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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased this to digitize all my photos of pasts of years without using the scanner and computer. I have wanted to use my iPhone but found the impossible to do because of all some reflections in some pictures. With a Cube the Scanner are able to quickly of photo of copy without any reflections in an east the saver of real time for the really low prize.
5 / 5
In the world of big technology artilugios, this takes one that uses twisted the box of joint of paper of character! I have loved the scanner to do the project of cookbook & has does not love something big & bulky or expensive b/c already have the printer in another room but does not want STAND in him for days while he labored reading line with which line, page for page. I have found felizmente this invention! I have downloaded an application to Season still to Scan (uses your application to scan preferred) in mine telephone and dip the to automatically take each page has paste once a continuous key. Like this quickly to the equal that can dip the new discharge in a box or turn the page and the swipe continue, uses my telephone to snap the picture! Any while any when copying to scan the page! SHINING! When I am finalising, the say to save the PDF [ossia the one who the application the scanner will do for you vs so only that takes the photo and taking the jpg (photo) which will use on all your ink of printer if the precise evening footprints calmer a document.] My documents are clear glass and always have a correct lighting without the glare yes has to that flatten the piece of paper that use a handy 'hanged of transparent paper' resupplied. It comes with 2 bumpers to help you always use a navigation of better document inside a box based in your telephone. This in spite of, based in mine iPhone, has found that I can simply shove all my documents to a corner of a box to the equal that have used some bumpers to mark where would have to that dip my telephone instead. When you Take some instructions , calm also will learn that an inventor is ardent in additional uses of this product to help these with inabilities I so that attended folks will find this and the action for the promote. My folks has the scanner that any one knows like this to use like this they always helps of needs for healthcare documents, etc. But included can use THIS!! The hats were to an inventor!! I expect that you do millions!! -Stacy
5 / 5
has bought this reason has hand-held tremors. So only the pocolos small has the photos taken of some forms of approval for and-filing and sent them to my accountant. They are like this happy any to have that extracted a temperamental scanner in my office or driving a UPS to have them he. Every time I use, a cube, thinks this. Today, I thought it that it has been now of that writes it here.
5 / 5
A loan and the fully functional device ‘'. Utilisation to Scan Pro in my telephone. He inside second one that sticks the discharge of sample in a box, has done sure flash was on and has centred a lentil of iPhone in a document/of the hole and a scanner incredibly clear was was to my file of file.
Will be interested to see that quickly it can produce the bank-acceptable scanner of the control to be deposited.
Has 3 scanner-able printers - 2 with fines- the discharge feeds. Material to use that this method will be easier and more convenient that use for the number limited of pages.
1. Had so only 1 bumpers of hule in my box. I did not use it but it could be more convenient to do like this in a future.
2. A cube is not quickly to gather or say-gather. I can see stick the in the table in a corner in his full whole state and ‘storing' material to be scanned. That is to order more than me (good, everything of calm) could love the cube that is more has blocked easily.

Produced well. The character and the small subjects could benefit to possess one or a lot.
5 / 5
Good idea but of the each camera has the different focal period one was quite useless for my Motorcycle Z. Any like this concealed device does not have some way to regulate height and where a hole of the lentil of the camera is probably not doing partorisca to plot of people.
5 / 5
A simple still extremely useful tool to scan elements. I received it yesterday and they are by train to use it to scan old photos for the memorial service of my Mamma (that goes to reprint some and use some for the slideshow). Ossia Particularly handy of then some photos are in the albums and I do not want to him take has been been due to his delicate character. You will require to prop on the smallest photos with the book or two for better quality (my photo point using a sunglasses box to scan the 3” x 5” photo, and take your telephone of his chance also. I have had to that shine the light pocola DIRECTED when using at night to lit some Better photos but otherwise tool very fast to use compared to the flatbed scanner. Thank you!
5 / 5
Ossia The wonderfully simple and economic device that can help it a visually impaired the access has printed material in the a lot of easier way. A question for a visually impaired is that they could have some difficulty lining on text inside a field of view of a camera and doing sure that is to direct perfectly and in a correct distance. These insiemi of boxes on an impression in exactly a right place. To add the small light ( used the ott lite light key of office) the almost good volume that lights, like white interior of A help of Same box out of an Illumination. The people can take an image that use his iPhone or iPad and using screen mirroring the television of the apple projects an image to the TV of big screen for magnification.
Also does a lot well with one seeing A.I. Application of Microsoft which is free for the users of Apple to convert has printed material the tongue. I will be to recommend this to my patients of Low Vision.
5 / 5
This can have been useful in 2016 or 2017. Now it is the piece of junk. I bought it the pair in fact weeks to scan photos and documents. Any value an endeavour to use this.

Telephone newer like my almost iPhone of two old years 8 (and included an iPhone 6) has the built in document and scanner of characteristic photo in of the Notes. This characteristic is much faster and automatically corrects for shadows and perspective. It would dip this in a cube to recycle, but my city there is prendió produced of paper of the recycling for the few months. Like this Cube to Scan among some rubbishes.
4 / 5
I commend a creator of this product, of my woman and I so much suffer questions of vision, like to sustain the thing of this character. A box is a lot simple to draw which is one of some pluses of entities to this element. It is easy to take a camera varied with a whole of some lines of telephone up with a flange of a box( could not be a chance with the telephone the big or small plus) A distance of home is perfect, takes whole discharges every time. An only suggestion would do in this product is to do some sides of a clear box, so as to accident in some environmental light like this like this any to require a camera flashes to take to to good shots like him some of some applications to the scanner does not leave you to turn in a flash function. It gives the graces for the product adds and your support of a blind community.
5 / 5
Has not had any description of Cube to Scan fact of map and the weighed-has to that paperclip! Like the blind consumer that need an element to resist and snap scanner of documents, has found this to be one the majority of ridiculous product on Amazon. A producer of this element still describes in detail with a longitude of as stand out this cube to scanner is the professional. It does not think pros, if sighted or no , feel the box of map with the paperclip a lot $ 12 and transmission. To receive the repayment, to the amazon loved included to return it. Yours use $ 12 for the good sandwich.

Top Customer Reviews: Canon ImageFORMULA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought this after spending the countless hours that escáneres our old battery of documentation of house in the Cannon flatbed scanner. A fact that can scan it both sides of the document immediately and automatically the launch was pages of spatial (like some discharges with text or of the images so only in a side) are adds. In general it is the night and day experience to document archival, although him him of the big -images of qualities or fine impression (especially in pencil), the flatbed the scanner will do the better work of this have at least bend a resolution and the better colour that bosses (but is like this slow). It remarks that a fast 40 scanner of PPM is so only available down-resolution (200 dpi) so only-sided loves scanner in of the main resolutions (until 600 dpi), or scan double-sided, retards down, but is still way, the fastest way that the flatbed.

An experience with R40 the scanner has not been without questions, this in spite of. First of all, a propiciado by instruction that is included has not been súper clear roughly take all a protective was an usual tape and foam installed in a scanner to maintain the insurances of critical bits. This in spite of, a thing that launched was a plastic orange inserts/inserts in a feeds has not known this has had to that be the inaugural street takes on a scanner (a simple work with the push-access of key, as it does not concern in this). Still, with this orange guard in there, does not recognise any documents have dipped in him. A manual has the crappy black and white diagram with the tiny arrow that signal in this guard, but a lot explicitly say in of the words to esmovimiento a molded the plastic orange inserts/insert', or something gain likes concealed. For this have squandered 30 minutes that looks for to imagine was yes this scanner has been broken or no. Still, ossia the smallest annoyance , and is not a reason because I am taking was 1 star.

This thing loses the star because a car-page rotate the characteristic so only no well. For which do not know , the cannon announces that a software bundled with a scanner will relieve pages to the rovescio (invernadero to look in a text) and rotate his to be right-side up. Ossia súper Useful for when you are scanning enormous containers of things quickly and no master classifies by means of the each battery to do sure all some discharges are facing a same way.

A question has found was that one transports-rotate the characteristic took it so only well in the middle of a time. It tries it to them and dip a whole container in the the rovescio, and fixed in the middle of some discharges. So many, supposes has one or two random discharges that needs to be rotated, could take lucky, but has stirs it, calm still will require to manually modify one .Lima of PDF to fix this.

When that Spends in $ 300 in the scanner, essentially is that it pays for smooth operation of any so only a hardware but a software also. In this chance, a software was well, but no quite alive until some ads. In other zones was to add (scanning of some touches, saves the PDF, a car of global image-quality of adjustment, a fast and manual setting adjustments, etc, all has done to add). But, for me, that has to that civilise each container of documents scans first of time for rotated the pages is calm so only too annoying. So many, are by train of the fall the star...

Also remarks that as of a writing of this description (1/4/2020), the cannon is selling a R40 scanner for $ 247 with free nave in his web of place, like opposed to Amazon $ 320. Now, $ 247 that that would be the very good prize partorisca east, and has paid that, a prize to balance of action would have been something on for the description of 5 stars.

Conclusion: A imageFormula R40 the scanner is the page adds -feed scanner for house or use of small office. It is fast (in 200 dpi), scans both sides of a discharge, and a bundled software the good work in general. So only it does not expect 100 success with some of some characteristic of software that accuses estaca, likes page of car rotate. Mark sure to take an orange page feeds protective for a part of first entrance to operate a unit, or will be to line your boss for 30 minutes.
5 / 5
When Has in the first place headed gone paperless, has used the Fujitsu S510 in the loaner basic and has loved that. This in spite of, this scanner is state interrupted, and no in of the Windows 10 without a lot of work and/or buying special software. I took the long time to imagine out of quell'I has wanted to buy so that it can not resupply to plunk down $ 800+ in the scanner of document, but has taken finally one submerges and paid thus Cannon.


A software is easy and ossia like this one-to to the touch likes him Fujitsu was. Has Work 1 beside only-sided swept for speed in 200 dpi. Job 2 Is a same thing but duplex scanning. (1 And 2, easy to agree.) He 3 east for big-quality in 600 dpi. And I want to something more, always can open on a software (CaptureOnTouch) and so only choose settings that way. It likes 98 of mine swept is any 1 or 2, am happy. This was the compraventa fantastic .
4 / 5
Loves a scanner. Had the Fujitsu Snapscan but a software is result outdated for my Mac. Bought this in the much better reward it and work well. FAST! A smidgen difficult to sustain the new way to do things, but once has taken a hangs of him are adds. To good sure recommends.
4 / 5
Order this scanner because of a prize, has received yesterday a scanner and try install but has failed.
Inside a container does not contain CD, so only links he of download but is the japan place, like download was extremely slow.
Took it hours this in spite of facts few progresses with a file of download.
I cannon to call the technical support and gave other links, to some knots webiste, finally, download finalised in just 2 minutes.

A description has said this support of model quickbooks on-line, but can not find in software,
tries technical support called again but any one answers.

Will return if it can not use quickbooks function.
5 / 5
When they have asked the signal, would have to be more concrete and say is not the signal for a scanner, but one for a computer.
4 / 5
The scanner adds. Fast and of confidence. For a prize. It is the product adds . Recommended To mine siblings for his subject. Shopping again.
5 / 5
Was little has bitten hesitant first to buy of then has used the scanner cum printer before but is very slow for my need.
After buying this I am very happy with a speed and the document scanned clearity, While scanning you will take preview of document.
5 / 5
Has had so only for the few days have been impressed on, a speed, and has not had a lot jambs same closing with different sized papers. Papers that was previously the together staples and some pages were estuck' neighbouring taken he by means of perfectly. One a thing that does not resemble the work is a car rotate.
5 / 5
Has substituted the no-more along-Fujitsu functional Scansnap with this Cannon R40 in mine Mac computer. An offer of software is easy to use and configure, and is very flexible. It was able to dip on the links to document to DevonTHINK, and with a tone in a scanner, images of escáneres and pipe them directly mine DevonTHINK Paving of entrance. The images are clear, and some subjects have had with a Scansnap feeding multiple pages and jamming (constantly) has not spent still in a R40. It wins.

Ossia The scanner of the quality in the prize adds. If you are in a fence roughly the, would buy it.

Downside Is that it is slow. Everywhere. Push a key to scan. Attended. Launches Of software. Attended. The pages begin to scan. Dulcemente. Arrivals to scan. Attended., Etc. Everything in an interface feels slow. If it love speed out of a scanner, the precise turn was all transport - frame of detection and so only the have explosion with hard and fast pages. If it love a detection of spatial of the car, rotation of page of the car, detection by heart of the car, etc., The speed goes WAY down. Way.
4 / 5
My woman hoards anything with our names in the, has the family of five and is the military family . An army has the habit to dip our socials on everything, which so only driven a paranoia to another level. We delete roughly 11 years of useless documentation that was in a coverage, down some cupboards in the each room, in of the random rucksacks tucked for behind the things and each nook and cranny that heads to stash the. In old luggage, totes, purse, boxes of shoe, the bad container listens frustration of mine..... This device have saved roughly 80lbs of paper and the majority of all dipped my woman in ease with them when being shredded. Thank you Cannon.... Calm does not know that it has done it in my house....

Top Customer Reviews: Epson WorkForce ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It takes three of these Epson scanners to compare and see which records better. It takes one IS-400, IS-500W, and a DS-1630. Also have the DS-510 that is to say the few old years that is comparing in. I am the technology of computer that laws with the plot of small medical dispatches. I prefer a Fujitsu Snapscan scanners, but the plot of necessity of dispatches twain scanner to integrate with his software. Some scanners of Fujitsu this will do twain is quite expensive as having to go Epson for some dispatches that necessity twain. I have wanted to to see it there is the reason to buy or or another for some work of dispatches with.

One EAST-400, THIS-500W and my old DS-510 is all the scanners of feeder of only document. A walnut EST-400 and IS-500W is 35 page for minute that is the good step in a 26 page for minute of a DS-510. I am sure he has to use you the USB 3.0 port and a cape has comprised to take this speed. Another that the fast plus when being that a DS-510, does not remark too much differentiates among my old scanner and this new. Work in a same. A software is in a same. If has an old plus Epson, this will be the impulse of speed , but much more of an improvement.

One EAST-500W has wireless built in, but is not hurriedly enough to be very useful. Yes, you can scan directly in a cloud or in the telephone. It IS only too dulcemente! And that it is some for all the scanners wirelessly has used. One EAST-400 a lot of research is a same scanner minus a wifi, as we will be to buy more IS-400 scanners. It IS only $ 50 difference as I am sure some clients will opt for one EAST-500W only so that they think that that they could use a wifi. The past experience with anterior scanners, a wifi the scanning does not take used.

A DS-1630 has the flatbed and the feeder of document. It IS quite an interesting mix. Has thinks that that some dispatches could want a flatbed. But after I have touched with easterly, is not sure that is to say very useful. It IS more dulcemente that other scanners in 25 pages for minute. Also it has it quite the big impression of a glass is 8.5x11 so he any one accesses also in the desktop. The majority of work of dispatches without precise one flatbed often. Also, has big all-in-some printers so it uses one flatbed there when the precise. I do with some graphic designers that needs the flatbed, but wants to it better scanner that this and does not require a feeder of document. (And for some graphic designers take Epson Perfection flatbed scanners). A lot of scanners of use of the dispatches of desktop for a speed and consolation to be in the desktop and you very really satisfy any one of these here. I am sure he has an audience for the this, but for me raw that more interested before it use it.

A software for everything of these scanners is in a same. One twain the laws of sum of engine and leaves it to integrate with another software these scanners. One epson the software is well , but very almost so easy likes Fujitsu Snapscan software. With one Snapscan software, I setup mine default location to scan and parameters and then only press a button in a scanner to have a scanner where the flight instantly. If I want to appoint some files while I go, can do that in. Here with one Epson the software has to cross the process of inaugural software and clicking more the buttons that wants. It IS only more dulcemente. If any precise twain, buys one Snapscans. If precise twain, purchase Epsons and does not use a software.

Still although these all have been perfectly reliable so far, does not find that one Epson the last scanners while one Snapscan scanners. Has dispatches that has substituted only 10 year Snapscans only so that they are very obsolete (and these have been used strongly). With one Epson scanners, the meeting takes 2-5 years out of them. They are not also it has done it to it to him. One Epson the scanners serve some need of purpose and will maintain to buy them. I think one Epsons is one reliable plus of some scanners beside Fujitsu.

In a final, like me some new scanners. I do not see the reason to update of old Epson scanners unless 25% impulse in of the speeds is enough. If precise twain scanning, thinks one Epson the scanners are a road to go .
3 / 5
The fast duplex scanner at all the regular formats (png, jeg, pdf etc) the laws add, swift and calm. My beef is with a software. Research so mere and seamlessly the process to scan what possible in Evernote and Dropbox. My elections have been to rack and sea in this Epson THIS 500W or a Brother ImageCenter ADVERTISINGS-2800W. At the end it go he with a Epson so that a prize is fallen $ 70 two days after I have begun noodling a compraventa (at present $ 399 for a Brother and $ 329 for a Epson). Some characteristic was quite similar through a joint but a Brother boast on-shortcuts- of device to scan in of the fates (ie Evernote). Epson The propaganda in the amazon convinced me that also the scanner of before well in Evernote the option is beat in of the accounts of on-line storage intuitively scanner in Dropbox, SharePoint, Walk of Google, Evernote and more'. Alas, has the quite loose definition of 'intuitively'.

How I unboxed a scanner, installed an engine and software (Epson Scan2), has update a firmware and has tried everything. Some works of device amiably so announced, but in Epson Scan2 has any esfin in' or eslata in' of the options others these local walks. Sooooo, hopped In a telephone in Epson Support (at least was only the 4 expect of minute). In the first place an agent to sustain directed me to install some Epson software to Scan of the Photo, downloaded and installed the, but did not retreat this scanner. Then, while it intensifies determined that that required was Epson Capture of Document Pro (why is not to download automatically with an initial installs software!?). In all the case, takings that installed and yes, now can ISSUE my documents in Evernote, Dropbox etc after scanning. It prefers to pose in the shortcut these scanners a document directly in a fate w/or one in interviniente final also' click. In all the case, three stars for a bit deceiving advertising. A scanner the good work even so, if it can mark it separately take the 4 perhaps included it 5.

Additional note: when detection of the page of the room is active some pauses to scan in brief after each page of room. If you are scanning the plot of blended (1 and 2 constant) the pages significantly retard your page for action of minute. You see my video...
4 / 5
This thing is freaking awesome, but some indicators in his use!!!!!!

I first place arrives in usb cape, has used he according to some instructions, and law awesome. But, has wanted to where be in mine desktop and a cape would not achieve , as it was in Wi-Final. That is to say where you really needs of prender attention.

Some instructions provide does not ask an operation of Wi-Final. One installs and situate up is a same, but does not use one 'capture of Document Pro' software. Instead, you use one 'Epson 2' software. It IS formatted the bit differently, but operates in essentially a same road.

This scanner is sper fast, accurate, and does not lose pages. I want that it can pose the dossier and of the names to file this wants a document scanned in before beginning a scanner. It runs 50 pages any problem.
5 / 5
Early it write it today the description that the calm said you a lot to purchase this scanner. It have to repeat failures to scan and has had a lock of scanner-up.Spoken to back of technology for almost an hour. At all it helps, a scanner prendera to do and codifies of error of the exposure. Has had to done a thing bundled to return when decided to contact Epson the client retreated the second time. A technology takes recommended my flatbed software to scan,the scanner of flat bed was the different mark , or only used to for slide of scanner and negative. It IS sceptical but tried while it directs. I then re-installed a scanner through a Epson website of support. It spends a last two more the hours that scanner old documents.Perhaps 500 pages are spent even so without the solos glitch! It can not be happier with this element. A Epson line of call of the support of technology was adds. I have been connected in the technology in less then 3 minutes. Never it have it before this successful level with the centre of call. I am very pleased with this element and would recommend in any one. I am in a process to scan 50 value of years of documents. Having the scanner this does this very still with odd sized the sure papers does my life and this easy project!
4 / 5
Has the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 and decided to try this one against the. It IS significantly faster that a iX500 (35/70 ppm compared in 25/50) and less coast. Even so, a software that comes with this total to crap compared in an elegant and easy-in-software to use this comes with a iX500. Epson Would have to be seriously ashamed quite what bad one east of native software. Incredibly Bad. In one another hand, this scanner is TWAIN complained and a iX500 is not . Like The result, could bypass a terrible Epson software and Season of Acrobat to use to run one that scanner acts quite well. It IS calm, fast and jam of leader. If I do not have to Acrobat to Season to run a scanner, would have returned one he (that is to say what bad a Epson the software is).
1 / 5
Epson The software is very bad. Any one of my Win7 program this attentive WIA work with a scanner. A twain the interface is very finicky - sometimes laws, sometimes he any one (there look to be problems with renouncing property of a device, so often lame messages that 'the scanner is into use or unavailable'. Duplex imaging No through twain.
Epson blithely The failure in Microsoft: 'A WIA (Acquisition of Image of the Windows ) is written by Microsoft for imaging devices. It pleases Microsoft of contact with subjects with a WIA automotive.' He only the work decently with his owner Epson Scanner 2, but even so has problems with renouncing property.
Am sad. I use a lot of scanners some years, and this one has a worse compatibility with Windows that has not seen never!!!
Update: At the end it founds the place in a manual where admits no by behind WIA. This counts the plot!
1 / 5
I have bought 3 of these for my dispatch. That is to say a first time and purchase anything has renewed. They were easy to install without any problems. In 48 hours, one 1 scanner has broken down. A piece is fall was. It looks some class of the wheel for a feeder. A next day, a second scanner has prendido to answer to scan demands of a computer. We do not scan more it conceal 100 pages in the daytime to scan. An old plus EPSON the scanner has been used by more concealed 6 years without the hiccups but was also dulcemente for some personnel.
Has posed each 3 scanners behind in or boxes and routed he behind in Amazon a same day. It IS hurriedly reimbursed for the amazon and I have bought 3 new mark ones.
IS excellent. They are hurriedly, reliable and utmost for his prize. They come precargados with TWAIN the engine required by our medical software.
1 / 5
Bought this thing in December, now is February and is not doing more. Only it give it the bouquet of scanners of rubbishes. Some scanners exited like the full screen of mangled lines by heart, if this does very felt? Probably so coherent like my now same description.

Only directed to take the few scanners before it decides to crap was. The supposition takes that decrees of paid? Some parts listen very cheap and flimsy also - compared in a Fujitsu (which has had anteriorly and even so it conceal also was the plastic has the 'heavy plus' listen in him). And although it was fast to scan some things can scan (faster that a Fujitsu in some cases), still does not take all some things I usually scanner with my scanner my old plus. Paper that was fat and lustrous jam, took that it was in a endwise long jam, etc. The suppositions owe finals to opt for a Fujitsu in planting to try to save money. Perhaps only I will try the DIY scanner to reserve instead this next time.......
4 / 5
Some looks to scan to do very good. A software, even so, is the bit wonky and clunky, which are which is coming to expect of Epson in a Mac. In fact, his main installer has failed to do at all in big Saw, as I have to download individual programs. A good informative, even so, is that I do not need his software at all. The main functions of one beat to scan that it is accessed through a Mac is built-in software, comprising Preview and Capture of Image, and is much more mere that subjects. Probably I will ignore his software totally, and could be it better not even installed the. Only go in of the Scanners and of Printers in a Mac Preferncies of System and mark sure a scanner is looking there, once is connected.
5 / 5
It takes three of these Epson scanners to compare and see which records better. It takes one IS-400, IS-500W, and a DS-1630. Also have the DS-510 that is to say the few old years that is comparing in. It edits: also it take it one is-400w. I am the technology of computer that laws with the plot of small medical dispatches. I prefer a Fujitsu Snapscan scanners, but the plot of necessity of dispatches twain scanner to integrate with his software. Some scanners of Fujitsu this will do twain is quite expensive as having to go Epson for some dispatches that necessity twain. I have wanted to to see it there is the reason to buy or or another for some work of dispatches with.

One EAST-400, THIS-500W and my old DS-510 is all the scanners of feeder of only document. A walnut EST-400 and IS-500W is 35 page for minute that is the good step in a 26 page for minute of a DS-510. I am sure he has to use you the USB 3.0 port and a cape has comprised to take this speed. Another that the fast plus when being that a DS-510, does not remark too much differentiates among my old scanner and this new. Work in a same. A software is in a same. If has an old plus Epson, this will be the impulse of speed , but much more of an improvement.

Edita: I actuate now the tried one EAST-500WR which are only one EAST-500W with some extra software to extract info of receipts and material. It IS quite well, but often only require the small bit of data of the each receipt and I are the typist well so that I am not sure to do the enormous impression on me. It IS also supposition to take more accurate some more uses the, but has good precision in just trying it. If voice a an EAST-500WR exports of software of the receipt in Quickbooks or CSV (a format of spreadsheet could open in excelling). If any need an extra software, one EAST-500WR is a same scanner while it IS-500W.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
I have purchased some ADVERTISINGS-1700w like the substitution for some ADVERTISINGS-1500w. A scanner is faster but that it is in an only characteristic these looks has improved. I can not take some ADVERTISINGS-1700w to scan in my dossier of the point shared in my WD PR4100 NOSE. Any subject that flavour, until firmware of date, different configurations, and included to contact level 5 support in Brother. They are doing on he even so. Also there is WD register in my computer to do sure a NOSE has been configured properly. It scans well in the PC. I have not had any problem with some ADVERTISINGS-1500w swept in my NOSE, as I do not know why some ADVERTISINGS-1700w is being missing of.

According to subject. The brother has not comprised some services of cloud of the web in some advertisings-1700w of a card to scan. There is any card to use this characteristic in a device. Instead, they have opted to have some services have enabled saws PC. Why? This device now has to be tethered in the PC to scan in dropbox, while some advertisings-1500w he with out of a PC. In me, that is to say the very behind. Some advertisings-1500w has had direct scanner in enough the few services of cloud. Thwart To have that opens the PC to take this fact.

Another that a speed of 7 better PPM that some advertisings-1500w, some ADVERTISINGS-1700w is being missing characteristic residents in a card of Cloud. State doing with brother to take a NOSE the subject resolved but at the end left in the and is returned.

At the end. Why you it does not comprise the usb 3.0 cape? And why you it does not comprise a CD of software and a cloak to scan of clear receipt while you have done in some ADVERTISINGS-1500W? I can see why it is down now in $ 199.99 of $ 269. It ails measured until a model of substitution. And I have not taken the free or to revise like some another. Paid for mine.
1 / 5
A description, and included the web of place of the brothers, alleges wireless scanning directly in of the Services of Cloud (Google, iCloud, Box, etc). Once it take these devices , tried to do only concealed. Even so, 30 minutes of support of the technology of the Brother has tried this recovery of characteristic to be the lie.

This device DOES not SCAN In of the SERVICES of WIRELESS CLOUD!!

Can, even so, scanner in his installed software in your computer - then, can transfer yours has scanned elements in several services of cloud. That is to say totally useless while it requires the computer. Why he same offers a functionality I need my computer in that could it to it have fact he in a first place? Returning a scanner today
5 / 5
I am the mobile notary and has required the fast scanner, reliable , mobile. I have bought this and is returned so that it was not compatible with my book of chrome. I have bought instead the doxie q , which there have been the descriptions add and was absolutely terrible. I have decided to buy this or again and has required would buy the laptop was compatible with. That discovered is this has an application for iphone and all has required was the something hot for a scanned docs to go directly in my telephone. I scan ids front and behind and pages and pages of docs. This has incredible clarity, is sper fast and never raven of powers or disorders in an original. I have read some revise that it say that he crooked of powers and chews in an original. Only I can imagine that these people are paid in badmouth this scanner. That is to say such awesome product. More to well sure recommend it. This has changed absolutely a road I subject and has attached incredible value.
2 / 5
This description is for functionality of basic scanning when directly connected saws USB 3.0, using only a Brother iPrint&application to Scan. I have not tried a WiFi method to scan while it can not imagine was, and planned on having taking-wired. I have thought for $ 199 bucks, the some ADVERTISINGS of the brother-1700W the scanner would do much more that your typical all-in-a printer, but alas, he no that the require to do. A main reason has bought this was to scan house of personal documentation in an endeavour to be more organised, but he no some quite basic things require it to do, in spite of spending the hours that reads descriptions. Comprise my thoughts in this low product.

-Easy connection in WiFi, but could not imagine was so to scan road WiFi... Or I preoccupy me since planned on in the now hardwired.
-Fast and easy engine/software setup (iPrint and Scanner + iPrint and Push to Scan) in the MacBook Pro with an old CALM (The Capitan).
-Speeds to scan the fasts saw USB 3.0.
-Can save the scanners directly in the dossier specified in your computer.
-Empty/card to scan works of sake of business card and saves both sides, amiably formatted in or documents.

-Does not come with a very necessary USB 3.0 in Micro A/Micro B cape. I have bought an Amazon Basics cape for less than $ 6 when has purchased a scanner.
-Can not be powered by your computer, as I have to take a cord of the power with you plans on using this so the portable scanner.
-Quan Scanning the 2-the document has sustained
directly in your PC saw USB 3.0, a document saves odd. It sees boxes of storage of image of Adjustable Decoration. An only road to fix this (classifies of) is the induct a scanner of your computer (of a Brother iPrint&application to Scan). An only problem with that is that some pages save to like two separate files, as you will require to melt joint them manually. The brother has verified this info when called the.
-In addition to a very big subject on, the multiple page, has sustained only the document also will save each page as of the separate files. So has the 10-paged the document concealed wants to save you, manually has to the the fuse after a scanner is complete.
-Some guides of paper are very small and flimsy
-has to pode the paper atasca down with a cup of a page has inserted in the first place, which unnatural looks in me.
-Automobile skip page of the room does not look to do, in spite of having qualifies in of the Parameters.

Plans on buying this scanner, would suggest you Brother to call in advance for the confirms will do that it has required it the to do. I create one all-in-a scanner will do only well with all a manual work these necessities to go in your scanners after posing them through this machine.
1 / 5
These products is not to clear weight. It is not the cosy user when installing. It is not WiFi cosy. Some directions/of any all need that is downloaded in your devices and does not provide facilitated of service. After 2.5hrs and calling support of technology, at the end is scanning in my computer. Documents of the paper is not backed in a portion of tray of a scanner without using the hand to line in place. There is not any weapon or thank you to line documents/of papers in any side as it only has to guess where to plant them. There is also any guide in in a scanner, as if the documents/of papers are slightly side by side that is like a scanner will pull the through. These looks modern technology 15yrs marks but very today and no for a prize. Very disappointed in this compraventa and what is disappointed more than the was the data of big indications for another.
5 / 5
There is the devil of the parameter of time in this scanner. Offer quite six roads to control a scanner. For two reasons, has wanted to was to scan in the dossier shared in a point of local zone: so much, everything of our computers could do use of a scanner, and could operate a scanner while chair with him, while it resides in the separate room with another squad of point. So much, I have wanted in a scanner, ask it to scan, voice that mark so felizmente, and then walk in a computer in another room to access a file of pdf has produced. We use computers of the apple and a difficulty in posing in a scanner has to marks with posing in the separate account, limited for a scanner, opened in a firewall only enough to leave a scanner in, property, and the file left, and more. Particularly difficult imagined out of a name of correct road that a scanner would use to to find a dossier has shared. Desprs Very looking for, spent an example that immediately directed in a solution. I took me two days and quite a lot of 12 hours to take it work. It has been faster if the documentation or place of the help of the brother has aimed an example of a road of dossier for my circumstance. Desprs setup, HAS BEEN the beauty . They use during the week, and marvel that never left without the scanner of document. It IS hurriedly, is small, and files of products of PDF of big quality. If it shows a reliability that the brother is my printer and fax of the old telephone schemes it has aimed, will be very happy.
5 / 5
After reading all some the negative critics was preoccupied in a functionality and quality of the same 1700W scanner. Has the printer of the monochrome laser of the brother this has been happy with so that it takes the casualidad. He happy state like this far.

Has posed up was easy. I plugged he in and turned it on. I have followed some instructions to connect in my wifi point. I have installed an application in my tlphonique and my computer (mac). I have tried to use a software of apple to scan unused the brother is an application . It does not act . As I have downloaded so much a iPrint&application to scan of a tent of application and a software of a web of place of brother. It has been doing adds. Some some the pages scan the little cual the ravens expect for <$ 200? It IS only the smallest subject.
4 / 5
So far so good. It was unimpressed with a road an element has shipped, any extra boxing only to focus in a box of printer, felizmente in spite of taking very swipe some looks of unit to be VAL. This nifty little scanner is compact and easy to use. Has any subject that connects in WiFi and was able to scan directly of an application of tlphonique. An application of tlphonique is VAL but can not appoint or rename the file scans that half of extra work to find a file and it renaming. It was happy with a speed to scan. It scans the constant pair with or raisin through, which fly. The only complaint so far is a fight of pages to remain directly, which are the big minus.
3 / 5
Earnest Initial setup. Fast scanning. The configuration advanced (customising filenaming masters, SMTP parameters, etc.) necessities to be done saws an interface of management of the web and you can require a guide of full user for the imagine was.

More twins expensive different scanners that backwards ister' the alloy of web', this scanner does not scan directly in of the services of cloud (p. p.ej. Walk of Google). For that, will require in any uses a partner the mobile application or the computer connected in a scanner.

At the end, is scanning in the email those uses the Gmail or GSuite account, will require to generate a signal of Authentication of the Application in your account of Google for properly configures a SMTP parameters. This goes to require cradle through the pair of hoops concealed is not earnest for a casual user. The brother does not document this well, but there is a lot of guide that can look for you on-line for these accounts that. Also it was necessary imagines was so to access an interface of management of the web.
1 / 5
I have purchased this unit through amazon two month ago. I have believed initially that that a unit has done well. Seldom he blockades, looks hurriedly, and fact of the good scanners. Until a unit that begins to scan black pages in a first side. Desprs Doing a surgery with Brother for maintains and spend in an hour in a tlphonique that cross troubleshooting decided to intensify a subject in the level the big plus of technical support. A bad time a unit has begun to do again, thought that it had cured . Then prender to scan a first side again. Desprs At the end habladura with John this morning in Brother, this intermittent subject of first side not scanning is still unsolved.
His solution, which are objectionable in me, is that we require to expect for him in the decree that laws again. It IS time of multiple spent now btw. It means that only 1 in 100 times of this class of failure is intermittent and usually when this failure arrives is constant. So much, clearly it declares that Sometimes this failure arrives in me. But substitute an element in good way, want to me to expect for him and closely control each scanner that law. I am doing to digitise ours dispatch and is scanning hundreds of pages in the daytime.
That is to say mostly disheartening but also the eye that opens. Has thinks that that the brother was the support -arrives undertaken that it was by behind his products. Apparently any one! They have lost alas the client. This partially the the defunct scanner has been now planted in the cupboard, probably in never see a light in the daytime. They substitute with the FUJITSU ScanSnap ix1500.
Yes has time in disorder around with the machine of service and questionable quality of the poor client then WOULD HAVE TO buy this machine. If has hours to waste and an intention in babysit the device then that is to say a scanner since you.
Is how me and probably more other consumers and your time are lovely, would suggest to spend the little more dollars or included a same quantity and STAY OUT OF The PRODUCTS of the BROTHER. For the manufacturer in arriesgadamente deny the service of guarantee is questionable in better.
Rant Complete.

Top Customer Reviews: Brother DS-940DW ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
After spending few days with a scanner I coming to a conclusion that is the good device partorisca of the money has paid, with some quirks partorisca be conscious, and workarounds available. Calm am likely to take something better but partorisca much more of money. Also it likes the one who the one of this laptop and that that can cure to scan without being hooking until the computer. It is also quite easy to use that has included my boys can do it. It thinks the one who useful that could be ;-).

That it wants to give is all a ins and outs of this device as I do not owe that take fallido the dipping on, and know exactly that is taking. They are the technology savvy the person and am writing this like this calm does not have to that be .

Here is the cast of subjects has while found reading other descriptions and the mine has has related findings:

1. I can it does not connect to mine WiFi coverage. Some works of device so only so that the signals to access so that it loses access of internet while remotely has connected his.
This is not attentive. You can connect a device in way of infrastructure your coverage. He so only works with , and any one 5 GHz band. Dipping this calm arrives to leave you access of far file that interface of uses of web, or better still, to use FTP tool like FileZilla. With FPT can download your files quickly to the for elder without that has to that exchange SD paper. You will require to use a admin username and the signal has used during device setup to obtain access and connections of mark.

2. I can see some background heart during scanning in a duplex side in otherwise white zones.
Has some bluish or grayish maintained has added during scanning in a duplex the side but is minimally visible in some zones, and is almost a lot visible in impression. It can be also he takes entirely regulate contrast and white balance in scanning software. Ossia So only the effect lateralmente of a incumplimiento setting in a device that is unfortunately a lot of configurable for SD swept of paper. So only it affects scanner of document. I create a incumplimiento the setting is aimed for representation by heart better to scan of picture in planting to give some documents perfect white fund.

3. I can not scan multiple pages to in Indian file.
So only can scan multiple pages to use the software has accompanied. Scanning the SD paper in being the way so only always will generate multiple files. It looks for option of configuration in main screen of bundled software to change dropdown Formed of Lima of the setting: it selects it Fine-PDF of page

4. The battery is not maintaining load. Action of poor battery.
Looks that while WIFI is enabled a battery dulcemente will download although leagues to scan the source of external power. Calm so only would owe that enable WIFI way to transfer some files out of a device SD paper and then the turn was. Without WIFI there is enabled a battery will last for the long and calm time will not experience this subject.

5. DOCUMENTS of PDF to scan generated is not searchable.
Ossia Corrected. To do document searchable would have to that run he by means of OCR (recognition of optical character) software. Similar step requires power of considerable computing. Calm does not go it to find in the scanner of the battery operated has taken. That is surprising is that the accompanying software does not have this characteristic neither. Felizmente Has an easy way to fix concealed. Look Down for more information in that.

Device quirks:

1. I have found some additional quirks in this product like a fact that need to power of a device with which transmissions WIFI admin username and signal during initial setup. After changing the signal is by train to feign you register in and will fail unless be able to you was and on. The common of the people so only could return of the thought of the device is defective.

2. Another quirk was a fact that of some time of way setup has taken messed on where timestamp has generated in files in SD the paper would have the pertinent month and day but wrong year. I have tried to dip a year to 2020 instead and has taken a pertinent year 2018 to be used on quotes of file. It has spent perhaps reason have had to hard reset a device little time while trying troubleshoot a WIFI subject of the signal after a year was has configured already. I have found of the way to do uses the pertinent year is not a subject for me. Calm could not experience this question.

3. A plus quirk with east is that a Point to Access WIFI the way can not be disabled. Once it has it hooked on a device to the yours WIFI the coverage would owe that be able to turn of AP the way of the configuration is done. Calm does not need another WIFI device unnecessarily broadcasting in your house that creates WIFI noise. Ossia Probably a reason because drains of same battery while when being the external power distributed and reason the device will take really which while in WIFI way. One fijamente is the so only enable a WIFI when files of precise transfer of a device and then the turn was.

Tips, Tricks and my recommendations:

1. Way easier to take the files the scanner is to turn in WIFI and use free FTP software of client like Filezilla or WinSCP. You will require to configure WIFI way of Infrastructure and configure admin name of user and signal (need to turn on and was device to use raisin of new user combo). It marks the note of an IP direct some shows of device in screen of configuration, could wants to use your WIFI the static @subject DHCP table to do sure a scanner always takes an allocution of same IP. You depend on that knows an allocution of IP to be able to connect his. DHCP Will give your device another IP after the lease expíra in 3 day of device WIFI inactivity.

2. I have found that the better way the scanner is to scan to JPG imagine them that I use 300 dpi for documents 600 dpi for pictures so only. A JPG has goodness to be easily convertible to other formats, comprising fine page searchable files of PDF. This in spite of want to go another way around is much harder. He also the easy fact to toe by means of the images that looks for something specifies to use spectator of picture or just thumbnail images (vs. Seeing files of MULTIPLE PDF equals ache).

3. It researches the files of MULTIPLE PDF can be done using Acrobat of Season. Justo google investigation 'To the equal that to Look for Text Inside Files of MULTIPLE PDF immediately' and will find instructions on like this to do east. This of course only works if your PDFs is of searchable class.

4. Never delete a last file scanned of SD paper. This will cause an image after scanned to be appointed with 0001 again and like this on, which in tower will cause you the ache when calm @give you some files now have names of duplicate file. Leaving a last file has numbered will ensure an incremental numbering will continue.

5. It thinks before on to the equal that are planning the files of archive. Specifically to the equal that go to create the directory structures like this calm easily can find the one who precise. That done well for me is the so only create the file of category like BankStatements and then create year (2018, 2019 …) subfolder for documents for this year die so only. 10-20 years of calm now will thank me.

6. Take a right software for a work. The software has comprised, well is not a lot enough for the dipped politely. Felizmente Has some free alternatives. After spending the averages the day that the look has chosen a 'Any one Another scanner of PDF 2'. So only google look for it. You would owe that be able to find one links of download in SourceForge put web. Ossia reputable Source of free software. If it likes, to mark sure give pair of bucks to an author to the equal that can continue do good material. That need to do is to install a software of engine has comprised in the first place then installs 'Any one Another scanner of PDF 2'. With which installation, of inside an application, will require to download band of tongue for OCR capacity and create profile for your scanner. Calm now would owe that be able to fall and only tug JPG images and save them like the only searchable file of PDF. Of this calm software also leave to substitute a software to scan that it comes with a calm scanner easily can uses that way. There is row very better of controls on some built in OCR capacities, which a bundled the software does not have . Ossia That call wins wins situation.

There is also other options to do your documents searchable and converted but a an I follows to recommend looks for far an easier way to go. If you google investigation 'A 3 Better Free OCR Tools to Convert Your Files Behind To Editable Documents' will find a piece that spent roughly of some options like google docs and other methods release etc.

personally have the QNAP IN concealed Them there is OCR application of conversor. I took roughly 1 minutes to install an application and 5 minutes to setup the daily work that converts JPG or PDF to the searchable PDF and/or the text has based in the file is located in. As so only it falls my files to one IN THE subfolders and leave a software automatically cures of a OCR process every night to the equal that is ready when a day wants to look for some concrete document I priest roughly.

Can look spent a bit those that quirks, that lacking of documentation and lack bundled software, ossia the portable scanner adds .

If the any question in this description, or wants to me partorisca add anything pleases to leave the commentary.

Thank you.
4 / 5
4/15/19: it Flashes To today. Bitter disappointment. Spent some past years that struggle the port of free USB. This port so only there is soured me on spent of mine. Struggling today so only for the take to take the load long enough to scan papers of entities. This is not that it would have to that be. Shame I in Twins you for such poor QC.

6/19/14: it is not to perfect and occasionally I desire for true wireless capacity, but on everything am a lot happy with this scanner and loves the more a More uses it to them. ( I have bought the boss of extension of the USB to give me more flexibility with where scanner and extracted a lot) am using a DS920DW to digitize the lifetime of bookkeeping and record of tax, as well as mementos, misc. Documents, etc. Absolutely utmost for a task.

Has tried fewer expensive and more expensive models, some with more characteristic, some with less, but a DS920DW that need a better. I have it quell'has discovered included the little help to cut down in a scanning. If I am scanning relatively uniform documents with the spatial reverse side, I place two documents behind-the-rear, a lot-diverse, and ran the by means of like this one documents to scan and use a duplex setting. A final result is both documents is scanned with only one raisin. Saver Of fantastic time. I have it quell'has discovered also that it is easier to so only use a setting by heart with pdf for all doc types. I scan by means of a DSMobile application of Capture and then use PP12 to organise, class, and the name when necessary. Perfect system for me.

[DSMobile Captures choke (the next force) scans on 100 (50 duplex) total documents consecutively without exiting, but another that that it is my application to scan preferred . I have it that has not lost never any scanner when he FC'd on me so only maintain a quantity down 100 the time and then exited and reopen.]

Has used a scanner quite now that has died tomorrow, absolutely would buy another without hesitation. Scanner in a whole has not progressed according to which would like me, but with of that in alcohol, this one returns my current needs.
5 / 5
A cast of characteristic of this scanner is impressive for a prize. While he well and rids some characteristic has promised, has found a level of global consolation that disappoints. A WiFi the characteristic is not like this useful to the equal that touches; more than being able to connect to a coverage to exist, and law like the server of file, a scanner creates his own wireless coverage, that means that to connect to a scanner, has to disconnect of your regular coverage. You can scan to a SD paper and then scanner of scrolling to your computer on USB -- some looks of escáneres how was the digital camera -- when scanning, a scanner takes 'off-line' first scanning and for behind on-line after scanning, each one to which likes duquel takes the long time -- like this accessing the escáneres in this way is not like this convenient neither. In an end an easier thing to do is probably covers a SD paper to your computer with which are finalised scanning , and recover some images that way, but ossia less convenient that had expected partorisca.
5 / 5
Is quite scarce I writing of the spicy descriptions, this in spite of this goes to be one of these chances. A gilipollas thus scanner a lot outweigh a pro is.

Pro Is:
- scan quite quickly to be the small device
- scanner two-sided (one of some BIG reasons has bought this vs another device)
- Can connect in Wifi to your computer, ... May ... ( It sees down)

- You can not be on-line a same time to the equal that are scanning. Leagues To a scanner any OF HIM (ie- a scanner does not connect to a coverage, connect his). Been due to of the this, work like an ad hoc connection, like this literally can not connect to an Internet while scanning things. Like this while you can connect his wirelessly, can SO ONLY things to scan - not listening to the streaming music / Netflix, for chance.
- The quality the scanner is junk in a incumplimiento settings and is blurry, included with good original documents and technicians of flawless scanning.
- Is quickly, but a lot quickly enough to have a blurriness be seeds-acceptable.
- Can scan until 600dpi, but is horribly dulcemente when doing so much.
- A software to scan for Mac (Version 9, in the chance perhaps takes an up to date version ) is absolutely HORRID, and here is some reason reasons:
... When Swept something &62; 25/30 pages, a force of application closes. There is scanned the 50 container of page that force joints repeatedly. It looked in some pages with which has behind open arrive and has saved some of some pages... There is scanned some remaining pages, the force has closed again, and again opened it behind up... It has saved the little more pages. Rinse And repeat -5 or 6 times and I took it FINALLY to scan correctly. Then it has taken to expect 5 minutes or more for him to in fact SAVE to a file because converting the PDF with OCR apparently is 'new technology' to this software. I have used OCR fact+ 10 years, and does not agree it never taking this longitude neither when being like this inaccurate like this the application is.
... When exporting L .Pdf Cela there is OCR the data has saved his, some measures of file are MASSIVE. Some 10 page a lot easily read the bills have finalised to be 30-40 MB. - A 50 document of page was 200 MB (and an original was CLARO/any-smudged, etc.)
... A software is extremely archaic. There is not any detection for pages of spatial although calm has loved that.
... An application with the big works so only seats there and colds with the application second looks frozen. If calm left it process, sometimes arrived , other forces of time closes an application.
... When there is scanned some pages in like this PNG (formed of file quite raw w/ compression a lot minimum as it would not owe that take too terribly long to scan/save), an image has cleared the LITTLE bit, this in spite of him 10-20 file of page has taken literally &62; 5 min to scan/the load/saves with a device wired to a computer saws USB.
- A UI with some keys in a device are class of terrible
- A iOS the application was absolutely useless. The same subject like ad hoc connection has described on. Any Internet at all.
- One the majority of disappointing was a esoftware' was calm mostly links so only to web of places. I took more the time that would like me admit to take an external walk that read w/ my Mac only to discover a software could be be install for following the hyperlink. This thing has taken literally on 45 minutes to take all arrive and that careers. Other escáneres are able to go of container the scanning in &60; 5 minutes.

Calms a lot already enciphers, has not been impressed with this scanner or his hardware. They are past way too on this for the maintain, as I am returning he for something these works. Has the printer of laser of the Brother, as has thinks that that this would be like this impressive and to to the friendly user likes him the printer. It was at all. Not annoying with east a.
4 / 5
Has purchased this scanner the down has bitten done the year and there is prendido to do. A subject has had, was that he prendió to scan. Any scanning or anything, included when connected. In this point has decided to call service of Client. To contact any of service of client, took 4 days to call. A first day was in a telephone for 1hr and 16 min and any one has answered. A second day was on he for 56 minutes and AT ALL. One 3rd tired day me partorisca expect when some times paste roughly 47 minutes… a fourth day has said to me “This time are really that goes for the do”… A lot of – I has done. It has taken 1hr and 6 minutes to expect in a telephone, but finally any one has on elected.

When I have explained to a CS that a scanner there is prendido to scan, said that has required to purchase the 50 dollar any refundable battery, so only to discover if a battery has not been a subject. I have said that a battery is not a subject, of then am able of the connect to a PC and still without him. So only it does not scan , any @@subject that. It has insisted that this has annoyed is police, if or has not turned on. I said also that any RMA is issued without a client that spends 50 dollar in the battery In the first place, first of a product can be serviced. It has not been if ossia the strategy of brother to do more money or so only that a CS has loved his commission, really bad. I know this brother has lost the faithful client this has been doing subject with them for a past 15 years in his lack of support and no honoring guarantee for the product that is guaranteeed down.

Stay out of these products – any backup his guarantee.
4 / 5
Are sure Brother look a lot included in these descriptions, but if they , calms the types would owe that be embarrassed of a product has produced.

Has used previously the brother DSMobile 620 with the PC of Windows. When I Have been Windows the Mac, an old scanner has not been sustained. So much, I 'upgraded'. I have had one 620 for years and was happy with him. This in spite of, when I upgraded, has imagined would go for a wireless version as it does not have to that it connects to my computer. I have paid the prize for a wireless version in fact! After receiving this product, discovers that it does not connect your wireless coverage and scanner to the equal that would be expected. Instead, you have to scan to the SD paper, connects to an ad-hock wireless coverage of your computer, explores to a scanner is built in web page, and he then 'download' those has scanned images. That the PIECE to CRAP way to say sustains wireless!

Unfortunately, has taken already rid of a box or this thing would be to go directly behind the Amazon. How it is now, I will owe that the sell on Walked of Facebook and try the recoup SOME of my money to take the product that the wireless true supports.

5 / 5
Has announced upport of Linux', as it has expected the so only spend a boss by means of the canal has cut in my wall and the use in my computer of cupboard, as so only could burst my topmast in and topmast to fall to the box down. NO REALLY.

A scanner, when any one used with this SOFTWARE of SPECIAL WINDOWS , has is suitable webconsole where has to that cruised to the odd little web page in your coverage of house and download a scanned documents individually, or the page the time. There is not any support I found for just downloading everything of them calm so that it can order him that desire. Maddening.

But this little type is like this small that is not that a lot of question for maintains it has on wrapped in mine bookshelf afterwards to my office and the attractive was while I have left a topmast goes for the little while... But it concealed it does not help when that has has wanted to was for has it was all a time to the equal that could treat a topmast when among and he then scanner for my records more than having a bit 'while to scanned' battery.
5 / 5
Defective Directly out of a box. It marks new model, any refurbished. Lights and turn of exposure on, freezings of units, remains on partorisca among five second and the pocolos small. It will not scan the majority of a time, reason in firm down shortly after a key to be able to is pressed. I have had sucedido in doing a scanner - just a - to a SD paper. I took it in fact to remain in quite long to open a WIFI transmissive, but has closed down every time. It has not had never he casualidad to register to a device of the keyboard.

Also, while it looks for to imagine was if this has been or a device that no well, has discovered that this model (according to a date in some instructions) is of 2013 - ossia technology of five years . At least. An exposure is monochrome LCD - of a 90s. Any of some applications that his compatible with looking to be current. Some instructions say you to use an application of Android of a appstore concealed is not around be of then 2014.

Also, one 'wifi' the function is not that it had assumed. It dips on a scanner like the server that some registers of user to, and files of visas of. It is like 'wifi directed' transmission in a program of Android. It classifies of an odd version of a same thing that it Bluetooth the connection is used usually stops. The brother could be better state was, to do east the Bluetooth device instead.

Perhaps an in fact done thing, have never an occasion to be posting this negative critique. But a scanner any so much turn like this still on. The extras has paid in fact for a priority that ships so that it could be scanner of the most collected documents. B'H.
4 / 5
In that possessed that this for on 2 years now, am impressed still with a versatility and quality of some escáneres. There is scanned at least the documents of thousand to date, that comprises both colour and B&W. A quality for scanner to paint especially is not quite until pair with your mean all-in-a printer, but he so only well. B&W The escáneres are flawless.

Will say this right now. If it plan to use a wireless functionality, find another scanner. These produced is has used more standalone. Just pop in yours favourite SD Paper, that the scanner was, and then dipped a paper to your PC and copy one there is scanned imagine them was. You save a hassle, honradamente. I have not tried, but calm creates can cover a scanner saws USB to your PC and copy them was that way. Better closing that fidgeting with one wireless setup.

This product is durable. A life of battery is well, but does not add . Calm is likely evasion with an hour or 2 in the session of scanning (says 200 pages) first of a battery takes feeble. It takes the few hours to touch behind up.

After the moment (so only now with which 2 years in fact) there is remarked yellow tinting in scanner of mine by heart. All has taken was in fast calibration with a discharge resupplied, and has been to turn again! I have it almost it has launched it was, as it SAVES The PAGE of CALIBRATION! It is the half piece of paper of black miniature white/ average.

Has tried another product of wireless scanner (a no-name) which is no longer sold on Amazon, and has had poor regime with him. The brother sure knows his material!
4 / 5
Load and careers of the micro-USB that it is fantastic, and hard for hours - spare to manage all have used partorisca.

Wireless is so only be seldom used, but thus scarce the time has been an only option , as it can cost a prize. It is not the experience adds, but work - I a lot really thinks does the way of the do much better, the majority of an annoyance comes with connecting his wifi, which all ad hoc wifi the material has to that treat.

The majority of a time this in spite of, so only scan stirs it of documents immediately to a SD paper, and then optimise some images the bit with which (the a lot of software has it escanned way of text, which produces the better result that software to scan fact in all the chance. Or just game with brightness/contrast twist the small and will look flawless). Swept the SD the paper is absolutely trivial, and speedy enough to treat the discharges of dozen of the pair without complaint, and can read a data on USB or a SD reader of paper, which the majority of computer has (or can take to muck economic reader anywhere).

Top Customer Reviews: Fujitsu ScanSnap ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It has had my Scansnap s1300i during the year now. I treat it enough but He never falters. I use it to save each document related only in my restaurant - grocery taken, receipts of tractive powers, bills, stapled elements, business cards, careers of payroll, documents of employee, cards crediticias (any recommended), and more. Also it uses yes for my personal documents and to direct the property of my mother. The clave goes directly in my stock exchange and what that in my Scansnap and what that to recycle (sometimes for road of the crusher).

Scansnap IS that some small genie only expect the calm help - scan crookedly, straightens, if side to scan by side or the other way around - is very easy to fix, wants to attach documents in something already scanned - sound the accident, is scanning a-constant and suddenly wants change in two-constant, takes two clicks; if the jams of paper (because of abusing, losing parts, too many staples, etc.) - You the only attraction was and re powers; you can begin and pause in - the simply does not take confused. If the paper is turn and thin - the readable still results. It has not founding anything can not scan. Really - a creation is incredible - the robust small boxes with or presses button. That is to say. Coupled With an a lot of software very ready - is - somehow, always or any one to advance and maintaining organised is effortless.

Has bought my scanner with a Rack1-filer software in the to the to this did not like him and has launched was. I use a system to of the archive that comes with a scanner - some class of 'cupboard of file' thing in the to the east likes me of a lot. I have posed since everything of cupboard of the mine that files in a cloud, can access my whole subject of anywhere; and mark. It IS so easy to look up prize of last year, or checks a date of expiration on something, or checks the manual, or finds an allocution, or work in the quote. Also, I am no longer anxious quite losing things - documentation of entity - the documentation required for a auditoria - leases - calculations of agreements of cards of payroll of employee; things that used the misplace routinely is now sure. Like The documents are archived with Scansnap, the easy to determine something been missing of - just class by name - and in the second will remark for case - the neighbourhood 3 has disappeared L&report or of the Sales of January. At the end, seeing documents no longer so risky while it is in a physical world. Some documents gestures of stay. And, it is hurriedly - can explore through the costs of months of sales closeouts (archived in or documents) inner according to only. If something is to take to read, only clash the up!

Some of some things have learnt of this endeavour is -
1. Xifra Out of your file and the document that system of names before you begin. In the first place it have to decide concealed that will enter each Cupboard, and he then annex and names some dossiers. I use of a cupboard for every year of my subject and a general cupboard for things that does not continue in an end of a year - records of employee, squad, manual, etc. While you move files of document in the dossier, a name of a dossier will be attached in the current name of a file. That is to say many the ways do not have to write so. If I expect to have a lot of documents of a source, faiths the dossier for this source and only use to date of a document like his name. If there is only the few documents of the source, attaches a name of source in front of a date and do the dossier the general plus. Still although each what so of my Cupboards represents the concrete year - I still use a year in the name of the each document. This road loses -file, or move the file, or anything - still knows that belonging of year in. It imagines out of the yours the diagram to name is probably or the majority of difficult part to move in the paperless dispatch.

2. Quan Scanning crummy documents - (thermal paper, rasgado and abused, thickness and thin and stained things) begins to power a document but scratches on in him slightly until the small tension develops. This prevents a document the rotate through a scanner or doing roughly another undesirable gymnastic movement.

3. If you are scanning and the potential problem arise - paper any quite can all a road through - suppose that a esanuncio' was incomplete and re can a paper to offend. In worse, will take the page that the duplicate can be easily hard. If it is too many mangled to power of a cup, has said he and of the powers of some subordinated or, tries it side by side. Scansnap Probably rotates he since you, but if no, can do a bit the next time sees it.

4. Quan You setup your Scansnap Dossier Default Parameters, chooses some parameters use more often. For cases, uses only sustained, the colour of cart detects, automatic resolution. Quan Need in override these, taking only two 'right clicks' - is any problem to change time of myriad during a scanner of a place of documents. And, the calm does not have to undo anything when you are has finished. Hardly begin to scan another set of documents, revert in your default parameters.

5. Although it can look it problem, does not try to pose the stack of paper in a scanner and attentive to be able to him. He , yes has the paper regulates form well, but for a class to scan I , no well. Lunch all the measures and weights and period of paper jumbled together and finds need to plant them one by one in a 'hopper'.

While a Scansnap can convert your documents in Word or Excel or searchable PDF, finds that is to say unnecessary for my application and he retard low things. Scansnap Also can seranuncio' the singled was zone in the document and turn he in the tone of investigation. But again, I have found this was overkill and wasted to plot of my time.

Use this thing is the most mere road and is truly adds. I am constantly surprised for how durable, ready, useful, and was thought well is. Compraventa Or and your life will be better.
1 / 5
Day 1 Probably go the road he behind. It can not expect take the afterwards reading some descriptions and he are arrived today. I posed it up and begun to scan. A description has said that scanners multiple pages and concealed......Alas everything in or time and then experiences the jam of paper. And it has to can ones few pages one by one? Why a heck pay good money for that?
Day 2 has Contacted a support of client of the Amazon in easterly an and there was unplug and then carried in the different outlet to scan multiple pages. This has done a bit (does not know why this would do the difference) and looked to take me has been to scan.
Day 3 A pros has now outweighed some gilipollas and will be to maintain east.
PROS ~ Portabilitat And mark of small impression he out of a road but useful. / Quan The jams of paper arrive, is the 3 procedure second in open and clear. / A software is powerful and versatile / can turn you a document scanned in the searchable keyword .Lima of pdf with a click as it can look for you 'xyz file of data 2017' and discovers of 1000 is the files have scanned./ You can pose a file scanned to be automatically tagged with a date and the times and he are re-nameable. / The scanning is fast and the fold sustained.
GILIPOLLAS ~ The paper assembla quite the jam bit it. / The scanning until 12 pages can be delicate / sometimes a software of the orientation does not do and in fact turns the constant paper very the other way around.
Week 6 will not communicate with a software. Has a The TITLE and can not imagine this has been. I have contacted the amazon and the better case was the PARTIAL repayment after they have imagined does not do or.
5 / 5
Surprising, took me month to decide that scanner to take, but has taken this one with a ray of software so that has wanted to all some characteristic.

The documents for perfect = scanner want dispatch of house of the into use personal scanner. It IS slow is doing masses of paper. There is the backlog of papers (medical, personal, legal) that everything has required scanned, but has known after I have taken up did not scan except the small the day. That is to say perfect by so so it takes on small in any spatial and is more concealed able to scan the page after page, has taken included stacks of 10 and maintained to attach in him so it crosses them and big quantities without subject.

Has swept records = of the card adds in the cards of the plastic soft cards thinner , heavy full scanners but tend to have that presses them down bit it so much can take in them. My woman there was quite 200 business measure the cards do not fly of the breakings with, took me quite 20 minutes to scan them in with this ( was amused, especially to take drawee of them afterwards)

has swept Cost = of Receipt, that is to say only the hard thing to do in general in all the case, but he he and he well. I am not saying his person the majority of annoying thing to scan, but has found because of differences of paper in thickness and period, is more to rid can them if they are not a same period, poses it to maintain scanning so fallen behind or something the raisin aim me wants to maintain scanning. I can do the month of personal receipts in 15 minutes that is quite sake. One has the software for receipts thinks that has had to email and the question or does the enormous on-line demand with registration/of model/of the serial, but his software is very well, and can import the old receipts have scanned before having a software, maintains up on scanning it really mark the good work that clue your compraventa and after assisting know what each the element or the name of the looks of tent do very well, at least for me very the import this corrects small things so that the left wing is affronts to the left wing of receipt in the stock exchange sometimes is hard to do with.
1 / 5
With everything of some positive critics has think that this would be the good addition in my dispatch, but in my dismay, while another has said, no with win10. Quan Has tried the scanner maintained to take an error that says 'unable to communicate with existent software, please reload.' As I uninstalled, re-installed, then he throughout again everything in any utility. It was in a scansnap page of support, re-has downloaded his engine but has done at all. I am running win10 in the new ASUS ROG portable.
For those of you looking at all of some positive critics please notes that the majority was during some early years of this product. A lot of complaints in another web of places have aimed that scansnap at all to direct a win10 complained. When being advised, does not purchase . He thank you stops to read.
2 / 5
Has the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 in my dispatch this has been using arrests quite 8 month now and has has wanted to it. Has wanted to something the little more compact to use house this there has been the feeder of multiple cloak, as first mark has considered was Fujitsu. I have found a S1300i and look to return a bill. The PROS: it is smaller that a iX500 and, while having the feeder of cloak and listens Mac compatible (i.et. I use PC (hate!) And Mac (amour!) It excepts The uses to house only Mac so Mac the compatibility was of entity. This unit is very easy to pose up, and uses a software of Fujitsu adds continuation of programs that was familiar with to use a iX500. A speed the scanner is the small slow, probably quite 1/2 a speed of a iX500, but the just trade has been for a portability. A problem a big plus with a unit is that a feeder of cloak is to crap, therefore only the give two stars. If I have posed perfectly smooth, the card sized the paper in a fell, constantly is powering 2-3 cloaks the time, taking bonded, and in that cause me to have that opens a unit, takes a paper and rescan. I am very disappointed with a capacity of diet of poor cloak, while iX500 was relatively flawless is powering cloaks through a scanner, but this unit is horrible.

Can save directly in the dropbox or another account of cloud or in your iPhone or telephone of Android. The GILIPOLLAS: A speed is the with want to something concealed is very robust would consider a iX500 if you do not import the small more heft. A S1300i is not also take when the multiple pages take powered through together. It remarks the small time two cross of the pages and a unit have not remarked. A iX500 always takes it when that raisin. A feeder of cloak is likely to handle quite 15 pages (same although it say it 10) the time, which are the with dies a relatively more scanning slow the speed compared in a iX500, but for me is the just trade has been to take a form more compresses factor
5 / 5
I am the contractor in him. I on my own and has required the good solution to scan and storing receipts to record as well as having the scanner of the document has generalised to store other documents want to digitise. For a year is spent~, has been using Orderly Receipts, which was the fast, the impulse buys when required the better road to store my receipts and follows my deductions. The orderly receipts prpers direct we for above a wall with numerous software-the subjects have related; at the end the could not take anymore and begun to look for the solution to scan of new document.
Researched and has researched several scanners to document there, comprising models for Epson, Doxie, Brother and VuPoint. Some of them look add, but in my surprise, very has been limited with tax-solutions of received ( would scan documents, but any one a lot has OCR-the software of able receipt bundled in). I have required something concealed is coming bundled with some solid software to store everything of my receipts of tax. One appoints maintained coming up in mine that better researches all-scanner- of document; Fujitsu. Albeit Laws in him and am supremely competent in hardware of computer, has not been very familiar with Fujitsu like the company and can not say has not possessed never or fact with any one of so that his products in university or in a field (the majority probably so that they are the Japanese company ). I have researched Fujitsu like the company as well as his line of products.

At the end found a ScanSnap 1300i, which are similar in a 1500 model excepts does not scan documents so a lot of in or times no so hurriedly the speed. $ 240~ it IS the big inversion for me and was amiable of out of my field of prize ( very looked for something in a $ 150-200 field). But I have learnt one issues to take with orderly receipts; they go cheap and take that decrees of paid. Junk Change these for the year and comes with bloated, byline-the software has based. I have decided to bite a balloon and buys one ScanSnap 1300i.
A scanner is coming bundled amiably and sure, and has contained all some documents and the capes have required to take me setup. Hooking He until mine workstation of Windows 10, was hurriedly to the flavour is capacities to scan of the receipt. I have to say, it was instantly souffl has been; this swipe of thing through receipts, and albeit very so hurriedly like 1500 model, absolutely orderly took smokes. It IS well the capacities of the document is fantastic as well as it is qualified to scan both sides of documents, also the difference of Orderly Receipts. This scanner is truly one 'Cadillac' of scanners of document.

In of the considerations in of the receipts, which are which bought this for, a software comes with canSnap Taken', which can not say quite a lot of good things enough. It IS mere software , clear with excellent OCR capacity. Quan Receipts to scan, will upload in a 'inbox', where can verify you on and verify an information in the; once when finalising, can tug the in the different dossiers can create; it likes him-me the order the mine for year. The receipts can be hurriedly exported in CSV the format and an also come software with one 'export in quickbooks' the function yes is in that.
One s1300i has roughly another, the characteristic very built-in. For one, can down in brief after closing a lid. It Likes him that it is of echo -cosy (also accidents of the energy certified) and does not waste pot when any one into use. One good touch; the mine is come with cape, as I can or can saw USB or with AC cord to be able in. May The bad thing to have more than or meso to be able in him, especially if AC he outlet is not available. A lid closed also can help them protects some interiors of muck/of rests/of powder. A scanner has parts of adjustable plastic, to the apt help in a side of some documents is scanning and one extendable behind to scan full-pieces of paper sized. It is not one the majority of mobile-cosy device although it is the soyobile scanner'; it listens it likes him to him he weighs quite 5~ pounds at least, although it likes him that it is robust.

HAS is limitations ; very very time, wrinkled, and/or the documents of fat/receipts can have problems. Sometimes scanning the multiple receipts have subjects, where will try to be able to two or three the time. But a software of the computer always takes it when he , and calm leave you to fix and re scanner, as it is not each bad. Also, common sense; he any thickness of plastic bond (likes him cards crediticias) inner of him or documents with parts/of metal of the staples.
In general, absolutely wants this scanner; any one of some refusals on is very small and eclipsed why incredibly well records. They try with different sized documents also and only absolutely swipes through them all and scan the perfectly. My description is very eccentric in the receipt these scanners as it sees to leave he in that; if I need to follow all took during a year and is tired to bond them all in the box or that pay more to digitise his, buys this. This scanner is phenomenal, absolutely the swipes was Orderly Receipts , a focus of prize is so-estimativa, that is to say the serious piece of the hardware backed with automotive software very solid; everything never need in of the considerations to be followed your receipts and coast.
1 / 5
Bought this for my small dispatch to use to documents of scanners, business cards and GO cards, which the majority of people uses his licence of engine for east. This scanner said in the sound announces that it is well to scan GO cards, which the majority is plastic! It has Had this less than the month and some documents have spent to be able the thru. In a manual declares does not scan plastic cards... As it is not well to scan GO cards. So that is to say to announce futilities so that the amazon will not leave me return one in 00 scanner has declared was well to scan GO cards, that is to say to crap for this purpose. Any compraventa need the scanner for plastic cards.
5 / 5
Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Scanner of Mobile Document A sake, a bad and an ugly
1) Compact and clear very portable
2) Works with both PC and Mac
3) the works of powers of the paper with until ten cloaks the time, but found yes has more some owe pages, only more pages of gesture in a last page well before it is ready to go thru a scanner
4) the scanners until 12 double has sustained pages for minute
5) Knows necessity to adjust parameters if your paper is double-constant, recognises concealed and automatically scans both sides
6) Scanners automatically in black and white and in colour another time, does not scan to adjust the parameters for of is can scan You to of the archive to scan and editable word in searchable files of PDF and calm also can scan in email, Google Docs, mobile phone, PowerPoint, your pictures/of documents, etc. Some possibilities are without finals.
7) USB And AC powered
8) to scan big quantities, Normal road the fast he quite decent. If you want the main quality the scanners the still laws are, only slower
9) the value Adds

1) Only wineries has to of the pieces of paper the time, while I have declared in can he of Good section on-mountains this, bt the ways owe chair in front of a scanner
2) Software that comes with this decent, but not even after it adds. Not even it uses a system to file this comes with a scanner while I have found he for heavy quite be
3) Quan scanning receipts that is in the form is the thermal paper tends to blockade like the carrier cloak is recommended highly. An extra step, but better then unjamming the crinkled up received
4) This scanner often very properly insert paper through a scanner
5) Sometimes a feeder wants attraction in multiple cloaks the time
1) Well a container says powered by USB or AC. A subject has is that it only is using USB still has two capes that vain of a scanner. You have to limit the line in AC port of a scanner and then attaches an another end in the port of USB in your computer, THEN has to run your micro USB to scan in the port of USB in computer. Totally illogical as why Fujitsu could not imagine was to eat to be able to in this scanner with only a line. Has the orderly receipts portable scanner and is able to be able in that with an USB.
In general is happy with this compraventa same although having two capes he very heavy. But for the portable scanner that mark multiple pages immediately(Cual my laptop of receipt has ordered any one, which are why I has required another laptop) is the definite keeper
1 / 5
I have purchased this in August of last year for personal use. Documents of entity that has not wanted to lose yours and of the drawings for my boys that was piling up. It does not take the plot of the use but was the nifty thing to use when required. It looks he advances to take drawee of all some stacks of paper in our house. Of course, we have been to occupy in a summer as it was not quite organised for the use, but at the end has pulled went it after the few months of any use and ....bam, does not ignite . At all. Different outlets tried even so, at all.

Thought that it has been about to way that has purchased to 3 coverage of plan of year through Square. It excepts it Has to it has fixed it by the tent of the local reparation authorised (habladuras enough more than your lovely time) and after I have contacted each which so and each which how one of them, scope that any one of them the scanners have repaired. Habladura Still with Stable and while apresamiento reimbursed or some another possible option. This was the pricy scanner and he any one last the same year of occasional use.
5 / 5
State using this scanner for the month and I are chosen happy scanners of Marks of east unit of duplex hurriedly and with accuracy. It Likes him that automatically discards of pages of room, as I do not have to return and the advance that changes some parameters are scanning so much only sustained and bend original constant. State using this to digitise my cupboard of file. All these years of papers of entity' gone to be accessible in me of a cloud, more look for travers of the dossiers, asking where pose some police of sure car: it was transport '' or enter'ure'? Even Has been taking he with me to do and that does a same thing there. It Likes him that of this thing will operate any one with a supply of power of wart of wall, or for the second cape of USB, which are provided. I can leave a supply to be able house and travel the small lighter with just some capes of USB. A problem has maintained all each together and protecting a scanner while it was in my stock exchange. But I have found this case sized perfectly, Khanka spending Stock exchange of Case of the Trip For the BIG jawbone JAMBOX Adapter of Bluetooth Wireless of Power of access of Of the one of the west and now the mine that travels the scanner is complete! A case, although it is done by the portable west, is an exact measure would require to spend a ScanSnap S1300i. Has decent to cushion inner shell, sudden, robust double zippered beginning and the cape to spend up. There have it included the small velcro divider to separate a scanner of some accessories.

Top Customer Reviews: Doxie Go SE - The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5

wants to this BUT so only after calm imagine it was some details some fine plus. My woman wants to scan all of our old photos pre-digital to the equal that have taken this to help with this mission ( has A lot of PHOTO). Has 3 scanner or everything in some in my house and I will say a Doxie the more is an ONLY way to go still concentrates still to scan images that is 8x10 or smaller. Ossia All precise to know in a positive and now will direct some subjects have had. They are the techi so it assumes this can be used without any reading but concealed is not he if.

Has looked on documentation and see that it built it he in the memory but calm can add more street a SD space. As I grabbed change it 64gb paper and has stuck he in there. He not being able to on and to stop blinks it likes has been supposed to. After undermining discovers that SO ONLY sustains special SD papers (really!!!!) Ossia Absolutely ridiculous, but there is in fact abundance of built in memory.

Like having take a SD the paper and he can on final. In a process to try to imagine out of a bootup question (having rule SD paper in empty), has tried to locate the 'PDF of Calibration' in his web of place. Ossia A discharge run by means of a scanner partorisca aforarlo. It can you think that that it buys that yes calm lose it! Another blunder in my opinion. My woman there has been a page of calibration but am leaving know so it buys the used some better frames take a paper of calibration is in there or yours will have to that buy another if a calibration is required never again (any sure calm reason but so only leaving know).

Once a scanner is turned in a light is green (300 dpi scanner). If it press a key again, goes the Orange which is 600dpi. They would owe that it has to that simple sticker on a key to be able to that say this but they any and would be necessary to leave you to dip it incumplimiento that dips like his no.

is doing photo like this knots a bit escáneres in 600 dpi which has been still abundance quickly enough. 300dpi Is REALLY FAST (ie for documents).

With which scan everything of your photos, has to open a software to import one has scanned photo. BUT, when you clicas in a 'Import' key in upper right corner, has not completed a process of import. With which select all some images in a screen, has to the click in a SAVES the key down in fact saves him to your local walk. Reason do not leave you to just click an import and have one saves to to process likes him to him the course of this I does not know . It is so only an any extra has to do to save some photos.

But still with this question I still give this thing 5 stars. My woman is that it has to that use our Epson 7510 for some pictures plus a lot big and some already in a book of piece. A speed and facilitated to use a Doxie the more is exceptional. They are sure this product is like everything. A folks the one who draw it and container he, and write some manuals, etc, never in fact use it so that it does not have any idea in some simple and stupid deceptions does.

Inferior line, spent one, will be happy has done :)


1) A Doxie leaves an use of SD papers until 32GB. And it would have to that be formatted in FAT32. They are considering dipping to sticker or some another half to leave the clients know that 32GB is a max. In my opinion could be easier and more effective that update a firmware to leave for much bigger SD papers of these is a norm, no an exception in 2015.

2) after doing roughly widespread scanning of any one of only photos, but documents (ie medical records), is evident that a process to save drawn for Doxie is more ideal. We scan a lot of photo and of the documents and some documents save like this PDF is where some photos have been saved like this JPG east. Also, some photos have been separated for girl and year. As I have found my original has thought on this to be the little misguided.

3) Doxie has DECLARED that a paper of calibration has to that be a paper original form . It is the stock of the heaviest paper and printing in 8x11 the piece of paper no . Calm can contact him roughly that takes the paper of Calibration the the yours fails.

Take pride in offering detailed and attentive descriptions have to that way that has wanted to clear these subjects. But at all it changes in a fact that this device is a awesome little scanner and am sure will be happy with him.
4 / 5
This will be a bit long, but can so only can save some time, money, and frustration.
Has purchased this to substitute it ScanSnap iX100 scanner. Has-liked me an idea that could scan it directly to SD paper without being semi-detached to the computer-true portability. Unfortunately, the beauty has a lot deep only skin, and when you peer to an interior workings of this Doxie scanner, is not an end-all answer.
Left beginning to say has scanned 379 documents directly to some have comprised SD paper and downloaded them then wirelessly my iPad - so that works of good system. But subject of prime minister @of the mine was a measure of some files of PDF have compared to a measure of some files a ScanSnap has produced. For example, the photograph of multiple page the document enriched has produced to file of measure with Doxie. This same file with ScanSnap was . Three times a measure. And that the difference has continued throughout all the types of escáneres.
Another subject I scanner mine found 379 documents - that is in a field, scanner the bill of clients, the give behind to them, and then when takings house, sees a scanner is crooked, or any right contrast, etc. Is too late to arrive to this point to scan it again. I have had 5-10 scanner in mine 379 concealed would have been unacceptable was in the real world and any experimenting in an office.
After, a software thus scanner is pathetic. Tip thumbnails, but so only leave rotate an image - any one collected, any one contrasts, any a lot of anything Unless you are connected to the laptop and using a container of full software. But this attacks a portability. I want to be able to scan documents in a field, downloads him to an iPad, enhances, collected, rotate, and then send to a storage of cloud. I can a lot of that with just an iPad.
And yes use a continuazione of full software to regulate a scanner the 'Photo', then in a field, with your Application of software of the iPad, can not change this setting. As each receipt will be scanned likes the one of some measures of big file.
And last, any one really saves time to scan directly to a SD paper. When you Take house and import some documents, in my chance, has had 379 has imported documents, with small thumbnails, that could not file quickly. The documents of multiple page owe that be estapled' together. A question is, everything of a bit thumbnails look one same (if yours scanning one same looking bills). Calm constantly has to that click in a next document to see where a last document is that you want to taple'. Ossia A lot the time that eats. With a Scanner Snaps, if it scans to 5 bill of page, in an end of a scanner, automatically dips these 5 pages to the pleasant file of PDF.
In general, while it likes-join me idea to scan to a SD paper, this Doxie need the much more robust application for an iPad, a capacity to change some settings of Photos to Document without having to that be connected to the computer, and the more streamlined way to group the pages joint another that hunting for a last page of particular series.
Am returning a Doxie and that continues to use a Scanner Snaps until it finds the best alternative - a Doxie is not the. And I will close to say, ossia my opinion , with my limited 379 scanner and your mileage can vary with this product.
4 / 5
Was initially sceptic roughly buying the portable scanner for $ 178, but has been that tries to clean on a clutters in my life and the paper is one of them. Also it scans all receipts of mine of the each compraventa I mark and maintain clue of mine in transeúnte in the tracker so that has the clear plus that comprises of where my money is going each month. It was originally he swept everything with my HP printer, but has taken to be the real cry. It would owe that chair in my office and dip each paper by means of a scanner (that it was it STRONG and slow), then collected, appoints it, and the save. It was alcohol -numbingly bored. I have decided that takes the casualidad and purchase a Doxie Aller and am like this happy has done!

Now can seat comfortably in mine couch with Hulu or Netflix on and that the scanner was. Some escáneres spend for a Doxie quickly and quietly and take correspondent to a SD paper (like one some use to dip inside the first digital cameras of smartphone there is taken on), which is comprised in a container. Perhaps my thing preferred in a Doxie is that the car-relieves a measure that is there is scanned. They are able to go to scan papers to some small receipts of gas bombs to the levels sized receipt of Wegmans without that has to that it collects Any of him. It is one of these calm things do not appreciate the calm box does not have to that he anymore!

Then when I am done scanning , burst a SD the paper was, dipped he in mine portable, and a Doxie the imports of software some escáneres. Another of my favourite things in a Doxie the software is that with which each image is imported to your computer, is deleted automatically of a SD paper! As I do not owe that me worry roughly clearing a SD paper I or having some same files have imported a next time I use a scanner.

A Doxie the software is quite easy to use, although they are quite well with computers so that I am not able to speak his ease to use so that they are not like this comfortable with PCs. Utilisation a software to appoint all some files, collects them need to, rotate his is necessary, and estaple' the together pages. There is remarked that when stapling to plot of the together pages (like a manual of product for mine expensive electronic toothbrush) a software can freeze sometimes, but he always unfreezes finally. It is the very small hiccup in a otherwise incredible product.

Then can choose save files to your computer like him JPEG or PDF, or upload to the service of storage of the cloud. I have been saving to my PC I of then uploads receipts of mine to my software to follow so it can not comment in a process to upload to a cloud. Another characteristic sum in a Doxie the software is that when it save the scanner to your computer, the green checkmark looks in a scanner like calm know it has been saved and that can delete you he of a Doxie software. (Doing so only deletes of Doxie, no of your computer.) Ossia As well as you avert to squander time in that tries to save scanner that has saved already to your PC but has forgotten (useful when it scanned the receipts of a whole month another night). If has has not saved already a scanner, there is no checkmark and Doxie will warn you that it is not scanned first of calm delete it.

Touching the time was quickly. Doxie Comes with the boss of USB but any outlet the adapter covers it he in to. You can touch he for plugging he to the port of USB in your computer, or yes has possessed the smartphone any time, odds is has the little outlet adapters lying around in all the chance. You can it covers a boss of USB to one of those and touch Doxie by means of the level outlet.

Would have liked me has liked a Doxie available in the pocolos paints another quell'objective. The majority of my accessories of office is black, and would have been well to have some by heart have amused options like blue, purple, etc.

can not believe a description a plus along and more ardent not having never writes in the amazon is in the portable scanner. This would have to that speak to A) how much are type An and like organisation, and B) as easy to use and big quality this scanner is. They are like this happy has bought this scanner and believes will be to use he for years to come. And when this one dies or results totally outdated, will maintain to buy Doxie scanner while a company is by train to do them!
4 / 5
My main aim for this thing is to digitize boxes of old photos that has accrued. Has two flatbed scanner, but take too long. Has a lot of hundreds of photo to treat.

Has read a comprised fast setup drives, there is enabled a battery, and dip a Doxie in the telephone of USB rule uploads boss. It has taken roughly 2 hours to touch, is then been ready for mecer. This thing comes with a 8GB SD paper, and that a one has used. It is already formatted--cover so only he to a Doxie. All precise begins is in a box. Calm does not require to buy anything extra. But fully it touches it first and law a fast setup first paper of calm anything. Some instructions are brief & simple, but of entities.

Does not have any software in a box. Of a Doxie the web of place has downloaded a Windows10 .exe Lima for him and work well in my elderly HP desktop computer. A software is to file of organiser of import / of the combination of editor / of the photo. It is simple to use and does not require any explanation. It is also optional. A Doxie saves everythng like him JPG the image files like this really calm does not need any special software. If you scan in the document and desire of the save like this to file of PDF, a Doxie the software will convert for you. There are a lot of ways to save it JPG like the PDF, like this again--it Doxie the software is optional. A software is for Windows10 or mac so only. If you are the user of Linux , is not the question. So only transfer a scanned JPG images of a Doxie SD paper to your computer. I have used the reader of universal paper with the USB-Of the discharges on some arrivals. LibreOffice The draw can convert the JPG to the PDF for you even more quickly that a Doxie software.

Quality of looks of photo on-pair with mine Kodak and HP all-in-a desk scanner, so only a tax to scanner is Much faster. In 600dpi resolution, the photo so only takes roughly 3 seconds to scan. Has the fat box of old photos concealed is been gathering powder for years. I fed him everything by means of a Doxie in roughly 10 minutes! It likes 50 pictures down, and the little hundred more to go.

Like this far am very satisfied with a Doxie. I am doing progress really well in my project of rescue of the photo. There is remarked when a Doxie the needs that cleaned, begins to see the line or two vertically by means of an image. It is not the big question this in spite of. There is the cloth of more cleaned has comprised in a box.

There is scanned one same old 35mm photo on 3 different devices for comparison. A Kodak and HP the escáneres are flatbed the types have comprised with one all-in-a scanner/of copy/of printer. All the images are a-there is retouched JPG using a incumplimiento settings in 600 points-for-thumb. Some escáneres are of comparable quality. A difference is a Doxie is returned in mine glovebox, requires any computer or boss, and scans the photo in roughly 3 seconds.

Entertainment, gain, and a lot portable artilugio. They are happy bought it.
4 / 5
This scanner has been the lifesaver. I have had the enormous box of photos familiarised to scan, and using the flatbed the scanner has taken for ever. A Doxie Go the more can scan my photos in 1/4 a time (usually far less), and some results are like this good -- and sometimes better -- that mine flatbed scanner. Some results are excellent, with the clarity and the resolution add like any photo can be printed on continuous without loss of quality.

Has been meaning to start with scanning and saving record or photos familiarised, take this scanner. You will be happy has done. It is an excellent value .

Here is some detail of plus of my experience with Doxie Goes More: I have bought this scanner, expecting it would scan clearly and easily. It is surpassed my expectations . I can seat in front of a television and feed photo and of the papers by means of while films of eye and of the shows. Although I feed some photos by means of unevenly, a scanner manages it well, included correcting the smallest subjects to the equal that has required.

Some work to scan quietly, is fast to touch, and a lot easy to clean after each 50 to 100 photo. (To clean out of any residue or build of powder-on, I so only run the small, cloth-has covered wedge -- resupplied with a scanner -- by means of one feeds empty. I do not owe that open anything. A process takes a second. Really.)

Am gone through a whole box of hundreds of photo of them -- in an evening. I have had any diet of question in thin, Polaroid photo as well as the late photos of 19.os the centuries are trace on map. I included scanned some photos in dishes of metal, and some results were glorious.

A quality scanned was like this as well as mine flatbed scanner. And, has an option to scan in 300 dpi or 600 dpi.

Of then using this scanner thus project, used it to scan my own drawings, receipts of mine, and bit and note old of the paper could require look in again, later. Everything is spent for smoothly and some results were consistently well.

Although I have used a scanner to plot a past month or like this, still is doing as well as when it has arrived of Amazon. Have Absolutely any complaint roughly the, and can not think of anything negative to say.

This scanner has changed entirely likes to treat the paper clutters, and is quite small to launch to the z/to the rucksack for travesías of investigation or travesía business. The desire there had been done these years. They are sure I would have boxes like this a lot of of storage -- a ' could require this someday' bondadoso -- could have scanned all and leave go of a real paper.

And, has bought of then he for photos familiarised (genealogy and general of memories familiarised), am able to share digital copies with my whole family, easily. No more worries in the wonderful photographic images that is stray or has broken!
5 / 5
Has to that say, am impressed. I have used he for 1 day (approx 100 scanner), and looks to be all has been announced to be.

Well Out of a box, this feels like the product of prize (likes is side dictated), a packaging, packing and the documentation is all notches upper . A device is solid, a quality of build is quite apparent (any pun has feigned!) So only for the resist and the next inspection.

Has followed one drives of fast start and there is scanned the photo less than 3 minutes of inaugural a box.

A device accepts some mean comunicacionales quite easily and quickly quell'scans. I have tried any mangled receipts of my stock exchange, and managed him well. You owe that do sure a flange at the head of a document is cleaned, for some really bad mangled receipts, so only has bent an upper behind against him to create the flange cleaned, and a scanner has done a lot so only (any jamming). A quality of scanner was better that that of mine Epson XP-410, and certainly faster.

A software setup was easy (one an on-line documentation is a lot thorough. A software is basically the tool to pull one there is scanned documents of a scanner. It resupplies some characteristic good to modify a document scanned and leave for some loan tagging (time/of date). A OCR the functionality has better done that has thought, included on some really turn of receipts of poor quality. I guess it has had an option in loser, would be a capacity to automatically pull some escáneres of Doxie (or push of Doxie). There is a capacity to manually save some escáneres to services of cloud, has tried a function of walk of the Google, and has done perfectly.

WiFi setup Was the complex of has bitten if it do not use a incumplimiento configuration. For incumplimiento WiFi is configured like the host in as own coverage (PC -&62; Doxie directed, bypassing that exists wireless to issue). So has one that exists wireless to issue and is in a subnet, can have the conflict if another device in your coverage already has to that allocution. If you are some instructions , is possible to add the connection to access it on that exists to issue coverage, but yes are some instructions attentively and recommend that has your computer has connected both subject of wireless street WiFi and hard wire fences via boss of Ethernet during WIFi setup.

In general, ossia the product adds . I will be to use the every day, as I will inform behind in the reliability yes results a subject .

Solid, Big quality in every aspect
Quickly scanning with quality a lot good
Simple still elegant SW interface

WiFi Setup (regarding all more) was the complex of has bitten. But ossia the thing of time , and really has not been bad while you are instructions .

Update 4/22/02 - This thing is the tank . It can thru scanner like hot knife by means of butter. It uses it daily, and works like the charm. One of some compraventa better there is on does Amazon.
4 / 5
The life that change! I have discovered this in the video of Youtube roughly minimalism like the way to take touched of of hard copies of pictures to save spatial. I have had it boxes pictures that has loved to scan for the while now. There is scanned some of them, but using the flatbed the scanner takes for ever. This little creature is such the God sends. I have been able to whip by means of my pictures any time. I think a day that had it, there is scanned 1,200 pictures more. A quality to scanner is utmost! It has considered this or a small plus Fuji scanner, but this was smaller and more economic to the equal that have been this street and does not complain it . I plan to use it to scan all receipts of mine and other papers want to maintain, but does not have to that have a physical copy. Copies of start of paper to touch also. There is scanned the diploma, and any looks to scan so only like a physical copy so much that it can it you to him sees some few grains of paper.

Require the easy convenient scanner small, calm can any gone bad here. A lot easy to use.
4 / 5
Has loved so only something simple that would scan to my PC when they are home, and could scan with or without the laptop when they are in a street. Has the new PC with fresh Windows 10 installs. No other devices experience any question that is recognised by Windows, but a Doxie waste to communicate. The windows can see a SD paper in the, but does not see it never like this that the scanner how is basically useless to scan to a PC. Tether The way does not operate, and all the escáneres unconnected are salvos the jpgs, when it requires pdf and there is any method to change this (at least while an engine will not shake of the hands with Windows so that it can be recognised). I have been moment to several hours now for the response of support and at all. So much, goodbye, I will be to return.
4 / 5
A semi-detached picture is one that has taken with my iPhone, form, and then scanned with a Doxie Aller in a 600dpi setting. Some escáneres look utmost, and some have comprised 8gb the paper is pertinent. I have been he advances and update to the 32gb paper in chance perhaps. It is the -side in-a-scanner of time, but some frames of software up for him.

A software is a lot simple and easy to use, and can save all your escáneres in several different formats, comprising searchable PDFs. Calm once connect to your PC, import your escáneres and he his clock in the format of big tile. I have not touched around with him a lot to see has options of different exposure. But calm can select him and estaple' documents of multiple page and combines them to a continuous document. It is awesome.

Is also wonderful for receipts. You can scan irregular sized paper, like the longitude CVS received, and relieves and so only saves an irregular sized document. And calm can save him and order them so that please you.

So only drawbacks is that it is, obviously, to the scanner of layer has fed. It has to that be something that can spend you by means of the very tightened space. So you are trying scanner document old brittle, or something concealed has been soiled or has glue in the, calm probably loves the scanner of flat bed.

Has been concerned that would take to plot of crooked scanner with east, but is the discharge adds -the scanner has fed; they he really easy to take straight scanner with some drive adjustable. I will not say has has does not have to that king-scan the pair of time, but for a portability, has no better election that has tried.
4 / 5
This scanner is fantastic! My dad is spent was and to prevent 'challenges' on possession of &62; 1500 photo, has bought a Doxie and he 32 GB paper. It would seat in a couch and box to scan a paper was full, then scrolling to my PC to optimise later. The scanning is súper quickly, and the leaves of software to scan advance and the notes in some backs then taple' some two together images! Now more it has A lot of BOXES of photos to treat. The scanning of document is perfect. A lot happy with cost of mine. I recommend Bluetooth version.

Top Customer Reviews: Whistler WS1010 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
We order a Whister WS1025 Desk analog scanner partorisca our edges partorisca Natal. A bit those that days with which have situated an order my husband accidently fallen and has broken our 25 old year Radio Shack scanner. I have ordered another of this scanner partorisca we. Both have come inside days of the each one another. Very quickly. My ours dipped husband on quickly and love a sound. These frequencies of controls of the scanner our no. of old scanner
My husband dipped on the scanner of our edges and dip the behind in a box and wrapped it. I have asked the few days later resists some frequencies is unplugged like our old scanner a lot of himself has been unplugged partorisca more than pocolos small. It says it does not know but I supposition will discover. A week or like this later was Navidad and that the prejudices have included my edges plugged in his scanner when lame house and sure enough some frequencies were still there and law fantastically. In the So much love our new scanner and my edges and his woman love a one there are data.
Have read in some descriptions that some folks has thought was hard to program. My husband has said to be very easy to program and is on be 24/7 took it to us of then he roughly done the month and is doing adds. Highly you recommend this product.
1 / 5
A canal of the alert of the calm time require to actively involve a report of audio partorisca listen a tone of alert . A continuous unit broadcast requiring a to turn an alert was when a report be listened. The programming is that it enters abominable the concrete frequency is impossible if some waste of units partorisca recognise a frequency entered and instead around a number to that considers the valid frequency. Total waste of money. The shame has not listened to some critical descriptions. It does not squander your money in this unit. To the amazon has escáneres better I commend yours.
2 / 5
Very easy to program. Has little to any signal that receives can, can take some transmissions of canal/of base of Police Fire, but any A lot of scratchy, or any of some mobile units that answered. Frustrating reason some the mobile units are a some giving a Lat/Long of some fires. It have expected a handhelds had improved in a past 20 years, has no. My Dad there has been the facts of hand-held years, is not a More adds them neither, perhaps very partorisca in a city, but is gone in a country where a police/fire is transmitting of, the miles was, ossia quite useless.
1 / 5
Works of element but there is to plot of company and could not solve a subject. To amazon that sends another unit, hopefully ossia one that in fact the radioshack desk scanner in same canal, clear how is a whistler. 2nd unit has one same in the amazon sold and the praise is bad units ... Whistler Any help!
2 / 5
UPDATE 10-21-2019. I have used this scanner any more than the total of ten days was and on in only the hours of pair for day. I have found yesterday this scanner to exhibit the type of crackling static which have thinks that that election on the some place in my neighbourhood like this requiring the dipping the big plus of a SQUELCH CONTROL. I have found today a same thing that spends roughly 15 min after turning in a scanner that domestic the RED FLAG .. And like this I disconnected an antenna and my surprised has found a estatic' was still there which means is INNER To THIS SCANNER. Inferior line, has not been to take the bad scanner , intermittently bad scanner, or has the subject to draw with this model, any way, has ordered so only the new UNIDEN BCT15X and regarding this Whistler is was to a JUNK BATTERY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you go to buy this model wish the better regime that has had

My earlier description:
Further of my P25 the digital scanner finds these works of analog units well and is easy to use for the mine ARE / FM Aircraft, Fire, Ham and need of control Marino, more an audio is acute and clears no pinched-arrive touching so it is my big dollar digital unit marketed for another costruttore.
5 / 5
My husband has chosen was for my Dad and LOVES It!!! My Dad is in his prompt 70 is and does not have to that add eyesight but can read some keys is one and a scanner is easy to use!!!! It seats in a table in his room of TV and is on a time creates the box puts to bed . LOVE IT!!! If calm so only loves the simple scanner that it is EASY to use this one east for you.
4 / 5
The works add and has not had any one questions with him at all. I hate to read instructions like this the the model dipped so only ready in youtube and boom has looked them the video to the equal that to program and was like this easy!
1 / 5
We are the GA airport and need to control ATCT earth and transmission of tower. A look, the reception and the value of this scanner is utmost.

A reason I so only give this a star is a 9 v the the adapter does not seat flush with one covers-in. An agent of Operations those who installed this device has received an electrical accident reason one covers does not seat flush with a scanner. It sees photo. One covers is pressed in as that among a photo.

Does not see in all the chance to contact a vendor, and would hate to return the only reason one covers of the adapter is too long.
5 / 5
Very happy with this scanner. It covers a row of the frequencies likes them indicated but extracted better with of an use of an external antenna more than a hule ducky. A container comprised of the accessories is quite impressive! The audio is programming a lot well & is easy fact to read one Drives attentively. In general the very interesting cost.
3 / 5
It has had to return so only we love his far has been partorisca east to do (in fact no alive in that that would be considered far was) This probably would do very want to in a city any for out in a country

Top Customer Reviews: Fujitsu fi-7160 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
3 / 5
A Fujitsu very-7160 scanner is an excellent model ; even so, I did not give it 5 stars so that when tried for the record directly with Fujitsu, has discovered a number of the serial signified was to ask ash , which apparently are legal, but pauses in a period of guarantee, EUA of Fujitsu is not obliged to repair or the substitute. It IS mine comprising that necessity of elements of ash of piece to be be routed in a country of house of import for reparations, which would be that him import hassle for more expensive and/or compraventa big. I have not seen anywhere in a place of Amazon blurb that this element was to ask ash . In in to to Something likes him that it have to be it signified very arriesgadamente! My council is always inquire of Amazon and his vendors, if an element is asks ash (especially buys type), of this information is not voluntarilystated, unless it is buried in the some deep place in impression of extra well :)
5 / 5
That is to say the solid scanner for use of volume of only desktop. I recommend for legal use with the Mac. You have to eat a cost of software of engine.

A piece of strong volume in my locality that is to say paperless filing-only (Fulton Comtat Cut Upper) uses this very scanner, a f1-7160, for lawyers and has posed the people that goes in the dispatch of an employee to court and requiring documents to file in person. Each federal and the pieces of failure are and-filing-only, and the course more been here the Georgia has moved in and-filing, the majority of them exclusively. Some days to run to court to beat a state (or a term to of the archive, and a parking and mileage...) It IS on.

IS the idiot of technology (or very far was), but has had quite listened to picture the scanner of a piece and compraventa or for my own dispatch. I am running Saw very Big 10.13.2 But the good council has followed to download ExactScan Pro for $ 79.99 of a Tent of Application. To the amazon does not sell this software. A software found a scanner and inner quite three minutes was churns . You can scan for click of mouse in a screen or to use a button of rubber in a scanner he.

A cost in $ 850.00, software besides for the Mac, is any one joke. I expect to do it up in productivity.
5 / 5
I install these absolutely anywhere is able to take clients to spend a money. They are hurriedly, scanners of quality of the very big product, and a software and automotive this comes with them are very good. You can use a paperstream engine to create profiles of users and multiple scanner of gesture until when being able to take the only document and scanner in of the multiple pages of all the different measures and a software skip pages of room and automatically detects a correct measure of the each piece of paper in the only scanner. Usually lame users setup to do all this with just a touch of his button to scan in a front of a scanner. You declare said the time of thousand for users of how much easier dispatch this does his lives have compared in some diverse solutions have used before.
5 / 5
I am the manager for the pediatric practical, and has been with my pending dispatch of the new years. Behind in 2008 you are when ours refuses converted of maps of paper in a EMR (electronic medical records) system. Slope this time, orders the scanner of Fujitsu ( was an A lot of-5120c). Has owed thousands of maps of paper to turn them our EMR system. On that, constantly the maps of new patient have scanned, until it quotes patient documents, the photo GOES is, etc. In the daily base. We had used that every day only scanner, all day, since 2008. It was only up until two weeks ago that a scanner has prendido to take documents so closely, so no longer scanned properly. Have known that has wanted to one the majority of comparable scanner that could, and found this. Has an I.T. Undertaken that law with, and offered to sell me this a lot of scanner for $ 300 more!!! Thank you My trusty Amazon! I am so happy that no only found this scanner here in Amazon (so that it can use it my Premier and takes it shipped in a dispatch a fast plus), but is also happy this was so more abordable. We have used our scanner during the week now, and the boy is some updates of one Very-5120c. These SCANNERS of small creature VERY HURRIEDLY compared in an older version. The installation took me only moments, and has not had any problem with linking this scanner in our EMR system. A time that saves in the scanner is surprising. Besides, these far more wineries pieces of paper that an old plus a , therefore saving us even more time. A quality of the colour in a photo GOES is is has enhanced also. There is at all in this scanner that can complain enough. I comprise that in some, that spends this a lot of in the scanner can look mass; even so, it can say calm of experience in our practice that is much wiser to pose in a money now so that you save you later. Fujitsu IS tame down a better mark for scanners, in my opinion.
5 / 5
This scanner is fabulous. Law like the charm. Gobbles On some pages in 1 for second and of the so many sides of scanners and any one how much debit of pages of the subject, the little second after the scanner a last page, he thumbnail the looks of view in your screen of all the pages. Can have it then do recognition of the character or the no. Have scanned the pair of pages of thousands for now and has had 4 misfeeds. Three was so that I am gone through big stapled pages. A sensor of sound detects a crumble of paper during the misfeed and hurriedly towers of an engine to be able to as your page is not shredded. Impression very small, creation very intelligent. A manual of the scanner is probably in a cup 2% of the manuals written although it has not seen never. Claro, logical, photos, detail of arrows, hyperlinked.

My only flu is that there is not any documentation for a software and although it is easy to upload and works perfectly, taken quite some time to imagine was exactly regarding the use. You owe in the first place it creates it 'Profiles of Automotive' that contains some options that amours. Calm then think profiles to scan and selects other options that wants and selects the profile of engine for the adapt. Some combinations are without finals. Colour only. B&W Only. The colour of cart recognises. Several resolutions. OCR Or no? Pdf Or jpeg? His PaperStream the software is new mark and has already the newest version in his web of place in download. There are options in a software for the things have not listened never of, and obviously only would be useful in some half of company.

Has contacted Fujitsu two times and the English taken that pause the people that response a tlphonique this was wise and polite. I have to be sleep . Highly it recommends this product. Very satisfied, but ouch is expensive.

1/21/2014 Update: the scanning has finished Only 5000 pages bought it since. I create there was only 2 misfeeds that was my failure (forgets to take the staple). Has now I toe me that is scheduled now for his 5000 page that clean like Fujitsu nicknamed to ask the question quite that, the very well the English that converses the person answered and said me that a lot very precise to pay for a clean plus and the tampons have specified in a manual use, only isopropyl the alcohol more adds that 90%. I , has done well, the money has saved. ANOTHER positive interaction w Fujitsu. I have been then in a software in reset a counter to clean in '0' so that I leave me knows in 5000 pages. There are other counters of page that will leave to know when can be time for substitution of rollers of different powers, and then has the counter of global page that can not be reset. I am very impressed.

That is interesting is that in the principle has done my investigation and resolved in a HP Scanjet Flo 7000 which are also the new model and has characteristic very similar. I ordered it directly of HP and a date to ship maintained to take pressed behind, and behind. I have maintained to call and emailing Hp to ask the date of realistic nave. They have maintained to give me different apologies while, ' tried to contact a warehouse and I can not take through', then ' routed an email in a warehouse to ask and has not answered', then was ' had the storm of big rain that attacked out of an electricity and some servers are down and has not been until tomorrow when coming up.' Delays, lies in Hp caused me to annul an order and go with a Fujitsu Very-7160. It can not be happier with as the things are starts . Curiously, a last month has remarked scanners of Fujitsu in of the hospitals and other big companies that has been in, any HP.

5/18/2017 Update
Still surprised what wonderful a scanner is. Flawless. Jams of May, unless I have forgotten to take the staple. I have decided to update in a newer version of Paperstream the software since has used still 1.0 of version in fact 3 years. Easily among a web of place of Fujitsu, easy download, easy installs. Alas, all some profiles of scanner had created with Version 1.0 has not been spent on, as have had to to re-create them... Half it expected it that to spend. Happy to see that an usability of a software is very improved of a 1 version. A right click Adhoc the characteristic covers change any part of the profile for just a scanner, very fresh. Like the days of pair after I have created mine 8 profiles to scan, opened in a program and was all GONE! Any happy. Have take my experience adds a last support to time nicknamed of client, as I have decided to try that again, although it expect it truly that they were a road of much more world-wide and now contract his service of client has been in the company in Siberia. Surprising, crusader or card of telephones, was controls during 20 bren, and my call has been answered by the real, alive English, native that ADULT of habladura. And it was fully competent and was able to resolve my subject immediately. Another experience adds. Thank you Fujitsu.

3/5/2018 Update
This creature is still cranking. FLAWLESS. I expect this Fujitsu will consider to do carts. :-)
4 / 5
A software to scan that it comes with this scanner is odd and no intuitive at all. You have to click around some quite mysterious icons to take in a resolution, measure of page, etc. Those are what obvious requisite, has to be the right in a profile is creating, no in some parameters of engine of the scanner, has to be easily centre and accessible front. You have posed once on some profiles to scan then laws, the problem is that it changes current parameter for one of some changes of profiles for everything. A hardware am to add and robust. 1200dpi looks awesome. 200dpi IS quickly of lightning. Pdf IS is OCR quite fast and reliable. That is to say the add to buy for house and of the dispatches of small companies, to take drawee of the paper clutters. An interface of the user of the software is the piece to crap even so for a prize is paying the subject more expected.
4 / 5
It gives this scanner five stars, if it do not go for a following:
Another has commented that that is to say the 'ask ash' product and here is why that is to say of entity. First of all, I want a hardware. I do not want a software of Current of the Paper that is coming with him. I found it complicated and confuse. I have finished to download ScanSnap that Directs in last Series that is the mere dead drop to install and configure. But here it is a problem - after the few days a scanner no longer could find a software. You maintain that it wants to take in some Windows that software to scan, or mine MFP software, or my software of PDF. I have done with my L type to take it working, but then the pair of the days later again have lost a connection. My L the burned type in the pair of hours but could not resolve a problem. I Fujitsu has nicknamed then Technical Support (800) 626-4686 and has given a number of serial and has learnt that this is not the Number of Serial of them them EUA and a scanner does not have to when being sold in some the EUA (North America? Any insurance). That bad career in the subject of hardware, any guarantee probably very when the be has not honoured. In one another hand, takes a person spoken with less than 10 minutes to record on in my computer and marks some changes and now is up and that careers again. I gave me the number of case and ensured me run in this problem of software again, just call, give them a number of case, any load. A subject is if some for to scan. Inferior line: five stars for a product, a star for deceptive marketing.
3 / 5
I expect the plus bit that the $ 900 (Fujitsu) scans that the $ 500 (Epson FF-680W) scanner. Taking so . It has remarked in the first place these scanners of Fujitsu was the bit out of home, similar in the lentil of camera these products an out of image of home, a scanner has produced an out of scanning of house. I have used VueScan software to delete differences among a software to scan and yes, view that Fujitsu has produced consistently out of images of home, while Epson the images produced quite acute. I have been disappointed.
Perhaps Fujitsu can be aforado, but has not founding any information on doing so much. I think that that that Fujitsu is returning, and Epson stays, unless I can do records of Fujitsu at least also so Epson.
5 / 5
We are the company of small Accounting and has one of some scanners of Fujitsu anterior this has used for the few years felizmente utmost. Since we use Lacerte Programari, concretely Lacerte DMS, one of some requisites of the scanner was to have 'Twain'. Research a lot of scanners that was lower priced, but any one has some characteristic and big revises an A lot of-160 resplandores with. I want to one spends only/2-has sustained scanning with such precision and blockade very small. A scanner only jams when the documents have clear subjects, and some jams are easy to remedy with the mere impulse in a cup. I also like a software to scan that it deletes pages of room in the duplex has swept. Some documents of source obtain the clients have the variety of a-constant and two-the pages have sustained, to be able to scan then everything immediately (this scanner is very, very fast) is the saver of ENORMOUS time for us. It opens to Scan each in road of duplex. We take 5 of these scanners for a dispatch and they will save very time and frustration.
5 / 5
My last desktop the scanner was a ScanSnap S510, which has tried to be incredibly dependable, but the bit s l or w for my certainly low level of patience. Desprs In 300,000 scanners in a S510 without maintaining anything, another compraventa of Fujitsu was the no-brainer. Although there are big expectations, an A lot of-7160 attacked me still like one shoots of amazing machine up. I have no known yes to laugh or when being preoccupied that a spatial-time-the continuum can take sucked in a power. A software is intuitive, easy in navigate, and simply used to posed your profiles to pose (comprising 'join-tones' scannings). Has boxes of files of deaths that has been leering in me of a corner, and now, that those poses was, pose- was treats is in fact (almost) entertainment. Thank you, Fujitsu, to do another amazing product. I recommend this product, included in a prize (that only duel until you use a scanner).

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
Possessed each one which ScanSnap all a way behind to 2005. A ix1400 is faster that a ix1500 this in spite of need the dark way. All know eyes of the blue light harms and a big key is brilliant blue. This is blinding in the low light, often dark, office of house. An aim that shines LCD is reason I upgraded to a ix1400 in place of a ix1600. We require the dim red key partorisca a ix1400 and the dark way LCD partorisca a ix1600.
5 / 5
Once take it dipped on, this model is included easier that use that one 500. A scanning is faster and is more attentive (does not have spatial so very retreated to the pages like 500). It is faster that begin, so only open a coverage and scanning partorisca begin. I love this little scanner.
4 / 5
There are a lot of documents - thousands of the papers and another such materials are gone through half of mine of the esees been doing of house during a COVID-19 pandemic and has looked for the scanner that can manage big volumes of paper, creates scanner of qualities very big, recognition of text of the behaviour and also scans directly to email or to the storage of cloud likes dropbox. This the everything!

Some escáneres of this scanner are glorious!

One ten document of the page in big resolution is so only diverse hundred KB and like this easily partorisca send.

Use this partorisca scan engineering and architectural drawings also (although the majority is not a measure of this scanner).
A scanning by heart is also like this good. There is scanned a lot of photos familiarised old using this and a quality is excellent.

Join him to him office or the office partorisca house that asks the big volume, the scanner focused with the application to mate that can organise your escáneres, with fine it-feeder of page (partorisca documents with multiple pages) then ossia partorisca you!

Five stars, highly recommended!
5 / 5
Has had recently an occasion partorisca try both adicións/additions later of Fujitsu to a ScanSnap line, a iX1400 and a iX1600.  I am excited partorisca inform that both models outperform the mine that exists two scanner of Epson line of Personnel.  But that it is some differences among a iX1400 and a iX1600?  Ossia That goes to direct in this description.  But in the first place, I love touch in some available characteristics in both models.

(1)  So much the models are has has consecrated scanner.  They do not print .
(2)  So much the models operate to use ScanSnap software, which is exceptionally user-friendly and generates entirely searchable documents of PDF.
(3)  So much process of models until 40ppm.  Testing of mine aims this estimativa to be very attentive (+/- 5 pages by minute).
(4)  So much the models can accuse multiple types of documents, comprising receipts and business papers.  A quality to scanner is exceptionally well.  Neither a fact the work adds with photo.  You can scan the photo, but a quality partorisca scan any mirror a quality of an original. 
(5)  So much the models automatically can relieve the document by heart, although it is mixed to the stack of mainly b/w documents.
(6)  So much the models automatically can relieve a measure of a be of the document there is scanned.
(7)  So much the models will relieve the page of spatial and mark it.  You can delete some pages of spatial master .
(8)  So many models automatically rotate skewed pages to resupply escáneres that all read in a same direction.

That it is some differences ?
(1)  A iX1400 does not have it touchscreen LCD poster.  With an exception of the alone scanner, everything needs to be controlled of your computer or ready device.  
(2)  A iX1400 is not WiFi there is enabled.  Work so only has seen connection of USB.  A iX1600 can be connected the street of multiple devices WiFi or the connection of USB can be used.
(3)  A iX1400 has the key consecrated for one-touches partorisca scan.  A iX1600 does not have the key consecrated for a-swept to touch, but there is the 'key' big likes one of a touchscreen characteristic to accuse the scanner.  A LCD poster can treat very other operations outrage so only of the ones of the-touches partorisca scan.
(4)  A iX1400 is so only available in black.  A iX1600 can be purchased in your election of any black or aim.(5)  I Estimativa - A iX1400 is priced in $ 350, while a iX1600 is $ 400. 

Which is a better option ?  Personally I seat that some characteristic additional has offered in a iX1600 is a lot of value one $ 50 difference of prize.  I do of the laptop and I locations to change frequently, as it does not like when being tethered stops of the cord of USB.  It is also much more convenient to have a WiFi described yes is doing in a half of office with more than an employee accesses a scanner.  

Considering a LDC poster, finds it to be the convenient option, although it is usually any one the necessity.  This in spite of, there are some scarce chances where chair that a iX1400 model without a touchscreen LCD would be advantageous.  One the majority of obvious chance for users those who are not especially technology-savvy.  These users tend to result overwhelmed when they see electronic poster with a lot of options.  They prefer the simple, system of some touches.  A iX1400 would be less daunting for the users have taken.  

In general, both of these models offer quickly, solid action.  It would recommend any model, although it takes more users, chair that one $ 50 upgrade to a iX1600 is the money is very displaced.
4 / 5
So only takes the second for the send to the jpeg allocution. Or other options also. A quality to scanner is excellent and is done in the snap. I'v same place tattered paper by means of with stellar results and a lot of jamming. It is exactly like this described like the car key partorisca scan of the document. Work in my speed that am adapted too much perfectly like an around forty that can do the minute my thirty the minute a lot enough for me I so that it learns to press forty by means of. Although all sending by means of sees to a same place does not have to that and can be dipped for other options for where the documents are to land. The instructions were informative and easy to read and comprise and some pictures help me to knots immediately with setup and cabling appearances. Easy to setup and use and at present faster that me for now. Four Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!!!
4 / 5
To the equal that am really happy with this scanner. Sure it beats to use mine hp envy partorisca scan everything. It moves fast and a result is documentation of good quality . An interface of user is very partorisca beginners and easy. It is not enormous and does not take on upper of the tonne of spatial. It is not noisy neither is some big ugly piece of hardware. Easy to dip up and has done well with mine MacBook Air. Highly it recommends that this goes partorisca scan to plot.

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