraventa very so much and always has the backside up. And it Likes them buy some brilliant colours so that it is easier in something and locates your licence of title and priceless engine of cards of the credit. Accidentally it can have left in the some place yes compraventa objective or black and mix in too much. latch He in your loop of the tape and you have the quite sure factor. Quan The people see me use it he often said, wow where takes that that it is the good idea to use . And give The in of the friends so of the economic presents and they always very cual a present.
5 / 5 Clarence
It take this small type in my trip in Cancn and used it daily to spend some cash and tones of door of the hotel. He very problem me when was in a group or a beach and sometimes I just hide he in my towel and this save me of saves to spend the loose cash.
4 / 5 Kaci
A secret the measures of chances: esurf Sure' is a small chance, and soyaintain the Sure' is a chance a big plus. Some dimensions are printed in a seal. It sees photo.
4 / 5 Roger
Has bought this chance partorisca the travesía the Hawaii, spending time in a group and beach. In a group left partorisca maintain my hotel paper key and some cash in my neighbour shorts, saving me partorisca concern roughly leaving my stock exchange unattended in my living room chair. It does not seat big in my pocket, in a measure of the normal stock exchange. Yes, I adds, has not filtered once after spending 6 days in a group, a slide of water, and in of the salt water also. I can confirm fleet with 3 papers more the wad of cash. If calm plough he in a mark of beach sure partorisca maintain the sand of one focuses of hule, suspicious that the sand in one focuses potentially could cause to filter. I produce it adds, perfect partorisca use it vacacional. I plan to use it this summer partorisca the mountaineering of 4 travesía of days, my stairs aims this so only hanged 42 grams (1.5 oz) without a leash and carabiner, perfect to maintain the few dry things and protected if rains. Justo FYI, has a yellow colour, which maintains some private contents.
5 / 5 Charlene
Has Had an in fact these years when we were in a beach in Hawaii. Finally you break the little bit when I have fallen he partorisca one 101st time in a paving of cochera. Tried partorisca use one of these stock exchanges plastic droughts that REY and other tents of sportive sakes sell (partorisca the whole plot more money, for a way), but somehow my toes are not quite strong to easily ziplock a cup of them has filtered every time. Ossia Of entity, because the utilisations to maintain my Fitbit A dry during my aerobics of water of classes of deep water. I have tried finally an internet and found this chance of substitution that is exactly one same likes that there it has been has had years, except this one has the breakaway lanyard, which is an improvement . Work so only well. Thank you WITZ!!
5 / 5 Albina
A hinge has broken down the week. I opened it to take the paper out of one a pin has fallen was and a fund is fallen off. It was lucky that it was on earth and no in the water or I would have lost mine to GO and paper marine key. This for real disappointed.
5 / 5 Jazmine
An idea that this will resist the car tones is so only useful possess an older automobile that does not use the key fob. In fact it was useful to resist little more but perhaps the tone of house and the paper crediticia or two.
4 / 5 Oliva
This is resulted my stock exchange in Port Vallarta. It survive whole Day of activity to water that comprises snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking in a Marietas Islands, The Caletas, swimming with some dolphins and lions of sea, and of course, the group of a hotel and jacuzzi. It was able to contain the licence of my engine, the paper crediticia, 2 papers of tourism, and 5-8 neatly has bent bills. Originally I bought It to store my valuables in of the activities of the water but he have finalised to result my stock exchange during a travesía whole. I have bought also one for my boy and he have maintained a tone of room (measures of paper of the credit) and the pair of bills for his. Also you spend it down his swimsuit in all some activity of water and no the alone drop of water has done he to a chance.

Highly recommended yes wants to swim with your valuables (can not return the cellphone)!
4 / 5 Kellie
Economic unit but done a work. Take it on vacacional in an ocean and has maintained all dry. I have added the elastic band around an organism to resist a latch in situating so that it looks the question that expects to spend for a paintbrush accidentel on against anything. It has not Loved to take some casualidad like an ounce of security and peace of alcohol. Still give this he 5 so that it does for a prize.
5 / 5 Andreas
Has done perfectly during our holidays of island. It was able to return my tone of room, paper crediticia and cash. It has swum with this critter in a pocket of my joint shorts and all is remained dry. Masters that quell'has been small and thin enough to return to the small pocket. Well fact!
4 / 5 Cherry
Uses this like my stock exchange when travelling. I seat surer with my money around the mine with the more than in my stock exchange of beach or pocket. A fact that is waterproof bad can go in a water with my daughter and any to concern roughly leaving cash and the paper crediticia that chairs in my chair of beach. And I just hook some tones of house in a handy dandy carabiner clip. Fact and fact.
4 / 5 Phillip
Snorkeled For several hours while spending this down the mine at all shirt. Agreeing that I have read in other descriptions, has dried an outside was before inaugural and my papers and the bills of dollar were entirely dry interiors. It was also he adds having this chance while exploring unfamiliar local. It has maintained so only that has required manually for the few hours to explore (a paper crediticia and small quantity of bills that would not import that they lose).
4 / 5 Kathie
Each estaca has read has said the fob the tone would return in him, he NO!
5 / 5 Dagny
Uses these small dry chances partorisca my estock changed primary. They are perfect to spend your licence, the few papers crediticios, the few bills and has included the few business papers. I Like him why when it seats, of your papers crediticios is not bent and spent of constantly seating on the in the regulate billfold. These chances finally spend was, often a latch pauses in the first place but sometimes a chance can break with which uses repeated. It thinks that that it is the small prize partorisca pay for the stock exchange adds like this the buy a lot like this the always have the backside up. I like him buy some brilliant colours reasons is easier to something and locate your licence of title and priceless engine of papers of the credit. Calm accidentally could leave to somewhere buy black or aim and he blends in too much. latch He to your loop of the tape and you have the quite sure stock exchange. When The people see me the use often says, wow where takes that ossia the good idea to use . I give him to friends like this of the economic presents and his always really like a present.
5 / 5 Hayley
Laws a lot well, maintains all my valuables entirely dry when I am submerging and snorkeling.

Uses this when I go snorkeling, submerging or just swimming in a beach. I used it 20-30 times now on some last few months and all my material is entirely dry.
Store my papers crediticios, and the tones is and no the drop to water on anything like this far.

Has had a subject ( has forgotten the zip my pant the pocket and he have slipped was), but also floating so it has seen it to him floating grieves has taken to a surface.
5 / 5 Robby
Has used so only he for a first time yesterday and a course that a clip clamps to begun to break. It suspects that this goes to give punctual way.
5 / 5 Mariann
Produced excellent! Mina 7 old year excitedly, grabbed a legislation of product out of a box and has run to a tank the water tries it, compraventa to situate the interior of cloth of him and submerging he in of waters he for 30 minutes. The dry start like the bone! It has done like this a subsequent '@bill of dollar' test. I will be to use this in Lagoon of Typhoon and our group of neighbourhood to maintain my papers crediticios and some touch manually so that it does not have to that maintain running behind to a locker all day.
5 / 5 Emelia
Too small for cigarettes. Very thin and short. The amazon does not have to that it presented it when looking for chance of waterproof cigarette. Also, way too small to use like the waterproof stock exchange. So only it resists the few papers or bills of dollar.
4 / 5 Rene
Ossia Too thin that the normal car tone fob can not return in him. It is not quite wide to included is returned the tone of hotel. (Type of paper of the credit) a lot So only for money.
5 / 5 Kandace
Has taken this little type my travesía to Cancún and used it daily to spend some cash and tones of door of the hotel. Not to annoy me when it was in a group or a beach and sometimes I just hide he in my towel and this save me that it has to that spend the free cash.
5 / 5 Jamal
Can not take quite these. I have been ordering chances like this for years. It is it adds for a group, beach and waterparks. It returns the pair of papers crediticios and few bills. If they are by train of the heavy submarine gone has dipped everything in the stock exchange of first sandwich.
4 / 5 Ami
Well Used It so only while we snorkled. But you do not break and it remains dry interior. The hinge is quell'has bitten janky like another the buyer there is remarked. If there is the better hinge and clasp was the solid 5 star. It recommends this element with use has limited. But you plan on taking it the use of entity spends more money and take something of REY or to somewhere.
4 / 5 Serafina
As it has described. Quite sturdy chance. It enjoys to travel with confidence that all of the yours $ $ and the papers are protected. Accesses in my advance of pocket without subjects. Shipped quickly and packaged well. Orders of this vendor again.
4 / 5 Emile
This thing is sum . Used the newspaper for years without breakage or subjects. Accesses at least five papers crediticios. It has taken rid of some serious and has attached the carabiner instead.
5 / 5 Coleen
This was PERFECTO for some papers and the money have loved to take with us to a group in our centre when we were in vacacional. It was tight air and has had so only he quite soiled so that it requires. Fleets In a water also.
5 / 5 Astrid
Bought him to resist my dish and the papers advise of the security while they are in work. They perfect and I am really happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5 Vanessa
Returns papers and some receipts or cash. It substitutes cord with paracord braid and substitute your stock exchange and no for the lose never again. Have So only quite on there for him to touch a fund of my pocket and the carabineer maintains it on the loop of tape. A lot convenient. My favourite way to spend papers.
4 / 5 Gwenda
Has spent this around the mine with the every time leaves a ship of cruise. Interior of the access of the money has bent on as well as the licence and paper of passport of the engine. A lid is sure. It likes-me a black colour the one who coordinates easily with attire. Ossia The must -have for vacationers!
5 / 5 Joetta
Has had the zeros filters that I use this for the week of snorkeling and superficial scuba. Down the depths of roughly 30 feet, this thing is solid.
4 / 5 Amee
Does exactly that it is supposition to do . Maintained my tone of hotel, money and authorise dry while swimming. It says it that it can resist it 4 papers and the little has bent bills comfortably. It likes-me a canal key but has not taken a lot of use of him because my swimsuit does not have the loop of tape.
4 / 5 Inga
Has taken this in my travesía the Bahamas because I have not loved to spend my stock exchange. You can dip in roughly 3 papers keys for your hotel, roughly 8 value of bills of cash and the paper crediticia. Remained absolutely dry.
4 / 5 Pamula
Has purchased two of these (a black and a blue) to use in my cruise. This was the add compraventa. It has given one my sister and was able to easily resist our paper of room/crediticia tone and bills. I have used also he in a beach, how is waterproof. An add compraventa.
5 / 5 Chas
It has given this the 5 stars because the work adds! I access the papers of pair and little buck. Spent the to Boss with me recently his like slender and the light thought it would be. Access really well in mine swim shorts. Maintained my papers and dry touch. It recommends this chance to the mine familiarised and has bought also he partorisca his holidays!
5 / 5 Rob
This focus of chances securely and is a lot durable to protect your valuables. An option of clipping he on or it spending around a with the is the good touch . It would like to add that this chance is drawn quite slender like this spatial is limited. This was the plus for my use but he could be the minus he the tent needs multiple elements in him. You recommend this element..
5 / 5 Drucilla
I work under construction, in some elements, and has had to dip my money, licence of engine, and the business papers were to dry like this time, but has not found of a Witz chance.
5 / 5 Sanora
Adds to maintain your to GO, some cash, CC and paper to Ship on you while snorkeling. Totally waterproof. I possess 6 of these and has not had never the leaker.
4 / 5 Heidi
Has been snorkeling with this diverse time with the paper crediticia and some cash in a chance. It is exited perfectly dry. It comes with the handy clip that the so only clipped to my dress to bathe
4 / 5 Na
Ossia the good product and the good prize. This in spite of, have bought he for mine 2018 Chevy Crosses your car, and is not quite big to resist a tone. It is tightened and very sure yours very electronic would return in him.
4 / 5 Eda
Is much smaller that some have had in a past. It returns papers crediticios well but try add the bit of the touch will be tight. It was hermetical like any @@subject there.
5 / 5 Elanor
Any that has think that orderly. Much smaller that has thought. No quite big for the passport. It does not have a slider to maintain he to exit in some acted neither, which have thought was that it was pictured. At least it was economic...
4 / 5 Clora
Has taken this chance to substitute a chance an old plus for another costruttore that has broken after several years of use. Ossia In his point to return several papers crediticios and the money of paper has bent of the half. A passport will not return in him. I also extreme a WITZ waterproof passport locker for travesía international.
5 / 5 Johnathan
Has filtered. Any bad but has taken my money and the papers wet. Of then it is purpose is to maintain your dry material, taking to fail it. A focuses is a lot so only has not looked to close down quite tight. Need to be able to regulate concealed. Perhaps a plastic tab was too much feeble?
5 / 5 Lindy
I have had this partorisca the year and partorisca some reason, decided partorisca direct the pocola tries last night partorisca do sure he in fact, was waterproof before I have used in fact he in a water this coming weekend. It has dipped the dry Kleenex inner of cloth he, closed it up and then dipped the down waters at night. This morning? Dry cloth. I produce it ADDS.
5 / 5 Rita
Has wanted to use this to spend the tone of ski of the jet fob but a container is inner too tightened . It looks the good product , so only a lot that has required.
4 / 5 Eugenia
Am gone through the number of these on some years and his all filter water. Ossia A prime minister one has has had to that in fact has maintained all dry.
4 / 5 Kacey
Is plastic hard and can be inner wider , but maintain my dry material and never opened accidentally.
5 / 5 Issac
I desire was slightly main to the equal that can return the car tone, another that that it is hard, light and waterproof. Floating In of waters he. Shopping again.
4 / 5 Sharlene
Has been using these like this stock exchanges for 15 years or so many. I have lost clue of a number of time has saved my contents. Rigid, waterproof, and has had to that the long time.
4 / 5 Minda
Very tiny has expected turn iphone6 inner. I launched it it was big waste
5 / 5 Dante
exactly that has looked for, am planning the travesía in Cancún, and has required something to spend mine to GO, your of hotel and money to leave my stock exchange in a Hotel. Rings something concealed could resist these things and also be waterproof and has found a perfect chance.
5 / 5 Alissa
Has had an in fact a lot of years and was happy to see could take another. These are perfect to spend tones of chamber of the hotel, papers crediticios, engine lic. , vacationing.
5 / 5 Imelda
Has bought he for my husband but he have declared that it is too small for him. For my flavour is beautiful. It has to that it returns.

Top Customer Reviews: Pelican 1120 Case ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Arlette
Nizza sturdy Small chance partorisca of the money. I will add pictures partorisca the reference of measure. Has Chooses N Pluck foam. They are able to return my small Ruger LCP in a chance. You can in fact stack two .380 sized Pocket pistols on the each one another with this chance. A plus partorisca me is that it has duplicated it-launch latches, has compared a picture that has not had him.

According to which the durability goes, the expect be big quality like another pelican the chance has had on some years. In general it is the good compraventa partorisca my purpose has feigned. The inner dimensions are ' x x '
5 / 5 Quiana
This chance is perfect partorisca my Springfield XDs. I can return a pistol with the laser of crimson trace, a long magazine, to 50 round ammo box, and extra space partorisca anything more could wants to add later. I plan to use this chance for daily storage and to travel with. A chance is hard and can be closed, as it returns all TSA qualifications partorisca travelling with the firearm.
5 / 5 Michiko
Has purchased this element to offer protects to some train I use in work, and work perfectly. I have purchased this one for the element of personal work that access perfectly. I have purchased 10 additional some to outfit my employees with crew of company. They are exactly that has required another wish it had chosen an elder of next measure for a company some. Has no @to @give exactly that small these some were before I ordered him, but ossia my failure and there is at all to do with a quality of some chances.

An only complaint there is at all has to that do with a pluck was inner of foam. Some of some chances were extremely easy to pluck a foam manually to return a crew, but the little of some chances has had to that use the leaf of knife to cut a foam because rasgue a surrounding foam when I have tried plucking he manually.
5 / 5 Omar
Originally has bought this to transport my handgun when flight... But also fold like my things Of boxes of entities when I go kayaking. I maintain the mine GOES car tones and such in him.. It have not tried a control of water of him before now.
The Saturday has been in the travesía of kayak. The normal career but was the little in loaded to the equal that decide to spend our fresh plus with us in place of the leave behind.
I cam of the small class 3 drop and flipped. Kayak of mine has finalised ..To the rovescio for several minuets while we float down common to the place could touch inferior and the trace was. This box has been joined in mine kayak snd has been submerged in a stern together with ours fresh plus and some of the mine another train. Everything inside this box was entirely dry. Very happy with east.
5 / 5 Angelina
Am spent he sizable chunk in an of better point-and-shoots, and has wanted to protect he of some elements and of some accidentels falling. My gone-to mark when I want to protect the electronic is Pelican, and this chance there is not disappointed. It returns a camera, one load and boss, toallitas humid of lentil and he Mini-SD the paper that spends chance. I have done sure to dip the 'dessicant sell' in a chance to prevent humidity to be captured when have sealed on a chance. While a chance has taken the little attacked on, an interior of train is still in good order and line free.

Pelican 1120 Chance With Foam (Black)
4 / 5 Kaylee
has Bought this to resist my battery for the DJI phantom 4 and the law adds. Typical adds/strong Pelican quality. I have ordered he with one Choose 'any Pluck the foam and was extremely easy to create the creation to foam fact of commission. It was able to return 3 battery with the sure quantity of foam among each a. It sees one has has attached to photo to see likes them the turn and has dipped my hand in still stairs.
4 / 5 Maryann
Will add to some descriptions thus chance like him firearm husband. I have bought this for my S&W Shield 9mm (which is the small gun ) and so only grieve access.... You do not recommend this to any for the chance of gun because it leaves in 1/8'-1/4' of foam among a wall and a gun. Spend of the extra cash and go with the chance he big plus. It was able to stuff a gun and two magazines to a chance but is a lot of snug. I think an only gun that would return the decent half way in this chance would be the small revolver.
4 / 5 Kimberlee
Resist my two go pros vertically and some far and the battery uploads with two battery in him as well as the boss and sd adapter of paper perfectly. He doesnt have room for accessories this in spite of. It has to that it weaves like this those have his own stock exchange. I didnt love the enormous container so that it is to say perfect. It returns easily in rucksack of mine for travelling or excursions. So only I can spend the one who accesorias the needs and leave a rest in a car or chamber of hotel when travelling.
5 / 5 Ashley
The foam inserts/inserts was swapped was for economic foam. Orderly two (one was the different colour ). A there is had a correct PELICAN foam, another (green a) has had a foam of substitution. A more Economic foam has the strong smell, is lighter in colour, and clearly can see a plucking grille. A correct foam is darkness in colour, has any smell, and calm grieves can see a grille unless it look for to extend a foam. Disappointed that a provider thinks that that they can allege ossia the new product when clearly they are changing out of a foam of big quality. Never again.
5 / 5 Dyan
Theres At all better. Has the chance of different mark for mine dron and a pelican is clearly better quality.

Has bought this to protect the 500 lb the magnet has bought for my dad to fish of magnet. To to I Magnets likes him-the concealed is compraventa very dangerous am sure is sure in a chance.

The only complaint was a foam . It is very difficult to cut a form, especially of a magnet has gone . My joint is to cut all a way by means of a foam in planting to try to cut only half way. But still some flanges are starts messy and are class of embarrassed roughly especially of then is the present
5 / 5 Inge
Theres At all better. Has the chance of different mark partorisca my dron and a pelican is clearly better quality.

Has bought this partorisca protect the 500 lb the magnet has bought partorisca my dad partorisca fish of magnet. To to I Magnets likes him-the concealed is compraventa very dangerous am sure is sure in a chance.

The only complaint was a foam . It is very difficult to cut a form, especially of a magnet has gone . My joint is partorisca cut all a way by means of a foam in planting to try to cut only half way. But still some flanges are starts messy and are class of embarrassed roughly especially of then is the present
4 / 5 Lakiesha
has found always these chances partorisca be the protect excellent partorisca the instruments has used in networking and trying of computers. I have it that has not used never a partorisca the camera, which is that announces him partorisca, but partorisca a lot of devices of electrical test. I have bought this a partorisca store the device that use partorisca cut wireless coverages. Of then it is expensive and a bit fragile I need the sure place partorisca store it. It is simple to modify an interior partorisca foam to return an object that is partorisca store and resupplies the width protects. The difference of the solid foam inserts/inserts in fact years, these are partially precut the one who does partorisca cut his to return much easier. Some of my crew of forensic computer comes pre-packed in Pelican the chances and this is always be a better form of ad partorisca me of then trusts some chances partorisca protect his expensive crew a lot so only in a work but in shipment.
4 / 5 Kathline
Pelican Is some better chances in a phase! We use these in some soldate and has had the vehicle was partorisca take on fire and while I was, a chance any with highly inner of expensive electronics. A vehicle has burned to a frame on 90, this in spite of / have been partorisca impact that wh. It has opened a bunt chance, an electronics was untouched, and has had not even harm of smoke! The to the equal that has sold partorisca always and now uses these in boat of mine in th ocean enmedio marine hard and always maintain that sees to have sure, dry and has protected!
5 / 5 Dorie
Has bought this partorisca mine GoPro and the work adds. It was able to return in one dual load, 2 battery, a camera, the few mountains, a boss partorisca touch, and could probably is returned the little more things in him. My recommendation partorisca customise a chance is taking your time. I have used a knife of X laws and has used my toes partorisca plucking. In general, they are more than pleased with a chance partorisca a prize. They are sure he will protect it mine GoPro and some returns of chance well in mine Haste 12 .
5 / 5 Maren
Has ordered this chance partorisca mine wallabot. This does roughly sixty chance that possesses of Pelican. Of chance of rifle to small chances like this one, everything of my train has been a test of time. These chances are like this versatile what, could really dipped anything in them. One the new plus chooses and pluck the foam is so better that using the hot knife or turkey carver partorisca cut an outline. Everything is attractive few sections of a pre-perforated the foam was until your access of element snuggly. I love these chances!
5 / 5 Ivey
Smaller that has thought but ossia my failure for not measuring first. I add original Pelikan produced and will be to buy the little more in of the different measures.
Returns it Glock 17 so only perfectly (how is done almost for him all a way around) with the a lot of room arrives or funds for extras.
4 / 5 Clotilde
Has listened excellent things in Pelican chances and decided to give it the shot to dip some medical supplies in him. I have not had any idea a foam was already pre-cut, like this for any measure is that it loves dipped in him a measure can be created with ease. I took roughly 5 minutes to complete 3 different measure sections inside a chance/ of foam.

Bottomline, Ossia the fantastic chance for just roughly anything would want to be without accidents has to that business :)
5 / 5 Chase
are happy offer so many measures. This chance is so only quite big to resist the Nikon SB-700 flashes unit. But it conceal it is not that it has had in alcohol.

Had been given an occasion/of task to document a construction of a LDS to temple of Arizona of the Phoenix of the church. This was the once in the lifetime occasion. So much, I have loved the sure place to maintain some papers by heart and USB drives near, everything in a portable container for fast reference and easy access. It was happy to know was sure and protected in any half while a project was completed, and while to some historical documentations to be gathered.

Has used this chance of small measure to securely control 20-25 SDHC papers (in of the plastic chances), separated to do the spaces in a foam insert/inserts to resist them in place. A chance was quite small to then returned inside my sure fire for definite security.

A by heart orange brilliant also helped to locate a chance among mine other stock exchanges of cameras and chance.

The quality adds. Bolt until reputation.
4 / 5 Lala
Is the Pelican chance. Has the reputation for the reason. Some prizes are found really some last few years, but these are still like this durable likes memory. It was first presented to Pelican if while in an army. Our crew have been still in Iraq in them and knots hauled he by means of all can think of. No a question with some chances and all has been the interior has protected. Highly it recommends Pelican produced and this one returns well in with all more offered. Also, a by heart orange brilliant a one has purchased perfect for the elements want to be able to locate in an emergency.
4 / 5 Millie
Is Pelican then know a quality of the build is not a subject. If no, there is the reason is The NAME in chance to protect. I have ordered one 1120 to store mine GoPro and so only the pocolos other annexes. Based in other descriptions have read, look like being to do well to so only take a GoPro in there. Like this far ossia where are. Ossia He GoPro in a chance, the dual beat upload with both would beat in, and 1 highland annex. This in spite of, under a foam has the cord to touch, 2 extra doors for a chance, and papers by heart. As you can see I can return another GoPro and perhaps another piece. This chance is abundance quite big for a half person.
5 / 5 Tresa
It take this chance partorisca store my small Nikon 1 serious lenses. It is perfect partorisca travelling while securely holding and protecting a lenses without a need partorisca the lense pouch and stock exchange. Nikon Uploads in $ 20 each one regarding his thin lense pouches and then need the stock exchange of cameras partorisca spend them. Still then it does not resist a lenses like securely like interior Chooses N Pluck partorisca mention this chance is airtight so that it maintains out of moisture and powder a lot well. I have bought another of these partorisca house my Nikon 1 J5 camera and the pair of small lenses. At present my 'lense so only' Pelican 1120 access he 10-100mm VR zoom, 10mm f2.8, And 10-30mm PS zoom with leftover of room partorisca another small lense. If it love it marries a camera with the pair of small lenses gone back too much. For example one 10-100mm access of zoom together with another lense has attached to a camera with leftover of the room partorisca accessories likes battery or upload.
4 / 5 Crystle
Ossia A chance has built a lot excellent partorisca my Ruger LCP ll but to the equal that can see is the quite tight access . Pelican Done of the good chances. A foam was quite easy the pluck. Two built in of the holes for enclosed, and strong latches. Enough that I estada looking for to ensure my gun. Excellent spending if when travelling also. I think that calm to like can treat of a small measure. If your gun is main then a LCP would owe that go you with the big plus Pelican.
4 / 5 Jeremiah
Has bought this chance for my Cannon G9 X point and camera of shoot and returns everything perfectly. I am not sure I have used a space in a chance as well as it can but was able to take a camera, load, battery, and SD chance of paper all the interior he. I have used the mark to seal to label a chance and now am walking around my house that looks for other things could buy other stops of chance.

A quality of this chance is excellent. Has the professional fund with camera and amour that could take the chance of this quality in such the low prize.

A foam was very easy to do with and some pieces are quite small for me to do all apt snug. Recessing I pieces was also very easy for things like this of the batteries and SD papers.
4 / 5 Mariano
Has varied full sized Pelican chance that loves but for some reason there is ruined a look of this one for gluing in focus he, adding to seal any removable under a pressure equalization ventilation and changing to the two snaps latch like some ladies will not break the nail that opens it.
Is like this strong as never and fly with liquids in your luggage still equalises a pressure to prevent that it filters.
4 / 5 Lakeesha
All a force and quality one would expect of Pelican. Light foam , strong , dense precut to leave to form forms around any precise turn in him. Perfectly it returns the Springfield XDs and to spare mag.
Remarks lateralmente: before dipping this to a dry a lot the kayak, sure mark that a section is sealed out of a rest of a work. The mine is stuck still to somewhere in a hull, felizmente empty.
5 / 5 Audrey
Oh, Man! Ossia PERFECTO for the GoPro and the majority of a material would want to take with you. Three extra battery, cariche, boss of USB, different chance behind, LCD screen, and there is STILL room for abundance more! I have not looked to see yes the foams of substitution is available, but probably is. The planning is crucial, and all the world he differently, as it takes your time.

Sand? Meh. Water of sea? It is not to concern. The luggage that bosses? You are kidding, well?

Seriously, would dip all my GoPro material in here and toss he of a ceiling of our house and not having some worries.

Tip: Cut your foam bit it long like this, when concluded, the pushes of foam of a cup in the elements that estaca on the little. At all it goes to move, period.
5 / 5 Faustina
A bit nerve that racks to dip on, but once complete them to him protects complete still lovely crew. This measure was perfect for two gopro is and the little miscellaneous sundries. The foam does not look to be perforated in a z irons, but ossia the smallest flu .
4 / 5 Libby
Thinks that a name says it everything. Pelican I chances are built hard and durable. I am using it is one to spend my digital camera and accesoria. I so only marked out of an outline of a camera and other elements in a foam and plucked that has not been required and has been done. Good access for everything with abundance to foam to maintain everything of emotional around. It is to win it.
5 / 5 Kandra
Ossia My second Pelican 1120 chance: first if it is resisting telescope eyepieces and accessories, and this second an east resisting my hand-held digital microscope and stand. A construction is incredibly strong and closes securely, and have a lot of qualms on some content that is sure and insurances.

Does sure to dip out of that wants to tend inside a chance on one chooses and pluck foam before starts to pull; calm does not love disorder on and has to that buy the interior of foam of the substitution. With careful planning, has ensured the barrier of security around all some happy to absorb any one impacts a chance could take.
5 / 5 Vernon
The element is coming a lot of packaged and protected of harm. Foam inset Was easy to take peices to do my two radio way apt securely inner. I have used a peices has takes to do an inferior support a radio with a clip of tape has attached. This chance is a more has not seen never and is built for the half rough means and for heavy use. Has has attached photo.
4 / 5 Jacque
Although the unboxing there is remarked the corner of a box this chance is gone in looked has been run over, has inspected a chance and so only discolored the corner wich say me this chance is concerned in of the this! Has at all partorisca do with a product he this managed it all pagan partorisca and would like me see more cured of order of products! Another that that the chance are adds!!
4 / 5 Ross
All one would expect of the series of defender pelican chance.

Uses partorisca my vape box of then I travesía partorisca the living. It maintains everything sure a lot @@subject that spends his. And agree for behind a foam of lid is the place adds partorisca the thin material concealed is not fragile.

Pelicans lifetime warenty Also done a cost partorisca -a lot of- of there that of chance justafiable. I curently have 9 of them partorisca different things.
4 / 5 Anisa
When The in bylines be sure partorisca have your toes out of a backside, where a hinge he. Can take you. It does not know to like Pelican could fix this, but looks dangerous mine. I am speaking of an experience of active approached partorisca have lost some skin that use a thing.
5 / 5 Ginny
Is such the perfect access so that I need stops! It is quality very good and also a lot of sturdy And on that, a foam is removable and can use likes to spend the on partorisca your CCW and is the airline has agreed.
Uses like this double! Organism cam and also CCW carrier! You love it!
4 / 5 Lupe
My woman travels the plot partorisca work and some of some places goes is quell'has bitten shady to the equal that want to take his Spectre with sound. This chance is a perfect measure . Tip: an upper foam is very fat, to to two fat times likes them the gun. When Returning, cut a whole piece was, cut that piece in 1/2 and the situate behind in a cutout partorisca space a pistol properly.
4 / 5 Leena
Like the product, his well. A boss has broken this in spite of on me on he 4ft fallen hard, carpeted walk. I have contacted Pelican which has the lifetime sure products guaranteeed (which this is to fall to this category) and has offered partorisca substitute a boss, but has had to that send a whole thing is, pay to ship, And send $ 12+/- with him. They have taken also days to answer. It likes I no, and superglued the neighbour. It can he has bought so only the new one for slightly more. It protects. Not to think it could run over this with the moderate sized transports this in spite of, but is well for just transporting electronic light. Utilisation this to transport hard walks. I have been satisfied until this boss has broken.
5 / 5 Emogene
Has a lot of Pelican has produced. In a bit the tan of the empty model are by train to estimate it was bit it small for a purpose has bought he partorisca and is returned and has ordered the big plus a. But a an I is is returned had all a Pelican quality and hard attitude.
4 / 5 Jacki
Uses these for transport of hard walk small laptop. Fine examples of a type of walks these chances protect would be a LaCie Rugged and G of G of Technology-Stroll Mini. Still it has quite soiled for peripheral bosses and CD (Compact Disk) with software. A DVD or Blue-disk of the also returned ray reason are a same diameter like the CD.

A clasps is the 'w'itch to open and close at the beginning, but take easier over time. A lot of the sore thumb hath wrought ache and suffering when that looks for to open and close a chance. But I suppose that this means is securely has concluded.

Has listened these are waterproof although I have not tried this theory. Has not founding the use where need to take the scuba diving of laptop of hard walk with me. But this would be the quite fresh career if the task has required such necessity. Sad this part of a description was useless yours.
5 / 5 Margeret
Perfect measure! It can return:
-My iPhone X
-A 121 watthour bank to be able to
-A PDA (personal of digital assistant)
-A iphone cord
-A search thermal camera
-And the stock exchange of small parts
With spare room (ossia with one chooses n pluck the foam has takes, and so only an egg crate and the inferior foam still installed)

is done in EUA, also!
To good sure would buy again!
4 / 5 Vida
Solid like the rock. I have purchased this Pelican 1120 box to substitute it Otterbox I use to spend my point of Cannon n shoot digi cam, oem upload, two battery and holding of small box 3 SD papers and the walk of thumb of the USB. Besides abundance of room for manuals of bosses etc (utmost for stashing pharmaceuticals). Several available colours, has to weighed , extreme that looks but easily blends with another travesía/the industrial/train outside. All a protect precise to maintain electronic lovely, tools of precision and such insurances.
4 / 5 Breanne
Utilisation this partorisca transport the firearm when those flies. TSA Has has not had never a subject with him, and resists my S&W the interior of Shield is holster, and revised extra and the small box of ammo any question! They are sure this will last partorisca decades, but absolutely would buy another.
4 / 5 Patrica
Has bought this partorisca an elderly pistol. At the beginning it was fearful the would not return , but arrival partorisca be a perfect measure and has had he quite soiled to do the space for a magazine. It is done with good thick plastic and when calm the in bylines, knows is tight water (has hule in a seams as they are tight water ). An interior of foam is well, I just desire has cut a half in two sections, as you could take out of a foam of an upper section and have an element that dips in a half of a chance more than plucking was to foam all a way to a fund of a chance ( has foam in a fund, as it still do not break an element, is so only the cosmetic thing for me). The chance adds, spent one.
5 / 5 Merna
The chance adds the need protects something, has ordered two, both have come with good foam, and still while taking beating at all has suffered inside any negative effects of a chance. I saved more money that some costs of chances, and shabby another if a time comes when it takes too harm.
4 / 5 Joshua
Now know reason an army buys these all a time. This thing is solid of rock !

Has required the chance to dip my Cannon G7X Mark II and accessories in and ossia a perfect measure for that.

Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Carey
Has had so only he for an hour and I love it already. One chooses and pluck the foam is awesome, easy to pull and form to my material. A plastic is súper thickness and rugged, am quite sure to survive the fall out of my paving, little on 2 big histories, any that am going his to protect my electronic that fallen of MAX 1m.

Using it to protect my automobile stereo plan of face, pinch cam, touch of iPod and boss of lightning. It has had to take inferior piece to foam for the turn everything, quite sure was well without him for my use, probably any one the good idea for a lot of any-impact electronic resistant.
5 / 5 Claud
Ossia A second Pelican the chance has purchased, and to good sure is not a last. Going to order another in the near future a same measure like this one. I have bought of the mine first chance, am finding things I precise another for accident and right. I buy pendants of glass of any in another state, like this hardly take them go in this chance until I am ready to spend one. It is a perfect measure for small material. Pelican The web of place say some the inner dimensions of the each box spend calm so that it is exactly that the room is taking.
5 / 5 Arla
Loves these chances! These are a perfect measure to spend my telephone, tones, and other elements in a boat. Quite small to remain out of a way and quite brilliant to be seen. I will add some contact and reflective tape and appoint the information dipped on he in chance perhaps.
5 / 5 Elisa
If very small, uses it to store the hard walk and some another thngs like usb walks and papers by heart for daily commuting to the equal that have loved to protect my Hard walk in traffic in planting to maintain he in my rucksack or in the satchel where the easily could have fallen. Happy to say that like this far has not had any subjects with a chance!
4 / 5 Janay
The left is so only say, there is the reason these chances have the perfect 5/5 stars on Amazon with tonnes of positive the chances are practically indestructible (realistically that pause).Raincoat, Shockproof, Dustproof, Airtight, Everything Does in Amsterdam!

If you are hesitant to buy because of a prize (or is looking in some knockoff frames), so only pull a trigger and take the Pelican chance. These things are downright astounding!

MODIFICATION: it has loved so only add the little give to comprise that I have discovered when it comes to one chooses and pluck foam. A foam that is 'plucked' pursue a whole depth of a blockade of foam, like this yes have the small element like the battery, can be difficult of the undermine out of a fund of a space has done with one chooses and pluck. How it was to save some pieces of foam I plucked, cut the partorisca measure, and returned him in a fund of some spaces so that some elements some small plus (to the equal that of the battery) is domestic to arrive more and clave out of just on a cup of a foam. They are much easier to take out of a chance in this way.
4 / 5 Samantha
Ossia The very good chance . Light, rugged, a lot-crafted, and waters tight. I am using a chance to resist a battery and excess cabling for the fishfinder is trace in the kayak. A customizable the foam is the good addition . My opinion is that it is reasonably priced for a level of quality. Personally I have not seen the chance ossia really also done for less than money.

Top Customer Reviews: LeBeila ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 24 ratings
4 / 5 Melony
Good measure but has been announced likes waterproof and to good sure is not . Material more here calms signalled was can express an upper and inferior slightly and listen an air that comes bad waters can go in. Any very strong plastic obviously. Returned.
4 / 5 Chun
Purchases this like my edges has the place sure partorisca store his cochlear installation spare battery with him to and of colegiala. It uses rechargeable battery that cost the quite a lot of penny as I do not want to so only dipped he in the ziploc stock exchange. Like this far like this good ! I have not tried it is durability with shockproof and waterproof but would think that operates.
4 / 5 Mirian
The box has protected little well. An only @@subject that has had is with a side latches, release it but lucky result in my chance a front two maintains my inner elements sealed. If yours looking for something waters tight would go with a Pelican chance to the equal that are surprising.
4 / 5 Madelyn
No, is clearly any one the P...... If, but yes it calms so only need the basic chance in this measure, is a lot very still a lot much less $ is. It closes tight & sure, is returned to cushion, resists his form.
4 / 5 Linnea
This was one of tho the container has shipped faster has not ordered never with regulating shipping this product is a lot so that utilisation he for an only thing have been disappointed with era a measure a box is the smallest plot that in a picture
4 / 5 Robin
Waters that it resists no waterproof. Filtered when it had submerged he in the travesía of float.
5 / 5 Andrew
Using this to maintain the detector of radar in a stock exchange of motorcycle of tank... Quality very good.
4 / 5 Nery
Decent small boxes. It say that one is light the construction to have to that of the half but that have expected for a money.
5 / 5 Carletta
Concha solid external, amour a foam that cushions. It was 5 stars has the true hinge.
5 / 5 Joel
Has not been that shatterproof the really is. Attended was the little harder but do. I store interior of pieces of small glass of them and any of them has taken has broken still.
5 / 5 Vallie
Any sure because my defective or the wrong description but he no waterproof
5 / 5 Emily
Perfecto! It is the bit flimsy and some tabs in a side are difficult to finagle open, but is perfect so that I need. Calm can not beat a prize.
4 / 5 Oralee
Clasp Could be better another that quell'amour makeing my box of boxes and fire typical of navigation
5 / 5 Theola
Love this chance. Bought the to protect mobile phone of floats of river. Any filter anything. Works to the equal that has feigned
5 / 5 Jovan
Perfecto partorisca spend small elements in chance or rucksack.
5 / 5 Carolin
Very small has expected then. It is it fences in box but idk that calm really dipped in him. Some clips are class of economic but his no his work
5 / 5 Ginette
Had the known was this small the would not have ordered.
5 / 5 Marylou
Bought this partorisca the pressure gauge. Perfect measure. The works add.
5 / 5 Robbin
The hinge is remained when take it to us very bad but wouldnt confidence he with watering
4 / 5 Branda
using it as the chance partorisca my Operator of Pocket PO-33 and the work adds
5 / 5 Augusta
Some clips partorisca resist an enclosed box is very hard to open I trashed this one and has bought another
4 / 5 Devon
does not maintain external if any one love interior of water, builds of condensation up inside
5 / 5 Ashlee
the law adds has dipped my telephone in him in a beach any one the alone grain of sand is gone in my telephone
4 / 5 Tonisha
A lot cheaply fact, a latches any latch correctly and is not partorisca water test, save your money

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